Trump Was Cleared of Obstruction Charge…by James Comey Himself


On May 3, former FBI Director James Comey testified in front of the Senate and said – under oath – that the Trump administration had never pressured him or any other FBI agent to relax, slow down, or stop the investigation into the Russian hacks of the 2016 election. Now, with the mainstream media going crazy, the appointment of a special counsel, and the first couple of Democrats openly calling for Trump’s impeachment, it’s time to revisit that testimony and take a breath. There’s something going on here, and it does not bode well for our democracy.

According to an explosive New York Times story last week, Comey met privately with President Trump on February 14, the day after the White House fired Michael Flynn for lying to the vice president about his conversations with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Supposedly, Comey penned a memo at the time where he recalled the details of the conversation. Trump, according to the story, asked Comey if he could find his way clear to letting the Flynn investigation go, seeing as how the national security adviser was now gone and was, after all, a “good man.”

If true, the memo would give Democrats all the ammunition they need to pressure Republicans into starting the impeachment process. But it would also mean that Comey lied flat-out to the Senate Judiciary Committee three months later.

“If the attorney general or senior officials at the Department of Justice opposes a specific investigation, can they halt that FBI investigation?” asked Sen. Mazie Hirono at the hearing.

Comey replied, “In theory, yes.”

Hirono pressed: “Has it happened?”

“Not in my experience,” Comey said. “Because it would be a big deal to tell the FBI to stop doing something that – without an appropriate purpose. I mean where oftentimes they give us opinions that we don’t see a case there and so you ought to stop investing resources in it. But I’m talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason. That would be a very big deal. It’s not happened in my experience.”

Now, you can parse the words and pretend that the FBI director left open the possibility that the president HIMSELF asked for the investigation to come to an end, but let’s be serious here. If Comey sat on that answer, he would be found guilty of perjury by any reasonable jury in the country.

But now we’re supposed to believe that he did just that. That he was asked directly by Trump to close the Russia investigation, swear his loyalty to Trump personally, and he did nothing in response other than type up a memo or two. Okay. Sure. That makes a hell of a lot of sense.

We’ve seen numerous examples of what happens when one of these “special prosecutors” gets involved in a political scandal. With the hiring of Robert Mueller, the Democrats are cracking open the champagne and settling in for three and a half years of drip…drip…drip leaks that will keep Trump from ever being able to pursue his agenda in full. That’s exactly what they want.


  1. Justin Seine says

    The demoncratic cry is: “Power at any price even if it means stepping on the necks of mainstream America!” They do not want the swamp drained as they make their real fortunes off of the creatures that live with them in that swamp.

    1. Retired says

      The TRUE Pelosi has spoken .

        1. Retired says

          Traitors to the US as far as I am concerned .

          1. gotabgood says

            It is quite evident you are not concerned… you allow Russians into the oval office behind closed doors, Trump giving them “code”, ( the highest of the classifications, and you jump on Hillary for a “c” classification) without so much as a question. or a peep, from your tiny, tiny brain..

          2. Jo Scott says

            You’re a stupid fool idiot with a brain that would fit on the point of a straight pin.

          3. Jackalyn Morrison says

            Just remember thère was a lot of people in there with him that said he did absolutely nothing wrong!! He was never by hisself!! That is abother story because she was guilty but your friend comey let her go!!

          4. MensaFem162 says

            You’re a victim of the propaganda machine…Hilary Clinton is a traitor. Educate yourself on the real world.

          5. gotabgood says

            What does this make Trump
            who handed over classified documents marked “code”..
            Hillary mishandled “c” classified material and she damn sure didn’t give it directly to the Russians.
            Your hatred for Hillary and the Democrats have allowed Russia in the oval office, allowed a president to freely hand over classified documents…
            You don’t wake up soon, Putin will be sitting in the oval office.

          6. marielaina says

            Gotbgood, they have been handed BS info since the campaign. They eat up the hate with a spoon. They never have any intelligent posts, just hate filled name calling that will solve nothing. As in the post below…

          7. SD of AZ says

            And the bulk of the protesters are paid by Soros and his ilk! Gotabgood really does not want truth. He is either just a limming following or a paid propagandist. Either way, we can NOT fix stupid and he represents it!

          8. Pat Wick says

            Sorry honey!! You are way off base!!

          9. marielaina says

            I don’t think so, sugar lips, you’ll see. See, what goes around coms around, and for trump, it’s a-comin’ around. He is in deep.

          10. John says

            Can’t you read and understand what is read to you if you cannot read. They testified that Trump did nothing wrong in that meeting with the Russians. He wasn’t behind closed doors with another woman for some unknown reason like the impeached president who then lied along with his wife and got caught. I would he happy with him talking to the Russians rather than causing a war like Obo tried to do.

          11. Jackalyn Morrison says

            You are SOOO RIGHT

          12. Oscar Pearson says

            Read and weep gotabgood (incorrect handle for a liberal).

          13. Mr Rollo says

            BTW- – -Me and the Wife love President Trump ! !

          14. EMIRCITNA says

            “CODE” is NOT an official classification in and of itself….
            CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THAT???!!!

          15. chief1937 says

            It seems not.

          16. Oscar Pearson says

            You have obviously lost your mind.

          17. Phyllis Schultz says

            No Hillary just handed over a third of Americas Uranium to Russia.

          18. chief1937 says

            But you don’t understand she had her hand over her heart while doing so. That should make it OK.right?

          19. Phyllis Schultz says

            Gee! That makes it alright then.

          20. Lester Troxel says

            gotabgood has forgotten that Bill gave Red China our technology.

          21. Bill says

            If you can’t see that Hillary was running her private server and also the Clinton Foundation to enrich and empower herself, with utter comtempt for the laws and the security of America, then you simply can’t see much of anything. To see what a person really understands, the obvious seems like a really good place to begin. Because of your political biases, you love those who undermine the nation and stand in the way of anyone who would like to reform it. I think you are sincere in your erroneous beliefs, but bad things happen from two things: malice and incompetence. The motives are very different, so one may perhaps be more forgivable than the other,but the bad results are the same. If you could stop being so absolutely Democrat-partisan and throw your support behind what is good for freedom and prosperity in America and the world, you would be a wiser and better grounded individual. But as long as you remain a parrot for radical leftism, you will be, as Stalin called the type, a “useful idiot,” a person who will put all their weight behind a cause that leads to their own disaster. You seem smart, so I hope that you will stop the nonsense and choose to live up to your potential. Surely you must see what you are doing, but so far you appear to be devoted to pointlessly nipping at heels.

          22. Bill says

            It is interesting that you would defend wrongdoing by comparing it to the supposed wrongdoing of others. Is that really an answer? I think wrongdoing should be prosecuted. If Bush did wrong, he should be accountable for it. If Trump and company are doing wrong, they too should be accountable. Obama and company did wrong, and they should be accountable. What is this argument, that if you belong to a particular party or hold a certain position of importance, all of a sudden it doesn’t matter if you are a corrupt lawbreaker? That simply does not fly, and to think it is okay, is a corrupt idea that destroys a society. Mine may be bad, but yours is worse, is a very corrupt argument, and common sense (now rare) should make that obvious. Holding a moral line against all wrongdoing would perhaps be refreshment to your soul.

          23. Nita1931 says

            Glad you said supposed wrongdoing, Bill, because come to find out there was nothing wrong in this situation.

            The truth of what you say is total – if something is wrong it is wrong for everyone – Bush, Obama, Clinton, Trump.

          24. Bill says

            I must admit, when it seems pretty clear that some people have done deliberate, significant, criminal acts, it gets to be very disappointing to see them being protected by cronies and partisans, so often with a quickly cobbled pseudo-defense that “everyone else does it, so it doesn’t matter.” If it is wrong, it is wrong. Also, this kind of defense is typically nothing more than a handy accusation thrown at someone else, without any detail of what happened or the context of the event, if indeed there is any reality to the charge at all. It is nothing but a way of dismissing a concern without investigation, rather than responsibly investigating a possibly serious crime. And America is starting to have to take this kind of nonsense as standard procedure, particularly for those in “leadership.” Elected or appointed is starting to mean immune to prosecution, even though we frequently hear empty recitations from politicians like “no one is above the law,” “equal justice for all,” and the absolutely meaningless, “I take full responsibility.”

          25. gotabgood says

            I like your post.

          26. gotabgood says

            I totally agree with you!

          27. Bill says

            If we are willing to be honest about many things, we might agree on a lot.

            As you have no doubt noticed, I am big on freedom, which I see as the key foundation to happiness and prosperity. Clearly, capitalism can become oppressive with robber barons, a serious problem that Teddy Roosevelt to steps to solve with his trust busting. But again, while corporations can find ways to become horribly oppressive with monopolistic manipulations, economic slavery, and other business and management maneuvers, they do not have the power of law, by which an oppressive government can control people’s resources, possessions, movements, associations, words, and even continued breathing.

            The founders of our most excellent although still imperfect nation most of all realized how dangerous government control of people’s lives could be, and for that reason they put government (theoretically) in the hands of the people, so that the citizens would control and limit the government, instead of the entirely usual reverse. It is for this reason in particular that I do not invite the government to rob those who have in order to subsidize those who lack.

            I am in no way against charity and assistance for those in true need, but those in government use this opening to give bribes to the masses in order to gain votes and remain secure in their positions. I think this is fairly obvious. If a system could be devised where those with “excess” (however that could possibly be justly defined) could assist those who are truly “disadvantaged” (similar problem of definition), with the mainstream of society remaining free to pursue their objectives, including helping out others as they might or might not wish, I might find that to be a worthy and successful accomplishment.

            Meanwhile, leftism in general gives lots of power to government, it rewards idleness and punishes effort, and it invites many kinds of corruption from the highest levels of society to the lowest. Since socialism or its further extreme, communism, both give power for the government to deeply interfere with the freedom and economic success of the ambitious while assuring the idle that they do not particularly need to achieve, I just can’t embrace that direction of things as a solution, much less an improvement.

            Economically, it is productivity that makes things go well, where there is an abundance of the things that people want and need. (This goes for medical care as well, which has been deeply perverted in any “free market” sense, and is thus quite unaffordable to everyone.) Printing and spending money is only a short term, artificial stimulus that devalues all money, although there are various other complexities to economics. Buying things simply cannot replace producing things, and that is part of the reason that socialism leads toward mediocrity.

            Anyway, we’ve had some good chats, and it will be interesting to find out if we might eventually see pretty much eye to eye. But leftism, which in my opinion naively funnels huge power to government, which is not nearly as benevolent as some might wish to think, is a sure death to individual liberty. Even in “benignly” socialistic governments, one needs to notice the reins that are placed by government on every citizen. In Japan, for example, go to the dentist and see if they don’t do all kinds of partial procedures so that you return at least two or three times, so that they can collect more from the socialized medical system. Minor as that may be, it’s a form of corruption, and corruption seeks every opportunity, and sadly it becomes an easy habit for everyone.

          28. Nita1931 says

            Regarding your statement that 2 pics and 2 tweets should answer questions, here is an answer, in an excerpt from CNN:
            Ivanka Trump’s proposed Women Entrepreneurs Fund — a concept she first shared during her own inaugural international trip as first daughter last month to Berlin, Germany — was promised a combined $100 million by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates specifically to help women in the Middle East.
            The fund, which will be run by World Bank, not Ivanka Trump, aims to provide to female entrepreneurs with financial support in the form of capital and access to networking and financial markets, something Trump says she anticipates will be important to the future growth of women.

            By the way, the Clinton Foundation, run by the Clintons, which received $25 million from Saudia Arabia and other Muslim countries, cannot
            be compared with a fund run by the World Bank, since Ivanka will not gain financially as did the Clintons.

            Gottabgood, don’t you remember that Obama gave $400 BILLION to IRAN, the country that executes gays, for instance?

          29. gotabgood says

            I do not have any idea what the world bank is or what it does…. On the other hand I do know about (what I’ve read) the Clinton Foundation and the good they have done around the world. As for Clinton’s benefiting from THEIR donations and Ivanka DOES NOT… when Ivanka gets investigated as much as the Clinton’s have, we then might have an even ground to talk on, until then, it is opinions at best.
            And thank you for the website, it is unusual I get them here.
            The $400 billion was not given to Iran, a better word would be “released $400 billion”. That money was already Iran’s it was frozen in banks. When the deal was made about nuclear advancement, the money was released. and by the way, Trump NOW agrees with the deal with Iran.
            Iran nuclear deal: Trump administration says Tehran complying with agreement
            Here is a website that tells about the Clinton Foundation.

          30. mac12sam12 says

            Please explain how Putin will be sitting in the oval office. Turn of CNN, pea brain.

          31. Chi Sam says

            The word you needed to use in your critique of a person you deem a pea brain, is ‘off’…not ‘of’.

            Many simple tasks seem beyond your ability.

          32. gotabgood says


          33. gotabgood says

            Putin’s representatives have already been in the oval office and Trump presidency is only 4 months old….

          34. mac12sam12 says

            They have found zero evidence and they won’t either. 🙂

          35. gotabgood says

            So says the guy that think Hillary is guilty even after decades of investigations and found to be squeaky clean!!

          36. mac12sam12 says

            Hillary doesn’t have Comey, Loretta Lynch and Obama to hide behind anymore and I bet they investigate her crooked foundation.

          37. gotabgood says

            Really???? I think you have Comey on the wrong side. It was him that reopened that false scandal on her emails 11 days before election, when that happened the poll numbers dropped for Hillary costing her the election.

          38. allen blaine says

            gotsbgood, what the hell is “code”? What classified documents? You are demented and a big F’N jackass. News reports are not admissible as evidence. There are no hard facts about any of this!!! What the hell is wrong with you? Comey rattled off all kinds of hard evidence that Hillary broke multiple laws and Comey let her off the hook. Comey stated that if it were any one else they would be in jail. Now, where did this info about the Russians come from? No press was in the room, only high level officials. That is why this is all made up by the media. There is no proof. Even if there were leaks, then the person(s) leaking info are putting this country in danger and they need to be found and prosecuted.

          39. gotabgood says

            Sorry I was new to this new classification too.
            • 1Terminology of classification
            • 2Levels of classification used by the U.S. government
            o 2.1Restricted Data/Formerly Restricted Data
            o 2.2Code Word classifications
            o 2.3Top Secret
            o 2.4Secret
            o 2.5Confidential
            o 2.6Public Trust
            o 2.7Unclassified
             2.7.1Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)
            o 2.8Restricted
            o 2.9Classified classifications


          40. jaybird says

            What did he hand over? He told them about the electronics on the airplanes.

          41. gotabgood says

            It seems other countries are worried he might have revealed locations and plans of fighting terrorist…
            Makes sense, he did say he told them facts pertaining to terrorism and ask Russia to join in, so if they were to join in, they would have to “briefed” on what is happening.


          42. Pat Wick says

            What code?? What documents?? Did you see him do it?? What proof do you have? An anonymous source?? Who is this source?? Come on!! Fill us all in on all your knowledge and proof

          43. berg1928 says

            No, it is not good with me!

          44. MensaFem162 says

            That story about POTUS is NOT true. Do you want to know the truth? Nothing classified was “handed over” by the President. Incidentally, the President has UNIQUE power to declassify anything, anytime for any reason. The whole incident was contrived by traitorous spooks trying to discredit Trump. A plot was uncovered by “good spooks” which involved a 9/11 Part 2. Terrorists and traitors were going to hack one or more airliner’s on-board electronics using laptop computers. The laptop ban was public knowledge, the plot to bring down more airliners was not.

          45. MensaFem162 says

            None of the “news” organizations you cite are reliable sources. The WaPo is essentially funded by the CIA, the NYT is funded by an Arab-Mexican drug lord. The UK Independent is a misnomer, as is NPR. Paul Ryan has never supported our President, he is part of a group we call the “Uniparty”, who have all exposed themselves as neocon RINOS, puppets of their billionaire masters. You are seeing only the massive propaganda effort, they all sing the same tune.

          46. gotabgood says

            And this is your example of reliable news source?

          47. MensaFem162 says
          48. Jackalyn Morrison says

            Rest the case because again it is fake news nothing there!!! Don’t forget there was other people in there to and all of them said he did nothing wrong

          49. gotabgood says

            First place I told no story… I ask a question and posted a photo and a copy of Trumps and Ryan’s tweets..
            Why are you so defensive over what I ask?

          50. MensaFem162 says

            Your question was rhetorical and intended to propagate fake news. Truth is the only defense against propaganda. End.

          51. MensaFem162 says

            Please read this document – here’s the truth about Hilary and Podesta, other democrats doing business with Russia

          52. gotabgood says

            Right off the bat… I hope you realize that “.org” is NOT “.gov”.
            If someone donates to your foundation does not make you part of the donors programs, and that came from fox.
            If you work for a company, you are not responsible for who the company gets funded by, or even if they know. Also by fox
            Was the investigation started that was suggested by Rep. Louie Gohmert? By Daily Caller, I never heard of this.
            And the other article, is a repeat of the second. By fox

            What truth is to be known? Someone is calling for an investigation.
            Trump and gang ARE under investigation..


          53. MensaFem162 says

            Pages 44 through 56 contain 171 citations, which include Obama White House, State Department, WSJ, Time and many more. Your condescending opening salvo on gtld’s (generic top level domains) is unworthy of a response. The Daily Caller was founded in 2010 by Tucker Carlson, you should read it sometime. The President is NOT under investigation. Your ignorance of facts is astonishing. I will waste no further time on your claptrap.

          54. MensaFem162 says

            They’ve updated this report – 48 pages now. Citations 38 – 48. Still 171 total

          55. ABO says

            Your argument is well constructed and perfectly stated MensaFem162. However you must realize that you are arguing with a complete moron.

          56. MensaFem162 says

            The link I posted has been updated, posted the new link Still 171 citations, p.38 – 48. Now time to move on..

          57. SD of AZ says

            You nor anyone can fix Stupid. That is a fact with the dem wits. It is not even worth the effort!

          58. MensaFem162 says

            You’re probably correct, but if even one person realizes their ignorance is due to being victimized by mass propaganda, it’ll be worth the try. Glass half full mentality.

          59. BlondeJustice1 says

            You forgot about those 30,000 emails she had wiped off the server with Bleach Bit, AFTER she was subpoenaed to turn them over? She is the most crooked of the crooks and should hang for what she did.

          60. gotabgood says

            What were your thoughts on this?
            This is called a reference, that is something I gave you, that is also something you did not give me!

          61. EMIRCITNA says

            THE GLOBALIST Bush’s & Clinton’s are part of America’s problems, so par for the course on ‘losing emails’!
            President Trump will be part of America’s SOLUTIONS….IF the Democrats and RINO’s in Congress will follow him or….GET THE HELL OUT OF HIS WAY!!!

          62. keedon says

            Not just European Christians but Jews fleeing the Pogroms of Russia and other anti-Semitic attacks from other countries like Germany. Ellis Island was open until 1954.

          63. chief1937 says

            Could not agree more.

          64. gotabgood says

            Get the hell out of his way so him and Putin can rule the world… well Putin…. Trump is a necessary puppet for the time being.

          65. EMIRCITNA says

            SAD you are so naïve to REALITY, my friend!

          66. keedon says

            WOW gotabamoron, quoting from Newsweek? This is just one example of why you liberal gullibles are so confused.

          67. gotabgood says

            What does that have to do with Russia in the oval office?
            DO YOU EVEN CARE????????????????????

          68. EMIRCITNA says

            THE PRESIDENT can invite anyone he wants into the oval office!

          69. gotabgood says

            LISTEN TO YOURSELF DEFEND THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            It is one thing to hate Democrats and Hillary and any body with the last name of Clinton…. but you have to wake the hell up!!!!
            They didn’t have just tea… he gave them classified documents…. Doesn’t that mean ANYTHING to you??????

          70. EMIRCITNA says

            OTHER THAN BS ‘accusations’, exactly WHAT “classified” documents were given?! ~ TRUMP is NOT a traitor like your idol Obozo was and IS!

          71. John says

            Obo is staying in DC for he is waiting to get back into the WH as dictator. Time to eliminate the bastard!

          72. EMIRCITNA says

            GIVE him time and, like most Democrats, he will….self-destruct!!!

          73. AmericaSupportsTrump! says


          74. EMIRCITNA says

            SAD THING IS that those against President Trump will also reap the positive results of his presidency….which THEY do not deserve for their treachery!!!

          75. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
          76. berg1928 says

            Please let us know where in the Constitution of the USA does it state that we must ALL belong to the political party of YOUR choice to be considered good Americans!

          77. EMIRCITNA says

            A “GOOD AMERICAN” is for positive things that benefit not only the people but the country as a whole….AND IT DAMNED SURE ISN’T MARXIST SOCIALISM OF THE LEFTIST DEMOCRAT KIND!!!!

          78. Oscar Pearson says

            And he is proud of it.

          79. Oscar Pearson says

            He didn’t give them classified documents – fake news.

          80. mac12sam12 says


          81. chief1937 says

            Yes it means you are spewing gossip with no real facts typical democrat. It is my belief you was not there and therefore do not know what was discussed.

          82. gotabgood says

            And my guess is you also were not there and you do not know either…
            But we do have Trump saying he gave documents to Russia


          83. marielaina says

            Exactly, gotabgood, they keep bringing that up because it’s all they’ve got. She’s not pres. let it go. But Russian collusion?? Bein in bed with Putin financially, etc., goes right over their narrow minds.

          84. keedon says

            I see you and gotabamoron have a good case of TDS-Trump Derangement Syndrome. Short of a complete nervous breakdown there is no cure for TDS.

          85. Jean Langford M. says


          86. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
          87. Mr Rollo says

            Beautiful picture of the Wretch ! ! Thanks much. We will enlarge and frame it for our potty room ! ! !

          88. Dennis Snodgrass says

            Best damn picture i’ve ever seen of the old hag!

          89. Jackalyn Morrison says

            You are SOOO RIGHT and a bunch more with her to

          90. John says

            Her emails could have been the section with Russians contributors and swapping info. Trump is out in the open and not behind the closed doors

          91. mac12sam12 says

            Russia and the US have a common interest in defeating ISIS. Have a problem with that?

          92. BlondeJustice1 says

            Trump hasn’t done anything illegal, but Hillary has, Dumbass.

          93. gotabgood says

            Well dumbass… Hillary was investigated all her life by you dumbshits!!! And she was found squeaky clean… by your very best lawyers…
            We will see how Nixon/Trump does… won’t we?
            Trump has done nothing wrong?????????????????????????
            These are headlines, just copy and paste..

            Judge approves $25 million settlement in Trump University lawsuits

            Donald Trump and his businesses have been sued for sexual harassment at least 20 times



          94. Jackalyn Morrison says

            OOH really and what country do you live in

          95. gotabgood says

            And what is that suppose to mean???

          96. gotabgood says

            Let’s see if what they say about blondes is true.
            Tell me if you figured this out and how long it took. Please.


          97. BlondeJustice1 says

            Yawn! I guess being in the Honor Society and having a high GPA in college is never going to be “smart” enough for a lame little loser like you. School was easy for this natural blonde entrepreneur, who refuses to take a handout and go on welfare. Some of my classes were so easy, I barely had to crack open the book. Did a lot of my own studying so passing the tests were easy. I even have a high I.Q. Typical lefty libtard; full of hate and vitriol, with your expected and worn out name-calling and blog bullying. Ho, hum, bye-bye troll tripe.

          98. gotabgood says

            hahahaha… couldn’t figure it out….

          99. mac12sam12 says

            Trump/Putin 2020!!

          100. gotabgood says

            You laugh now because you think it will never happen in USA. Since 9/11 lot of things have changed, they listen to your phone calls, they read your email, you take your shoes before boarding a plane. Before 9/11 if you had been told this, you would have made a funny similar to the one you made about Putin… and by the way it would be Putin/trump. Trump is valuable to Putin only because Trump speaks fluent teaparty language, hate, raciest, women haters, heartless, mindless, soulless..

          101. mac12sam12 says

            “Trump speaks fluent tea party language, hate, raciest, women haters, heartless, mindless, soulless..” You Bozos need a new schtick.

            Liberal Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said that there’s nothing there concerning Trump and Russia and nothing will become of it because there isn’t a hint of anything fishy. Dershowitz also predicted the Freddie Gray case. The democrats are obviously desperate. 🙂

          102. gotabgood says
          103. mac12sam12 says

            She didn’t get any donations but Trump made another killer trade deal. #350 billion over ten years. That’s $350 billion in new jobs. The same with his China trade deal. You won’t hear that on your libtard channels so I’ll keep you filled in, and you’re welcome.

          104. gotabgood says

            Good keep me posted…but something other than your opinions… need references!
            And she did receive $100 million.
            Trump signs $110b arms deal w/ Saudis & Ivanka gets $100m donation
   (known as reference)
            And I know nothing about a $350 billion in new jobs.
            China and a trade deal??? All talk, no action!

          105. mac12sam12 says

            I believe that you don’t know about the China deal, CNN and MSNBC doesn’t report Trump’s successes. When the president of China was in Florida at Trump’s a deal was made concerning trade. China is now buying US coal, natural gas and beef. That’s will stimulate three US industries. The guy’s a job creating machine.

          106. gotabgood says

            Well.. when you are right.. you are right..
            And your right again, I didn’t know about it… but I did some searching to find out 2/3 of what you said is true….. The coal deal wasn’t likely to succeed.
            And Beijing announced last year that they would be coal free power plants by 2020, so it doesn’t seem likely they would be importing more coal

          107. mac12sam12 says

            That’s because they get their coal from NK.

          108. gotabgood says

            I don’t believe it!! Even when I say you are right, you want to argue with me… is there a way to please you???
            What Beijing Abandoning Coal Means for the Rest of the World

          109. mac12sam12 says

            Your link doesn’t work. China is using the coal issue with NK to keep them in line.

          110. gotabgood says

            mmmm… you sure? I just clicked on it and it took me there… but it is so easy to find I will give you another.

            And China has its own coal mines… but they too are in danger..
            China to close more than 1,000 coal mines in 2016: energy bureau
            Another point of interest…
            China Bans New Coal Mines: Why Hasn’t U.S. Done the Same?

          111. mac12sam12 says

            and replace it with what? Wind mills and liberal fairy dust? They’ll burn coal.

          112. gotabgood says

            I guess I shouldn’t get so frustrated with you… I know you have the mentality of a 2 year old.
            China is years ahead of us in developing solar, thanks to Reagan. there are many ways to create energy, wind is only one of the ways. ocean currents, thermal, sun and even nuclear is clean… but dangerous. And to show you the advancements they are making.. check this out..


          113. mac12sam12 says

            Every green energy company in the US has gone bankrupt. Wind mills are ugly and that also kill raptors.

          114. gotabgood says

            This is your idea of ‘good’? The sky over the oil fields look like some movie getting ready for the last days on earth, and the man is the first victim. The solar panel sky, says My future is so bright, I have to wear shades.

          115. Mr Rollo says

            Absolutely the Truth. We agree 100% the Wretch should be hanged and then go back to Hell, where she came from in the first place.

          116. gerryg says

            Your are an idiot, Hillary miss-handled Secret, Top Secrete and Special Access material as Comey outlined when he briefed the Press in July.

          117. gotabgood says

            So Hillary should be hung for mishandling a “C” rated classified documents and Trumps hands over DIRECTLY TO THE RUSSIANS rated “CODE”, the highest form of classified material… and that is ok?
            And you call me an idiot.
            My God what is wrong with you people?


          118. Jean Langford M. says

            OH BULL $HIT…LOL…LOL…

          119. EMIRCITNA says

            THERE’S ALWAYS an ‘entertainer’ on every forum!!!

          120. Jean Langford M. says


          121. EMIRCITNA says

            AHHHHH,…..I was referring to ‘gotabegood’, not YOU!

          122. Jean Langford M. says


          123. rdells says

            and GFYS!

          124. Jean Langford M. says


          125. k9maiden says

            I knew you were talking about the lone Dumbocrap on this thread. Fits him to a T!

          126. rdells says

            I can’t find any post by Trump here!

          127. Pam says

            I think they are actually called Trolls. Hiding under the bridge of any discussion.

          128. rdells says

            The shit you assholes post is NOT funny

          129. rdells says

            My sentiments exactly, about YOU!

          130. Jean Langford M. says

            FK OFF TROLL…LOL…LOL…

          131. EMIRCITNA says

            “CODE” alone is NOT a classification, my friend!

          132. Oscar Pearson says

            Real, true Americans are with you 100%

          133. rdells says

            Did you visit your local vets memorial cemetery today?

          134. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            I know, I know it hurts you Liberal POS that we Patriots defeated you and Crooked Lying Hillary, The jive talkin walkin Fraud Obama, The Democrackhead party and liberalism by a Landslide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            People like you rdells is a Btainwashed Hatin liberal thug hating on Trump!
            Guess waht we suport Trump bro…you will do nothing but post your trash talkin lingo that is meaningless ..Now sit down PRESIDENT TRUMP is our PRESIDENT Whether u like it or not little man!

          135. Carol Smith says

            Real true Americans are very concerned that we have an intellectually and mentally unfit scammer making decisions.

          136. Oscar Pearson says

            Little late to talk about Obama!

          137. Vicki M says

            Agree 100%

          138. malcoolm1999 says

            Stupid ones.

          139. k9maiden says

            You are NOT AN AMERICAN PATRIOT! Get that through your head. If you were, you would not want Killary or BO because they hate our military, and BO literally set our military back to BEFORE WWII standards. Stop with the lies, if you love Killary, then you are not for women’s rights or for equal treatment of women and men. Hillary only cares about money, power, and control, and took hundreds of millions of dollars from countries that attacked America and mowed down the twin towers with 3,000 innocent men, women and children perishing on that horrific day. How in the HELL could you defend this Whore of ISLAM? SHE TOOK MONEY FROM COUNTRIES THAT TREAT WOMEN AND LITTLE GIRLS THE MOST BRUTAL ON EARTH! WHAT DON”T YOU GET ABOUT THIS? Any one thinking clearly can see that money, and power are more important to her than anything else in her life! All the while President Trump is assuring Israel that we are standing with her, that we are, and forever will remain friends with Israel, while your POS POTUS hated Jews, and made Netanyahu enter the WH through the kitchen door. You have GOT TO STOP WATCHING THE PROPAGANDA NEWS and START using common sense and do some research!

          140. rdells says

            Summary to your tirade: mostly BS with a smattering of truth to mislead the readers

          141. Tim says

            If you were that concerned you idiot you queer loving sorry bastards would not have elected a sex freak to the white house. electing odumber twice show everyone just what kind of sorry uneducated brainless humans the party of the left is. You’re whole party is mentally unfit to make a decision on how they dress, much less on how to run a country! You think the last 8 years did anything to improve America? You have no idea what the meaning of intellectually is carol smith. You need a mental evaluation to see if there is any help for you. You’re a special kind of stupid

          142. rdells says

            GFYS, Tim

          143. Tim says

            GFYS your momma bitch

          144. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            The scammer and jive talkin walkin fool is gone thank you Real True America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          145. Henrietta says

            I’m sure you are a very nice person who really believes what the secular progressive liberals have been telling you, but they lie and what they want would destroy America. They want us to change from the system that made us the strongest and greatest nation in the world to a socialist society which has failed wherever it was tried.

          146. rdells says

            Absolutely correct! But your comments are MUCH too kind.

          147. rdells says

            as in true traitors to America

          148. rdells says

            Incredible BS!

          149. jreg9304 says

            WELL? Get it done, you have the power of appropriation. Mr. President, get the funding via that power! Don’t let America down!!

          150. Oscar Pearson says

            What is wrong with you? That was a good question for you to ask – but you have no answer.

          151. chief1937 says

            People like you is our problem.

          152. pineapple says

            That’s why I blocked the bastard.

          153. k9maiden says

            You are as stupid as they come, no wonder you’re a heartless, soulless Clinton lover, you’re just like them if you continue to support them. Read “Shattered” and when you are finished, you may just wise up about this couple who lied, cheated, and murdered their way into power. AND btw, BO is as bad as the Clintons, like all liberals/Communist/Socialist, he despises the Republic that America is, and if you think, for one minute, he isn’t behind all this Russian fiasco and scams, then think again. One day the American people are going to make sure all these heinous criminals that took over our country will pay for what they did. We are sick of them never being held accountable. President Trump has saved this country from the brink of Communism, Killary is done, toast, never going to run again, two failed attempts! You LOSE!

          154. Carol Smith says

            Just because somebody wrote it does not mean it is true. It is true to you because you want to believe kt.

          155. k9maiden says

            Sorry, not buying your spin. How could I, look at how the Marxist Media covered for Killary and Benghazi. ARE YOU GOING TO DENY THE FACT that Killary and BO plus their fall guy, Susan Rice, went on all media outlets and swore the Benghazi attack was due to a movie? Please, just deny it, we all heard it spew from their mouths, yet you liberals refuse to believe them. WHY? So far, our President has NOT led us down a path of lies and destruction like BO, who turned our country into a cesspool. An ineligible, Muslim, Communist who was HELL bent in destroying our Republic! So, talk about truth! You wouldn’t know it if it hit you in the face. Look at Sept. 21st, 2012, BO and KILLARY flew to Pakistan with our money, made a video apologizing to the savages that butchered our Ambassador and slaughtered our other 3 Patriots. This would have NEVER happened on a Conservative Presidents watch! I think it is YOU who refuse to face the truth. After all, BO has blatantly lied and if he wasn’t lying he was spinning the truth, and as a result, an innocent coptic Christian sits in jail YET,, accused of making a movie that spurred the attack. Of course, the Communist News Network, BSNBC, and the other Soros bought and paid for propaganda sites refuse to tell anything but lies, their main focus was on protecting the usurper and the Whore of Islam. It is YOU who remains ignorant, and always will, as long as you believe propaganda over the truth.

          156. rdells says

            You gotta be the dumbest B*t*h on this side of the planet!

          157. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            No wrong again little liberal man….Obama was the Dumbest B* on the Planet!


          158. Carol Smith says

            Trump has not saved us from anything. He is his own worst enemy. People in Washington are increasingly questioning his competency and lack of temperament for the job. Trump never holds himself accountable for anything. He will say something in front to of a camera or tweet, and deny it later. He does that all the time.
            Our country was on the brink of another Great Depression when obama took office. Guess u have forgotten .

          159. k9maiden says

            AGAIN, THAT IS YOUR OPINON BASED ON THE MARXIST NEWS NETWORK! How hard it must be to live in such a narrow minded little brain with no common sense. Oh do you have that last sentence completely wrong. We have all lived under the BO REGIME and suffered because of it. We were NOT on the verge of Depression, the Dems always put us into dire straights with their entitlement spending for all illegals, more money spent on illegals than on all the wars, did you know that? OF COURSE YOU DIDN’T! BO destroyed this country, where the HELL have you been, and he was the most DIVISIVE POS POTUS that this country has ever had. He set race relations back, and on purpose, to before MLK times. He destroyed all MLK did, he created terrorist groups, BLM, that call for the killing of cops, he also infiltrated THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE with the enemy, Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist group. He put these heinous individuals in high positions, destroying our country, and Jarret and Huma, Clinton’s lover, was two of the enemies within, both strong ties to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. ARE YOU NUTS?! BO and the Clintons are the most heinous criminal politicians to ever take over our great country. And you talk about Trump, who has improved the economy, lowered unemployment lower than it has been in 10 years, convinced large manufacturing companies to keep their companies in America and not go overseas, therefore, creating tons of jobs, cut down the illegal immigration by over 45% and much more, all the while you loons are trying to find a way to frame him for something he isn’t guilty of at all. Get a damn life. President Trump won the election, the WHORE OF ISLAM, one of the most evil, if not the most evil women who ever walked the Earth lost. The majority spoke, and by majority I not only mean the Electoral College who decides who is PRESIDENT, but AMERICANS, CITIZENS of this country, not the hoards of illegals going to the polls, not the dead rising to vote for D! So suck it up, we aren’t going anywhere, and even though Dems are famous for rigging elections, and this one was rigged in KIllary’s favor, it didn’t work, we have spoken, the PEOPLE HAVE CHOSEN THE RIGHTFUL AND DESERVING MAN TO LEAD US BACK TO GREATNESS. No more Communism! Get a life!

          160. Vicki M says

            Great reply and so true. thank you.

          161. Bob Waas Sr. says

            We were on the brink of a great depression because of the policies the Democrats pushed; starting with Jimmy Carter. Obama didn’t make anything better, time did. He nearly doubled the national debt and under his watch, work force participation and home ownership are down.

            If you think President Trump, a successful businessman is not qualified to lead this country; then you must have been delusional to think a community organizer with zero work experience could run anything, no less the biggest nation in the world. He failed miserably, you need to look behind the smoke and mirrors.

          162. Vicki M says

            Obama was Soros’ puppet. Soros is determined to destroy America. Thank God for President Trump.

          163. rdells says

            I take it all back, k9maiden!!! The dumfukery of THIS imbecile puts YOURS to shame!

          164. Bob Waas Sr. says
          165. Vicki M says

            You listen to and repeat the garbage coming from the RINOS, “Demon”crats, and the Soros funded liberals who want to destroy America and our sovereignty. BO was THE WORST thing that our America has had to ENDURE. He never had an original thought and was controlled by the Soros NWO machine=Hillary was also. He was lost without his teleprompter because he was told what to say and do. You can’t remember ideas if they are not your own.

          166. Raymond Tower says

            We were not on the verge of another great depression. That was the libtard democraps talking point, nothing more. The housing bubble was caused by Clintoon and the democraps like Piglosi.

            How do you know when an entrenched politician is lying? When you hear the statement “we are a democracy”. We are not a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic. They love that lie. Why because sheeple such as yourself will allow them to control your pea brain.

          167. rdells says

            All those shitgibbons know is skin color. Only white are “real American Patriots” ya know.

          168. Henrietta says

            The only ones who bring up skin color are the liberals who are the real racist; as proven by their attacks on patriots like Allen West and other black conservatives.

          169. rdells says

            Black Conservative is an OxyMoron. You can either be a Republican or a human being, you can’t be both.

          170. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            Exactly here what a Liberal Democrackhead believes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Liberals are the enemies!

          171. allen blaine says

            gotabgood, and what evidence is there? NONE!!! Only stories from 2 news outlets using 2 un-named sources as there proof. Hearsay is not admissible in court as evidence. You will have to do better then that. All of this horse hockey has been started by the news media. No evidence for any of it. I would not want you on a jury in a murder trial because you would convict on hearsay with no evidence. That is in American. I suggest you look at the testimony on C-Span on May 3rd where Comey perjured himself under oath to the Senate. This is the downfall of Comey.

          172. gotabgood says

            Well there is one other named source that said he gave away documents. A dumb rule stating that once a president reveals top secret information, it is no longer top secret….
            but here is the named source…


          173. jaybird says

            It was said that the President could declassify anything he wants to.

            Hillary was not president and needed tp follow the rules.

          174. gotabgood says

            Hillary was also dealing with “c” classification not “code word”. But once again, she was investigated and even though mishandled, nothing intentional.
            And the fact we have a president that wants to know why we haven’t used our nuclear power and is lining something up with North Korea and “DECLASSIFYING” secret documents as if they were cookie recipes, I think should give ALL of us a warning signal….
            • 1Terminology of classification
            • 2Levels of classification used by the U.S. government
            o 2.1Restricted Data/Formerly Restricted Data
            o 2.2Code Word classifications
            o 2.3Top Secret
            o 2.4Secret
            o 2.5Confidential
            o 2.6Public Trust
            o 2.7Unclassified
             2.7.1Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)
            o 2.8Restricted
            o 2.9Classified classifications

          175. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            Crooked Lying Hillary lost you idiot we Rejected her evil globalist lying ways!!!!



          176. Pat Wick says

            What code did he hand over?? Have you seen the code?? Were you there?

          177. mac12sam12 says

            We’re all Russians now! 🙂

          178. glorybe2 says

            They can’t come out of the bubble. To do so would crumble them to dust. For the right wing their misery is all that they have left.

          179. gotabgood says

            Ahh you show sympathy…. but what you say is true.

          180. Vicki M says

            The award for “Very Fake News” should be an….emoji poop!

          181. Nita1931 says

            Ummm. the right wing aren’t hiding in safe places, crying pathetically everywhere – we are not miserable at all about Killary losing the election, we are so H A P P Y – you snowflakes are the ones drowning in misery.

          182. glorybe2 says

            Actually we on the left are having a ball shredding the right wing and seeing Trump decompose on screen. He is already hiring a lawyer to help him in his impeachment. There is so much data catching up with him that we could have impeachment after impeachment if the first trial fails. Currently there are 13 criminal investigations with Trump at their center. The right wing has had control of the house and senate for ten years and yet still have not been able to pen a health care bill. Were they having nap time for ten years. Oh! and about that wall. Trump promised construction would start in the first 30 days of his presidency. Now at 110 days no start has been made. He clearly lied. And now to try to slither out of his promise we hear that a wall can be a psychological thing. Pure sleaze and corruption in a president.

          183. Carol Smith says

            There is a lot wrong with the people posting here. Trump tells them what to think.

          184. gotabgood says

            Not only does he tell them… but they do it!
            And yes, if we be honest with each other, we all have a lot to learn… it is this constant bickering that got a person in the WH that, again being truthful, has no business being there.

          185. k9maiden says

            I do believe you are describing yourselves and anyone who bought the biggest scam to ever be played on the American people, BO! LOL, but if it makes your weak little liberal mind feel more powerful, then by all means, this is America, go ahead and believe the bullshit on the Marxist Media and the lies spewing from Killary and BO’s mouths not to mention, all the Commie left in Congress. Let’s face it, the truth is, President Trump won against all odds, and you Commies can’t believe the rigged election, and all the propaganda the Marxist Media tried to lay on us didn’t work, that’s what’s really bugging you isn’t it? Instead, millions of Patriotic Americans had little hope, we thought we lost our country forever to the Regime and ISLAM, but we have something you don’t, a great faith in country and God, and on election eve, we prayed, we prayed hard to our God that this country would be saved from the brink of Communism, many in my area went to a mass “Save our Nation” in one of the larges parish’s in the state, and even while the election was still going on in the Parrish Hall, we prayed, along with our priests, that we would see a different outcome than what was expected. So suck it up, even MORNING JOE or whatever the HELL he is called blamed the MEDIA for Trump’s election. He admitted they thought they could sway the minds of millions of Americans and it didn’t work, the reason Donald Trump was elected was precisely because of the Marxist Media. We were too damn smart to buy the brainwashing, and here you two are, spinning it around when you two are the brainwashed loons.

          186. gotabgood says

            Yep and the American people bought it twice!
            Media and Russia

          187. Tim says

            and you’re another sick minded dumbass you & carol cell mates at the nut farm? Dumb & Dumber

          188. Vicki M says

            No, Tim, they are just lock-step liberals, brainwashed to memorize and not to think. Or…. they are part of the NWO takeover and Globalism and the destruction of America plan.

          189. Nita1931 says

            … but Killary should be in the WH? lol, lol lol

          190. gotabgood says

            You was doing so good and then your radical right side flared up and just couldn’t help yourself in calling Hillary a made up name, which is degrading and a lie…. now you do not want to be a LIAR do you? Then stop!
            With Hillary in office 24 million people would not have to worry about healthcare. Miami would know there was somebody in the WH that cared if their water pumps would not keep up with the flooding.
            So many things would be different, our allies would still be that and not have to wonder if we remove NATO or UN or any other peace agreement we had between our countries…

          191. k9maiden says

            LOL! OH that is RICH! And what does the propaganda on the Marxist Media tell you? NO ONE TELLS CONSERVATIVES HOW TO THINK, otherwise we would all be a bunch of zombies voting for the sure destruction of our country. Did you follow the election, have you followed the riots you anarchist have done since President Trump came into office, and you try to tell us that someone is telling us how to think when even the Marxist Media ADMITTED they campaigned for Killary and couldn’t believe she lost. HAVE you seen and heard the Commie professors spewing hatred toward all that America stands for and love of the usurper, the ineligible Kenyan/Communist and the Whore of ISLAM? Have you seen the idiots coming out of college brainwashed by the Commie professors who don’t know squat about our government, can’t even name the day the Declaration of Independence was signed? Have you? And you have the gall to say those Conservatives, against all odds, who think for ourselves, who use common sense and a brain, who can’t be brainwashed by the Marxist Media don’t think for ourselves. My God are you one stupid bitch!

          192. Tim says

            naw thats not it you’re just a helpless retard who needs their meds

          193. Vicki M says

            Trump is too busy MAGA to tell Americans what to think. You must be brainwashed enough to think that every group uses that technique.

          194. John E Strom Jr. says

            Secret, Top Secret and ABOVE Top Secret are FELONIES. Maximum punishment for EACH count is 360 to life.
            “CODE”? ALL are supposed go be encrypted you fool. Hillary committed, AT THE LEAST, espionage and very likely treason regardless of what James Comey says.
            Did you know that Comey’s brother was General Council for the Clinton Global Initiative? Small wonder brother James Comey gave her a pass on those THOUSANDS of classified documents and the destruction of several Blackberry devices and use a BleachBit chip to “wipe” her home-brew server’s hard drive clean.

          195. gotabgood says

            So you know better than the FBI????? You sound so much like a guy I heard once say, (never being in the military) “I know more than the generals” Are you Trump is disguise?
            I thought Hillary was investigated and was found innocent? At least she was arrested.. indicted…. or ANYTHING!!!!
            and it is not her you should be worrying about… she is not president, (so sad), you have lunatic running the WH.

          196. John E Strom Jr. says

            James Comey IS a liar and he DID give Hillary a pass.

            Thousands of classified email including “Above” Top Secret she was in possession of, mishandled and transmitted illegally? Same with members of her staff.

            James Comey’s brother worked as General Council for the Clinton Global Initiative. Wasn’t THAT handy. Those are not my opinion but facts that can easily be verified.

            Not to mention the destruction of several Blackberry devices she used, using a program called BleachBit to erase EVERYTHING on the Hard Drive of her home-brewed server? ALL are crimes.

            You have to really be in the bag swallowing all of that Kool-Aid. I’m betting you voted for Obama and Hillary – two as-yet unindicted co-conspirators. Both have committed a laundry list of felonies and are guilty of dozens if not hundreds of crimes. Is THAT the kind of country you want to live in?

            And President Trump? There is NO evidence / proof he committed any crime except beat Hillary Clinton like a baby seal.

          197. gotabgood says

            “Thousands of classified email including “Above” Top Secret she was in possession of, mishandled and transmitted illegally? Same with members of her staff.” No! See that is John E Strom Jr. wishful thinking or his opinion. Class “C” was all that was talked about.. and you bring up top secret. Comey also is responsible for Hillary defeat, after his reopening the case just 11 days before the vote, her poll numbers fell.
            You see the weak minded have trouble making up their own mind and which ever way the wind blows is the direction they go.
            Look!! You are bringing up old crap that has been investigated by people about your intelligence level… give it a rest…AND SHE LOST…. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?.

            This laundry list… is a grasp for reality but it is unreachable from la la land.
            But unlike Hillary who went through many, many investigations over her life time and came out squeaky clean… Trump is just entering his investigation….. I say he settles out of court, like he has done so many times in the past… he will resign!

          198. Pam says

            The President has the power to decide what is classified . Hillary broke the law and should answer for her crimes. Beside with her experience in handling classified material the cavalier mishandling really makes her even worse.

          199. gotabgood says

            You don’t listen… you don’t understand… or you are in very deep denial.
            IF Hillary was guilty of any what you say, she would be in jail….. I would say she has been in and out of investigation for 40 years….
            She mishandled class “c” documents and even at that… there was a time period where they were not classified, but later became classified…

            ENOUGH OF HILLARY…
            you need to get a life!
            She lost the election but she won all her scandals..

          200. Pam says

            You might want to take your own advice.

          201. Pam says

            She committed the crime but they let her get away with it. If you ever break the law and get caught just use the Clinton defense. I didn’t “intended” to do it. See if it works for you.

          202. gotabgood says

            Hillary is gone…
            You need to let go and get a life… hate is eating you up inside… you have ulcers? High blood pressure? ….. Feeling tired all the time? Your energy is being eaten up from the inside..

          203. Pam says

            Only bringing up Hillary and Obama in context to the Democrats harassment of Trump. Clean your own house before you point the finger at someone else’s.

          204. gotabgood says

            Ah Ha… good advice for us all to heed. right?

          205. Carol Smith says

            It was not clasdified.

          206. rdells says

            bgood is absolutely spot-on about you Lunatics

          207. Helga miller says

            Where is the proof? You just repeat the Dems slogans and obstructions! What are you doing on this website anyway? Just trolling?

          208. k9maiden says

            You got it, another paid troll probably by Soros. I hear there are a ton of them out there infiltrating Conservative sites in the attempt to agitate, too bad Soros is wasting his money. AKA LADY is another one, maybe they are one in the same, who knows?

          209. Corrine says

            gotabgood. You are a fool!

          210. EMIRCITNA says

            SADLY, such people will always be among us; we can only work toward keeping them a minority by regaining control of our educational institutions and mainstream media!

          211. SD of AZ says

            Put gotabgood in that lineup! Dem wit libturd of the highest order! And you are right, they are Stupid. We all know you Can NOT Fix Stupid!

          212. Oscar Pearson says

            Now that is stupid.

          213. keedon says

            Yo and are Boris and Natasha Trumps Russian contacts in the WH? If you don’t know who his contacts are how can you accuse him of anything?

          214. Oscar Pearson says

            You have got to be kidding.

          215. Pam says

            Better than Muslims.

          216. gotabgood says

            Which is worse?
            Pushed out a window?
            Not talking which is the most gross…. the effect is, you end up dead.

          217. Pam says

            Russia is not out to destroy our culture they are trying to become a world power again. They will never be our friends but they are not stupid enough to destroy the world. World domination is very much in their future unless we stay the weak laughing stock on the world Obama made us into.

          218. gotabgood says

            Culture? Maybe not. Democracy? Absolutely!
            As for the rest of your opinions, time will tell. Your TV/Radio has many stations to turn to, don’t leave it stuck in one place.. venture out and test the airwaves.

          219. Pam says

            Let me state this plainly. Yes Russia would love to fly it’s flag over the United States just as ever other nation in the world would. I surely don’t have to name the top contenders. That’s why we have to have a strong military. As well as a strong technological defense. Weakness is our downfall. America maybe rich in resources but those are finite. If we want to help refugees then send them help and the people to mage it in their own countries. These illegal immigrants are not here to contribute they are like locusts , a scourge. It will be a couple of generations before they can contribute, and that’s only if they turn loose of the ” old” country and speak English and assimilate . We are not the saviour of mankind.

          220. gotabgood says

            Technology is science and you do not believe in science… you keep cutting the budget. NASA, if not mistaken, they are the inventors of Tang, so where would we be if you cut the budgets to NASA as you have done in the past? We would be a world without Tang!
            Weakness is NOT our downfall!!! It is being divided as a nation…. and this nation is a nation of immigrants…. ask your ancestors, unless you are FULL BLOODED INDIAN OR MEXICAN!! Yep, they both were here before us.

          221. Pam says

            So were the Neanderthals idiot! So was every land mass on this earth populated by other people. All you want to do is argue about nothing so you are a prime example of the divider. Had you actually read and understood what I wrote you would see how ridiculous you post is. Cherry picking to argue . The only person to find to agree with you is in your mirror.

          222. gotabgood says

            Well more stupider than me…. Neanderthals died off by whatever reason you chose to believe. Mexicans and Indians survived the white immigrants… we won the war, but they are still here!

          223. Pam says

            That’s really hard to do since you had to study a long time to get as stupid as you. Like writing ” more stupider” .

          224. gotabgood says

            And on the other hand, denial comes natural to you.
            Yes.. you are more stupider than me… smile If Trump can say bigly, I can say stupider. And it is in the dictionary;

            comparative adjective: stupider
            having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.

            And what does my grammar have to do with immigrants

          225. Pam says

            I didn’t say it wasn’t in the dictionary, more stupider is grammatically incorrect. Why am I talking about it? Because it is as inane as anything you have to discuss.

          226. Pam says

            Research past presidents, they have all mispronounced or used grammatically incorrect words. Are we all not human and fallible?

          227. Pam says

            She was guilty they let her get away with it. As for the space program do some research it was responsible for tons of things we use everyday.

          228. gotabgood says

            I was not talking about HER, why do you keep bring her up????
            Did you read my post?
            I was defending science AGAINST the rightwing who keeps cutting their budgets… yes they do wonderful things.. from medicine, to internet… so why do you want to cut their budget every time you get into office??

          229. Pam says

            Guess because I didn’t cut anybody’s budget and picking something as unimportant as Tang to represent the great accomplished of the space program. They cut the budgets so we can feed and house illegals and politicians line their own pockets.

          230. gotabgood says

            You kinda got everything backwards and twisted around.
            Liberals don’t cut necessary budgets, like education, science, or food stamps, healthcare. they expand them to the needy.
            Maybe to you Tang was not important, but to astronauts and children all over the world, it was a big deal.
            Did you know they have Tang in China?

          231. Pam says

            Tang was not invented by the NASA space program. It was invented by a chemist and occasional playwright William A Mitchell
            while working for General Foods in 1957. General Foods introduced Tang to the public in powder form in 1959, but it wasn’t popular initially. This changed in 1961 during John Glenn’s Mercury and later in1965 for the Gemini program to improve the taste of the water. Wikipedia/ Today I found out/ etc. Who cares about Tang???

          232. gotabgood says

            PAM!!!! I am so impressed… seriously.. I am!
            You searched it out and proved me wrong.
            My hat is off to you.
            It is not about Tang, per se, It is about searching and finding truth and then believe what you searched for. As Jesus would say, 2 or 3 witnesses to make it true.
            I hope you don’t stop, but keep on searching.

          233. Pam says

            I research everything from many sources. I also am a voracious reader. Nice debating with you.

          234. chief1937 says

            And you inject your fables as truth when even you know it is false. Crawl back under your rock and we will call you if we need a jouster. You present yourself as a perfectionist when in fact you don’t even know the meaning of the word.

          235. mac12sam12 says

            It’s up to the president to decide if something’s classified so there was no crime. Hillary’s e-mails were hacked and there was a lot of top secret information on them and she used a private server as well. That’s a crime.

          236. k9maiden says

            LOL, yet you conveniently overlook the ties the Clintons had to Russia, and also the Whore of islam accepting 100’s of millions of dollars from our enemy. The same countries that attacked us on 9/11, the same countries that treat women and little girls the most brutal on Earth.

          237. gotabgood says

            You have done enough talking… now it is time to show me these connections..
            Are you talking about this whore that is accepting 100 million dollars from the home of the terrorist that attack us on 9/11??
            And Trump selling them arms so they can attack us again???

          238. allen blaine says

            gotabgood, where did you get your info from? A news story with no evidence? That kind of hearsay would not even be admissible as evidence in a court of law. Hard evidence is required and there is no hard evidence.

          239. gotabgood says

            I guess it was reliable enough to get a special prosecutor and some subpoenas sent out to Flynn, Manafort and the businesses associated with Flynn..
            It’s just beginning…. but already we are in a criminal investigation.
            And besides… I gave you references…. even your very own fox and daily caller… I know it was a shock to me also..

          240. Karen says

            Do you seriously think Trump, who, according to the leftist demos, was colluding with the Russians during the election, and is currently under investigation for that, would blatantly bring in Russians to the White House and give them secret information? It may be something Obummer would do because he had no scruples or concern for the American people, and you have come to think that would be normal behavior after watching it for the last 8 years, but Trump is NOT the idiot that you bunch of losers think he is!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

          241. gotabgood says

            Oh yes I do believe that!
            It is hard to say that Trump is not an idiot….. but I think he has gone through life not having to deal with any of his mistakes, he blamed others for his failures.
            Look this is simple and so unimportant, but to Trump, it is extremely important and that was the size of crowd between Obama and his own inauguration. The pictures are plain and no they were not Photoshop. But yet he stood in front of God and country proclaiming his crowd was bigger. That is Trump… He thinks he can do what he wants and when he wants. He can tell you it stopped raining as soon as he began his speech…. and the rightwing believes that and once again in spite of what the photos show.
            He showed you his products at a press conference…. it was all lies… but the right chose to believe him or over looked his lies. He has not changed. He now thinks he can do what he wants in the WH. He is dangerous…
            So I repeat your cry…
            WAKE UP AMERICA!!

          242. Karen says

            Still on the crowd thing, huh? I’ll explain, cause that one is very simple. If there really were more people at Obummer’s inauguration, it was because those that supported Obummer didn’t work(on welfare) and had the TIME and free money(as all their bills are paid by the government) to go to his inauguration! AS for Trump’s inauguration, most of his supporters were at work or didn’t have the money to go to the inauguration because they had bills to pay! I know you won’t like this truthful explanation, but just because YOU don’t like it, that doesn’t change the TRUTH! Obummer had 8 YEARS to do something for this country, which he did, he tried to ruin it! He worked very hard to do this, I will give him that! Trump has been in office less than 5 MONTHS, has had to fight tooth and nail to get ANYTHING done because the demos try to thwart every thing he has said or tried to do! Yet, you spew that he has ruined to country, he is evil, he split the country, he stole the election, he has the whole world against us, just to name a few things you demos complain about and he did all of this in less than 5 MONTHS? Sounds to me like he must be a VERY POWERFUL MAN and can get things done very quickly!! Give us a break, or better yet give Trump a break! He has 4 years to show us what he will do(if the demos quit trying sabotage his every move). AND I will repeat my cry, WAKE UP AMERICA!!

          243. gotabgood says

            Really.. I don’t care who had the biggest crowd… I wasn’t at either.
            What I care about is the lying.. and just over trivial things….. like we won’t live one day longer if Obama had the biggest crowd…. It is the lying about something that anyone with a computer will know the truth. His whole campaign was one stupid lie after another… and then lie about him lying… If there ever were such a thing as a natural born liar…. He is the one!

          244. berg1928 says

            I believe it, too!

          245. Retired says

            Can you back that up with real proof other than what the Media provided you ???? Did you Forget Trump meeting with the China leader . I suppose you did not read the article about the CIA breakdown in China while your boy was in the WH ???? Something you Demons won’t talk about .

          246. gotabgood says

            Ahh you got me… Obama is bad and Trump is good.

          247. Retired says

            According to some of your postings Trump has done nothing so how can he be Bad or Good . Congress and the Media are the one creating problems . You did not come up with proof so it is hear say . You did not answer about the melt down in China and the CIA ????

          248. gotabgood says

            I think you might be asking the wrong person…..
            I just repeat the news I hear… like a special prosecutor, subpoenas for Flynn and Manafort and the business dealings with Flynn…
            Do like I am doing….


          249. Retired says

            Do you still trust the media that is one sided ??? Our media is like a soap opera. Don’t deviate from the Question.

          250. gotabgood says

            We live in a world that is not perfect. Full of people that would sell their own mother for advancement. But on the other side of the coin, we have good people and try to do the best they can, but yet still not perfect.
            If 10 people came to you and told you a story, they were all different, but never swayed away from the root of the story. One person out of the 10, told a different story, basically contradicted everything the other 9 said. Who would you believe? The 9 or the one?
            Let’s put a topic to the story.
            9 agreed ObamaCare needed replace while one said no and defended it? who would you believe now?
            Same deal, but now 9 agreed climate change is caused by humans and 1 said it was all a hoax. Who would you believe?
            I know your answers to the bottom 2, the first one with no topic is a puzzle to me which you would believe.
            Now me, I have a tendency to go with the majority, but if I were in the days of Christ, if I went with the majority then, I would have denied Christ.
            The 4 Gospels tell the story of Christ. Each Gospel is different, but the main theme is present in all of them.
            So… when you have 4 or more medias (gospels) telling their version of the story, but the main theme is intact, I will go with the 4. Even Jesus said you need 2 or more witnesses to be true!
            While you have 1 stand alone that disagrees with the rest and has been known in the past to confess to “alternative facts” and talk about a bloody massacre that never happened or tell you they use microwave ovens for cameras… who would you believe?
            Example, to my knowledge this is the ONLY stationed that aired this, in this way.


          251. Retired says

            So you are saying the media is honest except for Fox ????

          252. gotabgood says

            You really like to add things in, don’t you?
            What Fox aired on TV about Comey…… two words is all that is needed.
            Take one problem at a time,

          253. Retired says

            That problem is the Demon Rats and all connected with them .

          254. Pat Wick says

            Trump did not give any codes. Good God Almighty!! It is no wonder you have been sucked in. Your mind just can’t handle truth. Now, these meetings are held in private and not in front of cameras for a reason. To make exchanges, build relationships, make trades and do what they can to help their own countries and that includes the United States. EVERYTHING you have heard about this garbage has been hearsay and conjecture. You seriously would believe “anonymous”? That tells me that if you got a phone call from an anonymous source that said to you your spouse is cheating on you and your children have murdered her you wouldn’t question it. You would believe it and run with it.

          255. gotabgood says

            Not codes… forgive me I thought you people read the news instead of absorbing what Trump/fox says.
            • 1Terminology of classification
            • 2Levels of classification used by the U.S. government
            o 2.1Restricted Data/Formerly Restricted Data
            o 2.2Code Word classifications
            o 2.3Top Secret
            o 2.4Secret
            o 2.5Confidential
            o 2.6Public Trust
            o 2.7Unclassified
             2.7.1Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)
            o 2.8Restricted
            o 2.9Classified classifications
            Everything I heard about this is from EVERYWHERE but fox news.
            Including Trump himself.
            And someone, which is now a known fact hacks into your election system, not only just ours but also France, it seems France is a little more in tune with what is going on and didn’t fall for the propaganda Russia fed them.
            You have to take your “rose colored” glasses off… things have happened and you act as though you are in some fairy tale world where nothing bad happens and the good always win.

          256. SNL SUCKS says

            The good don’t always win, but, for this election, the better definitely won.

          257. gotabgood says

            That all depends on if you are wealthy or not. If you earn over 250K you will be ok.
            Middle class and the poor will suffer.

          258. Tim says

            your one dumb son of a bitch, who don’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. you should change your screen name from gotabgood to one that fits your way of thinking “completeretard” and I’m sure 98% of the readers on this site would agree.

          259. WilliamE says

            Says the one drinking the kool aid…The ones who say they believe in free speech as long as it’s what we believe, if you don’t we will cry, moan, groan protest, riot, until we get our way, because we are a bunch of whining LOSERS!!!

          260. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            It is quite evident you are a Liberal Retard! You spread hate, lies, propaganda and Democrackhead falsehoods…that’s why you lost your ignorant, weak a liar……tint little liberal pea brain will explode one day!!!!!!!! Idiot!!!

          261. Pam says

            Better than 8 yrs of Muslims.

          262. SD of AZ says

            They are the enemy within!

        2. EMIRCITNA says

          PEOPLE are finally waking-up to the fact that the Democrat Party is actually …
          THE COMMUNIST PARTY U.S.A.!!!!!
          The Democrats were SO SURE of victory since they got Obozo into our White House that they, AND their MSM, fearlessly exposed themselves openly as to WHOM they really ARE!!!!
          (Guess we can thank Obozo for helping Americans ‘see the light’!!!)

          1. SD of AZ says

            Very true, BO put the NWO agenda on steroids. But I do not think the Bush clan or the rinos are innocent here either. We had traitors for decades steering the country to the NWO agenda. Bush and that clan are rinos and their actions against Trump prove it. And add McCain, McConnell and many other old boys and girls to that list from the rino herd. I think the rinos and dem wits ought to start a Uniparty. Now we all know they are in collusion for one goal, the NWO agenda. They are all the enemy within. We must vote rinos and dem wits out at every opportunity. This war is not over, we are fighting for our democratic republic, our constitution, our sovereignty, or rights as legal citizens of this country. Do not let down your guard and meet these fools at every turn. Let the next elections be another landslide of the right and conservative who do support our democratic republic, our constitution, our sovereignty, our rights in this country as legal citizens. Enough is enough! Be fed up, do fight and do confront the enemy within!

          2. keedon says

            And your parroting the same BS about Bush that is as valid as the BS about Trumps continues to perpetuate the libterd lie. Bush was loved by our military and law enforcement. Bush wasn’t a Muslim like Obama. Bush was a Republican. Yes McCain and McConnell are poison but the Republican controlled Congress is backing Trump.

          3. SNL SUCKS says

            You are absolutely correct. The proof is who they have elected as Chairman of the DNC. Tom Perez (hand picked by BHO himself), and, that little weazel, Keith Ellison, vice chair. Both of these men have extensive ties to the communist party that will make your hair stand on end not to mention The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, CAIR, Hezbollah, among others. These groups raise money for Palestinians and is funneled illegally through them.

            These are all the same groups BHO embraced when he was in office. That’s why he hated Israel so much. That’s when he decided he’d meddle in Israels election by dispatching his minions over there with a suitcase full of cash to throw the election and defeat Bibi. But, thankfully he failed. There is little doubt BHO is a muslim, in my mind, and no one could ever convince me otherwise.

            In my lifetime, I have seen 11 presidents come and go but barak hussein obama is clearly the worse president I have had the misfortune of witnessing and I hope to never see another like him.

            He makes Nixon look like a choir boy. At least Nixon was a decent foreign policy president. All BHO could do is run around the world apologizing for America. What a POS!

            There are no more moderate democrats any longer, they are straight communists now. The moderates are abandoning the democratic party in droves because the new breed and their violence, hate, vitriol are too much for moderates. They do not recognize their own party any longer and they don’t like what they see it turning into.

            These are democrats, however, they are bright enough to realize that communism is just wrong and should never become mainstream in America.

        3. mlentz says

          Don’t forget the MSM!

        4. gotabgood says

          And while you and 27 others think this is funny and some may even believe it to be true.. you turn your back on what is really happening. The president has rights, he can collect money from foreign governments, hire and protect Russian agents, give away secrets DIRECTLY to them IN PERSON… he doesn’t need a personal server, he invites them into the oval office and says…. what do you want??
          I can understand some of you being a little gullible when you have a “news” station that gives you this kind of bullshit!!!!!!

          1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            You are a liberal moron a brainwashed Liberal lunatic filled with hate, lies and low energy! You are meaningless you are a loser!!!!!

            We been gullible for 8 years and we got rid of him thank you America!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Keep watchin Fake news loser! Your a Moron!

          2. gotabgood says

            That must have come straight from Trumpsass, you almost repeated him word for word.


          3. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            No it came from the perverted Crooked lying Hillary mouth who you love and adore you like Bs heres some…enjoy…

        5. A_Nobody says

          They are and we needed to continue draining the swamp…on both sides.

        6. rdells says

          No, it’s Trump and accomplices

      1. Jo Scott says

        Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, McCain and many others are mired deep in this swamp. Fill it with water, drown the pukes.

        1. tCotUS says

          Well Stated!!

        2. SD of AZ says

          Call it a CESSPOOL, it is far worse than a swamp!

        3. Retired says

          A Bunker Buster is the only way to clean the Swamp .

      2. jreg9304 says

        The true colors of Democratic American’s,, Ashen grey with tints of black!!!!!!!!

      3. gonzales27 says

        The hag from the west has spoken

    2. Oscar Pearson says

      She finally tells the truth.

    3. Carol Smith says

      Trump is not draining the swamp so far.

      1. SNL SUCKS says

        Got rid of Comey though, didn’t he? One snake gone…

    4. Carol Smith says

      Trump is draining the middle class, seniors and those less fortunate in favor of the wealthy. He is surrounded by fat cats. Trump has been desperate for a political victory for 4 months as his major initiatives have not been accomplished due to his recklessness, uninformed decision making, and general lack of knowledge about how government works.
      The right used to have fits when Obama signed an executive order, and trump has already signed 30+ in four months as compared to bush and obama’s 36+ in an entire year. Trump does some of the same things and the right thinks it is great. Stupid.

      Another important thing here is that some of the major things he is doing were already in planning stages before trump took office. He is trying to take credit for things the previous administration had put forth. He is such a liar and fake…a psychotic toddler.

      By the way, steve miller wrote the speech that trump gave in Saudi arabia saturday.

    5. donl says

      How in Hell does she keep her job?? The voters can’t all be that stupid!

    6. rdells says

      You dumfuks should be tarred and feathered

  2. MensaFem162 says

    Mueller is a special “counselor” he is not a prosecutor. Investigative role.
    Either the Comey memo is a lie, or Comey is guilty under
    18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony
    28 U.S. Code § 1361 – Action to compel an officer of the United States to perform his duty
    Comey is an establishment shill. Mr. President, get special protection and declassify all the dirt.

    1. Retired says

      And he will walk just like the Clintons and their dealings.

      1. MensaFem162 says

        If it were up to Mueller, I wouldn’t doubt it. However, DOJ is the ultimate authority, and there is an enormous amount of related material which can be declassified and released.

        1. Retired says

          Who will have the guts to do that , there are a lot of elected involved in both Parties otherwise there would be a investigation into Clintons ties to the Commies and the Middle East . The game is to get Trump out of the way , people need to wake up to that fact . Schumer – Pelosi and their boss are working on that 24/7.

          1. MensaFem162 says

            Many crimes will go unprosecuted, but Heracles will eventually kill the Hydra. Chopping off heads along the way exacerbates the problem. Patience.

          2. afftongrown says

            Good always reigns over evil in the end!

          3. SD of AZ says

            Well said Mensa. And as this unfolds we will all be watching. The same was true of the 2014 and 2016 elections, and it was quite rewarding and heartening to see the country reject the dem wits as well as the rinos and their uniparty selections!

          4. greenlantern1 says

            Trump obeys the law?
            Since when?

          5. MensaFem162 says

            Name one law that President Trump has broken…. you’ll be wasting your time, because there are none. POTUS is enforcing laws that the previous Resident of the White House repeatedly broke.

          6. Retired says

            Name the laws he has broken ??

        2. David in MA says

          Mueller and Comey are old pals, worked together in the FB, among other placesI!

          1. carla AMERICAN says

            Yes butv it is said that Mueller is honest and will prosecute dishonest government. Email , tweet, phone his office, let him know that he can be a part of Draining The Swamp to save America !!

        3. carla AMERICAN says

          Exactly and PRESIDENT TRUMP can demand that Mueller investigate obamas, clintons, soros, and democrats in congress and those who are holding America hostage by threatening to shut down the government if they don’t get what they want. President Trump has the right to demand that Mueller Who the democrats claim is honest to investigate and arrest them if they have ties to the russians. Mueller should investigate them since they are a part of Russian ties, leaks, spies,theft of American tax one billion dollars, NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP !

          1. Jackalyn Morrison says

            Ooh sure hope so!!! Who gave some of the uranium to russia it sure wasn’t trump so it appears she has more ties to russia than trump does

          2. MensaFem162 says

            This is the best report I’ve seen so far explaining the Clinton/Podesta ties to Russia, title is From Russia With Money –

          3. afftongrown says

            President Trump aside, We the American people, should insist upon this to bring justice to our country and help drain that ever festering swamp!

          4. SD of AZ says

            Cesspool that needs to be flushed!

          5. John says

            Put a gillatine on the lawn of the house and senate with a sign asking who is first to be in it for treason.

          6. SD of AZ says

            You are quite correct, carla. This special investigator can be a sharp sword that cuts both ways. As he follows the trail and finds its origin, the sword will likely be put to use on the libturds who leaked the lies and caused the problem he is now suppose to resolve. No doubt he would be useful in the wire taps as well. This whole cesspool needs to be flushed and this guy could be quite useful. The dem wits may be speading up the demise of their party. Hum?

    2. greenlantern1 says


      1. Natalie says

        Proceed immediately to reality, you can’t impeach a president based on childish tantrums, manufactured hysteria, absurdly false accusations and desperate liberal wishful thinking, if you could you’d have your perfect world, where everything is free and no one has to work for it and unicorns roam freely.

        1. greenlantern1 says

          Real world?
          The real world is governed by LAW!!
          NOT corporate welfare!
          Not Trump bankruptcies!
          Not jailed attorneys-general!

          1. MensaFem162 says

            You need help….Comey, according to many qualified legal scholars, has likely subverted justice on many occasions, failed to carry out his duties, and fired. From this point, the Special Counsel will investigate everything connected to all parties involved. Everyone will get what they wished for. A tip, libraries have lots of law books you can reference.

      2. MensaFem162 says

        You may wish to find a remedy for brainwashing…stop wasting time spouting your ignorance,

      3. afftongrown says

        Ugh, give me a break! Can’t convince stupid!

      4. keedon says

        You aren’t too bright greenlantern1 Congress will never impeach Trump.

    3. carla AMERICAN says

      One way or the other comey faces a prison cell. The memo is fake. Trump should bring in the military to build the wall,patrol it, remove all 12 plus illegal immigrants and communist democrats . It can be done if the communist liberal democrats are proven to be the ones with ties to ties to russia. America already knows that obama , clinton and Soros had ties, just look up Jade Helm, Fema Camps under obama. Then contact Trump and Mueller.

      1. MensaFem162 says

        All the evidence is out there, POTUS should declassify the lot. Yes, the President MUST now take control. Gloves off, pandering to the insanity doesn’t work, and will end in another war between patriots and subversives. Better to kick a$$ now, and shut them down.

        1. carla AMERICAN says

          AMEN ! I Love the way everybody on this website are efending their freedoms and destroying the democraps. Our President Trump needs to hear this. Please Write to him at the White House, flood it with the exact messages of Americans against communits liberal democrats destruction, Political Correct, destroying America BULLCRAP. Start arresting them when they start rioting, offer them imprisonment or deportation, same with prisioners in privately run prisons, the most violent criminals, death row inmates, are’nt you tired of paying for meals for prisioners when there are hungry Americans ? Are’nt you tired of paying for room and board for prisioners when there are homeless Americans ? Are’nt you tired of repeat child molesters, rapist that waste the court’s time and your tax dollars for representation, who are repeat offenders ? DEPORT ALL OF THEM TO ISIS ! CLEAR AMERICA OF OUR SCUM LIKE FOREIGN COUNTRIES SENDS TO AMERICA ! They don’t work and the states pay for their child support, food stamps , medical , housing for their children, YOUR TAX DOLLARS ! THINK ABOUT IT !

      1. AntiGOP says

        You and your ilk still can’t get over it…

        Trump is still blaming Obama for everything Trump does.

        But then again he blames anyone and everyone for everything Trump does.

        1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

          Obama was the worst disgraceful lying President ever! We elected a Real President Trump We The People Crushed you Liberal morons loser…
          You will do nothing but spread lies, Fake news, and propaganda you Moron!

          TRUMP is President and you are a loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Fortuneless says

            You homosexuals need to go back in the closet and keep your lies to yourself..

          2. Dennis Snodgrass says

            tell’em like it is man , they can’t handle the truth! bunch of eggsuckin,pantywaist,pukes wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and slapped their momma in the face.WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!!! REAL PEOPLE – REAL PRESIDENT!!

          1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
          2. jreg9304 says

            Let’s see what we can do about Racism!!! Segregate All blacks from whites, give the blacks, California. the Whites will retain all points east and north. how is that for Racism? you Liberal morons call everything Racist,,,,,,,, Which is not true, but can be made a reality. you can keep eating your chittlins and grits or you can stop being racist, like your idol, mr Obama. As you have noticed, the great liar and fake, is no longer President!!!!

          1. AntiGOP says

            Your a sicko…seek help before you kill someone…

          2. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
          3. AntiGOP says

            Yeah you not sick…just abynormal…

          4. Jmanjo says

            Keep in mind that your wonderful Obama blamed Bush for everything for eight years and most of what he claims for success was nothing more than a continuation of Bush’s policies. That makes you the slug!

          5. AntiGOP says

            Total bullshit lie…

            Lets see can you prove anything you assert….no…

            Which makes you a lying asshole…

          6. Jmanjo says

            If you haven’t read the papers and news since Obama went into office that makes you the inept ass hole and the proof is there. Gonna be easier now that the usurper is out of office and you are out of excuses!

          7. AntiGOP says

            Which makes you a lying asshole…

            Still stands…you proved nothing…

            Gonna be easier now…

            Not easy enough for an idiot like you to prove anything.

            Idiots…pure idiots.

            Now go read your bible !!!

          8. Jmanjo says

            No it makes you a liberal slut!

          9. AntiGOP says

            OK honey…

            So pathetic

          10. tCotUS says

            Agreed…The enemy puke should be kicked out of the US..

      2. AntiGOP says

        I can puke on YOUR website too…

        But you do it to yourself…idiot.

        1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

          Open your liberal mouth and puke you Democrackhead moron…little man
          little coward!

        2. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

          Hey why do you go on conservative boards and spread lies, hate and liberal propaganda about trump? We know your kind Racist, low energy and ignorant!
          You lost the Election Crooked Lying Hillary Lost now whatcha ya going to do punk?

          1. AntiGOP says

            What lies….name one.!!

          2. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
      3. william C says


      4. Virginia Hornibrook says

        They still can’t believe that killer Hillary lost. Thank God she lost. The Democrats need to get there heads out of the sand a figure out what happened what happened she was the worst person they could put out there to win. She thought she was queen and couldn’t loose shocked she did get over it, I think her health will.keep.her from running again. She needs to go to a nursing home.

    1. MensaFem162 says

      She lost, again. Joke’s on who?

      1. AntiGOP says

        Joke’s on who?

        On the American Democracy…

        Yo boy just sold us out to the Saudi Arabia…$350 BILLION

        The very country you all said was responsible for 9/11…

        Because after all money and oil are much more important…right…Mr. Rightie

        1. MensaFem162 says

          You’re mistaken, again. The USA is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. Democracies throughout history have failed, because of “mob rule”. In the USA, all citizens have a voice.

          Each State in the U.S.A. has sovereign powers under the U.S. Constitution. Every citizen in each State is given the power to vote, to chose their next President. Based on the population of said States, a # of Electors is allocated, they cast their votes in accordance with the will of the people in the State they represent. Subsequently, all Electoral Votes are certified and tallied, & a President Elect is announced.

          It is that simple, Donald J. Trump is the Constitutionally elected 45th President of The Republic. For those who fail to grasp our form of government, consider the fact that we don’t have a “national” driver license.

          Swallow your lumps or emigrate to one of the European “democracies” or “kingdoms”. You will not succeed in your ignorant and unconstitutional efforts to bring down The Republic.

          1. AntiGOP says

            What does all that blathering bullshit have to do with selling out our country to…

            Saudi Arabia…$350 BILLION

            And just for your edification and lack there of…we do have a national pilot certification that works 1000 times better then drivers license.


            OMG…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…We won…

            Ok we know it already…wow

            So pathetic…

          2. AntiGOP says

            You’re mistaken, again. MensaFem162

            1st The topic of my post was Saudi Arabia…$350 BILLION not Republic or Democracy.

            2nd…Republic a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.

            3rd…Democracy a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

            4th… Republic for which it stands is a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

            5th…The Republic you prefer and refer is a Confederacy…

            the body formed by persons, states, or nations united by a league; specifically, capitalized

            AKA….White Supremacist

            Which America is NOT.

            >>>>”Democracies throughout history have failed, because of “mob rule”. In the USA, all citizens have a voice.”

            Pure Bullshit…done.!!

            >>>>Each State in the U.S.A. has sovereign powers under the U.S. Constitution. Every citizen in each State is given the power to vote, to chose their next President. Based on the population of said States, a # of Electors is allocated, they cast their votes in accordance with the will of the people in the State they represent. Subsequently, all Electoral Votes are certified and tallied, & a President Elect is announced.

            Nice Copy and Paste…!!!

            >>>>It is that simple, Donald J. Trump is the Constitutionally elected 45th President of The Republic.

            Here’s a clue…nobody is disputing that.

            >>> For those who fail to grasp our form of government, consider the fact that we don’t have a “national” driver license.

            Oh wow…so helpful a spec of worthless info…

            You fail to grasp our form of government, consider the fact that we DO have a “NATIONAL” Pilot Certification System.

            AKA Federal Aviation Administration.

            Which actually works many times better, you are certified pilot for life in all states and the world and there is no yearly FEEs to obtain one.

            And only a person that knows little about our government would try to establish validity of our government based on a driver license.

            AKA…. IDIOT.

            >>>>Swallow your lumps or emigrate to one of the European “democracies” or “kingdoms”. You will not succeed in your ignorant and unconstitutional efforts to bring down The Republic.

            The icing on the IDIOT…

            If you Win the Olympics and it is found out you cheated…you are disqualified and stripped of the win and all metals.

            IOW you are Lance Armstrong’ed for life.

            Except this is a bit more serious then a 100 yard dash or a bike race.

            It is about the survival of our Republic and our Democracy under that Republic.
            More so about the Act of War Perpetrated against that Republic and our Democracy.

            The very Act of War that you think is a Fake Fantasy.
            Because your not intellectually capable to grasp Active Measures.

            No go put on your cone hat and mask and sit in the corner…Skippy.!!!

          3. MensaFem162 says

            Your entire argument is based on racial undertones. You apparently suffer from TDS; just accept that our President is a natural born white citizen – unlike the last one.
            Blathering about the survival of “democracy” while encouraging non-citizens to vote defines hypocrisy.
            Your indignation about the Saudi arms agreement fails to recognize that Congress has the power to disallow provisions over its 10 year duration, or that other (predominately white) nations are lining up like starving rats to sell the Saudis whatever they desire.
            Last time I checked, cars can’t navigate across oceans or other large bodies of water, making your reference to aviation ludicrous. And I fail to see how Olympians factor in any relevant way. You’re just a butt hurt bigot with a big chip on your shoulder.

          4. AntiGOP says

            Well you are a fuck head Racist…bitch…

            Bullshit blather…

            >>>Last time I checked, cars can’t navigate across oceans or other large bodies of water, making your reference to aviation ludicrous.

            Simple concept and you couldn’t grasp it.!! AKA idiot

            >>>And I fail to see how Olympians factor in any relevant way.

            Don’t worry YOU will very soon.!!

            >>>> You’re just a butt hurt bigot with a big chip on your shoulder.

            Had a rough night on the job last night did ya…girl.

          5. MensaFem162 says

            Your foul rhetoric is symptomatic of degenerate misogynistic losers who have no place in civilized society. Knock yourself out, but don’t expect any further response from me.

          6. AntiGOP says

            but don’t expect any further response from me.


        1. AntiGOP says

          Great…keep trashing your own web blog you idiot…

          1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
      1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

        We Won you lost keep spreading your hate and lies you Liberal loser …lol

  3. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
  4. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
  5. gotabgood says

    Ok…. Quiz time…. righties set your timers… no cheating (ha ha)..
    Long did it take you to figure out the statement? or did you?

  6. gotabgood says

    Another one…. rightie women you be quiet, you SHOULD know the answer to this one..
    How many righties agree with this bill?? raise your hand and say YES!

  7. overandone says

    Trump is a Lying SOS, a Buffoon and a coward. That alone is reason for his removal from office.

    1. bttrap says

      who are you trying to call trump a liar? hitlery was the one that was caught lying

  8. tCotUS says

    I accuse the DemoRATS of Obstruction…Obstructing the President & his Cabinet from doing their jobs.
    As far as I’m concerned, we can throw 99% of those lawless SIB Libs in Prison. NO more Dems in Office EVER!!

  9. Joseph R. Davis says

    How many of the far-right wingers now realize that instead of a SAVIOR, THEY got a S**TBIRD.

    Ask those West Virginia coal miners how many of them got their jobs back after Flip-Flop Don signed that bull-(expletive deleted) executive order? Mister Peabody’s coal company made a (expletive deleted)-load of money from new coal leases. On behalf of those coal miners who attended that photo op, let me just say to Flip-Flop Don, “Thanks for nothing.”

    1. bttrap says

      your welcome

      1. Joseph R. Davis says

        My welcome, to what? Did you mean “you’re” welcome? I can explain the difference if you like.

        1. bttrap says

          go ahead and try to explain

  10. Maudlean Spires says

    The trouble with the demoRats is that they underestimate the people that elected President Trump. They think that we will sit back and allow them to impeach the President that we elected to bring about change to this screwed up nation. We work every day of our lives trying to make an honest living for our families. We don’t have time to run around the country causing trouble like they do because most of them are the ones that benefit from the taxes that we pay out of our meager paychecks. If they want to see this country in an uproar let them try to take the title of President from Donald Trump. We spoke on November 8, if all of you didn’t hear our voices then we will speak loud and clear the next time where there will be no mistake about what we say.

    1. tCotUS says

      I accuse the DemoRATS of Obstruction…Obstructing the President & his Cabinet from doing their jobs.
      As far as I’m concerned, we can throw 99% of those lawless SIB Libs in Prison. NO more Dems in Office EVER!!

      1. Maudlean Spires says

        Also throw the lying MSM in the same cells with all of them. Put them all on stripped cell without any toilet privileges. Let them all wallow in their dung.

        1. tCotUS says

          I will agree to that Maudlean !! I will do my part as an American Patriot to see that happen, every chance I get.!

          1. Maudlean Spires says

            It is time for every red-blooded American Patriot to stand up for what we believe in. The days of allowing George Soros and his like to use his money to buy politicians and power need to come to an end. He can jingle the change in his pockets and the rats come running to him. It is time to circle the wagons and make a stand. I hope that now that Comey is gone we can get down to the business of restoring some honor and decency to this nation. There are some more leaks and snakes in the grass but soon we will find all of them. They need to be shown no mercy by the scales of justice. The police and military are with President Trump. They finally have somebody that will back them in their fight. We will all make our voices heard.

          2. tCotUS says

            Long over due…What if Washington, Jefferson were alive today ?
            This BS would be over in a heartbeat. Were all getting tired of these fake,worthless, time consuming, witch hunting, clueless DemoRATS including the owners/controllers of the MSM.

          3. Maudlean Spires says

            All they want to do is obstruct any progress by the President. They don’t care anything about the people of this country. All they want is to get back in control and then they can finish what Obama started. There are some republicans that are just as afraid of him making any gains with the problems. They are all too concerned about the PAC’s that put the money in their pockets. It is the same as it is with local offices, why would somebody spend so much money to be elected to an office that doesn’t pay as much as they spend trying to get the office? George Soros has donated over a million dollars to a district attorney candidate. Why would he put that much money in a candidate for that type of job? It is all out of control and something has got to be done but the politicians will never do anything about it because they are the ones that are benefiting from it. We vote them in but they worry about the big money donors that gave them all of their money. The special interests and the rogue court judges like the ninth circuit court are running and ruining everything. We are fighting against the most violent groups of people in political history. I never thought I would see the day that you couldn’t express your opinion in public. You risk physical confrontations any time you say anything about the liberal groups. They accuse us of being communists and fascists. They are the ones that are prejudiced. They will not let anybody have a voice but themselves.

          4. tCotUS says

            DemoRATS=Mad dogs hungry for power & will try to get it back at any cost…

  11. william C says

    So why didn’t the Senate ask Comey directly if he had been asked by Trump to stop the investigation? Hmmm?

    1. MensaFem162 says

      They did. Listen to Comey’s sworn testimony on May 3, 2017.

      1. afftongrown says

        I’m betting he’s just as dirty as the Clinton’s, and has had plenty of time to doctor documents they’ll be requesting during the investigation!

  12. Phil Owens says

    I would suggest you review the diffrence between a Democracy and a Republic!

    1. SD of AZ says

      Yup, and how about a democratic republic! That is a whole other flavor of the two.

      1. Phil Owens says

        No such thing! Look it up.

  13. ernldo says

    All this proves is Comey is, as is typical of demotards, a liar…….

    1. carla AMERICAN says

      This makes the second hearing he’s testified before and with different stories. He’d make a great person to read fairy tales for money. He should be held and tried for perjury, arrested after he gives testimony with no chanch of bail. Will he give testimony that he lied before congress ?? Congress should be arrested for requested for demanding this investigation after hearing comey testimony to the opposite and Trump has the authority to request it of Mueller !They should have demanded his arrest.

      1. SD of AZ says

        And if Comey lies and his pal catches him at it, that may be the price Comey pays for it, jail and his reputation. I wonder if he will have yet another story to back this all up. Afterall, he is an attorney and surely knows he is on the tight rope walk. And facts are already not lining up with the memo theory based on his public testimony! Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive! And under the microscope of a good attorney lies and contradictions prove the witness has a lack of credibility. A very good argument in any court.

        1. Pat Wick says

          He will have another story. We must collect all the videos of what he has already said and keep them in the public eye. We must remind everyone that he has been lying and committing perjury over and over. Then we have to go after the rest of them. Somehow we have to find a way to shut down the Soros fund machine too.

        2. pineapple says

          The Skinny on FBI Director Comey

          Did you know???

          It just gets murkier and murkier.

          FBI Director Comey is a director and board member of HSBC,
          which is tightly connected to the Clinton Foundation. “Mr. Comey’s
          appointment is an initial three-year term which, subject to re-election
          by shareholders, will expire at the conclusion of the 2016 Annual
          General Meeting.”

          Clinton foundation received up to $81m from clients of controversial
          HSBC bank. This is the same HSBC that was accused of laundering drug
          cartel money, was heavily involved in the LIBOR scandal, and who knows
          what else, and all while our esteemed FBI Director James “she didn’t
          intend it” Comey was part of the senior leadership.

          MORE: 20 years ago James Comey
          as an attorney on the Senate Whitewater Investigation was looking into
          the conduct of President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton.

          The investigation was to determine
          whether Bill Clinton used his political position as governor of
          Arkansas (in the 1980s) to push through an illegal loan to benefit Bill
          and Hillary’s business partner in Whitewater. Several people involved
          in Whitewater went to jail, but no criminal prosecution was in the
          cards for Bill and Hillary. Remember, James Comey was the Deputy Special Counsel for the Whitewater investigation.

          Regarding all those last minute Bill Clinton pardons as he was leaving
          the White House… The list was supposed to be given to Congress for
          approval well ahead of Bill’s last day. Among the many questionable
          pardons was billionaire Marc Rich (who traded illegally with America’s
          enemies including Iran). The whole deal reeked of impropriety after
          learning that Rich’s wife donated $450,000 to the Clinton Library.

          Again, James Comey oversaw
          investigations of the pardon matters as well. Unbelievably he did not
          recommend charging Clinton in any of these matters.

          A few days ago, as we all know, Lynch met with Bill Clinton, privately,
          on her private government jet. This meeting was a few days before the
          FBI interviewed Hillary and a few days before today’s announcement.

          Oh, and by the way, neither Lynch nor
          Clinton flew into Phoenix on the plane used for their meeting.
          Apparently it was placed out of the way on the tarmac for the meeting.
          Bill said it was a chance meeting because he was there to play golf.
          The temperature was 110 degrees.

          Shortly after the meeting, FBI Director Comey released his decision not to press charges on Hillary. AND, in an unprecedented move, he imposed a gag order on all the agents involved with the Hillary email investigation. Suspicious? You bet!

          After this meeting, Lynch said
          something that no U.S. Attorney has ever said. She first apologized and
          said she should not have met him (obviously an apology based on her
          being caught, not apologizing for the actual action). She then states
          something U.S. Attorneys do not state. She stated her office will be
          guided by whatever commendation the FBI gives them.

          was this statement ridiculous? She is the head of the U.S. Justice
          Department. The FBI is a sub unit of DOJ. She is the top boss, not
          Comey and not the FBI. Her office decides to prosecute or not, NOT the

          SUMMATION: So,
          we have Lynch, previously appointed by Bill Clinton, and formerly an
          employee of the law firm that is connected to Hillary’s email scandal,
          in charge of the investigation into Hillary’s email scandal, with the
          lead investigative agency led by a man who twice investigated the
          Clintons and both times found them not guilty of wrong doing, also
          appointed by the current U.S. President, who appointed Lynch, who is
          Comey’s boss? And Comey and Lynch have known each other for decades as
          well…MOVE ON, NOTHING NEW

    2. Dennis Snodgrass says

      you got the LIARS right!! think I like demotards better than dumbocrates

      1. keedon says

        Funny Dennis Snotgrass.

      2. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

        I got a better, much more accurate one for you, the SHARIACRATS.

        1. superpicker says

          i’m begining to think the english language doesn’t have a one word description that sinks low enough to describe these idioits , but keepem comin , my list is getting longer

          1. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says


      3. Marion E McKenzie says


        1. superpicker says


    3. tCotUS says

      ..The DemoRats are POWER brokers… Period….They have promised each & every radical group whatever they wanted in order to stay in power.
      Whether it be gay, anti-Constitution, Socialist, Communist, atheist, muslim, illegals.. Elitists are the actual power within the DNC, but need the vote from these radical groups.. They are the owners & call all the shots within large media. Like a pack of mad dogs hungry for power.

      1. ReaperHD says

        They should all be routed and eradicated as all they are doing is harming the real American Public.

        1. tCotUS says


        2. SD of AZ says

          Not just harming the American legal public, they are mining us! To them we are just a resource they want to fully exploit!

          1. Retired says

            It has already happened , that is why the USA is split thanks to our faulty Media . The Same thing is happening in the EU .

        3. k9maiden says

          I agree, these people could care less about “We the People” and that goes for the liberals that vote them into office. They are NOT American Patriots, they are Communist out to destroy this country and turn it into the Socialist States of America.

          1. Elizabeth Lewis says

            Read you history you might then realize that it is todays democratic party that most closely advocates for “we the people” Republican are the one percent, corporate America and the military industrial complex that have always thrown scraps to the religious right and racists of our country

          2. dwhfolsom76 says

            Dumocrats were the ones who blocked the black vote. Dumocrats were the ones who voted for the Iran deal. Dumocrats are the ones who killed Abraham Lincoln. Dumocrats are the ones who voted in OBAMACARE – which is now failing in over 85% of all of the United States (with the possible exception of Dumocrat run Mexifornia and The most RIGHT state in the Un-Union HA WA II …
            Wake up and smell the coffee. It’s the Dumocrats who are backed by BIG BUCKS George Soros … And if you want to say the it’s the ‘GOP’ that has all the money men in the world – Think what George Soro’s money is doing to the Dumocrats.

            It’s the Dumocrats who block ‘FREE SPEECH’ unless it’s their speech that is wanted to be heard. It’s the Dumocrats that run the Media … the Colleges … The High Schools … and the Unions that end up starving their members in order to get the raises for their people and then they turn around and charge their members even higher dues to belong to their bloc.

            You have really been drinking the Kool-Aid if you think the Republicans are the ones who want to ‘kill babies’ and ‘steal the food off the old folks tables.’

          3. Kenneth Jones says

            This isn’t the same Democratic Party of the ’50s and ’60s. They’ve morphed into something that most of us from that era would’ve rebelled against.

          4. Pat Wick says

            Amen to that!!

          5. ward says

            Last 30 years the dems have “morphed” into socialistic commie enemies against the U.S. Constitution ! The last 8 years of bo the dems became muslim, marxist supporters for bo’s wannabe dictatorship from an islam hell ! High Treason !

          6. Tom Ford says

            Been drinking the Kool-aid much? It’s the Left (Dems) advocating shutting down free speech, handcuffing the police, advocating Sharia, common restrooms, and much more that “We the People” find detestable.

          7. Uzoozy says

            You should be the first one to be sent to the booski.

          8. bttrap says

            what the hell is a booski?

          9. Uzoozy says

            Heathen jail

          10. tCotUS says

            And for you it’s GITMO where all traitorous Americans should hang..along with their terrorist pals…

          11. Bunny says

            Where Obama and Hillary should be.

          12. Retired says

            There are many Democrats in that so called 1% ,now what ??? That 1% actually is a lot higher than most realize .

          13. Mr Rollo says

            You most certainly are a typical lying Dumbocrat.

          14. Frank says

            You’re a complete fool if you believe that! Maybe 40 years ago, but not now!

          15. Pat Wick says

            You seriously believe this?? It is the Democrats who kept slavery alive, keep the race issue alive, who created the KKK, who have burned and destroyed property all across our country in the first weeks of this new Presidency, who are brainwashing our young, who gave us the biggest tax bill in history with Obamacare, who took Social Security and added it to the general fund, who increased our debt to horrible levels, who prevented substantial growth for 8 years, who invited the terrorists to come live with us, shall I go on?? You need to do some reading.

          16. pineapple says

            You pretty well summed it up.

          17. Alicia Cervera says

            I agree with both of you. Those are the FACTS!

          18. Sandy0 says

            yeah, so WHICH political Party is now the racist bigots of America, brainwashed our innocents, taxed us to death, threaten to kill SSec. , Medicare, all the things that make America livable for us middle-classes?

            I know, like you know, that Pat Wick above is a Trump voter! They will say anything, do anything to give it away to the already wealthy and cut the rest of us up in ribbons. You can tell Wick is trying to palm off all that she worshiped and voted for in trump, on the rest of us.


          19. Pat Wick says

            Sandy0, Wow!! I think you need to read some history. Go back to Andrew Jackson and work forward. You described the Democrats to a T. I think your autocorrect messed up a bit.

          20. John Gillis says

            I wouldn’t count on them to do any reading that would contradict their own narrow, dogmatic views. They’d prefer to follow the antics of the Kardashians, Cher and Madonna.

          21. Pat Wick says

            This is true. I cannot get one liberal I know to do any reading. They don’t want to know the truth. So sad.

          22. Sharon Windus says

            I’m thinking they don’t know HOW to read.

          23. Juan TwoTree says

            Oh Elizabeth…go back into your fuking Dem-O-Crap hole!!!

          24. ward says

            YEP; your type are the duped idiots that dems indoctrinate to a dictatorship !

          25. Barbedwire says

            History?? Current events = the left give out and increase entitlements (to the poor), which is why the number has increased with Obama. The wealthy have increased during Obama’s rule. The damage from the left HAS ALWAYS BEEN ON THE WORKING MIDDLE CLASS, who don’t qualify for entitlements; but pay high taxes, along with the wealthy. This has hurt purchasing, retail, and companies (with jobs) moving out of the U.S. Wealth of middle class has dropped, during Obama’s rule.

            Mr. Trump’s promises will help those who want to work and middle class, especially with his tax cut for middle class. You far left idiots are losing followers by the day…. in places like CA, Chicago, Baltimore, etc.

          26. bttrap says

            chicago has a lot of dead people that vote for the democraps and border crossers that’s how they stay in office we need term limits to get rid of these rats that have been in too long

          27. Dana Cole says

            You need to leave the kool aid in the glass! Tom Ford pretty much summed up the Democratic Party agenda. Open your eyes, read, take classes (Hillsdale College) and decide for yourself who the boogie men and women are.

          28. Uzoozy says

            Elizabeth, finally you penned the truth.

          29. bttrap says

            you can’t handle the truth

          30. glorybe2 says

            Don’t try to reason with them. It would mean getting off the couch, dumping Fox News, going to AA and learning what reality is all about. Fox news is aimed at the 55 to dead, white male, who is broken down and not functional. But if you want to sell a potato chip and beer delivery service get a viewer list from Fox an you’ll have it made.

          31. Karen says

            Someone had to have dropped you on your head when you were an infant and it has affected your brain! You have absolutely no common sense and the stuff that you brain is producing is just babble!! There should have been some early intervention done at a very young age and MAYBE what you spew would have made sense! Of course EARLY being the operative word, but alas, it appears to be to late for you!! The best treatment for you at this point in life is to just SHUT UP AND QUIT THINKING! You are only hurting yourself and in the long run, it will be your downfall!!

          32. Sharon Windus says

            Don’t believe glory IS thinking to be honest.

          33. ABO says

            Liberalism, Karen is a serious mental disorder one of whose common symptoms is cognitive dissonance. The idiot that calls itself glorybe2 is a prime example.

          34. Sharilyn Hartwell says

            Liberals/demorats mostly use name calling and demeaning comments towards Conservatives (those that watch Fox News which is the only FAIR AND BALANCED news outlet at this time). A new one is up and coming however so soon won’t be by itself.

          35. glorybe2 says

            If you wish to find old KKK tokens simply take your metal detector to country churchyards. The association between country churches and the KKK is quite evident.

          36. Ladypyro says

            Elizabeth, stop smoking the crack. It is the democrats that are shutting free speech, unless it coincides with their thinking. It was the democrats that assaulted people who went to trumps speeches and wore a hat. It is the democrats that vote against anything that Trump suggest sheerly on principal without considering what is good for the people. It is the democrats that are trying for a communist government with them as the elites dictating what we the people want and taking away our right to defend ourselves from oppression. It is the democrats that want indiscriminate borders, allowing criminals into our country. It is the democrats that are fighting voter ID laws that are designed to stop fraud in our electoral process. It is the corruption that the DNC allows. I’m not saying that the republicans are lilly white. The problem is that politics and politicians have become corrupt bowing to special interests and bribes. That’s why we need to drain the swamp!

          37. feduptohere says

            Elizabeth Lewis – You are typical of those die hard supporters, and can’t recognize the false fronts put up by a particular group in the Democratic party. They were having a wonderful eight year run of acting the part of the sympathetic listener, while in truth they have done everything contrary to the by laws of the Democratic Party, to fill their coffers and slowly but surely were turning it into a totally different organization. They felt the power, and unfortunately, instead of using it to help heal the pain around the world, they used it to satisfy their own cravings for more and more of the same power..

          38. Sharon Windus says

            That was the ORIGINAL Democratic Party policy. The last time any of them even attempted to follow that policy was with JFK. And we all know what they did to him to keep him from booting out the shadow government.
            As for your comment about the religious citizens and racists.. the only racists I’ve EVER run across are folk like you who throw the term out there at anyone they disagree with, for whatever reason or no reason.

          39. ward says

            Amazing that their still are any asinine libtard dems contaminating the U.S.A. !

          40. Bob 1401 says

            I think many do Care about America, but they don’t understand what is happening and realize what the Democrats want. Although taking back the House and Senate would be nice, what they want is to control 3/4 of the states, have a Constitutional Convention and take away all of our freedoms that they disagree with.

            The DNC debate indicated they (Democrats) want to open up the Constitutional Convention, only 6 more states are needed. Cruz started it with his Balance Budget amendments where many states did vote to open up the convention, that is still valid. What you said you are going to do and what is done are two different things.

          41. Sandy0 says

            and YOUR Evidence to support ANY of that, Bob? Where is your evidence to support your gossip? No evidence, you lose credibility. Haven’t you learned that yet? You Lose.

          42. ABO says

            Providing you with evidence would be an exercise in futility as you have consistently demonstrated a complete inability to examine evidence and draw any logical conclusion.

        4. Pat Wick says

          We have to start with the election next year. We need to look NOW at the bills in the House and Senate since Jan. 20th and list the Trump supporters and ant-Trumps. All anti-trumps from both sides of the aisle that are up for election in 2018 are to be voted out. We need to come up with people to run against them in primaries. We have to start now! This is the only way we can continue to assert our own authority over these people who are supposed to be working for We The People.

          1. bttrap says

            term limits would also help

          2. Sandy0 says

            TERM LIMITS ARE PROVEN UNSUCCESSFUL, wake up and read! All they do is move wads of inexperienced people into official seats where they fear term limits themselves SO QUICKLY, ASSIDUOUSLY, FOCUS ON MAKING $$$$ OUT OF THEIR JOBS because they know it will end all too soon,..even before they know how to spell For the Common Good! NO to term limits. we’ve all seen those results.
            It’s like those Republicans who brought us ‘donald” by touting “We Need A Businessman; he knows how to run a nation”. We couldda’ told you:


          3. bttrap says

            if they don’t have a term limit how do you get rid of them they are in till death? you are wrong in your thinking my vote was for someone that had a brain not like the bum we had for the last 8 years stop your crying about the election the people have spoken they want trump not that lying democrap that you wanted TERM LIMITS YES

          4. Bev Haut says

            Hahahahahaha!!! Seriously, do you actually think that will happen? The GOP will be sucking for air after the 2018 elections. We’re taking back the House, AND the Senate. All Trump supporters must be voted out, all Republicans must be voted out, and their supporters put in jail. (How’s that feel?)

          5. Pat Wick says

            Wow!! Do you have a safe room, diaper pin and pacifer?? You sure are going to need them!!!

      2. ward says

        These ibtard dems are creating their own demise by costing U.S. Citizen tax payers a fortune for defiant stupidity to start their wannabe dictatorship that won’t happen !

      3. pmbalele says

        This bothers me. I guess Trump has very poor quality of legal advisors. They should have told him to use his pen and cry a witch hunt. Trump should know it’s the Republicans and TEA Partiers causing this Russian-gate. We elected Trump although we Demos did not like him. But he is now president. Give him 31/2 years to show his power. What surprises me is that the guy now appointed to investigate Trump was appointed by people Trump appointed. FBI people hate Trump. Why should Trump accept an individual appointed by his agency Trump owns? Trump should fire Session right away. So who gave Session the authority to appoint this guy? Here is advice to Trump. Fire all those who participated appointing the new guy. Show them who the boss is.

      4. Rick Brown says

        Try reading that Constitution some time. There is nothing in there about Socialism, Communism, Atheism, Islam, or homosexuality being against the law or being un-american,. Coming into the country is not, repeat not illegal. No one is sentenced to jail or prison for not being an American Citizen. If they are here without official permission the can be deported, but they are not illegal. the only way you could know that the power of the DNC are elitists.are if you belong to the DNC. My guess is you don’t. Don’t spout off about things you have no understanding of. You just show everyone how arrogant an ignorant you are. Those traits are not a winning combination except on the right where they seem to be worshiped. Christianity and Judaism are not mentioned either. Don’t tell people how to play golf if you have never held a club in your hands or know that the lowest score wins. Mad dogs are not hungry for power. Just like sane dogs they are hungry for food.

        1. tCotUS says

          Yes your right…It says nothing about rapists, pedophiles either.
          So which one are you ?

    4. Pat Prybil says

      The only problem with your assertion is, Comey is a REPUBLICAN, which makes his actions even more troubling. Yes, as F.B.I. Director, he isn’t suppose to play politics. He’s suppose to follow the law to a tee. In his case, I think he lost his way working so closely to DEMOCRATS he has been closely working side by side with for three years.

      1. ernldo says

        Comey in an independent, but is now a demotard-like liar.

      2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        You liar and idiot. Where do you come up with that drivel? Comey is a dyed in the wool RAT as in democRAT-ICK.

        1. Pat Prybil says

          what is wrong with you. Take a chill pill. I happen to be a registered Republican. I voted for Trump. I was replying to enrldo assertion that Comey was an Independent, which he does claim to be now. When you google Comey, or just ask the web. Is James Comey a Republican. He has been a registered Republican for most of his adult life, which it’s noted he changed to Independent this election. That is why I said it was equally troubling. Why such ugliness with fellow commenters ????

        2. glorybe2 says

          Reality check ! Trump was a democrat until 2010. He became aware that he would never get ahead so he switched to the republicans because he loves stupid people !

          1. ABO says

            In that case he must be head over heels in love with you, glorybe2.

          2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Abe Lincoln did state that you can fool some of the people all of the time.

      3. Pat Wick says

        Comey is a registered Republican with a net worth of $11 million. He owns stock in a Schwab government money fund, Exxon Mobil, Pepsico, Berkshire
        Hathaway, Verizon Communications, Proctor & Gamble Co. and Hormel
        Foods. He and his wife own a $3 million home. He was appointed by Obama to transform the FBI. That all being said, I firmly believe it doesn’t matter what party anyone belongs to anymore. They can all be bought off and he is one. He is a Republican in name only. He has been bought off and probably at a very high price. McCain and Romney were bought off and threw their elections. There is so much wrong in DC that we just have to stop before it destroys us.

        1. pineapple says

          See my post above.

    5. AKLady says

      He clears Trump, then he is fired to prevent that from being changed as additional evidence comes to light. Trump is guilty as sin. It is surfacing a drop at a time, but it will become a river before long.

  14. carla AMERICAN says

    OBUTT still has leftover camel ding committing leaks,stealing classified information, and are part of his so called resistance. Now listen closely communist liberals ! Obama used a wireless wiretapp on judges, lawyers, politicians, Americans, etcetera. Look it up and you’ll find it’s name.In 2016 he had states committed to JADE HELM, Russian SOILERS, plus other foreign soldiers were flown in,v their military vehicles were spotted on major highways, taxpayers money was spent on building fema camp which are still being manned today and entire fake cities for them tov practice military arrests in America.. Look up fema camps and see if your politicians had arranged for jade helm in your state and if the foreign military is still there.Obutt spied on everybody to blackmail. Obutt still has access to the wiretapping device because he used American tax money to build and give it to another country.Look all of this information up then Write to President Trump, tweet to his family to have Mueller subpoena obama and his real birth certificate, clinton and all of her emails from the f.b.i. now that comey is’nt there,have Mueller subpoena obutts Russian ties to provide proof that his leftover administration are the ones that are leaking classified information, are contacting the Russians on obutts behalf just like the secret service agent who downloaded classified information onto her laptop that was’nt suppose to be downloaded on personal laptops containing Trumps escape plans, his wife and son’s living arrangements and who knows what else for possible assassinaction , claimed it was stolen from her VEHICLE with no glass broken or alarm going off and her identification badge was stolen. WOW SOME SECRET SERVICE WE ARE PAYING FOR TO PROTECT OUR PRESIDENT ! PLEASE AMERICANS GO TO THESE SITES AND CONTACT OUR PRESIDENT FOR AMERICA !!

  15. susmart3 says

    Yes, but since President Trump has called FBI Comey a “liar,” a “showboat” and a “nut job” how can you believe anything he said or did?

  16. Cheryl George says

    I think Comey should just realize he either was lying in the hearing or lying in this memo that he had? but apparently he thought he was above the law and just wrote a memo , then 3 months later in a hearing say no one ever did d what he said d in his s memo Trump did? If he can not even stand the sight of President Trump ,and President Trump Made him nauseous why would he then let President go? And why would he perjure himself ? Either way it happened , or maybe both senarios are lies? He perjured himself either way,,,
    so now what?

  17. greenlantern1 says

    Meanwhile, thanks to Loretta Lynch and her DOJ, Ahmed Abu Khattala is in custody!
    The charges?
    The murders of Ambassador Stevens and his bodyguards!
    What did Putin know?
    When did he know it?
    What did he tell Trump?
    Will Sessions recuse himself from that?

  18. says

    These liberal liars and deniers will never get over loss, they will be $hitting bricks enough to pay for the wall on Mexican border, so keep it up losers,

  19. Natalie says

    Democrats would apparently rather see this country crash and burn, no matter how much damage it does on top of the eight years of damage they’ve already done, no matter how much Americans suffer their outrageous foolishness, no matter how much hatred they cause with their lies and division, than swallow that enormous unearned pride, get over their enormous unearned ego’s, stand back where they belong and let Trump and his administration fix all they’ve broken. They can’t let that happen. Because when it does even the liberals most blinded by their manufactured rage will be forced to recognize the truth. The biggest threat to this nation isn’t any outside force, it’s corrupt, arrogant, oblivious, hate filled Democrats.

  20. Agostino says

    “I wish they’d gone for a TD with Kelley rather than kicking.” See much difference with what Trump supposedly said? Where was the supposed “pressure”? Obviously, Comey did not feel pressured, or he would have reacted differently than just penning a CYOA “memo” later.

  21. Hillgirl19 says

    This is ridiculous. Comey has zero credibility. This is plain and simple. A witch hunt by the Libtards and RINOS. I have never seen such a level of disrespect for the office of the President of the US. I am appalled, saddened, angry and embarrassed by these shenanigans. This just makes my support for President Trump that much stronger.

  22. HardnoseMP says

    Director Comey already testified that no one tried to stop the Russian investigation before the Senate, he must of forgot since he was fired by Trump !!!

  23. bill14729 . says

    We all know President Trump is clear, It’s the Corrupt Democrats and GOP that don’t want to admit it

    1. Jackalyn Morrison says

      You are SOOO RIGHT

  24. Michael Dennewitz says

    These DUMBASSCRATS will just never give up. They’ll still be at it if this nation even lasts another 10 years. I’m so damned glad that my days on this planet are very short!

  25. shamu9 says

    Send “The Boys” around to Visit a few of the most Obstreperous of the Damned, Commie Dems, and the rest will STFU!

  26. dinddong says

    The Honorable Comey has done the best thing to calm the crazy media.

  27. Tiger says

    I have watched every Congressional investigation, on Benghazi, from the first one, on Terrorism, on the border, on the refugees, on illegals,on the Iran “Deal”, that was something else, on this and doesn’t matter what anyone says under Oath, just remember Hillary, they will say what needs to be said so the Mantra and the Battle Cries can continue. Why because they can and not everybody listens to those investigations on C-Span.

  28. Garys_opinion says

    The reason for this is that the Socialists/Communists,Democrats and their media spokespeople are trying to bury Pres. Trump in a pile of Bull Shit. The American people are not going to stand for this.
    The New York Times, Washington Post, and these other Communist run newspapers are going to go out of business. The Times is already on it’s way.

    1. bttrap says

      can’t wait for that to happen

  29. Shelly Shannon says

    Looks to me like democrats are running out of ammunition. I personally don’t believe a memo exists pertaining to Trump trying to stop any investigation. That just isn’t how Trump rolls and democrats know it. After all the leaks, I am sure Trump was very careful about what he said to Comey. Democrats and the Rhino’s think Trump is reckless and stupid. I on the other hand think every word, every tweet, every conversation is chosen very carefully. If dems think Trump doesn’t know every Alinski tactic, they are most likely wrong. When Trump campaigned on a law and order agenda then he knows to stand on the laws side. What dems don’t get is that the more they obstruct, the more WE defend. If democrats think they will win then they are the nieve ones. We put Trump in office and we have the power to make sure he stays there in 2020.

    1. bttrap says

      very good

  30. Morton99 says

    You will see Trump wilt like a dead rose when Comey uses his methodical and professional skills to strip Trump of all his bluster and pretense. By the time he is done Trump will be wimpering like a deserter – and scorned by the Republican Party – after all he is not even a republican

    1. Anita Kulvinskas says

      Guess you did not hear this morning on Face The Nation, that the reporter who wrote this story in the beginning LIED, he never saw a “meme” was not read the “memo” over the phone as his story kept changing, and may wind up losing his job(good) fake reporting is just so wrong. Then Comey had testified ion May 3, stating he was never told to back off the investigation, never told to stand down, that no one interfered in this investigation so how reliable is he if he says he now lied? Who is going to wilt??. Comey who has personal interest in the Clinton Foundation, Comey who listed how many violations Hillary committed with the emails, then did not file charges against her? Lets see these so called professional and methodical skills again you claim he has, The man is another liar. he has nothing,

      1. Morton99 says

        Face the nation is just another opinion based news source. I think that the Special Counsel will get at the truth and that if Trump or any of his retinue are innocent – that they have nothing to fear. However it really does not look so good – Flynn should NEVER have been given a job with access to the most confidential information that the US has inl light of his dealings with other nations – and that alone was an egregious lack of judgment by Trump.

        1. bttrap says

          who would you have chosen for the job?

          1. Morton99 says

            A military man with an impeccable record of honesty and patriotism. Two qualities that Flynn does not seem to value

    2. bttrap says

      and you are not an american go back to your homeland

      1. Morton99 says

        I am a black Muslim with a Jewish mother and I come from Kenya you sniveling little turd

        1. bttrap says

          no wonder your hated you have two strikes against you

          1. Morton99 says

            Oh LOL ! Mr Big Trap – I am loved here ! Particularly by the editors of this blog site. You see I stimulate conversation – which hopefully gets the posting chattering class to do a modecule of research and correct their fantasies.

          2. bttrap says

            the editors might love you but the readers don’t

          3. Morton99 says

            123 responses says otherwise. I am the person most frequently responded to on this blog.

  31. justanagent says

    Not long ago I investigated a crime involving several persons. The evidence at the scene indicated that multiple suspects were involved but it was not sufficient to identify any of them. No video, prints or DNA evidence was at the scene. I eventually located one of the suspects, found him in possession of some items taken from the scene and got a written confession wherein he named the other parties involved. He later recanted and claimed that it was all his doing although the evidence did not support that story. I could not make a case on any of the other parties involved because 1. the only physical evidence I had linking anyone to the crime was that which I found in possession of the one who confessed 2. even if he had decided to name all the other parties involved I could not have charged them based on that because my witness had no credibility. As it turned out one of the parties he named had an alibi which I was later able to verify. So how does this relate to the Comey – Trump issue? 1. As far as we know the only physical “evidence” is in Comey’s possession in the form of memos he wrote to himself. 2. Based on what is now known, Comey has little or no credibility. So unless someone else comes forward with some credible evidence it comes down to an allegation made by someone with a political score to settle who actually created the only known physical evidence to support his allegation. No reasonable prosecutor would ever take a case like this to trial. I am however happy to see a special prosecutor appointed because I suspect that given the scope of his mandate this thing will likely be broadened and could well result in multiple indictments against some of those called for a special prosecutor because they saw it as a means of attacking Trump. Let’s go all the way with this.

    1. Morton99 says

      Be patient. When the evidence is revealed it will be overwhelming – and in a real court – not the court of public opinion

      1. bttrap says

        that depends on if there is any evidence none have come up yet

  32. VirgoVince says

    Of course, he was, the entire BS scam, WAS/IS ‘another’ dnc BS LIE!!!!

    1. Morton99 says

      Cmon – we know that Trump was born in the USA – where else would such a coconut grow ?

      1. bttrap says

        who cares where trump was born he wasn’t running for president then