Was Michael Flynn the First Scalp Taken by the Establishment?


It was announced Monday that National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had turned in his resignation amid questions surrounding conversations he had with the Russian ambassador regarding U.S. sanctions. While President Trump was perhaps justified in seeking Flynn’s resignation, let’s not be drawn in by the media’s overblown hype. The trouble with Flynn was that he apparently lied to Vice President Mike Pence and others in the administration, forcing them to defend him using an incomplete set of facts. If the trust isn’t there, Trump had no choice but to cut Flynn loose.

On the other hand, consider Flynn’s original sin, as it were. The FBI says they have him on tape discussing the sanctions against Russia in a vague, general way, asking the ambassador not to rush into any hasty reaction and indicating that the Trump administration would revisit the subject after the inauguration. He didn’t make any promises. He merely cautioned against the kind of vengeful retaliation that would have made it difficult for Trump to reconsider U.S.-Russian relations.

Furthermore, we can’t pretend that Flynn is so stupid that he would be unaware that his conversations with the ambassador were being monitored by U.S. intelligence officials. Perhaps he violated the spirit of an obscure, never-before-used foreign policy law, but it’s absurd to act as though the FBI caught him in an act of treason – as some left-wing commentators are suggesting.

Lost in the drama now unfolding is the fact that the sanctions in question – the ones imposed by the Obama administration in November – were mostly political in nature. They were an overreaction by a president who was embarrassed by the outcome of the election and worried about his endangered legacy. They were an attempt to hamstring the incoming president and prevent him from doing what Obama couldn’t – align with Russia against the Islamic State.

Now, the really disturbing part of this is how it played out. Flynn’s resignation came after intelligence officials leaked the substance of his calls to the press. That’s not supposed to happen. It indicates that there are forces within the U.S. intelligence community working against the president. Indeed, some have reported that the NSA and other agencies have been deliberately withholding intelligence from the administration because they “fear” the Kremlin’s intrusion. Is this a legitimate fear, or are we watching the Establishment – Obama loyalists and others – wage war against a man who has threatened to shatter the old boys’ club?


  1. Shira Levin says

    I suspect they feel threatened by President Donald Trump and are acting accordingly.

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    2. Ronnie says

      I am sure of it.

      1. John says

        They are probably afraid that the truth will come out about what they did and that they will loose everything and be put in jail with Obo

  2. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell says

    Everyone feels threatened by President Trump, especially those who are not rich, not white, not native born, not willing to have him grope their genitals, not able to afford being screwed by Trump University, and not part of that massive, gigantic, bigger than ever tiny gathering at his inauguration.

  3. ebwood2000@yahoo.com says

    I suspect they are a bunch of democrat assholes!

    1. Leo says

      I think this was a targeted seek and destroy mission.

  4. Bob Hooper says

    If indeed President Trump is going after the old boy network, why have so many monied folks and Goldman bankers ended up in the cabinet. Along with Col Sanders and CashmachineDevos???

    1. Retired says

      You forget about Clintons promise to the Wall Street boys and foreign money coming into her campaign and foundation.. Both parties play with big money people .

      1. Bob Hooper says

        No disagreement but SHE does not sit in the chair and is now not relevant. Trump made a promise and seems to be forgetting it. The education and labor picks are especially quizzical in that regard.

        1. Retired says

          Soros – Schumer – Obama and the Clintons are still running the Democrats wether you want to realize it or not . Do you have something against cleaning up the education Dept. it is like the VA that needs a good house cleaning from the top down.

          1. richardwfaith says

            You got the names right, but I beg to differ on the hierarchy. soro$$$$$$ is at the top of the organizational chart; all the others you mention are merely his robots/puppets. The reason why it’s important to know this is that it points to a possible SOLUTION: get rid of soro$$$$$$, and the rest of them will die on the vine for lack of funding. Let us remember that soro$$$$$$ has sons who are poised and ready to take over when he croaks; therefore, the job is not finished until and unless the SONS are taken out also. In addition, it should be noted that even though soro$$$$$$ is at the top in the chain of command that you detailed, there IS a level above him too: the Globalist CABAL. Although I don’t have sufficient information to PROVE that some of the money soro$$$$$$ is inve$ting in anti-Trump mayhem is from the latter higher level, it DOES make sense. soro$$$$$$, wealthy as he IS, is a PAUPER next to some of the higher-level CABAL members, many of whom are FOREIGN. Hence, IMO the Great Puppeteer is HIMSELF a puppet. A very sad implication of this is that even with soro$$$$$$ GONE, new puppets at his level WILL BE DEPLOYED. It helps us to understand the origin AND the END GAME of the Globalist CABAL to learn to see it as a resurrection of the Tower of Babel: the ORIGINAL new-world DIS-order. The cost of liberty is ETERNAL VIGILANCE!

        2. DLynn says

          Actually, Bob I went to four Trump rallies and he is keeping most of his promises. He promised to repeal AND replace Obamacare. As Nancy Pelosi said herself “We will read it after we pass it”. Two companies have left the exchange at the end of 2016. I heard last night that Humana is dropping out at the end of 2017. I am a retired teacher and while I don’t know a lot about Betsy Devos, I am all for vouchers and school choice. Common core had us teaching to a test so the school could receive a better grade. That meant we lowered the standards so the slower learners could pass – and never allowed average students to use their knowledge – and in no way challenged any of them. It was all about what was best for the school system and nothing about what was best for our students. I wish Devos the very best because if she is successful the winners will be our children. Trump is following through with his promise to put high taxes on companies who go to Mexico (or other countries) to build factories and then ship their items back to the U.S. to sell. So far, he is doing a good job considering how much crap is being thrown at him to deter him from accomplishing anything.

          1. Mike says

            He has not done anything yet. He stated that once Tom Price was confirmed he would unveil his plan to replace Obamacare. We are still waiting for it. I believe Obamacare is not this horrible bill, but i am interested to see the replacement ideas from republicans because I imagine with their input the bill could be made stronger as I believe many aspects of Obamacare will be kept. Again though nothing from President TRump or the republicans. Betsy Devos was a terrible selection. She knows nothing about the public education system that 80% of the children in this country access. She also knows nothing about special education or the protections that the federal government has for those students stating during her confirmation hearing that it should be left up to the states. As for taxing companies the President cannot unilaterally tax companies for leaving so that is just not true.

          2. DLynn says

            Obamacare was written by a convicted felon (part while he was in prison) and according to him, it was designed to fail. My husband had a small company (14) that didn’t have to provide insurance for their employees but they did – and for their dependents. Once Obamacare kicked in they went from having four plans to choose from to one. Obamacare dictated that the plans be all inclusive (i.e. maternity benefits – my husband had two female employees and both past child bearing age). Any time you include all (i.e. pre-existing conditions) the premiums go up, co-pays go up, and coverage goes down. I was told last Sept that the cancer center I was treated at and continued to return for annual check-ups had been losing money on me ever since Obamacare was enacted. I could no longer return as my primary residence is out of state even though I still own a home in that state. My husband could no longer afford the hugely increased premiums so had a choice to either drop insurance on his employees or close – he chose to give his employees time to find another job and closed the business. We are 70 and 74 years old now – and our premiums continue to rise, our co-pays are increasing, and coverage is not as good. I would rather they take their time to replace Obamacare rather than just repeal it all together or rush into a plan that is a disaster as Obamacare was. Nancy Pelosi and her Dem allies may have thought reading it after they pass it was a good idea but obviously it was not. Two companies dropped out of the exchange this year and I heard last night that Humana will drop out of the exchange at the end of 2017.

          3. DLynn says

            My husband is a retired teacher and Principal. I am a retired teacher. My sister-in-law is a retired college professor, and our daughter is a teacher. You could say we have a few educators in our family from Ohio and Florida. I don’t know a lot about Betty Devos but I do know the educational system. It should be left up to the states because the bureaucratic nonsense that comes along with the Fed Gov has actually hurt our children. Our children are not cookie cutter cut outs. Common Core has treated them as such and what has that given us? As a teacher who lived it, I can tell you. We were told to teach to the test so that the school gets a better grade (this is ALL schools). In order to ensure that ALL the children can easily pass the test, standards are lowered to enable that to happen. Slow learners benefit but the losers are all the other students who are not challenged to live up to their potential – just to give schools a better grade (and prove what?). Betty Devos is for vouchers and school choice. My own granddaughter has Asperger’s syndromes though not all. She was struggling in her school two years ago because the teachers in that school had no idea of her challenges. They have school choice where she lives and my daughter applied to another public school – and was granted. This year my granddaughter is on the honors list. If our local school is not doing their job – I am all for vouchers being provided so that for instance gifted children can attend a school and be allowed to live up to their potential. It is a win win for the child which is what this is all about. I don’t know if Devos will be successful but those in D.C. have failed our kids now so I am willing to give her a chance. Thanks to the Fed Gov our children are no longer being taught cursive writing, they can no longer tell time unless it is a digital clock, and the new math has nothing to do with what they will need in every day life in the future. If Betty Devos is successful, our children will be the winners because right now they are being dumbed down (a term teachers are sadly beginning to use).

            As for companies being taxed for leaving – you missed the point. They will not be taxed for leaving the country. They will pay on the products as they return to our country. One example Trump talked about years ago (and when I checked it out, he was right), we are shipping live chickens to China for processing. We are paying a high duty once they arrive in China. My concern – China does not have the same high standards for processing that the U.S. has. When they return to the U.S. we are not charging China any duty. This is what Trump set down – they can move and give our jobs to Mexico but they will lose that profit when they bring their products to the U.S. This is exactly what we are seeing companies planning to leave change their mind.

          4. msueh says

            And once those slow learners reach college age, they’re given scholarships & grants they never could earn, allowing them into “institutions of higher learning” where they learn nothing but how to demonstrate and disrupt society.

      2. elmcqueen3 says

        Heck…Hillary raised billions the amount of money over that of Trump and look what happened to it…down the drain…Boo Hoo.

        1. Retired says

          To bad she did not go down the drain.

    2. elmcqueen3 says

      Me thinks because they are business people and not stooges.

      1. ABO says

        Bob Hooper is apparently entirely comfortable with the globalist liberal elite establishment and he is perfectly willing to ignore the truth about where most of HRC’s campaign money came from. Even Bernie Sanders, before he sold out, said that Hillary was bought and paid for by the ultra rich elite. Bob is obviously one of the left’s “useful idiots”.

    3. DLynn says

      Quite simply the ‘old boy network’ is the same as drain the swamp – get rid of the corruption currently in D.C. That includes those in both parties – not just the Democrats.

    4. Brenda says

      If you want to build a house, do you use an account as your builder, or do you use someone that actually knows how to build?

  5. The Help says

    Flynn was caught lieing to his boss that is why he got FIRED by Trump. If there was no proof he would still be working. How dumb do you have to be to not realize that any conversation you have with a Russian diplomat will not be captured by our government. This is the type of thing you are suppose to be donig to others yet you don’t protect yourself from it happening to you!

    1. Retired says

      How many times did Hillary lie and nothing was done about it ?? But then she is above the law.

      1. The Help says

        No Hillary was not caught red handed like super spy Flynn head of Natinal Security.

        1. Retired says

          How many times did Hillary say I Don’t Remember as well as What Difference does it make now ?? This is while she was being questioned and most was televised , you must have slept through that .

          1. The Help says

            No I did not sleep through it but again nothing specifically that could be used to incriminate Hillery like Flynns phone calls with the Russian ambassador. I have no dog in the fight I don’t like Trump or Hillary. Flynn as a man placed in charge of NATIONAL SECURITY is DUMB. A man with such a important position that did what he did then lie to the V.P. and the President then try to distract people with what about the leak that made this information public is weak.

          2. skisok says

            He didn’t lie to Trump and Pence. They were both in on it. But you’re wasting your time trying to reason with this group. They are so biased that it ain’t funny.

          3. elmcqueen3 says

            Where’s your proof Bubba…or are you just running off at the mouth again?

          4. skisok says

            I don’t run off at the mouth like you scumbag. The Justice Department warned Trump and Pence a month before he resigned and yet he kept Flynn on.

          5. elmcqueen3 says

            There you go again…running off at the mouth and calling people nasty names…makes you feel righteous doesn’t it…Trump should have asked Flynn not to submit his resignation…Flynn should have stayed on…I’m sure there’s more to this story than the leftist national news media would like us to know…thus allowing our American “Pravda” to make up more “fake” news to enhance their ratings and profits.

          6. skisok says

            If Trump is so honest and doesn’t own anything in Russia, why doesn’t he release his tax returns to prove everyone wrong? Why?

          7. Askjrsk says

            It’s that the IRS has all PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP tax information–and has had it since the OBAMA administration. Duh. Sure you still can’t grasp that basic fact. I’m concerned about uranium sales to Russia, 20% of our supply sold by HILLARY to the Russians. That and her embarrassing plastic red reset button. No wonder this flawed incompetent incapable inept and unfit crooked criminal lost. Then there’s the bus loads of illegals bussed in from Tijuana, as reported by pollsters, bussed from polls to polls in California Arizona and Nevada.
            These illegal votes in addition to dead people voting, pets voting, illegal voting HILLARY got a few votes. Very few legal votes. Not only flawed but intensely disliked and lacking intelligence or concern for we the people.

          8. skisok says

            And Flynn resigned on his own as it was documented that he was lying. His phone conversations were recorded by intelligence, ironic huh, that he is heading national security and was stupid enough to let himself be recorded and acting like a traitor. Just like Trump told Christie to go down with the ship for the bridgegait incident, he needs to do the same thing.

          9. Askjrsk says

            The real story is the leaks. The fake twitter account in Flynns name.

          10. skisok says

            You seem to forget the wiretap of his phone calls to Russian officials by intelligence. That is damning evidence.

          11. skisok says

            Leaks of traitorous activity is not sensitive. It should be public knowledge. It’s called transparency something this administration knows nothing of.

          12. Howard Bricker says

            Flynn did nothing illegal, but the intel leaks were darn sure illegal and heads should roll for that.

          13. ggrdr05 says

            they should be found, charged and sent to prison as the law states

          14. Ronnie says

            Screw you snowflake!

          15. DLynn says

            If you look at what you just read – the ‘other’ group are biased? With absolutely NO NONE NADA proof that Trump and Pence knew about it and were both in on it – you clearly state they were. I have not even heard one reporter allude to this. To state they were is definitely biased!!!

          16. elmcqueen3 says

            Thumbs up on this one.

          17. Retired says

            What the hell is the difference between that and Hillary as SOS transmitting Classified Information .You evidently do not know nothing about security clearances . Did Flynn discuss classified information ??

          18. The Help says

            Flynn has two issues
            1) Were any of the subjects he discussed confidential? Flynn had multiple conversations with this Russian.
            2) Did Flynn act against the interst of the U.S. government by saying don’t worry about Obamas sanctions while Obama was still the sitting president.
            The belief that the U.S. can build a working relationship with Russia while Putin is president is at best highly suspect considering that since Trump has been elected the conflict in the Ukraine has resumed after a two year halt. Russia has launched a intermediate cruise missle that is in violation of an existing treaty.

            Our politicians and appointed officials are constantly skirting and ignoring the rules and laws in place to protect our country and it’s citizens. It is becomming a well he/she did it so whats the big deal except each incident takes it one step further.

            Is Hillary guilty Yes, Is Colin Powell guilty Yes is Condoleezza Rice guilty Yes is G.W. Bush guilty Yes is David Petraeus guilty Yes (and David is being considered to replace Flynn) The public needs to wrap it’s head around all these breaches in rules and laws by these officials and realize it really is not a partisan problem it is a problem that our government is doing nothing to stop it from continuing. WAKE THE HELL UP

          19. Retired says

            Seeing you know everything , who did Flynn talk to and what classified information did he discuss ?? Who killed the Russian diplomat awhile back in the US . Who brought out the Russia connection in the early campaigning . Who is behind removing Trump . Who was in Cuba while a Russian navy ship was tied up in the harbor. Who was involved with selling Uranium to Russia. You are the one that needs to wake up how the US is being destroyed from with in.

          20. The Help says

            Those are questions that an investigation into each one could provide you answers. Pretty big list. The Urainium sold to Russia was a business deal involving several corporations and countries with the U.S. just being one of the countries involved much like the Iran deal that everyone seems to think is unilateral deal between Obama and Iran. As far as removing Treump from office you can put me in that boat. Trump lacks the experience, knowledge and temperment to be a world leader.

          21. elmcqueen3 says

            Says who…You?

          22. jimmy midnight says

            The Help’s comments and sentiments coincide with mine 4 1.

          23. Ed Shick says

            It would have been very easy to have put Obama in Prison along with Valerie and even the Puppet Master ,George Soros , none of which were born in The USA

          24. DLynn says

            Many countries have always looked to the U.S. for guidance. This is the exact same thing that happened with the Iran deal. Negotiating the deal while in Iran John Kerry was sitting across the table from the father of the best man at his daughter’s wedding. His son-in-law is American Iranian – conflict of interest?????? Iran blew up a full scale size American ship two days before the deal was signed. Iranians have been filmed all along shouting “Death to America”. What part of this don’t we understand. They have never kept their word – ever in history. Why do we trust them now. Oh, that’s right, we can’t because they have tested two missiles this past month – which goes against the deal they entered into with the U.S. We are seriously in debt and Trump is a businessman – not a community organizer. I have read several of his books and his theme throughout is “I don’t know it all but I get the best of the best in every area of any project I go into.” Give the man a chance – so far the so called professional politicians have got us in a mess.

          25. Ed Shick says

            He had more experience than the Muslim Communist Community Organizer , and he has made many good deals in the Private world , unlike the carer Politicians that do nothing ! Trump is a worker ! That is great in my Book !

          26. ABO says

            Hi, Ed. Great to hear from you ! Hope to hear more. You’ve been missed by all here.

          27. Ed Shick says

            Well the last 2 months has been bad 4 close relatives Died , one my son in laws Brother and they ran a machine Shop together , then his grand son got robed by a Bunch of Muslims which got maybe 10 Dollars but they hit him in the head with a ball bat and fractured his head , so 3 mos. in Hospital , Then my son in law went to a Dr. got some meds and 3 days later commited Suicide, so it has been quite a year ! Good news is we have Trump in office

          28. ABO says

            Very, very sorry to hear of your losses, Ed. Certainly hope everything is well with you now and as I said it’s good to have you back.

          29. elmcqueen3 says

            Is Barack Obama guilty…Yes…Is Hillary Clinton guilty…Yes…Are Democrats guilty…Yes.

          30. DLynn says

            First, Powell and Rice used private email accounts to communication with some inside the State Department. Clinton used a private computer ‘server’ out of her home which left it wide open to hacking (which they admit that there were attempts at hacking into the system – and I have no doubt those who tried were successful. Second, I agree with you about Petraeus being guilty of the same as Flynn and will be disappointed if he is named to replace Flynn. Michael Flynn is career military and I am 100% certain that he did not disclose any classified or pertinent information; HOWEVER, he was not forthcoming about his conversation with the Russian Ambassador. I do not believe there was anything other than simply relaying that there will be a new sheriff in town and give them a chance. Kind of like Obama telling a Russian that “after” the election he would have more leeway – this was “before” the election. How did he know he was going to win? Flynn’s only fault was not be totally forthcoming to Pence – and that is huge when you are with intelligence so he was right in submitting his resignation.

            As for Benghazi – there is proof of Hillary’s (and no doubt on Obama’s go ahead) that Hillary ordered a stand down for the GRSs in Benghazi. The GRSs on the ground during the attack wrote a book saying upfront this was not political – they wanted the truth to go down in history rather than the lies being told. I have a granddaughter that served in Iraq and almost lost her life there when a Humvee she was in took a direct hit. I researched Benghazi from every angle for a year wanting to find we did not leave Americans there to die – but I found the opposite – our government thought it was more important to keep us from knowing that the CIA was there because they would have to explain why.

            We all need to wake up – Democrats and Republicans as to who is the puppeteer pulling the strings on all of his puppets (every American). I 100% agree with you that we need to take a close look at what is going on in our government. It was easy to admit to the Dem wrong doings but I had to be honest that after a LOT of research our government was out of control. Both the Dem and the Rep liked the way it was going out in D.C. – and the reason why Trump won because a LOT of us – both Dem and Rep came to realize this. I do not care which party it is but when you have either party unlocking a link to any member of our intelligence committee and when something is uncovered they go to the media instead of other government members – we have a problem. One spying on the other and then going public. What is going on right now is a result of George Soros orchestrating a well laid out plan that he has had in the works for MANY years. I found a connection between George Soros and Ted Turner – and I am sure there will eventually be a tie to the heads of other major networks. He is striving for globalization and one money for his benefit. He enjoys playing us – think about it – have you ever seen Americans at each other’s throats about an election – NO! Approximately half of the population is always unhappy about the results of an election but we don’t riot and gather in loud often violent protests. We never heard of paid protestors to continue on and on and on and on. United we stand and divided we fall – and we are in a freefall. I thought the election (no matter who won) would be the end of the cat fighting but it has only gotten worse. This is ridiculous. We have friends and even family not talking to each other.

            I am certain that many Dem have to be totally embarrassed by what we see going on with these so called protests because this is casting a bad light on the entire party. Now we hear that Obama (direct link to Soros) is instrumental in creating an anti Trump PAC that will continue to fight everything Trump tries to accomplish. Whether you love or you hate Donald Trump, this in fighting is only going to hurt our country. I have never seen such hate all over the U.S. We were in Guatemala in Nov on a mission trip and while I have been on many mission trips all over the world I always looked forward to coming home – until this trip.

            So, yes, we all need to wake up and stop the name calling. We need to call the protestors for what they are – criminals and should be arrested (aka being held accountable for their actions). The protestors are on their way to destroying the Dem party and the media can no longer be trusted to report the truth. I am a firm believer in a two party system for checks and balancers – but not the two party system that existed until Jan 2017. Neither were the parties I grew up with. Sad but true!!!

          31. elmcqueen3 says

            There should never have been a “leak”…the leak in its self is criminal…and heads should roll when it is found out who in our intel community released the leak and attached Flynns name to it…That is a “no-no” and is in direct violation of our espionage laws…Someone needs to go to jail for releasing this leak to CNN…and someone at CNN should go to jail for publishing the so called “leak”…Which just goes to show how corrupt our intel services have become…they believe they are above the law which they are not.

          32. Ronnie says

            All Democrats should be fired, DRAIN THE SWAMP! also get rid of anyone who does not support the president period!

          33. The Help says

            You are right there never should have been a leak. The President and his staff were aware of the leaked info for a month and were doing nothing with it so my guess is the leaker thought that do to the lack of concern or supression by the White House the public needed to become aware of the situation, does not make it right but does concern me about the White Houses apperant lack of transparency and concern for what Flynn did. No the news reporter that released the story should not be prosecuted he did his job, exposed an issue that was being ignored. News is created and necessary by reporters uncovering activities that are illegal or questionable that are being suppressed, it serves the best interest of the public. Now if the News was reporting the details of a military offensive before it was to take place that would be a criminal.

          34. Mathew Molk says

            Guess that dope that the commissars was handing out to the useful idiots got you. You better check yourself in before you hurt yourself. Your brain got fried on the drugs.

        2. Love of Country says

          She was caught red-handed 1) with the illegal private server
          2) sending and receiving highly confidential materials on that unsecure server
          3) destroying 35,000 subpoenaed emails
          4) not returning all emails to state department
          5) lying ad naseam to the people and the FBI about all the laws she was breaking
          6) fixing the election against Bernie Sanders
          7) cheating by taking debate questions in advance by corrupt rag CNN

          1. Leo says

            Amen to that brother! Well said!! No further explanation necessary.

          2. elmcqueen3 says

            Don’t forget the Russian Uranium thingy.

          1. elmcqueen3 says

            I agree.

        3. elmcqueen3 says

          What’s a super spy?…There also is no such thing as Natinal Security…Where’d you get this?

          1. The Help says

            Sarcasm, Flynn was the director of National Security. and should have been well aware that conversations on the phone with forgien ambassadors are taped even ones that are not Russian. The congressman that made the statement that what we really need to be concerned with is that an American citizens phone was hacked by our government should also be schooled Flynns phone was not hacked the person he called was the phone that was hacked.
            Also have you noticed that nothing has been said by Russia about the ambassadors phone being hacked, why, because it’s common knowledge and every country does it.

        4. Ronnie says

          Are you blind?

        5. Mathew Molk says

          What planet have you been on for the last 8 years?

          1. Ed Shick says

            I have been in America from the time I was 80- 88 living under a Foreign Student From Indonesia and every night I have Prayed for America , the land i Fought for ! I see they got rid of the half brother of Korea’s president , hope they get the nut job that now runs N. Korea , I lost many good friends there , most about 20 years old !

      2. skisok says

        That’s it change the subject. Corruption with a capital C!

      3. elmcqueen3 says

        As SS she even brokered a deal that would allow the Russians to purchase a hugh stake of our Uranium inventory…Isn’t Uranium used in the making of nuclear warheads?…For this the Clinton foundation was awarded a donation of millions of dollars from the Russians…as a form of gratitude for her endeavors…Talk about collusion with the enemy this one takes the cake…Yellow cake.

        1. Aurorawtaylor says

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        2. Retired says

          The democrats do not want to hear those facts, and that is why they lost Nov.2016 . It will happen again in 2018 if they keep up with the nonsense daily along with the media . .

      4. Mathew Molk says

        That’s the point here…I always liked flinn but he screwed up. Bathouse berry is no longer in command. The law is the law and NOBODY, friend or foe can break it without facing the consequences.

        Too bad it had to be someone like Flinn but the message is clear. Keep your eye on the sparrow.

    2. skisok says

      Trump and Pence were both warned by the Juctice Department about the conversations. So who are we kidding?

      1. DLynn says

        It was one conversation – not conversations. This did not go on for weeks but a very short period of time for them to check into the matter. Keep in mind, the conversation was not illegal – he resigned because he was not entirely truthful with Pence when asked.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          You mean like when Bill Clinton lied to congress on national TV?

          The difference is now we are dealing with men of honor that will do the right thing no matter how much it hurts them.

          Mike Flinn – Duty Honor Country, and when for whatever reason he broke the honor code,,,,he resigned.

          There is no way your typical NWO Marxist would ever understand that. They are just like the moslems when it comes to lying and cheating. it’s OK if it suits THEIR twisted agenda.

          1. Ed Shick says

            I thought it was great when Dumb Obama was talking to the Russian and the Mike was still on ! When he said after the next Election he could do more that was in 2012 , Then he got relected thanks to George Soros ,Voter Fraud and weak Election Laws , Our lazy state Politicians had best get some better laws , We need to have a Voter ID card issued to American Citizens , with your picture , Important Information , and a MAGNETIC CHIP which gets Scanned when you get your one ballot , cut down on Mail ins they make Voter Fraud Easy !

          2. Mike says

            again with the nonexistent voter fraud. Play a new song for goodness sake or provide some actual proof and not the ridiculous BS that people are registered in more than one state or that dead people are still registered. My father died two years ago and until recently I never thought to tell the voter registration department of his death to get him off the rolls, but that does not mean anyone voted for him.

          3. Ed Shick says

            I was a Poll worker for over 20 years and we have seen under the Obama Communist clan , bring in so many Muslims , They do not have the right to vote but they do ! most Signs in Dearborn are now in Arabic , when they were counting ballots they opened a sealed Pkg of ballots on the out side it said 360+ for Hillary , 50 for Trump ,it was just the reverse , Trump had the 360 , hillary the less than 50 , We must clean up our elections , It s a state issue ,but how many vote in Michigan then go to Toledo and come up with a fake address and vote again , then maybe go south for the weather and vote in Florida , Voting should only be one day!

    3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Why do you liberals have such a double standard? Blinders on? President Trump has done more positive things in a short time for America than HUSSEIN did in his failed eight years. You qualify for moron status.

      1. Mike says

        no he has not. what has he done? president Obama lowered the unemployment rate and saved us from another great depression. although not perfect millions more have health insurance, he even deported more illegal immigrants than any previous president. what has trump done? admittedly he has only been on the job a month, but of course in about that time Obama had already saved the auto industry.

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Nice that you swallow every lie fabricated by the so called mainstream media. Abe lincoln stated that you can fool some of the people all of the time. He accurately predicted your existance Sparky. Have you any skin in the game. The stock market has treated me nicely and hopefully my insurance supplement will return to pre Obama healthcare levels and I will not be forced to subsidize the lame and lazy any longer after President Trump and the Conservative Republicans sh!tcan the Obamacare fiasco. He is also trying to rescue America from Obama’s allowing radical Islamic terrorists to enter the country. Get back in Mommy’s basement Mikey.

          1. Mike says

            I am glad you have a nest egg especially since many of trump’s cabinet appointees,and paul ryan in the past have talked about major changes to social security. as for insurance as i said the ACA was not perfect and i hope the adjustments to the act the republicans put into action help.

          2. Mathew Molk says

            Not perfect? NOTHING about it was any good. – The “Millions of uninsured” were simply taken off Medicaid and put on obozo-care. They still have everything free and pay nothing for it.

          3. Mathew Molk says

            Hey Brother, How ya been,,,,You forgot to bring up that the so called “lowering of the unemployment rate” had CNC machinists that were laid off forced to flip burgers when their unemployment ran out, and the reduction due to people simply stopping looking for work and dropping off the unemployment rolls.

            These snowflake are not worth talking to.

          4. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            I have been fine. Just watching President Trump driving these liberals to new levels of insanity. How about yourself? There is no understanding these emotion driven nut-balls is there?

        2. Ed Shick says

          We have more unemployment than ever it’s just they have been unemployed so long there benefits are Gone , The biggest bunch of People I see are those at a Church in our neighborhood waiting on Free Food ! At least in the Midwest we had Signs out for Trump and many are still in Place 1

          1. Mike says

            The unemployment rate is at its lowest about 5%. This measure of unemployment has been the standard for decades. What measure are you using to say “We have more unemployment than ever”

          2. Ed Shick says

            Mot have been unemployed so long there benefits have ran out , We need Jobs in America not China , Detroit has about one third of what they had , the Mid west has been treated bad by the Obama , Muslim Crew!

          3. Mike says

            If you are referring to the U-6 unemployment data yes that sits at about 9.4% currently which is still a huge decrease from the 17% when OBama took office. Now historically that is not the measurement we use to determine the unemployment rate, but it has also seen significant improvement under Obama. Time will tell how Trump fares as in January the unemployment rate was 4.8% and the U-6 is 9.4%;

      2. Morton99 says

        Actually Trump has made a lot of noise about what he plans to do – but so far his E/Os have proven to be amateurish and toothless – for wall building (and who pays for it), to Obamacare. He has succeeded in removing overdraft protection for ordinary Americans which prevented banks from applying these huge penalties multiple times after an overdraft has actually occurred, and also allows coal mining companies to dump sludge into our rivers and streams – which tends to poison fish and make drinking and irrigation water toxic.

  6. The Help says

    So the leak of the calls by Flynn is a problem but FBI director Comey making a public statement about possable additional emails in pervert Weiners lap top 12 days before the election NOT a problem. Just maybe it was leaked because Republicans are very blatent in their disinterest in any investigation into Trump period.
    I dislike Hillary as much as I dislike Trump but I will not accept either party attempting to marginalize wrong doing buy politicians, cabinet members and the president because he is in their party.

      1. elmcqueen3 says

        Why are we waiting?

        1. Ed Shick says

          The Athiest gets by with it as he has a lot of Ill Gotten Money! he should be deported along with his Puppets !

          1. elmcqueen3 says

            But…but…but…Everyone knows Athiest are Democrats…that’s also how they vote…you should know better beings a Democrat.

    1. elmcqueen3 says

      Thanks for pointing this out about Barack Obama.

  7. calhar says

    I see all kinds of accusations an innuendo’s but nothing about what the facts are.Just what was the story about between Flynn and the Russian that is being considered bad politics????????

  8. Leo says

    Everyone screws up now and then. How about that coincidental meeting between Slick Willie (Bill Clinton) and that former Henchman Attorney General Lynch just happened to meet by happenstance on the tarmac of an airport, which they just discussed family and children before the election??

    1. FrankC51 says

      Indeed, and no one in the media has his or her panties in a bunch about that. Typical leftist hypocrisy!

    2. elmcqueen3 says

      But…but…but…talking about kids and family is not illegal?

      1. OopsyDaisy3 says

        Yeah, that sounds so innocent. I puked when i heard Loretta say they talked about their children or grandchildren. Lynch and Slick probably agreed on that excuse. Frankly i was curious who told Slick that Loretta’s plane was on the tarmac and parked next to him.

        Talked about kids and grandchildren. Are you serious?

        1. HairBare says

          lol YA if your trickie willie or killary your NEVER giving out OR receiving illegal info!!

          Flynn has worked with these Russians for YEARS and probably even chaperone the Sr. prom at one of their kids.
          There is LIFE other than traitors and secrets and Gov. BS..
          It has taken the Prs. a month to find some of the largest holes that need plugging. and that is without a full LOYAL staff. I can’t wait till he gets fully staffed and the demoncrats start jumping out windows!!!

        2. John says

          Ok I thought that his plane had to go to hers

      2. Gary Smith says


    3. John says

      How about the talk between Obo and sanders just before he backed out of the election

  9. skisok says

    That’s it spew more and more BS. Trump got caught with his pants down. I doubt very much that Flynn made those remarks on his own. Just goes to show how corrupt the POTUS is.

    1. elmcqueen3 says

      Me thinks your mind has been corrupted.

  10. Elisabeth Day says

    So, the FBI bugs the phone calls of Gen Flynn and THEN THE FBI LEAKS some of that info to certain members of the press! Obviously some in the FBI can not be trusted ! The FBI deliberately leaked info to embarrass Pres Trump and force the resignation of Flynne. The FBI shud be investigated and find out who the guilty culprits are, and who it was in the media that was working in concert with them against Flynne AND against Pres Trump.

    1. Oldcamaros says

      No, the FBI cannot wiretap Flynn without a subpoena, which they didn’t have. What they had was a subpoena to tap the Russian on the other end of the call.

      1. Elisabeth Day says

        Regardless, it was a deliberate setup, and illegal for FBI to leak info to certain friends in the media to sabotage Pres Trump. Clean the Obama swamp!

        1. Mike says

          that is not a setup. Flynn acted illegally. now we are finding out individuals in trumps campaign had contact with russia before the election. this goes deep. a full investigation is needed.

          1. richardwfaith says

            As a SO-CALLED “enemy”, Russia PALES before our own traitors in government.

    2. richardwfaith says

      The fly in the ointment is: “Who is going to give the cop a speeding ticket?” Aesop prophesied the whole stinking scenario in ancient times with his story “Belling the Cat”.

  11. FrankC51 says

    The acting AG Yates was just the tip of the ice berg. President Trump’s fledgling Administration is still laden with Obama loyalists; and many of them are outright traitors. The now ubiquitous phrase inextricably linked with his days as a television personality needs to be used a lot more often within his Executive Branch Departments and there is no better time than now.

    1. DLynn says

      Soros is the puppeteer and we are his puppets. He donated huge sums to Clinton’s campaign and small amounts to Kasich to keep him in the running against Trump. I have connected Soros and Ted Turner. Everything I have researched has eventually led back to Sorso. http://www.libertyheadlines.com/disruptive-dems-group-denies-soros-ties-evidence-says-otherwise/

      1. headonstraight says

        For wingnuts on the extreme right, George Soros is the adult replacement for the monsters under the bed they fantasized about in their childhoods..

        1. DLynn says

          You obviously have not researched George Soros or his involvement in our politics AND the politics of other countries for many years. Soros’s intention is to create a New World Order (NWO). It is people in denial, like you, who allowed Hitler to become the power that he evolved into. They refused to acknowledge the evil that he was spreading until his followers grew in numbers until there too many to confront. Soros is a very successful investor with a reported net worth of $25.20 BILLION to back his evil intentions.

    2. headonstraight says

      George Soros, the grown-up right wingnut’s replacement for the monster under the bed of his childhood!

        1. headonstraight says

          We have far more important priorities for arrest. Start with the international war criminals, with Henry Kissinger at the top of the list.

  12. Oldcamaros says

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. What possessed Trump to hire him in the first place…? During the election Flynn could not discern what was fake news about Hilary and ‘Pizzagate’ and spread it by tweeting it all over the place. You want this kind of doofus heading up national security…?

  13. David Stewart says

    Scary when it appears that “the establishment” is inferred to mean “the lunatic left fringe”! No true and never will be!

    1. richardwfaith says

      The phrase “THE establishment” is very meaningful to me. It works like a pronoun, providing a very abbreviated reference to something that is very big and incredibly complex. To me, “THE establishment” MEANS:
      The Globalist CABAL, which has thoroughly infiltrated what USED TO BE OUR TWO POLITICAL PARTIES, thus creating and sustaining a ONE-PARTY SYSTEM wherein a SCRIPTED RIVALRY between the SO-CALLED “two” part”ieS” is disingenuously maintained as a DISTRACTION, so as to keep us believing that we have a “choice” within the SO-CALLED “two-party system”, and so as to maintain the shield of anonymity and unaccountability that the CABAL hides behind. The Globalist CABAL IS the swamp that needs to be drained, poisoned, and set on fire.

  14. MILES E DRAKE says

    This has gone beyond rich irony and is now flat-out treason. The party of Marx, Mohammed and Mapplethorpe has proclaimed since the election that it intends to overthrow the President, and impeachment on one preposterous pretext or another has been openly advocated by these people since even before the inauguration. The same party that sent the Chappaquiddick Murderer to Russia in 1984 to promise the Soviets hegemony over America in return for help in defeating Ronald Reagan is now relentlessly repeating a canard that failed once and concocting additional falsehoods to regenerate interest in it. When this fails the Obammunist coalition of satanists, socialists and sodomites will find some other flimsy reason for impeachment, and after enough of those fail their mongrel master and his controller Soros will launch the armed revolution they are now preparing. The sort of people who settled and built this country from 1607 until the Trojan Horse was dragged in in 2009 need to keep their powder dry and be ready for this insurrection, because these people will not stop until a great many real Americans or a great many leftist traitors are dead.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      An armed revaluation by Sore-Ass would be sure suicide for them.

      It will be a few nut cases against the entire might of US law enforcement and the entire US Military. As bad a shape as it is in now even the Russians could not defeat us in a stand up fight.

      1. Deborahjcarroll says

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      2. HairBare says

        The best solution is to just deliver sorros to Russia. I remember a few yrs. back when the Kremlin was extremely PO at sorros. Supposedly he guaranteed them delivery from poverty and the next thing that happened Russia is broke dismantling the USSR and the WALL comes down.. So ya I think the Ruskies would still like to “Question” the 90 yr old sorros….

        1. Morton99 says

          LOL – if you did that Trump would be insanely jealous.

        2. Craig Vandertie says

          I still say turn the evil SOB over to Israeli Moussad, I am not saying our relationship with Israel has not always been 1 sided, we give and they take.

          Soros betrayed his fellow Jews and he needs to be held accountable.

          As for Israel and U.S. relations, as I said it has always been we give and they take, but like the Russians we need an ally to help fight the most ignorant and disillusioned people of the world which are muslims.

          muslims commit atrocities on non-muslims, because the Quran convinces them that all non-muslims are sinful and of no use.

          1. Bonnietconnolly says

            Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !mj395d:
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      3. John says

        As long as the citizens have weapons the traders should watch their backs. This should include the politicians.

    2. Gregory Sarmas Sr. says

      Well written and thought out.Bravo for your articulation of the atmosphere that seems to be in constant orbit by the media as a sword for the elitist against the Trump administration.The agenda should be focused on domestic policy going forward as a way to disarm these forces.There will be time for subversion by the administration once they get there “sea legs”.

    3. Tiger says

      Exactly and today I put up the laws stating just what you say, “flat out treason”.

    4. AKLady says

      Fact are strange things, the Trump Administration that is killing itself.
      They do not need any outside help.

    5. headonstraight says

      Ya-a-a-w-n-n-n—One more rant by a paranoid wingnut! Flynn was not scalped by the “establishment.” Flynn’s so-called scalping was the inevitable result of his impertinent and likely illegal machinations with the Russians with whom Trump himself is so cozy and comfy. If I were you I would withhold my conspiracy theory speculations on this matter until the results of the inevitable investigations are in. When the NSA announces that it is investigating this matter, all those in the White House who were involved in the pre- and post-election communications with Putin and Company had better get lawyered up pronto. And oh, welcome to the growing club of those who reflexively conscript George Soros to ‘splain testy things they otherwise can not find cause or support for. Soros has become, for ultraconservatives, the replacement for the monster under the bed of their childhoods.

      1. HairBare says

        Yawn yes – at your blind and ridiculous attempt to play down the scourge of this country. Either you can not possibly be THAT ignorant – OR your willingly THAT ignorant which puts you in the REALM of STUPID !! we ALL know YOU CANT FIX STUPID!

        1. headonstraight says

          “STUPID” aptly describes hapless dimwits like you, who can not effectively address the topic at hand and who thus default to silly insults..

      2. John says

        The White House is loaded with lawyers who don’t know what they are doing except collecting a paycheck so it should be easy to unload them. They may get resign first to get their pensions so to stop this Trump has to do an EO that states if they resign due to getting out because of not properly performing their duties they lose everything

        1. headonstraight says

          You obviously know little about White House lawyers or government pensions. Lawyers in the White House typically serve for only one or two terms and do not put in enough time there to qualify for pensions. Their pensions, stock option plans, 401(k) accounts are funded by the prestigious law firms or trade/lobbying organizations that they left, through that “revolving door” to work in the White House and that they return to after their White House obligations are over. Besides that, there is the issue of determining WHY a given lawyer might have resigned his/her job at the White House. Such personnel are not required to submit their reasons for resigning. In any case, while in the White House, they serve at the will of the President and can be terminated by him for any reason at all, so “cleaning house” becomes a simple task, not the complexities of an executive order.

    6. Michael Paul says

      Great writing, right to the point.

    7. headonstraight says

      I gotcha party of MARX–and Lenin also–right here:

      Bannon the Bolshevik–the GOP President’s “chief strategist” is a self admitted LENINIST!


      If Barack Obama or any of his close-in staff had admitted to this, you and all the rest of the Obamaphobic wingnuts would have been on them like white on rice. But now we have a neo-Bolshevik chief strategist one door down from the Oval Office and whatchagonna say about THAT, MILES E. DRAKE?!? Or is your tunnel vision too extreme to deal with this REAL, non-alternative FACT?

      1. BH says

        But you said nothing about Van Jones being an Obama confidant.

        1. headonstraight says

          Well, HORRORS! I did not dip back 6 or 7 years ago to find some perceived sin of the Obama administration and that, according to your “so’s yer old man” mentality, somehow disqualifies what I wrote and documented about Bannon. Of course, by diggin’ up bones like you did, that gives you a perverse justification for not dealing with the very CURRENT issue of an admitted Leninist in the CURRENT administration. You wingnuts are truly silly, evasive, and polemically impotent discussants. PITIFUL!

          1. HairBare says



          2. Morton99 says

            I think you should practise target practise on your friends first. It would be so embarrassing to try and shoot a liberal – and miss. As I mentioned before – you seem unaware of the fact that God and your Mom shortchanged your mental ability. Was it perhaps a failed coathanger abortion that was the miracle of your survival ?

          3. headonstraight says

            Target practice will do nothing for you when you are shooting blanks,HairBare,
            If you had any real ammo, you would address what I posted about Trump’s Leninist chief adviser, but instead, in true wingnut fashion, you resort to name calling irrelevancy.

          4. BH says

            Just stating a fact. But I think you protest too much.

          5. headonstraight says

            And I think that you and other Trumpites have evaded and continue to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the FACT of Bannon’s self-acknowledgement as a LENINIST.

  15. tCotUS says

    ..Find the traitors & hang them..Send a message to the rest

  16. RichFromShowMe says

    The Radical Left/Socialists are like a school of piranha . . . once they smell blood in the water they move into an even more frenzied, foaming at the mouth, attack mode.

    1. Mike says

      much like the right when they thought they had something with Benghazi

      1. bill14729 . says

        There’s more to Benghazi than they are telling, like it was all because of a movie, Obama and Hillary were trading weapons and the deal went bad

        1. DLynn says

          I had a granddaughter who served in Iraq and we almost lost her there when the Humvee they were in took a direct hit. She planned on making the military a career so I researched Benghazi backwards and forwards for over a year. I read 13 Hours and took what the GRSs share in their accounting of what happened and I built on that. You are right – they gave the rebels guns to take out Gaddafi (aka kill him) so they could get into power who they wanted. One thing they didn’t count on was that Gaddafi was known for having the largest stockpile of missiles as any leader in any country. The rebels got those missiles when they killed Gaddafi. Also, many of his countrymen loved Gaddafi. I was surprised when I found that he had done a lot for his people. His followers were angered by our involvement. Stephens has just arrived in Benghazi and ‘some how’ they knew this (email intercepted). They were after him – our highest representative in the country. We had special ops training other special ops in Tripoli – a 90 min flight away but yet someone in our gov stopped them from going until 12 hours into the attack. Glen Doherty was one of those men – and one of the four killed in Benghazi. Why have we not heard from any of the other Americans in Benghazi to tell their side of the story – because they were all CIA and ordered to keep quiet. The GRSs were retired Seals, Rangers, and Marines – once they quit working for our gov they spoke out. They wanted Americans to know the truth. Why so many want to deny what our government did to those in Benghazi is a shock – four men died as a result of our gov failure to act.

          1. Mathew Molk says

            You obviously carefully researched things and came up with hard facts.

            That was a waist of time, though my friend. NWO Marxists only accept fake facts or facts that are bent to suite them.

            Thanx for the info though. I learned more then a few things fro you.

          2. headonstraight says

            Or maybe a knee of time. Get a dictionary and stop embarrassing yourself!

          3. Bounderbob says

            I don’t know what 13 hours you researched but:
            Try reading the House Permanent Select Committee report.
            No evidence of any illicit arms deals
            All personnel were interviewed by the committee, no holdouts.
            The attack started around 9:42 pm, team from Tripoli left at 12:15, just less than 3 hrs later, not 12.
            There were conflicting reports about what “caused” the attack. The CIA still blamed the video 2 days after the attack.
            Requests for more security appeared to be bounced around at lower levels of the State department, there is no evidence that neither Clinton nor Obama were ever involved.
            I think Benghazi was a real tragedy but it was a system caused tragedy, not the fault of any one or two people.

          4. DLynn says

            You believe one report written by our government? Have you not learned anything about our government? My father worked for the Department of Interior in D.C. until he retired. He traveled abroad many times, primarily to London and So. Africa so I am very familiar with how our Government works.

            Thirteen hours is not a time span that I researched but rather a book written by those who were actually in the Benghazi compound when it was attacked! It was written by the GRSs hired by our government to protect Americans – and paid $150,000 a year each to do so. These same men (who no longer work for our gov) have been interviewed MANY times on TV and all are in agreement as they describe what happened. I did in-depth research for well over a year so I cannot tell you every tiny detail that I found. As a retired teacher I always knew more than my students but found I could talk all day and they would retain only a small portion of what I shared. When they did their own research they comprehended and retained most of what they found. I suggest doing your own research if you really want to know the truth but I will give you some information to start.

            FIRST – the GRSs say that they were ordered to stand down by Bob, the head of the CIA operative in the compound (no last name given). Bob was talking to Washington (they never say to whom) when he turned to them and told them to stand down – which in military terms means they cannot defend themselves even when under attack – which they were. Bob denied he ordered them to stand down but after the movie was released and many saw him as a bad guy (he is now retired) he came forward saying he never ordered a stand down. Now let’s see, who do we believe – one man working for the government with everything to hide from what happened in Benghazi or six men (no ordinary soldiers – they were retired Navy Seals, Army Ranger, and a Marine) who were there and say they were ordered to stand down?

            This was an 8 acre compound – and they KNEW the attack was coming. They slept in their clothes with guns and ammo within arm’s reach in case the attack came during the night – which it did. Police cars had been driving by the compound for days and since they did not know who they could trust, they were suspicious. These men are the elite of the elite – there is no way they would have watched the burning of the main house where Stephens and Sean Smith were if they had not been ordered to stand down. They told in the book and on TV how they heard Sean Smith calling for help – “Please help us – we are going to die”. That is when they went against the stand down order and went in knowing they were the only hope those in the compound had. “Bob” does admit there was a 5 min hesitation before the GRSs responded but would not admit to a stand down order. Check it out – there are only two people that can order a stand down – the President of the U.S. and the Secretary of State – that is OBAMA AND CLINTON. The order had to have come from one of them – and Clinton would not have done it without Obama’s nod of approval. Now whether they instructed someone else to actually give that order over the phone – only a select few can say who was on the other end of the phone.

            The GRSs say openly that this is not political – they only want the truth to go down in history rather than the lies that we were told. They have said this from the beginning and it is totally understandable since they had accepted they were going to die there but were going to go down fighting – typical of Seals, Rangers, and Marines. Our government let them down. They say that they believe the lie was told to prevent Americans from knowing that the CIA was there. Ask yourself – why was the CIA there – and why wasn’t our military the ones who were protecting them instead of GRSs being paid $150,000 a year? Two years ago reports of rebels being supplied with guns started surfacing. This is not the first time the U.S. has supplied who we considered allies with weapons. There have been reports of arms deals and should be no surprise because the U.S. has done the same in other countries. When WE don’t believe the head of the country is the best guy (and he very well may not be but it is not our country), we get involved in getting rid of them.

            The problem is that our actions have resulted in destabilizing that country – and dividing its people which is exactly what happened in Libya. Many were happy with Gaddafi and were angry at Americans for getting involved in their government. Then Stephens does a ribbon cutting ceremony but reporters were not allowed – but for some reason a lot of them did showed up. One day later – the attack.

            When I say that WE have never heard from the others there – WE THE PEOPLE have NOT. Closed hearings that include only government officials do not equate to WE THE PEOPLE. We are to believe them? The GRSs went public and have been interviewed time and again – sharing the same story. No one has ever stated they are lying – because they are not.

            Glen Doherty was a friend of Tyrone Woods and wanted desperately to get there to help his friend and the others. One of the team recently confirmed that they were held up in Tripoli and then again at the Benghazi airport. Taking the scenario given in the report (which contradicts the ones involved) – these are the elite of the elite soldiers – special ops!!!! Why would it take three hours to get them readied – and then add a 90 min flight from Tripoli to Benghazi which would make it 4 1/2 hours of fighting for their very lives for those in Benghazi. Even that is NOT ACCETABLE!

            You said that two days after the CIA still blamed the video. Does that not tell you something? We KNOW that it was not due to a video – that has been proven time and again so they were lying and hiding something. Hillary Clinton’s own emails proved that she knew immediately that it was not due to any film.

            This is what I question – not what I have read – we know that Clinton’s emails were hacked into by foreign governments (or attempts to). This attack came one day after Stephens arrived in Benghazi – as if they knew they could get to our highest ranking individual in Libya on that day. Reports that they were actually trying to kidnap Stephens have surfaced. Stephens held a ribbon cutting ceremony with their new leader – which according to the GRSs you do not do anything to show favoritism when in an explosive environment. They said even our walk identifies us as Americans – you don’t essentially rub their noses in it. Stephens was stoking the flames of a fire already brewing.

            Conflicting reports of what caused the attack???? You can keep your head in the sand but it was obvious this was an organized planned attack by a huge number of people. It was not 13 hours of straight fighting – the attackers would fall back and reorganize – growing in numbers at each wave. The GRSs did everything they could to prevent killing innocent people by waiting until they could SEE whether the person had a gun before firing. Reading their account of the attack you know that it was a miracle from God that only four died.

            Emails between Clinton and Stephens showed that he had requested additional security several times – especially after he arrived in Benghazi. They KNEW it was coming so why weren’t some from Tripoli sent before the attack instead of leaving it up to a handful of men? Better yet – Britain had closed their Embassy almost a year before due to the dangerous conditions for their people. Why were we still there? Glen Doherty was in Tripoli because he was heading the division that was working on buying those missiles.

            The worst of it all was Hillary Clinton telling the loved one of those men that she would make the director of that film pay – and later denied she said it. Ty Woods father kept a journal of exactly what she said to them the day their loved ones bodies returned. He also shared how insincere her words were. How she could deny it shows the evilness of Hillary Clinton.

            Benghazi was definitely a tragedy but one that could have been avoided. Do I believe that Obama and Hillary intended for those men to die? No, but I also believe they were more concerned about their political image than a few American lives. They did not want Americans in any conflict at election time. The GRSs were told to let the 17th of February handle it. These were Libyan fighters apparently being paid by our gov because they had gone on strike the day before demanding higher pay. I believe that Hillary and Obama thought that the Libyan fighters could handle it without Americans ever getting involved. If not, it was more important that the American people not know the real reason for our involvement in Libya. Apparently they were unaware of the strike – which was vitally important to know.

            Obama was notorious for always making sure there was someone he could throw under the bus if things went wrong – or he could say it was on my order IF outcomes were favorable. This is one of those times that things went very wrong and four Americans paid the ultimate price. If you listen to these men, you will know that it was only by the grace of God that any of them came out of the attack alive – and NO thanks to our government.

            I love my country but this administration blew it with regard to Benghazi. It is an insult to the memory of the men who died there and also those who survived the attack to deny what happened, in essence, calling them liars. Obama, Clinton, and government officials can lie all they want but one day they will be held accountable for their actions. If not here, then they will answer to God because I have no doubt that they were responsible. This high level of a decision did not pass over them.

            Our granddaughter intended on making a career out of the military but after eight years she chose not to re-enlist. She still works at the base hospital but as a civilian and we are relieved.

            Our military is at an all time low for readiness and at a time we need it more than ever. Thank God for Donald Trump because I believe him when he says he is going to rebuild our military.

      2. jim_wright says

        Benghazi was an illegal weapons operstion gone wrong that was orchestrated by Obama and Clinton. They lied to protect thrir butts and the election. They were also provided top cover by the democrats.

        1. Mike says

          It had nothing to do with a weapons deal. This was a terrorist attack that killed a US ambassador and soldiers in Benghazi. The Republicans launched 8 separate investigations into the matter and although they discovered the use of CLinton’s personal email server could not find any evidence she did anything else wrong or could have prevented the deaths of the four Americans.

          1. DLynn says

            What soldiers in Benghazi were killed? They weren’t American soldiers because they did not sign a contract with our gov. The Libyan fighters only showed up at the very end.

          2. Mike says

            two of the men killed were former navy seals. they served their country and died while continuing to serve this great nation.

          3. DLynn says

            You choose to ignore everything else I have written so it fits your scenario. As you said, they were FORMER Navy Seals. As I clearly stated it was not our soldiers in Benghazi but GRSs. Why didn’t we have soldiers like many other places instead of paying out a huge sum of money to GRSs. They were under contract and being paid $150,000 a year each to be there. A contract that most likely included privacy terms. Only when they left the employment of our government were they able to speak out.

            Yes, they were serving our country but they did not expect our administration to leave them there to die!!! I don’t just listen to them – I hear them when they tell what happened and I believe them. Go ahead and dishonor the memory of those who died and those who fought in Benghazi by believing Obama and his administration. Stand with your party rather than our great nation.

          4. Mike says

            this is not about standing against our country, but understanding that this was a tragedy but it does not dishonor these men to recognize the truth.

          5. DLynn says

            Really? If you accept what our government tells us, you are out and out saying the GRSs lied! It also is not the way they feel or how Ty Woods wife and parents feel or how Sean Smith’s mother feels. They have been very outspoken as to how they feel about the lies told. You are standing with Obama, Clinton, and the Dem involved. That is, in many of our opinions, standing against our country. It is more important that we believe their lies than to look at what is best for our country.

          6. Mike says

            you want to believe conspiracy theories? that is alright. of course people want to believe they could be saved but the facts do not support it.

          7. DLynn says

            This is not JFK conspiracy theories bouncing all over the place. Either our gov did not respond properly or they did all they could. There is NO proof that those four men could OR could not have been saved. No one will ever know with certainty but as I just wrote – if we had pulled out of Benghazi when we should have – when Britain pulled out – those four men would be alive today. What was worth putting American lives at risk in Benghazi leaving only a handful of people in a very volatile environment. We will never know the complete truth but to call those in Benghazi during the attack liars is standing with the wrong people!!!!!.

          8. Mike says

            on that we can agree.

          9. DLynn says

            That is exactly my point Mike. The problem is you would rather believe the government’s version than the men who were there as to what happened. FACT: Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and other members of Obama’s administration clearly stated time and again that there had been an attack in Benghazi in response to a video. This went on for several days even though their own emails proved later that they knew from the beginning that they were not telling the truth.

            I put myself in the GRSs shoes – If I had just come as close to death as I ever could without dying – and two of my own did die in an attack along with two other Americans, would I stay silent and let the lie stand. NO! They began to speak out – and co-wrote a book giving us the facts as they knew them as to what happened in Benghazi. They stated in the book and have stated in several interviews that this was not political to them. They just wanted the truth to go down in history as to what really happened. The stories no where resembled each other. Obama’s people claim that no stand down order was ever given. The GRSs all say there was most definitely a stand down order. Let’s see – who do I believe. To believe our gov I would have to believe that retired Navy Seals, Marines, and Army Rangers stood by and watched the attack – that they listened to cries for help from Sean Smith who was inside a burning residence without responding. OR do I believe the GRSs that they were ordered to stand down – and obeyed orders until Sean Smith cried out “If you don’t come, we are going to die”. You can believe Lying Hillary and her comrades but I believe the GRSs – men of high integrity.

            I asked myself why would our government lie! At first, I accepted what many said – we had an election on the horizon and Obama did not want Americans in a conflict so they underplayed Benghazi. When I read the GRSs accounting in the book “13 Hours” I realized that it went far deeper than that.

            That was a tough pill to swallow especially when our beautiful granddaughter was still in the military at that time. I desperately wanted to believe that we did not leave Americans in Benghazi to die. We have always prided ourselves on never leaving a man behind.

            After a year of in-depth research – there was no other explanation but that Obama, Hillary, and their entire administration had something huge to hide in Benghazi – something so dramatic that they would leave the lives of 32 Americans in the hands of Libyans and six retired special ops – something so important to keep from the American people that they decided not to chance more people knowing about the operation (more to keep quiet). Yes, it was also about not being involved in a conflict being less important than their winning re-election but one question remained. Why was the CIA in Benghazi – why were they still there when all other Embassies has been closed down. The truth – as Jack Nicholson said in a movie – “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!!!!” That is our problem – too many really don’t want the truth because we have to accept that the White House did something wrong!

            You either believe Obama’s administration or you believe the men who survived Benghazi – there is no middle of the road because their stories contradict each other. I believe those brave men who accepted they were going to die in Benghazi but go down fighting when all odds were against them. I now accept that our government lied to us and I will never hesitate to question those in D.C. if something doesn’t make sense. I don’t want this to ever happen again and feel that too many of us were responsible because we accepted everything our government was doing as the right thing to do. They are human and like all of us, they make mistakes but when they openly lie about their actions, they have lost their integrity. It is despicable that any American would accept politicians words over that of men who were willing to give their lives for us – two who did pay the ultimate price and others who came close to dying.

          10. DLynn says

            Mike – Benghazi was an attack by hundreds of very angry Libyans – there has never been any doubt of that! Americans were the target! While we have a lot of terrorist attacks going on around the world one cannot describe this as merely a terrorist attack. There was nothing LEGALLY wrong with her not sending additional security. Let’s look at who was there providing security. Not our military but paid contractors who were the elite of the elite. Why didn’t we have military there the same as we have at other locations? This was a hush hush operation from beginning to end.

      3. Brenda says

        Benghazi was a disaster. The fact that Clinton and Obama allowed the carnage to occur and then attempted to cover it up with the “video” excuse even after the facts came out deserved the outrage of every citizen, not just the “right”..

        1. Mike says

          It was a disaster, but even all of the Republican investigations found there was nothing that could have been to save those American lives once the attack happened.

          1. Brenda says

            That is not the point. The point is that our President and Sec of State did absolutely nothing to prevent the carnage despite pleas for extra security from the Ambassador prior to the attack, and they refused to allow a detraction team to come to their aid during an attack that lasted over six hours.

          2. DLynn says

            I disagree with you – totally!! When asked the GRSs who survived clearly state that if they had not been told to stand down costing them time they could have saved Stephens and Sean Smith. Also, the did not believe that the 17th of February, when they finally showed up toward the end, could not be trusted. First, most did not speak English. Second, as one GRS pointed out to their leader, a back gait needed to be secured. He was waved off as the leader spoke on his cell phone. Our GRS got the impression that he was talking to the enemy. As a special op – they need good instincts to stay alive. That back gait was exactly where the mortar fire came from that killed Ty Woods and Glen Doherty (friends who died together). Let’s face it – no one in government wants an uprising in our country. There is no way to actually PROVE that they could have saved lives so we are to remain calm BUT that also means we don’t have to believe everything they tell us about the attack. So who do I believe – the men who were actually there during the attack – who were ready and willing to lose their lives to protect the other Americans there OR our government? I choose to believe the GRSs who have nothing to gain and nothing to lose by telling the truth.

          3. Mike says

            you can disagree that is your right. of course it is not based on facts but that is fine. republicans investigated Benghazi repeatedly to try and show Clinton was guilty and despite repeated investigations they concluded once the attack starred nothing could have saved those men.

          4. DLynn says

            I chose to look at all the facts which included the words of those who fought for their lives in Benghazi and then I used my brain to conclude what happened. Do NOT tell me that I disagree only because I don’t know the facts. WHOSE FACTS?

          5. Mike says

            you have some information not all. those that had all the information through countless investigations that those men could not have been saved once the attack began

          6. DLynn says

            Ask yourself – honestly – those involved say they could have saved Stephens and Smith. We will never know 100% but we do know the GRSs were held up from responding when the attackers were fewer in numbers. Each wave brought more joining in. The fact that there were not enough vehicles to transport every American in the compound to the airport in one trip had a few staying behind waiting for those vehicles to return. The GRSs chose to stay behind and that is when Glen and Ty were killed. One of the GRSs who survived told how the missile that killed Glen and Ty (who were on a roof) came from that back gait – the same one that he had told the leader of the 17th of Feb to secure – but it was never secured. Why? The GRSs did not know if they could trust all (if any) of the 17th of Feb. Who was loyal to Gaddafi and who wasn’t?

          7. DLynn says

            One thing for sure – if we had left Benghazi when Britain pulled out due to a very unstable and volatile environment – Stephens, Smith, Glen, and Ty would be alive.

          8. Mike says

            that is true and we should have.

        2. Bounderbob says

          See my comment to DLynn

          1. DLynn says

            See my comment to you. It is Americans like you that need to search your own soul and know whether the truth is more important or the image of a few government officials. Our government had EVERY reason to lie about this (and still do). The men who almost lost their lives in Benghazi are speaking out for their comrades who came home in body bags. How dare anyone call them liars!!!!!!!

          2. Bounderbob says

            Where to begin? Firstly, I never said I believed the attacks were the result of the video, I only said that’s what the CIA originally said.
            I only referenced one report because it was more concise than the other Gowdy chaired committee report. Both committees were chaired by Republicans who were certainly no friends of the administration, especially Rep. Gowdy.
            If I understand you correctly, you believe a for-profit book to be more factual than two official government documents! I wonder if you have bothered to read the government reports? If you are a well educated person I would think you read more than one document on a subject before reaching a conclusion.
            You also have a few facts wrong, the State Department compound was not the same place as the CIA annex, which was located several blocks away. Also, there was no direct email correspondence between Stephens and Clinton concerning security at the annex, this was all done at lower levels.
            As for soul searching, I do that frequently which is why I try to read as much as I can about subjects before going on a rant.
            Lastly, I never called anyone a liar (although I have been tempted recently). I enter most of these discussions as a mildly conservative patriot more concerned about the truth than ideological b.s..

          3. DLynn says

            When a known lie is told from the beginning that says a lot!!! It was easy to come to the realization that I could not trust Obama’s administration but more difficult for me to admit that there was a lot of corruption in D.C. in both parties.

            I am a retired teacher with a Masters Degree so I taught my students how to research. Of course, I read everything I could find on Benghazi. I did not listen to a for-profit book, it is just where I first read the GRSs description of what happened in Benghazi. Those men were understandably not silent going forward. In fact, they have been very vocal giving many interviews on TV. They repeat exactly what they shared in the book – in their own words.

            Seriously think about this – these men had no idea if the book would be accepted or if they would be demonized. They were special ops so they are more familiar than most of us as to how the gov works – and they KNEW they were contradicting the U.S. Federal Government. They could have made a $1.98 each from book sales while subjecting themselves to the wrath of the Fed Gov – it sure wouldn’t be worth taking a chance to me. However, it was important to them to let Americans know the truth about what happened in Benghazi. The book has direct quotes and includes all of their pictures except one man who remains a GRS contractor for the Fed Gov. He agrees with the others but his ‘real’ name is not provided nor is his picture included.

            I know that there has always been a lot going on in D.C. that we the people are never privy to. Then compare the stories of the GRSs and the Obama administration – they contradict each other. For instance, the GRSs clearly state that Bob, head of the CIA in Benghazi was on the phone with the WH and conveyed their order for the GRSs to stand down. A stand down order in military terms means that they cannot respond even if under attack – which they were. The WH just as adamantly claims there was no stand down order. If you believe the WH you have to believe that (1) the GRSs are lying and (2) they stood and watched the burning of the main residence for several minutes without responding (even Bob, now retired from the CIA, has admitted that they all stood watching the fire for around 15 min while the GRSs say it was 20-30 min). It was an 8 acre compound all inside the same gaited area so they did not have to run through the streets. The book has pictures of the various buildings in the compound – 8 acres is a large area but they could have driven or even run there – IF IF IF not ordered to stand down. They were being paid $150,000 each to protect the Americans on site – why order them to not respond. Would they have those paid to protect them so far from the main residence that they could not reach them in case of an attack. Besides, there has never even been mention that they were too far away from them to respond. FYI – the fuel used to start the fire was already in the compound but not stored properly – according to the GRSs.

            My father was a high level Fed Gov employee working for the Dept of Interior in D.C. until he retired so I am very familiar with how our gov works. I know Dad trusted them with his life – literally at times and this made it even more difficult for me to come to the conclusion that we could not trust this administration. I am NOT saying the Democrats because I was raised to believe that a two party system is necessary. I finally had to accept that both parties are not the ones I grew up with – and to ignore that will only encourage more corruption. I am paying closer attention today than I have in my entire life to what politicians are doing in D.C. I will never just sit back and accept what they tell me. When I have questions or when I am unhappy with something said or done – I sit down and write whoever said or did something.

            I am very concerned about the truth. I researched everything we were told about Trump during his campaign. I was shocked to learn how much was pure nonsense while other issues had been so heavily skewed that information no longer resembled the truth. Other issues were completely off the radar screen – never mentioned. It is sad that we can no longer trust reporters to report in a fair and balanced manner. To deny that is encouraging them to continue lying – to continue keeping us in the dark. Report the truth and let us decide where we stand. We are individuals and will feel differently on different issues but we should begin with the truth.

            I did NOT call you a liar but I am calling Hillary and Obama liars over their accounting of Benghazi. I am calling Hillary a liar when she says that Ty Woods widow and father, Sean Smith’s mother, and Glen Doherty’s father do not remember what she told them correctly – that they are wrong about her telling them that this was all due to a film and she would find the director and make him pay. She in essence is calling them liars.

            Hillary asked “What difference does it make now?” It makes a lot of difference – we cannot bring those four men back but we can prevent this from happening again. Even if we never know the truth, hopefully enough politicians will have the integrity to stand up for injustices and they will not let this happen again. I pray that we never hear of any other Americans dying because someone in D.C. screwed up. As for the families of Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, and Sean Smith, if I had lost my husband or my son – trust me I would remember exactly what someone told me the day their bodies arrived back on U.S. soil. Ty’s father kept a journal and even mentioned how insincere Hillary was with her condolences. There may not be enough known to charge and convict anyone of a crime but he/she will be held responsible one day for what each has done.

            The GRSs stated that they believe the lie was told to prevent Americans from knowing that the CIA was in Benghazi. Neither the Dem or the Rep have ever answered the question of ‘what was the CIA doing in Benghazi?’ According to the GRSs, Bob, the CIA director in Benghazi at the time, stayed behind destroying documents until he was forced to leave. What was in those documents that destroying them was worth Bob taking a chance with his life and the lives of the GRSs with him? An answer that would explain a lot!!!

      4. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

        Obama is a disgrace and a fraud….worst President Eva we rejected him!!!!!!!!!!!!


      5. RichFromShowMe says

        There is a very large difference . . . . Benghazi was based on FACTS and a Democrat COVER-UP while Gen. Flynn’s “inquisition” is based on “Media Lies”.

        Gen Flynn resigned primarily due to the Media’s and Democrat’s attacks on him and “supposedly misleading VP Pence”.

        Even the NY “Slimes” has admitted the fabrication against Gen Flynn.


        1. DLynn says

          Both were based on lies which is something we need to accept. We can no longer trust the media to report the truth! We also need to pay closer attention to what those in D.C. are up to – and question what we are told.

          1. RichFromShowMe says



            However, “Fact Check” is continuing the LIES which the investigations all uncovered as ACTUAL FACTS that occurred while “the witch” used Benghazi as a cover for moving arms from Gaddafi’s Caches to Terrorists in the Middle East.


  17. bill14729 . says

    Just remember a lot of those people are still from Obama in the White House and President Trump will catch who ever is leaking info and along with Draining the Swamp

  18. Ronnie says

    The Democrats have a set of rules for them and another set for us, Trump is in the way of their new world order take over, these morons don’t know what to do so they just cry non stop that they are being picked on.

  19. NovelDog says

    Trump needs to start an investigation on all his major Democratic enemies and revamp his security to ensure no more leaks. Replace the ones he can not trust. Put them on the defensive so they have less time to attack him and his cabinet.

    1. jim_wright says

      That would include replacing every Obama administration holdover that still has any access in this administration. That is where leaks and malfeasance is coming from.

      1. Morton99 says

        The holdovers have all been removed, or left. It is possible that even out of the Federal government they are still able to leak – but if it is not confidential information – it is not illegal. Its far more likely that the leaks are actually coming from the White House staff – apparently there is major back stabbing and jockeying for power there.

        1. Brenda says

          No, there are still holdovers in all departments and the security agencies. Any department that still have “acting heads” are Obama holdovers. And until President Trump has his own people in charge, these holdovers will remain.
          But nice try. Unfortunately you are looking in the wrong place to blame.

          1. Morton99 says


        2. George Matyas says

          sorry anything that NSA captures is classified, and need to know, why to limit distribution, proper channels can eventually allow it to be released. so this is a criminal act

          1. Morton99 says

            That is simply not true. Only classified information is a felony if it is released. However, even that is a problem for an administration. The Pentagon Papers proved that no administration can use classification as an excuse to cover up its own criminality.

          2. Herb1949 says

            Actually, it is true, because everything the NSA hears/gathers, especially anything that MIGHT impact national security, is sensitive, controlled information, NOT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE, until it is declassified by someone in authority. Conversations between any foreign national and a US citizen are considered private information and NOT to be shared publicly, unless released by someone in authority.
            This should have been controlled as sensitive information and sent up the chain to the President so he could evaluate the information, it wasn’t.
            If the NSA happens to intercept a communication between a citizen and a lover, it is private information and not to be released to the public.

          3. Morton99 says

            I know something about this. If the information is obtained via a wiretap – which must be authorized by a judge in camera (secret court) it is classified. Apart from that it is classified only by the President which in practise becomes discretionary as it is delegated in his name to the secretary of the institution, who then may delegate to the officer in charge of the operation. That in fact was one of the problems with the Hillary Clinton email server. Much data was not classified when she downloaded it, and was classified subsequent to that.

          4. HairBare says

            what we have here in moron99 is a typical obummer EDUCATED IDIOT!!

            A Legend in HIS OWN MIND!!!

          5. Morton99 says

            And what we have here is an old bitter bald man who feels marginalized in a nation where an education is a ticket to a job. Yes I understand how angry and humiliated you probably feel – and probably added to alzheimers and an uncertain future with medicare 20 percent co-payments. But at least be honest about your feelings and tell younger people that its no good complaining about being an unemployed nobody like yourself – when you should be learning and preparing yourself for a job.

          6. HairBare says

            Are you also a GAY.. That would make your insecurity understandable..
            Do you prefer pitching or catching? Or are does both give you equal pleasure.. These are the new questions for the Obummer squad!!

          7. Morton99 says

            Its a bit late for you to come out I suspect – but I believe you could get counseling from your local GMHC chapter. Do you often reach out to complete strangers online ? You poor old fag.

          8. George Matyas says

            Join the service and go into intel and then you will learn something. All activity that is conducted by NSA is classified, no exceptions. What law was broken? you do not have the actual conversation, only hearsay and guess what it is illegal, because they do not have releasing authority!!!!

          9. Morton99 says

            I am sure that sounds rational to you – but it is simply not true. We could go on arguing about that but I am not able to tell you why you are incorrect without myself breaking the law.

          10. George Matyas says

            I served many more yrs than you and you can have your limited opinion

          11. HairBare says

            You broke the law by being born and choosing to be ignorant!! But hey we will save your welfare check if you will get off the pipe!!

          12. Morton99 says

            When did you first become aware of being a few cents short of the dollar ? Or do you usually always expunge the poison in your body and spew it out online like unrelenting diarrhea ?

          13. Morton99 says

            I saw that coat hanger coming for me, but I bit it into little pieces and it made me hard enough to eat fools like you for breakfast.

        3. headonstraight says

          You are likely correct. And as to any holdovers, it is probable that the incoming Trumpites are very careful to screen from them kind of sensitive information that would be likely to be leaked.

    2. headonstraight says

      Lots of enemies there, NovelDog. For Trump, an “enemy” is the media, whenever they criticize him and any person who says anything critical about him. He is totally consumed with the ASSurance that he is always right and any criticism of him is always wrong. The leaks from his camp are most likely the desperate, but sincere contributions of those who have now realized what a dangerous, inept fool they serve and are desperately trying to make amends.

  20. David in MA says

    Trump must kick out ALL of Obama’s appointments, government will go on.

    1. richardwfaith says

      The supply of replacement robots for the TRAITOR ESTABLISHMENT will prove itself to be inexhaustible, until and unless President Trump deploys the SILVER BULLET against it: EXTRADITE soro$$$$$$ to Russia, where he’s wanted dead or alive; but FIRST, Putin needs to be persuaded to get arrest warrants drawn up for the SONS of soro$$$$$$, so we can ship the ENTIRE BROOD to Russia in a single crate. The acts of sabotage will not stop until and unless their MONEY TRAIN is DERAILED.

      1. Mike says

        FIrst Putin has not issued an arrest warrant for George Soros, that is fake news: http://www.snopes.com/putin-issues-arrest-warrant-for-george-soros/

        1. richardwfaith says

          No doubt Snopes will ALSO deny the laundered money that it gets from soro$$$$$$ organizations.

        2. msueh says

          wow. another snowflake who believes snopes is a credible source….

        3. richardwfaith says

          If the Russians don’t want to prosecute him, there are other countries that would like to. I won’t be too picky.

      2. David in MA says

        Where is Mossad when they are needed?

      3. headonstraight says

        You still smokin’ that stuff?

        1. richardwfaith says

          You still pimping for soro$$$$$$?

  21. John Williams says

    The real issue here is not Flynn, but the leak by someone in intelligence, that is a national security issue. If Flynn lied and there is a trust issue then he must go. There are proper procedures in place for agencies to involve congress in these kinds of situations, this was NOT done. Proper procedure does NOT involve going to the press, this was a tactical hatchet job with the only intent being screwing Trump and Flynn, national security and the people of America be damned. Remember when this happened, during the campaiign and during the obama term but nothing was said or done, it was known then and saved for maximum POLITICAL impact for who, the sore looser socialist left. I must take exception to the statement of some that Flynn was interfering in the obama foreign policy, WHAT FOREIGN POLICY, you cannot really think that “apologize and appeasement” is really foreign policy. Some have mention the preservation of the obama legacy, again I ask WHAT LEGACY, unless of course we compare obama to Kennedy who put a man on the moon with obama who put a man in the women’s restroom.

  22. D Books says

    Flynn was an ob ama leftover and I feel he was set up to sabotage the trump administration. The real question is: WHO leaked the details of the call needs to be identified and prosecuted according to the law because that leak was an intentional act of sedition (at least) and punishable in accordance with the security codes of this country. And, I would pursue it further and find out who initiated the illegal wire tap – I suspect it will lead back to a certain former president who’s REALLY furious over the current administration….round him and his band of lying thieves and punish every one of them too. Time to start implementing the laws of this country!

    1. tCotUS says

      It is true ..Flynn was a left over , but I do not think he was a set up for the Trump Admin. He was set up alright, & took it on the chin like a man. He once said in a speech against Hillary
      “We do not need a reckless president who believes she is above the law,” I think he is a patriot, & best thing he stepped down. He would have become a lightning rod against the Trump Admin.

    2. OopsyDaisy3 says

      Who, where, gives the NSA guys with the headphones on listening in on phone calls permission to listen in on The President? Then use it to bastardize his office. 

  23. Len Tippett says

    John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Roy Blunt, Bob Cocran (Tennessee), and Marco Rubio are the greater threats to the Trump administration. They are the slimmest of all the slim in the swamp.

    1. tCotUS says

      I agree Len..Flynn took this one for the team. It’s a wake up call to the rest of Trumps team. ..Obama sprinkled is spies all over the Government. Then you have the Blatant out right traitors McCain, Graham & others you listed. It just goes to show us just how crooked the Democratic party really is & how many Trojan Horses are within the GOP.

  24. James Maxwell says

    The traitors in the White House leaking information will soon be discovered and punished according to
    the law for their actions. As far as Mr Flynn, he did nothing wrong or that has not been done by others
    in the political circle. But as a man of character he resigned rather than subject the President to a long
    drawn out whine fest by the curmudgeons on the left who have nothing else to do in life but be a pain
    in the ass of those trying to restore our Nation’s good name after 8 years of corruption form the Democratic
    Socialist from the third world. We have traitors in our nation paying protestors to act up and show their
    asses in public who have no comprehension of a free America. They were still craping yellow in their
    diapers and have been fed the left wing liberal B/S for the past few years in the schools and college.

    1. tCotUS says

      The traitors should be dealt with harshly..

      1. John says

        It seams that they only have time to go against Trump and not do their job

        1. tCotUS says

          Your Right John..Trump is going to make them finally do their jobs.THEY DON’T LIKE THAT!!

    2. HairBare says

      James you just hit the bulls-eye.
      The obozo ites do NOT know how to handle decent straight people. Their world consists of so MUCH BS that they are challenged by things like honesty – respectability -and GOD FORBID MORALS!! Yes they are challenged _ these are traits never found in his administration…So no CLUE what to do..
      Like my forefathers ( American Indians) IF you can’t EAT it OR BREED it – DESTROY IT!!!

  25. Bachelor With Sense says

    Find the ones responsible for the leak. Prosecute them (including those the information was leaked to) to the Fullest extent of the Law! LOCK them up and throw away the key!

    1. Morton99 says

      Really ? Trump is on video praising Assange and Wikileaks for sabotaging the Clinton campaign – and now when corruption is alleged in his own team – he is frantically trying to plug it up.

  26. Albert L Biele says

    I think it was an absolute sham for the democrats to show, a true patriot like Michael Flynn, out the door, in what can only be seen as a hate move against President Trump. There is not a single democrat behind this malicious move that has a single ounce of integrity; spiteful acts of hate that will continue to diminish confidence in their ability to lead. The democrat party’s strategy of outright mutiny, through deceit, dissension, and in blocking the approval of Trumps cabinet, has become the catalyst for the continued civil violence and disruption throughout the country, and will continue to produce loses for them at the voting booths. It’s a party that has lost their way!!

    1. Mike says

      President Trump fired Michael Flynn not the democrats. President Trump did that. Michael Flynn illegally talked to Russia and then lied to the President and the Vice President about it. I am not sure where the Democrats come into this story except now wanting a full investigation into the matter which should occur regardless of party.

  27. Ken says says

    For several decades the Liberal Elite Establishment has loaded the Government with “Moles” like this to try to maintain Establishment Control in the event that a President was elected that they had not hand picked – then it happened 11/9/2016 – President Trump was elected and DRAIN the SWAMP became the motto of the day. After 28 years of Establishment Control they are so close to sinking the Constitutional Government of the USA they can taste the victory. Cut their throats and let them swirl around the Swamp Drain as they are sucked in and disappear.

  28. Tiger says

    In Florida when they go gator hunting at night they just shine lights into the weeds along the shore and the red eyes make a good target.

    Trump didn’t drain the swamp of all O’s snakes in the grasses and weeds but like the gators, they are giving themselves away and popping up all over the place. Making themselves easy targets. Today we hear he hasn’t been given daily truthful briefings, if this is true those snakes just popped up in front of Trump’s face and when they are found they and the leakers will be prosecuted to the ninth degree.

    Trump has a shooting game going on, give them enough time and they pop up like a carnival game and then he can shoot them down. We did hear yesterday why the Deep State, that Flynn himself had been part of, knew and knows them well, took him down and had been planning to do it a very long time, was going to pop the entire top off the Iranian Deal. It will come anyway.

  29. daveveselenak says

    The Muslim-Marxist jihadist and NWO puppet is playing puppeteer in his new DC bunker, make no doubt about it as a coup is in action to reverse our election! Man, I keep telling the sheeple: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed! Communists never cede power peacefully! Armr================= ? – – – – – -, we will be needing them!

  30. junkmailbin says

    All who leaked the information or were associated with the leak are guilty of violating security laws and regulations. This was also a RICO Act violation.
    All parties need to be put on trail and receive the maximum sentence to serve notice to all that this sh_t will stop now

    1. 32eagle says

      this is what a proper zipcode looks like and is how Walter Cronkite would have told it-damn straight !!!

  31. skipfoss says

    Just the same old bull shit that president Trump will have to put up with until he can get rid of the Omuslime bastards that are still serving the Muslim administration. They are pissed that they could not buy the election for the Clinton Crime Family and continue the destruction of this country and they will keep putting out this subversive crap until he can find the lying bastards.

  32. George Matyas says

    The real question is why did the intel capture a phone call from a US citizen, that is also illegal, So Obama continued to spy on Americans, even after he said that program was stopped, by him, I guess that he lied!!!! US citizens have a right to talk to any embassy they want to about the country that’s represented.

  33. Teleman119 says

    Gen Flynn lied to the VP. You can’t lie to your boss and keep morale within an organization. President Trump fixes things, he doesn’t break and take like DemoKKKrats. All of the matters before him take some time if he can’t fix them simply and quickly. People will be getting fired on a regular basis over the next year and they will show up one by one on the Fake News outlets. Gen Flynn threw his career away when he broke protocol and spoke to the Russian ambassador and then lied to the VP about the content of the conversation, even if only by omission. Democrats and their Fake News outlets thrive on lies, if only the lies of omission. The word ‘spin’ had to come into every day usage 20 years ago the Fake News has gotten so bad and they have gotten much worse since. Thank God some sense of sanity is being restored to our leadership in spite of all the obstruction, which the President knows how to exploit in his favor.

    1. Mike says

      I am sorry what has the news misreported about this situation? At this point that would be nothing. Just throwing out the word fake news does not mean it is fake.

      1. Teleman119 says

        To see Fake News you would have had to appreciate, conserve, keep and grow the calm, intuitive, wordless common decency all were made with into simple dignity and a moral character. The news has been Fake since 1956, or it least that is when it, Democrats and their shadow government found the ways to grow itself, incrementally. I sold my TV in 1978 I thought it was so bad then. There is no low to the depths of depravity and immorality and its attendant insanity can go. Continue to enjoy yourself, though, please. That is the only kind of of Love you will ever know or understand. There is no claim to virtue without being able to overcome temptation.

  34. AKLady says

    Flynn is the first documented traitor in the Trump Administration.
    There will be more.
    Trump is Putin’s buddy.

  35. Libertarian Soldier says

    You’ll have to consult the tin foil hats contingent. This is nature correcting itself and putting the democrat where he belongs, in unemployedlandia.

  36. OopsyDaisy3 says

    Just curious, does the FBI get their leaked information from The NSA or do they have
    their own set up?

  37. Michael Paul says

    What is most amusing about this incident is that the left wing democrat party had their underwear on fire about Hillary the criminal being hacked from a non-secured server but cares nothing about the leaking of confidential information coming out of the White House. Let’s get things in perspective and find and arrest the criminal leakers and let’s really let their underwear burn by indicting Hillary on criminal charges including corruption amid the myriad of charges that they can find. Nothing gets a democrat angrier than going after their people who really break the law as opposed to the republicans whom they can only lie about. If the democrats ever want to be a majority party again they better do 4 things – 1) Move to the middle 2) Come up with some original ideas like Trump did 3) Dump Pelosi 4) Dump Schumer. Alas these will never happen so I guess we will see at least 2 Trump terms and 2 Pence terms and a majority in the House and Senate during all those years. And by the way, I would love to see Trey Gowdy primary loser Lindsay Graham.

  38. MILES E DRAKE says

    If Soros is paying internet trolls by the post, he may run out of money before the revolution gets going – or is he paying internet posters $15.00 an hour, the way the rioters are paid?

  39. Paul Anderson says

    Barack Obama has been an enemy of America, long before his taking office in 2009. His association with a known Communists Professor at Harvard, an association with the known Communist William Ayers, at the Chicago Annenburg Challenge. William Ayers and his Terriorist organization Weather Underground. Both Ayers and Obama were instrumental in directing the Chicago Annenburg Challenge: in transforming the educational system. A transformation ( Cultural Marxism ) by morally corrupting our nation’s youth. Obama’s use of Saul Alynsky’s Community organizing principles, to protest In the communities across America. Most of the current proytests, Obama has had a hand in.
    Obama is a Social Democrat, also known as a Communist. Our nation has been deceived….

  40. 2 parrots and a dog says

    President Trump fired Flynn for lying to Pence, period. The left may think it is a victory and that they are now capable of taking out anyone in Trump’s administration, but they are sadly mistaken. Had Flynn been up front with Pence, he would not only still have his job, but President Trump would have fought for him.

  41. randy jackson says

    old news

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