Unsecured: A Dire Report on Immigration


Senator Tom Coburn released his Senate Homeland Security Committee’s report on immigration this week, and the findings demonstrate the dire situation America is in. Though the report has been all but ignored by Obama’s cheerleaders in the mainstream media, anyone who cares about the future of the country should be interested in what Coburn has to say.

According to the report, less than 3 percent of illegal aliens will ever be deported. Worse, we still have more than 700 miles of unsecured border between the United States and Mexico, meaning that the problem is far from solved. The report hints at serious corruption in the Border Patrol agency, but concludes that the worst of the problem is based in policy rather than enforcement.

“Ten years of oversight of the Department of Homeland Security finds that the Department still has a lot of work to do to strengthen our nation’s security,” Coburn said of the report. “Congress needs to review the Department’s mission and programs and refocus DHS on national priorities where DHS has a lead responsibility.”

Fight or Flight?

The report comes as the Republican-controlled Congress comes into session for the first time, and many analysts expect that immigration will be one of the first issues on the docket. Several congressmen have indicated a likely January vote on Obama’s executive actions, but that’s going to be met with a quick veto even if it gets to the president’s desk. The next step will be a fight over funding. For now, the Department of Homeland Security is funded only until the end of February.

Some have advocated attaching a border-security bill to DHS funding, which would grant Republicans a small victory while still allowing the administration to carry out Obama’s wishes. But that sort of victory may not be enough for voters who wanted to see Republicans take a harder stance against Obama’s amnesty. In a recent interview, Senator Ted Cruz said, “If Republicans stand united in January or February and use the constitutional check and balance, the power of the purse, to stop President Obama’s illegal amnesty, nobody will be happier than I.”

But that kind of talk sounded more likely back in October. Since winning the midterm elections, Republican leaders have widened the gap between the establishment and the Tea Party. Boehner and McConnell seem more interested in greasing the wheels of the congressional treadmill than they do in appeasing conservatives. Libertarians like Cruz have been marginalized, and conservatives on the ground are worried that, in the end, Obama is going to get everything he originally wanted.

  1. James Worcester says

    First, gotta say, Cruz has not been marginalized. Everyone still knows he’s a delusional idiot. Second, it is really scary how same everything is since Obama signed the immigration executive order.

    1. Rich Ollar says

      First Cruz is not a idiot you are

      1. matt says


        1. Ricarrdo estavans says

          Why is cruz an idiot. Please explain.

      2. James Worcester says

        Says the man who can’t punctuate.

    2. BoTexan says

      you are the delusional idiot, you will soon wake up in and realize you have been lied to. read a little history,we already have a whole race of dependents we don’t need to create another one. the democrats(communists/progressives/socialists/or what ever they think is pol correct today) plan to turn these Mexicans(good hard working God fearing people) into welfare dependents and bankrupt the governments(city, county, state and federal). then some yoyo like bama will use the “brown shirts” to take over the government(it would be pretty ease with the bunch of milk-toasts that are up there now) men like Cruz would quickly be shot the rest would follow along like the lambs they are, wha-la you now live in the banana republic of USA, you will be happy as a tick on a fat dog if you happen to be bama’s bro, if not go to mexico i’m sure they will accept you with open arms (because you were so nice to their 30 million cousins!!!!!!!

      1. James Worcester says

        You’ re right about one thing, Bozo Texan, he’s not an idiot, I misspoke. He’s batshit crazy delusional. Must be in the water.

    3. Ricarrdo estavans says

      Why is cruz an idiot.

    4. mac12sam12 says

      He graduated from Yale and Harvard, he’s not an idiot.

      1. James Worcester says

        Correction: an educated idiot.

        1. mac12sam12 says

          Are you talking about the Kenyan? Be careful, Cruz may be the next president of the U.S. It will take years to straighten out obama’s mess. First thing, throw all the cave monkeys out of the administration, muslims shouldn’t be infesting an administration. Do you agree?

  2. RMCSRET says

    The Good Senator is preaching to the choir. We in the real world know that neither the Northern nor
    the Southern borders are secure or anywhere even close to secure. Until you put teeth in place to
    secure the border you will have these issues.

    1. Trisha55 says

      We will not have a secure country until we get rid of the current administration and the RINOs in Congress. We cannot let the Dems back in control either. For some reason I cannot fathom, these people want to ruin this country.

      1. Ricarrdo estavans says

        Why does someone jump off a bridge or put a bullet in their head. Insanity, self loathing? Any coherent person knows these liberals are mentally ill.

      2. MARYSWEET says

        The GOP establishment doesn’t want any change. They like the power the have and the money they are making from greasing the political wheels”. That’s what makes them rinos – they are obama’s puppets. That is why john mccain is getting rid of all Tea Partiers in AZ because they’re interfering with his power play. THE ESTABLISHMENT WANTS TO KEEP “BUSINESS AS USUAL” which is not the message that was sent by the voters in the midterm election. They are ignoring the voters (as usual).

        1. Sue Breslin says

          Marysweet you are exactly right, the solution therefore, is up to the people to start voting a third party. I would like to give the tea party their chance, at least they are constitutional and believe in adherence of our Bill of Rights.

          1. MARYSWEET says

            Thank you Sue. The only problem with having three parties is that the vote is split unevenly so we could end up with another obama every election. I do believe in what the Tea Party stands for – the same as our forefathers and the Constitution. The GOP establishment (john mccain, boehner, and other rinos) are fighting them and want to keep things as they have always been because it benefits them personally. In AZ john mccain is working very hard to get rid of all Tea Party Republicans before the 2016 election. I think he wants to run again.

          2. Sue4477 says

            If the dems/libs/progressives/communists/socialist party gets it’s way, we won’t have any party but them: communist and Muslim-favoring. This discussion will be moot. Too many Repubs are dems in disguise. The NEW dems. We have GOT to support a person and party that is faithful to the constitution and our constitutional republic. The Repubs have betrayed us again, and me for the last time. We need to consider uniting behind another of the conservative parties: libertarians, TP, independents, constitutionalists. There are some good candidates possible to unite behind, whatever party they run under.

          3. auhunter says

            If he does he won’t get my vote.

        2. Ronald Starkey says

          John McCain is long past due for retirement, or being voted out.

      3. RMCSRET says

        It is simple Trisha, they like the power and the title (SENATOR/Congressman) and of
        course they love the money that special interest put in there pockets.

    2. pappadave says

      Senator Coburn thinks Obama is a “good guy” and considers him a “friend.” That alone should tell you where his REAL sympathies lie. Thank God, he’s no longer my Senator!

  3. Sharon Aldrich says

    What we need in government across the board, are term limits. Sick of these career politicians that do nothing. Both parties all smoke and mirrors, they do what is best for them, not the people.

    1. Ricarrdo estavans says

      Term limits or voting out after two terms. Even if you like your politician (rare). Unfortunately too many ignorant drones and bimbos.

      1. Sharon Aldrich says

        My point to my statement, refering to term limits, is to stop the career as usual politician. They have made themselves a nice nest egg on the backs of tax payers. And calling me a bimbo, you don’t even know me. Keep the name calling to yourself!

        1. Ricarrdo estavans says

          Why do you think I was referring to you? Go back and slowly read what I wrote. I want term limits because too many stupid people keep voting for the same politician for decades. I think I made that clear. I’m sorry if you interpreted my comment as being hostile to you. .

          1. Sharon Aldrich says

            Sorry, long night at the hospital!
            We agree then. Take care!

      2. wdcraftr says

        I think that is a useless point about term limits. I believe OB will turn America into a Monarchy before he leaves. That means he writes a New constitution of his own liking, and appoints himself King at the same time.. Probably helping to merge America into a New, one world Govt., one world Religion, and one world currency. The Bible says it’s coming, and OB probably wants to be Ruler of the USA, as his power will be given by the One world Govt. leader, The Mahdi, antichrist, whatever he is called.. I don’t know if that will happen during OB’s term or not, but it seems the world is heading in that direction quickly…

        1. Ricarrdo estavans says

          The new communist pope may be the anti-Christ. He may team up with BO and Bamboozle everyone.

        2. Archer says

          You can believe that Putin will never let that happen without starting world war 3 as he hates obama and has referred to him as a monkey a couple of times and he figures if anyone will lead the new world order it will be him

        3. Angry American says

          Well that will surly start the revolution

    2. MARYSWEET says

      No one in Congress wants term limits and they are the ones who vote on it. It should be put on a ballot for the voters to decide. That’s why it’s never been done – they don’t want to kill the golden goose that gives them a lifetime in DC.

      1. unique201 says

        Vote them out yourself.
        You do not need laws.

        1. eddyjames says

          It is they that count the votes. Laws will help but rope and trees?

          1. unique201 says

            How many of these career politicians in there are going
            to vote for term limits. We the people need to vote them

          2. Angry American says

            The problem is that many support their own reps but want others to vote their reps out. I have advocated for decades to vote them all out & start over, to bad people don’t listen to me

        2. MARYSWEET says

          I vote every election but I can only vote in my district. I don’t vote more than once like the democrats and illegal aliens.

          1. unique201 says

            As long as you vote.

          2. Shauna says

            I would say, vote as many times as you like…use different names, etc…..then deny it…kinda like they do…..

          3. MARYSWEET says

            Would love to do that – best idea I’ve heard. LOL

          4. Shauna says

            I like being silly….keeps me sane…..LOL God speed Mary!

          5. Angry American says

            Use provisional ballots many times, that is what the dumbocraps do & they bring them in by the bus loads to vote

        3. 1 Fed Up American says

          Unique201 Voting won’t get the job done because of too many uniformed–stupid voters and those who get the handouts from the government will never bite the hand that feeds them.

          1. unique201 says

            One day our votes may be the ones.

          2. Ken Carey says

            Fully agree! Sad times….w/ no change in sight.

          3. Pamela Craghill says

            They should not let immigrants vote. That might stop them getting in power.

          4. @josied says

            CALL them what they are ALIENS unless they come here with proper papers, can speak English and have skills other than sucking the life out of US Welfare System

          5. Pamela Craghill says

            Then Aliens it is my friend, although I think they are worse than even them. They drain the life out of a country.

          6. @josied says

            When Obama sits around and allows states to give ALIENS Jobs, Drivers License, welfare housing and education without any consideration to those of us who were born here and have a love for the Nation other than a free ride…. (except those non-aliens who voted for Obama) Obama and anyone who caters to these vampire suckers of our rights is totally ANTI-AMERICAN.
            I wouldn’t put it past Obama to somehow attempt to give Radicals who want us dead… a welfare and citizenship option if he could be promised a vote for the Dems…

          7. Pamela Craghill says

            I have to tell you that it will get worse. In England, we have some of these Aliens in government, deciding what our country should do. We have just had the Culture Secretary Sajid Javid MP, talking on tv about the murders in France. So obviously he will tend to go easy on the murderers, as they are his folk. Muslims. So when you get them ruling your country, the Aliens will find more security in your count and the hell with you Americans. They need stopping not, before they take over your country completely.

          8. @josied says

            Today, as I see a million ppl in the heart of PARIS standing up against RADICAL ISLAM TERROR and realize Obama sent Eric Holder our so-called TOP COP (Dept of Justice) to march with REAL Leaders of other nations of the World, I am deeply concerned.
            Holder will not listen to common sense, even when the WORLD is screaming in Unison. ….. Obama will not allow the truth to be heard about Islam Muslim Terror or Why He is so against admitting the real problem.
            Obama and Eric Holder seem to take great delight in backing the scum of the earth in the USA… Bergdhal the AWOL was traded for five GITMO thugs in a $5Million deal…
            Scum like Mike Brown have been nearly considered saints by Holder Jackson Sharpton and Obama, simply cause they consider BLACK THUGS to be in need of hugs as well as ppl who come across our TX/MX border and rape, kill, and take advantage of our welfare system…
            Whites in the US are being beaten down by the criminal element in the US and Obama is doing his part to accommodate those who commit crimes as heroes and ppl who need help…
            Every morning I listen to the news, come on the Internet and read the articles of the World… it saddens me the People of the United States have been set adrift on an uncertain path by a malicious devious little man who only wants praise while turning his eyes away from vile evil problems not only in his own nation but in the World.
            Just what the HELL will it take for BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA to wise up wake up and act like a man and become the LEADER he was elected to be.. and do what leaders do —– LEAD for God’s sake …
            I just heard someone on the news say (not verbatim) Obama is unsure about calling out Islam and Muslims because he has Muslims in his family…. WE KNOW THAT… but again I ask… Just WHO IS OBAMA ? Does he bow on his rug & pray to the Mecca every day and read from the KORAN instead of reading Warnings from DoD or other Agencies?
            The only thing Obama does on sunny days in DC when he is there is go to the Holy Church of the Congressional Golf Course …. instead of the Church across the street from the White House.
            Am I mad… You betcha… we have a pathetic excuse for a POTUS and a nation that is open to destruction from within, just as much as from elsewhere.
            TO TRANSFORM AMERICA… Thanks Suckers… You have done nothing to keep the honor of being citizens of the USA….

          9. Pamela Craghill says

            Sadly also, Barak Hussein Obama is distancing your country from other Western countries. He fooled so many Americans and got into office in the guise of being a caring American citizen. This he is not. Not only his family, but he himself is a Muslim, who aims to bring your country down and let the Muslims take over. Your jobs will go, your taxes will also go to them and you will end up homeless, because they breed like flies and need your homes. The homes you will be able to afford, as you no longer have a job to go to, to earn money from. The so called man, sits there, keeping a silence about the atrocities going off in the world, as he probably condones them. He must go and quick, if you are to save your country from ruin. I wish your country all the best, but I fear for you all.

          10. Angry American says

            Is this one of the reasons they are mandated to have 11 kids?? Or is it only to max out the welfare benefits? Or both

          11. CJOD says

            I for one am holding EVERY Democrat in US Responsible for casting their vote for Obama in 2007 & other Dems since. Obama was never Vetted for POTUS & his Jr Senator Seat was a sham.. he was a SOCIALISTS & Dems whitewashed his association with them to pass him off as their Chosen one based on being FIRST BLACK POTUS .. does that sound Racists.. HELL NO There were and are many blacks in Government more qualified to run than Obama. He has shredded the Constitution Abused the Bill of Rights and Raped the Declaration of Independence. Am I angry HELL YES.. Now adding insult to injury he has done NOTHING to secure serve protect not only the Blacks who believed his lies & voted him into office in hopes of getting free stuff & not having to work… well they got half of what they wanted… Not having to work along with Millions of other citizens. Obama has shown such distain for the Citizens of the USA it is unbelievable. Obama has even lied to the point to discounting his personal religious beliefs… if he were Christian he would be attending the Presidents Church across the street from the White House… as many former Presidents… but his EXCUSE is either I have a pressing GOLF GAME, Jet to HI & rest cause I’m so tired from (BSing the ppl so much) or the Church is incapable of securing my precious butt …cause I am so much more important than any other POTUS ever…
            Yes my fellow citizens… I am now totally PISSED that 51% of you FAILED to ask questions, listen & realize the SHAM Obama is & the destruction he is causing not just to USA but other Nations… We no long have the trust honor or pride of other nations… because Obama has corrupted every aspect of the past 200 yrs and the efforts blood sweat & tears it has taken to build 13 colonies into the Greatest Nation on Earth..
            In seven yrs Obama as gutted the US financially Militarily socially .. he has reduced the US to the back-stabbing, militant, racial decadence of the 40s-60s and made a laughing stock of the greatness MLK made to unite & give blacks their place in US… Now we have Black Lives Matter being spawn by the negatives Obama has spewed over actions by thugs & criminals who just happen to be black.
            NOW he is going beyond the pale & doing all he can do with his PEN & PHONE to even destroy US more so by allowing RADICAL MUSLIMs into Society (Not just US but EU) Obama has shown NO RESPONSIBILIY to do ANYTHING to secure ppl against MURDERS …. Obama seems to take GREAT DELIGHT in seeing ppl cower in fear as well as avoid coming forth to expose criminal acts based on POLITICAL CORRECTNESS… because he feels more sympathy for terrorists & thugs than freedom loving Christians & Jews & innocent men women & children.
            I may have gone off the Rail a bit with this missive.. but it is about time ppl begin to voice their opinions & let it be know who disappointed or disgusted we are with not just the POTUST but the man who holds the title of POTUS.

            REMINDER: If you have any agreement with any word or phrase I have posted;.. just remember November 2016 is coming and by GOD we had better get our GOP act together & get a candidate who is not a photo hog but a leader who can dig us out of this hell hole Obama has created or WTP will find ourselves waking up to a 3rd term of Obama with Hillary Clinton at the helm of the Sinking Ship of State (formerly known as The United States of America)_
            A Former Federal Employee who proudly took the OATH of OFFICE to Serve Protect & Defend the United States Of America … but sadly Has Become a Distrusting citizens who only sees fear & uncertainty in the eyes and voices of fellow citizens

          12. Angry American says

            Is that why the dumbocraps want the 100’s of thousands of muzzies to come here knowing they are unemployable but will suck of the government teet until it is no longer viable

          13. Dolores Wieland says

            I can’t vote and I’m a legal immigrant.oh..I forgot…gotta be illegal

          14. Pamela Craghill says

            Dolores, there must be some reason that you cannot vote. You must know why.

          15. Dolores Wieland says

            My choice. I get disheartened with America’s double standards. Every time I get ready, the govt does something stupid. I finally gave up but I will fight for what is right. I live here, pay my taxes, obey the laws, never on welfare nor unemployment.

          16. Pamela Craghill says

            Dolores, then you can vote, but choose not to. Well that is a very defeatist attitude and things won’t alter unless you make them change. Although the people that vote should think about who they are putting in office. Why ever did they think that putting a Muslim in the White House would make your country great. If was a very bad move on the voters part to allow him near the place. He now declares that Muslims are the people he would stand by first. You really need to use your vote and use it wisely. No more Muslims as President.

          17. Dolores Wieland says

            Pamela…you miunderstood me. I am NOT a citizen because of our wishy washy govt. Only illegals can vote,not legals. I do take disabled people to the polls..I learned about the polls in grade school and worked it then (many years ago)

          18. Pamela Craghill says

            Well you have a Presidant who has relations in the country that are illegal, so I guess he makes sure they are well looked after, when he should be kicking them out of the country, but then again, he is a Muslim, so blame the people who voted for him.

          19. Angry American says

            You must be a citizen to vote in elections, not sure about local as some places like NY have tried to change that

          20. Angry American says

            That is what immigrants have done since the beginning, of course most of them came from Europe in those days

          21. CJOD says

            I would love to have 1 Million Dolores’ in the USA than the potential of one Radical Refugee blessed by Obama or one thug coming across the Mexican border withour regard to our laws & regulations.. Sad the US has become such sorted cauldron of spew rather than a melting pot . US should return to being the shining beacon to ppl coming to US in Peace & Harmony.

          22. Dolores Wieland says

            Thank you. To get back to that shining beacon…….., I’m afraid we’ve let it go for too long and it will never shine like it did before. Americans (for the most part) have become too complacent and absorbed in their own lives, with eyes shut, that they still do not know what is going on around them. I’ve seen personally what WWII did to the people. It is not a pretty sight. We need to protect our land and our Constitution

          23. Pamela Craghill says

            Dolores, may I ask how long you have lived in America?

          24. Angry American says

            She said she couldn’t vote because she is a LEGAL Immigrant

          25. Dolores Wieland says

            Thanks Angry American…I can’t seem to get it through Pamela’s head….I thought I was clear enough

          26. Angry American says

            That is what I call someone “dense” Like the libs it just doesn’t seem to penetrate

          27. Dolores Wieland says


          28. Angry American says

            Actually you must be a citizen to vote, so far but the dumbocraps want to change that just like when they wanted to throw out the requirement of being a natural born citizen to be eligible for the office of president. That is one of the reasons I think they ran Obama as a ringer

        4. Terry Hamblin says

          Wrong unique201, the cards are stacked such that the incumbents will always win. It is called gerrymandering and consists of tweaking district boundaries such that there are die hard Democrats in majority to always re-elect the Democratic incumbent. The same is true on the Republican side to such an extent that in Congressional elections, only 8 – 9 % of the seats are actually up for grabs!
          The public MUST stand up and decry this and other abuses of power, term limits are the only way to elect a Congress that serves the people, not the other way around.

        5. Pamela Craghill says

          The only way is to not vote for any of them. Maybe they will realise that you are not all mugs and treat you and your country with more respect.

        6. @josied says

          Unfortunately the ppl who are voting these clowns in term after term have no COMMON SENSE and keep sending the snakes slithering back.. need new blood as candidates … or new voters.

          1. Pamela Craghill says

            That is the sad thing about bad people when they get into power, they use their position to keep in power and carry on serving themselves and not the country.

      2. Sue4477 says

        And corrupts in a few short years.

      3. Angry American says

        When they have the constitutional gathering of states I think they have term limits in mind too, time will tell term limits are badly needed. The founding fathers never had this in ming when they first drew up the constitution, I think they envisioned citizen law makers serving one term & then back to their jobs giving others their chance not this life time in the congress BS

        1. MARYSWEET says

          It’s too bad our founding fathers did not place term limits because Congress has to vote on it and you know they will never agree to it. I think the future of our country will depend on whether we can get term limits for members of Congress. I also think we should have term limits for the supreme court also. This life thing isn’t working.

    3. unique201 says

      You want term limits????
      Vote them out after one or two terms.
      A law is not necessary.

      1. Sue4477 says

        But would be very helpful and clearly defined.

        1. unique201 says

          These people in Congress are career politicians.
          They will never make a law to get them out after
          one or two terms.
          If the people in their district (you and others) don’t
          like the way they are voting, them when they are
          up for reelection you all vote for someone else instead
          of them. Ex: The people of Virginia didn’t like what Eric
          Cantor was doing so they voted for Dave Bratt, and was
          Cantor surprised when he lost the election.

          1. Sue4477 says

            Yes, I understood you before. I’d still like term limits on a ballot so people have a chance to make it law. Sometimes at election time, people haven’t thought out very well who didn’t keep their promises, and other times the voters will not agree on the replacement candidate and we could end up with a bad 3 termer.

          2. unique201 says

            Would you make a term limit law on a ballot if you knew you might
            lose your job ????? Neither will Congress. They all want to be there
            for life. They like the power and the money. Term limit laws will never
            happen. Sorry Sue.

          3. Sue4477 says

            I’ve never thought Congress would propose a bill for term limits. Amendments get on state ballots by collecting enough signatures. It might have to be state by state. If enough people were interested, it could be done. I think a lot of people want this, so it’s a possibility. As far as manpower, often people who collect signatures are hired to do so. I don’t know who would pay them, though. That’s how pot got onto my state’s ballot for 2014.

          4. unique201 says

            Sue, Why don’t you start an on line petition with “Change.org.?”

          5. unique201 says

            Just Google Change.org. I will be happy to be your first signature.

          6. Sue4477 says

            I started the petition, but I sure don’t know how anyone can find it. Thanks for the idea. I didn’t know about the site Change.org. I also created a FB acc’t and put it there.

          7. unique201 says

            Start a petition on Change.org. Change.org will send it out to
            everyone to sign.

          8. Sue4477 says

            I couldn’t see how it will get sent to anyone. Have any ideas for me? It seems buried on Change.org. How do I get Change.org to send it to everyone?

          9. unique201 says

            Sue, just go to Change.org and you will see.

    4. joanne says

      My God, you are so right but who would set term limits? What chance is there of that? It has GOT to happen. We need statesmen, not POLITICIANS.

    5. Flobill says

      I agree, my congressman lied and voted the opposite from what he said. Tom Marino we will be watching to see just how wishy-washy you are. Better enjoy these next two years, because there is always another election coming. I recommend everyone to hold their reps feet to the fire.

    6. Ken Carey says

      We are going to get NADA from this government and parties

    7. jetmagnet says

      What’s hilarious is a blog that’s named “Fix this Nation” never offers one iotta on how to fix it, rather on how to blame someone else? hahahahahahahahahaha!
      You should rename this blog…”THE CRYING GAME” for small minded people who live miserable lives and enjoy blaming everyone else for their problems. LMAO

    8. Wapitiman says

      We are asking the beneficiaries of the system to change the system. It ain’t gonna happen!

    9. Pamela Craghill says

      Sharon, it is the ways of the people that run our countries. They have joined the greed of the world and are only interested in lining their own pockets. It is the same in England. They have no care for our country and how they have ruined it.

  4. sarge says

    obama executive goes against what is in the constitution and is not worth the paper it is written on and is illegal for him to go against the law of the land. I don;t think he has ever reads the constitution and even the bill of rights. He is the stupidest president we have ever had. If we have to we all can secure our own boarders as we have enough vets to do it. As far as deporting them don’t let them have any welfare or any thing and stop bi lingual teachers only speak English in the schools and nothing printed in their language and get rid of the tv stations in their language if they can’t speak English give them a map back to the boarder or point in the direction they came from!

    1. MARYSWEET says

      Unfortunately, obama has appointed a lot of federal judges to cover his ass and that is what they are doing whenever the issue of him breaking laws and stomping on the Constitution come up. There are very few who dare to go against him and they’re getting rarer. As I’ve said before, he set all these things in motion before he announced what he was doing and of course h had his back covered so he gets away with it. I pray our country can withstand the next two years of obama. I agree with you sarge that we need to deport ALL illegal aliens including the one in the WH. Again, obama has stopped deporting ANY illegals and We, The People are supporting ALL of them.

  5. BIGOTIST says

    The borders[cuntry] should have been sealed in the sixties-
    The hippies[democrats] wanted free love to everyone, and today love is only fiction~

    1. Ricarrdo estavans says

      Romerica had a deportation policy until the Vietnam war got into full swing. Romerica focused its resources on that war and thus curtailed deportation. Result, millions snuck in and stayed. The problem is now out of control. Importing low educated unskilled laborers by the millions is not a prescription for a healthy country. Romerica is mentally ill, weak, flaccid scared of its own shadow. Liberals will tell us these unskilled low paid workers will help our economy by paying taxes. The easily duped will believe the lie. They will actually receive earned income tax credits not pay into this corrupt system.

    2. Sandy/CA says

      Love has been replaced by narcissism and bias.

      1. BIGOTIST says

        True, oh so very true~

  6. Ricarrdo estavans says

    The Romerica hating radical left segment of this country are suicidal and their mindless easily duped useful idiot drones and bimbos will follow them over the cliff thus dragging the rest of us down. A sovereign country which refuses to secure it’s borders will become extinct.

  7. Sandy/CA says

    It’s almost like they’re intent on commiting national suicide. Throwing masses of people from countries and cultures that defy ours is setting a stage for chaos, civil war and a major kill off of the people with conflicting mindsets. In one word, Insanity! When will Patriotic Americans join together and Save Our Country??? If we lose it, it will be noones fault but our own. Where has our Patriotism gone or more importantly, did we really ever have any?

  8. blackhawk132 says

    Stop ALL immagration ,period and electrify border fences.

  9. Connie Alsip says

    Deport them all. They are NOT as Pelosi called them, undocumented citizens, but illegal aliens who are sucking up US resources, raping and killing US citizens, and bringing their diseases here. Let’s see, scabies, drug resistant TB, measles, mumps, enterovirus d-68, lice, dengue fever, chagas (always fatal) and more. Disgusted with our POTUS and his liberal minions. I don’t know if the USA will make it through 2 ,more years of our antiAmerican potus stirring up racial violence and hatred. He needs gone, permanently! Treasonous snake in the grass.

  10. Peggie says

    Do any of you remember a few years ago, DHS was given 9 billion dollars to complete the fence along
    the southern border? They should be called to task for not doing so, and where did the money (our money)
    go? There is never any follow-up on these major expenses WE provide!

  11. Peggie says
  12. Peggy says

    People, start lighting up the switchboard in the capitol–this is OUR country and WE need to take it back, the time is now

  13. fred says

    We know what is happening, the MSM needs to be reporting the ECONOMIC and political motives that have caused our criminal in the WH to force this BS on us! The sheeple will find out soon enough when they lose their job to the “amnestied” criminal who came here illegally and was pardoned by our illegal president! By then it will be too late the tick will have burrowed his head into the gifts our country will give to all of them! Wake up and stop this criminal before he destroys us trying to increase the dumbocrat’s voting block!

  14. James Andrews says

    Our northern border as porous as hell as well.

  15. UncleBert says

    The solution is an Article V Convention of States to propose constitutional amendments to rein in the federal govt. Balanced budget and term limits for all federal officials, and other amendments to limit its power and jurisdiction. Sign the online petition and get involved: http://www.conventionofstates.com/

    1. sarcoq says

      My concern is the “other amendments” — opening a can of worms?

      1. UncleBert says

        No. All proposed amendments will be “limited to proposing amendments to the Constitution of the United States that impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress.”

        And any proposed amendments will have to be ratified by 38 states.

  16. Annie says

    Pu a mine field on the border, guaranteed to stop the illegal immigration

  17. Lizard says

    What great life it must be for big boys in Congress and White house ………. Destroy America to point of no return then pack up and move out of America and retire in style sit back watch news and laugh all problems America having

  18. Jeff Slater says

    I lean towards republicans by nature but must admit both parties are guilty of letting this country get over run by illegals! The democrats want them for future votes and the republican business owners want cheap labor! Both are guilty of putting a “For Sale” sign on America! No one gets a pass!

  19. Patriot47 says

    We are no longer a nation of laws.

    1. Ronald Starkey says

      If there is no laws, why do we pay taxes. No taxes, no money for illegals. Any one know of any loopholes to keep from paying tax? Too much to hope for Huh?

      1. Patriot47 says

        Selective law enforcement – your taxes are levied on every paycheck. You file to get overpayment or pay what you owe. Unless you’re Rangle.

  20. LaRae Bailey says

    it is time for the people to seize control of our country once again, it is staring into our faces the politicians will do nothing to save our country….corruption has too deep a hold

  21. hora says

    It not surprise me, sorry I was see that happening, all I was said became true, Mexican are not good peoples who we can let in, some American believe are good Mexican, are not. Mexican a only know doing are produce and sell illegal drugs. What happening now with invade USA was a plan from Mexico Gov for long, American not see, that simple. Mexican are like muslin, never change. Drug in Mexico survive because a Gov are help and now Liberals are in a game too. For a own security we must deported all Mexican, include legal with no question, force go back and live there, not here. Are a lot of thing who American don’t know, and don’t call liberals American, because are NOT, liberals have a deep pure hate against USA. Next president must need use some Dems tactic and start a real deep clean of liberals and all another enemy.

  22. abc__jps says

    cut off any money that is used to keep these illegal people in the U.S. Money should be used to enforce the law we now have meet them at the border and turn them around and we must shot to injure it would not be fair to kill them off. They offer nothing to this country and only what this country will give them. If they have a skill we need they are not climbing a fence to get here they are coming legal way. These are squatters on the land and offer nothing in return. The few that do work only send the money back to where they came from they take much more from the system then they give. The Democrats want them here to vote. and they bribe them for the vote…

  23. red55bird says

    Here we have our own Government not knowing how many illegals have come across our southern border, and a President taking executive order on is own giving amnesty to five million illegals, but home land security is printing up 31 million green cards. I ask do you believe anything about what your Government is telling you today ?

    1. Mary Ann says

      What do you expect? We have a POTUS who is an illegal alien and a Muslim too!

  24. wapitihunter says

    Term limits would be a good thing for some and maybe not for others. I hated to see Ron Paul go. He fought for us and is still fighting. Right now I would hate to see Ted Cruz,Rand Paul, Trey Gowdy go. But I guess they could switch Houses. I would like to see Sarah Palin get back in the mix.
    Secure the Border? It may be too late. If we didn’t already have enough home breed terrorist like Al Sharpton, Ohomo had to import more. His immigration policy doesn’t work and neither does his foreign policy if he has one. He doesn’t like to say terrorist and he sure doesn’t like to say Islamic terrorist or Muslim terrorist. What happened in Paris has already started here. Police are being attacked and murdered. Even that ding bat on Fox News was worried about if a movie clip is what instigated the attack. Well Hello. “At this point, what difference does it make”. McConnel said that we should be capturing terrorist and introgating them but the President doesn’t like that.He said that we need to call terrorism what it is but the president doesn’t like that. They don’t like what the president does and doesn’t do but THEY Will not do anything about it. They have the power of the purse but won’t use it. They have the power of impeachment but won’t use it.
    Vote them out? Sure. Look what the last two presidential elections got US.

  25. Obie Miller says

    We are told that the border fence is unfinished due to financial constraints. That is simply not true. The problem lies with those in leadership positions who want to finance other things that, to them, seem more important than controlling our borders. We don’t have a money problem that is as bad as our leadership problem. We are actually financially aiding some of America’s enemies, while allowing them entrance to our country through unprotected borders. No one in their right mind would think that we Americans could not finish that fence, and completely control our borders IT WE TRULY WANTED TO!

    1. eddyjames says

      We could always use Mexican slave labor.
      .If we’d just take the illegals and make prisoners out of them

  26. 4USA2 says

    Ask your Congressman/woman and your state Senators WHO, if not them, can assure the American people that the illegals sneaking in day after day and not known where they go or what they are doing …. ask your reps to assure the American people that the illegals are NOT TAKING FLYING LESSONS in Florida or other states, so they can hijack planes and fly them into buildings and kill thousands, like those terrorists did on 9-11. THAT IS THE GREATEST THREAT to our country that tops illegals draining our entitlement programs, overloading our schools, sucking up our medical care, bringing in drugs & guns and taking jobs from legal citizens! When ANYBODY can just walk into this country without documentation, without immunizations, without any way to track their where-abouts, the risk of “who’s flying the plane” is beyond imagination. Write your reps, call them, e-mail them, cc Obama…. Americans want to know WHERE THE ILLEGLAS HAVE DISAPPEARED TO AND WHAT THEY ARE DOING! We know there are terrorist cells in this country already so GOVERNMENT HAS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE AND RESPONSIBLE for what might happen. And that is WHY the borders NEED TO BE SECURED!

    1. eddyjames says

      What could one possible say to a Pelosi, Feinstein or Boxer that would cause them to vote for anything that was good for the Country? That wouldn’t get you arrested.

  27. jngtelco says

    If we demand that our politicians donate any leftover campaign money, after each election, to a true charity then we have a chance of fair elections each and every time. We can also limit donations from individuals or businesses to $1000 per candidate. This might eliminate the need for term limits and also put control back to the voters..

  28. teedoffatobama says

    first thing to do is to stop employers from hiring them and putting stiffer penalties on those who have them working for them by making EVERIFY a mandatory federal law and by placing so stiff of penalties on those who try sidetracking it like revocation of their business license for 5 years and $50,000 fine for each one working for them on the 1st offense.We have to secure the borders with a wall or impenetrable fence on the areas where we can do it, and those other areas will need more border patrol agents .We don’t allow any form of amnesty for any here now that haven’t came through our immigration system.Any politician or person that say we can’t deport these here are just blowing smoke out their keester because if we do these things to start they will self deport by the tens of millions

  29. Bob Barton says

    The republicans just proved they are no better than the democrats.Politics is just one big Mazola party.

  30. RMCSRET says

    This is telling me nothing new. We have known the borders both North and South are not secure.

  31. gmhunt4 says

    Dept. of Homeland should be disbanded.

  32. Alleged Comment says

    Why are they doing this?

    Because plot-icians THRIVE ON CHAOS and one way to do it is to bring unfettered and illegal immigration to your soil.

    This is how they remain in POWER and shows they are only concerned about how it affects THEIR control of it and makes sure it is not YOU.

    The chaos environment is their SMOKE SCREEN! That is why you are living from one crisis to the next crisis and so on.

  33. Mynickelsworth says

    Each state could install term limits in their state that would make it impossible for anyone who had serves X number of terms could not be put on the state ballots. The far left states would not do it and then, because of the seniority method used, only the Far left would have speaker, majority leadership in committees, etc. At this point it would be near impossible to get anything done in Congress or in most States.

  34. MichaelZZ says

    SIMPLE SOLUTION (extremely serious):

    If one running for Office looks, acts, or sounds like a “politician”, all must tell him or her to change his or her “style” (presentation) and turn and walk away.
    At some point, he or she will wise up and offer “truth”.
    Also, when a “politician” has lied, one must not believe “well…., they all do it”.



  35. Billy says

    Politicians need to be made to sign a statement saying if they fail to follow the Constitution, they will forfeit the office they hold. “We the People” need to demand Term Limits and we need laws passed that keeps “Big Money” out of politics.
    If these things cannot be done, we might as well be living in Cuba. Our present government is so CORRUPT, it has stopped functioning on many levels.

  36. wdcraftr says

    Obma has threatened Border agents for stopping, and deporting Illegals. It’s not the policies/laws, but Obama wants all the illegals he can get, flooding into America.. They are voters of Democrats, and Communism.. It’s funny how they vote for the same corrupt Govt. here as they are fleeing from in their own Countries.. Ob wants us to be a Monarchy, where he can write a New Constitution based on what he wants, and these poor stupid people are voting to let him.. If they want Dictatorship, just stay in Mexico, Cuba, and South America..

  37. marilyn says


  38. junkmailbin says

    this is the reason that Government officials ( including the President) are required to uphold the law. If they do not than the need to be impeached PERIOD.
    BUGGERING BARRY, the gay Kenyan Arab, needs to be tossed from office for treason and willful dereliction of his duty

  39. ONLYJB1 says

    Hold on Citizens! We have just gotten on board of an out of control roller coaster and it’s headed straight to hell!

  40. Robert says

    Barbara Boxer been there 30 years. Mitch McConnell starting his 36th year. and there is many more. We need people with integrity and love of country. Not the Communists Lunatics who are running the country

  41. phillyfanatic says

    Unless you and I flood the faxes, emails,calls to the House and Senate flacks on this issue, all the griping is just that. I do every day. I do not expect these flacks to overcome their stupidity until we are over-run with not only cartel types but…Islamofascists ala Western Europe. Then and only then will these especially liberal Dems finally fear open borders, illegal immigration and …..NO GO ZONES.

  42. Pamela Craghill says

    Get Barak Hussein Obama out of office and get the country sorted.

  43. tk-atty says

    We desperately need term limits, but these guys think they can take the American people’s votes and just ignore the mandate of the people, which was to close our borders and stop illegal immigration. We have to keep fighting them and running truly conservative candidates, like those who were just sworn in.

  44. MarcJ says

    In favor of my contention that B. Hussein Obama is a Sunni Muslim from Kenya let us consider the following statements by our President:

    1) “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

    2) “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer.”

    3) “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.”

    4) “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam.”

    5) “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”

    6) “Islam has always been part of America”.

    7) “We will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities”.

    8) “These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.”

    Let us add his own words about his Muslim faith:

    9) “America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

    10) “I made it clear that America is not – and will never be – at war with Islam.”

    11) “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.”

    12) “So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed.”

    13) “In ancient times and in our times, Muslim communities have been at the forefront of innovation and education.”

    14) “Throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.”

    15) “Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity and racial equality”

    16) “The Holy Koran tells us, ‘O mankind! We have created you male and a female; and we have made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another.’”

    17) “I look forward to hosting an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan here at the White House later this week, and wish you a blessed month.”

    18) “We’ve seen those results in generations of Muslim immigrants – farmers and factory workers, helping to lay the railroads and build our cities, the Muslim innovators who helped build some of our highest skyscrapers and who helped unlock the secrets of our universe.”

    19) “That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t. And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

    20) “I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”
    And he is not kidding! And now he is forced to bomb – however reluctantly and inefficiently – his co-religionists of ISIS who are taking over Iraq and Syria. And finally let us remember Obama’s new definitions of America’s War against Islamist jihadis:

    21) “Overseas contingencies” for War on Terror;

    22) “Workplace violence” for the jihadist murder of 13 US soldiers at Ford Hood;

    23) “Video reaction” for the jihadist murder of 4 Americans, including that of the US ambassador in Benghazi.

  45. Jerry Llewellyn says

    Personally, I would pull of our Troops from all overseas
    bases back to the US and return the bases to their home Countries. We needed those bases during the Cold War,
    but now they’re obsolete. Then I would
    “Blacken the Skies” with planes spraying weed killer over all
    the Afghan and Pakistan Opium Poppy
    fields 24/7 for about a week. Then I would stop all aid to any Country that
    supports any type of illegal activity toward the USA and our allies. I would
    tell the World that the US will no longer tolerate any terrorist threat from
    any country, and if terrorists are found living and training in a country, the
    US will attack and destroy the suspect Terrorist area where ever it is. There
    will be no warnings given. Iran and North Korea will cease their Nuke programs
    or those programs will be destroyed. If any weapons of mass destruction are
    used in the United States, the leaders of the country(s) of origin will be
    subject to swift and severe retaliation. The US Military would secure our
    Borders 360 degrees. Any ILLEGAL ALIEN attempting to cross the US Borders
    anywhere other than a Checkpoint, (thousands of these checkpoints would be
    established and each person crossing would be fingerprinted, photographed, and
    required to give a DNA sample. They
    would be issued a photo ID, and all the info would be placed in a centralized
    redundant computer databases and would be accessible to all branches of the
    military and all law enforcement agencies.) Anyone attempting to enter
    illegally would be subject to the use of deadly force. It’s time for America
    show the World we are the most generous country to our friends and the worst
    nightmare to those that are not.

  46. adrianvance says

    You count on a great wave soon given the publicity in Central America for which our Justice Department paid!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  47. Pamela Craghill says

    Learn from Eastern countries. You go there, you live their way. No building Churches. If you start preaching Christianity, they will either jail you or kill you. You have to live their way, or no way. This is how it should be in Western countries. Time to take a leaf out of their book and alter how you allow them to behave. It is up to you. No one else seems willing to do it. Time to shout your leaders down and tell them exactly how it should be.

  48. Angry American says

    The totally gutless gop needs to grow a spine, what happened to all their campaign pledges to stop him & his agenda to ruin America?”

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