What Was the “Insurance Policy” FBI Agent Spoke Of in Text Message?


The text messages of FBI Agent Peter Strzok sent off alarm bells in the halls of Congress, but there was one in particular that investigators found disturbing. While many of the messages could, debatably, be excused as political venting or even the banter of someone trying to impress his co-worker/girlfriend, this one could not be mistaken for innocent chatter.

“I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office – that there’s no way [Trump] gets elected,” Srzok texted to Lisa Page last year, “but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

House Republicans have come to the conclusion that Strzok was talking about FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe when he mentioned “Andy,” but there is no such certainty when it comes to determining what this “insurance policy” plan was all about. According to new Wall Street Journal reporting, though, Strzok’s secret plot was nowhere near as nefarious as he made it sound in the message.

“The agent didn’t intend to suggest a secret plan to harm the candidate but rather address a colleague who believed the Federal Bureau of Investigation could take its time because Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was certain to win the election, the people said,” WSJ reported, citing sources inside the Bureau.

Hmm, perhaps. Perhaps.

“His text was meant to convey his belief that the investigation couldn’t afford to take a more measured approach because Mr. Trump could very well win the election,” the paper continued. “It would be better to be aggressive and gather evidence quickly, he believed, because some of Mr. Trump’s associates could land administration jobs and it was important to know if they had colluded with Russia.”

In earlier commentary in his own paper, the Washington Post, columnist Aaron Blake insisted that the Strzok email was not the “smoking gun” that conservative pundits were making it out to be. To prove it, he broke down the agent’s use of “insurance” as a way of dispelling the worst of the suspicions.

“If you are looking to prevent yourself from dying — or prevent Trump from being elected president — taking out insurance is not really going to change that outcome; it is just going to soften the blow once it happens,” Blake wrote, explaining that this metaphor made it unlikely that Strzok and the FBI were plotting to keep Trump out of the White House.

We’ll just say this: The liberal media is bending over backwards to give us “innocent” explanations for Strzok’s damning texts, and we’re just not sure we’re buying it.

If the FBI really believed that the Trump campaign was colluding with Moscow to hijack the presidential election, is there any chance they would just…casually investigate? “Oh, treason? Hmm, well, we’ll get around to it at some point…”

Come on. That doesn’t make any sense, and if Strzok wasn’t the lone voice arguing for some urgency, then his text doesn’t mean what the Wall Street Journal is saying it means.

So what did it mean?

  1. Bill O'Neil says

    More nonsense from the right-wingers trying to deflect the attention off of tRump’s Russian connections.

    1. jgfsmf says

      Don’t worry you little five year old head, The Russia story will still be there for you till they prove President Trump never did anything with the Russians and Hillary did.

      1. Retired says

        You got that one right . All you have to do is look at what the Democrats did to Moore . they are getting dirtier and lower with every election . This low life campaigning needs to be stopped on both sides . We need time limits on raising funds and campaigning . Congress has no intentions of working next year but a few weeks . No work no pay !!!

        1. jim whittaker says

          do not for get mitch.

        2. jim whittaker says

          when they do work they are working they are thinking of ways to get rid of PRES,TRUMP.

          1. Retired says

            They are also writing themselves out of a job , as people are getting sick and tired of the daily bashing .

    2. Deby says

      If these articles are ‘nonsense’-why do you read them? Oh, so you can bash conservatives and Pres. Trump every chance you get. Why don’t you take your pathetic liberal sorryass over to a website like Salon, or Vox where everyone feels the same way you do? Your idiotic comments are boring and irrelevant, so beat it libtard troll.

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        So, why do you respond?

        1. Retired says

          To prove what a idiot and traitor you is .

          1. Bill O'Neil says

            so now you are a Deby spokesperson?

          2. Retired says

            No , I support people who are for the USA first and not down the pike like you who hates change .You support Business as usual in the political field .

          3. Bill O'Neil says

            That just shows how little you know about me.

          4. Retired says

            Saying what you post are lies ????

          5. Bill O'Neil says

            You are projecting again.

          6. gotabgood says

            What did Americans think of Hitler when they first met him in the 1920s and 1930s? You write that some of them burst out laughing at his shrill voice and jerky hand movements and refused to take him seriously.
            Donald Trump using Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ playbook, says world expert on Nazi leader
            Trump’s ‘America First’ has ugly echoes from U.S. history

          7. Retired says

            Funny HA HA .

          8. mac12sam12 says

            Hitler and Trump again!! Everybody drink!

      2. MAHB001 says

        The troll is paid to disrupt conservative conversations.. That is why they are down on these posts.

        1. gotabgood says

          Most….. not all, conservative conversations are lies and when Trump is involved, you definitely turn away from the lies he tells on a daily bases.
          Liberals try to bring you the truth, even though we get called names we still come back to put light on the lies, hoping you would see them for what they are…. LIES!

          1. MAHB001 says

            Liberals track record for detecting lies over the last 8 years is pretty dismal.

            gotabot got no credibility left.

          2. gotabgood says

            8 years… is that just a coincident of that being the length of time Obama was president?

          3. MAHB001 says

            When I suspected that 0bama was lying about healthcare, Liberals believed him. Liberals were wrong.

            When I suspected that the 0bama administration was lying about Benghazi, liberals defended them to the end. Liberals were wrong.

            Some of the finest examples of how wrong liberals are come out of the last 8 years.

          4. Bill O'Neil says

            Only in your mind.

          5. mrpoohead says

            “Suspected” any proof or are we just going with what someone thinks now. Are you God – power corrupts!

          6. MAHB001 says

            There is ample proof that 0bama lied about healthcare. Even more proof that 0bama and Hillary lied about Benghazi.

          7. mrpoohead says

            Obama was given forecasts that he commented on – forecasts often don’t pan out, bit like the weather ones. Duh!
            Clinton – no proof!
            That’s all you are – no proof!
            Trump promised a wall, repeal, ban and mass deportations – President has no power to enact these. He lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          8. Retired says

            So you finally admit Obama could not think for himself ??? Obama was a OWO / NWO and UN puppet .

          9. mrpoohead says

            No NWO – duh!
            UN – place for countries to resolve problems. Is a place for legal matters to be resolved and international law made if approved by majority.
            No puppets required – unless you are a conspiracy theorist with no life!

          10. Retired says

            What do you think the UN is other than a extension of the OWO . Now add the Bilderberg Society -IMF /IMG and World Central bank . All one big Click that eat your Tax Dollars .

          11. mrpoohead says

            You do the “thinking”, I do facts. Makes you the conspiracy theory dummy!

          12. Retired says

            You just can NOT handle facts . You never answered about the heat wave in your area ????

          13. mrpoohead says

            You have no facts. Please produce some instead of your regular drivel. What heatwave?

          14. greyghost5632 says

            Just like a typical lib socialist!! Lies and more lies because he does have that power. Congress passed laws to empower that sevaral years ago!! But no research and repeating, like a parrot, what the msm tells you leads to stupid comments like that one!!!

          15. mrpoohead says

            Prove it and I’ll pay $10,000 to a charity of your choice – zip power! Figure head and currently a fukwit!
            Last possible bit of power was legislated against after Nixon. Duh!

          16. Frank W Brown says

            Obama was/is a POS and there’s NO DENYING THAT!

          17. Frank W Brown says

            BUT IT’S HAPPENING, the WALL, mass deportation of CRIMINALS and DRUG dealers, and obummercare GONE, so where’s the lie asshole?

          18. mrpoohead says

            Deportations down under Trump per month. Fact! ACA still there, no wall and no ban. Suggest you provide evidence – reputable references only please.

          19. Frank W Brown says

            Just getting started, hope you don’t get triggered by ALL THE WINNING GOING ON!!! ASSWIPE!

          20. mrpoohead says

            Very pleased with my soccer teams big win this weekend, don’t think you have anything to crow about outside of sport.

          21. Frank W Brown says

            I suggest you shampoo that poohead, I can SMELL you from here!

          22. mrpoohead says

            Facts suck huh! If only we all believed your drivel eh?

          23. Rich Girod says

            and trump lied about Puerto Rico and the media backed off….any body could see this coming….

            The cameras go off, and then comes the collapse

            Trump: ‘I give ourselves a 10’ on Puerto Rico response

            President Trump said on Oct. 19 that the Puerto Rico disaster response was “the most difficult,” but that he would rate the White House’s response “a 10.” (The Washington Post)

            By Dana Milbank Opinion writer December 22 at 7:27 PM
            President Trump awarded himself a 10 out of 10 score two months ago for his response to Hurricane Maria, which leveled Puerto Rico.

            “If you look at a real catastrophe like Katrina, and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died,” Trump said as he toured Puerto Rico in October. “What is your death count, as of this moment — 17?”

            “Sixteen certified,” the governor of Puerto Rico replied.

            “Sixteen versus literally thousands of people,” Trump said. “You can be very proud.”

            How proud we are now.

            Puerto Rico governor orders a recount of the hurricane death toll
            Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló ordered a review and recount of the Hurricane Maria death toll on Dec. 18. (Video: Monica Akhtar, Arelis Hernandez/Photo: Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post)

            This week, we learned the truth. Some 1,065 more Puerto Ricans died in September and October of this year than in previous years, almost certainly storm-related deaths, according to the Center for Investigative Journalism. When all is tallied, the destruction in Puerto Rico will be very much on par with what Trump considers “a real catastrophe like Katrina,” which killed about 1,800.

            Incredibly, a large portion of the island remains without power — three months after the storm. It was reported this week that power may not be fully restored until May. Puerto Ricans — American citizens — are still awaiting tarps and temporary roofs to shelter them after an untold number of homes were destroyed.

            A new report from Refugees International said, “Thousands of people still lack sustainable access to potable water and electricity and dry, safe places to sleep.” The group faulted the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s “bureaucratic and opaque assistance process” for leaving survivors with “enormous challenges.”

            This, in the United States of America, in 2017. Ten out of 10, Mr. President. A-plus for you!

            In October, when Trump was tossing “beautiful, soft” rolls of paper towels at Puerto Ricans, he offered lavish promises of aid and said Wall Street lenders were “going to say goodbye” to Puerto Rico’s $72 billion debt. But the debt was not written off, and disaster-relief aid has been inadequate and piecemeal. Now, Trump and congressional Republicans are hitting Puerto Rico with an additional, man-made catastrophe.

            The GOP tax bill, which Trump celebrated this week, treats Puerto Rico as a foreign country, imposing a 12.5 percent tax on the income companies there receive from intellectual property — a big hit to its crucial pharmaceutical and medical-device sector. Rather than give Puerto Rico special tax treatment, which it urgently needs, Trump and his congressional allies gave employers a powerful reason to move jobs off the island.

            You might recognize this pattern, even if you don’t care about Puerto Rico and the suffering of the more than 3 million Americans there. Trump comes in with razzle-dazzle and self-congratulation, promising great things to come. Then, when the cameras are off, comes the quiet collapse.

            The prototype is the Trump Taj Mahal Atlantic City. In April 1990, it opened with much fanfare as the world’s largest casino-hotel complex. Six months later, it defaulted on payments. Nine months after that, it filed for bankruptcy.

            Now this happens on a world scale. Trump promises an easy peace in the Middle East but winds up setting off a new wave of violence. He promises a tax cut for the middle class and winds up with a giveaway to corporations and millionaires. He promises to improve upon Obamacare but ravages the program with no replacement.

            In business, when Trump attended the ribbon cutting and then moved on while deals went south, people lost their investments. But when the United States walks away from promises, people lose rather more.

            Nearly 1 million low-income Puerto Ricans are in danger of losing health care early in the new year because the territory’s Medicaid program will soon be unable to pay providers. Federal law restricts Medicaid reimbursements for Puerto Rico to not quite 20 percent, about a quarter of what it would get if it were a state. Puerto Rico’s leaders have called for a few billion dollars to avert this latest crisis, but the request went unanswered as Congress rushed to complete the tax cut.

            Puerto Rico’s (Democratic) governor, Ricardo Rosselló, made a dumb mistake in October when, appealing to Trump’s vanity, he praised the president’s hurricane response. That gave Trump cover to do nothing for Puerto Rico. Now Rosselló has apparently realized his mistake, and, in an interview with Politico this week, he vowed to mobilize the more than 5 million Puerto Ricans living in the mainland United States. That includes hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens fleeing Puerto Rico since Maria.

            They are eligible to vote, in 2018 and 2020. One suspects they might award Trump something less than the 10 out of 10 he gives himself.

          24. MAHB001 says


          25. Rich Girod says

            OK you refuse to rtespond to my comment so here’s more deflection-

            Dear Fellow New Yorker,

            This week, Congress passed a tax bill that drastically limits the ability to deduct state and local taxes beginning on January 1. This move will have a devastating effect on thousands of New York homeowners.

            That’s why I have signed an emergency Executive Order that will allow New Yorkers to pre-pay next year’s property taxes this year, before the new tax law takes effect. Payments must be postmarked by December 31. For more information, contact the tax collector for your county.

            The order authorizes localities to issue warrants for the collection of early property tax payments and to accept partial payment — allowing New Yorkers to pay a portion or all of their 2018 property taxes before the end of the year to keep the deductibility.

            Check with your local government and school district to see if you are eligible for to make an early payment. The deadline is December 31, so you must act quickly.

            Online payments can be made until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, December 31, 2017, and payments made by mail that are postmarked on or before December 31, 2017 will be authorized.

            As Washington wages an all-out assault on this state, I will continue to do everything in my power to protect New York and protect New York’s values.

            Best holiday wishes,

            Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

          26. Bob Pante says

            It’s not Washington’s fault you spend too much.

          27. Tired... says

            Finally! The rest of us are tired of subsidizing high NY taxes!

          28. richardwfaith says

            kalifornicatiA too!

          29. SD of AZ says

            As a retired CPA, I would dispute Cuomo’s post. Pay early if you want but avoiding the compliance with the tax law is likely not gonna be possible. Thus the little part in his post, “Check with your local government and school district to see if you are eligible for to (typo here from the post) make an early payment.”. There will be few if any justifiable exceptions and Cuomo knows it. But at least he noted it in this general letter to the public.

            So let the dominoes fall. As a retired accountant who understands the current tax laws and has looked at the new changes, this is not a yugh change for the middle class, the home tax exemptions are pretty much intact if you do not have a million dollar plus single family residence, etc.. I think the threshold was 650k in the docs. Maybe all personal residents in NYC are more than that and many in CA. You pay for certain locations no doubt!

            So, who do you think might lose some of their tax write offs? It will be the rich more than the middle class. But that also calls to attention who in NYC might own property of spectacular value. Hum?

            As usual the rich, the dem wits, the liberals are obfuscating. And the personal tax deductions for the middle class, the child care for the middle class increased. I was pleased with what I saw perusing the new tax bill. When I do taxes this year using turbotax I will expect this hype to be pretty much a nothing burger. Turbotax teams will work out the new change and I expect my return will be better than last year.

            This was NOT a big tax change unless you own a lot of residents that you wrote off a lot of interest on if you are a New Yorker. Cuomo and his troll’s post is a NOTHING BURGER!

          30. Rich Girod says

            OK -That being, then why is the big orange blob making it sound like it’s the biggest deal since the invention of the wheel?

          31. SD of AZ says

            Just happy something reasonable got done the first year that does benefit his citizens and even if it passed only because the rinos and conservatives voted for it and left the dem wits crying on the floor. Me Too. The rich can pay their own way. And sorry you are a not for Trump supporter. He has done plenty despite the dem wits and rinos and citizens like you who do not support his actions. I do and more than half the nation are with me. Actually more like 2/3rds if you discount the illegal aliens and unvetted moslimes.

          32. Rich Girod says

            I have no clue where you got the info that “… I do and more than half the nation are with me. Actually more like 2/3rds…”

            Even the right bias Rasmussen poll doen’t show your figures-

            The shrinking of Trump’s base since his inauguration is clearly shown by the right wing pollster that is his favourite, Rasmussen.

            There has been a clear decline since inauguration day, despite ebbs and flows, in those who ‘strongly’ approve of Trump, together with a clear rise in those who ‘strongly’ disapprove.

            The latest finding is that 28% of likely voters ‘strongly approve’ while 47% strongly disapprove. (In the early days ‘strongly approve actually had an edge.)

            Rasmussen’s data since inauguration can be found via this link: http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/trump_administration/trump_approval_index_history

            And the Tax program is wildly unpopular-


          33. SD of AZ says

            You are what your are. I was pretty sure and your response confirms it. Done conversing. Adios pendajo!

          34. Rich Girod says

            Fact have a liberal bias

          35. SD of AZ says

            Woops forgot to note this is good for businesses. You know the ones that make the money. For Trump that is a yugh plus. For me it is what I can see impacts me since I am RETIRED!

          36. SD of AZ says

            They lie about everything. The two you noted are just the tip of that iceberg. It is amazing the way these trolls carry on the obfuscating you have so clearly expressed in your previous posts. But as noted they are paid by Soros most likely and you canNOT fix Stupid. They are simply useful cheaply paid tools. Merry xmas mahb001.

          37. MAHB001 says

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, SD of AZ….

            May God Bless you and yours.

          38. Rich Girod says

            please present proof….you keep making that claim but never supply proof-

            Saying”do you own research” as you have in the past ,shows you are a phony

          39. Retired says

            One thing for sure ,you have been corrupted in thinking .

          40. mrpoohead says

            I like facts – you ain’t got any!

          41. Retired says

            I think your heat wave has gotten to you .

          42. SD of AZ says

            All one has to do is wait for the results to kick in on the new tax law. I can wait but already know it will be MAGA, poopoohead!

          43. mrpoohead says

            Suspect new tax thing is a bit of a gambit – debt is still rocketing, not very sensible/!
            MALA – laugh again, well we are, we left!

          44. gotabgood says

            You are wrong on both parts.
            First, when Obama said if you like your doctor you can keep him. That was under the assumption you had a real healthcare plan.
            ACA was NOT a plan, it was a set of rules, standards if you will..that your insurance company had to meet.
            80% of premium cost had to go directly to healthcare.
            No preexisting conditions
            No cap
            No losing your healthcare.
            If your insurance company could not meet those standards, you lost your insurance/doctor… Obama didn’t lie… he pulled back the curtain so you could see the scam your insurance was in.

            Second What lie did Obama say about Benghazi? (God I can’t believe we are still talking about Benghazi!)
            You have had your congress in session since 2010, since 2012, Hillary and Obama have been under your congress’s microscope… THEY FOUND NOTHING!! Then YOUR FBI man came in and investigated 2 more years and found nothing!
            What do you people want to happen??
            EXAMPLE Trump has been under investigation… we’ll say 10 months…. you are already looking for ways to end it. Just your under handed BS against the FBI and calling secret meetings… THAT you people are VERY GOOD AT!!!

          45. MAHB001 says

            0bama knew that we were not going to be able to keep our drs, or healthcare. He also knew that it was going to cost more, he lied about the savings as well.

            You guys are liars doubling down on your lies.

          46. Rich Girod says

            dear asshole -I got to keep my doctor so stop the one trick pony BS- You already have YURI to fill that roll-

          47. Retired says

            You are one of how many .Then there is how many lost their insurance and ended up paying more for less coverage .Just like this last SS raise thanks to ACA many lost on their SS instead of getting a raise .

          48. Retired says

            Garbage in garbage out , when you know people who it happened to , those are facts .Just like in 2018 some will get less SS than in 2017 .

          49. mac12sam12 says

            You’re one of he lucky ones, dip wad. Did you also get to save $2,500 a year on your healthcare, Gruber?

          50. Mathew Molk says

            I did too,,,,,By buying my own insurance at a MAJOR increase in cost.

          51. Tired... says

            Typical, you think that you experience reflects everyone’s reality.

          52. Retired says

            You are really funny ::: tell that to the people that lost better plans through the ACA -lost their DR. and had higher premiums ???? It also opened the door for employers to drop health insurance . You did not need 2700 pages to make a law that Insurance stop the prior existence clause .It did not open policy can cross boarders . It was like the Supreme Court called it a TAX . Benghazi was a Obama -Clinton and Pentagon FU because of Embassy funding . But you seem to have memory lapse about that . 9+Trillion debt from 8 years of Obama poor management . Just like Carter he had bad planners .

          53. Mathew Molk says

            Not bad planners. They did EXACTLY what they wanted and that was to put our Judaeo/Christian way of life in the trick bag. They almost got away with it too.

          54. Andre Poirier says

            Obama is no longer president and you are still kissing his butt

          55. mac12sam12 says

            The whole bill was sold on a lie. It meant that young people and families paid for healthcare with $12,000 copays so old farts like you get a free ride. You might have to get a job to pay for your own healthcare.

          56. hoosier46 says

            From where I sit, the only people who are satisfied with Obamacare are ones who have coverage provided by their employer. The cost of my coverage doubled and ultimately I wound up with a policy that had such a high deductible that I might as well not have any insurance. If a person making $50,000 per year has to shell our the first $10,000 for medical care for each member of his family, in reality, he only has major medical coverage and even with the subsidy he is likely paying well over $2,000 per year for that.

          57. gotabgood says

            Premiums have gone up each year since there were insurance companies. Nothing new… Double is a lie!! Most cases the people that complained were the states that didn’t sign up. Your state, providing you’re from Indiana, is one of 5 that went down. AZ is one of the 11 red states that went up significantly, but none reached 50%.
            BUT ONCE AGAIN…. ObamaCare (ACA) IS NOT an insurance plan!!!!!
            You had to go through an insurance company to get insured!!!!! THEY hiked the prices up as they always did in the past!! BEFORE OBAMACARE.
            ACA was a standard that required your insurance company to spend 80% on actual healthcare…. No preexisting conditions… no cap…… No losing insurance plan. If they couldn’t meet those conditions… then yes you lost your doctor.

            Health Insurance Premiums

            I have talked to a few republicans that do not agree with SS, Medicare and claim these are a socialist program, and your problem is..??
            So, this is your answer to Medicare?
            Hate to ask what your answer is for SS..?

            Health Insurance Premiums Up 131% in Last Ten Years

            Today, the average cost of a family health insurance offered by an employer is $13,375. That’s up 131% over the last decade—a period in which inflation rose only 28%. And one estimate says that if costs continue on their current trajectory, premiums will go up another 166% in the decade ahead.
            The data was collected by the Kaiser Family Foundation and comes via USA Today:
            Since 1999, health insurance premiums for families rose 131%, the report found, far more than the general rate of inflation, which increased 28% over the same period. Overall, health care in the United States is expected to cost $2.6 trillion this year, or 17% of the nation’s economy, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.
            At the same time costs have gone up dramatically, the policies have grown less generous, and more likely to add deductibles to be paid by the policy holder:
            The annual survey of more than 2,000 companies also found that 40% of small-business employees enrolled in individual health plans pay annual deductibles of $1,000 or more. That’s almost twice the number who paid that much in 2007.

            Read more: http://moneyland.time.com/2009/09/16/health-insurance-premiums-up-131-in-last-ten-years/#ixzz1hdN6v0Yc


          58. hoosier46 says

            I live in reality. According to my checkbook, my rates doubled between 2008 & 2015 Deductibles increased from $1,000 to $10,000. The good policy I had was discontinued and i was forced to the exchange.

            As the say, statistics don’t lie but statisticians do. They must have been very selective in reviewing policies to get the numbers they published.

          59. gotabgood says

            If you live in Indiana… your state didn’t sign up for ObamaCare… as in the past, you were at the mercy of the insurance company… and I find your deductibles a little hard to believe.
            Can’t blame ObamaCare if you didn’t have sign up for it.
            And again ObamaCare was just a set of rules, not an insurance plan. Bame your insurgence company

          60. hoosier46 says

            Your information is incorrect!! I don’t care what you say. I know what I was getting in coverage before Obamacare and what I had to settle for on the exchange after it became effective. I also know the cost increased dramatically faster after it passed. I paid the bills, you read fake news from somewhere that attempts to downplay the negative impact.

          61. gotabgood says

            You are being willfully ignorant.
            If your payments were as you describe, (I doubt very much about your deductible)
            You either had junk insurance, that if you ever needed it, it would not cover what you thought it would.
            Again, ACA had nothing to do with prices.. nothing to do with do with insurance companies.
            If you lost your insurance, it was because they did not meet the standard. PERIOD!

          62. hoosier46 says

            You are the first person I ever heard call a Blue Cross/Blue Shield policy “junk insurance”. It was discontinued because of Obamacare and the alternatives I was offered resulted in the increased payments and deductibles.

          63. gotabgood says

            You are living in a land of delusion, denial and mix in a whole lot of lying.
            If you expect me to believe your deductible went from $1,000, (which is high) to $10,000 just because of ObamaCare…. I ain’t buying it!!

          64. Rich Girod says

            your original policy was junk-if you really became seriuosly ill you would be financially screwed

          65. hoosier46 says

            You are the second person I have ever heard call a Blue Cross/Blue Shield policy “Junk Insurance”, and you both did it without even looking at the coverage. That sounds pretty stupid to someone with 2 business degrees, professional certification and over 30 years of experience in business.

            I don’t claim that those who drafted Obamacare or those who support the claimed goal are evil or anything like that. However, their approach has pretty well been proven to be wrong.

          66. Rich Girod says

            How was I supposed to know the specifics of you insurance when you didn’t tell me? You simply quote numbers leaving one to make those assumptions. My other guess would have been that the private sector raised your rate. Not the ACA-Insurance companies raise rate every year-

            I know that from experience.

          67. hoosier46 says

            Nobody asked you to pass judgment on my prior coverage, you stepped up to that table uninvited on your own. When you did you did the typical liberal thing of making invalid assumptions. After all, isn’t that is exactly how we got obamacare? Liberal politicians made a lot of invalid assumptions and promises. I certainly did not get to keep my existing coverage and I certainly did not save the money promised either.

            I do have to admit that I did misrepresent what I referred to as my deductable in the cancelled policy. It was actually a maximum co-pay. Say, if my bill was $100, I would have a $20 co-pay until my accumulated co-pays for the year amounted to $1000. After that, my policy covered 100% up to the 1 Million $ max. When BC/BS cancelled the policy because of Obamacare, my agent told me he could not help me any further and I would have to go to the exchange to get coverage at a higher cost. Granted, the 1 Million $ max is gone with Obamacare but how many people do you know that have over 1 Million $ health care bills?

            Isn’t it time for you to recognize that Obamacare is a total failure and get on with looking for a program that really works?

          68. Rich Girod says

            Thank you for taking the time to share your personal details-There are so many complicated variables in the private health insurance industry-I still am not positive that the ACA caused your specific problem, however . I do agree that a better program is necessary-I believe I have that program . It is Medicare.

          69. Rich Girod says

            BTW-Not that it is a one to one comparison-However, back in the 80’s for 3 years ,I was self employed and my wife, who had heath insurance for our family thru her place of employment was layed off- I had to go to the insurance market and get a policy-

            This was the best deal I could get- 15K yearly premium- Deductible 5K per individual- Both my wife and I in our early 40’s in great health no pre- existing condition and a 5 year old daughter

            Remember this was 37 years ago-what would it be today?

          70. hoosier46 says

            Applying math to the info you provided, it is obvious that you have no personal experience with Obamacare. That leads me to believe you are basing your judgement on reports you have little if any evidence to verify. However, my experience was personal. It affected my bank account and my insurance coverage.

            I should also note that in 2008 (just before Obamacare) I was paying far less than $15,000 per year for my family BS/BS coverage. Had it been that expensive, I would have likely stayed working for the company that had a group policy that gave us similar coverage a few years earlier instead of venturing out on my own.

          71. Rich Girod says

            not really sure how your comment relates to my post

          72. Rich Girod says

            so the exchange help you get a better policy with lower rates…why are you complaining?

          73. Ron Dapo says

            Don’t forget about Eric,Lois,Susan and several others, pleaded the 5th. 63 times to congress. Don’t forget ( we’re going to get to the bottom of this) or nothing to look at here. You’re right Mr.Obama looking at you IS looking at NOTHING.

          74. MAHB001 says

            Never forget, never give in….

            Turning our backs on these criminals is exactly what the German people did allowing the rise of Hitlers regime.

            If the Left thinks that their mirroring (accusing us of doing exactly what they are doing) will divert our efforts they are sorely mistaken.

            God Bless and Merry Christmas.

          75. Michael Dennewitz says

            Ahhh, mr shithead and his seeetie, gottabedumberthanshit are back. 😀😁😆😂🤣😃😄

          76. MAHB001 says

            They are like a booger on your finger, can’t flick them off….

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for your service patriot!

          77. Michael Dennewitz says

            Thank you and a very Merry CHRISTmas to you N yours too! 😁🤗

          78. Rich Girod says

            try licking….

          79. Mathew Molk says

            Fighting the tax cut will be their biggest one yet.

          80. MAHB001 says

            A tax cut will be like throwing water on the wicked witch of the west….

            We are already hearing the screams of torment….

          81. SD of AZ says

            They failed at that too. It passed and they are really going to be unhappy when it helps the economy. Wonder what they will whine about then? Oh I know. Why are we not giving all our hard earned money to them? And why are we not letting them be in charge? Answer, we do have some brain cells that function rather well on critical thinking. MAGA!

          82. Frank W Brown says

            True That!

          83. SD of AZ says

            Mahboo1, I think all the monikers boil down to one or two paid posters doing the job for Soros. That man thinks he is god and evidently his money buys these guys probably really cheaply too. Paid to do what you said, disrupt and irritate on the conservative sights. I block them all as their drivel is nearly identical with all of them. Thus, they give the truth away about themselves. No new info, no new ideas, just the same boring BS.

          84. MAHB001 says

            I am slowly coming around to your side of things.

            In the beginning these thugs ruled the roost with their insults and deflections. It worked, and I kind of felt that ignoring them was like sitting back and watching a bully beat the crap out of someone in a parking lot without doing anything about it…

            I got tired of being the victim and watching others be the victim so I started fighting back, by pushing back as hard as they pushed. I know of no other way to stop a bully.

            Nowadays, most have gotten used to the Lefts tactics of mirroring, insults and deflections and these trolls are becoming less effective. I no longer post against these guys to convince them, but to stop others from being convinced by them.

            Currently, I have at least 5 of these paid trolls following me around.

          85. Rich Girod says

            poor little snowflake…

          86. MAHB001 says

            mirroring again? How trollish.

          87. Dennis Key says

            Everyone in the previous administration needs to die because that’s what we do to traitors

          88. mac12sam12 says

            The lies are told by MSM where you low infos get all your news. You are a tool.

          89. Frank W Brown says

            You’re so full of CRAP I can SMELL you from here asswipe!

        2. gotabgood says

          Why do you say Bill is disruptive?
          He gives you another way to look at things, and I might add, truthful ways and generally with references… so how can that be disruptive? I would say informative..

          1. MAHB001 says

            What Bill wrote was copied from a bulletin board next to Soros’s job openings. It was nothing but rhetoric. Now you want to claim that the Lefts rhetoric is filled with references…

            More like:

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

          2. gotabgood says

            Coming from someone who supports Trump, to downplay a lie is right next door to hypocrisy.
            I guess I jumped in on the middle of a conversation and I do not know what Bill wrote that you say come from Soros, but you people yell Soros so much… like the kid who yelled wolf.

            On the average the rightwing does not give references, and the leftwing does.

          3. MAHB001 says

            They hypocrisy is you after all these years becoming sensitive to lies……

          4. Retired says

            8 years of lies from Billy Boy and Obama plus who knows about Bush and Cheney .

          5. MAHB001 says

            The Left only recognizes things that goes against their religion/ideology.

            The Lefts hypocrisy is staggering, and makes the trolls like gotabots posts meaningless and insignificant..

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

          6. Retired says

            Thanks , Merry Christmas to you and family .

          7. Mathew Molk says

            Right back at everybody.

            Merry Christmas and Thank you President Trump for the great Christmas gift.

            2018 is going to be a really great year.We got a long way to go, but we are well on the way to MAGA.

          8. gotabgood says

            Some day the light will be turned on and all the critters along with liars will scamper toward the darkness…..
            Merry Christmas and I hope the New Year brings you wisdom and your eyes will be open to the truth..

          9. MAHB001 says

            And to you too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

            May God open your eyes to the evil you support and show you the harm that the communism you fight for has done to Human civilization.

            It seems we both want to shine a light on the truth and turn away darkness, but are approaching it from different angles.

          10. AntiGOP says

            gotabgood >>>>Some day the light will be turned on and all the critters along with liars will scamper toward the darkness…

            All 25% of them !!

          11. AntiGOP says

            Retired MAHB001 • 2 days ago
            8 years of lies from Billy Boy and Obama plus who knows about Bush and Cheney .

            Pathetic statement from an idiot !!

          12. Retired says

            Yes your posts are Pathetic !!!

          13. Retired says

            Better Trump than Clinton . Just remember how you was treated under Obama and your SS along with Medicare . The last time it was so bad was when Congress stole $100.00 from SS so they could piss away more money or did you forget about that .

          14. gotabgood says

            I corrected your lie once… with proof… but you’re right back at spreading the same bullshit.
            Stop lying!
            The world is celebrating Jesus’ birthday, it was a lie that sent him to the cross, yes I know it was preordained for him to die, but so was the lie that sent him there.
            Out of respect for the one who died for you….. stop lying.. at least for His birthday..

          15. Retired says

            You have a lot of guts posting this :: Where have you proven that Congress did not Steel $100.00 from your SS ??? Where have you proven Congress did not change the formula figuring cost of living ??? Where have you proven Obama did not raise the Debt by 9+ Trillion. I think your memory is slipping on that one .Did you forget that this last SS raise many lost money and gained nothing ??? With all the BS you have posted through the year you have a lot of guts bringing religion into today . Merry Christmas even though you are on the wrong side of things .

          16. gotabgood says

            Any body can post words and figures… watch this….
            Just released,
            It seems Trump and Moore go back a long ways. It seems they shared a double date with a couple of teenage high school girls. One girl didn’t want to go “all the way”, but the other girl took both Moore and Trump. The girl that didn’t want to… finally came forth to tell her story… Moore and Trump came up with $250,000 to keep her quiet, and to gain possession of an item of clothing that seemed to have some evidence on it…

          17. Retired says

            Another one of your wet dreams ???? Where is the proof other than here say .

          18. gotabgood says

            No body ever loses money on SS..

          19. Retired says

            Tell that to the people that will get less in 2018 than in 2017 !!! The only ones that lose no money are the Gov. employees and mainly the Union ones .Congress protects them for votes .

          20. Rich Girod says

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

            Just like you keep repeating the same paranoid everybody that disagrees with you and trump are communists…hypocrite BS-

          21. Retired says

            Yes the democrats and media friends are good at lying to the public . Just look at the ACA bill a disaster for many ,just like the penalty clause . There is too much Gov. control on insurance from the state level up .

          22. Mathew Molk says

            You NWO MArxists ARE all commies. The only thing that interests you snotballs is what you can get from free the nanny state that is aid for by people that work.

            Your time in the sun is over, Snowflake. We won, You Lost. And we are wunning more every day.

            MAGA or get run over by the Trump Train.

          23. Rich Girod says

            Spoken like a true neo nazi!!

          24. Tired... says

            Your argument doesn’t make sense. Progressives cannot claim that Trump is a capitalist and then turn around and call him a communist…that twisted argument is hypocritical BS.

      3. gotabgood says

        The way you learn is NOT to absorb, but to study, debate, ASK question, NOT tell lies, investigate both sides.

        1. Deby says

          But but but that is exactly what you trolls do!! You haven’ learned one thing here- you use this forum to diss every conservative viewpoint and spew left wing talking points – no “investigating” EVER You & your trioll buddy are both a couple of loony libtards with nothing new to say so just shut it

          1. gotabgood says

            When I give news articles or answer one of your silly conspiracy theories, I generally give references…. I do not recall ANY references from you.. so that means AT BEST you give your personal opinion, at worst you can be lying, and sometimes they are both the same.

          2. Deby says

            Hah well your opinion and lying ARE the same, and I have not seen any references to anything on your posts-all non-factual opinions paid for by your boss Georgie boy Soros. Let it go troll.

          3. gotabgood says

            Here is one..
            This is called deceit backed up with a lie, have to listen to his apology calling it a “mistake”.
            One more..

          4. gotabgood says

            Here is one… this is called deceit backed up with a lie, have to watch his apology where he calls it a “mistake” you can’t join 2 separate videos together and call it a “mistake”.
            One more..

      4. mrpoohead says

        I enjoy correcting lies – website is immaterial. MAHB001 has yet to reference one of his statements with a reputable reference. He’s the BS artist.

    3. Justin Seine says

      Why don’t you tell Mr. Mueller where to look for the smoking gun since you seem to know and Mueller has no clue????

    4. MAHB001 says

      You are a fool and a traitor to America.

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        You are projecting again.

        1. Retired says

          No one needs to project in your case .

    5. bill14729 . says

      The tides are turning, They will be investigating obama and hillary for colluding with Russia

      1. Mathew Molk says

        We can only hope, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

        …And the cackling witch was already investigated and should have been arrested the day Sessions walked into his office. She should be in Atlanta waiting for her appeal to come up right now.

    6. mac12sam12 says

      And you’re trying to deflect from Hillary’d real Russian connection. The DOJ is investigating the Russians bribing Hillary. Usually I say mere Christmas, but you can GFY.

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        Just what I would expect from a maggot eating gutter rat.

    7. mac12sam12 says

      The only Russian connection was when the Russians bribed Hillary for US uranium. The DOJ is investigating. 🙂

    8. greyghost5632 says

      No collusion, no obstruction and as this has been going down since the beginning, you just saying that over and over doesn’t make it true!!! The media has become like a bad relationship!! Listen to each side of the story and the whole truth will be in the middle somwhere!!! In today’s world, the middle isn’t near the middle at all!! The msm has been proven wrong and that they have lied or omitted the truth that they aren’t believable anymore!!! when they open their mouths to speak, you expect them to lie!!!

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        When it comes to lies, no one can come close to the ‘Liar in Chief’ in the oval office. Just google ‘Trump lies’ and you will be kept busy for the rest of the day. But of course I know you are afraid to do that.

    9. Frank W Brown says

      Full of shit much???

    10. Valor says

      Bill, since you liberals are so blessed with superior intellect, would you please explain why on earth the Russians would want to assist in the election of a US President who advocates rebuilding the US Military and putting America’s interests first instead of a corrupt political hack who actually DID collude with Russia in the sale of US Uranium reserves to that country in exchange for $145 million in kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation! Add to that the collusion between Hillary and the DNC in the preparation of a false dossier against Trump! A corrupt political hack the Russians already knew they could buy! I’m waiting for a logical answer.

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        What could possibly be better for the Russians than to have someone (Trump) in the WH that they have something on? More and more of the Russian dossier is being proved correct. It is just a matter of time before it all comes out. Why else do you think the Republiklans are trying to kill the investigations?

  2. David Ridgway says

    Only Marxist progressive communist weasels would ever consider that explanation

    1. MAHB001 says

      Seems like the only people writing for the Washington Post are Marxist progressive communist weasels.

      1. mrpoohead says

        Really – the socially conscientious maybe . Marxist not exactly – are they advocating seizing power?

        1. gotabgood says

          Like the unregulated capitalist are doing..

          1. mac12sam12 says

            You and Poophead make a lovely couple.

          2. gotabgood says

            And Merry Christmas to you too
            May your New Year be filled with the same feelings you had for New Years 2009

          3. mac12sam12 says

            Those days are long gone and now we have a real president and leader. 🙂

          4. MAHB001 says

            May God Bless President Trump and guide him to success of making America Great Again….

          5. Jackalyn Morrison says


          6. Rich Girod says

            the god i know wouldn’t be blessing phony con man trump

          7. MAHB001 says

            The God I know blessed the United States with Trump….

            You probably shouldn’t follow false gods….

          8. Retired says

            Some will never admit to him being good for the country , No one will ever please all . A change has been long past due . Merry Christmas.

          9. Mr Rollo says

            Merry Christmas to all the non-progressive marxists here ! !

          10. Southerngirl says

            MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU and the rest of the smart conservative people that knew Donald Trump would be a great man for taking the task of Making America Great Again. And he’s doing it ALL with NO help from the RATS & LIBTARDS.

          11. Rich Girod says
          12. Mr Rollo says

            More Fake news again. What makes you think we believe Garbage???

          13. Rich Girod says

            because you worship Fox News

          14. Mr Rollo says

            That same poll predicted an ugly hildebeast landslide win. What happened? Yes, we worship Truth. That’s why we are watching Fox news every day.

          15. Rich Girod says

            u got nothing Mr Rollup-the polls were with in the margin of error in the 2016 presidential election

          16. Mr Rollo says

            They predicted a 95% hildebeast win. That’s a “margin of error”. Ha Ha HAHAHAHAHAH ! ! ! !You are hilariously ill ! ! !

            M A G A ! ! ! Go President Trump. Wait till US workers see those tax reductions in their pay, beginning February. Even you will get on your knees and pray for forgiveness from our President Trump ! ! !

          17. Bill O'Neil says

            Leader of a cult.

          18. MAHB001 says

            Only if you consider America a cult… Because Trump is the leader of America.

          19. Retired says

            You will not get through that Concreate wall named Bill . He another one here just to agitate .

          20. Ken V says

            Bill is a blatent homosexual

          21. Retired says

            That could explain why he /It is so hung up on bad Democrats .

          22. Rex Whitmer says

            You know? You’re his partner?

          23. Brian W. says

            You are? Which one?

          24. Retired says

            Was that called for ??? You wish someone a Merry Christmas and then add a nasty remark ????

          25. gotabgood says

            A nasty remark?? I just ask that his feelings be renewed…… that is bad?

          26. Retired says

            Yes just like you ,the turn coat you is .

          27. Retired says

            You mean like the odd couple ,or are they one and the same .

          28. David in MA says

            Some days I regret blocking gotabgood, sometimes I miss his off the wall BS.

          29. MAHB001 says

            Don’t, Gotabot still is not contributing.

          30. Rich Girod says

            mac12sam12-Merry Christmas to you and yours

          31. mac12sam12 says

            The same to you Rich. Peace

          32. MAHB001 says

            Unregulated Capitalism-

            Unregulated means to me, without any cronyism… And the best place to find Capitalism without cronyism is at a swap meet. There, people own what they sell and negotiate with a buyer to the benefit of both involved. Both walk away satisfied.

            For the life of me, I do not understand why you hate and despise unregulated capitalism….

            All your “regulations” do is add cronyism….

          33. Brian W. says

            Nailed that one! Politicians regulate everything even to such an extreme that it could be considered economic suppression also on to the individual business. No way out except to fold and the only survivors are the rich people and themselves. Money and Power = GREED and nothing more always has been and always will be a product of a corrupt style of government especially in America. Very easy to spot too.

          34. MAHB001 says

            Well said! But our Government did not start out as a totalitarian government. It was conceived and designed to be Of the People, By the People, and For the People.

            The vast majority of our politicians today are nothing short of Communists. Communism being a form of Government where the People work for the State and not themselves.

            It is the Politicians that have slowly morphed our Government from Of the People, By the People and For the People, to of the Elites, By the Elites, and for the Control of the people to the Benefit of the Elites….

            Big Government is just another form of Communism.

          35. Brian W. says

            I agree %100. The slow and slippery slide out of Democracy and now its time to show them all the door and save the few that care if they exist.

          36. Wes Tipton says

            The Democrat party should be labeled the Communist party of America since they are top heavy with radical marxists, commies and muslims thanks to obuma. What scares me is that they no longer even try to hide it.

          37. Retired says

            Democrats would never survive under true Communism , they are a bunch of controllers and after your money .

          38. Wes Tipton says

            Which means they are exactly like communists, hence my comment. They both wish to control the people by controlling their money, as well as disarming and subjugating their comrades. So every time the Demcoms take control they raise taxes, they bloat the size of govt., and put as many people as possible on welfare while opening our borders to attract more potential voters.
            Didn’t work for the Russians, and it will not work here, but with fools like Sanders and his blind followers, and the many across our govt. who have been biding their time for decades need to be weeded out because they are as dangerous to America as they always have been.

          39. Retired says

            If you have been following Xi in China , you would understand where I am coming from . He is going back to the old communist ways and not failing like Russia did . Have a Merry Christmas .

          40. MAHB001 says

            Not sure Russia really fell…. Their society is still not as free as ours… And probably never will be.

          41. Retired says

            Totally free is not there yet , but better off than China . A lot depends on if Putin stays in office or not .

          42. richard king says

            Russian didn’t fall at all. just the Soviet Union. It’s now a plutocracy run by one man, Putin.

          43. David in MA says

            Only because he is allowing a controlled capitalist emergence to generate income.

          44. Retired says

            From what I have read if a company does not tote the line the Gov. will take it over . It is just like down in Panama With the big Chunk of land China planed to buy next to the Canal ??? Have not found anything if it went through . Congress better wake up as to what China is up to and not just Russia .

          45. David in MA says

            A year or so ago I recall reading that China was building a parallel canal deeper and wider thru Panama.

          46. Retired says

            That the Canal was being widened and deeper so the Ships would not have to unload and reload was in the works 2 years ago but there was no mention that China was involved . The China land deal came up last year .

          47. Rich Girod says

            Prob from Alex Jones info wars where all you punitive get your “facts”

          48. Wes Tipton says

            Old commie ways never worked well either is my point. Subjugating your citizens and controlling every move they make is what that ideology is al about, as it is in China to this day. They have some success not see n before, but not many.

          49. michael mitelman says

            To Wes Tipton. from Michael in SC. It would help you to understand all these arguments much better if you read “The Gulag Archipelago” by Aleksander Solzhenitsyn. Actually, everyone in this country MUST read it!! The Communists in the Soviet Union were no different from the Fascists under Hitler, Mussolini, Castro, etc. Read also WSJ (I believe November 7, 2017, article ” 100 years of Communism- and 100 Million Dead”! That is what that idiot, senator from Vermont, has been promoting!

          50. MAHB001 says

            So true,
            Democrats are being used as useful idiots by the Communists.
            So are the Socialists.
            And what I fear is the Communists are being used as useful idiots by the Radical Islamist’s.

            If the Communists like Hillary had gained control of the United States, their regime would be temporary as the Radical Islamist would easily take power from them.

          51. David in MA says

            YOU understand, to bad so many others do not.

          52. MAHB001 says

            Keep repeating the truth….

            Only by repeating the truth can we counter the effects of those repeating lies enough times to make the lie the truth….

          53. Rich Girod says

            U R a deluded fool ….repeat for eternity

          54. Rich Girod says

            You are delusional what you just said is insane

          55. MAHB001 says

            how so? ad hominem boy…

          56. Rich Girod says

            you think YURI and D’Sousa aren’t spewing false propaganda

          57. MAHB001 says


          58. David in MA says

            Ever read the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO/ Infiltration of America’s political parties is one of their goals.

          59. Brian W. says

            They have.

          60. Wes Tipton says

            Yes I know.

          61. jerrycollie says

            Did the Communists running the Soviet Union ever try to hide the fact that they were Communists?

          62. Rich Girod says

            any facts ,figures, documentation etc.If not , you are just blowing smoke out of you paranoid pie whole.

          63. Rich Girod says

            who are the communist at the top of the Democratic Party?

          64. Rich Girod says

            U. R a fucking lunitic whose brain has been pickled in the brine of fight wing conspiracies

          65. Rex Whitmer says

            According to you, Brian, we had best just get rid of the idea of money as an exchange item, like money being worth something in its own right, which then makes it a bartering exchange, and that was the way things worked not too long ago. An ounce of silver was a silver dollar that weighed an ounce. Gold and Silver had accepted values, and other things were priced in accordance to those values. Banks issued bank notes reflecting wealth they had in their vault, and at anytime, paper money would be and could be only reflective of the value of the Silver or Gold in the vaults of that organization. Trouble was that some organizations (banks) found that not all notes would be coming back for their gold or silver, so they issued extra notes. They made loans with their notes and collected interest, even though the metal stayed in the bank!
            Banks often failed so the USA and other nations set up a standard currency the supposedly reflected the values of things they held. I could write a book on it, but manipulation of wealth became a pass time and the wealth failed, and money had no real value any longer, so all we get from our government is “good faith”. We have internet currency with absolutely no backing at all, except what the two exchangers want to put upon it! Each party is trying to make a profit where there is none. Thirty odd years ago someone came up with a barter system. I had a business and sold some items on the barter barrel. My wife needed dental work. I paid for it from the bartered sale I had made to my customer. I asked the dentist what he did with his bartered points? Oh, fly up to Colorado and go skiing in the winter! In the end, it’s all barter whether it’s bit coin, US dollars, or barter.

          66. Brian W. says

            Not take it away, just find ways to strengthen the American dollar and not weaken it in any way. Its more than just the dollar though. Giving big industry away to countries over seas because of lower taxation = weaker economy ( business tax and job loss ). Accepting more poverty in an already poverty stricken nation = weaker economy ( more expensive welfare system ). No one in their right mind continues the failing policies of the last administration without knowing the outcome is moving America backward. The persons own slogan was in fact “Forward”. Plainly evident from “Forward”, to you can keep your doctor and health insurance would actually be cheaper, the whole Democrat party speaks – thinks – eats – drinks and sleeps backwards to protect the true agenda – money and power through deception. Making things look so great if the Democrat wins the election then the agenda changes and nothing happens. Trump won the election and is now going through with his agenda and proving to the American people he is worthy of leadership by making things better for everyone in America. Plain and simple “Make America Great Again”. It scares Democrats, that’s why so much fake news media. They don’t know what to say because there are no real holes in his agenda and it makes everyone look really bad when they attack him for making America a stronger nation. I got a little off topic but I got my point out.

          67. Brian W. says

            They don’t know how to smash through a good agenda for the people. So they lie about something and then the cycle repeats. They just can’t seem to agree and work together for some psychological reason. I just call it hatred.

          68. Rex Whitmer says

            I think we thing alike. Just didn’t get the gist of what you were referring to.

          69. Rich Girod says

            GOP Leaders Celebrate Decisive Win Over Americans
            12/20/17 12:09pmSEE MORE: POLITICS

            WASHINGTON—In the wake of the $1.5 trillion tax bill’s historic passage in both the House and the Senate, GOP leaders reportedly celebrated Wednesday their decisive win over everyday American citizens. “This is a monumental victory not only for us, but for everyone struggling under the reign of the average American,” said Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, adding that party leaders made a promise to “take a stand against ordinary U.S. citizens,” before cracking open a bottle of champagne and proudly declaring that “today, we delivered.” “Of course, the fight against the people of this country is not yet over. We won this battle, but the war is still to come. However, if we carry on with the same vigor demonstrated today in our widely opposed tax overhaul, I know that we will prevail over Americans time and time again.” GOP leaders also expressed confidence that they would achieve another dominant victory over the American people as they push to close the deficit by cutting food stamp programs, Social Security, and Medicare.

          70. Wes Tipton says

            He has no clue what the phrase means to begin with. Probably heard it from some radical dumbass ‘professor’.

          71. MAHB001 says

            I think you are correct… The Left is very good at confusing things with the intent of getting people to run away from Capitalism, directly into the arms of Communism.

          72. Rich Girod says

            Fuck you I am a supporter of capitalism and a liberal so go stick your facist propaganda up you ignorant butt

          73. MAHB001 says

            Nice fascist statement there Rich…. Intolerant of opposing views, an excellent mirror statement…

            Please provide an example of “REGULATED” capitalism that is not just communism or crony capitalism.

          74. Rich Girod says

            show me an example of where capitalism exists where it isn’t regulated-every economic system need regulation

            Merry Christmas to you and yours

          75. MAHB001 says

            Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.

            I already have, Pure capitalism exists at a swap meet.

            Your turn…

          76. Rich Girod says

            what gave you the idea they are not regulated(have no rules)

            Here’s an example-

            Rules For Sellers
            SWAP-O-RAMA Flea Markets reserve the right to refuse admission to any seller.
            SWAP-O-RAMA Flea Markets reserve the right to inspect all merchandise. Sale of any item prohibited by any city, county, state or federal law is prohibited. No games of chance, skill or raffles are allowed. No fireworks, guns, ammunition, drug-related products, used mattresses and bedding or otherwise flammable or dangerous items are allowed on the premises. SWAP-O-RAMA reserves the right to determine whether any particular item is dangerous.
            The sale of counterfeit merchandise, or merchandise which violates trademarks and copyrights or others, is prohibited. It is the obligation of the seller to verify that the merchandise offered for sale is not counterfeit. SWAP-O-RAMA reserves the right to confiscate any merchandise we believe to be counterfeit. At the discretion of SWAP-O-RAMA management, any violation of these rules may result in permanent eviction from the flea market.
            There is positively no selling outside the seller’s rented space. All merchandise must be within the sellers rented space.
            No nails, stakes or any other material may be driven into floor or walls. No structures (such as stands or displays) may be installed or constructed without prior approval by the management. In no case may any display be higher than 48 inches from the floor.
            Emergency fire doors are never to be blocked, covered by merchandise, or used to enter, exit or unload.
            Sellers must move their vehicles away from the building after unloading, and must park in designated area. Sellers must clean up around their stands, taking unsold merchandise, boxes and debris with them. Violators will be charged $25 for excessive cleanup expense.
            Reservations are only held until 7:30 AM. All reservations MUST be renewed before the end of the month or seller forfeits right of renewal. Reserved spaces must be occupied a minimum of 75% of the sale days each calendar month, or seller forfeits space.
            MONTHLY STORAGE is available to sellers. Please see the manager.
            SWAP-O-RAMA will confiscate Seller’s goods and displays when the seller is behind 60 days in payment of monthly storage fees, daily fees, and/or absentee fees. Rights to selling spaces will also be forfeited.
            SWAP-O-RAMA Flea Markets will not accept or cash any checks.
            Sale of food and food products is subject to separate requirements. See the manager for special rules, insurance requirements, and municipal licensing information. The sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco items is prohibited.
            No political matter or handbills may be distributed without prior approval by the management. No loudspeakers, bullhorns, jamming or excessive shouting is allowed. Sound on all radios, TVs and stereos etc. must be kept to a level that does not aggravate neighbors.
            Sellers shall at all times conduct themselves in an acceptable and orderly manner. Any physical violence or verbal threats by a seller will result in permanent eviction from all the Swap -O- Rama flea markets. SWAP-O-RAMA reserves the right to determine what behavior is disorderly or unacceptable. Pictures, videocassettes, books, records and other items on display must be suitable for children of all ages.
            Seller agrees to indemnify SWAP-O-RAMA against and to hold SWAP-O-RAMA harmless from any and all claims (including the cost of defense of any claim) resulting from seller’s activities on the SWAP-O-RAMA premises. Sellers shall adequately supervise and control the activities of all their employees, agents or helpers, and will be responsible for the activities of those persons.
            Sale of Food and Food Products
            The sale of all food products will be governed by the following rules and regulations which will be strictly enforced:
            All food sellers must obtain and display a current Food Seller’s License issued by the municipality in which the flea market is located.
            Food sellers must carry a “PRODUCTS LIABILITY” insurance policy for not less than $300,000.00 and show SWAP-O-RAMA. Sellers must supply a current Certificate of Insurance confirming the above listing the products covered by the policy.
            Each food seller will pay an additional rental charge of $5.00 per sale day per space; $7.00 per sale per day in Alsip; the cashier will issue an additional daily food receipt.
            The sale of any food item (such as gum, candy, soft drinks, chips or snacks, etc.) that is in direct competition with food sold at SNAK-O-RAMA snack bars in the flea market is prohibited.
            Sale of alcoholic beverages or tobacco in any form is prohibited.
            Monthly Storage
            Monthly storage charge includes monthly reservation charge.
            Storage privileges will be denied to sellers who:
            Fail to keep a neat and orderly space
            Fail to be in attendance on 75% or more of the sale days
            Store items that are illegal or subject to deterioration
            Does not comply with the policies or rules of Swap-O-Rama
            Does not pay his monthly charges on or before the first sale day of the new month
            All merchandise and fixtures must be placed within the lines of your space.
            Spaces with monthly storage must pay the daily selling fee, each and every sale day. Failure to open for business results in absentee space rent being charged for that day.
            SWAP-O-RAMA will confiscate Seller’s goods and displays when the seller is behind 60 days in payment of monthly storage fees and/or absentee fees. Rights to selling spaces will also be forfeited.
            Sellers must carry card with them at all times.
            Monthly storage spaces are non-transferable.
            Monthly reservations for indoor and outdoor selling spaces are for those sellers wishing to occupy the same space every sale day. There is a non-refundable service charge of $50.00 per space per month. Any seller may reserve any non-reserved space, subject to the following rules and regulations:
            Reserve fee is $50.00 per space per month.
            Reservations must be made for both Saturday and Sunday, one full calendar month minimum.
            Reservations are held only until 7:30 a.m. each sale day. After 7:30 a.m. your space will be sold that day to a non-reserve seller.
            Partial months are only allowed when added to the next full month.
            Reserved spaces must be occupied and open for business by the reserved seller 75% of the monthly reserved period, or seller forfeits their reservation.
            Renewals of monthly reservations must be made by 1:00 p.m. of the last sale day in the month.
            Reserved spaces are non-transferable

            Any questions call (708) 344 – 7300

          77. MAHB001 says

            Don’t you hate lawyers? They just seem to complicate things…

            To be clear, I was actually talking about the transactions that happen within a swap meet, when one persons sells his possessions to another.

            This legal speek describes the transaction between the owner of the swap meet and a potential vendor/seller and will suffice. If the vendor does not like the terms, he can walk away as his needs are not met. That is Capitalism baby!

            It just dawned on me that I assume there are restraints (call them regulations if you want) that confine capitalism. Those are the morals of a civilized society,

            My assumption would be that both parties will be doing unto others has you would have done to yourself. In other words each party is responsible for their actions, they are responsible for telling the truth and representing their products with truths.

          78. Rich Girod says

            even when you are wrong you won’t admit it…sad

          79. MAHB001 says

            Yes it is sad that the Left has created an environment where they never admit they are wrong.

            Why did you delete your original post? Because I successfully refuted your arguments, which made your above post silly?

          80. Rich Girod says

            what original post?

          81. Rex Whitmer says

            A swap meet is where you sell the junk that some one else sold to you!

          82. Rex Whitmer says

            In any case such as you describe Rich, the regulation over and above purely honest acts makes it a socialist society. Socialism steals from everyone excepting the government, and no one gets more than they put in, in nearly all cases less than they put in, no matter how it looked in the beginning. Those whom control it win until the people finally realize that they are loosing and the governors have all the money, whether it is in their hands or the governors.

          83. Rex Whitmer says

            Facism is a form of socialism. You don’t know what you’re talking about!

          84. Rich Girod says

            show me credible proof

          85. richard king says

            That’s because theyr’e hoping for a free lunch. The dimms take money from the people who produce and give it to those who are layabout sponges on society. They buy votes with the people’s money. As someone said “socialism only works until they run out of other people’s money”.

          86. MAHB001 says

            Socialism has never worked…. It has always collapsed into a version of Communism…. I guess it always runs out of other peoples money.

          87. ABO says

            I believe that quote is attributable to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Richard.

          88. gotabgood says

            Good example of unregulated vs regulated can be visualized through LA
            Before regulation or unregulated cars, factories and etc. LA had smog alerts and kids had to play inside, quite frequently. Since regulation, LA has been cleaned up a lot, still has a ways to go, but improving is the main thing.
            So the moral of the story can go like this.
            Unregulated = DIRTY (in everything from wall street to main street)
            Regulated = CLEAN ( in everything from wall street to main street)

          89. MAHB001 says

            That is WAY too simplified.Nice pair of rose colored glasses that you are wearing…

            Who is to say that the manufacturers wouldn’t have come to that conclusion without the Government forcing them to do it? I tend to think that clean air advancements would have happened even without Government intervention. But I will admit that the regulations moved the process along faster.

            But at what cost?

            Here in CA our citizens pay almost $1 PER GALLON more for our gas than the national average. That money is not going into cleaner air because, LA wasn’t the only city that benefited from the scientific advancements that made cars burn and run more efficient.

          90. Wes Tipton says

            You do realize that Barry the muslim loved Alinsky? You do realize that everything he did over that ugly 8 years came straight from Alinsky’s marxist playbook right?
            Creating a bloated and inept govt., straining the entitlement programs to the bursting point, weakening our military, dividing us by class, race and financial status while starting a race war against the police while constantly attacking our Second Amendment. Right down the line from Alinsky’s teachings in case you did not notice the obvious.
            If you do not or will not recognize that then you are not bright enough to be on this blog.

          91. MAHB001 says

            I blame a corrupt and complacent MEDIA for the progress that 0bama made in destroying America using the Alinsky model.

            That is why I fight at http://www.madashellboycott.com We must take away the Alinksy tools and the MEDIA is one of the most powerful.

          92. GrizzMann says

            I think it has to do with Global Warming.

          93. MAHB001 says

            Naw, Global Warming can be fixed by giving all your money to the Government via taxes, and letting the Government control all natural resources.

            Just ask a politician.

          94. Rich Girod says

            Nobody looks at you retarded website

          95. MAHB001 says


            people are looking.

          96. Rich Girod says

            guess you don’t allow sponsors on MAH…right?

            Merry Christmas to you and yours

          97. MAHB001 says

            Nope, you see any sponsors?

          98. JCluvsTrump says

            Had to sneak in and extend my condolences. California to become a pot friendly state. Like you didn’t have enough problems. Now your lunatics will be stoned as well as stupid. And driving.

          99. Rich Girod says

            no….because it’s a dictatorship with no capitalists allowed

          100. Rich Girod says

            anti capitalist….that you definition of a communist..

          101. MAHB001 says

            Not exactly, Communism is a form of Government where the serfs work for the State. In other words are ENSLAVED to the State.

            Capitalism and Communism are on opposite ends of the scale as in Capitalism, the people are free to work for themselves and enjoy the fruits of their labor..

          102. Brian W. says

            You said it.

        2. MAHB001 says

          Yes, they are advocating seizing of power.

          Every solution that the Left has for any problem is more taxes, regulations, and the seizure and control of natural resources.

          Please name a couple of the Lefts causes where this is not the case.

          1. niknar says

            The seizure & control of our natural resources is clearly being perpetrated by extractive corporations with the aid of the Trump administration. They want to extract all our resources for their own short-term profit & leave no resources for future generations of Americans. I can hardly think of anything more short-sighted or greedier than that.

          2. richard king says

            That sounds like the incredibly stupid Obama mantra of ” Leave it in the ground”.
            We never would have drilled the firat oil well if we all had thought that.

          3. niknar says

            How short-sighted! Preserve our minerals & other resources in our own country as they run out in the rest of the world, then we’ll have them when they’re most valuable & most needed.

          4. Rex Whitmer says

            Stupid nikar! One of My college dissertations was the scarcity of lithium for re-chargeable batteries. We see it everywhere today!

          5. niknar says

            So how does that in any way refute anything I said?

          6. Rex Whitmer says

            In the sixties when I wrote my paper Lithium was scarce and expensive. When people began looking for it they found it! With earth minerals and ores, this is often the case. In other instances they find ways to duplicate the needs of that mineral or ore with either a constructed item or something else that will work better.

          7. niknar says

            Lithium is a finite resource, & since we expect with the conversion to solar power to quickly increase the use of lithium, it could become a problem finding enough in the not-too-distant future, but for many of its uses, there are other minerals that could be used in its place, so it probably won’t be too critical of a constraint to further growth, which is a good thing for those of us who want solar power to replace coal, oil & gas. (Nothing in what I just said conflicts with anything you just said nor was intended to, by the way.)

            Another consideration regarding extracting resources, is as we take out more, that which is left tends to be more difficult to extract, causing more environmental damage as it’s extracted, & is of inferior quality & tends to be less pure, which increases costs & environmental side effects — more reasons to keep it in the ground until we get more desperate & the costs of extracting it are worth it, & the means of extracting it are less environmentally harmful. Oil is a perfect example of what I mean.

          8. Rex Whitmer says

            Often that which is left is as valuable or even more so than the original product.

          9. niknar says

            That is part of what I’ve been trying to say, & it gets even more valuable as it becomes rarer & harder to find. By conserving it as much as possible, we increase our resource security & the value of what we have left. This is actually a basic foundation of conservative philosophy that modern “conservatives” have abandoned.

          10. Frank Taylor says

            What do you think would happen if right now we stopped using coal, oil and natural gas for fuel. Our country could not operate, because Nuclear is too unpredictable and no one wants it near them. Solar and wind have not been shown to be cost efficient and practical. Cars could not run and we would have little to no electricity and factories could not produce. Maybe the day will come when solar and wind become practical in a financial and other ways, but we are a long way from there.

          11. niknar says

            No one’s talking about immediately stopping use of fossil fuels. What you need to do is put fees on their use to make them less appealing. Simply by applying appropriate fees for their externalities — the actual costs they inflict on the environment, health, society, etc, you would not only be fairer, but you’d encourage energy efficiency, conservation, the use of more sustainable alternatives already available, & the much needed investment in research for alternatives.

            We need the foresight to imagine what the future will be like if we continue as is, how we want it to be, & then make the changes necessary to get us where we want & need to be. Just saying that this is the way it’s always been so this is the way it must always be only leaves us further & further behind.

          12. Frank Taylor says

            There is no objective way of determining what those cost caused by the use of fossil fuels are. It is entirely subjective analysis and any figure can be refuted by research. You want more high tax, which is what those so called fees really are. The person who ends up paying those are current citizens. how much more do you want to impose on them. We have already made great strides in cleaning up our air and water. People could not afford to use their cars and electric cost woul soar to an unaffordable level. If those alternate sources were so great ,they would be in place now. solar and wind have been around for decades and have not been the solution that supporters say. One wind turbine takes up a lot of land and only works when the wind blows. Then when working how many kilowatts of power does one turbine generate in one day.

          13. niknar says

            Scientists & economists can make a pretty good estimate of damages to health & the environment caused by industrial activities. We know that pollution kills many times as many deaths as car accidents & gun deaths put together.

            We have long given the fossil fuel industry & industrial agriculture large subsidies, the opposite of what we should be doing & a major reason that our development of renewable energy hasn’t progressed as fast as it should. The readiness of corporatist government to kowtow to the desires of the fossil fuel industry is a big reason for why we’re in the predicament we are today.

          14. Frank Taylor says

            What is the current federal fuel tax on a gallon of gas. Pretty high. I do admit that farmers get indirect subsidies and have even been paid not to plant certain crops so as no to flood the market. Since 2000, warming has been almost zero . carbon level are up and we should address that with caution. By that I mean we need to use reason in anything we do. There has to be a balance between our environment and the necessary use of fossil fuels. Right now there is no working alternative. Without using fossil fuels what would happen to our standard of living and to our economy.

          15. niknar says

            The federal tax on gasoline is exceedingly low — only 18.4%. In many other nations, it’s more than 10 times that much, in fact, taxes alone in many countries are more than the whole price of gas in the US. Congress considered raising the federal gas tax by 50¢ per gallon a quarter century ago but failed. Now it would take nearly a $1/gal tax increase to have the same impact. Recently when gas prices dipped so low would’ve been an optimal time to institute a tax increase, but our politicians in Congress don’t have the sense of responsibility or courage to propose such raises. With such a low tax, Americans are more affected by fluctuations in gas prices.

            The hottest year ever recorded was 2016, with 2017 looking to be a close 2nd. 2015 is 3rd & 2014 was 4th. 16 of the 17 hottest years have been since 2001, with 1998 being the other one.

          16. Mike Deverich says

            Pollution may have caused problems in the mid part of the 20th century, but the number of individuals effected by air and water pollution is almost nonexistent in the US. China and Russia, India, Indonesia, N.Korea etc… are the countries where pollution is killing people. All of them are run by Socialist/Communists, the 2 most regulated political systems.

          17. Rich Girod says

            China and Russia and India are capitalist/socialist countries to varying degrees.Indonesia is a Parliamentary Republic with a mixed mixed socialist/capitalist economy..N. Korea is a mess-It’s a socialist economy with a monarchic family clan government

          18. Mike Deverich says

            The taxation of any resource is a form of economic suicide. If left alone substitutes will become the norm when the costs become competitive in the market. Your belief system fails to understand how markets work and the only way to solve a problem is thru government control. That has worked when?

          19. MAHB001 says

            Again, God gave mankind dominion over the Earth…. Not a few chosen politicians. Your assumption that the Criminals in charge are looking out for your good is foolish… They are looking out for their own good…

          20. niknar says

            There’s no assumption at all on my part that those in charge are looking out for our own good — a few here & there, yes, but the vast majority clearly not. The recently passed Republican Wealthcare bill is proof of that, letting our debt get even more out of control, so are their giveaways to corporations allowing them to control more & more aspects of the government, media, economy & society, & the continued refusal to do anything meaningful to confront the existential climate threat. These are all policies that are clearly against the interests of ordinary American citizens.

          21. MAHB001 says

            So all you know about the new healthcare plan is propaganda, all you knew about 0bamacare is propaganda and it seems you are still believing the liars that sold you the last healthcare plan on a stack of lies… And then you arrogantly say that you do not assume anything…

            You are a fool being used. Sad

          22. niknar says

            Direct these comments to yourself & you’ll be right for once.

          23. MAHB001 says

            I am not the one making judgement claims based on the lies that I have been told… Am I?

            You sound like a communist Chicken Little.

          24. niknar says

            You’re the one who blindly accepts all propaganda the right wing sends you.

          25. MAHB001 says

            No I research all propaganda, and try to refute it. The Lefts lies attempt to deflect, and denigrate rather than refute. A tell tale sign that the Lefts propaganda has no facts to support it.

            To figure out why you must understand who the enemy is… There is a book called “The Naked Communist” it has a list of 45 agenda items that were written by communists in Russia after WW1. The agenda items are designed to weaken America institutions, weaken the family unit, weaken our faith, and weaken our patriotism…

            100% of the agenda items have been adopted by the Democrat (Now Communist) party.

            Agenda items talk about taking over the MEDIA, Unions, Schools, Big Business and both political parties….

            The list is complete.

          26. niknar says

            You are living in the past. I am talking about the present & future, which is far different from the past precisely due to the extraction & consumption of the past, which cannot be sustained if we want life to continue to thrive. We must adjust to the new reality which is that our population growth & consumption rates are unsustainable, our resources are finite, & our climate is changing on account of unsustainable human activity. We need to adjust our lifestyle to the new reality, which unfortunately the Republican Party as well as many Democratic corporatists refuse to do, since in their minds feeding corporate greed must take priority over every other consideration, which the Republican Wealthcare Bill just passed so amply demonstrates.

          27. MAHB001 says

            God provides, that is His promise to humans. You seem to foolishly believe in humans that use you as an useful idiot.

            Climate change is simply a crisis which the Elite Politicians will not waste.That is why the politicians snuggled up to global cooling, with a tax solution, then Global Warming with a tax solution, and now with global climate change, with more tax solutions and Global seizures of natural resources.

            The only solution they provide is more taxes, and the seizure of the Earths natural resources. The politicians do not care about fixing the problem regardless of what the problem is. what they care about is power and control.

            The sooner you put your faith in God, over your faith in politicians the sooner we all will be in a better place.

            Another point, Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA… These politicians have morphed our Country from Of the People, By the People and For the People, to of the Elites, By the Elites, and FOR the Control of the people….

            Big Government is just another form of communism.

          28. Frank Taylor says

            The concept of global warming did not hold up, so they came up with a replacement which is climate change. How do you argue with that . It gets colder and that is an example of the climate changing. We have more hurricanes. the climate has changed. more tornadoes and that is climate change. The climate has been changing in one way or another for thousands of years. I can recall when a new ice age was predicted. does man pollute. yes and if they concentrated on ways to clean that up and we have come a long way already. the air in many places is cleaner than it was fifty years ago and the same goes for water. Can we do better. probably and we should take reasonable action to do just that but not at the expense of returning to being a caveman or woman.

          29. MAHB001 says

            The politicians are simply not letting any crisis go to waste, and they are once again using liberals as useful idiots….

            Every solution that the Globalists have to Climate change is to hand over control of everything to the Politicians.

            This is what I hear from the Elites.
            Global Cooling, give me all your money.
            Global warming, give me all your money.
            Climate Change, give me all your money….

          30. Rich Girod says

            you forgot to add-

            Trump Republican Tax cut for the rich-Give me all your money

          31. MAHB001 says

            Tax cut for the Rich…… What you complaining about? Trump gave you a personal tax cut and you don’t even live in the US.

          32. Rich Girod says

            Quote you-“…you don’t even live in the US.”

            Where do you think I live?

          33. MAHB001 says

            I am under the impression you are an ex-patriot. Living I think in Australia.

          34. Rich Girod says

            I believe that’s mrpoohead-pay attention-
            I have lived in the good ol’ USA my entire life
            you are obviously demoralized/confused

          35. MAHB001 says

            Me bad, you are correct. I have no clue where you live.

            It is so hard to tell you trolls apart. You all sound the same to me.. All drink from the same misinformation source. Soros…

          36. Rich Girod says

            ad hominem,,,,

          37. MAHB001 says

            Maybe, if you want to look at it that way. But it is the truth as well.

            Trolls repeat the same falsehoods over and over again.You have got to be getting your rhetoric from the same source.

          38. Rich Girod says

            I get nothing from Soros. I troll for the truth.

          39. MAHB001 says

            All the trolls say that….

            When you reject all truths that go against your religion/ideology, and spread and support lies that do, it is not a credible statement.

          40. Rich Girod says

            then why do YOU do that?

          41. MAHB001 says

            Why do you mirror?
            Why can’t you accept that your side lies?
            That makes everything you troll for sound like lies….

          42. Rich Girod says

            can you be less specific?

          43. MAHB001 says

            I will try if you do the same.

          44. MAHB001 says

            Well at least WAPO stopped short of accusing Trump of lying….

            Imagine if they applied the same skepticism on ANY ONE of these statements made by 0bama.

            While I do not think that 0bama was actually lying when he made these 65 statements, I do know that the WAPO “fact checkers” turned a blind eye.

            So here is why I think WAPO has no right to be so critical of Trump. They are being partisan hacks to have not challenged 0bama when he said all these statements…


          45. Rich Girod says

            Deflection-we are discussing trump and no one else-stay focused

          46. MAHB001 says

            See I was actually quoting truths, and your rhetoric about Trump is not anywhere near truthful.

            Unless of course you ignore that Trump gave all of us a tax cut… Unlike the Democrats in CA who are TARGETING the MIDDLE and Lower CLASS with regressive taxes.

          47. Rich Girod says


          48. MAHB001 says

            right back at you…

          49. niknar says

            Global warming & climate change are somewhat different concepts, although they tend to be confused & interchanged by the masses. As you mention, the climate has changed in one way or another all throughout the history of the Earth, the current phenomenon however being almost entirely at the hands of human activity. Anthropogenic global warming (AGW) describes what is currently happening to climate at the hands of man, which involves the accelerated heating of the earth & related changes in climate.

            Environmentalists’ focus on AGW makes sense in that nearly everything humans do to perturb the environment contributes to AGW, so if we want to slow it down, we need to address those activities, which include burning of fossil fuels, industrial agriculture, deforestation, resource extraction, ecosystem fragmentation, ocean pollution, air pollution, waste disposal, etc. But the problem is that neither term incites the level of concern in the public that it deserves, since the word “warming” sounds innocuous enough, even pleasant, & climate has always changed, although not at the rate it is now (above which most species can adapt to) nor at the hands of humans with its more unpredictable & scary ramifications.

            But the message needs to go out very strongly, firmly & urgently that we must change the ways we operate if we want this world to remain inhabitable for us & other species on which we depend. And if we plan prudently & carry it out wisely, we can do it in a way that doesn’t take us back to cavemen days, but instead advances us to a much more robust, cleaner, & competitive economy, but you can’t do that by continuing to follow every wish of the powerful fossil fuel corporations.

          50. Frank Taylor says

            If you separate carbon from and remove it from carbon dioxide, the thing left is oxygen. Carbon has always been here. During the last part of the twentieth century we saw temperatures rise about 1/2 degree celsius and it has flat lined since. You failed to mention the pollution generated by cows. That pollutes the air also. Are there practical approaches to pollution, but i hope not at the jeopardy of our current level of living. different researchers have reached contradicting opinions on what part of pollution is human caused. Logically if we drive cars or light our homes, we add to that since most cars run off gas and most homes use a lot of electricity. Should we continue to look for reasonable answers. Clearly the answer is yes.

          51. niknar says

            I didn’t specifically mention cows, considering it a part of “industrial agriculture”, Cows are indeed a huge source of carbon emissions, deforestation, chemical use, water consumption & pollution, the occupation of land & other environmental concerns. Consuming less of them would help our environment (including climate) significantly & even improve the efficiency of agricultural production.

            The rise in global temperature has not flatlined, but accelerated, especially in the last 4 years, which are the hottest 4 years ever recorded. Every month’s global high has been established in the last 2 years & no month has been below the 20th Century mean (average) in over 30 years.

            We do need to adjust the way we live, but it doesn’t mean the quality has to go down. In some ways, it would go up considerably since it would entail reducing pollution, improving health, improving efficiency, making getting around more convenient, etc. Personally I get around by foot or bike or public transportation, I rarely eat meat, I usually use heat for no more than 2 months of the year (first time this year was Dec. 10th) & use it sparingly during those 2 months, I have no air conditioner, I never use poison of any kind, I’ve never smoked, & I very much enjoy this kind of healthy, sustainable life.

          52. Mike Deverich says

            Your belief system is severely flawed, human beings do not possess the power of the natural world and our effect on the earth is overstated my more than an order of magnitude probably by 2 or more orders.

          53. niknar says

            The seizure of the earth’s natural resources from the public is obviously being done by extractive corporations like the fossil fuels companies, severely damaging the environment in the process. The purpose of taxes & regulations is to make those seizures less profitable (& encourage the research & development of alternatives), which is a way of slowing down their removal without actually banning it, which would be a more drastic measure. Of course, we could also simply wait to act until all resources are extracted, but then what?

            Your attempt to simplistically attribute all the world’s woes on globalism, communism & Soros misses the true causes of the great problems of today.

            And I certainly have no faith in the vast majority of today’s politicians, who are complicit in the ruination of this nation & world by their failure to address the massive crises we face & by always catering to the wishes of giant multinational corporations & billionaires above all other concerns.

          54. MAHB001 says

            You need to provide proof that the extraction of Fossil fuels is severely damaging the environment…. And before you answer consider everything you use on a daily basis that is made from fossil fuels and the offshoots that benefit from the sciences that have been advanced because of it.

            We certainly wouldn’t be having this conversation…

            It is incredibly foolish to think that our Government actually gives a damn about the Earth or even you… What they care about is controlling you and benefiting from the natural resources they control.

          55. niknar says

            Insert “corporations and Republicans & other corporatists in”… right before “our government”, & you’ll have it right.

          56. MAHB001 says

            See what I am talking about. You can no longer see anything wrong with your ideological masters….

            Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA…. These are the people that you would put in control of the Earths natural resources…. This elite group is just a bunch of Communists intent on controlling YOU, me and the Corporations.

            At the top, It takes two to tango. I see the corrupt politicians as the lead, not the corporations, but you can’t even see that your ideological masters are in the dance…..

          57. Lizzie2 says

            distrusting or disparaging the motives of others; like or characteristic of a cynic. 2. showing contempt for accepted standards of honesty or morality by one’s actions, especially by actions that exploit the scruples of others. 3. bitterly or sneeringly distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic.

          58. MAHB001 says

            cry me a river, cupcake…

          59. Lizzie2 says

            So World scientists are wrong? You have the appropriate education in this matter to dispute what they report? Your cynical attitude is dangerous.
            distrusting or disparaging the motives of others; like or characteristic of a cynic. 2. showing contempt for accepted standards of honesty or morality by one’s actions, especially by actions that exploit the scruples of others. 3. bitterly or sneeringly distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic.

          60. MAHB001 says

            I don’t know if the scientists are wrong or not, but the POLITICIANS solutions of taxation, wealth distribution, and illegal seizure of the Earths natural resources is not the right solution.

            Politicians are using the “Crisis” called Global warming to create a one world Government…. That Government will be a Communist style Government with ruling elites.

            Let me ask you this, where do you think you would fall in their plan?

          61. niknar says

            “Global cooling” is a myth concocted by the right-wing propaganda machine that has no basis in truth. Never was there any Democratic policy nor government policy of any kind based on global cooling. And climate change is not a new name for global warming. Both terms have been in existence for many decades if not centuries & refer to somewhat different phenomena, which I have already explained elsewhere. The only ones seizing natural resources are huge multinational extracting corporations.

          62. MAHB001 says

            Mirror, mirror and more mirrors…

          63. niknar says

            Nonsense, nonsense & more nonsense.

          64. MAHB001 says

            Your just signalling your intentions.

          65. Mike Deverich says

            Typical Liberal BS, use the same false accusations or try to make fun of answers provided by the Constitutionalists. Go away.

          66. Rich Girod says

            they are coming to get you…better hide.

          67. Mike Deverich says

            Use your words correctly, Democratically refers to a form of governance in which every citizen of voting age votes on every issue or law. You need to use the word Democrat when referring to a political party. Global Warming could no longer be used because the earth has not experienced a period of warming for over 15 years. HCGCC has become the P{progressive liberal, lefts new buzz word. I attended a lecture in the late ’70’s proclaiming the next ice age was going to happen in the next 30 years. Time magazine had the same story on one of it’s covers at the same time. I also attended a lecture that predicted the rate of population growth could not one sustained for more than 20 years, that was 40 years ago. The problem with issues such as HCGCC and population growth is there is zero empirical evidence, every leg of such theories is a computer projection.

          68. niknar says

            “Use your words correctly.” You need to take your own advice. It’s the Democratic Party. I was referring to policy of the Democratic Party, therefore “Democratic policy” is the correct term. Referring to form of governance “democratically” should not be capitalized.

            The past 4 years are the hottest 4 years on record. 16 of the last 17 hottest years have been in the last the 17 years & the 17th withing the last 20. Global warming is accelerating. I don’t know what type of radical gatherings you gravitated to back in the late ’70s (it is clear you gravitate to a very radical right now that involves denial of science), but I do know that well before then, school textbooks warned about global warming.

            And you pretend to be knowledgeable.

          69. Frank Taylor says

            I knew we had one Political party called Republican and another called Democrat, but was not aware of any party that used the ic at the end.

          70. niknar says

            Well, then you’ve learned something. You’re welcome!

            Members of the Republican Party are called Republicans. Members of the Democratic Party are called Democrats.

            I’ve noticed that some Democrats get irate if you call it a Democrat Party rather than Democratic Party. Keep that in mind while engaging them, & use according to whether you want to keep it friendly or get them angry. 😉

          71. Frank Taylor says

            Democratic is a form of government not a political party. I know Democrats think they deserve the title but if it was the Democratic party, should we not call the members Democratics not Democrats. our government is a combination of a Republic and a Democracy. the Republic party comes from the numbers of senators and of course the electoral college. No matter what you think, there is no political party called Democratic. We have the Democrat party and the Republican party, plus a few other parties.

          72. niknar says

            I just don’t understand why you guys insist on living in your own world denying basic facts & even changing the meanings of English words & terms just to fit your dystopian view of the world.

          73. Frank Taylor says

            We are a democracy, but the Democrats and Republicans are merely political parties. A government can be democratic or socialist or Communist. The republican party favors a democratic government just as much as the Democrats do. The primary that the Democrats had last year was hardly democratic. Many of their delegates were called super delegates, and the voters did not select them and had no say in how they voted.

          74. Frank Taylor says

            Democrats have not always been a political parties. they have no more right to the use of the word democratic than the other parties do. the Republican primaries are far more democratic than the Democrat primaries are. Republicans do not allow super delegates who have more to say than the voters in the primaries.

          75. Rich Girod says

            The name of the party is the Democratic Party. Members of that party are called Democrats.

            Beginning in the second half of the twentieth century, conservatives began using the term “Democrat Party” as a pejorative term to refer to the Democratic Party. It’s meant insultingly, as a diminutive form of the party name. It’d be like someone calling me Willie specifically because they know that’s not a name I go by and that I dislike it.

            Despite common arguments to the contrary, it has nothing to do with parts of speech; it’s not that “Democrat” is a noun and therefore is more or less appropriate for the party name, or that “Democratic” is an adjective and is therefore the proper way to describe the party. This misses the point entirely.

            “Democratic Party” is a proper name. Specifically, it is the name that the founders of the party chose to give it when they established it back in the 19th century. They formally adopted the name “Democratic Party” as the one and only name for the party at a party convention in 1844, though it was the name commonly in use for the party since 1828. They did not name it the “Democrat Party” they named it the “Democratic Party”. The Democratic Party is a privately founded organization that chose its own name. “Democratic” is not an adjective in this context. It’s part of the proper name of the party.

            One of the arguments often made by conservatives is that the party is not actually “Democratic” but is the party of Democrats and is therefore rightly called the Democrat Party. This is meant to be insulting — claiming the party is not in fact Democratic is a value judgement imposed by the party’s adversaries. But it also misses the point. It doesn’t matter whether the party is “democratic” in practice. What matters is that it is an organization that chose to name itself the Democratic Party. No other name is correct.

            Organizations like political parties get to choose for themselves what they are called. For example, the Republican Party, established in 1854, chose that name for itself; its members also chose its common nickname, “Grand Old Party” or GOP. To extend the example I offered above, my name is William; that’s the name my parents gave me; I choose to go by Bill among friends and family. People can appropriately call me either William or Bill; but if they call me Will or Willie or just about anything else, they are acting either out of ignorance or, if they are aware I do not use those names by choice, a desire to annoy me. (I once had a sort-of-friend in college who insisted on calling me Willie because he knew I did not like it.) Since Republicans both chose their party name and the nickname “GOP” it’s appropriate to use either term to refer to the party. Since Democrats named their party the Democratic Party — and nothing else — it’s not appropriate to call it anything else, and if you do, you’re acting either out of ignorance or a desire to annoy.

            What’s wrong with the “Democrat Party”

            The ‘Democratic’ or ‘Democrat’ Party? – FactCheck.org

            ‘Democrat’ – the Pejorative Adjective

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            The latter. “Democrat Party” is invariably used-mostly by the right but occasionally by left-wing detractors too-as an insult or slur. I believe the original appeal was that it sounded like the person was saying “rat”, though I could be mistaken. Either way, it’s an easy way to spot partisan hacks you don’t have to pay any mind to.

          76. Frank Taylor says

            it is not the democratic party or we would logically call them democratics. their party is not more or less democratic than the republican party.

          77. niknar says

            It is not unusual to use a different word form for noun (Democrat) & adjective (Democratic).

            As for whether they’re more or less democratic, each party chooses a name that reflects how they want to be known regardless of how much that name actually applies to them. I would say that both parties have gotten progressively less democratic, but especially the Republican Party, which now resembles the Nazis of Hitler’s Germany & Fascists of Mussolini’s Italy, serving only giant corporations & the extremely rich, & stripping away one by one democratic rights & public influence on government. The Democratic Party does need to get called out for the unfair & undemocratic way it conducted its primaries in 2016, & also the way it, like the Republican Party, favors & protects its fellow politicians as well as its corporate donors & corporate executives.

          78. Mike Deverich says

            I loath to admit a mistake but current convention is the use of Democratic Party. Individuals however are Democrats. I do take your
            “facts” regarding the rising temperatures as BS. Why was Global warming replaced with HCGCC? Because the temperature has’t risen for over 15 years. The entire belief tat human have enough power to change the order of the world only speaks to your overinflated importance of the power humans possess. HCGCC is nothing more than an attempt to take more power from the individual and give it to the government. 20 years ago it was hypothesized the the coasts of Florida and the Carolinas as well as the Eastern seaboard would bu underwater if Global Warming continued. Today the Arctic icepack has doubled in size, the ice cap on Antarctica has gotten deeper, Greenlands ice cap has gotten thicker, all in the face of the theories of Global Warming. Hence the change to HCGCC. Both theories are based only on computer projections and the data inputted has eliminated major periods of time in order for the “theory” to look plausible.

          79. Frank Taylor says

            Increase in temperature has flat lined since the turn of the century. that should not stop us from trying to continue cleaning up our water and air. You can prove climate change by referring to just about anything. It has no basis in science. They did in fact predict a new ice age, though most intelligent people, just ignored that. Advocates of global warming have been suspiciously quiet lately.

          80. niknar says

            You & so many others here have been getting your information from fake news sources. There has been no flat lining. The 4 hottest years on record are the last 4 years, with 2016 & 2017 being by far the hottest years on record. All months on the calendar have hit their all-time recorded global high in the last 2 years. Every single month in more than 30 years has been above the 20th Century mean. California just suffered its biggest fire in modern history due to drought & heat. In December! That’s 3 months outside the former fire season, which used to coincide very nicely with summer vacation.

            Open your eyes! Look around you! Look at what’s been happening around the world! Get away from that propaganda machine that spouts off all these lies contrary to science, contrary to reason, contrary to democracy, that’s trying to manipulate people’s minds for their own agenda, which is to feed corporate greed and/or divide the American people.

          81. Lizzie2 says

            Well said niknar.

          82. niknar says

            Thanks, Lizzie!

          83. Lizzie2 says


            Climate Myth…
            There’s no empirical evidence
            “There is no actual evidence that carbon dioxide emissions are causing global warming. Note that computer models are just concatenations of calculations you could do on a hand-held calculator, so they are theoretical and cannot be part of any evidence.” (David Evans)

            Empirical Evidence

          84. Frank Taylor says

            Carbon dioxide levels are up somewhat. Very few of those crying climate change or global warming will even admit one fact. Forest fires put more carbon dioxide into the air than all of the cars in this country combined. One cow emits 200 kg of methane which is the equivalent of 2300 kg of carbon dioxide.

          85. niknar says

            Good reasons to put more focus than we do on the roles of fires & livestock in deforestation & industrial agriculture in general. You are right to bring them up as they get too little attention, which is not to say that industry & energy use should get any less, but that deforestation & agricultural practices need to get a lot more.

          86. Rich Girod says

            To you Trump is god. Silly

          87. MAHB001 says

            You worship Soros, and make silly false comments.

          88. Mike Deverich says

            So why not go out and perform some personal population control. The world wouldn’t miss another uninformed, uneducated liberal jackass.

          89. Robert says

            Hey niknar,how about if we extract the shit you have in your cranium!!

          90. niknar says

            Interesting how the laying out of scientific fact is met with insults

          91. MAHB001 says

            Nonsense and Ludicrous.

            But you have provided an excellent example of the Lefts mirroring/projecting. That is accusing your opponent of exactly what you are doing, in the attempt to deflect the conversation.

            Every solution that the 0bama administration provided to correct “Climate change” was in the form of a TAX or seizure of the Earths natural resources….

            0bama lied to you about healthcare, and you bought into the whole enchilada including how you will save a bunch of money. Turned out it cost just about EVERYBODY money. That was a lie.

            0bama and the Left never intended to save the planet.. They intend to CONTROL the planet. They are Communists, how better to enslave the people than to control their wealth and resources…

            You best wise up and quit trusting the Government to do what they say they are going to do.

          92. Rich Girod says

            no facts just opinion

          93. Rich Girod says
          94. MAHB001 says

            Do you think that fake laugh tracks actually disprove the words that were spoken?

          95. Rich Girod says


          96. MAHB001 says

            do try to keep up.

          97. MAHB001 says

            Here is another way of looking at what Yuri was saying.


          98. Rich Girod says

            A few minutes of this out of any contexts makes it impossible to understand

          99. MAHB001 says

            Let me help.

            “We don’t want to make the mistake that this hasn’t been thought trough. People are NOT JUST Misunderstanding, whatever this is, that isn’t what is happening at all. When they say they want to question the definition of evidence, that is exactly what they mean.”

            I believe that Yuri’s brainwashing included a redefining of how Ideologically subverted victims process evidence.

            The victims (demoralized or brainwashed) of can no longer accept evidence that goes against their ideology. It just doesn’t compute with them. Make no mistake, this is by design….

            I believe these professors were talking about an incident at a college where the professors hypocritically silenced another professor because he/she spoke outside of the Lefts ideology….

          100. Rich Girod says

            Sounds like you are describing yourself

          101. MAHB001 says

            Wrong again… your deflections and mirroring are so predictable….

          102. Rich Girod says

            you don’t have to help me-just send a link of the complete video instead of a snippet-

          103. MAHB001 says

            Just start it at the beginning… I used the time feature to isolate the exact sentence that I wanted to emphasize. Sorry.

          104. niknar says

            Very funny!

          105. Rex Whitmer says

            Lots of facts and opinions as well. Your reply, simply opinion.

          106. Rich Girod says

            huh? what the hell are you talking about?

            What is the subject under discussion.I don’t recall you and I discussing anything

          107. niknar says

            Pure right-wing propaganda with no basis in truth or reality.

          108. MAHB001 says

            OK caveman, I know the free thinking and the truth must be scary to you.

          109. niknar says

            Mimicking right-wing propaganda is not my idea of free thinking & it certainly has nothing to do with truth.

          110. MAHB001 says

            You wouldn’t recognize propaganda if it slapped you in the face, because it already has and you ate it up as if it was a piece of apple pie.

          111. Tomas says

            So what is your truth? Is it the facts as YOU see them? Is it the interpretation of events? This is costing our nation an absolute pile of money and it is getting no place fast. It’s a political witch hunt.

          112. niknar says

            Are you referring to the Mueller investigation of the Trump/Russia collusion? The costs so far have been dwarfed by the investigation by Ken Stark on Clinton. I have heard so much speculation from both sides, whose interpretations of the investigation are diametrically opposed, but without adequate knowledge of the facts, I am unwilling to judge how well spent this investigation has been; but if we do get to the truth of the matter & appropriate measures are taken based on the facts, then I suppose it will have been well worth it. If it becomes another coverup of crimes that never get punished, as so many other government crimes have been, then it will be a tragedy & another travesty of justice in our long dark road away from democracy & justice & towards corporatocracy & authoritarianism.

          113. Frank Taylor says

            The Starr investigation took way too long and cost way too much. They knew fairly early that Clinton was guilty of perjury and obstruction of Justice which were the only two charges pursued by Congress. Mueller has already spent in excess of fifty million bucks in only 7 months or less. We have not seen one charge related to the so called purpose of the investigation. Nothing in Manafort or Flynn charges have anything to do with collusion. I would hardly call $50 million dwarfed by the $70 million.

          114. Lizzie2 says

            You need to receive your “news” from more sources. There are plenty of questions needing answers.

          115. Frank Taylor says

            and how much do your sources say has been spent by Mueller and by Starr concerning Clinton.

          116. Frank Taylor says

            Provide information that refutes what i said. as for those questions, maybe the answer is that this is nothing more than the dog trying to catch its tail or one more witch hunt. List some of your so called questions and enlighten me on a fact base answer to any of those.

          117. Lizzie2 says

            Well worth any price. Still no proof that we are wrong. Wait and see the results. There are many facts that prove that something was going on; no facts that proves otherwise.

          118. Lizzie2 says

            How true.

          119. Lizzie2 says

            Still no sources.

          120. Frank Taylor says

            I guess in your world only the left tells the truth. Conservative believe in our constitution and in limited government. I can see only one thing that should be federal responsibility and that is national defense. That does need central control for sake of uniformity and control. I see comments like yours on a regular basis and it is never backed up with specifics or evidence.

          121. Lizzie2 says

            Liberals also believe in our form of government. This issue involves factors that truly can change our country. Or do you not care about a foreign nation affecting outcome of our elections? Do you deny this fact in spite of evidence?

          122. Frank Taylor says

            your so called evidence is completely circumstantial on that. The intelligence community say it points to Russia. They were not able to analyze the server and many experts say that what they have would not be enough in a court to prove Russia is responsible. No onc has produced anything that ties Trump campaign to Russian government. You seem to know more than the experts on this topic.

          123. Frank Taylor says

            There are of course conflicting ideas on how the DNC emails were released . some have said that a disgruntled employee did it. the intelligence community say their investigation points to Russian. the truth is that nothing we have seen would hold up in court. The main problem for Clinton was the content of those emails, which show clearly that the DNC and Clinton worked together to insure that Sanders was defeated. Ok assuming that it was the Russians, nothing made public so far even remotely ties the Trump campaign to Russian officials. With the number of leaks from within the investigation, it is highly likely if there was anything , we would have seen it.

          124. Lizzie2 says

            My point exactly!

          125. Vicki M says

            Also refresh yourself with Obama’s: “Alinsky’s 8 steps to controlling the US”. Control: Education, Resources, Taxation, Economy, Healthcare…. etc. Pure Socialism, Communism, Globalism= Soros.

          126. niknar says

            Too bad the American Left ignored Alinsky & it was actually the Tea Party that has most faithfully followed his model. The Right has been far better organized & systematic than the Left.

          127. Lizzie2 says

            Which is exactly the path on which Trump (Bannon) aim to take thhis country.

            Moreover Vicki, continued reference to “Soros” tells me all that I need to know about where, and from whom, you receive your ideas, which are truly Fake News. One cannot trust what is said by the likes of Breitbart “News” ,Glenn Beck and the rest of the “Alt Right”

          128. Lizzie2 says

            You have not sourced any of your “facts” . You and your buddies continue to refer to Obama’s statements (some of which you call “lies”); yet you don’t seem to be aware of, or care about the many lies told by Trump. As for Communists, you appear to be unaware of Trump’s allegence to Comrade Putin, You need to wake up, you are fighting the wrong persons.

          129. MAHB001 says

            I have proven over and over again that 0bama lied about Benghazi, and Gruber actually admitted to lying to the American people and called them stupid.

            Now 0bama was at the top of the 0bamacare mess, and he was either as stupid as the rest of the dolts that supported the Lies or he was a liar himself.

            0bama ain’t stupid. Is he?

          130. Lizzie2 says

            Still no sources…your “proof” is anything but.

          131. MAHB001 says

            Typical Alinsky trick…

          132. Rich Girod says

            Four Alinsky Rules Trump Uses to motivate and manipulate…

            1-Change is brought about through relentless agitation and “trouble making” of a kind that radically disrupts society as it is.

            2-There can be no conversation between the leader and his opponents. The latter must be depicted as being evil.

            3-The leader can never focus on just a single issue. He must move inexhaustibly from one issue to the next.

            4-Taunt one’s opponents to the point that they label you a “dangerous enemy” of “the establishment.”

            Prove me wrong

          133. MAHB001 says

            Why prove you wrong… The list is very good and Trump may very well be using Alinsky tactics on the Left… More power to him.

            The List also exposes exactly what the Alinsky radical is doing.

            And it is an excellent example of mirroring.

          134. Rich Girod says

            Glad to see you are admitting that trump is a follower of Saul Alinsky(he’s a commie…right?)

            Glad to hear you think mirroring is laudable. I do think you can be very confusing, though, as you keep changing your mind on definitions and values of words. just like trump.

            So, it’s no wonder trump is a supporter of Putin and never criticizes him-Trump has be demoralized and deluded

          135. MAHB001 says

            Alinsky is the enemy. He created an evil tool that hurts mankind. Trump has found a way to combat that tool with a little of the same…

            More power to Trump. May he Make America Great Again.

            BTW, it is the Left that uses double standards, not me.

          136. Rich Girod says

            Saul Alinsky is dead…You are the enemy-

            By the way- Have you ever actually taken time to look into to who he was and what he did and believed? I will bet not.

          137. MAHB001 says

            Yep I have… He was a very evil man. Atheist, liar, and devised some pretty evil ways to take advantage of people.

          138. Rich Girod says

            OK- Several generalities here(I didn’t say glittering) so let’s start with this-

            “He was a very evil man” can you be less specific?

            Please give me just a few examples of his evilness.

            Just examples. No excuses why you can’t provide them-

          139. MAHB001 says

            “Does this particular end, justify this particular means?”

            —-Saul Alinsky

            “#3 Ridicule is mans most potent weapon.”
            —-Saul Alinsky.

            Saul Alinsky believed that lying about say “Healthcare”, was justified as long as you obtained the end of say “0bamacare.”

            Rule Number three is precisely what all the drone trolls are following on these posts….. It is the reason for the end to civility on the internet.

            Insults do nothing to further a conversation, they only serve to end the conversation.

            Just the fact that 0bama and Hillary followed his teachings to the destruction of our Constitution is evil enough isn’t it?

          140. Rich Girod says

            Ouote you-“He was a very evil man”

            “Does this particular end, justify this particular means?”

            —-Saul Alinsky

            This is a definition of pragmatism-Is pragmatism evil? It could be depending on it’s application-There is no proof that the ACA was intended to be evil. That’s perhaps is your opinion.

            “#3 Ridicule is mans most potent weapon.”
            —-Saul Alinsky.

            Where does this belong in a response to the my asking you to justify the statement-

            “He was a very evil man”

          141. MAHB001 says

            Alinsky felt that lying was justified as long as he accomplished his means…

            At the core, that is evil.

            He also baited people through ridicule to the point of revolution. That too at its core is evil.

            Do try to connect a couple of dots…

          142. Rich Girod says

            can you site any examples of your claim

          143. MAHB001 says


            0bama felt justified to lie about 0bamacare to fool the public into supporting it.

            0bama felt justified to lie about Benghazi to fool the public into voting for him.

          144. Rich Girod says

            We are discussing Saul Alinsky…remember…

          145. MAHB001 says

            Alinsky is dead.. Kind of hard to find this stuff on a dead person,

            So who better to prove how evil Alinsky was than to prove how evil one of his disciples is?

            Monkey see, monkey do… 0bama is following Alinsky’s teachings, as are you.

          146. Rich Girod says

            Nice try- there is a thing called history-Much has been written about Alinsky- I suspect you simply can’t prove your accusations but you can give it another try.

            Or we can move on to the next-

            Alinsky was an atheist. Proof please.

          147. mrpoohead says

            Any proof to say Alinsky was evil? Nothing new then.

          148. mrpoohead says

            ……….and Trump promised a wall, ban, repeal and mass deportations. None of which does he have the power to enforce – they all lie doofus!

          149. MAHB001 says

            What fact would you like me to source?

          150. Fernando Bowens says


          151. niknar says

            It might help matters if you could write in a coherent manner.

          152. Mike Deverich says

            Your lack of knowledge is astounding. Most corporate executives have thrown their support behind the progressive, liberal, candidates of the Democrat Party. The Wall Street and Banking execs want the gravy train to continue to roll. A vast majority of the stock market gains have benefitted a small number of very wealthy investors. By continuing the free, endless, money supply policies of the Federal Reserve, the big banks and their investment buddies are able to borrow money at little real cost, and drive the market higher. “Investing” the $$ in the market has driven the market to record highs, but how can a market grow at 15% while the economy has not had a gain in GDP of over 2% during the last 8 years. The end will come as it always does, small investors will get in the market as it is near the top and be holding the bag when the market declines. Big business is not the friend of the Republican Party and certainly not the Conservatives. They want the government to pick up the tab for every benefit possible, including health care.

          153. niknar says

            It is true that corporatists control the Democratic Party as well, but the Republican Party has become a party whose sole purpose is to benefit corporations (& the extremely wealthy) by throwing away regulations, reducing their taxes & allowing them to do just about whatever they want. The evidence is overwhelming & constantly coming in to prove what I just said (just look at the so-called “tax reform” bill, more appropriately called “Republican Wealthcare” to show you exactly what I mean), & anybody who claims otherwise is either totally brainwashed or part of the right-wing/corporate propaganda machine.

          154. Rich Girod says

            Welcome to the PND comment section-99% deluded right wing extremists bouncing around conspiracy theories based on factless opinions-

          155. MAHB001 says

            Do you have any reliable data to prove what you just said? Or are you relying on your little brainwashed insult to keep people quite?

          156. Mike Deverich says

            If you can look at the Tax Bill just passed and do not see how it will benefit almost every tax paying citizen, you have lost the ability to think for yourself and are a sheep in the Democrat Party herd. You no longer have the ability to look at information and make a decision without checking to see what the Party propaganda wants you believe. The top tax rate drops from 39.6% to 37% a drop of 6.5%. The standard deduction increases from $6500 too $12,000 for individuals, almost doubling the money that can be earned but not taxed. All the brackets above 10% will decrease, instead of 15% the next bracket is 12%, a 20% DECREASE, the 25% bracket drops to 22% a 12% decrease. The earned income child tax credit increases from $1,4000-$2,000, an increase of 43%. Yes Corporate Taxes will decrease but did you ever think who pays those taxes? Individuals that consume the final product, or put in language you would understand, you do. Corporate taxes are just another business expense, passed on to consumers. State and Local tax deductions are capped at $10,000 and the deduction for mortgage interest are capped at loans above $750,000. As usual the brainwashed will repeat the rich don’t pay their fair share, a complete falsehood. The top1% earned 20.6% of all wages but paid 39.6% of income taxes, the top 10% of wages earners earned 47% of income but paid 71% of the income taxes. The bottom 50% off wage earners pay a total of 2.8% of income taxes. Try to look at facts instead of believing everything the bankrupt Democrat Party wants you to believe. I feel sorry for all the misled sheep, they will never come close t finding the truth on every issue.

          157. niknar says

            You are just spouting off the same tired rhetoric corporatists have been claiming for decades that have been disproved over & over again: in the ’30s with the Great Depression after 12 years of Republican corruption & laissez-faire capitalism; in the ’80s with the tripling of the debt, a major recession & numerous scandals under Reagan; & in the ’00s with more scandals, doubling of the debt & 2 recessions, including a near depression under Bush; & mark my words: you will see another economic disaster in the next couple of years or so because if this boondoggle of a bill.

            You could keep spending money in the hands of more people (particularly those now struggling to get by), help small businesses, lower taxes for the majority of taxpayers (especially those on the lower end, who really need it), reduce the huge & oppressive wealth disparity, reduce our debt, & simplify doing taxes, by doing the following: exempt the first $40-50K in income, assess the next $50-60K (up to $100K) at 20%, the next $100K at 40%, the next $300K (to $500K) at 60%, the next $500K (up to $1M) at 80%, & any additional income above $1M at 90%. That would be true tax reform, not wealthcare, which is all Republicans can conceive. But no one in either corrupt, corporatist major party has the sense of responsibility nor courage to propose anything remotely like this.

          158. Mike Deverich says

            Any tax rate over 40% is onerous. Under the new Tax bill a couple with an income of of $40,000 will pat a total of $1600 tops. A significant decrease from $2,700 under the taxes in 2017, a 33% reduction. At $60,000 the couple would pay 10% on income between $24,000 and $43050 ( $1905) and 12% on the balance of $16950 ($2034) a total of $3939. Under the current tax law the couple would pay 10% on income over $13,000 and under $32050 ($1905) and 15% on income between $32051 and $60,000 or 15% on $27949 ($4192) a total of $6097 or a difference of $2158, 35% less. Look at who pays what % of income taxes, the bottom 50% pay under 2,5% of income taxes paid while the top 10% of wage earners earn 47% of the income but pay 71% of the taxes. You didn’t reply to my comment that corporation shouldn’t pay any income taxes. I believe the current tax system is driven by special interests on both sides of the isle. Moving to a Vat tax system would be my preferred answer. By paying taxes on what an individuals purchase would hurt the top income earners the hardest. A stipend of sort would be sent out at the beginning of the year to pay for thetas collected on the purchase of food and prescriptions. Too many fingers in the pie for that to ever happen .

          159. Frank Taylor says

            This year alone has shown two quarters above three percent and the fourth quarter could soar past 4%. The time will come when the stock market is more in line with GDP, but we are a couple of years from that.

          160. Rex Whitmer says

            NO, that problem is exacerbated by organizations like the Sierra Club. You have money to make a payment on your house, but you want to save it. If you save it, you loose the house. If you make the payment, you keep the house. Those assets can and should be used. If our ancestors had felt that way, there would be no USA today. Trees used for the timber for the ships would have died and rotted away. The iron in the mine would still be there and America would still be a wilderness. The canvas in the sails would have likely become a shroud and be rotting in the ground around a dead body. The Human race has never stood completely still. In most cases the use of natural resources brings other resources to our attention and the race marches on. Our resources are abundant in most cases and in most cases we will always find more or better ways to use them, or resources we didn’t realize were resources!

          161. niknar says

            You’re talking about the past. I’m talking about the present & future, in which conditions have become far different from how they were in the past, largely because of what we have already extracted & consumed.

            Our national & world resources are not sustainable with population growth & consumption as it is. Already over half of the world’s land is used for agriculture, & over 3/4 of that is used for animal production, which however only provides 1/6 of calorie & 1/3 of protein consumption, meaning it is highly inefficient; therefore considerably reducing consumption of meat & other animal products would go a long way toward improving global sustainability, since it could increase the amount of land covered by forests (which are important for sequestering carbon) as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but unfortunately consumption of animal products continues to increase. Animal production also requires inordinate amounts of water consumption, thereby contributing to our global water shortage (conflicts over water supply will get worse & worse & would likely lead to major wars in the near future) & emits huge amounts of greenhouse gases, which in turn contributes to global warming. Domesticated animals (including humans) now outweigh wild land animals in biomass by about 30:1, & the 6th mass extinction event, this time all anthropogenic, is already well under way but will soon get much worse at the rate we’re going.

            Minerals & fossil fuel sources are finite. Their extraction damages the environment, including animal & human habitat, & pollutes the water, air & land. Rather than plunder as much as we can now, it would be far more prudent to be more conservationist & energy efficient, convert to more sustainable energy, & preserve what we can, extracting only what we need now. Petroleum, for instance, has far more uses than just for energy, some of which there is no other reasonable alternative, so why not conserve as much oil as we can while converting to other more sustainable sources for those uses where alternatives exist (which, by the way, would provide far more jobs to our work force, since renewable energy is much more job intensive than oil & other fossil fuels)? By conserving resources we would still have them in the future when they’re rarer & more valuable, & when technology has advanced to the point where they can be extracted with less damage to the environment.

            One wonders how “conservatives” became such squanderers, but I suppose that becoming a party whose sole purpose is to benefit corporations & the extremely wealthy over all other considerations, is a big part of it.

          162. Rex Whitmer says

            The world has been changing since the day it was created. We likely couldn’t live in the world of the dinosaur, nor many of the subsequent ages. As man came to be Europe and Asia were mostly under ice. The ice melted, we found ways and means to do many more things than we’d done before, and so it goes on. We have now traveled to the moon, soon we’ll travel to Mars, who knows how much and how far, and what we’ll find as we grow. Not too long ago people were predicting the end of television since the minerals used to make the tube light up were scarce and hard to find. Other ways were devised and we now have huge flat screened TV’s with better clarity than before! Just two examples.

          163. niknar says

            Again you’re talking about the past, even way before humans had evolved… which brings us to the point that humans evolved over the last couple of millions of years which has alternated between glacial periods & interglacial periods. We have never existed at temperatures as high as this, which is accelerating to the kind of climate that existed during the age of the dinosaurs, in which you just admitted we probably couldn’t live, & I agree with you.

            There is no Planet B, as much as our space travel has developed. Neither the moon nor Mars are fit for us & everything else is beyond our capacity to reach even over a full lifetime. We need to preserve the habitability of this planet, & in order to do so, we must keep it from getting much hotter & from losing the animals, plants, potable water, breathable air & fertile soil on which we depend.

          164. Vicki M says

            Niknar, If you think man can control the temperature on planet earth you have an incredible ego and a underdeveloped knowledge of the SUN and it’s cycles. Temperature changes on the earth (many cycles of Ice and heat) will never be manipulated by anything humans could do.

          165. niknar says

            If it was based mainly on solar cycles, our current temperature would be decreasing modestly, not accelerating at unprecedented rates.

            The number of humans & domesticated animals on this earth are so high, & the quantity of greenhouse gases, pollution, etc. emitted by us so massive, that they do have a huge impact on this finite planet. We know what human activities are causing temperatures to rise. We just have to have the nerve to take appropriate action to curtail or adjust such activities, & coddling to fossil fuel companies ain’t gonna cut it.

          166. MAHB001 says

            Your lack of faith is astounding. Couple that with your ego, and you are ripe to be controlled and manipulated by the Left.

          167. niknar says

            Your mind being completely controlled & manipulated by right-wing propaganda, you couldn’t identify reasoned, independent thinking when you saw it. Your blind faith in what the right-wing & other propagators of myths & fantasy tell you will keep you ignorant, gullible & clueless in perpetuity.

          168. MAHB001 says

            Are you desperate? Because that post makes you sound desperate.

            Or silly… No, it was silly…

          169. niknar says

            You can’t handle the truth, obviously.

          170. MAHB001 says

            I’ll tell you what is not sustainable, it is the Governments spending.

            But then again, that is by plan… 0bama’s plan, as put forth by Cloward and Piven.

          171. niknar says

            More specifically it is continually spending more than the government takes in which is unsustainable. And the Borrow & Spend Republicans are the most culpable for our predicament.

          172. MAHB001 says

            You really are stupid aren’t you….

            One can not awaken someone who pretends to be asleep.

          173. niknar says

            OK then, I’ll stop trying to wake you up although in your case, it’s not pretending.

          174. MAHB001 says

            Let me try to wake you up.

            You are being controlled by a process called ideological subversion. You are actually a victim. No longer capable of accepting information that goes against your ideology, no longer capable of even considering the other side to be correct on any subject. The worst part of the brainwashing is that you can no longer properly assess the lies of your ideology as you can’t see when they are wrong.

          175. Rich Girod says


            Is this person Ambassador Hoektra lying?


          176. MAHB001 says


            I don’t know if he was lying or not… The clip is very disjointed by the editing.

            It is very hard to judge a timeline from that clip. A persons knowledge on a subject evolves and they ARE allowed to change their minds.

            At 1:11 Hoekstra denies saying it with the word “today” as a qualifier.

            So you tell me, what Hoekstra talking about his 2015 speech or “today?”

          177. Rich Girod says

            He denied ever say what is on the 2015 video-

            He also denied saying what he just said that it is fake news-

          178. MAHB001 says

            What I heard was that he denied saying it today…. Not that he denied EVER saying it.

            Now we must analyze his comments. When he said it in 2015 it is obvious to me that he truly believed what he was saying was true. Was he lying or wrong?

            The hypocritical people on the LEFT will always take the comments made by the Liberal politicians that are false as the politician as just being wrong. (You can keep your Dr.) And then they hypocritically apply a double standard on conservatives and jump right to accusing them of lying…

            Seeing that you have already claimed that 0bama was not lying about Benghazi, when it has been proven that he was, your ability to judge a lie is not reliable….

            What do you think fake news is?

          179. niknar says

            I love it when you guys talk to yourselves. If only you would heed your own advice & wake up!

          180. MAHB001 says


            Oh demoralized one, I am not the communist in training… You are.

            Phase 1: Demoralization 15-20 years (completed)
            Phase 2: Destabilization 2-5 years (Destroy economy, foreign relations, Defense systems) (0bama is doing all three)
            Phase 3: Crisis 6 weeks – includes a violent change in power. (0bama is attempting to do this before he leaves office)
            Phase 4: Then Normalization which lasts indefinitely.

          181. niknar says

            Bush effectively destroyed the economy & it recovered under Obama. Now the Republicans have jeopardized our economy by passing that ill-conceived Wealthcare bill.

            This guy is partly correct, but he seems to be blaming the wrong entities. This process has been going on in the US since the ’80s under the propaganda of right-wing media like Fox, the Republican Party, conservative think tacks & corporations, all of whom have been trying to incite fear & hatred in parts of America, making people blame others who have also been oppressed for disadvantages they feel, while the perpetrators of the propaganda, who are the real oppressors, little by little gain full control of all levers of power & wealth in government, media & society, & have recently been joined by Russian agents who have seen opportunity in this sowing of division in America. That is why we’re no longer a democratic republic, but now a full-blown fascist corporatocracy.

          182. MAHB001 says


            Democrats destroy the economy. Just look at CA. Hard working people are fleeing the state in record numbers. The number of companies leaving is staggering. There are far greener pastures in less communist states.

            And I don’t know what planet you are living on but have you checked reality and the economy lately? Stock Market records, wages up, unemployment down, Record sales for Christmas…… It sounds like you want the economy to fail so you can stick a tack into Trump… That is pathetic.

            Thank YOU DONALD TRUMP. You are making America Great Again…

            Old Yuri was an EX KGB agent from Russia. He wasn’t brainwashing little capitalists. The process he described was in play in the 1970-80s.

            But Communists have been attacking our way of life since the 1930s, a good book to read is “The Naked Communist” written in 1958. It has a list of 45 agenda items. The agenda was designed to weaken America institutions of Family. Faith, and patriotism… The Democrat party has adopted the entire list.

            Ask yourself, why do you hate Capitalism? (Because when you are running away from Capitalism, you are running into the arms of Socialism/Communism)

            Why do you hate American history? (Because an enemy that will not fight for his homeland is a weak enemy.)

            Anyway the agenda list is old school, what Yuri was talking about was much newer. The demorilization stuff didn’t make sense to me until I viewed this cool little video about the backwards bicycle.

            The Backwards Brain Bicycle

            Essentially, Demoralization is conditioning its victims to live/crave communism. It is the backwards bicycle. Capitalism and Communism are not compatible.

            That is why you hate Capitalism and fight for socialism/communism.

            Or you don’t live in the US and just get paid to disrupt conversations.

          183. niknar says

            Your assessment of California is very outdated. What you describe is California’s economy leading to & during Bush’s Great Recession. Since then California has led the country in economic growth & opportunity.

            Trump’s economic success is thanks to the robust economy & reduced unemployment Obama left him. That wealthcare plan he just signed may not hurt the economy in the short run, but it certainly jeopardizes our long-term prosperity.

            The US has fared best, & other nations, such as those in northern Europe, have fared best when we have a mixed economy based on both free market capitalism & socialist concepts like social security, public schools, public utilities & universal healthcare. Our current mixture of corporatism, industrial capitalism & crony capitalism has not served our nation well at all.

          184. MAHB001 says

            You have no idea what you are talking about… Do you really think people are listening to your lies and misdirection?

          185. niknar says

            Once again by talking to yourself you reveal the truth about you.

            I am here to correct the record, which gets so distorted on this site.

          186. MAHB001 says

            Quit lying to yourself. You are here to distort the record as the truth is found on this site…

          187. Frank Taylor says

            so refreshing to see someone with no political bias.

          188. MAHB001 says

            The Left far closer to fascism than the right. You have foolishly fallen for the Lefts projections.


          189. niknar says

            Nope, I just follow reliable news sources, observe closely, & think logically & for myself.

            People who are knowledgeable about fascism, know it’s an extreme right ideology based on the melding of corporate & political control over a country. Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy & Franco’s Spain are prime examples of fascism, & they’re all well-known for being extreme right. Many countries in the Middle East & some in Africa are right-wing authoritarian states akin to fascist states. Thanks to treating corporations as people, having them control both major parties (especially the Republicans), all branches of the federal government, & most state houses & governorships, we are in effect a corporatocracy & are in danger of becoming a full-blown fascist state.

            You can’t have it all ways, saying that communism, socialism & fascism are all leftward movements because you don’t like the Left, therefore you associate the Left with everything you don’t like.

            Socialism is clearly a left-wing ideology, although it’s not exactly what you think. It is about protecting & giving security to all members of a society, & those nations that have blended socialism with free-market capitalism, like Western & Northern Europe (Scandinavia, the Netherlands & France are excellent examples), have become among the most successful nations in the world. We were doing better as a nation as we were becoming more socialist from FDR to LBJ. Clinton, Schumer & Pelosi are not examples of socialists. Sanders is [although there are many die-hard socialists who claim he isn’t & therefore focused criticism on him during the primaries as if they could ever find a candidate more friendly to their point of view — well, maybe they can now, since extremism in 1 direction (as we now have under Trump & total Republican control) tends to lead to reactive extremism in the other direction].

            Communism is much more extreme than socialism & has nearly always been practiced in authoritarian ways, although it theoretically shouldn’t have to. It has never taken in the US because it is antithetical to American values of individual rights & limited power of the central state, & we’ve always abhorred authoritarianism, although I’ve noticed a growing trend of people on the right (including Trump) embracing authoritarianism & authoritarian figures like Putin, Erdogan & Duterte (the latter 2 being leaders that have been fast pulling their countries away from democracy & towards autocracy). Some Communist states like the Soviet Union, Maoist China & North Korea were/are hardly distinguishable from right-wing fascist states because they’re all about total government control over society headed by a strong, repressive autocratic leader.

          190. MAHB001 says

            Simply deeming all conservative sources of news unreliable is not thinking for yourself.

            People who are conditioned about fascism, believe it’s an extreme right ideology…. Those that have done independent research, and thought about it logically have come to the logical conclusion that Fascism is just a sibling of Communism.

            You believe that Nazi Germany, Italy and Spain were well known for being extreme right… I believe you were told that and did not check the source.

            How so? Give examples of their behavior and conservative/right wing values..


          191. niknar says

            How about you tell me what your idea of conservative/right wing values are, & I’ll tell you how close or far these various governments are to those values? As long as we define words differently, we can’t communicate well. The words “conservative”, “fascist”, “liberal”, “communist”, “racist”, etc. keep changing their meanings over time & across ideologies.

          192. MAHB001 says

            You first, I do not believe you can give me examples of conservative behavior that ties them to fascism… Nice dodge though. The Left seems to be the only one changing the meanings of conservative, fascist, liberal communists racist etc… And I believe that is because nobody like or condones communism, and currently communists are hiding behind the labels of liberalsim, LGBT,.

            In fact, that is part of DSousa’s theory, because the world hated Hitler and he did so many nasty things against humanity, Communists have done everything within their power to distance themselves from Fascism… For the last 8+ years we have seen the Left use projection to deflect attention away from their actions…. hmmmm, suspect the Left has been projecting their fascism on their natural born enemies, conservatives.

          193. niknar says

            I asked because what people who describe themselves as conservatives have greatly changed their definition of conservatism, which used to be if you go far back enough, quite in line with conservation (their common root is no accident), & very strongly backing (at least vocally) fiscal discipline & states’ rights, but nowadays the welfare of corporations & the extremely wealthy override every other consideration every time. For example, they just voted for a wealthcare plan that they knew would explode the deficit (which they’ve repeatedly done every time they’ve gotten the chance, & this time not a single Republican chose fiscal discipline over coddling corporate executives), they are constantly trying to pass legislation to override states’ laws & the public will (such as Sessions’ decision to crack down on marijuana laws recently voted by citizens of several states), & they consistently do everything in their power against the environment & conservation of resources.

          194. MAHB001 says

            Before we move on to this next subject, I am going to point out that you failed to provide any conservative traits that ties them to fascism…

            Fact is Conservatism is a far cry away from Fascism and you have been fooled. It seems you are easily fooled. You need to start questioning the people that feed you your thoughts.

            It is the Democrats that are Fascist. Communism and Fascism are siblings.

            BTW, the Tea Party is every bit of the definition that you gave for conservatism…

          195. niknar says

            You always duck questions, you never address points made, you never provide evidence, & you always blame others for what you’re guilty of. At least you’re very consistent & predictable!

            Democrats = Communists = Fascists in your world only because you hate Democrats, not because it has any connection with reality.

          196. MAHB001 says

            There you go again, projecting your traits on others so as to draw attention away from your actions….

            I will repeat this again for you. What specifically would you like me to explain or clarify?

            Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = Liberal Progressive Big
            Government Communists.

            Big Government = Communism

            The Elites have fundamentally transformed our country from:

            Of the People, By the People, and For the People,


            Of the Elites, By the Elites, and For the Control of the People by the

            This is Communism. The elites are the traitors.

            There are still people within our Government that are still working FOR the
            people, but we must root out all the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

          197. niknar says

            The Republicans, other corporatists & the right-wing media have turned this country into one of, by & for the corporations,

          198. MAHB001 says

            The ELITE Republicans have colluded with corporations and the ELITE MEDIA.

            I call it crony Capitalism… I also view crony Capitalism as the collusion of Big Government and Big Business for the betterment of Big Government and Big Business.

            Which by the way is just another form of Communism…

            Have you ever asked yourself why you can’t see Elite Democrats doing the same thing?

            0bama and Solindra colluded to waste hundreds of millions of your dollars… That was crony communism… opps I mean crony capitalism…

            Elite Democrats colluded with the Unions, to the betterment of both and the detriment of the serfs..

            Elite Democrats colluded with the Insurance companies to create 0bamacare…. all us serfs are loosing on that one.

            Crony Capitalism is just Communism seeping into our society… But it is not the Capitalists fault… It is Big Government and Big Business colluding… And that is the very essence of Communism.

          199. mrpoohead says

            President is not in charge of purse strings – how did he do it?
            Unions and the Mafia colluded.
            Insurance owns both parties – get what they want.
            Finance industry owns both and gave us the Financial Crisis 2008 with deregulation. Priceless!
            Extreme capitalism gave us the current economy, extreme capitalism took business overseas.

            I note you’re still peddling the same old lies and drivel. I’m still never refuted!
            I admire your persistence – 391 likes on Facebook. It puts a smile on my fact that you represent less than 0.0015% of the population – wonder why? Too much drivel or not enough dumb folk?

          200. MAHB001 says

            You are worried about my facebook account… Perhaps I shall spend more time there.

          201. mrpoohead says

            Comprehension – ” It puts a smile on my face that you represent less than 0.0015%………………………” Amusement is not worry.
            https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/jan/08/donald-trump-coal-industry-plan-rejected-rick-perry The future is not coal!!!!!!!!!!!!! As previously stated by moi. Thank you!

          202. niknar says

            Free market capitalism is a great concept, but unfortunately it is rarely practiced in the US. Instead we get crony capitalism, industrial capitalism & corporatism, all of which are harming our country & are unsustainable. Crony capitalism, the collusion of Big Government with Big Business, is actually part of fascism, not communism. Democratic corporatists (or “elite Democrats”) are included in the “other corporatists” I mentioned, which unfortunately control the Democratic Party, much as corporatists control the Republican Party. We desperately need a major party not controlled by corporatists, industrial capitalists & crony capitalists.

          203. niknar says

            But since you ask, about 2 years ago on the eve of the 2016 election, I wrote the following, which explains very clearly my view of Republicans, which espouse the policies that seem to be supported by most people who currently identify themselves as conservative:

            If you want government agencies to be underfunded, vote Republican

            If you like government shutdowns & debt crises, vote Republican

            If you want government to fail, vote Republican

            If you want to double or triple the debt like what happened in the Reagan & Bush administrations, vote Republican

            If you want our nation to become fiscally insolvent, vote Republican

            If you like recessions, vote Republican

            If you want another financial depression, vote Republican

            If you want economic collapse, vote Republican

            If you don’t want public health care, vote Republican

            If you don’t want Social Security, vote Republican

            If you don’t want Medicare or Medicaid, vote Republican

            If you want all schools, hospitals, prisons, roads & public utilities to be privatized, vote Republican

            If you want to reverse all progress towards civil rights, voting
            rights, gender equality & marriage equality, vote Republican

            If you don’t believe in separation between church & state, vote Republican

            If you don’t care for democracy, vote Republican

            If you want a full-fledged corporatocracy, vote Republican

            If you want a theocracy, vote Republican

            If you want a totalitarian state, vote Republican

            If you want Wall Street to be bailed out by Main Street, vote Republican (or for a Wall Street Democrat)

            If you believe that people should work long hours for low pay, vote Republican

            If you’re against a minimum wage, vote Republican

            If you believe that corporate executives should make hundreds of
            times the salary of low level employees in the same company, vote

            If you approve of CEOs from failed companies receiving severance pay in the millions of dollars, vote Republican

            If you believe that companies saved from bankruptcy or dissolution by
            government bailouts should award huge bonuses to their executives, vote
            Republican (or for a corporate Democrat)

            If you want the wealth disparity between rich & poor to continue widening, vote Republican

            If you want rich people & corporations to avoid taxes via tax loopholes & tax havens, vote Republican

            If you’re in favor of hedge funds & speculation, vote Republican

            If you like corporate takeovers & mergers & ever decreasing competition, vote Republican (or for a corporate Democrat)

            If you want no regulation of business, vote Republican

            If you want no restrictions on what people or companies can do to the environment, vote Republican

            If you don’t think government should invest in education, vote Republican

            If you think attending universities should impoverish students for life, vote Republican

            If you like people being evicted from their houses or apartments, vote Republican

            If you like poor people going to jail for loitering or smoking marijuana, vote Republican

            If you like rich people & executives of large corporations being
            exempt from jail no matter what they do, vote Republican (or for a
            corporate Democrat)

            If you think police should shoot first & ask questions later (or conceal the crime they committed), vote Republican

            If you want law enforcement officers to be exempt from being charged
            with murder for willful killing of innocent people, vote Republican

            If you want a police state, vote Republican

            If you want anybody who wants a gun – child, psychotic, terrorist – to be able to acquire one, vote Republican

            If you want no limits on gun use, vote Republican

            If you want a heavily militarized country, vote Republican

            If you prefer the US to unilaterally invade sovereign nations, vote Republican

            If you want endless war & military adventures, vote Republican (or for a Democratic neocon)

            If you want virtually all discretionary federal spending to go to the military, vote Republican

            If you believe we should ignore science & just obey what corporations tell us to do, vote Republican

            If you believe that religious dogma should be equated with science in public schools, vote Republican

            If you want little or no government investment in scientific or medical research, vote Republican

            If you want to remain dependent on fossil fuels, vote Republican

            If you want to fall behind the rest of the world in conversion to renewable energy, vote Republican

            If being 50 years behind Japan in high speed rail isn’t enough for you, vote Republican

            If you want to force people to drive everywhere to get around, vote Republican

            If you prefer concrete & asphalt to soil & wetlands, vote Republican

            If you prefer industrial agriculture to regenerative organic farming, vote Republican

            If you prefer genetically engineered food to natural food, vote Republican

            If you don’t want anybody to even know whether the food they buy is genetically modified or not, vote Republican

            If you think that corporations should be able to patent elements of nature, like seeds, vote Republican

            If you like crumbling infrastructure, vote Republican

            If you look forward to global warming, vote Republican

            If you don’t think externalities from fossil fuel consumption such as
            pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, spills, leaks, explosions &
            earthquakes & associated health costs & casualties should be
            paid by the companies responsible for them, vote Republican

            If you believe greed is good, vote Republican

            If you believe that it’s more important for corporations to extract
            as much wealth from our planet as quickly as possible than to conserve
            them, vote Republican

            If you want our natural resources to be exhausted soon, vote Republican

            If you want all our water to be contaminated or depleted in the foreseeable future, vote Republican

            If you like breathing polluted air, vote Republican

            If you like poisons & radiation spreading throughout our land, water & air, vote Republican

            If you approve of the multi-decade campaign of deliberate
            misinformation & deceit conducted by fossil fuel companies in order
            to prevent or delay action on climate chaos until it’s too late, vote

            If you care nothing about whether our planet will be habitable or not 50 years from now, vote Republican

            If you want most animal & plant species to be wiped out in the near future, vote Republican

            If you want domesticated animals to completely replace wild animals, vote Republican

            If you prefer expanded deserts & wasteland to forests & wetlands, vote Republican

            If you like oil leaks, gas explosions, coal spills, etc. or believe
            that the public should pay for them rather than the culpable companies,
            vote Republican

            If you want high unemployment, vote Republican

            If you want our jobs going overseas or across borders, vote Republican

            If you don’t believe in any kind of public jobs program, vote Republican

            If you want trade pacts favoring corporations over the public, the
            environment or national sovereignty, vote Republican (or a corporate

            If you’re xenophobic, vote Republican

            If you’re homophobic, vote Republican

            If you believe whites should receive preferential treatment over other races, vote Republican

            If you believe that men should receive preferential treatment over women, vote Republican

            If you prefer civil strife to racial harmony, vote Republican

            If you want civil war, vote Republican

            If you want World War III, vote Republican

            If you want a fascist takeover of our government reminiscent of Nazi Germany, vote Republican

            If you want the end of the world (as we know it), vote Republican

            If you want the opposite of all these things, vote Bernie Sanders

            If you’re not sure what you want, vote Hillary Clinton.

          204. MAHB001 says

            You are bigoted, which allows you to be easily mislead.

          205. niknar says

            Bigoted against Republicans the way you’re bigoted against Democrats? If so, they have fully earned my bigotry & every accusation I’ve made above.

            But again, you failed to address any points. As forthcoming I’ve been with you on my opinions, you still repeat the same old lie & blame game. No refutation of anything I posted.

          206. MAHB001 says

            Thank you for the helpful correction to my English..

            So again, you failed to provide any ties between fascism and conservatism so your beliefs just are not valid.

            I view your entire list as one prepared through projections… Of the ones I have read, none of them ring true to reality….


          207. niknar says

            If you had read what I inferred about Republicans, you would’ve noticed their resemblance to the Nazis or other fascist regimes.

          208. MAHB001 says

            No what you inferred about Republicans was a bunch of knowledge that just isn’t so…

            Just like your failed attempts to tie Conservatism to Fascism, with facts, you have failed to provide proof of your inferred claims.

            All you are doing is repeating lies… And guess what, I do not believe you.

          209. MAHB001 says

            Republicans EARNED your bigotry???

            Prove any one of the sources to your bigotry with facts…. Take one, Lets say…

            “If you want the government to fail, vote Republican”

            Now prove it bigot… Provide examples with details…

          210. Frank Taylor says

            Total bs!

          211. niknar says

            Yes, that describes everything I’ve seen you post.

          212. Frank Taylor says

            I assure you and everyone else, that I can support with facts any position that I might take. My posts are very factual , though i do occasionally break my own rule and add opinion.

          213. Rex Whitmer says


          214. MAHB001 says

            Exactly, notice how quite poo has been on this subject.

            The trolls always go silent when they have been beat.

          215. Frank Taylor says

            i blocked poo a long time ago. he or she is an absolute uninformed idiot.

          216. mrpoohead says

            Please name any government that doesn’t do the same thing – left or right. To not is anarchy – duh!
            Another dumb comment from Capt. Retard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Mathew Molk says

        That’s not news. NY Slimes too.

      3. jimmy midnight says

        Our(?) your anyway, new super-villain, Strzok, was actually only advocating 4 a sped-up investigation, apparently worried that 45’s people would impede it. Wall Street Journal’s reporting joined WAPO in thinking so. MSM reportage is generally reliable; their dishonesty is almost all about selection or non-selection of stories covered.

        I was kinda surprised that article at top didn’t explicitly reference the so-called “Steele dossier.” Maybe the timing is just wrong, or there R liability issues. Lemme put U on the spot, my friend: What do U think he was talking about?

        Merry Christmas, and all the best of the rest of the season 2 U, 2.

        1. MAHB001 says

          I know very little about the Srzok story. I suspect that it will reveal more deep state corruption that supports my basic premise that our Government is corrupt.

          We are no longer a Country under the rule of law. Some have been working outside the law and that needs to stop. Nobody should be above the law.

          Holder, Lerner, Lynch, 0bama, Hillary, Comey, and so many others, have committed crimes that they need to be held accountable for.

          1. Retired says

            Protecting the big wigs in the Banking industry as well as Freddy and Fanny was a big mistake , they should have all served time including Politicians that supported and protected them .

          2. MAHB001 says

            The Left has been blaming crony Capitalism on Capitalism in order to get the public to run away from capitalism, but I see crony capitalism as just another form of communism and those that are running away from it are running directly into Communism….

          3. Retired says

            That is one reason to prevent them from controlling Congress in the future . They worked for years to protect Freddy and Fanny as well as bankers for their Crime . In the 90s they brought out Sallie for student loans . Student loan debt sits at 1.4 Trillion according to a article that I read recently .

          4. Rich Girod says

            What the fuck are u tucking talking about?

          5. MAHB001 says

            Crony Capitalism is Communism…. Try to keep up.

          6. ABO says

            Maybe you could hire a third grader to explain it to you, Dimwit. Although it’s not likely that you would ever catch on anyway.

          7. Rich Girod says

            did you miss the logic course in school?

          8. MAHB001 says

            Perhaps, I did not take the liberal logic course in school…. I do believe that the Left is no longer capable of apply logic as we know it. They no longer can accept or even see anything that goes against their ideology….. and how can anyone that is only half informed use logic?

        2. kasandra says

          Your premise is wrong and completely unsupported by the text of the e-mails. He clearly means Trump probably won’t win but if he does they (his cabal in the FBI and DOJ) have information to bring down Trump’s presidency. There’s no mention of the timing or speed of the “investigation.” And the MSM’s reporting is not reliable at all. As a recent example, despite The Politico’s thoroughly sourced story on the Obama administration’s interference with project Cassandra, allowing Hezbollah to run illegal drugs into the U.S. and launder money to support its terrorism here, almost no MSM outlet has reported on it despite its objectively obvious newsworthiness.

          1. Wes Tipton says

            You of course meant the obuma cabal still operating within the DOJ and FBI against Trump. DJT has very few people he can trust in those two agencies, and it will take a very long time to root out all of the subversives planted years ago.

          2. kasandra says

            Yes, that’s the cabal to which I was referring.

      4. Simply_Sis says

        MAHB001 Change weasels to devils and I am on board. Weasels are not descriptively evil enough to describe this wicked group.

        1. MAHB001 says

          I hear you…. and agree.

          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

      5. Rich Girod says

        Yay. Everybody that presents facts that refute your BS is a communist. u R a one trick pony. Yuck

        1. richard king says

          Those are not facts, they are a crude attempt to twist the language Strozk used. It is plotting sedition; quackslike a duck.

        2. Robert says

          Hey Rich,I have your one trick pony hanging!!

        3. MAHB001 says

          Now you are starting to catch on. Still waiting for a fact that refutes anything I say from you…. To date, all you have done is insult… just like this posts shows.

          1. Rich Girod says

            Quote you-“….Still waiting for a fact that refutes anything I say from you..”

            I have presented factual information refuting many of your conspiracy statements- You blow off every source as being communist or individuals a “demoralized” by communist

            I am willing to try with you again, because I love this country and am afraid for it because of persons like you who are paranoid and deluded by conspiracy theories.

          2. MAHB001 says

            I did not blow off your statements. I debunked them. Get over it. I am still waiting for you to successfully refute my statements and beliefs.

            It would help your cause to drop the ad hominems as they just signal to all of us that you have lost the arguments.

            Your last round of so called “factual information” was references to non-existent web pages on MEDIAMATTERS and Politifarce… Which are no doubt sources of mis-information for you.

          3. MAHB001 says

            Politifact is an oxymoron, I do not trust them, I now call them politifarce. Wasn’t it politifarce that used fake news and claimed that Palin lied when she said there were death panels within the ACA? (another oxymoron)

            Turns out there ARE insurance panels that determine what care a person gets and they are just death panels hiding within the oxymoron called ACA.

            From businessinsider….

            “Smartmatic is owned by Lord Mark Malloch-Brown. He is connected
            to Soros through the Open Society Foundation, an organization
            that gives grants to civil society organizations around the

            Here is the thing, Criminals always deny their criminal acts…. So a corrupt MEDIA asks this Brown character and he says NO, and they accept it. No other questions asked.

            In the same breath, the Corrupt MEDIA asks 0bama if he lied about Benghazi and 0bama said no, and they believe it. Yet even with their track record you believe them…. And you propagate their lies.

          4. Rich Girod says
          5. MAHB001 says


            Just the fact that Soros knows Brown and they work on the same committees is more than enough of a tie for me to make the connection that Soros can control the output of those machines…

            Soros does not have to OWN the companies, he just needs to control the outputs of those machines. Who owns the machines is a red herring, who benefits from the corruption is what we should be discussing.

            Just like in the Project Veritas videos, without a confession from the source, it is almost impossible for the truth to come out.

          6. Rich Girod says

            just opinion with zero references…how did you get through HS or college without writing a research paper? Maybe you didn’t

          7. Rich Girod says

            what sources do you use?
            You never answered that query from me in the past.

            BTW-Common sense or your opinion without back up isn’t a source

          8. MAHB001 says

            How convenient for you. Just because you lack common sense it does not mean you can strip me of mine.

          9. Rich Girod says

            still no sources presented.

        4. Frank Taylor says

          I have been waiting for an answer to the question of just exactly what was Strzok referring to when he said they had an insurance policy and that they had talked to McCabe about what to do if Trump was elected.

          1. Rich Girod says

            The “meaning” of that will come out-But why does it matter because Mueller fired the guy four months ago when he( Mueller) found out about the emails.

      6. Rich Girod says

        there you go again…everybody that disagrees with you is a communist…

        1. MAHB001 says

          what would you call them?

    2. Gretta says

      It’s call “word weaving” – obama called it articulating – the elite liberals twist a right into a wrong, they twist a wrong into a right – they change the meaning of truth by injecting warm and fuzzy lies to manipulate our minds to believe a lie.

      It’s satan’s old trick, lie after lie after lie….. He changed God’s words from “thou shalt surely die” to “thou shalt NOT surely die”. All he had to do was inject that one word “NOT” into God’s words. That was satan’s first lie, and the liberal racist haters continue his legacy of lies and deception.

      When the demonRATs lie to us with even one lie, it is for a reason, it’s for their agenda, and their agenda is against us, or they wouldn’t hide it behind lies and cover ups. If their agenda is for good, they wouldn’t lie to us, but their agenda is always against us. I have never seen anything they do as good for our country, it always has a price, and it is always to put money into their bank accounts, to raise taxes so they can continue their out of control spending. They LOVE to fund our enemies, and that alone is a HUGE HUGE HUGE red flag.

      I used to work for a bank and we were trained to recognize red flags. It’s actually very easy to see a red flag, but most people ignore them. Our citizens have ignored all of obama’s red flags and all of the demonRATs red flags because they worship these insane leaders and their insane party of mafia mob leaders. That’s what they are when they use the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, the EPA, the DOJ, the NSA, the DHS, and all the powerful departments as weapons against honest people, and to cover, bury, and protect them from exposing their treasons.

      They dems wanted to stay in power so that honest people’s hands would stay tied so they could not expose them.

      We are seeing the swamp maggots fighting dirty, it’s the only way they know how to govern and fight to keep in power. They don’t use truth, they use lies, smears, slander, character assassination, name calling, division, dirty fake dossiers, corruption, mob gangs, riots to cause confusion and division, fear and malice, demonization, vengeance, violence, hate and racism.

      For those who are not paying attention, this is how they govern our country, how they rule over us, it’s the only way they know how to govern. Which is NOT governing, it’s running a mafia mob which is to deceive, fraud, embezzle, murder, rob, commit high treasons against us, steal our sovereignty, turn us over to our enemies and strike fear into us so we won’t ever disobey them as they keep us in line and lied to so we won’t rise up and rebel.

      God only knows what is really going on inside their darkest side of evil that obama, soros and the demonRAT party has backed us into. The darkness goes so deep we may never know what treasons they have actually done to us. obama had 8 years of his communist muslim treasons, he didn’t do any good, we never saw anything but racist hate and division. He spent all his time writing EO of regulations and restrictions, gay bathroom orders, muslim orders, Benghazi, going on his tours of hate to his country, bringing in muslims to our White House, appointing muslims to federal courts and into our DHS, into our DOJ, and going on TV daily with his hate for our country and our people to incite racism, hate and division. When he wasn’t doing that he was word weaving lies to us and fundamentally transforming us, our children, and our country into an atheist communist muslim nation.

      We see the fruits of his labor, divided country against our own neighbors that he has done everything he can to start another civil war, a hateful demonRAT party who is so anti-American it stinks to the pits of hell, and we see in real time how the demonRAT party has run our country for decades. Sneaky, hateful enemies of our country who posed as Americans but who have come out of the communist muslim closet.

      1. COMPU-TRON says

        You are fucking insane

      2. Rich Girod says

        Quote you-“When he wasn’t doing that he was word weaving lies to us and fundamentally transforming us, our children, and our country into an atheist communist muslim nation.”

        Can you give a couple of examples?

  3. MAHB001 says

    The MSM job now is propaganda and deception.

    Russian Collusion, Trump election fraud, etc, all are ruses designed to lead the people off the track of the real election rigging done by the Elites within our own government.

    The MSM is now practicing Goebbels 101… Don’t take it anymore, Fight the MSM at http://www.madashellboycott.com

    1. gotabgood says

      You could also fight it at;
      National Enquirer

      1. MAHB001 says

        Why fight the little guys when I can fight the real Goebbels crew at ABC, NBC, and CBS?

        Besides, just because you don’t like what they say doesn’t mean they are lying to you.

        1. gotabgood says

          How can you tell a lie from the truth?
          Because one party says it to be true?
          Or one blog?
          Suppose ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, CNN. all say it to be true…. then you have FOX, Breitbart, WND, Infowars say it is a lie. Where is your next source?
          Me? I say each have made mistakes, how do they handle their mistakes?
          Was the mistake deliberate? Or by accident?

          1. MAHB001 says

            You have to sort through the BS and use common sense. This will be extremely hard for you to do because you are ideologically subverted.

            The MSM is using bias by omission to formulate their news stories these days. What they are doing is ignoring all components of the stories that go against their ideologies and ignoring all components of the stories that favor the others ideologies. What is left is propaganda and fake news.

            For instance, look at these charts. They show that NBC, CNN, CBS, NYT, WAPO, WSJ, (all except Fox) are heavily biased to reporting negative news about Trump. This shows that they are ignoring the positive components about Trump.

            On the other hand, Fox News reported both the negative and POSITIVE news about Trump. These charts show Fox News as balanced.

            Just because you personally don’t like a fact or component of a news story, does not mean that it is false. It seems that those on the left that areideologically subverted make that assumption all the time.

            What I do is attempt to absorb more than one source of information and analyze each source realizing that you will not get the entire truth from one source. Especially if that source is the MSM.

            The MSM no longer competes, they collude to control public opinion…

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2a2fc847b3227294926df952f80d0373e5c0c5c3176ad209cd1e0a8aadd09dd7.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8ba3f3e27038ae000fc80f45109c2c09bcd62b07079e1bf233842c31ac4b78c6.jpg

          2. mrpoohead says

            The BS is all here – MAHB001. King of the BS!

          3. SD of AZ says

            poopoohead, boring! Get some new material. Same old libturd BS! Still really boring!

          4. gotabgood says

            When the MSM as you call them…. see a lie.. they don’t bow down and kiss Trump’s………… golden ring…. they report it.
            This is from Glenn Beck, did Fox News broadcast this? Or was this “omitted” from coverage.


          5. MAHB001 says

            The MSM does not and should not bow down and kiss anybodies arse.

            But the did kiss Hillary and 0bama’s arses….

            And that is why they have zero credibility.

            I think your “story” was equally ignored by all…. Hillary would call that a piece of nothingburger.

          6. gotabgood says

            And who was it that billions of dollars of free air time?
            And that was NOT MY story… it was Trumps LIE, and no one from the right
            called him out on it, except Glenn Beck.

          7. MAHB001 says

            And who was it that got billions of dollars of free air time?

            Trump….. Go Trump, beat the MSM at their own game…. Yuck, yuck, yuck….

          8. Frank W Brown says

            Beck, who is certifiably INSANE? Yeah, you go with that, idiot!

          9. Will Higgins says

            And you can’t make a good counter-argument.

          10. Frank W Brown says

            Don’t NEED to, you are unarmed and I wouldn’t want you to commit suicide over your beliefs!

          11. Will Higgins says

            Now you’re talking nonsense.

          12. greyghost5632 says

            It is easy to prove they lie!! If it is true and others say it is a lie, they insist that it is true and do whatever they can to prove it!! But when it is a lie, most of the time it is, they immediately drop it and switch bait to something else!! Siple and anyone with any common sense can figure that out!!

        2. gotabgood says

          Ahhh that is my line….
          Yes I have a patent on those words… smile
          Those networks you listed and the others you didn’t list, like, MSNBC, CNN NPR have made mistakes… but didn’t set out to purposely decisive like Fox, Breitbart, Infowars. They know it is a lie and continue to tell the lie.or only to say I am sorry after they have been caught. People like Sean Hannity ought to be held accountable for trying to deceive his listeners.
          In case you don’t know what I am talking about…
          You have to stick around for his apology….. IT’S CLASSIC…….He called it a MISTAKE!!!!!!! How can you take two different videos and join them together and call it a MISTAKE?????????? Deceit backed up with a lie!!!!

          1. MAHB001 says


          2. Frank W Brown says

            Double YAWN!

          3. Rich Girod says

            according to MADB001 all trump lies are “mistakes” …Hilarious-the MADHatter is a giant joke.Everybody who disagree with his unsubstantiated comments is a communist

    2. mrpoohead says

      Think you’ll find their job is money – duh!
      You’re the Goebbels 101 – when did you last emit a fact you could prove with a reputable reference?

      1. SD of AZ says

        poopoohead, why does mahboo1 have to do your research. Get off your dead ass and look for the other posts that will refute your libturd facts. But then, that would negate your purpose on these posts. Quite a load of BS, Troll!

        1. Rich Girod says

          SD of AZ- U R intellectually/physically lazy-What is this , an Easter egg hunt?

        2. mrpoohead says

          I have yet to be refuted with a reputable reference – MAHB001 has yet to provide a fact.

          1. SD of AZ says

            Thought I blocked you troll, you are one of those I would rather not get notes from.

          2. mrpoohead says

            Probably beyond your brain capacity to do that.

    3. Rich Girod says

      Quote you-“The MSM job now is propaganda and deception.” I guess it’s pointless to discuss anything with you since that is the source of credible or (per you- not credible)information-

      I will ask gain as I have many times in the past… what are your sources of information?

      You have never answered this question.

      1. MAHB001 says

        I have answered the question, many times… You just didn’t like the answer.

  4. gotabgood says

    Was it ObamaCare? It seems it might be around

    Congress Wraps Up 2017
    Congress left town after approving a short-term extension of government funding. Big fights await in 2018, but Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell tells NPR repealing the ACA is not a high priority.

    WHAT???? After 8 years of over 50 repeals… now it’s not priority?

  5. Michael Maury says

    seems to me stuck stroke was caught planning the FBI type of sandbagging Donald Trump i do not trust the FBI in this matter there liars and the FBI agent needs prosecuted and the day i depend on the the Washington
    post for my news bury me

    1. Mathew Molk says

      I have called them the FIB for a few years now. And for good reason.

  6. Richard Bruno says

    Why do you guys keep saying Hillary and Obama were investigated? Its pretty clear there was never an investigation whatsoever. Comey let Hillary off with NO INVESTIGATION what is wrong with you liberal dolts. There is no evidence Trump colluded with anything. If you cant see the deep state at work then good god your dumb.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Wrong about the Cackling Witch and commie comey. There are boxcars full of evidence against her. All Sessions has to do is sign the affidavit and send the Federal Marshals to pick her up. A first year law student could get a conviction.

      1. Rich Girod says

        Ask MAHB001(aka MABHatter)- He will tell you he has been demoralized by the commies.

  7. Mark Clemens says

    I know where they got that “Insurance Policy” from…….
    Alex Trabeck!!!!
    He fits the profile.
    1. He peddles all kinds of “Insurance”
    2. He’s from Canada (foreign influence)
    3. He seems kind of Liberal.
    4. He has had Russians on Jeopardy.
    5. HE mentioned Bill Clinton on TV
    6. Just look at his early pictures from the 70’s. Can we really trust that face????

  8. hoosier46 says

    They knew from the get-go that Clinton was colluding with Russia. They had the Trump Dossier to prove it. What they apparently were, and still are, looking for was evidence that Russia was playing both sides of the election. Of course, it was OK for Clinton to collude with the Russians but if the Trump team did too it would be a crime.

  9. drdavis says

    Since this is our FBI a law enforcement branch of the USA who deal with underworld/Mafia crime families “insurance policy ” means to these people the termination or removal or assassination of a person/persons that are not conforming to their ways. There is only one way to take this statement “we need and “Insurance policy” to stop Trump… This came from our FBI one who works with high crimes of the criminal families and they talk their language. Clintons are one of the most law breaking crime families ever in the political world who made it to the White house they have body counts, money laundering and dirty underhanded dealings while in office, Hillary is the leader of this crime family who under minded our DOJ along with the Obama White House. So insurance policy means assassination / bullet in this statement made by those with in. Fools or hypocrites and liars would like to tell you different. We need TERM LIMITS and those on our committees should only be allowed to serve on them no more than one term then replace with new. This could be done any time does not need a constitutional amendment as TERM LIMITS which should be the way to go.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Assassinating the President would galvanize all of us on the Trump Train to the point there would be drum head trials and summary hangings of NWO Marxists starting with eery democrat in congress. . The elitists know this is it the last thing they want. Blow-See, Chuck the Schmuck, and Mad Maxine would be hanging from lap posts. Even Sore-ass shutters when he thinks of what would happen to him.

      Even the NWO Marxists in full panic mode are not THAT stupid.

  10. CUZIN ERN says

    This is how and why tight controls on FBI’S and all others who like families of the past ”who took over the nations voters'” like flies on Horse Shit and,almost collapsed our hard fought for nation!
    This set of facts are found in every History Book ever written and won’t change until the Idiot’s who are allowed to kill off those of our hard fought battles by using the power of the pen dangerously!

  11. Tiger says

    A Coup, like the Resistance. They lost, Trump allowed them to continue the damage to themselves, sadly not a one of them are getting punished, none.

    Trump has been so successful that they are getting rabid now, but since nobody but FOX news talking about it, the “Incredibly Stupid” remain thus.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      They have been in full panic mode sing last November. Just wait until about July. They will be throwing Hail Mary’s like they are going out of style,,,,and just like every stupid stunt they pulled so far they will also blow up in their NWO Faces. They have a wall to climb in just 11 months and days and nothing is going to save them now.

      1. Tiger says

        Amen and even Europe is suffering that and fighting.