Trump Won’t Back Down From Pope


So, why don’t we let The New York Times set the tone for this odd development in the 2016 Republican primaries:

In his most audacious attack yet on a revered public figure, Donald J. Trump veered into risky political territory on Thursday as he denounced Pope Francis, seeking to galvanize Republicans who worry about border security and appeal to evangelical voters who regard Francis as too liberal.

His most audacious attack yet. Remember that as we delve into what happened here.

This started when Pope Francis was on his way back from a six-day sojourn through Mexico. A reporter asked him what he thought about Trump’s plan to put a stop to illegal immigration. Francis said, “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the gospel.”

Okay, so already we can see that Trump did not “launch” an attack. His comments, which we’ll get to momentarily, were a response to an attack from the pontiff.

In a statement, Trump said that it was “disgraceful” for the Pope to cast doubt on his religious beliefs. “No leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man’s religion or faith,” he said. “If and when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS, which as everyone knows is ISIS’s ultimate trophy, I can promise you that the Pope would have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been president.”

All right, so that’s the whole thing. That’s all there is, other than some subsequent Trump comments that downplayed the “feud.” Now let’s take a look at some of the ways the Times described this in the article.

the presidential campaign’s most revealing example of Mr. Trump’s emotional instinct to make punching bags of those who cross him

“Mr. Trump now adds Pope Francis to his list of people who, after having a policy disagreement, he insults and slurs,” said Russ Schriefer…

many of these voters are Catholics who, whether they like Francis or not, may blanch at Mr. Trump’s denouncing the pope for advocating the church’s position favoring compassion toward immigrants.

If you need to, go back and read Trump’s original response. In what world is what Francis said a “policy disagreement” and what Trump said an attack filled with “insults and slurs”?

Donald Trump has been relentlessly un-PC and controversial since throwing his hat into the race, but he is not nearly as outrageous as the liberal media makes him out to be. This is a prime example of the media rushing to condemn him for comments he simply didn’t make. What is it about the Pope that makes him immune to criticism? He’s just a man. Sorry, but it’s true. And if he slammed Hillary Clinton for not being a Christian because of her stance on abortion, the media wouldn’t have one word to say about any Democrat who took umbrage.

  1. MAHB001 says

    I am with Trump on this one, he didn’t start it, if Trump stays on the high road I think he will win this against a politicized Pope…. Interesting.

    1. WAP1102 says

      Neither did the pope start it. He isimply responded to a question. What are you guys so nervous about?

      1. marlene says

        WRONG. If that were true, then YOU started it with your comment!! LOL

      2. 77099 says

        Because there are those who thinks the Pope is absolutely right no matter if he is wrong. He well could effect the Catholic vote. On the other hand there are those of us that might decide to vote FOR him out of spite.

        1. Kate says

          Are you a Roman Catholic ? I think not, the pope cannot tell a Catholic how to vote. His only infallibility is in matters of faith and morals. as passed from Jesus through the line of Peter. He can advise or suggest as any man (generic word) but Catholics don’t have to abide they can and should vote their conscious after doing their homework

      3. MAHB001 says

        This Pope is way to political, and OK with being used for the lefts political gains…

        Just think what he could/should have done when talking about Marriage and abortion.

        Bottom line, the Pope fell flat on this one. There is nothing to be worried about.

      4. Kate says

        Thank you wAP1102. 🙂
        People hear what they want not what is true. People also forget the pope was raised in a socialist country, which is what the left wants to make us ! So…if you don’t like Pope Francis’ views then you better do your home work and look for for the most constitutionally conservative candidate. Neither B. Sanders, H. Clinton or D. Trump qualify,
        As a man the pope is entitled to his opinion whether people like it or not.. sorry folks.

    2. Andrew says


  2. denniscerasoli says

    What people need to do is to not take the media overly seriously period because they are biased when they are not supposed to be,this is actually false reporting and they do it constantly.

    1. Suzy says

      The rules of engagement are to fight back against the opposition’s actions and lies, in order to get your “correct” message presented.

  3. mitchell says

    The Pope, was out of line,on his statement about Trump

    1. CCblogging says

      The pope is out of line period.

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says

    i am very confused when
    communists like muslim traitor and this pope
    want to destroy America, and call

    an American like Trump not a Christian who
    wants to protect America

    1. ShemSilber says

      I sympathize with your confusion. My personal opinion is that both our “POTUS” and the pope are traitors to the causes which they pretend to represent.

      This will all change when the Master Yahushua returns in power to restore the Kingdom to Israel, per Acts 1:1-11 and Zechariah 14, and all evils will be wiped off the face of the earth, including religion, which has all been thoroughly polluted by ha-satan. All of the Messiah’s enemies will become His footstool (Psalm 110), and He will generate peace over all the earth (Isaiah 2:1-4 and Micah 4:1-4). All who put their trust in the Messiah Yahushua will have everlasting life in peace and productivity, omein.

      1. Mrs. O says

        Amen to that Shem.

        1. Roger says


      2. Roger says

        You R A WPOS!

        1. ShemSilber says

          Brother Roger, if I knew the acronym you are using, I’d know how to answer or whether to let it just slide. Would you clarify? Thanks.

        2. marlene says

          Likewise, fool.

      3. don lavrich says

        right on shem. too bad the Lord didn’t fry satan after the incident in the garden of eden, we wouldn’t have the problems we have, but I guess He has a bigger plan then us humans can see. praise Yashua!

        1. ShemSilber says

          Omein, Brother Don! Just a very brief digest is about all I understand of His plans for us, but our Abba (Father) Yahuwah sent the Master Yahushua to do all this creation (John 1:1-18; Colossians 1:12-17). He formed us all in this temporary age as a testing ground for us to choose between life and blessing on the one hand or death and curses on the other (Deuteronomy 30:19). If on the one hand we don’t choose life, we will come to an end in the second death (Romans 6:23; Malachi 4:1-3 or 3:19-21 in the JPS version), but why do that when everlasting life is there for us to accept from Him? That life is available only through the Messiah Yahushua (John 3:16), and includes everlasting peace and productivity plus rewards according to our works.

          As for me and my house, we have chosen to make our Master the Captain of our lives, to lead us through these Dark Ages and into His everlasting Kingdom, omein!

          1. don lavrich says

            amen brother. I couldn’t have said it any better. Yashua is my savior, and hopefully we will meet on the other side someday. Bless you shem!

          2. ShemSilber says

            ABsolutely, that is our goal, and the Master is with us all the way to accomplish it, and we will know who each other is, along with the millions of others who have been made mishpacha (family) with our Abba and our Master, omein v’omein! Blessed be the Name of Yahuwah, the Name of His Son, and blessed be His Kingdom le-OLAM-va-ED (into the ages of the ages), omein!

          3. Btty says

            I think you would get further in your posts if you would use the name all Americans can relate to and that’s not Yashua but Jesus. I know your going to say it’s the same but just trying to clarify for some.

          4. ShemSilber says

            On the one hand, that’s a good point. On the other hand, some of us have found it more blessed to remember His Name and to promote it rather than cave in to the Greek-English changing of the Name. In Hebrew it has meaning, for Yahushua means “Yahuwah is Salvation,” and it loses meaning in the changing.

            Still, if one does not know better and one’s heart is right, there is still salvation in Him. I was saved for over 60 years before I began to learn the Hebrew roots and, through the intervention of the Master Yahushua in my life, joined others who have left Christianity behind and graduated to Hebrew Israelite, or Nazarene Israelite.

            Also, if people hear the Name now, they will be more ready to hear His real Name when they have left this temporary universe and have entered into His Presence. It will be less of a surprise for them then.

            Blessed by Yahuwah our Elohim, blessed be His Son our Master Yahushua, and blessed is His Kingdom into the ages of the ages, omein.

          5. Btty says

            I think your a bit hard headed. I would think you would want to reach more people. You could do that by using both names since they are both correct. Oh well, to each his own. It was just a suggestion.

          6. ShemSilber says

            Thank you for caring. The Master Yahushua made me with a hard head, and He has put it to some good use. He also has softened up my hard heart so that I am more like Him. As for remembering His Name, as our brother, the Apostle Paul quoted Him in Acts 20:35, it is a bigger blessing to give than it is to receive. Therefore I give Him the honor or remembering His Name instead of the blurring of His Name through inaccurate transliterations.

            According to Zephaniah 3:9, we will soon all be praising Him in the pure language, a reversal of the Tower of Babel confusion. We will be back with ancient Hebrew, in unison with our Abba Yahuwah and His #1 Son, Yahushua, omein.

          7. marlene says

            If you know “Yeshua” is Jesus – why play dumb?

          8. Btty says

            Oh look someone rattled marlene’s cage. Your stupidity is astounding. If you kept your mouth shut no one would know but alas you don’t know how.

          9. Suzy says

            Oh, please! Where are you from? No one wants nor needs for you to spell out details of your PERSONAL religious books to us. in the United States, people follow their own similar religion.

      4. Suzy says

        How confusing! I don’t care to know nor understand your religion. I guess you think that no one else, except you, knows what is written in the bibles of many religions.

        1. ShemSilber says

          Just as I sympathized with the confusion of MuslimLuvChrist (above), so I symathize with yours. Frankly, there are a growing number of us, not just myself, who have given up on religion, because all of it is so polluted with the devil’s deceptions. Those deceptions are what have you confused, and not any of my statements.

          There are growing numbers of people who are becoming less confused by simply believing what the Scriptures tell us rather than what the churches or synagogues propound about what they say it says. When we read our meaning into the Word, as we are all guilty of doing, until we learn better, we only confuse ourselves. When we pray for the guidance of the Spirit of Yahuwah our Creator to help us to understand what He is telling us, that’s when our confusion begins to be dispelled and we begin to see things clearly.

          For instance, when we believe the Master Yahushua’s (Jesus’) statement as in Matthew 22:35-40 that the two main commandments of the Torah are wholehearted love to Yahuwah our Mighty One and love to neighbor as to self and we begin to ask the Master Yahushua to show us the Way that obedience to these two commands lead us, He will begin to give light to our lives to help us to be both willing and joyful over our learning. Then He will gradually lead us into more light, until finally, when we leave this temporary universe, we enter the Master Yahushua’s Presence with joy and relief at having been freed from these Dark Ages in which we live.

          May our Master Yahushua our Redeemer show you the truth that will make us all free, omein.

        2. marlene says

          LOL – and you DO???

    2. Suzy says

      Yep! The Pope doesn’t understand he should stay out of our politics! As a Catholic, I was taught to not judge other people,their religion, nor their politics. It’s hard to see this situation with the Pope’s off-handed comments.

      1. Btty says

        Suzy, he has a full time job keeping his pedophiles in check!

      2. glorybe2 says

        Are you unaware that Christ was heavily involved in politics? He also passed judgement on the religious beliefs and practices of others. What effect do you think “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars.” had on the ability of Rome to govern and maintain order. Or how about “pray not as the heathens do” or telling Jews that some labor was permissible on the Sabbath. If the pope simply states that killing people is wrong that in itself is an enormous political issue. Religious leaders should comment on legitimate matters of morality and not on traditional taboos. Trump is as immoral as a man can be.

    3. WAP1102 says

      The pool wants to destroy America? What are you drinking or smoking?

    4. Kate says

      Just because a man says he is Christian does not make it true. Holding up moms Bible means zip. He may well be Presbyterian but as far as I can tell he doesn’t practice his religion nor does he speak like a Christian, I’m not saying he’s not Christian just skeptical. Just would like to see more Christian like actions and words, but in the end I want to see the real D. Trump and this egotistical , vulgar loud mouth. If this is him well I up a creek. Sanders and Clinton are absolute no goes…

  5. Ddenney1 says

    The Pope doesn’t get to say anything about US politics! BUT Trump has walked back his statement slightly some time yesterday and was reported on Fox and Friends just NOW on Saturday! Trump said a couple of weeks ago that he can change and be whatever he needs to be for whomever he needs to deal with or words to that affect and that should make EVERYONE do a LITTLE background check on Trump’s history! He is a GREAT business man but saying he did NOT file bankruptcy then say he USED the laws on the books he is right! HE did not file PERSONAL bankruptcy but he DID file 4 times thru the courts to save him money on a couple of bad deals (4) exactly like Ted said! He also said it did not bother him, that others lost money because “they were big boys” and it was ok! NOW that’s who I want to be in business with how about you? Who do you think lies??? Rubio did flip on immigration and Trump changes his position some times in the same statement! I do not get how people do not hear this and believe ANYTHING he says without going to the effort to CHECK IT OUT!! Cruz 2016!! You do NOT lie when you play your competitors OWN WORDS!!!!! By the way did anybody besides me hear Trump in the first debate say HE NEVER ASKED GOD FOR FORGIVENESS???? How are Christians saved by God?? Admit you are a sinner and that YOU NEED FORGIVENESS!!!! IF Trump wins I will still vote for him but do NOT believe everything he says!

    1. DLynn says

      First, Trump toned it down some because apparently the Pope was not speaking English when he made this statement and a translator put his own spin on the Pope’s words. Don’t get me wrong – the Pope was still dwelling into an area that he shouldn’t have commented on. As was pointed out, the Pope lives inside the Vatican which has a HUGE wall surrounding it. He has a lot of security with him wherever he goes. Even a young priest commentator for Fox tried to say he didn’t believe the Pope meant it quite like he said it BUT that he should apologize and he believed the Pope would apologize. Mike Huckabee pointed out that God instructed the Israelites to build a wall – so walls are for security not a show of or lack of Christianity. As for Cruz – I have long admired him and in the beginning thought a dream team ticket would be Trump/Cruz (giving us a possible 16 yrs of Cruz – 8 as VP and 8 as President but Ted Cruz is tearing himself down. I do NOT believe it is Cruz but someone high up like Rick Tyler among his staffers that is making VERY BAD judgement calls on how to tear the other candidates down to make himself look better. First, Iowa where his crew stole votes from Ben Carson to hurt Trump. Ben Carson is a very nice man that has never had a bad word for anyone and did not deserve what happened to him. Yes, Cruz apologized but he also did not hold anyone accountable for what they did to Carson – and Carson often said “You can’t undo the damage but someone needs to be fired”. I totally agree w/ Carson – someone should have been fired. Now he superimposed Rubio’s head on a figure shaking hands with Obama. Yesterday I read where Trey Gowdy is mad and telling Cruz to stop w/ the robocalls that are indicating that Gowdy has rescinded his support for Rubio. I repeat – I do NOT believe Cruz is behind these fraudulent actions but he needs to get a handle on it fast or he is allowing someone to destroy any hope he has of ever being President. I am shocked and truly saddened by Cruz’s allowing this to go on. Yes, politicians do these kinds of things but that is the problem. I am fed up with the professional politicians and thought Trump, Cruz, and Carson were all different. There is so much focus on Trump that while he exaggerates, I’ve never heard him out and out lie. Carson has never lied – just uninformed – but I do not believe he has the experience that would make him a good President – and I don’t mean just political experience. He came from nothing to become a world famous doctor but no economic experience – and while a very honorable man, he has made some bad choices in close friends.

    2. H.P. says

      Lets put it this way, I believe a lot more of what Mr. Trump says then I do all the others put together! Go ahead & vote for one of the others & you will regret it later I promise .

    3. glorybe2 says

      I do not believe one word of what Trump says. He is the enemy.
      In America anyone is free to express themselves including the pope or any foreign person.

  6. jscarano7 says

    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””DONALD TRUMP 2016
    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””DONALD TRUMP 2016
    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’DONALD TRUMP 2016

  7. Rodger K. Shull says

    The POPE needs to just pay attention to his church, an stay out of USA POLICY an POLITICS, he can,t even run his church, an who wants to hear from person that covers for PERVERTS an PEDOPHILES, an pay off people to keep quite about it. ?????, They are the MOB in a robe an cross, they come from the same place as the MOB in suits , remember that. Church an State, remain separated

    TRUMP for 2016 ,

    1. Croco Dile says

      There was an article 3 weeks ago about Christian Trump supporters.
      It’s an interesting read :

      Donald Trump and His Fans Viciously Attack Megyn Kelly, Accidentally Demonstrating Why Christianity is Failing So Hard.

      1. James keeling says

        No, Christianity is not falling, Pagans are increasing who worship a False God. What’s yours? Obama?

          1. Norma Robbins says

            The photo above, is not, of course, real. I don’t like the things the President does, but know he would not go out publicly with a shirt that has that on it. That was a camera trick. Of course, I think that everyone knows that, or should.

        1. delbert chaudoin says

          James keeling: Yes it is. Any time a christian backs down on their principles, fails to defend the truth or rise n riteous anger when their faith is being challenged or destroyed by politicians or beaurocrats through special privilege and protection for something that is condemmed by their teachings, their religion is not only failing, it has fallen. HARD.

      2. TAM44 says

        megyn kelly is a hack and thinks she’s Gods gift to man, I cannot stand that B—H. Go Mr. Trump all the way to the white. croco dile, the best part of you ran down your mothers leg at some cheap housesleazy mothel.

        1. Croco Dile says

          I see, you are real philosopher, crook 004.

          1. gerald Hughes says

            Stick it liberal dem bloodsucker

        2. Suzy says

          I used to watch Megyn Kelly’s news reports. She just say a lot of meaningless BS in s shrill voice. Also, what has “SHE” every done to HELP the U.S?

      3. don lavrich says

        there are more muslims and Chinese coming to Christ now, then ever. Christianity is exploding all over the world because people are waking up everywhere and the word is getting out more now then ever. where do you get your info about Christianity failing? you better do some research!

        1. Optimista says

          Just how christian is this Pope ?
          I believe he missed his calling. He would make a perfect running mate for Bernie Sanders.

        2. Croco Dile says

          Right, let’s do a simple Google search, Donny.

          The number of Americans who identify as Christian has fallen nearly eight percentage points in only seven years, according to a new survey.

          Pew Research Center found that 71% of Americans identified as Christian in 2014 – down from 78% in 2007.

          In the same period, Americans identifying as having no religion grew from 16% to 23%.

          Fifty-six million Americans do not observe any religion, the second largest community after Evangelicals.

          The United States still remains home to more Christians than any other nation, with roughly seven-in-ten continuing to identify with some branch of Christianity……….

          You seem to listen to your lying pastor only, Donny.

      4. WAP1102 says

        How do you logically connect Trumps criticism of Megyn Kelly with Christianity failing.

        1. Croco Dile says

          The answer should be easy if you have read the article.
          Did you ?
          No ?
          Why not ?

      5. Gerry Costa says

        Trump as of today has nothing to do with the shape this country is in and the demise of Christianity. Hopefully in January 2017 he will start having an affect on our status providing we still have a country when the muslim fraud and his libtard/retard demoRATS are done. The shape of this country has EVERYTHING to do with career politician’s corruptness and greed over the past 50 years. Your muslim in the WH has done everything he can do to drive Christians out of this country but he has failed at that just like all tyhe rest of his illegal schemes.

    2. gerald Hughes says

      Hear, hear

    3. Edward B. Levy says


      1. WAP1102 says

        The church frequently runs deficits and he is totally dependent on charity to support its charitable activities around the world.

        1. Sarajwallace3 says

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        2. denniscerasoli says

          The Vatican is very wealthy and they are into many things that heve nothing to do with religion.

        3. Bachelor With Sense says

          The Vatican is The Wealthiest Organization in the WORLD! The Vatican has built that wealth on the backs of the poor and by SELLING INDULGENCES! Read your History Books, or better yet, Read the Bible and understand that The Papacy (Vatican /Pope ) is THE BEAST of Revelation!

          1. marlene says


          2. slidenglide says

            I bet the Vatican has walls!

          3. ringostarr1 says

            I have read the Bible forwards and backwards several times an so far i somehow missed the “Gospel” of Trump. I think that “Bachelor With Sense” would do well to pack some Asbestos Jockey Shorts in his bug out bag, he’s going to need them in the Sweet Bye and Bye.

        4. Ron says

          Charity??? What do you think would happen to members if they didn’t tithe or pay the other graft demanded by their church?

      2. Dennis B Anderson says

        It seems our Government has taken a back seat to the whims and FIAT bills Obama throws at us. Every country has taken pot shots at us now we have a pontiff doing it. Its really easy to share and give away someone elses money intil its all gone. The pontiff is no banker and he thinks the US has deeper pockets than Wall Street talks about. He thinks we shouldnt be building a wall when he seems to live behind one as well. The only time he comes out from behind it is when theres money to be made off misery.

        1. Edward B. Levy says

          Well stated, Dennis

        2. slidenglide says

          It seems the Pope doesn’t know his Bible. God commanded Nehemiah to build a wall. I’m a Christian, a child of God’s this Pope or anyone else is any better than I am.

          1. Suzu M says

            (Did you mean to say ‘this Pope or anyone else is NOT any better than I am.” ?)
            If so, you are correct.
            And if we didn’t need walls built for protection, then why do our own HOUSES have walls? hm?

          2. slidenglide says

            If the Pope reads the same Bible I do, it speaks of walls being built and torn down in several places. If we are to stay the United States of America we have to build walls. These people coming into our beloved country do not respect our laws nor do they want to conform to our customs. They have left their countries for a better life, but they come here and want to change our country to what they left.

          3. Suzu M says

            Yes, though we ARE an eclectic society. All our families came from different countries with our different customs. The problem comes when they bring different GODS. Because societies with many different gods, can not stand long. That’s just the way it is. There would NEVER be any cohesiveness. Whereas, ONE GOD worshiped with different traditions has worked for a few hundred years, just fine. People are going to have to learn how to stay at home and learn how to fight for their right to live freely. JUST LIKE WE DID, and STILL have to do.

          4. Rodger K. Shull says

            Thank You SuzuM for this VERY GOOD COMMENT an the other one, VERY GOOD, an MAY GOD BLESS

      3. Andrew says

        You’ve said it all Mr. Levy. I love your comments and with you 100 percent.

        1. Edithjbernard4 says

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      4. Krampus says

        Don’t forget how the Pope condems TRUMP for building a wall but here the Pope hides in the Vatican with 200ft walls all the way around it. All the pedophile’s that they cover up for is discusting and they get away it. Why don’t the poor let any of those so called refugees inside those walls of his or is it because he would have competition in the pedophile’s program? Some people go for that holy shit and that’s fine with they choose that life but don’t ware blinders to the fact that these church’s are just as corrupt as that garbage in DC

        1. Kate says

          pedophiles come from every walk of life, doctors, lawyers, teachers, Rabbis, ministers etc. etc. how come no complains about how people protect them Let’s put ALL pedophiles away for life. No ones complain when others are protected just priest why the disparity.

          1. Krampus says

            Anybody that does sick shit like that to any child should be executed period. Well let’s see are priests supposed to be a man of God? Are priests somebody that your supposed to be able to trust and confess your sins to? Ya it’s a big deal when somebody stand at a podium talking about God 1 minute the turns around and does some major sick shit the next and then is protected by more of these so called godly men. I say execute every damn 1 and send their soul to hell. I personally don’t want any of my tax money going to house feed and cloth those pieces of shit gas em hang shoot them lethal injection electrocute I don’t care but execute and then cremate that garbage but don’t let them take another breath and get out to do it again because if you do your failing these innocent CHILDEREN and that is so very very wrong. Would you leave your CHILDEREN alone with a priest? If you would then maybe you should be right along side them. Not making them our to be anything other then what they are and that is somebody that needs taken out of SOCIETY permanently.

        2. Kate says

          I think the man he doth protest to much. As previously stated why only RC priest ? Pedophiles come from every walk of life and are well protected buy society. Get off FB and go learn about this abomination then do something to stop it ….expose it and protect the children. When I have been made aware of child molestation I have reported it, what have you done to stop this evil ? Or abortion anther atrocity on the lives of children yet the world supports that as if is perfectly ok. explain…

          1. Krampus says

            Nobody is disagreeing with you kate. It sounds like you are just looking for an argument because your a demotard. I think you need to reread my last comment and absorb what I said. I don’t care what walk of life a person is from. ALL PEDOPHILE’S SHOULD BE EXECUTED AND I DO MEAN ALL!!!! Do you comprehend the word ALL. Why do you want taxpayers to support garbage like that by locking them up for life? Maybe you have a family member or friend that in fact is a PEDOPHILE?. They all deserve 1 thing and that is EXECUTION!!!!. I have CHILDEREN and grandchildren and to be totally honest, if I caught 1 of those sick bastard’s I would save the taxpayers that prison term pension you suggest and I would feed the coyotes wolves bears whatever got to him 1st

          2. Kate says

            First and foremost I am not a demotard even if their was such a word and I dislike all 3 front runners. Secondly your nastiness does not impress me. My problem with people is, they only comment on bits and pieces of what they know or think they know. Everyone gets down on the Pope and the church as if they were the only organization with the problem. Society tends to ignore ALL other offenders, maybe you don’t, but that’s not the feeling I get from your post. Possibly you or one your children is a victim of molestation and your case was dismissed, if that is so then I am sorry. Professionals in ALL WALKS OF LIFE are protected by their peers and families. In case you don’t understand, pedophiles seek out jobs which will provide them with largest number of victims, from my discussion with people I find RC priest get the biggest condemnation, Rabbi’s and Minister are excluded from the possibility of such an act (but they do), teachers and scout master fall in the middle; aunts , uncles and family members are hidden at home and the largest number of people I’ve heard complaints about are medical doctors and neighbors.. I to have children , grandchildren and would do likewise to anyone who harmed them in any way. Where in any of my post do I say society should pay for them to be housed, fed and clothed ? Truthfully I think their families should bay for their incarceration and if the states choose to execute I would not protest.

          3. Krampus says

            None of my CHILDEREN nor myself have been molested. You say pedophile’s should be in prison for life correct? Well who do you think is going to pay for that? Taxpayers of course will have to foot the bill because their families won’t but through taxs. I wasn’t being nasty to you and if you think I was then I will apologize but my standing on all pedophile’s and rapests should be executed. They are very sick and they can not be rehabilitated no matter what anybody says. I also said they are from all walks of life and to have the supposed man if the cloth try and protect them and buy their way out of what some of these priests have done makes them just as guilty as the priest that does these very sick and twisted things to innocent children. Besides what makes a pope that hides behind 200ft walls all the way around the vatican and will not allow immigrants or refugees inside any better then you me or anybody else. He has no right to say anybody is anything especially when he himself won’t do it. If the Pope is a pedophile then he to must be executed and let him answer to this god people talk about if he gets there for his unsaveble sins. Nobody will change how I feel about this ever. EXECUTION is what should happen to anybody no matter who they are if they are a pedophile or rapeist period

      5. ringostarr1 says

        Jesus Christ said, “Give unto Cesar the things that are Cesar’s and render unto God the things that belong to God.” Unfortunately Thump needs to confiscate God’s bank account just to forestall The Donald’s 5th bankruptcy.

      6. Kate says

        The Pope never mentioned the spoiled brat. The pope is a man and has a God given right to his opinion that is not meddling if you like his opinion ok if not ok but he has the same right to his opinion as we do… even one we don’t like. No one not even Catholics are required to follow his teachings on political matters only on religious (faith & moral) .

      7. Michael Dennewitz says

        I’m not into Bashing anyone’s religious beliefs but, I personally don’t believe that ANY man should be elevated to that height. Many of my comrades died in the mud at Vietnam, and their last words were always said to their maker, not some man dressed in garb..

    4. WAP1102 says

      My goodness you must be stupid to make so many untrue and ignorant statements.

      1. Rodger K. Shull says

        My goodness you are the STUPID ONE. to believe in the Pope an the Catholic Church, they are the ones giving out the untrue statements, an you are the ignorant believer, of their statements. You are that sad one, GOD BLESS an I,ll pray for you

      2. marlene says

        LOL – tell it to the pope-on-a-rope!

    5. Andrew says

      Right on the money Mr. Shull. God Bless You.

      1. Rodger K. Shull says

        THANK YOU . Mr. Andrew . an MAY GOD BLESS, you an yours

        1. Andrew says

          We wish you all the best Mr. Shull.

    6. Danny Keys says

      Another spin by the revered NY Slimes that moves closer to yellow journalism with each publication of that rag. The fundamental rule of a journalist is to be objective. It is abudantly clear that they feel that rule is meant to be broken. They once again demonstrate that they’re nothing but a megaphone for the liberals (liberals, the epitome of a misnomer if ever there was one). Funny how his holiness failed to mention how the Catholic Church receives millions of dollars from our government in exchange for promoting and facilitating the settlement of so called refugees. Funny how there is a wall surrounding the Vatican City with armed security to make sure no one gets in. Funny how the Pontiff seeks to call Trump a non-Christian while he’s largely disgracefully silent when Christians across the globe are being crucufied, beheaded, burned alive, raped and other un-Christian-like acts of terror by all those peace-loving Muslims. Funny how he doesn’t call out all the middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia for not taking in a single refugee. What kind of bridge is the Pope interested in building? The bridge to the destruction of our nation. And he, along with the rest of the EU, are well on their way to their own destruction courtesy of the millions of refugees.

      1. Rodger K. Shull says

        VERY GOOD, an THANK YOU !!, The Catholic Church is as corrupt as our present government. it is all POWER MONEY CONTROL, DOWN TRODDEN the masses, the these few own good. the Catholic Church an Islam have a lot in common, we 1st the rest last,. Just another power that picks an chooses their battles, an they go after the defenseless, the hungry, the sick, the poor. VERY SAD , when Jesus returns, I hope his 1st stop is the Vatican, an he cleans house an takes all the wealth an gives it all to the oppressed

    7. Suzu M says

      Please keep in mind that a separation of Church and state ONLY MEANS that government can not order you around in your own church choice. It does NOT mean that Christians can not have say in government.
      However, I gotta say, “What does the POPE have to do with this?????” lame.
      Cruz 2016

    8. frosty7530 says

      Mr. Shull, you said it well! The church has historically had it’s good and bad times. Our country is also in a pretty bleak place right now, like the rest of the world. This Pope is very radical and I feel sorry for Catholics who are seeing their cherished values tossed to the wind by this pope. As a non-catholic, I really should not be commenting on the Pope, but since he has taken the opportunity of ignoring America’s custom of Separation of Church & State, we have the right to respond. He seems think he rules the world, but he does not, even though this current President seems to welcome him with open arms. It’s good to see others here defending our country from the likes of him.

      1. Kate says

        No you should not comment on the Church if you have no knowledge of it, nor should you comment on the Constitution until you have read and comprehend all it has to say, very simple document…there is not no such thing of separation of church and state.

    9. Obie Miller says

      I agree. ….and even though I don’t plan to vote for him(unless the is the republican nominee), I really do appreciate the fact that he is actually saying many things that all the other candidates are too “fearful” to say.

      1. Rodger K. Shull says

        Thank You, I to will vote for the republican candidate, but I want to see a person, who is not afraid to say, to some other county, that is not an ally of the USA, you are out of line an in bad form now JSTFU. an then ask/demand for our foreign aid/loan money back, an step on toes, not a back on the back person an tell them, tomorrow will be better.

    10. Kate says

      Amendment I

      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
      No such thing as separation of church and state. no prohibition of someone voicing an opinion on the views of another regardless of whether or not we approve.
      PEDOPHILES come from ALL walks of life, male and female , rich and poor, religious and professional . All but the poor have been afford the chance avoid retribution. If you think otherwise you are deluding yourself .

  8. kay says

    The Pope says anyone who want to build a wall to keep people out are not Christians yet he has a wall to protect him and keep people out. Does that mean the Pope isn’t a Christian? He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones and the Pope lives in a glass house. It is alright to protect himself but not for our citizens to be protected.

    1. Phyllis says

      I think I recall reading the jihadists want to take the Pope’s wall down for him, free of charge except for sawing off a few heads. And who knows, maybe after that they will give some real lessons on non consensual sex.

      1. kay says

        Hmm… Sounds to me as if the jhadist think the wall shows that the Pope isn’t a Christian since he doesn’t want to let them in or anyone else he doesn’t approve of first.

      2. OSAMA OBAMA says


  9. Dennis B Anderson says

    The thing is Obama doesnt get to make new laws he was put in office to protect and defend our constitution. He was put in office to protect our borders its been the american people to come up with what is known now as Kates Law. This wouldnt have happened if there hadnt been a sanctuary city deportation or a jailing of the man who shot Kate to death wouldnt have happened. How dare this pope wag his tongue when his very existence is taking money where ever he can get it. Hes nothing but a whore that can afford to have his rope cleaned to repeat the process.

  10. Michael Skok says

    He was in Mexico, so he had to kiss up to the Mexicans. As for the NY Times, that newspaper is owned by the Mexicans. Shame on anyone who reads the NY Times.

    1. Wapitiman says

      The NYT is not worth of lining my bird’s cage! The bird gets insulted and pouts as well as doing you-know-what all over the editorials!

      1. tropeau says

        LOL your bird has more brains than most progressives 🙂

      2. Mrs. O says

        The absolute perfect place for it Wapitiman.

      3. marlene says


    2. Mrs. O says

      I agree Michael. I hate that news rag.

    3. Brenda says

      He used similar dialogue when in America. He just did not pick out Trump.

  11. Roger Dodge says

    It is way passed time to hand out some hard lumps to this carnival US mainstream media for their relentless bias, spin, omission and outright lies they program into the mass population like lethal bullets to the brain. The whole point to honest and unbiased journalism in America is to give the electorate accurate information from which they can process, prioritize, discern and conclude on critical issues facing this nation, and respond at the polls. As it is, you get Barry Soetoros by the bucket full. SICK OF IT!!!!

    1. Suzy says

      THAT would be great to clean up the media! Freedom of Speech is not free! The news is just entertainment with a hint of some truth.

  12. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Ol Frankie should pay more attention to the sodomites in his “church” and less on America’s affairs. Interesting that the libTURD lefties vilify religious Christians until a fellow liberal, comes out of the closet, er, wood work. (Cough), hypocrites!

    1. Kate says

      First his name is Pope Francis not Frankie, don’t care if you like him or not but to disparage the pope is disparage Jesus, Another thing you and others who think like you may not realize PEDOFILES exist in every walk of life. They seek out children in ALL churches , school, hospitals etc., etc. . Don’t be surprised if one day you discover one in your own family. All but the financially poor pedophiles are protected by society. sad but true, I unfortunately know these facts to be true….

  13. ShemSilber says

    If the pope WERE a true representative of the Messiah Yahushua (Jesus), who told us, per Matthew 5:17-20, that He would not change or do away with even the smallest mark of the Torah or the prophets, and per Matthew 4:4 and Luke 4:4 that we live by every word that comes out of Yahuwah Almighty’s mouth, then he would be a strong advocate for keeping the commandments. He would speak out strongly and zealously against homosexuality, against the prenatal murder of millions of babies (all of which would put him at violent odds against the whole Democrat platform, which he doesn’t seem to be). But, as the Master Yahushua says, “By their fruits you shall know them” (Matthew 7:15-20). Therefore it appears to be a foregone conclusion that he is at best a pitifully poor representative of the Master Yahushua and not in a position even to pass judgment on anyone.

    Blessed be the Master Yahushua our Messiah, who is able to give us the strength and courage to deal with these Dark Ages in which we live and to bring us on into His eternal Kingdom. As the Apostle John prays, per Revelation (Apocalypse) 22:20, “Even so come, Master Yahushua, omein!” He will wipe all evils off the face of His creation and make the whole earth KOSHER, omein!

    1. Suzy says

      The Pope didn’t do away with any part of the Bible! LOL!

      1. ShemSilber says

        May I point out to you that the Bible condemns homosexuality, as in Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, and also in the Apostle Paul’s writing, 1Corinthians 6:9-11? And Paul got some to quit homosexuality and turn to the Creator’s Way instead, for he says “And such some of you were.” Does the pope speak out against this abomination? As you know, even the doctrine of the church speaks against murdering babies in the womb, and the Little Sisters of the Poor are taking a lot of flack from our “POTUS” because they won’t fund it. Isn’t the pope also obligated to speak out strongly against this? I haven’t heard it, and would be glad if he did. Those are just two instances out of many, not to mention that Catholic theologians have mentioned that the Bible speaks of keeping the Sabbath day holy instead of Sunday. Yet the church thinks it is above the Bible in authority.

        May the true love of the Master Yahushua our Redeemer shine into your life, for He is the One who saves us, and not any church or synagogue, omein.

  14. disqus_Patriot says

    Why is this Dude medaling in US politics? Trump has him pegged. Butt out Pope!
    Semper Fi

  15. jackhy says

    This Pope is an amazing man doing wonderful work except when he dabbles into current politics and acts like a left wing liberal! All this does is to foment needless wrangling from all sides!

    1. glorybe2 says

      No man can preach Jesus Christ without touching politics. For example slavery was a political issue and no real christian could tolerate slavery. So speaking out against vice and speaking out about politics are often identical. Roman soldiers gambled on Christ’s cape. Trump builds gambling casinos. Trump’s hotels serve alcohol. To a christian that describes a real servant of Satan. The pope has just said that during an epidemic using birth control is not a sin. In other words reality wins out over dogma. The man is a wonderful Pope and representative of Christ as is Jimmy Carter.

  16. BayMan says

    Let me start by saying I’m not a fan of the New York Times; therefore, I’m guilty of not having read the article/editorial. My question is, was this an article (therefore, construed as news) or an editorial (pure opinion). If this was an editorial it was nothing than more someone expressing an opinion and that is a freedom to which they are entitled. We are free to disagree (and apparently we do).

  17. glorybe2 says

    What would Jesus Christ have done? If Christ saw an impoverished mother trying to sneak across a border with her child He would have blessed her or even aided her. “If your son asks you for a fish will you hand him a stone?” exemplifies how we are taught to love others even at our own expense. No Christian would turn away the poor or oppressed. The pope was simply instructing people in the morality required by the church and by Christ, Himself.

    1. CCblogging says

      The pope is a false prophet calling for a one world religion. Watch this and see just how gullible you are.…

      1. glorybe2 says

        Yes, the pope would love all people to worship God. Good for him. He would also like to make up for some of the nonsense that has been common among almost all Christian sects.

      2. glorybe2 says

        Now, now, chill a bit. All of the apostles and disciples went forth to spread the Gospel unto all the nations. Their intention was to have one world religion. The pope is only doing what they did. Christ also sought a one world religion. “No man comes unto the Father but by Me.”

    2. Mrs. O says

      We get that but he had no authority to judge Trumps Christianity. Only God has the right to judge.

    3. Bird says

      The Bible makes it clear that those who violate laws are sinning, as are those who support or assist them in breaking the laws (Romans 13:1–7; 1 Peter 2:13–14; Titus 3:1–2). This principle applies to illegal immigrants and those who condone their continued violation of the law.

      1. glorybe2 says

        The very reason that the church never wanted to allow the Bible to be translated and distributed is that they wisely knew that it would confuse the public. For example the common error of not putting away the OT and using the OT to sabotage Christ’s teachings is one such error. The god of the OT was one sick, demented and perverted mess, who was thought to cause plagues and the murders of children and other horrors. The OT is simply the rantings of some very miserable tribal, primitives.

        1. Bird says

          Excuse me, you ARE confused…. Romans, I Peter and Titus are found in the NEW TESTAMENT!! These scriptures are easily understood by ANYONE who actually picks up the Bible and reads it. We don’t need a priest or a pope or even a protestant pastor to interpret His Word.

          1. glorybe2 says

            I have never suggested that Romans, 1 Peter and Titus were not part of the NT.
            Christ was concerned that His people followed the law as He knew full well they would be swept up and killed for the slightest excuse. In order for the faith to spread His followers needed to survive. Christ had delivered a revolutionary doctrine capable of destroying all worldly governments. All His followers needed to do was simply obey His teachings and governments and society as we know it would have ceased to exist. The brilliance of the NT was that it was promoting revolution but done in such a way that no single sentence could be used as an accusation against the powers that be. The Romans knew that and the Jews also knew that. Jesus was a Jew and Rome had beaten down the Jews severely. Obviously Christ wanted Rome to collapse. The Jews in that era were so astray and corrupt that Christ sought to bring His followers out from under the authority of Jewish law and control as well.
            Today we see much of the same as the wealthy powers in S.American nations often sponsor the murder of priests, nuns and missionaries from the protestant communities as well as these powers are very aware that preaching love, kindness and social justice will collapse the structure that allows them to be wealthy. It is much like the American cop who yanks a driver out of a car over a supposedly flickering tail light in order to trump up an arrest for some supposed serious offense. Active Christians can be in danger in many societies around the world.

          2. Bird says

            Thank you for the misguided lesson, ‘Catholicism 101’?….. I was always taught that God was in control! There are multiple passages in the Bible that teach us to obey the laws of the land (no secret messages or covert operations), we are told to show respect, even ‘pray for’ those who hold high positions because they are only there by God’s authority! Jesus knew in advance how each of his disciples would suffer and die…. their obeying or disobeying the law had nothing to do with it!! If Jesus wanted Rome to collapse…. all he had to do was speak the words! Our job is simply to repent and obey.

          3. glorybe2 says

            Jesus intended his remarks for all people, not just His disciples. There are three theories concerning whether God interferes with events in this world. The first is that God has created, now steps back and watches it all unfold without ever stepping into any situation. The second is that every now and then God chooses to step in for unknown reasons. The third camp believes that God constantly manages every little thing in the world. Obviously we must hope that that is not true as it would mean that god is allowing all of the horrors that we see displayed in this world.
            I suggest simply trying this out. Take one sentence that Christ spoke and follow through with the logical consequences of following that one sentence. For example the dance will start when you read “Take all that ye have and give it unto the poor.”. That’s a tasty little treat and I do know how people will try to wriggle out of it. For example : He only meant that for the saints, not normal people. Or imagine if you turned the other cheek and allowed someone to smite you 7 times 70. You would be dead as a door nail. Or “Pick up your cross and follow me.”. Explain that to the congregation and you will empty the church. What has happened is that very bad churches have fed people nonsense and tried not to preach the actual words uttered by Christ.
            The people of Florence built Saint Francis of Assisi a shack in an alley as he normally slept in the dirt or snow or wherever he could. One day he overheard someone mention Saint Frances’s house and he went immediately and destroyed the shack. It was so offensive to him that a true Christian might own a home or anything else that he felt he had to destroy that shack.
            Christian history is not what the people think it was.

          4. glorybe2 says

            Try rethinking what you read. Christ cloaked all of His messages in such a way that He would not be swept away for violating Jewish (OT) law. As an example, He said, “It is not what goes into a man,s mouth but what comes out of it ….” With that one simple sentence,He fractured the entire body of OT diet law. But make note He never told people to directly break OT dietary law. Another example, ” Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.” is a statement that if followed would have collapsed not only the Roman Empire but every empire that obeyed his directions. Think about it. All money was in coin form and it all had a king or Emporer stamped upon it. Christ was saying give all your money to the government. That would have made all money worthless and also destroyed all contracts that called for payment in coins. Now you could also read that as don’t cheat on your taxes. But being that Christ was a Jew and theJews were being crushed by the Roman Empire there is only one way to read that. Caesar owned nothing. Why do you think that Christ spoke in parables? It was so that He could not be directly accused of a crime. It is exactly why Pilate washed his hands of the case as Pilate could not point to a single Roman law that Christ had violated, yet all knew He was out to collapse the Roman Empire and Christ actually did that. Where could Rome get soldiers as the laws of christ reached Roman ears. No more stealing, rape, murder and plunder which is exactly how Roman soldiers got paid.

          5. glorybe2 says

            Yes, you do need some sort of minister as the vast majority of Christians do not have a clue about their own faith even after Bible study. Compare and contrast Christ’s words of “Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me.” with some blithering fool at the church door saying ” Oh bless you. Have a nice day.” If you are carrying your cross you won’t be having a nice day.

        2. Bird says

          By the way, Jesus himself said in Mark 16:15-16 (New Testament)
          “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.” He tells us to go to minister to THEM (widow, orphans, the needy, the lost…..), not to bring the world to us!

  18. Larry says

    Since when does another country’s so call leader and call’s God as his authority start telling another country what their political actions should be when voting. He has a Wall and armed guards all around him, so, who he who is he that “with his own sin”, He should not cast stones.

  19. junkmailbin says

    De bishop of Rome is getting way to lippy for a man who has a private army and lives in a walled city state inside another country that take in two immigrants a year. ( 5 year old boys).
    The Vatican got off easy in WW2 because the Nazi let them alone when they controlled Italy . The bishop and tools provided much needed help . ISIS wants to destroy Christianity so the Catholic Church is in their cross hairs.
    He bishop of rome need to stay out of politics and quit sounding like cheer leader for socialism

  20. MuslimLuvChrist says

    Christians stand on opposite sides of the illegal immigration debate:

    1) There are those who would tell us that Jesus would welcome illegals with open arms (love thy neighbor). In fact, we should help them navigate the bureaucracy so they can obtain a green card status and move on the rolls towards citizenship. This includes showing them all the welfare benefits they can obtain in that process of obtaining their green card and beyond.

    2) On the opposite bank stands what some would characterize as the “Law and Order” Christians, who say we should communicate the gospel to the lost, which requires us to point out their sins. This would include the sin of breaking into a country in violation of the law and using a system of legalized plunder known as welfare, all of which God’s Law clearly spells out as sin. These sinners should repent in the actions of making restitution to those whom they have broken in and stolen from.

    There are guidelines that will help in the formulation of just immigration. Turn to Exodus 12:43–48 to learn about the question of who is a Foreigner (stranger). And the Lord said unto Moses and Aaron, This is the ordinance of the passover: There shall no stranger eat thereof: But every man’s servant that is bought for money, when thou hast circumcised him, then shall he eat thereof. A foreigner shall not eat thereof. All the congregation of Israel shall keep it. And when a stranger shall sojourn with thee, and will keep the passover to the Lord, let all his males be circumcised, and then let him come near and keep it; and he shall be as one that is born in the land: for no uncircumcised person shall eat thereof.
    (talk about castration anxiety)
    We see that the question regarding who was native-born and circumcised or became a member of the covenanted community through circumcision had a special status, the privilege of partaking of Passover. We find in the Old Testament that there is a sharp distinction between the native-born (what we might call a citizen, a neighbor) and those who were outside the covenant (a stranger, a foreigner). The former had many responsibilities the latter did not have. Our immigration laws are this old and this simple: Legally assimilate into America to become part of “the covenanted community” “the melting pot” to become a citizen to make America better,


    1. James keeling says

      Great point!!!

    2. glorybe2 says

      Jesus replaced all that is in the OT. The OT is a void contract and should never be followed by any Christian. Essentially it is Jewish, tribal law. The very reason the NT exists is that the OT wasn’t worth a hoot.

      1. Suzy says


  21. CCblogging says

    I believe that this pope is the false prophet that the Bible warned us about. This video says it all or should I say, this pope says it all. It is of the pope meeting with Muslim leaders at the Vatican launching the one world religion. Listen to the pope say you don’t need Jesus for forgiveness. WHAT? The leader of the largest Christian church in the world saying you don’t need Jesus for forgiveness. This pope blasphemes and he is not a Christian.…

    1. Suzy says

      Thank you!

      1. CCblogging says

        You are welcome. I strive to inform people of the truth and hearing the pope say that you don’t need Jesus says everything about that evil phony in a clown suit.

  22. Lyla Cunningham says

    The one thing that we might all remember is that the more mud that is slung by the media the higher Trump’s ratings are. Right? So, let the media continue on because whatever it is that they are doing it does seem to be working – for TRUMP supporters anyway. Fortunately, the media will never give up trying to trash Trump so let them sling mud – let them sling lots of mud…LOL…

  23. Eagle Scout Ken says

    Hello fellow American’s! This is the tip of the iceberg.


    Please type into your browser the following headlines:

    1. Clinton’s Loot White House. [type into your browser]

    2. Hillary Clinton is a career criminal.[ type into your browser]

    3. Charles Krauthammer: What has Hillary Clinton done as Secratary of State? [type into your browser]

    4. All the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done in one big list.[type into your browser]

    5. Bill and Hillary Clinton: A life of violating people.[type into your browser]

    6. Who is Chelsea’s father? [type into your browser]

    7. The Benghazi shuffle. [ type into your browser]

    8. Five lies Clinton told in the debait. [type into your browser]

    9. 3 big reasons Hillary Clinton should NEVER be president. [type into your browser]

    There is so much more of this garbage. Please Mr. Trump, expose this terrible family to the American people and build the wall, rout the 13,000,000 illegals and muslim cockroaches out of this once great country. Christians can’t do it, you do it sir. TRUMP IS GREAT, TRUMP IS GREAT FOREVER! AND I WILL BE FOREVER GREATFULL IF YOU WILL DO THIS GREAT DEED.

    P.S. It’s obvious the Pope is not a nice guy! If HE can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Israel built a wall and it works, China built a wall, it works too. North Korea has a wall and it works very well. President to be Donald Trump, BUILD THE WALL! CRUZ IS NOT NATURAL BORN, step down please.
    The cockroaches are running scared and they should be. The pope is a classic hypocrite. If you want to know how evil the Vatican is, log on to youtube and type in “CRIMES OF THE VATICAN”. The Vatican, WITHIN IT’S WALL, is most likely, the worlds worst concentration of pedophiles and homosexuals on this earth. The pope is a super fraud and he is not christian!

    1. glorybe2 says

      Yes Israel built a wall and has suffered ever since. Missiles rain down daily, riots are common as are acts of terror. N. Korea built a wall and millions live in abject poverty and a form of slavery due to that wall. China built the Great Wall and governments as well as other nations have come and gone ever since. Meanwhile China has all kinds of serious issues and things have always been so bad in China that communism is almost a blessing. Those walls have not worked well at all.

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Opinions are like butt holes!

    2. Suzy says

      Cute Survey!

  24. mitchell says

    Thats one reason, I like Trump.when hes attacked,He takes no prisioners

  25. Mrs. O says

    No one has a right to judge another person’s Christianity. Not even the Pope. The Bible says “Judge NOT, lest ye be judged.” As far as I know God never gave Pope’s authority to judge people. The New York Times is guilty of slander because they reported something that never happened. They twisted the facts to suit their own agenda, which is to make it look like Trump attacked the Pope. It was the other way around folks and the Pope had no right to say Trump is not a Christian. The Pope does not have to agree with what Trump’s policies are and he can state that, but he cannot judge Trump’s or anyone else’s Christianity.

    1. glorybe2 says

      And yet you will sit on a jury, refuse to hire a person based upon your individual preferences, and essentially do nothing but pass judgments all day long. Even if you simply prefer chocolate over vanilla ice cream that preference is also a prejudice.

      1. Mrs. O says

        You’ve got it all wrong glorybe2. No ONE PERSON can judge a mans fate when a crime is committed but the criminal must be punished as a deterrent to others. The jury only weighs the evidence . The judge hands down the sentence. What other alternative do you suggest to punish the criminal or to deter crime? A boss has the right to hire a person based on their prior experience and knowledge and his opinion of how fast he believes they’ll learn and acclimate to the job. He isn’t judging their character or faith. Liking Chocolate better than vanilla is not called “prejudice.” “Prejudice” means an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought or reason. This description would also fit the Jury members as they don’t form unfavorable opinions or feelings before hearing the evidence and after hearing all the evidence, they put a lot of time into thought and reasoning before they come to their decision on whether they believe he is guilty or not. We have to do a certain amount of judging in order to keep the peace and deter crime, or crime would run rampant like it did in the old days before laws were formed and towns had Sheriff’s. The kind of judging we don’t have a right to make is the judging of a mans faith or Christianity because no one knows his heart or mind. We can see, after we get to know a person, what his character is like, but we cannot see into his mind or his heart as it regards to his love of Jesus. And neither can the Pope.

        1. glorybe2 says

          Twelve jurors each pass judgement. Judgement by committee is still judgement. Then the judge passes judgement and can nullify the jury if he wishes. then the judge again passes judgement as to the degree of punishment. And prejudice can also be for as well as against a person.
          As for no option existing, Christ knew that full well. However Jesus Christ did not preach towards having an orderly society. His entire ministry is based upon the idea that only salvation has any value, and that life on this earth has no other purpose. The collapse of society and nations simply clears the way for the kingdom of God. Your life is as dust, your family will be dust in the twinkling of an eye, all wealth vanishes and thus has no value. Jobs and careers and family building and even survival itself mean absolutely nothing.
          You can read it yourself in the NT. Christianity has at its base the most rigid and demanding conditions of all faiths. Can you imagine the martyrs being dragged from their homes with their wives and children and being displayed, tortured, and murdered for the amusement of the masses, and actually willing to have that happen to them. Christ’s remark “Pick up your cross and follow me.” was a very real instruction on what Christians are to do with their lives.

          1. Mrs. O says

            You missed my whole point. The only point I was trying to make is that No One, not even the Pope has the right to judge a persons CHRISTIANITY. As for the rest of what you said, I’m happy I don’t live the kind of life you are describing. I’d rather be dead than live like that. And I AM A CHRISTIAN. I’m not judging you, just sayin.

          2. glorybe2 says

            My point is that the majority of people who think they are Christians are not Christians at all. The entire point of Christ’s ministry was that life on this Earth is meaningless and over in the blink of an eye. Your only valid concerns in life are salvation and aiding the unfortunate. Christ actually condemns those who are comfortable. You’ll find it in Luke. That is why people like Mother Teresa were willing to live and labor in poverty all their lives. Christ expects as much from you or I as from that dear saint.

  26. James keeling says

    OK Mr. Pope, tear down you wall around your castle! Spit out you shoe.

  27. feduptohere says

    My thoughts are: that with a very few exceptions, all the media, and major newspapers are in the pockets of evil doers, whose aim is to take over this country, and yes, they have names. My dad always said, give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. As to this recent incidence, there is a reason why Church and State are supposed to be separate, other than the tax deductions. The Pope should not be partial, but obviously he loves that area of the world he comes from. While he was visiting Mexico, all the talk was about the drugs, murders, prostitutes, but he did not walk among them, but it is okay to let them come across the border, and infest our country, meanwhile sucking up benefits from the impostor we have in the White House. It just proves how strong America is, for it to still be fighting all this evil, after nearly eight years. God is truly watching over us, and I believe he has sent us a warrior to lead us out of this living hell.

    1. glorybe2 says

      ALL OF THE MEDIA IS CONTROLLED BY THE LEFT WING, is in itself an indication of mental illness. How silly such a statement is. If anything the right wing controls the media. Every day there are numerous murders and crimes in every city of any size that are kept secret from the public. The reason is quite simple. If people knew how much crime surrounds them they would not leave their homes and spend money. Business has a real stranglehold. Businesses support newspapers by buying ad spaces. And anytime a business does not get what it wants from a newspaper those ads get pulled. The same is true of local news. Those programs live on business advertising. That is why you see grinning news persons on TV acting like almost all the news is some sort of Happy Days rerun. Any reporter can do things like hang around emergency room doors at public hospitals and gather a chain of horrors to show every night that would freeze the public in their tracks. And you would be astounded how places like nursing homes can control information about deaths due to neglect etc.. Palm Beach even has a cemetery so neglected that bones and skulls are popping up through the surface. They even had a Jewish cemetery that was bulldozing the dead back into the woods to resell the cemetery plots. Another large cemetery was so forgotten in Palm beach that a road construction crew actually plowed up bodies by accident. The bodies were of migrant labor families killed in the hurricane of 1948. There were many thousands killed by that storm and the numbers were skewed so that tourism would not suffer.

  28. Roberto says

    In mine eyes, only one solitary person is qualified to judge whether someone is a Christian or not. It’s Jesus Christ, the very Lord Himself. No pope at all died on a cross for my sins. No pope nor church can forgive a single sin. Only the blood of Jesus can blot out sins. For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous. Romans 5:12-21. And it isn’t the pope who can make someone righteous. The pope ain’t a vicar of Christ. But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come. -John 16:13

  29. TAM44 says

    The pope is nothing but a democrat communist hack and wouldn’t make a pimple on a Christian’s behind.

    1. AKLady says

      YOu are a rude, ignorant child and an embarassment to America.

  30. Barbara Ervin says

    Hey, Pope, how about we send all our illegals to the Vatican then you can take care of them as you see fit.

    1. AKLady says

      How about you talk and act like a Christian?
      How about we help our neighbors instead of taking American jobs to Asia?

      1. Barbara Ervin says

        Let’s pretend your sitting in your living room watching TV and minding your own business when all of a sudden your front door is kicked in and numerous illegals tell you they’re moving in whether you like it or not. Are you going to throw open your arms and welcome them or are you going to call the police and report a home invasion? I’m betting on the latter. Home invasion is what is happening on our southern border and so as not to discriminate I believe all home invaders should be treated equally! We do, after all, have laws against that in this country. And in case you were unaware, our Constitution mandates the federal government protect her states from invasion, not encourage it! And neither should the citizens of this country encourage it! As for those ‘jobs’ that have been ‘taken’ out of the country…a good many of them have gone to Mexico.

        1. AKLady says

          Problem with your foolishness.
          It was their home before it eass yours.

          1. chuck g says

            But it’s ours now, Huh ?????? LOL

          2. AKLady says

            I would not be so sure of that, if I were you.
            There are other nations within our borders — legally recognized nations.
            Its sort of like Palestine within Israel.
            At least two of those Nations cross our International borders.

          3. chuck g says

            Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure and when Mr. Trump is president next year a lot more people are going to be sure, including yourself !!!!!

          4. AKLady says

            Your response was deleted.
            Yes, chuck, I am very sure.
            Presidents are not dictators, or kings.
            Should a person in that office atempt what you suggest, the Senate would have him arrested and placed in jail. He would be tried as a traitor.

          5. chuck g says

            Ok, so why isn’t the o-bomination-er in jail !!!!! Same thing !!!!!!

          6. AKLady says

            Infantile name calling ..
            Most give it up bu the 1st or 2nd grade.

          7. Barbara Ervin says

            Still doesn’t give them the right to invade it.

          8. Barbara Ervin says

            They lost the war. It happens.

          9. AKLady says

            Apparently, the lull is over.
            The war of revenge has begun.

          10. Barbara Ervin says

            Revenge huh? Thank you for confirming what I’ve known all along! I knew all those bleeding heart stories of how they were just coming here ‘for a better life’ weren’t true.

          11. Barbara Ervin says

            Thank you for affirming what I’ve known all along. This invasion has nothing to do with anyone ‘looking for a better life’. It’s all about ‘taking back’ what the illegals believe was ‘stolen’ from them. And do the illegals also believe that if Mexico still had possession of the southwestern part of this country they’d be any better off? Think again. If Mexico still had possession of that part of OUR country it would be no different than the part of ‘their’ country they’re fleeing.

          12. AKLady2015 says

            The immigrants are not “Mexico”.
            The immigrants are not the cause of Mexico’s problems.
            Mexico took the very same actions as America did: Denied education to the dosenfranchised. Just like in America, they made it a crime to teach “slaves” to even read.

          13. Barbara Ervin says

            We’re not discussing immigrants here, we’re discussing illegals. Those two terms are not synonymous. Immigrants follow the law, illegals ignore it. That’s not immigration, that’s invasion.

  31. Clint Heinson says

    Mr Shull, the Pope being the leader of a few billion Catholics, did also respond by saying he would “Give Mr Trump the benefit of the doubt” being polite. You on the other hand don’t know how to be polite and having a big mouth will come to haunt you some day………………

    1. Suzy says

      We’re not all thoughtless zombies. So, you don’t have to worry about us blindly believing everything the Pope or anyone says at face value. …Shaking my head sadly…walking away…You do make a good point!

  32. snowyriver says

    Trump won’t back down from anyone, no one at all ! ! !

    1. AKLady says

      Who will he declare war upon if he is elected?
      How Will he pay for those wars?
      How many relationships with othet countries will he destory?
      How many enemies will he create with his mouth and ignorance?

      1. snowyriver says

        First Trump will declare that obama was an illegal president and nullify all that obama has done.. 🙂

        1. AKLady says

          Please learn how your government actually functions.
          .No President has the authority to do what you suggest.
          Oh, and we capitalize proper names. You insult yourself and America playing childish games.

          1. chuck g says

            Sure he does lady !!!! All he has to do is whip out his magic pen like o-bomonation-er does, and do one of those executive order’s and presto it’s a done deal !!!

          2. AKLady says

            Suggest you take an American government course.

            Aeticle Two of the U.S. Constitution defines Presidential authority. You might ought to read it.

            You are embarassing America with your ignorance.

          3. snowyriver says

            How has obama done what he has done?? He is in the white house illegally.

            These are facts. Lets read the Constitution. We come to ARTICLE 1 SECTION 8 CLAUSE 10. Congress shall have the power to define and punish….. Offences against the Law of Nations.

            We perhaps should read the Law of Nations, to know the power of Congress. Didn’t we just overthrow a tyrannical King? We better see what power our Congress has.

            OK having read the Law of Nations now back to the Constitution. We come to to ARTICLE 2 SECTION 1 CLAUSE 5. No person except a natural born citizen shall be eligible to the office of president.

            Didn’t we just read who was a natural born citizen was in the Law of Nations..Yes it was in Book 1 Chapter 19 article 212, ” born on the land with both parents as citizens of that nation”. Now we have a question. Why is obama in the White House and why are Cruz and Rubio in this presidential race? NONE are natural born citizens.

            Isn’t our Constitution the supreme law of this nation?

            While we are on this subject, lets go to amendment XIV .. No person shall be a Senator or Representative , President or Vice President of the United states who has been engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States… Isn’t flag burning insurrection and rebellion? I have heard from the mouth of the current resident of the White House that he and Michelle attended numerous flag burnings.

          4. AKLady says

            You need to take a few law courses.
            You also need to read case law.
            The Legislature writes law.
            The Courts define how it is to be applied.
            President Obana is a natural born citizen.
            He was born in Hawaii.
            His parents were not foreign diplomats.
            Suggest you read American law.

          5. AKLady says

            Your statement is false.

            Under your so-called definition all children of U.S. Military personnel, born outside of the U.S., would not be eligible to be President.

            Under your definition, all children of America’s diplomatic service, stationed overseas, would not be eligible to be President.

            And no, flag burning is free speech, a Constitutional Right. Insurrection is a far more serious activity.

            Why do you believe that you are better educated in U.S. law than Congress, which hss access to the best law experts in the country?

      2. chuck g says

        lady have you ever heard of the isis ????? You know, the demented muzzies that will chop your head plum off if you don’t believe in the figment of that so called pedo mo-ham-ed’s inagination !!!!
        lady we are already at war with them !!!!!!

        1. AKLady says

          Child, ISIS is a terroriat group.

          They do not represent all Musims — thwy never have.

          Here is a list of terrot groups that are right here in the U.S.A.:

          Alpha 66 and Omega
          Army of God
          Aryan Nations
          The Covenant
          The Sword
          The Arm of the Lord
          Ku Klux Klan
          The Order
          The Silent Brotherhood
          Phineas Priesthood

          They murder doctors and bomb medical clinics.
          They murder people of color.
          Oh, least I forget the KKK is now an internaitonal terror organization.

          1. chuck g says

            And ???????

          2. AKLady says

            Those are terror groups just as ISIS is.
            Do they make all Americans into terrorists?
            A number of them are Christian terror groups.
            Are all American Christians terrorists?
            Islam is second only to Chritianity in its number of followers and world-wide practice.

          3. chuck g says

            They “ALL” believe in that stupid coo-coo-ran comic book by what’s that demented creature’s name ??
            Oh yeah, moo-ham-eddie !!!!!!
            Yes they do! !!!!! There fore they are “ALL” alike !!!!
            Foolish lady !!!!!!

          4. AKLady says

            Your ignorance and bigotry is an embarassment to all of America.
            Religous freedom is what our Founder fought and died for.
            Please find somewhere you like better — move there tonight if possible.

          5. chuck g says

            is lamb is not a religion, it’s sorta kinda like a sub-cult sorta thing where retarded demented creatures point their butts in the air to who knows what! !!! Kinda silly, huh???? Maybe the tooth fairy, I don’t know! !!! LOL
            I’m happy as a lark here in the good ol’ USA, you on the other hand seem frustrated and mad at everyone, so why don’t you move, say somewhere back east like eye-rack, where you can be raped and treated like shit every day !!!!! Maybe it’ll get rid of some of your frustrations !!!!!

          6. AKLady says

            Your ignorance and bigotry is an embarassment to all of America.
            Please find somewhere else to live.
            Our Founders fought and died for religious freedom — you insult their sacrificees.
            Your mockery and insults are extremely childish.

  33. Barrustio says

    I am a Catholic and very disappointed that the Pope has not given as much attention to the truly un-Christian beliefs of gay marriage and baby killing as he has the the issue of a nations right to protect its sovereign borders. It would seem like he should be more at odds not with a CANDIDATE but with a sitting president who is trying to force his Church of which the Little Sisters of the Poor are a part of, to provide abortifacients against the beliefs of the Church and the Freedom of Religion provided by the Constitution. I wonder how many unwanted people the Swiss Guard will allow to enter his domain?

    1. AKLady says

      If you run a business which serves thw public, you are required to follow the public laws.

      If you want to impose religious law, then run a private organization which only services members of your religion.

      The point is freedom of religion — that includes other’s right not to have your religious beliefs forved upon them.

      1. Barrustio says

        So what does all that have to do with the the Pope not delicering the message of gay marriage not being acceptable to the Church and protecting sovereign borders and “forcing” YOUR rights on nuns to provide baby killing drugs, oh learned one.

        1. AKLady says

          I suggest that you increase your reading comprehension.

          1. Barrustio says

            The Little Sisters of the Poor is a CHARITY not a business…but our borders are not a charity. Your rights to be debauched do not trump my rights to not see it your way, whether you have a business or not, can you comprehend that?

          2. AKLady says

            All charities are businesses.

            All religions are businesses.

            Not all businesses operate at a profit.

            If the association is engaged in business services that derives income beyond its members then they would need a General Business License

          3. Barrustio says

            Sure, I’m certain that’s what YOU feel God would want.

          4. AKLady says

            Mark 12:16-17

            …16They brought one. And He said to them, “Whose likeness and inscription is this?” And they said to Him, “Caesar’s.” 17And Jesus said to them, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” And they were amazed at Him.

          5. Barrustio says

            So, do the unborn and the institution of marriage belong to Caesar?

  34. carmelboy says

    Who the hell is the Pope to denounce or cast doubt on anyone’s faith? What a hypocrite, And, just who is El Popo to criticize “walls” when he lives within the WALLED enclave of spendor of the Vatican? He is not a politician and church and state should be kept seperate! Who cares what this old bag in a dress says or thinks? If we paid heed to what this fake in dress says, then he should consider the Vaticans collusion with Nazis during WW II to stay neutral and how these so called Christians were integral in the deaths of millions of Europes Jews! Consider the coverup of pedophilia! LOL!!

    1. AKLady says

      Childish name calling.
      If you want people to honor your opinion, try acting like the adult you are trying to pretend to be.
      You might want to rememer that the Vatican is a country.
      You might want to remember that the Pope is the head of the largest of the world’s religions.

  35. Concerned parent says

    The pope needs to practice what he preaches – who am I to judge?
    The one to decide whether Trump is a Christian, is God, not Francis.

    1. AKLady says

      A Christian is as a Christian does.
      Some are Christian in name only — Trump is one of those.

  36. PBHayes says

    This Pope is wrong about most issues and Trump is absolutely correct about immigration and Islam.

    1. AKLady says

      No, Trump is as poorly educated as you are.
      Islam is the second largest of the world’s religions.
      The Middle East is a small postage stamp in a huge ocean.
      To judge all by the few is very wrong.

  37. stan lee says

    Trump won’t back down? Back down from whom, the Pope? The Pope isn’t forcing an issue with Trump, just because he commented about Trump in figurative terms. Trump misunderstood the comment. “Building a wall” was meant figuratively, not literally. The Pope was implying that Trump wasn’t “reaching out” to people who were not as well off as he, Trump. Trump reacted that it was a knock on his talk of building a strong wall on the border.

    The Pope meant, I believe, that the talk of deporting or turning away people who were poor and needy was “not Christian.” Of course, a Pope would express such a sentiment, it’s how he sees life. We, living in the USA see it differently. We prefer immigrants who can assimilate and contribute to our community, not undermine life. Most of us reject illegal entry into our country which deteriorates pay scales of Americans by illegally-entered workers. We, who work hard, try to save for family needs, obviously resent people who want to enter and live off of welfare-type benefits. That is our problem,we the citizens.

    Those things about our country, of which Trump mentioned in campaign speeches, are matters the Pope needs not address, plus when he sees the Mexican economy, by comparison with American economy now at its worst, we still are better-off than Mexico and we want our border recognized and respected. The Pope is socialistic, not politically, but of life in general.That shouldn’t be the Pope’s concern, but it’s ours. And, by the way, he did say it in Mexico upon departing.

    1. AKLady says

      Problem — the wall exists and it is not a figment of anyone’s imagination.
      While the wall is not completely accross the entire border, it will be before much longer.
      I suggest that you think long and hard about what you have demanded.
      Walls keep people in as well as out.

  38. teedoffatobama says

    THIS HERE POPE DUDE STICKING HIS BEAK INTO OUR BUSINESS will find himseld without a nose to blow his boogers out if’n he don;t retreat it!!! Any guy that would let his preacher molest their alter boys and not try to fix it is just as much a sinner as they are!!!

    1. AKLady says

      Do you really think that only Catholic priests molest children?
      Do you really think that the Catholic Church did nothing about the problem?
      Are you really that foolish?

      1. teedoffatobama says

        I’m speakin g in reference to the catholic church and it’s pope butting in on USA affairs and as far as I know they haven’t solved it , but as long as they keep it to themselves

    2. glorybe2 says

      You walk with hate in your head and heart. It will sweep you under. You are not free to hate others.

      1. teedoffatobama says

        sorry but when I see a “skunk” I don’t wait around for it to spray me to know it’s a skunk, you do!!!

  39. Susan Short says

    First, this pope is a joke! He was chosen by the liberal media, and he is nothing but a puppet for them! Were I Catholic, this would cause me to change to Protestant, which I am. Second, he is nothing but a big hypocrite, and I could offer many examples to support that, but I don’t want to take the time. If you can’t see that for yourselves, then you should not vote because you are pretty blind to the truth!

    1. AKLady says

      Popes are chosen by the College of Cardinals, the Church’s most senior officials, who are appointed by the Pope and usually ordained bishops. They are summoned to a meeting at the Vatican which is followed by the Papal election – or Conclave. There are currently 203 cardinals from 69 countries.

  40. gerald Hughes says

    I am starting to get very irritable, with both the NYT and the Washington Post

  41. Maria castro says

    This Pope is another degenerate, he was blessing Cristina and her husband while the children in Argentina were starving to death. I don’t blame Trump. We need to get rid of this hypocritical Pope, name Paco Zapato.

    1. AKLady says

      The Pope should cut off foreign relations with Spain because a problem exists in Argentina?
      There is no logic to your statement — none.

      1. Maria castro says

        He is no longer respected in Spain/.

  42. AKLady says

    More evidence that Trump is not qualified to be President.
    He just insulted the head of a country, and the head of the world’s largest religion.
    What additional embarassment can he bring upon America?
    What war will he start by insulting our enemies?

  43. don lavrich says

    trump was right insaying what he said. this pope is a communist, and from the Jesuit order. check out the history of the Jesuit order and you will see why this pope was set up here at this time. as we all know, the elites are trying to bring in the one world order, where all of us ordinary people willbe thrown into slavery and this pope makes no bones about it. read revelation in the king james bible and you will see how this is all coming together.

  44. Sgt. York says

    Well poopie boy you have a wall around your joint but America can’t? You Mr poop have been hanging with the Mexican cartel and taking thier crap for real. Bet they pay well tho. Trump for pres 2016 and his wall to keep the trash out.

  45. runnindeer says

    I have read and heard all of this including the actual words from that idiot reporter that spoke to the Pope on board his plane and told him a cock in bull version of his idea of what was happening with Mr. Trump and American politics. Mr. Trump has not disrespected this Pope. In fact, if anything he has been more than generous in saying that he “respects the Pope.” This one Pope I have my personal doubts about, but the fact remains that Mr. Trump has not attacked the Pope.
    ( What I would like to know is why the Vatican seems unable or unwilling to find people that are really vetted and well qualified interpreters for this Pope?) If Pope Francis can not learn English well enough to read and understand what is said by a number of publications for himself, then he needs someone that is well qualified , that doesn’t hold a political opinion to read it all to him and allow him to consider what is said before he spouts off his opinions.
    As for what the Pope said about Christians , bridges and walls, I disagree . I actually read the Bible and understand that on many occasions Nations of people were commanded to build walls. They also were not condemned for protecting their people from it’s enemies foreign or domestic.
    (If Pope Francis had taken the trouble to pray before he spoke he might have been reminded of the words of Saint James, what a fire a little kindling makes and how the tongue is a dangerous thing. James chapter 3 KJV.) Catholics don’t usually read their own Bibles as do people of other faiths . I have given many Catholics Bibles only to learn that they never have read one through before that time and are amazed at what they learn for themselves. In that same small book of the Bible we are cautioned that every word that proceeds from our mouth will be taken into account by All mighty GOD.

    1. glorybe2 says

      Get rid of the OT and look at the NT. Christ told us to make our lives a living crucifiction by serving God and the unfortunate. He did not tell us to ever turn anyone away or fail to aid them even if it harmed us or our families or nation. The expectation or demand is that we love all others more than we love ourselves under all circumstances. That is why you have read of the early Christians and their loved ones peacefully going to be tortured, killed and ridiculed and they went willingly as their suffering was a testament to their faith.

  46. jimmy midnight says

    If and when The Donald’s Moment of Unraveling takes place, will fixthisnation suffer a similar fate? Ask me how much I care.

  47. Brenda says

    And why should Trump back down? The Pope has no business in meddling in our politics or our policies. I don’t know what log they found this Pope under, but he needs to crawl back under it. How can a man, that represents one of the richest churches in the world that does not share its wealth with the poor, that covers up for pedophiles, and harbors illegal alien invaders in another countries borders, that has a wall surrounding Vatican City, that believes he is the final judge of ones Christianity, dare criticize or call someone unchristian when he is committing the same “sins”?

    1. headonstraight says

      It is a long standing Catholic tradition to condemn beliefs of others. In the Dark Ages, torture and execution were the price of dissent with the “Mother of Harlots and Abominations on the Earth.”

      1. AKLady says

        In some countries the oppression of thw Church is not all that much different today.

    2. AKLady says

      Just to make sure you are aware of fact — the Vatican is a nation, not just a city.

      The Catholic Church provides a huge amount of missionary work all across the world. They feed the hungry, provide medical care, build schools … Like other relogions, the Church has been the supporter of awful evils at times.

      Yes, there is a wall around the Vatican. If you study history, you would be well aware of why that wall exists. The Catholic Church has been the object of persecution on several occasions over the centuries.

  48. Optimista says

    The Pope openly encouraged Mexican citizens to brake the law and invade the US.

    1. Suzy says

      SOME Mexican citizens and others have already invaded the US. I live in Texas… There are some scary stuff going on in our city.
      Other countries criticize us for not wanting more immigrants. What the heck?!!! What do those complainers doing to help anyone???
      Are we the world’s babysitters? I think we’re all filled up with immigrants, who we have to feed, educate, provide healthcare all for free for the immigrant who are thankless and a big drain on our fiscal budgets. Meanwhile our citizens are footing the bill. We don’t get free food, housing, and education like the immigrants do. We have done our part for a long time. The Politicians will promise anything to get votes (e.g. Obama!)
      Pope Francis, if you’re listening, we’re not the world’s baby sitters. People and their own governments need to step up to their responsibilities, and learn to take care of themselves AND others for a change!

  49. Suzy says

    It’s not “nice” that Pope Frances chose to be on the side the people living in other countries who try to immigrate illegally. He’s the POPE, not GOD! I think Pope Frances’ comments didn’t help their immigrant cause in any good way. Maybe he was trying to win over Hispanic support for himself to “look” like he knows what’s going on, and further that he in incharge! We’re not his puppets! His statements and jokes were ill mannered to say the least.

    1. glorybe2 says

      The Spanish American War was nothing more than a violent land grab by the US. We were the butchers and thieves.
      Now try this out: “Suffer not the little children to come to me.” So when we see the poor and hungry at the border and refuse to admit them or allow them to work we really are killing women, children and many others as well. I suppose the right wing will claim that we are sending those little children to Jesus faster. Our obligations as Christians does not stop simply because it might cause us poverty or put us in danger. If you think your money matters in relation to the health and safety of the less fortunate you are simply not a Christian.

  50. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    The Popoe needs to mind his own Fu***** business! Just take care of your little country, and stay out of the way!!

  51. headonstraight says

    “Trump said that it was “disgraceful” for the Pope to cast doubt on his religious beliefs. ‘No leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man’s religion or faith,” said the Trumpster.

    Perhaps Trump is unfamiliar with the centuries long practice of the Catholic Church in denouncing the faith of others. Those wishing to follow this topic could begin by Googling up the “Syllabus of Errors.” Never mind–I will supply a link (see below) and you can read for yourselves just how harsh and hostile the Papist bigots have been in their condemnation of the beliefs of others who do not align with Catholicism. As you read the list, keep in mind that each numbered statement is deemed to be an erroneous belief. See, for example, this “error”: III, 55. “The Church ought to be separated from the .State, and the State from the Church. — Allocution “Acerbissimum,” Sept. 27, 1852.” In other words, boldly and dogmatically declares the Catholic Church, it is an ERROR to believe that church and state should be separated. That “error” dates back to 1852, when the Catholic Church had much more influence over civil government than it now does.

    Another so-called “error”–at X, 77.” In the present day it is no longer expedient that the Catholic religion should be held as the only religion of the State, to the exclusion of all other forms of worship. — Allocution “Nemo vestrum,” July 26, 1855″ In other words, says this Papal Encyclical, it is a ERROR to accept any other religion but Catholicism as the religion of a state.

    Many will be astonished at the rank and dogmatic proclamations in this Papal Encyclical. But this stuff is not lost to history, and those who care to review the history of the Catholic Church can easily find more examples of intolerance and hostility to other religious beliefs.

    Here is that syllabus of Papist denunciations:

  52. PBHayes says

    AKlady you are just another uninformed buffoon who has never lived or worked in an Islamic country. You have no understanding of Islam or its intentions and yet you spout off with your ignorance. Islam is much less a religion than a political/legal system that couldn’t be more intolerant and destructive. Every Muslim woman I ever met would gladly leave Islam behind if they could. Most of the government officials I worked with live in constant fear of being labeled not a good righteous Muslim. I believe there are 54 Islamic dominated countries and not a one of them honors basic civil or human rights. As far as Trump is concerned his candidacy has been created by the massive dumbing down of the office by the Clinton’s, Bush’s and Obama. There are no standards anymore so why not Trump. My God woman the Democrats have no one better than an old failed Communist and a pathetic criminal whose crimes go back to the first day she entered public life. As far as my education is concerned I have lived and worked in over 70 countries including all in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Islam is no different than National Socialism or Communism and it will be the cause for the next world war. You should restrict yourself to watching soap opera reruns because you clearly know nothing about anything of import.

    1. ShemSilber says

      Thank you for your input. It is a source of additional understanding to hear from someone who has actually experienced the oppressiveness of Islam.
      It is obvious to anyone with eyes to see that Islam has declared WWIII on the rest of the world, but we are too politically correct (=morally corrupt) to recognize and return the declaration. This particular war will not end until the Messiah Yahushua (Jesus) comes in power with both the armies of the heavens and of men whom He is in the process of recruiting and will, according to our Father’s timetable, have ready to move the squatters off the Promised Land and reclaim it for hundreds of millions of the children of Israel. We have already been almost 3,000 years in the Exile, but soon we will be going home. Our Messiah will clean up His creation of all evils, including Islam, and we will finally have peace on earth, omein.

      1. AKLady says

        Have you ever experienced the oppressiveness of Catholicism?

        How about the oppressiveness of the Amish? … Jewish? … Baptist??

        The ban on blood transfusions by the Jehovah’s Witnesses drastically increases pregnancy-related death rates among the women in the group.

        Religion is simply another layer of power and control.

        1. ShemSilber says

          Have you ever experienced the freedom and the joy and the lifting of burdens that come through the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus)? He was talking to religious people when He said, “Come unto Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). Also in John 8:32, He tells us that the truth will make us free. He is, per John 14:6, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

          As you say, “Religion is simply another layer of power and control.” That is precisely why some of us have left religion, in answer to these words of our Messiah Yahushua. Also, per Revelation 18:4: “Come out of her, My people, that you be not partakers of her sins, so that you receive not of her plagues.” And, per Isaiah 52:11: “Depart, depart, go out from there, touch no unclean thing; go out of the midst of her; be clean, that bear the vessels of Yahuwah.”

          If you put your trust in the Master Yahushua, if you choose to ask Him to save you from these Dark Ages and to make you a citizen of His Kingdom-to-Come, as only He can do, you will come out from under oppression. He gives us joy through writing His Torah on our hearts.

          Hebrews 11:6: “But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that comes to Yahuwah must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.” Omein.

          1. AKLady says

            Please do not force your beliefs upon others.
            Freedom of religion includes freedom not to practice religion.
            Preaching to others is the one very obnoxious thing that Christians, such as yourself, habitually do.

          2. ShemSilber says

            You have totally misread me. I am neither a Christian, for the Master Yahushua (“Lord Jesus”) Himself has lifted me out of the churches, nor do I force my belief on others. I present the witness, and if you see it or hear it, what you do with it is between Yahuwah and you. Pure and simple: JUST BECAUSE I WRITE SOMETHING DOESN’T MEAN YOU ARE OBLIGATED EITHER TO READ IT OR TO BELIEVE IT! If you were a lady you would have gleaned that from what I’ve already written. May you come to some sort of understanding with Yahuwah your creator, and may it be in shalom, in the Name of the Master Yahushua, omein.

    2. AKLady says

      PBHayes, you are just another buffoon who makes assumptions based on their own ignorance and bigotry. You are not the only person to have ever lived many places.

      Oh, and child, sociaism and communism are two different things — entirely different. Also, every religious community on the face of the earth practices one or the other.

      Islam is the second largest of the world’s religiions. It is no different than Christianity. Religion is the #1 excuse for killing — has been since time began. It is used as an excuse — by Christian terror groups — right here in the USA.

      Oh, and child, the Cold War ended decades ago. The U.S.S.R. no longer exists. There is no huge
      Communist horde waiting to take over the world.

      Religious hate and bigotry resulted in the deaths of over 8 million people during WW II.
      Are you a member of the American N.A. Z. I party?

  53. AKLady says

    Which Nation will Trump insult next?
    Will his mouth start a war?

  54. Sarajwallace3 says

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  55. Clint Heinson says

    Suzy, didn’t mean to imply that the readers on here are gullible or slow, MOST people on here are very intelligent, but now and then people like Mr Shull trip my trigger, and he deserved it!

  56. clem says

    Trump provided pictures of what around the Vatican? WALLS. He could have ask if the walls were to keep undesirables out or alter boys in.

  57. kotoc says

    Of course, the Pope isn’t the one whose tax dollars, and personal safety, are affected by a bunch of illegals sneaking across HIS border, infiltrating HIS system… what right does he have to say we shouldn’t build a wall?? And what right does he have to judge whether a person is Christian or not? What is his stance on homosexuality and abortion? The problem is that our beloved Pope has somehow managed to get tucked into Obama’s pocket. As the Pope is a person of great influence, Obama has undoubtedly kept our Pope well funded to keep him on a very liberal side, and in Obama’s favor.

    1. glorybe2 says

      So now we have right wing loonies who feel that Obama has bribed the pope. I must say that the left must be fabulously wealthy as we control ALL of the media, all publications, all of congress and the courts and now supposedly the pope as well.

  58. VirgoVince says

    Trump IS right; END of discussion!!;

  59. cccarr says

    What is non Christian about protecting our own from ileagals and unknown border
    enterers who seek to harm us to say nothing of the drain on our resources. Help
    people in their own countries and keep us safe. That is the trump way.

  60. Marlene says

    I am a Christian, but not a Catholic.
    In my humble opinion, the Pope and the Catholic Church build more walls than Mr. Trump ever talked about. Until you have been a parent or grandparent who is not allowed to participate in a family event simply because they haven’t joined the club knows exactly how I feel. As a Lutheran, my beliefs about Communion are the same as those of the Catholic church, but I must always sit down and be quiet and watch as my grandkids receive their Communion simply because my sons married Catholic women. Pope Francis has decide that Catholics who have divorced and gay and lesbian Catholics can participate. Don’t even want to bring Ted Kennedy and his antics into the conversation. But Christians who believe in the same God and Savior are not welcome. Not exactly a bridge, Pope Francis, but I won’t cast the first stone and announce to the world that you are not a Christian.

    1. ShemSilber says

      What will surprise the vast majority of people will be when they learn that the Messiah Yahushua (Jesus) did not start up a “church” in replacement of the children of Israel. Tradition wrongly states that Simon Peter, one of the Master’s apostles, was the first pope, and Clement of Rome the second. I’m not sure who the second pope was, but it seems to me that the work by Clement of Rome, “The Recognitions of Clement,” gives a hint that the first pope was Simon Peter’s nemesis, Simon the magician, given a brief mention in Acts 8:9-24, but discussed in much greater detail in Clement’s book. Thus the church was an apostasy from the outset, raised up in opposition to the Master Yahushua. (The Protestant churches are those who came to limited recognition of some of the church’s errors, and so rightly rebelled against it. We all have a long way to go in that regard.) The church is one of the evils that will be cleaned up off the face of the earth at the return of our Messiah. Praise Yahuwah for His patience with us, and may He give us patience to wait, for that time will come too soon for the scoffers, but not soon enough for believers, in Yahushua’s Name, omein!

  61. junkmailbin says

    the bishop of rome needs to stay out of other nations political landscape like he did with Hitler.
    He should stay in his walled guarded city and accept two refugees a year like his has. The two are little boys

  62. Peggy A Jones says

    The pope is the false prophet.

    1. Cotton says

      What a strong statement, you are very brave! (sarcasm)

  63. C K Johnson says

    Anyone who pays off and covers up for Priest who molested thousands of small children. That person has no right to say who is and who is not a Christian. God says (Yes God is a superior being to any person) Judge Ye Let Ye Be Judged. The Vatican has a huge volume of Wealth. The poorest people on earth donate to the Catholic church every week. Even in WW II the pope & Vatican refused to help the Jews and they knew those Jews the refused to let in would be Murdered by Hitler. I have no use for anyone who does protects children Rapist.

  64. ajareins says

    The NYTimes is a left wing rag. I cancelled my subscription years ago. ‘All the news thats fit to print’ what a crock of BS

  65. marlene says

    The pope’s hypocritical attack on TRUMP was a cheap political shot unworthy of a spiritual leader of global reach and he diminished himself considerably. In 846, the saracen muslim invaders looted Old St Peter’s Basilica and the Papal Basicilia an took priceless treasures from the shrines. Pope Leo IV created the LEONINE WALL, a massive, impenetrable wall completely surrounding the Vatican Hill, to make them safe, and in the 15th and 16th centuries enhanced security, gates, metal detectors were added to make them safer. TRUMP 2016

  66. Gerry Costa says

    The Pope needs to attend to the Vatican and stay out of our politics and immigration problems. Quite frankly — they are none of his business. So far Trump is the ONLY candidate to come up with a viable solution — halt immigration until we get it under control. That seems to me to be the best idea. But then again this Pope also jumped on the band wagon of obozo’s, gore’s, soros’ and clinton’s ” climate change ” scam.

    1. kotoc says

      You noticed that too, huh?

  67. 77099 says

    I think the Pope needs to worry about his soul before he worries about Trump’s. Judge not, lest you be judged.

  68. Kate says

    Trump is an egotistical fool, Pope Francis “NEVER” mentioned Trump by name…he just assumed Pope Francis was speaking about him. Not every thing is a bout Trump. The pope ans. a questioned asked of him and his response was (paraphrasing) it is not very Christian like to build walls rather then bridges. I rather doubt he was speaking of concrete structures, but metaphorically, saying countries should make a stronger attempt to be friends (bridges) and not enemies (walls). Trump and the news media (right and left) just ran with their assumption , shame on them all for not checking their facts.

    1. kotoc says

      Were you unaware that the Pope was referencing Trump’s wanting to build the fence to keep illegal Mexicans from infiltrating the U.S.? Trump might have an inflated ego, but he’s NOT a fool, Kate.

      1. Kate says

        I read and re-read the stamen by Pope Francis and he never mentioned Trump by name. As I said he is an egotistical fool. The pope said that a man who would build walls and not bridges is not very Christian…if the shoe fits wear it Trump. My personal belief was that the pope was speaking metaphorically, meaning we should attempt to make friend not enemies. Do your homework learn about Trump and all the other candidates and don’t shoot from the hip. Apparently everyone can denigrate the pope but and that’s fine but Saint Trump…NO WAY.

        1. kotoc says

          He may not have mentioned Trump by name, but anyone with half a brain knows EXACTLY who he was referring to. Yes, he was speaking about Trump!! His statement came immediately after someone mentioned Trump’s plan to beef up security on the Mexico/U.S. border. As it were, if the Mexicans want to live in the U.S., they should be allowed to move here IF: 1) They learn to speak English. 2) They get jobs and support themselves and their families and not depend on Welfare. 3) They abide by U.S. laws, and respect the U.S. flag. 4) They don’t expect us to educate their children in Spanish, or provide free meals in schools. If they wish to assimilate in our country, they should NOT expect us to bend over backwards to make them comfortable while they laugh their asses off at how foolish they are making us look in the eyes of the rest of the world… including Mexico.

          1. Kate says

            Don’t assume you know what the Pope meant. If he did mention the spoiled brat in his statement then I would say butt out but he didn’t use his name. If you read my post you know what I thought; he was speaking to everyone ! Although as a private person Pope Francis is entitled to his opinion whether or not you approve. Trump is a spoiled rich kid who thinks every one has to do his bidding. He is a draft dodger, I know he will say I had 4 academic deferments one A1 classified which quickly became 4 F for heel spurs… really… Poor boys died for this country rich ones were coddled. I’m for securing our borders. But not for Trump.. I do agree with your list of stipulation for immigrants no matter what country they emigrate. Add to that a US sponsor, place to live , job and a pre-determined amount of money with them. That’s how my family had to do it when they came here through Ellis Island.

  69. JT says

    The pope is NOT Christian. He kissed the koran and declared that islam is “PIECE”.
    But befor him the REAL pope, Benedict, who he put in retirement because Benedict said the truth about islam and against the taking over Europe by the islamic hoards.
    Francis is a hypocrite swindler just like Berry Sotero

  70. wcgraybill says

    Russ what’s his name is nothing but a true idiot, Donald did not slang the pope at any time. The pope should keep his damn nose out of politics and be a religious leader only. Go home pope and leave America to Americans

    1. George M Melby says

      The word is “slam.” You definitely are NOT the brightest light bulb in the Chandelier of Intelligence, but I’ll keep you around just for sh*ts and giggles!

  71. Bobtrhn says

    I never will believe he’s a real pope. Seems more like the devil himself.

  72. kcwas says

    Always Mr Trump. …but reality ck….you’re headline should read Pope will not get off Mr. TRUMP ‘s Back and he has no business acting in this manner. .. man of cloth well is supposed to be. debatable. ..

  73. wolchak says

    The Pope see’s ( I guess ) the illegals as innocent and needy and deserve empathy, Trump, like I, see the enemy planting some dangerous and evil cells that will strike on command from a satellite phone. I think all immigrants should be scrutinized and thoroughly checked before being allowed to remain here.
    To ignore the fact they have already struck, is like ignoring cancer or any other life threatening ailment hoping it will go away on it’s own.

  74. Henryk says

    Give unto Caesar what is to Caesar and unto God what is to God, how can a pope forget the very line Jesus thought so long ago? Stay out of politics, all politics and lead the church only.

  75. Steve Wells says

    Shame on the Pope, he needs to retread the New Testiment, he would then be reminded that he has committed the sin. No one especially the Pope who is to set an example, has no right to call another man “not a Christian”.

  76. Dakota Erikson says

    The repub slate of candidates…..fundamental, right wing crazies and one very nasty creep….is scaring the world. US stature is in free fall

  77. MarcJ says

    Please help me to decide which is worse:
    1) That low-IQ bloviating gasbag Trump shouting invectives and non-sequiturs, or
    2) That street Marxist Pope from Argentina.

  78. sox83cubs84 says

    This Pope is a socialist liberal whose political staements regarding America should be ignored and/or rejected by patriotic Americans. Although my personal choice is Ted Cruz, Trump has my complete support in this disagreement, and the New York Times can stick it where the sun never shines.

  79. Alupara says

    “If and when ISIS attacks the Vatican?” The Vatican walls were built in response to the muslim Saracen attacks on Rome and the sacking of the Vatican in the early 800s.

  80. Gregory Sarmas Sr. says

    Hypocrisy at its finest,the Catholic church has no business getting involved in this issue,What is it?People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  81. Dennis B Anderson says

    Now you know what that meeting was all about Obama had with the catholic church.
    Its been over a year that Obama & Merkel sat down and talked. Ill bet now she wished she had never taken that meeting and threw the black skank out. When Mandella died Obama was there but he wont cross the street for the man he just removed Scalia. Talk was between Castros brother & Obama about 35,000 Cuban refugees hitting our shores with green cards!! How about reparations from Jan 1, 1959 when this communist Castro took over Cuba and ran Batista out. 3.5 billion dollars is what this mutt Castro stole from us. Now stick with ears on it Obama wants to hold hands with Raul Castros brother. Can you still recognize America???? Its time Obama was setting behind bars awaiting a death sentence with his entire administration. Obama is talking about a chair with the United Nations when he finishes his presidential term. He talking about Skalias job? Low life democrats will parrot that Trump doesnt have the back ground for the job of president. Well lets see you voted in a man with a sealed jacket who is good at running political campaigns and knows constitutional law?
    The biggest thing for him was the color of his skin its as black as his soul. Now close the damn borders and lets take back our country.

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. Dennis B Anderson says

        Well AK Im not afraid to hit a black man first I grew up in LA California. I went through the Watts riots, Rodney King! Im not afraid of pushing your wheel chair over a precipice. Ill bet youre one of these gals that still party like its 1969. You still have a free cheese stain on your blouse from the Haight Asbury days. Ill bet this is the first time you have had health insurance.that everyone else is paying for. This is the second time you have braced me with the same sentencing. What is it youre stuck in a vynal groove? It appears you read what you want. You beleive as long as you dont have to pay for it everything is alright so you spout your retoric. Whom ever gets in office will be shutting down government programs the illegals and dead beats have bankrupted this country. Its the end of the welfare system. Does this make your back side pucker? I see a sign with you out front of a K Mart saying willing to remove hard water stains from bathroom toilets for beer money. You are a part of our countrys incurable desease. Theres 3 generations of your kind of functionless people.Jesus Christ himself that the poor will always be with us. He said nothing about the ill at heart. We owe you nothing.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Your foul language is extremely childish.
          Your assumptions are pure ignorance.

          Congress makes the laws.
          Congress spends the money.
          You elect Congress,

          You really need to learn how your government actually functions.
          Presidents are not kings.
          Presidents are not dictators.

          I am neither poor nor a member of a racial minority. Well maybe, I read somewhere the other day that Caucasians are now less than 50% of America’s population.

          Ok, and just for your factual information, there are no K-Marts in Alaska.

          1. Dennis B Anderson says

            Well you know what down here in the lower 48 the illegals are coming up in droves. They have even brought it up they should be able to vote on our constitutional politics. Our first black president and we are unable to see his background his files are sealed. Not before learning that him and his boyfriend Mouchelle were both disbarred from practicing law. Why was that you think? Trump offered Obama 3 million for him to come clean with his back ground? I thought anybody running for president had to show proof of who they are and religious background. Any sane man could have retired on that ammount? Youre wrong we have a dictator and a man who acts like a king. Before its over he will be behind bars for his treasonous acts. As Im writing this your King is clearing out Gitmo with another fiat bill of his and thats not how our government is supposed to function you grey haired mongrel. The white man came to this hemisphere to get away from religious persecution. Personally I could care less if you have a K – Mart in Elk Snout Alaska. If the caucasian man becomes less than what he is? Its because of whack jobs like you giving away what we fought for we are becoming the minority. Its strange that a greasy old hair ball would be crying for a taco when you live so far from one. I think its time you take a trip to our southern borders and see if you survive the trip without being incarcerated. Who cares if you ever come back. Jam this one in the spokes of your rainbow reality.

  82. Suzu M says

    Build a wall around your people to protect them from enemies. When someone destroys that wall, get right back in there and REbuild it. In fact, Nehemiah planned wisely when he required the people to repair the wall directly behind their own homes. (there’s incentive to work hard and build right.)
    There’s nothing AT ALL wrong with the idea of protecting your families. That was a foolish and not BIBLICAL thing to advise.

  83. Traveller62 says

    It’s not a slur. It’s the truth, and liberals can’t stand the truth.

  84. Lindarhuber says

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  85. gingergirl says

    I believe that the Pope is part of the One World Order. How dare he question Trump’s beliefs? He is a man – a Pope maybe, but still a MAN! Only God truly knows what’s in your heart!
    And as for the Trump should be building bridges – not walls – this from a man that lives in a completely enclosed area (yes, by a wall!), with security guards 24/7? A little hypocritical, don’t you think? He should tear down his walls to show good intentions! Let EVERYONE in!
    The Catholic church has so much money – why aren’t they out feeding, clothing and housing the poor – of which there are so many in Rome? Oh, I forgot – per the post below mine, they are too busy hiding and moving pedophiles! That is so disgusting!

    1. AKLady says

      Ignirance is bliss.

      Apparently religolus bigotry is as well.

      The Roman Catholuc Church is the largest charitable organization in the world. It is the largest non-government provider of health care services in the world: 18,000 clinics, 16,000 homes for the elderly and those with special needs, and 5,500 hospitals, with 65 percent of them located in developing countries.

      1. gingergirl says

        ” ‘Ignirance’ is bliss.” Yeah, I guess so! And how much money do they (Catholic Church) have in the bank? And, how much in gold do they have? Jewels? How about all their very expensive churches? And how many poor, starving, sick people in the world? Why don’t they house some homeless in those vast, empty churches? Use some of those churches for hospitals or clinics? Doesn’t matter how much they spend on charity, what matters is how much MORE good they could do! Get rid of the excess and help the people! God is not impressed by your gold and jewels, He looks into your heart to see what riches you have there.
        Stating a FACT is not being a bigot!

        1. AKLady says

          What does typing have to do with intellegence?
          The Vatican is a Nation, not simply a religion.
          Tell me, do you advocate that America sell off the gold in Fort Knox?

          1. gingergirl says

            Oh, get off your high horse, Lady! Geez. . . the gold in Fort Knox (if there is any) belongs to the taxpayers. The money the Catholic Church has is from DONATIONS made by followers. Big dif. . .
            My point, which you obviously missed, was that the Pope should not question another’s beliefs. He does not know what is in Trump’s heart – only God does.
            The most beautiful church I was ever in, was a small church built of wood by the congregation. Everything – from the concrete slab to the plumbing and electrical, framing, roof and even the interior finish and furnishings – was provided by the congregation’s love, sweat and donations. That church is so full of love. A lot of their money goes to planting gardens and giving the food to the local hungry/poor. I could go on and on about what all they do for their community and beyond, but my main point is that the Catholic church has amassed a fortune! You cannot buy your way into Heaven with gold and jewels. If that insults you, so be it. I will say a prayer that you find some peace and love in your heart. God Bless You!

          2. AKLady says

            You hate Islam.
            You hate Catholics.
            You hate minorities.
            You hate your President
            You hate your government

            …Is their anything in this world that you like?

            Oh, and darling, the Vatican State existed long before the first Protestant church was ever built.

  86. Obie Miller says

    He shouldn’t back down. He has no reason to!

  87. AKLady2015 says

    Trump has not yet been elected, yet he has already alienated one nation.
    The Vatican is a nation, as well as the heart of the world’s largest religion.
    How many more enemies can he make?

  88. Edithjbernard4 says

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  89. Bachelor With Sense says

    ALL One needs to do when viewing/reading/hearing anything the Pope has to say (or the Liberal “Lame Stream Media”) is to remember that According to The Bible, the Catholic Church is THE BEAST of Revelation, which makes the Pope AN ANTICHRIST at best or THE ANTICHRIST at worst!

    Believing that the Pope is “the vicar of Christ” is like believing Francis is infallible or that Satan is Christ”s brother!

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