White House to GOP: Trump Was “Entirely Correct” to Blame All Sides


The White House issued talking points to allies in the Republican Party on Tuesday – talking points that are almost certainly going to be ignored by politicians who refuse to stand up to the media’s ideological tyranny. As far as the mainstream right is concerned, President Trump is completely toxic at this point. Like rats from a sinking ship, Republicans are doing everything they can to distance themselves from the president, as if he REALLY IS the neo-Nazi, white supremacist that the liberal media insists that he is. It occurs to only a very, very select few that maybe – just maybe – it’s just the media lying once again in an attempt to smear all of conservatism with the same racist brush.

The president, said the issued talking points, was “entirely correct – both sides of the violence in Charlottesville acted inappropriately, and bear some responsibility.” The memo went on to encourage Republicans to remind the press that Trump used “no ambiguity” in condemning the white supremacist groups that gathered for the rally at UVA and in the town square the next day. The White House asked allies to present President Trump as “a voice for unity and calm” and a leader “taking swift action to hold violent hate groups accountable.”

The memo concluded by asking politicians and the media to “join the president in trying to unite and heal our country rather than incite more division.”

So what has been the response to the leak of this memo? Naturally, it’s been reported as a White House desperately trying to do damage control.

Make no mistake about it, the liberal media has its knives out like never before. Oh, they were bad before. But the aftermath of Charlottesville proves something that few would have thought possible before this week: As badly as they have covered this man since the dawn of his campaign, it is actually possible for them to sink even lower. The coverage this week has been unprecedented in its dishonesty, its vitriol, its shamelessness. There is no longer any meaningful difference between the liberal slop served up at a site like ShareBlue and The New York Times.

Not once – NOT ONCE – has Donald Trump defended white supremacists, neo-Nazis, whatever you want to call them. And yet, we have think pieces in some of the nation’s leading mainstream newspapers warning us of 1930s fascism coming to American shores. It’s absolutely outrageous.

These pieces are right about one thing – this IS a dark moment for American democracy. When a leader cannot deliver an unqualified condemnation of hate, bigotry, and violence without being cast as a Nazi, it is a dark moment indeed.

  1. Deby says

    The gloves are off, the gauntlet has been thrown-the war has escalated to a breaking point. The lunatics on the left are hell bent on the destruction of our democracy and our nation and are beating down the door-this is getting ugly, may God have mercy on us all.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Move to Russia and you can have all the bullshit you crave. Need help packing?

      1. Retired says

        Yes people would help pack you but would send you to North Korea so you can kiss Kim Boys rear to stay alive, Russia is to good for you .

        1. Ben Totuous says

          I know you are, but what am I?

          1. Retired says

            You don’t fool us Obama .

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          3. ARTPSYCH says

            Every Time Pelosi speaks i go back in time to the 70’s!!! She can’t remember whose in office so why does she bleat like an unmilked cow and moan about anyone! Milk her please!!

          4. Garden_Goddess says

            Good grief. That reply is so juvenile. Be careful or you will have a stroke. Don’t bother replying – you have been blocked. Have a nice day, if you can.

          5. ABO says

            He must hang out at the local playground and copies what the little kids say to him. His IQ is a dead match for his shoe size.

          6. buddman says

            What are you?? A giant f u cking a sshole Demonrat there answered your question snowflake

          7. Jim says

            You are nothing more than a Liberal Democrat who just can’t get over the fact that your beloved Democratic Party lost the 2016 Presidential election. I’ve seen children get over losing a little league championship better than you can get over losing an election. It’s high time that you grow up!

          8. ABO says

            He’s obviously not capable of growing up Jim. He is sadly lacking the maturity and intellect. For that matter he is lacking anything whatsoever between his ears. Just a completely empty space there.

          9. Jim says

            I know! He just set himself up with that stupid question of his!

          10. ABO says

            He does it incessantly and when I point it out to him he invariably responds “WTF?”

          11. kbmiller says

            Bent, 6 yrs. old? Is that what you are?

        2. Mathew Molk says

          Don’t know what the boxhead said, but MAGA or get the hell out.

          Why don’t you block that snotball like a lot of us did already?

      2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Russia is still full of Communists like you.

        1. Retired says

          North Korea with Kim Boy would be a good place for him .

      3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        You homosexuals and other child molesters sure have powerful hate.

        Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is a pattern of pathologically dissociative and psychotic behavior, first observed in the late hours of November 8th 2016, and increasing in severity with passing time. Sufferers of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder often exhibit pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden bouts of rage, uncontrollable crying, suicidal ideation, and extreme butthurt.

        Signs and Symptoms:

        People with Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder are characterized by a persistent unwillingness to accept that Donald Trump is going to Make America Great Again. Individual sufferers often display signs of paranoia and delusion; in acute cases psychotic episodes have been observed. Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is different from being upset about the results of the 2016 presidential election; People with TARD are unwilling or unable to accept reality, despite irrefutable evidence.

        According to the DSM-V, individuals with TARD exhibit most or all of the following symptoms:

        Telling others they are moving to Canada

        Fixated on fantasies about the Electoral College

        Protesting an election no credible source contests the outcome of

        Exclamations that “Someone” should do “Something”

        Sudden weight gain

        Acute change in demeanor from pompous and arrogant to fearful and combative

        Claim that anyone who disagrees with them is some combination of Racist, Sexist, Bigoted, Homophobic, and Actually Hitler

        Causes and Mechanisms:

        Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder was directly caused by the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. For many, both in America and worldwide, this was a shocking and unexpected outcome; their preferred news sources having failed to inform them that the alternative candidate was a criminal parasite in such ill health she got chucked into the back of a van like a kidnap victim.

        Research is ongoing, but TARD appears to correlate closely with the following environmental and behavioral factors:

        Membership in the Democratic party

        Identifying as a Feminist

        Currently enrolled in college, and/or

        Possession of a Liberal Arts college degree


        Living in a densely populated metropolitan area

        Massive student debt

        Spotty or non-existent work history



        Diagnosis of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is straightforward. Ask the patient if Donald Trump is going to be the Next President of the United States of America. Some patients will become agitated, and may attempt to deflect. It’s critical you press them on the issue, even if they start babbling about ‘muh triggers’. A sufferer of TARD will begin to ramble incoherently, often displaying three or more of the symptoms within a short period of time.

        Co- morbidity:

        A diagnosis of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is highly comorbid with Paraphilic Infantilism, Emotional Eating, Bush Derangement Syndrome, and adult bed wetting.


        The only known effective treatment is exposure therapy. The patient must be repeatedly exposed to reality, and should wear a Make America Great Again hat as long as they are able to tolerate it. Each exposure should increase in length, after a week the patient should be encouraged to be seen in public wearing the MAGA hat. Coach the patient to refer to Donald Trump as President-Elect Trump.

        Patients with TARD are very resistant to treatment, and dangerous in large groups. Any possibility of treatment requires that they be separated from their hive-mind support apparatus; they cannot begin the process of accepting reality in the presence of encouragement towards delusion and irrationality. Separation may require the assistance of law enforcement.

        If you have a friend or loved one suffering from TARD, urge them to seek treatment. Together we can beat this scourge, and Make America Great Again!

        Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is a pattern of pathologically dissociate and psychotic behavior, first observed in the late hours of November 8th 2016, and increasing in severity with passing time. Sufferers of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder often exhibit pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden bouts of rage, uncontrollable crying, suicidal ideation, and extreme butthurt.

        1. Ben Totuous says

          You really want to talk homophobe bullshit while you grab your ankles for Trump? I can hear you now… “Give me both inches, King Donald.”

          1. AntiGOP says

            I thought it was 1 inch…LMFAO !!

            Hi Ben…

            BTW what happened to all that feather Ruffing over NK…did the distraction timer run out ???

            He’s got Nukes and ICBM’s and he’s ready to launch right NOW we have to bomb him quick hurry…hurry…bomb him…I’m under my desk !!

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          2. berg1928 says

            How many times are you going to keep showing the same boring pictures?

          3. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          4. Retired says

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          5. AntiGOP says

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          6. Retired says

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          7. AntiGOP says

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          8. Retired says

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          9. AntiGOP says

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          10. Retired says

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          11. berg1928 says

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          12. Retired says

            Why are you answering for AntiGOP ????? Lets hope you are not AKnoLady.

          13. Jim says

            People like you are tearing our Beloved Country apart but y’all’s days are numbered snowflakes.

          14. AntiGOP says

            Actually people like you are…Capt. Gullible !!

            Navy…hey…sure !!

          15. Jim says

            How bout it AntiGOP! You are all talk with no action! You hide behind an Avitar because you are too much of a coward to show your real face and a Liberal Troll at that.

          16. Skippy says

            AntiAmerican since you and Kol hate America so much why don’t you two move to Russia and live happily ever after.

          17. AntiGOP says

            How many times do I have to say it…

            I don’t hate…I leave it to people like you…fact…you just used the word !!
            You project what you are and do !!
            You hate everyone that doesn’t fit your mold !!


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            If you have a functional brain at some point you might get passed the dysfunction !!

            Anger and hate are cheap substitutes for Acceptance & Love !!!
            You don’t have a wife and children at this point in your life…

            And we both know Americans for the most part are cheap in many ways !!
            Getting worse by the day.
            I’m here trying to understand people like you to figure what it is that makes people tic, angry and hate !!

            Only time I use the word hate…is like in this instance…otherwise you won’t see me use it !!

          18. Skippy says

            The only people I hate is the pathetic liberals like you that want to change my Country into Russia or one of those European countries.
            You can’t stand the fact that the Democrap party is the party of slavery, segregation, and racists. You also can’t stand the fact that Republicans have fought for freeing the slaves and for civil rights. Still fighting for it today pushing for things like school choice. You’re the one that’s in the racist Democrap party. I’ll never understand the mindless liberal drones that blindly follows the Democraps.
            TTFN Brainless Wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          19. AntiGOP says

            Well I was right…good to know !!!

          20. Skippy says

            You just keep on showing your stupidity, and your inability to read and comprehend. No you wasn’t totally right ya pathetic moron, I never said I hate Blacks, Jews, and Mexicans. I only hate people that want to destroy my Country and take away our Constitutional Rights. That’s usually the libs and snowflakes. Try again brainless wonder.
            The Democraps wants to keep the Black community in poverty. Here’s proof look at Chicago and it’s been ran by the Democraps for decades.
            TTFN mindless liberal drone!!!!!!!!!!!

          21. AntiGOP says


            >>>>I only hate people that want to destroy my Country and take away our Constitutional Rights.

            Blacks, Jews, and Mexicans etc…

            TTFN tRumpLuver !!

          22. Skippy says

            Hey AntiAmerican your the one that’s the racists, because you support the Democrap party and their policies that keeps the Black community poor and relying on the government to survive. In other words you hate Blacks, and Mexicans.
            Now if their are some Blacks, Jews, Mexicans that won’t to destroy my Country by turning it into something like Russia, Mexico, or one of those European countries. Yes I hate them for what they stand for, but not as a whole race of people that you implied ya pathetic brainless wonder. I served my Country to defend The Constitution, in which all you pathetic brainless wonders want to destroy The Constitution, that includes you ya pathetic moron.
            You can’t stand the fact that the Democrap party is the party of slavery, segregation, and racism. The Democraps have told a lie long enough that people believe it including the white supremacist groups. The white supremacist groups is a product of the alt left and still is. Only in the Democrap party can not only a KKK member, but a high ranking member of the KKK can become Senate Majority Leader. That was Robert Bird.
            TTFN ya Racist Pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          23. berg1928 says

            y’alls? – are you serious

          24. Jim says

            Have you ever wanted to handle a rattle snake! I didn’t think so.

          25. Mathew Molk says

            Correct a mun-do Jimmie!

          26. Jim says

            Thanks Mathew!

          27. ABO says

            berg is just another pathetic liberal troll Jim. Along the lines of the incredible moron AuntieGOP.

          28. berg1928 says

            Well, Honey, I’m very proud when a trollish repub calls me a troll.

          29. ABO says

            Glad to offer my assistance as needed.

          30. berg1928 says

            Thank you!

          31. ABO says

            You are entirely welcome, my good lady.

          32. Jim says

            I know! She along with AntiGOP, Ben Totuous, AKlady, and MadamSquirrelBrain, are all Liberal Spineless Brainless, and Clueless Trolls. I really do not know why they are stupid enough to always go to all of these Conservative Websites. I guess that they are a glutton for punishment. I have had so many arguments with AKlady that I have forgotten just how many. She always bragged about her so called credentials which are all bogus. These Liberal Clueless Trolls, plus so many others like them, are the main reason our beloved America is in such dire straights, at this point and time in our countries history.

          33. berg1928 says

            Who but an uneducated child of Dixie says y’alls

          34. Jim says

            All of my family, except for my late mother, have college degrees including me! How about looking up Vanderbuilt, William & Mary, Emery, University of Virginia, Birmingham Southern, Baylor, University of Montevallo, Western Carolina, etc. Those are some of the institutions of higher education my family members have attended and gotten their degrees from. I can also read, write, and tie our shoes too. Why can’t you spell the word y’all’s. Is that word so hard learn? Are you even capable of doing that!

          35. berg1928 says

            Y’alls family history indicate that y’alls can tie your shoes, yes.

          36. Jim says

            Your family history still indicates that you are illiterate and can’t spell simple words! You have to wear slip on shoes because you are too lazy when it comes to tying shoes your shoes, or doing anything.

          37. berg1928 says


          38. Jim says

            Your family history indicates that you are still illiterate and can’t seem to spell a simple word.

          39. berg1928 says

            Y’alls a simple word?

          40. Mathew Molk says

            Heads will roll come next November. Then the Prez can REALLY get to work.

            Mitch the Bitch, and RINO Ryan’s days are numbered for sure. – The “old guard” in in full panic mode and will try anything, including embracing the NWO Marxists (aka democrats) to hang on. It is not going to work, though. We are geting stronger every day, dispite what you hear in the MSM, and I’m including FOX news in the MSM bag of shit.

            MAGA, or get the hell out.

          41. Skippy says

            I agree with you. I have fun making these mindless liberal drones have meltdowns. Keep on exposing them for the mindless idiots they are.

          42. Jim says

            I like doing that too because I don’t put up with their crap!

          43. Skippy says

            Were you in the Navy or the Merchant Marines? I served in the Navy for eight years.

          44. Jim says

            I have been a USMM Capt from 1999 until now! I just put my USCG license on continuity status. My father was a Flight Surgeon USN. I have loved ones who are buried in two national cemeteries; including Arlington, and I proudly display a Gold Star license plate on my vehicle. Also, TY 4 your service.

          45. Skippy says

            Thank you and thank you for your service. The USMM provides a vital service to this country. This is something the left will never understand ” all gave some, some gave all” , nor will they understand the men and women of the military to willingly make this sacrifice for people they don’t even know. Thank you for proudly honoring those that payed the ultimate sacrifice for this country and especially your loved ones. I thank your loved ones for their service and sacrifice for this Country.
            The Navy taught me a lot. It helped me to grow up, gave me a love and respect for this Great Country of ours. I also studied The Constitution and the founding of this Great Nation when I was in the Navy. I’ve enjoyed this conversation with you. Thanks.

          46. jimmy midnight says

            Apparently threatening armed insurrection and/or vigilante violence really doesn’t scare anybody. For what it’s worth, I’d urge all the Real Patriots 2 tilt another one, and keep posting your idle threats if it makes U happy.

          47. Jim says

            Did I say anything about armed insurrection! No, I didn’t but most ipeople are getting sick and tired with this hateful rhetoric, and many people aren’t going to put up with these hate group protesters, and put up with the liberal support they get much longer while these people are ruining our beloved America. Have you forgotten that you can still be arrested for inciting a riot? Obama might have turned a blind eye to all of these hate groups, but that is going to end. Trump and AG Sessions will not put up with this like Obama did, so their days are numbered. Real Patriots aren’t going to stand by and let our country go down the tubes. Many have put their lives on the line for our beloved country, including me. It is just that simple, if you can actually understand that.

          48. AntiGOP says

            Don’t bite off more than you can chew because you will end up choking.

            Bring it on you little pussy fuc !!

          49. Jim says

            You continue run that liberal mouth of yours! I’m happen to be 6’2″ and wear sized 14 shoes and have no problem grabbing a basket ball with one hand. I really don’t think that you really want to mess with me!

          50. AntiGOP says

            The bigger they are the harder they fall…so bring it on…you’re the big tough boy.

          51. Jim says

            All talk and no action! That is what you are Liberal Punk! I would love to kick your smartAzz down the street and wash that foul mouth of yours out with soap. You are long overdue for an attitude adjustment. I use to love locking smartazz people like you up. That just made my day, Punk!

          52. AntiGOP says

            It’s spelled ASS.

            >>>>foul mouth of yours out with soap.

            Your intent is harm and I have a foul mouth…wow !!

            You should bring those 3 sentences to your next mental heath session !!

            >>>>You are overdue for an attitude adjustment.

            Bring it on honey !!

            I think you need to goto church and repent !!

          53. kbmiller says

            AntiGOD, You call out someone’s spelling , then post ,”Your” instead of ,”You’re”? You are too stupid for words. Show us more of your ignorance you Leftist POS. You expose the stupidity of DumbA$$ok RATS LOL.

          54. AntiGOP says

            Go pick your ass…you’ll get more of a delight !!

          55. kbmiller says

            AntiGOD, You picked your A$$ in 2008 and 2012, for president, Bath House Barry OHOMO. How’d THAT work out? Increased poverty. Decreased workforce participation rate. Increased food stamp participation. Decreased military capability. Increased US debt. Decreased border security. Increased men allowed in girls bathrooms. Decreased black home ownership. Increased vote fraud. Decreased black teenage employment. Increased crime. You beginning to see a trend here, Doofus?

          56. Mathew Molk says

            Just a point of info for everybody that you will not see in the MSM. Black unemployment is down a full percentage point since President Trump was inaugurated. A change for the good of about 12-1/2%. Kind of fouls up the race card shit, doesn’t it?

          57. kbmiller says

            I know that. That’s why I mentioned black teenage employment was down under OHOMO.

          58. Mathew Molk says

            Down with the grammer and spelling police. I know you didn;t start it BTW, but like George Patton said’ I don’t trust anybody that can’t spell a word 2 or more ways” ( or something like that)

          59. berg1928 says

            Did Patton say this before or after face slapping a G.I. suffering from PTSD?

          60. bttrap says

            who cares he was a great general

          61. berg1928 says

            Who cares? Probably every soldier who ever suffered PTSD since wars began.

          62. bttrap says

            are you one of these soldiers?

          63. berg1928 says

            No – but I remember when it happened with Patton.

          64. bttrap says

            if it weren’t for patton you would be speaking german now

          65. bttrap says

            It wasn’t his fault he seen too many G.I.’s get killed on the battle ground doing their job

          66. Raven says

            And your the number 1 biggest fucking idiot on this blog. Go back under your rock moron.

          67. Skippy says

            This coming from the biggest idiot!!!!! What pathetic moron.
            TTFN mindless liberal drone!!!!

          68. AntiGOP says

            Ew…look Skippy pee nuts just woke up !!!

            Did you here the great fake NEWS !!

          69. Skippy says

            Nope just got off work that’s something you know absolutely nothing about since you live off of the government.
            I don’t care what you heard from the Clinton News Network (CNN)
            TTFN brainless wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          70. AntiGOP says

            Skippy>>>>since you live off of the government.

            Nope pee nuts I work in an A/C Office that costs more then you make in a months!!!

            Back to the topic at hand…

            Trump to Bannon: We wish to throw you out Of Munchkinland!
            So now he can go home and bathe in the scum he really likes !!

            Bannon out…AS White House Strategist…
            That’s one hell of a strategy…losing !!

            Next please…no waiting…line forms to the rear !!

            Next at bat…all My emails are on AOL…PENCE !!

            Wait we need him.!!

            October !!

            Well I have to meet with some Real People who love to pay !!
            We need another $15-20 in the petty cash draw!!
            TTFN tRumpluver!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f1d33ab44d1998bd2961c38a234adf1ca23cee63b08dda309412a02816324e86.jpg

          71. Skippy says

            No one wants to know about your fantasy life where you’re in a big office making lots of money. When in reality you’re living in your Mommy’s basement and have a section that you call an office, where you’re pretending to be making lots of money.
            The only reason why I voted for Trump in the general election is to keep that crook Hillary Rotten Clinton out of the presidency, if that makes me a tRumpluver as you put it, I’ll wear it as a badge of honor. Trump is far better than Hillary Rotten Clinton could ever be.
            TTFN Brainless Wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          72. AntiGOP says

            Whatever you say Active Measures !!
            TTFN tRumpLuver !!!!

            I have a hot date with somebody that wants my Government Money!!

            “Why is the Night Sky Dark”

          73. Skippy says

            Only in your fantasy would that you continue to live in. I think you need to seek mental help with that.
            Again I’ve already answered that question three times, since you’re too stupid to understand it, so what makes you think you can understand this time. Then again you’re a mindless liberal drone, that’s incapable of thought.
            TTFN Mindless Liberal Drone!!!!!!!!!!

          74. Jim says

            I hope that she/he steals you blind!

          75. Jim says

            So you are a Rich Liberal Imbecile Troll then! Wow! That is really impressive! How about giving some of more of your government money to the Clinton Foundation! I hope that the IRS audits you!

          76. AntiGOP says

            Jim>>>>I really hope that the IRS audits you very soon! Then we will see how much you brag.

            And how does an audit allow you to see how much I brag ???

            Not that I was Bragging.

            JFYI I have a very good relationship with the IRS.

          77. Jim says

            Because you talk about Government money! I was already audited a few years back and everything checked out fine!

          78. Jim says

            Hadn’t you heard that the North Korean Dictator backed down? I don’t guess that you can with that brainless head of yours buried in the sand.

          79. AntiGOP says

            Obviously you don’t get it !!

            Fact…if you don’t have all the information it is possible to interpret what you do have incorrectly !!

            >>>>>Hadn’t you heard that the North Korean Dictator backed down?

            Is that the same way he backed down in 2013 !!!

            And all the other times !!!

          80. Jim says

            Give me a break! Your Democratic Parties policy of appeasement under Obama and Clinton has only allowed our World to become less safe. Giving more money to enemies who want to destroy us doesn’t make them want to change for the better. That is similar to giving more red meat to a Lion hoping that he will become more docile, when he won’t.

          81. AntiGOP says

            Jimmy Boy >>>>Giving more money to enemies who want to destroy us doesn’t make them want to change for the better.

            And who was that !!

            Watch no answer…just blather rich bull

          82. Jim says

            Clinton, during his Presidency, gave more money to NK as an incentive for them to back down from their Nuclear program. That didn’t work! Obama did that to Iran with his sorry Nuclear deal. That hasn’t worked very well either! Is the truth starting to hurt because you haven’t replied yet?

          83. AntiGOP says

            You should do better research then to repuke from websites !!

            You all keep repuking the same bullshit on the same days…so funny how you all stay in sync !!

            >>>>Obama did that to Iran with his sorry Nuclear deal.

            Thats why tRump resigned the deal to continue and has been working very well !!!
            And the money wasn’t Tax Payer MONEY…da !!

            You need to educate yourself properly…

            >>>>Is the truth starting to hurt because you haven’t replied yet?

            You have no truth so that isn’t a factor…
            Right now I’m in startup mode…
            I have people to deal with called employees !!

          84. Jim says

            I surprised that you even know what real work is! It is real funny that you don’t ever get many up votes on these Conservative Websites! Is that the reason why most people don’t like you?

          85. AntiGOP says

            I’m surprised your surprised…I don’t see your intellect reaching that level !!

            And since you at such a low level and you can’t prove anything you say…I have work to do…so go play with somebody else that gives a shit !!

            Idiot !!

          86. Deby says

            said the moron

          87. richard king says

            It’s “you’re”, not “your”, two different words. You really shouldn’t knock the intellect of others until you pass third grade grammar.

          88. Mathew Molk says

            Block ‘um Jim. If we didn’t respond to their shit they would go away.

          89. Pappy says

            Hey stupid, remember the pay off to Iran from your former poster child President Obama, what did that get us just more of the same anti-American bullshit that you are pushing! You love these third world leaders so much WHY they hell don’t you go to N. Korea and bow down and kiss Kim Jong Un’ s ass?

            People like you are traitors to this country and if I am ever in a position to export you and your kind that is exactly what I will do! Mean time, I will use my 2nd amendment right to protect what is mine and my family against jerks like you!

            People like you give me second thoughts as to my decision to put my life on the line for this country because you obviously could NOT care less about it’s destruction.

            The next war that will be fought will be right here on American soil Conservatives against Liberal left Anti-Americans, and Black lives Matter groups! I believe that this war has already began.

            One thing you might want to contemplate though, those conservatives that you hate so much are also the ones who believe in and practice the right to keep and bear arms, you have been warned!

            Signed a Vietnam veteran

          90. AntiGOP says

            Signed a Vietnam veteran

            Bullshit !!!

          91. AntiGOP says

            Amazing how you keep changing subjects/topics !!

            It’s a typical tactic of people who like to throw shit at the wall to see what sticks…

            It’s why people like you aren’t very successful…you can’t maintain attention to anything long enough to arrive at any solution/s

            Your only interest is winning and you end up losing everytime !!

          92. kbmiller says

            AntiGOD, look in a mirror. You described yourself, you LYING JACKASS.

          93. AntiGOP says

            GFY !!!

          94. Mathew Molk says

            Hey gang,,,,,DON’T FEED THE TROLLS! – Block them.

            We should be talking with each other about how to help the President. Not engaging in senseless bullshit with a bunch of mental midgets.

          95. richard king says

            Sure your employees respect you; sound like a crude loudmouth in a wife beater shirt.

          96. AntiGOP says

            richard king >>> Sure your employees respect you

            Sure do…and they make money as well…lots.!!!

            >>>> sound like a crude loudmouth in a wife beater shirt.

            Not me…I leave that to people like you, since you’re so knowledgeable.!!!
            But last year I put a hurting to a punk like you and sent him to a hospital and then to jail. Well the police took him to the hospital and jail !!
            They call me when there is a status change, he violated in FEB…and they assured me the no contact order was still in place.
            I said I don’t think he wants to contact me anymore…she said…yeah I heard !!
            I treated him to one of my many Anger Management classes…a short 10 second class !!
            Well it’s really less then a second but I included the verbal training !!
            I would like to say he learned something…but Feb dropped his grade !!

            Well you enjoy yourself little Richie !!

          97. richard king says

            Sounds like you’re some thug.

          98. AntiGOP says

            Nope…the Thug sound is you pulling your Thumb out of tRump’s ass !!

            Since you have all kinds of names for other people…

            what is it you call yourself ??

          99. richard king says

            Yep, that would be the language of a thug.

          100. AntiGOP says

            what is it you call yourself ??

          101. ABO says

            I cannot even imagine a complete idiot like AuntieGOP running a business and employing workers much less having employees that respect such an abysmal moron.

          102. practicedcynic says

            Same throughout HISTORY, they CAN’T LEARN as they are CULTISTS.

          103. kbmiller says

            AntiGOD, you F’n MORON. DumbA$$ok RATS FUNDED North Korea’s nuclear program. Your pansy a$$ pres. Bath House Barry OHOMO and serial misogynist HillBilly CLIT on’s lame attempts at bribing socialist/communist dictators didn’t work.

          104. AntiGOP says

            Bullshit !!

          105. kbmiller says

            AntiGOD, is that your dinner request? You have NO credibility as you cannot present any proof of ANYTHING that you post. It’s all Bunch of LIES, typical DumbA$$ok RAT propaganda. You are too stupid to seek the truth, a BRAINWASHED useful IDIOT , as your party calls you.

          106. AntiGOP says

            Go check in with your parole officer asswipe !!

          107. kbmiller says

            AntiGOD, is that all you got? HA HA HA HA How stupid can you get?

          108. richard king says

            You can’t refute that, boss.

          109. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          110. madamsquirrelly says

            Kim Jung Un didn’t back down because he was scared, he could still shoot some missiles. He laughed at Trump, he knows he’s a waste of energy and time. They BOTH acted like children but Kim actually is being more professional about it. He also has other countries to worry about like China breathing down his neck, he can’t afford to piss them off, he doesn’t care about Trump one way or the other. Trump loves diversion, No. Korea was a diversion tactic as much as anything else but trump also has a very short attention span, he’s moved onto other diversions. His fave neo-Nazis, charring his loyalist supporters like sessions/mcconnell, many others. Try viewing ‘both’ sides. Neither Trump nor Kim acted in a rational manner to begin with. Even Tillerson disagreed with Trump, he wanted to send an envoy instead which is smarter. They had a behind the scenes man talk to Kim, obviously they cut a deal of some sort. Kim isn’t afraid of the U.S.

          111. Jim says

            I’m so glad that you know so much about foreign policy and political science. Newt Gingrich and Ambasador Bolton both said that Trump was correct the way he responded to Kim Jung Un. They said that our previous Presidents have used a foreign policy of appeasement for way too long when dealing with NK. They have more Foreign Policy knowledge in their little fingers than you have in your entire body. Do yourself a favor Ms. Squirrel and stop making stupid comments before you totally embarrass yourself. Your name screen name fits you to a tee because the grey matter that you have upstairs would only fit into a squirrel’s cranium.

          112. SD of AZ says

            Try blocking madamsquirrelly and let me know if you can Jim. I tried since I believe he/she/it is AKlady with a new moniker.

          113. ABO says

            Well done Jim! She won’t get a word of it but Well Done!

          114. Jim says

            Thank you ABO. Liberal Democrats always seem to cower, and turn tail and run when a Conservative destroys their arguments with facts. The Liberals on here are always at a loss for words when the facts are used against them.

          115. richard king says

            The result of the NOKO standoff was a well orchestrated diplomatic victory engineered by President Trump and members of his cabinet. you should get a ticket to NOKO and tell fatso how you feel. You won’t be welcomed back, traitor, too hard to get anyone out of there.

          116. bttrap says

            she could come back in the same way the last one did!!!!!!!!

          117. Retired says

            Seeing you are in love with Kim pack your bags and move to North Korea .

          118. bttrap says

            why don’t you move there if you think he’s so great we sure as hell don’t want you here we already have enough brainless democraps her want to take some with you when you move? remember you need slant eyes to live there or do you already have them?

          119. Jim says

            MadamSquirrelBrain, when are going to stop making dumb assumptions that are based mainly on your opinion instead of facts. You are no better than the Liberal Main Stream Media because they treat people like mushrooms, feed them manure, and keep them in the dark.

          120. bttrap says

            or buried in his a$$

          121. kbmiller says

            AntiGOD, is that 1 inch the length of your work history resume or condom size for your boyfriend’s anal history?

          122. AntiGOP says

            kbmiller you are such a FUC’ing asswipe you’re not even worth my time !!

          123. madamsquirrelly says

            Correct, No.Korea, LGBT, whining abt Sessions, McConnell, many others, is ALL a distraction to Mr. Collusion who loves to create confusion. Dems have finally written a bill to impeach him in the past few days. May it fly through quickly, he’s outta his mind.

          124. Retired says

            So you have been on your knees sucking those 2 inches ,is that how you found out ????

          125. SD of AZ says

            Oh, Retired, that is a picture I just do not want to see in my mind. You need to just call the AK bunch out, I know you recognize their BS. Ecky, eck!

          126. kbmiller says

            Bent, how do you get your fingerprints off your ankles?

          127. Don says

            Your a sick old man

          128. SD of AZ says

            Indeed and for that I will block him. No more icky ick!

          129. Garys_opinion says

            That’s the best you can do? When you “know nothings” don’t have a rational answer you resort to the gutter as a reply.

          130. ABO says

            It’s all he’s got Gary. If he had an ounce of actual intellect he might be able to put together a reasonable, intelligent response but we’re dealing with a guy whose IQ matches his shoe size.

          131. Pappy says

            You are fine example of the human trash that WE conservatives voted against last November. Please tell us where you got your crystal ball that reveals WHO will be our next president. People like you tried every way possible to give us another worthless traitor, like Obama, when you ran that traitorous, murdering witch Hillary Rotten Clinton. You just can’t stand the fact that President Trump beat her despite her illegal voters, her paying rioters to disrupt the Trump campaign, and the fact that she is directly responsible for lying to the World and the American public as to the disaster in Bengauzi. You are a filthy Liberal Left piece of scum who does NOT deserve to be called an American.

            President Trump has my full support and I will defend him against you Obama/Hillary loving traitors to my dying breath!

            Signed a Vietnam veteran

          132. berg1928 says

            Your dying breath? Are you prepping yourself for euthanasia?

          133. Shawn Sapp says

            Hear this dumbass. Last year you were all so glad trump was the GOP cadidate because no way he could beat hillary. Are you still feeling that way? Guess what, in the coming elections you will continue to lose, and lose, and lose. The idiots in congress are too worried about their own asses to see clearly. The people have not changed their outlook. You will all be made to look foolish again. The president shall not be removed from office because the majority, yes majority, will not allow it. So you bend over and kiss your own ass. You are just a little shit stain with shit for brains.

          134. SD of AZ says

            Ouchy, another troll! And AK and berg tag team pal. Is it a threesome of just one with three monikers. Hum?

          135. berg1928 says

            I’ll never tell.

        2. berg1928 says

          Are you nuts? (In very simple terms.)

        3. Fedup says

          Some even suffer from Reality Altered Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder which causes them to believe that their temper tantrums will succeed in replacing Trump with Hillary.

          1. Mathew Molk says

            Wait and see who get replaced next November. – It isn’t going to be the president or his supporters.

          2. madamsquirrelly says

            Donald won’t be here next November, his impeachment bill is in writing today.

          3. berg1928 says

            I hope so!

          4. Drberlat says

            Two emotionally deranged posters Berg and Madam need to spend some reality time in N.Korea! Two extremely sick, disillusioned, America hating trolls who supported a total fraud for eight years, having all his records sealed, with zero evidence of legitimacy and these morons have a problem with a real American in Donald Trump…….WHAT! So it’s alright to have a record less muslim fraud destroying America, hello Chicago! and selling us out to the likes of Iran, N.Korea. Saudi Arabia, Iraq etc., than a mega successful American citizen who didn’t need this job but loves the country enough to put himself through this bull crap! As a veteran who took the oath of office among 30 million other vets how about you go live in Indonesia where the Muslim fraud grew up and now resides! You cowards make me and the 30 million other vets and 200 million plus gun owners sick and tired of your complaining! How’s that 20 trillion dollar debt that muslim left for us work for you, or the raging instability in the world brought about by his selling out our nation to our enemies! One other thing your hero claimed that the Muslim afternoon call to prayer was the most beautiful sound in the world……….WHAT…..try the Star Spangled Banner morons!

          5. berg1928 says

            Are you claiming that all veterans like, admire and voted for Trump?
            I seriously doubt that DJT ran for president because he loved the USA so much. I think he ran because that position is the highest in the land and he thought it would bring him great admiration and adulation, Instead, he is laughed at, hated, scorned and . . . the job has proven to be much more difficult than he thought it would be. Duh!

          6. Drberlat says

            I seriously doubt you have more than two viable brain cells to rub together! Truthfully what we laugh at, hate and scorn are little fragile flowers like you who worshipped the worst President in American history a total document -less fraud! And yes Trump ran for President because he loves America and has no use for haters like you who obviously have no life but instead curl up at night with your favorite stuffed animal waiting for the tooth fairy! Liberalism is a defined mental disorder and you have been outed! As far as veterans are concerned, sorry little man you don’t qualify to speak for all us veterans!

          7. berg1928 says

            No one is qualified to speak for ALL veterans.

          8. Drberlat says

            Never said I spoke for all veterans but I hazard to guess that i’m intimately more familiar with the fact that veterans across the board voted for Trump given his love of the military and support thereof! The military is so glad the Muslim in chief is hiding in Indonesia surrounded by Muslims, his people! He nearly destroyed America and military readiness while arming and funding our enemies like Iran! So Berg you know what you can do with your opinion hint, the Sun don’t shine there!

          9. DAlnB41 says

            One thing we all learned and counted on in the military was you MUST trust your commander and junior leaders. Their is little if anything that is more important than honesty, truth and trust in the military.
            So, it is easy to see why Trump would have had strong support over Hillary Clinton and was Trump preferred over the Tax Payers Supported campaigning Obama was doing for Hillary. The world knows Hillary as a uncontrollable liar, they also know Obama as a manipulator of facts and weak leader.
            Veterans did the right thing in supporting Trump; sadly, the media and the Democratic party leaders are working overtime to build, fabricate, and manipulate everything they can to see Trump does not fix ANY of the mess he inherited from Obama!

          10. Drberlat says

            Thanks for your service, I think I can say that the military finally has a real Commander In Chief who loves and respects the military and is in the process of making America great again. We must stop the Democratic Party (Communist) effort to undermine his efforts! Eight years of an absolute fraud, a Muslim, impersonating a President preaching Muslim talking points and funding the likes of Iran! Thank God for President Trump!

          11. richard king says

            If that ever happened, you could come out of Mom’s basement and cheer. But it won’t, and you may as well count on staying put.

          12. SD of AZ says

            You know your converse with an it, right?

          13. richard king says

            There are no grounds at all for impeachment. There are not enough votes to even bring it up. Ignorant people like you ought to shut up. What there are ground for is the indictment , conviction, and jailing of Hilary Clinton.

          14. George Jetson says

            I could accept both ideas along with removing Steve Bannon (DONE!), Seb Gorka and Stephen Miller from the White House.

          15. Laddyboy says

            richard king: Let madsquirelly spew. SHEHE is funny to read.

          16. SD of AZ says

            Shut the f up AK. You are the stupidist poster ever. You say the same old tired shit forever. Boring so very boring. Get some new material. You are far to easy to identify. That should tell you something about your repetitious BS.

          17. berg1928 says

            No, AKlady is one of the few intelligent posters here who doesn’t resort to filthy name calling and gets slammed when she expresses an opinion.

          18. bttrap says

            boy do you have a surprise coming

          19. Fedup says

            I sure hope you’re right. I’m so tired of everyone obstructing his agenda and working against him. If they would let him do his job, he will succeed but the Democrats are afraid of him succeeding. I hope that whatever the Senator that met with Julian Assange found will destroy the Democratic Party.

          20. berg1928 says

            Perhaps you fail to notice how any repubs are realizing what a horror has has been to the USA. Are they all wrong, too?

          21. tCotUS says

            Oh yes the horror…Stock Market is doing the best it’s ever been..My Obozo health care is going up to the place a second job is demanded..A President that stands up to these third world crapholes, rather than bows & kizz their azz..what horror dp sht

          22. SD of AZ says

            Well said to dp sht. I loved the buried insults.

          23. tCotUS says

            Not a Prblm Lib Sht Hd..

          24. richard king says

            The real horror visited on the US is the arming of a nuclear Iran and a nuclear North Korea, all the work of democrat presidents.

          25. Retired says

            None on either side want to change their ways because Hillary lost . Congress is to blame for a lot of this along with the media making a mountain out of a Ant hill . Trumps tweets don’t help either , but what would you do if you were hammered on Daily by the media and Congress ????

          26. Tony says

            Congress is primarily responsible for what is going on in government.

          27. SD of AZ says

            Fight back.

          28. berg1928 says

            I would try to maintain the dignity of the Presidency and ignore it.

          29. bttrap says

            bull sh-t I’d like to see what you would do in the same position

          30. berg1928 says

            I would try to maintain the dignity of the Presidency!

          31. bttrap says

            like obambie did? tearing down america isn’t what they call dignity

          32. bttrap says

            he blamed both sides even though one side had a permit and soros and the other idiots wanted a protest so soros paid to have trouble makers bussed in shame on you

          33. Tony says

            Yes, Trump is a threat to the good old boys club known as the RNC AND RINO republicans. That is why he was elected.

          34. SD of AZ says

            Anyone the RNC and Rinos dislike we love. During the campaign I knew Trump was my pick because they all hated him including the dem wits. And guess who won in the primary and general, it was inevitable. And these morons are still at it. So we are going to show them what back stabbing get you! All of them including the nasty old senile and dying McCain! And I really want President Trump to give congress the same insurance they voted for us, NOW!

          35. richard king says

            It’s the democrat party, not the democratic party. There’s nothing democratic about them. They are undermining democracy.

          36. SD of AZ says

            The enemy within along with every NWO rino and elite that joins their agenda.

          37. Fedup says

            You’re right. I apologize. They are doing their best to turn us into a third world sh!thole.

          38. PatriotGal says

            richard, totally agree. Am so sick and tired of the left wingers calling them the “Democratic Party”, for exactly the reason you stated. They are Democrats, not Democratic.

          39. Mark Plenn says

            THEIR FACISTS!

          40. Tony says

            Not just democrats. Well, maybe too many democrats have infiltrated the republican party. Lets get the democrat infiltrators out of the republican party. You know who they are.

          41. SD of AZ says

            Doing our best Tony.

          42. bttrap says

            they all need term limits

          43. Alicia Cervera says

            Amen to that Tony!

          44. Laddyboy says

            Tony: One only has to look at the voting history of the DemocRAT-ick communist party member to see who they REALLY support. Vote those ‘new nazi party members’ out of office every chance you can get. IF you can RECALL that person, DO SO!
            End the GERRYMANDERING in you state(s) to even out the political controls of the existing “ruling party”.

          45. bttrap says

            boy do you have a surprise coming

          46. Tyronne Shoelaces says

            I’m hoping for every democrat and RINO.

          47. Deborah Pratt says

            Since Hillary’s temper tantrums didn’t work–what makes liberals think theirs will?

          48. Mark Plenn says

            The left is a virus, if allowed it will infect the whole Nation and cause the failure of a great experiment.

          49. ABO says

            Liberalism is a serious mental disorder characterized by its most prominent symptom, cognitive dissonance.

          50. bendecido says

            You must be talking about Maxine Waters here.

          51. ABO says

            She certainly qualifies.

        4. Mathew Molk says

          And the president is going to MAGA with or without any help.form congress. He has the American worker on his side and together we cannot be beaten..

          1. berg1928 says

            You are beaten now, you just haven’t awakened yet.

          2. richard king says

            And your evidence is?

          3. SD of AZ says

            Has none he is AK’s fellow troll.

          4. SD of AZ says

            Dah, the pal of the it squirrelbrain! Hum? Lost all credibility when you sided with AK.

        5. dranalog says

          Great post :>) I would love to send this to some liberal friend (if they are still talking to me).

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Heck, if they aren’t nothing has been lost. You get better intelligent comments from the families’ pet dog.

        6. richard king says

          This is funny. Maybe we should just laugh at them.

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Ridicule is the best weapon especially since they actually take themselves seriously when nobody else does.

        7. Bunny says

          @curmudgeon VN Veteran

          Someone “suffering from TARD, urge them to seek treatment.”

          I’m not positive🤔, but I beleive you may need to seek treatment.

          “You homosexuals and other child molesters sure have powerful hate.”

          Wait, yes I am sure, you do need to seek treatment if you think all homosexuals are child molesters.

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Well Bunny I’ll give you that, but while all homos are not child molesters nor do they all belong to NAMBLA at the same time all pedophiles are homosexuals. Care to argue that point? Those who abuse gerbils are also homosexual and batshiit crazies as well.

          2. berg1928 says

            Not true! Most pedophiles are men who are not homosexuals.

          3. Bunny says

            Omg. Nope, no need to “argue that point” as with your last statement you are wrong. Alll pedophiles are not homosexuals. Although, I do agree that those who abuse gerbils are “batshiit crazies” and I feel they should serve time in jail, but again are not all homosexuals.
            Nice try though.
            Have a nice day.😊

        8. berg1928 says

          Why do so any of your posts start out with “You homosexuals and child molesters” . . . ? Do you really think that those with differing opinions are degenerates?

        9. bendecido says

          Curmudgeon, I would put an RE before TARD = RETARD = Really Extreme Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder. lol

        1. nocbsfan says

          Cause no country will have him.

          1. berg1928 says

            PC – where have you been? George

          2. nocbsfan says

            Looking for you, what does PC mean ?

          3. berg1928 says

            charming ; )

          4. nocbsfan says

            I have been looking for you,…What does PC mean ?

          5. berg1928 says


          6. nocbsfan says

            Oh you slipped by with that one. Okay in my mind I will believe it because I want to Better than being just an amigo, sorta guess I didn’t mind that either

      4. Jim says

        Deby was right! Why don’t you move to Russia Ben, or are you a part of the Liberal Leftist Agenda trying to destroy our Beloved America. When real American Patriots end up having to save our Beloved Country, people like you are going to wish that you never opened up this can of worms. The Neo Nazi’s, KKK, Antifa, BLM, all of the other domestic terrorist hate groups, plus the Liberal Leftist Elitists such as George Soros who are funding and promoting this hatred and mayhem throughout our country are all going to get a rude awakening too because they haven’t fought against people who have actually fought for our country, or protected it here and abroad by putting their lives on the line. When TSHTF your side won’t be ready, but people like us will.

      5. Swampfox1965 says

        You move to Russia, Ben. They have the country and the government you seem to crave.

      6. cv says

        Russia would be more appropriate for the leftists and Dems, except even Pravda made fun of Obama for favoring the socialism Russia rejected. As far as your comment goes, there is no substance.

      7. AntiGOP says

        They are not see that they are falling for Active Measures…

        Facebook has been purging their system and Twitter is having a hell of a time trying to figure out how they need to deal with it !!

        1. kbmiller says

          AntiGOD, take a course in remedial English. You contiue to expose your ignorance.

          1. AntiGOP says

            My ignorance…I use a Voice recognition system asshole !!

            Thats how I’m able to keep up with all you shitheads and still make money…

            You just sit there with your thumbs up your ass !!

          2. kbmiller says

            AntiGOD, take your boyfriend’s Di*K out of your mouth long enough and maybe the Voice Recog. Syst. will function better.

          3. AntiGOP says
          4. kbmiller says

            AntiGOD, so you reply with a lameA$$ comedy skit targeting 12-15 yr. olds? Grow up you IMBECILE.

          5. berg1928 says

            OMG! That was so funny!

          6. ABO says

            I think he drools on his keyboard while he types his illiterate nonsense as well, kb.

      8. Garys_opinion says

        Ben, I think you have it backwards. It’s the left wing communists who need to be sent back to Russia.

        1. bttrap says

          and add a plus for soros they would love that

      9. kbmiller says

        Bent, Russia hmm? A Socialist’s dream. Got your ticket yet? You’d better find out if they treat gays like they do in S. Arabia. You and AntiGod should go ASAP.

      10. justanagent says

        I think she is lamenting the violence and divided state of our nation. That is Obama’s true legacy. Trump rightfully blamed the extremists on both ends of the spectrum for the violence but that was unacceptable to the alt left and the biased media who insisted they be given a pass. I too pray that God will have mercy on us and spare us from the civil war that now seems inevitable. Obama’s presidency was a bitter pill for conservatives. They questioned his legitimacy and produced evidence that has yet to be refuted. They opposed his policies and used legitimate political / legislative processes to block his agenda. They did NOT resort to violent attacks and create chaos bordering on anarchy in an attempt to destroy our constitutional republic and overthrow our government. Instead they accepted the outcome of what we now know were two fraud tainted elections and endured eight years under a president they detested. If the left wingers cannot do likewise they will get the civil war they seem hell bent on provoking. While I am praying that will not happen I am steadily adding to my supply of ammunition.

    2. berg1928 says

      Yes, God have mercy on us all and protect us from the mad man in the WH.

      1. Deby says

        Tsk Tsk, God was good enough to help the man in the WH WIN the election so we don’t have to suffer through more globalism/communism crap. Boo hoo snowflake

      2. nocbsfan says

        Gosh Berg what has made you so bitter

        1. ABO says

          Berg’s complete lack of intellect has made her extremely bitter, nocbsfan. She is annoyed by the sound of the wind whistling through the entirely empty space between her ears.

          1. berg1928 says

            Oh, I thought it was something else.

          2. nocbsfan says

            Well tell me what it is ?

          3. ABO says

            No, I’m reasonably sure of it. You consistently claimed that you were in the middle, politically but I noticed that you always up voted vile trash like AntiGOP, Ben Totuous, Kol and AKLady and when I brought that to your attention You had a tantrum which has continued, unabated since. All adds up!

          4. berg1928 says

            Tantrum? Moi?

          5. ABO says

            Oui, vous.

          6. nocbsfan says

            I take it you are not exactly a friend of hers, she use to be a pretty nice person, now all of a sudden she is acting like a brainwashed liberal, Just wonder what happened to her thanks ABO

          7. bttrap says

            she got her check from soros

          8. nocbsfan says

            If that were true she would be smiling, but she isn’t, you don’t suppose the check bounced.

          9. berg1928 says

            I never received the check or any check ; )

          10. nocbsfan says

            Oh my I certainly never believed you did. If you were a true troll you would never have made friends with me I can’t believe so many people tried to bust up our friendship. It is so not like me, My trying to be witty was hurting you and I am really sorry. Kinda thoughtless of me, can’t get on my knees cause you can’t see me. 🙂

          11. ABO says

            She used to post that she was not a liberal and was more a ‘middle of the road’ type. Very reasonable and non confrontational. Then I noticed that she consistently up voted the dregs like AntiGOP, Ben Totuous, Kol and AKLady. When I confronted her with it she had a tantrum and has continued with it since.

          12. nocbsfan says

            I don’t know that much about her she was friendly,and nice enough, then in a blink of an eye things turned slghtly. Never knew any one to fall under the spell of these Trolls, but I guess they can capture a personality I just didn’t think their idiotic nonsense would rub off on others. I blocked those critters so I don’t hear from them. I heard from her today ,seemed normal so I don’t know what to think. Time will tell ABO thanks for the info

          13. ABO says

            She follows the liberal/progressive ideology of dishonesty, deceit, hypocrisy and hatred religiously and when she’s taken to task for it she goes into attack mode and her true colors become blatantly visible.

          14. berg1928 says

            You’ve been attacked by me – how and when?

          15. ABO says

            Where exactly did I say I had been attacked by you??? I said you go into attack mode and show your true colors. If you can’t comprehend what you read perhaps you should look into some remedial courses, Hmmm?

          16. berg1928 says

            I think time will only tell you what you already know.

          17. nocbsfan says

            I think I already know., we enjoyed being friends lets keep it that way

          18. berg1928 says

            I didn’t realize that as a American citizen, I didn’t have the right to my own opinion – as do you.

          19. ABO says

            When did I say you are not entitled to your opinion??? When did I say that berg??? I simply pointed out your hypocrisy in pretending to be reasonable in your comments, then up-voting the vile, disgusting comments and rude remarks posted by AntiGOP, Totuous and others. Twist and spin to your heart’s content berg but it’s all there for all to read.

          20. berg1928 says

            I “used” to be a nice person? That smarts.

          21. berg1928 says

            I never made any bones about it – I am a little left of center and I did not vote for Trump and I still don’t like him.

          22. nocbsfan says

            You don’t have to like him just as I don’t have vote for or like Clinton, I will not allow myself to hate her or anyone else I hope you can find it in your heart not to hate as well. Just gives you high blood pressure and doesn’t even make you feel better. It accomplishes nothing Now no more political detriment.

          23. berg1928 says

            “Used to be a nice person”?

          24. nocbsfan says

            Berg, I apologize for that , but at the time I wasn’t understanding of your attitude for a couple of days, and it wasn’t meant to be as harsh as it sounds, I don’t want to be anything but honest with you, I was also defending you to a few people, I don’t guess you have read those. Some of these things I see no reason to even go into, cause I can’t see where it would accomplish anything I enjoy our time together and hope we can continue to do so.

          25. berg1928 says

            I’ve always been honest with you and you replied at one time (awhile ago), that my political opinions weren’t a detriment to our friendly chitchat. I enjoyed those bits of fun, too, and also hope we can do them again.

          26. nocbsfan says

            Lets not just hope we can do it again, lets just do it again and on, and on, and on. Here we have almost allowed an outsider to mess up our friendship, some thing I am not prone to. And my dear little sweetie I just put PC together and hope you mean that 😉 ♥ ♥ ♫♪♫♪

          27. bttrap says

            very good

          28. ABO says

            Thanks, bttrap!

          29. berg1928 says

            Is that what that noise is? I thought it was Trump huffing and puffing again.

          30. ABO says

            Ah, no. It was, I’m sure the whistling wind.

        2. bttrap says

          probably getting money from soros

          1. nocbsfan says

            I don’t think so, the Berg I know was a nice person. I don’t understand what has put a bug of some kind in her ear. At least I hope your are not right.

          2. bttrap says

            the only onr that soros can’t buy is trump he has his own money and that probably pisses soros off

          3. nocbsfan says

            Well you can say one good thing about Trump is he is not for sale. The other subject I am still trying to reason, but am quickly running out of brain gas. I am just not one to give up

          4. bttrap says

            hang in there

          5. nocbsfan says

            You say hang in there, I say WHY NOT

          6. berg1928 says

            Sounds like you gave up on me

          7. nocbsfan says

            If I had gave up on you I would never been hunting you and I was hunting you alot The only way I could even remotely give up is you saying that is the way you wanted it, and I still wouldn’t just throw it away It would depend on the tone of your writing 😉

          8. berg1928 says

            bttrap is not right.

          9. nocbsfan says

            I never did think he was right. People think things like that because they want to continue promoting hate, and what for. it is so senseless and will accomplish nothing. I think highly of you Berg besides I like you a lot. I don’t care if we dont think alike and I hope you feel the same way.

      3. bttrap says

        he already did that by getting rid of obambie

    3. madamsquirrelly says

      A neo-Nazi runs over a gal who is in a peaceful protest and u complain about the left today? Have a little respect for the dead, 3 of them who suffered at the hands of the far right.

      1. Deby says

        Wow, talk about making this about YOUR politics!!! You need to have some respect for ALL humanity lady-how dare you talk to me about respect when you obviously have none – if you can get your head out of your sorry liberal ass and ask yourself WHY this happened , maybe you can be a part of a solution rather than just a finger pointing blamer.

        1. SD of AZ says

          I believe squirrelly is AKlady. New moniker but same old BS. Everyone finally got around to blocking her. For a bit he/she/it used another name too. I think it was STUPID, but just can’t remember is was sooooo forgettable.

      2. Robert says

        The left came out with mace and rocks and bottle’s, bats.
        You call that peaceful.?
        I’m half Jewish, so I don’t care for Nazis either, but violence has been what the Democrats have been about lately.
        I don’t know what you saw but I saw that everyone there was looking for trouble.

        1. gina says

          They just want to destroy stuff . That’s all they’re about is to kill steal and destroy it’s not about what they say It’s about .This is Lucifer at work and he is putting himself out there as the angel of light ‘Good’ but these organizations are far from good . They promote hate and destruction.Im afraid all this is going to far to turn back now it will take all side realizing what’s at stake here and wanting it to stop .This is not a cowards game anymore the time for sitting has way past we have to as God fearing peolpe stand up for what we know is right and true and pray God will be merciful and help us through.

          1. Retired says

            We did have satin in the WH for 8 years and don’t forget about the Clintons ..

          2. Deborah Pratt says

            Lucifers minions still hold many positions in our government. Even those who have appeared to have left–haven’t!! They live in the ‘shadows’ working to destroy our country and our people!! They are gathering. They are rising up in Europe–Spain, Germany and France–even England. It has started!

          3. berg1928 says

            Satin sheets in the WH? Ooh! How extravagant.

          4. Retired says

            Hillary and Huma liked them in their romper room . Bad eyes , senior moment what can I say other than that .

          5. berg1928 says

            I suffer from these things myself.

          6. SD of AZ says

            It is the murder time, they passed cover your head with a mask and attack from behind. But it was Antifa driving the car who was arrested. Though a thoroughly disgusting bunch the KKK and nazis had a permit and were there to protest and march peacefully. The Antifa and BLM were bused in and started the attacks. Blame the dem wit mayor first for ordering the police to stand down. Blame the party that paid for Antifa and the BLM to be there to start the battle. There is plenty of blame but what has to stop is the sedition behind this action. There was a plan and it went well for the dem wit mayor and the NWO elites who pay these useful tools. But their plan has been exposed and once again even though the group attacked is despicable it was there lawfully and their rights to march and protest were trampled murderously.

            Does no one see this pattern of attacks and busing in protestors? This was going on at Trump campaigns during 2016. It was happening in CA whenever anyone wanted to protest other than the liberal hate groups. It happened in Ferguson, in Baltimore, etc. against the police. It happened in DC when a looney left Bernie supporter tried to kill a bunch of congressmen playing a game in a park. And it happened in NC and a woman did die and two cops in a helicopter watching the mess unfold. And it is liberal leftist every time. Why is everyone including people like Cruz and Rubio not seeing this elephant in the room? This is surreal. Reminds me of the story about the emperor with no clothes on but no one would tell he he was unclothed. Is this nation so full of traitors? These people who perpetrate this evil are the enemy. The useful tools who do their bidding are just tools. Wake up Gina. Where are your morals, your principals, your brains?

          7. Mike Burkett says

            Thank god for Trump’s tweets, talk radio and, the internet exposing ‘fake news’. Now only the democraps are misinformed/lied-to by the LSM webs. Take heart and buck up intelligent Americans, this movement has just begun and its up to us to preserve our ‘We, the People…’s America. The ruling-elite, professional politicians of both parties and the lame-stream media have been exposed as the anti-American forces they are.

        2. Retired says

          Don’t forget about the many Jewish Democrats you have in politics that are supporting the leftwing along with BLM .

          1. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

            Neo-Nazis, Communists and Fascists. What could go wrong? The mayor, chief of police and the governor are all to blame for allowing this olio of homogenous contempt for America to mingle with resultant disorder. Trump was right – all, including (and mostly) the officials are to blame

          2. Retired says

            What party did all these leaders belong to other than Democrat . They are out to destroy US history just like the took the Negro name out of text books .

        3. smankes says

          bob good show you are correct.

        4. pineapple says

          The Antifa crowd are professional rioters who are being paid by George Soros, who hates America.

          1. bttrap says

            that is a person that needs to be eliminated with his sons

        5. Deborah Pratt says

          It ‘started’ as peaceful!! This group even had a ‘permit’ for this gathering. Once the domestic ‘terrorists’ groups got wind of it—they started pouring in from all the other states!! I don’t care ‘who’ they claim to represent–they were simply there to turn a protest into a violent riot!! Guaranteed, many of them are getting paid to do just that!! We have the ‘right’ to peaceful gatherings/protests but, once they turn into riots–that ‘right’ is taken away!! This is ‘intentional’ and meant to destroy our Constitutional rights!! Then, to add insult to injury–we find the Governor ordered the police to ‘Stand Down’!!! That was simply ‘allowing’ these ‘thugs’ to injure people ‘at will’ with no restraint!! Shameful!! Once this sort of thing starts—can’t tell the ‘bad’ guys from the ‘good’!! Pres Trump was ‘pushed’ into making a ‘statement’ before receiving the ‘facts’–so, yes, he said that ‘all present were responsible’ and condemned the violence!! After he received the ‘facts’ on what had happened, he was able to make a more ‘detailed’ response to the incident. Even then, first he was criticized for ‘taking so long’, then—because he was ‘supposed’ to ‘take sides’ and didn’t–he was criticized for that!! It wouldn’t have mattered ‘what’ he said–some ‘group’ would have been ‘unhappy’!!

      3. Jim says

        Squirrel brain, try reading the AP news story about the Police Standing Down. News reporters who were there at the scene said that all sides, which included the Neo-Nazi, Antifa, and BLM groups all were all looking for a fight because they were wearing Helmits, carrying shields, baseball bats and clubs. That was everything but a peaceful protest. If it was a peaceful protest, no one would have been injured, or killed. When any innocent victim attends any of these protests or goes near them, they are putting their own safety at risk. One protester whose group had blue lives matter signs had acid thrown his face by a BLM protester and he has lost his eyesight. He was peacefully protesting and look what happened to him. If the Police hadn’t been given the order to “stand down” this unfortunate incident would not have happened at all. Both the mayor and police chief of Charlottsville should be fired, arrested, and be charged with dereliction of duty and manslaughter over the young ladies death. One of my friend’s sons lives there, so she told me exactly what happened, and it coincides with what I told you above. His family happened to be good friends with the woman killed. This whole tragedy could have been prevented, but wasn’t!

        1. Deborah Pratt says

          Equally reprehensible—the media keeps presenting Pres Trumps first response to the press on this incident. He was being ‘pushed’ into it even though he did not have a factual report yet!! Then, he was criticized for taking ’40 mins’ to respond!! (Oh, horrors!) His second press report, he mentioned that he had just got the ‘facts’ on the incident and responded in more detail!! Now–the mother of the slain woman is no longer speaking with the president. All she has seen was the first report by the media!! She was influenced by the ‘slanted’ media as are many others!! Looking at the damage being caused by our ‘news media’ to our public—where is their sense of ‘shame’???

      4. Robalou01 says

        A peaceful protest? You are so full of horse dung, liar.

        1. SD of AZ says

          New moniker but AKlady without a doubt. He/she/it brings it out and had to come to the site with a new name but so very easy to identify he/she/it!

      5. richard king says

        A legal peaceful protest about a statue is interrupted by BLMs and antifas with shields and weapons and attacks them. The police do nothing, as ordered by their left wing politicians enabling troublemakers. In the melee, one of the attacking protesters is killed, and two police monitoring the mob are killed when their helocopter crashes by either malfunction or other accidental cause. The man driving the car is criminally charged. That people died is sad. The fault for the riot is on both sides.

        1. Reality99r says

          The fault for the riot is clearly on the City administration and the police.
          The crazy alt right had a legal permit to protest.
          The crazy alt left did NOT have a permit and the police should have kept them away and removed from the other side.
          Had the police done their job and upheld the law, the violence may have been avoided.

          1. richard king says

            Agree. Plenty of blame to go around. Who should not have been blamed was the president. But the sick media lemmings and cowardly politicians have to blame him for everything. Trump’s comments were exactly correct Don’t like white supremacists, but dislike BML black supremacists more, because there are far more of them.

          2. Deborah Pratt says

            The police would have ‘done their job’ had they not been ordered to ‘stand down’!! They, too, are required to follow orders!! Don’t blame them!!

        2. berg1928 says

          Peaceful protest by KKK, neo-nazis and white supremacists?? No such thing.

          1. richard king says

            What do you think they were going to do with their minimal numbers. What is not a peaceful protest is any the BLMs and left wing masked Soros stooges attend. I’m guessing you’re one of them.

      6. Tyronne Shoelaces says

        You are extremely ignorant If you believe these self-hating white people with BLM and antifa are peaceful. It was a contingent of people (with permits) that came to protest the removal of historic artifacts. Then the hate groups showed up. Please get your head out of your rectum. Don’t you see the big picture? Soros and the rest of the communists send fake KKK and so-called alt-right people into scenes like this to build up hate against America and you suckers lap it up like it’s true.

        1. Deborah Pratt says

          Good point!! They just keep ‘falling’ for the same old ‘tricks’!! No wonder Soros and company call them ‘sheeple’!!! Thing is, they’re referring to ‘liberals’ and the liberals don’t ‘get it’!!! Yes, Hillary, etc. appear to be on the ‘liberal’ side!! They want to ‘lead you’ because you’re so ‘easy’ and believe anything they want to sell you!! Even Hillary said she was ‘going after the millenniums’ because they’re so ‘gullible’!!

      7. Rick D. says

        Wrong!! Just like Trump said, BOTH groups were at fault. One group, the alt-right, had a permit to march; the alt-left did NOT have a permit. They disguised their faces by wearing black, the pepper-sprayed many of the marchers, and attacked anyone who disagreed with them just like they did at UC-Berkeley. Would you have been as sympathetic if one from the alt-right had been killed? I have my doubts!!

        1. Retired says

          You are talking to a old troll with a new name .

          1. SD of AZ says

            Good spotting.

        2. ARTPSYCH says

          whats also is sad is the young womans death is apparently now a martyr for the left. Antifa..just a homegrown leftist hate group to bring down america no better than the White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis and the like.

          1. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

            Antifa claims to be anti fascist, but utilizes ALL fascist tactics to suppress anything they disagree with. Leftist hypocrisy at its worst.

          2. SD of AZ says

            The victim was not antifa, just a participant or viewer but not antifa. Though the antifa bunch showed up at the funeral, they were uninvited. It was truly tacky of them. Said they were there to protect the funeral event but really after some more camera time apparently! Disgusting bunch indeed.

          3. ARTPSYCH says

            SDofAZ..the woman’s mother on media mentioned her daughter’s affiliation as a SJW..I think you need to go back and review the interviews.

          4. Deborah Pratt says

            Protect the funeral event from whom??

          5. SD of AZ says

            I believe that was the excuse for being there when asked by a media person.
            And artpsych says the mother of the victim has said she was there as an antifa person. I have not seen or read such but who knows. Crazy people doing crazy stuff in a dangerous march with even more dangerous fringe criminals and what a huge waste!

        3. SD of AZ says

          New moniker but this is AKlady. Everyone blocked he/she/it. Same old BS but I do appreciate your response and Jim had me laughing, squirrel brain! And it fits too!

          1. Jim says

            When we talk down South about someone acting squirrelly, they are usually acting nutty, or stupid. I use to own a pet squirrel named Suzy and she seemed to act much smarter than MadamSquirrelBrain. I thought that Ms. Squirrel Head acted very similar to AKLady. I had plenty of disagreements with her on Conservative Websites such as this. She always talked about all of her credentials, but one of our other Conservative friends checked with AMA about her medical credentials and she wasn’t listed. He also checked with the ABA about her law credentials and she wasn’t listed there either. She was nothing but a phony. She always tried to destroy my comments concerning law, but I studied law in college for my degree. I always tore her liberal arguments to shreds. Besides that, many in my family, including me, have medical field backgrounds. My real father was a Flight Surgeon; USN, and my step father was a Registered Pharmacist. Many of our best friends were Physicians. Even I could tell that AKLady was a phony. I always enjoyed cutting her down. The more she argued, the more I foolish I would make her look. That put a smile on my face and made me laugh.

          2. Rick D. says

            Thanks for the heads up about some of the loony toons on the left. I can’t wait to see the whiny, wienie, wimpy left-wingers march in droves the next time Trump comes to WPB. I’m tempted to make the 15-minute drive over to Mar Largo just so I can harass these goons!!

      8. SD of AZ says

        The run over driver was Antifa, where have you been madamsquirrelly? In your tree hole?

      9. toddyo1935 says

        The gal that got run over showed up on a video beating on a car with a rod. She was wearing an Antifa shirt when hit. She wasn’t part of the peaceful protest – that was a candlelight vigil the night before. Busloads of Antifa and BLM showed up to make a mockery of it – just as they did in Ferguson and Baltimore to name a few.

      10. Mike Burkett says

        Apparently everyone in Charlottesville is connected to this seemingly distasteful but, constitutionally permitted group protesting the removal of an historical monument. Simple citizens either driving down road from work or protesting the removal of historical monument getting attacked by ANTIFA gangland style. Traffic stats will show the one fatality was merely a sacrifice for ANTIFA and the democraps. Somebody threw her under the car. Problem is that by the time all facts are known, the story will be treated as insignificant filler for the media as the DNC plans more ANTIFA events.

        1. Deborah Pratt says

          Another in the ‘works’ even now!!! Boston–on the Common is planning one!!
          At least they’re putting up barriers so on one can drive a vehicle through the crowds (if there is one)!! Won’t stop the ‘paid terrorists’ from doing their ‘dirty work’, though!! Hey–everyone who plans on attending, do you have your ‘health/life’ insurance paid up???

          1. Mike Burkett says

            I saw critiques of the ‘Stand Down’ order in Charlottesville, as well as, other measures that should have been employed by authorities to curb any protest violence. Coming from both experienced NY law-enforcement and protesters these critiques lead to my belief that this deadly demonstration was choreographed by Soros, ANTIFA and, the democraps for political reasons (see dead bodies in Clintons’ wake). Let’s hope Boston law-enforcement does not get taken advantage of by their own democrap leaders to sacrifice their constituencies for a political point and deal better with the civil unrest propagated by Soros, ANTIFA thugs and the democraps. Maybe another evening smoker stepping out for a smoke will foul this plot also, LOL (see Boston Marathon bombing suspect caught). For those attending this Boston on the Commons event, remember it’s always better to be prosecuted by 12 for carrying a gun to protect you and yours, than to be carried by 6 to you or your’s grave. BE CAREFULE. Domestic terrorism is here and being propagated by democrap operatives.

    4. tCotUS says

      We should not have let it get this far….8 years of the former illegal Traitor & Thieve have lead us to this point. I say bring it on snowflake Libs…Time to settle it one way or another….Thomas Jefferson once stated “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it’s natural manure” .

      1. Firewagon says

        Amen to that. Problem being, over the past fifty-odd years, not just the last eight, that ‘so-called’ “Silent Majority” was SILENTLY allowing American culture to be, bit by incremental bit, changed. Too long sitting on our hands, watching America decline!

        1. Glendawflores says


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      2. Mike Burkett says

        Lock-n-Load, it’s going to get real exciting. It maybe time to water America’s liberty tree.

        1. tCotUS says

          I really hope we can get this sorted out peacefully before it come to that.
          It’s the money behind the Left I want…I want their heads on a stick

          1. gotabgood says

            I really hope we can get this sorted out peacefully before it come to that.
            It’s the money behind the Left I want…I want their heads on a stick”

            sounds like you might be a little confused with want you want.
            You want to steal from them before you kill them… is the only difference I can see.

          2. Brenda Sinclair says

            that would be obama/soros/hillary we need to demand they all be arrested and it will stop all violence in america https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/410ab69b0de05981313e69faf92945657ca4c15c449db24cc847433f312a6d92.jpg

          3. tCotUS says

            Obama & Hillary left the door open to all these H raising groups.. The vast majority of these Radicals are coming from California.. Such as Antifa, their leadership is hidden within BAMN (By Any Means Necessary). Although BAMN claims to be civil rights organization it was originally an openly communist group. Then we have Radical Liberal Communist/Socialist
            Mike Wilson is a national leader of Antifa, he works at UC Berkeley.
            Shanta Driver(Attorney Detroit) is the top national leader for Antifa with direct communist ties.
            Defense Fund (UEAALDF), which is a 501 organization registered to Donna Stern, Sacramento,Ca Organizer of BAMN
            BAMN was investigated in 2005 for engaging in terrorist activities. There were reports that they had ties to several terrorist organizations such as the East Lansing Animal Rights Movement (ELARM), Direct Action, and to the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) . ….And still no arrests..Or how about Jason Kessler Con-Man, White Nationalist works for the Democratic Soros money machine lead the protests in Charlotte.. Then we have Linda Sarsour(NYC queen of hate) a lead organizer of the Women’s March on Washington and one of the most high-profile Radical Muslim activist with strong ties to Jihad…Where’s the FBI you say? Sleeping, on the take, or just plain inadequate..

          4. Rodney Steward says

            I bet E. Warren’s picture is under the Shady Bunch!! That’s great! 🙂

          5. Nancy says

            God’s to winning is beating them by showing what we’re made of. When we go on winning and getting America back by getting our agenda done …it’s the biggest and best slap in ur face they can accomplish. Nancy

          6. Darja Cocca says

            They are all domestic terrorists and enemies of our country. Some worse than others but they are all in bed together along with MSM.

          7. Darja Cocca says

            The only way this is going to get under control is if our government investigates the horrible people sponsoring these events, hiring thugs, and inciting this hate. If people like Soros, Hillary, DNC, Obama are allowed to continue their goal to bring down America….they will bring it down. Why are we not having an FBI investigation re: the staged event in Va?

          8. tCotUS says

            16 years ago we used to have a good effective FBI……But like I said, we used too..

        2. gotabgood says

          “Lock-n-Load, it’s going to get real exciting”
          Please explain to me how killing fellow Americans can be EXCITING! And how does that fit into your so-called Patriotism?
          Explain what United We Stand and Divided We Fall, means to you?

          1. Mike Burkett says

            If Obama’s importing muslim jihadists and other anti-American miscreants for eight years through weak immigration/refugee policy weren’t enough, Soros has now shifted his BLM to a more militant version of domestic terrorist as seen in Charlottesville.

          2. Alicia Cervera says

            yOURE RIGHT <mIKE. <pRES. tRUMP ONLY FAILED TO MENTION AMONG THeGROUPS THAT D iVIDE AND DESTROY IS THE BLM MOVEMENT.! CAN YOU FATHOM HOW THE indoctrinated useful idiot sheep would have reacted???? President Trump WAS RIGHJT whether people like it or not!!!!"

          3. justanagent says

            I think I can explain what he meant. As a law enforcement officer and former former soldier I have engaged in a few gunfights. They were all “exciting” but not in a good way and not experiences I wish to repeat. That said, some things are worth fighting for. Our forefathers, Jefferson foremost among them, understood this. The alt left and the alt right are just opposite sides of the same dirty coin. They both seek to destroy our Constitution and our republic by imposing their ideology by force if necessary and Trump was right to hold both accountable for the violence. The individuals and organizations that fund them should also be held accountable and brought to justice. While I pray that God will heal our nation and spare us the scourge of another civil war, I, like many others am quietly preparing for whatever may come.

          4. George Jetson says

            Unfortunately, this is as close to a good explanation as any. But as a matter of conjecture I’d have to add that ‘once your dead, you are dead’ and dying for this type of cause, American vs. American, is purely stupid and ignorant and would only make the Russians, North Koreans, Iranians, most Middle Eastern countries and the Chinese very “excited”! No matter how much we might hate it we are pretty much the only country that is militarily capable from keeping this world from falling apart at the seams and going back into the dark ages. “While I pray that God will heal our nation and spare us the scourge of another civil war ” how the hell do you prepare for that! Apologies justanagent for quoting your line but I actually meant it from the heart.

          5. justanagent says

            No apology necessary. Feel free to quote me as long as my comments are kept in context and not made to appear to mean anything other than what I intend. Those of us who have seen war up close know just how ugly it is and the last thing we want is to see one fought on our own soil. That said we also know that some things are worth fighting for…our families, our faith, our Constitution and the soul of our nation. A person who has nothing he or she is willing to die for really has nothing worth living for. I suppose that is how we would define a coward. There is no way to really prepare for a civil war and that is why I pray it will not come to that. Even so the extremists on both the right and the left should tread lightly. There are millions like me. We are not looking for trouble but we will not back down and we will fight to protect the things we hold dear. Most of us are well armed and many of us are well trained. Any extremist faction, left or right, should think long and hard before resorting to violence against us. It is a fight they cannot win and if they choose to start it we will show no mercy. This is not hyperbole. It’s just a clear and objective statement of what those who are making the threats can expect if they cross the line.

          6. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            Bravo, Sir. I am most willing to die protecting the Bill of Rights & the Constitution. I pledged the oath of office. Although I am retired, I still live my pledge. As in a hand shake, it is good for my entire life. “To Protect and Defend the Constitution of the USA against all Enemies Foreign and Domestic.” I never thought about the domestic part until recently. 99% of all former military live the pledge. Now its personal. Its about their families» & grand kids. All these neo fascist willingly tearing apart this great country do not realize they are about to release millions of patriots in its defense. Msm may have to harden their doors. The snow flakes will have no safe space. Any police officer that dose not live up to his/her oath of office needs to resign. If they don’t control the thugs, then they are the problem and condone the violence.

          7. skisok says

            A civil war will allow our enemies to swoop in and take over. Not a good choice.

          8. George Jetson says

            Forced Patriotic Ideology. It’s the “Us against Them” axiom. They live for the theater and drama of the battleground. Many of us did as kids when watching movies and docudramas about war. However, were this to really happen in real life many of them would most likely piss themselves on the battlefield. The first 20+ minutes of the Saving Private Ryan film with the soldiers on Omaha Beach is what they find real exciting. If your a Liberal, RINO, Democrat or even speak against the President in any manner this makes you UN-American and UN-patriotic. Sound familiar?

          9. skisok says

            Not if the President is a traitor.

          10. skisok says

            It wasn’t the billionaires fighting for freedom. It was the middle class and the poor. The billionaires spent their time on their fancy yachts during the war.

          11. Tyronne Shoelaces says

            Yeah, keep thinking that way while the communists mow your butt down. “United We Stand” only counts when you’re dealing with people that feel the same as you. Wake up America, we are under siege by the communist/democrat/leftist/liberals.

          12. Laddyboy says

            Tyronne Shoelaces; “communist/democRAT/leftist/liberals” otherwise known as the “NEW NAZI PARTY”.

          13. gotabgood says

            “NEW NAZI PARTY”.
            Is none other than Trump and Trumpketeers..

          14. Laddyboy says

            You have your wires crossed. The anti-American actions of the “blm”, “antifa”, any “supremacy group” and the DemocRAT-ICK communist party PROVE that they ARE the “new nazi party”!!!!!!!!!!!

          15. berg1928 says

            You said it!

          16. George Jetson says

            Laddyboy; Along with the “Old Nazi Party”, the “White Supremacists/KKK/Aryan Brotherhood/Neo-Fascist/ Nationalist neo-conservatives.

          17. gotabgood says

            communism, and unregulated capitalism are twin brothers

          18. Phil Esposito says

            Another mind twisted by communist propaganda. To equate the two is truly a leap from intelligence to mind control. This capitalist society has afforded so many people the opportunity to prosper while NK, Cuba, China and all other communist countries have stifled everyone under it’s rule. Where did your parents, educators and influences go wrong with you? If you really believe the crap you just espoused, you are a lost cause and will probably end up causing yourself and others an early death.

          19. gotabgood says

            I did not say capitalism is bad….. I said UNregulated capitalism is bad.
            When America was great that everyone refers too was before Reagan.. after Reagan he gave the rich a 42% tax cut, cut regulations for banks and corporations…… trickledown… ever here of it? since that time wage have flat lined, benefits lost, hours of work gone up, even days at work has increased…
            Thank you Mr. Reagan! He gave us UNregulated capitalism.. we have always had socialism… RTW and Reagan’s policies will bring back the sweat shops….. unless we go to war first..

          20. Phil Esposito says

            How do you rationalize your thinking? Smaller gov’t, lower gov’t spending and tax cuts for businesses spur job growth. Businesses have more money to invest in R & D and create new products and jobs. BTW, the biggest job growth and personal growth occurred during the Reagan admin. People and businesses always do better under republican admins. Just look at the democrat controlled cities that are going bankrupt… Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and the list goes on.

          21. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            True words- what country has provide the world with technology to make lives better? What country has caused the longest lasting peace for billions of people? What country feeds the world? What country provides the free flow of commerce world wide? What country provides the most humanitarian aid world wide? What country is asked to assist in a catastrophy providing food, water, money & medical? What country are millions people trying to immigrate to?
            America is such a blight on the world. Damned amazing to me.

          22. gotabgood says

            Reagan couldn’t have said it better himself…. trouble is…… it don’t work! The economy doesn’t and never has grown from the top down. It starts at the foundation… people have to have money in their pocket before you sell your first 100% needed product by everyone.
            You could put your house up for sale today for $100 total price. If no one has a $100, it doesn’t sell…. period!
            And you really should check your statistics before writing them down for all to see that you check nothing out!

            “BTW, the biggest job growth and personal growth occurred during the Reagan admin. People and businesses always do better under republican admins”

            Once again you check NOTHING out…. I have a couple of news paper headlines you might be interested in..

            Or put another way: From 1980 to the end of the Bush 43 administration, all three Republican presidents combined produced, over a period of 20 years, two million fewer jobs than Bill Clinton managed to eke out in eight. Kennedy and Johnson managed to produce 50 percent more jobs in four years than the Bushes did in twelve. (In Bush 43’s first term he produced ten thousand jobs.) And as for Carter…the Republicans portray him as a president who could do nothing right, but in his four years he managed to produce nearly as many jobs as Reagan did in his second term–10.3m for Carter, 10.8m for Reagan. Even Eisenhower, one of the few Republican presidents I happen to like, was no good at job creation. His 3.5 million jobs created over eight years were far fewer than the 5.5 million Democrat Harry Truman produced in four. In percentage of increase, Eisenhower’s record is similar to Reagan’s first term.
            Translation: Republicans really don’t do this “job creation” thing very well.
            If you want to go at it by percent of increase, the president with the best job creation rate in the last 40 years is the last guy you’d ever expect: Jimmy Carter, at 3.1 percent. He beat everyone on the list. He’s in second place on the overall list–since they started keeping records in the Hoover administration, only FDR in his first term and FDR in his third term (FDR’s second term is right up there with Kennedy and Clinton–not bad, but not over five percent like FDR did in his first and third terms) beat Carter.


          23. bruce says

            gotabegood – “the economy has never grown from the top down” really you are not serious are you! People that don’t have money don’t hire people and start companies, why because they don’t have any money!! you talk of unfettered capitalism being the problem this country grew the fastest before the government ever got involved in trying to regulate anything. Wake up already and think before you post, and stop blindly repeating what the left wants you to believe. Capitalism is all trickle down if you have a job then you are part of the trickle down economy, some one with money pay’s you for your services then you have money to provide what you and your family need, there by helping to create more jobs .I don’t know where you get your facts but I’m an executive recruiter and you bullshit about wages have flat lined is nonsense. when I started recruiting engineers right out of school made low 20’s this is in the late 70’s early 80’s now right out of school engineers, depending on their discipline make any where from mid 40’s and up. again know what you are talking about before you post!!!

          24. skisok says

            You failed to compare real dollars to real dollars. Today’s dollars are worth about 15% of 70’s dollars. And you’re an executive recruiter?

          25. gotabgood says

            silly boy…. you have to start at the beginning.. Just like money doesn’t grown on trees… neither was a baby born with a banking account.
            The billionaires/millionaires of today for the most part, inherited their money, not the case in years gone by. you either worked, invented, manufactured something out of your garage, much like Bill Gates did.. or you were good with a sword and became king of the hill and offered protection.
            If you would listen to reason you could see I am right.
            Henry Ford said pay your workers enough so they can buy your product.
            Any building constructor would say make the foundation strong! You being an engineer should know that.
            The baby born in the slums starts out life the same way a billionaires baby is born, naked, dumb, can’t see and not a penny in their pocket, if they had pockets. Now from that time onward life becomes unfair to the new born baby..one will have to work for a living, the other does not.
            As I said early on, you can have the best product, but if people don’t have the money, you will go out of business. Economy starts with the consumer..

          26. bruce says

            gotbegood – not matter if you start a company in your garage eventually you need to hire employees or contract someone to do some of the work for you, it still takes money to do that so again people with out money can find an investor to fund their start up in exchange for equity in the company but no matter how you slice it he will still need to pay people to work for him, so again the bottom line is people that have money (either their own or an investor’s) pay people a salary for their services and that like it or not is trickle down economics.

          27. skisok says

            Demand creates jobs. Not money in the hands who already have so much money that they continue to save the new windfall.

          28. bruce says

            Skisok if those that want to buy a product have no money to spend then there is no sale, so yes demand creates jobs and drives sales, but you have to have money to spend or the cycle does not work. So a job is a basic necessity and for that you need someone with money to start a company and create jobs.

          29. skisok says

            If there is no demand for a product, there is no company to form and hence no products that are to be sold.

          30. gotabgood says

            Ask yourself this tough question…… Why would you have to hire anyone???
            Answer…. because someone bought your very first doodad.. IF no one bought it… there would not be a need to make more or to hire anyone else, in fact you might be thinking of laying people off.
            It takes a consumer to keep your doors open. It takes a consumer to make you hire more workers.

          31. skisok says

            You failed to also note that the economy was not growing as fast until after antitrust laws were enacted. How can an economy grow when there is no competition. Please explain?

          32. skisok says

            It spurred a higher deficit.

          33. Rodney Steward says

            Why don’t we just call them unchecked capitalist, just as refugee was the name given to the un-vitiated muslims !!

          34. skisok says

            Unregulated Capitalism leads to monopolies. I see no difference between a monopoly and communism. You have one entity controlling everything. Otherwise we wouldn’t have anti trust laws. Where did your parents and educators go wrong.

          35. Phil Esposito says

            Really you see no difference? How about the difference between you being able to write your opinion on this site as opposed to being arrested for having an opinion. You snowflakes are so pissed at America and capitalism, yet here you stay. Try moving to one of these countries you compare America to.

          36. skisok says

            No I don’t. If we were in a country of monopolies, we would face the same outcome.

          37. Phil Esposito says

            Yet here you stay. You leftist are so used to your freedoms, you think they’re everywhere. We would never face the same outcome because we have the right to stop a monopoly, so you’re giving a scenario that will never exist. And if we all had wings we could fly (same argument as yours).

          38. skisok says

            With people like you, we would never have free speech. It’s always your way or the highway. And apparently you would prefer that Capatilism be left unchecked which would lead us back to the days before antitrust laws and would result in nothing but monopolies. Otherwise what are you arguing about. If you believe in unchecked Capitalism then you’re saying that agree with monopolies.

          39. Phil Esposito says

            I like how you read your own meaning into what I wrote. I said “we have the right to stop monopolies”. But to you brain dead snowflakes you’ll only hear what you want. That mental illness can be cured with the right help. but get the help quick.

          40. skisok says

            It’s extremist idiots like you who give rightwingers a bad name. I read what you wrote. I can’t help it that you’re too stupid to write anything that makes any sense. You obviously have trouble with adjectives that are part of the English language. You obviously do not know what unchecked Capatalism means. But what can you expect when you have shit fir brains. Maybe if you drain out the shit and you become empty-headed, you may have a chance to have a teeny weeny bit of logic but I doubt it. You’re far gone.

          41. Tyronne Shoelaces says

            Speaking of stupid. Is your spell check off or is there such a word as “Capatalism”? Get your panties out of a wad and stop being so emotional. You sound like a little girl!!

          42. skisok says

            Screw you faggot.

          43. Laddyboy says

            These two are the opposite ends of a VERRRRY lONNNNg stick. Neither is 100% correct when their ACTIONS harm others.

          44. donl says

            Hey Pal, THINK before you post.

          45. gotabgood says

            May I suggest you do the same..
            I haven’t a clue what you are talking about .. I copied what someone else said… did you not understand what they wrote or my comment on what they wrote?

          46. ABO says

            gotabgood is not remotely capable of critical thought, donl. Hence the pathetic posts.

          47. George Jetson says

            Hey doni and ABO, why always on the attack. His posts seek to educate and hopefully create intelligent debate. It’s your critical posts that make me believe that you’re only attempting to divide all of us as Vladimir has tried many times since his KGB days. Perhaps you’re paid Apparatchiks.

          48. ABO says

            “His posts seek to educate and hopefully create intelligent debate”. Seriously??? His posts are pure, unadulterated liberal rhetoric, nothing more, nothing less. You are a blatantly obvious troll as well. Nothing constructive to offer, just insults and baseless accusations. If there is indeed an Apparatchik on this thread it would be you.

          49. George Jetson says

            “gotabgood is not remotely capable of critical thought, donl. Hence the pathetic posts”.

            Hey look! Just like you I am parroting your critical, loosely intelligent thoughts, nothing more, nothing less and whereas you also have nothing constructive to offer, just one-upping others with your so-called mindless wit. Why don’t you go masturbate somewhere else you worthless little Russian troll.

            ***Ta-Dah! See just like you I can pretend to be someone as witty as you on this discussion panel. WaLoBS! Get over your heightened sense of magnanimous hindsight as a political blogger and get a life* you ABhOle!***

            *That’s if you really reside in the USA, otherwise, keep doing what your Daddy Vlad is demanding otherwise he’ll send you to Siberia.

          50. ABO says

            Oh, I’m so impressed with your pathetic, mindless rant. I’m sure it will impress all of your brainless liberal buddies but those who occupy the real world will simply think to themselves “what an incredible moron”. Oh and must I remind you that you are the wanker here, so get back to the basement and do what is expected of you, Dimwit.

          51. skisok says

            It seems as though you’re the only one adding the insults here.

          52. Rodney Steward says

            I think it’s called defending your country both Foreign and Domestic!

          53. gotabgood says

            Defending your country over what???? KKK, Nazis…( remember the civil war? Remember WW ll? We fought and won the war over the likes of KKK… We fought and won the war over the likes of Nazism..)
            You have a president in the WH right now, that is under investigation for criminal acts and you want to kill Americans and call it defending your country over this unstable man????????

          54. Rodney Steward says

            You’re to smart for that, you know just like everyone else that the Russian thing is bullshi$, and I could care less about any KKK or any of the other losers, it’s the removal of our history to just keep kissing the black a$$ that’s just going to lead to more trouble!!

          55. gotabgood says

            Maybe you can explain these better than the Trump administration is/are doing.. without lying and then lie to cover up the lie.


          56. Rodney Steward says

            It does say business interest and affiliated interest, is this what business people do, this was before he was in office wasn’t it, very interesting! But so is the Hillary gang of thugs! Podesta- http://theamericanbacon.com and Hilary’s part of course http://www.zerohedge.com/ne… & http://www.wnd.com/2017/03/… & her selling to Russia http://joeforamerica.com/20… not sure how many of these are still up, they’ve got to where they’ve removed a lot on Hillary and Obama!!

          57. gotabgood says

            Are you trying to be a comedian? One page would not open, 2 webpages were nothing more than their home page..and the last one….Joe the Plumber???? and here is the page you sent me to…
            “20 Creepy Things To Whisper Into Someones Ear When Hugging Them”.
            My understanding is the president is NOT to be running a business from the WH!! Also these new emails out suggest Trump had help with campaign AND the building of a Trump tower in Moscow…. it just keeps getting deeper

          58. Rodney Steward says

            Well like I said they’ve been taking down a lot on Obama and Hellary, he$$ they’ve had a cake walk with the media, try this about Russia and DNC , https://personalliberty.com… & https://www.thenation.com/a… & http://www.washingtonexamin… maybe these are still good!

          59. Nancy says

            It means u can have ur opinions and I can have mine … weither it b ideas, religions and personal thoughts we can live peaceful and disagree on things but not harm or hurt the others who we don’t see eye to eye with!!! That’s the America I grew up in… I’m a 69 yr old caucasian woman who had a full-blooded Indian greatgrandmother on one side and a full blooded Frenchman great great grandfather on the other side and no telling what else but I love all people and want to live in a world where we all look for the good in all people and respect what difference we have… that’s how “We Stand”

          60. George Jetson says

            Nancy, seriously, why aren’t you running for a Federal office position. Preferably the Senate or Congress. Skip the lower BS. You obviously speak from the heart and can “Stand” on your own ability to tell it like it is. You are like the SUN centered in a vast galaxy of uninhabited planets with ours being the exception. In the mean time our world is being eclipsed by bigotry and hateful politics. You could definitely teach a lot of us how to “Stand”.

          61. gotabgood says

            Opinions are great.. we can discuss how big the universe is and state our opinions about it….. it is when I try to convince you that my opinions are right and yours are wrong… now we have replaced opinions with “alternative facts”.
            And why is that ok to kill fellow Americans over whose opinion i right or wrong?
            In fact it is not ok to kill ANYONE over opinions. No matter race, religion or citizenship.

      3. Alicia Cervera says

        T]hat’s exactly whast the previous organIzer wanted. To DESTROY our nation even if he is nO longer presENT. In fact, better that way, cause People wont blame him. But he sowed and sowed discord until he got it.!!!”

        1. tCotUS says

          Agreed !!

      4. Laddyboy says

        tCotUS: I agree with your comment. HOWEVER, I hope and pray it does not come to the infliction of destruction on others. With the weaponry available today, the War of Insurrection, the War Between the States or the “not so civil” Civil War will be looked on as a Sunday Picnic. However, I WILL DEFEND my Family, my Community, my State and my Country.

      5. Mark Plenn says

        Jefferson, Washington ,Adams, Hamilton and many others of the founders risked life and limb to give us the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Antifa is trying to destroy both!

        1. tCotUS says

          Mark this group needs to be wiped out..Most of the Antifa leadership is hidden within BAMN (By Any Means Necessary). Although BAMN claims to be civil rights organization it was originally an openly communist group
          Mike Wilson is another national leader of Antifa. He works at UC Berkeley
          Shanta Driver is the top national leader for Antifa.
          Defense Fund (UEAALDF), which is a 501 organization registered to Donna Stern, Organizer of BAMN
          BAMN was investigated in 2005 for engaging in terrorist activities. There were reports that they had ties to several terrorist organizations such as the East Lansing Animal Rights Movement (ELARM), Direct Action, and to the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) .

        2. George Jetson says

          Please be fair and include the White supremacists, KKK, Aryan Brotherhood and Neo-Nazi’s when making your statement (and I’ll go as far as to include the Black Panthers, BLM movement and Antifa). The first four groups mentioned definitely don’t care for the US Constitution as it’s written and they’ve spit on the Bill of Rights. The only rights they care about is their own. No one is trying to erase White culture, Black culture or Brown culture because in due time each becomes a part of American culture. When becoming a citizen, all immigrants have been told to assimilate by those early colonists who have been here since the arrival of the Mayflower so please tell me why it is that these mostly Caucasian/European groups refuse to do the same?

    5. Mike Burkett says

      Unfortunate for the Americans who thought MAGA could be accomplished by putting Trump in the White House. Far from it, removing the eight-year reign of Euro-trash and installing Trump is a good first-step but, by no mean, is the multi-layer democrap corruption even inconvenienced by anti-corruption measures with the LSM supporting the corrupt ruling-elite, profesional politicians of both parties. As Americans, we are bullied and persecuted by the ‘fake news’ from LSM to ever-increasing heights that may signal the end of the currently, peaceful revolution of ‘We, the people…’ to take our country back. Since Obama’s unconstitutional reign/destruction of America, this country is sliding down the slippery slope towards European socialism that must be stopped.

    6. gotabgood says

      KKK, Nazi, White supremacist is your definition of democracy?
      And please explain to me what God has to do with any of the above groups?
      Is God Love or hate? To harbor hate is to be guilty of murder?

    7. Ronnie says

      They treat white people like Muslims!

    8. SUZANNE M. says


  2. Ben Totuous says
    1. Skippy says

      The Democrap party is the party of slavery, segregation, and racism. That’s you and the the Democrap party. You try to put your parties crap on the Republicans.

    2. Scrubjay says

      He’s not. It’s the Progressives/Democrats that are the current and historical racists.

    3. AntiGOP says

      LUV IT !!

      Sending it to all my best friends !!
      CONS-ervatives that is !!

    4. AntiGOP says

      Rubbing my crystal balls and I see on your horizon a flurry of picture posts…


      Not to worry…I have 20,000 ready to go !!

      1. Jim says

        Did you just say that you don’t have real ones?

        1. AntiGOP says

          We know you don’t Jimmy boy…you have fake avatars !!

        2. Skippy says

          AntiAmerican is a mindless liberal drone. I have fun watching it come unhinged. I was in the Navy for 8 years. Fair winds and following seas.

        3. ABO says

          Isn’t he the most abysmal idiot you’ve ever encountered, Jim?

    1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      You are one of the main reasons that warnings against eating the big mints in urinals are posted in public restrooms.

      1. Retired says

        So that is why they are always gone in a Democrat controlled area !!!

        1. Ben Totuous says

          You seem to have a fascination with urinals. I bet you think it is a lemonade drinking fountain.

          1. Retired says

            Actually I avoid them because they remind me of your face , ready for the next load .

          2. nocbsfan says

            Well we are waiting c’mon tell us what it taste like.

          3. berg1928 says

            LOL X 10

          4. nocbsfan says

            Yep. Somethings are funny

        2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Liberal’s also why we have to have instructions on suppositories and shampoo.

      2. ABO says

        Well said curmudgeon, and right on the money.

    2. Scrubjay says

      Manure is excellent fertilizer for growing things…Like our growing economy, energy independence and strength in our standing in the world!

    3. nocbsfan says

      You better hurry, he’s burying your breakfast

    1. Retired says

      Only a traitor to the USA would post that picture .

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        I have never seen that asshole before, but blocked him. He looks like a faggot and needs some mental help.

        1. Retired says

          Probably like most Nut cases ,got kicked off of another site or a old troll with a new name .

      2. Ben Totuous says

        Trump IS THE TRAITOR. It is why he is under investigation at the highest level. When the Mueller report comes out, Congress will have no choice but to impeach the bastard.

        1. Retired says

          The Bastard is people like you who have no respect for anything other than Garbage . Go back to your Dumpster .

        2. Skippy says

          Testimony after testimony during the Congressional Hearings no Trump Russia collusion. The latest testimony that’s come out there is a Democrap Russia collusion through Fusion GPS.
          TTFN mindless liberal drone!!!!!!!

          1. kornkutter says

            I didn’t vote for Odambama but when he was elected I had hopes that I was wrong. Wrong, I was right!

        3. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

          Ben you are a traitor and a ignorant Pos! Will impeach yo thug face! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f61c28f4090c70a5b4b5314b18c2383c066bccb929e48fc3fe2cf1c0b281275c.jpg

        4. just me says

          When THESE republicans got nothing they start calling people names. No intelligence, no conversation

        5. Jim says

          Prove it!

        6. nocbsfan says


    2. Scrubjay says

      Classic Progressive/Democrat. Nothing there but blind rage and hatred.

      1. ABO says

        Sorry Scrubjay, but you forgot the abject stupidity and ridiculous hypocrisy.

  3. Skippy says

    Both sides are responsible for the violence that broke out. From what I’ve seen Black Lives Matter is filled with a bunch of racist. Racism evil and wicked no matter what race is committing it. Until people wake up to this fact the divide is going to get worse.

    1. Retired says

      THANK OBAMA AND THE Clintons for the divide of the USA .

      1. Skippy says


    2. ABO says

      Well said and accurate, Skippy.

  4. Sherree Hobbs-Ingle says

    President Trump has worked tirelessly to make this country great again, but at every turn he is stopped by DemonRATS, RINOs, BLM, antifa, and other hate groups. He had NOTHING to do with the riots as opposed to dumbamma who invited BLM racists to the Whitehouse to party. The KKK is WRONG, but the White Nationalists had a permit to protest the radical left’s removal of history of the north attacking the south because the south was trying to secede because of the north levying heavy taxes on the south. The NORTH started the Civil War. But the antifa and BLM HATE groups want to push THEIR racism. Too bad the girl got killed, but she had no business being ythere with HATE groups. FLOYD Ingle

  5. just me says

    I can’t believe all the people who think what there told too. I get this site to hear both sides and this side is unbelievable.The bull that people believe. It’s a joke.

  6. Jack Smith says

    Boys it is time to get your guns
    Liberal hunting licenses should not be needed
    No Liberal bag limit! I can think of no other way to fix America from those communist scum.

  7. Murphmeister says

    A pox on both their houses, extreme left and right.

  8. Gammi2Anna says

    The real issue here is the FACT that the American people who supported and voted for President Trump agree that OUR president was entirely correct to blame all sides for the fiasco in Charlottesville, VA. I thought he was polite by not calling out Governor McAuliffe, the city Mayor and Deputy Mayor, who set the stage for this horrific incident that they knew would most likely end with lives lost and people injured. To them though, human loss of life and debilitating injuries is just a small price to pay for them to gain National and now World attention in which they can brow beat our President and throw blame on his shoulders for everything that happened. That is how cold and unconcerned the Democrat team of objectors are willing to accept. They are hell bent on getting OUR President impeached. This week we also learned who the GOP traitors are, that want to unseat President Trump since he has shown them that he is not about ‘political correctness and ass kissing’ but about doing what the American people sent him there to get done. Proof of my point just came across the News. The ‘arranged fight in the park’, with the loss of one life and injuries to several people who chose to go to the scheduled riot happened last Saturday. There has been 24-7 news coverage for the past 6 days, with outrageously ignorant accusations of how this all can be laid at the feet of President Trump. It was not until just 10 minutes ago that we have been told by the media trolls that the funerals have been scheduled for the TWO Virginia State Troopers that died in the Helicopter crash last Saturday while they were just “doing their job” of supplying aerial surveillance of the planned riots. These TWO men did not have the choice of whether they wanted to be in that place at that time in Charlottesville, VA. They died, we still do not know what caused the crash and yet they have not been important enough to mention. Heather Heyer, the young woman that died had the choice to stay home and be safe or walk into a lions den where she could and was harmed. The Troopers DID NOT have that luxury, yet we have heard nothing from the Governor, Mayor, Deputy Mayor, or Senators Warner and Kaine, all of whom made it public knowledge yesterday that they attended the funeral services for Ms, Heyer, then jumped on the “stick it on Trump band wagon” making derogatory and false accusations of how everything that happened was due to the President not calling out every different group that attended their planned riot by name. I’m guessing that had the POTUS done that then the party of obstructionist would be demonizing him for attacking Nazi’s. It is strange that I have heard nothing from our party of ‘agitators’ denouncing the lack of identifying those that drove vehicles into crowds and set off explosives all over Spain yesterday. Should we be condemning them for not calling these attackers murderers, jihadist, terrorist, Communist, or Nazi’s? Why Not? It does not serve the purpose for the skanky, lickspittles we call OUR Representatives. Another great reason WE, the people need to implement ‘Term Limits’. NOW!!!!

    1. berg1928 says

      Perhaps you enjoy watching marchers bearing nazi flags, KKK people, and White supremacists marching through your neighborhood or streets ant night and shouting anti-Semitic slogans, but I don’t – and their permit to do so be damned. I am not Black or Jewish, but as an American citizen, I resent this type of garbage.

      1. nocbsfan says

        Sounds more like Berg.

        1. berg1928 says

          That IS Berg

          1. nocbsfan says

            That is the Berg I love and cherish

      2. bttrap says

        then move to middle east you won’t have to worry if you can keep your head

  9. Bob Pante says

    This whole thing was a set up by McAuliffe starting his run for president.

    1. keepon says

      Do THIS investigation. It’s yet MAJORLY unexposed:
      Advance warning, McAuliff (Mr. “Clinton BAGMAN $700,000 to wife of BIG FBI guy), herding statue removal protestors to holding pen, rescinded demonstration permit, rescinded police protection, holding pen exits deliver ‘the good sheep’ INTO the FACE of ANTIFA $25/hr ‘temps” with baseball bats locked & loaded (SOROS, Clinton, Obama Group) WHO DIALED THEM UP?
      David Duke’s letter of praise for ‘his PAL Trump’ NOT! KKK. WHO DIALED THEM UP? McAuliff lies re: guns stashed all over the city. Statue TOPPLED for XTRA DRAMA. Fascist CEO CLINTON $ supporters BAIL from Trump’s INFRASTRUCTURE Committee “in good conscience” NOT! FAKE NEWS harrasses Trump @ presser with ONLY QUESTIONS re Charlottesville, and NO QUESTIONS re: INFRASTRUCTURE. =
      Romney, McCain, Rubio, RINOs FAN the FLAMES!

      Got the smell of it?

  10. Barbara Johnson says

    This has got to stop the left is promoting none other then pure anarchy. Just like Frankenstein the left has unleashed a monster they cannot control into our society and it is full of hate and violence and is destroying every thing in it’s path. Most Americans do not support their views they want a united and civil society not a society that is ruled by hate and bigotry they accuse the Republicans and Trump of being racist while they them selves have promoted racial divides in every thing they do. Grow up and get a job if you have time to destroy every thing around you, you have enough time to get a job and realize that you are the problem not the other way around.

  11. peter says

    The left are running the police departments and they also continue to lie. If Americans are going to preserve this country we should fight against the democrats, the left, the establishment and the Rinos or our country will be lost forever!

  12. CUZIN ERN says


  13. Jim Wagenmann says

    Message to all who care about this country. The swamp is fighting back hard. Between fake republicans, the main stream media and the democrat/socialist hate group we are in a crises. All of the above fight doing what is right for the citizens of this country. There is leftist plot to say that anything Trump does is wrong. Wehave spent eight years with the MSM and the swamp and the democrat/ socialists not offering any critism about obama, no matter how unamerican he acted.

  14. Swampfox1965 says

    The loons on the left and the RINO liberals refuse to see the wisdom of Trump’s statements on this issue. They are so terminally obsessed with turning the U. S. into another third world country, so enraged by Trump’s victory and political successes, and so upset at the Hildebeest’s campaign screw-ups that they can’t see the truth when it jumps up and bites them on the butt. Obama gave new meaning to “divide and conquer” in the race domain and the loons loved it. To the loons, Trump’s sensible talk about healing racial divide exacerbated by Obama is like throwing kerosene on a fire.

  15. Richard Bagenstose says

    well he did something the kenyan clown never did he condemed the white hate groups, the kenyan clown refused to lay blame on terrorists , stop paying congress till they start doing their jobs again ,instead of wasting all this time on b/s

    1. bttrap says

      put term limits on all of them

      1. Richard Bagenstose says

        you’ll never see term limits they write the laws, only way to get rid of them is to kill them

        1. bttrap says

          that is another way

          1. Richard Bagenstose says

            it’s the only way they have bin their for 30 ,40 ,50 years and they ain’t giving it up

  16. MJB says

    Our new President didn’t jump to conclusions like our previous liar in chief. He got the facts first then commented as opposed to Obama quickly commenting and then finding out later he was wrong. Do you remember Trayvon Martin the thug from FL., Ferguson, MO thug who just robbed a convenience store and bullied a little clerk, Baltimore, MD. etc. Obama, wrong on every one plus he prejudiced each case by commenting at all and he was a lawyer. It’s no wonder he can’t practice law anymore.

  17. practicedcynic says

    Wash.D.C. SWAMP dwellers can not accept that PRESIDENT TRUMP is not a slimy double talking POLITICAL hack , and will speak the truth as much as HE can, it was both sides that were itching for a fight and the so called police were held back by the DEMONCRAT POLS.

  18. george briar says

    black lives don’t really matter it’s just a myth. and the truth is that white people don’t want them as slaves simply because they know they are lazy stupid and worthless and expecting to get a days work out of them is simply ridiculous even if they show up which is usually unlikely. the truth be known they weren’t really freed they were frigging fired.

  19. george briar says

    thank god crooked Hillary lost.

    1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says

      Obama Clinton Both Bush Prez are own and operated by the JEWISH NAZI SUPREMACIST EMPIRE. G W BUSH should be charge with war crimes and executed. The others should be charge with treason and hung.


      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c7a7265083c4659b379462bac28eb453e93b4df929b5d4f2bad2803832b06211.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/03b87a7961fb36870bcfa33987400535cdc608729926cc40e7f74114b9bda229.jpg

  20. David in MA says

    Trump is correct, if neither “side” had not been there this would not have happened.
    There are other ways to protest than like some country in the Mideast.

  21. Israel Kills AMERICANS says

    Its not blacks and whites. Its THE JEWISH NAZI SUPREMACIST MEDIA causing many problems in America!






  22. Israel Kills AMERICANS says



    Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media | – The Tap Blog
    TapNewsWire › 2015/10 › six-jewish-co…
    Oct 17, 2015 – Facts of Jewish Media Control. The largest media conglomerate today is Walt Disney Company, whose chairman and CEO, …

    Disney and the Jews: Eisner and His Kind Must Stop Harming Our Children …
    nationalvanguard.org › 2016/08 › disney…
    Aug 28, 2016 – WE’VE SPOKEN about the Jewish control of the news and … when the Walt Disney company paid $19 billion to take control of …

    Disney Channel Is Now Teaching Homosexuality To Children, Christians In …
    Walid Shoebat › Featured › General
    Mar 5, 2017 – Disney is now teaching homosexuality to children, and good …. Disney has been promoting this crap for decades. …. You will dowhat “you” want, which is the credo of the …

    Disney slammed for ‘homosexual’ and ‘bestiality’ agenda in Frozen
    Sydney Morning Herald › au
    Mar 14, 2014 – Disney slammed for ‘ homosexual’ and ‘bestiality’ agenda in …. “If I was the devil, what would I do to really foul up an entire …

    Israeli government to refugees: Go back to Africa or go to prison – The Washington Post

    Washington Post › world › 2015/05/14
    AMP – May 14, 2015 – The new measures to press the Africans to leave Israel come at a time … Yonatan Jakubowicz of the Israeli ImmigrationPolicy Center, a think … I tell them try to stay.

  23. Garys_opinion says

    Actually it started out as a peaceful demonstration by people with a permit that turned violent when they were attacked by a group or left wing paid thugs financed by George Soros. Soros, an anti American ex NAZI should be hauled into jail.

    1. AntiGOP says

      Wow…when you get done spinning…swallow a bullet will ya !!

      1. Garys_opinion says

        That’s not spinning, that’s the way it was. Take a deep breath and do some honest investigation.+- As for your “swallow a bullet” remark, it leads me to believe that you are really part of the problem.

        1. AntiGOP says

          No people like you are the problem and will always be the problem because you’re idiots !!

          1. Garys_opinion says

            Not much rattling around up there is there?

      2. Garys_opinion says

        I think you need to do an honest investigation of the riot that doesn’t include the rabid left wing, anti Trump, media.
        And your “swallow a bullet” remark makes me think that you are really part of Americas problem.

      3. berg1928 says

        Yea, my PC!

        1. AntiGOP says


          Come on make sense will you, I have too many of you idiots to deal with at one time !!

          1. berg1928 says

            sorry, it was meant for someone else. I’m on your side, antigop

          2. AntiGOP says

            Oh…well in that case… _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !!!

      4. Garys_opinion says

        There are none so blind as those who cannot see ?
        By the way you used that one before , very boring, you need to talk to a six year old and get some new material!

        1. AntiGOP says

          No you read it twice !!

    2. bttrap says

      I’d rather see him hanged on t.v.

  24. WhiteFalcon says

    Niether side in that riot showed up giving out hugs and lollypops. Both sides came prepared to fight and they did. Where were the police? Were they told to stand down? Who had the authority to tell them to stand down and why did they do it? Those are questions that come to my mind. The press was there but the police weren’t. Kind of strange isn’t it.

  25. TPS12 says

    The gop hate that we picked an outsider and will do all they can to attack our choice. We need to vote more of them and their ilk out. We must keep helping the President we choose by providing politicians that will support him in every election, local State and Fed.

  26. MichaelZZ says


    The author, Steve Benen, appears ignorant insofar as the Civil War was fought over the right of 11 Southern States to secede from the Union.

    The southern military was fighting for the right of those southern states to secede, thus the statues should offer a sense of our history regarding that unfortunate effort.
    Any suggestion that these generals were evil should be characterized as a skewed sad commentary.

    Did those states have the right to secede? Does California have the right to secede?

    President Trump did not make a moral equivalence of the sides involved. He offered that both sides participated in a stupid fight.
    Fortunately or unfortunately, we have the First Amendment, which allows people to speak stupidly and speaking stupidly should not enable others to interfere with such speech using belligerent physical means.

    What would Martin Luther King, Jr. or Gandhi (interesting that he and his wife, Kasturba, were both 14 when married) have done?


  27. Snowman45 says

    Neo-Nazis and the KKK are racist and destructive to our heritage. However, Antifa, BLM and the “Workers’ Party” (Marxists) are equally so. President Trump stated a fact the media doesn’t want to hear. Even though the Marxists and anarchists are trying to destroy us from the inside, they will never be held liable by the likes of CNN and pandering politicians.

  28. Mathew Molk says

    What kind of a farging icehole (Johnny Dangerously) would come to a town to start trouble and then was met there by other troublemakers and then think that both sides are innocent as new born babes.

    You want to see the REAL culpret in this whole mess? – The Chaarlottesville police and other law enforcment. – At the first sign of trouble The snotballs’ feet should not have touced the ground untill they landed in fron of the booking window. – Anybody down there ever hear of the “riot act” – The police read it and then if the crowds want to fight they have to fight the cops,,,,,who are undefeated in such actions.

    Is it any wounder that creeps like BLM and the NWO Marxists (aka democrats) think they can do anything they want without repercussions. It’s too late to go into a “prevent” defense after somebody gets killed.

  29. LJJ1937 says

    God this country is going to hell……..Wake up America. Less then 1% are moving this country to the left. Can you not see it???????? And the Republicans are helping instead of getting behind the President who wants to do good. As Ben stated.” Move to Russia” Elections are coming, and if
    Republicans don’t get behind our President, we will sit it out as well as other good Americans. Then see what will happen!!!!!

  30. Jerry says

    It takes two to tango…If the President had taken against the Alt-Right he would have indirectly been supporting the Alt-Left. This of course would have been dividing in that it would have embolden the Alt-Left. When your children fight if you punish both you put an end to their fighting, but if you side with one you encourage that one to keep wanting to fight. If anything the Alt-Right should have been left unopposed and the Alt-Left should have had a march of their own another day.

  31. G.Mann says

    The very next White House news release NEEDS to be ALL the details of the organizers of BOTH sides of the Charlottesville STAGED event.

    The information now available gives clear indication that the organizer of the “White Supremacist” has a 20 year history of heavy liberal involvement such as “Occupy Wall Street” and other staged events which pushed violence, property destruction, and harm to people, for liberal causes.

    Further, information now available gives clear indication the organizers of the attacking forces [ie BLM, etc.] have been involved in previous violent riots and harm to people and property of others.

    The car driving murderer who rammed the people walking ALSO has a strong history of supporting Bernie Sanders and participation in riots and staged acts to disrupt political rallies.

    All this easily points to the need to investigate this with Presidential horsepower and show to the public clearly that this fight was staged and that it was staged by TWO ELEMENTS OF THE SAME GROUP.

    All players in BOTH elements of this staged GROUP event have strong ties with Communism. Their STATED goal is to overthrow the United States of America and destroy our values.

  32. Eric Pearson says

    Bull Shit! Trump is clearly nuts and unfit to be president. And his supporters are even worse. How any sane person can support that sorry piece of white trash is beyond me.

    1. ABO says

      It’s because you don’t have a brain to work with and if you did have a brain you’d likely take it out and play with it.

    2. nocbsfan says

      If you have to be sane to support the President it is easy to see why you don’t support him.

    3. bttrap says

      that’s simple those voters were tired of having a coward in office and they wanted a change and finally got it instead of obambie tearing america down we now have a president that wants to make america great again of coarse idiots like you wouldn’t understand that. If you don’t like it here you can always move to middle east where you really belong.you will have 8 years to move because another republican will be in office after trump the democrap party will be dead by then so good by and good riddens

  33. Laura Park says

    President Trump said nothing wrong…it is the thought process on the part of liberals and the media who say he did…which is entire backwards to mine and to all conservative people.

  34. Lary Breeding says

    While I do not agree with the so called “alt right” I also do not agree with the “alt left” who’s penchant for violence is extreme. I don’t believe that any fighting would have occurred without the full participation of both groups. The far left has started many riots just this year so clearly they look for opportunities and take advantage of them. The President is correct to blame both sides in this riot but in addition he needs to put blame on the mayor and police who failed to keep the two groups separated. Many riots have been prevented in the past simply by the police keeping “pro” and “anti” groups apart. Those on the left can not claim innocence at this point their “MO” is to riot whenever possible. This one ended very badly and they are at least partially responsible.

  35. Janet says

    I fail to comprehend what all the garbage attacking Trump is all about. Yes he didn’t fix blame on anyone during the first press conference, but he did not condone it either. Jeff Sessions also has appeared and stated that there was an ongoing investigation to determine whether this was domestic terrorism or Islamic terrorism or something else. Sessions said that the President was waiting for the report from the investigation. The President later blamed the various groups like White Supremacists, BLM, KKK, etc. and took notice that both sides needed to accept responsibility for their actions. The people who chose to come and protest the “event” did not have to make that choice and should have known that there was the possibility of a riot…look at similar events in Berkeley, CA…so they need to also be held accountable. I listen to everything that was spoken more than once and cannot, for the life of me, understand what was said that was offensive. My only thought is that maybe it wasn’t PC?

    It is time that the RNC got behind President Trump and put pressure on all their Senators and Representatives to grow up and support him as well. We do not need any more of their helping Liberals destroy America and we definitely do not need to be in a Civil War. Too much bad is already taking place in America and I, for one, am tired of and disgusted by the fact that we cannot seem to come together to protect our country and come together and show pride in being Americans. Instead we are making a mockery of our country and looking like fools to the world which also leaves us vulnerable to attacks by Islamic Terrorism, ballistic missiles launched by North Korea or Iran, slaughter of our citizens traveling in foreign countries, and any other threats out there. Liberal madness seems to have destroyed the concept of God and Country that we have understood and lived under since our Forefathers wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Obviously our Forefathers were much brighter and more forward thinking that Congress and the Courts are today. Much of the bad that is happening in this country was covered in the Constitution and the written wisdom of those great men who created this Democratic Republic for which we should all be forever grateful.

  36. Tiger says

    The facts of Charlottesville riots is coming out daily. Thanks to the net, Social media that allow it and our Talk Show hosts, the fog is clearing and nothing that the Ult Left news is saying holds water, in fact every term they use, from calling the marchers White Supremacists to saying they were all bad is wrong. Just as Trump said there were good people on all sides. There were people in that march who didn’t want history changed, we are finding out now 84% if Americans don’t want history messed with, The girls who was killed was there cause she disagreed but didn’t belong to any group per se. The man who ran over her was not a White Supremacist, he adored Hitler, Hitler and the Nazi movement was attributed to the Progressives who were the first Fascist per se. One needs a program to follow all this.

    The rioters were bused in, the Mayor said so from the start. Lots of ugly coming out now, about rioters being paid, the Governor lying about weapons hidden to make excuses for telling the police to stand down and not make it worse, the police saying no hidden weapons, the permit pulled unlawfully so the police could say they would pick up the protestors if they didn’t go back the way they came, through the protestors etc. So much hanky panky, conniving and lying it fills a stadium.

    Trump’s investigation will find all this out, if we know it from people who live there then Trump knows it. When the Truth hits the shitfaced ones will be Democrats. Trump will again come out smelling like a rose.

    A legal group called Nexus Services has announced their plan to bail
    out any counter-protester who was arrested as a result of Saturday’s
    riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, where three people died and many
    others were seriously injured.

    According to PR Newswire, Nexus
    Services is a legal company which “affirms the inherent worth and
    dignity of people by becoming a voice to those victimized by the legal
    system and providing hope to those who have lost it. Nexus aids
    immigrant communities in crisis through bonding and pro bono legal
    services,” adds the online description of the company. “Nexus guides
    pretrial and post-conviction offenders to a place of stability and
    accountability while striving to reduce jail populations.”

    Nexus’ front-line approach to advocacy, charity, and goodwill in the
    community facilitates their mission to help clients achieve long-term
    success and become established members of society,” reports PR Newswire.
    “Nexus is committed to standing with their clients and their clients’
    families in the same regard that they stand with their own company
    family. Nexus is united by the quest for justice and desire to spark
    change in the world.”

    With all of that hope and change talk,
    you’d think that this company was founded by Barack Obama himself. Nexus
    Services CEO Mike Donovan is just as liberal as the former president,

    1. nocbsfan says

      Perfect Job

  37. Firewagon says

    63 Million Americans to GOP: Trump Was “Entirely Correct” to Blame All Sides! BTW, none of those 63 Million ‘voted for the GOP!’

  38. Jaron Gant Joyner says

    If there wasn’t more than one side-Fighting each other-Then nobody would have gotten Hurt-??People really must use their Good Ole Common Sense.

  39. HDMania says

    Why you liberal chumps..Trump will be here thru 2020..its yo liberal idiots who are gonna get your arses kicked and good..madam squirlly and berg are the biggest chumps..you wont reliize your warped dream..you lefties are DONE..

  40. Mark Brickey says

    I’m so glad that our modern society is so overwhelmingly intellectual! They have such a grasp on history…
    1st, We have have never been a democracy. We are a Federalist Republic (although slipping quickly into the anarchy of democracy);
    NAZIs, be they the real deal or neos, are NOT right-wing. This is the SOCIALIST party of Adolf Hitler;
    Facism is coming far more from the “antifa” than from any other group as they continue to try to terrorice & brutalize those they’re supposedly protesting, hence, the reason why they destroy private property & businesses.
    A vast majority of any of these protesters are bused into the situations and they’re never there to calm things down. They always come as thugs & hoodlums.
    ALL of these guys are far-left and probably funded by Soros.

  41. gideonrockwell says

    The RINO members of the Republican Party are showing their true colors. Time to take not of them and primary them out of office. The Dems are showing what Alinsky Marxist idiots they are. The entire left wing is acting like a bunch of escapees from Crazy Town. Trump has done his best to convey his message on the situations of the past weekend with hard facts. Unlike Obama who would run out to the mic with phoney outrage and sling unfounded accusations about which only throw gasoline on the fire, Trump waits to get all the facts where he can speak to the situation intelligently instead of spewing out a lot of tripe from a teleprompter.

  42. Robert says

    If everyone would keep the hate at home, No one would have gotten hurt.
    It’s a shame they can’t agree to disagree and Respect the others beliefs.

  43. Almos Berry says

    As long as we recognize it and do something about it, it’s NEVER TOO LATE! Let’s start by NOT RE-ELECTING the idiots, on both sides, in the US Congress and all state agencies. Start planning who to vote for NOW!!!

  44. Robalou01 says

    Now we are in a total war with the likes of Ryan, McCain, McConnell, Corker, Flake, Collins, Murkowski and the other traitors.

    1. bttrap says

      add soros to that list

  45. Tyronne Shoelaces says

    Sooner or later American are going to start shooting these anti-American news agencies and hate groups. They seem to forget that the people they are trying to silence are the ones with all the guns and ammo.

    1. bttrap says

      lock and load

  46. Israel Kills AMERICANS says

    Trump knows its the JEWISH NAZI SUPREMACIST MEDIA who are a huge threat to our country.

    Reverend Billy Graham warn us about Jews. Helen Thomas and Congressman Jim Traficant the same.

    Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media | – The Tap Blog
    TapNewsWire › 2015/10 › six-jewish-co…
    Oct 17, 2015 – Facts of Jewish Media Control. The largest media conglomerate today is Walt Disney Company, whose chairman and CEO, …

    Disney and the Jews: Eisner and His Kind Must Stop Harming Our Children …
    nationalvanguard.org › 2016/08 › disney…
    Aug 28, 2016 – WE’VE SPOKEN about the Jewish control of the news and … when the Walt Disney company paid $19 billion to take control of …

    Disney Channel Is Now Teaching Homosexuality To Children, Christians In …
    Walid Shoebat › Featured › General
    Mar 5, 2017 – Disney is now teaching homosexuality to children, and good …. Disney has been promoting this crap for decades. …. You will dowhat “you” want, which is the credo of the …

    Disney slammed for ‘homosexual’ and ‘bestiality’ agenda in Frozen
    Sydney Morning Herald › au
    Mar 14, 2014 – Disney slammed for ‘ homosexual’ and ‘bestiality’ agenda in …. “If I was the devil, what would I do to really foul up an entire …

    Israeli government to refugees: Go back to Africa or go to prison – The Washington Post

    Washington Post › world › 2015/05/14
    AMP – May 14, 2015 – The new measures to press the Africans to leave Israel come at a time … Yonatan Jakubowicz of the Israeli ImmigrationPolicy Center, a think … I tell them try to stay.

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a6c4e096069e48df9b0141069de2344a35b6ab144a5c8952b90d9bc24e96e270.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ed375fc129b14483d66b2d533e06b56f6296a9a482550cde4bceb7fa641e161a.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1214914b9635b2b0cec494e3b4a35f6c6079eff3c3edc48f3b1a61c9b2be9ebd.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e69a3f33ee17e7407aaa55386de886d9e522930ad6f8cb6a92f706e6aaf87f7f.jpg

  47. MILES E DRAKE says

    The sissies, mollycoddles, weaklings and men who sit down to pee in the Republican party do not yet understand that the revolution has started. The party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder intend to kill President Trump, seize the government and establish a one-party peoples republic. They intend to destroy all opposition, eliminate our history and replace it with an Orwellian party line and to replace the existing American population with a brown Third World lumpenproletariat that will keep them in power forever. If you are an American-born European-American anglophone heterosexual who practices some Judeo-Christian religious tradition and believes in free-market economics and limited constitutional government, they intend to kill you, too.

  48. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
  49. Richard Bagenstose says

    hay white house ,if you didn’t take notice , the gop is sticking up for the bad guys in all this , blm and antifa who didn’t have permit to protest in the first place, antifa had another illegal rallie today with no permit down south , why do they get away with it

  50. ARTPSYCH says

    Apparently the leftist media is in denial of the Democrats past crimes against our society. lets start not too long ago with Roosevelt:
    1. On 13 May 1939, more than 900 Jews fled Germany aboard a luxury cruise liner, the SS St Louis. They hoped to reach Cuba and then travel to the US – but were turned away in Havana and forced to return to Europe, where more than 250 were killed by the Nazis. Roosevelt did not take these people, He knew the Nazis were hateful of the Jews.

    2. Japanese americans during WW-2’s beginning were rounded up, incarcerated and lost their homes, businesses and farms. This racist democrat president was responsible for this and the hatred in this country was extraordinary against people of slanted eyes and color.

    3. Roosevelt appointed to the supreme Court: : After Franklin Delano Roosevelt appointed Justice Hugo Black to the Supreme Court, it was revealed that he was a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

    While this fact is vastly diminished in history books, Black’s involvement in the KKK was confirmed by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette journalist Ray Sprigle, a journalist who won a “Pulitzer Prize for Reporting” for his exposé.

    4.Obama’s rendition of america: ON AMERICA’S LIBERAL LEADERSHIP: “Nothing’s gotten better … The failed liberal Democrat policies have kept people mired in misery in the American ghetto. All these failed liberal government policies have done is mired black people in generational poverty, kept their kids in failing schools, chronically unemployed, they can’t find meaningful work [and] having to live in crime infested neighborhoods.”

    Why doesn’t the leftist media mention any of this? Why because they have a sordid thug past of more race division than Hillary’s email fiasco! Trump issues a statement 2 days later and the leftists come unhinged then mentioned it was both sides in Charlottesville who were spoiling for a fight . He blamed both sides.
    Yet it seems apparent that Antifa is now the new darling of the Leftists.they are nothing no real past grandeur, just another hate group morphing with BLMatters who also hate america and this President.

    1. Sylvia Avila says

      You are so right all above did happen! It seems our Leaders help promote this evil hate! I believe they are all in the New World Order gang! Their agenda started many years ago! Now , they are pushing their evil hate more, to over throw our President and Gov’t! To put in place there Evil Fascist Agenda! Want complete control of the people! Time we the Patriot’s fight back, by calling, twitting our Government everyday to Stop! their madness or vote them out! Stay strong! God bless!

  51. Shawn Sapp says

    The protesters for the left wear black masks. They claim they are fighting against racism yet they wear masks to cover their shameful faces same as the kkk. They are no different than the kkk. They are all racist. This is never going to change until people see that they have turned themselves into the very thing they are supposed to be against. Racism is wrong, no matter which side of the street you are on.

  52. Sandy says

    how dare the left telling us we provoke things like this….they have been, marching , protesting, setting cars on fire, breaking windows..and they think we have aggressive problems….get over yourselves…you all are so adament about getting Trump out of the white house. Why don’t you all stand down and look at the things he has done for our country thus far….I can’t believe you liberals can’t see how bad it would of been if Hillary had taken over…I shudder to think…what would she of accomplished at this point?? I’m sure her pockets would be filling up….I would like to of seen her when she realized that she had lost and had made so many promises that cannot be fulfilled at this point. Is it gonna have to be another twin towers episode to show the american liberals that our country is being targeted…Obama put the wheels in motion by looking the other way. He even said we should become a muslim nation….I do believe that his intent was to turn us into a muslim nation. Trump winning the election, only wants for our country to be the great country it is supposed to be..he is looking out for our best interest, so why do the libs think this is a bad thing…what in the world could of Hillary promised them that they can’t see how evil the clintons and the obamas are. Why can’t they see that everybody that goes against them “dies”….they are dropping like flies….I’ve never known anybody to commit suicide from a gunshot wound…she knows a bunch of them…like iCotUS said, we suffered through 8 years of having a POTUS as a traitor…he should of been impeached. I’ll just be glad when they can finally get enough on the Obamas and Clintons to put them in prison…that will be a great day for the USA.

  53. smankes says

    WE CANNOT HAVE1 SIDE RUNNING THE SHOW the blame is on both sides but our glories leaders are just interested in votes not what is correct it is look good give away some thing that either doesent exist or is not theirs to give away but just to look get elected and hide in the swamp for as long as possible.

  54. lerose55 says

    I totally agree both sides R responsible for their own behaviors at these rallies. No one to blame, but themselves.
    8 yrs of Obama has destroyed our Country is so many ways, this is just one of them. Disgraceful. No I am not a Republican or Democrats. No party here.
    People R destroying U.S. History, next they will want all the Presidents taken down. If it comes to that, then take down everything

    U can only improve on the pass, not erase it.

  55. chuckie2u says

    One day soon the Jews in the Democrat party will face the truth regarding their assimilation to ISLAM for supporting left wing causes.

  56. SD of AZ says

    Well two big mouth republicans have already opened their mouths and inserted their feet in them. That would be Rubio and Cruz. Surprise or is it? The issue is where is the guilt for the actions in NC? The first level rest with the attackers who were bused in. The anifa was paid to be there and being the hood rats they are, they attacked the KKK and the nazis who had a legal right to be there to protest and march peacefully. And the anifa murdered a person at the march. Hum?

    But Cruz and Rubio jumped in with their two cents and condemned the KKK and the nazis for fighting back. Again, hum?

    And not a word about the real cause of the violence, the dem wit mayor, the dem wit governor who ordered the police to stand down and let this mess unfold. Again, a double dose of hum?

    Well, my view here is Cruz and Rubio showed how uninformed or careless they could be about this incident and some basic facts associated with it. How does it turn out that the ones who lawfully got a permit are guilty alone for this fiasco and murder? Since when is it okay for the Antifa and BLM to attack anyone? Oh, that’s right, this bunch has been doing this since before Trump was elected AND getting away with it. But they have graduated haven’t they? Now they not only attack with impunity and the other side gets blamed but NOW they murder and the blame is placed on the other side as well. Triple Hum here?

    1. bttrap says

      a men

  57. RC says

    There are so many brainwashed, uninformed, indoctrinated, just plain stupid people in this country we’ll all probably be living in an Isla