U.S. Intelligence Distorting Truth About ISIS?


In his quest for the Republican presidential nomination, former Florida governor Jeb Bush has finally settled on an Iraq position that he can live with. It was a mistake, yes, but it was a mistake born out of faulty intelligence. In other words, anyone would have invaded Iraq given what the intelligence community was saying about weapons of mass destruction. This, one assumes, is how Bush can win voters without straining family relations.

Well, it remains to be seen whether the voters will buy into Bush’s Iraq War narrative, but the issue of faulty intelligence is once again in the spotlight. According to several reports from both The New York Times and Fox News, there is dissension in the ranks at the Pentagon. The inspector general of the Defense Department is now investigating whether intelligence reports regarding America’s airstrike campaign on ISIS have been modified to make it seem like we’re making more progress than we really are.

At issue are reports from a civilian employee at the Defense Intelligence Agency accusing CENTCOM officials of improperly rewriting progress assessments before sending them along to lawmakers, including the president. Government rules mandate that such assessments “must not be distorted” by a political agenda of any kind. In investigating the matter, the DOD will have to determine what changes were made and why.

Claiming to welcome the oversight, CENTCOM spokesman Patrick Ryder said, “The multi-source nature of our assessment process purposely guards against any single report or opinion unduly influencing leaders and decision-makers.”

In other words, eh, it’s no big deal. This is called the Hillary Clinton approach to major accusations. And the American people are tired of it.

12 Months and Counting

The U.S.-led coalition began airstrikes against ISIS last August, and the consensus among experts within and outside the government is that they have had little effect. Intelligence officials released a report last month claiming that ISIS was no weaker than they were at the outset of the strikes. They have expanded into Egypt, Afghanistan, and Libya. They are replacing top men and “soldiers” at a rate that outpaces their deaths. This is not a successful campaign by any definition.

Seeing as how these reports are public knowledge, it’s hard to give Obama a pass on this one. Unless he’s getting intelligence briefings that tell a much different story, he cannot be absolved of his responsibilities. And he has the responsibility, as commander-in-chief, to change the game plan when the current one is failing. Lame duck or not, you’re still the guy. Focus a little less on your presidential library and a little more on the terrorist army destroying lives across the ocean.

As we’ve seen before, that ocean is not enough to keep us safe.

  1. MAHB001 says

    Hitler often ignored the bad news his generals brought him….. And I understand that the generals would suppress bad news from Hitler, because they feared reprisal.

    Yet another similarity between Hitler and 0bama.

    1. volksnut says

      I agree – theres many more similarities In regards to Hitler as well as Goebbels

    2. Uzoozy says

      Barrack Hussein Obama so far is the best president US has ever had.
      He has done wonderful things for the average person.
      Long live BHO.

      1. ShemSilber says

        That is either a sarcastic statement or else you are one of the boobies who are not in the hatch, nu?

        1. LastGasp says

          It is a paid shill who says anything to provoke a response.

          1. ShemSilber says

            Thank you, LastGasp. Due to other remarks that I saw by this party, this nit of a twit, your response seems to be right on.

      2. Jeffrey Cahoon says

        Uz00zy. Of course you are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to mine. It is my opinion that you are OUT OF YOUR F****** MIND! You must work for the government….your job…..PISS PEOPLE OFF!

        1. LastGasp says

          Ayup. Disruption, deflection and disinformation.

      3. Lance Lucius says

        So sorry to hear that you were let out of the asylum, you can try really hard to be normal, but alas, it is not ment to be.

        1. ViniVidi says

          mooslimes are never normal!! Their god is satan!!

          1. ShemSilber says

            Exactly. For instance, in Daniel 9:11 and Zechariah 5:3, for examples, the word “curse” is translated from the Hebrew word, “allah.”

          2. ViniVidi says

            *Sharp inhale* What? Oh, whoa!!!

        2. Uzoozy says

          Thanks for your good wishes, i am sane hale and hearty

          1. trump blast says

            now I smell bacon it must be getting very hot over there !!!!

          2. Uzoozy says

            Its your ass burning in hell.
            enjoy it while you last.

          3. trump blast says

            wrong again it’s your food not mine enjoy!!!

      4. Chuck Rosenthal says

        Specifically what wonderful things are you referring to?

      5. Angie Cruz says

        Really Uzoozy, if you call trampling on our constitution, collusion with the enemy, trying to take away our civil rights, trying to make this a Muslim nation, lying , extortion by making us buy obummercare…I guess your right…wake up SHEEPLE!!!!

        1. Uzoozy says

          I am doing NO such thing. Aca saved my life .
          America will become Muslim and be a better Nation.

          1. Phyllis says

            I don’t think so little kid…any attempt at that will probaby result in an awful lot of you folks being greeted by 99 old Virginians at the Pearly Gates…besides, why would you commit suicide for virgins when most of you like little boys…

          2. trump blast says

            I smell pork chops

          3. Uzoozy says

            Your chops are on the grill turn around and see

          4. trump blast says

            no that your pork ready for you to eat sonny

      6. MAHB001 says


        1. trump blast says

          to small to be a troll must be a pigglet

      7. Frank W Brown says

        Get back under your rock, idiot!

        1. Uzoozy says

          You must be a Chri……..tian

      8. Judy Manuel says

        No obutthead is the worst president ever & the majority of Americans now know it. You will see an uprising by Americans unlike your beliefs in evil, the majority of our people believe in God & Jesus Christ & you will burn in Hell. You are evil!

        1. Uzoozy says

          You are not a true Christian, need to show the other cheek.
          BHO is the best way above the rest, May Jesus bless him

          1. Rev. Walking Turtle says

            ‘Scuse… As a Christ-minded truther, one simply must ask: Past what point does Christian cheek-turning become abject masochism in your world…? I’m a long-sufferin’ one myself but then the Limits hove into view…

            But that was all about keeping my own Inner life and soul intact, nobody else’s necessarily. Same/similar on your own good end, my friend?

            Not trolling, but polling. Thanks for your “Take”! And that is all. 0{:-)o[

          2. Uzoozy says

            Dear Rev, you seem to be sane man. keep this up .

            is all. 0{:-)o[ to you too.

          3. trump blast says

            Jesus can’t bless him as he is a sinner and all sins are hated by God so he won’t bless any one that refuses to stop sinning!!!!!!

      9. Karen says

        Are you calling yourself “average American”? “Bottom-dweller” more like it!!

      10. mac12sam12 says

        Yes, because doubling the poverty rate and having a shrinking middle class is such a good thing.

        1. Bob666 says

          Sorry Mac, that has been going on for almost 20 years.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            The poverty rate has doubled in the past six years.

          2. Bob666 says

            Fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson used his first State of the Union address to urge “all-out war on human poverty and unemployment in these United States.” The War on Poverty, as the set of social programs enacted in 1964-1965 came to be called, was arguably the most ambitious domestic policy initiative since the Great Depression. But for decades, politicians and social scientists have argued about whether Johnson’s antipoverty programs have lifted people out of destitution, trapped them in cycles of dependency, or both.

            Critics note that the official poverty rate, as calculated by the Census Bureau, has fallen only modestly, from 19% in 1964 to 15% in 2012 (the most recent year available). But other analysts, citing shortcomings in the official poverty measure, focus on a supplemental measure (also produced by the Census Bureau) to argue that more progress has been made. A team of researchers from Columbia University, for example, calculated an “anchored” supplemental measure — essentially the 2012 measure carried back through time and adjusted for historical inflation — and found that it fell from about 26% in 1967 to 16% in 2012.


            What’s inarguable, though, is that the demographics of America’s poor have shifted over the decades. Here’s a look at what has, and hasn’t, changed, based on the official measure. (Note: The reference years vary depending on data availability.)

            Today, most poor Americans are in their prime working years: In 2012, 57% of poor Americans were ages 18 to 64, versus 41.7% in 1959.

            Far fewer elderly are poor: In 1966, 28.5% of Americans ages 65 and over were poor; by 2012 just 9.1% were. There were 1.2 million fewer elderly poor in 2012 than in 1966, despite the doubling of the total elderly population. Researchers generally credit this steep drop to Social Security, particularly the expansion and inflation-indexing of benefits during the 1970s.


            But childhood poverty persists: Poverty among children younger than 18 began dropping even before the War on Poverty. From 27.3% in 1959, childhood poverty fell to 23% in 1964 and to 14% by 1969. Since then, however, the childhood poverty rate has risen, fallen and, since the 2007-08 financial crisis, risen again.

            Today’s poor families are structured differently: In 1973, the first year for which data are available, more than half (51.4%) of poor families were headed by a married couple; 45.4% were headed by women. In 2012, just over half (50.3%) of poor families were female-headed, while 38.9% were headed by married couples.

            Poverty is more evenly distributed, though still heaviest in the South: In 1969, 45.9% of poor Americans lived in the South, a region that accounted for 31% of the U.S. population at the time. At 17.9%, the South’s poverty rate was far above other regions. In 2012, the South was home to 37.3% of all Americans and 41.1% of the nation’s poor people; though the South’s poverty rate, 16.5%, was the highest among the four Census-designated regions, it was only 3.2 percentage points above the lowest (the Midwest).

            Poverty among blacks has fallen sharply: In 1966, two years after Johnson’s speech, four-in-ten (41.8%) of African-Americans were poor; blacks constituted nearly a third (31.1%) of all poor Americans. By 2012, poverty among African-Americans had fallen to 27.2% — still more than double the rate among whites (12.7%, 1.4 percentage points higher than in 1966).

            But poverty has risen among Hispanics. Poverty data for Hispanics, who can be of any race, wasn’t collected until 1972. That year, 22.8% lived below the poverty threshold. In 2012, the share of Hispanics in poverty had risen to 25.6%. But the U.S. Hispanic population has quintupled over that time. As a result, more than half of the 22 million-person increase in official poverty between 1972 and 2012 was among Hispanics.

          3. trump blast says

            you chose to use the same group that came up with the ideal tax rate of 100% could be collected and used to pay of the national debt!! lets take a look at just the 18 years and under below the age of 15 those children can’t work so they earn no money thus they are poor???? but the fact that they are under the parents income umbrella they should not even be counted !!!! 15-22 still in school working part time these are the ones that get a boost from the min. wage increases but that gets wiped out by the increase in prices caused by that wage increase!!! but still most of them live at home and have a chance to build up a savings account! the question there is do they save money?????? so how can they claim that they are poor compared too the jobless????

          4. Bob666 says

            What color is the sky in your World?

          5. trump blast says

            the same blue as the rest of the real world!!! I know you like your rose colored skys but take off the glasses you might see better

          6. Bob666 says

            I don;t wear glasses nor do I get excited over inexperienced pump and dump presidential candidates.

      11. Phyllis says

        I am in my 70’s and I have seen a lot of presidents come and go but BHO is the absolute, bottom line worst that this country has ever had…

  2. MAHB001 says

    Are we are living in a time when people are starting to do their jobs with an ideological slant?

    IRS, EPA, DOJ. FBI, and now defense reports!

    The enemy is within. Socialist/Communist have taken up key positions within the Government and those people no longer work for the good of America. They work for control of the people.

    This must be stopped.

    1. Sue Breslin says

      That is why we need TRUMP in 2016, He will NOT put up with all the BS that is happening in Washington.

  3. RMCSRET says

    Much the same as was done during the Vietnam War.

    1. Phyllis says

      Bad as Johnson was, he didn’t open sanctuary cities for the Viet Cong on our own soil but his war did breed the likes of Fonda and John KERRY.Kerry, I might mention in passing is and always has been, a sniviling coward.

      1. RMCSRET says

        Sorry to burst you bubble Phyllis but Johnson did have his Sanctuary cities and towns,
        I was there, I typed up the NO BOMB LISTS that came directly out of the White House.
        So in Essence Johnson did have his Sanctuary cities. I do agree that he helped make
        the likes of Traitor Jane and John Kerry.

        1. Phyllis says

          Hi, I have no bubbles or illusions at this time in my life and am always happy to learn new facts…I was a young woman during the Johnson years and don’t recall sanctuary cities being set up for the enemies of this country. There may have been but I don’t recall where they were if they existed. I do recall cowards running to Canada or deferments in the name of education, to escape..Please elaborate as I have never heard of what you mentioned but at this point in time I am definitely open to new info..thanks…ps, I did learn from some vets that the only trucks used in Nam by our guys belonged to Lady Bird’s trucking company…Every time I see a picture of the Vietnam Wall memorial I think about the boy across the street from where we lived at the time, whose body laid on the ground for 3 weeks before he was found, and THEN I reluctantly remember Johnson, his spouse, Fonda and Kerry pop into my mind.

          1. RMCSRET says

            Well Phyllis, first off I am a vet of 24 years of which two and a half years were
            spent in the Vietnam Theater of Operations. During this time I was a
            Communications person who sent out targeting messages to various organizations in the Theater. In these messages there were Specific areas
            which were strictly off limits to any targeting or bombing. These were known as
            NO BOMB ZONES. They were in the areas of Hanoi, and other major cities in
            the North. These zones after seeing the Photo Recon clearly showed many
            MILITARY targets such as Fuel and Ordnance depots, barracks etc. This is
            what I meant by Sanctuary Cities. When in war the object is to destroy the
            war making capability of the enemy not to just take pictures of it.

          2. Judy Manuel says

            First off, thank you for your service. I believe what you say is true but I think you is referring to sanctuary cities in the USA, like Obama is doing today.

          3. RMCSRET says

            No not really Judy, it was in a conversation string about how LBJ did things.

          4. trump blast says

            as Johnson inherited the Vietnam war from JFK it can not be totally called his war!! and as some twigs like to call it a police action ( the same title given to Korea) just to justify not trying to actually win it !! but instead make it harder to do anything such as not bombing prime sites or calling off a planed air strike that prolonged the war and cost many more of our boys lives’!! its funny as the only other war I know of that the vice pres. took over was WWII!!!!

          5. RMCSRET says

            Yes Johnson did take over from Kennedy (D) and was most likely in charge of
            it longer than Kennedy. Call Vietnam and Korea what you want but each one
            individually killed about a quarter as many as were killed in all of WWII in the
            Pacific. I lived the Selective Bombing runs in Vietnam. I saw the Photo Recon
            films with target sites filled with war materials and then saw the NO BOMB
            Messages coming out of Washington. Yes saw it all

          6. trump blast says

            as those so called police actions where just war under a new name I agree!!

            ?? but what do we call this head ache we are in now??? enemy incursion????

          7. RMCSRET says

            No this is a WAR, and no one should forget that. We were the COUNTRY that
            was ATTACKED. We did not attack another country.

          8. trump blast says

            keep up with the tenses I was talking past tense there and you are still in the present tense so just keep up or you will miss when some one agrees with you!!!!

  4. Turn9 says

    I think things are going just the way Obama wants them to. I think he’s a closet Muslim and he is supporting the spread of something that will destroy us. The Japanese have a good way to deal with Muslims. There is a strong ban on the propagation of Islam in Japan
    1) In the University of Japan, Arabic or any Islamic language is not taught.
    2) One cannot import a ‘Koran’ published in the Arabic language.
    3) According to data published by the Japanese government, it has given temporary residency to only 200,000 Muslims, who must follow the Japanese Law of the Land. These Muslims should speak Japanese and carry out their religious rituals in their homes.
    4) Japan is the only country in the world that has a negligible number of embassies in Islamic countries.
    5) Muslims residing in Japan are the employees of foreign companies.
    6) Even today, visas are not granted to Muslim doctors, engineers or managers sent by foreign companies.
    7) In the majority of companies it is stated in their regulations that no Muslims should apply for a job.
    8) The Japanese government is of the opinion that Muslims are fundamentalist, and even in the era of globalization they are not willing to change their Muslim laws.
    9) Muslims cannot even rent a house in Japan .
    10) If anyone comes to know that his neighbor is a Muslim, then the whole neighborhood stays alert.
    11) No one can start an Islamic cell or Arabic ‘Madrasa’ in Japan .
    12) There is no Sharia law in Japan .
    13) If a Japanese woman marries a Muslim, she is considered an outcast forever.
    14) According to Mr. Kumiko Yagi, Professor of Arab/Islamic Studies at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, ” There is a mind frame in Japan that Islam is a very narrow minded religion and one should stay away from it.”
    the USA coud learn a lot from these laws.

    1. mary ann oyanib says

      Very interesting, and in the US we give Muslims everything including accepting their Sharia Law. Sad to admit, Japan had the best rule to follow than ours. They sure know who is the enemy is. We should change the people running our country, and We the people can do that.

      1. Merle Dickey says

        Obama has a plan to stick us with his treasonous presence.I think something bad is to me out of his meeting with the UN and the Pope to have the citizens turn their guns in .And the Un peace keepers will help inforce it . Be prepared !!

        1. LastGasp says

          They will try.

          1. peckerwood says

            They won’t live long.

          2. Btty says

            That’s for damn sure. I have my sharp shooters license and I’m willing to die to keep my guns. I probably will die but baby I will take a bunch with me. Remember when you want to stop the enemy you take out the officers first. Cut the head off the snake.

          3. Bob666 says


          4. Uzoozy says

            Taking of even one life is not allowed.
            American Sniper was a racist and a bigot

          5. Btty says

            Want to bet? Your the racist and bigot. American Sniper was a hero and a Great American. To bad we don’t loose more lives like you instead of a hero like Chris.

          6. sharon says

            Shut up you scum, go back to Iran, or whatever camel humping country you can from.

          7. glorybe2 says

            Sharon Jeb Bush is publicly admitting that we invaded Iraq by mistake. That is one heck of an oops in my opinion. So we destroyed about 4,500 of our own soldiers as well as countless numbers of civilians as well as the armies of Iraq. Trying to wear the white hat in this conflict is a bit silly. We have to judge a war by the consequences of the action like anything else. Vietnam is another war with a host of negatives and very little on the plus side of the balance sheet.

          8. trump blast says

            I believe he admitted his brother had bad intel but not that we made a mistake in Iraq

          9. bytheway4 says

            trump, he didn’t at first but was told to lie, Jeb Bush is an idiot that we don’t need. He is a progressive, full blown.

          10. Alton Clark says

            Sense when ?

          11. LastGasp says

            But you’re ignorant and lacking integrity so it all evens out.

          12. trump blast says

            in war the taking of a life to save many lives is allowed and this looks like war coming to America once again but this time it’s not brother against brother it’s American against invaders

          13. Uzoozy says

            Where are the invaders Do not see them around.
            The huns are coming run to the mountains.

          14. trump blast says

            I had hoped some other poster would say this for me but no luck so far!!!! any one that has crossed any of our borders without the proper paper work done are invaders and potential warriors waiting for a chance to attack and that is grounds for war in any book of law!!! that includes you !! just by the way you spew bs ! as noted earlier your bacon and pork-chops are ready for you to eat so don’t be wasteful!!

          15. Uzoozy says

            I am an important person. I can eat the pork chops once you are ready for s

          16. trump blast says

            you are nothing in this world that can not be replaced by a robot and the robot will do far better than you troll

          17. trump blast says

            that’s nice so a muslim can eat pork against the requirements of sharia law?????!!!!

          18. glorybe2 says

            I think you can count on death for sure. And then you get to explain your beliefs to God. Good luck with that.

          19. Btty says

            Well, I’ll have plenty of company sweetie and God will know I did the right thing. Then again where your going no explanation is needed. Good luck with that.

          20. glorybe2 says

            Company is of know help either with death or when in the presence of God. I suspect for every one on the up ramp ten thousand may be descending into the pit.

          21. Btty says

            I wouldn’t worry about me dearie I would worry about yourself. It’s awfully hot where your going.

          22. LastGasp says

            Guess you won’t be talking to God, eh? How’s that inferno treating ya?

        2. Combat Veteran Seabee says

          Blue Helmets make for a great sight picture!

          1. LastGasp says

            You bet!

        3. Michael Dennewitz says


        4. sharon says

          That fascist dog Obama or that communist scum pope or the dirty UN isn’t getting mine, not now, not ever.

          1. Merle Dickey says

            Good !!

        5. sharon says

          That fascists dirt bag plans to arrest and detain Americans who oppose him by calling them terrorists. I know what that lowlife scum is up to. Have no doubt of it.

      2. JOY IN TUCSON says

        sharia is coming…they are already implementing it in some states..we DO know who the enemy is, but they are protected by the pos who is importing them by the hundreds of thousand..under the guise of ‘refugees’.
        ‘we the people’ no longer have any effect. govt has been hijacked by the wealthy and will continue to grow..

        1. Uzoozy says

          Where you bloody liar and troll

          1. JOY IN TUCSON says

            sorry sweetie….i guess the truth hurts…huh?

          2. Bob666 says

            Well Joe in Tucson,
            I guess it does when you’re out!

          3. JOY IN TUCSON says

            haha…you are the one that is ‘out’…out of line…i hope that person you are posting on line sues you for using their photo…
            how about you post YOUR picture…(a garden snail should be easy to capture).

            GO AWAY TROLL…..i am tired of you..

          4. Bob666 says

            Sorry Joe in Tucson,
            That Photo comes up when I google your screen name. Why do you post so many photos?

            I got tired of you a long time ago!


            No Joy in Tucson!

          5. LastGasp says

            Are you stalking her?

          6. Bob666 says

            Nope, he started the dialog.

          7. Btty says

            Joy, I think he must be all of 14 years old. That’s all the sick little prick can post is pictures. Ignore it. It’s wanting attention.

          8. Bob666 says

            It’s Senile Old Btty-the glass mouth.


          9. trump blast says

            “The means-and-ends moralists, constantly obsessed with the ethics of the means used by the Have-Nots against the Haves, should search themselves as to their real political position. In fact, they are passive — but real — allies of the Haves…. The most unethical of all means is the non-use of any means… The standards of judgment must be rooted in the whys and wherefores of life as it is lived, the world as it is, not our wished-for fantasy of the world as it should be….” pp.25-26

            “The third rule of ethics of means and ends is that in war the end justifies almost any means….” p.29

            “The seventh rule… is that generally success or failure is a mighty determinant of ethics….” p.34

            “The tenth rule… is you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral garments…. It involves sifting the multiple factors which combine in creating the circumstances at any given time… Who, and how many will support the action?… If weapons are needed, then are appropriate d weapons available? Availability of means determines whether you will be underground or above ground; whether you will move quickly or slowly…” p.36

            Notes: Apparently, Michelle Obama referred to these words during her Democratic National Convention speech:

            “She said, ‘Barack stood up that day,’ talking about a visit to Chicago neighborhoods, ‘and spoke words that have stayed with me ever since. He talked about ‘The world as it is’ and ‘The world as it should be…’ And, ‘All of us driven by a simple belief that the world as it is just won’t do – that we have an obligation to, fight for the world as it should be.

          10. Bob666 says

            If you say so Trump-Chump,
            I have no ideal what or where that useless diatribe came from, but you really seem to be proud of it?

          11. trump blast says

            so you never met obama’s teacher well now you can see his agenda

          12. Bob666 says

            Never particularity cared about Obama or his Agenda Trump-Chump, His days are coming to an end. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b34debd529ea3ef92c32f03a62a834f02beaa06edb6bace2b5c6930a27e2374d.jpg

          13. trump blast says

            but you try to put down his type of foolishness

          14. trump blast says

            as it’s been a few days I though you would figure out that I was no the trump running for office the word trump is the shorten form of trumpet thus the blast for blast of warning on a trumpet as I don’t sound out retreat only charge!!!!!!

            !!@@!!so old troll get a new line of reason as you bore me with your waste dumping !!!!

          15. Bob666 says

            Have you been drinking or would you be off your senility med’s?

          16. trump blast says

            what meds trollbait you seem to be off of something but what is hard to tell with all of those useless images instead of words !!! but then some can only talk in photos and never say a word !!!!

          17. JOY IN TUCSON says

            ok thanks!

          18. sharon says

            Muslims are liars and trolls like their cult of Islam is pure nasty dirty scum evil.

          19. Bob666 says

            And you?

          20. sharon says

            Your the NO 1

          21. Bob666 says

            No 1 What? Source of reality, I can buy that based on some of the crap that you have posted.

          22. sharon says

            Your to left wing brain dead to even recognize the truth.

          23. Bob666 says

            Left wing-Ha, Is that what you call a guy who was a delegate to the GOP convention on July 17, 1980 who helped nominate Ronald Reagan as the Republican Presidential candidate?

            I deal with facts Sharon-you deal with emotion and innuendo.

          24. sharon says

            Its fools like you that got us a scum and treasonous Muslim pile of shit called Obama.

          25. Bob666 says

            Really Sharon? Care to explain that to me as I could use a good laugh today! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/daf9c1ef9d16c5795c73a46fac005dd62d564d0fa3b48b755407356799d47ef6.jpg

          26. sharon says

            No use explaining anything to a liberal they don’t have the brains to even understand it. I tried already, you can’t gasp the truth and never will. You want to be controlled by liberals who will tell you when you can take a shit, have at it.

          27. Bob666 says

            Well Sharon,

            “No use explaining anything to a liberal they don’t have the brains to even understand it”

            That would be a somewhat valid statement if I were a liberal. Sadly for your argument, I am not.

          28. sharon says

            Your not a liberal? then what the heck is all that hating on Republicans? I an neither, I am independent what are you.?

          29. Bob666 says

            You seem to want to go to war with anyone who has even a slightly differing opinion that you have even if that opinion is a perception on your part.

            I belonged to the GOP for 25 years and wrote them off when Reagan sold out to crony capitalism and have been a libertarian every since.

            You seem to be full of hate-I hope that you will find peace and contentment one day.

          30. sharon says

            Obama sold us out, to Iran, and terrorists and that sure doesn’t bother you one bit does it.

          31. Bob666 says

            Well Sharon,
            There you go with that perception problem again………………..

          32. sharon says

            Don’t you have a NWO meeting to go to, or a Democrat treason club meeting.

          33. Bob666 says
          34. sharon says

            Your trying to tell me your right about everything, which is total BS, you sound like some socialist or liberal fool. I know what Obama is and I have always known. The liar wasn’t even born in America, he should never of been President.

          35. Bob666 says

            There you again with unfounded perception again Sharon,

            Could it be that you really suck in sizing people up? Could it also be that you spend way too muc https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/91bbf87a6aff35b867291a11cb9a08ba0de18f35e1617247f4b0c7c4df67e3db.jpg h time on line getting bogus information that you choose to believe?

          36. trump blast says

            40% of all voters voted of that 27% +- voted dem 24% voted rep. the rest threw away their votes because they did not want to openly vote for obama but would never vote republican as that would be against their basic liberal lusts

          37. Bob666 says

            ” the rest threw away their votes because they did not want to openly vote for obama but would never vote republican as that would be against their basic liberal lusts”

            Was there a rational point buried in there?

          38. trump blast says

            the same rational point that you make

          39. Bob666 says

            Well Trump -Chump,
            I’m guessing like Sharon, your first instinct in dealing with people that you might not agree with names.

            You’re backing a useless & shallow wind bag-so that does not surprise https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/de466480ba6f7531deda580e490f135456ab68f8eee64420d364d151ddc9702b.jpg me.

          40. trump blast says

            wrong again loser I back not one single candidate as none has proven to me they will do what is needed to repair all of the damages done in the last 80 years!!! we as a nation can not continue killing businesses with taxes and giving the money to able body loafers put them to work of in the military but don’t pay them to sit on their collective asses!! you want change find another REGAN and vote for him

          41. Bob666 says

            When did they install Wi-Fi at your Asylum?

          42. trump blast says

            your the one that is in a prison of your own hate or is it self hate ?? hard to tell as you are everywhere on this post! your problem with me is that there is no back ground in my profile for you to make fun of! so you just pass gases

          43. Bob666 says

            Mr. Trump -Chump,
            I suffer not from hate or self loathing and find you to be nothing more that a Troll in search of attention and needing of medication.

            Good luck to you in your search for help, maybe you should consider Obama-Care, I hear they have some good mental heath coverage.

          44. trump blast says

            sure if you say so but watch out for that little bug called fate

          45. Bob666 says

            Fate-that fickle bitch that might be a factor, time will tell.

          46. sharon says

            I got you sized up moron, your not a real American.

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            There you again with unfounded perception again Sharon,Could it be that you really suck in sizing people up? Could it also be that you spend way too muc https://uploads.disquscdn.com/… h time on line getting bogus information that you choose to believe? 8:34 a.m., Monday Aug. 31 | Other comments by Bob666 |   |
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            | | Your trying to tell me your right about everything, which is total BS, you sound like some socialist or liberal fool. I know what Obama …Read more |
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          47. Bob666 says

            Sharon the Disenchanted Troll,

            “I got you sized up moron, your not a real American”?

            13th Generation Sweetly, You continue to fail………………….

          48. trump blast says

            forget 80 !! what did you do in 08?????

          49. Bob666 says

            Bob Barr & Wayne Root

          50. LastGasp says

            What’s that, squeaky? Yes, everyone notices when you s***t yourself. Have mommy help you wipe.

          51. Merle Dickey says

            Wow so many haters of your fellow citizens !!

      3. Aylagh MacAnnadh says

        Might as well go get your gold start that says “Intolerant Hater” right now. I know it sounds good and makes sense but it would never fly here in the US. Can you see the outcry if they tried to do any one of those things here in the US? You think there is an outcry about gay marriage and abortion? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet if you go and attack Muslims like that. They have all the rights given them by the constitution as any other citizen. Just wouldn’t work. Freedom of religion gives you the good and the bad just like the Church of Satan has been allowed to put up monuments right next to Christian monuments and the government won’t do anything about it even though the vast majority don’t want it. It’s religious discrimination & there is no list of ‘unacceptable’ religions. The whole thing is downright scary.

      4. C6Vette says

        @mary ann oyanib: Ovomit KNOWS the enemy because he is one of them and is doing everything possible to destroy this once great country! He would NEVER do a thing to harm his “Radical Ismamic Army” but doing everything possible to destroy our once great Military! There are less Troops in our entire Military right now than we had in the tiny country of South Vietnam when I served there! Just goes to show where his hopes and dreams are, protect the Radical Muslims at ANY COST……
        Please be prepared, he still has 1 & 1/2 years left to totally destroy Amerika and I am certain he has a lot planned for us in his remaining time! God help us and “God Bless America”!

        “Live Free or Die”
        “Freedom is Not Free”
        Far too many have lost Life and Limb protecting us, America’s Finest Bled for our Freedom!
        Grunt, Pointman, Vietnam ’69

        1. C6Vette says

          Sorry I forgot to Edit one photo! Not here to Advertise….

    2. Gerry Costa says

      A whole lot but we have way too many bleeding hearts and people who refuse to believe what is really happening.

      1. Ddenney1 says

        They are called accomplices

      2. LastGasp says

        As long as the borders are wide open we will continue to be invaded. The bleeding hearts can’t bear to turn those poor illegal foreign nationals away. We need a wall on the border and around Kalifornia.

        1. Evan says

          And remove the POS that is living in our WH!

        2. Btty says

          We sure do and have our military guard it. Cross the wall and your shot without a second thought.

        3. glorybe2 says

          And yet even with immigrant labor we still have crops rotting in the fields due to lack of willing workers in the US. I wonder how much our food would cost if we sent all the immigrants back across the border. Could that be a death wish?

          1. Alton Clark says

            They are paid with our tax dollars to let those crops rot in the fields and I see no glory 2 be in your future !

          2. glorybe2 says

            No Alton you missed the point. Americans will not take the field worker jobs. Because there is a limited number of immigrant farm laborers farmers that wish to harvest their crops can not bring them in from the fields and those farmers lose income. That cost is eventually passed on to you when you buy food. Imagine having 80 acres of oranges ready to be picked and no labor willing to do the work.

          3. Alton Clark says

            Very few pick anything these day’s . Can’t grow oranges around here but corn will grow and government does pay farmers here not to grow corn just to keep the price up . Government will pay them to grow pine trees for 15 or 20 years and not corn . Some of these are family members so I know this to be fact ,and they don’t grow cotton any more for the same reason . The illegals around here lay bricks , hang sheetrock , roofing and build houses which you can spot from 100 yds.. They live 10 to a house and share rent without power or water in the summertime , they did grow peaches here for years then government said they had to give them ( Mexicans ) better housing and other things but their handlers didn’t like that so they stopped bringing them here to pick the peaches so now no peaches grow here but in our back yards. There is more to it but no ones cares about anything other than damn illegals !

          4. trump blast says

            yes they do that to keep the prices stable !! of coarse they say that but when you check into those stable prices they are just high enough to keep the farmers heads above the waters of debt !!! is it right to string them out like that ??? that is beyond most pay-grades in governmental posts as it is congress doing it so start any research there and look at the size of the farms that get to continue growing corn , wheat , oats,cotton, and many other crops except oranges and other fruit that has such a short harvest time but does not require replanting every year as they are trees !! ever hear about spotted rust disease

            ??? it does not change the health of the oranges but they won’t let them be sold or juiced so they get left too rot thus keeping the growers at a low income level!!!! FDA

          5. LastGasp says

            Where did you get that ridiculous notion? There is no shortage of willing LEGAL WORKERS. We don’t need any illegal aliens here overwhelming our services and resources.
            Our food would be cheaper and our taxes would be a lot less. Illegal foreign invaders are CRIMINALS. Got that, sweetcheeks? Do you have any idea what it costs to provide all those ILLEGAL aliens with welfare, food stamps, housing, medical,,,,etc?
            All those people coming across the border without papers are CRIMINALS. Don’t you understand the difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL?
            No, I’m sure you don’t have a clue that our country is going tits up because of you and people like you believing we need those CRIMINALS to harvest food.
            If you were smart you’d do some research before you open your ignorant mouth in front of everybody.

          6. Btty says

            I say lets give it a try and see. I think everyone on welfare would like to be able to eat. Want to eat? We’ve got crops for you to get in. A days work for a days food. How about those apples?

          7. Bob666 says

            Your grocery bill would double.

          8. glorybe2 says

            Yes our grocery bills are going through the roof but not due to the cost of labor. Lost crops and production due to global warming are driving the cost of groceries over the edge. Take a look at beef production in Texas. The drought caused ranchers to sell off their stock. Eventually the rains came back but the process of producing beef remains interrupted. The grasses used to grow cattle must make a comeback in order for the cattle to feed. After the feed issue resolves the cattle must breed in order for product to exist and then those calves need a couple of years to get their adult weight. But the bad news does not end there. The ranchers can not sell product without recapturing the losses that took place over a three or four year period so the price of beef inflates and tends to stay inflated. And now to make it all worse since the rich in foreign nations want beef they get it supplied from our ranchers such that the average person in the US has trouble buying much beef at all.

          9. Bob666 says

            Deport all of those undocumented workers and your grocery bill will double.

          10. trump blast says

            I have seen many dumb reasons for the high cost of living!!! but to place it on global warming is amongst the highest!! as a warmer world would allow more food growth not less !!! the real reason for the increasing cost of living/food is the mandatory wage hikes and high taxes !!! so it is governmental interference that is the biggest problem the next one is lazy America workers who consider themselves above mineable labor such as picking fruit and vegetables !! now in come migrant workers willing to do these minor labor jobs gladly just to earn money!!!! and dumb obs make you think there is a global warming problem when they don’t even know what happened 200 years ago in the weather like they think they do now!! the weather runs in cycles some 7 years some 1000 years but there was no weathermen to report what happened back then just their interpolation of ice cores and tree rings !but ice melts and some never made it into those ice cores so their math is off as some years there was more snow that became a part of that years ice and other years there was no ice added to the area the core was collected!!! so no there is not a global warming just a normal weather pattern!!!!!!

      3. Btty says

        Just like what the Jews did in Germany. They couldn’t believe what was happening either until it was to late. Poor Buggers!

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          Just a bit of history repeating.

      4. Margaret S. Tennant says

        You mean communists don’t you?

      5. Jimmy Quick says

        Cut off their money and they will wake up real fast.

    3. Uzoozy says

      Like WMD you are spreading lies.
      In S.Korea and Japan Islam is spreading like wild fire.
      The biggest Mosque is in Tokyo well attended people are listening to the message of Islam, One God, the Last Prophet and One Holy book.
      Pray to God alone.
      Sharia Law is an personnel law too and cannot be taken away.
      You are one of the BS general.

      1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

        Whoever you are, you should be euthanized! You are one of the enemy! Do you live in Minnesota!!??

        1. Uzoozy says

          I live in the World of peace and tranquility

          1. ViniVidi says

            It’s too bad you live at all. Fektard!!!

          2. Uzoozy says

            God bless these followers of Jesus

          3. ViniVidi says

            I don’t want your god to bless us. You are a devil worshipper. Jesus Christ taught innocence, purity, modesty, humility, self control; no killing, coveting, kidnapping, raping children. Your god says, “bow down to me,” and “do what you will.” This woman can discern evil when I see it! Only Jesus Christ can save your soul from burning for eternity!!! Repent, and Live Uzo!!

          4. Uzoozy says

            God please do not bless followers of Jesus.

          5. ViniVidi says

            Fek off!

          6. mac12sam12 says

            Guess you don’t live in the Middle East.

          7. LastGasp says

            You certainly don’t live in my neighborhood. Or wouldn’t for very long.

          8. Jimmy Quick says

            Translation – an insane asylum with some very good drugs.

          9. trump blast says

            anger can not live in peace or tranquility!!!!

      2. Chuck Rosenthal says

        Prove it. Where is your documentation?

        1. Uzoozy says

          Read and read. there is no QED in life.
          BHO’s BC hangs in the WH go and see it.

          1. Aylagh MacAnnadh says

            You would like documentation straight from the Koran as to why Muhammad was not a prophet and the Koran is NOT divinely inspired & that Islam is a fake religion begun by a man named Muhammad who even had rules about not over staying your welcome in his home set down as the commands of Allah, a man who took to his bed a 9 year old who was still playing with dolls (girls in Arabic countries are not allowed to play with dolls if they are past puberty and can marry and have children of their own and Muhammad took a girl to his bed WHEN she was playing with her dolls. She was engaged to him at the age of 7 and he bedded her at 9. His followers could have 4 wives and no more but the prophet had 11. The prophet was attracted to his adopted sons wife so the adopted son divorces her so Muhammad may marry her even though he says, no I can not to his son there comes a sudden revelation from Allah that he must do so or Allah will be displeased with him.
            Go to YouTube and listen to the teachings of David Wood. He is awesome in that he doesn’t just say this, that and the other thing. He takes you straight to the Koran and the books of Hadith. If you are not too afraid to be proven wrong with quotes from your own holy books. You can also read a wonderful book written by Nabeel Qureshi, M.D. titles “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”. Nabeel was a devout Muslim who turned his life over to Jesus but his journey was fascinating. He had the same attitude Uzoozy has. He was not willing in the beginning to scrutinize his own religion with the same level of scrutiny he used to prove why he DISBELIEVED all the other religions. When he used this kind of reasoning on the Koran and Islamic beliefs, after years of intensive study, the Muslim faith just didn’t stand up to intense scrutiny. Christianity did. This man is a medical doctor and a doctor in other subjects as well as an ordained minister now I believe. He is just awesome to hear speak and he has quite a number of video’s on YouTube where he goes head to head with Islamic Scholars and wipes them off the stage with the information he has to share as he has researched everything so thoroughly as it was the only way he could give up on his life long beliefs was to prove to himself incontrovertibly they were false.
            If you are going to defend something so vehemently then, please, have the information to back yourself-up. I doubt there is a Muslim on the planet who is able to defend Islam and make it respectable. All you need to do is read the Koran and see just how violent this religion is. Any book that tells me to KILL someone if they leave the faith is not a good religion to follow and is certainly not of God who has given freedom of will to all men, whether they believe the His word or not.
            God Bless All

          2. Uzoozy says

            Taking to bed young children is very common in US, incest and rape take place one per every 7 seconds. ie. 420 per minute..
            Incest is most common in America , Jews marry kids 3 years old.
            Prophet Muhammad young wife was between 16 to 18 years old.
            But those were different time and was the will of God.
            Address the current problem and let us see if you can resolve it.

          3. trump blast says

            I would not compare rape of a child to your islam faith ass we see what you condone with that religion as far worst than rape of a child and to say incest is common here is stretching facts you just watch too much porn !!and if the Jews still practice a system of marriage that binds two families together by pairing their children in a “”future marriage”” that does not mean the children have any sex before the real wedding !! do more research next time !!!

          4. Tabykatt says

            I agree with you. I’ve watched many of those video’s. What you said about about Mohamed’s history is correct as well. I have a lovely cousin who grew up Muslim in another country. My blood cousin witnessed to him and he became a christian and they have been married close to 30 years. He goes on TV and witnesses to his people of his native land. They are hungry for Jesus and they risk their lives calling in to find out how to be saved. We are in the end times no doubt about it, does that mean he’s coming tomorrow or 20 years from now? I don’t know, but we are to stay watchful and busy with God’s work. Keep spreading the truth, it is not in vain!

          5. Uzoozy says

            Read the bible and see how nasty it is, probably you will commit suicide

          6. Aylagh MacAnnadh says

            I am a student of the bible and I think not.

          7. Uzoozy says

            How about these teachings, which you will tell me have been rescinded etc. etc

            Kill those who are not Christian or Jewish:

            You must kill those who worship another god. Exodus 22:20

            Kill any friends or family that worship a god that is different than your own. Deuteronomy 13:6-10

            Kill all the inhabitants of any city where you find people that worship differently than you. Deuteronomy 13:12-16

            Kill everyone who has religious views that are different than your own. Deuteronomy 17:2-7

            Kill anyone who refuses to listen to a priest. Deuteronomy 17:12-13

            Kill any false prophets. Deuteronomy 18:20

            Any city that doesn’t receive the followers of Jesus will be destroyed in a manner even more savage than that of Sodom and Gomorrah. Mark 6:11

            Jude reminds us that God destroys those who don’t believe in him. Jude 5

          8. trump blast says

            who here is Jewish???? if so then uzz you might have to worry but if they let you slide this is proof that they know about God’s present time of grace that gives all sinners time to repent their sins!!! but then Israel is not taking their homeland from satan worshipers now those of that day would through their living children into blazing hot metal idols as a sacrifice to satan only they used names like allah , dagon ,and others that I don’t care to name !!!

          9. trump blast says

            as the bible tell the whole history of mankind it does not leave out the end results of sin and boy that sin is nasty!!!!

          10. trump blast says

            even then there seems to be missing information I read some time back that some Jesuit priest gave muhammad his book of laws to create his religion with

      3. Lance Lucius says

        Please get back to your coloring books and stay out of grown-ups conversations. If you want further proof of your insanity, go to Japan and pass yourself off as a muslime, do let us know how it feels to have your ass sent packing.

      4. Frank W Brown says

        Don’t FEED the Troll!!!

        1. Uzoozy says

          I am the Puntrasi , no troll.
          I love US.

          1. trump blast says

            so you say angry but we all know you are a troll as you only disagree with the truth

        2. Bob666 says

          is that you Frank?

      5. Judy Manuel says

        You are the problem! Jesus is the Solution!

        1. Uzoozy says

          Jesus -may God bless him was a man like, Moses ,Muhammad and Noah.
          May God bless them all.
          Jesus was declared as son of God in 325.
          There is one God pray to only Him and be blessed.

          1. LastGasp says

            Muhamed was a child molester and devil worshiper. Don’t include Satan’s offspring with those holy men.

          2. Jimmy Quick says

            Yes, Jesus is a man and He is God.

            Your book was rewritten several 100 times before it became solidified under threat of death and the big mind bender… Mohammad had nothing to do with it.

            He was not a profit or even a great leader. He was a thief and a murderer as well a rapist of boys and goats.

            Your whole life is a lie and you know it. Your just too stupid to walk away from it.

      6. mac12sam12 says

        Eye roll

        1. Uzoozy says

          Thanks at least it was not a B roll.

      7. LastGasp says

        You are a worthless liar.Must be one of those queeran followers, eh muzzie butcakes?

        1. Uzoozy says

          LastGasp when are going to croak.
          I hope soon.

      8. Jimmy Quick says

        You are ill informed. Shinto is being revived in Japan and the emperor is not going to allow your religion to compete with his birthright. Get ready for a showdown like you never seen before and a lot of those guys are pretty good with a sword too.

        Personally, I think I’ll just sit back and watch as you all kill each other for your own backward stupidity. Should be a good show.

        1. trump blast says

          hey haven’t you seen their videos ? they use poorly sharpened knives not swords !! the swordsmen would not even get warmed up!!!!

          1. Jimmy Quick says


      9. Btty says

        Your day will come and it’s not those virgins you think your getting. The place your going to has pitch Forks and fire waiting for you. Have a good trip.

        1. Uzoozy says

          I wish everyone would get along as a person and do not mix religion and politics .

          1. trump blast says

            as long as you keep on pushing your religion religion is going to be mixed with someones politics as they want nothing to do with your false religion muslim

      10. LastGasp says

        What’s it like worshiping Satan?

    4. fred says

      Good stuff, Turn! Most people have no clue how truly evil the criminal born in kenya really is, maybe this will enlighten them slightly…We should be following in Japan’s lead on their treatment of the Muslim Cult!

      1. Angelo koljenovic says

        Fred, you are a prick and predigest sun of-the you mama.

        1. fred says

          Try English!, you infidel!… try learning , then try writing, we need YOU and all your satanic cult members out of OUR country, comprende buckwheat ?

        2. worn out 123 says


        3. JOY IN TUCSON says

          a new ugly headed troll has joined the ranks….TROLL ALERT

          1. Bob666 says

            It’s the Troll Joe in Tucson!

        4. sharon says

          You better look at yourself in the mirror before you call others a names fool.

      2. OldHippie43 says

        Fred…you and Turn should hang out together. Fools of feather….


        1. Margaret S. Tennant says

          How blissful is ignorance>

          1. Combat Veteran Seabee says

            How stupid is ignorance?

          2. Bob666 says

            Well, how blissful is it?

          3. sharon says

            Stupid sits in our white house pretending to be President, and the stupid put him there.

        2. fred says

          How’s crack/meth/dope pipe been treating you? Brain’s like a scrambled egg w/o the protein I’ll bet! Do they let you smoke it in your Mosque? I know in your stupor you think you know all, however, once the haze clears why don’t you actually do some work instead of criticizing those of us working for ignorant fools like you! try to watch and learn, I know it’s difficult for you, you’re not used to actually doing anything! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CatQrnjcZRA

          1. OldHippie43 says

            Fred….you drag out some 2007-08 video of a crazy Brit babbling on about Obama being born in Kenya, and referencing a talk with disgraced former Senator John Edwards as proof of what…..hat you are nuttier than a fruitcake? Well, you were successful!!

          2. Bob666 says

            Now Old,
            You might have to apologize to fruitcakes around the world for that comparison.

          3. fred says

            Where is your evidence? are you going to tell me you worked for Mi5 or 6 and have the goods from a British Colony in the 60’s? Until you provide an “educated” response, keep smoking dope and shrinking that tiny brain of yours to dust, seems you may have a problem with the truth like so many of your libitard comrades? Either provide some evidence or never reply to me again, you have proven your ignorance and should be embarrassed, go back to your halfway house and stfu!

          4. sharon says

            You been smoking to much smack Old Hippie, it shows.

          5. Bob666 says

            What’s your excuse Sharon?

          6. trump blast says

            I have been watching a trend for years now first noticed at berkly of hate for the American dream !!! they started to push this social system that seems to be gitting larger and more focused as the years go by then I looked at some thing from the WWII days ? that some educators moved from Germandy to America taking up jobs as univeristy teachers now years later the new teachers that trained under them are now teaching our children to hate America !!! opne young voter told me she would vote for obama because he was black like her and the constitution was not for blacks because those that wrote it were slavers???! so it did not apply to the blacks!!!

          7. Sol_of_Texas says

            East Germans or West Germans? You do realize that New England began importing the Prussian style of education for its government schools back in the 1850’s, right?

          8. trump blast says

            at that time there was no divided Germany

          9. Sol_of_Texas says

            OK, I’ll bite … at what time?

            You know that if you quantified the period (1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s) and used proper spelling and grammar I may be able to better understand what point you are actually trying to make.

          10. Granny Filec says

            SOL: If you were educated you could understand the grammar and the misspelling of anything that is readable. Too bad you are one of those that only catch others habits. Einstein was a bad speller, so are college profs. Their expertise in other things outweighs spelling points of errors.

          11. Sol_of_Texas says

            Granny — I consider myself reasonably well educated (philosophy, mathematics, political science, engineering, business) at some of the world’s most regarded universities. It is unreasonable to expect I can read the minds of others when their thoughts or poorly presented.

            Why do people edify Einstein to an imbalanced extent? I regard three of his contemporaries to a greater extent – Enrico Fermi (who also received 2 Nobel Prizes in physics), Nikola Tesla (Inventor of Alternating Current, Tesla Coils, Kirlian photography, Radio, Remote Control, Electric Motors,… among many others) and Werner Heisenberg (whom many consider to be the father of Quantum Mechanics).

            Please don’t ask me to read the minds of others. Please don’t suggest that by requesting people to converse using proper grammar and spelling that I am requesting something outrageous – especially given the countless treasure wasted on government schools.

          12. trump blast says

            I finally got around to looking at the so called spelling errors that sol-texas cried about and found none!!!!

          13. trump blast says

            WWII’s end as if you could not guess by the earlier comments

          14. Sol_of_Texas says

            I wasn’t quite sure. So you are saying the tertiary education system was infiltrated by national socialists (aka Nazis), international socialists (aka Communists) or both? I’d like your interpretation of the “American Dream”? I will help me understand your point.

          15. trump blast says

            as it was both from what I can see now as you can well guess!!! and my idea of the American dream is stated in the first amendment and backed up by the second !!!! but now with all the one day wounder trolls running around we might be better off with a new amendment banning any new out side religious laws such as sharia law just to protect the rest of our laws!!!

          16. Sol_of_Texas says

            Thanks for sharing your thoughts. At least you’ve recognized that the American Dream is more that “work as little as possible and receive as much wealth as you possibly can”. I see the American Dream as a belief that men are capable of self-government. That seems similar to your definition.

          17. Granny Filec says

            Old Hippie: I have a video of BO when he was running for Senate in the State of Illinois. He stated to our Women’s League…..I WAS BORN IN KENYA……

          18. OldHippie43 says

            Granny….I’ll believe it when I see it. if such a video truly existed, Fox news, the RNC, or some wealthy conservativeIdonor would give you millions for it.

          19. Granny Filec says

            OLD HIPPIE: Sent it to Sheriff Joe, D. Trump, CNN, NBC, and Bush. So far I have not received any monetary gifts. I also put it on many AOL comments in many different discussions (approx. 50 ). It seems that a video with the CIC face on it and him admitting his birth place, did not make anyone use that issue against him. I felt that all those people were afraid to use it….WHY?

          20. Granny Filec says


        3. sharon says

          Old Hippie your a joke and probably a socialists fool.

          1. OldHippie43 says

            A joke? Why, just because I’m not a crazy “birther” like you and Fred? As for being a socialist fool…..don’t let the screen name fool you. Obviously, you haven’t checked my profile.

          2. ImRealistic says

            Nor would she be dumb enough to care !!! Even if you had education it was probably from an activist moron some college hired.

          3. OldHippie43 says

            You obviously didn’t check my profile either. In all honesty, the way you, Sharon and Fred have responded help me comprehend why liberals might call some conservatives morons.

            FYI, I’m a conservative……..Let me rephrase that…..I’m a strong conservative with a brain.

          4. ImRealistic says

            According to what you commented, it did not appear that way.

          5. fred says

            As my grandfather used to say to his workers in the plant,” try using that remaining brain for something other than a hat rack”! ..then, where did you go wrong hippie? drugs, poison? hard living, booze, ganja?

          6. OldHippie43 says

            I have no idea how old you are, or how you became such a conspiratorial right-wing wacko, but clearly you have never encountered a conservative hippie before. A lot of us were involved in the Civil Rights movement during the 60s, myself included. Unfortunately, after the death of MLK, there was a loss of direction and our sense of responsibility became quite precarious. As the 1960s ended, many conservative supporters did not know that ‘liberal’—which to them meant moderate and centrist—would become a pejorative label. Even Democrats of the time were afraid to wear it. But as Bob Dylan’s song wailed, “The times they were a changin’”…..and 50 years later, they still are.

            You seem like a moderately intelligent person, and possibly someone who
            would be fun to enjoin is salient discussion. Its a shame you feel so
            compelled strike out at others in such a vituperative manner. It makes you small.

          7. fred says

            I don’t like anyone who doesn’t even attempt to bring any facts to a “discussion” and i’m not at all bitter, i get even when someone tries to hijack my Constitutional freedoms because they are nothing but a treasonous tyrant! “Moderately intelligent? i have to dumb my speech down most places i go, and i do this consciously because most are so under-educated and have taken on the “slave” mentality of feudalism in the world listening to unbelievably disgusting and horrible lies being told them everyday by people they want to trust (MSM?)! I thought the sixties was time when people questioned authority, not bend over and take it you-know-where?! Until you’ve walked one day in my shoes, you really shouldn’t be such a judgemental person who assumes then slanders facts you obviously can’t be bothered to research yourself! You would be fired in hours from my job for incompetence, and believe me, I’m being charitable with you in that assessment! Bring some facts when you argue, some people might even call you informed one day if you work really hard at it…Small? nothing smaller than the closed mind you present here, is there? It’s a sad state of affairs when in all that time you have learned so little about life and the way you’ve been manipulated by some very evil people filled with little more than avarice!! And if you think they have any altruistic tendencies for your well being in any way in DC, you are delusional beyond my abilities to enlighten you! We kill snakes by cutting off their heads in my area, and even then they are dangerous for a significant period of time…the solution to most of our problems comes from a career mentality that the majority of politicians at the Federal and State level have… hell! we have a congressman that has grandkids running for more seats that open up in DC, they have made it their “family business”! We need term limits (one term, all offices!) and a balanced budget to just start to stop the insanity of incrementalism of asset theft currently going on by Governments all over the world! Keep and open mind and don’t label everything, liberal and conservative, did you know a guy named Tim Russert didn’t like the democrats having the color RED on the election maps so he had it changed to blue because of the Communist connotation it presented to the public regarding his favorite party? That is a fact, ill bet an old timer like you didn’t know…?

          8. trump blast says

            profiles tell lies or truth but only the writer knows which an the 43 might be your age but if so then you were taught lies all of your life wake up now and find the truth in the oldest history books not todays corrupted junk

      3. sharon says

        I have always known what that scum Obama is, and the Democrat party, not American, hasn’t been for years. they are all part of the NWO.

        1. fred says

          very true Sharon. Also there are MANY RINOS with them in the CFR, Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberger Group/Club, and if any member of Congress or the potus are members of these criminal organizations I believe they should be removed as citizens and tried for treason! They also should be excluded from joining for life if they have SERVED us in Congress at any time in their life.

          1. sharon says

            Fred America has no real President, Obama is a fascist who hates America, fact, and he don’t care now who knows it.

        2. keepingitreal says

          Your continued use of the word scum is not appreciated nor accepted. Find a new word to describe your laziness as I am sure you have done nothing good, bad, or indifferent to help this country in a while. At least Obama has tried his best to clean up the filthy mess your political party left on this doorstep when he took office. He has fought tooth and nail with the GOP since day one, they have staged this resistance of the necessary change all the way along. So, to put it correctly Ms. Sharon, if you are disgusted by the “scum Obama”, then look to your own political agenda for this is what he had to work with. U are so disrespectful of our president, and when I was in a mood of hatred for Bush and all the lies and crap he pulled on us, I refrained from using such childish and disrespectful words to describe his ignorance. A lesson maybe you could embellish.

          1. trump blast says

            are you referring to the democratic run congresses mess???

          2. Elad says

            Obama isn’t about politics in a real sense, he is about creating enhanced racism, being a muslim dictator, ignoring the constitution, encouraging and in fact being an immigrant enabler of illegals, believes his own lies, has never had any transparency, hates the U.S., thinks he should be an Emperor, acts as Satan’s servant, is a despicable person who is lawless by America’s standards and an outright criminal.

          3. Granny Filec says

            KEEPINGYOUSTUPID: THE CIC IS SCUM….THE CIC IS SCUM. THE CIC IS SCUM. THE CIC IS SCUM. LIBITURDS ARE SCUM, LIBTURDS ARE SCUM, LIBTURDS ARE SCUM. He was scum back in 2008 & intelligent people recognized that about him. Only the brainless people voted for him, expecting to get all those freebees he promised.

          4. OddMan says

            The comment by G F above reflects the level of discourse on this website. I stumbled on this place and wonder how all you people even have the brains to eat and sleep. Lordy the level of political dribble coming out of you gives me hope. With this much stupidity, the lovely “LIBITURDS” will have no problem winning control. We are coming after your guns, we plan on locking you up in Walmart’s, and those airplanes are spraying chemicals all over your blue hair.

          5. sharon says

            The only thing that treasonous scum has done is take America down, he has cleaned us out of pride, and cash, and country.

          6. Dale Heasley says

            You have been smoking too much weed. In case you can,t remember, Obama and the Democrats had complete control in his first two years. What did your great Democrats accomplish? Nothing except the disaster Obamacare. Republicans obstructed nothing because they did not have the votes. When the Republicans won the house in 2010, your hero, Harry Reid would not let any bills from the house come up for vote in the Senate. And you say the Republicans resisted. To refresh your memory, when did the recession start and what did it starts with ? It started with the collapse of the housing market. Who headed Freddie May and Fanny Mack? Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, both Democrats. Surprise,surprise. You need to get your head out of your ass and open up your eyes. People like you are the reason this country is going to hell.

          7. Bill says

            How about cesspool dweller…stop living in the past…first 2 yrs. the dems had control of both houses, and did nothing. ahc is nothing but nationalizing socialist medicine. the cesspool dweller is disrespectful, and hates of America and her citizens and what we stand for…

          8. Shelli Barnes says


          9. rich says

            keep, it’s high time you are your fellow libtards removed your head from where the sun doesn’t shine. That financial crisis in 2007 was caused by one thing and ONLY one thing. When Jimmy Carter signed that stupid bill that forced the banks to give mortgages to anyone, even duds like you who couldn’t pay them back, it led to the problems we encountered in ’07. Let me see if my math is correct. He signed the bill that led to 30-year mortgages in 1977. So if you add 30, which is when the loans were due, to 1977 it comes to 2007. Wow! What a coincidence! Now I’m sure in your warped mind you can come up with something stupid to make it sound like the dumbocrats weren’t at fault, but if you are true to yourself you will agree. Hey! That’s an oxymoron! A libtard who is true!!

        3. Steve Crawford says

          Then Bush should be a scum also and cost 6800 people to lose their life. The lie for the Iraq invasion cost 5000 lives and piss poor medical care for those veterans that were injured and returned home. Also the 1800 people that died during the Katrina storm as a result of the worthless US agency FEMA and other agencies UNDER BUSH. How soon YOU’LL forget. OOPS! that was OK, he is WHITE

          1. sharon says

            Don’t you get it, they are all scums, Obama is just the worst of them.

          2. Bob666 says


          3. rich says

            Would you also say Lyndon Johnson was a scum because he sent over 58,000 of our men and women to their graves in Vietnam? I know it goes back a few years but it’s close to me because I am one of those unfortunate who HAD to go over. Thankfully I came back but there were many of my comrades who didn’t, and what for??

          4. Turn9 says

            Rich – Thank you for your service. I’m sure you never received the homecoming you deserved. IMO, you did the right thing – obeying your commander in chief. Sadly, a majority of people in the USA elect politicians based on the free stuff they’ll get and the perception that the official is likeable. Our present “leader” is the bottom of the barrel which proves how unqualified a person can be yet still be elected to the highest office of the land.

          5. rich says

            You’re welcome, Turn, although I know the way it is in this country today I would go the route of the politicians we have now and refuse to go. It’s sad that many of the jerks chose to hide in college so they wouldn’t have to serve and now they’re the scumbags who are in office. As for Obozo, there is only one reason he was elected and that was because of skin color. It sure as hell wasn’t because he was qualified! One would think that after in office for almost 7 years he would have learned soemthing, but not that clown. Thank God he isn’t the brightest bulb in the room. Can you imagine if he WAS smart?!

          6. Shelli Barnes says

            NO, it wasn’t ok, but he has been gone for 7 yrs. now. We are living in the present dealing with current issues now.

          7. Steve Crawford says

            Bush’s actions have very much affect on today’s problems

          8. trump blast says

            you want to blame some one from the Bush era ?? then blame the democratic congress that was holding the real reins of power back then no law was passed that they did not write and no agency was funded with out their oking the funds like fema

      4. sharon says

        Oh I do, the scum is now trying to pass a law for prolong detention in America for anyone who he names as a terrorists group. It could any American he chooses, they can be detained up to 10 years without charges. For something he thinks they might do. This fascist dog Obama needs to be impeached.

        1. fred says

          Nothing surprises me anyone about the kenyan he has been out of control since he illegally stormed the WH, and now he just needs to be taken down by ONE JUDGE with the “fortitude” to stand up to this tyrant! He will have karma deal him a very harsh blow, and I will be waiting to celebrate when he is taken down by his own arrogance and disregard of our Rule of Law!!

          1. rubypbron says

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          2. VolunteerVet says

            SPAM, spam, lieing spam. This dreck should be removed and the spammer banned from this site.

          3. DaveM says


          4. JD says

            STOP IT

          5. Sol_of_Texas says

            I don’t think highly of Obama either.

          6. crazyfreddie says

            I DO NOT THINK OF ANY MUZZIE THAT COULd EVER BELONG IN MY COUNTRY HAVE YOU READ THEIR BOOK Of PERVET DESTRUCTION THE GOVERNMENT BOOK ( koran ) ! Learn how you are about to be ANILALETED by your own government that has been destroyed from within and you dummys help THEM do it !

          7. Robert Wilson says

            Yep, take him down, IMPEACH him, and five not-so-supreme court judges. (They also can be impeached).

          8. Phyllis says

            I have never read that the supreme court judges can be impeached. That is INTERESTING….and I intend to start studying as I have had a few thoughts myself where this so- called marriage deal is concerned from something I read many decades ago..I am SO old to have to start studying again.

          9. trump blast says

            the institution of marriage comes from God thus religion and not a power of the government so not a subject that the supreme court has a say over

          10. Phyllis says

            I am 74 and a believer for many decades so I understand what you are saying. Unfortunately, our govt no longer acknowledges God or OUR beliefs and thus they think they have the right to break laws, both God’s laws and the law of the land. We both know there is a reckoning day for them.

          11. Uzoozy says

            Those people that believe in God.
            most people are going far away from the teachings of God hence the change of heart. Gays have been around for longtime this just acknowledges that they are around
            Soetoe is the best

          12. crazyfreddie says


          13. Phyllis says

            Well crazy freddie, I hate to disappoint you but I didn’t vote for any progressives, I was too busy in the hospital having a little heart surgery and dealing with kidney failure…I just absolutely love it when some know it all falsely accuses me., and frankly I would come closer to voting for Attila the Hun before any democrat and most of the republicans.

          14. crazyfreddie says


          15. crazyfreddie says

            A MUST TO HAPPEN

          16. boydasmith says

            Sharon,.. and Fred,

            I’ve been 100% OPPOSED to Obama, …his ideas, his character, and his policy-positions for more than 10 years, since I first began to learn of him before he ran for President. The results of his election, and tenure are absolutely DISASTROUS!!

            But he has not managed to destroy America ‘alone’. There are many other ‘co-conspirators’, which have enabled him to create such incredible wreckage. So I have a tough time with putting ALL of the blame on Obama, alone.

            First,.. there are the millions of ‘American’ citizens (and non-citizens) WHO HAVE VOTED FOR HIM…. TWICE!!
            Many claim to be Christians,… although 3 million Christians allegedly did not even bother to vote in the 2012 election!

            Maybe some of the millions of non-thinking-fools who did vote for Obama would not have been so-inclined, except for the help of indoctrination by MEDIA (news, music, film),.. and ACADEMIA,… which are entrenched in the evil tyranny of ‘MORAL-RELATIVISM’, and ‘CULTURAL-RELATIVISM’ (POLITICAL-CORRECTNESS).

            These media-elitists (including the’usual-suspects’,.. Environmental-Jihadists, Abortion-Jihadists, Homo-Jihadists, Islamic-Jihadists,..Illegal-immigrant-Jihadists..and Rap/Hip-Hop culture),.. are in-turn ‘educated(?)’,.. actually, INDOCTRINATED by ‘ACADEMIA-ELITISM’.
            These Academic-Media types have-and-continue to DESPISE
            What they REALLY despise are principles of truth of the Bible. So they persistently endeavor zealously to destroy ‘goodness’,.. and American-exceptional-ism, which is based on principles of truth of the Bible.

            So, during the last 50-60 years the ‘seeds’ planted by DARK IDEAS(SPIRITS) through willing-minions in Academia (schools-and-universities) and Media (news, music, film) have so-effectively proselytized many Americans ‘away’ from truth and biblical-wisdom,… that the ‘fruit’,.. in the form of a man like Obama,. …or any ‘radical’-Democrat-party adherent,… was INEVITABLE!

            Without proper ‘accountability’ by the media/academia-complex,.. the America-of-freedom-and-truth is invariably DESTROYED.

            SO,…I look at the folks who have ‘voted-for’, and ‘supported’ Obama,.. as the REAL CULPRITS in this demise. They let the snake-out-of-the-box,.. and there are plenty more just like him.

            So WHAT CAN WE DO? Trust God, through Jesus Christ,..seek and understand principles of truth of the Bible,… Thank God for what he reveals, and gives to us,.. help educate others to these truths, and God’s love,..what is good and right.

            Ideas, Truth, and Courage MATTER!


          17. fred says

            Electronic voting machines run and programmed by people loyal to the highest bidder in a corrupt system, the imposition of one term limits on ALL Federal elected offices with time and dollar limits to campaign, and a balanced budget with a “waste BS meter” that has audits every 6 months, and the elimination of time and freedom robbing individual taxes that are so insane and counterproductive that they should be a Constitutional Amendment that they will NEVER be imposed on us again. Those are the tip of the iceberg on what we need to restore our almost lost Republic to a bunch of grifters, career politicians and charlatans that are horrible criminals who only want what benefits their bank accounts in Switzerland! we also must take control of our currency, eliminating the private-Euro-banker owned Federal Reserve, and put an bunch of non-Socialist, non-criminal Citizens on a elected basis, not appointed by any corrupt potus who lies, cheats and steals from us like we were HIS minions, he is working for US after all in theory! Scrap the entire judiciary, make Supreme Court Justices an elected position of 4 years, one term, and any Judge at any level not enforcing the rule of Law at any level is instantly removed and they don’t make any laws anymore, laws are voted on and proposed by the public Citizens from now on!

          18. trump blast says

            Electronic voting machines run and programmed by people loyal to the highest bidder in a corrupt system,

            the use of a third party analyst should be a mandatory part of the voting machine inspection team before any machine is used for elections and he/she should have a mandated hunt list on preprograming standards ! such as a preset 0 vote starting point and a plus # of vote of 0+1=1 % of vote! that should negate any preload votes and keep all votes counted as 1 + 1 vote per voter + the next voter all day thus the total votes should equal the total voters

          19. Roger Short says

            This is so well said! Thank you for these encouraging words! I know several people who consider themselves to be Christians, and they voted for Odumbo TWICE. I can only conclude that these people are either not really Christians, or they are just blind and ignorant! Either way, you are so right that the only real truth we will ever get, in this life, is not from the president, or congress, or the not-so-supreme court, or any govt. agency! It will only come from God’s Word. AMEN!

          20. fred says

            I’ll go with ignorant, there are so many that want to believe BS like :”hope and change” and they got their change didn’t they? I tried to tell them the kenyan was a “mystery man” and they shouldn’t trust a guy with “hussein” for a middle name!

          21. Roger Short says

            You and I think exactly alike, Fred! I tried to tell people the same things, but many would not listen! This is not nice to say, but there were actually people in the church I attend, that not only voted for Odumbo, but fiercely defended him, and almost taunted me over Odumbo being elected, because I’m very outspoken, and they felt like they had won some great victory over me! Well folks, just how victorious are you feeling right now?! This may sound a bit egotistical, but the fact is that, when you get smart, you will listen to me, because I know what the hexx I’m talking about! Thanks Fred!

          22. fred says

            I honestly believe the current potus ran solely on what many people call “white guilt” or the appeal of being fashionable for voting for someone of a race outside what used to be the majority. I told them it wasn’t a time for a “change” it was a time to get serious about a revolution of truth, and they thought I was crazy! I don’t gloat, nobody won but the criminals for the last 20+ years in my opinion…We need to completely change the climate in DC yo an honest one, and I’m not talking about the fake global warming bs!

          23. Uzoozy says

            There never has been a better President THAN BHO

          24. Gary Mitchell says

            I totally agree with you brother, probably if did what George Bush did, the white people would have lynched him, simply because he’s black. That hatred has passed down to them from generation to generation, and is even more prominent today.

          25. 6thSense says

            We are lucky to Hope there is any Change left in our pockets.

          26. trump blast says

            ok lets look ay the rough voting numbers the last presidential election cycle around 80’000’000. actually voted of that 21’600’000. voted for obama and 19’200’000 voted republican! now that is 40’800’000 leaving39’200’000 votes going to all of the rest of the independents so just 3’000’000′ of those wasted votes were turned toward the republican candidate !!I must ask ? would obama still have won?????

          27. Uzoozy says

            Because he is black??

          28. boydasmith says


            Do you mean because he’s mixed-race (black-white) ‘brown’,… LIKE ME??

            OR because he and I ‘think’ and ‘believe’ differently about truth and life?

            ,… or because, like my little brother (who ‘looks-like’ and THINKS-LIKE Obama), and who also graduated from Harvard with an insidious, odious mindset,..and belief in all kinds of evil ideas inspired by ignorant half-truths and ‘BITTERNESS’!?

            Bitterness is the greatest and most effective TOOL OF SATAN for enslaving the ‘minds’ of foolish people who don’t trust God’s Love, and the principles of truth of the Bible.
            The ‘fruit’ (results) of Obama’s (and Democrat’s) IDEAS (spirits) are clear to see, for anyone, .. REGARDLESS of any type of ‘skin-melanin’ (skin-color),..for any ethnicity,.. for any clear-thinking mind!

            Ironically, of all the genetic ‘markers’ in the human genome (DNA), the LEAST SIGNIFICANT IS SKIN-COLOR!

            Genetically, a man with white-skin, and a man with black-skin, will often have
            MORE-MORE-IN-COMMON,..as far as other more significant DNA markers,… than 2 men with identical skin-pigmentation!!

            Most people don’t understand this,.. so many people ASSUME IDENTITY with someone ONLY because of similar skin-pigmentation.

            That’s a HUGE MISTAKE, from a natural-biological standpoint,..


            But for ignorant, and IMMORAL people,… like yourself, or black-supremacists or black-bigots,.. or white-supremacists, or white-bigots .. this insignificant genetic-marker becomes their ‘CAUSE-CELEB’.

            A moral-person, who trusts and understands God’s love, and the principles of truth of the Bible,…also understands that ONLY what a person ‘believes’,’thinks’,’understands about truth’,… and acts accordingly,..
            only a man’s ‘character’,.. is important!

            On that account,.. Mr. Obama is a ‘WOLF-IN-SHEEP’S-CLOTHING’,… A FRAUD,.. A MOCKERY OF GOOD, MORAL LEADERSHIP!

            ..Because of WHAT HE BELIEVES… What he ‘believes’ is NOT TRUTH!

            We see many examples of this played-out in the ‘Obama-approach’ to American Foreign Policy. He’s a staunchly-misguided and mistaken ‘SOCIALIST-ANTI-COLONIALIST’,. determined to diminish America, and remake the world according to his vain-imaginations.

            His foolish mis-perceptions and ideology have resulted in REAL and terrible suffering,..increased terror,..desperate refugees,… and MORE oppression around the world.
            With increasing economic instability, moral-confusion, and division at home.
            Domestically, Obama, and Leftist-Democrats (with the blessing of so-called Christians– of the ‘Social-Justice’ strain — who don’t understand principles of truth of the Bible,.. are aggressively infecting America with a perverse-morality,… and a (PC) politically-acceptable code-of-thinking. Making Homosexual-marriage, and the killing innocent pre-born children, as well as ‘harvesting’ their body-parts for profit,.. into something to CELEBRATE AND GLORIFY!

            It’s demonic,.. STRAIGHT FROM THE PIT OF HELL!

            This is a type of MORAL-TYRANNY,.. WHICH OPPOSES the truth and love of God, and the Bible!

            I oppose Mr. Obama BECAUSE he’s a DESTROYER of what is good, moral, and true,.. BECAUSE he has usurped dictatorial-power through rogue bureaucratic-agencies like the EPA, HHS, DOE,..and others,..,and has manipulated the Federal Courts, and the Supreme-Court,..in order to FORCE a non-democratic, destructive-agenda on me, my children, my family and loved-ones,.. and millions of other NON-CONSENTING Americans, …

            who love our freedom, our country,..our CONSTITUTION.

            Countless patriotic Americans — including millions of black, brown, Asian, and

            all-ethnicities-Americans have fought, ..died, ..and paid-for that FREEDOM!

            But this despicable-man despises their-and-our VALUES AND BELIEFS!

            Because he’s ‘black’?? Are you talking about his skin-pigment, …or his character??

            Skin-pigment is only important to immoral people, like yourself.


            There are many, more-qualified men, with black-brown-dark SKIN-MELANIN,.. WHO TRUST GOD, and understand the principles of truth of the Bible,.. who love freedom, America, our Constitution,
            …. and ‘Free-Market’ Capitalist economic-system,.. who unify with truth,..and are NOT DIVIDERS! I can name dozens of well-qualified, good men with dark skin-melanin,.. i.e., Ben Carson, Bobby Jindal, Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams,…on-and-on.

            But then, the ‘Leftist-Progressives’, and the Democrat-Party,.. who must peddle and instigate falsehoods, untruths.. and therefore, must oppose truth, and goodness,.. would lose their divisive-power, which is indoctrinated through the media-academia-complex, which they largely control with their
            minions of ‘demonic-idea-trickery’,.. ‘bitter-divisiveness’, and ‘VICTIM-IDEOLOGY’,..

            fanning-the-flames between,.. economic-levels, ..ethnic groups,.. gender-identity, ..and sub-groups (special-interests), such as Homo-Jihadists, and Islamic-Jihadists. And along with Leftists world-wide (like the present Pope), they are expanding, with over-arching ‘falsehoods’, … creating huge FRAUDS, such as ‘man-made-climate-change’,.. a world-Socialism-Scam,
            and the biggest ruse in human-history.

            Only the most naive, ignorant, and morally-degenerate people continue to support this FLIM-FLAM-MAN’S policies, ideas, beliefs, and actions!

            Ideas, Truth, and Courage MATTER!


          29. Uzoozy says

            To me race does not matter, BHO is the best of the best way ahead of the rest.

          30. boydasmith says

            Evidently, Uzoozy,.. TRUTH does not matter to you, either?

            Your judgment is in severe disrepair. You ‘believe’ that Mr. Obama is the ‘best’? What does that actually mean?
            Is it that Mr. Obama is the BEST LIAR?,… the best deceiver?,..
            the best ‘diminish-er’ of goodness, and truth,..the best con-man?,.. the best ‘Flim-Flammer’,… the best minion of Satan?,.. the best fascist?

            Because that’s all that he has done!

            Please EXPLAIN WHAT YOU MEAN,… if you can?
            Do you even understand what is morally-good?,.. what is freedom?,.. what is CONSTITUTIONAL?
            Do you have any idea about the Bible,.. or principles of truth of the Bible?

            Where-and-what have you learned about life, morality, truth, and freedom? You seem to be very ignorant about these things,.. and easily accept false ideas, and emotional persuasion and arguments,.. and NOT truth?

            Maybe YOU simply LOVE LIES,.. DESTRUCTION,.. EVIL,… DEATH??

            Why don’t you search for TRUTH,.. for a change?

            Ideas, Truth, and Courage MATTER!


          31. Uzoozy says

            He repaired the economy, he stopped the bankruptcy of three major car companies.
            He got me ACA without which I would go nowhere.
            Bible is just a book about pornography, and things not to do in life.
            I am well versed in the basic teachings of Christianity.
            Freedom Democracy are things of this world.
            One thing I know pray to one God and you will be blessed.
            When man does not know how he breathes other things are immaterial.
            Who makes you breathe, what is your purpose of life . Who is it you pray to ?
            What happens when one dies.

          32. boydasmith says


            It’s easy to see from your answer WHY you are so thoroughly deceived, and immoral.

            Your reasons for supporting Obama are ’empty-props’,.. without substance,… Leftist propaganda, …a house-of-cards,.. kool-aid.
            It’s very easy to manipulate the dull-minds of ill-informed, and immoral people with BIG-Government-Socialist ‘hand-outs’. The ignorant, immature, immoral people, who believe they are ‘entitled’ to OTHER-PEOPLE’S-MONEY, goods, and labor,…without EARNING it themselves,.will cheer for this type of unsustainable nonsense.

            Since you have a complete misunderstanding of Free-Market-economic systems,.. and how wealth and prosperity ARE CREATED,.. you’ll fit nicely into that FANTASY-WORLD.

            You evidently don’t believe in,.. ‘owning-one’s-own-labor’,.. which is a key to Free-markets, Individual-opportunity-and-responsibility,… and NON-COLLUSION of Government with businesses is very important for creating prosperity and wealth for all people.

            When Obama colluded with private-businesses, .. he created an UNEVEN-PLAYING-FIELD, by bailing-out some businesses, and not allowing them to fail due to their bad-practices and mismanagement.
            So the Federal-government inserting-itself into GM,.. is only an example of Fascistic-Socialism,.. and government trying to control the private-sector.

            Evidently, you think that this WRONG-HEADED approach is ‘good’?

            But there are private-sector remedies for failing businesses, such as bankruptcy,mediation, and re-organization.
            The first rule is ALLOW FAILING BUSINESS TO FAIL. without government interference or bail-outs.
            How else will they learn to succeed in the future??

            If a professional-sports team is not well-managed, or doesn’t have good-enough players, and coaches,… they LOSE GAMES! That’s the consequences of their decisions, effort, and mindset,…That’s life!

            It’s simply unfair (unjust) to simply STEAL PLAYERS, COACHES, and MANAGERS FROM WINNING TEAMS in order to prop-up the failing-team!
            And, the losing team will continue MAKING THE SAME MISTAKES,… UNLESS THERE ARE ‘CONSEQUENCES’ for their bad decisions, personnel, and practices. …for their failing-strategy.

            The FREE-MARKET-SYSTEM,… is a ‘profit’ -AND- a ‘LOSS’ system.
            BOTH profit-AND-loss are necessary components,.. in order for it to WORK!
            If the Government tries to take the ‘loss’ part of the equation OUT of the system,… THEN YOU ARE ON THE ROAD-TO-SERFDOM,.. Socialism,
            and economic failure!

            Any honest observer can see this happens throughout history,.. and around-the-world today!

            You probably believe that if you want-or-need something then somehow you are ENTITLED to have it at OTHER PEOPLE’S EXPENSE?? Another name for this is ‘STEALING’!

            This is IMMORAL!! And since Obama and the Democrat-Party present this ‘ENVY-based’ notion as acceptable (expedient) for gaining political-power,.. and there are a lot of immoral, ignorant, and selfish people like you, who also find it acceptable,… no matter what the destructive-consequences may be for other people, … hard-working people that must not only ‘pay-their-own-way’ but also suffer the GOVERNMENT TO ‘STEAL’ THEIR LABOR,.. in order to pay for dead-beats, and incompetents…..
            whether they be car-companies, that SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO FAIL,..
            or individuals, like YOU, who simply WANT A FREE-LUNCH!


            Other nations have tried-and-failed using this corrupt notion of economic ‘redistribution’. They have failed miserably. Because sooner-or-later you (and the Government) RUN-OUT-OF OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY!
            The ones stuck with the bill are our CHILDREN, and future generations!

            HERE are some of Mr. Obama’s so-called economic ‘repairs’;

            — less than 2% economic growth for 7 years running,

            — 94 million not-working full-time in American labor-force,.. the highest percentage since the ‘Great-Depression’.

            — Real unemployment, over 10%, nationally, for 7 years… highest since the ‘Great-Depression’.
            However a few States with free-market Republicans governing, have reduced unemployment to well-below the national-average,… in opposition-to and in-spite-of Mr. Obama’s policies and regulations.

            — National Debt,. $18.2 TRILLION,..and climbing fast. Obama has only added 7 trillion in 7 years … (still more than any other President. This is in spite of Congress’ Budget-sequester of 2011, BCA).
            The big problem is many of Obama’s policy costs and regulations (such as with Obama-care/ACA-$2 trillion boon-doggle) will not ‘kick-in’ until he leaves office,
            Again, there are good and sustainable free-market options to ACA,.. which
            would not create the debt-burdens of this disastrous program.

            — Increased regulations (and taxes) by EPA, and other Obama-directed non-elected-bureaucratic agencies have stifled growth of small businesses, and pushed many businesses out-of-country,.. which also increases debt of federal-government due to lost revenues.

            — highest capital-gains-tax in the world,.. forcing businesses out-of-country.

            — reduced government-permits for energy production (oil, natural gas, coal) by Obama. In spite of this, and schiester-actions by Obama-supporters, and schemers like George Soros, who’s buying-up coal-producing companies, which Obama-regulators have FORCED-OUT OF BUSINESS,….

            But PRIVATE energy companies are producing more oil, and natural gas, ..in spite of Obama-hindrances .. ,, which is helping reduce oil-prices.
            These reductions are IN-SPITE-OF,.. not because of Obama-policies!

            — Obama’s Dod-Frank banking ‘regulations’ are creating another glut of money kept ‘outside’ of the country, which is further depressing small-business growth.

            This is just a short list of how Mr. Obama’s WRONG-HEADED policies and ideas have diminished economic prosperity and growth.

            But you, and Mr. Obama DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT,..He only cares about the political-power that he has ‘weasled-out’ of naive, ignorant, and morally-confused people,.. ‘buying’ their support and loyalty with other-people’s-money,…and playing-on the most corrupt, flawed, and immoral aspects of
            human-nature. He uses ‘CLASS-WARFARE’, race-baiting, victim-hood, entitlement, ENVY, BITTERNESS,… etc.,.. but the worst is yet to come,

            since he’s opening the way for the despicable ideas, promoted by evil Islamic-Jihad of all stripes (Sunni, Shia, etc.),..
            . as well, as Homosexual-Jihad (homosexual-marriage), …
            and Environmental-Jihad (Climate-change FRAUD).
            All sorts of dark ideas (spirits) are promoted and fostered by this wolf-in-sheep’s clothing.
            ALL LIES,…. ALL THE TIME!

            Yes, Uzoozy,… YOU LOVE LIES!

            And it’s clear to see why.
            You that say you are well-versed in the basic-teachings of Christianity?
            WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?? From what you write, it’s clear that THE OPPOSITE of that statement is true.
            Your statement about the Bible as ,… ‘just a book about pornography, and things not to do in life.’
            .. tells me that you have NO UNDERSTANDING of the Bible, .. or the PRINCIPLES OF TRUTH OF THE BIBLE.

            If you have no understanding of the Bible,.. then what can you possibly understand about true Christianity?
            And who is this ‘one God’ that you pray to? Is it the ‘God of the Bible’? Or another God?

            You ask me who I ‘pray to’? If you really want to know truth, then I can explain a little further about my very close personal relationship with God,.. God of the Bible, The Creator of the Universe, of time-encased life (physical),,.. and of timeless life (spiritual),.. THROUGH Jesus Christ.

            This is by a ‘trust’ in what God has already done (through Jesus),.. His Love and acceptance of me.
            And because of what God has done in Jesus Christ, I’m not afraid to let myself trust Him, .. and know Him,… and learn from Him,… and receive understanding and truth from Him.

            He’s REAL,..and He gives REAL, TIMELESS LOVE,.. and He gives me His LIFE. He’s much closer than my breath,.

            . breathing is only needed for this physical-time-wrapped-life,… But He is ‘complete’ and He gives me complete love and real peace,… He’s with me ALWAYS,..EVEN WHEN MY BREATH ENDS,…
            EVEN WHEN TIME ENDS!

            He will give you HIS LIFE,… if you really want truth, and true understanding..if you want timeless love,. … His LIFE!

            But you must decide to humble your mind,.. and trust Him. ” God gives grace to the humble-soul,.. but resists the proud “.

            You must decide to trust the truths of the Bible,.. and ask God to show-you HIS purpose, and HIS love. And teach you what is real love. You must trust what Jesus Christ has done.
            I’m not talking about any church or version-of-Christianity you might have been exposed-to,… but only about what Jesus Christ has done for you,.. to show you God’s love,… and GIVE YOU GOD’S LIFE,..

            Ideas, Truth, and Courage MATTER!


          33. Uzoozy says

            Thank you for the elongated sermon.
            God does not or will need a partner and whosoever joins one to God is actually called blasphemy.
            God in all His wisdom does not need a son. He says be and it IS.
            The Lord so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son for the world.. Begotten son now has been taken out of the bible.
            I pray to the God of Abraham, Moses Noah and other prophets.
            I am not deceived, true love comes from God and not Jesus(a holy man).
            You live in a world that says Believe in Jesus and you will see eternal life.
            Cannot be true because I can believe in Jesus and commit heinous crimes and will still go to heaven. I have heard many explanations which are no use.
            Best of luck in your life, may your life comes up to your expectations.
            God bless.

          34. boydasmith says

            Thanks for your good wishes, Uzoozy.

            However, you are still very deceived by lies! Are you a Muslim? Your disjointed comments, and irrational beliefs show a complete MISREAD,.. AND MISUNDERSTANDING of the Bible,.. and principles of truth of the Bible.
            How did you arrive at such a bizarre, and ignorant view?
            You have let yourself be deceived by moral-darkness LIARS!

            You sound like an ISLAMIST? You’ve lost your good sense,.. and if you don’t change your mind and direction,…in the end will lose your soul.
            It’s not too late for you to change course,..SEEK TRUTH AND LIFE!

            The God of ABRAHAM, MOSES, NOAH,..and prophets of the Bible IS REVEALED in Jesus Christ,.. and validated by THE HOLY SPIRIT. All of these men LOOKED FORWARD to the coming ‘promise’ of God,.. God’s Salvation was promised through ‘THE SEED OF ABRAHAM, WHO ( not seeds, plural,.. but SEED, a single person,..the Messiah, Yeshua/Jesus)
            WOULD BRING GOD’S ‘LIFE’ TO THE WORLD,.. to any who chose to ‘trust’ Him.

            You need to find a Bible and begin to study it afresh,.. without the poisonous ideas that you have indoctrinated you to falsehood! Your mind has been POISONED WITH LIES. You must ask The Holy Spirit to show you truth!

            The ‘spirit’ that you have chosen to believe and follow IS NOT THE GOD OF ABRAHAM,… The dark spirit (idea) you have yielded your mind to is THE DECEIVER OF MANKIND,… referred-to in the Bible as LUCIFER,.. and his dark, false ideas (spirits). .. better known as SATAN,.. this father of
            Lies, leads humanity with moral destruction, and death.
            Dark spirits (ideas) have persuaded you to ‘believe’ his lies,.. which are usually couched as half-truths.
            It’s easy for him to deceive many minds using ‘half-truths’, incomplete, and missing information,.. attaching misreads to emotions, and desire for ‘justice’,.. without showing or allowing the WHOLE TRUTH (the complete story). He often
            ridicules any attempt at real and complete truth.

            I hear absurd, incomplete, and mistaken ideas in your words. Your ideas have been distorted by misreads, mistakes, misunderstandings…. planted in a mind
            contaminated with bitter-fear,.. afraid to allow ‘real trust’ in God, and His principles of truth of the Bible.

            The Bible is not ‘the meal’,..
            it’s only the MENU, which can guide us to experience the REAL MEAL,..
            which is His LIFE,.. God’s love and peace, through trust in His Salvation,.. which is ONLY availed in His Son (Jesus Christ),..and through His ‘work’,..
            and through our ‘trust’ in His work.
            Again, I’m not talking about ‘religion’,. or necessarily about ‘religious Christianity’,..but about God’s principles of truth,.. and His LIFE,.. which is found through willing and fearless trust in what Jesus Christ has done.

            But that proposition is simply not validated in the Bible.
            Neither in the ‘Old Testament’ (Torah, Law of Moses, Prophets,
            History, and Psalms),.. nor in the ‘New Testament’,..which explains, what is
            ‘the WORK’ of Jesus Christ,.. and how we can ‘trust’ His work, ..and thereby ‘find’ LIFE!

            There are many other ‘religious’ systems which require the follower ‘to work’ ,in order to EARN GOD’S ACCEPTANCE.
            ALL other human-wisdom-based religious systems are flawed, because they DEPEND ON ‘SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS’.
            But how can a flawed human ‘work-enough’ to remove ‘sin’ (flawed-nature) from himself???
            SELF-HONESTY quickly shows you that THIS IS AN IMPOSSIBLE TASK!
            Inherent sin (flawed) nature is only an ‘indicator’,… a ‘barometer’ of a deeper-problem,… WHICH IS INHERENT ‘DEATH’.

            The real spiritual-problem is not the symptoms-of-moral-DEATH,..
            which is the sometimes outward manifestation of ‘sin’,.. with all kinds of misbehavior, misunderstanding,. and absence of love ,..
            but rather DEATH-ITSELF!
            Which is why moral-death had to be dealt-with, and eliminated.
            But flawed, sinful, humans CAN’T DO THIS THEMSELVES
            ,.. though many try through SELF-RIGHTEOUS acts, sacrifices, and religious rituals and means.
            You, and all humans,.. will ALWAYS FALL SHORT in this task!

            This ‘falling-short’ has many examples shown in the Bible, as the Bible depicts the unending struggle in human-nature. Even in those people that God chose
            for the manifestation of His Salvation,.. the Jewish-people,.. the descendants of ABRAHAM-ISAAC-JACOB (ISRAEL).,.. along with all humans,,.. there’s
            always sin (flawed-nature).
            It shows the futility of our OWN HUMAN-EFFORT.
            This then is the ‘set-up’, and explanation of WHY God came to us HIMSELF,.. through the manifestation of His Son, Jesus Christ,.. for a

            When Abraham was prepared to sacrifice his son, Isaac,.. He didn’t fully-understand what God’s purpose was for doing it,..but he believed that God would raise Isaac from death.
            But this was only a picture,.. a preview ,… a prophetic-view of God’s plan of Salvation. At the last moment, God stopped Abraham,.. and was saying,
            NOT YOUR SON, ABRAHAM,.. BUT ‘MY’ SON,
            NEVER TO DIE AGAIN.

            Romans chapter 5:9,10,.. “By His (Jesus Christ’s) death we are justified,..
            So it’s not the death of Christ that saves us — He died for the sins of ALL people,..but not all people will choose to trust Him —-
            it’s HIS ‘LIFE’ that Saves us!
            So until you receive HIS LIFE,.. through trust in what He has done,.. you are still DEAD in sin, even if you claim to be Christian, ..or are very religious.

            Only the humble-soul, will allow his soul and ‘will’ to trust ‘God’s work’ and purpose – through Jesus Christ,…. and not rely on our own efforts at righteousness.,,.. but allow God to love others THROUGH us.

            There is a process in place in God’s plan to deal with physical-death, which comes in future events as prophesied in the Bible.

            There’s much more I can explain,..but I only give a brief synopsis now.

            What do you understand about the Bible? It doesn’t sound like you understand anything,.. about flawed human-nature (sin),.. and what is the right remedy (God’s Salvation, Not Man’s efforts to save
            himself),.. spiritual and physical DEATH,… and it’s REMEDY — WHICH IS GOD’S LIFE!

            You seem to keep God ‘at a distance’,.. and don’t want to have a close-connection to God?? Is that what you really want?
            If you don’t want to know God,.. then you certainly ALREADY HAVE THAT EXPERIENCE NOW..
            But God WANTS YOU TO KNOW HIM,… you must decide,.. you must CHOOSE for ‘LIFE’,.. OR,… FOR ‘DEATH’.

            At the present time, you have chosen for ‘death’,… BUT YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR MIND!

            And the true God of Abraham,.. can make it possible for you to know HIM in a close-relationship of trust and love,.. BUT ONLY IF YOU WANT TO TRUST HIM,.. AND NOT BE AFRAID OF IT! … just as Abraham did.

            The God of Abraham will not FORCE HIMSELF ON YOU. That is not the nature of love,.. and the God of Abraham’s nature is love.

            Do you know what love truly is? It’s not a feeling,.. an emotion,.. an affection
            (or sexual-affection). God’s love,.. real love, .. timeless love is about
            ‘do-the-right’,.. according to the ‘principles of truth of the Bible’.
            To care about others,.. and let God love them THROUGH you.

            Not according to emotion, bitterness, ‘human-wisdom’,… or false, dark-spirits (ideas),..
            but according to the principles of truth of the Bible.
            It’s not about ‘human-effort’,.. or keeping rules, regulations, or rituals ‘religiously’.

            It’s about GOD’S LOVE WORKING AND LIVING ‘IN-AND-THROUGH’ THOSE WHO ‘TRUST’ HIM,.. through what JESUS CHRIST has done.

            Many people can ‘say’,…” I’m a Christian”,.. but it doesn’t mean that they are.
            It doesn’t even mean that they understand basic principles of truth of the Bible?
            If you try to base your judgment-of truth of the Bible on what someone who ‘says’ they are a Christian does, or says…
            then it’s YOUR JUDGMENT which is flawed!
            It’s very usual in this world for people to mistakenly
            OR intentionally say one thing, and mean another.

            The dark-spirit that rules your mind at present has a very easy time using such obvious tactics to dissuade you from seeking truth. If you really WANT TO KNOW TRUTH,.. you’ll have to disregard easy-claims to ‘Christianity’, and seek the truth at the source, yourself.

            Regardless of historical-claims to Christianity,.. (and you must acknowledge many variant-beliefs within this moniker),.. there’s a common-thread to those that have some understanding of truth,..and that is the Bible.
            Access-to,.. teaching-from,… and availability-of the Bible has played a big
            role in rudimentary understanding of ‘principles of truth of the Bible’
            Of course much persecution has been done to people who wished to gain more understanding of these principles of truth BY OTHERS WHO CLAIM TO BE CHRISTIANS (but had no understanding about God’s
            truth of the Bible),.. or other beliefs, or political agenda.
            From a tactical-standpoint, it’s easy to see how this is a much-used and effective strategy by spiritual-darkness,.. in order to discourage people from following a path that leads to truth!

            It’s obviously affected your path,…
            and early in my life it also dissuaded me, as I also stumbled in moral darkness for many years. But if you have a genuine desire and love for truth,
            you’ll eventually find that path which leads through the Bible, and
            to it’s principles of truth.
            The main principle,… is God’s love,.. and HOW we can connect with His love and LIFE.
            It’s through Jesus Christ’s ‘work’,.. and trust in Him.

            On the other side of judgment, is the principle that God judges ‘the living and the dead’. You or I don’t know what is the future decisions, or what ideas they will trust,… of any individual,.. ONLY GOD KNOWS THIS.
            Human nature loves to judge and condemn others,… even while we ourselves do something wrong. If someone misbehaves criminally, we have civil and criminal courts for crime and punishment.
            Human courts and justice are far-from-perfect,.. but they present some limit on human-nature, and actions. But is always based-on some form of punishment, in order to achieve some behavior. These laws can’t change the person’s morality,.. but only outward expressions are limited.
            ONLY The Holy Spirit can teach us true wisdom, truth, and understanding
            about love and Life.
            Some ‘laws’ of men turn-out to be immoral. Such as the American Supreme-Court recently (at the behest of 5 flawed people’s opinion,.. 2 of them installed by Mr. Obama,.. who call themselves ‘judges’,
            but who are immoral Leftists, having worse judgment than any 5 people picked at-random from any city phone-book),.. by circumventing our LEGAL legislative-process, have ‘pronounced’ Homosexual-marriage ‘legal’,… against the wishes of the vast majority of the American people.
            … thanks to Mr. Obama.

            Depending on the people and culture, there’s also variance in morality, and codes-of-justice.It will never be perfect.
            Human systems that PRETEND to speak for God,.. like Sharia Law,.. turn out to be very immoral,because they ignore ‘principles of truth of the Bible’.
            And the ‘cure’ turns-out to be worse than the disease.

            In our personal dealings, and as a Christian who trusts in the guidance of The Holy Spirit, which is validated by ‘principles of truth of the Bible’ ,… and God’s love,.. I seek to allow God’s love to work in-and-though me,.. in order to help others understand more clearly about God’s love.

            This REAL LOVE OF GOD is impossible to understand or know without ‘trust’ in Him,.. the Creator of the physical Universe,.. as well unseen (spiritual) Life.
            If you do decide to trust Him,.. it will be BECAUSE YOU WANT HIS ‘LIFE’!

            Ideas, Truth, and Courage MATTER!


          35. Uzoozy says

            Bro you are full of s…t.
            you have a lot of time for all the non sensible frankly I do not have time yo read it.
            God dB bless you, and you do need it, you are out of your rocker.
            Take care Islam is the your solution

          36. boydasmith says


            Your confused, angry, and fearful reaction is to be expected, since you have thus far chosen to follow, and deem ‘true’ the false ideas (dark spirits), which inevitably lead to moral/spiritual DEATH.

            You have CHOSEN death, rather than LIFE,. due to your hard-heart-ed and stiff-necked VULGAR-PRIDE.
            It’s very sad to see you chose the path of destructive foolishness,.. while ‘believing’ it is the ‘path-to-peace’. … VERY SAD, INDEED,… FOR YOU.

            But those who ‘LOVE LIES’,.. must reject truth,… God,.. love,..and true peace.
            You have a little more time in this physical life, with which to repent of your pride. At present you are BLINDED by despicable lies,.. FALSE IDEAS (DARK SPIRITS),..and the demon-spirit of Islam.

            You have read my words,… not because you ‘want-to’,.. or ‘have-time-to’,… but because the TRUE God of peace, … the TRUE God of Abraham, .. is simply making another attempt to get your attention,… to speak to you,…and guide you to the RIGHT PATH!… BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU!!

            All of the vulgar curses, anger, confusion, ridicule, or disparaging within your blinded-soul CAN NOT turn God’s Love away from reaching-in to you with His TRUTH.
            Just because you’ve not ‘heard’, or thought-about truth,.. OR UNDERSTOOD THESE IDEAS,… It doesn’t mean that God has withdrawn His Holy Spirit,… or His truth.

            Just because your heart(will) and soul (mind) pig-head-ed-ly refuses, and stubbornly opposes God’s true purpose for your life,… it doesn’t mean that God has withdrawn His love and care from you.

            You have a little time in this life,… use it wisely.

            I don’t have time to write long explanations of God’s purpose and truth,… but God DOES HAVE TIME, and He has given me a little more time in this life,… and HE has purposed for me to write to you,….. for your sake.

            I trust God’s purpose,.. love,.. and time, which He has given to me to share truthful ideas with you,.. for your edification.
            May His ‘will’ be done in your life.

            You have a little time in this life,… for deciding which spirit (idea) you ‘will’ adhere to. … Choose wisely.

            Ideas, Truth, Love and Courage MATTER!


          37. C6Vette says

            Agreed it is quite obvious where his Head is at!!! Surprised he did not say “Death To Amerika”! “Allah Be Great” Dahhhhhhhhhh

          38. 570ben says

            That one judge had better hurry. I only watch him on TV thinking that I may just see some one in the crowd take him down. He is not human.

          39. Uzoozy says

            Soetoe is the best President Ameerica ever had.

          40. Uzoozy says

            It was Bush that did that and his prick Avp

        2. rich says

          Sharon, the worst part of his plan is that it will probably happen. He is slowly squeezing the life out of us like a constrictor snake. There are too many people in politics who are with him and they won’t realize they made a mistake until it’s too late and he already has them subdued too.

          1. sharon says

            Congress and the Senate are not stupid, they know what that scum Obama really is, and they just don’t care about Americans. those that let this fascists dog do as he please need to be voted out next election. We need someone to make a list of all those cowards and scum in both houses that voted with Obama and get them out.

          2. rich says

            I could not agree with you more! But the big problem, as we can see right now, is the GOP cannot stick together on much of anything unless it’s what they want. Now we have Mr. Trump doing all kinds of good things in the polls because he is for exactly what the people want, but because he’s not establishment Republican they are trying to kick him out. Very bad move because if he goes 3rd Party we will have NO chance next year. All Trump said was that he wants a fair chance at the party’s nomination or he will jump. What are they afraid of, that he will turn this country back to the powerful and moral country it once was?

          3. Mary Xiques says

            They’re afraid that Jeb (the anointed one) will not win!

          4. rich says

            No question about it!

          5. fred says

            “They” plan who will get the power of the potus job many election cycles in advance, I’m convinced, and they do not control Trump, so he will not get the blessing of the “establishment” which also includes the MSM who is very fearful of his rise in the polls, because he is not on the “menu”! I just hope they don’t eliminate him in some way before he has a chance to show what he can do…

          6. rich says

            Fred, your last statement is what concerns me.

          7. fred says

            Oh yeah Rich, there is going to be a battle trying to discredit Trump from all sides bc he is not as easily bought (hopefully!) as the career politicians he’s running against on both sides!

          8. rich says

            fred, I think you got it right on that! Trump has stated that he doesn’t want money from donations because he already has what he needs. That’s why the GOP isn’t in love with him- because they won’t be able to buy him off!

          9. fred says

            Exactly Rich! I like Trump a lot more than I liked Ross Perot back in the 90’s! If it weren’t for Perot, Clinton would never have been president!

          10. rich says

            You’re right. Perot beat H.W. and that’s exactly what will happen if Trump goes 3rd Party. The GOP better not mess with him and I don’t care that he signed that stupid pact.

          11. fred says

            Things could get very messy for Clinton legally, and I hate biden, but if he runs, no way she gets the nomination…Trump is no Perot (i mean that in a positive way!), we all know the demos must go this time or it’s over for life as we once knew it ever returning for us!

          12. trump blast says

            1 how do you buy a rich man????

            2 even IF some organization was to try preplanning the next president they must by the nature of life over look some little thing!! such as they say lets put in the other clinton 7 years ago ! but fail to see her over aggressive flaunting of the laws and the constitution ?? or the uproar over the last 7 years abuse of power of the last preordained president !!! so now we are watching more closely hopefully the they you speak of will go under cover for 12 years or so and we can protect the people and the constitution with new laws against that kind of tampering!!!!

          13. fred says

            I think our only hope of reform of the entire electoral process is to impose Term Limits of One Term for every elected office, they have One Month to run and no more than a million dollars to spend for ANY Campaign, including potus! I still like Trump for the exact reason i believe he really does want to pay it back by fixing so many of the real problems we have with being a sinking third world backwater because of so many career criminals (politicians, lobbyists, lawyers and aides) operating as foreign agents in DC! A MAJOR house cleaning is in order if we have a chance to recover from the damage done in the last 20+ years since Reagan was in office…

          14. trump blast says

            1 we actually have a term limiter it’s called elections but too many voters are lazy so if it is working don’t mess with it seems to be the norm!2 Trump as a business owner he does know what is wrong with this nation on a business view point but how about a workers view point??? or a home owners view point? there is more wrong here than I care to put in type as it would fill a small book so if it’s to be Trump he needs people from all walks of life in his retinue to cover all the problems of the present USA!!!

          15. fred says

            i certainty don’t view Trump as the best person in this country for the job, I DO think he may be the best in the current field in terms of understanding what “workers and homeowners” experience in our patently unfair system of taxes and voting! Until we resolve the “career politician” issue we are going to have despots and criminal narcissist manipulating OUR system to their advantage every single time they have the chance! Do you honestly think they will vote themselves a reduction in the number of terms a Congressman or senator may serve? Dream on, my friend!

          16. trump blast says

            they don’t have too as I said if the lazy voters would get off their collective asses and vote they would be gone!!! but then most of those lazy voters are getting something for nothing just to be lazy !!!so maybe it’s time to stage a revolt and arrest all of those that have been in office for4 terms or more!! and put forth a citizens
            bill of intent to have a ratifying of a call of distrust for all laws written over the last 100 years !!

          17. fred says

            Agreed! However, i’d like to see us go back about 150 years so we could deal with the bad laws made after the Civil war!

          18. trump blast says

            as long as the anti slavery laws stayed along with all the rights of a citizen for all natural born vrs immigrant ( presidential laws /requirements ) stay the same

          19. trump blast says

            as I said the term limiter is the voters not some term limit law as we have for the president!!! but we have a very dangerous man there now and he might if given the chance pull a Marshal law grab and suspend the elections indefinitely thus becoming a ruler rather than a president so keep an eye out for that scam !!!!! I once ask who would vote for an old navy veteran and not one single answer came back so there is your hope for change!!!??

          20. Roger Short says

            As I’ve said before, I’m very disgusted, and ashamed of most of the GOP candidates, because, as Arnold would say, they are “girly man!” They are cowardly wimps, who are so afraid that the liberal media won’t be nice to them, so they have no balls! Trump, on the other hand, tells the media what I would tell them, to go screw yourselves! He puts them in their place, and they don’t know how to deal with him, because he is not the least bit intimidated by those liberal azzholes! We need more candidates like Trump! There is a reason why he is leading in the polls, and has been so popular, and the others should figure out why!

          21. Elad says

            By the time of the next election, you won’t recognize hardly anything about the U.S. that we see getting destroyed more everyday. In the next six month our lives are going to change rapidly and not for our betterment. Drastic changes are forthcoming and soon.

          22. DaveM says

            Time for the revolution! shut the little bas-turd-os up and let the people solve the deed! Firing squad, baseball bat with nails, stick, rocks, or my favorite suffocation through poison gas!

          23. rich says

            Do I read ‘dictatorship’ in your post?

          24. harry says

            no dictatorship we the people would really revolt then and I really do not want that to happen ….We lost enough loyal Americans in the civil war which set the blacks in this country free why do they continue to bitch…No white ,black ,Asian or any other color just “Americans” they all have to learn that or leave our great country !!!!

          25. DaveM says

            All of them need to be charged with treason!

          26. Roger Short says

            The fact is, Sharon, that most of the worst azzholes in congress, who ought to be voted out, know that they will get re-elected, because their constituency is so STUPID!

          27. rfrichey says

            The people with him! Ignorant, ignorant and more ignorant!

        3. Elad says

          Something is needed that is more than impeachment, impeachment is only a slap on the wrist, it is worthless if it does’t remove him from office. What did impeachment do to Slick Willie Clinton ?

          1. DaveM says

            Charge them with the truth…treason!

        4. Lobo says

          AND,what has this (so called Congress done)??? They are a gaggle of taxpayer parasites they have no power,they gave it to Obama and his thugs,who has been selected and installed in hi position of govt.by Obama AND Congress DOES not,WILL not DO what they elected to do,the will of the American people!!!!!!!!
          NO more LIFE long sponging off the taxpayer,ONE term and you are OUT.Of course this will not happen ,because THEY make the rules,WITHOUT the peoples approval!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They show NO production for what they do,(if anything at all)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. sharon says

            The people are not even paying attention to what that fascist Obama is even doing. Most couldn’t tell you who the vice President is. They vote for free, however nothing is free, that clown is taking their freedom and they are to stupid to know it most of them. Obama will have the NWO in here taking over before the clown is done, and I bet they don’t even notice until it’s to late  The cowards in Congress are bought and paid for by that clown Obama and Soros.

        5. Proud US vet/American says

          Impeached? Why not tar and feathered in the town square, then hung from the nearest light pole and left for all to see what happens to traitors of this country?
          Too harsh? NaaaaH!
          MOLON LABE

          1. ELAINE MARZANO says


        6. Aunt Dot says


          1. sharon says

            Obama is part of the NWO that he and Soros are trying to shove down Americans throats, and most of the morons are falling for it.

        7. David Gearhart says

          This is scary, since Obama refuses to call ISIS terrorist and calls the majority of American terrorist, who then is he planning to lock up?

          1. sharon says

            Soon enough that fascist will try to lock everyone up who disagrees with his Muslim NWO agenda.

        8. abobinmn says

          All the while the racist communist Muslim Obama allows the Muslims of America (MOA) to operate at least 22 Islamic paramilitary training camps on US soil right now.

        9. Uzoozy says

          Dont forget Gitmo the people are still there being water boarded and harassed. Abu Gharib,pintrasi

          1. sharon says

            They could water board those dogs all day and night and I wouldn’t care.I am talking about real Americans, not some Muslim dogs.

          2. Uzoozy says

            With your bad attitude you got what you deserved. Need two hands to clap.

      5. Kinch says

        Pinocchiobama won ONLY because he is black, the first chance to vote for a black.
        Remember. He went to Rev(?). Wright’s church that preached hating us, then lied about going there for 20 years. Rev(?( Wright said he lied. A liar from the start. Remember, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your med. plan. And this insane deal with Iran, giving them everything they want. How UN- American can somebody be?

        1. trump blast says

          he worked under Alinsky doing his foot work while in college !!

          “The means-and-ends moralists, constantly obsessed with the ethics of the means used by the Have-Nots against the Haves, should search themselves as to their real political position. In fact, they are passive — but real — allies of the Haves…. The most unethical of all means is the non-use of any means… The standards of judgment must be rooted in the whys and wherefores of life as it is lived, the world as it is, not our wished-for fantasy of the world as it should be….” pp.25-26

          “The third rule of ethics of means and ends is that in war the end justifies almost any means….” p.29

          “The seventh rule… is that generally success or failure is a mighty determinant of ethics….” p.34

          “The tenth rule… is you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral garments…. It involves sifting the multiple factors which combine in creating the circumstances at any given time… Who, and how many will support the action?… If weapons are needed, then are appropriate d weapons available? Availability of means determines whether you will be underground or above ground; whether you will move quickly or slowly…” p.36

          Notes: Apparently, Michelle Obama referred to these words during her Democratic National Convention speech:

          “She said, ‘Barack stood up that day,’ talking about a visit to Chicago neighborhoods, ‘and spoke words that have stayed with me ever since. He talked about ‘The world as it is’ and ‘The world as it should be…’ And, ‘All of us driven by a simple belief that the world as it is just won’t do – that we have an obligation to, fight for the world as it should be.

          1. Granny Filec says

            TB: What it boils down to is the idiots of the USA voted in an illegal racist muslim dictator… That means he was voted in by crooked machines, illegals, idiots, dead people, and more idiots. They would not let the military vote with absentee votes. The military hates the illegal muslim & he knew this & kept them from voting.

          2. trump blast says

            as I stated earlier the nazi educated masses are no longer able to tell right from wrong long ago even 18year olds believe that the social system is the best way to go as one black teen told me the constitution did not apply to blacks as white slave owners wrote it so wrap your mind around that one for a while

        2. fred says

          The electronic voting machines in most states cannot be audited ON PURPOSE by Diebold and others, so as far as I’m concerned, there was voter fraud and there was “programming fraud” by many to ensure the criminal born in kenya would have the chance to ruin us as he is still trying to do…

      6. Sol_of_Texas says

        I have great admiration for the Japaneses, in general. The USA cannot condemn any person’s religious practices. But the USA cannot condone terrorism either. The Bill of Rights cannot be subverted for convenience.

        1. fred says

          The States supposedly incorporating sharia law should rethink that conflict of any religion and the state it sponsors, if in fact they are allowing such a conflict to exist, ANY religion should not influence lawmakers to lie, cheat, murder, and deceive like the Muslim cult endorses in their teachings.

          1. Sol_of_Texas says

            The States cannot “incorporate” Sharia law. The Constitution is the supreme law of the country and cannot be superseded by Sharia.. *Religious organizations* can try to influence lawmakers (all citizens and persons can try). The lawmakers must execute their oaths to uphold the Constitution and laws of the United States. They can be impeached and removed if they fail to uphold their sacred oath.

          2. Granny Filec says

            Nothing sacred about the muslim racist dictator. His oath was on the Quran, not the bible.

          3. Sol_of_Texas says

            The sacred oath is to themselves, their fellow citizens, and to nature’s God. Our President and elected leadership do not pledge an oath to the Bible (meaning the New and Old Testaments, I presume) but to nature’s God and the US Constitution. It is something that transcends the Bible and those who claim to represent God on earth. It is a direct connection and obligation to God.

            “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God”
            See http://www.heritage.org/constitution/#!/articles/2/essays/85/oath-of-office

            “”I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
            US Constitution Article 2 Section 1 Clause 8″

            “We, therefore, the Representatives of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the World for the Rectitude of our Intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly Publish and Declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be, FREE AND INDEPENDENT STATES, that they are absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political Connection between them and the State of Great-Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as FREE AND INDEPENDENT STATES, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which INDEPENDENT STATES may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

            Declaration of Independence, (Final) Paragraph 32

          4. Granny Filec says

            Always thought people in Texas were smart, but you must be one of those Wetbacks. Why do they place their hands on the BIBLE idiot. It means that they are pledging to GOD & legal USA Citizens that their word is good, which BOZO’s is not. He is a racist muslim illegal dictator, and that is why he carried the Quran on his swearing in day. You are no REP of the USA, and your ancestors should never have reproduced. BY THE WAY…..YOU SURE DO PASTE & COPY GOOD WITH OTHER LIBTURDS STATEMENTS.

          5. Sol_of_Texas says

            If your views represent those of the founders and framers of our American Republic (but they don’t) , then I would be ashamed to call myself an American.

            I am also weary of suffering fools.

          6. trump blast says

            the quaran is not a bible i

        2. David in MA says

          but, immigration can be controlled AND LIMITED, or halted.

          1. Sol_of_Texas says

            Sure – but it follows that you suggest ending and limiting tourism and business exchange in so doing.

          2. David in MA says

            Do you advocate “limiting tourism and business” and losng the nation to islam?

          3. Sol_of_Texas says

            I am not sure I follow … are you saying we “either ‘limit tourism and business exchange’ or ‘lose the nation to islam’ “?

            If we stop trade and completely close the borders, are we not admitting the militant islamists have already succeeded? Are we not also emulating the USSR and DDR in behavior? Is that what America must become to “survive” as a nation-state?

          4. David in MA says

            Stopping or limiting immigration has nothing to do with trade, it stops muslims and islam. AND, if other countries can control their immigration why do they expect America not to?

          5. Sol_of_Texas says

            All sovereign, states by the definition of “sovereignty” are expected to control immigration and enforce the laws of their jurisdictions. The USA attempts to control immigration, but not in a sincere way.

            As something to consider, when traveling to Canada or Mexico, I have never needed to apply for a Visa, which is a means of enforcing immigration law.

          6. David in MA says

            I don’t know about Mexico but to go to Canada you need a passport or your BC.
            But the issue is, does America have open borders like Obama wants or are we sovereign and can control who enters America, if not, America is lost.?

          7. Sol_of_Texas says

            Yes. If immigration is not controlled than I am not sure exactly what America is other than (what Progressives view as outdated), a concept embracing personal liberty self-reliance, and self-government.

          8. trump blast says

            the closing off of trade is one of the main causes of the great depression so that will only hasten the next one as for the invaders yes we need to stop them but not the real travelers that might spend vacation money here rather than trying to get work here!!!

      7. Dexter L. Wilson says

        Remember that his name from Indonesia was Barry Soetoro and obtained the opportunity to become a foreign student to Occidental College.

      8. Alan404 says

        Given the more than sufficient LEGITIMATE gripes that one could have with Mr.Obama, I tend to wonder as to why some people keep beating the likely FALSE drum of the fellow having been born in Kenya.

        1. fred says

          watch this and follow the threads to MANY more, are ALL of them lies? If you have any education at all, you will come to the same questions I did…


      9. ELAINE MARZANO says

        we should have done this a long time ago. I really think and feel it is my fault that i could not get the people of America to listen to what we were trying to tell them. but there is not much you can do when all they want to do is write and post or argue with everyone on about the same stupid stuff day after day. instead of saying what should we be doing to help.

        1. trump blast says

          ???HOW???! IMPEACHMENT COMES FROM IN THE SENATE!!!! and there are not enough fresh senators are not enough in number to over ride the old farts

          1. ELAINE MARZANO says

            they willl allways find an excuse not to IMPEACH.

          2. trump blast says

            the ones that would don’t posses the needed numbers to get anywhere as the democrats are still in a large enough number to block !!! add to that Biden would then be president and on a high track for reelection for the democrats over h c

          3. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I thought that would not be a problem since they are starting to leave the flock. My god they are kiding about Biden. an you imagine another clinton playing house under the oval office desk. Talk about disaster that would be like political suicide.

          4. trump blast says

            no they won’t kid about biden after h crashes and burns over Bengasi

          5. ELAINE MARZANO says

            the way i understood it the democrate’s were leaving the protection of BO on a regular basis . they are no longer playing his game. i could be wrong and this could all be a play from his play book. to throw us off.

          6. ELAINE MARZANO says

            try thinking positive for a change. we need to do that on a regular basis.. did you see hilliary is back demanding. she doesn’t realize she is in no position to demand anything.she better get some humility. She is on self destruct And might i add she is doing a great job for the first time in her life. she is doing something right.

          7. trump blast says

            I don’t quit hoping for changes I just state the truth as for hc she has more trouble than a one armed gator wrestler !!! they found some top secrete files on her unsecured sever that she claimed had none??? as we all know as Secretary of state she had access to very high level files all had to be top secrete and her unsecured sever was connected tho the secured servers of the government thus making an easy entrance for hackers to use!!! is that not treasonous????

          8. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Hey, i told you a long time ago she was on self destruct. she will never make i t to the end. i saw her on tv tonight . my god she was s o sweet it was sickeningShe was rtalking about how she would go forwalks in th evening and no one knew who she was. snd onr night some lady and her daughter asked i f she would mind taking their picture in front of the white house. sha said sure. and she did. that was the extent of her kindness.

      10. Robert Wilson says


      11. Uzoozy says

        He is a good man

    5. Phyllis says

      Thank you for printing that one…I haven’t done any research on it but was wondering if there was a nation with enough integrity to say No to these creeps…one of the biggest takeovers in this country by muslims is the medical profession in every state and county…and it was so easy…

      1. JOY IN TUCSON says

        i refuse any voluntary treatment by a person whose name i can’t pronounce…there ARE American doctors and dentists….

        1. Phyllis says

          Joy, I understand what you are saying but there are many, many seniors and veterans who are not in a position to do what you are doing but I am happy to learn there are those who have been able to keep their doctor and pronounce their name..

          1. JOY IN TUCSON says

            thank you Phyllis…i am certain there are still a FEW American doctors on staff for seniors/veterans…but the list is dwindling…thanks to the pos in the WH

        2. Aylagh MacAnnadh says

          Come on now, that’s not entirely fair. I use the Irish Gaelic spelling of my last name as did my father. MacAnnadh. It is still pronounced McCann but it is not spelled the ‘English’ way. I graduated from Trinity in Dublin with my M.D.. Just as there are Americans with the first name of Sean (pronounced Shawn)……….there are quite a few examples……

          1. JOY IN TUCSON says

            you are splitting hairs here…and your name..(.the Mac gave away the Irish) and is NOT a muslim name…thank you.

    6. Ed says

      The problem….the president is one as is most of his staff thanks to American stupidity!

    7. Lance Lucius says

      I think you are absolutly correct. Lock and Load.
      Semper Fi

      1. LastGasp says

        Moving targets! OOURAAAHH!

    8. Chris Robinette says

      Closet Muslim????????? Barry Soetoro is an active Islamic protecting and supporting them in every way he can. Remember these statements??? The most sweetest sound is the call to prayer. AND “I will not go against my muslim brothers.” Closet my ass.

      1. bytheway4 says

        Chris, I don’t know if anyone bothered reading it but Carly Fiorins said the same. She said that Isliam is beautiful, please keep away from

    9. Karen says

      How do the citizens of Japan put up with this? (sarcasim) To think they actually put the citizens above the enemy! How can they get away with such UN-political correctness? How can they keep these people so oppressed and not cater to their needs? I’m sure all the LIBERALS (ha, ha, ha, ha, giggle) must be on the verge of a breakdown! Come to think of it, we may need to send our next elected president there for about 6 months to learn how this is accomplished!

    10. George Cahonna says

      AHHHH….Turn9..Doing your research I see…….VERY GOOD documentation!!!!

      1. Bob666 says

        To back it lacks accuracy.

    11. Terry Rushing says

      I’ve never been a fan or admirer of the Japanese but in this case they are clearly head and shoulders above us in the muzzie problem. Too bad our “leader” and his chief advisor are closet case muzzies. I suppose the first thing to do after “ears” is gone would to be to stop ALL immigration and let the INS conduct background investigations which were not done on all the muzzies that this administration allowed in under UN “orders”.

    12. Angelo koljenovic says

      There is a mind frame in Japan that Islam is a very narrow minded religion and one should stay away from it.” so it War II, about 3,860 kamikaze pilots died, and about 19% of .Japans Air-force and Muslim have Lerner Bombing from them and Russians 1917 revolutions so don’t be stupid.

      1. Jimmy Quick says

        Turn is not being stupid. In WW11 the Japanese were forced by their emperor to engage the US because he (the emperor) felt he had been insulted by the west. The Japanese worshiped the emperor under Shinto, a religion that makes the emperor God, just as your religion has done with Ala, the moon god.

        The fact that neither are really God doesn’t seem to have much effect on the minds of the brainwashed and beaten masses, so you go on in your backward way, lying and murdering all the way to Hell. Once you get there it’s too late to do anything about it, but be happy it’s not the “Lake of Fire”. That comes next after you stand in front of the real God and He asks you why you killed His messengers that He sent to save you from your own stupidity.

      2. LastGasp says

        You should go back to standing on the corner bobbing for nickels. You are a very poor troll and an insult to humanity.

    13. Angelo koljenovic says

      You shod learn a lot by doing some study that Muslims are the highest educated citizens on the land i US from.

      1. Jimmy Quick says

        Big deal. You can put lipstick and a dress on a pig and it is still gonna roll in the mud. You people are Satan worshipers. Always have been and always will be.

        That won’t change just because you dress it up and call it a religion.

        I got another one for you to ponder if you think you can handle it… Muslim men commit more acts of bestiality than any other religious sect. So, what do you think of that?

        1. Btty says

          Very true. Poor Goats and camels! Lets call Peta! Give them something to do with their free time.

          1. Bob666 says


        2. LastGasp says

          You know what they call a muslim with a goat and a camel?

      2. LastGasp says

        You certainly aren’t, are you sherlock? You should learn to read and write before trolling here. Muzzies can’t be very smart if they have you for a spokesperson.

    14. sherri palmer says

      thanks for sharing…I have read online that China has banned islam! Japan goes further and this is just so appropriate for such malicious people!

    15. Steve Crawford says

      The USA should begin to restrict Visa from most of the Middle East countries and Islamic countries. They should adopt many or ALL of the Japanese laws and restrictions.

    16. Gary Grimm says

      Great post, Turn9. Thank you taking the time to share the information.

    17. cristleo says

      Obama – a “double faced” president playing a role of as an uncle sam but with a heart of a muslim Jihadist.

    18. OldHippie43 says

      What you just wrote is pure bullschit. You really should fact check before making a total fool of yourself.

    19. afanaglenn says

      Sounds like Russia, too. Putin does not favor muslims and is doing everything he can to get them to leave. No mosques in Russia.

    20. Uzoozy says

      There are many closet Muslims time will tell.
      Islam is spreading like wildfire in S.Korea, Japan,and in Ireland . Take care and be blessed ,. Its a pity so much Lies about the most correct religion.
      Jesus was a man an ordinary man and not son of God .he used o to go to potty.
      Men die on Crosses .

      1. trump blast says

        as you are obviously demented we might let you stay in the nuthouse but don’t for one minute think that Jesus was JUST A MAN as HE IS THE SON OF GOD AND THE WORD OF GOD but never just a man that was muhammud

    21. sharon says

      We need to ban the evil of Islam in America it shouldn’t be allowed anywhere, temples or otherwise. It pure evil and it’s devil worship.

      1. Tabykatt says

        Well now, we obviously can’t do that. If we could however, you should be prepared for your beliefs to be banned as well. What we can do is speak up and let our voices be heard by flooding our representatives with phone calls, petitions, letters, and emails. It’s a lot of work but if people are serious, they need to get busy!

    22. rmagnano says

      This is what America needs. Let’s stop this on slot of immigrants who show no loyalty to our laws or traditions. This country waists a tremendous amount of tax payers money just in schooling and
      subsistence. What happened to the time when a foreigner needed a sponsor and the promise of employment to come here?

    23. glorybe2 says

      So you hate the Bill of Rights as well as the Constitution. You despise the notion of equality under the law, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. And on top of that you want government to control religion. Now think for just one moment about which governments the world has seen that also promote those ideas. Frankly I don’t want to learn German or Russian.

    24. Gen11American says

      You bet! Cut and paste your article and email it to your representatives in Congress! We already have 8 Million muslims in this country, they’re already taking over entire communities and cities across the country, they breed like rats on the public dole, with Obama’s blessing, and their goal is to turn the U.S. into an Islamic State ruled under Shariah Law!

      Supposedly 70% of Americans are Christians, yet Obama made the statement that the U.S. is not a Christian nation. He lied about that, he lied about being a Christian, he lied about supporting traditional marriage, he lied about Iran getting nuclear weapons, he lied about the number of illegals occupying our country, he lied about Obamacare, he lied about Benghazi, he lied about the terrorists in Al Queda being on the run, he lied about the situation in Yemen, etc. etc.

      Anybody know how many Pinoccochio’s he’s wracked up so far? And does anyone know how many times a president is giving a pass for lying to the American people before Congress steps in and does something about it? Just asking as I fume and grind my teeth down to knubs!

    25. Legatus legionis says


    26. IMSweetOlBob says

      He is not a “closet” muslim. He is simply a muslim. An islam shielding and terrorist shielding muslim !

    27. Dexter L. Wilson says

      Copied the info, thanks.

    28. Leo 6 says

      shoot we need to adopt these laws.

    29. marlene says

      Thanks for the info. Well organized.

    30. abobinmn says

      Obama isn’t a closet Muslim. He’s a lying Muslim, Look at the ring he wears and I quote ” I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Barack Obama page 261 of “Audacity of Hope.”

    31. abobinmn says

      And Muslims are encouraged if not compelled to lie if the lie furthers the goals of Islam SEE the words taqiyya and then kitman and you will see.

    32. EDWARD MIKAN says


    33. harvey bumfelder says

      Before anyone buys into this they should check out the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They deny all of the posting by Turn9. Please be aware that in no way do I object to Turn9’s take or his posting. In fact, I wish it was the law here in the U.S.A. but unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be true even in Japan. However, I do know a little about Japanese sociology and know that Japan is rather closed minded, on an individual basis, about foreign religions. They are also a rather closed society about race so, though this is not supported by Japanese law… I suspect many individual Japanese are at least this resistant to Islam. I doubt the URL/Link will be allowed and it may cause my entire posting to be deleted but I shall try to include it: Add the woo, wow, wow and a period then, mofa.go.jp/dispatches/vol07/perspectives.html

    34. harvey bumfelder says

      It would be nice if the U.S.A. took this attitude but unfortunately I think someone may have taken advantage of Turn9’s willingness to believe. The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a posting about Islam in Japan and to a lesser degree the rest of the orient. They deny this. I wish it wasn’t true. Sadly it seems other nations even Japan which is still a somewhat closed nation about race and religion are drinking the kool-aide. Second try at posting this. The first, with the link keeps coming and going. AND, Turn9, I have your back on this one. I sincerely wish I had NOT found what I found. I’ve been to Japan a number of times and what you list makes a lot of sense to at least some degree. But, it appears PC is everywhere: http://www.mofa.go.jp/dispatches/vol07/perspectives.html

    35. milmac says


    36. Original Rebel says

      Only if “they” (our political pinps) decide to enforce and translate the First Amendment to the benefit of the citizens and not the outsiders! America’s “elite” will never deport the muslims or make them conform to America’s laws and way of life. Muslims HATE America and Americans BECAUSE of our laws and way of life – THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS HERE. Christianity and islam have been mortal enemies since mohammed instituted such a barbaric “religion”. It is actually a political entity – not a religious one. Anyone can see that by reading parts of their koran and/or watching their behavior.

      1. trump blast says

        it is sad that they could not foresee what the wording of freedom of would come to be misused for!! speech not much of a problem– press there is a lot of trouble there as now they are in bed with those they should be reporting about –religion , this is the sticker in the pants!!! as when they made this one they only had religions that worshiper God the true God no devil worshipers no satanist just faithful believers in Christ!!! now we have all of these non God based religions and they claim the same freedoms oh well hind sight is 20/20


        1. Original Rebel says

          I blame every single one of our political pimps from FDR forward! None of them have had the guts to stop what they had to see was happening. They practically crucified Sen. McCarthy when he tried to show them what was happening. Now, due to political pimpdom (DC) and our (citizen) failure to stand up for ourselves and just sat on our a$$e$ watching tv, or football games, or partying and not paying attention while we could have done something, we will “pay the piper” so to speak! Such a pity – it was such a beautiful, wonderful country when the puritans got here. Now look at us!

    37. Robert Wilson says


    38. cactusbob says

      I guess those Japanese are a whole lot smarter than we are!

    39. Roger Short says


    40. abobinmn says

      “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Barry Soetoro Obama in “Audacity of Hope” page 261

    41. palehorse58 says

      In the first place Muslim is not a religion. It is a political agenda propagated by jihadists. We would do well to follow Japans train of thought. Also did you know that if you want to protest in Japan, you have to do it by their rules. The main rule is they make you run as long as you want to protest.

      1. Turn9 says

        Great idea!

    42. Phyllis says

      GREAT list. The only thing I disagree with is the part about Ob being an in- the- closet muslim. His actions and that of his staff has been ‘out’ for quite some time and we keep accepting his status quo, via our Congress…you may note the dems are solidly behind him on Iran, and he just entertained the King of Saudi Arabia…I assume we are seeing the revival of the Ottoman Empire,(Carly F. admires that empire and she can’t deny she said it,money grubber that she is) although, at times it looks like the Persian Empire(Iran), but it is the particular TYPE of war tactics that is starting to give it away…the smartest thing on your list that the Japanese have done is #6, we are way overloaded in that area and since Obcare(remember the part you can keep your MD..not true, and it is hell having heart surgery when you can’t understand what the surgeon is saying due to unintelligible English)…we are truly ensnared, especially the seniors, and the crap the govt is trying to force on parents where their children’s vaccinations and health are concerned and even the food they eat…due to the illegals coming in, we are now confronted, again, with diseases that were eradicated in this country…Bush, or anyone, saying,pertaining to illegals, ‘It is an act of LOVE”…maybe we need to LOVE the children here first and attend to them instead of exposing our kids to higher, unnecessary health risks…As for the refugees now swarming into Europe(something the Ottoman Empire did), my heart goes out to the Christians or any that are truly fleeing, but I have followed fashion trends most of my life and the meticulous, EXPERT HAIRCUTS on these males evacuating is a bit much, you see, when a flood hit the area where I previously lived, the last thing on your mind is the state of your hair. You throw things in a bag that you know you will absolutely NEED and as careful as you pack it, it gets wrinkled, your hair, even combed looks unkempt, and make-up?..forget that..if the evacuation is REAL….and you will note the mainstream media is not referring to them as refugees but rather immigrants…big difference in those two words…

    43. ELAINE MARZANO says

      yes we could but will we??

    44. Avice Mendenhall Woodard says

      And I think you are a fool.

      1. trump blast says

        new troll alert

    45. Uzoozy says


      1. trump blast says

        as the fly said to lunch

  5. Rodger K. Shull says

    you are not going to win , Jeb, so why , try an sugar coat your feelings , you all ready have proved your , double talk an segregated the anchor baby issue, but making it only a Oriental thing, you left out the Latino,s . Afraid your wife will cut you off an put you to the curb or couch. another BUSH or CLINTON, in the White House, an I,ll seek political asylum in Canada ,

    1. Phyllis says

      I would seek asylum there too but I believe the takeover is raging there also..

      1. Rodger K. Shull says

        YES, it might well be, there a lot middle east people in Canada, they use to deliver paper to my former employer, an they were a problem, an after 9/11, even more so, we had places for employees to be an for the outside vendors to be, all safety rules an reason, an they ignored them, even after told, worlds fastest short term memory loss, so. they were not allowed in the plant, hand the paper work an go sit in the truck.

  6. Patriot1955 says

    You cannot believe anything coming out of this administration. He is so worried about his legacy and the truth is he has no legacy. We want to forget it even happened like a bad dream, nightmare.

    1. Merle Dickey says

      If we manage to get him out I think he should be denied a library . What does he have to put in it that any one would want to see unless it is pctures of his e x e c u t i o n .

      1. trump blast says

        let his library be in the same jail as he ends up in

    2. Phyllis says

      His legacy will be ranked a little higher than Benedict Arnold, but on the world stage he will probably be ranked with Hitler and a few other murderous nut cases who killed masses of people..,the ‘kid’ isn’t done yet…can you imagine what life will be like for him, his ??, and those two kids after he leaaves office?

  7. Dudley DoRight. says

    0bama, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Harem…no difference.

    1. fred says

      And even more surprising is that NONE of this ever made it to anyone in the MSM! Boycott the MSM, they are as bad as Hitler’s Goebbels was at spreading only lies and propaganda to the weak-minded!!

        1. Bob666 says

          1. Dudley DoRight. says

            0bama is the NAZI

          2. Bob666 says

            Once again, Dudley Do Wrong is at it again!


            Was this your march on Washington?

          3. Bob666 says
    2. Bob666 says


      1. Dudley DoRight. says

        0bama is the NAZI.

          1. Bob666 says

            Nice photo of you Dudley-look like you just did another boy.

            Dudley Does Wrong!

          2. trump blast says

            Herb Peck

            A KKK Member

            At the time of Ulysses S. Grant’s election to the presidency, white supremacists were conducting a reign of terror throughout the South. In outright defiance of the Republican-led federal government, Southern Democrats formed organizations that violently intimidated blacks and Republicans who tried to win political power.

            The most prominent of these, the Ku Klux Klan, was formed in Pulaski, Tennessee, in 1865. Originally founded as a social club for former Confederate soldiers, the Klan evolved into a terrorist organization. It would be responsible for thousands of deaths, and would help to weaken the political power of Southern blacks and Republicans.

            Racist activity in the South often took the form of riots that targeted blacks and Republicans. In 1866, a quarrel between whites and black ex-soldiers erupted into a full-fledged riot in Memphis, Tennessee. White policemen assisted the mobs in their violent rampage through the black sections of town. By the time the violence ended, 46 people were dead, 70 more were wounded, and numerous churches and schools had been burned. Just two months later, on July 30, a similar outbreak of violence erupted in New Orleans. This time, a white mob attacked the attendees of a black suffrage convention, killing 37 blacks and three whites who allied with them.

            In this violent atmosphere, the Ku Klux Klan grew in size and strength. By 1868, the Klan had evolved into a hooded terrorist organization that its members called “The Invisible Empire of the South.” The reorganized Klan’s first leader, or “Grand Wizard,” was Nathan Bedford Forrest, who had been a Confederate general during the Civil War.

            White Southerners from all classes of society joined the Klan’s ranks. In the name of preserving law and order in a white-dominated society, Klansmen punished newly freed blacks for a variety of reasons, including behaving in an “impudent” manner toward whites. They whipped the teachers of freedmen’s schools and burnt their schoolhouses. But first and foremost, the Klan sought to do away with Republican influence in the South by terrorizing and murdering its party leaders and all those who voted for it.

            In the time leading up to the 1868 presidential election, the Klan’s activities picked up in speed and brutality. The election, which pitted Republican Ulysses S. Grant against Democrat Horatio Seymour, was crucial. Republicans would continue programs that prevented Southern whites from gaining political control in their states. Klan members knew that given the chance, the blacks in their communities would vote Republican.

            Across the South, the Klan and other terrorist groups used brutal violence to intimidate Republican voters. In Kansas, over 2,000 murders were committed in connection with the election. In Georgia, the number of threats and beatings was even higher. And in Louisiana, 1000 blacks were killed as the election neared. In those three states, Democrats won decisive victories at the polls.

            Nevertheless, the Klan’s violent actions proved to many Northerners that the South had not learned its lesson in the recent war. In this way, the Klan’s activities actually backfired. People realized that harsher laws would have to be passed in order to stop the violence and protect Southern blacks. And those laws were soon in coming.

            In the 1868 presidential election, Republican Ulysses S. Grant won the office with the slogan, “Let Us Have Peace.” Republicans also won a majority in Congress. Many Northerners, disgusted by Klan violence, lent their support to the Fifteenth Amendment, which gave the vote to black men in every state, and the First Reconstruction Act of 1867, which placed harsher restrictions on the South and closely regulated the formation of their new governments.

            Other legislation attacked the Klan more directly. Between 1870 and 1871, Congress passed the Enforcement Acts, which made it a crime to interfere with registration, voting, officeholding, or jury service of blacks. More than 5,000 people were indicted under these laws; a little more than 1,000 were convicted.

            In 1871 Congress also passed the Ku Klux Klan Act, which allowed the government to act against terrorist organizations. Grant did not rigorously enforce these laws, although he did order the arrest of hundreds of Klan members. But with the overwhelming support of the Klan in the South, convictions proved difficult to obtain, and the financial panic of 1873 would distract the North from the problems of Southern racism. In 1882 the United States Supreme Court declared Ku Klux Klan Act unconstitutional

          3. Bob666 says
          4. trump blast says

            you who bring up the kkk ask that???

          5. Bob666 says

            Have you ever taken medications for ADD?

          6. trump blast says

            that seems to be your problem as you don’t remember bringing up the kkk

          7. Bob666 says

            In passing to another lowlife’s obvious self loathing bigoted views and that had what to do with you?

          8. trump blast says

            what does your likes and dislikes have to do with all of those useless photos ???? if you have a real point say it don’t photo bomb it !!! and any time you bring up the kkk I will be pointing out that they are democrats from the beginning and slaver lovers!!!

          9. Bob666 says

            Oh, what a tired old statement and argument.
            Trump’s little Blast

  8. fred says

    Shocking news! The criminal born in kenya is ineffective against his Muslim brothers who are cutting Christians and other’s heads off, raping women and children, who would have guessed his “strategy” to weaken them would be ineffective? He gave them our weapons so they could gain enormous power, now they are using OUR weapons against the people we were trying to help that were trying to establish a free society! Is anyone else getting what’s going on with the treasonous criminal illegal alien in our WH? Wake up!

    1. Merle Dickey says

      Fred is correct . This is a extremely serious thing he has going on .

  9. Gerry Costa says

    This wouldn’t be the first time in our history that real facts were distorted to give the appearance that more is being done than it actually is . Our gov’t and the media have a real problem reporting true facts.

    1. Sue Breslin says

      Yikes, if that isn’t the Truth; you have said a mouthful.

  10. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

    Start packing Pork Grease into all American munitions, let all of the Camel-shaggers know about it, and see how fast they give up their genocide.

    1. Lance Lucius says

      Just dip the projectile portion (implant for the purpose of this conversation) of the round in bacon grease, once touched it is forever a danger to the muslimes, even after you wipe off the excess grease (you do not want to jam your weapon). Then place the implant between the eyes of a slimer, and there goes the 72 virgins.

      1. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

        I was talking about larger munitions, delivered from artillery, mortars, naval guns, missiles, and aircraft.

        For small arms, I always recommend Silver Bullet Gun Oil (SBGO).

        SBGO contains 13 percent liquefied pig fat, thus assuring that Camel-Shaggers won’t go to “Virginworld” if they happen to die after being struck by a bullet from any firearm so lubricated: http://www.silverbulletgunoil.net .

        Gentle people, please stock up on Silver Bullet Gun Oil before our degenerate CongressCritters decide to ban it.

        Buy More Λmmo. Doing so is *still* the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Doing so is also the only remaining path to Liberty. Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, Λmerica.

        1. trump blast says

          now for large bore ammo projectiles fill a hollow area with 100% pork meat that will spew out on impact at target site

          1. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

            Instant pork infusion of every Jihadi caught in the blast zone, I like it.

            We can call it “The Porkinator”. 🙂

    2. ViniVidi says

      I think pip poop is an even better idea!! Hahahahahahaha aaahhhh!

    3. Phyllis says

      I think that is an excellent idea except we now have enemies besides the Camel shaggers that are intent on doing us in and they aren’t afraid of a little pork grease…

      1. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

        There is no need to ignore the goat-humpers. Of all our enemies, they would be the best ones to start with. I and every other true Warrior would not experience the slightest bit of hesitation or remorse about sending them all to their Eternal Celestial Dirt Nap. Doing so did not bother me in the least during Desert Storm, and it would not bother me at all today.

        The goat-humpers are actually deathly afraid of being killed by any device that would contaminate their bodies with pork. They would automatically be denied entrance into their so-called “Paradise”.

        Stock up on Silver Bullet Gun Oil before our degenerate CongressCritters decide to ban it. SBGO contains 13 percent liquefied pig fat, thus assuring that Camel-Shaggers won’t go to “Virginworld” if they happen to die after being struck by a bullet from any firearm so lubricated: http://www.silverbulletgunoil.net .

        Buy More Λmmo. Doing so is *still* the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Doing so is also the only remaining path to Liberty. Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, Λmerica.

        1. Phyllis says

          I don’t own a gun and I live in Michigan, however, I am contemplating placing an American flag on the front porch with a Christian flag about 3 feet away and a sign in between announcing ‘we serve pork here’, and I do faithfully open the front and back doors whenever I am fixing a pork loin or ham or just frying up some bacon. My southern roots are definitely imbedded in my taste buds…Laying that aside, I would like to read a few comments from the man that was holding the gun at the Ferguson situation a short time ago. He was there with the Oathkeepers Founder…very impressive and he never opened his mouth…he didn’t need to, his stance kind of spoke for him…In these days of so called political correctness, once in awhile it is comforting to see a real man or two emerge here and there…

          1. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

            Amen to all that you wrote.

          2. trump blast says

            you forgot to put a notch in the bullets and glue some hog skin in to it

  11. Warpaint says

    Bush just go away! No freaking dynastys
    [dahy-nuh-stee; British also din-uh-stee]

    a sequence of rulers from the same family, stock, or group: the Ming dynasty.
    the rule of such a sequence.

  12. Lance Lucius says

    Well let’s see, we know for a fact that mustard gas was used by Sadam on the Kerds. We know that due to the demoncrats a long delay that involved the inept UN was involved. We have sattelite imagery showing massive convoys leaving Iraq, toward Syria and surprise, Iran, a betting man would say these convoys were loaded with WMD,s. We know that recently Syria used Mustard gas and other nuro toxic gas against so called enemy fighters. But of course we are not supposed to belive what we see, just what the media and demoncrats and lest I forget the left leaning rhino’s TELL us. Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain Dorothy, just follow the yellow brick road.

    1. Phyllis says

      I might mention in passing that the UN is the one that is going to do us the most harm, by forcing international law on us to give up our guns…with the Pope’s blessing…the folks (general population) cannot fight off ISIS when they arrive, with no guns.. and the present Generals will not be there for us..gotta get their retirements or transgender surgeries or whatever…

      1. trump blast says

        they can try but they better be ready for ONE BIG FIGHT as most civilians will not even think about giving up their right to bear ARMS not to Obama nor to the un

        1. Phyllis says

          I think that is what the civilians think, but it is already in play to take away guns from vets that have gotten medical help for various things and slightly behind that, a proposed bill of some sort to take them away from seniors…few are willing to go to the lengths the lady just jailed in Ky did, for her beliefs and even fewer are willing to shoot it out with the armed forces from other countries..we would not be neatly in place in companies, platoons, etc…but I hope you are right, and if you are, it won’t be the dems or repubs helping to save the country from a takeover..

          1. trump blast says

            just getting medical help is not a mental instability nor do many VETs admit to the va that they own weapons so the invisible guns will remain

          2. Phyllis says

            Neither of us believe getting medical help a mental instability but there is definitely a movement to make it such a thing.

          3. trump blast says

            there are movements everywhere trhat does not make them leagle

          4. Phyllis says

            When is the last time you noticed the POTUS being bothered by a little illegality, and that movement is being pushed by his administration,. He has labeled almost everone a terrorist that has dared to say he was to uphold the laws of the land, and goes on to use his poisonous pen to destroy our country..with this present congress allowing AND supporting him. I may be a minority of one but I truly believe Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, McConnell, McCain and numerous others need to GO, by whatever means. And, that tacky little creep that comes out smirking to make announcements for our cowardly potus, Josh Earnest, when his job ends at the WH, boycott any company that hires that pos..blackball the restaurants they frequent, the events they attend in their respective states(going on the assumption they were born here rather than hatched on some other planet). There is more than one way to skin a cat, and money, or the curtailment of it is a biggie.

          5. trump blast says

            those that know the laws will not fall for the lies or fake laws that is the beauty of the constitution little o has only months left if he tries to declare martial law someone will shoot him and then if caught claim to be from isis

          6. trump blast says

            lady just jailed in Ky . as they claim she violated a supreme court order to issue those false marriage lic. and she refused in spites of jail threats!! just to make a stand on the rights of the individual to say NO

          7. Phyllis says

            I just heard a newscaster say if she felt that way she shouldn’t have applied for a job there. I do believe she is the county clerk and it is an ELECTED position which she had before the so called law was passed…and even if she knuckled under to their suggestion to let someone else issue the license, her name is still on the paper..she is right and the supreme court has made such a seriously flawed decision that the bulk of the American people want them removed which at this time cannot be done.. May this all fall on their own descendents in a big way…

          8. trump blast says

            understand this I am agianst any marriage that does not line up with the bible!!! as for the ruling by the supreme court it IS NOT A LAW as they can not creat laws only interpet the constitution on the laws writen by congress!! and congress did not write a law on gay marriage

          9. Phyllis says

            I agree and the congress didn’t step up to the plate to bat their turn. I hope the majority of the people in this country vote these present people out..but there is that pesky electoral college…

          10. trump blast says

            electoral college

            I could pull up that part of the constitution but the ec is the equalizer of every states votes as each state goes that is the decider on the ec’s vote Fla. votes a majority toward republicans their ec vote goes to the republican candidate some states split their ec votes 60/40 but still it is the total ec vote that confirms the majority vote as in 1980 for Regan or the much tighter vote of Bush over Gore !! the problem of the last two cycles is voting malfeasance such as the dead voting democrat or voters voting in 2 states plus unregistered voters voting ! thus the call for voter id’s being required not to keep legal voters from voting but illegal voters

          11. Phyllis says

            I can pull up the Constitution myself and it actually was taught when I was in school and I have read it since then. But whether anyone wants to admit it or not, it has taken a hard thrashing from ob and this present congress..you will note I didn’t capitalize his name or the congress. I feel a great deal of revulsion where some of these people are concerned…the electoral college has not always voted the way the people did as you well know.

          12. trump blast says

            as noted in earlier post I have used the term litt o as spell checker tends to capitalize names ! as for the abuse of the ec voter fraud is the biggest abuse and there have been cases that when a democrat is governor that state seems to go democratic on the ec ! yes I have seen this but as a tool for equality between large and small states it was meant to be there are few better the other way a stat the size of Rhode island would have no real say in who is in office compared to fla. or cal. or even tx. just three of the largest states! and fla. has been the 4th largest of the nation and near equal in support of both parties vs say cal mostly democratic

          13. trump blast says

            as some states had democratic governors and those EC seemed to go the same way it was joked that as the governor goes so goes the EC vote but too see whether that’s true or not you would have to go and check each states final popular vote and compare it too the EC vote and note what way the governor was dem or rep ?? there might be a data base already done but I would not bet on it!!!

  13. Chuck Rosenthal says

    Obama’s ENTIRE thrust in life is one thing and one thing only….DESTROY!! Whatever he can do that causes the MOST DAMAGE will be his response to any perceived problem. The really scary part of this is what does Obama perceive as a problem? It does NOT appear to be ISIS. It does appear to be western civilization in general and the U.S. in particular.

  14. RobertNorwood says

    You had to know something was up. The schit from Obuma did not reflect what was happening on the ground. Being ex-military I will open my mouth and take whatever criticism is due but I have no faith in the Generals Obuma keeps around. They’ve been notoriously silent on issues for our service people in harms way like carrying weapons, medals, compensation, etc. for the killed or wounded by islamic terrorists on our soil – it took our outrage and supporters in Congress to do that. They even keep to the same lines Obuma uses in place of “islamic terrorists”. With that in mind it is easy to believe in the complicity of all concerned.

    They have their rank, careers, and retirement to protect. When it came to doing the job, looking out for our troops it fell on us NCO’s to represent the troops, make sure they had what they needed – in other words, we looked out for people. The officers who put more regard on service, the troops, the job, etc. often don’t get to far. In fact, they do the right thing they might end up in a Courts Martial or worse. Look what happened to Patton.

    1. trump blast says

      Paton was hard !! but he got the job done !!! now if the cco even thinks his commanders can think for them selves he gets rid of them one way or another@@@

  15. denniscerasoli says

    The ignorance in the first several comments is astounding all Muslims are not the same many of their practices are not even from the Koran,most of the teachings are cultural.If you live in Turkey Muslims are far more tolerant then they are in Saudi Arabia and by the way ISIS are killing Muslims as if it were going out of style.When they behead a westerner it is big news but when the behead another Muslim it is no news and they are doing it by the hundreds and killing by the thousands,there is a difference.

    1. Florio Vino says

      Muslims can do whatever they want to anyone in their Faith. It is up to US to stop their practices from becoming part of our once great nation. Now in the doldrums of History thanks to the Carter/ Clinton administrations. It is WE that are the ones that let it happen and We had better wakeup and DAMN SOON!

      1. denniscerasoli says

        I hear you Florio,but i don’t think anyone will do anything,wh