Waiting for the Perfect Conservative? You’re the Problem


There are a number of hopeful signs when it comes to putting Republicans in charge of the Senate this November, but we’ve been in this position before. Unfortunately, we could be just as wrong about our prospects this year as we have in the past. There’s an irritating and disheartening group of conservative voters who will simply stay home if they don’t get exactly the candidates they want. This group of…let’s call them uncompromising conservatives…won’t bother going to the polls unless their perfect candidate is up for election. There are some very good reasons to stay adamant in your opinions, but this kind of unyielding stoicism should go by the wayside on election day.

Otherwise, you get what we got in 2012. That was our election to lose. Mitt Romney had Obama on the ropes, pointing out with flawless effectiveness the differences between his approach to governance and that of his opponent. He brought experience in both the private and public sectors, and he was a faith-driven man whose principles could have stood right next to Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry. But because he was perceived as slightly too moderate, slightly too compromising, and slightly too Mormon, a lot of would-be Republican voters stayed home. I would love to quiz those conservatives who chose to abstain in 2012 and ask them one question: Do you not think we would have been better off with a so-so Republican president than with another four years of Obama?

There’s the other view as well. The other conservatives who don’t bother are those who think it’s a waste of time. Electing someone else isn’t going to change anything about the larger evils of American government in the 21st century, these people say. On a rational note, they’re probably right. Romney wasn’t going to significantly shrink the federal government anymore than Bush, Bush the 1st, or Reagan. Would he have put some policies in place to reverse our reckless spending? Maybe. One thing was certain, though: Obama wasn’t going to do it. And he hasn’t.

One thing is true: your vote in any national election is insignificant to the point of worthlessness. There will never come a time when your vote is the deciding factor. Therefore, the attitude of “well, if I stay home, it won’t make a difference” is easily supportable. However, that’s not the point of voting. While your one vote may not make a difference in any one election, politicians pay very close attention to the numbers. It’s all-or-nothing when it comes to the outcome, but there is a huge difference between a landslide mandate and a squeak-through victory. And all those little votes add up to big changes.

America didn’t change into a harbor for the worst progressive ideas overnight. It’s happened slowly, with those expanding programs worming their way insidiously into our lives over a period of years. If we’re to turn back the tide, it will also be done slowly. Moving the country back to the right will take time, like working on any big project. We get to the “perfect” conservatives by going through a few so-so conservatives first. To be a part of that, you gotta vote.

  1. HankBar says

    Compromise is why we are where we are today. It is the
    liberals favorite word. Everytime you compromise another slice of freedom goes
    by the wayside, the Government gets bigger and more intrusive.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      ‘In any compromise between good and evil, only evil can profit’ – Ayn Rand

      1. Keith Brockmiller says

        I agree with Ayn as well, I just don’t see it as compromise. I see it as a first step. You think we are going to convert all these leeches to conservatives overnight? The progressives have been working toward their utopia for over 100 years. You think Ron Paul can undo it in one term? Jeez

        1. livefree1200cc says

          It would have been far better than voting in one of the hand picked lackeys put forth by the bankers that control the media and the entire narrative. Ron Paul was a step in the right direction – Romney was just a lesser evil

          1. Tim Bromund says

            Sorry, Ron Paul has never and will never have a chance, because he is a loony tune, whack-a mole. I like his son, but Ron is just bat-shit crazy.

          2. delbertballing says

            Rand has worked harder than any one fighting his butt off against the EPA”s of America. I don’t agree with his foreign policies, but what he has done for us against all those letter Government agencies is more than any one.

          3. Maggiemae says

            I agree. Love your depiction of Ron.

          4. livefree1200cc says

            Ron Paul FILLED stadium after stadium with AVID supporters. That is an undisputable FACT. Romney can’t say that. His rallies looked like small cheerleading try outs. The PEOPLE picked Ron Paul – The establishment picked Romney. Why on earth would I vote for the lackey the establishment thought they could insert into the election while railroading the man who had the most support???

          5. Cranky Steven says

            Better Romney than Obama. Obama is the stench in the elevator that won’t dissipate, only spread.

          6. OCDiver says

            If that were true then why did RON drop out?? If he would’ve made a good leader he would’ve stiffened his backbone and pressed on to REALLY let the people decide.

          7. livefree1200cc says

            I don’t like Rand

          8. livefree1200cc says

            He never did have a chance, you are right – but not because he didn’t have the support – but because the elections are rigged and the establishment puts up both candidates and Ron wasn’t one of the yes men

          9. Seldena says

            I agree. Some of Ron Pauls ideas he spewed in the debate were horrendous! Rand has some good ideas , but he too wants no defense. That is enough for me not to vote for him. Our military is the backbone of the U.S.

          10. Cranky Steven says

            Or was so until the Moslem in the WH gutted it.

          11. OCDiver says

            I don’t even trust his son, I’m hoping he isn’t our candidate so I don’t have to vote for him. I will just to get the demoncrats out, but I sure as hell won’t like doing it!!

          12. JIMBO says

            So, do you vote for Obama again?

          13. livefree1200cc says

            not then – not ever. What a silly thing to imply

          14. Tim Bromund says

            That’s what a wasted vote for the unelectable Rupaul is, in effect.

      2. SFC US Army Retired says

        Evil being the Socialist Liberals!

      1. Seldena says

        I went to your link and found this fascinating reading! Explains the Democrats very well. They do have an ideology. I see it as ANTI-AMERICAN and it is showing more and more everyday one of them speaks!

        1. John Williams says

          Would you believe that last night I had the opportunity to not only hear Trevor Loudon speak in person but also my wife and I had him as a guest in our home, he is very well versed and should you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak don’t miss it. You can go to trevorloudon.com for his speaking schedule in America. At the time he is working his way thru some of the western states. I will leave you another link that shows where this is being done to our children under the common core fiasco. http://www.utahnsagainstcommoncore.com/hegelian-dialectic-in-cc-ela-standards/

          1. Seldena says

            WOW! I know that was an interesting evening!

    2. John Williams says

      Please see the included link as it will go a long way to support what
      you have said and put a name and explanation to what and how this is

    3. 7papa7 says

      You are so right. I remember someone saying that compromise is a tool of the devil. One thing that I have found and that is if you keep doing the same thing you will keep getting the same results. If we keep voting in liberals nothing will change and our debt will continue upwards and our nation will continue to decline at an even faster rate. We have tried the liberal to moderate republican aka RINO and where has it gotten us? We now need to get a certifiable conservative in the WH so we can move forward with a conservative congress.

      1. Keith Brockmiller says

        And if you continue to not vote, you will also get the same effect. Not voting is the same as voting “D”: So stop whining about the government you “didn’t” vote for

        1. 7papa7 says

          Until you know what you are talking about it would be advisable to keep your mouth shut so you don’t sound like a total idiot. I have voted in every election for over 40 years. That does not mean I like or have any respect for those I have voted for.

    4. OCDiver says

      Where we “compromise” they laugh all the way to the bank!! Then when we need them to “compromise” they filibuster and throw a hissy baby fit!

  2. Kent2012 says

    Those that were mad that Ron Paul did not make the ticket and that Romney is a Mormon and that Sarah Palin is an idiot and that John Mcshame is over the hill are why we have a rag head loving communist that hates America in DC throwing decrees around like a dicktator instead of folks that love America and want to see the best for her here and abroad…..

    1. livefree1200cc says

      Don’t forget about the 535 traitors in congress that allowed a non – Natural Born Citizen to run for President to begin with

      1. The Blue Collar Man says

        Another person that doesn’t understand the “Game”, like all the other few million lazy, non-thinking, self centered, stay-at-homes.
        Did you even vote? Based on the last part of your post, I’d say you stayed home. To you, and a few million, thank you so much for f***ing up the time I have left here.
        And, you are totally wrong about Romney. He’s a capitalist, not a “transform America” idiot. You didn’t listen to obumbler, did you.

        1. livefree1200cc says

          Yeah – a Billionaire whose resume consists of destroying jobs and companies would have been perfect for America. He made lots of money for sure – but it was made from the misery of others

          1. Keith Brockmiller says

            You need to watch some news other than the mainstream. Or whatever blog you get your ideas from. While I agree that Romney IS not conservative, he has saved way more jobs than killed.

          2. Seldena says

            Disagree! Mitt would have our economy in better shape for one thing. obammy knows nothing of economics.

        2. Seldena says

          I agree with you about Romney! I do understand the “GAME”. I have taught the Constituion and I knew about obama in 1995 and tried to educate others that did not listen. turns out I was right! I study all things political and I understand both parties. This is why AConstituional Conservative is needed back in the WH to undo all this change we have endured so far. First, we have to take the Senate back!

      2. Seldena says

        I disagree with you about Romney. Do you remember the 2nd debate and he talked about the Constituion? Did obammy EVER say anything about America and upholding the laws of the Constituion! Who are the only ones talking about changing America? Democrats, obammy and KILLARY! If you love America–Why do you want to change what you love?

        1. Kent2012 says

          Seldena I think that you misunderstood my comment…I was balancing those that ran against kenyan boy and how some people reacted that should have been voting for them rather than kenyan boy…The supporters of Ron Paul stayed at home as did those that hated Romney…I have my differences with John McCain, but I whole heartedly support Sarah Palin and am pleased the she has the courage and conviction to stay in the fight to save America…

          1. Seldena says

            i DID MISUNDERSTAND YOUR COMMENTS. i HUMBLY APOLOGIZE FOR THIS! I am so passionate about Voting and I am trying to get that instilled in those around me. Most important election in NOV. 2016 will be extremely important.I get frustrated when people cannot see what is obvious right in front of their face. I want them to care as I do! But, we are all different and see things differently.

          2. Kent2012 says

            An apology is not necessary, I just wanted to let you know that we are on the same side and sometimes my sarcasm is too veiled…

        2. livefree1200cc says

          They can say anything they want, as millions of gullible and ignorant Americans found out with Odumbo, it was all lies

      3. OCDiver says

        you are so deluded!! Romney was beating Paul in every state Paul got on the ticket for by landslides. and yet you still want to say that “we the people” wanted Paul??? you’re as convoluted as the libtards!!

    2. Seldena says

      First, I disagree with you about Sarah Palin. She loves America and the Constituion and GOD. This means a lot to me! John McCain? You are right.Romney ? At least it is not ISLAM! yes, we have to get Republicans voted in to make obammy a lame duck where he cannot do anymore damage.

  3. livefree1200cc says

    The Republicans are just as corrupt as the Democrats. If they hadn’t cheated Ron Paul out of the nomination there wouldn’t have been as many non-compromising Conservatives. The GOP shot themselves in the foot, and they only have themselves to blame. I’ve sat out the last 3 Presidential elections for lack of a good candidate. Why would we lend our support to a party that just cheated us, no matter what our level of disdain is for the Democratic party? Put up a GOOD candidate and we will vote for them. Stop making excuses for your bad choices GOP. Romney was a bad choice – don’t even think about running him again.

    1. sturgis says

      I haven’t voted FOR anyone for many years! I have voted AGAINST! Not voting was a vote for that POS in the White House!!!

      1. livefree1200cc says

        So you compromised your values to vote for the lesser of two evils? How has that ‘lesser of two evils’ strategy been working out for us? I’ve never seen things get better with the ‘changing of the guard’. People don’t realize that the R’s and D’s are controlled by the same masters. It doesn’t matter which one you vote for. They put up BOTH candidates. The only opposition you can rightfully make is to not vote at all when you know the game is rigged. My 72 year old Dad does that crap too (votes against candidates) he doesn’t get it either 🙁

        1. sturgis says

          I don’t want to argue with you but! You don’t get it. I repeat! A NON VOTE WAS LIKE VOTING FOR barry soetoro!!! A compromised vote was better than voting for::::: You didn’t vote so you shouldn’t complain. Bottom line; If more people like you voted,, that POS wouldn’t be in the White House now!!!

          1. Keith Brockmiller says

            His (her?) mind is closed. You won’t change it. I’m starting to think maybe they are a liberal themselves. Seems dead-set on throwing their weight behind the liberals. No matter what they say, that’s the net effect

          2. sturgis says

            I’m afraid your right. Too many ignorant people in this country. And barry soetoro is counting on them!!!

          3. livefree1200cc says

            His mind is wide open to the prospect of REAL change in government. That won’t happen as long as we think there is a difference between the Dems and the Reps. All 535 members of congress were silent when a NON – NATURAL BORN citizen was allowed to be POTUS – TWICE!

          4. livefree1200cc says

            you don’t get it …….Obama = Romney – they are both put up by the same people – they both would have had the same agenda. All the losers that voted for the ‘Change’ guy, thought Odumbo would be so much better than Bush – but he continued almost everyone of Bush’s policies. It doesn’t matter who you vote for if the two candidates are the same

          5. sturgis says

            You should not comment anymore. Your ignorance is really pathetic. You actually think this country would NOT be better off if Romney was president?? Your an idiot!! Just read some of the responses people have wrote to you. KID GROWUP!!!.

      2. Paula says

        Unfortunately it’s been voting for the lesser of the two evils! To bad we can’t get a Reagan-like candidate. With brains, love of country, class.

        1. sturgis says

          Your correct. It is a shame, the choices we have. Like you said; The lessor of the two evils!

      3. Maggiemae says

        I totally agree. I have never missed an election since I’ve been old enough to vote….and I’m 69 now. There have been an occasion or two that I have not liked a candidate in particular in either party, however, I would always vote against the person I sure didn’t want to win. I’m a naturalized citizen and worked hard for that status and my right to vote and l never be derelict in doing that. Not voting at all just gives the opposition more votes than if everyone voted ‘for’ the Conservative person over the Liberal. Had that happened in either 2008 or 2012, we wouldn’t be in this slide towards communism. I do not compromise my values but by not voting I’m compromising the security of our country….especially with this ‘president’.

        1. sturgis says

          Thank you. I don’t think of my vote as compromising either. It’s too bad some people don’t get it! Without insulting anybody, the ones that don’t bother to vote are ignorant!

          1. livefree1200cc says

            Actually its the people that do vote that are ignorant – the bankers put up both candidates – did you actually think voting for either of them would change anything? Has your voting EVER changed anything????? NO! Things just keep getting worse no matter how many lesser of two evils candidates you vote in.

          2. sturgis says

            And the one’s that don’t vote,,,, are more ignorant!!! The majority on this site agree with me, and criticize you. Your too ignorant to understand, and your father would agree with me!!!

          3. Keith Brockmiller says

            I am starting to believe he’s a troll

          4. sturgis says

            It sounds like he’s down on America. He should leave the country.

          5. Keith Brockmiller says

            I would really like to see what documented proof you have that this is the case. I am willing to bet your response will be something like: They have done such a good job covering it up, thats the only proof I need. Or something just as ridiculous.

          6. Maggiemae says

            To some people, ignorance is bliss. However, they are usually the ones most vocal in complaining about how everything is just so screwed up. It’s like….”hello”…get your head out of your butt and pay attention to what’s going on. Those are the people in the “you just can’t fix stupid” category and a big part of why we’re in the hell we’re in. The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. It just aint’ gonna happen!

          7. sturgis says

            LOL Your right.

          8. Maggiemae says


        2. Seldena says

          I love my voting rights! in fact women had to fight hard for the right to vote. I love my country and the military. and I cry over what we are becoming if obammy is not stopped! Democrats , being Communists now, are complicit. Yes therre are some bad Republicans, but I cannot see a Republican wanting to change our Constituion and having more gov’t control over us. They are fighting against that now. I want a candidate that truly LOVES America and our freedoms! I want a candidate that will pray for guidance to God. We have pushed God out and now we are in trouble!

    2. Poodleguy says

      Idiots like you is why we have a no good lying muslim bas tard in our Oval Office & all his corrupt cronies all over our govt! I totally disagree w/your putting the Republican Party in the same box as the demonrats. Sure, there are the RINOS – the “establishment” republicans & we solid Constitutional conservatives are doing what we can to replace them. It is a long & arduous task & it can’t happen overnight. Short sighted single issue voters & the uninformed voters are the problem.

      1. livefree1200cc says

        Idiots like the GOP picking candidates NO ONE wants is why the GOP lost. If they had not railroaded Ron Paul we would be in a better position right now. And to think the same idiots are thinking of running Romney for a 3rd time! Pathetic

    3. Paula says

      Romney did OK with the popular vote.. BUT the election was as rigged as the one in 2008. I would bet that all the insiders in DC knew obama was going to walk away with the presidency both times! Again, BUT…. the candidates the GOP put up against obama (with the exception of Sarah) just walked quietly into the night .. not once demanding a recount. Not once screaming about fraud! Only one demanded a recount because of the fraud, Col Alan West. And he still lost… that election was rigged, he’s to popular..but he’s the only one that stood up!

      When the GOP & Conservatives learn to fight back just as hard and nasty as the libs… we’ll get this country back. Once the soros-liberal propaganda machine starts rolling it will take out most of the heavy conservatives…again.

      I hope they don’t run Romney again… it would be nice to have some class back in the White House, but for a businessman he didn’t show his killer instinct. obama didn’t have to show his killer instinct, the handlers played it beautifully.

      The libs will run a woman… so they can scream more racism…after all we (Conservatives) all hate women. And if it’s an older woman, like Elizabeth Warren (the foolish liar) or Hillary (the murderer) then the libs can throw out the ageism card. So now we are going to hate White senior citizen women! No matter what… we’ll be accused of whatever crap they want.

      They will bring out the big guns and the GOP might show up with a little pocket knife! Then we’re screwed! Again.

      1. johnny51 says

        God bless America !

        1. Paula says

          YES! We need him…we let the liberals kick GOD out and we are suffering for it.

      2. livefree1200cc says

        The republicans and the Democrats have the SAME HANDLERS – they don’t care who wins – the outcome is always the same – less freedom – more government – tell me when was the last time that wasn’t true – Bush was a Republican, and until Odumbo came around Bush WAS the worst President we ever had. Don’t look for an R or a D to save us. They both work for the same team

    4. johnny51 says

      The media and the R.N.C. are at fault . Don’t trust them . (883)

    5. JIMBO says

      Live free. See my comment above!!!!

    6. Seldena says

      That is so sad to waste your voting rights and looked what we got! Shame on you!

  4. Combatvet52 says

    I didn’t fight for freedom to have a DICKTATOR in the WH……Wake up America and get your a$$es to the polls and VOTE all the DEMOKRATS out, Let’s take back our country.

    1. Keith Brockmiller says

      Thank you. Couldn’t have said it better myself. And thank you for your service and sacrifice. I was in the Navy 78-84, and people like this just drive me over the edge. I can’t really understand how they think this behavior will help thew country heal

      1. Combatvet52 says

        I know where your coming from, and thanks for your service as well, Army Korea 52/53

        1. livefree1200cc says

          I am sympathetic to all you brave men and women that were used as pawns to protect the interests of International Banks and corporations. The last defensive war we were in was WW2. All the rest have been to make the rich richer – with your blood

          1. Seldena says

            I guess 9–11 meant we should have done nothing? Vietnam was a whole differnt story. Please never put down our men and women of the armed services. They did their duties!

          2. Keith Brockmiller says

            Rich this rich that. Since when is being rich a crime? Did you ever get a job from a poor man? I wish I was rich. You sound like a socialist

          3. OCDiver says

            We can’t all be rich and that’s what pisses them off, so they have to demonize what they can’t be and try to get everybody else to “take their side” …. I say piss on all of the anti-Patriotic anti-American sniveling cry baby maggots and reiterate my earlier posts …… Thank you one and all for your true patriotic service!!!

          4. sturgis says

            I wish I was rich! If your not a liberal it’s a crime to be rich! He’s just another ignorant kid,that has no clue, but thinks he does! What’s scary is, this is the crap they’re teaching in schools today!!!

          5. OCDiver says

            Roger that!! I took my son out of the public school system 3 years ago. He’s now a Senior in an alternative school with aspirations and the GPA needed to get into the Electricians Apprenticeship program!!

          6. sturgis says

            Good for you, and your son.

          7. livefree1200cc says

            I’m 48 – I probably have seen a lot more than you have, and I can guarantee I know more about what is going on than you do. Pay attention to what actually happens, not to what the news is telling you.

          8. sturgis says

            Hey azzhole Not to brag but! My education goes beyond high school. I’m eighteen years older than you, and a Vietnam combat Veteran. You keep opening your ignorant mouth, not knowing what the hell your talking about! Again read the comments aimed at you. Not my opinion alone!!!

          9. livefree1200cc says

            Not to brag but I have 2 college degrees. Not just a HS diploma. Yeah – Vietnam was sure worth fighting wasn’t it? What exactly did it accomplish for us simple folk here in the USA? NOTHING but pain and misery for you brave soldiers and the families of the fallen. As I said before, I am glad we have brave men and women around just in case we are attacked on our shores. Unfortunately it seems we are the ones doing all the attacking……and its not for our National Defense. You are proud of being a pawn. That’s your right – azzhole

          10. ricktenny says

            Boy livefree you keep hitting that nail right on the head. My father was a printer who also published a few newspapers. My Mom wrote for one of them that covered the town I grew up in. Dinner conversations were pretty lively and when I got old enough to think and started asking questions, my Dad took me aside one Saturday when I was doing my required slave labor at the plant, and said; You see those papers over there, pick one and bring it here. He held it up and started turning pages and asked me what I saw. When I said stories he told me look again. Seventy percent of what you see is Paid Advertising. Sixty five percent is my break even point. We shoot for eighty percent. This was around 1954. You don’t see adds on the front page, but the content on that page had better be enticing enough to get people to buy the paper and start turning pages. What I publish needs to have truth in the content, because the paper can be saved and there is a record of what I say. Now those whores on our new Television Set say anything they want. They twist the news to get you to watch. At 12 midnight when the shows go off and the tv goes to static, it’s all gone, there is no record. That was sixty years ago, and look at us today. At least we have VCRs. Now though if they can’t twist it, they just don’t air it!

          11. livefree1200cc says

            When I say rich I am referring to the Rothschild Banking Cartel that essentially runs the entire world. I am not refferring to a guy that worked his way into wealth. Stop your crying.

          12. ricktenny says

            Yes and the man who ran that war in Europe and then became POTUS warned the Nation in his parting speech, “Beware of the Military Industrial Complex”. Eisenhower knew it in 1958, the same as the Founders knew it in 1776. Don’t let the Government get enough power to own you. The idea that our Government is run by the People is quickly going out the window and half the people in the country don’t seem to give a damn. Drives me crazy.

          13. livefree1200cc says

            Glad to see you are paying attention to what is really going on Rick. Most people prefer ignorant bliss

        2. slypuffers says

          Thanks to you and all brothers, and sisters, who served, past, present, and future. America’s best, true hope……….sweetheart.

          1. Seldena says

            I echo your comment and SALUTE them all!!

      2. Frank Sorintino says

        Keith thats what is great about this country , we have the freedom to do what we please. I will never vote for a liberal Republican.

        1. Seldena says

          I want a COnservative Republican!

      3. johnny51 says

        If the R.N.C. and the media hadn’t got in the way of the 2012 election , we would not be having this conversation . Ron Paul would be our POTUS .

        1. Seldena says

          I am sorry, but Ron Paul was way off the mark for our country. Did you not hear some of his quacky ideas in the debates? Mitt Romney would have been a good President for so many reasons!

          1. OCDiver says

            No need to be apologetic for that thought!! 😉

          2. johnny51 says

            No , I won’t apologize , sorry you and Seldena are off in lala land .

          3. OCDiver says

            DUDE!!!! I wasn’t even talking to you!!! quit being so fricking thin skinned!!
            Your loving devotion to an ignorant old man puts you out in lala land not us!! And your willingness to spin the truth puts you on the same playing field as the libtard demoncrats!!! Ron Paul was losing in every state he made the ticket on by votes from we the people speaking loud and clear that we didn’t want him in the oval office. Get a grip and go suck your thumb and pout in a corner!!

          4. johnny51 says

            If you would be more open and listen to the truth you wouldn’t be so mouthy !!

          5. OCDiver says

            Your man loses by a landslide in every state he ran in, for the Republican ticket, and you’re telling me to be more open?? The Republican voters were speaking loud and clear “NO to Ron Paul” and I’m being ‘mouthy’?? Get a life dude, your man lost as did mine in Nov.. There was no voter fraud during the Republican run off as there was in Nov.. Nobody that voted for Romney is lamenting their decision, like there are from ones that voted nobama and regret casting a wrong vote. You’re the one that needs to be more open and see reality for what it is and stop being so mouthy. The vast majority of the Republican party DO NOT want a Libertarian isolationist in the WH plain pure and simple!!

          6. livefree1200cc says

            What are you smoking? The GOP cheated him every chance they got. And he didn’t lose by a landslide anywhere, you must not have been paying very close attention to all the delegates he accumulated. You also must not have noticed all of his oponents dropping like flies until it was only him and Romney left for the nomination. So how does someone who loses by a landslide end up in second place out of 6 people running? Nobody liked Romney – that’s why he lost TWICE. If it weren’t for you Romney voting idiots we could be heading toward a brighter future. The GOP thought they could count on our support after cheating us! No chance

          7. OCDiver says

            I quit smoking 16 years ago, my head is as clear as a crystal bell. You’re obviously the one that’s been smokin’ the funny stuff to believe that RP was robbed! Where’s your evidence to the contrary?? All you do is spew ignorance like the left-wing libtard demoncrats. My evidence is self evident in the fact that the voting results put your man dead last in precinct after precinct (he didn’t win in enough precincts in any state to win a single state). You’re like all of the other conspiracy theorists that can’t face the truth even when it’s slapping you across the face, and that makes you an even bigger moron than RP …. at least he was smart enough to know when to hang it up, shut up, and slip into obscurity. You should follow his lead.

          8. livefree1200cc says

            He didn’t exactly slip away into obscurity , but you’re right, he didn’t win. You must sleep better at night now with the way things turned out?

          9. OCDiver says

            Is that really all you can come back with?? My sleep?? jeezlouise what a moron!!!

          10. livefree1200cc says

            Calling you a moron would be too nice. You didn’t vote for the guy I wanted to win so you deserve what you got. Isn’t that the same thing you are saying to me? Logic from an inbred redneck who gets all of his news from MSM. You are truly pathetic. Enjoy your years with Obama, you should have backed Ron Paul, not Romney. Ron would have beaten Obama according to the polls

          11. OCDiver says

            Seriously?!?!? I didn’t vote for your guy so I deserve what I get?!?!?!? and you call ME a moron?!?!?!?!? What an ignorant fucking buffoon!!!! First, I have more logic in my little finger than you have in your obviously pea sized brain, second … I don’t watch “MSM” don’t even know what it is, never heard of it until now, I proudly watch FOXNews where the story is told and the viewer is able to decide what is true or not, and thirdly ….. in order to accurately accuse someone of being an “inbred redneck” you have to first know them so that you know what you’re talking about (which you obviously don’t ……. about anything) even an inbred redneck is smart enough to not vote for either nobama nor ron paul. Therefore YOU are the one that is “truly pathetic”, as I’ve done nothing nor said anything in support or defense of nobama. And saying that “You didn’t vote for the guy I wanted to win so you deserve what you got.” puts you on the same level of a sniveling, whiny, crybaby as the libtard demoncrats when they don’t get their own way. Grow up, let your nuts drop where they belong and quit being such a spoiled rotten, snot nosed punk as depicted by your posts!

          12. Seldena says

            For what? What lala land are you talking about? I have my opinion, you have yours. We can agree to disagree!

          13. johnny51 says

            So you like the alternative .

          14. Seldena says

            What do you mean the alternative? I said Mitt should have been the President!

          15. capt fou says

            So Ron was “off the mark” Where??? Middle East??? Economy??? Constitutional Government??? Balance The Budget??? How come this is the Information Age & you don’t have any???

        2. OCDiver says

          Ron Paul is a moron and that is why we didn’t vote him in ….. thanks be to God for the common sense to not let that one in!

          1. livefree1200cc says

            Good move – Hope you enjoy 8 years of the communist

        3. Rosie46 says

          If the RNC had fully vetted Obama — read what he said in his books — he never could have been elected. I voted and have never missed voting — those that do have no grounds to complain. So get out ant vote these Dems out of office.

          1. livefree1200cc says

            You are correct, but it was the entire gang of 535 in congress that looked the other way while the let an ineligible candidate steal the presidency TWICE. It wasn’t only one party that let it slide it was BOTH parties. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Republicans to turn this ship around. They also new what would happen if they ran the same man that Obama defeated the first time. Romney was such a bad choice I have no words to describe it

        4. livefree1200cc says

          Amen brother. He would have been the best we ever had. His words however have sparked a new age of awareness. Those brave enough to open their eyes will find the truth. Its out there for those who dare to look.

        5. b glad says

          We would not be having this discussion, but the discussion we would be having would have been much worse. Ron Paul is not a conservative and is by no means a Constitutionalist, which is what we really need.

          1. johnny51 says

            I don’t know where you got your info but F.Y.I. he is a total constitutionalist . And we would be way better off today than we are . Don’t let the R.N.C. and the liberal media pull the wool over your eyes ! Baaaaaa Baaaaaa

          2. b glad says

            I get my information from the materials that made this country great: The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution itself, The Federalist Papers, The Anti- Federalists and other writings of our founders and some of the sources from which they gained their wisdom and debate; John Locke, Montesquieu,early Greek and Roman thinkers, and most particularly-The Bible. I don’t listen to the mainstream media, except fro a laugh or a cry and recognize the R.N.C. as a major hindrance to liberty, nor do I listen to those, such as Ron Paul, who would have us living under the failed precepts of the Articles of Confederation. Much as the liberals, you show your true colors by your attacks. The wool and sheepish language give you away.

      4. OCDiver says

        Thank you for your service Keith

      5. Peatro Giorgio says

        Thanks to each an everyone whom served! For your service to our Republic. All of my fellow brothers an sisters in arms .Each of you are valued deeply in my heart an when we say we hold great respect for that service We know exactly what that respect is coming from. For I to served in both the Navy as well the Army from 76 – 84 . No I was one of the Lucky ones the closet I came to seeing any action is when I visited older service member friend’s in Lyons V.A hospital in N.J. Romney certainly would have been a more perfect President then the dog who won’t hunt we have presently . However that being said he is a good man. There are things he an I share in common .We both are faithful servants to Christ.we both love our Country. We both are Fiscal Conservatives. That is where commonality ends. Where he an I depart is The second amendment. The mere Fact he like a far larger Federal government then what our founding Fathers designed. He unlike I thinks safety nets should not have work requirements . Mitt has never seen a government program that should not be kept.. where our paths fit her diverge is on taxes. I believe all should be in everyone carry the load. In other words a across the board flat tax of 5% no deductions as well A cross the board 5% national sales tax. This way everyone is carrying the burden. Next reinstate the draft .with this most import addition no wavers no exception all whom are able body must serve. Of course these are merely my opinions I could be wrong. Not according to our Constitution.

    2. SFC US Army Retired says

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I sure as hell didn’t give 20 years of my life to watch my country go socialist or communist. If you love this country take it back. Vote Republican this fall!

      1. Seldena says

        Does having over 70 members of the Democratic Party aligning themselves with the Communist Party now, not enough to VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!! http://www.sadhillnews,com here is the list of names!

        1. sturgis says

          I thought Democrats were Communist!!! I think they are, however, and this is sad, they don’t realize it! Or do they?

          1. OCDiver says

            Oh you better believe they know they are and do know it …… it’s all part of their attempted deception!!

      2. Yadja says

        No matter who, no matter what they are running for…..R’s all the way.

      3. Combatvet52 says

        I hope their out there listening to you Sarge we have to take back the USA from all these socialist commies…..and haters of God

    3. Seldena says

      Thank you for serving our country! Yes, we have to get out and vote in Nov. it is vital to getting our country back to the Constituion!!!!

    4. Yadja says

      You and me both my friend in arms. You and me both.

    5. F15TSGT says

      I am with you brother! You and I both took an oath to the constitution to protect it from all enemies, foreign & domestic. I regard the POTUS in our WH as domestic enemy of the people and constitution. It is up to us, ” We the People” to change this! Harry Reid wants to strike FREE SPEECH from the 1st Amendment because some people don`t agree with the Dems agenda. We need to vote these bums out in Nov.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Absolutely Sarge

    6. Jane Wegener says

      Thank you for your service. Your statement is 100% accurate. And yes I ALWAYS VOTE against democrats/socialists/communists. My state is liberal to the extreme and our election system has been compromised. However I will AGAIN vote to get rid of our governor and worse Al Franken. I will NEVER GIVE UP!! All the best to you and God Bless.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Your quite welcome……yes Al BIG MOUTH Franken gotta go head first.
        God Bless you as well

    7. Spark1845 says

      Thank you for your service to OUR country. We have to RID OUR country of Barry Soetoro Hussein and all people like him. He is a PUNK. PERIOD.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        You’re welcomed Spark i can’t write what i really would like to describe about the PUNK.

  5. Keith Brockmiller says

    You guys are missing the bigger point. I am a staunch conservative as well. I would much prefer a Ron Paul, (with the exception of his isolationism) but until the electorate realizes that liberalism is not the way to go, the best we can do is to block them from getting more power. We have already got 1/2 the nation voting for free stuff, rather than the good of the country. So staying home is the same effect as voting for liberalism. I would much rather have a liberal republican than a liberal progressive. The phrase “you get the government you vote for” has never been more true. And if you don’t vote, You don’t even get that. except that, like I said, not voting is a tacit vote for the other side. We gotta start somewhere.
    @Combatvet52 said it in 2 sentences. Get to the polls, or watch our beloved nation go down the tubes.

    I think your just too freakin lazy. Don’t vote, then just stop whining. I’m tired of it. I see that crap all over the web. “I hate the way this country is going. Then in the same breath, “There’s no conservative candidates. I’m not voting. How stupid is that? Jeez, now my blood pressure is up.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      What is the sense in deciding between Hitler and Stalin? The game is rigged son – the International bankers put up BOTH candidates. If voting could make our lives better it would be illegal

      1. Keith Brockmiller says

        Son? Jesus. The way you guys talk, you would have stayed home for the Reagan-Carter election. Were you even born yet? I campaigned for Reagan. Mainly because he was a lifetime member of the NRA. You guys just don’t have a clue. How about this. All you guys with guns saying “Molon Labe!” You stay home, that’s just what they’ll do. Even if the republican is left of where you want them, at least (for the most part) they will make an attempt to protect the 2nd amendment. These liberals will stop at nothing to destroy 2A. I’ll vote just to prevent that. I would prefer to not break the law if I can avoid it. And I also plan on keeping my weapons. But in the meantime, I’ll keep voting for the party most closely aligned with my beliefs. And that’s not the democrats.

        1. livefree1200cc says

          Sorry brother. I assumed you were young because you still think there is a difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. By the way, Reagan has always been my favorite President. Unfortunately in retrospect I see he wasn’t as good as I thought he was at the time.

      2. Seldena says

        I just know Republicans had better get out and vote! You may hate bankers and CEOs and business owners, but would you have a job without money from somewhere? I don’t think so. Rigged? Possibly. Just get out and VOTE REPUBLICAN!!

        1. livefree1200cc says

          I don’t hate business owners, without them there would be fewer jobs. I hate the very small group of elite super-rich (Rothschild bankers) that control the entire planet by controlling all the money. I also despise 99.9% of the Democrats and everything they stand for. Denis Kucinich is the only Democrat that I have ever heard say anything worth repeating. But let me ask you this – When was the last time a Republican President improved our way of life?

          1. Seldena says

            Reagan did and Bush did in some areas. What has Obama done? More gov’t intrusion, more taxes, higher healthcare costs, and so much more. there will never be one in the wh that will get everything just right, but to blantanly do things on purpose to bring us down in jobs like regulations, etc. thgis is what I am talking about!

  6. Jerry Hughes says

    This is bs, we have heard this from the RINOS for 50 years, I didn’t vote for Romney in 12, I wouldn’t vote for Romney in 16
    Romney was the Godfather ofm Obama’s insurance rape.
    I will not vote for anyone that advocates changing the immigration laws oin any shapem except more effective enforcement and sealing the border.
    Anyone advocating for amnesty in any shape or form for any period will not get my vote.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      Amen – Giving illegals Amnesty is treason

  7. Frank Sorintino says

    The establishment Republicans just don’t get it. A true conservative is not a Democrat or a Republican. When I see a liberal Republican I will not vote for them.If I lived in Mississippi I would vote for the Democrat. The sooner the establishment gets, it and stays out of primarys the sooner Republicans will take back the Senat, I don’t care if they get it this year.

  8. bandit says

    Romney who !?

  9. SFC US Army Retired says

    True statement! There is no perfect conservative, but there is absolutely no such thing as good Socialist liberal demon-crat either. If you love your country and value your children and grandchildren Vote GOP this November and again in 2016!

  10. johnny51 says

    Don’t let the R.N.C. and the media continue to control the primary and we the people would not have this problem . I voted for Romney . It put a bad taste in my mouth .

  11. slypuffers says

    Been waiting for any “True Conservative”, last I remember was Barry Goldwater; however, after finally turning 21 in Nam, have never missed voting……………..sweethearts. Even if insignificant to many, it’s precious to me. Please support voter ID, stop Holder, and Democrat cheating.

  12. Ken Trefaller says

    I will Vote for the most conservative, electable candidates. BUT I WILL VOTE.


  13. JIMBO says

    Romney is absolutely correct about voting. I have neighbors that say they don’t vote because they haven’t seen the right people running for election. When asked who are the right people,there answer is even more stupid. I will know when I see them. When asked if they are happy with who is in office now, the answer is a very quick NO. So here is two votes for the wrong person. The only true right we still have is our vote, If we dont make our voices heard, we have no right to complain.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      tell me when was the last time your vote for the lesser of two evils has made a difference

  14. cdegler1 says

    Saying I am part of the problem makes me a little miffed. I have never stayed home when I had to vote. I would vote for anybody besides Obama or any other candidate the democrats throw out. Right now with the democrats wanting bigger government, they are last on my list. Bigger government is not what we need or any other scandals. I don’t think their are many Americans want 4 years of this congress or this president coming up.

    1. iitywybad says

      No one said you’re part of the problem. The people who sat home are part of the problem and you said you voted – therefore, you’re not part of the problem.

  15. Mark Clemens says

    I don’t like it either that both candidates in all Federal Elections suck. Picking the lesser of two evils, is still picking evil. All I want out of a Political Party is JUST TWO little THINGS :
    1. Protect ALL of our Amended Rights
    (If I must compromise DC can repeal #16)
    2. I want a THRIVING ECONOMY for my kids and generations so on………
    Mr. Elephant, Mr. Jackass am I asking to much?
    Why won’t somebody start a party that stands for just two simple American principles?

  16. junkmailbin says

    and this is how we end up with Obama for two terms . Take part in the selection process or have it taken over by the worst of the worst.
    Being a self righteous pompous arse proves you are completely self absorbed and suffer from cranial rectal impaction

  17. Maria castro says

    The GOP has destroyed the party. Their wishy washy attitude has turn a lot of true conservatives off. Is always the less of 2 evils. I always vote, even against my will because I know is my duty.

  18. Dave says

    I try to keep an open mind when it comes to candidates and who to vote for in our elections. I live in California which is dominated by leftist liberals who now have enough of the voting public to basically control the cities and the state at large. Our state government basically can pass any new law, tax increase, etc. it wants and only has the public service union leaders, who decide which Democrat gets nominated and elected, to convince that the new law or legislation should be passed. The conservatives in California that built the economy out here and provided the infrastructure that made California the great state it once was, are now in the minority of the voting base and have very little influence in the political arena in the state. It is easy to see why conservatives may just stay home and not bother to vote, as whomever runs as a Democrat for President always wins the 55 electoral votes in California. It is very depressing and is the perfect example of where the country is heading on a national basis as more and more immigrants come in, register as Democrats, and vote a straight Democrat ticket. This is exactly the warning given by our Founders regarding a pure democracy where the majority rules and which can be perverted into a dominate political status that can vote to expand government and government subsidies and those earning and paying the majority of the taxes have no say in the process.

    This situation is why everyone has to vote, particularly in the swing states not dominated by one party or the other, because the future of the country is at stake. Any Republican/conservative voter who refused to vote for Romney in 2012 for whatever reason, made a huge mistake as that failure to support conservative ideology just gave the most radically socialist President another term to further damage our country. Buyers remorse can no longer be tolerated as it is essential that we focus on the forest not the trees looking ahead and vote to save the country not feed our egos if we do not get the candidates we want.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      Make no mistake – Romney would be doing the EXACT same things Odumbo is doing

      1. iitywybad says

        Why do people like you and gmhunt4 insist on displaying their stupidity for all the world to see???

        1. OCDiver says

          Because they are libtard demoncrat trolls hell bent on distracting us from the main issues!

  19. Beverly Eysenring says

    I would lnove to have a real conservat. To vote for I didn’t like rummy but he was what we got so I did vote for him, would be better than what we have now. I don’t know how kb is still in office because you an I both know if he was a white man doing what ob has done he would be tried for treason already, so vote for a Republican no matter if you like him or not anything will be better than a Democrat an you know if we do win the democrats are going to go after him for anything they don’t like an we really need to take both houses.

  20. Seldena says

    I think RepublicanVoters are more informed this time around! They know this is a crucial VOTE in November. They will come out and vote! Dems hope thye stay home but LETS MAKE the Democrats MAD!! Anyone with me?

    1. Fedupwiththefeds says

      I didn’t pay attention to politics until we got this idiot in office. I’ve always been conservative but never voted. Last week I registered to vote for the first time. I’ll be out at the voting booths in November choosing a republican candidate in every race. I will also be choosing whatever republican candidate is chosen for the 2016 presidential election. It’s time to take the country back!

  21. Cranky Steven says

    I want Perry but I will vote for the Republican candidate even if it is Romney again. No more muslem whore.

  22. voyager7 says

    You have got to be kidding! Now I should simply look with a blind eye at ANY candidate the Establishment Republicans want us to vote for JUST so we maybe kinda have a shot at winning the White House and senate. That is EXACTLY what got into this freaking mess to begin with. I’ll tell you what, YOU THE AUTHOR, and THIS MAGAZINE are the problem. Try hiring a writer that is conservative and not some shill for the establishment.

    1. iitywybad says

      No, you and others like you are the problem. No one said “any candidate the Establishment Republicans want us to vote for”. You should support the candidate of your choice with all your heart and resources including financially. I do NOT support the state or national party during the primaries – I donate directly to the candidate or reliable conservative Tea Party groups. I campaign for them to the best of my ability. However, if my candidate doesn’t win the primary, I WILL support the winner, as will the Tea Party groups because we are intelligent enough to know that ANY Republican on his worst day is better than any democrat on his best day. Any one who wouldn’t take Mitch McConnell over Harry Reid is suffering delusion and a mental disorder. We didn’t get in this mess over night, and we won’t get out of it quickly, but every gain we makes begins to ad up, and we can’t do ANYTHING as long as the democrats are in control of the Senate and White House.

  23. loran says

    Abso-fracken-lutely correct. However, we should do our own research to be sure who we are electing. Some candidates are not going to be as conservative as we would like, but if they are in agreement with a lot of our opinions, then I could live with that. But if they are really a RINO, you know, votes less than 60% to 70% of the time with the caucus, then definitely do not vote for them. But do go and vote.

  24. Yadja says

    I don’t care who is running for what anyone with Republican behind their name is getting my vote.

    Dem/Progressive out….won’t even consider them….won’t look at them……..going full Monty for the R’s.

    1. johnny51 says

      What about Republican/Progressives , like the Bush’s !

      1. Yadja says

        Bush is not a Progressive. But I don’t like Jeb and he won’t be a nominee.

        O and Hillary both stated publicly they are Progressives.

        1. johnny51 says

          Bush’s – plural . All Bush’s .

    2. OCDiver says

      I thank you for your service ma’am!!

      1. Yadja says

        You are very welcome. 🙂

  25. Mynickelsworth says

    The Republicans will NEVER win a decisive election as long as the Party Leadership are dictators and refuse to support anyone but their choice of Moderates (near democrats) and RINOS refusing to allow any conservative candidates to run – especially IF they happen to be the choice of the Tea Party.
    They refuse to listen to the citizens who make up the party and decide all the candidates in their ‘Leadership’ (another word for dictatorship) meetings. McCain is a loser, more Democrat than Conservative, pro wild immigration laws and other foolishness. Romney was/is not much better. He is very moderate, i.e. leans toward the Democrat side instead of strict interpretation of the Constitution. His religion turns off many Christians because they do not worship the God Jehovah and Jesus, His Son; but rather their God is Adam, who, as a Mormon, was given god status and the world as his kingdom, he was the father of Jesus, etc and etc. So strict Biblical Christians see Mormons as idol worshipers, just as they consider Islam as idol worshipers of Allah.

    Personally I voted for Romney as a better choice than Obama. We need someone like Cruz, Walker or others of that caliber for President in 2016 but the Party Leadership will force another ‘loser’ moderate.

  26. Rodney Saucier says

    Forget the Mormons, forget the moderates. Conservatives aren’t winning because the Conservative agenda is not being articulated. Everywhere it IS articulated it wins. I was never so disappointed in someone as I was with Billy Graham when he took down a long believed concept that Mormonism is a dangerous cult. He went for decades staying out of politics, and I wish he had continued.Mormonism is a cult and a blight on the face of Christianity.

  27. Irvan says

    If there hadn’t been so much voter fraud in the 2012 election I think we would NOT have that black bastard in the WH. When you have 412 votes for BHO in a precinct that has only 300 registered voters something is amiss

  28. Judie K Kopfman says

    Right now, I am really saddened by our country, the political system both in Washington and state wide. I want someone in office who has the know how and skills to move us forward, to be transparent and honest, not feeding us a bunch of crap and doing just the opposite. We are ALL in a very dangerous situation and truly need to be ‘heads-up’ voting in the next election and certainly in 2016.

  29. LibertyDwells says

    This is just hyperbole. Nobody wants perfection. Just solid conservatives with decent track records. It’s too bad so many define conservative as anything claiming the Republican brand and anyone who doesn’t share that opinion as the “extremists. YOU are the problem.

    And, also noteworthy, those who ramble on about Mitt being Mormon are the same kind of ilk babbling about Obama being black. Here’s a news flash: Nobody cares. The problem with Obama is he’s a screeching leftist hack. The problem with Mitt is he’s a weak-kneed and wobbly leftist hack. Stick to the issues, and what people believe, and leave the race-baiting and religion-mongering the left, where such simple-minded trolling belongs.

    1. OCDiver says

      All true. But the point is, that too many Republicans aren’t voting because the candidate that they like and back don’t get on the ticket. And that needs to stop or we will continually get stuck with these wimpy, country killing, socialist libtard demoncrats in the WH. Mitt obviously wasn’t ubber conservative enough for all Republicans, so what, look at what we got stuck with because the ubber conservatives had to throw a hissy baby fit and stay home sucking their thumbs.

      1. johnny51 says

        Are you a

        1. OCDiver says

          Am I a ……. what??

        2. OCDiver says

          No, no I’m no plant, and I’m sure no sheep! I watch, I pay attention, and I vote my conscience. The libtard demoncrat agenda is such a bass-ackward downside-up immoral compass spinning way of thinking that it’s destroying our country. I’m sick to death of my tax money supporting lazy ass good for nothing leaches that drain our resources and contribute nothing to society but hard feelings and frustration. I agree with what some of the RNC says, and a lot of what the Tea Party says. I look for candidates that have a proven track record of voting more to my way of thinking and cast my ballot their way. I believe that our borders are a serious security situation and they need to be patrolled heavily by air, water, and ground with our military assisting the border patrol with full arrest authority. All who cross illegally should be deported immediately (after getting a full “run down” of who they are and where they came from, mug shots, finger prints etc.) no if’s ands’ nor buts about it, repeat offenders should be locked up in federal penitentiaries until their court date and upon conviction be shot as spies!! (just kidding on that one, our laws won’t allow that. Would be awesome if it were legal though, imagine how drastically the illegal crossing rate would drop)
          Have I given you a pretty good idea of where I stand? I’ll be more than willing to answer any further questions you might have about me. Not my favorite subject, but I have no problem with trying to set folks’ minds at ease about me.

          1. johnny51 says

            Good answer . Now see if you can find some info on why the liberal media and Fox News lied or just didn’t report what went on with Ron Paul in the poles in the primary . Before the primary they wouldn’t report the fact that Mr. Paul filled stadiums with thousands of people all across the states who came to here him speak . Because the elite Didn’t want you to here what he had to say .

          2. OCDiver says

            I don’t agree with a lot of what Ron Paul says and I didn’t like how he talked so lightly and casually about the Taliban during the debates while we’re at war with them in Afghanistan. If you feel that he was slighted during the primaries by the media you’ll have to find that stuff out on your own. I was hoping for Herman Cain my self for his 9-9-9 policy, it makes sense to me to lower corporate taxes to a flat 9% (I would also put a stipulation with that though so that the corporate cronies can’t line their pockets with out investing in their employees first, and proving it) so that there will be a bigger chance (notice I said chance and not a sure thing, I’m not stupid or naive just hopeful) for employment across the board, with better wages. 9% income tax gives me more in my pocket book as spendable cash flow helping the economy, and a 9% federal sales tax hits the bloodsucking lazy ass good for nothing leaches too.

          3. johnny51 says

            As far as Ron Paul goes I know he was slighted as you so gracefuly put it . Herman Cain was also my early pic until he was pushed out by slanderous accusations . But 9-9-9 I thought would put to much burden on middle and lower class . A flat sales tax That would collected at all levels of sales . No more I.R.S. ! Tax should be collected by each state then paid to the fed. reserve . Quit giving our money to other countries !

          4. OCDiver says

            That is one HELL of a good idea!!! Johhny51 for Pres anyone??? 😉

  30. gmhunt4 says

    BS article, Romney as President would be very little difference than what we have now. the GOP should be letting the people chose their candidate, NOT the party bosses. The GOP should be backing CONSERVATIVES NOT RINOS

    1. iitywybad says

      You and people like you ARE the problem. I would normally consider your statement that there would be little difference between Romney and Obama as ignorance, but ignorance can be fixed. Stupidity on the other hand is learned and unfortunately probably permanent, and I have never in my 76 years heard anything so stupid as that remark. You should always heed the words of Lincoln when he said

      “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”.

      1. gmhunt4 says

        Just cause you are 76 does not make you smart, more likely senile. As for Lincoln. he was the fool along with people like you. Lincoln should have been shot BEFORE the Civil War, then there would NOT have been a war. Doing with States Rights has hurt America more than anything else. The Federal Government is over reaching more every day.

        1. iitywybad says

          I usually only respond to an idiot once, but in your case I’ll respond a 2nd time. You’re too stupid to realize you’re stupid – in fact there aren’t enough words to describe your stupidity, and every post you make confirms that. Good Bye and Good Riddance.

  31. Elmer Goetz says

    Once we have Republican control of the senate, house and WH then we can start clearing out the RINOs and traitors. Clean house and severely limit them from ever holding public office again. This will take many years but patience is a virtue we must have if we are to save this Country from the liberal fanatic Democrats who are posing as Americans. We need to be fair but ruthless. And to all those Conservatives who refuse to vote until the PERFECT candidate comes along ? It ain’t going to happen. So get your heads out of your anal canal and vote for the republican candidate. Things will get better if we stick together. You are the reason we had to suffer through 4 additional years of the POS who is currently squatting in the WH. Quit cutting your own throats and causing this country to disintegrate into a liberal democrat cesspool.

  32. Mad Scientist says

    Hmm, don’t see much of a difference in either party today! Both are HELLBENT on the destruction of we the people……

    Sure vote for what its worth! Chances are our votes shall be counted outside this country. Thus, making it a fraudulent election just like the last in 2012………

  33. adrianvance says

    You are dead on right, but we have too many RINOs to ever make everything right.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you will be on the right track.

  34. 2399molly says

    We need parents to get their children to the polls also. Republicans must not stay home this time.

  35. b glad says

    The battle needs to be fought in the primaries with ideas, not quackery, backstabbing, and infighting, as was demonstrated by the Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum camps in 2012.

  36. BillThe Cat says

    Yes, but I don’t want the Republicans in either. Maybe its time we stop voting for parties and start voting for people. Look at all the candidates, that are up for election and pick the one that comes closest to your way of thinking, then vote for him or her.

  37. Scottinkga says

    The problem with this argument is that it blames the wrong party. The party seeking support has the responsibility of providing a candidate individuals WANT to vote for. To argue that “the other guy is worse than our guy, so vote for our guy” is not argument at all. The voter’s responsibility is to vote for the candidate that best reflects their beliefs and desires. If there is no candidate, the voter can rightly stay home and not vote. So stop blaming to voter and take a look at who the party(s) are putting up. When the party(s) get tired of losing elections, perhaps they’ll put up candidates people WANT to support.

  38. voyager7 says

    Wrong thinking iitywybad. It is you that doesn’t seem to understand that money runs elections and the establishment has it and the TEA Party doesn’t. When the TEA Party guy loses, (Which he/she will with no major money) the establishment is just waiting for you to support their candidate, because you believe “ANY Republican on his worst day is better than any democrat on his best day.” If the democrap candidate votes the same as the establishment candidate, how is a republican any better than a democrap? You need to see reality my friend.

  39. Michael Skok says

    What is the perfect conservative? What are 10 questions to be answered to find out if someone is a perfect conservative? Here are eight of ten questions if answered yes will determine if you are a perfect conservative:
    1) Do you believe in God?
    2) Do you love God?
    3) Do you pray to God?
    4) Do you read the Bible:
    5) Do you love your country, the United States of America
    6) Do you hate Muslims?
    7) Do you think there should be a balanced budget amendment?
    8) Do you think our military should be second to none?

    1. OCDiver says

      7 yes’ of 8 for me. I don’t necessarily “hate” Muslims, I do hate what they stand for though!

      I believe what they stand for is a part of the Antichrist spoken of by John in the book of Revelation.
      Love the sinner, hate the sin!

  40. truthseeker53 says

    Anything the RNC/DNC dishes up is crap. One’s bad, the other worse. I was for Ron and will be for Rand if the criminal idiots at RNC don’t kill him too. Y’all supporting RINOs is why we’re where we are.

    1. kjja9881 says

      Love Ron Paul and his son! 2nd Amendment!

  41. rowleya says

    Yes, We want a Real Conservative not a middle of the road, wishy washy loser.
    Only a real strong Conservative will Win the voters who have gotten tired of voting for the least objectionable.
    Tho. Ive never voted 3rd Party before; in 2016 I will write in the Candidate I want.
    Mushy Middle loses every time I voted for them just because the other Party is worse.

  42. capt fou says

    So where has voting for the Lesser of Two Evils gotten us??? Bankruptcy Counterproductive ForeignWars Parisitic Illegal Immigration Didnt listen to Dr Paul did you??? Better get behind Rand while you can as he is the only man with a plan to save Constitutional America Wake Up!!!

  43. Tony Scott says

    well I say our vote does count if we unite and vote independent or tea party. but if you vote dem or repub he is right your wasting your time.it easy to lie to us saying 30 % DEMS VOTED FOR THIS COMMUNIST AND 40 % VOTED FOR SOCIALIST AND THE REPUBS WON THIS MANY THATS HOW THEY LIE !!! now if you want vote to count vote the other parties I guarantee dems and repubs will be wanting a vote count so they can control certain voting precincts like they have for 60 years . time to get rid of this type of government it way to big and the way they made this happen was by destroying our economy
    so understand that the majority of the voting base works for the govt. they want to keep these 2 parties because they know any other party they are going to be loosing a lot of jobs . its that simple

  44. Phile says

    We must do whatever it takes to get back on track for the love of our Constitution. No matter what.

  45. 1uncle says

    We must get rid of the ‘idiots for drunk monkeys’ and other, many other, similar tax wasting demorats and start paying off our huge debt, much of which Pinocchiobama, the Kenyan, is responsible for.

  46. pmbalele says

    What are TPs and Repubs asking -Waiting for the Perfect Conservative? And would you believe they want Romney again. In 2012 Romney as asked to give his economic plan. Do you know what he said – None? At most he wanted people to steal from one other at Wall Street, banks. In fact top Repubs leader told him never to have economic plan to let uncontrolled capitalism work. That means Romney and his rich friends would continue shipping their money to benefit people abroad such as Switzerland, China, Japan Tanzania, Kenya and Mexico. Do you know during Reagan and Bushes this Country had severe shortages of local doctors, nurses and other professions. This Country had to recruit professionals from abroad. Repubs and TPs did not see the danger of having people from abroad control this country. Please don’t vote them in November.

  47. WhiteFalcon says

    The above article points out the hard facts about not voting if your perfect candidate isn’t on the ballot. Every time you vote, you have to choose between candidates that are not your perfect guy and some commieonazi troll. Romney was not my pick two years ago, but when you compared him to Ovomit, there wasn’t any question but what Romney was far the better of the two. Those that stayed home and didn’t vote are largely responsible for Ovomitcare and this damd fool approach to ISIS and the Bengahzi incident, and all the other scandals that have gone on since then and all that will happen between now and November 2016. So don’t be idiots. It is very seldom that the perfect candidate is going to be there to vote for. You have to choose the best of those you have to vote for. That is the way it is.

  48. USCBIKER says

    I call them a$$holes!

  49. jbftskj says

    Closed-minded GOPers who don’t vote are responsible for the debacle we’re saddled with in DC since 2008. Come on, get off your dead butts and vote; we have to make a start to remove the Socialists and Utopians from Congress and the WH, or you can get ready for your new life in the 3rd World; VOTE!!

  50. Spark1845 says

    Romney got screwed by the EVIL ONE. Assbama and his group of NEGROS cheated in the election. Everyone knows that. Sending his NBPP strong-arm Negros to intimidate old people, mostly white and trying to send a message as they did long ago. Well, I have a question? What ever happened to the old Black Panther Party. DEAD is what happened. Guaranteed to happen again. Just a matter of time. They are OUTNUMBERED. Of course they know nothing about numbers, do they? STUPID, IGNORANT and just a bunch of IDIOTS. SO, keep asking for a RACE WAR. You WILL get one. Only this time THEY will not STOP until ALL of you and your people are GONE. PERIOD. Blame the JIG in the white house for this. Barry is a FUCKING PUNK ASS BITCH. AND, as he said, PERIOD. HANG OBAMA, NOW

  51. Robert Early says

    Don’t blame the voters. It was Romney’s election to win or lose. He lost it. I and other republicans remember screaming at him through our TV sets when he lost one opportunity after another in debating Oblabla. He chose to sit there in silence with that idiot smile on his idiot face. He simply allowed Oblabla to win all the points. I still voted for Romney; but I do understand why many did not.
    Look at him. He still wears that same idiot smile today.

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