Wellesley Profs: No Controversial Ideas on Our Campus, Please


Hillary Clinton’s alma mater made headlines this week when a group of professors sent out an extraordinary email detailing their thoughts on how outside campus speakers should be chosen. Wellesley College faculty belonging to the Commission for Ethnicity, Race, and Equity recommended a litany of criteria that, as critics have said, would severely curtail the spectrum of ideas that have a place on campus.

In the email, the faculty made the declaration that inviting controversial speakers to the Wellesley campus was an imposition on “the liberty of students, staff, and faculty at Wellesley,” and forced them down the dark road of investing “time and energy in rebutting the speakers’ arguments.”

Because if there’s one thing we don’t want our students to do, it’s think too much about their own beliefs. We want them to merely accept those beliefs as the truth; any ideas that could counteract those beliefs are dangerous and must be censored.

Do you think anyone at the Wellesley campus would care if the UFO club invited some kook to come talk about visitors from the planet Zulitron? Probably not, because no one’s concerned that Mr. Zulitron’s ideas will catch on. They’re absurd, and they can be seen as absurd by the vast majority of people. And those who can’t see the absurdity, well, there’s nothing you can do about those people, so there’s no point in worrying about it.

No, ideas are only scary when they force you to question what you currently believe. Colleges like to pretend that they are anti-indoctrination centers, there to expand the mind and break you out of the little world you grew up in. Maybe they were, at one point. Maybe they still are, in some ways.

But in just as many ways, they have just become another form of indoctrination. Maybe it is enlightening to see that some of the stuff you believed in wasn’t true. But did that make you free? Or did you just immediately begin believing in another story? One that may not be any more true than the old one…

At Wellesley, the professors were partially responding to a recent speaker, Laura Kipnis, who raised some controversial not-quite-the-kind-of-feminism-we-liberals-like issues like the “culture of sexual paranoia” gripping many college campuses.

From FIRE, which uncovered the email:

The committee recommends that those inviting any future speakers “consider whether, in their zeal for promoting debate, they might, in fact, stifle productive debate by enabling the bullying of disempowered groups,” adding that the committee would be “happy to serve as a sounding board when hosts are considering inviting controversial speakers, to help sponsors think through the various implications of extending an invitation.” They also argue that “standards of respect and rigor must remain paramount when considering whether a speaker is actually qualified for the platform granted by an invitation to Wellesley.”

The left used to pride themselves on their commitment to free speech, and colleges used to pride themselves on the free exchange of intellectual ideas. Where that kind of liberalism has gone, we don’t know.

Maybe it was always a front.

  1. slk5 says

    cupcakes, every single one of them!!!

    1. John Somers says

      I think that snowflake is term we should use. Snowflakes serve no useful purpose just like the cadre in most colleges today.

  2. Laura says

    they are suppose to help you question everything we must start regulating the positions these admin are taking with our children Our kids are graduating with no ability 2 face the real world and zero tolerance ability.

    1. glenn398 says

      Laura think it is too late as those type of people are in total control of our education system all the way down to grade school. The public slept while those intent on controlling all made their move starting way back in the 40s.

      1. ernldo says

        The public was working to support their families, and via taxation those not wanting to lift a finger. Its NOT their fault….The mistake was trusting gooberment and the lying media traitors!

        1. glenn398 says

          Since we have no choice in what most operations of the government do then it has little to do with trust. The only thing I say about government is show me one government operation that is operating efficiently or anywhere within budget.

          1. ernldo says

            There is none to show you, of course the big gooberment demotards will always present a few bad examples….

          2. glenn398 says

            There is one thing they have done quite well since Johnson’s great society and that is steal from the working to bless those unwilling to do so.

          3. ernldo says

            Yes, they also excel at sending the middle class young people to fight stupid wars for the liberal elites….

          4. glenn398 says

            Not only do they send our youth to stupid wars they take control away from the generals when we are winning so we end up losing. Viet Nam and Korea war were really good examples of that one but our other wars had the same problem.

          5. ernldo says

            True. We are actually pretty darn good at winning wars, buy AWFUL at occupation….(the politician meddling again)

          6. glenn398 says

            Yep the politicians lost ever war we fought and they will continue to do so. Trump on the other hand wants us out of these wars and can only hope he does so.

          7. ernldo says


          8. Indigo Sentia Haiti says

            Vietnam was a useless mess that actually started way back in WW2. The final years of that war are what the public saw on the news. The Korean War was conducted in such a way as to not trigger an all out war with China although the typical north Korean soldier was actually Chinese as we pretty much killed off all the N. Korean males in the first weeks of that war. Keeping those wars at a small scale was a wise choice by our presidents. It is much like General Patton at the end of WW2. He wanted to invade and defeat Russia. But the US public had suffered enormously and the expenses of WW2 are to this day heavy upon us. The last thing we needed in 1945 was a full out war with the Soviet Union. Situations like that are why military leaders must be regulated by the political system.

          9. glenn398 says

            The Korean war had no Chinese in it until our stupid president Truman proudly made the statement we wouldn’t use nuclear weapons, at that point the Chinese poured over the border. Only the politicians feared China that had no nuclear power or a delivery system so again the political stupidity.

          10. catman says

            Federal Bureau of Prisons….Run efficiently-questionable….Run within budget-Yes. I worked for them for 25 years and it is probably one of the best run agencies within the federal government. Could stand improvement, but one of the best,

          11. glenn398 says

            Like you said could stand improvement but one of the best in my opinion the best of the worse. To me they provide a lot more to prisoners then is required and they should be required to do some type of work like they used to do in the old days.

          12. catman says

            I agree with you. However, our liberal courts have handed down the decisions as to what and how prisoners are entitled to. You would be flabbergasted if you knew how much we the tax payer are paying for these prisoners to sit on their butts. Example: One prisoner sued the government because he didn’t have sufficient (in his belief) access to law books. So the courts order the BOP to establish law libraries in ALL prisons run by the BOP. What these “libraries” ended up with would be the envy of a good attorney. It cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and only a very few ‘inmates’ took advantage of them.
            I could go on and on regarding these things. After 25 years you see plenty.

          13. glenn398 says

            Yes it seems everyone except the law abiding citizen has more privileges in this day and age.

        2. Indigo Sentia Haiti says

          Who do you think puts government employees in office? It comes back on the people, not the government.

          1. ernldo says

            If you think voters have any say, interview a few Sanders 2016 supporters…..

          2. America1st says

            Government is the problem. Government solutions require more wasteful spending to support more bureaucracates to do less work. Drain the swamp.

          3. glenn398 says

            The majority of rules put upon the citizens of this country are not elected officials.

    2. Mathew Molk says

      Maybe “your Kids”, but not mine. – The BIGGEST mistake is “SENDING kids anywhere. MAke them pay for it them selves. Get a friggin entry level job in the field you want to pursue. Go to night school and work your way up. Take any job you can get with a company that is career related even if it has to be the floor sweeper or mail room boy at a law firm or a print girl in an engineering office. Some of the best doctors started out as orderlies and aids make the best nurses. There was A time engineering was an apprenticeship qnd you started out cleaning out chip pans under lathes and running a saw. You know where Dennis Kucinich started out? After a paper route he was a copy boy at the Cleveland Plain dealer.

      And above all – No more sending kids to schools where they can major in Aardvark Psychology or the sexual perversions of the mosquito bug larva. – And as far as “Ivy League” schools go. Look what Harvard has turned out for bust out politicians including worthless presidents.Lately it seems every worthless back stabbing politician id a Harvard graduate. Not too may productive people went there.

      You can have your degree in 4 years and end up a quarter million dollars in student debt,and a drug habit, or you can take 8 or 10 years and have no school debt but you could have , a wife, 2 kids and a house in the suburbs the day they get their sheepskin as well as a good paying job.. (YOu know, there are MANY places where you can work that offer tuition reimbursement and incremental promotions and the pay raises that go with them)

      If you do not pay your kids way you will cheat them out of a 4 year party and the habit of never thinking for themselves and a work ethic considering a full time job as being 3 out of 5, 2 with a hang over, but If they do it themselves they will not only have a strong work ethic but will also have not only the respect of others in their business community, but will also have self respect that the snowflakes completely lack.

      The end result is the snowflake will stand no chance against the self made people. They will find that out here not everybody gets a trophy and when they have to go toe to toe against a 31 year old “new degree” with 12 years experience that in the real world the wolves eat the sheep and no matter how many times they scream “Baaaaa” and claim microaggression or bullying they will come out second best every time. There are no safe spaces adjacent to a corporate board room.

      If everybody would adapt this tough love stance crap holes like Wellesley would soon dry up or would be forced into being a real collage and not just a Marxist indoctrination center. When you are paying the bills yourself you very quickly realize who is working for who and it’s not the professors who are the employers, but they are your employee and you demand they do what you are paying them for.

      1. ernldo says

        My sons were well prepared in advance for their libtard encounters at college. Looking back its a wonder they made it through….

      2. Indigo Sentia Haiti says

        These days your advice would ruin a kid. Many doors will forever close to you if you ever take a lowly position. What parents fear is telling their kids that being a super straight A student and scoring off the charts on the SAT exams will often make you rich before you even start college. These days some high school students receive over one million dollars in support as well as a totally free education from universities that fight tooth and nail to attract such super stars. In a way if you are not on full scholarship after high school you are already a failure. If you want to drive nails in your coffin simply mention that you also worked while in high school being a bag boy or flipping burgers somewhere.

        1. Herb1949 says

          Nonsense, employers want people that have initiative, drive and can think outside the box. Taking a low paying job to work your way through college WILL NOT hurt a person’s chances later in life.

          1. Indigo Sentia Haiti says

            No, employers seek people that they can convert into wage slaves who follow directions and are submissive. Many employers actually want workers to die on the job. For example a chain of convenience stores places stores in very high risk areas and insures the employee in such a way that the company makes a fortune if the cashiers are gunned down on the job. The entire projected profits from such a company comes from life insurance claims being paid to the chain. As long as they break even on sales a dead employee makes it a profitable business. Whether there are more evil companies than decent companies is up for debate.

          2. Pam Dunn says

            MOre idiocy from the moron that should move its rear end BACK to Haiti.

          3. America1st says


            Employers are looking for people that contribute by reducing costs through continuous improvements and creating customer satisfaction to increase sales and bottom line profits. Successful companies do no retain employees that don’t make these productive contributions.

            The business world is extremely competitive and only the best innovators survive. For example, big retail stores like, Sears and Macy’s haven’t advanced technology and are loosing market share to internet based companies.

          4. Ace Dragon says

            my son went to uc irvine for technology in vertural reality design. he graduated with honors and was 2 in top of his class. he could not get a job. all the tech jobs where in china, or sent out of the country. so he wen to become a fireman. he spent 4 months in school and training. then he had a chance to work for the orange county fire. they did not hire him they hired a hispanic with no collogee degree. so he went to nursing school and became an RN. he has a great job and make’s great money. he did work at the airlines where his mom works. while in nursing school. having a job while working, does not increase your chances of getting one in the field you studied in.

        2. Pam Dunn says

          More spew from a liberal jackass butt kissing liberal moron and total idiot.

          1. catman says

            Well said Pam.

        3. pineapple says

          While in high school, took any job I could get. I dug ditches with a pick and shovel, was a carpenters helper, a brick mason’s helper, and a garbage man.

          I saved money from these jobs to help me get through college.

          I graduated first in my high school class, but back then, there were no merit scholarships, so I worked my way through college.

          I have little sympathy for millenials who think the world owes them a living

      3. lovezion says

        You’ve spoken as a wise person!!! If EVERYONE who has children followed your advice we wouldn’t have to deal with crooked professors and other staff becoming rich in colleges and universities at the students’ parents expense AND making poisonous demotards of the students!

      4. pineapple says

        I worked my way through college as a co-op student. I went to school for one quarter, and then worked the next quarter. This was repeated for four years, after which I went to school for the full year.

        I was able to gain work experience in addition to “book learning”, which helped me to land a decent paying job when I graduated with a chemical engineering degree.
        I was able to pay off my school loans after I graduated.

        Thank goodness my professors were apolitical, and politics was never mentioned in my classes. Most were German scientists who were brought to America after WWII. to teach.

        My grandson is now a co-op student, studying industrial engineering.

    3. ernldo says

      NO MORE federal dollars to these traitors!

    4. Ron C says

      I worked for a major aerospace company for 37 years…the latest engineer’s the colleges were pumping out were as useless as a bag of rocks with an attitude…sad.

    5. Indigo Sentia Haiti says

      Tolerance and behaviors are taught at home and in churches. Academics are taught in schools. Parents can not do a proper job as women now work as well as men and a lack of money shuts off learning opportunities for children. Keep in mind that parents determine the budgets and they also control the laws and regulations for schools by who they choose to elect to office.

  3. Justin Seine says

    I can just imagine the words spoken at the behind closed door gathering as they prepared to release this statement. It probably went like this….

    “Allowing controversial topics to be discussed on campus might get students thinking. We can’t have that, as thinking may become a habit and then our students may question what the hell we are charging them so much money to fill their heads with self-serving blather. We do not need a generation of thinkers to emerge from our tenured bastions because that would likely lead to our downfall. You cannot control thinking minds but you can control indoctrinated dupes! To maintain our cushy overpaid under-worked lifestyles we need to send out graduates into this dog eat dog world as vegetarians. By doing that, we will keep them under our thumbs and be in a position to continue exploiting their custom molded minds until they leave this mortal coil. One Socrates was enough! We do not need nor want these supple minds questioning ANYTHING!”

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      1. Boyd Herrst says

        Go Away spam dog !

        1. lovezion says

          Boyd you can flag it as “Inappropriate”. I just did.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            Block them, I do.

      2. ernldo says

        Go back to prostitution, we ain’t buying your spam….

        1. catman says

          She must be hell on wheels in bed to earn that much doncha think ??

    2. Mike with the Silver Star says

      Excellent comment, Justin!…Couldn’t have said it better myself

    3. America1st says

      Amen Justin.

      Schools like Weasley, I mean Wellesley, are not serving the best long term interests of their students.

      Businesses look to hire critical thinkers that challenge the status quo and can make continuous improvements which improve productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately profitability.

      This assumes that students go to college to get a good paying job and desire a better life. Not sure this is a valid assumption anymore since parents seem to be willing to pay hundreds of thousands dollars for a degree so their kids will not “think too much” and challenge the liberal “truths” of wealth redistribution (of other people’s money) for never ending and expanding perceived social justice issues as defined by the “omniscient” (and wacky) politically correct police while taking no responsibility for their own decisions.

      What happened to the idea of moral character, responsibility, hard work, God, family, and country? Silly me, I think too much!

      1. Rd Lankes says

        Small wonder these little libtards can’t get a job when they graduate.

        1. gotabgood says

          And your still living off the backs of the Liberals…

          1. gotcha1 says

            Go crawl back under that rock you came from! You must be a college professor!

          2. PatriotGal says

            No longer a compliment…used to be, but no more.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            It’s the liberals who want the free stuff.

          4. Rd Lankes says

            and just how do you think that is so? You have concealed your identity rather well. With the amount of posting that you do, I suspect that you have no job, and are still living in your mother’s basement.

          5. gotabgood says

            Are you people all puppets that have the same recording?
            Try thinking for yourself and be original… if you going to be stuck in the land of BS… at least come up with something new..


          6. Rd Lankes says

            Standard Bull$hit. Don’t answer the question. Throw out an insult.

          7. Rd Lankes says

            And just what have you done with your life while I’ve been defending myself, my family, my friends, and the country from 1959 to 2009 and now live off of 3 retirement incomes?

          8. gotabgood says

            I say you have and are living your life off from a socialist government, you most likely have a government insurance program.
            But yet you voted for Trump who is out to cut or do away with your retirement… that takes a lot of smarts… Ever hear the phrase, “voting against your own best interest”? That’s you!
            Now that you are done bragging about what you think you have done for the world, what makes you think I also am not retired from the Marines? See you don’t know… and instead of admitting you don’t know, you speculate, you make up shitty stories about people you don’t know or ever will know.
            You have no facts, you are just a sounding board for your tRump.

    4. John Yeller says

      I wonder if along with this suppression of free speech, these profs have set aside 50% of their exorbitant salaries for the ‘wealth redistribution fund?

      1. ernldo says

        Let me respond….Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

        1. Karinjsdalazar says

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          1. ernldo says

            Try prostitution….

      2. Indigo Sentia Haiti says

        Professors normally make very little money. In order to get big bucks not only must one be an academic star but also be an academic star with a tremendous reputation that draws well paying students to a campus. Even such rare professors earn less than doctors and lawyers who are at the top of their fields of interest. Obama could earn quite a fortune by attaching himself to a major university.

        1. mac12sam12 says

          Obama doesn’t have a P.HD. and he’s not exactly brilliant.

          1. Jim H. says

            What did they say Obama’s IQ was? I believe 110. Or more his shoe size?

          2. mac12sam12 says

            The previous record for a presidential low IQ was Gerald Ford at 111. Obama is the new record holder and his IQ was 102. That dummy Bush’s IQ was 132. 🙂

          3. Jim H. says

            Wow! At least it is larger than his shoe size. Closer to Michelle’s shoe size. Lol
            I don’t think Bush knew what he could have done. His anger and conceit got in his way of rational thought.

          4. Pam Dunn says

            Trump’s IQ is rated at 142.

          5. mac12sam12 says

            I’ve heard it’s 155.

          6. ernldo says


          7. ernldo says

            Trump is a 158….EASY sixty point presidential IQ upgrade over bathhouse Barry…

          8. ernldo says

            More of a residential speed limit….

          9. Indigo Sentia Haiti says

            He has a Ph.D.in law.

          10. Pam Dunn says

            So any idiot can get that, look at Obama and the micheal oops I mean michelle.
            How about the hag hillary who failed the bar exam twice in NY but passed in Arkansas THANKS to her hubby the female molester CLinton being AG for the state.

          11. ernldo says

            She had her license revoked as well….

          12. America1st says

            Obama “retired” his law license in 2008 in order to avoid disciplinary action and the threat of disbarment.

          13. ernldo says

            Surrendered is the correct term, and so did Mike the mooch….

          14. mac12sam12 says

            No he doesn’t he spent 6 years in his Affirmative Action college career.

          15. catman says

            PHD stands for “Pile it Higher and Deeper”.

            Degree’s are useless now a days. We have the AS=All shyt// the BS=Bullshyt//
            then there is the MS= more shyt, then the PHD mentioned above !!!

          16. Mr Rollo says

            Far from it. An arrogant narcissist is what he is.

          17. ernldo says

            I believe you meant bathhouse Barry, and you’re correct

          18. ernldo says

            All faked, and I doubt mister glib even posses an average IQ. He’s actually quite a dullard….

        2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Obama made a fortune by being overrated and lying to America. What a useless waste of skin.

          1. Rd Lankes says

            You mean oxygen.

          2. ernldo says

            You are both correct!

          3. Jim H. says

            Completely agreed.

          4. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            And the rest of his fortune, he blatantly stole from the US treasury, and congress did nothing to stop him. 6.2 BILLION still unaccounted for, How does a junior senator who then got the presidency, illegally, amass enough cash in 8 years to afford three mansions and rent another in DC, for 22k per month on a 400K per year salary? THEFT!

          5. ernldo says

            Bathhouse Barry followed the Clinton plan. Groper Bill was inaugurated three million in the red from the campaign, and checked out eight years later with over 100 million in the Caymans. Not bad for a job that paid 200 thousand per annum at the time. NOTHING from our media traitors, of course….

          6. msueh says

            Now, now. You didn’t pay attention to hitliary when she announced they were BROKE when leaving the WH!

        3. Pam Dunn says

          NOT ANY MORE you idiot; GO learn TRUTH AND FACTS before you spew.

        4. lin says

          So you just said “Those who can do, those who can’t teach.”

        5. msueh says

          “attaching himself to a major university.” Huh? He has to apply & be hired, not “attach himself”. Dump your kool-aid, kid. And øvømit was only on staff at a good school because of his color, NOT his intelligence (lack of) or acumen. In other words, EO hiring.

      3. Ron C says

        Like congress was exempted from Obama care, the professor’s are exempted from their money being redistributed….

        1. Dee Ward says

          Speaking of this the California teachers union is lobbying for teachers to be exempt from state income tax.

          1. Indigo Sentia Haiti says

            OK, so a teacher with a Ph.D. is lucky to earn 50K in a high school. Yet that same degree will earn that teacher at least four times as much money in numerous industries. So how do you expect to attract the best teachers when the public is unwilling to pay a reasonable salary? This is a really acute issue when trying to get high school math, chemistry and physics teachers . It extends into the universities as well. A lawyer who may make several million dollars a year, every year, is not likely to want to be a law professor at 70K a year. And doctors who teach also give up huge sums as well. And the odd part is that we need doctors at the summit of skill levels to teach our new doctors.

          2. Pam Dunn says

            Thanks for THAT load of moronic spew., now BACK to Haiti the country the Clintons raped.

          3. Malexi McPhee says

            I wish everyone knew this….

          4. Henrietta says

            The beauty of living in America is you’re free to work wherever you like, so if you don’t get paid what you need, take your skills and degree elsewhere.

          5. Wilbor Gavin says

            She could go to Wellesley and teach, as long as she did not have an idea, she would be welcome, receiving much better pay and benifits.

          6. Malexi McPhee says

            Except to teach in New Jersey. The laws in there for teachers are tough. If you don’t graduate from their system you cannot teach in Jersey but you will have extra credentials to teach any state you please.

          7. PatriotGal says

            HAHAHAHA, funniest post here, Indigo. Most Ph.D.’s in HS are RETIRED from industry – folks who have made humongous salaries in private industry and now want to do something else. Some HS teachers hold doctorates, but NOT Ph.D.s. If they have Ph.D.s or Ed.D.’s they are in administration. Ask how I know? Suggest you know your facts before you prove how little you really do know, Indigo.

          8. Mark Lahti says

            Loved that one PG. But then you usually are right on the mark when I see you comment. Go get em girl. God bless and keep up the good fight.

          9. Bill says

            You don’t always get what you pay for. Before a person shells out the bucks for an expensive car, one makes sure that the product is excellent. Emptying our pockets to hire good teachers maybe ought to work that way, but open your eyes; money definitely doesn’t get you the good teachers you are paying for.

          10. Mark Lahti says


          11. ernldo says

            We pay the highest amount per student, and get the WORST education for our money of ALL industrialized nations on Earth. Lots of blame to share, but teachers MUST bear some of it….

          12. Wilbor Gavin says

            Teachers can not teach when there is no discipline,in the class room, and they are never allowed to introduce discipline because of the politically correct bull that controls our education system.

          13. ernldo says

            Teachers support the same liberal, politically correct nitwits that ruined public education in America. Their union is one of the biggest anti American, and corrupt bunch on the planet. Yes, there is little discipline, the teachers are as responsible as anyone….

          14. msueh says

            teachers’ unions…

          15. NavymanBill says

            I don’t know where you are living, but here in the metro NY area, experienced teachers over 6-7 years-make over $100K/year.

          16. ernldo says

            Yup, and I’ll bet NY schools are turning out top notch college students by the thousands, no?

          17. lin says

            So what do you call a reasonable salary for a NINE MONTH job? Few k-12 teachers have or need a Ph.D. Most do not go past a Masters. College professors may have a Ph.D but the major requirement seems to be that they are ‘published’ and their time is consumed with that goal. A lawyer may make millions of dollars a year? Only if they only take exceptionally high profile cases, and taking those cases comes with a high risk of equally expensive failure. A lawyer teaching college classes does not have that risk of failure and those jobs come with over $100,000 paychecks, full medical insurance and other perks that are not reported. College professors who are doctors teach the basics which is why to become a real Doctor students must complete residencies with practicing Doctors.

          18. Mark Lahti says

            Well Indigo. If you just reread what you just said and applied just a little logic to your reply, you might just learn the reason why that is the case. If a Ph.D chooses to seek employment out in the free market arena and make some nice six figure or maybe even seven figure income, hurrah for them. They can earn a nice income that doesn’t come from the tax’s of hard working taxpayers. If instead they choose the less competitive environment of government jobs paid for by people who for the most part don’t make what they make teaching, then they need to “learn” how to deal with what the public can afford. Maybe many of them can not afford. It really is a simple concept to wrap your simple mind around. The phrase usually goes something like this. If you can’t do then you teach. It goes further like this. If you can’t teach then what the hell run for public office. You wonder why we get the dregs of our society in public life. That is why.

          19. Richard Schmidt says

            No one with a real PhD teaches in public high schools. These Dr of Education degrees are not PhDs. More like Dr of Divinity but not as useful.

          20. ernldo says

            “A lawyer who may make several million dollars a year, every year, is not likely to want to be a law professor at 70K a year.”…..
            Surely you jest?
            (and I didn’t call you Shirley)

          21. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            So show me the facts and figures and where you get them. I need proof that a Ph. D. will earn only 50K/year and that teachers are underpaid as compared to private industry. Facts please. Proof.
            We know several teachers, from kindergarten up through university level, and they ALL are paid very well but they still whine about the low pay as they drive around in their Mercedes Benz and fly to Europe for vacations and buy and sell their rental homes for huge profits. These are people we have known for 30, 40, years so we see the truth…where is your truth?

          22. Gary Ritzman says

            Must not forget they work only 9 months. Annualized salary in more than $66,000 plus retirement and healthcare benefits paid by taxpayers.

          23. ernldo says

            That shouldn’t be a complaint and many work more hours than you do. Class time and prep are entirely different. My wife sits up late, and many weekends preparing, correcting and grading. She barely gets a month off, putting her classroom in shape early August. There are some good ones, but only the culls get the attention, and yes there are some that shouldn’t be anywhere near young people….

          24. Gary Ritzman says

            Agree. Your wife is an example of what a teacher should be must be. But most workers today have a max of three weeks vacation and must provide for their retirement using a 401k or IRA. Supplemented by personal savings.

          25. Wilbor Gavin says

            The teachers should learn how to teach a student how to read and write , somewhere along the line before they get into high school. If they did that the public would willingly pay them salaries they earn, like they do now.
            Those who can do, those who can’t teach.

          26. ernldo says

            Odd, both of my kids could read and write before kindergarten. Do parents have no responsibility for their own children any more?

          27. Dee Ward says

            Actually in Calif the average for teachers is higher than that with some earning in the 90’s. A special ed teacher I know with 5 years experience makes over $100.000.


            Also remember these people get 2 months off for summer, almost an additional 2 months in holidays/break plus (according to my friend who works in a high school) 10 sick days. In Calif they also have an excellent retirement package and retirement can be had with as little as 5 years service. If you take 70,000 and divide by actual hours worked they are doing well. They are free to go elsewhere if they do not like whats offered. They also have excellent benefits packages.

          28. ernldo says

            Your “friend” knows nothing. Why don’t you go teach in a high school, especially a big city school, and come back and tell us all how good teachers have it….

          29. Dee Ward says

            Sorry if you cannot handle the truth but this is how it is in So Cal. I know many people in K-12 education here. One has almost 30 years in education here.

          30. ernldo says

            Four months off.?..Nope, I’m from Cal., my wife teaches as well. However I’ll tell you what’s busting budgets all over America, and you touched on it. “Special” education. No matter the cost, wheelchair access, one on one, disruptive, meds, some will NEVER be self sufficient, the schools are REQUIRED by the feds to pass ALL costs to taxpayers. Families with problem kids move to these towns for the freebies. I know of a couple systems that are paying more for a few “speds” than all the other “normals”…They cut music, art, P.E. and all day trips so to afford the mandates…..My wife has been teaching 36 years….

          31. Dee Ward says

            yes 4 months. Add the summer, spring break, winter break, many, many holidays and 10 sick days. It is near 4 months. The average private sector worker get 4-5 weeks off per year.

          32. ernldo says

            I’m married to a teacher, best friend is too, know quite a few and they do NOT get four months. Late night and “off” day planning and grading, tutoring in summer fo zilch. They spend their own time and money on class prep, poor students, traveling to stupid workshops and paying down their accumulated obscene student debt. The best part is trying to teach stupid kids dropped on the school system by dolts that think they know things they don’t. Maybe its that way is So Cal, if so its their own fault. If its so sweet, why don’t YOU teach?
            You might have a bone to pick with the teachers’ union, that’s a bit different.

          33. Dee Ward says

            Everyone here in So Cal gets 4 months or close. Nobody does free tutoring in summer that I know. Like I said add up all the days off. I just checked the local school district calendar. 2.5 months for summer, 4 weeks for winter, spring,Thangsgiving breaks, 5 additional holidays plus 10 sick days. So I was wrong they are off MORE than 4 months. It sounds like your wife goes above and beyond. I dont teach because I am too old to change careers. If somebody had advised me earlier of the sweet set up I might have gone that way. It might not be this way everywhere but it is here.

          34. ernldo says

            Then my point is made, you are fools….

          35. msueh says

            Those who really care about their subject teach for that love, not for the love of money. A Ph.D is not required to teach anything at high school level, so if one has that degree and also wants to reach those students, he/she is NOT in it for the money.

          36. Ron C says

            Wow… that is disgusting!

          37. PatriotGal says

            Yet, CA can go on strike DEMANDING more money from hostage taxpayers to pay their already exorbitant salaries and golden parachutes for doing less than nothing-some teachers are good, but MOST are not – and not pay taxes. Holy moly!!!

      4. Jim H. says

        Please, don’t make me laugh! Rofl.

      5. Natalie says

        Of course not, they only want to redistribute other peoples money.

    5. Louis Valiante says

      What would you expect from Massatwoshits?

    6. Alan404 says

      Seems as if you have pretty much hit the nail on it’s head.

    7. Gerry Costa says

      Perfect !!!!!

    8. SUZANNE M. says


  4. Murphmeister says

    Perhaps, it is not Trump who is giving foreign students pause about coming to America for university study.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      All 17 of you years,,,wow!

      1. gotabgood says

        Yeah, I have 17 years and a couple more..


    I wasn’t aware that the teachers ruled at colleges, I thought sure there was a ruling body that made decisions and sent them down to the teachers and not the other way round. I have a feeling that the rule of the bottom line is going to take hold sooner than later at all these colleges.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      They sure rules over school boards with an iron fist,,,Why not over collages too.

      Come on Betsey, Get, get those school choice vouchers out here so we can shut down the public schools and end the dominance of the heaters’ unions.

    1. Mike with the Silver Star says

      Bend over, Gottabestupid; i think you need a lobotomy!!!!!!!

      1. Mathew Molk says

        I think he already had one.

      2. lovezion says

        He needs to be shot!!! Especially if this jerk is a citizen (A LEGAL CITIZEN) because treason to his own country and government is a crime punished with death!!!

    2. Mathew Molk says

      I see you are back on the drugs again…And what would a welfare recipient like you know about being in business,,,or better yet what dose obamacare have to do with starting a business anyway?

      1. gotabgood says

        ObamaCare would keep you in business.. TrumpCare, everyone would go bankrupt, have no money and soon you wouldn’t either… that is business 101… People have to have money in their pockets.

    1. Mike with the Silver Star says

      Hell, No!..never will!

    2. Karen says

      Hell no!!

    3. mac12sam12 says

      I’m looking forward to the Barack Hussein Obama Presidential Library and Bath House.

    1. ernldo says

      He’s the puppet, there are many others we need to eradicate….

      1. lovezion says

        YEAH….like soros, schumer, mcClain…..a whole lot more. I wish our President Trump could FIRE THEM ALL once and for all and replace them with dignified, loyal staff!!!

    2. lovezion says

      …..AND also the ANTICHRIST I dare say!!!

  6. Tired... says

    “The committee recommends that those inviting any future speakers “consider whether, in their zeal for promoting debate, they might, in fact, stifle productive debate by enabling the bullying of disempowered groups,” adding that the committee would be “happy to serve as a sounding board when hosts are considering inviting controversial speakers, to help sponsors think through the various implications of extending an invitation.” They also argue that “standards of respect and rigor must remain paramount when considering whether a speaker is actually qualified for the platform granted by an invitation to Wellesley.”

    The arrogance in that statement is astounding! Clearly these individuals, who view themselves elite educators, lack self-awareness, humility, intellectual honesty, and critical thinking skills. What a sad reflection of the state of higher education in the United States.

    1. Libs R Loons says

      To quote Einstein…”The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance”.

  7. Cheryl Heberle says

    Parents really need to investigate what their children are being taught in school from elementary through college! It sure sounds like indoctrination & trying to make you think only their way and no other way!

    1. Indigo Sentia Haiti says

      I fear that you have not taken into account the quality of the typical parent. The very last thing schools need is influence from parents. If anything most kids would be better off if we removed them from their parents completely. there is a school in Harlem that is proving that point over and over again.

      1. Huck Finn says

        Spoken like a true liberal mind numbed progressive. My children are now grown an responsible adults. Working and thriving adults with a great education and a sense of moral responsibility along with a patriotic demeanor,not because of liberal academia,but because they had a close knit,God respecting moral family upbringing along with parents who made certain they were disciplined,well read and recognized the importance of hard work,respect for others and a strong family unit. You need some education away from your progressive elitist profession.

        1. Cheryl Heberle says

          Excellent ethics

      2. Cheryl Heberle says

        I agree with what you say, but I am only talking about politics. I do not feel personal political opinions should be talked about in a class setting…..don’t think a student needs to know anything about a teacher/professor’s personal political beliefs. Their beliefs should be discussed outside of class….that is the way it used to be…teach facts not beliefs from the person in charge…..also grade in a non partisan way not by your beliefs.

        1. Tired... says

          Lovely sentiment but it is a pipe dream. We cannot escape our worldview, we can only contain it and remain as open as possible to the fact that we may be wrong.

      3. lovezion says

        You want to break up families by siding with certain institutions of learning….(which have been demonstrating to be instead: INSTITUTIONS OF MIND CONTROL)!!!

      4. Tired... says

        I am not sure that the results in Harlem would generalize. In fact, it is likely that the reason such a school is needed there is due to a failure of liberal policies, so there is no need to double down.

    2. lovezion says

      I read somewhere some “professors” are inculcating islamic teaching. How do you explain the many Americans who so eagerly converted to those islamic terrorist groups???

      1. Cheryl Heberle says

        no religions at all taught in school or teach all in depth…..one religion should not be taught while others excluded

        1. Indigo Sentia Haiti says

          I took two college courses in world religions. In both courses all major faiths were covered except Christianity. The reason was quite simple. Christians have major disagreements on what the faith really is and it is inevitable that all kinds of bitterness and hate spills out if Christianity is the topic. On top of that almost all of the students were aware of the general theme of Christianity. There are also groups within Islam that would react severely as Islam is sharply divided on various topics. Yet since we had almost no Muslim students in the classes it was not a dangerous area to study.

          1. Cheryl Heberle says

            There are many denominations, but all believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God that came to earth to die on the cross for our sins.

        2. lovezion says

          I agree! But especially the deeply hated by me: islamic filth!!!

      2. Indigo Sentia Haiti says

        There are so many frustrated Americans that radical groups can recruit them rather easily.

    3. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

      HOMESCHOOL or review everyday after school with them and teach them the TRUTH but also allow them to parrot back what the teachers want to hear, ace the test and move on-living with the real truth.

  8. floridarooster says

    That kind of nonsense won’t stop until parents stop sending their girls to ridiculously expensive colleges full of air-head professors and administrators. And what kind of a Board of Trustees would allow professors to make the rules for what students are allowed to hear? Save your money parents, and send your kids to state universities where they may have a chance to open their minds.

    1. pappy450 says

      Please tell me WHERE there is a college or any school from pre-school to college that isn’t filled with COMMUNIST LIBERALS indoctrinating children/young adults? It seems there are NONE.

      1. Libs R Loons says

        Hillsdale College is one…..

        1. ernldo says

          Liberty U….

      2. NormWilson says


      3. Indigo Sentia Haiti says

        I never met a single professor who was even remotely sympathetic to communism. I only met one student that advocated communism on any campus. The idea that communism is common in colleges is simply right wing dribble.

        1. pappy450 says

          Perhaps you need to remove your head from your rear, wipe the brown stain from your EYES and look at the REAL world instead of through the rose-colored glasses of a LIBERAL.
          EVEN in NORTHERN they spout socialism and communist teachings.
          St. Lawrence University is just ONE of many in our area that are FAMOUS for their FAR-LEFT LIBERAL/COMMUNIST INDOCTRINATION “agendas”.

          1. lovezion says

            LOL! Love your first sentence!!! This man or woman is a TROLL and we shouldn’t waste of our precious time anymore as he demonstrated to have NO brains to learn from this article or from us. this jerk is not worth our spit!

    2. ernldo says

      No more gooberment bucks, either!

  9. greenlantern1 says

    Jerry Falwell jr.?
    How RESPECTED are their “universities”?

  10. Goodforall says

    The suppression of free speech and thought can lead to only one thing, and we all know what this is! (anyone remember what happened in Germany?) These socialist professors have been brainwashing their students for quite some time now to believe our Country was founded by hateful old white men. What they refuse to acknowledge is that America is the greatest nation ever founded. Its sickening to see this happening.

    1. Indigo Sentia Haiti says

      Whether America is the best nation ever founded may or may not be true one still might say that the industrialized nations were all created by hateful, old white men. Brain washing is a peculiar thing. Few Americans are aware that George Washington was a traitor who turned against his king and sworn sovereign and went to war against his king. Now try also teaching that fact in a class room and watch the enraged parents go for your throat. Human history is dark and filled with evil and that is true for every nation.

      1. America1st says

        I encourage you get get professional mental healthcare. Your comments demonstrate complete disassociation from reality. Please dial 911 now and get the help that you so desperately require for your own safety’s sake.

  11. MJB says

    A front is exactly what it was. Liberals used to preach against being narrow minded but in reality they are the most narrow minded and intolerant bunch in the country. They have ruined higher education and turned into something I don’t recognize anymore as education. It is mostly indoctrination.

    1. lovezion says

      . . . MJB, including lowering ratings in exams, etc.!!!!

  12. phil says

    Sooooo that’s how we teach tolerance??

    1. Shelly Shannon says

      We should be teaching tolerance by teaching respect for others who’s ideas and opinions are different than our own.

      1. lovezion says

        Except the ideas coming from islamists’ beloved sharia law……

        1. Shelly Shannon says

          Oh yeah, except that. Yep, your right.

  13. jjmcl431 says

    as Rome went, it seems that America is going.

    1. lovezion says


  14. Libs R Loons says

    Quoting Einstein:
    “The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance”, and I would suggest to Wellesley administrators that, in combination, their two “qualities” are even more alarming.

  15. ChuckW says

    Wellesley, are you saying “diversity” is no longer a core value there? Sounds like it. If so, just state it clearly. Incidentally, did you know that “university” is a combination of “unity” in “diversity”? It reflects our national motto “E pluribus, unum” (from many, one). Educational institutions (as opposed to training schools) can never truly educate if they take the cowardly path of not teaching/modeling students to respectfully consider “diverse” viewpoints. Of course, if you’ve got immature, self-centered students whose parents never taught them proper respect for authority, you may need to start by sending the students home with a note to parents to do their job before sending them back to get their proper education.

    1. Austinniceguy says

      They’ve lost what little minds they had left.

  16. Lew Williams says

    Uhhhh Global warming is controversial too, so it it banned? The fact that the earth revolved around the sun was at one time controversial. Perhaps the wellsley people are now a bunch of flat earthers.

  17. Lew Williams says

    Yep zero tolerance for new ideas, that ought to serve them well in the business world.

  18. Dale says

    When schools are bought and paid for, there is a price on the other end always. That’s why so called contributions are given to certain schools. Just a form of indoctrination of inherent beliefs.

  19. rev_dave says

    Colleges were among the first targets identified for commie infiltration when McCarthy drove the party underground. It seems to have been successful.

    1. Austinniceguy says

      Just like what happened in Europe…


    2. ernldo says

      Yup, academia and media….

  20. kilfincelt says

    If you stand up for your First and Second Amendment rights, you are called a fascist. However, the left is just projecting because shutting down debate and demanding gun control are the actions of real fascists. We need to start calling them out for what they really are.

    1. ernldo says

      We have been, see the snowflakes the past months?

      1. kilfincelt says

        I agree, but snowflake is too gentle a term for them. However, by calling them fascists, they can be seen as the malevolent creatures that they are.

  21. Austinniceguy says

    This is how Europe ended up in the situation they find themselves in, they were told what to believe and did so. Here is a short video on how that turned out and if we keep going down the same rabbit hole we will be the same…


  22. Kenny Albert says

    We know that schools from pre- school on up are all liberal, communist indoctrination centers. We need to clean them out.

  23. Patsi Moffatt says

    This is not surprising, given the current indoctrination that is going on at schools and universities in America. It makes indoctrination difficult if an alternate point of view is introduced. Frightening how freedom of speech and thinking is being wiped out in the colleges and schools, all in the guise of education.

  24. ernldo says

    Yeah, opposing nitwit liberal ideals is “controversial”….STOP supporting these America hating schools of idiocy!

  25. Indigo Sentia Haiti says

    There are simply some areas that are beyond debate that have been debated over and over again. There is simply no reason to provide a platform for some demented fool to rant about the joys of Nazi ideology and the wonderful slaughter of Jews. Such things are simply not educational. Learning to think can include not wasting energy listening to idiots.

  26. Garys_opinion says

    They surely don’t want their students facing independent thought. They just want them acting like lemmings and believe whatever nonsense the liberals professors hand them.

  27. John Somers says

    Welcome to North Korea, where if you say the “wrong” word you’re executed, THIS is the very same thing that Colleges are doing to our young people today.
    They are no longer ABLE to think for themselves. They are simply supposed to “accept” what teacher says as GOSPEL, NO OTHER beliefs tolerated, .Unfortunately the PARENTS have to take some of the blame because, when their kids come home there is no communication about School.

  28. Shelly Shannon says

    Boy do I feel sorry for these students when it comes to their careers. Employers want people who have critical thinking skills and with that a certain level of maturity. These students will have none of the above. Entitlement will be these students focus along with the inability to work with others that have an open mind and opinions that are different than theirs. I believe that many of these students will not be able to stand on their own two feet when confronted with real life issues.

    1. pappy450 says

      I agree, BUT they sure know how to “riot” and “protest” and cry for more “entitlements”. (maybe this is a “course” taught these days by these so-called “professors” to make sure they leave as good little brainwashed thoroughly Indoctrinated “one world order” LIBERALS ready to collect welfare and suck off the government TEAT.)

      1. lovezion says

        Yes I read somewhere the demotards’ leaders offer courses on how to resist the government, how to confront, to lie, etc. I was petrified at this thing!!!

        1. pappy450 says

          Probably taught by OSCUMBAG in his new MANSION “WE” paid for. AND relying on donations from the DNC and SOROS.

      2. Shelly Shannon says

        My kids are grown and gone now, but they went to college a long time ago when there was such a thing as morals and ethical teaching. You know, when they actually called it education. I am so greatful I do not have children in college these days. But, you are right, these snowflake kids will leave feeling more entitled than when they entered. Like I said, good luck to their success in the real world.

  29. acqcon@aol.com says

    I learned just as much from the open discussions as the actual class. The comment by the President of the school is dumb. Not surprising since Hillary went there for some of her education.

  30. bradlillmars says

    I agree with almost all of the comments made on this article, but I have to say that very few of any addressed the way America handled issues like this in the past. Capitalism is the economic engine that drives all prosperous societies. Without government interference, the will of the people will be done by how they spend their money. Since we are no longer an agrarian society, we all need money to transact for things that we need and want. Without the money, we cannot shape the society the way we want it to be. If you like a product or service, you spend money on it and it will prosper. Without funds, bad products and bad ideas will “die on the vine”.

    Remove the government subsidies to the universities and they will succeed or fail based upon the money they receive from the students. No students, no money, no university. It is imperative that we reduce the role of the federal government to what the Constitution outlines.

    It may sound silly, but why would a rancher continue to feed the wolves because he feels sorry for them and then wonder why his herd of sheep or cattle keep getting attacked by wolves. We the people are our own worst enemy when we fail to stop the reason why we are failing as a society.

    1. America1st says

      Agreed. The best way to reduce the cost of college is for the federal government to get out of the student loan business. How many default student loans?

      1. bradlillmars says

        As to student loans that the government is now guaranteeing that will probably go into default or major reduction in principle, I think they pale in comparison with the money that could have been loaned to homebuyers after the 2008 crash to carry them over for a year or so. Priorities of the federal government are strictly political.

        I’m not a supporter of big government and financial assistance that develops dependence, but until they reduce our taxes and let us keep more of what we earn, I’m not too upset about getting some financial help when necessary.

  31. Ken says says

    NOW – does anyone wonder why our children are NOT getting a real comprehensive education? Take the time to vet the school you send your children to.

  32. Jim Smith says

    Universities are among the forefront of suppressing and/or denying free speech. Ask me that 40 years and I would have responded – No Way. Recently a reliable source stated that 96% of the political donations from the media go to Democrats. Disheartening to me, but believable. Live and learn. With exceptions, Big Brother is the Beltway Party and affiliates, most media and many U professors. Will the day ever come that the media will routinely display their wealth? E. g., just how rich, rich, rich are Shepard Smith and George Stephanopoulos (Yes I know, who is he?)? .

    1. Ron C says

      Yes…it takes a lot of money to buy off the guilty, for selling out the citizen’s of a free nation, by becoming a propagandist for the Globalist.

  33. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    That means nothing other than the extreme liberal agenda.

  34. Ron C says

    Maybe this, maybe that…there is NO maybe about it, colleges are full on indoctrination centers…they are creating closed minded so called warrior’s for the one world dictatorial police state…They are turning the young heads full of mush into intolerant raging hater’s, that simply cannot think for their self’s, and are weaponized by mere trigger words….are their no mental health professional’s left that can prove the obvious….???

  35. hmmathis says

    Yes, they have to ensure that their students only think thoughts that have been fed to them by the liberal orthodoxy.

  36. Jim H. says

    Thus, those colleges, students, faculty, run from any opportunity to prove their ideals. Simply because they’re scared the truth might be made apparent to them, they tuck their tails like scared pups and run like the true cowards they are!

  37. Charley C. says

    They don’t want students ,They want non thinking little drones that will follow their every word with out question ,or though of their own ,or question anything they say ! just like good little LIBERALS !

  38. millerstwo says

    Only one reason why these hypocrites don’t want any ‘outside thinking’ to be introduced to their Marxist indoctrinated student body…..they’re afraid of the truth which would set them free!

  39. Rummy Walker says

    Those who can do, do. Those who can’t do, teach.

    Of course they do not want to have their opinions questioned because they cannot support their opinions with facts or truth.


  40. d66cmorris says

    More liberal azzwholes indoctrinating our kids. Time to start shutting these azzwholes down.

  41. geneww1938 says

    Yep, no debates, just drink the cool-aid and the tenets of Satanic cults.
    Well they should first debate the evidence at http://www.GodAuthoredBible.com

  42. kbmiller says


  43. Alan404 says

    Don’t think, never question the findings, the rulings the dictate of your betters, just go along. As the police officer was heard to say, “nothing to see here, move along”.

  44. Greg Hernandez says

    Wellesley College, what a stinking insult to my church , just as Hillary Clinton ( An alumnus )is a truly
    typical specimen of the type of people this ” Indoctrination Center ” is putting out to infect our society.
    The Wellesley brothers were devoted to living Christian lives and singing the Praise of the God they loved.If they were alive today, they’d be thrown off campus. What a disgrace these so- called professors are. I think they will find a safe place in hell with many awards from Satan for freely doing what he could never do before. Completely corrupt a once Christian school. No longer will I donate to this poison killing my church.

  45. The Master Chief says

    Absolutely,this happens regularly. A few years ago I was finishing up my BA in Forensic accounting,using the VA Chap 31 Program. One of my remaining courses was Political Science. The 1st day of class the Prof had asked me if it were true,that Navy Chiefs were not well read. I told him,that as a retired Master Chief,I didn’t dabble in Quantum Physics,But I could spot an asshole a mile away.. I did really well in that course.

  46. roger dodger says

    Whey do we continue to deal with the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites?
    We all know what the only answer is to dealing with the scum, why are we waiting?

  47. Linda says

    Free speech on Campus is NOW DEAD. How long before it is disallowedo n the street corner, or in your own home? Orwell’s 1984 lives but arrived a little later than he envisioned.

  48. Carl Looney says

    I can’t believe anyone would send a kid to Wellesley. College. HILLARY CLINTON’S PARENTS SENT HER THERE AND SHE SPENT 4 YEARS WITH LESBIAN ROOMMATE ELDIE ACHESON. The conversion of Hillary to lesbianism would most likely not have happened otherwise. That made Hillary into a secretive, lying, hateful, and corrupt person who would do anything she could get away with to gain power and money. Hey, it could happen to your daughter. AVOID SUCH PRIVATE EXPENSIVE SCHOOLS WHERE THE DEGENERATES SEND THEIR KIDS. See: http://www.ifactit.com

  49. Hawtry says

    We don’t need any further evidence that the West of the enlightenment is dying. Any suggestions as to how to revive it?

  50. Sallie Dodd Butters says

    Wellesley has ALWAYS been too full of themselves! What a sad joke their elite attitude is !

  51. Scott says

    Isn’t that one of the places where old protesting hippies go to live out the twilight of ther lives? Maybe they never changed: they only cared about one view of the world then too.


    Snowflake University Idiocy! (Don’t THINK about their own beliefs…but ACCEPT them as TRUTH?) Well, DRAW AND QUARTER ALL HELIOCENTRISTS! Monotheists! And Republicans, too!

  53. Capn Jack says

    What happened? Did they run out of “Safe Spaces?
    I think Justin Seine “Hit the nail right on the head” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fe138ce67abe843ec7c43306ec02e293d3fbcab52ea102e716411aa118210157.jpg .

  54. Harry Trawick says

    Wasn’t the left claiming Trump and those that voted for him should be concidered the same as facist? This restriction of any opposing view sounds exactly like Nazi Germany and the Solviet Union. Must be afraid that with a little intelligent thinking and research the left nuts ideas will NOT hold water.

  55. Diane Petruzzini Scarcelli says

    Some of the most educated individuals are the stupidest individuals alive. Anyone can learn from a book, only a few are really intelligent. The more educated an individual becomes, the more they seem to lose common sense. Emotional IQ = 0.

  56. Timothy Toroian says

    Yo, butt breath, WHERE THE HELL SHOULD CONTROVERSIAL IDEAS BE DISCUSSED!! When they get out into the working world and have no idea how to deal with them?

  57. James Southern says

    I am sick of ignorant brainwashed kids being propagandized by leftwing psychos called teachers and professors and wish some real teachers and professors who are willing to teach the facts and not the propaganda to file suit and sue the NEA and their partners into oblivion because the youth of America at this time only get lies, Propaganda presented as history and science, and assimilation conditioning into the NWO. These so called education professionals are not doing the job they are supposed to do that are screwing up the people and the nation with vile garbage that is and has weakened our country to the point of laziness and hopelessness. The kids expect the government to hand everything to them on a platter when that is not the job of the government. The government is there to help when necessary and protect the rights of the people while keeping them safe not giving them food, education, or a house etc. That is the responsibility of each individual. We also have CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND ONE OF THEM IS THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND IT IS THERE TO ALLOW ALL OF US TO SHARE OUR VIEWS WHETHER PEOPLE AGRE OR LIKE OUR VIEWS OR NOT. I am i opposition to many views but I HAVE THE RIGHT given not only by the constitution but GOD to say I disagree and here is why. I have the right to say my company will not enter a contract because we do not and will not ever agree with what you or your group are doing or represent. I constitutionally have THE FREEDOM OF RELIGION also so if I believe that something is immoral, unethical, abominable, perverted, demented, etc. I am not legally supposed to be forced into taking part in something I disagree with. You also have these rights but you do not have the right to deny these rights to someone because you disagree with them especially on a campus or in an institution that is funded by all tax payers. Because an institution is funded by all tax [ayers then all views must be allowed to be presented in proper context and proper venues, and this means if what someone wants to say could be considered tasteless or disagreeable it should be allowed in the proper way. In a building they have paid and reserved with invitations to all whom may want to hear it for any reason and if they are willing do it in a debate that is controlled by a calm and fair person who will allow points to be made, no arguing, no childish reactions but with class and decorum. if no one whom can do so is available then let them speak and allow those whom are interested attend. If you want to protest do it as prescribed in the law peacefully and calmly without attacking or trying to shout them down. You do not legally have that right. Professors who try to stifle the speakers by disallowing are actually breaking the law and those who interrupt and do the same are also breaking the law. What I want to hear and what I want to think is my business just like what you believe and think is not my business but we all have the right to speak our beliefs or our knowledge in a peaceful way and without foolishness or violence because we are speaking our mind. If you are starting fires, beating down those whom you disagree with or causing riots just to keep others from saying what they want to say then you actually are the problem not a part of the solution. If you are a left winged pendant who has accepted everything the Regressive’s agenda has glued to themselves you also are part of the problem and so is the right winger whom is sitting back and whining insteaD OF TRULY WORKING TO KEEP CONSTITUTIONAL LAW IN EFFECT instead of stopping The NEA, ACLu, and other organizations from perverting the constitution and the meanings of the words therein.

  58. The Capatin says



  59. Mary Muennig says

    . . and, “heaven forbid” they sure better never make a video/recording of their deceitful/deceptive/conniving/power-hungry professors–who are using their podium for political purposes–or they’ll be finding themselves suspended (to say the least).

  60. Henrietta says

    They don’t want any conservative thought undoing all the secular progressive liberal indoctrination.

  61. TPS12 says

    That’s a really good idea, there’s definitely not going to be anything controversial in the real world when they get there. Good luck in your first of many jobs.

  62. Mark Plenn says

    The left wing gangsters running out colleges are an affont to higher education?

  63. Natalie says

    ‘Investing time and money in rebutting the speakers argument.’ You can almost see the extreme arrogance in this ridiculous statement. It never even occurs to these conceited, complacent, glutted leaches that some of their carefully molded dupes might be persuaded to think along different lines or question their indoctrination. They’ve been snug in their smug ivory towers for so long with only each other for company they no longer even recognize reality.

  64. ThreeQuarterTon says

    The lefts “commitment to free speech” Was just another chunk of organic fertilizer, which they along with the manic media are professional and exceptional at distributing ! Some how we need to weed out all the liberals (read communists) and get them out of all parts of the educational system !

  65. jim jones says


  66. Gerry Costa says

    Let’s not have anyone on campus that can disprove what we are brainwashing our students with. We can’t have individual thinking in our classrooms. The parents of these students should be investigating the carriculum at these colleges. This is way beyond normal BS — this is intentionally keeping our young dumbed down idiots for their own bias. Schools like this one need to be shut down.

  67. AmazeTech says

    “the committee would be “happy to serve as a sounding board when hosts are considering inviting controversial speakers, to help sponsors think through the various implications of extending an invitation.” ”
    Let’s see…submit your list of speakers so we can prejudge them before they speak. Sounds like restriction of free speech to me.

  68. PatriotGal says

    Oh yeah, academia…if you don’t fit into our ideology, you’ll never win tenure, we’ll do all we can to ruin you and your students while lying about anything and everything including rapes occurring on campus by sports team members and we’ll cover it up for years all the way to the top. We are the BULLY PULPIT who control academia, students’ thinking and views. Wellesley College is behind the times, look into Baylor University, NYU, etc., for prime examples.

  69. Tiger says

    Good that they are making it crystal clear as to what they are intending for the future generations, when we know the enemy and they wear uniforms we can take them down or we can avoid them.

    Parents paying for their youth to go to college, those who care and are not liberal nudlinks can just take their students out of those schools and send them somewhere else.

    It appears to me that the disease the Progressive/Communists set into motion and introduced to this country, in every infrastructure is at critical mass. Either we do this through Trump, doesn’t seem likely Republicans will help much, or this country is gone and nothing but fire and the lead solution will take care of our woes.

    We are still on the abyss.

  70. downs1 says

    Good bye, Wellesley! No great thinkers will come from your hallowed halls! You will reap what you have sown! Look at Hillary as a prime example! She is a liar, a deceiver, a traitor, and an accessory to murder (Benghazi)!

  71. arschloch says

    Who’s the Dean, Dorker McPorker?

  72. RsGoat says

    1984 comes to life! George Orwell called It right with his idea of “Big Brother” but he thought it was going to be the conservative right and not the liberal left of the Democratic Party giving it form!
    “Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one manufactures a revolutions in order to establish the dictatorship.” George Orwell 1984. And his book Animal farm can also be eye opening if a person desires to see how they are being manipulated.

  73. Al Wunsch says

    Not only do these students become unable to think, discern or engage in ideas, but many are, with their safe spaces, becoming radical to the point of violence if one states an opinion or question in their presence that is contrary to the group philosophy. It is no longer “your opinion”, it is “hate speech”. In spite of this conflict, they still spout off belief in the Bill of Rights. If the schools are public, the tax payers should demand they stop this PC based nonsense or stop gov’t funding.

  74. 1775concord says

    Am i to presume, then, that the commencement speech scheduled to be given by controversial Hillary Clinton, has been cancelled?

  75. Richard Schmidt says

    This is not the first time that ivory tower profs have outsmarted themselves.

  76. Karinjsdalazar says

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  77. rivahmitch says

    In other words… “Only Communists, Muslims and members or advocates of minority racist groups need apply”!

  78. A_Nobody says

    I guess they don’t want to have to provide safe spaces for their pink haired pansies. I have a better idea…..teach them to be adults unlike their parents. While you’re at it, learn the same lesson.

  79. WhiteFalcon says

    This is another effort at thought control by liberal so called institutions of higher learning, actually of increased indoctrination by Nazis, communists, and fascists.

  80. anthony j. manzo says

    Just what is the criteria to getting a professor ship. The IQ of an ant. Oh I’m sorry I have insulted the Ant.

  81. Glen Alan Graham says

    I was raised to consider institutions of higher education to be open forums for exploration and discussion of divergent ideas and philosophies. When I was an undergraduate (Idaho, Class of ’76) this consideration seemed to ring true. But this news from Wellesley, following hard on the news of the riots at UC Berserkeley over a controversial speaker there, show that censorship has become the rule now on college campuses. Sad!

  82. William F says

    SERIOUSLY?! LOL Now eliminate critical thinking and you will have just what you want; liberal ROBOTS.

  83. Wilbor Gavin says

    Dam, what a communist bunch of but holes. In other words they do not want their students to hear any opinion, but the brainwashing propaganda the communist professor’s teach. Do real Americans pay, real money, to send their snowflake to wellesley to be brainwashed. Do they teach from Mao’s little red book.

  84. ernldo says

    Oh, we hate debate….Stupid snowflakes, FIRE them all!

  85. KKmoderate says

    Some of the posts mention “higher” education. There’s nothing high about our colleges and universities, we’ve sunk to a new low and it is disheartening to witness.

  86. msueh says

    “Best Teacher I Ever Had

    by David Owen

    Extracted from Reader’s Digest (Asian Edition), April 1991, pp. 47-48.

    (From: Dr Leong Hon Wai, ISCS, NUS; To: All my students;)

    Mr. Whitson taught sixth-grade science. On the first day of class, he gave us a lecture about a creature called the cattywampus, an ill-adapted nocturnal animal that was wiped out during the Ice Age. He passed around a skull as he talked. We all took notes and later had a quiz.

    When he returned my paper, I was shocked. There was a big red X through each of my answers. I had failed. There had to be some mistake! I had written down exactly what Mr. Whitson said. Then I realized that everyone in the class had failed. What had happened?

    Very simple, Mr. Whitson explained. He had made up all the stuff about the cattywampus. There had never been any such animal. The information in our notes was, therefore, incorrect. Did we expect credit for incorrect answers?

    Needless to say, we were outraged. What kind of test was this? And what kind of teacher?

    We should have figured it out, Mr. Whitson said. After all, at the very moment he was passing around the cattywampus skull (in truth, a cat’s), hadn’t he been telling us that no trace of the animal remained? He had described its amazing night vision, the color of its fur and any number of other facts he couldn’t have known. He had given the animal a ridiculous name, and we still hadn’t been suspicious. The zeroes on our papers would be recorded in his grade book, he said. And they were.

    Mr. Whitson said he hoped we would learn something from this experience. Teachers and textbooks are not infallable. In fact, no one is. He told us not to let our minds go to sleep, and to speak up if we ever thought he or the textbook was wrong.

    Every class was an adventure with Mr. Whitson. I can still remember some science periods almost from beginning to end. On day he told us that his Volkswagon was a living organism. It took us two full days to put together a refutation he would accept. He didn’t let us off the hook until we had proved not only that we knew what an organism was but also that we had the fortitude to stand up for the truth.

    We carried our brand-new skepticism into all our classes. This caused problems for the other teachers, who weren’t used to being challenged. Our history teacher would be lecturing about something, and then there would be clearings of the throat and someone would say “cattywampus.”

    If I’m ever asked to propose a solution to the problems in our schools, it will be Mr. Whitson. I haven’t made any great scientific discoveries, but Mr. Whitson’s class gave me and my classmates something just as important: the courage to look people in the eye and tell them they are wrong. He also showed us that you can have fun doing it.

    Not everyone sees the value in this. I once told an elementary school teacher about Mr. Whitson. The teacher was appalled. “He shouldn’t have tricked you like that,” he said. I looked that teacher right in the eye and told him that he was wrong.

    David Owen, Condensed from Life (October ’90). Time and Life Bldg. — history (–)


  87. Morena_nic says

    all federal funds must stop flowing to these institution that violate the word and spirit of our constitution

  88. April Stoner says

    If you don’t have diverse conversation, then you have no conversation. If everybody thinks alike,
    Then who are you really? Your not an individual thinker, your a group thinker. I can’t believe
    Our American education is gone, and now we need to take back our schools, get real intellectual
    Professors to actually teach our American students to be independent, to think for themselves,
    To teach students to embrace difference of opinion, for a balanced view of subject, so they can come to a conclusion on their own, for themselves, that is an American education. These political
    Hacks haven’t tough these kids a damn thing, has anyone had a discussion with a college student, they don’t know why they think the way they do, they are unaware that Iran is the leading
    Terrorist capital of the world, but will scream in your face rather than see if there is another side,
    Or research on their own, for the truth. How in the fuck did our colleges get here????? Didn’t even 1 professor find the dumb down curriculum even a little suspicious? Didn’t anybody ask when or how these students will be educated, to prepared them to go out into the world and be able to get a job to support their life? Unless there are jobs coming out these days,that require rude, unprofessional, screaming at anyone that has a different opinion then the uneducated, how do you train people like that, how would you tell people their interpretation of the position or task being trained? We can already see what the high schools are dumping on business today, and
    In real life, you don’t get to dictate how much work is too much for them, not to mention, you
    Have to watch them every minute of every day, just to keep them off their phones, Facebook
    Or online shopping, then they complain, your being to hard on them????? In the real world,
    You do not get a gold star, trophy, or a raise, just because someone else earned the acknowledgement. When I think about how hard it’s going to be on these young people, and
    knowing they our our country’s future, it makes me mad at what the commie obama dictator wanna-be has done to our country in every way possible, it’s so wrong on every level.

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