U.S. Drops Monster Bomb on ISIS Forces in Afghanistan


Afghanistan officials estimate that 36 Islamic State terrorists were killed Thursday when the U.S. dropped the MOAB on the Nangarhar Province along the Pakistani border. And while a body count like that would garner headlines on its own, it was the bomb itself that turned this into the big story of the week. It is the largest conventional weapon the U.S. has ever used in combat – a 21,000lb behemoth with a mile-wide blast radius. Officially, it’s named the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast. Unofficially, it’s called the Mother of All Bombs.

Owing to the spectacle of the blast, many wondered if the Trump administration had used the bomb to send a message to foes beyond the ISIS leadership. In an interview with Fox News, Newt Gingrich said it was intended for audiences in Moscow and Pyongyang as well. He surmised it to be “a reminder both to the Russians and the North Koreans that we have enormous assets if we want to use them.”

Gingrich said it was impossible to ignore the timing of the blast, coming only one week after U.S. missile strikes in Syria and only days before North Korea is expected to carry out another nuclear test. He said Kim Jong Un must now understand that Trump has the firepower to destroy his weapons program.

“If it’s an underground [nuclear testing] facility, what we just proved in Afghanistan was we have huge non-nuclear conventional weapons that could take out these kinds of facilities,” he said. “So I think the Chinese are trying to say to [Kim Jong Un], ‘Look, you’ve got to take President Trump seriously. This is not like the good old days and you’d better be careful.”

The administration, though, has rejected that theory. Asked about the use of the bomb on Thursday, President Trump downplayed the idea of sending a message to North Korea and suggested, in fact, that he didn’t specifically authorize the strike at all. Rather, he said the military has his “total authorization,” implying that he’s giving the Pentagon a much longer leash than his predecessor.

Gen. John Nicholson, the commander of our Afghanistan operations, said in a statement that the MOAB was simply the right tool for the job.

“As their losses have mounted, they are using IEDs, bunkers, and tunnels to thicken their defenses,” Nicholson said of ISIS fighters in the eastern part of the country. “This is the right munition to reduce these obstacles and maintain the momentum of our offensive against them.”

Whether this was intended to send a larger message to Russia, Iran, Syria, and North Korea or not, you can rest assured that it did.

  1. Croco Dile says

    NOW “….you’ve got to take President Trump seriously….”

    Because only by dropping huge bombs a politician can be taken “seriously” !

    How wonderful is America !
    The land of the brave….. and the proud.

    1. Kevin Harrison says

      if you hate the people that DID vote for trump that MUCH LEAVE THE COUNTRY WE DO NOT WANT SO MUCH AS YOUR SPIT

      1. Rosie says

        Kevin Harrison, there seem to be more than the normal amount of pissed off terrorist sympathizers in this forum tonight. If only these asswipes could take a supersonic jet to the Middle East and stop using our oxygen and, like you said, take their terrorist spit with them. Get out pleeeeeeeeeze!!!

        1. jesusknight says

          Yes.. love America or LEAVE IT! You won’t be missed…

          1. jesusknight says

            Yes, a true believer who is also a patriot. Nothing wrong with that!

          2. Croco Dile says

            Patriotism can blind the people, and can be exploited by the crooked State.
            Beware of patriotism !

          3. jesusknight says

            almost anything can do anything to people..

          4. grafra102 says

            JESUS LOVES ALL!!!

      2. Karen says

        Yea, how can you stand to live in America any longer? Wait, I hear it, syria is calling your name!! Go son, go where you are wanted! Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out!!

    2. kbmiller says

      Which president out of the last 5 attacked, with bombs or rockets the most foreign countries? Guess what? It was a Dumb A$$ ok RAT HillBilly Clit on. He did it to distract from Monica and other indiscretions. Did you take him seriously when he said, “It depends on what the definition of the word “Is”, is?Or when he said, “I never had sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinski”? You Lib TURDS either have short memories,are ignorant, or just refuse to tell ALL the story. Probably all 3.

      1. Jim Taylor says

        Bill never did figure out how to close his pants zipper…

        1. kbmiller says

          He sure could tell a good LIE though. And collude with Russia to make $millions.

      2. Croco Dile says

        So you hate those past Rats on the throne in Washington, but this new Rat doing the same thing is okay ?

        1. kbmiller says

          Times change , you douche. The feckless, incompetent, unqualified, boneheaded JACKASS, Barack Hussein OHOMO didn’t do so well, across the board, if you remember.

          1. Croco Dile says

            This I kow very well, you douche !
            What makes you think this time it’s different ?
            That these CROOKS will do something FOR YOU (for free) what those previous CROOKS did not ?

          2. kbmiller says

            You are too stupid to consider a response.

          3. Croco Dile says
          4. kbmiller says

            Croco DILDO, Why is it that EVERYONE else on here says you are either a FOOL or just plain STUPID? Is it me, or is it you? HA HA HA HA Not only are your opinions IDIOTIC but Leftism never works. The Croco $HIT ideas you put out only identifies the Socialist’s policies as twisted logic, gobbledegook from a MORON. Go spread your stupid opinions on a Dumb A$$ ok RAT’S site where some FOOLS may believe them, because you’re looking like an IMBECILE on here and LOSING Big Time. GO AWAY FOOL !!!

          5. kbmiller says

            Croco DILDO read the aw da comments on hea . You must b sum dumb black A$$ tar baby 2 b dat dumb. evah body think yu stoopid.

          6. kbmiller says

            U blu gum BEEOTCH. HA HA HA HA HA

    3. k9maiden says

      Oh for Heaven’s sake! Are you defending the Islamic Terrorist? Sure you are! For the first time in well over 8 years we have a PRESIDENT, and I am once again PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3901c28b471f3c2ef6fd9dcdf45d1df0fbeb2c84b61e2dfab16211e31c560ef0.jpg

      1. Germansmith says

        Is sad that people are so ignorant that give credibility to this article you posted

        You are an idiot….Go to the history books and get your own facts and not some protestant white nationalist BS salting a few facts with lots of crap

        1. Gene Garton says

          Germansmith????? You need to do a lot of research yourself. K9maden is right on. EVERYTHING said is true. People like you will destroy our country if there are too many idiots like you. Obama was a muslim

          1. Joseph Prycodzien says

            Don’t you feel that the best method to defeat/destroy these on-line poison speaders is just to simply IGNORE THEM AND ALL OF THEIR ‘EGOTISTICAL SELF-SERVING POSTINGS’ ??
            If they are ignored, more sensible items would be posted and not be constantly responded to while trying to resolve Q&A’s from true Americans..

          2. Gene Garton says

            You are probably right, although they seem to keep responding with their rhetoric no matter what. If Trump made peace for the whole world they would find fault with it.

            I think someone should call them out for their unreasonable ideas.

        2. mac12sam12 says

          barenakedislam.com Educate yourself.

          1. ABO says

            Sorry, mac12sam12 but Germansmith does not possess the intellect required to become educated.

        3. jesusknight says

          Your 5 pillars of islam give all the info we need.. islam is barbaric and needs to be contained in the country it came from; it has no business in the civilized worlds, it is incompatible in EVERY way.

    4. grafra102 says


    5. jesusknight says

      It’s not anyone’s fault that cowardly isis and islam hide behind their citizenry when we go after them. When innocents die its always sad, no matter what side they are on; BUT these bozo’s put their own people at risk by hiding behind them like cowards, after killing tons of ppl – their own and others. Get some perspective! I am sorry for all those who are innocent who have died, but I am NOT sorry for getting the jerks who hid behind them..

      1. Croco Dile says

        What an idiot you are, Jesus !

        ISIS is a US-Israeli Creation.
        Top Ten “Indications”


        1. jesusknight says

          Regardless, its time to bring them down.

          1. Croco Dile says

            Definitely !
            On this I can agree with you.

    6. safari1024 says

      I’m sure you took President Obama very seriously. A man who could orate for hours, and say virtually nothing of substance. A man whose administration had no clear direction, unless you’re LGBT. A man who sequestered himself away in the Oval Office, except to make numerous television appearances on the most frivolous shows. You must have been very proud of your first black president. Look above, you have included a picture of a woman who would have stood head and shoulders above Barack, if only she had been our first black president.

      1. Croco Dile says

        You are wrong.
        Obamao was a fraud.
        But Trump looks more and more like one too.

    1. Germansmith says

      We just drop a $15 million dollar bomb to clear some caves.
      Afghanistan sources are saying we killed 36 ISIS guys…really? did we not have OUR OWN reconnaissance to asses the damage?
      I wonder how many millions cost the mission to kill Mother F—–g Bin Laden? Or Anwar al-Awlaki? Or Al Sarqawi Or Al Masri…that is Obama war on terror you fool

      Why is it every Justin I meet is either a loser or an idiot?….must be a curse

      1. grafra102 says


        1. AKLady says

          What is your opinion of Trump’s Florida weekends
          which cost the taxpayer $1 million, per day?

          1. Retired says

            You are so dumb , that is the only place he can work without leakers and the media . You would not last a half day working for him . It does not cost that much as he has his own security plus the SS . His own room and board , but that is to deep for you . Better go change your Depends as they are full of it like you.

          2. Rosie says


          3. Retired says

            It is sad but true,that so many run to the media . The media needs to be thrown out of the halls in WDC .The leakers should be fined $1000.00 every time they run to the media before it is released to them .

          4. Linda Abernathy says

            No it doesn’t, he owns it and don’t even go there. The Obamas went on more vacations and not only took Air force One but always took 2 planes because his wife and kids never rode with him. That’s 2 million a whack, add it up! Trump isn’t even taking his salary. Maybe you should quit reading the Clinton news networks!

          5. AKLady says

            Educate yourself as to the cost of Trump’s security. Secret Sevice travel and overtime. Florida state, country and local overtime …

          6. Linda Abernathy says

            Incidently, Trump isn’t taking a salary nor is Ivanka and he has his own plane so you don’t have worry yourself to death about your tax paying dollars!

          7. AKLady says

            You have you been brainwashed,
            I suggest you stop and think issues through before engaging your fingers.

            The physical travel is the least expensive part of his weekends.
            Trump’s salary is a minimal expense.

            His plane running on the gas you pay for….
            The multiple planes transporting his entourage …
            The HUGE increase in security increases taxpayer expense by over $1 million a day, every time he takes off for Florida. Travel expense for Trump’s closest aides.. Secret Service crews in travel status. Overtime pay for Secret Service agents. FBI agents in travel status. Overtime for FBI agents. Overtime for state law enforcement officers. Overtime for county law enforcement officers. Overtime for local law enforcement officers.

      2. Molly1776Pitcher says

        Or maybe it’s you fuzz nuts!

      3. Rob D says

        Beats givin out free nig-phones to every jobless looser,

        1. Shosh 7154 says

          you Rob D are like the one who said that his race is above all others…he tried to remove one race but he forgot that the Jews have ONE JEW COMING SOON TO RULE THE ENTIRE WORLD… don’t think you can condemn a race and walk away unscathed….hitler did not learn this lesson and now look where he is today

        2. AKLady says

          The Lifeline telephone system was designed to provide “addresses” to mentally ill veterans living on the streets. I suppose, in your childish reasoning, it would be better if the poor and/or homeless could not summon emergency services, such as police, fire, ambulance …

          1. Retired says

            It was your Democrats that put them on the streets , I was near a VA hospital when they emptied the mental ward . That is where you belong so you keep taking your meds .

          2. grafra102 says


          3. Retired says

            I know , exposed her with the lie .

      4. rick meek says

        Where’d you get your dollar amounts from — MSM ?

      5. THOMAS GUARIANO says

        Hey watch that man my grandson’s name is Justin

      6. SouthernPatriot says

        So far the total is up in the 90s with DNA spread everywhere from those terrorists who were obliterated. It probably will not be until later when we obtain information from other captured terrorists that we understand how many were living and planning attacks from the caverns, caves, and tunnels.

        Like other vets and present American heroes serving in Afghanistan, all would rather MOAB than lose more limbs and lives. How much are those worth?

        1. AKLady says

          How much hate for America grows each time innocents are murdered?

          1. Retired says

            Yes you keep spreading hate with your brother Obama .

          2. Linda Abernathy says

            Right now I would pay dearly for you to be eliminated,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

          3. AKLady says

            How would you feel if someone murdered your children. your sister. your mother?

          4. grafra102 says

            Linda, what do you have in mind, i will help you!!! This, “it” does not know what is up or what is down, she needs her psycho drugs!! Lets call the guys with the white jackets!!!

      7. mac12sam12 says

        You’re noising the point, Cletus! It killed over 100 ISIS Jihadis and sent a message to the world. We no longer have a bend over and grab your ankles Obama presidency. FU to China, Russia, Syria, NK and Iran!

        1. Retired says

          He/she needs to go back to Germany , the US has enough liberal trash .

        2. AKLady says

          No, we now have a wasteful, spend money we do not have, I want to rule the world bigot in the highest office. His former wife testified that Trump kept a book of Hitler’s speeches on the night table, reading and rereading almost every night.

          The DOJ has charged and fined Trump over 200 times for discrimination. Start your education with United States v. Trump. NY, 1973. Then, you might want to look up his low opinion of women. Start with “grab by the pussy”.

          Both New Jersey and New York charges him with money laundering. New York also charged him with operating an illegal business — an unlicensed school.

          1. Retired says

            You got him and Obama with the UN mixed up . Nothing new for you .

          2. AKLady says

            Your senility becomes more marked with each day that passes.
            My heart goes out to your loved ones.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            LOL!! Kept Hitler’s speeches on his night stand. OMG! snort..snort… Did Trump also marched around his bedroom with his Hitler stash on? LOL!! Does he have ovens in his basement so he can cook Jews? snort..snort..

            There you go again, “grab by the pussy.” Bill Clinton raped a girl and got thrown out of Oxford. You have selective liberals hypocritical outrage.

            Trump hasn’t been charged or fined for discrimination and he has no racist past, but the Clintons do. Hillary’s mentor was Robert Byrd who was a Grand Wizard for the KKK. Bubba’s mentor was J. William Fulbright and along with Byrd filibustered the Civil Rights Act.

            You last paragraph is more nonsense. If Trump was money laundering and running illegal businesses he’s be in jail, dimwit.

            People like you like to throw shit up against the wall to see if it sticks. Your shit slides. snort..snort..snort..

          4. AKLady says

            Try actually checking facts instead of making a fool if you self.

            Ex-wife testified, at the speeches, under oath in divorce court regarding speeches. The evidence against Trump includes 200 DOJ cases for discrimination. beginning in 1973. He settles and pays the fines. DOJ had him, no wiggle room, he was entrapped.

            Clinton was not expelled from Oxford. NO charges were ever filed in regard to alleged Clinton rape, not once case was ever brought to trial. “Even more curiously, as far as we know no one else has ever located, talked to, or interviewed Eileen Wellstone[the woman at Oxford] or any of the other women referenced in Capitol Hill Blue[the original source of the rumour] who were supposedly the victim of sexual assaults by Bill Clinton between 1969 and 1974.” https://www.quora.com/Was-Bill-Clinton-expelled-from-Oxford

          5. mac12sam12 says

            Who cares what Trump’s ex wife says? She recanted what she said, try to keep up. Name one thing that Trump has said or done that was considered racist? Before he became president Jesse jackson gave him an award for helping blacks, but nice try.

            Clinton was thrown out of Oxford for rape and he wasn’t arrested because the State Department would have been embarrassed to have a Rhodes Scholar in prison. He’s also been accused many other times of rape and groping. We won’t talk about his escapades with 15 year old prostitutes. He was also found guilty in a court of law for sexual harassment when he exposed himself to Paula Jones. Now he’s a registered sex offender.

            Have to finish my work and I’m tired of crapping on you.

          6. AKLady says

            Iavana Trump did not recant.

          7. mac12sam12 says

            Yes she recanted and yes Clinton was thrown out of Oxford and lucky he isn’t in prison. I’ll even help you, bing.com “Bill Clinton Thrown Out Of Oxford For Rape.

            They didn’t dismiss the Paula Jones lawsuit, Bubba lost the law suit and had to pay that poor woman $800,000.

            When you get convicted of a sex crime, the government automatically registers you as a sex offender. #KMA #MAGA

          8. AKLady says

            Never happened,
            Clinton was not thrown out of Oxford.
            Jones v. Clinton was a civil lawsuit. Learn the difference.
            Clinton was never charged with a sex crime.

          9. mac12sam12 says

            You can look it up yourself because it did happen. I’ll help you. bing.com “Clinton thrown out of Oxford for rape.”

            I already told you that he wasn’t charged because the State Department would have been embarrassed to have a Rhodes Scholar arrested for rape.

          10. AKLady says

            I did look up the facts.,,, the valid ones.
            Clinton was a sleaze, but that dies not justify lies being told.

            Clinton’s non-completion of the scholar program at Oxford was public knowledge more than 20 years prior to the origination of rumors that he had been expelled from that university for sexual misconduct.

            You are simply embarrassing yourself and America.
            The accusation has been around a long time,
            there is no evidence to support it,

          11. mac12sam12 says

            bing.com “Clinton thrown out of Oxford for rape.” He raped a girl named Eileen Wellstone.

            I’m not embarrassed about myself, I’m embarrassed for your low information status.

          12. AKLady says

            Except the claim is false and as of 2017, STILL UNPROVEN.

            Clinton’s non-completion of the scholar program at Oxford was public knowledge more than 20 years prior to the origination of rumors that he had been expelled from that university for sexual misconduct

      8. ABO says

        Not a curse, just your pathetic inability to deal with reality.

    2. grafra102 says


      1. Molly1776Pitcher says

        Was that a misprint? Did you mean to say ‘one has balls and the others ‘wife’ is a man and he has none?

        1. Rob D says

          ROTF LMAO!

          1. Camille Gilliam says

            Look up Ellen”s show, when Michelle was on in white slacks, when i saw this a black man said to watch it. I was floored at what i saw.

          2. Mary Brumley says

            I viewed that also. It certainly appeared that she had a package in her pants didn’t it.

          3. AKLady says

            Try developing some maturity

          4. AKLady says

            . Try developing some maturity

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        2. AKLady says

          Grow up. Try developing some maturity.

          1. Camille Gilliam says

            Did you watch the show? If you sisn’t then you don’t know.

          2. AKLady says

            Yes, I’ve seen the pictures.
            You are extremely ignorant, brainwashed and bigoted.

          3. Retired says

            No one can be as bad as you are , time for your meds .

          4. grafra102 says

            Retired: time for meds triple time!!!

          5. Retired says

            I don’t think meds will help anymore

          6. Linda Abernathy says

            Try developing enough sense to leave when not wanted………….

          7. AKLady says

            Try developing enough sense to realize your opinion is unimportant in the measure of things.

        3. grafra102 says

          Molly: FUNNY!!

        4. Linda Abernathy says


    3. Croco Dile says

      Another IDIOTIC article on this government propaganda site Don’t-Fix-This-Nation !

      And nobody is asking the obvious question :
      Why would ISIS travel so far away to another country completely unrelated to their primary goal of a declaring a Caliphate in the Syria-Iraq border and despite their wealth and unlimited supplies, their banks, their planes and weapons, their gold and their indestructible armies then move to caves in Afghanistan ?

    4. Croco Dile says

      ISIS Cave Bombing Psyop Explained

      1. AKLady says

        They are not interested un truth.
        They make up their own facts.
        The really scary part is one of their ignorance level is in the White House.
        Trump is as stupid as Bush, and just as immature.

        1. safari1024 says

          Apparently you weren’t paying attention to the presentation, or didn’t watch past the first couple of minutes. The presenter laid the responsibility at Obama’s door, and stated that ISIS gained all of these capabilities under the tutelage of the Obama administration. Not that I personally buy the entire premise, but the US did arm and aid differing factions in Syria during Obama’s watch. What other aid they gave to ISIS is still only speculation. Perhaps if you go ask him nicely, he’ll tell you the whole thing.

          1. AKLady says


          2. AKLady says

            Opinion is like a …
            Everyone has one.
            They are not interested un truth.
            They make up their own facts.
            The really scary part is one of their ignorance level is in the White House.
            Trump is as stupid as Bush, and just as immature.
            The U.S. has been arming insurgents since time began.
            Reagan armed the Middle East, Medico and South America.
            Bush ran guns to Mexico, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan.

          3. grafra102 says

            safari1024: SHE WON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE SAYING!!

  2. Col C says

    We should not be too proud of our technology, cause God doesn’t care about that, but He does care about destroying evil. The other post below is disgusting, and I find it interesting that we can show these photos of what war does, but if anyone shows pictures of what abortion does, and it is just as disgusting, they are considered outlandish or photo shopped or in some way discredited. The truth is, all war is disgusting, albeit sometimes necessary to take out the enemy, those that are killing wantonly in other countries, like Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, and yes, in the states too. We are killing wantonly too, and we hide, or burn the corpses and pretend they don’t exist, we have killed 60 million babies in this country, and some even sell the baby parts for profit, and to benefit “science” and all this is accepted in our culture, at least by the majority of people. It is all evil, sick and disgusting, but abortion is the only evil that the main stream media totally ignore, they never show the victims of that holocaust, but the photos exist, and those babies are just as dead. Where is the T-R-U-T-H, when will our quote, unquote “civilized” nation wake up?

    1. Gene Garton says

      Col C. You are sooooo right. When good people went in and photographed what the abortionist were doing, they get charged with felonies. God blessed our country when we founded it on Christian principles. I’m afraid that he is not happy with our country for our abortion trip. I think that He will punish us for that.

      Today is Easter. Wife and I went to a Easter Service that was the best that I have ever attended. There are some good people still here. I pray that our country will come to their senses soon.

      1. anibanib says

        Did you actually hear God say that or did you read it in some media news

        1. Karen says

          Actually he probably read the bible, if you did, then you would KNOW that God said that!!

          1. anibanib says

            I never ever read that book, that was made up……..about 600 yrs ago………but it is useful to keep doors open when its windy

        2. Gene Garton says

          Actually I believe very little of what I read or see on TV News. God did tell me that abortion was murder. The Bible does say that God knows you before you are conceived. Many preachers and Religious leaders are NOT biblical. Most movies, if not all, about God is not factual.

          I asked God to give me the knowledge of how to live according to His will. He does answer some of my prayers. Not all of them because I ask for things that are not right or good for me. And he has answered my request.

          1. anibanib says

            Pleased for you that you Believe in God, just as long you dont try it on other people………I got my “belly filled” as a small Child, being forced to go to sunday school, and sing hymns and listen to prayers even evening……and since I was 6 yrs old, have only been in a Church once

          2. Gene Garton says

            You know, I know what you are saying. I was just like you. I was a terrible son to my parents who were both believers. But at 38 years old after my father was killed in his blacksmith shop I turned my life around. I started to study the Bible and really started to see what it was all about. God or Jesus called me one night by name. Oh yes, I still mess up, but I try to stay in the scriptures. I used to be afraid to die. But now I am not afraid to die because I will be in Heaven with my parents where I will apologize for how I treated them.

            Lets be clear. God did NOT give me or anyone else the right to judge you. Your salvation is YOUR decision. Only you can achieve that by believing the Bible and accepting Christ as your savior.

          3. anibanib says

            OK bye bye

          4. grafra102 says


          5. anibanib says

            And why should Ineed counselling, I am several steps in front of most you Yankee jerks, who still Believe that the USA is the biggest, the best and the goodest………….well she sure has the biggest GOB, and is best at murdering civilians across the World………and why, cos some jerk President syas its for National Security at home………….so why spend $6 trillion on the Iraq wars……….were they threatening homeland security, several trillions in Afghanistan etc etc etc

          6. grafra102 says

            Gene Garton: A GREAT BIG AMEN!!!!!

          7. anibanib says
          8. anibanib says

            Wasting your time, I am not easily brainwashed by religious Yankee jerks

          9. Gene Garton says

            Ok, I’m not trying to get you to be religious. I’m only telling you what happened to me. That is all. You have every right to live and believe what you want. That is your choice. God gave us free will to live as we want.

          10. bttrap says

            you have been brainwashed since you were hatched

          11. grafra102 says


        3. mac12sam12 says

          Hey! How’s the refugee thingy going? snort..snort..

      2. grafra102 says


  3. Daze Inde says

    From what I read, it is my understanding this “bomb” was dropped on tunnels and bunker landscape in

    Afghanistan supposedly used by ISIS. Doesn’t appear ISIS itself was bombed; so, were they forewarned? Was this for show?

    1. outlawdealer says


      1. Allan Morrice says

        But any survivors will have the mother of all migraine headaches for a very long time.

      2. Daze Inde says

        Your opening question belies the level of your faulty insight, I would dare say. As for the rest of your paragraph, it would seem you must believe the American press and its fake news.

    2. k9maiden says

      They killed many ISIS Terrorist. Didn’t you hear the news?

      1. Jim Taylor says

        You believe the news??

        1. Germansmith says

          The news report what they are told
          I remember Vietnam and the enemy casualties estimates…..according to the numbers reported by the Pentagon, we killed the whole population
          …the place is empty now
          Assuming 36 is correct that comes out as $416,000 per terrorist killed
          If we hire local Afghan mercenaries we could have probably half the cost and get heads for display…..Trump’s sons would have like that for display next to the endangered species trophies they hunted in Africa.

          1. anibanib says

            You are sure taking some stick for what you comment………they are mostly gullible brainwashed morons…….do keep it up…..good luck

          2. Tired... says

            What makes you think that this was just about a tunnel complex in Afghanistan?

        2. grafra102 says

          Jim: Yes, when a Military Spokesman related on the news.

      2. Daze Inde says

        No. “Many…?” Who?

    3. Germansmith says

      Similar to the $50 million dollars in Tomahawks they spend sending a message to Assad
      it killed 6 people (probably the night cleaning crew)
      They told the Russians ahead of time and of course the Russians told Assad who them evacuated the base including the planes/helicopters that could fly.

      According to sources, Trump was NOT directly consulted on dropping the MOAB and it was a local tactical decision………AND YES The tooth fairy is REAL, she is the Easter Rabbit roommate.

      1. Daze Inde says

        Actually, I have no problem with U.S. warning Russia and Assad. It’s the least they could do with such a stupid move. Moreover, the Demonrats want Assad out. More reason for me to want him in — protecting the Christians.

  4. vincent deredita says

    They should of dropped it on Obamas house that tax payers are paying for.

    1. grafra102 says

      vincent: LOL

    2. antiliberal00 says

      Now you know that pest control can get rid of the pests without burning down the house?

      1. AKLady says

        It will work on pests like you?

    3. AKLady says

      Are you really that ignorant?
      Who fed you that lie?
      Look up how many copies his books have sold.

      1. vincent deredita says

        What are you a NIGGER LOVER LIBERAL?

        1. AKLady says

          The word “nigger” is one of the most offensive taboo words in the English language, especially in the United States. In a study by Kristy Beers Fägersten, Americans rated nigger the most offensive word, more offensive than cunt.[1] A study by New Zealand’s Broadcasting Standards Authority found that nigger was the second-most offensive word in New Zealand (after cunt), offending 66% of people,[2] and a similar study by several British broadcasting organizations found that “nigger” offended 68% of Brits and was the fifth most offensive word in the UK (after cunt, motherfucker, fuck, and wanker).[3]
          There have been efforts by those of African descent to reclaim the word (especially in the form nigga), but these efforts are controversial, and some people do not believe it is able to be reclaimed, due to its fraught history and continued derogatory usage. Usage by non-blacks is almost invariably highly offensive.
          “Nigger” has derogatory connotations, suggesting not only darkness of skin, but general lack of intelligence; it is furthermore associated with the era of white colonization of Africa and enslavement of Africans and African Americans.
          To blunt its force, the word is frequently censored in direct quotations or euphemistically referred to as the “n-word”.

          1. vincent deredita says

            They should bring back the KKK!!!

          2. grafra102 says

            vincent: FUNNY!!

        2. jimmy midnight says

          AK Lady’s right. C how little it takes 2 bring out the worst in U? Wow!

          1. vincent deredita says

            With that name midnight what are you a NIGGER too?

          2. grafra102 says

            vincent: I don’t think so!!

        3. grafra102 says

          vincent, THEY LOVE LONG COCKS!!!!

  5. Albedamned! says

    If we do not stop the evil, the evil will stop us! Anybody with one iota of intelligence can rationalize that. Rationalize, something a libtard cannot do, common sense. Common sense is not so common…

    1. Jim Taylor says

      Liberals don’t know the meaning of common of sense… what’s that??

      1. grafra102 says



        1. AKLady says

          Sewer language, infantile name calling, adoration for the movie actor who tripled the national debt and closed the mental hospitals.

          1. Linda Abernathy says

            who Obama?

      2. AKLady says

        Well, you obviously mistake your flawed opinions for common sense.

        1. Retired says

          Did you EVER have common sense ???

    2. Rosie says

      Albedamned! How right you are my friend. Why in the hell is it so difficult for these imbiciles to understand that??? I guarantee you all the families and friends of those poor innocent people and the heroes that so bravely gave their lives trying to save them on 9/11 and the thousands that have died since trying to keep us safe understand exactly how very, very right you are.

      1. grafra102 says

        Rosie: Could not have said it better!!!!


        1. Rosie says

          Grafra102, thank you for your comment but most of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for your service to this great nation and the freedom we enjoy because people like you protected us all.

      2. AKLady says

        May I suggest that you, and Allbe damned learn how to use on-line dictionaries?

        1. Rosie says

          May I suggest you drop dead?!

          1. AKLady says

            verb: rationalize; 3rd person present: rationalizes; past tense: rationalized; past participle: rationalized; gerund or present participle: rationalizing; verb: rationalise; 3rd person present: rationalises; past tense: rationalised; past participle: rationalised; gerund or present participle: rationalising
            attempt to explain or justify (one’s own or another’s behavior or attitude) with logical, plausible reasons, even if these are not true or appropriate.”she couldn’t rationalize her urge to return to the cottage”
            synonyms:justify, explain, explain away, account for, defend, vindicate, excuse
            “he tried to rationalize his behavior”

          2. Rosie says

            Insanity. n. mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to untcontrollable impulsive behavior.

          3. AKLady says

            Yes Rosie, that is an excellent self-description.
            Recognizing that will, undoubtedly, help you overcome the illness.

          4. Retired says

            You just don’t get that you are being described .

          5. Retired says

            You got our troll pegged. She must be past due for her med check.

          6. Rosie says

            Retired, you are so right. The crazy pills don’t seem to be working; they need to double the dosage and do it quickly.

          7. Irvan says

            My, my, my…..Now we are a walking dictionary……where do you get off calling yourself “..Lady”?

          8. Rosie says

            So true Irvan. She’s Mrs. Webster tonight.

          9. Linda Abernathy says

            assclown: 1st person present. When a particular person can’t stop repeating her same lines of bullshit on a daily basis and no one cares.

          10. AKLady says

            If you do not care, why are you bothering with the childish insults?

          11. AKLady says

            noun: immaturity
            the state of being immature or not fully grown.
            behavior that is appropriate to someone younger.”they were shocked by such immaturity in a grown man”

          12. grafra102 says


          13. AKLady says

            Certainly, I do not object to your publishing your childishness.

          14. Linda Abernathy says

            Obviously, you do it daily……………..

          15. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

        2. Retired says

          Our troll Queen strike again with her childish remarks .

    3. grafra102 says

      Albedamned: RIGHT ON, YOU ARE SO CORRECT!!!

    4. AKLady says

      To rationalize is to make excuses for one’s behavior, i.e. attempt to explain or justify (one’s own or another’s behavior or attitude) with logical, plausible reasons, even if these are not true or appropriate.

      1. Retired says

        You should not brag about yourself like that .

  6. Germansmith says

    This bomb can only be used against primitive opponents that has NO serious air defense OR SAMs

    It is so heavy it has be drag from a cargo plane….How long do you think that plane survives over the North Korean air defense system?
    It is NOT a bunker buster bomb , it is not a penetrator, is an air blast.
    Newt should limit himself to subjects he know about like throwing dirt on his betters, kiss Trump a– and telling wives with cancer he is dropping them for a better healthier model.

  7. Svetlana Potapenko says


  8. R Monty says


    1. antiliberal00 says

      I suspect that Trump’s predecessor had to squat to pee. No balls at all.

  9. Sue Rich says

    Next time, make sure you know where Kim Jong Un…then drop a bomb.

    1. grafra102 says

      Sue::: “WHAT, WHAT”??????

  10. SouthernPatriot says

    Drop a few more MOABs on ISIS and al-Qaeda. Save a few to drop on fat boy Un in North Korea and is administration who is starving and killing his own people to pursue a missile and nuclear program.

    Save the lives of brave volunteer soldiers and drop MOABs anytime circumstances indicate, if the violent attacks continue. There is definitely a new “sheriff” in town…thanks be to God and all the patriots who voted for Trump.

  11. Austinniceguy says

    Instead of praising President Trump and the administration the libturd media and the leftist idiots who follow then will claim that all we accomplished was the killing of innocent people who would have made wonderful “refugees” for us to bring here and support. Obozo and Hillary would have invited them to come here as their “guests” and forced us to give them every form of support for free.

  12. NovelDog says

    At last we have a real bona fide president for the people.

  13. RsGoat says

    In another new report Trump spoke saying he gave the general’s In the field the ability to make decisions and they chose to clear out this area with the MOAB, which would have endangered many lives is done with soldiers. In the past under the rules of conflict they were required to warn people in the area they were coming so civilians could clear out. The side effect is the bad guys can set up traps and ambush sites to kill our soldiers in advance! It was a lot like in Viet Nam when our politicians agreed to only make bombing runs on some factory cities from one direction at set times of day! Surprise those cities deployed anti aircraft fire along those routes manned and ready to fire on time every day? DUH. The main target area from my understanding was the cave complex underground so hitting the surface with the correct munition should collapse many of those tunnels in the complex crippling their ability of these groups to move across boarders and hide out making getting some control on the murderess situation possible. Bottom line it was a good decision. These groups before could kidnap innocents and force them to become part of an army they did not support. The sooner they are brought under control, the sooner those families living in these regions will have a chance to live in peace. Actual real peace.

    1. safari1024 says

      I ‘m sure the military took into account any possible civilians. From the aerial footage it looks to be a very remote and sparsely populated area.

  14. Jim Hays says

    I hate it when an advertisement covers up the first line ( sometimes 2). Of an article. Then I don’t ever read that article and certainly not patronize the ad merchant.

  15. Barney Biggs says

    One bomb vs How many young US lives?
    Drop them every week if it saves one of your kids.

    1. safari1024 says

      Simply stated, but well put.

  16. jim_shipley says

    What do you think the chances are of a lumbering c-130 getting past north Korea’s 900 planes strong air force to drop one on them?

    1. anibanib says

      No chance, and a US possible invasion would be met by fanatical Soldiers…………there would be 100s of thousnad of dead Americans

  17. GuardianFlame says

    I don’t like death, but destroying an evil like ISIS is a whole different matter. Plus using a weapon as large and destructive sends a HUGE message to North Korea and Russia that we are not afraid to destroy those who prey on humankind!

    Sometimes you need to fight fire with fire to kill those flames of power. THIS is one of those times! Good job Pres.Trump even if your Military strategists made the decision!

    1. anibanib says

      Then you should read about the scores of US dominated countries——–and ask them how they feel

  18. jesusknight says

    Good! Glad to hear our military is finally able to do their job – win! I was in the Navy in the 80’s and 90’s, and have always been frustrated hearing about how our hands are tied even though we sent our soldiers to be cannon fodder. Glad we can now fight back without lawyers and the uninformed getting in the way. Go get ’em!

  19. thecelt1 says

    The ISIS want’s to kill the free world. I am a veteran of the Korean War and today I still remember the order given. The enemy want’s kill us. Don’t let that happen. Kill the enemy before the try to kill us.
    A good order Commander-In-Chief Trump. Do it to them before they do it to us.

    1. anibanib says

      What you mean is The USA that wants to kill the free World………..””KILLING HOPE”” US military and the CIA intervening in dozens of sovereign nation since WW2……..and readable book by WilliamBlum…………of you can read

  20. AKLady says

    Another war in the making one we cannot afford and no one is willing to pay for.
    Do you think China will lend us the money for this one?

    1. anibanib says

      I doubt it…………

      1. AKLady says

        The war or the loan?

        1. anibanib says

          I have a funny feeling that a war is almost imminent…….right to the last hour……….but Trump will cry off……….when he has China, Japan, South Korea against him………..and Russia standing in the wings……..all ready……..thats the war bit……….as far as the loan………just print more dollars

  21. Irvan says

    Too bad only ONE bomb was dropped. A couple more would have pretty much obliterated the country. And I doubt many people would miss any part of that nation.

    1. anibanib says

      Well,being an American,you should know……….after all the USA invasion took care of that, reducing a sovereign nation to almost dust and Death,whilst at the same wime financing the USA installed Afghani politicians , each living in huge mansions, aith a few luxury cars in the drive………….you guys sure know how to finance dictators and death

  22. Barney Biggs says

    I am Canadian but fed up with the idiots here and in he US who are so anti Trump that they are willing to sacrifice the lives of your young to try and make him look bad. We need to go on the offensive and attack these idiots in the media every chance we get, not just rant to each other.

  23. anibanib says

    I enjoy Reading comments on this site,it really show the ignorance and the gullibilty of typical Yankee readers, its allabout how good Americans are and how brave they are…………what America really needs is a war on home soil…………and if and when the next wars comes,it wont be Soldiers Walking, no trench warfare………..the next one will be THEE BIG ONE………..possibly a NUCLEAR WAR between 2 nations,both of who have about 7000 nukes each………..already in their silos just waiting for someone to press the buttons………………Death and destruction right across the nation…………the European wars, like a sunday afternoon tea party………………welcome to Death and destruction

  24. randy jackson says


  25. eagle keeper says

    The main message we as a nation of people need to understand is, we either kill those evil bastards over there or we will be doing it on our streets and in our once peaceful towns. Can’t quite figure out why liberals chose them as a voting block. Seems a quieter gentler group of people would instead be prefered. At least a group of people who aren’t looking to relieve you of your head??

  26. randy jackson says

    Very very old news

  27. Justin Seine says

    Rumor has it that the US and its allies are trying to round up the survivors of the MOAB drop by calling out to locals in the area and arresting them if they don’t respond at all or they respond with the local equivalent of WHAT? Can You Repeat That?

  28. soldier for liberty says

    Funny you say that I was going to be a liberal for Halloween but my head wouldn’t fit up my ass!

  29. Roy Fredrichsen says

    If we DO NOT drop the MOAB on the leaders of ISIS, Al Quida, and the Taliban, we will be continuiosly attacked from now on. All they offer is death and destruction across the world. . Unfortunately, there will be civilian casualties, but that is the hazard of war. It boils down to “Them or us”.

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