Trump’s Next Executive Order Could Bring Obamacare Crashing Down


According to officials in the White House, President Trump is considering an executive order that would undermine Obamacare’s individual mandate, a move that would hasten the death spiral already sending the Affordable Care Act to its demise. While sources say that Trump is hopeful that Republicans can accomplish something similar through the tax reform bill, the president is poised to act on his own if Congress can’t make that a reality. Trump is still irritated that Republicans couldn’t coalesce around a repeal and replacement of Obamacare in his first year, and he is eager to make good on his promises to the American people.

While Trump does not have the authority to lift the individual mandate on his own, he can make changes to its execution that would severely weaken its effect. By expanding the scope of exemptions, he can cut federal spending and give many Americans a tax break. The Obama administration developed the “hardship exemption” for people who face difficulties in affording a plan off the healthcare marketplace. These exemptions, currently granted to those who have recently lose a family member, faced bankruptcy, or some other form of financial hardship, could be expanded under a new executive order to give thousands of taxpayers relief from the law’s burdensome penalties.

For Republicans, the political pathway to eliminating the mandate altogether is rocky. Without it, young, healthy customers would have little reason to purchase insurance that they don’t feel they want or need. This would lead to an older, sicker insurance pool and inevitably do one of two things: Drive premiums into the realm of the unaffordable or drive insurance companies out of the marketplace altogether. Since this is already happening in many states, however, a move to eliminate or weaken the individual mandate may only be accelerating a process already in progress.

According to the Washington Examiner, Republicans could turn to a repeal of the individual mandate in the tax bill as a mechanism for shaving money off the ballooning budget.

“Including repeal of the individual mandate’s penalties in the tax bill instead of through executive order would create billions in budget savings that Republicans need to pay for tax cuts,” writes the Examiner. “According to a Congressional Budget Office report published in December 2016, repeal of the individual mandate would save $416 billion over a decade, since it would mean fewer people would be enrolled in Medicaid and fewer subsidy payments would go to people who sign up for private coverage.”

Of course, the benefits to eliminating or at least weakening the individual mandate go well beyond the budget savings. Since Obamacare’s introduction, this feature has been one of the most unfair, illiberal, and cruel aspects of an undemocratic law. Intended to bring more people into the insurance pool, it has done little more than penalize poor Americans for not being able to afford health insurance. It is a harsh tax on Americans who have committed no other sin than to not make enough money! That was Obama’s gracious gift to those who voted for him, and it boggles the mind to this day that his supporters did not turn on him viciously when it kicked into effect.

Republicans are still likely to pay a political price for their failure to repeal this bastard of a law, but scrapping the individual mandate – by hook or by crook – would go a long way towards buying them some forgiveness.

  1. Bill O'Neil says

    All tRump knows is how to screw the average American including the ones he duped into voting for him.

    1. Retired says

      What has he done to you that hurts so bad ???? Obama did not even give you Vaseline before sticking it to you .

      1. ABO says

        The problem, Retired is that O’Neil seems to like it without the Vaseline.

        1. Ben Totuous says

          Trump puts hot sauce on it and drives it up your ass. You are a retard.

      2. Norman says

        Bill, like other leftists, throw tantrums whenever PRESIDENT Trump talks about more jobs for Americans. He realizes he may have to start working and paying income tax instead of freeloading on welfare and SNAP. He can no longer use the excuse that there are no jobs . . . That is why he believes he and his kind have been screwed by PRESIDENT Trump.

        1. Retired says

          That is what the left wing is afraid of WORK .

          1. mrpoohead says

            Yet many countries with center-left parties are actually more productive – Germany, Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium, Sweden. Better social disparity and mobility. Healthcare and education systems, plus a homicide rate a fifth to a tenth of the US’s. Some of those countries have a minimum wage that is almost double the US’s and not taxable until earning over $18,000. We are crap!

          2. Mathew Molk says

            Germany? Are you kidding? – Even with OSHA, the EPA, taxes and ever other roadblock you know where the most productive steel mill in the world is?

            CLEVELAND, OHIO.

            If you think Sweden is so great mover there with the moslems(sic) They have almost 50% tax on people that do work and their industry is what is crap. Ever try to get parts for a SAAB?

          3. mrpoohead says

            China, EU, India and Japan are more productive with steel. Per capita Germany walks all over the US.

            Sweden – nobody is taxed on the first $18,000 earned, we tax everybody from $1 earned. They do have a higher upper rate but you’d have to be earning $250,000 plus to pay that. Duh! Suspect parts are easier to get if local – not rocket science. Should think getting parts for a Detroit car in Sweden difficult – not sure why you’d buy a piece of crap though. German or Japanese – way better!

          4. Retired says

            All those countries you mentioned , they take care of their Employees and not like here where Companies are cut throats . But as China is buying up things there it is also changing . Our education system went to hell thanks to the Educators Union .

          5. mrpoohead says

            Government legislation and regulation means they have to take care of the employees – don’t think China can buy that. Duh!

          6. Retired says

            You would not survive under Communist China rules .

          7. mrpoohead says

            China is no longer a communist country – socialist with free market. the folk at the top realized they had lots of people who needed to work and could make them and the country money. Duh! Not many communist countries left really – N Korea, Laos that’s about it. Duh!

          8. Retired says

            Boy are you out of date on Chinas Ruler , better do some reading on what is going down in China . You forgot to mention your Communist friend Putin , you are slipping ???? Better leave the sauce alone .

          9. mrpoohead says

            I’m spot on actually and Putin is a long way removed from communist – for starters he was elected. His party is definitely right wing. Please get out more. Duh!

          10. Retired says

            You have no clue about Putin and Xi !!!!

          11. mrpoohead says

            You have no clue full stop. An’ I’m spot on! China’s politics is still very much under control and authoritarian, communist policies are not. Moron!

          12. Retired says

            Still in the dark with the lights on .

          13. mrpoohead says

            Well my rhetoric is easily proven – yours however is merely in your mind with zero reference to anything reputable. Awwwww!!!!!!!!

          14. Retired says

            You goat humpers are all alike you talk out of your rear as that is the only hole you got .

          15. mrpoohead says

            Eaten goat, never humped one suspect – bestiality is more your thing. No matter were I speak out of you have yet to refute one thing – who’s the dummy?

          16. Retired says


          17. mrpoohead says

            Not hardly – especially when you haven’t proven anything I have said in-correct. Bet you’re one of these guys that doesn’t allow anyone else in the house to have a point of view – always right, even when you’re wrong. Suggest you re-check all of your missives in the house – you have yet to best me on anything.

            PS I have no opinion at home – female dominated house. I am always wrong, even when right! Ha, ha, ha!

          18. Retired says

            So you finally admit to being a member of the Pussy Hat Society , BRAINWASHED .

          19. mrpoohead says

            Well if it is a choice between that and the pig ignorant, I’ll go with PHS thanx.

          20. Retired says

            Well yes you are Pig Ignorant , Pussy Hat Society supports ISIS and their type .of Muslims .

          21. mrpoohead says

            Less than 1% of Muslims support ISIS – nobody else. They are being fought mostly by other Muslims. PHS still beats being pig ignorant like yourself. Moron!

          22. Retired says

            That is why ISIS is spread world wide mainly from Africa through Asia . Remember your Brother Obama called the JV and in 8 years he could not remove his brothers and let them spread further out as well as in the USA . You Pig Skinned POOHEAD forget about Clinton giving us 9/11 by letting them train in the USA .Your facts are about 1% accurate !!!

          23. mrpoohead says

            Scattered here and there and representing less than 1% of the Muslim population – I’m right or provide proof. Good luck!

          24. Retired says

            You talk just like Obama who said they were JV ,but could not contain them and now ISIS is spread world wide with new Camps all over .

          25. mrpoohead says

            …………and still represent less than 1 percent of Muslims and mostly fought by other Muslims – duh!

          26. Retired says

            1% of the USA is part of that group alone and you are one of their leaders .

          27. mrpoohead says

            I doubt the figure in the U.S. would be 0.001% – stupid!

          28. Retired says

            That does not change the fact you are part of them and hate the USA .

          29. mrpoohead says

            Wasted emotion -silly! Facts and pragmatism are not hate – idiot!

            US terrorism is mostly home-based idiots of the extreme left or right persuasion and I sit in the middle – duh!

          30. Retired says

            Stupid is as stupid dos on a daily basis , with your Idiot posting . You are a Muslim Troll just like AK , are you it’s off spring ????

          31. mrpoohead says

            Not affiliated to any religion, though quite like Buddhism – very surfer like.

            What’s a matter don’t you like facts – that’s all I got. My mother is in her 80’s, doubt AK is close to that. You’re just ignorant and I’m here to correct your drivel – entertains me.

          32. Retired says

            With all its BS Stories AK would be in the upper 90s , but seeing it’s a guy ???? You also have a lot of BS .

          33. mrpoohead says

            “BS Stories” – that to date you have so far to refute one of. Let me know when you succeed and please provide reputable reference, until then. They’re facts! Moron!

          34. mrpoohead says

            PS As you seem to have little idea of how your own system works I suggest you leave the rest of the world to those that are more traveled and worldly. Duh!

            Stick to working out how America works before anywhere else. Dummy!

          35. Retired says

            You sure do tell some very tall stories !!!

          36. mrpoohead says

            Not one lie to date – too much hassle to remember them. I have only written well-documented facts. Awww! You remain a dummy!

          37. mrpoohead says

            I should point out I’ve been to both – back-packed round China, even hitch-hiked. Trained across Russia getting off a couple of times. You remain an ignoramus!

          38. Retired says

            You are so full of it , better go take a Obama and wipe your Cliton .

          39. mrpoohead says

            Presidents are the head of state, not the legislator – they deliver decisions by Congress. Thus; no problem with Obama – Trump’s a joke, so was Clinton. BushII disinterested and not remotely statesman-like, Bill Clinton and Kennedy – scum! Nixon – fukwit. Don’t mind any of the rest but I only really go as far as the 60’s. You’re still the dummy!

          40. Retired says

            The dummy is the one that calls itself poohead .

          41. mrpoohead says

            ………and yet you can’t refute one thing i have said with a reputable reference. Who’s the dummy?

          42. David Kledzik says

            Mr.Pooheads avatar is antifa

        2. mrpoohead says

          Well technically not a leftie, but no tantrums here – I love him, he’s the biggest joke ever but he makes me laugh everyday. Fancy electing the biggest buffoon ever. Ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Trump has been prosecuted and convicted of failing in the tax area, liens have been imposed – he has screwed the people. Ha, ha, ha!!

          1. Mathew Molk says

            I thought I told you to drop dead, Mr Shithead.

          2. mrpoohead says

            Facts is facts and as funny as!

          3. EBRM says

            You are a moron of note.

          4. ABO says

            Hate to disagree with you, EBRM but mrpoohead is nothing more than a common everyday variety moron. Certainly nothing of note there.

        3. Ben Totuous says

          The idea Trump has created more jobs than Obama is a bullshit lie. It fools nobody with a brain.The Carrier jobs he staged the lying photo op about saving are on the way to Mexico.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            Trump’s jobs are full time, Hussein O’s jobs were 75% part time. Want me to send the Huffpo link?

          2. Chi Sam says

            I see that your recent posts are nothing at all like your older, horribly-bungled ones.

            I was right…you quit doing some drug of choice.

            You now present yourself as smart, knowledgeable, and most of all…competent.

      3. Bill O'Neil says

        Unlike all you RWNJ’s, I care about other people beyond myself. I know that is alien thinking for you. tRump’s first day in office he did an executive action to make it more expensive for the average American to buy a home. Since then he’s doing everything he can to give us dirtier air and water and give the billionaire class free reign to do what they like by getting rid of regulations. Now if you want to be on your knees licking the boots of the billionaires that is your choice.

        1. Retired says

          You have no proof of any of that ::: Where has the air Quality gone down ??? But you support all the crap coming from China the No.1 polluter in the world and then it comes to the US to get hauled by trucks that pollute more . You Kissed and bowed down for Obama and before him was Clinton. You forget about all the Jobs exported under Clinton which in turn gave 2008 and no interest on savings .Like a good Demon Rat you don’t talk about rich people like Zuckerberg – Soros – Schumer – Pelosi – Kennedy’s – your friends in Hollywood – Clintons – Bloomberg and the Bilderberg Group that are controlling from the outskirts all big Money people .

          1. mrpoohead says

            We all supported the crap that comes from China – we all bought it, sold to us by big business that took the work elsewhere. Funny as!

            Democrats/Republicans – what’s the difference? Abortion, LGBT and gun regulation-ish – what does that have to do with business? Jobs going elsewhere or interest. It is a plutocracy – the rich run the joint. Fuck the people! Moron!

          2. David Kledzik says

            Talking like a true antifa commie. You need your communism so bad, and I hope you get it, then you will see what true facism is really like……… Stupid scumbag.

          3. mrpoohead says

            I didn’t say I approved, just the way it is. Communism and fascism – polar opposites dummy!

            I offered odds of 1000/1 on no up-rising – that was talked up by the morons on the Alt-right. Duh!

          4. Retired says

            I have always avoided China Crap went for Used instead and if you look at the labels there is plenty available from other Countries and the USA .

          5. mrpoohead says

            You mean “American company owned” or “British owned company” – still made in China. Duh!

          6. Retired says

            Still out spreading poop ????

          7. mrpoohead says

            Unfortunately factual. Example, I inherited a rather fancy hi-fi – manufactured by Quad. Old British company, today’s product is made in China, company is still British. IBM computers are Chinese owned and made, the Iphone is made in ………………………….Duh!

          8. Retired says

            Not everyone owns a I Phone , got a old unit that plays my records with one big speaker and sounds just great .

          9. mrpoohead says

            Smart phones – aside from HTC they’re all made in China, a few may have plants elsewhere too. Mine isn’t, because much to my wife’s disgust I don’t own a mobile. Peace!

            My Quad despite the amp, pre-amp and tuner being from the 70’s will blow the crap out of anything you have.

          10. Ben Totuous says

            Where do you get that bullshit? Jesus fuck are you a dumb motherfucker.

          11. Ron Dapo says

            I can’t believe the moderators allow you to post your filthy, trashy.irrational, twisted, comments on this site. Your child-like mentality is only eclipsed by your profane use of the english language.

          12. Retired says

            Spewing poop as usual ,are you ever going to put a plug in the poop chute . You are nothing but a filthy Goat Humper .

          13. Bill O'Neil says

            do your homework and you will find plenty of proof of what I said. Faux News is not a source, total fake news.

          14. Retired says

            Typical , where is the proof , the only place things got worse is in the far east continent and not the USA . Not a pay TV supporter .

      4. mrpoohead says

        Obama did nothing or prove – Trump promised things he has no power to enforce. Funniest thing ever!

        1. Mathew Molk says

          OK. You win. You just got blocked. – I’m done feeding the trolls.

          1. Ben Totuous says

            Another surrender by a trumpkin to the force of honesty.

          2. mrpoohead says

            Whoopee – though I suspect that is because you cannot refute anything I have said with a reputable reference. Mr Poohey – correct again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. Retired says

          That is because we have a Pussy Hat Society elected to WDC .

          1. mrpoohead says

            Irrelevant – Congress legislates, President does not! Suck it up dummy!

          2. Retired says

            Can’t you come up with some thing new ???

          3. mrpoohead says

            Facts is facts and you have yet to refute anything I have emitted. Duh!

        3. ABO says

          You really are beyond pathetic. I see you feel obligated to up vote your self. How pathetic exactly can you get???

          1. mrpoohead says

            Up-voting amuses me and confounds the retards – what I said was correct too. Duh!

          2. ABO says

            “Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity”- Booker T Washington. Read it over and over and over until it sinks in, Moron.

          3. mrpoohead says

            Frank Leahy actually. Facts are facts, they’re not my facts, therefore no issue with ego. Duh!

          4. ABO says

            Frank Leahy may have claimed it was his but Booker T Washington said it. Long before Leahy was born. Look it up Dimwit. Oh and you certainly do have an issue with ego.

          5. mrpoohead says

            It would seem they both said it – no date for either, but most likely not Leahy first. Best do a lap of honour – you got something right.

      5. Tired... says

        I give people a chance to make their point as long as they are reasonably respectful and stay on topic. Disagreement is fine, but if they repeatedly prove themselves unable to meet the above requirements, I block them. For me, Bill falls into the latter category.

        1. Ben Totuous says

          You hate the fucking truth, cocksucker.

          1. Tired... says

            I am interested in having conversations with thoughtful people, not habitually rude ones. Congratulations Ben, you just made the blocked list:-)

          2. Ben Totuous says

            Surrender accepted, asshole. Stop hating America and you would get respect.

      6. Ben Totuous says

        Trump’s puts scotch bonnet pepper sauce on it and tells you bend over.

        1. Retired says

          You Goat humpers are all alike , you did not complain when Obozo stuck it to you without Vaseline .

    2. Lillyhammer Lip says

      Your STUPIDITY is abundantly clear. Did you fall on the pavement and hit your head when you were born?

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        Is that what happened to you?

        1. ABO says

          Wow what a brilliant response! Did you hire some three year old to help you out with that. I’m sure a dim bulb like you couldn’t possibly be so creative all on your own.

          1. Bill O'Neil says

            It sure put a burr up your ass didn’t it?

          2. ABO says

            You seem to have your head up yours, dimwit. See any burrs up there???

    3. Deby says

      Your irrelevant comment about Pres Trump has zero to do with the topic-you are just a libtard troll Billybob, so how about trolling elsewhere? Nobody here pays you any mind since you really have nothing of value to say.

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        Just what value do you think you bring?

      2. Retired says

        It is just here to bash Trump , just another AK import .

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        You are projecting again!!!

        1. PatriotGal says

          Sorry, Billy boy, that’s your trick, not ours.

        2. ABO says

          Better hire some three year old to explain these complicated terms like ‘projecting’ to you, Dimwit. Then maybe, and I do mean maybe, you won’t come across as such a moron.

      2. Mathew Molk says

        Block um. don’t feed um.

        If they had any valid points or even points of view it would be different, but when a;; the do is bad rap the President with no facts it time for them to go.

        Where are the old “Loyal Opposition” democrats that had ideas they thought would help. They have been replaced by NWO Marxists that only want to tear down anything that anybody else does no matter what it is.

        1. David Kledzik says

          Checkout Mr. Pooh heads avatar……. It’s “antifa”

          1. Ben Totuous says

            Will you trumpkins support fascism.

          2. David Kledzik says

            You socialists wannabes certainly dont.

          3. Ben Totuous says

            I will give you that. Nobody on the left wants fascism.

        2. Ben Totuous says

          You are a disgrace. Nose up Trump’s ass retarded corpse fucker.

    4. mrpoohead says

      Whilst I conclude Trump is a buffoon, blaming him for stuff is pointless – the President has zip power, Congress legislates. The President is there to deliver it and dress it up. Obviously Trump is so stupid he doesn’t even know the job!

      Amusingly the folk that voted for him did so based on a repeal, ban, mass deportations and a wall – none of which does the President have the power to enforce. Just sit back and guffaw. Tickles me, everyday on these sites for the retarded they’re bemoaning RINO’s and Democrats when they should be angry with themselves – they voted for promises that cannot be enforced by Mr Yellow.. Funniest thing ever!

      Don’t worry about them, they’re so stupid if they tried to organize themselves they’d probably all shoot themselves in the foot or their buddies in the ass. Give them a brain and they might be dangerous.

      Without a doubt this is the funniest thing on the TV – everyday is another farce.

      1. David Kledzik says

        Talk about organize, you are define try talking about antifa. No leadership, no major funds, disorganized, untrained, and with air soft rifles…… Lmao, you clowns are a joke, and everyone is laughing at you antifa losers. And 10 on 1 is a dogfall. Step up against the real III% you buffoons, you’re done.

        1. mrpoohead says

          Up-rising was Alt-right drivel. I said it wouldn’t happen and offered big odds against it happening. Duh!

    5. Floyd says

      What we need to do is take those welfare cheating democraps and put them to work building the WALL. Let them get to know what work is. NO MORE WELFARE and EBT CARDS.

      1. Ben Totuous says

        Nobody could be that dumb. You are a Russian troll.

  2. America1st says

    Obamacare is a $1.2 Trillion tax not counting the $800 million stolen from Medicare. Furthermore it includes no incentives to lower cost and only benefits less than 10 million people through the .gov exchange. It was supposed to cover 30 Million without medical insurance and today still does not cover over 30 million. This law is a total disaster and is failing by all metrics. Obamacare needs to be completely repealed. Nothing is better than having this job killing oppressive law on the books.

    1. Ray Taylor says

      Well said and completely correct.

      1. Jerry says

        Be careful Ben Gay Totuous might call you an asswipe, that’s the biggest word he knows

        1. SNUFFER says


    2. Ben Totuous says

      Job killing is a lie.

      1. Jerry says

        Yup Ben Gay ya have to have a job before you know it

      2. itsfun says

        I personally know that people were only hired to part time jobs, so employers didn’t have to pay for Obamacare. Of course you probably believe that getting 2 or 3 part time jobs to make a living is creating jobs.

      3. gvette says

        Ben, you spent waaaaay to much time on the snotty end of Obungholes fuck stick. It corroded what little brain you may have had.

        1. Retired says

          Him and AK fought for pole position after he stuck them both without Vaseline .

          1. SNUFFER says


          2. Retired says

            Now why would you get such a good thought like that ???? You Know the answer without asking .

          3. SNUFFER says


          4. Retired says

            Is that a new name for Trannies ???

          5. SNUFFER says


          6. Retired says

            Fox hole is bad enough but , at least they are dressed . On ship the bunks are stacked and side by side , so who is better off . Then there is the women , stop shooting at us I got to go change my Tampax .

          7. SNUFFER says


          8. Retired says

            That has got to be as bad as finding a week old body in 90 degree weather .

          9. SNUFFER says


      4. America1st says

        Not true. 10’s of thousands of small businesses did not expand their businesses because they did not want to hit the 50 employee threshold requiring them to purchase Healthcare. Businesses saw their healthcare costs increase by 57% and chose not to add employees due to the uncontrolled healthcare costs.

        Obamacare premises were all lies according to chief architect Jonathan Gruber. Gruber said Obamacare wouldn’t have passed but for public stupidity.

    3. pappy450 says

      Well SAID! Excellent post!

    4. rick meek says

      Congrats – you’ve done your homework and your spot on…..

    5. itsfun says

      Remember how it wouldn’t cost more than your cell phone bill or how it was going to save us all 2500 a year. Sad that Rino’s campaigned on repealing Obamacare then didn’t have the stones to do what got them elected.

  3. tCotUS says

    Obozo bypassed Congress no less than 7 times using executive orders….What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Screw the Anti-Constitutional Obozo Care ! It was 100% better prior, we could at least afford insurance.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      False. Obamacare reduced the high increases in premiums. Plus it capped profits of the insurance companies at 20% I have received premium rebate checks

      1. David Kledzik says


        1. Ben Totuous says

          I know you hate facts, asswipe.

          1. Retired says

            You forgot to wipe yourself as it is running down your Chin .

          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            Ben’s mamma was in severe pain when she hung her fat ass over the bath tub and shit him out!😁

          3. Retired says

            Most people put a turd in the toilet , you mean the toilet was not big enough ???

          4. AKLady says

            Sewer mouth is evidence of immaturity.
            You really needs to have a doctor check up on your increasing neural deficits.

          5. SNUFFER says


          6. Don Lindsey says

            You need to go change your diaper, you`re stinking up this place!

          7. Kol says

            Don Lindsey–
            Your constant fixation on things like telling someone else to change their diaper, calling someone “a libaturd,” making insults about people and gay clubs or gay sex, etc., etc., IS NOT very “Christian” of you. Aren’t pigs supposed to be a little more ethical than that??

          8. SNUFFER says


          9. Retired says

            You got it right , AK is running wild tonight . Must be its turn to watch the site !!!!

          10. SNUFFER says


          11. Retired says

            Sad part is another just as bad will pop up , just look at all that has pooped this last month .

          12. RICHARD says

            Not only are you rude, you are also stupid and an IDIOT. Get off our site as you have nothing to say that decent people want to hear!

          13. Deborah Pratt says

            What he’s saying about ‘himself’ makes what he says about Pres Trump, sound like a ‘compliment’!! LOL

          14. rick meek says

            Watch it pard – he’s just another troll and victim of those govt stupid pills that they’ve been feeding people…..

          15. AKLady says

            You must have taken an overdose,
            By the way, it isn’t the government handing them out.

          16. Retired says

            Who let AK out of the Mental floor again ,must be the great insurance Co. that don’t want to pay for mental nuts ????

          17. SNUFFER says


          18. ABO says

            Name calling is nursery school behavior.
            Thank .you.
            Your input is always welcome.
            It says so much about you, Dimwit.

          19. SNUFFER says


          20. AKLady says

            Suggest you look in the mirror,
            “Decent people” like facts and truth.
            Not too many of them on this site.

          21. Retired says

            I hear you have no Mirrors or Crosses in your Shack ,oh forgot you live in the dumpster by the NYC harbor .

          22. SNUFFER says


          23. Don Lindsey says

            We don`t get ant facts from you, just brain farts!

          24. Kol says

            That’s the way a “Christian” is supposed to talk, Don???

          25. Bill O'Neil says

            None of these RWNJ’s can handle the truth!

          26. SNUFFER says


          27. mac12sam12 says
          28. AKLady says

            No, that isx what you want to believe.
            There is nothing factual about it.
            Employer offered health plans are group plans, which are less expensive.
            Employers, even the U.S. Government, pass the costs on to the employee.
            Employer health plans are not free to the employee.
            Employee benefits are simply pay for work done — not gifts.
            They all cost the employer less that wages.

          29. ABO says

            So fascinating how the BS just pours out of you, like water over the falls.

          30. AKLady says

            .Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          31. AKLady says

            Funny guy, look at the past record.
            Cost goes up every year — for everything.
            It has nothing to do with the ACA.
            Find yourself a less radical web site. One that publishes actual financial data.

          32. Kol says

            And Donald Trump and his bunch are going to drive those costs up immensely if they can so they put more $$$ in their bank accounts.

          33. MikanJeni Cagle says

            With your head that far up your ass the only thing you “know” is the smell of used toilet paper!

          34. marlene.langert says

            And you do not have any facts! And, you are calling people names AKLady wouldn’t like it!

          35. Rodney Dietz says

            Post that refund check please. With all the fake crap on the net “you understand”

          36. Robert Stone says

            You can call people names speak your lies and it just proves what I have been saying all along. All liberals do is lie, call others liars and other names. What kind of person can stick up for these liberals that should be in jail and only care about themselves.

        2. AKLady says

          The second-lowest silver plan is the most popular plan on the marketplace. It is the plan that is used as the benchmark to calculate government subsidies

          In Alaska, there was a 1 percent decrease in premiums for those enrolled in that type plan from 2016 to 2017.

      2. Donna Baskett Peternell says

        Maybe for you but not for anyone else. Quit being a jerk

        1. SDofAZ says

          Ben is a troll! I blocked him. I think it is another moniker for AKLady. Both are offensive and use the same tired arguments.

          1. Retired says

            You can add mrpoohead and gotabegood , all members of the Stupid tribe . They all belong in Hillarys village as that is all she allows .

          2. AKLady says

            Suggest you look in the mirror,

          3. Retired says

            You are a member of the Pussy Hat Society as well as a member of Hillary’s Village Idiot society ..

          4. ABO says

            Utterly dimwitted response. Got a patent on those do you?

          5. SDofAZ says

            So true, though I always laugh at gotabegood. He provides jokes to me, though not intentionally. At least he does not put me into the daze of boredom that the others you list do. But they all prove regardless that you can NOT argue with STUPID!

          6. Retired says

            Thanks for thinking of the Veterans .

          7. SDofAZ says

            My pleasure! And my gratitude to all of you guys and gals. The principal was a vet and a woman as well. It was a great ceremony and a new generation being taught about HONOR!

          8. Retired says

            Lets just hope it continues to grow , just having a change in the WH has made a big difference . Now if the rest of our elected in WDC would only wake up to the needed change .

          9. AKLady says

            ..Name calling is nursery school behavior.

          10. marlene.langert says

            Then how come liberals do it all the time? I thought you had died and gone to hell!

          11. Don Lindsey says

            I don`t know if she died but, she can go to hell!

          12. Kol says

            My, my, my, that’s so “Christian” of you!!!

          13. ABO says

            But of course it’s perfectly OK when you do it. Hypocrite.

          14. SNUFFER says


          15. SDofAZ says

            Good point Snuffer, I have no doubt there are some posters out there seeking to entrap the posters. The say they are looking for problems but people like the ones you describe are just mongers, looking to smear and incite! I appreciate the warning you have posted before. Kind of sad one can NOT in these times be honesty especially if you cross some PC line. Have a good evening Snuffer. Same to Retired

          16. SNUFFER says

            10-4 SIR!!

          17. Retired says

            I might be wrong but I think SD is a real lady .

          18. Chi Sam says

            Get a real purpose.

          19. SNUFFER says


          20. mrpoohead says

            Probably pointing out the idiots?

          21. Don Lindsey says

            If that were true he would point you out first!

          22. mrpoohead says

            Never considered myself bright, but here in the Alt-right World I feel like Einstein. Never have I come across so many retards – have you disproved anything I have said yet? That’s a big fat no!

          23. Don Lindsey says

            We disapprove of every you have said yet! That`s a big fat yes!

          24. mrpoohead says

            Pity you can’t “disprove” one iota of it then. Males you the dummy! You disapprove but can’t disprove – somewhat bigoted then! Funny as!

          25. Don Lindsey says

            If you`re not a libaturd you would make a good one, you lie about and try to discredit anything and everything!

          26. mrpoohead says

            Please, list one lie.

          27. Kol says

            That’s really stupid… no very good grammar, Don!

            “Don Lindsey ==> mrpoohead 2 days ago
            We disapprove of every you have said yet!”

          28. Don Lindsey says

            He is an all-purpose @$$hole!

          29. Gammi2Anna says

            I was thinking the same thing. AKLady and Ben Totuous are either one and the same troll or we have more than one brain-drained troll inputting their ignorance into this conversation. Maybe they need to try the Abraham Lincoln Philosophy, “It is best to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

        2. AKLady says

          Name calling is nursery school behavior.

          1. Retired says

            That is where you are Adult Nursery School , time to change your Depends and take the meds .

          2. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          3. Retired says

            Just plain old facts about you !!!!

          4. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          5. SNUFFER says


          6. ABO says

            Wow, yet more copy and paste garbage from AKLoony. Nothing even remotely intelligent to contribute, as usual, so just put up the same old copy and paste crap, over and over word for word ad nauseam. PATHETIC.

          7. Rodney Dietz says

            Then what are you doing out of the nursery room?

          8. ABO says

            Nothing remotely intelligent to offer so right back to the old copy and paste crap. Well done AKLoony. Keep up the good work of proving yourself an idiot every time you post.

        3. marlene.langert says

          Insurance company profits have been around 4%, no where near 20%. Ben, above, is spreading extremely fake news.

        4. ABO says

          He can’t just ‘quit being a jerk’ Donna. it’s his life’s work. His career. It’s all he’s got.

      3. Retired says

        Do you and Obama share the same Goat , the disease has eaten the few Brain cells you might have HAD ????

      4. Retired says

        You WELFARE Goats do not pay for Insurance , you milk Medicaid .

        1. AKLady says

          Apparently, you would prefer for America to return to the days of homelessness and disease epidemics that killed thousands. The anti-vaccination ignorance has already crippled and killed thousands.

          1. Retired says

            That is exactly what your Illegals have done is bring back childhood diseases and TB . It happened right in your Backdoor in NYC . You are getting Chartered plane loads of them .

          2. SNUFFER says


          3. Retired says

            It’s a goat humper like Obozo .

          4. SNUFFER says

            SE SENOR!!

          5. SDofAZ says

            So true. My father was a quarantine inspector at the ports of entry and many diseases that we eradicated are now here courtesy of the illegal aliens and unvetted moslimes. Knowing the moslimes it is definitely with intent as they are the death cult.

          6. Retired says

            To many do not want to hear those facts , just like insects from other Countries have done a lot of damage .

          7. Rodney Dietz says

            wow fear mongering. Do you understand at least how ignorant you sound?

          8. ABO says

            She sounds like an idiot Rodney because she is indeed an idiot.

          9. mac12sam12 says

            Homelessness and poverty went up dramatically the last 8 years thanks to Hussein O., the worst ever.

          10. Kol says

            That’s lies and total bullshit.

          11. AKLady says

            Homelessness and poverty are local issues, over which a President has no control. You on the other hand have a HUGE amount of control :

      5. rick meek says

        Talk about lying……

      6. MikanJeni Cagle says

        BULLSHIT! Shut the hell up you libtarded, bought and paid for troll!

      7. marihia says

        you must be one that gets it free, or at a very reduced price, are you sure you filled out your app HONESTELY, because many, many, people the price increased GREATLY!!!

      8. itsfun says

        So; my tax money got to pay for you insurance. Obama illegally used our money to pay for your insurance. Congress did not ever authorize any of our money being spent to pay for your insurance.

      9. Maubi says

        No obama care pay the short fall for all the insurance companies that are in the government exchanges, this money comes from the taxpayers. So please know what you are talking about.…/large-bailout-for-obamacare-insurers-may-be-coming/

      10. dpg01 says

        Our $1500 deductible insurance with dental and vision premium went from $600 per in month 2010 to $900 a month the first year of obozocare. After many adjustments to reduce premiums, we now pay $1160 per month with $13000 deductible. We also do not have dental or vision. obozocare is and will always be about obama and the democrat’s Marxist transfer of working peoples wealth, not health insurance.

        1. Ben Totuous says

          What is said is absolutely true about the averages for premiums. Sure, exceptions exist. Is it a group policy or you took it out yourself?

          1. dpg01 says

            Like many millions of American workers, my wife and I are retired and have a non-subsidized plan. According to eHealth data, in 2010 the average premium for a family was $392 per month with an average deductible of $3531. According to the same eHealth data, in 2017 , the average premium for the same family plan is $1021 with a deductible of $8352. As you can see, what is said is NOT true about premium averages. Our numbers and many people that I talk with are worse than the eHealth averages. I am very sure many more people were hurt by this democrat Marxist transfer of wealth than were ever helped.

      11. crazyfreddie says


      12. mac12sam12 says

        It drove prices up $5,000. You must be a free rider, AKA, free stuff person.

    2. AKLady says

      First you engage in nurdery school level name-calling.
      Then you post false statements about the ACA.
      Oh, and that so-called insurance you “could at least afford” was not worth the money you paid for it.

      1. Retired says

        Is NURDERY school a new Muslim thing ???? Or are you looped on the bad booze again ???

        1. SNUFFER says


          1. Retired says

            Do you have a big problem with stolen cars in your area , it is getting pretty bad when they are as young as 10-12 year olds .

          2. SNUFFER says


          3. Chi Sam says

            ‘Every’ once in a while. Embrace English.

          4. SNUFFER says


          5. Chi Sam says

            Asked, stupid. White people ought not struggle with simple verb tense.

            Were you raised without a father?

          6. mrpoohead says

            Never ceases to amaze me that the folks on these sites berate foreigners for their lousy English – “hellooooooooooooooooo!”

          7. Chi Sam says

            If you dosent speach English stay on you’re side of the boarder!

          8. mrpoohead says

            Exactly – ha, ha, ha!

          9. Chi Sam says

            We got to meny mexacuns hear all reddy.

          10. Ben Totuous says

            Their treasonous orange hero only has a 6th grade vocabulary, according to experts. LOL

          11. mrpoohead says

            Suspect my primary age girls would whoop him in the Spelling Bee – cofefe!

          12. Ben Totuous says
          13. Robert Stone says

            Why is he treasonous, all you liberals can do is call names, lie and call honest people liars

          14. Ben Totuous says

            News flash, dumb fuck. He is under criminal investigation for treason and numerous other felonies. You will stick with fake news to the bitter end. Enjoy your goddamn ignorance

          15. Robert Stone says

            Thank you for admitting that I was right. You called me a name, said that I was lying and told a lie. I was watching One American news yesterday and the news man said that there is still no proof that our great President did anything wrong. I have heard the same thing From Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and others. Who should I believe these people or you. Not a hard choice there. You call me a dumb fuck and ignorant. I don’t have to call you names, common sense and the ability to think for myself tells me the truth.

          16. Kol says

            Thanks for the LAUGHS! You believe people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity??!? Typical right wing extremist deliberate ignorance! You “think” for yourself? That’s hardly “thinking”… and certainly not “common sense.”

          17. Robert Stone says

            Who do you believe, Obama, the Clintons, reed, Pelosi, please tell me and explain why progressive liberals refuse to go on their programs. When someone who thinks like you goes on with them, they are proven wrong. Tucker Carlson can not help but to laugh at them. I would laugh at you but I can not figure out if you are that ignorant or if to lie is just a way of life for you.

          18. Kol says

            THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY by Prof. Johan Galtung – Galtung-Institut


            Feb 5, 2017 – THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY by Prof. Johan Galtung. Original article at THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY: AFTER THE FIRST …

            Johan Galtung – TRANSCEND International


            Johan Galtung. Professor of Peace Studies, Dr hc mult. Born 1930 in Oslo, Norway; PhD in Mathematics 1956; PhD in Sociology 1957. Read a short biography …

            Here’s how the US empire will devolve into fascism and then collapse …


            Dec 7, 2016 – Johan Galtung, a Norwegian professor at the University of Hawaii and Transcend Peace University, first predicted in 2000 that the “U.S. empire” …

          19. Kol says

            Meet OANN, Another Right-Wing Outlet Shilling For Trump


            Jan 19, 2017 – OANN, which was founded in 2013 as a right-wing news network akin to Fox News, shilled for Trump throughout his campaign and recently …

          20. Kol says

            One America News Netwerkk is total pro-Trump right wing [ extremism!! NO credibility at all unless you’re a wild-eyed Trump supporter! LOLOL!

            When Fox News isn’t enough nuttery – One America News Network …


            Jun 1, 2014 – When Fox News isn’t enough nuttery – One America News Network Debuts … The intent is to provide credible news and thoughtful analysis for …

            How One America News is Becoming the Ultimate ‘Pro-Trump …


            Jul 6, 2017 – The Washington Post took a deep dive into One America News, once an obscure news network that has recently risen to prominence thanks in …

          21. mac12sam12 says

            You say Trump has a 6th grade vocabulary and all you ever do is cuss and call names. Grow up, little man.

          22. SNUFFER says

            THIS GUY IS A PLANT!!

          23. Kol says

            You’re sort of a “plant” yourself… like poison ivy… or stinkweed! LOL!

          24. Robert Stone says

            Good luck to you because I have given up trying to talk sense to Ben Totuous and Kol. I guess they drank too much liberal koolade or they are just lying to push their agenda.

          25. Kol says

            Why Do Trump Supporters Ignore His Lies and Broken Promises?


            May 10, 2017 – Donald Trump acknowledges supporters at the Pennsylvania Farm Show …. On the other, they knew that joining the group had been dumb.

          26. Kol says

            Nope, it’s not right wing extremist at tall.

          27. mac12sam12 says

            Did you know that Newsweek was on the list of outlets that colluded with the Clinton campaign? Newsweek is fake news.

          28. Kol says

            “fake news” is one of the most stupid right wing extremist buzzwords of all! LOLOL!

            How “Fake News” Became Meaningless – Concourse (Deadspin)


            Jan 19, 2017 – The next part concerns the term “fake news. ….. This has been the story of how Donald Trump co-opted a stupid made-up media buzzword and …

          29. mac12sam12 says

            Any outlet that colludes with a campaign is fake news and they did. CNN, NSNBC and almost every outlet in MSM colluded as well. You’ve been indoctrinated and don’t even know it.

          30. Kol says

            Tyhpical righ wing extremist blah blah blah blah blah…

          31. Kol says

            Here’s how the U.S. Empire will devolve into fascism and then collapse-according to science

            June 30, 2017 by Russell Roberts

            Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 01 July 2017, 04:25 hrs, UTC, Post #244.



            Accessed on 01 July 2017, 04:25 hrs, UTC.

            Reporter: Travis Gettys.

            Please click link to read the full story.


            According to a University of Hawaii at Manoa sociologist, the United States “Empire” is living on borrowed time. Professor Johan Galtung, who correctly used modern analytical tools to predict the downfall of the Soviet Union and the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center, believes U.S. power, reputation, and influence will decline rapidly under President Donald Trump. Galtung says his original prediction of 25 years for the collapse of the United States has been reduced to less than 20 years, thanks to the past policies of President George W. Bush and the isolationist/protectionist stance of current President Donald Trump. Galtung adds that the final gasp of the U.S. Empire will come as an extreme right-wing political philosophy takes hold of America and transforms the country into a fascist state.

            Professor Galtung bases his predictions on a model comparing the rise and fall of 10 historical empires and on what he calls “synchronizing and mutually reinforcing contradictions.”

            Galtung says the future of our country is grim and foreboding:

            “American fascism would spring from its capacity for global violence, a vision of exceptionalism, a belief in an inevitable and final war between good and evil, the cult of a strong state leading that battle, and a cult of the “strong leader.”

            “Galtung said all of those elements presented themselves during the Bush era, but he fears fascist tendencies could sharpen under Trump as those cultists lash out in disbelief at the loss of American power.”

            “The sociologist identified unsustainable economic, social, military and political contradictions that would eventually topple the U.S. as a world power.”

            “Overproduction relative to demand, unemployment and the increasing costs of climate change would weaken the U.S. economy, according to his model.”

            “Galtung also predicted that rising tensions between the U.S., NATO and its military allies, coupled with the increasing economic costs of war and the political conflicts between the U.S., United Nations and the European Union, would also diminish American power.”


            Professor Galtung offers a chilling look at what our nation is becoming. We are overextended, amazingly ignorant about the real world, and woefully unprepared to confront our adversaries. Our national leadership ignores the advice of our allies, squanders our resources in endless wars, and refuses to confront the truths of science, technology, and economics. Time is running out to address our weaknesses, both foreign and domestic. If we’re unable to confront the challenges of a multi-dimensional world, we will collapse of our own accord and join the former Soviet Union as another historical relic. As it stands now, the future no longer belongs to us.

            For the latest trends in geopolitical intelligence, strategic forecasting, terrorism, politics, and cybersecurity, please visit my daily intelligence briefing at:


            For more information on the above topics, please check the blog sidebars. These news feeds are updated daily.

            Opinions expressed in this blog are mine unless otherwise stated.

            Thanks for joining us today.

            Until next time,

            Russell Roberts

            Hawaii Intelligence Digest



          32. Boyd Herrst says

            Prob’ly rancid, too..

        2. Don Lindsey says

          AKLady reminds me of the Indian who did not know Heads from Tails, every time he brought home a scalp it had a hole in it!

          1. Retired says

            Don >>> I think you won the Post of the Day with that one , good job .

      2. SNUFFER says


        1. Don Lindsey says

          The old hag comes on every site and spreads her lies!

          1. John Douglas says

            Russian troll ignore them

          2. SNUFFER says


          3. Retired says

            Hired by Soros – Clinton and Obama , the three stooges to USA political machine that kiss UN butt !!!

          4. Emma says

            Lol 👍👍👍

          5. Kol says

            Russians are marvelous people. I’m U.S.-born American. I have extended family in Russia and since locating them some couple of decades ago I’ve spent several long stays there living among them and getting close to some favorite ones. Russians are delightful people and it’s a fantastic country to play tourist and travel around in! You should not discriminate!

          6. John Douglas says

            Russians are great people . Sorry . it is a generic term for all trolls .

          7. Kol says

            That sounds rather two-faced at best! LOL!

          8. SNUFFER says


        2. Boyd Herrst says

          I wonder if “it” had any siblings
          That lived? Prob’ly so ugly “it could be a modern art masterpiece !

      3. comb says

        OH … you object to his use of language. Then you say his insurance was no good. Who are you to say it was a false statement? I experienced the same thing. I experienced a five hundred dollar a month increase during obama’s presidency. So miss know it all. You are talking out of your hat. I’m sick of paying for other people’s needs. Obama was in my opinion. The most damaging president to this country that I have experienced either historically or in any other venue. He was part of the most graft riden anti democracy era yet to be experienced. People like you live in your own little world.

        1. AKLady says

          “Caveat emptor” is advice you have apparently disregarded.
          Cost is relative to benefit in the health insurance market, i.e., low cost = minimal coverage,
          Graft ridden??? Congress makea thw laws. You elect Congress. Maybe you should make belter choices as to who you vote for.

          1. ABO says

            So, Congress makea thw laws. I’ve did not wubl that.

          2. cubuff62 says

            …makea thw laes. …belter choice choices… Confirms my earlier post.

          3. Boyd Herrst says

            Certainly NOT the commiegrabazzticsocilistscumbagmoneygrbbingthief you voted for! You been duped by drinking his “stupid” cocktail mix you-miz dizzy Aklady

        2. Gammi2Anna says

          We lost our business, home, vehicles, life and medical insurance, savings and retirement due to Obamacare. It really pisses me off when troll like AKLady shoots off her know nothing mouth, criticizing what many of know, through experience, to be the truth. Obamacare was written for one purpose. He told all of us during a 2007 campaign interview that his “Dream”, if he won the Presidency, was to bring Universal Healthcare to America. He was following the Saul Alinsky teachings of ‘How to Create a Social State’. The first and most important level of control that must be obtained is Healthcare. According to Alinsky “Control healthcare and you Control the People”. I found out just how true that is after my husband developed a very severe but recoverable illness. Even though we had insurance with Anthem through our business, Obamacare mandates and regulations denied the care he needed. Alinsky was correct. Obama had control of whether my husband lived or died which meant he had control of me. Since I was not agreeable to stopping the care he needed to survive, I had to make the decision to sacrifice all we had in order to afford what my husband required to have the chance of living. Today, we live on what little we get from our Social Security but it is WE, not just me. That makes all the things sacrificed meaningless. The GOP has lied to us and are now stopping President Trump because they have been brainwashed to believe that Single Payer/Universal healthcare would be better than private insurers providing polices that individuals can purchase according to their needs. I worked in healthcare over half my lifetime and was introduced to single payer healthcare when we had a patient that came from Canada in order to get life-saving surgery that she was on a 2 year waiting list to just getting consideration for the care she desperately needed in order to survive. Thank you for standing up to the idiotic rantings and lies of the brain-drains that still think Barack Hussein Obama was the greatest President ever. He did more in 8 years to destroy America than all the other Presidents combined. But, that was his goal. Break America and Americans down so they would be primed for the Islamic invasion.

          1. NovelDog says

            Well put Gammi2Anna. AKLady appears to be touched in the noodle department. That old Satan Bug, most all Democrats have been bitten by it..

          2. Boyd Herrst says

            Yes, she serms to be somewhat scrambled under the bonnet, eh?

          3. says

            Just a leftist troll. Ignore.

          4. Boyd Herrst says

            Yeah.. AKladie(?).. is prob’ly an oboMite on the dole .. getting free handouts from us the taxpayer via
            The gov’t. No wonder. She defends him. …

          5. Emma says

            She is a he I think.

          6. Boyd Herrst says

            Oh, got to hide as woman, so we be polite an p.c….

          7. Kol says


          8. Twit Happens says

            boyd – you need to stop snorting LSD and see the real world for what it is. A corrupt (t)rump administration destroying the country and on the verge of war with N Korea. Geeze man, are you really that stupid?!?!?

          9. says


          10. Kol says

            Typical right wing extremist trolling. AKLady is much more respectable than any of you spewing your constant nasty instults at her. Your trolling is very uncalled for ,

          11. JSIVO says

            God bless you and I pray your husband is getting better. obamacare is killing me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          12. Kol says


          13. RickFromDetroit says

            “”Even though we had insurance with Anthem through our business, Obamacare
            mandates and regulations denied the care he needed. Alinsky was
            correct. Obama had control of whether my husband lived or died which
            meant he had control of me.””

            If your Anthem insurance was so great, then why didn’t they pay for your medical bills?

            Make Medicare a single payer system that covers “ALL” medical procedures 100%.

          14. Gammi2Anna says

            Had you, ‘RickFromDetroit’ bothered to read the ACA you would know about IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board) and the mandates found on pages 670-680 of the original bill that gave the ‘express power of all care decisions to be made by HHS Secretary, a designated appointee or congressional committee’. The fact that we had our health care coverage with a well known reputable insurance provider, any procedures had to be reviewed and approved ‘especially for the targeted high need beneficiary’ based on a risk score as specified by HHS. One would need to read all 2700 pages to realize the nightmare of the ACA. Fortunately I had participated in a group read so I was aware of the horrors we were about to endure. I knew that if the patient was classified to be a ‘non-productive citizen’ by HHS and the level of progress did not reach the risk score necessary, then the patient was allowed ‘comfort care only’. That means one is made comfortable until death occurs. No care is provided which meant that I had to allow the doctors to remove my husband from the ventilator he had been placed on prior to his diagnosis, allowing him to smother to death. We nor our Anthem insurance provider agreed with allowing him to die, but all we could do was pay for the care while we awaited an appeal determination from our State Insurance Commission to overturn the ACA mandate. As I said, the ACA was all about control of individuals, using non-medical, unqualified government appointees to make the decisions of who and what healthcare services are allowed. All power was taken out of the hands of the Insurer and the Insured.

            As for your ridiculous suggestion that Medicare become a “single payer system that covers ALL medical procedures 100%”, that is the healthcare plan we know as ‘Obamacare’. Have you ever known anyone with Universal Healthcare? While I was still working we had a patient that came to the United States seeking life saving surgical intervention which she had been placed on a waiting list for consideration within the next 2 years. She would have been dead within that time frame. Would you be willing to be put on such a list for yourself or a loved one? I very much doubt it, so your ridiculous and snide comment toward my story of our experience with the ACA is an insult to me, my family and most of all to my husband. Due to the delay of care he will never be fully recovered which makes it impossible for him to ever go back to work, he never got to go back to the home we built together and our plans for retirement will never be realized. Our child and grandchild will never have the advantages that their inheritance and college funds would have provided for them. And I would not feel the need to respond to people such as yourself who have spent their time criticizing any who bothered to read and understand the horrible damage that Barrack Hussein Obama did to our healthcare system. Apparently there were more people other than yourself who have their head stuck in a place that makes it difficult for you to see the light of reality. Unfortunately for everyone of us, some of these people are Obama loyalist sitting in our Congress and Senate. They are still, even today trying to use the first rule of Alinsky in how to create a social state. None of them have bothered to ever read one word of the mandated and regulated ACA which is neither affordable nor an act of care. It is only an act on CONTROL.

          15. RickFromDetroit says

            I have dealt with our private insurance twice in the past 35 years over injuries that lasted more than 6 months, and the same thing happened both times. The insurance company discontinued all coverage after 6 months. In 2005 I injured both of my knees. The insurance company paid for the left knee surgery, but I was denied surgery for my right knee.

            The denial of surgery for the right knee resulted in the total loss of my right knee that could have been repaired. When my right knee went completely out it twisted 15 degrees to the outside, and now is affecting my right ankle and hip.

            I went from a repairable right knee to the loss of my knee, ankle, & hip. These injuries were fully documented with MRI’s right from the beginning and there was never any reason for the insurance company to contest the injuries except money.

            In 2008 I was forced onto SSA Disability by a second set of MRI’s on both knees. The MRI’s showed I was fully disabled and could no longer work.

            Since 2005 I have had 6 MRI’s, 10 x-rays, and surgery on my left knee, and I have been on SSA Disability since 2008, but I am still fighting with my insurance company. The legal battles have nothing to do with the fully documented injuries, but they are the result of corrupt insurance companies whose only concern is their bottom line. A single payer system would eliminate all of these worthless legal battles since the same party would have to pay for all medical procedures.

            As for Obamacare, it was an improvement, but not a solution to our H/C problems. There are over 30,000 pages of H/C laws in this country, and this should show you the stupidity of the American government/people.

            We should scrap all 30,000 pages of H/C laws and rewrite the entire H/C legislation, and it should read like this: IF ANY MEDICAL CONDITION REQUIRES ATTENTION BY ANY MEDICAL PERSON OR MEDICAL FACILITY, IT IS COVERED. REMIT ALL BILLS TO MEDICARE FOR PAYMENT. Now isn’t that as simple as going to the grocery store and buying a bag of food? Why do we need all of these laws to go to the doctor?

            Any more comments about you nightmare case from Canada?

          16. Gammi2Anna says

            Yes. I spent over half my life working in healthcare and understand the ins and outs of treatment, procedure and care allowances within our insurance regulations. First of all, when the insurance was regulated and provided by employers it was a benefit which we could decide at what degree we wanted to have coverage. Then the government got involved and to coin an old saying, it ‘went to hell in a handbasket’ very rapidly. That was the time that it also became open to those who wanted to misuse and file fraudulent claims committed by both the employee, family members and medical providers. The issue became even more dire when the Unions got involved with the employers responsibilities for providing healthcare. The healthcare issues we are seeing today are not new. This is my point. The government is responsible for the mess we now find our healthcare insurance buried in and having the government (ie.Medicare) will be the beginning of a society which must learn to deal with and accept genocide as the final word in healthcare issues. I more than you can ever know understand what you are going through with your own health difficulties, but it was the government that introduced the mandates and regulations that are restricting you from receiving the care you believe you need. Can you honestly say that giving Medicare the ability to supposedly ‘fix’ the very issues they are infamous for creating is the only or even near to being our best solution? Take my 45+ years of experience in advising you that it is not. They want to keep us either unhealthy or dead when we are of no more use to them. As for my patient from Canada, the only thing I know is that we saved her life so that she could return to being a wife and mother. I do not need to know anything more.

          17. RickFromDetroit says

            Here are some more figures about our private insurance. [1] We spend 19%
            of our GDP on H/C, while every country on the planet spends between 7%
            to 12% of their GDP on H/C, but our quality of H/C is rated number 39th
            out of 191 countries by WHO. [World Health Organization] [2] We are
            financing the drug habits of 92 million opioid addicts, and 10’s of
            millions more addicted to antidepressants. [3] Now the medical profession
            has lowered the blood pressure levels to show that half of the country
            has high blood pressure, so there will be more prescription drugs
            issued. [4] The U.S. accounts for less than 5% of the worlds population,
            but we are consuming 85% of the worlds prescription drugs. [5] This
            should show you where our H/C dollars are being wasted, and our H/C
            profession is only concerned about profits.

          18. Gammi2Anna says

            This response just proves what I thought to be true. You are easily acceptable to being fed the Democrats pabulum which is cooked up with big chunks of statistical fallacies and misrepresentations of professional Healthcare providers and their intentions. Are you now or have you ever been even remotely aware of how and by whom the healthcare system is controlled? Just a little hint, it is the same group that supplies you with your bowl of angry porridge which easily fills the uninformed with spoon after spoon full of BS so they can blame the bad taste on our entire Medical Profession and Providers. Never mind that America has the history of having the best Healthcare services available on this planet, the government still wants to break down the system so they can stay in control. I know it must be difficult to accept but I know of what I speak.

          19. Kol says

            House Republicans Vote to Destroy Health Care for Millions – Gizmodo


            May 4, 2017 – The fate of America’s healthcare system on Thursday came down to four votes: 217 House Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act and …

            Republicans Are Intent on Destroying Health Care, Putting Tens of …


            Oct 6, 2017 – Republicans in Congress and the White House keep trying to destroy America’s health care safety nets and are exposing tens of millions of …

            Republicans want you to believe these lies about health care


            Jun 25, 2017 – To succeed in gutting health coverage for millions of Americans, Senate … Republicans want you to believe these lies about health care … The House wants to destroy Obamacare quickly, the Senate a bit more slowly while …

          20. Gammi2Anna says

            Don’t remember inviting you back into a conversation with me since previous attempts to reason with a basement dweller being paid to clip and paste misinformation supplied by your controller have proven to be impossible. Nothing that you paste is factual or relevant to the statement I made to another person, but then again, I guess being rude is OK so long as you still get paid to post such disingenuous prattle. KOL, you really need to find an outside job that involves sunshine and truth. And yes, for reasons you could never comprehend, I DO know of what I speak when it comes to Obamacare and Healthcare.

          21. Kol says
          22. Gammi2Anna says

            Do you always respond in sets of three of your piped in ignoramus copy and post comments? Must be terrible not to have a connected brain stem or any manner of imagination that would make it possible to speak your own thoughts and convictions. BTW, you did not need to send me your photograph. I had already figured it our before that you are an ASS.

          23. Kol says

            Do you ever wipe slimy green SNOT off your chin before it runs down it and dribble all over your ikky keyboard when you type your posts, cyka??

            Idi v zhopu!

          24. Kol says


          25. Kol says

            “…but then again, I guess being rude is OK so long as you still get paid to post such disingenuous prattle.”


          26. Kol says

            You really believe stupid shiiit like that? LOLOLOLOL!!

          27. Kol says

            Republicans suddenly realize destroying the health-care system might …


            Feb 22, 2017 – The problem Republicans face now is that their essential values on health … the insurance marketplace and jeopardize coverage for millions of …

            Health Care Is Still in Danger – The New York Times


            Jul 24, 2017 – Will Senate Republicans try to destroy health care under cover of a … Republican bill would lead to 23 million more uninsured Americans.

            4 Ways Graham-Cassidy Would Make Health Care Worse – NYMag


            Sep 19, 2017 – Seemingly out of nowhere, last week Republicans began seriously considering one last effort to destroy … Multiple analysts have concluded that this would make health insurance more expensive, and lead to millions fewer …

            Senate Republicans release healthcare bill that will affect coverage for …

   › US News › US healthcare

            Jun 22, 2017 – Senate Republicans release healthcare bill that will affect coverage for millions … of a bill that could upend the healthcare system for millions of Americans. … and ruin Medicaid as we know it, adding: “The Senate bill, unveiled …

            Gutting Obamacare Is the GOP’s Attempt to Repeal Obama’s Presidency


            Trump and the GOP are willing to damage America’s health care system to undo … and to undermine his singular achievement of securing health care for millions of … The GOP’s mission to destroy the ACA defies common sense, compassion, …

            The GOP has a new plan to destroy Obamacare. It’s even crueler than …


            Apr 20, 2017 – Ryan says GOP putting ‘finishing touches’ on new health-care plan … more important than the human toll the proposal would have on millions.

            Republicans’ Plan to Repeal and Destroy Health Care – Reports …


            Mar 8, 2017 – Republicans’ Plan to Repeal and Destroy Health Care … About 44 million children receive health coverage through Medicaid and the …

          28. Kol says

            You “know of what [you] speak”? ? ?

            So, then how do you explain a simple REALITY such as that while Republicans are bent on destroying affordable health care for 25 – 50 MILLION American citizens while a country like Russia (I have family there) EVERY citizen is entitled to government-sponsored health care and people don’t suffer and die from the lack of it??? EDUCATE yourself! And the same is true for all but one of the G28 nations, and that one is the U.S.

        3. NovelDog says

          Amen comb. Set her straight, but don’t count on it changing her mind. Once the Satan Bug bites them in the rump, it goes straight to their head, and then short circuits their ability to think!

        4. Retired says

          comb >>>> You are talking to a Obama Muslim Tranny who has it’s sex scrambled . Lack of brain cells ,that is why it uses a SCRIPT and has many names it posts under .

          1. ourzoo10 says

            Just block IT….works every time. They don’t like to be ignored.

          2. Boyd Herrst says

            Leeches like computer person like it here cause we can’t mark as spam… all we can do is tell them to ‘F’ off .. and go away..

          3. Cindy says

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          4. Boyd Herrst says

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            You tax-dodging leech! We’re having a good convolt here
            Go solicit your Obomite buds!
            Geez !….

          5. organic granny says

            Flag it. Dropdown from the arrow in the upper right of the comment.

          6. Kol says

            Do you know that organic foods are a hoax???


          7. Boyd Herrst says

            Hahahahaha.. yeah, fo’ sho’!🙃

        5. crazyfreddie says


      4. Robert Stone says

        I could afford my insurance much easier before those lying cheating liberals rammed Obamacare down our throats. I had more coverage and less co-pays. Obama illegally changed it more than once after it went through the democratic controlled houses. If the cowards in both houses cared about we the people they would have stopped this crap a long time ago. My insurance was much more worth what I paid for it before I started to help pay for Obamacare. There were so many things that the Obama people did to keep this going and so many lies told by them. The ACA is one false thing in so many ways.

      5. ABO says

        I don’t see any name calling in tCotUS’ response. Nor do I see even one false statement. The only false statement I see is the last sentence of YOUR response.

      6. cubuff62 says

        tCotUS is right on point. You, AKLady never make any sense. You are illogical to the point of assumed stupidity.

      7. Boyd Herrst says

        Oh another obomite.. how nice… NOT!

    3. AKLady says

      Maybe you should go back to school and take an American Government class.
      You are embarrassing America with your ignorance and bigotry,
      Congress can veto a Presidential Executive Order.
      The U.S. Supreme Court has the last word on Constitutionality.
      Oh, and name-calling is nursery school behavior.

    4. mrpoohead says

      Please list them – fail!

      1. The duck says

        According to the Washington Examiner dated Tuesday, October 31, 2017

        Five times that President Obama went around Congress
        by Susan Crabtree | Jun 17, 2014, 6:36 AM

        Google it and see the names times. tCotUS may have gotten the number wrong but truth is Obama did bypass congress several times as he promised he would do.

        1. mrpoohead says

          Garbage – doesn’t list EO numbers and he didn’t even sign one June 9th, the one about student loans. Federal pay is the Presidents responsibility, the rest is speculative drivel. Try again with a little more depth and info – good luck!

          EO’s are for the moral and technical enforcement of Bills passed by Congress. They are easily negated by Congress and the “people” – court.

          Trump has written a number of idioctic EO’s that folk bemoan but the reality is they have zero substance and cannot be enforced. They’re merely fops to the fukwits!

          1. The duck says

            Excuse me? Every EO has the force of law. Just ask any Lawyer of your choosing. And Obama did indeed sign into law exemptions to his ACA Therefore bypassing the congressional law he signed into law after the fact. And the Washington Examiner is correct on all counts.

          2. mrpoohead says

            The Examiner article fails to prove anything. Did Obama change the ACA? No, EO’s are for technical and moral enforcement of Bills – they do not make law!!

    5. Boyd Herrst says

      A total scam. Millions of $$$ ended up in his off-shore accounts from it and and kickbacks kickbacks his cronies got also..

      1. Sade says

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  4. Norman says

    It is my honor and GREAT pleasure to remind everyone that hilLIARy LOST THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION one year ago today.

    Here are videos for all to enjoy of hilLIARy supporters crying when they realized globalist hilLIARy would not be able to continue obama’s undermining of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA:

    1. Floyd says


    2. Ben Totuous says

      Yes, we have witnessed Trump’s destruction. He makes a kid playing with chemicals under the kitchen sink look like a Nobel Prize scientist.

      1. stoth says

        he is the President of the United State, and as POTUS there are more jobs being created, stock market is up, and business’ have favorable attitudes.
        Tell us who like what is happening to our country why you do not like what’s happening?

      2. Donna Baskett Peternell says

        There are other country s that would welcome you.

        1. ABO says

          Venezuela for instance.

      3. mac12sam12 says

        Examples please.

        1. ABO says

          Good luck with that mac12sam12. Unless I am sadly mistaken he has never, EVER provided backup or any link to prove anything he has ever posted here.

    3. Michael Dennewitz says

      HAHAHAHAHA I can’t stop laughing! And hey crybabies, in case you STILL can’t accept it, THE FILTHY RICH BENGHAZI BITCH L O S T ! HAHAHAHAHAHA

    4. Deborah Pratt says

      Well—-they took that ‘well’, didn’t they? Remember Hillary’s advice to ‘accept it when she won’! Seems ‘libs’ can give advice ‘out’ but they really can’t ‘take’ it!!

  5. Dan Dolomont says

    Repeal it before the idiots in my state of Maine can enact the medacare expansion they voted in with no way to pay for it

    1. Mike W says

      California did the same thing – they passed it but admit they have absolutely no idea how they will pay for it and they are already over 1/2 a trillion dollars in debt. Clue: The California also recently raised the gas tax statewide to the highest rate in the country to pay for repairs on their dilapidated roads. No one ever even asked where all the money that should have been designated for road repairs from license plates , inspections , drivers license fees and previous gas taxes went.

      1. PatriotGal says

        Yet, they are asking the Fed for $7.5 BILLION because of fires…My question is – will the $$$$$$$ really all go to help those who lost everything in the fires?

        1. Ronnie Cowlishaw says

          Why don’t they ask Mexico lol….

          1. PatriotGal says

            Considering one or two of the fires had been started by ILLEGALS – that’s a great idea!

          2. Deborah Pratt says

            Don’t ‘ask’ Mexico–send them a ‘bill’!!

        2. Mike W says

          They also have dams that are in desperate need of repairs before there is a tragedy. I wonder if they will raise the water tax too or just wait for something to happen and apply for FEMA money.

          1. Deborah Pratt says

            You already have the answer to that one!! LOL

      2. SDofAZ says

        Mike W. in any state run by dem wits, the infrastructure and other everyday needs of the people are either not paid, paid insufficiently or ignored. And now with the determination to have sanctuary and benefits for the illegal aliens that will further restrict those necessary funds those needs will fall further into disrepair and neglect.

        The dem wits are even worse at budgets than the rinos so either live with the taxes that will soar in every category so the morons steering the dem wit administrations can wasted even more tax money or move to another state altogether and make sure it is a balanced budget state if one exists and I believe some do.

        The horror is that the whole thing amounting to socialism is unsustainable and when they fall, we will be forced someway, some how to bail them out. I sincerely hope it is not until the dem wits in charge have lost their hold on the idiots who voted em in. There should be some consequence for being a poor money manager, a politician who thinks more of illegal aliens than its citizens, and running something totally into the ground because you could not stop spending as in losing YOUR JOB!

    2. PatriotGal says

      Too late, Dan, they voted for the expansion. But the Gov is refusing to sign it.

      1. Ben Totuous says

        Fuck that fat ass racist piece of shit LePage.

        1. Ron Dapo says

          Ben your language is deplorable, as is your thought process. You are most welcome to join your lying little darling snow flake friends on a different site. Maby you can out-cuss each other, think about it. Wouldn’t that be oh so much fun?

          1. Ben Totuous says

            Not into preaching to the choir, you goddamn chump. I am here until Trump resigns or gets thrown the fuck out.

          2. Carol says

            Bob you ignorant slut

          3. Carol says

            Sorry Ben you ignorant slut

          4. Deborah Pratt says

            By either ‘name’, it fits!! LOL!!

          5. ABO says

            Doesn’t matter much what you call him, Carol. He’s just an ignorant slut.

          6. Carol says

            Yes he is and a bag of crap

          7. Ron Dapo says

            Not if everyone blocks your uneducated, child-like, obnoxious, hate filled, wondering, can’t put a rational thought together personality. By now….

          8. mac12sam12 says

            Then you’ll be here for 7 more years.

          9. Jerry says

            Bens Gay ya know

        2. itsfun says

          Your use of filthy language is just a weak mind trying to express itself.

    3. Deborah Pratt says

      I hear our governor is considering repealing that vote!! The way it was advertised on TV, it sounded as though Maine would receive all kinds of government aid, additional jobs opportunities, etc. etc. Sounded good until my husband explained the additional tax burden it would place on homeowners! We have only owned this property for less than two years and our main income is SS! Hate to lose the place because of something like this!

    4. rick meek says

      Sorry pard but maine’s been getting a lot of taxpayer millions just on all those refugees they’ve supplanted there….

  6. ray2hill says

    Republicans enjoy watching children and the elderly suffer and die, especially poor and minority children and elderly.

    1. jeff says

      The crowd in here does not care. Yes , it needs fixing , as many major issues do. The crowd in this newsletter ( reading the gun section now) just have no clue….mindless Trumpet love is all you see in here.

      1. PatriotGal says

        Then why are you here, jeffy? Anyone with intelligence wouldn’t go where there not wanted.
        As for OWEbamaTAX, if people want insurance, then they should pay for it. Otherwise, do as we had done for years, not have it until we could afford it even with a family. When hospitalization happened, my husband made an agreement with the hospital to pay it off a little each month and we did. It was far less expensive than exorbitant insurance premiums and humongous deductibles which were higher than the hospital, surgery, anesthesia, and doctor bills.

        1. Ben Totuous says

          Because those of us who love this country are not going to quietly watch that fat ass orange shitbag destroy it.

          1. Valor says

            Your hero Obama already did that.

          2. Ben Totuous says

            How? Saving us from Bushit’s depression in 2009?

          3. mac12sam12 says

            That was the democrat induced depression. The democrat pressured banks to give high risk mortgages to the poor and minorities. Dumb liberals.

          4. Robert Dostoevsky says

            You’re still posting the same lie you posted months ago. The housing financial crisis had very little to do with the poor or minorities but you knew that.

          5. ABO says

            You really are amazingly dense if you actually believe any of what you just posted, Dostoevsky. But we already knew that.

          6. Jo Melcher says

            Valor: AMEN! He did so much damage, don’t know if we can ever get our Country back. Thank God For President Trump, he is trying. God placed President Trump in the White House along with us “we the people”!

          7. Donna Baskett Peternell says

            Please, please take a good look at yourself. You are a very jealous natured
            person and can’t see the best for the people. You like and are jealous that you are not in with the criminals and wish you were one of them.

          8. mac12sam12 says

            What are you going to do about it? The stock market is at 25,500 and the real estate industry is booming. He’s had two GDP quarters over 3%. The food stamp enrollment is at a a 10 year low, and poverty is a lot lower.

          9. ABO says

            Won’t hear from him for some time now mac12sam12 as he absolutely despises the truth and does not deal with it well.

        2. Deb says

          Or you can use the programs the community hospitals and the non profit hospitals have for the people that can’t afford to pay much. I worked for a non profit hospital that us employees did fund drives every year for that reason.

        3. jeff says

          You are correct….this is not a site for open minded folks. Thought fixthenation might have been more interesting. Oh well. Just rant against Obama and undo all…….some of us like clean air and water too!!…..not thIs EPA and his boss trumpet…..yikes….the true site name should be its “only about”……yes, outta here.thanks.

          1. Ron Dapo says

            Don’t let the door hit y’all where the good Lord split you Jeff…

          2. jeff says

            Strange reply!,…the good Lord would have great compassion for the average hard working people….and would have medical plans easily and cheaply available for all…..yes, he was quite the leftist you despise so much….that you post using His name is remarkable.

          3. Ron Dapo says

            The good lord had a job, got to keep the money he made working. How about l buy my health care and you buy yours. If you can’t afford as good as mine insurance WORK HARDER or get a 2ed. job..I. thought you were leaving this site. You should find a socialist site, You would fit right in.
            The lord helps those who help THEMSELVES….,,

          4. jeff says

            Lololol…it was your ignorant reply to my leaving that made me to respond…Now you again make $$$$$$ the only object worth pursuing!!!…… I prefer clean water and air—you see the industrial pollution in India today?…..good jobs though…goodness fella, I would not usually reply to such narrowness as yourself….I note the ACA applications are huge this week….average folks need it… must work or own an insurer….go look at the corporate profit picture…..reduce the corporate taxes?….I say make them pay!!!…..Unbridled indecency is not my mantra. Try a decent balance. We are all not the 1/10 of 1 percent like you.
            PS.– not sure which Lord you worship……the Good Lord had compassion. Yes to helping oneself,but you rich guys take and give little back. Again,try some fairness. It’s refreshing.

          5. Ron Dapo says

            You think I’m rich? I believe in work,dignity,truth and country. No further response is needed from you ,were simply decades apart in experience and maturity. Be well good day.

          6. Ron Dapo says

            By the way,average hard working people can buy their own healthcare. It’s lazy , can’t seem to get there ass outta bed and hold a job people, that want everything for free. We do not need.

          7. jeff says

            Sounds clever but that’s not the majority of those needing healthcare,
            …..try reading/hearing more balanced reporting…..kindly go look at the horrid minimum wage then the average health insurance premium…..then please add rent, food,etc etc……note the large increase this week of Affordable Health Care applications…it is a much needed program….let us work to fix it…not destroy it so the billionaires can get large tax breaks!!,…….

          8. Ron Dapo says

            I thought you were leaving this site. I’ll help you. Bye bye.

          9. jeff says

            so clever and wise of you!!…..yes, if nothing further of any pertinence, I will leave this mindless group–it was you who had responded, thus my need to reply. But, overall, a true waste of precious time !!…..Gotta go and help save the environment. (ps–if you remain quiet I can go do better things!)

      2. stoth says

        you are looking at the wrong party. It is the Democrats who are stalling. and you as a Democrat have no voice in Washington. Your reps are doing nothing – absolutely nothing but stalling.

      3. ABO says

        I see that you are every bit as pathetically moronic as your idiot buddy ray. Like him you provide absolutely nothing intelligent, just stupid insults and baseless accusations Grow up clown boy.

    2. C Johns says

      ray2hill: I am courious, where are you getting this information. I am a republican, in middle of moving my elderly “in-laws” to stay with my wife and I due to declining health. I have 3 granddaughters that I love very much and only want the best for them. That blanket statement needs a valid source of facts or I can confidently (and reluctantly) call you ignorant.

      1. ABO says

        Don’t be reluctant to call ray ignorant as that is exactly what he is and seems to be proud of it,

    3. EBRM says


    4. Ben Totuous says

      Yes. If Obamacare is repealed and people are priced out of insurance, the cretins who repealed it need to be locked the fuck up for MURDER.

    5. stoth says

      you are looking at the wrong party. It is the Democrats who are stalling. and you as a Democrat have no voice in Washington. Your reps are doing nothing, absolutely nothing but stall.

    6. Carol says

      Nobody dies. What a stupid comment.

      1. ABO says

        From one very stupid person.

        1. Carol says

          So true

          1. ABO says

            Ufortunately you can’t fix stupid.

    7. mac12sam12 says

      LOL! Typical democrat shill.

  7. Mathew Molk says

    You bust your keester working 2 jobs and lay awake nights figuring how to pay for high buck oboma hospitalazation and then a bunch of welfare derelicts get it for free ???

    Give congress until the end of the year to take care of it Mr. President. Then do it yourself.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Ignorant. You jokers cry about welfare. Anybody who doesn’t protect themselves with insurance is on that path.

      1. Donna Baskett Peternell says

        quit being a jerk and causing trouble. We have enough trouble makers in this world.

      2. itsfun says

        You are the welfare recipient. You get my tax money to pay for your insurance.

    2. Ronnie Cowlishaw says

      Well said excellent!

    3. Ben Totuous says

      He doesn’t have the power to make or break laws. Remember you fuckers whined about Obama for 8 years saying that?

      1. Jerry says

        Ben Gay you are the stupid fucker

      2. itsfun says

        Obama broke the law when he paid subsides. Only Congress has the Constitutional right to authorize monies being spent and they never voted to give any money for subsidies.

    4. Dick says

      If President Trump, via an executive order, were to REQUIRE all federal government employees, including senators and congressmen, to take Obamacare, I guarantee it would be replaced within a month.

  8. PatriotGal says

    Do it!!!

  9. Ben Totuous says

    Trump should be arrested for sabotaging the healthcare that people depend on. The dumb son of a bitch and his fellow RepubliFascist hyenas goddamn sure have no viable plan to replace Obamacare. Their entire scheme about healthcare was to rape and pillage it to get money for their fucked up tax welfare for the rich.

    Trump is going to prison. We sane Americans just have to pray the monster doesn’t destroy everything and incite a world war before he gets his prison oranges.

    1. Ronnie Cowlishaw says

      Trump is great is he not we love our President lol….!

      1. Ben Totuous says

        You the 33%. I am in the 59% wanting him to pay the price for his crimes. And have his own master that calls him a punk.

        1. Valor says

          Just what crimes are those? Want to talk crimes? Talk about Hillary and her cohorts. But that is over your head, obviously!

          1. Ben Totuous says

            Over 25 years of witch hunts on Hillary. And still BUPKIS. She is clean as a whistle.

          2. Valor says

            And you are dumb as a rock. There has been no witch hunts on that hag. She has survived because of political connections and power. Anyone else would have been imprisoned decades ago. Sad this once great nation has been infested with such stupidity as you demonstrate. But keep it up! The more you spew that stupidity the more people will realize just how far this nation has decayed.

          3. Ben Totuous says

            Fuck you, you dumb son of a bitch. You love Trump drilling you in the ass dry. Most people don’t.

          4. Valor says

            And you, you dumb S.O.B., love a corrupt, evil hag, I voted for Trump because he wasn’t Hillary. I know what she is. Back in Apr 1992 I spent 5 days with the Clintons on the campaign. I got to see the REAL Bill and Hillary when there were no cameras or mics. What I saw was sickening! So don’t preach to me about Trump. Even at his worse he is a decent person compared to that witch! Idiots like you are no better.

          5. Ben Totuous says

            Mueller will slap Trump down with 150 years to life worth of crimes. It will be a beautiful day.

          6. Valor says

            You are totally delusional! If he succeeds it will be on made up, false charges.

          7. Ben Totuous says

            Says a trumpkin brown-noser who has no idea of the laws he has broken because of wilful fucking ignorance.

          8. Valor says

            Speaking of yourself?

        2. mac12sam12 says

          Believe in polls? Except for two polls, it was Hillary is a landslide in all the other polls.

      2. ABO says

        Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Well done Ronnie! I believe Totuous’ head just exploded.

    2. Valor says

      You, dweeb, are the dumb S.O.B. Sane? Not hardly! You wouldn’t make a pimple on a sane person’s butt, much less Trumps! Crawl back under your rock.

      1. Ben Totuous says

        We know a CRIMINAL when we see one. TRUMP IS A CRIMINAL. I am for sending him to Gitmo.

        1. Valor says

          Good thing for you breathing is a natural reflect ! If you had to think about it you would suffocate. You wouldn’t know a criminal if she walked up and slapped you. Hillary. Dumb ass!

          1. Ben Totuous says

            Stop lying or I will kick your ass.

          2. Valor says

            Come try. Be glad to send my address. But count on a one way trip!

          3. Ben Totuous says

            Fuckwit, your address is in front of me. It is the address of a mental institution.

          4. Valor says

            Yuck, yuck! Yawn!

        2. Jo Melcher says

          Ben: O’bama is the criminal! I hope they send him to Gitmo for LIFE! They will get him I’m sure of that. Just a matter of time!

          1. Ben Totuous says

            Just a clue… Obama serving as president while black was not a crime.

          2. Robert Dostoevsky says

            What specific crimes would they get him for?
            FYI only enemy combatants can be sent to Gitmo.

    3. mac12sam12 says

      Trump is going to prison?What for? You’ll see the old hag in prison before President Trump.

  10. Ronnie Cowlishaw says

    The mandate forced on us is horrible I feel like I am in Russia it has not helped me one bit, please President Trump get rid of it!

  11. Floyd says

    I have someone in my family that works 60 hours a week. Taking calls from people that that cannot go to the same Doctor the had for 20 years. And now have to go to a quack on the others side of town.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Repukes should have considered that when they sabotaged Obamacare to limit enrollment.

      1. Deborah Pratt says

        Just something you may have ‘missed’! Many Americans are proud to stand on their own two feet, when they are able. They resent being ‘forced’ into depending on the government for ‘anything’!! It’s called ‘self respect’ and we also resent it being ‘mandated’ into being taken from us!!

  12. Michael Dennewitz says

    The biggest, and foremost problem facing PRESIDENT TRUMP is the fact that THERE ARE STILL far too many mooseslime appointees within OUR government. No matter how well “things” seem to be going, there’s a bastard turncoat around every corner..

    1. Ben Totuous says

      America has never seen a traitor on the scale of Trump.

      1. Mike W says

        I’d say you fit the bill fine.

      2. Deborah Pratt says

        Exactly ‘what’ planet did you say you live on??? Perhaps before using such ‘big words’, you should look them up for their meanings, instead of just ‘parroting’ other ‘libs’!!

      3. mac12sam12 says

        Example please. crickets..crickets..

  13. Mike W says

    President Trump should do nothing or else he runs the risk of getting the blame for a failed liberal/socialist project. When a lot of people see what their next years premiums for Obamacare will be it will destroy itself.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      You shit-eating RepubliFascists have committed 7 years of sabotage on Obamacare. That is the fucking problem with it.

      1. Mike W says

        Fuck off asshole – I only hope I run across you someday and beat the living shit out of you

      2. mac12sam12 says

        The only ones who liked the ACA are subsidized. Try paying for it.

  14. Enrique says

    As I read, I say to my self,we are really in trouble. The democraps or the repablicunts parties are so full of it!! All they are interested is being in power , and then when they get it , don’t do a dam thing to help the people , except to “screw them a little bit more”. Slavery !! Only difference is that you get paid .everyone is a slave, so stop about the slavery nonsense , mr. Kaepernick ,you have a lot of African-American that are richer then White Americans . People keep on asking what’s going on ?? What’s going on is that ,were moving further away from God and embracing evil. That is what’s going on. So buckle up it’s going to get worst , and I’m not saying that because of Trump , which I didn’t vote for,but I rather have him then the Clintooooons.

  15. Ben Totuous says

    We are 1 year from a Democratic Congress that will stop Trump cold. But Mueller will likely save us before that. His damning report on the criminal trump will leave Congress no choice but to impeach.

    1. Mike W says

      You had a democrat senate – congress and White House when Bathhouse Barry whoever the hell he really is took office what happened big mouth? You blamed everything on Bush – now you are kissing his ass what a hypocrite!!

  16. Eric Pearson says

    The only thing that is going to be “crashing down” is Trump. His days in the Oval Office are numbered.

    Obamacare has been wonderful for me. I don’t understand why you right wingers find that so terrible. It makes you appear to be petty, childish and just down right mean.

    1. bluewarrior13 says

      My entire family lost their insurance at work and cannot afford ACA. I ask of you is that childish? Is that petty? I do agree with you about the down right mean, but it was the Democrat’s that made the down right mean law not the Republicans. I agree with you about President Trump’s days being numbered, because he can only serve two terms unlike the congress.

    2. ABO says

      Hey, everybody, look, the bumbling idiot Eric Pearson is back. This should be good for a few laughs. Not doin’ to well with your stand up routine Eric so you had to try again here, huh? Well considering what you just posted you need to work on it. Although the “Obamacare has been wonderful for me” part was pretty hilarious if a bit awkward.

      1. AKLady says

        Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting Eric Pearson, and encouraged others to do so

        1. ABO says

          My response was directed to Eric Pearson. is that your name AKLoony???

    3. AKLady says

      Exactly, however, the immature always hate being told what they have to do.

  17. Richard Hennessy says

    The individual and corporate mandates should not merely be weakened. Republicans should completely eliminate them, NOW!! The Supreme Court effectively determined that they are unconstitutional, although Chief Justice Roberts didn’t remain true to his duty to simply interpret the constitution and instead invented an excuse to preserve Obamacare.

    1. AKLady says

      No, the Supreme Court ruled the ACA was a tax.
      By the way, the word “Constitution” is a proper noun when used to refer to
      the U.S. Constitution.

      1. Richard Hennessy says

        OK, I’ll accept your GOTCHA for my typing mistake. By the way, I know Constitution is capitalized. However, did you bother to read my post? Yes, the Supreme Court did rule that the penalties in Obamacare for not having health insurance as mandated by the Federal government, that proponents said wasn’t a tax, is a tax. That is precisely Roberts’ invention that he used to vote to support Obamacare, even though the lawyers presenting the government’s case didn’t present any argument that it is a tax, because it isn’t, but rather clearly is a penalty, which would make it unconstitutional. Does that help you to understand?

        1. AKLady says

          I understand the Court’s decision, apparently, you have not actually read it.
          I have a law degree, do you?

          1. Richard Hennessy says

            OK, Lawyer. Would you like to explain to me why Obamacare wouldn’t be determined unconstitutional, absent Chief Justice Roberts’ ridiculous opinion that it’s not a penalty for not having health insurance, but rather a tax to raise money for some public need. By the way, I believe all 9 justices of the Supreme Court have law degrees, but at least 4 of them regularly seem incapable of reading and understanding a document as plain-spoken as the Constitution.

          2. AKLady says

            Who pays your medical bills if you default?
            Who pays the medical bills if you file bankruptcy?
            Why does the US have the world’s most expensive health care system?
            How is the ACA designed to be a solution to those problems?

  18. Vicki Smyth says

    Medical was suppose to be a Temporary solution not a generational fix. Put limits on anyone receiving Medical they can only continue having it if it is re-certified that they really need it.

    1. Retired says

      Why do you think they move from State to State once Welfare runs out ????

      1. AKLady says

        The programs are federal. Moving to another state does not change a thing,
        Why do you need to tell these lies?
        Why do you embarrass America this way?
        Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
        Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

        1. Retired says

          There is no federal data base to prevent it ,get your lies in order .

          1. AKLady says

            SSI is a federal welfare program.
            It is operated/managed by the Social Security Administration.
            Get an education.

          2. Retired says

            You get everything screwed up !!! People talk about the sun and you bring up the Moon . Better lay off of the booze .

          3. AKLady says

            All of the programs require applicants to have Social Security Numbers and/or Tax Identification Numbers.

            Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is the program in every state. Whether or not the state adds to that program is up to their law makers. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is also a federal program. Child’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is federal. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is also federal. Housing Assistance is federal as well.

            Bigoted one, I am an advocate who represents the disabled, elderly and poor. Helping people obtain the assistance they are qualified for is what I do — day in, day out.

            Why don’t you look at the programs instead of making a fool of yourself before the world.

          4. Retired says

            Funny that you are the biggest fool on here !!!

    2. AKLady says

      Which “medical” are you referring to: Medicaid for the poo By the way or Medicare for the elderly and disabled? By the way, the elderly and disabled van qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare.

    3. Robert Dostoevsky says

      Medicaid, Medicare? What are you talking about?

  19. Vicki Smyth says

    Free enterprise market across state borders. Competition is good!

  20. Larry Brule says


    1. Retired says

      Clinton had the chance to rid the Earth of him but Chickened out .

      1. AKLady says

        Maybe you should check out the ties between the bin Laden family and the Bush Empire.

        1. Retired says

          What does the Bush family have to do with Clinton let him go instead of taking him out ?????? You are really going off of the deep end .

          1. AKLady says

            At the time Clinton was In office, there was no evidence that bin Laden had committed any crimes against American citizens.

          2. Retired says

            Yah right , you are nuts as usual .

          3. AKLady says

            Sen. Rubio claims it was President Clinton’s fault.
            Pres. Trump claims it was G.W. Bush’s fault.

            Fact: Clinton approved a plan to capture bin Laden, and amended that to allowing bin Laden’s death. There were opportunities that were missed. It is not possible to say whether they would have been successful or resulted in unintended consequences.

          4. Retired says

            Clinton got chicken because of all the wheeling and dealing going on .

          5. AKLady says

            At the time Clinton was In office, there was no evidence that bin Laden had committed any crimes against American citizens.

          6. Retired says

            You forget what he was doing in Countries that the USA had pumped billions of Dollars since WW2

          7. AKLady says

            I forgot nothing.
            Read what I wrote.

          8. ABO says

            Make up some more ridiculous stories for us AKLoony, they’re so entertaining.

          9. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult, assume, exaggerate …repeat ad nauseam.
            Tedious, boring, repetitive …enfant terrible

          10. ABO says

            Yet another load of well spun BS courtesy of AKLoony. Well done Loony One. You’re becoming a true artist (in the category of BS that is).

          11. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

    2. AKLady says

      Congress makes the laws.

      Why do you need to tell these lies?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. ABO says

        I’m just so impressed AK. You have delivered an absolutely incredible torrent of unadulterated BS here and even a number of lunatic tantrums when no one buys any of it. You really ought to be in the movies. You’re so entertaining, in a pathetic sort of way.

        1. AKLady says

          Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting me, or encouraged others to do so

  21. Truth&Honor says

    Can someone please answer me this; If Obama care is so great then how come this law doesn’t apply to our government officials in Congress who passed this law, along with their families and big corporations?

    1. AKLady says

      It does apply to Congress.
      You have been lied to.

      1. ABO says

        You know that’s nothing but BS but you blab out your lies as though you have ever spoken a word of truth which we all know you never have.

        1. AKLady says

          Cite the law, paragraph and chapter.
          Prove your accusation.

  22. rick meek says

    GO Trump…..

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Yes, he can go to fucking hell where he belongs.

  23. Mai Tran says

    About time, can not way for Congress to act, I question what Congress Man & Woman doing every day, they never can get anything done

  24. WhiteFalcon says

    What Trump hasn’t realized up to present is that he is dealing with, in both parties, politicians, and they exist on lies and cheating and all manners of spineless behavior. John McCain and Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins and Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Peloci and Maxine Waters as well as many others are cases in point. Donald Trump is someone that wants to see thing being done whereas the above mentioned are all part of the swamp that want things to stay the way they are so they can rake in more corruption money.

    1. AKLady says

      Our Founders made certain there was a separation of powers.
      Your post is a prime example of why that action was so important.
      Trump want to be a dictator, but the law protects America from such a régime.

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        I think that mostly he wants to get things done but the Congress gets in the way. That is the way the Consituation was designed in order to prevent the President from having to much power. A lot of the time it gets in the way but it has worked. Ovomit and Bill Clinton, for example, would have most certainly become dictators if they would have had any chance. Thankfully, they didn’t.

        1. AKLady says

          Name calling is nursery school behavior.
          Thankfully, you don’t make the decisions,

          1. WhiteFalcon says

            What is true is true whether or YOU like it, and what I said is true.

          2. AKLady says

            Obviously, the majority of American voters did not agree with you.
            Also, the Electoral College did not agree with yo.

    2. Ben Totuous says

      Well, none of the others conspired with Putin to attain their office. Trump did and he is going to prison.

  25. Maubi says

    WE THE PEOPLE are watching closely, those who break their promises may as well pack up their stuff and go home. We won’t be putting them back in office !!!

    1. Ben Totuous says

      They all break promises. We need to watch when they break laws. Trump has broken so many laws, it takes 20 prosecutors to track them down.

  26. AKLady says

    Trump cannot expandi the scope of exemptions, only Congress can do that.
    Trump cannot cut federal spending and give many Americans a tax break.
    only Congress can do that.
    Our Founders made certain there was a separation of powers.
    Trump is an example of why they did that.

    1. Retired says

      AK Troll has arrived >>>> Our founder should have made sure that Traitors are deported . Better pack your bags Ice is coming .

      1. AKLady says

        United States Constitution. Article III, section 3 reads as follows:

        Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

        The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

      2. Ben Totuous says

        Trump will be deported to GITMO.

        1. Retired says

          You could end up there way before Trump along with some of your Demon Crooks .

          1. Ben Totuous says

            How is that, asshole?

          2. AKLady says

            It is a military prison.
            Trump us legally part of the military,

            The UCMJ indicates that the death penalty is appropriate.
            906a. ARTICLE 106a. ESPIONAGE

          3. Retired says

            What are you spouting off about , that is a place for you .Water treatment is what you need as to why you hate the USA . Go back to your NYC dumpster .

          4. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          5. Retired says

            Quack Quack goes the constipated Duck !!!

          6. Retired says

            Quack Quack goes the Duck as it poops .

          7. AKLady says

            Thank you for proving my point.

  27. just me says

    Obamacare must not have been so bad if trump has to destroy it to make it look bad.

    1. Retired says

      It is so great that more people went into Medicaid than the Market place insurance . Many signed up and never paid or stayed in the program .

      1. AKLady says

        Why do you need to tell these lies?
        Why do you embarrass America this way?
        Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
        Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

    2. Ben Totuous says

      You are right. Repukes have thrown every bit of destruction and lies they could on Obamacare. They should be locked up for it. IT’S FUCKING MURDER.

  28. Raymond Miller says

    Just do it, that’s what the Demon-Crats do.

  29. SNUFFER says


    1. Ben Totuous says

      Are you threating the 12th best president ever?

    2. AKLady says

      Name calling is nursery school behavior.
      You elect Congress.
      Congress wrote and passed the ACA.
      Maybw you should pick better people to vote for.

  30. keepon says

    What took so long? Created by executive order? So it should die. And Pelosi talks of Repubs moving under cover of darkness? Nancy! Let’s pass it so we can see what’s in it? Only a communist would do it that way!
    President Trump needs to do more of this. It’s rule by goose and gander politics.

    1. AKLady says

      Trump is a want-to0b be dictator.
      The Fourth Reich began January 20th.
      Last time thw Jews were the target.
      This time the targets are Muslims and Hispanics.

  31. geneww1938 says

    Our legislators are highly bribed, extorted or coerced by lobbyist and must be replaced. It must become illegal for any lobbyist to donate to any legislator or judge from a fund that exceeds some small value.

    1. Retired says

      That is what PAC money was established for !!!!

    2. Ben Totuous says

      Fat chance. The jokers in Congress are not going to cut off their own golden egg. That is the reason they are there.

  32. Ben Totuous says

    All stooges who voted for the orange baboon need to be deported.

    1. mrpoohead says

      Better still ship them to the south to pick cotton.

      1. Ben Totuous says

        If on a chain gang. We can’t let the desperate criminals escape.

        1. mrpoohead says

          You’re safe – most of them don’t have the brain capacity to wipe their own backsides. It really does make me question the education system.

          1. Ben Totuous says

            Trump wipes himself on the flag everyday.

          2. mrpoohead says

            I’m amazed he can do anything other than make a fool of himself. Got to laugh though!

          3. AKLady says

            He has assistants and a wife to do that for His Excellency.

      2. AKLady says

        Machines do that these days.
        Just another reason for high unemployment.

        1. mrpoohead says

          Extermination then – start with the trailer parks first and should raise nation’s average IQ by 50.

  33. jim jones says

    Affordable my ass. Sure hope we get something better.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Well, if you pay attention, you will see seniors and pre-existing conditions will pay 66% more under the latest Repuke ideas, as compared to current Obamacare rates. And those are the ones who really need insurance.

    2. Ben Totuous says

      If people want an instant 20% cut in premiums, their profit, at the very least….
      Throw out the insurance companies. Go single payer.

  34. NovelDog says

    Trump has a back up plan since Congress has failed to do its job, not once, but twice.

    1. Ben Totuous says