“White Privilege” Invading Our Schools


A discussion topic once limited to college courses taught by obese feminists is now making its way into our general education. It’s called white privilege, and it is a field of “study” meant to open our eyes to the many invisible ways Americans with light skin are given a leg up on everyone else. If that doesn’t sound like something you care to have your son or daughter taught in school, you’d better hope you don’t live in North Carolina.

The Wake County School District is sending its assistant principals and other administrators through “cultural proficiency” training. Through this training, the educators will be taught how to “rank their societal privilege.” According to a report by a local news station, the activity “incorporates the idea that heterosexual white men in America have an advantage and may appear insensitive to culturally diverse students.” Once you make it past the political doublespeak, this means that straight white men have it made and can’t relate to poor black gays. Or something like that.

Rodney Trice is an “assistant superintendent for equity affairs” in Wake County. He says the “focus is that when they come through the doors, we have high expectations for all students, regardless of whether they come from a high-poverty family or a nontraditional family.”

Um. No. That’s exactly the opposite message sent by “white privilege” classes. The entire theory is predicated on the fact that certain racial/sexual/gender groups have an easier life than others. It’s this kind of training that leads to programs like affirmative action, hiring quotas, and varying standards in education. It leads to situations like the one in Michigan schools, where principals have to get authorization from the school district before suspending students of color. It certainly does not lead to higher expectations.

Another Wayward Fool

A high school physics teacher in Seattle has also fallen hook, line, and sinker for the left’s divisive politics. Moses Rifkin has created a unit on “institutionalized racism, privilege, and social justice” that he hopes other teachers will use. While it might be fair to ask what these topics have to do with physics, don’t worry because Rifkin has an answer. Sort of.

Teaching at a private high school, Rifkin says, meant that his “students weren’t learning about their own privilege (academic and, in most cases, economic and racial). I wanted to make my classroom a part of the solution.” After ten years of study on the matter, Rifkin is happy to announce that he’s made a breakthrough. “I’ve found a way to introduce my students to the ideas of racial and gender privilege, to the idea that our society is far from a meritocracy, and to broaden their conception of who (racially, gender-wise, etc.) does science to include a much broader slice of society.”

Well, won’t the students at University Prep be glad to hear it! Sorry, kids, we’re not going to talk about physics today. Get out your invisible knapsack, because it’s time for a rousing round of Blame Whitey!

If schools want to introduce their teachers and students to this concept, they should do so using the truest phrase ever uttered: Life isn’t fair. Get used to it. Get over it. With a little hard work, you can level the playing field yourself.

Or just keep shaming white people. I’m sure that will solve everything.

  1. MikeS says

    Oppressing a race isn’t going to solve problems for other races. It reignites and invigorates racial conflict.

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      Isn’t that what Obama and his cronies are all about?

    2. Jarhead says

      When ever they feel oppressed or just want to get a raise in their Welfare Benefits….already so high many can convert to cash @ 50 cents on the dollar & purchase booze, TATS, hard drugs, vacations, cruises, gambling, etc. also rioting and Black-five-finger discounts along with super fast check-out lanes are just another racial “entitled benefit’!.

  2. Jr1776 says

    White is right, how else are all you slackers going to get paid, for doing nothing.

    1. hangem'high says

      What about the rest of the world that’s setting on your back? VIP curtsy of the US government!
      So we play the present administration bias game. Common core, teacher issue!

  3. MILES E DRAKE says

    There is no war on women, but there is a war on white people. English-speaking Judeo-Christian European-Americans, especially those supportive of traditional marriage, are slated for displacement, dispossession and eventual decimation by a rogue muslim puppet regime that has already embarked upon a program of population replacement.

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      The new Cracker Crusades?

      1. festmatt5440 says

        Go back to your closet ‘ .

    2. Jody Lancaster says


  4. fog donkey says

    White privilege? Does that mean whites get a discount on coffee in AA restaurants???? Give me a F ing break already.

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      It means whites have the privilege of supporting blacks who have no desire to work or contribute positively to a civilized, modern society.

      1. Jane says

        Yes do you ever here chinese complaining!

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          Good point, I never have.

        2. phyllisjmurphy says

          Have many Chinese friends and wow their education is the most important thing in their lives and parents are strict disciplinarians who ruled the kids with a loving but firm hand! Silent and stoic and get the job done!

      2. phyllisjmurphy says

        Good one! But I have some very fine black friends, young and old who made their own way! I also spent years in the field of juvenile and adult mental health and drug abuse centers…The juveniles had everything they needed thru welfare systems, i.e. food stamps, medical care free, Wick program for babies, free clothes available, bus transportation paid for! The one major thing lacking in these ghetto neighborhoods was usually a father. The repeat scenario was a teen girl drops out of school pregnant, welfare, no identifiable father around and much of the time these promiscuous girls didn’t even know or care who Daddy was cause they knew good old 60 year old welfare system would provide all their needs while they munched potato chips and soda and bloated up like fat hogs…Of course blaming whitey or crackers always the resounding theme that these wretched blamers are taught..I always tested my clients in their educational ability and fifteen and sixteen year olds were unable to perform 2nd and 3rd grade math and spelling an abomination! Kids I worked with historically grew up running the streets at an early age and connecting with one of the local gangs always wanting to capture future members…The truant officers were constant in trying to get them back to schools and more than once, we went into homes, dragged the kid out of bed and dragged them back to school! And of course they usually walked right out the back door. Today 50% truancy rate daily in American Schools, 50% illiteracy in American and 50% of babies born are to unmarried teen welfare girls! America is a civilization going down!

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          Sadly the scenario you discussed is all too prominent. Democrats colluded to destroy black families with their pay for illegitimate kids programs that actually penalized black mothers for having a father in the home. They quickly learned they could do quite well for themselves by having kids out of wedlock to the point we see today hovering somewhere between 73-76 percent one parent black families. I would like to see more black leaders like Ben Carson actually be listened to for he tells the truth. Blacks have learned that dysfunction pays, lack of a decent education and an inability to comprehend and speak clearly, are detrimental to your ability to procure a good job and to keep it. Blacks do not hear that message enough. Too many listen to the race baiters and poverty pimps. Rarely do I ever hear black leaders talking about personal responsibility for the choices you make in life. If black lives really matter so much to these so-called leaders, they would send the right messages, not the old worn out white privilige crap.

  5. Ray Schneider, P.E., Ph.D. says

    The number of fools is infinite. Ecclesiastes 1:15 in the Vulgate. How did we ever get to the point of letting fools run our education system? Now they suppress real and useful subjects to teach empty vapid lies that advance a socialist march to tyranny. How helpful is that?

    1. glenn398 says

      It started when women started running our schools.

      1. Ray Schneider, P.E., Ph.D. says

        Women have been running the schools forever. It started when government started running the schools and accelerated when progressives decided to use the schools for social engineering … start with Dewey.

        1. glenn398 says

          In the past mostly as teaches but later as more and more got into administration is when the schools really declined

        2. BillyBoy49 says

          Swollow this. Our US military has a retention rate of about 90% with about a 95% all male staff’ Our public schools has a drop out rate of abour 40% or about a 60% grad rate with a staff of about 95% women teacher. Where is the problem, ??

          1. Ray Schneider, P.E., Ph.D. says

            Well aside from comparing apples to oranges I’d say that the one is an active choice and a job and the other is a mandated requirement associated with a process that increasingly doesn’t offer any perceived advantage. The male/female issue is irrelevant. We need schools that really teach useful things that are real and not these government indoctrination centers that teach useless pablem like White Privilege, Diversity, Multi-Culturalism and fail to teach real skills like critical thinking, effective reading, notetaking, analysis, just cursive writing. My students, about a third of them, can’t write cursive and that pretty much cripples them when it comes to taking notes and they’d never been exposed to critical thinking. They think just saying something is an argument.

            The argument you’ve presented is unsound. It compares a male oriented job to a mandated and largely poor discipline people are forced into. I might add that the teachers male or female tend to come from the lowest third of the class of the lowest third of institutions (primary and secondary education at least) — that’s a statistic I’m passing on from a technical presentation I head once — I have not personally validated it, but it sounds about right.

      2. hangem'high says

        As it should, it started with mother!

        1. glenn398 says

          I don’t know what you mean by the comment of as it should. Back in the 40s and 50s it was almost all men in charge and we sure didn’t have the problems of today.

          1. hangem'high says

            I thought we were blaming the female teachers, so naturally mother was our first teacher, so I was blaming her for all our mistakes. Much like Adam blamed Eve for his transgression, much like Muslims blame the women, so yeah…. Let’s stone the Bitches! (Sarcasm)

          2. glenn398 says

            Teachers have no control on the crap shoved on them, the problem is those in the administration. They come up with all those weird ideas and force the poor teachers to implement. The problem teachers get poor pay in many areas is schools are top heavy with administration and reward themselves instead of the pay going where it is suppose to go. I remember when we increased our sales tax to increase teachers pay here. The problem was the law stated it was for the teachers but when the money went to the local schools they could do anything with it they wanted. Guess what the administration got excellent raises and the the teachers got next to nothing.

    2. Conservative says

      Worse yet, how did we get to the point of electing a radical Islamist who ignores the Constitution and hates the U.S. military as President of the U.S.?

      Our schools spend more time on garbage like ‘white privilege’, political correctness and pornographic sex education than they do on learning to read, write, do simple math, history, geography as well as respect for self and others and the things that will lead to their success.

      We are destroying our children and sending them out into the world totally incapable of supporting themselves.

      The U.S. is sinking deeper and deeper in a a swamp.

      1. Ray Schneider, P.E., Ph.D. says

        Totally agree!

      2. Jody Lancaster says

        Voter fraud and the Democrats and their lies. At least if Romney would have got in the last time our country would not be so far in debt and the illegal invasion would have been stopped. I keep wondering where does the illegals and muslim refugees think their freebies are coming from?? Do they not realize eventually the money will run out as there will be more people on Welfare than working.

    3. Ken says

      It is a Spiritual and Physical war between the HOUSE OF JACOB=CHILDREN OF GOD (WHITE WESTERN MAN), and the HOUSE OF ESAU=CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL JEWS (that controls everything that goes into the mind of men). This whole world has been deceived, and all of Christainity. Which believe in the Doctrines of Devils, of the House of Esau. Read OBADIAH (ONLY ONE PAGE) to find out what happens to the HOUSE OF ESAU, it says they will be, AS IF THEY NEVER WAS. Wake Up. Adam was the First Son of God put on this world 6000 years ago Luke 3:38, Flood happened in only an area of the earth around 2300 BC, this is the EIGHTH AGE, which is the Beginning of the End. CHRIST WAS THE ROOT=ET-YADAM and OFFSPRING=JESUS CHRIST YAHWASUA ELOHEEM. Abraham had Eight Son’s, that was Circumsied on the Eight Day, and after Our Lord Reigns on this earth for a Thousand years on the Sabbath day of Rest, all of Creation will be Circumcised, while transforming into the NEW HEAVEN AND NEW EARTH.

      1. Ray Schneider, P.E., Ph.D. says

        Are you on something Ken? … or are you just a troll pretending to be a 6000 year old earther? Insanity comes in small packages like that brain you’re trying to develop. Sit down, breathe deeply, and say after me: “I will stop being a nut job.” There, doesn’t that feel better now?

        1. Ken says

          i have seen Satan and his demons (and know they have NO POWER), i have seen CHRIST sitting on the right hand side of the POWER ON HIGH. and you think a NUT, will tell me to DENY THAT. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, GOD WILLING.

          1. Ray Schneider, P.E., Ph.D. says

            I didn’t say anything about denying anything except that I think your meds are likely too strong if you’re seeing things. Since Satan can appear as an angel of light, discernment of spirits is a healthy practice. He may have no power long term but he has not given up his status as lord of this world and is quite adept as misleading the faithful. So test the spirits and don’t rush into things.

          2. Ken says

            Satan can duplicate all the Gifts of the SPIRIT, i’am 61 years old, been to many Churches, started reading the Word at a very young age, did not realize that all through my life, God wanted me out of those Churches of Christainity. 20 years old, i read in a play about the Birth of CHRIST, The Pastor thanked all that was in the play. but forgot my name, he told me he was sorry, i never thought anything about it. Until i was watching a Youtube Video March 22, 2014, that Johnathan Kleck (a False Prophet) was showing the EVIL that is in the GRAVEN IMAGES (PURE EVIL) in the VATICAN, Well, in a TWINKLING OF AN EYE, i knew i was SINNING. Needless to say, i have never went back, becuase i believed the warning, and know that sometime in my life i was Sealed with the Holy Spirit of Promise. Since i have had many revelations, from the Spirit of Truth, which is “CHRIST IN YOU A HOPE OF GLORY” The Mystery Hidden from the AGES. Our Lord is Returning very Shortly and the Book in he Last chapter of Daniel has been opened, and all will be revealed. i do not even take asprins, i put all my TRUST IN THE ONLY TRUE LIVING GOD.

          3. Ray Schneider, P.E., Ph.D. says

            What is the test of truth for you Ken? BTW you can’t not know you are sinning since sin is a conscious act of the human will in defiance of God’s will. Graven images huh? So a classic iconoclast are we? I think you should be concentrating on truth and striving to live a good life and stop being so judgmental about things you simply don’t appear to understand. Humility is a virtue and overweening pride is a sin. Look to your own house and take the beam out of your own eye before claiming your neighbor has splinters in his eyes.

          4. hangem'high says

            The unicorn is real, as with dragons.

          5. Ray Schneider, P.E., Ph.D. says

            In the world of make-believe the unicorn and the dragon are both real and carry significant symbolism. Real admits of several constructions which are all quite real.

          6. hangem'high says

            Even today with a closed mind the Komodo dragon, alligator and crocodile lives funny how the make-believe world deceives the learned. Not only are the unicorns and dragons mentioned in the Bible but recorded by Norsemen and Chinese. Today the unicorn is known by different names but a mammal just the same! Amazing how opening you mind just a little will give you all the answer in which you seek! Unicorn; meaning a mammal with one horn, how the unbelievers interpret it is up to them, are they real, you decide?

          7. Ray Schneider, P.E., Ph.D. says

            There are all kinds of fabulous animals mentioned in ancient documents. How many are imaginary and how many are misunderstandings and how many were real but are no more, those are all some of the alternatives. We have nothing from the past but bits of things and documents that they wrote. Figuring out what was going on is quite a fun thing to do. But don’t hang your hat on it too securely because someone will certainly come along with a different interpretation and a different story.

          8. hangem'high says

            Fair enough; I just find it interesting how people that read or hear something from the past are quick to dismiss it as fairy tales or make believe. When the individual writing it down thought it important enough to take the effort to record it, that’s all?

          9. Ray Schneider, P.E., Ph.D. says

            Totally agree! I’ve been doing some research on old stories from the early times of Christianity and seeing how they changed over time. The stories and the changes reflect the understanding of the writers and it’s fascinating to see the progression.

            I think the same thing works in other kinds of narrative and in stories particularly. The Unicorn was a symbol of virtue I think and only a virgin could ride one. I suspect that had some Christian implications and stories and of course dragons are quite fearsome and we have statues of the archangel Michael spearing a dragon, presumably Satan. The images carry symbol and story and are quite fascinating. The Leviathan in the Bible is an interesting creature. It is a whale? The story of Jonah suggests they knew about whales. So exactly what is the Leviathan? Fascinating stuff!

          10. Ken says

            All you have is mans understanding,my Lord has taken the beam out of my Eyes, maybe you should take your own advise.

          11. Ray Schneider, P.E., Ph.D. says

            And you know this how? I don’t think so Ken. My sense of things is that you’re quite thoroughly deluded. When you discover the truth which still seems far from you I think you’ll be surprised. How do you know what books of the bible are actually canonical?

          12. joe says

            Oooooh Youtube why did you not say so that is where the real truth comes from I believe you now it all must be true I WILL NEVER DOUBT YOU AGAIN OH WISE ONE.

          13. greyfox says

            Hey Ken, you’re kidding right?

          14. Ken says

            No, was on 8 or 9 medications, got dizzy three or four times, wanted to end it less than a year ago. Today i couldn’t feel better, have no idea the last time i got dizzy, thinking i was going to die. TRUTH is Stanger than FICTION.

          15. hangem'high says

            I have battled demons and met Satan, he is real enough!

          16. joe says

            You have seen christ huh, what color socks was he wearing? does satan have pointed horns or does he have something more like antlers like you would find on rudolph?

        2. hangem'high says

          We’re all over 6000 years old! “I knew you before you we’re in the womb!

          1. Ken says

            Oh! that MATRIX of the SEED OF THE WOMEN.

      2. hangem'high says

        Welcome to Hell!

        1. Ken says

          Another Lie, Like Lucifer. but Satan is Real.

          1. hangem'high says

            Lucifer the angel of light falling to earth and all who followed him! Once delivered there’s only one way out?

      3. joe says

        I am going to have to fly over to your house on my magical unicorn to sit down and have a chat with you this stuff is just fascinating. While I am there maybe you can give me advice on a troll living under the bridge on my street he seems to be angry all the time, is it because I have never paid his toll of 2 golden coins to cross the bridge? who knows maybe he just has an alcohol problem, anyway let’s chat about that shall we. I am going to have to get back to you on a date it is snowing here and cold in Ohio and Chuck hates the cold he refuses to come out of his magic vase and he sure wont fly when it is this cold I even gave him some nice warm socks but nooo Chuck will have none of that he is one spoiled rotten unicorn. I guess it is part my fault for feeding him turnips when ever he asks instead of hay like all the other unicorns eat but hey when he pokes his little horn up on the supper table it is hard to refuse him.

  6. Buck says

    Stupid is as stupid does & the people who are pushing this agenda are completely IGNORANT! No such thing as white privelage ,however; there is black privilige ! Just look at all the handouts the blacks get! I would like to be able to sit on my butt & draw a check , get free food , free health care & all the other perks they get!

    1. Jarhead says

      And don’t forget since Welfare is so high….it can be easily converted into cash for vacations. TATS, booze, hard drugs, gambling, etc. Isn’t Welfare GREAT?

      1. Edd USN Ret. says

        Don’t forget the DRUG TESTS, we go thru, to keep earning the money to pay taxes for moochers that don’t have to undergo drug tests to get their money from the system. This also basically applies to CONGRESS. When have you heard about a congressman busted for drug use????

        1. Jarhead says

          Florida recently had one resign UNDER PRESSURE for Crack use…had been arrested several times……took a AA class for 28 days and attempted to go back to Washington “CURED”….DUH !!!

    2. Elaine Eckart says

      giving handouts does not take anyone out of poverty, but limiting what they can get does. When people want more, they will work harder for it.
      Handouts do not teach self respect, a job does.

      1. Yadja says

        There is a segment of the American population that have learned how to get money up to 3,000 a month so why do they want to work?

        Just like employers say they have jobs but people are doing fine on Unemployment benefits for years on end they are fat and happy and will use it to the max.

        Our problems go deep.

        1. jaybird says

          The government is always saying that “Social Security” is going to run out of money. You never hear them say that “welfare” is going to run out of money. We the taxpayer worked to pay for SS and also worked to pay for the ones on welfare.

          1. Yadja says

            It is a shame that this country allows the government to take money away from us before we get our paychecks. Then all you put into SS will never be given back to you and they make sure of it by the retirement age. Then if you retire early you loose hundreds of dollars a month.

            We do not pay taxes they take taxes. These people on Welfare and government programs don’t realize it is only going to last as long as the working class lasts and it can only give what the working class can give.

            All these hypocrite millionaires that say they don’t mind their taxes going up think they fool all the people all the time we know anyone can give as much money to the government as they want.

            It is all a sham and a shame what has become of our Republic.

          2. Edd USN Ret. says

            I’ll give you a way to fix the SS problems, get all the so called representative we elect to represent us off their CHERRY retirement program and put them under the SS program. You will be amazed how fast the SS system will become health and SELF-SUSTAINING in the future.

          3. Yadja says

            I would like to know why when the Democrats have the largest number of millionaires representing this country these big heart spenders of tax payers dollars why they don’t say no to their salary, no to their benefits, no to their goodies no to everything, they don’t need that money, they are millionaires.

            Romney said he would not take the pay if president or the benefits and he would pay for his own vacations etc so what is the matter with the bleeding heart Liberal buffoons?

            Hypocrites they want your money and mine and keep theirs.

          4. Edd USN Ret. says

            Millionaires are millionaires because they KEEP their money and TAKE YOUR MONEY. They freeload on TAX PAYERS and live the good life while keeping their wallet CLOSED. Sides, I’m covered and so is my family after I do two terms in government as your representative, so screw you AH!

          5. Shauna says

            Your a representative? a politician?

          6. Edd USN Ret. says

            No, I’m retired and trying to live on what I PAID INTO both in BLOOD and SWEAT over the years. I’m not politically correct and could not get elected to TURD PICKER UPPER.

          7. Yadja says

            OK good your one of us. We have the Turd in the WH and need a picker upper and soon. It is stinking up the world.

          8. Edd USN Ret. says

            Sorry that leaves me out. But I sure would love to be able to leave on hell of a mess that will never get his his 72 virgins ( male) an spend eternity in hell instead!

          9. Shauna says

            amen brother, amen!!

          10. Yadja says

            You and millions of others including Muslims being slaughtered.

          11. Shauna says

            Forgive me Edd, completely misunderstood your post..I thought you were insulting Yadja….was going to take a chunk out of your arse. Again, sorry for my misunderstanding and a “THANK YOU” for your service… carry on sir.

          12. Edd USN Ret. says

            GOD BLESS YOU SHAUNA. Thank you for caring, and not using “SHIT” to write on my windshield “BABY KILLER”

          13. Yadja says

            That is what I was wondering. I asked him also.

          14. Yadja says

            Then they should be encouraged to not take the money or benefits. I have known many people of money and they were very generous, even knew some representatives who were good.

            Term limits would be a good start and end that make them save like the rest of us. Our Founding Fathers felt constant turnover was good and that is a fact. We have guys in Congress so old they are crumbling before our eyes.

          15. Edd USN Ret. says

            Damn, you are smart!!! Term limits and enrollment under the SS program are great but I’d like to add one more, Military service in support of what AMERICA is suppose to represent to the rest of the world but last but not least, be an HONEST AMERICAN CITIZEN and not hide the records.

          16. Yadja says

            You know even the Swiss serve and are armed at home along with other countries.

            I agree serve and show all records hide nothing when running for office. In fact we need to go back to the States vetting the candidate and not allowing the party to vet them. Try finding out who vetted O only name comes up is Pelosi.

          17. Jody Lancaster says

            Own parties vetting their own should never be allowed. They should have a private sector doing that.

          18. Yadja says

            Yep like putting the fox in the hen house and expecting it to not eat the chickens.

          19. ward says

            Crumbling & not doing a damn thing for the U.S. Citizens but kiss ass with bo & his dictatorial law breaking schemes with abused power to dictate the U.S.A. with his foreign illegal duped slaves..!

          20. Yadja says

            Someone just asked are you a representative or a politician that is the impression you gave but I don’t think that is what you meant, I think you were using that as an emphasis to your thoughts. So if you are a representative or in government let us know then man-up to who you are so I can call my local Talk Radio show in the AM and tell them all about you.

          21. David Gearhart says

            Thank you for your service. I was a business and the government gave me tax breaks for creating more jobs and for training programs. I also got tax breaks for putting my money back into the business to improve it. That is what President Reagan was talking about with his top down economics. He was not giving money away, he created tax breaks for expanding the work force.

          22. Jody Lancaster says

            Too bad there was so much voter fraud; our country would be in better shape if he would have won.

          23. Yadja says

            When Governor Scott came into office he went through Florida voting precincts with a fine tooth comb. His groups found 35,000 votes in the last presidential election made by dead people. He also found precincts where there were boxes of votes hidden away and the people who ran the polling sites biased and cheating.

            I don’t think O won this election.

          24. ward says

            These greedy bastards have money and now they want power & bo is working his totalitarian dictatorship & support control by these 10% filthy rich for their whims .. !

          25. Yadja says

            Yes they do they are among the richest in this country but they don’t give up their benefits, their pay or their security or goodies they take from us.

            They need to be horse whipped. They continue to use the useful idiots who support them and that includes O.

          26. ward says

            They need indictment & prosecution with a max penalty for treason against the U.S.

          27. Yadja says

            I am now in a state of shock by O’s letter to Congress telling them to stay out of Iran and what he is doing and Kerry saying that O’s Executive Order will stand and there is nothing Congress can do about it. Yet the Sanctions on Iran exist and were put into place by Congress so O is truly showing his “Audacity of Hope” to become a Dictator.

            The “Stupid” in this country are not going to like it when it hits. They will be weeded out and destroyed or put to work for the government.

          28. sha44ss says

            bho is just the puppett…the real man behind the scenes is George Soro’s who is attempting to topple our government now too! Our politicians are being bought and sold on a daily basis and until a leader emerges that can bring JUSTICE against the traitors and bring back our REPUBLIC we are fighting a losing battle.


          29. Gina D says

            Also a good idea!

          30. Jody Lancaster says

            Agreed. If Congress and the Senate have the same Social Security and Medicare; it would have been fixed long ago. They never were given the right to give themselves raises, special retirement and healthcare packages; they just do it. It’s time they start having what everyone else has. We really need TERM LIMITS and AGE LIMITS in those positions. I also think those positions could be weeded out and they could get by with less people. Maybe one Senator and one Congressman from each state. Abolish the IRS and Homeland Security. Stop all foreign aide. Deport all illegals and refugees. That would save tons of money and help to pay down the Federal Debt.

          31. Charlotte says

            Great idea! Who do we get to set this up??

          32. Gina D says

            If you do the math, you will see that any one who collects SSA for any length of time gets out more (often much more) than they paid in. That being said, expanding SSA and Medicare would benefit the entire economy, not only those currently enrolled.

          33. Edd USN Ret. says

            Gina, during the time I worked, I did not have the knowledge nor the money to provide a retired living I had wished for! SS made me put money aside for the future, it came out before I saw the money. It was an INVESTMENT and paid for those ahead of me to be covered by those behind me if my input did not grow as well as forecast. I’m WHITE and never got a dime of free money but fell for the promise that I would pay for those before me and those behind me would help make my future life better with their contributions to cover the shortfall of revenue from investments of the government. Our congress saw fit to rob the system to pay for things it was not suppose to because it paid for their re-election an cost them nothing. please get off my case and look at the facts.

          34. Gina D says

            Absolutely correct about the SSA trust fund being used for many other purposes. Still, at least for now, and well into the future with a few minor changes, SSA will continue to pay full benefits to retirees.

          35. Yadja says

            Don’t know about you but I was a big money maker and I was raped by taxes. There is no way they will ever be able to pay me back what they took.

            Sorry not in my case.

          36. Gina D says

            Since the FiCA tax has been capped for as long as the system has been in place, high wage earners actually pay a lower % than low or middle income earners. this has no relationship to what you may have paid in income taxes. Again, I suggest you look at what you have paid into the SSA system vs. what you are or will get in retirement. Given your reply, I think the answer will surprise you.

          37. Yadja says

            I actually get a readout from SS every year showing every job I had from youth to now and the money I made and how much I would get with just these jobs onboard. And it is not what I am used to living off of and so I will continue to work but PRN because I am partially retired on my own doing.

            Saved and invested and took out my 401ks. Did a few other things I won’t go into on here. So I live comfortably for now and work when I want. I put in close to 30 years as an RN and joined the Reserves in 1988 and served as Combat Support Nurse in this war and Shield/Storm.

            So I am through with nursing but will keep my license active. Just in case.

          38. Jody Lancaster says

            They keep saying about Social Security which is what the taxpayers have paid into it. The reason there are more people on it; is the baby boomers. They knew this would happen long ago. Another thing is they keep raising the retirement age and many of these baby boomers get sick in their early 60’s and have to take their retirement early. They should have raised the cap a long time ago. It’s such a small amount coming out of the checks that the wealthy wouldn’t even notice it. The wealthy collect Social Security the same as everyone else. Another thing is the shortfall of jobs in this country. Unemployment does not last very long anymore; the rules have changed and these older people just end up taking their Social Security sooner. They should have been ahead of the game and raised the cap long ago knowing this was coming. We need to take care of our own in this country. Quit giving the taxpayer’s dollars to illegals, refugees, and foreign countries. Our country no longer has the extra to send billions; instead they are borrowing it; it has to stop somewhere. Maybe they need to abolish Congress and the Senate and hire Accountants instead.

          39. Yadja says

            You hit it.

          40. ward says

            YEP ; The government steals & gives to the free loader lazy & then they steal again from the ones that take care of their dead ass & bo laughs @ their dumb ass while using them to support his dictatorship that will enslave them for his whims & ways or cut their head off as an infidel not being part of his muslim, marxist tyranny regime ! Drugs & created racism are working well for bo @ both ends but not for very long when his indictments for treason nail him & his support cronies … !

          41. Yadja says

            Son of a gun and a female dog your right.

          42. ward says

            When kennedy dems made S.S. a part of welfare it went into the red & bo is now raping it every way he can to dupe foreign illegals & freeloaders to be his dictated slaves bankrupting the U.S. for his dictatorship & destroying U.S. Citizens Rights !

          43. festmatt5440 says

            It was doing just fine , until ‘ LBJ ‘ combined it with the ( General Fund ) so that he could use it for everything ‘ else ,too .

        2. ward says

          AND bo’s wannabe dictator whims get more deceitful against U.S Citizens …!

          1. Yadja says


        3. Jane says

          In Canada a single mom does not bother finding work. Guess what they get: a free new townhome, free medical, and 5000 clear a month. And if they want to go to college that is paid for too! But they have to have 4 or more kids…..

          1. Yadja says

            That is sad and that is like what America has. The single mother down the road from me has 3 children and she gets close to 1000 a month for their care from the state. She also gets free medical care, meds, housing money etc. She gets close to 3,500 a month all together. I know because we were all helping her in the neighborhood we did not know she was strung out on drugs until her mother came to get the children and told us. Her mother now gets the 1000.

          2. Jody Lancaster says

            What?? That is worse than Welfare in the US.

          3. Jane says

            It is welfare here for single moms!

          4. Yadja says

            I have heard this from many others.

        4. festmatt5440 says

          And , it will be a long time , if ever ‘ ; before they get corrected ‘.

        5. ward says

          yadja ; Left out fat, dumb & happy for now until bo bankrupts the U.S. & these freeloaders become his slaves of support for his musllim, commie, dictatorship from hell that their own ignorance supported by being so damned lazy …!

          1. Yadja says

            Sigh……tis so and has been and will be for longer than you and I will live unless something dramatic happens to blow um off those fat backs.

        6. ward says

          Lazy free loaders is exactly what bo is creating along with his illegal foreigners to populate the U.S. as his own support for bo’s totalitarian muslim dictatorship … !

          1. Yadja says

            I fear we are on an abyss and if Congress and the Supreme Court do not come through for this country we are through.

            O’s audacity to bypass Congress on something as serious as this negotiation with Iran is inconceivable and men who have been in politics for all their lives said never have they seen a president like O.

            The Iranians involved honestly think it is the UN that is in charge of all this and they have not a clue about Congress.

      2. Doctor Hook says

        “When you subsidize poverty and failure, you get more of both.”

        — James Dale Davidson

    3. Beeotchstewie says

      And yet they offer little back to the overall betterment of society, (they contribute NOTHING positive) for the most part. Just another way to blame whitey for a complete lack of personal responsibility for poor choices in life IMO.

      1. Buck says

        You are completely right! If the blacks do not get their way the first thing they do is cry racism but the blacks are the biggest racist of everyone.

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          I tell racist blacks that they need look no further than their own mirrors if they want to see the true face of racism in America today. I also tell them that the Democrats who you vote blindly for en masse, are responsible for the KKK and for Jim Crow laws, also that lovely quote about keeping them voting Democrat for the next 200 years. Blacks need to wake up and realize they have been used, now Obama will cast them aside in favor of Hispanics and Muslims he wants to give everything to. Suckers

          1. Edd USN Ret. says

            You really need to put the muSLIMES before the Hispanics in oBOMBa’s mind. The muSLIMES will fight for and die for oBOMBa while the Hispanics will only VOTE for him and maybe keep him in office. Who is most valuable??

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            I agree wholly. Muslims are definitely our biggest threat, starting with the Islamunist in our White Mosque.

          3. Michael Clemente says

            Time for dumb blacks to know who there friends reality are…

          4. simplynotred says

            No that will never happen, cause their true friends are the one that buy them beer. Start buying beer for them, and you will make a bunch of black friends. It works the same way for white democrats, buy them beer, and a burger/pizza and you will have a friend as long as you buy them the same. Throw in a few jokes about funny white people and they will love it.

          5. Beeotchstewie says

            Only way to get that switch made is to offer them more free unearned entitlements.

          6. phyllisjmurphy says

            Welfare population on its 6th generation…worked in juvenile drugs and crime and all the illiterate school dropout pitifully brain washed by local gangs as momma home getting fat eating junk food or ready to have another kid…Much of the time no Daddy ever in their lives and also much of the time promiscuity so great, did not even know or care who Daddy was…Welfare treasury kept them fat and lazy! They had no interest in learning to read and write or perform 3rd grade math…Much of my career spent going into ghetto homes and hauling the brats out of bed and dragging them to school..As soon as I left the slugs went out the back door to smoke dope or target practice with their 45′ specials that the majority had! This was Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society creating the generational welfare to the point that over 50% of Americans and illegal aliens are emptying the welfare bank!

          7. rmwayne says

            That was when the Democrats had sense. Now they hate anybody who’s white, Christian, heterosexual and/or conservative. I’ll take the Klan and Jim Crow over Obama’s systematic destruction of this country any day.

          8. Beeotchstewie says

            ANYTHING is better than Obama, an enemy of this country.

          9. Amerikztan says

            finally something non-bigoted I CAN agree with.

          10. james walls says

            I will take the old KKK over all this bull sxxx that we have in office today I am old enough to remember the old KKK they would whip a sorry white mans ass as quick as a black mans old enough to know what went on

          11. phyllisjmurphy says

            Agree with you!

        2. James Maxwell says

          You have to remember that ever since LBJ and his “Great Society” socialism
          experiment they have continually thrown food stamps, welfare, preferential
          treatment and tons of excuses to the Black Community rather than demanding
          that they improve themselves to join society as a whole. In School they are
          given grades they did not earn, a placement in a University if they can play
          basketball, baseball or football even if they do not keep up the required
          grade point average. I do not blame them as much as I blame the politicians
          who have fed this this line of BS and dumbed them down to accepting this
          as the normal. I know many Black Americans and also knew and worked
          with them in the Military. Many were extremely bright and educated and were
          not the typical ghetto idiot we see on the TV news at 10PM each night.
          This has caused a bad image in our Nation and you see youths from different
          cultures follow the idiots rather than those who set a standard of excellence
          and have earned respect by thier own actions for both themselves and their

          1. ward says

            These LBJ libtards are the criminals that steal from the ones that have built all the Freedom & Rights that these freeloaders are abusing & destroyingl U.S. Citizens future with their freeloading criminal laziness & support for bo’s deceitful lies .. !

          2. pmbalele says

            Stop reasoning like a Hitler. The problem is racism against Blacks. This is shown everywhere now in government and private sector and even in federal district court. Some Repubs federal district judges hate Blacks for being in this country. These are particularly those in the 7th Circuit. We need strong US DOJ to sue state governments for their discriminatory behavior.

          3. Shauna says

            It must really suck to be so miserable, living in your narrow minded little world. I’ll pray for you.

          4. Yadja says

            Ya it shows up now and again must have a sadomasochistic streak always gets kicked from one end to the other he was one of the Goobers Gruber spoke of on O care.

          5. Gina D says

            Nice to see someone here in touch with reality. FYI for the folks who are going to skewer us: there are many more whites than African Americans on SNAP (food stamps), public assistance and medicaid. Whether white or black, the majority on all of these programs are children and the elderly.

          6. Michael Clemente says


          7. BillyBoy49 says

            Does a dead person really give a damm what color his killer was? What the duck color or a efing % has anything to with a dead person. Hell–DEAD IS DEAD

          8. Michael Clemente says

            Bellboy, are you serious? When you as a black kid are more likely to be killed by your own kind and you as a white person going to a black town will live? Try Chinatown…. Little Italy town… Irish town… anywhere but black town, you WILL survive. You must be black from Chicago or just plain stupid.

          9. BillyBoy49 says

            Mike, I am a black man who was a black kid, lived on the black streets, and in a black community, where many crimes were committeds. Yet those crime were reported as “BLACK CRIMEs” not crimes. When we segragate crimes according to race, we delegate those crime according to racial divides. If we treat murder, rape, and other crimes, as crimes, regardeless of who did the deed, we should put fourth the same 100% effort to solve the issue. However, when race comes into play, it is more easier to down play the crime if it’s black on black, than Black on white.

          10. rmwayne says

            It’s downplayed all the time if reported at all when the criminal is black and the victim white. If the criminal happens to be white though and the victim black it makes national news and the white defendant is accused of all kind of hate crimes.

          11. obama says

            @Michael Clemente: You are full of it. I lived in an Italian neighborhood in Cleveland. If a slightly dark complected white person walked down the street, they were beaten with a pipe and had to walk to the emergency room if they were able. So get off your racist comments.

          12. glenn398 says

            Since the white population is 63% and black 12% if you go on percentage on snap program blacks are by far the majority.

          13. rmwayne says

            And what is the percentage of negroids on welfare compared to the percentage of white people?

          14. Yadja says

            If you had a DOJ that was anymore on your side than Holder or a president any more on your side you would be having Whites for slaves.

            Get off it your all in your own way. Blacks kill Blacks, Blacks pimp Blacks, Blacks sell drugs to kill Blacks and get them hooked.

            Get a grip.

          15. pmbalele says

            I am really sorry for you. Think who brings illegal drugs from South America. Definitely not Blacks. It is rich White with air planes. these then hire jobless Blacks to distribute drugs.

          16. Yadja says

            There ya go again nuttier than ever.

            Is your cap too tight?

          17. Michael Clemente says


          18. pmbalele says

            Please tell me why TPs and Repubs do not like our governor -Walker as their 2016 nominee. I know Walker is a college drop-out. In fact the far right media people are avoiding promoting Walker. Yesterday I briefed watched Megyn Kelli show and detected that Megyn has very low opinion on Walker. Kelli has JD degree and hates to see a college drop-out run for the WH job. Are you also in Kelli camp?

          19. phyllisjmurphy says

            Hey Walker a stupendous man….He was in his senior year and a semester or something totally unimportant to the essence of the man’s abilities…Geez, look up the Kennedy boys grades and the Bush boys..Kennedy poppa bought degrees for the Kennedy boys thru generous donations so get over the crap of the college degree and important element any more except in higher sciences and medicine!

          20. pmbalele says

            Did I tell you Walker, because of his jealous; Walker wants to defund 4 year colleges. He does not see college education as worthy a shit. His reasoning is that if he can be governor without college degree, therefore college degrees are a waste of money. Walker wants to import doctors, nurses and other professionals from England, Tanzania, Kenya, Poland, Germany and Russia

          21. Yadja says

            Bush had his college grades put on the net and they were right up there with the best who are in office. O the smartest man in the world won’t even let his be put up anywhere.

            I like Walker and it does not take a college education to make a good leader.

          22. David Gearhart says

            Crack cocaine came from Jamaica, the Columbia’s cocaine came to the US through Jamaica. The backs that handed it were the gang leaders in the black government housing. It was too expensive for them to sell to the housing unit blacks. They made crack out of it and sold that for $3 a hit. They then brought it to the US. The whites are not responsible for all of the black problems. The whites didn’t come up with the baby momma career of getting as many girls as they can pregnant then get them on welfare with their babies and then forcing them to support the man with the welfare money that they get to raise the children. What a job.

          23. phyllisjmurphy says

            Amen! Have watched the f………..g black procreators brag on TV News about havin maybe 20 babies out there some place by lots of different girls and feeling absolutely no responsibility for his criminal behaviors, a slug and a thug usually illiterate and criminal record and dred locks!

          24. Yadja says

            When I worked in an Inner City hospital, most of our patients were Black they would come in having their 8th child and the doctor would suggest tying their tubes and they would say He!! no. The more they have the more they got. Even when it was unhealthy for them.

          25. Yadja says

            He has not a clue and I will bet he does not know that the slave trade was mostly perpetrated by the Muslims who were the Barbary Coast Pirates and that the Muslims killed millions of Africans and they are still killing everywhere all over the world.

            They killed close to a million Europeans due to their enslaving them. He is clueless and this is what O and Holder are playing on, this stupidity.

            Bet he has not a clue that millions of us in this country have ancestors who never owned slaves yet he will be leading the crowd for Reparations which I am surprised O has not brought up yet but he still has time unless our Congress finds their backbones and get rid of him like we voted them in to do.

          26. David Gearhart says

            Yarja, Obama know exactly what he is doing. He learned to be a Communist agitator from the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals. He worked for Bill Ayers Woods Fund and called himself community instead of communist. His Arab roots go back to his birth and up bringing and continues. AAAAN, CAIR, PLO, Hamas and Iran were all funding his campaign. He hate the majority of Americans and capitalism.

          27. Yadja says

            So good to hear those who know the truth. I have known these facts about O for years. We need to continue to try and get the word out on O. Giuliani brought it all up again and I actually believed Trump and others would follow instead he clammed-up and stopped letting the truth out.

            I can not for the life of me figure out how O manages to shut everyone up unless he is actually threatening them with their lives.

          28. David Gearhart says

            Yadja, the progressive liberal socialist are the media. most of the media is owned by the same people. George Soros owns and controls a major portion of the media. The facts have always been there and anyone even asking about them was attacked as a racist. President Wilson the first liberal progressive democrat, set up their propaganda under the Committee on Public Information, which was so successful that Hitler used the format for his propaganda machine. They lie and deceive with emotional one sided telling what to think propaganda instead of reporting the news. They hate Fox news because their emotional rants come out looking stupid when the truth, facts and rational thoughts are applied. Fox lets both side air their views, it is not their fault that the liberals emotional knee jerking hissy fit rants has no basis in common sense.

          29. Yadja says

            Great post and right on. Don’t forget in the 30’s Old man Rockefeller tried along with others to take over the Air Waves and failed.

            Got a great video for you from Egypt and it is hilarious. The person who sent it is in Egypt now. Share it and listen to this Egyptian music stars song. She puts it like we all feel. She points out the Egyptians are not fools and they know he is a Terrorist.


          30. David Gearhart says

            Yadja, I watched the video, I was surprised by it’s vulgarity although the message was clear. The Arabs are calling the ISIS ‘Obama’s Spring’ since they are the people he is supporting, calling them the ‘Arab Spring’. Their massage has not changed, they continue to say that they will kill all of the jews and Americans, Is supporting the being suicidal? The democrats are still trying to dominate the air waves. They hate Fox news for actually reporting the news instead of creating or being the news. George Soros is the new Rockefeller in trying to dominate the air waves. Liberal broad cast have to be supported publicly trough tax dollars. which I believe to be illegal. I do enjoy some classical music from time to time but not the politics that the spout to go with it.

          31. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL that is why Morsi was ditched fast the Egyptians are worldly and have always been guests to travelers and archeologists from all over the world. For sure no burka on this gal.

            I love Classical music, Sarah Brightman does it up right she is an angel sent to make us happy with her voice.

          32. phyllisjmurphy says

            Well, dummy, do the blacks have to buy the crap! When I worked in crime and drugs, boy all the crack houses and meth labs were in black neighborhoods fool! All blacks had to do was no babies til married and at least high school complete and definitely no baby unless dad in the picture and supporting…absolutely criminal that society has to support this warped whining welfare segment of American Society!

          33. pmbalele says

            You are dumb. How many rich Whites did we lose last year for overdosing themselves? A lot. But they were not caught by White police before killing themselves or others. Police in big cities are always dispatched to Black neighborhoods to harass Blacks. It is not worthy debating with you because you were raised to believe only Blacks overdose themselves- not White.

          34. Yadja says

            Such an excellent post it is just so much easier to play the victim and Holder and O have condoned it and encouraged it.

          35. rmwayne says

            We’re already slaves. Stealing our money with high taxes and stealing our freedom with abominable laws like this Obamacare garbage has made slaves of us. The pinhead who wants to sue state govts. just wants to steal even more from white taxpayers.

          36. Yadja says

            25 States have put a hold on Immigration and we don’t know how long it will take my guess is it will end up in the Supreme Court and they best watch their step because a Dictator does not need them either.

            Governors are now fighting back on many levels and that is what needed to be done. He has taken their sovereignty away from them and many sent him letters when he first came into office declaring their sovereignty. Lincoln unfortunately did damage to the sovereignty of the states after the Civil War. He knew they were the answer and could revolt.

            We might get through this.

          37. rmwayne says

            You’re absolutely right Yadja. It’s good to meet another person who realizes the damage that Lincoln did, not only by murdering white southerners but also by taking power from the states and giving it to the federal govt.

          38. Yadja says

            I read about everyone of our presidents and I actually had a few books on Lincoln that put into perspective what his goals were for this country and he did not care how he reached them. His cruelty to the Southern soldiers at Camp Douglas in Illinois is inconceivable. The horrible deaths of those soldiers and Lincoln knew about it and actually had a walkway above the prison so the public could come and look down on these poor Souls and mock them in their misery.

            Then the Lincoln/Douglas debates show exactly what Lincoln thought of Blacks and he was not their Savior he detested them and saw them as inferior. He did not want to free the slaves he tried ways to keep from doing it and then only used them.

            One has to dig very deep into history to find the truth. He was only kind to the soldiers after the war because he needed the South to build the Union but his actions when going to the Southern capital and the way he acted in the office shows again a nasty guy.

          39. rmwayne says

            I knew that he wasn’t too fond of blacks. But I had never heard of what he did at that POW camp. Being from Louisiana, my ancestors fought for the Confederacy’s independence. I only hope none of them were in that camp. Also, when I was in the 8th grade one of the subjects was Louisiana History. The teacher was a woman from Ohio. And one day she gave a test in class. One of the questions was “Who was president during the Civil War?” My answer was “Jefferson Davis was our president during the War for Southern Independence”. She marked it wrong until I told her she didn’t say which side’s president. And since this was Louisiana History, our president was Jeff Davis. And believe it or not she actually said I was right and marked the answer as correct….LOL. As for U.S. presidents, my two favorites would have to be John Tyler, who became a member of Jefferson Davis’ Cabinet and Franklin Pierce, who although he was from New Hampshire, had the common sense to see that the states of the Confederacy had every right to secede.

          40. Yadja says

            This is an interesting post cute story. There may be states seceding here really soon. I know I don’t want to be in this country anymore with this Satanic man in office and this Progressive Demons.

            I want him out of office and don’t know why he is still in.

          41. rmwayne says

            When Texas started voting for secession, I truly hoped my home state of Louisiana would secede also. Both Texas and Louisiana are still stuck under Obama’s despicable reign, but I realize how Poland and the rest of Europe must have felt under Hitler’s thumb in the 1930s and early 40s.

          42. Yadja says

            It is incredible to hear the things O is doing to states that oppose him and Governors that oppose him. We have to rid ourselves of him and soon.

          43. rmwayne says

            Even if we were to get rid of him and ship his sorry butt back to Kenya today, I don’t know if this country could recover from the damage he’s done. Not anytime soon anyway.

          44. Yadja says

            As long as we rid our government of the Muslims in high positions in Homeland Security, there are six that are tied to Muslim Brotherhood, allow the FBI to continue it’s investigations into CAIR that O stopped and get them out of this country for good, not vote any Progressives in and have Cruz, Walker, Perry, Carson, Gowdy etc in the office of DOJ, DOD etc we will be OK.

          45. OldPatriot32 says

            Before you go all teary over Camp Douglas, you need to read a book entitled ‘Andersonville”, it documents the starvation of Union prisoners by Confederates, worse treatment than the Germans gave us in WW2. They literally had to pick corn out of their feces to survive. So, there are two sides to every story, when it comes to man’s inhumanity to man.

          46. Yadja says

            Sir, I don’t get teary eyed easily. I am a Combat Support Army Reserve nurse since 1988 and served in Shield/Storm and this war. So save your ugly for someone else.

            I know about Andersonville, my point was that Lincoln knew about Douglas, visited it, made mock of it by building an observation platform around it for all those good Northerners to walk around and look down on the prisoners lobbing insults and other things at them. That sir was my point.

            As far as comparing the two one was as bad as the other. By the way my mother and grand were interred in Japanese POW camps in the Philippines for the duration of WWII, I know a thing or two about brutality, cruelty and horror.

          47. David Herke says

            Here we go again this is the type of racism I see in this country you can’t have your way so you want to sue the courts because you don’t do what your suppose to be doing if you don’t like thing it’s called voting. If you don’t like the way courts are you vote and put people in office that well change thing. If you vote for someone just because of the color of his skin then your a racist.

          48. glenn398 says

            David yes and blacks vote almost 100% for blacks even those that just got out of prison.

          49. phyllisjmurphy says

            Yep! Dummies do not realize, old Jihadist Muslim Obama is 50% white, his play girl momma kid of wealthy Dunhams bank board members on Hawaiian bank board…left Obama over 12 million bucks and real estate! Obama made fun of his white grandparents frequently as Obama like all Muslims hate Jews and white race!

          50. Yadja says

            Exactly O was never a poor Black American.

          51. Yadja says

            And O wants to give all the illegals voting rights along with the thousands of Syrian refugees he wants to bring into this country but because FOX exposed him on it and representative McCaul went on and spilled the beans and thanked FOX for allowing him to talk about it. Otherwise this O was going to bring 300,000 Syrian refugees here.

            Notice all the illegals are Hispanic or Muslim no White Europeans?

            We are in deep dodo.

          52. glenn398 says

            Want to bring them in, he has already been bringing them in by the bus load. He was dropping them in Arizona 5000 at a time all on public housing and the rest of the welfare goodies.

          53. Yadja says

            Yes I know since 2011 he has brought thousands via Charter flights and people are reporting it.

          54. glenn398 says

            Here is Phx. they are everywhere when only a couple of years ago there were none. I just wish they would find out what soap and water are for and what the American term work means.

          55. Yadja says

            I know where they are not. My little town in Florida. I know where they don’t want to be, my little town in Florida.

            After 9/11 they ran the local corner store owner out and all his Pakistani employees. To keep his store going he had to hire locals.

            Just now bringing his people back in.

            This is a gun free zone and these people hunt for their food hunting season or not, we live next to a National Forest, they don’t fool around.

          56. glenn398 says

            Being Phx is not a little town we don’t have your control but it has been a help to the criminal activities as it has greatly increased. Obama was going to punish Arizona anyway as it has always been against his policies, especially with sheriff Joe.

          57. Yadja says

            Yep criminals will always have guns as shown by the fact all our politicians and pres and his administration are surrounded by guards that do.

            Sheriff Joe is not a favorite for sure.

          58. glenn398 says

            No sheriff Joe isn’t especially with the illegals and those that love them.

          59. Yadja says

            Never thought Sheriff Joe was with the illegals he has been clear on his views and I like him.

          60. glenn398 says

            Maybe I worded it wrong, he is their worse enemy.

          61. Yadja says

            Gotcha. “)

          62. glenn398 says

            They really stuck it to him and the tax payer. He was assigned a federal agent to watch every move he made and the state had to pay this agent.

          63. Yadja says

            That is what this filthy, underhanded, disgusting thug Muslim in the WH does to anyone who goes against him.

            This needs to be all over the news.

          64. glenn398 says

            Since most news is liberal controlled that isn’t going to happen.

          65. Yadja says

            FOX will carry it if someone reports it and the Sheriff will show.

          66. glenn398 says

            True but Fox is the only one and that leaves out a lot of people getting the message.

          67. Michael Clemente says


          68. pmbalele says

            The problem with TPs and Repubs is that they were raised to despise Blacks as physically weak and intellectually inferior to Whites. Did you tell you today I went to two state of Wisconsin office and did not see a Black person among the employees? And here you are TPs and Repubs cursing why we have ISIS. You have to repair the sins of this Country before cursing ISIS. President Obama plan to defeat ISIS is right. I believe these ISIS had despaired and the only alternative is to kill us here. Thank God we have FBI and CIA to watch young Americans coming from ISIS. But also we people here should fight racism. But for you TPs and Repubs fighting racism is last thing in your mind. You think is fun and funny to discriminate against Blacks.

          69. David Gearhart says

            I took my wife to a welfare office because due to her health she could no longer work. The way the economy is these days you have to have two incomes coming in to survive. We were told by a black receptionist that we were the wrong color and that we could fill out the paper work but we would not get food stamps or any help.

          70. Jody Lancaster says

            That is true. Minorities are at the top level for getting the freebies. Even illegals get freebies before working taxpayers. Actually if you are a working taxpayer; you can’t get any kind of help even when you are laid off. However; we also have some low class whites that are just as bad. Generation after generation of Welfare people. Anyone despite their color or religion can better themselves if they try. I do not think minorities or anyone just because of their color should get points added to their test scores, get promoted because they are minorities above people that actually are qualified, or hired before a qualified white person. Our country has become a third world country due to all of the illegals, muslim and other refugees, and minorities and whites that were already here on Welfare. Soon there won’t be enough people working to keep them all. Thing is we never hear of Welfare running dry but they constantly badger the elderly Senior citizens, our Veterans, and our disabled about the funding getting low. However the funding never is mentioned getting low when it comes to sending people’s tax earned dollars to foreign countries. It’s time our country starts helping their own and treats everyone equal including the whites. No more points added to test scores or being promoted because of color. It’s time the white race gets their own group and starts making their demands. If you look at the criminals the majority of crimes are committed by minorities and illegals. There is no reason anyone born in this country can’t better themselves.

          71. David Gearhart says

            All of these minority right laws are in violation of our constitution which states; all men are created equal and equal protection under the law. Only minorities are protected by the law, they use the hate laws protect them, and then use the constitution when they are using hate against the majority as freedom of speech. The minorities can say that they assaulted or killed for hate and still not be charged with a hate crime.

          72. pmbalele says

            What a lie. Have a great weekend.

          73. David Gearhart says

            My personal experience may not make you happy, yet it is not a lie. We went to another office and were given emergency food stamps.

          74. rmwayne says

            Can’t stand the truth dipshit?

          75. James Maxwell says

            You see this happening across the nation in government offices. Try dealing with
            the military Tri-Care system or Express Scripts. The only people I have gotten
            on the line is Black individuals who are extremely arrogant and totally useless .
            Customer service has gone down the tubes rapidly, especially if they hear a
            “white” voice on the other end. They are doing their part to promote more racism
            at every opportunity.

          76. rmwayne says

            But the black bastards don’t mind stealing from us through high taxes.

          77. David Gearhart says

            I am not trying to be a racist here. No one has a choice in how they were born. People are responsible for their actions. There are more whites on food stamps than blacks, whites are 63% of the population and blacks are 14.8 %. The welfare numbers are 39% black and 9.8 % white. That means that 29% of the blacks are on welfare and 5% of the whites. Welfare was originally set up as a hand up not career goal of family heritage.

          78. glenn398 says

            pmbalele if you think we have racism here you should take off the blinders and see what they do to their own in the countries that have black control. Almost all those countries are a cesspool. As far as people thinking blacks are less intelligent show me a country black controlled that has any kind of prosperity.

          79. pmbalele says

            Tell me why we have Black scientists here from Africa-teaching White kids in this country. At least I know of 5 Blacks now teaching doctors, nurses, engineer etc. Remember Whites enslaved African for a long time. You people did not want Blacks to know what was going on in Europe. Go to Tanzania today. People there do not fight over tribalism, racism, corruption at the polls. Are you not surprised there is still racism in this Country-called advanced country?

          80. glenn398 says

            pmbalele 5 boy am I impressed and why are they here since we are so racist? Whites didn’t enslave Africans your own people did and still do today. Go to Zimbabwe and tell me what a great country that is. If your African countries are so great how come millions are rushing to Europe and the U.S.?

          81. pmbalele says

            Those African professionals, like Indian, Japanese, Chinese etc, were recruited to work here because you people did not want to train poor local smart kids for those professionals. You wanted only kids of the rich or 1% rich to get college education. So when you ran out of professionals you had to get cheap people from those countries. But I always warned them not to give failing grades to local white rich kids. Do you know in Wisconsin government alone we have 100 foreigners in various department. Now Scott Walker wants people to get 2 years degree not 4 year or beyond degrees. So we are back to vicious circle -Reagan and Bushes education policies-only rich kids should get 4 year college education. Walker son is in 4 year college. But Walker does not want other kids to have the same education.

          82. glenn398 says

            Have never heard Walker say any such thing and if only rich kids get a college degree there should be hardly any with degrees. As far as going into the poor areas it is unsafe for whites to enter much of these areas so the poor have built their own problems. College education doesn’t mean you are smart or going to be successful. There are a lot of jobs that require physical work that pay very good but go unfulfilled because people are too lazy today. Car mechanics, plumbers, refrigeration techs, truck drivers ECT.

          83. pmbalele says

            That is exactly what Walker believes. He thinks we should get rid of doctors, engineers, military training; scientist because you can learn their trade at home. But when we have trouble, you people are the first to go abroad and bring experts here. Did you notice GM car and trucks were ugly until Obama fired the CEO and replaced him with a Canadian. Of course now we have an American born at head of GM. GM to supervisors were hiring their sons, daughter and nephews who were high school or college drop-out to design cars and trucks. That is what Walker wants. Walker has inferiority complex when among people with degree.

          84. glenn398 says

            What Walker believes, do you really think that, it is one of the dumbest statement I have heard. Why do you liberal people have trouble with a man that took Wis. from deep in debt to a surplus and a tax reduction. Do you think even a state can keep spending above their income forever without it have a dire effect on them? The money saved on paying interest alone can also go to services. Obama did nothing but bail out the car companies. They went bankrupt and only then did they have enough money to redesign their products. With the pay at $75 per hour including benefits there was no money left over to redesign their products. Not only that but because their production cost were twice the cost of others the price was higher to the buyer. There has been a big to do about Walker not having a college education but I have met a lot of pure idiots with college degrees. A college degree doesn’t mean a person is intelligent it just means they can read the material, listen to the professor and pass a test and that is all it means. Some study the information long enough to pass a test while other really learn the material. Problem is most just study it long enough to pass a test and then forget it because they never really learned it.

          85. pmbalele says

            Did you read his budget lately. All Wisconsin universities are crying why people here elected Walker. i know he was elected by high school or college drop-outs. We have no choice byt to live with his ignorance.

          86. glenn398 says

            I know the University of Wisconsin used to lavish themselves on the tax payers money when I lived there. They even started business with tax payers money and since they didn’t need to make a profit run many of them out of business. I also think the students should pay morefor the cost of their education and maybe there would be more than a 50% graduation rate. To me that means about 50% don’t even belong there. Guess what the most popular colleges are, the party colleges. If you go to technical school or any other type of school other then college you pay the full amount of the cost so why is it that colleges are getting so much tax payer money? Another thing they have a lot of degrees that are worthless for getting a good paying job so maybe they should eliminate those type of degrees that are a joke anyway and cut the costs like everyone else has to do.

          87. pmbalele says

            I agree with partly. But where are we going to get Engineers, research scientists etc. From Walker’s home school? I know he feels inferior whenever he around graduates.

          88. glenn398 says

            Get rid of the useless courses and focus on the important ones like you mentioned so that money available is wisely used. Today everyone for every reason you can think of wants more money put into their projects. There is just so much money to go around. I don’t know why Walker should inferior as look at what he has achieved and a lot more than many with their degrees. In that case a person with just a B.S degree would feel inferior with any person that has a higher degree. This country did a hell of a good job building itself long before people with degrees got into the act.

          89. pmbalele says

            Take my word. People with 4 year degree feel better and live longr than those without.

          90. glenn398 says

            There is no data on this and I would say there is something much more important. People who work hard and are successful feel better and live longer. Most marriage problems are over money and that data is available. As far as 4 year degrees there are a lot of people that are unhappy with them when they find out how worthless the degree they picked is.

          91. pmbalele says

            Yes there is data and studies. You’re just defensive because you do not have a 4 year degree. I was like you before getting my first degree. I felt really bad but would brush it off as you now say – Useless. I do not know how I would be feeling today if I did not graduate. I am sorry for you, but there are studies. Even Bill Gates hires 4 year college graduates.

          92. glenn398 says

            Even Bill Gates didn’t have a college degree. As far as successful I own free and clear two homes and retired at 63 because I could afford to. Put my son thru college at a cost of $60,000 and owe no one anything. No in the 50s very few were able to afford college or even able to get into one. At that time it was for a very few wealthy people. Growing up poor I know how to work and better myself and spent the last 25 years in management. As far as defensive, why should I be as I sure have seen a lot of stupid people with degrees. If you think a degree makes you smarter or better than those that don’t have one you are kidding yourself. By the was my second home is a vacation home in Sedona Az. on 1 1/3 acre which if you know Sedona it is quite expensive.

          93. pmbalele says

            You said it all. You put your on thru college at a cost of $60,000.” Why did you want your son to have a college degree if degree is not important?

          94. glenn398 says

            You should proof read what you write. Never said a college degree wasn’t important for some type of jobs. I said there are a lot of worthless degrees and there are You are the one who thinks that unless you have a college degree you’re not very bright. So I will tell you the rest of the story. I also put my wife thru college for become an R.N. I attended two years of college at CTC and then I observed something. Every time there was a recession a lot of college degree people loss their jobs. On the other hand those in technical field continued to keep their jobs. So I switched from a college degree to a technical school. In all my years of employment have never been unemployed while sure did see a lot of degree people get the boot. Another point my wife has never made as much money as I have in the technical field with her 4 year degree.

          95. pmbalele says

            You’re lying. I hired RNs 8 years ago and I was paying $38 an hour. Now RNs are making a lot more. If you are making more money than her then you’re stealing from your customers – could be government. What defeats your premise is that you put your son in 4-year College. You’re a hypocrite for praising Walker who feels left out because she dropped out of college. And this explains why Repubs, TPs and right wing media such as FoxNews, Rush etc do not want to be around Walker. They are now preparing Hillary as next president. Right wing media people are not seeing GOP wannabe as fit for the WH. They think Wisconsin
            made a mistake to elect and re-elect Walker. Recently he was in England. He was disinvited at universities there. Colleges in England treat non graduates like

          96. glenn398 says

            For a person so intelligent you really need to read what you write. Walker is now a she, did he have a sex change? I have no reason to lie like you do and if you had any intelligence you would know that R.N.s don’t get $38 everywhere in the U.S. as it depends on the cost of living in the area and if there is a shortage of them. It must bend your wick to know that someone can be very successful without a college degree. It probably is because you are no where as successful as I have been and probably never will be. People my age had to work hard to be successful like me and have the knowledge to do almost anything to be self sufficient. The youth of today are almost totally helpless and maybe can be expert in one area. It shows where almost 50% have to move back into their parents home and yes a lot of them with their degrees. It was unheard of for adults to move back into the parents home in the 40s and 50s. At age 18 you didn’t have to be told it was time to leave home you knew that it was time to make it on your own. This country was built with people without degrees and all I see is people today with degrees are destroying it.

          97. pmbalele says

            Did you say: “People your age had to work hard?” You as a White males were racists and bigots too. I was in Oklahoma about six years ago and a White male refused to shake hands with me because his friends would abandon him for shaking hands with a Black male. Now, if your wife is a nurse, she will get over $40 hr in Wisconsin. So you’re lying. TPs and Repubs lie all the time.

          98. glenn398 says

            Like I said depends on the area but here in Arizona the wages are not $40 an hour and in some states R.N.s even have trouble finding a job. Don’t know where the black part comes in but guess you just wanted to go into another direction.

          99. pmbalele says

            Please do ot lie about RNs. They are in higher demanda than 8 years ago. There are too many TPs and Repubs getting old and were smoking when young now they need somebody to take care of them.

          100. glenn398 says

            Live I said have met a lot of people with college degrees and you are living proof even though I am having trouble deciding weather you are a idiot or a moron. So only republicans are getting old and smoked, is there a more stupid statement you can come up with? The trouble thru the years for R.N.s was first they needed them then they decided LPNs could do a lot of the work, then they changed back so it has been back and forth thru the years. As far as wages with a little effort you could look it up yourself but that would take some intelligence. So here it is, the average is from $20.36-$37.63 per hour. California seems to be the highest but the cost of living makes a high salary necessary as like I said salary depends mostly on cost of living. AS far as RNs it is like any job and some places need them and some don’t.

          101. pmbalele says

            Here is current Wisconsin Gov opening:

            Classification Title: / JAC:
            Job Working Title:
            NURSE CLINICIAN 2 15-00857
            Registered Nurse – MMHI
            Type of Employment:
            Full Time (40 hrs/week)
            The starting salary is between $29.049 and $41.486 per hour, plus excellent benefits. Nurses receive an extra $2.50 per hour differential and a $1.40 per hour responsibility pay for hours worked between 5:00 pm and 7 am. Also, all nurses get a $1.00 add-on to their base salary for all hours worked and when working on weekends there is a $0.60 differential. A six-month probationary period is required. This position is in pay schedule/range 11-02.
            Rachel Martin, Human Resources Assistant, 608-266-5426, rachelc.martin@dhs.wisconsin.gov

          102. glenn398 says

            You just seem to have a hang up on Wisconsin, got news for you there is still other states in the union. I quoted what the average is across the nation and someone who lives in another state could care less about what Wis. pays.

          103. pmbalele says

            Nurse job is difficult and it is for people who want to serve other people. Just imagine sticking your finger into Repub’s or TPs ass, washing dead bodies, listening to people whining at night or have accidents. That is why I was paying my RN that much.

          104. Oldlady25 says

            you are in ignorant denial of reality.

          105. Midlandr says

            Horse feces

          106. festmatt5440 says

            YUP ‘ ; that is one of our biggest ‘ , problems .

          107. James Maxwell says

            You have your head in a dangerous position, one more sip of the kool aid cup and
            your head will be in a very damp dare place. Racism is on the rise, be no
            doubt about it. The Cause is the racial bias of both the occupier of the White
            House and the DOJ along with the rest of the race baiters like Jessie Jackson,
            Al Sharpton not to mention those who think the world owes them a living. I have
            been around people of color all my life, some were exceptional individual and
            some were just pure trash. But that being said I have know people of all
            races that were not worth the effort. There was a time you could walk thru
            a Black community and they took pride in how they lived and how they stood
            on their own two feet to acquire homes, cars and send their children to school
            to improve their lot in life. They served in the military and made our Nation
            proud of them, many died to insure that Americans have freedom and were able
            to be responsible for their own lives rather than depend upon some government
            handouts. Sadly that applies to all races in America today and people are
            judged by their action. Dr Martin Luther King said “judge a person by
            the content of their heart, not the color of their skin”, great word spoken
            by a man who struggled for his people to free them. For the most part he
            succeeded and left a tremendous legacy for all Americans to live by. Sadly
            we have many who have tried to destroy or pollute those words for their
            own personal gain and profit. Pull your pants up, quite acting like a thug/
            gang banger and get an education that will put fool on the table and a pay
            check in your pocket. Don’t expect handouts all your life.

          108. pmbalele says

            Please read what I posted this morning.

          109. phyllisjmurphy says

            As a former therapist in juvenile drugs and crime and gang members, when sent to my office, first thing pull up the pants tighten the belt, take off your cap, sit down and then the interview can begin! It was very sad though to observe the young white populations going down to the level of ghetto, school dropouts and drug users and black guys began dating fat white girls and always preferred the blond…some kind of unwritten status symbol to have a blond…My long career educational but not very rewarding as successes were very few!

          110. James Maxwell says

            Not to worrie, I know of one individual who came up from the Washington D.C.
            Ghetto. He was my supervisor when I first joined the AF and was sent overseas. It was sort of a shock to have a Black supervisor but David turned out to be more than that to several of us. He and some other supervisors took us in hand and
            help us progress in our careers and give us guidance in what we had to do to
            become proficient and also become promotable. Back in the early 60’s stripes
            were hard to come by and you had to be better than others to get promoted.
            They showed us the way, took us into their homes and made us part of their
            families. David told me how he came to be in the AF and what made him
            stay. A very good concerned guidance councilor, a swift kick and the ass and
            a strong dose or reality back in 1955 turned his life around and help others
            who met him along the way.

          111. glenn398 says

            James The percentage you are talking about is so small that it doesn’t make much difference. With 73% black single family households you can’t even talk about family.

          112. James Maxwell says

            What is really sad is when I was much younger Black families were strong and

            both parents were there. I base that upon those that I knew. Today Families
            that have both Mother and Father at home are a dying thing thanks to the

            liberal life styles that we see. Those children who are not aborted by the

            ultra liberal life style are fortunate to have both parents. With the abomination

            of homosexuals adopting children at least they have two people who hopefully

            will love and care for them. But while the Black Community has the largest

            number of single parent families, the White community is not far behind followed
            by others such a Hispanic, and Oriental in last place.

          113. glenn398 says

            As long as the government rewards women for breeding with no restriction this will continue down the path you see. It replaces the need for a man in the family and you are seeing the results.

          114. phyllisjmurphy says

            A welfare momma need tubal ligation and this is reversible once an adult, married,can read and write, then reverse and babies at the husband and wife’s expense! Amen and Amen!

          115. Buck says

            James you have a very good point sir. They have been given handouts so long perhaps they either don’t know anything else or want anything else. Why not they have the black caucus rooting for them to get their freebies. However; I also blame some of it on the individual themselves. One must reach down sometimes & pick our selves up by the bootstraps. Get up &get after it you can’t sit at home & wait on the government. & their pennies . The ones who do get out & TRY to do something usually succeeds. There are those who get out of the system & become productive citizens making good money.This is the way it should be ! We do not need ILLEGAL WORKERS as we have plenty of workers, just some need to be trained.

          116. glenn398 says

            Buck you need to look at the programs the government offers and it isn’t Pennies as they offer 122 give away programs.

          117. phyllisjmurphy says

            Of course! We all have known the population opposite the pitiful corrupted welfare perps discussed here! One big dark thing that you never hear discussed is that HIV is alive and well and the black populations due to refusal to use protective resources have spread this disease all over the place..Someday it will explode upon the people like an atomic bomb..Right now treatment available but 25 thousand a year and guess who will pay for that medical cost?? Also Syphillis and other Venereal diseases running rampant…Nature reaping revenge when humans lower themselves to animal behaviors that reap negative rewards!

        3. phyllisjmurphy says

          Amen to that but have to comment, my long life has been filled with outstanding black friends educated and uneducated all abhorred the kind of racist crap pushed by Marxist socialist mongers destroyers or America!

          1. Buck says

            I also have many black friends ,some are rich & some are poor & they despise Odumbo & all he stands for. However;even those at times are racist so it is apparently in the genes of the black population! You can’t breed out racism or stupidity it must be educated & sometimes that’s impossible!

        4. kali says

          No kidding just look at the fraud in the White House the biggest racist of all

        5. Amerikztan says

          completely right ? No, not entirely right. Mostly right perhaps, given our first black president ( and the last according to BHObammy), but you are getting swept up in your rage because of Obammy, the Racist-In-Chief. Try not to get carried away.

          Beeotchstewie adds below: “I tell racist blacks that they need look no further than their own mirrors if they want to see the true face of racism in America today.”
          [ https://www.fixthisnation.com/conservative-breaking-news/white-privilege-invading-our-schools/#comment-1863784881 ]

          RACISTS need look no further than their own
          mirrors if they want to see the true face of racism in America today, including YOU TWO !!

      2. Amerikztan says
    4. Jane says

      And whites are not all ‘one race’ either. We are like 200 different ethnicities and not united!

    5. Disgust says

      They are called obamanation nig…..

      1. Shauna says

        see below…. 😉

        1. whoselineisitanyway says

          Funny but really sad.

          1. Shauna says

            This admin and it’s minions LOVE victims..It just furthers the agenda and people are too stupid to see it…Unfortunately, Obama has set us back years in every possible way….

    6. hora says

      Reverse to normal call white privilege? Dems and black not realize, that be will happening and all be will back to normal, but also Blacks and homosexuals like illegals be will paid a price of revenge and be will to heavy. Black can’t compare with white, never of never, and black have a choice, or accept reality or move out USA.

    7. Gary Grimm says

      true, but to disastrous results, they are school teachers.. paid to promote this destruction of our culture and our heritage in our elementary, high school, college and universities.

    8. Lynnrx52 says

      On the Money Buck! Whites are the new oppressed. They are targeted, profiled, victims of presumptuous accusations, stereotyping and exclusion.

    9. Edd USN Ret. says

      In the 60’s I was a PO2 in the Navy and got tired of trying to fill up on a can of pork and beans (a nickle) with a chunk of Italian bread, to leave healthy food for the wife and the growing kids. The Navy frowned on applying for FOOD STAMPS, but I applied (hunger makes us do things). A co-worker found out what I did and decided to follow suit. He had a wife and one child. A couple of weeks later I got a reply back, DENIED! About a week later his application got a reply back, APPROVED! Besides the fact that I had more dependents then he had, there was one other difference between us, I was WHITE, he was BLACK!!! Don’t tell me about so called “WHITE PRIVILEGE!!!!

    10. pmbalele says

      You’re so stupid. Blacks do not want free stuff for nothing. They government has to give free stuff to Blacks because Blacks, like Whites, want to exist in this Country. The solution is that government and private sector hiring staffs have to hire also Blacks. I was at two Wisconsin state departments today; I happened to sit at the front desk waiting to bid for a contract. I did not see a single Black passing by. All were White males or White females. I did not raise hell, but I see I should have. We are told Wisconsin government hiring officials have been told by the governor’s office not to hire Blacks because last year almost 88 percent of Blacks did not vote for Governor Walker. I am going to write to US Department of Justice to investigate the discriminatory pattern in Wisconsin government agencies..

      1. Edd USN Ret. says

        Sir! and I use the term loosely, I worked in positions that were mainly white. When they were opened to blacks the STANDARDS were lowered because blacks could not measure up to existing standards due to a lack of “giving a shit, cause I can get the money without the effort” and this attitude caused extra work for those that took pride in their work. Our school system has had to lower its standards to allow blacks to pass and graduate. Do you really believe this is good for AMERICA??? Asians are running all over AMERICA because they don’t KOWTOW to non-Asians. I’m sorry for your birth but you need to OPEN your mind to WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU HOME COUNTRY or move to a country that fits your thinking!

      2. Buck says

        Blacks expect someone else to make a living for them so they can go sell drugs,buy liquor& generally raise hell! Yeah blacks want to exist off the backs of some one else ,preferably a white guy! That way they get to stick it to the white man! I see it all the time & NO I am not stupid but you might be or just a petty Liberal! LOL You say state departments but do not state which ones as all states have states departments but are broken down into different categories. So were you in the food stamp office or the welfare office to bid on a job? LOL!!Why don’t you take up your problems to OBUMBER I am sure he will give you what you want! NOT !!!

        1. pmbalele says

          All Blacks do not expect to be hired by President Obama. I just love what he doing to this country – jobs, low gas prices, safety in our communities since 911. We have more doctors and nurses graduating than during Reagan and Bushes combined. I just went to bid for a contract. Sad-I did not see any Black.

          1. phyllisjmurphy says

            good gracious, brain washed to the fullest extent and totally incorrect facts here…Are you nuts! There is such a major shortage of doctors and nurses, takes 3 or 4 months to see a doc and crime exacerbated like it has never been and why bring up Reagan and Bushes, no body praising these guy so just stop shifting the blame…worked with so many of you lying distorting racist oriented nut cases…

      3. Jody Lancaster says

        Most of those jobs you have to pass a test and the highest score gets hired. It has nothing to do with race.

    11. emag says

      Amen, Buck, well said.

    12. Amerikztan says

      ‘no such thing as white privilege”- Yes there is such a thing depending on an area, just as there is black privilege in Washington D.C. or Ferguson.
      You and Beeotchstewie are too quick to generalize.

      While the majority of black, liberal Democrats ( as long as there are handouts) are in prison, or in need of assistance, there are many whites as well, especially after all of the hope and change.
      I hope you re-read what you type, and see that your anger and resentment is EXACTLY what Obama wanted to stir up.
      I don’t want to reply to Beeotchstewie also, I hate feeding hateful Trolls like you two.You are mistaken if you fail to recognize someones contribution to society based on your racist premise, but have you heard of Martin Luther King, Ben Carson, Allen West, Louis armstrong, Duke Ellington, George Washington Carver, Harriett Tubman, Josephine Baker, Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby ( yes. Bill freakin’ Cosby!), Willard H. Bennett, Henry Blair, Patricia Bath, Charles Drew…?
      Do some research yourself…

      1. Buck says

        Go post somewhere else you liberal TROLL!

        1. Amerikztan says

          Liberal? Where do you get the nerve to call ‘liberal’ ? Go spew your hate on rawstory[dot]com. you racist… ( um, ‘racist’ in the true definition of the word, not the liberal definition you clown)
          I suggest you read more of my comments, just as I did of yours before YOU call ME ‘liberal’.

          1. Buck says

            If your elevator goes this high a question. Why do my comments have a hundred or more likes & yours none! Simple, because you are a LIBERAL TROLL on a conservative web site! Let me get this straight first I am a racist & then I am a clown ,make up your mind LIBERAL if you can pull your head out of Odumbas ass that is!! Sticks & stones may break my bones but words from you I laugh at!! LOL LOL LOL Just leave it alone as you are not going to win! You must be from the far north the way you think!

          2. Amerikztan says

            Put down your liberal mirror. I will not waste my time against your Liberal Clown hate, Punk.

    13. weakglovehand says

      “Why should I work? I already get a check.” The perfect sentence for the Communist Liberal, as they got another one to live on the government plantation.

    14. Michael Dennewitz says

      Excuse me, what about blacks only college or Mis Black America where whites are not permitted, just to name a couple. Sounds like it’s “them” that have it made!!

  7. Den Christe says

    p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }


    So let’s take a step back and explain
    to children and the president of the United States that most of the
    truths they take for granted are completely false. For example …


    We fought them for 400 years. They
    fought against us, alongside us, and behind us. Before we got here
    they were fighting each other, and yes, it was savage. War Before
    Civilization: The Myth of the Peaceful Savage describes horrific mass
    graves from way before we got here. Indians used to shoot arrows into
    their victims for hours after the guy died so he’d be fucked in the
    afterlife. The smallpox blankets were probably a myth. The worst we
    behaved was probably Wounded Knee but the reason everyone knows about
    it is because it was meticulously documented by outraged whites who
    were—and still are—disgusted by our behavior there.

    “This country was built on legal
    immigration, and the ones who made it through learned the language
    and assimilated. … Today’s scenario is 30 million illegals
    ridiculing those of us who played by the rules.”


    No, we’re not. We’re a nation of
    citizens. This country was built on legal immigration, and the ones
    who made it through learned the language and assimilated. Many didn’t
    get in. Today’s scenario is 30 million illegals ridiculing those of
    us who played by the rules. My green card took 15 years to get and I
    brought a ton of jobs with me. The Statue of Liberty doesn’t say
    “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to
    breathe free, and all their relatives.”

    Oh, and don’t give me that old
    “They’re doing jobs Americans won’t do” line. They’re doing
    jobs Americans won’t do—for that price. In Canada, there are no
    Mexicans and the landscaping still gets done. We use teenagers.


    Yeesh, this old trope. Some rich
    Southerners had slaves. Then there was a civil war and America’s
    bank account dropped to zero. After that the country was rebuilt from
    scratch without slavery. As Pat Buchanan put it, we didn’t start
    slavery. We ended it. And don’t get me started on reparations.
    We’ve already paid them.


    I’ve already gone through this. I
    highly recommend you cut out this monitoring hate speech crap. I’m
    warning you, you’re going to end up censoring the people you’re
    trying to protect. Studies show that white people are actually the
    least racist group. Getting rid of all the racists would mean America
    would be almost all white. Therefore, fighting racism is racist.


    Zimmerman was a statistical anomaly but
    that didn’t stop everyone and their dog from wearing a hooded
    sweatshirt and Tweeting all about it. Black youth are in danger but
    it’s not Jews from Peru who are killing them.


    Obama Tweeted this old wives’ tale
    recently. Does anyone in the White House have a fucking computer?
    Women choose to make less than men because they’d rather be at
    their daughter’s piano recital than stay at the office all night
    working on a proposal. When they don’t have kids, they actually
    make more than men. If women were cheaper labor, we’d hire them as
    often as we hire illegal aliens.

    On The Independents recently, Jill
    Filipovic told me that resumes with female names do worse than the
    same ones with male names. I’m willing to accept that, but it’s
    not prejudice. It’s postjudice. Employers have noticed their male
    employees are more likely to stay at the office all night working,
    even when their daughter does have a piano recital.


    Most women are pro-life. To ignore
    their rights while touting abortion is sexist. Also, gender-based
    abortion is becoming more popular. We’ve seen how that goes for
    women in China. It ain’t pretty. So stop using abortion rights as
    some kind of proof there’s a war on women when the opposite is


    Whether you cut your dick off or just
    start saying “I’m a woman,” that doesn’t mean you’re a
    woman. That trivializes what it is to be a woman. These mythical
    creatures can create life. You can’t just throw on a wig and yell
    “Me too.” That’s sexist.


    I’ve heard Jon Stewart say this and

    it often comes up when discussing gay
    marriage and adoption. Do any

    of these people know any fags? They are
    perfectly wonderful human

    beings with whom I spend much of my
    time, but they are also

    hair-whiteningly decadent. They call me
    an amateur for having

    participated in a couple threesomes.
    They’ve had dozens of

    eightsomes.think how perverse is that??
    and than again tell me they are regular folks..


    Maybe one in ten Americans believes the
    earth is only a few thousand years old, and most of those people are
    old ladies and dirt-poor farmers. They’re not shutting down schools
    and canceling Cosmos. The other 90% of us are totally okay with the
    big bang theory. Even the pope supports it. We understand there’s
    evolution and an incredible universe. We just think God is the one
    who set the whole thing up.

    Also, if you love science so much, stop
    refusing vaccinations for your kid. You’re literally making us


    Not so fast. Have you seen the way this
    administration handles money? We’re 17 trillion in the hole. That’s
    a lot. Seventeen trillion seconds ago we were cavemen trying to
    figure out fire. This country is rife with severe obesity and
    millions upon millions of illegals. We don’t have the cohesion that
    other free health care countries have, so this perfectly reasonable
    idea may be impossible.


    There is a lot of evidence that says
    the earth is warming but not a ton of conclusive evidence that it’s
    our fault or that the warming is a bad thing. We keep hearing about a
    consensus but it’s ecologists, not real scientists. What all the
    experts and politicians really agree on is that we need more funding
    to pay them to look into this terrible problem.


    The air has never been cleaner. We’ve
    never lived longer. Crime is at an all-time low. By virtually every
    possible metric, life has never been better. Yes, there was a school
    shooting recently. That doesn’t change the hatefact that schools
    have never been safer. Traveling, eating, fornicating, fighting—all
    safer than ever. The list goes on and on. I saw a homeless man today
    checking his iPhone while he asked for change! Does anyone in this
    country not have a TV? If you think things were so much better back
    then, get in a time machine and go there. Make sure you get your
    shots first though. God help you if you get sick.


    When it comes to restaurants this is
    true, and that is why people always use restaurants to prove it. By
    any other standard, it tends to go pretty badly. I’m a race mixer
    but our family has decided to err toward Western values more than the
    American Indian ones because the West is the best. Assimilation leads
    to a sense of fraternity and that means a cohesive society. You ever
    see a wave pool in Japan? They are packed in there like sardines but
    they don’t mind because they’re all the same.


    You know there’s retards, right? You
    realize the children of geniuses tend to be smarter than the children
    of stupid people, yeah? This is why they ask sperm donors questions.
    That’s what happens when idealists have to practice what they
    preach. They scoff at eugenics until it’s time to make a baby. They
    love the gay lifestyle until their son brings home a tranny. They
    love diversity until it’s time to choose a place to live or a
    school for their children. They pretend we’re all equal but they
    insist the government enforce this because they secretly know it
    isn’t true and in fact see themselves as superior to everyone else.
    They’re free to think that, but before going on a rant about it,
    maybe they should look it up first. Better yet, shut up and leave us

    1. wac4761 says


      1. phyllisjmurphy says

        Wow! This is about the most concise critique I have ever read and my exact sentiments and I gag that our Government has taken over our lives at the Federal System…When Obama created his Obama abomination of health care, a corrupted fraud passed on xmas eve when most congressional members had left for the holiday. Not one Republic cast a vote for it. Point here is that passing this gigantic monstrous fraud that has corrupted the medical world actually gave the government almost complete control over citizens. This is what Madison and Constitutional creators feared and the Constitution was written to head off such a take over, but is has happened even though Constitution written to keep power with the States! Well Republican puke politicians and Democrats are one and the same staying office a life time, they have melded together into one big Oligarchic Hog trough which they enjoy daily. Government is all about them not the people..America is in big trouble and citizens need to wake up and start marching..One positive light in the darkness, today both republicans and democrats are losing respect and power…Over 50% of voters in America are registered as Independents, so there is light in the darkness…Dump both parties! Dump the heinous Primary process as this obsolete election assures the elites of staying in power and then Congressional members, term limits of 6 years, no pensions and paid only when on duty and limited travel and meal expenses..time for these politicians to remember they are servants of the taxpayer, not the other way around! Activate citizens!

    2. Jarhead says

      Spot On. NOTE: Your #11, the harbinger of obamacare is the VA Health Care System……totally corrupt and like the IRS & ACA should be defunded/eliminated/shut-down/closed/revoked….
      Semper Fi

      1. hangem'high says

        It all comes down to this administration! The ACLU, NSA, IRS

      2. Mark Lahti says

        The main problem with the VA system is the lack of adult supervision. There have been so many stories in the news about corrupt VA Hospitals and clinics it would make one think that it is everywhere. Well, it’s not. Each facility has the ability to function legally, safely, ethically, and professionally. The problem is that each facility has the ability to BS the administrators of this system. They can get away with all kinds of crap a private (for profit) company could never get away with. That’s because the private system has people in place that won’t tolerate cheats, lying, thieves, etc. The bottom line there being a profit and the control being the investors. It’s called capitalism. I know this because some of the VA Medical Centers are excellent like the one I utilize here in Milwaukee, WI. This facility has earned recognition as one of the ten best facilities in the country and I believe it to be true. If we were to privatize the VA MC system it would change it dramatically and I don’t know if it would survive such a make over. My live has been saved and my health is getting better due to the excellent care I receive at Zablocki VA MC. To categorically decry the VA across the board is unfair and unjust. We could start at the top and reform the way the VA Administration oversees the entire VA system. That would be a big step in the right direction. Use the Milwaukee, WI VA MC as a starting point or example, if you will.

    3. Morton212 says

      You make a series of statements that are not the issues being discussed, and then proceed to knock them down. This is really dishonest rhetoric . Let me take just your final argument. No one argues that we are all equal in a secular sense. The basis of our form of government is that we should have equal rights, not equality. What you do with them is up to you.

      1. mtj3134 says

        and equal responsibilities…… we don’t see that phrase very often, do we ?

        1. Morton212 says

          While that is true, it is implied as it is actually integral to equal rights – as responsibility reinforces them.

      2. hangem'high says

        All baby boomers worked hard black, white and mixed not until NAFTA sent all jobs abroad for cheaper labor was it fissionable to live off welfare or bailing out other countries with the hard earned Social security money’s. Our progressive education system needs to be nuked!

        1. Morton212 says

          NAFTA made it possible to buy tomatoes (for example) cheaper. What the masses were NOT told is that their incomes would also go down so the net benefit completely disappeared.

    4. hangem'high says


  8. Davard says

    BS excuse for not having to work hard for anything.

  9. Dalgast says

    What I say is that Whites should have the special privilege, it was Whites that crossed the Atlantic from Europe and thru their perseverance, ingenuity, and determination under adverse conditions that created this great Nation. No other race on this planet could have accomplished this to the level in which the white race did. As the saying goes, to the Victor goes the spoils, liberals and progressives want to hand out privileges to those that have done absolutely nothing to deserve them. They are leeches on the white race’s accomplishments.

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      They always have been and will continue to do so.

      1. hangem'high says

        Don’t buy into the bias trap; for it has the ability to slam shut on ones self!

    2. Jane says

      and it was whites to fought in the civil war to free the blacks, by force! And they did not get paid for it. And whites were in servitute for a few hundred years, they had to work for 7 years to pay for their fare into america. They did not get any pay, but they got food and housing and clothes. Most did not make it to 7 years, alot of them died.

      1. hangem'high says

        Our forefathers were a lot smarter then we give them credit for! “United we stand divided we fall!”
        The enemy is trying to divide us through racial conflict which they apply with a dedicated skill! They think us mindless sheep!

    3. hangem'high says

      Each bleeds red, each has a heart for
      “Surely I have loved for it caused me to Rhyme and be melancholy” Shakespeare
      It’s important how the child is taught during the first eight to ten years of their lives this is why ISIS executes children And the government punishes married couples, The family and God trumps the authority of the government! This is not a white and black issue but a teaching issue for control of their minds

    4. Joshua says

      Did you make that voyage? Did you fight any of those wars? How much of your sweat and blood is buried in the foundations of this country? This is a rediculous argument predicated upon the very “privledge” the article is discussing. You didn’t do any of the things you mentioned, so you aren’t entitled to claim them as accomplishments; thereby reaping the rewards.

      1. Dalgast says

        Did I fight in any of the wars in this countries history, Yes, I did. I served this country for 22 years of my life, and I have the scare both physical and mental. I won’t bother asking you the same question, my guess is you would soil yourself at the mere though of fighting to the death for something you hold dear. I have bleed for this country, and even at my advanced years and poor health, I would gladly lay down my life for this nation, can or would you say the same. Maybe a better question, would any of the leaches you chose to protect did it, my guess is not.

        1. Joshua says

          First, I was with 1st Brigade, 2/22nd infantry when the planes hit the towers. I deployed October ’01 as a QRF/Opsec detachment under JSOC To Afghanistan; where I spent the next 18 months concurrently. I volunteered to return every time my required two week rotation was up, and spent the better part of 4 years in country. I will be leaving for Iraq to link up with the YPG shortly, because belief demands action, not mere words. What was it they said about assumptions?

          Second, I was referring to the revolutionary war, french/Indian war, and so on. The wars you claim you should have privledge because of; the wars you weren’t alive to have fought in.

          Third, my oath to support and defend the constitution was a commitment I made for life, not something I forgot the second I go my discharge orders. All people are equal under the constitution, and so that is what I will fight to ensure; be it with a pen, or a rifle.

          1. Dalgast says

            I as well, let’s just say we have both paid the price.

      2. Jane says

        The longer we are here the more rights we have!

  10. Morton212 says

    Of course there is white privilege – just as there would be black privilege if blacks tended to be far more affluent than whites. It works its way through the networks we all belong to – to give a leg up to our kids – persuade friends to give them their first job, ask the judge to be lenient on their mistakes. It is human nature to support those with whom you identify and feel responsible. But is it right to allow this preference to root itself in government policy ? No of course it is intrinsically unfair.

    1. Jane says

      Minorities have had privilege since A. A. was created in 1964 by a (gee I am pretty sure he was a white man!)… JFK!!

  11. Archangel says

    I celebrate “WHITE PRIVILEGE” every day!

  12. scott says

    how about black laziness and racism.tell the truth about how blacks have always lived off the whites tax dollars because its easier than working,and they get to deal drugs and rob and steal full time as well.those of them that want a job get one given to them just because of their color,even tho they have no experience.then they get free schooling because of their color,at whiteys expense,and all the other free handouts because of their color,like jobs with the govt,aka community racist,i mean organizer,like the pres who had everything given to him all his life because of his color and hates america and all whites,even his spook loveing mother.naacp,black caucus,black pussys,etc are all racist white hateing groups that are funded by the white mans tax dollars.all the experiments of putting blacks in positions because of their colorand liberals misguided guilt,has always proved a failure.men and women should be given positions based on experience and character,not color.thats just liberal racism toward the white man.but to communist america hateing liberals thats ok.

  13. glenn398 says

    The only white privilege I have had is my high taxes to support the black women being rewarded for breeding and repairing the riot torn areas. No race in the world has been given more special privileges than the blacks. How good can they do on their own, well look at all the black run countries and it tells the story, war, poverty like this country has never seen and criminal activity. When the whites were run or killed off the south African farms they couldn’t even run something already set up for them. The country went from exporting food to now importing food and the value of their money has tanked. No truer words were spoken than you can take the black out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the black.

    1. Jane says

      White privilege is we are the only race with no street gangs!

  14. togetherwestand says

    Well as long as there is somebody else to blame……. At least they won’t have to take any responsibility for their own actions and can soak us for some more freebies!

    1. hangem'high says

      I wish it was just generation X and millennials sucking off our teats but it the whole damn world!

  15. American says

    There is no more blatant racist rant than a discussion of “white privilege”.

  16. Tuka Shishifu says

    This is real bullshit these asshats are imbeciles,i want my white privelage.i’m quiting my job and going on welfare just like the poor opressed black folk and all of obola’s ilegals,

    1. hangem'high says

      We’ll call this generation X, and or millennials ungreats

  17. jtitan24 says

    Wonder what these teachers will do when they destroy there feeders, while Whites have been working to make life better for everyone, the other parities have worked to lower standards for everyone. Just look at the mess Obama has made for the blacks, 40 to 50% unemployment and now he wants the illegals to vote so the Dems, can stay in power, the only way for them to get elected other than cheating at the
    voting booth. What a Sham and a Shame this admin. has become.

  18. randi says

    I have a feeling this (worm is going to turn) people are getting sick and tired of these freeloaders yelling racist when ever they do not get their way.

  19. Morton212 says

    Privilege is really defined by money – which gives totally disproportionate access to political power. Especially in the USA – where money, or capital – is really fungible with power. The exercise of this power will always be of self interest -often disguised through altruism. The fact that the vast proportion of American wealth is in the hands of whites means that there is a very real exercise of White Privilege. Even the election of a Black President was to a large extent a very altruistic exercise of White Power – if you believe as I do that our government is largely the servant of how it is funded.

    1. glenn398 says

      Whites have privilege because they worked for it, blacks want to be privileged without any effort on their part.

      1. Morton212 says

        I wouldn’t go there – many blacks have been worked literally to death. But you should n know that success comes from working smart, not working hard. That means that those with an education tend to have a huge advantage, which when coupled with the typical ethnic preferences that each group tends to have – can act as a formidable bar to real equality.

  20. phyllisjmurphy says

    Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Hussein Obama, idiot Eric Holder….All these ghoulish race baiting champions have spent their miscreant lives living in extreme wealth blaming the Caucasian populations! These men just mentioned are multimillionaires and they would be classified as super black privileged and how much have they shared with the exploited welfare blacks that they have used when needing votes or money for the palatial life styles with endless race baiting..I laugh as I think of me and 5 brothers and a Mother and Father with 8th and 3rd grade educations who struggled through the Great Depression to feed 6 mouths..It was absolutely a tough and grueling life but I so honor growing up during this difficult time. Dad always said nobody owed us anything and to take nothing from the damn government! Amen! We all worked in fields, food places, what ever was available and most of all stayed in school, went to church and most of us graduated college without government loans, again working our way through school…I have one thing to say to whiners and blamers! Shut up!

  21. CaptainOfTheGuard says

    Not one concrete example of what they are talking about. Very dubious to me.

  22. banjojack says

    How many of the school board are black and/or gay? Obviously a majority are disconnected from reality.Maybe they have a lot of black voters in their district, and are busy pandering.

  23. Tom Brechlin says

    Wonder why “if you’re poor and white, you’re out of sight,” was coined?

  24. Yadja says

    Laughable absolutely laughable. Under O and Holder the Black community has not only been given “Privilege” but “Permission” to riot and to rage and not be accounted for it. They are like Muslims now a “Hands Off” “Privileged” Class that can run slipshod over Whites.

    You can bet your bottom dollar and your bippy that O’s goal to “Drastically Change” the face of America is fast coming to fruition via the millions of illegal Muslims and Hispanics spread themselves far and wide across this country.

    Please notice he is not bringing in millions upon millions of White Europeans.

  25. Sgt. York says

    Which race grew this country to its top spot? The White race not blacks or browns .

    1. hangem'high says

      The Blacks gave it a good shot in the 1830s

  26. Patriot47 says

    You can’t fix stupid.

    1. hangem'high says

      No! but you can still elect them into office!

  27. Wolfy Ghalkhani says

    “white privilege” isn’t based on ignorance. its part of the left’s campaign to demoralize and psychologically injure white children who will later learn that they were played for fools when they grow up. This will create resentment and anger and lead to more serious racial complications. this is PC gone awry, and the left is loving every moment of it. They thrive on contempt, and chaos. And Whites are allowing it because over the generations, they have been defanged and declawed. They are now inert and that inertia is putting their children in jeopardy as well as our nation. All that is happening today is the result of the fancy media and social strategies of the lefty lynch mob. What a shame it has come down to this because without a functioning white populace the West is nothing.

    1. hangem'high says

      White privilege is starting off with a mother and father who care’s

  28. Russ says


  29. Russ says

    Screw all of these “hate mongers” I want to say right here and now “I am a Proud, Free, White, Bible Thumping, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Gay, American Patriot, Veteran, and I make no apology for it, either spoken or implied, nor am I ashamed of it”. So there bozo’s.

  30. Archie Cogollos says

    Where is John Gault!!!!!!!……..

  31. Velma Saccone says

    The only “White Privilege” I have ever known is the right to work and be self supporting for the past 60 years in order to pay taxes to support the non-workers. This is just another way to give those who are not willing to be responsible for themselves to allow them to blame someone else for their lack of motivation to take care of themselves and not depend on the government for everything. I don’t care what color a person is, they should be responsible for themselves. There is no “White Privilege” but there are other color privileges. Everyone should forget about privilege and be responsible Americans and take care of themselves. I have at times worked two or three jobs at once to make enough money to take care of myself and my family. This is just more “dumbing down” of our children to make way for Obama’s agenda to destroy America.

    1. Deby says

      Well said Velma, and I agree wholeheartedly!

  32. Stevon f. Nutt says

    Selling the Liberal lie

  33. Shauna says

    see the huge beast on the top?? SHE is responsible for the one on the bottom! If she really cared about her voters, she wouldn’t be using tax payer money to go to the grammy’s……If you dig enough, Sheila has used every single privilege given her because of white shaming….and yet, look at her ability to use the English language…..give me a break with this crap…

    1. Jane says

      Yes bitch, arab and black africans owned you not whites! They ran the slave trade you goof!

      1. Shauna says

        Look I know it’s difficult, but I don’t speak ebonics or ghetto…can you speak clearly? I don’t understand your response….

        1. Jane says

          Blacks are masters at ghetto…

  34. drattastic says

    So parents are you going to allow this disgusting nonsense in your public schools or are you going to show up at PTA and school board meetings and raise hell ?

    1. glenn398 says

      If the white folks showed up at the PTA meetings against this they would probably be putting their life in danger.

      1. Deby says

        oh, glenn surely not-what with their white privilege mantle protecting them? (extreme sarcasm)

        1. glenn398 says

          Say what you want blacks have a history of tracking down whites they have an agenda with. They openly threaten whites even on the news so go bury your head a little deeper in the sand.

          1. Deby says

            glenn, did you not understand the sarcasm comment? I absolutely agree with everything you are saying.

          2. glenn398 says

            You are right as I get so distraught at what I am seeing today I sometimes miss comments like yours and it’s true meaning. At 75 I have seen all the changes and it makes me sick beyond belief.

      2. drattastic says

        Time for White people to retrieve their balls from where ever they stored them .

        1. glenn398 says

          It has little to do with that and more to do with the fact that even if you try and defend yourself against a black you are in the wrong. Then if they know who you are will make life miserable if not dangerous for you. Look at the cops that are found innocent leave for their own safety.

  35. joe says

    This is simply teaching minorities to use race as an excuse to be a failure, you do not have to learn anything you do not have to work just use race as an excuse to be lazy. The funny thing is these lazy welfare sponges do not even realize it turns them into servants for the government. Wait till the day they knock on your door and say YOU WILL DO THIS OR WE CUT OFF YOUR WELFARE!!.

    1. hangem'high says

      The education system is just as bad as the welfare system!

  36. Billy says

    I don’t care what color you are, if you are unwilling to go to school, work hard, do all the things necessary to rise to the top, you are doomed to failure and that goes for Whites, Blacks, Browns, Yellows, Greens, and polka dots. We all come into this world the same way, naked and helpless. How we leave this world is up to each of us. We make our own destiny. If you are lazy, stupid and unwilling to make your own way in life please understand, I do NOT want to support you and I will avoid doing so in every way possible.
    If you failed to do what was necessary to climb the social ladder, that’s on you. You get no help here.
    Each and every last one of us are responsible for ourselves. Life will NEVER be the same for all of us and that’s just how life is so suck it up and do the best you can. I’m not responsible for you and you are not responsible for me. “If you are Physically or Mentally unable” to do for yourself, I am all for helping you but NOT if you are just riding the system.

    1. jim marcum says

      I agree but how do we tell the difference? If I am too trifling and lazy to work should my children starve and do without the basics of decent life? Do we need to remove these children from these situations? At what point and who raises them? Do we have these adults sterilized so they can’t bring anymore children into society? Starts to snowball doesn’t it. As government attempts to address social issues we start to look more like socialists than before. We almost begin to look like Nazi Germany with a blueprint of how to handle the Jewish problem they perceived they had. Put these people here or there. Take their children. Sterilize them so they can’t breed. Scary shit hugh.

  37. trugrits says

    This is what the term educated idiot applies to.

  38. Deby says

    Common Core pushed by this facist, socialist communist government has got to go and fast. Obozo and his nazi henchpeople also need to go before 2016 !!! If only!

  39. Joshua says

    I’ve never understood the concept of “white privledge”, and I’m not sure what relevance it has in modern society. I could understand such a concept if say, there were “colored” water fountains, but that simply isn’t a reality. Are we still seeing lingering effects of our history of racial inequality? Sure, we still have in-bred morons who think that the pigmentation of one’s skin dictates whether they are human or not, but they are a dying breed. We don’t live in a society where being white provides you with any real advantage that I’ve ever experienced. I don’t have any issue with educating our children about our history, be cause they need to understand how far we’ve come. I simply don’t understand the benefit to making them feel shame for something they weren’t alive to have experienced.

    1. jim marcum says

      I have explained racism to younger Americans of how things really were back in the 50’s and 60’s. I did not do it to make them feel responsible or shameful they were not even alive. I have done it so they will understand racism was real in America and how older people (my age) lived in that society. I don’t personally feel guilty. I am white and I lived and grew up in those times but I personally nor my family did anything to advance racial feelings or injustice to anyone. We were poor white people and parents working their fingers to the bone to raise their family. In the matter of poverty I guess we were akin to the minority’s and the poverty they suffered as well. As far as any privilege goes I was privileged to get a job, working on a chicken farm at the age of 13, after school and on weekends. The many white children I was raised near all worked their way out of poverty and the ones who did not remain in poverty. I have met through the years many black people who explained to me how they did the same thing. However it was probably easier for me to get a job because most employers were white and most good paying jobs were held by white people. It usually takes contacts to get these jobs and I would have had a much greater chance of having or making these contacts over a minority person. I guess maybe that could translate to some sort of privilege by sheer numbers. Affirmative Action, I always thought, was created to level these type situations where a white employer should hire a number of minority’s to make the system more fair. When will the system become historically and permanently balanced to not need such quotas? I don’t know how that will ever be answered to satisfy both whites and minority’s. Many whites believe affirmative action has outlived it’s need. Many minority’s believe it needs to be enhanced and they still believe they are owed money from the federal government for the enslavement of their ancestors. Discussions that will go on past my time I’m sure. Every American should feel like an American and never feel second best. The poor, the minority should never be denied opportunity because of their perceived class in society to allow that is to return to darker times of the past.

  40. rchguns says

    White privilege bull shi*!

    If someone studies and endeavors to make a better life for themselves by increasing their personal knowledge, experience, and to use every advantage offered to all Americans it doesn’t matter what color you are.

    It’s past time that we get rid of all hyphenated Americans! Every African-American, Mexican-Americans, Jewish-American, Oriental-American,European-American, and yes Even White-American. Get rid of all of because there’s no place for them in America! If you cannot put America and American values before all these other petty things such as color, religion, ethnic background, or an ancestral background. You must be an American first and all of this other crap comes second or in some cases further down the line of importance.

    The diversity of America can only be brought forth and utilize when America is placed first. There’s no problem with being an American of African heritage, an American of Mexican heritage, an American of Oriental ancestry, or even an American of European ancestry. Is this diversity that makes America great but only if we choose to use it properly.

    Certain minorities in this country have taken their ancestry and turned it into an an excuse to becoming stupid and dependent upon the government. Any group of people that are too lazy to educate themselves especially in a nation where the education is free for the having, may really need to go back to their ancestral roots and embrace the Stone Age and the Hunter gatherer lifestyle.

    Every human being is born into this world with the potential that is equal to every other individual ever more. You cut a human being open that the same color on the inside, they have the same organs, for the most part they have the same brain. In America is a choice to be stupid because the advantages are available to all who care to put forth the time and effort to make something of themselves. This BS that my great-great-grandfather was a slave therefore I deserve to be given everything taken care of by the government a.k.a. white society. After all that’s the white people’s fault that black people were made slaves.

    That is one of the biggest lies that the black community tells themselves. The people who captured and sold the black man into slavery were black Muslim’s from North Africa who went into the interior massacre villages and captured only the prime stock to be sold. In the black man was sold into slavery before Europeans even learned a wipe their butt after going to the bathroom. The Europeans had actually no bearing whatsoever on the slave market for hundreds of years. So next time you want to blame white America for the black community shortcomings think twice. Things are the way they are in the black community by choice and design of their leaders who are their new Masters men like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan all have one thing in common they are the new Masters of the black community. If the black community ever educates themselves they will lose all the power and influence that they have.

  41. William Merrell says

    Is this clown still employed?

  42. Vernon Cunningham says

    Well which way should it go, white kids study less and fail more to help everyone be equally stupid? Or do we expect any student to do the besty of his or her abilities, and take the grade they earn, which means that more Black kids will fail because few seem able to learn. There is little or no white privilege for white Kids. They attend the same classes, take the same tests and shoqw what they learned. I don’t believe I ever had any white privileges when I grew up. We had dirt floors for part of my growing up time, a well and an outhouse. 2 Pair of pants and 2 shirts. usually no socks or underwear because my folks couldn’t afford it. I graduated high school and got 2 years of collewge, no help, no assist. My parents had 7th and 8th grade educations. It was hard, but I competed as best I could. Success is determined by how you apply yourself.

  43. teedoffatobama says

    being the majority of whites live in USA and being they are the ones that still have and use common sense that privilege has been earned

  44. TPS12 says

    The solution here is for all of these school board members or teachers who are white, is to give their positions to any person of color and remove their white privilege by example.

    1. hangem'high says

      They’re already bitching they don’t have enough Black male teacher to go around!? I guess white will have to do I just wish they weren’t communist!

  45. OSAMA OBAMA says

    I am sick of being blamed for every crime put upon our Indian and black friends. Those things happened HUNDREDS of years ago. GET OVER IT!

  46. markypolo says

    The only “White Privilege” I ever got was the “privilege” to WORK my ass off and pay TAXES to support the lazy ass White people, Minorities, and Government workers!

  47. John Gillis says

    White privilege is th stupidest argument I’ve ever heard.

  48. slypuffers says

    Krap, Krap, Krap……….sweethearts.

  49. Bruce Eugene Clyne says

    No they are more racist than anyone.

  50. jim marcum says

    Mr. Rifkin of the Seattle private school should be fired. The North Carolina Boards of education should be expelled and new elections held. These types of racist theory and teachings do not belong in schools. An economics professor should teach economics and not his/her beliefs on social injustices. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. All others to be taught at home.

  51. Jim Clancy says

    Caligula reincarnate is behind this and his next plan will be to sex the Senators wive’s… What must we do ?

  52. TPM says

    White privilege is a myth. Whites don’t get extra points on civil service exams. The reality is that Black Privilege is alive and well, and it’s thriving under Obama and Holder.

  53. MusicGuy314 says

    I was a bit surprised to learn that the song “We Are the World” is 30 years old. It’s sponsor; “USA for Africa”. Everyone was singing that “there are people dying” and we need to give them money so they can survive. Well, now it’s 30 years later and guess what, people in Africa are still starving. They live in an area of some of the most fertile land on Earth and yet after thousands of years, they still can’t figure out how to grow food. Now we have the “Black Lives Matter” campaign. Meanwhile, every night on the news, I see and hear about murders, rapes, looting, fires, car-jackings, etc. ad nauseum and at least 90% of it is Blacks. I guess they matter because they keep law enforcement busy so they don’t have time to sit around.

  54. Jim Clancy says

    Caligula reincarnate is behind this and soon will begin sexing the Senators wives… Men of America, what must we do ?

  55. ONLYJB1 says

    A F I R M A T I V E A C T I O N !
    No need to say anymore!

  56. marilyn says

    far out,whats next,lies galore,whitey is just a part of the mix,racial is only when people use the term for making some one feel guilty,teach honor ethics,ten commandments,teach love.obedience to truth,forget
    the boo birds sowing hate,life is for all to do their best,the only hold back is yourself.

  57. Ronney says

    Everybody here has got an opinion and for the most part all of you are correct, so now get off your asses and do something about it. I went to my first school board meeting last week, and before I left they knew I meant business. Fuck common core, and this white privilege bullshit, and get back to the basics. Nothing is going to happen unless you the people do something about it. If you do not you reap what you sew.

  58. Virgil Ferguson says

    Some of the finest people I know are blacks. They are the ones who have been taught respect for others, a work ethic, a respect for Jesus, and a desire to EARN the respect of others. There is nothing free in this world but the love of Jesus. Every bite you eat, all your clothes, even that “earned income tax credit” is paid for by someone. That earned income tax was earned alright———–by someone else.

  59. jerrycollie says

    Well, I hate to break the news to these Liberals; but life is not all that easy for white men either. They have a hard time finding a job; because they just wasted their time applying for a job, only to discover the company or government office is only hiring minorities.

  60. omega2 says


  61. DrRGP says

    Well done article–and in brief compass. More than anything, this kind of pseudo-social science will increase both envy of and hostility towards whites in this country. And it’s becoming a “talking point” or even battle cry for Democrats, who depend less and less on white voters for their election to office. I read that the two most recent Democrat (not Democratic) candidates to carry the white vote in national elections were Lyndon B. Johnson and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  62. Mi espada says

    White societies have been the safest and most tolerant of any. They have been the most successful as well. If whites are guilty of anything it’s not showing the failure of non-white societies to produce successful results on their own. It’s all about targeting the race that makes this country successful. That’s the truth. Also the religion, Christianity, that binds us together. Target America. The last potential opponent to the new world order and world slavery through government.

  63. Deborah Henderson says

    When will people go back to common sense and thinking for themselves? This is just pure stupidity on those that introduced it and those that are dumb enough to attend.

    You can’t fix STUPID and we have a lot of people drinking the STUPID juice.

  64. jim marcum says

    The Department of Education should be abolished. Education should be returned to the local level and neighborhoods like our parents were educated. They all walked to school. There were small one room school houses all over America. These people hired their teacher/s and were involved in what their children were taught. No one told them what ‘criteria’ they must teach. We destroyed this type of education with school busing and school systems conglomerating into super schools that can’t control the student populations much less teach them anything. Just think how successful the one room schools really were. They educated Americas greatest generation. The widely recognize ‘satellite schools’ that have had such great success are nothing more that one room local schools. Stop making education a business. When these small schools answer to communities they teach basics. Higher beliefs should be taught in the home and or Church.

  65. Ron says

    Assistant Superintendent For Equity Affairs…I wonder how much of a salary THIS lofty position commands.

  66. Gerald A. Reason says

    More liberal BS. True, there is some truth in the statement that whites may have a better chance at getting a job than blacks but the problem is, the image young blacks are presenting to the nation — The ones who get into the news that is — is one which puts fear into many. It is the media who is reinforcing the stereotype that frames our way of thinking about race. Unfortunately, there is more racism in the black community than in most white segments. When both blacks and whites truly take what Dr. King said, to heart, we will not have racial harmony. His dream was for a day when all people would be judged on their character, not the color of their skin. Unfortunately, there are those in the “leadership” — as recognized by the media — who would rather blame the negative image of blacks, being put into the minds of many Americans, on racist whites rather than on a generation of black youth who demonstrate little or no character. True, there are white racists out here but they are present in all races, not just whites. Why should black racism be acceptable while white racism is not? Neither should be acceptable. Neither should be allowed to be used as an excuse for individual behaviors which harm society rather than help it.

  67. Mike Won says

    From the perspective of a white guy, [told at the age of 12 that ‘Dad’ was a negro], it’s fun to read this article. There may be no room at the KKK for a mixed race radical but we could always apply as an ISIS suicide bomber or enjoy a life of murderous rampage. Thank you white privilege for allowing the opportunity to enjoy life in the Grace of God without hate in our heart. Life as a Christian is supremely far better than merely fair. Get with it!

  68. BS1986 says

    You know when Hitler began blaming the Jews in the 30’s before he took power no one thought it would turn into a genocide……..why does this feel like history repeating itself?
    Don’t do what the Jews did-keep ahold of your Guns, were going to need them.

  69. greyfox says

    Now that you have made me aware of “white privilege” I am waiting anxiously for your further advice as to what I should do about it. I am white, born to immigrants, called a hunky for most of my formative years, I guess you could say that I was privileged along with thousands of my fellow immigrants. Privileged to make the best of it, privileged to find a way out of our circumstances. The truth of the matter is that we persevered, sucked it up and made the best of it. No hand outs, no agency making things easier, just plain
    hard work and perseverance. It’s not a matter of color, it may have been at one time but no longer. Must I list all those of color who have succeeded, in spite of the so called color barrier. I think the author has it all wrong, he should be exploring minority privilege not white privilege. Whites have become the scapegoat for all of societies ills. Being born white black or anything else is an accident of birth and needs no apology. Poor me, I was not born to Royalty and I don’t have “Royal privilege”, this is the most asinine article I have ever read. The author is either putting us on or he is a complete idiot.

  70. Art Hock says

    There is no “white privilege”. It’s just that anybody with half a brain can’t stand a lazy moocher who can’t get off his butt and get a job and still complains for more freebies. You can’t educate a rock.

  71. Dan Danser says

    Talk about a way to stop the divide between races and cultures. NOT! Some educated idiot with no world experienced liberal with a “white guilt” complex wants to indoctrinate the stupid masses. They probably also support illegals with Mexico flags that say they want to be Americans.

  72. Gary Hummert says

    Wrong in so many ways. Teaching Racism.

  73. mary says

    Well, North Carolina also had 5,065 child sexual assaults committed by illegal immigrants in the last 15 months so I guess they need to show how “white privilege” caused it and can make it all better? WTF is happening to this country that this crap is being taught to our kids? I was a divorced, white mom with two little white girls who worked her ass off and didn’t have her hand out. We sure didn’t have “white privilege” paying the bills in liberal California. My girls didn’t have a “dreamer” program for their college education or activists pushing for jobs for them. They were taught to work hard and that no one owes you a damn thing. White privilege? SMH If you are illegal in this country, now you’re talking privilege! Free reign to break our laws, educate, feed, clothe, house you – all on the taxpaying American-of-all-colors-that-works dime. And a president who champions you to boot!

  74. Gray_Doug says

    White privilege? My backside. My mother taught me a great lesson: “If you really want it you have to work for it.” Working for it means you get an education, get a job, obey the law, show some respect, and you sacrifice. If you are capable of working, you can bust your butt just like I do. You have the same responsibilities many of us have and you are responsible for your life and what you make it. If you don’t prepare you’ll reap what you sew. White privilege? Your life is what you make it and has nothing to do with race.

  75. Ma Singleton says

    There should be one set of criteria for everyone. IE:The Military .Women should be able to do ANY job ,BUT they need to meet the same qualifications as do Males.NO GENDER NORMING.Equality is not stacking the deck.Equal is just that.One set of rules for everyone teach kids to strive, practice,work to meet the requirements if you really want something.I have 8 kids(ages 34-17) and the schools have gotten so in to fake self esteem .EVERYONE WINS and gets a TROPHY now.The false sense of accomplishment is so detrimental our kids they do not figure out what they are good at ,bad at or what they need to work for if they want to become proficient .I have done many jobs that were in predominately male fields(Automotive parts Driver,counter sales as well as outside sales.Drag racing(both cars and motorcycles),Concrete, grouter, owned a tattoo shop for 15 years,Cabbie and Occasionally I would run in to some flux but found once I proved my self I never had a problem.(respect is earned not mandated),I was a tomboy when I was a kid .I played 500, fast pitch hardball(First girl in my elementary school),Real Football(touch was for sissys),road dirt bikes (Bmx and motor)skate boarded ,climbed every tree I could.played with G.I.Joes and blew up Barbie with M80s.Loved my sling shot and BB gun.Never liked the girlie stuff . Some kids were not good at sports (I sucked at track and field,field hockey and soccer but was great in Gymnastics,Diving and Trampoline).I was not crushed that I was lousy at some things .I just needed to decide, did I like this enough to want to get better or just try something else.We do a disservice trying to mandate and legislate equality.equality is earned by meeting or exceeding expected standards.Not facilitating and excusing lessor outcomes.

  76. Tom Brechlin says

    “White privilege” one of the many beliefs someone made up that will some day be shown as truth in the history books. “war on women,” “male Rape culture,” do we see a common thread here? Who is running this country?

  77. SeeThroughYou says

    The “privilege” afforded to White Men is earned and therefore not a “privilege” at all.

    Trailer parks, tenements and homeless tent cities are full of WHITE MEN who never managed to see one iota of this supposed “White Privilege” and if someone even uses that word in my presence I am liable to break a chair over their head.

    White Men disproportionately pay their bills on time(including child support), serve in our military(sometimes losing life and limb) and generate the majority of funds used by charity and tax revenues used to pay our FED debts and keep the welfare checks going.

    Oppress us at your peril because when we finally give up civilization will finally end.

  78. Kathy says

    Let’s look at how far down our country has gone since all the “great” ideas from the democratic party!! Affirmative action, welfare, lowering standards in schools, HUD, etc…Now they are afraid to cut anything even though the fraud and corruption is rampant!! I think this is more indoctrination against what this great country came from. Cannot change history people!

  79. ward says

    bo, holder & sharpton must have created this B.S. commie type indoctrination to secure his racist agenda to advance a crisis for activating his martial law & E.O. # 13603 securing his wannabe dictator regime ! Notice it is activated again by misled females that are his favorite following of dupes ..!

  80. Beverly Thorpe says

    Wow, for the last 55 years, it is black people who have been getting a leg up, hispanics, immigrants, NOT white people. I’ve filled out college applications and grand and financial aid papers for my two children to get into college, and never did I get any help! MY children worked and got the grade so they got scholarships based on GPA, but on the application where they ask for “nationality”, the law made there be a quota of nationalities OTHER THAN white people. Also, MY children could not get into Ivey League colleges, scholarships were based on legacies (parents attending there first), but Michele Obama got into Yale, and Barrack Obama got into Harvard, both going to big universities before that, which most people cannot afford, so though I have no grievance of anyone getting an education, it irritates me that for the past 55 years, so called minorities were offered the best sources of education in America. Now that they cannot ASK that question about race, alleged minorities are complaining, while white children are being discriminated against. Does the cycle never end? No “race” question should be asked at any university or community college, or private high school. Be fair to everyone!

  81. Buckeye conservative says

    The blacks are reaching for total supremacy in every field, even though they live off the taxes paid by the white people. They are doing so through the government. There is no way that I will let my grandchildren be made into third class citizens merely because they are white even though I’ve supported this bunch of black people who do nothing for society except burn and loot. I worry more about my potential great grandchildren. God knows what these unlucky white babies will have to face.

  82. Jacky says

    Contact your legislators demand that they set up a national referendum of partitioning the USA, it is the only way to prevent civil war.

    1. Edd USN Ret. says

      Why do you really want to destroy AMERICA (JACKY/oBOMBa)?? Are you an oBOMBa backer who can not see a muSLIME wanting to destroy CHRISTIAN AMERICA to us it as a trophy to show the world how powerful and smart he is??? Are you kissing his ass for future benefits???

      1. Jacky says

        Go to bed swab jockey, I know that you and the other garbage like you are willing to liste nto the garbage the inept lying outlaw in the white house is putting out, I just want to get a way from him and the other ;liberal dem bloodsuckers aka American Jihadists

  83. LieutenantCharlie says

    Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. , a staunch Republican preached non-violence, and change through passive action. Doctor King said many times, that the Democrat Party was the Overseers, for the Welfare Plantation.
    Doctor King said, and I paraphrase, “Darkness cannot drive out Darkness, only Light can drive out Darkness; and Hate can not stop Hate; only Love can stop Hate.”
    Doctor King, was using ‘Darkness’, in the place of ‘Ignorance’. And he used ‘Hate’, as the ‘Violence’ currently preached by Rev. Al Sharpton. And his meaning for ‘Love’ was always ‘NonViolence’, and peaceful Protests.
    I can not blame Black People, of Ferguson, for the violence in Ferguson, Missouri, … when Billionaire George Soros financially backed the Race Riots, at the request of the Obama Administration.
    The blame in Ferguson fully, and directly, falls at the feet of Barack Hussein Obama……. Who is using the Blacks, like Hitler used the Jews, to split a Nation into a Race War!

  84. Richard says

    This is for pmbalele. Stop blaming white’s for your useless race. We didn’t enslave Africans, we just pulled up to the beach and YOUR ancesters brought already enslaved Africans out of the jungle and sold them to us, not saying that was right but that’s the way it was. As for white privilege, the only privilege I have is to pay for YOUR sorry ass’s to sit on your ass while I work mine off so the government takes a third of my pay. If blacks average IQ was higher than 80 then maybe they could support themselves!
    Your a T F N. ( Typical Fucking Nigger)

  85. jon says

    it must be working your daughters are not having white babies anymore because you all failed to teach your daughter about keeping themselves pure. your sons are having to go outside this country to find wives so they are not having white kids either. its not good that we parents are not teaching our kids this concept regularly, but i assure you the schools will say you are racist if you don’t have a black baby.

  86. mmbz67a says

    are the only ones not privileged in America! Just another piece of trash talk
    being pushed down the children’s throats to force them to be biased or

  87. Jack says

    White privilege, Good Lord what will these communists SOB’s come up with next. I come from a family of 9 children 5 boy’s and 4 girls, and my Mother would never go on welfare or anything coming from a sick Government handout she had too much pride to do so but we managed to make ends meet, When we got old enough to work and pay our Mom rent then and only then did we manage to make things better at home. We wore a lot of hand me downs but what little in the way of inconveniences my Mother made sure that our clothes were clean an ironed. She could make a pound of ground meat spread out to fed 11 people by adding a lot of bread and onions to it, but through all the hard times we were a happy family.
    There is no White privilege just a race of people who believe in hard work to better yourself, and at least a high school education which all nine except for myself graduated, I joined the Marine Corps at the age of 17. None of my brothers or sister were given any kind of special treatment because we were White. This BS about being White is disgusting to say the least, we had a Father who worked to support all of us, that’s something the black race for a certain percentage doesn’t have.
    White working class people never bothered with this racist baloney, Black people certainly have been mistreated but they have no further to look than the Democrat party who are to blame for all their woes.
    They have been led to believe that White people are responsible for everything that goes wrong for them by a group of Black bigots and racists that constantly rile them up tell them the White man is responsible for every single problem they have but nothing can be further from the truth. Blacks have to wise up to who is really their enemy which is the progressive Democrats who in reality are nothing but Communists in disguise. They have kept you in projects away from society and have imprisoned you with handouts like welfare, food stamps for no other reason than to get your votes, but you are being fooled once again but the same people who now are working their deceiving tactics on the illegals invading our borders who are now getting all the free goodies that the White working clas along with a lot of Blacks and other races who are paying for this with over taxation. That’s not the end of your problems those illegals are going to get the jobs millions of Americans White, Black and other legalized Americans should be getting, so get ready for the destruction that’s coming if they give Amnesty to 5 million illegals, and just remember you can blame that on the Democrats and their leader Barack H. Obama.

  88. BillyBoy49 says

    When the mainstream media and other small minded people-both black and White- stop segragating society as a black and white, and other, the sooner we can eliminate this notion of a nation divided by the way you look. When all black men and other people of color stop being relegated as a certain population and counted as citizens, we will learn to see each other as equal, and not a certain percentage of a group

  89. DONALD says

    The only problem with that is people in Texas are now making about 70% of what they use to make. And the rich are getting richer.

  90. supergun says

    Maybe that is why isis is hurt.

  91. rfergy says

    I agree that white privilege is a bunch of garbage… But the sad fact is the governments dirty little secret is that by giving these people all these free things is that they maintain control of their lives… And when they are receiving their livelihood from the government they will vote for the democrats because they are the ones who make all this available to people capable of earning a living. They will not attempt to Get a job and pull themselves out of poverty… So they continue to be a drain on society. The Government wants to control every aspect of our lives…Look at the FCC trying to take control of the internet… Private industry spent billions to design and install the infrastructure to build and expand the internet and create faster speed. And now the Government will take it and regulate it and put many od these corporations out of business. That real fare isn’t it… White Privilege is just another issue to keep things stirred up.

  92. RayR55 says

    White privilege, when was AFFIRMATIVE ACTION passed for Whites? When was a United White college fund set up? At this point in time I believe Chimpanzee’s would be a better species. They don’t rape, pillage, plunder and murder!

  93. A P says

    What about years and years of “Affirmative Action” where blacks were given jobs that more qualified people could not have because they were not black. What about Black Miss America, and many more black groups around the country that white people were not allowed to participate in (Negro / Black education funds for one).There are a LOT of people (white included) who are underprivileged. And there are a LOT of people of ALL colors who have pulled themselves up and out of poor and horrible situations. I for one will help anyone I can………no matter what color……..as long as they are willing and wanting to help themselves. But, I am sick and tired of this white privilege garbage and black people who think they are “owed”.

  94. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

    I had the PRIVILEGE of being taught right from wrong from the minute I could walk. It was a continuous guidance all through my youth until the correct decisions, the legal, moral and plan with integrity were always sought, chosen and followed. I had the privilege of following the laws, working hard and helping others personally because it was the right thing to do.

  95. pattonknew says

    these are always meant to further divide without discussing the politicians responsible for both sides of the same coin – the only people that have enjoyed “white privilege” are the politicians and liberal hollywood now responsible for communist, marxist and socialist privilege !!
    these pieces of trash gotta stay rich somehow and youd think society would figure it out eventually –
    liberals and progressives have always enjoyed the finer things in life as a result of playing both sides of society against each other while they own multiple jets, limos, houses, bank accounts and body gaurds watchin the poverty lines get longer and longer.
    we should be discussing franklin roosevelt, world war 2, the civil war , the yalta pact, big business and the klan amongst others in schools and how politicians fund and enjoy it all at the same time for a profit.
    its not we the republicans or we the democrats but ” we the people ” and thats how society controls government while dividing us is how they control society.

    we can collectively make this a one round fight if were all on the same page.

  96. DaveM says

    STUPID ARTICLE! There is no such thing as a white privileged! Where on the calender is a Caucasian day or week (remember black history moth?) Or other week or month for so many others who are not white. I would not use this article or the paper it is printed on for Charmin tissue in the bathroom!

  97. Karen Scharps says

    Please!! NO MORE WHITE GUILT TRIPS. What about helping the country and teaching what one should do when confronted by police? How to make a positive impact on a future boss? How to get and hold a job? How to keep from messing up your life by getting pregnant at an early age? For years, the 60’s, the 70’s, the 80’s, the 90’s, 2000, and 2010, America has spend a fortune on helping Blacks. The Blacks who chose to better their life have done so. The rest want White guilt so they can continue to play victims and receive handouts. Sick of it.

  98. rmwayne says

    For the past half century there has been no such thing as “white privilege”. However anybody who’s not white, Christian, heterosexual or conservative have gotten every damned thing they’ve whined and rioted about, especially since the halfbreed bastard Obama slithered into the White House illegally.

  99. JoAnn Dolberg says

    Amazing that it took him ten years of study to come up with his teaching program…no wonder we have problems! It’s all about “divide and conquer,” isn’t it!

  100. Korean_Vet says

    I’d like to “Welcome these PhD’s & Teachers” to the Real World I Came From-! As a 10 yr-old Boy, i
    worked to “pick Cotton” when the Farmers couldn’t find Men-Workers during WW II, & then I worked
    on the Railroad at 14, “Oiling down Steam-Engines, Working in the Coal-Chutes, the “Lime-House’ &
    Greasing Engine-Drive-shafts, & later at 16, on the Bridge Gang with tarred timbers & at 18 on the
    AT & SF Railroad Section Gang–“Picking Iron-Rails & Ties’-! After I left Military Service, I worked for
    the Highway Dept.–Shifting tons of Dirt & Gravel Samples for Tests for 4-Lane Highways-! Are any
    of you able to clean grease from your clothes-! Or Dirt from Your Hands & Finger-nails-? Try my “White-
    Privilege” Jobs–sometimes, you’d have to lift more than 100 lbs. Again & Again-! “Yep–I got “Paid as
    a Working Man”-!

    1. jim marcum says

      you are the kind of person that built America and then kept it free. God bless you.

  101. MrsTJNic@aol.com says

    We certainly didn’t get any “White Privaledge.” When my husband was LAID OFF 3 DIFFERENT TIMES, due to Obimbocare!

  102. David Gearhart says

    White privilege that must be what jobs or promotions that the whites can get after the Affirmative action quotas are filled.

  103. adrianvance says

    Where have you people been? Folks who value education, don’t hate white people and run them down at the dinner table every night will succeed in America and those who do not, will not.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  104. Mike says

    Not only is there black privilege, now there is Mexican privilege. Everyone but white people.

  105. jim marcum says

    I think if this had been worded “wealth privilege” it would have had some listeners. Great wealth gets great privilege. No where have I ever seen such great privilege as is being demonstrated in our White House since the Obama’s moved in. The Obamas in 6 years have spent over 44 million dollars in tax payer money on their private vacations and outings. The tax payers pay for private Chefs to go to the Obama’s daughters school everyday and prepare and serve them 5 star meals for school lunch everyday. All this while Moochelle sticks her nose in what our children are served in public schools. She has no right while the tax payers pay for private service to her children. There is little difference between poor whites, blacks and Latino’s. Color of skin is not the difference it’s the color of the money that makes the difference. Our legal, and judicial systems are weighted heavily toward money and corporations and business over individuals. In America money talks and bullshit walks. I don’t care if you are poke-a-dot if you got the cash you go first class and our system is geared to cater to you. Working class and poor get separated in America and it’s a divide and conquer system. You are this group or that group. We want this group to hate the other group. Only until America starts to recognize how they are being ‘played’ will they have opportunity to end the money privilege. I don’t propose redistribution of wealth. I do propose fairness in legal matters, law, education, work and living conditions. Corporate Fascist are reshaping America and they are doing it for profit. The illegal aliens crossing our borders are being encouraged by our own government in servitude of our Corporate Fascist who keep them in office. They want a third world mentality in the American workforces. They want to pit us against each other to their end not ours. Americans need to really wake up and realize we are in a fight and we must unite as the poor and down trodden not the white or black.

  106. Elll says

    Can not TV any more. All black actors with their terrible English and stupid jokes.
    Look like we do not have good white Actors any more. Blacks, perverts etc.

  107. phyllisjmurphy says

    I highly recommend this book called The Shadow University(the betrayal of liberty on America’s Campuses) Authored by Alan Charles Kors; Harvey A. Silverglate,(1998) The Free Press…As the Harvard Law Record commented, the book is a chilling account of political correctness run amok across American Campuses and of course still raging! I was working as faculty assistant at a large university in 80’s and watched this crap bud, blossom and bloom fully because, in the process, committees to hire new faculty were controlled by Marxist maniacs and no Conservative professor was ever hired unless a Marxist liberal not qualified..Today all Universities across America have 80% or more full blown Marxists professors and Chancellors controlling like mafia thugs and what a sad day to watch Marxism and Communism take over America and our end is not far away I fear!

  108. russel heim says

    I thought it was minority privilege as the colleges have buildings specific for black studies; black guidance; black meals etc.? And then if the minorities have issues they have help available to help them with the issues ? I have no problems with this, but the problem is that some clowns are attempting to make this a racist issue? Also why aren’t the current crop of racist and bigoted leaders in our administration not making an attempt to help the minorities by pushing education for the high school kids and pushing them to stay in school and helping them to succeed in their high school classes? The answer is that the DEMS do not want the minorities to succeed as they may see how wacked out our DEM leaders are? In a 2011 study , statistics show that there are approximately 3 million high school dropouts yearly and the DEMS don’t care and I have seen them do nothing to encourage young people to stay in school? This is the real hate and racism shown by today’s society.

  109. runnindeer says

    I am still looking for my white Privilege. I have looked all over for it and just can’t seem to find it. I have so many days when I really do feel just like a nigger but have no days when I even get black privileges.

  110. greyfox says

    Our schools have been invaded by left leaning liberals.

  111. ForTheMusic says

    haha! how dumb! I’m sick of the feel sorry for me bull cause i’m a certain color nonsense. They need to buck up!

  112. Morton212 says

    Oh everyone line jumps if they can. Of course there is White privilege- it is still the dominant ethnic group.

  113. adrianvance says

    So they lay guilt on us for things we had nothing to do with and they want us to give them jobs, lend them money so they can refuse to pay it back, steal from us and so on. No thanks.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  114. wcm188 says

    ron brown said it best u can’t fix stupid

  115. Belladonnacotton says

    I am 55 White skin, Green Eyes Alburn Hair and I never got a break. I worked up to 18 hours a day sometimes 7 days a week to get what I have and I will kill anyone who tries to steal it. This white ass cracker had no white privlege. I got beat out of good paying jobs by blacks and hispanics because they were deprived equil oppertunity in jobs. What do you call it when some one is given 10 extra points on their test which put them point wise neck and neck with me but didn’t score as high as me without the skin color, only because they are a different color than white. Thats not White Privilege, thats discrimination and Oregon does it every day. I struggled to raise 4 kids and take care of a dying husband for 10 years. Where was the white privilege. Its a lie and you racist pigs know it..

  116. George says

    We’ll never get beyond the racial divide so long as the race baiters can make a living at their craft. And now we have a new “trod upon” class, the Muslims. We whites will never be able to absolve ourselves of the sins of generations past, even though whites were being enslaved long before Columbus, even before Mohammed.

  117. KatRob says

    The african mantra: “I want to be considered equal, but give me special treatment.” What’s wrong with White Privilege? This country was founded and intended to be a White country, we should have a leg up.

  118. DevelDoc1 says

    This appears to be similar to something the navy tried to push back in the early ’70s. There was even a paperback text, “The Rightness of Whiteness,” it was political bs back then, caused or initiated numerous racial conflicts between black and white folks. The alleged intent of the training program was to help defuse interracial tension of the time (real and perceived). As I said earlier, it created more problems than it solved. Sure wish our liberals would or could learn from history.

  119. OldPatriot32 says

    Yeah, right. If you’re white, try to get on welfare or collect unemployment, without having to jump through 47 hoops, only to be told you don’t qualify (but the minority person behind you in line will be greeted with open arms and provided all the good stuff-you know, food stamps, welfare and/or disability checks, free needed medical treatment and a Medical card! Whites sure are the priveleged class-not!

  120. Durango 35 says


  121. Eric Wiseman says

    I can’t understand white privelage because as a white kid I don’t remember having a leg up verses any other race, Segregation ended when I was in grade school and we were taught what predjudice meant and it was wrong. I don’t remenmber any special privelage that I had before I retired. Blacks made the same amount of money as me. So if there is a white privelage it must be from a small amount because I never seen where I had any leg up on anyone. As long as they worked for it they were the same as I was. White privelage should not be taught in schools because this is no longer 1940 and I believe if they teach it as a modern day thing it’s another form of race baiting.

  122. rmwayne says

    Sounds like more left wing b.s. We all know these freaks of nature hate anybody who’s white, Christian, heterosexual or conservative. Get them the hell out of our schools and throw them in a dungeon somewhere. They’ve been brainwashing students for years now. How else could young voters have been stupid enough to vote for a homosexual, muslim loving communist for president because they think he’s “cool”.

  123. ward says

    This B.S. is more bo created lies to advance more racism to support his wannabe dictatorship from hell ..!

  124. JIMBO says

    I dont know who comes up with this “WHITE PRIVILEGE CRAP” because it is as far from the truth as it gets. Have you notice what color and gender most TV newscasters are? I dont have any problems with any of them. With one exception and his name is LITTLE AL SHARPTON. If you really want to talk about privilege, how about black privilege. Take a little time to do some research on the benefits blacks receive as opposed to whites. If you have the intelligence to do so.

  125. Patriot954 says

    The left will NEVER look at successful people like Ben Carson and ask what made him a success. His mother
    put him and his brother on notice and limited their time before the TV. His mother demanded that Ben and his brother learn the times tables, read books, and write book reports. Both grew up to be successful. This propelled both of these men to be successful, not the blubbering left with their message of “you poor, downtrodden people need help.” A tough, demanding, no excuses mother propelled them to aspire to higher things than “you whites held me back.”

    The people pushing this agenda WANT to hold black people back as well as to castigate and shame white people. Same old tactic of making enemies among groups of Americans. Divide, not unify.

    Will this help to bring about Obama’s dream of enough riots to justify declaring marshal law?

  126. Charlotte says

    So WHY are we allowing this socialist garbage to infiltrate our education systems, our communities and our lives? It’s just “white manipulation” and we have fallen for it up to now by allowing the demonization of police, religion, conservative politicians and any and all authority structures based on race. The race issues have reached a level of insanity one cannot open one’s mouth based on race. Is this intimidation and badgering based on “race” what we want for future generations??

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