When Will Republicans Fight Back Against Socialism?


Republicans should pay close attention to the way Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Barack Obama talk about Donald Trump. Whenever these three offer criticism of the Republican frontrunner, they almost invariably punctuate it with some variation of the following: When it comes right down to it, Trump is no different from the rest of the party. It’s a strategy, and it’s one that the entire Democratic Party is following.

We don’t see much of that on our side. Sure, the Republicans have charged that Clinton would essentially represent a third Obama term, but that’s low-hanging fruit. That’s first grade. We need to dig deeper, and we need to start talking about Democrats the way they talk about us.

Consider a new op-ed written by former New Hampshire Governor Judd Gregg. In it, the Republican laments how successful Sanders has been despite his socialist beliefs. “Democrats following Sanders are proposing a fundamental break with our market-based economic system,” Gregg wrote. “They are proposing a completely different course by promoting socialism.”

Gregg laid out the many, many historical failures of the socialist system before blaming America’s educational system for failing today’s millennial Democrats. It’s a great piece, but it falls short of the message we need at the highest levels of the Republican Party.

Put plainly: Bernie Sanders is an extremist. Yet you would not know this if you listened to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or any other Republican leaders. They regard Sanders as an amusing diversion. They assume he won’t win, and therefore they’re glad to see him softening Hillary up before the general election.

But Sanders, extreme as he might be, is not an anomaly. He is the future of the Democratic Party. The next “democratic socialist” who runs for president won’t run into any resistance over that label. Oh, right, like good ol’ Bernie. I liked that guy! Straight shooter. Funny. Remember when that bird landed on his podium?

We need to stop treating ideas like “free college” as laughable, wacky propositions. We need to start telling voters how dangerous these people are. Not just Sanders. Not just Obama. Not just Clinton. We need to explain in soaring detail how everything Democrats touch turns to trash. How their increasingly-socialist agenda is destroying America.

The spirit of competition is what made this country great. The unique framework of freedom designed by our founders allowed Americans to push the limits of human achievement to heights once thought impossible. Do the young Bernie supporters understand what they’re throwing away?

Maybe someone should tell them.

  1. Croco Dile says

    “Where the sole employer is the state, opposition means death by slow starvation.”- Leon Trotsky

    Look who said this and WHEN :

    We are living in a highly organized state of socialism. The state is all; the individual is of importance only as he contributes to the welfare of the state. His property is only (his) as the state does not need it. He must hold his life and his possessions at the call of the state. – Bernard M. Baruch in The Knickerbocker Press, Albany, New York, August 8, 1918

    1. AKLady says

      Reality in the 21st Century:

      Capitalism American style: People die because they cannot afford to buy health care.

      Socialism Canadian style: Everyone has access to health care.

      1. alegalcitizen says

        So you’re comparing a country of 30 million to a country of 330+ million? How many Canadians are sitting on their butt collecting other people’s money?? My friend from Canada had to wait almost 2 years to see a specialist, so that is what you want?

      2. Jarhead says

        Pure baloney……seek help for your drug problem.

  2. AKLady says

    Every modern, industrialized country has a mixed economy.
    It is a matter of national defense.
    Push too many people into abject poverty and you have a revolution on your hands..

    1. albaby2 says

      Who is pushing anyone into abject poverty? Are you talking about the debt we will have to pay back.

      1. AKLady says

        Obviously, you are so concerned, you have no idea of the extent of American poverty, let alone, how it has grown.

        Educate yourself. Careful, not too much at once, the shock may be too much for you to handle.

        1. alegalcitizen says

          I grew up poor, NO inside bathroom, NO hot running water, hanging clothing on the line to freeze dry. NO phone, and work all summer to eat during the winter, IF all those sitting on their butts expecting others to pay for theirs were FORCED to work for their “fair share” we wouldn’t be so far in debt. WE hubby and I both grew poor, but we WORKED to improve our lives, we didn’t depend on anyone else to improve our lives.

        2. albaby2 says

          Bet you’re the first in line at the mailbox to get your oil company check and your “entitlements”.

          1. AKLady says

            What “oil company check” might that be?

            Alaska invests the money received from the sale of our assets, all of them, not just oil. The earnings on those investments pay for state services and provide dividends to “We the People” who own those assets.


            Alaska Permanent Fund.
            Suggest you learn what it is. https://pfd.alaska.gov/

          2. albaby2 says

            OK-Your “dividend check” that comes mainly from profits of those nasty oil companies liberals love to hate to those who have nothing to earn it except living in Alaska.

      2. Progressive Republican says

        You mean the debt incurred by over thirty years of failed GOP economic polices? You mean that debt?

        1. alegalcitizen says

          I didn’t know that the GOP took us from less than 10 TRILLION to over 19+ Trillion in the last 7 plus years, but go figure.

          1. Progressive Republican says

            Said debt is due wholly to Rethuglicon machinations.

        2. albaby2 says

          No, I mean the National debt which has tripled in just the last seven years under Liberal policies.

          1. Progressive Republican says

            Which is a direct result of over thirty years of failed GOP economic polices.


            That debt.

        3. albaby2 says

          Noi, I mean the debt that has tripled in less than 7 years of Liberal domination

          1. Progressive Republican says

            7 years of Liberal domination“?


    2. TheBucko says

      Name all the countries who are under socialism / communism in the last hundred years and are successful in making all their people well to do?

      1. AKLady says

        You need to learn the difference between Socialism and Communism.
        Then, you need to learn the diffierence between government and economy.

        For example, all of the folliwing countries have some form of national health care: India. Israel, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Austria, Denmark, Finland,, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Jersey, Iceland, Isle of Man, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Australia, and New Zealand.

        In contrast, the United States allows people to die, simply because they cannot afford to buy health care. Hardist hit are the middle class.

        1. alegalcitizen says

          Just the state of Texas is larger than MOST of those countries, but go figure, we can’t afford FREE insurance for all the legal and illegal immigrants plus all the “refugees” that come here, most of those other countries are native born.

        2. Vassiliki says

          First of all you did not answer The Bucko question and only diverted to what counties have socialized healthcare which does not mean they have excellent healthcare! Have you ever been to a government hospital? I have in Greece and no thanks! If you have money then you go to a private clinic if not you are shit out of luck and start praying. Usually a relative stays with you all the time to make sure everything goes ok because nothing is guaranteed. I had uncle that passed away last year from a routine test. I have a friend whose father went in for routine surgery and ended up dead. There are many cases like these and many scary stories. Doctors are underpaid and under staffed. There is no incentive for betterment.
          Just because governments have socialized medicine it does not mean they all work or are safe.

        3. Ed Shick says

          could it be that we are giving Foreign Aid to over 190 nations and that we are paying for there health care!! This foreign aid was started so countries could rebuild at the end of WW 2 , It is being misused as are our Dollars used to Support the UN , Which we should get out of !

          1. AKLady says

            The primary reason for foreign aid is to boost economic development of the country receiving the aid.

      2. Reality Check says

        oh , so they have to be “well to do”?

        name a capitalist country that has achieved that.

        the standard of living in half a dozen EU countries are HIGHER than the US.
        how is that for evidence?

        1. alegalcitizen says

          With your posting history, I’m not ready to jump on your bandwagon.

  3. defiant1 says

    “Do the young Bernie supporters understand what they’re throwing away?” Do the young Bernie supporters realize they are embracing communism?

    1. Valor says

      Of course not! They don’t have a clue want Communism is. They would believe if it was spelled out to them. Young skulls full of mush is an apt description.

      1. Karen says

        yes..I agree..and believe me, I have tried to explain it to some of them, but they just do not get it..

        1. Reality Check says

          HISTORY tells us that communism FAILED MISERABLY in Russia and
          China who have both gone to CAPITALISM.

          the remaining commie countries are barely functioning.

          SO WHY do the right keep thinking the left are desperately
          conspiring to get there?

          especially when you fools also say the left get EVERYTHING FOR FREE?

          1. gerald Hughes says

            Maybe if you liberal dem bloodsuckers weren’t on public forums whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them, we wouldn’t think that.
            We have fought the liberal bloodsuckers for 50 years to keep ourselves away from socialism,.
            Not to worry, the decent people are sick of you separation is just a short time away.

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            Don’t ever respond to that liberal fool. It is beyond all hope of sane discussion. I warned you. Ironic name as reality has no place in that troll’s head.

          3. BILL3000 says

            That’s nice,Beeotchstewie. Now WHICH “liberal fool”?WHOSE “Ironic name”??? WHICH,or WHAT “troll’s head”????

          4. Beeotchstewie says

            I was referring to Reality Check.

          5. Juan TwoTree says

            Beeotchstewie: Reality Check is an absolute ignorant arsehole and can’t figure out which side is up! Good rebuttal post back at the LibTurd!

          6. Beeotchstewie says

            AK “Lady” as well. have seen that one post numerous times that Obama has never broken a law or done anything against the US citizens. So sad to grow up that stupid and not even realize it.

          7. Juan TwoTree says

            Absolutely!! That f’ing AK’Lady?? has her head so far up her fat assed rectal cavity she is a hopeless case for sure!

          8. Beeotchstewie says

            More proof that liberalism is a serious mental disease. too bad it’s not fatal.

          9. Juan TwoTree says

            Right…it’s too bad they are still breathing and wasting our oxygen!

          10. Beeotchstewie says

            They are unknowingly contributing to global warming. LOL

          11. Jorge Molina says

            You Idiot!.

          12. TheBlues says

            If we totally ignore the commie troll, it will quit posting.

          13. Mark Lahti says

            Yours for starters. Then there is unreality checked at the door. Haven’t seen it lately but AK not a lady is usually out there somewhere.

          14. gerald Hughes says

            I like to beat on the ignorant low life liberal dem bloodsucker.

          15. Jorge Molina says

            Right on.

          16. Beeotchstewie says

            Looks like this site needs a little liberal troll cleanup. There are several around today. They seem to feel they are accomplishing something by posting lies and trying to get under the skin. They have nothing of value to add ever, I would love to engage them in a real live debate regarding their insane beliefs, but they could not handle it. I base this on many stupid responses and comments I have read and had sent my way.

          17. ABO says

            I still, after all these years find it difficult to believe that anyone as completely demented as RC can actually function on their own. He is illiterate, delusional and is the very definition of the term idiotic. Almost makes one feel sorry for him but as his myopic mindset is self imposed…

          18. Beeotchstewie says

            I used to think like that now I am more like asking where does one find sympathy? Right between shit and syphillis in the dictionary (wikipedia). If someone does not possess the mental acuity to see the folly of their ways, you cannot pity them unless they are mentally challenged, exceptions being any and all liberals, they are beyond hope of redemption.

          19. ABO says

            Worst of it, stewie, is that RC thinks himself a genius. Amazing!!!

          20. Beeotchstewie says

            Liberals show their insanity all the time, RC is no exception. Thinking you are a genius when quite the opposite is reality is proof of that.

          21. ringostarr1 says

            Mohammed was an illiterate, demented, mass murderer but 1,500,000,000 people pray to this delusional fool every day, some of them even pray to him 5 times a day.

          22. Reality Check says

            well idiot of the right wing, lets debate.
            the embarrassment by your superior intellect will make me hide in same.

            (I think I hear a clucking sound)

          23. ABO says

            As I have said so many times before, debating you would be like trying to reason with an earthworm. The last time I presented you with a long list of facts, all properly footnoted, Your response was “silly tool of the right doesn’t know anything”. Brilliant response for a brainless moron but as I said debating you is an utterly pointless errand as you completely lack the intellect to respond at all reasonably.

          24. BILL3000 says

            Yours is a TOTALLY Incoherent Rant,gerald Hughes.

          25. gerald Hughes says

            All of the people that read have no trouble with it, low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasite.

          26. Mark Lahti says

            It’s inability to comprehend your comments is actually the proof in the pudding. He couldn’t grasp a rational, common sense thought if it jumped up and bit him in the backside.

          27. gerald Hughes says

            Most of us of the decent conservative persuasion have accepted the fact that we will no longer be able to coexists with the liberal dem bloodsuckers.
            We must physically separate ourselves from these life forms in the very near future, they may then do it any way, that they like and demonstrate to us how good their system is.
            We will go back to the old, dull running a real country again and resume making it a real successful country, again

          28. Mark Lahti says

            Yup. The tolerant ones right? LOLOLOL. Here is my definition of tolerance. Tolerance is the minds ability to overcome the overwhelming desire to choke the living schnizt out of some a$$hole who desperately needs it.

          29. TheBlues says

            To me, it is not a “he”. It is an “it”. Commie trolls have the same patter.

          30. R. T. says

            The liberals think they can do communism better than those country’s ! They think they can control your life better than you !!

          31. gerald Hughes says

            2000 years, history has watched as, the quasi socialists/socialists/communists have set up governments in their attempts to get a free lunch,
            2000 years , history has watched, as they took them down the tube.
            Still, every time a Chavez, Hollande, Clinton Sanders or Obama come trolling down the lane, tootling on their flute, the liberal bloodsuckers run for the bandwagon.
            we have been exceptionally patient with these ersatz life forms.
            50 years now, we have coddled and allowed the ersatz life forms, to attempt to destroy the country that we have worked so hard to build.
            Seems to me, that we have come to the place, where it is time to put a stop to it, once and for all.

          32. TheBlues says

            I just watched a recent vid on Venezuela. The crime is incredible there. To protect yourself on a casual walk, you have to be surrounded with a few friends, or bodyguards.

          33. Reality Check says

            “Maybe if you liberal dem bloodsuckers weren’t on public forums whining and begging for handouts”

            are you on DRUGS or something?

          34. gerald Hughes says

            You still alive p-ant?
            Do the world a favor, kill yourself, scum

          35. Mathew Molk says

            That’s an easy one, kid ……….
            BECAUSE THEY ARE and they DO

            Get me my free Bomma Pone, man.

          36. Reality Check says

            Free Phones was started under Ronny Reagan , low info voter.

            so how’s the GOP treating you guys lately?

            you think you got a say in who’s going to run?

            ya, THAT is how low info you guys ARE.

          37. ringostarr1 says

            Ronny tried to do the right thing and make it so that every Liberal Dem Blood Sucker could stay in touch with either his drug dealer or else with her pimp but the LDBSs only abused the system.

          38. Susan Short says

            Reality Check, this site just wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without you sharing your boundless wisdom with all of us! If only you were at least half as smart as you think you are! I thank God that I don’t have your kind of “wisdom!”

          39. ABO says

            If he were at least half as smart as he thinks he is, Susan that would make him a simpleton, which is still way beyond his intellectual level.

        2. EMIRCITNA says

          SADLY, for such people….HARD EXPERIENCE….is the best educator!!!

          1. Bob Marcum says

            But; “EVERYBODY” suffers. Not just the demo idiots.

          2. EMIRCITNA says

            TRUE! ~ We can only hope that the dopes are ….the minority!!!

          3. BILL3000 says

            We COULD Hope,ERMIRCITA,BUT:Unfortunately,Republicans have a Majority in Too Many state house and the House of Representatives.

          4. Jorge Molina says

            Hey bill -10000 you a the product of the garbage the Socialist, communist party of yours regurgitate. Notice that you have been ignored here.get the hint POS.

          5. ringostarr1 says

            The dopes like BLL3000 are only 1% of Americans but unless we watch them closely they each vote 100 times to each true Americans’ one vote.

          6. ringostarr1 says

            That is the true meaning of Bernie Sanders “Democratic Socialism” ie. shared misery, hunger, and deprivation.

          7. BILL3000 says

            Right,rongostar1….And All of your favoriie food,Dixie-Fried Bull Shit YOU can eat!!!

          8. Gary D Flatt says

            You are going to be late for your VOTER FRAUD meeting?

          9. Bob Marcum says


          10. gonzales27 says

            Free stuff for everyone,grand children will pay the bill.

          11. Giorgio Benhana says

            make sure we vote him and Hillary out, one is an open socialist and the other a corrupt socialist who cares about her power. Like bill clinton, the POS

          12. Beeotchstewie says

            Isn’t that what Communism is based on?

          13. BILL3000 says

            Isn’t WHAT “what Communism is based on”,Beeotchstewie?

          14. BILL3000 says

            Yes,ESPECIALLY Gullible,Ignorant,Mindless,Paranoid “right”-Wing Nuts like yourself,Bob Marcum.

          15. Gary D Flatt says

            I totally agree, but unfortunately, the rest of America is going to go through the same “Hard Experience.” I’am a 73 year old Nam Vet, it’s my grandkids, and nieces, nephews. That will pay price for OUR allowing the country to degenerate into Marxism.

          16. EMIRCITNA says

            Same age ~ God Bless!

        3. melmack 1 says

          Thank The liberal profs that care only about their benefits and large salaries. I doubt they teach about that in their captive calssrooms

          1. Ted Crawford says

            IE: Thank little Jimmy Carter, the grandfather of the “Arab Spring” and Father of the extra-Constitutional, aggrandized Department of Indoctrination, mislabeled ‘education’! And the counter-productive, Public Sector…. ‘teachers’ (?) Unions!

          2. Mathew Molk says

            I hear ya Ted

            I recall a speech I heard on the radio over 20 years ago by a guy
            from the Tulsa chamber of Commerce. He said his company hired only
            people with Bachelors degrees because they could reasonably make the
            assumption they could read, something they could not assume of most high
            school graduates. Today I would not make that assumption of someone with a Master’s degree.

            What other industry that hasn’t turned out a saleable product in over 30 years would still be in business, let alone getting pay raise after pay raise after pay raise. Only the clowns that get 12 months pay for 9 months ‘Work”

            Rare as an old rusty truck in the “teachers” (read indoctrinator’s) parking lot.

            That nest of bust out commies and slackers is far more dangerous to the American way of life then ISIS, Hillery, and all the RINOs in congress all combined.

          3. Mark Lahti says

            And if nobody believes what you are saying. Just point out to them that almost every single one of the radical SDS “soldiers”, most of whom had convictions of one sort or another, are now either teachers or professors at many prestigious universities all around this country. Literally from coast to coast they teach our youth from a position of having been a convicted radical during the sixties.

          4. larrabeems says

            Mr. Lahti,
            You are a mentally ill, sick right wings scum. I never thought I would get to the point of saying such a thing. I’ve tried to live a civilized life but you and others on the above thread have forced me to change, at least, while I write this rant. I’ve lived a privileged life, 40 years of which were creating at Bell Laboratories. But, reading the crap on this thread turns my stomach just as most of the comments of the Candidates on both sides that are running to become our President.
            The left wants to continue the destructive process of giving money when someone looses his or her job. We should restore the WPA but modified so that job durations do not depend on a particular project and require a minimum output. The Right needs to restore the tax rates (adjusted for inflation) that were in force before Reagan. We also need to increase the capital gain tax to 95% for all holding of less than 1 year duration but reducing the rate for holding of longer that 4 years. And, last, we need to restore Glass Steagall to change the name of Wall Street from Las Vegas East to its original name.
            The foregoing would be first steps to restoring what made our Capitalist System work. It is now failing and destroying our Country. The Glass Steagall decision of out Supreme Court is the WORST possible and assures our countries destruction.

          5. BILL3000 says

            WOW,Ted Crawford____Quite a list!!! Obviously the effects of your last Thorazine injection have worn-off COMPLETELY.

          6. Mark Lahti says

            How about demonstrating something, anything that would substantiate your chastisement. Instead of this typical liberal troll trash of insults.

          7. Ted Crawford says

            Typical dimwitted Progressive! Nothing substantive with which to refute,….well virtually anything, you resort to mindless, adolescent tripe. Do yourself and everyone else here a favor, go back to playing with….. yourself, if that is you can ever find it, and allow the adults to have a discussion!

          8. Mark Lahti says

            Right on. I just said pretty much the same thing. It is really obvious when a liberal troll decides to jump the conversation, isn’t it?

          9. Ted Crawford says

            YES, you can always recognize a Progressive, they are the ones with the dazed look in their counter rotating eyes, drool at the corners of the mouth and the periodic puffs of smoke from the ears!

          10. Jarhead says

            The heavy, opaque, sticky colon mucus dripping from their heads are also a sure sign.

          11. Michael Dennewitz says

            If you’d stop snorting that shit you wouldn’t be making off the wall comments like that!!

          12. albaby2 says

            Your knowledge of drugs come from using?

          13. Tom says

            Bill, you better get home quick or…oh, you are too late. You just got cockold again. So, what is it up to now? 47 times she got the Good Stuff somewhere else because you just cannot provide any more. Oh, she said, “Bill couldn’t even ring the bell. He would get close, but always fell ‘short’ of the goal.”

          14. Elizabethtwilliams4 says

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          15. Tom says

            Ted, do you realize there hasn’t been a half-way decent, morally or ethically, demoncrat prez worth a damn since the PeanutMan? Each and everyone of the no-goods should have been impeached AND tossed into prison to rot. The latest of the demoncrat’s offering would be best used as a small-arms target.
            DEATH to all muslims, BHO too

          16. Ted Crawford says

            I disagree, the last decent Democrat President was the last of the now extinct Liberal Democrats, John Kennedy. They took him out to facilitate their War in Vietnam, among other things!
            Kennedy went totally against their mantra; “We, the Elite, know far better than you, what you really need. Just ask us!”! Remember: “Ask NOT what your Country can do for you, but what YOU can do for your Country!” They couldn’t allow that attitude to prevail, their self-serving corruption would have been easily exposed!

          17. E Swisher says

            Thank the parents who paid for their kids to go to college to be “taught” by these liberal profs and fail to do anything to remove these “liberal” profs from their respective faculties.

        4. Bob Marcum says

          Don’t forget; they are the offspring of the flower children’s results, of their good-old-days. They had their fun, in the ’60s and ’70s. . Then; the results of their make love not war lifestyle showed up, for them to ignore and abuse. Now, those unfortunate offsprings have their own offspring, and they had no idea,
          what to do with them. They tried; but, with a perverted understanding of how to do it. The results, are the college grads, of today. No earthly knowledge, of what the world is about. That made them extremely vulnerable, to propagandae. The
          NWO elites were fully aware of that, at the time they were setting this up, long ago.
          For them; it’s working out, great. Their plans are producing much fruit, for their
          political intentions.

          1. BILL3000 says

            “NWO elites”,Bob Marcum?????!!!!!!!?? And YOU claim that others have”No earthly knowledge,[sic]of what the world is about”??! NWO elites is classic Conspiritoid speak. What next? FEMA camps? Lizard people? RFID chips? U.F.O. s?

          2. Mark Lahti says

            Here you go again. Prove him wrong with any kind of logical rational thought process. But no, you just insult and and ridicule because you have nothing to support your so called counter point. You and the rest of the liberal trolls out here have no argument to counter the actual historical, and proven history that is being used as examples here.

          3. Ted Crawford says

            By the way twinkle-toes, voting for yourself, simply highlights your ignorance!

          4. BoundlessExistence says

            You get my vote for the title of, Lunatic Of The Century, the result of flushing your meds. You are just another imbecile loose on the streets who has the legal right to vote.

        5. BILL3000 says

          Precisely WHAT is it you have tried to explain about WHAT,Karen?

          1. Mark Lahti says

            What is your problem? Is it that English is a second language for you or is it something more akin to brain damage?

          2. Jarhead says

            Could be the usual TROLL colon mucus problem preventing brain/eyes/ears from functioning after they pluck their head out of their colon?

        6. KayO says

          Show them the stories about all of the people who have had to flee from communist nations-most of whom died trying. There’s a reason everyone else is trying to get out of these commie and socialist nations.

      2. Reality Check says

        you cons need to get over this cold war era “commie” shit.

        WHAT is with you people and this “Road to Communism” crap you are always proclaiming that the left is heading for?

        So tell me, WHAT shining light of “Communism on the Hill” is out there that the US Liberal is desperate to emulate?

        HISTORY tells us that communism FAILED MISERABLY in Russia and
        China who have both gone to CAPITALISM.

        the remaining commie countries are barely functioning.

        SO WHY do the right keep thinking the left are desperately
        conspiring to get there?

        especially when you fools also say the left get EVERYTHING FOR FREE?

        1. Charles says

          “SO WHY do the right keep thinking the left are desperately conspiring to get there?”

          Hows about: BECAUSE THEY ARE. The Left never learns. They are always saying: “They didn’t do it right. We will.” I guess that means “they” didn’t kill enough people, “we will.”

          1. BILL3000 says

            Better said,Charles: We weren’t successful in implanting a Functioning Brain in Charles,but POSSIBLY next time will be.

        2. James says

          And you progressives need to get past your total blindness to the realities of socialism. Look at every country where social programs have been tried. They fail miserably! Why? Because once the people realize that they government will ‘bail them out” of their financial responsibilities, they no longer bear responsibility for their own actions. In the process, as more and more people jump on the ‘free stuff from the government’ bandwagon, there are less to support the loafers, and eventually you get the same situation Greece recently faced, and others; especially in Europe, are about to face.
          Even now; look at how their ‘liberal’ views of Islamist “refugees” has created major problems for the citizens, who blindly allowed their governments to allow these cockroaches into their land! Check out some of the videos of how these “refugees” defecate wherever they feel the need, read about the rapes they commit, accusing the victims of ‘leading them on’ by their western dress.
          The true nature of the progressive movement is regression; as it moves mankind backward into barbarianism!

          1. ringostarr1 says

            Thinks to the demands that Greek Socialism placed on the public purse, tax evasion and avoidance in Greece grew to an industrial scale industry. If for no other reason tax avoidance and evasion is Socialism’s Trojan Horse. The inefficiencys inherent in Socialism will doom Socialism until such time as a Socialist Government can murder enough of its citizens to create the “NEW SOVIET MAN” an individual that the OLD USSR strove to perfect for almost 75 years. Reality Check knows and understands these truths, he, she, or it as the case may be is betting on being the last one standing when the killing is through. That means that Reality Check is also betting on you other people being murdered by the state.

          2. BILL3000 says

            Right,ringostar1:”Thinks to the demands”!!!

          3. Mark Lahti says

            Ouch!! What a stinger. Is that the best you liberal trolls can come up with when slapped up side of the head with truth and reality? Not surprising at all when considering the source. That being a socialist/liberal/progressive/liberal troll.

          4. ABO says

            You forgot “parasite”, Mark.

          5. James says

            Well stated ringo; People like rc; b3000; and their ilk are what is wrong with America today and should be treated like the vermin they are and be eradicated!

          6. ringostarr1 says

            I must disagree with you James. The biggest problem America faces today is that we allow people (if you can call them that) like RC, B3K and their ilk to live among us while sponging off of the system, meaning you and I. As long as we tolerate them they will continue to live off the sweat of others. In this one important respect RC, B3000 and others are just like body odor or an old sweaty gem suit that’s been put away wet.

          7. James says

            Well stated my friend; but like vermin, they need to be gotten rid of. The problem is; they are replicating themselves through the vile movie and TV industry, which is supported in their vile attitudes by an education system which supports their beliefs and propagates those beliefs among our young and impressionable youth! State ‘guided’ and federally funded school systems need to be dissolved and returned to the governance of the local communities.Then only those with quality education will thrive and the liberal schools will end up losing favor, as they can only pump out brainless pawns for “the system”.

          8. BILL3000 says

            Oh. You mean,James,like Belgium,the Czech Republic,Denmark,France,Germany,Holland,Norway,and Sweden????
            Right:All Dismal Failures!!!

          9. Mark Lahti says

            Exactly. The results of socialism failed again and again.

          10. Pam Dirac says

            Interesting you should bring up Sweden. This mornings _Investors Business Daily_ featured an article written by a Swedish economist: Johan Norberg

            “At one time, Sweden, a small nation, had the fourth-largest economy in
            the world. That was in 1970. Twenty-five years later, the economy had
            tumbled to 14th and the private sector stopped creating jobs, according
            to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development data. This
            wasn’t caused by Sanders’ demonic duo of capitalism and free markets. It
            was caused by the very policies he idolizes”.

            I don’t doubt that Bernie Sanders is one of the few honest politicians on Capitol Hill. a straight shooter, an appealing candidate. None of that changes the fact that his core philosophy is deeply misguided.

            See the rest: http://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/swedish-economist-schools-sanders-on-the-ravages-of-socialism/

            You Tube vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhE_68GMJIk

        3. melmack 1 says

          You need to read “The Bernie Manifesto “

          1. Reality Check says

            was a link to complicated?

          2. ringostarr1 says

            Come on man, RC read!!!! Why his wife has to type his posts.

          3. melmack 1 says

            I am going to support Bernie and be his rep to Venezuela to study why Socialism failed so we can succeed in the USA

          4. Juan TwoTree says

            Ha ha ha!! Like Marco Rubio said in one of his campaign speeches….” Bernie Sanders would make a great President……in Sweden!!”

          5. melmack 1 says

            Well I am taking my own toilet paper …..just in case !!!

          6. Juan TwoTree says

            HA HA HA HA!! LMFAO! Good post!

          7. ABO says

            Do you realize, ringo, that you are implying that RC has a wife??? I can’t in my wildest dreams imagine that any human would willingly live with the idiot.

        4. gerald Hughes says

          Yeah, we all know all that they suck.
          But just like the American Jihadists liberal dem bloodsuckers will sell their soul for few bucks a week in handouts Take your crap down the road

          1. BILL3000 says

            WOW,gerald Hughes!!! WOW…YOU Are an Ignorant,Deluded,Dumb Cunt. REMARKABLE.

          2. James says

            nice comeback…..NOT!!!

          3. Mark Lahti says

            Ahah. So it finally gets to the real bottom line with the liberal trolls. When your lies are refuted and your insults fail and ridicule no longer works….then the name calling begins. You’ve been interjecting the name calling all along but this time you truly show your real intellect with that kind of profanity.

          4. ringostarr1 says

            Well Bill 3K, gerald may be an Ignorant, Deluder, Dumb, Cunt…. but all that means is that at the end of the day gerald at least has a means of support, unlike you.

          5. Reality Check says


          6. gerald Hughes says

            Sorry cretin, I no longer deal with you p-ants.

          7. Reality Check says

            cause every word you post is made up POO, Gerald.

          8. gerald Hughes says

            Are you angry liberal dem bloodsucking cretin?
            Sorry biatch, you garbage do not have a patent on lying.

          9. Reality Check says

            I never lie.
            who needs a patent on IT?

          10. gerald Hughes says

            Liberal dem bloodsuckers everything you post is a lie, thenypou compound by attemyting to citey Salon or the Huffinton Post the yeallow rag the Times

          11. Reality Check says

            Gerald cites his Flapping Gums.

          12. gerald Hughes says

            The liberal dem bloodsuckers cites his low life lying liberal dem bloodsucking gums.
            Kill your self low life, you have nothing worth saving.

          13. Reality Check says

            can’t even be original Ger?

          14. gerald Hughes says

            You have nothing, liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, no merit, no worth, no value, no morals, no honor, no integrity.
            Breathing in your case only takes it from a possibly good human being.
            Kill yourself feces.

          15. Reality Check says

            so much HATE comes from the right,
            Just like liberals say.

            we also told you that the GOP use you as voting machines.
            all this truth you cons ignore.

          16. gerald Hughes says

            It really is easy liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, quit trying to steal our wages to pay for your handouts, we will quit hating you.

          17. Reality Check says

            but we liberals all have jobs.
            it’s the toothless hick in red states that are on welfare.

            I worked 40 years, now retired.

            being clueless is one of your big problems.

            kind of why the RNC are STICKING IT TO YOU right now.

            you cons are clueless.

          18. gerald Hughes says

            if all of you parasites have jobs why do all of you spend most of your time looking for free insurance free sick pay more taxes on business to lower your taxes more welfare and more food stamps.
            Well never mind, about 2 yearsm we will be separate from you liberal dem scum and you won’t have to send us any more money and we will see which way it works best.
            Personally,I think that we will be sitting here applauding when you parasites are starving to death in the streets.

          19. Reality Check says

            you still haven’t said what area yo cons are moving to.

            are you taking the black and hispanic conservative too?

            do you have any clue how Dim this idea makes you sound?

          20. gerald Hughes says

            Yes it has to be terrifying for you liberal dem bloodsucker, to realize that the only ones that actually do something besides talk are going to be separating themselves from you.
            When I read something from someone like you, I am amazed all over again.
            You worthless life forms actually believe that we will continue to suffer you.
            I would say you have about 2 years.
            It will be interesting to watch you ticks starve to death.

          21. Reality Check says

            so where are you fools going to go live?
            I would doubt any state wants a bunch of low info red necks.

          22. gerald Hughes says

            You cretins really are a hoot.
            Have you looked at a political map lately liberal dem bloodsucker?
            Ca., Wa, and OR are blue, the you have to go to Mn and Il to find another blue state, from there you have to go to NY.
            We will simply close off the borders to the our states.
            Life will be wonderful for you, you won’t have to send us any more money. We will close our welfare and food stamps programs, at that point, you will get all of our dead beats.
            You can raise taxes on all of the businesses and rich people silly enough to stay inyour area to 90%, you can buy everything for everybody.
            All of you pervert friends can get married, all of your bent gender friends can use restrooms, with your wives, daughters, sisters and mothers.
            You can bring all of the Mexicans from Mexico into your area, you can bring all of the killer, rapist Muslims into your area, how you keep them from killing all of the pervert and bent genders is something you will have to figure out.
            You can ban Christianity and confiscate all weapons, no one will argue with you.
            We will just close off the borders to our states and station marksmen there , shooting anything crossing illegally.
            You had best be right about your system being better than ours, you will stave to death if it doesn’t work.

          23. Reality Check says

            Montana, Governor & Dem Senator
            Nevada, Dem Senator.
            Colorado, Dem everything.

            just a few items to prove how low info YOU ARE.


          24. gerald Hughes says

            Look at the legislature you stupid a-hole

          25. Sue says

            Get some help you mental midget low life

          26. ringostarr1 says

            You are a tad behind the curve there Liberal Pervert Blood Sucker. They had an election in Colorado since your retired arse last hit a lick at a snake. They recalled some Dem Liberal Pervert Blood Sucking State Senators as well.

          27. Reality Check says

            like one word out of your mouth has ever proven to be true.

          28. Reality Check says

            “It will be interesting to watch you ticks starve to death.”

            retired, union pension.
            paid for house.
            what is going to be FUN is stumbling across YOU in 2 years to see how this “move” is coming along.

          29. gerald Hughes says

            Won’t help you if the government is bankrupt, liberal dem bloodsucker
            LA county alone spent 645 million last year for welfare and food stamps for the criminal aliens, Those are the dem voters, they have to take care of them.
            They will ahve your pension to feed the wet backs.

          30. Reality Check says

            still can’t say where the silly human is moving to?

          31. gerald Hughes says

            You asinine cretin, we are not going to move anywhere, we will simply close off the borders on our states station marksmen there, shooting any thing crossing illegally.

          32. Reality Check says

            on YOUR states.
            you mean the Red states that get fed money from Blue states are going to separate?

            Ca has the 8th biggest economy in the world and WE feed YOU.

            are you coming for the right wing nuts who live here?

          33. gerald Hughes says

            liberal dem bloodsucker talking to you parasites is like talking to a rock.
            You incredibly stupid life forms have lost 250k taxpayers in the last 2 years and 25.1 billion in taxable income.
            I would be very suprised if there are any decent people left in Ca, by the time we split.
            Not sending us any money?
            Lol, okay we;ll give that up to be rid of your ersatz life forms.

          34. Reality Check says

            “You incredibly stupid life forms have lost 250k taxpayers in the last 2 years and 25.1 billion in taxable income.”

            first of fool, the last thing we need is more people in a state with 39 million.
            THAT being said, my link says YOU’RE LYING.


          35. gerald Hughes says

            A low life stupid liberal dem bloodsucker is the only life form in the world that would try to use Wikipedia, for a verification.
            My information came from the Census Bureau, cretin.

          36. Reality Check says

            sure fool.
            is that why your link is missing?

            does the old fart KNOW that the census is only every 10 years?
            so your “data” would be from 2010 at the earliest, fool of the right wing.

          37. ABO says

            The rock would provide far more intellect than anything the mental case RC could ever muster.

          38. Reality Check says

            see fool, it’s just not wise.

          39. ABO says

            Oh and I suppose you are wise??? That would be a HUGE stretch of the imagination you brainless parasite.

          40. Sue says

            Takes one to know one loser

          41. Sue says

            Creepy pervert alert

          42. Sue says

            Take your meds before you have an aneurysm scumbag.

          43. ringostarr1 says

            Which Union Committee did you serve on RC? the Scab Intimidation Committee, the Get out of working Committee, The “hey I got an Idea, lets send these jobs overseas, then lay around and mooch Committee? Tell me bro, am I getting warm?

          44. Reality Check says

            were you class idiot?
            voted student most likely to end up institutionalized?

          45. ringostarr1 says

            RC if you don’t care for your own honor at least think of all those cute Rolly Polly Bears you are drowning with your exhaled Di-Hydrogen-Monoxide. Hey RC, if you and your fellow travelers weren’t a bunch of dopes… well I repeat myself, so how do you explain this appearance of your’s on Penn & Teller.

          46. ringostarr1 says

            If the Democrat Party didn’t have lying copy righted, Hillary would have to hook for a living.

          47. Reality Check says

            she’s worth a hundred million, fool.

          48. Reality Check says

            aren’t YOU getting the Social Security HANDOUT Gerald?

            aren’t YOU getting the Medicare HANDOUT Gerald?

            don’t you get benefit from that SOCIALIST ROAD in front of your house Ger?

            don’t you get benefit from that SOCIALIST sewer system, Ger?

            don’t you get benefit from that SOCIALIST Police force, Ger?

            don’t you get benefit from that SOCIALIST fire department, Ger?

            don’t you get benefit from that SOCIALIST Military, Hmmmm Gerald?

            those handouts make you vote GOP?
            hows that working out for you?

        5. John Doe says

          Oh, please, here we go again. The one fact you’ve got right is that communism has always failed miserably. Yes, it’s true that both Russia and China have finally come into the agreement that capitalism actually works. However their citizens aren’t free to speak their minds, live in freedom, to actually live in a true democracy. As to the left…..yes, far too many of them live off the labors of others as they realize that in many cases, they don’t have to work, as the government will provide for their needs, simply to get their votes. I’ve got a stepdaughter who was well on her way into a career in nursing, that was until she met a guy that had become accustomed to this way of life, and convinced her that they could live without working. As unfortunate as it is, they’ve been on complete government assistance for housing, healthcare and food stamps for the past 10 years, They’ve since produced 3 children that only increase their stipends, and are being taught you don’t really have to work for a living. Kind of like the statement that LBJ made in 1963, if we only give these ——- more free stuff, we’ll have them keeping the democrats in power for the next 200 years.

          1. Reality Check says

            “far too many of them live off the labors of others as they realize that
            in many cases, they don’t have to work, as the government will provide
            for their needs, simply to get their votes.”

            PROOF you have the intellect of a radish.

          2. Reality Check says

            “As unfortunate as it is, they’ve been on complete government assistance
            for housing, healthcare and food stamps for the past 10 years,”

            sure fool.
            so WHY DON’T YOU TURN THEM IN?

            cause they got conservative blood in them?

          3. Reality Check says

            SNAP benefits vary from household to household, depending on the number
            of people within a household, the employment status of the recipient(s),
            the age and health of the recipient(s), etc. For most healthy adults
            between the ages of 18 and 50 (without children), SNAP benefits are
            limited to a 3-month period, at which point the recipient will have to
            submit a renewal application. Most households under the SNAP program
            receive benefits for a 6-month period before requiring renewal. Benefit
            periods can range from 1 month to 3 years.

            so 10 years MEANS YOUR LYING.

          4. Reality Check says

            “In 2015, the average SNAP client received a monthly benefit of $126.39, and the average household received $256.11 monthly.”

            so your daughter in law and guy are living large.

            I spend double that per week.


          5. ABO says

            Gee, RC, I just assumed that the mental institution where you reside provided your meals and such free of charge.

        6. Robert Barnes says

          Watch video; EVERY THING YOU KNOW IS A LIE at youtube.com

          1. Reality Check says

            you are the fool pretending that communism is rampant in America.

            I can make a video that will proclaim that Robert Barnes loves sex with great danes.

            will that make it true?

          2. BILL3000 says

            Very Funny,Reality Check!…And sadly:TRUE. Not that Robert Barnes loves sex with great danes,( Don’t now/don’t care.Hope he enjoys it if he does!)BUT the current Gullible,sometimes,Hysterical Digital Sub-literacy by which many people believe Everything the see on youtube or on the ‘Net generally. Take the Fraudulent”undercover video about Planned Parenthood for example!

          3. Reality Check says

            The SAD part is this example doesn’t get threw to them.

            I may have to actually make a youtube channel for this and link it to them.
            there has to be some way to break the brainwashing.

        7. Mathew Molk says

          Hey Reality Check.

          Straighten me out here.

          I went to school way back when we had professional teachers and not
          dunderheads who busted out of pre-law or engineering and wanted a cush
          job with no accountability so I may not understand the socio-political world,,,,, Correct me
          if I’m wrong.

          I was taught The “Right” believes in free market
          Capitalism,,,The Left believes in government controlled socialism and
          the far left believes in communism.

          Looks like you have
          some more up to date definition, though….Maybe the leftists that
          tried to kill me in Vietnam are now on the board of directors at GM and the John Birch Society (Look it up) is demanding food stamps.

          Come on, Hip me up, kid

          1. Reality Check says

            “I was taught The “Right” believes in free market
            Capitalism,,,The Left believes in government controlled socialism and
            the far left believes in communism.”

            obviously, you were one of those kids who slept through school.

            THAT is Right Wing Propaganda.
            not taught in any school.

            maybe one of those explosions you were too close to messed with what little brain you had.
            “liberals” were the ones in the US trying to STOP that war you were in, FOOL.

          2. Reality Check says

            By the way Matt,
            there IS NO SUCH THING as “Free Market Capitalism”.

            also a Right wing Talking point passed around by the low functioning.

            government has ALWAYS regulated commerce since DAY ONE of the USA

      3. BILL3000 says

        Would be WONDERFUL,but probably a wish Doomed to Failure,Valor,if you had ANY UNDERSTANDING of Political/Societal Designations,Ideas,Ideals,or Thoughts!!!!

      4. Tom says

        But, but, I mean what is so bad about communisum? Isn’t that a little less than what Barry ‘The Greatest Ass Hole of All Time’ is trying to do to us? Don’t you just LOVE your Obamacare? I sure as hell don’t, but I have balls enough to tell him to shove up his own ass, not mine. I refuse to let a muslim tell me what I must buy, I say, “Hey, Barry, F’ YOU in the colo, oreo.”
        And as one Great Demoncratic Politican, running for…her…life?!?? Oops, I ment ‘for Prez’, said “What difference does it make now?” Just wait HilLIARy, you will find out. Your ‘buddy’ BlackBarry will not save you. BOOM, CRUNCH, you just went under the bus. What a dumbschitcunt.

        1. Patricia says

          He won’t talk because he knows what she knows and she answered to him.
          BTW we still don’t know where either of them were the day the Bengazi Consulate was attacked. Their sin will find them out, we may not know when, but, God does 😉

      5. erleebird says

        Wait until they have to pay the taxes necessary to give them (at their young ages) money that you and I have had to work for.

    2. esqualido says

      If you mean enslavement, the average student, who is in hock over his head with student loans(1/3 are in default) is told that he can never discharge his debt through bankruptcy, but that other class of “person, i.e., the corporation, can, no matter how badly it was run into the ground or gutted by corrupt management. That is the slavery,(correction: perpetual indentured servitude) that they are looking at, and to them socialism looks better than corporatocracy (i.e., National Socialism, i.e., fascism.) What Sanders is promising is reform : breaking up the banking oligopolies much, as the Standard Oil and Ma Bell were broken up, re-instatement of Glass-Steagall, and maybe some actual enforcement by the EPA and SEC. I do not think for a moment thst he intends to place the means of production under federal control .It certainly never happened in Vermont

      1. alegalcitizen says

        Vermont has less than 700,000 people in the WHOLE state.

        1. Bob Marcum says

          SO ???

          1. alegalcitizen says

            What happened to health care in Vermont?

          2. Bob Marcum says

            So; how-in-th-hell should I know ???? Why should I give-a-shit ??
            Apparently; I missed something. I think, probably, I should be glad I did.

          3. Mark Lahti says

            Well. First of all his comment wasn’t directed to you. As for giving a shit. I don’t think anyone here gives a shit about you or what you think. Most of the people on here have learned to ignore your ignorance and the insults along with ridicule that you throw around like so much confetti. I like to come back at fools such as yourself because you eventually get to the last line of defense of the liberal troll……name calling. That is the signal that you’ve lost the argument and it’s all over but the crying.

      2. Deborah Henderson says

        First of all go to a community college for your first two years and continue to live with mom and dad or one or the other, maybe an aunt or uncle or grandma and grandpa.. This will save you tons of money. Work a part time job (many people for many years worked a full or part-time job while they went to school to pay for school—it will not kill you). If you must take out student loans, don’t use them for housing, eating, clothes, cars, use those loans to pay for tuition, and books ONLY. Work a part time job to pay for the housing (if you can’t still live in your parent’s home), clothes, etc. You can use a computer at the local library for FREE. Yes it might be a sacrifice to hold off on your WANTS but in the long run you will graduate with less or no debt to repay. I did it, my son is doing it and will finish his two years at the community college this May and will be transferring to a four year college. He has taken summer courses as well as Spring and Fall so he is completing his college education early. It is not easy as his social life is not that active since he has a part-time job and must study, but that is a small sacrifice for a few years out of the rest of his life and the fact he will not have a huge student loan to repay. So far he has not had to take out a student loan but it could be a necessity but it will only be used for books and tuition. Anytime you borrow money you become SLAVE to the LENDER.

        1. Bob Marcum says

          An excellent blog, friend. It’s a shame the students aren’t reading these worthwhile comments. I praise you, for your efforts, though. You would have been a great parent, to children; if you weren’t already.

        2. Phoebe Isley says

          Good job Deborah to you and your son. You made a very clear point…college isn’t an entitlement it’s a privilege and you have to earn it not be given it.

          1. Bob Marcum says

            And; if you don’t have the initiative to work your way thru college, then; where is your initiative to run a competitive business ?? HUH??
            That’s not unlike the presidential race. I figure; if you can fight your way ( successfully ) thru the race, to the oval office, then, you’ve proven you can fight the country’s battles, as well ( or, at least, be better at it, than the campaign opposition was.).

          2. Phoebe Isley says

            Well said Bob Marcum!

        3. Robert Barnes says

          And don’t take classes in stupid useless subjects. And don’t buy in to the communist mantra. Read Disclosure 101 and YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG WHEN go to amazon.com

        4. John Doe says

          I tip my hat to you ! You obviously speak the truth. Although, my parents, despite their sheer affluence (complete with our own family airplane and much more), taught us that if you want anything in life, you’ve got to work for it. I did, beginning at the age of 8, throwing newspapers at 3:00 AM from a Stingray bicycle, then hiring 2-3 neighborhood kids to help me with my growing lawn service at 12. Having 17 employees at the age of 19 etc. I never went to college other than taking a few courses in sales and business management etc. I did graduate Summa Cum Laude from the School of Hard Knocks ! Never had a hand out in my life. I’m not opposed to a “Hand Up”, as I’ve given a hand up to several others on various occasions, but I am opposed to “Hand Out’s”. If you continue to feed those that are unwilling to do for themselves, they become dependent on them, and are always looking for more, complaining when the help is cut off.

        5. Mathew Molk says


          Would never hire a kid that went to collage right out of High School. Have no concept of work and think 3 out of 5, 2 with a hangover, is a full time job.

          At one time in history Engineering was an apprenticeship. You had to actually WORK in your discipline while going through formal classroom training. Maybe that’s why a lot of WWII era Warner and Swasey and Acme-Griddle turret lathes are still turning out parts today and 10 year old and newer CNC stuff is being sold to the scrap yards by the pound. ,,,Collage boys,,,

          If you face facts and tell the truth you’d admit the kiddies have no interest in the education what so ever. They only are after the “Collage Experience”. You know, things like the guy on the news this morning who took his book money and went on a Caribbean vacation with it. Something Belushi would do in Animal house, huh? My heart pumps pee for that kid and any other fool that runs up a quarter million dollar debt getting a degree in humane letters and going to grad school when they know the degree will never lead to viable employment.

          I got a 4 year degree (in Engineering BTW) and didn’t owe a dime when I completed it. Of coerce it took me 10 years to do it, but then again I had to do 40 hours plus outside of school tool.

          Poor kids with student loans? Don’t piss down my neck and tell me its raining.

      3. melmack 1 says

        LOL, and do you REALLY think that they will let him do that???

      4. pappadave says

        He never RAN Vermont, and only a graduate of KU (Knucklehead University) would think so.

      5. Pat Pond says

        Not yet!

      6. BILL3000 says

        THANK YOU,esqualido !!! With so many FACTS,GOOD SENSE,KNOWLEDGE,and SANITY.what are you doing here? Giving me Hope,for one thing!! Thanks Again!

      7. BILL3000 says

        Don’t know where my original reply went,esqualido,but Once Again:THANK YOU, esqualido!!!!! With So Much Knowledge,So Many Facts,So Much Sanity,WHAT are YOU doing here?? Giving me Hope,for one thing. Thanks Again,esqualido!!!!

      8. Mark Lahti says

        Well. It certainly appears that you have bought into the entire Sanders version of socialism 101. It is quite obvious to all that you are buying into the education is a right mentality. The first 12 years of public education (funded by the taxpayers by the way) is required by all of the 50 states. The education you desire post HS is not required and therefore is up to you to obtain by whatever means you can devise. Those that have this post HS education given to them (that would be all of those “special classes” of people) usually are taking all of those non productive and totally useless degrees. It has proven to be a waste of money, time, and effort. If you wind up with enormous debt from your education “experience” that is on you. Just like life is with all the rest of us and all those in the working world. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Our declaration of independence states that we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Nothing at all about being given anything without the work of your own blood, sweat, and tears. Grow up, grow a pair, and get on with your life. It surly isn’t up to me to provide you with anything. If you don’t earn it then you don’t deserve it.

    3. texas1 says

      Bernie’s supporters are either old 1960’s communists or young people who have never had to work for anything and think they are owed all the riches of live. Both need to be done away with come the revolution and the Reign of Terror. Long Live the Revolution!

      1. Reality Check says

        “and think they are owed all the riches of live”

        proof you are CLUELESS

        1. AKLady says

          Then wonmders why his earns minimum wage.

          1. gerald Hughes says

            Aha the Bobbsey twins are Alaska and California heard from, they arranged a meeting, looks like.

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            Like shit and smell, always close to one another.

          3. BILL3000 says

            Right.Beeotchstewie DOES Smell like SHIT.

          4. Beeotchstewie says

            You only say that because you want to change my diaper, you Butt pirate.

          5. BILL3000 says

            AH,more comments from Beeotchstewie and gerald Hughes. Must mean the Digital Convention of proud Acephalics has begun…or,is it an online Family Research Council meeting?

          6. gerald Hughes says

            Awww Bill you are such a kidder.
            That wasn’t bad though, for the result of an incestuous one night stand between a liberal dem bloodsucker and a giant river leech,
            Are you still molesting small boys, Bill the last time we talked you were seeing an analyst

        2. Mathew Molk says

          Just what do you do to make a buck, kid?

          1. Reality Check says

            I was in the film industry.
            now retired

          2. ABO says

            Every time he says what he does for a living it’s a whole different story, Mathew. Just go through his Disqus file. He always claims to be some sort of genius who is paid vast sums for his tremendous knowledge bit each time it’s a whole different story as to what it is he actually does. I tend to think the truth might be provided by the orderlies at the mental institution he calls home.

          3. Reality Check says

            “Just go through his Disqus file”

            it’s “private” idiot of the right wing.

          4. ABO says

            Except that your history is open you pathetic moron.

          5. Reality Check says

            you must live in an alternate reality.

            so IF it’s open why do you MAKE UP POO?
            reality doesn’t work for you?

          6. ABO says

            Go away, you pathetic troll. You are in no way worth the effort.

      2. AKLady says

        If you are going to tell us how to run our governemnt, please learn to read and write our language.

        1. alegalcitizen says

          You can say that with a straight face after the above statement?? wonmders why his earns minimum wage??? WHAT?

          1. BILL3000 says

            Satire,I think.

          2. ABO says

            Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber. AKLady and RC.

        2. John Doe says

          Boy, if that’s not the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is ! Tell me just where to find the word “wonmders” in the dictionary, and for someone that’s supposedly got her Masters ?

          1. Beeotchstewie says

            A am guessing a social justice major.

          2. BILL3000 says

            Beeotchstewie,I’m guessing is a 16 years old Tea Bagger in Deepest Shit Hole,Oklahoma.

          3. Beeotchstewie says

            In your gay liberal wet dreams there BillyHU . Hey that name sounds a lot like a redneck hillbilly who services his sister and mother to me, and a few livestock for good measure.

          4. ABO says

            “Roll over Dad, yer crushin’ my cigarettes”

          5. Beeotchstewie says


      3. Robert Barnes says

        Shut down the entire Gov. funded school system. Fire all the communist teachers and deport them to Siberia Russia. Let them enjoy their love of the communist system.

      4. BILL3000 says

        texas1 = Ignorant DUNCE.

    4. Reality Check says

      “Do the young Bernie supporters realize they are embracing communism?”

      the young voters know that you cons LIE like rugs.

    5. Progressive Republican says

      One cannot ‘realize’ what is not so.

    6. marihia says

      Nope, they just see all the free stuff, that’s NOT free

    7. John Doe says

      Most likely not, as their professors have been teaching them this socialistic ideology for far too long. Their parents need to wake up and realize that so many of the colleges and universities that they spend their hard earned money to educate their kids aren’t teaching them squat.

    8. Bob Marcum says

      Obviously, NOT. It’s a stupid, redundant question.

    9. Robert Barnes says

      They have no idea who Joseph Stalin was.

      1. Ted Crawford says

        Most of the educated idiots don’t even know who Joseph Biden is!!!

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          Barry’s whipping boy.

    10. Daniel says

      You have to remember…these young Bernie supporters have been raised to expect something for nothing…like receiving a trophy for a team sport just because you showed up, not because they were the winner…their self-esteem should never be hurt.

    11. Beeotchstewie says

      It needs to be explained in terms they can comprehend, Simply tell them that Communism is racist. No proof needed.

      1. defiant1 says

        I totally agree with you, BUT, do they really understand anything that is not politically correct?

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          Offer them a little THC laced brownie or two and they won’t care. No they wouldn’t understand it, they have been taught not to think for themselves sadly.
          I see it like this regarding public schools failing us all.
          Teachers in say 1970 used to teach kids HOW to think, now they simply tell kids WHAT to think, thus creating mindless, easily controlled lemmings. (AKA Democrats)

          1. defiant1 says

            Fortunately I was taught to question and think for myself and both of my children escaped this lefty propaganda in their teachings; I took them out of the public elementary school and put them in parochial school to escape some of the problems that were starting (in the early 80’s); they are GenX’rs. The millenials have been taught to be dependent, whiney little snowflakes and it shows with their dim and lazy mentality. There are some decent millenials who were raised by good conservatives. Unfortunately many of these dependent snowflakes will be running the country decades from now and then perhaps we will become the weak socialist Europe of today!

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            You were taught well and learned how to avoid those same pitfalls for your family. This whole indoctrination plan is diabolical in that it preys on those who cannot afford other educational opportunities. I am sure it was designed with that in mind. IE. If we make health care unaffordable, less people will be able to afford private or parochial schooling, thus giving us more potential brainwashed Democratic voters.

          3. defiant1 says

            Some of the private and parochial schools offered work/study programs, which helped to lower the tuition costs. Do not know if these options are available in these schools today, but taking my children out of public school and putting them into parochial school (even on a work/study program) was a necessary sacrifice. I did not have these problems when I attended school because the politics and problems were limited in my 50’s schooling. My kids were smart and I was not going to have their education compromised for politics et al. I wanted the bureaucracy out of their schooling. I certainly hope work/study options are available to concerned parents today.

          4. Beeotchstewie says

            I have a son in 9th grade currently, susceptible to their ideology, but very smart. My daughter is a junior, a female version of me politically, she has never bought into their crap. I will see what I can find out about those programs available to me. Once Obamacare forced me to lose 6K annually, I have found it more difficult to save for college, pay for braces, fix cars, everything was affected negatively. I have the will and if I have to get another part-time job to pay it, so be it, well worth it in the long run. I appreciate the info.

          5. defiant1 says

            Best of luck Bee……toughies like us will always find a way, this is what my parents did since they were just married and had my sister when the Depression of ’29 started. They never asked for anything, bartered, gardened, recycled w3ere self-sufficient and independent. They are the people who made this country great and I learned from the best how to be independent and stand on my own 2 feet! Whenever the democrats are voted into office there are problems–the Carter admin was horrible, 20%+ home interest rates,
            gas rationing–I was the designated person to wait in line on the assigned days to get gas….Carter was truly disgusting, my kids were 6 & 8 when he was elected and we had nothing but learned to appreciate what we did have. We al have stories about what we did handling hard times. Obama has done worse than Carter except he had a sleazy agenda, Carter was too ignorant and nice for an agenda!

    12. BILL3000 says

      Does defiant1 understand that her,his,or its Brain Implant surgery was an Utter Failure?

      1. defiant1 says

        Nice insult little bill!

    13. KayO says

      They don’t know that they’ll one day be the tax payers who will be paying for others’ free stuff. Until they experience this, they won’t have a clue that they’re being auctioned off into slavery.

      1. Mark Lahti says

        Just the benefits of a progressive, liberal education in today’s indoctrination…..I mean education system.

        1. KayO says

          Snicker….those future “benefits” will be taken from their pockets from their wages, and they’ll still be hungry. They’re just too dumb to get it.

    14. Sue Breslin says

      Of course not. They have no idea of American history, can’t even tell you who the vice president is; or why patriotism is or was so strong for this country. They can’t explain even general economics. Why is that, WELL part of the infiltration is Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, for communist propaganda, is to destroy, education system, morality, family structures, religious belief. We now have ‘common core’, gay and lesbian,bi,and transgender policies; divorced/single parent families, attacking religious freedom, Happy holidays, instead of Merry Christmas, removal of religious artifacts in government buildings; disrespect for our military….. Could go on and on, So you ask, Do the young Bernie supporters realize they are embracing communism, WHEN we should be asking WHY.

    15. cvxxx says

      There is a vast difference between “socialism” and communism. The slinging of labels clouds the real issues.

    16. jreg9304 says

      Dictatarianism, just might be what the young American generation needs. too show them what the real world is all about. especially this BLN movement. of course America does not need B Sanders any more than a thorn in America’s side for years to come. So, Sanders can go and get real lost and fall off a convenient cliff or of the like.. Goodbye to American way of life as the way you know it and get ready for socialism. this is what will happen!!!

    17. gonzales27 says

      Never try and convince a Liberal with facts,it confuses them

      1. defiant1 says


    18. 2Shadow2 says

      Not a clue. College age students all want free tuition and actually love Sanders. When asked how “free tuition” would be paid for we get blank stares. If you tell them that after graduation, if there is a free cap and gown, and they are lucky enough to find a job, they will be very lucky to keep a third of their salary. Ooops.

    19. James Maxwell says

      NO they do not they have been spoon fed Communism in school by the left wing liberals

      who are avowed communist and were also brainwashed when they went to college by

      corrupt so called educators. Talk to any college student today and they are all socialist
      or communist because they had been slowly brainwashed since the end of WW II and

      our education(?) system has gone down hill and taught less and less about our nation,
      our civil liberties and responsibilities to be informed.

      1. defiant1 says

        James, you are absolutely correct! The creeping communism over the years from the left is now really out in the open with Sanders Bolshevik philosophy and Hillary’s screeching authoritarianism!

    20. Mary Brumley says

      I very much doubt that even one percent has researched Democratic Socialism! Free stuff just sounds good to them. Of course, decent paying jobs in our nation are scarce, so one can hardly blame them.
      TRUMP 2016

    21. SouthernPatriot says

      It’s not just that Bernie Sanders supports communism, but that the entire Democrat party have been taken over by extreme leftists for some years now.

      Ronald Reagan said it. Zell Miller said it. My father who was a very dedicated Democrat activist in the 1930s to the 1960s, when he had enough and declared, as did Reagan and Miller: “I did not leave the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party left me!”

      1. defiant1 says

        You indeed are correct about the democrat party, it is not now the party of JFK. I think it drastically changed with the assassination of JFK when LBJ took over, creating The Great Society which was a disaster. I was 21 when JFK was murdered and a strong conservative then; watched the effects of the Great Society in Washington, DC being a native of ancestors who came to MD, VA and DC in the early 1600’s.

    22. R. T. says

      NO ! They were educated in with that system and the parents had no say !

    23. Juan TwoTree says

      Just LOOK at that picture of old f’ing Bernie! What a disgrace it would be for America to have this idiot as our President? He would be worse than the Obongoloid we have in there now!! I read an article from ne of the Secret Service Agents who WAS assigned to protect Bernie during the Presidential running. He said that old Bernie smell like and old man and old Bernie, as bald as he is, shows lots of dandruff when he is wearing a dark colored jacket/suit!! The stinky bastard!

  4. soldier for liberty says

    AK lady spews the Marxist propaganda!!! And the revolution is coming from us who are opposed to communism beside most of the left doesn’t own guns?

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?
      That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
      Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

      1. Len says

        So now you speak for America.

        Sarcasm this….. stick it where the sun don’t shine.

        You didn’t learn a thing did you?

      2. ABO says

        Making progress AKLady. Now you understand why no one but the pathetic idiot “Reality Check” ever agrees with you. Although I suspect that the liar and obfuscator h m rowland will say he does. Keep up the good work, AKLady someday you might actually get it.

    2. AKLady says

      Keep buying those foreign made goods.
      Each one guarantees unemployment for Americans.
      Supporting employment fot Americans i just so Marxist.

    3. Vassiliki says

      You are correct most don’t own guns (except all the criminals, especially in inner cities) – this is wonderful! !!

    4. AKLady says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

    5. Jarhead says

      AK is a classic menopausal dysfunctional paid troll.

  5. PBHayes says

    The Republican Party is self destructing at the worst possible time in our history. It’s a shame no one at GOP Party headquarters ever reads these posts because there is far more intelligence in the people who share their opinions on these articles than in all of DC.

    1. AKLady says

      The GOP destructed a long time ago:

      Nixon — a criminal.

      Reagan — movie actor.

      Bush I — weapons sales to Iraq, Iran-Contra

      Bush II — Afghanistan & Iraq Wars.

      One party, multiple scandals, one phrase: “Clearly, mistakes were made”

      1. PBHayes says

        I’ll never register as a Republican but the problems with the Democrats are even more serious and sad for the American people.

        Woodrow Wilson – Raging bigot left wing Progressive Socialist
        FDR – Another raging bigot left wing Progressive Socialist whose domestic policies prolonged the Great Depression by many years and his foreign policy blunders brought about our entry into WWII
        Truman was not too bad.
        Kennedy spent as much time sleeping around as he did focused on dealing with Communist Cuba and the Soviet threat.
        Johnson another raging bigot who referred to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as the Nigger Rights Act and was responsible for the Vietnam nightmare and the Great Society that enslaved millions of poor black Americans.
        Carter of my God he was the worst President in our nations history until Obama came alone.
        Bill Clinton failed us miserably and is primarily responsible for 9/11 which occurred right after he left office. Zero enforcement of our immigration laws brought about this Islamic nightmare. One could go on and on about the weekly criminal acts and scandals that plagued this couple.
        Obama takes the prize for being the most corrupt, most unsuitable and most incompetent President in our nation history. I’m bored with all this so have a nice day.

        1. AKLady says

          Why do you need to tell this lie?
          Why do you embarrass America this way?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          1. PBHayes says

            Everything I wrote is absolutely true and unless you can’t read then you know it’s true, The Democrats are the party of segregation, slavery, socialism, big government enslavement of the poor and massive corruption. Obama is the biggest crook to ever live in the White House and that’s the truth.

          2. AKLady says

            Why do you need to tell this lie?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          3. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

            Lady both parties are the cause of the down fall of our country. DONALD TRUMP 2016 PERIOD.

          4. ABO says

            Why do you post the same stupid, meaningless comments over and over and over, word for word rather than post intelligent responses to intelligent comments? Just not up to it???

          5. Mark Owen says

            She was born stupid and been losing ground ever since!

          6. ABO says

            At this rate she’ll catch up with the completely moronic icon of mental ineptitude, “Reality Check”.

          7. Reality Check says

            I must be in your dreams.
            you sure talk about me a good deal.

            but afraid to debate.

            A classic sign of right wing brainwashing.

          8. ABO says

            You are a classic example of mental deficiency.

          9. ABO says

            I fear that at this rate she might actually catch up with the incredibly moronic dolt “Reality Check”.

          10. Beeotchstewie says

            That there is some rarified air, like a port a john on a hot summer day.

          11. ABO says

            Your assessment is exceptionally accurate, stewie.

          12. Beeotchstewie says


          13. Beeotchstewie says

            Liberal, should give you the answer you seek, brain freakin dead!

          14. ABO says

            Never happen, stewie, but thanks.

          15. AKLady says

            There is nothing intellegent about lies.
            Apparently, you are “just not up to” telling the difference between truth and lie.

          16. ABO says

            As I expect from most liberals you even lie about your lies.

          17. ABO says

            This from one who can’t manage anything better than repeating the same tired, irrelevant garbage over and over and by the way, genius what exactly did I lie about??? Keep in mind before you respond that it’s all right there in type for all to see so don’t go lying now AKLoony.

          18. Progressive Republican says

            Very little of what you’ve posted even comes close to truth: certainly not your last response.

          19. PBHayes says

            Again there is no such thing as a Progressive Republican. The Democrats represent pure evil and that entire party needs to go the way of history. The Republicans are not much better but historically they have stood for respect for the rule of law and our Constitution. In recent decades both parties have been pathetic on that count and our nation is now broken because of it. Have a good day.

          20. Progressive Republican says

            Indeed, there are few of is left with the RINOs having run most anyone with good sense out of the party for not being ‘Republican’ enough; thus displaying not only their utter contempt for, but lack of interest in history.

            The Republicans represent pure evil and that entire party needs to go the way of history, as they seem to be about to accomplish. The Democrats are little better but historically they have stood for respect for the rule of law and our Constitution. In recent decades both parties have been pathetic on that count and our nation is now broken because of GOP machinations and, when able, the Democrats’ spinelessness to correct it.

            Have a good day.

          21. caliman1 says

            You’re Absolutely Correct Sir

          22. jack says

            true time for a change go TRUMP

          23. Vassiliki says

            Don’t respond to AKBitch. She copies and pastes her replies in so many different threads. I am tired of seeing her same lame respouses for the last year. Please ignore her!!!

          24. Beeotchstewie says

            Right on cue, see below!

          25. Combatvet52 says

            We just like to see you writing the same old BS

          26. ABO says

            Over and over and over ad infinitum.

          27. Combatvet52 says


          28. AKLady says

            This is the way you serve your country?
            Apparently, you were enlisted.
            The officer’s oath of office remains in effect for our lifetime.,

          29. Combatvet52 says

            Tell me something I don’t know……………DRAFTED
            came out Master Sargent

          30. alegalcitizen says

            WHY of WHY do you need to put this tripe on EVERY site you frequent???

          31. Combatvet52 says

            Ever here of cockroach they try to get under your skin.

          32. ABO says

            It’s all she knows, sadly.

          33. AKLady says

            Because the world accesses this site.
            Because people such as yourself and Hayes continue to earn us the lable of “Ugly American”.

          34. alegalcitizen says

            I should give a hairy rats azz what the world thinks of us??? Footnote, I don’t just like I don’t CARE what some of those radical countries do, just posting the same dang thing time after time, after time is stupid! There are lots of “Ugly countries” out there, do I care??? NO, because their thoughts are just that, their thoughts.

          35. Robert Barnes says

            Why are you so stupid?

          36. Beeotchstewie says

            All questions that you should ask Obama. Seriously.

          37. AKLady says

            Obama has not broken a single law.
            Obama has not lied to anyone, about anything.
            You have been well-brainwashed by the right-wing propaganda.

        2. Reality Check says

          such a crock of SHIT.

          the Dem ran the country from the 30’s until Reagan and built the greatest country.

          the middle class started to decline not long after the senile conservative started breaking unions.
          The national debt was also TRIPLED under Mr Alzheimer.
          He also made DEALS with IRAN and sold THEM MILITARY parts.

          Herbert Bush then DOUBLED the National Debt and created Osama bin Laden

          Clinton presided over the greatest job growth and handed GW a SURPLUS.

          Bush TWO added 76% MORE to the debt
          giving out a 1.7
          TRILLION tax cut (now part of the debt)
          TWO wars that Obama had to pay for
          pushing through the Big Pharma bonus of ONE TRILLION in unpaid for bills that
          Obama had to pay for.

          Bush also gets credit for the first 1.4 trillion on Obama’ tab since that was a GW Bush administration budget AND the RECESSION that cut tax revenues ADDING to the Debt.

          so low
          info con, without the GOP we would have a very small national debt.

          1. caliman1 says

            You’re delusional

          2. Progressive Republican says

            How so?

          3. Bob Marcum says

            If you don’t know; then, speaking to you would be a waste of air space.

          4. Progressive Republican says

            A cretin, liar, and conservative.

            How needlessly repetitively redundant.

          5. Combatvet52 says

            Second the motion

          6. ABO says

            Always has been, always will be.

          7. mike says

            Let’s see now,Didn’t obummer give Iran a nice gift.And these are the same muslimes who want us dead

          8. Jmanjo says

            you got it all backwards goose! Clinton was the pivot for the economy when he let the trade bill giveaway our viability and crushed the American worker. If he had done his job instead of his blowjob 9/11 might not have occurred at all. And the debt has risen so much under Obama’s steal-a-way programs we are beyond doubling or tripling of the national debt! But that’s what happens when you elect a racist Chicago neighborhood organizer with no experience, hidden credentials, sealed records, and then try to tell the world that questioning anything about him is evil. What a crock! And I don’t care how many times you say otherwise Obamacare is a flop and designed to financially screw up the country. Most Americans now pay more for less coverage so that people who didn’t have insurance could go to the hospitals to get care that the county hospitals gave out free to them before. So now we pay for them twice and we can’t get as good of care as our coverage gave us before! If we can possibly afford the library Obama wants to build for himself after office we should make sure he gets locked up in it with a special cell next door for Hillary and Bill,

          9. Margaret MacGregor says

            And now Obama has TRIPLED the debt Bush left us with!

          10. Reality Check says

            NOT EVEN DOUBLED, low info conservative.

            you people just keep perpetuating the “stupid conservative”
            the internet has lots of information,
            USE IT.

          11. Robert Barnes says

            Obama is a foreign enemy agent working for a foreign corporation. Go to youtube.com look up crimes of obama. And watch video EVERY THING YOU KNOW IS A LIE And read Disclosure 101 get it from amazon.com

        3. Progressive Republican says

          Um, no.

          The only ‘left wing Progressive Socialist’ President we’ve ever had was FDR whose policies were so popular that a churlish GOP had the Constitution amended Lesley to get him out of the White House.

          The remainder of your drivel is just that.

          1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says


          2. Progressive Republican says

            Only an ignoramus or a liar would say something that incredibly stupid.

          3. PBHayes says

            You’re a typical leftist who knows nothing of history or you just lack the honesty to tell the truth. I’m done wasting time on you.

          4. Progressive Republican says

            A fine display of projection.


        4. Robert Barnes says

          Right On

        5. Beeotchstewie says

          Obama is also the most racist and divisive president.

          1. ABO says


      2. caliman1 says

        Stealth Dumbocrat

      3. Idadwilliams says

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      4. James says

        Yes; the GOP is and has been self destruction for some time now; but the Dems. have also self destructed and have morphed into an organization concerned only with destroying capitalism; which is what made this nation one of the greatest in world history.
        If not for American superiority, militarily; this world would most likely be run by Nazi fascists right now, and we have all seen what happened to all dissidents to their way of governing!

      5. marihia says

        So you want to trade it in for a crappy socialist!!!

    2. jack says


  6. Valor says

    America has devolved into a nation of ill informed, apathetic peoples. All these useful idiots supporting Sanders or Hillary have no clue what socialism is. It sounds so wonderful on paper to the unthinking masses. They have no idea that socialism and individual liberty can not co-exist. They are oblivious to the fact that socialism destroys the middle class. All that remains is a large population totally at the mercy of a government controlled by a minority ruling class. That is a fact that will never be understood by the ignorant masses. It means the death of liberty. Those that cling to the notion “It can’t happen here” are living in denial. History has repeatedly proven it can happen anywhere. America no more immune to the cycles of history than any nation or civilization in recorded history.

    1. AKLady says

      So, you advocate turning our cities into say Kolkata (Calcutta)?
      Or, do you want to build concentration camps for the poor?
      Maybe you would like the poor to be euthanized as well?
      Keep buying those foreign made goods.
      Each one guarantees unemployment for Americans.

      1. Len says

        AK you need to just stop with trying to tell people what to do when they don’t agree with you.

        Some of the things you said like – You need to move to another country right away, don’t buy foreign goods or you need to be more educated etc. Don’t be so sarcastic. YOU ARE NOT WHAT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS! So stop trying and keep your opinions to yourself.

        1. AKLady says

          noun: sarcasm; plural noun: sarcasms
          the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.”his voice, hardened by sarcasm, could not hide his resentment”
          synonyms:derision, mockery, ridicule, scorn, sneering, scoffing; More

          1. Robert Barnes says

            And no place for it in these discussions

        2. AKLady says

          Simple Definition of sarcasm: the use of words that mean the opposite of what you really want to say especially in order to insult someone, to show irritation, or to be funny.

        3. Progressive Republican says

          FRWNJs are always trying to tell people what to do when they don’t agree with you.

          Why can’t she?

      2. Robert Barnes says

        FEMA has already built the concentration camps. See videos at youtube.com

    2. Reality Check says

      ” have no clue what socialism is.”

      Social Security is Democratic Socialism.
      Medicare is Democratic Socialism.
      Medicaid is Democratic Socialism
      Post Office are Democratic Socialism. (and in the Constitution)
      The US highway system is Democratic Socialism (and in the Constitution)
      our electric grid is Democratic Socialism
      Public Utilities are Democratic Socialism
      That road in front of your house is Democratic Socialism

      here we have our first example of Democratic Socialism.

      “An Act for the relief of sick and disabled seamen
      was passed by the 5th Congress. It was signed by President John
      Adams on July 16, 1798. The Act authorized the deduction of
      twenty cents per month from the wages of seamen, for the sole purpose of funding medical care for sick and disabled seamen, as well as building additional hospitals for the treatment of seamen.”


      stop living in denial.

      1. James says

        And every one of those programs have been used to support the lazy, useless masses who have learned how to manipulate the system.
        Want to have the government:(common people) support you the rest of your life? Over eat, get fat, and then get on welfare! And that is only one of many schemes they use!

      2. marihia says

        I paid into SS, I paid into Medicare…………medicaid IS democratic socialism, the rest IS socialism the post office loses millions of dollars, the highway system is disastrous, public utilities is disgraceful, THEY ALL SHOULD BE PRIVATIZED, THE GOVERNMENT COULD RUN A BROTHEL INTO THE GROUND.

    3. Progressive Republican says

      So does that mean that you’re okay with all the useless idiots that have been voting GOP for the last forty or so years Running America into the ground?

      Do you realize that if you have a Social Security card and intend to use it that this makes you a card-carrying socialist?

      1. James says

        I draw my S.S. because I worked over 60 years of my life and had a socialist government program steal that money from me, instead of allowing me to invest it myself! I do not live off any other social welfare program, even though I only receive 1000. a month.
        That S.S. was stolen from me, so I am only getting back what should have been mine from the beginning. Unlike so many illegals who never earned a dime, or the fat and lazy (and criminally minded) who draw just because they have found a way to ‘work’ the system!

        1. Robert Barnes says

          And you can thank the current bunch of traitors in DC for the lazy illegals scamming the system.

          1. James says

            So true; sadly! We have an Admin. that is out to destroy The American way, and replace it with a “slave state” and these liberal muzzie lovers can’t wait for it to happen!
            Thankfully; when it does, they will meet their comeuppance!

        2. Progressive Republican says

          If you’re getting back more than you put into it, and you are, it by definition is not theft. You are more than free to invest what you wish after the paltry amount is taken out. There is no law preventing you from doing so. Any failure to do so is on you.

      2. Robert Barnes says

        People where tricked into geting SS cards as a condition to get a job.

        1. Progressive Republican says



    4. h m rowland says

      You are correct in one point , after reading these posts it seems that the TEA BAGGERS(destroying the Republican party & the country), in their ignorance have some trouble understanding their “isms”. I thought ‘well, maybe they were all sick the days when the CIVICS class covered “isms” ‘ but then realized that most BAGGERS didn’t get that far. REPUBLICANS need to take the party back before these HATERS and HILL JACKS get us all looking up like the 4th of July as the nukes fill the air. These folks will have sparklers and still be yellin’ yee haw and throwing beer cans around the trailer park as the world comes to its end.

      1. Robert Barnes says

        Political parties are a sham to control people by way of mind control. Look up Joseph Geobberls Germany 1939

        1. h m rowland says

          I Know of Geobberls. I lucked upon a 1939 copy of a party manual entitled “Propaganda and the People in the Third Reich”…it must be bedside reading for KKKarl Rove.

  7. Justin Seine says

    Bernie Says…

  8. Justin Seine says

    Bernie Said…

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. Ed Shick says

        It ie easy to tell a liar as that is what they call every one else !

      2. ABO says

        Why do you post the same stupid remarks over and over and over instead of at least attempting to post an intelligent response?

    2. Progressive Republican says

      When, besides in your fevered imagination?

  9. 4Pip says

    The younger people have been raised to think capitalism is wrong,this is why the gov’t needs to be cut out of education. But it’s the older ones in those crowds that I find disturbing.How can they have grown older and have that mind-set? All the R’s should start telling everyone exactly what it is and why it’s so bad.

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?

      Why do you embarrass America this way?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. ABO says

        Why do you repeat the same stupid remarks over and over and over instead of at least attempting to post an intelligent response?

    2. Reality Check says

      “The younger people have been raised to think capitalism is wrong”

      what planet do your kids go to school on?

      that is the most ridiculous thing said by a human being on april 11.

      10’s of thousand of people GRADUATE with degrees in BUSINESS every year.
      so again pip, what the hell are you talking about?

      1. Robert Barnes says

        The communist started taking over the school system on the 1960s

        1. Reality Check says

          more proof you are short several loaves.

  10. Tome says

    The Republican Party has fell so far in the hole that they will never see the light of day. They keep coming up with nobodies that automatic loose to the Democrats! McCain guarenteed a win for Obama. The Morman was another guarentee for Obama. Rubio and cruz are guarentees for the Demoncrats! Trump as bad as I don’t like the man the Republicans have spent so many reasorses cutting Trump down that they are going to loose to either Hillary or Bernie! Most Democrats I know are voting trump! But they are getting so pissed at the Republicans they are starting going back to Hillary and Bernie! Makes you ashamed to be a republican!

    1. AKLady says

      Do I detect a hint of religious bigotry…”The Morman”?

      1. Progressive Republican says

        Tough call. Any potential bigotry gets lost in the vast forest of ignorance displayed above, but there’s likely some there.

    2. Progressive Republican says

      Most Democrats I know are voting trump (sic)!

      Do you really know any Democrats?

    3. Robert Barnes says

      Read Disclosure 101 go to amazon.com

  11. Reality Check says

    you cons don’t seem to realize we ARE a Democratic Socialist country.

    Social Security is Democratic Socialism.
    Medicare is Democratic Socialism.
    Medicaid is Democratic Socialism
    Post Office are Democratic Socialism. (and in the Constitution)
    The US highway system is Democratic Socialism (and in the Constitution)
    our electric grid is Democratic Socialism
    Public Utilities are Democratic Socialism
    That road in front of your house is Democratic Socialism

    here we have our first example of Democratic Socialism.

    “An Act for the relief of sick and disabled seamen
    was passed by the 5th Congress. It was signed by President John
    Adams on July 16, 1798. The Act authorized the deduction of
    twenty cents per month from the wages of seamen, for the sole purpose of funding medical care for sick and disabled seamen, as well as building additional hospitals for the treatment of seamen.”


    stop living in denial.

  12. AngryPatriot says

    It’s my belief that the Democrats want to break the system by overloading as many government agencies as possible with so-called free handouts to as many as possible. The system will implode from the overload and Democracy will be finished as we know it. The ELITEs want this so that they can rule! It’s also a strategy for Communism as they have documented! That all fits with Obummers acceleration of HIS Syrian refugee immigration plan and his orders to Border Patrol via Homeland Security to stand down and catch and release! That whole plan is obvious and anti-American!! Our Congress needs to get off their asses and fix this before it’s too late!!! May GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

    1. cutterguy says

      the establishment (rinos) want the same as the dems. look at the rep. leaders. ryan is a carbon copy of boener. mitch acts like a deity. they are and want to be part of the elite class when everyting crashes. democrats by any other name have an odor all their own and it is foul.

    2. AKLady says

      Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?
      That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
      Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

      1. Ed Shick says

        So you are still in the First or second Grade! Freedom is not Free!

  13. MuslimLuvChrist says

    WE ARE,


  14. Progressive Republican says

    The Republicans have been fighting against socialism (at least that which would benefit anyone not already wealthy) since the late 19th century.

    Corporate socialism? They’re all about that.

    Catch up.

    1. h m rowland says


  15. Charles says

    Never. What do you think they are? Did they stop anything Barracks Hisreign Obamu wanted/did?

  16. denniscerasoli says

    There are really only two candidates that would stop the socialist movement and they are Trump and Cruz,the republican controlled House and Senate have already shown that they would not stop the progressives and socialists.Strangely enough Trump and Cruz are the two that they don’t want in the oval office.

  17. gotabgood says

    When Will Republicans Fight Back Against Socialism?
    The more realistic questions would, when will they stop??

  18. Peter Pihun says

    Republicans are pathetic cowards!!

  19. jimbo124816 says

    If Bernie was not running for president and had never held any office before, and you saw him on the street, you would see him as the town drunk, or a homeless man with severe mental problems.

    They dress him up in a $50.00 suit, and the press gives him lots of interview time. If it wasn’t for the press fawning over him, he would be living in a chicken coop in the Vermont woods.

    His only claim to fame is getting the college town of Burlington, Vermont to vote him to be Mayor. That happens a lot in small towns with large colleges. The students comprise a majority, and they think it would be “cool” to have a Communist Mayor.

    Face it Bernie, the only reason you are getting half of the Democrat votes, is because they can’t stand Hillary. The Democrats are going to be in a panic when Hillary is finally indicted and convicted of crimes against the Country, and they will be stuck with a Communist as their only choice.

    How many Democrats are there in the country…millions… and they can only find a future felon, and a senile Communist to run for president. If it wasn’t so sick and dangerous, it would be laughable.

    The bottom line is, The Democrats really hate the United States of America, and will do anything to destroy the country.

    1. h m rowland says

      Wow so much in this blather you post is personal fabrication, misinformation and ignorance.

      1. jimbo124816 says

        Which of my statements are “fabrication, misinformation and ignorance”?

        Bernie’s first wife divorced him because he provided a shack with a dirt floor for her to live in.

        He never held a real job before being elected Mayor of Burlington.

  20. James says

    The GOP has been a sold out entity for many decades now. While there are some credible claims of corporate cronyism; don’t turn a blind eye to the same thing going on within the Dem. party. Both parties have been corrupted by big money, which is why America needs someone like D. Trump; who has succeeded in the business world by intelligent investments and dealings. Yes; he can be bombastic, but the GOP has been far too soft spoken, or worse, involved in the shift toward social reform which creates an attitude of entitlement among the citizens they are supposed to be serving.

    Both parties are in politics for one reason, TO MAKE MONEY OFF THE BACKS OF US COMMON PEOPLE!

  21. Namdoc68 says

    To elect either of the currently running Democrats would be apocalyptic. To elect any of the three remaining GOP candidates will probably be, at the very least, chaotic. So where is the Tea Party? Not those morons (same-same RINOs) that got elected the last time around but the real, honest-to-God Tea Party people. Were they really just a flash-in-the-pan?

  22. jimbo124816 says

    Hillary has committed crimes which are felonies and some are treason, and Bernie is a Communist who wants to change our whole system of government, and still people come on here and complain that the Republicans are the problem.

    1. h m rowland says

      Get a dictionary.

  23. Ed Shick says

    After reading several Comments on this site , I have realized America is no longer the land of the Free, We are as Nikita Khrushev said at the UN on Sept 29 , 1959, He took off his shoe and Banged it on the Podium and said ” Your children’s Children will live under Communism, No you won’t accept Communism outright .but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake Up and find that you are already a Communist, We’ so weaken your Economy until you fall like over ripe fruit into our hands !

    1. Ed Shick says

      Now we have another Socialist running for President , Obama the Trained Communist being led by Valerie Jarrott took our National Debt from about Ten Trillion to Twenty Trillion,, We need a man to balance the Budget , Kasich did that while working with several other Men in The Ninties and We had a Republican House under a Democrat , Bill Clinton which is better than Hilary !

  24. Gunflint Roseberg says

    The current GOP Rino’s will embrace Socialism. The new GOP Republicans will have an up hill battle to change anything. The RINO’s Must Go ! We also need term limits.

  25. h m rowland says

    “When Will Fascists Fight Back Against Socialism ?”

  26. Jimmy Quick says

    The republicans are not self destructing. They are just the flip side of the same coin as are the democrats.

    It is the nation that is imploding because the goya (masses) refuse to see what is coming at them from all sides now.

  27. M.A.Rue says

    We have been telling them….seems they would rather brow-beat each other than truly tackle the issues most important to Americans. We could care less what you think about your opponent….tell us what YOU will do as president & how you will do it.

  28. JO 753 says

    If Republicans want to be effectiv agenst socializm, they need to outlaw automation and hav all the CNC machinez, robots, and computerz that are in service recalled & destroyed. That will take us back to 1950z Happy Daze and America will be holy and proper agen!

  29. Richard Daugherty says

    And what are the republicans embracing??

    1. h m rowland says

      Fascism and unfortunately Baggerism.

  30. mr2bears@hotmail.com says

    Never with POS like “Rancid Pubis” leading the pack ! Who does this sonofabitch think he is ? Answer, “The Republican Party” well f*ck him and them ! You stupid Democrat’s over there on the other side smiling, you had better get a grip also because your representatives are so far left they are nothing but socialist ! At least the Republicans have tried to expose and fight back the corruption within their party, “The dreaded Tea Party” ! With dicklickers like George Soros running the show on the Dumbocratic side ! There are a bunch of stupid people that had better “Wake the hell up” or History will repeat itself in this country, with blood flowing like never before! By scumbag Politicians who never get dirty or bloody and still manage to stay in power. I do feel if and when it happens again there’s a good chance these are the people this will start with as it should be in my opinion. The greedy pricks brought it on themselves ! FTW

  31. Bob Stewart says

    It is too late for republicans to fight back against socialism. For the last 60 years, the press has convinced republicans that their job was to compromise with democrats, especially on all these hand out social programs. So for 60 years, since Woodrow Wilson, republicans have given free market democracy away. And now they think they can fight? It is a lie as they will do what they’ve always done, bluster about this or that and then offer excuses as to why they couldn’t get it done. Now the republicans will pay the debt of cowards, the party will cease to exist because people have lost faith in their promises.

  32. ADLoggy says

    This is why we need a Convention of the States. The elected politicians are not looking out for the people of the district or state who elected them, but are looking to gain power, prestige and money on the backs of the middle class. A constitutional amendment on term limits, shorten the terms for the SCOTUS from life to 20 yrs max, and each state should be able to have recall elections after two years on their senators if they are acting against the will of the state’s majority. This means they will have to keep the promises they made that got them elected or be recalled and fired.

  33. Austinniceguy says

    With what the RNC/GOP are doing to the campaign and the party we should expect that there will be ZERO chance that a conservative will end as our next president. This was NEVER about the voters, it was ALWAYS about political power for the political elites. Once the WH is occupied by Shitlery or Burnout, we should expect the obliteration of the constitution and the subsequent loss of many of our rights. We must also remember that they have both gone on record saying that they will be only too happy to raise taxes in order to pay for the host of new programs they are promising their voters while saying absolutely NOTHING about paying down the deficit. We’re in for some troubling times.

  34. truthseeker53 says

    RNC/DNC, both ran by lucifer.

  35. Gale says

    they won’t fight back. they’re lying, back-stabbing scum politicians. donald trump in 2016.!!!

  36. fred says

    Socialism and communism never work for the average citizen of any country because there is always greed and the need for some to CONTROL others! The young people are idealistic about this because they forget the GREED component, and the fact that NOTHING in life is FREE! Think about Lenin, Stalin, Marx sitting at a restaurant, looking at the other guy to pay the bill because they want all the money for themselves, and you have a perfect example of why Socialism/Communism never works! Someone is always going to have to pay for the weak and lazy, and nobody wants to pay for the other guy! The criminal from kenya uses this Communist “playbook” in all of his decisions, he NEVER wants to pay for anything, he always wants US to pay for his malfeasance! That is why he will go down in history as the ONLY illegal alien Communist ever to illegally hold the office of potus! If i had voted for this Usurper in either election, I would be holding my head in shame for being so thoroughly deceived by the treasonous Usurper!

    1. Robert Barnes says

      I will be glade to pay the rope

  37. kassa1 says

    Per the dictionary. Socialism is the transitional period between democracy and communism. Socialism/communism only benefit the 2% ruling elite who excuses their selves from the debt the text and the rules. And all you fall Bernie Sanders who is a deadbeat,and think you’re getting something for nothing when you wind up in the workforce out of college all that stuff that you thought was free is going to come out of your check for the rest your life you’ll be working for food before it’s over with as they have spent us in the deck purposely to illuminate the middle class, so as to control The 98%. Is this really what you want America for your children and you millennial’s for your future? God is your only hope not the government because the government is corrupt to the core.

  38. armydadtexas says

    To the initial question: The Republican Party no longer has any fight in them. The Mitch McConnells and Paul Ryans are about going along to get along. The modern Republican Leadership, want and need access to Cock-tail parties, so America be damned. I have come to the conclusion, the only way to save America now would be a total uprising of Americans and the burial of the feckless Republican Party. It is that or America goes the way of socialism/communism. Our forefathers would PUKE, if they knew what has happened to this once great nation.

    1. h m rowland says

      As a Democrat I am hoping and praying that the Republican party will throw the TEA BAGGERS overboard . I sincerely am sickened by the ignorance and bigotry taking over what before was a rational balance in government. Before the Republicans fight socialism you need to fight the growing fascism growing from within …please, for the good of all.

      1. armydadtexas says

        By all means give specific examples of your allegations toward people leaning towards “TEA PARTY”. Might I add, they used to be called THE SILENT MAJORITY. They are silent no more. Thus far Rowland, the only bigotry appears to be coming from individuals like yourself. So you as a socialist democ-RAT are the bigot, correct!!

        1. h m rowland says

          https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/251c5a3821469900af27a62401dcffe333437ba470020accd446aa7a733b2e13.jpg Oh, you are in the clown 4×4, you seemed rational enough to accept my desire for the salvation of the Republican party but obviously you were/are one of the fascist wolves in the discourse attempting to undermine and rewrite our constitution. Tea Baggers ARE the source of the rise of hate, violence, racism and bigotry found all around us. I, at 61, just purchased my first gun, not for fear of Isis or burglars but to protect myself from pick up trucks of baggers and similar thinking thick necked cops. Had I read your name before I responded it would have indicated that I was talking to just another fascist bagger . I’m hoping the republicans will shake this divisive faction from their collective shoe.

          1. armydadtexas says

            I didn’t think so. You are the typical far, left wing, radical, extremist, MINDLESS, SLOBBERING LIB-TURD socialist democ-RAT. Oh well!

          2. h m rowland says


          3. Robert Barnes says

            You can not save traitors. You must eliminate them

        2. h m rowland says

          Bigotry directed at you is not as comfortable as bigotry sent out is it? …the point of my presumed bigotry.

          1. armydadtexas says

            Again Rowland, examples? From you none! You are but a far left wing radical extremist who doesn’t know what they are talking about.
            I can give you chapter and verse on how you left wing zealots have and are destroying America.
            All you can do, like the typical leftist Mindless, slobbering fool that you are is make allegations. No proof, no documentation and above all else nothing but hot air. Get your self some tissue and wipe off your mouth

          2. h m rowland says

            l would love to take you back to 1960 and share with you how the far right group of fascists took over the government that you and others just now decided that you want bac, with the coup in ’63. That is what has brought to now. However I’m forced to use an on screen keyboard right now … tap a letter move the mouse, tap a letter …not conducive to writing a book . 54 years is too long to wait to undo. Why wasn’t there rioting in the streets in the coup of 2000 when we allowed Scalia to appoint a president ?

          3. armydadtexas says

            Yes, I remember the 1960’s very well. It was that period the democ-RAT party lost its soul to Saul Alynski and Joseph Stalin. When it turned into the party of frauds, liars, and radical a$$ clowns. Yep, it was during this decade when you far left wing radical a$$ holes turned on America and our Military. You spit in the faces of our soldiers and called them baby killers. Yes, I remember that time period very well. That was when you left wingers chose to take acid trips instead of dealing with reality. That is when you decided to destroy America.
            Yes, Rowland I know you and your type really well. Here is a hint: you are all feckless losers, who choose to live in la, la land. So here’s to you mr. Hippy dippy, zippy zappy left wing TROLL.

          4. h m rowland says

            Don’t quit your day job just yet, your profiling skills still suck. I was just a 6th grader during the spitting on the duped, my mom wouldn’t let me. “Those guys didn’t realize that they were puppets of bad men”, that’s what she told me. My WWII air force Lt. father told me “those boys go because they think they are doing good, they don’t know they are just making rich men richer .” … isn’t that every war?

          5. armydadtexas says

            There you go, good little Alynski-ite. A fool, but keep babbling. You are amusing

          6. h m rowland says

            Thanks for the heads up on Alinski I didn’t know about him. Google took me to his 12 rules, as I read them I thought it sounded like right wing tactics. l attempted to read them in the light of the ’60’s, understand now. I scrolled back to the top to see the source …Glenn Beck, instructions to his crew. I bet Karl Rove has this stuff memorized. Thanks again I’ll add Alinski to my reading list . I was too young to deal with the important writers of the late ’50’s-’60’s so about 6 yrs ago I started assembling them, somehow I have remembrance of the name Alinski but knew nothing about him till now.

      2. melmack 1 says

        I am glad that YOU love paying more and more taxes and WASTING more of that money.
        Another LIBERAL without a clue !! Do you know that the tea baggers want and what they are all about?? Get your mind away for billary and try to learn something!

        1. h m rowland says

          I do know, and on paper it only looks 50% wacky but the tea people have developed a far right of their party and that’s very scary and threatens the constitution. If we go far enough right we meet the far left on the big circle. Hitler and John Birch had the same goals coming from opposite directions .

          1. melmack 1 says

            Well the teaparty is much better than anything the liberals have to offer. I really don’t feel that there is much opposition to the liberals now with the republican party dying due to its own leadership. Billary will not go to jail and bernie will not get the nomination and billary will become the 1st female president of the dying USA. With her lack of understanding of world events, economics, and everybody she owes the USA will just die a faster death

      3. Robert Barnes says

        DemocRATS, communist have learned brain washing from the most successful mind control expert in history Joseph Goebbels, Germany 1933 – 1945

    2. h m rowland says

      I have wondered since Justice Scalia appointed the president in 2000 why citizens didn’t overrun DC both right and left .

  39. CUZIN ERN says

    In other words, we must start taking a “DUMP” in their BED instead of our own!!!

  40. Rock J. Dueck says

    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.” – Margaret Thatcher. Like her or not, truth is still true.

  41. MILES E DRAKE says

    The term “democratic socialist” was coined by Lenin when it became clear that the Russian people had turned against the Bolsheviks and that a civil war against the people was going to be necessary to impose the marxist system. A “democratic socialist’ is simply a communist who hasn’t shot anyone today. It is clear from the rioting directed by the pierced and tattooed slackers and stoners of the Sanders campaign first against Donald Trump and now against Ted Cruz that Americans who do not want to live (or more likely, die) in a worker’s paradise are going to have to prepare to resist a violent communist insurrection, apparently scheduled by Soros, Black Lives Matter and the Muslim Brotherhood to begin this summer with the disruption of the Republican convention.

  42. melmack 1 says

    The republican party is D E A D !!! Killed by the RNC and RNCC….
    I am now supporting Bernie because at least I know what kind of a WACKO he really is. More that I can say for the rnc and the rncc who STABED their the republican voter in the BACK!!!

  43. Robert Barnes says

    When will Republicans fight back against Socialism ? NEVER as they are a big part of the problem. Read Disclosure 101, learn who they really work for. Get this book from amazon.com

  44. daveveselenak says

    The “Re-PUNK–licans” are part of the two-headed, one party totalitarian oligarchy and it is a shame that the sheeple haven’t figured this out by now! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr===========================?, you will be needing them – guaranteed!

  45. Tom S Brown says

    The spirit of competition turned into corporate greed, that’s what’s destroying America. Education should be and could be available for all the people who seek to improve their lot in life throughout their living life and not be a financial burden ’til they die, from kindergarten through college, paid for by society. Knowledge improves the peoples minds and builds a strong and prosperous nation. It’s a NO brainer.

  46. Roy says

    Bernie Sanders is reaping the benefits of decades of a liberal/progressive run education system. The liberals have literally owned our education system from Kindergarten through Post Doctoral levels. They have re-written history in many cases. They have dumbed down the entire curriculum at all levels and we conservatives have sat back fat and happy on our lard asses and let them get away with it. Now we wonder why young people are flocking to Bernie’s siren call. They support Bernie because they have been indoctrinated and conditioned into supporting socialism.

    I have read several comments in this article asking why the left would want to go back to a failed political and economic system. There are several reasons. The true believers, as someone else pointed out, think that socialism has failed in the past because the people in charge just didn’t do it right but that they won’t make the same mistakes because they are smarter than those who tried and failed in the past. These are the supporters, the rank and file believers and this appears to be Bernie, himself, as he has been an apparent true believer his entire life.

    The leadership of the left, like Obama, the Clintons, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, et al aren’t believers. They know damn well that socialism is diametrically opposed to human nature and is always doomed to failure. They just don’t give a damn. They want to take us there because in virtually ALL of the instances where socialism has been tried it invariably devolves into a tyrannical oligarchy with a very small political elite ruling the proletariat (only about 5% of the Soviet population was even allowed to belong to the Communist Party, membership had to be earned through proving what a good communist you were). They want it because it gives them the political power over others that they lust for. They are the very people our Constitution and Bill of Rights were crafted to protect us from. The Framers knew that government, by its very nature, always attracts a large number of people who are drawn to it not because of their desire to serve but rather because of their desire to BE served and have power over others. They are sociopaths who have found an outlet for their sociopathy and manic egotism that, if not socially acceptable, is at least socially tolerated. In truth they represent what we have come to call evil just as much as their fellow sociopaths who become serial killers. And for many of them, ordering or being a part of sending thousands to their deaths in war is an outlet similar to the more personal outlet of the serial killer. If you don’t believe me just go back and find the video of Obama talking about the target list for individual drone strikes and how he alone has the power to decide who on that list dies today. Watch has face and his eyes when he talks about it.

    Okay, now for all of you who disagree with me, go ahead and take your potshots. But please think before you do and actually bring some evidence if you’re going to refute what I have said here. Don’t just spout liberal talking points or start calling me a racist, bigot homophobe. That gets really old really fast.

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. Roy says

        Where is your proof that it’s a lie?

    2. AKLady says

      18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason

      Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

      (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

      1. Roy says

        Do you have a point?

  47. Chuck says

    Bob Marcum nailed it.

  48. pappadave says

    When? Probably never because too many so-called “Republicans” think it’s a good system–as long as THEY are the ones in charge of it.

  49. Jim says

    Very basically everyone should consider that if you follow the democrats to a government like North Korea has, which is exactly what Obama, Clinton and Sanders all have in common, this is what you will have. They want the american people to be slaves to the all powerful government that controls everything, including who dies and who lives in our society. Unfortunately we have many republicans who are following the same path and who wish to become the “beloved leader” or the ruling class that controls all things. I think that Trump is a true capitalist that will try to put an end to these socialist ideas in our government. Capitalism and Socialism cannot coexist, as a capitalist society presupposes that the individual, free from undue government control, is primarily responsible for his/her own existence, while the socialist society stands for the idea that government owns and controls everything and will dole out “rewards” to the loyal to the government individuals in society, which is enforced against the citizens by military might. Of all the candidates running for election in this cycle, Trump is the only true Capitalist, and one who has demonstrated through his own life where he stands on that ideal, as well as his ability to make it work for all those around him. I think that, as president, he will improve the lives of every american citizen.

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

  50. soldier for liberty says

    What we are seeing is years of social indoctrination through public education! They are taking you kids and most don’t realize it wake up America.

  51. soldier for liberty says

    You talk out both sides of your mouth!

  52. soldier for liberty says

    Pappadave the Republicans are just the lessor of two evils they too need to be purged and I mean that with great prejudice !

  53. soldier for liberty says

    Except for a dozen or so, the Republicans are dems in Republican clothing all traitors to the people!

  54. soldier for liberty says

    Pappadave the Republicans are just the lessor of two evils they too need to be purged and I mean with great prejudice!

  55. soldier for liberty says

    Vassilki they think the military they despise will save them most in the military hate their very existence when the country does rise up will be short and sweet!

  56. Tiger says

    When the two tons come to carry them out of their houses to the trains that will unload them at one of the 800 Detention Centers, family friendly around the country.

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. Tiger says

        Oh AKLady go away.

        1. AKLady says

          Stop lying.

          1. Tiger says

            That is the problem you hate Truth.

  57. h m rowland says

    FASCIST TODD YOUNG for Indiana US SENATE ’16….” I’m purchased and owned by the US CHAMBER OF COMMERCE billionaires club.”

  58. Joann Holmes says

    They have had a generation of college professors feeding them this bullshit, it’s time to get rid of the liberal teachers and professors, then maybe we stand a chance of turning this country back to what it use to be.

    1. h m rowland says

      So you favor mind control in college and universities of a different sort. I learned the principles of liberalism and socialism at a very early age from my Southern Baptist church ingraining/indoctrinating the teachings of the Christ.

      1. AKLady says

        Exactly. Then the right-wing, so-called consrvatives claim to be Christians,
        They do not know the meaning of the word.

        1. h m rowland says

          Many have allowed political strategists to twist their love into hate.

  59. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

    The Republicans will start fighting against socialism, after the party gets rid of his socialist members!

  60. BILL3000 says

    Deliberately Conflating Liberalism,Democratic Socialism,Social Democracy,Socialism,and Communism,as the writer of this article has is Pure Cynical,Paranoid MANIPULATION. Utterly False,Fraudulent Propagandist Bull SHIT.

  61. R. T. says

    1 Trump is not like the party he is crude out spoken but basically right . 2 Blaming the education system for failing today’s millennial , look at what there teaching , THEY CREATED THEM ! They are only taught the good of communism & islam and none of the bad .

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. R. T. says

        WHAT LIES

        1. AKLady says

          “They are only taught the good of communism & islam and none of the bad .”

          Abbvarently, your education was lacking. In America we capitalize proper nouns. That is taught begining about the 2nd grade.

          1. R. T. says

            They do not deserve capitulation

          2. AKLady says

            Language is language — you are simply making yourself look ignorant. There is no “deserve” involved.

            Moreover, Islam is the world’s second largest religion. Why do you feel the need to insult billions of people, all over the world?

            Oh, and by the way, our longest ally is Morocco, a Muslim country. They have been our ally for over 225 years.

          3. R. T. says

            When there extremists quit killing everyone that digresses with them .

  62. Yourko says

    They’ll fight back when it doesn’t line their pockets with $$$$$$!

  63. donl says

    The Socialists and the Communists always go for the youth. They are very good at deception and twisting the truth about Socialism and Communism. They offer a lot but give nothing. The ONLY people who benefit from Soc. / Comm. are the politicians. You will get what they give you out of life. There is no REAL freedom. I spent 4 years fighting it and seeing what it does to people. YOU have no privacy, no REAL freedom, the government will know EVERYTHING about you. Everything. Worse then now.

    1. h m rowland says

      Kind of like McDonald’s .

    2. AKLady says

      Obamacare does not exist.
      There is no such thing as Obamacare.
      There is a law that says you have to be responsible for your medical bills.
      A law no different than that of automobile insurance.
      There is no such thing as an “Obamaphone”.

      The Lifeline Program came into being under President Reagan.
      Lifeline is exactly what it is — the ability for the elderly, disabled and poor to summon emergency services such as ambulane, fire, police …

      Lifeline includes mobile phone so that those living in the street can get aid. Many street people are disabled veterans — more than a few of which are mentally ill.

      1. donl says

        Obamacare is what my lazy sponge sister-in-law calls it. She say’s her phone was a gift from obama. Suck it up lady!

        1. AKLady says

          You hear and believe what you want to, not necessarily that which is reality or truth.
          Facts are facts … suck it up foolish one.

  64. PatriotForever says

    The answer is “No”

  65. AKLady says

    All modern, industrialized countries have mixed economies.
    Talking care of the children, the poor, the disabled and the elderly is a necessity.
    Of all of those countries, America is the only one which allows people to die because they cannot afford to buy medical care.

    1. Jarhead says

      More Baloney!

  66. BILL3000 says

    Okay,I’ve joined[Again]

  67. hangman57 says

    Bernie would be a mistake for America , because he has said in his past he was a Communist . But he also has beat Hillary 7 out of 8 states . If he beats Hillary he should be the Nominee . But the DNC and Hillary stacked the deck against him . By giving Hillary over 500 Super Delegates ,Bernie received none . If you take away super delegates , the race between Hillary and Sanders are a tie . With Sanders beating Hillary in the last States by 80% of the votes . Sanders won by large percentages ,but Hillary received more delegates . That being said , a blind man can see Bernie Sanders people who voted for him are being screw out of their choice . This has to piss off a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters . I know I would be tick off if the DNC didn’t give Sanders the same deal as Hillary .

    1. AKLady says

      Bernie has never stated he was a Communist. Not ever.

  68. jreg9304 says

    Evidently their will to fight back has not been born yet!! these spineless jelly fish, don’t have the consistancy to handle matters that have to be done.. Maybe they are bread from communist parents, that taught them the wrong values of What America is all about. THEY NEED A MASSIVE WAKE-UP CALL OR A VERY LOUD BULLHORN BLARING IN THEIR EARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. AKLady says

      Learn the differences between liberalism, communism, democratic socialism, social democracy, and socialism . They are not all the same. What is incredibly sad us the level of ignorance in America. Even sadder is how easily Americans can be brainwashed.

      1. jreg9304 says

        screw off already, will ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. AKLady says

          Try acting like an adult already, will ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Childish foul language.
          So not impressive.

          1. jreg9304 says

            Ok, there lady Bernie. you must be both sexually and faithfully deprived.. go and hit on your partner tonight and see if you can elliviate your condition.. too bad but this is how you come across to other people….

  69. BILL3000 says

    The author of this article By Deliberately Conflating Liberalism,Communism,Democratic Socialism,Social Democracy,and Socialism reveals her,or himself to be the Worst Kind of Cynical MANIPULATOR,a Propagandist for Paranoia and Ignorance. SHAME.

    1. AKLady says

      Such is typical right-wing propaganda.

  70. Marvin Zeichner says

    It’s the dumbing down of America!

    1. h m rowland says

      “Too Dumb To Fail” by republican strategist Matt Lewis, about party plan since 2012 to go for the dumb people to strengthen the base, seems Trump has done it for them. With the Trump voters names, addressees, and ss# they are set for 2020. Find the book at amazon .

  71. Reed10 says

    Hopefully my generation can wake up and smell the coffee and stop pushing for socialist ideals. They should’ve paid attention when they were taught about socialism and communism. Idk how they got the idea, but my history teachers and professors NEVER taught us that social security, police and fire departments, and pensions. And the reason that was never taught is because it isn’t true.

    1. h m rowland says

      L0L !

  72. donl says

    Socialism, just one “click” from Communism.

    1. AKLady says

      “Socialism” means total state or collective ownership of the means of production, as opposed to private ownership.

      There has been no suggestion for this in America.

      1. donl says

        I hear socialism every time Hillary or Bernie speaks. I know socialism, I was stationed in cuba and talked to the cubans who were allowed to work on the base. I saw Communism first hand when stationed in Europe. Free stuff is what the old soviet leaders gave their youth.

        1. AKLady says

          You hear what you want to hear.
          You filter everthing through your screen of assumptions.

          Every modern, industrialized nation has a mixed economy.
          It is a necessity.
          It is self-defense against revolution.

          Civilized people no longer allow people to starve.
          We have learned many lessons. One of them is the connection between poverty, malnutrition and epidemics.

          I’ve known many a Cuban refugee.
          I volunteered at the Jesu Church refugee medical clinic in Miami.

          I’ve known many who escaped East Germany, one a physician who smothered her infant son to prevent capture of the group escaping.

          I’ve know survivors of the Nazi camps, they were my neighbors.

  73. Sgt. York says

    GOP for once get your act together and tell the American votes the real truth about Socialism. It’s true name is Communism not just another party here in our country. If it should win you have given your freedom to the gov. You will no longer have a voice in anything that hasent been preapproved. Look at our closest neighbor Cuba there is how you will be treated and live. Like tat? Then by damn move there.

  74. soldier for liberty says

    I have noticed your canned responses to everyone your a socialist TROLL!

  75. KayO says

    Anyone who hasn’t seen the Curtis Bowers films, Agenda Grinding America Down and Agenda 2 Masters of Deceit, should watch them. This mess has been in the making for decades and is quite intentional.

    1. AKLady says

      Fact: America’s Founding Fathers were progressive liberals.

      1. KayO says

        Lying won’t help your cause.

        1. AKLady says

          Well, for sure they were not staunch, conservative supporters of the British Crown. Would yo prefer for them to be called traitors?

          1. KayO says

            The Christians, most of whom died trying, ran from that British Crown because the British Crown controlled the church. That’s the only clue anyone needs to understand our founding fathers.

          2. AKLady says

            The Church of England was a Christian church.
            Our Founders were Diests and Agnostics.

          3. KayO says

            No. The Church of England was a government controlled church. Do your homework.

          4. AKLady says

            The Anglican Church is a Christian church.
            Take your own advice and do your homework.

          5. KayO says

            Good grief. Study the facts before you reply again. I know the facts, so there’s no need for me to do homework.

          6. AKLady says

            Simply put. The Church of England is a spin off the Roman Catholic Church.

            “Anglicanism is a tradition within Christianity comprising the Church of England and churches which are historically tied to it or hold similar beliefs, worship practices and church structures.”

            “Anglicanism forms one of the branches of Western Christianity; having definitively declared its independence from the Holy See at the time of the Elizabethan Religious Settlement.” (Source: Green, Jonathon (1996). “Chapter 2: The Middle Ages”. Chasing the Sun: Dictionary Makers and the Dictionaries They Made (1st USA ed.). New York, USA: Henry Holt. pp. 58–59. ISBN 0-8050-3466-8).

          7. KayO says

            Stop pretending to be obtuse. It’s the “spin” that is the problem. The Christians in England had the same problem that the Chinese Christians have now…The Chinese government has an “approved bible”, but the Christians in China want the “real bible”, so these bibles are smuggled into the country. Chinese Christians who are caught practicing true Christianity are murdered, imprisoned and tortured. The same happened in England. Do your homework and stop chasing butterflies.

          8. AKLady says

            Why do you need to tell this lie?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          9. KayO says

            Good grief. Just because you don’t want to hear the truth doesn’t make the truth untrue. Deal with it.

          10. AKLady says

            Your version of history is not factual.
            Anti-popery and the bitter divisions among Protestants has nothing to do with persecution of “Christians” as such.

          11. KayO says

            It is factual. Enough with the nonsense. You have read the comments between you and me, right? Perhaps go back to the beginning to understand where we are now. Stop being obtuse.

          12. AKLady says

            Your version of history is not factual.

          13. KayO says

            In reality it is factual. In your mind it isn’t. Facts are facts regardless of your thought process or lack thereof.

          14. AKLady says

            Save your insults for someone who respects your opinion.
            You lost my respect a while back.

          15. KayO says

            You must be from the entitled left that believes only they are allowed to insult but anyone who disagrees doesn’t. I’m not relying on your respect because I would have to lie in order to get it.

          16. AKLady says

            Your version of history is not factual

          17. KayO says

            My “version” is the truth. Your brain either accepts it or it doesn’t. That’s up to you.

          18. Francisco Machado says

            Clement VII probably saw it differently. The sequential opinions of Henry, Eddie, Mary and Liz seem to indicate there were some differences, largely regarding who ran the dog and pony show in the terrestrial realm. Serious enough that believing the wrong thing could be fatal. Not unlike the current AGW religion.

          19. AKLady2015 says

            Simplyh put, King Henery III want to dispose of a wife, Catherine of Aragon, because he failed to sire a make heir. Pope Cl ement said no.

            Then there were the Church’s lands. Taking them filled the enpty roual treasury The break that began under Henry was not complete until Elizabeth I again broke with Rome in 1558 after Mary Tudor’s brief realignment in 1555.

  76. ferebetv says

    How can they fight back against something that they are: Socialism also is fascism, naziism. Fabian, etc. The rep. establishment is filled with these killers and controlled by the Jesuits and Zionists. Communism is just one form of socialism.

    1. AKLady says

      Your are incredibly confused.