Trump: We Might Need a Government Shutdown to Fix Washington


President Trump defended the much-maligned $1 trillion spending bill forged between Republicans and Democrats last week, saying on Twitter that things might be different when the time came to negotiate the next budget in a few months.

“The reason for the plan negotiated between the Republicans and Democrats is that we need 60 votes in the Senate which are not there,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday. “We either elect more Republican senators in 2018 or change the rules now to 51%. Our country needs a good ‘shutdown’ in September to fix mess!”

It’s unusual – perhaps unprecedented – for a president to call for a federal government shutdown, but this is hardly the first time Trump has operated outside of the usual norms and practices. And it’s understandable that he would be irritated by the enormous amount of criticism this bill has gotten from conservative circles, both inside and outside the Beltway. Not to mention the fact that the congressional GOP, as a collective whole, seems to have little interest in going to bat for some of Trump’s more controversial proposals, such as funding the Mexican border wall. Without enough Republicans willing to support the wall, Trump is faced with what amounts to bipartisan opposition to his top agenda priorities.

But this isn’t the first time Trump has advocated lowering the Senate threshold needed to pass legislation. He was a strong proponent of Mitch McConnell’s use of the nuclear option when it came to confirming Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, and in a recent interview he said that he’d like to see a 51-vote standard become the norm for the upper chamber. Republicans are hesitant to embrace such a rule change, knowing it could turn into a disaster if and when the Democrats return to power.

The core problem here can be divided into two main issues. One, the Democrats have decided, en masse, that they are not going to lift one finger to help Trump fulfill his signature campaign promises, no matter what he offers in return. Two, there are many Republicans in Congress who want nothing to do with those promises, including the border wall. The divide between the Trump Agenda and the Republican Agenda was obvious during the campaign, and while the two factions have done an admirable job pretending they’re on the same page over the last 100 days, the split is becoming more and more difficult to disguise.

The end result of this inter- and intra-party fighting? More of the same crap voters have been watching with dismay for the last eight years. Which makes you think Trump might have a point: A good old-fashioned shutdown might be just the thing to clean out the stagnant swamp water and convince both Democrats and Republicans to get their minds right.

  1. Justin Seine says

    And the beat goes on…

    It has been said that the greatest inhibitor to wealth is debt. So what do we do? We encourage borrowing and punish savings.

    While I have been supportive of Trump, I am becoming a little more than concerned about his idea to eliminate the deductibility of state and local taxes (A government inflicted wound) and keep the deductibility of interest payments (A self inflicted wound). Borrow Borrow Borrow!

    1. Craig Vandertie says

      The Federal Reserve is a corrupt organization, so the corrupt favor the Fed., that “illegal Kenyan nationalist moonie muslime puddle of toxic waste Bathhouse Barack Osama” could not raise the debt ceiling often enough to compensate for his wasteful spending.

      1. Retired says

        Fed . run by the IMG and World Central bank . All brothers in arm .

      2. Vernon Devine says

        What a bigot you are, truly unamerican asshole.

  2. BornAgainSouthernPride says

    Shut it down, shut it down now!

    1. Retired says

      Shut it down and congress gets no pay including their staff , plus no back pay . No Flying home until ACA is removed completely and a new funding bill without any Pork .

      1. gotabgood says
          1. PatriotGal says

            Amazing how it’s the Devilrats/demoncrats who lose their law licenses. Must be a mental condition of libtards not to obey the laws.

          2. Jimmy King says

            Or you’re just stupid. None of them have lost their law license. They went inactive while not practicing law. Pay your annual state bar dues and you’re back simple memes for simple people

          3. pineapple says

            Obama lost his for lying on a form.

            Michelle lost hers rather than face insurance fraud charges.

            Bill Clinton lost his for lying under oath.

            Hillary failed to pass the bar in D.C, and had to retry in Arkansas. She should never have been granted a license to begin with.

          4. Jimmy King says

            Complete Lie. They both went inactive so they would not have to keep up their continuing legal education courses and registration fees. You lie almost as much as our Cheeto in Chief

          5. k9maiden says

            Nope, it’s the truth, but then, you are so brainwashed by the Marxist Media you can no longer think for yourselves.

          6. Mathew Molk says

            You are dumb and ignorant enough to be a Harvard graduate.

          7. Jimmy King says

            And you’re smart enough to be a 3rd grade drop out

          8. dux nobis28 says

            Check you facts pinko!

          9. Jimmy King says

            I know the facts. The fact is you morons listen to this far right conspiracy websites and then believe everything you read or hear. He is an article discussing Mark Levin’s threats to try and get Obama disbarred. If Obama didn’t have a law license, why would Levin try and take it away. You people are too fucking stupid for me to even keep arguing with


          10. Retired says

            After being told they would have to surrender the license , so they let it expire . You have no clue as to the corruption in Ill. politics is almost as good as NY and Ca. , or is it worse ????

          11. Jimmy King says

            WOW, you’re a truly special kind of stupid

          12. Retired says

            You can always tell a Democrat , but you can NOT tell them anything .

          13. pineapple says

            Speaking of lies, consider the following:

            I will have the most transparent administration in history.
            The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs. I
            I am focused like a laser on creating jobs.
            The IRS is not targeting anyone.
            It was a spontaneous riot about a movie.
            If I had a son., he would look like Travon Martin.
            I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”.
            You didn’t build that!
            I will restore trust in Government.
            The Cambridge cops acted stupidly.
            The public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my desk
            It’s not my red line – it is the world’s red line.
            Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration.
            We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and auto companies, with interest.
            I am not spying on American citizens.
            Obama Care will be good for America .
            You can keep your family doctor.
            Premiums will be lowered by $2500.
            If you like it, you can keep your current healthcare plan.
            It’s just like shopping at Amazon.
            I knew nothing about “Fast and Furious” gunrunning to Mexican drug cartels.
            I knew nothing about IRS targeting conservative groups.
            I knew nothing about what happened in Benghazi .
            I have never known my uncle from Kenya who is in the country illegally and that was arrested and told to leave the country over 20 years ago.
            And, I have never lived with that uncle. He finally admitted ( 12-05-2013 ) that he DID know his uncle and that he DID live with him.
            And the biggest one of all:
            “I, Barrack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America .”

          14. Jimmy King says

            “You are the goddamn president of the goddamn United States, and your acting attorney general tells your White House counsel that your national security adviser was ‘compromised’ with respect to the Russians … and you don’t want him to be in a position where the Russians have leverage over him. And you fire the acting attorney general ? not the national security adviser? Which are you ? an idiot or a traitor?”

          15. pineapple says

            “Which are you ? an idiot or a traitor?”

            Answer: I am “the goddam president of the United States”, or so you said.

          16. Jimmy King says

            I didn’t expect you to be smart enough to follow the conversation.

          17. EnjoyzCoffee says

            Do you really think we have all the facts of the case? Relax. We’ll probably know more in time. But Trump is not compromised. That doesn’t even make sense. He is going through all this trouble butting heads with the evil left because he is just like them?

            The true American Patriots are behind this President and not a thing you say will change that.

          18. pineapple says

            DUMMY’S LIVES MATTER!!

          19. Eleanor Cummings says

            He swore on the Qur’an, as did 8 congressmen, and whoever else he put into office.

          20. dux nobis28 says

            My understanding is that a farm animal could pass the Arkansas bar exam!

          21. pineapple says

            That’s where Bill Clinton passed it, and he is a farm animal (jackass)

          22. G.Mann says

            Jimmy, you need to do more research before making such a statement.

            Mr. Obama had his law license revoked because he LIED on his bar application. All bar applications require you to give full information if you have EVER used another name, which he had. The Bar Ethics Committee REVOKED his license to practice law in the State of Illinois.

            Mrs. Obama also was brought before the State Bar Ethics Committee on charges of fraud, which were supported by compelling evidence. She was given the option of resigning from the State Bar and NEVER PRACTICING LAW AGAIN, or being PROSECUTED ON CRIMINAL CHARGES to the full extent of the law. She chose to resign from the State Bar and NEVER practice law again as part of a BINDING AGREEMENT not to practice law or face FULL PROSECUTION in the future.

            Neither of the Obama s may practice law in the State of Illinois again, AND, under the National Bar Ethics Committee Rules NO OTHER STATE MAY ISSUE A LICENSE TO THEM.

            State Bar of Arkansas issued similar REVOCATION of Hillary Clinton s law license after the Federal Investigation of the Rose Law Firm, and the White Water Investment Scam. Her license was revoked for ETHICS violations.

            Bill Clinton was barred for 5 years via his IMPEACHMENT. Such a removal constitutes a grave ETHICS violation. As a consequence, his license to practice law is forever [for all practical purposes] revoked via the National Bar Ethics Committee Rules.

          23. Jimmy King says
          24. mac12sam12 says

            Snopes, like liberalism is a joke. G.Mann is correct.

          25. Jimmy King says

            Not sure what is funnier. How stupid you people are, or how adamant you are about your misconceptions. It’s crazy how many really stupid people there are out there

          26. mac12sam12 says

            You’e stupid if you believe Snopes. They’ve been caught lying many times, and they never say anything positive about a republican or anything negative about a democrat. Four disbarred lawyers and of course, they’re democrats/socialists

            Have a good day, PJ boy. 🙂

          27. gotabgood says

            Give some examples of them lying..

          28. mac12sam12 says

            I used Bing to find out how much illegals cost the taxpayer every year. 99% of the outlets said $100 billion except for Snopes. And like I said, their motto is don’t believe your lying eyes.

          29. Jimmy King says

            I linked to the Illinois State Bar. No lying, no bias, the official office of the State Bar. You morons live in a world of false facts and fake news and believe all the shit you’re fed. The truth is on the Bar website. They surrendered the license with no actions pending, or complaints. Suck it moron

          30. gotabgood says

            I was watching a recorded program from Real Time With Bill Maher and on there he said it is a waste of time trying to convince a rightwinger of anything with facts or math.
            They don’t see the lies of Trump, the two faced statements he makes or the broken promises. I have sent references after references and if it doesn’t come from twitter, Breitbart, or The Drudge Report.. it is fake news and will not compute with their “Alternative Facts”.

          31. Retired says

            Snopes is as good as the Information entered by humans just like our regular Media .

          32. Jimmy King says

            Ok Retarded. You know best

          33. Retired says

            You are the retarded one supporting Demon Rats .

          34. Jimmy King says

            Says the moron who doesn’t understand suspending a law license

          35. Retired says

            We see how great your posting goes over , nothing but pure Garbage . go back into your dumpster where you live .

          36. Jimmy King says

            Yes, cause I just posted a link to the Illinois Bar association which shows just how stupid you are. I love you morons who hang out in these echo chambers reinforcing the same stupid claims in one anothers tiny brains. And then when someone comes along and proves how wrong you are, you try and insult them and chase them away. Sure, stay stupid

          37. Retired says

            Being advised to not renew would not show up , are you that Stupid . You forget about Jarret as to how she protected Obama and Moochelee . Ill . politics has been corrupt going way back before your and my time . Maybe as far back as the great Chicago fire .

          38. Richard Faith says

            Mankind’s attempts at instituting one-world government trace all the way back to the Tower of Babel. The UN is thus the current-day incarnation of that Tower.

          39. Richard Faith says

            Hmmmm… “advised not to renew” … that actually makes a lot of sense, seriously. It hauntingly reminds me of something I heard many years ago in industry: “Those guys in the top rung of the organizational chart all have one thing in common: as part of their “acceptance package” in inauguration to their present position, they all handed the guy who hired them a sealed envelope with their resignation inside, “just in case…”. I never doubted the truth of it.

          40. Bill says

            Check out the number of times that Snopes latches onto a tiny technicality to “prove” a story to be “wrong,” even though the point overall is correct. They strongly tend to defend leftist ideas. Sometimes, though, they tell the simple truth, especially if it doesn’t seriously upset the leftist/statist narrative.

          41. Jimmy King says

            OK you Fucking morons. Since you are too stupid to tell real news and real sites from fake ones, take it straight to the authority. There is a link to the illinois bar. Click on it and read how NO disciplinary action has EVER been taken against either of the Obamas

            Holy shit are you people dumb

          42. Bill says

            I don’t know or care heads or tails about whether they lost their law licenses. That’s not what it takes for me to recognize incompetence, corruption, and treasonous subversion. If you can see the larger picture, that’s not dumb. Can you see it at ALL?

          43. Retired says

            Some believe what is on the web is the gospel of facts and newer go check things out .

          44. gotabgood says

            Do you ever check things out??? Where do you go to do this?

          45. Retired says

            It’s called going to the horses mouth and not the ass like most go to .

          46. gotabgood says

            give the horses mouth a name… or a web address.
            Is this the mouth??????

          47. Retired says

            You would not believe the horses mouth seeing you are to busy believing its rear . Your video proves it .

          48. gotabgood says
          49. Retired says

            We do know which end you are talking from .

          50. Richard Faith says

            IMO the only times Snopes ever accepts as “true” any allegation that tends to be damaging to the interests of the Globalist CABAL are the times when such allegation has become so consummately undeniable that its denial would seriously (FURTHER) degrade the credibility of Snopes itself.

          51. gotabgood says

            They strongly tend to defend leftist ideas.
            Ever stop to think that maybe the leftist ideas are TRUE! Most backed up with facts/math!

          52. Bill says

            Show me where socialism has made a nation better and stronger, and I would probably believe you. But stealing from people who work to give their rewards to the idle has never seemed ethical to me, much less an incentive for people to excel. Eventually, the few who pull the wagon full of freeloaders stop working so hard, and everything becomes mediocre. That is the first truth of leftism, and the second is loss of freedom and increase in government control over everything. I like liberty, and that may be at odds with what you want.

          53. gotabgood says

            Canada, their middle class is now better off than US. Also most of Europe,,,, even Costa Rica has better healthcare than we do.
            Here is a website to check how far we have slide compared to the rest of the world in other categories also.

          54. Bill says

            Just bear in mind, when America slides toward the pit, it is because leftists have pushed us that direction. Yes, really. Ask Detroit, as but one example. People who stand for personal integrity and responsibility don’t let things slide, although we may get the blame from those actually responsible, since we are handy for that. It is the RINOS and Democrats in Congress that enable and endorse the downhill slide, brought on by giving away the farm and nobody bothering to accountably do what is good for the country. To responsible people, the decline in our nation is entirely repugnant. We would say things like, “Teachers, do your job, and stop pushing leftist philosophy,” but we are ignored and despised by the elites.

            Meanwhile, I am a little surprised to hear that Costa Rica has better medical care and technology than we do. That sounds a lot like Michael Moore’s strong endorsement of Cuban medicine, although I notice that Cuba has been placed yet a little lower on the list. I wouldn’t at all put it past the WHO to rate the quality of healthcare in the world according to compliance with their political agendas, but I admit, having a little experience with medicine in other countries, I am not sure what they use to decide what is better. Maybe it’s like whether meat loaf or spaghetti is better. They also added a note that this list has not been produced since 2000, due to the complexity of the task, so here we are reading information almost 20 years old. I have no idea what it might look like today, or why.

          55. Rodney Steward says

            Just think, Bush started this NWO push and Obama doubled the entire debt, by adding 13.3 trillion $$$! Notice it says it would cost each household a simple $7,044, and when Obama left it said the very thing, except it was $40,077!!

          56. gotabgood says

            When you have a brand new shinny car (USA) it looks good, drives good.. up keep is minimal. When you take that same car (USA) drive it into a canyon…. many things have to take place to get it back in the same shape. you have to pull the car (USA) out of the canyon, that would be expensive enough, but when you have little demons, such as McConnell, cutting the cable and crashing the car (USA) again and doubling the cost to get it out of the canyon, that is to be expected. Then after out you have dents, and broken glass, cut upholstery, engine block cracked, tires flat, radiator with holes, frame bent, all of that cost money to repair, but those demons like Boehner, that sabotage each step of the way, it also doubles the price… BUT…. OBAMA DID IT and he did it single handed with no help from the right… NONE! He got the car (USA) looking good again..

          57. Rodney Steward says

            But like most cars, they’re not worth what you pay for it, we’ll be paying from now on from this no birth certificate car salesman!! But don’t worry, he left some of his best behind, Pelosi, Waters, and Warren, the 3 best BS’ers a car lot could have!

          58. gotabgood says

            If you notice I was comparing car to USA

          59. Bill says

            While government does not control business cycles, it is definite that the housing crash of 2008 had its roots in the loosening of mortgage loan standards by Bill Clinton. Bush, meanwhile, took no action to forestall the disaster that was coming from people purchasing homes that they could not pay for. GW Bush was not a strong president. But no, I tend to forgive presidents for poor business cycles, unless they make policies that aggravate the situation. The pit I have been talking about relates more to the decline of education, soaring government debt due to programs designed to buy votes, promotion of disrespect toward law enforcement and military, incitement of racial, economic, and other social tensions, graft and corruption in office, coverups and manipulation of the just duties of government institutions, political targeting of political adversaries, promotion of sexual perversion (if anyone considers anything to be perverse anymore at all), alienation of our nation’s allies and assistance to its enemies, and little things like that. This is a partial list, to be sure, of the undermining activities that can be noted. Some people think this is all great stuff, evidently.

          60. gotabgood says

            If you listen carefully to this video, you will hear who done the talking, who got them to go along with his plan…..


          61. Bill says

            I agree completely. Bush was not a strong president. This is one of the most pathetic, misguided, socialistic propositions I have seen, and it definitely fed into the economic disaster that followed. While Clinton started the push for ownership of homes that people could not afford to buy, Bush here falls right in line with that “free stuff for everybody” agenda. Disgraceful.

          62. gotabgood says

            I provided you some proof, maybe you can share where Bill done something like this?

          63. Bill says

            Not sure what you mean. Provide proof? Buy a house that I couldn’t afford? I’ll assume you mean “provide proof.” I have cited examples of problems with leftism (which sit on the table for anyone to see even if I don’t do that) and given the reasoning behind my views. If one does not consider accurate calculation of various factors together with visible examples of results to be legitimate evidence or “proof”, but regards somebody’s statistics as proof, then our criteria for understanding reality are different. Meanwhile, this might not be your question.

          64. gotabgood says

            You said Bill Clinton started the housing market crash by pushing people to buy homes they couldn’t afford… that is a tough statement… show me, where he said that. Give me a website, a video.. something like I gave you to show you that the housing market was alive and in good shape, when lil’ bush ask for them to agree to 400 billion dollars of loans to low income people.

          65. Bill says

            This where “providing proof” makes sense, where a detail of some kind, rather than a reasoning principle, is in question. So, I thank you for the clarity. As a side note, it is amazing, of course, what people will not accept as evidence; you’ve probably encountered that, and of course we can’t really even prove our own existence to some people’s satisfation. Anyway, I just quicky did a search on “clinton’s easing of the housing market.” The first of many hits I offer here; but certainly feel free to look at more of them:


            This short article, from TIME, is called “25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis.” I didn’t realize that Clinton’s opening of the “guaranteed homes for everyone” floodgates was not general knowledge, but there is nothing wrong if it wasn’t.

          66. gotabgood says

            As with any budget… you can’t keep cutting budgets and expect the same output. Cutting the security budget proved to be fatal. But then as usual they point to someone else for the blame. Cutting budgets to schools, closing schools, and firing teachers is NOT the way for better education… Also education for profit is not the way either… there would be a new bottom line… not diplomas or degrees but how much profit did we make!!
            Education is an investment and should be treated as such… not a profit margin!!

          67. Bill says

            You are so right. Corporations, whether education, medical facilities, or innumerable other businesses put out a shingle describing the wonderful products and services that they provide, but then they undermine the quality of what they provide while abusing and picking the pockets of customers and employees so that CEOs can live like kings. There is a great deal of evil in corporations, and in government, and the average citizen gets picked clean by both. Nasty stuff. Of course, you can always boycott a corporation that you don’t like, or a university that overcharges and doesn’t deliver, and we definitely should, instead of believing it when politicians say that we should take out monstruous loans (the government business) to pay tuitions (the corporate business) and be assured of wonderful jobs (the product that is never delivered). It’s harder by far to boycott the government than to boycott businesses. But it’s all very bad stuff, and we shouldn’t be naive when dealing with either of them.

          68. gotabgood says

            You need to listen to Bernie Sanders and Elisabeth Warren on education. Even Obama brought up free college just to be booed and hissed at. There use to be free colleges here, most of Europe have them now or very low tuition.. either way they are doing it right, they are ahead of us in all education categories.. and healthcare too.
            I think we should watch Europe a little more closely… they are older than us, more wisdom, more experience with people… they had their time with kings and queens, and dictators… they know…. and they know this……

            Germans know fascism when they see it.
            While Americans can joke about “Soup Nazis” and Hitler mustaches, Germans know firsthand what it means when a failed businessman moves from a fringe candidate to a leader who takes over your democracy and burns everything to hell.
            I learned this, repeatedly, while I was in Germany for a weeklong lecture on the 2016 U.S. presidential election hosted by the State Department and German officials. As I hopped from one beautiful, Old World city to another, from Hamburg to Frankfurt to Munich to Berlin, every person I spoke to said that the rise of business mogul-turned-reality-TV star-turned-GOP front-runner Donald Trump reminded them of the early stages of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.
            “How is he so successful?” asked a student reporting for her school paper.
            “Doesn’t America know how dangerous he is?” asked an irritated Gen X woman in Hamburg.
            Germans, like Europeans in general, can draw direct lines from violent, aggressive rhetoric to bombs destroying their homes, millions being displaced and whole nations collapsing. The scars of World War I, World War II, even the war in the Balkans in the ’90s, all still affect Germans and other Europeans. Pieces of the “Berlin Wall” are still for sale in souvenir shops.

          69. Bill says

            Communists take the approach that wealth simply exists, and all that is needed for general prosperity is to divide it. When that doesn’t work, they get on someone’s back to try and produce it, so a few people work hard to supply for everybody, but since no one is allowed to keep the rewards of their work, no one wants to work very hard and nobody has much of anything. Socialism is Communism Lite. A good education doesn’t simply appear out of nowhere. Someone does the work and someone pays for it. The fact that the student isn’t the one who has to pay for it of course looks very good to the student, who is thus taught that it is fine to live life as a parasite. Now we have an “educated” parasite. That’s wonderful. Obviously, the other side of the equation is that someone pays, and for some reason that is no problem to you. Not meaning to fight with you, but you really seem to believe that it is fine for others to pay people’s way in life, instead of relating effort to just reward.

            If you like Communism and its production-discouraging oppression, you really should try some time in a Communist country and see the lack of prosperity. If your preference is European style Socialism, you should look more closely at why America has until recently been a strong producer, while European countries have a relatively difficult time being innovative and productive. Your love of taking wealth from earners and giving it to non-earners is not an ethic that I can rationally justify; it’s that simple.

            As for Trump resembling Hitler, no one seems to have noticed the dictatorial tendencies of Obama, but for some peculiar reason, they see it all in Trump. That seems just selective politics. Trump is far more interested in the rule of law than Obama was, if you can see that reality. But since Trump isn’t leftist, then all the leftists in Europe are scared to death of him. Why not compare him to Hitler, then? It’s the obvious next sentence.

          70. gotabgood says

            I really don’t think true communism exist today, except maybe North Korea. Even China has a mixed bag now… Everything was state owned until just a few years ago. Now FedEx, DHS thrive there, plus they have privately owned banks and we have all heard of Foxconn. They are a capitalist corporation, but since no regulation they are just like the communist.
            But if you want to talk dictatorship… A family run business is fine… a family run government!!??? Oligarchy?? Fascism??
            Whatever fancy name you want to put on it… what we have with the Trump administration is NOT good for America. The people are going to have to raise up against the wall street advisers, against his family and his lies he spreads like melted butter on hot toast..
            Trump fan or not… you know it is true… this nation has never been so close as to being a dictatorship as we are right now!!!

          71. Bill says

            I understand the fear of getting into a dictatorship, and I very much respect it. However, when Obama symbolically sat down at the head of my dining table and said, “Guess what, guy. You now have to buy health insurance whether you want it or not, and here is what you have to buy, for yourself and other people…,” I had a pretty strong feeling of being ordered about by a dictator. American had never been a country of forced behavior before, with the simple exceptions of paying taxes, doing jury duty, and serving in the military if called. Obamacare was certainly different from serving duties for which citizens are needed; now it was a government decision on a specific product that I had to buy, whether or not I wanted it or liked it. Even car insurance does not match that, because while it is required before one drives, there is no government penalty if you decide to walk, take the bus, or ride a bicycle instead, if you simply don’t want to spend your money in that way.

            Concerning Trump, one thing is that he has not installed his family in official positions, and another is that the policies that he has been promoting really are toward making America a freer and stronger country. So far. May that never change, but only get better. If family and friends have opinions that the President (or any other human being in the nation) wants to listen to, there is nothing illegal or unusual there; you might guess that Hillary told Bill Clinton a thing or two in his time. But yes, we should definitely watch to make sure that Trump and any other President (or other elected or otherwise authorized official) never assumes more power than the Constitution and the rest of the law allows. Oh, wait. It’s WAY TOO LATE. This is probably a large part of why we’re talking, here.

          72. Rodney Steward says

            By the time this takes place we’ll be in a civil war!

          73. Rodney Steward says

            This is what happens when you put people in our Gov. that hate this country and want a socialist system, look at our schools, we went from the top 3 in the world to now 28 in the world! These well placed socialist teachers along with the Bush and then the super kick from Obama and common core, we be dumb down BAD!

          74. gotabgood says

            You responded to my post, so I am assuming you read it. I said Canada is better off than we are now. that didn’t use to be the case.. when we had school funding and unions to protect our workers and teachers, NOW, we fire teachers, we close schools and we cut funding and then you wonder why we are slipping. When you cut budgets things happen… like in Benghazi, you cut security budgets and you blame others for your screw up…. Canada has what you call socialized medicine , Europe has socialized medicine. we lag behind all of them in healthcare, schooling and just all around peaceful living. Instead of looking at them and think, we use to be like that, or better… what did we do wrong or they do right…… NO! not your righties… it has to be fake news…. or, I knew a neighbor who had a cousin, that his co-worker told of his brothers neighbor couldn’t get in to see the doctor….. there is your fake news….. use to be called bullshit!
            And we are not 28th… we are 35th Just before Slovenia…. right after Costa Rica.

          75. Rodney Steward says

            So this socialized medicine is really great, must be why people come from all over the world to America for help with real health issues, and where have you been on all these UNION teachers, look at NYC, people beg and line up to get into Charter schools with GOOD teachers that the UNIONS hate because these kids get a quality education and not these UNION backed thugs! And you can blame the failing Healthcare on Opey, like everything else that has failed in this country, like DIVISION !!

          76. gotabgood says

            Posted December 1, 2014
            Taxpayers continue to be appalled by the millions of dollars allegedly connected to charter school fraud.
            A new report, the latest put out by the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD), estimates that charter school fraud has cost taxpayers in the state of New York $54 million [ed note: pdf link]. Keep in mind, the state already spends about $1.5 billion on charter schools in New York City alone.
            In fact, corporate charter school companies are lobbying New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to raise or eliminate the cap on charter schools so even more companies can have an opportunity to abuse the system and make a profit on the backs of students.

            Posted December 3, 2014
            Politicians looking to trade their votes for lavish gifts have kicked off 3-days of backroom dealing in Washington, DC that will eventually result in legislation in your state designed to help corporations make a profit at the expense of the environment and off the backs of children, educators, and working Americans.
            Those politicians attending the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) policy summit this week in Washington, DC, will be getting cozy with some of the richest corporations in the country. The sole purpose of the secret gathering is to come up with bills lawmakers can use as templates in their own states to move the agenda of the nation’s richest 1-percent.
            It’s already happening in Wisconsin, where an ALEC politician has just introduced legislation designed to silence workers’ voices by undermining their unions. And in Missouri, politicians there have introduced a similar bill that takes its wording directly from the ALEC playbook.
            However, there is some good news. Noticeably absent from this year’s summit will be representatives from Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook as well as several other tech giants. These groups broke ties with ALEC over its policies attacking global warming and renewable energy.

            Ex-Oakland charter schools director charged with grant application fraud, money laundering


          77. Rodney Steward says

            Great job, gotabgood, just learn some stuff, but it would sure help if that POS Billy de was gone!

          78. gotabgood says

            I think people ought to be going to prison and forget about the fines. The fines eventually end up the tax payers paying for that too… they need to go to prison, where any other American would end up.. If they have to pay a fine…. they do jail time too!!

          79. Rodney Steward says

            I agree 110%, I’m fed up with this double standard BS!! They seem to be above the law on everything!

          80. gotabgood says

            Now we just have to convince 350, 936,124 more people… minus 2, you and I… hahaha

          81. Rodney Steward says

            Looks like we got one he$$ of a job my friend!! :-/

          82. gotabgood says

            The only people that come from all over the world to our healthcare system are the rich! Just like people go to different parts of the world to stay in some well known fancy hotel…. They went to the elite healthcare system.. they think they got the very best because they paid a zillion dollars to cure an in grown toe nail.

          83. gotabgood says

            “Show me where socialism has made a nation better and stronger, and I would probably believe you.”
            Any industrialized nation other than USA or dictatorships…

          84. Bill says

            Okay, you place a reasonable challenge, here, and one deserving of a thoughtful response. We won’t bother looking at Greece, where socialistic entitlement has replaced productivity to such a degree that Greece has become the beggar of Europe, with a few other nations vying for similar status. Let us instead look at Japan, a relatively healthy though fragile economy that has socialized medicine. Clearly, it is a nation that survives its limited socialism, but okay, I am looking and thinking hard. There it is. I simply find no point at which a social program adds to the success of business or the drive for people to be productive. Socialism exists in Japan to quite a limited degree, but it serves as baggage rather than propellant. If this is not true, please fill me in. I will explain my understanding.

            In an ideal world, everyone takes care of his or her own needs, forming mutual support groups as may be fitting. With humanity and the rest of nature, babies need care and nurture, which they receive from a family, and then they grow and ideally begin to take care of themselves, and the cycle continues. With humans, old age is met with a return to receiving assistance, while among pretty much all other living things, the end of strength, agility, and other ability means the end of life. Humans are pretty nice, that way, most of the time.

            Socialism is a system where help is provided through the government, not by the investment of parents into their children or back into their aged parents, but to strangers. It is not voluntary; it is mandatory. Best of all, it helps people who desperately need help. Wost of all, though, it helps people who are on the take: people who either aren’t all that eager to work, or people who will play the system for as much free profit as they can squeeze from it. So, the best that people can hope from Socialism is that it will give support to those who have no other opportunities. Beyond that, it is tranquilizer, an assurance to people that they don’t have to try as hard as they might, because others will pick up the tab that they don’t need to pay. And they can have as many children as they want, because society will pick up the tab for them, too. I have no interest in eugenics; be clear about that, but I stand strongly by the principle that people should take responsibility for what they choose to do, reaping rewards if that is the result, but also facing consequences if that is the result. When one person chooses to do things poorly, it is very unfair, even to that person in the larger view of things, to make others pay the consequences. Similarly, if a person does things well and enjoys success, there is nothing right in taking away the rewards and giving them to people who have not cared to do anything. It’s all in the old story, The Little Red Hen, which is probably forbidden to be told in most schools any more.

            So, if the future of society is that government robs the productive in order to assure that the wilfully idle are properly clothed, fed, and medicated, and the idle are able to increase their numbers enough to vote to themselves the property of those who work, that appears to be the version of paradise that you are proposing. For me, to suggest that another person needs to pay my way in life is extremely unethical, and to live in that way as a human makes me nothing more than a parasite, not a real human being at all. If I really need help, that is one thing, and the gratitude will be most sincere. But only at that point would I seek assistance from either friends or strangers. To live a life with the attitude that I can slack off on my responsibilities to take care of myself and my family, because others will make up the difference, to me that is not a real or honest way of life at all. Meanwhile, in every socialist society, that is the depraved ethic that lingers somewhere, either in the background or foreground of everyone’s mind.

            It is nice that liberals want to fix life for everyone, to the extent that this wish might be genuine. But part of fixing a life is to strengthen it. To teach people in general to live with their hands out to take what others have created, that seems a horrible and misguided way to pretend to make a nation better and stronger. When people are taught to depend on government to put bread on the table, humanity is very deeply sunk in the mire, but when each person takes personal responsibility to make good things happen, that is natural and healthy, again with some appropriate charity and mutual assistance in the mix.

            If you had a friend, and all that “friend” did was bum money and cigarettes from you, would you remain friends? Socialism institutionalizes exactly that kind of unbalanced parasitism, and, sadly, Greece exemplifies that well as a nation in the European Union. Every good relationship requires each party to pull its own weight as much as possible, while accepting assistance only as really needed. Socialism ignores this, and makes everyone excited that “Everything is free, because it comes from the government,” as if the government makes or owns anything. More accurately, “Everything is free, because you can steal it from your neighbors, using the government as the enforcer.” So, to the extent that Socialism takes care of the truly needy, I would support it, but to the much larger extent that it dampens initiative and promotes the morality of a tapeworm, I oppose it.

            My perception is that Socialism, as a way of keeping everyone rather equal in results despite vast differences in investment, balances out as bringing more harm than good. The more a nation embraces Socialism, the more mediocre it becomes, by rewarding mediocrity. Also, its citizens become more and more tightly bound to every whim of government, and this undermines freedom as well as prosperity. Even if socialistic nations seem to get by pretty well in general, they are never made more excellent by assurances that mediocrity will bring the same success.

            This is my honest opinion, and not an angle to defend some kind of partisan view. Partisan politics is a disgusting game, focused only on winning, and not on what is good, right, and true.

          85. Bill says

            I wrote a long and detailed response, which apparently was deleted. Nice. Anyway, I think you will find that socialism in some areas is survived decently in countries that are already strong, but it does not strengthen a country. It is baggage rather than a propellant. Greece is the beggar kingdom of Europe, so steeped in socialistic handouts that it produces very little and expects to be kept afloat by other countries.

            Socialism is simply parasitic, stealing from producers to hand their earnings to non-producers. This is fine when it assists people who truly need help, but it also feeds people who slack off, and people who want to play the system for profit. It does more harm than good, in my opinion, because the more socialistic a society becomes, the more everyone in that society adopts the ethic, either passively or aggressively, that it is okay to have other people pay their way in life. Very wrong. Those are the ethics of a tapeworm, and not legitimate ethics for human beings. That’s my honest, non-partisan opinion. Good and responsible acts should bring rewards, and irresponsible acts or idleness should have consequences, and those behind either should be the recipients, not other people. The story of The Little Red Hen is probably not told in liberal schools anymore. Not all people should receive identical rewards for very different investment. That only promotes slacking off, which becomes more obvious as socialism increases in a country. I find this to be true.

          86. gotabgood says

            Since we have had a government, the US has had a mix of economic systems with Socialism always being a part of it.
            You bring up Greece, Socialism is NOT the problem… it is Austerity
            Austerity – Wikipedia
            Austerity is a set of economic policies imposed on economies such as: cutting the state’s …. By definition, a government budget deficit must exist so all three net to zero: for example, the U.S. government budget deficit in 2011 ….. Jump up ^ “Greeks clash with riot police as politicians pass austerity measures”.

            Austerity is so much part of the rightwing…. they have this attitude that you can cut your way to prosperity… Never happen… you cut budgets and something has to go.. equipment or people and sometimes both.
            If you have socialized medicine, you are healthy, debt free and therefore your mind is at ease… Quite the opposite is true in the system we have… you are either sick or sick with worry.. both work against a hard working worker.
            Here is a study done on the subject..


          87. Bill says

            Austerity is a response to a country approaching bankruptcy. When everything is great, there is no point in an austerity program. Socialism doesn’t have anything to do with debt directly, but when you exercise it to enough of a degree that everyone is receiving and no one is producing, then you go bankrupt and need austerity. It’s very simple math, but math that some people don’t want to look at or believe. Sure, free medical care obviously makes the needy or parasitical person who receives it healthy and happy, but the other side of it is the way that it erodes a nation. Of course the one who receives a gravy train “has it made,” but at a cost to society that you do not acknowledge.

          88. gotabgood says

            Austerity causes bankruptcy. if you are in trouble.. the only thing that will pull you out is money in peoples pocket… they buy… that is good for whatever economic system you have. You take money out of the peoples pocket you are compounding the problem.. now people don;t have money to spend.. so you cut more.. they have less money.. you cut more and you are in bankruptcy.
            Austerity never works… never has… never will… people need money to keep the economy going. The rich have nothing to do with the economy. Henry Ford. said pay your workers enough so they can buy your product! If not… He could make a 1000 cars a day and when no one buys them. he has to slow down production, which means layoffs, now there are more people with less money… if people don’t buy his 1000 cars… what is the use in making more cars? He closes his business
            Just as in building a Trump Tower…. I think he will even admit you must start out with a strong foundation to support his penthouse at the top!
            True it takes a rich man to create jobs, but it takes the common folks to keep him rich. if he starts cutting into the workers share by any means, which takes money from worker, the economy starts to slow.
            This chart is crude, but true!!
            1980 Reagan cut into the workers share by a huge amount… he gave the rich a 42% tax cut. we have not recovered from that yet!!!
            Trumps plan will be worse for the American people than the tax cut Reagan gave..


          89. gotabgood says

            This reply doesn’t belong here, but couldn’t find your post….
            I got this in my email, but no where to be found on the website, so I copied it and my answer is in the body of your message. My words are in italic

            I see what you are saying, but I think it should be straightened out a little. Austerity is underspending CUTTING. The difference being is not to spend is keeping what you have, but not spending. Cutting is you lose what you had and therefore not able to spend . That keeps money in your pocket. Overspending causes bankruptcy, Cutting does not keep money in your pocket.. you lose it. Spending is good for the economy. Overspending??? Debt?where your pockets are empty and you are in debt. Austerity doesn not get money into other people’s pockets, so they might go bankrupt, and of course people need to spend money to live, so eventually thaat could return home, but there are differences between indebtedness and overspending, which lead to bankruptcy and excess(?) saving and underspending, which in a large scale leads to economic recession. Austerity comes from the government. It cuts programs, it cuts wages and in turn it will take money out of your pocket.
            While both of these approaches to economic trouble can be bad or good in certain contexts, it would be a mistake to say, “Saving is bad for the economy; everyone needs to spend!” savings is not bad for the economy, unless your bank is located off shore. The bank uses your money so it is still in circulation and is counted in our system Equal would be to say, “Spending is bad; everyone needs to save.” These two dynamics work well only in a proper balance. Sometimes, getting into debt is a good thing, such as when it is used for a sound and profitable investment. spending is the only thing that keeps the economy afloat. When people stop spending/buying the economy falls. Manufactures make products to be sold and the worker makes money to buy.. that is the only way our system works
            Now, when it comes to the government habit of trying to buy everything for people that they want, with the obvious purpose of attracting votes, that comes down to forcing the people to spend their resources to throw a party for themselves (or for those who save to throw it for those who do not). But the people don’t have money to spend in such frivolous ways all the time, yet the government insists that the party must go on. So the government borrows, yes, a huge amount of money for the fun times. That can’t be paid back, so the debt is paid off by inflation, repayment in more worthless dollars. That is a second form of taxation, a way to steal people’s savings while, in the bank account, the numbers haven’t changed at all. The government knows very well how to take people’s wealth away, and of course there is no end to people who are happy to receive the rewards of other people’s work. Don’t expect anyone to say, “Thank you.”
            The government is to take care of the people, not to buy things for them, but to help them. Even SS by some is an entitlement, others say they paid into all their life. The government started a program much like a savings account, that is deducted from your paycheck and when you retire you have a check coming in. The government helped you.. but did not give you anything, you paid for it. Even Medicare is not a gift, you pay for it, but at a much lower price than you can get in the PRIVATE SECTOR.
            They have grants for college, and small business loans at a much lower rate.. the government is to help people… not give them things.
            Welfare is a whole different deal. But when we have our vets living on the streets and on welfare.. I would say we are looking at the problem wrong!! First education. When our vets come home, someone should approach them with the opportunities of education. Help with a job and housing…. The key word here is HELP.

          90. Bill says

            Clearly, gotabgood, we have very different views on things. We apparently even do mathematics and reasoning in a very different way. It seems remarkable that we both speak English with some achievement of communication. Thank you for your perseverance with me, and I am happy to have had a chance to share some thoughts with you. I guess I will have to continue defending myself and my country against increasing government oppression, and you may find it your task to fight against the remaining vestiges of freedom in America, and find a way to get industrious and creative people to pay their fair share to everyone else. I’m not being sarcastic; these seem to be the causes that each of us is committed to fight for. I therefore respectfully submit that I am not sure what more to tell you. I do appreciate your idealism, and I understand how you can have the perspective that you have, but the virtue of taking property away from people who have earned it, so that non-earners can have lots of free stuff, simply will not ever fit into my ethics. There is a place for charity, and also a place for government assistance to the needy, but I see no place for the kind of political corruption, citizen corruption, and reinforced idleness that I have noticed in every Socialist context that I have ever seen. I wish you the best, and have enjoyed our conversation.

          91. gotabgood says

            What you say can be discussed and maybe even agree on certain things… but we have to get to basics… like you say using English and grammar to understand each other….. this statement is one which needs defining….
            ” but the virtue of taking property away from people who have earned it, so that non-earners can have lots of free stuff, simply will not ever fit into my ethics.”
            To begin with, the wall trump wants to build will be taking property away from someone… you ok with that? and why?
            You have a misconception of non-earners… of course there are crooks taking advantage of the system… Rick Scott from Florida comes to mind, stole millions from Medicare and was rewarded governorship… TWICE! we have to have the same laws for all… rich or poor! And then we have the banks of wall street… they steal billions, get caught and pay a million dollar fine and go back to work…. white collar workers do far more damage than the blue collar ever dreams of doing.
            The free stuff is mostly all from the rightwing rhetoric tank. Their free stuff is food, medicare, shelter and clothing… I would call those the necessities of life.
            And what most people don’t realize when the poor go to ER , you pay for that too, in terms of premiums increase, and everything going up. It is better to put them n a health plan and go through the front door which is cheaper than the ER door which is most expensive.
            Same to you… I find it amazing that two from opposite sides of the isle can have a civil conversation. Now to make our government work… we need to compromise… ugly word I know…..

          92. Rodney Steward says

            When you have advisors like Sharpton and Jackson, and the highly educated sidekicks like Pelosi, LOL, Waters, and Warren, you know the left is always right! All have a total IQ of maybe 40, nailed it BRO!! LOLOL…….

          93. gotabgood says

            And are these advisers what you have in mind for making America Great Again???????

          94. Rodney Steward says

            One thing great about this picture, there’s no backstabbing muslims in it!

          95. gotabgood says

            Nope… just backstabbing Russians… you think one back stabbing is worse than the other???

          96. Richard Faith says

            And even THAT is an OPTIMISTIC evaluation of Snopes!

          97. k9maiden says

            Liberals are so brain dead and brain washed they think the same tactics will work with those of us who have common sense and follow the real news, not the Marxist Media. They come on here and try to use their opinions and when they are faced with the real facts, they either insult you or they try to spin around their lies. Neither works, we all know why President Trump won the election, we were sick and tired of liberals taking over our nation and changing every aspect of it into the gutters that the third world nations are. Not here, not in America!

          98. Jimmy King says


          99. glorybe2 says

            I doubt that any of those supposed facts are true at all.

          100. SD of AZ says

            Good rebuttal but licenses do just expire and are not renewed. And in the case of CPAs continuing education, etc. are drivers for letting the licenses lapse. I would assume the same is true of lawyers. However, your points about our dem wit leaders is quite pertinent and really should have been posted all over the media when they ran. But we now know the media is in the hands to the immoral dem wits who ran and in more than one case as BO and Bill they won. Disgusting, immoral, lying slime is too nice to describe the ones you have noted.

          101. gotabgood says
          102. Jimmy King says

            Seriously. Are you people really this gullible, or STUPID ? Obama DID NOT HAVE HIS LICENSE REVOKED Go to the Illinois bar website. Every state allows you to look up registered attorneys. His license was not revoked. How fucking stupid are you people that you can’t find real news

          103. G.Mann says

            Jimmy … Thank you so much for being so smart.. Please review the following link.. search it to your hearts content. Then come back to me with the listing, current or past that shows B.H. Obama is on the list of the Illinois State Bar Assn.


            You are so smart and so wise, educate me, please…… all I find is “no such person listed”…. which is what happens when your bar license is REVOKED.

          104. Jimmy King says

            Because the website you are using IS NOT the Illinois bar association. The website you are using is a lawyer advertising site. Apparently Obama did not advertise on your site. Why don’t you check here
   Type in “Obama” Both of their names will come up It will show Pres Obama registered until 2008 Click on his name, it will show no action or malpactice claims against him. He suspended his own license when he took office

            It’s not wonder you people are so stupid. You can’t find basic info on the web

          105. G.Mann says

            ARDC Lawyer Search Results from the ARDC database last updated as of May 5, 2017 at 1:37:39 PM:
            for the following terms: Last Name: Obama, status: All

            Date Admitted
            Authorized to Practice?

            Barack Hussein Obama
            December 17, 1991

            Michelle Obama
            Former name(s):
            Michelle Lavaughn Robinson
            May 12, 1989

            Thank you Jimmy …. Just WHAT PART of NOT AUTHORIZED TO PRACTICE do you not understand? You keep consuming time and energy trying to prove your messiah Barack Obama did not lose his State Bar License… Prove it.. show me he paid the required $15 each year from 1991 through your claimed 2008 date when he “self suspended”. Go ahead, prove it.. with the state bar records… I dare you.

            Evidence, that can not be refuted with facts. The burden of proof is upon you snowflake…

          106. Jimmy King says

            Did you look just under the information you copied??? So you claim he was admitted to practice in 1991 and was a practicing lawyer until the year he entered office when the bar suddenly discovered a lie on his bar application from 17 years prior??? And at that point the bar REVOKED his license??? Its funny then how the State Bar website says this under his name

            Public Record of Discipline
            and Pending Proceedings: None

            So according to the bar association he has NO RECORD of EVER being disciplined.

            How is that for proof Can your little brain understand that?? NO record of discipline. No license Revoked. Just a dumbass on a computer who doesn’t know how to understand the simple shit he reads on line. Do yourself a favor moron, go back to the third grade and pick up where you left off

          107. G.Mann says


            Have a look at this cupcake, and show me where Obama is a licensed Attorney in Illinois..


            Just so happens, one of my partners serves on the ethics committee of the American Bar Association and all State Bar Associations are members of ABA. Just how deep would you like me to go looking to pull records?

          108. AKLady says

            Never happened.
            Why do you lie?

          109. k9maiden says

            Sure they did, but of course, Demoncraps are never held accountable, you know very well if one of these were a Conservative you loons on the left would be bashing them day and night, just like the media did when Nixon told a white lie, and conveniently overlooked the treason, when BO and KILLARY furnished weapons to our enemy, and when BO and KILLARY took over $70,000 of tax payer money, flew to Pakistan, and made a video APOLOGIZING TO THE SAVAGES for the attack in Benghazi. Oh, guess the Marxist Media conveniently overlooked that right? One think you leftist Commies seem to overlook, Conservatives have something called common sense and a brain, something you brainwashed liberals lack. We know exactly who and what BO was, and we are never having another Communist/Muslim take over this country again.

          110. Mathew Molk says

            You are the dunderhead there, snowflake.

            All had law licenses revoked.

          111. Jimmy King says

            HAHAHAHAHAHA You idiots believe anything you hear on info wars Its hilarious how mininformed and uneducated you are

          112. dux nobis28 says

            Sure Jew boy whatever you want to believe ?

          113. Jimmy King says

            Jew boy? HAHAHAHAHAHA

          114. dux nobis28 says

            If you are not one you are a Soros puppet! Worse you actually think like them!

          115. Jimmy King says

            HAHA I’m a Soros puppet because I don’t fall for the fake news you idiots are peddling?? In that case, fine. If being a Soros puppet means I am smart enough to go to the source to get an accurate answer, rather than be an ill informed moron like you, then so be it

          116. Retired says

            Did you live in Chicago to know those facts . It was claimed at the time that, it was a surrender and not lack of renewing .

          117. SD of AZ says

            Yup, and attorneys in most cases are simple simpletons. Lie, spend other peoples money, charge em a lot, spread a lot of BS, and work as little as possible but do charge clients as much as possible. And we the people are the clients of these dem wits and rino traitors.

          118. SD of AZ says

            Have you noticed there are very few CPAs in congress if any? Seems the accounting types are lacking in the very centers of influence where they are needed. And the test for a CPA is much tougher than for attorneys. That surprised me when I first realized that but now watching congress and the idiots there, I realized it was because accounting types do know what a budget is and how to balance it and have real laws they conform to. Attorneys just know how to charge, spend, and spread crap with as little work as possible.

          119. Retired says

            But they are experts at finances , just ask them .

          120. SD of AZ says

            I could not agree more!

          121. AKLady says

            Never happened.
            Why do you lie?

          122. gmhunt4 says

            ALL should be in jail………….

          123. Retired says

            Strung up would be a better cure for the US to move forward .

          124. AKLady says

            Name the law you claim was broken, paragraph and chapter.
            Provide date and location.

          125. Retired says

            8 Years of Obama= Treason

          126. AKLady says

            Name the law you claim was broken, paragraph and chapter.Provide date and location.

          127. AKLady says

            Still waiting.

          128. AKLady says

            Name the law you claim they broke — paragraph and chapter.

          129. happy to help! says

            Q: Did Barack and Michelle Obama “surrender” their law licenses to avoid ethics charges?
            A: No. A court official confirms that no public disciplinary proceeding has ever been brought against either of them, contrary to a false Internet rumor. By voluntarily inactivating their licenses, they avoid a requirement to take continuing education classes and pay hundreds of dollars in annual fees. Both could practice law again if they chose to do so.

          130. k9maiden says

            Oh, you believe the leftist courts? LOL Same courts that said BO’s birth certificate that had the wrong name of the hospital, mentioned Kenya before Kenya was a country, used the word Afro American when this BC was BEFORE the Civil Rights movement and that term was not used at all? Those courts where BO’s attorneys flew to and met with the officials of court and they either canceled the case or lied to protect the usurper. Yeah, think again, you are a left winged loon that doesn’t know truth from fiction.

          131. AKLady says

            Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          132. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult, assume, exaggerate …repeat ad nauseam.

            Tedious, boring, repetitive …

          133. Retired says

            You just can NOT handle the truth .

          134. AKLady says

            Name the law you claim they broke — paragraph and chapter.
            Provide date and location.

          135. Retired says

            Racism – Rioting – looting and supporting Illegals are all against the law , but not in the eyes of Muslims like you . Most call that TREASON . 200 years ago they hanged people for it.

          136. AKLady says

            U.S. Constitution, Amendment I

            CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

          137. AKLady says

            .Name the law you claim was broken, paragraph and chapter.Provide date and location.

          138. Retired says

            Look them up yourself they are on the books but only fore white people .

          139. AKLady says

            Name the law you claim was broken, paragraph and chapter.
            Provide date and location.

          140. Retired says

            Go grab yourself seeing no one else will , then take your meds you need both .

          141. AKLady says

            Still waiting for that law, paragraph and chapter,

          142. Retired says

            Why don’t you take the knots out of your panties or do you go without ????

          143. AKLady says

            Still waiting for that law, paragraph and chapter

          144. Retired says

            Still haven’t taken the Knots out I see . You Know the statues for treason . Back home they would lop your head off , its a Muslim rule .

          145. AKLady says

            Still waiting for that law, paragraph and chapter.

            All you have are insults,

            Oh, and Muslim is not an insult, but it is evidence of your un-American religious bigotry and hate. It is also evidence of your abject ignorance.

            The first casualty of thw American Revolution was a Muslim. Jis name was Crispus Attucks. He was the child of a African slave and a Native American mother.

            America’s first ally was Morocco — a Muslim country. Morocco is also America’s longest ally — 225 years.

            A Sample of Muslims Historic Contributors: Crispus Attucs, Yarrow Mamout, Estevanico, Norsereddin, “Hi Jolly”, Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori, Ayuba Suleiman Diallo, Omar Ibn Said, Bampett Muhammad, Yusuf Ben Ali, Peter Buckminster,

            A Sample of Muslim Modern Contributors: Fazlur Rahman Khan, Shahid Khan, Ayub Ommaya, Ernest Hamwi, Shaquille O’Neal, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Farah Pandith, Ahmed Zewail, Aziz Ansari

          146. Retired says

            Gee , still got your panties in a knot , better go change them. Then you Muslims don’t wear them I see you found your old script again ???

          147. AKLady says

            ..Still waiting.

          148. Retired says

            I forgot you support all those things.

          149. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Blah blah blah liberalism is a blah of BS,,,,,repeat ther liberal thugism!!!!!!!


          150. AKLady says

            \More art theft.
            Plagiarism is stealing.

        1. Retired says

          Sure looks like YOU .

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Gotabgood posted a picture of a hogs anus? I blocked him months ago and missed it.

        2. donl says

          Not all that funny, try again later, a lot later.

        3. RockinOn says

          You really are !

        4. k9maiden says

          Typical response from the leftist loons. This is the very reason President Trump was elected, Americans were sick of unintelligent, infantile, Communist running this great country.

          1. Bill says

            Funny how, in collecting votes, the liberals are “True Blue” while the conservatives are red. That was a media choice. It helps to hide the fact that the Dems are the “reds” of this generation. Although they give me the blues, to be sure. Got to change definitions, to keep confusing and deceiving people.

          2. gotabgood says

            They did a study in the land of Trump voters and ask what they thought of ObamaCare, overwhelmingly said no. They ask then what they thought of ACA and most agreed it would be good. (In case your one of them, it is the very same program). In Kentucky, the Democrat governor could not pass ObamaCare, so he changed the name to Kynect and it passed. And then we have this sign telling the government to keep their hands off Medicare…. poor soul… ignorant and don’t know it!
            Now what were you saying about intelligence?



          3. gotabgood says

            You really worried about commies or did you see this sign somewhere and decided to use it?
            If you are concerned…. maybe you should pay a little more attention what is going on in the WH.


        5. Mathew Molk says

          Nice selfie

        6. Bill says

          Good post. It showcases the intelligence of a libtard, in case anyone was wondering. But they weren’t.

      2. Richard Alex says

        You are right.

        1. Delma Munoz says

          We may have our entire nation shut down..while the FRAUDS play…ping pong…with our lives…given the fact that the prior administrations donated NUKES and FUNDS to IRAN, North Korea and the ISLAMIC STATE: we are their designated INFIDELS…for their CALIFATE!

          1. AKLady says

            Why do you lie?

        2. AKLady says

          Apparently, you are too young to remember the consequences such a shut down has last time the game as played. We elect what are supposed to be adults and they engage in childish behavior — Play the game my way or I’ll take my toys and go home.

      3. PatriotGal says

        Retired, totally agree. Also, how about not have the House off for 120 days/yr and the Senate 93. The excuse is, they go home to be with their constituents…yeah right, they do. Can you believe that after the vote on Thurs/today, they’re off till May 16? They just returned a week ago last Mon. from two weeks “off to meet with their constituents” and now again. Mind you, we pay for a plane for SOH’ use for weekend trips home to WI, and did so when it was Pelosi, too, weekend trips home to San Francisco. Talk about a waste of taxpayer money. Let all Congressmen fly commercial the way we do. At least, they did stop paying Pelosi’s hundreds of thousands liquor bill. Wonder of we’re charged for their haircuts/manicures at the residential congressional “barbershop”?

        1. Steven Lewis says

          But, but, don’t you know it’s hard work to plot against and rob the American people? Rather than flying home, they should use Greyhound Bus?

          1. AKLady says

            Congress is elected by the people,
            Trump was appointed by the 4th Reich.

          2. dux nobis28 says

            Let them. be judged by thier actions then rather than Pelosi boozed up junkets at the taxpayers expense by the way you are an idiot!

          3. AKLady says

            The Russians bombers have returned to the Alaska coast.
            This time thry brought fighter escorts.
            The Russians have not played “chicken” since Reagan was in office.
            This is what your Saint Trump has brought about.
            But hey, why do you care, the threat is to Alaska.
            No, baby, it is a threat to the U.S.

          4. EnjoyzCoffee says

            AKLady is a AK-47 loving Muslim.

          5. Mary says

            Agree with you…..a drunk speech by Pelosi was so sad.

          6. AKLady says

            .More art theft.
            Plagiarism is stealing.

          7. Retired says

            Looks like some of your family members and not art .

          8. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            More ignorance and lies spewed by you and your evil hatred
            for America!

            Why do you lie?
            Why do you repeat your lies?
            Why are you a Liberal moron?
            Why are you a liberal thug?


          9. AKLady says

            More art theft.
            Plagiarism is stealing.

          10. Retired says

            All friends of AKLady .

          11. AKLady says

            More art theft.
            Plagiarism is stealing.

          12. AKLady says

            WAKE UP !!!

          13. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            It’s a crying shame that you never get any smarter.

          14. Joseph Prycodzien says

            All that one can do is hope that this repetitive fool will someday begin to learn and stop her constant rabble rousing.

          15. ldyhawk549 says

            AK(non)Lady wishes it actually could rabble rouse. The left sucks @ everything.

          16. EnjoyzCoffee says

            AKLady is an AK-47 carrying/loving Muslim.

          17. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          18. AKLady says

            It’s It’s a crying shame that you never get better informed.

          19. AKLady says

            It’s a crying shame that you never get any smarter.
            By now, you should have realized your insults are a waste of time.
            Poor think, you just cannot help yourself, no self control ….

          20. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Really? It would seem the insults ‘get under your skin’ just as intended. Your lame, repetitive retorts tell us all we need to know about you.

          21. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult, assume, exaggerate …repeat ad nauseam.
            Tedious, boring, repetitive …

          22. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Yes, like this one! Thanks for illustrating.

          23. AKLady says

            It’s It’s a crying shame that you never get any better informed.
            It’s It’s a crying shame that you never get any better educated.

          24. gearbox says

            Who’s nasty now !? And your no lady !

          25. Mary says

            Patriots will always beat
            Commies. No doubt.

          26. AKLady says

            1. The Founders were liberals.
            2. The Founders rioted.
            3. The Founders destroyed property …

          27. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            So, in your feeble mind, this justifies the anarchy we see daily from the left?

          28. AKLady says

            More plagiarism.
            Plagiarism is stealing.

          29. gotabgood says

            That happened JUST LIKE HE PROMISED!!!!
            does the word “CON” mean anything to you?

          30. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Sure it does. It’s a synonym for ‘CLINTON’. Now, ‘beagood’ little leftist and phuckoff.

          31. Retired says

            Yes YOU are a good Con Man or is it Con woman ????

          32. Mary says

            TRUMP and WE THE PEOPLE
            Will survive even if the commies block us.

          33. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            TRUMP was elected by Real America and the enemies of America is LIberal thugs, Progressive morons, democrackheads, low energy libbies and the Liberal bias hateful media…

            TRUMP WON REAL AMERICA WON Sit down AKLady you are a disgrace!

          34. AKLady says

            We the People do not elect a President.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.

            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Start with the Electoral College.

          35. Joseph Prycodzien says

            Get a life and stay off these posts since it is obvious that you are no more than another liberal with a big mouth to match your small thinking. Bye-bye, old fool!!

          36. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          37. Retired says

            GEE everybody has got your number , better go take your meds .

          38. Mary says

            And you.

          39. Retired says

            Moderator Troll .

          40. Robert Russell says

            Oh it’s you again! I want you to know that i voted for MR Trump the best president in our history & if you don’t like it you can kiss my a$$ snowflake Lib.

          41. AKLady says

            Sewer language.
            Name calling.
            I am just so impressed.

          42. Robert Russell says

            And all this time i thought you liked sewer language most of these post are 3 days old. Is that what turns you on looking at your 3 day old post? Are you on drugs? Or just loony?

          43. AKLady says

            Childish insults ..
            I am even more impressed.

          44. gearbox says

            Could be both Robert ! Just like most progressive libs !

          45. Vernon Devine says


          46. ldyhawk549 says

            Of course you’d know about sewers considering it’s your home.

          47. gearbox says

            Yeh , Yeh , Yeh Robert ! That’s telling the bi–h ! “MAGA”

          48. ldyhawk549 says

            Reagan is up there with the ‘best president’ too

          49. Vernon Devine says

            Worst President in my lifetime. Jail for him would be more appropriate than the White House. He is a disgusting human being, assaulting women, multiple bankruptcies, 3 wives, it goes on and on.

          50. gearbox says

            Your like s–t ak ! you’re everywhere , Which is bad news !

          51. Mary says

            TRUMP 2020
            SEPTEMBER 2017.

          52. AKLady says

            Are you stamping your feet to go with the screening?

          53. ldyhawk549 says

            AK(Non)Lady is of the 4th Reich …. or wants to be since noone else wants it.

          54. Debbiejwinchester says

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          55. ldyhawk549 says

            I vote for walking home or using a bicycle. It’s even cheaper than greyhound

        2. Jan says

          of course we are charged for their haircuts, they keep barbers 24/7 because excuse is, get this, Some times that is the only time they have to get haircuts, so they need them available 24/7, I think this came out when Ross Perot was running for president., limos, drivers, $75. meals for $10. $44. breakfasts.(Trey Gowdy brought attention the $44. breakfasts) all on the tax payer dime.

          1. AKLady says

            Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          2. Joseph Prycodzien says

            Hey, fool, give it a rest ! Just who or what do you imagine yourself to be ??
            You want a war of words ? Fine with me but I am used to a much better
            battleground and, obviously, you can never qualify .

          3. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult, assume, exaggerate …repeat ad nauseam.
            Tedious, boring, repetitive …

          4. Retired says

            Wow how intelligent ???? How old are you 2 is that what happens in old age you revert ????

          5. ldyhawk549 says

            2 yr olds are smarter tho.

          6. gearbox says

            She’s a low life progressive puddle of puke !

        3. Retired says

          They are as bad as our Educators today with time off and full time pay .

        4. depaz says

          Pay ’em per diem. Bet they’d spend more time on the Hill!!

        5. skisok says

          This needs to start at the top. All of the Mar a Lago trips need to be reduced to no more than once every other month. Why pay to lease the White House if he’s hardly there.

          1. AKLady says

            HE is rarely there. The White House is not good enough for his Communist educated and raised wife. That is a fact people: The First Lady is a born, raised and educated Communist.

          2. Retired says

            And you are a Muslim that hates the USA , she is a legal immigrant are YOU ??? You Married service members to get into the US .

          3. AKLady says

            U.S. Constitution, Amendment I

            CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

          4. Retired says

            More of the old BS . come back with something new .

          5. AKLady says

            You opinion of the Constitution is duly noted.
            Thank you for publishing it for the world to see.

          6. Retired says

            Still haven’t got the Knots out and more BS ????

          7. gearbox says

            I think the best thing to do about ak the bit-h , is to ignore her ! maybe she will slither under a rock somewhere or into a sewer !

          8. Retired says

            She a stubborn lonely old lady that likes to be picked on .

          9. Joseph Prycodzien says

            As stated by many others on these posts, you are attempting to create problems due to your simle mindedness. Get lost, feeble trouble maker, and the rest of us will continue posting subjects with more comprehension that the likes of you shall ever possess.

          10. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your comments are always welcome.
            They say so much about you.

          11. Jimmy King says

            AK Lady, what he means is stop posting and proving them wrong. They’d prefer to remain in their echo chamber, and stay uninformed and stupid

          12. AKLady says

            //More art theft.
            Plagiarism is stealing.

          13. AKLady says

            You posts are called lying.

          14. Retired says

            You do a good share of it yourself, yet it’s ok for you and not others .

          15. AKLady says

            Prove it.

          16. Retired says

            Your postings is proof , that’s why you added the block .Still got them knots in your panties ???????

          17. AKLady says

            “Your postings is proof”.
            Which is it, did you fail English or is it not your primary language?

          18. Retired says


          19. Joseph Prycodzien says

            The best method for fellow posters to follow is to simply ignore this ‘person’ and not respond to ‘her’ acidic remarks.

          20. pineapple says

            I blocked the bitch and have been happy ever since.

          21. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            We’ll be kinder. In your case they’re just called ‘stupidity’.

          22. AKLady says

            He actually gave credit to the original artist.
            My God, I am amazed!!!

          23. Mary says

            GOD’S NAME should not
            be verbalize by you….you are
            SATAN at the AMERICAN DOOR.

          24. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.
            I suspect you claim to be a Christian, as well as an American.

          25. eddyjames says

            Maybe…. but at least she’s hot.

          26. Retired says

            That is AKs Brother , she a Muslim like him .

          27. AKLady says

            .More stolen art.
            Plagiarism is stealing.

          28. dux nobis28 says

            At least she is a woman unlike Michelle or should I say Michael the ape!

          29. AKLady says

            Your racism embarrasses America.
            Seems your mother didn’t bring you up very well.

          30. skisok says

            Dux Nobis28 is an embarrassment to human beings, period.

          31. AKLady says

            More stolen art.
            Plagiarism is stealing.

          32. ldyhawk549 says

            Apes are cuter & far more intelligent than Moochelle/Micheal

          33. Richard Faith says

            I’m a great deal happier in not having first-hand knowledge of the latter. Too much information! Gross!

          34. dux nobis28 says

            Peanuts compared to obama’s vacations and the fortune spent dressing g up his gr. Y ape wife to con in e the world she was not a man

          35. skisok says

            That’s bullshit and you know it.

          36. AKLady says

            You call $11 million per day “peanuts”.

            Trump’s entire entourage is in travel status. YOu pay their food, clothing and shelter costs. That group includes FBI and Secrt Service, as well as his personal staff.

            On top of that, the Florida taxpayer is hit for thw additional security provided by state and local law enforcement. I assure you, his neighbors are nor happy.

          37. Mary says

            Our POTUS does not receive a
            salary, therefore it’s his money he’s spending.

          38. EnjoyzCoffee says

            AKLady is an AK-47 carrying Muslim. This person is also a baiter. Don’t take the bait. This person doesn’t stop. It must be their paid job to be here because this person baits conservatives on all these different articles.

          39. AKLady says

            Secret Service agents transportation costs — taxpayer expense.
            Secret Service food, clothing, shelter — taxpayer expense.

            FBI agents transportation costs– taxpayer expense.
            FBI food clothing, shelter — taxpaye5r expense,

            Local law enforcement overtime pay — taxpayer expense.
            Oresidential staff transportation costs– taxpayer expense
            Oh, and for your information, The Orange Wonder claims to donate his first-quarter salary to The National Park Service. The very National Parks he has stated he will close.

            Oh, and by the way, that “gift” is a charitable donation that becomes an income tax deduction.

          40. Richard Faith says

            Strangely enough, you never complained when obamA used the same benefits and protections of office.

          41. AKLady says

            Obama did not spend every weekend in Florida.
            The White House wasn’t too old, worn out, etc. for his wife and family to live in.
            Your comparison lacks validity.

          42. EnjoyzCoffee says

            (AKLady stands for AK-47 loving Muslim)… this person is a paid troll. All day long, day after day, they’re on these sites doing nothing but baiting. Don’t waste your time.

          43. Eleanor Cummings says

            Trolls get paid for each response they get, so I ignore them. I’ll be darned if I’LL fatten their liberal paychecks. When AKLady gets too annoying, I just tap the little x in the upper right corner of the comment and block her. They get paid by the response. It’s their job to divert us from commenting on the subject in the article. Pass this on, and don’t open a reply for a troll.

          44. Jimmy King says

            That’s not true. First off he said he would refuse to take a salary. Then when he became president he said he’s donate it. So we pay it, and get gets a write off . The annual salary is 400k According to the GOA each weekend spent at Mar a Lago costs $3.6 million You’re an idiot if you think its his money

          45. Mary says

            Thank you, for your kind explanation.
            The idiot.

          46. Jimmy King says

            You’re welcome. It’s ok. There are A LOT of stupid people on here

          47. EnjoyzCoffee says

            Where is your OUTRAGE at the $9 Trillion that went missing under Obama???? (That is nearly half the national debt, which also DRAMATICALLY increased under Obama.) And the 2 nukes that went missing? And all his golf weekends and his multi-million dollar vacations. You are a lying, baiting liberal. Probably a Muslim.

          48. Jimmy King says

            HAHAHA FAKE NEWS. 9 Trillion didn’t go “missing” Moron. Misaccounted for is different than “unaccounted for” You idiots believe any of the shit you’re fed. As far as golf and expenses. Trump has spent a far higher % of his presidency golfing and far more $$ on his weekend trips

      4. Vernon Devine says

        Screw you, idiot. You think such an outrageous action could actually happen. You are nuts if you believe that!

        1. Retired says

          You must be one living from Pay day to Pay day or is it welfare to the next welfare check .

          1. Vernon Devine says

            Working and enjoying it at 73.

          2. Vernon Devine says

            Your all wrong, but that should not surprise anyone, given that you are an idiot who does not need facts to get in his stupid way.

          3. Retired says

            2000coments and 0 votes , now who is the Idiot ????

          4. Vernon Devine says

            Neither of course. Have a Ph.D. and work as a professional. Guess your suppositions were way off!!

          5. Retired says

            Then why would you worry about a total Gov. shutdown unless you are involved with the Gov.

      5. Ppointy says

        It is all very well to suggest a complete repeal of the ACA (Which actually never was nor was ever intended to be AFFORDABLE)
        Something has to be put in it’s place, something that is affordable?

        1. Mathew Molk says


          Take the restrictions off the insurance companies and let them have at it. They will fight like pit bulls for our cash and the market will set the rates

          BEFORE Obozocare many organizations including the UNs WHO rated the hospitals in the word. – Out of the top 100 with their wonderful socialized medicine 2-were in Canada. With our broken healthcare system 51-were in the United States. That’s 51 out of the top 100. (The place that is surrounded with the Canuk license plates , right here in Cleveland Ohio USA,. was rated as the #1 hospital in the world. – The Cleveland Clinic. (How come the Canadians come here and pay top buck when they could get free hospitalazation at home?)

          Let’s just dump the ACA and break our healthcare system again like it was before so we don’t end up with a great health care like they have in Canada or Sweden,,,,,, or Afghanistan.

          1. SD of AZ says

            I agree that we should not be the socialist of the Americas. I also agree healthcare should not the government’s domain. But there is room for improvements even in a market model. We do need to let our negotiator in the white house loose and reign in the idiots in congress who cannot even spell BUDGET let alone manage the VA or SS and medicare!

          2. skisok says

            My dad was 100% rated disabled and got exceptional care at the VA.

          3. skisok says

            The Canadians coming here is a myth. Stop trying to sell that to intelligent people who do their research here. The market only works when you have full competition. It never works when you have oligopolies and monopolies. All one has to do is look at UPMC.

        2. glorybe2 says

          And if Trump was sane he would realize that the way to offer a new health system would be to run it in parallel with Obama Care in such a way that nobody got stranded or harmed and let the public decide which plan should remain after experiencing the coverage by both plans. How many dead bodies would we have to deal with if Obama Care was ended and it took a year to flesh out a complete new plan? This is so obvious that it acts as a proof that health care is not the real issue.

          1. KJHanover says

            huh? The govt wasn’t even in the health care business before Obama.
            They need to get out of it now. Just help the people who truly and legitimately need the help.

          2. glorybe2 says

            You need a reality check. Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, VA medical care and the Hubert Humphrey Act that requires hospitals to provide certain care were all in place well before Obama held office. The government has always been involved in health care one way or another. The current republican plan is designed to kill off people that the Nazis would have defined as defective or useless, just as they did in their nation. As automation replaces human workers the next move might be concentration camps to exterminate the unemployed as they swell into the tens of millions. Although hidden the right wing is closely following Nazi practices and doctrines. Their doctrine is that a person who can not afford health care should get no health care. It is a doctrine designed to murder tens of millions of Americans. Surely we have all seen the film of republicans giving the Nazi salute when Trump was appointed, but not elected, president.

          3. KJHanover says

            Of course there’s been Medicare, etc. I was referring to the health insurance for your everyday-Joe, which anyone with the brains of a mosquito would realize. Your post reads like a sick novel. Talk about a “reality check??” But then, you libs are all mentally ill.

        3. KJHanover says

          I say We the People should cancel Congress’ health insurance. We’re their employers, right?

          1. AKLady says

            They pay for their health care, just like you do.
            They buy their heath insurance the same place you do.

        4. Retired says

          To make health Insurance affordable get the Gov. out of health care and lift restrictions to let the insurance co. to cross borders . Prior illnesses should not stop people from getting reasonable coverage at a fair price.

          1. SD of AZ says

            The insurance usually put a rider on their insurance for a year or two for the specific health issue if the person seeking insurance was not part of a large group. And as we know, not everyone is with a large employer. And a short term rider was fine if they were gonna live past that date but in many cases the individuals were either critical or terminal.

            I hate health insurance and the companies that sell it but it is a market and the companies are in it to make money not for altruistic reasons. Thus the mess we see today that BO and the dem wits sought to address rather recklessly and secretly. And some of the problems are solvable as in breaking down the monopolies between state, county and federal borders, etc. Let em compete if they want. But servicing the few is gonna cost more than servicing the many in some areas. Just like the problem with airlines flying to little out of the way spots, etc.

            Other issues are not so easy to resolve. But I do also know many of the states even AZ that had great healthcare for their indigents who were unable to pay or in the problem groups. Things were not perfect but better than Obamacare and I would bet Rat Ryan’s program is as bad or worse than BOs. The government has not a clue about this complicated stuff and have proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt and obamacare was the result and the failure. Does anyone think Rat Ryan and the rinos will do better with the assistance of the dem wits, (and I mean that literally). Congress cannot manage a budget or the VA or SS, why would anyone trust them to manage our national healthcare. I DON’T!

            Solution go back to the market model and negotiate better and I believe we have a very competent negotiator sitting in the white house today for the tweaks! But get the congress out of it, especially the worm Rat Ryan!

          2. Retired says

            Good post . It will be interesting to find out the real facts of what the House just passed .

          3. SD of AZ says

            Insurance, real estate and taxes were my special interests with a programming background and all has aided me throughout the years even into retirement. I hate to be down about something I have not even seen but this bunch currently in congress have already demonstrated their lack of expertise with the obamacare fiasco on the dem wit side to start with.

            And knowing what I do about the backgrounds of the representatives and senators sitting today, I am not encouraged. But we have to deal with the what is, not the what ifs. So as you have noted, we shall see what just passed in the house since the senate will rubber stamp it anyway. It pleases the rinos and the dem wits, enough said. It is undoubtedly bad for us and they will exempt themselves out of all of it.

          4. Retired says

            I have always felt there is something hidden in the ACA that no one wants to talk about , if it is not abolished completely we are screwed worse than under Obama .There is a reason that SCOTUS called it a tax and not health care .

          5. SD of AZ says

            I think you are discussing a variety of elephants no one wants to talk about. As in all things done in the dark, eventually all of them do come to the light. And if I remember correctly labeling it a tax got him into trouble too but not enough. He and the dem wits by making it a tax very illegally usurped the ability to levy a tax. That would have taken more than just the dems in congress to do but somehow they got away with it. And with the usual business of this congress, nothing really happened with the rinos even when they had the chance to kill it! And it survives to this day as a healthcare hybrid tax on the working citizens. And I think that is just the tip of this iceburg dead ahead.

          6. skisok says

            That doesn’t work either. Some companies lowball, get all of the business and become oligopolies and monopolies. Then everyone who has any health issues get screwed.

          7. skisok says

            Insurance companies just screw everyone. They hire lawyers for one reason. To see what they can get away with not paying. I know of such a lawyer I grew up with.

        5. AKLady says

          Yes, let’s go back to letting people die because they cannot afford to buy health care. There is only two things better than the ACA: National Health Insurance or National Health Care. There are parts of America where the infant & maternal death rates are higher than many third-world countries.

      6. k9maiden says

        Our Founding Fathers did not intend Congress to be a job, it was intended to be a privilege to serve the American people. They work for us, this is NOT what this Congress thinks and hasn’t for some time, they make money off of us, they fight each other, they could care less about the American people they serve, only when it comes to a vote, then they will say anything it takes to get elected, and forget all their promises to their constituents. Clean the swamp, get educated people in Congress that are more interested in saving this great country than lining their pockets.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          It was refereed to as a” tour of duty in government” by them.

          Get in, do your job, and then back to civilian life….Just like getting drafted.

          1. Richard Faith says

            As a matter of fact, I have many times posted my opinion that we would be INFINITELY BETTER OFF if they WERE DRAFTED, as opposed to being elected. One single tour of duty, lifetime limit. The MAXIMUM period of tenure ANYONE should have in government service is the SHORTER of:
            1) One single term, and IN ONE SINGLE OFFICE ONLY, LIFETIME LIMIT;
            2) However long it takes to catch the person with his hand in the cookie jar, ONE SINGLE TIME.
            If this were DONE, the stranglehold that the Globalist CABAL has on our nation (via its SO-CALLEDLY “elected” stooges in government), would be BROKEN, as it well SHOULD HAVE BEEN, RETROACTIVELY ALL THE WAY BACK to the FOUNDING of our nation!

          2. AKLady says

            We the People elect Congress.
            If you don’t like the choices, why don’t you run for office?

        2. Jan says

          you are correct, I ever vote for career politicians, I would rather vote for a dog catcher,

          1. SD of AZ says

            It is time to drain the DC cesspool. It is much worse than a swamp!

          2. Brenda Sinclair says

            to drain the swamp president trump meant to drain pedophile swamp rats out of government, starting with obama and hillary child traffing, biden child rapes, kerry, podesta, pelosi, waters, warren,,dennis hasterm bob livingston, huma abedin, weiner, soros, kaine graham, mccain,cumming, clapper, comey, brennan,mark foley, just a few there are 30 in congress democrate offices right now to drain. but it is lifes most dangerous action to expose child traffcing and child pedophiles especially in government many have already been murdered who tried to expose people above and many more will be before swamp is fully drained of pedophiles in washington government right now president created a special unit with his daughter head of unit to take down child traffcifers and pedophiles, so far they are taking down the little men to tesify against the big elites in washington(obama

          3. skisok says

            He needs to start with himself. He’s part of the new swamp.

          4. AKLady says

            Russia is playing the threat game off the coast of Alaska.
            Congress is talking a walk-out.
            The people on this board are encouraging it.
            Are you all that detached from reality?

          5. Retired says

            Russia has been doing it for decades while you were asleep of what goes on in the world .

          6. AKLady says

            I live in Alaska, foolish one.
            Every time a plane takes off at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, I hear it.
            The overt threats stopped under Reagan.
            Our B-52s stopped flying to the Soviet border decades ago.

          7. Retired says

            You just proved that you don’t know anything about what goes on. The Cat and mouse game never stopped under any administration .By the time a plane goes up the Russians or Chinese are long gone , plus they would not use a B-52 .

          8. AKLady says

            Are you really that cognitively impaired?
            If you have not already, please see a medical professional very soon.

          9. Retired says

            I pass every year, so no need for a quack like you .

          10. AKLady says

            Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          11. dux nobis28 says

            Tag reed his daughter and her beefy eyed jew husband neo conKurchner!

          12. gearbox says

            WOW !

          13. dux nobis28 says

            Agreed Soros new boy in town is fellow Jew Kurchner !

        3. Richard Faith says

          Thanks to the evolution and existence of political parties (which was strongly opposed by George Washington), our electoral system has, decades ago, been hijacked by a CABAL of globalists who hand-pick the candidates for “both” part”ieS” and by that means own and operate what is in essence a ONE-PARTY SYSTEM. Once this fact is understood, it entirely ceases to be surprising that only a minority of those in government give an airborne copulation about the American people.

          1. AKLady says

            Paranoia, paranoia …
            No one is stopping you from running for office.

          2. Richard Faith says

            You are obviously oblivious to the fact that it takes a lot of money to place anyone into office, and that said money has to come from somewhere. That “somewhere” usually consists of individuals and organizations that strategically use their campaign contributions to advance their own agendas, which for the most part are not favorable to ordinary citizens. Certainly I could run for office, but I would lose because the big money would never favor me over any candidate who is more friendly to their agenda, and/or is more amenable to accepting an agenda on a “quid-pro-quo” basis in exchange for the campaign contributions.

        4. skisok says

          All politicians are the same including the current POTUS. We need more national referendums including Presidential and Congressional pay raises and benefits, whether and how much.

        5. gearbox says

          Absolutely k9 ! well said , I kinda think it would be good to get some tradesmen into our govt. , like plumbers , carpenters , iron workers , miners , nurses etc.

          1. Richard Faith says

            And engineers! We engineers specialize in learning how stuff works, and then applying that knowledge to the solution of real problems. We have also learned to watch out for unintended consequences. When something goes wrong with our designs, we perform failure analyses, and the results of same become part of our knowledge base. All of the above, to career POLLUTE-ticians, not so much.

          2. gearbox says

            I agree Richard ! I am a retired engineer , Don’t know why I forgot them ?

      7. delbert morris says

        They will need to remove Paul Ryan before they can repeal the UACA.

        1. Retired says

          You mean McCain and his followers as well as Demon Rats don’t you . It was just announced the new health bill passed .

      8. grinnie says

        Agreed Retired…..also mandatory is that they have the SAME health care We do…

        1. AKLady says

          The have the same health care you do.
          The ACA cut them off from the Federal Employee Benefits

      9. AKLady says

        Congressional staff salaries are not paid by the taxpayer.

        1. Retired says

          Their pay check fall out of the Sky and land on the desk .

          1. AKLady says

            They are not federal employees.
            They do not have access to federal employee benefits.
            The elected representative gets the same amount of taxpayer funding regardless of the number of employees that work for him.
            Maybe, you are jealous because you didn’t have that reference to put on your resume. Many young people actually work without pay, just for that reason.
            Oh, and by the way, Sen. Herb Kohl of Wisconsin never took a dime from the taxpayer. Unlike Trump, he didn’t lie about it.

          2. Retired says

            My friends Daughter worked for a congress man , She got paid and moving expenses coming and going , who do you think paid for her ???

          3. Retired says

            Herb Kohl was also a very rich Gay Democrat.

          4. AKLady says

            Trump is a very rich, abuser of women:

            You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it, you can do anything.

            Grab them by the p***y, you can do anything.

          5. Retired says

            Hey you like that Hollywood life style , maybe it’s past due for someone to grab you . I hear old women like you need attention once in a while and people like Trump ignore you . Maybe go down by the fishing docks and you might find a fish .

          6. AKLady says

            Thank you.

            Your input is always welcome

            It says so much about you.

          7. Retired says

            Glad to be of help .

      10. gearbox says

        You should not be retired , We could use common sense in Washington !

        1. Retired says

          Thanks , neither side wants to hear the facts that is why Trump has a hard time getting anywhere .Congress has to ask the lobbyist for the opinion first .

    2. gotabgood says

      Southern pride is showing the world what flag you stand behind! That was NEVER the flag of United States of America.
      You say it is a piece of our history.. so was burning witches, shall we make a flag of that. Symbols are great here is one you can probably associate with eagerly.

      1. BornAgainSouthernPride says

        Actually, It’s only there to troll libtards… thanks for playing.

        1. RockinOn says

          You caught one ! Gotabgood has the wrong name though ! Should be Libtard Cupcake !

      2. fishinjunki says

        MORONIC Shit for brains.

        1. pineapple says

          That’s why I blocked the bastard.

        1. gotabgood says

          You yell Russia, Russia, Russia… I do not know how you can connect any of the above to Russia…. maybe you can see the connection here….. arrows and explanation given to help the ones with lower than amoeba brain cells…

          1. RockinOn says

            Dems yell Russia, not Conservatives!

          2. gotabgood says

            maybe you are in denial…………… like any other facts of this world!!!

      3. k9maiden says

        The Hitler was BO and the Nazis were the Muslims, what part of providing weapons to the enemy do you not understand. ALSO, why is Communism better than Nazism? Please do tell. You liberals excuse and promote Communism and Socialism in this country, and you call Conservatives, who believe in a Capitalistic society, and who wants America to remain a Republic Nazis. News flash idiot, you cannot be a Nazi and believe in Capitalism or a Republic. But you can be a left winged loon, the new Democratic Socialist Party of America, of which over 70 Congressmen and women and Senators belong to, and want to change America into a Communist society. Get your brain out of your ass and stop calling Conservatives, who want to maintain a free society, Nazis, when your dictator, Furrer BO, and the Whore of Islam was about to destroy every aspect of this great country! If you want to debate fine, but apparently, like all your friends on here, you can’t, because you only have leftist propaganda and that just doesn’t work with intelligent people who cannot be brainwashed. Your profile tells it all, Satanist, evil, and vile.

        1. Richard Faith says

          Gadzooks! Jefferson must be a PROPHET! How did he find out about obamA”care”?

        2. gotabgood says

          You ask, what part of providing weapons to the enemy do you not understand.
          Maybe more than you…. the maker of Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda….

      4. Mathew Molk says

        As long as Hillery Clinton is on of the witches that get burned I’m all for it….You too, warlock.

        And just FYI, the swastika was used by Americana Indians,,,,Oops, Don’t want to offend you snowflakes….”Native Americans” many centuries before Hitler and the nazi party ever existed.

        1. gotabgood says

          I do not believe you.. sounds like alternative facts to me..

      5. mac12sam12 says

        So is the democrats stars and bars and the KKK.

        1. gotabgood says

          Ask David Duke who he voted for… that should answer your question.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            The KKK donated $20,000 to the Clinton campaign, and Will Quigg of the CA KKK endorsed her. Hillary’s mentor Byrd was in the KKK. That’s your history, Hoss.

          2. gotabgood says

            Basically not proven..
            But even as Trump said of the endorsement by David Duke, he said he couldn’t stop him from doing that… just as the so-called $20k anonymously donated couldn’t be stopped.

    3. pineapple says

      When the Republican congress refused to approve Bill Clinton’s budget, he got mad and shut the government down. The Republicans stuck to their guns and the world did not end.

      In fact, thanks to the Republicans, their was a budget surplus near the end of Clinton’s term.

      That was back when Republicans had testicular fortitude, unlike now.

        1. pineapple says

          Along with George Soros!

          1. k9maiden says

            Yes, I can’t figure out why some of those hits on the most evil man in the world hasn’t worked yet. That is one person I would rejoice in if he was no longer around to destroy the world and usher in his evil ideology. But I guess his sons are as bad as he is, so the entire family would have to go as well. They need an intervention, and they will get it in HELL with Hitler when they meet their maker.

          2. Richard Faith says

            obamA is just one of soro$$$$$$’s stooges. Also among the latter are hillarY, johN kerrY and johN mccaiN. Besides, there are hundreds of second-tier stooges.

    4. delbert morris says

      Make sure no Congressperson, Senator nor their staff get a paycheck. No retro pay, if they’re
      not working they don’t get paid.

    5. dux nobis28 says

      Absolutely shut it down and stop all bite rat paycheck!

    6. AKLady says

      Yes, a shut down is necessary to make the conversion to a Fascist state complete.

      1. BornAgainSouthernPride says

        If nothing else you are persistant buddy.

    7. Vernon Devine says

      What the hell does that comment mean??

  3. Craig Vandertie says

    The 60% minimum in favor of Presidential policies should never have been enacted anything above 50% favoring Presidential policy should automatically be enacted.

    Must have been that “illegal homosexual Kenyan nationalist moonie muslime puddle of toxic waste Bathhouse Barack Osama’s” idea, knowing that even if that “She Demon Succubus bitch Killary” won they were going to be out maneuvered in the Senate.

    Stupid unpatriotic policy and it needs to be rescinded.

    1. 1pepperman says

      I like the way you infuse truth with humor. Still chuckling. Good choice of wording.

    2. Vernon Devine says

      Fuck you asshole. You are an idiot. Obama was a great President, you are too dumb to realize it.

      1. pineapple says

        Obama by the Numbers: Is America Better Off Now than When Obama took Office?

        Compared with the situation eight years ago before President
        Obama took office, America is much worse off now in any number of ways.
        Here is a brief enumeration of several of them:

        The Economy

        For many people, the economic numbers for the U.S. tell most of the
        story of the Obama administration: the national debt increased while
        wages fell and the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) tanked.

        Indeed, Obama nearly doubled the national debt from $10.6 trillion in
        2009 to $20 trillion as of the end of 2016. So, in essence, Obama was
        responsible for almost half the entire national debt while effectively
        doubling it in dollar terms. In fact, he increased the national debt
        more than all previous U.S. presidents combined.

        Partially as a result, Standard & Poor’s downgraded the U.S.’s
        credit rating, and there were multiple debt ceiling crises in Congress,
        including a two-week shutdown of the government in 2013.

        At the same time, the U.S. economy as a whole grew at a dismal
        average of 2.1 percent during Obama’s tenure, and the highest growth
        Obama could boast during his two terms as president was 2.6 percent in

        Obama didn’t have a single year where the economy grew by at least
        three percent, whereas from 1790 to 2000, U.S. GDP grew an average of
        3.79 percent per year. The longest previous similar downturn only lasted
        four years, and that was in the Great Depression. These figures are
        dreadful for a modern administration and represent the fourth-worst GDP
        numbers for any president in U.S. history so far.

        And finally, American median household income still has not recovered
        to pre-2008 levels of approximately $57,500, adjusted for inflation.
        This means that the multi-decade trend of most Americans’ incomes
        stagnating or falling has simply continued.

        The above numbers, along with the amount of deaths from foreign
        conflicts (see below), are one of the Obama presidency’s worst legacies.


        In some senses, U.S. citizens dodged a bullet on trade. Obama was
        trying his darndest to pass the Transpacific Partnership (TPP), the
        Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the Trade in
        Services Agreement (TISA) and other free-trade agreements before his
        term was up. In the time since Bill Clinton was president and signed the
        North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), nearly one-third of all
        American manufacturing jobs have disappeared.

        If any of the above deals went through, even more jobs would have
        left the country, and a few select billionaires would have gotten richer
        while more Americans would be out of work. In addition, U.S. citizens
        would be forced to accept lower quality standards for food, drugs and
        consumer goods imported from other countries.

        Obama got as far as passing fast-track authority for TPP in Congress,
        but wasn’t able to corral the votes for getting the actual agreement
        itself passed after Trump won the election. Thank goodness; Trump
        announced that the TPP would be killed on his first day in office.


        After the financial crisis of 2008, the economy tanked and millions
        of Americans lost their jobs. According to Obama’s own first Secretary
        of Labor, as many as one in three American men (out of approximately 96
        million people total not participating in the workforce) is still out of
        work due to the greatly diminished recovery that Obama’s administration
        has tried to portray as fully fledged.

        In fact, Obama’s nearly endless trumpeting of rosy job numbers in the
        last four years of his presidency (when official unemployment fell from
        8 percent to under 5 percent) was based on fudged numbers given by the
        Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). When one looks at official data and
        charts, there are asterisks next to the most recent years due to changes
        in the way the BLS calculates its figures.

        Another issue is that even if people have gotten jobs, as many as 94
        percent of them are from part-time work in what many euphemistically
        call “the gig economy” (read: low-paying service-sector jobs). If one
        becomes a waiter when one used to be a union card-carrying factory
        worker, almost surely a pay cut is involved.


        One of the reasons why job numbers and wages were so bad was because
        of illegal immigration during Obama’s two terms. Throughout Obama’s time
        in office, the number of illegal immigrants in the country remained
        roughly 11 million, or 3.5 percent of the country’s population.

        But the number of illegals in the nation’s workforce is roughly 8
        million, or 5 percent of those working or looking for work; the laws
        regarding employers hiring these people are not strict enough. Even with
        legal immigration, quotas on foreign-born H1-B visa laborers (currently
        at 85,000 per year) allow many transplants from other countries to grab
        high-tech jobs that could otherwise go to American workers.

        In the very worst cases, employers such as Disney and Toys R Us laid
        off Americans who had to train their less-well-paid foreign-born
        replacements. And to make matters worse, before the presidential
        election, both Hillary Clinton and Obama were promising to boost H1-B
        visa numbers even higher, which would have resulted in yet more job
        losses. This was likely due to billionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg and
        Larry Page donating millions of dollars to Democratic campaigns, such as
        the one for Hillary Clinton.

        Not only were immigrants a threat on the job front, they were and
        still are a threat on the security front. High-profile shootings in San
        Bernardino, California; Orlando, Florida and elsewhere left dozens of
        Americans dead from Islamic radicals who were followers of ISIS. Despite
        the obvious danger, Obama and Clinton wanted to vastly increase the
        number of Middle Eastern and other dangerous refugees into a system that
        has extremely poor vetting.

        Foreign Conflicts

        Why were all these immigrants leaving these Middle Eastern countries?
        It could very well be because the United States was bombing them. At
        least in the case of Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan and
        Pakistan, this was the case. In Syria alone, U.S. support for the
        “moderate rebel” opposition helped result in more than 400,000 civilian
        deaths, while tens of thousands more innocent people along with U.S.
        troops died in at least six other countries while Obama was in office.
        U.S. Special Forces are currently deployed in 134 countries globally, a
        123 percent increase under Obama.

        Of course, the Obama administration claims we were on the right side
        in all these conflicts, but foreign policy has not been Obama’s strong
        suit. Many analysts attribute the formation of ISIS to Obama’s pulling
        out of Iraq too early. Obama also released and transferred hundreds of
        prisoners from the U.S. facilities at Guantanamo Bay. At least a few of
        these prisoners have rejoined jihad movements to once again threaten the
        lives of U.S. soldiers.

        Race Relations

        Obama loves to talk about race and how the country needs to improve
        race relations. But under Obama’s policies and encouragement of social
        justice protesting by groups like Black Lives Matter, this improvement
        is not happening. Actually, in most cases, it’s just making matters

        In fact, it’s arguable that race relations now are rougher than
        they’ve been at any point in the last 20 to 30 years, as high-profile
        police brutality and murder cases have been covered seemingly nonstop by
        the media. From the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012 to the deaths of
        Eric Garner and Michael Brown in 2014 to the death in custody of Sandra
        Bland in 2015, protests and anti-police violence have claimed the lives
        of brave police officers.

        With each case, Obama has reminded Americans of how deep the divide
        is rather than attempting to heal the fissures that exist. He also has
        sought to undermine people’s faith in local police forces and said that
        protesting police action is a positive step. This ties in with:

        Crime and Murder Rates

        Something not spoken about much regarding the Obama administration is
        how much crime — especially the murder rate — has gone up during this
        time. The murder rate in the 25 largest cities across the nation went up
        by 11 percent from 2015 to 2016 and is set to rise again for 2016.

        In Obama’s hometown of Chicago, the data is even worse. For 2016, the
        homicide rate was 715 deaths, with 4379 people shot last year, an
        increase of 59 percent from 2015 when 2996 people were shot and 447
        died. Whether one can point the finger at the outgoing president
        specifically for this surge is admittedly debatable, but certainly, the
        dreadful economy played a part in this new crime trend, which Obama has
        grudgingly agreed with, mentioning “pockets of poverty that are highly
        segregated” in a recent interview.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          I keep telling everybody there were electricians on the bench before the election, now we are short 1200 guys in NE Ohio. And not for kitchens and bathrooms, either. All for Industrial and Commercial jobs.

        2. Eleanor Cummings says

          WHAT IS A HIJRAH???

          And yet another warning. Will we heed it? Thank God Trump won. WHAT IS HIJRAH?

          We understand far too little about Muslims leaving their homes. What is Hijrah? Obama is well educated in the Muslim religion since he studied it while living in Indonesia. He does not want this email to be spread all over the US because he wants us to be totally ignorant of what is really going on with the ISIL movement. All this turmoil now makes sense. Sad, and doesn’t bode well for us at all.

          So what is a Hijrah? Hijrah is when large scale mass migrations become invasions. What is happening in parts of Europe right now, actually appears to be a hijrah as the Quran describes it. This is NOT going to end well. Because it appears the policies of the liberal socialist leaders in Europe and the US do not want to keep their lands from being overrun

          Why? I couldn’t figure out why other Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, etc.) weren’t taking in refugees, so I started digging. Hijrah is jihad by emigration. It means moving to a new land in order to bring Islam there and is considered in Islam to be a holy and revered action. “And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance, and whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah.” Surah 4:100. So, if a Muslim dies in the process of immigrating to another country, that’s essentially the same as being a suicide bomber, his reward is automatic.

          This explains the great eagerness to undertake such a perilous journey. Muhammad and his followers emigrated from Mecca to Yathrib/Medina in 622 CE. It was there that he became a military leader though still uneducated. This is where all the commands to commit violence against unbelievers originated. It’s important to note that the Islamic calendar marks this as the beginning of Islam.

          1. EnjoyzCoffee says

            Good information. I copied it. Only Christians should not be worried, everyone else should be terrified. The NWO is going to happen, just not yet. Many are coming here and into Christian communities where God will take what Satan means for evil (the Hijrah you just referenced) and turn it around for the good. You might wonder how God can do that, but He will. Won’t it be wonderful when the Holy Spirit of God falls and a large number of these immigrant Muslims (just looking for heavenly rewards) accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! Ha! The Body of Christ is looking towards this great event where the largest harvest of souls will be won for the TRUE Kingdom of God (Christianity). Muslims are already coming to God and being baptized in Jesus Name in record numbers recently (google it). This is the beginning of the end-time harvest. This also includes the illegal Mexican immigration into the USA. All of these groups will be touched by the Spirit of God because they are not coming from Christian nations. God is reaching out to all people everywhere. By the way, I just read a news article that the UAE is one of the few places Christians can live in peace in the middle east:

          2. Eleanor Cummings says

            Revelations tells it all. It still may not be in our time, but it’s been promised, and He keeps His promises..

        3. EnjoyzCoffee says

          Did you also have the $9 Trillion (almost half our national debt) that went missing on his watch? And the missing nukes (think there were 2 of them). I copied your information. Thank you.

  4. Eric Hartman says

    “The core problem here can be divided into two main issues. One, the Democrats have decided, en masse, that they are not going to lift one finger to help Trump fulfill his signature campaign promises, no matter what he offers in return.” AWWWWwwwo. Poorpoor wittle tRump and the wittle CONservatives. Now you know how it felt to be Obama.

    1. Cheryl Detar says

      No worries, Eric. When the next mid-term elections, “wipe out” more DEMON-O-Rats, things will change. Even some of YOUR very own libatards are “growing up.” If it had not been for minorities, Trump would never been elected. They are the fastest group “growing up.”

      1. Eric Hartman says

        Think as you wish Ms Cheryl but don’t count your chickens before they are hatched 🙂

      2. ThomasThePaine says

        Wrong. . . Nothing will change: Both Repugnicans and DemonRATS are on the same side and against the American People!
        Only decorating 535 lampposts will allow Trump to do the job he was elected to do!

    2. fishinjunki says

      How could they (WE) know how it feels to be a braid dead, racist, baby murdering, America hating, terrorist supporting, queer, enemy of America, who’s married to a man?

      1. Eric Hartman says

        What?! Donald is Queer and Melonia is a MAN??

        1. Mathew Molk says

          “I know you are but what am I?”

          That;s the problem with you snowflakes. Never matured past the 6th grade and your safe zones remind you of the playground in elementary school.

          1. Eric Hartman says

            hahaha You’re pretty funny. “snowflakes” and “safe zones” Yeah, those are really a mature statements now ain’t they.

  5. Richard Bagenstose says

    your dreaming trump, you sign this , you won’t get jack sh*t the rest of your term,you will become a dead duck president, and democrats and rino’s will have what they want , the failure of donald trump

    1. borecrazy says

      Maybe-or maybe Americans will wake up and see what it is really like to run out of money? All the raising of the debt ceiling and wasted money spent on stimulus programs that fail is certainly not helping the country. Or are you proposing we just keep on doing it? Do you think Trump would have spent millions of our dollars bailing out banks and lending institutions and not had a provision that they had to show how the money was spent? Obama didn’t-and after the money was gone and they were asked, they said, “you never said we had to do that”. And Americans said, “oh well”, and we just moved on. It won’t be easy or comfortable, but that way of thinking has to stop!

  6. ThomasThePaine says

    We sure do: And a PERMANENT one. . . Only turning Washington DC into a radioactive wasteland can save America.

    1. borecrazy says

      Watch what you say-that’s what North Korea and the short, round one have in mind!

      1. ThomasThePaine says

        They’d be doing us a BIG favor!

      2. Mathew Molk says

        Short round, That’s a great idea…..Send a missile that was supposed to go over N Korria and …..SHORT ROUND! (If you ever had artillery support in combat you would know what I mean.)

        1. borecrazy says

          HaHaHa-I didn’t, but I know exactly what you mean!

        2. Chi Sam says

          Korea, you imbecile.

  7. Skippy says

    They need to shut it down, and explain to the American people why. Like Reagan did when he was president.
    They need to do real cuts to Government programs. Not the so called cuts. Only in Washington it’s called a cut when it’s not the full increase in spending they wanted.

  8. Borninbrooklyn says


  9. Robin Steve Kendall says

    the only way that Congress would get the hint is if they did not get paid during the Shutdown .If they get paid it will be buisness as usual

  10. Maria says

    Did you all hear that, we need more republicans in congress and senate, I say yes to that, but let’s make it republicans who are patriots and are loyal to President Trump, not the sell outs we now have,I could name a few.

    1. fishinjunki says

      We don’t need more Republicans, we need more Conservatives.

      1. Maria says

        Thats fine, the problem is that in Congress the majority is either Dems or Reps we don’t want more Dems, in reality we need those who are not against the Presidents agenda.

        1. Vernon Devine says

          Any intelligent person is against Idiot Trump’s agenda.

          1. Maria says

            Any intelligent and patriotic person would totally be for all things in President Trumps agenda. Liberals are air heads, their brains are up in the clouds, they do not think of consequences nor what is good for the future of our country nor its legal citizens.

          2. Vernon Devine says

            Trump is a poor excuse for a human being. A narcissist asshole is the extreme. Hope he gets impeached. He is a disgrace.

          3. Maria says

            In your dreams

          4. Vernon Devine says

            Actually it is true. Look at the description in Diagnostic manual published by the American Psychiatric Association.

          5. Vernon Devine says

            You are really describing idiot Trump, the man of 6 bankruptcies, 3 wives, and bragging that he can get away with touching women inappropriately. A true loser as a person.

          6. Maria says

            Well I believe he is much better than lying Hillary, because of her brave Patriots died. She is the loser, not only as a candidate but as a person.

          7. Vernon Devine says

            Idiot Trump has had 6 business bankruptcies and 3 marriages. Not evidence for good judgment there. Hopefully we can survive 4 years and get him out of a position he does not really have the personal qualities needed for that position.

          8. Maria says

            We’ll see, time will tell.

          9. Vernon Devine says

            Yes it will and Trump is already losing support. Poll confirms this.

      2. Vernon Devine says

        We need more liberals, not more stupid conservatives.

      3. Mathew Molk says

        I don’t care who they are,,,,Just so they are true AMERICANS.

    2. borecrazy says

      It would help if the Dems we already have in office thought of the country more and their party less!

      1. Maria says

        That’s right

    3. PatriotGal says


  11. David Rowley says

    Veto the spending and shut it down NOW. Why wait until September.

    1. gotabgood says

      That include the military spending?

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

        How does it feel loser sit back and watch Real America Run America!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Shayne Jenkins says

        Different accounts…. Maybe not all of them, but the military does not stop. Schools have never closed because of this. Science??? The politics of that don’t even count nowadays. Infrastructure – Yeah, buildings and bridges never moved anyway.

        1. gotabgood says

          Here is one article on schools… there are more to be found… try google..

      3. borecrazy says

        Scary, huh? It’s meant to be, that’s what running out of money really means! The left never seems to understand that when they use blackmail and coercion to get more money or raise the debt ceiling, it is not free-that’s why our national debt doubled in 8 years!

        1. Mathew Molk says

          In business when you are broke you STOP SPENDING MONEY!

          Time for the government to start living by real works rules and realities. My life was just fine before the EPA and OSHA. For starters close them down for good and then go after some more.

          1. borecrazy says

            That’s true-and one of my most steadfast beliefs! Our Government has always acted like because we are so big the fiscal rules don’t apply-the truth is if you have money problems you cut your expenses and work harder to increase your income.
            As for environmental regulations, while I think they need to be decreased because some have gotten ridiculous, the basic idea is a good one. We should have some handle on things we do and how it affects everything else. Often simple alterations in something is all that’s required and the EPA goes overboard-for example, the Alaskan Pipeline was an environmental hot topic for years because it would block the caribou migrations. As it turns out, raising the pipeline in spots made the difference, and the warm oil required for the proper flow helped the lichen the boo feed on grow so much better the Caribou camp out around the pipeline now! Many times the studies done are so focused on the possible bad they don’t even weigh in the good benefits! But, I just read a scary report about fracking in Pennsylvania where they have pretty conclusive evidence it is directly linked to the increased infant death in the area. It seems fracking releases several types of radioactive gases and elements into the water table, some of which, particularly Radon, have been known for a long time to cause development problems in infant heart, kidney, and neurological systems. So, there is a need for responsible regulation, but it has to be common sense. Like many government programs, they get carried away to the point that they start feeding themselves till they are regulating to our detriment! Interested in your viewpoint?

          1. borecrazy says

            So you send a chart showing the amount of PUBLIC debt incurred by each President, not GOVERNMENT debt? And put out by the DEMOCRAT LEADER? This to me looks like which Presidents gained the most public confidence, and the debt was probably due to home purchasing? Just a guess, but nice try!

          2. gotabgood says

            I realize that reading and math are only two of several downfalls of the rightwing …. BUT I did underline in RED where the source was.
            “Source; Treasury Department”
            AND I gave you a website so you could actually read it for yourself…. did you?
            hahahaha I know you didn’t!!!

          3. borecrazy says

            I saw that, did you see where it said it was comparing “Public Debt”, not National Debt? I didn’t waste my time looking it up because it is bogus information for the topic. I had said Our National Debt doubled (approximately) in the 8 years Obama was in office. That has been stated many times over, and is quite clear-

      4. Pamela Ellis says

        what about social security for the old and retired? medicare?

        1. Mathew Molk says

          Well I’m old and retired and if I have to waite for my check, I guess I’ll just have to wait. I have Anthem/Blue Cross instead of Medicare but even if I did have Medicare it’s the doctors that will have to wait for their checks. They will still see you if you are sick and they will gt paid anyway.

          Boy am I glad that the guys at Vallly Forge didn’t have a temper tantrum because their pay was late,,,,or shoes, or food.

          1. Pamela Ellis says

            And so as long as you are ok with it screw everybody else? They stole our hard earned money since WWII and now they screwed up, spent all of our money that was suppose to be FOR us at retirement; social security, medicare, unlawful income tax and even though they made billions in interest on our money, they spent that too! Wow and you are ok with it even if everyone else is going to have to struggle to eat but OH! you have yours! You sound like a conscious seared democrat to me!

        2. gotabgood says

          I was being sarcastic to David Rowley’s post.

      5. Mathew Molk says

        EVERYTHING. The guys in the Military will still do their jobs. Just one caveat. Since they will still be doing their job they get make up checks,,,,but unlike last time NOBODY else. You are laid off just like when we get laid off in the real world.

        And Science does does just fine in the private sector and I don’t know what federal education system there is other then on military bases but again we can do without them….PERMANENTLY.

        Let the government live by real works rules and realitys for a while.

        1. gotabgood says

          You really do want to take us back to the caveman days… well it is fitting, you love fossil fuel, why not live with them?
          You do not know what the government has done for businesses… example How many millions of dollars do the oil companies get in subsidies?
          And here is a list of YOUR states also receiving subsidies..
          Our military you agree with.. How many times have we defended OUR soil…. our land?
          We fight our wars in other countries, which makes us the aggressor.
          The government is suppose to be by the people, for the people… the government is to look after our own… need help with starting a business? Need help with education? Need help with your healthcare? it is all about people… not corporations! and banks.

  12. Joe Pewter says

    Trump can veto to force a shutdown..Trump is being put on the spot.. what will be his action??no more just blaming the punks..gotta take hard action NOW!…I’m f/ckin fed up

    1. Mathew Molk says

      That’s 2 of us. If he lets them get away with this I’m through with him and I was one of his strongest supporters from day one.

      If he doesn’t Veto them we will veto him.

  13. Murphmeister says

    Can we make it permanent?

        1. Mathew Molk says

          Would have been that way with the cackling witch too. Putin said she belonged running a stove, not a country.

      1. hangem'high says

        Really who’s in danger here?

        We haven’t won chet yet, Christians Wake Up!

        1. gotabgood says

          You don’t want the Christians to wake up…. it will be them that welcome the anti-christ… you see much like the Pharisees of old, the Christians do not pay attention to facts, or math or as far as that goes the bible and its instructions.
          It tells you to love your neighbor.. you want to build a wall to separate us. And the list goes on that Jesus said to do and you do not! He several times praised the heathens (paraphrased) and condemned his chosen people.
          As the Pharisees, when something doesn’t suit your life style, you change the law. Jesus doesn’t care about your style…. in fact if it is too high… you might be sent low.. something to think about unless you sold that capability along with your soul.

          1. hangem'high says

            The false in Christ will help the Jews bring in the anti- Christ


            The real Christians will know the truth, and be persecuted for his name sake!

          2. gotabgood says

            If you think persecution is a sign of being a follower of Christ….. look at your own life…..?????
            And the blacks and brown skins really must be Christians, they are persecuted, shot, choked. beat up and deported…
            From the looks of your video, it seems they are also brown skin.
            And no, The Jews will not bring in the anti-christ.

          3. hangem'high says

            Christians can be any skin tone or nationality, yes brown, black white can be persecuted for not being Christian but not for just being Christian.


            We’ll see this escalated in Europe in the next couple of years, against Christians and whites!

      2. Mathew Molk says

        More snowflake drivel

    1. Vernon Devine says

      Temporarily. You will lose in the long run. I would like to see Trump in jail.

  14. Dennis Anderson says

    I agree shut this sick twisted bunch of theifs down! What do I care if they go without a pay check? Chances are they wont in the first place they would just take a vacation. This could be a blessing then we can take them out on a permanent vacation. Remember we pay them to do a job for us and they havent for the past 24 years.

  15. gotabgood says

    Healthcare… this is why Trump calls for a shut down!!!?????
    What happens to the poor people of USA?
    This is what happens to the ones who have healthcare and/or well-off.. the opposite is true of the poor.. remember them? They are the ones you take away birth control, tell them they have to deliver the baby.
    Here is one case.. with a happy ending….. think of the thousands that don’t have a happy ending… only because of laws made by greedy people.

      1. Allen says

        Geez, what a much better looking country we would have had if those “people” had left. By the way, anyone going to waste their money on the new Amy Schumer “movie?” Appears more like a documentary.

      2. borecrazy says

        Really-and I’m not sure, but I don’t think any one of them did leave!

        1. Richard Faith says

          Sadly, they LIED.

    1. borecrazy says

      Just like a liberal-bring up the unfortunate, helpless poor people. Here’s an idea-if you can’t feed’em don’t breed’em!

      1. gotabgood says

        God said be fruitful and multiply!!
        Other than that… we had birth control… until some hobby horse lobbied against birth control…. so it is evident they like abortions, plus it is good for their business…. out law birth control… ban abortions… BANG just like that knitting needles increased in sales!!!!

    2. hangem'high says

      A millionaire crying over healthcare, what ‘cha want to bet he has something else then O Bummer care?

      Makes U wonder what what poor Goym mothers baby was sacrificed for his baby????

      1. gotabgood says

        You really are a heartless, soulless bastard… He was not crying over healthcare…. HE WAS CRYING OVER HIS NEW BORN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        He has healthcare… what it is…. YOU and I do not know… it could be ObamaCare.. YOU DON’T KNOW!!!!
        He was also concerned for the poor people that is about to get kicked off the insurance they have under ObamaCare and their baby would die without it!!
        What a creep you are..

        1. hangem'high says

          Could have fooled me? Maybe he could have been thankful to God that they found a fresh healthy heart for his baby??? But then maybe it wasn’t a coincidence, no tears for the donor.

          U asked me it was Kimble who was heartless just like his baby, only his baby is innocent!

          Even Rockefeller had 14 heart transplants! I doubt O bummer care would even give some trailer park recipient even one?

  16. amj2011 says

    Another President perhaps?

  17. Hopeful_One says

    I disagree with the President on this budget. Congress is continuously doing this garbage year after year after year. It doesn’t stop. The 60 vote rule needs to go now. this is not democratic rules, but minority rules, as a minority can stop the majority every time. It is foolishness. I’m for veto and putting the ball back in their court.

    On a more serious note, funding Planned Parenthood is continuing to take tax payer funds to prop up the largest abortion provider in the nation. It is blood money and makes all Americans – even pro lifers, complicit in murder of the unborn. The amount of money they get is about 2/3rd of a billion dollars! This criminal behavior of Congress must be checked. If the president won’t do this now, how does he think it will get easier in the fall? This was also a campaign promise of Trump to stop the funding of PP if they continue to do abortions. Seems like Trump thinks moral issues should be put on the back burner, but this is a national sin, and if we are forced into a war, we will not be backed by the Almighty. He will be backing our enemies.

    Paul Ryan is a bold faced liar. He is out of touch with reality and the American people. He is very much in touch with big business and the elite, but he is not serving this nation but his own self interest.

    1. Marcus says

      Exactly on all accounts. All the new RINOS need to be recalled and all the old RINOS need to be voted out. It’s scary to think of the future if this country and the people continue on this path.
      A Convention of States is needed at this point to get the government back in check.

    2. borecrazy says

      Ryan put on a good show about no longer opposing Trump and they are working together now. But he is STILL working for the multi-term, good old boys club Republicans who oppose Trump.They don’t want the gravy train boat to be rocked any more than the Democrats because they’ve spent years networking and building up a system that lines their pockets at the citizens expense! OUR EXPENSE! Maybe a government shutdown would make a difference, but now we have to wait till the fall-in the meantime we should be revisiting a crackdown on Congressional members term limits, and pass a law that they get the same health care and retirement as every U.S. citizen! And they no longer get to vote themselves raises! How in the hell did we ever give them THAT power? Congress has shielded itself from life as we know it for so long they no longer have a clue what it is like! Or maybe they just don’t care? And while I’m on a rant, how about sessions getting Grand Jury indictments against every Mayor and Governor in the country who boldly tells the Federal Government they aren’t going to obey Federal laws-they can do what they want? The Grand Jury Indictment means the Grand Jury has already weighed the evidence that they have broken Federal Laws and were given a chance to stop and refused. Since it is indisputable that they have, warrants for their arrests are much less likely to be contested. They will be of course, but it might show them Trump and the Attorney General mean business! Oh, and while we are at it, make the warrants personal, not against their office or position so all expenses of a court battle comes out of their personal wallets!

      1. Vernon Devine says

        You are nuts.

        1. borecrazy says

          Well thanks Vernon! But I can’t tell you just how little I care about what you think-

          1. Mathew Molk says

            That’s why I blocked him. – Don’t respond to trolls and they go away. We havn’t seen AK Lady for quite some time.

          2. borecrazy says

            Forgot about her-she was horrible! She did her research though!

          3. Richard Faith says

            She was intelligent, articulate, and (in a very twisted way) analytical. The problem is, she was just WRONG.

          4. borecrazy says

            Well put-thanks-

          5. Vernon Devine says

            Nor do I give a shit what you think.

      2. Mathew Molk says

        I’m all for it, but I am not at all sure Jeff Sessions even knows how to issue a warrant. All he seem to be good at is going on TV , avoiding questions, and flapping his gums.

        And I too need a little rant here.

        Sessions could have Commie Comey cleaning out his desk in 10 minutes. How ’bout getting with it?

        1. borecrazy says

          I think Sessions might just be laying the groundwork, to pull funds I believe the Executive branch has to give the Governors and Mayors an opportunity to cease & desist. He is being very public about doing that.
          As for Comey, there is still the question of WHY he came out with that announcement just days before the election? Then at the last minute he publicly announces there is not enough evidence to prosecute Hillary? I smell a rat who’s pulling comey’s strings…….

    3. Vernon Devine says

      Abortion is legal, idiot. If you do not like this you can always move to a different country. Great Supreme Court decision. It got rid of the illegal abortionists who were dangerous and it gave women the choice to either end a pregnancy or continue it. One of the most significant decisions of the Court that changed the status of women going forward.

      1. Hopeful_One says

        Legal for the last 44 years. Illegal before that for 241 years since our Declaration and long before that. It has always been immoral before God and godly men and women.

        1. Vernon Devine says

          You might start with how long has abortion been a safe procedure in the history of our country. Medical advances have made legal abortion safe for the pregnant woman and I am confident that for most of the existence of our country it would not have been seen safe as a procedure. I am very pleased that it has been a legal option since Roe v Wade so women have a choice whether to continue a pregnancy or not. The comment about immoral before God I call complete bullshit. You think you know what God thinks even IF there is a God. Pure bullcrap. Godly men and women is another stupid comment. You are so full of nonsense. It is a choice whether to continue a pregnancy or not and that is current reality in this country. Try living in reality not your fantasy world.

          1. Hopeful_One says

            You don’t seem to know about the thousands of women who are killed or irreparably harmed through abortion physically, not to mention millions emotionally and spiritually harmed. Then there is the fact that in every “successful” abortion a baby is torn apart or burned to death. It’s not safe for the baby now, is it?
            You may be pleased, but millions of others are not and I, for one, do not believe I should remain silent in the face of arrogant killers like yourself who support the slaughter of the unborn as if they are right. The reality is that over 60 millions innocent lives have been snuffed out because of people like you who sat on the Supreme Court and counted the lives of the innocent guilty and ripe for slaughter to support the selfishness of women.

          2. Vernon Devine says

            You need to move to another country. Your crazy ideas do not fit in an enlightened country like the U.S.

          3. Hopeful_One says

            Calling the barbarity of your thinking “enlightened” is laughable. My thinking resembles the founding fathers, while yours fits right in with communist progressives.

          4. Vernon Devine says

            I would not call something enlightening going back to the founding fathers, that was not an enlightened era. I do not fit with communist progressives, more liberal Americans. I do not see you as out of date.

          5. Hopeful_One says

            The founding fathers were more advanced in their thinking of government than any group of men before or since. Their main influence? God and the Bible and their Protestant Puritan and Separatist (Pilgrims) background. Their advanced thinking of government came from their advanced understanding of the Bible and the gospel intent to bring liberty not only to individuals, but peoples and governments. They clearly understood the concepts of liberty and tyranny, something most don’t grasp at all today. Those who call liberty the taking of innocent life are blinded indeed and more barbaric than they can possibly comprehend.

            Liberals are influenced by the progressive thinking of communist socialists and their twisted slant on personal liberties, which is actually licentiousness and the deprivation of liberty of others to push their own immoral agenda. True liberty considers God’s laws and the laws of nature

          6. Vernon Devine says

            Crazy. Try living in the modern era.

          7. EnjoyzCoffee says


          8. Vernon Devine says

            What a liar you are. They are not babies, they are not viable yet. Most are within first 3 months after conception. You could call them pre viable. Legal abortion done by a competent person such as at Planned Parenthood is very safe. Try not lying. Do not have an abortion if you are uncomfortable with it. The rest of the women who are comfortable can choose to terminate their pregnancy if they decide to. I am not a killer, idiot. I support abortion for women who do not want to continue their pregnancy and I think Roe v Wade was a great Supreme Court decision. Studies of women post abortion indicate they do well psychologically and physically. Planned Parenthood also provides birth control and hopefully more of these women will come in before they are pregnant and go on birth control. I do not think anyone would be unhappy to see abortion numbers go down.

          9. Vernon Devine says

            Try again, a fetus 2 or 3 months into development is not a baby. Baby meane it can survive outside the womb and that is about 7 months along at which time abortion would have been illegal for about for about 3 or 4 months. Try dealing with reality when dealing with this important issue. I find typically anti abortion people have trouble grasping reality in this area of conflicting opinions. I also will not be silent in the face of ill informed anti abortion radicals who do not know what they are talking about. They should at least question their ideas when the Supreme Court members decided there was a right to abortion and they are a hell of a lot smarter than you and your anti abortion associates. By the way abortions have always been around but before Roe v Wade they were not safe because they were done illegally by people without proper training. Anti abortion folks have made life difficult for health professional with engaging in despicable behavior in protests. I think you must know by now that Planned Parenthood will persevere in the face of asshole protesters to continue availability of legal abortion.

          10. Hopeful_One says

            So your argument is if I take a “fetus” out of the womb and it cannot survive on its own, it is not “viable,” so I have the right to kill it. Huh? That is insanity. Such an argument is foolish. No baby is meant to survive out of the womb until born. They are supposed to stay in the womb and are dependent upon the mother eating and breathing to stay alive. Most premature births need great care to survive and extraordinary means, but many do survive and grow up into strong, healthy people.

            You somehow think the Supreme Court members are like little gods that we should look to for wisdom and understanding. Again, a very foolish idea, considering these people are not medical doctors or theologians and understand neither the truth of life beginning at conception or how God gives each individual a unique soul and is their maker. You want me to question my ideas, but I’ve already d

          11. Vernon Devine says

            You can not think straight. I will try again. Most abortions occur during the first 3 months of pregnancy. During those months of pregnancy if a woman spontaneously gave birth the fetus would not survive, hence the term non viable. If a woman has an abortion during that time period, the pregnancy is not yet far along enough to survive so it is not yet at the point of being a survivable baby. It is not a big point but the anti abortion people like to say abortion is killing a baby and that is not true. If it was done at 7 months then saying it was killing a baby would have more truth.

          12. EnjoyzCoffee says

            It is you who cannot think straight, Comrade Vernon Devine. Ending life is murder. This isn’t a complicated subject, you commies just make it complicated in order to confuse the deaf, dumb, and blind masses into following your penchant for death and destruction. One thing leads to another with you godless creatures. Next it is legalized euthanasia. And once that takes hold and you put in another Obama in office, bye bye anyone you want to get rid of for any reason. You’ll have your “doctors” in place to legitimize the need for all the conservative Christian’s deaths that you’ll be processing for the sake of society. Until then, get lost you murdering psychopath.

          13. Eleanor Cummings says

            Legalized euthanasia bills already passed in some blue states. Look it up. About 5 – 6 now, I believe.

          14. EnjoyzCoffee says

            There you go. One thing leads to another with these killers.

          15. Vernon Devine says

            You are nuts. Abortion is legal in the early stages of pregnancy, a Supreme Court decision. You could move to another country if you want. Here women can choose to end a pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy. A great decision. You can believe anything you want but you cannot change the law regarding the LEGALITY of abortion.

          16. Vernon Devine says

            You are ignorant of realities around abortion. In the past I have taken time to try educate anti abortion idiots. I am stopping because it is a waste of time. Think whatever you want, no matter how stupid it is.

          17. Vernon Devine says

            I do not care what bullshit you believe, it is a free country. Abortion is legal early in the pregnancy and that is what I am concerned about and I believe it was a great Supreme Court decision.

          18. Vernon Devine says

            You are free to believe whatever you want. If you believe abortion is murder then I can understand that you might be very reluctant to have one. Likewise if you believe in God (many of us do not) you may attribute special meaning to each pregnancy and be reluctant to end an unwanted pregnancy. I would not be interested in convincing you otherwise, people have a right to their beliefs. Having said that, you are out of your mind about the Supreme Court. They base their decision on evidence presented to them by lawyers from both sides of the issue. The court decides which side has the stronger legal argument not which side is closer to their own belief. This is a legal issue related to the constitution and subsequent laws. The court decided that a woman has a constitutional right to have an abortion and that is what made abortion legal. I think it was a great decision and you obviously did not see it that way. The anti abortion crowd have been real assholes about it, picketing Planned Parenthood, demonstrating, etc. What makes sense to me is we respect differences of opinion on the issue and the antiabortion folks stop their nasty behavior. They can have unwanted children and the pro choice people can have abortions if they decide to and we all agree to get along civilly. This may seem radical to some but it seems consistent with a democracy.

          19. EnjoyzCoffee says

            Abortion was legal in the 1800s, but then it was outlawed and those who continued to do abortions were arrested and jailed, so this has happened before. But right now the American taxpayers are being FORCED to fund abortion, which most do not agree with. And the amount of money Planned Parenthood receives is unconscionable! The level abortion has been taken to (3rd Trimester abortions), is also not agreed to by the majority of voting and taxpaying American citizens. Also, Planned Parenthood does not give proper, balanced counsel for keeping babies. These baby killers do not show exactly what an abortion is by video, etc., which leaves the person in need of help at the mercy of those pro-death, greedy-as-hell abortionists. The abortion folks are the nastiest, aggressive breed around. They rake in BILLIONS on the back of confused, scared ladies and teens. This is emotional and physical abuse for these poor confused ladies and murder for the living human being inside of them.

            And this is not a democracy, it is a REPUBLIC!

          20. Vernon Devine says

            Who the hell was doing abortions in the 1800’s?? I do not think you have your facts straight. I can not imagine it was a safe procedure. Try dealing with the modern world. There is always things that are paid for by taxes that we may not like. We approve of different things, based on our values and beliefs. This is something we need to accept in a democracy.

          21. EnjoyzCoffee says

            Google it Comrade Vernon

          22. Vernon Devine says

            Obviously Planned Parenthood is a great example of a good provider for abortion. I do not know who Kermit Gosnell is. When an abortion is done in competent facility it is terminating a pregnancy that is not viable, I.e. Not developed enough to survive outside the womb and a potential baby perhaps you could call it but not a BABY since it has not reached the point of viability. This should not be that hard to understand.

          23. Vernon Devine says

            You are an illinformed idiot. Planned Parenthood is a not for profit organization. Third trimester abortions would have to have very special circumstances, most abortions occur in first trimester. If the pregnancy has progressed to point of viability (a point where the fetus might survive) abortion is done only to save the life of the mother. I do not know about whether there is an exception if the fetus has severe defects at that later point. Try getting educated about this excellent organization.

          24. EnjoyzCoffee says

            You are in the dark, so how can I expect you to see the truth. That is a serial killing machine of the most innocent and helpless among us. Your praise of this baby killing business is horrifying and you will eat your words one day. One of your wonderful Doctors:


            This is a HUGE money-making operation. Look up the occult + abortion. Sounds like blood sacrifice to me… wonder who wants all that blood sacrifice? I’ll give you a hint. 5 letters, starts with “S” and ends with “N”. You know, Hillary and Obama’s boss.

          25. Vernon Devine says

            You are an idiot. PP is a not for profit organization so you are truly full of shit. If you think it sounds like blood sacrifice you must be nuts. Anti abortion assholes are idiots. You do not approve of abortion, do not have one. But stay the fuck away from other people’s business. I would not look up occult and abortion because it has nothing to do with legal abortion nor Planned Parenthood. Are you just an idiot or mentally challenged??

          26. Vernon Devine says

            Third trimester abortions are rare and usually done because something has gone wrong with the ptegnancy.

          27. Vernon Devine says

            What you are saying is not true. Stop lying and grow up. Abortion is safe and legal and you are NOT going to change that. Encourage birth control that will reduce abortion numbers. This is not Rocket Science!

        2. Vernon Devine says

          So you know what God thinks, you are full of shit. Furthermore I do not believe we had the medical skills to do abortion safely for most of that 241 years. If you are opposed to abortion then do not have one but stay out of way for others to choose to have one. The best situation is for people to use birth control so they do not get pregnant in the first place. Of course the crazy Catholic Church opposes abortion and effective birth control for a really crazy position.

          1. Hopeful_One says

            You could know what God thinks, too, if you read your Bible. He calls all men, including Catholics, to repentance, because all men are corrupt in their thinking and behavior. Thinking that killing babies is an answer is more barbaric than cutting off hands of thieves like Muslims do.

          2. Vernon Devine says

            The Bible was written by men not God. God may or may not exist and if God exists which religion’s God exists? My vote would be there is not a God, the Bible had an oral history and then was written down by human beings. With freedom of religion people are free to believe whatever they want. It is typical of the Catholic religion to think they are the one true religion and other religions often follow suit in that type of belief as well. I sure do not believe I will learn what God thinks by reading the Christian Bible. I will only learn what ancient people believed not what realty is.

  18. Frank Gugino says

    An old saying is “if you find yourself getting deeper in a hole,the solution is, STOP DIGGING” !!!

  19. gotabgood says

    What possible reason did Trump do this? What could he possibly gain?
    At Trump admin’s urging, Argentina backs out of honoring President Jimmy Carter with highest award

  20. gotabgood says

    Reading through the posts, it is easy to see why Trump got elected. You people don’t have a ounce of common sense, less reasoning power and thinking capabilities are gone.

    1. fishinjunki says

      You must mean, shit for brains MORONS, like you.

      1. borecrazy says

        Bless you-that guy is really an ass!

    2. borecrazy says

      No-he got elected because so many like you think that way! Your way of thinking got us into this mess! And you seem to think to continue the same is okay. Well, it’s not!

      1. gotabgood says

        Oh… I said it right… but you spoke some truth also… we as Democrats have taken for granted the working class was and will always be on our side… trouble is they bought into the empty promises of Trump.. and no one called him out on his false claims, his running mates in the primaries, the news media gobbled up the high ratings and gave him free air time to say more bullshit and to deny the bullshit he said earlier in the day, because now he is in a different location.
        The working families are still Democrats, but we/they counted them without asking them. I think the lesson was learned… I hope the lesson was learned.
        We cannot afford to go through these 4 years of trump, let alone another 4 years.
        In his first 100… we are in a serious conflict with North Korea… ANOTHER LOOSE CANNON….

        1. borecrazy says

          No-Hillary lost because she was a horrible candidate. Siphoning money from the country and using illegal transactions from selling influence in America to foreign concerns. Illegally sending classified documents through an unsecured server leaving America vulnerable. And having no new stance on anything, but using Obama’s, which many had figured out weren’t working. Her whole campaign was about bad mouthing Trump, and part of that was labeling him a loose cannon. Well, many Americans don’t see it that way-I guess compared to the Obama way, backing down, apologizing for America, and even trying to use OUR money to pay bullies not to hurt us. It made us look weak, embarrassed Americans, and empowered those who would do us harm. We had had 8 years too much of that already. So if standing up to the likes of Hezbollah, Iran, and North Korea is being a loose cannon, it is just a name. To many it means only that America is back, the Big Dog in the neighborhood, the country that helps and supports our allies and joins or often leads the fight against injustice and crimes against Humanity around the World. Back in the Winners circle, instead of being the country that draws lines in the sand and does nothing when it is crossed, that bows to others and orders our troops not to fire back at an enemy firing from mosques! Finally we have a leader once again who has a backbone!

          1. EnjoyzCoffee says

            Trump has a backbone, faith in God, integrity, character, strength, strong family values, strong Christian values, loves America, deals honestly with people, stands up for the unborn… I could go on all night. He is a delight to have in the WH! The exact opposite of what we’ve had in the WH and gov’t. This country is our Christian heritage and we’re not letting it go without a fight… same as our Founding Fathers did. This ungodly horde is in the dark and we’ve got God’s wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to light our way to victory over and over and over and over and over again.

          2. borecrazy says

            Exactly! Thank you!

    3. Vernon Devine says

      Well said!

    4. hangem'high says

      It’s OK, you can hang out with us,

      at least, as long as U feel normal!

  21. Terry Cornell says

    What is really nice about this is that the last time the government shut down; nobody missed it. The essential things still kept running. They can shut it down all they want and nobody is going to miss it except government workers with no paychecks.

    1. borecrazy says

      And all of us who rely on social security and medicare/medical?

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Like my wife and me? – I have Anthem/Bluecross instead of medicare but if you have to go to the Doctor they are the ones who will have to wait to get paid. You will be seen.

        As for “MY CHECK” – We will have to wait, just like the guys at Vally Forge, Bastogne, and Chosin Reservoir. (When ever I think I got it bad I think of them)

        Freedom isn’t free.- You stand up to them now or the Marxists win.

        Sometimes we all have to bleed to water the liberty tree.

        1. Chi Sam says

          Valley, stupid…just like the common word ‘valley’.

        2. borecrazy says

          And me-although I had a guy that responded say SS checks and Medicare payments will continue even if there is a shutdown? Don’t know if he knows for sure or it was wishful thinking.
          As for standing up to adversity, I wish the Republicans had done a lot more of it when Obama was free-reining it! We might not have a lot of the problems we face now! Many people have said we won the election but it still seems the liberals are running the country? That’s only because they are not in power, but they can still oppose everything Trump tries to do. I keep wondering why Republicans didn’t do that when ole purple lips was in office?

      2. Terry Cornell says

        No, they really do keep that coming. Shutting down the government doesn’t shut down everything. As I said earlier, the essential things still keep running.

        1. Richard Faith says

          A little suffering now, to avoid a total takeover of our country, is a worthy sacrifice.

    2. Mathew Molk says

      Yea. but the bastards all got paid for the time they were off. It was a paid vacation for them. This time no checks. Get your waiting weeks in and file for unemployment,,,,with people that are not there LMAO.

      In all honesty, I don’t know if federal employees qualify for unemployment ?????

  22. Meatface says

    Shut it down shut it down now!