What Was the New York Post Thinking?


Racy photographs are not uncommon in the New York Post, the news tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch, but a couple of the paper’s recent covers have many wondering just what in the hell the editors were thinking. On Sunday and Monday, the NY Post published nude modeling photos of Melania Trump, the would-be First Lady. While it doesn’t appear that Melania or Donald Trump mind the pictures, some believe that the covers indicate a changing viewpoint from the conservative Murdoch.

Trump himself was obviously not surprised by the photos, as he is quoted in one of the accompanying articles.

“Melania was one of the most successful models, and she did many photo shoots, including for covers and major magazines,” said the Republican nominee. “This was a picture taken for a European magazine prior to my knowing Melania. In Europe, pictures like this are very fashionable and common.”

The photos are hardly the essence of hardcore porn, but the nudity and the lesbian themes could play poorly with the conservative evangelicals with whom Trump is already struggling. Even if they don’t, you have to wonder: Was Murdoch trying to help Trump, hurt him, or just sell a boatload of papers?

You can’t help but be reminded of a moment in the primaries when a Ted Cruz super PAC released a nude photo of Melania just before the voters in Utah went to the polls. That photo prompted Trump to make some backhanded comments about Cruz’s wife, Heidi, starting a personal feud that still simmers to this day. It was because of this feud, apparently, that Cruz was unable to bring himself to endorse Trump at the Republican National Convention.

As far as Murdoch is concerned, there are plenty of people who worry that his larger day-to-day role in the operation of Fox News will move the channel away from the conservative underpinnings put in place by Roger Ailes. Ailes was forced out last month due to accusations of sexual harassment, and there is evidence that Murdoch’s heirs are much more liberal-minded than he is.

In another era, photos like this would have doomed a Republican presidential candidate. But we’re not in that era anymore, and Trump has already proven immune to many things that would have destroyed a more traditional politician. It’s unlikely that Melania’s nude photos will mean a thing.

But if this heralds a new age for the New York Post (and, perhaps, Fox News), then it’s truly a sad day for conservative media.

  1. MAHB001 says

    And Trump used this to take down Cruz… I hope Trump uses this to take down the liberal MEDIA and restore our election process.

    Fight the Liberal MEDIA at http://www.madashellboycott.com

    1. Tiger says

      Hey my friend take a look who Khan is I wish Trump would spill this then they need to look who Kain is. Both of these guys up to their ears with Muslims Brotherhood. Nobody even talking about this on the news.


      1. MAHB001 says

        If the MEDIA were not corrupt, the headline would be:

        “Democrats invite Muslim Brotherhood to their National Convention.”

        1. Tiger says


          1. Margo Briggs says

            I am for Trump sad Mr. Khan is allowing himself to be a pawn of the DNC but where is proof he is part of Muslim Brotherhood .

          2. LOUIS says

            They are using Khan like they did with Sandra Fluke until after the election and she ran for congress and had a news conference and only 10 people showed up for it. She thought she would get help from the Dem’s they would not even take a call from her. Also the election before Obama, they used Cindy Sheeham to do their dirty work and the same thing happen to her. It’s all about votes.

          3. Gingerbread2 says

            Sandra Fluke was a college student whose friend and roommate needed birth control pills to keep the ovarian cyst from becoming larger. She wanted to have the health insurance company pay for the medication. If one listened to the entire congressional hearing you would have known this. She and her room mate are lesbians so the BC pills were only for the control of the cyst. Since she was not allowed to get them, the cyst grew so big and she had to have a hysterectomy to relieve the pain. You can probably “google” the congressional hearing on that. The media turned it into a “smutty” report – actually is called liable when someone makes false accusations against someone. It is also a teaching of the church not to “bear false witness against thy neighbor.

          4. FREE-STREAM-TV.com says

            What a crock, any doctor would have written prescription for this based on diagnosis of ovarian cyst, and it would have been paid for by insurance, maybe not obamacare, but most health plans would have covered it, so it was made into a typical BS story liberal liars are so well known for. PERIOD

          5. Gingerbread2 says

            She was attending a religious university that didn’t approve in the medical coverage, birth control methods. It’s not a crock if you even work for an religious establishment that they want to not include BC medications. Yet they’ll complain that their employees have to take at least a week off to deliver a child, and then to boot, they won’t pay for that time while she is aware. They might even lay her off without pay and hire someone else. Yes – man’s inhumanity to man.

          6. FREE-STREAM-TV.com says

            What college denies medical care? It has nothing to do with BC, it was a medical issue, not a BC issue, and just because same prescription applies is not a reason to deny care.

          7. DrHarley says

            All she had to do was to have her Gynecologist or GP write her a prescription and it would have been over with. Seems a little phony to me.

          8. keenosmith says

            Absolutely phony, the cost of birth control was minimal, anyone who could afford to attend college could certainly afford them, certainly she or her mate could have bought them.

          9. Gingerbread2 says

            The student medical plan did not cover it as she was a student at a Catholic university or some other religious affiliation. I forget what religious group it was. If Viagra is covered, then logically speaking the pill or other preventive measures should be paid for. You see it was and still is a double standard – men get the paid script and women have to buy what they need outside their medical plan.

          10. MAHB001 says

            Sandra Fluke had one thing in mind when she hit the public stage…

            Her 15 seconds of fame… She pushed a liberal ideology as far as she could with it.

            Again, the MEDIA spun the smutty report into the health care issue that it was not.

          11. Gingerbread2 says

            Obviously you listened to Rush Limbaugh- he too obviously DID NOT even take the time to listen to the Congressional hearing with Sandra Fluke. Of course it took only more than a 1 minute commercial and people’s attention span didn’t want to know the whole story. I watched it on that congressional TV channel – I think it might have run into about 20 minutes of congressional statements. The medication was for her friend who had a cyst on her ovaries and BC pills have something in it to “keep the cyst” from growing larger and causing more pain. They are both lesbians but you wouldn’t know from the one minute news flash. Subsequently the other lady had to have surgery and they had to remove her ovaries because of the extent of the enlarged cyst.

          12. MAHB001 says

            I commend you for watching the Congressional hearing.. I did not. Sorry, I do not watch Rush Limbaugh, but thanks for putting me in his company..

            Fluke was used by the MEDIA and the Elites to push their agenda of 0bamacare. I believe that she was aware of this as well and complacent in the ruse.

            0bamacare was sold on a stack of lies, perhaps Sandra Fluke should consider the company she keeps.

          13. LOUIS says

            I did listen to it and she wanted $3,000.00 a year for tax payers to pay for it. She said they could not pay for it. Above I was talking about the Dem’s using her, she also spoke at the Dem’s convention about “war on women” and after the election they did not do one thing to help her. Did you miss something or was your mind on B/C pills. I didn’t even think of that and I did not know that she was a lesbian. Remember the “Little Sister’s” they did not want to pay or use the morning after pill.

          14. Rosech Levy says

            He is an attorney wanting to bring in more muslims, and he urging and pushing for sharia here. Is that enough info to wake you up! Remember, you can’t even one muslim because they are brainwashed for 1400 years by the words and deeds of their founder Mohamed, so it is now a gene in the DNA!

          15. pappy450 says

            HERE is an Interesting letter that was posted on the internet.
            THIS says it all!

            Copied From;Chris Mark

            US Marine and Navy Veteran.

            Dear Mr. Khan,

            I want to preface this letter by stating that I
            respect your son’s sacrifice for this great nation. By
            all accounts, he is a true hero that sacrificed himself
            in service to our country. For that I am thankful.

            As a veteran, I watched your comments at the
            Democratic National Convention with a mixture of
            sadness, and anger. The United States has a military
            comprised of volunteers. Every single member has made
            the conscious choice to join the military and serve.
            There is not a single service member who has been forced
            into service. It is
            important for all service members (and apparently,
            their families) to understand that service to this
            great nation does not imbue one with special
            privileges or rights. I found your comments troubling
            when you said: “Have you ever been to Arlington
            cemetery? Go look at the graves of brave patriots who
            died defending the United States of America. You will
            see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. You have
            sacrificed nothing and no one.”

            Does it matter whether Mr. Trump has sacrificed
            “…nothing and no one?”…has Ms. Clinton “..sacrificed”
            for this nation? How about Mr. Obama? Your comment
            stating that Mr. Trump “…has sacrifice no one” is
            alarming. Are you intimating that YOU sacrificed? Sir,
            your son willingly sacrificed himself. As a father I
            cannot imagine the pain you must feel but his
            sacrifice is his own. He was not forced to serve.

            I am troubled that you would allow a party that
            has little more than contempt for the US Service
            Member to parade you into the DNC to denounce Donald
            Trump. Did you watch when protesters at the DNC booed
            and heckled Medal of Honor recipient Capt. Florent
            Groberg? Did you notice your party interrupting the
            moment of silence for slain police officers? Your own
            hypocrisy in not denouncing these acts and instead
            using the DNC as a platform to make a political point
            is disgraceful. The simple fact is that whether one
            served or sacrificed does not give greater power to
            their statements. One vote is as valuable as another.
            That sir, is why our Country is great. Your
            condemnation of one person for a statement while
            standing idly as your party disparages veterans and
            police officers is the height of hypocrisy.

            To conflate the need to prevent potential
            terrorists from entering our country with the belief
            that ‘all Muslims’ should be banned is simply wrong
            and disingenuous. As a reminder, Mr. Trump said: ”
            “Until we are able to determine and understand this
            problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country
            cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people
            that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of
            reason or respect for human life,” The irony of your
            son’s own death at the hands of these very people in
            Iraq should not be ignored. I have little doubt that
            your son would have recognized the need to protect our
            country from these very people. In fact, he held is
            own troops back so that he could check on a suspicious
            car. Your son understood sacrifice and how to protect
            “his people”…’his soldiers’….’his fellow Americans’…

            As you continue to make the media circuit and bask
            in the glow of affection cast upon you by a party that
            has little regard for your son’s own sacrifice, and
            veterans in general, I would ask you to consider your
            comments and your position more closely.


            Chris Mark

            US Marine and Navy Veteran.

          16. David Gould says

            Way to go Chris.ACOULDN’t have said it any better myself.

          17. barbara says

            Great reply and tribute. Thank you.

          18. Aware says


          19. Michael Bellinger says

            Errr Rahhhh!!!!!

          20. Kurt Hanssen says

            very well said, he must be aware of Killarys involvement in that war she was a part of starting, just like Libya, and Syria, she is a war monger, and we got to at all cost keep her out of the WH.

          21. Michael Bellinger says

            Khan is a Sharia Law loving Muslim. He is a NY lawyer that fast tracks muslim immigrants into the US. He is a member of the muslim brotherhood. Proven fact.

          22. Tiger says

            That is all that H is along with O’s cabinet.

        2. Gingerbread2 says

          I don’t think he was invited. If he was, he had the option of not being present at the convention if he didn’t want to be there. He wasn’t forced to that’s for sure. The whole matter for Mr. Khan was simple. Here is an American family whose son’s sacrificed his life for the rest of us, American citizens. He wanted to show the positive message that not all Muslims are terrorists. I think people here got lost on the message. Granted that there are over 16 million Muslims world-wide, only a handful or so are ISIS – and ISIS is not a religion but a terrorist group.

          1. Rosech Levy says

            Don’t sugarcoat Khan until you know a lot more of this jihadist muslim. His son had an argument and disagreement with them and went off to be an American soldier, and now they want to idolize him when they know he was not a real muslim any more? I honor the son because of the dishonor of his parents. Huge article on Khan and who he really is. Same for Kaine. Both involved with the Clintons and both sued as dogs for Clintons because they don’t love anybody but themselves and money, honey. Everyone else is just a usable tool, mainly to confound people who will believe anything, just like you.

          2. William Thompson says

            Khan is nothing more than a low life drum beater for Hillary..

          3. FREE-STREAM-TV.com says

            What got lost is the fact he is on mission to stop Trump for he is lawyer helping Muslims get into country through amnesty. Trump would effectively kill his practice, so always follow the money, not the liberal liar BS. PERIOD

          4. noBS says

            Finally, somebody mentioned his true motives.

          5. Gingerbread2 says

            Anybody can say anything – it doesn’t make it true. We hear stories all the time and 95% of them are not true. If someone told you the sky was orange, would you believe that? If someone told you that the earth is flat, would you also believe that? Here say is not facts.

          6. Susan Brereton says

            also khan has defended clients for selling visas illegally into the U.S

          7. Kurt Hanssen says

            You are so right, Kahn is an emigration lawyer, so Trumps no Muslim Policy will kill his law practis, but he got a secon income, he work for Killary foundation together with Huma abedin, they are both Soudie spys.

          8. Richard Pope says

            . . . . Nope. You have missed the point. If you are a ‘muslim’ then you automatically support the aims of ISIS. Everybody else is an infidel. All infidel must be converted or killed. If you don’t support these aims then you are not a muslim. It is that cut and dry.
            . . . . If you are a Christian, you live the way that Jesus’ would have lived. You don’t lie, gamble, smoke, abuse drugs, drink to access, cheat, or steal. You have compassion and love for everyone. Yes, you will make mistakes but what I listed are not mistakes. They are willful disobedience.
            . . . . ISIS is just following the dictates of the Quran. But that makes them a mortal enemy of the civilized world. This threat to all of us is worst than the threat from Hitler.
            . . . . So to recap. A muslim wants to convert or kill all of us. So called moderate muslims don’t exist.
            GOD Bless,

          9. Gingerbread2 says

            ISIS is a terrorist group. If what you think is true – then by all accounts 1.6 million of them should have been at our front door decades ago. Muslims don’t “automatically” support ISIS. I know what a Christian is supposed to be, following in the footsteps of Jesus. However, Mr. Trump does not in any way follow the Christian values. There are more things to being a Christian than calling oneself that, – “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Then there are the 10 corporal deeds, the Ten Commandments, the Acts of the Apostles, contrition, etc. Yes Christians are supposed to “love one another” and not be so hateful as we have witnessed lately. Yes most Muslims in this country are moderates. We live among them. If you think all Muslims are ISIS, then how about Muhammad Allie, various other prominent American people. I guess you would also consider all good Indians are “dead Indians” in the old west days.

          10. Richard Pope says

            . . . . You just don’t get it. You need professional help and deprogramming. There is no such thing as a moderate muslim. Either you are a muslim and in full support of the Quran or you are not. If you are muslim then all infidels and this includes all of the so called moderate muslims need to be be converted or killed. It is that simple.
            . . . . ISIS didn’t attack us directly because they know that they won’t be able to defeat the US and our military in a direct confrontation. They are infiltrating our country. We have a muslim and a traitor in the WH right now. He is furthering the aims of ISIS by allowing them to enter the country by the tens of thousands.
            . . . . We are starting to see the fruits of barrack is doing. The attack in FL, CA, CO, TX, and else where. This is just the start. What is happening in Europe is a preview to what is going to happen here. They have conquered large parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. The have also conquered some of Asia. China will be the tough one. But once they get their hands on nuclear weapons that won’t be hard. They’ll blow China, Russa, and NK up. They might use them on AU also.
            . . . . Don’t kid yourself this is possible scenario that is closer to reality then most people want to accept. GOD help us all if hilary wins. The US will no longer exist and then civilization will fall. The dark ages that will occur will make the middle ages look like a bight sunny spring day.
            Please go get help.
            GOD Bless,

          11. Spunky says

            She is brain damaged – you can waste your breath all you want – she has no argument – she probably is a paid troll that Hilldog has hired to jump on website blogs and spew their lies

          12. Richard Pope says

            I have to agree with you. I just felt that I should try and open her mind so that she can see what is really happening. Oh well!
            GOD Bless,

          13. Margo Briggs says

            WAKE UP

          14. MAHB001 says

            Kahn called out Republicans and Trump by name… The speech was not a unifying speech, and I am not sure his motives were as simple as you might think.

            Kahns entire speech was born out of liberal progressive talking points, and even his basic assumptions about Trump, the Republican party where wrong.

            That kind of ignorance happens when the MEDIA spend 50x more time on things like his speech than on Patricia Smiths speech at the Republican convention.

            And that is why I fight the Liberal MEDIA : http://www.madashellboycott.com

            If all of us were provided all of the information, We the People could make informed decisions and speeches.

          15. ourzoo10 says

            The DNC used him as a ‘bait dog’…to keep their own hands clean….

          16. MAHB001 says

            His hands are dirty too, nobody is that stupid.

          17. ourzoo10 says

            Oh, I dunno, with 1400 years of inbreeding, I wouldn’t doubt it.

          18. Gingerbread2 says

            It unified the country against the awful way Trump expressed himself about this family. He brought it upon himself. If only he had the “patience” and skill to keep silent for once, this would have been a footnote and forgotten. Kahn speech spoke truth to what Trump is all about. It may not have “unified” the Trumpers, but it was not acceptable behavior on DT’s part and even Mitch McConnell and other GOP leaders called him out on it. One does not have “make assumptions” about DT. He is so outspoken, his words speak for themselves. No one needs to be coached in making up remarks about DT, DT does it for all.

          19. MAHB001 says

            Actually, it did not unify anybody, divide maybe, but unify definitely not. There was very little truth in Kahns speech and if the MEDIA was doing their job properly, you would know that.
            Your liberal MEDIA does you no favors by ignoring the majority of the story, that just leaves the left uneducated.

          20. Pablo Schmidt says

            McConnell isnt a republican , hes butt hurt cause his backstabbing group didnt break Trumps run…hes a freakin RINO…u know what that is right? REPUBLICAN IN NAME ONLY…the same clowns who let the current MUSLIM IN CHARGE break every rule in the constitution KHAN hilariously claims he knows…first that paper hadnt been opened once…and second I learned mine in school…as did most AMERICANS…he only had his because he uses it to break our immigration laws…as for the mom..I believe really had grief…but only because the idiot dad drug her thru this AGAIN…moron…

          21. Gingerbread2 says

            I have a pocket sized edition of the US Constitution. It comes in handy, so what he had a copy too. Most Americans are not aware of the many pages and how much has been added to the original Constitution known as amendments. So what is your point? He researched this information, that makes him a ‘bad’ person in your view? Congress has blocked practically everything in the last 8 years as we all know and its’ approval rating is somewhere around 19%. Most Americans, unfortunately don’t know much about history and important matters. Interviews with young folks about various topics as simple as: What is the Capital of the United States? – The answers were unbelievable with one even standing in the capital saying he doesn’t know and took a guess, which was wrong. Our educational system is a failure and no one seems to care.

          22. ourzoo10 says

            Uh, I believe Mr Kahn attacked Trump…Trump didn’t say anything negative about Khan until later…

          23. Gingerbread2 says

            That’s the point – Trump responded. His best plan would have been to just say nothing and by that Saturday morning after the DNC convention – no one, and I mean no one would be talking about Khan.

          24. J.B.Jacobs says

            How do you know what Trump said wasn’t true. She was standing there dressed in Muslin clothing not saying a word. It’s quite possible she was not allowed to say anything because of the Muslim belief that a woman cannot do anything in public without permission of a man.

          25. Gingerbread2 says

            But she did do an interview on national TV the next day. She spoke with them on air one on one. Can’t you figure it out? She’s a mom, who griefs is still very strong and to stand before a huge crowd would be hard to speak about a loss in her family. It is grief that will never go away whenever your child dies before you. I guess most people don’t have empathy for grieving parents. I would be also skiddish speaking in front of a crowd knowing my skills in public speaking are not good and I was born here.I would probably let my husband or other family member speak for the family.

          26. Michael Bellinger says

            You will always be on that DNC kool aid. Dip sh-t.

          27. Michael Bellinger says

            YOU are very sick on DNC kool aid.

          28. Gingerbread2 says

            Sorry but words from Trump’s mouth are not assumptions when it is on the tv, other media formats. Trump is always speaking about negative things so it is not news that he added one more derogatory comment… and then later says he didn’t say them. Almost sounds like his predecessor Mitt Romney. He flip flopped daily and from town to town on the same day…but at least Mitt has class. He only spoke on issues and not made fun of people nor spoke ill of other nationalities like DT does.

          29. MAHB001 says

            Words from EVERY-BODIES mouths are being twisted around right now.

            Do your research, do not take what you hear on TV or print media as the truth.. Check multiple sources and never rely on one source of information to base your comments on.

            It is apparent to me that you are being feed crap from the MEDIA.

          30. DrHarley says

            I think you should have said 1.6 billion Muslims in the world.

          31. J.B.Jacobs says

            It was not just about his son. It was a political speech where he used his son’s death to go after Trump. Trump did not kill his son. Trump had nothing to do with us getting into the Iraq war. He degraded what his son did by using his death to try to put Trump down. Disgusting. He should be ashamed of himself.

          32. Michael Bellinger says

            You need to wake up, get off the kool aid and check facts. Kahn was invited by the DNC, He is a sharia loving muslim that his job is to fast track immigrant muslims (syrians) plus others into the US. Hope none are moved next door to you!

        3. FREE-STREAM-TV.com says

          Exactly, Muslim brotherhood and black lives matter, not my grandfathers democratic party, nor should it be anyone’s party any longer. Disgusting to see these liberal liars trying to gin up resentment of Trump making an issue where there was none. PATHETIC…….WAKE UP AMERICA.

          1. Gingerbread2 says

            “trying to gin up resentment of Trump”? He does his own “gin up all by himself with his hateful rhetoric. And then blames others when they reply to his hateful remarks. He is too thin skinned, having to reply to every one’s word by Tweet. Republicans don’t even like him – that tells you something. Trump makes his own deep hole – no need to help him – it is facts that must be addressed. He is not fit for the job. I don’t like HRC either.

        4. Gingerbread2 says

          One person speaking does not constitute a “Brotherhood”.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Really? Is that what you think?

        5. Kurt Hanssen says

          Remember that NObama became an Honorary member of the Muslim brother hood when he gave 16. fighter jets + 100. Billion $. to the Muslim brother hood in Egypt. Besides, Kahn works for the Clinton foundation, and is close with Huma Abedin, think Kahn is a Soidie like Huma.

          1. Gingerbread2 says

            Yep, even the famous Koch Brothers are NOT backing Trump, they are ultra conservatives, rich deep pockets. Don’t you think it strange that they are not backing another multi millionaire?

          2. Kurt Hanssen says

            The Coco brothers has controlled this government for to long, they are fully aware they can not control Trump, but, I’ support Trump, and people like me, and Trump is our next President with or without the coco’s. all the billionars stans behind Killary, because that lady take bribes. She run on greed.$$$$$$ always did, and always will.

      2. Aware says

        Interesting…..thanks for sharing. Needs to be in mainstream media.

        1. Sarah Melcher says

          Needs to be proven first.

          1. Aware says

            Don’t worry!!! Wasn’t my only source.

          2. MAHB001 says

            If the data was against a Conservative, it does not have to be proven first…

            Why do you accept the discrepancy?

          3. keenosmith says

            Proven? It could not be more proven, it is their belief and the whole world knows it.

        2. MAHB001 says

          I think the Mainstream MEDIA was already aware of this and ignoring this story is just another example of bias by omission by the left. stream MEDIA.

          Fight the lefts MEDIA at http://www.madashellboycott.com

        3. Tiger says

          Not a word. Not a word anywhere.

      3. Richard Pope says

        . . . . I don’t ever hold any thing over someones head for something done that is completely out of their control. Donald didn’t know what his wife to be, was doing before they met.
        . . . . Thank-you for the info on the father and the fact that he is a muslim. No wonder that his wife wouldn’t talk. Of course to make Donald look bad she stood there later on and told lies at the direction of her husband. BTW. They would have been disgraced by their sons action, so the whole thing was a lie and an act. How stupid do the communist of this country really think we are.
        GOD Bless,

        1. Tiger says

          Well Richard apparently they think most Americans are stupid or they wouldn’t have tried this. But sadly not one news station is carrying the story.

      4. Angela Worden says

        PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE IN THIS SHOEBAT LINK. This country is at stake!!

        1. Tiger says


    2. ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist says


      1. MAHB001 says

        Without the MEDIA, the emperor has no clothes…

        Destroy the MEDIA: Join http://www.madashellboycott.com

  2. Tiger says

    She was young and that is the modeling business so they need to forget it.

    1. Gingerbread2 says

      Why is a “need” to forget this? As Christians, or so-called ones, this type of behavior would not be allowed for any other candidate who is running. It would be against their religious beliefs to expose oneself to the public. The Christians supposedly value “modesty”. I am a Christian but oppose this “just accept” it because it is Donald’s wife. If you believe we should forget, then the Republicans should forget the misconduct of Bill. Trump also had a mistress when he was married to his first wife, and then the mistress became his 2nd wife.

      1. Bobby Harris says

        You are preaching to a bunch of hypocritical idiots who should be kicked out of this country. They really believe Trump is just as moronic as they are, they give him credit for being intelligence but they are to dumb too see just how intelligence he is. He is saying and doing just what they want to hear and see . If Trump is elected he will be the scorn of the comments here because he will do none of the things that he said that got them all excited.

        1. Theresa Hall-Klos says

          AND if Clinton is elected? If you do not vote at all, you are voting for Clinton. Whether you think Mr. Trump will do what he says or not, we already know WHAT HILLARY WILL DO. Is that what you want? What has Trump done to hurt YOU personally? What has he done to hurt America? What CRIMES has he committed? Use the same standard for Clinton.

          1. Bobby Harris says

            Trump hasn’t done any thing to hurt me personally but then neither has Clinton. I don’t know what gave you the ideal that I would not be voting and yes Clinton is my choice by far. What has Clinton done to hurt you personally or America? Because you are accused of a crime doesn’t make you a criminal if that was the case then Trump is also a criminal. Trump lost my attention when he started calling his opponents names and acting like an immature kid, at minimum if you are seeking the highest office in the land at least act like an adult. Apply the same standards for Trump as any other president.

          2. Theresa Hall-Klos says

            To be GUILTY of a CRIME makes you a criminal whether or not you have used influence and power to get away with your crimes. If you believe Hillary Clinton has not hurt America and Americans then you are part of the problem. Calling names has been in politics since the beginning of time, GROW UP. Clinton, Obama, the others who are pushing for the NWO, want to destroy America. Is the banter between candidates more important to you than their character?

          3. Bobby Harris says

            What crime is Clinton guilty of and how has she hurt Americans and America ? If you are going to answer do it with facts, ie, she was found guilty in a court of law, and if you are going to say she used influence and money provide your sources. If you think that acting like a six year old is approiate behavior for someone running for president of the USA then you need to grow up. No other candidates engaged in Trump’s childish antics. Trump’s behavior speaks to his character, or more appropriately, lack of character, example, mocking a handicapped individual. That’s character? Trump is telling you who he is. Believe him.

          4. Bachelor With Sense says

            OMG Bobby, you obviously have NOT read anything about the CRIME of TREASON… Giving Aid AND Comfort to the Enemy.

            I will pray for you because you need to wake up, but I don’t think that the prayers will help you.

            Go see Clinton’s America at any movie theater OR Listen to it for FREE on YouTube! You will either leave the Democrat Plantation, or you will remain a Slave until Christ returns in the Clouds.

          5. Bobby Harris says

            If memory serves me right people who commit such crimes are at least charged with these crimes, tried in a court of law and sentenced to time in jail. I don’t recall that happening, please refresh my memory so I don’t remain a Slave. Don’t confuse fact with fiction.

      2. Theresa Hall-Klos says

        Melania did nothing ILLEGAL. Can you say that about the Clintons? I think “misconduct” is not what was done. “CRIMINAL” That is the issue. I am a Christian, and it is not my behavior that saves me. It is the saving Grace of Jesus who died on the cross for all our sins. I fail God everyday, SO DO YOU. ALL have sinned…..but I know I am forgiven. Why are Christians pointing fingers at the sins and flaws of others? We would get very weary if we pointed at the flaws of the people sitting in the pews. We are not electing a minister for our church. We are choosing a President for our Country. The choice is Clinton or Trump.

        1. Gingerbread2 says

          Initial thought not to reply to you. However, whenever it is a Democratic candidate they (GOP) make “much ado” about their religious affiliations. If one can criticize one candidate then it stands to reason that when another candidate comes up for election – we have the right to say this about the other party. It is only fair since the Republicans like to be informed as to what and how someone’s religious background is when it comes to Democratic candidates. It’s fair play – or “what goes around, comes around” attitude by the opposing party. Fair enough right? My personal opinion on presidential candidates is that it shouldn’t matter what religious beliefs or none if they so choose – should make for choosing that candidate. When we go to a job interview, we are interviewed on our ability to do the job. The prospective employer never, ever asks “what religious background you believe in and how much “faith” you put into it, so why do our national consensus have to “know” how religious or what religion a particular candidate has for running as president?

          1. Theresa Hall-Klos says

            I believe YOU were the one bringing Christianity into the conversation. We shouldn’t vote for Trump because Melania, as a professional model, posed for a French magazine before Trump met her. So because she did so, she is just as bad as Mr. and Mrs. Clinton who raped and sexually assaulted and harassed dozens of women and then threatened and terrorized them if they told. Oh yeah, that’s the same.

      3. Tiger says

        The American people already forgot about Billy and his actions and my guess many Christians will vote for Hillary.

        As to Trump’s wife don’t Christians forgive? She has not lived that life in years.

        At least Trump divorced his wife and married the mistress instead of living a lie.

        How many Christians in church every Sunday gossiping, cheating etc. Thought you Christians not supposed to judge. Boy Howdy that isn’t the Jesus I know.

  3. JoAnn Leichliter says

    If you think these are a bit much, check out what is easily accessible online for Mrs. Rupert Murdoch.

  4. Brenda says

    Not a problem for me

  5. kbmiller says

    I’d rather see Melania than either HillBilly Clinton.

    1. riverstrat . says

      Clinton’s Cankles have their own zip codes. They will never again
      be shown in public.

      1. kbmiller says

        I wish you could guarantee that about her 2 A$$HOLE bosses, her hillbilly husband and halfbreed president.

    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      You insult hillbillies! ??

      1. riverstrat . says

        I’m sure it was unintentional, and when ‘I’ say Hillary’s Cankles have their own
        zip codes I mean no disrespect to zip codes.
        Remember when Hillary tried talking ‘hillbillie’ / ‘hick’ to the southerners….
        omg, what abject fail……☺☺

      2. kbmiller says

        You’re right. Sorry hillbillies.

  6. CaptTurbo says

    No worries. Just imagine a similar photo of Her Thighness, the Duchess of Chaffington, Queen of the Black Lie … and then make your choice.

    1. tnetcenter says

      That constitutes TORTURE and it is illegal!

      1. CaptTurbo says

        Haven’t you noticed that laws don’t matter anymore?

  7. Ken says says

    Murdoch Conservative – ha ha ha – That’s not what they said when he was thrown out of the United Kingdom several years ago. He was considered an asshole and nothing has changed. Murdoch is just pulling a Ted Cruz and trying to get back at Trump for costing him Millions when Trump told FOX to shove it with their debates + Trump didn’t waste millions in advertising dollars to line the Establishment pockets. That is a double loss for them. The other MSM are letting Murdoch be their “bad boy”.


    1. jackhy says

      To Ken says: I’m all in for Trump, I have been a Republican since Eisenhower, but I favored other candidates until Trump won out. Now I hope Newt can ‘school’ the Donald in the next few months in how to win an election and not just piss off voter groups as he seems to be doing!! The big hurdle is how to defeat the entrenched DNC, the Washington establishment, the socialist Liberal press, the Clinton mega donors and their foundation scam, and the welfare gimme group! A tall order, right?

      1. T6Harvard says

        Tall, yes, but Newt can DO it……..please?

        1. BILL3000 says

          Newt’s Name says it All: Newt IS a NEWT.

      2. Rosech Levy says

        He is not pissing us off, but your thinking is, jackhy. We want him to speak what we think and would love to say and that is why he will be good for America with those who expect a political approach but find a huuuge tank coming after them.

      3. William Thompson says


        1. Jim Bongiovi says

          The only Commie I see is YOU.

          1. Gingerbread2 says

            Right – because here is the explanation for those that don’t know the difference. A communist is not a capitalist nor a Democrat, nor Republican. You cannot be both. Communism is: 1. Any economic theory or system based on the ownership of all property by the community as a whole. OR 2. as a stage of socialism as a whole and formulated by Marx, Engels, Lenin – to be characterized by a classless and stateless society or the form of government in the USSR, China, and other socialist states, a one party political structure. (Webster’s – New World Dictionary, 2nd edition). People seem to mix this word up and use it to define what they don’t like rather than explaining further. Hope this helps.

          2. Jim Bongiovi says

            I was only responding to his calling Obama a commie and commie msm, If you want to address someone about commie, I suggest you say something to William Thompson.

          3. 81537 says

            Just curious, how would you describe O?

          4. Donald Evans says

            True, Obama isn’t a commie. He is much worse.

          5. Jim Bongiovi says

            That’s your opinion, historians claim he is the greatest president of all time, and good luck with your backing of a liar, hipocrat , thief, that’s Trump to a tee.

          6. Gerry Costa says

            Are you totally out of your mind ????? Name these so-called historians — you are full of crap right up to your ears. Your hypocrite, thief, LIAR describes obozo exactly.

          7. Jim Bongiovi says

            I can see you are a repuke, only the repukes are in denial, as for LIAR, that fits you perfectly and all the name calling you and your repuke friends won’t change a thing.

          8. Gerry Costa says

            You don’t see very well – do you. I am NOT a repub or demoSCUM. As for name calling — did you read your post calling Trump all those names that fit obozo and clinton perfectly. Oh wait — I forgot — libtards and demoSCUM see, read and hear only what they want and leave the rest out. I didn’t call you any names but I certainly am able to if you insist.

          9. Jim Bongiovi says

            Well Gerry, I forgot you are the asshole who hates the United States.

          10. Linda Shelton says

            Looks more like a troll to me

          11. Gingerbread2 says

            I agree – trolls just make up crap.

          12. Sandy0 says

            Name-calling expresses only opinions. You Lose

          13. Gerry Costa says

            I never lose — libtard.

          14. David in MA says

            you sound like the AKlady, are you her with a name change?

          15. donS2 says

            What do you mean, your the one backing Hillary.

          16. S.D.Roberts says

            “Historians” claim he’s the greatest president of all time? Really? I’d like you to name one mainstream, moderate, not from some liberal bastion of academia that fosters the same progressive bovine fecal matter being shoved down the throats of our kids in colleges and universities today. I’m a history buff. I subscribe to all kinds of media outlets even the MSM. His approval ratings are in the tank and have been for quite some time. He’s sold us out to Oranges He even on foreign trade, domestic economic policies, trillions of dollars in debt, ACA, “war on terror” both here and abroad, just recently he gave orders for it to be made public where border patrol agents weren’t allowed to pick up Illegals in our own country! Does this sound like a great president who has the best interests of country at heart? Just recently he refused to veto a bill that would’ve capped the automatic raises for life in paying exiting presidents in essence their salaries as a pension for life! This is a great president? I think not.

          17. T6Harvard says

            Having seen/lived with US presidents from FDR on, I feel qualified to say that Obama is little more than a symbolic impostor. His qualifications are that he is black, tall, can wear an expensive suit and read. He is really not very bright and is an embarrassment to my country and to yours.

          18. Jim Bongiovi says

            I too have been around since FDR, as for qualified,he is more qualified than the worst president in history G.W. Bush, and far more qualified than that person the repukes have running now, as for him, he is driving everyone out of the repuke party and running to Clinton, check out your repuke party.

          19. T6Harvard says

            Jimmy, boy, I feel your ignorance is terminal. Are your things in order?

          20. Jim Bongiovi says

            You’re too far gone, the repukes have fried your brain, if you had one.

          21. T6Harvard says

            Jimmy, clearly, and for you, sadly, you have no idea of my credentials. But that’s happiness, right? Ignorance?

          22. Jim Bongiovi says

            You’re ignorance surprises me, and for your credentials, they don’t amount to a hill of beans, anyone who thinks he’s a grad of Harvard is God’s gift to the world is sadly mistaken, so take your credentials and you know what to do with them.

          23. T6Harvard says

            Jimmy, a “Harvard” is an aircraft, not merely an Ivy League incubator. I did go to an eastern school, however, where we were taught the difference between possessives and contractions. As in “your” vs “you’re”. You’re come.

          24. Jim Bongiovi says

            My error on the your

          25. T6Harvard says

            da nada, Senor

          26. S.D.Roberts says

            Still waiting on the name(s) of those impartial mainstream historians who objectively and analytically categorizes the presidency of a biracial muslim of dubious birthright and citizenship as great? (Crickets… Crickets… crickets…crickets. Yeah that’s what I thought.)

          27. Jim Bongiovi says

            I saw that back in January, sorry I didn’t keep the article.

          28. Jerry says

            Have you ever seen any of his so called qualifications ?? Because no one else has, he has refused to provide them…….

          29. Gingerbread2 says

            Show us where. I have this gallup poll on the POTUS


          30. David in MA says

            Joe Biden and Harry Reid thinks he is great.

          31. T6Harvard says

            Now there’s a pair of references.

          32. Gingerbread2 says

            Go HERE to check it out – His approval ratings are shown: http://www.gallup.com/poll/116479/Barack-Obama-Presidential-Job-Approval.aspx

          33. Sandy0 says

            Nope. YOU name one objective, respected historian who yells as you do.

          34. alreadytold says

            A bit early for that, but in time, he will not be considered great. Only the fools think him great, and we don’t have a shortage of those.

          35. CHrollCHum says

            In the words of the great alreadytold, “takes one to know one.”

          36. Jerry says

            They have got to be “historians” from the Communist Bloc countries. There is not one valid historian in this country who thinks he was the greatest, unless you mean the greatest failure……….

          37. David in MA says

            How can this be, he has not passed into history yet.
            Besides Obama is the biggest loser and worst president America has ever had, he is an illegal immigrant and not an American citizen, he should never had been elected. This Obama is worse than jimmy carter.

          38. Jim Bongiovi says

            That’s where you are wrong, G.W.Bush already has that title as the worst president in history.

          39. David in MA says

            Nope, jimmy carter held it for years, now Obama has taken it.

          40. Katherine sienna says

            Commie ism plus muslim ism.

          41. Gingerbread2 says

            It is referred to as communism, not commie ism.

          42. Katherine sienna says

            You have no sense of humor. I also like to call them dummie ism. Soon there will be a term hiLiAR ism to call those who lie constantly and deaf to other’s ears that put them to sleep like Bill at HiLIARy’s an hour lying speech

          43. Gingerbread2 says

            Satire in the written form does not come across the page like a “live” commentary would. It seems to happen a lot these days – people sounding like they are being sarcastic when in actuality they are using satire.

          44. Katherine sienna says

            Yes I am being sarcastic. Don’t you think the whole thing with crooked hiLIARy and her communist friends including the Chinese government are a big joke!

          45. Kurt Hanssen says

            Some people is to stupid to understand.

          46. Kurt Hanssen says

            Billy boy diden’t want to listen to that crap, and he made a statement to one of the guards, he was not able to stand her voice much longer, join the club.

          47. Katherine sienna says

            I can’t stand her squeaky voice either. She is everything that disgust me: her big mouth dropping jaw laugh, her dog bark, her Mao Tse Tong walk and Mao’s jacket. Of course her lying and corruption are deadly to Americans and AMERICA ( and her Arab Spring is destroying the peace in the middle east )

          48. Gingerbread2 says

            He’s a capitalist! Imagine that!

          49. Gerry Costa says

            You’re right obozo is not a commie — he is a radical muslim. As far as the msm goes, they are nothing short of disgusting pathetic biased misreporting scum bags. As for Thompson — his description of the “witch” and her group of criminals(demoSCUM party) is pretty accurate.

          50. David in MA says

            Many of Obama’s moves are communist in nature.

          51. Gerry Costa says

            Won’t argue that point !!!

          52. kadow3490 says

            He’s more then a communist believe me !
            He’s evil through and through leading his children into hell.
            Didn’t take a bite out of the Apple they ate the whole thing Following him. We are living in the end times for sure .

          53. Gingerbread2 says

            How? Like trying to get the Lilly Ledbetter Act passed so that women get paid the same salary for doing the same jobs as men? That is communism, not. Wanting every person to have the right to vote, yep another communistic idea. Communism is a one-state style government. Our government consists of three separate jurisdictions: Congress- the Legislative Branch, , the Judicial Branch, and the Executive Branch – President. We are a two party system where in the Communists only have one, and that is not capitalism. Communism is: 1. Any economic theory or system based on the ownership of all property by the community as a whole.

          54. Sandy0 says

            Friend Gingerbread2, please listen to my thoughts about not responding to those who slam others with name-calling because they have no Facts to support their angry statements. First Amendment allows this because this is America. In my opinion, responding logically won’t make a dent in the concrete. bless your heart for trying tho!

          55. Gingerbread2 says

            Sandy0 – I know that but letting them just get away with telling false narratives is un-Christian. “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Anyway Thanks. I do have this message from a Pastor in Germany that reads: Pastor Niemöller (1892–1984)
            He was a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven(7) years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.
            Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation:
            “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Socialist.
            Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
            Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Jew.
            Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

            The quotation stems from Niemöller’s lectures during the early postwar period. These words would certainly apply in today’s hate filled atmosphere. We all need to stand up to the bullies in this world. To sit idly by as this pastor did, will only have history repeat itself.

          56. David in MA says

            get your head out of your ass and see reality.

          57. Gingerbread2 says

            I just explained reality to you –

          58. pappy450 says

            Maybe you had better look at how “dear leader” is running things. Going around Congress and making /changing laws (because they don’t “agree” with his every SICK whim) judges legislating from the bench, unconstitutional “executive orders”
            the list goes on and on. One person/party seems to be running the whole show (OSCUMBAG and his muslime minions) May not be, BUT Looks pretty close to Communism to me!

          59. Gingerbread2 says

            George W. Bush Total 291 36 8.00 13198 – 13488

            William J. Clinton Total 364 46 8.00 12834 – 13197 I 200 50 4.00 12834 – 13033 II 164 41 4.00 13034 – 13197

            Barack Obama Total 203 33 6.08 13489 – 13691
            GWB and WJC have more Executive Orders and they are not unconstitutional by any means.
            P.S. – Re: one person/party is not running the whole show. If you don’t know that Congress has the lowest rating of 19% – with the GOP being the obstructionists by vowing since day one back in 2008 – (8 Years) to block any and everything Obama sends to them for approval. That is some Congressional record and a terrible way to conduct government business. Those are the ones you should be upset with, not one President – not any President – no matter which party, if Congress does not meet in the middle and reach across the aisle.

          60. pappy450 says

            SO you think shoving Oscumbag care down our throats (by SCUMOCRAT “VOTE” ONLY) and telling us we can “keep” our Doctor and medical plan was truthful. THEN changing the LAW SEVERAL TIMES all by his lonesome? That isn’t the way a Constitutional Republic operates. And “going around” Congress at every turn because he was having a hissy-fit like a little CHILD because he couldn’t get “his way” was “presidential”? Get real and stop drinking the liberal kool-aid and open your eyes for once in your life. REALITY just MIGHT set in and you can probably see the forest for the trees.

          61. Kurt Hanssen says

            Don’t forget, NObama got more presidental orders than all the presidents since Eisenhower, and they are more powerful than executive orders.

          62. Sandy0 says

            Pres. Obama has coolly endured the Other Party’s determined obstinence for 8 years, all the while doing what he can to get America back on economic track and provide safety for the population, even those who disagree (quite different from trump). Not to say I agree with all, but on the whole he’s certainly not inflicted the Other Party’s harms on our Nation.

            LET’S START ELECTING ADULTS down ticket as well as at the Top. Let’s.

          63. David in MA says

            Obama has only one vision: Destroy America.

          64. Sandy0 says

            So far, PRESIDENT Obama, must have failed at doing anything but resurrecting USA after Republicans in bed w/Wall Street tried to kill it.

          65. Sandy0 says

            gosh, here’s another Loser, using name-calling and labeling as his defense. Losing credibility at the get-go, he has Lost his case. Ignore speech from those who spout off without facts/evidence. He’s entitled to his Opinion, but not entitled to make up Facts. he Loses, too.

          66. Gerry Costa says

            Ever think you might be the only loser here ?????

          67. Randy Rogers says

            Obama is a Marxist Muslim though.

          68. Gingerbread2 says

            A communist is not a capitalist nor a Democrat, nor Republican. You cannot be both. Communism is: 1. Any economic theory or system based on the ownership of all property by the community as a whole. OR 2. as a stage of socialism as a whole and formulated by Marx, Engels, Lenin – to be characterized by a classless and stateless society or the form of government in the USSR, China, and other socialist states, a one party political structure. (Webster’s – New World Dictionary, 2nd edition). People seem to mix this word up and use it to define what they don’t like rather than explaining further. Hope this helps.

          69. Randy Rogers says

            Obama is a Marxist Muslim

          70. Katherine sienna says

            Obama 2 Kenyan fathers were both muslim communists Fact check it yourself

          71. Gingerbread2 says

            Sorry I must have hit the wrong person. Yes it was meant for William Thompson.

          72. Sandy0 says

            Might not want to be defensive against Gingerbread..you’re both on same page. Good for YOU!

          73. Diane says

            Obama is a Marxist/Communist fool. He was raised by communist, mother, grandparents and his mentor was a famous communist named Frank Marshall Davis. Valerie Jarrett is communist along with Bill Ayers.

          74. Jim Bongiovi says

            You must know this because you’re a communist since you know all of the are communists.

          75. Katherine sienna says

            Excusez moi? I came from a communist country, before communism, it was socialism, before socialism it was liberalism/ demonrat ism. They are all one Big ONE. Learn history or move to commie countries to search their path to communism you ignorant.

          76. Sandy0 says

            Thompson is a loser. Best not to waste your time. Minds closed to facts, evidence but spewing hate must be ignored in USA. Just drives your blood pressure up.

          77. Diane says

            Stalin talked about how to turn America Communist.

            Stalin said this,

            “America is like a healthy body, and its resistance is threefold:
            Its patriotism;
            Its morality;
            And its spiritual life.
            If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.

            This is how they planned to do that.
            [From “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skousen]
            As you’ll see they have just about accomplished all of them in America now.

            45 COMMUNIST GOALS

            1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.

            2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.

            3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

            4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.

            5. Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet satellites.

            6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.

            7. Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China to the U.N.

            8. Set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev’s promise in 1955 to settle the German question by free elections under supervision of the U.N.

            9. Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the United States has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress.

            10. Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation in the U.N.

            11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)

            12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.

            13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.

            14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office.

            15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

            16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

            17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

            18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

            19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

            20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.

            21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

            22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

            23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

            24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

            25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

            26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

            27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”

            28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

            29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

            30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

            31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

            32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

            33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.

            34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

            35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.

            36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.

            37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

            38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

            39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

            40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

            41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

            42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use [“united force”] to solve economic, political or social problems.

            43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.

            44. Internationalize the Panama Canal.

            45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction [over domestic problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction over nations and individuals alike.

            Those 45 goals are from The Naked Communist and every Patriot should read it if you want to know how America ended up where we are right now.

            [“The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skousen] is about Communist spies caught in the highest offices of our Government back in the 1940’s and what they learned from them about how they planned to turn America Communist. Catching those Communist spies also proved McCarthy was 100% right about Communist infiltrating the Government. The problem for McCarthy was there were Congressmen and News personalities who were also Communist and they went after him just like they did Sarah Palin to make people think he was a crazy joke of a man. It was so bad he had to leave Congress and ended up drinking himself to death and never got to see when they caught the spies.

            The problem then for America was they didn’t get them all and they just kept adding Communist to Congress over the decades and putting them in all the Federal Agencies until they were ready for the final puppet placement of…..Communist/Marxist Obama!

          78. Gerry Costa says

            If you are voting for the demoSCUM — look in the mirror and you will see an Un-American commie looking back at you. !!!

          79. Jack the Rooster says

            Fine. Then how about a more accurate and equally vile description of Obama? LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE. I’m a Constitutional Conservative. Remember that as you “see” me, you sycophant troll. .

          80. Jim Bongiovi says

            Your name says it all you are a chicken.

          81. alreadytold says

            And you are a spinster muscle of the lower parts. Ewww!

          82. S.D.Roberts says

            Auto spell sucks…I think the word you were looking for was “sphincter.” A spinster is what thunder thighs Killary should’ve been.

          83. Kurt Hanssen says

            Here in the US. 53. M. is getting money taken away from working Americans, that is Socialism, and that is as close to Communism as you can get. You take from Peter to pay Paul, soon they all be Peters, and the Paul population is exploding.

          84. Jim Bongiovi says

            and who is taking money away from working Americans? taxes, that’s been around for years, probably before you were born.

          85. pysco says

            Hm…… Hillary’s nick name in college was “Commie” And, you might not be aware that Bill and Hillary protested during the Viet Nam War against America in Moscow….. To me that’s not much different than “Hanoi” Jane Fonda…. Un-American.. Traitors..

          86. Jim Bongiovi says

            Am I suppose to take your word for that?, your name says it all.

          87. T6Harvard says

            Look it up, Jimmy. Learn. It’s liberating

          88. Lynn says

            Jim Bongiovi . you so need to wake up! The Democratics and even a lot of the Republicans are all selling this country out! Take a traveling trip around this country and see what you don’t see everyday where you live though up into the mountains of Virginia and see where all the Muslims that make their women cover their whole body and heads are living! Refugees my butt. And Obama is one of them. He is useing the blacks hateing everyone who is not black. Thank the good Lord that a lot of them see that Obama has done nothing but use them like little toys. This country needs to wake up! And put our Lord Jesus Christ first! Because Donald Trump can not bring this country back with out our Lord Jesus Christ! This country has gone so far down in the last 8years that I feel like I’m in a different country when I go out to shop. I do not dislike people from other countries. But I do dislike when they thank that they are going to turn this country into the one they left. If they love living that way then send them back.

          89. Jim Bongiovi says

            I agree with 1 thing, this country needs to put Christ first, I’ve been awake for too many years to let the republicans back in, G.W.Bush destroyed this country with his lies to get us into a war, and yes Hillary voted for it due to his lies, it is also the republican vice president nominee who also voted for it. Trump is only out for 1 thing and that is himself, as he has said his VP will be running the country and making all the decisions, as for the country going downhill the last 8 years, that’s where you are wrong, it went downhill under the 8 years of Bush/Cheney administration, the biggest recession in history, or are you forgetting that.

          90. T6Harvard says

            Jimmy, lad. Complete nonsense.

          91. Jim Bongiovi says

            You must have a cranial rectal inversion during the Bush years.

          92. T6Harvard says

            Jimmy, lad, from what primer are you copying?

          93. Gingerbread2 says

            “Mission Accomplished” was spoke by GWB when he landed on that naval carrier, all dressed in military gear six months into the invasion. Now almost 14 years later we are not in the “mission accomplished” mode whatsoever when it comes to Iraq. WMDs were not found and in 14 years still has been as far as we know.

          94. T6Harvard says

            Gingersnap, “Mission Accomplished” was a banner posted on the superstructure of the Carrier on which the President landed. George said nothing as the sign meant that the Carrier’s attack group was finished and headed home. WMD (weapons of mass destruction) were, in fact, in place as reported ad nauseum by Madeline Albright, Sec of State to the then President, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton. You need to change your weekly reader for some accurate news (hard to find, but try)

          95. T6Harvard says

            Jimmy, Bush did not lie, and…the “recession” you adore was already in motion as Clinton left.

          96. Jim Bongiovi says

            Keep believing that and someday you might believe it, he twisted the intelligence reports to meet his agenda, his only job was to complete what his daddy didn’t do, he was chicken to go after Bin Laden who was the master mind of 9-11, so he goes after Sadam who had nothing to do with 9-11, a coward in all respects.

          97. T6Harvard says

            Jimmy, let me ‘splain in your dialect: bullshit. Okay? Got it? Good.

          98. Jim Bongiovi says

            Yes, I got it, that’s what you are full of and I can smell it from here.

          99. T6Harvard says

            Jimmy, lad, sorry but I have no more time to waste on your mindless prattle. See, I KNOW shit that you could not. Not your fault; the left loves you for your ignorance. Stay safe.

          100. Jim Bongiovi says

            Good, can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen and take all your ignorance with you, good riddens to bad rubbish.

          101. Katherine sienna says

            Send Jim Bin giovi to venezuala or cuba as ambassador for hussein Bin ubama.

          102. SCSOCAL says

            That is because you have been brainwashed by the libs and the media. Most of you are sadly uninformed and believe everything the MSM tells you. Not an original thought of your own. You even attack free speech just like the Dems do.

          103. Jim Bongiovi says

            You sound like a brainwashed retread from faux news, the only one attacking free speech is trump, everyone who disagrees with him he acts childish and calls them names, he’s a real comic.I’ll forgive you for your stupidity for being a repuke, not everyone can be on the good side.

          104. T6Harvard says

            SCSOCAL, you too. Try to be nice to our Jimmy. Clearly he is a few bricks short of a full load,but is fighting back as best he can, poor kid.

          105. VanceJ says

            And The only idiot I see is you.!!!!

          106. Jim Bongiovi says

            Speaking of idiots, have you looked in a mirror lately, there is an idiot staring back at you.

          107. T6Harvard says

            Vance, go a bit easy on this kid. He clearly knows nothing, but is fighting back with every playground expression he can recall. So, be nice to Jimmy

        2. Katherine sienna says

          Me too. I vote for Trump because of his love for AMERICA and his eager to save AMERICA from the creepy black monkey white female barking dog’s no agendas except helping terrorists. I don’t vote for Melania nor care about her past career as model in Europe ( a nudity region that even princess Diana was caught naked at a beach) Melania ‘s past wasn’t my least concern as those deadly polocies imposed on Americans by crooked KiLIARy or hussein Osama

        3. Sandy0 says

          thanks for that.

          Calling names, labeling others just cost you your credibility. You Lose.

          1. Kurt Hanssen says

            No Sandy, you are the looser, BIG TIME, because you don”t see beyond the tip of your nose, or you are a troll paid by the dumbocrappers, because nobody is this stupid, well, I’ll take that back, I’ have been watching Waters world, and NObama said it laud and clear, “the Americans are to stupid to understand”

        4. SouthernPatriot says

          Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah has ruled as Fascist-in-Chief, superseding and ignoring the U.S. Constitution and ruling by decree and fiat (executive orders). He has ignored and violated his oath of office which requires him to honor and protect the U.S. Constitution rather than reject it as it pertains to the U.S. Immigration laws and the Separation of Powers Act.

          1. joebabe says

            And is now working to federalize the police depts. throughout the country……..under one furher

      4. Ken says says

        Newt is just a Professional Politician Puppet of the Establishment

        1. DrHarley says

          I’ll bet you are a real authority on puppets. Who pulls your strings Hillary?

          1. mariethomson says

            Soros of course.

          2. Ken says says

            No – I’m spending a lot of time and money to make sure the Establishments CASH COW ends in January – of all the Puppets Hillary has mastered stuffing her pockets and avoiding prosecution for 50 years.

          3. HCUA says

            Definition of a cash cow: Hillary Clinton.

            Actually, she is the farmer, milking everyone for every dollar that they will give her.

          4. nobody says

            I get what you’re saying… but I wish people wouldn’t give actual farmers a bad name. If it were not for farmers, you would not exist.

          5. Junius Graham says

            Except for the Farmers who are supporting John Boehner, and Paul Ryan,
            They are not seeing beyond their own needs.

          6. A natural born American says

            Imo, you’re right about hillary milking the cash cow as she even takes the money people send to her disaster relief fund raising committees, but not before sending the people in desperate need about a dime from every dollar they collected. Those dang clinton fees are outrageously pricy even in such terrible circumstances. Don’t believe it google hillary and the Haitians. I’ve been seeing references being made to that episode of her life all over the net. The Haitians are NOT happy with hillary. At least not since they learned how she pocketed most of the donations meant for them to rebuild their own lives after all that death and destruction they suffered through.

        2. mariethomson says

          Do you even remember the “Contract With America?” This calling people with a good record on conservative accomplishments “establishment”–whatever that means is so bogus.

          1. Ken says says

            Some day you will wake up but if you don’t know the Establishment controls OUR Government you probably never will. Historically the “Contract” was just a bunch of BS Lies to get elected.

      5. Susan Brereton says

        I’m scared of what will happen to America if he’s not elected. I’m an independent & actually progressive. I’m voting against Establishment politics & cronyism that shuts out everybody else. Trump is not afraid to go into the White House & kick out the spiders. We’ve got to change everything or we’re lost.

        1. Lynn says

          Amen on that!

        2. 3ronald1 says

          I totally agree!

        3. Sandy0 says

          Friend Susan, as a woman myself, I cringe at your words: You got it Right when you say trump is not afraid to Go Anywhere and Do Anything he wants without consulting the US Constitution!

          You are Very Right to question, Very Smart to say so, friend.
          Do you really want to continue losing 21% of your salary as the Party of Trump kills your Paycheck Fairness Act in Congress Every Single Year? Do you really Like donald’s continual dissing of women like you and me, keeping us as pets or sex slaves–those are his self-admitted perceptions of you and me? Are you really in favor of trump’s brand of torture?

          Please, as a woman, I plead with you to open your eyes and be objective and gain knowledge about the alternative candidate, who Has Your Back. Truely. And Has Had Your Back for more than 2 decades, for women, girls, family. Speaking in Bejing years ago saying, “Women’s rights are Human Rights. And Human Rights are Women’s Rights”.
          Hillary did Not just Start saying and meaning This. You may be too young to remember all the good she’s done for us over the years, and all the s..t she has taken, including the false accusations you quote.

          Give yourself a break. Vote for The Adult. The Real Adult who has, yes, made mistakes just as anyone in office all those years. Difference is , they were not lethal as trump’s promise to be.

          I wince as a woman when I think you may be thinking of actually voting for the Endless Volcano that is trump. Please email me you are Not: sandyo@passERA.org. At 82 y/o I do what I do for you and all American females 12/7 for past 16 Years of trump-like intransigence not for $$, status, power, but Because I Care. About You. and All. Write me, then we can talk?

          1. SCSOCAL says

            Sandy O – You have been brainwashed by the leftist media. Start doing some of your own research and get informed. Hillary would be worse for our country than Obama. Do some real research on her and who her idols are and maybe you will see why she is hated so much even in her own party. Her bus tour has been a complete flop. She and Kaine cannot get anyone to come to their rallies. The media is not telling you this. They are just cheerleaders for her, the establishment and the 1%. No one wants 4 or 8 more years of Obama or worse. Wake up.

          2. Kurt Hanssen says

            Thanks, you said it all, just watch The Clinton Money on U-tube, there you get the inside of there criminal activeties

          3. Kurt Hanssen says

            Sandy is not well informed, talking about wimen in captivety; what about Bills 38 trips to orgy island, girls from 13 to 23 is held captive, and used as sex slaves, and Killary is OK with that, becaus she is a lesbo, a super dyke, and all those he raped, one of them got killed, one got paid off, 85.000. $, some expensive pu–y, and he is braging that he had more pu–y than Hugh Hefner, well now he is paying the price, late stage of HIV. guess he want to get back in the oral office.

          4. VanceJ says

            LOL, Hilly ? you have got to be kidding me !!!!! that piece of scum bag garbage ? should be in prison, she has sold out this country in so many ways it is unreal !!!!!!!! you really want this country to collapse.!!!!

          5. Sandy0 says

            Guess I may have some more info than you do. Public seems to agree too.
            BTW, rhetoric and name calling denies you credibilty.

            YOU LOSE.

          6. VanceJ says

            LOL, not hardly.

          7. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            you paid off or blackmailed?

          8. Diane says

            She’s a paid troll for Hillary.

          9. Bachelor With Sense says

            YOU really need to read about the so called woman you are endorsing because you obviously have no idea as to who Hillary Rodham Clinton is Nor do you understand the Rotten to the Core personality of her!

            IF you are voting for her because she is a woman, you need to look in a mirror and ask yourself “Self, do I want/need a woman to be President, OR do I need to have a place to live Free?

            My quest is your “self” will sell you down the river with ALL other Americans!

          10. Jarhead says

            Voting for the Black was a mistake, everyone acknowledges too late…..now they want to try a Female…….next will be a Convicted Felon on Death Row?

          11. joebabe says

            Or maybe a “dancing with the Stars”winner.

          12. movingwaters says

            I am a woman. Hillary is pure treasonous scum. And all these idiot females who votes for someone because she is female and evil is going to be the end of this country. You have a problem with Trumps’s penchant for beautiful women, and beauty in general. But Hillary takes a fortune from the very people who stone women, imprison and murder rape victims, have run sex slavery and other slavery operations for 1400 years. The American feminazis are silent on these issues. The way I see it is that Trump likes beautiful women. Hillary is the antithesis of womanhood. What you like about this bitch is that she wants to continue to murder several thousand babies a day in the US, alone. And you call this freedom. If I were a man with a wife or girlfriend who planned to vote for Hillary I would dump them. Why try to build a life with someone whose moral preferences for a traitor and criminal like Hillary indicate that they are going to hell?

          13. annelouisegelinas says

            I still say Shane on Americans allowing millions of abortions every year.
            God isn’t happy and when He isn’t happy all HELL breaks loose.

          14. movingwaters says

            I wouldn’t expect any Hillary voter to be giving God a thought, though they need Him to change their hearts. But they consider what total hypocrites they are to equate Hillary with being pro woman. Hillary is all about a deep lust for power to change the America she has always hated into hell. She is tied to Rockefeller and the biggest globalist insiders. She and Bill are insiders. Benghazi alone should cause any semi decent person to want her in prison instead of the Oval Office. But America is full of unthinking, PC badly brought up young women whose deepest fear is that some people want to curtail their right to murder the results of their sex life. And now many of them want taxpayers to have to pay for it, too.

          15. maryclouse says

            You got that right,I’m so worried about
            Hillary getting in office,that I actually pray every night
            for some kind of intervention,that will stop her?

          16. movingwaters says

            Praying every night for America is the best thing you can do. These upcoming few months could be full of nasty surprises. If God allows that Hillary steal the election I am going to assume that we, as a nation, are being both judged and allowed to lose our sovereignty as per prophecy. Look at the nightmare of Venezuela. That was done to them. It will happen here too.

          17. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Hopefully she will choke on a hairball soon!

          18. Bernice Garrett says

            Read your Bible, that is not the only thing God is not happy about. People use God’s WORD to criticise others, but never use it to criticise the things they are doing according to God’s will. LET HIM OR HER WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE!! Where is everyone?

          19. Diane says

            Sandy O,
            You’re nothing but a Hillary paid troll.

          20. Douglas A Moore says

            Too bad Hillary stabbed all those women in the back by legally being an attack dog when they were sexually abused by Billy bob Clinton – Ahab and Jezebel never did it do well.

          21. Douglas A Moore says

            You are in denial if you think Hillary will stand up for the rights of women – she has already proven she will kill anyone who stands in her way just like she supports the Hitler-istic Abortuary death camps called “Planned Parenthood” centers where children can kill their babies without parental consent.

          22. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Oh my. Another brainwashed liberal female.

        4. mudguy1 says

          I am scared that Trump will destroy the chances of the Republicans of winning the White House and keeping the Senate and the House. Trump is fast proving that he is not a true Republican and cares nothing about conservative values. He is looking more like a scorpion that convinces the frog “the GOP” to give him a ride to the White House and now he is doing what scorpions do.
          A candidate that really wants to win will not what what he is doing. He has forgotten what the goal is.

          1. Kurt Hanssen says

            Like your logo, that is what Trump stans for, but you got to understand, this man got a very high I.Q., he know exactly how to play the news media, already he got more than 3,B. in free airtime, that he got to be a little extream sometimes is just a part of the game, look, he outsmarted 16. opponent’s, including Jebb Bush who everybody put millions on, don’t worry , he knows what it takes. Killary is a very bad criminal that we got to keep out of the WH, so the option is clear.

          2. mudguy1 says

            A high IQ is good but I don’t think right now Trump has street smarts he is driving more away from him the attracting them.

          3. Douglas A Moore says

            Exactly. Good point Kurt – I don’t like Trump personally but he is “dumb like a fox” – he knows how to play to media who are against him. Unfortunately he does look a bit “unhinged” right now.

          4. Arizona Don says

            Not true at all! If they do not get on board they will destroy their own chances. It will not be Donald Trump that destroys their chances

          5. mudguy1 says

            What I meant was that if Trump dose not get back to the issues he will lose and and that could be a nail in the Republican coffin.

          6. Arizona Don says

            That is no doubt correct. Did you hear his speech last night? It was on tract and very good.

            A vote for hillary is a vote for communism! She intends to complete obama’s promised transformation.

        5. Kurt Hanssen says

          Don’t worry, If Clinton wins, I’ got plan ( B ), 50. akers of prime real estate for sale in Chile, ” the best country in central, and south America ” AND GUESS WHAT, NO MUSLIMS. !!!

          1. movingwaters says

            It is spelled acres. And how much?

          2. Kurt Hanssen says

            You are right about the spelling error, forgive me, I’ am not from this neck of the woods. The property is on the top of a mountain called curimilla, about 1500′ above the ocean ovelooking the pacific with a brease of freash air blowing in with the nublina every morning. the property is rolling hills on the top, and the last estimate I got from my agent down there, it gos for $. 12.50 a sq, M. a meter, and yard is very close, the hillside gos for 7, to 10. us $, but it can be pretty steap. Laguna Verde got beatiful beaches, the rod is paved, and the el is there, a part of my property got clean spring water, clorin, and floride free. Sorry about any spelling erors.

          3. movingwaters says

            I didn’t mean to be picking on you about spelling, and I knew you probably were not from here. Chile is certainly high on the list of places that should be considered. No Chemtrails; fresh food. I am going to copy your reply to a Word Document. The globalists will be more than happy to turn America into a bloody hell to bring on Satan’s NWO. Thank you!

          4. Kurt Hanssen says

            That is what I’ am worried about, I’ do feel sorry about the next generation. This country is run by special intrest group, the president is just a puppet. Rockefeller made a statement, the elite want to eliminate 90. % of the population, and the FEMA is ready with millions of caskets, each one holds 3. once this was the best country in the world. Schools is now at number 30, Norway is Number 1. Dident mention, there is no BLM, or any Al Sharpton’s down there neither. LOL.

          5. RsGoat says

            I think we have to be careful when we worry about “special interest groups” as government will always have some people floating around working for their idea of a better world. Years a go there was a radical by the name of Saul Alinsky who mad an art of creating reasonable request that had nefarious designs or ends mixed into them, in other words, what sounded reasonable was meant to cause harm or remove rights and privileges later as certain clauses came into effect.
            It seems like a good idea to remove special interest groups but would we have our Olympics, Special Olympics or other good programs we do enjoy. I will grant you there are some things I don’t like that groups have done but it was really Congress and the signature of our President that completed those things.
            So I’m thinking if enough people can fund some one to lobby Congress that might not be bad thing. Operating a country is not simple, there is no way to make it that way.

          6. RsGoat says

            Don’t worry about spelling errors, it was close enough for them to correct you it was close enough for them to understand the idea and that is what counts here. That you can communicate in two languages means more then spelling bad in one! That and you are lucky to have such a nice place to go if we don’t get this right here.

          7. Kurt Hanssen says

            Thanks for those kind words. I’ll speak 8 languages, lived all over the world, but American is diferent because you got to learn it twice, how to speak it , and how to write it,ex: school..Chile is one of my faworite country, pretty wild nature.

          8. RsGoat says

            I’m what is refereed to as a military brat, my father was stationed at several bases outside of our country but in each one we always had plenty of people speaking our language so were never forced to learn the local language. Later when I spent my years in service I came across the same issue. Even as I attempted to learn local language, when ever I had difficulty the locals would break in with my own to complete our transaction. I have always been impressed by those who speak multiple languages as my many failures have shown me the difficulty of this task.
            We took in foreign exchange students for years and it was always fun to watch their reaction as the year past and they became more comfortable in our language. Christmas was the best because that was about the time these guys would have their first dream in English and it would freak them out!
            If you are going to learn a language it is best to create a situation where that is the only one you are working with, I just never came across it so I’m a one language guy and you with your 8 blow me away.

          9. Kurt Hanssen says

            Here in the US, you travel from state to state, and it is always the same language, in Europe, you travel from country to country, and it is always a different language, that’s why we got to learn 3. different languages in school, but this generation seems to be very familiar with English docent matter where your travels take you, but if you master Spanish, that is a big plus.

          10. Texasimport says

            Amen to that. He just needs to figure out if she cheats to win he needs to out cheat her cheating.

          11. Kurt Hanssen says

            Just like when NObama won, dead people, dogs, some voted 7 times. the computers was rigged to make 6 out of 10 a vote for the dumbocrap, and some was paid to throw votes for republican in the garbage, reason that was no votes for Romney in 7. precincts, not one. undocumented aliens voted, reason for no ID. required, they was using every trick in the book, they got to put someone they can control in the establishment, and that dos not include TRUMP.!!

          12. Texasimport says

            You are so right and I’m scared to death she will win. I’m 75 years old and I can’t remember an election so bad. You see what they did to Bernie and I’m sure they will try to do something to Trump.

          13. Kurt Hanssen says

            `Killary is a very sick lady, don’t think she is going to pull this one off, the word is that she had a stroak , but her strange behiveior seems like autisem, and under stress she freaks out, or get spasems, some Dr’s think that Billie boy has given her syphilis witch attacks the brain, remember, Hitler was suffering from syphilis. that may be the reason they call her Hitlery.

          14. Pansy Browne says

            BADLY NOT BAD

          15. movingwaters says

            Hi Kurt! I noticed my reply to you the other day seems to be removed. Anyway, I wasn’t meaning to be critical about a little thing like spelling. You aren’t even from here, and I thought you might like to know the spelling.

            Chile and Ecuador occupy the top slots as to where I would like to be living. I think terrible things will happen in America, and I could end up in a concentration camp. Mr. Obama has been saying for years that the real threat to America is not his co-religionists who chop off heads and blow up things, but people like me who like the Constitution, love God, and know that a woman’s uterus carries a baby. Also, I believe the 2nd Amendment is the only protection for all the others.
            Anyway, I would love to live in a place with clean air and fresh food. We have been chemtrailed heavily for awhile, and my garden did nothing this year.

            Can an American buy a tiny plot of land and build a modest home at reasonable cost? I am not rich by any means. At some point the government could just take your property. Agenda 21, and now Agenda 30, are being put in place just for that purpose – and it is global.

          16. El says

            Give us more details, please. Trump is going to give the democrats a victory and within a year we will be worse off than the Venezualians. America is self destructing. All that will be left is crime and disease.

          17. Kurt Hanssen says

            Just posted all info, if Killary wins, I’ am out a here. look below.

          18. RsGoat says

            Don’t bet on it. A lot of people have not been listening to the country and people are mad. Over the last 8 years even with the IRS shutting down conservative political groups for 3 elections cycles and with a media working against conservative issues both houses of congress were lost by the Left and a new organization came to life called the Tea Party. Why did the Tea Part come into being? Because the Republicans were not listening to their base either!
            What is the result of all those deaf ears?
            Donald Trump!!! and he took the Republican primaries with more votes than any other candidate has ever done before because people are mad at not being heard!
            Even the media doesn’t get it because they are still ranting about the left sided issues thinking the public will hate Trump more and his numbers go up some times! I think the only times they go down is when they are played with to tell the truth, people are tired of the games and the media is part of the game! Our nation wants things fixed regardless of what the media thinks.

          19. jetmagnet says

            Donald trump only works with you folks, ok? He’s in the general where he has to appeal to hispanics, blacks, minorities and women. He’s loosing to all of them!
            In fact he has 1% of the black vote and 15% of the hispanic vote. george bush had much better numbers. The vets are pissed at him too, after slamming the gold star family. There’s petition of more than 1 million vets now against him. that were for him after that attack on the family. To add fire to it, he had alex west and roger stone saying the family was part of the muslim brotherhood which is a lie.
            His latest ridiculous statement was about the $400 million to Iran. His advisors are making him look worse, or whomever his giving him bogus information.
            He just endorsed three establishment republicans after saying he wouldn’t.
            McCain, ryan, ayotte. lol He can;t be trusted, here he gives big anti-establishment speeches, and he ends up kissing their azz! lol
            He’s going to really kiss thier azz if elected!! He’ll probably have a a brown nose!

          20. RsGoat says

            Part of our nation’s currant difficulties are the “Us Vs Them attitude” that people keep alive like our sitting president along with many in Congress and those in the media who very guilty of being part of the larger group pushing this idea of race hatred instead of working to bring people together. For every situation that comes up it seems they look for the race baiting angle and then push that story but months later the evidence falls apart in half of those stories.
            Trump is only guilty of suggesting ideas that may keep our country safe from a foreign enemy while our sitting president can’t even identify which group is most likely to attack us in the form of terrorist! He has even said it should be a temporary measure until we can figure out what is going on and identify who the good people are to let in our country!
            And he is willing to work on boarder security, something that has been worked on for decades! There is a big difference between the “Berlin Wall” which was a Kill zone for the Eastern Germans where escapes were shot and no one was allowed to help them while they bleed to death! and the boarder security of a fence that Donald Trump is speaking about. It is the media and vicious politicians running scared that push the”wall” connotation on Trump’s Fences!
            If you are going to look at each issue with race hate in your heart there is nothing I can say or do for you and I won’t even try beyond this, it would be a waste of my time and your eye sight.
            Race hate and bigotry goes both ways and I have had my fill of talking with those from both sides of the divide and realize that I can’t break down that wall, It is on you. You have to open your eyes and ears first. I can’t pry my way in. May God be with you on your journey.

            I have said my prayer for you and it is in his hands. Look up Bass Reeves, The Lone Ranger, or Capt. Robert Small of the Civil War Ship the Planter for positive influence. Wentwoth Chiswell if I spelled it right is good too.

          21. jetmagnet says

            Obama has been exceptional rooting out ISIS from their strongholds and taking back territory, to the point that ISIS is no longer asking recruits to train in Iraq or Syria. Drone strikes have killed 1200 terrorist leaders and their henchmen. Anyone can Blather nonsense and say they could do better, I’m sure george patton and douglas Mcarthur would say the same, both where ridiculed. The generals and armed forces we have are the best in the world and Obama has nothing to do with that. having spent time in the military and in the intelligence community under 3 presidents I would say Hillary is most competant person to be president. Trump knows nothing of foreign policy or diplomacy, he’s already destroying alliances we have and making ones with enemies like russia and Putin.

          22. mtj3134 says

            tell that about isis to the folks in orlando, san Francisco, paris, Belgium, nice etc
            you catch my drift
            how dumb can anyone get??

          23. KingDon says

            Good question. Actually jetmagnet is demonstrating just how dumb a person can get.

          24. RsGoat says

            First I was not talking about what the generals in the field were doing but that was a nice attempt at escaping from what I did tell you.
            I was referring to your prejudice and that of many others who want to pit black against white or any race against another, that is the Us vs Them attitude I was talking about and you knew that because I referred to the “race baiter’s”.
            As far as Hillary goes, she didn’t have what it takes to save her people in Syria so how can you believe she can follow through anywhere else or that our military will even trust her to back them up when they need here support? Those guys put themselves the line for us and stand in burning hell but they want to know we will be there for them too! How well will they fight for Hillary with Benghazi in in their memories?

          25. FREE-STREAM-TV.com says

            Once a liar, always a liar, and HiLIARy is a blatant confirmed pathological liar who short circuits whenever she has to lie to counter an earlier lie, no longer can she keep all her lies straight. SICK. PATHETIC. WAKE UP AMERICA

          26. mtj3134 says

            do please enighten us with bernie kissing hilarys butt, after stating she was not qualified to be potus
            waiting for your reply 🙂 🙂

          27. mac12sam12 says

            Trump has 25% of the black vote so I don’t know where you get your info. Do you know who’s for Hillary? The elite, the liberal media, the establishment politicians, Wall Street and corporate America. She’s bought and paid for. Those The old lady also wants to raise taxes by $2 trillion, and also give businesses and corporations even more expensive regulations. #Trump2016!!

          28. Jarhead says

            And AffirmativeAction……..

          29. Frank W Brown says

            Optimistic MUCH??

          30. Douglas A Moore says

            Ouch…wegie sounds painful

          31. Douglas A Moore says

            Laguna Verde sounds super

          32. Kurt Hanssen says

            I’ am a European, but love everything latin, and Spanish is vritten the way it sounds, easy language to learn. Laguna Verde “the green Laguna” with it’s beautiful beaches, it is a paradise. and your $, goes a long way.

          33. Kurt Hanssen says

            That was exactly what Regan said when they put broccoli on his plate.

          34. Douglas A Moore says


          35. Kurt Hanssen says

            Sorry, American is not my language, but I t seams like you got the idea.

          36. Douglas A Moore says

            Hey Kurt, thanks for the Chile tip – I lived in Europe, UK and the Far East for 20 years so love to travel am a big fan of Costa Rica but will plan to get to Chile thanks to your recommendation. fyi a “Weggie” is a teen-ager prank that inflicts pain using one’s underwear – not so funny really – lol 😉

          37. Kurt Hanssen says

            Newer heard that one before, (funny) learn something new every day. Got a lot of friends living in Costa Rica, the best country in central America, Equador is a good No.2.

          38. Kurt Hanssen says

            Sorry about the Weggie thing, I’ am not from around here, was not aware. Men’t Weggetables, Spent a lot of time in Chile, just love it down there, they got a diferent way of enjoing life somthing we here in the US don’t now how to. Getting my sailboat ready, going to explore the Caribean.

          39. jetmagnet says

            Clinton will win, and businesses want her to win. Invest in solar stocks, they’re cheap right now and it’s the fastest growing industry. If she wins solar stocks and alternative energy platform will go through the roof.

          40. mtj3134 says

            solyndra anyone
            dumb n dumber ???

          41. zrevtom says

            just millions of starving Chinese peasants coming to help themselves
            to what you have. China has built entire cities but nobody lives there
            so if you take your American goods, food, equipment, and Good old
            American knowhow to China you will have lots of Chinese help, all they
            want to do is have food to feed their famalies.

        6. Rick Rogers says

          That may will be the most Lost statement I have every read. You are no progressive if you think that Donald Trump gives a tinkers damn about anything you do.

          1. Kurt Hanssen says

            This is what we call an optimist, the point is what he is going to do, it is not what you or I’ is doing

          2. Rick Rogers says

            Well the news reports tonight sound like he can’t stand the idea of losing so he is going to quit. Does not surprise m

          3. Kurt Hanssen says

            Wherever Trump goes there is full house, Jaksonwille, Daytona, 15.000 in both places, Killarys bus tour a big flop. Trump is far from loosing, the statistics is put out by the liberal media to make it look that way, and another reason is that this way she get more donations, they are all members of the establishment.

          4. Rick Rogers says

            Funny I saw those Video’s of Suppose Crowded rooms but when the people there turn the camera’s they look pretty empty. But Please don’t let me stop you from believing it.. It will just give me that much more pleasure when he gets his Ass kicked on November 8th. . And I come back on the 9th to laugh at all you DUMP supporters. And believe me I will surely do that. You people believed your slanted Republican Polls during 2008 and 2012 and I enjoyed the hell out of that. Even got a good laugh when the “Romney Transition Page” got posted early by mistake. To this day he does not understand why he lost and it was Simple.. Average americans Don’t Like Rich Pricks. oh.. wait your running a Rich Prick again this time.. whose statements are even worst then Romney’s 47% blunder. But hell I guess if it does not work the first time Keep trying. PLEASE KEEP SETTING THEM UP SO WE CAN KNOCK THEM DOWN..

          5. mtj3134 says

            tell us your handle on hilarys 30,000 deleted e mails
            yoga anyone ???
            some folk are just plain dumb
            recognize anyone

          6. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry don’t use Handles that’s the cowards way out.. Right Mtj3134.. So were you named after your mothers side of the family or your Fathers? Ok and the Plain Dumb list is in the donor books of Donald Trump for President. Anyone that gave him money Qualifies.

          7. michael t says

            Cowards ?
            Really ?
            Then you will be brave enough to give us your thoughts on the 30, 000 e mails.??
            Deceitfully held back from the State Dept. till almost 2 years after she left her position as Secretary of State, and then deleted
            What a fine piece of work you are supporting

          8. Rick Rogers says

            Sure no problem … Majority of the emails were personal. They when over that they were deleted over time. Hell I delete 300 emails a day because they are not current or anything that has to do with my job. And Hillary Clinton has a hell of alot more irons in the Fire then I do. I Republican Said he had the same Setup as she did and he said that he is sure from time to time someone mislabeled a document. But if you want to talk about the emails lets talk about the illegal Server Bush and Rove keep at the RNC.. And the 2 million emails they deleted. One that Server was VERY Illegal. Hillary’s was not at the time she served. Two I have not seen any investigations into Powell, Bush, Cheney, Or Rove about their emails and Cheney when as far as OUTING a CIA agent for political payback. so please Come up with something better then that. As for who I am supporting Better then a Bigoted, Racist Con man that cheats on his Taxes is mention a large number of times in the Panama papers and not its starting to look like he had a hand in getting his wife in this country Illegally. But after thinking about it Trump was right.. He had to bring in an Illegal immigrant because no american woman in their Right mind would have sex with him. So I guess you can say they are taking some jobs.. Just jobs americans don’t want

          9. Rick Rogers says

            Yeah Michael T.. Cowards. People that are afraid to put their name to what they write. People that are think its ok to say things and then hide behind a fake name. I sign my name everytime I post something. That name is on my facebook page, My Linkedin Page, My Twitter Feed. From that you can find out the websites I own the facebook groups I created or the Pages I post information. You can find out where I work and a couple of them have my street address. So I am not hiding behind anything. If you believe in what your writing you should step up and not be afraid by hiding behind a “Handle” I have worked for people that disagreed with me on subjects by I never ever was afraid to put what I believe out there for anyone to read it. Anything less is in fact cowardice.

          10. AwakenedAngryAmerican says

            Bo-peep is looking for you. She’s over swimming with Hillary in her Clinton Foundation Billionaire Pool.

            (She’s not REALLY looking for you. She knows the NSA knows where you are. She just pretends that she actually gives a rats ass about you so you continue to enable your own slavery)

          11. Rick Rogers says

            So since the 100th Congress Republicans have had control of congress more then Democrats but your not angry at them??

          12. Arizona Don says

            That is BS

          13. Rick Rogers says

            Yep I will agree with you Trump’s campaign is BS.. Glad to see there are some Smart People in Arizona. I don’t see how any of your Neighbors could put up with him they way he talked about a War Hero like John McCain. I may not like McCain’s Politics but he served his country under extreme hardship that would break a man like Trump into little pieces. Trump is not fit to clean up after John McCain’s Dog.

          14. Arizona Don says

            You have a really good reply record. The most effective way to recognize a progressive communistic is to check how many comments he or she has compared with votes. Yours tell a fastening story. 3700 to 0. I expect just what you deserve.

          15. Rick Rogers says

            Don’t know where your getting your numbers from because my inbox is usually full of replies from people on websites like this and others. Been Fighting the lies since 2009 on this site and others.

          16. Arizona Don says

            Oh, you really do not know huh? well let me help you a little. Place your curser over you picture. You will see the number of comments and votes. For instance you have 3704 comments and 0 votes. Stick with it an you will learn a lot because you have a lot to learn.

          17. Rick Rogers says

            You don’t understand .. I don’t expect anyone from this site to agree with me and honestly don’t care if they do. I am here for Material to repost on my Anti Cruz, Anti Trump, Anti Conservatives Facebook groups. Those are the only “votes” I am interested in. I did have a Group for Tea Party members that I ran for awhile but that was only so I could sell them Tread on me flags, Pocket Constitutions, American Flags, Tea party T Shirts . Most of which were made in China And marked them up 500%. Hell those gullible fish paid for my last Florida Vacation. And what I did not spend on the Vacation was donated to Hillary’s Campaign.. You have no idea how much I enjoyed writing those Check for Hillary knowing that the money was coming from Tea party Members. The Idea Spread so much that a large number of my friends started selling the stuff on Amazon and funneled all of it into their Favorite Democratic Candidate. There was an Evil man that once said a “Capitalist will sell you the rope your going to hang him with for a profit.” Looks Like Tea baggers will pretty much do the same thing. HA HA.

          18. Rick Rogers says

            oh before I forget.. Thanks for the Idea by the way. I have about 87,000 members in those Facebook groups. I back I can get about a third of them to sign on to “fix this Nation” a couple times a week and start calling out people on here. I would never have thought of it if it was not for you.. Thanks.

          19. Rick Rogers says

            have a great day after you check you wallet.

          20. michael t says

            I see that you just cannot answer…. without dodging the question or being insulting
            A lot like your heroine

        7. jetmagnet says

          I’m terrified as most SANE individuals if he is selected. He’s unfit and has no idea WTF he’s doing and hillary will terminate this fraud in the debates! He was said nothing in the primary debates and got away with it. He knows nothing about the economy or foreign policy at all! Hillary will make the azzclown look like he really is, Unfit to be president.

          1. mtj3134 says

            you want trumps tax returns
            millions want to see Hillarys 30,000 deleted e mails and the sealed records of the potus
            are you really so dumb to think you influence people ??
            really ???

      6. Charles E. Cheadle says

        Remember,”the establishment”, has had their nose in the trough, gobbling up money,favors,bribes, for a very long time, both democrats & republicans. When Mr. Trump gets elected,all this will stop. That’s one of the reasons “the establishment”is in a panic. Please pass this reply along to everyone.Also I would say everyone should see the movie “Hillary’s America”. Black democrats will be shocked at the history of planned parenthood.It will change your life.

        1. Gingerbread2 says

          Movies are not always based on complete facts. Movie producers generally “ad lib” on their scripts to be a bold but not necessarily true view of some one or country. Real life in the movies would be boring so that is why movies are for entertainment. If you want some facts, try a documentary or two – even then you have to see through the lines at times.

          1. T6Harvard says

            Gingersnap, nice brave pitiful try.

      7. 3ronald1 says

        (I, too, hope someone can help Trump THINK about what he is saying before he blurts it out. I’m not sure he really means what his comments appear to say that is negative. He needs to hit hard on Hillary and all the underhanded things she has done and is doing. It has been said many times that she will do ANYTHING to win!!

      8. Sandy0 says

        GIVE UP on trump learning Anything, as he Already knows it all. Trump is his own (stupid) man.

      9. SCSOCAL says

        The problem with Trump is that the media and others expect him to act like a politician. He is not one of them. This latest Hillary hit piece is just another way to distract people from Hillary’s short comings, lies and scandals. Nothing more. Can not wait for the next Wikileak release. Hopefully this will put an end to Hillary’s campaign and she will finally be indicted!!

      10. Get the GOP out says

        OOooo brother…..you commies sur can spew the bullchit.

      11. zrevtom says

        Hi partner, I am a Nixon Republican and have followed politics a long time, which is why
        I was not surprised at the Clintons and their Nazi type tactics, what has surprised me
        is how much our Media has sunk into the pig sty and wallow in the mud and shit as they
        do. I was watching an old movie from 1974 and the newspaper editor yelled at his reporter
        ” IT is our job to REPORT NEWS not make it”
        When you have people like George Soros who sold out his fellow jews to the Nazis
        so that he would be safe and get rich off the bodies of others, how he manipulates oters
        their currency, their opinion through force if necessary and how he controls 16 newspapers
        in our country corrupting those who read it, print lies, print deceit, print racism and agigate
        people to violence. This is not what our country was but Progressive Democrats of which Hillary is proud to be one have distorted and disrupted and taken over the media to
        preach lies, hatred, moral decay, religious persecution, pit whites against blacks, rich
        against the poor, American citizens against ILLEGALS and Muslims.
        Vote for Trump to restore OUR RIGHTS as citizens and find the enemies we have
        both foreign and DOMESTIC and rid the country of this disease.

      12. bamissfa says

        he just needs to stay FOCUSED on the issues…the personal stuff he can take care of later.

        No one wants to see a subdued Trump….he can be that when it’s necessary…the gloves need to be off with HRC. Trump needs to keep bringing up her crimes lies new world orderism since the media won’t.

    2. FREE-STREAM-TV.com says

      Bingo, you hit the nail on the head, well stated, and exactly how I see it.

    3. YOUGUESS says

      Ditto on Murdoch. he is sleazy snake. That is why he’s not running FOX network.

      1. Gerry Costa says

        His son is just as big a sleaze.

    4. BILL3000 says

      CORRECT,Ken Says } Murdoch is SHIT and So IS Trump…Interesting that so many Trump supporters follow Murdoch “news” outlets Like the New York Post and FOX.

      1. Ken says says

        Hey Bill – one of the good things about the USA is that even assholes and gutter muck like you are entitled to an opinion – for whatever value it has. NY Times and Post only have value as puppy piddle paper. FOX news is just a different slant on the same White House script handed to the other networks – the same Establishment Media spin. If you want news – subscribe to International TV (2000 to 3500 channels) – news in London, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Sidney and Hong Kong – interesting how the same story sounds when it’s not written by the White House. If you’re a soccer fan you also get all the soccer games played all over the World broadcast live. Hey Guy – have a good one.

    5. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

      What their problem is she has a wonderful body and they can’t get over how beautiful she really is. Old HILLARY HAS NOT A THING TO SHOW HOW SHE LOOKS right.

      1. Ken says says

        What publicity would the Post get if that were a picture of Hillary and Huma – OMG – barf barf barf.

    6. David in MA says

      What country is he a citizen of?

      1. Gingerbread2 says

        You mean Murdock – he’s Australian I believe – but what difference does that make in the scheme of things?

        1. David in MA says

          Is he in America legally?

    7. Katherine sienna says

      Murdock betrayed even to his young wife who protected him from being beat up by a protestor, hahahaa. What’s a wimpo bimbo. His foxnews was nothing but sex harassment organization. Megan Kelly, Gretchen Carson and another long ago retired woman were being used as sex toys to advance their career. A news organization like that cannot be trusted as fair and balance.

      1. Ken says says

        Any Establishment owned media has their agenda.

    8. Kurt Hanssen says

      Georg Soros escaped prison time in GB, the only guy ewer to brake the bank of England, ” GB “, they want his as, and Russia, and France are right behind, no wonder he is scared of Trump.

    9. Get the GOP out says

      You sound ignorant.

      1. Ken says says

        Only to a Liberal Slug that can’t stand the salt of truth. Put your head back in your safe space – the brown ring around your neck is showing.

        1. Get the GOP out says

          You ARE ignorant.

          1. Ken says says

            You must be a Slug with xray vision – you can still read. Can you talk with your mouth full too? Don’t plan on Hillary taking you along to her plantation in South America where she can avoid extradition to the USA

          2. Get the GOP out says

            You ARE ignorant.

      2. Ken says says

        Only to Liberal Slugs but then we don’t gave a shlt about them – they’re part of the problem

    10. tCotUS says

      You nailed it Ken !

  8. jackhy says

    The current state of presidential politics is a sad spectacle with the promise of more to come in the months ahead. Election posturing is becoming in poor taste for both parties who seem to have lost sight of the nation’s needs and issues that scream for solutions not gutter tactics. What can be done to change this?

    1. Ken says says

      The Establishment controls both Parties with their Liberal RINO and DEM Puppets. If you are ready to start cleaning house elect TRUMP 2016 and DUMP the ESTABLISHMENT.

    2. T6Harvard says

      Curtail cash flow somehow. Period

    3. BILL says

      Dump all democrats.

    4. William Thompson says


  9. riverstrat . says

    Boycott the Post.
    The name should be changed to The Compost .

    1. riverstrat . says

      I’m not ashamed at the photos , just the motivation of the Post.
      Trump will take it in stride, his price just keeps going up in my book,
      same as Ivanna’s . Good people, we need a change after 8 years of Muslim Rule.

      1. doodaa says

        It will take 2 years to get the smell out of the White House.

        1. riverstrat . says

          ‘That’ stench never washes completely .

  10. riverstrat . says

    Could you imagine that grotesque Ape Moochelle Obama nude,
    The image is more than a normal person could bear , apologies if
    you feel sick….☺☺

    1. doodaa says

      You are sick for mind raping us. Thanks, but no thanks.

      1. riverstrat . says

        omg , I love it:
        ‘The Mind Rapers’

    2. FREE-STREAM-TV.com says

      I just threw up at the mere thought given her genitals would expose the truth.

  11. Jack Magurn says

    The media is pulling out all stops to derail Trump! Are they the liberal, anti-American idealists they appear to me or have they been bought off?

    1. BILL says


  12. T6Harvard says

    Answer “C”, sell a boatload of papers. Next ?

    1. doodaa says

      “D” All the above.

  13. BILL says

    Rupert Murdoch is no Conservative he is a muckraking liberal who is so jealous of Trump, He is nothing but a POS. And Fox News is going downhill.

    1. doodaa says

      FOX News is at the bottom of the hill and CNN is about to land on top of them.

  14. doodaa says

    “High-Five” Mr. Trump. About time America had some real class in the White House.

  15. Michael Dennewitz says

    Ha! I was married to a woman who had been married twice before me and I know for sure that one of her husbands had “racy” pictures of her – possibly of her and him….but what does that make her? ? Should she be shot, thrown in the trash, what?? Get over it folks, she’s a model and all that was taken before she and Mr Trump got together. Next thing you know, ny maggotzine will say we shouldn’t vote for Trump because he farts in his sleep!! ???

    1. doodaa says

      I’m waiting for CNN to say Trump’s wife is voting for Hillary “because she is a woman”.(gag)

  16. Wildeagleone says

    I believe Mr Trump should put photos of the editors wife or at least a female member of his family to show we the public what a woman married to an executive should look like. I’m sure the editor of the post has plenty of pictures he has taken as he wanders through the neighborhoods.

  17. Gingerbread2 says

    I’m sure if it were the other party and some pix were in magazines, they would post them too. Conservatives made such a fuss over Michelle’s sleeveless, full neckline dress. These photos are much more revealing than one’s arms. Religious people shouldn’t vote for him on many levels – marital infidelities on the part of DT and 3 marriages; his hateful words about people’s nationalities, their skin color, their physical deformities, their looks among many more non-Christian attitudes. His thin skinned bullying attitudes are what most people can’t agree with. Lastly, his terrible remarks about a slain American soldier was the “bottom line” even the GOP stood up and said that was not acceptable at all.

    1. riverstrat . says

      I made no fuss over Mooooooochelle, truth is that ugly apeman should never be seen
      in public, without prior warning.

    2. Rosech Levy says

      I am a real Catholic and knowing how she managed to escape communism, make a life for herself as a model and you condemn her. What religion are you to judge which is God’s job by the way. By the way, take a few minutes and look up the histories of past presidents: most had mistresses, took and gave bribes, took care of their cronies, and lied like carpets on the floor, and in general only attend church once in a while to con people like you. Get real, Jesus came to save sinners. Are you ready to face him with these words and thoughts? I don’t think so. Grow up and be real human being until you are perfect. By the way, only 2 divorces, and infidelities but I guess you were never even in your thoughts like Carter, right? He has said nothing bad about nationalities but the other party sure has and he employs many long term employees of various nationalities and many are now going to vote for him such as my associates and friends latinos, blacks, and even democrats in my family, and I am an Independent and voting for America and our future. Go away and grow up, and find out that you are wrong on so much it has to be a burden to even think let alone be rational and honest but you prefer listening to and reading MSM garbage because you are too lazy to do the research homework! I feel for you and will add you to may prayer list because you need help!

    3. Richard Pope says

      . . . . Boy you sure have bought in to the communist propaganda.
      . . . . These pictures were taken years ago long before Donald met her. It is wrong to hold that against him. You should be a shamed of the press that would use unhanded tactics like this.
      . . . . You have it made it obvious that you don’t want to hear the truth. He isn’t against people of color or any others that want to obey the rules. He is against all of these muslims who are a clear and present danger to civilization.
      . . . . He also doesn’t care for all of the people who have come here without waiting in line. Most Americans are also fed up with this. My great-G-G-G grand parents came here after waiting in line. They then learned the language and the culture. From there they worked hard and made a life for themselves and their children. That is what he and most Americans want to happened with the immigrants. We are tired of people coming here, stealing jobs, and trying to set up an enclave that is patterned after their country. If they want to continuing living as if they were still in their country then they need to stay there.
      . . . . He isn’t being a bully. He is just telling the truth. Telling the truth is not hate , it is love. You don’t get it with the father. Go research this for yourself. The father is part of ISIS and the muslim brotherhood. Him and his wife are a shamed of what his son did. This was an opportunity to use the communist to help keep the doors open to this invading army. The dnc didn’t use him he used them. Donald was correct about the wife not speaking. She wasn’t allowed to by her husband. Later on to try and dis-credit Donald he ordered his wife to speak about her so called grief. It was all an act for the communist controlled press in this country and they almost pulled it off. But the truth is coming out. Praise the lord.
      GOD Bless,

  18. Rosech Levy says

    Let the guys and lesbians love the photo which means they at least show good taste. Obviously so many are not aware that in Europe and particular Italy and France, ANYTHING goes and if you are a gorgeous model, then you get well paid for a little skin. Sex in those countries is 2 for a penny so don’t get upset that our sexuality bothers us but not them. She will be a beautiful, intelligent business woman in our WH, nude or dressed! Jealousy obviously has no bounds nor some newspapers and magazines. Now, if it were Hillary, what would you say or do? Hmmm. Females are females aren’t they and have the female body parts, right?

  19. Wallie says

    If my memory serves me well , the Post was started by Alexander Hamilton. If I’m correct, he’d be disgusted by a front page, that is more fitting for the national enquirer.

  20. Niko says

    All newspapers and tv media outlets are not worth a damn to watch or read. Case Closed !!!!!.

  21. Arthur Russell says

    The Liberals claim they’re all for the gays, so why would a lesbian themed photograph suddenly be taboo? Oh, that’s right. They’re a bunch of hypocrites. If they aren’t the ones doing it, it’s no good or it doesn’t count or whatever and nothing is bad unless it’s a Republican doing it. If Trump wins, the press is in for a big surprise because no one will believe anything they print any longer. every one is sick of their petty bullshit, lies, made up facts and slandering. I hope if he gets in the White House, he bans these bigots from the White House press room.

    1. Richard Pope says

      Donald has already banned certain reporters from covering him. Good for Donald. Go Donald and keep telling people the truth.
      GOD Bless,

    2. AKLady says

      Ameria is Christian nation.
      Qell, at least that is what the conservatove right claims.

  22. 5thsf says

    I love the 1st Amendment, however, this was blatant media BS. Use to read the Post. Did you catch used to Mr Murdoch?

  23. Jersey Mike says

    I’d expect that from the NY Daily News but not the NY Post. That was shameful.

    1. barbara says

      Shameful on the part of the Post, yes. On the brighter side, there’s no way Trump could be embarrassed by Melania’s body, and it may help with the lesbian vote.

      1. AKLady says

        You want a porno star in the White House?

        1. barbara says

          Our present First Lady became proud to be an American(supposedly) about eight years ago. Hillary’s husband’s behavior, in and out of the WH, was/is exhaustive. Remember, he had a sex addiction that Jesse Jackson was going to help him with through prayer. Hillary was complicit in all of his behavior, wonder why? Melania Trump was a beautiful, professional model who was photographed internationally. International
          exposure is far more liberal and accepted. If people feel comfortable calling her a porn star, have at it. IMO, I think her beauty, poise, grace, intelligence, and family values would be inspirational to women, and would make her a most amazing First Lady that we can all be proud of.

      2. Jersey Mike says

        Ha! You have a point there!

  24. BarbaraCharis says

    Much ado about nothing…people are so puritanical about the human body Some of the greatest painters have painted nudes like The Naked Maja. A thousand years ago there were art works done of nude figures without all this hoopla. There are two genders…male and female…there is nothing obscene about the human body designed by our Creator. Dirty uneducated minds are fixated on lust. If they only knew their every thought is embedded in the computer chips of their minds…and will determine where they will go next life time.

    1. AKLady says

      Playboy is not art.

  25. ed says

    Murdoch is not a Conservative, he’s a damn Progressive and a member of the New World Order and the Builtaburgs or how ever you spell there name. He only allows Fox to do what it does, because of the money only. Wake the hell up people. These people are all on one side. Fricken Elitest.

  26. Allen says

    Geez, I hope no nude pictures of Hillary show up.

    1. AKLady says

      Hillary may be a lot of things, but she is not a porno star.

  27. chrisnj says

    Murdoch is a no-borders globalist who does not like Trump’s position on securing the borders – plus the kind of inter-billionaire jealousy similarly reflected by other blue-blood rich guys currently dumping on Trump.

    Selling a boatload of papers doesn’t hurt his feelings either.

    The trouble the left and the nevertrumpers have is that all of this has been long known. There is no scandal. Melania is a good-looking woman, and the United States will be privileged to have her as First Lady, rather than the corrupt Cankles the Clown with her rapist husband.

    1. AKLady says

      No, she is trash that pised nude.

  28. barbarakelly says

    YES -WHAT WERE THEY THINKING. Trying to makethem selves look trashy. What do you think that will sell more papers.——–I don’t think so.!!!!!!!

  29. louann says

    Trump needs to win with a landslide ! It will make it harder for Hillary to cheat. Our country will fall if she gets in. This Muslim man at the DNC that put trump down is from the brotherhood. They believe in Sharia law. People need to really think what’s happening.

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. louann says

        That’s your opinion.! Not mine.

        1. AKLady says

          Facts are not opinions.
          Suggest you learn the difference.

          1. louann says

            What facts that everyone lies? I suggest you learn respect. Your really not someone who much people would like to be around.

  30. Timothy says

    Hillary is a crook.

  31. HCUA says

    I hope that the evangelicals are not that stupid. How could they blame Trump for marrying a pretty woman? He may really not have known that a picture like that existed.
    Also, he does not own the New York Post, so, he cannot control what they print. He did not go through the roof about it, luckily for them.

    1. AKLady says

      Pretty women do not pose nude.
      Women who pose nude.are trash.

  32. Oldchopper says

    Being a Christian these types of pictures are very offensive. With that being said I consider the alternative. The Clinton’s did much worse while in the White House. Not much more to say on the subject except I did hear the Hillary and Janet Reno were very, very close.

    1. AKLady says

      Well, you just proved you are a Chriatian in name only.

      1. Oldchopper says

        I only spoke the truth. If that offends you there’s nothing more to say. I also do not know what a Chriatian is as you so stated.

        1. AKLady says

          Thw truth according to Oldchopper.
          Thank you for pointing out the typo.

          1. Oldchopper says

            You’re right about the truth being according to me and I’ll go with that since I wrote it. Your welcome about the typo but I notice you must still be flustered. Settle down and relax. I am curious though, am I being admonished or just having my character attacked by another well versed atheist? They really seem to know more of how Christians should act than many Christians. Since we all make mistakes (and I think I may have on my original comments) they’re quick to point them out by attacking the person rather than pointing out why they are wrong by supporting it with Scripture.

  33. TOM P O'DONNELL says


  34. TOM P O'DONNELL says


  35. AKLady says

    Trash in the WHite House? You have to be kidding.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Only 97 days left and we can get the trash out of the White house.

      1. AKLady says

        You are an embarassiment to America.
        Oh, and ingorant one, the next President does not take office until noon, January 20, 2017

        1. MAHB001 says

          None too soon for us real Americans.

  36. Front Sight says

    Since these are “Professional Photo Shoots,” costing lots of money, the NY Post should be willing to pay royalties for their use. Murdoch has a big checkbook and the royalties shouldn’t hurt him, too much.

  37. BarbaraCharis says

    AK Lady…my husband used to get playboy…it had a lot of interesting articles. I read it too.
    Didn’t find the nudes offensive. Are you jealous seeing beautiful women? Even though, I am a woman I admire beautiful women. The human body is a work of art.

  38. tushambi says

    I’m all about honesty and integrity. The more the liberal media lies about Trump and the more they excuse Hillary’s lies and dishonesty as not intentional, it leaves me one choice to vote for. I’m voting for trump.By the way Murdoch should had been banned from entering America,when he wad thrown out of England for being a despicable sleaze bag.

  39. cutterguy says

    dems are just jealous. look at who they made 1st lady. a cheetah look alike

  40. Alleged Comment says

    LOL! Another Murderoch failure. What’s his point? Does not bother Melania or Trump so it don’t bother me either.

    Common in Europe as Trump said. Trump – master of the art of the BIG DEAL!!!

  41. Johnny Canuck says

    They should post pictures of Obama’s Mommy, Stanley (that’s a Man’s name isn’t it?) Anne Durham, who posed for some real racy stuff for Barry’s Mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, Pornogrpher, Sex Fiend and Communist.

    Here’s a site with the lowdown. Of course the MSM would never think of besmirching Mr. Soetoro/Obama/Davis or who ever the Hell he is.


  42. Norma Brown says

    at this point we are not voting for spouses or veeps; we are voting for our country. I don’t care if Melania did much the same thing the wife of Nicholas Sarkozy did — Europe didn’t care either. What is important is that we have a madman in the White House and an out and out felon (unindicted I admit) and chronic liar hoping to replace him. This country is sick and dying and what comes out of its ashes isn’t going to be pretty.

  43. Norma Brown says

    But as for Murdoch, yes — and he is newly remarried and women carry a lot of weight. Do you think the ex Mrs. Jagger is a conservative? I am detecting changes in Fox News Channel and a tension among its talking heads. Could a walk-out come from all this? If it does, surely Murdoch knows the audience follows the talent.

  44. jim jones says

    Stay the course, Donald, let them keep swatting at fly shit! Trump/Pence 2016, America’s choice!

  45. Scrubjay says

    I believe Murdoch’s children are running the show now. They are reportedly Liberal and disagree with the direction Dad was once pursuing.

  46. tomw says

    Murdoch is a globalist, plain and simple.

  47. John Williams says

    To use the term “thinking” in a sentence about such a liberal rag, is rather stupid, the majority of people understand that thinking, common sense, and logic are not part of the vocabulary of these idiots.

  48. AlanWH says

    Conservative media? Fox? Murdoch has always been one of the media’s Biggest Sleaze-balls. Nothing’s new or changed because of Ailes or Trump or whoever comes next.

  49. Gerry Costa says

    Murdoch is nothing more than a low life establishment trash sh!tbird who is pouting over the debates. As far as the NY rag is concerned — if they didn’t print sh!it like this murdoch might be the only one buying a copy of their POS rag.

  50. Eleanore Whitaker says

    Bwahahahahahahahaha! Are you liars of the right offended? Gee that’s odd. That Bible Belt nut freak Pat Robertson said those photos are not porn but “art” and a testament to the “beauty of the human body.” Don’t make us all laugh at morons like you.

    You aren’t offended by that Pedophile Hastert, that Gay Male Predator Larry Craig, the Itchy Dick who left 2 sick wives, Gingrich or the rest of your pigs who think the back seat of a car is a portable sex lounge. Grow the hell up. The only first Melania Trump will ever be is the First Lady Whore to turn the White House into Trump’s personal Playboy Mansion. Yeesh are you people jackasses or what?

  51. Steven Coy says

    Thank God we don’t have any nude photo’s of the Wort Hog Hillary the Murdering, anti American, anti Constitution and Bill of rights who has Jeopardized our National Security with 2200 Classified and 23 Top Secret emails on an open Illegal in her home servers and don’t forget her using a Blackberry Phone even when she was told not to use a Blackberry because it hard to secure it and she used it anyway in Terrorist Countries who could easily hack her phone. Hillary doesn’t give a Damn about America, everything she has done is for her not America her charity I mean her money laundering scheme and Benghazi and Libya that removed Gaddafi and started ISIS, there is not enough room on a computer to list all of the Illegal and Treasonous actions this pile of crap has done to America!!! Shame on any Americn that would vote for this Traitor and Murderer. Vietnam Vet

  52. James Maxwell says

    She is an attractive woman who was a model in Europe. Their standard of modesty and additude
    towards nudity is a far cry from ours. But when I look around our Nation today I wonder what
    happened to the so called decency and modesty we used to have. The morals of our Nation
    the past 8 years have gone down hill faster than Superman’s pants in the toilet. The so called
    “music” from is profane and degrading to women and makes men look like wimps from a back
    street in San Francisco all courtesy of the Democrat Socialist pimp hustlers.

  53. Kurt Hanssen says

    That is noting compare to super dyke killary, and our hemorroide riding muslim president, and his male wife Michael, the drag quin of the WH. Joan Rivers happened to mention that on national TV, the next day she was dead. NObama’s grand mother mention that NObama was born in Kenya, the next day she was dead, 2 of his black sex toys, boys, knew to much, both shot dead. Wonder why NY. Post newer mentioning anything that gos on with the dumbocrappp.

  54. Albert L Biele says

    Trump is up against a corrupt DNC, who have fought tooth and nail to eliminate voter ID, and that’s after there were many democrats that confessed— they voted multiple times. We had large voting districts in Ohio, and other states, where Romney (2012 election) didn’t receive a single vote, on and on. As Trump walks down the pathway leading to Election Day, he is purposely being distracted by progressives who have created “side roads” baiting him to veer off the road, keeping him occupied on issues that will slowly turn-away the undecided voters. He has to ignore guys like, Cruz, Murdoch, Ryan, Kasich, etc., and the man the Dem’s marched, up to the podium, at the convention, as porn to attack Trump.—It’s all a set-up to divert him from getting down to the real issues, and there are many. Hillary is not qualified to be president. If she gets in, both the progressives and the constatives will witness America’s demise. When this country goes down economically, there will be few tax-payers to pay for the free stuff offered by the progressives. The country is heading toward bankruptcy, and the establishment doesn’t give a damn,—for Hillary, it’s all about power.
    Welfare, food-stamps, retirement funds, free medical, subsidized housing, etc. will no longer exist under the democratic nominee, as already proven by our present 20 trillion dollar debt. Choose Wisely—this is our last chance to save America. The real enemy is the corrupt establishment.

  55. David in MA says


  56. Darryll Green says

    What conservative media, we don’t have any

  57. Francisco Machado says

    Why the heck is Murdoch publishing pictures that encourage voting for Trump? He’s left of the standard issue Progressive! And it’s the type of photo Hillary can’t counter or match with one of her own! Even photos of Hillary in a burka would be enough to hurt the Post’s circulation.

  58. elmcqueen3 says

    Hey…There were several nude photo’s of Obama’s momma on the Internet…yet the liberal national news media wouldn’t take it to print…Hmmm…I wonder why?

  59. 2Shadow2 says

    Rupert “open borders” Murdock a conservative? You make me laugh. Fox News has been moving left by the month beginning with replacing Sean Hannity on prime tome with Megan “snow White” Kelly. The reporting during the debates was a clearly biased adn Kelly was guilty of baiting Trump over other candidates with personal questions. The left wing phrase “war on women” comes to mind. Murdock is handing things off to his sons who are raving left wingers.

  60. FloridaJim says

    The media is all democratic and Marxist having been brainwashed in every school and college in America since 1965. There are few knowledgeable American left and none in the mainstream media or Hollywood
    These books tell the story:. “One-Party Classroom” By David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin, exposing the
    brainwashing for 50 years in America’s colleges. This book
    single-handedly exposes the intellectual corruption ” that exists within
    the classrooms of American colleges. Like all forms of corruption ,
    indoctrination flourishes when kept in the dark.and
    “The Closing Of The American Mind” By Allen Bloom was written in 1987
    was written against the ideas and conceptions that animate the
    contemporary universities.The subtitle says it all “How Higher Education
    Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of today’s Students”.
    In the 1960’s educators took pride in how the degree to, which they had
    reformed the American university in the direction of democracy,equality
    and openness. They wanted to create an academic environment in which
    students might explore various ways of thinking and living in order to
    find their “authentic self’s”

    Listen to the dolts from the current generation they are stupid, as Obama called them in 2013

  61. donS2 says

    The left saw that he was upset the first time photos were published, they are just trying it again. Hopefully Trump is getting smarter about the left.

  62. randy jackson says

    Handled well by Mr. Trump.

    Anybody else NOT have a skeleton (or 2) in the closet.

    Still looking forward to the NYPost publishing Obammy’s Mammy’s nudie pics.

    How about the pics of Bubba with his bevy of babes—–possibly those from one of Billy Boy’s 12 trips to Orgy Island (full of underage sex slaves). Last time I thought about activity like this I believe it was defined as pedophilia.
    Ovomit’s kid just flashed her panties for the world to see at a party—–did that make it to the front page of the NYPost? Didn’t think so. Thank heavens Odumbo’s kid doesn’t have her mama’s giant ass—-a pic of Mooch’s humongous ass wouldn’t fit on the front page anyway—-ha.

  63. Lindy German says

    TRUMP its time to get serious, get mad,and get even,dont play into that witches petty games.She is baiting you,,,pay attention please,,we need you in the worstest way

  64. Lynn says

    Let the first one who has not sinned throw the first stone! How soon people forget the pictures of obama smoking pot! We have all done stuff that we can not go back and change. I seen the pictures and I was not made to feel any less of her for doing it. Lets all dig in are closet and see what we can come up with and then show the world! If that picture is all we need to worry about then we need to get a life! Oh that is right the man who is good and running big companies! Wants to bring Jobs back into our country! Bill Clinton is the one who got all of our jobs leaving this country with NAFTA! Wake up everyone? 9/11 was our Heveanley father’s first wake up call. If most of the people of the USA dose not turn back to our Lord Jesus Christ then this country will go down just like Israel did! Thanks for taking a minute to read my post! I so pray that it open your eyes. God bless you all! In Jesus Christ Holy name Amen !!!

  65. daveveselenak says

    So, let me get this right: one candidate’s very attractive spouse is being ostracized for legal photos, racy as they may be; while on the other hand we have a candidate whose lecherous spouse had committed rape and sexual abuse towards his victims and the State-run, fifth column propagandists, the Communist Party USA – formerly the democ-rats/progressives – and their useful idiot supporters look the other way and give them a pass! What universe am I living in? Now you know that we are doomed!!! Furthermore we have this:

    This ole commie whore doesn’t know jack-shit ( it was because of a video ) other than lying and extortion! She, like her former pimp, the Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse”, ought to be only running for the border to escape facing a firing squad for treason! The country should let the parents of the Benghazi victims comprise the firing squad along with holding a national lottery which could go towards paying down the debt! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION against these Godless, Satan worshipping murderous, power hungry ghouls – guaranteed! They are using Islamic terrorism and the refugee crisis as their sledgehammer to forge their One World Government into reality. All of these NWO elitist world politicians are on the same page, along with their implanted “Dope” Francis” who I have no doubt is the False Prophet – and I am a practicing Catholic.. Wake up, all of these murderous bastards were on their governments radar but somehow they always manage to escape it until after the murderous mayhem has been successful! WAKE UP SHEEPLE, WAKE UP! They all insure you that there is more to come which is alright with them because they are so far removed and well protected that no harm will ever come to them plus they depopulate the planet of unworthy useful idiots that are using up the world’s natural resources that are to be allocated for the NWO elitists! That is it in a nut shell – discard at your own discretion and become a serf to them or one of the even less fortunate casualties!

  66. Hudmar says

    As we can see by their tactics that those people will go to any extend to keep their evil quality governing and the H… with what matters.

  67. Mickie says

    I think this reflects on Murdoch rather than Trump.

  68. Morton99 says

    It is hard to comprehend Trump’s explanations or motivations for anything that occurs except that he actually intends to lose this election.
    Quite apart from the trashy photo shoots one has to wonder how he plans to expand his 14 million primary votes into the 63 million he would need to win the general election – especially now that he is at war with the party establishment – which is providing most of the get out the vote manpower. I think that it is on the cards that Trump will withdraw as a candidate at some point during the next 4 weeks

  69. dahniuru says

    It’s time to dump the establishment! As an Independent, I’ve become more and more irritated by the behavior of both Dem and GOP parties. I have now decided that, although I have problems with Trump, I have far more problems with THE ESTABLISHMENT. I will not vote for any established politician. I’m aware that if more ‘new’ politicians are elected, we will have more people without experience in leading offices. But maybe newly elected politicians a la Trump won’t already be so dirty that nothing will change. And things must change if America is going to move forward economically and socially.

  70. RLK says

    Mr. Murdoch should watch his back, very closely. Trump has made many friends throughout his years on this earth in many different social circles of society……..there are rules Mr. Murdoch and you just broke a very big one……sleep well. Your future will be very interesting to watch.

  71. nodemonratfan says

    Murdoch is an asshole. Period. All these assholes are going to be in the hotseat very very soon as the people will no longer tolerate them. I believe many will be rightfully hanged by the public. the liberal media pundits all deserve the gallows as does criminal hillary and treasonous barack

  72. G.Mann says

    Another clever ploy by the Media Master, Mr. Trump to gather all the LGBT vote away from hillary, no doubt.. hahahah..
    How could they NOT vote for Trump when it’s now public that Mrs. Trump gave a naked hug to another woman.. for money even…. I mean.. is that “progressive” or not??

    Ya gotta spin it to win it.. according to the Democrats.. Beat them at their own game..

    Personally, I’m investing in future deliveries of Depends to DNC headquarters after 8 Nov. My prediction is the Democrats will be soiling themselves… a lot.. should be a windfall profit.

  73. ONLYJB1 says

    Nude photos of a well known international model. Oh, back the horse up! This is all the progressive socialist and the establishment republicans have in their attempt to destroy Trump? At least we know without a doubt that Melania is all woman. Can’t say the same for michael, I mean michelle. This is even a weaker attempt than the muslim terrorist khan! Come on Julian, release all the NSA captured emails from hillarys basement bathroom server. hillary perjured herself more than once before a federal inquiry. The y will prove once and for all all of the treasonous acts she has performed just since the time of her state office tenure. Selling military grade weapons to ISIS and the nuslim brotherhood. Selling uranium to the Communist. These are just 2 acts of treason. We haven’t even touched on the money laundering schemes of the clintons. Hit us with the facts Julian.

  74. SCSOCAL says

    I wrote to the N.Y. Post directly and chastised them for putting those photos up. There were nude photos of Obama’s mom floating around out there but they sure didn’t run them on the front page or any page..

  75. desert fox says

    The post appeals to the lower class–the demoncrats–so this is what you would expect from this rag. As a matter of fact there should be some dirt published about the owner of the paper but the liberal media will always protect the people who serve garbage. Of course the Clintons survive on garbage.

  76. Kurt Hanssen says

    At least she is a very attractive female with a lot of class, look at the guy Michael that is the first quin, of the WH. drag quin that is, Don’t se NY. Post writing anything about this, wonder why ?, and they are not writing anything about Killary’s sexual preference, for those who don’t know, she is a super dyke, been unfaitfull to her husband with more than 30. different ladies, the last one Huma Abedin, a Soudie spy, and a co worker of Kahn. And than Bill, Bragging about screwing more than 2000. ladies, some he raped, starting as young as 13.”orgy island”, those he paid for, Don’t se NY. post writing anything about this.? Then, don’t forget about Hemorroide riding bath house barry, “your president”, the biggest coke dealer on campus, and he is on national TV and telling everybody that Trump is not qualified to be president.? So what is this country coming to.?

  77. Robert Kahlcke says

    Conservatives, check out One America News, Ch 616 Fios.
    Shepard Smith, Dana Perino and Megyn Kelly, will be moving to either (CNN) Communist News Network, CNBC, MSNBC. TRUMP 2016

  78. junkmailbin says

    thats rught, teddy , the turd , cruz started the wife bash but cannot apologize for it and honor his pledge of supporting trump

  79. Jmanjo says

    This just says that if Trump team unloads on the Clintons the liberals better not say squat cause they got it coming! I also don’t understand how Cruz can be mad at Trump about anything said about his wife if Cruz started the ruckus in the first place!

  80. Charles Hagan says

    Just the thought of Hillary should assuage any and all fears of Trump!

  81. Gregg the voice of reason says

    The New York post is a rag and will soon be out of business

  82. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

    Just goes to show there are only two uses for the New York Post
    1. Wrapping a dead fish
    2. housebreaking a pippy

  83. downs1 says

    This whole country is becoming a hotbed of out- and- out intellectual dishonesty, lying, dissemination of misinformation, violence, sexual immorality, elementary, high schools and universities that push liberal indoctrination vs. true education, anti-Jewish and anti-Christian [read: anti-God] persecution, and government corruption on both sides of the aisle! Hillary Clinton is a blatant liar and far left politician, and Donald Trump is an arrogant, foolish man who couldn’t control his mouth if his life depended on it! Neither is worthy of holding the once prestigious Office of President of the United states, but then, this country is already finished! It signed its own death warrant when it officially turned away from God and when it turned the other nations in turning away from Israel! The Congress is corrupt, the Supreme Court is corrupt, and the Obama Administration is doing everything possible to systematically make way for Islam to take over! Think I’m kidding? Watch! No human politics is going to save this once great nation!

  84. annelouisegelinas says

    Really here in America We have gone against morals in general as everybody claims they have different standards for morality.
    So you can molest young women, be accused of rape, having sex and lying about it but you cannot make a living posing as a top model? Nude or otherwise.

    Now you see how people’s minds work.
    Making a living modeling versus living sinfully as president of this country and lying under oath about it, are the double standards and makes no sense.

    It is easy to see how she was a top model.
    Earning her way and doing an excellent job
    Not the same as Hollywood and all their B movies, porn movies, that millions of people in this country enjoy daily.

  85. Walter Flatt says














    1. AKLady says

      Do you think this stuff up by yourself, or do you have help?

  86. Rick Rogers says

    So what.. The New York Post Shows the person you want to be the 1st Lady doing soft core porn and the Lot of you are being hypocrites about it. Ever so called Christian that is support him just showed their true colors.

    1. ringostarr1 says

      Get your hands out of you pocket Rick. You’re not fooling anyone except for your mother.

  87. RsGoat says

    Who cares! She was an intentional model and that is what international models do! Get a clue and grow up! Next remember that this woman may be our next First Lady and show some respect. Those kind of pictures are fine for internet porn sites that have no class but I thought we could expect more from our big name papers?
    Apparently not when those establishments are in the tank for the Democratic party to the extent they advertise what they feel are damaging pictures. I can’t t take seriously any of this tabloid papers reporting in the future, can I?
    We are electing Donald Trump, not his wife to be President. She will step up and do fine when the time comes.

  88. Bob says

    Just be glad it wasn’t the First Dude Michelle Obama posted nude

  89. Robert Cruder says

    Compare that photo to one that the campaign itself released with Melania Trump in a skimpy bikini stretched in front of the Trump jet.

    I’m reminded of OJ Simpson grabbing his wife’s crotch and saying “I own this!”

    That is SOOO Presidential.

  90. MIKE6080 says

    maybe they could publish a picture of bill ,monica and his cigar

  91. Tony says

    So Melania wears a white dress the night she spoke at the convention and is labeled a “Racist”!
    Hillary wore a white pants suit when she accepted the nomination. I guess she must be a “Racist” too!!!
    Mooochelle wore a white gown ti the State Dinner when the Singapore Prez was in town. So, that must mean that she isn’t a “Racist”??? Yeah RIGHT???
    Mooochelle does have one “thing” over Melania………A penis!

    1. Tony says

      Speaking of posing, this is scary!!!

  92. feduptohere says

    The post is a rag. It isn’t fit to line a bird cage. Filth is all they know, and they had better not be too surprised if and when they hear from some lawyers.

  93. maryclouse says

    I’m seeing this way,Yellow journalism is a common thing in the
    liberal media,The New York Post Journalist,is the
    Poster Child,for yellow journalism,Let’s look at their wives
    and see what kind of hags they are married to,they only
    wish their wives looked that good.

  94. Bob Stewart says

    Well, we all know why Hillary won’t pose nude and create uncontrollable public nausea. Is that the best that the liberal press can come up with. I’ll bet that at least Donald Trump and his family won’t steal the plates and silverware. And who said anything about Rupert Murdoch being conservative? He only gives conservatives air time on Fox because it’s worth money to him. Isn’t he also an advocate of open borders?

  95. RichFromShowMe says

    Will he next run a racy picture of Moooooooooooooooochelle in order to sell his rag?

    It sure seems like all the nations rich folks want to flush the economy down the drain with “the rodham” in charge . . . . . . this simply doesn’t compute 🙂

  96. Ilene Richman says

    Murdoch and his sons are criminals. His UK firm wire tapped politicians and others. He and his son should have been arrested by UK for this criminal act but Murdoch must have paid off to get out of trouble. Murdoch is a Democrat-one of the Democratic criminals. Fox News will change now that Roger Ailes is gone. Anyway, Fox News is a disaster with their “Fair and Balanced”. I do not see CNN, MSNBC, ABC being “Fair and Balanced”. They are all liberals and lie for the liberals as Hillary and Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. I want a conservative news program, not one that is “fair and balanced”. Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Charles Lane and others should disappear from Fox News.

  97. joebabe says

    Thank God Melania is gorgeous! Hope that pictures of Michelle and Hillary don’t turn up when they were younger. Puhlease…..Murdoch, spare us!

  98. jetmagnet says

    Trump sucks, and i would never vote for him. He has a mental disorder.

    Narcissistic personality disorder-

    If you have narcissistic personality disorder, you may come across as
    conceited, boastful or pretentious. You often monopolize conversations. You may
    belittle or look down on people you perceive as inferior. You may feel a sense
    of entitlement — and when you don’t receive special treatment, you may become
    impatient or angry. You may insist on having “the best” of everything — for
    instance, the best car, athletic club or medical care.

    At the same time, you have trouble handling anything that may be perceived as
    criticism. You may have secret feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability and
    humiliation. To feel better, you may react with rage or contempt and try to
    belittle the other person to make yourself appear superior. Or you may feel
    depressed and moody because you fall short of perfection.

    Many experts use the criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of
    Mental Disorders (DSM-5), published by the American Psychiatric Association, to
    diagnose mental conditions. This manual is also used by insurance companies to
    reimburse for treatment.
    I do like the necked pictures of his wife though! Imagine having a butt necked photos of a candidates wife. Of course trump voters have no morals or christian values.

  99. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

    It is doubtful that any part of the press is attempting to help Trump unless it would be to contribute money to dig a hole in which to put him. Most of the press is as slimy as sewer rats.

  100. Randy Bower says

    They want to put everything about Trump in the gutter to try and protect and portrait Hillary as something she is not.The Liberal media is a main part of the trouble in society we have today,they want to mislead the public for their own agenda.

  101. Robert Cruder says

    Trump happily released a photo of her in front of his jet, wearing a bikini and holding a chromed revolver.

    He was bragging that he must be great because all of this is his property.

    Now it comes out that Melana was paid for this photo at a time when she had only a tourist visa and could not legally work in the U.S. No wonder this site wants it to go away.

    Either Trump is not really for “controlling our borders”, not for “law-and-order” or does not have a “very good brain”.

  102. annefarrelly says

    It seems the more the MSM tries to denigrate Trump, the more his supporters flock to his defense. Image the MSM tizzy when Trump wins. Can’t wait . . .

  103. zrevtom says

    So to be fair why is not the NY POST showing Hillary Clinton kissing very passionately
    on the lips. either with HUMA her now favorite Lesbian partner or her female staff member.
    Even Bill has said in one of his mini interviews he said Hillary has had more pussy than I have.
    Come on NY Post lets be fair and show the world the REAL Hillary and her Lesbian lovers, and hear her cursing out the Secret Service guards that are protecting her fat butt. No the NY Post and ,many
    other papers have their noses so far up Hillarys butt ( which is why she has a big spread so all the
    papers the tv stations and these liberal journalists (haha) can get their noses in.
    At least Melania is beautiful and Hillary is a 69 (Huma loves that number but hates her partner) grandma

  104. FloridaJim says

    Trump is our only hope to save America. He beat the other 16 candidates fairly, and they promised to vote for the winner whomever that may be, now many have welshed on the deal which shows just how dishonorable they all are.In the debates we had a bunch of losers and those in congress do nothing but talk and hold committee meetings with not one accomplishment they are pathetic.Trump won now w must elect him and give him 4 year to prove himself to us if he does we reelect him , if not, we dump him as we should have dumped the foul and lying Obama in 2012. Romney, another sorry loser, lost a sure victory by staying home the last several days doing nothing while Obama worked until he won and we lost.

  105. Walter Flatt says









  106. Alleged Comment says

    That’s the point. They don’t think!

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