University of Virginia Students Turn on Founder – Thomas Jefferson


University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan, knowing the political and ideological makeup of the student body, wrote a memo to them last week, reminding them that the election of Donald Trump provided them with an opportunity to embrace their role in our democracy. To do so, she called upon the words of President Thomas Jefferson, who not only helped construct the United States but also founded the school they currently attend.

“By coincidence, on this exact day 191 years ago – November 9, 1825, in the first year of classes at U.Va. – Thomas Jefferson wrote to a friend that University of Virginia students ‘are not of ordinary significance only: they are exactly the persons who are to succeed to the government of our country, and to rule its future enmities, its friendships and fortunes.’ I encourage today’s U.Va. students to embrace that responsibility,” she wrote.

Students, however, were not comforted by Sullivan’s measured approach; in fact, it inspired them to take their animosity against the President-elect and turn it towards one of the nation’s founders. More than 400 students and faculty members signed their names to an open letter which maligned Jefferson:

We are incredibly disappointed in the use of Thomas Jefferson as a moral compass. Thomas Jefferson owned hundreds of slaves. Other memorable Jefferson quotes include that Blacks are “inferior to the whites in the endowments of body and mind,” and “as incapable as children of taking care of themselves.” Though we realize that some members of our university community may be inspired by quotes from Jefferson, we also realize that many of us are deeply offended by attempts on behalf of our administration to guide our moral behavior through their use.

Conservatives with a rich understanding of history will find these comments shocking and deeply misguided. Conservatives with a rich understanding of the modern left, though, will not be surprised. Today’s extremist liberals – who are becoming increasingly mainstream – have turned their backs on this country’s founding and all the men who made it what it is.

But their gripes with the leaders and choices of yesterday can even be found in the smallest details and the most recent Democratic Party representatives. For as much as there is to dislike about Bill and Hillary Clinton, for instance, it’s baffling to watch LGBT militants criticize them for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which was, at the time, a major step forward for their own gay-rights movement. Similarly, they hold the men and women of the 1700s to the standards of 2016.

It’s easy (and fun!) to mock these people. It makes it easier to dismiss their hysterical reaction to the election.

On the other hand, we are looking at a growing number of young Americans who seem completely unable to think for themselves. And the implications of that are not fun or funny.



  1. Justin Seine says

    Why in Hell would these students apply to and enroll in a University founded by Thomas Jefferson if they believe him to be reprehensible. Are they brain dead or just terminally stupid???

    Pictured below is a recent UVA graduate on the march….

  2. Justin Seine says

    Why in Hell would these students apply to and enroll in a University
    founded by Thomas Jefferson if they believe him to be reprehensible. Are
    they brain dead or just terminally stupid???

    Pictured below is a recent UVA graduate on the march….

    1. Dan Pressler says

      who picked the degree? If the degree was your choice, it’s your fault your degree is worthless

      1. Justin Seine says

        I believe she majored in 12th century English poetry and got completely disillusioned when Goldman Sachs wouldn’t grant her an interview.

        1. Garys_opinion says

          Maybe she went after Engineering Jobs. Stupid twit!

        2. mlmaston says

          Maybe she should have sought employment at a library…. that’s probably what a Major in 12th Century English Poetry would get her.

          1. Justin Seine says

            She probably has all the qualifications necessary to make a decent docent!

          2. Radman414 says

            Justin, it depends on how you would define “decent.” And further, I wouldn’t want this “art appreciation” major (minor in diversity fulfillment) teaching at any respectable university. (It would perpetuate the “cycle of ignorance” and the pervasive sense of entitlement that has come to full flower in millennials today.

          3. annelouisegelinas says


          4. ABO says

            So she would then be an indecent docent?

          5. DHConner says

            LOUD AND CLEAR!! 5 x 5.

          6. Romi says

            But…then again…would fit right in.

        3. Edward B. Levy says

          Yes, I wonder how this generation XXXX will survive in the REAL world. Are they going to protest when they do not get the job they wanted because the illegals take their job, will the protest when the ILLEGALS & the BLM burn their cars, homes, business, etc, when someone rapes or murders them or members of their family and pleads SANCTUARY!!!. WHEN SHIRIA LAW FORCES HER TO WEAR A BURKHA, ? METHINKS SHE (OR HE) WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROTEST

          1. RichFromShowMe says

            You can count the number of “Rosie the Riveter’s” on one hand, in this new crop of cry babies, or is it now called “Dainty-Snow-Flakes”?

            The Socialist Education system and Political Correctness has caused this aberration in humanity . . . this is the future of the Democrat Party!

          2. DHConner says

            Caution here. My now dead and much loved mother in law was ‘Rosie: for three years at the Boeing plant in San DIego until the Japanese surrendered.She was a tough old gal from the Nebraska Sand Hills, all muscle and whipcord, lived through the Great Depression knew what real hardships were, and as lovable as anyone could be. I do miss her so, Today’s generation (I’m 70); we see too few women who see realty for what it really is, and acting accordingly. Then wonder why their kid can’t cut it when they enter the grown-up’s world.

          3. RichFromShowMe says

            I was only comparing the females of this wacko generation to those of the past who had true grit and were American Patriots.

            This generation is the future of the Democrat Party . . . that’s part of the reason the DNC is in such disarray . . . . but couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of un-American sleaze!

      2. Mathew Molk says

        You think they could cut it as engineers or pre-med? Get real. These jokers are liberal arts majors because they busted out of everything else, or were worthless in the first place. – Perfect candidates to become teachers.

        1. Dan Pressler says

          Don’t insult teachers – all the ones I know are smart, hard working, Overworked & Underpaid – they *EARN* every penny they get paid. there isn’t a profession in the world that doesn’t require learning

    2. Bill Garber says

      brain washed by the media would be a better discription!

      1. Wildeagleone says

        One has to blame the Parentd first as they are allowing and evidently not giving a dsmn about what their children’s future is going to look like. If they ever grow up

        1. James Maxwell says

          Remember these are the children of the children of the Hippie generation where
          Drugs, Sex & Rock & Roll were their mantra. Now they are the so called
          leaders of the Freeworld and all vote democrap socialist. you can see where that
          has gotten them.

          1. Allan Scott says

            I’s say most of these spoiled brain-washed morons that are afraid of their own shadows are the off-spring of the late 70’s or 80’s, not the 60’s. Add up the years and think about it.

          2. Mathew Molk says

            Hey, I’m one of that generation, Watch it with the wide paint brush, pal. We are the ones that went to Vietnam. The majority of us have always been Republicans too! (As are both of my sons!)

          3. James Maxwell says

            I know many who have joined the military for a variety of reasons, especially
            during Vietnam. For some it was so they had a choice as to which branch they
            went in. I was in the AF for 23 years, two of which were in Vietnam. My father in law was in WW II, Korea and Vietnam before he retired. But sadly as we look
            around the world and what we seen in the papers(?) you are given the impression
            that the entire Gen-X and Millennials are as useless as tits on a boar hog. and
            when you talk to a lot of them you come away with that impression also. I know
            many who had parents who gave them a sound ground in American and how
            our Nation works and they are out there working ever day and producing something that the Democrat Socialist do not comprehend. Be responsible for
            your own lot in life. You win some and lose some but if you preserver you will
            be a winner in the long run and not have to depend upon the government to
            maybe provide for you.

      2. figmo says

        Also, brainwashed by their communist professors. It’s getting to the point of you show me a college professor and I’ll show you a communist! Completely out of touch with the real world and no responsibility for anything. If you put all of their IQ’s together it wouldn’t amount to a pimple on the backside of Jefferson’s intelligence.

        1. Deborah G says

          I think EVERY University should be run by a conservative, IF these professors want to teach Communism then start their own

          1. figmo says

            Some progress in that direction might be possible since our government has the power to grant or withhold financial aid to many of our universities. The media and liberal uproar would be deafening and the ACLU would sue. We need to bring back the draft or at least compulsory public service for both men and women. It would teach discipline and respect for our great country. Bringing back ROTC to the land grant colleges as a requirement for federal aid would help also.

          2. Deborah G says

            The ROTC should be made available at EVERY public college funded by taxpayer money.Since when has honorable patriotic duty become so hated? Since Obama trashed it

          3. John Somers says

            Here in Louisiana the High Schools have the entry level ROTC and it works out beautifully.

          4. Deborah G says

            That’s because the South has ALWAYS honored tradition,responsibility and you honestly don’t see the disrespect of children as much as you do in the liberal Coasts.Someone tells them the facts of life and I don’t mean LBGT

          5. Romi says

            Amen and Amen!

          6. Linda Shelton says

            Most liberal colleges will not allow the ROTC even to come on campus.

          7. Deborah G says

            It might scare all the little cupcake girlymen into therapy IF faced by all those REAL men

          8. Mathew Molk says

            Sure put the fear of God in me,,,, and I was DRAFTED!

          9. ABO says

            And women!

          10. Mathew Molk says

            The we don’t allow them in our respective states. They can move to Iran and spew their PC BS there.

          11. Mathew Molk says

            Why wait for collage?….What’s wrong with high school ?

          12. Deborah G says

            I agree plenty of people are not destined to be intellectual snobs but are very vital people in life. Millionaires do NOT all have college degrees but plenty of them wore uniforms. WHy do you think employers prefer Vets over college grads?

          13. astrc says

            Do you think it was because, we were, “Brain Washed” as a young man to say, “YES SIR”, whatever you say “Sir”, (You “fall in line” ) and follow the orders, “Its not yours’ to question why, but to do or die”.
            NOT this “Irishman”, If it is an “Illegal order” I will “respectfully”, decline to “Fallow it”, as I have in my Law Enforcement career. My belief in life is that, You should, “treat everyone as you would want to be treated”. & Support & Defend the Constitution & the “Bill of Rights” AS WRITTEN!, especially “Equal treatment under the laws”, AS STATED in the 14th Amendment. I found out the “Hard way” that there will be a “Price to pay”, when you “Stand up”, against these, “ABUSE of POWER”, by corrupt individuals. (Not only in Law Enforcement, but in the Military, & within most of “OUR” government agencies, by certain small minded, “Power crazed”, individuals.
            However as a “young man” (age 15) when I first joined the National Guards, & later
            when I joined the U.S. Navy, I was “Proud” to serve my country, and the”Boot Camps” was like “summer camp” to me. I did “learn a lot”, DISCIPLINE! (Early to bed, Early to rise, makes a Man “Healthy & Wise”) So they say.. Most of my family was Military. However, “Right is Right” & “Wrong is Wrong” , is the way I was raised by my Uncles, and “If you were Right, stand up for yourself”..
            Now that I am “Retired” I write “stories” about some of my “Life Experiences”,
            mainly about my time as an ALASKA STATE TROOPER.
            One of “my stories” is called, “A SMALL MATTER OF PRINCIPAL”, about
            about, “STANDING UP & SPEAKING OUT”, against corruption “within” a Government Agency by certain, “high ranking political powerful individuals”, who ABUSE their Oath of Office & the Laws.
            Some “Other” stories are:
            #1. “NOT my Time” – attempts to “Kill you”), #2. “One Riot One Trooper” – “Bristol Bay Fisherman Strike”-196), #3. The “Fatality Kid”,- (handling numerous serious injury accidents, “vehicles, planes, etc.) #4. “Bush Justice Alaska Style” – (Murder or?), #5. The “First One” -(To open & man a “New “One man Remote Bush Post” -1969), #6. The “First Time” -(Hwy trip- “North to Alaska”), #7. “TIME Magazine” award as, “One of 100 News Makers of Tomorrow-1978 (as a Labor Relations TEAMSTERS Union Rep.), #8. “A Cold Case” -(Murder Mystery in the Bush?). #9. “TUFFY” the Alaska State Troopers Mascot- (Brought home 2wk old “Black Bear” cub, which was adopted by the Troopers. & “Other Case History “Stories”.

          14. astrc says

            Whoa! All this talk about “COMMUNISM”, & the “LIBERALS”, (College Professors),
            do you “Think”, that OBAMA, might be “one of THEM”? I recall when he “started out as our President, HE called/labeled, his Heads of Agencies, “CZARS” and I understand that, that is a Russian word?, (Russia is a “Communist” country” isn’t it?) Ha!, just joking… I feel that OBAMA is a “card caring member”, of the “Communist beliefs”, ALONG, with & supporter of those, “Radical Islamic “ISIS”
            Terrorist Groups”, who want to, take the Democratic America way of life down.
            One way is by creating “FEAR”, and another is by “Bankrupting” our monetary system, (As OBAMA his been doing). & by infiltrating “OUR” Education Systems, (which them have been doing over the past 50+ years, with the help of the ACLU,
            who have done some of , (the GOOD, the BAD, & the “REALLY” UGLY things that have “Open the door”, for these “Liberals”, (“Communism Bastards”), to infiltrate not only “OUR” educational system, but most all of our Government Agencies especial under the “Corrupt Administrations” of the (“CLINTON & OBAMA) Administrations,
            open efforts to, “Gut” our Constitution, & move us into the, “NEW ONE WORLD ORDER” …WAKE UP AMERICAN CITIZENS, they are “Brain washing our children”.

          15. Deborah G says

            WE KNOW the NWO put OBAMA in power. They are stumped by Trump. They got away with Killing Kennedy. The world knows. Trump is a marked man

          16. freeper says

            First time I heard the term “New World Order” from a president was out of the mouth of George Herbert Walker Bush…so don’t blame just the democrats. Notice the GOP establishment full court press against Trump. Why? Because the knew he wasn’t about to play their elitism, statist game. And we deserve a big share of the blame for abdicating the role of the citizen in government. Let us all keep a close eye on the “Ruling Class,” such as Lamar Alexander who is now pushing the line that “it will take years to repeal Obamacare.” I hope to see President-elect Trump make him eat those words!

          17. harold says

            I believe it has been proven that the downfall of any nation is from within. The infiltration of the public schools, colleges, universities by the commies started especially 1930’s.

          18. astrc says

            You are 100% right

          19. figmo says

            I agree 100%. They started throwing ROTC off campuses during the negative reaction to the Viet nam war. The real heros who served their country and who came home with serious physical and psychological injuries were given second rate treatment by our government. Remember how our government fought against the agent orange claims? After a large number of affected service members died, our government woke up to the fact that their claims might be valid after all. Then we had the PTSD claims that were largely denied in the begining. Suicides by people who served in the Middle East continue to this day. Only when the evidence becomes overwhelming does our government acknowledge a problem. On the other hand the draft dodgers who hid in Canada were given a full pardon by Clinton and came home to a hero’s welcome. (they weren’t going to fight some stupid war. let somebody else fight and die in their place) Kind of makes our patriots who answered their country’s call only to come home to second rate treatment, feel a little betrayed?

          20. Deborah G says

            My heart broke for the Nam vets. I was in college when that was happening. I supported the ROTC and Military never joined the protests against them. Sad to say a good friend from High School was killed the first week he was there. What a waste he was a good kid

          21. figmo says

            I think just about everyone lost a relative or someone they knew in that damn war. The closest I got to it was as an Air Force Lt. weapons controller in Thailand on temporary duty. I remember a newspaper report that someone I knew from high school football got killed, widowing his high school sweetheart. If we fight “wars” without the objective of winning them, let’s not bother. Our enemies know that if they can hang on that we will eventually leave allowing them to take over and be well equipped from the wealth of weapons we leave behind.

          22. harold says

            Don’t forget the Communist Clinton’s in your statement!

          23. Deborah G says


          24. DHConner says

            Absolutely. If you have problems that keep you form being a grunt, we can find other things for you to learn to do and do well. You will as much of the basic training as you can mange, and training that will be of a self-supporting nature when your tour is up. Their will be no consciences objects, no quickie marriages, no rich mommies and daddies to buy your way out or anywhere else. NOT ONEYou will be drafted when you are 18 and a high school graduate – there will no longer any dropouts – or at age 18 if not in school. College will wait until you’ve done your National Service as a combat soldier of some kind. I AM YOUR DRILL INSTRUCTOR. MY NAME IS DRILL INSTRUCTOR KICKASS, Choice of combat MOS is yours, unless we need your particular skills in a certain place. In 2 years you’ll do a lot of growing up. You won’t see the Amish, Quakers, Mennonites, or any other religiously or philosophically based parasitic exemptions. Those people will be given the same opportunity as others, and if they refuse to do their duty, We’ve got an answer for that too; This is your rifle. It will be handcuffed to you until your tour is up. You will be preferred front line troops. We are going to introduce you to reality –the real reality, not that slop you’ve swilled down for so many years. NOW, put your Goddamned feet in those Goddamned motherfucking yellow painted foot marks on that Goddamned concrete, shut up, and don’t move. Welcome to boot camp. The only correct answer to the following question I, your Heaven Sent Drill Instructor, is as follows, as loud as you can and I mean hear all of in Moscow, is this:”SIR,YES SIR, DRILL INSTRUCTOR KICKASS,SIR.” The question is:” WE ARE going to have a wonderful time, ARE WE NOT !!??? “”

          25. Mathew Molk says

            Sir, Candidate Molk, Yes Sir!
            (I can’t her you candidate,,,,DROP!)

            Hey if you are in a wheel chair,,,I’ll find something for you to do.
            This would be a great place to get your ID card to show before you are allowed to vote too.

          26. catman says

            MCRD or PI ?? You seem to know those yellow footprints pretty well.
            An 8 year Marine S/Sgt.

          27. Mr Rollo says

            WHAT ? Parris Island IS a Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Clearly you are NOT now, or ever, a Marine.

          28. catman says

            Hmmm, I see reading comprehension is NOT your strength is it?? I was asking YOU a question. Where did you take your boot training since you are familiar with those yellow footprints. MCRD is in San Diego, or was. I believe it has been shut down. I was in the Navy for four years. Navy boot was right next door to MCRD and we went there for some of our training with our old ’03 rifles. After I was discharged from the Navy, I enlisted in the Marines and spent 8 years with them until 1962. Discharged with the rank of S/Sgt.
            Hope this clears up any misunderstanding…

          29. Virginia says

            Love it! We lost a whole generation to these liberal. Plus all the catering that was done to them. Should have never taken away the draft. I could just hear the rumble if the draft was brought back! This may be their only salvation!

          30. Mathew Molk says

            Works for me….Army engineer OCS made a changed man out of me.

          31. John Somers says

            I am in ABSOLUTE agreement with you !! I also believe that an awful lot of the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of the Parents or in some cases the SO-CALLED Parents.

          32. Cookie Vranish says

            These professors are the same as any other liberal. They let decent hard working people create something good, then they move in and corrupt it! They need to be drained with the rest of the swamp. Sort of like Scott Walker did in Wisconsin! What a great move!

          33. David in MA says

            That is the democratic socialist thing to do.

          34. Romi says

            You are so right.

          35. StormyKnight says

            AMEN! When a millennial came up to a coworker and myself and asked, “Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a communist society?” the hair went up on the back of my neck. We asked where she got such a notion and she said U.W. Milwaukee. We told her all about East Germany, the Soviet Union and communist block. Also told her about how Reagan ended the cold war. I grew up thinking every time there was a special news bulletin that interrupted normal programming was going to be the announcement of a nuclear war. Reagan ended those fears- I pray Trump can do the same with ISIS. Anyway, we at least did our best to set her straight about communism and it’s oppressive nature.

          36. ABO says

            Good for you, Stormy! Keep up the good work.

          37. Richard Kraus says

            Communism sounds great on paper but in reality it does not work . It has been tried over and over again with the same results .

          38. ABO says

            I cannot for the life of me find a single word of your post that I disagree with in any way, shape or form, Cookie. Right on the Money!

          39. Allan Scott says

            NO, send them to N. Korea to teach.

          40. Gary Smith says

            Good idea

          41. Mathew Molk says

            Gets a might on the cold side there too. Great place to cool of liberal blood.

          42. Mathew Molk says

            There are a lot of retired Marine Corps drill sergeants out here that might be persuaded to take the job for less then half what these commie collage presidents are making. It would make a world of difference.

        2. Denise Marino says

          You are so right. I like living in a free country.

          1. John Somers says

            Please remember, OUR Country is and will be FREE as long as we are willing to fight in order to keep it that way.
            I took an oath in 1960 to defend this land and I WILL do it again My oath has NO expiration Date.

          2. Linda Shelton says

            Thank you for your service

          3. DHConner says

            05:30, 26 October, 1964 , Building 126, Fort Des Moines, Des Moines , Iowa. United States Marine Corps Oath Taking. I always figured it was for life. If not, then why are you here in the first place? The Corps is a career, not 2 years detention in the other services.And what good are you if you are unwilling to give it everything you’ve got. It has given you for 17 or 18 or how ever many years, so don’t weasel out like a pink-pantied rat. If it’s good enough to live in, then it’s good enough to, if need be, die for. What greater honor can you give it but your life?

          4. Mathew Molk says

            Mine was in 66, Still fully active today too.

          5. catman says

            Took mine in 1950. Still valid so far as I’m concerned !!

        3. Allan Scott says

          Yepper, ya got a point there!

        4. Romi says


        5. Sherry says

          I KNOW from personal experience that all but one of my professors at Stanford U. were communists and openly proud of it and this was back in the late 60’s! Palo Alto, heck, most of the SF bay area was, and still is, a cesspool of Communism! We were taught that our parents and elders were not modern and too old fashioned to understand the machinations of modern politics. God was dead…….remember?
          What a waste of hard earned money! Billy Graham opened my eyes to my declining future as a communist during those revivals he held back then in San Jose and Redwood City. We NEED more Billy Grahams and less “educated” morons teaching our youth!

          1. figmo says

            Well said. Apparently, you were given strong family values by your parents and were able to resist the teachings of Marx, etc. Many of today’s students don’t have strong family values and are easily manipulated by these communist shills who have no contact with the real world. Someone needs to ask these misguided frogs to name a single country where socialism or communism has actually worked. Not China, not Russia, not Cuba, not Venezuela, etc. etc. etc.Yet, knowing that it has never worked in the real world, they continue to push for it here in the US. A long time ago Ayn Rand wrote “Atlas Shrugged” which I think explains why it doesn’t work. She wrote several other books on the same theme but “Atlas Shrugged” covers it all. Taking from each according to his/her ability and giving to each according to his/her need soon gets old for the people of ability and they quit.

        6. Rummy Walker says

          Always remember, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

          Professors hide behind the ivy walled safety of the schools because they are worthless in the real, must produce, work-a-day world. Actually, they are pretty worthless as professors as well. If they tried to compete in the real world they would be exposed as well educated frauds. We know that is true and so do they. That is why they have to be socialist, protected by tenure, insulation and a phony elitism. . No doubt, academics are the ones who invested games with no score.

          In the mid-70s I went to a top ten business school at a large, highly respected, midwestern university. During the entire program I had one, and only one, professor who had worked outside academia. He was good, entertaining and smart. He had real world experience and we learned from him. From the rest, we learned a lot of theory, but little that was useful. They pushed their theories like they were irrefutable gospels. We wanted to believe, but found out as soon as we went to work, that they had handed us a turd and convinced us that we were holding it by the clean end.

        7. cutterguy says

          It all starts in public education al ALL levels. We keep giving them more money and they turn our youth against this great country.

    3. mary murphy says

      Hey “Dearie”, aren’t you the one who CHOSE to major in Liberal Arts? If you only wanted a job, perhaps you chose the wrong major? Just wonderin’.

    4. Ronald Drouillard says

      They probably got a free ride and thought HIlliary was going to be elected.

    5. The Dutchman says

      Brain fried liberal socialist teachers.

      1. annelouisegelinas says

        And they just don’t have a brain between them the teachers , professors, and media fried them .

        1. Mark Lahti says

          Well you all should know how the line reads. If you can’t do then you try to teach. If you can’t teach then you teach at my school. If you can’t teach at my school then what the hell, run for public office. That’s where all the losers end up anyway. Until now that is. Go Trump, kick some a$$ and take no prisoners. God bless our new President Elect and these United States of America.

      2. Cookie Vranish says

        These socialist teachers don’t realize that slavery has been with us since the beginning of time. The blacks would have you believe it is their issue only. Before blacks were captured in Africa by Africans to sell in America, there were Native Americans used for slaves. Now we, the working class are used for slaves though the tax and regulation systems that have been imposed on us! It just keeps going on!

    6. Larry Velasco says

      Yes, most of them are Brain Dead. Young people are for the most part, STUPID. Not all of them, but too many.

      1. John Somers says

        And we all know that Stupid is the only thing that Duct Tape can’t cure. It will muffle the sound though.

        1. ABO says

          Well put, John. Thank you.

          1. Mark Lahti says

            Yup. I liked that one too.

          2. Mathew Molk says

            and end the problem in 10 minutes or so.

            Never solve a problem you can eliminate…Good engineering practice.

    7. Garys_opinion says

      You were rendered useless by your own stupidity in taking useless Liberal Arts courses because they were easy. Couldn’t you figure out on your own that they were useless, and you would be unemployable after graduation?
      You have nobody to blame but yourself.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        They are not that smart . They always got a trophy through the lower grades and when they got to collage they were coddled even more.

        There is no salvation for these cupcakes. They will never make it in the real world and I have no idea what can be done with them. Not only unemployable but they also lack “Heart” – Maybe some sort of institutions for people with terminal cowardness.

    8. craig says

      IF u r offfffffffended,then get your Ignorant Mind Numbed Carcasses OUT of the Univ!!!! Wa wa!!!

    9. No-Mo-BO says

      Maybe she should’ve tried a Conservative arts class.

    10. craig says

      Fortunately for u ,u CrooKilary Idiot,Trump is going to bring JOBS!!!! The unfortunate part is even CrooKilary Morons are going to benefit,by getting a Job too!!!!!

      1. DPMP says

        Only if they qualify.

      2. Mathew Molk says

        They have zero point no work ethic. They think 3 out of 5, 2 with a hangover is a full time job and want instant promotion after 2 weeks on a jobsite. Nobody is going to hire them. ,,,,for very long anyway.

        I was an Industrial Electrical/millwright contractor. I know these collageboys are totally worthless. I have hired a few of them and had to get rid of every single one of them. Even a lot of the union guys today are just as useless. It got to the point that I only would hire separated military. Glad I’m retired now. I might have shot a few collageboys if I had to use them on a job.

    11. Catherine says

      I wouldn’t blame UVA. More likely, she was already useless.


      Sweety you were rendered useless by listening to the liberal socialist teachers at the school instead of insisting that they hire real teachers so you could learn what you were there to learn. You want a do over now, sorry, welcome to the real world where the choices you make have consequences.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        I call it “if/then”. If you do THIS, then THAT will happen,,,,,unless you are the Hillrat,anyway.

    13. Barry Johnson says

      You wrote a article that I was thinking about as I was reading.
      I hope there are more readers of the same mind.

    14. 77099 says

      Yes and Yes. And lazy as well.

    15. jjmcl431 says

      @Justin..they are both, brain dead and terminally stupid.

    16. albaby2 says

      He wasn’t rendered useless by UVA, he rendered himself useless by taking courses that were easy and worthless. His worth may be as a fixture in Starbucks, bloviating to anyone who will by him a cookie.

    17. gotcha1 says

      Great point!

    18. Bob says

      This is what you get when there are no losers and everyone gets a Trophy even if you come in last. kids need to learn what it feels like to fail as well as win. I hate to tell most of the Parents of this country that your children aren’t the brightest Light Bulb in the room and they will never be. I just don’t know why a Liberal Art Degree is even allowed to be given in a major university. Total waste of time and money.

    19. Tired... says

      They are anesthetized by privilege, drugs, and propaganda…

      As your picture suggests, they believe that they are not responsible for the outcome of their own choices.

    20. andJusticeForAll says

      Because Justin when they first went there they were open minded. Exposed to the indoctrination that has been imposed on them by what passes for most educators these days how can we expect them to be any different? Given those “educators” opinions as fact instead of being allowed to form their own has rendered them incapable of any kind of objective reasoning or thought. Consequently when things don’t go their way they regress to the children they are and will probably always be for the most part. It’s a shame what has been done to them and only after being out in the real world for a short period of time do they realize it. Some probably never will though and that is the ultimate tragedy.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        They were taught to look down on anybody that worked with the tools. I am an engineer but when I had the company I would make it a point that a couple of days a week I would go out and do some actual work (I hated being stuck in the office) Some of the pencil necks I knew were absolutely appalled that a “man of my stature” would get his hands dirty. ,,,,Well, guess who is looking down on THEM now. (They all voted for the cackling witch, poor things)

    21. James Maxwell says

      Who in hell ever told you a useless degree would make you a valuable person to any one?
      Perhaps you fell for the crap spewed forth by the Democrat socialist when they claimed you
      could study what ever you wanted to and the government (TAX PAYERS) would support you for
      life. WRONG, buttercup, you want to have money then get a degree in something useful that
      will make you able to pursue employment and EARN money.

    22. junkmailbin says

      No, you cannot have my tax money back that you borrowed. Join the USMC and grow a pair Skippy

    23. Allan Scott says


    24. Romi says


    25. Deborah G says

      Blame no one but yourself for stupidity

    26. StormyKnight says

      A little of each. How long do you think it will take for kids to realize the course about Hillary Clinton’s life being introduced in some schools next year will bring them very little value towards a job/career? Like having a class that teaches the ways of a Jedi. Useless.

    27. Terramom says

      I’m laughing at this silly girl. What did she think a liberal arts degree would get her? She should have done more research beforehand.
      Actually, though, my son got a degree in anthropololgy, and now has a very good white-collar job with a major food company. So it can be done.

    28. CrustyOldGeezer says

      A: the sign holder is 100% responsible.

      He/she/it signed up for a class that has no value in Society.

      B: As a TAXPAYER that probably funded 100% of your schooling for a wasted time I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

      And since the ‘loan’ was NOT AN AUTHORIZED EXPENDITURE by WE, THE PEOPLE, we want it back NOW!

      And I don’t care if you have to sell both kidneys, both lungs, your liver, your spleen or the teddy bear you hug to sleep every night.

      YOU were looking for an easy path in life and YOU FAILED at being lazy.

      YOU, as a person, HAVE NO VALUE TO OUR SOCIETY.

      GROW UP!

    29. Rummy Walker says

      Did UVa force him to major in whatever it was that he studied? Me thinks it is just an excuse for being a spoiled, worthless pieces of crap.

    30. harold says

      In fact they are worthless by their own choice.

  3. Donald Keller says

    It’s an Embarrassment that they are even allowed to attend any University!!
    They need to go back to Pre-School along with the So called Teachers that
    allowed them to become so Ignorant in the first place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ch says

    They will never make it in the free world. Everything offends them.. Quit school give us the taxpayers our grant money back. I am sure you are an embarrassment to your parents who have worked hard to help pay for your indoctrination. If you don’t like the school, go elsewhere. In fact, better idea, if you don’t like the process and the country–LEAVE and don’t come back. There is nowhere else in the world you could go and act like you do to embarrass yourself that would not imprison you.

  5. Vinnie S. says

    Obviously if these students have this kind of time on their hands for this BS when they should be learning how to cope with reality , they probably should be looking for a job but first find some common sense aspect of life to cling to instead of being crybabies about history’s failures !

    You can’t live in the Future , and the past is History , so get a grip on the Present since it is all you really have to make something of yourself and stop trying to be a scapegoat for someone’s ancestor’s treatment or disasters. It’s Now or Never , reach for the Brass ring before you pass it by……….. Your Choice ! Be glad that you have a choice !

  6. MajorMajor411 says

    Why wouldn’t these dim-wit Millennials (not all, but a vast majority of them) turn against a university founded by one of our Founding Fathers? It’s because they’ve been dumbed-down and led to believe in Socialistic and Communistic ideology. I would suggest each of these turn-coats travel and live in a Communist country like North Vietnam. They may have a better appreciation of their liberties…until then…I say shut up, until you grow some decency to a nation you should be thankful to live in. Why don’t they ask themselves why SO many other peoples want to get to the United States. If life is so horrible here…then why are so many foreigners trying to become U.S. Citizens…or so many illegals fleeing their own country to get to the U.S. It’s because WE (the U.S.) is still that beacon on the hill. Be proud to be an American, or shut the hell up…and learn some respect for your heritage here.

    1. Artemis says

      What other Country are hordes of people risking their lives to get into illegally other than ours?
      Common Core is the Communist indoctrination of our School Children, and Jeb Bush thinks it’s the greatest thing since Apple Pie….what’s with that? When he was Gov. here in Florida, he wanted to allow the illegals to have a driver’s license, perfect I.D., for voting in some states. What a crock….smells of NWO ideology!

    2. ABO says

      North Korea would provide them with a rude awakening. Or how about Venezuela. I agree entirely with the content of your post, MajorMajor 411.

  7. Bobby Harris says

    According to some exit polls a number of people voted for Trump because their voices were not heard or their concerns were dismissed, now those same people are dismissing the concerns of others. Will we ever learn?

    1. amy says

      No because they are all self entitled spoiled brats who never had to work a day in their lives and their parents are probably still footing all the bills. There is far too much political correctness and parents stopped disciplining their children and praised or ignored bad behavior as normal. This type of behavior did NOT happen in the our generation! We would have gotten our asses beat which is clearly what all of these cry baby snowflakes NEED.

      1. Tokopah says

        But parents today who physically discipline their children are often arrested for child abuse.

        1. amy says

          Yes cause if the kids dont get what they want they will actually call fake reports in on them. Saw that on the news one time, was nuts cause he didnt get to go to a party so tried putting his parents in jail. Or the guy in McD’s whose child was screaming and throwing a tantrum and being a brat. He spanked him and someone with no life called the police on him.

    2. marcuswelby says

      Sorry Bobby, there can only be one President at a time despite their ‘concerns ‘

  8. Barthel says

    If they don’t like Jefferson, they should go to a different college. When slavery was legal, a lot of our historic figures owned slaves, including Abraham Lincoln.

    1. Bill says

      I’ve never heard that Abraham Lincoln owned slaves, or found evidence of that. Still, the view of slavery and those who did own them should be kept in a context of their times, where the ingrained (and persuasive) views of whole communities were quite different from now. Anyone is ridiculous to criticize people for viewpoints that they “should have had” and yet could not possibly have had, such as views coming from today’s communities. In the same way, it is also fair to be sympathetic to university students, Californians, and other unfortunates who are drowning in liberal propaganda and can’t see anything beyond it; they have no other strong influence in their lives these days. Despite having sympathy for them, leaning on the most popular (most coercive) viewpoints doesn’t make anyone accurate in their thinking. We all have a responsibility to truth, and we all should at least judge ourselves on the effort that we make to know what is true and real. Definitely, some try harder than others, no matter the prevailing ideology surrounding them. Truth is not easily known, especially when so many people willingly undermine it.

      1. Barthel says

        There is conflicting information about Lincoln himself owning slaves, but his wife’s family did own slaves. Lincoln did have a low opinion of black people, however.

  9. Kmichael Williams says

    The Millenials are so out of touch with the Country… I feel that MANY LIBERAL teachers and Professors are doing them and our Country a disservice. Isn’t it the objective to educate our children and inso doing prepare them for success?

    1. Retired says

      Our educators today mainly care about the money they make and how many days off a year.

  10. Natalie says

    You would think that some of these kids, who are after all college students, would be smart enough to see through ignorant, arrogant liberal manipulation. The original liberals were all about fighting the establishment. Giving power back to the people. Not these liberals. They seem to have enthusiastically adopted that smug arrogance, embraced ignorance, blindly, ironically come full circle and are now all about rabidly supporting the establishment. Not giving any power whatsoever to the people and are perfectly content to hand over their freedom, their future to anyone who comes along and promises to take care of them and keep the big, bad boogyman, which in their hysterical, hyper sensitive world is a whole slew of almost entirely imaginary isms and phobias, away.Thank God she lost. Thank God. This is the kind of cancer no one wants to spread.

  11. Freedom Fighter says

    I never forget seeing some NYC snowflake during the OWS protests carrying a sign which said: “I have a B.A. in Gender Studies and I can’t get a Job!”…….well, duh.

  12. Michelle P says

    The current millennials are not in a good mind set. Between their social media and the selfies, their interests lie only in what’s good for them and what they can get out of it. Sad, but we need to stop pampering them and set higher expectations for those, who seem to think they deserve everything their way at no expense. For those who hate America and are burning our flag…..go somewhere else and complain. America doesn’t need or want you!

    1. Retired says

      Well stated.

    2. RockinOn says

      Yepper Girl, you nailed it!

    3. Artemis says

      It’s the “What can the Country do for ME” “syndrome”, I couldn’t agree with you more Michelle….Great Post!

  13. TampaMike50 says

    Most of these kids weren’t born tards per se, but they sure have become tards now. And, I DO apologize to those folks who were born with some sort of affliction as I don’t mean to lump these morons into the same category as any of you folks. Jesus, where are their parents in ALL this,hmmm??? I can only imagine most if not all of the parents must be a bunch of left wing loons and/or hippies or off spring of hippies–EEEWWWW!!!!! Be glad when that generation finally DIES off!!!

    1. Retired says

      Most get that way once the attend a University or fall into the welfare group.

  14. TOM P O'DONNELL says


  15. Eternal Light says

    The faculty and students are free to leave and attend a school more to their liking. In the eyes of God, we’re all sinners, we all fall short; even Thomas Jefferson. If we’re guilty of one sin, we’re guilty of them all. Stop looking for perfection in human beings. It cannot be found, not in me, not in them! There is only “one moral compass”; one perfect Triune God, God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. His laws ARE THE SAME, YESTERDAY, TODAY, and TOMORROW. If they knew anything about American History, they would know our founding fathers based our countries laws on God’s laws (the Geneva Bible came with them) and without the virtuous living described by our Creator in His Living Word, the Bible, this country will FAIL. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” “Love your enemies” Forgive others sins that yours might be forgiven…or the faults you hold bound in others will be held bound in you. Seems evident, none of this has ever been taught to the students and faculty who signed the letter. They don’t want to “embrace responsibility” everything is someone else’s fault in a “victim mentality”.

    1. Bobby Harris says

      They are also free to render their opinions. This is still America

      1. Eternal Light says

        True; They had already rendered theirs, so I rendered mine.

  16. Bob says

    Sadly our youth has become so dumbed down and liberal adults so shallow. Their openions are formed by late night talk show comedy acts, people or rolling stone magizine , liberal media propaganda, a failed education system and liberal politicians that play to their victim wannabe bad attitudes. That’s the problem. Now what is the solution?

  17. wolveyjanet says

    If these College Students Keep Looking At What Happen at the Turn of the Century over 100 Years Ago, Instead At What Is Really Happening Now, They Will Be Living The Rest Of Their Life’s In Turmoil! We Have No More Slavery In Today’s Times! We Now Have Our Constitutional Rights, Freedoms And Law’s that Are With Today’s Times, Not In Times in The Past! They Are Thinking That What They Hear From The Media And Our Government Is True, When It’s Not! They Need to Start Using There Own Mines, To Be Able To Understand When They Are Being Lied To And When They Are Not. It’s Called Use Your Common Sense! They Need To Understand Politics Interfere With What is Really Happening and Know The Government Will Only Tell Them What The Government Wants To Them to Believe! They Need To Open Their Eyes To See What Is Really Happening Around Them. Our Constructional Rights and Freedoms Are For All Of The People, Not Just A Few Of The People! This Means The American People Have The Right To Choose How They Live Their Lives And The Right To Believe They Way They Want To, But No One Has The Right To Take Those Rights And Freedoms Away From Someone Else Who Wants To Live The Way They Want And To Believe! The Government Wants To Take Those Rights And Freedoms Away From The American People, So They Can Rule The American People To Believe The Way Our Government Wants Them Too! The American People Doesn’t Work For The Government, The Government Works For America And The American People! Our Government Is Supposed To Do What Is Right For America And The American People. Our Government Is Supposed To Work With Our Military And Our Police To Keep America And The American People Safe From Terrorist, Criminals, Our Enemies And Anyone Else Who Wants To Harm America And The American People In Any Way. This Is Why Our Border’s Must Be Closed And Secured, From Anyone Who Wants To Enter America Illegally! To All Of Our College Students: You Are Adults Now, Act Like It And Quit Listening To Our Government Officials! Start Living Your Own Lives With Your Own Believes And Your Own Way’s, Just Like Our Constitution Say’s You Have The Right And Freedom To Do So!

  18. The Dutchman says

    Expel them ALL! Most are probably going to school on the taxpayers money anyway.

  19. Motorhead says

    We are trying to drain the political swamp but we also need to drain the educational swamp also or all it will be for naught. Take back our schools. 82nd Airborne

  20. Marc Goldstone says

    They attend this University as a means to avoid working for a living, like mature HS graduates must do.

  21. samnigromd says

    “THE RETURN OF THE FOUNDERS”—the meaning of the election of Trump–Working class males and Christians overwhelmingly elected him–They are tired of being told to step aside and not use their full abilities so women and minorities can “be more than equal”–the true basic ukase of the First Amendment frauds who created UnNaturalAmerica.
    by Samuel A. Nigro, MD, retired, deplorable pamphleteer
    Copyright c 2016

    Objecting to Roe v. Wade, Doc Sam wrote The Death of America in 1972, detailing abortion as a death implosion on America. In spite of the title, he then believed he was over-stating the case and actually considered America to be alive and well for the most part, and would self-correct in time. However, some forty years later, he sadly recognizes that America of the Founders is dead. Abortion and its subliminal equivalents have spread with “abortion” metastases from children and others killing themselves and others to victimhood-loving deadbeats wanting to kill politicians they do not like. Abortion has created a malignant culture of death, violence, and unnatural sex all of which have created UnNaturalAmerica–a tsunami of rejections of the Constitution required compliance with “Nature and Nature’s God” and subtle delusions of “never wrong” about anything.

    Abortion (and “contraception” to be precise) removed “reproduction” from human sexuality resulting in an unimagined outcome–“UnNaturalAmerica”: an anti-child, anti-family, anti-natural masturbation emotional violent “abortion” culture has replaced the Founders Culture with “marriage” being the psychosocial “pheromone” for human sexuality (comparable to the biochemical pheromones which prevent animals from carrying on sexually like humans now do in uncontrolled fashion). Thus, “sex” is no longer “reproductive”, so it is “excretory”–emotional release for recreation and advertising, commercialized and destroyed as part of planetary sex because it is no longer “reproductive consistent sexuality between mature opposite sexed members of the same species” (as sex is pheromone defined overwhelmingly by the animal kingdom on the planet, dare said, “as defined by Nature and Nature’s God” [got a cat?] and kept that way for/by “marriage”–the psychosocial pheromone for humans to be in concert with the planet.).

    The loss of “reproduction consistency” has flooded humanity with unnatural sex to the extent that “gender” is now meaningless and emotionality is the rule of the land. Without “reproduction consistency,” any genital activity with anyone or anything is

    acceptable– “reproduction” excluded. Thus, “gender” is now irrationalized “without reproduction consistency” and is one’s preferred way of masturbation, making the “polymorphous perverse” to be legalized as personal emotional identity instead of a disease (“Chronic abnormal functioning” is the definition of a “disease.”) for the genital obsessed and the genital maniacs of the gay cult. With “gender” meaningless, “sex for humans” is a form of pollution, i.e., universal squirt/slime diarrhea accurately labeled
    “sexcretion” for all, even children, as Planned Parenthood has so-called “sex education” courses starting in kindergarten along with the gay cult pronouncing “Eight is too late” while rescripting “The Homosexual Manifesto” to Congress.

    And America is no more. It is a deformed, dehumanized, demasculinized, defeminized denaturalized cadaver of itself, killed especially by First Amendment Fraud Press, which is run by virtue-less dirty old men and politicized selfish harem-feminists–all traitors to the Founders’ hopes for transcendental citizens to be conditioned to the continuous living of the Ten Commandments and virtue and the transcendentals(1) of truth, oneness, good and beauty if the Constitution was to continue to work. But the liberal functionaries of the First Amendment failed to provide much more than Incorrigible Liberal Loonism since the arrival of electronocelluloid communication in 1949. At bottom, the failure of the First Amendment is the basic cause of the death of America, as stated in my book. Do not buy or support any of the liberal First Amendment frauds who have ruined this country–they just lie and manipulate. The people have been manipulated to be sexcretion obsessed addicts never realizing the consequences–As Shakespeare stated, “Unnatural deeds do breed unnatural troubles”–and an UnNaturalAmerica.

    The “breeding” of unnatural troubles is undeniable. With sexcretion and loss of traditionally “reproduction” defined male/female genders, the gays and haremfeminists seduce the law into making all the current 53 pseudo-genders to be “equal”–and “equality” means “equality in ALL things” otherwise “equality” is meaningless (2). One cannot be excluded because of gender, nor can one be included because of gender. “Equality” means distinctions and differences in rights and opportunities cannot be allowed or tolerated between genders. Only “content of character” counts. Genderlessness is the current law of human functioning, so all can be equal (and not only in bathrooms). In addition, haremfeminists have women “equal” to men including sexuality, such that there is not even respecting another woman’s right to have her husband not be a target for horney haremfeminists (or gay recruiters eager to sexcrete and promote their version of unnatural “equality”). No one cares that this destroys the

    husband’s faithfulness and renders the wife to be unnecessary as well as redundant or that adult sex and violence destroy the meaning of childhood. The first “unnatural trouble” is: To hell with “Family Integrity” and the same for marriage promises, child care and childhood.

    At the same time, the benefits of genuine manhood and paternalism have been minimized and male virtue castrated, all linked to haremfeminism taking over. Black males are regularly used by women for sex and children but then the men are moved out of the home as unnecessary, so government subsidies can be obtained (which is outrageously “unequal” for men). The same for Hispanic men and Caucasians. Women get “equality” and subsidies while the men get drugs and prison. Fatherhood is nothing.
    Motherhood is self-rejected and devalued as the reproductive basis, because family life is gone with the abortion death miasma excusing all evils. A million abortions a year (400,000 black) destroys the conscience and social cohesion. Childhood is empty without fathers and mothers united as one. Childhood is more destroyed by imposed adult sexuality and violence passed on as education and entertainment. But in spite of genderlessness, girls are activated, while active boys are told to stand in the corner. The haremfeminists have been able to have it both ways, quickly pulling, when pressed, the “I am a woman” routine to make “equality” and “genderlessness” to be jokes on the guys who used to be called “males.” The haremfeminists proclaim and demand “equality” but always with sub rosa female-protecting sexist exceptions so the guys cannot assert their maleness, just “hold the door please” and “how dare you stop the unequal engagement ring sexism scam.” And do not remind that over one million three hundred and forty thousand men were military casualties of World War II, Korea and Vietnam (at least one-third dead)–talk about sexist inequality! Hatefully suppressed for their innate energy/enthusiasms and sexually satiated by the available haremfeminists surrounding them, boys and young men, are numbed so as to neither learn nor work; they then get into drugs and have even less motivation for family faithfulness or education to compete for opportunities, especially female-offered ones, which are automatic because the males dutifully suppress their abilities and qualifications, when present, so the women can feel “equal,” which is basically an unwitting old-time deference given to the currently sexist and totally outdated “I am a woman” plea now turned into another unrecognized selfish sexist scam. (As a kid in an Italian family, women received special “equalities” in every thing because women were special and could have babies. “Always be nice and helpful to mom and all other women in the house–No man ever worked as hard.”–a simple common universal reminder of those superior by their “reproductive” elements of gender–considerations nullified now by abortion. Today is another aside: Cynical truisms are latent and suppressed whenever a judge, politician, lawyer, official, or anyone asserts their oxymoronic “female equality” as

    superior and not able to be exceeded or duplicated by someone of a different gender. Every position should be filled by “content of character” qualifications and not because “she is a woman getting her equality.” Men who have been secretly discriminated against, or who have withdrawn their equal or better qualifications, because the position was designated as
    given for female equality is, upon study, another haremfeminist sexist scam myth, which now, hopefully, is illegal because gender cannot be considered.) Obviously, the second “unnatural trouble” is: Men quit using their male virtue as they are duped into “standing aside” so women can be “equal” as if the unequal selfishness of these women is not a joking mockery of the old fashioned “respect” for women wrongly interpreted as subordination but quickly relied upon when the women feel the real
    misery and difficulties of real virtuous manhood which they claimed to want.

    Next, UnNaturalAmerica is an anti-male criminal-creating culture filling prisons with 2 million men today in contrast to 250,000 incarcerated men in 1960 (the beginning of the “sex revolution” brought to completion by abortion). There has been a 700% growth in prison population since 1970 to 2005 (Roe v. Wade was 1973). During that time, the male prison rate per 100,000 people has jumped from 200 to 1000; the female from 100 to 450 per 100,000 citizens (Women have been ruined too). It is time to call it as it is: Abortion/contraception/sexcretion have destroyed the virtue and Ten Commandment laden culture of the Founders for all genders. Women have quit being women and think they are men. Men are tricked/seduced into deferring to the “equality” scheme and stagnate/regress into non-family, virtueless inertia and criminality, the latter related to drug use to escape the subliminal oppression and discrimination. Men are driven out of the home because haremfeminism and the gay cult have taken over. The third “unnatural trouble” is: Men, especially, without family virtue and the Ten Commandments become paralyzed parasitic down-and-outers and criminals.


    without fear. ABORTION MUST STOP–ABORTION IS THE GENERALIZED BASIS FOR THE NAZI-LIKE AUTHORITARIAN COMMANDS TO DO “GOOD” BY EVIL–Solomon Asch groupthink, Adolf Eichmann sex negates religious belief, Stanley Milgrim shock machine compliance, and Philip Zimbardo power madness–ALL are the contagious metastatic psychological diseases of abortion (it used to be slavery) on society: I can do evil if I choose to call it “good”: from killing to protesting–“Sieg Heil, press & media!” (If you are for “abortion”, you ARE an abortionist and you, by excusing your abortion evil, will excuse whatever other evil you choose to do.)


    (1) “Male/Female Differences in Natural Law”, by Samuel A. Nigro, MD, Steubenville, Society of Catholic Social Scientists, 1993. (Attached)
    This contains the first and most accurate, intelligent and honest presentation of the transcendentals and applies them to traditional gender consistent with Nature and Nature’s God.

    (2) “What The Equal Rights Amendment Means To Men” by Samuel A. Nigro, MD, Cleveland, The Mankind First Company, 1974. (Attached)
    This contains the logical legal extension of “equality” to traditional genders requiring no distinctions between men and women. The “Addendum” to this pamphlet quotes Bargara Balogun (“…the roles of male and female must be completely redefined–no, eliminated”), Linda Gordon (“The nuclear family must be destroyed…”), Simone de Beauvoir (“The
    tragedy of marriage is not that it fails to assure women the promised happiness…but that it mutilates her…”), and Germaine Greer (“a child is not the responsibility of the woman who gave it birth…”), all mandating the destruction of gender roles, marriage and the family. Their wishes have been granted by the Democratic Party and the ILLs (Incorrigible Liberal Loons) of the press and media. The result is proof that a transcendent society is a fragile house held together by the family and virtuous transcendental complementary (and occasionally “equal”) men and women. A decent America is not a press and media created psychosocial cesspool of “Law Worship” (Attached) created by totally discredited First Amendment Frauds whose publications and products are worthless (which is another lesson to be learned from this election).

  22. Michael Dennewitz says

    Ungrateful college kids are just smoking far too much of that shit!

  23. bbb says

    Let’s see. University of Virginia has ultra liberal [Communist] professors, ultra liberal left leaning required reading and seminars by lovely people like Wannabe Indian Warren, president of Planned Parenthood, etc., and encourages only very wealthy, vey liberal spoiled youth to apply for admission.
    So, the original concept of ‘education’ has been turned into brainwashing, programming, close-minded narrow thinking and preferably no independent thinking at all.
    At UVA the consensus is that thinking is overrated.
    So, we wonder, do we, at the results of these endeavors?
    The TRUTH [liberals hate that word] raises its ugly head and shows that there are too many colleges, too many worthless degree areas, too expensive a venue to warehouse communist professors and too much ado about nothing.

  24. Jerry says

    They truly cannot think for them selfs, they know how to take test period that all they have been taught.

    One example I served 22 years in the military I also was an instructor, mentor, and apparently a baby sitter I thought a group of new inductees we spent about 4 or 5 hrs in class for this one task. They all passed with flying colors, but unlike college you also have to be able to implement these new skills you just have learned. So I took the class out to the flight line picked the three that had the highest scores and yes all three where also enrolled in college very well known college’s that you see a hear about on tv. Any way have them the second part of the class by setting a situation that they just tested on not more than 15 minutes prior and said show me how it’s done. Not one of them and not anyone in the class could except one. One out of 27 kids could accomplish the task.

    This is one of the reasons I retired because you can’t afford to have these issues in a combat situation for me to stop in the middle of combat and try to explain what should be second nature. You spend thousands of hrs in class rooms in the military but if you don’t have the right mind set I will be sending you home. In a body bag.

    1. Bobby Harris says

      If only one out of 27 could accomplish the task you did the right thing by retiring. If you could reach only one out of 27 people either the Instructor or the methods are questionable .

      1. Jerry says

        The method and I taught several thousand students in that time. The military and government set the curriculum and the standards. So you statement has no foundation. Why should the government change because of a ne generation comes in. If you can pass a test dose not mean you are qualified to do the job. But this is what the millinals are being taught, because they do not know how to accept being wrong and need their participation trophies. Guess what doesn’t work in the real world. Most of these kids that are coming into services know have to be handled with kid gloves they don’t have driver license they have never been any where but schools and mommys and daddy’s home. They can even do there own laundry. They show up late and in the military if you are not at least at a minimum 15 minutes early you are late. It’s not our job to be their mommy or their daddy. They are supposed to be adults. But if they can’t do a task that they just watch slides slows and videos and 4 or 5 hrs of class rooms it’s not the instructors responsibility to hold their hand we flunk them and make them cooks or some other remedial task until they grow up. Military is not in the business of holding millinals. I taught generation X, and Y and at least they asked questions the millinals do neither they think I past the test that should be good enough. Welcome to the real world.

        1. Bobby Harris says

          Well if all the instructor’s success rate is the same as yours then it’s obvious something has to change.

          1. Jerry says

            Special operations groups do not compromise for anyone at any time. It’s the new generation we have already changed some things for the new generation of millibars because they are slow. Or simply cannot comprehend. Now everyone is taught differently on how to shoot and failure rates are still high. So now they get to qualify with scopes on their weapons because they can’t qualify with iron sites. That how bad its become.

            The test are set up to weed out and failure rates where always high and expected. It’s this generation that needs to catch-up to the real world and get out of their bubble that the live in. Absolutely no common since what so ever.

          2. Bobby Harris says

            I worked in private industry for 50 years, the last 20 in a training capacity and at each stop my success was based on the success of those I trained. If 26 of the 27 people I trained were unsuccessful in performing a job they were trained to do then I would be out of a job. There are far to many variables for me to accept your explanations as to why the failure rate is so high.

          3. Jerry says

            And that’s the reaso you stayed a civilian with substandard workers. The military only want the best not someone who just get by. We want people to think on their feet thing inside and out side the box. Your decisions don’t cost life’s unless you are in law enforcement, fire departments, and EMT. Most of our classes start with 90 and we only expect maybe 12 at the highest to pass we do not accept sub standards for any reasons. You either pass or you fail nothing in between. At least you have explain why the civilians corporations are all in trouble and needing bailouts now. Thank you for clearing that up about the civilian world. Was wondering why it was so messed up.

          4. Bobby Harris says

            No, I had a 4A classification which is why I wasn’t in the military. Apparently there is a problem since you say that’s why you retired. You can spin this however you want but reaching 1 out of 27 is unacceptable regardless to what or whom you are training for one thing it’s very expensive and a waste of valuable time for the return on the investment.

          5. Jerry says

            It’s totally acceptable we made the adjustment for the milinals and expect them to fail. 80 year of true and proven test. We don’t lower the testing for incompetence.As you have stated you did. Even if you where not 4A and made it in and tried to demand any thing you stated You would have been administrative discharge at minimum for failure to progress. Because the military will not lower their standards. And the failure of educators and parents on the out side has no bearing on us because there are another 1000 trying to be the best of the best the tip of the sword. If everyone passes in your class I feel sorry for the student because the obviously are not learning and just getting passed to make the instructor look good. The military prides its self with integrity, pride, morals, and scruples. Service before self. Oh and I retired as a E-9 so I was at the top and there was no higher rank no need to stay.

          6. Bobby Harris says

            Even the military is not that stupid that they can’t design a test that will more accurately predict suitable candidates. Why even give them the test since it proves absolutely nothing? I see by your claiming that I made statements that you won’t find in any of my replies that you maybe distorting the facts.

          7. Jerry says

            The fact you know absolutely nothing about the military.

            The fact they already have those test in place.

            The fact that all they do is teach kids how to take test and look good on paper in schools and institutions.

            The fact you said yourself you modified your class and the curriculum to pass them.

            The fact that’s the problem with student and instructors now. Because the snowflakes do not know how to fail.

            The fact that’s the problem in society today.

            When you have been to 42 countries and 5 different war zones that’s when you have a opinion for anything the military does.

          8. Bobby Harris says

            Go back and re read my replies, nowhere will you find that I said a class or the curriculum was modified. Even though the results from the test have proven that it’s no longer useful the military keeps administering it and you think this is smart on the military’s part. Anyone can have an opinion about anything, you don’t have to be a politician to have an opinion about politics. You seem to have an opinion about a lot of things that are not in the ream of your expertise.

          9. Jerry says

            Again you have proven you have no knowledge of the military.

            But you are determined to state test that are given are obsolete or not useful. My question to you Sr is how do you know this? You have never served as you have stated.

            But you are determined to find fault in the instructors or the the test or the corse material.

            Military will always have higher standards than a civilian world no matter what. These standards will never change because if it does it cost lives.

            You can not nor will you understand there is no middle ground you pass or fail period. Military does not accept substanders period.

            Nothing wrong with the tests it’s the generation that society has produced the entitlement snowflakes crying babies.

            If this is your point you are saying they should change their standards for women wanting to be in combat roles. The standards are to hard. What? I only see a uniform I didn’t see race I didn’t see sex I didn’t see religion I see a uniform that either passed or did not. The millions that passed before the new generation got their your saying they are not as good as all the others before them that has taken the same test. That can only be your definitive answer.

          10. Bobby Harris says

            And now you are contradicting yourself in addition to getting way off the subject

          11. Jerry says

            Never changed never wavered stayed right on track.

            For every point you tried to make trying to blame the instructors and me and blaming the courses as you have stated.

            Answers all your points in detail well as much as possible with out divulging any secrets.

            You Sr as stated on previous points that you would be fired with that failure rate. The military prides it self and its instructors on high failure rates. That we know only the most qualified personal are past.

            I cannot help the civilians do not adhere to the same high standards.

            We can disagree on each other points all you want, but since you have never served makes all of you statements opinionated with no facts to base anything you said plausible as fact.

          12. Bobby Harris says

            Please clear something up for me. What is the stated purpose of the test, what are they design to do?

          13. Jerry says

            Every thing I have stated is fact back up by the UCMJ and rules and regulations. All test are set up for the purpose of weeding out the undesirables and guild line are set by the rules and regulations from officers and individuals with real world experiences. Unlike the civilian world there are rules and regulations for every thing or the UCMJ. Like article 108 of the UCMJ once you have enlisted you do not belong to you any more you are government property. They even have rules how to use the toilet and certain vessels.

  25. DAY8293A says

    SCREW ALL THESE LIBTARDS.. (Little Ignorant Bitches with Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder) Not everyone deserves or needs a college education.. You only deserve the right to PAY for one… If you can afford it.. NOT ON MY DIME ANYMORE,, END THE OBAMMY PHONE PROGRAM TO STOP THESE VERMIN FROM COMMUNICATING ON OUR DIME,,,

  26. Jesustheonlyway says

    Pampered Idiots!

  27. DonaldE69 says

    These students had a choice as to where to go to school……It’s not as though someone held a gun to the back of their heads and told them to walk forward to a particular school…….but, they could have been under Clinton and the One World Order…….

  28. Murphmeister says

    Political correctness is the new Puritanism and it is deeply disturbing how deeply entrenched it is in academia to the point where open , honest and respectful discourse is impossible. This contraction of the mind in young college adults and its desire for insulation instead expansion is very disquieting.

  29. michael says

    HEY ! ALL you university brain dead morons….SHUT THE HELL UP ! you are too stupid to know what is good for you. and you think you will get a job thinking the way you do ? NOT A FREAKING CHANCE !

  30. Wildeagleone says

    They say only with those that have a College education, are smart enough to pick the leader of this country.

    One HaS to wonder how the hell they are going to change the mistaken choices they are making now when they Grow Up(?) and find thebchsnges they are demanding today, become their demands for the country they left behind !!!

    1. Buford says

      College cannot make you more intelligent. It exposes to information which the consensus group decides is correct. Course correction comes from challenging that status quo (often wrong) body. Students lack analytical tools for identifying and respecting correct authority, so they are unable to challenge the wrong authoritarians. Academic discipline begins at home and church, most effectively with a corporal booster. Milliniels, with rare exception, never had their egos bruised with a spanking when they needed it most, and consequently, they did not grow up. Although they are enrolled, they are not true college material. Needless to say, many enrolled will matriculate, but will be unfit for any future service. Don’t expect this velco greneration to have sense enough to tie shoestrings or run a country. Don’t plan on going to a nursing home; someone will have to stick around to wipe their tails.

  31. rev_dave says

    Sounds to me like they should all decline their tuition assistance and go to school in Congo instead.

  32. Diana Deardurff says

    Go look at the Lolita express on YouTube and then tell me how great Hillary Clinton is. This was in one of the Wikileaks’s emails.

  33. Kim Graves says

    They want to erase history how MENTALLY ill can a group be i mean is this a joke?

  34. BARRY SOETERO says

    Mr. Trump!!!! Defund our putrid colleges and univerSHITTIES! Not one dime of my taxes to support these marxist infested cesspools.

  35. spopek says

    Why are more than 400 hundred Faculty and Students working and getting Degrees, if they don’t like what the Founder of The University represents? I think the Faculty that signed that letter to the University President should get a permanent layoff, because they don’t believe philosophies of the school, but they and part of the student body are putting past judgement on Thomas Jefferson a dead man that can’t defend his actions of his personal life. If we lived in the time period that Thomas Jefferson came from who’s to say what kind of people we would be. We could be rich have slaves, talk badly about African Americans and how scary they are. Etc. The 400 Faculty members and students are just being hypocritical that they work and attend this school. They don’t believe in it’s Founders principals and are upset who won the Presidency. Maybe they need to dish out the play dough and crayons like the other Universities since they can’t handle ups and downs of life. This goes to the Faculty, if you so sensitive on history figures and their personal lives either your teaching the wrong curriculum or you need a new place to teach or a new profession.

    Please don’t be my English teacher, but what is the content of the post.

  36. amy says

    Yet its ok to back Hillary who is backed by Soros when he is a war criminal and cause of many nations war and attacks, the one paying the rioters 3k a day to assault everyday citizens, not even all who voted Trump. ONLY WHITE. OMG these brats need to stick to doing what they do best. Beer pong.

  37. Rick D. says

    As a graduate of UVA (Ph.D. in 1974-Counselor Education). I am embarrassed and ashamed of the behavior of its current student body. Mr. Jefferson is so revered that employees take their lunch break at 1pm. When I asked why this is the case, the response was “because that’s when Mr. Jefferson took his.” To compare the morals and values of the 1700’s with those of today is ludicrous.Shame on you, UVA!!

  38. Betty says

    if they 400 plus feel that way LEAVE THE SCHOOL you are not fit t attend it

  39. ibcyn says

    A bunch of idiotic, selfish brats. Brainwashed and have no clue about life and will not be able to make it in the real world!

  40. greenlantern1 says

    President Thomas Jefferson brought charges, of treason, against Aaron Burr!
    What would he say about Trump and Pence?

    1. marcuswelby says

      Better yet what of Hillary and Obama

      1. greenlantern1 says

        Trump said that Hillary was our worst Secretary of State.
        Remember Kissinger?
        Who LOST South Vietnam?
        Trump said that Obama was our worst president.
        Remember Nixon?

        1. Buford says

          You missed a spot, behind the ears.

  41. rivahmitch says

    Just more prelude to the impending race war. Lock and load;-)

  42. Steven Coy says


  43. Mickey McPoland says

    Slavery was legal and sociably accepted in the 1700″s. Ergo, no crime, no foul. Socialists don’t study history, they try to make all people equal, EXCEPT NOT with them, because they want power and power gets them $$$$$$$$.

  44. Buford says

    Two-year olds understand cause-effect. What natural sense God gave, commicrat uneducators undid in merely 12 years. Get party-controlled government out of miseducation and much of this problem will go away. Send responsibility back to the local parental level.

  45. Just1Saddletramp says

    As to the subject of slavery, I wonder how many of these students realize most of them are going to be a slave for the next 40+ years regardless of who is the U.S. president. Here is a one-word clue : Job

  46. washburn road says

    Every white is evil. OK, move on Superior Progressives Soros Puppets, Saul Alinsky is calling!

    1. Deby says

      LOL-permission to use your “Libtarded ankle munchers” phrase in future posts!! Good one!

  47. meine Meinung says

    Slavery?? there is more of it than ever before. Look at Arab countries importing labor(“slaves”)
    from Asian countries. Even bed wenches are “imported”. I know of girls as young as 12 yrs. old
    who were sold by their parents to “come to the US and make good money, go to a school, get a
    decent job and live happily ever after”. We call it prostitution. If you look at history of slavery in the
    US, you will find that the tribal chiefs sold the boys and girls to the traders who then brought them
    to the South and sold them on the slave market at auction. Just business.

  48. Marine68 says

    Jefferson had slaves that were well cared for. If he had not owned them, someone else would; and god knows what kind of masters they might be. Jefferson did not create the situation, in fact he proposed its abolition during construction of the Constitution, but two of the Southern States would not sign the Constitution without the right to their Slaves.

  49. Cimmie Depriest says

    Students today are looking for the easiest way to get through college because they were told they need a degree to get a job. The profs these days way to teach a liberal curriculum cause it’s easy. Very little actual subjects that can teach them to get out in the world and work. Most have no knowledge to do anything but complain and blame everyone else. They would have been better off learning a trade. And the teachers have gotten worse, I’ve watched since the sixties when they took prayer out of schools, changed the curriculum to make it easier, got rid of the dress code, made sure everyone got a trophy(win or loose don’t want hurt feelings) and finally gave students rights. No we have a generation with no common sense and living off their parents. Personally I would stop their tuition, take them out of school and tell them to get a job. Their free ride is over.

  50. 4ever49 says

    Just another liberal arts loser. You should have really applied yourself towards a degree that has value in the market place.

  51. Jodi Barker Thompson says

    Give the guy a break!!!!! He was one of the most influential voices of that time!!!!!
    Even affluent blacks of that time owned slaves!!!!!

  52. Nancy Pinson says

    These students don’t care about this country or care about getting an education. They care about getting attention. They say when children don’t get their way children figure bad attention is better than no attention. If these children are smart I’d say they are book smart (the easy smart) but have no common sense about their future; about the fact that for every action there is a consequence.

  53. Justin Seine says

    Yes, we know, Trump is not your president. In fact he is nobody’s president – YET! This gives you time to find another country that will pamper you, ask nothing of you, provide safe spaces and hopefully have a president that meets your exacting standards. You have until January 20, 2017 – so you better get cracking! Good luck and good riddance!

  54. kristalsea says

    Jefferson would probably support their freedom of expression (however misguided). Washington also owned slaves. Owning slaves was a norm of the times. Jon

  55. Dana Cole says

    If they love socialism so much may they should finish their last two years by studying and working in a socialist country without Mommy and Daddy’s monetary support. Perhaps Venezuela.

    1. ABO says

      Oh no! Life without smart phones or tablets or laptops??? How on Earth would they possibly survive?

  56. annelouisegelinas says

    Brainwashed. Stubborn. Isolated. Pompous. Babies. Smart Alec’s.
    Trained leftists. Against good men.
    Against God. They have nothing. But they all think they are better than the greatest men. Who made a country.
    What have they ever accomplished

    Griping. Entitled. Smug. Can’t function
    If they lose. See only the bad side of life. Never admit there is good. When they look for a vote someday be sure to ignore them

  57. defiant1 says

    Young and dumb–these young people today are a bunch of spoiled brats who need to get some maturity and grow up, not whine and retreat home to mommy…..they are a disgrace to this country…….

  58. jjmcl431 says

    i am 73 years old and after seeing the way that this current generation is turning out all i can say is that i am happy that i don’t have that many years left and hopefully will not live to see this once wonderful country turn completely to (s)hit. hopefully Trump can save it and bring it back, but i fear it may be too late. what is happening here now happen to Rome and Athens. history does repeat itself. mankind does seem to stupid to learn from past mistakes. we humans, as a whole, keep doing the same stupid things over and over and keep expecting different results. that will never happen.

  59. Edward A Rhodes Rhodes says

    Sullivan better realiaze that they have FAILED in there educational mission!

    1. kotoc says

      “Realize” and “their.” If you wish to criticize someone for their education, or lack thereof, please do so with correct spelling of ordinary words. If you don’t, it appears as if you are no more educated than they are.

      1. hangem'high says

        He has a right to say it anyway he wishes to express it. It’s not his fault U have a hard time interrupting”?

        1. kotoc says

          I believe the word you intended to use in this context is “interpreting.” I have no problem with the message itself, and yes, I fully understood its meaning, but just keep in mind that you shouldn’t criticize someone’s education, or lack thereof, if you yourself appear less than 3rd grade level.

          1. hangem'high says

            Actually I was trolling. I was wondering if U would bite, so now we can have a conversation.

    2. hangem'high says

      It’s not that we failed as much as the schools have sold out for federal grants. In order to get the money they have to teach the liberal LGBT curriculum!

  60. borecrazy says

    A bit of both it seems. The last line is so true, Everyday we see more evidence that these sheeple are not prepared to lead this country forward. If the media can do their thinking for them so easily we are all doomed!

    1. tCotUS says

      As long as we have the Alphabet News Networks spreading rumors, creating discontent, supported by half truths & out right lies. Nothing will change, UNLESS We the People start ignoring these media giants with boycott’s along with their sponsors. Look what is happening to the NYT today.

  61. Deborah G says

    Then they should go to a school that reflects their idiocy. I love the way liberals always think they can take over and shove their lunacy down everyone else’s throats. They are so uneducated in the lower grades by left wingers

  62. alpambuena says

    what exactly have these lunatics accomplished in their short lives that makes them all so brilliant to judge anybody…? and if they don’t like the university then why are they still there in the first place…..go to the university of Moscow…probably a much better place of learning for their mushy brains.

  63. Goodforall says

    Brain dead libtard brats, nothing more!

  64. petemobtv says

    Very, very foolish people with absolutely no sense of history or perspective. This is the problems with college kids today. Under educated, childish, petulant, spoiled. They should all be forced to read O’Reilly’s “Killing the Rising Sun” and then quizzed. These dolts need to make the comparison between themselves and generations before…when their age group were responsible, heroic, and adult. Unlike themselves, who need teddy bears, crayons and safe spaces. They are a disgrace. Hold federal funds from that and any college that pulls that crap. Send these jerks, instead, to day care.

  65. marihia says


  66. Bob says

    It is time to stop funding all these schools and and fire all the Liberal Professors who are brain washing the America Youths. Another option would be to require all citizens of this country when they reach the age of 18 to serve at least two years in the Military, no exceptions. If something doesn’t change the Democrats will totally destroy this country from within. I truly believe the only chance this country has is a War on US Soil to bring these people back to reality.

  67. Edward A Rhodes Rhodes says

    Ah, to the cool and sophisticated kotoc, you use the classic democrat maneuver of AVOIDING the subject by nit picking words typed to fast. Insults are your basic forte, go for it big person, I look forward to the insults you will conjure up about me over this note.

    1. ABO says

      That would be ‘too fast’ not ‘to fast’. If you’re going to be critical, at least do it right.

    2. kotoc says

      First of all, Ed, I wasn’t using the type of “democrat maneuver” of avoiding the subject, I was perusing through the comments and found something that sounded like an uneducated person texting in a hurry. I hadn’t even thought of what kind of comment about the subject I was going to make until I could be sure not to echo someone else’s comment. Since I obviously struck a nerve with you about something of which you seem to be overly sensitive, I will refrain from hurting your feelings again in the future. Deal?

  68. Gregory Sarmas Sr. says

    Society and our culture can thank curriculums from grade school to High school for not emphasizing
    American history more and the moronic reward system that everyone gets a trophy mentality,just look at
    the demonstrations of the ingrates and less humble citizenry.Some 70% of arrested in Portland didn’t even vote.What motivated them was the rumored $35.00 per hour wage by subversive Billionaire money
    used to destroyer other peoples businesses and hard work.Pathetic.

  69. Morton99 says

    It is almost amusing to see the umbrage flowing from right wing enthusiasts at how unwilling many liberals are to accept the election of a neo fascist who won the presidency with a million less votes than his opponent. Put simply, it is not a mandate to reward the wealthy and rape the poor. Expect protests for the next four years at a minimum.

    1. hangem'high says

      Yep, I see those Trump supporters running the streets and letting those liberals have it!

  70. Tired... says

    The ignorance, dearth of critical thinking skills, and lack of self-awareness demonstrated by both the students and their professors is stunning, as well as a danger to the freedom of all Americans, not just conservatives. It is time that thinking people, regardless of their political beliefs, rise up, identify stupidity and call it out as such. There is noting wrong with recognizing that Jefferson was a flawed man but let’s be real: Would anyone, living or dead, pass the perfection test that these individuals demand? Knowledge is indeed powerful but it’s ability to do good or evil is uniquely dependent upon the individual wielding it; in this case it appears that nuclear weapons are in the hands of maladjusted infants.

  71. Gammi2Anna says

    Unfortunately, what is happening at UVA has become commonplace for the anti-American antagonists that are determined to destroy America from the inside out. These people want Tyrannical Rule and the selection of citizens allowed to serve them to be made by the Tyrant. All others will become the indentured servants or the expendables. If this country does not awaken an angry GIANT by standing up and shouting “NO, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY AND YOU CANNOT OVERCOME US & STEAL OUR FREEDOM!” I am personally offended, as a life long Virginian, that UVA has allowed this lunacy to creep onto our campus. I do know that UVA was just now dropped from the list of potential Universities our grandchild will be considering.

    1. ABO says

      Wise decision, Gamni2Anna.

  72. Bill Moon (Blackfoot) says

    Just think about the fact that eventually these lame brain idiots are going to one day marry and reproduce. And their ways and beliefs will become more and more the norm. They want everything for free now,what are they going to teach their offspring? Where do they think the money to pay for all of this free stuff they want will come from? Are they thinking that the working class people should willingly provide the means for them to get their handouts? Kind of ironic that they would be doing the same thing that they are complaining Thomas Jefferson did,in a manner of speaking. The only difference is that they wouldn’t have ownership papers for the people of the working class that they would expect to be their slaves. I wish the parents of these lazy ass kids would have thought long and hard about reproducing and/or would have been better teachers and role models.

    1. EMIRCITNA says

      THOSE that do not know history are damned to repeat history!
      SOME people just have to learn through….hard experience!!!

  73. EMIRCITNA says

    IS THERE any doubt WHY these kids minds are so screwed-up when the likes of William (Bill) Ayers, a profound Communist and known anarchist, can be employed by a university as a ….professor?!!!

  74. Cookie Vranish says

    These students are entitled to their opinions. However, to keep themselves from being hypocrites, they need to immediately quit going to the classes and get a job! That way, they won’t disappoint themselves.

  75. James Maxwell says

    I would like to suggest that they have a mental problem and need to see immediate help in removing their
    heads from their anal regions. If they are incapable of comprehending which University they enrolled
    in and who the founder was, his history and is reputation then they are either the most ignorant bottom
    feeders or just a prime example of the millennial entitlement generation ever. They apparently do not
    have the intelligence to attend a university of higher learning that was based upon the freedoms of
    our Nation and the principles that have made us the greatest Nation on earth and the GOLD standard
    that other come here seeking. Apparently they are in American and should relocate asap to a
    pure Socialist country such as Venezuela where they will be welcomed as long as they bring their money
    with them. Of course they cannot and will never be Citizens since they do not meet the standards
    and the rules will not be bent just because it hurt their little feelings.

  76. Sue Jensen says


  77. David in MA says

    “On the other hand, we are looking at a growing number of young Americans who seem completely unable to think for themselves.”
    And. what is the ethinic make up of these dessentors?

  78. Estoban says

    Students are, by definition, ignorant people actively trying to eliminate their ignorance. Unfortunately, psychologist professors represent one of the useless professions on earth. They all should read their history of the US and stop taking texts out of context for their selfish pretexts.

  79. Edna Ethel says

    These young fools respect nothing because they understand nothing. They are simply mindless mouthpieces for the left-wing propaganda merchants.

  80. disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says


  81. millerstwo says

    A lot of this is due to the fact that children are no longer being taught how fortunate they are to have been born in America or what a great Nation we live in.
    Kids take their freedom of speech for granted…try bad mouthing Mohammad in any Islamic Nation for example.
    ‘Political correctness’ is the gravest threat to our freedom of speech because it’s simply another term for censorship! You aren’t allowed to express your opinion regarding race (especially if you are white) therefore you can’t even have a rational discussion about it !!!!
    All of this of course is the result of Marxists infiltrating our government under the guise of ‘Democrats’ and up until now they have been winning this is why Trump is so very important. Pray to God he can reverse the process or we are doomed!

    1. Estoban says

      I’d love to see Trump honor Putin’s arrest warrant for George Soros.

  82. junkmailbin says


  83. Allan Scott says

    Today’s generation has been spoiled and pampered so much that most of the kids (19 years and older) are afraid of the dark.

  84. raledbetter says

    They are brain dead going in and coming out

  85. WhiteFalcon says

    College students today are a bunch of stupid pussys. That is not all their fault. That is what their teachers have been for the students’ entire academic lives and they don’t know any better, but they should. They should be using their own observations of what is going on around them and making their own judgments independently of what their moronic teachers have been telling them. They should also realize that the news media today is extremely biased in favor of tyranny and you cannot believe what politicians tell you. You must figure things out for yourselves.

  86. Labor74 says

    Being taught to think, to reason…that’s passe per the so-called profs, etc., at our universities/colleges, in ALL our schools. So contrary to how we, & those before us (among them “the GREATEST GENERATION”) were taught …
    “Thinking” is definitely a LOST art!!!

  87. Bishop351 says

    The loudest usually have contributed the least, as these “progressives” certainly demonstrate. Perhaps the fact that college isn’t going to be free might be part of their issue.

  88. snowyriver says

    OUR DEMOCRACY?? What is the matter with all of you people?? We are a Constitutional Republic, ruled by the laws on our books, NOT a democracy, ruled by the current wishes of the mob of the moment.

  89. marine by choice says

    Since these snowflakes have failed to study history, then the answer is simple. To enter the university or become a member of the faculty, a. you must pass a history exam, b. forego any federal loans/grants (students)/ none of the monies paid to the faculty can have no federal source, c. have served in the US Armed Forces.

    Restore the Confederate States memorabilia.

  90. Dan Menard says

    This is a very well written article full of historical and factual evidence. For many though who consider themselves to be better then those who did and gave so much to bring our nation to where it is today, that will never be enough. I sincerely believe that in generations to come that they too will look back on us in disdain for how we conducted ourselves and not met up to their elevated standards.

  91. TOM P O'DONNELL says

    Abu Tom · New York, New York
    Liberal is a polically correct way of not saying communist. Left is a direction. Progressive is a spaghetti. Communist is an agenda. There are poor communists and grey poopon communists like Pornowood. While no one is looking the communists are strong with chemical warfare. They have the support of Wall street and the communist media. Drugs is chemical warfare. Right now futures are being traded on your children. My guess is 3 out of ten will die after they go from weed to heroin. If you can’t control sweets how can you control drugs? If you can’t give up cigarettes how can you give up drugs? The goal of a sniper is to wound one soldier. That takes two to four men to carry him off the line. It weakens the line. Same with drugs. Wall street can’t wait to make a bundle. New franchises and rehab units are on your health care. Not to mention the destruction of the family. The big hoax is that medical marijuana has been prescribed for years daily. It is called marinol and can be taken in liquid form so you don’t have to stink smoke it and ruin your lungs. It is also available in suppository form which cuts down on roach passing.

    After WWII GI’S CAME HOME. They raised families, bought homes and went to college on the GI bill. We had the largest merchant marine fleet in the world. No more we have nothing to ship. We had the largest manufacturing capability in the world. We built a capitalist society of farmers. fishermen, merchants, ranchers and construction workers. Everything was made in the USA. The greatest generation trained their replacements based on military teamwork and the buddy system. Today we have silicone valley who wants to import foreigners to do the big money jobs. Our biggest businesses are in too few hands. Loyalty to the USA is as good up to a 10% discount. After that all bets are off. Thus the saying loyalty is 10%. Billionaires possibly backed by the soviets who never went away. Guys like Soros spends money to destroy the constitution. Lobbyists bribe senators and con grease mice. They buy your votes. The media is a brainwashing tool favoring the communist party. They call themselves democrats but the last real democrat was Harry Truman and today he would call them communists. Trump is our second chance and now that he is elected we cannot go home and complain about him. Our job is to see that he gets to do our job. Anyone who gets in his/our way must be exposed and neutralized. Unless you hear it from Trump believe nothing. Remember his/our real enemies exposed themselves to stop him. Check your Japanese/ Korean TV it is made in Mexico. Trump is right. 17% of the Chinese GDP goes to it’s war machine. WE ARE JUST NOW FINDING OUT HOW WEAK WE ARE.



    THE REAL SUCKERS ARE THE BERNIE FOLLOWERS. THEY THOUGHT HE WAS ONE OF THEM. But he sold them out day one in a pre- arranged plan (my hunch) He was told by the communist party formerly the democrat party. Bernie your job is to make it look like Hilary has competition but keep the lid on those socialists. Promise them you will fight on the convention floor for them. We will tell you when to dump them before the convention. BERNIE THE SOCIALIST DROPPED OUT AND GOT BACK IN DNC FORMATION. BOUGHT A $650,000 THIRD SOCIALIST HOME AND IS BACK IN LINE. Now the Trumpeters live happily ever after.
    The big losers were. 1- the communist media. 2- the FBI.3-the DOJ Lynch mob. 4-Hiltlery soon to serve time. 5-the communist party DNC- 6- the rotten rinos. 7-the lobbyists. 8-the communist education system.9- George Soros. 10- all the Leninist movements, ACLU, SPLC, THE INFILTRATED TEACHERS UNION. ALL INFILTRATED GOVERNMENT AGENCIES.




  92. Mary Carter says

    Today’s college students are out of touch with reality. Somehow they have been told they are above reproach so everyone else is wrong, has done evil and can never be forgiven. Someone needs to tell them they are human beings and to respect other human beings, law and order and learn to be adults. In 78 years I have never seen anything so disgusting as what has transpired before and after this election. Because those in authority have bowed to their insane requests and attitudes, they are out of control and actually need a spanking and put to bed without supper. I doubt that has ever happened in their lifetime.

  93. Discusted says

    Every last one of those students and include the faculty that signed that letter should be banned from campus ! Their time spent is forfeited !

  94. R. T. says

    ” they hold the men and women of the 1700’s to the standards of 2016. ”
    They should look into the standards of the 1700’s and see how far we have come relatively peacefully except for the Civil War . I took 13 years to frame and ratify a document that all 13 colony’s would sign then it took 11 years more for the bill of rights . They talk of fair then don’t judge the 1700’s by today we have come a long way !

  95. William Manners says

    Jefferson quotes include that Blacks are “inferior to the whites in the endowments of body and mind,” and “as incapable as children of taking care of themselves.”

    To see the evidence of that we only have to look at the unemployment and welfare statistics. And this generation falls into that category also. We have had to change healthcare laws so this generation can remain on their parents insurance for healthcare. Many of them are still living with their parents even after college. And a majority of them cannot find work and are too lazy to create their own jobs!

    Starting at age 14 I worked in many professions to gain all kinds of experience before I became a self employed handyman

  96. PatriotForever says

    Simply and articulately: elitiest morons and as Christ would say: You who is without sin cast the first stone.
    The of course their brains which occupy their rectums have no idea that Sinners and Wisdom are not mutually inclusive.
    If that were not true Solomon would not have embraced adulterer and foreign gods. likewise Jefferson would have believed in Christ.
    Both had wisdom and insight beyond normal capacities, but both were still SINNERS

  97. DHConner says

    Well, you see, it’s on account of the reason why is because. Nonsensical statement? Non-nonsensical children. At some age they may legally adults, but until about age 25 their physical brain will not have attained it’s maximum growth and abilities. So what we are dealing with are pseudo-adults, easily influenced by their peers and more so by their “professors’, most of whom are self-admittedly somewhere in/on the leftist spectrum. Ergo: sloppy thinking by leftist instructors equals sloppy thinking by ill-informed pseudo-adults and their homies. So require that your children read the history of each state, and autobiography of each President, the geology and geography of each state. And the ancient brilliants: Hammurabi, Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius, Descartes, and information about the numerous Indian tribes that once lived here. Also each and every war we have been in, what led up to it, and how it changed the world. Say they don’t have enough time to watch TV and play electronic games (Chess is allowable – it helps foster analytical thinking and foresight) ?? Those are the very things that make kids stupid, stupid. Furthermore, they an anti-socializing in that there is no interaction with other people of any age, especially when they are quickly developing desirable social skills which sill be their hallmarks for life.

  98. Oldawg70 says

    Immorality is destroying this country…most universities now promote immorality, including many supposedly Christian universities! We can either stand and fight or continue to lay down in passive resistance!

  99. Mathew Molk says

    Solution? Get rid of their “safe zones” and expel the little brats.

    But that takes a collage president with courage of their convictions. – In other words,Forget about it.

    They can all join the latest Clinton Foundation sponsored club. the FL of A
    (Future Losers of America.) When they get out in the real world they will be eaten alive.

  100. Barney Biggs says

    Getting to be about time to purge the universities of these so called teachers who advocate immorality instead of critical thinking. Having opinions contrary to theirs is usually not tolerated and this school should lead the way. The US has a political process like it or not but of course what they do not like is that their boy, girl did not win so time to raise hell.

    Had Clinton used the process and won then of course all would be well with the world and Jefferson.

    They obviously new about Jeff before joining the faculty and student body but now is the time to
    rise up in protest.

    Dump them all if you have the guts.

  101. Anthony Manzo says

    Anthony Manzo
    I am sick an tired of complete IDIOTS starting with most professors who could not make it in the real world and thus retreat back to academia. If any of these idiots where born in 1770’s to a wealthy slave owning family they would have done exactly what Jefferson did. I might question if they would have treated their slaves as well as President Jefferson did. GROW UP only an IDIOT would judge someone in the 1700’s with the principles of 2016. Remember in the eighteen hundreds our forefathers hung a man for stealing a horse. Boy are there thousands of those Americans to be despised. GROW UP.

  102. Joseph L. Light says

    Those students are in the wrong place; they should go back home and enrol in kindergarten. where their infantile rear ends belong.

  103. jrchambers says

    Thomas Jefferson is one of the most brilliant persons that has ever lived. He has proven it with his accomplishments. He was not a perfect person. Therefore, let us not be unreasonable regarding his great contributions in the formation of the greatest Country and Democratic Republic on earth. Yes, Jefferson owned slaves. However, please remember that slave ownership was legal at the time. Are we going to unfairly pass judgment on a man, who many consider a political genius, who lived during the 18th and 19th Centuries… 21st Century cultural standards? It is neither fair nor intellectual.

  104. Jane Graham says

    If the know so much why do they bother to go to school at all…..I am so sick of these dumbed down kids….It is good that don’t depend on me for their money for school, clothes, phone and etc. They would be hungry, naked and not going to college……..Parents why in the world do you pay for your children to be made stupid at some of these universities?

  105. Nina Ferguson says

    GROW UP!!!!!! The world in the 1700’s were a WHOLE LOT DIFFERENT than it is now. At that time, women were not allowed to vote. The American people had just handed the “greatest country on earth” a slap down. The odds that this would happen, were astronomical.

  106. GuardianFlame says

    The Liberal Left are nothing but talking heads with nothing inside. If these students don’t have something to complain about they are not fulfilled. Personally, I’d kick the whole lot of them across the border to Mexico and see how happy they would be there. Perhaps a little “reality” punch would wake them up. Perhaps not.

    If we adults do not shake the “egos” out of these children (they may think they are grown up, they’re not fooling anyone), our futures will be chaos and toast!

    Parents you need to be “parents” not buddies to your children. They will never respect you or your opinions. Grow some and teach your kids about our Nation and give them a choice – shape up or ship out! Cut off their college funding and extracurricular activities until they come around. If they don’t, let them figure out how they can pay for their own college education.

    As for those teachers – “FIRE THEM”! If teachers aren’t there to teach and instruct, get rid of them. These teachers have slid back to their own young college years and totally forgotten why they were at their present job. Disgusting and Immature! FIRE THEM…We don’t need adults running around acting like children!

  107. joe katona says


  108. irish1919 says

    Simple. They want to instigate and demonstrate against the very fabric of this great Republic. Let’s not forget most public institutions from the elementary level up to our universities have been saturated by left wing ideologues who have only one thing in common: Bring the United States Republic down . Now if the students are doctrinated with this garbage throughout their schooling years. What do we think the result will be? These students can’t think for themselves because they have never been allowed to speak freely or debate any left wing agenda. This is why our founders gave power to the people first. The federal government as the constitution states has a much lesser degree of power than we see today . The 2 million federal workers should be working in their local and state communities with the majority working in the private sector. There are only a few departments which should remain in Washington. The State Dept and Dept of Commerce, the social security dept and the V.A though I have great reservations on that. That’s it. Every other wasteful program should go back to the states and some like education, back to the respective local communities. The States have prostituted themselves to the federal government to the point that States rights, the cornerstone of the constitution , no longer exists. It all proves that those in power, given too much power will do everything to hang on to it, even to the detriment of “We the people “Both parties have been a part of the dismantling of the constitution. Sad thing is we have the next generation coming out of college which has been brainwashed into believing the constitution is old school and should be replaced. I pretty much know the replacement . Will be much closer allined with the Communist Manifesto.

  109. Grelberforever says

    Terminally uneducated by the liberals teaching(?) them from K to 12.

  110. john says

    God damn these millennial stupids! Take your degree and smoke it!

  111. Terramom says

    The problem with these students is that they refuse to acknowledge that our Founding Fathers were from a different culture completely, with a different sets of mores. They refuse to acknowledge that we have moved on from that.

    I think all these ingrates should do a little traveling in 3rd world countries, or perhaps one where women have no rights. Might make them a wee bit more grateful for where they live.

  112. Paul Bengle says

    secular colleges have turned into domestic terrorist recruiting grounds. no patriot american would go to a college who hates jefferson. the term slave is completely misunderstood by liberal democrats. any person who owes money on their house,car,business is a slave to the bank. of course no brain dead democrat understands that things have to be paid for in this life. democrats don’t have jobs so they become hostile to the idea they should pay for the things they use. many of these college brats will never start a work career. no person without a legitimate job should be allowed to vote since they never filed a tax return.

  113. JOE says

    bunch of F’ING libtard basement dwellers!

  114. denniscerasoli says

    They are phonies and their principles are phony,otherwise why in the hell are they in that college? We can’t erase history and many did own slaves so because of that should we rip up the Constitution? I don’t think so.What they did is recognize the error of their ways when the Civil War was fought and former slaves were included in the Constitution.There is no doubt in my mind that these liberals or socialists,pick your poison,would love to see the Constitution thrown away and do away completely the influence of those evil Europeans,that is how they see it,i have no doubts about it.

  115. pics fixer says

    The big mistake that people make when looking at historical figures is to not put themselves in the context of the times they lived in. The idea of owning people and to have them work for you was not uncommon in the early to mid 1700’s here and pretty much the whole world going past Medieval times. That doesn’t diminish TJ because he was a farmer who owned slaves. By todays moral standards TJ was reprehensible BUT by the standards of that time it was acceptable though you didn’t sing happy songs about it. The mistake those students made was to look at Thomas Jefferson through todays filter. The mistake those teachers made was not to teach history with teaching about the context of the times events happened. That is a VERY common problem. The fact is, that all of us couldn’t speak as freely as we do here and as those students are doing in the school now if it were not for the likes of Mr. Jefferson, slave owner that he was.

    Don’t get all PC on me, I don’t think owning other humans as my private property is right in any way. Then again, when I was a kid and my mom told me to do something I damn well better do it. After all, all my parents controlled was my food, clothes, the roof over my head, the bed I slept on and more. Hay, my parents were slave owners!!

    Calling people names for exercising their rights as you and I are doing now is not a good thing. Disagree and tell those folks why and give them a ‘what for’ but we can be civil about it at the same time. I think those students are misguided and that the school can do a better job educating them and I’ll argue the point with anybody. We do complain about the coarseness of the public discussion, so we shouldn’t be part of it. How’s it go……….Don’t to others what is hateful to you.

  116. Ronney says

    Well the article was right on a few things like blacks are incapable of governing or keeping themselves. Want proof, even today look at all the government high rises, for low income African Americans. They didn’t build them for white folks. Want more proof, look at who’s doing all the rioting, burning, etc.And these idiots are supposed to be educated. Deafently to much fluoride in the water they drank.

  117. freeper says

    400 out of 22,000 students? Invite them to leave, they obviously aren’t learning anything worthwhile, except maybe that whining and crying will get what your vote couldn’t. I wonder how many of the 400 even voted?

  118. Robert Early says

    Kick these.liberal scum out !

  119. BIG STAN says


  120. Christine Cuneo says

    If only Thomas Jefferson would have followed through with freeing slaves and returning them to Africa as planned.

  121. Jan Kolacy says

    Unreal. Don’t like your school, no one is keeping you there. Lots of other schools that you might like better. But then by the time you grow up, realize, you don’t know everything. Just how bad your judgement has been, you will see things a lot different. The key words are, grow up.

  122. Estoban says

    Two suggestions for student protesters.
    1. Never, NEVER get a psychology professor on board to impress anyone. They know niothing about history and are well divided in opinions in their own area of so-called expertise.
    2. Verify whay you are protesting. Do a little research.

    In this case you would find that Jefferson was one of the strongest proponents for emancipation and civil rights for black people among all the Founding Fathers. Abraham Lincoln acknowledged his dedication and work to achieve emancipation as did Martin Luther King, Jr. The hour may be late, but read historian, David Barton’s ‘The Jefferson Lies. Read the chapter called Lie #4 Thomas Jefferson Was a Racist Who Opposed Equality for Black Americans. Do that, and henceforth you will feel honored to attend the college Jefferson built.

  123. Anthony Manzo says

    Anthony Manzo
    What we need is for the head of these schools to expel the students and have them forfeit their tuition. Maybe then their parents will do what i would have done to one of my children ( they are children) They would be brought home and lead behind the Barn for a lesson. They are there to get an EDUCATION. And maybe after spending ten or twenty years in the jungle if they have any brains they just might be able to understand what life is. All of the brains of these IDIOTS mashed into one could never come close to one tenth of Thomas Jefferson’s.

  124. Rummy Walker says

    What happened to the YAHOOS? I guess having fun in college is no longer tolerated.

  125. Mark Tercsak says

    These Students most of whom have never worked a day in their life, have been (Brain-Washed) by 1960’s Radicals who also have never had to work a day in their lives, they are Bolshevik’s they will never measure up, too Thomas Jefferson!

  126. Mark Tercsak says

    You are not owed a Free Education!
    Nothing is Free Ass-Holes.
    Some-one else has to pay for it.
    There are loans and scholarships, everyone else who went to college applied for them or applied themselves. for such programs, and all worked to pay there debts off, including me.
    Why don’t brats go get a job?

  127. Mark Tercsak says

    Maybe we should enact the Draft only for College students !

  128. Libertarian Soldier says

    You may go to a University, be taught at a University, teach and be employed by a University whose founder was the proponent of education in America and who founded said University but you may not quote him, if he once owned slaves in a country where slavery was the norm. What isn’t addressed is that Jefferson was an early abolitionist and anti-slavery proponent. They cherry-pick their issues.

    Throughout Thomas Jefferson’s life, he was an unwavering opponent of slavery. “Moral depravity” was the term he used, “a hideous blot,” stating, “slavery presented the greatest threat to the survival of the new American nation.” Jefferson, likely one of the least religious of the Founders also believed slavery was contrary to the laws of nature, that everyone enjoys a right to personal liberty.

    Before and during the American Revolution, Jefferson actively acted for legislation to advance slavery’s abolition.

    In 1778, Jefferson drafted a Virginia law prohibiting importation of enslaved Africans. In 1784, he proposed an ordinance that would ban slavery in the Northwest territories. However, Jefferson always maintained that the emancipation of slaves had to come from the people and their representation.

    Until abolition was addressed, it would have to be stymied until slave-owners agreed to slavery’s immorality and consented to free humans held as property. There needed to be a plan for how they would survive and thrive in their emancipation. It’s generally ignored that even though most of the Founders were active abolitionists, those slave-owners believed they had their own liberties over their property. The ethic of our Charter, “Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness”, has always been stated, in Natural Law as “Life, Liberty and Property”. This distinction, alone was a breadcrumb left to address abolition, in the future, so the belief that our Founders were racist is fundamentally dishonest.

    Jefferson, somewhat accurately assumed that his legislation for the abolition of the slave trade would weaken slavery and hasten its end. Those entrenched in slavery began promoting the “breeding” of slaves, so slavery would become more prolific until 1830. Still, Jefferson, known to have owned as many as 200 slaves, inherited, was a force in the eventual abolition of slavery. You don’t find that in a University of Virginia textbook.

  129. Robert Cruder says

    Thomas Jefferson was a man of his time. The value of slaves was his major asset. He proposed that the U.S. purchase and free the slaves with revenue from the resale of land from the Louisiana Purchase. Southern landholders opposed that because actually paying for labor would immediately make their estates unprofitable, later triggering the Civil War.

    Those who pretend “Southern Pride” should check whether their ancestors were among the landholders who (like Mr. Trump) exempted themselves from the southern draft or among the sharecroppers and slaves who were “patriotically” forced into slaughter.

  130. Richard Kraus says

    I am so scared that this is the future of America . Unable to think independently . Unable to separate the 1700’s from 2016 .

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