What a Presidency: Nearly 1 in 4 Americans Support Seceding From the United States


The tarnished legacy of the Obama presidency grows worse by the day. According to a new poll from Reuters, 23.9% of Americans either strongly supported or tended to support the notion of their state breaking away from the union. Perhaps inspired by the controversy over Scotland’s vie for independence, Americans are more hip than ever to the possibility of pulling away from the Obama administration’s horrible practices.

Predictably, Republicans tended to be more secession-minded than Democrats, but the poll results didn’t cut clearly across party lines. Many in rural Western states were also warm to the idea of breaking away. Northeasterners and Democrats tended to be more strongly opposed to the concept. In all, 53% of respondents fell into the opposition category.

A host of factors played a part in in the poll results, though Obama’s handling of healthcare and the rise of ISIS seem to be big parts of the dissatisfaction. Also factoring in to the anger is the never-ending gridlock Americans perceive from Congress, naturally leading many to wonder if their states wouldn’t be better off governing themselves. No U.S. state has attempted to secede from the country since the Civil War.

Reuters spoke with Brittany Royal, a 31-year-old nurse from North Carolina who said that Obamacare was a strong factor in her desire for state independence. “That has really hurt a lot of people here, myself included. My insurance went from $40 a week for a family of four to over $600 a month for a family of four.”

A President Above the Constitution

It can’t be too surprising that the drive for secession has gained steam over the last six years. We have a president in office who has made it clear that he does not consider himself beholden to the laws of the Constitution. When the guiding federal document is soaked in lighter fluid and sent up in flames, what incentive do state residents have to stay loyal to the country? Obama has flagrantly violated the Constitution by making executive changes to Obamacare without congressional approval, by deferring deportations and promising to take further executive action on amnesty for illegals, by making “recess” appointments even while the Senate was in session, and by illegally waging war in Libya without legislative authorization. That’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Obama’s illegitimate presidency.

For now, proponents of secession remain a political minority, but the movement only grows stronger as Washington’s power grows larger. We’ve moved far away from the guiding principles of federalism that put the vast majority of power into the hands of the state. The federal government has grown into an untamed behemoth, sucking us dry even as it fails to solve the problems all that tax money was supposed to solve. With people like Obama in office, the national deficit continues to skyrocket while Americans wonder if we’ll ever see the glory days of a booming economy again.

Scotland’s vie for national independence proved unsuccessful this time around, but America’s dialogue is just getting started.

  1. cjg says

    lets do it, it is time to get rid of whinney liberals, illegals, peta, aclu, especially queers and muslims.
    once they are illiminated this country will get back to what it was instead of satans children ruining it for all
    yes that is what i said, you satanic asses queers and muslims

    1. Finkster says

      Satanic Arses, Sodomites and False Religions like Islam. And don’t forget the Thieves, who are the Progressive Liberal Religions Educated Dolts who believe and practice Redistribution of wealth.

      1. pmbalele says

        God will not forgive you for such language. That is why TPs and Repubs in Congress failed to vote for Pope Francis as a friend. That tells you how God will judge you, TPs and Repubs-you’re sure to land in Hell.

        1. Finkster says

          Pope Francis is a Sodomite Enabler. Meaning he condones the sinfulness of the Sodomites. We as a GOD Ordained Nation really do not need those types of friends.
          I’m glad I’m not a TP and/or Repub, if that is what you think is going to happen to them. For the LORD has sworn that I have an Eternal Inheritance with Christ.

          But I’m pretty sure those who follow after the Progressive Liberal Religion and all it’s doctrines are gonna land in the Lake of Fire.

          1. pmbalele says

            You must be in your 30s and 40s. That is the age group that revolt from God. Pope Francis is unique, like President Obama. These think about themselves and others. They are not selfish like you, TPs and Repubs who want others die for money. And I know quite a few of my friends who are like that. They are like snakes. Now you tell me what Gov Sanford got – flying all the way to Argentina for a married woman; How about Newt who went to divorce his wife in surgery because she wanted an office broad; or Herman Cain who groped White women. That is why Repubs and TP in Congress did not want to vote for Pope Francis as their friend. You, TPs and Repubs are sinners.

          2. Merle Dickey says

            I will let God decide that . You are a traitor if you believe in the filth that is in the WH.

          3. Angry American says

            Yeah they are unique all right, if you want to call someone that is so far out in left field unique that is your prerogative. You also do not speak for me & never will I do have a brain & can not be brainwashed like you have

          4. pmbalele says

            I am trying to help your soul. Stop the hate-card. You are too young to die for heart attack.

          5. Yehoshuafriend says


        2. Tom Costello says

          Because we don’t agree with you??? Have u seen a psychiatrist lately???

          1. OCDiver says

            Quite obviously not!

          2. pmbalele says

            You have to agree with me. I am older than you. So have seen and lived with people who had weird look of their lives. These are TPs and Repubs. Now they are calling me -repenting and asking: “how did you know we were wrong?’ Read my positing on Wisconsin people who had joined TP in 2010. Now they are crying why they did not listen to me.

          3. Tom Costello says

            Because you’re older than me?? and you lived with people who had weird look of their lives??? and all who aren’t liberal are racist?? These are all your words and I do not need to say anything — you have said enough to let everyone know what you are…oh, I’ll be 59 December 21st — not the oldest person around, thank God, but it’s not my I.Q. Take care of yourself pm, I’ll say a prayer for you…

          4. pmbalele says

            Yes, I am older than you. So you have to listen to me for I have seen a lot in my life. Please dump TPs and Repubs for they are bad people. Have you seen a Repubs or TP smiling? No. That is why they constantly end up with heart attacks. Rush Limbaugh had heart attack when vacationing in Hawaii. He paid $100,000 for a week stay in hospital. So relax and vote with me as a Democrat.

          5. Angry American says

            I have heard lots of BS in my time, but you kind of take the cake with your comments. I am older too & I would not vote democrat if they paid me I don’t like what they stand for & have not been fooled as you obviously have

          6. pmbalele says

            Well, go ahead -vote for Repubs and TPs. Don’t regret once they are in power. Ask the workers and women of Wisconsin. They are now under Sharia law.

          7. Angry American says

            You really should learn to read something besides what you are reading none of what you said is true, not one damned dumb word or do you dream this shizz up?

          8. pmbalele says

            If you Angry American, then I should not talk to you. You may be a KKK. Those scare us Blacks.

          9. Angry American says

            Good I don’t want to hear from you either & no I am not KKK where in the hell did you get that crazy idea? just because I said that your post are hard to decipher? It is just the way you write things. Like when you start this one “If you Angry American, then I should not talk to you. You may be kkk. Those scare us blacks”. If you angry american what? You didn’t state what If you angry American or do you mean If I am Angry American of course I am it has to be me or my computer & instead of the word those it should be they scare us blacks not those but no problem I understand some ebonics

          10. pmbalele says

            Did you hear about TPs and Repubs? Ebola spread is a result of TPs and Repubs in Congress as encouraged by FoxNews cutting funding for Ebola vaccine research – just to save on deficit. Ebola fund cutting occured when TPs and Congress lead Paul Ryan came into power in 2011. Now this Nation is in horrible danger that some people, especially the poor will die of Ebola caused by TPs and Repubs selfishness for cutting research funds. I hope you won’t vote for TPs and Repubs back in Congress and senate. These people don’t care for safety of people this Nation. Please don’t vote for TPs or Repubs on November 4.

          11. Merle Dickey says

            Sorry brain washed one we DON”T have to agree with any thing the Dems, liberals come up with . Your friends were never true conservatives any way if they are so unhappy with the TP. No one is perfect but this administration fails to the bottom of the barrel.

        3. USAPatriotSC says

          Just because he is a Pope does not mean anything, we look at what a person says and then look at what he does. look at Obama, he won the Nobel Peace Prize, for what? A Liberal run Org. gave it to a Liberal who didn’t earn it. Compare Gandhi to Obama, your smartest man in the room is a babbling idiot without a teleprompter.

          1. pmbalele says

            Did you say ‘Just because he is a Pope does not mean anything? I hate religious people, but not Pope Francis. This guy is down to earth a good man. He is also very intelligent and preaches what he believes in. Pope Francis is a Jesuit – with PhD in theology. Usually such people never continue to be religious. But this guy stayed as celibate priest. Listen to his sermons and you will learn something. Of course if you’re a Repub or TP, that won’t matter because you were raised a bad boy -angry and a racist..

          2. USAPatriotSC says

            This article sums it up pretty good, Pope Francis is a left leaning Pope which is why you believe every word he says. http://www.forbes.com/sites/jerrybowyer/2013/05/23/pope-franciss-economics-yes-he-has-a-leftist-view-of-free-markets/
            I on the other hand think, I do not listen to what a person is saying, I look at a persons actions.
            You can’t distinguish between pathological liars and people who tell the truth so your “angry and a racist” comment is laughable considering you voted for a babbling idiot not once but twice. I am not Christian, Atheist, Republican or a TEA Party member so your assumption is just your Liberal ideology of all who do not believe in Socialism/Communism/Marxism, keeping the poor in a desolate condition for votes, schools of indoctrination not education and corruption.

          3. pmbalele says

            I have told you I hate Socialism/Communism/Marxism. These approaches of life make people lazy. President Obama policies are to ensure everybody who wants to advance has a chance to do so. Not like Romney, Reagan or the Bushes. These did not want be bothered with poor people. That is why we had shortages of doctors, nurses, professionals etc. This country with its diverse kind of people had to import doctors from Europe, Asia and African countries.

          4. USAPatriotSC says

            I will have say that you don’t have any clue as to what your Party is about, you have no clue what their agenda is. Your comment above shows a real disconnect with reality.

          5. pmbalele says

            TP and Repub are parties of liars and hypocrite. You preach one thing but act differently – for instance you preach freedom, but you don’t women to judge what is best for themselves – Sharia law. You preach morals but just imagine Gov Sanford leaving his wife and children to Argentine for a married woman sold by her husband; Newt going to seek divorce from his wife in surgery; Herman Cain groping White women before hiring them and calling us Blacks as brain-washed. Are these Repubs and TP really normal? I doubt. Please vote for Democrats in November.

          6. USAPatriotSC says

            My comment stands, you are disconnected from reality. You like to name Republicans who have done wrong but neglect to took within your own Party for the same and even worse criminal acts. I will never vote for a Communist run organization. There are at least 50 members of the Communist Party in Congress and all are Democrat. You are one of the clueless who knows nothing about your party you vote Democrat because you are Black, no thinking, no research, no background checking you are Black so you vote one way only. You call me brainwashed and you called me a racist but you do not know me or what I believe. Where were you born belele? What kind of Country did you come from? why do you hate Rights, Freedom and Liberty so much. Why is everything Black and White with you? Usually liars and criminals stick to their own kind because they do not fit in with Society, look at the crazy Social misfits that make up your Party. All the good in your posts about your Party in not your party, it is what you believe it to be but your disconnect from facts and reality shows you have no clue.
            Vote Conservative and vote for the Constitution and a free America.

          7. pmbalele says

            Once you’re in TP or GOP your mind is set as a racist and bigot. You call this is land of the free but remember how you subject women in this country. I don’t believe in abortion, but it is not my job to police women how they decide with their bodies. You hate Obamacare-but you don’t give solutions how to curb insurers’ premiums. This country has shortage of doctors, nurses, engineers and other professionals, but you Repubs and TPs don’t want to give poor smart local kids chance to pursue those professions. Instead you want only kids of the rich to have college education. You would rather import professionals from abroad. Is that not dumb? You want space rockets and other engineering equipment made in Japan, Russia and China, than made here in Oshkosh and Michigan. Now the Russians have said they will not sell us their engines for space projects. You remember how ugly GM cars were becoming because all designers were Irish Whites when we have born here Japanese, Africans, Chinese, etc. Did you see Blacks during TP rallies in DC? No. Did you see Blacks during Romney rallies? No. You remember during Romney rally in Florida several women were dressed in T-Shirt with logo: WHITE HOUSE FOR WHITES ONLY. I have told you the story in Wisconsin government agencies that don’t to hire Blacks -Corrections and Natural Resources. Is it freedom to discriminate against others and then you laugh as lazy? But you are afraid to challenge your family and neighbors that TP and GOP are wrong. Please vote with me as a Democrat. You’re concerned where I am originally. That puts you further as a racist. How did your ancestors come here? Wake up. You’re too late to feel more superior to Blacks.

          8. USAPatriotSC says

            Your whole response is all talking points and propaganda which has been answered many times before but it is all you have. There is not an original thought coming from you.
            I will say I am not PC so just a point I want to bring up. You as a racist, group all Republicans and TEA Party together saying that they all are racist and hate Women. Only Liberals and racists put people in groups, there is no individuality in Liberalism. You speak in generalities and that shows you are a Socialist/Communist/Marxist. Save your words, none are defending you and are only showing you how wrong you are. You can’t win here, you can only repeat the same talking points and propaganda.
            My Family came here from Holland in the early 1800’s. I am proud of where I come from and proud to be an American. We did come he legally too.

          9. pmbalele says

            You’re right. Just as you think are superior to Blacks. That is how you were raised and it is hard to get rid of that from your brains. Calm down – think for yourself and come to terms you’re in the world where you will spend about 100 years and then die. Why should you regard others inferior when you will die like them?

          10. USAPatriotSC says

            I am not superior to anyone but you think you are inferior or you would not call me brainwashed or a racist. Those who belittle and tear down others have low opinions of themselves.
            You are only hurting yourself when you do not look at the Democrat Party and Republican without bias. To vote a straight ticket ecause there is a (D) after the Canididate is ignorance and foolish. To listen and believe beyond a doubt the words of Party Politicians is sheer stupidity. You question nothing from your Party Politicians I question everything from mine and yours.

          11. pmbalele says

            Actually I am independent. Your nickname betrays you “USAPatriotSC”. You think others are not patriotic like you. And if SC at the end your pseudo name means South Carolina, then you must be KKK. That is where they thrive. So remember, I am independent, but I despise people who show disrespect for President Obama because he happens to be a racial minority. Do I exhibit inferiority in my posting? No. That is the last thing I would feel.

          12. USAPatriotSC says

            You are right the KKK still exists but you have the wrong State and you have the wrong Party. The KKK was started and is currently a Democrat Organization. You just degraded your own Party. You are a hateful person who blames everyone else for your failure. You have not understood anything I have wrote and like many other Blacks I know you are a serious racist and I disconnect with racists, they are nothing but haters and blamers.
            This ends your hateful racist conversation with me. All you did here is show many of us you do not think or see people for who they are, you pre-judge groups of people and label them with your racist bias. Good luck with you whole equality issue, when you get it you will not like it.

          13. pmbalele says

            Do I sound like a failure? No. I just want to confront people who think are better than Blacks. Do you believe I took a state job exam in 1994 and ranked highest among 200 exam takers? You guess which people were in exam room – whites as this Wisconsin. So I went to the hiring authority and asked her to hire me. She
            could not believe it that I beat White people in written exam. That is why I say people are people regardless of race. It’s chance to develop ones brains. I therefore do not hate Whites, Asian or Blacks. I see them as perfect people to compete in school, job and housing. This is the same what President Obama believes. Obama does not believe in affirmative action programs that disadvantage Whites. People should be allowed or enabled to compete.

          14. Angry American says

            It’s just top bad you didn’t pay attention during spelling lessons in school since you are so bright, I am willing to bet that your nickname is sunny. For your information stupidity is not prejudice stupid people come in every color & gender, so what is your excuse? Do I believe that of 200 hundred people you came in first NO I do not & after taking said exam you had to go before the hiring authority & ask them to hire you? If you had scored so high wouldn’t they come to you & offer you many supervisory jobs? And why do you keep capitalizing the w on ‘white people in the middle of a sentence maybe you should have paid attention during english classes during both spelling lessons & sentence composition too

          15. pmbalele says

            This is not being bright. It had to do with college education and background. Do you know we capitalize Asian, English, Latino, French, and African? Why not capitalize W in White. They are people too. So long it’s consistent. Well, if you want the transcript, just call USDC of Western District of Wisconsin. I think they
            charge you $5. I hope you read the entire posting how Judge Crabb was surprised.
            Like you she was raised to believe Blacks were intellectually inferior to you.

          16. pmbalele says

            Did you read today a white South Carolina trooper charged in shooting a black man during stop over seat-belt violation? We are told he is a TP member too.

          17. Angry American says

            You could have named democratic Senator Throm Sturmond or what ever his name is longest living senator that was & still was a member of the KKK of course he wouldn’t know who that was probably. But he sure talks a lot about how people that joined the TEA party have confessed to him how they made a big mistake & all you have to do is stop listening to what they have to say & they do not send anyone unsolicited anything. So I think he doesn’t think he just shouts out what the talking points about the dumbocraps say with out any independent thought given by him or her or what ever. I am a social liberal & a fiscal conservative, that comes from a life time of being a bachelor that socializes all the time

          18. Robert Shamp says

            I dont care obamas black..i care that he himself is incapable of telling america any certain truth. About the origin of his birth. His birth certificate has been discredited as a fake. And i honestly believe obama is a muslim. And likely an islamic muslim sympathizer.
            I dont believe his job descriptions is to choose which law to enforce or to ignore or to totally violate if he wants.
            His job is to merely enforce. Thats why he is president.
            I believe he and the majorlty of all politicians no matter what party they are adjoined with.
            That both partys conspire against the peoples constitution. And are betrayers of the oath to office. And therefore betrayers of the law. The constitution, and the citizens of this nation.

          19. pmbalele says

            I can read you’re one of those fake know-it-alls who go disrupting town-hall meetings. Usually such people are delusional or crazy.

          20. Angry American says

            I am an independent & I look at the issues I do not just simply pull the handle with a D on it like you obviously do. I do not respect obama simply because he is unqualified, incompetent & a lying moron that thinks he knows what is best for me & mine than I do that is only a few of the reasons I have ZERO (0) respect for him & the color of his skin has nothing to do with anything

          21. pmbalele says

            I know why you’re angry-Racist. You were told Blacks were unfit leading this Country. Now you’re surprised what happened. Please calm down and look in your soul. There is something your parents lied to you.

          22. USAPatriotSC says

            After I replied I just figured out you are a paid troll.

          23. pmbalele says

            I can tell from your pseudo name you’re a bragger – USAPatriotSC. Don’t decieve yourself. You’re just another human being.

          24. USAPatriotSC says

            I am a thinking Human Being with free will who battles evil, I have enjoyed our battle. Do you have any new talkinging points or propaganda?

          25. MrSwingGuitar says

            “There are at least 50 members of the Communist Party in Congress and all are Democrat”…that could have been a direct quote from Joe McCarthy, junior senator from Wisconsin in the 1950s, a proven liar and an alcoholic, who ended up being censured by the senate for his baseless lies. Congratulations on carrying on his noble tradition of making stuff up and trying to pass it off as truth to those too ignorant to know the difference!

          26. USAPatriotSC says

            It either takes a special kind of stupid to ignore what is right under your nose or you are one too.

            This is an alphabetical list of all members of the Communist Party USA or have connections with the CPA as of April 2011:Tammy Baldwin, Karen Bass, Xavier Becerra, Earl Blumenauer, Robert Brady,Corrine Brown, Michael Capuano, Andre Carson, Donna Christensen, Judy Chu, David Cicilline, Yvette Clarke, William “Lacy” Clay, Emanuel Cleaver, Steve Cohen, John Conyers, Elijah Cummings, Danny Davis, Peter DeFazio, Rosa DeLauro, Donna Edwards, Keith Ellison (co-chair), Sam Farr, Chaka Fattah, Bob Filner, Barney Frank, Marcia Fudge, Raúl Grijalva (co-chair), Luis Gutierrez,Maurice Hinchey, Mazie Hirono, Michael Honda, Jesse Jackson Jr., Sheila Jackson-Lee, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Hank Johnson (whip), Marcy Kaptur,Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Lee, John Lewis, David Loebsack, Ben Ray Lujan, Carolyn Maloney, Ed Markey, Jim McDermott, James McGovern, George Miller, Gwen Moore, Jim Moran, Jerrold Nadler, Eleanor Holmes Norton, John Olver, Frank Pallone, Ed Pastor, Donald Payne, Chellie Pingree, Jared Polis, Charles Rangel, Laura Richardson, Lucille Roybal-Allard, Bobby Rush, Linda Sanchez,Bernie Sanders (CPC’s lone Senator), Jan Schakowsky, Jose Serrano, Louise Slaughter, Pete Stark, Bennie Thompson, John Tierney, Nydia Velazquez, Maxine Waters, Mel Watt, Henry Waxman, Peter Welch, Frederica Wilson, and Lynn Woolsey

            Stay stupid and keep voting for them then moron.

          27. MrSwingGuitar says

            Nice list! Now present proof of your contention. “Connections with the CPA”..that could mean their second cousin bought a used car from a party member. As the entire membership roster of CPUSA is likely not much larger than the list you just provided, I will be happy to vote for the candidate of YOUR choice for the next five elections if you show proof that, say, half of the people you listed above are members of the Communist party. As NONE of them are, I know I’m safe in that offer.

          28. USAPatriotSC says

            Then you have one of two choices You can read “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress,” By Trevor Loudon Who has researched and give definitive proof of “fourteen Senators and more than fifty Representatives and their ties to Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, Workers World Party, the Institute for Policy Studies, Council for a Livable World and other radical anti-American organizations” or you can be a fool and keep voting for anti-Americans who wish to destroy this Country.
            I will not do the work for you, you either have to care about your Freedom and love your Country or you can do nothing and lose everything. Your choice!

          29. MrSwingGuitar says

            No, I have far more choices than that. First one is to pay no more attention to your lies. I gave you the opportunity to corroborate your claim that “There are at least 50 members of the Communist Party in Congress and all are Democrat”. You are apparently unable to prove that is true of ONE, never mind fifty. That makes sense, in that your statement is patently garbage. You sound to me far more anti-American than those congresspeople you listed. I won’t be responding to any more of your idiocy.

          30. USAPatriotSC says

            Then remain ignorant and a fool.

          31. Angry American says

            Then why did you respond in the first place?

          32. MrSwingGuitar says

            Hey, if that clown really had proof that there were 50 members of congress that belonged to the communist party, I’d sure be interested. Do you have any interest in whether people are telling the truth? I do.

          33. Angry American says

            Tell him you have the proof in your hand & be done with this left wing whacko

          34. USAPatriotSC says

            This is why I don’t tell him anything, I will not try to convince a person who has a mental disease of something they can’t understand. Most of these people that come on and post are Liberals because it is easy to be stupid with a big mouth.
            Thinking and finding truth amid a sea of lies is hard.

          35. USAPatriotSC says

            One last detail Luis Gutierrez even came out and said: That Communism works and we are not like other Countries, we will get it right this time.

          36. Merle Dickey says

            We have a shortage of Dr. because of Obamacare and the Drs that have came in from the other countries have no feeling for human life. They will say your too fat to treat or too old or Just not healthy enough ETC. Please get off here . And please folks lets ignore him . He is a sick man or a muslim trouble maker.

          37. pmbalele says

            That is exactly what racist are talking about. “Why should we have more Blacks in hospitals when we don’t have enough doctors and nurse?” Is that not dumb? Who caused this problems -Reagan and the two Bushes who wanted only kids of the rich to have college education.

          38. Angry American says

            You just had to respond to him didn’t you? Unfortunately he is back with more of his drivel that is hard to make sense from & difficult to decipher & all he can seem to talk about is racism. Oh hell now he has gone all the way back to Ronald Reagan which just goes to show how much the lefties still hate one of the greatest presidents in modern times. Oh the humanity!!! lol P.S. I go for the sick part

          39. Merle Dickey says

            Sorry, thank you for the slap. Shame on me 🙂

          40. MrSwingGuitar says

            Jesus was far more “left-leaning” than Pope Francis. Quote from you “I do not listen to what a person is saying”…why am I not surprised?

          41. USAPatriotSC says

            Don’t give me your fake “I am a Christian and I know that Jesus is a Liberal” BS.
            Jesus is not something to hold up and use against another Political Party. You are a fool and an ass wipe!
            I do believe it was God who said not to take his name in vain.

          42. Yehoshuafriend says

            If he had a PhD in true Biblical theology, he wouldn’t be a Pope. Shalom!

          43. pmbalele says

            You have to listen to his sermons to appreciate his how he preaches. He does not simply recite the bible, but goes further to make sure it makes sense to his audience. You have been at church where preachers simply recite what is written. Pope Francis approaches his sermons scientifically. That is why I like to
            listen to him sermons. They are not boring like many preachers’

          44. teriquajones says

            Or, maybe you are wrong.

          45. teriquajones says

            Actually, Pope Francis is a wonderful, smart and loving person. I’m glad he is in a leadership position.
            When I read your sentence beginning with, ‘Compare Gandhi to Obama’..
            I should have realized this a person who is intent on being a fool.
            FYI; Being the Pope is a big deal.

          46. USAPatriotSC says

            I am not Catholic or Christian so I do not follow like a zombie any Religious person, no matter who they are. I never said he wasn’t wonderful, smart or not a loving person. he is a Socialist leaning Pope so obviously he has interpreted the Bible wrong in some areas. You consider a thinking person a fool, a person who sees what others say then followed up with actions contrary to their words. You want to see a fool just look at the President “your President, not mine” and you will see a fool. Gandhi was a wise Man who did exactly what he said but you are Catholic and your Pope must be the Greatest Human ever hands down, right?

        4. ricktenny says

          So now we need a Congressional vote to be a Friend of the Pope?

          1. pmbalele says

            Call and ask John Boehner and TPs in Congress. I did not wield that law. Boehner brought to the flow for Congress to vote on whether the Pope should be their friend. The vote failed. Many Repubs and TPs thought Pope Francis is a socialist. Most TPs and Repubs did like that. Therefore they got themselves a fare to Hell.

        5. OCDiver says

          NOPE!!! libtard demoncraps and their ilk will (unless they repent) for supporting and condoning the filth and skullduggery that God destroyed two cities over because they blasphemed and defiled his creation!! MAN!!! He never destroyed anything that was based on hard work and integrity, granted he isn’t too keen on greed but he’s never destroyed cities over it!! I suggest you wake up and get your facts straight.

        6. Larry Miller says

          And who made you God??????????? When did you get appointed judge and jury?????
          What a ignorant statement. You landed hard when you fell from the watermelon truck.

          1. pmbalele says

            Did you say “You landed hard when you fell from the watermelon truck?” Only KKKs and TPs use such language in their houses when talking about Blacks.
            You see, you were raised really badly and actually brain-washed to believe
            Blacks were intellectually inferior to you as White person. But also I have
            been wondering why Africans-below the Sahara are so backwards are relates to
            advancements seen in European and Asian countries. I have discovered that there was white conspiracy against Africans. Inventors were told by their rulers not to show their advancement to Africans because they would catch up. Some people, like Darwin, lied to their kings and queens that Africans were sub-humans. Indeed Blacks below the Sahara remained backward. Of course there were other factors such as diseases, hot climate that kept Africans backward. But Whites, being lazy, made a mistake. Whites imported Africans here as slaves. Whites had deceived themselves that Blacks, being intellectually inferior, would never learn or catch up with Whites. To their surprise, like you, Blacks learned White people language and quickly have caught up intellectually. We have now Blacks as doctors, nurse, engineers, pilots and above all the president of US. That bothers you Larry Miller who was raised to believe Blacks was sub-humans and therefore cannot learn. No doubt you’re still using language to denigrate Blacks. Please do not use such language for it’s demeaning to Blacks and shows you’re an angry White man. Remember you’re hurting yourself being angry with Blacks. You may end up with a heart attack. So you don’t gain anything by hating Blacks.

          2. Cranky Steven says

            Not all blacks are inferior, pinball, just you.

          3. pmbalele says

            You said it. But why is TP abandoning Dr. Carson as WH nominee? Is he also inferior to TP? Wake up.

          4. HolgerAwakens says

            pmbalele <– reason #29 why Valerie Jarrett's access to the internet should be revoked

          5. ttoe says

            LOLOLOL Dr. Carson is top tier, tied with Bush at 13%.

          6. Angry American says

            The more I have read of your posts the more I realize that you need help in the form of a doctor with a good couch that you can lay upon & tell him your problems, Try it & the sooner the better

          7. pmbalele says

            Your pseudo name shows you need help. Angry American – that is what KKKs call themselves. Try my trick. Calm down and see what you’re missing-education, a woman, housing a job. And then go after them – not to steal, but to apply.

        7. Cranky Steven says

          If that means not having to exist next to libturds like you, pmbalele, and your drivelling cohorts then I’m all for going to hell!

          1. pmbalele says

            If you promise yourself to be celibate, avoid being tempted to have sex. It’s your choice. This is the same if you decide to marry. Once you get married, promise yourself you won’t be hunting other women. Actually promise yourself never to be tempted to have sex with other women. It’s not worth it.

          2. Cranky Steven says

            pmbalele, I only speak English. Sorry.

          3. pmbalele says

            I speak a little French and Swahili. So avoid being tempted to steal, cheat on your spouse and calling other people racial slurs. It is not worthy it.

          4. Anne Bradley says

            That is good, moral advice. I agree.

        8. Merle Dickey says

          LOL your warped !

        9. teriquajones says

          What are you talking about?? When did Congress start “voting” for religious leaders as friends?

          1. pmbalele says

            Don’t ask me too many question. I just read the info from papers and Congressional reports. TPs and Repubs in Congress hate the Pope because his approach to life is like President Obama. These morns in Congress think Pope Francis is a communist.

        10. James Seidel says

          pmbalele? Is that you god? Notice the small case g…

    2. wfc says

      If I read this correctly it was you that was seceding – got a boat?

    3. hora says

      A times come ahead, here need a complete clean, but a big problem are liberals all considered liberals must get two choice, jail for life or quit US citizen and leave USA and never come back. Illegals? simple massive deportation, send a Army to a border, any one try across illegal, shoot for warming and smuggler drug, shoot to kill, stop any aid to Mexican Gov, also commercial and no any Mexican in we territory. ACLU are all Liberal Lawyers, that are simple, ban and confiscate a Law license for life. All member satanic groups also are liberals, remove from USA all liberals and satanic group stop exist. All Muslin out USA, Blacks must loose some right and force respect whites, Homosexuals, shoot or abortion. Change all rules for immigrant, doing much more hard, but some country doing impossible became legal immigrant, and illegals must treat like criminals. Mexican drug dealer simple not jail, ejecute where arrest. But liberals are all key of problem.

    4. 7papa7 says

      Absolutely, I am just surprised that so few want it. I didn’t realize that almost 3/4 of the people don’t have a clue. I guess the 50% who dependent on the government for survival would be against it. They need to set up a conservative government that does not allow liberals in politics. Only the Cruz’s and Gowdy’s etc would be allowed to be in politics.

      1. kathy says

        WOW Pops – only the Cruz and Gowdy’s in government? Apparently you are under the mistaken belief that they actually care about you and the rest of us. Is it time for your meds?

        1. 7papa7 says

          I suppose you think that obama, reid and pelosi care about you. They have a proven track record of putting America and the people first. What you don’t like is that they believe in tough love and aren’t willing to be a nanny state and take care of the little darlings from birth to grave. They want all to be self sufficient.

          1. Lynn Todd says

            Obama, Reid and Pelosi caring about anyone but their greedy pockets? Bwaaaaaaaaa what a joke! Really? Anyone who thinks this must be off their medications! Good one papa 😉

        2. USAPatriotSC says

          Listen to their words and look at their actions. Just one quick one and then you will have to learn to think for yourself “if you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor, if you like your plan you can keep your plan” for 2 years after “your” President knew this was a lie..2010 he kept telling you that same lie. Free thinking is a God given right but because Liberals really don’t believe in God “even though they say they do and go to Church to appear they do” the whole free thinking right was turned down because they heard it was a RIGHT and Liberals can’t do anything to the right of brain dead.

        3. Merle Dickey says

          Do you think the Dems care about you ? LOL Read the NWO Obamass signed our name to . No vote he just does what ever he wants , Heard of socialism? Read and then say he is not pushing us quickly that way. Read the United Nations Agenda 21 he signed. Look up executive order 13603 signed march 2012 by him stating he can declare martial law against we the citizens!!The citizens own The United States not Barack Obama. If he has his way we will all be in Fema camps in 2 years. We are not going to let that happen with out a fight ( and he knows that, hence the ex . order 123603.I think you are young and gullible.

    5. Savior says


      1. James Seidel says

        FY? That is a queer thing to say…

    6. Savior says

      And God gave you the right to Judge, to cast the 1st stone, I think you’ll be in Hell with all those you just named….E N J O Y !!!!

      1. cjg says

        damn straight i will throw the first stone, your no damn savior, there is only one
        so quit using His Name. it is a ABOMINATION in Gods Eyes to be a queer muslim, they are of satans breed… and you sir are probably right in there with them. the whimps, liberals etc, all they know how to do is whine whine whine
        until they get in the middle and then they want someone to help them…. hell no!!
        isn’t it amazing how all these asses all of a sudden find God when life and death
        appear????? only problem is, their god is not the God of the World. new world order will never happen, it may get close, but the bible says No so tuff shit!!! and to end it all, the only good muslim is a dead muslim and
        right next to them the queers!!!

        1. Lizard says

          I will be standing right along side of you ..Power house all way ..I feel same way ..We have dumb azzz queer for president Muslim

    7. pmbalele says

      You’re too late now. Blacks are here to stay and compete with you in school, college, work and housing. You will see them as doctors, military commanders, astronauts, engineers, judges, nurses, doctors, drivers etc. We are no longer living in the 50s and 60s when you thought Blacks were backward. Too late -jump in the lake if you wish to.

      1. countryfarmlady says

        pmbalele:= they are not all black you seam to only think two colors so rethink your statement. there are all types of people who are doing wrong and yes it about time the give me people get of their back sides and stop being so idiot type all people can learn and have the power to pull them selfs up and be some one who is both needed and who is in all types of work become American freedom definder’s / protectors in all types of jobs even if it is cleaning bath rooms /even learning how to grow their own food := in any type of job that needs to be done= our pioneer people knew how in the begaining is now time every one needs to know how to do it again and make sure young ones learn to also and stop being so darn lazy !

        1. pmbalele says

          I see what you mean. But there are racist Whites who think we Blacks should be slaves and feed on their left-overs. We have a lot of them in Wisconsin government such in Natural Resources and Dept. of Corrections. Workers there don’t want work side by side. I am suing some and I believe I am winning. I will keep you posted.

          1. countryfarmlady says

            good morning PMBALELE:do you under stand there are a good number of blacks that are also same way, a great number think every one needs to support them totally and let them set on back side! how do I know = I have cousins who are black but they had good education part of them lawyers the rest hard working and they even say that same statement as I have posted . we have had people here come threw selling stuff and they right after they knock on door go on the rant that you have to buy from them because the black and they get really down dirty talk to you before you even tell them you are not able to buy their stuff, they even have made threats to some of people even to me so yes I know how some of them are also some people Asian same way I also have cousins that are also part blood those type.

          2. pmbalele says

            I never tried illegal drugs – so I am ignorant what drugs do to people. But I am reading many die or kill themselves after using drugs. I used to drink while in college. Not now – after my kids were born. Now people who knock at my door now are Mormons – I hate them especially mornings.

      2. Merle Dickey says

        Well if that were true It would be great but the way most of them are acting I seriously doubt that is ever going to happen.

    8. Wayne says

      I agree 101%. This country needs to get rid of that TRASH!

    9. OCDiver says

      HOOOWAH!!!!! yeah buddy!!!!

  2. James Andrews says

    I wish my state would secede!

    1. David in MA says

      Washington, D.C. is not a state.

      1. James Andrews says

        Who said it was?

  3. Patrick Henry says

    Yes why not??? Let the PEOPLE vote and show this administration what We The People really think about them destroying our nation and making us weaker throughout the world!!!

    1. silvernotes says

      Letting the people vote would be the dumbist thing we could do. 50% of us already leach off the rest of society (not paying any federal taxes). Have you ever watch Jesse Waters on FOX? He puts simple questions to people who 85% of the time can not answer correctly….very disheartening.

      1. mldld says


      2. jobird says

        I believe as you do. As we watch Jesse interview these people(?) it is with a sick heart one
        realizes how deeply in trouble this country is.Thanks to the NEA,no child is being given an education on America and the Founders and how God once Blessed this country.His Mighty Hand has been removed.We know what happened to His chosen
        people Israel,.Since the start of the 1960,when prayer was removed from the schools,Supreme Court ruling on legalization of murder of our Unborn,removing God from every nook and corner this is what to expect Judgement!!!

    2. Valor says

      The PEOPLE have already demonstrated their inability to vote rationally. That is why America has committed suicide.

      1. al.k says

        It is not the peoples inability, its the vote scam and all the free bees with the illegals draining our funds. Mainstream media continually programming the people with their lies and deception, they don’t spend all those billions campaigning telling us the truth, both parties are owned by the same group along with the mainstream media.

        1. Valor says

          All true, except the people are obviously not smart enough to know what is going on, or even want to know. Easier to pretend it will all go away. I am no genius, but even I could figure out what Obama is from the get go. In spite of the media covering for him. If I could do it, anyone could.

          1. David in MA says

            they got their Obama phone, food stamps and subsidies, they think the free-bees will never end and will vote the devil if they think he will keep them as lazy, non-working, pregnant, missing daddies, ripple drinking, tattoo getting, hoop shooting useful idiots, they B happy.

      2. silvernotes says

        This is what happens when you let the feds dictate education policies…the latest atrocity being Common Core. We have to attack the root problem and correct it, not each other. It took 50 years to get us into this situation, I hope we have 50 years to get us out of it.

    3. Anne Bradley says

      I suggest you not and anyone else, really, not allow to be drawn into this drama. Obama Planners are just trying to create a stir. No doubt they had much to do with Scotland’s uprising, yet the truth won and they retained their independence by being part of the UK.

  4. fred says

    With a criminal guilty of treason and every other crime on the books from kenya in charge what do you expect? Send the kenyan to jail asap!

    1. al.k says

      NO! Try the mudpacker for treason and execute him as of by law, along with his puppeteers and congress are all communists, they have nothing to do so they spend their few hrs per week on the job, watching porn, we need to get rid of our democracy government and return to the Republic, run by the people,

  5. Francis X. Knight says

    It is not that I want to secede, I would like for America to kick out those who do not want to live by the Constitution. When we get back to the ideas of the founders, the Country will again prosper…

    1. Valor says

      With a people that elect, twice, the likes of Obama there is little chance of turning things around. Even with all that has happened and is going on this Cretan still has a 40% approval rating. Not much can be said for that kind of citizenry.

      1. Merle Dickey says

        Crazy, dope addled ,brainwashed lazy, dishonest.voters Did I leave anything out?

    2. Anne Bradley says

      Consider the fact that Obama planners are propagandizing this country and the world – because they follow the money. It was no doubt why they worked on Scotland, to try to get them to secede from the UK. We have nothing to secede from! We are a United States! Snowden is being interviewed now and claims “I used to work for the government, now I work for the public”. He is a lying idiot and anyone who takes any value in that is ignorant and only wants to follow the Obama plan of I hate America. He is a Muslim terrorist who is trying to control this country. Many people have died suspicious deaths in this country, yet the only investigations that are done are on black people. Additionally, most likely those African Americans were killed through the auspices of Obama planners, considering them a necessary sacrifice for their mission. “The end Justifies the Means”. Like the Palestinians do! Get it? Anyone who has any interest in the truth can click on my name and see where I have provided a long list of websites. Copy and paste them. Look at them. The republicans were directly questioning Obama’s legitimacy when they were the minority in Congress. That was brave, because these democrats are dishonest through and through. John Boehner is handling all of this very well, and he does it by concensus within the House. He is no tyrant like Obama. Obama would kill anyone to fit an agenda. “The end justifies the means” is his everyday motto. Click on my name and you will see the links and please feel free to share them. I did my own research and believe me, those are only a tip of the iceberg!

      1. Brennan Barrington says

        The ends do justify the means. Consequentialist utilitarianism is the only logical ethical philosophy. Any justice-based system is internally inconsistent in that it is inherently unjust to those who lose. I have no idea what you’re talking about related to Obama planners, and this belief raises an obvious question: if Democrats are willing to do what you say, why are you still alive? If they’re willing to commit murder, it would obviously be in their interest to dispose of you, but you’re still alive and making long posts filled with grammatical and punctuation errors. John Boehner doesn’t govern through consensus; he can’t even get cooperation from his own party half the time, and the Democrats want nothing to do with his obstructionism.

        1. Tom Costello says

          Obstructionism? Really? I’m not a Boehner fan but have you any idea how many bills this Congress has passed and sent to the Senate where harry reid sits on them or stuffs them in a drawer and refuses to bring them to a vote? Would that be obstructionism also? I do believe you need to invest some brain cells in looking at both sides equally — what % of those who ‘lose’ (in your words) are where they are because they are lazy. You have some perilously simplistic and very flawed thinking here and then, in the end, as a liberal, you turn to personal attacks. You do not impress me at all, sir…
          Oh, by the way, is there another justice based system on this planet where you would have the freedom to get insult people on the internet?

  6. dan3333333333 says

    Just get rid of obama and force all to follow each law to the T!

    1. al.k says

      Yea like the penalty for treason, DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD OR BY HANGING OR BOTH UNTIL DEAD!!!! the whole government are communists, in the 50’s Joseph McCarthy exposed 206 communists in the government, they put him in a mental facility and threw him out a fifth story window in the middle of the night, no autopsy, no question on how he got the window open, there was no question of our undocumented sodomite on his eligibility by any one, then they tried to prove he was not eligible, they never made him prove he was eligible, a DNA test would prove this.
      As for his election and reelection is a hoax, this queer Islamic in chief was installed as Henry Kissinger stated he was put in to get the new world order going, no one questioned the billions he gave to his muslim terrorist brother hood either George Soros money bought them all over..

  7. Johnny G. says

    The Civil War was just what it says: a bloody civil war. My thoughts are not fully on succession due to the fact that we will let foreign powers get a stronghold on our whole nation. We will ultimately lose everything! Remember: “Divide and conquer”?

  8. mjnellett says

    We would rather see a major effort made to turn the Senate into a Conservative majority first and if the Republicans fail to take us back to our roots and the original intent of the Constitution then we believe it’s time to rethink America. The progressive/communist/socialist agenda is destroying our country and without stalwart Constitutional conservatives fighting to maintain what our founding Fathers built, we will simply disappear into the dusty pages of history forever.

    1. Valor says

      Even if the Republicans do take control of the Senate, they are led by a bunch of incompetent, spineless wimps. Little will change. History indicates America has decayed past the point of no return.

      1. Mike Straw says

        don’t vote by party, vote for the ones that stand for what you believe in, even if you have to get out of your comfort zone. You can, we all can DO IT!

        1. Dawn Harsley says

          It sounds good but the fact is that either a Democrat or a Republican will win in November 2014 and in November 2016. Voting for anyone else is simply throwing your vote away.

          1. Mike Straw says

            you are right, unless voters get off their best intentions and vote for the best person. When a non-demo or republican get a lot of votes, it’s not throwing your vote away, it’s giving that person power to be heard by the political bosses of all parties. They may not win, but they will be heard and politicians that get elected will listen. Just don’t vote for the lesser of two evils…..that would be a waste of a vote!

        2. Mark Clemens says

          I say vote for the candidate that has the least amount of CASH, They owe less favors.REMEMBER in NOVEMBER
          LESS CASH = MORE CANDIDATE left over for the peoples needs……….

    2. Mark Clemens says

      Exactly what are the Republicans going to do different? They had the ball in 2002-2006 and like the Democrats of 2008-2010 they dropped the ball. Actually all of Obama’s eavesdropping, NSA, Patriot Act abuses were seeds planted by a Republican Congress……
      I say vote them all out. The incumbents are nothing more than Political Whores selling us out to the highest bidder!!!

      1. Abby701 says

        Everything the House passes, the Senate (controlled by Democrats) vetoes or won’t bring to the floor. We need new blood that won’t be coerced into the old party lines. They go in wanting to change but are held back by the senority in place.

        1. Dawn Harsley says

          That is why it is imperative that Republican voters get out in force in November. It is crucial to America that the GOP gains the majority in the Senate. Perhaps some of the House bills will actually see light of day.

      2. Valor says

        You have the right idea. But I will wager that the upcoming election will re-elect at least 80% of incumbents. With that kind of an electorate not much hope of changing things.

        1. David in MA says

          Then those who are physically fit and object to such a thing might consider moving to a South America location and start their own constitutional country within the bounds of the existing country….We can’t seem to convince the Islamic Marxists to start a new country elsewhere, rather than destroy an existing country, so, why not the freedom lovers start a country and keep the muslims and their supporters out?

          1. Brennan Barrington says

            Sounds great to me. We’ll then finally be able to do a controlled test of which set of philosophies works better.

        2. Dawn Harsley says

          There were a whole lot of “newcomers” in 2010 and what did they accomplish? Gridlock within their own party. Yes, we need some new blood but let’s make sure it is the “right blood”, not new blood for the sake of “new”. I will again vote for our Congressional Representative, Brad Wenstrup. He is a conservative, former active Military who still serves in the Reserves, fulfilling his military obligations during the August recess. He’s an all around good guy and deserves to remain in Congress.

      3. Mike Straw says


        1. Mark Clemens says

          ……..That’s called Political Prejudice
          Were one only votes along party lines

          1. Mike Straw says

            you’re right Mark, but the sad thing is that a lot of people do just that. I know families that when one of their kids becomes of age to vote, the father goes with them and insists they vote strictly for their party. Pathetic to say the least!!

        2. Cameron Triplett Sr says

          I’ve been beating that drum for yrs. Go for it!

      4. Dawn Harsley says

        Let’s see. At the end of 2006, before the Dems took control of Congress, unemployment was under 5%, an all time low. The economy was churning, the housing industry was running at full speed, everyone who paid Federal Income Tax enjoyed a rate reduction that helped stimulate the economy. After 9/11, which was 8 months into Bush’s term, we were kept safe from further terrorist attacks. If you look at those years, the GOP did a pretty damn good job of running the country.

        1. Brennan Barrington says

          Bush’s policies (admittedly, government regulation was part of the problem) started an economic bubble, which popped in 2008. Furthermore, Bush was still in there from 2006 to 2008, and could veto anything the Democrats wanted. Blaming the Democrats is like blaming the guy in the passenger seat for driving off a cliff, after the driver drove 80% of the way there and was still trying to yank the wheel away from the guy in the passenger seat when the passenger tried to stop the car.

          1. Dawn Harsley says

            When all else fails, blame Bush. That’s been Obama’s mantra since taking office 6 years ago. Nothing is ever the fault of the Dumbocrats. It is time they put on their big boy pants and take responsibility for their actions and inactions.

          2. Anne Bradley says

            Yet Obama also plays the game that he collaborates with Bush. For instance, now using the phrase “New World Order” to allude that President Bush is in on something, which is false. President Bush has said cordial things to and about Obama as a unifier of our country, and to show integrity.

          3. Dawn Harsley says

            Bush 43 has taken a page from his father’s playbook which is never to criticize a sitting president. Too bad the Democrats don’t see fit to do the same. Clinton blamed everything on Bush 41 and Obama, after 6 years in office, is still blaming everything on Bush 43.

          4. OCDiver says

            not just nobama …. the entire demoncrap party!!

          5. Dawn Harsley says

            That’s true. That’s their fall back position when they don’t have anything else. They’ve already exhausted the race card.

          6. Larry Miller says

            Hardley Brennan, You need to go back much past 2006.

        2. Mark Clemens says

          After all that recklessness the economy crashed, it hasn’t come close to a recovery.
          Let’s not forget when W walked through the White House doors, we had $500,000,000,000 surplus. Were did all that go? When W walked out we OWED $1,500,000,000,000. I know neither party is looking out for the people. All either party wants to do is foolishly spend our tax money on their campaign doaners……

          1. Dawn Harsley says

            Actually, if you do your research, there wasn’t a surplus after all. If you also do your research, you will find that at the end of 2006, b/4 the Dems. took over Congress, unemployment was less than 5%, an all time low. When Bush left office, it was 7.8%, with the Dems. in control of Congress. During the first year of the Obama administration, unemployment rose to 10.1% before it began to level off. Obviously you don’t want to face facts.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Well that 10% unemployment was due to Clinton and Bush jr disastrous trade policy. The momentum was full steam ahead to China w/the jobs. Now Obama could stop this right now, but we are playing bait & switch. If the next president is republican, I bet he’ll blame Obama like Obama blames Bush. Both parties are out to get us under rule. It’s a TWO party system, both have to go along w/this BS……

          3. Larry Miller says

            Dawn there was actually a surplus, however I agree with you on the remainder.
            The rate of unemployment when Obama took over was not His fault, however it has not improved even though the numbers have. His administration has played with the numbers ( in the manner in which they calculate the unemployed) to cause it to appear to be getting better. Our economy and standard of living has decreased drastically over the past six years.

          4. colnzgprnts says

            Dawn, do you realize unemployment ‘began to level off’ because the way unemployed are counted changed….

          5. Dawn Harsley says

            What I do realize is that the numbers given out by the White House are not the actual numbers. There are many more unemployed than they want us to realize.

        3. Anne Bradley says

          Yes, considering it was probably corrupted dems who helped the terrorists cause 911 – all to give a black eye to President Bush. People were seeing through that, and came around. There are just so many lies in the media, it makes it difficult for people to decide and many just decide to trust the lies.

          1. Dawn Harsley says

            As far as I’m concerned, bin Laden and the 19 men who took down the towers and the Pentagon are to blame for 9/11. Naturally, the conspiracy freaks are at work once again. Every time there is a tragedy of some kind, they come out of the woodwork. The only thing I will say, and it is common knowledge, Clinton had a chance to take bin Laden and he refused, saying he didn’t want to offend the Muslims.

          2. OCDiver says

            Come out of the woodwork to do one thing …….. BLAME BUSH!!!

          3. Lynn Todd says


            Who do you think controls the media?

    3. al.k says

      Its time to try every government personnel for treason and execute them by firing squad as of by law, return to the republic by the people for the people, and we thought Hitler was bad!

      1. Brennan Barrington says

        I’d like to know how your mail carrier has committed treason.

        1. Dawn Harsley says

          Actually the postal service is no longer a part of the government per se.

          1. Anne Bradley says

            Don’t be surprised if he says something really mean because you correct him. He doesn’t like to do his own research.

          2. Dawn Harsley says

            You probably are right. Although Congress has control over the prices charged by the Postal Service, they are no longer government employees and have not been for quite some time.

          3. Anne Bradley says

            Fyi, Dawn. The USPS is advertising they are hiring, at least in Connecticut they are advertising this. Pass that on. Most likely they are trimming out the dishonest ones. I hope so. It is awful when I send mail and it doesn’t get to the sender, nor is it returned back to me. But there are way more good people in the USPS than bad.

          4. Dawn Harsley says

            We have a really great postal delivery person on our route. If he has to deliver a package, he brings the rest of our mail to the door, rings the doorbell and if we’re not home, he leaves the package on the porch and puts the regular mail back in the box. What aggravates me is when I go to the post office and there is one clerk working the line, people standing in line out the door and we can hear several people talking in the back room. Heaven forbid one of them should open another line to accommodate their customers.

          5. Anne Bradley says

            When they are working with good leadership, they are most apt to do well. The ones who have routes are more independent and for those who do great jobs, I am very grateful for their work. Carrier routes have difficult stressors. Car accidents caused by others, injuries on properties, difficult one-on-ones with people. I gave my carrier cookies in my prior apartment. I live in a huge bldg. now, and may be out of place giving this one cookies. Sometimes the clerks at the counter can be so controlling and not give reliable service. Then there are those who are always consistently kind and trustable and I love it when that happens.

    4. vietnam6871 says

      Both parties are corrupted by power and wealth. The Dems are just farther left than the GOP. It will take a huge catastrophe or secession to bring about a move to the right.

  9. Mark Clemens says

    ……..Well if y’all want to.lawfully get Obama out of office. Let Hawaii succeed. Look at Part III of the 14th amendment. That would make him ineligible by constitutional law. Hell Hawaii isn’t even on this continent.

    1. Valor says

      He is already ineligible. And the Constitution is no longer the law of the land. Political correctness is the foundation of today’s America.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Obama’s in a Grey area. If Hawaii succeeds that would 100% for sure make him invalid.
        Right now Part I of the 14th amendment protects his eligibility to the Presidency.
        Part III with a Hawaiian secession would be a slam dunk. Ask Ted Cruz, I bet he might agree w/me.

        1. Valor says

          Whether Hawaii secedes or not is irrelevant. The Hawaiian birth certificate is a forgery. Think about it! Even if it were legit, Obama was elected when Hawaii was a state. That would not change if Hawaii seceded.

        2. USA Lover says

          If Hawaii were to suceed, Obutthead would turn around and claim to have been born in CT to match his SS #

        3. dondehoff says

          No mark, the law (and country) that was in effect when he took office applies. A later state secession would have no bearing on the prior issue—-If it did, “Pandora’s Box” would be “open” for all prior legal issues—Ask Webster’s Dictionary for a definition of “ex post facto”, and I think that will clear up the issue for you.

    2. dondehoff says

      Mark, secession by a state does not provide for “retroactive” legal issues, and while I am not an attorney, I believe the common law “ex post facto” rules apply—we can not “go back” with new laws and hang someone—although we still need to “sort out” our President’s problems.

  10. silvernotes says

    The “western” states…(like CA) would sink without being able to leach off of the rest fo the US states. All you have to do is look at what party has been running the state.

  11. DrRGP says

    But let’s be grammatical in doing so. Try: “Nearly 1 in 4 Americans Supports Seceding. . . .”

    1. dondehoff says

      DR, before correcting the grammar, correct the math—I have personally ask over a 100 people, via the internet how they feel about any state seceding and less than 5% of those responding, indicted they would support the process and they all were either from Texas or the South. Secession would be utter stupidity as doing so would fall right into the hands of the several NWO and Muslim groups—and briefly summarized, succession would not guarantee a state being free from the very problems from which they were trying to get away.

      1. DrRGP says

        Thank you, Mr. Dondehoff, for being there to do the serious analysis. I’m so beat up (beat down?) with the state of the world and the United States in particular that all I’m good for now is occasional editing.

  12. Anne Bradley says

    The whiney ones are the ones who want to revolt. Obama planners are doing everything with their propaganda to create a hate for this country, and practiced with Scotland. Scotland ultimately proved that they were not going to allow propaganda. Most media are liars anymore. One has to check out what they say, which is time consuming and frustrating, since they enjoy raking in so much money for jobs they have in deceiving the public. Hitler pulled this tactic. Obama is another Hitler. Obama planners are the cause for the impending collapse. There is no accountability. There is only lying and deception. That is why republicans worked hard to turn over the majority to republicans in the Congress and why I hope they get majority in Senate. Obama cannot be arrested because the crooked dems in the senate will not vote for anything to help Obama. Notice how recently Obama created an ISIS circumstance, so dems can oppose Obama? It was all fake – just like Obama is a complete fake – he is gay, yet he told all of us he was against gay marriages. “Michelle” is a man! Girls are adopted and one of their birthdays is July 4 – no doubt fixed – to convince the ISIS members what a prophet Obama is. And there are some Muslims who are in essence supporting ISIS by claiming the new pope is wonderful (he is a child molester) and use many social strategies to get people hooked, which builds THEIR power and lessons the ones who trust. Most Islams are NOT terrorists and they do not go along with ISIS, al Qaeda, and other cells. al Qaeda has few left, in fact, because they joined ISIS, whose leader with the name of “Bakar” in it, was let out of prison by Obama in 2009! Obama is the most dangerous leader in the world right now. As long as he is in power, the planners can pull his strings as a puppet. Look at these links on the pope. Don’t rely on mainstream media. They only care to follow Obama planners. They are reporting for organized crime!



    1. grunion says

      And who pray tell are the “Whiney ones”. No offense but have you been drinking?

      1. Anne Bradley says

        Your sarcasm only proves you feed off your own ignorance. You obviously don’t care. You obviously don’t do your own research or even ask.

        1. grunion says

          I asked you 2 questions and quite obviously you cannot answer. Could it be because you have no answer. Again who are the whiney ones and are you drinking and posting?
          Your obvious arrogance blinds you.

          1. Anne Bradley says

            Do your own research. I feel sorry for you.

          2. grunion says

            That’s OK if you don’t know.
            I, on the other hand will pray for your safety and salvation in the coming months.
            Funny, you really never know with who you might really be communicating on these sites.

          3. Anne Bradley says

            If you are not a terrorist, you certainly are a supporter of them.

        2. David in MA says

          I believe this is a liberals response……. ggrunion ~~~ GOT-CHA!

    2. larry says

      all muslims are just as bad as isis if they follow the koran which tells them to kill all who dont conform to their satan worship.You cant be a real muslim if you dont follow the koran.

  13. pmbalele says

    Please do no believe Repub sponsored polls. Those polls are taken in heavily TPs and Repubs area. Blacks and other racial minorities are excluded in the polls. These people still think Blacks and other racial minorities are not equal to them because they are Whites. TPs and Repubs are primitive.

    1. Valor says

      You want to experience primitive wait until the Demorats finish destroying America.

      1. pmbalele says

        Watch out your language. We have more locally trained doctors, nurses and other professionals than during Bushes and Reagan eras combined. President Obama enabled poor smart kids to attend college. During Repub administration, doctors and
        nurses were imported. Do you Bin Laden and Yemen guy are burning in hell. The Benghazi moron is in US jail. Unemployment is lowest in years. And here you listening to
        TPs and FoxNews lying to you that Democrats are spoiling the country – You must be neighbor to Sarah Palin family -violent people.

    2. grunion says

      I have spoken with a number of black men who like the idea of Texas seceding but then, they work for a living.

      1. pmbalele says

        Remember what Karl Rove and Dick Morris told you in 2012-These morons had predicted Romney the winner 56-44 for Obama. These morons had already rented a cruise boat for Romney winning party $10 mi. The party would last for 5 days. You
        know what happened -Romney lost the opposite score. That is what TP and Repubs
        are doing today. They lie to you to vote for their candidate. Polls are for the birds.

    3. DroneAlone says

      Funny that the party that founded the KKK is trying to position Republicans as racists.

      BTW, did you know Lincoln was a Republican?

      1. pmbalele says

        Repubs were good people during Lincoln. They even voted to end slavery. They thought
        Blacks were inferior to them as Whites. That is what they mothers and fathers told them. But Repubs are not the same. Now Repubs have realized Blacks are regular humans only their shades are different. Repubs will never accept non-Whites or women as leaders. They want to control people – make them slaves. Show them the door-don’t vote for them.

        1. DroneAlone says

          Still trying to sell your lies? I’m republican. I’m mixed blood American Indian (Chippewa) My great grandfather fought for the union as a Calvary man.

          I actually had great hopes for Obama, at least as far as healing the racial divide. Sadly, he has disappointed the nation with his divisiveness and race baiting. He has never figured out he’s supposed to be the nation’s president, not just a democratic community organizer. So very sad, but I will not be fooled again by this party of lies and liars that the democratic party has become.

          Trying to sell your desperate lies is all you have, so I understand. Democrats can’t stand on their record of successful policies or any success.

          1. pmbalele says

            Did you see that last night? ISIS leaders were cornered between Syria and Iraq. Their leaders are on the run -some received a few bullets from the sky. Now you and Repubs wanted to send US ground troupes. You guys are crazy and I believe you were not raised right -like children. Patience pays. President Obama let Assad live – you see now he is fighting ISIS too. Why can’t you Repubs give up these coming elections?

          2. DroneAlone says

            On the run and cornered? Are you insane? We killed 70 out of 10s of thousands. Believe propaganda like a clueless lemming much? Cornered in the wide open terrain of Iraq and Syria? Without actionable intelligence and targeting from boots on the ground, airstrikes are not particularly effective. I hope they’re not our feet in the boots, but it’s needed nonetheless…

            The left, never having served, are clueless buffoons. The imbecile Obama is responsible for the debacle in the first place allowing a conquered country destabilize into chaos while he partied, golfed and attended fundraisers.

          3. pmbalele says

            Did you say -the left are destroying the country and trampling the constitution and our rights? People who almost ruined the Country are Ted Cruz the Castro nephew, Paul Ryan and John Boehner. These had tried to ruin the country before 2012 to make President Obama one-term president. Those morons,
            maybe including you, lost. Romney the White guy, lost to Obama.

          4. DroneAlone says

            Your racist rant about Cubans and white guys aside, your ignorance shines brightly through your political leanings, your inability to form a coherent thought and your writing style.

            Clearly you will vote democrat, ignoring reality and responding emotionally to any sound bites you get from the leftwing extremist democrats. It’s not your fault. You’re just not equipped for rational thought.

          5. pmbalele says

            The problem with you is that you were raised
            badly-to see people of other races as inferior to you as a white person. Now
            you’re disappointed racial minorities beat you in class and at work. I can tell
            you’re really angry and for no reason other than Blacks and racial minorities
            are smart than you. Watch out your heart – you may end up like Dick Cheney now
            wearing a heart of a Black person. I have warned Cheney if he continues to attack
            the President, We Blacks may demand our
            heart back from Cheney

          6. DroneAlone says

            Sorry lefty, only one of us mentioned race and that’s you. In case you missed it, I’m Chippewa. Do you have a problem with that?

            I’m not sure why you’re obsessed by race, I suppose that’s just your racism shining through. It’s funny when you attempt to project your unhealthy obsession with race onto others.

          7. pmbalele says

            I am obsessed with race? Tell me why TPs were holding rallies in DC in 2010. You will tell me they were against Obamacare. But some did not have health insurance and those with insurance were whining their premiums were going up every year. Do you and TPs have solutions to those without insurance? No. You want them dead. Who don’t have insurance? Mostly are Blacks.

    4. larry says

      have another cup of koolaide and praise your leader!

  14. Kimberly Thompson says

    Secede? You bet–I’m all for it….here in SC we could have Nikki Haley be President, grow our economy like she has already bringing into SC Boeing, PTR Industries, we could go back to the days when the 2nd Amendment with all The Constitution was regarded as the Charter by which Government toed the line while citizens relied on it & them–maybe we could grow & smoke tobacco again?! Sounds great to me!!

    1. grunion says

      There is a very strong secession movement in Texas the numbers do not accurately reflect. Texas is in a unique position of being formerly a Republic. When forced to join the Union, Texas negotiators were very cagey. Texas borders extend 12 miles into the Gulf, we have the right to divide in to 5 new states but the people i speak with are largely rural residents and their all but unified response was…Secede, we don’t need them (The democrat federal government).
      Also, Texas has a unique way of dealing with corporate greed and it poses no constraints on liberty.
      It’s the Feds that prevents states from functioning as set out in our Constitution.
      I have yet to decide where I come down on this issue.

    2. dondehoff says

      Kim, that is either gross stupidity or ignorance. You have little or no concept of the much “bigger picture”—-it is time for the South to fold its Civil War tent and fully join the Union. You don’t really think those and government that buy all of their products.

    3. kwkurtz44 says

      If the only way you can succeed is by killing your fellow citizens with tobacco, you are worse than ISIS, at least they kill for what they think is a good reason, their religion, and their country. (Not that I agree they are right, but had we not gone in there and interfered in the first place, they would not hate us the way they do.) You are only interested in your own personal interests. It is because of people like you our country is in the mess it is in. Just how long do you think South Carolina could survive without all the federal subsidies? Without Medicare and Social Security? Who would build your roads and bail you out when your hit with hurricanes? Are your AK-47’s going to protect you from invasions? And yes I am an Obama plant and make thousands of dollars for typing this shit. , just as much as you are paid well by the Koch brothers for your posts. Get your head out of your butt and get real! Why are those companies coming to South Carolina, because your state is giving them a free pass on taxes, and allowing them to pay sub standard wages. We need the Unions back, they were the only thing protecting the American workers and the American way of life.

      1. larry says

        kwkurtz44,you have admitted that you are part of the problem.so just go away,we dont need anymore of obamaqs sheep and democrats!

        1. colnzgprnts says

          Larry, you have to love KWKURTZ’s statement that to suggest tobacco as Kimberly Thompson did is even worse that ISIS. The guy is a charter member of the group in this country who long for tyranny and are willing to wear the chains that go with living in an.autocratic state.

      2. icallBS says

        Ummmm….where does the majority of tax revrnue comr from? Corporations or unions? Workers or the so called “99%”?

    4. colnzgprnts says

      Yes SC could secede, but the corruption that exists would come to the new nation of SC. We would still have a legislature dominated by Bobby Harrel types and we would continue to have those addicted to food stamps and free cell phones. Granted, we would break the ties to a repressive federal government. Forget being able to grow and smoke tobacco, false dogma comes part and parcel with a citizenry that been indoctrinated to accept that ‘second-hand’ smoke is the bane of mankind. Put secession on the ballot and I will support it, but my expectations for success are not great!

  15. James Edwards says

    If the dead-assed Christians and Jews would get serious about saving America – I mean, really serious – we could TAKE BACK AMERICA and make it into the great nation it was meant to be by our FOUNDING FATHERS – who, incidentally, WERE ALL CHRISTIAN!
    IF NOT, the atheists, Liberals, and Muslims WILL indeed continue to gather strength, pool THEIR resources, AND continue to DOMINATE the government UNTIL America as we know it, is DESTROYED! That, or eventually, break off and form their own independent anti-God nation similar to what we now have – THE OBAMINATION!

    1. kwkurtz44 says

      Check your facts….the founders were not all Christians. It will do no good to seced, the Corporations will still control your lives. You gave them that power. It is not Obama who is destroying our nation, it is corporate greed.

      1. James Edwards says

        Excuse me, I’m just a dumb HISTORIAN who has written seven books – five on Christian history with several chapters on AMERICAN HISTORY – There is NO RECORD of any of the FOUNDING FATHERS being ANYTHING other than CHRISTIANS! Maybe you can enlighten me.

        1. kwkurtz44 says

          A few prominent Founding Fathers were anti-clerical Christians, such as Thomas Jefferson[21][22][23] (who created the so-called Jefferson Bible) and Benjamin Franklin.[24] Others (most notably Thomas Paine, who authored the religious book The Age of Reason[25]) were deists, or at least held beliefs very similar to those of deists.[26]

          Historian Gregg L. Frazer argues that the leading Founders (Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, Wilson, Morris, Madison, Hamilton, and Washington) were neither Christians nor Deists, but rather supporters of a hybrid “theistic rationalism”.[27]

          The Treaty of Tripoli, states that “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion”[28] and was passed unanimously by the Senate and signed by President John Adams.

          1. James Edwards says

            Blah-blah, blah-blah – you, and the ‘Treaty of Tripoli’ – are splitting hairs, Kurtz. The FOUNDING FATHERS recognized JESUS CHRIST, and, THEIR religion – CHRISTIANITY! In the writings of EVERY ONE you mention, they AFFIRM their faith, time and time again. Sure, they were split on HOW to worship God, and Christ – as almost ALL Christians are since that is GOD’S PLAN – but, NOT ONE was anything but ‘CHRISTIAN’ – and, that’s a FACT, JACK!
            JEFFERSON was so conflicted, one minute he was THIS, the next minute, THAT – BUT, he never wavered in his faith – which was solidly behind the overall Christian philosophy which he praised. As to Mr. Frazer – he is simply making up his own terminology, and, it DOESN’T HOLD WATER!
            ‘Dumbing-Down’ the simple populace with false claims might work for the masses, – Adolph Hitler was great at that – but, it doesn’t work for those who have truly studied and read the bio’s on our Founding Fathers. Lots of books on the subject. Are you an atheist?

          2. kwkurtz44 says

            The basics of Christian philosophy are good. The problem is that hardly any Christians practice them. The premise is to love one another despite your differences, yet anyone that is different is branded evil. If Christ were on this planet right now, preaching what he did then, he would be labeled a right winged, Socialist fanatic, and they could not find the nails to drive in his hands fast enough. Just look at how many are criticizing the present Pope for behaving more Christ like. You are taught religion from the time you are a small child, this is what you must believe, if not you are damned. No matter if your a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist or whatever. Everyone is willing to die for what they believe, and willing to destroy others who do not believe the same as they do. What if you were born a Muslim? As for what I can see, religion equates to hate. We need more love, acceptance and understanding in the world, not more hate. And if you disagree with that last sentence, then you are not a very bright person.

          3. James Edwards says

            Ok -you have answered my last question. You ARE an atheist, or at most, an agnostic. Either way, you have showed your ignorance of the greatest religion on the planet – CHRISTIANITY. As a former non-believer myself, I can attest to where you are coming from – and, as a student of the Bible, and of other religions as well – I can say that, only WHEN you truly begin to read with your HEART rather than your mind, can you begin to understand the REAL philosophy of God and Jesus as the God-Head, and that great power let loose in the world over 2,000 years ago!
            Several years ago I was given a ‘commission’ by God to write the definitive history of Christianity. I said, ‘No thanks – I’m not the right person.’ Like Paul, on the road to Damascus – I was told ‘Yes, you are. Shut up, and do as I say – WRITE!’ Two years later, WHAT IS GOD’S GREAT PLAN? – a five-book series on the history of Christianity juxtaposed with the history of the world – emerged!
            I can tell you, you are wrong about Christians – in general – dead wrong. We are NOT allowed to ‘hate’. We can, however, do as God does – we CAN hate SIN itself, in it’s many, many forms.
            As for ‘love in the world’. As a Christian, I believed, as a young man, it was my duty to become one of two things: A ‘doer’, or a ‘procrastinator’. With no skills, I became a ‘doer’ – all I could be was a ‘Warrior’. I became a United States Marine and served my country for four years – protecting it, as best I could.
            There was no ‘love’ in that quest, as it required killing, or disabling, any ENEMY of my country, and, of my religion which abhors killing – but, recognizes that when the church is attacked, it must be allowed to DEFEND itself – as it has been in the past, and as it is being ATTACKED now by ISLAM.

            To do LESS would mean you, your loved ones – me, and my loved ones – ALL CHRISTIANS everywhere in the world – along with other UNBELIEVERS, would all be KILLED. (THAT is in the Q’uran!) This is the conundrum that atheists, gays, Liberals, and Democrats face today. Which ENEMY do you choose? The Christian Church – or Godless-heartless, ISLAM? Trust me, the day will come when all of you will have to make that CHOICE!
            I have made mine – and, there is NOT an ounce of ‘hate’ in it. Just, ‘determination’.
            Best of luck to you.

          4. Greg Hernandez says

            There are MILLIONS of Christians in the world who live their beliefs. When they do, they do not brand every one else evil. If Christ were labled a right wing fanatic, it would be by the same type of entrenched athiestic political bosses like we have today who also are the same ones criticising the pope. Yes, most believers ARE willing to die for their beliefs, but Christians have kind of grown up and have stopped killing non- believers in the last several hundred years. Religion equaling hate in your mind , shows you to have a very small, narrow mind and you probably would agree with the athiests who have this for their motto.. Good without god…BUT, like all progressives and socialists they conveniently don’t finish the equation,
            Good without God = o …. God teaches love, acceptance and understanding but a person has to accept those things to be able to live them.
            An athiest is one who’s ego is too large to admit there is someone greater then themselves. an agnostic is one who is to lazy to look for their course to God. I hope you find your way to salvation. The other place may get a little too warm.

          5. Greg Hernandez says

            When you start quoting things, make sure they are correct. Jefferson had problems with the Church, but that did not stop him from going TO church every Sunday while he was president,Washington went to church in Alexandria which in those days was a bit of a ride in those days from Mt. Vernon but his pew is still marked. Thomas Paine was a notable doubter in his younger days but did think more kindly of religion in his later years. Remember, they did not want a Church of the United States but most of the founders believed in God and went to regular services. Washington’s first official act after his inaugural speech in NYC was to go arm in arm with the newly elected officials, to a nearby chapel for a service of prayer, hymn singing and a sermon. Mr. Frazer is known for his secular bent which distorts his writings and makes him a very unreliable source.His calling those founders supporters of theistic rationalism is a load of hogwash. Even Franklin who was quite the wag, noted that for America to survive we needed religious people with morals they learned through the Christian church.Washington exhorted his men at Valley Forge telling them we must be a Christian Army. I now quote from ” What would The Founders Say ” by Larry Schweikart …. ” The founders are often misquoted and taken out of context on the notion of church and state. Often, some wording in the Treaty of Tripoli- ” The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion” – is falely attributed to a NON-Existant ( my emphasis )letter by George Washington. No such letter has ever been found and there is no documentary evidence that Washington was even aware of the treaty language. Rather than just quote someone who is not a very good researcher and limited by his own prejudices, do your own research, go to Mt. Vernon like I have, check the national archives and widen your own horizons and learn being sceptical is correct, but once you learn the truth in anything, you become duty bound to tell the truth and stop passing around phony info.

          6. kwkurtz44 says

            Thank you for your thoughtful and obviously educated assessment. I stand corrected. However, I still maintain that mixing religion and government is not a good thing, no good has ever come of it, as far as I know..

          7. kwkurtz44 says

            But, I agree with need men with Christian values and men of good moral character. However, a man of any religion could be that, could he not? I do not believe our President is Muslim, he goes to church (I don’t know if every Sunday) and his family does also. But if he were Muslim, but a good and honest man, would that automatically make him bad?

          8. Greg Hernandez says

            I apologize for my second comment. I made the great mistake of being righteous when I should have been thankful for yor gracious comment. You are fully correct. Mixing government with religion is toxic. A government run by religious people with high morals is a great thing and that is what the founders were trying to do. Which was just the opposite of me getting on my high horse.

          9. kwkurtz44 says

            I appreciate a good conversation and respect others views even when they differ from mine, as long as they are presented thoughtfully. This is exactly what these forums should be, not filled with prejudice and hate (sorry I have to say it, by people who claim to be Christian). You sir, have gained my respect.

          10. colnzgprnts says

            Kwkurtz when we try to separate religion from politics we put God in a box and that is a very dangerous practice, God has to be in the forefront of our thoughts in all facets of our life or we are dysfunctional.

        2. colnzgprnts says

          James, I think you are reading from an old textbook probably written before our nation was fundamentally transformed. As we learn from ‘revised history’ most founding fathers were Muslim. Those that were not Muslim were LGBT advocates.

          1. James Edwards says

            No, I didn’t go to one of those radical Liberal schools that employ atheist professors who demand that you write ‘God is Dead!’ for a thesis. My ‘textbooks’ were, the Bible, and about 60 history books, and over 150 papers, ranging from the history of civilization, to the latest book on the disaster of Barack Hussein Obama becoming our President. It took me 2.5 years of study and research, and the result is a five-book series on Christian history covering 2,012 years (released in 2012) WHAT IS GOD’S GREAT PLAN? (www.WhatIsGodsGreatPlan.webs.com) I was scrupulous with the truth, with history, with reason, and with care in the interpretation of the many miracles God has produced over that period to bring America to where it is today.
            I challenge anyone – atheist, Christian, Jew, or Muslim – to argue the reality of history! IT does NOT lie.

      2. David in MA says

        another Obama plant.
        go away, your no longer believed.

        1. EMIRCITNA says

          ….that has withered!!!

      3. EMIRCITNA says

        Ahhhhh, BUT we the people have the POWER OF THE PURSE thus can boycott those ‘corporations’ into poverty, my friend!!! ~ Those ‘corporations’ thrive when they can corrupt governments into fleecing the people of their $$$$$$ through government mandated excess-taxation in order to pay for their $500 toilet seats, etc.!!!
        Bottom Line; BOTH need to go straight to their father in Hades!!!!

      4. al.k says

        I totally agree, except we didn’t give them the power, they took it with their controlled elections, obama has a free run to send billions to his terrorist buddies and wants more, but won’t say why, probably wants to put it in a Swiss Bank account for himself and his first man Michael. Remember how much money Aryifat had in his Swiss bank account $4 million, not bad except he never got to spend it.

      5. colnzgprnts says

        kwkurtz44 “corporate greed” is the rallying call of collectivists – people that spout that line are KoolAid addicts!

    2. al.k says

      They make too much money, wars are very profitable for the money master who finance them, if we all refused to fund them, all conflicts would soon stop, the CIA agitators promote all these wars for the money masters, Ronald Reagan said, people don’t start was governments do. We furnish the man power for all these conflicts and they furnish all the war machinery at our expense, that is a very losing battle for us, they took over the money in 1913 and have steadily encroached on our country and freedom, they put their own people in office, they only allow us to vote so they can tell us we elected them, the votescam has been proven time and again, they have their instigators in every election, church, business, etc;

  16. govtrumbull says

    Only 25%? By this time one would expect the number to be at least as high as Obama’s disapproval ratings. The UN is one of America’s biggest threats to our constitution and our sovereignty. Obama is a perfect example of things that the UN exemplifies. It is a socialistic, communistic form of government; even if they do call the UN an Non Governmental Organization (NGO); and are at the forefront of installing Obama’s New World Order. Wake up people, the U.N. is not your friend!

  17. John Stratemeyer says

    Irrelevant. The question of Secession was settled by the Union victory in the Civil War. You can’t do it.

    1. grunion says

      We can do anything we damn well please with enough numbers. In the face of the rampant federal corruption and agenda, what matters law?

      1. John Stratemeyer says

        You sound like a kid who’s decided to take his ball and go home. You’re telling me that the answer “rampant federal corruption and agenda” is anarchy? 1 in 4 Americans favor secession, so their “numbers” are sufficient? You would toss America onto the garbage heap of History because you disagree with the policies of a renegade Administration that will soon enough occupy its own massive claim on that very trash heap? I don’t think you’ve thought it through.
        Here’s a better idea: win the debate against the liberal/socialist/Democrats (LSDs) by promoting better ideas. For example, Mitt Romney touted a “5-point plan” to revive the economy and put America back to work. The LSD Mainstream Media (LSDMSM) kept taunting him to “flesh out” his plan, but Mr. Romney only repeated his 5 points like a demented parrot.
        Had Mr. Romney taken just one of his five points, and “fleshed it out,” he’d be President today. Had Mr. Romney taken “American Energy Independence,” and made the simple point that the process of fracking would create high-salaried jobs across the board, from accounting to transportation, he’d be President today. The facts were on his side. It was his election to lose, and he lost it.
        America is the greatest country in the History of the World. Americans have more liberty than the citizens of any country since man learned to walk upright. So many people say that President Obozo and his LSD Myrmidons in Congress, along with their RINO allies, and an LSD judiciary, are bent on eradicating America. Indeed, there is much to support that point of view. The America of today is not the country that we grew up in.
        But I submit that, before you modern-day secessionists run off half-cocked, that you take the time to read a book or two about the early days of our Republic. Read about how the Articles of Confederation were inadequate to National Security or a stable economy. Read of the struggle to guarantee the liberties of American citizens as the Founding Fathers argued over every word and nuance of the proposed U.S. Constitution. Let your blood boil at how some delegates demanded a Bill of Rights over the objection of others. Understand that secession does not guarantee that you will be taking those Constitutional liberties with you. You’ll be starting over, and you’ll need “enough numbers.” Suppose you have “enough numbers” to do away with freedom of speech? Of religion? Of the right to keep and bear arms?
        There is but one means to fight federal corruption and the LSD agenda, and that is with better ideas, and having the intestinal fortitude to stand up for them. That includes standing behind the U.S. Constitution, which is still the law of the land. Backed up by the point of a gun, if that’s what it takes. The siege of the Bundy Ranch shows that the Feds are not invincible, or above the law. The 2nd Amendment kicked in all by itself, in case you didn’t notice. That’s what “law matters.”

        1. grunion says

          Yeow, you go John.
          Misunderstanding is the problem. The people can do what they want with sufficient numbers. The question, “What matters law” was directed at the lawless government you so eloquently describe. I have not advocated secession anywhere on my posts. Just discussing some aspects and motivations of the action. I do appreciate the lecture even if it was an attack piece. Sad you had to waste time berating me and explaining things of which I am well aware.
          So next time you feel like brow beating someone for having an opinion, go….well, you know. Not certain but we may be on the same team.
          Have a great day!

          1. John Stratemeyer says

            I have no doubt that we’re on the same side. Sorry that my post came off as an attack piece, or even a lecture. That was not the intent.
            Many people believe that the intent of President Obozo is to destroy America. They think that he wants to do away with Liberty, trash the Constitution, and set himself up as a king or a dictator. That may be. But secession means walking away and letting him do all of that. Secession says that America and liberty are not worth fighting for, so we give them up. Once gone, America and Liberty will be very difficult, if not impossible to get back.

          2. grunion says

            OK, I understand. You make a compelling presentation, thanks.

          3. John Stratemeyer says

            That’s very kind. Thank you.

    2. phyllisjmurphy says

      Sure you can! John Marshall especially wanted to keep power with the States and the Constitution was written to assure us of that. Idiot politicians at state level have it slip away!

      1. John Stratemeyer says

        There is no legal power by which a state may secede from the Union. The Confederate States tried, and lost the argument when they lost the Civil War. It matters not what Chief Justice Marshall wanted. He was not a legislator. He was not the Chief Executive.

  18. opinionguru says

    DON”T SECEDE… throw the liberal traitors and those who support them OUT! This is OUR country, not theirs.

    1. colnzgprnts says

      Many of us believe the time is past when we can take our nation back – those who ride in the wagon rather than doing their part to pull the wagon are ensconced in the electorate, That begs the question of what would be accomplished by seceding because those riding in the wagon would come with those leaving the broken country

  19. James Maxwell says

    United we stand, Divided we fall, and the kenyan mancurian candidate is doing all he can with his
    muzzie pig suckers to destroy our nation before he is run out of town on a rail with tar and feathers.

  20. Abby701 says

    Let’s play by Obama’s rules. Just use our pen!!!!

    1. grunion says

      Where should we stick it?

      1. OCDiver says


        I can think of several places!!! How about nobama’s ass to begin with!!!

        1. grunion says

          Damn good start. Ever think about running for office?

          1. OCDiver says

            Thank you for the vote, but;
            The lamestream press would never allow it, as soon as they found out my stance on certain key domestic issues, and my foreign policy; they would demonize me to the point only the most devote would vote for me leaving it possible for more of the libtard demoncraps to take over again. And the current office holders on the conservative side of the aisle would see me as a threat to their pocketbooks and put me along side Jimmy Hoffa!!

  21. dominke says

    The sooner the better. Dissolve the federal government and let liberals die a slow death. Then we can rebuild the great country again. God Bless America again.

    1. dondehoff says

      “dominke:, you are apparently oblivious to the NWO and Muslim groups sitting on the sidelines, just waiting for a state to secede.

  22. Matthew G. Zatkalik says

    Please, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Impeach the president, establish term limits for all politicians and their appointees, seed the ‘space program’ with the first settlers of Mars – Obama, his library, his minions, the media mafia moguls, and thereby preserve and beautify the USA.

    1. coleche says

      The Martians wouldn’t want them either. Send them to Neptune.

  23. Christopher Riddle says

    Is that ALL?

    1. grunion says


      1. Christopher Riddle says

        The percentage of people who want us to LEAVE The UN!

        1. OCDiver says

          Not the UN, the US

          1. Christopher Riddle says

            Dumb Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. OCDiver says

            Sorry Chris, didn’t mean to make you feel dumb; just trying to help with clarity.

        2. grunion says

          Oh, thanks for clearing that up.

  24. akoby says

    I wouldn’t want to secede, but if we cannot get America back on track and we are incapable of getting our government to follow the Constitution, then secession may be the only answer. If we can’t root out the cancer then we must disassociate from it.

    1. dondehoff says

      “akoby”, your cure is worse than the disease! See my lengthy post as to the pitfalls of seceding.

  25. morg says

    Actually, Washington and demorats have seceded from the Constitution and the people who support Constitutional government. We just don’t choose to go along with them.

    1. phyllisjmurphy says

      Amen! Today because of repeated terms, there is about 6700 years sitting in the House and Senate of these old geezers and ganders like Reid, Pelosi, Boehner who have served them selves booze and a life of ease in their lazy political world where the work week is always short but lunch hours, and cocktail time long and lasting!

  26. peter says

    Only one in four? You mean that only 25% of Americans are really intelligent? It was closer in Scotland.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Not at all, it makes complete sense.

      Back in the 70’s the military knew it needed to make a lot of changes post Vietnam. As you know – they did. One of the things wanted to know was the intelligence level of the average American. In going about this they had a ready made tool, a study, conducted by marketers mainly for the television industry and what they found was that only about 25% of Americans were 90 or above. The industry weighed various factors including what people watched on TV and how and what advertising influenced their choices. Also, in Environmental Ecology it is generally accepted that among most species only 20-25% are fit to live, the rest die of sickness, birth defects, or simply end up on the dinner plate of some predator.

      But 20-25% represent the smarter, the stronger, the quicker, the healthier, and they carry on the species. In human environments even the stupidest among us can be successful and that’s the problem. “Success” can be interpreted as simply as getting food every day and finding immunity from the various things out to get us. Welfare and government programs, disability, lots of things, keep the weak and stupid in the herd. In a society where mentally retarded people are allowed to marry, where severely, genetically disabled people are allowed to reproduce it simply is inevitable.
      So, the idea that only 1 in 4 of us get it – that should not be too surprising.

  27. fcutch says

    With the creation of two America s, each ideology could live exactly the way they want. Liberal America could have obozo, carbon taxes, the IRS, the illegals, the welfare community, the black and Hispanic ( the ones who don t want to work and contribute to society) And all the other wonderful things they want for their perfect utopia. Conservative America can have all the oil. a 100% working population, no welfare, funded Social Security, the U S Military ( including all ground forces, navy ships and subs, all nuclear weapons ,all Special Forces which the conservative coalition will fund and maintain. INCLUDING the CARE of ALL VETERANS.) And all other institutions conservatives hold dear

  28. adrianvance says

    While it would very destructive and cause many problems it is a measure of the angst in the nation.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you will know.

    1. grunion says

      This nation is too old to suffer angst. It is full blown neurosis.

      1. RobertNorwood says

        But it has a cause.

        1. grunion says

          Made me chuckle…Good one!

          1. RobertNorwood says

            Not nearly as good as yours!

  29. Dave says

    The polarization of our country that led to the civil war was partially about slavery which was being outlawed before the war, but was basically about freedom. The southern states wanted to be more autonomous to set their own local laws for their constituents much like the way the Republic of the USA was envisioned by our Founders who put limits on the scope and oversight of the federal government. We can argue whether the hundreds of thousands of American boys killed during the civil war was worth it or not when our elected politicians could not work out a way to avoid the civil war.

    Now, we are seeing another version of polarization within the country suggesting it is between conservatives whom still consider our Constitution to be the foundation of our government versus liberals who have embraced socialism and an expansion of the federal government well beyond that specified in our Constitution. And…that is much of the basis for the polarization. It is interesting to look at the demographics as well. What we see is an “urban” versus “rural” demographics. The densely populated cities are primarily registered Democrats dominated by low income voters who leverage the government subsidy programs as a part of their culture. They embrace socialism and large government and always vote for politicians that they perceive are for the “people” which is common jargon for communist countries. Whereas those living in rural and suburban regions of the country still embrace the American traditional values of get a job and work to support your family, the freedom to start a business free from suppressive government oversight and control. They prefer a smaller and affordable government at all levels and detest the growing laws and regulations that are killing our economy and lowering our standard of living. Rural Americans are conservative and are continually demonized and depicted as bible thumping toothless red necks by the media and the liberals in our country.

    It is going to be interesting to see if we how this plays out as if I had to choose sides, I would go with our farmers, small business owners, and those hard working rural Americans who are religious and Patriotic Americans and know how to survive on their own if necessary. I was raised in a small town where everyone knew each other and worked together to create a healthy environment to raise a family and have a good life. This was real America tradition in those days but times have dramatically changed and we have lost control of our foundational values in favor of greed, power, and unbounded immorality.

    1. EMIRCITNA says

      YOU ARE right on target, my friend!

    2. Cameron Triplett Sr says

      I have said for yrs that the War Between the States was over States’ Rights, NOT over slavery, which was used then as now to inflame people’s passions. Get folks mad enough & they’ll do anything they normally wouldn’t.
      A “civil war”, besides being an oxymoron, is a conflict in which a group of people called rebels (check) rebel against the existing gov’t (check) & try to either overthrow it & replace it w/a new form of gov’t (like the American Revolution) or simply throw the people in power out & replace them w/others, often just as corrupt (any coup in Latin America from the Rio Grande south)
      Ever since Lee surrendered to Grant, the Fed Gov’t has usurped more & more of the rights reserved to the States or to the People. Things need to return to the original intent of our form of gov’t, soon.

      1. Anne Bradley says

        A civil war can also arise if a group disguises themselves as a rebel force and actually convince the country they attack that they are another country. That is a typical game of ISIS, to try to get other countries to join them and probably get revenge for those that outright turn them down.

        1. Cameron Triplett Sr says

          In the 1860’s, the South did (attempt?) to secede from the US & formed another country. No subterfuge there. Lincoln, a lawyer who should have known the difference between a “civil war” & a “rebellion” or “secession”, deliberately used the term “civil war” because thee general population also understood the difference. The semantics was to spur patriotism in the Northern population. Ponder this for “fun”: A tall skinny lawyer from IL, but born in another State, created a rift in this country’s fabric that is still evident today. Now another tall, skinny lawyer from IL, but born in another State (?), is again tearing this country apart. Both cases were over Black people. In both cases passions have been inflamed with lies and half-truths (that’s not redundant, is it??). We need to ban people w/IL connections from ever serving in the White House again! Just my opinion & a little humor thrown in.
          ISIS, or whatever radical, extremist Islamic group, wants to take over every country on Earth & install their own version of “government” on an unwilling population. That is not a civil war, but an invasion by an outside force w/local support.
          The War Between the States started because Senators from Northers anti-slave States wanted to require all Territories applying for Statehood to be “Free” or non-slave States, which would have put the Southern, slave States at a distinct disadvantage in Congress, very soon. The Southern States felt that was a violation of the Constitution, which specifically spells out the rights & duties of the Federal Gov’t, reserving the rest to the individual States or to the People. Ever since then, the Federal Gov’t has usurped more & more of the Powers reserved to the States w/little protest from the People. That’s why there is a grass-roots movement afoot today for the States to call a convention to Amend the Constitution & return powers where they belong. God Save America.

    3. Brennan Barrington says

      That was good when it was possible. It no longer is, because of fossil fuel depletion and the mechanization of most manual labor.

    4. Anne Bradley says

      I agree with your set of values. Mechanization or fossil fuel depletion have nothing at all to do with the point you are making. Where we come from DOES make a difference. Yet where we chose to go, is all up to us.

  30. EMIRCITNA says

    ~ I’ve been saying this for the past 5 years!!!
    Bottom Line; WHY should sovereign states stay united (leashed) to a central government that has breached it original contract with the states by fleecing citizens of their wealth and… ABUSIVELY OVERSTEPING THEIR AUTHORITY?!!!!

  31. Mickie says

    If there were a clear division of the land I’d go for it, there is such a division of ideals as to make it a clear necessity!

  32. phyllisjmurphy says

    Seceding might be the only way to jerk this country back to reality and the Constitution was constructed to keep the power with the States…That is long gone with the horrible piece of junk called Obama Care! Bringing Government back to the states would allow illegals to be kicked out and high fences constructed, also get rid of that Marxist dummy Chicago friend of Obama, Arne Duncan who was put in charge of education at the Federal Level…Education dismal and Bill Ayers the little wealthy turd Chicago Weatherman has been working with him to push his Marxist Common Core agenda into public schools. Soo yes, bring government back to states…Establish term limits on all levels…Establish strong military where girls and guys upon high school graduation serve two years in military and then come home prepared to defend their country and know how to do it! Something has to be done because large cities being swallowed by thugs and criminals whose numbers are frightening!

  33. Combatvet52 says

    Everyone wants to get away from the socialist commie infiltrator Muslim in the WH when he’s there ??
    What a job he’s doing to protect the American people with his golf clubs.

  34. Yadja says

    I am in full agreement. We are so divided now let the lib/Dem/Progressive/Socialist/Communist have their states and all the takers can go with them along with the illegals and Muslims and the rest of us will live free of them all.

  35. vietnam6871 says

    Scotland had the same problem we do, a huge % of takers and not enough makers. The takers knew they were going to be severely restricted if Scotland became independent. No more free stuff – they couldn’t have that happen. I think my State, SC, would be a prime candidate to secede first again.

  36. Joseph Toth says

    you can thank the scum in the White House for that.

  37. bynbel says

    Seceding is not the answer, that is another step closer to destroying the country. What we need is a Constitutional amendment to enable a vote of no confidence to remove a president whose policies work against the country’s best interest. When you have a president that has “won” a fraudulent election and who has a lackey in control of Congress, the citizenry should have some recourse and not have to stand by and watch the country be destroyed. We must have the possibility of recalling any “elected official” as we witnessed the unions and Liberals tried to do in Wisconsin.

    1. Valor says

      In the first place a Constitutional Amendment would be useless as the Constitution is no longer honored. It is just given lip service. Politicians take their oath to uphold the Constitution with the fingers of one hand crossed behind their backs. As for a vote of no confidence, do you really thing that an electorate that elected, twice, this miscreant would suddenly get smart enough to vote intelligently enough to overcome voter fraud? The citizenry has recourse now, it is called elections. But they continue to elect the same sad sacks over and over again. We do have the ability to have recall elections. They had one in WI a couple of years ago to oust the governor. They had one in CO last year and got rid of two state senators. With a population that continues to give Obama a 40% approval rating at this stage there is little hope of turning things around. America is too divided, by design of politicians of both parties. The old adage of “United we stand, divided we fall” applies.

      1. EMIRCITNA says

        A STRUCTURE half-rotted will eventually fall unless the rotted half is removed and rebuilt!!!

      2. bynbel says

        Although ignored, the Constitution still provides the framework for what the process for getting rid of a president. Right now the only recourse we have is through Congress with impeachment. We have no standing in the courts if we want to sue or recall a president.

    2. vietnam6871 says

      Any call for a Constitutional Congress would be totally disastrous. The “elite” in DC would neuter the Constitution with innumerable changes that they legally can’t make now.

      1. EMIRCITNA says

        EXACTLY!!! ~ foggedaboudit!!!!

    3. EMIRCITNA says

      IF YOU were on a ship that was hopelessly rusted to the point of sinking, would you stay on board bailing until you went under with it, OR would you get in one of the life boats and quickly paddle away from it!!!!
      Bottom Line; Socialist states are the rusted ship & Conservative states are the life boats!!!

    4. dondehoff says

      “by…..”, you are on the right track—-keep developing and pressing those points.

  38. Finkster says

    Don’t worry folks. We are not going to have to secede from the Union. Look on the bright side. It’s almost Harvest Time, when we will need to separate the Wheat from the Chaff, and separate the Sheep from the goats.

    1. EMIRCITNA says

      “It is enough that the people know that there was an election; the people that vote control nothing, it is the people that count the votes that control everything.” ~ Joseph Stalin

      Bottom Line; WHEN in world history has a Commie regime once entrenched within the highest levels of government been removed by the common….VOTE????!!!!

  39. johnhorse says

    I’m FOR Seceding.The moron Now sitting in the Oval Office has done Nothing BUT Stomp and Piss on the Constitution sense Slithering into the Oval Office.I feel the States NEED to Do What They Have to in order to protect them self.Maybe WE THE PEOPLE Can Force Washington D C OUT OF THE UNION and Move the Nations Capital therefore ovomit the FRAUD would No Longer be the dictator wannabe.

  40. EMIRCITNA says

    THE BEST WAY to stop a fight is to SEPARATE those that are fighting…thus comes PEACE!

    Bottom Line: Let the Social-Democrat “Progressives” form their own ‘Socialist States of America’ where they can keep their Commie leadership, faux ‘Federal’ Reserve, progressive income tax & IRS, all the government-created dependents, permanent ‘foreign aid’, Obamacare, open borders, Muslims & mosques and….a copy of the Communist Manifesto as their guide!!!

    WE the Conservatives can reform into a new nation such as ‘The Constitutional States of America’ where we will keep our original U.S. Constitution and first ten Amendments (Bill of Rights), our Bibles and our GUNS!!!

    LET US THEN see which nation survives and thrives!!!!

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”
    [Excerpt; U.S. Declaration of Independence]

    1. larry says

      this could have been written just about obama!

  41. dondehoff says

    One in four states want to secede? That is plain unaltered BS—the actual figure is less than two percent. of the people and those advocating secession, are either Administration or other NWO “plants”, or they are grossly ignorant. Few people look at the far “bigger picture”. If one or more states seceded, neither they nor this country would survive another full year as the NWO or Muslim groups would “move in and take over”. Too many people fail to realize that our old motto of “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”— was what enabled us to win the Revolution, survive the Civil War and the many world conflicts over the history of this great country. Everyone should understand if their state seceded, in all probability the Federal government would cease paying ithat state’s citizens the existing and forthcoming pensions and benefits—-Even if the courts demanded payment, doing so would clearly bankrupt the nation. Also, it would take at least 20 years to sort out the mass confusion, legal issues and changes that would be required, with hoards of citizens moving to and from the state(s) in question—and ditto for many businesses. No seceded state would be assured that its neighbor states, Canada and Mexico would be “friendly”, and any “landlocked state” could soon starve. What would happen to all of the interstate highways, railroads, pipelines, military protection power grids, Mississippi River and other major waterways, and businesses, and would each new “little country” require a secure border fence to keep out the “foreigners? Even after all of “that”, no seceded state could be assured that the issues they were trying to get away from, would not follow them to their new political arrangement—-the Muslims and the other NWO groups would surely follow—and take over. And while sounding trite, “Without America, there will be no Free World!”—for all seceding states , that means, “out of the frying pan, into the fire”. Wake up people to the much larger problems than your personal petty and selfish concerns.

    1. EMIRCITNA says

      THINK…..W H O is dividing this country and turning ethnic groups against each other;

      WE THE PEOPLE….or….a totally corrupted, Social-Democrat, “Progressive” federal government, hell-bent on making we the people totally dependent upon them?!!!

      Bottom Line; when a structure is on fire and the people inside cannot extinguish it, the SANE usually go out the nearest exit so they can survive to rebuild a better structure, my friend!

      You need to have more confidence in the American will and ability to create a better government for their freedom, liberty and security as is declared within our Declaration of Independence!

      “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”
      [Excerpt; U.S. Declaration of Independence]

      1. Don Jusko says

        I think you are the right party, come hell or high water we have the duty to right the wrongs of our state.

        Remember the 9/11 war games that kept our troops from stopping the wayward planes? We had a governor then that wanted to have troop movement with an island connecting ferry. Today we have obama’s hand picked governor abercrumbie saying he saw baby obama here in HI. Abercrumbie was a senator for 20 years before he came back to HI to “help the people”. We are corrupt beyond repair.

  42. Mike Straw says

    WTF is going on? People wanting to break away from our Republic. The best and to me, only way to fix our country, is to get rid of the ones ruining it. Stop voting for the same pussy just because he/she has been in office for life. We need to stand united and get a pair. Stop voting strict party lines, kick out the lazy, same-o-same-o incumbents we’ve re-elected over and over. We’re the ones at fault!

    1. dondehoff says

      Mike, where you might get just a “c” for grammar, your points are worth an A+..

      1. Mike Straw says

        @dondehoff heh heh……..thanks

  43. teddy6139 says

    Good article. However, two years ago nearly every state started a white house petition for secession. They EASILY got the required sigs for review. They were essentially all struck down citing it was not an option and then raised the sig minimum to 100,000. Secession will not happen without civil war.

    1. dondehoff says

      “Teddy”, your post is considerably less than precise. No state submitted a petition—those were petitions “by people” from some of the states, of which only 2 or 3 states were of significance. The “petition” process was the President’s “brain child” wherein if a certain number of citizens would “sign-on”, he would address the issue—it (secession) died on the vine. And, you say a Civil War is required? This is not the 1800s and there are many missing WMD in Russia, Egypt and Syria and who know where else, that could be used by those NWO groups now setting on the sidelines, waiting their chance. I trust you can see there is a far “bigger picture” involved with secession than most people care to acknowledge.

  44. Ron Coon says

    Be careful what you wish for my friends. You might just get it.

  45. Philip Allen says

    Why do we need the Federal Government? For more spending, higher taxes, more corrupt politicians, etc. I am one who favors my state succeeding from the United as I am sick and tired of the Federal Government making us purchase Obamacare our want to charge us a penality or tax if you don’t sign up. Forcing same-sex marriage on states when the people don’t want it. Not closing our southern borders and the President going around Congress to declare amnesty. Not protecting our country America by aiding and abetting the enemy and refusing to destroy Isia and other Terrorist that a threat to our country. Not listening to the voice of the American taxpayer but destroying America, the US Constitution and our liberties and freedoms.and calling the average person terrorist and you ask why one in four Americans want to secede from the United States? Well now you know why Mr. President. Need I say More?

    1. dondehoff says

      Phil, you need to reevaluate your entire political and economic philosophy. Secession is not the way to go. For every “valid” reason to do so, there are dozens, if not hundreds of (bigger picture) reasons not to secede. I have previously listed a couple dozen and I am sure you could add an equal amount if you are objective. The biggest “unknown” is a state might secede and the very issue(s) they were trying to avoid, follows them to their new political enmity along with the hundreds of other valid reasons for not seceding. Remember, most of the problems in the world, are “people” generated and such people tend to go where they can “do their thing”. I draw a pension from a large insurance company, another from my military and of course Social Security—-If my state seceded, there is a possibility I could lose all three or at least two of the three, plus my health plans.

    2. Don Jusko says

      You said, “and the President going around Congress to declare amnesty.”
      You didn’t mention the President going around Congress to declare unconstitutional wars.

      We have 3 elected socialists here in HI, Inouye (D) was the problem, he was the biggest porker for 40 years, gimme gimmy gimmi. I just read today that the administrative cost per mile of highway is the highest in the nation.

  46. Ramon Noches says

    People cannot be serious with such a dumb, short-sighted idea. This is not the world of 1860, and
    unquestionably whoever thought of seceding, must have missed the day in grade school when the fundamental idea of national strength embraced the concept that “United we stand, divided we fall.” It would be quickly evident that a disjointed United States would be a short lived nation as greedy enemies
    would soon make us a target of invasion and economic scavengery. Such a transition required would make us vulnerable to so many issues, none of them good. Emotional thoughts have no place in the real world in which we all live.

    1. dondehoff says

      Ramon, well said—Keep up presenting your good thoughts.

      1. Ramon Noches says

        I try to read about opinions related to many political issues, both right and left. So far the right wins the absurd trophy for posting so many one-liners that supposedly have some meaning. Two things alarm me, the fact that many of these people vote; and most quickly “woof” down the scraps of ignorance and exaggerations their far right politicians toss out to them. This political climate created by the conservative element seems close to the kind of brain washing history has witnessed in the past. In the main, it relies mainly on mass human psychology by tapping into deeply seated perceptions already in place.

    2. larry says

      are you stupid enough to beleive that the states are united now! the only thing united now is obama and his followers!

      1. DroneAlone says

        Yeah, All seven that still believe him.

        1. Don Jusko says

          Odd, I can’t find but one person that voted for him. How did he get elected twice?

  47. Dane says

    Rather than tearing this nation apart…. GET RID OF THE POTUS, THE ONE WHO IS CAUSING THIS GREAT DIVIDE!! I love this country and every state that is a part of this country as a whole! We need each other to protect AND DEFEND ourselves from people just like Obama and outside invaders whose goal it is to destroy this nation!! We already have all the laws we need…. we just need to use them and enforce them; to get rid of a corrupt president and/or Congress, and to secure our borders. Those are just for starters.

    1. OCDiver says

      The top military brass (not the ones “appointed” by POTUS) need to pull their heads out of their asses and live up to their oaths to “protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic” but they’re to cowardly to do it. They’re afraid of getting fired.

      1. DroneAlone says

        Hard when your boss is the biggest enemy of the constitution…

        1. OCDiver says

          But not impossible

  48. SFC US Army Retired says

    What United States? We have been divide for six years now.

    1. OCDiver says

      Let’s just round ’em all up and ship ’em all to the Shara!! The Ahabs can deal with them!! The ones that we miss can be handled with a chunk-o-lead ‘tween the eyes!!!

  49. Ralph H Moran says

    I don’t want to secede from the union I want to take back my country and jail those that wish it harm. We fought a war over this and succeeded in keeping the union and we are stronger for it. I want all of you to think about it if we did secede from the union the liberal (socialist) would only be next door and how long do you think it will take them to start a war with us to take why WE HAVE and redistribute it to their people and enslave us to pay for them and what they want. I believe it would be much like the Hunger Games stories and movies, maybe a little exaggerated but you get the idea.

    1. larry says

      The only trouble is that the democrats with their voter cheating and all the illegals voting will be able to elect anyone they want they have already done it twice,whats to stop them doing it again? n othing,you cant win a rigged fight when you are not the one doing the rigging!

  50. David in MA says

    Is it possible to secede and re-form as the United Sates of A Free America and adopt the current Constitution and expel or isolate the remaining states?
    OR, would this give the remaining states the ability to form their Islamic Marxist states and bring on a civil war….. (ironically) between the states.

    1. OCDiver says

      It’s possible to do the former, you just have to get enough people together to agree on the actions that need to be taken and the correct order to do them in.

      1. larry says

        call me if that ever happens !

        1. Don Jusko says

          You sound rino negative to me.

  51. Ira Radnick says

    Our healthcare premiums are going to jump 140% for 2015. We are already paying over $800 per month as a married couple, no kids. It is beyond ridiculous. On top of that the only way we got the premiums “that low” was to go with a very high deductible plan with %5,000 deductible each, which in effect is another $400.)+ per month in costs to use, whether called a premium of not. In our case I had some serious surgeries in 2014, and we burned through my $5,000 deductible by the end of February. Under our pre-Obama policy we would have been spared that deductible expense AND paid a far lower premium. Insurance companies win, health care providers win, we lose – again. For the record, neither of us voted, or ever would have voted, for Obama.

  52. Ddenney1 says

    ALL CONSERVATIVES move to Texas it’s the next best thing to seceding!! I believe in our agreement to join the union we held on to the RIGHT of secession IF the war of northern aggression didn’t ruin it!!!

  53. Michael T. Gregan says

    we shouldn’t be seceding from the Republic !!! We should stand & take our nation back !!! The politicians, military, police WORK FOR U.S. Get rid of useless politicos, & replace them with people who will do their job . STAND, SAVE THE REPUBLIC !!!!!

  54. Elissa Mericle-Gray says

    One of our State representatives stopped by the other day and I told him I wanted Maine to secede from the US, it’s one thing we can do to stop the bleeding and corruption.

  55. mike slaney says

    I support it, The America we knew, is to infected. With these Socialist Liberals, it is “scorched Earth” policy. If they can’t have it all, no one will have any. The morally degenerate and atheists are out for one thing, victory in RED the death of Christianity and Historical America, they hate it with a passion, and the old adage is now come true,”they cut their nose off to spite their face.” The really sad thing here is the majority of Real Christians and Americans are still asleep. I support Secession or Isolation. If we will not secede, then send the morally degenerate back into the closet and or, the atheists to another country where they will be appreciated or both. All those who oppose the Constitution as well.

  56. Cranky Steven says

    Instead of sucession, why don’t we bring back banishment? Air drop them over Syria and Moscow? How does that sound?

  57. cjg says

    Hey savior get your head out of your ass God does not love every one and u queers liberals muslims r of Satan’s decent. Read the real bible not satans

  58. 1uncle says

    Restore the Constitution or secede and restore the Constitution.

  59. jondarmes says

    ONE IN FOUR??? Just goes to show you that the public education system works. It worked for Joe Stalin too.

  60. kathy says

    The red states collect more money from the federal government than they send into DC. What are they going to do about the shortfall once they secede? Bunch of dumba$$es.

    1. DroneAlone says

      Perhaps they can leave their blue, welfare dependent cities behind…

      1. kathy says

        You aren’t even smart enough to reflect on what I posted are you?

        1. DroneAlone says

          I’m not dumb enough to fall for your ignorant postulation, lefty…

    2. Tom Brooks says

      kathy, The only way States can collect more money than send to the feds, is for the feds to keep printing worthless money. Wake up. It can’t last. If you haven’t already started, start learning Chinese., start now. You are going to need it.

      1. kathy says

        The reason that the Chinese would own this country is because of people like you who worship WM for all the chinese crap that they sell. You shop there where the Waltons refuse to pay their employees a decent wage and benefit package while they are dancing in the streets with record profits and we are subsidizing those low wage employees with our tax dollars – SNAP, rent and heat assistance, subsidized child care and more. But keep living in your little fantasy world and ignoring what those low low prices are actually costing all of us. You can’t fix stupid.

  61. icallBS says

    I think if DC would seceed we’d prob be fine…….and if cali slid into the deep

  62. shafawn says

    Actually I don’t want to secede. I would like to kick out California, Oregon, Illinois and most of New England .. and Detroit …you know the money pits sinking the rest of into their holes

  63. cjg says

    dam rights i will throw the first stone butt head, and i know i am not going to hell, only satans children
    that being muslims queers and people like you that support them. IT IS A ABOMINATION the worst
    of all and GOD said He would condemn you to hell……

  64. DouglasDauntless says

    Yes we should secede from all the States that got Obama elected. All the upper east cost States, Ohio, Ill. and Calif. The rest of us will be the real United States of America with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and our freedom from all the Obama Progressive Demo-rat and Republican Rhinos like John McCain and Boehner and All the Bush/Rove anti Constitution. And don’t ever let any of these people come to the relal United States of America.

  65. daveveselenak says

    Therein lies the problem, only one in four reveals the stupidity of the nation of sheeple! mIm, NSA!

  66. David C Kelder says

    There are a few states that I would be glad to see secede. Unfortunately there are some good people in every state. We need a plan to accommodate them.

  67. A. Little says

    Divided WE FALL !!!!!!!!!!! WE are certainly divided………..

  68. peter says

    Great point Robert but very sad for the 25%. Even smart people can’t overcome government handouts.

  69. Lizard says

    I ready to live with out Muslim Fu — Telling what to do and have to buy ..Fu___ Obama and thugs

  70. 1josephg1 says

    I have been saying that for five years. They say it can’t be done because of the civil war agreement. The foreign exchange student breaks the law whenever he wants. Still don’t agree with not being able to secede. I still say we can secede. Our constitution says that the military has the right to defend us against all enemies both foreign and domestic. We have a foreign exchange student as president and the likes of kerry and killiary in positions of power and influence. So it looks like we can have our military throw em out of office and arrest them and put them in prison until the trial and put em in the hot seat.Aw hell, all good democrats would not want to waste electricity. How about the firing squad. No, dems love gun control. maybe do what the muslims do. behead em

  71. wright2665 says

    … “United we stand … divided we fall … we are no longer united as a nation nor as a people. The differences between us now are insurmountable … nearly half of our population lives off the backs, and hard work of the half that pay taxes. The welfare class go to the store, shop have free health insurance … two cars in many cases , big screen tvs, cell phones etc. while those of us who work continue to see less and less in our pay … work more and longer hours and for “WHAT”? Do you feel pride in a nation that allows “The Freedom From Religion Group” to strike down a football team’s efforts at remembering a young life lost too soon (having a cross put on the side of their helmet with his initials) … too religious and offensive to the “atheists”! How do you feel about schools striking down students rights to display the American flag because it is insensitive to the “hispanic” students! (often here illegally). How does it make you feel when the president of the United States resumes his golf game just minutes after the decapitation of an American journalist. Does it make you wonder whether he even has a “heart”. Look at how many American service men are serving 20 or more years at hard labor at Ft. Leavenworth for killing the enemy. You know, the rules of engagement in Afghanistan almost dictate that you can’t shoot until shot at … and suffering casualties. If we had fought any war in the past in that fashion … the world would be ruled by the Nazis today. How does it make you feel when he decides to put on “deaths” doorstep 3000 American soldiers to help control the spread of Ebola in Africa with no clearly defined mission parameters … adequate protective clothing or with even the remotest possibility of doing any good. What happens if these soldiers return home and spread this virus to their families, to their neighbors? Do you thing that this president will provide the cure if some or many of these men and women come in contact with infected Africans and become sick. Do you think he would even care? We see pictures and videos almost daily of Muslim jihaadists in Syria and Iraq under the flag of ISIS beheading men and children. Do you see this president showing any emotion over this? No! In fact he actually stated that the Islamic army of Syria and Iraq … IS NOT ISLAMIC!!!! How does that make you feel? There are still those in this country that support the insanity of this terrible president. Gwyneth Paltrow recently announced that she is going to use her own home and grounds to personally champion and raise money for Obama and his supporters. Does that make you want to go and spend your hard earned dollars watching anything she stars in? There are those in this nation that are fighting hard to see us collapse as a sovereign nation … they are winning. The U.N. recently told the president that we must take in hundreds of thousands of displaced Syrians … I guess you can assume that they will all have been vetted (checked to assure that they are not murderers, jihaadists, ISIS members etc. … not to worry that they have just left a slaughter zone in which most likely many of them participated on one side or the other … not to worry though, we are a big nation and it won’t be a problem to absorb 200 thousand more “muslims”) I guess the U.N forgot that it only took 14 Muslim jihaadists to murder 3000 Americans on 9/11 … I guess they figure that it is the small numbers you have to worry about … not large ones. We are broken … from Congress to the presidency to our court systems. Why wouldn’t a large number of Americans want to get out of this sinking ship, filled with rats and vermin, and with only a miracle capable of keeping it afloat.

    1. Tom Brooks says

      Very well said.

  72. wapitihunter says

    Okay, I have long wondered why we tolerate such lawlessness, corruption, and scandals. We have The IRS Scandal, the VA Scandal, Benghazi, ISIS, Iraq, Ferguson, Bergdahl, the Bergdahl trade, NSA , the Birth Certificate Border crisis, Obumblercare, Illegal and unconstitutional appointments, waging war and executive orders. How did a gay, Muslim Illegal married to a tranny ever get elected? Not only this but he is training and supplying arms to people kill us. And he wants to transform America.
    Well it’s just not Obumbler either. I don’t like the likes of Hillary, Al Gore, Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Eric Holder, Elizabeth Warren and a host of others trying to decide how I should live and how they are going to spend my money. I do not like it either that this same bunch tolerates and participates in the “presidents” lawlessness. They have no morals or integrity, no sense of honor and have no guilt.

    1. ward says

      Tolerating the lawlessness is by a congress that has broken their sworn oath to protect the U.S. Constitution & Laws that bo continually violates ..! With a no stop attitude by our supposed & voted by citizens congress that is the only representation in government..! So what else can the U.S Citizens believe other than the facts of a bought off do nothing for the U.S. congress ..? Treason ..?

    2. colnzgprnts says

      Wapithunter, all officeholders take an oath to defend and uphold the constitution – most forget the oath before the words leave their mouth and therein lies the problem. Corruption cannot exist where there is a strict adherence to checks and balances, When an officeholder strays from his promise to uphold the constitution should be recalled – citizens are lax for knowing the provisions of the constitution and for not speaking out when the constitution is transcended. Our nation was founded on the precepts of a small contained government, we have allowed our government to become a behemoth. Our constitution makes big government an illegitimate government.

      1. wapitihunter says

        All of our elected and officials and officeholders did indeed take an oath to uphold and defend the constitution- most but not all did not forget the words before the words left their mouths but rather just told another of their many lies that they continue to spew every day. They are Politicians.A Politician is someone who kisses your baby but as they kiss your baby they are stealing your baby’s lollypop.
        When those who have taken an oath stray from their promises, not just the oath, but from their campaign promises as well should be recalled. Sir, we have no clear and easy means for recalling the liars because it takes a majority to recall them. What the majority currently is is the rest of the bunch of liars. If we speak loudly enough to be heard that the constitution is being transcended we will be jailed or have an unfortunate and untimely accident.
        I know when or constitution limits have been exceeded or as you put it transcended and I do speak out as many have but it falls on the deaf ears of liars. We must all make an effort to truthfully inform one another of the stances, the campaign promises stated and broken, the constitutional limitations violated, and the voting records of our elected officials and those who seek election. We must become a nation of informed voters. It seems like we as a whole are a nation of uninformed voters or a nation of people who do not care and only care when our squeaky wheels don’t get greased. We must become informed and must get out in force and vote.
        If amnesty were granted to millions of illegals then we are opening the door for millions of uninformed voters. A little off the subject but that is why I loved having Dr. Ron Paul represent me in Washington and cried when they redistricted us and I got a libturd for a Senator. You can say what you want about Ron and his far fetched ideas as some put it, but with every vote and every bill he looked to the Constitution to see if it were in the constitutional limitations to see if it was within the constitutional powers of Congress to pass the legislation or not. No matter who sponsored the bill. How many can say that about their representative? I have heard him say many times when asked why he did not support this bill or why he voted that way on legislation and he stated, “because the constitution does not grant us the power to do such.”

  73. Pamela Craghill says

    Why ever did Americans vote for a Muslim to be president. What did they expect from Barak Hussein Obama.

    1. ward says

      The U.S. Citizens of responsible account would not & did not vote the deceitful liar to office & the free loading socialist minded were then a minority of the U.S. population that voted …! Doesn’t this resulting vote for bo appear to be a deceitful & exaggerated count when a bo supporter billionaire’s company in a foreign country did the counting …? Hasn’t violation of U.S. Laws by bo & his crony administration for the last 5 years displayed evidence of no integrity & abused power of a dictator..?

      1. Pamela Craghill says

        Ward, it seems sad then to think that there were more deceitful liars voting than responsible citizens. Sadly there is now corruption in all Western countries in the last fifteen years, than ever before. We have people manipulating things for their own good, rather than the good of the country and it’s people. Integrity is something that they all lack.

  74. wellilltellya says

    maybe not so much from the UNION as the leader its time for barry and HIS merry bad of raiders LEFT Washington

  75. Mike Laborde says

    The commie clown in the white house is ruining freedom loving America.

  76. Michael Skok says

    This country is growing more corrupt everyday. The future government of the US doesn’t look promising with large blue states like California, New York, New England, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. God help us when this nation starts to collapse. Or should I say, “Dear God in Heaven, Please bless and protect the red states of America. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.”

  77. jaswim says

    Some people in Texas have Secede bumper stickers on their trucks. I used to laugh when I saw those, not anymore, thanks to Obama I now support the ideal.

  78. Barbara Ervin says

    If all 48 contiguous states were to secede from the union chances are we’d just end up being 48 contiguous ‘countries’ disagreeing with and possibly fighting against each other.

  79. KatRob says

    Time to cutup and dissect this country. The multicultural experiment is an utter failure so time to bring back segregation and designate all White states, all african states, all hispanic states. And you’ll watch the White states thrive and the non-white states crash and burn.

  80. bill says

    I truly feel ashamed of the one in four who want to secede. that is a cowardly act. stand up and fight for your rights by supporting those who are trying to bring about the changes that should be affecting all. get your friends that don’t vote off their collective asses and be informed and VOTE. had those 5-6 million conservative that did not vote in 2012 voted we would be bitching about Romney now. Conservative in 2012 that voted for someone other than Romney also did a disservice to conservatives by taking votes away from the most likely conservative. the primaries is where those votes count. the winner of the primary votes is the one to vote for in the major elections. the democrats get that .. they don’t run 30 different libs so they don’t split the vote. that was why elected democrats changed the ELECTORAL VOTES to all go to each states individual winner. it is also why they concentrate on the states with the most electoral votes. for example all 55 of californias electoral votes went to democrat candidate. by using only the REGISTERED voter demographic of 43% dem to 30% rep had the electoral votes been devided by candidate 24 electoral votes would be for dem and 17 would have gone to rep. the president won 332 votes to 206 with the winner take all method of state votes. had the votes been decided by electoral votes for each candidate the election would have been far different.

  81. Ron Warren says

    No way. By dividing the nation you’d give that Kenyan usurper exactly what he wants–division by conquering. What we should do is secede Obama and his ilk from the United States. Keep the nation, throw out the garbage. And by “garbage” I mean ALL Leftist, anti-American dolts who don’t like the Constitution and the Blessings of Liberty. Move them to Cuba or to North Korea.

  82. Mark Tercsak says

    Seceding = Quitting =Surrender=Trowing in The Tile; And God Damit I will not quit ! As Ronald W. Reagan once said there is no Right nor Left, but only an Up or a Down, We must be positive and remain Positive, Because we are Right ! Why are we Right, we are Right, not because we are Conservatives, But, Because: we Are Constitutionalists and we are Americans, , We Must place The Constitution and the Bill of Rights above all, use them to convey are arguments and use them in Court , These Gutless Bastards like Obama, trash talk the Constitution for they fear it , the demean the founders for the Founders were Right and were Good men, but were also Human. We Need to pick-up the Founding Fathers Torch, and carry it and expose the rats that they are, like Obama to the light of Liberty and freedom ! I urge every one of you contact your senator and congressman and demand they bring Articles of Impeachment Against Obama for his Gun Running Program to the Mexican Drug Cartel which resulted in the Murders of 350 Men , Women and children and one United States Border Patrol Agent !

  83. Mark Tercsak says

    We must call for a Convention of the States , in order, to address and to fix the Issues and repair the damage that the Socialist~Bolshevik~Democrats have committed along with the Repuke~Republican~Party Commited Led by the Bush Family, in order to restore our Republic !
    We must first Address the Issues with Congress, our forefathers back in 1913 were hood wincked by the first Socialst~Bolshevik to occupy the White House , who was also a Grand Wizzard with the KKK, Woodrow Wilson, he was able to repeal sections of Article I of the United States Constitution , that killed our Republic and he replaced it with the 25th Amendment , The way in which our senators were elected.
    The Founding father whene they were creating The Congress of The United States , realized two entities must be represented in Congress , {WE THE PEOPLE} and the {RESPECTIVE STATES IN WHICH WE RESIDE}. Since 1913 the congress of the United States truly represents no one, not “We The People,” nor our “respective states”, they represent themselves and their own self interests ! The House Of Representatives is known as the peoples House, yet today most dum Ass Americans think their United States Senator is their representative in Washington and these senators play the game, but they are not our represenative, for most of Article I , is still in effect. Congressmen were elected to a two year term on purpose so we could hold their feet to the fire, Senators from 1787 to 1913 did not face popular election, the were elected by our respective state legislatures and were answerable to their respective states, and when they went against there home sates best interest, they could be recalled and replaced. We need to return Article I to its full and original intent and we would save billions of dollars in General election costs and We the people would learn who is supposed to actually and directly represent us in Washington Our United States Representative/Congressman . that will change a lot of bad Shit that has been done, I would also urge term Limits on Senators two Six Year Terms aka 12 years in office as a United states Senator and that is it. The United States Representative also would be limited to 12 years in office, aka 6 = Two year Terms, for either to receive a pension they must complete twenty years of federal service, the must allso obey all laws that they pass and live under them like the rest of us, in other words they would be on Obama Care to ! I would also urge term limits for federal Judges and the Supreme Court Justices = 25 years.

  84. doug says

    Now we can see what one man and his liberal hacks can do to a nation, you who voted this brain dead, terrorists in as president please don’t do the same by voting for lying Hillary!

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