Watch Out Establishment: Alabama Upset is a Warning to GOP Leaders


Republican establishment politicians are shaking in their boots after Alabama voters handed them a stunning electoral loss in a Senate primary race that attracted national attention. Challenger Roy Moore, the darling of the grassroots conservative movement, steamrolled over handpicked incumbent Luther Strange to win the Republican Party nomination. Despite being opposed by Mitch McConnell, an enormous pro-establishment super PAC, and the President of the United States himself, Moore rode to victory on a groundswell of support from popular figures like Steve Bannon and Sarah Palin – to take nothing away from his own hard-earned reputation for smash-and-burn Christian conservative politics.

And experts believe that Moore’s unlikely but decisive victory – almost certainly to be followed by another victory in December against his Democrat opponent – will send shockwaves through Washington, D.C.

From the Washington Post:

The GOP primary victory by conservative firebrand Roy Moore over Sen. Luther Strange could produce a stampede of Republican retirements in the coming months and an energized swarm of challengers.

It marked yet another humiliation for the Washington-based Republican establishment, particularly Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), whose allies pumped millions of dollars into the race to prop up Strange and reassure his colleagues that they could survive the Trump era.

Moore’s win, however, also demonstrates the real political limitations of Trump, who endorsed “Big Luther” at McConnell’s urging and staged a rally for Strange in Huntsville, Ala., just days before the primary. The outcome is likely to further fray Trump’s ties to Republicans in Congress, many of whom now fear that even his endorsement cannot protect them from voter fury.

Trump himself appeared almost embarrassed by his own endorsement of Strange. In the days before the election, he assured Alabama voters that he would support Moore with a full-throated endorsement going into the general election even if his guy didn’t win. And in the hours after Moore dispatched with Strange, Trump began deleting some of his recent tweets expressing support for the incumbent. We don’t know what kind of bad advice Trump got or who he got it from, but it’s clear that he was right on Friday in Huntsville when he admitted to the crowd: “I might have made a mistake.”

If there was any remaining myth about the imperviousness of incumbent Republicans backed by the establishment, though, Tuesday’s results put an end to it. The people are taking back the GOP – a movement that started with the Tea Party, continued through Trump’s stunning victory last November, and is still growing steam today. The swamp is going to be drained one way or the other. Same old, same old just ain’t gonna cut it anymore.



  1. Deby says

    Hey Mitchie, start packing dude-your days of wine and roses are coming to an end-the swamp is being drained. Buh-bye now

      1. IMPCALGI says

        hey there no talent Soros puppet: keep whining and blubbering. That way, We The People know we are on the correct course

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          Oh no! Gottabedumberthanshit is back!! 😁😂🤣😃😄😅

          1. IMPCALGI says

            Wow! Did you mommy help you type all the big words, like “oh” and “no” ? or maybe it was that nice big nurse who comes around to tighten your straps and give you your meds?
            Keep whining, lil boo boo baby: your butthurt shrieking is sweet music to every decent American citizen

        2. marshmil1789 says

          Perfect response IMPCALGI. They keep sending up signals letting us know who they are and where they are at.

      2. Retired says

        That is totally uncalled for , the man has not been elected yet , the Election is in Dec.. Where are the appointments that Trump has submitted , lets talk about that instead of adding to the Swamp. The Swamp Creatures refuse to do the job they were elected to do and that is in both parties . Trump has gotten rid of the trash he could , but you refuse to see that .

        1. ledbalon says

          it will take time to remove the Rinos and they have not come up for re election YET

          1. MARLENE HESSLER says

            Tea Partyers aren’t going any place. Neither are all conservatives.

            Open Season on RINOs will continue.

          2. TexasCoyote1 says

            I think it’s more than RINO’s that are going to get the ax. There is a groundswell of conservative thinking moving across the landscape. President Trump’s actions in the NFL protests have given a lot of people their voice again. Conservatism is the true ideology of most Americans–that voice has just been drowned out with all the liberal/communist shouting that has gone on for the past 50 years.

          3. MARLENE HESSLER says

            Totally agree.

            If we don’t get TERM LIMITS as law, we WILL GET IT THROUGH THE BALLOTBOX.

          4. GrizzMann says

            Term limits are in place every election.

          5. MARLENE HESSLER says

            Never before like they will be in the future.

            Time to make Congress as it was intended. That is a patriotic contribution, NOT A CAREER.

            Americans are fed up with business as usual.

            We voted for REAL CHANGE with TRUMP.


          6. marshmil1789 says

            Well stated Marlene. I endorse your statement.

          7. MARLENE HESSLER says

            Thank you.

          8. Retired says

            That is Correct , Congress is not doing their job .

          9. marshmil1789 says

            No. Hopefully you’re not so stupid as to BELIEVE what you posted. Nor is it a joke. “Terms limits” is in effect after someone is elected ONLY to the Presidency a second term then she/he cannot succeed her/himself. That does not apply to Members of the Congress. The only Branch that has a ONE term limit under the Constitution is the US Supreme Court—ONE TERM, for life or until voluntarily retires. That needs to have an age limit. I recommend age 80 years max.

          10. GrizzMann says

            Did I miss something? Didn’t Senator Luther Strange reach his term limit to Roy Moore in an election (special)? Seems to work.

          11. Retired says

            He could not follow your thinking .

          12. marshmil1789 says

            You really enjoy mental masturbation GrizzMann. Have fun. Congratulations, you just won yourself a block party. You are now blocked from my screen. The gate is closed.

          13. Retired says

            What he meant is the voters need to get off of their Arch and vote them out to get term limits , but most are to lazy to go vote if it is not the President cycle .

          14. marshmil1789 says

            I blocked GrizzMan from my screen. There are better things here to read and address than mental masturbation. I don’t think he meant that even though it IS the prescribed manner per Constitution of getting rid of incompetents. And it is regretful that on “off years” some people don’t bother to go vote. That is when we get caught facilitating the bad to stay and keep bad things bad.

          15. PatriotGal says

            The flyover country is sick and tired of being ignored by the big cities – just as they are doing now with the tax reform, screaming about having their state taxes removed from Fed Income tax. They chose to live in the most tax burdened states in the nation, why should we subsidize their stupidity! Time for us to scream and say NO to the big BLUE cities!!!

          16. TexasCoyote1 says

            We have to keep the awareness up through the next election cycle. If nothing else, President Trump’s courage in taking on causes that are not politically correct to get involved in, keeps the liberal media screaming. There is no such thing as negative publicity.

          17. marshmil1789 says

            Thanks PatriotGal. The Electoral College protected the nation from the large urban swamps. Nobody forced those dwellers to settle into high tax city area. Let them pay.

        2. TexasCoyote1 says

          Hey Retired. I agree. If people thought Trump could just waltz into office on January 20th and wave his pen and bend of most of Congress to his agenda, they were delusional. The midterms in 2018 will only be the first culling of the liberal, globalist herd. “Remember Alabama” may become a rallying cry as true conservative candidates begin to come out of the woodwork believing their time has finally come. Even the media admits Corker may just the first of many Swamp Creatures to call it quits before they are thrown out.

          1. marcus J says

            I agree , Bob Corker must definitely be gotten rid of , He is a real scumsucking Invertebrate and bottom feeder ,Much like my two Slimy RINO Weasels that pretend to be Senators , The Flake and McShame !!!

          2. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            Your correct.
            As much as I hated harry reid, he got things done. He by passed rules of order & wrote his own rules. Current leadership is beyond help. Its just a good ole boys fraternity. A don’t rock the boat mentality. The repeal & replace bho care is a shining example of incompetence. 7 years to correct said monstrosity & they weren’t even prepared. The American People are not the priority, its lobbyists & corporations. Build a wall around the congress. Disallow lobbying Period.

          3. TexasCoyote1 says

            I don’t know that lobbying is bad if it is designed to inform members of Congress on issues they don’t understand the ramifications of. It’s the bribery that has become synonymous with lobbying that creates the problem. We must demonetize Congress and return the real power to the states (assuming our ineffectual state governments can be bothered to take that responsibility).

          4. Retired says

            Lobbyist today are bought and paid for by big money .

          5. TexasCoyote1 says

            I understand, and I agree the money is the problem. Most of us have a price, and most of those who go to Congress know what their price is. Take the money out of lobbying and the people who went to Washington would have a totally different look to them.

          6. PatriotGal says

            We can only hope and pray!!! We also have to motivate the voters, make donations, support the conservative candidates – if we live in the areas, go door-to-door, make calls, whatever, just as we did and must do for the Dec election of Roy Moore!!!

          7. TexasCoyote1 says

            Absolutely. The conservative citizens of these United States can’t afford to go back to sleep. We don’t have this under control yet.

        3. marcus J says

          Try very hard to ignore the gotabgood Creature , I blocked the Hateful Racist , Angry Disease Brained Liberal Obamite Lefty America Hating Troll months ago

      3. mac12sam12 says

        Everyone Trump fired hasn’t been replaced, that’s draining the swamp. There’s also a hiring freeze.

    1. PatriotGal says

      DITCH MITCH!!!!

  2. Retired says

    The handwriting is on the wall , time to get McConnell out of his position .If they don’t 2018 will hurt the Republicans .

    1. Mark Clemens says

      I think Mitch has 4 more years. He won his last Kentucky election by a large margin. I heard Tennessee’s Junior Senator won’t run for a 3rd term. He wants Payton Manning to take his place. I hope Payton goes for it.

      1. Retired says

        Yup , he has time left . That is why I say he needs to be demoted from his position .

        1. TexasCoyote1 says

          McConnell will be replaced when the new Congress is seated after the 2018 elections. If we voters do our job, there will be a new direction forced on the Republican leadership. I don’t see any changes coming before then.

          As for Peyton, I have no idea what his leanings are. He seems to be a man of strong character, who grew up in a good family. That’s a good start. We’ll learn a lot more about what his support of the President’s agenda would be before this is all over.

          1. Retired says

            McConnell needs to be replaced now and not after the 2018 election .He is not doing what the people wanted from the 2016 election .

          2. gdfairy says

            McConnell just won his re-election last year. The only way I can think of actually getting him out before 5 years, is IF the fine people of Kentucky get mad and RECALL his worthless sorry butt!

      2. Duncan says

        If that is true, Payton Manning will be just another piece of swamp shit. You don’t think Bob Corker would recommend a true conservative do you?

        1. Mark Clemens says

          I don’t know about that. Sweet Ole Bob said Washington DC was to mean of a place for him to get anything done. He thinks Payton may have the fight nessary in him to accomplish good stuff.
          Heck we had a B Film actor (Reagan) for president. He did real good. Maybe a pro athlete might do some good. The people who are jumping for Sweet Ole Bobs seat are
          Marshia Blackburn
          Bill Harlem
          Joe Carr
          These are all professional politicans who want a “career raise”
          Think about it. Payton was a very successful QB. You never stick your hands damn near up someone’s ass with out a plan afterwards!
          Plus Payton ALWAYS STOOD up for the National Anthem. …….

        2. ledbalon says

          Corker is gone.. so will see if we can push a good conservative here in Tn

      3. hangem'high says

        At least we’d know the big football owners will go to, to get that sweet tax right offs!

    2. SD of AZ says

      Correction, it will hurt the establishment rinos! Dems and rinos are the uni party and all are up for removal at every attempt to get another term.

      1. Retired says

        But it does no good to replace them with Demons . Rinos like McCain and McConnell need to be removed from their assigned comities for starters .

  3. gotabgood says

    I understand you have lost 8 seats in state elections….
    but you have more to worry about.. look at the people who have come and gone and some are making a statement…this list does not include Sally Yates or James Comey and a bunch of others.. Yes I realize McConnell is still there, but is one who is speaking out…

    1. IMPCALGI says

      we understand that you’ve gone a lil crazy ever since mommy told you to stop wetting the bed. Go away Soros troll: real Americans laugh at you

    2. Retired says

      When you have a bushel of apples do you leave the rotten ones in there ???? At least Trump got rid of them ,more than you can say about Billy Boy and Obama , they just brought in more rotten Apples.

    3. cv says

      142 trillion dollars in Federal liabilities says your partisan views are about as useful as a snowcone in a blizzard. Big numbers are hard to grasp, I’m guessing.

    4. mac12sam12 says

      Hussein O fired more people and more people resigned. Did you know that, party hack?

  4. gotabgood says

    Did you know….???
    Lil’ bush and Trump have something in common…Katrina and Maria, both hurricanes..
    Sad…. real sad……
    Trump’s excuse for Puerto Rico delays? The ocean is ‘very big’—Yup, he said that (VIDEO)

    1. IMPCALGI says

      awwwwwww… still butthurt after last November? Yo momma called, she says to go finish your colring book and get ready for your nap

    2. Retired says

      Now that is really sick , Trump is no wimp like Bush was ,Cheney ran the country for Bush .

    3. mac12sam12 says

      So by your biased standard, the NY hurricane was Hussein O’s fault. Correct, party hack?

  5. gotabgood says

    Letterman has been around late night show for many years, met and interviewed many people.. maybe we should listen to his advice…

    1. Retired says

      Are you swallowing the Empty hook like a starving fish from Hollywood and the Media . Do you also support the Fagots and their life style ?????

      1. nocbsfan says

        He’s a troll who gets paid every time you answer him. Just block him.

        1. Retired says

          Just another AKnoLady , might be one and the same Bot hired by the Communist Party .

          1. nocbsfan says

            LOL I don’t think so Have had them both on at the same time.? Can’t ever tell.

    2. mac12sam12 says

      Explain how Hillary’s plans would have been better. crickets..crickets..

  6. IMPCALGI says

    The big shot insiders in the GOP have no one top blame but themselves. They’ve made a bunch of big speeches, and did all sorts of posturing when the criminal masquerading as an “American” president was in power… now we have a real American patriot as president, and they’ve run out of excuses and We The People have run out of patience. They are as useless and stupid as paid Soros troll “gotabgood”, who is so brainless that she thinks that any real American gives a frogs fat rear end what David Letterman thinks about anything.

    1. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

      Sports players, entertainers, & msm pundits are not where I go for information. They bring nothing to the discussion. No value, no experience, & no credibility. Empty suits. Danny Glover & Sean Penn loves Venesuala and chevez. How did that work out?

      1. IMPCALGI says

        As a rule, whenever some loud mouth self righteous millionaire libtard gets his fat head on TV and proceeds to wag his finger and lecture how “deplorables” like me are the source of all evil, I JUST STOP LISTENING.

        When you live next to the nuthouse, after a while, you tune out the ranting and raving

  7. ZACAL says

    We will not defeat establishment Rino Republicans by electing a Democrat. That would be like a self inflicted gunshot wound. What we’ll do is defeat these Washington Swamper Republicans in the primaries then elect a real conservative Republican in the election that counts.

    1. PatriotGal says

      If we did that and handed control of the House or Senate to the Demonazis, you know as well as I their first order of business would be to impeach PRESIDENT Trump on any silly thing they could because they would have the votes to do so. WE MUST work to increaser the number of Repubs in both houses of Congress.

  8. tCotUS says

    Alabama & the rest of the Conservative World tells the GOP Rino’s ..You Can & will be Replaced

    1. Susan Short says


    2. Wendy Mantooth says

      That goes for the turncoat Rino from Maine as well!! Buh bye Senator Susan Collins!!!!

      1. James Andrews says

        I’m in Maine, and I concur. I’ve had it with her!

        1. TexasCoyote1 says

          That’s it. One vote. One District. One State at a time. That’s how we are going to get this country back to its conservative roots.

          Be sure to get involved in voter fraud issues. I believe it’s fraud rather than misplaced votes that have allowed these parasites to get into office.

          1. James Andrews says

            I agree…..but the Libs claim there is no voter fraud…….of course, hundreds of thousands of dead people have been found on registers all over the nation!

          2. TexasCoyote1 says

            But, the Libs control the media that decides how much voter fraud gets reported and how much doesn’t. States like Maryland that allow people to vote without showing any form of identification are the real problems.

            Here in Texas I have to present not only my voter registration form, but also my photo ID. The poll workers then match my information to the printout they have, and I put my signature on the line beside my name on the printout. This should be the way it is in all states no matter how much the Democrats scream about discrimination. What’s discriminating about having your paperwork in order?

          3. James Andrews says

            I agree; I’ve had to show Id just to get on an interstate bus, take a flight, etc.

          4. marshmil1789 says

            James and Coyote we all know there is a privileged set in the country who believe they are entitled to everything without having to pay. They also believe they should be allowed to vote without showing who they are. The same people will readily show a photo ID to cash a check, open a bank account or borrow money from a bank. So what’s the fuss about showing a photo ID at a voting registration or at a precinct when voting? It is simple. They are engaged in FRAUD. Any government official who or entity that supports anyone’s demand to NOT show an approved government photo ID is contributing to FRAUD.

          5. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            You are so mean, marsh. The demonRats can’t win if they don’t have illegal voters. Give them a break. Corrupt bastards.

          6. jug says

            Much more descriptive, AND they hate it more!

          7. AKLady says

            No, right-wingers who cannot be bothered learning applicable law.
            Suggest you read the 24th Amendment.
            Poll taxes are illegal. Charge for thw ID, it becomes a poll illegal tax.
            Are you willing to pay the taxes to cover the cost of what ypu demand?

          8. Retired says

            So when people pay for a drivers license it is a poll tax according to you , boy are you ever looped tonight .

          9. marshmil1789 says

            AKLady is: (1) an atheist. (2) Her kind is what manufacturers label “IRREGULAR” in their stock. She and her kind do not measure up to the standard quality so are sold at a reduced price because of at least one defect. Her postings here consistent reveal substandard rationality in thought patterns.
            I blocked her months ago because of her irrational gibberish in postings. Some of you posting here apparently enjoy her playing you like a fiddle so you continue to reply to her nonsense. To each his own.

          10. Retired says

            It is mainly to keep the new ones informed before they fall for its trap.

          11. Mathew Molk says

            Yep,,,,DON’T FEED THE TROLLS

          12. jug says

            You are just like always, OUT OF YOUR MIND!

            I never posted any demands or mrntioned any taxes!
            Poll or otherwise!

            Time to take your meds!

          13. AKLady says

            Suggest you look up what a poll tax is.
            Your history education seems to be terribly deficient.
            If you require someone to pay for an ID in order to vote,
            you are charging a poll tax.
            Please stop embarrassing America with your ignorance.

          14. TexasCoyote1 says

            The issue is not about poll tax. The issue is the best way to prevent voter fraud. Try to stay on point here. In an age where showing identification has become an everyday occurrence to perform normal acts, it is unreasonable for Democrats/Liberals to want to exempt their constituents from this requirement.

            The only conclusion one can draw from the Democrats behavior is that they are encouraging or engaging in voter fraud, and they don’t want to stop the practice.

          15. AKLady says

            The issue here is the RIGHT to vote.
            The issue here is the LAW.
            You do not seem to understand the difference between a right and a privilege
            You seem not to be able to comprehend laws and why they were passed.
            Again, read the 24th Amendment..
            No politics involved.

          16. TexasCoyote1 says

            No, the issue is the RIGHT to vote only ONCE and only in the district or precinct in which one lives. That, too, is the LAW. I comprehend laws and I also comprehend that we currently have a double standard in the US in which politicians, bankers and many other wealthy people appear to believe they are above the law.

          17. AKLady says

            When was the last time you registered to vote?
            Have you ever attempted to vote at a poll to which you were not assigned?
            When you register, you must provide evidence to prove your RIGHT to vote in the state, city, country …, i.e., residency. You must also prove U.S. citizenship. There are locations in the U.S. where legal, non-citizen residents are permitted to vote in local elections.

            After you register, you are assigned an identification number, issued an identification card and assigned to a polling place. If you move, you must provide the agency with a change of address to be removed or reassigned.
            If you attempt to vote at a poll to which you are not assigned, you are given an absentee ballot. Your vote will be counted when it has been verified for legitimacy.
            The rich have always been “above” the law in America. If you have enough money, you can buy anything … That is one of the main reasons Row b. Wade took place. The rich always had access to abortions and birth control.

          18. TexasCoyote1 says

            The last time I registered to vote was a year and a half ago when i moved back from Ecuador. Spent 6 years there so, I didn’t have to listen to Obummer destroy the nation. It was just too painful to watch every day.

            In Texas one has to present a birth certificate to get a driver’s license, so registering to vote involves no more than filing out the voter registration form at the time you do so. The license is mailed to you at the address you give, so that is really the only proof Texas has that you’re assigned the correct precinct. I have seen voters come to the polls in Collin County, Texas and be turned away because their names were not on the printout of those registered to vote in my precinct. They were not given an absentee ballot–they were told to go to the precinct they were registered in.

            Illegal aliens should never be allowed to vote in any election in the United States. No other country allows anyone to vote if they are there illegally. I had the obligation to vote in Ecuador because I was a resident. In fact, there one cannot transact business–buy or sell property, open a bank account, record a birth certificate, etc. without a receipt showing one had voted.

          19. AKLady says

            You can acquire properties with total freedom according to the Ecuadorian constitution. The Ecuador real estate buying process allows for the straightforward transfer of real property. A voting record is not required.

          20. TexasCoyote1 says

            You’re an uninformed idiot. I had to present my Voter Card to finalize the transfer of my house into my name entirely after my significant other passed away. I had to present my voter card when I purchased a car before the title could be recorded in my name.

          21. AKLady says

            Name calling is nursery school behavior.
            After purchasing property, you must make the the necessary tax payments and register your property at the land registry.

          22. TexasCoyote1 says

            You show your ignorance of the Ecuadorian system is compounded every time you write. Most of the transfer work is done through a Notary. Notaries in Ecuador are very powerful, and they require buyers and sellers show their voter cards. I did it, dumba$$. I was there. I know the process I went through. You must be looking up something online to try to respond to me that doesn’t give all the steps required.

            The property does finally get registered at the Municipio, but it is no more than a formality after all the legal work is performed by the Notary and the attorneys representing the buyer and seller. There is no land registry as you call it.

          23. AKLady says

            Sewer language.
            Name calling.

            No land registry? How else would one conduct a title search?
            Suggest you look up “Regristo de Propiedades”.

            While you are at it. look up:
            Certificado De Registro De Propiedad Actualizado
            Certificado Del Historial De La Propiedad
            Escritura De Propieded Del Inmueble
            Pago de Impuesto Predial
            Certificado De Gravamenes …

          24. marshmil1789 says

            I know. The old fashioned way of life is just awful to today’s
            liberals. They would have made wonderful underlings for Al Capone.

          25. AKLady says

            The 24th Amendment is pretty old-fashioned. It was passed over 50 years ago.

          26. Mathew Molk says

            No way,,,They had to have balls and be able to handle themselves in a knock down drag out……The pencil neck snowflakes have no such characteristics. They cant take care of themselves in a check out line. Without the nanny state they would all die of thrust because they can’t even find water for themselves.

          27. marshmil1789 says

            Good comment Mathew.

          28. AKLady says

            Suggest you read thw 24th Amendment.
            What March does not understand is that what he demands is illegal if there is a charge involved. He also does not know the difference between what is a privilege and what is a right — a Constitutional right,

          29. river says

            And here I was all a long thinking my founding fathers relied on God for their wisdom of the Constitution…..
            I had no idea that some AKTundraTurd would be placed on earth to set us all straight.

          30. Ted Crawford says

            How, pray tell, is the Twenty fourth Amendment at all applicable to voter ID requirements? These I D’s are offered free of charge.

          31. Ted Crawford says

            Once again when you are challenged on one of your many, many disingenuous responses, all you have is either some adolescent spew, or silence.

          32. AKLady says

            Your 27,197th insult …

          33. Ted Crawford says

            Thank you for providing the exclamation point for my post. It would be hilarious, if it weren’t so very sad.

          34. AKLady says

            Comments 27,199
            Just the facts, Ma’am …
            All insults ..

          35. Ted Crawford says

            I asked you for a substantive response. were discussing Voter ID and you, out of nowhere, injected the Twenty Fourth Amendment into the discussion. The Twenty Fourth Amendment has nothing whatsoever to do with Voter ID! I asked that you explain it’s relevance to the issue. I received instead one of your standard canned adolescent spews. all of which simply makes it clear you were making a feeble attempt to obfuscate the issue.

          36. AKLady says

            Does you state charge for official, photo identification?
            If it does, then requiring that ID to vote would violate the 24th Amendment.
            The fee for the ID would meet the definition of “poll tax”.
            Alaska requires photo ID for voting.
            The DMV provides the IS without charge.
            Prior to the Voter ID law, the State charged $25.00 for the ID.

          37. Ted Crawford says

            It is my understanding that in the States wise enough to have elected Conservative governments, thankfully and ever increasing number, that properly requires photo ID’s to vote provide them free of charge.
            Contrary to your ego, a great many, Republicans, Conservatives and Independents understand the Constitution. You poor Progressives never will, given what it says, depends on which day it is and who is telling you what to think!

          38. AKLady says

            Dear Ted, Progressives wrote the Constitution.
            They were also liberal terrorists.
            Poll taxes were tools used to deny minorities thw right to vote.

          39. Ted Crawford says

            There were NO Progressives involved with the crafting of the Constitution. They were known as Tory’s in that time frame. The most famous of those was Benedict Arnold!

          40. ARTPSYCH says

            Ted, your dealing with an idiot revisionist AK is a person who misunderstands the founding fathers and wants to destroy the Constitution! Even with true facts in her face- she will ignore sound reasoning and facts because the leftist-fascist ideology playbook is to do just that. Ignore sound reasoning..just like Hillary-Schumer and billy joe bob raper man..she’s wants to be so articulate but then accuses me of some sort of advertising scheme! shes an idiot! there’s no other word for her despicable behavior. she should be shackled and tossed into a padded room! “Orderly, bring the meds please”! “Ms. AK is clawing the walls again”!!!

          41. Ted Crawford says

            The saddest part of it all is I think the poor delusional soul actually believes all the bilious tripe she spews! That is an extremely frightening thing for America’s future! Schumer, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Et.Al. know better, they’re simply becoming multi-millionaires by keeping these poor delusional souls on the Progressive Plantation!
            People like poor AK, confuse an education with wisdom. Armed with a plethora of inert facts, they assume they are wise. Sadly like a cook with a bad recipe, they combine them in such a way as to create a very nasty tasting, even fatal, dish, then attempt to get everyone to take a bite!

          42. AKLady says

            There were no “Americans” in that time frame, the majority were British Subjects, others were Spanish and French … What eventually became Americans were, unquestionably, progressives.

          43. ARTPSYCH says

            Psuedo intellectuals..need not apply..thank you this has been an advertisement for better communication between Americans and the ADD Council of human affairs.

          44. AKLady says

            ..1,119 comments, all insults.
            Not a record, but impressive.

          45. ARTPSYCH says

            oh your so welcome you poor marxist thing! go take an ibuprofen and know you got beat up again this week on DISQUS!

          46. AKLady says

            1121 insults and counting …

          47. Ted Crawford says

            In the first case I made no mention of any “Americans” , in the second, you are well beyond simply delusional to believe that the Founders were even remotely Progressives! You might remember, it was they who wrote the First and Second Amendments! Two targets you Progressives are attacking with a vengeance! They also created the Electoral College you so desperately need to destroy to ever attain your beloved Socialism!

          48. AKLady says

            What is, or what is not a “progressive” is relative to the time period and moors of society in which they live. The United States was created to fulfill a promise of free and equal political life for all of its citizens. For 1776, you could not get much more “progressive”.

            Jefferson argued that laws and institutions must evolve with the “progress of the human mind.” Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson thought that the natural harmony of society might even replace much of governmental authority itself.

            Advancements in science, technology, economic development, and social organization are vital to the improvement of the human condition. That is Progress.

          49. Ted Crawford says

            America was founded on a belief of personal freedom and equal Opportunity, NOT equal outcomes! It was designed that the individuals fortune was directly proportional to the effort, the work, and the risk one was willing to invest.
            Your ideology suggests that those who invested much, and were subsequently rewarded with success, by some twisted logic, are responsible for the misfortune of those who chose to invest little, expend little effort, and risk nothing!
            Curiously, you correctly identify the aspirations of the Founders, an ever DECREASING governmental influence, while ignoring that your ideology is all about ever MORE governmental influences???????!
            As I clearly explained above, your current definition of Progressive” is the nearly perfect antithesis of the ideology of our Founders As is your habit you completely ignored that. Instead you attempt to use disingenuous semantics to obfuscate the issue.

          50. AKLady says

            FREEDOM, INDIVIDUALISM, PRAGMATISM, VOLUNTEERISM, MOBILITY, PATRIOTISM, PROGRESS, AMERICAN DREAM. …. the American core beliefs. It does not matter what anyone says, you do not even read what is written. You simply spew you venom, which is about a Marxist as it comes.
            Remember IN 1776 the Country was a BRITISH COLONY.
            America’s Founders were Progressives — in every sense of the term
            America’s Founders were also traitors…
            America’s Founders were terrorists …
            America’s Founders were criminals.

            You are spewing senseless alphabet soup. Talk just to hear yourself speak.

          51. Ted Crawford says

            Whatever has infested your brain is awesome!!! It’s well more necrotic than simple delusion! The average Civics student, reading your ridiculous spew would, rightly, consider themselves to be a genius by comparison!!!!
            Given your low opinion of the founding of this nation, and your low opinion of it’s Founding Fathers, perhaps you’d be more comfortable, more at home, as it were, in one of the European Social Democracies! You’ll have one he!! of a fight on your hands if you continue to attempt to devolve America in a copy of them!!!

          52. AKLady says

            You are spewing senseless alphabet soup. Talk just to hear yourself speak.
            You also are only able to look at a situation from one side.
            Remember IN 1776 the Country was a BRITISH COLONY.

          53. Ted Crawford says

            You seem determined to prove Ron White right!!!

          54. ARTPSYCH says

            You are spewing senseless alphabet soup. Talk just to hear yourself speak. You also are only able to look at a situation from one side …

            Read more

            *Yep! you do see it all from one side! Cultural Marxism is alive and well in the news media! Nazi Germany and their propaganda machine- if you repeat it enough and the bigger the lie the more people like AKLADY swallow it! It’s like the Moron statement from Tillerson! IT NEVER HAPPENED!*

          55. ARTPSYCH says

            *now please shut the hell up!*

          56. Ted Crawford says

            I’m not certain if you are referring to me or AK, but I’m not into censorship. It would, however, be wise to follow the advice of someone wiser than myself and simply ignore that sad soul; ” To argue with one who has renounced the use and authority of reason is as useless as administering medicine to the dead!” Thomas Paine

          57. ARTPSYCH says

            Not you but AK the crazy terrorist

          58. ARTPSYCH says

            AK the crazy lady was the direction…who rants at me as well and calls everyone a child. I shouldn’t engage her- you get nowhere. My friend here in oregon thinks he knows politics and he doesn’t know what marxism on the left is doing to our freedoms so he votes democrat like it’s his religion

          59. AKLady says

            You just proved your lack of education.
            You also proved your inability to see an issue from both sides.

          60. ARTPSYCH says

            AK is a fool..don’t talk to her she’s being paid by George Soros!

          61. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.
            Oh, and you are now up to 1,140 insults.

          62. Sylvia Avila says

            Right! just ignore her stupidity! She can’t help being stupid, Dem trait you know.

          63. Ted Crawford says

            If your sad delusional philosophy is the result of what you call “education” I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been spared it!
            Professor Einstein was correct; ” The only thing that interferes with my knowledge is my education”

          64. ARTPSYCH says

            spewing alphabet soup Wow such a meaningless comment! The pilgrims didn’t leave England prior they left another country 2 years later..they just so happened to be be British subjects.

          65. COMPU-TRON says

            WOW!!! What a reasonable response to a difference of opinion!

          66. Ted Crawford says


          67. COMPU-TRON says

            Damn right. You’re not the only person who gets to have an opinion, pal.

          68. Ted Crawford says

            I see, you share her hateful disrespect for the Founding Fathers. One can’t help but wonder, with such a low opinion of America and it’s Founders and founding principles, why in the world would you want to remain is such a disgusting place?

          69. COMPU-TRON says

            I love the founders, and America. I just have a different political point of view from you. If you think that’s shameful, you don’t belong in America.

          70. ARTPSYCH says

            AK is so full of untruths and non-history- she’s a revisionist with a Rainbow over her head!

          71. COMPU-TRON says

            Meaningless. Goodbye.

          72. Ted Crawford says

            If labeling someone with horrific names is your sign of “love” I’m indeed very glad you have no love for me!
            By the way, though it is’nt a requirement, I paid for my place here, with my own blood!

          73. COMPU-TRON says

            Just speaking the truth, try reading a biography or a history book some time.

          74. ARTPSYCH says

            I have to tell-you AK is a totally deranged loony! she thinks we’re living in Nazi germany! for her to complain that the founder’s were progressive is ridiculous when shes a progressive or actually a STATIST!

          75. Ted Crawford says

            The only real emotion I can summon for this poor tortured soul is pity! There must be a massive number short circuiting neurons between those ears!

          76. ARTPSYCH says

            You simply spew you venom, which is about a Marxist as it comes.

            Try the word instead of “you” to”your”..pathetic! BTW: You’re a real true marxist with your hate of the U.S.Constitution we all love but you. A simple history class told not by a revisionist could set you straight! Try listening to Mark Levin for a month! He’s not a revisionist and he is a Jew with an IQ over 200!

          77. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.
            I suggest you take a middle-school Civics Class,

          78. ARTPSYCH says

            Maybe if you had more manners and an open mind as my 1st to 4th graders do, someone might listen to your rant. Have a nice sunny Marxist day in the Alaskan terrain!

          79. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          80. AKLady says

            Save the insults for someone you can impress. I’m not one of them.
            Name-calling is nursery school behavior.
            Labeling someone “progressive” is name calling.
            Also, don’t twist Jefferson’s and Paine’s words to try to fit your claims. It does not work, They were both what you call “progressives”.

          81. ARTPSYCH says

            omigosh reading her propaganda is so amusing it’s scary as hell! She would be given the royal treatment in N.Korea..then she would be told to round up enemies of the state (like me) and have us all shot and buried in shallow graves, then she dances on top of our graves pumping her thin arms in the sky singing the North Republic anthem! Kim Jung Un would be proud of her!

          82. AKLady says

            The only danger you pose to “the state” is the embarrassment you cause America with every childish, ignorant post you publish for the worlds to see.

          83. COMPU-TRON says

            The Founders were all left-wing (for their time), bourgeouis petty landholders and merchants who preceded the Industrial Revolution. They were extremely progressive for the 1770s. They were mostly religious sceptics too. Does that bother you?

          84. Ted Crawford says

            That ridiculous statement is so absurd it’s laughable!!!

          85. ARTPSYCH says

            living on the government dime is AK’s expertise!

          86. ARTPSYCH says

            she makes no sense 100%

          87. Sylvia Avila says

            So true! I never answer her anymore, she seems mentally ill! Dem condition it seems! God bless!

          88. COMPU-TRON says

            No, just true.

          89. ARTPSYCH says

            Hi..Time for your weekly beating!

            Time to Remember (again)…

            Remember when Donald Trump was business partners with the Russian government and his company got $53 million from the Russian government investment fund called Rusnano that was started by Vladimir Putin and is referred to as “Putin’s Child?’
            Oh wait, that wasn’t Trump; it was John Podesta.

            Remember when Donald Trump received $500,000 for a speech in Moscow and paid for by Renaissance Capital, a company tied to Russian Intelligence Agencies?
            Oh wait, that was Bill Clinton.

            Remember when Donald Trump approved the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium to the Russians while he was Secretary of State which gave control of it to Rosatom the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation?
            Oh wait, that was Hillary Clinton.

            Remember when Donald Trump lied about that and said he wasn’t a part of approving the deal that gave the Russians 1/5 of our uranium, but then his e-mails were leaked showing he did lie about it?
            Oh wait, that was Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.

            Remember when Donald Trump got $145 million from shareholders of the uranium company sold to the Russians?
            Oh wait, that was Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

            Remember when Donald Trump accepted millions in donations from Russian oligarchs like the chairman of a company that’s part of the Russian Nuclear Research Cluster, the wife of the mayor of Moscow and a close pal of Putin’s?
            Oh wait, that was the Clinton Foundation.

            Remember when Donald Trump failed to disclose all those donations before becoming the Secretary of State, and it was only found out when a journalist went through Canadian tax records?
            Oh wait, that was Hillary Clinton

            Remember when Donald Trump told Mitt Romney that the ’80s called and it wanted its Russian policy back. The Cold War is over?
            Oh wait, that was Ayatollah Zer0bama.

            Man, Trump’s ties to Russia are really “disgusting!”…NOT!!!!!!!!

            sent to me from my Friend Tom H.

            I hope you enjoyed the beating again..go to the hospital and take out your Obummer Health card and proudly display it and make sure you yell loud enough you like socialized health care that’s over promised in value and high in COST! Have a nice day!

          90. AKLady says

            Next time, instead of right-wing garbage, try some facts.
            Trump’s company did business in Cuba during the embargo.
            Trump’s 2013 visit to Moscow for the Miss Universe.
            Trump and Putin, via Administration Officials.
            Trump and Putin, via Michael Flynn.
            Trump and Putin, via Campaign Advisers
            Trump and Putin, via Paul Manafort
            Trump and Putin, via Felix Sater
            Trump and Putin, via Trump Family Members
            Individual Russians have invested heavily in Trump properties.
            Following Trump’s bankruptcies in the 1990s he borrowed money from Russian sources.
            He has repeatedly stuck up for Russian President Vladimir Putin

          91. ARTPSYCH says

            you didn’t embellish with humor and the reason for each one! no one takes you seriously if can’t evoke an ounce of humor! You’re living in the Clinton world of promises and Ayatollah Obuttheads non legacy! Clinton humped a lot of women! Hillary brandished them by destroying forgot to mention that. Have a lovely day! I hope they fixed up at the hospital with a few lollipops!

            Get a psychiatrist you don’t need an expensive one!

          92. AKLady says

            Fact is fact, I don’t; embellish — period.
            Name calling is nursery school behavior? Whey to you engage in it?

          93. ARTPSYCH says

            No u are uncreative

          94. AKLady says

            Name calling is nursery school behavior.

          95. ARTPSYCH says

            no one called you a name- you’re obviously delusional …call this number 911

          96. AKLady says

            Save your childish insults for someone you can impress.
            Your dishonesty says more about you than I ever could.

          97. Retired says

            Them would be the Clinton Village type people who wanted to elect the Idiot to the WH.

          98. marshmil1789 says

            Yes Retired. Where it takes a “village” to raise more “useful idiots” for the ballot boxes as Josef Stalin called them.

          99. AKLady says

            Maybe you should try reading the Constitution. Pay particular attention to the 24th Amendment — the one that prohibits Poll taxes.
            Cashing a check is a privilege
            Voting is a right..
            Learn the difference.

          100. Retired says

            Voting is a privilege if you are a USA citizen – over 18 years old and not a criminal in prison or convicted Felon , so all that leaves you out .

          101. Mathew Molk says

            I think the voting age should be put back to 21….Maybe even 24…And I was 20 years old when I went to Vietnam in 1967 and never was eligible to vote until after I got back to the world. I still think 18 year olds should not be able to vote.

            There is no draft anymore (I was drafted BTW) and as you are not considered competent to drink a beer until you are 21 so why in the hell do you think children are stable enough to vote?

          102. Retired says

            The 18 vote was to get the indoctrinated students to vote . Some university now set up voting booths for the students so out of state and even out of country can vote , but there is no Voter fraud. I got one to add to that Kids should not be allowed to get a drivers license until they graduate from high school. School busses run pretty empty plus the big parking lots tax payers pay for . Just think of all the oil saved ,plus lack of pollution from cars .

          103. James Andrews says

            No one is arguing that voting isn’t a right. But ID should be required, period.

          104. AKLady says

            However, you are arguing to require ID, which in many states must be purchased. Alaska passed a voter ID law. The state provides the required photo identification without charge.
            Provide the identification without charge, otherwise,
            it would be an illegal poll tax.

          105. James Andrews says

            I could agree with that. Same should occur for concealed carry permits.

          106. AKLady says

            Concealed carry is not a Constitutional right, no matter how much you want it to be. Voting s a Constitutional right. The 24th Amendment was passed to kill the denial of rights game.

          107. James Andrews says

            Not true at all; the Second Amendment is quite clear and concise. To “bear” means “to carry”. You need to go back to school.

          108. AKLady says

            Suggest you increase your reading comprehension.
            Nothing, whatsoever, in the 2nd Amendment speaks to”concealed”.

          109. James Andrews says

            That is completely irrelevant, whether it is concealed or open. The right is a Constitutional right, and the Founding Forefathers made it the Second Amendment, because of it’s importance and necessity. Gun rights are essential for real freedom, period. Without the Second Amendment, there can be no First Amendment, etc. It is the very spine of the Constitution,

          110. AKLady says

            The U.S, Supreme Court does not agree with you,
            Scream and stamp your foot, it won’t change a thing.
            The right to bear arms is Constitution.
            How it will be borne is within state jurisdiction.

          111. James Andrews says

            I don’t have a problem with state’s rights…but a carry permit should be honored like a driver’s license, and recognized in all fifty states. Good citizens who own and legally carry are not the problem, nor put anyone in danger. That is pure fallacy perpetuated by the left.

          112. AKLady says

            I’m sorry, your assumptions are not valid.
            Everyone who owns a firearm is not governed by common sense.
            Everyone who owns a firearm is does not have self-control.
            Everyone who owns a firearm is not rational and/or sane.

          113. James Andrews says

            Rights are not “assumptions”…..and gun laws don’t keep guns out of the wrong hands. That is a fantasy.

          114. AKLady says

            However, it does provide some control.

          115. James Andrews says

            Not really, as the black market usually fills the void. Law enforcement knows that better than most.

          116. AKLady says

            As the 58 dead and 515 wounded prove …

          117. James Andrews says

            We don’t know that yet……he may have legally bought his weapons. Let the investigators do their thing… it is a sad story, for sure.

          118. AKLady says

            My point is that law enforcement knows that better than most.
            Those guns were probably purchased legally.

          119. James Andrews says

            What is sad is that there are so many people in this country with mental and emotional issues, who don’t “get on the radar”. This man obviously was seriously mentally ill.

          120. marshmil1789 says

            James you are using common sense and logic. Anti-America liberals (socialists/communists) reject common sense and logic. Their goal is to denounce and destroy the Constitution and our great Nation. I never try to “reason” with them. They are dead end streets.

          121. James Andrews says

            Thanks marshmil1789……….I concur with your assessment. It’s like trying to argue with a snake. Wast e of time! You nailed it about the communists; their goal is to destroy this nation, and especially our Constitution. They want what Orwell wrote about in 1984, so that they won’t have to work or think for themselves anymore. The goal of Soros and the leftists is to wipe out real hope and real freedom.

          122. marshmil1789 says

            And those nut cases think we are not onto their hoodwinkery. Hoodwinkery of the type we describe here was first put into effect October, 1917 -ONE CENTURY AGO. After 73 years the Russians finally woke up to the fact they had been “had”. Then the same cancer spread to Cuba, then to North Korea and Venezuela. After Marxism has proved to be a failure you’d think it would be dumped.
            It is proving over and over—some people never learn. We have the top side who want to run the Politburo/Presidium then the bottom side who are gullible to think the hoodwinkery actually works. The bottom side never paid attention to the lessons of history in school if they ever attended.

          123. James Andrews says

            I agree whole heartedly!

          124. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            Your probably of the white race variety. Therefore, you have the power & inside track to having the doc’s required. You don’t understand, it is so much harder for other races. But, they do buy cigs, alcohol, drive, board aircraft, have bank cards for welfare monies, etc. I am sarcastic, no. Have a great day.

          125. Retired says

            You Know it is strange that the Immigrants from Europe after losing everything they owned after 2 WW managed to hang onto their birth certificate and marriage certificate . Without them they could never had entered the USA . But here in the US those born from the 50s on can’t ????

          126. marshmil1789 says

            The WWII survivors weren’t brain dead on pot, cocaine, heroin, meth and whatever else they use today. They were aware of the evils and dangers of Fascism, Nazism and Communism. Today we have a faction of nut cases screaming about fascism when they are the perpetrators of that very thing they are falsely fighting. How stupid can people get? ***I notice someone posted right after this post who is blocked. Obviously one I blocked from my screen because of negativity. Har, har, har!

          127. TexasCoyote1 says

            Yep. I would be that variety, but I think there are equal opportunities for everyone. It’s what one does to take advantage of those opportunities that matters. Trying to carry the baggage of culture seems to get in the way for some.

          128. marshmil1789 says

            But you “do be right” USN Vet. (Me, USAF 4 yrs only) Thanks for your humor. Humor is something liberals cannot tolerate. It is toxic to their minds and their lifestyles.

          129. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            Thanks for your service.

            Nor can they handle logic & commen sense. I am surprised they haven’t found away to blame gravity.

          130. marshmil1789 says

            Ha ha. That’s good. Since they are atheists they cannot use the ultimate excuse—“Well if God had not created the universe we would not be having these problems!” To use that one they would have instantly lost.

          131. NEIL C. REINHARDT says

            Reading who some of we Atheists are, and our success, proves no religion or any gods are needed to succeed as well or in many cases better, than any religious person!

            Famous Dead Nontheists


            Celebrity Atheist list


          132. Mathew Molk says

            Good to see your shift key is working.

            I’m goint to thank God you were able to fix it.

          133. marshmil1789 says

            USN Vet you say “sarcastic” but I call it REALITY. Today’s privileged class are those who pay for fast food with EBT cards then drive off in Cadillacs, Lincolns, Hummer IIs, Lexus and BMWs. Impressing others with a luxury vehicle is more important to those than a nice place to live and wholesome nutrition. On my way to a grocery store on a busy roadway I pass a house worth about $60,000 where the owner parks his black Rolls-Royce out front for everyone to see–there is no garage. Likely lives on EBT food so he can afford to impress everyone with his RR.

          134. Retired says

            It is mainly Democrats and their ACLU fan club that fight nation wide uniform voter ID Laws . It will be interesting to see how the Supreme Court rules on district mapping .

          135. TexasCoyote1 says

            Isn’t it a little odd to you that it’s always the Democrats that don’t want voter ID? And, it’s Trump votes being switched to Hillary in most of the reported voter fraud cases. Hmmm.

            In the South 50 years ago, it was the Democrats who were demanding we retain the poll tax. I can remember my parents paying their poll tax which was $2 each when middle class families could live on $400 a month.

            I think the Supreme Court won’t change the maps.

          136. Retired says

            Living in demonrat country ,one sees all the disturbing stuff with the Elections . My thought is make the 1st. Sunday in Nov. a National Election day and all Business must close so that people can go and vote .Just like Voter ID should be nation wide .

          137. TexasCoyote1 says

            I’m lucky. I live in conservative country. My county voted 87% for Trump last November. You can look at the pdf of the adding machine tape with handwritten pencil percentages beside each total posted on the county website. We still use paper ballots, so we don’t have to deal with all the possible issues of voting machines. In my little town, Hillary got 1 vote our of the 600 or so that were cast.

            Yes, we have to have ID to get on an airplane. Surely, voting is as much a matter of national security as flying is.

          138. Wendy Mantooth says

            I live in Maine and feel that I am in the minority since I support Trump and all that he stands for. Must be really nice to be among like minded conservatives! I am jealous!

          139. TexasCoyote1 says

            Yes, living in a truly homogenous society is indeed quite comfortable. One doesn’t have to watch what one says. Jokes can be jokes without fear of someone getting his feelings hurt. However, it highlights the cause of most big city problems.

            I don’t suppose converting your average Maine resident is a possibility for you.

          140. Wendy Mantooth says

            If they are a liberal( the majority In Maine) it is literally like talking to a wall! They do not want to hear anything against their precious Clintons,Obamas etc. Very frustrating to say the least!

          141. TexasCoyote1 says

            Wendy, we are the same way. A liberal can talk to us all day and not convince us that their ideology is the right. However, I think this is why the liberals fear Trump the most. You and I know that conservatism with its work ethic, personal responsibility and Christian values will prove that welfare and worship of the State creates an inferior social framework. If populism is allowed to spread as was shown in the overwhelming election of Roy Moore over the better-funded establishment swamp rat Luther Strange, then these liberal/communist politicians will be run out of office. The decision by Corker to not seek reelection is just the first of many.

          142. marshmil1789 says

            Thanks for your post Wendy. I’ve been curious for some time about WHY people in the North East tend to be politically liberal. Do you have any idea? Why do you think you are different–what makes you different than the majority in Maine? I’m in the Southeast where conservatism has been the theme since around the mid 1960’s.

          143. niknar says

            Conservatism has been prevalent in the South far longer, maybe throughout its history. Until the ’60s most of those conservatives registered as Democrats, but after that, nearly all of them switched to the Republican Party.

          144. marshmil1789 says

            That’s a good analysis niknar. My whole family has voted Democrat. I’m the only “Republican”. I think some Hoover stuff, before my time, turned off some Southerners. But in reality Southern Democrats up until around 1965 were actually very conservative when compared with Democrats–liberal communist types–today. I became conservative during the Kennedy two years. The Johnson junk turned me off. Today, Southerners lean Republican because the liberal/progressive stuff does not sit well with Southern attitudes and values. New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and San Francisco are NOT places Southerners admire.

          145. niknar says

            Speaking of Hoover, some presidents get tainted with a very negative label that they don’t fully deserve, & Hoover was 1 of them. He was a renowned humanitarian that was very highly thought of before he became president. Much like Eisenhower, both parties tried to get him to join their party, & he eventually chose to become Republican. The economic crisis he faced came during the 1st year of his term, wrought mainly by the policies of the previous administrations, & was unprecedented, so he couldn’t really know what he needed to do, & in the end it was too little too late to avoid the depression.

          146. marshmil1789 says

            Thanks niknar. We thinking people understand that. Recall when Obama was first installed he remarked, “Well, I inherited this mess! Total lack of class. Donald Trump inherited a very big mess and made not one comment. Instead he got right to work draining the swamp and mopping the floors. Donald Trump is a fantastic businessman who has class and knows how to get a job done in spite of the childish bitching about him from the MSM.

          147. Mathew Molk says

            What ever happened to the New England Yankees that were instrumental in starting this country?

          148. Wendy Mantooth says

            I have been asking myself the same question Matthew……lots of “transplants “up here in Maine now…maybe that explains this a bit. I am a true blue Mainer and am constantly appalled by what I see coming from the Democrats and liberals. THANK GOD for Trump…..he is trying to save our beautirul country and needs all our support!!!! MAGA!!

          149. marshmil1789 says

            Coyote I remember when we had PAPER ballots in my voting area. I do not trust those “voting machines” and they are a hassle to truck all over town and unload. I remember the “punch card” ballots too. There were too many arguments about “what somebody actually meant” on those when “W” won. As I understand it if a paper ballot is questionable it is trashed as it should be. Let’s all return to the paper ballots. Those cost much less to make, handle and distribute and No. 2 pencils are not expensive when purchased in the hundreds of thousands. But Democrats will reject my idea because it is too clean-cut and easy and avoids opportunities for arguments–which Democrats thrive on.

          150. TexasCoyote1 says

            Don’t leave out the fact that paper ballots can be recounted. If the tallies on voting machines have been hacked and altered, you can recount those all day long, and you are going to get the same incorrect results every time.

            If it isn’t Democrats doing most of the voter fraud, then why are they so adamantly against any kind of voter ID. You would think they would welcome a fair election in light of Hillary’s loss. Read Larry Nichols “28 Years to Nowhere.” In it Larry explains just how easy it is to rig a voting machine to register votes for your candidate just by adjusting the arm on it to register said vote when a vote is cast for another popular candidate such as a sheriff. The voter isn’t even aware it happens, and is unaware voter fraud has occurred. So, these incidences are never reported.

          151. marshmil1789 says

            Thank you Coyote. Someone has said that voting “machines” are manufactured and assembled by a company owned by George Soros. That could be a false statement but I can see how machines can be altered to give whatever results are wanted. Paper ballots cannot be altered when in plain view of monitors from both “sides” during counting. It is logical that voting machines will give the same tally results every time the results are added up. False results have to be “programmed” into voting machines BEFORE they are opened up for voting. That cannot be done with paper ballots. Each voter has to agree that the blank ballot she/he receives is a clean sheet. With a machine I don’t know if the machine has my “votes” already programmed in.

          152. TexasCoyote1 says

            You also don’t even know if it were your machine that was on the floor of your voting station was the one that was delivered to have its votes counted. I know this is a flimsy thing to mention, but there was an episode of “The Good Wife” in which they had video of voting machines being loaded onto a van, and those machines disappeared and a different van unloaded machines that were supposedly from the precinct in the original video.

            In Texas the official in charge of elections is now telling county officials they don’t have to maintain voting records even though state law requires those records to be maintained for 5 years. What could possibly be the purpose of such instruction if not to eliminate the ability of independent investigators to verify election results particularly in the big cities that routinely vote blue surrounded by every other county in Texas voting solidly red.

          153. marshmil1789 says

            Interesting Coyote. Its one of those “Now you see them, now you don’t” gimmicks. Maybe we should start a campaign to dump the voting machines and go to paper ballots nationwide. Why do you think city dwellers tend to vote “blue”? I’m curious for answers. I asked the lady posting in Maine today why she thinks people in the Northeast tend to vote “Blue”.

          154. TexasCoyote1 says

            I guess one takeaway from my thesis is that I don’t think they tend to vote “Blue.” Or, if they still vote “Blue,” they don’t vote as blue as the results indicate. However, the vast majority of minority strongholds are in big cities where they can be closer to the sources of their government welfare programs. President Johnson said when he got the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed that blacks would be voting Democrat for the next 200 years.

            As for the coasts being more liberal, I think their educational systems were taken over longer ago by liberal educators, so there is a greater preponderance of liberal indoctrination in those areas that has spanned more generations.

            I live in a rural area, so the farmers and ranchers know there is no government agent that’s going to sit up with a cow having a difficult birth or truck in tankers of water when the rains don’t come. People who live in rural areas still know that self-reliance, responsibility and faith in God are what create a happy, stable community in which to live. Too many people in cities look to government to provide everything for them and then sit on their butts watching their big screens and can’t figure out why they aren’t happy.

            You have to remember the Democrat Party is the party that gave us Jim Crow laws and blocked integration in the South. Now, they have become the Party that wants to take care of every minority that sets foot in the country. When and how did this transformation take place without our noticing it?

          155. niknar says

            Johnson also said that he (& the Democrats) lost the South to the Republican Party, which they did. Before then the South was reliably Democrat, but after that, most conservative Democrats switched parties.

          156. Mathew Molk says

            It is LBJ (The Texas Democrat) that gave us the plantations we have today.

            Sorry ’bout the the dig,,,,just couldn’t resist it….We still love ya, cowboy.

          157. TexasCoyote1 says

            When I was a kid, there was a book entitled “A Texan Looks at Lyndon.” It said it all about LBJ. He was a criminal of the highest order. It is speculated the ba**ard was involved in the assassination of John Kennedy because he was about to be indicted for his involvement with Billy Sol Estes, and he needed a distraction–a big one.

            So, you can insult him all day long, and I’ll join in with you and probably raise you one. BTW, it’s cowgirl, and I’m glad we could have this conversation today.

          158. Mathew Molk says

            The voting machines here were, and are still counted at the polls. The numbers are then recorded by the poll workers and delivered to the board of elections to be summed up. – They could always change the totals on the way to the BOE. Electronic, Mechanical, or paper with the “hanging chads” Nothing is fool proof. Sooner or later you have trust somebody.

          159. TexasCoyote1 says

            Machines are easier to tamper with, however. If paper ballots are used, they can be recounted. If the machines were programmed to record votes in a certain way, you can recount them all you want, and they will still show incorrect tallies.

            Read Larry Nichols “28 Years to Nowhere.” In it he describes how voting machines can be programmed to record votes for unintended candidates without detection. Larry was a “fix-it” man for Bill Clinton in Arkansas before they got crossways over the drugs coming in through Mena. Clinton ruined him because Larry threatened to expose Clinton’s involvement in this illegal drug traffic. Larry has also committed Arkancides for the Clintons, so he was deep enough in the machinery to know how sinister and pervasive it really is.

          160. Mathew Molk says

            The mechanical machine were easy to check, but the electronic machines are a whole ‘nother ballgame. Those are the ones that Sore-ass controls too.

          161. Mathew Molk says

            In our area we have had machines as long as I can remember. They were kept at the schools, which were the polling places .- Never had any complaints either, although again, our county has always been strongly Republican. (lived here all my 70 years except when I was in the Army)

          162. marshmil1789 says

            I fully agree Retired. Who ever came up with Tuesday being the Election Day? A Sunday would take the burden of “time off” from the work day AND there is far less traffic. Saturday would NOT be a good choice because it is the Jewish Sabbath when our Orthodox Jewish friends are limited in their activities. First Sunday in November — by federal law — should be the day for elections.

          163. Retired says

            Many countries world wide use a Sunday for election day and most have business closed as well .

          164. niknar says

            Some states & many countries have an “Election Day”, which is a holiday specially for voting. I think it should be a US national holiday. We can afford another holiday, since as it is we have 1/3 to 1/2 the holidays most countries in Europe & Asia have.

          165. marshmil1789 says

            For now, I’d rather hold elections on the first Sunday in November of the election years.

          166. niknar says

            It’s certainly better than having it on a workday, but I still prefer having a holiday. Having a holiday would stress the importance of voting. Furthermore, some people (like me, for example) work on Sunday.

          167. marshmil1789 says

            If you work on Sundays you likely have an off day during the week. I’d like that. I’m retired but used to prefer to work on weekends and holidays then be OFF on a week day when I could get things done without crowds at the stores. I now hate shopping on weekends and holidays. YUK!

          168. niknar says

            In fact, you are correct. My day off is on Wednesday. I like having my day off in the middle of the week, when most businesses are open most of the day, so shopping & eating out are convenient & not overly crowded.

          169. Mathew Molk says

            And the vast majority the Working Americans work on every day of the week.

            What makes people that work on Sunday so special?

            BTW In Ohio there is no whiskey on election day until the polls close. What kind of a holiday is that?

          170. niknar says

            Maybe they don’t want Ohioans voting while drunk.

            Not everybody can get away without working on Sunday. Police for example.

          171. Mathew Molk says

            Is Sunday not the Christian Sabbath? – Separation of church and state much?

            I’ll give you a much better reasons to not use Saturday, though. – If you are going to work OT it is much more likely to be on a Saturday then Sunday. Also after putting off all manor of maintenance and homeowner “chores” during the week when Saturday rolls around you have TONS of honey do lists to get at to say nothing of the little league games and other things you do with the kids.

            Sunday WAS the day to watch Football games. Now we are boycotting the NFL (for good) Sunday is becoming completely open, (Unless you want to watch the NASCAR race)

          172. marshmil1789 says

            “Sunday” is the first day of every week. Neither it nor our “Saturday” is a religious day. Sunday was never sanctified by God as a “Christian Sabbath”. There is no such thing as a “Christian Sabbath”. That invention came about around the 4th. Century CE. It is not Biblical. The seventh day of the week was revealed as the “Sabbath” ( simply a day of rest, not a religious event ) when Moses received the Ten. Orthodox (“observant” Jews) still hold to that. To “born again” Christians the Sabbath is a 24/7/365.25 thing. Once truly converted, a Christian has entered God’s Eternal day of rest. Others are trying to work their way into Heaven by keeping the Ten Commandments– that is impossible. No doubt this post by me will invite a lot of angry arguments from all fronts. My reply was posted about 2000 years ago: The First Epistle of John, Chapter 5. God Bless and MAGA under Himself. Shalom …and have a great week ahead.

          173. Mathew Molk says

            Works for me.

            Blue law on Election day. The NWO Marxists would fight that tooth and nail, though. The LAST thing they want is more working Americans voting.

          174. AKLady says

            This is basically the way it is in all states.
            However, all the required “paperwork” must be provided free-of-charge, else it is a poll tax. The 24th Amendment prohibits poll taxes.

          175. marshmil1789 says

            Coyote the libs do control the media. But if journalists are formally trained to report facts (???) then what is it in news reporting that entices them to distort information and skew it
            toward the “Left”? What reward do they get for reporting fake news? [ ALL THE NEWS THAT’S FAKE TO PRINT ] —no apology to the NYT.

          176. TexasCoyote1 says

            They get to keep their jobs and continue to provide for their families if they stay away from the subjects their editors and owners have placed off limits. Then, there are some who are just true-believers who honestly think they are serving the greater good by reporting only the liberal/communist BS. It’s all about creating this Utopia in which no one ever gets his feelings hurt or has to think too much about any situation.

          177. marshmil1789 says

            Your last sentence might sum it up partly Coyote but WHY do editors and owners cling to the liberal side? What are they getting in return for skewing the information toward the left? Cash under-the-table?

          178. TexasCoyote1 says

            Let’s put ourselves in their place for a moment. True-believers in the Utopia of their socialist/communist beliefs feel just as strongly about their positions as we do about ours. Lenin is credited with having said “Western capitalists will sell us the rope with which to hang themselves.” He also referred to them as “useful idiots.” These statements weren’t made so long ago that they can be relegated to the dustbin of ancient history. These quotes are less than 100 years old. My point is that they may not feel they have sold anyone out, so it’s not necessary to pay them for their position. What they get in return is the false notion they are out to save the world from the evils of competition and having to make all those nasty decisions that government can do so much better for us.

            They really believe a better world is created when government handles everything. Now, anyone who has read Orwell’s “1984” or Huxley’s “Brave New World” has a little better insight in how this ends, but I doubt today’s high schools even have those books in their libraries.

          179. marshmil1789 says

            Good post Coyote. It might be considered anathema for a high school library today to have copies of the books you mentioned. Considering public education of today is run by utopian worshipers. I keep noting there is a “bottom line” in all of the issues being discussed on sites like this. “Progressives/liberals” avoid values of faith matters. They are primarily atheists. They “religiously” adhere to socialistic ideas.

          180. TexasCoyote1 says

            One doesn’t have to read very deeply into the Bolshevik Revolution to understand that destroying the Orthodox Church in Russia was one of the primary things the Bolsheviks did to keep the Russians away from their faith. Many Russians who tried to continue to worship faced death. Can’t be Americans see that the same puzzle pieces are being quickly assembled here? Do we really want millions of people killed? Antifa says November 4th will mark the beginning of the end of America as we know it. Are we willing to stand by and let that happen?

            I went to our high school football game last night, and I was so proud it brought tears to my eyes. The opposing team ran onto the field carrying the US flag followed closely by the Texas flag. Everyone, and I mean everyone, recited the Pledge of Allegiance with hands over hearts and then bowed their heads as the prayer for the safety of the players and blessings for this country went out over the PA.

          181. Mathew Molk says

            Guess we better make sure our weapons are all ready to go and are fully loaded. – If it goes down I’m going to truly enjoy putting commies to sleep. – I only need iron sights out to 200 meters too (My eyes are not what they use to be when I was in basic training.)

          182. Mathew Molk says

            If they sis they burnned them long ago,,,,We were forces to read and report on them too when I was in High School. – Animal Farm too. How times have changed.

          183. TexasCoyote1 says

            And not for the better. We must keep them from winning at all costs.

          184. Mathew Molk says

            I always vote absentee. They have to send the documents to your registered address via the USPS and then they are SUPPOSED to check the signature and other ID info on the outer envelope and match it up to the records before they send the ballot through to be counted.

            I don’t think there is much or any abuse here, though as this is a very HEAVILY Republican area.

          185. TexasCoyote1 says

            I don’t vote Absentee, but the military does, and there has been some publicity that their ballots were conveniently “lost” in the Obama elections because the military historically votes Republican.

            There was no abuse in my polling place either, but then Hillary only got 1 vote here, so there wasn’t much to protest. Also, when cities and counties are so overwhelmingly Republican, the Democrats don’t bother to mess with it because they know if the voting in my town had been 50-50 none of us would have believed it and protested immediately. The only yard signs and bumper stickers one saw were Trump/Pence. It was was though they were running unopposed.

          186. marshmil1789 says

            ….as well as state line crossers and some voting more than one time and voters who are not citizens of the USA.

          187. AKLady says

            Fraud? The voter does not elect a President.
            Fraud? It the right-wing excuse for putting Trump in office.

          188. Retired says

            Yes you are the biggest fraud .

          189. Retired says

            It was not quite as bad as 2012 where Federal Judges banned Voter ID Laws in key states . If Voter ID laws had been in effect Obama might have lost in 2012 .The Busses where rolling into the inner cities .In some parts they even went into nursing homes and bused them to polls .

          190. Mathew Molk says

            All voting democrat.

          191. marshmil1789 says

            Thanks Coyote. I think you are onto the truth in your last sentence. Has any fraud been uncovered in elections of conservatives? If so, let facts be presented to a candid world. Some tried to present “facts” with “W” and failed.

          192. TexasCoyote1 says

            What I have researched show the fraud was overwhelmingly Trump votes being switched to Hillary. The fraud occurs in the Democrat strongholds of places like Cook County, Illinois.

          193. Retired says

            Don’t forget about NY City area and Ca.

          194. TexasCoyote1 says

            I didn’t. I just don’t know where all the places it occurred were, but I knew Chicago was a big offender. I think Austin, Texas was another problem area, too.

          195. AKLady says

            We the People do not elect a President.
            There is a lot of lies out there to justify putting Trump in office.

          196. TexasCoyote1 says

            No, but we, the people elect the electors who in most states are required to cast their first vote for the candidate they were elected to represent in the electoral college. It keeps 51 morons from overruling 49 geniuses. Lincoln was elected without a single elector from a Southern state, and this was one of the factors that led to the Civil War.

            When one area gets too much power and is able to penalize another area as the non-slave northern states were able to do to the Southern states is when civil war breaks out. This appears to be occurring now with liberal/communist states on both coasts thinking their ideology should overrule the more conservative viewpoint of the interior red states. The two ideologies are not compatible.

          197. AKLady says

            And if you elector doer not cast their vote for they were assigned to represent, what is the punishment? There were four candidates in the 1860 election.
            Name calling is nursery school behavior.

            The Cold War ended a long time ago. You don’t seem to understand the difference between Communism and Socialism. You also do not understand thw difference between government and economics. Oh, and foolish one, all modern, industrialized countries have mixed economies. It is a self defense necessity.

            The wide, and growing gap between the haves and the have-nots may very well result in an American revolution. It has certainly resulted in many riots across the centuries. Your inability to see the reality of economics is one example of the huge problem in this country. Every time you by a product made in a foreign country you add to the problem.

          198. Rudy Rude says

            Illeagal imagration is why we have an economic gap stupid

          199. AKLady says

            Name calling is nursery school behavior.
            Your position on the Undocumented is false.
            They contribute more to the economy than they take out,

          200. Retired says

            Back to nursery school , how bright you are NOT.

          201. Retired says

            More like Ignorant and clueless !!!

          202. river says

            Obama built the foundation for riots across America, with a little help from his racist buddy, Eric Holder.
            And you AKTundraTramp, are no help.. .

          203. Retired says

            AK does not live in Alaska , its a East Coast troll .

          204. river says

            Is it Socialsavvvy?

          205. Retired says

            Only on Obamas Prayer Rug with him at the back door .

          206. river says

            I understand he’s got a pretty good grip technique on his ankles.
            Otherwise he’s constantly getting his goats rear hooves stuck in his boots.

          207. Retired says

            Good one , you win the post of the day !!!

          208. TexasCoyote1 says

            In Texas there would be no penalty for failure to not case his vote for the candidate his was bound to because Texas is not one of the 29 states that require this. I can see both sides of this issue. If someone truly detrimental to the nation were elected in Texas, I want my elector to be able to cast his vote for someone else, but in this case it appears that Hillary’s election machine tried to use bribery to influence electors in states not bound. There were other states’ electors who experience the same thing.

            The wide and growing gap between the haves and have-nots is as much a function of government welfare programs as any major changes in the economy of the United States. However, businesses, like government, have become more centralized which reduces the number of good-paying jobs available. If you have 100 medium-sized companies who each need 2 accountants, you will employ more accountants than if you have 2 mega-businesses who only need 25 each. This has been the trend, and it can be reversed if regulation and government interference is reduced and business formation is once again encouraged. This is what President Trump is all about.

          209. AKLady says

            Your state is a prime example as to why 16 Electors wasted their votes and failed the citizens they represented. Those Electors voted for Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders, Colin Powell and Faith Spotted Eagle — individuals not even on the ballot.

          210. Retired says

            Our waste of time Troll has spoken out of the wrong hole again .

          211. Mathew Molk says

            Why didn’t you block the asshole like most of the rest of us did. The snotball lost their comic value long ago….Like the bit where it was going to be the cackling witch by a landslide. I block it before the election but the was a good one for sure.

          212. Retired says

            BLAH BLAH BLAH goes the Troll of BS . You are in 2017 and not a 100+ years ago !!!

          213. marshmil1789 says

            Coyote you stated it well. Thanks.

          214. Bob Gerber says

            Well said!!

          215. Retired says

            Why do you lie about Trump winning , it has been proven that no voting machines were tampered with .

          216. marshmil1789 says

            So she’s still spreading her crap. I blocked that Anchorage Alaskan months ago. She said she lives near Elmendorf AFB and can hear planes taking off. She loves to make up and twist truth to suit her own prejudices.

          217. Retired says

            It also claimed to live next to Palin which is not true , I picked AK up years ago under a New Jersey name claiming how great a Muslim friend was . I think it lives in NY city or northern NJ .Others claim it is a guy or Tranny.

          218. marshmil1789 says

            Retired one thing stands as absolute truth. AK is a nut case liberal progressive. Enjoys mental masturbation at sites like this. I have better things to read and deal with than useless nonsense from the likes of its ilk.

          219. TexasCoyote1 says

            She’s also a surgeon and a nurse. She has also said she’s retired military and has taken in illegal aliens and taken care of them. She knows the Clintons personally and her family founded Hempstead, Texas.

            Pick your lie–it’s in there somewhere.

          220. NEIL C. REINHARDT says


          221. Retired says

            Aa Commie paid Bot using a script , Like someone had said cut and paste .

          222. marshmil1789 says

            Neil we all know they are atheists with a strong desire for their communist pie-in-the-sky utopia which is actually nothing but BLUE SKY. They are just not intelligent enough to see through he fog and mirrors hoodwinkery.

          223. NEIL C. REINHARDT says








          224. marshmil1789 says

            If traitor park level filthy language shouting with all caps is all you can do I must close the gate on you. I don’t waste my time with anyone posting drivel as you just did. Take your mental masturbation elsewhere. I don’t play your game. You just won yourself a block party. You are blocked from my screen.
            The gate is closed.

          225. NEIL C. REINHARDT says


          226. NEIL C. REINHARDT says


          227. Mathew Molk says

            Not too sure about anything else you said, but God bless you for using your real name…..I use mine too, like many of us true God fearing American Patriots do.

            BTW, I trust you have never been in combat in a fire fight. It has been my personal experience that the thing about atheists in a foxhole is absolutely true.

            BTW,,,Is your shift key stuck?

          228. NEIL C. REINHARDT says





          229. NEIL C. REINHARDT says

            Reading who some of we Atheists are, and our success, proves no religion or any gods are needed to succeed as well or in many cases better, than any religious person!

            Famous Dead Nontheists


            Celebrity Atheist list


          230. marshmil1789 says

            Funny you say that Retired. She accuses everyone of spreading lies when facts say the opposite.

          231. Wendy Mantooth says

            Just shut the f up A K troll and go away……nobody wants to hear from you.By the way,take a grammar lesson.

          232. marshmil1789 says

            Wendy I blocked AKLady months ago because of her nonsense and outlandish claims of being a retired surgeon and still having “clients” she must visit at a local hospital. After your comment she’ll likely claim she holds a Ph.D. in English from an Ivey League university. She might in reality have an Associate degree and works or has worked as a nurse assistant.

          233. Mathew Molk says

            “She” told me she was a combat nurse in Vietnam. (No such thing BTW) and a School teacher, A collage Professor, a Teamster Truck Driver and union organizer and a bunch or other things……I also blocked the troll over a year ago.

          234. marshmil1789 says

            Mathew looks like this site has a bunch of fetishists who “get off” on carrying on with that nut case’s playing them like a fiddle. They seem addicted to her/his/its toxic crap. And she/he/it enjoys playing with each poster. It’s a game invented and enjoyed by AKLady.

          235. AKLady says

            Suggest you develop some maturity.
            You have the ability to block posters — use it,

          236. Retired says

            That is what many have done to you because of your foolish posting .

          237. NEIL C. REINHARDT says

            BULL SHIT AK, BULL SHIT!

          238. AKLady says

            Sewer language, so impressive,
            Just not the impression you desire.
            Are you illiterate or immature; or both?

          239. river says

            Much of the lies about Trump are spread by you, AKTundraTard. .. .Your hate is as visible as a rail road crossing.

          240. TexasCoyote1 says

            She’s impossible to talk to about anything, but then I guess we, conservatives are also. AKLady is convinced politics as usual is the only way to go. I’m old enough to know politics as usual is going to grind us all into the dirt.

          241. AKLady says

            Maybe you should increase your reading comprehension.
            You are old enough that your mind has become fixed.

          242. TexasCoyote1 says

            And, you don’t think you are equally closed to accepting the conservative point of view. History tells us emphatically socialism is the precursory to communism and communism is the precursor to complete societal and economic collapse. Please review the history of the Bolshevik Revolution that led to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics which ultimately led to absolute meltdown. If you are an American, and that remains to be proved, is a repeat of what happened to that country what you want for this country?

          243. Retired says

            AK will not understand that as it has a closed and indoctrinated mind , if you can call it that . It is a paid Troll and monitor on here .

          244. TexasCoyote1 says

            I believe AKLady is also a composite of a number of paid trolls operating under that handle. My reason for responding is really for those who read those posts on this or any other board in context to not let her out-of-control posts go unanswered. Part of the liberal playbook is to tell a lie over and over again until at least a large part of the population accepts it because they have heard it so often. We have an obligation to break her mantra. AKLady’s only response to most of my posts is her 4 line post about Lies and that I’m an embarrassment. No facts, just bluster.

          245. Retired says

            Same here .It will play with them for a wile and then bam comes the BS Script .

          246. marshmil1789 says

            Correct Coyote. Everything is a lie if she didn’t think it up.

          247. AKLady says

            All modern, industrialized nations have mixed-economies. It is a matter of defense. You ignore the cause and only acknowledge failures.

            These countries have had national health care for many decades: India. Israel, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Austria, Denmark, Finland,, France, Germany, Guernsey, Jersey, Iceland, Isle of Man, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Australia, and New Zealand.
            America is the only modern, industrialized country that permits people to die because they cannot afford to buy health care. Apparently, you approve of letting people die.

          248. TexasCoyote1 says

            The countries you mention are in the socialist stage of becoming fully communist. I don’t see the matter of defense. I don’t ignore the cause. The cause is people who espouse the beliefs you do thinking the state can provide a better society than a well-ordered, hard-working self-reliant conservative citizenry. It’s never happened yet.

            The county hospitals in Texas such as Parkland in Dallas–remember where they took President Kennedy when he was shot–is such a hospital. If you are unable to play, you aren’t going to be refused treatment because the money to support that hospital comes out of the property taxes I pay on my rental properties in Dallas County. Nobody needs to die because they don’t have healthcare, so your BS is just that–BS.

            BTW, Parkland Hospital has the best burn unit in Dallas. Many people who are burned and can pay go there for treatment, so don’t bother me with claims it only offers substandard care or that it’s only a clinic.

          249. AKLady says

            Your history education is extremely lacking.

            Your knowledge of killer diseases is also very limited
            Hypertension, Diabetes … , if left undiagnosed and untreated, result in disability and eventual death. By the time those conditions drive someone to seek care at an ER, significant, IRREVERSIBLE damage has taken place.

            The countries listed are full Democracies.
            By the way, I am a retired physician.

          250. TexasCoyote1 says

            Socialist and democracy are not mutually exclusive. Great Britain is certainly socialist, but they still have elections.

            The United States is a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy. The idea was to keep you 51 liberal morons from having dominion over us 49 conservative geniuses.

          251. AKLady says

            I suggest you go back to school and repeat Civics class, or enroll in an American Government class at your local junior college.

            A “republic” is defined as a nation in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.

            a “democracy” a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

          252. TexasCoyote1 says

            As I said we are not a democracy. If the United States were a democracy, Hillary would be President. When the Convention of States gets the 38 states needed to roll back the unconstitutional legislation enacted by our “representatives” and overturns the Supreme Court rulings that also are not constitutional, you will see the power truly returned to the people and removed from the hands of the “representatives.”

            You are really grasping at straws now.

          253. AKLady says

            The statement, the United States is a republic, not a democracy is a false dichotomy The United States is a representative democracy.

            The American form of government has been called a “democracy” by leading American statesmen and legal commentators from the Founders through present day. John Adams used the term “representative democracy” in 1794; so did Noah Webster in 1785; so did St. George Tucker in his 1803 edition of Blackstone; so did Thomas Jefferson in 1815. Both today and in the Framing era, “democracy” has been generally understood to include representative democracy as well as direct democracy.

          254. Retired says

            How many hundreds of times are you going to post that same statement , you have worn it out .

          255. Ted Crawford says

            It is all the poor soul has, tiny bits of casual remarks,taken out of context that are diametrically opposite of their issue specific statements on the topic.

          256. Retired says

            AK took some courses at liberal Universities and swallowed the hook , it has no degrees in anything .

          257. Mathew Molk says

            We are over half way there too. – It’s over for the nanny state and the anchor babys when we fire up Art V.

          258. niknar says

            And we are a democratic republic, although some with authoritarian tendencies prefer to ignore the “democratic” part, & in fact are busy trying to undermine the democratic principles that have served us so well for so long & made the US the great nation it is, or used to be before the well-orchestrated collaboration among giant multinational corporations, the Republican.Party, the right-wing media, conservative think tanks & now Russia took control to promulgate this corporatist propaganda intended to deny & distort facts, deceive the American people, disseminate fake news & outright lies, & divide our nation.

          259. AKLady says

            Some people simply do not receive a good education. Our schools have b3en declining for some time now. Part of that is there is so much more to be taught. Over 50 years have passed since my first child was born. I have a grandson who was married last month.

          260. Retired says

            Teachers were dedicated until the 60s and the Unions took over the education system ,now they want contracts with less hours in the class room . They already work part time Hours in the big cities . They have better pay and benefits than those in industry and yet they want more .

          261. Ted Crawford says

            The decline of the American education system can be,easily traced to two major events. The formation of the egregious public sector “teachers(?)union”, something even the father of American Unionism, FDR argued against,and little Jimmy Carters Nationalizing of our education system.

          262. Mathew Molk says

            How ’bout gutless school boards ? All it would take would be to put a “take it or leave it contract” on the table (one without tenure) and tell them if they don’t like it we will find people that do. – Besides, if we closed the public schools for a year or two just how much further behind would we be? But then where would the kids learn to take dope and hate America?

          263. Ted Crawford says

            School boards are certainly a huge factor, the selection process of which, clearly needs to be revisited. However from WHAT source will these “people that do” be recruited? Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Berkeley, et. al. have become enclaves of Progressive indoctrination. These…..teachers(?) are perfectly ensconced within their warm, fuzzy Progressive echo chambers, where NO other ideology is allowed. The accreditation process is controlled by the egregious Public Sector…….teachers(?) union.
            The ONLY possible outcome of this self-destructive system, left unchecked, is the creation of the perfectly controlled Proletariat. Comprised of the willfully ignorant, and the delusional, such as AK, who confuse education with wisdom!

          264. AKLady says

            The largest contributors to the decline of education were parents:
            1. Demanded homework be discontinued.
            2. Demanded “recreation” type classes.
            3. Demanded “no child left behind”
            4. Demanded that teachers not be permitted to discipline students. …

          265. Ted Crawford says

            wrong,again, as usual

          266. AKLady says

            Your 27,195th insult …

          267. Ted Crawford says

            Au Contraire! America was founded as a Constitutional Republic. On April 8, 1913 we devolved into a Constitutional Democracy, and have, predictably, continued our degeneration through the stages of decay that have befallen all democracies throughout all of history.
            “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide!” John Adams

          268. mac12sam12 says

            What would a party hack know about democracy?

          269. AKLady says

            Your reading comprehension is incredibly poor..
            The US is a republic that practices a representative form me of democracy.
            Two people have spelled it our for you, yet you cannot seem to comprehend how it workes. The “republic” references to our formation. The democracy references to the government we practice. Republic == representative democracy. There are no republic that are not democracies.
            You are dead set on republic. but you have not been able to tell us how that government functioned.

          270. Ted Crawford says

            We, America, was founded as a Constitutional Republic. We devolved into a representative democracy on April 8, 1913!
            History quite clearly demonstrates “how that government functioned”, as well as how it has deteriorate since that infamous date!

          271. Retired says

            A great physician that claims you can fake a heal spur . One lie after another from the Troll Bot .

          272. river says

            LOL… that old hag is a retired liar who’s bored senseless… LOL>.. retired physician… LOL ..

          273. Ted Crawford says

            Exactly why our Founders were determined NOT to created a self destructive democracy, and instead opted for a Republic!
            “Remember democracy never lasts long, it soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” John Adams

          274. AKLady says

            Look up the facts, We are tired of arguing with someone who is set on one concept that apples to how the state are joined; I,
            One theu are joined they govern through a representative democracy.

          275. Ted Crawford says

            History is your nemesis ‘ole delusional one.

          276. Wendy Mantooth says

            The fact that you claim to be a physician is truly frightening…..I wouldn’t let you treat a hangnail!!!! Sorry if I don’t believe your continual b s.!!

          277. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.
            You are now blocked,

          278. Retired says

            If you think South America with its dictators is so great why don’t you go live there and you can be stoned daily as drugs are available .

          279. river says

            Personally, I’d pay to let you die.. … and I’m quite sure I can get sizable donations from any conservative site.

          280. Retired says

            What did you expect from a Muslim Troll ????

          281. Retired says

            Also as smart as a boulder !!!

          282. river says

            I think AKTundraTard got kicked out of her box of rocks.. She’s too damned lunatic to fit in.

          283. Retired says

            Good one .

          284. Retired says

            Why do you tell such lies ????

          285. Ted Crawford says

            It is the same process that put Obama in office, ‘ole delusional one, you didn’t seem to have any complaints about it then.

          286. AKLady says

            Apparently you were not paying attention.
            Good night

          287. Ted Crawford says

            To exactly, what, ‘ole omniscient one?

          288. Ted Crawford says

            Still waiting for a substantive response, aside from your typical adolescent, nonsensical spew whenever you are called on your disingenuous posts

          289. AKLady says

            Your 27,196th insult …

          290. marshmil1789 says

            I saw the findings of that investigation. Yep! Al Capone’s stomping ground. Likely it was also in other metro areas.
            Those are the people who got mad as hell Hillary lost.

          291. TexasCoyote1 says

            Absolutely. You would, too, if you paid hundreds or possibly even thousands of people to go from precinct to precinct and vote all day long and you still lose. It would be incomprehensible to someone like Hillary who knew all of this was going to put her over the top.

          292. marshmil1789 says

            Hillary is a “basket case”…a fruit and nut basket.

          293. Rudy Rude says

            Dallas county this was happening no one went to jail this is why Hitler y s was bosting tx would flip

          294. TexasCoyote1 says

            It’s my understanding that it is the responsibility of the “ruling” party in each county to inspect and ready the voting machines prior to each election. If that’s not putting the fox in charge of the hen house, I don’t know what is. I’m not saying the party out of power could be trusted either and now with George Soros involved with the voting machine industry, certifying a truly independent company is almost impossible.

            It was widely discussed when voting machines first emerged on the scene that they were an invitation for abuse. History has proved that fear to have been correct.

          295. captained says

            The new commission looking into voter fraud has uncovered clear evidence.
            Google The Daily Signal voter fraud and The Heritage Foundation voter fraud.

          296. Retired says

            So far all that has Come Out is they tried to infiltrate into the Voter Data Base and not Voting machines as it all occurred prior to the election . That could have also been done right here in the US using Russian sign in by computer geeks for the Democrats . This has been going on world wide in other countries at election times .

          297. Mathew Molk says

            Sad but true, most computer geeks and hackers are NWO Marxists (aka democrats)

          298. Retired says

            A lot of hacking comes from Romania ,Middle East and far east .They are the advanced Spammers .

          299. AKLady says

            Real conservatism or the fake. right-wing foolishness of the past decade or two? The religious right is not conservatism.

          300. captained says

            He was elected…get over it! He went to D.C to shake things up. Your typical lib character assassinations without any useful arguments are PROOF that he is hitting a nerve.

          301. AKLady says

            Trump is the lawbreaker in chief.
            Trump is the legally-documented racist in chief.
            Start you education with United States v. Trump, NY. 1973.
            There are 200 just like it.
            No character assignation involved, just truth.

          302. Retired says

            Well Trump is legal are you ????

          303. mac12sam12 says

            Suck it up, the corporate owned old hag lost the election, and we have Trump until 2024!! #MAGA!!

          304. AKLady says

            You prefer a lawbreaker …
            Says a lot about you.

          305. mac12sam12 says

            You can’t get more crooked than two disbarred lawyers in the Mooch and Hussein. Hussein also by illegal executive order made millions of illegals legal. If his ugly ass wasn’t chocolate he would have been thrown out of office. Hussein is busy hanging with his billionaire buddies and making $400,000 speeches for Wall Street. What a fraud.

            Trump is doing excellent. Hear the latest GDP? 3.1% and that shows real growth. When tax reform is implemented watch it go up to 6%. Hussein’s GDP average was under 1.5% and that created a lot of poverty and companies leaving the country.


          306. AKLady says

            Sewer language and lies.
            You fit right in the Trump Administration.
            You need to go back to school and take a Civics Class.
            Look up the Constitutional power granted a President.
            Instead of embarrassing America with ignorance and bigotry,
            look up the words “reprieve” and “pardon.
            Get out your history book and look up what
            Saint Reagan did .. right, he was white.
            Trump hangs with his $billionaire buddies every day,
            spends $millions to hang out with them every weekend.
            Tax reform requires an act of Congress.
            Your “hero” n the WH thinks he is a dictator, but he is going down.
            Your lying embarrasses America.
            This country was dropping 1 million jobs a month when President Obama took office. Had been for almost a year — under Bush.
            Your “hero” is riding on the wave Obama created.
            You simply refuse to see truth and fact.
            No one can fix an economy by magic in 9 months — it isn’t a baby,

          307. mac12sam12 says

            Sewer language? Where? going senile, are we?

            Everything I said was factual, point out one lie. Hussein’s GDP? Want a link? Trump’s GDP? I gave you a link.

            Hussein and his billionaire buddies and what he gets for Wall Street speeches? Want me to prove it?

            Congress is working on tax reform and when it’s finished the economy that Hussein O. destroyed will be booming even more which will erase Hussein’s poverty numbers.

            Bush was doing fine until the democrats took both houses in 2006 and 75% of Hussein O’s jobs were part time thanks to the ACA.

            Obama didn’t create any ‘Wave,” only bankruptcy and the lowest GDP of any president but we can all jump on the Trump train now!!

          308. AKLady says

            Neither Obama was disbarred.
            Both inactivated their license. They may reactivate them at any time..
            Economies are not repaired overnight; sorry. You have been had.
            Baby boy, the Bush Administration lowered taxes; national debt increased. The Reagan Administration lowered taxes; national debt increased. Same lies were told then — the increase in business will more than make up the difference ..
            I’ve seen the numbers that have been used to brainwash people.
            Government spending can, and does affect GDP.
            Obama fought t reduce spending. He ended two wars.
            Trump has already increased the size of the military.
            Trump has sent more troops to Iraq.
            Trump has sent more troops to Afghanistan
            Trump sent troops to Syria.
            You are 100% correct, Trump increased the GDP.
            Like Saint Reagan, he did it by increasing Government.
            Trump is increasing GDP by increasing the National Debt.

          309. Retired says

            AK is a paid bot on this site and uses different names with a different Script . It is on the sauce again , the spelling shows when looped .

          310. Retired says

            Who let the Troll out of it’s cage to spread lies upon lies ?????

          311. captained says

            Absolutely! Buses of illegal voters going to the polls courtesy of Soros.

          312. TexasCoyote1 says

            I don’t know this for sure, but I believe the precincts affected are in all-black or all-Hispanic neighborhoods. There is almost no way anyone who wanted to monitor the situation could get a position as a poll watcher to document and put a stop to this practice. Even if we did, we’d need an armed guard the entire time we poll sat. Usually, they want a poll sitter who resides within the precinct, so that’s just the same as the fox guarding the hen house.

          313. rocky63 says

            I don’t think the affected precincts are “all-black” or “all-Hispanic”. They may well be largely black or Hispanic. But I doubt if “all” is correct.

          314. TexasCoyote1 says

            In the big cities in Texas there tend to be large areas populated by only one minority. I don’t know if you are aware of this or not, but blacks and Hispanics don’t get along. Generally, they don’t live in the same neighborhoods. Black parents don’t want their kids going to school with Hispanics and vice versa. So, I’ll stick with my comment at least as it applies to Texas.

          315. rocky63 says

            TexasCoyote1 — Having almost no knowledge of Texas (I’ve driven through it twice — east to west and west to east. Only stayed in a motel one night in one of those trips). So, I have to acknowledge that I have VERY LITTLE knowledge of Texas, so could hardly disagree with you. But my original comment wasn’t aimed at any particular state, but was meant to be a kind of common viewpoint. Said without proof, of course.

          316. TexasCoyote1 says

            This is how we learn about different parts of the country we aren’t familiar with. What better way than communicating with people on a far-reaching forum such as this. I take no offense. I’ve lived in Texas all my life except for 6 years I spent living in Ecuador while Obummer was President. Couldn’t stand to watch the bas**rd on TV.

            All of us want to live in communities we are comfortable in whether we are white, black or brown. It’s hard to be comfortable in mixed-race communities when everything you say is potentially offensive to someone.

          317. niknar says

            I have found that children who grow up in mixed race neighborhoods are the brightest, happiest, best adjusted kids, who have the easiest time getting along with other people.

          318. Retired says

            I would change that mixed nationalities as we have a influx from all over the world .There has been to much put on Black and White since Obama took office .

          319. niknar says

            Yes, I had in mind white, black, yellow, brown & mixed — all.

          320. Retired says

            We use the word race to much instead of Nationality . It’s the same with the Illegals everyone thinks of Mexicans while it is people from all over .

          321. niknar says

            True. There is so much racial diversity within many nationalities. And the US contains so many nationalities

          322. Mathew Molk says

            Nationality of most Blacks and and Whites and a lot of other “Races”are the same – American. Damn few black Slovenians around here though. .

          323. TexasCoyote1 says

            Almost every kid grows up in mixed race neighborhoods now. My granddaughter has grown up with all races, but i wouldn’t call her brighter, happier or better adjusted than anyone else. Her whole generation seems to be adversely affected by their addiction to electronic devices.

            I live in an all-white totally homogenous small town, and I attend the football games on Friday nights. These kids seem far happier and less influenced by the latests fads than what I see in a big city suburb.

            Since I don’t know what you are comparing to, I have no idea what your yardstick is.

          324. niknar says

            I noticed it first a long time ago, when I was an ice cream truck driver fresh out of school driving through neighborhoods, & that was my observation with the kids I met in the various neighborhoods. I have also lived in a college town & worked on a college campus & have similarly noticed it.

            However, I agree with you about addiction to electronic devices. Not a good thing. And as somewhat of a non-conformist, I, too, dislike the tendency of many to just follow the latest fad, however ridiculous it might be.

          325. Mathew Molk says

            They may have more sophisticated devices but remember the hoola hoop? How ’boutt the 8-Ball fortune teller and silly putty and later the frisky and super ball? . – No difference in the desire to have the latest thing. Just the thumb pianos are very annoying and they damage the ability to interact with the rest of the world. (Like our transistor radios stuck in our ears helped?

          326. niknar says

            Yes, I remember the hoola hoop. Not such a bad thing. Probably good for keeping your waist slim.

            And I did like the superball. What happened to that? By the way, it reminds me… I used to play handball a lot. The handball looks very much like a superball. Handball is a great workout for your whole body, & it helps keep you relatively ambidextrous. The only problem is the ball is hard & can bruise, even permanently damage, your hands. 1 invention I’d really like to see is a handball that bounces like the current ones do, but is much easier on the hands. You’d think that could be done. It would be the salvation of the sport, which has steadily dwindled in popularity (I think mainly because of the damage to the hands) to relative obscurity now.

          327. Mathew Molk says

            Agree. my one niece lives in the same suburb as I do. Her kids all have problems and only one of them is working toward a meaningful career.

            My other niece lives on a farm. Her kids get up and feed the stock every day before school. are not always continuing playing a thumb pianos testing each other when they are at family functions and are all either have or are going on to successful careers.

          328. TexasCoyote1 says

            In our attempt to outlaw child labor, we have created a couple of generations that don’t learn how to work as part of their education unless they are fortunate enough to live on a farm and grow up doing it without thinking anything about it.

            When my father was in high school, he was very poor. He got up every morning before dawn and walked or hitched a ride to the local dairy to milk cows. When he was finished he went home and cleaned up for school. When school was over, he went downtown and worked as a dispatcher for the cab company. I doubt there is 1 high school student in 1,000 who would work like that to finish their high school classwork.

            Of course, we’d be boo’d off the stage, if we even suggested lowering the working age for kids to 13 or 14, but I think it would be better for them and for our society as a whole.

          329. Mathew Molk says

            Even harder to live around pencil neck white snowflakes. They don’t even cut their own grass or shovel their own snow and are complexly helpless when left on their own.

            I’m on the East side of Cleveland. If I were not 70 years old, trust me, I’d move. Black people are actually much easier to get along with then a few of my bust out neighbors.

          330. TexasCoyote1 says

            We’re the same age, so we know what this nation looked like before the cultures began this war for supremacy. What we are seeing play out every day is not about equality; it’s about domination.

            I just moved to a small town near the Red River in Texas. It’s a German/Catholic community, and it’s all white. It is so comfortable living among people who look and think like me. The kids are respectful and happy. Football games on Friday nights honor the country and even have a prayer for the safety of the players thrown in.

          331. Ooooodontstop says

            How come we can’t get rid of political correctness? It’s a phenomenon I’ve watched grow and grow. People are actually afraid to offend? It’s part of life. So what? I call a fat white person, friend or foe, fatso. It might be offensive to the person but if I call a fat black person fatso, Im supposed to be prejudice? I like or dislike on actions and personality, individually, not on race.

          332. TexasCoyote1 says

            President Trump may be doing more to erase political correctness than anyone else. His remarks calling Kim “rocket man” and referring to kneeling NFL players as SOB’s has probably started to break the wall of political correctness. Posters on this and other boards call me a Honkey. i know where the term came from, and I have no need to be offended, but if I called them a Ni$$er, it would be all out verbal warfare. The offense has always been one-way is the point I’m trying to make. Political correctness was always about control.

            Once we white, conservative, responsible members of society just blow off being called racists and white supremacists, they can’t control us anymore. That frightens the liberal/communists because they don’t have any real facts and figures to back up their political ideology.

          333. Robert Uda says

            What about Fats Domino? You can call him fat because his first name is “Fats.”


          334. Rodzzz says

            Because politicians have it implanted in their little heads that it’s a requirement in government so as not to offend anyone (blacks really). This business of walking on eggshells is what inflated the heads of those blacks causing all the chaos against our nation. PC has spoiled them and turned them into the most arrogant race in existence. We are giving them too much. You only have to look at every TV commercial to wonder why they all have token blacks. Blacks in this country are the most arrogant compared to those in other countries.

          335. Mathew Molk says

            Again, many areas in many cities are 90%+ Black. – It’s what we call the plantation and by keeping Black voters on them it how the NWO Marxists (aka democrats) keep them “in line”

            Remember LBJ the democrat saying “We will have those niggers voting for us for 200 years.” Then just as a lot of black people were “getting out” along came the royal exalted boma and set things back 40 years and did all he could to push Black Americans back onto the plantations. Now we have to start all over.

          336. Retired says

            You are correct , it is that way in most major cities .

          337. Mathew Molk says

            Yes, A lot of Blacks hate Hispanics more then they hate whites.

          338. Ooooodontstop says

            Don’t. Tell me blacks are predujice. I’ve Been told whites are the only ones that can be prejudice. My world is rocked.

          339. Robert Uda says

            Don’t believe what they tell you. Blacks can be as prejudiced, bigoted, and racist as anyone else. In fact, some of them are worse because they have extreme hatred for whites and revert to violence, e.g., BLM, Antifa, CBC, NAACP, etc. It’s all Barack Obama’s fault. He severely divided our nation into warring factions. He should be hanged for destroying our country.

          340. ernldo says

            Blacks are the biggest racists in the country, no other race is even close….

          341. Rodzzz says

            They are………… also the most arrogant.

          342. ernldo says

            The most ignorant as well….

          343. Rodzzz says

            You got it.

          344. TexasCoyote1 says

            You have only to watch the NFL “protests” to prove your point. None of their disrespecting the flag, our President and the country as a whole had anything to do with a few black thugs being shot. It had everything to do with a show of black pride. They just thought we, the fans, would sit still and take it. They are too full of pride to realize, they have probably cost themselves their industry and their jobs along with it.

          345. Ted Crawford says

            Exactly! Obama set race relations back three decades. He, in conjunction with the race baiters Sharpton and Jackson, have greatly marginalized all the hard work and achievements Dr. King spent years creating and ultimately gave his life for.

          346. Rodzzz says

            Yes it only took Obama eight years to destroy his own race.

          347. Jesusprotectus says

            All because his black daddy and white mommy didn’t want him.

          348. Ted Crawford says

            Neither does anyone with an IQ higher than a garden vegetable!

          349. Jesusprotectus says


          350. Rodzzz says

            Are you sure?…. could it be because he is the anti-Christ? possible?

          351. Jesusprotectus says

            Barry is evil, but a puppet.

          352. Phil M. says

            Such a true comment regarding Dr. King. The country would be in a much better place had Martin Luther King lived.

          353. ARTPSYCH says

            His (OBAMAnation) so-called Legacy campaign was a baton handoff to Hillary.I can only imagine the NWO was staved-off just momentarily for us all.

          354. Sylvia Avila says

            So true, NWO tried to get Witch Hillary in, bye cheating, lying and stealing the election! It did not work? God had other idea’s, he choose Our honest, Great President Trump! Hillary and NWO gang would of destroyed our Country bye now! God Bless!

          355. rfrichey says

            If history gets it correct you are 100% correct about what obama did to this country and history will show it. It is all a master plan by lefties who want the greatest country ever to fall. I’m old enough that it’s not going to bother me but I have kids and grandkids.

          356. Rodzzz says

            So true. You only have to look around.

          357. Rodzzz says

            Blacks are very arrogant and very prejudiced.

          358. ARTPSYCH says

            Sure they have racial issues..I’ve heard blacks call each other “nigger” even in the movies it’s done! thats from real life!

          359. Retired says

            Part of it is the woman don’t want to go to bed with them .

          360. ARTPSYCH says

            All the major inner cities have liberal minority mayors! look at the mess they are all in!

          361. rfrichey says

            You are correct about their feelings for one another being disdain. This brings up a question I’ve had for a long time, why do they support the same slimy lefty liberals in politics?

          362. Rodzzz says

            They prefer to be on the side of those who have no respect for law and order.

          363. TexasCoyote1 says

            Undereducated and unsuccessful minorities believe that the only way they make ends meet is because the generous Democrats provide programs to take care of them. Democrats keep these groups undereducated and unsuccessful for just this reason. You have only to look at how the black community treats black people who achieve great things in society. They call them black white supremacists, so one has to deduce from that the black community is looking for their culture to dominate. Just look around the world, and you will not find a single black-dominated government of any country that is successful.

            So, they feel okay to call me a racist for pointing out these facts, but they don’t see themselves as racists for wanting to bring down my beliefs and my work ethic that has made this country great.

          364. ARTPSYCH says

            Undereducated and unsuccessful minorities believe that the only way they make ends meet is because the generous Democrats provide programs to take care of them.

            Exactly- yet no SJW would believe you or i on this matter so they love these programs which keeps the vote for Dems coming their way. this is slavery in another context!

          365. TexasCoyote1 says

            No, but it’s a rather clever way to enslave both races. The blacks remain dependent on government, so they continue to vote Democrat. The whites are less successful than they should be because of Equal Opportunity legislation and lower college entrance requirements and quotas. They get us both with one movement.

          366. ARTPSYCH says

            I think it’s because the democrats keep people on the Dem-plantation by promising minorities subsidy hand outs and ask in in return by pitting race issues in their faces and so they adhere to the Dems for the handouts rather than the Dems working on creating better jobs within the govt structure with fewer regulations on companies to get minorities better jobs to get out of poverty!

            Think about it hillary wanted TPP so did Zerobama..more or less fewer jobs for all thus less middle class and thus no way out for minorities to get a better job because the Dems really could give a shit about jobs!

          367. ARTPSYCH says

            interesting comment. I always knew even minorities had racial issues with each other in larger communities. It’s like black on black crime with murder. the news NEVER talks about it! In fact more police killings are white not black due to a hidden report and the news media refuses to admit it!

          368. TexasCoyote1 says

            It doesn’t fit their narrative. They want everyone to think it’s all poor people against all wealthy people or black against white. The media’s job appears to be to keep each group fighting every other group, so they don’t have time to think about the theft and corruption in Washington.

          369. Mathew Molk says

            OK,,,,Close. but the few non “minority” voters make no difference at all.

          370. ernldo says

            This is a fact, ALL cheating is done by demotards, and they control all big city polls. Most blacks and latinos are demotards, we can connect the dots.

          371. Rodzzz says

            What’s the matter with that race anyway?

          372. TexasCoyote1 says

            The black race is being used as a political pawn by the leftist/communist movement. As Lenin once said “They are useful idiots.” Heaven forbid, but if this ideology ever captured the American society, they would throw these useful idiots under the bus so quick it would explode their EBT cards.

            As long as vowed enemies of the US like George Soros can foment racism, he can implode the US from the inside out. Blacks and other minorities can’t seem to grasp the idea that there are poor white people, and they are poor for the same reason many blacks are. They are uneducated and too undisciplined to successfully work.

          373. Rodzzz says

            There are many more hungry white kids all over our country than blacks but are bypassed thanks to PC that ensures all aid goes to the blacks. As for George, I cannot rationalize why we allow him to carry on with his subversive activities when Hungary and other countries can hardly wait to get their hands on him and hang him for his crimes. If our AG is too meek to go after him, then extradite him to Hungary. Another way would be to replace Sessions with someone with balls, Rudy Giuliani. MAGA.

          374. TexasCoyote1 says

            If Roy Moore hadn’t won the primary, he probably would have been a great choice. Illegal aliens would have been running for the nearest exit. But, I think Giulani is sick, so he may not be the best choice, and I don’t trust his allegiances. How much did he know about 9/11 before it happened? Who really directs his actions?

            We need some young, conservative energetic men and women to step up and take control of this control and guide it back to the path that produced the greatest country the world has ever seen. I didn’t say they would be easy to find and certainly not in any of the prestigious colleges on the East or West Coast.

          375. Rodzzz says

            It’s a sad day in America when we can’t find a man or woman fitting for the job.

          376. ARTPSYCH says

            You’re more than likely right!

          377. AKLady says

            American racial bigotry, is it not beautiful to behold,

          378. TexasCoyote1 says

            Get used to it. It’s the new normal. All you a$$hole leftist/communists are on the way out. It’s time for a new conservative wave to flow across the landscape. You’re an endangered species, so you had better crawl back under your rock.

          379. ARTPSYCH says

            What is, or what is not a “progressive” is relative to the time period and moors of society in which they live. The United States …

            * The above statement is totally absurd! !!*

          380. ARTPSYCH says

            No one’s being a bigot but the wheelchair person who is angry about life the universe and everything.

          381. AKLady says

            Sewer mouth …
            Threats …
            American ignorance is it not beautiful to behold.

          382. TexasCoyote1 says

            How can you see returning the United States to the way of life that produced this great nation as a threat? Communism produced the Soviet Union and a population that starved. I, for one, don’t want that for Americans.

          383. AKLady says

            There are Americans who are starving.
            There are parts of America which have infant/maternal mortality rates worse than third-world countries.
            Your “hero” rides down a street in Puerto Rico throwing paper towels at hurricane victims/survivors.

          384. ARTPSYCH says

            AK most likely like Hitler and Mussolini since she so adores revisionist /American history..she must have some revisionist history in
            Germany 1932-1945..we all want to hear it AK! UP for it!!??

          385. AKLady says

            TexasCoyote insult #1718

          386. TexasCoyote1 says

            If I am insulting you because I believe your worldview to be destructive, then I am truly sorry for you.

          387. AKLady says

            TexasCoyote insult #1756
            You have been very busy …

          388. river says

            Cant forget the indoctrination by our schools

          389. Millard Huff says

            You mean too stay in office as well.

          390. Mathew Molk says

            I keep saying it’s going to be a long war, but if we don’t give up we got it won already..

          391. TexasCoyote1 says

            In some ways mainstream media’s constant attention to President Trump’s every hiccup keeps the awareness in the public eye. Hopefully, they will keep this awareness going because we conservatives can’t afford to stay home during the midterms. Like they say, there is no such thing as negative advertising.

            If we show up the way we showed up for President Trump last November, there can be some exciting changes made in the ideological makeup of Congress. This could be a change we haven’t seen in decades.

          392. Not-a-RINO says

            I would like to add there are a few other factors involved: 1) The general ignorance of the average voter 2) The faux news from the MSM which parrots the DNC line 3) Apathy.
            In my own experience, I have found many can’t be bothered unless the issue(s) affects them TODAY. Yesterday is ancient history and tomorrow may never come to these people. It’s a shame you can’t make some care much more than this.

          393. TexasCoyote1 says

            This may be one of the single most important things Trump has brought to the United States. He’s taken bold stands on many controversial issues. Most people are drawn to one side or the other, so it’s hard to be apathetic. Trump’s lack of political correctness keeps the focus on the issues and forces many of us to decide how we feel about those issues instead of relegating all the decision-making to the nebulous “they.”

            To combat this, the left tries to make his statements all racist. That’s the only tool they have in the toolbox. Well, as Trump becomes more politically incorrect, it emboldens the conservative heart and mind to stand up and say “I’m not racist, I just don’t want to be governed in such a way that my ability to provide for my family is threatened.”

            I believe this NFL debacle is one such attempt at making disrespect racist. It didn’t work. Those of us who love this country have walked away from the NFL and are attempting to boycott the sponsors. We didn’t lie down and alibi that the anthem is only a couple of minutes before the game. We have taken a stand that we expect our celebrities to respect what we respect. It’s a great step in the right direction, and President Trump was instrumental in our ability to stand up and object to something we believe is wrong.

          394. Not-a-RINO says

            I couldn’t agree more with you – you’re spot on.

          395. ARTPSYCH says

            Time to Remember (again)… Time for another TRUTHFUL Hillary and Podesta BASH-FEST!

            Remember when Donald Trump was business partners with the Russian government and his company got $53 million from the Russian government investment fund called Rusnano that was started by Vladimir Putin and is referred to as “Putin’s Child?’
            Oh wait, that wasn’t Trump; it was John Podesta.

            Remember when Donald Trump received $500,000 for a speech in Moscow and paid for by Renaissance Capital, a company tied to Russian Intelligence Agencies?
            Oh wait, that was Bill Clinton.

            Remember when Donald Trump approved the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium to the Russians while he was Secretary of State which gave control of it to Rosatom the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation?
            Oh wait, that was Hillary Clinton.

            Remember when Donald Trump lied about that and said he wasn’t a part of approving the deal that gave the Russians 1/5 of our uranium, but then his e-mails were leaked showing he did lie about it?
            Oh wait, that was Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.

            Remember when Donald Trump got $145 million from shareholders of the uranium company sold to the Russians?
            Oh wait, that was Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

            Remember when Donald Trump accepted millions in donations from Russian oligarchs like the chairman of a company that’s part of the Russian Nuclear Research Cluster, the wife of the mayor of Moscow and a close pal of Putin’s?
            Oh wait, that was the Clinton Foundation.

            Remember when Donald Trump failed to disclose all those donations before becoming the Secretary of State, and it was only found out when a journalist went through Canadian tax records?
            Oh wait, that was Hillary Clinton

            Remember when Donald Trump told Mitt Romney that the ’80s called and it wanted its Russian policy back. The Cold War is over?
            Oh wait, that was Ayatollah Zer0bama. In other words: see below:

            It’s saying that Ayatollah Zer0Bummer wanted to have the 80’s relationship with Russia again, and that he’ll do whatever it takes to “make nice” with Putin. Zer0Bumbling let Putin do whatever he wanted, which is why we’re in “defensive mode” with him and with North Korea…

            Man, Trump’s ties to Russia are really “disgusting!”…NOT!!!!!!!! now that I beat th

          396. Not-a-RINO says

            I recall reading this list before which reinforced the idea the Left has very selective memories of which many were simply manufactured. How anyone can believe anything the Left has to say is beyond me. Most people have to wake up and realize the DEMs are not presenting another idea or point of view to make life better for all, but rather it is a history of lies, deceit and criminality. I also would like to point out this lot has some who aid and abet all this in the Republican Party all the while putting on the airs of being worldly and wiser than their colleagues (RINOs). It’s high time people get involved in the political process to booting these reprobates out of office.

          397. ARTPSYCH says

            Shit howdy yeah!

        2. tCotUS says

          GO MAINE!!!! ………..Two thumbs up !!

      2. Ted Crawford says

        From your lips, so to speak, to the Republican Electorate!

      3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Her speech impediment hurts my ears on top of the fact that she’s a closet liberal retard.

    3. Rob D says

      Vote every one of the scum out!

    4. Terry Rushing says

      Hang on to your lunch pails RINOs, I think Kelli Ward is about to rattle your cage again.

      1. PatriotGal says

        Yup!!! Donate to her; we have repeatedly, just as we did with Roy Moore!!! The a same with Paul Nehlen running against Traitor Ryan.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          I’m all for the Kelli and the judge, but do we think it’s right to pour money into some other state’s election. – Don’t get me wrong but if we bitch about sore-ass putting money into candidates in states he does not reside in, haw can we condone doint the same think ourselves?

          Sorry, but I have always dealt in absolutes. I leave the relatives to the other side that blows wit the wind.

    5. James Andrews says

      Let’s hope so, but so far we aren’t fairing too well against the powerful RINOS!

      1. PatriotGal says

        Yes, we are. We’ll FIRE THE ENTIRE BUNCH and DRAIN THE SWAMP one election at a time.

        1. James Andrews says

          I concur, but it’s a hard road…too many socialist fools out there.

          1. marshmil1789 says

            James you are far more correct when you call them “fools” than you think you are. Why? Simple. Socialists do not believe in the existence of GOD. Psalm 14:1, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God’.” Fools have their own Holiday, April 1, “All Fools’ Day”

    6. Bob Wexler says

      I only wish we could make some real changes here in California. Lets start with piglosi!

      1. Retired says

        The only Ca. could change is if Hollywood was to sink into the Ocean while Piglosi visits and Watters is with her .

        1. Bob Wexler says

          Sounds great to me.
          Like the old joke goes, how do you start a flood?

          1. Retired says

            Have you noticed the Volcano eruptions and Earth Quakes World wide Since Kim Boy did the last explosion ???? It has also been said that the Mountain has a crack in it now where it all took place . Ca. just might slide away into the water .

          2. marshmil1789 says

            Har, har, har! Bob that’s a good one. God promised to never destroy the earth again with a flood. But do you think He might consider taking off a chunk of Western USA considering all the evil over there? ***I hope I don’t get struck by lightning for posting that.***

          3. Mathew Molk says

            Aww, who cares? After the next election we will need support from Califiornication and the rest of the left coast like we need a tooth ache.

            They have some very hard times coming up in the next few years. I think they will eventually be forced to abandon the NWO Marxist party and come back to Truth Freedom and the American way.

            Just an FYI….Hollywood is sinking into oblivion as we speak. Just like the NFL less and less people are spending their hard earned on anything to do with them.

    7. AKLady says

      Amen. Reality has arrived.

      1. Retired says

        Well that sure leaves you out in the cold AK.

    8. Bob Gerber says

      Amen! And can we rid us of turncoat Sen. from AZ @ same time??

  9. Susan Short says

    RINO’S beware!

  10. DonRS says

    Sadly, Mitch was re-elected in the 2014 last election – he can hang on, continuing to do his DAMAGE to the Republican party, Trump and AMERICA until 2020!

    Equally sad, the Constitution does not provide for states to be able recall their Senators.

    So, we are STUCK with Sen. Mitch “SURRENDER MONKEY” McConnell until 2020 or until he resigns or dies!

    1. whoselineisitanyway says

      That can be arranged

      1. Deby says

        try 1-800-killary for best results

        1. PatriotGal says

          KILLary’s philosophy: suicide by 2 shots to the back of the head and the fist one was the kill shot.


      He looks like he is ready for a DIVINE INTERVENTION ala McLame.

    3. nocbsfan says

      He doesn’t need to die just get rid of him as Majority Leader.

      1. DonRS says

        nocbsfan, Pray tell who among the RINO BOZOS in the Senate, the ones that elected him, first minority leader, then majority leader despite the clear understanding that he is and always has been Sen. Mitch “Surrender Monkey” McConnell, bowing to every Democrat whim, would elect anything better?

        1. nocbsfan says

          Its called politics. Those that think they can lead start campaigning early, until they have enough votes. Just like how in the world did Pelosi ever become leader of the house which even put her in line for the presidency. A lady who says things without even knowing what she said. Brings up a point we have to get rid of Ryan because that turkey under the right circumstances could become president. He would make McConnell look like a good guy

        2. TexasCoyote1 says

          Nobody wants the leadership roles in Congress. They are lose-lose deals and all the poor guy gets is a lot of negative publicity no matter what he does. It’s going to take a much more people-oriented Congress for anyone to want to lead it right now. Many of these old congressional leaders are really old, so i think a lot of them are going to step aside in this age of the populist Trump and take their millions of ill-gotten gains and go home.

          1. DonRS says

            Guess what, that’s not true! When you go to Washington, DC, it becomes all about power and money. The majority leader gets a “twofer” BOTH. More money, and more power. The scams are still there, only bigger! Indeed, some are more “outfront”, but they count on the RINOs that ride in the wagon they pull! Less power, but the money is the same!

            In the old days, in Oklahoma, when Democrats ran the place, the popular saying was, “vote for Joe (the current County road commissioner), he’s already gotten his road.”

            But things changed. Republican’s now dominate Oklahoma’s government. The only problem is, too many Democrats simply changed their voter registration and became Republicans. Tom Cole, R-OK comes to mind as the most left Republican in Congress!

  11. Sgt. York says

    Snitch McConnell can begain this sad, but happy walk for we the voters away from the RINO position he has held all while pulling the wool over his voters eyes claiming he was a good ol boy conservative republican. He is not our senator but the Devilcrats senator while being backed by Nazi Soros. He has done a great disservice to we the voters with his lies and underhanded deals made with Devilcrats. Time he Has to go.

    1. Tony says

      Mitch McConnel sold out to Harry Reid in exchange for Harry’s support for a pork barrel projects in Kentucky. Remember that? It was over the funding for Obamacare vote and why we are stuck with Obama care for life.

      1. nocbsfan says

        Not for life only until McConnell is ousted, Mitch is a real cancer.

  12. Jerry Del Vecchio says

    Those RINOs just don’t get it. They ran on and were elected over the past eight years to get rid of Obamacare, to cut taxes, to build the wall, to eliminate illegal immigration, etc., etc., etc.. They did nothing despite their having a majority in Congress. It’s time to clean them out and get people in that’ll do what they were elected to do.

    1. Retired says

      This is going to happen in both parties in the next decade .

      1. Jerry Del Vecchio says

        I hope you’re right. I listened to Schummer, Pelosi, MSNBC, etc. and they all trashed President Trump’s tax reform plan. Personally, I like it. About time we got something for us retirees. I am on Social Security, two pensions, and four annuities and I pay Federal Income Taxes every year because I make too much! I don’t have a mortgage, we have no state income tax in Florida, and when the 7.5% deduction for medical kicks in, my out of pocket medical bills are drastically reduced. So a $24000 standard deduction would be great news for me personally. Could never understand if Congress complains about the high cost of medical care, why did they apply a 7.5% deduction against medical bills.

        1. Retired says

          Why would the rich bag Pelosi complain about a tax cut , she is one of the many Rich Demon Rats in WDC . Seeing you have no State tax how bad is property and sales tax ??? I had over Ten Thousand in medical bills and could not use it because of the way it is figured ,once you have no Mortgage interest you are screwed . Towards the end were you pay little interest it does not help either .

          1. mac12sam12 says

            All the rich politicians say the same thing, “good investments.” More like insider trading, bribes and payoffs.

          2. Retired says

            From Lobbyist is the main source !!!

        2. Tony says

          To pay for their own tax payer funded medical plans, which will put your medical plan to shame.

        3. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

          You are right. The msm has not even read the tax proposal. They are locked into defying POTUS at every step. They aren’t even creative enough to change reporting words from one msm to another. Exact same report from channel to the next. Propaganda to the max. No research reporting or backed up facts. Just emotion & blather of hate. You have to know the enemy in order to defeat it.

          1. PatriotGal says

            They and their talking points from before the plan was released. Bunch of total morons who think we the people are stooopid – they are used to dealing with their cult Dems.

    2. Tony says

      Politicians and lawyers think nothing about lying to your face. They both go to the same school.

      1. NRApatriot says

        Most politicians are lawyers! It’s the reason the country is a mess!

  13. eric says

    I hope Bannon and friends go on ahead and pick all the republicans in the next election . The establishment of both political parties are picking deep state globalists

    1. eric says

      We need a revised democrat party too . I don’t know if Bannon can help get the establishment globalists NWO out of both parties . It has been there a long time as Putin told us our foreign policy does not change no matter which party takes control . In stead of a tax cut we need at least a 90 + tax rate for the George Soros and most of the rich guys in this world . Otherwise they have way to much money to promote their evil ideas and disenfranchise us ..

      1. Tony says

        We could support a 95% tax rate for George Soros and no deductions, sure could.

      2. TexasCoyote1 says

        The Democrats will have to make changes when they begin to lose seats in what they consider to be solid blue districts. Until then, nothing will change. Luckily, Waters, Pelosi and Feinstein are all old. God will help us take out that trash, but the real question is who will replace them. The whole state of California has lost its collective mind.

        1. nocbsfan says

          Don’t worry there is still people in California that will make good to excellent legislatures. When they see that Pelosi and her clan can lose, they will run.

    2. TexasCoyote1 says

      That is what I am hoping for also. Bannon got some national recognition when he was in the White House, so now maybe those of us who are conservative can use whom he endorses as a roadmap to elect those who will back the President’s agenda. We might even get Obamacare repealed after all.

  14. thomas marchal says

    RINO’S beware!

    1. TexasCoyote1 says

      We need to make sure to listen to Steve Bannon and vote for whomever he says is the best candidate regardless of how many warts he has and how much he doesn’t look good in front of the camera. Politicians need to understand how to do what’s best for the American people as a whole instead of worrying about how they appear.

  15. DouglasDauntless says

    That’s called draining the swamp. Now go for term limits and fight the Old Guard Republicans who are just like the Demo-rats. I.E. McConnell and his click who fight our President at every-turn so he can’t get done what we want him to get done to save us and our country form these traitors

  16. Tony says

    The battle cry has been heard loud and clear since the rise of the Tea Party to either change the republican party or burn it to the ground. RINOs and the RNC have refused to change. It is as simple as that. Grass roots republicans are sick and tired of being ignored by politicians in favor of special interest groups with boat loads of money to pad their pockets for special favors.

  17. Letterman007 says

    My guess is the McConnells of this swamp thought they would die in office. Guess what Mitch, you won’t make another term! You and speaker Rand are on numbered days! Either get with the Trump program or get out of the way! That goes for others like Lyndsey Graham and the rest of the non supporters of the Trump regime!

  18. Michael Dennewitz says

    I know this will not sound right, but at this stage of the game, IT’S HARD TO ACTUALLY TRUST ANY DAMNED POLITICIANS!😣


    2018 is OPEN SEASON on RINOs. Tag ’em and bag ’em. Replace with conservative Republicans.

    REAL republicans. DRAIN THE SWAMP. Bye bye McGoAlong, Ryan, McLame, Flimsy Graham, Flaky Flake,, Collins with her weird voice, REplace them all. Bring on some VETS.

  20. George E. LeFebvre says

    Once they get rid of the RINO’s like McCain, Ryan and above all McConnell then and only then will our country begin to heal from the Odumbo years of conquer and destroy.

    1. TexasCoyote1 says

      We aren’t going to heal until Obamacare is totally repealed, immigration is halted, the borders secured and real judicial reform is put into place. We are being governed by the bench and that was never the intent of the founding fathers. These judges were not elected by us and just because they say something is binding on the whole country that they just don’t like, doesn’t make it so. We, the voters, must demand these leftist/communists judges be put back into their place of interpreting laws–not making them.

  21. Richard Alex says

    I hope all of this leads to TERM LIMITS, to displace all the FAKES and phony’s ALL PART OF THE GOOD OLD BOY SYSTEM.

    1. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

      We already have term limits. Its called voting during elections. The American people are to blame. To many sat on their hands and did not vote in the past. Look around your world. You will see most people couldn’t tell you the time of day. If it does not affect their life directly, they don’t care. Pissing & burning the flag has been going on for years. Now its being pissed on at football games. It finally has got the attention of the public. Elections have consequences and you see it in to days congress. Americans caused it and must take the blame straight on. Vote, VOTE, Vote. Call & write your reps.

  22. A. Jay says

    Shove a bigger drain hose in the swamp, turn on high and drain all of the scum stopping progress!!

    1. nocbsfan says

      Just get their fingers out of their noses and let them drain.

    2. TexasCoyote1 says

      We can only do what we can do which is vote for the candidate Steve Bannon is working with. He’s going to have to be our beacon in the next election. That is probably why he’s not in the White House anymore. He can do our President much more good on the outside than he can on the inside.

  23. Patriot47 says

    How DARE you silly little deplorables tell the elites what you want. After all, we’re ignorant and they know what’s best for us.

    1. TexasCoyote1 says

      Maybe ignorant, but many of us are no longer asleep. The failure to repeal Obamacare was a real eye opener for a whole bunch of people. Now, we just have to keep the light on them until we can vote them out of office.

  24. TPS12 says

    We told you we were coming for each and every one of you establishment politicians. Your money and PAC’s wont be buying your seats any longer. This is what happens when you ignore the Voters.

  25. RichFromShowMe says

    Personally, I think President Trump endorsed Strange so as to demonstrate to McConnell, the “two-toed-sloth”, that he reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly wanted to drive a stake through the heart of obambacare.

    Now, McConnell is in “fright mode” as he knows Judge Moore will easily win over the Democrat in their general, and become a pain in the side of “the two toed sloth”; i.e., actually get something done.

    1. nocbsfan says

      I am with you, I believe the President endorsed Strange to blindside the news media, now they are not going to know what to do. The news media falls prey to their own tricks Our President is one smart guy

      1. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

        Yep: POTUS is playing 3 tiered chess & they are playing checkers. He is a workaholic, planning & scheming while they sleep. Msm has reported that its hard to keep up with POTUS. They also can’t predict his next move. He keeps msm in a spin. Love POTUS. HE LOVES AMERICA, FLAG, ANTHEM & the PEOPLE. How can he possibly be the wrong one in office.

        1. PatriotGal says

          USN,(thank you for your service) totally agree. Have been saying the same thing about this election. OUR PRESIDENT played them all for suckers – he was the loyal party leader supporting the incumbent, knowing full well, this would be a backlash against McConnell and his hands were lily white. The RINOs, establishment elites, Demonazis and lame-stream media couldn’t do or say a thing against him because he towed the party line. Of course, the media could have said, he didn’t have the pull to get Strange across the line, but heck, we all would have shouted – DITCH MITCH!!!!

        2. nocbsfan says

          Guess that is the trouble, he is not the wrong one. The news media wants the wrong one in office, that way they are in control. America will be made great again (AWMGA)

  26. gotcha1 says

    Roy Moore is the guy! Luther Strange is the suckup to, weak as milk toast, Mitch McConnell! It is time for Kentucky to make the change as well!! Go Kentucky!!! Way to go Alabama!!!!

  27. Ron Dapo says

    You go Roy, this should demonstrate to the WASHINGTON (ESTABLISHED)
    Republican party that NOBODY’S JOB
    IS GARENTEED. The (AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE PISSED OFF ,and not going to accept excuses any LONGER…..

  28. GrizzMann says

    All the Republicans have to do t be heroes is follow up on their election promises. Yeah like that will happen.

  29. marcus J says

    I was extremely pleased to read this great news , The moment our president endorsed Luther Strange I thought = That may be a mistake !! To me Luther smelled like one more RINO Weasel with no Testicles and lacking a spine , Now I am extremely excited and very much looking forward to finally getting rid of one of my two Traitorous RINO Slimy Weasel Senators ! None other then I love illegal aliens and have two faces and a forked tongue Jeff ( The Flake ( Flake , Dr. Kelly Ward will crush the Flake I can only hope

    1. nocbsfan says

      I know one area that will give you a lot help with your hope. If Dr. Ward eeks out over Flake, that will make a lot of people take notice.

      1. TexasCoyote1 says

        I agree that would be one more nail in the Establishment coffin. This has to be done one state and one race at a time. There is no broad brush that is going to get rid of the problem in one stroke.

        1. nocbsfan says

          When you start out smarting incumbents in primaries, yes it has to done one state at a time. Next summer a bunch will be running at the same time. need a lot of people working. We need a House of representatives loyal to the country

          1. TexasCoyote1 says

            That would be a new concept–a Congress that put the people first. I’m not sure we can get this right the first time, but maybe a trend is developing. President Trump will go down in history as the man who made it all happen because he dared to call out a bunch of dumb black guys for disrespecting the flag on Sunday afternoon. Who’d a thunk it?

          2. nocbsfan says

            Your right who’d thunk it, black people have been calling the shots for the last eight years. Now they are finding out that doesn’t work anymore. They are not going to take it easily. This could get nasty.

  30. Pam says

    I think Trump is trying to deal with trade offs. The problem is the rules of the game are different. The only thing the Mitch McConnell’s in D.C. have to lose in this game is reelection. They’re playing with our money and they don’t care if they lose it. Promises to them are made to be broken. Never fear McConnell will not have my or my family’s vote.

  31. desert fox says

    Hey, Rino’s you’re next. We are helping The President CLEAN THE SWAMP. You are not behind him and his policies…..the door will slam on you faster than you can run. You were lousy in your day job!

  32. rocky63 says

    If Republican Politicians retire or resign because Judge Moore was elected, they’re only proving that they are too cowardly to oppose the liberals who are destroying our nation. Let the cowards go. There are better people available to replace them.

    1. TexasCoyote1 says

      Cowardly, or owned by factions that won’t allow them to change their positions? We need new Congresspeople who aren’t owned and don’t have control files on Hillary’s private server.

  33. SD of AZ says

    Been sending the same message for the establishment since right after 2012. And now we know how 2012 went down for Bozo, he cheated like all the dem wits have been doing successfully for decades. The rinos have joined them but between all of them they finally pissed off and mobilized the the silent majority against them. Now we know who they are, what they are doing in every way including at the polls. Good luck with keeping your status quo establishment cesspool turds. We are all coming to clean your cesspool out!

    1. TexasCoyote1 says

      You got it right. It’s us that have to drain the swamp. We hold a little piece of the plug every time we vote one of these career politicians out of office. We have to keep the pressure on, so nobody forgets on election day.

  34. Gerri says

    You might remind President Trump of this. He,who made such an issue of draining the swamp,apparently, did not take his own comments seriously. When he had the chance staring him right in the face he put his weight behind the swamp!!!! Wow what a betrayal! I voted for President Trump so I am hoping he will stop listening to his liberal daughter and son-‘in-law etc., and have a reality check. Oh and by the way GET RID OF JEFF SESSIONS and get a real Attorney General.

    1. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

      You obviously do not play chess. Potus knew Moore was going to win. He did the support speech for mcconnel’s benefit only. Replay POTUS’s speech. Its all there.

    2. Don Lindsey says

      Give him time, he is having a hard time right now, with our help he will get the job done!

  35. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

    Milk toast politicians need not apply.

  36. James Andrews says

    The GOP is not scared of the few real conservatives left, because they have joined up with the Socialist Marxist Democrats, and have gone right along with them with the continous robbing of the American working class. We anyone would be scared of real conservatives is astounding tome, since we have so few left. Most of the Republicans today are cowardless RINOs, and are essentially Democrats.

  37. Cissy Nobbe says

    So great to see that the swamp is being drained, and that we the people will see this happen.

    1. Don Lindsey says

      We have to keep up the good fight…At the ballot box!

  38. says

    Congratulations to Judge Roy Moore for his victory and as for McConell meet you at the ballot box for I will not support you and will vote against you the liar who sided with the liar Barack Obama, anyway McConnell good bye and good riddance and your time is coming faster than you think.

  39. PatriotGal says

    You betcha’, we’re more than fed up with DC, all the establishment elites and the RINOs Better Agenda over OUR PRESIDENT’s AGENDA, the obstructionist Demonazis. We are DRAINING THE SWAMP!!! We’ll do it on our own. The next to go, Flake, Ryan, Hatch, Sasse, McCain, Heller, Portman, Murkowski, Collins, Graham, Rubio, Ditch Mitch McConnell, etc.

  40. Gerri says

    As if they have not been warned. The problem is they just refuse to LISTEN!!!

    1. nocbsfan says

      Win a few more primary’s and a lot of politicians are going to raise their heads, And it is going to be funny.

  41. Charles Merrill says

    I do sincerely pray that we here in California could find the right process that would unseat the nobrain liberals in both parties. Pelosi is so far out of touch with the real world it is sickening.

    1. Don Lindsey says

      We can only hope California voters come to their senses before they pass Chicago as the next crime capital of the USA! I wonder how the movie stars will like it when they have to hire bodyguards 24/7!

  42. geneww1938 says

    From Virginia, it is going to be a harder fight because of the proximity to W DC.
    I pray that a Trump like miracle will provide a landslide for the conservatives.

    1. Don Lindsey says

      We will not win them all but, we will win enough to make the Rinos and the Democrats irrelevant and then we can fully replace Obamacare, pass the tax bill, build the wall and start making America truly Great again!

  43. My country says

    It shows the power of the American people .We want our country back without illegals and Muslims who have deliberately been brought here to kill us . And without those politicians who are so stupid to think Gods children have left the scene !

  44. NEIL C. REINHARDT says


  45. NEIL C. REINHARDT says


  46. Rudy Rude says

    2018 Draining the swamp all incumbents on both sides we will take America back

  47. Rudy Rude says

    Senators from Oklahoma need to be fired for touting amnesty for dreamers no American voted for this polls are wrong

  48. SoftballUmpire says

    I would agree that Trump received bad advice in his endorsement of Luther. Roy Moore had invaluable Name recognition thanks to his stand on The Ten Commandments Monument. The gratitude for his ascendancy to the Senate can be laid to the Southern Poverty Law Center and other opposition groups who opposed Moore in successfully getting him removed from the Alabama as one of the unintended consequences of his tenacity. Because he repeatedly stood up for his religious beliefs, he achieved invaluable name recognition. Just look at the amount spent to defeat him and the final vote count. I suspect Trumps̵