Vast Majority of Trump Voters Would Do It Again


President Trump’s overall job approval ratings may not be anything to write home about, but he has retained almost all of his voter support from last November. According to a new ABC News/Washington Post survey, 96% of Americans who supported Trump on election day insist they would vote the same way if they had it to do over again.

The survey puts lie to the narrative – pushed incessantly by the mainstream media – that there are millions and millions of Trump voters who are now languishing in regret. Only two percent of those who voted for the Republican billionaire say they would vote for someone else if they had the option. Furthermore, the poll shows that if the election WERE held again, Trump would not only win, but he might also capture the popular vote.

From ABC News:

Among Americans who say they voted in the 2016 election, 46 percent say they voted for Hillary Clinton and 43 percent for Trump, very close to the 2-point margin in the actual popular vote results. However, while Trump would retain almost all of his support if the election were held again today (96 percent), fewer of Clinton’s supporters say they’d stick with her (85 percent), producing a 40-43 percent Clinton-Trump result in this hypothetical re-do among self-reported 2016 voters.

As far as job approval is concerned, President Trump is struggling, but ABC News points out that much of the divide is due to an increase in American partisanship. 79% of Republicans and right-leaning independents say Trump has done a good job in his first 100 days while only 12% of Democrats and left-leaning independents agree.

Democrats have little to celebrate when it comes to these poll numbers, though. 67% of Americans say the Democratic Party is out of touch with the issues on the minds of the public, a 19% drop from three years ago. ABC News points out that much of that deterioration occurred within the party’s own liberal base.

On the other hand, these numbers aren’t ideal for the fledgling Trump administration; it’s much easier to push legislation through Congress when you have the support of the public. That may be a pipe dream at this early stage in Trump’s presidency, however; after a brutal election, people have yet to “settle into” the new administration. Democrats, for their part, act as though the election never happened or that it was somehow stolen from them by Moscow and “fake news.” With that mindset, national unity will be hard to find.

  1. Justin Seine says

    I would certainly go for Trump again if he was running against Hillary, Bernie or Warren. With Trump, the country has a fighting chance. With either of those other 3 ditwads the country would be on the same path as Venezuela. We need to make America GREAT! – We do not need to make America GROAN!.

    1. jaybird says

      I think these college kids need to go to Venezuela and see what has been done to that country. Their “freedoms” and way of life have disappeared because of a “Communist Dicktator”. The Communist Soros is funding their protests and what they should shout while protesting here in the US

  2. Croco Dile says

    “…96% of Americans who supported Trump on election day insist they would vote the same way if they had it to do over again….”

    A truly STAGGERING level of DELUSION !

    Statism : The Most Dangerous Religion

    1. Skippy says

      Go soak your head your head ya pathetic moron. Your mindless liberal drone ideology is dangerous for this Great Country.

        1. Skippy says

          Wow your mom is ugly. It’s no wonder you’re the brainless wonder that you are. If I were you I wouldn’t show that picture of you mom like that. It’s going to give kids nightmares. Bye bye ya brainless wonder!!!!!!!!

        2. jgfsmf says

          Great picture of you. Can we see more?

          1. Linda Jordan Whitaker says

            I love this! Thanks for posting!

        3. Mathew Molk says

          The commies must have completely run out of ideas.

          Now they are calling US “Sheple” and using the sayings that we used against the. like the one above.

          Pathetic useLESS idiot snowflakes

      1. Linda Jordan Whitaker says

        Couldn’t have said it better myself, Skippy!

    2. jgfsmf says

      Awwww. You’re just mad realizing that Trump is so much better that your dream lover Hillery would ever be.

      1. Croco Dile says

        Wrong guess on your part, idiot !

        1. jgfsmf says

          Nope. Not a guess. It’s a given. By your childish name calling, it’s proven. That’s what liberals do.

      2. cristoiglesia says

        How? There is no ideological difference between them.

        1. jgfsmf says

          Not staying up much on events here in the United States, are you?

          1. cristoiglesia says

            Actually, I am quite informed. You should take your own advice.

          2. jgfsmf says

            Yeah…..right. You just said there is no real difference between President Trump and Hillary. Not staying up much on events here in the United States, are you?

          3. cristoiglesia says

            I said they are ideologically the same as you would expect from such close friends.

          4. cristoiglesia says

            Actually, I said that there is no ideological difference which there is not. Both are lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologues. The Trump’s and the Clinton’s are very close friends and have been for decades. I am very informed about what is going on in the US. You on the other hand, not so much.

    3. ernldo says

      You would obviously prefer sharia law. Is it possible the garden variety demotard like you is unable to fire neven a single neuron? Stupid just doesn’t cover it any more…..
      TRUMP, 2020 MAGA

      1. Mike says

        oh how cute you believe there will be a 2020.

      2. Linda Jordan Whitaker says

        Well said ernldo! I agree with you 100%!

    4. OldHighlandGuyOne says

      Croco Dile, I watched the video. I know that you have us conservatives all wrong. We are not statist’s. We are true Americans. We conservatives want less government while liberals want MORE government so they don’t have to think. I, as a flag waving Tea Party member, want the government out of my business and personal life.
      If you want to see what real statist’s are, come to California and take a long look at the average citizen here. California has become a socialist state and that is because of the liberal/socialist public wanting MORE government.
      That video was excellent in that it points out what a true liberal is.

      MAGA 2020!

      1. Croco Dile says

        I agree that liberals are even worse than those considering themselves Republicans.
        Less government is good, but not good enough 🙂

    5. Mathew Molk says

      Maybe Hitler and Stalin had something there with the blood purges?

      Clowns like you make me think I was wrong about them all these years.

      You sure sure yoyr name isn’t crockashit?

  3. Skippy says

    I would do it again to prevent that crook Hillary Rotten Clinton from getting into the White House. I hope she goes to prison for what she did.

    1. gotabgood says

      “crook” Hillary?… Do you listen/watch the news at all??
      Your man could get impeached and maybe get escorted to prison… not even been 100 days yet and under investigation from all angles..

      1. jgfsmf says

        For what? Using an email server from his home? Sending emails with classified information?

      2. Skippy says

        Let me start out by saying I didn’t support Trump in the primaries. These investigations are being carried out by Obama hacks. There’s nothing but speculation out in the media I only look at facts.
        As for Hillary Clinton if I had done 1/8 of what she did in violating the Espionage Act I would never get out of prison. I know this because I was in the military and held a clearance. I had to sign papers that said that I understood the Espionage Act.

        1. Linda Jordan Whitaker says

          Thank you for your service, Skippy! We need more voters, such as yourself, who educates themselves before voting!

          1. Skippy says

            Thank you, and your welcome.

      3. Combatvet52 says

        That’s your buddy Ovomit on the prowl to disrupt Trump any which way he can because “O” is a scumbag.

        1. dennis w says






          ‘YOU BETCHA’……..


      4. Linda Jordan Whitaker says

        He’s under investigation by extreme leftists as yourself. You obviously don’t know anything about politics, the Clintons, or President Trump. He’s a blessing to this country and I would vote for him again.

      5. Mathew Molk says

        I have repeatedly have warned you to stop taking those drugs. In may case,
        you need to get out of mommies laundry room and do a reality check

        With this congress it is virtually impossible to impeach let alone try and convict our President He has done nothing illegal but no matter what he did tere is no way there are enough votes to impeach. .

      6. Jim H. says

        You actually believe that BS?
        That’s a bunch of crap spewed because they’re mad. They’re the ones that are about to go down and they’re covering they’re butts as usual.

        1. kotoc says

          Don’t mind that troll, gotabgood… he’s just a liberal, snowflake… a crybaby, and likes to troll. Ignore him and maybe he’ll crawl back under his rock and shut the f– up.

          1. Jim H. says

            Maybe he needs to go fishing so he can calm down and see the truth and error of his ways.

      7. John Somers says

        HEY Troll, Back under your bridge

      8. Cookie Vranish says

        ROFLMAO!!! You are funny!

    2. dennis w says

      I hope she dies a painful and long , long cancerous death……..PERIOD…. !!!!

    3. Jackalyn Morrison says

      Ooh yea can’t be to soon either

  4. gotabgood says
    1. Mathew Molk says

      What in the hell are you talking about there snowflake? Complicit with what? – Sneaking people into a surprise party? You need a dose of Paul Harvey…You know. the rest of the story.

  5. ernldo says

    Only pussy demotards won’t get on the Trump train. Of course that includes snowflake anarchists, protesting fascists, Hollyweird and the repugnant, traitor media….

    1. cristoiglesia says

      You left out we conservative Republicans who cannot support a leftist ideologue like Trump.

      1. kotoc says

        What makes Trump a “leftist ideologue”… and what kind of name is that, anyway? Can you give examples, or are you just trolling?

        1. PatriotGal says

          Yes, cristoiglesia is a TROLL!

          1. cristoiglesia says

            Nonsense, I am just a well informed and researched conservative Republican who has never voted for a Democrat like Trump in my entire life and never will.

          2. Deby says

            No, you are a liar, and a pretty bad one at that-everyone on this post has seen through your garbage and is not buying a word of it. Save it loser

          3. Tasine says

            So we an assume you voted for the criminal, Hillary? You may well be a republican, but you are definitely NOT a conservative by any stretch of the imagination.

          4. cristoiglesia says

            I am as far to the right as Trump is to the left. I have never met a more conservative Republican to myself. I have never voted for a leftist in my life and was not going to start with Trump even though he was running as a Republican.

          5. Tasine says

            “I am as far to the right as Trump is to the left.” Thanks for proving my point – you are not a conservative. I don’t know which way Trump actually swings, but this I DO know: he is doing what he promised to do. That is all I ask of any LEADER. Find someone better than that, and we may listen. Until then, Trump is the official, constitutionally elected and well qualified US President, an American with some honesty and some capability of thinking – unlike every democrat I can name and unlike all wimps who embarrass the Republican Party.

          6. cristoiglesia says

            Are those TIC comments or are you really that deceived by this leftist Trump?

          7. Tasine says

            If you want to make a point of Trump’s “deceit”, then prove whatever deceit you imagine he has………name whatever deceit he as exhibited as President of the U.S. and please compare it to Obama’s deceit…..otherwise, don’t bother me again.

          8. Combatvet52 says

            You still can’t find that rock you crawled out from under.

          9. cristoiglesia says

            I have never voted for a Democrat or a non-conservative in my long life. I am as far to the ideological right as one can be. In other words, I am the ideological opposite of Hillary and the Donald. (obviously, I am way to the right of you) You assumed wrongly.

          10. Tasine says

            I doubt you are way to the right of me, but if it makes you feel better about yourself, then by all means shout it from the rooftops. You certainly do not fit in with other true conservatives. Just because one calls himself something does not mean he IS that something.

          11. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Did you vote for the old sow or just stay at home and sit on your thumb?

          12. ernldo says

            He/she was probably a Bush buttboy/girl…..

          13. cristoiglesia says

            As I said, I am a conservative Republican and as such, I do not vote for leftists like Trump and Hillary. For me, my vote goes to support those of my ideology and not lifetime far left-liberal ideologues. I had no one to vote for in this election. Trump being a draft dodger and a leftist prohibited me from voting. I saw too many die in Vietnam to vote frivolously on someone of Trump’s leftist ilk.

        2. Mathew Molk says

          It’s the result the free narcotics their commissars gave the useful idiots during the election. Permanent irreversible brain damage. Way to go sore-ass. .

        3. cristoiglesia says

          His entire history is of being a far left liberal Democrat ideologue. He is the one that gave America Obama with is influences as a Democrat insider and kingmaker to get Obama nominated. He then funded his campaign with Soros money. After he and Soros getting Obama elected Trump called Obama a “great President”. As a lifetime informed conservative Republican I disagree.

        4. A natural born American says

          I think he’s talking about the rinos. You know, the socialist democrats hiding in republican’s clothing. The ‘republicans’ whose own “ideologue” put AMERICA’S defenseless children and their families lives and security at such great risk on so many levels it’s beyond unfathomable. None of them wanted to protect any of us except to help make more of us government dependents. They are the so called republicans who couldn’t be bothered to stand up and protect our little one’s bathroom rights. They wouldn’t do a damned thing to protect Americans by helping to eliminate the murderers, rapists, and thieves who cross our borders illegally every year. (I guess they don’t think we have enough of our own homegrown level 4 offenders.)

          And if that wasn’t anti American enough, these rino’s even worked tirelessly alongside the democrat socialists when they agreed to import thousands and thousands of our ME war enemies (last guesstimate was about 80% are men between 18 and 25) into our quiet little US communities. BUT before they let them loose on the public it seems they did take the time to make sure NONE of the terrorist elements were relocated into THEIR neighborhoods. How many ‘displaced’ Middle Eastern families are living next door to famous Hollywood actors in Santa Monica, Bel Air or Malibu (CA)? Or next door to high rolling financiers in Tribeca, Manhattan or Chappaqua NY), Belmont, Cambridge, Brookline or Stoneham (MA)? I think I know how many moved into mine but I can’t be sure as we never see women, but we do see many more hijab clad women food shopping at our neighborhood grocers. None of these ‘families’ have any kids catching the school bus or running around playing with the neighborhood kids. BUT for the first time ever, we DO have flashing blue lights waking us in the middle of the night as often as 2-3 times a week.

        5. Tasine says

          TROLLING! And not a very informed troll to boot.

      2. John Somers says

        troll back under your bridge.

        1. Mike says

          I realize the truth of the conman you elected is hard to accept for his sheeple. It’s ok keep acting like a good sheeple and Trump will eventually, never actually get around to what he promised you.

          1. jaybird says

            He has already fulfilled some of the promises, SCJOTUS, protection for “Whistleblowers” in the VA, freeze on Federal hiring while getting rid of dead wood in different depts., cutting budgets of wasted money in these depts., etc.

          2. Mike says

            Every major aspect of his 100 day contract with America has not been done. This was his contract with America. His top legislative items that he said would be done in the first 100 days. None of them have been accomplished.

          3. Combatvet52 says

            Give me a break could you have done any better

          4. Mike says

            I am not sure how that is relevant. We judge Presidents by what they accomplish as does my boss. Trump’s boss is the American people. During the campaign he delivered address after address touting his 100 day action plan and outlined specifically what he would accomplish. As of today day 96 he has not accomplished any of it.

          5. Combatvet52 says

            You leave me no choice but to say you are full of CHIT.

          6. Mike says

            I am? No sir that is President Trump who outlined what he would accomplish and then failed to deliver.

          7. cristoiglesia says

            Actually he promised a “conservative Justice” but we got a pro-abortion and pro redefining of marriage to include same-sex couples.

        2. cristoiglesia says

          I want you leftist Democrat Trump supporters out of my Republican Party and back to supporting Obama and Hillary.

      3. Cookie Vranish says

        cristoiglesia, are you part of the elite Republicans that may get your gravy train stopped? I can see your point then, even if I don’t agree with it. I feel as a Independent Republican, that we must get rid of the RINO’s because they actually are the same as a Democrat. So long!

        1. cristoiglesia says

          You should be aware that Trump is the king of the RINO’s. It takes very little research to find the truth. I agree that the RINO’s must go starting with the charlatan and Trojan Horse occupying the peoples house, Donald Trump.

        2. cristoiglesia says

          But, you do not realize that you are the RINO. How are you defining “elite Republicans”. I am simply a lifetime far right Republican who has never and will never vote for a leftist Democrat like Trump regardless of the party label they are running on. BTW, look up RINO in the dictionary and Trump will be used as a example. Trump has been a registered Republican only long enough to run for POTUS. His entire history has been of being a lifetime far left liberal Democrat insider and ideologue.

        3. cristoiglesia says

          What is an “independent Republican? Let me guess, you are one who is a RINO. Indeed, you are the same as a Democrat but just not as honest.

      4. SouthernPatriot says

        That is why he appointed a leftist idealogue to SCOTUS, and leftist idealogues in the tradition of Holder as AG and other cabinet positions. That is why he wants to revamp taxes to benefit business and the middle class, that is exactly what leftist idealogues do right? If you had a brain, you lost it somewhere.

        1. cristoiglesia says

          Yes he appointed the most far left liberal he could find that is a Republican. Gorsuch is pro-abortion and for the redefining of marriage to include same sex couples. Gorsuch is no where near being a conservative. Trump broke his promise to only nominate conservatives to the court. Check out where Gorsuch goes to church:

          1. jaybird says

            He appointed someone that will follow the Constitution!

          2. cristoiglesia says

            Well, I pray that you are correct but that is not likely based on his past and current history. He may do a 180 but i seriously doubt that he will. Tump being a leftist would be very unhappy if he does.

          3. cristoiglesia says

            I doubt that he will as he appears to be like most leftists and will just ignore it and rule according to his own leftist prejudice. It really did not surprise me that Trump broke his promise to those of us who doubted that he would appoint conservatives to the court. He is really full of himself having fooled so many into thinking that he is no longer the leftist Democrat he has always been.

        2. cristoiglesia says

          ROFLOL! His cabinet positions are filled with former executives of George Soros.

    2. James Andrews says

      IF he gets rid of Owebamacare, he will become one of the greatest presidents in history!

      1. Mike says

        yes if he repeals obamacare he will truly hurt his base so you as a trump supporter will get what you deserve for voting against your interests.

        1. PatriotGal says

          Mike, no we will get exactly what we voted for a truly patriotic leader who loves America first and foremost and tells it like it is, not a pussywillow, feckless, rudderless, leading from behind, lying, hate-filled for America, for Americans and for Whites cur in the WH as we had for 8 horrible years. Repeal OWEbamaTAX!

          1. jaybird says

            That’s telling him, PatriotGal!

          2. k9maiden says

            Amen to that PatriotGal. The liberals hate Trump, yet, they “know not why” I guess they could care less about their loved ones and ISLAMIC terrorist taking over this country, they would rather be right, than admit that BO and KILLARY were the absolute worst thing that ever happened to a free nation.

        2. Cookie Vranish says

          Mike, have you ever considered voting for the country even if it might hurt you personnally? I bet not, most liberal people are me and only me!

          1. Mike says

            If voting Republican was so beneficial then how come historically this country does better with a Democrat in the White House? How come the economy does better with Democratic leadership? I understand history so yes I vote for Democrats because I want this country to be an economic power unlike the Republicans and Trump who only want what is best for the top 1percent.

          2. SouthernPatriot says

            The economy under the huge regulations and high corporate taxes of Obama was NOT good. We were in a recession which has continued in states more dependent on natural resources such as coal, oil, and natural gas.

          3. Mike says

            You are correct that we were in a recession due to the previous Republican administration of George Bush. Obama helped turn that around. I am not saying the recovery was perfect or complete, but we had growth in this country during Obama’s Presidency something that could not be said for Obama’s predecessor.

          4. k9maiden says

            You are INCORRECT. If it weren’t for Newt Gingrich, Billy would be a one term POTUS. We were failing miserably with the Dems. But when the Republicans were unanimously elected and Newt became Speaker of the House, unlike BO, Clinton was smart enough to realize he was on a downward spiral unless he worked with the Republicans. Newt and Billy worked together with Newt’s genius, to get the country on the right track financially. Of course Billy took all the credit, but that’s the Demoncraps for ya. Take all the credit if something succeeds, blame everyone else if it doesn’t. Then there was the election where Demoncraps took over Congress the last two years of the Bush Administration. Do you recall this at all? I DIDN”T THINK SO. Pelosi and the Dumbs spent money like drunken sailors, until we went into a downward spiral, then comes BO, who literally added TRILLIONS onto the debt, and I am sure, on purpose, as that is all a part of the Alinsky plan. So stop with blaming the Republicans for something the Dems were responsible for! What about Freddie May? The Republicans wanted those companies investigated in 2005. OH NO, says Bernie Frank, they are doing a magnificent job, kudos to them! Of course, we know how that turned out don’t we? LOL, Frank’s lover and wife/husband, was CEO of one of those companies, they were never investigated, and later, they went belly up. So stop trying to defend the lavish spending of the Dumbs. They are the reason we had all the bottom feeders flood the nation for freebies, you Dumbs don’t care though did ya? No, because these bottom feeders living off the hard working American were all potential Demoncrappy voters.

          5. Combatvet52 says

            Demorats always take credit not deserving to them it’s their way of life.

          6. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          7. Mike says

            How perfect. Thor’s father who at the end of the last movie was taken over by the conman Loki. It is perfect as we now have a conman in the oval office. Great post GodBlessRealAmerica.

          8. mac12sam12 says

            The economy never recovered under Obama. Do you live under a rock? There has been no growth for 8 years.

          9. Mike says

            We have had steady small growth throughout Obama’s second term. Again I agree the economy did not rebound the way anyone would like it, but you are just plain wrong to say there was no growth.

          10. Tasine says

            If you believe that democrat policies are better than republican ones, you are truly brainwashed and you listen to no one but your brainwashers. EVERYTHING democrats touch turns to crap and denies more and more of our liberties that as humans we are entitled to. Or do you not understand “liberty, freedom” etc.?

          11. Mike says

            If Republican leadership and policies are so great then how come historically for decades the economy does better under Democratic presidents? Again if there policies are so wonderful how come the economy does worse when they are making and instituting their policies?

          12. Mike says

            Thank you for always showing how completely uneducated you are. I realize you have the internet, but you cannot give any original thoughts just some more of this pathetic drivel. I wish just once GodBlessRealAmerica you had an original thought, but as a Trump sheeple that goes against what he stands for.

          13. k9maiden says

            IDIOT! Most of us are NOT REPUBLICAN! I am an Independent with brains and common sense. The Republicans are just as bad, pandering to the enemy, which was BO, not starting impeachment process when they KNEW he was behind the gun running deal in Benghazi, and he and KILLARY SUPPLIED ARMS TO THE ENEMY. You don’t know squat do you. Why do you think out of all the candidates, the two independents were the most popular, Dr. Carson and Trump? I am thrilled that Trump had the brains to put Carson in his Cabinet to straighten out the horrific shape HUD was in, and Carson found that billions of dollars were missing from HUD! Many of us are Conservative, Moderate, Independent, even libertarians, but we KNEW under the Communist controlled BO administration and Killary, a puppet to ISALM and BO and Soros, we would surely lose this country forever! It was common sense and intelligence that put Trump into the White House. You liberals don’t care about freedom, a Republic, what our Founding Fathers sacrificed to give us a free Republic, you don’t care about the Constitution, all you care about is winning, even at the cost of losing your freedoms forever. You are a bunch of idiots, loons, and unAmerican as they come.

          14. mac12sam12 says

            We’ve had a democrat in the WH for eight years and the economy sucks. Hussein has record numbers and they’re all bad.

          15. Mike says

            Our economy improved under President Obama. I am not saying it improved as much as anyone would hope, but it did improve. In addition, to this my comment is based on historical numbers. The country does better economically under Democratic Presidents and has larger growth than with Republican administrations.

          16. Combatvet52 says

            Are you really as dumb as a lamp post ((Democratic leadership)) are you saying that the NEGRO did a good job in running this country then you must be just as sick as he is, or taking this country for a free ride.

          17. ernldo says

            Block the dolt, he’s trolling for Soros or simply dirt clod dumb….

        3. Tasine says

          Goodness! What country are you from? And what trash do you read? Repealing Obamacare won’t do half the damage that forcing Obamacare on everyone did.

        4. k9maiden says

          We are already getting what all of us deserved from this President. The truth, working around the clock to keep us safe, and the lowest unemployment in over 10 years, not to mention more illegals deported since he has become POTUS then at any other time. And please do tell, what did BO do for us except dismantle the military to before WWII standards, shove a Socialist healthcare bill down our throats with over 70% of “We the People” against it, nothing but a bill to control the people, like a true dictator would do, it has little to do with healthcare, or did you know that this bill punished doctors and the elderly? I didn’t think so. What did BO do except set race relations back over 50 years, all that MLK did was undone by this Muslim/Communist/impostor! What did BO do for Blacks? NOTHING, except create BLM, a terrorist group that calls on their members to kill cops. What did BO do about ISIS, he supplied them with weapons and should be hanging from a rope. What did BO do? He turned America into a cesspool, he divided the races like never before, and he made America a laughing stock throughout the world, not only this, he managed to insult Christianity and build up the evil of Islam every chance he had. He also allowed Islamic terrorist to flood this nation, set up cells and refused to comment on this when they killed innocent Americans. He allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate the WH, and appointed them to high position. Oh yeah, what did BO do for us? Instead of you liberals using one liners with no substance, lets see if you can dispute and debate these proven points I made. No wonder MLK’s niece voted for Trump and supported him, no wonder BO’s brother voted for Trump, but there are still the sheeple that would rather see America become another Germany in the late 30’s, than admit that the Whore of Islam who took hundreds of millions from our enemy, and the Kenyan Communist was the wrong choice for a Republic.

          1. EnjoyzCoffee says

            You are my new hero. I don’t think I’ve read anyone comment as wonderfully as you do. I am taking notes! Thank you for being the outstanding American patriot that you are. God bless you.

        5. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

          Don’t u fee l stupid? Yes you liberal moron wacko you losers lost the Election we crushed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Mike says

            Yes he won the election by one of the narrowest electoral college victories in history. The Republicans also lost seats in the House and the Senate. Now when I see your posts no I do not feel stupid because at least I can spell.

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            You lost you can’t Spin that Mikey…now take your liberal racist hate and shove it !!!! Loser TRUMP IS PRESIDENT WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          3. Mike says

            Well not the majority of Americans, but he certainly, as many conmen do, a group of loyal supporters.

          4. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Mike the MAJORITY Voted for Trump get it thru your Liberal hateful skull
            You lost President Trump IS running America whether u like it or not loser…
            Real America came out and crushed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          5. Mike says

            Trump lost the popular vote. Have you been unconscious since the election? Losing the popular vote means the majority did not vote for you. Did he win the electoral college? Yes he did and he our rightful President, but the majority did not vote for him. Please stop showing your ignorance.

          6. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Hey Moron Mike! Who’s the PRESIDENT???
            President Trump won you lost loser he runs America!!! I know i know it hurts but reality is you lost and you cant do anything, you will do nothing but praise TRUMP! You liberal hateful little man………..

          7. mac12sam12 says

            It was an electoral landslide.

          8. Mike says

            No it was not. it was the 45th largest electoral college win out of 57 elections! That is not an electoral landslide. I realize Trump has said it was repeatedly and as Trump sheeple you have to believe it, but do a little research.

        6. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
        7. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          1. Mike says

            Yes you are taking America back. Right back into the gutter. Well done.

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            We took it back from Obama the jive talkin walkin Con artist a liar like you!

          3. Mike says

            As always you offer nothing of substance. I guess as a Trump sheeple you are not allowed to have original thoughts.

          4. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Truth is Truth We Won You Lost and President Trump won and
            is the President!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Real America won sorry if you have no substance to reject the notion that
            PRESIDENT TRUMP WON!!!! AMERICA WON!!! WE LOVE THE GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        8. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

          Mike must feel like a liberal low energy loser on tehse boards he gets his ass kicked again and again lol!

        9. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

          FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Mike says

            So now vote totals are fake news? You are a good Trump sheeple I will give you that. President Trump could urinate on you call it rain and you would agree with him. Well thank you for showing your lack of intelligence as you always do.

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Ill tell you this you are one liberal brainwashed moron that’s for sure gesh! I bet you love crooked hillary and all the shi* that comes out of her mouth* You are on low energy ignorant liberal pos! I believe you are a Soros puppet!

          3. Mike says

            Again great post superimposing Hillary Clinton’s face during a Trump speech. Great job GodBlessRealAmerica!!

          4. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
      2. jim jones says

        Not when he saddles us with a plan that only supports the wealthy corporations and screws the rest of us with sky high premiums and limits.

        1. SouthernPatriot says

          So far under Obama and his ObamaDoesNotCare….

          I pay the health/medical care of my family and all my employees. We had stable large group health care before ODNC and had the same physicians for decades. Now, all our health went sky high–premiums doubled, co-payments tripled, deductibles tripled and we lost ALL our physicians, Obama lied, lied, lied, and lied again.

          Now, we must have sanity. Market mechanisms to increase competition and reduce costs as with auto insurance, home hazard insurance, etc.

        2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Pleeze spare us the whining. If your butt is still this hurt why don’t you get some salve?

          1. k9maiden says

            This is a typical response from the misinformed Demoncraps. You don’t really know why you hate Trump, it is just that you are told to hate Trump and support the Whore of Islam. Do us all a favor, until you have something of intelligence to say, until you do your own research, until you use common sense and a brain, please refrain from infantile comments.

        3. k9maiden says

          The wealthiest in Congress are all Demoncraps you idiot! Brain washed? Of course you are. I live below the poverty line, as do many I know, and they are all on the Trump train because we KNOW that BO, Killary, Maxine Waters, Bo too Barbie Pelosi, and the rest of the Commies in Congress make all their money off of the people who are stupid enough to support them. Donald Trump, Dr. Carson, and many like them who are Conservative made all their money through hard work, blood sweat and tears. You are so misinformed, you are the problem, you and your ilk.

        4. ernldo says

          Like 0bamacare did?….Clue up, snowflake.

          1. Mike says

            And there are still people that believe Trump is doing a good job.

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Like Obama did a good job hahahahaha please sit down you are so ignorant u make me puke on you!!!


          3. mac12sam12 says

            Trump is doing a good job and unlike Hussein he works long hours.

          4. Mike says

            Every President works long hours, but not every President has to go on vacation every weekend.

          5. Combatvet52 says

            You think he’s sitting on his azz at Mar Largo think again skippy he’s working most of the time, Ovomit was on vacation and playing Golf most of the time, besides destroying the country………Good riddance to some real bad chit.

          6. Mike says

            Every President works wherever they are. There are no true vacations from the job of being President, but Trump is still spending far more taxpayer dollars for his weekend vacations than Obama did. Already in 90 days Trump has spent more than Obama did his whole first year.

        5. mac12sam12 says

          Did you know that corporations don’t pay any taxes because the consumer does. Like shooting yourself in the foot?

    3. Tiger says

      And all the Nasty Women talking about bleeding all over their jeans and ruining their favorite pair of undies one would think they never heard of feminine products.

  6. SouthernPatriot says

    What demented Democrat candidate (list them ALL!) would: restore sanity to natural resource exploration and extraction, and stop the “war on coal!”; undo thousands of Obama regulations on business that lengthened the recession, did not pay “blackmail” to the fatboy pervert dictator of North Korea, “wined and dined” the Chinese leader and his wife to no longer back North Korea, put in an “originalist” on the Supreme Court, re-established a good relationship with Israel, greatly lowered the illegal felon invasion, stopped the insane policy of Obama in public schools to force young elementary school girls to share their restrooms with boys and men, appointed a great cabinet which is enforcing U,S. law and cutting waste, and the list goes on. Trump and only Trump, who works for us 20 hours a day, gives his salary away to charities, the first quarter to the U.S. National Park Service.

    1. Linda Jordan Whitaker says

      Well said, SouthernPatriot!

    2. Tasine says

      Insanity runs deep in the democrat party. Not sure if they are truly as stupid as they appear and seem to be, or if it is a means of hiding their TRUE selves that I believe they are ashamed of, and if they can force everyone to follow their lead, they don’t have to feel embarrassed at their incompetency.

      1. Tiger says

        There is no Democrat party it died with Obama a Progressive/Socialist/Communist and they didn’t even have a candidate in this election, just an old warn out money grubbing, Socialist and an old woman who smells of antiquity, whose ideas are as antiquated as she is and she was a Progressive/Communist/Socialist. The Republican party dead also now just RINO and One World Order people.

        1. Tasine says

          You’re right in that we have NO LEADERSHIP for America except for Donald Trump and a very, VERY few conservatives in office. I think real Americans should dump BOTH parties and either vote without parties OR force in a couple of decent parties.

          1. Tiger says

            I have been an Independent for ages, long before it was popular. My father turned independent when O came into office.

            We are in a crisis. Europe is in a crisis. They have the same movements there we have here. We must work to turn this around and we don’t have much time to do it. It truly is like Star Wars, there is a Dark Side and the Light and we are not coming together anytime soon. This is war.

          2. alegalcitizen says

            What I don’t get is all the “Independents” in the Senate caucus with the Democrats, and ALWAYS vote with them, so what exactly is an Independent?

          3. hankthetank says

            A TRUE AMERICAN ! someone that loves America, more than life!! I will give my to this country !!

          4. Tiger says

            Well for me being an Independent means I don’t agree completely with any one party. I have voted Democrat in my time, not Obama of course and I have voted Republican.

            At this time in our history I see neither party surviving because neither party is what it started out to be. The Democrat party died with Obama, he is a Progressive/Communist/Socialist and so was Hillary and Bernie is a Socialist. There are 80 socialists in congress you can look that up, Socialism has no place in our Republic and as Lenin said Socialism is the road to Communism. We saw that in O and Hillary embracing Alinsky.

            As to the Republicans they are not True Conservatives, but then True Conservatives don’t even exist anymore and the Republicans are RINO and One World Order people. If independents are voting with Democrats then they are stupid independents.

          5. cristoiglesia says

            It sounds as if you are claiming no ideological foundation and simply support issues or people based on emotionally driven speculation rather than using sound reason. That certainly matches your commentary here. All emotional with little or no ideological foundation.

          6. Tiger says

            To you and your lack of being able to “Think Outside the Box” I feel sure that is how you view my comments. Reality is that my thoughts are not only rational but necessary to make any decision on what a party stands for. There is no perfect party. There is nobody today, like I explained that can represent everyone completely. We have to make our decisions on who we hand our country to for governing, on what they have done, not what they say they will do.

            In Trump’s case he has been saying the same things he says now for over 20 years. He has been concerned about our country in the same way for 20 years. He has done for himself and his family what he is now doing for America, making us wealthy and healthy again.

            You are never going to see anything through my eyes, because you can’t stand what I say, you have to ridicule me to make yourself seem bigger than what you are, which is nothing to me. You must be a very little man in every sense of the word or woman whichever.

          7. cristoiglesia says

            Nonsense, Trump did not become a Republican until 2012 and previously he has always been a far left liberal Democrat ideologue. Did you know that his children could not even vote for him in the primaries because they were all Democrats? Trump was only concerned for America because it is not the far left ideology that motivates him to govern from the political left. Please make an effort to get yourself informed so that you will not continue to appear so foolish. You remind me so much of the hippies in the 1960’s. Do you currently smoke a lot of “devils weed”.

          8. Tiger says

            I have lived in Europe for 3.5 years, the Orient for close to 6 and been to the ME. I have raised three children on my own and worked in many fields and reinvented myself in 30 years of nursing to be a bigger credit to the field and make more money. I have been the one who stayed behind when my X did his deployments and I have been the soldier, Army Combat Support nurse since 1988, served in two wars, who left to go to war. In other words however you are I have lived and am living a full life. I am not the same person now I was then. I have two degrees and I payed for my second one by working and going to school. What I am going to attempt to get through your very thick, opinionated persona is that I am not the same person I was and all my accomplishments, travels and just growing up has changed me. But that having been said my base, the person I am, my morals and my convictions have stayed in place. Trump is an accomplished man and that is the end of the story. He has evolved, like most of us unless you are still in diapers and sucking the same bottle and eating the same pablum you did as a baby. Do you understand?

            So nothing, absolutely nothing you are saying holds water. The man is doing a great job. Suck it up.


          9. cristoiglesia says

            Thank you but I understood a hundred posts ago that you were a RINO (or a leftist Democrat in disquise) and knew it would be almost impossible to get you to abandon your celebrity envy of Trump. You could be a poster child for the Dumbing down of America by the left being complete.

          10. Tiger says

            Sigh this is over. You are certifiably insane

          11. cristoiglesia says

            You rely on insults because you cannot defend your leftist views.

          12. Tim Groves says

            Just click on the little Down arrow on the right hand side of the Crazies post.
            ALL GONE.

          13. Tiger says

            LOLOL I like to see what they are thinking, I like to try and figure out the next move on all of us. Know they enemy as you know yourself and you can defeat them.

          14. Retired says

            Not polite to brag about yourself like that being a poster child for the Demon Rat party ..

          15. cristoiglesia says

            I am no Democrat but the exact opposite as I am a lifetime far right conservative ideologue or to put it more succinctly I am the polar opposite of the leftist Trump. Are you really so far to the left that you cannot even recognize a conservative Republican? You should have known that I am your opposite and do not share your leftist Democrat ideology. Why do you speak of your party so pejoratively?

          16. Retired says

            What I do know is you have a bigger line of BS than Bill Clinton and Obama combined .

          17. cristoiglesia says

            With you being a supporter of the most far left liberal to ever become POTUS your commentary has no veracity to me. It has become a game for leftists like yourself and your Svengali Trump to pretend to be conservatives while you spout leftist Democrat ideology. You learned well from the lifetime leftist Trump.

          18. Arizona Don says

            I have never seen a conservative post so many comments and get so few votes. Therefore, I cannot agree that you are even remotely conservative. However, I can certainly understand your reluctance to admit you are a progressive communistic so called democrat. It is amazing more do not do that! Have a nice day if you can.

          19. cristoiglesia says

            I am not here to win a popularity contest. I understand that Trump is a celebrity and that is why people have been conditioned to ignore his leftist ideological past and present. I am a truthful person who could never support any candidate regardless of party that is of the ideological left like Trump. I am a conservative and the polar opposite of leftists like Trump and yourself.

          20. Tim Groves says

            A Conservative is SO Far out of the Realm of your reality. You Seriously need to get back on your Meds.

          21. Tim Groves says

            Nailed it Arizona, It’s Got to be like a Friggen Nazi’s think tank in cristoiglesia Skull. I Haven’t Laughed this much in Months,The last time was when the Mad Cow was Waving it’s arms Saying ” Even if he has the Best Day EVER and get’s the swing States, There is NO way he Wins ” Then the Priceless comment 2 day’s later.

          22. Arizona Don says

            Yea mad cow is just an idiot. Like most of those at MSNBC.

          23. Tim Groves says

            Outstanding Post, Bravo-Zulu.

          24. Tiger says

            Thank you Tim.

          25. cristoiglesia says

            Are you speaking of Asia or the Orient? I lived in the Philippines for 13 years teaching early Church history, Patristics, Latin and Old Testament Studies. Before that I lived in Saudi and worked there as a Bible Translator translating the Koine Greek NT into modern Aramaic. .

          26. Tiger says

            How could you be so educated in the fields that you are claiming you worked in and come up with the nonsense that you do? When I lived in the Orient it was considered to be just that and covered everyone now all of a sudden it is offensive to use the term. Go figure.

          27. cristoiglesia says

            Words have meanings and the orient and Asia are two entirely different things.

          28. Tiger says

            And the meanings of the word Orient once upon a time encompassed all.

          29. Combatvet52 says

            Remember The Gipper used to be a DEMORAT and his own words he smartened up and became a Republican

          30. cristoiglesia says

            Yes but there is no hope for Trump and his family.

          31. Tim Groves says

            Brother,Trust me the people that Hate are Just going to keep Hating, It has Absolutely NOTHING to do with what President Trump does or does not do. They just HATE that the Criminals LOST. President Trump has Kept his Word.
            Something that bho Never achieved. The aca is Crushing the Economy and Destroying Peoples Lives. SOON it will be Repealed, Thank-GOD. Then Tax relief, The democrats keep crying Russia, Russia, Russia ( Think Jan Brady ) When it was Killary who did the Back room deals with Putin for 20% of OUR Uranium deposits, This while Slick willie was in Russia giving speeches for Huge sums of money for the cliton foundation. Let’s have a Special Investigation for that. bho’s little Hot Mic. incident with the Russian to send a Message of Back room deals with Putin. Yes, The liberal Low Brows always gloss over those and they aren’t even the Really Traitorous Crap they did. Tiger is Right though, About the lack of ANY real dem.’s or Truly Conservative Republicans. They are ALL LYING Money grubbing Thieves, I find it Hysterical that cristoiglesia says he/he is a seminary Professor and a liberal, In today’s World that is a Complete Oxymoron. As ALL liberals claim there is No GOD.

          32. Combatvet52 says

            Good post Tim

          33. Tim Groves says

            Thank-You, Just Facts. Scares the heck out of liberals.

          34. cristoiglesia says

            It would help your friend if you told him that there is another leftist as POTUS named Trump now that he helped to get elected and Hillary is irrelevant.

          35. Combatvet52 says

            You seem to be the babble head leftist

          36. cristoiglesia says

            Wrong! I am a lifetime far right conservative Republican who has never supported a leftist like Trump.

          37. cristoiglesia says

            I guess it is time for a reality check for you…you are the one supporting the lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue Trump. That makes you the liberal if one thinks rationally. I am the antithesis of Trump as a lifetime far right conservative Republican who has never supported or voted for a liberal in my life like Trump to any political office. By your actions you are the liberal and not I. My mother would have said about you that actions speak louder than words. You make your claims and your actions are the opposite of your words. You seem woefully ideologically confused.

          38. cristoiglesia says

            Nonsense, I am a lifetime far right conservative Republican. I have never claimed to be a liberal as you claim. You are an unrepentant liar. IOW’s, I am the exact opposite of Donald Trump.

          39. cristoiglesia says

            Reagan was a Republican and a conservative for more than ten years before running for POTUS. During that time he worked tirelessly for Republican candidates. Contrast that history with Trumps who registered at the last minute to run as a Republican for POTUS. He has never endorsed, supported or worked for any Republican candidates or conservatives like Reagan had done. Reagan earned the right to call himself Republican and conservative by his actions. Trump has none of Reagan’s credentials. There is zero evidence that Trump is a conservative or a Republican and a lot of evidence that he is still the far left liberal Democrat that he has been his whole adult history.

          40. Retired says

            Today people are more interested in what goes on in Hollywood and on their electronics while Foreign influence destroys the US . Mainly OWO/NWO – UN -IMF/IMG – WORLD BANK – Stock Market and the Bilderberg Group . Is that what you support ?????

          41. cristoiglesia says

            Can you rephrase what you wrote as I could not make sense of it.

          42. Retired says

            Why are you acting Stupid??? You know exactly what all those groups are and how the UN used Obama and Bill Clinton as a puppet .

          43. cristoiglesia says

            Can you instead be succinct instead of cryptic. I do not care about celebrities like Trump. I am not at all like Tiger who suffers greatly from celebrity envy. I do not even own a TV. Why do you ask?

          44. headonstraight says

            Do not expect the conspiracy theorist crowd to make sense.

          45. cristoiglesia says


          46. Tiger says

            What ails America is a disease that has infected our new generations and it has, like a tumor matastisized across our country. We have to get it out and 4 years is certainly not enough time to do it in.

          47. Retired says

            The Crisis is world wide now .

          48. Tiger says

            Indeed it is and Antifa is all over Europe, doing the same thing there they are doing here.

          49. Retired says

            Don’t forget about what is going on in Asia and South America .

          50. Tiger says

            Right on and here is some good news. Enjoy Trump just stopped O’s amnesty to millions in countries affected by Ebola. Don’t know how he finds this stuff but sure glad he does. I suppose going over all O’s EO he is finding these things. The Left going to love this.


          51. Retired says

            How you doing Today . The Democrats will hire some judge to fight it like everything else Trump Proposes and all of congress is afraid of their own Shadow to do what is right for the Country . In the 18 hundreds there would have been neck tie parties .

          52. Tiger says

            I am fine and better reading this post, “neck tie parties” watch out the Pacifists will come a riding for you with their posse. I just got creamed for saying that I had visions of Hillary and Obama hanging around in my front yard…………………….my big oak tree came to mind.

            Yep we can dream can’t we.

          53. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            Roflmdao!!!! To funny!!!!!One can only hope!!!

          54. cristoiglesia says

            Se conservative Republicans are against the murder of citizens and not just “pacifists”.

          55. Tiger says

            Pissed look at this conversation between me and a couple of Pacifists who got all fired up over one of my dittys on O.

            Drew Page


            2 hours ago

            If you are feeling froggy, jump. No one’s stopping you.


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            Drew Page

            an hour ago

            So since soldiers are committing suicide daily you are insinuating I
            should commit suicide. And you call yourself civil? You are not worth
            one life, one limb of any soldier and you deserve nothing but contempt
            for this and that is what you are getting from me.

            This kind of
            low is right there with your mother and family members because only
            someone raised by total savages could say or even imply such a thing.

            You are a SOB and I spit on you.



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            Drew Page

            an hour ago

            If you are feeling like the jackass you are keep breying nobody is listening to you.



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            Drew Page

            an hour ago



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            an hour ago

            So you civil people are insinuating since soldiers are committing
            suicide in great numbers that I should commit suicide? How big and
            civil of you and by the way, not one of those lives lost to suicide, not
            any limbs lost in these wars is worth the price for people like you and

            God forgive both of you your insinuation because I never
            will. You deserve nothing but the contempt I give you. I spit on you
            you SOB.



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          56. Retired says

            Time to hit the Block button . To bad we can not ship them to the middle east like Syria – Iran or NK . They evidently do not like the US or the truth .

          57. Tiger says

            No my friend I want them to continue to post, sooner or later they all show who they really are. I sent it to my soldier friends.

          58. cristoiglesia says

            Great, cannot stand the heat in the kitchen or endure the truth. I do not like far left liberal Democrats like you.

          59. Retired says

            What Heat are you talking about ??? Your bull crap , it’s Idiots like you that put Trump in the WH.

          60. cristoiglesia says

            Nonsense! I have never voted for a leftist like Trump or Obama in my life and never will.

          61. Retired says

            How many Names do you post under or do you repeat what others have said ??

          62. cristoiglesia says

            Only one and you? If I posted what someone else said it would be in quotes and give the source. Why?

          63. cristoiglesia says

            Reminiscing about the old days, right?

          64. cristoiglesia says

            Conservative Republicans are more concerned about Trump than the Democrats. It is conservatism that he threatens and not the Democrats. He just helped them tremendously with the appointment of the most far left judge to the SCOTUS in my lifetime. Did you know that Trump promised conservatives like myself who questioned his leftist past that he would appoint a conservative to the court? The one he appointed instead is now the most liberal judge on the court who is in favor of abortion and the redefining of marriage to include homosexual unions. I understand that leftists like you are overjoyed by his SCOTUS pick but what about his dishonesty.


          65. Retired says

            Time to take your meds ,it’s showing.

          66. Tim Groves says

            It’s Just as bad here now, Just take a look at berkeley. Trust me it’s as Bad or Worse in seattle and portland. Serious CRAZIES !!!

          67. Tiger says

            All over our country we are seeing insanity and strange fellows appearing. Antifa is a Globalist army that is marching across Europe and doing the same things they are doing here. They are dangerous and they always are armed and they are well organized and trained.

          68. cristoiglesia says

            You being an independent reminds me of the adage that a person who stands for nothing will fall for anything.

          69. Tiger says

            And you being a nothing that you are reminds me of the only way evil can exist is when good men do nothing.

          70. cristoiglesia says

            A very good start would be to impeach Trump.

          71. Tiger says

            No a good start would be to rid our country of idiots like you.

          72. Retired says

            I see a block coming , must be a Muslim supporter like Obozo was and is ????

          73. Tiger says

            Nope not going to block the more they talk the more we see what we are up against.

          74. cristoiglesia says

            No, I am a lifetime never Trump conservative who would never support a far left liberal lifetime Democrat like Trump.

          75. Retired says

            You need to get your head out of Obamas rear , he no longer matters .

          76. cristoiglesia says

            You are the one supporting the far left lifetime liberal Democrat Trump who is pretending to be a Republican. If you support leftists, to most reasonable people that means that you are the leftist Democrat pretending to be a Republican. You are the Obama lover and not I. Indeed Obama does not matter but if you were a conservative Republican you would agree with us that he never mattered. You and Tiger in my estimation are the two people who are the most confused by this lifetime far left liberal ideologue Trump on this forum.

          77. Retired says

            So it boils down to ,YOU would have rather had Hillary for President . Under our system it is next to impossible now days for a third party to win , seeing the media only supports Demon Rats like YOU .

          78. cristoiglesia says

            I see no difference in the ideology of the Clinton’s and the Trump’s who are incidentally best friends. The Clinton’s were the guests of honor at the Donald’s last wedding. You voted for a leftist Democrat and not I. Own it!

          79. cristoiglesia says

            Obama never mattered to me but to you he seems very important. As a conservative Republican I had to put up with him being POTUS;n I just thank God that he is gone. I will be thankful when the leftist Trump is gone who supported Obama and promises to be a continuation of the Obama Presidency.

          80. Tim Groves says

            Yes, I’m Sure of it now. You Are a muslim.

          81. cristoiglesia says

            ROFLOL! You could not be more wrong…I am a Catholic priest and academician. I am a former Moravian minister who converted to the Catholic faith under John Paul II.

          82. Tim Groves says

            Wow,Well. I’m a Christian, I do NOR worship Idols, And I do not Place a Woman ( NOR Any man ) at a Level of Jesus Christ, And as Far as your Pope, You can’t Find a Bigger muslim loving Liberal. I meet TO Many Christian who have confided in me they are Recovering. If a person chooses to be Catholic, Non of my business, More power to them, But the peron running the Church, WOW. He ill have Much to answer for ! You ideals concerning President Trump are a Twisted as the Pope, You have a Nice Life in the O-Zone. I’m Out !

          83. cristoiglesia says

            The difference in us is that you are a far left liberal Christian and I am a conservative Christian following Christ’s stated will to be one in his Church. Indeed, the current Pope and Vicar of Christ is a liberal. When he became the Pope he forced all the conservative bishops and archbishops into retirement including my own Archbishop Luis Tagle.
            So, you are a Protestant and it is part of the Protestant creed to protest Christ’s own Church and instead be loyal to one of your tens of thousands of Protestant sects in direct opposition to Christ’s desire. Jesus said in praying to his Father…”Let them be (((one))) you and I are one” so Protestants like yourself are outside of Christ’s stated will in counterfeit sects pretending to be a Church. How one can be outside of Christ’s will and still call themselves Christian is ridiculous. In my opinion is you live and worship outside of God’s will you are questionable as to your claim to be a Christian. It is actually Christ that runs the Church the Pope is simply Christ’s vicar on earth.
            Just as I am conservative in my Christian faith I am also very conservative in my political views. I could never support a lifetime liberal Democrat ideologue like Trump who is the most liberal POTUS in my long life.
            One question, why do you call yourself Christian and at the same time reject the Church founded by Christ for a man-made counterfeit? May God bless you.

          84. cristoiglesia says

            I was not aware that there are any Christians, Protestant or Catholic that worship idols. Idolatry is forbidden to Christians. Also Christians are forbidden to place anyone on the same level as Christ.

          85. cristoiglesia says

            If you worshiped idols you would not be a Christian as idolatry is forbidden for Christians and that would include putting anyone on the level of any of the three persons of the Trinity. Certainly Pope Francis represents the far left of the Catholic faithful. When he came into power in the Church and sat in the chair of St. Peter he forced the conservative Bishops to retire. My Bishop Luis Tagle was young, conservative and was on the path to become the Vicar of Christ on earth. Of course, we who are Catholic converts tend to be the most conservative because of the path we took to be more fully in God’swill in His Church that Jesus prayed that all who are his be in unity within. As His disciples said to whom shall we go as you have the Words of eternal life. (John 6:68) Jesus represents unity in his Church and not the man-made divisions of Protestantism. One chooses to be Catholic as that is the only way to be in God’s stated will. Another’s sins are none of my business. My business and my calling is to bring people into the fullness of God’s grace in His own Church which Jesus prayed we would find unity. One note, those outside of Christ’s will in the counterfeit sects of Protestantism have much more to answer for than this liberal Pope.

            My ideology remains firmly conservative and Republican in my religious faith and my political views despite this far left liberal ideologue Trump being POTUS.

            As a Christian and a Republican could never support a far left liberal like Trump. Especially now since he has broken his promises to conservatives like myself that he would not appoint a far left liberal judge like Neil Gorsuch who is adamantly pro-abortion and in favor of the redefining of marriage to include homosexual unions. That is a slap in the face to conservatives who believed his promise. May God have mercy on Trump’s evil soul that will bear the blood of these murdered babies because of this one evil lie.


          86. cristoiglesia says

            Good, it is a mortal sin to worship idols of any kind even your idol Trump. You are also correct in saying that it is wrong to place a woman or a man above Christ. That is the teaching of Christ’s own Church the Catholic Church. The Pope is indeed a liberal and forced my Bishop to retire for being a conservative. He did this with all conservative bishops. I could not make sense of your statements about recovering Christians. Jesus prayed his last prayer that we all have unity in His Church the Catholic Church before his death on the Cross. non-Catholics outside of his Church are not in God’s stated will. It is not my place to judge the Pope with him being chosen directly by God.

            I am a conservative both theologically and politically. I have been an unwavering conservative Republican my entire life and have never voted for a leftist like Trump. In contrast, you are a supporter of the most far left liberal Democrat to ever be elected as POTUS. To a person of reason and intellect that is evidence that you are a far left liberal Democrat just like your Svengali Trump. Your words are empty without evidence to the contrary.

          87. cristoiglesia says

            I am pleased tht you are a Christian but you must be a nominal one evidenced your support of a leftist candidate that is pro-abortion. Idolatry is forbidden by the Bible and by the Church that produced it the Catholic Church. The Church forbids placing anyone or anything at the level of Christ.
            Indeed the Pope is a liberal but he is an exception as very few Catholics support Muslims or are liberals. What were you talking about when you mentioned Christians “recovering”? Recovering from what? The Pope is a liberal and I am a conservative . There is no comparison to our respective ideologies.

          88. cristoiglesia says

            Catholics were the only Christians for 1500 years. I converted to the Catholic Church from the original Protestant sect the Moravian church.
            No Christians Protestant, Orthodox or Catholic worship idols. Such practices are forbidden by all Christians. The same applies for putting men or women above Christ. In deed the Pope is a liberal and when he became Pope he retired all the conservative bishops like my own Archbishop Luis Tagle.
            Jesus stated his will for those that followed him saying in prayer to his Father, “Let them be one as you and I are one”. The spirit of the anti-Christ is what created Protestantism and its exponentially increasing schisms of man-made sects calling themselves Christian while denying that Christ is the only authority for the Church.

          89. cristoiglesia says

            I would not want my head anywhere near where yours resides. You seem to be hurt that Hillary did not win. Get over it, Trump is to the left of Hillary by a great margin.

          90. Tim Groves says

            I do believe you are Right Retired. Although I think maybe Not a muslim supporter, But a muslim.

          91. cristoiglesia says

            Says the dyslexic with no core ideology.

          92. cristoiglesia says

            Conservatives like myself are the backbone of this country and not pariah’s like yourself. .

          93. Tiger says

            You must enjoy reading your posts because I am through with you. I don’t block you because you are a constant reminder to me of the lunacy on the Left.

          94. cristoiglesia says

            ROFLOL! YO are the one on the political left and not I. I am a never Trump Republican or any other leftist that decides to deceive gullible Americans like yourself.

          95. Tim Groves says

            Amen to that !!! I don’t think I’ve EVER seen Anyone so far out there. I’m Beginning to think it’s a TROLL. And the only purpose it serve is to create it Favorite Hate.I just feel sorry for something so Twisted. NO HOPE.
            I even wonder if it’s a muslim, This Truly sounds like an argument they throw out there. I have Much More Important Stuff to attend to, There is a Pro-Life Rally in seattle soon, WE are going, 1- to promote the Pro-Life Cause. 2- Ensure the Safety of Others attending.

          96. Tiger says

            I have thought also it is a Muslim. I have things to do today also and good for you going to a Pro-Life rally just be careful, the Left is not even civil anymore.

          97. Tim Groves says

            We are going Prepared For anything, I have gone to a Pro-Trump and another Pro-Life Rally. Both times we were meet by the antifa, They come in 2 varieties, the Paid ( Dangerous ) and those who don’t really know what they are there for, Not so dangerous !!!

          98. Tiger says

            Antifa is very dangerous, very well paid and run by One World Order, they riot and they tear up and the threaten and would kill if and when they have to.

          99. Tiger says

            I hear all the time from my contacts in Europe why don’t the American people see what the Muslims and Antifa doing here, it is coming to America. I say cause we have no control of the Main Media and the one conservative news FOX, only has a few reporters who will show it.


          100. Retired says

            If you don’t like the US get the Hell out and go to NK or Syria , they might like you .

          101. cristoiglesia says

            Can I assume that you are also a leftist like “Tiger” that hates conservatives and loves lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologues like Trump?

          102. Retired says

            Why do you keep talking about yourself like that , time to crawl back into your Dumpster hole .

          103. cristoiglesia says

            Thanks for the confirmation. It was obvious but I thought it would be courtesy to ask rather than making assumptions from your unintelligible posts.

          104. Retired says

            That you are a dumpster Rat is quite obvious .

          105. cristoiglesia says

            Why don’t you leave and that will be one less ignorant leftist to deal with in America.

          106. Retired says

            Is that you Obama ????

          107. cristoiglesia says

            I love America but not leftists like you. If we could deport all the leftists this country would be paradise. Unfortunately, the election of the leftist Trump proves that the dumbing down of America by the left is complete. I will personally buy you and Tiger one way tickets to Syria if you promise to stay. It is worth it to have two less leftists in America. In fact you have come up with a good idea. I think I will start a foundation to deport leftists out of this country. You are all parasites anyway.

          108. Combatvet52 says

            You don’t LOVE AMERICA because your words are always against her and all AMERICANS

          109. cristoiglesia says

            Thank you for your service…I served in Vietnam in the 3rd Marine Division in Khe Sahn “67-“68. I was wounded twice in the same night there fighting against communist leftists like you, Tiger and Retired. Leftists like you guys are not the one’s who love America.

          110. cristoiglesia says

            You have learned to lie well from your Svengali Trump who lies so much that he would not recognize the truth.

          111. Arizona Don says

            Somehow I knew that. Don’t ask me how I just knew it. I too am an independent.

          112. Tiger says

            Hey Arizona good to hear from you.

          113. Arizona Don says

            Same here. Have a nice day!

          114. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            I think most Americans did same Tiger!!!!!

          115. Tiger says

            Yes Joan a stagnant pool of water gets fungus and all kinds of problems but a moving water does not. I consider myself moving and changing and doing what I need to do in these moving and changing times.

          116. Tim Groves says

            You are SO Right Tiger !

          117. Tiger says

            Thank you Tim.

          118. cristoiglesia says

            Did you really call the lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue Trump a conservative?

          119. Tim Groves says

            Yes !

          120. cristoiglesia says

            Why? His entire lifetime history is of being a far left liberal Democrat insider and kingmaker. He has no conservative history. Look at his associations with his friends being the Soros’, Clinton’s, Obama’s and etc. He has no conservative associations at all. There is no history of him supporting any conservative candidate ever. As fr as him being a Republican the facts are that he has been a Republican only long enough to run for Potus as a Republican.

        2. cristoiglesia says

          That is funny…we have a lifetime Progressive/Socialist/Communist Democrat that is currently POTUS.

        3. Arizona Don says

          What you say here is absolutely true. The democrats used to actually be liberal. Look up the dictionary definition of liberal it could pertain to a Kennedy Democrat but certainly not the democrats of today. Kennedy democrats are now republicans. Today democrats are progressives. Progressivism is communism in disguise. However, as Hannity says some if not all may be fascist. I do think he could be right! Certainly, the main stream media is controlled by one or the other.

          Who among us today thinks any democrat would ever give the speech Kennedy gave when he said “Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country.” There should be little doubt in anyone’s mind the Obama transformation would have done away with the law of the land our constitution. His failure was because although he tried very hard he could not get the guns confiscated and without that his fundamental transformation could not happen. He was kept from using force and that was needed to complete the transformation.

          1. Tiger says

            Very on the point and good post. So wonderful to see posts like this and the others that understand what a state of affairs we really are in. You know, I will try to find it Obama wrote an EO to get specialist in the field to find out how he could get the people to accept his agenda, like using certain phrases etc. Now we hear “Undocumented Immigrants”, illegals, “Dreamers”, illegals, on and on this is the same thing Hitler did. I also remember several WWII survivors of Hitler’s Death Camps going around America trying to warn us how much like Hitler Obama was in his methods.

            If you poke a stick in a beehive you will get them all excited and they can be dangerous to your health, Trump is the stick that poked this hive and they are dangerous now. When you have institutions of higher learning, intimidating and actually beating up those who are Republicans or voted for Trump and you see Berkeley even calling for decapitations and lynching, we are indeed in deep divide and trouble. Something is going to give. The fabric is not able to hold together with this kind of dissent. Of course where the colleges are concerned the parents will have to step in and take their students out.

            Yes taking our guns was the great plan and then they most certainly wanted a Final Solution using the taking down of Free Speech and of controlling the news. In the 30’s Rockefeller and Ford and others tried to buy the airwaves and were stopped. But we have the Federal Reserve that did succeed and anyone interested into just what and who they are needs to read “The Creature of Jekyll Island.” We surely need to pray for Trump.

          2. Arizona Don says

            Spot on once again!

          3. Tiger says

            Here is a wonderful article explaining the way words have been altered and changed to demoralize our country. For instance Socialism or Communism if truth told about them are totally frightening and unacceptable to a society if TRUTH told about these forms of governing. So Soft Tyranny as Levin calls it, enters the picture and WA LA Bernie Sanders is a Socialist and a god guy.


          4. Arizona Don says

            Look at what is happening in Venezuela. These people demonstrating (actually rioting) like at Berkeley, California do not even know what they are doing.

          5. Tiger says

            They are in a mess. They are 10 pounds lighter as a people than most of the world. They have been starved and looks like they will turn Communist 100%.

          6. Arizona Don says

            I know I have been watching them. For their sake I hope they do not go communist. However, I do believe that is the progressive goal here as well. It will not happen here if we stay on our guard.

          7. Tiger says

            Right on and the Antifa is a worldwide movement that is backed by Soros and other One World Order people. They are not giving up easily and yes we must keep vigilant because Obama, Soros, Hillary and all still here and still involved in our politics I don’t expect them to get what is coming to them anytime soon.

          8. cristoiglesia says

            Obama, Soros, Hillary and Trump are all from the same leftist cabal. America keeps electing these leftists expecting the next one to be their savior. It is total insanity by the electorate. Tiger you are a great poster child for the insanity of American voters. The dumbing down of America by the left is complete.

        4. cristoiglesia says

          Their candidate got elected. Trump and Obama are ideologically the same.

        5. cristoiglesia says

          Nonsense, essentially the Democrat Party and more succinctly the followers of Trump are keeping the leftist Democrat Party alive and well even though he poses as a conservative and a Republican. He was able to pull off this ruse because of two reasons. First, people are drawn to him because of celebrity envy and secondly because of the campaign for decades by the left to dumb down America is now coming to fruition in Trump supporters. People today are ideologically ignorant and that allowed a lifetime far left liberal ideologue to become POTUS on the Republican Party which has in the past been the party of conservatives but that is no more. We conservatives Republicans are just appalled that people are attracted to these leftists represented by Trump like insects to a light for no apparent reason except their imagination that projects their beliefs on another. Unfortunately for conservatives acting this way they are allowing themselves to be deceived in a most egregious way.

          1. Tiger says

            Sigh……………….you are pushing my patience.

          2. Combatvet52 says

            Here is something for you, all the idiots that laughed at TRUMP……who has the last laugh now???????


      2. k9maiden says

        This is NOT the old Blue Dog Democratic Party, and they use the D behind their names to get all those uninformed old time Demoncraps to vote for them. Truth is, Allen West was right when he said there are over 70 Congressmen and women that are Communist. The new party is the Democratic Socialist of America. There are over seventy members in Congress. This is why there is no crossing party lines. The RINOS are more like the old Blue Dogs, and this new party is nothing but anarchist and Communist who want to change every aspect of this country. Unfortunately, the Marxist Media is made up of these Communist, and they will stop at nothing, even lying about, and embellishing the truth, to make sure their candidate is victorious. Thank God there are still millions of sane Americans who see right through this and refuse to conform to the ways of the Communist. The Alinsky plan is the goal for the DSA party.

        1. Tasine says

          You’re totally right. They are more communist than American. They do not assimilate with real Americans any more than do terrorist visitors and transplants…..actually it is hard to tell the terrorists from the democrats, isn’t it?

          1. Carol Smith says

            Your remark is off the charts. U must listen to Alex jones, etc. U have a very sick mindset!

          2. Tasine says

            I listen to NO political talk shows and watch NO political TV shows. I DO however, understand the two parties and have studied quite a bit about government, politicians, policies, etc that I suspect you have no clue about. But you do have a mouth from which spite dribbles. Go for it! Keep it up. Standard leftist dogmatic lies. Don’t know about you, but I’ve followed politics carefully for over 50 years, have watched it rot to its core, have watched our nation rot to its core – and every bit of the rot started with democrat policies that they now have to lie about in order to sleep and continue the destruction of a once great nation.

          3. Tim Groves says

            Very Impressive Post Tasine, It is the Same thing I’ve Witnessed, Anyone who Doesn’t see it is either a millennial, Brainwashed by MSM, Or an Anarchist.
            Who by the way are USING the millennial pups to Prop up groups like blm, antifa & the OSF an org. Controlled by soros and Fronted by bho. Those are Facts. The democratic has been in a terrible downward Spiral since J.F.K.
            The liberals have all but Destroyed the Moral Fabric of OUR Great Nation. I will add that if the republicans don’t get off their BUTTS And get in line with OUR President Then They need to be Replaced by Real Americans who WILL Work to Restore OUR Nations Morality. Otherwise WE ARE DOOMED. And the liberals are all for that. They prefer to live in a World of NO Morals so they can DO Anything they want with NO Repercussions, But they Don’t realize, In the End, There will be Judgement, I Really don’t care if they Believe that or not.
            I know I do, My Wife and Family do. Not so far away as one may think.

          4. cristoiglesia says

            There is no semblance to logic in your post. You support the most far left liberal Democrat POTUS that has ever served as POTUS. You sound woefully confused ideologically. If what you claim is true about your ideology then why are you supporting this leftist Trump? How are you not a liberal if you support their king? You are like Trump and just posing as a conservative Republican. Are you really Barack Obama?

          5. Tasine says

            Every word in his post is spot on TRUTH, whether or not you believe it. YOU seem to have a tainted mind. Frankly, I totally believe you are a plant here for the DNC – only liberals think in terms of “kings” and decadence. I see none of that coming from any conservative I have ever run into.

          6. cristoiglesia says

            Of course, I do not believe that this lifetime far left liberal ideologue Trump is suddenly a conservative. Trump is the new king of the leftists like you and Tim. Here is a reality check for you…conservative Republicans do not support lifetime far left liberal Democrats like Trump. In the campaign Trump ran to the left of Hillary on gun control, abortion and health care. Trump has already broke his promise to conservatives like myself by nominating the most far left judge to ever serve on SCOTUS. He is adamantly in favor of abortion and of redefining marriage to include same sex couples.



          7. cristoiglesia says

            Nonsense! Spend some time doing research into Trump’ past as a Democrat insider and king-maker. Look at his associations with leftists like George Soros. the Clinton’s and the Obama’s. After funding Obama’s campaign and getting Obama nominated and elected he called Obama a “great President while bragging about his accomplishments. Obviously, the dumbing down of America is complete by the left. You are a victim of organized deceit.

          8. cristoiglesia says

            Thanks for reinforcing my point. Trump does indeed think of himself as a king and above the law. So by your own definition, Trump is a liberal. I do not think this way which by your definition makes me a conservative. Were you once a conservative? What made you go over to the dark side of liberalism?

          9. Tasine says

            I have not reinforced a single thing you have written, or should I say that you COPIED from your handler’s notes? Trump, be he liberal, conservative, friend or enemy, is DOING WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO AND MOSTLY IT SATISFIES CONSERVATIVES WHILE HE IS DESPISED BY THE POLITICAL LEFT. I strongly suggest you ask your handler to give you better info than you currently rely on.

          10. cristoiglesia says

            What is a “handler”. You know, you do not have to remain so ignorant and display it for all to see on public forums. You can get educated as the information proving Trump to still be the leftist he has always been is readily available. All you have to do is learn to use a search engine and do your own research which you should have done before the election and perhaps if more had done so we would not still be held hostage by the political left. Trump’s Presidency is just a continuation of the Obama Presidency. Remember Trump bragged after supporting Obama to the Presidency that he was a “great President” Trump wants to be great also in the mole of Obama. The left has certainly been successful in dumbing down of the American votor as you are evidence.

          11. cristoiglesia says

            I see that you are one of the many leftist conspiracy nuts. Leftist Democrat Trump supporters like yourself are a rare form of ignorant. You bask in your ignorance like a badge for being in the Trump leftist army.

          12. Tasine says

            Your family and my family think alike, as do thousands and thousands of real Americans who once knew THE REAL AMERICA, unlike the crap that is now CALLED America but which is on the brink of becoming either communist OR Muslim. Every issue you site is spot on correct. Yes, the liberals feel free to behave like heathen because they do not believe God created them, and sometimes I, too, wonder about their coming into existence. I assume they were put here on earth to test morality – and they’ve done a bang up job of testing it, huh?

          13. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            It’s very hard !!!!!!

          14. Tim Groves says

            Spot on, A I’m sure you have, I Noticed the antifa Look Just like the Terrorist in the Streets of tehran. I see NO DIFFERENCE !!!

        2. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

          Allen West should have gotten an appointment in Trump’s cabinet!!!!!!Damn good person!!!

          1. cristoiglesia says

            Allen West is a conservative and as a result had no chance of being considered by George Soros and Trump for the cabinet.

          2. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            Did you miss your monthly mental check up!! Buzzzzzzz off!!!!!!

          3. cristoiglesia says

            When you post nonsense on a public forum you should expect a reasonable cogent response. You are out of your league and do not know what you are writing about. Being ignorant and uninformed is not the best way to get through life.

          4. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            Smack it out Cristo! then take a hike

          5. Combatvet52 says

            He was a damn good Congressman until that little playboy chit took his spot.

        3. Tim Groves says

          To call Justice Gorsuch or President Trump, a liberal or dem. Is the fake thoughts of people who Hate just to Hate. The P.O.T.U.S. jut today spoke at the N.R.A. where he Reaffirmed his commitment to the 2nd Amendment, Then on later on in this Day, The C.E.O. of America’s Pro-Life Publicly ( after trying to the Vast number of Pro-Life People to vote against President Trump ) on National T.V. Thanked President Trump For getting Justice Gorsuch Confirmed as a Justice on the S.C.O.T.U.S. Also openly Apologized to the President Because She was Wrong. Her Words… Thank-You…

          1. cristoiglesia says

            Now Tim you are just being blatantly dishonest…Trump has been a far left liberal Democrat his entire life so it is you that is being deceptive in ignoring his entire history before getting elected to POTUS. I hate no one but I hate Trump’s deception of uninformed people who put trust in others to tell the truth. Of course the truth is far from you. Your thoughts and statements are patently dishonest and meant solely to deceive the gullible and uninformed.

            Now, you are really going far out on the limb…Gorsuch is adamantly “pro-abortion” and has stated that the “right” of abortion, (it should be called what it is, which is the murder of babies by tearing them out of their mothers womb in pieces and then the baby parts that can be used are sold for profit.”) is settled law and cannot be infringed as a right of a murderous immoral woman.

            So, you think that the woman who opposed abortion was wrong but right when she got “paid” to endorse Trump which was quite common in this election. Trump paid off Rush and Hannity at the same time to endorse him. I will never forget how they went from being adamantly anti Trump over night and on the same night. Coincidence? I doubt it, they were obviously “bought off”. Around this same time the leadership of the NRA was “bought off” as well and they went from opposing Trump to supporting him over night. Everybody has their price and I often wonder what theirs was to capitulate to the left with Trump. The woman you speak of had her suspicions confirmed by Trumps scurrilous actions in nominating the leftist Gorsuch who is not only pro-abortion but anti-traditional marriage wanting marriage redefined to include same sex couples. Read about the Church he attends and decide for yourself if Trump was fulfilling his promise of a conservative judge.


        4. cristoiglesia says

          That is scary and is exactly the direction that Trump is headed. We the people must stop Trump from completing what his friend Obama started. No wonder Trump called Obama a “great President”.

          1. Combatvet52 says

            HA read between the lines, he said that just to make him feel good for a moment…….. “great President never” the destroyer is more like it.

        5. DAlnB41 says

          Why, if you know this, you do not include a list of those congressmen and Senators so we can check them out?
          I agree with you as far as your suggestions that the Democratic -leaders- (not Democrats in general) seem to be doing everything they can to ruin this country! BUT – there is little we can do IF we do not know who they are!
          DO US ALL A FAVOR – – list them!

      3. Ed Jakubek says

        Dems only care about turning us into a socialist country without freedom of speech. It is time to put Chuck Nancy Liz and the rest of George Soros puppets on the carpet. Time for us to bring George to justice for funding anti American and Trump criminal acts. Let’s put pressure on the Republicans to do so.

        1. Tasine says

          I couldn’t agree more. But how many are willing to leave the good ship “Republican” to demonstrate our disgust with them? I left the pubbie party the year Obama was installed. Won’t ever vote democrat and while I will vote for any decent republican, I will NEVER again donate to the republican causes because that money is squandered, never to be seen again.

          1. Ed Jakubek says

            All of us need to e-mail Paul Ryan or call and also the Senate. We need to put pressure on them and also on Fox News. How about everyone e-mail Hannity.

          2. hankthetank says

            Paul Ryan, does not want Trump’s bill to pass ! he is still working for Soro;s New World Order, and with obama !!! we need to get rid of him !!

          3. Arizona Don says


          4. cristoiglesia says

            Ryan is a conservative Republican and Trump is a lifetime far left liberal Democrat pretending to be a Republican. Trump’s best friend and financial backer is George Soros. In Chicago Soros forgave well over 312 million of Trump’s debt when he was facing certain personal bankruptcy. As a result the quid pro quo is that almost all of Trump’s cabinet are former Soros executives. Trump is a leftist Soros puppet. We can pray that Ryan continues to oppose this leftist Democrat Trump.

          5. Jean Deaux says

            Interesting allegations. Where did you find references to these rare pearls of information?

          6. cristoiglesia says

            Thank God for search engines that provide the information. I take my vote seriously and would never vote for anyone I had not thoroughly researched. I already knew that he had not Republican or conservative history but an entirely leftist history of being a Democrat and insider in the party known as a “king maker” which is exactly what he did with Obama. I guess he got tired of getting other leftists elected and decided to promote himself as POTUS with great financial help from his close friend and financier George Soros. But, of course, Soros had more sinister intentions of having Trump so beholding to him. This election taught me one important thing and that is to follow the money with these megalomaniacs like Trump and Soros.

          7. Jean Deaux says

            Thank you for your reply. I have not heard these allegations before and I will, indeed, take a long look for any money tails to soros. Until then, i will have to stay with the old saw that if it walks like an elephant, trumpets like an elephant, and looks like an elephant, it probably is an elephant. And that is why I like President Trump.

          8. cristoiglesia says

            ROFLOL, well he certainly does look like an elephant.

          9. Tim Groves says

            While you are searching, Please take note of who killay’s ( Choke ) daughter is married to. And as we all like to do Follow the Money. As many, I’m none to pleased with the new Health care bill. I support ANYTHING that Repeals bho care, But this Bill needs some Serious work.

          10. cristoiglesia says

            Soros provides more than 300 million dollars in loan forgiveness to Trump:
            Follow the Money:


            Yes, that is the same Son-in-law that is on the taxpayers dole as an advisor to Trump.


            Almost all of Trump’s cabinet are Soros people:



            That is enough to get you started in your research.

            But, more importantly, ponder the quid pro quo involved here…the persons funding and supporting Trump all have ties to Soros. It is obvious that if you follow the money that Trump is the puppet of George Soros which is why so many insiders in the Trump administration are also closely tied to Soros.

          11. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            You poor thing!! You need to get help!!!!

          12. cristoiglesia says

            Did you really vote for someone to an important job like POTUS without researching his past? People like you should NEVER vote. If yo are OK with his leftist past fine but do not be self-delusional out of prejudice or ignorance.

          13. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            That is your opinion…… However mine is different then your’s…. I still think you are in need of help!!!!! Facts Cristo.. Just the facts!!!

          14. cristoiglesia says

            You should learn to use a search engine and not expect conservatives like me to spoon feed you the information that you should have already searched for before voting for this lifetime leftist Trump. Unless you do the research you will not believe what anyone shows you. Forget about opinions just follow the facts. Trump has NO conservative or Republican history. His entire history is of being a far left liberal Democrat ideologue.

          15. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            What you need is a really!ly long nap Cris.!!!!!! No need to spoon feed me I’m able to feed myself!!!!! 🙂

          16. cristoiglesia says

            Well then it is time to start doing your research on Trump. You will be shocked at wha

          17. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            I’m extremely happy Trump won!!!!!!! Need I say more???????

          18. cristoiglesia says

            Well then, that proves that you are a leftist or ignorant of Trump’s past. Which is it?

          19. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            You need to hire an Private investigator to find you!!!!! Your the left wing nut ..Dim witted that you are!!!

          20. cristoiglesia says

            Time for a reality check for you…You are the one supporting the leftist Trump and not I. I support only conservative Republicans. I will compare intellect and education with you anytime.

          21. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            Hey, Go find a job!!!!!!

          22. cristoiglesia says

            Well, just pointing out the obvious.

          23. cristoiglesia says

            As it is said, “ignorance is bliss”.

          24. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            You should know Cristo…you exhibit the traits you posted in comment!!! Do have a nice day!!

          25. cristoiglesia says

            Are you going to do the research or just stay intentionally ignorant?

          26. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            Why don’t you find d a damn job! You keep talking about nothing!!!!?

          27. Combatvet52 says

            cris, remember all those who laughed and the Hollywood crowd when Trump was running for the top spot…….who’s laughing now…..just sayin.

          28. cristoiglesia says

            Prove it and do so.

          29. Tim Groves says

            I don’t think I’ve ever seen Anyone as Confused as cristo, President Trump Openly States he Was a democrat until he realized the dem.’s were systematically ripping away OUR Constitutional Rights. He is Not a Republican in the Ryan skewed vision. He is a Constitutional Conservative, He Believes in the Constitution And that is What he sees as the Only thing he is in Office to Protect. As it IS his Responsibility to Protect OUR Nation, Every Citizen..
            Not to be confused with Illegal Aliens, But American Citizens, That DOES Include ALL Immigrants who became or are Becoming Citizens Legally.All the rest of the LIES Spewed out by liberals are just That, LIES !!!

          30. cristoiglesia says

            First of all Trump has a liberal view of the Constitution believing that it is a living document that can change with the winds of the political climate. I am a Constitutional originalist who believes that the Constitution is a document that is timeless in its construct of human freedoms and that it has the same veracity today that it had when it was originally written. Everything in government should be judged according to its words and the spirit in which it was written.Trump sees the Constitution as a document that will keep him in power with his compulsion to use it outside of its construct. For him it is like a menu that you can accept or reject its promises. IOW’ he has a leftist view of the Constitution like everything else in government. Trump uses the Constitution and has no compulsion to protect it except where it suits his leftist purposes. I am the opposite of Trump ideologically as I am a lifetime far right conservative and he remains a far left liberal Democrat ideologue.

            [“YOU CLAIM THAT ALL THE LIBERALS LIES Spewed out by liberals are just That, LIES !!!”] But, you seem to allow the leftist Trump to get a pass even though he has been spewing leftists lies his entire life”

          31. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            Thank you!!!!! One can only hope Cristo is able to read your post! With facts he seems to lack

          32. cristoiglesia says

            You are certainly guilty of projecting your beliefs on Trump that he does not share . As a result you appear quite foolish.

          33. cristoiglesia says

            Really? Then why don’t you look at what Trump himself has to say about the Constitution?


          34. cristoiglesia says

            The only thing you got right is tht Trump is not a Republican. He has no regard for the Constitution is not conservative at all but instead has a history as a far left liberal Democrat ideologue.

          35. cristoiglesia says

            I am sorry to cause your bubble to burst but Trump has no respect for the Constitution but instead embraces foreign money from the coffers of people like George Soros. So far we know tht Trump and his family have been paid by Soros alone more than a half billion dollars. That is buying influence like I have never seen in government before. It proves that Trump is NOT a Constitutional conservative but that he is instead a leftist who has no regard for America except to grow his wealth and that of his family.

          36. cristoiglesia says

            Like I said, do some research and prove me wrong. I am very pleased with being a far right conservative Republican and will not capitulate to the ideological left represented by Trump and his clueless apologists. I am trying to help you to abandon your celebrity envy and have lucid credible thoughts about Trump and his presidency. You have been incarcerated by the dark side of liberalism.

          37. cristoiglesia says

            Thank you I have you marked as one that cannot refute my statements. Thank you.

          38. Tasine says

            I have no problem with your comments, but I believe they are not altogether verified. Money matters do not automatically make the lender and the receiver close buddies……..sometimes it creates strong enemies.

            As to Trump’s political ties, as long as he does or TRIES TO DO what he promised to do, I am in his corner. No matter who is President, if he generally refuses to do what he promised OR if he lies about it, he will never again get my vote. So far, he is batting 1000 as near as I can tell. If he weren’t, I’d be screaming. I wouldn’t walk across the street to spit on Soros were he burning alive. I find it ludicrous to try to make him and Trump “buddies”. I simply donot believe it though I am well aware such has been written………and I KNOW lots of LIES have been written.

          39. cristoiglesia says

            First of all, I behoove you to do your due diligence of the Donald. What you will find is that he is a lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue and insider. He is the one responsible for Obama being nominated as a Democrat candidate and with his money and Soros money got Obama elected.
            Soros funded Trump’s campaign through loan forgiveness in Chicago for much more than 312 million in loan forgiveness. I forget what he gave to Obama through Trump for his election but it was a substantial amount and the truth is that all of the money could not be verified so we will never know the full amount.
            As for them being “buddies”, they have a long history of being associated with one another. I suggest you study the fact that almost all of Trump’s cabinet are former Soros executives which is the evidence of quid pro quo along with the money given to Trump.
            If you like what Trump is doing you are either a leftist or have not been doing your research.
            Lots of truth has been written about the fact that Trump was a leftist Democrat before running for POTUS and has NO conservative or Republican history before running for POTUS as a Republican.

            You probably do not know that the Clinton’s and the Obama’s are his close associates also. Do you not think it is strange that Trump has no conservative or Republican associations?
            If for no other reason do the research that you owe to yourself to prove me wrong. The truth is that if you do research everything will be confirmed if you are a reasonable person without leftist prejudice.

          40. Tim Groves says

            I Agree with you Wholly, Trust Your Knowledge and What you See. The Traitors are EVERYWHERE.

          41. cristoiglesia says

            If you were truly a conservative you would do the research to find the truth. You will be shocked to find that Trump is the opposite of what he pretends to be. I certainly was skeptical of someone that I knew to have a lifetime history as a Democrat insider who got Obama elected to now be a conservative Republican. It was too sudden for such a radical change from the left to the far right. After spending weeks researching Trump’s recent past I could find no evidence in his actions of suddenly becoming a conservative. Except that he changed his registration to Republican just in time to register as a Republican candidate for POTUS. This has to be the most profound election scandal in the history of American politics. I am really quite bemused that he pulled it off based on all the evidence to the contrary in his current and past history. It is fascinating to see such evil perpetrated on the American people and it is proof that the dumbing down of America by the left is complete or maybe it was more motivated by celebrity envy. Certainly his history would not support him being anything but a far left liberal ideologue. This whole situation is bemusing in an evil sort of way.

          42. Tim Groves says

            Just LMBO, Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, Did you catch the Speech at the NRA Today ?

          43. cristoiglesia says

            No, I did not. I do not have time to listen to consummate leftist liars whose goal is to deceive. I remember in the campaign where Trump wanted to register all gun owners. He wanted it to be easy to confiscate guns from the citizens. But, we should expect that from a lifetime far left liberal New York liberal.

          44. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            Paul Ryan does Need to go! He is not supportive of Trump!

          45. Arizona Don says

            Well it passed the house today.

          46. cristoiglesia says

            The Soros people are in Trump’s cabinet and Trump’s election was funded by Soros. Soros funded money through Trump for Obama’s election. After helping Obama get elected Trump bragged that Obama was a “great President”.

          47. hankthetank says

            How stupid can you get ?? Donald Trump is a RED blooded American,he is his own person! we need private people in office ,NOT politicians !!!

          48. cristoiglesia says

            I do not know how stupid people can get because every time I think I have witnessed the epitome of uninformed I get a comment from someone like you. Yes, as far as I know Trump was born in America. In America, we have primarily Conservatives and Liberals ideologically. Some are further to the left or the right than others. Conservatives are depicted as being on the right and Liberals are on the political left. Trump’s lifetime history is of being on the political left with people like the Clinton’s and the Obama’s. There are really two kinds of politicians in America… Those that run for office and those who help others who run for office. Trump has historically been a politician in the latter of this definition. Prior to running himself to political office he labored to get other leftist Democrats like himself elected to office. His latest great success was getting Obama elected. After doing so with his influence a a king maker in the Democrat party, he proudly patted himself on the back, took credit and called Obama a “great President”.


            I pray this helps you with your confusion.

          49. Combatvet52 says

            “great President”. I think Trump changed his mind about that statement.

          50. cristoiglesia says

            Trump is a leftist politician and has been a kingmaker for the Democrat party for years. He is the one that got Obama nominated and was the middle man passing money from Soros to Obama.

          51. Tim Groves says

            And YOUR Congressional rep.’s. ALL of mine are hard core lib bitches & I still send at least 3 a week to each !!! And while I’m not rude, I Assure you I’m NOT Shy…

          52. Tim Groves says

            I E-Mail The President, Senators and Rep.’s at least once a eek. I’m fighting 3 Totally mindless ( 2 sen.’s 1 rep. ) In my State, Thee people are Literally Mindless Bots. They represent the Absolute Worst in the Fascist dem party. Along with a POD governor, This State is Garbage as far as Politics is concerned ! They even have a Committed Socialist on the City Council,
            She calls for overthrowing OUR Government. No surprise that NO One in the State Government calls this Communist out !

          53. Jean Deaux says

            I joined the American Constitution party at about the same time. Believe me, I am a strong advocate of Justice Gorsuch and have to give the Republicans credit for fighting for him. I am also very happy with President Trump and his cabinet picks; so refreshing after the know nothing mob that was in power last term. Hopefully, the people will come to realize the democrat treachery and parochial policies that so effectively remove them from the patriot list.

          54. cristoiglesia says

            If you re in favor of Gorsuch then you must be a leftist ideologically. Is it his pro-abortion stance or his redefining of marriage, or both, that attracts you to him. Why are you happy that almost all of his cabinet are former Soros executives and the advisers that are not are lifetime Democrat family members. How do you define “Patriot”

        2. Carol Smith says

          Freedom of speech? Trump has tried to silence anyone who disagrees with him. He is thin skinned.

          1. Ed Jakubek says

            You have it backwards. The DNC and the universities like Berkeley are stopping free speech. If anyone is thin skinned its THE MUSLIM BARACK.

          2. TeaPartyPatriot says

            Haven’t you noticed that the D’genrats accuse the conservatives of the very actions they themselves are guilty of. Free speech, not on my campus(berkley et al) not in my parade(oregon) Ferguson, brown, skittles, ad infinitum

          3. Combatvet52 says

            Bravo good post.

          4. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            “WoW” Spot on!!!

          5. k9maiden says

            Yes, great post and so true! You hit the nail on the head with your comment!

          6. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            I agree!!!!

          7. k9maiden says

            BO’s eyes would turn dark and evil, he looked like the devil when anyone dared disagree with him. I find it comical that the left winged loons conveniently overlook everything this impostor did to turn our country into a cesspool, but let Trump disagree with good reason TO disagree and they are up in arms. No one was more of a dictator than BO, he would have been one dangerous Muslim/Communist had Killary managed to win the election and ISLAM took over this country. After all, that was the plan, and the liberals, who love to stand up for ISLAM would be in for a huge surprise when they started to get raped and picked off one by one for not obeying Shariah Law. The left is so hypocritical, they stand up for the very think they pretend to hate.

          8. Combatvet52 says

            If the negro did have a chance at a 3rd term this country would really be so far into the sewer there would be no chance of return…….thank God the bitch lost and we have a man now in Washington instead of the faggot.

          9. cristoiglesia says

            Trump is Obama’s third term. Trump is not much of a man and has no qualities to look up to at all. That is typical of most leftist males who are liberals like these two.

          10. Combatvet52 says

            you are a sicko

          11. cristoiglesia says

            Indeed, I am totally sick of leftist Presidents like Obama and Trump.

          12. Combatvet52 says

            NO NO you mean Ovomit.

          13. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            Why don’t you shut the hell up!!!!!!!

          14. Tim Groves says

            He will Bloviate this crap till Doomsday, I’ve just shut him off, He claims to be a catholic priest, You kno those so Pleased with the new bill passed in Kalifornacation. Now we have a ” bishop ” in N.Y. saying that it’s Boy’s fault that they were Molested as Children. I have NO Time for some one Who pushes Religion. I’m a Christian, I Don’t believe in religion as it is Nothing more than a means of Control by Manipulation and Guilt. Then you have islam, If you Don’t convert or Leave YOU DIE, Now there a ” Religion for ya. Even when presented with the Truth he will still say President Trump is a liberal. You have a Choice, You can argue with a Fool. Or Like myself Ignore the Rantings of a Crazy person.

          15. cristoiglesia says

            You do not believe in religion yet you claim to be a Christian…how does that work in your obvious illogical mind. What bishop are you speaking of and where is a link to your claims? Trump is a lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue and you cannot deny that he is with any veracity as that is his entire history.. You are obviously the fool who has not attempted to do any research on Trump. The bishop that you are speaking of is probably in Gorsuch’s leftist Church that supports abortion and wants the redefining of marriage to include homosexual unions.

          16. k9maiden says

            Try defending that comment. Tell us why Trump is like BO when they are absolutely complete opposites.

          17. cristoiglesia says

            What? Are you really so ignorant of Trump’s recent leftist past? The truth is that Trump is a lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue. A quick Google search will confirm what I say. Trump and Obama are very good friends and Obama owes Trump for his support in getting him elected to POTUS with his influence when he was an insider and king-maker in the Democrat party. Trump successfully got Obama nominated and funded his campaign to the presidency. Trump then proclaimed that Obama was a “great President while bragging of his accomplishment.


          18. cristoiglesia says

            Ideologically they are twins.

          19. cristoiglesia says

            How so? They are both lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologues. What makes them different? They are both leftists like yourself.

          20. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            Maybe it’s time for you to see a mechanic to tighten the loose screws in your head!!!

          21. Combatvet52 says

            Joan, tightening the screws won’t help because all the nuts are loose.

          22. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            How well I know that!!! This guy won’t give up !!! He keeps saying the same words over & over!!!

          23. k9maiden says

            I couldn’t agree more Combat vet! I do believe that BO was hoping for a third term. After all, he got very used to living the life of a dictator and King. One thing he failed to remember, the U.S. is a Republic and the vast majority of Americans (NOT ILLEGALS OR MUSLIMS), love this country, honor our military, and we want to maintain a Capitalistic society, Christian/Judeo religion and all the anarchist in America would be a match for the American Patriot. Old Purple Lips wasn’t even eligible to be POTUS, he is not a natural born citizen, never mind that he was born in Kenya. The liberals say they know the Constitution, yet they allowed an impostor to take over America for 8 years and denied the FACT that he should never have been able to run for POTUS let alone become POTUS, but the Marxist Media helped protect the usurper, they need to be booted out of the country as well, and we need to drain the swamp of the Communist Media and Congress.

          24. cristoiglesia says

            Trump is serving in Obama’s third term. Remember that it was Trump who supported Obama to become POTUS with his influence in the Democrat Party getting him nominated and his money from George Soros to fund his campaign. Trump is actually to the left of both Hillary and Obama.

          25. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            I couldn’t agree more. If what you say is true how in hell did Obama get in second time,You had to know he was full of sh*t from the beginning !!!!! Obama needs to be stripped of all he received as President!!!

          26. Combatvet52 says

            I’ll vote for that ………. and now that he’s out as well no pension and no freebees !!!!

          27. cristoiglesia says

            Trump is the third Obama term. Ideologically they are the same.

          28. Combatvet52 says

            Hey dude me thinks that you are in LaLa land.

          29. cristoiglesia says

            You should do some research and get yourself informed. There is a reason that Soros gave the Trump’s more than a ((billion))) dollars. Look at the quid pro quo involved. Most of Trump’s cabinet are former Soros executives. Do you really think that is a coincidence? Trump is the puppet POTUS of Soros.

          30. cristoiglesia says

            It is truly striking the similarities between Obama and Trump. They are both quick tempered and neither seem to have control of their tongues at such times. Although, I could never accuse Trump of being charming, That is just not in his bag of tricks. Spontaneous and intense is certainly spot on for both. Certainly Trump has never felt shame, guilt or remorse and as for lying Trump is among the most prolific of abusers. Trump definitely has a bullying mentality that far surpasses Obama. Both will do anything to win but I would surmise that Trump is the more egregious offender of damning the costs. The intellect of Trump is difficult to asses from his words and actions. He has accomplished much but he was also given most of what he has by his father first and George Soros more recently. Both bailed this petulant man-child out of his often terrible business decisions. Trump clearly does not know the difference between love and lust. Trump as opposed to Obama is a terrible speaker who challenges his audience by his redundant speech patterns and bad grammar. Trump attacks when when he is caught doing things that he should not and NEVER apologizes or seeks forgiveness for any evil he perpetrates in thought, word or deed. He clearly said when asked if he was a Christian that he had no need for Christ’s forgiveness revealing to all that he is not a man of faith as that is the absolute undeniable words of a sociopath. Yes, Trump is truly delusional but not so much Obama.

            However I can see why there was a sort of kinship between Trump and Obama that fueled their very close friendship tht goes beyond the fact that the Donald was directly responsible for Obama’s nomination and election as Potus with his money and influence. That is probably why after getting Obama elected Trump sang praises to Obama and called him a “great President”.

            Thank you so much for your insight showing that these two Presidents shared the same sociopathic personalities and afinity to liberalism. I am ashamed that I did not make this obvious connection between the two

          31. k9maiden says

            Sorry, Trump is NOTHING like BO. For one thing, he is NOT a Muslim, he is NOT a Communist and he loves the U.S. and honors and supports our military. You are delusional, and no one but a loon would believe those two are anything alike at all! Trump is not Gay either, nor does he partake in any drugs, alcohol or Hollyweirdo parties.

          32. cristoiglesia says

            Trump has no religion and has said that he has no need for Christ’s atoning sacrifice on the cross. Trump is truly a socialist and an admirer of the Communist system. He has no honor for those that serve in our military. He is a draft dodger and has no respect from those like myself who served our country while he lied to stay out of serving.

            What I was speaking of in their similarities is that they are both lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologues.

            I really do not care about Trump’s sexuality but I am concerned about the evidence that he is a pedophile and traveled often to Jeffrey Epstein’s island to be with underage girls sexually. In the last year, two of those children who were raped sued him but were quickly paid off.

          33. cristoiglesia says

            Trump has no religious faith at all. He is not a communist but admires the communist system. He is a draft dodger and has no regard for our military or those who serve. He did go to a lot of parties at Jeffrey Epstein’s Island and home just to be with very young girls. Two of them sued him for rape in the last year. They were quickly paid off and disappeared. Going to parties to be with female children sexually is very weird to me.

          34. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            I think cristoiglesa has Trump mixed up with bill clinton!!!!!!!

          35. cristoiglesia says

            Being best friends and sharing a lot of common history does not mean that I have them confused. Ideologically and morally there is really little difference between the two.

          36. Arizona Don says

            Tell me Carol how did President Trump try to silence those who disagree with him.

          37. cristoiglesia says

            The perfect example of his typical assaults is to attack and deflect in the most brutal, shocking and immature of ways. A great example is of how he made an unprovoked attack on the family of Ted Cruz in the campaign directly calling his wife ugly and his father a conspirator in the murder of John Kennedy. Normal people grow up and gain the maturity not to use such school yard bully tactics but Trump is clearly a person of arrested development disorder who acts out in very bazaar ways. He has been like this from childhood and probably is directly caused by his alcoholic, Klansman father. That is why he had to be sent to a school for troubled youth and could not be controlled or tolerated by his parents.

          38. Arizona Don says

            Military schools are not just for troubled (as you call them) students. Military schools teach discipline, right along with many other subjects not covered in today’s schools, which is needed by many of the youth of today. Discipline is especially necessary in today’s world. Especially many who call themselves progressive democrats. They are not a replacement for actually being in the military but so many today have so little national pride they are more necessary today then in the past. Military schools and the military itself does considerably more for youth then the majority of public school teachers and college professors.

            If more of today’s youth were graduates of military schools or members of our military there would be less rioting (somehow called demonstrations today) like what happened in Berkeley California recently.

            It is not the US that is going to hell in a hand basket it is the progressive communistic so called democratic party. Conservatives may very well save this once great nation from people like obama and the rest of the progressive communists. If that includes you you have my sympathy. Have a nice day.

          39. cristoiglesia says

            I never said that they were just for troubled youth. What I did say is that that is how Trump ended up in military school as he was an undisciplined child that could not be tolerated by his own parents. This military school attended by Trump specialized in such troubled youth who could not be disciplined by their parents.

            My problems are not with Trump’s troubled childhood but the fact that he was a draft dodger. As a Vietnam combat Marine in the 3rd Marine Division which defended Khe Sahn and was personally wounded twice and saw and prayed over so many of my comrades in arms while they were dying or dead I can never and will never support a draft dodger as my POTUS. I admit that I am prejudiced against cowards and for good reason.

          40. Arizona Don says

            I appreciate the fact you served this once great nation in the military so did I. US Army 823 combat MP.

            I am not sure however, you are correct in your analogy (however I am also not certain you are not right either) regarding President Trump being a draft dodger. Since the campaign was so nasty if that were true it certainly would have come out in the campaign via the main stream media who certainly hated (now) President Trump. They certainly tried everything else they could find to destroy him. However, I do not know the facts and for now do not care to check it out. He is the commander in chief and that right now is enough for me. Currently he has done more for the military then any president I can remember. As well I might add as for veterans like you and I. Especially for disabled veterans.

            Have a nice day!

          41. Combatvet52 says

            Why don’t you post all the CHIT that Ovomit did ??????????

          42. cristoiglesia says

            Obama is irrelevant now that his friend and supporter Trump is POTUS and I prefer to forget what he did. Trump is POTUS and the current leftist president following Obama. How long has it been since we have had a conservative President, George W. Bush? Some opine that he may be the last conservative to be POTUS. Sometimes as a conservative I feel like a dinosaur and my soul mate Republicans are extinct. We conservatives are in for a rough ride and must be strong against these leftists led by Trump. Quit allowing yourself to be sidetracked into thinking that the left now represented by Trump is less dangerous to conservatism than in the past. In truth, this charlatan and Trojan Horse POTUS Trump is arguably the greatest threat ever to conservatism and our republic. As we see by the Soros influence in this election that the Presidency can be bought by those who have no ideological foundation based on conservatism. God help America. Forget about Obama and focus on stopping the Soros, Trump, Obama, Clinton cabal that is threatening our Republic. Time to man up and stop these leftists.

          43. Combatvet52 says

            How can you forget what OVOMIT did instead of bringing the country together he put us further apart……he set racial relations back 50 years……and was about to destroy the United States of America ……….that’s what the negro boy tried to do.

          44. cristoiglesia says

            Thank God he is gone. But we still have his leader to contend with in the Donald. Ideologically, there is no difference between Obama and Trump. Trump has always been Obama’s greatest cheerleader and source of funding transferred from Soros through Trump.

          45. Combatvet52 says

            Thank your Dad for his service in WW2 my brother served in the pacific 3 years and he just turned 93 God Bless them all.

          46. cristoiglesia says

            Thank you, I wish I could but my father passed away at age 59 in 1983 from cardiac problems. My grandfather was badly wounded in WW1 in France and died in 1960.

          47. Combatvet52 says

            My condolences for your Dad and Grandfather…….they will always be remembered never forgotten.

          48. cristoiglesia says

            Thank you

          49. DAlnB41 says

            Look at our last White House, Congress and Senate and most of the secretaries of the various departments! How many of those were veterans, how many did anything to support our nations best interest- truly respect our veterans; too many of those in Washington feel they do their duty by praising veterans but then do!
            Benjamin Franklin said; ” A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small package;” Franklins ability to look into the future must have included knowledge that at some time Bush and Obama would occupy the White House! They both had their own agendas and seemed to have a free run for doing what they wanted to do.
            It does not tale a military mind to manage, or to lead, or to make the best decisions; it does not take the best education to manage a nation military (we can see that from the past two presidents) and it does not take a military person to be honest (that too we can see from the past couple presidents).
            however, it does take discipline and an ability to follow as well as lead, to serve this country and to serve in our government. Those who have not served our nation in the military are most often those who fail us on the floors of congress and in the White House!

          50. k9maiden says

            Yes, just once I would love to hear these leftist stand behind their lies. Sick of them spewing their opinion without any factual material at all.

          51. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            Give an example!!!

          52. Tim Groves says

            Before you jump, I’m With President Trump. The liberal FASCIST claim that OUR President is shutting down Free Speech by NOT speaking to them ( MSM ) directly. And Sean Spicer Calls on anyone BUT cnn,msnbc,abc & cbs. OH WELL, That’s NOT True. ( except cnn ) It just PISSES them off ( to the point of INSANITY ) That OUR President Speaks to the American People Bypassing the MSM. BOO-HOO. All the while they are taking their Actions Right out of the S. Alinski road to socialism hand book. These cretins are Violently shutting down Conservative Speakers, Using Threats of Violence to Shut-Down Anything that Does align perfectly with their Agenda. It IS Time to stop Watching and going straight in and Protesting and Protecting Ourselves and Those with Us by ANY Means Necessary. IT’S TIME !!!

          53. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            Jump, Jump where???? Lol Help!

          54. Tim Groves says

            I meant on my Case. Just some levity

          55. Arizona Don says

            They don’t understand that.

          56. Sicklesteel says

            …..once again quietly chuckling here in the corner as I read your succinct observation.

          57. cristoiglesia says

            Well, Trump could never be a conservative speaker so your commentary makes no sense. Even though Trump recently changed his Party to Republican from Democrat the truth is that he is still the far left liberal Democrat ideologue that he has historically been. Get over your celebrity worship and do some real research on Trumps past.

          58. Arizona Don says

            So tell me did you support Ronald Reagan?

          59. cristoiglesia says

            Indeed I did, he was the greatest President in my lifetime.

          60. Arizona Don says

            Thank you. Actually I am convinced President Trump has the qualities to be a great president as well if in fact he is given a chance.

            One thing I do know for sure he is like night and day compared to the last president we had. obama hated the military.

            Personally I think the draft should have never been stopped. That is when the youth in America began to decline as far as patriotism goes. Every able-bodied male in America should be required to serve in the military. More is learned in military training and experience then can be learned in any college or university regarding life itself. Trades also can be learned in the military.

            Have a nice day.

          61. cristoiglesia says

            It has been my lifelong experience tht leftists do not make good Presidents. Of course, that is the reason I have always been a conservative Republican. I really have a special dislike for Trump for his deception against Republicans claiming to be a conservative with no conservative history.

          62. Arizona Don says

            I for the most part agree with your perception here. Keep in mind if you would please Ronald Reagan was a life long democrat before becoming a republican and running for office. I too was a republican all my life until the Arizona republican party supported John McCain in 10. At that time I changed to independent however, as did many other Arizonans, I am still conservative. Some consider very conservative. I do “not” however, support John McCain.

          63. cristoiglesia says

            Don, many people try to compare Trump to Ronald Reagan because Ronald Reagan went from Democrat to Republican but really there is no comparison to be made. Reagan was a Republican for over a decade before running for POTUS and during that time earned his conservative Republican moniker. He supported and campaigned for many conservatives seeking office. He was a good soldier in the Republican army. Trump has done none of this. Instead Trump has been a Republican only long enough to run for POTUS. His children could not be influenced to join the Republican Party and could not even vote for their father in the primaries because they were registered Democrats.

            There are two types of people in the White House…the cabinet is made up of former Soros executives and Trump’s family who also are closely tied to Soros financially by being in debt to him. This is just further proof that Soros bought the US Presidency for roughly a half billion dollars. Soros is the real POTUS and Trump is just his puppet.

          64. Arizona Don says

            I have to disagree with this analogy. We will never see eye to eye on Donald Trump. That is obvious. Personally I think he will turn out to be as good or perhaps better than Ronald Reagan. However, only time will tell. In the mean time I wish him success for the sake of Americans and America. I would hope you would do the same for the same reasons. Have a nice day.

          65. cristoiglesia says

            I guess one could call Trump the Reagan for the left. Have you been a lifelong leftist or are you a recent convert based on your love for Trump??

          66. Combatvet52 says

            Lets see what kind of comments you make at the end of his 8 years in office, and just maybe the rules will be changed and he can serve another 4…… “O” had that in mind.

          67. Tim Groves says

            The ONLY Criminals Trying to Shut Down FREE Speech, Well That would be the FASCIST Not Only in berkeley but in EVERY Sanctuary city in OUR Great Nation who Hides and Supports the Criminals ( FELONS ) MS-13, Animals that in my Opinion should be moved in with Those of the dnc that CRY that those Criminals NEED to be protected from the bad man, I mean Into their Homes. Certified members of MS-13. These people ( dnc ) ARE Dangerous to EVERYTHING We hold Dear, Especially OUR Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights. The time for sitting back and Watching is OVER… I for ONE am going to Pro-Life Rallies, WE ARE PREPARED.

          68. cristoiglesia says

            Pro-Life Rallies? It is hard to imagine a Trump supporter going to a Pro-Life Rally. You obviously not aware of Trump’s support of Planned Parenthood in the campaign. He even wanted abortion to be a part of the Republican Platform but the Platform committee refused.



          69. Arizona Don says

            That is a damn lie!

          70. cristoiglesia says

            Nonsense, then your statement makes you a damned liar and incidentally a covert leftist or woefully ignorant. I believe the former.

      4. Carol Smith says

        Insanity runs deep in the right wing rumor mill, breitbart, Alex jones, etc. Unfortunately, people like you are not aware of your ignorance and gullibility,

        1. Tasine says

          I see you have been listening to the leftist brainwashers and are projecting your and their misfit in society onto conservatives. If you can list some of the insanities of the right, I’d LOVE to read that list. All normal people see the left as batty as …….bats.

      5. DAlnB41 says

        Democrats are no different in most respects than are Republicans; the difference is in the party leadership!
        Democratic leaders expect ALL Democrats, elected or otherwise, to do, say and act as they are told; what ever the topic is today is what they are expected to repeat to as many people throughout the day as they can and defend it regardless of how absurd it may be our sound.
        Republicans in Congress are forced by party leaders to do the same. But, party republicans are free to discuss the issues in what ever way they feel is appropriate. You can see it everyday as the Republicans debate between themselves and argue the issues instead of just blindly falling in behind party leaders and doing as they are told to do. It takes a little longer to get things done that way but the end results is generally better and more in line with the needs of the country and the American people!
        AND – Republicans do not need people marching in the streets with hoods hiding their faces screaming about things they apparently have only been told to scream about!
        I guess as long as Pelosi and Schumer only complain about others instead of being a art of the effort to fix the mess we are in , we should expect their followers to do the same!
        I have yet to hear any Democrat since the changing of the White House keys offer any solutions or act like they are ready to set down and become a part of the solutions!

        1. Tasine says

          I love your comments and for the most part you are right on target. “Democrats are no different in most respects than are Republicans; the difference is in the party leadership!” That is the one thing I sorta disagree with you about. I believe practically EVERY living democrat believes the same: that they are superior and HAVE EARNED the right to rule the country. I believe the leftist voters have demanded their leadership’s wishes be followed – after all. the only people those wishes result in good stuff ONLY FOR THE DEMOCRATS -and that is satisfactory for ALL DEMOCRATS. Republicans do not generally elect people to increase handouts of all sorts – democrats DO elect people to increase THEIR handouts of all sorts, and the elected officials always concur. Republicans think that a nation that is better off has citizens that are better off. Democrats think that the nation is a drag, that the only citizens worth benefiting are themselves.

          To be fair and honest, most democrats have not a clue what they are voting for because they never bother studying, reading, or learning.

          I will never be able to identify or sympathize with a leftist. And I have no desire to. They openly despise conservatives; ergo I cannot see any reason to associate with the left in any way, shape, or form.

      6. DAlnB41 says

        I can accept your comments when they aply to the Demcorci leadership; but most democrats are not much different than most Republicans; we all want basically the same ting; a strong, free, stable, economically sound, safe, secure and friendly nation; an American we always thought we had!
        What do we really see though; Democratic leaders who even when Obama was president was wasting political time, cost us billions and billions of dollars on things that were petty compared to the growing problems in our nation, problems they elected to ignore.
        Todays we see their leadership on television bad mouthing everyone and everything they themselves (democratic party leaders) they allowed to happen buy today are ready to defend because THEY do not want to be held responsible for it! They never talk about the issues, not what the issues really are or HOW we need to fix our problems, or suggesting solutions that may fix the mess we are in.
        They spend their entire time criticizing Trump or others, complaining but never offering any solutions; never talk about our problems – – just snivel and whine!
        It is easy to see why Trump won the lection; he ran on his promise to fix the mess this country fell into over the past 12 years. He did not create the problems but he got on board with promise to fix them.
        Unfortunately – most of these problems came about due to the passive, do nothing, “ignore the problems and it will go away” mentality of the Obama White House. NOW, those democratic leaders that sided with Obama, and brought most of our problems upon us, are choosing to ignore the problems and spend their time fighting anyone, Democrat or Republican, who is ready to do something, anything, to help fix the mess 12 bad years has taken us into!
        Their head-bobbing, TV sniveling and whining is in no way a solution, it is a major part of the problems from the past 12 years! – IT IS, the root of our problems, it is their continued wasting of time, repeated laxness, their negligence to get on board and be a part of the solution!

      7. DAlnB41 says

        I am not sure they are really incompetent; they are not doing anything that they can be judged competent or not!
        All talk and none of it has a thing to do with the nations problems!
        A lot of talk; finger pointing, complaining and blaming – but nothing about our nations problems and what we need to do to get them fixed.
        The major problems seems to be in the democratic part y leadership; not the democrats themselves! The party leaders got caught tampering with the election process and buying debate questions, tapping into campaign networks in efforts to sway the votes (and when caught many of the party leaders resigned without argument) but continued working on the sidelines doing the same thing they were caught doing (and them complained that Russia too was doing it.)

    3. A_Nobody says

      None and I’ll never vote for another Dem as long as I live….and I grew up blue collar Dem. The communists have infiltrated the party and bastardized it beyond recognition.

      1. hankthetank says

        I was one for 40 years ! ( NO ) more, ( IND. )

    4. Rose Weleski says

      Hey Southern Patriot….I agree! We’ve got our money’s worth in President Trump….I’m happy that he’s a tough cookie and knows business. We can’t go on as before….there is so much he is doing to help the national debt along with all of the other things you just said.

      1. Mike says

        How is he helping the National debt? He has already stated that he wants the largest tax cut in our history which will blow an even larger hole in the debt. In addition, he is talking about increased military spending which despite his cuts to other programs is not balancing the budget and that is BEFORE his tax cuts.

        1. Rose Weleski says

          Not concerned…he’s a businessman….I am sure they are working very hard to put everything in place. I am confident that he will see what can and can’t be done…once they slashed all the baggage in the budget that tax payers should not be supporting. Government should not have their noses in everything – especially when it comes to personal choices – like LGBT items & unplanned pregnancy. [These are social concerns….non-profits such as churches, etc. should be seeing to these things…not government concerns which should take zero funds from government along with many others items.

          1. Mike says

            the government does not pay for unplanned pregnancies. no tax dollars go towards abortions. it is called the Hyde amendment.
            You are delusional if you believe Trump about any of his promises.

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          3. Combatvet52 says

            The sooner the better………Go Trump

          4. mac12sam12 says

            So far he’s kept them all. You’re not going to get an honest assessment of Trump on the alphabet channels, CNN or MSNBC.

          5. Mike says

            this is not about an assessment. He is the one that outlined his contract with the American People and none of it has been accomplished. This is not about whether a specific executive order is good or bad. This is about what he said he would do and in fact has not accomplished any of it.

          6. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          7. Ed Jakubek says

            You need to come off Fantasy Island

          8. Mike says

            the fantasy land of believing Trump? I was never actually on that. I am not one of his sheeple that believe him despite the continuous lies.

          9. mac12sam12 says

            Four major car companies are building plants in the US instead of Mexico because of Trump’s economic plan. Intel is also building a $7 billion dollar plant in Arizona instead of China. He got the supreme court justice he wanted. The home sellers market is stronger than any other time in history, and the stock market has reached record highs 12 times. He’s making boeing and Lockheed Martin negotiate the price of their planes, and he’s reversed all of obama’s EOs.

          10. Mike says

            ford and gm both said they made their decisions prior to trump becoming president. Intel did as well although that plant will only employ about a hundred or so people once it’s online due to automation.

          11. mac12sam12 says

            You’re not very honest you just make things up. Trump met with the auto CEOs and told them about his tax plan and that’s why they’re building plants here. Intel will also have more than 100 workers, and Keystone will have 55,000+ high paying construction jobs and keep the price of oil low and wean ourselves off of Middle East oil. 75% of the oil IS US bound.

          12. Combatvet52 says

            GODBLessRealAmerica….I figured i would put this right under your post I think it’s fitting to get a message across to all the Demorats.

            View of a Young Doctor

            If you doubt any part of what Dr. Jones says, go visit your local hospital emergency
            room as an observer for an hour or so some Friday or Saturday night. See how many responsible people you can send this to !!!
            Pictured below is a young physician by the name of Dr. Starner Jones. His short two-paragraph letter to the White House accurately puts the blame on a “Culture Crisis”
            instead of a “Health Care Crisis”. It’s worth a quick read:

            Dear Mr. President:
            During my shift in the Emergency Room last night, I had the pleasure of
            evaluating a patient whose smile revealed an expensive shiny gold tooth,
            whose body was adorned with a wide assortment of elaborate and costly
            tattoos, who wore a very expensive brand of tennis shoes and who chatted
            on a new cellular telephone equipped with a popular R&B ring tone.
            While glancing over her patient chart, I happened to notice that her payer
            status was listed as “Medicaid”! During my examination of her, the patient
            informed me that she smokes more than one costly pack of cigarettes every
            day and somehow still has money to buy pretzels and beer.
            And, you and our Congress expect me to pay for this woman’s health care?
            I contend that our nation’s “health care crisis” is not the result of a shortage of
            quality hospitals, doctors or nurses. Rather, it is the result of a “crisis of culture”,
            a culture in which it is perfectly acceptable to spend money on luxuries and vices
            while refusing to take care of one’s self or, heaven forbid, purchase health
            insurance. It is a culture based on the irresponsible credo that “I can do
            whatever I want to because someone else will always take care of me.”
            Once you fix this “culture crisis” that rewards irresponsibility and dependency,
            you’ll be amazed at how quickly our nation’s health care difficulties will disappear.

            STARNER JONES, MD

          13. Mike says

            Way to quote a letter written in 2009 for a newspaper and not the President.

          14. Linda says

            Mike, the American taxpayer pays for abortions because the government pays for planned parenthood, who performs abortions everyday of the week. This is the reason conservatives are against planned parenhood. They kill innocent babies! Read up on this stuff and you will be enlightened.

          15. Mike says

            No tax dollars goes towards abortions. The government pays for Medicaid and Planned Parenthood is a Medicaid provider so yes they do get paid for those services, but abortion is not something our government pays for. The hyde amendment is attached to just about all major federal legislation and ensures that no federal dollars can be used to pay for abortions.

          16. alegalcitizen says

            We FEDERALLY fund planned parenthood, PLUS all obamacare policies MUST pay for abortions, and we subsidize obamacare.

          17. Mike says

            no they do not! we do pay planned parenthood when they see Medicaid patients, but not for abortions. obamacare does not have a provision to pay for abortions. please try to get out of your trailer and educate yourself.

          18. Rose Weleski says

            Yes, MIke…Indirectly we do pay for abortion. And President Trump has already done all he can to promote that which he has campaigned on….More cooperation is needed from the Dems…Oh, but I forgot…Heaven forbid that they help a Republican President!

          19. alegalcitizen says

            SERIOUSLY??? Yes we certainly do through the funding to planned parenthood which is nothing more than an abortion mill. We also pay for birth control through planned parenthood, it does NOTHING for pregnant women.

          20. hankthetank says

            You have been brain washed, if you have one !!

        2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

          Mike is a hater of Trump he has no logic or reason hes a typical Liberal racist hater of America & Trump!!!!!!!!!! That’s why these liberals morons lost!!!

        3. mac12sam12 says

          A tax cut would create more taxpayers and he’s been shrinking the size of government.

        4. Linda says

          How did Obama help the national debt? Oh, I know, he increased it 11 trillion dollars, and he said 9 trillion was unpatriotic with Bush. Wow, what a hypocrite.

        5. Combatvet52 says

          Did you forget the 86 billion he saved the tax papers in his first 100 days, what in hell are you freaking idiots want a miracle ………He’s not as good as the negro who was in charge, whom if was in office any longer this country would be down the sewer flat azz broke.

          1. Mike says

            What are you talking about? Please provide some proof of this because I do not believe you are correct on this.

          2. Combatvet52 says

            Go check it for yourself on line Mr Smart azz…….I supposed you forgot the jobs he saved as well HUH

          3. Mike says

            Yes he did save 800 jobs at Carrier. Obama saved tens of thousands of jobs when he saved the auto industry. In case you are unsure Obama’s number is larger. As for the 86 billion I believe you are referring to the regulatory costs that based on his executive orders he has saved people. These savings will go directly to himself and his billionaire friends so well done you gave Donald Trump and his billionaire friends more money.

          4. Mike says

            As always the good Trump sheeple. No original thoughts only what President Trump wants you to say. Good job sheeple. Good job.

          5. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Mike is a Liberal Obama and Crooked Hillary supporter. People like Mike just don’t get it why they lost the election hes delusional and brainwashed by liberalism and the Fake news! He’s probably in his 20’s and hasn’t grown up yet…this low energy pathetic liberal will get it onbe day and then Oh my I was a moron…..sorry Mike you are a loser like the rest of Crooked lying Hillary supporters sit down little man!


        6. Ed Jakubek says

          Mike I suggest you do your own research and do not listen to the Communist Left. Startlistening to Hannity. By the way we won’t let Liberals do to Hannity what they did to O Riley. This is war
          NYC Female Teacher

        7. hankthetank says

          His tax cuts will take care of that !!!

        8. SouthernPatriot says

          Warped demented Democrat. Maybe you and Hillary can move in together on their new estate.

    5. Carol Smith says

      Trump fed the coal miners a bill of crap. We were on the brink of a depression when Obama
      took office. Now the economy and jobs are good, something trump inherited.
      Wining and dining a foreign leader is business as usual for a potus. The Chinese leader already had his opinion of N Korea and has for many years! DUH. Our relationship with Israel was already good and Obama always let them know we had their back. There is no proof that Trump lowered the felon invasion, but he will tell you he did.
      Obama did not approve of girls and boys sharing a restroom. There has never been a law yhat forces boys and girls to share bathrooms. That was an assumption that was started by repubs and the right wing. Besides, the bathroom laws never had to be written as there have been laws in place to address problems in restrooms.
      Trump has golfed more than any other president and costs US taxpayers and the state of florida a ton of money to visit. The times trump said he was working in Mar a Lago was shown to be false as he usually played 18 holes. There is proof of that.
      Another humerous thing about your total blindness to trump’s claims is that you seem to know better than anyone how many hours trump works. All presidents work long days, but unlike trump, most of them did not leave Washington every weekend with their families.
      There is a long list of misrepresentations out there that trump has claimed credit for. A lot of the stuff he signs is just the usual housekeeping chore. There is a long list of false claims that trump made with his recent AP interview. But according to your post, u are not one to search for facts. Trump has made tons of false claims but has accomplished very little. Most of his major claims have not been done.

      1. alegalcitizen says

        What exactly did Obama do??? Please list his accomplishments?

        Giving MILLIONS to solar companies that went bust.

        Giving amnesty to illegal alien “children”.

        Didn’t enforce border enforcement.

    6. AKLady says

      Bush did not cause the recession, and neither Obama, or any other President, can end it.
      To make your case, you need to specify a policy causality (or two or three) and a transmission channel. You have nothing

    7. cristoiglesia says

      His weekly golfing trips cost more than his salary by a huge margin. He loves spending our taxpayer money frivolously.

      1. Retired says

        What are you some kind of fruit cake , where are your facts ???? He owns the place so what does it cost us ???? Are you a Media hore that is locked out ???

    8. cristoiglesia says

      You seem quite delusional which is rather typical of Trumpkins. They imagine all kinds of things and project them onto Trump. Remember tht when Obama was making regulations that Trump was cal;ling him a “great President” and singing his praises and gloating about getting Obama nominated and elected.
      He broke his promise to conservatives and nominated a far left liberal Democrat ideologue to SCOTUS who is very much pro-abortion and for redefining marriage to include homosexuals and who knows when or where that slippery slope will end that is caused by Trump. The court took a sharp turn to the left with Gorsuch. Just look at the personal life of Gorsuch and you will find him to be a far left liberal and NOT the conservative promised by Trump. Sorry to interfere with your delusions.
      Oh yes, the Obama cabinet, made up almost entirely of former Soros executives. which explains the loan forgiveness of almost a half billion dollars of loan forgiveness to Trump in Chicago when Trump was financially destroyed and personally bankrupt. Soros also contributed greatly to Obama’s election through Trump. If you call spending most of his week on the golf course “work”.

      Trump is working less than three days a week. Trump has his whole family on the government dole. Who, BTW, are all registered Republicans and could not even vote for their father in the primaries. The Park Service is not a charity but a government entity. Try to pay attention in the future and get over your celebrity envy.

    9. cristoiglesia says

      Let me correct a few of your errors…Trump broke his promise to conservatives to only put conservatives on SCOTUS. Instead he nominated and got confirmed a leftist judge who is pro abortion and for the redefining of marriage to include homosexual unions.
      He works at most 3 days a week and golfs most of the time at our expense which far exceeds his salary that he donates. The National Park Service is NOT a charity.

    10. cristoiglesia says

      Gorsuch is surely not an “originalist”. “Originalists are not pro-abortion and desiring to change the meaning of marriage to include same sex unions as is Gorsuch. Gorsuch is a leftist judge and an extreme liberal. He is the opposite of the type of judge that the Donald promised. Instead he appointed and got confirmed the most far left liberal judge imaginable.

    11. cristoiglesia says

      Most of Trump’s time is spent on the golf course and as a result he is one of the most expensive Presidents in history for the American taxpayers. Can’t he find a golf course in the DC area to play instead of always flying to Florida that costs millions for his security and flights. Playing golf all the time is not working 20 hour days. His family is traveling as well on the government and costing America millions.

    12. AntiGOP says

      Not a “war on coal” it’s a WAR ON STUPIDITY…!!

      We don’t need COAL…WE HAVE A SUN…




    13. AntiGOP says

      gives his salary away to charities, the first quarter to the U.S. National Park Service.

      Where is the proof of that…Nobody has seen his Tax Returns….Nobody.!!

    14. AntiGOP says

      undo thousands of Obama regulations on business that lengthened the recession

      “Thousands”… not hardly…but you can give us all….

      Proof of one…

    15. AntiGOP says

      did not pay “blackmail” to the fatboy pervert dictator of North Korea

      Proof / Links…


      Just Puke the Puke !!

    16. AntiGOP says

      “wined and dined” the Chinese leader and his wife to no longer back North Korea

      Proof / Links…


      Just Puke the Puke !!

      I know where your getting this crap from..
      But you won’t be Honest and let us all know.!!!


    17. AntiGOP says

      stopped the insane policy of Obama in public schools to force young elementary school girls to share their restrooms with boys and men

      TOTAL LIE…

    18. AntiGOP says

      appointed a great cabinet which is enforcing U,S. law and cutting waste

      That why we’re looking into Pardoning People ahead of time !!

  7. happyjackb says

    He got my vote last time and will get it the next time too.

    1. Linda Jordan Whitaker says

      Same here, happyjackb!

      1. kotoc says

        Count me in, too!

        1. PatriotGal says

          We’re on that list, too.

    2. John Somers says

      Count me in !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. MILES E DRAKE says

    President Trump would certainly win again because the great mass of the American people who are not feeble of brain, weak of heart and limp of wrist still support him. He won the popular vote last time as well, except for a huge margin of fraudulent non-citizen votes in the Third World malignant melanoma that has grown on our Left Coast. The Obammunists are just about out of frauds, canards and tricks and are going to have to launch an open revolution if they wish to overthrow the president and set up a one-party socialist Third World dictatorship controlled by Soros and presided over by either Obongo or his drunken lesbian protege. We all know that they have planned and paid for a political, cultural and quite likely also racial civil war, and they will probably start it this summer.

    1. cristoiglesia says

      Actually, Soros and Trump are close friends. Soros forgave more than 312 million dollars of Trump debt tohim so t

      1. OldHighlandGuyOne says

        Show me the proof. Bet you can’t.

        1. cristoiglesia says

          What do you want proof of? I will only spoon-feed you so much and then you are on your own if you really want to know the truth. It is really very easy to research Trump’s leftist past. What would be very difficult to find are any tendencies for him being conservative or Republican.

          1. Deby says

            There it is-typical troll-always demanding “proof” from others he is being paid to troll and disagree with-Get over your tired little diatribe of Trump being a libtard-he is NOT-but you definitely ARE.

          2. cristoiglesia says

            Well, you are just illustrating your ignorance of Trump’s leftist history. Look, it is time for a reality check of all you people claiming to be conservative Republicans and supporting this far left liberal ideologue Trump. His entire history before registering as a Republican in 2016 is of being a far left liberal Democrat ideologue. I have NEVER supported or voted for a leftist like Trump but you did so that makes you the “libtard” and not I.

          3. Deby says

            Nope, sorry it’s you.

          4. cristoiglesia says

            You have no evidence to support your leftist prejudice for Trump.

          5. Deby says

            Don’t need any-Trump is not a leftist

          6. cristoiglesia says

            Of course, he is, you only reveal yourself as uninformed by making that specious claim.

          7. John Somers says

            SURE hope you’re not relying in “buzzfeed” for it just like all those idiots on the left.

          8. cristoiglesia says

            I use multiple sources for my research. Most of all I stick to reliable conservative sources. “Buzzfeed” reported accurately and can be verified with multiple sources. This was the second time that Soros’ bailed Trump out of bankruptcy. It seems as if Soros has replaced Trump’s dad who bailed him out often from bad judgement. The first time was when Trump was trying to raise money in support for Barack Obama.

      2. dennis w says


        1. cristoiglesia says

          I am a Seminary professor and have a PhD from Duke Divinity so your claiming that I am an idiot is fanciful at best and a simple lie at worst. I am the ideological opposite of Trump and Soros as I am a lifetime far right conservative Republican. I admit however, that I have very little patience for leftists like you and Trump. Everything I claim is thoroughly researched and supportable. You called me a liar but you could not identify or support that anything written is a lie. Prove me wrong if you can but we both know that you cannot and are simply empty and impotent in your ability to defend Trump.

      3. Vassiliki says

        buzzfeed, seriously? even my 15 YO daughter says that is such a BS site!

        1. cristoiglesia says

          Encourage her education and to learn the ability of doing research.

          1. Vassiliki says

            I have that is why she can discern between bs sites and real news. BTW, she was home schooled for over 6 years do she has critical thinking skills and was not indoctrinated with common core and liberal idealogies and she learned world history/geography which is desperately lacking in this country.

      4. jaybird says

        It was business and Trump gave to both parties. He has learned a lot about the corruption in our country.

    2. Linda Jordan Whitaker says

      Well said, Miles E Drake! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Mike says

    of course the uneducated and undereducated would vote for trump again. they did not get more intelligent in his first 100 days in office.

    1. Linda Jordan Whitaker says

      You, Mike, represent the under educated (you misspelled). His first 100 days in office was refreshing after eight years of Obama. He’s actually doing things FOR our country!

      1. cristoiglesia says

        Writing as a conservative Republican his first 100 days is embarrassing but expected from someone who has been a far left liberal Democrat his entire life. He is not even good at pretending to be a conservative.

        1. Deby says

          You are NOT a conservative by any stretch -just own it moron, you are just another lying lefty who thinks he is smarter than anyone else. News flash, you are not.

          1. cristoiglesia says

            NO, reality check for you…you are the one supporting a lifetime far left liberal Democrat and not I. That makes you the liberal and not I. I have never voted for a lifetime leftist like Trump and never will.

          2. Deby says

            Hey, got it-you hate Trump-move on snowflake, I had to for EIGHT LONG YEARS of the previous administration which did nothing but divide the country racially, deplete the job pool, increased the national debt by more than ANY other president in history, and was directly responsible for the rise of ISIS due to his love affair for the Muslim Brotherhood over the American people. Talk about a reality check-you are the one in desperate need of one.

          3. cristoiglesia says

            I’m certainly no snowflake but simply a lifetime far right conservative Republican who refuses to support a lifetime far left liberal Democrat like Trump. So,like an idiot, you voted for Obama’s mentor and greatest supporter. Seems as if you are deceived easily by leftists like Trump, Hillary and Obama.

          4. Deby says

            Sigh, you are simply f’ing retarded and I am done trading insults with you-I have to go back to work now. Last word snowflake-seek help for your apparent mental disorder.

          5. cristoiglesia says

            Run away and hide, I have no respect for leftists like you.

          6. cristoiglesia says

            Trump is just a continuation of the Obama Presidency. Trump and Obama share the same ideology and it was Trump that gave America Obama with his influence as a Democrat insider and his money. Trump called Obama a “great President” after his success at getting him elected.

          7. cristoiglesia says

            Your ignorance is astounding or your memory is extremely short. We would not have had the Obama administration if it were not for Trump’s influence as a kingmaker for the Democrat Party getting Obama nominated. After getting him nominated he funded him with his friend George Soros to become POTUS. Indeed Obama was a disaster and then with your lack of reason or insanity, you decide to support his mentor and financier Donald Trump. Your lack of logic is astounding also.