UN Tells Canada to Pay Reparations for Slavery


In yet another stunning display of arrogance, political correctness, and ignorance, the United Nations Human Rights Council is advising Canada to apologize for black slavery and pay reparations for their role in the slave trade and other forms of “anti-black racism.” In a report that was published this week, the special UN group said this about Canada’s current systemic racism:

“History informs anti-black racism and racial stereotypes that are so deeply entrenched in institutions, policies and practices, that its institutional and systemic forms are either functionally normalized or rendered invisible, especially to the dominant group.”

Canada, of course, did not become a self-governing country until well after Britain had banned slavery, and their participation in the Underground Railroad, helping slaves to escape the south, is well documented in the history books. But the UN’s recommendations show that there is nothing Canada or any other North American province can do to wash themselves free of culpability in the eyes of the left – which the UN most certainly is a part of. For globalist groups like this Human Rights Council, it’s better to spend time and money on the problems of the past than to focus on the serious human rights violations in North Korea, Syria, and a dozen other modern-day countries. Far better to once again blame white Westerners for evil than to shine a bright light on the shameful practices of an Islamic theocracy like Iran.

And they say Donald Trump is a divider?!

According to the UN council, the racism of slavery is reflected in contemporary Canada, where the system “replicates the historical conditions and effects of spatial segregation, economic disadvantage, and social exclusion.”

“It is important to underline that the experience of African Canadians is unique because of the particular history of anti-black racism in Canada,” the report says. It recommends that the Canadian government “take concrete steps to preserve the history of enslavement and the political, social and economic contributions of African Canadians by establishing monuments in their honour.”

Seriously, though: How many years before we just…move on? A thousand? A thousand thousand? At some point, we all have to get on with our lives, no? No black Westerner alive today was ever in chains. No black Westerner has a parent that was ever enslaved. We’re talking about the sins of an entirely different generation in an entirely different century in what might as well have been an entirely different world. These are not the problems of the present, they are substitutes for the problems of the present. We dare say, in many cases, they are excuses for the problems of the present.

We are not free of problems in the year 2017. We would do well to address OUR generation’s problems and leave yesterday’s where they belong.

  1. Tiger says

    Is the UN going to tell the Muslim countries who were the slave owners and also the Barbary Coast pirates who slaughtered millions of blacks and Europeans to pay us all for what they did to all our ancestors? Are they going to tell the British to pay since they brought them to America? Are they going to demand that all countries in the world who owned slaves since time began pay to those people they enslaved? Are they going to tell the Japanese to pay reparations to all the POW they held and raped and tortured during WWII, that would be good for me being as they went into our family home in Manila and helped themselves to everything in our home, including my grandmother’s jewels, wouldn’t mind getting those back.

    What hooey and that little bumpkin Trudeau just might do it. Such a little vermin he is.




    1. MAHB001 says

      The second video sure does support my theory that the Socialists are being used by the Communists as useful idiots, and the Communist are being used by the Muslims as useful idiots.

      1. Tiger says

        And you were right on long ago before others said a word.

        1. Bushmaster0369 says

          While I may agree on the 50 and 100 round magazines, the real purpose is to register all weapons. Then in the future it will be much easier to pass a law and confiscate all your weapons. HEY, THE JAPANESE WOULDN’T ATTACK AMERICA BECAUSE THEY KNEW EVERY HOUSE HAD A GUN AND AMERICANS KNEW HOW TO USE THEM. THE 50 AND 100 ROUND MAGAZINES WOULD COME IN HANDY THEN. HISTORY RINGS TRUE!

          1. Tiger says

            What you say about the Japanese is 100% correct, having parents and a grandfather interred in Japanese POW camps for the duration of the war, reading everything I could get my hands on about it, that rings true what you say and stuck into my memory banks. Also the Cong said after the war, we had won but when they saw the protesters they knew it was just a matter of time.

            Seems those protesters didn’t know the end results of their stopping the war, the Killing fields is their responsibility along with Johnson.

          2. Mathew Molk says

            After the ’68 Tet the VC were no longer a viable fighting force and the NVA were in full retreat. – We were thinking about fighting each other for a while there for something to do. —- I was from Aug 28 ’67 to Aug 27 ’67 in the central highlands where Charley used to reign supreme before Tet in February. Before that we had one or two rocket and mortar attacks every week and had sniper fire all the time when we were out on the road (Combat Engineers). After Tet,,,,,Nothing except a few mines in the mountains on LTL 21B. —– Thanks Walter Krankite. – You added another 7 years to the war and unnecessary made untold wives and mothers weep. May he rot in hell. He was worse then LBJ and McNamara combined

          3. Tiger says

            Fabulous post. It was Nam vets who trained us for Shield/Storm, we surely heard the truth about the war and they hoped for us we never were treated like them, well we are and as all of you predicted Iraq, thanks to Obama was another Nam. Your humor is stunning and love it. Thank you for the post, LOLOL thinking of fighting each other.

          4. will says

            100 round mags are nice and expensive. The problem some nut will use them to solve his problems with life. Think about it you are in a store with maybe 20 rounds for your pistol when some guy shows up with a rifle and 2 100 round mags. The solution shop on line and let UPS take the risk :):):):)

          5. TexasCoyote1 says

            Laws should never be made with nuts jobs as the target. Laws should be made based on the “reasonable man” theory. If a reasonable man would not do it, then there should be some regulation.

            All these laws are designed to eventually disarm this whole nation and make it look like South Africa.

          6. will says

            I do not want them banned. I am afraid of the mentally ill no matter what they armed with, knife, wrench, or boxcutter. Wish I could afford a couple of 60 round mags for my H&K 556. But they are like 100 a piece. I also wonder about reliability with the 100 rd mags. You would not want to keep them fully loaded 24/7/365 and the time it would take to load them under adverse conditions is a drawback. Of course the nut knows when he is going to use them. The latest mags claim the springs will not fatigue but who knows for sure. So I keep 6 30rd loaded with 25 rds and 6 loaded with 10 rds the rest are empty. I also rotate every year.

          7. TexasCoyote1 says

            The main thing is we don’t allow ourselves to be shamed into giving up our arms and we don’t allow some rogue body like the UN to come in and forceably take them from us without a fight.

      2. Tiger says

        My friend you might be able to get this out. From Rand Paul not good related to our guns.

        My jaw hit the floor when I heard the news.

        Coming directly from the U.N.’s own website, I was furious to find out
        that the second largest direct funder of their global gun ban is
        American taxpayers like you and me.

        Figures going back to the Obama administration show hundreds of
        thousands of dollars coming from our own government towards promoting
        the U.N.’s “Small Arms Treaty.”

        And sadly, those funds haven’t slowed down since President Trump has taken office.

        Could it just be oversight? Or could it be entrenched holdovers from the
        Obama administration willfully blocking President Trump from knowing
        this is going on?

        Either way, it is unacceptable that we are continuing to fund this global gun ban.

        If fully implemented in the United States, our Second Amendment would be put on life support, and it would take years to undo the damage.

        That’s why I’m counting on you to support the National Association for Gun Rights’ “Defund the UN Gun Ban Ad Blitz.”

        Their goal is to raise $125,000 by Thursday, September 28th.

        With those funds, they are going to run an ad blitz designed to get
        the attention of President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex

        Everything from mail and email, to state-of-the-art online programs
        designed to identify and mobilize Second Amendment supporters, will be

        But a program like this will cost a lot of money, and that’s why I’m emailing you today.

        I really don’t know what you can afford, but I’m hoping you help out my
        good friends at the National Association for Gun Rights by digging deep
        to help fund their vital program.

        Perhaps once I explain why this is such an important cause, you’ll even consider giving $100.

        You see, the anti-gun global elites are breathing a sigh of relief.

        Even with their anti-gun cheerleader Hillary Clinton not in the
        presidency, they are able to keep their yearly check courtesy of the
        U.S. taxpayer — which they are using to work towards global implementation of the Treaty.

        In fact, the anti-gun global elites just got back from a posh set of
        meetings in Geneva, Switzerland, where they schemed about ways to
        implement their anti-gun agenda world-wide.

        They know that as long as U.S. money keeps flooding in and our signature stays intact they will have their way eventually.

        And even if implementation isn’t possible under President Trump, they
        are fully prepared to wait for someone like (God forbid) Senator
        Elizabeth Warren to take over the White House.

        In the meantime, they can get by on the hundreds of thousands in U.S. funds they will accumulate by then.

        And one important way to slow them down is immediately cutting off our funds to the U.N.’s “Small Arms Treaty.”

        Frankly, I think President Trump would be wise to cut off a lot, maybe
        even all, funding to the United Nations given its long history of
        anti-American activity . . . but that’s a subject for another day.

        Today, I hope you will stand with me in at least cutting off U.S. funding for the U.N.’s global gun ban scheme.

        please click here and chip in to help the National Association for Gun
        Rights raise $125,000 for their Ad Blitz by this Thursday.

        After reading through the details of the Treaty, it’s hard to see how our Second Amendment could survive such an assault.

        Perhaps the worst of the Treaty’s provisions can be found in Article
        V, which mandates countries establish a “National Control List” — or a

        You and I both know gun registration is just the first step toward outright CONFISCATION.

        And the U.N. is already plotting their next step — developing new “International Small Arms Control Standards” (ISACS).

        Their goal is to impose these radical anti-gun initiatives on every
        nation who signs the U.N. “Small Arms Treaty.” Introductory language
        already includes:

        *** Mandated national “screening” for all persons seeking to own guns, giving bureaucrats the final say on whether or not you’re “competent” enough to own a gun;

        *** Restrictive licensing for gun and ammo sales, and perhaps even bans on certain types of firearms. This could include anything from semi-auto rifles to shotguns to handguns!

        *** Restrictions on the number of guns and amount of ammo any “properly-licensed” individual may legally own;

        *** Bans on magazines holding more than ten rounds;

        *** Bans on owning a firearm for self-defense — unless a citizen can somehow demonstrate need and get federal government approval.
        with U.S. funding continuing to support this treaty, the global
        anti-gun elites are convinced that the U.S. will come on board with full

        As one anti-gun world leader stated:

        “[W]e expect the U.S. to abide by the Treaty even if ratification will take some time.”

        That’s why the immediate defunding of this treaty is so important, and why I asked you to make such a generous contribution.

        So please click here and make a generous contribution of $100 to NAGR’s “Defund the U.N. Gun Ban Ad Blitz” right away!

        But if $100 is just too much for you at this time, I understand. The
        only reason I am asking for so much is because I know first-hand, as a
        U.S. Senator, just how effective the National Association for Gun Rights

        Every cent they receive goes directly towards protecting and restoring the Second Amendment in our great country.

        please consider digging deep, whether that be giving $100, $50, or $20
        it will be much appreciated, and will make a huge difference.

        Whatever you give, I would just like to thank you for your dedication to liberty, and the Second Amendment.

        For Freedom,

        Rand Paul

        United Stated Senator (R-KY)

        P.S. I was shocked and angered to find out that the United Nation’s
        “Small Arms Treaty” is largely funded by U.S. tax payers like you and me.

        That’s more than every country in the world with the exception of Japan.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Where did you get this? Rand Paul wrote this correct?

          It seems like it should have links but it doesn’t.. I am trying to find a way to send out via email with links if it is for real..

          1. Tiger says

            It was sent to a contact of mine and yes Rand Paul sent it to her.



            Rand Paul Takes on Proposed UN Small Arms Treaty

            Written by
            Raven Clabough

            font size



            newly elected Senator Rand Paul has pleased conservatives with his
            calls for fiscal and constitutional conservatism, ranging from
            abolishing the Department of Education and all foreign aid to proposing
            substantial cuts to the federal budget. Now Paul has joined the crusade
            to end Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s efforts to work with the
            United Nations to pass a new “Small Arms Treaty.”

            In an email to his supporters, Paul explains, “Disguised as an
            ‘International Arms Control Treaty’ to fight against ‘terrorism,’
            ‘insurgency’ and ‘international crime syndicates,’ the UN’s Small Arms Treaty is in fact a massive, global gun control scheme.”

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            According to Paul, if ratified, the UN “Small Arms Treaty” would
            force the United States to enact stricter licensing requirements,
            confiscate and destroy “unauthorized” firearms, ban the trade, sale, and
            private ownership of all semi-automatic weapons, and create an
            international gun registry.

            Critics of the treaty contend it is but one in a number of steps
            taken by the United Nations to bring the United States “to its knees.”
            As long as America continues to secure the liberties of its citizens, it
            stands in the way of the movement toward a one-world government.

            The National Association for Gun Rights has been leading the fight
            against the global gun ban treaty. According to the NAGR, the best way
            to defeat the treaty is through the Senate ratification process, as
            President Obama would likely support the treaty. As 67 Senate votes are
            required to ratify the treaty, Americans are relying on a pro-gun
            majority in the Senate to defeat ratification, something that is not
            present at the moment.

            Those opposed to the treaty are encouraged to sign an Official Firearms Sovereignty Survey,
            wherein Americans can indicate their support for the Constitution and
            the Second Amendment, as well their opposition to United Nations
            involvement in America’s gun laws.

          2. Retired says

            When they outlaw guns it is to late to fight back , people should have paid attention years ago .

          3. gotabgood says

            Here is a touchy subject… first let say I was owner of a S&W 38, a 9mm, 12 ga pump, 16 ga. 20 ga double barrel, several 22’s from pistols to rifles.
            No one is trying to take away your weapons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            They are limiting the rounds that one clip can hold. Some states limit shotguns to 3 rounds when duck hunting. I don’t think you could get 3 rounds off at a deer.. unless you have an automatic and then, you don’t need 3 rounds to kill a deer, if you do, then you need to spend more time at shooting range.
            So if you are a collector and you need one of each type fire arm ever made, including a bazooka, make it incapable of firing,no one would ever know.
            But these AK-47 with a 100 round clip is ridiculous. No self-respecting deer will hang around long enough for you to fire off 100 rounds.
            And if you think you are protecting your home…… first let me say that any burglar, will know your routine and will wait until you are gone or fast asleep. At close quarters like inside your home, is not the place for a rifle, but a pistol… when first waking up and especially from a noise, I am lucky to find the door, let alone find my well placed, out of sight pistol and then hit what I am aiming at…. I am not a Rambo….get a dog… or like one of Bill Cosby albums, a pet gorilla.

          4. corniche says

            Two questions for you. Do u know anyone who owns an AK47? If so, have u ever asked him/her why they bought it?

          5. will says

            some collect, some want it for defence as it is a reliable under adverse conditions, dirt, deposits etc..

          6. gotabgood says

            No to both questions.
            Do you know any one who owns a tank? If so have you ask them why he/she bought it?

          7. corniche says

            Well, here’s the point. In one of your previous posts, u discuss AK47s and in a humorous but, at the same time serious tone, joke abt not needing a 100 round clip to kill a deer, etc. In this regard, u err as to why people, own AK47s. Insofar as I DO KNOW people who own such weapons…in fact more than one such weapon, I can tell u that it has nothing/very little to do with hunting or protection from burglars. No, they own them to protect themselves from the Federal Govt! The Second Amendment makes it very clear that the Founding Fathers were very concerned abt the possibility of a government coming to power and depriving them of their rights. They had just fought a war to liberate themselves from oppression and did not want to ever b held hostage ever again. At that point in time, the muskets they had were “state of the art” insofar as they were comparable to what the English had and were adequate for defense. Fast forward to today, the AK47 would b on par for defense. Tanks?… not a problem…. don’t need them….thousands of citizens armed with AK47s would b sufficient. No, I am not a member of the NRA, nor do I own any weapons. I am, however, surrounded by people who own such weapons. These individuals own many weapons, pistols, rifles, bows, etc. They r very responsible individuals and treat their weapons with respect…some of them hunt, others strictly target shooting.

          8. gotabgood says

            I agree with most of your post…. but then with all the common sense you exhibit… you vote a loose cannon like Trump in office.. Is a a natural liar… he lies gets caught, shrugs his shoulders and says, I didn’t say that and then backs it up with.. even if I did say that it doesn’t make any difference.
            he is a play ground bully that never grew up.. enough about him.
            I know why the people have those kind of weapons.. The trouble is they get together, have a beer or two, tell some war stories.. and they go half way across the country to a Bundy’s ranch whom they never heard of and still don’t know him. Two police officers lost their lives over this Bundy crap and they were miles away from the incident. The Oklahoma bombing, the guy was from Michigan and went to Oklahoma to do his nasty deeds…. yes there are some folks with some common sense…. but there are far too many that take things pretty serious…. look at the pizzagate… and that was a lie from the beginning.. we are among some very crazy people and they should have anything stronger than a peashooter.

          9. corniche says

            “Peashooter”…funny…The last campaign was a beaut….big time…..two horrendous candidates….yes, I absolutely did vote for the trumpster….had NO choice as the hilarious one was/IS a bigger liar….remember Benghazi, 30,000 deleted emails, Eric Holder gun running to Mexico, the obomb and u can keep your doctor, Pelosi and vote for it and we can see what’s in it, the spread of nuclear weapons with the obomb/kerry Iran fiasco. Depressing as all hell. We have a world that is in total disarray, madmen all over the place, and the obomb permits yet another country to go nuclear. We should b on a path for eliminating nuclear weapons. There is/should b no reason for any more countries to need nuclear weapons. Where the heck is the UN…..bunch of brain dead idiots. Countries that have nuclear weapons should b negotiating amongst themselves to cut their stockpiles, sure as hell not increase them! I digress….back to AK47s….while the obomb was in office, the gun manufacturers were having a field day….couldn’t make enough guns….now, with the trumpster in office, gun sales r falling off a cliff….WHY, because there is NO longer a threat to gun ownership. As I mentioned earlier, I do not own a weapon; however had the obomb/hilarious one indicated they would curtail sales of AK47s, I would have IMMEDIATELY gone out and purchased one. Dictators….North Korea, etc….can only remain in power as along as the citizens have no weapons.

            James Caserta

          10. patriotgirl1 says

            You’re not necessarily aiming at all. That is why the best home defense may be a shotgun. Just rack and pull the trigger. I have excellent night sights on my handgun-both, and they are quite adequate, as well as home alarm.

          11. kbfallon says

            12 gauge pump action shotgun-short barrel with double O buckshot……point and shoot—intruders will show at the emergency room soon after even if you miss.

          12. pappy450 says

            I have a 12 gauge Browning auto-5 loaded with 00 buck.(no “racking” needed, already locked and ready.) .45 ACP loaded with XTP 230 Grain hollowpoints
            ALL right by my bed ready to “go”.

          13. gotabgood says

            I have a 22 pistol loaded and while you were asleep I took that 12 gauge Browning auto-5 loaded with 00 buck and added it to my collection. My 22 is an inch away from your temple, (not a building, a part of your head, duh) I am going to wake you up now and thank you for your shotgun and your wallet and leave after I tie you up..
            Oh, I would have missed your shotgun, but I knew exactly where to look.. you told me…. like wow, that is original!!

          14. Retired says

            Yes, you should put that 22 next to your temple and pull the trigger .

          15. gotabgood says

            After one day…. and YOU come back to this!!!????

          16. Retired says

            What did you expect after your anti gun stories and telling people that their guns are useless to those that break into a home .It is no different than seat belts that you are forced to wear . Many are against them as for them .Keep the Gov. out of our homes .

          17. ABO says

            Go back and read your own posts here. Anyone with a brain and Retired certainly fits that category, is naturally incensed at hearing the sort of abysmally moronic blather that you spew here. Someday you should take a thorough, extensive course in critical thought although in your case that might likely be a waste of time. The disrespect that draw here is entirely self induced. You bring it on yourself!

          18. ABO says

            Don’t you have a clue as to how utterly, abysmally stupid you sound? Have you ever tried actually thinking before blurting out such pathetic nonsense. If you have, apparently you decided that the thinking part wasn’t worth the effort.

          19. mac12sam12 says

            Ever hear of alarms or dogs? We have both. Goos luck breaking into my house.

          20. kbfallon says

            We do also—But…..also a bird who will go bonkers if a stranger comes anywhere near our home alerting/scaring even the dog into checking the perimeter.

          21. kbfallon says

            Surely you sleep comfortably.

          22. pappy450 says

            Yes indeedy! AND Wife has HER .357 Mag on HER side of the bed.
            BOTH professionally trained, BOTH practice, and shoot VERY well, Thank you.

          23. Retired says

            Thank you for posting a picture of yourself .

          24. kbfallon says

            I gotta stop shaving with my K-Bar.

          25. gotabgood says

            At close quarters.. it is a helluvalot quicker to swing a pistol around than a shotgun… please don’t come back with it is sawed-off barrel.
            One more little bit of information that all you Mr. & Mrs. Rambo Wannabe’s
            You are asleep, or even engrossed in watching TV. Ever hear the term “element of surprise”… the person breaking into your house has that going for him/her. He/she already has a gun pointing at you, before you even see him/her. And he/she has kryptonite bullets just in case you think you are superman/supergirl.

          26. patriotgirl1 says

            I don’t swing ANY gun around. And I would suggest investing in an alarm system, whether an actual alarm or a dog or both. I am armed 24/7 and always have my gun within a foot away from where I lay my head. I keep my head on the swivel at all times as well. The element of surprise is the criminal thinking you’re just another gun hating Liberal. Nope. Never.

          27. gotabgood says

            Why argue with someone who is plainly a paranoid, loose hinged, trigger happy woman… with a whole lot anger issues..
            You remind me of this woman… take the time to read it…
            Texas mom killed by police after she shot two daughters to death, police say.
            “I have 10 guns. Obama wants 8 of my guns. How many guns do I have?” said one meme, over a photo of bullets and a gun. “That’s right, I have 10 guns.”



          28. ABO says

            As there is absolutely no legitimate purpose in debating one who is thoroughly opposed to the concept of examining both sides of an issue before making a decision I will leave you to your utterly closed minded thought process and invite you to ramble on in your pathetically delusional manner. You are perfectly welcome to continue to show yourself for the confused drooling idiot you are so that others may observe and take into account the typical liberal/regressive mindset.

          29. kbfallon says

            Home protection isn’t a video game…..

          30. jim_wright says

            You are using the same diversion of subject that the left constantly uses. The Second Amendment has NOTHING to do with hunting. The Second Amendment documents the God given right of a U.S. Citizen to defend himself, his family , and his community.

          31. gotabgood says

            It is not a diversion…. The military have jets, submarines, aircraft carriers, missiles, drones, do you think you have the right to those also?? Where is the line that says, this you can have as a citizen and this is military?
            I was in the service and I trained with an M-1, which is a 30-06, and an excellent deer rifle unless you in a heavy wooded area and then a shotgun with slugs would be better.
            Defend your family is an entirely different ball park that what you 2nd amendment people are screaming for.. you want an open carrier to any place you want to go… I have seen some on here froth at the mouth when something is said against their beloved Trump or his policies. Now imagine one that is ready to lock and load against fellow Americans because I am a Democrat and you’re a Republican, you feel it is ok to shoot me. and we go have a drink at the same bar and everybody has a gun.. it is legal in some states to do just that, go into a bar with a loaded gun……….. nothing here to see..

          32. MAHB001 says


            “The military have jets, submarines, aircraft carriers, missiles, drones, do you think you have the right to those also??”

            I PAID FOR THOSE PROTECTIONS, I OWN THOSE… and the second amendment guarantees our rights for owning arms, and our government shall not create laws that inhibit that right.

            If I have the means to buy, or make an aircraft carrier, I should be free to do so.

            Read the Second Amendment, it is not hard to understand.

            “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

          33. gotabgood says

            “I PAID FOR THOSE PROTECTIONS, I OWN THOSE… and the second amendment guarantees our rights for owning arms, and our government shall not create laws that inhibit that right”
            You came into this world butt naked and you will leave this world with the same amount of possessions. At most you lease everything you have. Your tax dollars built the George Washington Bridge, but as Christie found out, you can’t close the lanes down just because you want to. You buy a home in a gated community and there are things you HAVE TO DO, or get fined… and things you CANNOT DO or get fined. There are limits even on things you own!! Remove the catalytic converter and muffler on your car and see how long it takes to pay another fine.
            And you really done a number on the 2nd amendment. I too like fire arms, I even like the smell of burnt gun powder. The point I am trying to make is. The government is not out to get your weapons…. Just like your car… there is a limit to how much noise you can make!

          34. MAHB001 says

            Gotabpuppet, you are so full of BS…

            Our Constitution describes a Government of the people, by the people and for the people. With liberty and justice for all.

            What you describe a government where the people are serfs, laboring only for those in control. While I admit the Left, communist Left, has morphed the Government from of the People, by the People and for the People, to of the Elites, by the Elites, and for the CONTROL of the people.

            The Government is all about gaining control, and they ARE out to get our firearms…

            Here in CA, I no longer have the right to keep and bear arms. I can not obtain a CCW, nor can I open carry. To be a lawful citizen, I must put a trigger lock on my guns before I take them out of my house, and/or in a locked case, the bullets must be in a seperate compartment in my car (trunk) and the magazines must be empty, all this essentially turns that defensive weapon into a rock, during an emergency. To top it off, I have waiting periods, and must provide PROOF that a have an acceptable safe to store my guns in while in my house, before I can purchase a weapon.

            As well my scary guns must have bullet buttons, magazines that require a tool to remove, and I can not own a magazine that holds over 10 rounds….

            I could go on, but really I don’t have to, here in CA, my right to keep and bear Arms has been infringed. All for CONTROL, all the “safety” laws have done NOTHING to make things better, but they sure have punished us law abiding citizens.

            The aristocracy criminals in charge of CA think they are kings, they will not stop there, and any fool would not expect them to start confiscation soon.

            And I will fight your kind of Big Government Socialism/Communism until Hell freezes over, and then I will grab a pair of skates keep on fighting..

            A gun is NOTHING like a car. Driving a car is a privilege, owning a gun is a right. Try to figure that out before you post again. What a load of crap that statement is.

            One is saddled with the RESPONSIBILITY of owning a gun, Safe gun onwership is NOT a limit, and responsibilities do not include limits to 10 round magazines, gun safes, and bullet buttons…

          35. gotabgood says

            I also lived in California… and my experience there was a whole lot different than what you describe.
            Admittedly that was a few years ago… 9 or 10 years ago.
            Let’s use your home defense scenario. You bought a gun to protect your home. How many times was your home broken into before you bought a gun? How many times since you bought a gun and how many did you stop because of the gun?
            I worked with a guy that was so paranoid, he wore holster and loaded gun on his hip in his home, watching TV, eating, mowing the lawn…
            Since you live in CA and I think you might be above the age 50 or so. This was in the Sacramento area, I can’t remember the exact years. But there was this guy, called the “East Area Rapist”. He even broke into a home raped a teenager with a dog in the next room. He confiscated many weapons that people bought to protect themselves against HIM!! When you’re asleep, as the old prayer goes…
            “If I die before I awake
            I pray the Lord my soul to take”
            When you are asleep you are totally defenseless! PERIOD!!

          36. MAHB001 says

            Your home defense scenario is a false red herring. It has no bearing on the 2nd amendment.

            It doesn’t matter what I purchased my gun for, nor does it matter if I needed it for self defense.

            I have a RIGHT to own a gun… PERIOD. Or at least I used to before CA turned into a Communist state that no longer follows the Constitution….

            For this reason alone, I think the United States should force CA out of the Union… Its leaders no longer follow the Constitution, nor even CA own constitution.

          37. ABO says

            Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Read it over and over and see if you can manage to understand the concept. Try real hard now. I know it’s difficult for you but keep trying.

          38. gotabgood says

            Maybe you should read this more than once and after the second or third time.. try to wipe that smug look off your face and read it with a serious attitude!

            Having a gun in your home significantly increases your risk of death — and that of your spouse and children.

            And it doesn’t matter how the guns are stored or what type or how many guns you own.

            If you have a gun, everybody in your home is more likely than your non-gun-owning neighbors and their families to die in a gun-related accident, suicide or homicide.

            Furthermore, there is no credible evidence that having a gun in your house reduces your risk of being a victim of a crime. Nor does it reduce your risk of being injured during a home break-in.


          39. ABO says

            There is no credible evidence that you are even remotely capable of normal, critical thought. I’ve had more than a dozen guns in my home for forty years without a single incident. Keeping guns safely in one’s home requires simple application of logic and common sense, concepts that you are obviously entirely unfamiliar with. My wife and children entirely aware of the immense danger involved with the irresponsible handling of firearms and have received extensive training in firearms safety. Of course these are things that idiots like you can’t be bothered with so you simply demand that firearms be made illegal. Your brainless attitude toward the responsibilities of life in general disgusts me. It makes me wonder how irresponsible idiots like you manage to survive a day on this planet without seriously injuring yourselves by way of your abysmal stupidity.

          40. gotabgood says

            Things happen… you been in this world long enough to know what the word “accident” means. Although most accidents could have been prevented..
            but talk to these parents to see if they would have changed ANYTHING???
            5-year-old boy finds gun, shoots baby brother in head

            One more thing… in the 40 years you have had guns in your house… how many times have you stopped a break in ? Try to be honest.

          41. ABO says

            You are I must say particularly good at what you do. You’ve got a seemingly plausible line of bullshit for every instance and you present it in a convincing manner but that doesn’t stop it from being bullshit. In the 40 years I’ve had guns in my home I have not ever stopped a break in. The point you fail to address is that had there ever been a break in by an armed intruder I would at least have a chance to stop that intruder. I also enjoy target shooting at the local range and hunting the vast wooded areas on my own property and in this area of my home state without incident or violation, ever, what gives some elitist idiot like you any reason to decide that you have some right to restrict my way of life? I go to great lengths to make sure that there are no firearms accidents involving my firearms and I take exception to arrogant morons like you pushing to restrict my Constitutional right to own my firearms

          42. gotabgood says

            I am not trying to take away any form of your enjoyment…. I also enjoy firearms.. As long as you don’t step on any toes to create your fun.
            And my line bullshit is not hard to come up with at all… and as much as I would like to take the credit for the presentation… I can’t! You see when you tell the truth, you don’t have to make things fit… they just go together, just like the proper piece to a puzzle, it fits… not forced..
            but thanks..

          43. ABO says

            You wouldn’t recognize the truth if it walked up and slapped your face. What you spout here is pure, unadulterated bullshit.

          44. gotabgood says

            Case in hand…. NOTICE… No wannabe Rambo’s they always say how they would have stop the shooter and saved lives… IF ONLY they had been there!!!

            A lone gunman unleashed a rapid-fire barrage of bullets from the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel late Sunday, killing at least 59 people and injuring more than 500 others attending a country music festival below, officials said.
            • 59 people were killed and at least 527 others were injured in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

            “We heard what sounded like firecrackers going off. Then all of a sudden we heard what sounded like a machine gun. People started screaming that they were hit,” witness Meghan Kearney told MSNBC. “When we started running out, there were probably a couple hundred [people] on the ground.”
            • More than 16 rifles and a handgun were found in Paddock’s room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. (how did he get all those weapons in his room?)

            Is this why we need 200 round CLIPS or MAGAZINES to kill people??

          45. ABO says

            Typical liberal/regressive babbling. You certainly are a master of convoluted thinking. Just who is this “Rambo” character that you are spouting about? Frankly, Paddock strikes me as very similar to some of the vile, hate spewing liberal lunatics that post their hateful trash here on a regular basis. The simple fact that the shooter was apparently set off by the band that was onstage at the time breaking into “God Bless America” and the audience joining in says a lot about his mindset. You need to step back from your liberal rhetoric for a minute and think about what your “progressive” nut- job heroes are pushing. Subversive, heated rhetoric aimed at our nation does not constitute peaceful protest, it pushes narrow minded people to acts of violence. Here’s a stat for you; Every mass shooter in over a decade has been a hard core liberal politically.

          46. gotabgood says

            Rambo is the hero that comes and rescues all the people.. He is well represented in the rightwing. When all the mass shootings were happening, people on here would say if I was there, I would have took him down… or like in the theater… one said if they all had guns he would have killed half as many… maybe … but the other people seeing one with a gun shooting another with a gun.. it would have been a bloody massacre.

          47. ABO says

            I’ve been posting on this site for many years now and have never, not once read anything even remotely like what you claim. I was referring to your assertion that someone had posted here claiming to be Rambo. We are all well aware that you are a lying sack of shit but now you acknowledge that you simply make things up as you go along. Hell of an imagination you’ve got there Go tell your pathetic little stories to those who buy that sort of crap.

          48. practicedcynic says

            Thank the Lord we have such a s you to PREACH to the rest of us, otherwise WHERE would we be, OH YEA in very blue state, like Assachusetts.

          49. gotabgood says

            You are welcome… and by the way you could be in much worse places… like Oklahoma, they have more earthquakes now, more than CA.
            Louisianan, Mississippi.. well most if not all the red states are on government welfare.. the wages are low.. and you come back with the cost of living is lower…well yeah!! DUH.. with the wages they make I am surprised the whole state isn’t one big soup line..

          50. Retired says

            You are wrong you will either be in the ground or the furnace with Clothes on . Are you living in Neverland ,on one hand you say the Gov. controls you and then you tell the lie about the Gov. [ Mainly Democrats ] want to take your guns away .

          51. gotabgood says

            And you are wrong about the gun thing!

          52. Retired says

            People should have a right to own whatever they want in their own home .Judges have given criminals more protection than the honest people is that what you like , then maybe you should move to a place like England .

          53. kbfallon says

            It’s not the govt. we are concerned with…..it’s the politicians!

          54. Veteran says

            For crying out loud…shut the f*** up! You obviously have NEVER hunted anything. An M-1 Garand holds 8 rounds (three more than are legal for hunting anything)! As for carrying in a bar…also illegal! Go get an education before you spout off again!

          55. gotabgood says

            I was referring to the 30.06 as being a good deer rifle.. not the M-1, dipshit

          56. kbfallon says

            Have you seen the carnage a 30.06 does to a deer ? Not to mention that the distance it will travel at high velocity if you miss…..The goal is to kill it without mutilating it. Shotgun is more than sufficient in “most” areas if you are a decent woodsman.

          57. gvette says

            Well dick breath. When I lived in FLA, I would walk into a bar, and everyone there was armed.

          58. gotabgood says

            Women, alcohol and a loaded gun… what possibly could go wrong?
            You bring up an interesting point..
            First I didn’t know a dick had a breath… you must know you brought it up.
            Second, you have to get pretty close to smell a dick’s breath, right?
            Third, are you a dick breath specialist?

          59. gvette says

            When I’m looking for stupid people, I can always count on you being there. Craw back under your rock! I sure hope you never had children.

          60. Retired says

            Maybe it is because you don’t own a Dick .

          61. gotabgood says

            Our civil attitude lasted…. what? a whole day?

          62. ABO says

            I would think you’d be used to that sort of thing by now.

          63. ABO says

            You really are a pathetic, brainless lemming. No doubt whatsoever.

          64. kbfallon says

            I believe the medical term for his issue is: “Little Pecker Syndrome”.

          65. gvette says

            LOL….you could be onto something there!!!

          66. pappy450 says

            The best thing to do to “gottabe an asshole”, is immediately BLOCK his ignorant ranting, so the REST of us can have an intelligent conversation.
            Signed, “armed citizen” with a concealed carry permit. Hoo rah!

          67. gvette says

            Well my friend, I know you are right, and I should block him. There are people like him on all the conservative sites. I’ve never blocked anyone, but maybe I will now.
            Enjoy your day!

          68. Tim says

            And how many people have been shot in those bars ?

          69. kbfallon says

            My thought also……not long ago a couple knuckleheads tried to rob the patrons of a tavern in NYC that was patronized by a bunch of off duty cops…..they had some sorry looks in their mugshots in the papers along with some facial lumps.

          70. kbfallon says

            …………(continued to)………..from a government that is trying to take over and oppress its citizens and their rights!

          71. Michael Dennewitz says

            Oh no, gottabedumberthanshit is back!!😁😂🤣😃😄😅

          72. ABO says

            And no more intelligent than it ever was, Michael.

          73. gvette says

            You left part of it out. Against a tyrannical government!

          74. Retired says

            You mean like the 8 years of Obama ????

          75. gvette says

            LOL..pretty much!!

          76. teachersaide says

            Worst 8 Years of my life!

          77. Retired says

            People thought Carter was bad ???

          78. will says

            They limit the rounds for hunting to increase their chance of survival, so its culling.

          79. gotabgood says
          80. Retired says

            That looks just like you and your speed .Most of the guys that I know that own them are Democrats ,so how does that go with your line of thinking . Democrats are stupid enough to go hunting with them .

          81. gotabgood says

            I am disappointed in you…
            but if that is the road you want to travel… so be it!

          82. ABO says

            I’m sure Retired will feel honored that a complete idiot like you should be disappointed in him.

          83. mac12sam12 says

            People don’t use AR platform rifles for deer. The woman says “assault weapon.” That’s incorrect. An assault weapon has a switch for semi or full auto selection. Even your cartoons have it wrong.

          84. jaybird says

            Have you studied the “Deep State” and the UN policy of controlling every country? They do have a booklet on it. When the UN blue helmet soldiers come to take over, you would be glad to have a high capacity clip. This is not conspiracy, if you think so, you have not done your research. Old man Bush said on the Senate floor when he was President “that there is a NWO and we will win”. Google the video of it, hopefully it is still up. He is not the only one that has said it, there are other videos if you will just search. It is sick what the World Bankers and our CIA are involved in.

          85. gotabgood says

            I got hooked on all the conspiracy theories in the 80’s and 90’s… I use to listen to Alex Jones and Coast to Coast…. we have Martians coming down impregnating earth women. And lizard people and the list is long from the ridiculous to the ones that make you think and wonder and those are the dangerous ones, some people lack the capability to think things through.

          86. Retired says

            If nothing else you are good at putting out goodbullshit .

          87. jaybird says

            You did not answer my question. Have you read any of the UN booklets? Agenda 21 or 2030? You are deflecting.

          88. gotabgood says


          89. jaybird says


            Interest video – mentions Climate Change and its usefull purpose.

          90. gotabgood says

            With all due respect… I could not sit through an hour and a half of this guy. With high praises for Trump….
            Sorry.. I just don’t get how Trump can blatantly lie about everything from his products to whether it is raining outside.. and people fall in line behind him. it’s nuts!!

          91. jaybird says

            This video did not mention Trump, it is about the UN pushing people off their property and how the UN is part of the NWO.

            You do not want to take the time to learn what the UN is doing/wants to do to this and other countries. I am done with you.

          92. ABO says

            Gotabanidiot is not even remotely interested in facts, the truth or hearing both sides of any issue. If it doesn’t fit his agenda he’s convinced it’s inarguably wrong.

          93. jaybird says

            You hit the nail on the head and I like his name change!

          94. mac12sam12 says

            Trump blatantly lies or misspeaks sometimes. Do you know the difference? Hands down the biggest liar is Hussein O.


          95. mlstephens says


          96. ABO says

            He’s not remotely interested in learning the truth, jaybird. He simply spouts the liberal rhetoric that he buys, hook, line and sinker. Typical liberal lemming.

          97. jaybird says

            I just pointed out that he does not want to acknowledge what is going on in our country and how our government/UN works against the people.

            He is part of the problem and probably a government troll.

          98. ABO says

            10-4 to that jaybird. He’s certainly an elitist, continuously making derogatory remarks about those who voted for our President as if their votes should not count.

          99. TexasCoyote1 says

            This is a problem of “creeping confiscation.” First, the government makes all of register our weapons, so it knows who has them. Then, they begin the systematic outlawing of certain weapons. Each successive act places gun ownership in a smaller and smaller circle until that final space is easily done away with as well.

            Whether we are shooting deer or burglars isn’t really the point. The Constitution allows us to bear arms and this law should not be abridged by a government unless it is afraid of its citizenry. I think that is the issue–the government no longer works for us and is not afraid of us, the voter. What’s a mere vote that can be misrecorded and mistallied just by messing with a very simple computer program? But, you take away all the weapons and a militarized police force can enter anyone’s home without fear and remove ever dissident without fear of bodily harm. Germany in the 30’s ring any bells?

          100. gotabgood says

            There is NOTHING you so-called “own” that doesn’t have regulations. Try going a month or two without mowing your yard. Or instead of paying for garbage pickup, you decide to store your garbage on the patio… Or you like the sound of a fast car so you remove your mufflers… or you want to go faster than the limit posted.

            Good point…. I think that is the issue–the government no longer works for us and is not afraid of us, the voter.
            Stop donating.. make him work for the check you now pay him to do…..his job!

          101. TexasCoyote1 says

            I think this is the first time we have ever agreed on anything. Have a nice evening.

          102. mac12sam12 says

            No one hunts with a hundred rounds in the mag, and limiting rounds per mag won’t save lives. Reminds me of when S&W put a key on their revolvers which ruined the action. Don’t buy a new Smith. They did this because the Mass. ass liberals insisted on it.

          103. gotabgood says

            “and limiting rounds per mag won’t save lives.” SO VERY NOT TRUE!!!!
            When Gabby Giffords was shot, it was during the time of him reloading that they jumped him… if he had another 20, 30 more rounds, more people would have been shot!!

          104. mac12sam12 says

            With my HK45 which carries 11 rounds, I can fire all 11 and slap another mag in within 2 seconds. The same with my AR platform rifles. Liberal gun laws are never effective and the inner-cities are a good example. Since most assassins and mass shooters are liberal, ban liberals from owning firearms and that will save a lot of lives.

          105. Veteran says

            WOW…what you do not know about guns! Staggering!

          106. James Higginbotham says

            the AK and i own a couple does NOT come with a 100 round CLIP, i have 75 round DRUM’S FOR THEM, and a semiautomatic does NOT use a CLIP BUT A MAGAZINE, from 20 to 40 rounds.
            the ONLY clip fed weapon and i own one is the M1 GARAND.
            and they take the 8 ROUND EN BLOCK CLIP.
            id suggest you THINK about a 20 gauge SHOTGUN WITH AN 18&1/2 INCH BARRE as a home defense weapon, loaded with 00 BUCKSHOT, and a HANDGUN AS A BACKUP.

          107. gotabgood says

            Pah tay to…….Po ta to….
            Stick shift….. Manual shift
            Clip…….. Magazine, they both hold “bullets”

          108. practicedcynic says

            BUT a 100 round magazine is what is needed if you are fighting against LOONY LEFTIE C ULT MEMBERS , such a s antifa idiots revolting against the USA.

          109. gotabgood says

            The only loonies I know of are on the right..and the further right they go the more loonier they become… want proof????????????????? They voted this guy in office

          110. Paula says

            Thank’ s Retired, somebody is thinking! What is gun registration for?

          111. ABO says

            It’s certainly not gotabanidiot, Paula. He’s not capable of critical thought.

          112. Mathew Molk says

            So just because some nut case can shoot up a movie with a 20 round clip no one should have one(Yea CLIP and not MAGAZINE—CLIP is what we called them in Vietnam when we were in a firefight. MAGAZINE shows you combat experience is limited to reading Guns and Ammo or SOF MAGAZINE)

            Let me hip you up to something else too. Running over people with an F-250 truck is a hell of a lot more effective then shooting into a crowd with a pig (M-60 to you) I have yet to see an AK47 rip the front off a building,,,,,So do you think we should outlaw any vehicle that weighs more then 1200 pounds? .

          113. gotabgood says

            As for your clip/mag lesson…. what is the point? They use both terms..
            I have my opinion of you as you have your opinion of me…. except those who usually brag.. really are repeating someone else’s life style… the bragger has nothing to brag about… but he is LOUD, so he does get the attention he so desperately wants..

          114. will says

            Its important to have ” like ” weapons. If the Army has them then so should the militia. Same bullets etc so the public can raid armouries for munitions if needed. Which is why they are controlling the powder companies and as well would like to move to caseless. This way in the event of a gov takeover we would not have guns that use the same type of ammo. The forefathers thought of this

          115. DonOldGuy says

            As a recent poster says, “Paul Revere never rode through the night saying “The deer are coming, the deer are coming””.

          116. gotabgood says

            Are you part of a militia?
            Timothy McVeigh, he was part of a Michigan militia.
            Or the Bundy supporters, ready to take out law enforcers.
            Over cattle illegally grazing on government land… people were about to be shot…. in fact I think it was 2 policemen that got shot by two militia from the Bundy episode in Nevada
            People that join the militia don’t have an ounce of sense.. only thing they care about is killing and war… and they have this sick thing about the government being a boogeyman..



          117. TexasCoyote1 says

            No, I don’t think you have all the facts on the Bundy issue. The BLM (and I don’t mean Black Lives Matter) tried and I’m sure is still trying to get the Bundy’s off the land, so Hillary or Reid or some other corrupt politician can sell the mineral rights or put up a solar energy farm. Government agencies have become as corrupt as the more visible Congress of the United States.

          118. gotabgood says

            I agree with the corrupt part..
            But the government does own the land and they charge a very low fee for him to graze the cattle, which he never paid…. any land lord will kick you off the land if you don’t pay…. just because it is the government doesn’t give you the right not to pay.
            I know the taxes you pay and such…..
            And since you gave 2 options. meaning you really don’t know what the government is/was planning on doing….. but I think solar farms would be a great idea…

          119. TexasCoyote1 says

            He tried to pay his grazing fees, but the BLM wouldn’t accept the payment. They had been told to throw him off. Personally, I don’t believe the government has the right to own any land, but that’s a discussion for another time. What we do know is the government caused great harm to Mr Bundy’s cattle and it has never compensated him for the dead cattle.

            No, I don’t know, but a solar farm is not practical in the desert. There isn’t enough rainfall to keep the panels clean enough to absorb enough energy.

          120. teachersaide says

            NOT part of a militia. However, I also am NOT real trusting of the Federal Government. After all, they Promised repeatedly, for 30 YEARS, that they were going to put up a wall on the Southern Border, to keep out illegal aliens, drug smugglers, terrorists, etc. The Federal Government is also who was responsible for putting Japanese Americans in Internment camps, during WW II. They also had over 250,000 German POW’S working on American farms during WW II, while refusing to take in Jewish refugees. They also said that Social Security Numbers would NEVER be used for ID. They also said that putting the MONEY from SSA into the “general fund” was a “good idea”! And, Let’s NOT forget the Native American Indians, who have been “SCREWED OVER” by so many of OUR administrations, I’d have to have history degree to be able to count the number! The USA Federal Government has broken just about EVERY TREATY that they signed, with Native American Indian. So, I LOVE my country- The gov’t, NOT so much.

          121. gotabgood says

            The militia, the part that makes the news, is not something I would be donating to either. At least the government will pave a road between your cities… whereas some militia will blow buildings up and killing men, women and children. Or will sign a contract with a government, you refuse to pay and then it is almost a repeat of the OK Corral. and they did end up killing two police officers while they were eating…. real tough men those militia!

          122. ABO says

            Please share with us the horrific mental trauma that you suffered that has turned you into the delusional drooling idiot that you are today. We’re all very concerned.

          123. Veteran says

            Reloading is no big deal. So, if you ban my 20 and 30 round mags, and limit me to 10 round mags, I’ll reload them 3 times and YOU will not be able to tell from the firing WHEN I reloaded ~ yes it’s THAT fast. So, what are you really after? It certainly is not decreased crime.

          124. gotabgood says

            Woman Wrestled Fresh Ammo Clip From Tucson Shooter as He Tried to Reload

          125. Tiger says

            It has been ignored by the Main Media but Google Rand Paul warns Americans about UN small arms treaty.


          126. Tiger says

            It has been around for awhile but few got the messages.

            U.N. Arms Trade Treaty gives away rights of Americans – Washington …
            Dec 15, 2016 – Another of President Obama’s brazen acts as he leaves office is a “parting shot” at American gun owners by submitting the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty to the U.S. Senate for ratification. … The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) was negotiated from 2006, during the Bush administration, through …
            What Does the New UN Small Arms Treaty Really Say? | HuffPost
            Nov 25, 2013 – Last month the Obama Administration joined 114 other countries and signed the UN Arms Trade Treaty, i…
            The Arms Trade Treaty – UNODA – the United Nations
            The landmark Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), regulating the international trade in conventional arms – from small arms to battle tanks, combat aircraft and warships …
            The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty: Are Our 2nd Amendment Rights Part Of …
            Jul 10, 2012 – The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty: Are Our 2nd Amendment Rights Part Of The Deal? … As U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon describes its purpose, “Our … all types of conventional weapons, notably including small arms and …
            NRA-ILA | International & United Nations Gun Control
            NRA has been engaged at the United Nations and elsewhere internationally in response to overreaching small arms initiatives for two decades. During this … Among its most egregious provisions, the treaty encourages national recordkeeping …
            Arms Trade Treaty – Wikipedia
            The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is a multilateral treaty that regulates the international trade in conventional weapons. It entered into force on 24 December 2014. Ninety-two states have ratified the treaty, and a further 41 states have signed but not ratified it. … On 2 April 2013, the UN General Assembly adopted the ATT.
            Obama Pushing for UN Gun Treaty Ratification – The Daily Signal
            Sep 11, 2016 – Obama Advocates for UN Gun Treaty Ratification … vehicles, aircraft, and small arms and light weapons, but was already currently complying.
            7 Reasons the UN Gun Ban Won’t Be Taking Away Your Guns
            http://www.newsmax.com/FastFeatures/un-gun-ban-wont/2015/02/09/id/622460/Feb 9, 2015 – As the international community for years debated a global treaty to regulate … UN Gun Ban: 7 Reasons the UN Small Arms Treaty Won’t Take ..

          127. pineapple says

            “Nov 25, 2013 – Last month the Obama Administration joined 114 other countries and signed the UN Arms Trade Treaty, i..”

            I thought the Senate had to approve treaties.

          128. TexasCoyote1 says

            Apparently not, after King Barack ascended the throne in the Oval Office. Only now are his most heinous abuses of power coming to light.

          129. Donald Kilb says

            Nothing will be valid unless Obama, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, and his Civil Rights lawyer criminals all go to prison.

          130. TexasCoyote1 says

            First, we have to put people in positions to investigate and prosecute them. Jeff Sessions must have something he doesn’t want brought out in such an investigation or surely he would have pursued Hillary. Of course, with her record maybe he just wanted to live to see the sun come up.

            What we really need is someone with a terminal illness to go after her. That person wouldn’t really have much to lose. :=) No, I was not thinking of McCain, but if I thought he’d actually do it, I would suggest it.

          131. gvette says

            LOL…McSwain is on Killary’s side!

          132. CindyLouTerror says

            Jeffie and Tillerson must go asap.

          133. JMICHAEL270 says

            They damn sure aren’t doing their job!

          134. William Burke says

            Unless you consider rabid attacks on legally passed medical marijuana in the various states “doing his job”. :/

          135. Nihle65 says

            Sessions is a pussy and should be sent packing!!! YOUR FIRED PUPPET BOY!!!!!!

          136. Veteran says

            Exactly…and since THAT isn’t going to happen, all we can do is ignore the laws they pass that we do not agree with! I’ll keep my firearms, my God and my Country.

          137. rocky49 says

            Molon Labe!!

          138. CindyLouTerror says

            As b. hussein o/soetoro whatever his name is was an illegal and unlawful president so anything he signed is null and void.

          139. CALIFGUY 53 says

            Yes, the senate does have to ratify any treaties, however the halfbreed in chief thought he could sneak these through and signed them anyway. On their face they are illegal as hell and if they try to enforce any of them, I fear all hell will break loose.

          140. Jane says

            So Irish who were slaves can get their payback now ! Wow!

          141. Mt Native says

            What I have read is that yes Kerry signed it and it was sent to the Senate who had said they would not ratify it. Haven’t found anything beyond that about it and that was in December 2016 before the Senate recessed for the year. At least 50 Senators went on record soon after Kerry signed it by sending the White House a bipartisan letter stating they would not sign the pact,which left it to stagnate in the State Department. I can’t find anything about what if anything has transpired since Trump took office.

          142. Tiger says

            Obama could have cared less, look at all that is being uncovered daily the bottom dweller did.

          143. kbfallon says

            Now his “wife” is on t-v telling/or trying to shame the women who voted for President Trump how horrible it was for them to do so………..they’ll never stop.

          144. Tiger says

            Michael and O are not a couple anymore. Must have found another tranny along way. Nothing she can say, now that the Left see he is gone and they are separated holds water.

          145. CindyLouTerror says

            Sorry Moo but genetically you do not have two X chromosomes but an X and a Y despite all the surgery and hormones so you remain genetically female.

          146. practicedcynic says

            They are CULT MEMBERS, and you See how those types act.

          147. 23cowboy says

            I do NOT recognize any law (haha) or rule the UN makes as binding, especially when it comes to my protection and weapons. I will never give up..PERIOD..

          148. William Burke says


          149. William Burke says

            They can pass a “treaty” or “resolution” every damn day if they want. There problem is is we refuse to give up our guns they are just words of tyrants on paper.

            Our policy should be made known: LETHAL OBJECTION. You want my guns, I OBJECT. LETHALLY, if need be. SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS.

          150. Tiger says

            Our rights are set in stone and we won’t comply with anything that says otherwise.

          151. William Burke says

            Good! The great news is that the older you get, the harder it gets for them to force compliance. Never get in the boxcars!

          152. Tiger says

            And indeed they would love to box car us all, all the dissidents. Obamacare will kill off many, wait and see. Already happened.


          153. Retired says

            It is real the UN wants to disarm the USA just like Australia and England and most of Europe . This has been going on way back in our History . Look into why and when the NRA was started Remember many of our founders and followers came from Europe .

          154. practicedcynic says

            Whatever the UN and their supporters do We will ignore them, we are SICK and tired of being told what to DO and THINK by a bunch of SELF SERVING NUTTIERS.

          155. William Burke says

            I thought a “nuttier” was a purveyor of nut meats. 😉

          156. practicedcynic says

            Pay attention to the big picture
            Don’t waste time on the automatic computer corrections.
            That is assuming you understood what was attempted.

          157. William Burke says

            Lighten up sometimes

          158. practicedcynic says

            Thank you, I was very frustrated with the auto correct, otherwise substituting, instead of correcting, I be old and have a love, mainly HATE for computers. I loath the idea of being of the BORG.

          159. William Burke says

            There is a simple equation for this that maintains that they cannot disarm us if we remain as armed as we are right now. Or more so. 😉

          160. jaybird says

            I got it from a Rand Paul post and I think there was a petition with it. It might also be from a Gun Organization-NAGR or GOA, I belong to GOA, used to belong to NAGR, still get their e-mails.

          161. michael32853hutson@yahoo.com says

            the US funds 22 percent of the UN-for the privilege of getting bashed by their “Human Rights Council”!

        2. SILENTHAMMER says

          I think so, Tiger. But as the targets pop up, The President has been able to shoot them down, one-by-one. He’ll get to this one, too. God Bless America! God Bless President Trump!

          1. Tiger says

            I believe so.

          2. rocky49 says

            The US needs to get out of the UN and get the UN out of the US!!

          3. Paula says

            It is long overdue that we do the same to the UN as was done to the LEAGUE OF NATIONS.
            There will be no America if the UN continues. This is nothing but ” GLOBALIZATION ”
            ONE NATION ! What Stalin or Hitler could not accomplish, the UN will. This will accomplish with Massiv Immigration.

          4. ABO says

            Well stated and absolutely accurate, Paula.

          5. michael32853hutson@yahoo.com says

            AGENDA 21

          6. michael32853hutson@yahoo.com says

            totally agree-and the UN should not move to Canada either but i bet Trudeau would allow it

          7. Anthony Hazard says

            No we don’t need to get out of the UN we just need the cuts to say no

          8. William Burke says

            THERE ARE FAR TOO MANY. The numbers game is stacked high against him.
            He is achieving positive changes every week (and some that are not so positive, IMHO), and that’s far better than most of us can remember in any administration. Even Reagan’s in some ways.

            You have to decide if that could be good enough for you. If he presses harder, they certainly will remove him, dead or alive. They are probably going to try it soon anyway.

            We have to let them know we will NEVER allow them to get away with it. Now.

          9. SILENTHAMMER says

            AMEN! I always like to end my input as I did. I am looking for some way to actually get mail to him so that he reads of my support. My guys are Shelby and (probably) Roy Moore. Strange was SOUNDLY defeated in our primary, and I think Moore will listen to me. We pray for the president every day. We will continue. God Bless America! God Bless President Trump!!

          10. Retired says

            Try addressing it to the wife !!!

          11. michael32853hutson@yahoo.com says

            i send Tweets to Donald J.Trump-don’t know if he gets ’em but i send ’em
            I’m beginning to be sorry about that one where i asked him not to fire Jeff Sessions…

        3. kbfallon says

          Our President duly elected by us the citizens of this great country has a tremendous amount on his agenda to deal with going forward and we must do as you suggest and do all we can to expose all of this to our fellow citizens…..and assist him in getting these things accomplished. Thank you for once again for taking your time to expose the hidden agendas against us and our way of life…..your are a very special woman indeed.

          1. Tiger says

            Thank you we have found with Trump being elected, we are the powerful and strong because we have a common love, our Republic and America.





        4. will says

          There are so many good causes its hard to choose which to donate to. But I will consider this one.

          1. Tiger says

            Good I donated even tough it is an old issue it was brought back up in 2016.

        5. Bob M. says

          They wont take anybodys guns….they know better.

          1. TexasCoyote1 says

            Don’t be naive. The guns we own in the US are the only thing that keeps the powers that be from coming in and enslaving all of us. Don’t ever give up your firearms unless they take them from your cold, dead hands.

        6. James Higginbotham says


          1. Tiger says

            Right on.

          2. James Higginbotham says

            have a good weekend Tiger.

          3. Tiger says

            You also, looking so forward to cool air.

          4. James Higginbotham says

            here in North Dakota were having some cool weather now lol.

          5. Tiger says

            I miss the seasons. I miss wearing leather gloves, boots and long coats, snow at Christmas I never wanted to be in Florida.

          6. James Higginbotham says

            well. there is a remedy for that Tiger, MOVE lol.
            i like the seasons but up here the WINTERS CAN BE HARSH.
            hope ya have a good week Ma’am.

          7. Tiger says

            Can’t James we have investments in land and many animals here. We look to move to the mountains and build a cabin there eventually.

          8. James Higginbotham says

            what Mountains are you speaking of Tiger?
            because there are none in Florida.
            and i myself LOVE MOUNTAIN LIFE, BEEN trying to get to them for about 30 years now lol.

          9. Tiger says

            Right there are none in Florida that is why we want to get to where there are mountains. Ever since I was young the woods and mountains gave me solace. An only child loved to explore. Lived in California for 6 years then came to Texas, where I was born. We used to go on 2 week vacations across America but we have too many animals now to do that.

          10. James Higginbotham says

            why can’t ya move your animals and make that big move?
            the only animals we have now are out two dogs, and if we move THEY MOVE LOL.

          11. Tiger says

            Because we have a project that saves and neuters feral cats. For now we are where we are.

          12. James Higginbotham says

            i understand.

          13. Tiger says

            I have always done what I could for misery around me, animal and human. My mother told me: “Tiger you can’t save the world, but you can save those around you.” Our country used to do that, neighbors helped one another, churches went to visit the old and brought them food and clothing. Not anymore.

            We live in the boonies around people most would look at and call Red Necks or hicks etc. They would make such a huge mistake, out here we have Docs, nurses, CEO’s of big companies and people who have traveled the world, we all sought the solace of this area. One block from a major river, one block from a National Forest and a few miles from the biggest springs in the world.

            Out here we may not coffee clutch but we are there for each other, with money if necessary and anything else. On my block we neuter everything that comes our way and at the other end of the street they do the same. The only way to stop the suffering of unwanted animals is to neuter them, eventually their numbers dwindle.

          14. James Higginbotham says

            well Tiger.
            that’s a good thing you folks are doing for those animals.
            we live about a quarter mile from the center of our small town up here in North Dakota, and to me the SMALLER THE BETTER, JUST WISH IT WERE IN THE MOUNTAINS AWAY FROM PEOPLE, I PREFER ANIMALS OVER PEOPLE ANY WAY LOL.
            the wife is more the PEOPLE person.
            hope you and yours, and the ANIMALS HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND MA’AM.

        7. Margaret Khan says

          Needs a White House Petition. Only takes 150 people. Create a White House Petition. If you get 100,000 signatures within a month, petition will stay up and White house will consider action on it. If you don’t get 100,000 in a month it disappears. But it needs 150 signatures to even be visible with the petitions. For Example we have a White House Petition to free Schaeffer Cox.https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/please-pardon-francis-schaeffer-cox-he-committed-no-crime-fbi-was-unable-entrap-him-so-arrested-him-and-lied Please sign

          1. Tiger says

            Thank you will do. Plus petitions out there already related to this.

          2. Margaret Khan says

            Please sign White House Petition to Free Schaeffer Cox https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/please-pardon-francis-schaeffer-cox-he-committed-no-crime-fbi-was-unable-entrap-him-so-arrested-him-and-lied
            It is hard to get 150 people. I don’t know 150 people. So far we have 70. We do a new one every month, One month we got 150 but it was almost last day, shot right up to 415. I have been reading Bill fulton’s Blood of Patriots just to see where he lies but it is making me sick, Fulton wrote that not for himself but because FBI wanted to use his book to cover for where they didn’t have any evidence. Trial was a sham, they didn’t allow any defense and they lied. to the jury. Whole purpose of the book is to create a narrative that is lies. They should all go to jail not just for deliberately setting up an innocent person, that they knew was innocent, but they set him up to KILL him. It was only due to a bystander coming up to the window asking why the swat team was around the corner, that Schaeffer & Barney Coleman were not killed. It is so discouraging. I didn’t volunteer to set up petition for above reparations discussion because I already know I don’t have 150 people

          3. Tiger says

            I will sign and as far as people being set up welcome to the ugly America, too many who know the truth dead, look at all killed during this election going to tell on Hillary. Another one just a week or so ago found floating in the river. We have an underground movement and have for ages in America and the FBI and CIA protect them.


          4. Tiger says

            Good cause and I will pass it on.

            Please pardon Francis Schaeffer Cox. He committed no crime. FBI was unable to entrap him so arrested him and lied.

            Created by M.K. on September 18, 2017

            free Francis Schaeffer Cox. Loving family man, respected business man,
            charismatic speaker & talented writer, he was using his radio
            program to educate people on the Constitution. FBI set out to entrap
            him. This goes beyond entrapment. FBI operative Bill Fulton on tape
            boasts of how he threatened to kill Schaeffer & Les Zerbe if they
            didn’t come up with plan to kill government officials. State court threw
            case out. But Federal Prosecutors used perjured testimony, withheld
            exculpatory evidence & outright lied to jury. There was no “hit
            list” no “2-4-1.” It was all FBI myth. What has happened to our justice
            system? With such criminal behavior no one is safe from these thugs.
            Same prosecutors in Sen Ted Stevens trial used similar prosecutorial
            misconduct. This should be investigated

        8. ABO says

          Yet again, thank you so much, Tiger.

          1. Tiger says

            Welcome. Good video this one. Listen to him tell it on the NFL thugs and creeps.


        9. William Burke says

          You actually believe professional bureaucrats would try and hide the truth from the president? :0

          1. Tiger says

            Oh for soothe no, sadly no.

        10. Lili J says

          It’s been well known fact the the US is a MAJOR, largest funder of the UN.

          THANK YOU FOR POSTING! Post elsewhere please and thank you!

          1. Tiger says

            Will do and after Trump’s scathing, scorching speech to the UN I doubt they believe they can get anything out of him without doing the right things and playing his ball game.

          2. Lili J says

            We can certainly hope~

      3. David in MA says

        And all hoping they will be the last standing to inherit the world domination.

      4. ARTPSYCH says

        you’re so damn right! The liberals keep crying injustice when they are at the bottom of most of our ills in this country!

      5. oldfatguy says

        Communism is just socialism back up by firepower…

        1. MAHB001 says

          “The goal of socialism is communism.”

          🙂 I am right there with ya.

      6. William Burke says

        The first proposition has been axiomatic for longer than anyone can remember.

    2. Henry D Messer says

      Tiger, you left out a couple of points. First, what about the slaves in Egypt? They were there a lot longer. Secondly, Take the problem of who would get the reparation. Take the USA, If a slave mixed with a legal resident then the chikds share would drop to 50%.. After years of interracial mixing the % would drop lower. You would have to prove your and marriage records, This would be expenxe for someone to prove, Yes, they would have to prove it at their cost.

      1. Tiger says

        Henry sounds like a plan to me for sure. They will play Hell getting Reparations out of America because those who came here from Ellis Island and also years after the wars had no slaves and people will bristle at the thought of them even trying, being as most came themselves from oppressed nations. Personally I am sick and tired to the marrow of my bones of this slavery crap spewing continuously from their mouths, as if it were yesterday.

        We see clearly nothing we could do, give or even think of would ever take the Whitey hate out of them. Just look at the hate in the eyes of the players kneeling when they look into the lens of the camera, pure unadulterated hate for us.

        1. Henry D Messer says

          Yes, but it’s time to put an end to all of them

          1. Tiger says

            Would be right, but PC still rules.

        2. TexasCoyote1 says

          The whole point is the black culture is never going to be happy until it is the dominant culture of the United States. If the United States remains a country that people want to come to because of its success, we can never let the black culture take over. Blacks have equality of opportunity today. It’s obvious from their continued pushing for rights, equality is not the issue. They want success on their terms without having to dress, speak and present themselves as the white population does.

          So, my position is the white population should take back all those equal opportunity laws and all the preferential college entrance guidelines and return this nation to a level playing field. Then, we are all truly equal and the black population can stay in the ghetto and kill each other on Saturday night, or it can work hard and get out of the ghetto by rejecting the culture that doesn’t get it anywhere.

          1. Tiger says

            Truly equal would be good, give a man a fish you feed him for a day continue to feed him and he never learns to fish, why should he, he eats free.




          2. TexasCoyote1 says

            My point is recent developments highlight the fact the black culture has no desire to learn to fish. It wants white people to continue to fish, but they want the catch turned over to them at the end of the day. When black people are successful without displaying the disrespect that Maxine Waters or Al Sharpton show every day, the black culture rejects them. Two examples are Ben Carson and Charles Barkley who are being called black white supremacists.

            The outrage of the blacks is not about equality. It’s not about skin color. It’s not even about young black men putting themselves in situations that result in their deaths. This whole issue is a fight to protect our culture that is truly what made America Great in the first place. The black activists want to kill white culture just like they are killing the NFL even though it means the end of their unparalleled financial advantage.

          3. Tiger says

            They can give it their best shot. The shots over the bow will be deafening.

      2. Mathew Molk says

        Here is an undeniable point. Anybody that actually owned a slave in Canada in a long time dead….Same in the US. Get over it. Slavery is a rotten practice that like 150 years ago. Give it up already!

    3. Michael Dennewitz says

      I didn’t even read the whole thing, but you are right on. I mean, who the hell does the un think they are, the world governors? MR TRUMP would do right if he threw them out of NY..

      1. Tiger says

        The UN thought and thinks it is to be the governing body of the world and the International court our judiciary. They lost but are still trying.


        Listen closely to what Obama is saying.


        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          2/3o of the un support terrorist countries! This is why the bastards need to be thrown out of our country. And yet still, there are hundreds of mooseslimes well embedded in our system that we don’t yet know about! ☹😢

      2. TexasCoyote1 says

        Yes, the UN absolutely thinks it is the World Government. Read Agenda 21. Read Agenda 2030. These are resolutions for world domination. Control the water, and you most definitely control the people.

    4. David in MA says

      My understanding is, there are still slaves and slave trading going on in muslim countries today!

      1. will says

        There are 30 million people who are slaves in the world today. It is completely ignored by the UN and the media, but the truth is out there. This is mostly in the Middle east and africa, with some even in asian countries. India has many people who have gone to the ME for work only to have their passports taken and find they are slaves.

    5. Kenneth Jones says

      Well said, Tiger!

    6. TexasCoyote1 says

      I think this is the warmup act before they levy the same idiotic claims against the United States. If they are successful in getting something out of Canada, they set a precedent for going about the vaster billions they think they could get the US to fork over.

      1. Tiger says

        Noway, you think taking a knee brought the people of America to attention try this and see what happens.

        They have had more than Reparations in the form of Welfare, Food Stamps, Free Medical, Medicaid, Grants and much more. We owe them nothing.

        Jun 26, 2016 – A go-to list of essential African-American professional organizations. … and develop programs whereby psychologists of African descent can …
        African American grants and assistance programs
        The federal government’s latest budget puts a tremendous focus on job creation for all American families, including blacks. The program, much of which was …
        African American – Office of Diversity and Inclusion – Veterans Affairs
        Aug 11, 2017 – Provides information on the African American special emphasis program in VA and has links to other resources.
        African American Diabetes Programs – American Diabetes Association
        http://www.diabetes.org › In My Community › Awareness Programs
        Diabetes is one of the most serious health problems that the African American community faces today.
        Over 30 Grants and Scholarships for African American Students
        http://www.bestcolleges.com/financial-aid/african-american-scholarships/Since many African American students are also first-generation college students — a report by Georgetown …. The National Achievement Scholarship Program.

        1. TexasCoyote1 says

          We are totally in agreement. My position is the levying of reparations or whatever the issue de jure is, is aimed at bringing down any and all governments that have laws that don’t allow the UN to take over whenever it feels the desire. George HW Bush was all about the UN and Obama would have given the UN the keys to the White House if he had been asked.

          Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are totally about taking over the world and establishing one government. This slavery reparations thing is the latest excuse. Remember the carbon taxes for using fuels? The Paris Climate Accord was also one in the long line of measures to transfer wealth from the US to this blood-sucking organization whose only mission is world domination.

        2. teachersaide says

          My only problem with this video, is the classroom has a poster up, with Picture, saying “Justice for Mike Brown”! Michael Brown was a gang member, on drugs, strong arm robber, and assaulted a police officer & tried to take the gun from said police officer. I’m not saying ALL police shootings of blacks or any other race are justified, but the shooting of Michael Brown was adjudicated as a “righteous shoot”! Civil Rights does NOT mean that anyone has the RIGHT to rob someone, assault someone, rape someone, try to kill someone, with IMPUNITY! WE all have the RIGHT to self defense! (Regardless of the color of skin of the perpetrator!)

          1. Tiger says

            Didn’t notice that sorry and thanks.

          2. teachersaide says

            U just posted the video- The school & it’s staff are responsible for what is in the school. As long as “idiots” out there, still believe that “Hands UP, Don’t Shoot”, actually happened, we will see more racial division in this country, not less.

    7. Murphmeister says

      They are still slaveholders in places.

    8. CALIFGUY 53 says

      Tiger, no the UN is a third world debating forum. They would never tell the Muslim world to pay reparations, for it would bring to light the extreme abuses of islam. They would have to explain how the middle east had a 99 percent mortality rate among slaves, through mutilation and removing the genitals of all males, and not surgically. They would have to show how poorly they were mistreated with the women being raped as a common practice.
      Better yet, why are they not focusing on the African nations who actually enslaved and sold the slaves to the Europeans?
      I say we need to get the UN the hell out of the United States, let them do their dirty work from Prague and we need to pull out and tell them to kiss where the sun don’t shine.

      1. Tiger says

        Was hoping that Trump would do just that. I got another idea for the UN. We just experienced three devestating, heartbreaking storms, two on the Mainland and one on a Territory, going to cost us billions, nobody lifted a finger but Israel to help in all areas and nobody even mentioned it on TV.

        Isn’t it time, since all the nations are part of this UN that they had a section for calamities? Where was someone to stand up and ask them all to send aid and money to us? Yet they surely get ours, fools that we are even if they hate us. Like Indonesia, our HOPE hospital ship and military hospital ships went there to help including Israel, they wouldn’t even let our soldiers touch a boot on their shores, so time for repayment to us, time for countries to give us some money and as to Europe, where is the money owed us for the rebuilding?

        Sick of it and time to stop up the giving and say NO NO NO. We take care of your own, we owe trillions and now billions for rebuilding.

        1. TexasCoyote1 says

          Oh, but Tiger, that is not the work the UN is about. It’s only about money flowing out of the US never into it. It’s purpose is to bring down this country because the freedoms this country has stand in the way of the UN’s total domination.

          But, your thoughts are certainly cogent.

          1. Tiger says

            Well yeah right but they go into countries after they rape every girl in the place etc and try to help right? Time to throw the bums out.

          2. TexasCoyote1 says

            Yes, of course, I would love to see the UN somewhere else, but the fact remains as long as this organization exists, it is a threat to our republic. It must be destroyed and the sooner the better.

    9. R. T. says

      That is why the UN is NO GOOD anymore , it will condemn Canada for slavery even tho it helped the underground railroad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      And in turn say nothing about the Muslim country’s that STILL ALLOW SLAVERY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Tiger says

        Yes and Yes. Life is upside down and we need to right it.

        1. R. T. says

          Yes here they are worried about things that happened over 150 years ago ( where no one is still ALIVE ) and turn a blind eye to what is going on TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Tiger says

            All over the country, however; I must say the NFL kneeling kerfuffle has brought some really good black men to their feet to lay the bomb on these thugs. Good to see. So who knows we may make it back to wholeness yet.


    10. bkeyes71@yahoo.com says

      The UN is a global organization which has done next to nothing in keeping peace in the world. It was a good idea but it doesn’t work. I would like to see Trump get them out of our country and get our country out of the UN.

    11. ARTPSYCH says

      Exactly! Few people know of the barbarism from the muslims in the 1700’s when we were a fledgling nation! The Barbary Wars were a demonstration of American might to combat evil.

      1. Tiger says

        Thomas Jefferson knew. Our Founding Fathers knew. They are a plague pure and simple. Got Muslims you have problems as their populations grow, they are like a weed in the garden strangling all the good plants.

        1. ARTPSYCH says

          history hasn’t changed with radical Muslims. The Barbary coast’s Muslim leaders regarded the slavery of white people as a ‘justice’. we fought back for several years and finally won. The crusades were against Muslims who ruled over Jerusalem from the jews.the crusaders drove them out. So much harm from a false-prophet, a false religion and a hateful ideologue against humanity

          1. AKLady says

            Using the site for free advertising is dishonest

          2. AKLady says

            ..Using the site for free advertising is dishonest

    12. Craig Vandertie says

      Trudeau is just like too many of those who are suppose to be Public servants working for the good of the majority but more crusaders of pushing for the enslavement of the human race through the NWO, which was the goal of the U.N. since the very beginning, the idea was planted by the world’s most wealthy at the time, doubtful any average citizen of the developed world would have been in favor of the concept.

      1. Tiger says
        1. Craig Vandertie says

          The man is an idiot, catering to those of small numbers who speak the loudest or have the mouthpiece Lamestream media speaking for them.

          The leaders of our world could care less about the Common Good which eventually will lead to enslavement of the vast majority under Sharia law.

    13. RockinOn says

      Of Course Not Tiger, they will only present that to the Western Nations or nations that have been led to believe that they are industrialized and civil ! The Islamic nations get a pass nowadays thanks to obummer and the critters, he has invited into this country, and the ideology as well ! They get all the privileges and all others they are trying to squelch us out ! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/24367d646cc636a72a9cd3409c957d36ca35fa3d870bb68824788d03035b5b0c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ff63c84a87489b09ecfb89136214118784be8709a9c62bb35198b8baddcc49ce.jpg
      Thanks but No Thanks obummer https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b30910b6dd1f36449fb8f6336f57b02c92566df0db5d129bd709317aa143ebcd.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/508963f22844ec6b955686815af9749676e7a6ffe4c081ef46ed56d72882b596.jpg

    14. Mr. Manfredgensenden says

      And what about the Native Americans? The FIRST cargo of the FIRST slave ship built in the American ‘colonies’ was loaded with American Indians and shipped OUT to the British East Indies. Being part Cherokee AND Creek, should ‘I’ be properly compensated for the injustice perpetrated on MY people?

      1. Tiger says

        NO you shouldn’t. It was the British who brought the slaves to America. The Pilgrims that came here brought no slaves. Indians had slaves, you know that? The U.S. is comprised of people who came here from all over the world, through Ellis Island, and after WWI and WWII and none of them had any trek in the past history of this country.

        So NO you work like everyone else and make your way and quit crying. Indians could have been totally wiped out when they decided to fight but they were not. You have Reservations where you don’t even belong to America and your chiefs rule, you get American money for the amount of Indian blood you have and you make billions from the casino and by the way, your Cherokee sold the Indians down the tubes, took their lands, killed them and you run the Casinos and the chiefs live like kings.




    15. Lili J says

      Trudeaui is the Canadian version of Obama…

    16. Angelswatchingoverme says

      Vermin is right…he’s a un boy through and through…makes me wonder if he is on their payroll, or has he been promised a nice spot at the UN table for his destruction of this nation? He seems to be working to speed along the UN’s transformation to the One World Government.

  2. gotabgood says

    Remember Bannon?? One of your own…. a radical rigthwinger??? I think you have opened his eyes…


    1. Retired says

      There is a big problem in both parties , and the only way to change it is to eliminate outside interest campaign money and TERM LIMITS . There must be a ceiling on campaign spending and the length of the Campaign .

      1. gotabgood says

        One more thing we agree on…… GET RID OF CITIZENS UNITED..
        And yes I agree… this crap of getting elected and first day on job is trying to get reelected..

        1. Mathew Molk says

          If that were true then why do they do the exact opposite of what the ran on? – If that were not true the un-affordable healthcare act would have been gone 4 years ago. – Lie and then double cross the voters. I have NO idea how they get re-elected. .

        2. WOA says

          Damn! I hate it when I have to agree with you ^_^

  3. MAHB001 says

    Consider the source… If this group has any link to slavery in their past then they are hypocrites and not worth listening to.

    My bet is that they are not worth listening to.

  4. henrikovratd says

    I’ll say it again.
    This is all about 13% of the population that c cant get their heads out of their asses.
    This article is perfectly said .
    Blame,blame, blame, that’s all blacks do.
    Give me, give me, give me, that’s all they know.
    Work hard like everybody else.
    The more they speak, the more they are disliked!!

    1. Mathew Molk says

      And the assholes make it hard on the black population that DOES go to work and pay taxes like the rest of the country,,,,with the exception of the snowflakes, anyway.

  5. Kenny Albert says

    Defund the U. N. and throw them out.

  6. GrizzMann says

    What about the Arab slave traders? ISIS would be a good start. BTW they are still doing it. As are other Arab countries.

    1. TexasCoyote1 says

      Ah, but the Arab slave traders are still useful to the powers that be. As long as they are useful, they will be allowed to rape and pillage to their heart’s content. The UN and the powers that are behind their efforts can exterminate the Arabs once they have aided in the bringing down of honest governments around the world.

  7. Frank says

    How about the African tribes that captured and sold slaves??? Should they pay reparations? The UN is a joke, particularly the third world leaders, who lead countries that don’t allow basic freedoms to their own people!

  8. Jim says

    Why doesn’t the un tell their African ancestors to pay reparations to them for selling them into slavery the first place?!?!?!?

  9. Linda Giffin says

    Sounds like REDIDTRIBUTION OF WEALTH … SOCIALISM. If not, then why not go after the countries that sold the slaves in the first place? Those African nations are much poorer than western nations.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      You don’t spend money suing someone that is noncollectable, That’s why.

      I think they are going after this type of bulshit because their global warming agenda had worn really thin. – Just like the NWO Marxists (aka democrats) here. They are grasping at straws and are in full panic mode because we have them on the run. When the cackling witch went down in flames it was the beginning of the end for the NWO.

  10. Richard head says

    Take the money out of the Clinton and Obama foundation. Let them fucks pay for it.

  11. Arnold Young says

    The sooner we get the US out of the UN and get the UN out of the US the better it will be for all of us. These idiots are getting way out of line. We pay way to much of their budget and get nothing for it. Good by UN move to some country that things you are relevant.

    1. TexasCoyote1 says

      You do realize the UN building is technically an international territory much like international waters. When Rockefeller gave the property to the United Nations, it was ceded to the organization and removed from United States soil. I’m sure this was done to make it difficult to achieve the goal you are stating in your post. The Rockefellers must have anticipated the time when we, the people, figured out the UN was the real enemy and would try to eliminate it.

  12. tCotUS says

    UN can Kiss my conservative US azz. First off, the taxpayer Leeches should be kicked out of the USA, & the building should be put to better use. Each Country that belongs to that worthless organization should clean their own doorsteps before telling anyone else to do anything. Furthermore UN is controlled by Globalists who use taxpayer money handouts as leverage..

    1. WOA says

      Better use??? Like, How many homeless Vets could it house???

      1. tCotUS says


      2. tCotUS says

        Or a National Vets Hospital ??

  13. SouthernPatriot says

    Snowflake leftist Trudeau may just pay it. Maybe he will take some of the windfall Canada has received from another terrible treaty (NAFTA) and pay it. Or maybe the separatists in Quebec will collect money for him since they put Trudeau in office.

  14. dirty deeds says

    I’d just tell them NO. Next subject.

  15. BIG STAN says


  16. tax man says

    Why are we (The USA) even still in the UN, and why do we allow them to “park” in NY?

    1. David in MA says

      Only one good reason: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
      BUT, even this is no longer worthy, as far as knowing what they might be up to, the USA has the means to gather info, Obama proved this. (and probably is still doing so, on Trump & Company)

    2. SoundMind says

      The U.S. needs a seat at that table, at least to know what’s going on, but it doesn’t have to be in NY beside the knotted-pistol monument .

    3. TexasCoyote1 says

      As I said in my post above, they are not technically in New York. When the property was given to the United Nations, it was ceded from New York to international territory just like international waters.

  17. CCblogging says

    The final goal of the United Nations is a Muslim/Fascist World Government. The Deep State aka The Shadow Government wants that NWO too. UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030 are the Deep State’s blueprints for the Fascist/Muslim world government the elites want to inflict on us. The Deep State/UN world government demands that there be no borders, no American law, no private property except for the Globalist Elites or allowed by the globalist elites and no US Constitution. If the Globalists succeed, we will be TOTALLY ruled by foreigners by the year 2030. Much of this world government is being implemented in increments right under our noses, right now. Ever wonder why the Fascist Globalist Democrats want to seize our guns? They want total control of a helpless populace so they can shove UN Agenda 21 & UN Agenda 2030 right down our throats.

  18. Ron Dapo says

    The UN is as absolutely absurd and
    needs to focus on realality.

  19. jimdarnall says

    Oh boy does this open a can of worms. I have really got to say how ignorant and stupid the UN is. Let’s just see if they fire one of these ridiculous recommendations off at all the muslim countries. They are still active slavers. In fact they are the only nations still involved in slavery. Maybe ISIS will attack the UN.

  20. Allan Scott says

    It doesn’t surprise me that the UN has focused on this type of loony stupidity. Why this corrupt organization still exists is questionable to say the least especially when you look at some of their member countries in Africa committing genocide.

  21. Jmanjo says

    Canada should tell the UN to go screw themselves. We already know that the members of this human rights committee are full of crap. They are not making any decisions that have anything to do with human rights as we know them to be. They are members who cannot even explain why they come to their decisions or if they do anything for the good of anyone! They should be disbanded for their ineptness and foul results.

  22. Austinniceguy says

    The UN needs to be defunded and disbanded. They exist ONLY because WE support them. If the Canadian idiots comply then they deserve to be extorted. The UN is realizing that President Trump has them in his cross hairs so they are trying to line their pockets while they can.

  23. CUZIN ERN says

    Canada told the UN! if you want to get paid re: slavery, bring your shovels and dig up those slave drivers up and shake the coins out of their socks!

  24. Barbara Johnson says

    Reparations for the past conduct of any country is ridiculous. I never had a slave I was a slave to my ex husband did every little thing to make his life better while my own life became more and more of a down hill spiral. I broke those chains by finally realizing that our union as husband and wife was not a productive one and was one sided at best. I finally after trying for ten years to make this dysfunctional marriage work I got a divorce which I should have done much sooner but oh well hindsight 100% foresight 0%. I learned I was capable of learning new things went to college,got better paying jobs and even though I have found the one man I thought I would never find I will never marry again just enjoy his company and love and he is quite content with this. So when they say reparations for the past I do not seek or want any money from ex husband I can make it on my own and that is what people should be doing thinking of ways to better their present situation instead of looking backwards {that time is gone and will never come back} they should focus on what they can to improve their lives today.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      It’s called alimony, there Babs.

  25. pbargioni says

    The UN has obviously never heard the famous saying that states “We/you are not responsible for the sins of our/your fathers”. That statement is important because it limits social conflict between people and between countries. The alternative is there is never any resolution to any war in history like WW1 and WW2, which would be totally stupid. If any restitution is to be made to an individual or country, it must be done during their time in history.

  26. higgy01 says

    How about going after the countries in northern Africa and the middle east that actively pursue slavery. The UN seems to have a blind eye to their buddies still dealing in slavery. The UN is so incompetent and corrupt it is not even worth saving and the sooner we cut off the billions we give these slugs the better off we will be.

  27. Mathew Molk says

    Spending THEIR time and OUR money. This just goes to prove all the nut cases are not in our country. It shows it’s WAY past time to pull out of the UN and cut off any money we are giving them.

    I understand the Rocafellers gove them the land the building is sitting on…OK the UN owns the property, but since when can ANY rich asshole make a part of the US a part of another country. ? That is still US soil no matter who’s name is ou the deed. Cut the power, water and gas and commo lines and tell them to get the hell out of pur country.

  28. mjmaf says

    The U.N is a front for a lot of the world’s worst Despots and has committed its own acts of inhumanity by what it does and doesn’t support. The most recent is supporting terrorists over Israel! And how many times has the head had his hand in the cookie jar for self interests. The U.N.’s time has come and gone. Time to pull out as the U.S. is wasting its money there and Dems continually try to tie U.N. rules in attempts to usurp U.S. law, especially in gun grabbing!

  29. 4freedom says

    UN out of the U.S., U.S. out of the UN.

  30. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    This is the second most stupid thing I have ever heard! In this case, I hope that Canada tells the UN to go straight to hell!

  31. Lindy says

    Canada and the US should tell those who want reparations, when the slaves, those who endured living under such horrible circumstances, come back to life, we will be more than happy to pay them for their suffering. Canada and the US should further state that those blacks living today, should stop sucking off the pain and misery that their ancestors endured and make the most of what this life has to offer them. To use slavery as a way to make money is beyond the pale.

  32. George E. LeFebvre says

    Its time to get rid of the UN. Since our country practically pays for everything they do, then we should just cut off all their funds and send them packing to whatever hole most of them came from. The UN Building can be used for much better things than trying to steal money from most nations to enhance their agenda of stupidity. SHUT THEM DOWN AND TELL THEM TO MOVE OUT OF THE COUNTRY.,,

  33. firehawk69 says

    All of those “isms” groups are being used by satan as useful idiots. God, the “I AM” will rectify these situations very soon. Oooo…..Raahhhh..! Semper Fi…..!

    1. rivahmitch says

      More likely, He’ll leave it to those who value their freedom to act like it and eject the corruptocratic and kleptocratic UN and its ideas and minions from their countries and governments.

      1. firehawk69 says

        I agree. He uses many people and things to advance His agenda! Clean’em, lube’em, lock and load’em for the time to use them draws near! Ooooo..Rahhh..! Semper Fi…!

  34. capt111_1966@yahoo.com says


    1. jim_wright says

      Except that the Canadian government is leftist.

      1. capt111_1966@yahoo.com says

        Yep. Your right. The left definitely has no balls.

        1. TexasCoyote1 says

          left and no balls does tend to go hand in hand. (Pun possibly intended–not sure)

  35. Jim Gurry says

    sounds like it’s time for Canada to leave the UN along with the US.

  36. Phil Esposito says

    Time to close down that useless POS institution. What about Jewish, White, Italian, Hispanic and Asian slaves?

  37. David in MA says

    Every slave alive today in Canada should get a check, for one Canadian Dollar.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      They have even less living slaves then we do in this country,,,,,In other words, NONE

      1. David in MA says

        The only slaves alive today in America is the single white male.

  38. allen goldberg says

    Today Islam has 4,000,000 slaves
    WTF is the UN doing about that? Nothing

    I would tell them to go pound sand!!

  39. Dennis Smith says

    Good luck with this idea

  40. I remember says

    It is past time for the US to withdraw from the UN and kick them out of New York. We can use the present UN facilities for something useful.

    1. mrpoohead says

      Housing “illegals and refugees? Slavery – last state in the north to abolish was New Jersey in 1804. know thy history! “Slavery remained legal in the North after the Civil War.” You remember nothing!

  41. Marinus Hoogedoorn says

    Fucking crazy embiciles this days in that UN Building.

  42. Robert Russell says

    Dump the UN & all world organisations like WHO & IMF etc! All one world government if this goes through all will be slaves. Did you notice UN left out our country why “Mr Trump”. Trump 2020!

    1. jaybird says

      What is “WHO”??

      1. jim_wright says

        World Health Organization

      2. Robert Russell says

        World health organisation!

        1. jaybird says

          I forget about that one. Have you seen video’s on Karen Hudes former World Bank Senior Counsel and IMF whistleblower? I came across them yesterday. Can be googled.

    2. jaybird says

      The UN needs to crack down on the UN Peace Keeping forces in these poor countries from raping the women.

  43. Rodzzz says

    Again the UN is out of line and would do a lot better slithering back into it’s hole and remain silent.

    1. teachersaide says

      Too TRUE! As long as they talk & act like “Idiots”, People will notice, & their cushy jobs might just go away!

      1. Rodzzz says

        The UN has turned into an obsolete very expensive and useless investment. Always trying to bite the hand that feeds it.

  44. Nina Ferguson says

    Since when does the UN have the right to tell a country that they should have to pay reparations for slavery, when it never existed in their country? They need to look back at their own countries histories of slavery and how some countries were selling their own citizens to slavers. The UN needs to sit back and look at their own attitudes and behaviors.

    1. WOA says

      Actually, they hope any “restitution’s” would be paid through them so they could charge “administration fees” that their “leaders” could then skim.

  45. Theresa Beauchamp says

    The UN doesn’t pay their own bills and now think they can tell Canada to pay for something that happened over 100 years ago. And just who gets this money after it’s paid? No the UN doesn’t get to demand this. This is bulls**t and Canada and any other country should tell them where to shove it.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Make that over 200 years ago in Canada’s case. Actually close to 300 years.

  46. roboteq says

    Just more Progressive Leftists doing everything they can to divide people within nations as well as between nations. Wake up folks! Good people do a lot of bad things in life. Let’s not make allowing ourselves to be divided over our errors be another bad thing we allow to be done. It’s not like the world’s Black folks have an exclusive on having been enslaved. Every nationality of the world has been enslaved by others at some point or another, and factions such as Islamic countries still allow for slavery even today.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Most of my Mom’s family in North Carolina were share croppers up to WW II. They were trered like shit by the land owners too. – DO I get reparations for that? (Actually my Mom was always proud of her heritage of working in the fields like mules. “We were poor but did’;t know it” she always told us.

      1. TexasCoyote1 says

        My grandfather was a sharecropper, too here in Texas just south of Austin. He had 8 kids, 7 of whom survived infancy. They all slept in one bed, but all but one of his grandchildren graduated from college and went on to live middle class productive lives. My point is, success is as much cultural as it is based on opportunity. For 50 years the descendants of black slaves have had “special” opportunities afforded to them, and the vast majority still live poor lives. They also denigrate black men who do rise above. Men like Ben Carson and Charles Barkley are called black white supremacists because they don’t praise the black culture.

        I think white America has already overpaid its reparations.

  47. Sherree Hobbs-Ingle says

    YES! All slaves need to get in line for their pay! WHAT? They ALL are DEAD?

  48. Pete says

    I totally agree that anyone who was a slave back then should be compensated, but not their heirs or descendants!!!

  49. justanagent says

    The best description I have ever heard of the UN is “a theater of the absurd”. Canada and the U.S. should both withdraw and let it collapse.

  50. SD of AZ says

    This just proves who and what inhabits the UN. The problems of today ignored while the UN libtards try to figure out how and who to guilt into paying them reparations for problems of centuries ago. If that is the way they think, it is time that Africa paid as well. The slaves were then and now provided by the stronger of that society. And it is still a nation of slave traders, the regime still stands. The black on black class society still have the leaders suppressing the peons. This is third world politics and those in the UN are part of this as well. It is long past time to dump the UN!

  51. patd says

    The UN haas been overrun by ignorant racist libturds and has no longer an effective service!!!! Ban the UN from the USA and get the USA out of the UN! Once they let the muslim countries take over the UN has been a body to attack infidels at will!

  52. Robert says

    Like I’ve said before, The U.N is not there to help. They want to take your money and make a One World Government.!
    They support there Islamic buddies, but to hell with the Western Civilization and Isreal. So screw them.

  53. dranalog says

    Stands to reason they would try this with Canada, who are mostly liberal. Trudeau might be dumb enough to succumb to political correctness and pay.

    1. Kenny Albert says

      The only good thing is if all the blacks left the U.S. and went to Canada. Free money.

  54. Ron C says

    I certainly hope the Canuck’s tell the UN to pound sand…???

  55. Moe says

    This logic we must pay reparations for crimes of other whites born generations ago? Why not punish all white peoples for crimes white committed in ancient history? What about Other racial groups that committed atrocities? Share the names of the pompous asses whom created the article and their nationalities bet your fanny there is dirt in their history too. Most of the Nazis and Imperialist Japanese are dead from old age, do we punished their grandchildren now for their crimes? Look at this logic, this is the New Workd Order or Globalism, Obama, Merkle, and others worked for this dream of world socialism/communism. Instead of creating wealth, take it from one people and give it to another. We can all be equal,me crept the elite like Obama they get more?

  56. Kevin Jjose says

    sorry if this is true so if this is true. first of all it’s stupid I’d like to know who it is that said they would have to do that. Well I’m guessing since he paid the eight million dollars they figure he won’t mind doing that. What a joke

  57. MajorPain says

    Ron White says you can’t fix STUPID!!!! If you ever wondered why the UN is as ineffective as it’s Predecessor The League of Nation’s you just found it every Ethnic Group on this Planet has at one time or another been held as slaves. So why stop here Lets Nail the Italians seeing as the Roman Empire held the largest number Ethnic’s as Slaves for more than four Hundred years. This Organization in it self could be called out for condoning Slavery in the Sudan and the Congo alone. I have heard rumors in the Congo that 4 year old children are being used to MINE Cobalt to make Batteries for Electric Cars. These Moron’s and I REPEAT Moron’s need to work in today’s world again’st atrocities being preformed NOW not Playing Dr. WHO because we haven’t got time machines to repair the past and to some you can’t pay enough in Reparations with out making yourself a SLAVE to them. So to the UN I say GROW UP take your Reparations Vaseline them really well place them on a chair drop your Trousers and have a seat.

  58. Ronald Logan says

    The shape this world is in an the UN as nothing better to do but bitch about something that happen 150 years ago then they have out lived their purpose it`s time for the UN to close down. You would think they would be concentrating their efforts on the slave trade
    that’s happening in Africa esp. the Congo now. The UN is also trying to take our guns away from us here in America this organization has no rights to interfere with the laws of other country s are their governments this is just another undercover attack from the left.

  59. PatrioticVet says

    I certainly hope & expect our great cousins to the north, will advise the UN to go F..K themself’s !!!!

  60. Roy says

    Well said! Have you ever noticed that the left has never done anything wrong (in their eyes). They are the very essence of perfection (again in their eyes).
    Jesus said in Matthew 7, “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

  61. Defend America says

    Give everyone of them 2 cents and tell them we are now even. Racism stops now. It really is a disgrace what liberals are doing in 2017 over 200 years after slavery ended. I am not responsible for what other people have done I am only responsible for my actions. Blacks sold Blacks into slavery yet no one seems to ever bring that to the front. How about we tell the blacks that we want reparations for what their people started selling their on for a profit and creating all this hate.

  62. Terry Rushing says

    Once again the proof that the UN is long overdue for being disbanded. Where the hell does a group of foreigners presume to have the power to intrude itself into the sovereign affairs of a nation and begin ordering “restitution”? Once again, I support the idea of the US leaving the UN and terminate the expense for the useless and offensive meddling.

  63. Dan Meyer says

    Thanks, Tiger. There is big money in divide-and-conquer. The UN was formed so our formerly “United” States could keep a watchful eye on the world. Time to either make member nations pay for their participation or withdraw.

  64. Larry Brule says


  65. ernldo says

    I’ll give my house to the first ex-American slave that comes forward. I also want to hear a thank you from the black community (very few actual descendents of slaves) for the 600,000 northern white boys that died on the battlefields ending American slavery.
    Seriously we need to abandon the ever pathetic UN, and turn that moronic building into condos. I owe blacks NOTHING, but if any of them want a one way ticket back to africa, if you also surrender your US citizenship, I’ll pick up the cost!

  66. sbeer101 says

    We need to get out of the UN and get the UN out of the USA.

  67. BT says

    Hmmm. I wonder if this will finally wake up ordinary Canadians to the extent socialism and leftism have grown under their recent governments. I hope that they will scoff at the UN council’s report and see how the UN has drifted far away from their charter.

  68. 1Orchard-1955Arthur Tompkins says

    As I have said before when it comes to the UN, You can’t stupid.

  69. Murphmeister says

    It’s time to tell the U.N. to find another site to hold its meetings and another source of funding other than the U.S. and its allies and friends. As a person of Irish descent, I am not seeking recompense from Britain or the U.S. for the lambasting my ancestors took for centuries. I am grateful to the US. for the opportunities it furnished my ancestors, not matter how hard won they have been. I am grateful Ireland is free and prosperous. The victors look forward, the losers look back like there’s an anchor fastened to them.

  70. Simply_Sis says

    You understand that this is the divisive nature of globalism. They are dividing and conquering through racism, among other things. People are too easily led astray these days. There is a total confusion as to what is right and wrong. Common-sense isn’t common anymore. These are new days and the liberals, unfortunately, were the ones allowed to take over education in many lands. This is what you get, nimrods to the left of you, nimrods to the right… it’s pretty discouraging until you remember that God is still on the throne. God Almighty has not let us go down with the Hillary ship, he sent us a life preserver in the name of Trump. It is our job to bow our knee TO CHRIST (not NFL bowing of the knee), repent of our sins and the sins of our country, and receive Christ (if not a Christian), and pray for God Almighty to MAGA. We are the leader of the free world and God is not finished with us yet. Almighty God is on the throne. He is looking for people who will look to Him and trust Him, so He can use them mightily in these last days. We’re not alone, others like Israel, Ukraine, Poland, etc. are standing up for Christ in huge numbers! America is blessed because we send the gospel throughout the whole earth. This is our mission and we’re still at it. Take heart that regardless of the nimrods among us, God (through prayer) can turn those nimrods into clear headed saints! If you are not saved, get saved. Jesus Christ is coming soon and everyone needs to be ready. Heaven awaits those who make a stand for Christ. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  71. Mary Carter says

    Tiger, all I can add is Amen to that.

  72. practicedcynic says

    The UN is a bunch of BLOOD SUCKING BUREAUCRATS, who should move to the nearest star system.

    1. teachersaide says

      AND, Corrupt as H_LL! With all their mismanagement, outright theft, & other major league “screw ups”, they NEED to clean their own house, before they start telling USA & Canada HOW to live!

  73. Betsy Scott says

    The UN takes our money and then tells us what to do- Let’s cut their funding and see who supports them when we do not do it – maybe they will quit biting the hand that feeds them but I doubt it!!!!

  74. Arizona Don says

    If Canada agrees to pay reparations to blacks many of the ones here will no doubt sneak into Canada or at least move there somehow. The way things are going here in the US we could no doubt get along much better with fewer of the freeloaders at least. The football players at least!

    Consequently, I would like to thank Canada in advance for being so thoughtful. However, if that is seen as necessary by the UN why is the US not entitled to reparations from the blacks here for the 750,000 plus white lives lost and the nearly one million solders who were wounded freeing them here in this country? Seems fair to me. After all the US is the only country in the world to have fought a war to free slaves. I bet they would like to pay about half of the national debt since it was another black who ran it up!

  75. Marilynn Reeves says

    Just more useless BS from the UN. The past can not be changed just not repeated. Today Muslims are the only ones that have slaves so work on them.

  76. MILES E DRAKE says

    If anyone needed and further convincing that the United States needs to get out of the United Nations, and to kick these communists, connivers and conspirators out of the country, this article has provided it.

    1. nocbsfan says

      UN should be and must be disbanded, this has always been a useless tool for world peace. A room full of people who can’t even begin to agree with each other. Lot of money being spent going nowhere

      1. teachersaide says

        I remember the Vietnam Peace talks, and HOW long did it take to agree to SHAPE of the conference table?

        1. nocbsfan says

          Yes I vaguely remember such an incident, Strange thing about Vietnam, I read a book written by a Vietnamese General, who wrote how the US had won the war and how they were ready to surrender in a day or two because the bombing was destroying Hanoi. Then they discovered the news media was doing more for them than they could so they hung on and won. I will look for his name and the article where he wrote the account. and post it to you if you like.

          1. teachersaide says

            Thank you, that would be interesting. 10 or 15 years ago, I was looking something up on line, about the Numbers of people murdered by Communist regimes. Google that subject, and low estimate is 80 Million, to high estimate of 200-250 Million. Which I then wondered about Vietnam, after the fall of South VN. A journalist wrote an article, that the first year after reunification, Communist gov’t did nothing blatant. When News media got tired of “watching” them & “left”, they placed at least 1 MILLION of their people into re-education camps, prison, or executed them. About another 1 Million escaped, as the then known, “Boat People”! That was about 25% of the South Vietnamese population- NEVER heard JACK about this on MSM! And, WE had a treaty with South Viet Nam, called SEATO! Akin to the NATO treaty which helped protect Europe during Cold war.

          2. nocbsfan says

            This is an excerpt I took from a book by Gen. Giap

            “What we still don’t understand is why you Americans stopped the bombing of Hanoi. You had us on the ropes. If you had pressed us a little harder, just for another day or two, we were ready to surrender! It was the same at the battle 0f TET. You defeated us! We knew it, and thought you knew it.
            But we were elated to notice your media was helping us. They were causing more disruption in America than we could in the battlefield. We were ready to surrender. You had won” (Quote from a book by North Vietnamese General Giap) What do you think?

          3. nocbsfan says

            Didn’t hear from you did my letter go through ?

          4. teachersaide says

            This is the only reply that I have received, to my statement that I would find the name of the author and article interesting. IF U sent the info, I have not received it. Thank you.

          5. nocbsfan says

            Okay let me try this again

            “What we still don’t understand is why you Americans stopped the bombing of Hanoi. You had us on the ropes. If you had pressed us a little harder, just for another day or two, we were ready to surrender! It was the same at the battle 0f TET. You defeated us! We knew it, and thought you knew it.
            But we were elated to notice your media was helping us. They were causing more disruption in America than we could in the battlefield. We were ready to surrender. You had won” (Quote from a book by North Vietnamese General Giap) I wanted you to see this .

  77. Michael Paul says

    I repeat for the thousandth time – U.S. (and Canada) out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S. In the words of the late John McLaughlin – “BYE BYE”.

  78. Marine68 says

    If they want the guilty to pay for reparations, they should go to the main culprits, all Muslim Middle Eastern Countries and Kingdoms.

  79. bkeyes71@yahoo.com says

    Pay reparations to who?? There are no slaves anymore except those who wish to remain as slaves.

    1. teachersaide says

      Actually, UN is blatantly Ignoring the SLAVERY that still goes on in part of Middle East, Africa, & Asia, per Amnesty International.

      1. nocbsfan says

        You didn’t really expect them to honest ! ?

        1. teachersaide says

          Nope! I’m just disappointed, & amazed, at the numbers of people who “think” that the UN actually has something to say, that is NOT blatantly anti-Western civilization…. UN needs to CLEAN their OWN house!

          1. nocbsfan says

            The UN has been around for awhile and I will never know how. They should have been disbanded years ago. Actually they should never have been formed to start with. UN has never stopped a conflict,never talked a country out of attacking another. Even now with serious discussions with N Korea, what is the UN doing. Right, creating sanctions, like who cares Sanctions have bothered countries,but never anything serious . Iran is getting along fine and just as big a threat as they ever were. Russians just laugh,as does China. Where are you UN. They are in NYC planning some kind of sanctions. Thanks for listening Teach. The UN has always been a thorn.

          2. anibanib says

            Are you another American who dislikes the UN

          3. teachersaide says

            Not particularly. They have too many scandals in their “baggage”, they think that WE, the USA, “owe” them something, & as illustrated in the story here, FOCUS on past “problems” like slavery in USA/North America over 150 yrs ago, while ignoring ONGOING slavery in parts of Middle East, Africa, & Asia. They also have this tendency for the last 40 years to IGNORE terrorism, especially if it’s Islamic “based”! U don’t remember when UNICEF money in the 1970’s was used to buy weapons for Palestinian terrorists? HOW about the UN aide workers in Haiti after earthquake, bringing CHOLERA to the island? Remember Kofi Anin (then head of UN) had son working for UN, who STOLE buckets of money? He had to resign- NO restitution, NO prosecution, NO legal consequences of any kind. HOW about the UN troops in Africa, who have been charged with Rape, sexual misconduct, child abuse, pornography, etc? They have a MAJOR scandal at least every 5-10 years, with numerous smaller ones along the way.

  80. morrow says

    The Japanese got reparations for being locked up , so why not ? I”m still waiting for my reparations from the USA for taxation without representation.

    1. teachersaide says

      I’m waiting for reparations d/t the FACT that for most of History, women could NOT own property, pick out their own spouses (in ancient Rome, if a young woman refused to marry the man her father picked, HE could have her KILLED!), VOTE, go to college, possess their own MONEY from inheritances, were barred from jobs like lawyers/doctors/surgeons/bankers et al. In 1968, when I graduated from High school, my younger sister wanted to be a Veterinarian- Closest school for that was Ohio State. KNOW what their admission protocols were like then? They took an incoming class of 100 every year- OUT of that 100, they took 5 “women”, because they’d “just get married & pregnant, & quit work anyway”. BTW, NOT really expecting reparations- There is NO person in this country who has NOT been disrespected at some time in their lives!

  81. ARTPSYCH says

    Canada to apologize for black slavery and pay reparations for their role in the slave trade ..

    So how does one really pay reparations? really! seriously that was years ago- move on liberals! Quit bitching about a past history besides it was the Democrats who endorsed slavery, jim crow, segregation and lynching..!!

  82. Charley C. says

    When are people going to wake up and finally Disband the United Nations for good ? They have no power over any country or any People ,and yet they keep tryin to run each and every country like it was theirs ! Just shut them down and be done with it ,they serve no purpose anyways !

  83. barnjoer says

    I would tell the UN to KISS MY ASS!!!

  84. Mike W says

    I would tell the UN – OK – you bring me one of my supposed slaves and I’ll pay them reparations. I want England to pay me reparations for my ancestor who was killed in the Revolutionary War.

  85. Lorraine E says

    Strange that I don’t know any people who have been enslaved. Perhaps the people who have been abducted and forced to be child prostitutes, such as the child sex slaves on Epstein’s kiddie sex island, should be paid reparations for the length of time they were enslaved. I don’t know if any of them are still alive but if they are, they should be paid for the forced sex services they had to endure.

  86. Sherry Pennington says

    We need to get out of the UN and kick them out of our country.

    1. nocbsfan says


    2. Hidayat Rizvi says

      Muslim hater dirty kuffar natanyahoo’s a$$ likker

  87. cdansreau says

    This is incredibly wrong. Canada had no interest in slavery. the UK banned slavery in 1833. Canada had no reason for slavery, no cotton crops, etc. the short growth cycle of the summer did not warrant year long ownership of slaves. Both sets of my grandparents were born in Canada and to my best knowledge they never had even seen a black person. what next, Canadian UFOs abducting people centuries ago.

  88. rick meek says

    Get RID of these A-Holes NOW…….There are over 40 million in slavery presently around the world and mostly in the ME and Africa…..

  89. cg says

    How nuts is this… libs want blacks to feel inferior and they want to keep them down.

  90. Rock J. Dueck says

    Once again the unelected, self-appointed kangaroo court presume to give orders to a sovereign, democratic country. Unfortunately the weak kneed prime minister, Skippie Trudeau, will likely do anything they say as he continues to try to get a UN seat. I can’t believe that free countries are willing to be controlled by the UN. If we want dictators, we might as well stop bothering to have elections.

  91. Garys_opinion says

    Well, are they going to demand that England, Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy pay reparations to Africa for their part in transporting slaves to the New World? How about Cuba and all of the South American Countries who used slaves. France enslaved thousands of Vietnamese for work in their Michelin Rubber plantations. Or the Arabians who for years bought and sold slaves thru out the world.Then there are the Romans, Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, Syrians, and all of the other countries where, and still are involved in the slave trade. To say nothing about the Turks who decimated an entire ethnic group, the Armenians after WWI.
    We really need the U.N. to close up shop, pack their bags, and get the hell out of America!

    1. teachersaide says

      Works for me!

  92. teachersaide says

    #1, Hopefully, Canadians are smarter than the NIT WITS at the UN, & refuse to do this incredibly illogical action. #2, Reparations for slavery should BEGIN with the countries in the Middle East, Africa, & Asia that are STILL using slavery, as documented by Amnesty International. THEN, they can talk about those with a past history of slavery like Italy (Roman Empire), Greece (Greek Empire), Egypt (Ancient Egyptian Empire), Iran (Persian Empire), ALL nation in the Ottoman Empire, ALL NATIONS in the WORLD who have EVER allowed slavery in ANY form to happen in their countries, etc. #3, With an ALL Encompassing look at HISTORY, Any one who is NOT an ideologue will SEE, that the only continent to NOT have any slavery occur is ANTARCTICA! #4, UN needs to actually do something instead of insulting those in the West, who have actually IMPROVED upon humankind’s “situation”! MAYBE the UN should STOP using (&/or promoting) the “fruits” of Western civilization’s efforts? You know, like Antibiotics? Vaccinations? Air travel? Radar? Sonar? Satellites for communication & weather? Radio? Telephones/telegraphs? Printing Presses? Clean water & sewage treatment? Electricity? The LIST is close to almost endless.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      Vaccinations? Those have become a big money maker and EUGENICS.

      1. teachersaide says

        I have seen NO evidence of vaccines being used in Eugenics, and a whole lot of people are ALIVE today, because of vaccines & antibiotics! And, in case U missed the basic economics of Business, it’s to make MONEY-> NOT go broke, & fire all your workers, close your plant, & destroy peoples lives! There is NOTHING on this planet that cannot be abused. Unhappy with number of inoculations expected/required by schools, gov’t, etc, TAKE it up with THEM! I’m also a retired RN. I grew up, when every summer, revolved around HOW many people nationwide came down with POLIO, HOW many died or were crippled the rest of their lives, and was it going to happen to someone in YOUR family next!

  93. Jose Antonio Rodriguez Menende says

    The United Nations has outlived its usefulness while most
    funding is derived from the United States.

    It is time that an eviction notice be issued to this gang of
    parasites. They should be escorted to
    the closest port or airport for immediate exodus.

  94. Stealth Fighter says

    OH PLEASE!!! Why not make EGYPT pay for the HEBREWS!!!!?????

  95. dumbvet says

    May the UN go away! Bunch of Nancy cream puffs!

    1. teachersaide says

      Stop insulting the name “Nancy”! I realize that it is the first name of former House Speaker Pelosi, but that’s NOT the fault of those named “Nancy”!

  96. Phyllis Schultz says

    Just one of the many reasons the US should get out of the UN. The vast majority of slaves were and are still being sent to Muslim countries. Why not have them make reparations? After all it is still going on in those countries today.

  97. Craig Vandertie says

    The U.N. was an abomination from its inception, for Pete’s sake they took land that had been abandoned by its original inhabitants 1 or more than 1,000 years ago and inhabited by others took the land away from those who had been maintaing it for that long period of time and gave it back to the original inhabitants.

    Get rid of the U.N., kick them out of the United States and never listen to any of their Socialist Moonie Muslime propaganda again.

  98. Guy S says

    The UN needs to shut up & make reparations to the United States for all the money they’ve stolen from the U.S. taxpayers with their own form of slavery!

  99. Gerri says

    OMG!!!Canada should tell the UN to STICK IT IN THEIR EAR!!!!! The UN should be disbanded they are a waste product NOT TO MENTION THEIR DRAIN OF MONEY ON THE UNITED STATES.

    1. nocbsfan says

      LOL I like your description, they are a waste product, LOL I like that. Your funny Gerri

  100. ch says

    But yet the Muslims are still enslaving people, but they don’t care about that as they are muslime. We need to get out of the UN, they are nothing but a bunch of thugs. The current leaders are countries that oppress their own population and follow Shariah law. Then we need them out of our country. Write President Trump and let him know https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

    1. Mike W says

      It was the muslims who were bringing the slaves from Africa. Shake them down for some of that oil money.

  101. davidmuscalo says

    The United who?

  102. conc11111 says

    Reparation was paid with the blood on the battlefield freeing slaves of all colors,in case you forget all raceses were slaves.The blood was payment but now they just have Thier beggar hands out like always, give me give me, what about what they owe.

  103. Ulla Camp says

    WOW UN is till looking for “something for NOTHING” or rather the “goose, who lays the golden egg”,
    have a hard time figuring out how an entity can be so absolutely STUPID..Were they NOT tooted at one time as being the “cream of the crop” keeping an eye on everybody else………WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENED???

    1. nocbsfan says

      They tried this before after WW1 They called it the league of nations. It was just as useless then as the UN is now. It folded and now the UN will go the same way. Thanks for asking.

  104. August Scarpelli says

    As I had said earlier the United Nations is a joke. Mike Pence told them what we think of the UN human rights counsel last week in a speech he gave. Look it up. They are the most anti western group in the UN. If we had any brains we would get out of the UN and stop financing this bunch of losers

  105. Gary Von Neida says

    Let me see now—–hmmmmm. I believe the “trade agreement” went like this. Sugar exported to the carabian and sold for rum—-ah ha! When arriving in Africa that rum was traded to “black Africans” for others (black africans) They had captured and enslaved. This original trade agreement exposes Africa being the originator of the SLAVE TRADE–Wake up You Communist controlled U.N..

  106. dan says

    I hope the Canadian government and the people tell the UN where to stick their reparations order. The sun does not shine there.

  107. Alan404 says

    Canadians are a generally polite bunch, perhaps overly polite. That said, in the face of this latest UN Advice, or whatever one might call it, think that Canadians might become a bit less polite, advising the UN to stick their latest bit of foolishness where the sun doesn’t shine.

  108. Jeff says

    Good article, now explain this to a liberal and see how far you get.

  109. StopTheJews says

    When you look at Puerto Rico think of all the bombing American Jewish Control Government have done the past 17 years overseas for Jews.These people were our allies. What Happen? JEWS JEWS JEWS.

    We bomb hospitals, schools, homes ,businesses, churches and so much more. We destroy roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

    No wonder Israel and America are the two most hated countries in the World.



    Ex-Navy Official: 1967 Israeli Attack on U.S. Ship Was Deliberate | Fox …
    Fox News › story › 2003/10/23 › ex-nav…
    AMP – Oct 23, 2003 – A former Navy attorney who helped lead the military investigation of the 1967 Israeli …

    Vet remembers 34 killed in USS Liberty attack of 1967 | The …
    ModBee.com › local › article153082569
    AMP – May 27, 2017 – Israel claimed it hit the wrong ship, and the U.S.government went along despite 34 killed … https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7df0e8707c1264cbb41c0ff46e0abdc2fbb3ec86f95f5bf5937be094df288cd3.jpg

  110. Sapperboy says

    That idiot Trudeau and his liberal morons “will” pay whatever the UN says, not “might”. The UN is trying to kick what little freedom there is out of Canada and any other country that will submit. NWO here we come.

  111. StopTheJews says

    Jews have increase slavery the past seven decades. They operated sweat shop in many third world countries including China and Mexico.


    When you look at Puerto Rico think of all the bombing American Jewish Control Government have done the past 17 years overseas for Jews.These people were our allies. What Happen? JEWS JEWS JEWS.

    We bomb hospitals, schools, homes ,businesses, churches and so much more. We destroy roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

    No wonder Israel and America are the two most hated countries in the World.



    Ex-Navy Official: 1967 Israeli Attack on U.S. Ship Was Deliberate | Fox …
    Fox News › story › 2003/10/23 › ex-nav…
    AMP – Oct 23, 2003 – A former Navy attorney who helped lead the military investigation of the 1967 Israeli …

    Vet remembers 34 killed in USS Liberty attack of 1967 | The …
    ModBee.com › local › article153082569
    AMP – May 27, 2017 – Israel claimed it hit the wrong ship, and the U.S.government went along despite 34 killed …

  112. Archie Cogollos says

    the UN has failed miserably and has lost relevance and credibility…..would make a beautiful hotel /condo/mall….terrific view,,,move it to Cuba….or Europe…or Middle East, Asia….don’t give a shit which….the Noble prize has also become a joke …Yassar Arafat was given it…and so was Obama…first year in office…he even said he hadn’t done anything yet…opinions will vary…

    1. Retired says

      Well Obama left office that way also , the only thing he did was bring back the racial tension and a lot of bad EOs .

  113. StopTheJews says

    Child Slave Labor in the Walt Disney Company | ihscslnews.org
    ihscslnews.org › view_article.phpid67
    In Vietnam, the Walt Disney Company runs a sweatshop that produces those plastic toys that accompany many fast …

    Walt Disney: Corporate Rap Sheet | Corporate Research Project
    Corp-research › disney
    Jul 9, 2015 – Disney was one of the targets of the 100-day strike the Writers Guild launched in November 2007 against major film studios and television networks. Domestic sweatshops. Disney’s problems with suppliers who violate labor standards have sometimes occurred in the United States.

    Disney factory faces probe into sweatshop suicide claims | World …
    The Guardian › World › China
    AMP – Aug 27, 2011 – A Sturdy Products’ employee works to fulfil orders, for ranges that include Disney … https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/85afa6881f7b1e9e5075fa18be46fbc8c1f35811d8f7deaeb44b8224d62cab16.jpg

  114. Bob M. says

    When can we throw the friggin UN out of this country? FU UN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Ron says

    To paraphrase Ralphie from “A Christmas Story,” “Fuhhdge the NFL!”

  116. Grady Poteat says

    Why does the UN not focus on the estimated 46 million slaves of today. The vast majority of which are in the middle eastern muslime countries and Africa. They can deny it all they want but that is the truth. During the slave trading era it was the blacks in Africa that rounded them up and sold them to the muslime slave traders who took them to the coast and sold them. Until that point no white person had anything to do with the slave trading economy. Today the muslime traders go into Africa and places like Napal, Tibet, the Philipinnes, and other countries to buy young women to take to the muslime countries and sell them. Do something about that you a**holes.

    1. Justin Seine says

      I’ll tell you why. It would make sense to do that. When things make sense, the UN is nowhere to be found. The picture below says a lot.


      Maybe the UN should take a knee!

  117. Busdriver Bill says

    Just who WERE the first to sell their “brothers” into slavery? Demand that they pay “reparations” first. Common practice among tribal leaders was to sell the enemy survivors as slaves. And there were middlemen – who I dare not say, for fear of an epithet. So lay off, UN, or we’ll all quit, and where will your backshish come from then?

    What would the UN do without the US taxpayer? wither on the vine, just as did the “League of Nations.” We really don’t need this waste of money and energy. That big glass building along the East River would make a great homeless shelter.

  118. Bill Russell says

    Fu-k the U.N.

  119. markypolo says

    Black people are 40 percent of the US Population. Nearly half are on some form of welfare and almost 3 million ( likely more) in Jails and Prisons.
    Yeah, want to talk about “reparations”? Welfare and “affirmative action” are reparations enough. Being an American is a hell of a lot BETTER than being an AFRICAN. I am not seeing any of these jackazzes rushing back to Africa.
    Oh wait, no welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing, and affirmative action in Africa. Silly me.

  120. Maritime Maggie says

    Historians tell us it was the Jews who ran the slave trade business so it is they who should be making amends because they were the ones with all the money to invest in the ships to do the job in the first place. They claim it was not the ordinary Joe White man occupied with farming to try to make a living that was involved in slavery and the prostitution trade at the time. Texe Marrs from Power of Prophecy will tell you all about it.

  121. Optimista says

    Slavery has been part of human existence longer than not. And it exists today of all places in Africa.
    At one time slaves outnumbered the citizens of Rome 2 to 1.
    As the article notes lets just move on from this already. And if you are a true bleeding hearth go and do something about it in places where it actually exists.

  122. t says

    just think……………. if there was no slavery all the black descendants would still be in africa today………………… just a thought

  123. Robert says

    Dear UN, ferk off.

  124. George says

    It seems odd that they didn’t specify that slaves were owned by the wealthy.
    Maybe reparations should be collected from the responsible economic class, which would include the overpaid officials of the UN.

  125. Janet says

    The Canadians would be foolish to comply with such nonsense. History will show that every nation in the world has practiced some sort of slavery whether it was Blacks who were enslaved or indentured servitude or captives forced to do labor. No group is special over another and no one todsy has a living family member who is or was a slave nor are they. So get off the pitty potty and get a life! No to reparations by any country for slaves unless you want to go after the African countries that sold them in the first place!

  126. Clint Heinson says

    I m afraid if I was in charge in Canada ,I d tell the UN to stuff it , they will soon loose more members.

  127. Pam Dunn says

    Hey Canada ; Just tell the UN to FUCK OFF and mind their own business.

  128. Margaret Khan says

    Is the UN going to tell the Muslim countries who are presently engaging in slavery? Not likely. Total hypocrites. UN is a dangerous criminal organization and a danger to the free world. On surface they pretend to advocate for decency and freedom but their motives are sinister, enslavement of the world by small clique of immoral creeps. The UN will one day be exposed, hopefully soon

  129. Larry Cowden says

    Great! And while we are at it, how about England making reparations to the Irish for their enslavement before blacks were ever imported to the colonies and islands? The British rounded up hundreds of thousands of Irish men, women, and children and imported them as slaves to the colonies and their plantations on the islands And put the screws to all the Middle East countries for their continued active role in white slavery and the sex trade! And don’t forget India! They are very slave oriented with hundreds of thousands of lower caste individuals now kept as slaves in their country and the U.S.! What about those repatriations? And throw in the Eastern European countries where trade in SEX slaves runs rampant! And throw in most of the African countries for selling their own people into the slave trade over hundreds of years! Tribal chiefs sold their own kind into slavery to make themselves rich and more powerful! Spain enslaved Native Americans in the New World and later blacks when they became available! Oh, and don’t forget the blacks that kept blacks as slaves in the Colonies! The UN can go Frack themselves on this issue!

  130. 23cowboy says

    Canada should tell the UN(united nobodys) to FO and shut the F*** up. As for America, we should take all the wasted money that we have been giving to the UN and use it for America and build the southern wall. I still say we need to kick the UN out of America.

    1. hangem'high says

      The EU is counting on the UN to squash any up rising


  131. Alleged-Comment says

    Why is it only Negroes that get reparations? This is racist of the UN. Trying the ‘ol white guilt play over and over and over.

    And the Negroes fall for it over and over and over. Only this time they just kneel.

  132. keith says

    Was it not their on “KING” at the time that “WILLINGLY” offered them “FOR SALE” to us for our use?

  133. keith says

    “OWN KING”

  134. jeanE1976 says

    So well said. The final statements are perfection!
    Black slaves eagerly hoped to cross into Canada on the Underground Railroad, so why torment Canada now.
    This article answers that question with perfection.

  135. gotcha1 says

    Canada should tell the U.N. to go pound sand!

  136. KYRepublican says

    I suggest, in my opinion, something that will work for all. Anyone who demands payment can receive $10,000 Canadian and MUST return to the country they believe they were taken from. Then they must get passage only to never return to the USA or Canada. Additionally, none of their relatives, or offspring will not be allowed to return for a minimum of 5 generations…. I think that will work!

  137. Bud William says

    Past time for the UN to get the hell out of Dodge. “Useless Nations” that live in a Glass House and ignore themselves of bigotry.

  138. Lynne Douglas says

    The UN continues to be a useless organization that long ago ceased doing anything to promote
    peace in the world. Would that it would move its headquarters to some other country. The UN has
    no business telling anyone what to do — and I don’t notice any condemnation of Muslim terrorism
    current or past being displayed from on high…. American veterans who were imprisoned and injured should be given “reparation” from the countries who fought against us in past wars, and this should
    be in response to the UN telling those countries (Japan, Germany, North Korea et al…) to do so. There is nothing “united” about the UN except a few leaders “united” in their efforts to vilify America and her allies. Political correctness has gone insane, obviously.

  139. rick meek says

    Man – The UN supports slavery in other countries…….THEY EVEN OWN SOME……

    1. hangem'high says

      The worse kind of Hypocrite is the one that tells U you can’t have sex with white women because they’re saving them for their Muslim dogs!

  140. dahniuru says

    It’s time for the current UN structure to be dismantled. An effective structure should be modeled after the Constitution of several countries, including the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, etc. What in the world do the ‘leaders’ of the third world countries offer the rest the world? Just chaos

  141. cathylovesyou says

    Black extortionist and exploiters of Black People must stop their BS, You are intentionally keeping the Black race down and obligated scamming them for their vote and disruptions. Free them from your grips, let them prosper like so many nationalities who have come here and by passed them,the reason this various nationality’s they didn’t have Democrat liberals working on tdhem

  142. Murphmeister says

    Oh, Canada, tell the human rights commission to shove the butt end of a well taped goalie stick right up their asses. No, on second thought, they’d enjoy it. How about a Bauer skate with a new hollow ground

  143. Col C says

    How about making Arab nations pay reparations for their dispicable predjudice, and discrimination against women, and girls, to the point of torturing, beating, raping and even killing them with immunity. How about fining these nations for their human rights abuses that are happening now, not 150 years ago. The UN is a completely useless, leftist, Islamist controlled nightmare, and we need to pull out all our money, of which we pay too much to begin with.

    1. nocbsfan says

      We need to move the UN out of this country, the United States need to pull out of the UN altogether Then they can cut each others head off at will who gives a flip. No more luxury courteous of the United States. They can Pour their own champagne !

  144. Askjrsk says

    United Nations pay back the United States for all the tax payer dollar subsidies we have thrown away on your worthless organization. Move out of New York and no more diplomatic immunity. Move to DesMoines, Iowa. Only meet there in the winter. Let them build new motel 6 and McDonalds to house and feed you. Parking should go up high in those wheat fields in the winter.

  145. Graywolf12 says

    USA out of UN, and UN out of USA. Tell President Trump and all of congress to scrap the UN small arms treaty obummer tried to tie us into.

  146. Gary Dyck says

    Jusitn Trudeau will likely pay because he think Canadians are stupid enough to believe the lie.

    1. hangem'high says

      Besides this Trudeau is a dumb FC’n Jew turned Muslim, the worse kind of Jew!

  147. Allyssa says

    The leftist pigs who control the UN will never confront the islamic countries that currently allow slavery inside their borders. They are hypocritical scum who should be bundled up and thrown out of America. Tear down their headquarters and escort them to the airport to be flown out on a one way ticket. Let them establish their headquarters in some leftist dictatorship hellhole somewhere else/

  148. rebel says

    Yep. Your right. The left definitely has no balls.

  149. Wolfhunter says

    The UN needs to be defunded and disbanded. They exist ONLY because WE support them. If the Canadian idiots comply then they deserve to be extorted. The UN is realizing that President Trump has them in his cross hairs so they are trying to line their pockets while they can.

  150. Californiasailor says
  151. Les Prangley says

    The UN can go pound sand. They are as biased, delusional and as useless as two tits on a board.

  152. Gary Dyck says

    When will the UN rule on Ontario’s discrimination towards Jewish and protestant Christian parents who send their children to private schools to avoid the atheist brainwashing in the public school system. The UN ruled against them years ago in one case and Ontario refuses to correct the discrimination against these groups even to this day even with Muslims having Islamic teaching in the same schools with the support of the government.

    1. ABO says

      Don’t hold your breath waiting on that one, Gary.

  153. Millard Huff says

    If I were Canada I would tell the UN too kiss me while the sun don’t shine.

  154. bkeyes71@yahoo.com says

    The UN was a good idea, but is now a waste of our tax monies, it should be disbanded and expelled from our country.

  155. Mr. Manfredgensenden says

    “These are not the problems of the present, they are substitutes for the problems of the present. We dare say, in many cases, they are excuses for the problems of the present.” THAT says it ALL.

  156. letfield says

    Tell the UN to go sit on its collective fingers!
    Such hypocrisy on their part!

  157. michael32853hutson@yahoo.com says

    more reason for the UN to be disbanded or at least kicked out of NYC and the US in general-but knowing them they’d probably move to Canada!

  158. royaler says

    When are people going to forget about the past & live for today, & to try to make a better tomorrow?

  159. bill sexton says

    i am of Irish blood. Hundreds of thousands of Irish men, women, and children, were the first slaves brought to the new world. How about paying everyone who is Irish reparations? We were hung by our hands and feet. We had our hands and feet burned. Our masters could do anything they wished to do to us and the law was on their side. Irish were slaves 100 years before Blacks became slaves. Where is our money? You want to side with Blacks? That is racism!

  160. Nihle65 says

    Not 1 person alive today was a damn slave. People are lazy and only want money handed to them. Get off your fat lazy azzes and earn your way in life. . GET OVER THE SLAVE BS.

  161. Dennis Derstine says

    The U.N. needs to go to hell. I don’t see them doing anything about real and current human rights violations.
    Kick them out of the USA once and for all. Go transform the rest of the world, leave US alone.

    1. hangem'high says

      It just goes to show U how much jizzonU Taxes these UN FC’s are making the US citizen pay them?

  162. Liesel says

    Yes why not spread this poison around and dig up people that should be prosecuted for these type of human suffering. Go back to pre bible days and the Roman empire , plus all the Asian countries. To address this particular case, look at who sold them (tribal chiefs) to the Arab slave traders who sold them to British and other slave ship owners.

  163. Walter Flatt says


  164. AuthorSue says

    The UN is wrong. The African people who were taken as slaves were abducted by fellow Africans and sold to ship’s captains. The captains traveled all over thew world, selling these people. The ones who were not sold were a liability to the captain and taken out into the ocean and thrown overboard to drown. Meaning the new owners actually saved their lives. Many of the ‘slaves’ were very happy with their new homes, and even after the Civil War remained with their previous owners and earned a wage. Regardless, no one from this generation had anything to do with any of this, and we don’t owe these people a damn thing.

  165. RG ODOM says

    It’s time for the educated and free countries to get out of the UN
    the UN has become anti Good and pro Discusting
    anti Jewish anti white anti God
    pro Muslim, pro black, pro lgbtq and pro destroying God

  166. Bill Meeker says

    Dang, Tiger below beat me but I will add they keep slaves even today. Also, when the hell do we get out of this joke called “the UN.” It’s costing us way too much money to feed and house these corrupt bureaucrats from all over the world.

  167. fishunter says

    This is absolutely stupid. It illustrates how useless the UN is. Please President Trump, reject the Small Arms Treaty the UN is trying to press on us. We do not need to answer to the UN or to follow its rules and so-called laws. Since the US pays a large share of the UN bill, we should have a huge say about what occurs. Additionally, comparing other countries and governments to ours is like comparing apples and oranges. It just can’t be done.

  168. Tired says

    Screw the U.N. They need to kick the U.N. out of New York and send them packing to another country and never allow them back in the U.S.Period!!

    1. hangem'high says

      The UN and its silent ally Israel needs to take their JizzonU Tax and stuff it up their colon Cap No dick! As far as his afro black hole SJW, tribute Muslim blockage back to mecca!

  169. Earl Spencer says

    Why are they letting the left do this? During the 19th century the South were left DumbocRATS and it was the North that was right Republicans. Why not make the slave states pay the reparations?

  170. Don Lindsey says

    Hey Canada, tell them to kiss it!

  171. hangem'high says

    If Canada wasn’t raciest hopefully soon it will be?