UC Berkeley Really Loves Racial Discrimination


One of the nation’s most liberal colleges is proving once again that they are much more concerned with having a diverse campus than they are with providing a quality education. The University of California-Berkeley is so concerned, in fact, that college administrators are willing to break the law if it means getting more black people on staff.

Last month, the college introduced a $20 million fund intended to hand out scholarships to African-American students, hire “race-specific clinical psychologists,” and improve the faculty diversity. The college plans to raise funds from private non-profits to achieve these lofty and important goals.

“For too long, African-Americans on our campus have faced obstacles to feeling fully included in the life of our university,” said UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks.

Because there aren’t enough race-specific clinical psychologists? What is that, anyway? Can we get Rachel Dolezal an appointment?


dolezal                                                          “What do my white parents have to do with anything?”


Critics say the initiative is in violation of California’s Prop 209 law, which prohibits state institutions from using race, sex, or ethnicity in their educational decisions. According to Ward Connerly, one of the architects of the law, the “African-American Initiative” isn’t going to fly.

“The University of California, especially Berkeley and UCLA, have long tried to circumvent the law when it comes to this,” Connerly said in an interview with Fox News. “We are a nation of laws and Berkeley is not above them. The school has no right to avoid the law by developing initiatives such as this.”

Would today’s liberals even recognize their supposed philosophical ancestors? Martin Luther King spent his life fighting for a colorblind society, and these fruitcakes want just the opposite. Affirmative action is a tacit admission that black people cannot compete on a level playing field. Which is really just stating the obvious, right? Where would you even find a black American who has managed to succeed in this racist country?


Not now, Barack.


The answer to discrimination is not counter-discrimination. What is it with these liberals that they can’t stop trying to forcibly fix the world? To them, social justice means orchestrating society from the top down until it matches whatever super utopia they’ve imagined in their dreams. Yes, I’ll have thirty white teachers, fourteen black teachers, fifty Hispanic teachers, two transgender secretaries, one gay janitor (preferably married), and one race-specific clinical psychologist.

Of course I would like an apple pie with my order!

How else would I remember that I’m still in America?

  1. Gary Daniel says

    Great article. Berkeley seems like a bunch of 60’s radicals that never got the message that the Vietnam War is over. Maybe they did get it but then have been jonesing for “righteous Causes”. I’ve seen a few Dead shows at Berkeley. Those are in the past also…what I can remember of them. I admit it, I inhaled, and snorted, and dropped.
    This racial segregationist is so stupid. The Old South would love it! Octaroon rights!

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      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        Will you kindly stick this ad up your fucking ass???

      2. Rick01234 says

        Some how think that Google can do it’s own advertising without your shameless plug’s. And I flagged your post, so maybe it will get pulled…burn in hell fool. I wonder if this kind of “advertising”does the person who posted it any good? I doubt it…

        1. NotJim says

          Please dump the apostrophes.

    2. maxx says

      Bet it would probably be impossible to “drug test” both the staff as well as the student body if it was a requirement for employment or admission and even have Berkeley remain open.

      1. Gary Daniel says

        Yer right there.

    3. faturism says

      Yep, stoners breed stoners who breed stoners. You are right about old 60’s radicals…they refused to grow up, still do the drugs. ,
      Look at the professors, old guys with grey ponytails and earrings surrounded by 20 somethings….it makes them feel young and relevant. They still consider themselves radical anti-gov BUT have no problem collecting that gov (tax payer funded) check every month. Talk about hypocrites.

      1. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

        was a great comment! I’m in my 70s but I can remember all that was
        going on back then. How they disrespected the soldiers coming back
        from that Vietnam hellhole they were in for so long. The way I see it
        California is the new hellhole. They been breeding junkies for
        decades, it’s no wonder there so liberal minded buffoons. Thank you
        for speaking the truth.

        1. Croco Dile says

          Yuri Bezmenov :

          What it [subversion] basically means is: to change the perception of reality of every American that despite of the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country.

          America is stuck with demoralization, and unless, even if you start right now this minute, you start educating new generation of Americans – it will still take you 15 to 20 years to turn the tide of ideological perception of reality back to normalcy and patriotism.


          1. glorybe2 says

            In philosophy it is called the transvaluation of values. Essentially a belief or mode of behavior is replaced by beliefs or behaviors considered to be better.

        2. faturism says

          As a 4th gen. Californian (with 2 gens behind me) I’ve seen this state go from the coolest state in the nation to the biggest joke/embarrassment. Fortunately the younger gen in this family has been home and privately educated so there is still hope. Gov. Moonbeam must be back on the drugs, he just passed assisted suicide legislation……..what is it with the dimlibs and legal murder? It’s a world gone mad.

          1. Laurence Almand says

            When I moved to San Francisco in 1969 it was largely White, and a beautiful city. Today it is a 3rd World hellhole, full of street crime and drugs. But it is PC.

          2. glorybe2 says

            Since the typical one bedroom apartment in San Francisco rents for at least $3500. per month there are probably people doing things to make the rent. I understand that homes seem to run one million dollars and up there.

          3. notmyamerica says

            Ya think how much Government assistance is being drained into that toilet hole every month….

          4. glorybe2 says

            So you think that the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory at Berkeley is not part of our national defense program.

          5. glenn398 says

            Makes you wonder how many illegals can you put into a one bedroom apartment doesn’t it? If it wasn’t for all the government programs the rent wouldn’t be anywhere near that high, so again government moves in and destroys descent living conditions.

          6. glorybe2 says

            San Francisco is suffering from success. Computer and high tech industries have attracted very highly paid workers to the area and they and only they can afford to pay the high rents. Normal families and singles simply have no choice but to pack up and leave the area. By the time the tech workers pay their taxes and $40,000 a year for rent they might as well be a clerk in a convenience store in Utah.

        3. bluelove says

          yea, and kerry got lost, on a boat-LEAVING VIETNAM!!!!! Running, like the coward he is!

      2. Gary Daniel says

        Yeah, stop by the welfare office on the way to the protest.

      3. bluelove says

        hillary is one of those old rebels from the 60’s………but she and bill “didnt inhale.”

    4. Donnie Buchanan says

      The “old south” has wised up … and turned Republican for the most part.

      1. Gary Daniel says

        That would be the new South.

    5. jetmagnet says

      UC Berkley is a great school! I graduated from UC and finished my masters at USC>
      BTW, the jackass who writes the blogs doesn’t believe in the 1st amendment and removed my post showing the significance of UC Berkley. See conservative don’t want people to know the truth, only their fantasy of hate and deception. I was once a Teabag was an article I wrote. Showing the misconceptions and lies of the right. People who have prejudices and hate flock to the GOP.
      Be recognized.

      #1 public university in the nation, #20 overall—U.S. News and World Report (September 2015)

      #1 public university in the world, #3 overall—Shanghai Rankings (May 2015)

      #8 best value of 100 public colleges; UC Berkeley is the most selective university in the list—Kiplinger (January 2013)

      #7 in world university rankings—Center for World University Rankings (July 2013)

      #1 top college in value and affordability—Obama Scorecard Colleges (October 2013)

      #5 in world reputation rankings—Times Higher Education (2013)

      #7 in
      Fulbright Scholars and #13 in Fulbright scholarships awarded (graduate
      and undergraduate) among U.S. research universities (November 2013)

      #6 in highest academic reputation—U.S. News and World Report (February 2013)

      #1 school for Computer Science majors, pay—PayScale.com (Setember 2013)

      #1 in statistics, sociology, and media—QS World University Rankings (May 2013)

      #15 schools most likely to make you millions—Quartz (February 2013)

      #3 in undergraduate Business and Engineering in the nation—U.S. News and World Report (September 2012)

      #1 public school, #17 overall by high school counselors—U.S. News and World Report (September 2012)

      #8 by top administrators for having a strong commitment to teaching—U.S. News and World Report (September 2012)

      #2 economic diversity with 38% of undergraduates receiving Pell Grants—U.S. News and World Report (September 2012)

      #1 Best Colleges for Computer Science Majors ROI —AC Online (August 2013)

      #28 Best Bang for the Buck in the nation—Washington Monthly (August 2013)

      #50 in the nation—Forbes (July 2012)

      #50 Best for Vets Colleges in the nation—Military Times EDGE (2010)

      #10 Supporting LGBT Communities—Huffington Post College (September 2012)

      #9 university in the world and only U.S. public university in the top 10—Times Higher Education (October 2012)

      #10 Sierra Club Green School (August 2015)

      Top military friendly school—G.I. Jobs (2011)

      Top university in the nation to produce Teach For America recruits (September 2012)

      1. Gary Daniel says

        Thanks for the info. I don’t think this is about the quality of the education as much as the pc forced equalization of the student body and the use of racism to combat racism.
        Social Sciences are what this article is focused on.
        I’m glad you Put forth some pro Berkeley articles.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Not into the politics of schools, just the education factor in making a decision.

        2. glorybe2 says

          Making an effort to get all races on campus in proportion to the population is not racist at all. If one wants to look for real racism then attack the GED programs and the issuance of certificates rather than diplomas. The idea that students from all backgrounds stand up against the identical, challenging, testing is not racist in intention although the effects may be somewhat racist. One problem is creating tests that can be studied for. A test which has questions that are all a total surprise gives an answer as to a students acquisition of knowledge. But a test that can be studied for involves learning solutions such that the learning can be forgotten shortly after the test is completed. Neither the child nor the school is tested by that type of test. Even the SAT tests have the defect that tutors know what types of questions will be asked on the tests. those that can afford tutors do much better on SAT tests.

          1. Gary Daniel says

            I was horrible at taking tests. I had a hard time writing because of ADHD and ptsd. I still remember the lessons in History class because that’s what I do. Geometry I front remember so much because I haven’t done drafting for years.
            I wouldn’t call the SAT slanted against me. People learn differently and that has nothing to doewith race.

      2. notmyamerica says

        So what do you do for a living??? BLOG…..

        1. jetmagnet says

          I own real estate, mostly in Florida. I made a fortune in flipping nightclubs and bars. There’s fools out there that have no idea on how to, or what it takes to run a successful business. BTW Cubans and mexicans are by far the hardest workers. Management is left up to me and my team.

          1. glorybe2 says

            In my area we have a bunch of South American workers and they are superb workers. Most seem to be from Guatemala and Nicaragua.

          2. jetmagnet says

            It’s a misconception that Mexicans and others are lazy, and a strategy by the GOP who’s base believes these people will not accept their fascist beliefs and bigotry, therefore, they demonize them and alienate them. Maybe it will work in the short term, but in the long term the GOP will become a minority party as their old white base dies off and immigrants become democratic voters. The GOP needs gerrymandering and Voter Id laws to keep from losing. Here in Florida the GOP had districts mapped in their favor, However, they lost in court and now they will lose their advantage, which was unfair to begin with. The only reason the GOP holds a majority in congress is because of favorable districting and huge amounts of Dark money in midterm elections. In 2016 it won’t be the case as democrats turnout in large numbers.
            You can’t win an election without 35% at least, of the hispanic vote.

          3. glorybe2 says

            The combined minorities are the new majority. However not 100% of minorities vote the same way. They are not likely to vote for any republican until the republican party purges itself of far right supporters.

          4. jetmagnet says

            The tea party is a hemroid in the ass of progress. They like to exclude minorities, unions, welfare recipients, gays , women, and the young generation and millions more. You can’t win elections by exclusion or voter id laws. Gerrymandering and other tactics they gop has used to hold power.
            There is no Bipartisanship in the teahadist caucus, which seems to control the congress, therefore no progress will be forthcoming.

        2. John H. Holliday D.D.S. says

          I must agree. One of my bosses, a former professor of rocket propulsion engineering and attitude control systems at UC Berkly back in the early 1970’s, visited UC Berkly recently and was astonished to witness the massive amount of useless extravagant type of “green science” or “earth friendly” ecological science programs offered at UC Berkly and mostly at the expense of maintaining vital school of engineering departments and test laboratories for aerospace engineering and advanced technology engineering and physics studies that were vital to the national security of the United States and the Western European NATO Allies during the late 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s Cold War with the Soviet Union, especially after the 10/04/1957 Sputnik Crisis(much more fatal to the national security of the United States than the Japanese sneak attack at Peal Harbor on 12/07/1941.

          1. glorybe2 says

            I can think of nothing more vital than work leading to us not polluting, burning fossil fuels, and restoring areas damaged by industry. All of these increase our national security as our money need not flow to foreign nations to provide energy.

          2. John H. Holliday D.D.S. says

            It is a long term and extremely dangerous, deadly and lethal fool’s pipe dream to siphon off tax payer money for expensive and unreliable “green” energy technology at the expense of vital researching and developing the vital technology necessary to enable the United States to successfully demonstrate a very effective national defense against a dangerous resurgent Imperialistic Russia and a paranoid Communist Bully Red China and a fanatic paranoid Islamic radicalized Iran and Pakistan and a Nuclear armed brutal uncivilized North Korea.

            There is at least two hundred years worth of oil in North Dakota alone and if that shale oil is extracted according to the rules of the industry that creates jobs for drillers and the manufacturers of shale and sandstone drilling machinery, and the extracted shale oil is used wisely here in the U.S. and not wastefully, then there is time to economically research and develop the various hydrogen fuel cell technology and other extremely expensive energy production technology that does not pollute. There is absolutely no reason to depend on any exterior foreign sources of energy to supply the energy needs of the United States during the next one hundred and more years.

          3. Gary Daniel says

            I think the reasoning for importing oil to use up everyone else’s reserves and then when they run low we still have our 100 yrs of self sufficiency.

          4. John H. Holliday D.D.S. says

            That is a true statement. The Arab Muslims have already used up half or more of their underground oil reserves. And the Arab countries that are running on half a tank do not have any other commodity to replace their diminishing and dwindling underground oil reserves, although, the Arabs do have plenty of sand. Maybe the Arabs can return to the medieval craft of glass blowing. Oh, yea, the Arabs also have plenty of salt reserves. Maybe the Arabs can return to exporting salt.

          5. Gary Daniel says

            Here’s a twist, salted sand. I don’t know what anyone would do with that but hey…go with your strong points. Maybe a sandblaster that also preserves? See, a little thought goes a long way. 8D

          6. AKLady says

            Actually, the U.S. is a net petroleum product exporter.
            We import oil, add value to it, then export it for profit.

          7. Gary Daniel says

            There ya go. And all the while our untouched resources wait patiently until other countries run low of their deposits. It is long term planning.

          8. glorybe2 says

            There is a strategy in play of pumping raw, foreign oil down into our domestic oil wells and selling it back when other nations run dry of oil. Sure we buy it at $100. per barrel but sell it back later at $600. per barrel. The catch is that now we are aware that we should not be burning fossil fuels at all.

          9. glorybe2 says

            The horror of what is left behind from shale oil recovery is not acceptable. The creation of jobs is not even a consideration. That is short term thinking. We are about to replace almost 100% of human labor both physical and mental with machines. Employment will become a quaint, peculiar, item in the history books. Clean energy is now significant and at times dominant on electrical grids. Communists and terrorists are not even a tiny issue compared to rising seas and global warming. Global warming is likely to give us a financial crises unheard of in human history. If you were the owner of an insurance company or a mortgage company would you invest in homes or businesses on Miami Beach, the Jersey shore, or anywhere the new stronger hurricanes might strike.

          10. John H. Holliday D.D.S. says

            That is melodrama. “The sky is falling” has been declared for many centuries by many soothsayers. Just ask the millions of people who live near Krakatoa. What is left after recovering shale oil is shale.

          11. glorybe2 says

            Nonsense. What is left behind is barren, lifeless soil, an anathema to both mankind and nature.

          12. John H. Holliday D.D.S. says

            The oil is extracted as much as three thousand feet below the surface far deeper than any known top soil.

          13. glorybe2 says

            Open pit mining leaves horror in its wake. Mining in general wrecks nature. Look at rivers and streams in W. Virginia that are listed as not fit to eat fish or one meal per year considered safe. Almost 100% of the waterways in W. Va. are off limits including lakes and ponds. this is 100% due to allowing coal mining. Don’t eat the fish, drink the water or breath the air. How many deaths per year are a result of burning coal? Think large numbers.

          14. AKLady2015 says

            Why don’t you come on up here to Alaska and tell us all about it?

            It is mid-October and there is no snow on the ground – for the fifth year.
            It is a balmy 45 F at 11:00 PM.

            Tell it to Canada while you are at it. You see, we share a new, very dangerious, very large predator — a cross between a polar and grizzly bear.

            No melodrama — climate change is fact.

          15. John H. Holliday D.D.S. says

            Climate change has been common and normal for millions of years. Climate change is nothing new.

            After the the end of the Medieval Warm Period that lasted from 950 A.D. until 1250 A.D., the Little Ice Age from 1300 A.D. to 1850 A.D. changed the climate of the Earth to much colder temperatures that also created fear, a feeling of impending doom, terror, pandemonium, hysteria and melodrama among humans all over the Earth until the Earth finally warmed up again.

            Hey, enjoy your new species of Bears! Congratulations on witnessing nature’s evolution in progress! That’s great news!

          16. AKLady says

            They increase the likelihood that there will still be people to live in this nation.

          17. glorybe2 says

            Yes, Alaska in particular has suffered from an oil spill and continues to suffer from that spill after many years. Shell pulled out of the eastern most coastal waters of Alaska as it became more and more obvious that accidents would surely happen and that the sea ice would make it impossible to clean up. Now we are seeing a strong correlation between still born children and the proximity to fracking. Traditional energy sources kill a lot more people than the average citizen cares to know about.

      3. glorybe2 says

        I agree. Berkley may be the best university in the US. Scholars all over the world deeply respect Berkley. In essence the right wing hates education. They fear it as education makes right wingers look awful. They really don’t like truth or logic. The only way to maintain their sick beliefs is to never question those beliefs.

        1. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

          Just WHO is being the “racist” now? I should think the spelling of Berkely is incorrect. It should be “Berzerkley” or Granola land; Fruits, nuts, and flakes.
          I judge people on what they do, NOT by the color of their skin!!!!!!!! After years of reading comments by the left, truth and logic is the LAST thing they want to hear!

          1. glorybe2 says

            Yes I did misspell Berkeley. But I made no racist remark. You have assumed that I somehow think that all right wing loonies are white. i’m sure that minority members also link up with the right wing loonies either through ignorance or seeking some form of gain. But you really do have to be ignorant to be part of the right wing. You see we know for a fact that Ronald Reagan was a criminal. There is no debate about that at all and yet the right wing still sees him as a hero after his thugs imported cocaine and sold it to American youth. We know that baby Bush was a criminal and should be handed over for war crimes in relation to the use of torture. No American president has ever allowed the use of torture and Bush made America look like a desperate banana republic. Then we have Nixon who really was a criminal and his VP Spiro Agnew who was convicted of taking bribes. By the way Nixon also was involved in thefts from the schools milk fund monies when he was VP under Eisenhower. So what we have here is a party that seems to love felons and war criminals who would be executed if tried by the War Crimes Commissions.

          2. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

            Right wing loonies? You remind me of the NAZI’s! Anyone who disagrees with your version of utopia must be eliminated! No doubt you would have approved of Auschwitz, Belsen, Sobibor, or Dachau! Ronald Reagan was a criminal? I suppose you also believe that dope smoking “Bathouse Barry” is Allah’s gift to America!

          3. glorybe2 says

            Yes Reagan was a criminal who actively conspired to import cocaine into the US to raise money to fund anti communist forces in Nicaragua. That cocaine killed people. Murder charges should have been applied to Reagan as well as drug smuggling charges, Just like Baby Bush should be executed for crimes against humanity in approving of torture of prisoners. War crimes are the same for every nation. All officials involved should be handed over to international courts for judgement. Never again will the US have any moral right to judge other nations for torturing US troops captured in battle. Think about that. We have let torture in warfare loose upon the world.

      4. glenn398 says

        Wonder if the people that rate the universities were the same people that gave Obama the peace award.

        1. AKLady says

          Maybe you should wonder why you are never considered for such a post?

          1. glenn398 says

            AKLady Well one thing I can say you never disappoint and are consistance with your stupid comments.

          2. AKLady says

            Well, one thing I can say is that you never disappoint. You are consistent in using poor language and bad grammar. You are also a very consistent insulter.

            Oh, and you just answered the question I suggested.

          3. glenn398 says

            Well I am glad you are a woman of perfection or at least you think so.

          4. AKLady says

            You are also a very consistent insulter.

          5. glenn398 says

            So you are saying that what you post is not insulting or are you the type that only others post insulting comments?

          6. AKLady says

            I work very hard at being factual.
            Facts are not insults

          7. glenn398 says

            When you post that everything the liberals do is okay and never find a problem with any of their actions, that is not looking at both sides. I have not in all your posts come away with seeing much of any factual statements.

          8. AKLady2015 says

            Maybe you should try actually looking up the facts?

          9. glenn398 says

            At my age I have lived thru what went on so had first hand knowledge, on the other hand you depend on what can be looked up. A lot of history has been changed to make it politically correct.

          10. Gary Daniel says

            Telling someone to try “reading the Constitution” when discussing Mr. Obama’s policies is not insulting?

          11. AKLady2015 says

            Maybe you should read it — don’t forget the Amendments.

          12. Gary Daniel says

            TROLL! Something tells me you have other accounts under other names. Hope you make lotsa nickels. They just won’t be from me.

        2. jetmagnet says

          Maybe if you removed the wall you’ve built around you, you could see beyond your limitations. They way I look at it as an independent, is The Teabags are incapable of rational thought beyond the framework of their belief system.
          Which makes them look and seem clueless and ignorant.
          It’s like you people are castrated by propaganda.
          One advantage liberals and independents have over teabags, is the ability to think for themselves without “Puppet strings” attached.

          1. glenn398 says

            I see you are capable of writing words but maybe you should use them to get to a point of view or at least a direct subject.

      5. AKLady says

        Thank you.
        The right thrives on rumor and innuendo.
        Facts and reality are their worst nightmare.

    6. Tommy Kestler says

      The old north would have loved it too

      1. Gary Daniel says

        Very true. ; )

      2. AKLady says

        Oliver North was a criminal. Yes, the old North would have loved it.

    7. Spark1845 says

      Should have sent all of their professors to walk POINT. Get me?? That school should be torn down PERIOD> NEGRO sympathizers. This is what OUR country has become since the number one NIGGER, Barry Soetoro Hussein go into office. He is a WORTHLESS PUNK ASS NEGRO THUG AND PRICK. He should be HUNG.

      1. Gary Daniel says

        Don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel. ; )

        1. Spark1845 says

          Next time I’ll try to put in all out there. Can’t help it. I am a young 70 and have seen too much in OUR country go wrong. The reasons are clear, blatant and obvious. TIRED OF IT ALL. Time to do something about it. Like KILL any Isis or muslim who is here to do damage to OUR country. Why the hell do ya thing the EVIL ONE, Assbama wants to take our guns?? No Defense.

          1. Gary Daniel says

            It is a scary time I agree. The gun thing is so obvious. Who in their right mind would think collecting up everyone’s guns would make our country stronger? The fact that anti-gun people point to other nations that have disarmed their citizens is absurd. The whole point of the United States is that we are not like everybody else.

          2. Spark1845 says

            Very well put Gary Daniel. You have the smooth language I wish I had. I just get very rattled at these people. Very educated, but very ignorant. Good comment.

          3. Gary Daniel says

            Thanks for the compliment and know that you are not alone in your frustration.
            Sic Semper Tyranis

          4. Spark1845 says

            Now that the Airman who helped foil the attack in France was almost killed, someone brought up the fact that he was in a nightclub area of Sacto. where gays hang out. I don’t think he is gay or that gays attacked him. I will find out since I live close to Sacto.

          5. Gary Daniel says

            I used to live in Lavender Heights.

          6. glenn398 says

            Gary you notice they never point to Mexico or really all of south America and how well gun control is working there.

          7. Gary Daniel says

            Good point. Those places are bloodbath. The roving armies are indiscriminate about what part of the population they terrorize. Can’t blame those folks for wanting leave those places
            The problem I see is that they turn whole areas into microcosm of what they left behind. They don’t want to assimilate. They want the American taxpayer to fund their imported culture. That carp has got to stop.

          8. glenn398 says

            Gary think we have went too far left and at this point will be impossible to stop as you call it crap. Everything is in place to bring America down and I don’t see how it can be stopped now. They let Obama do whatever he wanted to do and he has this country set up for total failure.

          9. Gary Daniel says

            I haven’t given up hope but it’s gonna be a hard pull to get out of this funk. Obama seems to be in cahoots with the powers the that be that seek to destroy or marginalize America.

          10. glenn398 says

            Gary agree he is and has put so much in place that even when he leaves we will suffer for many years down the road. The people of this country voted too long for what’s good for me rather then what’s good for the country. Then with Obama it was more of an emotional vote rather then on substance.

          11. Gary Daniel says

            I agree to that whole heartedly.

          12. AKLady says

            Accusation, after accusation – never one single fact.
            By the way, Congress makes the laws and spends th money — not the President.

          13. glenn398 says

            Still living in your own little world I see. Congress votes on the budget but this president is good at taking from one area and spending it in another. He is also good when his overspending proposals are not passed at blaming the republicans for a government shut down.

          14. AKLady says

            How about some citations and facts?
            As usual, you are quite prolific in the accusations and insults.

          15. glenn398 says

            If you would look at what is going on no one would have to lead you by the nose to point out all the things he has done. One thing he tried and it still remains to be seen how it will be played out is taking 600 billion out of medicare to put it into Obama care. All the hidden taxes he put on products with his Obama care law.

          16. AKLady2015 says

            There is no such thing as “Obamacare”.

            The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), is not an insurance or benefit program. It doesn’t regulate your health care; it regulates health insurance along with some of the worst practices of the For-profit Healthcare Industry.

            It is s law that requires you to purchase health insurance. It is a law which requires some employers to negotiate a group health insurance program for their employees.

            The Medicare Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees. The Medicare Trust is invested in Treasury Notes.

            Obama’s budget proposal cuts Medicare funding over the next 10 years. He is pushing for changes which will permit Medicare to negotiate drug prices the same was Medicaid already does — a savings of more than $116 billion

          17. glenn398 says

            Yes they throw all those saving figures out while nothing really gets done. The savings should come first so they are a fact not just a statement on what is planned. I know a lot of people that since the so called affordable care act their insurance cost has went thru the roof. We already had medicaid we didn’t need another expensive program as we could have just extended medicaid.

          18. bluelove says

            obamacare is a shambles, that has not begun to play itself out. and when it does, it isnt going to work, and all of the dems will cry, “one-payor system1” we need a one payor system, because this isnt working!! That is what they have wanted all along, government-mandated healthcare. YOU wait and see. Well, you might not get to, cos we are getting a conservative in, who will REPEAL obamacare! LOL! You are so funny!

          19. bluelove says

            “the same was Medicaid already does.?” come back, when you can spell, and understand! and 85% of people have seen an increase in their premiums, as well as lost their doc, which they were told they would be able to keep! I cant believe you are actually trying to defend obamcare, when even the dems have said what a fiasco it is!!!

          20. bluelove says

            yep, and his letting in all the immigrants, without taking it before congress! AKLady knows all of this. She is just trying to play us. But AKLady, you are going to be standing there with your mouth hanging open, because you are the one being played! LOL!! It will all come out, and I cant wait.

          21. AKLady says

            Constitutional Powers of the President

            Article II, Section 2.

            The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any Subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, AND HE SHALL HAVE THE POWER TO GRANT REPRIEVES AND PARDONS FOR OFFENSIS AGAINST THE UNITED STATES, EXCEPT IN CASES OF INPEACHMENT.

          22. glenn398 says

            Commander if Chief is the scary part, giving a muslin who hates whites and America that kind of power.

          23. AKLady says

            Your bigotry and hate are an embarrassment to America.

            America country is based on religious freedom.

            Muslims are not our enemy.
            Some of our enemies happen to be Muslim.

            The majority of Muslims are in Indonesia, not the Middle-east.

            Are you a Nazi? They teach and practice religious hate.

          24. glenn398 says

            The Nazi’s hated communists not religion and they went after the Jewish because they controlled the economy of Germany and treated the people like dirt. Muslin’s on been on T.V. beheading and everything else you can think of so if you are so in love with them why don’t you go join those living people.

          25. AKLady says

            Yet another Holocaust denier.
            Yet another Holocaust excuser.
            Over 8 million innocent men, women and children murdered.

          26. glenn398 says

            You must have trouble reading or comprehending, never said the holocaust didn’t happen and the Jewish were not the major people put to death. The Jewish made up 8 million but the others were above 20 million. He put to death anyone that wasn’t of use to him.

          27. AKLady says

            America was founded on religious freedom.
            We do not teach religious hate.

            Evil individuals are beheading people.
            They are using “religion” as an excuse for their actions.

            Americans are not Nazis.
            We do not kill people based on religion.

          28. glenn398 says

            It seems there is one hell of a lot of individuals as you say doing this and one hell of a lot of individuals joined together to fight the wars going on.

          29. glenn398 says

            I haven’t figured out if AKLady is for real or just a plant to stir everybody up and she doesn’t seem to agree with anyone. If she is for real, she is one of the dumbest women I have ever run into.

          30. AKLady says

            Congress makes the laws.
            Congress spends the money.

            Medicare Advantage plans, sometimes called Part C, are healthcare plans offered by private companies which contract with Medicare to provide Part A and Part B benefits.

            Nothing has been taken from traditional Medicare.

            You have been lied to and swallowed it whole

          31. glorybe2 says

            Both sides sometimes use simplistic thinking which tends to yield nothing in the way of results. Here is a way that the government could take away guns without violating the constitution: Compulsory gun insurance that requires a gun owner to have 100K in insurance for every round that the gun can hold. For example a six gun would need 600K in insurance and this insurance would be available to any victim whether it is a child, a burglar who steals the gun and shoots people or any shots fired against an innocent party by the gun owner. That insurance would be so expensive that very few people could own a gun and getting caught without that insurance could result in fines that would ruin you for life. The model already exists in compulsory auto insurance. The effect would be that the government could round up almost every gun without violating the constitution nor even making it a political issue. I’m not for doing that at all but my point is why does no one think of that path.

          32. bluelove says

            oh believe me, they will try every angle they think they can get away with!

          33. glenn398 says

            One one type of proof is bringing in thousands from the African nations, where is all that money coming from? I know before they even get here they are put on the section 8 and other government doles. So don’t try and tell me he doesn’t have the ability to shift money from one area to another.

          34. AKLady says

            Lies, piled higher and deeper.

            How about some citations and facts?
            As usual, you are quite prolific in the accusations and insults.

          35. glenn398 says

            If you can’t see for yourself what is happening then no amount of information will help. It is no secret to anyone he has open borders plus is bringing in thousands of muslin’s into this country..

          36. bluelove says

            I will give you some facts, obozo has gone out of the laws of our Constitution and passed obamacare, regulations for businesses-that put them out of business, he has given too much power to the EPA, he has gone out of the bounds of congress, so many times-it is unreal.and the GOP has let him do it. They have not been any better. There are a couple of senators, who are working to impeach obozo, as we speak. obozo has “made laws” as you said with his pen and phone, which he isnt suppose to do. After he leaves office, we will hear a lot more about it. It wont be over. It will the just be starting! and I can hardly wait. He is a racist. He is a muslim, and he hates America…..but it will all catch up to him. I can promise you that! LOL! Wait and see.

          37. AKLady says


            The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was enacted by the 111th U.S. Congress.

            You need to learn how your country actually works. There is no action for impeachment being taken. In fact, the Federalist Society has clearly stated that Obama has not violated the U.S. Constitution.

            The U.S. was founded on religious freedom. It matters no what religion a President practices. All Muslims are not terrorists. All Muslims are not our enemy. The first casualty in the American Revolution was a Muslim. The first country to recognize our Nation was Muslim — Morocco.

            He is not a racist He does not hate America. He has not violated the U.S. Constitution.

            You simply do not have the slightest idea as to how your government works, or what power the Constitution gives a President.

          38. AKLady says

            Accusation, after accusation – never one single fact.

            In America, Congress makes the laws and spends the money.

            A President’s limited authority is defined in the U.S. Constitution; maybe you should read it.

          39. Gary Daniel says

            Instead of being a smartass why don’t you put up facts that justify your position. If Congress passed bills before reading them and the President is the one pushing for that to happen then our system is being fundamentally changed. Something the President ran his campaign on.
            You would have to go against Mr. Obama’s own position to argue with me.
            The other area of note is the Executive Actions. Those are usually to decree a Post Office being opened and who it’s named after. Or a bridge. Things like that. All presidents rack up large numbers of Executive Actions. Its what they are for that matters. Mr. Obama used them to sidestep Congress and either he will get his way or it will be challenged in the courts who already have a glut of cases. Neither of those is good for the country in my opinion. There, is that more detailed for you?

          40. glorybe2 says

            In the case of a frozen congress that can agree on nothing the president has the duty to keep the nation afloat. Executive action is a milder solution than declaring martial law.

          41. Gary Daniel says

            How is allowing people who have come here in droves illegally to stay keeping the nation afloat? How is passing a healthcare law that was predicated on lies and costing people a fortune with quality lessening keeping the nation afloat?
            How is giving illegal aliens Social Security and other benefits keeping the nation afloat? How about mass influx of refugees from war torn middle east who are all Muslim while Christians and other religious faiths are left to die.
            The evidence against this Anti American is astounding and still you don’t see it.

          42. glorybe2 says

            First off illegal immigrants receive zero from Social Security. In Florida they receive zero public support other than being able to report to an emergency room and then they get zero medications or supplies when they leave the ER. Since their children who are born here are citizens those kids do get food stamps. For all practical purposes only pregnant female citizens get any kind of help at all in my state or citizen females with children who are below an absurd poverty line. Citizen males get zero help from government. In other words the issue of public spending on illegal immigrants is a false issue. Even illegals who actually pay into Social Security receive nothing unless they obtain citizen status. They actually do pay in in the hope that it will aid their petitions to become citizens.

          43. Gary Daniel says

            Actually I was friends with an activist advocate for illegal immigrants who went in front of a judge and argued for them receiving Social Security. It happens all the time. Just because the President or congress say something doesn’t mean it’s true. It may not be the ” official policy” but that doesn’t mean there are not ways around that.

          44. Gary Daniel says

            I imagine Martial Law is coming no matter what. He’ll declare it on the premise of global warming I bet.

          45. bluelove says

            it would not surprise me at all, if sometime before the next election, obozo did declare martial law, because if a pres. declares martial law-he can suspend the next pres. election, for an indefinite amount of time!

          46. Waykent says

            Who is Obozo?

          47. Jake Spooz says

            Your president.

          48. Waykent says

            The president’s name is Obama. Who is Obozo?

          49. Jake Spooz says

            They are one in the same, gay boy pedophile.

          50. Waykent says

            Why are you referring to yourself in the third person?

          51. Jake Spooz says

            Why are you up so late gay boy?
            Waiting for mommy to come home and tuck you in.

          52. Waykent says

            I woke up to use the bathroom. I live alone.

          53. Jake Spooz says

            Stop beating off in the bathroom. You live alone in mommy’s basement.

            The psychologist wouldn’t allow you to live alone.

          54. Waykent says

            Thank you for again proving you are a sexual deviant.

          55. Jake Spooz says

            You the one playing with himself…..at least your priest isn’t there this time.

          56. Waykent says

            Please provide proof.

          57. Jake Spooz says

            Don’t need to, gay boy.

          58. bluelove says

            are you serious? Figure it out.

          59. Waykent says

            Who are they?

          60. AKLady2015 says

            Congress has 535 members.
            Pass bills before reading them?
            Who do you thing wrote them?0

            You need to research the issue of Executive Orders a bit further.
            I do not know where you obtained your information, but it is false.

            Bush issued 291 Executive Orders. Many of which were to revoke previous orders which contained unconstitutional actions.

            Ordering Reserves to Active Duty is not similar to opening a post office. (EO 13223). That was one of Bush’s most daring.

            Then there was EO 12989 which was amended no less than three times.

            We cannot forget EO 13467 which amends multiple EOs issued by other Presidents dating a far back as 1953.

            Factually. Obama has issued the least EOs of all Presidents since Eisenhower.

          61. Gary Daniel says

            Nobody was talking about Pres. Bush.

          62. Gary Daniel says

            Hey, nobody is backing a previous admin. Just becaus3 one President acted extra costitutionally (patriot act) doesn’t give Carte Blanc to succeeding presidents. Wrong is wrong. You are stuck in compare and contrast. The country is moving past that. Those who stay in justification by comparison mode are going to be left behind. That thinking is old news and 9not the politically brain dead are going to engage in debate on such a juvenile level. Unfortunately people don’t progress from Jr. High school mentality and tactics.
            My problem isn’t with you and I welcome well thought out and presented points of view. Tho see of us who want to broaden our horizons are not going to get involved with any pissing matches of,”well he done did it first”. Its great to know the progression of bad behavior. It is better to identify and destroy behaviour that counters the freedom of the American people.
            I hope that makes sense to you since you are obviously not a stupid person.
            May the Lord make his face to shine upon this day.

          63. bluelove says

            Very nicely stated, Gary. God bless you.

          64. bluelove says

            oh, and some of his exectutive actions will be challnged, as soon as we get someone in who has some courage.

          65. bluelove says

            not to obozo! Wait till your freedoms start flying out the window! Then you will be singing a different tune! and unless we get a conservative in, (not a GOP good ole’ boy) they will.

          66. AKLady says

            Suggest you read the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Sections 1 through 3.
            You are woefully misinformed.
            Childish name-calling simply makes you look even more foolish and ignorant.

          67. glorybe2 says

            Actually he called it carp.

          68. Gary Daniel says

            Spell check. Thank you for your alert spelling eye.

          69. glenn398 says

            Don’t know where carp came in but carp is a fish.

          70. bluelove says

            there is still hope. As long as freedom-loving Americans are still breathing, there is hope! And we have prayer! We still have our guns, and prayer! They cant win, with us having weapons like that! God help us, in America, to continue with freedom, a gift from you, Amen!

          71. glenn398 says

            As of present at 75 am in good health and would put up one hell of a fight. Unlike most my age take no medicines, no beer belly and at 6’1″ weight 208, of course you never know what tomorrow brings. At least with my hunting and military experience they will be running into someone that has knowledge.

          72. real talk 1 says

            Why should they after all they tried fast and furious they got caught they are pretty dumb you know but they never give up they don’t know they are dumb the leaders went to Harvard !!

          73. glenn398 says

            The first step to making sure you control the masses is dumb them down and it sure does work.

          74. AKLady says

            You must be terribly young.
            Gun control has been a major issue for the past 40 years.

          75. Gary Daniel says

            No I’m not young. I’ve seen a giggantic change in gun restrictions over the years.

          76. Spark1845 says

            THEY just want to have total control over us. WELL, it will NEVER happen. They are not made of the fabric it would take to accomplish that task. WE would beat their asses to the ground and they know it. Hand to hand with those pussies, we would walk over them. So, they want to take our guns so they are the only ones that have em. SCREW the left, they are our enemy. PERIOD>

          77. bluelove says

            Yea, and for two hundred years, everyone has been trying to get to America, why? because we are so horrible, and racist-like obozo says!? NO-because we have been the greatest country in the world, and most generous, too.

          78. AKLady says

            They say senility results in a return to childhood behavior.
            Name calling is very nursery school.
            Foul language is also quite juvenile.

          79. bluelove says

            you got it. you are right, Sparky. Hitler took all of germanys’ guns before he slaughtered millions!

      2. AKLady says

        Yes, don’t hold back — embarrass America with your foul mouth and bigotry.

        1. Spark1845 says

          AKLady——- Bigotry/?? How about Barry Soetoro Hussein? He and his wife, old Tractor ASS, Meesahll the BEAST. They are the two BIGGEST RACISTS in this country. How about that FACT????

          1. AKLady says

            More foul mouthed bigotry.

          2. Spark1845 says

            Hey AK, GO AWAY. PLEASE””””””””

          3. AKLady says

            Stop telling lies, I’ll consider it.
            Stop with the bigotry, I’ll consider it.
            Until then, you are struck with me.

          4. Spark1845 says

            Actually, I’m NOT STRUCK with you. Or stuck with you.

          5. bluelove says

            “Struck with me?”…….you are so caught up in PC, it is affecting your brain cells.

          6. AKLady says

            Thank you for telling me about the typo.
            I appreciate your attention to detail.
            Now, if you could only apply the attention to the law and facts.

          7. bluelove says

            she wont Spark1845, cos she likes to fight a “losing battle.” she needs to watch the video above, that talks about subversion, and communist conspiracy. Then again, she wouldnt understand it, its above her mental capacities!

          8. bluelove says

            I agree with him. They both got their ivy-league education paid for, and now run around “screaming about what a horrible country America is.” That is just sick,sick,sick. they need to leave the U.S., if they hate it so much!

        2. bluelove says

          ok, so his mouth got foul, but he is spot on about obozo. I grew up in New Orleans; had black friends, black and whites are now being divided with all of obozos’ propaganda. He and the liberal media-who are in his back pocket! come on, get real…I am so sick of all the PC crap
          . its’ enough to make you sick. and the thing about it , is by the time all the not so smart people figure it out, it might be too late! Because commies and muslims-they hate PC, gays, women, and freedom.

          1. Spark1845 says

            This is the WHOLE problem, he has put a larger wedge than ever between the races. I’m sorry for you and your friends.

          2. AKLady says

            Garbage piled higher and deeper.
            Yes, you had black friends. However, they were not the type of friends you invited home for Sunday dinner.
            You can fool some of the people, some of the time …

      3. Libertarian Tom says

        I’m going to wade in here, Spark1845 just said what a whole lot of Americans are think. We’re tired of being told that we must live in this alternate universe where up is down, down is left, immorality is morality, evil is good, good is evil, America is always wrong and the minority rules the majority. Sparks1845, don’t hold your tongue, if people were really smart, they’d know what the true definition of those words were.

      4. bluelove says

        and all his cronies with him. if hillary gets in, she will only finish what obozo has started.

  2. MAHB001 says

    If you ask a liberal, their ideology is above the law…
    They certainly control the language and decide who and what racism is….

    1. Jimmy Quick says

      And when enough of these people are on the streets with their liberal education and their better than you attitude, look out. This world won’t even remotely resemble earth as we once knew it.

      What a life…

      1. glenn398 says

        Jimmy what do you mean when enough of these people are on the streets, they already are there and firmly planted in our government so today since I have seen the transformation of the U.S. from 1940 to present this country looks nothing like it did in the 40s and 50s plus we have lost a ton of rights we used to have.

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          I know you’re right. It’s just sickening and these punks are just so self righteous as they attempt to peddle their crap to the rest of us.

          1. maxx says

            Part of their problem is these are the people that have never had to actually work for anything. The 60’s hippies, now the present liberals grew up and procreated beings that are even worse, if that is possible, than their mentally deranged parents.

          2. icetrout says

            fokme … neo-hippies stink 2x as bad as hippies did… & 2x as braindead…

          3. pineapple says

            You mentioned a four letter word that is anathema to them, WORK.

          4. pineapple says

            They are the enemy from within, like a cancer to the body politic.

  3. imbog says

    California has gotten to be the a– hole of America and the only place where anyone makes any sense is in the mid west

    1. melmack 1 says

      And MOST of the South

      1. Miss Mellie says

        I certainly hope YOU never set foot in the South. We don’t want nor like “your kind.” And y’all could have been rid of us if you’d JUST LET US GO in 1861. Why in God’s name did you keep an armpit, stupid?

        1. melmack 1 says

          Say what ??

        2. icetrout says

          Maryland is a Southern State… & so is Northern Virginia… D.C. is differently the Anal Sphincter of America

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            That’s only technically true. Va was a great state, but all the morons from MD that could no longer afford the high taxes moved in to the northern sector and voted democrat, just like always and f’ed up the place. Maryland on the other hand has always been a hotbed for liberal idiots, but there still used to be a lot good people in the suburbs.

            Unfortunately most of them have moved elsewhere like I did to escape the dark creep and the insanity within the school systems.

          2. icetrout says

            Northern Virginia like the Western Shore of Maryland was annexed by D.C. a long time ago… lured by FedGov jobs… cut back the bloated FedGov & Maryland will go back to being the Land of Pleasant Living it once was… like ” Maryland,My , Maryland warned us about… time to get rid of the Northern Scum ! my ancestors came to Maryland in 1741 from Old Maryland ( York County) I can’t leave her to die from niggeroma… cheers,from the Hereford Zone………

          3. Gary Daniel says

            I doubt most people know the song you are referring to. The Army of Northern VA sang it while crossing the Potomic in 1862.

          4. glorybe2 says

            So sad to see racism in you. It is a disease of ignorance and fear. A mental health case worker might be able to assist you.

          5. icetrout says

            WTF is U R problem ??? Answer = LIBERALISM… liberalism is a mental disorder that Dr. .308 will take care of when the SHTF… Oh & POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is the SHILL of COMMUNISM … sounds like U missed U R Meds… don’t go on any mass killing sprees… the psychotropic drugs U libtards ingest are the root of the majority of mass killings in our country… 🙁

          6. glorybe2 says

            Being born in Va. I love Va. But really the politics and government of Va. are awful. Backward and draconian laws abound there.

          7. Jimmy Quick says

            You again? I hope you left the state. Virginia is for lovers, not lawyers.

          8. notmyamerica says

            Maryland???? Give me a break Baltimore…

          9. glorybe2 says

            So sorry but Maryland is north of the Mason Dixon line and therefore is clearly a northern state.

          10. icetrout says

            LOL U R just more proof of the dumbing down of America… Mason/Dixon Line separates Maryland to the South & Pennsylvania to the North DUMBASS ! took away a huge chunk from My Maryland & gave it to the Penns… God Bless Thomas Cresap the “Maryland Monster”… study some American History !

          11. glorybe2 says

            So that huge chunk is part of the north. You are saying that a smaller chunk was not included.

          12. icetrout says

            Google “Cresaps War” war between the Penn’s & the Calvert’s….. Good Lord America is doomed… Liberals have destroyed the educational system …

          13. icetrout says

            1st blood of the Civil War was drawn in Baltimore when a mob attacked Union solders trying to make their way threw Pratt St. ! Mobtown is now Coontown… 🙁

        3. mac12sam12 says

          What’s an armpit stupid?

      2. Vern Davis says

        melmack you are 1 idiot. South is a lot better than NY and most of the northern states. If the other states had as much intelligence as the South we wouldn’t be stuck with Obama.

        1. melmack 1 says

          I thought I said that….I live here, in the South, and fortunately in a conservative county

          1. maxx says

            It’s easiest way to refer to the hot beds of liberal lunacy is left coast and right coast. If you remember the map of the US during the last presidential election the left and right coasts were totally blue. The entire middle of the map was red with a few purple blotches scattered around; mainly large urban areas. Of course with the huge influx of middle-east mandated immigrants the left is trying real hard to change the makeup of the middle of the country.

        2. glorybe2 says

          I don’t check daily but I’ll bet the murder rate is higher in NYC than it is in Atlanta.

    2. Beeotchstewie says

      I give that distinction to the District of Corruption, California is the armpit. Yes I am in the Midwest. But, it is VERY close.

      1. sox83cubs84 says

        The Midwest is, overall, reasonably sane, but you do have a few major trouble spots, like the shooting gallery that is Chicago (just a few miles from me). There’s also Detroit and some of the college towns, like Madison. The south is also fairly normal, as are the Great Plains states (Texas is gonna be my retirement home).

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          Really what you can tie it all to is democratic rule. Every city that has been under democratic “leadership” for 10 or more years consecutively is a complete mess. This reality is born out in crime statistics and murder rates time and again. All the top 10 most violent cities in the USA are liberal democratic controlled.
          I like Texas as well, they have everything they need to function as a separate country. They should secede from the USA and tell Obama to go screw himself and they can certainly find plenty of people to secure their own borders.

          1. sox83cubs84 says

            Stewie: Your first 2 sentences say it all. I know of that, I just didn’t use it in my post. Thanks for making that point…it’s an extremely vaild one.

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            Thanks! And as a long suffering Detroit lions fan, I loved seeing the Cubs win that game last night! If any team was ever overdue to win one, it is the cubs.

          3. sox83cubs84 says

            I’m glad the Cubs win made you (and me) happy. As far as the Lions go, I feel more positive about them now that the Thug Named Suh is no longer there.

          4. Beeotchstewie says

            Me too, now if the referees would actually make a correct call at a critical time in the game like intentionally batting a ball out of the end zone…frustrated!

    3. icetrout says

      dose that make Maryland the stuff that comes out of said hole ?

      1. Jimmy Quick says

        Could be. Certainly has that consistency and texture. I just don’t want to be the one that has to sniff it.

        1. icetrout says

          that’s what a bear left next to my tent Monday night…they “DO” sh*t in the woods…..

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            No kidd’in?

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            Are you sure it wasn’t Heshelle Obama checking your white privilege as you slept? It could be sasquatch scat.

          3. icetrout says

            na,it was a black bear… Western Maryland is overpopulated with them… just like Baltimore … oh that was so racist of me… 😛

          4. Beeotchstewie says

            LOL Not racist at all.

          5. icetrout says

            God Damn a Buffalo… “Truth” prevails over Political Correctness… 🙂

          6. notmyamerica says


      2. melmack 1 says

        Yep, and Mass…Conn, Clif, Wash, Ore, and many others

        1. maxx says

          Those are all in the left and right coasts. The hot beds of liberal lunacy.

          1. John Doe says

            Despite just how beautiful California is, I do miss the scuba diving, backpacking etc, I’m looking forward to the San Andreas fault shaking some of them into the Pacific. I moved to the midwest 25 years ago, less traffic, far less idiots, far less liberals. If I’m not mistaken, I live in the reddest state in the nation.

          2. glorybe2 says

            The very reason your area is not crowded is that it is a red state.

        2. Rick01234 says

          Melmack, it is none of the regions or States that are the armpit, or assh-le of the Country, it’s YOU that are the butt crack of the Country, see how it works when you try to regionalize the problems, it always comes back to you when one tries to blame a region of the troubles in this Country, in the end it always fall’s on who ever is in the WH in D.C. And this one is a complete assh-le. 470 days till he’s flushed down the ol’ sh-t hole himself. And we will all be glad when he’s gone won’t we?

          1. glorybe2 says

            When you go into the center of the nation where people live far apart and are educated in deficient school systems you find a pile of conservatives. In more affluent areas with larger populations you find much more liberal people.

          2. glenn398 says

            Gosh when I was young in the 40s conservative meant we used only what we needed, enjoyed nature but didn’t abuse it, pickup up our trash behind us, paid our bills and respected others. Guess now you liberals have a different meaning of the word conservative.

          3. glorybe2 says

            One problem is that there are different types of conservatives such that no real definition covers them all. Some are social conservatives that want social customs to remain fixed according o some pretense of how things were in the past. Others are simply financial conservatives but only as far as government spending is concerned. Then we have some that have a twisted view of what the Bill of Rights entitles them to. And then we have the McCain types who want to bomb everyone in other nations. There are others who think that only a man, a woman, married with children should have any social clout at all. And then there is the small government crowd who have no reality as to what it takes to manage a nation with 350,000,000 people dispersed over a huge land area. Then we have a whole pile of conservatives who fear anything related to sex and have all kinds of demands that reach the point of absurdity.
            So how many of theses people have any reality into the fact that the majority vote is what wins the day? The constitution does place limits as to how far the nation can go in any direction but that constitution also is designed to serve the majority.

          4. glenn398 says

            First of all don’t put McCain into either a conservative or even being a republican as he isn’t either. He was a democrat but changed when running for the senate in Arizona as at that time no democrat could get elected to those positions. He showed his real colors when he join Kennedy to legalize the illegals. McCain is nothing but a dirt bag and if you follow his carer he was a drunk, ran around on his wife and two kids and broke all the rules. If is wasn’t for his past relatives being high ranking he would have been washed out of the service. During the time the country was mostly conservative from my time of the 40s thru half of the 60s we had low crime and working people. Today now that we are mostly liberal our prisons are over crowded, high crime rate, more people on government dole then working, deep in debt, criminals and illegals coming over our borders freely with Obama’s open border policies. So do you really think we have a better nation now that it is liberal then when conservative?

  4. Jena Smith says

    Berkeley is a joke.

    1. lilbit95336@yahoo.com says

      I live in californication. and they are off the map, hell they don’t even have a clue as to were the map is.They are off the reservation. every thing is pc when talking to them Its like holding 2 different conversations with the same person and I don’t understand either one of them. with the exception of moi there is not a person in cali that is not certifiable I get a headache every time nancy pelosi opens her mouth, I throw up at the sound of diane fiensteins voice these 2 cornered the market on stupid. when the liberals start making sense I will just shoot myself.Guns kill people! no they don’t!! People kill people. There is not a gun on the planet that ever loaded itself, aimed itself at someone and pulled the trigger. The out of control car that killed 3 people was not blamed for murdering people, no it was the drunk behind the wheel. The train that derailed and 26 people died wasn’t the train just jumping the rail it was the conductor texting and not paying attention. So why is the gun that is to blame when some mental case and they always are, decides to make himself famous by killing a whole bunch of people. thats where we need to start with mental health. Get the hell out of gun control.

      1. Andrew says

        You’re absolutely right. I love your comment and wish you all the best Libit5336.

      2. maxx says

        I propose keeping strict records on prescription medications used by people of questionable mental balance. Even people using anti-anxiety drugs should be tracked. When a person tries to purchase a firearm the names of these people in addition to the FBI criminal lists should be compared for matches. I am willing to bet there would be a lot more cases of guns being denied than is happening now.

        1. glorybe2 says

          So you believe that people should be discriminated against because they take a medication? In fact the ones that don’t take medications are the ones that tend to go off and commit mayhem. I know an Air force Colonel who has taken anti depression meds all his life. His body simply requires the medication or he feels a bit lousy. I’ll bet it would be better to watch people who are going through a divorce or lose a job and have to start over. Also if we tracked liquor store purchases and bar tabs we could identify many troubled people more likely to lash out suddenly.

      3. pineapple says

        Gun laws work just like drug laws work, NOT!

    2. pineapple says

      Not only a joke, but a sick and expensive joke.

  5. Debbie says

    I love to see CA people move to other parts of the country , but I wish they would leave what ever it was that they didn’t like there and not try to change us to CA ways .

    1. Rosech Levy says

      Sad to say many have left CA to go and ruin other states, in particular Texas. I will leave as soon as I can, but hope in the meantime Texas kicks their behinds out or at least controls them in some fashion. They did the same thing to Oregon and Washington state, and both are now so liberal they can’t see straight and they are paying big time with crime, dope, taxes, etc. Frankly, I come from the MidWest and unless you can live in a Republican State, don’t compare. I grew up in Missouri which, like CA, is run by crooked Demos whose touch ruins everything and they get richer doing it.

    2. maxx says

      I think the only thing the California migrants didn’t like was the population density. Look what the did to Washington, Oregon and Colorado. I used to vacation in all three states years ago. Now, I won’t waste my $$ on them. These people are like a plague. They spread liberal immorality wherever they go.

  6. pmbalele says

    It is the fault of Repubs and TPs who think African-Americans are less human beings than them. And in fact people should be careful with Repubs appointed federal judges. These think Blacks should not be afforded justice. I have that personal experience with the 7th Circuit judges. Thank God some are dying and soon retiring.

    1. 1775concord says

      ??? Seems to me that Dr. Ben Carson, whose skin color happens to be black, is listed in polls as one of the top three candidates for President by surveyed REPUBLICANS. Where is the black Democrat candidate (Lots of people were fooled by the mixed Obama)?
      I have no knowledge of your case. But don’t think that whites get justice either in our legal system, which is not a justice system.

      1. catman says

        C’mon now….Anybody can get justice in this country……………………So long as you can pay for it !!!

      2. pmbalele says

        Dr. Carson is a lost sheep to join the Repubs. He very smart but he does not know Repubs will dig his history and expose him as they did with Herman Cain. Cain was a shining star until the Repubs labeled his as underwear groper. Carson is like Allen West. He sees Blacks and other racial minorities as fewer humans than him. You remember when he said; “Well we will let Mexicans in this country to work farms i.e. pick fruit, milk cows and those dirty work.” So Dr. Carson has put himself above racial minorities. He is another Cain-“a Koch Brother from another mother.” In fact we have such Blacks in my neighborhood who hate to be seen with other Blacks. I wish Carson the best; but the Repubs are just waiting to dig him.

        1. Lance Lucius says


          1. Deby says

            Lance, don’t waste your breath on the troll pmbalele-he is completely brainwashed, probably went to Berkeley on an affirmative action “scholarship” where they are taught only progressive ideology while smoking a lot of pot. He proves his ignorance with each post.

          2. pmbalele says

            Do not trust Repubs and TPs. They are called conservatives not for nothing. They want Blacks as slaves. So they will use people like Carson, Herman Cain and Allen West to denigrate Blacks. That is why Carson in up in the polls with conservatives. He is a sellout.

      3. pmbalele says

        Please read my last posting. Repubs are just waiting to dump him. I told him to join us Democrats and would be welcome. But he does not want to listen me. In fact I do not know why he retired as age of 60. Most doctors stay active until they are 70. Repubs are now looking why he retired in good standing or was fired.

        1. Lance Lucius says

          Because he was way to smart to be a Democrat, and tell you what, I am an independent, know a hell of a lot of people on the Republican side, and all like Ben Carson, so don’t run your drivil.

          1. glenn398 says

            Lance you can see from his writing pmbalele’s level of intelligence is a little on the low side.

    2. Rosech Levy says

      Hate to tell you that I attended high school and university in KCMo with all races and no contention and we are talking the 50’s and 60’s. Then came blacks after Faubus and the blacks in KC called them niggers and wanted nothing to do with them. So black on black has always been a problem!

      In grade school lived next to a black neighborhood and no problems. BUT since the 1963 published DNC Communist Manifesto, we have seen how the Demos want to keep the blacks on the plantation and upset, so they call blacks who flourish and move on up “Uncle Toms” because they personally have no self-respect and prefer to be whiners and on welfare and kids without a father in the house!

      1. pmbalele says

        I have evidence that Repubs appoint Blacks that will not disturb the status quo. I witnessed a Black was appointed to head a state agency. The first day in office her assistant, a white male, came in her office and told her – not to do anything including checking who is being hired; and that the assistant would do the hiring. She fired her assistant. The governor heard about a Black person firing a White assistant. She was also fired. So Repubs hire Blacks to shield themselves not to be labeled as racists. Actually they are racists. That is why they are called themselves as “conservatives. They wish the 50s and 60s were back to control racial minorities and women. Repubs and TPs dream is over if they do not know that.

        1. Deby says

          now that is a made up pile of bs for sure. you are an ignorant liar.

    3. Ken Richardson says

      You do know that it was Republicans That ended slavery and the Democrats wanted to keep it.

      1. pmbalele says

        It was not even funny.

    4. RoadRules says

      A VAST Majority of Whites DO NOT in the least bit think like that. THAT is just an excuse to justify you doing whatever the hell you want. Sad.

      1. pmbalele says

        I know majority of 99% of Whites are normal people. We have this 1% that spoil the soup and they can inflict pain to both Blacks and Whites. This is especially if they are in hiring capacity such as governors, agency heads or CEOs.

    5. Lance Lucius says

      That is drivel, and you have no proof, not an iota of it. Feelings don’t count give facts. What was your experience with the 7th circuit court? Liberal judges are the problem, they must have all graduated from berkeley to be as stupid as they are. Not an Iota of what the Constitution says.

      1. pmbalele says

        Do you know the Republican appointed judges at 7th circuit do not find “N” offensive? Read 7th Circuit Case. No. 13-2893.

        1. pineapple says

          Do they find the “C” (cracker) word, or the “H” (honkey) word offensive?

          1. pmbalele says

            Do not dare use those words as employee; you will lose with these judges. But did you read the case?

    6. glenn398 says

      Well from their history that seems to be true and they just keep proving it more everyday.

  7. Don in USA says

    Close this fucking loser in Berkleley. It hasn’t done a thing for the state of california for over the l
    60 years I lived in Bay Area. It only does what its thieves in its place want done to hurt the residents of California

  8. MarcJ says

    I remember when back in the late 1960’s I was working in the lab on my PhD dissertation when I would hear the marching students shout “Ho-Ho-Ho Chi Min!” celebrating that mass-murdering communist.

    1. James Maxwell says

      And probably had the “HO HO HO Hanoi Jane” in front giving “Aid and comfort” to the enemy
      who we were fighting.

      1. melmack 1 says

        Along with john kerry after he testified a bold face lie in front of congress

        1. maxx says

          You mean the guy that received 3 Purple Hearts after he submitted his own name? I remember how hard he tried to be the reincarnated John F. Kennedy. Kennedy had his own personal demons but he wasn’t an outright traitor like Lurch.

          1. icetrout says

            why U badmouthin Lurch ?

      2. faturism says

        Don’t forget that Donald Southerland was right there by her side, literally. Perhaps that was not publicized because he’s Canadian.

      3. John Doe says

        Don’t forget the worthless POS, John Kerry, who never earned even one of his three Purple Hearts, nor his Silver and Bronze Medals. It was all designed for future political purposes, and he still hasn’t pulled his head out !

    2. melmack 1 says

      Even today we have groups following obummer calling for peace. Hope they go to Syria and Iraq to talk peace with ISIS…***LMAO***

      1. icetrout says

        I’m so proud of Putin the mooslim killer… 🙂

        1. melmack 1 says

          Totally amazing, Putin is supporting Assad. Iraq and Syria have ISIS. Putin sends in planes and troops to fight ISIS, BUT….first he must assist Assad so he is destroying the rebel groups trying to overthrow Assad and they would include the guys that obummer trained. After the revolt is over, he will, with the help of Iran, Iraq, Syria and prob Hamas attack ISIS…not complicated at all !!


          1. icetrout says

            LOL!!! Rebel Groups & ISIS are the same… you think Traitor Obama would ever betray his Muslim Brothers… Muslim Brotherhood… U need a scorecard mack ! U.S. has been supplying the enemy for a long time… Putin is putting things right ! Obama should be in Leavenworth for this BS !!!

          2. melmack 1 says

            Ah yes…careful there because you will have black choppers over your house.
            Guess that is why bho trained rebels gave their US supplied weapons to ISIS..
            But remember john mccain went over there, had dinner with some guys and then wanted to arm and support them…I don’t believe he really knew who he was actually talking to…they could have been Iranians !!

  9. Rosech Levy says

    Each time I am in Berkeley I wonder how in the world they function at all! They are so liberals and stupid, love being vegans and vegetarians so brain not really functioning in any case, and the weather is atrocious! I hate having to go there and have to wrap my mind around it but escape it as quickly as possible. These are brain dead, non-thinking liberals who think the world revolves around them and their “goodness”. NOT! Then they wonder why they don’t have nor can get jobs just because they graduated from Berkeley. When I took a study class there the rooms had trash all over the floor, filthy, and these are students who parents are spending a small fortune to send them there. They have no respect for the school, the education, America, etc., and none whatsoever for themselves because they on the whole lack morals and ethics, just like their teachers and board.

    1. sox83cubs84 says

      In other words, they’re practicing Obamazombies.

    2. maxx says

      Sounds like the place hasn’t changed one bit since the 60’s.

    3. pineapple says

      Worthless maggots!!

    4. glorybe2 says

      “They are so liberals” probably labels you as unable to understand much of anything.

  10. Warpaint says

    Seems like the staff is still dropping acid at Berzerkly, shades of Timmy Leary…

  11. CMY says

    All these liberal colleges need to have some radical changes, defund them!!!

    1. glenn398 says

      CMY you wouldn’t have many colleges left if you did that.

      1. pineapple says

        That’s because the professors are all left wing lunatics who receive their paychecks from the government, and thus have an incentive to promote the left wing ideology.

        1. glenn398 says

          Pineapple true but that direction has been going on for many years without a peep from the public disapproving.

        2. glorybe2 says

          Pineapple it is quite simple. Professors are the ones who had the ability and the guts to take in all the education and earn the credentials required to get the positions they occupy. Very few people can accomplish that. It involves a tremendous amount of work as well as sacrificing a ton of money in time lost getting all that education as well as earning a lot less simply because they choose to teach instead of going into industries that are usually quite eager to hire them. An easy example is a high school chemistry teacher. Most of them could easily double their pay checks by working in industry and they know it.

          1. pineapple says

            “Most of them could easily double their pay checks by working in industry and they know it.”

            I doubt if those who majored in education could double their paychecks by working in industry.

            I do not condemn teachers. I do, however resent those teachers who spew left wing propaganda to their students rather than sticking to the subject are paid to teach.

          2. glorybe2 says

            It’s funny but I have never heard any teacher or professor spew left wing propaganda one bit. I did have one very right wing history teacher who preached Barry Goldwater as some sort of right wing saint saint.

          3. glenn398 says

            Most of them would be fired if they had to hold down a real job, that is why they work for the government in the first place. As far as earning the credentials that is a joke as it is more political then intelligence unless you think have a black panther as a professor is one of them.

  12. Original Rebel says

    Yeah, political correctness is just what everybody needs – who the hell needs an education anyway? All you’re getttng is brainwashed!

  13. marlene says

    UC Berkeley is a cesspool of liberal propaganda, where lies flourish and truth dies. Hey idiot parents – get your kids out of his government institution of anti-American indoctrination. If not, you won’t recognize them when they graduate and treat YOU as the enemy. By then, you will have deserved it for leaving them under the tutelage of THEIR enemies.

    1. glenn398 says

      Marlene the parents are probably those that graduated in the 60s from Berkley so they know what they are doing.

      1. marlene says

        Glenn, in the 60’s, most of us were not liberal freaks, contrary to the bullsh*t too many of you insist on believing. No, those parents I refer do NOT know what they’re doing and even more dangerous is that they don’t seem to know what their children are doing. Americans gave up their control OVER the government, by denials or anti-American activities, and now the government controls US. “Evil prevails when good people do nothing.” One group of mentally deranged ideologists are not solely responsible for this travesty. It’s the unintended complicity of the majority that did not stop it that shares the greater responsibility. Just as congress illegally, unlawfully and unconstitutionally failed to stop obama and his administration in its tracks, we failed as a nation to prevent it before it happened. This includes you.

        1. glenn398 says

          Marlene didn’t say most people were liberal freaks but even back in the 60s Berkley was. The big change came to this country after Woodstock and we have went downhill ever since. How it includes me I don’t know but guess in your mind somehow I am included. If you look at the world history, evil almost always wins as evil is willing to do anything to win without morals.

          1. marlene says

            If you’re saying you didn’t see it coming, then yes, it includes you complicitly, because you seem to know enough about this movement to have taken action against it. I did. Tell us you did too. Woodstock was the event that highlighted the gains communism had already made, into our government, into our schools and into our lives. No, evil wins ONLY when good people do nothing. I just don’t have your defeatist attitude. Like I said, not enough of us did enough.

          2. glenn398 says

            I don’t know what you are referring to when you say I didn’t do enough, enough how? Evil wins just like I said it does and looking at the world you can’t say evil isn’t winning. The time is coming soon when there will be war in the streets and I an not just talking about the ghetto and at this time words will mean nothing

          3. glorybe2 says

            I was in college in the 1960s and did not meet but one communist among the many thousands of students. The students did not associate communism with a rather stupid and fruitless war in Vietnam. Nobody fell for the notion that if Vietnam went communist it would some how place the US in peril. And frankly looking at Vietnam today it is far better off than at any time in its past even with a communist government. I’m not at all convinced that democracy would work out as well in a place like Vietnam.

          4. marlene says

            Perhaps you didn’t recognize them. They’re back – in the white house and in just about every federal agency whose head was appointed by obama. Many of them may have spewed against the vietnam war, but songs and guitars didn’t stop it. They were more tuned out than tuned in. You’re not sure if a democracy would work out but you’re sure communism is better? The trees from the forest and all that.

          5. headonstraight says

            We “have WENT” downhill in use of the Mother Tongue, haven’t we?
            Maybe your bad grammar is an indicator that this downhill slide indeed included you..

          6. glenn398 says

            Gosh sure am sorry to have used one wrong word, can your liberal sorry ass ever forgive me? You must be one of those that think they are way above all others but got news for you, only in your own mind.

        2. pineapple says

          It doesn’t include me, because I did not vote for the Muslim, Marxist, Narcissist whose wife is a broad-assed, butt ugly bitch whose face would turn a freight train up a dirt road.

          1. marlene says

            LOL – me neither.

        3. muskat antonopolis says

          bet that you voted for the Pres…..am I right? And, once elected outside of
          impeachment or violence, how do you remove a Pres. and neutralize his
          presidential authority? Congress failed themselves to function as a Congress..
          how could they do anything to deter the Pres. since they had NO power…..
          No, the ones who Truly failed themselves and everyone else are those who
          say that they are not racist but voted for an unqualified man because he is
          BLack in skin color……and not only once…BUT TWICE…..of all the people
          who should not be allowed to own firearms of any kind,,,,it is anyone who
          is of the Democratic party as they are continually SHOOTING themselves
          in the foot…….

          1. marlene says

            Ask someone who voted for the president. Assumptions are liberal.

          2. muskat antonopolis says

            really? well then in my opinion smart asses are also liberal…..you really aregood at evading the question and trying to deflect….”just as congress illegally, unlawfully, blah, blah”…well…answer my question re your assumption…..come
            on I haven’t got all day smartass…….answer the QUESTION!!!!!!!!

          3. marlene says

            LOL – you lost it Get help. This is my final “evasion” of your nastiness.

          4. muskat antonopolis says

            well, you didn’t bite….I thought that you would…but, that was just play time and not
            for real…however…..you did evade my question and after you made such a strong
            statement…so many people complain and gripe about all manner of things w/o
            ever offering a solution, right or wrong….I have been given to understand that
            type behavior is indicative of a LIBERAL mindset…or at least a predisposition to
            same……are you a full blooded card carrying LIBERAL? or just playing…..you
            know you should not follow the coco puffs on the net by calling people liberals like
            you did me……but I forgive your slip of the lip…..h.a.n.day.

        4. glorybe2 says

          Try really, really hard and actually tell me one single law the Obama broke. You can’t do it simply because he never broke a single law. And as far as a work ethic I doubt that many people have a clue at just how hard one has to work to earn a Ph.d. from Harvard or even to just be admitted to Harvard. You can bet that tens of thousands of straight A students fail to be accepted by Harvard every year.

  14. draftinging says

    UC Berkeley is just full of bullshit, If I was still hiring people, this is one group that would only receive an application, after that file 13.

    1. maxx says

      That’s almost true about most college graduates today. They come out of college with degrees in “Social Something or Other” and expect 6 figure incomes because the liberals running the colleges today told them that would happen. Unfortunately, these graduates are definitely not prepared for the “real work world” because they were taught by people that don’t know anything about the real work world. Academia used to be the place one prepared for a meaningful career, now it’s a place to keep from working for 4 or 5 or 6 more years. I was once in a position to manage people. If I had the task of calling one of these people on the carpet for not doing their jobs they could not deal with being reprimanded. They were like little kids, many times tearing up and getting very emotional. If they were terminated they would threaten law suits and all sorts of other actions. All I could say was “bring it on”.

      1. glorybe2 says

        Nonsense! Professors warn students that certain pursuits will yield little to no income at all. Open a paper and find a job under astronomers wanted or poets wanted. We probably give out 10,000 Ph.d.s every year in astronomy and almost none will ever work one day as an astronomer. A few will go on to teach astronomy. College is not about learning to make a living at all. College exists for people who simply love learning.

  15. GrizzMann says

    Do the new hires have to prove their race qualifications? Or just claim it, as so many Democrats do.

    1. icetrout says

      1/64th Pink Fauxhicans everywhere…

  16. peter says

    California has become the cesspool of America

    1. pineapple says

      And should be flushed!

    2. glorybe2 says

      The catch is that California is the most popular state in the nation with people swarming to move there. California hauls in quite a few foreign dollars with the film and music industries and the electronics industry is probably feeding half of america with the tax money it rakes in. It is our largest population state. Right wingers tend to exist only in low population areas.

      1. glenn398 says

        Those industries are only there because they existed long before the state went tax and liberal crazy. There isn’t one industry that couldn’t have been put into another state and today Texas is eating Cal’s lunch. The people swarming to move there are illegals as you idiots welcome them with open arms.

  17. Wesley342 says

    I maintain a list of schools that, when I receive a resume, with one of those schools on it, I circle file the resume.
    I no longer maintain California schools, I have just one entry, no schools from Ca.

  18. MILES E DRAKE says

    Despite what the feminazis say, there is no war on women. There is a war on white people, and the goal is the eventual extirpation of native-born English-speaking Caucasians or their confinement to impoverished reservations by a “diverse” elite of exotics and minorities. There are only two answers – secession or a national revolution.

    1. glenn398 says

      Miles mainly a war on white males, the women they can draw into their fake claims and like sheep women tend to follow. Obama for women was an emotional vote not one of any intelligence.

    2. glorybe2 says

      Since the right wing is less than 10% of the population that revolution won’t bother anyone much at all. The right wing nuts would last maybe one week before being exterminated.

      1. glenn398 says

        Since most of the welfare population is liberal along with government workers showing you own the lazy side of the population, ten percent should be more then enough to overcome you liberals.

  19. James Maxwell says

    Berkley is a hot bed of Communist insurgents and brain dead individuals who think they are hip by
    protesting any thing that comes along. The student body for the most part are ignorant in the ways
    of the world but they dammed sure know drugs and revolutionary parties. The Communist have long
    ago taken control of Berkley and while they do actually teach some classes they spew forth the
    Communist manifesto constantly and the so called professors are brain dead revolutionary’s who
    are incapable of actual thought or signs of intelligence. It should have been closed down back in
    the 60’s when it preached open revolt against the United States of America and had not changed it
    message but only gotten worse. But this is symptomatic of Mexiphoney and its mindless march to
    destruction and bankruptcy.

    1. maxx says

      Add Harvard, Yale, Princeton and most Ivy League college to the list of socialist/Marxist institutions of higher learning.

      1. headonstraight says

        Sho nuff. There is a Marxist behind every tree on the campuses of all those commie schools. Keep your children away from them. Send your kids to some local junior college where the commies can’t get to them. Can’t be too careful these days!

    2. Rick01234 says

      Hey does anyone know if Barack went to Berkley? He sure sounds like it…

      1. headonstraight says

        It is spelled Berkeley, not Berkley. Where were you so well educated that you can’t even correctly spell the name of a school that is the subject of this article and that is spelled correctly there four times? The President did not attend Berkeley. If you want to be as ignorant about his academic career as so many right-wing nutjobs are, then ask one of them and they will feed you all kinds of rubbish. The President graduated with honors from Harvard Law School. His undergraduate work was done at Columbia.

        1. pineapple says

          That is where he learned that the U.S. has fifty-seven states, and that corpsman is pronounced as corps-man and not kor-men. What an idiot!!

      2. pineapple says

        Probably as a foreign student.

    3. pineapple says

      Close Berkley and keep GITMO open!!

    4. glorybe2 says

      There are no communist plots to take over the US or most anywhere else. Russia found out, for example, that bringing Cuba under communism cost Russia a fortune. Very few places are profitable enough for anyone to want to take them over. Anyone care to claim Haiti?

      1. glenn398 says

        No one has to claim Haiti, the U.S. already supports it and of course it is just another black ghetto.

      2. James Maxwell says

        The part you seem to be missing is that you do not have to take over a county to
        destroy it and that has been the goal of our enemies for years. The Communist
        sent agents to infiltrate our nation and to destroy our ability to defend ourselves
        or to attack them. As many leaders in the past have done they reduce the military
        strength which keeps out enemies at bay. By infiltrating out education system and
        slowly changing what is taught our children they make the more susceptible to
        becoming converts to Socialism and other dictatorship types of government.
        In this manner Russia does not actually have to invade us by force of arms the
        brainwashed citizens will roll over and conquer themselves without a shot being
        fired. It is an old political ploy that they are past masters at. Many countries
        over the centuries have disappeared for that very reason and uncontrolled
        invasion by foreigners such as we are experiencing in our own today due to
        a very weak and ineffectual government.

  20. Patriot47 says

    “The big one” could clear up a lot of left coast problems.

  21. PatriotParatrooper says

    If this is a nation of laws, then arrest them, give them a hefty sentence, and after they get their teeth knocked out so they can’t bite down when they’re forced to service inmates, and they can sit over a five gallon bucket, they’ll realize just how racial diversity works in prison.

  22. tom cook says

    Yeah, get some vicious savage ignorant blacks to be “psychologists”–like filling our government with them under the lead ape: obama.

    1. headonstraight says

      Racist swine! You and you ilk are a vile stench upon the body politic. Go get your dernanged and bigoted mind disinfected.

      1. pineapple says

        You misspelled deranged. Where did you go to college, Berkeley?

        1. glenn398 says

          pineapple you must be wrong, headonstraight make a mistake, that has got to be impossible and if you don’t think so just ask him.

  23. Saxondog says

    I know of no better example of RACIST in the WORLD than these IDIOTS ! One RACE,AMERICAN solves this issue. Yet that would deny the POWER and CONTROL politicians depend on. And through them these schools funding by AMERICANS. Liberals cannot decide my race, being born in the USA decided my race.I refuse to allow any SKIN COLOR LABELING SYSTEM IDENTIFICATION! All AMERICANS should stand together and suspect anyone’s motives when ‘SKIN COLOR’ is used as a classification!

    1. glenn398 says

      Saxondog you have countries with only one race and they are total disasters, so you will have to come up with another direction to go.

  24. Reta Mae Cherry says

    Jeff Foxworthy and Aaron Wilburn makes more sense even with their funny act, than a lot of these Californians.

  25. Saxondog says

    Stupid people wake up and see what these IDIOTS are about, they must divide AMERICANS in order to create ‘THEIR NATION’. Which will not include LIBERTY or FREEDOM. Can anyone of these ‘SMART’ people quote the “LAW ” which CONGRESS created making “SKIN COLOR” my RACE?

  26. Vern Davis says

    I did not think any of the colleges in CA. obeyed the law. That state is so screwed up we should give it back to Mexico.

    1. kotoc says

      I’m not sure, but I think Mexico already TOOK California. They’ve also overrun the other border states of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

      1. glenn398 says

        Kotoc yes you are right they have taken over those states and I think Colorado is close behind.

  27. glenn398 says

    They have given blacks jobs, education opportunities and they still amount to very little with the exception of a few. So guess the only answer is to keep giving them the advantage over all other races of people to try and advance them. Got news for the left it isn’t going to work because if that was the answer in other countries where they are in charge it should be a paradise instead of the war torn, starving, ghetto countries we see today.

    1. glorybe2 says

      Glenn what you really see is capitalists doing everything in the world that they can to attract labor to an area. Detroit, Brooklyn, and Chicago all went through this. they swell the population of an area in order to get a cheap labor supply. later when those same businesses fail or reduce in size you are stuck with a high population lacking employment. Capitalism is a right wing notion and capitalism causes the mess. After a city goes sour you see more liberal mayors and the like trying to repair a system destroyed by capitalism. How big would Detroit be today if the auto industry had never been there? Or try Cape Canaveral. You can buy land and a house there at rock bottom rates. When the Cape was launching a lot of rockets people moved there and prospered. Now no rockets go up and it is turning into a ghost county.

      1. glenn398 says

        glorybe2 Tell me if there wasn’t capitalism who would be building all the products you enjoy today? Capitalism didn’t destroy those cities greed did. Now that they had a good tax base those cities spent like there was no tomorrow and gave away huge wages and retirement packages. Even with the high tax base the cities spent even more then they brought in and continued to do so even when things started to slow down. In the meantime the unions demanded so much that they drove the car companies and others bankrupt. It is nice to throw big parties when you flush in acquired money but you have to have brains enough to end the party before there is nothing left. All the cities you mentioned sorry to say got there as they were run by your liberal democrats.

        1. glorybe2 says

          Socialist nations produce products and sell them easily. Ever drive a Volvo or Volkswagon? They are created in socialist nations although VW also has a factory in Mexico.

          1. glenn398 says

            Because the leaders of a country are socialists doesn’t make the population of that country socialists. Just like in this country socialism was shoved down our throats while too many people didn’t pay attention to what was happening.

  28. Gerald A. Reason says

    I know that this comment will not last long, if, in fact, it even makes it onto the comment list but it is something that I feel must be said. Looking at the advertisement photos in “Fixthisnation’s” site, we can see one of the problems which is preventing this nation from being fixed — the use of immorality in advertising. A random search of several site, advertised in the photos above, demonstrated vulgarity which, if we look closely, we can see has permeated our society. It is this loss of moral direction which has been destroying America. Having once fallen into that trap, I understand the devastating impact on one’s conduct and attitude these types of things have. We are seeing the results of lust for money, sex, fame, and the like, is having in the nation, in all communities, especially in the Black community. Those who object to this post can say what they want but our founding fathers were well aware of the fact that, when we demand our “RIGHTS” without taking the responsibility that goes with them, our nation can not remain free (based on statements by both Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson). Perhaps Berkeley should consider looking into this, rather than violating the law to try and fix a problem which is being increased by the lack of accepting responsibility for what is causing the problem in the first place.

    1. mac12sam12 says

      If you’re seeing vulgar photos it’s because you’re a sucker for click bait.

    2. Rick01234 says

      What you find offensive isn’t so to the next one in line. Your sense of morality might not match up with a majority of America, and who appointed you God? If thine eye’s offend thee then gouge them out by all means, may I suggest a dull and rusty razor blade?

      1. Gerald A. Reason says

        I never said I was “God” but I did point out something which HIS Word refers to as “sin.” If you do not find it offensive, that is your privilege and your right. You might want to remember that, because the majority does not find something wrong with an action does not make it right. Remember that practice, in the 1700s and early 1800s which was sanctioned by government and found offensive only to a few — They called it slavery. As for the “eye offend thee” remark, you may want to look at the context and language. It is referring to your eye continually leading you into sin. The eye did not offend me, it was the advertisement that I found offensive. Oh yes, I might add, because of my beliefs I chose to find it offensive to me. What you choose is up to you but no one has the right to force any Christian to accept any activity, nor support it, which that individual finds contrary to God’s Word. May you have a good day.

    3. glorybe2 says

      Let’s see in 1850 we had brothels in public view, bars everywhere, and people stealing the lives of others through slavery as well as trying to exterminate First Nations people. So just how are we more immoral than back then? The only difference I see is that we have sinners running about claiming to be as pure as lambs in 1850 and today we see people far more open to admitting what they do.

      1. Gerald A. Reason says

        First, no one ever said that there was not sin and sinners. They have been with this world since the beginning. As for people running around acting pure while they continued to support these; there have been those since the beginning of time. The difference was, in those days, people, in general, knew right from wrong. There were absolutes when it came to behavior. The thing is, we have lost any concept of “absolutes.” We have even lost the concept, for the most part, of realizing that we are answerable to a higher being than ourselves, for our behavior. In short, because people do it or accept it, does not make it right!

  29. onelordwon says

    The only education they have provided is: Progressive Indoctrination of Hate and Blame for America as it’s primary target. Then other subjects take a huge third row back seat.

  30. markypolo says

    Since when did “LAWS” stop Democrats from Lying, Cheating, and stealing from unsuspecting Taxpayers?

  31. rayr65 says

    And if you’re stupid enough to think that it’s just Berkeley then perhaps you should stop thinking. It’s not just Berkeley it’s everywhere even your own towns and colleges. Only the very ignorant come up with this crap that’s it’s all California. Just because Conservatives are out numbered by the intercity population of illegals and liberal idiots does not mean all of Ca. thinks that way. So for the ones who insist that Ca. fall into the ocean, wake up and stop being stupid, this is not just a Ca. thing. This whole, lets condemn everyone in Ca. shows just how ignorant both sides of the political spectrum can be. I would like to think that people on the right side have a little more common sense than that, but they are proving me wrong on a constant bases.

    Ok, so lets do away with Ca., what happens to food supplies in the country? Oh, in case you didn’t know Ca. produces more food than any other State in the country. A very large portion of the national imports come in there as well. But stupid people don’t stop and think about that do they? I have a suggestion, try cleaning up your own backyard before you start in on your neighbors. And no, I am not from Ca. but stupid is stupid no matter where you are. Grow up conservatives, this kind of talk only makes you look very ignorant at best.

    1. glorybe2 says

      No one needs to make conservatives look stupid. They do it all on their own.

      1. rayr65 says

        Like you’re doing now?

  32. CarolAnnD says

    The conversation seems to have gone a bit off-track. I mostly agree with the article.

    However, “Where would you even find a black American who has managed to succeed in this racist country?”

    I don’t know if this is tongue-in-cheek humor or meant seriously. If it is meant seriously, it would be a woeful statement of bigotry and ignorance, when in fact there are many, many competent black professionals.

    This issue is definitely a swinging pendulum and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. And it’s definitely swung way too far to the left/racial quotas and other issues arena. If we have a good point for an article, let’s not undo it with some ambiguously racist remark. That could have been written better

    1. headonstraight says

      That odious question posed in the article–“”Where would you even find a black American who has managed to succeed in this racist country?”–tells us that without question the author has a sick and serious racist ax to grind

  33. sox83cubs84 says

    Only in the land of Fruits and Nuts.

  34. maxx says

    This would be a good time for the San Andreas Fault to complete it’s purpose. If California would fall off into the sea it would be a good thing. Governor Moon Beam and Hollyweed would definitely not be missed even a little bit.

  35. Michael Dennewitz says

    The country’s going to hell and one well trained sniper could end it all for us!!

    1. headonstraight says

      You are again showing yourself for the hateful, racist scumbucket you already are well-known for being.

  36. Timothy Toroian says

    The malignant tumor of totally irrational thought.

  37. Linda Lee says

    In 2010, blacks were 12.3 percent of the population. That’s not much. So just how diverse is enough? If anyone is being marginalized in today’s climate of hysterical racial angst; it’s whites!!!!!!

  38. talltreetrader says

    If you draw a circle with Chicago in the center and the perimeter taking in Madison Wi,, St Lewis, Kansas City,Detroit, and Minneapolis St Paul and remove all inside the circle. The Mid West would be a good place to live

    1. headonstraight says

      How do you draw a circle to exclude people so ignorant as to misspell the name of that that great and prominent midwestern city, St. LOUIS. NOT “St Lewis,” you dingbat!

  39. Adrian Vance says

    Can the liberals ever realize that Affirmative Action is racial discrimination?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  40. JRW40113 says

    what else would you expect from the land of the fruits, nuts and flakes

  41. fred says

    They should be showing that regardless of race they can accept qualified students of all economic backgrounds! The campus is in Oakland, so there should be no shortage of available blacks needing work! I hope UC Berkeley plummets in the REAL academic standards being evaluated by true scholars who objectively rate the quality of Universities in this country…they should be ranked dead last!

  42. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

    Berkeley? The correct spelling is “Berzerkley” Otherwise known as Granola land, home of
    “Fruits, Nuts, and Flakes”

  43. marilyn says

    stick to the basics,college is for dreamers,great people have not embraced this ivy league or nutty professors who can’t make it in the work force but want to be considered bright. unless you learn to cheat like obama you will just be another name written in the sands of life.god bless the catholics

  44. headonstraight says

    Berkeley–a DIVERSE scholastic institution! It produces both Nobel Prize winners and social-engineering dingbats!

  45. dragon lady says

    How can you eat the apple pie, when folks like this give you indisgestion?

  46. EdStone says

    Berkeley is believing that they are impervious to the law. Guess what dumbshits – u r NOT.

  47. Jack says

    You don’t have to QUALIFY,,just be dark skinned…Sacasm on purpose !!

  48. headonstraight says

    72 Nobel laureates associated with UC-Berkeley


    Pretty good track record, wouldn’t ya say?

  49. mitchell says

    Berkeley, Have alway been trouble makers.it goes back a long way.They just love attention.They never going to change any thing,just pitiful souls.

  50. Charlene Grinder says

    Those that I know that went to this university are not well prepared to do the jobs they were educated for. Very poor teachers and staff. I wouldn’t send a rat to this run down school.

  51. Carolyn says

    It’s not just pro black, it’s violently anti white. That’s the problem. They turn groups against each other by treating some better than others. Blacks are not only not discriminated against but they are the only group that gets everything that they want. They are just too stupid to want the right things. Think about it.

  52. Obie Miller says

    Hey, is Berkeley not where all the extreme liberal foolishness started back in the 1960s ……have we really learned NOTHING from our mistakes???

  53. Alleged Comment says

    Yes, been ‘splaining Demoncraps and lieberals are the real racist along with Negroes.

  54. Laurence Almand says

    More PC nonsense. Just why should African-Americans, or any group, receive special treatment? ALL students should be held to the same high standards. If any of them can’t make the grade then they don’t belong in the school. This is just another example of reverse racism and favoritism.

  55. jetmagnet says

    I graduated From UC Berkley, a fine school! Of course stupid people, Like the uneducated writer or the dumbass readers of this nonsense aren’t smart enough to qualify for a scholarship to this school, nor could the simple minded peeps afford the tuition.

    #1 public university in the nation, #20 overall—U.S. News and World Report (September 2015)

    #1 public university in the world, #3 overall—Shanghai Rankings (May 2015)

    #8 best value of 100 public colleges; UC Berkeley is the most selective university in the list—Kiplinger (January 2013)

    #7 in world university rankings—Center for World University Rankings (July 2013)

    #1 top college in value and affordability—Obama Scorecard Colleges (October 2013)

    #5 in world reputation rankings—Times Higher Education (2013)

    #7 in
    Fulbright Scholars and #13 in Fulbright scholarships awarded (graduate
    and undergraduate) among U.S. research universities (November 2013)

    #6 in highest academic reputation—U.S. News and World Report (February 2013)

    #1 school for Computer Science majors, pay—PayScale.com (Setember 2013)

    #1 in statistics, sociology, and media—QS World University Rankings (May 2013)

    #15 schools most likely to make you millions—Quartz (February 2013)

    #3 in undergraduate Business and Engineering in the nation—U.S. News and World Report (September 2012)

    #1 public school, #17 overall by high school counselors—U.S. News and World Report (September 2012)

    #8 by top administrators for having a strong commitment to teaching—U.S. News and World Report (September 2012)

    #2 economic diversity with 38% of undergraduates receiving Pell Grants—U.S. News and World Report (September 2012)

    #1 Best Colleges for Computer Science Majors ROI —AC Online (August 2013)

    #28 Best Bang for the Buck in the nation—Washington Monthly (August 2013)

    #50 in the nation—Forbes (July 2012)

    #50 Best for Vets Colleges in the nation—Military Times EDGE (2010)

    #10 Supporting LGBT Communities—Huffington Post College (September 2012)

    #9 university in the world and only U.S. public university in the top 10—Times Higher Education (October 2012)

    #10 Sierra Club Green School (August 2015)

    Top military friendly school—G.I. Jobs (2011)

    Top university in the nation to produce Teach For America recruits (September 2012)
    Another stupid article from the Losers on the right!!

  56. glorybe2 says

    Oddly when universities set caps such that non Asian students would not win all of the scholarships no one protested. White folks actually get more protections than Asian students just so some white people can compete for a scholarship. So exactly what does the law and affirmative action come to at this point in time. Should we allow Asians to win every scholarship due to their rigorous academic tendencies?

  57. ccannon says

    UC Berkeley is nothing more than a nuthouse filled with far left radicals. It has literally gone to pot and has many potheads!! Sadly to say most of our institutions of higher???? education are going downhill really fast as the nation slides rapidly toward 3rd world banana republic status!

  58. GuardianFlame says

    U.C. Berkeley hasn’t changed one bit since the Age of Aquarius; but it has gotten worse in its waking state. What was the University thinking when they adopted this program? It’s as if Cental California is infected with an air-born virus that twists and contorts the brain. Since when does amy University push all their students into s corner and single out Blacks as being underprivileged students. Kissing up to the Black student population is definitely a liberal action because they believe all Blacks idolize them and want to be like the libs. Boy are they in dreamland.
    Those Blacks dedicated to getting an education don’t need any liberal wacked out administrators making them feel like they are being forgotten…these serious Black students do not have time to play games like that – just like any other dedicated student, no matter race or creed.

  59. daledor says

    This race specific bull crap is merely a sugar coated way of distinguishing between races – putting down one to elevate another. WE ARE ALL EQUAL in GOD’s SIGHT! And if we push racial or personal pride up we become like balloons – all puffed up and full of air- ready to get popped after creating destruction in our paths. White pride! Black pride! BULL CRAP! How about be the best HUMAN that you can be and learn to appreciate all differences in people as God does – how He designed us.

    These folks are falling for a Satanic ruse to ‘divide and conquer’. United we stand and divided we fall. Since most education in higher circles these days seems so set of differentiating our differences and creating egocentric morons. can’t you see that the world banking elite that controls the New World Order is ALWAYS using chaos, divisions, and destruction to empower the NWO control over our thinking, actions, and ways so that THEY can control us? Be sheep of evil Hegellian Dialectic means or THINK for yourself and BE yourself and don’t let people control you and fool you into falling for their tricks and destroying not only civility among people but creating a society full of hate and resentments– fighting each other and setting up a state where martial law can be enacted and all FREEDOM goes ‘bye by’ as the government is fully run by NWO Luciferian minions.

    People need to take personal responsibility for their lives and action and be accountable. Blaming where you were raised, everyone else or a person or a race or whatever — when you err and make poor choices is INSANITY. You set yourself up for destruction. You pride becomes so arrogant that you attack someone that says the truth and take no accountability for yourself. YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE A SLAVE, thinking you are free but in BONDAGE to your own pride and arrogance. Admitting you are wrong sometimes does not show WEAKNESS but strength and good character. If you make a mistake and own up to it then you won’t want to repeat it and learn to quit blaming all the wrong people for YOU.

  60. Paul Fishman says

    Berkeley University should be downgraded below the top 300 rated colleges because of its biased racism. For sure the educational qualifications ARE NOT practical to prepare anyone to be productive in the work place. This college teaches students how to burden and cause trouble

  61. aikenguy says

    Freedom,equality,affirmative action, diversity, entitlement, What’s next? Find a job? No way. How about “what’s your’s is mine”. We are almost there, so even that one wont spur us to say enough is enough. Democrats want their votes and whites are too stupid to see it coming.

  62. Thomas Lee Mullins says

    IMO; reverse discrimination is still discrimination.

  63. peter says

    The statistics are that 4 million people moved out of California in the past 10 years, due to the high cost of living. About 4 million moved to Texas. The only people replacing Americans in California are illegals.

  64. vespo08 says

    “California’s Prop 209 law, which prohibits state institutions from using race, sex, or ethnicity in their educational decisions”. – Except when Liberal Progressives engage in discrimination. They chastise Republicans and/or Conservatives when it doesn’t fit their radical agenda. Yet they blatantly disregard California law with their pious feel good discrimination policies!

  65. KatRob says

    People need to save their money and keep their kids out of this brainwashing, liberal colleges. I want to be the first White person to apply for admission to an all black college. Sue their black asses when I’m denied admission.

  66. boats1567 says

    There has been no greater obstacle to progress than the so-called progressive movement. There is no greater discrimination than PC and the leftist agenda. PC has been used to suppress the truth The leftist agenda is the socialist/communist agenda. Destroying education to control children as outlined by the Marxists. The Trotsky – Alinsky model for deconstructing governments and cultures, creating Corporate States. If not for the progressive scam we would be driving water powered vehicles by now. We would have been powered by natural gas decades ago. Just one of many that were blocked by the so-called progressive movement in the guise of alphabet soup agencies. We are already a fascist corporate state as once defined by Mussolini. The unions have been used to destroy countries by the communist/socialist instigators for well over 160 years, but people believed that the “other” names given them and their cause was acceptable. Armenia, Russia, France and Germany just to name a few. Remember that the German Nazi were the National Socialist Party. America needs to quit listening to the Major Media and the Government drones and start digging into true history. We are doomed to repeat all of the mistakes of the past by believing the elites’ and their cronies. I’m 70 and did not learn true history in any of the government’s institutions, although serving in combat, completing degrees and finding out most of what I was being taught were outright lies. Now common core wants to destroy reading and math too! We are looking at double the generations of ignorance of the truth. It must end. Before there is nothing left for our children.

  67. boats1567 says

    For the books. The leftist movement against the Confederate flag and all things connected to it not one mention of Confederate General Albert Pike. There are more statues of this avowed Luciferian, who became the grand ho ha of the Masons and resurrected the KKK after Lincoln’s war. The first act of President Grant was to have a statue of this Satanist erected in DC, Check out where. If the race baiters want to decry any who they feels slighted them why are they ignoring what this guy actually did after the war? Why do they never recount Lincoln’s remarks the blacks weren’t human? Why do they ignore the fact that planned parenthood was created in Harlem as a planned genocide of blacks? Why do we listen to race baiters and not discover the truth and how PC is used to suppress the truth and destroy free speech by the most intolerant of our population? We who love our country owe no loyalty to this criminal government. Though they have used us as collateral for their insidious agenda for centuries.

  68. boats1567 says

    Oops.. More statues of Pike than any other American.

  69. real talk 1 says

    The left is seeking out not just the weak minds but minds that have been altered for the sick agenda that the Liberals are inmerse in, Some of us believe in ancient aliens have visited the earth most left but some stayed to manipulate the human race how else could you explain the idiots of the Liberal Democratic Party? there is no treatment for such behavior they accept it and their goal is to change everyone and everything so that it fits their way of thinking.It does not matter that they destroy America in their mind it don’t exsit it;s just another place if they could think about it things would not be as they are what human want to be looked upon as a complete fool and not realize it ??

  70. M J says

    Since this communist-socialist mecca is steeped in racism and preferential treatment for certain political HARD LEFT GROUPS, it does not serve the needs of all students and should have all taxpayer funding removed. This radically charged cesspool should be left (get it?) to stand or fall on its own. There is no academic freedom for all there. Close the place!

  71. Laurence Almand says

    This “diversity” nonsense is just that – nonsense! Why should incompetent people be favored simply because they belong to a certain group? And what about the competent White males?
    The government-enforced favoritism of incompetent females and so-called “minorities” has already gone much too far. I have seen do-nothing Blacks and females promoted simply because of their category, not because of their competence.
    This is yet another example of why American education is deteriorating. Check out the website http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com for an analysis.

  72. Spark1845 says

    I think IF, Hillary the MURDEROUS BITCH gets in, we will have a REVOLUTION in this country and rightly so.

  73. Upset Voter says

    If you are a white citizen and try to get into a Black College. That is discrimination and racist. But If we make our colleges only white citizens that is racist. I am sick and tired of all this racism in this country. African Americans think that we should support them. Racism has gone up 100% since Obama took office. Al Sharpton is a racist, Jesse Jackson is a racist, Oprah Winfrey is a racist, Obama is a racist, Michelle (Michael) Obama is a racist, Eric Holder is a racist, Louis Farrakhan is a racist, Loretta Lynch is a racist, Luis Gutierrez is a racist. I am not a racist I have many friends of color that are smart, loving, intelligent, and I love them for what is in their hearts not the color of their skin. I am not a terrorist, I am a legal French/Italian citizen born in the great USA and both my parents were born in the great USA as well.

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