UC San Francisco Offers First Online Abortion Class


Doesn’t it make you feel good when you get to witness a true-blue American first? I’m jealous of those people who got to be there as Neil Armstrong took his first tentative steps on the surface of the moon. But, hey, this is close. For the first time in the nation’s history, a university is offering an online class on abortion! Yay!

Starting next week, the University of California, San Francisco (where else…) will launch a six-week class entitled “Abortion: Quality Care and Public Health Implications.” The online course will teach students the ins and outs of good abortion care while also outlining the many obstacles that stand between women and worldwide abortion access.

Reporting on the new course, the Daily Beast only lamented that it was the first of its kind. Naturally, we should be teaching our children about abortion in their middle school years! After all, if it is as the article says then 30% of women will have an abortion before the age of 45. We have to make sure the path is clear so we can get those numbers up, ladies!

A One-Sided Debate

Look, I’m not saying that we should bury our heads in the sand and pretend that abortion doesn’t exist. Besides the fact that it is undoubtedly one-sided and filled with leftist propaganda, I don’t even have a problem with this college course. After all, it’s unlikely that it’s going to be fulfilling any general education requirements.

But I will say I’m glad that we have programs like Save the Storks to offer a glimmer of hope to those women who think abortion is the only answer. Founded by pro-life advocate Joe Baker, Save the Storks is a fleet of mobile crisis pregnancy centers that go around to abortion clinics in several major cities. Instead of just standing outside with a picket sign, Save the Storks gives women an immediate and compelling alternative. Even though StS takes a low-pressure, stand-back approach, they have been attacked by militant feminists who have called them “forced-birth advocates.”

How backwards has our society become when we celebrate college courses that teach students the ins and outs of killing your unborn child and scorn those who try to offer another path? If you’re not convinced by now that America is being strangled by this left-wing, feminist liberalism, you never will be.

What’s more insidious is that the position of “pro-life” is quickly becoming an untenable one for conservative politicians. Even as we speak, Republican governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is on the defensive, weakening his anti-abortion stance in the face of political pressure from the left. Recent polls have shown that voters are largely rejecting the left’s War on Women campaign, but that doesn’t mean that the propaganda isn’t sticking. These shifts in psychology don’t happen all at once. Can you imagine a Republican being forced to back away from abortion twenty years ago? What won’t we be able to say twenty years from now?

  1. Mark Clemens says

    What do you expect? Several states are making abortions harder to access. Like Guns and Drugs, if a woman wants an abortion she will find a way. So I reckon it’s better to close down abortion clinics, and have the woman deal w/it using a blackmarket back ally abortionist. Now the back ally abortionist can tell the women” See I read how to do this on line” A lot of the dumb girls will think he’s ALMOST a DOCTOR.
    In my opinion there’s no difference in banning abortions, than confiscating a fire arm……

    1. Raymond Layland says

      You are so right Mark!!!! Government has no right to legislate what an individual does with her or his body.

      1. Kent2012 says

        yes the government should not legislate against murder……

        1. fte says

          this dialog of men regarding laws defining how a woman should care and maintain her physical health is very interesting indeed!

          1. Kent2012 says

            yes but it ultimately goes beyond the “short-sighted” “narrow-minded” view that these murders are simply for the benefit of “women” and their mental health….

      2. phil62 says

        You are exactly right and government should not be able or allowed to force other people to go against their secular beliefs but your precious POS POTUS and his minions do it all the time. So it’s okay for the government to interfere with one belief system but not the other RIGHT? The “government” has NOTHING to do with any of these decisions but GOD does. You people are so two-faced it is pathetic.

    2. Poorgovnworker says

      How is making sure that clinics are up to the same standards as walk in clinics making it harder, how making sure that drs have to be there and in good standings at the local hospital making it harder. The way it is now in some states ” he is almost a dr.” are the ones running these places, do you really want to see these women going there. I am not for abortion for me but will not tell the woman next door that she shouldn’t be, but if she is for it I want her to be safe. The Supreme Court in Roe v Wade stated it was up to each state to decide and now that they are the people making money from this are screaming and making it seem like the state is against women. If men would step up to the plate and push pharmaceutical companies to develope pills for them instead of saying Go have an abortion when they get a woman pregnant maybe woman would not have to face these decisions.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        The states are trying to shut them down by expenses, and over regulation. It’s just that plane. I live in a dark red state I can’t recall when I saw a news story on a filthy clinic or something horrible going wrong. If it was working last week, it will work tomorrow.
        This is just opening opportunity for real unsanitary places. Dr.Billy Bob will have his San Francisco generic diploma on the wall, and assure the girl the cloths hanger has been sanitized for her protection.
        I personally am not for abortion. The whole idea of what goes on in any abortion place, kind of turns my stomach. Even so, I think it wrong to say “No you can’t” simply because I have not walked a mile in her shoes…….

        1. rickoff says

          @ Mark Clemens: You said, “I can’t recall when I saw a news story on a filthy clinic or something horrible going wrong.” That statement only goes to show that you are either a low information or no information voter. How can you not have heard the gruesome and widely circulated story of Doctor Kermit Gosnell and the grotesque, murderous atrocities committed at his Philadelphia abortion clinic, where he performed thousands of such abortions over a period of 30 years, and reaped an income of $1.8 million per year?


          Gosnell may certainly be regarded as an extreme example, but countless other true horror stories are easily found on Internet search engines if you simply type in the following words: abortion doctor arrested

          1. Mark Clemens says

            That was one unscrupulous doctor. Also I said I live in a Red State. Pennsylvania went from Red to Blue. So let me get this straight. The whole abortion biz should be shut down nation wide because of one unscrupulous doctor? What about the Doctor who killed Michael Jackson, should the profession of Personal Doctors be shut down? The Philadelphia doctor was the only story my search engine turned up. So as I said I haven’t heard about it. I’m in Tennessee. Do you have anything for here?

          2. rickoff says

            @ Mark Clemens: You said, “The Philadelphia doctor was the only story my search engine turned up. So as I said I haven’t heard about it. I’m in Tennessee. Do you have anything for here?” If Gosnell was the only story you could find, you should look for a new search engine, as it would appear you are using one that filters out any news stories which would be embarrassing to the leftist agenda. If you hadn’t heard about Gosnell’s atrocities, and his murder conviction in 2013 when that story broke on national newcasts then it would appear that you either do not have access to Newspapers, magazines, TV or radio, or only use those media outlets for non-informative entertainment purposes. Is Tennessee really all that backwards and isolated from the rest of the United States that this would be the reason you heard nothing? While there may not be a story about a Tennessee abortion doctor being arrested, it is easy enough to find such stories in two states adjacent to Tennessee.
            North Carolina:

            If only the more horrendous stories concerning abortion doctors and clinics would be of concern to you, how about this one out of Maryland:

            Or how about this one from India, where an abortion doctor fed aborted female fetuses to dogs to destroy evidence of gendercide:
            Granted, this last one did not occur in the USA, but at the rate this country is going to hell in a hand-basket similar stories may soon be heard here. Besides, with women not being required to present a valid reason for requesting an abortion, it is highly probable that in cases where women learn the sex of their unborn child and it does not match what they wanted, gendercide is already being performed here.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            I can’t afford cable, sorry I pay my own bills responsible like. Our local news dont really cover stories from out of state. Didn’t see any of that on the national evening news. I don’t watch news 27/7. I think most of it is propaganda. We really don’t like the rest of y’all, except Texas. We’ve always liked them.
            Anything else you would like to blame on me? World hunger? Ebola? Obama? Starving children in the streets? Leprosy? Please I am just here so you can show me the way….

          4. Mark Clemens says

            Oh, by the way, I asked about Tennessee.

        2. Poorgovnworker says

          Why do you worry about the cost to abortion clinics being up to par but not for walk in clinics, that is the standard that most states are calling for. Why shouldn’t they be as clean and as well staffed as other clinics. Should a woman’s health be taken less because it is an abortion clinic, shouldn’t she have a doctor there to perform the procedure and not a pa, shouldn’t she have her dr there if something goes wrong and is sent to the hospital. Lord man, I want the vet there if something goes wrong with my dog, shouldn’t a human woman be afforded the same from a doctor.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Rickoff sent some interesting info. Georgia and Arkansas passed clinic laws. Obviously it closed clinics down close to our state line. So the women are coming over here due to lack of clinics in their home state. I’m sure these women didn’t want to travel a few hundred miles to accomplish something they must dread. These regulations will start opening up back ally abortion clinics. If these women travel this far, don’t you think they will do what ever it takes to kill the baby? Maybe even try it herself, if that class makes it look or sound EZ.
            Your choice, they are, are ready traveling for it. They can do it in a some what decent way, or you can force them in to back ally clinics, with back door politics. Abortion is in this world, just like guns and drugs. None of them will disappear because we don’t like them………

          2. rickoff says

            In 2010, the Tennessee legislature passed a law stating that, “No health care plan required to be established in this state through an exchange pursuant to federal health care reform legislation enacted by the 111th Congress shall offer coverage for abortion services.” Tennessee also passed a restrictive law, in 2012, requiring abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals, and that has caused some existing TN abortion mills to close. Thank goodness! You are right in being alarmed that women are coming to your state from Georgia to have an abortion, but your reasoning for that alarm is wrong. In 2000, 42% of Georgia women seeking an abortion had already had at least one previous abortion. Such a high rate of repeat abortions shows that women are choosing abortion more and more as a method of birth control rather than as a last resort in times of intense personal crisis. That truly IS alarming in a day and age where pre-conception birth control is readily available and free to any woman who chooses to act responsibly. Another very alarming statistic is that more than 50 million human babies have been killed as a result of legalized abortions since Roe v Wade. Nowhere nears that amount of pregnant women would have died as a result of back alley (not “ally”) abortions had abortion remained an illegal option.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Look at my latest comment I posted to poorgovnworker. Most of that applies here. About that Georgia statistic. That is their choice, not your or mine. Just like owning a gun, if you don’t like guns don’t get one.
            If you don’t like abortions, don’t get a abortion. Freedom is a two way street. To do your thing, you must allow people to do their thing. Dig it?
            Also I tip my hat to those women for having those abortions. Less bastards on our welfare dime. Remember Michael Brown was one of those precious embryos you all protected around 1991. For what? Look how he lived, look at how he died. There are White Boys in the Ghetto who live his exact story. You just saved them from the abortionist just to have the police to kill them 18-30 years latter.

          4. rickoff says

            @Mark Clemens: You wrote, “Freedom is a two way street. To do your thing, you must allow people to do their thing. Dig it?” Sure, I can dig that philosophy, as long as a person who is ‘doing their own thing’ doesn’t infringe on another person’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Aborted children are denied those rights. I’m all for having far fewer people living off the ‘welfare dime,’ as a way of life, but rather than kill babies let’s accomplish that by ending state and federal welfare programs, and going back to the system we had before those programs were implemented. Back then, those who truly needed welfare assistance received it from relatives or community groups who lent a helping hand, but who also did their best to ensure that the needy would somehow earn their keep while receiving these benefits, and be returned to gainful employment as soon as possible. To anyone who refused to earn their keep and seek whatever work was available to them, or who was perceived for some other reason as being a freeloader, the “helping hand” was immediately withdrawn, forcing the previous recipient of their generosity to become self sufficient. But no, the state and federal welfare programs currently in place offer no such incentives, and only encourage long term or life-long and generational dependency.

          5. Mark Clemens says

            The Anti-Abortion (AA) crowd has bread generation after generation of dependent bastards. Actually I thought God looked down upon bastards. God isn’t all that merciful, he did drown the whole world except one family. Burned Sodom and Gamorah to the ground because the people sinned. So, please don’t tell me “It’s God’s will these children be born”
            About ending welfare, I’m all for it, but I know the AA crowd has let the welfare dependents to breed like hood rats. Look at all those Tower Project Buildings like in Atlanta, Detroit, any big city. Some of these towers rise 15+ stories. If we stop public housing, were do you think these people will go? Into your and my decent neighborhood.
            With them they will bring their drugs, gambling, whores, thieves, and other misery with them. They won’t get a job for two reasons
            1. There are not enough jobs to go around
            2. Lack of Work Ethics; The thing about not feeding bears, because they won’t hunt, just wait for free food.
            If your so against abortion, put your money were your mouth is. Monday go to the closest abortion clinic. Offer to ADOPT a doomed child from it’s murderous mom, and raise it. That’s very noble. Just quit sticking America with the bill for your political agenda………

          6. rickoff says

            I have no political agenda related to the abortion issue, and am neither a Republican nor Democrat. Also, I never even mentioned God, or attempted to make this a religious issue. It was you who did that. To me, it is clearly a Constitutional issue. The real question is whether terminating the life of any human being without granting and exercising due process is Constitutional. If you can explain how it is, and how it also is supportive of every American’s inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as declared in our Declaration of Independence, then I will concede that you have a point. Otherwise, I consider your ramblings as pointless.

          7. Mark Clemens says

            ………You are not a citizen unit you are born.
            I am pointing out basic economics on just paying a few hundred dollars for a abortion VS paying 18 years or more of state funded benefits. You know what I’m saying is true

          8. rickoff says

            @ Mark Clemens; You said, “You are not a citizen unit you are born,” but that has nothing to do with the unalienable right to life for all Americans recognized in the Declaration of Independence, our founding document. That right is recognized in the Declaration, to exist upon a person’s creation. When is the time of creation? Obviously that is the time of conception, and not the time of birth. Evidently you are not familiar with the Declaration of Independence, so I present the actual related wording for your convenience:

            “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created
            equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain
            unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the
            pursuit of Happiness.”

            An unalienable right is a right that cannot be given away or taken away, and no person, group of persons, government, executive, legislative or judicial body which seeks to do so has any authority whatsoever to extinguish that unalienable right. Understand?

          9. Mark Clemens says

            The Declaration of Independence does not cover unborn people. No were in that quote did it say unborn children, just states Men. Please correct me, but I thought the Constitution is the written law of the land. The Declaration of Independence was a formal F-You letter to the Crown. If you do not have any founding document that specifically states embryonic protection, your argument is dead in the water………
            Our constitutional rights apply to citizens. You can’t be a citizen of any country until you are born.

          10. Mark Clemens says

            When the Declaration of Independence was written, it did not pertain to Black Slaves (who are people) . So in my opinion you claiming the unborn are covered by the document is ridiculous……..

          11. rickoff says

            Can you find anything in the Declaration that excludes blacks, or children for that matter, from having the inalienable right to life which the Declaration declares? If you can then let me know. If not, then it is your claim of ridiculousness that is ridiculous. Also, as used by the Founders in the vernacular they were accustomed to, the word “men” meant all mankind in America (all human beings). It wasn’t until recently in our history that we began using the terms “he or she” or “person” in substitute of the words “man” or “men” if we are referring to something that also applies to women as well as men. The Declaration of Independence made it very clear, leaving no room for argument, that the right to life for ALL human beings in America is inalienable. It was only during the writing of the Articles of Confederation, and later the Constitution, that an attempt was made to restate what the Declaration had already made clear, by insertion of wording to exclude any who were not “free men.” The Founders meant what they said in the Declaration of Independence, but realized that the southern states would never agree to join a union of states that prohibited slavery, so went along with the exclusion request temporarily, believing that slavery would soon come to an end on its own, due to widespread public opposition and outrage. They were right, and even though it ultimately took a Civil War to end slavery in America, it did end and the Constitution was amended, in the 14th Amendment, to provide that “no state shall deny to any PERSON within its jurisdiction…. the equal protection of the laws.” The very definition of a “person” is a human being, whether adult or child, and obviously an unborn child is a child and therefore also a person. Of course when the Constitution was amended there was no need to change anything stated in the Declaration of Independence, as both were then, and remain, in agreement.

            Incidentally, you might be interested to note that in April of this year, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled in an 8 to 1 decision that children in the womb should have the same legal standing as other children. In writing the majority decision, justice Tom Parker stated, “Because an unborn child has an inalienable right to life from its earliest stages of development, it is entitled not only to a life free
            from the harmful effects of chemicals at all stages of development but
            also to life itself at all stages of development.”

          12. Mark Clemens says

            Just let it go. Your grasping for straws that are not there.
            A SLAVE had NO RIGHTS under the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. So the All Men thing didn’t apply to all people. Remember the 3/5 law for census. If the Founders believed a living breathing slave w/feet on the ground was 3/5 of a person. Also since the founders had such a census rule, if they coincidered a unborn a person, or even part of a person it would of been reflected like the 3/5 rule. If a slave was considered less of a person, I don’t see how a unborn white child would be any more….
            If there was something in either document Alabama wouldn’t have to pass such a law, because it would of been covered under the original construction.
            That’s why women are coming to Tennessee for abortions. Other states are closing down local clinics. What do you think these women are going to do if all clinics are closed?
            My guess would be find someone who took this online course, that has a back ally clinic. You really are putting womens health in jeopardy.
            Oh, by the way. Are you going to the local abortion clinic to adopt a doomed embryo from it’s murderous mother, or are you just going to sit on the side lines and cry abortion is bad?
            My guess is probable not. You’ll just keep expanding the welfare voter base on The Peoples money………
            The DNC thanks you for your support.

          13. rickoff says

            @Mark Clemens: You said, “If there was something in either document Alabama wouldn’t have to pass
            such a law, because it would of been covered under the original
            construction.” There was, in the Declaration of Independence, exactly what the Alabama Supreme court upheld. So obviously the court’s decision wasn’t about creating an inalienable right to life that didn’t already exist. No, in fact it was about holding a pregnant woman accountable for the death of her unborn child due to illegal drug use.

            You also said, “You really are putting womens health in jeopardy.” That is utter nonsense for the following reasons:
            1. I was not the one to impregnate these women.
            2. All these women, unless forcibly raped, chose to have unsafe sex and therefore to risk likely pregnancy.
            3. All these women who consented to having unsafe sex did so needlessly. Do you honestly believe that any woman living in America these days is denied contraceptive birth control if she asks for it?

            Lastly, you have been attempting to prove that an unborn child had no rights granted under the Declaration of Independence’s “inalienable right to life” by using the argument that ” A SLAVE had NO Rights.” You would appear to be suggesting that slaves did not have the right to life at the time of the Declaration or the Constitution, and that slave owners had the right to kill them. That is patently false. The Carolina Slave Code, under which the other slave states based their Slave Codes, was revised in 1739, some 37 years BEFORE the Declaration of Independence, to include a fine of 700 British pounds for anyone who willfully killed a slave. And just one year before the Declaration of Independence, On April 21, 1775, the Virginia Gazette in Fredericksburg reported that a white man (William Pitman) was hanged for the murder of his own slave. How could a man be charged, convicted, and hanged for murder of a slave if that slave did not have a right to live? Sorry, but your arguments are nonsensical and bordering on perverse.

          14. Mark Clemens says

            A unborn child dieing because of a mothers neglect is one thing. Going to a clinic to have a medical procedure is another issue. By over regulation of these clinics you are forcing them to shut down. According to our anti abortion adds three out of five abortion in Tennessee are from out of state women, who’s local clinics have shut down. This is going to open a black market, back ally, unregulated baby death mills. They will kill babies over 5 mounts in term. That is Murder. The SCOUS last week struck down Texas new clinic regulations. Said they put an undo burden for women to travel over 100 miles for an abortion. So I’m expecting any laws like these will be struck down also.
            About the slave who got murdered by his owner…… The slave was a living walking human being, not an embryo. Also the slave had no rights to do as he pleased.So he was not as free as an Indian or White man.In your opinion if a slave was 3/5 of a person, what would assess a unborn child? Slaves were considered less than human. That not killing your slave law, to me is like one of the first animal abuse laws, nothing to do w/the unborn. Slaves were treated like livestock. Since we last talked. I read twice the Constitution & Declaration of Independence. I see no guarantee for life liberty and pursuit of happiness to the unborn. The SCOUS also agrees w/me, or I agree w/them….

          15. rickoff says

            @Mark Clemens: You said, “Slaves were considered less than human. That not killing your slave law,
            to me is like one of the first animal abuse laws, nothing to do w/the
            unborn. Slaves were treated like livestock.” Do you realize how ridiculous your argument is? Farmers who own livestock do kill their livestock, and they have every right to do so, but as I noted in my previous post, William Pitman was hanged for the murder of his own slave in 1775, a year before the Declaration of Independence. Clearly, the law that hanged Pitman recognized that Pitman’s slave was not relegated to the status of livestock, and that the slave had a clear and inviolable right to life. I ask you once again – how could a
            man be charged, convicted, and hanged for murder of a slave if that
            slave did not have a right to live? Answer the question, or concede that your assertion was groundless.

          16. Mark Clemens says

            If your against abortion, don’t have one. Its wrong for you or I to make someone do, or not do something that does not infringe upon others. Thats freedom, its a two way street. For you to be free, women should be free to kill their unborn, up to a certain point. I think it’s also wrong and unconstitutional for you to expect me to pay for all these little bastards way from cradle to grave like Sweet Innocent Little Michael Brown. Y’all are just breeding the welfare state. Because of this all you anti-abortion people should pay twice the tax as pro-abortion people, to help pay your fair share of Obama’s welfare state.
            Since we last texted, did you go to your local abortion clinic and offer some murderous mother to fully adopt her doomed child?
            If you haven’t I say since you talk the talk, be a real man and walk the walk……..

          17. Mark Clemens says

            Oh, about Mr. Pittman. He was probably hung under laws of the Crown. The Crown was against slavery, and did what it could do to stop it. In 1775 the Declaration of Independence was not written until 1776. So the argument of Mr.Pittman fate would be void………

          18. rickoff says

            @ Mark Clemens: I can’t imagine how you arrived at this false notion that, “The Crown was against slavery, and did what it could to stop it.” That is patently false, and is proven untrue in the following paragraph written by Thomas Jefferson:
            “he [the king of Britain] has waged cruel war against human nature itself,
            violating it’s most sacred rights of life & liberty in the persons
            of a distant people who never offended him, captivating & carrying
            them into slavery in another hemisphere, or to incur miserable death in
            their transportation thither. this piratical warfare, the opprobrium of infidel
            powers, is the warfare of the CHRISTIAN king of Great Britain.
            determined to keep open a market where MEN should be bought & sold,
            he has prostituted his negative for suppressing every legislative
            attempt to prohibit or to restrain this execrable commerce: and that
            this assemblage of horrors might want no fact of distinguished die, he
            is now exciting those very people to rise in arms among us, and to
            purchase that liberty of which he has deprived them, by murdering the people upon whom he also obtruded them; thus paying off former crimes committed against the liberties of one people, with crimes which he urges them to commit against the lives of another.” – [From Papers of Thomas Jefferson, ed. Julian P. Boyd (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1950), 1:426.]

            The above paragraph was written by Jefferson with the intention of including it in the Declaration of Independence, and was only deleted because of the objection raised by delegates from South Carolina and Georgia. Delegates from the other 11 colonies had no objections to including it.

            William Pittman was convicted by a jury of his peers, not by the British king or officers of the king’s court, and the jury called for Pittman’s death sentence by hanging. There’s no getting around these facts.

          19. Mark Clemens says

            Rick, you got nothing in the Constitution that guarantees an unborn any rights. Your going back to pre revulsion laws. In 1775 the Crown made/enforced laws here. Thats why we had a revolution. Next thing you’ll bring up the Magma Charter. Also on the island of England owning a slave was illegal in the 1770’s. I think Spain still enslaved people. The British hunted African Slave Traders down like pirates, in those days.
            Mr. Jefferson’s actions upon slavery were a whole lot different than his words. Do you have any instances like Mr. Pittman’s after 1790, thats when the Constitution took effect.
            Are you going to adopt any doomed babies? Since last month, how many have you conveniently let die, that you could of adopted? I bet those murderous mothers would gladly let you adopt the unborn. I mean abortion is a last resort…….

          20. Lizabeth Treiber Haufle says

            Abortion has been here longer than any of us has been alive!!!

          21. Mark Clemens says

            After we talked, I searched up abortion clinics in Nashville. We have 6 locations run by four entities. Every Clinic has a actual doctor and surgeon on premises. Is this standard high enough for you?
            I don’t know about other states laws are concerning this matter. This is why I don’t think there is a issue here regarding care or sanitary conditions.
            I also searched up 12 other big cities like N-Vill or larger. All of them have at least doctors on site. If we have on site doctors, and sanitary conditions, what more can you ask for?

          22. Poorgovnworker says

            I would think that was terrific as long as at least one dr there has preveledges at a local hospital in case of an emergency. I really think most of these laws will make it better for women that seek to kill their babies. Maybe someday a parent can kill any child they have that disappoints them. There would be thousands lining up for that, sometimes I would be the first in line as I am sure our parents would be too. I agree a woman should have full control of her body but with that is the responsibility of not making a baby she does not want, there are too many ways to prevent that, poor woman can get free birth control at the local health department. So the question is why is abortion even a needed thing except in rare occasions. But every woman must live with their own God to answer that.

          23. Mark Clemens says

            Even though we have a high standard on this (doctors present, surgeons on site). A anti abortion group wants to add more regulations. We know it’s not for a womans safety, but to close them down due to over regulation.

          24. Poorgovnworker says

            You are never going to satisfy some people however as evil as abortion is it has its place. I don’t like it but sometimes it is a one or the other situation, the life of the mother, irrpairable damage to the fetus making the child’s life a living hell on earth. I don’t think an abortion should be acceptable if it is just because the child is inconvient.

          25. Lizabeth Treiber Haufle says

            The standards that most states are calling for are those like “SURGICAL centers” not walk-in clinics, or Doc in a Box type clinics. That is an extreme bar to set.
            Do you people not know that these clinics offer women much more than abortions?? They are the only source of medical care many women have.

          26. Poorgovnworker says

            What do you think an abortion would be called if not a surgical procedure. Woman can go to their local health department for just about all their female procedures. They can also get their STDs taken care of for free and low cost birth control.

          27. Lizabeth Treiber Haufle says

            It is not a procedure that requires a full operating room!
            A vasectomy does not require a surgeon, either, nor an operating room. The surgical clinics perform hernia repairs, tonsilectimies, foot or hand surgeries, procedures that do not now require an overnight staty.

          28. Poorgovnworker says

            But if something goes wrong they have the right to go to the hospital with their patients, most abortion “drs” don’t have hospital preveledges. They need to also meet the same cleanliness that outpatient clinics have. What is so wrong with this people.

        3. phil62 says

          I wish you people would learn to write if you are going to try and make sense:
          plane = you fly it, plain = simple. Try a few periods and commas and quotation marks. Cloths – used to wipe something, clothes = wearing apparel

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Well if all you have is grammar to talk about, I would say you are out of logical decent. Also 2 of your posts had misspelled words. I’m smart enough to see past that, to get your meaning………
            Sad your not.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Exactly who are “You People” ?
            Are you better than us?
            You are a two bit snob. Just you, not the rest of the folks who agree you.

      2. Mark Clemens says

        I do like your man pill idea.
        I reckon it’s hard to keep a good swimmer down!!!!

      3. James Seidel says

        The Constitution of the United States of America is worthless in an immoral country…

      4. phil62 says

        That is so far from intelligent that it is not even funny. The so-called ‘men and pharmaceutical’ companies you are talking about already exist: it is called “BIRTH CONTROL” and “RUBBERS”. But you have to want to take them and use them. Dumb!!

        1. Poorgovnworker says

          But they don’t have a pill for men, that would be the way to go. Most men don’t want unexpected surprises, if they had a pill it would land the responsibility on the male side of the court and most want to say “It isn’t my fault it is the woman’s responsibility “.

    3. Lynn Todd says

      You are absolutely on the money Mark, I concur! Couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂

      People just cannot seem to leave others decisions and lives to themselves, they think they must have a hand in the ‘morality’ of others conscious decisions. If they would only use all the time they have on their hands to actually do something good – like stop arming the corruptness in our government with their campaign donations to pass ridiculous laws – for society, just think how far ahead our country could become; both morally and economically.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Thank you.

        1. phil62 says

          You sound about as witless as Lynn

      2. phil62 says

        Well, now here you are blaming things on the wrong people again. As a Christian I do NOT force my lifestyle on anybody, but if they want my help THEN I will give them that advice. WHAT “ridiculous laws for society”?? Then you say how far ahead this country would be if Christians would mind their own business. Killing babies is murder and you think that it is “morally and economically” right. You can’t have Abortion and be moral at the same time. You really do need to research your material before you speak.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Sure is economically sound idea. Look at Adam Lazana (New Town Murder) or Michel Brown. Both caused misery. We paid ALL of Mr. Brown’s living experiences. He was on the public’s dime from Birth to Death, he even had a long arrest record. Both were those precious embryos y’all saved. What a waist of money on Mr. Brown, did he do anything great? Make a contribution to society? You are breeding the welfare state.
          Obama and the Left, thank you for your support.

          1. phil62 says

            Man you are really thinking in the right lane. Yes sir – in the last 30 years in this country alone we have butchered not a few, not a 100, not a 1,000, not a 100,000 and not even a million but MILLIONS (several 1,000,000 PLUS) innocent children, and we are on track at this rate to easily make it to a BILLION plus. AND YOU point out TWO (2) people! You and the rest of your baby killing friends are going to find out what the price is to be paid. You may, or may not believe in God, and the way you, and people like you, think I really don’t care. You will hear the screams of those millions of children over and over and beg God for it to stop but He will not hear you.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Well thats less people on the Government Welfare Dime. Brown, and Lazana are less than a drop of water in the welfare bucket. Can’t you hear the screaming or gunshots in the projects, or are you on the other side of town ( out of sight out of mind)
            Your precious embryos from the 1990s have grown up to be thugs. You enslaved them to a living hell. Look what the white boy (Lazana) did. In short you saved that embryo so he could grow up and MURDER 20+ LIVING CHILDREN a few adults, plus himself. You read the bible, you say? Would you not say Lazana was a BAD SEED?
            Brown was but one of your saved children, the public housing has millions you saved, ready to rob you, at first chance.
            Do you speak on God’s behalf on matters of Damnation? You might want to read First Timothy Chapter One the first 7 verses should do. It is not your place to judge anybody. Since you don’t understand that simple fact from the bible, how can I expect you to grasp the rest of the book?
            Why don’t you put your money were your mouth is….? It’s Monday, go to the closest abortion clinic. Offer to save a doomed baby from it’s murderous mother, then start ADOPTION processes. You talk the talk, let’s see you walk the walk. That would be the noble thing to do. Instead of overwhelming our welfare system, for your political agenda.
            By the way Obama and the LEFT thanks you for the extra voters. Thats why there are more democrat voters than republican voters. You help breed their voter base. Then you wonder why so many people VOTE FOR A LIVING………

        2. Lynn Todd says

          I don’t believe the word ‘christian’ came off my keyboard to the post in which you are responding. However, since you ask about the laws that are passed in the better of society . . . abortion would be one, as I stated, it should be a matter of conscious decisions on the part of the person and their own beliefs, not a law that governs each persons belief in what is right or wrong. That person is who has to answer for their moralities in the end, it is not for our government or even for those like you to dictate to anyone about their beliefs in what is right or wrong. It has nothing to do with being a christian. What material must I research to speak what I believe . . . oh, the same material you researched before you replied? Thanks for your concern 🙂

          1. phil62 says

            I have no idea how these posts have come under my name but somebody is either using me in some way or has the same user name. I dont’ even know what any of you in here are talking about. I have not even read the article and I do not know how it is being done. But, since you bring it up – you are right – I don’t have the RIGHT to tell you how to live your life but according to the Great Commission in Mathew I do have the responsibility to tell people what God has to say about the subject. SO, if that offends you I am sorry but take it up with God – NOT ME
            REBUTTAL on my on post here: I went back and read some of your other statements on this page and I do remember talking to you a long time ago. And it is obvious that you have your belief system and I have mine. BUT you are still wrong about hell. God does not want anybody to go to hell because He made us and He loves all of us, but Satan started the mess and MAN fell right in behind him. God gives every one of us a choice to live His way or Satan’s way. Whether you like to hear it or not killing children is murder. I am not telling you how to live I am just telling you what God says through His book. If that makes you mad and hurts your feelings – oh well – as I said: take it up with God not me. I have nothing whatsoever to do with your salvation. That job belongs to Jesus.

          2. phil62 says

            No wonder I did not remember this discussion. I just read where the original discussion took place 5 MONTHS ago. Lady, I am sorry that you have lost sleep, been mad and lived in a hateful world that you have had to sit and stew in your own juices for 5 months. I also remember making an apology to you on this matter 5 months ago and you still refuse to let it go. When you decide to take someone’s heart felt apology for things said let me know. Until then I forgive you.

          3. Lynn Todd says

            Well, thank you 🙂

          4. Lynn Todd says

            Likewise 😉

          5. Lynn Todd says

            Ouch, does that mean if I don’t take your ‘heartfelt’ apology you won’t forgive me? 😉

  2. Aaron says

    Mark you are an ignoramus. How is banning the murder of unborn babies anything like confiscating fire arms?

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Most of those bastards will end up in the welfare state. Look at the money we waisted on Michael Brown. He was born out of wed lock, lived in the projects till the day he died. If his mom would of gotten a abortion it would of saved us a hundred thousand dollars or more. He’s just one, multiply that by a few million. You anti abortion people just keep adding bastards to the welfare state.
      Obama and the left thank all of you.

      1. James Seidel says

        At what early age did you join the Ku Klux Klan?

        1. Mark Clemens says

          ………The Klan don’t accept black people.
          You might look up the word Bastard. I’m using it for it’s real meaning, not in a foul mouth manner. I’m speaking the cold hard economic and issues of sanitation truths

          1. rhondakelly07 says


          2. Mark Clemens says

            Some of you people are dumb as a box of rocks. The Panthers are against abortion too. Why you being racist w/me? I’m saying undisputed truth. I’m guessing you know what I say is true, and all you have are racist slurs. Me and Jesus feel sorry for y’all. Free your mind, the rest will follow. That’s why you are so shallow………..
            Who said I was black?
            I could be Asian, Hispanic, Indian. Jewish
            You just see the world as white and black. How sad, God made other colors to enjoy. You so racist, I bet your TV is still in Black and White. I bet you married your brother you so backwoods.

  3. Mrsbacktoyou says

    Abortion (the shedding of innocent blood) is an “abominations” in God’s eyes. The Nation that allows it thru it’s laws will suffer:

    Proverbs 6:16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: 17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

    1. fte says

      That puts us in some very hot water from fire and brimstone due to all the innocents we’ve falsely incarcerated and killed through our legal system that we say is based on the 10 Commandments.
      “Thou shalt not kill” apPlies here also. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” … Jesus

      1. Snailmailtrucker says

        God knows what is in your heart !

        1. Lynn Todd says

          I agree Snail,

          and . . . fire and brimstone . . . really, is that nonsense really believed? How ludicrous to think that ‘God’ would force such abominations onto those he gave his life for. Then again, perhaps he gave his life for nothing, is that what the threat of fire and brimstone is all about?

          Funny how some of our many religions use fire and brimstone propaganda to scare us into doing the ‘right’ thing.

          It is for sure what is in our hearts that he looks at 🙂

          1. Sylvester Jones says

            He gave His life for repentant-sinners only, not un-repentant murderer’s.

          2. phil62 says

            LYNN – READ THE BIBLE: God and Jesus and numerous apostles tell you why that is EXACTLY why Jesus will say “…depart from me, I never knew you…”. And departing means they are going to HELL and it is for their sins and it IS fire, darkness and brimstone. Get it through your head that GOD DOES NOT SENTENCE ANYONE TO HELL!!!!!! He wants every one of his people to be in Heaven but He also knows that just like the fallen angels there will be humans who refuse to abide by His laws. YOU make that decision – NOT GOD.

          3. Lynn Todd says

            Exactly . . . but I sure didn’t see where Jesus said it was hell fire and brimstone. As you said it yourself “Departing ‘means’ going to hell . . . ” So that is how man interprets it, not how Jesus said it.

          4. Linda Canciglia McWilliams says

            Lynn, When I think of all the horrible things people have done and gotten away with in this life, either because they were never caught, or because of corruption in the legal systems, it would be hard for me to consider God to be loving, just, or holy if he didn’t punish evil and avenge the innocent victims. In case you really do want to know what Jesus said, here are a couple of quotes (there are others).

            Matthew 13:41-42, 49-50 “The Son of Man will send his angels, and they will gather out of his kingdom all causes of sin and all law-breakers, and throw them into the fiery furnace. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. So it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come out and separate the evil from the righteous and throw them into the fiery furnace. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

            Mark 9:43, 48-49 “And if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life crippled than with two hands to go to hell, to the unquenchable fire…where their worm does not die and the fire is not quenched.’ For everyone will be salted with fire.”

          5. Taking care of business! says

            Lynn, one day you’ll find out the hard way, at the “great white throne judgement.” You’ll have plenty of time to present your case to Jesus then. Unfortunately, everyone there is found guilty. And He DOES look “in our hearts; and you are wearing yours on your sleeve.

          6. Lynn Todd says

            You are entitled to your opinion as I am entitled to mine, and I will not be forced into believing that a good God would throw us into fire and brimstone just to conform to someone else’s beliefs. Sorry!

        2. Yadja says

          No God knows what is in your heart and it sure is not mercy or responsibility. It is murder plain and simple and you have become cold to it, means nothing until it is something you recognize as a child…right. Well kid you were once in that position and your mother did not abort you, if she thought of it and you had a voice would you have begged for life?

          Your a cold, calculating, filthy excuse for a woman and your icon shows your asking for it….your a sl_t.

      2. studi30 says

        No, it is “Thou shall not murder”. God would not say “kill” and than turn around and let the Hebrews kill animals for food, or “kill” in fighting their enemies.

        1. Gayla says

          studi30 ~Yes God gives governments the right to take a life if it warrents taking, and he gave us the right to kill animals for food.

          1. studi30 says

            What does a Commandment from God 3000 years ago have to do with governments rights today? Muslim governments are doing the murder right now, and so? Atheists are also doing the murdering because they hate God. Lanza, who shot up Sandy Hook School, was a Christian hating, Satan worshipper. Loughner (Gabby Giffords) and Holmes (Aurora Theater) were both far left atheists.

        2. Taking care of business! says

          That is correct, it is “murder,” not “kill.”

      3. phil62 says

        It’s not the Ten Commandments that put them in prison, but it is/was the total disregard for those Ten Commandments that put them there. Don’t blame God for their sins. “Back at you”

      4. Mark Clemens says

        What about all the people God killed when he flooded the world?

        1. Linda Canciglia McWilliams says

          God flooded the world because the evil and violence had become so great, and people’s hearts were so hardened that they would not consider repenting even though Noah preached to them all the years he and his sons were building the ark.

  4. smogdew says

    Perhaps like the SPCA, that has large mobile trucks going into neighborhoods to spay and neuter pets, the abortionists can follow suit – they can advertise, abortion candidates can line up, have truck/street abortions and go shopping.
    What cretins – deliberately killing a baby- a descent into hell – your choice.

  5. William Fisher says

    Don’t the masses remember history? Rome fell the same way… it’s a sign of the decline and fall of every civilization, but then so is women in business and homosexuality out of the closet. Of course, history isn’t being taught anymore… the communists did their homework!

    1. OldHighlandGuyOne says

      I agree. Now, go read the rules of Saul Alinsky and you will see what the liberals are doing. They are destroying the U. S. A.
      Welcome to the U. S. S. A. Komrade!
      Now go to http://www.runbenrun.org and sign the petition to get Dr. Ben Carson to run for president. We need a person of high moral standards in the White House.

      1. rhondakelly07 says


        1. diverjimk says


        2. Gayla says


      2. Gayla says


    2. Jimmy King says

      Women is business is the sign of a decline and fall of every civilization ??? HAHAHAHAHAH Come out of the dark ages grandpa

      1. William Fisher says

        Do you know how to read? If you do read history and not social studies either, jerk!

      2. Snailmailtrucker says

        What language are you trying to write Dumbass ?

    3. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

      Had you not included ‘women in business’ I could’ve agreed with you. Are teaching and nursing professions included in that? Once a woman has raised the children, might she work outside the home, even part time? How about if widowed or abandoned, is she allowed a job or career then?
      Men aren’t exactly the strong family providers anymore, many reject ALL responsibility. Many other work very hard to provide and the present economy keeps them from succeeding in levels that allow for savings for college or retirement, let alone the chance of a vacation once every decade.

      1. William Fisher says

        You make good points, and I co-inside with what you are saying… I was only pointing out that it one of many signs of decline… as are rampant abortions, out-of-the-closet gays, mob gatherings and violence and weak borders and weak armies on foreign soils. These are all signs of decline. My mother was a nurse and I have women cousins who are… so, I concur with your observations.

        1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

          Thank you for understanding 🙂

      2. Lynn Todd says

        I absolutely agree MyRoseHasThorns,

        Perhaps those that continue to come out of the closet will fill the nursing jobs, they seem to have filled plenty already 😉

        Men, responsibility? What a laugh in today’s society; what have we done by wanting or needing to be a professional and be sure to take the responsibility to take care of ourselves? Really!

        1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

          I know many responsible men, some have working wives, many have stay at home wives raising their families and homeschooling. I objected to the idea that working women are a sign of decline and fall of a nation.

          I would hope that anyone filling nursing jobs be a caring professional dedicated to the recovery of patients and serious in their care in preventing the spread of illnesses especially incurable viral ones.

  6. Shauna says

    For these people, just do us a favor and drink as much bleach as you can. This is some seriously sick shit. Glad to see our education system is so great that you get credit for this nonsense. WTF is wrong with these people. Good God..

    1. Jimmy King says

      A class that teaches how to decrease morbidity and mortality from unsafe abortions and how to make abortions safer is some seriously sick shit? Yes lets have more women die from abortions they are forced to get in undafe clinics because of the laws republicans are passing

      1. Shauna says

        Jimmy, give me a break from the crying bleeding heart crap! We are in 2014! How about proper parenting and teaching both men and women personal responsibility so it doesn’t happen in the first place? This class is going to do NOTHING but give these students the “thinking” they can do it themselves. It’s more harmful then helpful. Oh and by the way, the whole “war on women” is just more bull crap from your side of isle. Please stop spewing the rhetoric from the left.. As a woman who happens to be pro choice, I’m FED UP with our Govt getting involved in our business. This is personal, The fact that a school is offering this nonsense just tells me how stupid our society has become, and the fact that the democrats want to use this as a form of birth control and fighting to be able to abort at full term is beyond help.

        1. fte says

          War on Women? Oppose birth control as part of health plan; oppose equal pay for equal work from women; oppose freedom of marriage; support the control of womenwho are pregnant without MASSIVE promotion of adoption and improvement of the foster care programs to accomodate those unfortunate children born to women who cannot adequately provide for the nuturance and future of those children, as well as those who are absolutely unfit for motherhood.

          1. Shauna says

            *yawn* Your rhetoric lies are old and tired. women have had access to birth control all along, just ask the illegals. As for equal pay? where have you been? woman are 52% of the work force, we are stronger then ever! BUT, take a good hard look at the democrat party and how they are paying the women in that arena. Under Obama alone the woman have been paid less then ANY OTHER president. They have you running around screaming “war on women” do you have any idea how manipulated you are? try thinking for yourself! As for the adoption issue? There is that problem because the very foundation of teaching what’s right and wrong is slowly being twisted. This is why family values are so important, why church is important, and IF you would stop paying for the welfare queens to spit them out to get more money, maybe this would stop! Hell, just sterilize them.

        2. Jimmy King says

          HAHAHAHA This class is going to teach students “do it yourself abortions” ?? Its a graduate level class for medical professionals It’s not a high school class

          Are you people really THIS STUPID ?

          1. Shauna says

            Look here wizard, I do not care if it’s a medical class for graduate students or not, I’m not paying for stupid people that make bad decisions cause they were not raised right, this gets back to personal responsibility that should be taught in the home. simple as that. If YOU want to pay for abortions, feel free to dig deep in your own pockets. I would like to see that the class will include a unit on prevention, but I know that is not going to happen. See the problem with the collective is making EVERYONE pay for others mistakes. Why don’t you address the culture of rot?

          2. Jimmy King says

            Hey Shit for brains, I’ll type slowly because I know its hard for you to understand. This is a course teaching doctors how to perform a Legal Medical procedure, more safely. It is not about funding abortions, it is not about your daughter who keeps getting knocked up and how she’s a slut People have abortions for various reasons, not just because they can’t keep their knees together. I know you’re bitter because nobody in their right mind ever wanted to have sex with you, but try and see past that and read the article for what its really about

          3. Shauna says

            *points and laughs at Jimmy* Your response is a typical liberal response…Can’t handle the fact that your liberal ideology is fucked and is making a mess of of our country and by the way? not helping ANYONE! shocker there. I won’t get personal because I don’t have to. You know absolutely nothing about me or anything about my life. I don’t have a daughter and I’m married asshole.( and HOT on top of it, deal with it douche). Folks, this is WHY people should stay away from this course. Abortions have been performed safely and w/o incident and by the way, IF you read the original article, ( the one I got), it never mentioned anything other then the liberal agenda, talking about “outlining the obstacles that stand between women and worldwide abortions”…….sounds like politics to me asshat. Once again, we have NEVER had a problem with safety in this issue. Do I need to talk slow? It’s ok, just go back to your mother basement, continue eating your twinkies and talking on your obama phone and spewing what you know to be true…by golly, your showing me….*yawns*

          4. Jimmy King says

            LOL Abortions have always been performed safely??? Are you really THAT ignorant, or just stupid??? The article never mentioned the facts about the course only the “liberal agenda” because it’s on a fake news website. Which is also why you are so ignorant, you only read fake news. I went to the schools website and found out more about the course before I made my judgment But that’s ok. You make up your minds based on one fake news article. Stay ignorant

          5. Shauna says

            *sigh* Once again “Jimmy”, lots of assumptions, fact is I went to site to see what type of class it was. The bottom line is: I DON”T AGREE WITH IT!” Do I need to sign that for you, so it registers? As far as abortions being safe, need I remind you that we are in 2014…News flash King, they have been doing them for a while now. Your rather abusive for “just” responding to someone who disagrees with you, which tells me this is probably how you treat women in general. Maybe if you got some once in a while you might not be so angry…
            So, rather then replying to my posts which I’m find your angry responses boring, like you, I would suggest you go volunteer at a women’s shelter or do something productive rather then sitting at your computer screaming at me, you tiny lil impotent man….Oh and by the way? rather then worry yourself with women’s abortions, why don’t you address the abuse and mutilation of women due to sharia law, which our terror in chief is supporting. That’s the real war on women. No class on that is there? dumbass! This is my last response to you, I’m bored with feeding the troll.

          6. Mark Clemens says

            If Jimmy King would volunteer to help women for anything, he would end up on the Sex Offender Page. Hopefully he goes back under his bridge…………

          7. Jimmy King says

            Sharia Law?? Take your meds so you can stay on topic. The article is about a medical school class on making abortions safer. You attack it claiming young kids shouldn’t be exposed to this. When I point out how off base you are, you jump to Sharia law

            Good argument. Nutjob

      2. James Seidel says

        Yes lets have more women die from abortions they are encouraged to get in unsafe clinics because of the laws politicians are passing

        1. Mark Clemens says

          The laws most politicians are passing, are to close down abortion clinics. Like the EPA is doing to the Coal industry.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      This is an accredited course? That is messed up!!!
      I was taking it as just throwing the information out their.

      1. Shauna says

        Mark, not sure if it is or not, but the fact that a school would even have to offer this just tells me we have some seriously stupid people..School is for reading, writing and math! It’s the job of a parent to teach this stuff…This shows how far we have declined as a society. sad, sad, truth

        1. Mark Clemens says

          I agree, its kind of like putting the blue prints out for making atomic weapons and such. I really hope if someone completes the thing they don’t get a diploma or certificate.

  7. wapitihunter says

    A government that permits murder? I guess they have a good supply of coat hangers. A politician that weakens his morals, principles, and integrity because of political pressure doesn’t belong in office. They are supposed to represent the people and not some political extremest and moral less idiots.

    1. rhondakelly07 says

      DEMOCRATS, CHOP UP LIVE BABIES, you are truly the Evil, wicked Party.

      1. Jim says

        Did Democrats decide Roe vs. Wade?

        1. Sylvester Jones says

          All satanist’s did. Enjoy Ebola, God’s wrath on humanity, and it will only get worse.

        2. TexasStomp says

          A liberal SCOTUS and feminists did….or did you miss the 60’s.

          It wasn’t June Cleaver out in the streets lobbying for abortion on demand. Remember the 3 day event on the Mall. Susan Sarandon, Gloria Steinham? et al, demanding reproductive rights.

          In their defense I don’t think they ever envisioned abortion as the method of birth control of choice. But that just illustrates how even the best of intentions can lead to disastrous results. The number of abortions performed each year in this country is a national disgrace.

          1. Jim says

            The decision was published January 22, 1973, with a 7-2 vote with Warren E. Burger, a Nixon appointee, as Chief Justice.

          2. TexasStomp says

            Jim. How long do you think it takeks to get bills passed, written and signed into law? Abortion was one of the big three issues throughout the 60’s. Which president signed the bill is irrelevant. It took ten years of progressive activists and the SCOTUS to get it passed into law.

          3. studi30 says

            So one Republican appointee as Chief Justice, who voted against Roe, makes the Republicans responsible. “Slav, Latin (Hispanic) and Hebrew immigrants are human weeds…a deadweight of human waste. Blacks, soldiers and Jews are a menace to the race”. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, 1916.

  8. Kent2012 says

    and I am confident that the course will include all the information to apply for kenyan boy’s murder incorporated funding…paid for by the Real American taxpayer…..

  9. OldHighlandGuyOne says

    When I read this article earlier this morning, I thought something was wrong with the article and I could not wrap my mind around it, so, I went to the UCSF website and found the online course for abortion.
    Well, it is true, they are offering an online course on abortion and how to get-er-done. Now I wish I could see what that all involves but I don’t want to signup. I graduated from the University of San Francisco, not UCSF, and I still cannot believe that anyone would put such evil stuff online…..wait…yes I can.

  10. Thomas Dugan says

    This is all political slight of hand. The Republicans wave one hand around shouting about the evils of abortion and gay marriage, etc., while quietly using the other hand to support big business interests that steal billions from the public and destroy the only world we have to live in. Look at the list: tobacco, lead, asbestos, anti-global warming and now fracking. All hid or are hiding behind fake scientific denials. Eventually, the truth finally comes out, but only after thousands upon thousands have been made sick and die. That is your true Republican Party. They hide behind phony social issues because those issues are free and don’t cost anything. As always “follow the money”.

    1. Joseph Toth says

      That’s right blame the Republicans. You know all the crap mentioned is just that ( crap). you’re just a progressive Democrat, you believe if you tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth. That tactic is coming to an end. That’s why they try so hard to stifle people like Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Dennis Prager to mention a few. To me the Democratic party is a party of trader to this country and our way of life. If the truth, by that I mean facts and figures were presented to you, you would never believe it You are a Democrat right or wrong….You will always vote Democrat.and when all else fails blame George Bush.

      1. Thomas Dugan says

        Hard to reply as I am not sure what crap you are referring to. Have we not proven that cigarettes, lead and asbestos are indeed harmful to humans? Or do you deny that as well? Global warming and fracking are using the same PR firm and techniques to deny problems as they did with the first three. Same pattern to discredit everyone who attempts to call them out. Again, social issues are free and get votes against people’s own best interests. Show me where I am wrong.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          I think Second Hand Smoke is a bunch of BS.

          1. TexasStomp says

            Indoors, over a normal lifetime or childhood….I’m not about to say it has no impact. Perhaps no direct cancer link but there are many respiratory problems that it could if not cause certainly not help.

            Outdoors in open spaces….not buyin it for a minute.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            I was raised in Pittsburgh from 2-19 years old. In Pennsylvania after Halloween you close and seal all windows until Mid April. Both of my Grandparents smoked, my Grandpa like a freight train. I hated it, but I had to breath the second hand smoke. You couldn’t go out side to escape it after Thanksgiving. So if second hand smoke causes cancer, I should of had it by time I was 15 or 16. I spent 17 winters in a smokey house. How much more smoke exposure could a kid get? Both grandparents smoked into their 80s and 90s. When you get that old, it’s a matter of time when your number is up………

          3. sgthwjack says

            Studies have shown that if one lives long enough, one will die of something. 😉

          4. Mark Clemens says

            Well here’s a undisputed medical/ nutritional fact:
            Everyone who eats chicken will die.

    2. rhondakelly07 says

      YOU JUST LIED..were voting you Lying SCAM Democrats out ..

      1. Thomas Dugan says

        Please see above. What am I lying about?

  11. 2399molly says

    I keep waiting for San Francisco to fall into the sea. I hope soon because they have the most corrupt immoral people. Killers of babies. We are failing because this immoral administration along with corrupt politicians have gone against everything America stands for.

    1. Lynn Todd says

      Immoral administration coming from S.F.?
      I never knew that immorality was contained to just one place in this country, where have I been?

      Our downfall, certainly the corruption of politicians, that I will definitely agree with, the leftists give far too much in ‘campaign donations’ to get the laws passed that are none of their concern.

      1. phil62 says

        Molly was wrong by using the word “administration” but she is right about San Francisco being the center of all the immorality that has grown from there to the rest of the nation. It started in the early 60’s with the “Flower Children” who are now grandmothers and grandfathers and raised their children to believe the same, and as they grew up they began to inundate the political system and Christianity of this ONCE great country. Obama was dead on when he said “we are no longer a nation of Christians alone”. The practicing Christians only make up about 20% of our population. AND that is why we are in the shape we are in

  12. Snailmailtrucker says

    BOYCOTT San Francisco and any town that thinks it can flaunt their PERVERSION
    in the faces of True Americans !

  13. MichaelZZ says


    The popular definition of “abortion” is that it is the termination of a pregnancy,
    which, obviously, results in the “prevention of life”.

    In an effort at eliminating a discussion as to the definition of “life”, herein, we will substitute “one-month-old babies” for the concept of “life”. Therefore, the result of an “abortion” is the prevention of
    “one-month-old babies”.

    In the context of “one-month-old babies”, what is the difference between aborting one second after conception or one second prior, since in both instances, one is preventing “one-month-old babies”?
    If we abstain or use some other form of birth control, we are preventing any possibility
    of “one-month-old babies”.

    The creation of “one-month-old babies” can be viewed as a process, which begins
    with the ability of a male and a female to engage in sexual activity and which, sometimes, ends in the creation of “one-month-old babies”. This process may be ended, terminated, truncated, aborted at any point during that process.

    The methods vary from deciding not to engage in such activity, the use of contraceptives, and the employment of physical and/or chemical efforts.

    Each method prevents any possibility of “one-month-old babies”.


  14. loran says

    How could this surprise anybody? I would never back away from not supporting abortion. It’s just not a Godly position.

  15. bobclaville says

    Is it too late for NANCY PELOSI to become their first? Or will Debbie Wasserman Schultz take the lead?

    Their parents should be punished for NOT using abortion control. I mean Birth control.

  16. ConservativeSenior says

    It’s like watching a horror movie.

  17. pysco says

    Leave it San Francisco…………..

  18. Ellen says

    Now California is teaching students to kill their own child. How deprave is this or how evil? They should have a class that teach students how to NOT get pregnant so they will not be murderers. Prevention NOT abortion.

  19. phil62 says

    Queers and baby killers – that is San Francisco at it’s finest. Man I feel sorry for the decent people that live in California.

  20. are122 says

    It’s too bad they can’t teach people how to read…as in birth control devices and pills. It’s too bad they can’t improve lives instead of destroying them. But I guess destroying them is always easier.

  21. Sylvester Jones says

    Legalized murder.

  22. grover rambo says

    Politicians are truly wolves in sheep’s clothing!

  23. Joe T says

    Here’s a thought for the people who advocate abortions………..what if their mother who gave them LIFE decides to have an abortion and while in her womb they knew about her maybe wanting to have an abortion….probably would have talked their MOM out of having one when THEY WERE BEING BORN!
    Don’t you think?

  24. Jeffrey Wymore says

    Time for another quake to smack down that city an 8.0 or higher will do God.

  25. Anne Marie Bradley says

    Gee! Michelle Obama never had an abortion – because SHE is a HE!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvuulZPbfBg – Michelle Obama is a man! – best professional video proof (24 min) Part I

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B418vtkQsY – Michelle Obama is a man, Part II

    For God’s sake, where are the morals in this country? We have a new sex group of “it’s” and nobody cares! Consider what Barack Obama (whose name is not even Obama, it is Soetoro) said when he first ran, that he was against gay marriage. HE HAS A GAY MARRIAGE! I bet his daughters were illegally snatched in Indonesia after they had that bad tsunami in 1998 (http://nctr.pmel.noaa.gov/PNG/Upng/Davies020411/) – or maybe even 2004 (http://www.tsunami.noaa.gov/tsunami_story.html). Over 130,000 died in 2004, when George Bush was President. Considering his administration also had to contend with 911 three years before that – leaving our country with many social and financial scars – fighting a war on terrorism – we have to be more vigilint within this country! Who’s to say the 1998 tsunami gave ideas to crooked democrats who began their “we’re against fracking” mission, as a devient tactic to actually plot and plan a huge tsunami while George Bush was in office? (by abusing the fracking method – creating an uncontrolled device unknown to the public — not to get more oil through the use of controlled methods in the US, but just to cause a major earthquake which would result in the death of hundreds of thousands of people!) That, my friends, is why I say, we need to get rid of the terrorists that hooking up with with terrorists in other countries. Obama’s plan to be president has been a long time coming. This is what he has lived for, from the day a communist seduced his mother. SHE did not get an abortion – consider that! Obama is puppet,most of us all know that. We must stop this evil that has infiltrated this country – the collaboration of people such as from the Weather Underground. But there are several more. Media began helping Bill Clinton, which was his biggest force as a President. NOT his real accomplishments, in my opinion. The sequestor that Clinton caused, was reported by media to be the fault of the republicans – a lie! Just because they anonymously voted to not fund Clinton’s crap, it was NOT their fault a sequestor occurred. The remedy was simple. Negotiate! Submit one that would pass! We are in very dangerous times now – and Obama is the most the dangerous leader in the world, helping ISIS. Living a life of corruption, crime, sex exploitation, and constantly lying to the public. He is not a legal citizen, even! Yet he keeps getting continuances on the court actions taken against him in Washington, DC. Nanci Pelosi and Harry Reid should be put in jail for supporting this agent for terrorists. And, there is evidence to support that Obama is a murderer. I bet he grew up with terrorism in Indonesia. And when the 1998 tsunami hit when Clinton was President, little attention was given to it. So, I expect, it was a great place of the world to attack with unauthorized fracking equipment in 2004. Despite the fact that US increased more technology out there after 1998, to prevent another occurrence like that, there were some who clearly knew how to buck the system! Those same ones also fully support abortions – which I am not surprised about.

  26. badger says

    Democrats have been infiltrated by Muslim Terrorist and Communism. Yet we still have die hard Democrats that are uneducated and want the Government to give them a free pass to anything.

  27. Lizabeth Treiber Haufle says

    Making abortion totally illegal will NOT stop abortion!

  28. phil62 says

    If you are a Christian and/or a caring person then you better move your butts out of San Francisco because that is going to be ground zero in the United States just like Sodom and Gomorrah.

  29. phil62 says

    All of the posts in here are just back and forth arguments about when it is legal to kill a baby and solves nothing. And then everybody starts getting mad and hurling personal insults.

  30. Taking care of business! says

    Class includes coat-hanger.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      And an Eltralux

      1. Taking care of business! says

        Thanks, Mark. How could I have forgotten?

  31. Joe T says

    I wonder if the (various) people who promote ABORTION…….would have liked it when they were in their
    mother’s womb (e.g.OBAMA) and she thought the same way about abortion that they are now thinking THEY WOULDN’T F…ING BE HERE…NOW WOULD THEY……….if the fits wear it….ABORTIONISTS!

  32. Yadja says

    Good maybe all the Liberal dupes that call themselves women will save us some money and learn how to use a coat hanger at home.

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