We Need Tougher Gun Laws…Like Chicago!


A trio of gun stories over the last few days gives some insight into the unsteady and frustrating state of firearms in America. The first is news from Fox Business which indicates that AK-47s may jump in both rarity and cost in the coming months due to rising economic sanctions in Russia.

Following another round of sanctions, demand for Russian-made firearms like the AK-47 rifle has picked up in recent days.

The sanctions unveiled on Wednesday include Kalashnikov Concern, the maker of AK-47s and Saiga firearms. American companies are now prohibited from having Kalashnikov products imported into the U.S.

According to the Treasury Department, new transactions with Kalashnikov would violate the sanction, while current AK-47 owners can keep or resell Kalashnikov products. The Treasury also said distributors with an inventory of Kalashnikov firearms that aren’t fully paid for should contact the Office of Foreign Assets Control.


Already, the sanctions have had some visible effect on gun shop owners in the U.S. whose Kalashnikov inventories have been wiped clean by enthusiasts hoping to get in before prices skyrocket. The longer the sanctions last, the rarer we can expect to see Russian-made weaponry become. In the wake of the absence, copycat brands and secondhand sales will proliferate the market, driving prices higher and reducing the quality control surrounding some of the most popular firearms in the world.

In Connecticut on Monday night, Chris Christie was forced to again address the subject of gun control, a topic of conversation that drew attention away from his campaign support of Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley. The 2016 presidential prospect was beleaguered by nearly 200 protestors outside a fundraiser, many of whom were angry about Christie’s July veto of legislaion that would have banned magazines able to hold more than ten rounds of ammo.

Speaking with a Newtown voter, Christie said, “If you really want to limit mass violence in the country, you need to get at the mental health system in this country, which doesn’t deal with these folks.”

Of course, while mental illness is the primary factor behind the headline-grabbing mass shootings we’ve seen in recent years, that in itself only accounts for a tiny fraction of gun violence in America. Our third story highlights that fact clearly.


In Chicago over the weekend, at least 40 people were shot in a rash of gun violence, with one of the victims being an 11-year-old girl who was struck by stray gunfire. Four people are dead after the violence, much of which was the result of gang warfare. As RT.com reports, this latest round of violence comes hot on the heels of the July fourth weekend shootings that left 17 dead and as many as 60 others wounded. All told, at least 1,250 people have been shot in Chicago since the beginning of the year.

An important corollary to the Chicago gun violence, of course, is that the city has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country. You can’t find a gun shop within the city limits. Restrictions on handgun ownership are draconian and as close to outright banishment as lawmakers can get without violating the Constitution. Illinois remains the last state in the nation where private citizens cannot carry their guns in public, regardless of provisions or clauses.

And yet, the shootings continue.


  1. Sam says

    We don’t need tougher gun laws; we need to execute the laws on the books. AND bring back the death penalty for anyone killing another with a firearm. WHY is it always that you attack gun owners that do NOT break the law, pay all kinds of taxes on ammo, licenses and register their guns?!! HOW about bringing back the death penalty and execute those using bats, knives, guns and any other instrument to KILL people?!!!

    1. Roger says

      I will tell you and every government jackass in this country and the world, criminals don’t give a flying fk how many laws there are or are passed, that is why they are called criminals. The police cannot protect you, only you can protect you. If someone wants a gun they will get a gun and if someone wants to kill you they will kill you unless you kill them first, period!

      1. MarieJ27 says

        A doctor who carried his gun to a gun free Zone, saved a few lives yesterday, including his own in Pennsylvania.

        1. Elizabeth Miller says

          They do not put that on the news though do they

          1. rickwomack44 says

            yea the y had it on the news, but he may lose his job cause he had his gun. Which I believe is bullshit ,he should get the keys to the city . The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun

          2. jetmagnet says

            He should be fired!

          3. david b cordick says

            idiot alert, i hope you are threatened one day jet, see how you feel then

          4. jetmagnet says

            I’ve been threatened quite a bit. I’m a nam vet MACVSOG…and spent alot of time overseas in dangerous situations. I also can defend myself and can defend myself without a gun. I’m not a paranoid puss that needs a gun because his balls are too small. I carry only when necessary… it takes common sense and a brain. If your in a crime infested area, move!! I live in a nice little town with virtually no crime and our police force handles the job more than adequately…it’s a matter of lifestyle. I also obey the law and follow the rules unlike some peeps here.

          5. dwalk says

            i’m a veteran of that conflict, too…trans batt 25 inf…armed hueys…’62…only we were under the ROE “Fire only when fired on”…we did NOT have the “Luxury” of being able to seek out and destroy.

            i, personally, prefer to be able to defend myself, when and IF the need arises.

            if you (figuratively speaking) are confronted by an armed assailant and you are unarmed…there IS a problem, no matter where and when you are confronted, and for whatever the conditions and reasons. and to be considered, is a man/men of our age, 65 years+, normally are not able to go toe-to-toe with the 17, 18, 19, 20 year old thugs that are encountered ANYWHERE one might choose to go.

            “Picking up and moving” is NOT that simple as many can attest to, i’m certain. i was afforded that opportunity only after i retired; i had to work to support my family. many are willing to take the chance of “Moving” and i applaud, and support their decision to do so.

            being “Law abiding” is very commendable and preferable, but you and i know…too many thugs are NOT law abiding, are they? you do NOT seek out trouble, i’m sure, nor do i. but should it seek me out, i wish to be able to defend myself and loved ones.

            i now live rurally and choose to remain armed; our area is laden with problems as is EVERY American community…some worse than others.

          6. Mike Straw says

            Agree brother…..Nam, USMC I Corps 68-70, 7th MarReg

          7. Dave says

            MACV Rules of Engagement were still followed when I was there in 69-70.
            Criminals ignore the laws the rest of us live with and by…. that’s why they are called criminals and such.
            We get little recognition for it, but the USAF had two combat arms in Vietnam… the Air Commandos, and the Security Police. Not one base defended by USAF SPs was ever surrendered to the enemy until Vietnam fell. We lost 58 just for the Mayaguez rescue attempt.
            Defensor Fortis

          8. edward martis says

            the new name for ‘ Air Commandos’ is; like I have here in Mt, View, CA —- NASA/ Moffet Federal Airfield /USAF/ CA AIR NAT. GD. “129th Air Rescue Sqdn”——-their acceptance standards are much tougher than the Army’s “Green Berets”——these guys are equal to; or better than Navy “SEALS”——-They are TDY’d off to the CA DOJ, CA AIR and ARMY NAT GD. and DEA every summer to clear out ‘booby traps’ set by the MJ growers in Humbolt County (northern CA) …They are excellent in finding “BT” and in bagging ‘growers’ along with the other orgs, mentioned above….. …..amongst ‘other’ missions;…. mostly In the mid and far east—-I hardly ever see their C-130’s and “pave low” MH-60’s anymore——they are VERY busy folks ….(..Mt. View is 35 miles south of San Francisco)—-they, along with the CANG go armed with M-240’s hanging out their doors of their UH-60’s and have used them on armed MJ growers

          9. jetmagnet says

            Blablabala you sound like either a historian, a reporter or a wannabe.

          10. edward martis says

            You do realize that everybody on this site knows you are INSANE don’t you ? And are only here to agitate people ……….Seems like you are doing an acceptable job……I cannot understand how you could be in macV /sog in 68-72 as a lt. col sniper no less—–and hung up your lt. col uniform in 68——-I guess you worked for the CIA as a sniper from 68 on of course ——-Do you REALLY expect any single body here to believe any single thing you say ? Look in any mirror and you will see ‘The Mad Hatter’ from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ which I am sure you live in…….

          11. jetmagnet says

            i’m not here to run a popularity contest, and you seem to be up to your neck in shitmouth comments that are silly and ignorant. If i cared what people think I wouldn’t be here, now would i? To me your like a little wannabe, and your comments are hilarious! I can tell that a pissant like you is here to impress somebody and I just collapsed your ego to brown spot on the floor. LMAO!

          12. jetmagnet says

            What rules of engagement? I don’t think you know WTF you’re talking about.

          13. Robert says

            You are a liar jetmagnet no ex-veteran would agree with violating the Bill of rights or the constitution that you took an oath to defend you’re just a big mouth Obotomized libtard living on someone else’s dime. Go slide back under that shitty little rock you slithered out from under and let the grown ups discuss grown up things……

          14. jetmagnet says

            You must be a Fruitcake with “extra nuts”

          15. Robert says

            Now, Shit stick you see this guy dwalk he’s a real veteran….You can’t fool people imposters always fail…. So go find your Obama rock and crawl back under it we already have enough traitors to deal with without you too……

          16. jetmagnet says

            If you were a REAL veteran you wouldn’t be on a nutjob website, Secondly Obama has done more for vets than any president. The fucking GOP has done nothing and they just hate veterans!

          17. Death2Unions says

            Some questions for you. I know I am waiting my time asking as you are incapable of answering straight forward questions. First, a simple one. How old are you? 2) Do you have a prayer rug you use when you pray to you god Obuttfuker? 3). What size batteries do you use in your ObamaVibe? 4). After shoving your ObamaVibe deep in you ass, do you suck on it to taste those sweet ass juices of yours? 5). Do you think the ghost of Marxist President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez is smiling seeing Obuttfker decimate America? No doubt you are incapable of directly answering these questions.

          18. jetmagnet says

            First of all your questions aren’t really questions they’re Baiting -silly, uneducated and what i’d expect from a subhuman.

          19. Death2Unions says

            jizzmaggot, thank you for proving my point! You are too easy. Now go lick your Fat Head poster of your god Obuttfucker. Does your skank whore mom have to clean your cum stains off it when you jerk off on it? Maybe someday your god will let you enjoy his ass juices in person. Now get back to enjoying your ObamaVibe, Once you finish shoving it up your ass maybe you can suck on it to help you sleep well.

          20. jetmagnet says

            The best part of you ran down yo mamma’s ass crack and ended up as brown stain on the carpet.
            You little cocksucker!

          21. Death2Unions says

            Here is a smart choice for you little punk wet panties pussy boy. Put a bullet in your worthless scull, If you don’t do it, we will be hearing that someone else will be happy to step up to take care of that matter for you. Click!

          22. jetmagnet says

            ROTFLMFAO! “Who the fuck said that? Who’s the
            slimy-little-communist-shit-twinkle-toed- cock-sucker, who
            just signed his own death-warrant?!”

          23. edward martis says

            I hear you have issued a challenge to monk at the 5th st gym in Miami——you are probably about my age (very late 60’s)—-I expect you will be a no-show—–either way, you realize a great many people would like to be there to kick your sorry ass—-en mass——and a lot of others would like to put a bullet hole hole in you——Are you fucking crazy ! Yes,i would agree…….If you value your worthless life; do not go there——-some body will blow you away……….you have been playing with fire for a long time…………..

          24. edward martis says

            if you do go to the 5th st gym; which I’m sure you won’t—–i’ll say a prayer for your worthless soul——you will not walk away alive I am sure——–why don’t you take up stamp-collecting or lawn bowling ———fucking with vets as you do and as long as you have then telling them where you will be at a certain day and hour is a receipe for disaster—YOURS !

          25. Luigi Dario says

            And you are just a fruit.

          26. freefloat says

            Jet mag is a clueless fool with irreversible libtardation that thinks a big dick and hand to hand tactics out matches a trained, skilled, and armed, Los Zetas or ISIS force. He would be force to cow down to fire. What a pussy!

          27. jetmagnet says

            I think you are a poosie fella, you have no skills.

          28. freefloat says

            You think……. more like you assume.You have no facts and are very uninformed. You have no clue what skills I have and need to keep your mouth shut rather than make a fool out of yourself.

          29. jetmagnet says

            Your a jackass that has mental issues and has NO Balls, ok dipstick? If you had balls you wouldn’t play down fighting skills of Trained killers like myself in clandestine operations. You are fucking small minded moron that cleaned latrines and was probably bitch slapped by your superiors. lol

          30. freefloat says

            You are not worth responding to, and a waste of everyone’s time. Out

          31. jetmagnet says

            You don’t want to mess with “Mr Scary” my nickname in jungles of vietnam and beyond when I took on cases no one else wanted and survived them ALL!!

          32. danny kimbrel says

            Only one that has no morals would betray the oath they took to defend against all enemies foreign or domestic

          33. dmttbt says

            Let me see now, do we know anyone else who swore an oath and has not honored it. He is rather tall, half black, plays golf and takes a lot of vacations. Initials B.H.O.

          34. jims-blog says

            It’s ok, odumbass “WILL” get what he has coming” hopefully right between the eyes!!! At point blank!!!

          35. Dave says

            I experienced the assassinations of both Kennedys, and the attempts on Ford and Reagan. I am totally against making any kind of threat against the lives of even people like Obama. I would rather see him charged, prosecuted, impeached, stripped of his benefits, and stripped of his citizenship, and shipped back to Kenya.

          36. steve_golf says

            Even the Kenyans are now saying he was born in Hawaii. They don’t want him back either!

          37. Robert says

            If he is citizen of U. S.

          38. jetmagnet says

            Never happen he’s the best president ever. Just because you rightwing nutjobs don’t like him, that’s your fucking problem.

          39. jetmagnet says

            Is that a threat asshole??

          40. jims-blog says


          41. WayneRigor says

            I agree with you.

          42. jetmagnet says

            Go fuck yourself you don’t know the bill of rights from your asshole, which your head is buried in.

          43. edward martis says

            freedomsprice—–I knew a guy just like jet magnet-shit when I was in the army-(CANG — Staff/Sgt —- 2nd Btn/159th Infantry —COMMO section)—-My Sgt/Maj. and myself were on our way home with a slight detour to drop off some paperwork at a PFC’s house in San Jose, CA—–(CAL N.G.) As I pulled up to the curb; down the front stairs comes the PFC all decked out in a U.S. Army Special Forces Green Baret Majors full dress (Class A ) uniform; complete with green baret and SF badge pined on baret—-and all kinds of medals/ paratrooper jump wings etc ——-I thought ihe Sgt. Maj. was going to explode——He grabbed the PFC and was going to call the San Jose P.D. and have him arrested—–This all was quite a sight to see—–Since the PFC had a wife and family; he ‘admonished ‘ the PFC in that ‘If I EVER see YOU in that uniform again I will have you arrested and court martialied “

          44. edward martis says

            freedomsprice——-see below——-sticky computer ———the best one I ever saw was a dude decked out in a full dress Nazi SS captains uniform in the older type wooden barracks of Camp Roberts (N. of San Louis Obispo, CA (CANG/USA ) base–The First Sgt. laughed to no end–

          45. bill says

            you’re still an idiot. but I too can defend myself without a gun. I carry in my home at all times but when I leave home my revolver goes in the safe. I don’t carry in public here in the peoples republik of kalifornia.

          46. edward martis says

            bill, I too live in the peoples paradise socialist republic of kalifornia——I bought a can of mace (about the size of a toilet paper cardboard insert with a nozzle shaped like a very small movie screen (rectangular In shape) —–I swear this stuff would wipe 6 bad guys all at once- spray/ heavy pressure / fog type–that with smaller sized VERY LOUD loud ,flashlite looking 1 zillion volt stun gun ——in my goings up to san Francisco –about 35 miles north—–I always take a small key- chain (in little leather pouch) mace on my key ring ; and have used it 3 times on the 7000 highly aggressive pan-handler,in-your-face , homeless drug addled crazies there—Market St/ Powell St Cable Car termanous ” turn-around” area SFO is a very dangerous city—–I keep the larger ‘items in my front seat covered with a police type ‘raid’ wind breaker—–if you would like any info on the mace/stun gun stuff I always keep in my car let me know—–these items are VERY<VERY effective on bad guys e-mail me at edmartis000@yahoo.com—–

          47. jetmagnet says

            You carry a gun around will you at home? In case criminal jumps through the window? Or your kids don’t eat all their veggies?

          48. Merle Dickey says

            Hopefully, you never have to leave your house!!

          49. jetmagnet says

            Why’s that fella?

          50. Merle Dickey says

            Ah ha so you do have a gun , but non one else can have one? “I carry only when necessary”quote.

          51. Monk says

            I an a disabled Nam vet myself and saw plenty of combat. Just because you live in a nice comfortable little village doesn’t mean everyone is afforded that same luxury.
            Some people just don’t have the choice. I served our country to protect our Constitution as well as our Bill Of Rights. The second amendment of Our constitution gives every citizen the right to bare arms without exception. The laws that have been passed as well as ordinances are not Constitutional.
            To remove that right is the beginning of the destruction of our entire constitutional system.

          52. dmttbt says

            Jetmagnet said he knows when to carry and when not to carry. I wish I was that smart, knowing when and where I am going to be threatened. dwalk is correct, when he said that our ages range in the 60 year and older range, and even in my younger days, I could not stop a bullet or even jump a tall building in a single bound. If you are attacked by two or more and they don’t shoot you but beat you to the point you will never enjoy life the way you would have, is that a better situation?

          53. retiredcrewdog says

            He’s psychic and a dumb ass. I’m not either and frankly, situational awareness is the best weapon. Never leave home without a way to defend your life. But If you have to unholster your weapon, you f#$k’d up.

          54. Dave says

            No you didn’t. You can be as situationally aware as is humanly possible, and still get caught between a rock and a hard place.

          55. jims-blog says


          56. jetmagnet says

            You will be in prison or dead soon enough.

          57. edward martis says

            21 years in the US Army says otherwise

          58. Dave says

            As we say in law enforcement… better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

          59. jetmagnet says

            Hey dipstick how many times have you been robbed? Your house ransacked?
            How many people have you shot lately defending yourself? Grow a set of BALLS!

          60. edward martis says

            my self personally —-twice- robbed—better to have a weapon than not to have one at all

          61. jims-blog says

            The “second amendment was included for a “REASON”, too “Guard against precisely what this dumb fuk thinks he can do

          62. Dave says

            The right to defend yourself and put food on the table originated with the Magna Charta of 1216. The Founders recognized this. That’s why the right to keep and bear arms was considered a special case. Not for self defense and sustenance, but to preserve what those men had fought to provide us. They rejected the old ways of a king deciding what was allowed and what wasn’t allowed in an entire nation. They had just experienced their own King violate their rights in that way. The had observed this kind of action in all European nations, and recognized it could just as easily happen here. One need only read what they themselves said by reading the Federalist Papers. Only by reading it in their own words can people actually know the truth and the meanings of our rights. For example, there was no requirement to join a militia because all able bodied males were already considered to be part of a national militia. They were not expected to train as a militia because they could, it was expected, already shoot. So said James Madison and George Mason, co-authors of the 2nd Amendment when called upon to brief the state legislatures during the constitutional ratification process. And for nearly 200 years thereafter, the people freely adopted every new firearms technology, for the people saw that as their right and the government viewed it the same way. These arguments against the 2nd are recent developments in our history.

          63. jetmagnet says

            What’s your point? I have no clue WTF you’re talking about. do you have PTSD? People with mental disorders aren’t allowed to have guns for obvious reasons.

          64. jbombznabombz says

            yeah You don’t need a gun to defend yourself ,You’ve had Combat training from military not everybody has had that type of training.I don’t want to disrespect a vet but your comment doesn’t mean crap to the common folk that hasn’t had training or seen combat and one other thing I bet when you needed it you used your gun to defend yourself.if you want to go after a criminal that’s armed with your bare hands fine ,I on the other hand would like to have the playing field even as with a lot of other people including service people.

          65. Dave says

            Of the millions who have served, there are tens of thousands who never received combat training, never saw a day of combat, and likely never served in a combat zone. Even within a combat zone, a great many GIs did not participate in combat ops. They did their regular career field duties of typing forms, fixing vehicles, repairing aircraft, and so on. I would venture to say that there are many who could be handed a weapon and be confused about what to do with it, and they wouldn’t know the first thing about situational awareness. Even my skills are a bit rusty after being retired for some time. Yet, they do come back quite easily. I recently purchased a .45 auto and an M1A (essentially an M-14) and I picked the skills back up very quickly.
            I firmly believe that every able bodied citizen should be trained in firearms use.

          66. edward martis says

            just a quikie—-a .45 can be left with safety off; cocked etc—but are dangerous that way—–may I suggest a Charter Arms ‘Undercover’ .38 Special (+P) 5-shot (hollopoint) revolver–2″ in. bll—$290)——-needless to say you have to sqeeze the trigger fully– no safety to unlock, no racking a round–no hammer to cock etc—-just grab it and pull the trigger—+P rounds are pretty powerful—I bought one from IMPACT GUNS (Ogden, UT) for $290—-I live in Show Low, AZ and ordered one there–FFL transfer, S/H etc = $325 total to me—–excellent gun=====Blued/ with rubber black grips——google—-IMPACT GUNS OGDEN, UT (their price is the lowest I have seen yet)

          67. Johnny says

            Your full of SH*T you lying turd. macvsog was black ops and I had a friend that was part of it. He just retired from the pentagon 8 years ago. I’ve listened to his stories for many years and I’ve seen the cache that he still has to this day. Him and what buddies that are still alive from back then meet up each year for all kinds of shooting events. They don’t talk like you but their guns are extensions of themselves and they don’t let NO ONE touch them. Quit your lying you Obozo azz kissing fag(g)ot. Don’t DISRESPECT the ones that were REALLY their and who fought and died there.

          68. jetmagnet says

            Vets that are attached to guns instead of life have psychological problems. I have no attachment to guns as means of survival. I survived! Weapons to me are something I enjoy at the range to test my skills. I don’t waste time worrying about someone killing me at the grocery store or the auto dealership, or at the park. I feel bad for those vets who suffer from PTSD and are fighting the war in their mind each day. War never affected me and I continued working for the Government. I feel bad for fruitcakes who seem to suffer mental duress and feel the need to carry a gun in the greatest country in the world because they have tiny balls, can’t defend themselves any other way ( have no self defense skills) and must lift their ego and tiny balls by wlking around with loaded gun.
            How many times have you been shot at lately? Robbed? Do you really have a reason or is it your ego and paranoia??

          69. Nelson Gilliam says


          70. Lonnie Franklin says

            VET my ass, You have the mind of a prepubescent youngster that likes to get online and run your mouth hiding behind the computer screen with some make believe name from one of your cartoon hero’s.

          71. jetmagnet says

            Both of your heads put together in the avatar look just like my ass!

          72. Dave says

            I really don’t have any use for someone who lies, and in doing so, steals the valor of the many who served with honor and distinction, whether they served in combat or in the mundane fields necessary to support the mission. o matter what a veteran did in service, they are still heros. In Vietnam, we couldn’t have survived without the many thousands who were stationed outside the combat zone but kept our supplies coming, repaired our equipment and got it back to us very quickly. We ALL worked together for a common cause. We were a team, whether we were in one branch or another, or in the Reserves or Guard. We lived through hell because of nameless people behind the scenes. In the field, you may have been a Marine or a grunt, but you were thankful for those AF weenies flying air cover, or those big Navy guns sending shells 25 miles inland to break the will of the enemy, etc. I appreciated the other services.

          73. jetmagnet says

            You’re responding to a post I made two months ago? Who the hell do you think you are to judge me you jackass! I have no need to TOUT my service outside my personal group of friends and I certainly don’t need to carry a gun in public to prove I have a set of balls. I really don’t give crap what anyone did in the service except the people i worked with. If you have honor, there’s no need to brag or draw attention to yourself . . in honor of those who died as shadow warriors who’s deeds and names will never be known.

          74. Lonnie Franklin says

            Like I said little boy run along and play in the traffic!!

          75. jetmagnet says

            Like I said both your faces together form a perfect ASS! lol

          76. Steve Thomas says

            My neighbor is Nam Vet. Last week he challenged some poachers. 1 of them fired a .270 warning shat at him. Unfortunately, all he had was his .357 and he was out of pistol range. He fired 5 rounds and hit their truck 2 or 3 times. They left ruts where they ran of the road 3 times (gravel road).
            Good thing he at least had a pistol.

          77. jetmagnet says

            You must live in the country. The rules are a bit different for country folk.
            I respect a man protecting his property.

          78. top2004 says

            You seem to have a fixation with balls; tell me did you hate your mother?

          79. dwalk says

            how did you manage to hold on to your weapon? we had to turn in all our GI issue weapons when we rotated back to the “Big PX”. what kind of rifle is it? did you purchase it from your unit TO&E?

            most folks do NOT have the advantage of being an “Unarmed combat expert” and a weapons expert.

            by constitutional law, the second amendment gives EVERY American citizen the right to “Keep and bear arms”.

            if a person CHOOSES to use a firearm as a defensive measure, he should do so within confines of the law and his conscious, BUT he should NOT be prohibited by law to use a firearms, if he is, indeed, within the parameters set for lawful firearms ownership, possession and usage.

            just moments ago, federal judge affirms DC residents right to carry firearms…

          80. edward martis says

            face it –jagnet is a fanatic———the bit about having his sniper rifle still—caught my eye too—–he lives in a lunatics world—-just bypass him and move on

          81. paul.hunter says

            So you work for the Gov, sounds like your a troll.

          82. Monk says

            You are a lying SOB. What unit was you with in Nam and what years?
            I have means of checking records. Give me your name and unit you were with in Nam and if you were a sniper or even served in Nam I will apologize here on facebook.

          83. jetmagnet says

            MACVSOG 68-72 20th Airforce Special Operations Squadron : ) and a damn proud veteran that dislikes fruitcakes. None of us like the Teaparty!

          84. CCblogging says

            You are a lying pos

          85. Finkster says

            So, when dem Gang Bangers come at you while youse leaving the Drug Store wit your Meds and they decide to cap youse @aa, what form of defense is ya gonna throw at dem? Is ya gonna jut grab them big balls youse immagine youse hab and jut spit on dem Gang Bangers and make it hurt?

            Oh, by the way. EBONICS, the wave of the future. So we can communicate with Idiots like you.

          86. jetmagnet says

            Sorry fella, I live in a small redneck town and there’s no blacks or hispanics here…we have the KKK and a hellofava police force that don’t take kindly to strangers.

          87. muskyharry says

            If you lived in a redneck town, with your Love of obama, you would have been tarred and feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail. just sayin’

          88. jetmagnet says

            I live here fella and I’m a redneck like guns and ride an airboat. People don’t judge me here on politics. Our sheriff is a democrat and the rest of this town is republicans. There’s alot of us that hate Fckn teabags, some don’t like Obama, but they hate Baggers like poison even more. The see the hypocracy in the bagger party, the massive money ,ant-science and the disdain for the poor. Their treatment of vets etc. Like I some Vets may not like Obama but they hate baggers!

          89. jetmagnet says

            I never said I loved Obama, but i respect him and his policies help people, unlike rightwing assholes who love to screw anyone that can’t afford to donate to their cause which is to FK as many americans as possible. I get these emails to donate from these assholes. Alot of them are bogus, baggers are stupid so the buy into anyone advertising rightwing trinkets/ lmao!

          90. Finkster says

            Sounds like you have Delusions. With one comment you support the Progressive Liberal Obama and his agenda, while with the next you try to make us believe you’re some sort of Patriotic Citizen Red Neck as a Racist, while you support Military Style Police infringing on Stranger citizen rights of travel in town.
            Delusional Paranoid is what you are. If you get off the pharmaceuticals, it will naturally go away and bring back natural comprehension skills.

          91. jetmagnet says

            No delusions. I’m not a political azzkisser like you sir. that follows a script and checks off each block on form like some robot. You have no brain, you’re controlled by your ideology. I said many times, I’m an independent. Do you know WTF and independent is sir? Do you even know what the word means?
            I’m not a racist bloviated pig like rightwingies. I respect everyone, unlike lowclass baggers who hate anyone that doesn’t by into their horse shit. I’m not in agreement with either party totally. One thing about libs, they ain’t as stupid and nasty sons of beeches as rightwing fruitcakes. I hope that narrows it down for ya sir.

          92. Garrett MM MM YEAH YEAH says

            Johny don’t get all worked up by the crack addict wearing a Rambo style army field jacket from New Jack City.

          93. edward martis says

            johnny—-jetmagnet is a total fraud and he knows it—he loves people like you to fuck with—–skip over anything he says—it is not worth your reading time=====sort of like believing any single thing coming out of oshits mouth

          94. jetmagnet says

            Like I said-Insert head in asshole, the directions are on your forehead.

          95. jetmagnet says

            Bullshit!!! I’m not here to answer to asshole who doesn’t know who I am, or who he’s talking to, or know WTF they’re talking about. TThe only disrespect is from commie jackasses like yourself, who because i don;t agree with your insane political theocracy take upon yourself to try to ridicule non believers. Franky i could give a Ratsazz what commie bastard like yourself thinks. How do you like that sir???

          96. CCblogging says

            You are a liar and a fool.

          97. jetmagnet says

            Prove it….all mouth and ears I suppose!

          98. CCblogging says

            You prove it every time you write one of your ignorant posts goofball.

          99. Lonnie Franklin says

            You shit and fall back in it FROOT LOOP!!

          100. jetmagnet says

            You’re an embarrassment to your children and grand children

          101. Lonnie Franklin says

            I bet you couldn’t whip your way out of a wet paper sack, little tutu boy!!

          102. jetmagnet says

            You look like a sweet couple!

          103. Lonnie Franklin says

            You look like a knobswaber little TUTU BOY!!

          104. jims-blog says

            Lonnie, that’s “tu tu boi” as in “FAGGOT” just like barrck h odumbass

          105. Steve Thomas says

            Not everyone has trained to fight. I was attacked by a guy that outweighed me by 75 pounds…and was not fat. He was a weight lifter. He picked me up by the throat with 1 hand. You can talk as tough as you want, but when you are over matched by that much, without an equalizer…you are dead.
            As far as carrying when necessary, that is about as intelligent as wearing your seatbelt when necessary. Or only carrying flood insurance for a week when a hurricane is predicted.

          106. jetmagnet says

            So you were attacked once, so burn the barn down to kill the rat? Makes sense.
            So why is it I’m so brave and you’re a coward? I only carry when I go into hostile situations that require it. I don’t need to take a Bazzoka to walmart like some fruitcakes. It’s hilarious to me , fellow vets & Law enforcement.
            So how long have you carried a gun? How many times have you been assaulted with deadly force in the last 20 yrs? Why is it even in crime riddled neighborhoods no one attacks me. I get mean looks sometimes. Maybe because I know WTF i’m doing. You know This country is the most out of shape and obese country in the world. I’m in my 60’s and I train everyday. I don’t sit on the couch and eat potato chips. There are times that you can’t reach for your gun..somebody might sneak up behind you and point a gun to the back of your head, what are you going to do, wet your pants? People with guns have no defense against a pro and if you carry openly, I would have the advantage and blow you away before you know what hit you. So carrying a gun is no defense at all, it lets the pros know who they should kill first. It’s false security and makes you the first target.

          107. jbombznabombz says

            ok jetmagnet yeah cause that’s what we are saying I want to carry a bazooka to walmart.you know the more comments I read from you the more i have a hard time believing that you were in the service.

          108. jetmagnet says

            I don’t care what you believe sir! I’m not here to impress people.
            Just post and say what I think, and I hate Teabags! I enjoy the silly responses and stupidity. There are a few people who I actually have a dialogue with.
            I get the same responses on every teabag site from fruitcakes so I expect it. lol

          109. dmttbt says

            It seems that everyone should follow new or old laws that will not let honest citizens carry according to jetmagnet, but he only carries when he is going into hostile areas. So I guess jetmagnet wants others to follow the law but he is so smart he can break it when he thinks that is necessary. He must have also learned voodoo while he was growing up.

          110. Monk says

            I will give you a challenge big tough guy, lets you and I get together and test your theory out. Give me a time and a place.

          111. jetmagnet says

            Anytime sweetheart! Come down to the 5th street gym on Miami Beach and sign a release!

          112. edward martis says

            again, you do realize what you have done ? your location date and time for your blow-out with monk —(-you will be a no show of course–)—there are vets who would love to put multiple bullet holes in you—–as soon a you get a time and place, tell monk and watch what happens………you have fucked with vets to long ……. are you sure monk won’t mention this to somebody ? you fucking idiot; you will have killed yourself…………

          113. jetmagnet says

            You are a psychopathic Loser!

          114. LiberalFascist says

            There are millions of people who can’t just pick up and move as you suggest.
            While you may live in Mayberry where the police act like police should, the fact remains that the supreme court ruled that there is no presumption of protection by police. So you will pardon me if I chose to not rely on them to protect myself or family.

          115. jetmagnet says

            I agree!

          116. Mike Straw says

            Guys, let’s not reply anymore to jetmagnet. He’s a POSER and we know it. Let him live in his fantasy world and not let him rile us up.

          117. kris littlefield says

            Robert took the words right off my keyboard. You are a liar. I can’t think of one military person who would advocate having our gun rights taken away.

          118. jetmagnet says

            Your freakin stupid…and i’m being nice. Who said anything about taking gun rights away? Some of you can’t read , some can’t comprehend. This is the problem with fruitcakes…they can’t understand anything but FOX NEWS> LMFAO!

          119. Mike Straw says

            MACVSOG huh? Well I was in the USMC up in I Corps and I think you’re a POSER! You piece of sh-t. If you were, you’d know that hands don’t work against guns idiot. Also, I bet you’d bring a knife to a gunfight………POSER!

          120. jetmagnet says

            USMC? WTF do you know besides “this is my rifle, this is my gun, this one’s for shootin’ and this one’s for fun? LMFAO! My balls have more competance than your brain!

          121. Mike Straw says

            I’m done. You’re on here to get a rise out of us, and I won’t play your game.

          122. IHateLibs says

            OHHH . a Real AOL VET . How nice

          123. WayneRigor says

            jetmagnet.. I doubt you are a vet. Vets knows the importance of having a gun for protection,to be ready at a moments notice. May God protect your family,you won’t. Congratulations on living in a town wheres theres no crime to speak of. They are rare and not everyone has the opportunity to live in a town like that. Also, how dare you call people peeps on here. You must be a”peep your self and that’s the real reason you hate guns. They stop YOU!

          124. Dave says

            We, the law abiding citizens of this nation are in a war already. Our nation is being invaded by illegals. We are under constant attack by criminal elements. Our law enforcement agencies can not handle it. If your town is that good, I commend you. Sadly, that is not the norm. My town, a bastion of conservative values found among ranchers, loggers, commercial fishermen, etc, was once like yours. Then it all changed. Today we have Asian gangs, Hispanic gangs, Motorcycle gangs, etc. Grafitti appears everywhere. We are under 100k and in rural California. You claim military experience. I doubt you would have gone on patrol without being armed. MS13 began in the southwest (LA region) and has now spread across the entire USA… and they have no second thoughts when it comes to killing people.

            MOVE? This has been my home for generations. It is the criminals who do not belong here, just as terrorists do not belong here. Nobody has the right to even suggest it is I and other good people who must cave in and move. We BUILT this region.
            I, too am a Vietnam Veteran, who is 100% disabled as a result of long term effects of Agent Orange exposure. I’m also career law enforcement.
            IV Corp, Can Tho Province, Mekong Delta, RVN 69-70

          125. jetmagnet says

            WTF are you talking about azzhole? There were illegals here from the very beginning of the formation of this country. The only legals here where american indians. Who invited your ancestors azz here? Have you been out to lunch on Fake News channel?
            Why don’t you educate yourself on american history-if you are an american that is.

          126. edward martis says

            Threatened ? By who; may I ask ? Are you still working for the ACP ? Let me know ? Have you found a job yet ? Spending endless hours on your computer harassing people is bad for your health……

          127. jetmagnet says

            No you may not ask. I was refering to Clandestine Operations I did in foreign countries. I’m wealthy businessman jackass! It seems idiots on the right think everyone is on welfare except them. The research proves otherwise, more baggers are on welfare than any other group. I don’t belittle the fruitcakes because they can’t get a job or are homeless, veterans with PTSD and can’t work, disabled, or old and living off dogfood. I like in a conservative county and nobody wants to work,, ok? There’s no blacks here and the KKK resides here, so that kinda blows your fucking theory.
            Your probably collecting social welfare like most of the worthless farts on this website. LMFAO!@

          128. edward martis says

            How can you be a wealthy businessman, when you spend your whole life on your computer yapping ad nausem; forever, with no end ? You really should join the American Communist Party; they would go for a guy like you…….I can supply you with their name, address and phone number if you want. No trouble at all.

          129. jetmagnet says

            Whole life? I delegate responsibility as most Ceo’s do. Secondly you don’t know what type of business i’m in. I do spend alot of time in front of computer- but i’m the boss and have the luxury of doing what I want with my free time.
            You’re in the tea party communist party, so i’m talking to a communist. Communist believe their ideology is the best one (like the teabags) they hate anyone who thinks otherwise (marxist) and they’re brainwashed by false indoctrination to promote agenda Teabag party. The tea party are anti-government extremist backed by billionaires that give up their liberty to support billionaires increase their wealth and control the government.
            They follow AYN RAND ideology to trash the poor and people on assistance, (snap) and basically any program that the government uses to help americans.

          130. edward martis says

            Good God Almighty !! Get over yourself !! I am quite sure you a Very Wealthy businessman and have done all kinds of endless sog stuff; no doubt and are the ‘ King of the World’ when you have the spare time…..Give the real world a break, will you… I knew somebody just like you……..in my army days; , myself, and the Sgt. Major of a company I was in; went over to the house of another troopie to drop something off ( a PFC) –on our way home—–pulling up to the curb–down the front stairs comes the PFC all decked out in a green berets majors uniform; with all the bells and whistles——the Sgt. Major went ballistic at seeing this—-the PFC was trying to impress his new girlfriend——he grabbed him, with a very controlled temper, and told the PFC he would have him arrested by the local pd , if he ever saw that uniform on him again——-the Sgt. Major was a fairly easy going guy; but piss him off and he would just about destroy you——-you and the PFC have a lot in common I suspect

          131. jetmagnet says

            I’m not bragging about my wealth. Righties seem to think anyone who disagrees with them must be a liberal and not have job, which is condescending and anything but the truth. I don’t tout my service and i’ve never put on a uniform after 1968. My uniform, rank, LT Colonel is in storage. I’d rather talk about guns than this nonsense you’re into. Rightwingies a fucking possed with politics.

          132. edward martis says

            if your a lt. col then I am gen. douglas mc arthur——–if you want to talk about guns; then talk about guns….your non stop political diatribes say otherwise……….

          133. jetmagnet says

            Because teabags are hyprocritical azzclowns that mix guns with politics, in fact their whole existence is based on commie beliefs.

          134. edward martis says

            ‘I don’t tout my service’ ? you are everywhere ‘touting your service’ …… so you were a lt. col. in ’68 and were a sniper too in VN——-in all my 21 years in the military I never met a lt. col. sniper

          135. jetmagnet says

            It’s seem you a mental disability. I never said I was a sniper when I had the rank of colonel. I became colonel while at the DOD in 1980. I said I was in nam sog unit 68-72 at that time I was enlisted and moved up in rank quickly. I was promoted to Lt as part of the deal to keep me in the service for another 4 years. I don’t owe to you to give you my fucking military history, especially to an asshole like yourself.

          136. edward martis says

            you say-you say-you say——and you say lots of nothing——–if bullshit was valuable you would be a billionaire——-no body wants to hear your bullshit military history BUT you put it out there ANYWAYS——

          137. edward martis says

            sorry Rambo; I did not realize you were such a great important man with a very impressive history and the world should take notice ………Who gives a shit ? I could make up a very impressive resume like yours in 5 minutes………Why do you totally insist on bothering people with your military history ? NOBODY GIVES A SWEET FUCK, STUPID You forgot to mention your MOH ; I am sure

          138. edward martis says

            ‘I don’t owe it to you to give you my mil. history’ BUT you did anyways . Why ? Needless to say you have everybody on this net hating your guts….Why ? Does it give you sado-masacistic pleasure ? The thing is anybody can hide in a computer; such as a clown like you…..Do you “get-off” knowing this ? Apparently so……..Why do you even bother ? Really….

          139. jetmagnet says

            Because I enjoy it. I like playing with people’s minds. What’s hilarious is the stupidity of rightwing fruitcakes. They follow a script laid out by republican strategist and their political funding machine, to vote kike lemmings without questioning anything. It’s fund to show them they’ve been hosed, and hilarious they actually believe fox news, rush blimpo and the rest of the fruitcakes.

          140. edward martis says

            so your the guy that brought home his sniper rifle from viet nam ? how did you manage to do that ? and what kind of sniper rifle did you use when you were there ? just curious ?????

          141. jetmagnet says

            No you know the rules buddy. M25. Nam. Personal Barrett 82A1

          142. edward martis says

            threatened” in cyberspace I’ll bet—–There are a lot of folks here that would love to meet you in person……Better keep hiding in your PC; I think this about the thirtieth time we have heard about your mac sog shit——will you PLEASE stop telling folks how great you are ? I keep telling folks here to just by-pass your alligator mouth and canary brain—-Did you ever find your MOH ; LT. GEN jissmagnet

          143. grama18 says

            probably dead

          144. dmttbt says

            I think that maybe jetmagnet carries a policeman around instead of a gun. One is lighter than the other and more dependable. ” when the judge said why did you shoot him 9 times? the woman said well, I kept pulling the trigger but nothing else came out”

          145. edward martis says

            guest–jetmagnet is a professional agitator; and this is his total life ……….he never did explain how he got his very expensive snipers rifle home from viet nam——–according to him he is better than James Bond in every way……..the moron needs a long overdue brain transplant………..

          146. Kent2012 says

            it is difficult to threaten an idiot…of course if we would re-elect GWB he might jump off of something real tall, say his high chair maybe….

          147. edward martis says

            david–jetmagnet is a professional agitator and is probably some where smashing store windows, spitting on cops, burning cars etc——I live near Berkeley ( UC Berkeley) and the ‘American Communist Party Northwest Region HQ.. This is what jetmagnet and company do. It is their thing and they have devoted their lives to it……………….I joined the ACP (for fun) for $ 2/mo.; just to see what I could find out—–I was immediately swamped with requests to organize demos (armed and unarmed) of all types and meetings I should attend etc. etc..—It is fucking – un-believeable what these idiots think/believe etc………google the above ACP info. and see for yourself——-the bzerkly acp office address is 6501 Telegraph Av.,Oakland, CA—–and fronts as a used book store——You should look up the nearest ACP office to you and ck. it out——It is amazing (?) ——They have 5 or 6 offices coast to coast—-You can ck. out who they invite to testamonials/ dinners ;for some ACP front awards—–which are endless……..remember; these folks are at this shit 24/7/365 while America is watching ‘dancing with the stars’ etc——the list of honored speakers will amaze you and you will recognize very well known names

          148. edward martis says

            jetmagnet ‘gets-off’ doing all this crap to people; hiding inside his PC ——He is the personification of an alligator mouth and a canary brain—–just by-pass him ……………..and is probably sado-masacist………He thoroughly enjoys hiding in cyberspace…where it is very safe to spew his bile….

          149. KingoLingus says

            You are a FUCKING IDIOT jetmagnet!!!

          150. jetmagnet says

            I bet you need a BIG GUN to support your tiny balls! lmao!

          151. Robert says

            You’re the Epiphany of an Obotomized Libtard….ha ha ha !!!

          152. Kent2012 says

            lead head is a troll from the huffy puffy posty, no cajones section…

          153. edward martis says

            Very Creative comment for ‘jetmagdouchbag’—–I lov it——–gather all of jissmagnets comments together and you will see he thinks he is THE original James Bond—–Absolutely, without a doubt———I would like to mail him about 5 lbs of gooy dog shit—for starters and enclose a straight jacket for him to try on………You have probably realized he an insane professional agitator ….so just by pass him…..He has said of himself that he was VN sniper with macV/SOG from ’68-’72’ and that he hung up his lt. col. uniform for the last time in ’68——-have you ever heard of a lt. col. as a sniper ? No, you say ? me neither– Like I said just bypass him—He’ crazy……

          154. Merle Dickey says

            I bet your a eunech

          155. Lonnie Franklin says

            I bet you like it when someone rubs your tonsils with their BIG GUN you loud mouth P. PUFFER

          156. Finkster says

            Filthy but Funny. May GOD forgive me for laughing.

          157. R.D.WYLIE says

            He is a charter member in the LICKADICKADAY CLUB!!

          158. Lonnie Franklin says

            yeah he is!!! Lmao

          159. edward martis says

            Lonnie==I did just that during the ’91 LA riots—-I was in the CA army national guard then—I noticed a gangsta raising his sweatshirt/ hoodie up and over his head—-the T-shirt portion snagged on a pistol tucked in his belt—-so when the hoodie cleared his eyes and mouth area—-I stuck the bll. of my M-16 rifle right into his mouth—-he shit his baggy pants right in front of me—–his eyes got as big as silver dollars—-all my CANG troppies folded over with laughter—–my troopies put a fair amount of gangstas on the LA Coroners table——–I wish the CANG could have stayed longer—We absolutely terrorized gangstas ; which the LAPD/LASO thought was a birthday present to them——the more we killed the happier they were——Realize that during riots ets. the ‘rule book’ goes right out the window/ NO ACLU–no lawyers——basically, a ‘combat zone’—–we would actively ‘hunt’ gangstas and ‘force’ them into ‘confrontations’ with the CANG—–Guess who would win the ‘confrontations’ ?? Any ‘agressive’ / ‘furtive’ move was answered

          160. Lonnie Franklin says

            Good Deal!!! LMAO!!!

          161. edward martis says

            Lonnie–another tid-bit you may enjoy—–the CANG was at Terminal Island (LA) guarding weapons shipments destined for the govts of Tiwan, Thailand etc (by ship)—-M-16’s , ammo and every weapon you can think of—-at about the same time radio/tv were telling the world that the troops had no ammo for their M-16’s/ or M-1911A1’s—-always good to know for a gangta etc—–this was somewhat true; but not FULLY true——anyways 2 car loads of gangstas showed up a terminal island and figured out the CANG there was guarding something very valuable—-which they were—–(there was no electricity for the lights etc) ——-anyways the CANG troopies told them to ‘leave the area/ restricted area etc’—–the gangsta laughed and went for their guns (WRONGLY assuming the CANG had no ammo for their M-16s-)——–The CANG troopies were well aware of what was about to happen and had some troopies break the aluminum cut out to FULL (auto)—-other CANG were on ‘semi’—-What ensued was a pile of meat sauce——-the CANG killed every one of them—almost point-blank range——-You have no idea what a dozen M-16’s can do to the human body (especially when half or more are on “Full” auto)——–the CANG then got I touch with the LAPD/LASO CANG liason center and told the cops what happened —–when the cops/fire guys showed up they could not believe their eyes and then threw up and then shook their heads and then laughed——thanked the CANG guys—–filled out the admin/ reports etc—-filled up body bags—washed down the area (fire engines etc) and left—-note: all M-16s with the CANG have aluminum cut-outs to keep the troopies from accidently getting into ‘FULL’ ——-a safety thing basically for when the troopies qualify, once a year at Camp Roberts (san Louis Obisbo)——-(north of where Michael (the child molester) Jackson (Neverland) used to live—————anyways —the area looked like a human slaughter house——-hope I did not ruin your lunch——

          162. top2004 says

            My balls are not tiny, but yes I do need a big gun.

          163. Kent2012 says

            and of course you need no weapon at all, you have no balls…

          164. mac12sam12 says

            Didn’t we have a little pep talk about high blood pressure?

          165. Luigi Dario says

            All you libtards have dick on the brain, seems like your all fascinated by the size of dick. Small dick bad, yummy big dick good, is that it?

          166. John Barleycorn says

            hi dickhead . .watch this you scumball


          167. jetmagnet says

            The guys a joke! Without a gun easily available, fruitcakes wouldn’t be mass murderers! Now if the wackos that killed all those kids in Newtown, aurora etc had to choke each victim or stab each victim, by the time he got to the first kid the rest would be gone, the police would shoot him…end of story!
            Even if he trapped everyone in a theatre and only has his bare hands how many people could he choke or stab in 5 minutes?

          168. Blogengeezer says

            In Rwanda there were precious few firearms, yet over one million Christians, Tutsis were slaughtered, sexually mutilated (targeting females) by the Hutu muslims. Wonder how they did all of that in five months?

            Trace the trail back to the UN funding of 31,000 Machetes and the UN funded NPR TV that encouraged the butchers daily. BTW the names and addresses of Tutsis were documented precisely by their former German/Belgium ‘managers’.

            I guess in your world being carved into little pieces over time (called sadism) by machetes, is nice and reasonable? The only firearms that made any difference were carried into Rwanda by the ex patriot Tutsis finally returning from Uganda. AK-47’s finally restored order… and sanity.

            The UN has never forgot that lesson. They are determined to ban all firearms. They love the much more reliable, cheaper in the hands of impressionable teenagers,…. Machetes.

          169. jetmagnet says

            When 18″ machetes issued during the Vietnam War come up in the
            conversation, it is usually the Ontario that it’s talked about. That
            makes sense, as it is the most plentiful and inexpensive; however, let’s
            not forget the Collins M-1942 (i.e. Collins No. 37) and the M-1942 made
            by Clyde. Regarding the Collins, the order placed in 1965 was the final
            order from the U.S. Army for Collins & Co. after a relationship
            that lasted over a century between the company and the U.S. Armed
            forces. The Clyde, to my knowledge, is the only other machete supplied
            by Clyde to the U.S. military besides the U.S.M.C. round tip in WWII.

            People Kill with Guns More Than Any Other Weapon

            The statistics of who kills and how they do it often get lost in the
            arguments over gun control. In the U.S., where guns are plentiful, men
            commit more than 90 percent of killings. Their weapon of choice is
            overwhelmingly a gun. Men kill significant others, individuals they know
            and strangers more often with guns than any other weapon (left).
            Women also more frequently use guns to kill strangers. Perhaps
            counterintuitively, women are more likely to kill a significant other or
            family member using a blunt object, knife, poison or other method. (The
            numbers here, from FBI data on more than 13,000 killing incidents in
            the U.S. in 2010, include murders, negligent manslaughters and acts of
            self-defense but not suicides.)

            Although we tend to think of murderers as crooks or assassins, they are more likely to be someone familiar (right). Both men and women kill many more significant others, family members, acquaintances and co-workers combined than strangers.
            Funny you should mention the UN giving machete’s. Machete’s are the # 1 farmer tool, for cutting crops/. Last time I checked Guns aren’t used as a farming tool, but as a weapon of destruction!!!

          170. Blogengeezer says

            A ‘Cherry Picker’ …as used in power line maintenance is referred to as a ‘Bucket Truck’… interesting. When C/P and not editing, at least remove the ‘Tell’ phrases. (hint) nothing was mentioned of the “Vietnam War or the mil spec Machete.

            Plagiarism is closely associated when words like “To my knowledge” are included in C/P, especially from an individual that has an agenda, a goal. Dates of stats are ‘Cherry picked’ when history is omitted, especially history of the world. Blades overwhelmingly have claimed far more lives… in history.

            Leaving out suicides is a classic omission to fulfill an anti gun goal. Police actions round out the omissions purposely overlooked. Self Defense is a biggie.

            You failed to mention Deterrence by only possessing a weapon (not using it), numbers easily in the hundreds of thousands of deterrence’s to an attack…. per year…. in the USA alone (obvious cherry picking again).

            Often said that Samuel Colt made all people equal, is not just a cliche. It is fact when a woman is the goal of perverted male lusts. Males do not like ‘equality’ especially when their lusts are running full testosterone. Of course you personally have your choice. As in rape, just do not force your ‘choice’ on to others. It is then infringing on others Freedom.

            Rwanda (as many other atrocities against humanity) claimed over one million helpless, unarmed humans. Genocide was admittedly clued by targeting women’s (and men’s) genitalia. It was the particularly gruesome perversion enjoyed by the Hutu muslim teenagers. Only After they had gang raped, was the Machete used for the final raping and cutting off of breasts.

            GUNS would have been highly appreciated in the hands of those women.

          171. edward martis says

            great cd——I have asked jetmagnet why he has enjoyed pissing off so many; hiding inside a PC—-I suspect he is sado-masacistic ……In a mano to mano thing he would not even show up—–He has bragged ad nausum how he was a lt, col.—worked for mac V sog as a sniper and has been on a few {clandst} missions to no end—–Show me any spec. op that would yap his gums so much……He could be directly compared to “The Mad Hatter” from “Alice in Wonderland” (no time to talk; I’m late, i.m late,i’m late’—- which is; when you think of it a true story====Oshit as the “Cheshire Cat//Pelosi as the ‘queen of hearts’///Biden as the March Hare////harry reid as the capt of the queen of hearts guard…../////and the list goes on—–As the Cheshire Cat asked Alice “We are all mad here you know; why are you here ?” you should ck out the CD—it is all true; when you think of it politically=====funny as hell when you think of O and company

          172. Clyde Hansen 1 says

            Reading you post I would say you are no different than the Guest, full of shit!

          173. mac12sam12 says

            Freud also said that cocaine was a cure all.

          174. Monk says


          175. dmttbt says

            I am picturing jetmagnet stuck to the side of the highly polluting jet of Al Gore as it speeds away to save the environment.

          176. edward martis says

            just for fun—look up the address of the ‘American Communist Party’ HQ in Berkerly, on map quest——-I swear it looks the front of a fish store—I think jetmagnet works there—–wrapping fish and blogging between cleaning out fish guts—-San Francisco and Berkerly would be paradise for ‘jetmagnet’ —SFO’s other name is’ Pelosi’s Perdition’…….the West Coasts largest open sewer——–and it IS !!!! —-jet magnet is a FANATIC—-just by-pass him and pay him no mind….

          177. R.D.WYLIE says

            edward martis you are to much!!! WAY TO GO!!!

          178. edward martis says

            RD—–I know a lot about the ACP / CPUSA—-these folks have 5 or 6 offices from Boston (just down the street from MIT (Cambridge) over a Chinese restaurant to NYC (23rd St) to Berkeley (about 2 miles from UC Berkerly) …….the Berzerkly address –6501 Telegraph Av. (Oakland) sits right on the BZK/Oakland city line—-the ACP fronts as a used book store a(long with the “New Black Panther Party” very violent by the way—I was in their once checking the used book shelves and overheard a meeting of the NBPP; they did not realize I was there; these folks should be arrested for ‘sedition’ for what I heard that day ——do a google moving street search and it will ‘drive’ you to their front door—-like you were driving a car—very life like——I have been by and in the Telegraph Av. ACP address front many times times——What city are you located in ; and I will find you the nearest ACP/ CPUSA location ? Also, the communist party operates under many names—–I can find these guys too socialists for America— democrats for change’ etc–and a bunch of other ‘soft names’====Since the dems knew every single thing about Obama before he was nominated for President; they KNEW he was a hard core progressive, liberal, socialist (spelled communist) and has many connections to the ACP———the Democratic Party is the NEW Communist Party——–I joined the ACP (berkly) for $2/ mo. to get my ACP membership card—-love it——–I was inundated with phone calls/ e mails to organize everything from A to Z–(future riots, demonstrations with weapons etc)—–dinners/ testamonials of all types—-the gatherings would include list of people of which you would recognize a lot of names—movie stars, D.C. politicians, CA and local politicians………..If I was wealthy I would publish these names and their connections to the ACP in large bold print————-and make it impossible for them to exist—-case in point—-De Blasio (NYC mayor) is very good friends with the communist dictator (Nicaragua) Daniel Ortega;(sandanista contra) era who in turn is buddy with Fidel and Raul Castro and de blasio has visited Danny many times——De blasio had his honeymoon in Havana at fidels request; in a time when a US citizen was forbidden to go there —-de blasio has a SANDANISTA poster in his Mayoral Office—If you would care to join the ACP (for fun) make sure you are over 65; and retired; otherwise you may (very doubtful, since DC and IRS are all communists) be contacted by the FBI——-I am self sufficient and over 65—-so I do not sweat it——–I am still on the ACP’s “active member” list any enjoy reading their “Mad Magazine ” —-It is fucking unbelievable that people actually believe this total bullshit…..Also, the founder of ” PROGRESSIVE” INSURANCE has 2 very large expensive oil paintings of COMMUNIST CHINESE CHAIRMAN MAO in his house in Florida——“FLO” (stephany Courtney) was a stand up comic who nailed the job of her life—-she was getting nowhere on Broadway and living on hot-dogs, bologna and kool aid when she got the “CALL” …….she passed the interview and started at $500,000 a year—–she is probably getting more now—so’ in ending this all up; tell everybody you know about “PROGRESSIVE=====which is not the cheapest insurance; to say the least…………lastly, remember all the complaining about all the guns going to mexico from the USA—–try this, the drug cartels byr/rent/lease Boing 707’s in Africa/ Europe and then fly to Nigeria where they buy AK-47’s, .50 cal’s ammo etc buy the plane load (a cargo 707 version can hold 88,000 pounds of cargo) and then fly to Hugo Chave’s communist Venezuela ( where the commies are paid off) (Caracas)——a 707 CAN NOT fly to southern mexico NON_STOP from western Africa——hence the Caracus pit stop for jet-fuel——Nigeria is like the ‘Lord of War” movie and is awash in guns for sale—–the going rate was 40$ for an AK-47 in eastern Saudi Arabia in 2000 yr——–very easy to get and ship back to the US—-I know; I did it —-it is a lot easier than you think

          179. edward martis says

            the cartels own large landing airfields in southern mexico to unload all of there ‘cargo’ that plus a lot of Mexican army soldiers and especially supply sgt’s disappear with their weapons and inventory from their armories——-the going rate foe an M-16 full auto rifle is $ 5000—-very easy to sell

          180. edward martis says

            the best way to get an AK-47 into the USA is through the ‘military’ connection——which makes the whole thing a cake walk

          181. tinkerunique says

            The AK and SKS are very reliable weapons, but I prefer the AR. To me accuracy is more important. The AR is also a legal hunting gun in some states. Shot placement is better than caliber size.

          182. edward martis says

            totally agree—basically I am thinking about a gun I do not have to care to much about —cleaning etc–I was in the CA NG and have cleaned many, many M-16’s —-The AK-47—-will never (basically) have to be cleaned; except to stroke the bll—-just ask any Taliban how many times they have cleaned their AK’s—-almost never—-in my CANG days I have seen many M-16’s jammed up from desert dust (Ft. Irwin/ Barstow, ) even with ‘muzzle caps’ on…….AR-15’s/ M-4’s/ M-16’s… do not do well in dirt——

          183. edward martis says

            RD I know a lot about the ACP here in BerkeIey; I live moderately close to them; about 25 miles away. Look up on google maps etc, which can literally and visually drive you to their front door at 6501 Telegraph Rd., Oakland (they sit almost exactly on the Oakland/Berkeley city line OR look up (google) ‘American Communist Party Northwest Region The ACP here is a ‘front’ for a used book store—very non descript Then look up the 5 or 6 national offices (from Boston to Los Angeles and find (hopefully) where they are in relation to you…..and pay them a visit; telling them you want to join up….Just give them a phony name and address etc—-The crap coming out of their mouths will totally astound you…….

          184. edward martis says

            I have often thought of getting a military M-18 smoke grenade and tossing it into the ACP Hq. here in Berkeley (the used book store front) and could easily get away with it) Like I said google their address at 6501 Telegraph Av.,Oakland, CA and follow their visual map and it will ‘drive’ you there to their front door—-I still have lots of troopie buddys in the CA N.G. here In the Bay area and getting a few M-18’s would be easy——I gave one to my neighbor in Belmont Shores ( sourthern edge of Long Beach, CA ) which he tossed in to a gay nite club on a sat. nite (circa ’81 Argonne av / Ocean av) )………He told me what he did 2 days later—–He said the M-18 cleared the whole place out very quikly—-He hated fags; to say the least—–I laughed till I cried—–this guy was a wild man from jersey city, N.J.—–OR maybe a military CS gas grenade; but that would be getting very serious. to say the least—–Since the ACP and company have destroyed so much nationwide and even in Berkeley; maybe smashing the ACP’s windows and tearing up their used book store would “fit”—–I could easily get away with smashing their 2 large front windows—– Sort of like the ‘chickens coming HOME to roost’ A little pay-back to the ACP for all they have done to Berkerley…….

          185. tinkerunique says

            A Mk-19 would be better used. . . . Makes a window in a brick wall.

          186. edward martis says

            actually the ACP/ CPUSA is primarily funded by Soros—-he pays all the bills (office rentals etc)—and to correct myself =—the ACP has about 30 offices coast to coast—find one local to you and pay them a visit—-in my M-18 idea (Berkerley I thought these ‘sewer rats’ are evil; but not stupid—-gotta figure there are tiny security cameras inside and outside—-and the chances of getting caught are pretty fair—-I presently have about 5 ‘stink- bombs’ and thought of walking into their ‘used book store front’—-with a stink bomb; in a piece of folded up paper–dropping it on the floor–stepping on it-to crush the small glass vial—and then walking out—–it would take a good minute to stink out the place—-but then again I would be on video—–

          187. Robin Gonsalves says

            Was the gay bar in Belmont shores called Ripples? Just out of curiousity because I used to live in long Beach.

          188. edward martis says

            you just joggled my memory—yes it was Ripples===I lived the next block over; about a 2 minute walk(-circa 1981) (via the alley)-( 52 Argonne av)–my wild and wooly neighbor looked just like kurt russel in ‘escape from new york’; minus the eye patch—he was a perfect twin—-what he did was hang around the front area of ‘ripples’ on a sat. nite —very crowded etc.—-it was a very cool nite and he was wearing an old army field jacket; of which the m-18 was in his pocket–with safety pin already straightened out—when the bouncers were thus occupied with a minor scuffle; and everybody’s attention was diverted to the incident–he pulled the pin– dropped it and kicked it inside—and then walked away and went home-(he lived above me) —-he then waited about 4-5 min and went back—–he could hear sirens (cops/ fire) as he walked back—upon rounding the corner; he could see red smoke pouring out of the windows and doors—–like I said I found out 2 days later—I was in the CA NG then and had spent 3 days out in Ft. Irwin (NE of Barstow (air cavalry out fit / los Alamitos-)—–Upon hearing this; I gave him 2 more M-18’s—–I have no idea what he did with them and don’t really care ——-he was a genuine “jerimia Johnson” type—What a wild man—-

          189. joeupyours says

            right on,joeupyoursMF’S!

          190. edward martis says

            yes jetmaget is an idiot—Be aware this is all he does all over the internet–to get people pissed off—-this is his stock and trade and is all he does for hours on end—according to him castro, che guerverra, stalin pol pot etc are misunderstood folk heros=====he spends many hours daily doing this stuff and does not have a job——-I live 25 miles south of Pier 39 (san Francisco) where t-shirts abound—-Charlie manson, Pol Pot (Cambodian ‘killing fields’ ) stalin, ho che minh, chairman mao, che, fidel etc. etc to no end are treated as ‘folk heros’——complements of the schools from K thr PhD level in calif and most other liberal-progressive colleges

          191. edward martis says

            San Francisco is a communists dream come true; in every shape and form—-Just ask Pelosi and company—–the American Communist Party controls the “Longshoremans Union” for the’ Port of Oakland’ —-and are very publicly proud of this–as well as the schools –google “American Communist Party Northwest Region” and see for yourself——the commies have 6 offices–coast to coast—–check this all out——-when you read ‘progressive’ spell that ‘COMMUNIST’ Who do think is responsible; at the top of the list; for all the riots in the USA ? the CPUS /ACP and they are very wealthy with lots of money……Who do you think provides the money for hotels, transportation, food etc for all of these “demonstrators” ? So a group of people; publically advocating the over-throw of the US govt and replaceing it with “COMMUNISM” will be a great thing for the populace of is ignored by D.C. Maybe you call visit them in one of their offices—-Their locations and tel. no is available via google

          192. jetmagnet says

            There’s nothing like a snapperhead teabag shooting off his mouth with more misinformation and lies than his small mind can contemplate in short segment of time. lol
            I’m at the computer most of the time running several businesses, yes I have time to shootdown idiots while i’m making money…It only takes a few minutes and it’s loads of fun!

          193. edward martis says

            why do you really bother ? all you do is piss people off to no end……..do you thoroughly enjoy (i’ll bet you really do) being so hated ? I see a lot of sado-masachism in you——-have a wonderful life…………

          194. edward martis says

            And how is my favorite professional agitator this morning ? By the way Daniel Ortega called from Managua and left a message for you…….You can access it through the ACP website…………………

          195. jetmagnet says

            Happy Mother’s Day, I mean Happy New Year! It’s time to get moving over to my Hunting Camp and Nail a Hog to barbeque later. lol

          196. John Barleycorn says

            HE’S JUST LONESOME . . . :0

          197. KingoLingus says

            Funny that you live 39 miles south of S.F. I was born in Patterson, raised in San Jose, and my Grandparents farm was in Milpitas just off the 680…

          198. edward martis says

            Calaveras rd. area–?? I live close to moffet field—I am sure you are familiar with ‘jetmagnet’—–and his un-relenting nasty comments—–I think I may have a way to ‘fix’ him PC computer-wise….will let you know……

          199. KingoLingus says

            My Grandparents farm was on Evans Rd. They grew apricots and walnuts. It is now a miniature golf course and housing development. What a freeking waste hey!?

          200. jetmagnet says

            Political strategist found a way to fuse human brains to rats, program them and then release them after every Fox broadcast.

          201. edward martis says

            it is total l and complete in-doctrination of every kid from K thru PhD level —–like the North Koreans do to their children

          202. John Doe says

            And a complete and total moron, that’s clueless.

          203. greyfox says

            You are giving idiots a bad name.

          204. Sevenmag says

            I can’t believe this airhead is back. The last time he stumbled through some liberal, anti American stuff he got his head handed to him. Maybe we’ll witness another verbal fencing match, and he’ll get several calls of “touché” and tap out.

          205. jbombznabombz says

            if he didn’t have his gun how many innocent people would’ve been hurt?hey people that don’t like or support gun rights you know you don’t have to live in this country there are countries out there that have bans on guns if that ‘s the way you want to live go live in one of them countries and see if your any safer.leave America you know freedom liberties behind and go be told how to live eat sleep what to believe,cause that ‘s not how I want to live I’d rather be DEAD!

          206. Taz_man says

            Yes they can always go to mexico because there no on is allowed to have a gun.

          207. Garrett MM MM YEAH YEAH says

            All the Americans who don’t want people to own gunsguns should move to mexico!

          208. Bernie Marra says

            Being fired is a whole lot better than being dead!

          209. Lonnie Franklin says

            You cant talk sense to those little lib rats. They have their heads stuck up their muslim in chiefs ass so far and so long that crap is crusted around their eyes & they can’t see and they lost all use of there common sense!!

          210. danny kimbrel says

            And you should be euthanized !

          211. Sharon Pate Marks says

            I’ve read most all of your posts. The first thing I notice is your constant reference to “balls”. Certainly have a fixation on that subject. Sounds like you have a superiority complex to me. Not all people brings a “knife to a gunfight”. You may have excellent skills at hand to hand combat but hand to gun combat? Good luck! You’re supposed to be in your 60′-70’s by now if truly a Nam vet but your picture looks like what a teen would post. Did you ever grow up if you indeed are the age you’re supposed to be? Also, not everyone can afford to move although they would truly desire to do so. Obviously, when you took the vow to defend the constitution you didn’t mean it and they were just words to you but they are not just words to me and thankfully millions of others. Our Constitution was written on less then 12 pages of paper but is the greatest writing in the world. We have been and remain being the greatest Nation in the World because we follow that and our Bill of Rights. As a Christian who has read the entire Bible and know that Jesus is God come in the flesh; the answer is YES! Jesus would not expect us to stand there and be slaughtered by evil people. Now, please reread my post and notice that I did not use any swears or mention of body parts to get my point across. That’s called using ones intellect. Anyone can swear or use foul references. You and Kerry would get along greatly. You both live in your own little world. My Uncle suffered from PTSD after world war 2 until the day he died. He was a great man who served his country proudly and when he got home he raised a fine family and worked hard all his life but if a thunder storm came he would become very agitated and upset. So please don’t act like those with PTSD are somehow cowards, wimps or just plain mental. This is not the case at all!! I feel sorry for you as you have a very distorted point of view when it comes to our Country and our Constitution.

          212. jetmagnet says

            Your supposedly intelligent, but like many misinformed people on the right you assume-and it’s usually of negative context. You claim you’re above agressive rhetoric, but look at the fine examples of your bedfellows?? Also, your intent is derogatory ..you just hide behind a front falsehoods ( hence “tiny balls”).
            Don’t lecture someone that miles ahead of you both in intellect and knowledge.
            Your examination of people being slaughtered is ridiculous….and JESUS certainly would not approve of you or anyone like you, you’re disgusting. The people on the right are hateful mean spirited and anything but christians. They have no morals and like to Kill people. Their GOD is their theocracy as you see each and everyone of them follow their leaders in congress. They’re funded by evil billionaires that run disgusting adds against the opposition while making billions polluting our planet and destroying democracy. You don’t know a damn thing about the constitution or the Bible. If you’d would like to present your case on constitutionality based on the merits of what I said, I’ll be right here? Want to argue scripture I’ll do that too, but don’t insult my intelligence , with your assumptions or hypothetical reasoning.

          213. Lonnie Franklin says

            You were never a military person. They wouldn’t have taken you because you could not pass the mental challenge.So goodnight TUTU BOY

          214. jetmagnet says

            You two are sooo silly! Funny too!

          215. Garrett MM MM YEAH YEAH says

            My father in law was army psyops, during Vietnam. He is 67. I can drag his ass around like a raggety Ann doll. I am sure I can do the same to you.

          216. top2004 says

            You should be hung.

          217. Garrett MM MM YEAH YEAH says

            Jetmagnet you are a Retarded troll.

          218. Mike Straw says

            Hey dipstick, what rock do you live under? That’s one of the most stupid comments I’ve read! Took a lot of thought didn’t it?

          219. jetmagnet says

            A marine like you wouldn’t qualify in my unit, you’d probably hurt yourself. lol

          220. mac12sam12 says

            You said you belonged to the NRA and you don’t believe in self defense?

          221. jims-blog says

            ya FUKING “MAGGOT”!!!

          222. jetmagnet says

            Was that brain fart?

          223. Irvan says

            You don’t even rate as a “FUCKING IDIOT”. Stupidity of your level deserves to be hung by the thumbs and left to ROT!

          224. jetmagnet says

            These comments are from adults? Maybe I’ll post this on facebook to prove that baggers, are nasty basturds with no life…wait a minute…most humans with a brain know this. “If you can’t dazzle me with Brilliance baffle me with Bullshit”

          225. edward martis says

            don’t you have a job of some sort ? it seems like every conscious minute you have is spent rapping your gums ad nauseum………don’t you have some fish to wrap for the ACP fish store ??

          226. jetmagnet says

            It hurts to know your party blows and you have to defend their hypocracy 24/7 and your laughed at by 80% of real americans.

          227. edward martis says

            my party ? what party ? so I guess 80 % of real americans are radical, progressive types…… you poor puppy…..go wrap a fish….customers are waiting…

          228. edward martis says

            think i’ll take my own advice—-and just by-pass you——-there is no sense talking to a hard core fanatic……

          229. Luigi Dario says

            You really are an imbecilic lunatic and a libtard,
            aren’t you?

          230. Dave says

            If he was in violation of the law, and knew it before the fact, he should be fired. Then he should be reinstated with the backing and support of the good people.
            I’m pro-gun, and see no success in Gun Free Zones. But, we are supposed to be a nation of laws. The same would apply to the 7/11 clerk who defends the company assets when company policy forbids his doing so.

          231. R.D.WYLIE says

            JETMAGNET why don’t you go play ROULETTE WITH A SEMIAUTO if your smart enough to rack the slide!!!

          232. jetmagnet says

            Your embarrassing yourself and look pathetic.

          233. leewacker says

            WHY? Because he actually used his gun to PROTECT others?
            Your reasoning has as many holes in it as Swiss Cheese!

          234. gpo1913 says

            When people who think for themselves are taken out, the result will be a bunch of sheep lead by a Dictator, oh wait, we’re almost there.

          235. Jacky says

            All liberal dem bloodsuckers, aka American Jihadists should be fired from the human race

          236. greyfox says

            Says a good liberal.

          237. Pam Dunn says

            You should have your ASS examined to see if you have any brains left.

          238. mac12sam12 says

            They let you out of your cage?

          239. Dennis says

            So what are you saying that the gunman should have been allowed to kill a lot of people because no should should be allowed to have a gun for protection of themselves and others? If so you are either a criminal that does not want anyone else to have a gun or a cold heartless monster just like those criminals out there who go around kill innocent people or you belong to ISIS and want to murder people who are not Muslims.

          240. jetmagnet says

            Criminals have guns because of the GUN lobby and gun advocates who donot want background checks, straw sales or gun shows to require any proof that a buyer is not a wacko, criminal or mass murderer. The the gun lobby goes out and pushes for more guns sales. How do think these people make money? They have to sell millions of guns to stay in business, so naturally they spend millions on ads and media to attack gun laws that reduce production.
            You wouldn’t need a gun to protect yourself if guns were hard to come by.
            I’ve been in dangerous situations and never needed a fucking gun. Most pussy’s feel they need a gun because they have no balls, can’t defend themselves and are basically cowards.

          241. joe says

            Empty headed moron you should be a posterboy for fetal alcohol syndrome

          242. jetmagnet says

            That’s the best you can do? hahahahahahahahahahaha

          243. joe says

            Its all that was needed and all you are worth.

          244. R.D.WYLIE says

            Which is stupid bullshit he losses his job because he chose to live ”THAT IS FUCKED UP”!!

          245. Billie June Hall says

            Thanks for sure. God bless

          246. dmttbt says

            That is exactly what I was thinking, that I had not heard about that incident. Now we know why. Those who voted for someone who says that capitalism doesn’t work need to stop and ask what he is wanting to replace it with. Governments such as ours who have a free hand to do what they choose and answer to no one. I am writing in Donald Duck where there is no choice.

          247. Garrett MM MM YEAH YEAH says

            For all the smartasses that wrote in mickey mouse for president….. Obama heeded the call.

          248. dmttbt says

            I didn’t say Mickey Mouse, I said Donald Duck and you as well as myself and many others, assume if the person is a republican we can trust them to do the right thing. If that is true, how did we get to be 17 trillion dollars in debt and have the screwed up VA health situation and all the many other un acceptable things we have. Sometime we have to realize that one cartoon character is better than the other.

          249. Garrett MM MM YEAH YEAH says

            Because Obama ran up the debt? Oh and congress went along with it. Oh and thats why we are headed towards a possible constitutional convention and or a civil war or 2nd american revolution. Because this is what happens when you have cartoons characters running things instead of real leadership.

          250. Johnny says

            I understand what your saying and have been pondering it also. However you might want to rethink what you do even less people vote for a democrat in the coming elections than the last one they would still have a chance to get hillary or some other democratic nut elected because we as whole thinned out our voting strength by voting for every other candidate. There many NOT be a better choice but I think that we all need to pick the lesser of the evils but the one who will 1. Stop Illegal Immigration. 2. Changing the atmosphere so that it becomes more expensive to ship product INTO the US rather than actually MAKING it in the US. These are just 2 of the many issues that I believe are at the top of any politician that wants my vote. But he needs to know that if he’s going to go back on his word that the next step would be to remove him from office. What obozo did, any of the politicians could do also and that is LIE to get voted and then NOT do anything they said they were going to do and actually make it worse. We don’t need another Obozo and we sure as hell don’t want any democrats.

          251. R.D.WYLIE says

            No they don’t because OBAMA controls the first AMENDMENT!!

          252. gpo1913 says

            Of course not because because that shows the good that can be done with guns and that doesn’t fit the gun controllers agenda.

        2. jetmagnet says

          It doesn’t matter that no guns were permitted does it? What if he shot your kid by mistake, then what?? Apparently, righties, neither obey rules or law, they’re just lawless. Things happened to go right this time.

          1. catman says

            I’m not too sure if you are commenting in a sarcastic manner, are just plain crazy or a demoncratic plant. Can you enlighten me ??
            Besides all the “what if’s” the fact remains that doctor probably saved numerous lives by using his own firearm in a legal manner. What if that shooter had shot your son and it was later shown that the doctor had a gun but was afraid to use it because he would probably lose his job ??? Would you still feel the same?? BTW, have you ever noticed that hospital security officers are UNarmed?? What are they going to do when TSHTF, throw their radio at the perps ??

          2. Albert Levy says

            I am a guard, I work at a firearms manufacturer, we are contracted. We guard a factory that makes guns and are unarmed. It makes no sense but the plant has been there without incident for 23 yrs. The guards at the plant in New Hampshire are armed. Makes me wonder. No gun free zone and just making a point. This is Arizona..

          3. mac12sam12 says

            Is the company Heckler Koch?

          4. Albert Levy says

            HK isn’t in Arizona at least I don’t think so. I live in the Prescott area. I am at the Ruger plant.

          5. Johnny says

            Small time hoods or gangsters are not going to hit a “FIREARMS MANUFACTURER” Cause it most assuredly means that someone or ALOT of someone have guns that may be loaded and those people that come there to rob are going to DIE. If you do get hit then they won’t be amateurs but instead they’ll be pro’s that know WHAT they hitting and will be prepared for that. If you were armed I don’t think that handgun would of help to you at all. Cause if I was going to hit an Arms Factory I would NOT be coming there with just pistols. I and my people would have full auto weapons and we won’t be taking hostages. Just saying

          6. Johnny says

            Thanks for making me laugh. Some of the post are so moronic that I want to post a response but am too tired of repeating myself. If the Doctor and his families life were at risk then he had to do what he had to do. If he loses his job I hope he has legal recourse but I’m sure if he had to do it over again he would still do the same. You can always find another job especially if he’s a Doctor but you can’t bring back the dead. The Dr. probably felt strongly that their was no protection for his life let alone his family even in a free zone and rightly so. This is another IDIOTIC move by anyone and everyone trying to take away your 2nd Amendment. CRIMINALS DON’T FOLLOW ANY LAWS OR RULES BUT THEY ARE NOT STUPID. The criminal who brought the gun into a free zone probably believed nobody had a gun to defend themselves and so he would be GOD.. Guess what, a good guy brought a gun also to defend themselves just in case. I HOPE THAT KARMA PAYS BACK EVERYONE MAKING THESE IDIOTIC STATEMENTS ABOUT HOW THE DR. SHOULD GET FIRED OR THAT HE BROKE THE LAW. if these people who don’t believe in God and your right to own a gun were to be in the same situation then they would be praying that someone with a gun comes and helps them.

          7. jetmagnet says

            This Doctor didn’t follow the rules so he’s just as bad as the criminal. Let’s just throw away all the rules and be on the same moronic level????

          8. mac12sam12 says

            Jetmaggot, if he followed the rules he would be dead. Would that make you happy? Criminals love gun free zones.

          9. jetmagnet says

            Grenades were exploding everywhere. Pews were
            shattering. Bullets were flying. People were diving under chairs and
            grasping for whatever cover they could.

            church at St. James in Cape Town, South Africa was under attack by
            guerrillas armed with automatic machine guns. The worshippers that night
            were sitting ducks, except for one man, Charl van Wyk.

            “Instinctively, I knelt down behind the bench in front of me and pulled
            out my .38 special snub-nosed revolver,” Charl says. “I always carried
            [it] with me.”

            As the mayhem continued, Charl
            began moving slowly toward the attackers. From a kneeling position, he
            fired off two rounds at the attackers. One of the slugs hit its intended

            So this is what you expect to happen in your neigborhood?? South Africa has the most violent crime in the world, This wasn’t in America and we don’t have armed Guerillas roaming the streets.

            Sprinting to the back door, Charl
            exited the church and rounded the corner of the building. He came upon
            the armed thugs from behind and fired off his final three rounds as the
            attackers jumped into their getaway car and sped away.

          10. Bernie Marra says

            Did you ever consider writing?

          11. danny kimbrel says

            OK genius then what made them jump in their getaway car ? it just so proves you wrong , a good guy with a gun deters violent assholes that are bent on murdering innocent people

          12. jetmagnet says

            I think you answered your own question. There’s no such thing as a good guy with a gun. He put lives in danger.

          13. Lonnie Franklin says

            Your picture looks like you have liberal jisum running out the corners of your mouth. Or is that bullshit, crotch ranger!!!

          14. jetmagnet says

            You peeps get cranky and dumb in your old age…lmao

          15. Lonnie Franklin says

            I see your’e still in your juvenile state of mind TUTU BOY!!!

          16. jetmagnet says

            “The doctor indicated that he pointed his
            gun toward Mr. Plotts and fired until it was empty, not knowing whether
            he hit Plotts,” Whelan said.
            Wow he didn’t know what he was shooting at? what if was staff he shot by mistake?

          17. Johnny says

            WHAT IF, WHAT IF, WHAT IF……. WHO CARES the criminals ran because of him. Your bring up “IF” as if it was a fact which it isn’t. The IF never happened. If it happens again I’m pretty sure the Dr. will do the SAME thing again.

          18. Doris C says

            Are you saying that in war you only shot your gun at clear targets. Sorry but I dont believe it. The Dr. was right obviously he saved lives. end of story.

          19. jetmagnet says

            He might have saved lives, but he endangered them also. How much training does he have? You keep avoiding the fact about the shooter was a gun nut and believed he should be allowed to carry his gun anywhere just like you PEEPS, why is that? Why not defend the shooter who has the same ideology as you?

          20. Johnny says

            Sounded like Chicago to me except we don’t call them Guerrillas over here, they’re gang bangers, gangsters, hoodlums or low life criminals take your pick. Jetmagnet your probably a criminal yourself and your hoping everyone else will follow the law so you and your friends can have a free zone of being killed yourself for robbing people. No one here is listening to you nor care for your bull sh*t rhetoric . So do us all a favor and JUST SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          21. jetmagnet says

            Johnny fella, you either live in a BAD neighborhood or your insecure about your manhood and have tiny balls , therefore need to carry a BIG GUN around in case a criminal in your neighborhood wants a piece of you at the 7 eleven? maybe you don’t trust your local sheriff’s dept. Cops get paid to protect fruitcakes like you and your family. If you don’t feel safe MOVE!! If you don’t like the government MOVE! If you don’t like our police, Move. Maybe there’s an island you and the others can move and feel safe. lol

          22. danny kimbrel says

            We need to start a campaign to have the name “gun free zone” changed to what it really means, criminal shooting gallery !

          23. Monk says

            No after that statement you are a plant. Your sorry lying A$$ never served a day in Nam little own combat.
            Go away DIP $HIT.

          24. danny kimbrel says

            So you believe that liberal idiots that have no idea of reality should make asinine rules that put citizens life at risk and everyone should follow them at their and their families peril ? do us all a giant favor and spend the rest of your time in a gun free zone, we don’t need your kind of intelligence or lack there of

          25. jetmagnet says

            The reality is thousands of people die each day from gun violence and there’s nothing fruitcakes can do to stop it!! Each day another murder another suicide, another deadly accident with a gun, another distraut parent because their son killed someone. Another baby shot by a driveby shooter, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it, but buy another gun. It’s not my problem, I’m doing fine, I don’t worry about anyone taking my guns or my rights away. I just read the newspaper to see how many people got shot and killed each day…and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

          26. Johnny says

            Nothing in LIFE IS BLACK AND WHITE. The Doctor did the correct thing I give him BIG RESPECTS. Laws are not being followed now. Obozo isn’t following it and Rahm who’s his friend is enforcing laws that hurt the innocent. So when that happens where the high ups are making their own rules then we’ll follow them and do the SAME!!! CRIMINALS DON’T FOLLOW THE LAW SO IF WE WANT TO PROTECT OURSELVES AND LOVED ONES THEN WE’LL MAKE TAHT DECISION FOR OURSELVES NOT THE FOLKS IN CHARGE WHO WON’T FOLLOW THE LAW.

          27. jetmagnet says

            Laws aren’t being followed? We have the largest prison system in the world.
            We have more people in prison than any nation and you say Police aren’t doing the JOB? Why don’t you approach your local sheriff and tell him he’s not doing his job. Also, fruitcakes blame Obama? So every police dept and law enforcement is negligent and has a loud speaker directly to obama’s office and he controls what they do? You are insane! The reason we have crime and gun death is not Obama it’s the fruitcakes you elected that take millions of spending money from the gun lobby, that includes democrats!! They are paid !!!

          28. Johnny says

            Yeah we have the largest prison system but consider that some of these criminals have been in there for many years maybe even decades add that to all the ones that come in after and the numbers are going to grow over time. But you digress in your ranting thinking I was finger pointing all LEO’s which is not the case. I was referring to the Border Patrol who are not enforcing the laws on the books now but it even gets better. They are being told not to enforce the law pe se. Too much to go into details but alot will happen before the November elections. I take the law very serious but sometimes there are circumstances that should be judge on a case by case basis. I worked for a law firm for many years and I’m part of a political group that goes over the laws in detail because 1 word can change the meaning of a law. There laws being circumvented now and not being enforced but we have to validate all information and obtain proof/evidence of the facts. Still don’t think obozo and his administrations at fault. Don’t be surprised when it comes out later that he and his administration is to BLAME.

          29. jetmagnet says

            It doesn’t matter what political party, and frankly has nothing to do with it.
            I’m an NRA member and a gun enthusiast. I think guns should be at the firing range. I have my own firing range and also have FFL class III license. This doesn’t make me a fruitcake rightie, ok? I hate the GOP and the gun lobby.
            They allow fruitcakes, mass murderers and psychopaths to have guns. The more dead people the better, why? Because it sells guns and they need the money flowing. Not only that you have alot of people with guns that don’t know how to use them properly and they sit around the house until a kid gets a hold of them or a distressed juvenille and Bang! your dead. There’s no way you can control who’s going to snap and when. As long as anyone is allowed to have one this won’t change.

          30. mac12sam12 says

            Jetmaggot, you are a fruitcake. List your weapons.

          31. jetmagnet says

            List yours! You think i’m a fruitcake?

          32. Merle Dickey says

            But you have one !!But you obviously love the Obama administration. I hope you are one of the first to be taken to the Fema camps if it comes to that.

          33. jetmagnet says

            The sole purpose of writing these articles is to get people to buy guns, that’s it. If you don’t understand what lobbyist do and how they promote gun sales through all types of media than you need an education.

          34. Merle Dickey says

            Your side stepping what you have said.

          35. jetmagnet says

            It’s all about the money friend. Don’t believe the HYPE!

          36. bill says

            and you prolly have suppressors on your revolvers.

          37. Monk says

            Take your lying liberal A$$ to another page.

          38. jbombznabombz says

            ok point made now think of this a CRIMINAL is a person who BREAKS the laws no matter what they are ,how many of them are made I believe that is how they got the CRIMINAL label so do you really think more laws would solve the problem?remember once again no matter how many laws there are a criminal WON’T follow them only honest people do.and to think that we can control guns that are sold on the black market ?hey buddy the World is going to shit ,if you don’t have a means of protecting yourself you will PERISH and bringing your fists to a GUN fight is incredibly stupid.

          39. jetmagnet says

            Let me rephrase your question…would more guns solve the problem?
            Should we revert back to the Wild West of people shooting people each other in the street? We’re at #2 right now, south africa where your hero’s from is #1 .
            You’d like to be #1 way behind other civilized nations. Your arguing with a gun owner, a gun range owner and a NRA member. Another question “How many times in the week have you needed a gun to protect yourself? A month? a Year?
            I’m not in the stupid paranoid business, I’m a weapons collector and like using them. It’s fun and sport for me and there’s many of us like it because we enjoy it. We don’t need a new set of balls by carrying a gun to walmart or church. This isn’t beruit, south S africa or vietnam. This is the United states and you should have more faith in your government and police force. If not ,start your own country.

          40. Johnny says


          41. jetmagnet says

            So you apparently think anyone including mass murderers, felons, fruitcakes, wife beaters, child molesters and the rest should be allowed to have guns? This is my argument, and you fruitcakes seem to not agree with that. Most of you would fail my course for mental reasons.

          42. Doris C says

            I think you just proved all these peoples postings about you. If you think you can wait for the police to arrive to save you, or you TRUST the govt. to keep you safe anywhere then you are truly a mental case and should not be allowed to have a gun. I for one am glad you dont carry.you are too close to the edge.

          43. jetmagnet says

            I worked for the Government and have complete trust in it. I’m a member of the The Florida Sheriff’s Assoc. Fleoa and the AFIO and attend meetings on a reguar basisI have a handle on it, you don’t.

          44. jbombznabombz says

            apparently you haven’t seen what goes on at a walmart parking lot at night or even during daylight hrs seen as how walmart doesn’t care to protect their employees or customers then yes we do need to protect ourselves.and I’m not saying we need to go back to wild west days.and the comment of more FAITH in our government are you kidding me are you blind to what our government is doing right now with all that’s going on ,border crisis ,terrorists in the country remember 9/11 so they are here.no I will not have FAITH in this government,plus the fact when people blindy follow and let government control every aspect of life problems are bound to arise as has been proven all throughout history.and no maybe more guns wouldn’t solve the problem but they are already here and all over the world.once again the only point that I’m trying to make is the fact that laws only affect honest people that abide by them and criminals do care how many laws there are cause they don’t obtain guns legally anyways

          45. jbombznabombz says

            remember this as well don’t matter government or police force POWER CORRUPTS and ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY.just look at all the crooked cops there are across this country,so once again no I will not blindly put faith in either police force or government.and to be fair I’m not trying to say all cops are corrupt but there are a lot that are.plus one more thing it’s alright that the world’s governments have the means kill everybody on this planet but you have a problem with us being able to protect ourselves.

          46. danny kimbrel says

            Obviously, you are a left wing extremist, speaking of owning guns and being an NRA member with a class lll license but you say we follow “our leaders like sheep on every issue” , well let me just tell you that you are following a queer with a “wife ” with a penis like they have a ring in your nose. and let me ask you , how many kids did you have while having your machine gun license ?

          47. danny kimbrel says

            Feel free to go down to your local police department and give yours up if you truly believe that nobody should own one or more !

          48. jetmagnet says

            Never said anything about gun ownership, you peeps have mental issues.
            I said , only rightwing paranoid fruitcakes believe someone will take their gun because they bow to whatever the gun lobby , fox news and the Lord of Flies rush blimpo says. Why aren’t normal people concerned about losing guns? It seems you need a gun to be a Human bieng, without one you’d be irrelevant turd right?

          49. Taz_man says

            You are full of shit . You like obummer are a lier. The libturds and give-mes vote as you are told.You believe the media as if it was written in blood. STFU

          50. Johnny says

            I think your going off the DEEP END. Those crazies that you talk about were just normal people with no bad past and they legally obtained weapons or they were kids that took their parents weapons. Not the GUNS fault cause it’s just a tool. It depends on who is wielding that tool whether it will do good or not. Don’t make decisions for me, no one has that right to make decisions for me. I don’t need fruitcakes (YOU) telling me how to think or live. I am doing just fine for myself.

          51. jetmagnet says

            They took their parents weapons? Now isn’t that precious. Do we blame the law abiding parents or the GUN? Which one killed people?
            Unless you fall under my argument, that their needs to be background checks so criminals, wackos, under age kids , child molesters, felons and fruitcakes. Then your not who I’m talking about. You continue to argue with me so i’m starting to believe you’re defending that list, because you’re on it. That goes for the rest of the political wackos on the forum.

          52. Kameron Krause says

            What if what if. Fanatics like you on gun control will never admit that having people armed is a deterent to criminals. All the statistics prove that. And as far as assault riffles until our police officers aren’t armed with them then we should have access to them. Why arm they being militarized? Who are they fighting that they need the assault riffles? And if you say criminals then you prove my point. Criminals have the weapons so as citizens we need to protect ourselves from them or when a person breaks into your house or starts shooting in a hospital and no one is armed except the criminal and it takes the police 5 minutes to get there then what? And what if this lunatic wasn’t shot and ran around the hospital shooting children. Then youd say lets ban guns because kids were shot. You sit there unarmed and when the criminals or the biggest criminals the government knocks on your door and marches you off to a death camp like they have in so many other countries you have fun

          53. jetmagnet says

            This isn’t beruit last time a checked. Try getting in shape and learning self defense! How many criminals have you shot?? LMFAO!

          54. david b cordick says

            my god, jet a bit of advice, everyone makes a fool of themselves at least once in their life, well you have arrived. but to keep ranting idiotic statements is not helping. when the majority of comments replying to you, are disagreeing with you, maybe you should rethink your position on the matter. i am sure that a lot of the nra members that are reading your crap are shaking their heads and wondering if maybe they should start venting some members that come out with your rants

          55. mac12sam12 says

            Jetmaggot. How do you explain Switzerland? They have loose gun laws, 99% of the population are armed and they have the lowest crime rate in the world. Chicago, Detroit, DC and New Orleans have the toughest gun laws in the nation with the highest murder rate by firearms. Explain that, Jetmaggot!

          56. Merle Dickey says

            I think he is a waste of energy.

          57. jbombznabombz says

            your right every comment I read from jetmagnet just shows how little common sense he Is using

          58. jetmagnet says

            Switzerland’s gun ownership is deeply rooted in a sense of patriotic
            duty and national identity. Weapons are kept at home because of the
            long-held belief that enemies could invade tiny Switzerland quickly, so
            every soldier had to be able to fight his way to his regiment’s assembly
            point. (Switzerland was at risk of being invaded by Germany during World War II but was spared, historians say, because every Swiss man was armed and trained to shoot. Stupid comparison. If you want to debate me on anything you need to better prepared.

            One of the most powerful country’s in the world with the best police force and armed forces and no neighboring threats doesn’t need paranoid fruitcakes with guns.

          59. Doris C says

            you never answered his question on why the IRS, HHs, and so many of this admin. are buying up arms and ammo. Why who are they going to use them on?

          60. Johnny says

            He’s a stooge. Just a wanna be that is spreading disinformation. In his post of bull shi*t data he’s saying that chicago is 30th Lowest state for gun violence. What stupid shi*t

          61. bill says

            lets see what states Chicago , los angeles
            dc, New York city are in. don’t think those are red states unless it’s commie red.
            philly might be in Pa. but in reality it should be in New York.

          62. danny kimbrel says

            Liberal lies, the places with the most shootings are for a fact, where the liberal morons are in control and have the strictest gun control laws on the books. Go tell your lies to someone that will believe them !

          63. Johnny says

            What a moron, post something scientific from an institutional or educational source that can be verified thru archives. Somebodies MADE UP blog doesn’t mean squat to me or others that know this is the type of manipulation that Obozo and his dumbocrats use.

          64. jetmagnet says

            Answer the damn question!!! How many people have you shot lately? How many home invasions? How may times in the last year at Wallmart or anywhere for that matter have you found it necessary to whip out your big gun and shoot someone?
            Lets go back since a moron like you was born. Since you were born was there anytime you needed a gun to defend yourself? How about school, maybe you got smacked around and if you had a gun you could defend yourself and Blow the bully away. Maybe if you lost a few pounds and trained you could whoop someones azz, instead of looking for an excuse to kill them. lmao!

          65. Nelson Gilliam says

            that’s the reason for carrying a gun … you don’t know what idiot is out looking to kill someone and maybe you can save someone’s life.. maybe even yours obama shit hitler bot…no one believes anything you say..am sure if someone had a gun and you did not you would be dead as anyone else… we all know what the reason is behind the idiot in the white house and why he wants our guns .. and he will never get them because we are American Patriots .. if he wants a war he will have to face over 100 million armed Americans..

          66. jetmagnet says

            You’re an American Patriot??? What’s with the Obama crap? I’m an independent. I don’t like either party. They all bow to the MONEY! Your fruitcake congress is loaded with oil and gas money, your to dumb to realize who’s selling you that horsesheet fella! Hell if your a patriot, did your ancestors fight the british a$$hole?
            Mine did!! I’m a member of the sons of the American revolution, the teaparty is bullsheet created by billionaires to extract money from stupid people. They feed off your inability to “Think” and they pay your media to brainwash you.
            Did you ever stop and think who’s behind all this? Probably not.

          67. Johnny says

            You got a life?!?! You said has there ever been a time since my birth that I needed a gun to defend myself? YES, DA ruled self defense in my favor. How many home invasions? Proud to say Zero cause I have a sign on my yard that says this house is defended by Smith & Wesson. Actually I don’t have a Smith & Wesson but a Galil that I’ve had for decades and a Glock. Your arguments to me are moronic because question makes feel that since I’ve had ZERO home invasions why should I need a gun. My answer to that is it is a deterrent just by the sight of it alone and if that isn’t enough than it can actually take someones life. I guess your argument is on the same line as when the states started cutting funding to mental health and afterwards we started seeing heinous crimes being committed en masse. Nothing like this had happened before funding was cut to mental health. We may have seen vicious crimes but they far and few in between but afterwards we started seeing MASS Shootings more frequently. I don’t know if it had any bearing but it’s too coincidental to deny. So will I give up my detterrent because I’ve had ZERO home invasions…. NO WAY IN HELL.

          68. jetmagnet says

            Having a sign in your yard may make you think you feel safe, but it actually gives a theif an edge. A pro will be prepared and kill you b4 he does anything else. Sure, guns and signs may scare off kids, bums and drug addicts…but no it’s not a deterent. Concealed weapon is the best defence, open carry makes you an easy target. The thief already knows who to kill b4 anyone else.
            So if two thieves caught you and your wife out one night and one held a gun to your wife’s head at point blank range, how would your gun save her? I can list multiple scenarios where you wouldn’t stand a chance without training. I don’t know the specifics of your self defence case, so I won’t comment. I assume the other party had a weapon or you were incapable of handling yourself without a gun. How would you fair in the woods with your gun with five pros hunting you down? There’s too many fruitcakes with guns and people that kill family members accidently . A man just a few days ago shot his daughter through the head when his gun misfired.
            There’s no scenario like that where a gun relates to a positive outcome.
            The more people become armed the more crooks, thieves, mass murderers will adjust and become better armed. I’ve captured criminals without firing a shot and know many officers that have gone through their entire carreers without firing a shot. One fellow a had a record number of arrest.

          69. Johnny says

            All your post have been “WHAT IF” scenarios and I will say that there is a possibility that what you say will happen but equally there is also a possibility that what you said will still be regulated to the what if world. My signs may be stupid some and like you said a deterrent to only fools and not to seasoned hardened criminals. It is for that reason why my sign stands it is because I don’t want to take another life but if I have to I won’t waver and 2nd guess myself. As far as if thieves were to catch us out of our home. We are VERY aware of our surroundings and I’ve trained for decades for different scenarios and I’ve trained with my wife for the last 10 years of possible situations. Everything I can think of to do I’ve done to minimize mistakes as greatly as possible. At the end of the day who knows what will happen but I’m not going to be at a disadvantage protecting myself or family and should the day come when I take my final breath so be it but it won’t be because I was lacking or unprepared.

          70. jetmagnet says

            At least you’re prepared. Many people buy a gun, never go to the range or learn how to protect themselves in various situations. Even though you think of your gun as your #1 self defence mechanism, it would hurt for you and your wife to take self defence classes together. I trained my girlfriend and we’re a capable tag team. Still even with extensive training somethings are unpredictable.
            I got on here initially to talk about guns, not the politics of the GUN LOBBY and their glorious enrichment efforts to put guns in every criminal, nutjob, and mass murderers hands. ATF says it typical for anyone to bay guns at gun shows.

          71. Kameron Krause says

            Listen sweetie. I am in shape. I’m 5 5 1/2 and weigh 125. I used to teach a kick boxing class that was in a martial arts studio ran by a master in tae Kwon do from Korea. I also took tae Kwon do. Under his instruction and if got to a senior red belt and my daughter received her black belt. So I am not afraid of an inarmed douche bag such as yourself. But all the martial arts in the world won’t stop a hallow point which our government just purchased over 2 million of for our police force. You stand there and show off your moves when our militarized police come knocking on your door moron.

          72. MarieJ27 says

            Why do liberals go off track when discussing the ownership of guns?

          73. jetmagnet says

            I’m not a liberal at all. i’m an independent that has a brain. I don’t watch the fruitcake news channel or msnbc. I do research and use my freakin brain.
            Most of the rightwingies have no brain…they follow their legislators every word.
            Same with liberals, they follow like sheep. I was a republican until the Teabags got in office! They are trying to destroy the government and do nothing for americans.

          74. mac12sam12 says

            NPR is a very liberal and biased outlet. You’ve been brainwashed, Jetmaggot.

          75. mac12sam12 says

            Nice try, Jetmaggot. Liberal universities aren’t biased, correct? I’ll stick with FOX, you can stick with government funded NPR. Good day, Jetmaggot!

          76. Monk says

            If you have a brain it is for sitting around on and fabricating BS to make you sound tough……………..riflmao. What an idiot.

          77. Nelson Gilliam says

            lol…lol…lol…fox is the best ..all that you say says Obama bot so what you say means nothing to any real American Patriot…lol lol..they must pay good money to do what you do against America

          78. KingoLingus says

            Who do criminals target? Homes without alarms, dogs or people without guns. If criminals assumed everyone was armed and prepared to defend themselves , they would stay home or maybe even better, get a freeking job!!!

          79. bill says

            he was just taking a page from the LYING MUSLIMS’ playbook. if you don’t like a law ignore it. why are you not on your soapbox about the reason the man used his gun instead of demeaning him.

          80. Monk says

            I’m having a bit of a problem grasping the fact that you served in Nam. If you did you certainly never saw any action, maybe you stayed in the rear like a lot of people did.
            Had you ever served in combat you would NOT take your current position.

          81. danny kimbrel says

            Whatever, we aren’t called law abiding citizens for no reason, it’s clowns with your warped sense of reality that make ignorant statements to belittle the law abiding citizens while liberal morons are more than not found to be criminals. like most politicians are found to be, and you say we are lawless !

          82. Taz_man says

            Did you forget about the other guy? It’s always the gun nut not the criminal with you libturds.You didn’t tell us about how many people in your town that has a gun did you.look at the town in Ga. that years ago passed a law tat required every household have a gun . Only one gun problem in almost 30 years. So rubbermagnet
            stick that in your ear.

          83. Johnny says

            Correction…. his name is not rubbermagnet. It is JetMAGGOT. I’m probably insulting the maggots now.

        3. jimmy johnson says

          AMEN!!! Case and Point!!!!!!!! Thank you and God bless you Marie for sharing that!

        4. jetmagnet says

          NOTHING WAS GOING to stop Richard Plotts from carrying a gun.

          Not the law, not his felony record, not his questionable mental health and certainly not a sign.

          Plotts, who shot and killed his caseworker and shot his doctor at a
          Delaware County hospital campus Thursday, may have done so because he
          was offended by the hospital’s policy against guns, Delaware County
          District Attorney Jack Whelan said.
          So before we get to the “Hero” DR, the point is very well made. The GOP allowed nutjobs to get guns with no background check or a mental evaluation.
          This story isn’t about the dr, it’s about republican an NRA agenda that allowed the fruitcake to have a gun in the first place! The second law breaker was the dr, breaking rules and endangering lives. If gun laws were in place with mental evaluations this wouldn’t have been news.

          1. MarieJ27 says

            You are a typical Liberal who would rather be reading about some helpless
            victims trapped in a doctor’s office and all lives were lost. I know many
            Democrats who “carry” a conceal weapon which happens to be half of my family.
            We stand together on the right to carry. Today, in our government run public
            schools, we have little boys being criminalized for carrying a water gun or a
            picture they made out of crayon. My sister was a member of the Rifle Club
            in her high school. I was taught how to use a 22 Rifle at the age of 12 at our
            summer camp in Connecticut. We have grandsons who hunt Quail and wild turkeys.
            Life is good.

          2. jetmagnet says

            So you think living in this great country you need to go around “armed” like the Wild West? You said alot of things most americans can agree with, but guns mean death. The problem with righties is they are more concerned about their rights than anyone elses. What about the guy that shot the teacher in the head? He had strong convictions like you people about guns. Guns are the solution if you like death and killing. You haven’t seen death lady like I have fighting in nam.
            I’m not a liberal , and politics has nothing to do with what I do. Conservatives are robots that do as their media dictates. No one dictates my beliefs or politics.
            My argument here is about background checks and keeping criminals, mass murderers, and psycho’s off the streets buy improving gun laws. You people’s position seems to arm everyone so their’s a shootout at the OK corral. Lady your sick like the rest of rightwing fruitcakes. Maybe someone will threaten you so you’ll have the opportunity to KILL them, then relish the thought.
            Republicans are hypocrites. They do everything in the name of Christ,
            while simultaneously acting as un-Christlike as humanly possible. They
            support the right to carry assault weapons, are pro-war, and completely
            ignore the fact that the Bible depicts Christ as a Liberal who was
            opposed to capitalism and violence. They sincerely believe that this is
            God’s country and that God loves us more than anyone else in the world.
            They think that anyone that is not 100% pro-Israel is anti-semitic. They
            hate everyone that doesn’t agree with them and think the Bible tells
            them to, and they hate Gay people because they think they are sinners. They do terrible things in the name of their Lord. They think that
            anyone who doesn’t agree with them is damned to hell or hates America.
            They believe that we are a Christian Nation even though the Founding
            Fathers made sure that they did not brand this country as a Christian
            Nation. The Founding Fathers wanted a country of religious freedom, free
            from religious persecution, but these Republicans will never admit

          3. Doris C says

            Why are so many of the govt entities arming way over much. ?Who are they going to shoot at? Foreigners? Very much doubt that.

          4. jetmagnet says

            Sure I can answer that as I worked for a government agency.

            The Department of Homeland Security isn’t buying
            that much ammunition per officer after all… and certainly a lot less per
            man than most avid shooters go through in a year.
            Of course, I won’t ask you to take my word for it (the mind control
            rays could have gotten me, lmfao!), so I’ll turn it over to the National
            Shooting Sports Foundation, which provides a link to the Government
            Accountability Office report.

            Here’s the report and the research.


        5. Billie June Hall says

          Hurrah for him. God bless.

      2. eddyjames says

        If I’m not mistaken the courts have ruled that criminals cannot be required to register their guns because of the 5th Amendment . Self incrimination and all.

          1. Renrah says

            quoting MOTHERJONES just proves how far left you are. I once subscribed because I wanted to understand the other side’s viewpoint but it was such BS I never renewed and didn’t even read any issues after the 3rd or 4th – just threw them away, not even qualifies as toilet paper.
            I sincerely doubt you are ANY of the things you say you are

          2. jetmagnet says

            Again, here we go Left or right? Who gives a sheet? It’s about guns not about politics. Only fruitcakes are worried about their guns being taken away, not the rest of us.lol

          3. dwalk says

            firearms confiscation IS a real threat in california…read some of the legislation proposed by the irrational left wing dems in control of the california legislature.

            you can see some of it at calguns.net…i won’t do your homework for you.

          4. jetmagnet says

            Like I said, i’m independent and don’t believe in strict gun laws. Just background checks and mental evaluations. We don’t want criminals, nutjobs, wackos, mass murderers and Sick Fcks with guns. Tne GOP and NRA are doing nothing because they make money off DEAD people. It’s a self perpetuating ideology. Sell more guns and more deaths…the more deaths…the more rightwing media presses the need for more guns.

          5. Bernie Marra says

            Your first sentence and your second sentence fragment were reasonable, non confrontational and made sense.

          6. jetmagnet says

            That’s because you’re politically programed to dismiss reality, so anything outside your box you can’t comprehend.

          7. bill says

            Ct, CA , NY, MD Ore, Wash all have or are trying to have confiscatory gunlaws passed. CT and MD already have passed them.

          8. Jarhead6541 says

            Fruitcakes like the Founding Fathers?

            Have you not heard Feinsteins words?

            “If I could’ve gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them — Mr. and Mrs. America turn ’em all in — I would have done it.”

            Sure does sound like they want to take our guns away, doesn’t it?

          9. jetmagnet says

            It doesn’t change what happened fella. Do you want a conservative link to the same story? Louisiana has already seen a raft of recent cases involving the new
            amendment, including several that challenge whether felons can carry
            guns. The NRA didn’t return several requests for comment.
            Felons,criminals, psychos, can legally carry guns in several red states so that kinda pisses on your argument! lmao!
            Lousiana, not chicago has the highest crime rate and gun deaths!!!

          10. mac12sam12 says

            Jetmaggot. Geography lesson. Louisiana is a state. Chicago is a city.

          11. bill says

            please quote something other than npr or usatoday. might as well just cut and paste
            from obamas speechs. I don’t like la pierre either. he’s not militant enough. somehow with all the insulting speechs by I find it hard to believe that you have a class 3 license. I think the ATF should do a post midnight inspection of your residence.

          12. Monk says

            Check the facts dip wad.

          13. mac12sam12 says

            You say you’re not a liberal. NPR and Motherjones? LOL! Nice try, Jetmaggot!

      3. jimmy johnson says

        AGREE’D Again and you Best believe that all government will maintain firearms, but wanna make innocent people defenseless!!! Wonder why that is??? We ALL KNOW WHY!!!!!!!

      4. jetmagnet says

        Well, live your life like a paranoid schizophrenic, see if I care.

      5. capa760 says

        That is so true—-Any one can get a gun, and we know the US government will not honor OUR Right To Bear Arms, BUT Los Zetas Kingpin, Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar
        revealed that the Los Zetas Cartel, of Mexico and of Laredo, Texas, have purchased weapons, frequently, directly from the US Government. Obama and Holder are accomp-
        lices and co-conspirators on the murders of US Citizens:ICE Agent Jaime Zapata and wounding his partner in an ambush near the US Border; David Hartley, killed along the US Border Lake Falcon; In McAllen Texas, Armando Morfin was kidnapped and never seen again; and American rancher, Robert Krentz, good Samaritan, who helped illegals crossing his property, was gunned down by a Los Zetas member on a scouting mission. Is THE GUN TEST based upon those who constantly lie, cheat, disobey the rules and laws, bully
        revenge, corrupt the honest election processes, steal, ignore the morals of the country they live in, and take away the Legal Citizens Rights? Patriotic American Citizens have spent a lifetime revering “Our Us Constitution, All Bill of Rights, All Amendments, All US Dept. of
        Immigration Laws, and Our US Sensible Balanced Economic Budgets. Our government failed ALL TESTS.

      6. eddyjames says

        The liberals in government could give a phuck less about how many are killed no matter how they are killed. It’s all about controlling the population and Stalin, Mao and Hitler proved once they have your guns the next thing they will have is your @ss.

      7. Dave says

        The anti-gun people already know this. They just do not care. They know that controlling criminals is beyond the ability of law enforcement, the government, etc. Therefore, the only thing they can do is attack the rights of the law abiding because the law abiding will obey even laws they disagree with, while seeking to legally change those laws. Gun control laws are nothing more but knee jerk feel good reactions to situations societies bleeding hearts can not fix.

      8. edward martis says

        totally agreed——-did you know that Chicago will bust down a heavy duty felony; for possession of a firearm to a mistiminorr ? and you are out of jail very quikly……Chicago’s severe gun laws are a joke——Just like its mayor======You know this is being done on purpose; so that oshit can put the country under martial law and confiscate all guns ………….when oshit finally decides to do this; he will have a civil war on his hands…………..all the cops and national guard folks I know will turn their backs on him (and I know a LOT of them !!!) via “National Guard Association of the United States” A coup’ by the “Joint Chiefs of Staff” in the Pentagon would be hailed/celebrated and supported by ALL of the united states military forces ….to get this hard core progressive (communist) removed from office……….

      9. Icemancold says

        I AGREE 100% ONLY YOU CAN PROTECT YOU and in the words of DAHLI LLAMA if some one is shotting at you trying to kill you then it makes sense to shoot back and KILL them.!!

      10. watchman48 says

        Roger – I think you are WRONG…. The criminals would love to see tougher laws…. Least victims with guns would make work safer for them…

      11. greyfox says

        You forget one thing, it makes for good politics to get on the gun law wagon. it doesn’t have to make common sense.

      12. Kinch says

        Pinocchiobama knows this and wants only his brothers, the criminals, to have guns. Why would anybody else want to live in Chicago, Baltimore, etc?
        Get rid of Pinocchiobama.

      13. RobGoetzSr says

        Roger: The police are under no legal obligation to protect you. See Warren Vs. District of Columbia 1981 US Supreme Court Ruling.

      14. Billie June Hall says

        Roger and Sam are both on my “Thank you” list. Taking our guns is unconstitutional. We have worked for, paid for and have learned the proper way to use our guns. Our forefathers thought of us and said that we are allowed weapons (guns, here) to protect ourselves, our families and friends, and all others that need protection. o and his cronies want our guns and I look out for another war.

    2. k herzogenrath says

      Sam, you are correct, same with the border no new laws enforce the ones on the books, when they get new laws they will not enforce the either, cut the aid off to banana republics, quit giving money away we do not have, fences do not stop anything, another waste of money, stop all aid now

    3. jondarmes says

      And see if you can get it done in somewhat less than 25 Years.

    4. AmericanBob says

      Not a good idea Sam. There are too many gun laws that will make too many felons out of people like you and me.

    5. Peatro Giorgio says

      Kill may be in self defense or it might be murder. Lets use Murder for clarity.

    6. William Campbell says

      …because so many people NEED KILLING! If the penalty for killing someone were reduced to a maximum $50.00 fine, we would have a much safer country!

      1. bill says

        and not to mention a heck ofva lot more fun

    7. jetmagnet says

      No one is attacking gun owners fella, speak for yourself. It’s only people that watch Fox news!
      I’ve had guns since I was 14 and never felt threatened, because i don’t fall for nonsense the gun lobby has put out every election- Obama is going to take your guns…Really? If your brain is fried from rightwing misinformation your going to be misinformed and a dumbazz. I get this literature from GUN seller Wayne la pierre “Watchout Obama’s going to confiscate your guns?” Most of us don’t like pierre, he doesn’t stand for me.
      Turn your freekin TV off and go hunting or to the range!

      1. david b cordick says

        i am sure that you have never been felt threatened jet, i sincerely believe by the age of 14 your neighbors or anyone that came in contact with you, accurately determined that you were a complete idiot and shouldnt even be allowed to have a squirt gun, probably thinking, which sounds like it could be, you are a quite a bit mental, and not in a good way

      2. Doris C says

        Sounds like you agree felons have rights. Do you know how many types of felonies there are/ Maybe soime are non violent and should have the right to prorect their families.A lot about LA are you from there?

        1. jetmagnet says

          Felons should have the simplest of rights under the constitution, like the right to vote,but conservatives believe they should have that right…but are alowed to carry guns…what a hypocracy!! In the minds of conservatives , the right to vote is deadlier than owning a gun.
          No, I live in the South… i’m a redneck.

    8. jimmy johnson says


    9. Robert says

      How about making congress pass a law that any public official convicted of violating the constitution gets 1. Automatically lose their career and can never be elected to a government job for life. 2. an automatic life without parole sentence or 3.The Death sentence according to the severity of the violation…….?

    10. bill says

      since “minorities commit the vast majority of firearm murder NO ONE will bring back the death penalty. the anti gunners have to attack law abiding gun owners because ( beating a dead horse again) the criminals don’t OBEY laws.

    11. C.M. Dawson says

      The left are truly ignorant of the big picture. They are incapable of thinking outside of their self-imposed box, while acting like Chicken Little, and screaming the sky is falling.

      Emotion based, knee-jerk thinking is their forte. They don’t understand more gun laws will have zero impact on murders or other violent crime.

      They don’t care about the thousands of gun laws already on the books that are unenforced. They don’t care that legally armed citizens prevent hundreds of thousands if not a million or so murders, car jackings, rape, home invasions, and robberies a year.

      They don’t care about facts, because their emotion based thinking clouds their judgement, and they never emerge from the fog.

    12. Mike Straw says

      I agree Sam!

    13. Dave says

      Not just execute the laws on the books, but execute the danged criminals who use guns against people, go to prison, get out, and repeat…. Thy will NEVER be rehabilitated, and they will never contribute to good in society. Meanwhile, law abiding gun owners who pay their taxes and obey the laws, even ones they may not agree with, are being singled out as a class which can’t be trusted. Sooner or later, say the anti-gun people, those law abiding gun owners will go rogue. Therefore, we will find them guilty of what they might do at some future time, without due process, and we will do what we can to deny them their 2nd Amendment rights. We will do so by violating the constitutional mandate that enumerated rights of the people can only be changed by the participation of the people in the amendment process. That politicians may not usurp or infringe the people’s rights by passage of laws… as was done when the National Firearms Act was passed, and the Assault Weapons Ban was passed.

    14. Richardoftheyears1 says

      I couldn’t agree more.

    15. brabbie2002 says

      Because they want to know where we are so they can warn the criminals to avoid us until they confiscate our weapons. It will make it much easier to take all the gun owners out when all the weapons are confiscated. That way the gang bangers, muslims and blacks can take over America without a shot being fired Then the libtards will each be given a caliphate by ovomit and he will rule over all! What they are actually doing is pushing we legal gun owners into starting a civil war so we can get the government back under control. You must remember – Chicago is where osh-tcake got his start and now his friend, the muslim toady, is running the city!

    16. greyfox says

      I disagree, we only have 2000 laws on the books at the present time, in my opinion, one more gun law will solve the problem. You know the story of 7up? One guy developed 6up it didn’t sell but that one more number from 6up to 7up solved the problem. And so it will be with gun laws, 2000 won’t do it but if we make it 2001 that will do it. Have a happy day to all. I always try to make good sense,
      even if our politicians don’t.

    17. Patroit says

      There are very few in GOVERNMENT that support laws to protect the PEOPLE that make this COUNTRY GREAT . ONE’S that fight for their COUNTRY, middle class who work every day to support the DEAD BEATS.. who follow GODS LAWS ,NATURES LAWS and last but not least MAN’S LAWS They are hated just for that reason . Obama and his so called DOJ. TURN LOSE AND SUPPORT THEIR CRIMINAL THUGS to destroy what the working class people builder and worked so hard for. While Obama thugs steal kill and destroy everything in sight .

    18. Sevenmag says

      Very well said. Now……the next move, that needs to be made, is to put about four companies of Airborne Rangers on the streets of Chicago, with no restrictions. The gangs would last 24 hours……oops! Can’t do that, but it was a nice thought.

    19. volksnut says

      i’ll tell you why – its EASIER than to do the hardwork of real constructive reform – Its EASIER to go after law abiding citizens and demonize them to the idiots that don’t know any better and ” think” solely thru their emotions. So it makes the gun grabbers – APPEAR – to be ” doing something ” when in reality they’re making the problems much much worse –

    20. AKLady says


      an innocent person is put to death, they cannot be brought back to life?
      the death penalty is far more expensive than a life sentence?

      we do not to be like China, N. Korea, Iran, Russia?
      race and place determine who lives and who dies
      poor quality defense leaves many sentenced to death.
      capital punishment does not deter crime.
      mentally ill people are executed.
      . …

  2. Carol says

    Tougher laws like Chicago? What a sad mess. Chicago should relax their laws and allow citizens to defend themselves. The National guard MUST be called in to STOP the gangs and street violence. What everyone is missing is the Rahm, BO’s friend and puppet , is causing the same harm to Chicago as BO is doing to the country. Chicago is an embarrassment on so many fronts. Education, guns, drugs, gun violence, welfare, taxes, etc. The mayor is a clone of BO and MUST be stopped!

    1. I AM THE BEAST Sssotlohiefmjn says

      I would be shooting them gangs if I lived there, I will not take criminal behavior against me or mine without sure retaliation and issue mending.

  3. Frank W Brown says

    A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but

    not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or

    to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a

    check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not

    to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that

    was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from

    owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty

    F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but

    not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make

    you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is

    run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a

    wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman

    in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head

    searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but

    is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions

    of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his

    teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class

    in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more

    government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with

    Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free

    cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses

    but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to

    provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment

    checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was

    diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest

    big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a

    wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government

    forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself

    makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

    This was borrowed from another blog, please spread it far and wide!

    1. ScrewTheGunGrabbers says

      No MIGHT about it!

    2. rickwomack44 says

      I love yor post . If you could only get liberals to see any of this they may see how stupid ovomit really is

    3. jetmagnet says

      Brilliant! So you’re a psychiatrist that gives the go ahead to millions of gun owners without examining any of them to see if they might be somewhat nuts. Lets put all gun owners in the same pool as “responsible” and everyone else in a pool as “irresponsible”
      You sound deprived fella…paranoid and clueless. Why is it out of millions of gun owners it’s only Fruitcakes that worry so much. I guess it’s the STUPID CHANNEL they watch every day. Their brains are programmed and they lost all reason to think rationally.
      That sociallist in the white house lmao…last time I checked, the dow was 17,000 and the S&P at a record high…this can only happen in a capitalist country fella.
      On rightwingies are not happy. Well if your not happy you can do two things, LEAVE or commit suichycide, because gun laws are going to happen if not sooner later, because too many people can get guns and use them. The NRA likes this..it sells guns!

      1. mac12sam12 says

        Jetmaggot. You’re as looney as your avatar. You don’t have both paddles in the water.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Most fruitcakes on the right are two sandwiches short of a picnic. lol

      2. bill says

        I still can’t figure out why you have a class 3 license. is it so you can have automatic weapons to protect yourself from wayne la pierre and the rest of the crazed neighbors you must have.

      3. tommy glen says

        your picture tells me all i need to know about you.

        1. jetmagnet says

          I’m sure you believe in the Tooth Fairy too!

  4. gangbuster says

    Screw that president,,we need to inforse the laws we have now not make new ones and another thing all there trying to do is screw the law obiding citizens and our ammendment rights.

    1. Cranky Steven says

      You screw the president. I have my standards. Now where did my goat get off to?

    2. chamuiel says

      inforse? what is that? is that English?

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Its Gangster for enforce…….
        Y’all realize DRUGS are illegal, but people keep getting their hands on them? The same will come to pass if we outlaw guns. There are waaaay to many guns in circulation to logically confiscate. Only fools or day dreamers belive gun laws & restrictions will work.

    3. bill says

      gangbuster I can’t type when I’m pissed off either

  5. Sam says

    And; see this URL. What is obamy doing?


    The demoncraps ONLY want to take away firearms away from citizens that follow the law but are armed which is OUR RIGHT!

  6. jetmagnet says

    As long as fruitcakes can get guns with no laws to stop them, nothing will change. The NRA and gun lobby loves it. The more dead bodies, the higher the gun sales. Any crook or criminal can easily get a gun with no background check whether he’s a felon or a space cadet. Law abiding citizens? Right, there the ones that shoot their families then commit suicide. He was a law abiding citizen till he “snapped”. I have nothing against guns because i have alot of them. Just against the GOP that allow criminals to have guns.

    1. kktex12 says

      Please provide name and address so that I may have an arrest warrant delivered to you as an accessory to murder should any of my family be killed by one of your fruitcakes who got the weapon illegally but I could not get one legally to protect my family.

      1. Phil McMorrow says

        Don’t waste your time. The man is an idiot.

      2. jetmagnet says

        Never said homeowners shouldn’t protect themselves, now did I??
        The comment is silly, apparently, you’re clueless about the law also. lol

    2. chamuiel says

      The NRA and (whatever it is) gun lobby are against criminals having guns.

      How long have you been a liberal lying troll?

    3. Manny Beltran says


  7. ConservativeSenior says

    Chicago is like the old wild west. All the criminals have the guns and the citizenry is disarmed. WTF is wrong with those people?

    1. Peter Pan says

      They are democrats

      1. burt banford says

        There is no democrat party its changed its name to the Gimmiedat party

    2. Mark Clemens says

      Todays new Politically Correct Word:
      One who is afraid of guns…….
      This message brought to you by:
      Gun lovers across America.
      Share this new POLITICALLY CORRECT word with people you know HATE on GUNS

  8. joe haire says

    Why do Illinois voters keep electing crooks and incompetents? How many governors in jail? Corrupt officials like Rahm? Union bosses and mafia mixed with corrupt politicians is a recipe for disaster.

    1. Phil McMorrow says

      Vote early and often is the Chicago perpetual bad joke.

  9. Robin says

    LOL this is HYSTERICAL, strict guns laws and highest MURDER RATE EVER! How do you like you gun laws NO MAYOR? Go after the gangs and not law abiding citizens you IDIOT!

    1. MarieJ27 says

      Didn’t some of these gang members in Chicago threatened to go after the police?

      1. Phil McMorrow says

        I believe that was Jersey City.

      2. Robin says

        They kill cops all the time Marie. They don’t care

      3. Robin says

        They are even cooking outdoors on their grills with the weapons strapped to them and when one killed an officer the MOTHER said well the officer should not have gotten out of his car or he would not have been killed…that’s truth

  10. william g munson says

    Well you know if they can take away our weapons and then the other countries can come and take over this nation because they will all kinds of weapons auto matic and hold a 100 rounds to 1000 0r more and it will be easy because our military don,t have weapons on bases that are easy to get to and we want have any or ammo you know you can only buy two boxes at any store if they have some and they are high and I went to Cabellas and they would not sell but a box of 50 22 ammo not box of ten or case as they use to be and the price was 5 to 7 a box and I use to get a 100 for $3 all because of Obama administration and he has close the only lead plant int the USA and also it is illegal to pickup the lead weights at the places that change tires and balance them check it out no lead no ammo and they don,t let the military sell the use brass that they use to reload for the people so that and the Obama crew are buying billions of rounds enought to fight a was for 20 or more years and CONGRESS SITS ON THE ++++ AND NOT DOING ANYTHING THAT THEY WERE ELECTED TO DO UP HOLD THE CONSTITUTION

    1. chamuiel says

      william g munson is a perfect example of public education.

  11. Gregory Lesniewski says

    Tougher gun laws will do nothing to solve the problem; instead only greate a hardship for law abiding citizens! What we need is to bring back the death penalty, enforcing the existing laws, stop being so lenient with the perpetrators! It is a proven fact that where there are states with legally armed citizens there is lower crime rates! You can rest assured that the ones pushing for stricter gun laws have a well armed security!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      We dont need to “Bring back the death penalty” that is like adding more gun laws. 80% of the states have a Death Penalty for murder regardless how you do it. We should ENFORCE the death penalty on the books. With the exception of Florida & Texas hardly any state uses it. More people on my states Death Row die of old age/natural causes, than a state induced Overdose or Electrocution. Its down right embarrassing! !

      1. bill says

        must be a fellow Kalifornian

  12. Peter Pan says

    Chicago howsthat tough gun laws working out for you? Worst killing fields in America by thugs who have guns and the honest citizen does not.

    1. Robert says

      Do a search on the internet for Cloward-Piven 2 Socialist Professors from Columbia University they believe that this country is evil and takes advantage of the rest of the world and the only to fix this is by causing a crises and then collapse of the United States of America. Obama, Hillary Clinton are Admirers of these professors as are many Democrats and Rinos check them out you will see they
      been influential in changing our country to Socialism since the 60s, Americans must rise up and fight back or the hole country will collapse and there will be riots in the streets as have happened in Europe.

  13. Andrew Beacham says

    It’s time to start shooting the trash in Illinois, starting with the the garbage in government and working down the line of Demoncrats and others supporting the oppression of innocent citizens to defend themselves. TO HELL WITH DEMOCRATS!! TO HELL WITH MARXISTS!!

    1. Peter Pan says

      To Hell with Obama

      1. Andrew Beacham says

        Indeed! I couldn’t have said it better. And thank you for the help, that was implied with the Marxists statement. However, in this case it never hurts to clarify. So again, Thank You Sir. May we see all of the criminals in our government receive the proper throne of penalty, filled with high-voltage.

      2. Mark Clemens says

        Be careful if we send Obama to hell, you know he’ll send US the travel bill!!!!!!

  14. Lloyd Revalee says

    The fight to bear arms is the right of every responsible adult citizen of these United States of America. To change this constitutional law, the supreme law of the land, requires an amendment of our Constitution. Such an amendment requires approval by two thirds of the members of Congress, and must be ratified by three fourths of the United States of America. In that way, the citizens get a chance to determine whether or not the want to keep the law as it is, or to change it. Once this is decided by those being governed, there should be not further question or argument over the matter. Citizens of the United States should be able to see that we would have lost our freedom long ago, had we not been able to defend ourselves by being able to bear arms. An unarmed citizenry is a defenseless citizenry, and we should never give up our right to bear arms. We should concentrate on educating our people, and giving each and every one that owns firearms thorough training in the proper use n handling and safeguarding their firearms. We should also stress the danger of misusing firearms, and the importance of controlling our use of them.

  15. Peter Pan says

    Send Obama to the Chicago slums, maybe we will get lucky and get shot by a thug with a gun the criminals are not supposed to have. There Will be no good guy to help him.

  16. USPatriotOne says

    I hold a JD in Law and we discussed Gun laws and the 2nd Amendment in depth, and those 4 words in the 2nd Amendment…”Shell not be Infringed”…truly makes all Gun Control Laws ILLEGAL on there face, PERIOD, and our traitorous elected officials and the Courts know this..!!! And the DATA CLEARLY shows that strong Christian Communities where their Citizens are allowed to have the ability to CARRY FIREARMS crime decreases, not by a little bit, but expediently..!!! The facts are clear and OB/DHS/NSA/TSA etc know these facts, but their actions have nothing to do with creating save environments for Americans, NO it’s the confiscation of all weapons under the U.N. Communist Agenda 21, and why do you ask? They want as little chance at all for “We the People” to defend ourselves against the TYRANNY surrounding our (not their) Nation at this very moment! This way they have all the fire power and can kill anyone that defies their forced TYRANNY on “We the People” and removes the Commie/Muslim/NWO/DemoRats/Rino’s from being injured while performing their TYRANNICAL ACTIONS..!!! From time to time the tree of Liberty needs to be shaken, and it has becoming clear that the Tree needs a good shaking once again…!!! God help us, PLEASE!

  17. Van Hamlin says

    Don’t be myopic. Gun control does not reduce crime I any fashion. We have to widen the courts interpretation of Search and seizure laws. Find the guns, take them, and prosecute the convicted felons possessing guns!

    1. Phil McMorrow says

      The looney tune left speaks again.

      1. Van Hamlin says

        Phil! I guess that I didn’t make myself clear. Convicted felons have lost numerous civil rigjts, inclyding the right to bare arms. The possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is serious crime. Many times the courts dismiss these cases because judges apply a set of rules stemming from liberal case law that ignores an officer’s good faith. Good faith is an element the courts may consider.

        My comment was meant to convey that getting guns out of the hands of convicted felons would advance public safety much further than creating more gun control laws. I am not a liberal. I am a pragmatist. No Phil, that doesn’t mean that I am a foot doctor.

        1. AL Orange Park, FL says

          I see your point problem is once the gov starts “rounding up the convicts” that have guns we are soon to follow the gov is as criminal as the gangsters out in chicago if a criminal commits a crime with a gun in any fashion and already has any kind of record for felonies life in prison with no chance for parol period no if’s buts or or’s prison for life period

  18. Robert says

    No we need to make congress enforce our impeachment laws and try Obama for high treason against the United States…..And then try everyone who helped him and conspired with him to destroy our country…..

    1. catman says

      Try the top four or five and I can guarantee you the rest will leave the country like rat’s leaving a sinking ship. No honor among thieves.

  19. Elizabeth Miller says

    My father never left the house without his gun.He never shot anyone because he did not have to

  20. Captainde says

    Russia is not the only country with AK stuff. LOL! =) Makes ya smile haha!

  21. Aunt Dot says

    And so the innocent continue to die. There is NOONE there who can protect once guns are taken. What is it about if you take guns only criminals will have guns doesn’t anyone understand?????

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Only somebody with GUNAPHOBIA wouldn’t understand.

  22. BGSJJ33 says

    I AM so SICK of the media saying GUN VIOLENCE.. I have NEVER seen a gun jump out of a locked safe and shoot someone it didn’t like. If this is how they want to label it then CARS KILL, BASEBALL BATS, KNIVES KILL! So we should ban all of of these too? This is beyond nonsense. OUR CONSTITUTION SAYS WE HAVE A RIGHT TO OWN AND BEAR ARMS …. This is NOT GUN VIOLENCE it is GANG VIOLENCE… Start first with harsher consequences when they kill or injure someone with a gun illegally owned. YES I am from the CHICAGO suburbs. Its unfortunate that this 11 year old girl got killed just having fun at a sleep over at her friends. CHICAGO doesn’t press charges for the use of a gun crimes in many cases because their STATS would go higher and then the truth be known that gangs rule the city . Many times they are just charged with gang activity. This would affect tourism . so they lie. so these punks then are let go because of this and they are out to continue being trouble. I myself do NOT go into Chicago because of this. YES its a beautiful city but would I risk my life going into the city.. YOU BET NOT.

    1. BGSJJ33 says

      we need to ENFORCE THE LAWS ALREADY ON THE BOOK! Which by the way CHICAGO DOES NOT…..it would affect their tourism $$$$$ .

    2. Mark Clemens says

      The media are GUN-A-Phobs
      The fear of guns
      Tell all gun haters this works like homophobia.

  23. POTUSSUX says

    Way ta go Chicago aka barryland!

  24. ttoolman says

    Ok big law makers do you really think for one minute that any Criminal is going to care about your new gun law.And when you find one let us know please.I can not figure out your thinking,Guns are not the only weapon that Criminals use to kill others.I have been carrying a 357-Mag for over 10-years to protect myself and my family because that is my right.It has been proven over and over that citizens can not count on Government or police to protect them(well if you are rich it counts)But I do know one thing if the day ever came that someone ever tried to do harm to my family then at least I know I have a chance to protect them and the way this world has turned out.You know how the criminal has more rights then the victims I would not think twice about taking them out and I would not lose any sleep over it.

  25. John Gault says
    1. Mark Clemens says

      I like that!

    2. JobRon says

      Truer words were never spoken.

  26. AmericanBob says

    No sam. We don’t need to start enforcing the gun laws. One of those is the 1000 ft gun free school zone act. That will make hundreds of thousands of felons out of people like you and me. Be careful of what you wish for.

  27. firesale says

    I look at the news in the mornings and all I see is 9 out 10 murders are carried out by Mexicans or Blacks killing each other.. Figure that ???

  28. AmericanBob says

    So many ignorant people. Begging tty he feds to enforce gun grabbing laws that are on the books. Becareful of what you ask. You are doing exactly what the libs want you too do

  29. jimmy johnson says

    We already have one!!!! The 2nd Amendment!!!

  30. John Williams says

    Chicago is the perfect example of what happens when you have a long term liberal agenda, liberals , including the great BHO are part of the liberal scene of Illinois politics, this is the result. The sad part is that the liberal solution to all of the problems is more liberal policies just like the ones that did not work and caused the problems to start with. The fact is Chiago has probably the toughest anti gun laws in the country, this has undeniably proven to do just exactly what common sense people have known for ever, “when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns”. Hows that working out for you Chicago? Until the people of Illinois wake up and remove the likes of Rahm Emanuel and the rest of his ilk from office things will never change.

  31. David says


  32. Jim says

    The people who dream up these ridiculously proposed laws have really lost touch with reality. Tougher gun laws in Chicago have done nothing but make that city less safe. I have never known where a hardened criminal ever abided by tougher gun laws because they will do everything possible to circumvent those laws regardless of the penalties involved.

  33. Iwasyoungonce says

    There IS a reason criminals are referred to as “Out Laws”… If banning guns will take care of gun violence, then banning automobiles will take care of drunk driving, right?

  34. DaveM says

    What liberal wrote this article (as if all of us can not see the author)? We d o not need tougher laws on guns! Our amendment grantees us that our rights to own guns will not be infringed upon! Now this article states otherwise! Honest law abiding people have guns too! Why should we have to pay the toll for some idiot troll?

    Ever notice that the people with guns often save the lives of people around them? Look at the cops!

    Within the article “…you can’t find a gun shop within the city limi9ts. Restrictions on handgun ownership are draconian and as close to outright banishment as lawmakers can get without violating the Constitution.” Really? Restriction of impediment is violation of the amendment! Think what would happen if the law was all over the country!

    Remember prohibition…it did not work and many politicians (Kennedy’s) made a fortune! If guns are outlawed:
    1. Only criminals will have guns
    2. You will not be safe and subject to dictatorial or criminal control

  35. Mike says

    Agree with Sam ,what we need is more moral and ethics in government generally! Prime example please look at the Canadian Singer Justin Beiber Miami Beach case for drag racing, DUI, Drugs and resisting arrest know in the hands of Roy Black how also defended Catherine Fernandez Rundle 2 kids when arrested for drugs in Miami-Dade and case transferred to Broward County AND NEVER SERVED ONE DAY! In Justin’s case they know say He is a minor for the DUI therefore it don’t count what ‘s the deal with the rest of the charges and his co-defedent? Look them up and you will see only one charge left Resisting Arrest Without Violence on what charge?

    What does it have to do with this ,well a car or vehicle is considered a weapon also in the commission of a crime!

    What is Chicago? The crib of corruption, Mob, The Chicago 7, The Black Panthers etc. and more crime than any other States without weapons? Therefore weapons are not the problem in Chicago animals are!

    Sam; this guy is trying to line his pockets also or is waiting in the gravy line for the NRA handout!

  36. robert kelly says

    Chief of police in Detroit would like to see more legal gun owners caring there weapons in public, there crime rate dropped when they did.

  37. Laurence Almand says

    Another example of Big Brother gone wild. The old cliché “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” is certainly true of Chicago and Washington DC!

  38. Cranky Steven says

    The people of Chicago deserve exactly what they are getting as they voted in and tolerate these tin-pot dictators. I have zero sympathy for any of them except the children who have no say.

    1. Johnny says

      True, Chicago voted wholeheartedly for Obozo and they voted for his friend Rahm in as Mayor and NOW LOOK AT THAT PLACE! You wonder why Obozo is looking for house in another state rather then the state where the only people that love him are?

      1. Cranky Steven says

        Sadly, his house here ( less than 20 miles from mine), is in escrow. I am moving. I won’t live in such close vicinity to trash like him and his brood. I have my standards, you know.

        1. Johnny says

          Believe me I understand. I’m just glad I moved out when I did. I lived in the city next door but it would still be too close to him.

          1. Cranky Steven says

            I hear ya. It’s like when the neighbor’s septic tank overflows into your yard.

      2. bill says

        why does no one ever bring up new York city for electing an avowed communist for mayor.
        or DC for electing a crack head for mayor twice. or for electing schumer , Bloomberg and Clinton…

  39. mdfield1 says

    ALSO, the REAL number of Homicides in Chicago have been going down ARTIFICIALLY, ever since Rahm Emanuel became Mayor. The number of murders was ‘unacceptable’ so he fire the medical examiner and put in one who has changed the way they categorize the dead and he has forced his police department to change how THEY categorize and investigate deaths. This has allowed them to ‘HIDE’ untold numbers of murders, most of which are by way of shootings. The years PRIOR to Rahm becoming Mayor, the number of murders per year was one to two HUNDRED MORE! This is just ANOTHER example of Democrat politics as usual in Chicago. One perfect example is a young woman found dead, a bag duct taped over her head, her mouth gagged with more duct tape over it and bound to a chair. She had been stabbed with a knife MULTIPLE TIMES! The medical examiner changed her death from murder to indeterminate because he said that she had a bad heart and it MAY have been the cause of her death. There are many more examples just like this. They did the same thing to lower aggravated assaults. It’s all SMOKE AND MIRRORS! This is how the Democrats roll. They are experts at DISINFORMATION!

  40. George T says

    Sounds like we need to have a lock and loaded million man march on Chicago, legally they can’t do a dam thing about it. They don’t have enough law enforcement to handle us, so there is no need to be afraid of them. Who the hell do they think they are. No one has the right to infringe on 2nd Amendment rights, that includes that traitor, tyrant, dictator, scumsucking, good for nothing, muslim terrorist supporter, as Ted Nugget put it: “Subhuman Mongeril” Obozo. The Constitution applies coast to coast and the last time i checked that incudes Chicago. Chicagoans, stand up for your rights, get some balls and tell your governor and mayor to go to hell. Send these assholes packing! You (we) do not have to stand for this B.S.! Communist bastards!

  41. Robert4709 says

    Every year politicans get more assertive on telling lies because it has worked for them for so long. I am talking about both parties. People have believed the lies for so long because we all want to believe the truth is spoken but politicians have a long history of telling lies and it has worked. If you tell a lie so many times it becomes truth in some peoples minds. I live outside of Chicago about 40 minutes, I was born and raised in Chicago and I tell you I don’t ever want to go back into Chicago especially at night or late afternoon. We don’t need stronger gun laws anywhere in US or Chicago. Sometimes I think the office of the mayor no matter who is the incumbent thinks Chicago is a separate nation unto itself. We need laws that are enforced with judges and prosecutors who are willing to step up and of course the police. They work and are dedicated most of them, the Chicago Police need what I call teeth because years ago there was no problem like the problems that are now because the police actually were able to enforce the laws and the court enforced the law. It is not the guns that is at the root of this, it is the law and the willingness to enforce the law. Other factors play into this also, like upbringing, parents, education, going to school and obtaining a good education, and becoming productive citizens, the association with other people, churches, and more. Leaders who will lead. It’s never going to end if all that we look at are guns.

  42. Terry Hamblin says

    It is clear that the Government, (Obama and his henchmen), want to take everyone’s guns, just like all would be dictators. It is also clear that if the citizenry does not have guns, the criminals will be much more brazen because they WILL have guns. One of the problems that sticks out is that local law enforcement agencies only report about 7% of felons, lunatics, and other wanna be killers to the FBI for their data base, and that data base is where gun dealers must do background checks on gun buyers. Kick local Governments in the butt, they are at fault for all of the illegal guns that kids from 10 to 40 have!

  43. Billy Edens says

    they can stick the Chicago gun laws up their where ever !!! CHICAGO SUXS

  44. Judy says

    looks like to me the legal gun owner are not the ones doing the killings and crooks will always be able to get them send the illegals home and half of it will stop also the rapes and murders

  45. Combatvet52 says

    Look we all know that they do not enforce the existing gun laws, for instance a guy robs a bank and is armed he fires couple of shots into the ceiling wants to show he’s the man in control like most stupid criminals the squat team arrives take this creep into custody, he has a court appearance the attorney makes a deal he gets 5 years but drop the gun charge, now put the gun charge in there and tack on 15 mandatory years, that totals 20 years, Soooooooo am i right or wrong.

    1. AL Orange Park, FL says

      if you commit the crime you pay the time no other gun laws necessary period

  46. AL Orange Park, FL says

    the socialist will NOT back down they’ve got to get rid of ALL guns so that We The People are defenseless! The commie punk in the white house from kenya and his punk goons and commies must remove our ability to fight back against his communist agenda. Both houses will allow it once they get enough commie punks in them to not care if we vote them out

  47. Jarhead6541 says

    The city has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country, yet the shootings continue.

    Well, what a surprise.

    Criminals not following gun laws.

    He!!, let’s just make some more! DERP!

  48. babsan says

    The Muslim Plant Fraud and his partner in crime the mayor of Chicago are deaf,blind and DUMB when it comes to Obama’s hometown

  49. I AM THE BEAST Sssotlohiefmjn says

    No way Jose. We do not need tougher gun laws, we need less gun laws and more guns in the hands of all people who are not locked up in an institution such as military, mental health, prison, jail. We need guns in the hands of people age 16 to 120 and older. We do not need stinking antigun laws or antigun anything. We need more guns and more freedom to carry them and use them. I am a gun owner from the early 1980,s in CA and I have my weapons hid on Federal Land and I will not disclose the location or articles I have. I will keep my freedom to bear arms regardless of courts or judges or police who have ordered I turn them in, I will lie as needed and ignore them. I will not account my action as criminal and will be proud of the action I have with keeping my guns and ammunition under my control and out of the control of others, especially the US Federal government and State Government.

  50. sanford paris says

    What do you mean “we,” paleface? We have all but disappeared. It is they, not we, who rule. Our votes are more removed from our actual wants than ever, before. The fraud at the polls is only hidden from those who don’t wish to see it. We are in someone else’s death spiral, and the illogical and outrageous political actions occur with our without us. We seem to make no difference. Does it bother anyone? Publish a “fact,” clear, non debatable, evidenced and still the followers will refuse to acknowledge it as fact, instead portraying it as a myth, an error, a radical opinion, nowhere in reality. And if you think you can un-elect, good luck with that. Too many Americans walk around without a mind, these days, but they have not lost the use of their mouths.

    1. studi30 says

      Thus the saying ” Be sure to engage mind before putting mouth in gear”. Or “Constipation of the mind and diarrhea of the mouth”.

  51. Bucky says

    I think the best way to deter crime is mandatory gun carry and bringing back the dealth penalty. I do not think tougher gun laws will effect crimes much. It will only effect our Second Amendment Right To Bear Arms.

    1. studi30 says

      One small town in Texas, the name escapes me at the moment, has mandatory gun ownership. If you don’t want to own a gun it is OK. They did this because crime was high. Now no crime at all.

  52. kelyden says

    Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional illogical minority that holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.
    Guns kill, pick-up trucks make peopled drive drunk, pencils misspell words, spoons made Rosie O’Donnell Fat!

  53. eddyjames says

    The government could not care less about how many are killed.You are as likely to be killed by the government or because of something the government does or did or didn’t do as by a criminal with a gun. Just ask the American Indians how well the government protected them..Gun laws are all about control! No gun= total control.

  54. FloridaJim says

    Hillary and Bill Clinton stole the White House furniture as they left for New York. She told the movers “if it isn’t nailed down it is ours” a blatant lie and thievery check it out. This book tells the foul story of the slimy Clintons-“The Final Days-The Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White
    House” By Barbara Olsen

    As far as guns and democrats :After 503 days since Trayvon died,since then there have been
    over 10565 blacks killed by other blacks….. name one! The race
    baiters: Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, Holder, Dyson, Robinson,
    Waters, Cummings, Rangel,Lee et al cannot name or remember a
    single one!! That is, on average, over 21 per DAY!!!
    The United States ranks 3rd
    in Murders throughout the World.However, take out Chicago, Detroit, Washington
    DC, and New Orleans,the United States is 4th from the bottom for Murders.These 4 Cities have
    the toughest Gun Control Laws in the United States.All 4 are controlled by Democrats.
    It would be absurd to draw any conclusions from this data, right”

    Watch this when removing guns are discussed -Hitler, Mao, and Stalin all began by taking guns from honest citizens, to, control the people:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuJ_sj5JvsQ
    A refresher course on firearms.

    ? RIGHT?

    1. studi30 says

      No Florida, the World Health Organization ranks the US at 110th in murders of every kind. That is 4.2 per 100,000 people in the US. The other 109 nations before us have higher murder rates per 100,000, and not one citizen of those countries can own a gun.

      1. Naome Lixes says

        “The other 109 nations before us have higher murder rates per 100,000, and not one citizen of those countries can own a gun.”

        Or drink the tap water.

        To paraphrase,
        “Compared to Somalia, we’re AWEsome.”

        What rubbish

        1. studi30 says

          What rubbish are you going on about? Who said anything about Somalia or tap water. Let’s see, you use the word rubbish, are you from England or Canada? You must find it hard too comprehend what you read. This is from the World Health Organization, a far left, Libterd organization

    2. Naome Lixes says

      Sure, if you cherry pick the data to reach the conclusion you seek.

      Correlation isn’t causation.
      Laws are in response to crime, not the cause of it.

      It would be absurd to think that something so packed with deadly power
      as a gun, in a neat little package, can’t be transported from States with
      porous gun registries to States with rigorous enforcement.

      Congratulations on piling tripe on top of tropes.

      1. DownhillRacer74 says

        You are a pile of (fill-in-the-blank)!

  55. disqus_oajLzmvtVa says

    Oh hurrah for Chicago! Take my gun and then who gets shot and killed? This city is so SATANIC that even the very City employees have a horrible history. Don’t understand why anyone would want to live there the so called police have a horrible time. As to those who have mental problems. How many have been counseled and still remain in the same mind set? Then what is next? More counseling at the taxpayers expense? More abusive behavior? How about detention and a lot of work and I mean physical to keep there minds busy with sweat & work instead of poor me I just can’t help it. There needs to be solutions and forget the on going counseling forever and ever and ever and ever.

  56. Combatvet52 says

    Enough with the stupid gun laws if all sane people carried there would be no crime at all.

  57. studi30 says

    Wrong, you can’t carry in NJ. NY, Maryland, Hawaii, Delaware, California and four other States that escape me at the moment.

    1. Naome Lixes says

      Because you don’t really know what you’re on about.

      You’re going with what you assume.

      There’s a saying about that….

      1. studi30 says

        Naome, what do you know? There are ten States which don’t allow concealed carry, PERIOD. I live in NJ and know as a fact that we don’t have concealed carry. Yes the saying is he who assumes makes an ass-u-me. You are an AZZ.

  58. dwalk says

    misleading and erroneous information.

    california does NOT allow “Open carry” of handguns OR long guns (rifles and shotguns)

    crooked legislators, like leland yee, attempted to “control” certain types, or, ‘class’ if you prefer, of firearms while, at the same time, were peddling the same to foreign terror groups…yee is facing 25 years in lock up.

    well meaning, but sadly misinformed, dysfunctional and irrational legislators, have created enormous amounts of chaos and added to the list of crimes that they CREATED…basically…they CREATE MORE PROBLEMS THAN THEY SOLVE.

  59. 1uncle says

    We need to take guns away from demorats to stop the violence and deaths.

  60. icemancold says

    WELL: I will venture to say if CHICAGO is an indication of how GUN LAWS prevent crime we need to allow every sane person have and carry a gun. We have more than enough laws now all we need is some one with the gonads to enforce them. Revert back to the time where if you killed a person you were tried found guilty and HUNG by the NECK UNTIL DEAD !! This is what will stop a lot of these street punks like TREYVON from doing what they do.!!

  61. Wayne Thorson says

    This discussion is not between liberals and conservatives like some of you like to portray. It is between the common sense people and the people lacking common sense. It’s about should felons have 2nd amendment rights or not. The people that are lacking common sense seam to believe that we already have laws preventing this. Obviously these laws don’t work. All they have to do is find someone that will pass a background check to buy their gun for them. Now you say there is a law against that. Well we need a law that will make that person get a background check on whoever he sells it to. That way there is a paper trail back to whoever is furnishing the firearm. Now for those of you that are so worried that the government is going to come and take away all your firearms because this has been done before. This is a scare tactic put out by the firearms companies to brainwash weak minded people into thinking it could happen to them. If you believe this then you are not living in the same country as I am. The countries that this happened in were run by Dictators or people that were in charge for a long time. We elect a president every 4 years so this could never happen here. We live in a Democracy. We need to kick out all those politicians in that do nothing congress that voted against the 91% of the people that wanted background checks. By the way there are just as many liberals that own guns as there are conservatives. Thanks for taking the time to read someone that has common senses comments.

  62. al.k says

    The stiff gun laws created the most gun violence in Illinois, when they recently allowed ccpermits crime rate fell, the criminal element is supported by the government, look at the arms given the Mexican drug cartel to kill our border agents, our agents need mortar launchers triggered by motion detectors and ir

    cameras, also ultra sound projectors would repel them, only kill the ones who get past those, they do need to stop the border invasion even if they have to kill them .

  63. al.k says

    what really needs to be done is stop all immigration, put a death penalty for drug peddling, with our 100 million homeless unemployed citizens we sure don’t need anymore immigrants, all illegals need to be deported, obama spent $3-7 thousand for each illegal dumped on our border, then wants $7 billion to make sure they are well cared for. If congress wasn’t sold out, they would take that Islamic communist out forcibly and execute him for treason and war crimes.

  64. Armyvet24years says

    Liberal insanity infects all logic with emotional rantings

  65. Merle Dickey says

    I think Chicago is the perfect example of why we don’t want gun control. The criminals go crazy , they are lovin’ it!! No why to protect yourself!! If you live there and want a peaceful life, leave and let the criminals have it then when it is so bad you can’t even drive through, drop a bomb on it. Bang , gone.

  66. gangbuster says

    What we need is more people trained to defend there selfs,, because them gangbangers and druggies always get and carry guns,, all i can see is them assholes in the govenment want to do is screw the law obiding citizens instead of inforcing the law we already have.

  67. Kenny Lyon says

    Thought guns were only sold to legal recipients. If the legal recipients become illegal then let’s do for them the same as what we do with the rest. Put them in jail and feed them three square. If they are in jail thyen we don’t have to worry about them now do we?

  68. Sunsale says

    Someone said this. Gun control is not about guns. Its about control. Keep in mind we are a republic, not a democracy.

  69. hora says

    In Chicago start haunt gang, Mexican and all illegals and deported, plus Dems must cease of exist in a politic view.

  70. Bob Riker says

    Who is the Oxy More Ron Idiot, who came up with this statement? Obama? It’s the same old adage, You cannot have it? In spite of torment people will have what ever as soon as you say no. Enforce the Laws on the Books that are not being enforced. California, Illinois, Maryland, all have Laws that infringe on the 2nd Amendment. All of these States have the Highest Crime Rates, in America. But they do not enforce the Laws that are on the Books right now. Tunnel Vision is the Problems, and Guns are supposed to be the bad guy. What ever happened to Drug, Gangs, Gang Violence, Rapes, Slavery Trade? Not seeing any Laws being enforced In these areas. Why?

  71. Brian Diffenderfer says

    “Of course, while mental illness is the primary factor behind the headline-grabbing mass shootings we’ve seen in recent years”… have to question this statement, how does one know it is mental health issue, when the shooters, for the most part are killed. The problem is Mental Health, not mental illness.. the cause for all the mass-shooting is SSRIs(Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors) like Zanax, Prozac. Zoloft, Luvox etc. Theres a reason they release all information about the shooters in these cases, but one thing is ALWAYS sealed in these cases.. the prescription history of these individuals. Thats your sign.

  72. Bob Riker says

    Speaking of Violence? How many MS13 Gang Members have crossed into the United States from Latin America lately? What about the other Gang Members coming? and nothing is being done to stop it either. More Gang Members, more Guns coming from foreign countries. Plus all other weapons that they use to Kill. Really scary, what Obama does to make it easy for Criminals to enter the United States.

    1. WhiteFalcon says

      You are entirely correct. I’m afraid that there is going to be a lot of violence nation wide because of this moronic fool in the White House.

  73. C.M. Dawson says

    Death penalty for murder, instead of a slap on the wrist and out of prison in 10 to 15 years or less, for good behavior. Then, more murders by this criminal. Our prisons don’t rehabilitate criminals. They make them more violent.

    More gun laws? We already have thousands on the books, many unenforced. It is pathetically ignorant, or outright blatantly stupid that the left think more gun laws will have any effect whatsoever on crime. New gun laws only remove the right of citizens to arms themselves from murderous madmen.

    Look at Chicago. Some of the most restrictive and draconian laws on the books, yet the murders are out of control. Police won’t even respond or patrol some areas of the city.

    More ignorant gun laws have no effect on gang crime or crime perpetrated by the mentally ill.

    I think the left and right need to get off their asses and find a solution. Our police have been armed to the teeth with armored vehicles and machine guns coming back from the wars. Use them in war zones, dangerous warrant issuing, but not minor offenses where no knock warrants have resulted in police and civilian casualties, as homeowners fear home invasions and protect themselves.

    We have an unannounced police state in this country, with our criminal administration using the alphabet soup agencies and militarily armed police to foist jack boot thuggery on the populace, instead of putting those assets to use in metro war zones. Pathetic.

  74. GoFast says

    This is just want the gun grabbers want. Sorry but look at the facts in 2012 Chicago has 264,000 drug addicts on Heroin, Meth, and Crack that will do anything to support their habit. Facts and actual documentation from National Graphic. Along with 232,000 known gang members that are dealing the drugs, infecting anyone from 6 year olds to 60 year old and don’t give a damn as long as they become their customers. Again Facts and Documentation from National Graphic to include interviews. Then throw in the 2 cartels that are fighting KILLING anyone that gets in their way, innocent or not as they battle over the 2 Billion Dollar a year drug business, that is to control Chicago and the distribution roots out of Chicago to other cities. So I guess you believe that the law abiding citizens that can own guns should not have the ability to protect themselves and there property, seeing that most of the people that need that protection live in the areas that have the dealers and gang’s shooting it up. This goes to show how little you know, I say take a walk down the streets of Chicago after dark by yourself and wake up.

  75. Ron Kimball says

    Laws against carrying in public have been struck down by the federal courts in WA DC so maybe they will soon follow suit in Chicago. A gun on every hip out in the open would probably do more to stop crime in Chicago then the entire police force does.

  76. sudsy says

    Jetmagnet, You need to wake up to the real world! All need to follow DETROIT,Mi.. AND THERE WOULD BE LOTS LOWER CRIME WITH GUNS! The major news networks also need to Wake up and start telling the real news and stop being puppets of Obama! Soros needs to be stripped of All american money he has and told to go back to whence he came and stay there! He should not be financing Obama’s destroying this country and correct his home country!It would be a lot better off than it is!

  77. gangbuster says

    Let me start off by saying that christie is nothing but a fat pig and a democrat in sheeps clothing,, i cant stand that bastard,, and two inforce the laws we have now not make new ones,, and three i’m a retired police officer and i always carry a fire arm and i tell people i know they should have one handy.

  78. Garrett MM MM YEAH YEAH says

    There is clearly a strong correlation between lower than average IQ and journalists.

  79. Mike says

    Chicago is screwed up as a result of a poor community planner in the past. It’s a good thing they got rid of that guy and sent him to the White House, or Chicago really would be a mess. I personally have no problem with the gang members murdering each other on a daily basis – saves the cops the trouble, and the taxpayers money. However, to not allow law-abiding citizens to arm themselves (right to keep and bear arms sound familiar?) is not only moronic, but unconstitutional. First of all, I wouldn’t live in Chicago. Second of all, if I did, I would be conceal carrying at least one or more weapons on me at all times. I’d much rather risk getting arrested for carrying, than risk not being able to defend myself or my family. Make sense? Use your judgement, don’t rely on someone else’s opinion, and do what’s best for you and your loved ones. Said differently, if you take responsibility for your own actions, then you don’t need someone else to dictate what your behavior should be. Everytime the government makes another law, we lose another freedom – quit looking to them for “help.” Their kind of “help” seems to always turn to $hit!

  80. Dennis B Anderson says

    Im wondering what they call the 3 strikes and youre out law. Why isnt this working?? Why do they keep letting gun toting criminals out of jail.?? You bring back the death penalty and see what happens. Enforce the laws that are on the books. Wow!!!! I just read what you had to say SAM!! Its basically the same damn thing. The local court house is a money maker it leads me to beleive the Mafia is a part of it.

  81. dmttbt says

    Gee, I can’t understand why passing laws saying you can’t have a gun doesn’t do away with all the gun violence. Just kidding of course. Why do people think that gang members and thieves and crooks and thugs would obey a gun law. Isn’t that what those terms mean?

  82. kris littlefield says

    They want to go after law abiding citizens because we’re easy marks. The big problem with guns is gangs but going after gangs is hard work. You could take every gun away from every citizen in the world and the crooks and gangs would find a way to have theirs.

  83. boss06hog@yahoo.com says

    You people that want tougher gun laws, get you head out sand and your ASS, more gun laws will not make flying rats ass, How about enforcing the ones we have, How about you Kill someone with a gun in a act of crime you get the chair. The criminals will get what they want you can have all the laws and if they want a gun they will get a gun

  84. dmttbt says

    To jetmagnet: You say you can several or many cases where a gun will not save you. I would rather take my chances being armed as compared to not being armed.