UN Calls for Israel Cease Fire in the “Name of Humanity”


Following another weekend of violence, the Secretary General of the United Nations called for a humanitarian cease-fire on Monday, demanding compliance from both Israel and Gaza in the “name of humanity.” Ban Ki-moon’s words matched the Security Council’s earlier call for an immediate cease-fire, but he went on to deliver a sharp rebuke of both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, shaming them for letting their citizens die in the battle.

Though the comments were tempered with criticism of Gaza and Hamas, it remains clear that the U.N. is doing their bidding when making calls for a cease-fire. Palestinian authorities have been lobbying the U.N. to pass a more direct resolution for the last week, a step Ban and the Security Council stopped short of taking.

The problem with a humanitarian cease-fire at this point in time is the matter of trust. There are issues of bias in the statements made by the council. They do not mention Israel’s right to protect itself, nor do they make any comments on the rockets being fired into the country by Hamas. Like protestors around the world, the U.N. treats this as an unprovoked act of aggression on the part of Israel. Far too much of the world sees it the same way, treating Israel like a mom would a teenager who retaliates against his antagonizing little brother. You’re older, you should know better.

Still others seem confused as to why America should put her support behind Israel to begin with. We have done so historically since the creation of the state in 1948, but it’s fair to say that historicity is not much of a reason. The big reason, of course, is that they are an oasis of democracy in a Middle East that is chronically unstable, dictatorial, and volatile.

That Americans on both sides of the aisle would like to see peace-talks work out between Israel and the Palestinians, it has been the failed mission of the last three administrations to see that to fruition. 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney went on record questioning whether “peace” was even what Palestinians wanted. It’s a valid question, backed up by the evidence of repeatedly-broken cease fires in the past. It’s also a question worth coming back to when the John Kerry and Obama make allusions toward getting things under control in that region.

Conservatives and the wisest of liberals know that putting America’s full support behind Israel is not just the right thing to do, it is the most practical from a strategic perspective. Israel has a powerful military, and it makes sense for America to create allies out of the strongest countries she can. That goes double for a region not known for its support of U.S. interests. To give up that ally would weaken our leverage with Iran, Iraq, and many of the neighboring countries. Until democracy and stability are Middle East trademarks, our alliance with Israel must continue.

  1. Robert L. Rice says

    There is NO WAY that Israel can appease Gaza and Hamas.Hamas has said many times they want to DESTROY Israel.Forget obozo ,Kerry and the un,,,they are like sock puppets,big noise,no action,all bluff,,Isreal MUST continue this war,at least,until all tunnels are found and destroyed, THEN and ONLY THEN,should Israel even consider winding down this war…ISRAEL,,,,PLEASE do not listen to obozo,kerry and the un,,,listening to these idiots,will ONLY put more Israelis lives at risk.

    1. ggrdr05 says

      the un is nothing more than a bunch of THUGS who we give millions, billions of OUR tax dollars for them to line their pockets. Wake up AMERICA, kick the un out of OUR COUNTRY.

      1. donl says

        You are correct. The UN is a meeting place for Communists, Socialists & Progressives.

        1. Cranky Steven says

          And Obama. Oops. Proved your point.

        2. fixitcr63 says

          It seems to me as though I’ve been listening to cries of “Let’s get out of the UN” or “Stop giving the UN money, they don’t do anything to help anyone”, for the majority of my adult life, and yet, here we are, lamenting our continual contribution to such a group. It just leaves me befuddled as to why we haven’t cancelled our membership, and just called it quits. Maybe someday someone will be able to accomplish such a feat. We certainly hope so.

        3. william e wilson says

          The 911 terrorists got the wrong building’s . it should have been the UN.

      2. Yehoshuafriend says

        Rev 6:2 “And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.”

        Could this be the U.N. which calls itself a peace keeper, while sending out its armies to conquer and make war. IE. A tool of Satan! Shalom!

        1. Mary Herridge Clayton says

          I believe that this would be the Anti-Christ who will be crowned as head of the New World Order.

        2. smogdew says

          The UN was started after WWII to assure the world another war of that magnitude
          would not occur again – within 15 years, they had outlived their usefulness and should be dismantled. You don’t read of UN troops helping in even small skirmishes any more; UNICEF is a crock – the woman who ‘heads’ that program earns over a million dollars a year……talk about greed. You can check out the salaries which, considering what the UN is supposed to be, are sinfully high.
          They have let the demons of hell join their Human Rights Council and then voted against Israeli human rights……
          The Jewish Air force is the best in the world, they have superior tanks and weaponry and I’m sure they are saving the best for last –

          1. rhondareichel says

            Thanks to us they have superior weapons. That has to stop. Our congress brokers those deals for the war profiteers and the result is more war.

          2. smogdew says

            The US does not give Israel anything – everything they have is the product of their own innovation and genius.
            Do we give anything to Muslim? All the time – Obama gave millions to Syria, Libya, and just gave 47 million dollars to Hamas, who, this week was protesting in Miami, FL threatening to kill us and flipping off the people in the street. If any indigenous Americans were treating Muslims like that, we’d be in jail – We gave to tolerate Muslims but the convers is not true –

          3. dan prater says

            There’s no such thing as a moderate muslim, just muslims waiting to ambush.

          4. Cranky Steven says

            Dan, you nailed it. Obama is the most clear example of this.

          5. Sam says

            And it seems like the DEMONcrapic party is infiltrated by those muzzies

          6. rhondareichel says

            Israel gets more foreign aid from us that all the other countries combined. Look it up.

          7. Poodleguy says

            They deserve it!!!

          8. rhondareichel says

            I think they deserve private donations from people like you who would be more than happy to sit down and write out a big fat check….I’d rather help the poor in America

          9. proudtexan62 says

            Why don’t you do it and stop talking about it?. Vote Obama and his scum out of office. Many of the America poor were the American middle class just a short six years ago!!!!

          10. Cranky Steven says

            rhonda, I did, they don’t, you’re wrong. Or lying.

          11. rhondareichel says

            This was from 2012….read it


            While so many Americans are subsisting on food stamps, losing their homes, and accumulating credit card debt they will never be able to pay off, the US is giving Israel $3 billion in direct foreign aid every year and, according to Congressman James Traficant, another $12-17 billion in indirect aid such as valuable military equipment deemed “scrapped,” loan guarantees, and preferential contracts. Israel is an affluent country with more than 10,000 millionaires and, according to the International Monetary Fund, was one of the few economies that weathered the 2008 financial storm nearly unscathed.

            It’s hard to calculate the exact amount of foreign aid America gives Israel every year because the Israeli lobby in America secretly campaigns to give the tiny desert nation as much under-the-table aid as they can secure. In 1992, AIPAC President David Steiner was caught on tape bragging about his organization’s incredible power in America. Steiner first admitted to manipulating the US Secretary of State into giving Israel more foreign aid. Steiner said he, ”met with [Secretary of State] Jim Baker and I cut a deal with him. I got, besides the $3 billion, you know they’re looking for the Jewish votes, and I’ll tell him whatever he wants to hear … Besides the $10 billion in loan guarantees which was a fabulous thing, $3 billion in foreign, in military aid, and I got almost a billion dollars in other goodies that people don’t even know about.”

            According to the General Accounting Office (GAO), Israel operates the largest spying operation on America of any of our allies, and they use some of their intelligence gathering to steal American business secrets, which costs the US jobs and money. The two largest and most powerful Israeli lobbies in America, AIPAC and the Anti-Defamation League, have both been caught red-handed spying for Israel (see the 2005 AIPAC Scandal and 1993 ADL Spying scandal). Shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, the FBI rounded up more than a hundred Israeli spies who were caught infiltrating dozens of federal agencies. It was one of the largest spy rings in American history.

          12. proudtexan62 says

            The most current information is 2014 Rhonda and you need to keep up. We have given a lot more than $3B in foreign aid to the Terrorist organizations just this year. There will be no published figures on the EXACT amount because the Obama Administration has enough Americans wanting their heads on a silver platter but it would be much worse if the truth was published ANYWHERE. The MSM protects him well. So that argument is groundless and useless. If you care about this country, you had better start talking to people who will give you the truth and not the truth according to Obama, his MSM and his worthless minions!!!

          13. J_in_TX says

            Let’s see. We gave an ally, Israel, $3B in aid to protect themselves against the same people we are aligned against in the “War on Terror”. Cheaper to have Israel wipe them out than us. And, didn’t glorious comrade Obama just ask for $3.7B to address the “border crisis” he created? I say address, because the $3.7B does nothing to actually secure the border. Give it to Israel or the immigrant invasion? Tough decision. I think we are getting more bang for our buck giving it to Israel. At least they are doing something constructive with it. We would be too if we were building a fence along the border.

          14. rhondareichel says

            Then get your friends in Israel to build that fence for us….they are apparently good at it.

          15. rhondareichel says

            I wouldn’t take Obama’s word for anything.


            Unlike other countries, which receive aid in quarterly installments, aid to Israel since 1982 has been given in a lump sum at the beginning of the fiscal year, leaving the U.S. government to borrow from future revenues. Israel even lends some of this money back through U.S. treasury bills and collects the additional interest.
            In 1994, Yossi Beilen, deputy foreign minister of Israel and a Knesset member, told the Women’s International Zionist organization, “If our economic situation is better than in many of your countries, how can we go on asking for your charity?”

          16. dan prater says

            Our welfare system is being abused by illegals, horribly abused. Fake addresses, stolen SS numbers and such.we need to use that 3.7 billion to put Bounty’s on their heads and clean house get rid of every illegal here now.
            Then maybe our welfare system can be used only by the people its funded by taxpayers for. U.S. citizen’s and only U.S. citizen’s
            WE are not responsible for the rest of the worlds problems.

          17. jbombznabombz says

            we may not be responsible for the world’s problems but they just won’t go away if we pretend they don’t exist and if we live blindy towards the world and it’s problems them problems would soon be OUR problem in a major way.just think if we didn’t get involved in ww2 and pretended hilter didn’t exist can you picture how this planet would be today?freedom,liberty,rights would not exist

          18. dan prater says

            That doesn’t mean we should be forced to support lawlessness and allow it and entice it here by having open borders, which we have right now and offering aid to people who are willing to break our laws. We need enforcement , and to remove these enticements.
            We have our own poor and os importing more,

          19. jbombznabombz says

            I said nothing about our border problem,I was just saying that people think if we ignore it the problem will go away.and to say that Israel should just stand down is retarded.that would be like saying screw it open our borders that will solve the problem.

          20. dan prater says

            I agree, we should help people who aren’t aggressors or dictator’s. But the people there have to change that , help them do it yes, do it for them no. We can’t fix other nations while ours is under assault . socialism destroys productive nation’s and ours is headed that way.
            It won’t help a poor nation by destroying ours.
            We should not be giving aid to any people who hate us.

          21. rhondareichel says

            iit’s really not aid it’s BRIBES
            Israelis brag that they have control of our congress and our elections…..see all the groveling they just did to Sheldon Adelson? It’s disgusting

          22. rhondareichel says

            For your information we were making a killing supplying arms to Europe before we got into that war.
            Israel wouldn’t be starting so many conflicts if we weren’t backing them up financially and militarily so that’s a moot point. If you recall they were getting their butts kicked when they attacked Lebanaon & we had to pull their fat out of that fire too.

          23. jbombznabombz says

            so what your saying is you would love this planet to be controlled by the muslims.

          24. rhondareichel says

            Germany declared war and Japan bombed Pearl Harbor so that’s why we got into WWII….not because of foreign intervention like today’s wars
            Americans opposed getting into before that….as they should have.

          25. jbombznabombz says

            no crap but like I said if pearl harbor didn’t happen and we just ignored what hitler was doing then things would be a lot different today.i like how people can just sit and believe if we ignore this chaos it will go away or stay over on the other side of the planet if you don’t speak ,see or hear it,it doesn’t exist and won’t affect us at some point!!when that area of the world is overrun and controlled by these homicidal,suicidal maniacs do you really think they will stop.it is completely mind boggling that people can see what’s going on and just brush it off.you do realize us Americans are the INFIDELS to these people just like the Israelis and they would like nothing better than wipe all us OUT.and given the chance I’m sure they will try.

          26. Roanna Jongeneel says

            Why are you not up in arms about this? why do you let Israel steal from you, because that is what they are doing. Why do you let them dictate your foreign policy?

          27. Cranky Steven says

            rhonda, I don’t trust your source anymore than I do obama or any of the MSM. But if you feel they are accurate, go for their version. I am just another anonymous voice on the ‘net, after all. Although I’m cute…. plenty cute.

          28. rhondareichel says

            I’ll start posting links and you refute it with your links

          29. Cranky Steven says

            Rhonda, no deal. I don’t trust my links entirely, much less yours. But, again, if you are content with yours, stick with them.

          30. GUNNER says


          31. rhondareichel says

            Friends don’t bomb the USS Liberty & then lie and say they didn’t, friends don’t have spies like Jonathon Pollard hurt our national security and then call him a hero, friends don’t steal our nuclear technology and sell it to China, friends don’t accept billions of dollars yearly from us who have to borrow it and pay interest on it. Friends don’t say after 9/11 “it is good for Israel”
            You have a strange standard for friendship

          32. GUNNER says

            In politics strange bedfellows exist the word friend is used for someone who doesn’t have a current beef with us or we don’t have one with them. I seem to be drawing all the low information people out of the woodwork today so I will only say this once all your idiotic statements could be projected on to a multitude of countries so my answer to you bone up on political arenas around the world and just maybe you can save yourself future embarrassment not knowing what the hell you are talking about.

          33. rhondareichel says

            a current beef….you are a fool if you don’t think we are being blackmailed….if we stopped attacking their enemies for them and stopped the money and arms flow let’s see how “friendly” they are.
            Veteran’s Today said our navy sunk 2 of their nuclear subs …..maybe you ought to start reading other sources so you won’t look so ignorant

          34. GUNNER says

            You are an absolute fool and I would guess either a Muslim or a ordinary Jew hater the only ignorance shown here is you dim wit you don’t have a clue and the other sources you speak of might they be far left wing kook groups because that is something they would say what a fool you are defending losers like you are doing the very same people you are defending are one and the same that are destroying our country I guess that doesn’t bother a fool.

          35. Roanna Jongeneel says

            You really don’t make a lot of sense here. A thought for you… why not repudiate facts as they come on, instead of insulting??? you might get further in your cause that way. Just a thought, you know….

          36. proudtexan62 says

            And why don’t you stick to what you actually know to be fact and not conjecture. Gunner makes perfect sense because, he like me, has been to the places you and your friend Rhonda only think you know about and that would include the Middle East, almost every country with Israel included. The only reason you don’t understand it is because you weren’t around during WWII and evidently didn’t pay attention in class when they were teaching that part of US and/or World History. Why don’t you try reading it again and you might actually comprehend what he is saying this time. I have not once insulted you but before you insult me, I am a lady in my 70’s and I have lived what Gunner is talking about so I know he is giving you some useful facts to take forward with you as you decide whether you are with us in trying to save our treasured republic or if you are one that is going to say you are an independent who can just jump off the fence on either side at your whim. The trouble with the youth of today is that you believe anything people like Obama say to you and you don’t bother to do your homework and research and check for yourself. You shouldn’t have to check on this one. He has broadcast his position to the country and the world. He is anti-American. He is a radical Muslim who belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood and he is the biggest enemy this country has ever had. He makes Germany, Japan and Russia look like a walk in the park. Israel is a friend of the US or was until Obama showed his colors to them. They know who the culprit and that is Obama and not America. You need to do more extensive research and your friend Rhonda needs it more than you. It might surprise you what you will find. Don’t take someone else’s word for things. Educate yourself. Seek out and find the REAL TRUTH. You won’t get that from Washington or anyone who is supportive of Obama, that I can assure you!!!

          37. mary says

            She’s a Jew hater and a Hamas supporter all the while purporting to be a Christian and posting Bible verses. SMH

          38. rhondareichel says

            I don’t hate Jews but I detest Zionists. Anybody who denies the divinity of Christ including Hamas is not my friend….they are just poor ignorant fools that need to be shown the way to salvation……therefore in the same category.

          39. mary says

            Read your bible, sweet cheeks. The Jews are God’s chosen people.

          40. David in MA says

            She may have a point on the Zionist comment and DNA has found there are no “Jews” today who connect with the “Jews” of 2000 years ago…. gotta make one wonder.

          41. rhondareichel says

            Actually I’m an independent voter who only votes for constitutionalist and you probably couldn’t pour pee out of a boot with the instructions on the bottom. Where in our constitution does it say we need to give foreign aid to any country? Show me or shut your pie hole.
            Our whole foreign policy has been a COMPLETE DISASTER…..why should I listen to someone who wants to bankrupt our country as opposed to save our country?

          42. GUNNER says

            If what you say is true I applaud it but the independent part bothers me I view them as fence sitters that go the way of the wind I much would rather you were one party or other I have little faith in independents after the last fiasco so when you can be liberal or conservative talk to me otherwise this is the last communication with you bye bye.I

          43. GUNNER says

            I generally don’t go against my word but I feel I have to clarify a point the constitution is the document I live by I don’t agree with giving money to other countries when we have problems here but having been around a lot longer than you I wanted to clear up my position after the 2nd world war we rebuilt our former enemies now I don’t know if you think that was bad or good but a lot of good came of it and if our politicians would play the game straight we would be ok but unfortunately the progressives have chipped away since Woodrow Wilsons days and have managed to turn our country into a morass so vile I am having trouble recognizing the land I love more than you will ever comprehend this is not where I grew up it was not perfect but it was a hell of a lot better than this garbage and if another Democrat is elected hasta la bye bye for us.

          44. proudtexan62 says

            We have a lot of enemies and more now that ever because of your almighty president but Israel is not one of them. Netanyahu doesn’t like the way they are being treated right now but that is all on the shoulders of your Muslim terrorist president.

          45. rhondareichel says

            I just gave several examples above how they betrayed us over and over but you ignore that???
            Also is it even moral for them to keep begging us for money and bribing our politicians when we are DEAD BROKE?

          46. waybackwhen says

            Rhonda are you one of the blind Hollywood people? Sounds like it!
            Dead broke will be due to Obama and his buddies/minions/Hollywood morons!
            NOTE: Not everyone in Hollywood is a liberal thank God! My best to those who are NOT Obamamites!!!!!

          47. proudtexan62 says

            You took the words right out of my mouth, Gunner!!!

          48. GUNNER says

            Thanks from one Texan to another we sure need some rain though pretty parched were I live. Take care and watch out for the kooks.

          49. Roanna Jongeneel says

            You see, where I come from, you are the kooks. So… what do to, hey???

          50. GUNNER says

            Generally I don’t waste words on twits like you but I am sure it wouldn’t affect a staunch Obama supporter you fit the word kook to a tea you don’t even have the ability to post a pithy comment it is the dim wits like yourself that denigrate this country with your pitiful presence your passing will be noted in the book of fools have a great time in fools land.

          51. waybackwhen says

            In So Cal we got some rain today. Not a downpour but slight all day! Hope it comes your way!

          52. ricktenny says

            Gunner, I have an idea. Why don’t we bring the Israels here. We could put them down at the border. We won’t have to fork up an extra million a month for the DPS and what did they say, 12 million a month for the National Guard. Just think about it, OK General this is the deal. We don’t want any more illegals, drugs, drug smugglers, coyotes and other general miscreants over here. You send out your boys however you want and take care of it. In turn we’ll give you all a place to call home with no crazy arabs shooting missiles at you.
            Then I’m sure we could get Congress to give us at least half of the aid Rhonda thinks we’re sending to Israel and we can use it to buy us free Obamycare.

          53. smogdew says

            The USS Liberty was a ‘he said, she said’- Israel had already told the US (& the world) that any ships within a certain distance of their coast, would be shot at; the Liberty was aware and we do not know if their transgression was deliberate or an error in judging the distance or if Israel knew it was American or not – it’s such a grey area.
            Jonathan Pollard was an overzealous American Jew who believed since we were friends with Israel, it was OK – it’s never OK to betray your country for ANY reason – and yet, there are mixed feelings about him, too.
            In WWI, Ethel & Julius Rosenberg were American Jews who were convicted of spying against the US – and they were given the electric chair.
            Then we have Obama who the world knows has been spying; I would not put it beyond him to be in collusion with Muslims/rebels/jihadists HE hired for governmental positions with Top Security clearance and Hamas or any of the Mid-Eastern countries….someone mentioned giving 3 million a year to Israel. Obama has given Syria 50 million $$ plus bought 3 helicopters from Russia. The Syrians were too stupid to fly and/or repair them – that was another 750 million. And a week ago he gave Hamas 47 million….he’s given at least 50 million to Palestine and so much I don’t know about.
            But they put Pollard in jail (where he belongs) and do nothing about Obama –
            different decades, different values – the US is a shadow of her former self.

          54. rhondareichel says

            First off the USS Liberty was a spy ship in INTERNATIONAL WATERS and if you go to watch the video on youtube of the actual sailors on that ship you will find it clearly wasn’t a “he said she said” but you would take the word of Israelis over our own sailors????
            3 rescue attempts were called off by Admiral McCain….how do you explain that hotshot?
            ….it was a false flag and LBJ was in on it….an excuse to get us involved in the war Israel was having with Egypt. Your logic is amazing….so our allies can bomb our ship even if it wasn’t in international waters….for what purpose? You call that an ally.

            Ha ha ha….Jonathon Pollard thought we wouldn’t mind huh? He’s sitting in jail today because the top brass (and even Joe Biden) won’t let him be released because the damage to our national security was monumental
            I am sickened by you ISRAELI FIRSTERS outright lies and lame excuses for the treachery by Israel.

          55. smogdew says

            Couldn’t you be any uglier? Rhetorical question…but what a miserable person you are….it’s people with mouths like yours that start wars – You’re a pseudo authority on everything and people like you are in the comments section all day every day –
            Like I care what Joe Biden said about anything – his IQ is 1 digit larger than his shoe size and to quote him, you must be one of his admirers – ugh.

          56. rhondareichel says

            3 BILLION not million

          57. proudtexan62 says

            Smogdew: Perfect and factual post.

          58. KatRob says

            Bravo, well said, Rhonda. That Shi**y Little Country the size of New Jersey is the single most reason there is no world peace. We had good relations in the Middle East until the US hooked up with the Land of Children of Satan. Their evil knows no bounds. From murdering little Palestinian boys who dare to throw a stone at their American tanks, to their 200 strip clubs, they have defiled the Holy Land and God will reap such karma, their so-called Holohoax that they like to whine about, will look like a backyard barbecue.

          59. jbombznabombz says

            hey katrob?peaceful?are you fucking kidding?do you really think Israel is the reason there ‘s no world peace ?wow yeah ISLAM is so peacefull they want to kill anybody that doesn’t live by their ways YEAH THAT’S REAL FUCKING PEACEFUL. GET THIS THROUGH YOUR THICK FUCKING SKULL NO WORLD GOVERNMENT IS A SAINT NONE.but at least there is tolerance and understanding in some.you only need to open your eyes to see that islam is not one of them with tolerance .believe what we tell you live how we tell you or DIE.that IS their way.

          60. KatRob says

            Oh, and israel shows tolerance? It is by far the most racist country on the planet. Christians go to visit the holyland and the filthy jews spit at them. Yeah, real loving people. The bible is clear about what God thinks of you people, and it’s not his Chosen, in both testaments he calls jews Children of Satan. jews have been kicked out of every country they have ever infested so believe me I think they need a country of their own, but they had no right to steal Palestine, and don’t give me that pile of matzo about jews having been on that soil. The jews who founded israel were atheists and had never even seen a grain of sand. Greenland is available, it’s a nice cold place for cold-hearted people. Now stick this up your yarmulke: A guy that has your number.

            : http://wp.me/pawyK-hH

          61. jbombznabombz says

            yeah and that last line is so sensitive so I guess 1.5 million jews imagined their deaths.with all the proof out there how DARE you call the holocaust a hoax.you need to only do one thing stop breathing.

          62. KatRob says

            With all the blood on the hands of jews, I show no sensitivity. The jews have a lot of nerve whining about the holohoax after murdering 60 million Christians during the Bolshevik War and then declaring “Germany is next”.

            1.5 million? What happened to the six million? lol Funny how the number keeps changing. And considering the Red Cross only counted 150,000 dead jews, all dead from natural causes, your holocaust story is a joke.

            Thank you for giving me a forum to post some links to educate the people who have been brainwashed by the Big Lies of your people.


          63. Roanna Jongeneel says

            Of course the ragheads, as you so eloquently put it, do not care about the Western world. Believe it nor not, this is not limited to Israel and America. However, in a proper debate about influences on muslims around the world, Israel should hold its hand up. Unfortunately, as they are so blatantly doing the opposite at the moment, one can suppose that their self interest is so strong, that they do not care if they destroy the world.

          64. jbombznabombz says

            their self interest?hamas was the one who started sending rockets into Israel.so tell someone comes up to you and starts beating the shit out of you are you just gonna stand there and take it?

          65. rhondareichel says

            Do you have to BUY your friends?

          66. GUNNER says

            Unfortunately we have a soft spot for countries all over the world most of them really don’t care for us but we still spread the money around I don’t believe we are trying to buy friends I think we are trying to make a positive difference in some of the countries we help and if we seem to lean a little more towards Israel it is probably because we have a better understanding with them than the murderous vermin on the other side but we still give money to them also so your lame argument about buying friends carries no water or validity I really don’t know where your coming from but I would guess LA LA LAND.

          67. waybackwhen says

            And Obama is trying his best to destroy that!

          68. proudtexan62 says

            You had better wake up. Israel is the only friend we have in that region and Obama is about to ruin that relationship with his non-existent foreign policy. He is totally ignorant of a workable foreign policy but he wouldn’t use it if he had a workable one. All he would have to do is follow some if the greats who preceded him but again, guess what, that is not on his agenda!!! You don’t try to do the best for a country you are hell bent on destroying!!!

          69. Roanna Jongeneel says

            Israel is not your friend. They control you for money. Do not think for a second that israel would ever back you up if it came to a choice for survival.

          70. rhondareichel says

            Are you kidding…..do you see Obama pulling any funds from Israel….he’s on board in spite of his wimpy rhetoric. Those proxy wars are committed by us, Britain and Israel…..always.

          71. jbombznabombz says

            yeah look it up cause we all know that whats put in writing is true.

          72. J_in_TX says

            I wouldn’t say the US doesn’t give Israel anything. They do fly American fighters like the F-15 & F-16. They also use Patriot missiles as part of their Iron Dome system. They do, however, have a lot of homegrown technology (i.e., anti-tank missile protection systems) we would do well to copy or buy from them.

          73. rhondareichel says

            They just asked for another 5 million to replenish the missiles for the Iron Dome so you would think they could just buy them out of the 3 billion a year we already gave them.

          74. J_in_TX says

            You would think! Guess they figure it’s better to spend our money than theirs, not that we have any to spend.

          75. smogdew says

            Didn’t qualify my statement – I meant in the Obama admin. In ’47, after the War, the Israelis collected what debris they could find (& it was quite a lot) and being the innovators they are, built planes, they eventually created the best Air Force in the world – their pilots are aces.
            Every 3 years or so, they fly to Colorado Springs and exchange new ideas and ‘whatever pilots talk about’ with the US Air force.
            You must have seen the video of their new anti-missile tank protection…..it was impressive – I’m hoping Hama is too technologically stupid to copy them.
            At least most of our Congress is pro-Israel……..and I imagine Russia would be.

          76. J_in_TX says

            Thanks for qualifying. I did see the video. Several of my friends are former tankers and I sent it to them. Can’t understand why we don’t have systems like that to protect our tanks.

          77. rhondareichel says

            Just ask the crew of the USS Liberty….they can attest to Israel’s military capability

          78. capoprimo says

            HAMAS is too stupid to copy anything, just remember, Arabs were technologically superior to the West for centuries, then came along Muhammad with his Quran and sent the people back to the stone age where they remain even today!

          79. Independant Thinker says

            I think you are mistaken about our Congress being pro-Israel. They have consistently attacked Israel and supported the administration against Israel so many times. It is hard to think the USA is pro-Israel when they have still not recognizes Israel as a antion after 60+ years and are constantly trying to get Israel to concede to the various Muslim factors land and peace terms that the Muslims aren’t interested in. To me this doesn’t sound like we are doing much to support Israel but are merely giving lip-service to them.

          80. Sam says

            And who is to say that Israel doesn’t pay for their weapons?! I’m sure the arms are not dropped off on their doorstep. One would think that the missiles and arms cost significant money.

          81. DaveM says

            Time to reverse the direction taken and get rid of the Muslim lover and protector Obama!

          82. rhondareichel says

            That’s a lie….we give them 3 billion a year….plus planes and missiles….and ADL and AIPAC bribe our congressmen with some of that money in return.
            You are clueless….anybody can google that and see you are completely wrong.

          83. jbombznabombz says

            yeah cause once again what’s on the internet must be true.if you believe that then you are really in NEED of a brain

          84. David in MA says

            We send Israel money and military supplies, obammy is supporting his Islamic buddies…the fun part will be when he runs to them for sanctuary they will behead him. LOL

          85. Independant Thinker says

            If anyone in a Muslim nation objects to the way things are, they have one option – beheading. If the radicals were treated the same way by other countries, there would be much less problems with their radical behavior and attacks against Israel, Christians or any other person who disagreed with their way of thinking. You have heard of a taste of their own medicine, well maybe it is time they have a taste and see how they like it,

          86. taliesin319 says

            Moreover the Israelis pay for anything they get. They as a Nation were on the wire as the buildings were still falling asking us what they could do, who could they send to help. Those other animals were passing out candies to their present crop of now mature murderers and dancing in the street. I would never, ever miss an opportunity to do them a bad turn and would willingly and gleefully assist any other group willing to do so. Netanyahu has a pair he can be proud of. Val has refused to lend our little lady a pair and he ca’t borrow Michelle’s cause she has a real pair and can’t remove them. We are so screwed.

          87. dan prater says


          88. rhondareichel says


          89. DaveM says

            You are right and Obama th liar in chief gave it to them! He needs to be charged with treason!

          90. waybackwhen says

            “Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.formerly: RAFAEL Armament Development Authority), known as RAFAEL or Rafael, (also spelled as Raphael or Rephael; Hebrew acronym of “Authority for the Development of Armaments” is an Israeli defense technology company. It was founded as Israel’s National R&D Defense Laboratory for the development of weapons and military technology within the Ministry of Defense; in 2002 it was incorporated as a limited company.”

          91. Sam says

            Would be nice to arm every US citizen and provide ammo for monthly training or shooting to keep OUR NATION STRONG

          92. johnob1 says

            I just wish Israel would tell the corrupted country club of the United Nations (UN) and John F. Kerry to take a hike. Israel has the capability of defending itself against fanatics whose only way of life is to kill, kill, kill, and kill.

            If I had the powers to give the orders; I would grant Israel the green light to totally take its enemies down for good. If Israel’s enemies want a war; let them make the most of it.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          93. smogdew says

            When Clinton (ugh) was President, for quite a period he failed to pay dues
            to the UN – the UN threatened to toss the USA. They were paid – and we pay more than any other country in the world. I’ve seen their NY Building (in a very posh area) and I would love to see the UN’s over paid and underworked employees drop kicked into the Hudson River. They have lost any value they once had in the world.
            There have been at least 3 Congressmen who have publically cheered on Israel – one told them not to give up until Hamas is totaled (Obama gave Hamas 47 million dollars this month and he’s still in the Oval Office) – figuratively – literally he is hopping around the country to parties, dinners, various invitations to speak etc…and another vacation.
            Thank you for your service…..my family was all military and being a Navy wife was the greatest period of my life. My heart aches for those who are now members – they have to have unbelievable mental fortitude.

          94. USA Lover says

            That would be one hell of a drop kick since the East River would be much closer to that POS building. But I agree kick them out

          95. johnob1 says

            I can’t think of anything William Jefferson Clinton ever did for the benefit of this country, except to take credit for President Ronald W. Reagan’s economic spin-off. The only thing William Jefferson Clinton ever did was to turn the White House into a brothel.

            First, I wish to see the United Nations (UN) disbanded completely, and then, turn the building over to business entrepreneurs that knows how to create jobs for Americans. Wouldn’t that be great?

            You’re right about our American family members currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. What else can anyone expect with a foreign-born illegal alien agent dictator sitting in the White House and a Congress that does nothing to arrest this foreign-born illegal alien agent?

            My gratitude and appreciation for all your family members who served our country with distinction and honor.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          96. David in MA says

            I agree, but, it would make spying on each other uncomfortable in some chit hole like Columbia.

          97. leewacker says

            The United States paid for ALL dues of ALL the original members of the UN for years! In fact, we stood the majority of costs for the building, the planning, and everything attached to the UN.
            However, after the countries of color–the third world countries–began coming into the membership, and the U.S.S.R. kept pounding its shoes on the table, the entire body began a downward slide–a slide that is getting steeper with each passing day!
            The UN, like the League of Nations before it, is a failure!

          98. MARTIN SHENKMAN says


          99. johnob1 says

            I have repeatedly stated; you can only push the American people just so far. And our representatives fail to remember what the people did to Benito Mussolini for his betrayal. Either they failed in history or they chose to ignore it.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          100. skw says

            YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!

          101. johnob1 says

            Thank you “skw.”

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          102. KatRob says

            Yeah, they have superior tanks and weaponry, courtesy of the United States! israel couldn’t survive without the financial aid of the U.S. Cut off it’s allowance and it crumbles like a stale matzo ball.

          103. smogdew says

            Do your homework – the US sends financial aid, but Israel’s weapons are
            the creation of their superior engineers – aeronautical and otherwise. Israel has the world’s BEST air force (which flies to Colorado Springs every 3 years or so to
            ‘compare notes’ with the USAF -our plane don’t quite match up to theirs), Israel is using an anti-missile tank in this war and are the only ones in the world who have it.
            Israeli pilots are absolute ACES…
            The only disadvantage they have is their size and location –

          104. KatRob says

            Oh, yeah, I’m sure their engineers are superior, who did they steal the blueprints from to create these deadly weapons? If a jew ever had an original thought, it died of loneliness. They are known to have American jews steal our military secrets, Pollard, the Rosenbergs. Einstein was known as the plagiarist of the century, another one who took credit for others ideas.



            Nice try.

          105. smogdew says

            Go to Wikipedia and look up Jewish Inventions and Arabic Inventions. You must be dumber than a coal bucket – I’d be ashamed to have written your ‘blurb….
            Like the 4 Jews you mentioned are the only ethnicity that stole secrets – What did Obama just do with his world wide electronic surveillance? Yeah, your president.
            We have drones, cameras orbiting earth and so does everyone else. Go to a bookstore and see what you can find about international spying..
            If you are going to debate anyone, make sure you know something first.

          106. KatRob says

            Wikipedia. lol Who believes Wikipedia is a reliable source? I think you have both smog and dew of the brain. Quite an apologist for the Children of Satan. Keep up the good work.


            I see you don’t disagree with my statement that Einstein was a fraud.


          107. skw says


          108. Cranky Steven says

            smogdew, I hope you are correct but it is sad that they depend on us for so much of their equipment and they have to contend with a fuehrer who hates them and abandons our only allie whenever he gets a chance to. Does anyone know how to send funds to help Israel directly?

        3. Laddyboy says

          Gee! the ‘un’ is a peaceful organization just like the muslim brotherhood cult.

        4. skw says


        5. David in MA says

          could be the future Mahdi, obammy……or more concise, BAPHOMET.

      3. rhondareichel says

        I agree it’s useless waste of money

        1. Jimmy Wayne Barnett says

          Everything in the Israeli-Hamas Conflict is Ass Backwards …

          http://www.rushlimbaugh.com › Archives (Jul 25, 2014)
          Rush Limbaugh
          4 days ago – I’m telling you, everything over there is assbackwards. … The Israelis have rejected the ceasefire proposal made by the haughty John Kerry, who served in …. 23. 22. 21. 20. 19. 18. 17. T H. E. C. O U N T D O W N. B E G. I. N. S.
          Does no one know the history of these two conficts?Here’s someone who knows the history:

          As Israel is under attack from Hamas in the Gaza strip and BDS — Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions — right here in America, Bill Whittle makes the historical and moral case for Israel, and shows just who, indeed, are…

          1. marylaforet says

            That was good…Bill is a great speaker!!!

      4. Marilyn Stern says

        Did you know that we have Muslims training on our Military bases via the UN, and that the number of Muslims on our bases keeps increasing as Obama gives pink slips to American soldiers. What do you think would happen if this administration followed through on a well planned, coordinated operation to take over all of our bases in one day? Sounds almost too easy, doesn’t it? Something that sounds like a TV special? But, think again, and then think about their so called “no gun” policies on our bases. Then there is the beefing up of Homeland Security. The Homeland Security that Obama calls “HIS” Homeland Security.

        1. Poodleguy says

          I keep hearing this about muzzies training here. Where??? And, where’s the evidence????

          1. Sandra Roberts says

            We have been training Muslims for decades at Lacland Air Force Base In San Antonio TX for DECADES.I was there in 1973 as an Airmen there were barracks dedicated to Iranian Pilots we were training then. My Son was there in 1992 he said they were still training Muslims *Though he cannot remember their Country of Origin )then my grandson was in 2013 and says they were still training them.

            As a female we had to cross the street when they came towards us. If they came into the PX we had to leave, when they decided to come into the on base hangouts we had to leave, we couldn’t even finish the food we had paid for! There were 3 rapes by them NONE were prosecuted, one young male Airman was hung and his genitals cut off In Their Barracks NO ONE WAS PROSECUTED!!

          2. Poodleguy says

            What you spoke of was during the reign of Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran & speaks not to the drone of statements they are being trained here now or in recent times. I served @ Ft Eustice, Va in 1964 with several Iranian helo pilot trainees & several of them were my close friends & one visited me & my family in Ks after Ieft the Army after 9 yrs on 26 Apr ’64 -twice. They smoked, consumed adult beverages & chased women just like any red blooded GI. They were not today’s radical murdering ba st ards we are dealing w/today!! I have a son, career USAF, E6 Tech w/18 yrs in & a grandson, Lt03 Naval Aviator, currently serving as a flight instructor @ Kingsville NAS & has 11 yrs in. Neither have spoken to me about any muzzies being trained @ any installation where they have served. I am in contact w/both a couple of times a wk… Just for grins, might I add the fact the Iranians – Persians actually – are not Arabs (non Abrahimic), however Iran is now 40% non Persian. In 1974 after the fall of the Shah, caused by the hapless Jimmy Carter, & the ayatollah Khomeini – an Arab, caused an influx of Arabs to migrate from neighboring Arab countries. The facts here are that James Earl Carter was the creep that put us where we are today with Islam!!!!

          3. rhondareichel says

            Those were Saudis. I saw that too. The men walked around holding hands. I knew 2 girls who were their language teachers there that said they would go in the women’s restroom and find them standing on the toilets???
            We should sever ties with that country as well. I think the Saudis and Israel were involved in 9/11. I wish congressman Massie would tell us….he read the classified report and said it shocked him

          4. proudtexan62 says

            Rhonda, if you were well versed in Middle Eastern culture, you would know that facilities in the Middle East are holes in the floor. Some of the more elegant restaurants, homes and public buildings have toilets and middle easterners stand on the toilets, they don’t sit on them. I was in Iraq for five years and I had 40 Iraqis who worked for us as truck drivers. I went to an assembly area every morning to give them their work schedule for each day. There was an open fiend next to that assembly area and when I arrived every morning most of them were scattered about in the field taking care of their morning constitutional. That is sanitation in the Middle East. That is the way it is outside the major cities all over the region. They plant food crops in that dirt and, even in the major cities like Baghdad and others, their sewage goes in the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. When you fly over the Country like I did in Blackhawks, the rivers are emerald green from the air. The Saudis are just as Middle Eastern as any of them. The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia bankrolls a lot of the terrorist organizations because OPEC has been threatened by the US’s realization that we have more natural resources than the Middle East and also the ability to feed this nation. That is something Saudi doesn’t have, self support ability.

          5. J_in_TX says

            Yep. Went to Cairo on a tour. The bus drove along the river. Dead, bloated cows floating in the river (among other trash) in downtown Cairo. Stood Shore Patrol in Alexandria. Had to step over piles of trash on the sidewalk. Didn’t bother the Egyptians a bit. Have to say the areas of Jiddah, Sauid Arabia I visited were a lot cleaner.

          6. proudtexan62 says

            Yes, J, I also visited Egypt and it was, like Iraq, filthy. Didn’t go to Alexandria but the Iraqis throw their trash out the front door of homes and businesses and the goats come along and eat whatever they want from the pile. Nothing is ever “collected”. Flies swarm!!! It is filth that most Americans could never imagine. Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Qatar are cleaner but not all up to our standards. The UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the exceptions). They cater to Westerners so they are smart enough to be clean. I’ve not been there in 6 years but hope it’s still the same.

          7. Roanna Jongeneel says

            apparently the Israelis knew in advance.

          8. proudtexan62 says

            You and your evidence!!!!!! WHERE THE HECK IS YOUR EVIDENCE THEY AREN’T!!!?????? Suffice to say they ARE HERE and they came here trained. They have been training all their lives in the Middle East. They are being placed in strategic spots all around this country so when the order is given to GO, they will be in places of the most damaging. One of those places might be right down the street from you., Quit being a moron. Where is the evidence…..You’ll see soon enough and believe, me, those people have no regard for human life, not even their own so don’t think that vote you cast one, twice, three or four times for Obama is going to save you. He could give a hoot about you!!!

          9. johnob1 says

            Perhaps this might help acknowledge that there is what I call “sleepers” already in this country. Sean Hannity had a guest on his show who displayed videos proving there were thirty-five Muslim terrorist training camps throughout the U.S. And the word was; “there is nothing the U.S. government can do about it?”

            One was just three miles from where I live. At the time, all I heard was rifle and small arms fire. But one day I heard the sound of Fifty caliber machine gun fire and high explosives. I called the local sheriff’s office and explained what I had just heard, and let them know that I fired Fifty caliber machine guns and also trained with high explosives when I served in the U.S.Army. They did investigate, and soon the firing had stopped before the Sheriff arrived near the location they couldn’t pin point.

            I haven’t heard a peep since then. This event had occurred two years ago.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          10. Poodleguy says

            Look a$$hole, don’t call me a moron just because I asked a question! You & I are are on the same side. I served in the US Army for 9 yrs & was stationed @ Ft Eustice, Va in 1964 where a bunch of Iranian helo pilot trainees were @ the time. This was when Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran was in power & we were still friends. I presently have a son & grandson on active duty & I am in touch w/them weekly. Neither of them have ever seen any muzzies training @ their bases. The son is a career sr non-com (E6 Tech) w/18 yrs in & the grandson is a Lt03, USN & a flight instructor w/11 yrs in. All I asked for is some FIRST HAND knowledge of the facts, not conjecture!!

          11. J_in_TX says

            We’ve had them training here for decades. We had officers from Abu Dabi on my ship back in the ’80s. We had Saudis at the Shore Intermediate Maintenance Facility where I was QA Officer in the early ’90s, It is nothing new to have them training at our bases.

        2. proudtexan62 says

          Everything is HIS Marilyn because that is the narcissist way. Your proposed plan is something that could happen because he has all the power to make it happen. He doesn’t have the intelligence or experience to think up all these things and put a master plan in place but he has enough people pulling his puppet strings who do. They are planning to strike when we are truly defenseless and I hate to think that time is here but if it’s not, it’s extremely imminent.

          1. J_in_TX says

            I’m never “truly” defenseless.

          2. proudtexan62 says

            I didn’t respond to you at all and never said you were truly defenseless. I’m not either.

          3. J_in_TX says

            No, not saying you did. Just saying I’m never truly defenseless. Most Texans I know, like you, aren’t.

          4. proudtexan62 says

            Oh okay, I didn’t think so. No Texans are ever defenseless at any level or any time!!! Sorry….misread!!!

      5. johnob1 says

        I just can’t begin to tell you how often I asked former U.S. President George W. Bush to get us out of the corrupted country club of the United Nations (UN). Nobody ever listens to me even when I plead for the salvation of the United States’ sovereignty.

        Furthermore, they refuse to acknowledge George Washington’s advise to “trade with friendly countries, but affiliations with NONE!” Do WE have to organize ourselves into a people’s “militia” in order to save our country?

        We should and must deport “all” illegal aliens even if their off-springs were born on our soil. I have advised U.S. Senator Rand Paul that we must retreat in order to re-group by total “isolation.” This does not mean we should close our eyes to those nations that thirst for liberty and freedom.

        USAF (RET)

      6. Frank W Brown says

        we pay 40% of the un budget, that’s horseshit! Kick their asses OUT of America!

      7. Tiger says

        O’s people the UN. The entire bunch should have been thrown out of America long ago.

        Why is it that the really bad don’t pay with some well aimed bombs in their general direction? Was a time they would have been taken out long ago.

    2. Chico Hinojos says

      #1 you cant believe a word obama says,(serial liar)all middle east countries hate the USA,israel,but they gotta love our traitor in command…delusional ,dysfunctional,twisted mind hater of GOD” one thing about obama,kerry,pelosi are seriously going to ba attacked by God himself,…Americans
      ,jews …….when God punishes these traitors,and islamic groups…wouldnt want to be you”Godbless the christian family allover the world,Lord please destroy our enemies,show them that you are the living GOD,not just a delusion like theirs,amen”

      1. Chico Hinojos says

        now take our whitehouse,obama…….you guys can still repent from your sins,accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior,and make correct your mistakes

        1. John Adams says

          I have given this some thought Chico, Obama and his cohorts repenting and I don’t think it’s gonna happen. The Lord is sovereign, controlling this situation and for some reason has decided not to alter it yet. The whole thing infuriates me, what is God doing? The Hebrews were in great fear once they left Egypt and had the Egyptian army coming after them with no way out but God had a plan and not one Hebrew was harmed. It is written that Jews are not those who are Jews outwardly but inwardly. My stronghold is Pslam 91. If it were up to me the U.S. Fed. Gov. would be emptied and many people executed on the White House lawn and our military would be prepared to voluntarily, I would not order it, destroy the Muslim nation down to the last person. God knows our hearts, he has a plan and He will be victorious.

        2. Cranky Steven says

          Muzzies don’t believe in Jesus.

          1. rhondareichel says

            Neither do Jews except Jews for Jesus and that’s a small minority. I’m hoping someday they will take control of that govt.

          2. Cranky Steven says

            Don’t hold your breath, rhonda. Christians and Jews are becoming an endangered species rapidly. They have the option of convert, pay crushing taxes or die but it is a false choice. Whatever decision they make, the muzzies will eventually kill them all. Plus all other different religions and thousands of their own faith.

      2. rhondareichel says

        Israel hates us too. They stole our nuclear secrets and sold them to China….they bombed the USS Liberty….they have double crossed us many times. Why doesn’t anybody ever acknowledge this?
        And if that was bad enough we are under their threat of the Sampson Option….if they ever see that they might be destroyed they said they would bomb us too. It’s like blackmail.

        1. Poodleguy says

          Every nation spies on other nations……Pollard just happened to get caught.

          1. rhondareichel says

            Not many nations have the chutzpah to erect a monument to them in their country and then hold out their hand for aid though.

    3. Jim says

      Obama is on the side of his Muslim brothers.

      1. Poodleguy says

        He even stated during the 2008 campaign “I will never turn my back on my Muslim brothers.”

        1. Jim says

          I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Obama IS a Muslim.

          1. Poodleguy says

            Agreed. Never forget the fact bho lived in Indonesia for 7 yrs & attended a Madrassas school for 4 of those yrs, where Islam is taught along with hatred of Jews, Christians & everyone not a muzzie. He also learned to speak, read & write the language fluently. He IS the great imposter!!!

      2. Cranky Steven says

        And goats. Don’t forget the goats!

        1. rhondareichel says

          Poor goats.

          1. Cranky Steven says

            ronda, yes, they are really treated…. (get ready)… baaa-aaadly! Sorry, couldn’t resist though I should have.
            Think of this, how would you feel to be married to a muzzie and after he is through partying with your goat, he still wants to get lovey-dovey with you!? Ugh!

    4. Bob Young says

      I totally agree. Where has the UN been the last 10 years as rockets were fired on them and many times people were killed. Well, to be exact, anywhere but caring what was being done to our Israeli allies. You didn’t see them condemning that going on. The UN should be on trial for doing the bidding of Socialism against Democracy and Freedom in the world. Why the hell we are still involved with them when the majority of Americans would like to see them gone from our shores and never receive another dime from our hard paid taxes again is only due to the financial concerns of our congressional members who have served more than 2 terms so they may continue to have the American tax payers money and prestige they think they deserve.

      1. rhondareichel says

        The death toll in these battles is always inordinately higher for the Palestinians….that’s just FACT. Not one Israeli was killed this time by those Hamas bottle rockets. That is why the world is protesting Israel because it’s so disproportionate. They BOTH need to stop it for the sake of their people.

        1. Poodleguy says

          Israel has only responded to the daily rocket attacks, they never initiate attacks. Hamas ALWAYS violates any truce & then Israel responds as they have every right to defend themselves!

          1. rhondareichel says

            They ran over our Rachel Corrie with a bulldozer and then backed up over her again while her friends watched in horror. Don’t even defend them as if they are all saints.

          2. Poodleguy says

            My statement stands…..They have the right to defend themselves!! There are no saints anywhere in this situation & those sure as hell aren’t “Bottle Rockets” – they blow big holes in whatever they hit. Israel is the only democracy in the region & the Palestinians are a bunch of filthy swine! Israel cannot lose one battle, for if they did, they would cease to exist & they are our only true friends in the Middle East…..

        2. Cranky Steven says

          The difference is that Hamas forces men women and children to cluster around their rocket sites. They have also been shooting their own people for photo ops which the West eats up. If they want peace they merely have to quit sending rockets into Israel but they never will do so as their charter calls for the extermination of all Jews, whether or not they have a nation.

          1. rhondareichel says

            I have also read that Israeli soldiers have used Palestinian children as human shields to protect themselves…..and worse. Horror stories of Gaza…this shocked

            I didn’t know they shot children for
            sport….that’s sick if what he’s saying is true


          2. proudtexan62 says

            Again, here you are believing all this propaganda the Obama administration and all the MSM feeds you. You are the poster child for the low information Obama supporter. You would believe anything they tell you…..even when the moon is shining, it’s daylight!!!!

          3. Cranky Steven says

            I saw they shot them to provide photo ops for “journalists”. Still sick though.

        3. J_in_TX says

          Wrong again Rhonda. 3 people have died as a result of the Hamas rockets. But, don’t let facts get in the way of a good lie. But, it doesn’t matter whether anyone was killed or not. Israel has a right to defend itself from attack by Hamas. Like the old saying says, “If Hamas laid down their arms there would be peace. If Israel laid down their arms Israel would cease to exist”.

        4. Bob Young says

          OK! So if a gang of homeless and unemployed starts throwing rocks at your home, or poison to your pets, or, even shooting into your house, because they think you don’t deserve what you have because they don’t have it, should that be ignored for years before you’ve had enough. And when you have had enough, and realize no one else will help you with this problem, even after you lost some family members during those years to these people who think you are inhuman, let’s say you have some dynamite, or a few flame throwers around the place and decide it’s time to finally defend yourself. Even though some will say that is overkill, will you finally ignore the help that isn’t coming from judgemental neighbors who think you should try talking another 10 years with these people who want your family eradicated from the planet, or do you clean up the situation yourself. You would have to be in Jewish shoes to know what needs to finally be done. But I think you would rather they kill you than you use whatever means possible to save you remaining family’s lives. Is this what I’m hearing from you?

    5. kds says

      Just another GESTAPO PLOY.

    6. rhondareichel says

      When have they listened? They built settlements and broke their treaty and we complained and they did it anyway….maybe if we stopped getting money from us they could send Kerry on his way….but that’s the catch isn’t it?

    7. Marilyn Stern says

      Unfortunately they are not “big noise, no action, all bluff. They have been fueling the Muslim onslaught for years. Obama is still arming Hamas and Obama is still sending them money and back door deliveries of military equipment while screaming for Israel to show restraint and blaming Israel for civilian deaths. Wonder if their body count includes the children found dead in the tunnels. The one’s used, abused and spent as disposable child laborers.

      1. rhondareichel says

        I just looked that up…..it’s a small fraction of what they give Israel.

        1. proudtexan62 says

          Give up Rhonda!. There is no cure for stupid and you are stupid if you believe what you are saying. You HAVE NO IDEA WHAT OBAMA HAS GIVEN the Terrorists. He doesn’t open his mouth without lying and you think him or anyone in Washington is going to PUBLISH THE MONEY AND EQUIVALENT IN VALUE OF ALL THE GUNS, AMMO, VEHICLES, EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES he has given them?: Are you really than delusional?????

    8. Roanna Jongeneel says

      Please read Miko Peled. Please see the old Israeli soldier’s testament on U-tube. Please listen to ex IDF soldiers, and fighter pilots, who are now speaking out about the truth of Israel vs Gaza/Palestinians. Please look at the hypocrisy of Israel causing deaths whilst justifying them on the grounds that it is the fault of Hamas. What country has any right at all to corral one race of the land, steal from them, imprison them and then treat them as animals. Strangely enough, this happened once before. These are terrible acts, crimes against humanity, and shame on anyone who wants to perpetuate it.

    9. Frank W Brown says

      Good on you Israel, TOTALLY destroy hamas Please!

    10. Yadja says

      The son of the man who originated Hamas was on Hannity last night. He has written a book called Green Prince and he is telling people Israel is doing Gaza a favor by ridding the world of Hamas that they care nothing for anyone, no matter the age, and they will use anyone to get their ideology across. Anyone who does not accept it will be killed.

      He told Obama to support Israel anyway we can. He made a total A$$ out of Pelosi and anyone else who is tooting that Hamas is a Humanitarian organization.

    11. kjenkinsaf says

      Sadly, Kerry has just enough power do be damaging. Israel is laughing at Kerry, but he isn’t autonomous. He is doing exactly what Obama wants.

  2. Kent2012 says

    The extermination of Hamas and any other terrorist groups along with all of the clowns jumping up and down in the street in support of terrorist murders such as al qaeda, hamas, the facemask brotherhood now that would be an excellent move that would benefit mankind, then move on into exterminating the communists and there actually could be world peace…..

    1. Yehoshuafriend says

      Yehoshua will take care of that job when He returns!

      Mal 4:1 “For behold, the day is coming, Burning like an oven, And all the proud, yes, all who do wickedly will be stubble. And the day which is coming shall burn them up,” Says the LORD of hosts, “That will leave them neither root nor branch. 2 But to you who fear My name The Sun of Righteousness shall arise With healing in His wings; And you shall go out And grow fat like stall-fed calves. 3 You shall trample the wicked, For they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet On the day that I do this,” Says the LORD of hosts.” Shalom!

  3. chester kendra says

    So what does the promotion of a particular political system have to do with how we treat each other? Do only democratic countries deserve to be treated respectfully? This ‘they aren’t democratic so its all right’ type of argument does not hold water. Israel is clearly the aggresor with the biggest stick and really can not justify its actions.

    1. RufusVonDufus says

      You’re an id!ot. Only peaceful countries deserve to be treated with respect, and Palestine is not peaceful. They are simpleton murderers who want only to kill Israelis. They deserve all the respect Israel is showing them.

      1. livefree1200cc says

        so with that logic the US doesn’t deserve one iota of respect. We have invaded more countries than any other since WW2

        1. proudtexan62 says

          Why don’t you go live with them?. You wouldn’t be there more than 24 hours with all your American logic and they would have your head off (with a dull knife by the way, that’s how they do it) and hung on the nearest pole over there. If you don’t have the facts, it’s better to keep your mouth shut rather than make ignorant statements and remove any doubt of your stupidity. By the way, what countries did we invade? Give us your list professor. We have fought in several countries since WWII trying to keep this terrorism off our shores and guess who brought it all here anyway, you and your Muslim president who wants to turn this would into the NEW WORLD ORDER. How many of those “invasions” did you participate in? Oh, you say None? I’m sure that’s correct and you know nothing because you haven’t been there and really haven’t cared what is going on around you.

          1. livefree1200cc says

            No thanks, I’d rather stay here and fight to restore the former glory of OUR country. And to insinuate that I have any love for the illegal usurper in the White House – that is just preposterous. I could not loath him any more than I do

          2. livefree1200cc says

            You want a list of countries we have invaded? Be prepared, its a long list http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_United_States_military_operations

      2. lha says

        “Palistinians” don’t exist! They are mostly Egyptian refugees who fled from the 6 days war to the only friendly place around. They knew that Israel would give them a place in which they could live in relative peace. That would be possible if not for Hamas and the”PLO”.

      3. chester kendra says

        Funny that the Arabs and Jews lived together in peace befor the Zionists stole their land in 1948. Your last name describes your personality. AMERICA HAS TOO MANY ISRAELY APOLOGISTS

    2. MattieDavis says

      Chester, may I ask you a question? If someone were lobbing rocks or rockets onto you lawn and into you house where your family resides, would you not respond to protect them?

      1. livefree1200cc says

        If that was the case Israel would be right. But they are not defending themselves. The supposed Hamas rockets haven’t killed any Israelis, but the Israeli rockets have now killed over 1000 innocent bystanders in Gaza. Israel discovered there is mountains of Natural gas off the coast of Gaza – that’s what this is about

    3. David Braun says

      Chester, if Hamas ceased all violence against Israel all violence between the two would cease. Period. If Israel ceased all violence against Hamas, Hamas would CONTINUE it’s violent campaign against Israel. Who, really, is the “aggressor”?

      1. livefree1200cc says

        and you got this wisdom from where? Jewish owned media networks?

        1. David Braun says

          From basic observation of factual circumstances. It is simply fact. That you cannot see or understand this demonstrates your willingness to live in an alternative world devoid of any basis in reality in order to support a worldview constructed completely out of whole cloth.

          1. livefree1200cc says

            so in other words you got your proof from the Zionist controlled media networks. brilliant

          2. David Braun says

            That’s all you’ve got huh?

          3. livefree1200cc says

            all you have is empty words. I seriously doubt you’ve been standing on the great wall Israel built around Gaza so you could watch all of this come to fruitition

          4. David Braun says

            That’s the same absurd argument that people make to try to discredit a sports commentator’s opinion because he didn’t play sports. PA-LEASE!

          5. livefree1200cc says

            Really, I’ve never heard that one, because they at least WATCH the sports being played when they comment. Your knowledge comes from the TV. We all know the news media lies to us. Why would it be any different regarding Israel?

        2. proudtexan62 says

          The Jews don’t own the media, the Democrats do. Many Jews are presently Democrats, especially American Jews but I think we will see a change after this disaster America has suffered since 2008.

          1. livefree1200cc says

            Zionists, not Jews, own the media. Yes 95% of the Democrats and 80% of the Republicans follow them blindly. I’ll leave you alone though, you are very close to seeing the light

    4. Huckleberry44 says

      Show PROOF of your statement and answer the following: who shelled Israel with 2500 rockets? Who wouldn’t build bomb shelters for its people and instead dug tunnels to transport arms and men and three kidnapped Israeli teens who were killed and whose heads were cut off? Who puts rocket launchers on top of apartment buildings and hospitals and in housing areas hoping Israel will hit them with their rockets?

      1. livefree1200cc says

        like you have any proof of YOUR statements?

        1. proudtexan62 says

          Yes we do, moron. All you have to do is watch the news which is liberally biased and they will tell you what Huckleberry44 just tried. Failing that because you have no TV, you could go to the nearest library and read one of the biased newspapers and you would get the same information. We’re not going to bring it to you, if you want to know what is happening in your small little world, you have to seek information.

          1. livefree1200cc says

            oh you were doing so well. Okay lets recap – All media lies to us on a daily basis. They lied about Pearl Harbor, They lied about Vietnam, they lied about 9/11, they lied about Bush’s WMD’s, they lied about Sandy Hook, they lied about Obama and they lie about just about everything they show us. When they tell us about Israel – guess what? – They are lying

        2. Joseph Toth says

          Its all over the news was wrong with you,it even has pictures for those of you who can’t or won’t read. Pictures of tunnels, Hamas holding a baby in one hand as a shield and a gun in the other. I’ve come to the conclusion that you just want to believe what you want to believe. All of these people on this website should just ignore you.

          1. livefree1200cc says

            There is your first problem. You believe what you see in the news. I’ve seen plenty of pictures elsewhere that proves the opposite. Do you really think Hamas posed for a picture that puts them in a bad light for the world to see? Hell no, they want the world behind them not against them. Much of what the media is telling us about the Middle East is all lies. Right from 9/11 till now – all lies. I’ve come to the conclusion that you believe what you want to believe. You obviously haven’t looked any further than the lies put on your TV for proof. Everyone knows the US government lies to us all the time and they push those lies through the lying media. Why on earth would you believe ANYTHING you see on TV?

          2. Joseph Toth says

            Why don’t you drag your butt over there and see for yourself. You like to runoff with your mouth about things you know nothing about.

      2. Sam says

        Wouldn’t you think that would change someones outlook? BUT you don’t see obamy lending a hand to the Israelis though. Oh I forgot; obamy is a muslim……

    5. jillocity says

      i respectfully submit that you are a lop

      1. livefree1200cc says

        that’s quite the intelligent response – what are you 5 years old?

    6. proudtexan62 says

      You just crawl out of your mole hole this morning? If someone was shooting missiles, rockets and any other type of firepower at you, would you sit there and take it?? No, Moron, you wouldn’t. What you don’t understand is that Israel is a peaceful nation and above all in the world, except the US has promoted peace. Hamas, the government and Hamas, the terrorist organization are one in the same and are Global Radical Islamic terrorists!!! They have no regard for human life, not their own nor any of their citizens, from birth to death!!! You would have to live in an environment in which those butchers and barbarians reside and I have done that. You need to be sent to the very middle of that conflict over there because from your comments, that is the only way you would GET IT!!!

    7. Chico Hinojos says

      i guess if a murderer came into your house,and you attack back,does that make you the aggressor?If you dont know your history about what goes on in the middle east,its about religious beliefs……allah vs God… mohammed vs JESUS

  4. Mark Tallman says

    Let me remind people of a simple FACT. Hamas is not only a terrorist organization. Hamas is the ELECTED government in Gaza. When Hamas started launching missiles at Israeli civilians, it is in FACT the Gaza government declaring war on Israel. This was unprovoked. Israel has every right to protect itself and the UN can go straight to f&cking Hell, given those assholes actually equated the unprovoked launching of missiles at Israeli civilians by the Gaza government with Israel’s measured response which includes warning civilians to leave when they must attack a building from which the Gaza government launched missiles using their own citizens as human shields.

    The best quote I heard since this started is “Israel uses missiles to protect its citizens, which includes Jews, Christians, and Muslins. Hamas (Gaza government) uses it citizens to protect its missiles.”

    1. Huckleberry44 says

      thanks for reminding us – as if we didn’t know …LOL!!

      1. Mark Tallman says

        That is the problem. Most people in this country are low-information voters who know more about the Bimbo’s and Mimbo’s on Bacherlor(ette) than what goes on in the world.

        I pointed this out because, my guess is you could ask 10,000 people about this and not one would know what you are talking about.

    2. Sam says

      I really liked your last sentence… muslims, hamas and the Gaza governement uses its citizens to protect its missiles…… TOO TRUE!!!!

    3. Yehoshuafriend says

      That’s the part Obummer and Kerry and their liberal Lame Stream Media do not want you to hear, the Palestinian people elected Hamas to lead them. Shalom!

  5. MattieDavis says

    Why doesn’t the UN get Hamas and ISIS under control before going after others? Stop shelling rockets into Israel from Gaza; stop building tunnels into Israel; It is easy to tell good people to behave; it’s much harder to get evil people to behave. If the UN is so good, it needs to stop ALL violence in the Middle East.

    1. Jim says

      The U.N. s part of the problem.
      disnband the U.N. and that will ereadicate part of the problem.

    2. Marilyn Stern says

      Sadly the UN just wants to stop Israel, a state that has NEVER attacked first. While defending itself Israel has continued to develop technology that has helped the U.S.A. in many ways and has continued to develop medical technology that has helped and saved millions, including its enemies.

    3. rhondareichel says

      The U.N. looks the other way and doesn’t enforce any war criminals…..if they did they would go after Bush and Obama for their war crimes…..but they want the $$$.

  6. RufusVonDufus says

    The U.N. does not give a fig about “humanity.” All they care about is how much more money they can get off of the U.S. taxpayer. The U.N. should be kicked out of New York and never again receive even one dollar of U.S. money. The U.N. is a useless organization except for spending our money.

    1. PoorWhiteMan says

      And turn the UN building into low income housing.

      1. Huckleberry44 says

        Now there’s an idea! Let the president of the US live there.

        1. Sam says

          More like under it. In the basement with NO windows and a locked door…..

        2. proudtexan62 says

          This man who calls himself president doesn’t even need to live in this country. He would be wise to turn over the reins in January 2016 and fade away into the sunset. This is not his country and never was. This is OUR country and he is not welcome now and should understand he will never be welcome again!!!!

      2. lha says

        Given NYC’s financial state,making highrise condos would be much better,better still,selling the building to private interests would be much better,as NYC needs the taxes. Years of mismanagement has left them with an environment that is hostile to business and many are fleeing to states friendly to businesses.

      3. Marilyn Stern says

        Maybe Obama’s buddies in New York, like his buddy in Chicago, would use the building to house the illegals crossing our border?

      4. Cranky Steven says

        Or a whore house, which it resembles anyway.

    2. Sam says

      I’ve been saying that for YEARS! The UN hates the USA and should NEVER receive any monies from the citizens of the USA! Take back OUR LAND, BUILDINGS and throw the UN off OUR soil’ the USA!

      1. rhondareichel says

        Yep….so when are we going to elect someone who will do it? Romney or McCain wouldn’t have either.

    3. rhondareichel says

      Which of our presidential candidates wanted to pull us out of the U.N.? Ron Paul Yet you people didn’t vote for him—why?

      1. dan prater says

        Don’t say you people , I did

        1. rhondareichel says

          That’s great….one more enlightened voter

      2. Marilyn Stern says

        Many did, which sadly became useless votes. It is what helped elect Obama to a second term. We don’t have a third party, yet, and it is not going to happen soon. Republican/Conservative values are much closer to what Ron Paul espouses than are Democratic/Liberal values so, right now, Libertarians, and all those with basic Conservative values, need to coalesce with the Republican party. Then, as one, work to save our country. Easy? No way. But it’s a start.

        1. rhondareichel says

          The Constitution Party is the largest of the 3rd parties….how can you go wrong voting for that? Problem is the lemmings will not stray from the 2 party deception.

    4. Mark Clemens says

      The United States need to get out of the UN, and the UN needs to get out of The United States.

  7. DustyFae says

    What do you expect from Dictators who are ant-Christians and anti-Jews ? They ruin their own Nations, all one has to do is look at the Middle East and see what damage they did there.. The UN is committing Crimes Against Humanity themselves, so what rights have to tell Israel to just lay down and die… Who the heck do they think they are …gods, well the true GOD will tell them who is in charge of things soon.. l would love to see Jesus cause a earthquake just under the UN building and wipe all them out… Is it true that Obama holds a official chair on the UN ? if so this is also against the USA constitution, the president can not hold two government position at the same time.. Am l right to think this or have l been told wrong..?

    1. lha says

      Read Winston Churchill’s remarks and observations concerning Muslims. He’s right on the poverty,ruthlessness,and terror that follows them.

      1. DustyFae says

        Where can l find this? l will try to google it and see…

    2. Mary Herridge Clayton says

      We are seeing Bible prophecy being fulfilled right before our very eyes. The Bible says that all nations will come against Israel and I never thought that I would live to see the day that the U.S. would turn it’s back on Israel. The Bible also talks about the lawlessness in the last days and I have never seen so much lawlessness from an administration as I have seen from the present one. I also read somewhere about Obama and a position at the UN but don’t know for sure if that is true, however, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least because he could care less about our constitution and no one will do anything to stop him.

      1. livefree1200cc says

        oh my, another complete imbecile quoting a fictional book written by men as prophecy

        1. sickofcensorship says

          Only a fool says in his heart … “There is no God.”

        2. Mary Herridge Clayton says

          Please read the Bible for yourself and then prove to me that it is fiction. It has never been done.

          1. livefree1200cc says

            the bible was written in the 1400’s by MEN – of course its fiction. There were very few written records before then and everything was merely legends and fables passed from generation to generation. Much the same way the Greeks used multiple gods to explain what they couldn’t explain. Christians did the same thing only they used 1 god instead of many

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Every one in the middle east agrees a small kid named David killed a 9 foot dude named Golith. Also the FOSSIL RECORD shows vast evidence of a global flood.

          3. livefree1200cc says

            I’m pretty sure most cultures have their own form of the ‘boogie man’ or even ‘bigfoot’, so just because you believe doesn’t always make it so. I’m not sure anyone can be sure of a story that happened 2000 years ago, but that’s what legends are for. They are stories to keep people going and let them know there is always hope.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            There’s always some truth in fables and reason in rhyme………

          5. livefree1200cc says

            good point. There is almost always a little truth in the biggest lies as well

          6. proudtexan62 says

            And the basis for these facts you are spreading. I’m not from Missouri, but you show me!!!

          7. livefree1200cc says

            What does Missouri have to do with the price of tea in China?

          8. livefree1200cc says

            I did Mary when I was a kid. It fit in well with all the other Mythology I read. Let me ask you something. You know that the bible was compiled in the 1400’s right? When is the last time God himself wrote anything down? Was it the 10 commandments over 2000 years ago?

          9. Mary Herridge Clayton says

            The Bible contains 66 books that were written over a period of about 1400 yrs by about 40 different authors over a span of several continents which all share a common theme. How could that be possible if it wasn’t the inspired work of God? “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” 2 Timothy 3:16
            As for “Thou shalt not kill” what he meant was “murder”. There are instances in the Bible where God ordered Joshua and his people to destroy every man, woman, and child in Canaan. Why the children? Because corruption breeds corruption and God didn’t want the Hebrew to be tainted by the corrupt cultures of the Middle East. God told Moses that the people that they were replacing were “wicked”, these people were burning their own children as living sacrifices to their gods.
            I pray that if you really do seek the truth that you will go back and read the Bible again as an adult and ask God to give you understanding. But if you have no desire to find the truth then no amount of reading the Bible will do you any good because God knows what is in your heart.

          10. livefree1200cc says

            Well there you go. I could never worship a God that would sanction the killing of anyone let alone children. Under my Golden Rule all life is sacred, and as an added bonus I don’t have to help pay for the local priest’s Cadillac. All organized religion is a scam and all War is a racket. If there is a God he knows my heart is pure

          11. Mary Herridge Clayton says

            God doesn’t sanction the killing of the innocent but you wouldn’t know that because you don’t know God and the only way you can know God is through his Word. I agree with you that a lot of the organized religion is a scam. But true Christianity has been lumped in with all of these false “christians” and churches that are on the rise. Studying the Bible is not “organized religion” it’s just the Word of God. You don’t have to go to some church to read it and you don’t have to pay for some priest’s cadillac.

          12. livefree1200cc says

            Now Mary – you just told me of God’s justification for killing the children of the corrupt – Children that were guilty of nothing but being born to the wrong parents. Now you are back peddling. I DO follow the teachings of the bible, I just don’t read the book. You tell me how the Golden Rule doesn’t represent every teaching in that foolish book (except for the bible’s justification for murdering innocent children that is)

          13. Joseph Toth says

            well said

          14. Joseph Toth says

            oh He knows exactly what’s your heart,and it’s not pretty and pure fee like you think.

          15. livefree1200cc says

            What a joke you Christians are. Because I would not kill innocent people for an imaginary being I am not worthy? So be it

          16. Joseph Toth says

            You are wasting your time trying to explain anything to someone who has such a close mind. It is people like him who poison the minds of our youth. And it seems that it’s going to be an uphill battle until the return of Yeshua … It is hate that drives men like him to push his philosophy on other people. I would hope that it wasn’t passed down from his parents. I’ve ran across people like him all my life, and I can’t remember just one that change their mind. And this is the span of 70 years. Well God bless you for trying.

          17. Mary Herridge Clayton says

            I know, guess all I can do now is pray for him.

      2. proudtexan62 says

        The US has not turned it’s back on Israel. It is this scum that a segment of the population voted into power in 2008 that has turned his back on Israel. The second time he voted himself in was done by 100% illegal voters and he is setting the stage to do it again in November. Why do you think the flood of illegals is crossing our borders, unrestricted? Those are another massive number to add to those already here. Our Congress is useless against this man. We THE PEOPLE have to take the bull by the horns and stop this madness and elect a Congress that will support the American way, our ideals and most of all, OUR CONSTITUTION!!!!

        1. Mary Herridge Clayton says

          Sorry, when I said the US I meant the current administration, not the citizens. And this whole onslaught of illegals and the so called dream act is not just about votes but mainly to overwhelm our economic system with welfare, health care, education, food stamps, etc. to bring about the economic collapse of America. The New World Order can’t exist until America is no longer a sovereign nation.

          1. proudtexan62 says

            So true Mary. You are correct on the NWO and Obama is trying his best to see that we are no longer a sovereign nation!!!

        2. rhondareichel says

          Correct except Obama is giving Israel as much or more money as Bush did….Israel owns our congress. You cannot serve 2 masters

      3. sickofcensorship says

        It is true: Obama
        took Chairmanship of UN Security Council – Violation of Article 1 Section 9. (http //www rense com/general87/ob1.htm).
        Obama at UN Security Council (http //www nytimes com/2009/09/25/world/25prexy.html?_r=0).

      4. rhondareichel says

        144,000 will be spared in Israel…..Jews for Jesus maybe?

        1. Mary Herridge Clayton says

          Jews for Jesus are Jews in the present day who actually believe that Jesus is the Messiah and believe in him as their saviour. The 144,000 Jews (12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel) are the true servants of God (those who walk in His statutes) who will be sealed on their foreheads to be kept from harm during the tribulation, the other Jews will be those “whose hearts follow the desire for their detestable things and their abominations.”

    3. rhondareichel says

      It’s going to happen

  8. squeak says

    We need to get rid of the UN, Enemy with-in… Israel should wipe out the Enemies, they attacked Israel, hope Israel finishes it ! There never will be peace as long as these Terrorists are strong & in control, wipe them out !

  9. James Maxwell says

    Hum, never saw the UN calling for Gammas or other terrorist groups to stop attacking Israel or
    killing their citizens. Now that Israel has taken all it can is returning tit for tat the UN and the
    muzzies are howling for a cease fire so they can rearm, dig in deeper and put more innocent lives
    at risk. Conflict is never pretty nor nice but the Israeli people have right to protect and defend
    themselves from attack even it it means going on the attack to root out the terrorist who attack

    1. livefree1200cc says

      actually a cease fire means BOTH sides Einstein

      1. James Maxwell says

        No poop skippy, but when have the muzzies paid any attention to a cease fire.

  10. Peter Pan says

    The UN has long outlived it’s usefulness. It should go the same way as the League of Nations in the early 1900’s.

    1. Huckleberry44 says

      And we should stop supporting them! Throw them out of this country!

      1. Sam says

        Throw the UN OFF US soil and take back the buildings we gave them. It could always be used to low income housing or housing for OUR military folks that need assistance

        1. albertbryson says

          I agreed we should kicked the evil UN out of the United States. We need to put the UN out of business and announced we are quitting the United Nations and will no longer abide by any international agreement we signed while we are a member of the United Nations.

    2. livefree1200cc says

      I agree with you, but this time they are right. The UN created the State of Israel in 1948. Now they see they created a monster

      1. Texas John says

        livefree1200cc, you are wrong God Almighty created Israel thousands of years ago. They just took back the land he gave them.

        1. livefree1200cc says

          The word ‘Israel’ didn’t exist until 1948. And it was my understanding of your pagan religions that your allmighty God Created every living human and animal

          1. Texas John says

            Have you ever even read the number 1 selling book of all time (The Bible)? I’ll bet your god (small g) Madeline Murray O’Hare believes in God Almighty now. Now may God bless you, and yours. You will not get another reply from me if you continue to show so much ignorance.

          2. livefree1200cc says

            You are correct it is the #1 selling fictional book of all time. The bible was written in the 1400’s by various authors (men) It is not a historical record of anything – It is FICTION

          3. rhondareichel says

            Well that’s not exactly true either. Archaeologist use it as a reference all the time since it is so accurate. It wasn’t written then it was just compiled and a lot of books got left out???? Probably because they were politically dangerous to the powers that be at the time. Scoundrels like Scoffield tampered with it to create Zionism and unfortunately most Christians have been influenced by him, but if you go back to the original Greek some of the meanings are totally different.

          4. livefree1200cc says

            Wow, thank you, an actual conversation. Not the usual rhetoric of death to all Muslims. I fully agree with you on your main point. None of us will ever know the entire truth about any of it

          5. Mark Clemens says

            The Bible was suppose to be a book of science, not history.

          6. livefree1200cc says

            That actually makes sense. It does attempt to explain what could not be explained, along with being a social ‘guidebook’. Much like Greek Mythology

          7. Mark Clemens says

            Even if you don’t believe in the After Life. You should respect the making and bringing the bible to you. A lot of people have died trying to spread the Truth Preached by Jesus Christ. I think this is the core of peace in the Western Hemisphere, we either don’t believe, or we are prominently Christians .
            There are two main messages Jesus preached.
            1. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
            2. It’s not who you were yesterday, but who you are today and who you can become tomorrow.
            Thus far this side of the world takes this to heart. Even atheists believe in lesson #1.

          8. livefree1200cc says

            Its all good stuff. I practice the Golden Rule myself which is very similar. I’ve always wondered about the 10 commandments though. They all seem pretty straightforward and don’t allow much interpretation. So how can Christians be pro-war? I know many who are. Some of them have a very ‘ungodly’ hate for people they have never met. ‘Brown’ people seem to be on the short list

          9. Mark Clemens says

            You look at war as a violation of THOU SHALL NOT KILL? That one gets me to, but you can’t let people bully you around.

          10. livefree1200cc says

            true – but who is bullying who? – we can’t trust the media or our government for the truth. They lie to us every day

          11. Mark Clemens says

            I was talking on a individual level. This Israel/ Palestine thing; to me it looks like both sides are to blame. Gotta admit all that tunneling was damn sneekey. I use to tweet back and forth with folks over there. Neither race has anything nice to say about the other. It really don’t sound like our kind of democracy at all.

          12. livefree1200cc says

            What choice do they have? Israhell has been stealing Palestinian land since 1948

          13. rhondareichel says

            Texas John….be patient and spread the gospel. Small wonder that a lot of people do not understand as secular as our country has become. Just tell the truth and let them chose.

          14. Texas John says

            Thank you rhondreichel will do. God bless you.

          15. rhondareichel says

            The 2 sons of Abraham….Isaac & Ishmael both received the same blessing from God that He would make each of them a great nation. The Arabs sprang from Ishmael and I say let God deal with them how he sees fit. None of us have the wisdom to truly know what God’s plan is other than what we read in the bible. It is foolish for us to chose sides and it’s foolish for us to interject ourselves in the middle east. We have enough problems of our own.

          16. livefree1200cc says

            aside from the obvious religious propaganda, there is wisdom in your statement. We have enough problems here at home. We are being infiltrated at the highest levels with Zionist occupiers pushing their Socialist agendas

          17. rhondareichel says

            It’s not propaganda— it’s history. If you dig into it you will see there is plenty of basis to believe it. A lot of the predictions are coming true today.
            I tell the truth —-unlike a lot of people here who have a political agenda because they have been brainwashed by the media….I am constantly striving to see the truth and live by the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) and this situation in Palestine & Israel doesn’t meet that standard.
            I challenge you to go to the New Testament and read just the words in red that Jesus spoke and see if they make sense to you. I don’t think you can find any fault with them. I was a skeptic at one time too because I became disenchanted with organized religion and their agendas but Jesus is without fault.

          18. livefree1200cc says

            Its not a secret that History is written by the conquerors. So forgive me if I don’t believe all that is written in some our history books. Sure there is wisdom in some of the things Jesus supposedly said. Just as there is wisdom in some of the things ‘Bugs Bunny’ (insert any name) said over the years. I do agree that people have no right to call themselves Godly if they are pushing for war and genocide with such enthusiasm. And you are right, the 10 commandments are not necessary, the Golden Rule is the only guide we need

          19. rhondareichel says

            Actually the 10 commandments are a compliment to the Golden Rule and the basis for our laws & constitution.
            There is TRUTH in what Jesus said. Not just some of the things but all of them…..”Blessed are the meek”….that’s one of my favorites. Also “he who is without sin cast the first stone” Jesus said a lot of things. He called the Pharisees serpents and sons of Satan too….well are they? Sure looks like it to me. I challenge you to find one untrue thing Jesus said.

            ….and the Babylonian Talmud that is so revered in Israel today is a result of their treachery which resulted in God casting them out to exile in Babylon where they perverted their religion….it is even called the Babylonian Talmud by scholars. It smears Jesus horribly.

          20. livefree1200cc says

            I agree on the commandments, that’s why I said what I did. Only one rule needed. Basically, its: ‘Don’t harm others’, or more notably known as the Golden Rule. As far as all of the Jesus quotes in the fictional bible, I am also in agreement that all of them are wise and just. I sure wish we had such a man directing us NOW in the present. He spoke out against the moneylenders for their usury. The money lenders (Usurers) are behind almost all of the chaos in the world. I also like the ‘cast the first stone’ comment – very wise. Now if only the so called ‘Christian’s weren’t calling for genocide. It would seem most of them should be brushing up on some of the things Jesus said in the bible.

          21. Joseph Toth says


          22. rhondareichel says

            Actually the word Israel did exist in the bible but it was referring to the Israelites who were of Hebrew origin not the modern state of Israel….and certainly not the current occupiers who are not of Hebrew origin. It all boils down to the bloodline of Abraham who God blessed….and Abraham wasn’t an Asian/Turk.

          23. livefree1200cc says

            Silly me, and all this time I thought your god loved ALL his children

          24. rhondareichel says

            God does love all of us….he gave His Son’s life for us as a sacrifice because we could not follow the laws He made. All you or anyone else has to do to be saved is accept Jesus….that includes the Israelis and Palestinians. I don’t see the point in destroying either before they receive salvation….as long as there is life there is hope.

          25. livefree1200cc says

            Exactly – although I am pretty sure he is supposed to love us all equally and unconditionally, whether we accept Jesus or not

          26. proudtexan62 says

            He does….even you!!! You should be very thankful.

          27. Mark Clemens says

            Except for dinosaurs; That was me!!!!!

          28. proudtexan62 says

            Oh, so you are an atheist as well? Our religious faiths are not pagan. He is our Almighty God and yours too, you just deny him like Judas did. I’m very glad I am not you for a lot of reasons but really would hate it on Judgment Day.

        2. rhondareichel says

          That is not accurate either. 90% of Israelis are of Asian/Turk bloodline not Hebrew. DNA studies have proven that. Judaism is a religion that anyone can join regardless of bloodline….Jew is a religion not a race.
          FACTS ARE FACTS by Benjamin Freedman…..read it and learn

        3. Terry Rushing says

          And they still haven’t taken total possession of what was given to them. Perhaps that’s why that bunch of Ismalites is so terrified of Israel.

      2. Jim says

        The monster isn’t Israel, it is Hamas that is the monster. Every time Israel tries to have a ceases fire, Hamas breaks the truce. Israel has the right to defend itself. If you don’t want your public buildings bombed, don’t place your armies in them.

      3. Mike11C says

        So, the State of Israel is a “monster” because they use military force to stop Hamas from shooting rockets into Israel and killing their civilians? Israel repeatedly warned the people of Gaza they were going to take action so they could get away from Hamas’ rockets but, they obviously prefer to be killed for sake of publicity. The UN is right? I don’t think so. Are they telling Hamas to stop launching rockets at Israel? No, I didn’t think so. What would you have Israel do under these circumstances? Just take it? Only a moron would say the UN is right about this.

        1. proudtexan62 says

          And you are responding to a Class A one.

      4. Terry Rushing says

        Been smokin those mushrooms again?

        1. livefree1200cc says

          hell no – do you have any idea how bad that tastes when you smoke them?

      5. John Adams says

        They didn’t create it, they allowed it following the Holocaust.

        1. livefree1200cc says

          The area was not called Israel before then and the Jewish occupants only inhabited left than 5% of the area known as Palestine. The UN created the official State of Israel to give the Jews fleeing from Germany and all the others around the world a place to call their home. They stole land directly from Palestinian families to accomplish this noble gesture. You can easily google the ‘History of Palestine’ – sounds like you need to read up on it a little

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Since the Germans started the holocaust and lost. I always thought the surviving Jews should of gotten land in Germany.
            Since the USA saved them from extinction and gave them Israel I think we did our part. Both sides (Israeli & Palestinian) want to exterminate each other. I think we should stay out of this. Its been going on since the world began…….

          2. livefree1200cc says

            That would have made much more sense then – and that would make much more sense now

          3. John Adams says

            you have no idea what your talking about livefree. Where did you get your information, a comic book? The information has been around for years, for anyone to read. Try reading The Holy Bible, Old Testament.

          4. livefree1200cc says

            Try not to be so ignorant. Israelites are mentioned in the bible, but there was no country called Israel until 1948 when the UN stole land from the inhabitants of the area (the Palestinians) and created the country of Israel. Maybe you should turn off the ‘lie box’ (the TV) and read a book or two (besides the bible) yourself

          5. John Adams says

            You have made an assumptive reply livefree. The t.v. is, as you say, a lie box and completely untrustworthy. My source is the Bible itself.

    3. rhondareichel says

      According to the constitution it is treasonous to even belong to these international one world govt. organizations.

  11. Sylvester Jones says

    Radical muslims, are not human.

  12. livefree1200cc says

    So many brain washed people on these posts. If the UN even realizes that Israel is the aggressor why can’t the sheep of the US realize it? I’ll tell you why, because the Jewish owned media networks have told us all a million times that Israel is our ally. It doesn’t matter that they have never done anything for us to believe that. They even mercilessly attacked one of our ships (The USS Liberty) and was never held responsible for it.

    1. albertbryson says

      How dare you called us brain dead and brainwash. You support the evil one in Hamas. Remember the day the United States abandons Israel will be day God will abandon the United States. The Jews are still God’s chosen people. Israel is not the aggressor here. Hamas is the aggressor.

      1. livefree1200cc says

        I call it as I see it. Not that I believe any of your religious rantings, but I thought your God loves us all equally? How can he do that if he has a ‘chosen people’??

    2. sickofcensorship says

      You continue to peddle old news and inaccurate information. The incident with the USS Liberty occurred during the Six Days War in 1967, off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula. The US Naval Court of Inquiry concluded that it was a case of mistaken identity after an exhaustive investigation, and Israel paid $17 million in reparations in addition to assisting on site the day of the attack. You are a hater of the Jews. Admit it. Stop peddling hate and admit your agenda.

      1. livefree1200cc says

        I admit it, I hate the Zionists and their desire to control the world

  13. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

    What get’s me is the fact that in the media, they never mention the fact that it’s terrorists that are doing this. Just Gaza, yes, they are a state (country) with less fire power, but their mission is to kill all the jews. In Israel, they just want to make sure they are not all killed. I know more than I’m saying, but for the media, they make it look like Israel is the bad guy, killing all the people, using people as shields. I saw a video from someone in the UK and they are showing Israels going into houses, with people in front of them, they grabb off the street. They don’t shoot from in back of them, they just go into houses to check for explosives. Also, there was a video I saw where Israel started it all, and the US was sending explosives to help them. When in fact, we haven’t, and the Hamas has taken explosives that were previously used to help others. You can’t believe anything the media says, either side could be lieing and making stuff up for support. Just read up on the teachings of the Karan, and the Bible. If they follow their religion, you tell me who is killing who. Also I found out that the Karan has two books, the first book is peaceful, the second book isn’t. The second book says if there’s something different told to do in the second book, then the first, then cancel out what the first book says. They are out to destroy Christians and Jews. I’d just like to know about the other religions like Hindu and Buddist.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      you got all that wisdom from Zionist owned media networks? brilliant!

  14. Huckleberry44 says

    Hamas should be charged with crimes against humanity! They refuse to let their people run from the violence, they won’t build shelters for the people when they start bombing Israel knowing full well Israel will retaliate, and they put citizens in harm’s way by putting rocket launchers on hospital roofs, in housing areas, etc. Hamas leaders would be tried and executed!

    1. livefree1200cc says

      I think its the 30 foot wall Israel built around Gaza that is preventing people from running

      1. Sam says

        They allow hamas to fire the rockets from their homes and communities. They are complicit in the attacks……

  15. Yehoshuafriend says

    Hos 9:10 “I found Israel Like grapes in the wilderness; I saw your fathers As the first fruits on the fig tree in its first season. But they went to Baal Peor, And separated themselves to that shame; They became an abomination like the thing they loved.”

    We are living in very dangerous times, most believers are not well enough versed in Yah Torah warnings to realize just how dangerous a time it is. The Nations throughout the world, and the great majority of there people have given themselves over to the worship of Baal Peor, with their governors and rulers blessing. Baal Peor is the god of what Elohim considers the most vile sexual perversions, which in the past lead Him to exterminate entire peoples and Nations. Today Judaea and the U.S.A. among others have taken up these practices of Baal Peor, amazingly Russia has not but has righteously forbidden it. Who would think? This being the case Russia becomes a viable tool for Yah’s use in punishing the Nations which have given themselves over to such perversions. (Eze. 38:, Hos 9:10-).

    With the Destroyer we have occupying our White House goading a very dangerous dictator Russia’s Vladimir Putin concerning the Ukraine, we the followers of Yehoshua need to be fervently praying for both YIsra’el and our Nation’s repentance, as well as Yah’s Divine protection over all of His elect. Shalom!

    1. livefree1200cc says

      youyare seriously going to quote a work of fiction written by men to prove your point? so sad, are you really that daft?

    2. doomsdae says

      I could not have said it better myself. Throughout history, God has sent other nations to destroy or make war with Israel or other Pagan nations that have fallen for the false god Baal. Today is no different. He is now preparing Russia to destroy Baal Peor…….

      1. sickofcensorship says

        The Nevi’im talks about G-d setting his hooks in jaws of these nations (like Gog and Magog) and pulling them where He wants them to go. He will then destroy them on the mountains of Israel (Ezekiel 38-39). You can see the action in work.

  16. MikeS says

    This is why it would be tragic to have the UN running things in the world. The UN needs to be talking to hamas instead of the country that is trying to defend itself. As usual they are taking what they consider the easy route. Only in this case they will be exacerbating the problem by allowing hamas to continue it’s terrorist activities. Israel is not only justified, but their military action is needed to destroy hamas. The rest of the world should join in instead of ridiculing them. And, by the way, john kerry is a fool.

    1. Sam says

      The UN is a worthless organization run by crooks. All they want is US monies plain and simple. Throw the UN OFF our soil.

  17. sickofcensorship says

    Where was the UN and their “humanity” when they discovered Hamas rockets in a church last week, and turned them over to Hamas to be fired on Israel? Wouldn’t it have been more prudent to have confiscated the rockets to diminish the attacks? But no … the UN has it’s own agenda to follow, which is to support Hamas at Israel’s expense. Obama has the same agenda. Stay on the sidelines as the most inept, immoral organization in the world … a giant blue-ribbon commission. Israel has a right to exist. Until the UN can press all the Arab and radical Islamic regimes to accept that simple statement, they have NO right to be pressuring Israel to stop defending itself.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      don’t believe everything you see on the Jewish owned media

      1. sickofcensorship says

        Get a life. Not every media source is Jewish-owned. You have a problem with the Jews. Admit it, and move past it and perhaps you’ll be able to see this conflict in a different light.

        1. livefree1200cc says

          You are correct, but they ARE all Zionist owned. And the Zionists are headquartered in Israhell. But you are right, not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. Thank you for pointing out my mistake

          1. Joseph Toth says

            You are just a Jew hater pure and simple. You will never change that. I don’t care what proof is presented to you ,you will never except it as truth. That is pure EVIL.

          2. livefree1200cc says

            Congratulations you just scored a ZERO on reading comprehension

          3. Joseph Toth says

            O I hit a NERVE!

  18. livefree1200cc says

    Israel discovered there are mammoth Natural gas deposits off the coast of Gaza – that’s what this is about. That’s right out of the US playbook. Invade the nation on a false pretense to secure their resources

    1. proudtexan62 says

      Yeah, right. Just like the War on Terror in Iraq was about the oil. There was not a drop of oil taken out of Iraq at any time the US was there. I was there while you were sitting home telling the world what was going on over there. Part of the plan for giving Iraq democracy which their people wanted was teaching them how to defend themselves after over 40 years in a dictatorship which the present man in the WH wants for America, teaching them how to govern themselves and helping them find people to bring all their oil out of the ground so that they could fund a democratic government and that is exactly what they were trying to do before Obama financed all the radical terrorist organizations and started the entire war on terror all over again. So, basically, everything we did between 2003 and 2012 is, for now, for naught because Obama has provided the wherewith all for terror to rise again. You need to get educated or stop taking up people’s valuable time on the blogs with your nonsense.

      1. livefree1200cc says

        right – 52 years old and you were in Iraq? If you were you were behind some desk in an air conditioned office. My son served 2 years in Iraq. I guarantee he saw more of what was going on then you did. If you buy into any of what you have said you have been too brainwashed to argue with. There is a central bank now in Iraq that wasn’t there before we went in. There are pipelines all over the mideast that weren’t there before. This has always been about money and greed for the International bankers and Corporations. Pharmaceutical companies that are enjoying the 2,000% increase in Opium production since we landed in Afghanistan. Always follow the money. I do agree with you that Obama has been the worst one yet in a long line of bad Presidents though

  19. Velma Saccone says

    Please Israel, don’t listen to the UN. Their only concern is for the evil Muslims and not for Israel. Keep on fighting until the Hamas is exterminated. God be with you in this war. I believe the UN has become almost as evil at the Muslims and the US should not support the UN any longer.

  20. albertbryson says

    We should let Israel destroyed Hamas now. They need to be destroyed. I feel the number of innocents while high is the result of these people listening to Hamas and as result they were killed. Killed as many of them as possible. This is war and needs to be a total war. God bless Israel. In fact, we should be bombing them as well.

  21. Jim says

    We should fire the U.N. THE UNITED STATES OUT OF THE U.N. THE U.N. OUT OF THE UNITED STATES. Every time Israel tries a cease fire, Hamas doesn’t join in. Israrel has the right to defend themselves and to attack as necessary. The U.S should come to the aid of Israel as they are our greatest allies.

  22. Sculptorofbabies says

    This morning, it was Hamas that was firing Rockets at Israel.. How can we expect, Israel to not defend her people?? You are starting to sound like our Politicians, you, make no sense, at all.

  23. proudtexan62 says

    The UN is another alphabet that needs to go. How about the UN appealing to Hamas to cease fire “in the name of humanity”. Israel is the supreme defender of liberty and freedom in this world and these scum are realizing they are not going to defeat Israel so, “Papa UN” is stepping in to appeal to Israel to give up so Hamas can destroy them!!! It is a shame that the president of the United States has provided these radial Islamic thugs the money,weapons, equipment and supplies to do the damage they have done!!! It is an embarrassment to this country!!!! We THE PEOPLE of this country already support Israel even though the scum who is squatting in our White House doesn’t and is, in fact, one of them. We need to take the reins, throw all this trash out of our country and try to regain the allies we have had for many years and go after this scum. The only way to defeat them is to starve them. No money, no weapons, no equipment, no supplies and soon, those that survived, will have to retreat into the rat holes in the nations they came from and die!!! Send the UN OUT of our lives and our country along with the rest of this scum Obama has drug into our country, him with them!!!

  24. badger says

    Tell the Hamas to stop attacking Israel. Hamas is the aggressor. Israel should not back down just because Obama wants them to and favors Hamas. Hamas keeps lobbing missiles into Israel and have broken several peace agreements. Don’t criticize Israel for defending themselves. Most Americans stand with Israel.

    1. WVF says

      I think, while they can still do it, Israel should turn Gaza into a parking lot or future landing strip for their jets!

  25. Zakkova says

    The UN is a fucking bloated bureaucracy that is anti-semitic and anti-American. The United States should withdraw from the UN and kick them out of New York. The United States can then establish a union of democracies that are composed of countries that are democratic and have the rule of law. Israel needs to completely destroy Palestine. Palestine will never agree to Israel’s right to exist. So Israel should invade Palestine and kill every man, woman and child in it just as they did back in the Old Testament days to their enemies. God will be with them.

  26. yaki534 says

    UN, Shut the heck up. You are a bunch of socialist, communist, Marxist jerks and should be quite about such affairs.

  27. peter says

    Tell the god damn UN to shove it up thiers. The United States should get out of the UN. It is a terrorist and hypocritical organization that is completely out of touch with reality.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      most of what you say is true. You forgot to mention that the US itself is the largest terrorist organization and is the most hypocritical nation on the planet. We have invaded more sovereign nations since WW2 than any other nation on the planet

  28. fsa0033 says

    Seriously, humanity? Why didn’t they call for that in the Balkans? The U.N. and our presidency want peace because Israel is kicking their a**. If it were the other way around the U.N. wouldn’t interfere at all. Go Israel! Push their butts out of the entire area. You are surrounded by Arabs and Muslims. Don’t give an inch. The U.N. can suck it.

  29. smogdew says

    If Hamas was pounding Israel into the earth, the UN would do/say nothing – but the shoe is on the other foot. We have all/most of Congress behind this (of course not Obama) and should Israel need help, I pray Congress will vote to go to war.
    It’s all right what Muslims do to the rest of the world, but you are not supposed to ‘hurt’ them – I hope Israel blasts Palestine into smithereens.
    Hamas did not even bother, per Netanyahu’s request, to remove women and children – so all their deaths are on Muslim’s heads, not Jews. Hamas is even hiding their guns and armament in schools – how is that for not caring a whit? Pigs, all.

    1. Yehoshuafriend says

      Satan is loving the U.N. more and more with every passing day. Shalom!

  30. Chris Ericksen says

    Israel needs to call the U.N.”s bluff. Agree to an unconditional cease fire, no strings attached, with the proviso that as soon as Hamas breaks the cease fire, which they will, the U.N. agrees to sends its own forces into Gaza and hunt down and destroy the Hamas forces. That will probably not even be discussed, and will prove that the U.N. really has taken a position leaning towards Hamas.

  31. TPM says

    Too bad the UN didn’t chastise Hamas & the Palestinians, for setting up missile batteries in residential areas, in school yards and near hospitals. Hamas hides behind women and children and cries FOUL! when the Israeli’s return fire to stop the missile attacks. Hamas is and has been the aggressor. Spank them.

  32. puglianana says

    UN calls for Israel to cease fire? What about contacting the Hamas to cease fire. Israel is only defending it’s borders and people. UN is not friendly to Israel or USA.

  33. rhondareichel says

    Israel needs to end the apartheid and do the 2 state solution….Palestinians need to give Israel Jerusalem in exchange. No more Israeli occupation or settlements. I think that’s the only thing that might work. Fences make good neighbors— so Palestinians need to stay behind theirs and Israel needs to get rid of all the restrictions. The bitterness is so great on both sides it will take years but Jews and Muslims used to live together in peace in Palestine for 1000 years so they could again. Kerry and Obama don’t have the gravitas or the trust necessary to swing a deal like this but maybe our next president could. We need to cut out foreign aid to both sides because we are showing favoritism to Israel. We need to get out of the war business and so do they.

    1. Joseph Toth says

      what is wrong with you, Israel gave that land back remember the camp David accord, but that wasn’t enough either they wanted more and more. And all during this time they were suicide bombers. So I say no to a two state solution. They have proven over and over that they can’t be trusted, they were ran out of every country they’ve been in. What did they do when Israelis left the land, and left behind all of those greenhouses? They destroy them, now what does that tell you about the people.

  34. joe haire says

    The UN keeps proving what an inept organization it really is.They are always on the wrong side of history. They coddle murderous dictators around the world. They appoint Iran to head up human rights for the world. They are brainless incompetents.

  35. daveveselenak says

    Fuk the UN, a bunch of dictators that can go to hell! If they were righteous and serious they’d go after the devils that are the cause of this mayhem – Hamas!

  36. pysco says

    The UN, Hamas, and Palistine, can get hosed !!!!! Not once did the UN ever go to Israel’s defense , over the years when they were getting attacked. The UN needs to go to the Hamas and tell them to quit using women, children, hospitols, and schools as shields.

    1. rhondareichel says

      You should really go back and see exactly what happened since 1948…it’s not pretty. They took that land from the rightful owners by force and killed and drove them off it. I think the whole thing was a violation of law because Rothschild was behind the Balfour Treaty and it wasn’t Britain’s land to give away….they just wanted the Jews out of Europe.

      1. pysco says

        Excuse me, I have several Maps of the middle east, that are over 100 years old, and none of them show a country named Palistine, so tell about those rightful owners…..

        1. rhondareichel says

          I have an old family bible that has a map that shows Judea was in Palestine. You know maps weren’t just made 100 years back….they go back much further.

          1. pysco says

            Actually its was called Judah not Palestine, I think its described in the Book of Joel 3: 20 My people will live in Judah and Jerusalem forever….. That does not describe Palestine..

      2. Joseph Toth says

        Not true.

        1. rhondareichel says

          How is it not true?

  37. dan prater says

    Hama’s isn’t human, if I ran Israel it’d be only if the so called palistians cleaned they’re own house out.

    1. rhondareichel says

      Frankly I don’t understand the mindset of either side. Israel has persecuted those people unjustly for decades too. They have bulldozed their houses and orchards and sent in settlers on Palestinian territory which about everybody can agree is unjust.

      1. dan prater says

        When you start a war and lose ground it isn’t yours anymore. To the Victor’s go the spoils.the trick is after they give you something back don’t attack them from there or expect to lose it again. They don’t have to give it back.
        That’s the incentive not to start a war.

        1. Joseph Toth says

          That is a great answer.

          1. dan prater says

            Thanks, its just the way it is when you deside to do something stupid, like start a war.

        2. rhondareichel says

          and to that I retort this….ever hear of George Galloway?….he destroys that argument. The premise of reclaiming land after 1700 years is ludicrous.
          Might doesn’t make right.

          1. dan prater says

            It does if you start the fight.its not reclaiming, its spoils.

      2. WVF says

        You must watch CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, and Al Jeezera for your world news while reading the NY Times, Washington Post, and the Huff & Puff Post, Israel is the only country left which is willing to protect its citizens.

        1. rhondareichel says

          I don’t watch that trash. I read. I also read a lot of international publications because the press here is totally controlled

          1. WVF says

            rhondareichel, that sounds good, because the media is practically totally controlled. I know this might sound a little crazy, but I have actually gotten more accurate information before from Pravda! The Lonon Times and the Daily Mail often are better sources than ours.

  38. Chris Robinette says

    The UN, Kerry, and Obama can please shut up and let Israel do it’s job at protecting it’s citizens and ridding the world of Hamas and as many of the islam believing murders from the world.

  39. skw says


    1. rhondareichel says

      Same reason we elected Obama…..ignorance

  40. WVF says

    Someone should tell the UN, Kerry, and Obungle to go to hell! Leave Israel alone! They have to protect themselves from an uncivilized hoard of ruthless killers!

    1. rhondareichel says

      Maybe if we stopped pouring gasoline on the fire by giving them billions of $ and weapons the situation would resolve peacefully.

      1. WVF says

        rhondareighel, the Middle-East will NEVER be at peace. All one has to do is read the Scripture.

  41. alpambuena says

    as of right now I am respecting Israel more than any country in the world, including the united states. they have set aside political correctness for their survival, and have kept their sights on the basic reality of what needs to be done. the prime minister of Israel has had the clearest message of all leaders on what the reality is for Israel. now other terrorists countries are supporting hamas, while at the same time the united nations and others are blaiming Israel. unlike the united states and the united nations…lsrael is making a clear stand against terrorism and the antisemetic push around the world. Obama and his secretary of state have tried to appease the terrorist while at the same time dealing with Israel….that is the wrong approach, and will never become a reality. while everyone has complained about Israel, 700 people were killed in Syria, and thousands of Christians have been murdered in Iraq. the united states and the united nations have fed the fire on what is happening in Israel and the gaza strip, and the most important failure in not dealing with terrorism and its leaders, but recognizing them as some legitimate state, while at the same time undermining Israel…this is insanity for the sake of social engineering and political correctness.

    1. Joseph Toth says

      Well said.I agree with every thing you said.

    2. rhondareichel says

      Why are we funding terrorist then?

      Are There Any Terrorist Groups Who AREN’T Paid Foot Soldiers for the U.S.
      Military-Intelligence Agenda?
      Melissa Melton

      Useful idiots— and we fund them. Our terrorists. We created Hamas to counter the PLO. Worked like a charm because who is in charge now.

      I remember when the Taliban were called “freedom fighters” during the Reagan administration.


  42. Victor P. Bundy says

    Isreal was not the ones that started all of this and they have the right to defend itself, PERIOD. There have been five ceasefires and each time Hamas starts bombing again. People are against Isreal because of the propaganda the WH is putting out and this the wrong information in the first place. Iseral has giving land to these terrorests and always tried to give what they could to keep the peace but terrorests don’t know what peace is. The world needs to stay out of thier business it is thier fight for freedom not yours, you don’t live under constant threats so you not know what they have been through. Isreal tried to keep pease with the Arabs and four times they were attacked. Read the history of these people and then you will understand if you keep kicking a dog eventually it will bite back. Plus Obama Husseins brother is involved with Hamas and that is why Obama supports Hamas because he is a muslim himself.

    1. rhondareichel says

      Israeli soldiers need to stop bombing and killing civilians. We made our soldiers go house to house and clean out the terrorists and they should do the same.

      1. Victor P. Bundy says

        As you may not know why don’t know Isreal asked civilians to leave the area before to keep them out of harms way. Hamas makes them stay for shields in case you don’t know that either. Hamas is a part of Jhad wich are terrorests and I guess if some one shoots at you you probably would just lay down. There has been five ceasefires and Hamas violates every one of them to regtroup. Like I said this is thier fight for freedom and the world needs to stay out of it. Isreal has giving up land and has always tried to keep peace and even the Arabs attacked them four seperate times for nothing read your history before you take sides. In case you didn’t know this either Hamas started all of this.

  43. Maria castro says

    In the name of Humanity I propose to move the United Nations to Syria, Iran or Iraq. They will have more in common with the enemies of Freedom than if the stay in the USA. They are paid trouble makers, barking from our front yard and they do nothing for the security of this country nor the world.

    1. rhondareichel says

      Remember we started the U.N. and we are the largest funder. You had better start voting for constitutionalist or it will grow more powerful and we will lose our sovereignty.

      1. Maria castro says

        It is already too powerful to my liking and they don’t do s>>>>>t

  44. M61A1 says

    Israel has a right to defend themselves, if Gazaand the hamaz would stop the rocket attack Israel would not be using military to stop them, and for our prez and senate to blast Israel is insane, its obummer failed fforeign policy that has started all the unrest, better idea get rid of obummer send his sorry ass to Gaza!

  45. Marilyn Stern says

    As they said, there is bias in the UN statements. The UN is anti-Israel and so is our current president and administration. This was fortified by Valerie Jarrett’s “in you face” photos of her, Obama, the many Muslims in Obama’s cabinet and staff and their numerous Muslim advisors, most to aid in assimilation, celebrating Ramadan in the White House. Did you know there was a special room set aside in the White House for Muslims to pray and special bathing areas for them to wash their feet, a part of their daily prayer ritual.

  46. oldcardinal says

    I say whats fair is fair you fire a rocket at us we fire one at you !!!!!!! you STOP we stop .. its up to you

  47. sanford paris says

    AS goes Israel, so, sooner or later, goes America. Israel and America are a few of the last bastions of freedom in a world increasingly becoming “muslim-ated.” You think that as went France, England, Netherlands and other European Countries won’t or can’t happen here? You might enjoy seeing Hillary, Pelosi, Feinstein and Fonda walking 10 paces behind with Burkas on, but it will also happen to regular American wives and unmarried women . You think you won’t be prostrating yourself 3 times a day, towards Allah? You think a Mullah is better than a Netanyahu? You think you’d rather live in a Muslim culture than American or Israeli?

    1. rhondareichel says

      I would rather live in neither….Israel is repressing Christians too. There is plenty on youtube about it so maybe you ought to check out some of those videos. Israel is a theocracy not a democracy….apartheid is obvious in Gaza with the blockade and wall. I don’t really want Muslims to immigrate to the USA because they will demand Sharia law and we have a constitution….but I will take any of their Christian converts in a second because they need to escape the horrible persecution in the middle east.

      1. mary says

        Reading your comments, you are truly one of the Jew haters, good Christian that you are. Jesus was a Jew so how do you rationalize your hate? And, hey, if it’s on YouTube, it must be true.

        1. Roanna Jongeneel says

          Mary, you are blind and you let yourself down. You attack anyone who does not fall into step with the ideal of Israel, the land of the persecuted and brave, whilst totally ignoring what Israel has done to justify its existence. As a Christian woman does it not horrify you when Israel proclaims that every Palestinian death is their own fault? The fault of the indigenous who were ethnically cleansed from the land since 1947? Does it not cross your mind, that had those jewish settlers (since you disagree with Zionist) not bullied, and slaughtered the original “peaceful” inhabitants, the WHOLE world might be a different place today. Lets have a full, frank discussion about culpability.

          1. mary says

            I am far from blind and stand by what I believe. Falling into step is what the Germans forced everyone to do back in the 1930’s. Look how that ended for the Jews and everyone who didn’t go along. I’m also an American. “Whilst” is the European version of American’s use of “while” so maybe that is where you are from? You seem to agree with Hamas that Israel doesn’t have any right to even be. You also seem to know the sole purpose of Hamas is to wipe Israel and the Jewish people off the face of the earth. You think that is justified because of what happened in the past? How Christian is that? Hamas is responsible for every Palestinian death and the Palestinians are responsible for electing Hamas, a known terrorist organization, to lead them. Until you acknowledge that, a frank discussion is just not possible with you.

          2. mary says

            Here is the comment thread between Roanna Jongeneel the above post refers to. She removed it for some reason possibly because I’m outing her as not being American or she truly is a Jew-hater. The last time she changed “Zionist” to Israeli when I told her it was an anti-Semitic slur the way she was using it. Hmmm… Hold to your words, Ms. Jongeneel, the internet is forever.

            mary 12:38 p.m. July 29
            Reading your comments, you are truly one of the Jew haters, good Christian that you are. Jesus was a Jew so how do you rationalize your hate? And, hey, if it’s on YouTube, it must be true.

            Roanna Jongeneel 5:19 p.m. July 29
            Mary, you are blind and you let yourself down. You attack anyone who does not fall into step with the ideal of Israel, the land of the persecuted and brave, whilst totally ignoring what Israel has done to justify its existence. As a Christian woman does it not horrify you when Israel proclaims that every Palestinian death is their own fault? The fault of the indigenous who were ethnically cleansed from the land since 1947? Does it not cross your mind, that had those jewish settlers (since you disagree with Zionist) not bullied, and slaughtered the original “peaceful” inhabitants, the WHOLE world might be a different place today. Lets have a full, frank discussion about culpability.

          3. mary says

            I am far from blind and stand by what I believe. Falling into step is what the Germans forced everyone to do back in the 1930’s. Look how that ended for the Jews and everyone who didn’t go along. I’m also an American. “Whilst” is the European version of American’s use of “while” so maybe that is where you are from? You seem to agree with Hamas that Israel doesn’t have any right to even be. You also seem to know the sole purpose of Hamas is to wipe Israel and the Jewish people off the face of the earth. You think that is justified because of what happened in the past? How Christian is that? Hamas is responsible for every Palestinian death and the Palestinians are responsible for electing Hamas, a known terrorist organization, to lead them. Until you acknowledge that, a frank discussion is just not possible with you.

      2. DonCentTX says

        You’re badly misinformed and an obvious bigot.

  48. Terry Rushing says

    From my perspective, the UN is consistently on the “wrong side”. Israel didn’t start this mess; they are merely defending themselves from attacks against their nation. Why didn’t the UN call on Hamas to cease fire in the interest of humanity? Lets shut the UN down by withdrawing from that anti-American propaganda machine and by withdrawing and terminating additional tax dollars. (They may hate us but the LOVE our money.) Maybe they can move the UN, building and all, to some God forsaken desert in the heart of muzzie land. It’s past time to get out of the UN, their agenda 21 and their anti- Christian and anti Israel leanings. I’d give the UN ten years or less and they would evaporate without US funding.

    1. jaybird says

      We have been sending them money for a long time, how do we get our politicians to stop??? Now that we have a MUSLIM POTUS, he will continue sending money to all the terrorist. It won’t be long before we crash and burn with all the illegals coming here and him sending teams over to fly more back. He has a lot of different fires going to crash this economy. He starts them and then wants money to fix what he has done on purpose.

  49. truth and facts says

    In the name of humanity,the un should tell the palestinians and hamas to stop sending rockets into Israel. Tell iran to stop funding hamas. The un is controlled by the muslims that hate Israel and America yet we fund the un.

  50. gordon says

    The U.N. along with the MUSLIM PRESIDENT setting his ROTTEN A$$ in the W.H. should ALL be thrown out of the U.S.A. They are as useless as tits on a boar hog and are totally biased against Israel. America MUST TOTALLY support Israel and STOP trying to split Jerusalem, that has been their land for THOUSANDS of years, but were taken into bondage and GOD said they would come back and RECLAIM their land as the rightful owners which they did in 1947-48. They have had to defend themselves ever since from ALL OF THE SCUM OF THE SEPTIC TANK IN THE MIDDLE EAST!! They should and MUST continue until they have rid the Gaza septic tank of ALL CRUD!!

    1. Poodleguy says

      Those people aren’t that far removed from animals!!!

      1. Marilyn5555 says

        Sure they are. Animals are LEAPS ahead of this scum…
        After all, most animals kill to protect themselves and family and for food.
        These people (hamas, etc) find PLEASURE in killing, it’s a source of entertainment to them.

        1. Poodleguy says

          By golly Marilyn I believe you are correct!! Mea culpa…..

          1. Marilyn5555 says

            Every now and then…….I hit one right ;o)))

  51. Barto says

    The Useless Nations Should be condemned for they are not much better than the Hamas Terrorists they seem to support. I don’t know how Israel shows as much restraint as they do regarding these Hamas Terrorists when in fact they could do away with all the Palestinians in one fell swoop….just give those who wish to live a chance to leave and then make a wasteland out of their homeland and might as well do Iran while they’re at it, this whole world would be better off as a result.

    1. Poodleguy says

      Israel & the civilized world will never be @ peace until the Arabs are beaten down so bad they will have all the fight kicked out of them….

  52. Poodleguy says

    Anyone who knows the history of the Jewish/Arab enmity surely knows that it began with Abraham, Hagar & Ishmael….. I’m talking history here, not the religious side of this. Ishmael was the son of Abraham & Hagar, the maid servant. To make it brief, after Sarai gave birth to Isaac, Ishmael was denied the birthright & he & Hagar were cast into the desert – twice! It is stated in the bible he went into the desert “like a wild ass” – does that not describe the Arab race? The fact is, the Jews & Arabs are cousins & the Arabs are still pissed about the birthright being denied & another cold, hard fact is the Arabs will never stop trying to destroy the Jewish race & they have no alternative but to defend themselves. If any reading this post has seen the pro Hamas rally in Miami, Fla you have a real good example of the violent nature of Arabs, the skunks of the Middle East ……

  53. Subplanet Pluto says

    I’m still waiting for the UN to demand Hamas quit lobbing rockets into Israel. What a biased organization that is.

  54. shearwater says

    How about Hamas renounce any further terrorism against Israel and as proof of their good faith dispose of all of their rockets. Israel is not the aggressor here . . . they are just practicing self defense which is critical and the most cogent civil reason for their actions.

  55. grama18 says

    Kick the UN out of our country.. THEY are a bunch of slime balls.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      That statement is 100% correct. This is the first time they called it right in forever

  56. Mike Spanjer says

    if they stop they will loose hamas started it Israel has to finish it

  57. GUNNER says

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain just keep doing what you are doing until Hamas breathes no more and if need be take out the Palestinians their as useless as all the other rag heads. If Hamas is no more tell any of the ragheads that want to stay if they elect another terrorist group like Hamas they will be immediately attacked end of story.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      Everything you wrote is Incoherent, none of it makes any sense, what are you trying to say? Are you telling me that Jesus told you genocide was okay?

      1. GUNNER says

        Gee you must be a product of the socialist progressive public school system as evidenced by your utter ignorance. Jesus doesn’t have a dog in this fight and if you really know anything about the bible God has helped the Jews defeat and annihilate many of its enemies so my friend read your bible if you have one you just might learn the father was not as forgiving as the son. And I am sure you know this saying those that harm Gods people shall feel the wrath of God. Also I forgot more in my life than you could ever understand if you lived to be 200. LOL

        1. livefree1200cc says

          Aren’t we ALL Gods people? I thought he loved each and every one of his creations

      2. Marilyn5555 says

        Jesus is definitely okay with defending yourself. And if that means killing your enemy when they ATTACK you…..YES!

        1. livefree1200cc says

          is that what he said? I couldn’t make heads or tails out of his sentence structure. I had no idea what he was saying. Is ‘rag heads’ a religious term from the bible?

          1. Marilyn5555 says

            I was talking about your comment “Are you telling me that Jesus told you genocide was okay?”

          2. livefree1200cc says

            haha – I don’t think ‘Thou shall not kill’ has any other but the very basic direct interpretation. It doesn’t say Thou shall not kill unless you want to wage war

          3. Marilyn5555 says

            HAHA YOURSELF! Read the ENTIRE Bible….and you’ll find NUMEROUS instances of where God/Jesus tells and EXPECTS people to defend themselves, their families, their countries. The ten commandants alone don’t cover EVERYTHING in God’s word. And if you translate them from the Greek…It’s “Thou SHOULDEST not”. Should is very different from shalt not….should implies there are exceptions, and those are CLEARLY explained throughout the Bible.

          4. livefree1200cc says

            There’s like 30 different versions of the bible. How do you ever keep up with it? CLEARLY you have too much time on your hands. The 10 commandments were supposed to be the 10 laws that govern our existence. It figures you war mongers would create a loophole so you can kill at will and still sleep at night

          5. Marilyn5555 says

            We didn’t “create any loophole”…..it’s right there. It’s VERY CLEAR, and doesn’t take any real brains to understand exactly what’s being said. Too much times on my hands? What? You’ve never read a whole book from cover to cover……AHHHHHHH apparently so.

  58. Cranky Steven says

    If the Hamas wants peace, they just have to quit attacking Isreal and Isreal won’t be forced to defend itself. But they don’t want peace, they want genocide. Here’s a puzzle; how is it that all these arab nations have not accepted even a single Palestinian as a refugee in all these years? Not one.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      There is a 30 foot wall preventing them from fleeing. Why would they just walk away from their land? Would you walk away from your house and land if bullies moved in next door, or would you try to defend yourself?

      1. Cranky Steven says

        There is no such wall surrounding Gaza. It only separates Israel from Gaza. The bullies are Hamas only. What would you do if the folks next door shot 3,000 rockets at your house? Besides die, I mean.

        1. livefree1200cc says

          You fool – ‘it separates Israhell from Gaza’ – that means it surrounds GAZA ! There is a wall everywhere except the ocean coastline. Israhell controls who comes and goes

          1. Cranky Steven says

            You are so completely wrong I can’t believe it is just your ignorance. There is no such wall and never has been. I dislike any communication with idiots, liars and commies so do not respond. My “block” button will deal with your moronic ravings now.

          2. Cranky Steven says

            Livefree, I have no time for obvious liars and their extremely suspect “sources”. The same sources that quote Hamas casualty rates as authorative. I don’t believe you and don’t believe you are capable of either being taught or recognizing truth, therefore the “block button” is on and your miserable leftist whining will no longer enter my computer.

          3. livefree1200cc says

            Awww the troll doesn’t like facts being thrown at him. It messes up the lies he is telling. Poor baby troll

  59. Pete Slater says

    And this is the UN that wants to take away your 2nd Amendments rights.

    1. Marilyn5555 says

      And tell us that all those illegals SWARMING over the border are “refugees”…

    2. livefree1200cc says

      Molon Labe

  60. Glock27a says

    Stupid is as stupid does. I cannot think of many politicians that have the cognizance to recognize truth (what ever it may be) or maybe its just they don’t give a s—! as long as they get their way. I strongly support Israel in her position of defending their lives and their property (lands). The madness is that this crap has been going on for centuries. The only true resolution will be when one finally dominates, but that domination will be of a temporary nature as in the background the same militant attitude will prevail..

  61. bcamota says

    Israel supplies Gaza with electrical power and fresh water. Israel is not cutting off these necessities, they are merely defending their people from Hamas rockets. So why would Kerry and the UN keep on pressuring Israel to cease-fire unconditionally? What a stupid thinking.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      Stupid thinking is when you are so sure you know so much more than the UN or Kerry, even though I usually despise them both myself.

      1. bcamota says

        I don’t have to know more than Kerry and the UN’s to know what a stupid thinking is.. So what do you call then on their one-sided cease-fire proposal for Israel to comply? It’s extremely against Israel that even a baby can say it’s a plain stupid thinking. I may not know so much more than Kerry and the UN but my knowledge of the situation is based on my on-site experiences in the Holy Land. I have been there 25 times on a yearly basis and this gives me a realistic and fair view of the situation. I don’t based my assessment on someone else’s report or out-of-the-blue views or political view. Rather, my view is factually based..

        1. livefree1200cc says

          I’m pretty sure a ‘cease fire’ means BOTH sides. You’ve been there 25 times huh? So there is obviously no bias in your thinking. Were you bombed by rockets when you were there?

          1. bcamota says

            Only stones! God’s presence in all those years was my protection. In one visit to Jerusalem, I was seated in front of the tour bus and witnessed first hand kids throwing stones to advancing cops on the street. We stopped and amazingly, in no time, the stone throwers were driven away, the road was cleared and cleaned and off we went. As if nothing happened. You can’t believe the readiness and speed the Israel authorities doing their job to protect their citizens and visitors. Hallejah!

          2. livefree1200cc says

            So you saw some kids throw some rocks while you were in Israhell – I guess that DOES make you an expert on Palestinians from your experiences! Your words…. ‘I may not know so much more than Kerry and the UN but my knowledge of the situation is based on my on-site experiences in the Holy Land’

          3. bcamota says

            I did not say I was an expert, I only gave you one of many on-site examples. Over those years of visits at least 10 consecutive days each time, I made new friends among the Palestinians especially Christians and Israelis and got connected with the business people, tour guides and tour drivers, priests, pastors, caregivers and other common citizens and tourists. What I am trying to say is that Kerry has no significant on-site experiences that I have. Kerry is all political and met politicians in-doors and for a few minutes only. He is never connected with reality. He only based his knowledge on someone else’s report that may or may not be accurate.

          4. livefree1200cc says

            I can’t argue that point. Kerry is an idiot. But he is the one who has the job of going to these different places and talking to people you and I have no access to. He might actually know something we don’t. Now whether he would share any of this without lying – that’s another story – he is Jewish

          5. bcamota says

            Yes, he is Jewish and his actions favor Hamas’ cause and not Israel’s. Israel has already liberated the Palestinians by giving them Gaza. The US should help liberate them from Hamas. The Palestinians are good people and they are capable to govern themselves. I can’t wait to see Gaza as the next Singapore.

          6. livefree1200cc says

            I love how you I love Israhell people say Israhell ‘gave’ Gaza to them. It was only after they TOOK it from them did they give it back! The Gaza strip was NOT part of the original UN agreement in 1948 (a treaty which Israhell ignored)

          7. bcamota says

            Gaza was Egypt’s The leaders of the Palestinians rejected the UN Agreement. During the wars in the Middle East, Israel took Gaza {gave it back later}, took the West Bank {gave back some} and Golan Heights. All these for security reasons. Up to now the Palestinians have no State and it’s the fault of their leaders. By the way, there is no country in the world that wasn’t taken by blood {war}..

          8. livefree1200cc says

            Why would the Palestinians agree to give up their land in 1948? – The UN was wrong to do that. They should have given them land in Germany, that is were the Jews were displaced in WW2, not Palestine. And I agree with you about war – its wrong and its a tool used by the rich to get richer

          9. bcamota says

            The Palestinians still don’t have a country of their own. They were offered to have one in 1948 but their leaders rejected it. Blame only their leaders. By the way, the earth belongs to God and this means that we are only stewards of the land that we possess. And Israel is growing their possessions while the Palestinians’ leaders, sad to say, are destroying theirs.

  62. 1uncle says

    First, UN should stop the muslims from firing rockets into Israel. Then there would no need for Israel to stop the muslim rockets.

  63. PLW says

    Why isn’t the U.N. yelling to stop the fighting in Iraq when they (Muslims) are killing Christians and threatening to kill ALL CHRISTIANS who do not convert to Islam….. What about the 200 kidnapped girls” Where is the U.N?? The U.N. is worthless and should be thrown out of the United States, U.S. money is about all that supports the U.N. and the majority of U.N members are Anti-American!!! Wake up America, isn’t Obama bad enough????

  64. Tinman Jones says

    Just think how the caliphate would spread its evil if Israel gets wiped out. Turkey is the gateway to Europe. Plus you have all those anti-semitic “people” already living in Europe. The Europeans better be looking at support for Israel as well or all their heads will be posted for the world to see. Scary stuff. Israel has to defend its people! End times upon us? Well, you cannot question the Bible about the when, but you can definitely be sure that you are ready when it happens. Gotta ask Jesus in your heart, if you haven’t already, then live out the Truth in front of the people who don’t believe. Romans 12:12, everybody!

    1. rhondareichel says

      God called a lot of things Israel in the bible….I believe Israel are the believers in Christ…not a literal nation state. The SPIRITUAL ISRAEL.

  65. disqus_q0fJBDaGHm says

    fuck Israel and whoever supports those murdering monsters

    1. Joseph Toth says

      I hope you don’t kiss anyone with that filthy mouth. I’m sure your mother is so proud of you.

  66. whatashameforall says

    Israel,continue to fight for your people and for all of us. My prayers are said ever day for all of your people. Continue for the sake of Mankind and Humanity as it stands. GOD is on our side and will be till the end.
    News has erupted because of what you are doing RIGHT not because you are letting your people die for nothing. May PRESIDENT find it within his POWER to guide you in your fight for all mankind

  67. Mark Bigger says

    The UN needs to disband! They have no business telling Israel to cease fire. Hamas and Palestinian terrorists or fighters are the ones who start this. Israel is merely defending itself. I am very sick of hearing of the UN. I want their HQ out of the US and want the US to cancel their membership into this one world seeking organization. One more thing -The UN had best not put blue helmets on American soil. From what I have heard , Americans feel that is an act of war and will shoot. Finally the UN can kiss my behind

    1. rhondareichel says

      and if Israel wasn’t taking our money they wouldn’t have to listen to us either….but that isn’t going to happen is it?
      I hear the U.N. is behind the invasion at our border and is in those detention centers here now

      1. livefree1200cc says

        I believe you are right, but here’s the rub. The UN is really the US. Without our money they are nothing. Nothing goes on at the UN level that the US government doesn’t already sanction. They are like a 3rd party scapegoat so the congressmen and women can point to the UN and say – ‘but the UN is making us do it’, whenever they are not protecting our constitutional rights

    2. livefree1200cc says

      I agree with your comments about the UN. I don’t share your enthusiasm for genocide and war

      1. Mark Bigger says

        I shared no enthusiasm for war or genocide, just to keep foreign troops from invading us. The last thing I want is a war, but that is what is being brought upon us even though most of us don’t know it. As far as genocide, where did you pull that out of?

        1. livefree1200cc says

          I didn’t realize there were any foreign troops trying to invade the US. They must have forgotten to put that part on FOX news. As a matter of fact, the last country to attack us didn’t invade us either during WW2. Come to think of it, its been what, over 200 years since foreign troops have dared to step foot on our soil? Genocide is what Israel is doing to the remaining Palestinians on the peninsula

          1. Mark Bigger says

            That is a bunch of BS about Israel, are you a fan of the terrorists hamas? Israel is only defending themselves. Open your eyes and investigate what is going on here. The UN is already here! The Chinese were in Hawaii and many other countries have had soldier train here in the last 5 years…. WAKE UP

          2. livefree1200cc says

            really? Were they invited or did they attack us? I am concerned about it but please make the distinction

          3. Mark Bigger says

            the un wanted them to come to the southern border to help the illegals cross safely, I know some of the Un are already there. Did you decide if you were on the side of the Jews or Palestine, whom is harboring hamas terrorists who have been attacking Israel for a long time? All Israel did was fight back. I truly hope you do not back hamas…

          4. livefree1200cc says

            The UN wanted? Nothing happens in this country unless OUR government agrees. And anyone that can turn a blind eye to Israehell’s war crimes is pathetic

  68. See The Light says

    Where was the UN when Hamas started firing rockets in to Israel? Kick there sorry asses out of the U.S. They are nothing more than human trash and their primary interests are Get rid of them.

  69. See The Light says

    I think part of comment were left out. . Primary are self serving and greed.

  70. jerry says

    When the U.N. stops Hamas’s rockets on Israel; maybe then Israel should consider stoping their attack on Hamas; until then they have every right to protect their people.

  71. rhondareichel says

    1 John 2:22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. 23 Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: [(but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also].

  72. Mike Todd says

    Rather than a cease fire, the UN should be encouraging Israel to drive the Palestinians into the Red Sea once and for all…

    1. livefree1200cc says

      spoken like a true Nazi dictator

  73. Arizona Don says

    What if the same limitations were placed on the US or UK in WWII. What effect does anyone think that would have had on the outcome of that war? Everyone knows the axis powers did not care who they killed (just like the hamas muslims) man, woman, child absolutely no difference to them. So if we went out of our way to fight a limited war and they didn’t who thinks we would not all be speaking German today? Anyone?

    If Israel lays down it arms Palestinians will kill them all. They are Hamas whether anyone wants to admit it of not! Hamas is an elected political party not unlike liberal progressive democrats. Every arab nation wishes to totally destroy Israel and everyone knows it, if in fact, they will speak the truth. That is no secret in the middle east.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      Jesus Christ you simple fuck – they don’t have to lay down their arms – they just need to stop firing rockets for a little while. For the deaths of 3 Israelis they have killed over a thousand innocent Palestinians

      1. Arizona Don says

        I personally think they should destroy them totally. In the past nine years they have fired thousands of missiles into Israel. Both hamas and palistine desire to totally eliminate Israel and if they could they would. Israel could at any given time push them all into the sea, but they do not. So the violence and missile attacks continue. By the way your an a–hole punk!

        1. livefree1200cc says

          Right – because the Palestinians don’t have a right to be PISSED OFF that Israhell has been stealing their land since 1948

  74. johnob1 says

    Where was the corrupted country club of the United Nations’ (UN) call for a cease fire every time Israel was bombarded and their citizens murdered?

    If I were young, I would not hesitate fighting on the side of Israel just as young Americans fought on the side of France; it’s that simple.

    USAF (RET)

  75. ssoldie says

    Tell the Hamas to stop ,they are the cause of this terrorism, The U.N. is so stupid, I want the U.S. out.

  76. armydadtexas says

    When is the U.N. (League of Nations losers) going to direct that at HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH, ISIS, AL QUAEDA, ISLAMIC BROTHERHOOD, IRAN, Lybia, Qutar, Oman, etc. Israel is a soveriegn nation. She has the RIGHT and DUTY to protect her citizens and her land from all enemies both foreign and domestic. To say other wise is pure hypocracy.

  77. Jim Miller says

    Of course, the UN in their BIAS way to conduct their CROOKED Policies, when the enemies of Israel know that have lost the war, the UN quickly moves in to dictate a Cease Fire; just in the Yom Kippur war Israel lost over 4000 citizens and the UN did not even blink an eye and why the UN don’t tell the world of the 500 rockets of Hamas (and counting) that have fallen or exploded in Gaza KILLING THEIR OWN CIVILIANS but, regardless the blame is put on Israel.
    The UN , Kerry & Zerobama are the most EVIL SCUMBAGS on earth.
    May The almighty discharge all his rage and fury upon Hamas & their evil thugs and let Israel destroy them all.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      Lol – so now the Palestinians are firing Rockets at themselves – just to blame Israhell??? You fucking simpleton

      1. Joseph Toth says

        Its true stupid

  78. dan prater says

    Haven’t we learned that limited warfare doesn’t work? The only time things get settled is complete and total destruction of the enemy.
    We had our hands tied in Nam, then we do the same damn thing in iraq. All the moron’s in Washington did was aid the enemy. History says this is what’s needed to end war.

  79. Laddyboy says

    The “U-nited N-uts” need to look at the charter of hamas. When hamas stops shooting rockets and mortars into Isreal, then is the only time Isreal can really contemplate a cease-fire onto hamas. The ‘un’ needs to look into why hamas is using people as a shield against the return fire of Isreal. As for me; I will support Isreal!

  80. taliesin319 says

    Oh of course, the 57 Arab Nations who run the organization know that Hamas and all the other Islamic thugs need a cool drink and some R&R. Break out the dancing boys under 10 and let them make a night of it. Now if they were not getting the IDF foot up th tuchas it would be the UN screaming full speed ahead. The UN are as much a problem as Hamas. They are only good for demanding handouts. it will be the happiest day we ever have when we throw their useless azzes into the Hudson and tell them all to swim to whatever place is dumb enough to take them.

  81. MolokaiAdvertiserNews says

    Remember the Jews’ attack on the USS Liberty 1967, and attack on USA 9-11-2001. Israeli Jews are NOT allies of USA, just parasites sucking America’s blood and finances. And many more acts against USA by the parasite criminals who call themselves Israeli since 1948. Cut all funding to the Jews and USA get out of fighting the wars for the Jews. Cut off all funding for United Nations and evict the U.N. out of USA. ARREST to prison the illegal alien Usurper Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro for I.D. Fraud impersonating a federal official, Vote Fraud, TREASON, War Crimes, etc etc etc. STOP all federal welfare programs, and deport all illegal aliens starting with Obama aka Barry Soetoro.

    1. mary says

      Seriously? You forgot your medication, although I do agree with you about Barry.

      1. livefree1200cc says

        proving you have at least half a brain 😉

    2. livefree1200cc says

      I fully agree. But the Christian sheep of the US believe everything they hear on the Zionist owned media networks. We have also been brainwashed since we were small children to believe Israhell is our ally. The Zionists are in charge of our government, as witnessed by the number of dual US/Israhell citizens in office. We and our military are the pawns of the Zionists

  82. junkmailbin says

    go Israel go. take no sh_t from hamas. Tell the un to FO
    the US needs to drop the un and toss their commie/islamist arses out of our country.

  83. marilyn says


  84. Forcercn says

    The UN has no idea WTF humanity is. This criminal orginization needs to GO!!

  85. Clearwater1948 says

    I call for the dismemberment of the United Nation, they are incompetent, they are self serving and they are hypocrites. They serve the interest of rogue regimes.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      I agree with you. This is the first time they have been right in decades. As it is they have been trying to change our laws and collect our guns with their small arms treaty. I would very much like to see us dump the UN and all the money we send them

  86. sanford paris says

    People like Rhonda should be offered a free trip to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon or any of those Mid-East Countries. She obviously has no clue what Israel is about and since she has no apparent interest in seeing truth, that;s one place I will not fly her. Otherwise, I’ll pay for her one way trip.

  87. John R Pyles says

    it the Palestinian people truly wanted peace they would turn on Hamas (those COWARDS),and run them out of there town, but they don’t so screw them

  88. oaking says

    The UN has always screwed things up worse than they started. Israel should tell the UN to kiss off.
    The UN involved with the US border is also of great concern to me as a prelude to a UN invasion of the remaining free countries of which Israel is one, not so sure about the US anymore.
    UN help is the kiss of death.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      The UN is always screwing things up. Just like in 1948 when they stole Palestinian land to create the State of Israhell to begin with. Check your history

  89. americanpatriot1 says

    in other words, ……”Israel, you should let Hamas annihilate you, and don’t you dare defend and protect yourself or even try to stop their rockets killing all your citizens” This is absolutely absurd.

    Do I detect racism going on here? Do I detect butt kissing the terrorist muslims? Do I detect another operative to annihilate the Jewish nation where Hitler left off? The only difference here is the UN has a more organized agenda 21 plan where Hitler left off and didn’t. The UN has their collective countries behind them who are working for this annihilation, it’s the racist elite. The ones who scream “racism” the loudest are always the ones who are the racists. The guilty dog barks, my fellow Americans. Take heed, who is always screaming and using the race card to shut you up or force you to do, or stop doing, whatever they don’t want and don’t want you to do.

    Whoever is intelligent enough to see through this agenda need to be praised. Whomever cannot see this are complete fools. This is one of the most brain dead asinine and totally insane agenda the UN is expecting the gullable world to swallow. Those who are for this are complete fools.