Watchdog: IRS Can’t Handle Taxpayer Questions


Under normal circumstances, it would be easy to look at the state of the Internal Revenue Service and label it the most mismanaged department in the administration. In the age of Obama, however, it is right at home with the VA, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Secret Service. Never mind the suspected scandal involving their politically-motivated attack on tea party groups. Now a government watchdog says the tax agency can’t even handle their responsibilities under the law.

According to Nina E. Olson, the current U.S. Taxpayer Advocate, the IRS will be able to respond to only half of the projected 100 million calls they receive between now and April 15. Considering this is the first year that taxpayers will have to contend with the confusing tax implications stemming from Obamacare, Olson expects compliance to suffer unless the IRS gets its act together over the next couple of months.

Even those taxpayers who are lucky enough to get someone on the phone may have to wait for 30 minutes or more to get an answer to even the simplest questions. And the “simplest questions” will be all the IRS is prepared to help with. According to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, congressional budget cuts have left the agency without enough resources to address taxpayer concerns on an individual basis. “It couldn’t be worse timing,” Koskinen said, referring to the cuts.

The cuts, as Koskinen sees it, are forcing the IRS to reduce many of their taxpayer services, limit the number of audits they can perform, and delay technology upgrades. He said they may even have to shutter their doors for a couple of days later this year when the money runs out. The cuts mean that the agency will no longer be able to help low-income taxpayers fill out their returns. He said it could also mean that people who file paper returns will see their refunds delayed.

The cuts are considerably less drastic than Koskinen is making them out to be. The total budget of the IRS is $10.9 billion for the year ending September 30. Congress cut their budget by only $346 million in the latest spending bill. And while Koskinen says that the cuts could actually wind up costing the government money by limiting their ability to enforce tax laws, many Americans are wondering if a more efficient IRS would be able to handle their responsibilities with the budget they have.

Besides the well-documented scandal involving right-wing groups and their tax-exempt statuses, the IRS ruffled feathers last year by rewarding employees accused of misconduct. After a report surfaced showing that IRS employees misused government credit cards and, in some cases, failed to pay their fair share of taxes, the agency awarded nearly $3 million in bonuses along with nearly 30,000 hours in vacation rewards.

If the argument for abolishing the IRS grows louder in 2015, who can be surprised?

  1. Croco Dile says

    “….argument for abolishing the IRS grows louder in 2015….”

    And exactly WHO will abolish the IRS ?????

    The Statists ?

  2. ralph says

    I call for IRS to be abolished and call for it to start now. The use less Obama run scum Koskinen has hired thousands of trash to attack Americans and wipe you out. Get rid of them and you will be over paid on the budget

    1. DiabolicalJason says

      RALPH: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re calling for the IRS to be done away with won’t work !! You forgot the official hand salute !! You might get lucky and get away with that, because it doesn’t look like anyone else noticed !! But the real problem is that you didn’t use the official teabaggers command. You MUST first say: As a bona fide teabagger, I OFFICIALLY COMMAND you to abolish the I.R.S. !! (That is your preparatory command.) Then you must follow up with your official execution command; SIMON SEZ – IT NOW !
      Now they will be compelled to obey you !! If they don’t do so immediately, you can complain to
      the nearest F.B.I. office, and they will take care of the problem.
      forgot to start out saying

    2. Bladen says

      Tell your Representative to support HR 25 The FairTax. Abolishes the IRS and the income tax.

    3. mtman2 says

      FAIR tax it; only then “the budget”,ALL agencies+bureaucrats- should be gone thru at the
      same time by serious congressional oversight, like Tom Coburn(retiring but perhaps available), Trey Gowdy, Paul Ryan, Ron Paul(if willing), Mia Love, Michelle Bachman(if willing)+ other good conscientious people to use wasted money’s that would be saved- to pay off the deficit.
      And at the same time not only “audit the FED” with these same peoples oversight, but take OUR nations monetary system back from the Globalist World Bankers+IMF control. This all to reverse losing OUR Founding documents that gave citizens Liberties Rights, before they’re gone ~!

      1. Jerry Cox says

        I can’t agree with you more!

      2. Deborah G says

        Good crew hopefully America has had enough

  3. Deborah G says

    They can they choose not to as part of the Obama mandated slow down to piss off taxpayers so they get pressuring their Congressmen to give them more money.They sure have no problem collecting their fat paychecks and benefits do they? MAke their pay performance linked. You only get paid IF you get rid of the backlog.They’d be fired in the real world

    1. Jerry Cox says

      Deborah, That is wishful thinking on your part. Did you see the GAO(General Acctg Office) report a couple of months back where some 100 Billion (yes Billion) dollars was given out over the past two years that they do not where or who it went to. I know mostly Illegals that file illegally for EIC credit for they are the ones that get a huge credit with no real accountability of a tax refund on very little taxes paid in. They are supplied dummy Soc Sec type numbers are they buy the numbers of deceased and unsuspecting victims, file early and then when the one that owns the Soc Security # that was used they do not get the refund and have to prove it. I would not be surprised that agents themselves have found out how to make themselves rich in a very non productive IRS. Now here is why I said what I said at the beginning: Many IRS agents have been found to owe back taxes of great amounts, they are still getting refunds and get this, most of them will get good bonuses this year as well. Do what you think, performance driven. The Left and that is who is running agencies under Obama don’t think that would be fair.

      1. James Moe Morency says

        They know where the money went, to the terrorists, illegal wars and Democrat campaigns. There is so much going we are not told about, the rules no longer apply.

        1. Jerry Cox says

          Joe, I agree with you on this as well. Our President is bent on taking down America from within. Do you see the latest rhetoric and promises he wants to give (watch in State of the Union address). It is all a front to distract the American People on what is really going on and how badly managed the White House is and all of the other scandals. He just wants more time to do what they need to do.

        2. Beeotchstewie says

          Obama makes his own rules, race specific ones at that.

      2. kkpinnola says

        They should not be getting bonuses if they work for a government agency… period. Nor for any other governmental agency….That is one obvious $$$ cut they can make right there.

        1. Deborah G says

          Absolutely they are not performace based private sector. I could fix this but no one would elect me LOL

        2. Jerry Cox says

          There are almost a trillion dollars in cuts like this one and this one was not mentioned the Budget Committee and Paul Ryan published. This was to help President Obama with line by line audit he was going to do on the budget. He was going to do this but then he must have found out there were no lines left that would include him adding his mufti Trillion dollar budget expenditures.

          1. DiabolicalJason says

            Multi Trillion dollar budget expenditures ? KABUNCHOFRUBBISH ! You are either a fiction writer, or just a shameless plain old liar !

          2. Jerry Cox says

            It was only about ten years ago we could run this country on a lot less than a Trillion dollars a year. There is easily a Trillion dollars you could do away with and waste in this current spending plans. Are you one of the takers of that which you have not earned?

          3. mtman2 says

            He’s a parasitic Far-Left troll, probably gets a Soros stipend to insult + harass ~!

        3. Beeotchstewie says

          I do believe Osatan just proposed more paid time off and mandatory paid six week maternity leave. There is so much waste that could be so easily reigned in. Unfortunately, no one seems to want to do that because it may make the government look bad. As if they don’t already look that way.

          1. kkpinnola says

            Many many many years ago I worked for a state agency. Yes, there was maternity leave, but it was NOT paid unless one had accumulated vacation time which could be used as long as it lasted. There were no bonuses for anyone either, and it was a salaried position only.

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            Next up, maternity leave for gays and transgenders. Even though they cannot physically reproduce, all in the name of political correctness. The liberal/progressive agenda is killing the future of this nation.

          3. Deborah G says

            They already have

          4. DiabolicalJason says

            BEEOTCHSTEWIE: Why do you believe “The liberal/progressive agenda is killing the future of this nation.” Is there any evidence or proof that you can cite ? How can you prove that it’s not Satan ? Or Global Warming ?

          5. DiabolicalJason says

            where were all you people hiding while Bush and Cheney were robbing this country blind with the phony WMD war ? Halliburton is still receiving billions of dollars per year, (of which Cheney gets a cut) !

        4. Jarhead says

          BUT some only make double the current going amount for like work. They would have to steal off the job? More LEO’s would be needed? Prisons would be crowded? Can we afford to not give perks, vacations and huge cash bonuses for criminal acts while on the Federal payroll?

          1. Beeotchstewie says

            Like Obama’s salary! (criminal acts while on federal payroll) And to add, many of those overpaid government employees still milk the system for welfare and EBT, yet nothing is ever done about that either. So much insane waste when you could easily clean up a majority of the fraud by doing a little communication between agencies and some thorough auditing. But that would inevitably be deemed racist by this administration.

        5. Fedup says

          The State of Nevada does not give bonuses to any of their employees. ALL government, whether it’s federal, state, county or city, should not give bonuses. When there was a surplus of funds at the DMV one year, the governor gave that surplus back to the people who had registered vehicles the previous year. That is how all government agencies should work.

      3. mtman2 says

        They are all bureaucratic parasites feeding off real Americans ~!

    2. Beeotchstewie says

      Obama has publicly stated that he has instructed the IRS to withhold paying back your refunds this year. You know, our free loans to the government from our paychecks. The evil one does enjoy his petty torments. That is a great idea, never fly with the inept, unqualified people that are nearly impossible to fire once they get in their jobs.

      1. Deborah G says

        Petty bananna republic dictator

        1. 23cowboy says

          If Obama can pick and choose which laws to obey, then why not the rest of us. Just what would happen say if 50 thousand or million tax payers decided that the irs taxing was illegal and refused to cooperate? They (Gov) would not have enough people to find and arrest or enough jails to put everyone and it would fall. It couldn’t be much worse.

          1. Deborah G says

            All it takes is one to start but peope have tried and NOTHINg stops the greedy government of Liberals from destroying people who don’t feed their Jabba the HUT IRS

          2. hankthetank says

            There has been 1 or 2 beat the IRS, I know of one where the Judge wanted to see the bill, they didn’t have one, so the got up & walked out !!

          3. William Amos says

            Taxes are illegal, Ratification NEVER happened by MOST States. It was a huge Federal Snow Job. And, at the rate they’re over regulating business, jobs will be gone….no money to pay taxes. Here come’s “Debtors Prisons”. Wait, already here. Child Support/Tax Prisons….waiting for cheap labor for their corporate contract buddy’s.

          4. mtman2 says

            WE can thank Woody Wilson and the Dems for The FED+IRS-1913.
            Now it’s been a hundred + yrs of gradual socialism and the MORAL+SILENT Majority is only now waking up, while the socialists are still a minority in number.
            It can and should trumpeted as to what these usurpers have all done up to now ~!

          5. hankthetank says

            The income tax is illegal, the IRS, dose not have a bill passed by congress to collect taxes on our labor! Never was such a bill !!!

          6. DiabolicalJason says

            You all should stop paying all those illegal taxes ! Since Obama issued an Executive Order to release all of the minority prisoners who are serving time for smoking pot, Leavenworth has so many vacancies they are renting rooms out at very reasonable rates ! Be sure to ask for a room with a view ! I hear that some rooms don’t have a window !

          7. CATMAN says

            Your right cowboy. But, getting the necessary numbers of taxpayers to go along with the plan is impossible. The minute the “infernal revenuers” showed up at their door, they would cave in a heart beat and wouldn’t be able to get to their checkbook fast enough. Our forefathers gave EVERYTHING they had to make this country what it is (or supposed to be). They just don’t make ’em like that anymore…….

          8. DiabolicalJason says

            The hell they don’t ! According to the Teabagger Party News the government is way ahead of you. They had FEMA set up concentration camps at all of the military bases that are (or soon will be) vacant as Obama prepares to disband the Air Force and Marines. They are all stocked with the six trillion emergency meals that Obama bought up a few years ago. And the eight trillion bullets he has bought up are being distributed to the one million Kenyans, who will be arriving soon to be used as guards when he declares Martial Law. I’ve even heard that Santa Clause has agreed to lend Obama his list of citizens who have been bad, so Obama can start putting them in the FEMA camps first !

        2. mtman2 says

          PARASITES by the numbers ensconced for now, but WE grow stronger and
          the sleepers are awakening as who they need to be as part of WE the People ~!

          1. Deborah G says

            get out and vote by the droves in 16 that’s all I can say

          2. mtman2 says

            Paul Reveres alert and warning was what it took at that last hour,
            that morphed into the “Shot heard round the world” ; it still echoes today ~!

          3. Deborah G says

            Let’s not wait for the final hour this time. Let’s be ready

      2. Deborah G says

        The key is never pay more in than you owe.It isn’t a savings account

  4. Chicago Zephyr says

    But didn’t they hire thousands of agents just a few years ago? Re-reading the last full paragraph still makes my blood boil. It’s true, we (as a country) are our own worst enemy.

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      No, our current traitor in the White Mosque is our own worst enemy. He is the one doing all these nefarious things to this country. Do you know anyone who wanted the extra 7 trillion in debt? Well one did, Obama.

      1. Chicago Zephyr says

        No argument here. It starts at the very top. Remember his “not a smidgen of corruption” comment? Good grief. I am so beyond bewilderment and contempt…2016 cannot come fast enough.

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          I don’t think anyone knew how bad the Islamunist would actually be. He certainly has used his ethnicity to keep himself in power, any white president who had done what he has to intentionally destroy this country would have been impeached long ago. He is truly an evil anti-American traitor. I sincerely hope there is enough of this country left to save by the time his second illegal term ends.

          1. DiabolicalJason says

            BEEOTCHSTEWIE: On second thought, ignore what I said to you above, I can see it’s a waste of time talking to you!! It is so clear that you aren’t even interested in facts, your mind was made up before he was even elected, His skin color is your real problem.

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            I see your misguided position truly has no basis in the real truth. Calling others names and making accusations is and always has been a tactic of liberals and progressives who simply cannot defend their positions when faced with facts. Has the national debt gone up more under Obama than any other president? YES. Has he wasted untold billions of our taxpayer funds on failed programs, yes again. Has he been working to destroy the middle class and our military? yes again. Has he given billions to our enemies? Is he a liar? Is he a racist? Judge the man on his actions. What good has he done for the USA? I don’t care what color the man is, he is detrimental to the people of this country in almost every way. Please do yourself a favor and take five minutes to look up two things. 1) The Cloward-Piven strategy. and 2) Saul Alinski’s rules for radicals, those two communist inspired agendas are to the letter, Obama’s playbook for fundamental transformation. Stop making excuses for the most divisive, corrupt and anti-American traitor who ever held the office of POTUS.

          3. mtman2 says

            No one listens to moronic commie trolls why waste your time, take more meds ~!

        2. b.badenoff says

          Transparency? , yea I can see right through that muslim.

          1. Deborah G says

            Don’t kid yourselves, the blacks didn’t elect Obama Soros did

          2. Chicago Zephyr says

            It seems as though Soros has spread his virulent bacteria in other areas as well (re: Ferguson riots were “sponsored” by GS). Those banners and placards (printed in the hundreds) were neither home-made nor cheap. If I am wrong, I apologize, but if right – he and his ilk are more sinister than we currently imagine.

          3. Deborah G says

            I couldn’t find the post about Soros funding Furgeson and the protests but I do agree every sign had the Communist name of the Organization on the bottom.

          4. Terry Hamblin says

            The post doesn’t come up, I just tried it. True the signs all around the country had the communist party name on them! Amazing to me how someone how made billions on our capitalist system wants to go back a hundred years or so and bring in communism, a proven loser for the common people, of course we have our political elite too, now don’t we.

          5. Deborah G says

            You are NOT wrong you are 100% correct.I DO imgaine hw bad Soros is. His sinister forces are destroying and controlling evry citizen and penny. the answer seems to be hard currancy but he manipulates the price of that as well.

          6. b.badenoff says

            Don’t forget the Saudis., who also sponsored his college and donated heavily for his campaigns. I wonder why ob is going to veto the pipeline.!

          7. Deborah G says

            i’d like to see some REAL investigative reporter write a biography of this fraud and document every phoney scam he has ever perpetrated

          8. b.badenoff says

            He’d wind up committing suicide like everyone else that challenges this govt.

          9. Deborah G says

            Funny how that happens. I persoanlly believe that they took out Chris Kyle because he could shoot a target from 1/4 mile and they fear real patriots. Never understanding they wouldn’t ever consider such a thing because they[patriots] are not the liberal left.

          10. b.badenoff says

            Not to worry, we have plenty of ex military snipers available. So many people hate this govt it’s no wonder they’re so paranoid.

          11. Deborah G says

            I am 64 years old. I have lived through MANY presidents. NEVER have I felt so abused, untrusting and downright unprotected. I could live with most of them wrinkles and all because none of them were so overtly trying to Destroy the American way of life like Obama. When things like LBGT rights were more important than protecting our borders, when power was more important than foreign domination, when abortion was made a common act with not a shred of decency? ZERO responsibility just blame anything and everything on the Whites. THIS is by and far the most dangerous bunch because like HITLER average people believe in this dictator

          12. b.badenoff says

            Bad news Deb, this Congress is backing this, indirectly. There’s more behind the scenes than we’ll ever know about. If a bomb landed on Congress and killed every one of those bastards, I would go to the bar and buy everyone a drink. I hate this govt!

          13. Deborah G says

            I don’t drink but I sure do agree with you

        3. Deborah G says

          AMen to THAT but be careful what you wish for Killary would be worse because she is an EDUCATED Alinskite. A thief got fired from the Feral Prosecutors job because they said she was a “dishonet” lawyer

          1. DiabolicalJason says

            DEBORAH: Instead of trying to look up fiction on the internet, you should check your local library and see if they have any adult education classes. If they do, sign up for English 101. Your spelling is horrendous.
            As for Hillary, hang in there until January 2017, then you will find out what she’s all about after she is sworn in !

          2. Deborah G says

            Yeah we have to pass it before we find out what’s in it? We know what is in Hillary and we don’t want it. As for my spelling? I didn’t take typing 101 it wasn’t in my curriclum. Nice of you to concern yourself but please don’t, I can live with it.

      2. DiabolicalJason says

        NOTHING LIKE BEING DEAD WRONG ! That must be the case because there’s always somebody who is. In this case, it’s BEEOTCHSTEWIE (whatever the hell that is!) Most of the increase in the National Debt is the cost of all of the wars that the Cheney / Bush administration put on the national credit card. Do some checking ! Obama has reduced spending, and reduced the Annual Deficit ! He also reduced the Federal taxes on the lower and middle classes. Like I said, don’t take my word for it, it’s so easy to research online ! Or talk to an accountant, or tax preparer.

        1. Terry Hamblin says

          Obama didn’t reduce spending, Congress did, be careful talking about taxes until you understand the full effect of the ACA, which should come to light between now and April 15th.

    2. hankthetank says

      Yes they did,I believe it was 2,000 to start with!

  5. Beeotchstewie says

    I work as an accountant, I can tell you from personal experience that the IRS has so many unqualified and poorly educated affirmative action personnel on their staff that it has become pathetic to even try and get the most simple and rudimentary questions answered and problems addressed in a reasonable time frame. They say they will handle things and then another penalty notice, threats of tax liens, it is a joke what they have become under the Islamunist in the White Mosque.

    1. Deborah G says

      My accountant says the same thing. They wanted to tax me twice oin the same income

      1. Beeotchstewie says

        This is what you get when the government keeps trying to get so huge in order to further trash the economy. Obola is good at destroying our way of life, that much I will give him.

    2. eddyjames says

      If anyone wants to see what kind of people work for the IRS simply go to the DMV and look around at the fat, useless, affirmative action employees there. Same same.

  6. Conservative says

    Abolish the IRS. They spent millions on their ‘Star War” like conferences in the most expensive resorts in the Country. They have given millions in bonuses to incompetent employees and they are still paying the corrupt criminal, Lois Lerner after she at the behest of the Obama Administration, harassed and withheld approval for IRS related charitable causes.

    The IRS is mired in corruption and has too much authority to ‘punish’ and imprison taxpayers of the United States. A flat tax will save billions and save wear, tear and money for the tax payers.

    We just have to shed ourselves of all the outdated and corrupt departments and try to dig ourselves out of a rotting government designed for the ‘few’ in government positions and donors who always have more to gain than they ever give.

    1. Terry Hamblin says

      I have been touting a flat tax or better yet, an excise tax. A value added tax only needs a percentage, maybe 10%, on everything. The businesses collect the taxes, the more expensive thing that you buy, the more tax you pay! A token IRS is needed to audit the businesses, no other taxes necessary!

      1. Kent2012 says

        sorry no VAT, that is another euor socialist answer to the inability to follow a budget…Fair Tax is much much better…

        1. Terry Hamblin says

          VAT Kent, is the fairest tax there is, (BTW, what is FAIR tax??), you buy a Cadillac, you pay a lot of tax, a Chevy Cruz, not so much tax. It is also an easy tax to regulate and the IRS labor force would necessarily be small. Since I know that Congress will never have a budget that they can follow, better to be fair on the front end. You simple cannot have what we have now, every new Law is examined very closely by the corporations, banks etc. to find the loop holes and they have dozens of Lawyers and CPAs to do that where John Q. Public can’t even afford a tax consultant! In Spain, known as “Hecha la Ley, hecha la trampa”.

          1. Kent2012 says

            try this for info..…the VAT in Europe is an added tax in addition to income or sales taxes, much as the GST in Canada…there are elected clowns that have suggested adding it to our already sizable screwing….the fair tax is a consumption tax with solutions for those that are in extraordinary situations. A group of “intellectuals” was charged with coming up with a workable plan to replace the out of whack IRS code. The “Fair Tax” is designed to maintain revenue to the government and function without the legislators ability to show “favoritism” to certain groups or businesses…

          2. Terry Hamblin says

            Holy crap Kent, you apparently are delusional with the name Fair Tax. I already stated that a VAT and only a VAT is the fairest of fair taxes! Guess what??? Fair Tax is a VAT! It is also about double from what I think it should be.

          3. Kent2012 says

            You did not go over all of the criteria of the Fair Tax……in euro ville the VAT is on top of other taxes…the Fair Tax would be put in place of the Internal Raping Service and all of the unmanageable tax codes…..there are other subtle and not so subtle constructs in the Fair Tax that has it functioning as a “consumption” tax…with NO income tax…goods would increase in cost, but your purchasing power would far and away offset the adjustment to the “retail”…in addition tax offsets would be prescribed for food and medicines (I am confident that “medical care would also fit) in the form of vouchers that reflect what taxes would be paid for those items based on family size…take some time to look at the structure of the Fair Tax, the folks that put it together were looking for something that would be fair, create the revenue the government needs(that is an entirely different subject…just what are “needs”) and remove the fraudulent manipulation of the tax codes by politicians to benefit business and groups that they are currying favor (votes/jobs) from…..

          4. Bladen says

            FairTax has a so called Prebate that is sent to ever household that offsets all purchases up to the Federal poverty level for that family, untaxing the poor.

          5. mtman2 says

            Fully implemented inplace MAO’bama-care would be the last straw for an elitist, statist oligarchy the Far-Left pines for…….

            With the Fair-Tax you could stuffed a mattress with millions, in a bank or overseas- no tax would be paid until you bought something here NEW(only once) but not real food items,.
            Even items brought into the U.S. would have to pay on those NEW items that are imported.
            This would bring in ALL the money’s now spent by mafioso’s, drug dealers, prostitution, crooks of ALL kinds, big money hiders, politicians, foreigners and anyone not paying income tax now.
            Even at 10% it is a monumental figure without a top heavy huge federal agency with sleazy and buyable bureaucrats owned by un-Constitutional power hungry politicos, to violate citizens Rights(BHO+Lerne etc).

          6. William Amos says

            Feeding a parasite from the left or right pocket makes no difference. It still over leaches, it’s just the nature of the structure. That’s why the stalemate of options are always presented as options.

          7. Bladen says

            You are right the VAT is easy for politicians to increase and they do. The FairTax, HR 25, is a consumption tax, completely transparent and does not allow the politicians to claim I am only taxing the rich. There are no loopholes, no exceptions, no IRS.

        2. Deborah G says

          Vat taxes have a way of getting bigger over time when those Socialists want more money to feed the beast

      2. Conservative says

        That sound great. It’s really quite simple but unfortunately the government will always make the simple complicated so they can stay in control over our lives.

        The poor and middle class only buy what they can afford, it is the wealthy that buy the luxury items and can afford that 10% from the finest gourmet foods to their million dollar luxury yachts. Oh wait, that could be why they won’t give us this type of tax!

        1. DiabolicalJason says

          BUT – If you are going to be concerned with fairness to the poor, keep in mind that a flat tax will consume a larger percentage of the disposable income of a poor person, than it will of the wealthiest person’s !! It hurts the poorest the most and the richest the least ! That will only make the current wage gap grow endlessly larger !

          1. CA Loser says

            Oh well. The main problem is that these IRS leaches steal money from us if they suspect that you are doing something illegal. You are guilty before being charge with a crime. They stole some money from me because of a Congressional Investigation I started against them, it took over 100 days to get a refund on a 1040ez with one W2 no deductions. Next thing I know, my bank account is drained leaving me in a position of being homeless in 42 days. There is no justice with them. I can get a lawyer but if you look into their actions, I still would not get my money back and I would owe attorney fees. They know this shit and don’t give a crap. They need to be tried and convicted, then sent to a hard labor camp for life. They don’t answer to anyone, they have no credibility, they are not true Americans, they are the enemy. So think what you like but the truth is they are the scum of the earth. The IRS should be abolished completely. They should NOT be in charge of healthcare, the camels back is going to break when people end up owing them for their new Obamacare plans. The IRS better have a million rounds, they are going to need it.

          2. Bladen says

            Cannot agree with the threat, otherwise do.

          3. Bladen says

            That is why HR 25 The FairTax includes a prebate (Refund of taxes to be paid up to poverty level) each month at the first of the month meaning that the FairTax is progressive and completely untaxes the poor.

          4. mtman2 says

            YES ~!

      3. Brangus says

        Your idea is very sound and makes sense, But the biggest lobbyists against it would be so called non profit organizations. It would no longer be beneficial to donate if it is not deductible. (Red Cross comes to mind first, But there are hundreds others) who pay their upper echelon people 1-2 mill annually ( salary and we have to have expenses and bonuses too) They made no money after paying these EXPENSES so therefore they are non profit. With that kind of power it would be extremely hard to accomplish this. Not impossible but extremely hard. We can only hope.

        1. Eggpeg says

          Don’t forget the tax software and tax prep folks! Wonder how much Turbo Tax, H & R Block, etc. would spend to keep their racket going.

          1. Brangus says

            Very good point, I never even thought about that.

        2. Terry Hamblin says

          We need the public to demonstrate on a large scale. The lobbies must disappear, a VAT is the only fair tax. Red Cross is the worst, CEO makes around 2-3 mil a year. Salvation Army is the best, CEO make about 20 thousand a year. BTW, Goodwill is not so good, they give nothing to anyone, the owner makes millions from the sale of free stuff!

        3. Bladen says

          The VAT taxes that have been proposed are in addition to the Income Tax not in place of it, so we would still have the 20000 plus pages of income tax that not even the IRS understands.

      4. Deborah G says

        what about all the tax accountants you will out out of business lol

        1. Bladen says

          With the VAT or the Flat tax they and the IRS will still be in business. Only the FairTax gets rid of the IRS, Tax Lobbiests, and Tax Accountants.

      5. Bladen says

        The flat tax and the Value added tax do not abolish the IRS nor the Income tax. Value added tax is not transparent and always goes up, and the current flat tax in congress does not collect enough revenue to replace current income tax. The only plan that would work is HR 25 The FairTax.

        1. Terry Hamblin says

          Geez Bladen, when I said VAT was the only fair tax, I let it hang that VAT should be the ONLY tax, no write offs, no deductions. I looked at HR 25 at your behest, and with Lawyer gobble de gook in it, that is basically what it is! I do think that a watchdog group is needed so that businesses don’t cheat, maybe it is there, I didn’t see it. So, I said it without knowing anything about HR 25, just from experience and logic.

          1. Bladen says

            Thanks for the reply Terry.The IRS admits to a $450 Billion shortfall now on taxes owed vrs taxes paid. That is reduced to $350 Billion with enforced collections. The States would do the collections and enforcement as they do now with their sales taxes. Since 90% of sales would be by big box corporations the incentive to cheat is reduced on these sales, also it only takes one to cheat now but it would take two under the FairTax and since the seller is the one responsible for collecting the tax his incentive and ability is greatly reduced. (;-)

      6. mtman2 says

        Many states already have state sales tax administrations set up.

        Herman Cain stated- tax systems in place would be happy to do it in
        their own states for a very small percentage, bolstering their own states.
        Totally-nixed IRS, totally-replaced by an NRC=Necessary Revenue Collection agency
        with TOTAL oversight by the House of Representatives with monthly public reports ~!

    2. Deborah G says

      They should put me in charge of the Budget. LOL I was dirt poor when I started really really poor, not even food or heat BUT? I never thought of going to the Government for help. I just was skinny and worked harder.saved pennies a day and eventually, put myself through college, I bought and paid off a farm, trucks,no debt and money in the bank. NOW they want what I made? It doesn’t belong to me? I don’t remember seeing any one of them working next to me, cleaning barns,waitressing and being a minimum wage cashier at night. Nope never saw One of them

    3. DiabolicalJason says

      You should have voted or

      1. Terry Hamblin says

        There are too many to count!

    4. Bladen says

      Can be done. Demand that your Representive support HR 25 The FairTax. Abolishes the IRS and the income tax.

  7. joe says

    There’s nothing new about this. Several years ago, I had a question about whether an expense that I incurred as a field technician was allowed. The answer that I eventually got from the IRS “help” person was at best vague and prefaced with “Your question is being answered by a volunteer and any answer in no way reflects the policies and rules of tax reporting or the IRS”
    Lawyers….make me want to vomit.

  8. chief1937 says

    Sounds like an excellent reason to abolish the IRS as they can’t do their jobs but can afford large bonuses for not doing as you are paid to do. Something stinks in Washington and it’s not a dead cat. I can not ever remember being paid a bonus for neglecting to do my job. Neither can I understand how someone employed by the IRS owing unpaid back taxes sure sounds like a management problem to me.

    1. mtman2 says

      Your being euphemistic, it’s more like criminal and treason ~!

      1. chief1937 says

        You could be right.

  9. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    I don’t believe this guy one bit.

  10. Jarhead says

    Short on manpower…….add 25,000 new employees? Only this time no criminals OKAY?

    1. Deborah G says

      An audit revealed that simply by turning out the lights at night would add 23 Million to their budget, Selling empty unused buildings would add 200 Million,they just spent 350 million getting new office furniture when they recently 3 years ago did that. Their waste is legendary and no incentiove to change behavior

      1. Jarhead says

        Right you are Debbie……there is absolutely no CONTROL of FED/GOV spending……the more any Agency spends, or the more illegals they sign-up, the more Job Security the FED/GOV employees receive PLUS huge cash bonuses, and numerous other perks as long as they continue to commit criminal acts & keep their mouth shut !
        Case in point: No one has been charged in the AZ VA Hospital murders of disabled veterans – – calling it DEATH BY DELAY doesn’t de-criminalize it one iota!
        I read that the new office furniture expenditure for the VA alone was 500 million……while disabled veterans die for lack of competent, speedy health care our tax dollars are being flushed down the toilet. A new $46 million dollar VA Clinic in FL “FORGOT” to install wheelchair friendly restroom doors or auto flush toilets. DUH! Same Clinic is currently replanting the entire front lawn area that is less than a year old! DUH ! Guess the VA wants the disabled veterans to have a nice view on their way to long waiting lines? DUH!
        Only long prison terms are going to change the massive corrupt within MOST Federal Agencies and the REDUCTION OF ALL BUDGETS (except Military). (i.e., IRS, DOE, DEA, ACA, BLM, VA, etc.)

        1. Deborah G says

          I couldn’t agree with you more. I am sickened daily by the casual disregard for the military. ISIS pays their men the equivinlant of 2 x what our men get[not dollars but what they buy] I blame the Libs and the vapid liberals that support their anti military cop agenda. If it wasn’t for them they wouldn’t be allowed to be that stupid and get away with it in decent society. When libs take away Chaplains so they don’t “offend” Muslims, they deny them the care they were promised, when heads of VA hospitals make hundreds of thousands a year in bonus for their “good” job.? It is beyond sickening. When private orgs like wounded warieor and Disabled Vets help them more than taxpayers whoTHINK their taxes are being spent on promised services? It is so far beyond what America used to stand for. Now we stand for pot smoking ,abortions, liberal indoctrinatiion of our chidlren, LBGT, lazy takers and corrupt politicians to have lifetime benefits while our military men and women pound salt. I was rraised on John Wayne heros. now we have LL COOL J and his cop killing, women raping rap songs, liberal moron Hollywood nobodies who think saving an ant means more than saving a life. They’ll protest that then bring their kids to abortion ralollies and gay pride parades. Inclusiveness my ass just moral toilets

          1. mtman2 says

            “Well”, by their silence the Silent+Moral Majority has allowed these Far-Left wing-nuts to reach up and pull the handle so WE all are circling the bowl on OUR way into the long dark sewer pipe, then into the tank.
            When the majority doesn’t stand it’s like a farm with no cats= ……..rodent city ~!

          2. Deborah G says

            I have a farm! And 20 cats LOL No rodents of ANY kind here or likely to come here Capisce`?

          3. mtman2 says

            Well now we’re just of late been installing ‘cats’ in OUR Congress,
            now let’s see if they get with it and stop the rodent damage ~!

          4. Deborah G says

            I am hopeful the more ultra conservative we get in Congress and Senate and then a moderate President we will do way better.

          5. mtman2 says

            “Well”(asRR starts out), WE lost presidential 4 elections starting with 41, and won 2-with the semi-conservative that spent like a ‘go along to get along’ moderate(rino).
            WE need a person that will speak real truth to power as RR did(he landslided2x).

            The 3 ‘mods’ the rino-GOP are throwing at us Jeb, Chris, Huck and Mitt; are to screen-off+avert the attention from the real-candidates WE(thePeople) need in the WH like- Scott Walker, or even Rand/Ted and the many other Conservative/libertarian possibles.

            Because WE are who RINO’s call “whacko-birds”.
            They don’t believe WE are what is needed or can pull it off or want to be run by them. They were the same way toward Reagan and gave him HW to moderate him. HW only won on RR coattails.
            HW was a WWII hero, a nice and great man but was a moderate and nothing like Reagan.

            Americans crossed all political lines to landslide RR twice!
            The 2nd time he took 49-states!!! He took it straight to WE the People and was henceforth called “The Great-Communicator” for good reason and the Left feared him because of that.

            No WE need a REAL candidate that can stand-> Gov. Scott Walker walked thru the Lib union fire and came out ‘unsinged’, taking the field on all counts. This he did under tremendous fire and 3 election in a row.

            He “rides a white horse” in triumph to true Conservative/libertarians that know this first in acheivements.
            He is a David with a dead Goliath behind him ~!

          6. Deborah G says

            I agrree with you. I LOVE Scott Walker he is truely a great Governor, BUT I do think we can have an ultra conservative Congress with a Moderate ONLY like Mitt Romney who would actually listen conscientiously to the more conservative arm of the party with respect.The rest of the RINOS will only Kowtow to the left. Mitt shwed he could work with anyone. Dont believe the BS the left spews about him it has all been taken out of context and manipulated. I respect Walker and I wouldn’t cry if Mitt won the Primary. Huck a Christian is a great man but I doubt a Christian can get elected now. I Def do not want Christie but would vote anyway for him . ANYONE is better than the left ANYONE

          7. mtman2 says

            Certainly valid, but “anyone” was HW, Dole, W, McCain, Mitt; let’s go for a David after Reagan’s own heart. “Bold colors with no pastels.” – RR ~!

      2. Kent2012 says

        you have just understood the bureaucrat mindset…if they do not spend “all” of the money budgeted in a fiscal period they are convinced that the legislature will “cut” the next budget accordingly….we have children pretending to do an adults job….and doing a very poor job of it, that is if they do anything at all other than show up at the proscribed time for work….

    2. Deborah G says

      There is always a scam to add more goivernment with the Progressives. THEY HAVE to control your life it is part of the ideology. No new people, make the ones there do their job or get rid of them

  11. RMCSRET says

    It is not a fact that the IRS CANNOT handle and influx us calls but that it has been told from on high
    NOT TO ANSWER the calls that will be coming in. Just another ploy by the Obama Administration to
    say see you cut our budgets and we cannot do our jobs. Well from my point of view if that is the case then
    the entire organization should be done away with and a smaller streamlined organization should be
    stood up to just collect a FLAT TAX.

  12. FloridaJim says

    A flat tax will end the IRS and give taxpayers an honest department , perhaps the only one.

    1. Bladen says

      The Flat Tax Bills proposed in Congress do not abolish the income tax nor the IRS, only HR 25 The FairTax does that.

  13. Adrian Vance says

    Apparently they are too busy ripping up old hard drives and backup tapes.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

    1. William Amos says

      and “The Red Tape Chronicles”. Both explain much. “Break-Off” has become the new hidden tax.

  14. Kent2012 says

    do not fret and feel any angst for those laid off…they will walk out one door, turn the corner, and enter into the IRS Gestapo headquarters where they will be hired immediately and maintain their hire date longevity and benefits…there will be a need for “field operatives” to “entice” Real Americans to pay more than their “fair share” as kenyan boy care ramps up and destroys small business and main street America…

    1. Deborah G says

      He hates main street because the libs think they have cash money. “They want them some of that” as the IRS chief said. He said they were evil thieves of PUBLIC funds as part of the “Collective” wealth of the nation. Michael Moore also says no one should own their own money it belongs to the Collective treasury of the USA> Wonder if his millions are subject to that ridiculous statement

      1. Kent2012 says

        no Deborah, socialists (communists in drag) who have been successful feel as though they are “privileged” and function at the same level as the criminals that “lead” the commie nation… I use the word “lead” loosely as it defines something that is missing in most of the worlds governments….what is substituted are domestic police forces that wear suits instead of uniforms and appear as ordinary citizens instead of KGB, Stassi, Gestapo, and other assorted scum….

  15. moral antagonist says

    A fair tax would be the solution for stemming this corrupt IRS. The Irs should have been abolished long ago. I personally think nobody should pay their taxes while People like Al Sharpton and even the employees that work for IRS owe back taxes and nobody tries to collect them but still gives them bonuses. It seems like we work for them instead of the other way around.

  16. William Amos says

    The IRS is NOT part of the Government…..every single person they have locked up for not paying taxes , has been illegal on their part. Income Tax is not a valid tax….but they just keep extorting people with the threat of prison! The Federal Reserve and IRS are a Central Banking Scam supported by our Government.

    1. Bladen says

      The XVII Amendment to the Constitution Ratified April 8, 1913 says it is.

      1. William Amos says

        I assure you it is NOT! It is a private collection agency for the Federal Reserve. Look deeper….That’s part of the snow job. The Federal Reserve is just a “Central Bank” as Federal as Federal Express, both agency’s.

        1. Bladen says

          Maybe I missed it, was amendment XVII repealed?

          1. William Amos says

            The actual amendment ratification was the hoax. It was not completed by over half the states. They jumped the gun and announced it as a done deal to the public, with a quickness. Everybody has just went along as if it were legal and “The Responsible” thing to do. Why? It’s what their taught!

          2. Bladen says

            Reference please.

          3. William Amos says



            and I’m just warming up!

            That little box in your search engine works great!

          4. Bladen says

            Thanks William. Very interesting, may be true, but without access to the thousands of State documents referred to by the referenced documents proof of the truth of the allegations can not be verified. As I said the allegations may be true, but it seems to me that something this big would have attracted other researchers to follow up, but basically what we have is the word of one man who wrote a book. I question why some enterprising lawyer hasn’t jumped on this and took it to the SC. Would have loved to see links to the original State documents showing the votes and what they voted on. Even one or two would have helped.

          5. mtman2 says

            Good word!!!
            Too many people want to be spoon fed and it still goes in one ear and out the other.
            The FED+IRS, a gift from socialist Woody Wilson+Dems(1913), is the inroad to the U.S. citizen by the Globalist WO+IMF.
            FDR numbered and sold us to them as economic slaves thru the Bretton Woods Agreement 1944 then installed the U.N. in 45, right on U.S. soil.
            Both FDR+Truman gave 1/2 the world to the commies, who are part of the divide and conquer mechanism that filters down to fools like the Far-Left+RINO’s, Corporations thru the FED and are ‘allowed’ to play ball within given parameters ~!

          6. William Amos says

            And all the people got in return was 100+ years of legalized slavery to Central Banking, oops…. can’t forget the apology.

            Information beyond “Corporate Funded and Approved Textbooks” is spreading like wildfire. Like Doctors with educations funded by the Beef, Sugar, Drug Corporations?

            Need Diabetes or Heart Disease? How about Neurological Damage? Follow their nutritional guidelines and/or drug advice. Metals/Alloys Everywhere!

          7. mtman2 says

            Taking care of your health…….without the FDA+Pharma+AMA+Corporate protocol.
            But with common sense, nutritional breakthroughs, all alternate healing agents from herbs-fungi-fats+oils-fruits-ocean plants+biologics-rare earths+minerals-seeds+nuts-healing touch and God Himself ~!

          8. William Amos says

            Bill Benson Website:
            Tom Cryer Website:
            Joe Banister Website:
            Michael Rivero Justin TV Live:
            Mike Rivero videos:
            RBN Radio:

          9. William Amos says

            Pencils down, hand your paper forward please!…..Still a skeptic? or “Just Plain Refuse” to believe we have ALL been taken by PRO organized Actor/Scam Artist?

  17. MARYSWEET says

    That’s just an excuse obama is using to delay tax returns and any other snafus the IRS comes up with. There isn’t anything obama won’t do and he has already shown how he uses the IRS to do his bidding. It is such a mess no one can ever straighten it out. We need to abolish the IRS and start from scratch – that is if we still have a government other than obama.

  18. David Gearhart says

    Obama has turned our government into a socialist form of we work for them type of management. They are lawless extensions of Obama’s take over of the constitution.

  19. Jean says

    What? A corrupt organization that can’t handle Congressional oversight questions, can’t answer our questions either.

  20. usathoughts says

    Have lots of experience with the IRS, including some court room drama. Know why an agent is assigned to your particular case? Because no two agents will have the same response. The tax code is so extensive & combobulated no one can make any sense of it.

    Have you ever reviewed the number of IRS Forms? Take a life time just to read them all. Revisions occur daily – just ask Commerce Clearing House. Many times these revisions are not in compliance with other regulations and revisions.

    On top of the above the IRS gets the ACA (obamacare) dumped on them. This is truly a living law, changes come by the minute.

    The IRS does not have a budget problem but rather a knowledge problem. Even if they all had IQs of 140 they could not get a handle on the tax law.

    Look at where your signature is required. You are testifying the information is correct! Never going to happen. I always added ‘to the best of my knowledge’ and initialed it. Of course, ignorance under the law is not a valid excuse unless you are an IRS agent.

    1. Bladen says

      Demand that your Representative support HR 25 The FairTax that Abolishes the IRS and the income tax.

    2. David W. Lincoln says

      I forgot who said it first, but they were absolutely correct when he, or she, said, “There are few things as permanent as a temporary government initiative”.

      1. mtman2 says

        REAGAN !~!

        1. David W. Lincoln says

          Was he the first? Thanks for the reminder.

  21. FloridaJim says

    A Flat Tax applying equally to everyone and every business no exceptions would end the IRS and fire 98% of the fools and misfits the taxpayers employ. Has there ever been a worse group employed by the government at all levels? They seem childish and very, very ill-informed: Psaki, Harf, Lerner, Nuland, Rice, Hillary, Kerry, Obama, Biden, Reid, Carnet, Earnest what they have in common is an indoctrination for 50 years of Progressive thought and they have passed this on to their foul offspring which explains why we must end their regime at once. These people mock us, ridicule us and retire at excessive pensions to be wealthy forever at our expense. The only good thing about the coming financial disaster is all government tensions cease. Read about The Weimar Republic how their government pensioners had to dig in garbage cans to feed themselves because of Germany’s massive debt and those responsible ignoring it too long as we are.

    1. Bladen says

      The Flat tax proposals do not abolish the IRS, only HR 25 The FairTax does that.

    2. mtman2 says

      But it should be the FAIR-TAX, to be fair about it.

      WE Americans can thank Woody Wilson(IRS+FED), then France and Britain for the Wiemar= rape of Germany(10-million starved) which led to almost communist takeover, my father fought them to then flee here, which gave Lenin back to finish the Bolshevik revolution; this all led to Adolf getting his foot in the door w/Ludendorff’s help to reclaim Germany and then destroy the commie Soviet plague on the Russian people, breaking the colonial empires of the Brits+France(did roundabout anyway), who used the U.S. thru weak leadership in potus Woody)D) to screw it all up and gave us WWII and 1/2 the world to communism -> also from(D’s)FDR+Truman as well as the selling us as economic SocSec slaves at the Bretton Woods Agreement-44 then the U.N.-45 on U.S. soil-which gave us police actions all over the world by (D’s)+RINO’s under control of the Globalist IMF/WB+FED ~!

  22. ChaplainPeter says

    The not so FEDERAL RESERVE prints money to lend us WITH INTEREST then the TAX PAYER pays it back. What a RACKET/ CON GAME. Lincoln had the U.S. print it’s own money and Kennedy wanted to do the same. Both were assassinated. The IRS is the enforcement arm of the Satanic NEW W.O./ SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN. Isa 10:14
    And my hand hath found as a nest the riches of the people: and as one gathereth eggs that are left, have I gathered all the earth; and there was none that moved the wing, or opened the mouth, or peeped.
    Rev 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. His servant, Peter

  23. CT Yankee says

    We need a General Tax Strike! — not that it would really matter, The Government would simply print the money it wants to spend… But they can’t arrest 300 MILLION Americ…, er, um 150 MILLION American Workers.

  24. Laddyboy says

    Funding cut! Funding cut? Oh! You mean the cut of some of the INCREASE that the ‘irs’ THOUGHT they would be getting! Tough! Deal with it like every American that has been hurt because of obamacare! You have hired about 16,000 new people to deal with the obamacare fiasco. Dismiss these people and stop lying to America. You are proving to America that the ‘irs’ should be abolished along with other multi letter departments.

  25. Teddy Edwards says

    He is nothing but a lieing son-of-a-bitch. And i send my regrets to the female dog.this is another out of control of obamas agency. There is plenty of capitol 4 them 2 do thier job there just isn’t enough $ for the king 2 have all his political enemies investageted on ever field. So by that senero the irs will never have enough $2 satisfie the king. The start with the whole entire irs should b phased out in no more than 5 years & that is stretching it.

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