Trump’s VP Pick Should be an Enthusiastic Supporter


According to the squawkers, Donald Trump has narrowed his possible vice-presidential picks down to around five likely choices: Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Joni Ernst, Sen. Bob Corker, NJ Gov. Chris Christie, and Sen. Jeff Sessions. Some have thrown out names like S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley, apparently forgetting that she used her State of the Union rebuttal to take as many shots as Trump as she did President Obama.

Ultimately, Trump’s VP pick will probably not make a lot of difference one way or the other. This is headline-grabbing stuff in July, but it will be a blip on the radar. After a few days or weeks, all the attention will be placed squarely back on the man at the top of the ticket. Do certain running mates offer certain political advantages? Sure…but how significant are those advantages?

Functionally, it’s hard to say how much power Trump’s vice president would have in the billionaire’s administration. Many assume the man or woman Trump chooses will have a bigger voice than most VPs, simply because Trump will need an experienced guide through the Washington maze. On the other hand, Trump is the captain of his own ship, and that should be pretty obvious by now.

Since we don’t know exactly what Trump is looking for in a running mate, it’s not easy to predict his decision. It may be that he just wants someone he can get along with; Mitt Romney relied heavily on this factor when he chose Paul Ryan in 2012. It may be that he wants a choice that will blow people’s minds and keep the media drooling for a few weeks. If that’s the case, he could pick someone from out of left field. VP Ivanka Trump? VP Mark Cuban?

But regardless of who he chooses or why, Trump should avoid picking someone who does not buy into his unique political agenda. We’ve been through the “going rogue” scenario before, and it didn’t turn out well. Conservatives liked Sarah Palin much more than John McCain, but their divided ticket was easily conquered by a focused Obama/Biden campaign.

And that’s the real problem with the current short list. Corker and Ernst seem hesitant to jump on board at all. Gingrich and Christie have been enthusiastic supporters of Trump, but their true political beliefs – rhetorically and historically – are far afield from the Republican nominee’s. Sessions is probably the best fit ideologically, but can we really afford to take him out of the Senate?

There is no choice that will magically make anti-Trump Republicans jump on board. Choosing an establishment stalwart will only undermine Trump’s unique, powerful message.

  1. Shaker47 says

    God can only have himself as a second banana as he is omnipotent. Only a YES boy would be eligible. The Hump knows all just like the Wizard of OZ. Toto, get away from that curtain.

    1. Natasha Grace says

      Hillary is a stupid old women says comet. Too stupid to be president. Plus she is married to a rapist and abuser of women

      1. Kolodzczjzyk says

        Well all you say, Natasha Grace, but remember, WHO’S PERFECT! On the other hand, both Bill and Hillary are already known whack jobs, so whoever wants Hillary to be president is obviously as crazy as they are, which means their votes shouldn’t count.

  2. David Fisher says

    Newt is part of the CFR which is part of the Illuminati. A vote for Newt is a vote for global control. Not good. I know Newt is a nice guy but he hangs with power mad murderers.

    1. Debra Shawver says

      So does hitlery

  3. MarcJ says

    We are sick of all the RINO’s like Dole, McCain, Romney…

    1. pmbalele says

      I hope Trump does not pick Newt. The guy has 90 negative and 3 positive the others neutral. Newt own kids won’t vote for him. He dumped their mother at cancer operating table. And now you morons want him to be VP. I have told you GOPers have no soul.

      1. JC says

        we feel sorry for you if those are the values you grade Newt on !!!!

        1. pmbalele says

          I know you’re a TPs or Repubs. These forget they were in their mothers’ stomach for 9 months. Once they grow-up they dump their mothers. You remember Paul Ryan grandmother was in Florida. When Paul was nominated as VP for Romney, Paul went and got his gran and promised he would protect SS. But when R/R ticket lost, the same Paul forgot about his gran SS. That is how soulless are Repubs and TPs. In fact, I wonder why women vote for Repubs and TPs when they know they will be abused.

          1. Pablo Schmidt says

            Yeh its much better to vote for a woman that takes funding from ppl who abuse, degrade, rape and kill women…and whos husband has raped women and had an affair the nation and her know about…smh…do not preach about women ….women are as gullible as men….republican TP or democrats…obvious;y by ur comments…thankfully my wife who by the way is black…doesn’t let her emotions and heart sway her vote…she saw right thru the Muslim in charge and Killary…unlike the gullible sheep that vote democrat just because a black man or a woman is running…

          2. pmbalele says

            Hillary is my angel; Obama is a living Savior. So you can cry as much as you want; but my neighborhood is committed to vote for Hillary as they were committed to vote for Obama. All hogwash you’re talking about is sour grapes.

          3. Vito says

            Your neighborhood is full of morons and entitlement trash. The veterans will have nothing to do with the Clinton crime family or the Obama muslim brotherhood.

          4. pmbalele says

            Obama is no Muslim – Please read his background on Facebook. He is pure Christian. As people in my neighborhood are no morons. Look, I am counseling you to wake up and vote for our Angel – Hillary

          5. gregsmom says

            Have you read his book? I read it before he was elected. He says in it that he went to a midrassa (sp?) or Muslim school when he was in elementary school. That’s a very impressionable time for children. He was in Indonesia which is a Muslim country. Maybe you should read his book instead of social media to get your facts. Just a suggestion.

          6. pmbalele says

            Do you know I know Obama’s tribe in Kenya. Some were my friends here. People in his tribe really love studying and getting good school scores. In fact way back, Obama invited a lot of Blacks to visit him while in Chicago. But I did not go because I hated Chicago. So I know at least 55% about Obama. That is enough for me. Please join me and vote for Hillary.

          7. Vito says


          8. pmbalele says

            You make me sick. You think you’re going to live like in the 50s or 60s when you morons thought were superior to Blacks and women. You were not. And that has proved. We had African-American in the WH for the lat 71/2 years. Next year we will have Hillary as president. Why can’t make your life easier – accept people are people until they prove to be morons like you. Please vote for Hillary on November 8.

          9. Charlie says

            There really is no such thing as an African – American . All American citizens are just Americans . For if one puts sir names in front of American then one is devaluing the value of being a citizen of Our great Nation . A whole lot of history has happened since the 1950’s & 1960’s get out of the past live in the present . Seems as if though you are trying to make this election cycle a race about gender , just as the last cycle it seems it was about skin color . Neither of these actually matter. What matters is honorable respect , truthfulness , restrain to stay within granted powers We the People give to Our political public servants . There are qualified citizens of both sexes and all races of human beings to be Our servant of Our highest held public office , but to actually know whom is the best qualified citizens have to research beyond social networks or talking to friends .

          10. pmbalele says

            I agree with you-that “there really is no such thing as an African-American. All American citizens are just Americans. “But you know behind doors you people call us “these African-Americans or simply “these people.” Let me give it to you straight. I took exam for Corrections supervisory position and ranked among the top. There were 200 examines. Do you know what happened next? Government lawyers at the Department sued me – not because they suspected I cheated on exam; but because I was Black. These lawyers did not expect an African-American to pass that exam that high. These were white woman government lawyers. One argued: “Your honor – look at him – he could not pass that exam and cannot pass such exams.” I was lucky the judge told her off. Remember these are government lawyers who are supposed to be sensitive to equal rights laws. The incident in court is very rare when an employer confesses to have discriminated against an individual for being Black. Now the case in federal court. And I am prosecuting the case myself. The government is losing. Also remember the killings of Blacks by White police officers. Very sad situations. Yes, we are all Americans, but behind doors, some people regard others as less human beings or less Americans. That is why I am using the term African-American. And that is why I am asking you and everybody on this site to vote for Hillary. She does not see race on any person. She sees Americans as Americans. I am voting for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          11. Holland180 says

            pardon me but I just had to clean up my vomit!, ok, now I shall continue reading more post.

          12. Roger Mark Wood says

            It’s a plant, a troll ppl.

          13. skipsart says

            Obviously but fun to play with.

          14. pmbalele says

            I cannot believe you love Trump/Gingrich ticket when you know they will forget America and instead chase women in their offices. You might have heard about FoxNews and women. So all these old people such Rogers, Bill O and others are women predators. Rogers is about to die still wants girls – I cannot believe it. Thank God Carlson refused to sleep with him. He would have heart attack on her caused by drop in blood pressure.

          15. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Croeked evil lying Hillary!

          16. skipsart says

            Spot on GBRA !

          17. 2Shadow2 says

            GodBlessRealAmerica! Good one!! Just for you:
            ll the blarney about Comey being a standup guy and impartial is quickly flushed when you look at his history with the Clinton mafia. And he was previously involved with Loretta Lynch who has long been in the Clinton’s pocket.


          18. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Exactly, who said he was stand up guy? The Clinton Liberal Crime family will steal this election…

          19. 2Shadow2 says

            The MSM has for some time now and even the interrogators last week patronized his record and leadership. It’s all kabuki theater.

          20. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            TRUMP 1016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            We comin and you cant do a damn thing!!

          21. Bob Marcum says

            ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto

          22. Angela Worden says

            We are voting Trump 2016.

          23. pmbalele says

            You will lose like Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Sean Hannity in 2012.

          24. skipsart says

            I didn’t know those three were running for any political office……Duh !!!

          25. Charlie says

            What you seem to “know” is not factual . Do not truly believe that you have put forth the effort to research our current POTUS ( president of the United States ) . Get off of Facebook to actually research Clinton , Obama and the Democrat party. Don’t misunderstand just want you to get real facts and not believe some post on a social network . Do this for yourself , research the facts off of any social network so that the facts won’t be bias or misleading .

          26. skipsart says

            It’s just a troll.

          27. pmbalele says

            I was an old man when Clinton was president. I know Obama and his tribe in Africa. They love to succeed in class and at work. Did I tell you we had one guy here related to Obama? He had a PhD in Physics and Mathematics. Now he is teaching at some universities in the South. He was rejected by the state – he was a threat in the Department. So don’t tell me I do not know the Clintons or the Obamas. These are my Saviors.

          28. 2Shadow2 says

            You worship murderous criminals. Obama has all but disowned his tribe in Africa to carry on the charade that he was not born there as his people say he was. One guy is related to Obama?? How unfortunate. Who paid for the education? If it was the same people who paid for the Obama’s education, then it was white people. Just the facts nothing new there.

          29. pmbalele says

            What -Obama has all but disowned his tribe in Africa? Obama was there to visit his relatives I believe it was March. He even ate the tribal food instead of Hermbarger and Tacos he eats here. Who paid for your education? Blacks and Whites of this Country called Americans.

          30. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            You talkin to me Lol

          31. 2Shadow2 says

            Not sure what you are referring to. I was just teasing the line Troll pmbalele.

          32. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            it was a joke buddy relax I only beat up liberal racist democrackhead hatin thugs…I crushed 11 of them…

          33. Cookie Vranish says

            You are black! That explains everything for me!

          34. pmbalele says

            I do not what race you’re. That is why I am comfortable posting my thoughts on this site. Join me and vote for Hillary – a person raised right.

          35. gmhunt4 says

            Brain dead liberal

          36. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Evil Lying Crooked Hillary!

          37. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Ru okay? Ru on something? Ru smokin day Democrack you liberal wacko?
            Catch up!

          38. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Evil Crooked Lying Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          39. Bob Marcum says

            pmbalete says “if you want the truth, read Facebook”. HUH ????
            Anyone, with 1/2 brain, knows that Facebook is only a media thru which we
            ( the opinionated ) spout our diversified opinions.

            It’s obvious, we-the-wiser say his opinions are fiction ( from a wierd world ).

          40. pmbalele says

            I cannot believe you don’t care if Trump nominates a being like Newt as running mate. Trump should know everything about Newt will come out – just like what happened to Romney and Ryan. Anyway it will be good for me for Hillary will take over from President Obama.

          41. Paul Dean says

            OMG, you REALLY ARE an alien from the planet Stupidor!

          42. pmbalele says

            I have just posted a response to you. i know people on this site wre raised badly. Most of them are low-level TPs and Repubs who lie to one another to feel good. You remember in 2012 when Dick Morris, Karl Rove and FoxNews anchors told people on this site that Romney was ahead 10 points of Obama. And would you believe Rev. Peterson and Graham went on retreat to pray Obama to lose because he was Black; and Romney to win because he was White? These two Reverends were telling their parishners that God did not want Blacks to lead. I could not believe Peterson puked such dirt. Anyway their little god did not listen to them and Obama was re-elected. I am asking everybody on this site to vote for Hillary. Hillary and Bill see people as Americans not Blacks and Whites. That is why I am voting for Hillary.

          43. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Go wav dat fist on high like we give a damn you Liberal racist low life!

          44. Anton Ossa says

            HAIL HITLERY!

          45. gregsmom says

            I said nothing about Gingrich. You might want to read the posts before you respond with something totally off the subject. Just an FYI.

          46. Roger Mark Wood says

            You are a plant and an agitator. Just like your Muslim president. So run along now and don’t come back until you get your FACTS straight. Yes I said FACTS, not Facebook deary. Smh!

          47. pmbalele says

            Are those your students or family. They are sure in bad hands. You better think about your vote before November 8 and vote for Hillary. I am.

          48. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            You low energy fool!

          49. skipsart says

            Here’s something else you might like to know.

          50. pmbalele says

            Michelle Obama is most beautiful woman I have seen on TV. And don’t mess with her. She is also Black and White. I believe Hillary is going to appoint her as Secretary of State. She is educated and has traveled to different countries for 7 years now. Please vote for Hillary.

          51. skipsart says

            So why would Bath House Barry possibly want to marry a real woman?

          52. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Please Vote for a strong independent powerful businessman no nonsense that will protect us and clean up this mess Obama has created! PRESIDENT TRUMP We comin 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          53. pmbalele says

            So Black women to you are males. Stupid of you and TPs and TPs.

          54. skipsart says

            WATCH THE VIDEO

          55. pmbalele says

            The author of that video is as dumb as what he describes in there. And this goes to support my postulation – you and many White males have been hurting for the last 7 years because you were raised to believe Blacks were near monkeys and therefore not real people like you. I hope you read about my experience with Dept of Corrections.

          56. GodBlessRealAmerica! says


          57. pmbalele says

            skipsart and your husband are stupidest people in the world. Good luck with your stupidity.

          58. skipsart says

            You didn’t watch the video, did you.

          59. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            TRUMP will put Crooked Evil Hillary in Jail!

          60. pmbalele says

            She is going to pardon herself as President of USA and the World. Please start crying now before January when she will sworn in. What a day to see you guys shooting yourselves with those high powered rifles. I hope you shoot yourselves in the foot not in the head. We want you to see Hillary as president of Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

          61. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Crooked evil hatin lying Hillary is a disgrace!

          62. pmbalele says

            That is my angel. She will be tough on TPs and Repubs in Congress. They are scared of her. She does not shit from nobody.

          63. shamu9 says

            Ya Mean the wife of Billy Bob Jeffy Klinton, the Draft Dodgin Jackazz ? She’s never told the Truth in her Life!

          64. pmbalele says

            You mean you have not lied in your life. Give a break. I love the Clintons because they see people as American not as Black or White. That is a gift of them. The same as Obama. Obama see people as Americans not Black or White.

          65. Lou Beyl says

            i AM NOT CRAZY YET. Why on earth would I want someone like Hillary as my President, please give me one good reason, please.

          66. terry d says

            Hey dumb ass he already said he was one keep beliveing every thing the news says and u will be brain washed just like the rest of the demo sucking off the gov for all the free stuff u can get thats the only reason u demo vote other wise u would not vote period.

          67. Bob Marcum says

            There was one incorrect portion of your comment. You said, he is sucking off the gov. The government is only a corrupted pipeline. The corrected statement is; ” He’s sucking off the ‘hard working citizens’, instead of earning his own way, as responsible people do.” That tax money, he’s leaching off of, does not belong to
            the government. It’s our funds which we must intrust someone with, in order to
            deal with the infrastucture of the nation. We simply chose the wrong people to

          68. Bob Marcum says

            Hey; Shit-for-brains;;;;;; obuma does not hide the fact that he is a card-carrying member of the muslim brotherhood. He despises everything about the American lifestyle; and, wants it under the world order control, with NO U.S.

            constitution. He is a dictator, wannabe. killary is a crook ( absolutely, to the core of her being ). She is the proverbial “pile of goat shit “. Vito was 100% correct, in his assessment of you and your’s.

          69. Cookie Vranish says

            You really do like the Clinton Crime family! Are you included in some of the money they get for selling out our country? Maybe you can get paid for keeping quiet about the Benghazi murders! Foster maybe? It must be something because being just plain dumb is not good enough!

          70. gmhunt4 says

            Your Devils angel

          71. pmbalele says

            I am Devil angel! And you think Gingrich is an angel. Ask his children who say they will never vote for their father. Newt dumped his wife while on cancer operating table – force the doctors to have sign divorce papers to get married to his office broad.

          72. 2Shadow2 says

            And Obama took such fine care of his welfare for life Aunt. Even skipped her funeral. Troll on goofy.

          73. skipsart says

            Obama is no Muslim? …..Riiiight ! In his own words.

          74. Vern Davis says

            Vito was right you and your neighbors are morons. And if you believe what Obama put on Facebook you really have a problem with reality. Check out how many times Obama has gone to a Christian church since he became Pres. A vote for your angel will put America in a hell of a spot, it is called Socialism.

          75. dogman4534 says


          76. dogman4534 says

            He went to a Muslim school growing up..after his mother divorced his Dad she married another Muslim your research!

          77. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            You are ignorant, pathetic and low energy!!
            Grab a Broom you wicked evil Demoracist!

          78. theseer says

            truths in this video…best video

          79. Pentax Princess says

            How many people in your neighborhood are on welfare? Demos, God love them, they are helping to bring America to it’s knees.

          80. pmbalele says

            Please start taking your Aspirin today till November 8. Trump is now trailing by 13 points in red states. Do not waste your vote with Trump. After all today he said was no longer interested in the WH job. He will give it to Newt the abuser of his wife. Do not waste your vote with Trump. Join me and vote for Hillary.

          81. gregsmom says

            Wrong. Don’t know what polls you read, but most polls have it a statistical dead heat. Join me and vote for someone who’s actually done something in his life, Donald Trump. She’s been hanging on her husband’s soiled coattails for her whole career.

          82. Holland180 says

            omg, must be something I ate…just threw up again…

          83. TheBlues says

            Wait and see Hillary relieve all college debts that we will all have to pay for. It will be too late to change your tune. Hillary will crucify us with brand new taxes to support the illegals who are ALL going to vote democrat. Republicans are done forever. Are you happy?

          84. pmbalele says

            Did you really say:” Hillary will relieve all college debts that we will all have to pay for it? What is wrong with that. After all, TPs and Repubs hate to see big government. So you want this Country to import doctors, nurses and professionals from India, Tanzania, Nigeria, German, England, Japan, China and Malaysia instead of educating own on here? You very unpatriotic and primitive like TPs and Repubs in Congress. Wake up and allow smart kids to get college education to avoid importing people.

          85. TheBlues says

            How are the people going to afford increases in taxes because of this?

          86. TheBlues says

            If Hillary wins she is going to import tens of millions more refugees who she will arrange to allow to vote. By 2020, when she runs again, Democrats will dominate and Hillary will win again. The Republican party is thus dead and this will be a one party country like Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea. Not a pretty picture.

          87. pmbalele says

            Hillary hates communism and socialism just like me. This is a country of laws and people know it. We love capitalism; but that kind of capitalism where people do not kill or steal from one another. Hillary, like Obama , love competition and they are for equal rights regardless of race. So you lose!

          88. TheBlues says

            If Obama is not a socialist, why did he pass Obamacare, another regulatory program. That’s what socialists do, increase government regulations. If Hillary is not a socialist, is she going to repeal Obamacare? You do know the reason the American families are dying is because of Social Security, don’t you? In the olden times entire families, aunts, uncles, cousins all lived in the same house/apartment. When SS was inaugurated, families split, because they had the money -SS. Ain’t socialism great?

          89. pmbalele says

            You’re a mental case as many on this site. You morons have been brain-washed since birth that it’s okay to steal from the government and people around you. Hillary or Obama are not socialists. They are capitalists; but modified capitalists; They accept capitalism which does not kill others or steal from others. That is why they accept regulations: You remember 5 fertilizer explosions; railway derailments; the guy selling drugs at 500% price; people kicked out from hospitals because they do not have money; and death of American economy in 2008 because you and Romney had shipped your money abroad living people jobless and then calling them loafers and lazy? Americans are not lazy. You shipped their jobs abroad. Listen; I am older than you. Vote for Hillary on November 8 at 8: am.

          90. TheBlues says

            I am 72. How old are you, you socialist?

            VOTE Trump 2016 ! ! ! M A G A ! ! ! !

          91. Shayne Jenkins says

            My gawd… I don’t think I’ve EVER seen someone with THIS MUCH smoke blown up their ass!!!!!!!!!!!

          92. Bob Marcum says

            Neither has anyone else, neighbor.

          93. pmbalele says

            Yes, I have been accused of telling the truth and sticking to it. So you’re not the only one. But please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          94. Bob Marcum says

            Ur opinion of SS breaking up the family structure has my head itching. I MUST
            scratch it, vigorously. ((( S.S. has never been enough to live on ))).

          95. Charlie says

            Your ignorance is really showing in your first sentence and last sentence .

          96. pmbalele says

            Please put flesh on your posting.

          97. Bob Marcum says

            It won’t take her that long. Before her 1st tenure is up, we’ll have no constitution.
            The results of that are self explanatory.

          98. Charlie says

            Your question ” What’s wrong with that . ” Here is the answer Our Nation is Not a Socialist nation Our Nation is the Republic of the United States of America . A Republic is a nation that is operated by the rule of law . A democracy is a rule of the mob . Socialism is a rule by the elites where there is no middle class just the poor and the wealthy ruling class . Please educate yourself and quit talking political talking points .

          99. pmbalele says

            I guess you did not read my posting yesterday. I said TPs and Repubs have been brain-washed since birth that it’s okay to steal from the government and people around you. Hillary and Obama are not socialists. They are capitalists; but modified capitalists; i.e. they accept capitalism which does not kill others or steal from others. That is why they accept regulations: You remember the 5 fertilizer explosions; railway derailments; Gulf oil spills killing 5 workers; the guy selling drugs at 500% price; people were kicked out from hospitals because they do not have money; and death of American economy in 2008 because you and Romney had shipped your money abroad living people jobless; and then call them loafers and lazy? Americans are not lazy. You shipped their jobs abroad. I told you to listen to me for I am older than you. Vote for Hillary on November 8 at 8: am.

          100. Lou Beyl says

            Oh gee, wake up and smell the roses… PLEASE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE

          101. movingwaters says

            I really do understand that Hillary could slaughter babies on live TV every night for a year, and her supporters would continue to get all swooney over her. People that like Hillary are truly dumber than a sack of rocks.

          102. terry d says

            Vote for hillard the killer u brain washed demo. and when your guns are gone u can. throw rocks at the bad guys to protect your self and your familey u think things are bad now wait for hillard the killer stealer lier to get in office

          103. 2Shadow2 says

            You’re barking at a Troll.

          104. Angela Worden says

            You certainly have strange angels and Saviors. Liars, “extremely careless” folks–Benghazi would not have happened if there had been more care to send troops when the ambassador asked for them–before the terrorist attack.

          105. Cookie Vranish says

            And you my dear are living proof that women should never have been able to vote!

          106. pmbalele says

            I am no woman – I am a boy and love one woman. Not like you – TPs and Repubs who hunt for women all your life. Can you imagine FoxNews CEO Roger who is 80 years old wanted to have sex with Carlson – who is 30 years old. He would have died after sex. Carlson saved this guy life. And you look like Roger too. Always looking for new pasture. Please join me and vote for Hillary – tough on Repubs and TPs in Congress.

          107. 2Shadow2 says

            Troll, troll, troll your bait looking for a score, merrily, merrily, merrily it’s a shame your’re such a bore.

          108. pmbalele says

            I am such a bore? I am in heaven here; while you are there whining what went wrong with USA that we have Blacks in the WH. You were raised to look down at Blacks as intellectually inferior to you as a White male. And I wish I knew that when in college. I would have studied more and avoid fraternities which were full of drunks and college drop-outs. Of course I made a lot of White friends in these fraternities.

          109. 2Shadow2 says

            Wow. Yes you are a bore. I have never once insinuated anything about blacks in the white house. You have no clue how I was raised but I guarantee it was not as a racist. I don’t defend my upbringing so much as point point out that you are totally clueless. The only color I see from Obama is red. As in Communist. As in African National Congress, as Obama Sr. was so proud to flaunt. Not race. Political stand. All the rest that you write is a display of an inferiority complex regarding race. Something this president and his administration have fueled since he was elected so you can just roll with it.

          110. Barney Biggs says

            From Canada, then you are one of the sheeple who deserve to be sheared and with Hillary that is what you will get.
            Dumb and dumber

          111. 2Shadow2 says

            Stupid is as stupid does. Your neighborhood must be criminal adoring.

          112. pmbalele says

            You lucky you did not have heart attack during the last 7 years with Obama family in the WH. I can tell you are White male. Too bad we Blacks have caught up with you. You thought we were close to monkeys; and avoided to mingle with us Blacks. Too bad for you- you must have been burning inside why we have African-Americans in the WH. You must also be a low-level TPs who were picketing in DC in 2009-giving tax as your excuse. President Obama cut your tax- still you picketed against him. I was really lost about TP cause. I believe you were heart-broken an African-American couple was moving in the WH. You had been lied time and time that the WH was for Whites only. Further, I believe your IQ is like Trump 99 whereas Obama IQ is 148 and his wife 149. We better hire Hillary for the WH job. She has IQ of 148. Compare that with Trump who is hiring Gingrich as VP when he knows Newt is hated by his own kids for dumping their mother in the hospital. I am Black and I am voting for Hillary. Please join me.

          113. 2Shadow2 says

            Wow. You can see from my picture that I am white? Brilliant. And because I don’t care for the collectivist politics of Hussein, I am a racist? What a classic liberal view. Original. Just FYI. If Hussein’s father is who is says he is, that of the Kenyan Obama Sr., then Hussein is actually more Arab than black and he is way more white than either of those races. Do you homework, if you can. Now about the Clintons. Go right ahead if you love socialism and criminals who will sell your soul to the highest bidder if given even a small opportunity.

          114. pmbalele says

            I am sorry you continue to throw in issues I know are lies. I know Obama tribe in Kenya. He is no Arab.

          115. 2Shadow2 says

            I agree you are sorry. You nothing of lineage and genetics as to be expected. And it is clear that you are a paid troll, since you try to defend the defenseless.

          116. pmbalele says

            I am not a paid troll – since I try to defend the defenseless! Do you mean Comey and his team dumb to arrive at their conclusion? Remember how OJ case ended.

          117. 2Shadow2 says

            Some trolls are not paid. Speak english much?? Thank you again for allowing me to provide some clear criminal relationships. Not to you of course since you defend the multimillionaire defenseless Clintons. LOL.ll the blarney about Comey being a standup guy and impartial is quickly flushed when you look at his history with the Clinton mafia. And he was previously involved with Loretta Lynch who has long been in the Clinton’s pocket.

          118. pmbalele says

            What – so you look at his history with the Clinton mafia? You must be a lousy lawyer or judge. You cannot bring in court unrelated old events to prove the current charge. If we follow your court procedures, we will have no ends to trying cases. I remember in my state a lawmaker was charged for using his office and money for political campaign. As his defense he said the governor’s office also does the same. That was a dumb defense. That is you. You’re bringing incidents unrelated to Benghazi and E-mails. Those are not related to Mafia.

          119. 2Shadow2 says

            You are a hopeless Troll. The articles relate to the previous contact of key personnel to the Clintons in the email case. I want to burden you with facts and truth they might ruin you liberal perspective so we can conclude this bizarre one way exchange. You have a seriously goofy perspective which paints a picture that you only wish to contest and stir up controversy… do most Trolls. LOL.

          120. shamu9 says

            Hes 1/4 Arab, and his People are of the Luo Tribe! Get it Straight Gramps!

          121. pmbalele says

            You’re so dumb that it’s impossible to educate you. Obama is half Black and half White – period. In this country he should be Black and is proud to be called an African-American – just like you are called Polish-American.

          122. shamu9 says

            Make that German!

          123. pmbalele says

            Hi Hitler!

          124. shamu9 says

            You need to read up on your “little Tin God’s” Heritage. It’s a Known Fact that his lineage contains Arab Blood Lines! Not surprising, ‘Cuz last I looked, Arabia was North Africa! Obama’s a Hadji! Obama’s a Hadji!!! Tough Sheite!

          125. Paul Dean says

            You ARE joking, right? hahaha, surely NO one is THAT stupid?

          126. Vern Davis says

            If Hillary is your angel, you have been living in Hell, and I guess if you are a Muslim then Obama is your savior.

          127. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            OBAMA is a disgrace Worst failed incompetent low energy President Eva!

          128. dogman4534 says

            They are dividing this country terribly and letting every illegal and refugee in. They are not keeping us safe! They are slowing taking away our rights as we know them. You must be a taker or your common sense would tell you to vote different..She is part of the problem in Washington and thinks she is above the law. I don’t like what Republicans stand for but I do like Trumps common sense and patriotism. He is for the people of the USA and not counties who hate us like Obama and Hillary. Of coarse her pockets are full of Saudi money who have women ..she is tge biggest hypocrite ever! Name anything good she has done for women!

          129. pmbalele says

            You make me puke for your stupid posting. I believe you hang round TPs and Repubs too much. They are taking advantage of your ignorance.

          130. dogman4534 says

            I am a Independent voter dipwad..not a mullet like you who believe in successful people having to pay for deadbeats who don’t want to work! Democrats are the partyof taking and giving to the lazy! You make me want to puke cause you admire a corrupt, lying hypocrite who tells you want to hear and does nothing! Trump will get rid of the lazy by providing you will have to go to work lazy bum!?

          131. dogman4534 says

            You are a sheep if ever I saw one! You are probably on food stamps and don’t work..why else would you admit to voting ,for a lying corrupt, incompetent person as Hillary.. hahaha. She has never done anything in her life but steal and lie!,

          132. pmbalele says

            Good luck. But please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am

          133. shamu9 says

            You’ve cornered the market on Ignorance!

          134. pmbalele says

            Wait, I will be a millionaire soon. I keep you updated. Some stupid racist makes a mistake by telling a state judge that she hated me for being Black. Now you tell me why this white woman lawyer would say that in court. That tells me most of TPs and Repubs and their women are dumb even if educated. So you must be dumb to be in GOP.

          135. shamu9 says

            No, The Dems are the party of the KKK! They Invented the Klan!

          136. shamu9 says

            No, I’m not a ‘Gimmie Dat!’ Minority Recipient Race Person! Sorry ’bout yer Luck Pambelele!

          137. Samira Burkett says

            <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!uf539w:….,….

          138. 2Shadow2 says

            Troll. Go somewhere else for false advertising.

          139. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            you Liberal Democrackhead moron!

          140. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Crooked evil lying Hillary

        2. susmart3 says

          It will be great with Trump and Newt campaigning with *ALL* of their wives! Can’t beat those family values!

        3. HadEnough says

          My choice has always been Newt, but I just learned some things about him that may not be good. I hope Trump is aware of these things, if he IS Aware and Still Chooses Newt, then I will feel better about him (Newt)

      2. Pentax Princess says

        Are you a Demo or a RINO?

        1. Ben Totuous says

          No need to ask what you are, fascist shit eater.

          1. TheBlues says

            Wait and see Hillary relieve all college debts that we will all have to pay for. Hillary will crucify us with brand new taxes to support the illegals who are ALL going to vote democrat. Republicans are done forever. Are you happy?

        2. pmbalele says

          How old are you anyway – you look pretty good in the picture. I am independent. That is why I am voting for Hillary who is making sense. Compare Hillary to Trump. Trump is recruiting Newt how to govern USA government. That means Trump is not prepared to be commander in chief. Join me and vote for Hillary.

          1. TheBlues says

            That’s not me.

          2. Shayne Jenkins says

            Ummm… Every presidential nominee has to have a veep….. 0bama has valerie, killary has huma….

          3. Bob Marcum says

            You’re not mentally capable of being independent.

      3. Hawkeye Trader says

        you made some great points but not all GOPers are RINO’s or morons.

      4. movingwaters says

        That and the fact that Newt is definitely a NWO guy. We have to consider the unfortunate but real possibility that the elite will try to assassinate Trump. They also have the means to do all kinds of harm to mind and body to control a person. The criminals who run the world are the very height of evil, and will stop at nothing for the sake of their agenda.

      5. 2Shadow2 says

        Maybe. But the ticket will be hit with two old white guys and Newt is borderline old guard Grand Old Politburo.

      6. Edward B. Levy says

        I have written on this site & others for months, which I will again write. First I am a WHITE, none LATINO. A two white male ticket will never again be elected from either party.
        The ONLY possible chance that Trump has to beat the wicked witch, is to have someone like Gov Martinez of NM. She has everything he needs to draw votes:. Governor serving her 2nd term, Female, Latino another great choice Gov Haley, SC Female, current Gov, &minority. He needs to try & woo those that he as shut off. Latinos, women, other minorities, white men under the age of 45+ gays & the media. Anyone who has a legitimate disagreement with what I just wrote please respond. The only votes that Trump will get with any other White VP, is people who dislike Hildabeast, which I am one of. Dislike is a KIND word. A word to pmbalele, I am not a TP or Repub, I am an INDEPENDENT, and if the Democrat ticket did not have Hildabeast running, I would not be voting for Mr Trump, but he is much better than her

        1. pmbalele says

          What is wrong with you too. Did you really mean when you said Trump should nominate Gov Martinez? Why not Ms. Rice , the Black woman, who did excellent job during Bush II? You too are racists like all TPs and Repubs. Trump is done anyway. He is behind 12 points in red states.

      7. HadEnough says

        I hope he doesn’t either. I have always liked Newt, but I just learned some things about him that may not be good. I hope Trump is aware of these things.

        1. pmbalele says

          Little girl, wake up if you did not know about Newt. Just horrible. Just imagine asked for a divorce from his wife on cancer operating table. Newt was afraid if he did not get paper signed that, the woman now his wife, would have gone to another man. Newt own kids said they will never vote for their father. I think that norm for TPs and Repubs. In Wisconsin, governor Walker kids have said would never vote for their father if he got GOP nomination. Now you want to vote for Newt for such behavior?

    2. Ben Totuous says

      You will be adding Trumpty Dumpty to that list soon. Take it to the bank.

      1. Charlie says

        Here you are once again making flip asinine remarks . Does all of the name calling really make you feel mature or intelligent ?

    3. sensrbtch says


  4. CaliforniaJoan says

    I vote for Joni Ernst. She’s good and being a woman helps to counter Hillary with women.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      She has little integrity to lose doing it. But she won’t throw it all away. Her ride on the gravy train just started.

  5. rdells says

    Bet there is an escaped asylum inmate out there, somewhere, that will be willing to run with Vulgar Talking Yam!

  6. Cotton says

    Just a reminder that Trump boasted how his campaign was self-funded, and now it has turned to this:

    1. mallen11 says

      He already paid for most of his campaign why should he pay for the rest? We the people need to support him for the rest of the way. That is unless you want crooked hellory to rule over our Nation with an iron fist of communism. He isn’t begging he is asking and he is polite about it.

      1. Cotton says

        “iron fist of communism” delusional beyond repair

      2. AKLady says

        Congress makes the laws.
        Congress spend the money.
        The President basically directs traffic like the guard at the school crossings.

        1. Gale says

          yeah, that’s why that sorry scum sob in the white house keeps writing executive illegal orders. get a brain idiot.

      3. james cavalieri says

        What about donnie’s brown shirt, thuggish fascism? It’s just as tyrannical as communism! Now, the duck brags about being worth $10 billion, yet he needs to solicit from citizens who work long and hard for their money!!! Any buffoon who give this man money, will get what you deserve!!!

        1. mallen11 says

          NONE of the other candidates paid what he has already paid for his campaign. As the Republican presumptive nominee deserve monetary support just like everyone else. I got an email everyday from one or another who begged for money. There are plenty of people who sent money to all the other candidates in both parties. I don’t care how much money he has; he deserves to receive money from whomever wants to send it to him to run for public office. He is also willing not to take a salary when he becomes president.

          1. james cavalieri says

            donnie is the only one who, day after day, bragged about, and reminded the world, that he was self-funding his own campaign, cause he couldn’t be bought!!! Now, his big, braggart, loud mouth got him in trouble, because he doesn’t have the cash on hand, he’s not worth 10 billion, and he is so tight with his own money, he wants to use yours!!! Since he is taking contributions, like every other politician, he can, and will be bought!!! This is the best scam artist alive!!!

          2. mallen11 says

            Mr. Trump did the right thing to fund his initial campaign so he would not be bought by the EE of WDC and they can’t stand the thought of having their greedy, power and wealth taken away from them. What lies you spew. There are so many instances where he has been very gracious with his money and no one even knew about it at the time. As the presumptive nominee for the GOP, he deserves to have his campaign paid for just like all other candidates have in the past. Self righteous, arrogant liberal people are jealous of Mr. Trump’s success because they are “small minded” and always believe the “public lie” to try to assuage their own evil. Just because he will receive campaign money doesn’t mean he will sink into the cesspool of WDC.

          3. james cavalieri says

            I know you are a complete and total suck-up with your “Mr. trump”!!!! Nobody knows about him being generous, with his own money, cause it rarely ever happens!! He had to be forced to give the million he promised to the vets, by a reporter, five months later!!! Whenever he gives money away, it comes from the trump foundation. That’s not his money, it’s donations from other people!!! obama, has less, but gives away more of his own money than the scrooge, donald duck!!! donnie is a fraud, a huckster, a charlatan, and a con showman!!! Put your money where your big mouth is, and donate all you have to him, since he deserves to have his campaign paid for!! And remember, whatever you give unto the preacher man, you will receive a hundred fold return!!!

          4. mallen11 says

            Liberal people who are liars believe the “Public Lie” of the left and spew hate to those who love the truth.

          5. james cavalieri says

            Since I’m an independent, and don’t support either evil candidate, donnie , or hillary, you have to be the true liberal liar! How do I know? Cause you are a kiss-up/sell-out to the corrupt, liberal/progressive, donnie “the tyrant” chump!! The counterfeit republican, conservative and Christian!!! Truth comes from the true Messiah, not a false one!!!

          6. mallen11 says

            You are just another self righteous arrogant liberal who can’t see the good in Trump because you walk in a darkened world of evil. I happen to be an Independent Party voter.

          7. james cavalieri says

            WOW! You see good in a man who brags about all the women he used and abused, all the people he deceived out of their money. Someone who braggs about how great he is, how he never makes mistakes, how he never has to apologize to anyone, or ever ask God for forgiveness!! A man who slanders people, ruins their reputation, is a pathological liar, who has cavorted with some of the most evil people in the world!! (i.e. bill and hillary)! A man so full of himself, that he is more self righteous than the greatest of Pharisees!! All that evil is smacking you in the face, and you can’t see, or feel it, cause you live in the kingdom of darkness, and it’s consumed you!!!! donnie is a king, in the kingdom of darkness, you are his willing suck-up servant, that makes you just as evil!!!!

          8. mallen11 says

            You are focused on the wrong issue. Did you know that in history there have been great leaders who where worse than you say Trump is yet had ruled over great nations. Take the time of the Antoine Caesars; the golden years. It was the time when Christianity was being spread all over the known world at that time and it was the PEOPLE who made that time great. Apparently, you don’t see the gross dishonesty and evil of HRC. Trump has become a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and I believe his sins have been forgiven by God. There is a verse that says…
            Phil 3:13-16 Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Let us therefore, as many as are perfect, have this attitude; and if in anything you have a different attitude, God will reveal that also to you; however, let us keep living by that same standard to which we have attained.
            Your hatefulness towards me has no bearing. If God wants Trump to be our president, no man can stop him. Trump has made it this far beyond all odds and there has to be a reason.

          9. james cavalieri says

            How many times do I need to repeat myself to you??? donnie and hillary are of the same evil nature>>>The king and gueen of debauchery and sleaze!!! In fact, donnie may already be in the bag for the witch!!! The greatest negotiator called billy boy before he announced his run for president!!! Do you think that was just as innocent as the billy, loretta lynch chance meeting?? Now, your spreading the rumor about the heathen becoming a Christian!! Dr. Dobson walked that second hand story back, which involved heretic, prosperity preacher, paula white, who just married her third husband, and was linked to benny hinn!!! Do you even know what times we are in??? Show me where in the Bible it reveals a great, world, human ruler coming, besides the greatest one world dictator in history!!! And he aint from God!!! So, if you think donnie “the false messiah” is from God, you must have also thought obama was sent from God, since God allowed him to be president for 8 years, and that seemed impossible!! I don’t hate you, I loathe your foolishness and deception, which is so dangerous to good people!!!

          10. mallen11 says

            You are a waste of my time. You are too mixed up to respond. If I see your name in my email…..DELETE.

          11. james cavalieri says

            You got the warning! I don’t need a response, cause now you are personally responsible for what you know!!!

    2. Debra Shawver says

      and your point…hitlery’s is paid for by whom????? Our enemies…the taxpayer since she seems to be flying around on AF 1

      1. Cotton says

        Our enemies.. lol fucking delusional.

      2. AKLady says

        Why do you need to tell this lie?
        Why do you embarrass America this way?
        Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
        Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      3. Phil Perri says

        Broke-Back-Bama is costing America a fortune flying the American people’s plane AF-1 campaigning for Hitlery Rotten Cliton. Shouldn’t that socialist community agitator be working?

    3. AKLady says

      Just another Trump lie … one of many.

      1. Gale says

        suck it scumbag

    4. james cavalieri says

      The only thing that donnie “the deceiver” never changes, is his orange, cuckoo nest, hairdo!!!

  7. Jeff Eastman says

    the big loser is hillary. i mean the most corrupt lesbian this world has ever seen, comey is just another of her stooges. donald trump has a record of accomplishment, she has a record of deaths surrounding, cover ups, her, getting people killed via her stupidity and plain not giving a shit. i mean hell no one in the government can to this day name one accomplishment of her time in the state dept. LAUGHABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you need to tell these lies?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. Shayne Jenkins says

        Same old diatribe…. You must get really tired, copying and pasting all day…

        1. AKLady says

          Does that mean you approve of lying?
          Why do you think liars deserve originality?

      2. Charlie says

        Once again here you are trying to squelch facts with questions that are designed to make the fact giver feel guilt .

        1. AKLady2015 says

          If valid tacts had been posted. the comment would not have been made.

  8. tee d says

    either one would be fine – they are gutsy and we need that – the newspaper says neither one are popular. Yes they have both made enemies and mistakes but the FBI is changing the rules for Clinton – so Christie and Newt should get their breaks as well!

    1. chirl2 says

      What rules is the FBI changing?

      1. tee d says

        there are alot of unanswered questions on what Clinton did – if Trump had done this, you best believe the FBI would have indicted him.

        1. chirl2 says

          To the contrary, There have been so many investigations regarding her activities there is very little we don’t know about Clinton. If Trump had done what? It seems you just make general statements but have no knowledge of the specific facts. Do you know the head of the FBI was a Republican?

          1. tee d says

            If Trump does anything he is picked on – that is a true statement! I will make any statement I like there is no need to go into detail. Intelligent people understand where i’m coming from. I don’t care if the head of FBI was transgender – the fact is that Hiliary gets away with things just as her husband did.

          2. chirl2 says

            You’re right you can make any statement you like without facts to back it up just like Trump does, that’s why neither one of you have credibility with intelligent people. Intelligent people understand you just repeat what you hear from hate mongers because you have no thought process of your own,

          3. tee d says

            so you admit that you are unintelligent – bc no where did i mention you! And Trump has far more credibility and intelligence than you could ever imagine. I myself am also intelligent with several awards and degrees to my name. Go peddle your stupid remarks elsewhere! loser

          4. tee d says

            Also I do listen to the news, talk radio, speak to professors and they say there are many unanswered questions – idk the specifics! I’m sure this investigation is not over and there is the court of public opinion!!

          5. chirl2 says

            Keep an open mind and expand your sources of information. Listening to right wing talk radio and watching FOX news does not give you the full story.

          6. tee d says

            thank you for your wise wisdom! the radio talk stations have various hosts with various points of view. I take them all into consideration and realize Trump is the better candidate. Hiliary has proven herself with not even half a brain, over the last 30 yrs.

          7. chirl2 says

            What radio hosts are you talking about? Other than Rush, Sean and Glen on right wing radio who do you listen to with various points of view. I would like to hear what they have to say in defense of Trump,

          8. tee d says

            let it go already wtf!!! if you must know Tom DiOrgano on 1210 am (phila) Pregger on 990(phila) and another italian guy who’s name escapes me at the moment on 1210am. And they give all points of view and several good ones regarding Trump. Do you think Hillary is the only one that people like?????????? Surprise – several people like Trump and feel he has guts and brass ones – ok.

          9. chirl2 says

            Okay, I’ll let it go now I know you only listen to right wing hosts. I’m more than aware that thousands of people are voting for Trump, just haven’t heard any good reason. He is a good entertainer, but guts and brass doesn’t do it for me. Never did like bullies. Bye

          10. tee d says

            I have to answer you – the hosts i listen too speak about everyone and everything – they do not totally agree with Trump – if they did the show would be boring believe me. I have always liked Trump even before he decided to run for office. Right now we need a leader and I feel Trump is not afraid. America is in deep trouble! bah bye

          11. tee d says

            just for the record – there are democrats who are voting for Trump – I do know several within my area! Hillary wants to give free this or that out and I am not interested in paying for the freebies. Let others get jobs, like hard working people to send their kids to college or just to keep roof, and food on table. I’m not for Hillary or Sanders, but if i were ,i would pick Sanders over Clinton any day.

      2. Amil Baker says

        If you have to be told you did not read or listen to the FBI directors report and sure do not know any history where people were put before a firing squad for this type of thing.

        1. chirl2 says

          I did watch all the questions and answers by the FBI director and he explained very well how they reached their recommendation not to charge Clinton by following the rules established over the last 30 years. He stated they didn’t want to use a double standard. Nothing was said about firing squads.

  9. tee d says

    why shouldn’t Trump be able to ask for help from his supporters. He has been using his money for several months now. I don’t mind helping him!

    1. chirl2 says

      He loaned (didn’t donate) his own money to his campaign, so he would pay himself back with your donation.

      1. Debra Shawver says

        and clinton got hers from where????oh yeah..”the Foundation” of which many of the USA enemies are on that “donation” list

        1. AKLady says

          Your assumption is entirely incorrect.
          What you are aleging is illegal.
          Such action would bring the authorities down on the Foundation like an atom bomb.

          1. Debra Shawver says


          2. AKLady2015 says

            Instead of unfounded accusations, why don’t you actually look at facts.

            Suggest you begin with “Charity Navigator”

          3. AKLady says

            What has Trump’s “loan” have to do with anything?
            You are twisting facts to suit your false allegations.

          4. chirl2 says

            AKLady Trump’s loan was a reply to someone else. What false allegations are you talking about.

          5. Gale says

            go get a brain idiot

          6. Amil Baker says

            I think there is an ongoing investigation now of the Clinton Foundation.

          7. AKLady2015 says

            YeS another waste of the taxpayer’s money.

          8. sensrbtch says

            it is about time! it is a cash slut 4 the Clintons roadshow and campaigns! if u r a transsexual do not snd them any monies. in fact, if u can vote in the usa, vote against the Clintons!?

        2. chirl2 says

          and what enemies are talking about?

      2. tee d says

        Trump is entitled like the other candidates to get donations – even if he is paying himself back.

        1. chirl2 says

          I agree, but his claim he is self funding is not true.

          1. tee d says

            in the beginning of the campaign it was proven that Trump was funding it himself.

          2. Amil Baker says

            I believe Trump was self funding until just before the convention and when he started into the General Election and will need more money. I have recently received a Political survey and a request for donation from Trump and sent him money both times. Not a lot because I am a handicapped Veteran but I firmly believe from what I see today that we need a Trump for President. This country has gone to Hades in the last 7 + years.

          3. chirl2 says

            If you read this whole article you will have a clearer picture about Trump self funding claim. I don’t agree with your political choice and I too make small donations to my candidate, she doesn’t claim to self fund.

    2. Ben Totuous says

      Flush your money down the toilet. It is better for America.

      1. tee d says

        thanks for your advice, but I choose to back Trump – a man with brass ones!

        1. TheBlues says

          VOTE TRUMP 2016 ! ! ! M A G A ! ! ! !

          1. tee d says


  10. Roadmantoo says

    I still believe that his best choice, for out if the box choices, is Condi Rice. She’s incredibly intelligent, is well respected G everyone in DC and has the knowledge in foreign affairs that is needed at this time. Plus, it gives him the female he needs and quite possibly the black vote as well.

    He needs her help and guidance once in DC but more importantly he needs her help in getting TO DC.

    1. chirl2 says

      She is smart enough not to take the job of VP with Trump

    2. Ben Totuous says

      I can imagine Trumpturd calling Condi… “Are you ready to throw away your career and every ounce of integrity you have?”

      1. Roadmantoo says

        Unlike your candidate who wants to continue being the ruler who gets away with every illegal act she does I believe Condi would give up her career to help save America. Where that bitch in a pant suit only sees ways to take down America and make this country a hell hole for her elitist friends to rule over.
        Sent from my iPad

        1. Ben Totuous says

          Condi it not dumb enough to think Trumpturd could save anything.

  11. Isabella says

    Between this 2, I think, Gingrich is better.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      And that alone shows Trumpturd’s desperate situation. Signing on as his pick is career suicide. So obviously it will be somebody like Gingrich who has nothing to lose.

      1. TheBlues says

        You know Hillary will also win in 2020, with the refugee vote. This will be a one party country. Kind of rings a bell, doesn’t it?

  12. james cavalieri says

    Mike Tyson would be a perfect fit for VP!!! He’s nasty, foul mouthed, a woman abuser, a buffoon,a bully, a braggart, a thug, over rated, an ex-con, and a donnie suck-up!!!!

    1. Debra Shawver says

      He would be good for felon hitlery…you and I would be in prison for what she did and got away with because she is a clinton!!!!!!!

      1. james cavalieri says

        donnie’s got a ton of dirt and scum all over him!! Wait till they link him to jeffery epstein!!! Everybody knows donnie loves beautiful, young woman!! It’s gonna get really ugly!!!!

        1. Debra Shawver says

          and so does billy boy clinton……

          1. james cavalieri says

            billy, hillary and donnie have been a bosom threesome, of sensual evil, for years!! THEY ARE THE KINGS AND QUEEN OF DEBAUCHERY AND SLEAZE!!!

          2. AKLady says

            Why do you need to tell this lie?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          3. james cavalieri says

            WHY OH WHY dont you prove me a liar, instead of your wacko rants and chants? ANSWER>>>YOU CAN”T, CAUSE IT”S ALL TRUE!! This is so typical of a liberal sell-out> suck-up> truth denier!!! So insecure, so co-dependent, so idol consumed, so blinded by the light, cause darkness prevails!!!

        2. AKLady says

          Trump is linked to Epstein.

          1. Debra Shawver says

            BULL…billy boy and the clintons are

          2. james cavalieri says

            Both donnie and billy are women users and abusers!!!

          3. james cavalieri says

            Now, you are a complete and totalitarian liar, if you deny that billy is linked to epstein also!! Everyone in America knows that fact except you!! GET REAL>>IT MUST BE YOU!!!

          4. AKLady says

            “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump once said about the convicted sex offender. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

          5. james cavalieri says

            I”m agreeing with you about donnie “the amoral” trump, but you can’t give the womanizing, perjured, ex-president, a pass for all his sexual sins!!!!

          6. AKLady says

            Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
            Lord Acton

          7. james cavalieri says

            This is twice I’m agree with you!! Three times is the limit!!!

          8. AKLady says

            Both Trump and Epstein are named as sex abusers in a case with an under-aged girl.

          9. AKLady says

            Trump was subpoenaed in 2009 for his connection to Epstein’s under-age sex slave rings.

          10. Gale says

            and you’re a damn liar scumbag

      2. AKLady says

        Hillary has not been charged, let alone convicted.
        You may not like her, but she has not committed any crimes, let alone a felony.

        1. Debra Shawver says

          BULL…I served 23 years in our military and I would have been sent to Leavenworth for doing far less than this traitor to our country has done… must be a progressive commie like her…you also must love Mao, Saul Alinsky, Stalin and Hitler…

          1. AKLady2015 says

            Well, that is part of your problem. The Inform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) s very different from civilian law.

            When you sign on the dotted line, you give up many of the “rights” enjoued by civilians, including such things as protection from double jeapardy.

            Oh, and I was born to career military parents. I have two husbands buried at Arlington – KIA Vietnam. My third husband, also career military, recently passed away due to a service connected health issue.

            Simply put, I have over 50 years of “military law” experience..

          2. Gale says

            18 United States Code 2071 – Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally

            (a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 3 years, or both.

            (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 3 years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

          3. AKLady says

            Every docunent in question had a minimum of two people covered by that law. How many duplicate copies must be retained?

        2. Gale says

          you’re a liar just like that scumbag

    2. AKLady says


  13. Debra Shawver says

    Well duh……

  14. jack says

    If he chooses either of these two i believe it is a mistake big time .We need a woman on the ticket . Joni Ernst is the right woman for the job .

    1. AKLady says

      The question is woild she be stupid enough to join his campaign?

      1. Gale says

        eat it scumbag

        1. Ben Totuous says

          Not everybody eats shit like you.

    2. Ben Totuous says

      She could castrate Trumpturd, as she has bragged about her knowledge of that. Beyond that, she has no talent.

  15. coneyro says

    I’m betting odds that Trump knows EXACTLY who he’d prefer as Veep. These so-called “feelers” he’s putting out are nothing more than market research to test the public’s reaction to several choices.

    To avoid early conflict with voters, Trump will wait until the latest time possible to communicate his choice.

    I honestly wouldn’t wouldn’t know whether to congratulate or send a sympathy card to the “winner”.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Sympathy card. It will be the end of that person’s political career.

  16. AKLady says

    Choice is not acceptance.

    Who would be willing to destroy their reputation be accepting Trump’s offer.
    Who could he buy?

    1. Debra Shawver says

      Hitlery already bought all our enemies…

      1. AKLady2015 says

        Why do you need to tell this lie?
        Why do you embarrass America this way?
        Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
        Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

        1. Pablo Schmidt says

          Quit repeating the same stupid questions AK lady….are u a bot?

          1. AKLady says

            Do you approve of lies?
            Do you support lies?

  17. Calken54 says

    How about Ohio Governor John Kasich? If he made it past Trump he was my pick.

    1. Judy McKinney says

      Good Lordy–PLEASE–anyone but Kasich.

      1. Calken54 says

        He should be Mr. President.

    2. Ben Totuous says

      Kasich has too much integrity to throw it all away hitching up with Trumpturd.

  18. Roadmantoo says

    Chirl2, please stay home and don’t vote in November. You are the reason our country is in the trouble we are in so please just stay quiet between now and November with your pessimistic attitudes and don’t vote.

    Condi Rice is a smart lady and a patriot so if Trump asked her I think she would possibly take the job as our country needs patriots today who are willing to fight to save our country. She may not like the man but I believe she loves America enough to do what is necessary to save it.

    It is my dearest hope that ALL of the so called republicans and conservatives pull their collective heads out of their asses and get over their superior attitudes to vote for Trump in November because America cannot afford even four years of that lying piece of shit Hillary and her narcissistic whore of a husband.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      We the People do not elect a President.
      We the People have never elected a President.
      We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
      Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
      Start with the Electoral College.

      1. Gale says

        go bet a brain idiot

        1. Ben Totuous says

          Where did you get yours, fart face? From a mosquito?

    2. Ben Totuous says

      Condi Rice is not so stupid as to think America is at risk. And if she was, she sure to hell would know a Bozo like Trumpturd is not the answer.

      1. Roadmantoo says

        You truly are an idiot. Of course America is at risk. Do you even have a clue as to what America is all about? It is not an abortion clinic, an LGBT rights above all, men in women’s bathrooms, slowly taking away all of our freedoms country….
        You truly do need to leave America, and soon.

        Sent from my iPad

        1. Ben Totuous says

          It will be my great pleasure to see the NRA-owned Repuke Party melt down. I am not going anywhere, fart sniffer. I will have the popcorn ready for the convention. Feathers will be flying.

  19. Roadmantoo says

    AKlady, you are an idiot. Do your homework and read the many laws she broke. Have you ever heard, “ignorance of the law is no excuse?” That statement means you can go to jail in many cases where you didn’t know the law but you broke it anyway, and she knew damn well she was breaking the law, and then she lied about it.

    You and your ilk are the reason she is where she is, the reason why we have had eight years of an absolute piece if shit president who has done everything he can to take down America and I only wish you people like you would crawl back under the rocks where you came from to never see the light of day again.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Name one law and the evidence to suppiort your accusation.

      1. Gale says

        You’re as brain dead as the clinton scumbag

        1. AKLady says

          Childish name calling and insults.
          I am so not impressed.

          1. Pablo Schmidt says

            I agree but ur lib buddy Ben seems to like that kind of special person too…and repeating the same thing over and over is just as bad…so stop saying the same thing…there is proof and as a seemingly concerned and bright woman like you would fall for all the “coincidences and even facts” that are available even though the lib media tries to suppress it..u sound like my mom…a died in the wool democrat no matter if they now stand for everything her as a ex sunday school superintendant.and preachers daughter stands for…ie…abortion..u see I was raised a democrat and back then they stood for the things the conservative party stands for now…somewhere along the way about the time good time bill ran this country they lost their way and became the socialist party IMO…a bunch of PC whiny ppl whos feelings get hurt every time someone “offends” them. As a gov employee this administration makes me ill…the racial division…pampering…it is pathetic…Like I stated above I am married to a very independent , strong willed Black woman who votes with her head not her heart and or the crowd…and she cant stand the way this country has been ruined in the last 7 yrs and sure dont want the same thing for at least 4 more…God Bless and save this once great country..who the whole world thinks is weak and easily swayed…

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Periods and paragraphs make reading a ,uch better experience.
            I gave up trying to wade through your sentence without end,.

          3. Pablo Schmidt says

            Not trying to pass your grammar exam lady…but then again maybe i gave you too much credit for being intelligent…libs best distraction is to worry about the little details instead of the facts…smh

          4. AKLady2015 says

            As a died in the wool Southerner, who lived the 1950s and 1960s, I see ecactly what is going on. The bigotry and racism is an embatassment to our Nation. The only padering is that which exists in the minds of bigots.

          5. gregsmom says

            Since you criticized someone for citing a law improperly, I thought I’d let you know that it’s “dyed in the wool.” No one died there. The wool was dyed. Also you misspelled embarrassment and pandering. People in glass houses….

          6. Jay Lewchanin says

            So I am able to smash the face in and beat up a Hillary voter and then tell the Police- What difference does it make. I was just being careless.

          7. AKLady2015 says

            Facts simply are not your forte’

        2. Ben Totuous says

          Go to fucking hell, shit for brains.

          1. Amil Baker says

            Ben Totuous, cant you write anything with using that Fu word. I try to do intelligent thinking and writing but it is hard to even think about answering you or AK who claims to be a lady.

          2. sensrbtch says

            DID U LISSEN TO THE npr broadcast of the niggers in Dallas talkin about killing white policemen? the dumb fuc ker pronounced the word AMBUSH :amblusish?! g.d. I hate the black-ass white-faced panthers that talk in this form of obolahniks!!

      2. Jay Lewchanin says

        18 U.S.C., Section 793-F states “Whoever, being entrusted with…national security documents… through gross negligence permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody… shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.”

        No where does it say intent is a requirement.

        In essence, in order to give Mrs. Clinton a pass, the FBI rewrote the statute, inserting an intent element that Congress did not require. The added intent element, moreover, makes no sense: The point of having a statute that criminalizes gross negligence is to underscore that government officials have a special obligation to safeguard national defense secrets; when they fail to carry out that obligation due to gross negligence, they are guilty of serious wrongdoing. The lack of intent to harm our country is irrelevant. People never intend the bad things that happen due to gross negligence.

        Again, he disguised and danced around “gross negligence” by calling it “extreme carelessness”

        1. Jay Lewchanin says

          It is called the espionage act dumbass. Our men and women in uniform go to prison for 10 years for less than what Hillary did you treasonous traitor commie.

          1. AKLady says

            Actually, they do not.
            How does the U.S.C. define ” proper place of custody” ?
            Remember there are a minimum of two parties to every message? How many duplicate records do you think 18 U.S.C. 793)f) requires?

          2. Shayne Jenkins says

            I’m sure you have all the answers… Have a clearance, do you?? Been through security training?? I already know you don’t live in the real world…

        2. AKLady says

          It is 18 U.S.C. 793(f). Try getting the facts correct. Yes, upper and lower case alphabet letters do matter when citing law.
          There are a minimum of two parties to every e-mail.
          Which one is responsibile for storage?

          1. gregsmom says

            Hillary’s defense is that she doesn’t know enough about computers to understand what a server is or what wiping a server is. That’s pathetic for someone who’s running for president.

          2. AKLady says

            Actually. it is quite typical for a woman hert age.
            Frankly, there are many people who do not understand what a server is.
            Moreover, any computer can be a “server”.

          3. Shayne Jenkins says

            Of her age… If she can’t understand that which has been around since the last century, maybe she’s too old to be in control. Senility will hit soon, maybe alzheimers… Heck, it might be fun to see her have a heart attack with her hand on the Bible at the swearing-in…

          4. AKLady says

            I can just about guarantee you wouls have a major problem dealing with government computers. I steongly suspect you do not have the required trainng or experience. The majority of federal agencies run atiquated technology.

          5. Shayne Jenkins says

            Yep… You just proved everything we know about you, and that you have yet to realize! First, I can spell. Second, the baseline technology is the same or better than what’s in your mom’s basement – this is the tech on the desks of everyone who does the mundane – MPF, Finance, medical, etc. In my world, as NCIOC of maintenance debrief, I kept CAMS and CFRS talking. You would have no clue what that is… You of all ‘people’ would have no idea what tech the federal agencies (any of them) are using. Parrots. That’s all your ilk are. ‘Polly want a handout’! Back to your Hot Pockets and get off the kiddie porn… Your mom is coming down the stairs.

          6. gregsmom says

            I’m the same age as Hillary, and my son (born the same day as Chelsea Clinton BTW) thinks I’m hopeless on a computer, but I still know what a server is, and that wiping it doesn’t involve a dust cloth. This woman was Secretary of State and wants to be the President, and will have her hand on the button to launch nuclear weapons. If she is clueless about computers, I don’t want her having that job. If she’s truly that ignorant of technology, she shouldn’t be a president in the 21st century.

          7. AKLady2015 says

            There is no buttion. On the other hand, there are three keys. held by three people, all of which must be turned before a nuke can be lauched.

          8. gregsmom says

            I know. I’ve been down in MX missile launch sites. Thanks for the info, but I was not writing a tutorial.

          9. Shayne Jenkins says


      3. TheBlues says

        Hillary is going to relieve all student debts. How are you going to handle your tax increase? Welfare?

        1. AKLady says

          Who told you that lie?

          Student loans are obtained through private, commercial banks and credit unions.

          Suggest you take an American Government cloass. Until then, try reading Article II of the U.S. Constitution:

    2. Ben Totuous says

      We libs are taking over this next election. The Senate and Supreme Court. Don’t like it? Simple solution… Get the fuck out.

      1. Roadmantoo says

        You really are a piece of shit, why don’t you take your whole fucking family of socialists and get out before the revolution starts.
        Sent from my iPad

        1. Ben Totuous says

          Watching fascist turds like you get frog marched into jail is too much to miss. I will be here for the show.

      2. Pentax Princess says

        Old fart liberals hate their own race. One can’t reason with libturd idiots. Up is down and down is up. Just impossible.

      3. Charlie says

        You surly are a foul mouthed individual . Further your knowledge is confused knowledge . As for your last sentence perhaps this is what you need to do .

  20. Roadmantoo says


    If you are smart enough to look this up, which is doubtful, try finding Section 793(f) of the Federal Penal Code (Title 18) and see if your pea brain can understand what she did under this code. She should be in jail. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, and it seems you didn’t know this, it is a FELONY to lie under oath, which she did many times during her deposition in front of congress about Benghazi. But oh, that only cost our nation four lives under her watch.

    1. AKLady says

      Sugest you take a law class.

      1. Roadmantoo says

        Suggest you take one and at the same time move to another country that IS a socialist nation instead of you pukes trying to make America one.
        Sent from my iPad

        1. AKLady says

          You cannot deal with facts, you prefer politics.

          1. Roadmantoo says

            I only deal in facts whereas you idiots on the left hate facts but love your feeelllinnngggssss.
            Sent from my iPad

          2. AKLady says

            Strangly, your claimed facts are not seen by others.
            Why is that?

          3. Roadmantoo says

            They are seen by millions, but unlike you those people can read, comprehend basic facts and understand that your bitch is as crooked as they come.
            Sent from my iPad

          4. AKLady2015 says

            The word as seen through the eyes of a bigot.

          5. Roadmantoo says

            You democrats are the biggest bigots and racists to ever inhabit this country. You have shown your true colors in the past how racist you are and you continue today keeping blacks down in slavery and owing of their lives.
            It is we the conservatives who have supported self reliance to all people whereas you democrats constantly want to have slaves owing you.
            Sent from my iPad

          6. AKLady2015 says

            Don’t let any facts get past thw gate, your opinions might be endangered.

          7. AKLady2015 says

            Your language proves my points.

    2. Ben Totuous says

      Yawn. Hillary wins and you right wing scum losers will whine to deaf ears.

      1. Roadmantoo says

        Nope, we don’t whine we get even. You socialist assholes need to move out of America to some socialist country and stop trying to make this great country one of those third world countries that you seem to love so much.
        Sent from my iPad

        1. AKLady says

          Take a law course. You simply assume way too much.

          1. Roadmantoo says

            You assume too much, like that your Devine bitch is going to win…

            Sent from my iPad

          2. Ben Totuous says

            Care to make a wager. Not.much, I know you would never pay up. You probably stole everything you have, scumbag.

          3. AKLady says

            We the People do not elect a President.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Start with the Electoral College.

        2. Ben Totuous says

          Things were great when Bill Clinton left office. But you clowns had to vote for a Bush with zero experience. A full 14% of you thought you were voting for his father. He ruined world peace and cratered the economy. Damn near a depression. Your party should be too embarrassed to even field a candidate. But no, instead you fucktards put forward the worst candidate since George Wallace. A racist, ill-tempered, juvenile, woman hating asshole. Your party is soon going to be defunct thanks to Trumpturd. But before that, the entire world is holding its breath wondering how stupid voters are here. And who can blame them after W launched his war crimes and economic disaster? Nobody with a lick of sense votes RePUKElickin.

      2. Pentax Princess says

        Ben, you are dead where you stand. The Muslims will also lop off your head unless you bend to their Allah god. Those who take without any skin the game of life will riot and pillage when other peoples money runs out. Liberals think that Utopia is just around the corner. Reminds me of Lucifer as pride came into his heart. Liberals are spiritual idiots who are endless in their foolishness.

        1. Ben Totuous says

          Now you sit the fuck down and listen, America hating scum. Your turd boy Trumptardo is the number one recruiter for ISIS. He shoots off his diarrhea mouth about how weak we are, how every Muslim is bad and makes us look like we hate everybody that is not a christian white male. Trumpturd is the star of ISIS recruiting videos. Not my opinion, it is reported widely in well respected media. If he keeps it up after losing, he will be arrested for aiding and abetting the enemy. And any of you who raises arms against the government will find your asses behind bars. I have long been against waterboarding, just as every general in our military has opined. But those of you seeking to overthrow the government are making me reconsider that.

  21. barrassmeagain says

    Newt will use Pocahontas like a condom in a debate. Go Newt !!

  22. Gale says

    Is the scumbag bitch clinton dead yet????

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Post referred to the Secret Service. You are a threat to America.

      1. Bachelor With Sense says

        Just from reading the things you have posted, you are a bigger threat than Gale.

        Be thankful we don’t execute idiots!

  23. Gale says

    18 United States Code 2071 – Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally

    (a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 3 years, or both.

    (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 3 years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

    comey and lynch should both be drug out of their scum offices, tar and feathered.

    1. AKLady says

      Which Court are you refering to?
      There are at least two parties to every message.
      How many duplicate records should be maintained?

    2. Ben Totuous says

      Post referred to the Secret Service. You are a threat.

  24. Gale says

    drag that scum bitch clinton out into the street and hang her.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Post referred to the Secret Service.

  25. Gale says

    Order a copy of a booklet called Hillary Rodham Clinton: A History of Scandal, Corruption and Cronyism. It will tell the truth on this pathetic scumbag bitch. Liberty Guard – P.O. Box 1645 – Merrifield, VA 22116-1645

    1. Ben Totuous says

      No thanks. That garbage belongs in a burn barrel.

  26. Jeff Eastman says


    1. Ben Totuous says

      I can imagine the source of your supposed proof. Shut up and stop making a fool of yourself.

  27. Ben Totuous says

    It is a dead end less than 4 month position. Whoever agrees to it, their political career is over. For Gingrich it is over already, so he has nothing to lose. For Christy it is all over but the crying. NJ hates him, and he has no national political future. Hillary wins in a landslide. Liberals will take the Senate at very least, and thus the Supreme Court. If you can’t deal with it, just leave. Your insipid whining will be ignored.

    1. Pentax Princess says

      Thank you so much you relic libturd. After age 40 there is little help for libtards. Only God can reach educated fools. I bet that you really care for those under age 50 who will suffer due to the out of control national debt. Ben, you look like an aging white guy who failed to ‘get it’ by age 30. The self loathing of some white people is really a crazy mindset to remain hamstrung to. Ever learning, but never coming to an understanding of the truth.

  28. Pentax Princess says

    Newt is the better choice. Crispy Cream is more of a RINO.

  29. seano says

    Newt is a RINO, and Christie is to far to the left. I would go with Ben Carson, Jeff Sessions, or one of the women who would like to work as vp. Can’t think of her name.

  30. Steven Coy says


    1. Calken54 says

      That’s to bad she has the most experience Lawyer, First Lady and Secretary of State. All we have left is: Grandpa Saunders and Trump WOW we’re so F*****.

  31. Kurt Kruse says

    Anyone who lacks good sense and moral values will without question Vote for crooked,lying Hillary.In an attempt to not appear as stupid as they are they will attempt to strengthen that stupid decision by Trump bashing,and or republican bashing.Sadly they do not understand, or are to stupid to care,that we as a nation are 20 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT. This massive debt load requires 1/2 of all taxes and fees collected by the federal government to simply service this debt.Therefore there is NO MONEY LEFT to throw away on stupid programs, among them such things as SSI pension s to folks who are here illegally or have not ever paid a dime into the system.Lets not even talk about free college tuition.A forced health care plan that folks cannot afford the premiums for. Million dollars annual vacations for Obama & family. Special pensions and health care programs for the elected politicians for ever and ever amen Or foreign aid to dictators who it is hoped will support US ambitions, but never do..The purchase of a new Air Force one ( actually two) barbecue of back-up but the two currently in service are more than adequate.The waste and stupidity of the Political elite among the democrats is appalling so please stop your support of lying Hillary and the democratic party.Finally our elected officials like now to blame the massive debt on “Entitlement Programs’ When that program was set and still continue today the monies were earmarked for a special fund which would have earned dollars on interest. But our genius politicians robbed all those monies and spent them on yet more stupid things. And now say there is no money to pay back folks who have had and are still paying into that fund that is bankrupt and Politicians are trying to fix? Please let them begin by surrendering their own special retirement fund and their own special health care programs. Republicans are tired of the graft the special interests and the stupid earmark programs that Democrats wish to pass. Grow up America we can no longer afford these wild ass programs,that Lying Hillary or Bernie have proposed.Vote out the incumbents who have failed repeatedly to fill their promises or do their jobs; and for cripes sake do not Vote in a proven crook like Clinton.

  32. sensrbtch says

    NO! woman,blacks,queers, or white-pols that are well known! so? then tuats left??no

  33. Samira Burkett says

    <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!uf539w:….,….

  34. Felix says

    Maybe T’s VP choice should include Judge Jeanine !!! She knows the legal FACTS/LAWS and is
    good looking TOUGH lady. She could wipe out evil hill.

    1. 73Anne37 says


  35. gotabgood says

    The youth are catching on… even giving up positions in college to make their thoughts known…

    GOP College Chairman Slams Tea Party, Resigns, And Joins The Democrats – Here’s To Our Youth!
    I over the last 48 hours or so, I have been in deep thought about the future of MFCR and of the Republican Party. I have come to the conclusion that I no longer want to be the leader of the Mississippi Federation of College Republicans. I refuse to simply let people break the rules and think they don’t have to answer for their actions, admit they were wrong, or even apologize. When I ran for Chairman in the spring, I ran to be Chairman of the Mississippi Federation of College REPUBLICANS, not the Mississippi Federation of College “Tea Partiers”. Also, I believe that the Republican Party has allowed these groups of extremist to have too much of a voice and because of that, the platform of the Republican Party has shifted too far to the right in my opinion. For example, the drastic cuts on needed federal funding that these groups of Republican extremists support would leave society weak and crippled.
    Secondly, their far right stance on immigration is not only ignorant, but it is cruel. After all our country is a nation of immigrants and should welcome immigrants from every country. My father was an immigrant from Cuba and came to America in 1959 because of the freedom that this nation offers. This freedom should be available to each and every individual that wants to come work hard and pursue his or her goals in America.
    Finally, I believe the Republican Party has not done enough to put a stop to the hatred and cruel words and actions of the far right extremist in the party. The Republican Party consistently says they are trying to appeal to minorities, but this will never happen when weallow members of party to say cruel and ignorant things about Women, African Americans, Hispanics, and other minorities in our country. I simply cannot be apart of organization that have members who support these far right extremist views, much less be the Chairman of the organization. So in conclusion, I, Evan Alvarez, am hereby resigning my position as Chairman of the Mississippi Federation of College Republicans, as well as my membership at the Mississippi State Chapter of MFCR. This change is effective immediately!
    Spoken like a true Democrat. Now my questions are:

    1. How many more college students will follow the lead of Alvarez?
    2. How many Republicans out there secretly agree with Alvarez but are afraid to speak out?
    3. How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?
    Answer: “They wouldn’t try. They prefer to just sit in the dark and complain that someone else isn’t changing it.” (Ironically, the joke was found in a staunch Republican media rag.)

  36. Suzanne McDaniel says

    <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!uf302w:….,……

  37. Barney Biggs says

    Should consider Will Hurd of Texas. Black/White, smart, entrepeneur ex military from a Latino district.
    Cool, collected and no baggage Whats not to like.

  38. Morton212 says

    Its not a matter of who Trump wants, but who is prepared to risk his or her career to be Trump’s VP. Almost everyone has turned him down. Except Gingrich – who has every possible reason not to qualify for that job.

  39. junkmailbin says

    Newt works well. He knows the ropes and is very very smart. Harry Reid would have a bovine event about the while thing since the VP is the President of the Senate. The last VP who took this seriously was Darth Cheney. Joni Ernst sort of looks good but falls way short,

    1. 73Anne37 says

      Both Are Establishment for sure & Newt IS a Globalist~! NO!

  40. daveveselenak says

    I still say that Allen West would be the best, then M. Pence!

  41. Paul Dean says

    I wouldn’t mind Condy Rice or even Mia Love. Just a thought.

    1. 73Anne37 says

      Condi Rice & Newt are Globalist’s~~TRUMP would Never pick them. Newt will be somewhere where he Won’t Hurt TRUMP’S Policies~!

  42. susmart3 says

    “Ultimately, Trump’s VP pick will probably not make a lot of difference one way or the other.” Right. Because in America, no President EVER gets assassinated.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      The Trump VP is very important. Trump does not know the first thing about running anything, let alone a government.

  43. dondehoff says

    Trump needs a congressional and Washington “expert” who is respected by congress—-that would be Newt Gingrich. He also needs a foreign political expert—that would be Condi Rice or John Bolton—they all would fit into his “team”— Rice has both the stamina and stature of ex-PM of Great Britain, Margaret H. Thatcher, plus she is a female, black and presents herself as a “lady”—all “vote getters”. Bolton is well versed in the “goings-on” in the UN, and is not afraid to speak his mind.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Bankruptcy is how Trump made his money.
      Putting poor people out of their homes is how he made his money.
      Discrimination is the crime he was repeatedly charged with.
      Daddy was one of the Founders of the NYC Chapter of the KKK
      Grandpa owned a whore house in the Yukon – that is where the Trump money came from.

    2. 73Anne37 says

      Newt IS a Huge Globalist & TRUMP would Never Pick him~! The Movement is Against the Globalist Elite Masters~!

  44. Jerry_Morgan says

    I favor the man with a plan and actual business experience to bring it about. Put that along with someone with many years of Government experience… and you have an unbeatable team… TRUMP/GINGRICH 2016

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Congress makes the laws.
      Cingress spends the money.
      Congress makes the plans.
      You elect Congress.

    2. Morton212 says

      Gingrich’s judgment is as flawed as Trump’s. That’s why they threw him out of Congress.

      1. Edward J Baker says

        He was “thrown” out of Congress because he was honorable. Lying Lucifer Donald the Democrat, who doesn’t even rise to the level of Rino, is not going to consider anyone honorable.

        1. Morton212 says

          ‘Honorable’ Newt, who had numerous affairs with other women while married – sho saw his job as Speaker as a golden opportunity for personal political advancement -,was rightly thrown out of office for betraying his own party and in fact the American people. Instead of going back to his vocation as a thrid grade history teacher – he latched on to becoming a lobbyist which was illegal in his case, so he called it a corporate advisor.

          1. Edward J Baker says

            No, that’s what the lying press, and those idiotic enough to believe the lying press, have claimed about him. What political advancement? Do you mean the Contract with America rollback of liberal programs?

          2. Morton212 says

            It doesn’t work to just deny what you don’t want to hear. I am not talking about opinions – they obviously vary. But facts – and on facts you seem to be delusional.

          3. Edward J Baker says

            Obviously you are in denial of what you do not want to hear. What political “advancement” was the most effective conservative congressman in American history seeking? And name one party to his alleged affairs. And why would someone presenting a porn image next to their name care?

          4. Morton212 says

            Do not judge a book by its cover.

  45. ringostarr1 says

    That Washington ‘Expert’ isn’t Ted (Lucifer) Cruz. If Ted “Lucifer” Cruz refuses to go all out for Trump in the 2016 election then the voters of Texas will have a good idea of who is the biggest elitist RINO in the whole Texas Republican Party.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      The lies about their families exodus from Cuba should disqaulify them both.
      Both families left Cuba long before the horrors began.

    2. Edward J Baker says

      Lying Lucifer Donald the Democrat doesn’t even rise to the level of Rino. Go back to Britain Ringo.

  46. GuardianFlame says

    Let’s judge who has the most compassionate heart/Soul (the more points, the darker the Soul).
    Let’s see, hillary let 4 of America’s dedicated and hard working citizens (Navy Seals and Ambassador) die by terrorist torture in Benghazi: 50,000 points toward a blackened Heart/Soul. Trump had one of his companies go Bankrupt: 3000 points for a troubled Soul. Hillary supports the deaths of millions of unborn, aborted babies that many were perfectly formed AND ALIVE at the time the technicians sliced them apart: 125,000 points toward a darkened and bleeding Soul. Trump told a female reporter about being on her period: 4000 points for a troubled Soul. Hillary pays her own female staffers less than their male counterparts while campaigning she is for “EQUAL PAY RIGHTS” for women: 5000 points toward a cracked and bleeding fractured Soul. Trump flies off the handle when questioned and cornered by opposition: 2500 points for not being a smooth tongued politician…thank God.

    Hillary’s Points: 180,000 points — Killary Won!
    Trump’s Points: 9,500 points

    Pink Compassionate Heart/Soul: 1000 – 10,000
    Darkened Heart/Soul: 11,000 – 50,000
    Blackened, Hardened Heart/Soul: 51,000 – 100,000
    Heart-less, Soul-less Demon: 101,000 – infinity.

    This is just a composite of what hillary and Trump’s Souls look like to others. It is fiction, but none the less, the circumstances do stand for something very dark and sinister in a female presidential candidate that is supposed to be offering Americans the Best she can be. Perhaps her BEST just isn’t good enough to represent our American Souls! Think about this and how easily it is for her to dismiss the deaths of our brave Americans and those of millions of innocent little babies. Her motto should be Mad Magazine’s “WHAT ME WORRY?”. If you are a liberal and are completely okay with these barbaric actions accepted by Hillary, perhaps you need to do some introspection upon your own Heart/Soul and check what it looks like…if you can find it.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. GuardianFlame says

        AKCopier, a.k. AK??:

        “Why do you need to tell this lie?
        Why do you embarrass America this way?
        Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
        Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies”

        AGAIN for the 100th time: If you have NO ORIGINAL THOUGHTS, get off this website pleeeeeeeese! The above questions are copied and pasted just like I did here…no original thought, nothing new or interesting — just a robotic reply to show you have no intellectual capability or understanding or comprehending anything said on this website. SAD…

        Why don’t you have any original thoughts?
        Are you a computer with no emotions?
        Are you a robot with no life?

        One more:

        Why can’t you tell the difference between TRUTHS and LIES? Oh I forgot, YOU ARE A LIBERAL…THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. go get a 9-5 job. You suck at this one…BIG TIME.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Work hard and save. If you do, you will be able to retire cofortably.

  47. jon says

    Criste is out as far as I am concerned. He has a muslim friend who is a lawyer who defended someone with Black Brotherhood Connections and I’ll not vote if he is chosen

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Everyone is entitled to legal representation.
      In our criminal justice sustem, if you cannot afford a lawyer, one is appointed.

      1. jon says

        I agree but look at it this way. You are to poor to hire a lawyer so one is appointed for you. The Question is How Good Is He or She and How Good Will Those be who will be against you? Bet they won’t be even close in Pay and Knowledge. I do not see Equality there.

      2. jon says

        With the exception of the Unborn that likely will need it the most.

  48. Edward J Baker says

    This means he has to have someone as dumb as lying Donald.

  49. Robert Cruder says

    The first and foremost requirement for a Vice-President is to replace the President if necessary. That is easy to forget if one’s candidate for President does not need formal qualifications either. Trump has intimated that he is not obligated to hold the office after winning it. That makes the VP far more important.

    This election cycle has already presented too many “dub-ya” like candidates with little actual knowledge but great certainty about their “gut” decisions. Yet another set of those could turn voters against the Republican Presidential ticket for a generation.

  50. Gary Von Neida says

    The REAL Winning ticket is TRUMP/ CARSON.

  51. Gary Von Neida says

    know the Doctor does not want the V.P.slot;but, He is the best Man for the job.I feel as though Hillary fears Him most (after Donald) ; thus, give Him a chance.

  52. gotabgood says

    His VP is now more important than ever… Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann, comes to mind, they are as crazy as Trump.. make a good team

    But now the presumptive Republican nominee is seemingly joking about the latest political speculation that a victory in November doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll take the oath of office to become president of the United States.
    “I’ll let you know how I feel about it after it happens,” Trump told The New York Times in a story published Thursday while flashing what the newspaper described as a “mischievous smile.” The paper said Trump was responding in an interview when presented with the scenario that he may win and not serve.

  53. 32eagle says

    I mulled it over myself and I think Rudy Guliani has a top notch attitude toward Trump-he would be the most loyal friend and hard worker always willing to help no matter what kind of odds are against them both-he vividly stands out as a winner in several areas including supporting our military,foreign affairs,financial brain teasers,riots and national upheaval,welcoming visitors from anywhere in this world and being diplomatic to the point of becoming allies against ISIS-I can see it happening and working but it is ultimately the Donald that will have to decide

  54. soldier for liberty says


  55. Rick Rogers says

    Oh please please please let him pick Palin. The late night comics how been getting a like boring recently and they need the new material. And what could be better then a real life Dumb and Dumber.

    1. LiberalismaDisease!!! says
      1. Rick Rogers says

        Sorry but someone already beat them to making America great again he dug us out of conservative republican screw ups.

        1. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

          Clearly GOD Answered PRAYERS because we didn’t know what a Liberal radical hater we had and now he is GONE……Make America Great Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          TRUMP/PENCE Taking america back from liberal thugs

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Its truly said to see dementia take over someone. You should seek help before you forget out to wipe yourself in the bathroom.

          2. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            Did I hurt your low energy Liberal racist hateful feelings awwwwwwwwwwwwww]poor Rick Rogers a liberal radical low energy coward!

            Catch up I crushed you again!


          3. Rick Rogers says

            you hurt me ha ha ha. You believe what you think means squat to me. Only reason I respond is to try to get faster in my typing and to have something to do in between the hold times for business calls I have to make to Suppliers. If you actually believe I give any thought to you and your twisted politics then you really are suffering from dementia

          4. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            Rick you lost your mind! I defeated you…& in November say PRESIDENT TRUMP you liberal hating ignorant low life now go clean my offices and stop wasting my valuable time…I need to be productive and you are a waste of time lost soul. Probably a Liberal atheist racist hater of Real Ameroica…you low energy coward!


          5. Rick Rogers says

            ok what ever. you can fool yourself into anything you want. I mean you have fooled yourself into believe Trump is not a crook and a con man. Even after he admits it in his books. But I was on this morning only to check emails so going to
            go enjoy my first day with me Kids at Walt Disney World so don’t have the time for you. have a lot to do before the Private Fireworks Cruise tonight. Really a good deal on 400 dollars an hour.

          6. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            You don’t have time now because I put you in your Liberal racist place. You anti American low energy moron. We need deport people like you!


          7. Rick Rogers says

            Spoken like the true Fascist you support.. Its no wonder the KKK and the Neo Nazi’s Like trump so much.

          8. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            Yap, Yap, Yap same old BS from the Liberal racist anyone who disagree’s with you their racist, kkk, Neo Nazis…Please dude you are blatantly ignorant. pathetic and low energy.

            The Racist is you & and the Democrackhead hateful racist thug party!!!!

            You Liberal thugs make me lol.


    2. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

      Oh please please let Crooked Evil Hillary pick Elizabeth the wicked evil witch as Vp Dumb and dumber woooooooooo hoooooooooooo Democrackhead party is alive!

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