Why Islam Is Going to Take Over the World


As of Thursday morning, Parisian authorities had arrested several people in connection with the terrorist attack on the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, but the prime suspects in the shooting are still at large. The attack, which occurred on Wednesday morning, left 12 people dead and another 11 wounded. The suspects, according to police, are Cherif Kouachi, 32, and Said Kouachi, 34.

USA Today reported that the two brothers returned to Paris from Syria last summer and that security services inside France were at least nominally aware of their presence. No official connections have thus been made between the suspects and known terror organizations such as ISIS or Al Qaeda. The predominate belief, of course, is that Charlie Hebdo magazine was targeted for lampooning Islam’s founder, Mohammed. According to the religion, there are never to be any artistic depictions of the prophet.

Population Shift

The attack provides an opportunity for conversation and commentary on a number of important topics. The religion that drove these terrorists to carry out their aims, the divide between Western culture and Islam, gun control, and free speech are just a few of the tributaries down which commentators have traveled in the last 24 hours. All of them (expect perhaps gun control) are worth discussing in the wake of the tragedy, but it’s also important to talk about what’s happening in France right now.

France, and Paris in particular, is slowly changing its demographics. Muslim immigrants are pouring into the country, giving it the largest Muslim population in Europe. This would be all fine and well if it weren’t for the fact that many of these immigrants have no interest whatsoever in adopting the cultures, norms, and beliefs of their new country. Instead, many wish to remain segregated and pious, wishing for the day when they can turn France into a land under Sharia law.

The conflicts that lie ahead in France and other European countries where Muslims are becoming an increasingly-large minority are inevitable. Making them even more inevitable is the politically-correct tone with which politicians and the media treat Islam. Criticism of the religion has been labeled “racist” by liberals who have lost all sense of perspective. The growing protests in Germany over the Islamization of the West have been denounced by world leaders. Thus they hasten their own demise.

A Future of Our Own

But don’t think for a moment that their problems are unique to Europe. This conflict is coming to America sooner or later, and we’ve already seen how our own leaders talk about the religion of “peace.” A vast ocean protects us from the kind of rampant immigration they’re seeing in Europe, but it’s only a matter of time. We would do well to decide how we’re going to deal with it before it becomes a serious issue.

But we won’t. Bill Maher is already facing criticism for his comments on Wednesday denouncing the philosophies of Islam. He’s about as liberal as they come, but he’s one of the few on the left willing to see that this religion is against everything liberals are supposed to stand for. But they continue to support it against all the evidence. They support a religion whose followers – in disturbing numbers – support the murder of those who would make fun of their prophet. It’s that simple.

I’d like to think that this event will be a wake up call to people who still want to give this religion the benefit of the doubt, but it won’t. If September 11th didn’t do it, nothing will. And since there aren’t enough bombs in the world to eliminate terrorism, we could be facing a terrible future. Our demise won’t come because we backed down from suicide bombs and gunmen; it will come because we refuse to tell the truth about the enemy.

  1. Yadja says

    The French president has done exactly what O has been doing he refused to connect these attacks with Islam.

    Sigh………that old saying evil succeeds when good men do nothing applies here.

    Just like after 9/11 the discussions on Islam throughout the world had substance and I saw a Ray of Hope that now it will be exposed but alas……just like Hitler……..not going to happen til the Bullet Hits Millions of Bones belonging to Europeans and Americans……and it is on it’s way.

    1. william C says

      Actually, initially the French President did call it an act of terror. He has since changed his tone.

      1. johnob1 says

        They simply turned into wimps rather than fight for their own homeland. On the other hand, terrorists can push Americans just do far. And I mean; we fight! However, in America, we are overwhelmed by our own multitudes of wimps who expect us to do their fighting for them while they lay back and enjoy our nation’s milk and honey without lifting a finger to save their country from foreign and internal invasion.

        USAF (RET)

        1. william C says

          Fly high MSGT. Will Casey PO1 USN (RET)

          of the religion has been labeled “racist” by liberals who have lost all
          sense of perspective. The growing protests in Germany over the
          Islamization of the West have been denounced by world leaders. Thus they
          hasten their own demise. – See more at:

          1. johnob1 says

            “Racist” is a popular word used by liberals. It’s the only word in their vocabulary. Infants have a larger conservative word vocabulary than liberals.

            Thank you for your reply. William C, It looks like you, me, and other patriots, are ready to defend America and its Constitution. If we have to fight the idiots such as Democrats, liberals, progressives, socialists, and communists in America, let’s make the most of it.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          2. william C says

            It’s a family thing. My father retired Naval officer after 30, my brother finished 25 USMC Gunny in 1995 and my older son just retired PO1 after 20 Navy in 2013 He wanted to re-up for another 4-5 years to try to make Chief, but they basically forced him out – my guess it was Obama’s policies re military that caused that). My younger daughter just graduated college last year and is considering applying for FBI training next summer.

          3. johnob1 says

            William C, Your family members are patriots. You and your family of patriotism reminds me of General George S. Patton whom I would have followed to the gates of hell to beat the devil himself.

            Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II’s intentions were always for the destruction of America’s Armed Forces. I can tell you the reason they refused your son’s re-enlistment in the Navy. Your son is an individual that can think and solve problems for himself; Mr. Obama II doesn’t want these high-caliber type of men and women, he wants individuals that can behave as robots. And this is his reason for pushing his Communist Common Core Standards on the entire educational institution in America to create a race of robots.

            If your daughter wishes to be a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, advice her to always watch her back. Unfortunately, the FBI is not the true patriotic agency of the late Director J. Edgar Hoover.

            Although we are not blood-related; I would like to say, I am proud of your patriotic family who are the backbone of America. God bless you all.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          4. william C says

            Not to mention that our C-in-C wants to find a way to disarm all retired vets or former military personnel. I guess he figures they are a danger to his tyranny – and we are!. Keep your powder dry!

          5. johnob1 says

            George Washington knew what he was talking about when he said…..

            “A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”

            Our Founding Fathers knew very well that “freedom” must be protected and guarded at all times even from our own government.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          6. william C says

            Over the last 6 years I have become more convinced that it may come to us against them, in a serious way. My Nay son and my brother have seen it coming as well. We can only hope that our military, at least the vast majority, will not back Obama when he finally decides to really subdue the American people.

          7. johnob1 says

            Whenever the United States and its Constitution is threatened from within; I’ll be up front holding my firearm and the American Flag.

            I strongly believe members of the United States Armed Forces will never support the foreign-born illegal alien agent Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II in destroying members of their own American families.

            Those that do kill American families on behalf of the foreign-born illegal alien agent Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II will be executed for high treason and the desecration of their Military Oath. The Military Oath applies only to an American-born U.S. President as Commander in Chief and no other.

            I keep repeating the words of a “foreign-born illegal alien agent” because Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II is a foreign agent Saboteur. Members of the United States Congress is fully aware of this fact, and yet, they do nothing to save this nation from a foreign agent Saboteur.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          8. 094870 says

            I believe in what Georgie boy said and I do.

          9. johnob1 says

            Most of our Founding Fathers knew how easily representatives can fall under the spell of greed, corruption, and the loss of moral values, including allegiance to their own country. They simple become traitors.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          10. 094870 says

            Good luck on that job. I don’t think that will happen. Their are many that know how to take care of that problem.

          11. Sue Donym says

            I read that William C let his family go for some other woman who he once cheated on. He is not a man with high morals as he wants us want to believe.

          12. johnob1 says

            It’s not up to our readers to pass judgement on William C. It appears you believed what you have read. My only interest is William C’s dedication to our sovereign nation and not his personal moral values.

            I seem to remember reading in the Bible where a woman was about to be stoned until Jesus intervene and said; “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” WOW!

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          13. 094870 says

            Even though they are out of the military they can still keep up their skills. Just be ready to rock and roll. Molon Labe.

          14. johnob1 says

            I am depending upon their military skills, and I am ready to fight the internal enemies of the United States of America.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          15. 094870 says

            What is your 20?

          16. johnob1 says

            Central New York State; run by the little dictator Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          17. 094870 says

            I came from Rochester, New York, back in the early 40″. Left there in ’54 and never went back. Don’t care to either.

          18. johnob1 says

            There are many New Yorkers desperately trying to leave this state which is being run by idiots. The little dictator Governor Andrew M. Cuomo told us conservatives to leave New York. Remington Gun Manufacturers already left for Alabama, and many more citizens will soon move to various states across the country where individual freedom is still alive.

            New York State is overwhelmed with liberal idiots and parasites on Welfare with their hands out making it impossible for honest working citizens to make a living in this foul state.

            I’m looking to move as soon as my financial status permits.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          19. Sue Donym says

            William C – I was beginning to worry about you. I am glad to see you have not lost you compassion for your family. One’s wife and children are what’s matters in the crazy life. Unless of course, you let your wife slip away, as I have read you did. Shame one you. She there to give your life meaning and purpose. I gather you have either now.

          20. 094870 says

            If she does, she needs to watch her back. You can teach her that.

          21. 094870 says

            So, I’m a “racist”. Now what ? Would that be a race?

        2. CATMAN says

          Seems to me it was that way back in 1776. A very small minority of patriots did the fighting for the rest. It will happen again, bank on it !!! Our fighting forces learned a very good lesson in VN. That was how to fight a guerilla war. That will probably be the way it will be done here when the SHTF.
          KOREA VET/ USN

          1. johnob1 says

            I believe you because, whenever I try to warn the town people, they don’t want to hear it. These are the very same people who will cry out when they lose their freedoms; “How could this have happened in America? Why didn’t somebody do something?” When they were the “somebody” who could have done something and did nothing!

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          2. hankthetank says

            Build it, & the rest will follow ! I am 83 & i have been ready for a long time ! seven years, to be exact !! ( US Army, 52-55 )

          3. johnob1 says

            We need those Generals Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II fired because they refuse to turn against the American people, and we must have them to help organize the American people to fight all those that are bent on destroying America and our Founding Fathers’ principles. (I’m pushing 83 and I can still fight!)

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          4. festmatt5440 says

            Our forefathers would be using their guns, by now .

      2. Yadja says

        Yes in fact he did and yesterday the little Socialist showed more courage than our ninny in the WH. A no show, but actually he was shown…..shown to be what he is once again……a Muslim who will never speak against his own.

        Today I have called even his office and let them know what I think he is and that he needs to stand down.

    2. Dave Don says

      Islamic quranpigobama

      1. Yadja says

        At least France now is saying it is in a war against Islamic Jihad. O showed how he felt when he did not show-up yesterday for the five million person march and the parade of over 40 leaders. He spat in the face of France and once again showed where his allegiance is and it is not with the Free World.

        I am beginning to think he is actually one of them.

        1. Dave Don says

          I new that for a long time. go to truthand action.org look for whistle blower pilots flying muslims let me no if you find it if I have it on my facebook send me a friend recus

          1. Yadja says

            Roger will do.

        2. Dave Don says

          did you get my reply

          1. Yadja says

            I did thank you and answered. You should get it.

        3. Dave Don says

          look up me on facebook. David M .Dunn

          1. Yadja says

            Dave I am not on Facebook or any other media except for the blogs like this. And only two of them. I have been too radical to Islam and CAIR and I had to sort of disappear for awhile.

            I was on Pal Talk when first coming home from this war. I was speaking and touring and conversing with people like Joe Kaufman and Bridgette Gabriel, Daniel Pipes, Frank Gaffney, Andrew Whitehead and many others. The Coptic I spoke with on Pal Talk was killed in NJ and I was threatened. I knew what they could do. So I have laid low, left my original home and don’t go on any Social Media.

            Thank you though.


          2. Dave Don says

            truthandaction..whistleblower.look they maybe blocking

          3. Dave Don says

            I think they are blocking me

          4. Yadja says

            My Lord Dave I am speechless to what I just read and heard. Representative Rick Womack knows about this and how many other of our representatives know?

            Everyone needs to go to Whistle Blower Pilots flying illegal Muslims into America. It is all there and one of the offenders going along with this is Kalitta Charter flights.

            I am getting in touch with my reps today. I want this looked into.

            I am in shock. My Lord my Lord what is O doing to us?

          5. Dave Don says

            war on us..qbamas a islamic quran piss on them

          6. Yadja says

            I just contacted Kalitta Charters and spoke with a pilot and the minute I mentioned the Whistle blower pilots and the illegal Muslims he said I would have to talk to the companies attorney so my guess is they are. I am contacting my Congressman.

          7. Yadja says

            I called Womack’s office spoke with his representative, she was not happy but she did say he did speak to this in 2011 so it is true and I asked her why he had not taken this to Congress she said he was only a State Representative I said that is no excuse. She then said I could email him but he would not call me cause he was so busy. I told her don’t worry I am calling my Congressman which I did, cause he is doing something for me concerning the DOD.

            And I did and told him about Rick Womack. So your telling the truth. Call your representatives. Raise heck I just notified the Breitbart tip line. Do it also give them all your information.

          8. Dave Don says

            I called mine. I am in Louisiana the people here are keeping their guns close a lot of people.

          9. Yadja says

            Good for you and keep calling and telling people.

        4. Dave Don says

          its true that’s the only people hes helping

          1. Yadja says

            You brought some valuable information to this site concerning the Whistle Blower Pilots flying thousands upon thousands of Muslims into this country and I substantiated it. You were not telling a whopper.

            I hope someone I contacted gets on the ball because just when we think we are getting somewhere we are thrown back into the fight even harder against this Muslim.

          2. Dave Don says

            I call the police and gave it to them.to

          3. Yadja says

            Don’t know what the police can do unless they are in the area where this Charter flies but maybe they can. I think Homeland Security is in with O on immigration and most likely this.

            We are being eaten alive like we are zombie insects being eaten alive by parasites. It is true about the zombie bugs that keep on functioning while they are being eaten.

          4. Dave Don says

            Islamic in office Obama// holder. home land man for get his name and some more up there

          5. Yadja says

            Hopefully O will go before his two years are up, he is so going to get it for this temper tantrum.

          6. Dave Don says

            I have got 2 phone calls want say a word..unknow name and a zero on ID..YOU SEEN THIS BEFORE

          7. Yadja says

            Mostly I get my line going dead silent and my connections broken or intense static when speaking with those of my ilk. I am small potatoes and so are you, don’t worry….yet.

          8. Dave Don says


          9. Yadja says

            Darlin Darlin Darlin you are someone I would want in my Platoon, your a good one, a winner, a fighter so settle down and take a deep breath and think on what you have put out there then contemplate the responses and let the world know.

            Your a really good guy and I am very thankful you are out there.

          10. Dave Don says

            if your aver In Louisiana stop in we cook up some old time gumbo

          11. Dave Don says

            are you still on hear you ok

          12. Yadja says

            AGHHHHHHHTHEY GOT ME, I am held in a room or garage can’t tell. I have a tracer on me and it is connected to some real Black Ops………..Shhhhhh,…….I hear something………..Oh No Oh No……..it’s Holder and Obama and they are wearing green for eco and they are carrying manure guns……..Wait…..Wait…….Ah Halaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

            Here come my comrades……..Mine eyes have seen the Gory of the coming of MaRINES THEY ARE MARCHING SLOWLY MARCHING WHERE THE hOLDER AND O CONVENE





            THE TRUTH IS GOING TO GET OUT………..shhhhhh I will notify you of further events……..in the mean time keep your ammo dry and your gun handy…….

          13. Yadja says

            I am having trouble signing in today and thought I might have been banned so I came this route to talk and say thank you for the invite if and when I am in Louisiana and I was wondering are you Cajun?

            I know how good the cooking is in your neck of the woods. When I was doing my deployments as an IMA I took my time going to my Duty Station and visited many states along the way.

            Louisiana is a mysterious and beautiful place. Thank you again for the invite. “)

          14. Dave Don says

            yes.i am… next.. call your congress man and tell him to turn there back on odumber the inbamanation..at the union address like the police in new York..that would be wonderful..202-224-3121..dont hurt to wish

          15. Yadja says

            Well I intend to spend much time emailing and calling this Commander in Chit just released five more from Gitmo as we slept and spat in the eye of the Congress.

            They are going to have to do something rash to stop this Muslim.

          16. Dave Don says

            truthandaction you seen LT.Gen Boykin

          17. Robert Young says

            Then you may get a visit from people in black suv’s. Take care.

        5. Robert Young says

          You are just now beginning to think he is one of them???

          1. Yadja says

            Oh no my friend, I am just now realizing he may be a part of the plots to kill Americans. I always knew where his heart was but did not consider he might be plotting with them to destroy and attack America.

      2. Dave Don says

        look me up on facebook David.M.Dunn

    3. Alexander Seredin says

      …and what is your solution, forcibly convert Muslims to moronism?

      1. James Andrews says

        No, but we can seriously screen and severely limit or stop them from coming into our country. However, that also requires sealing up our borders much tighter, which we should do anyway.

      2. john Wilson says

        No, treat the religion as it is a Political-Religion based philosophy to radically change individuals or kill them. If you can’t see this than you have blinders on and are in total denial. Immigration quotas need to be set in place and a revitalization of Western culture must be practiced or the world as we know it will disappear and become one of anarchy and a lesser quality of life. Western religions, and cultures do not teach the hatred that Islam does. We are not perfect, but most of us have tolerance for one another s beliefs.

      3. unique201 says

        No, They are morons already. If they want to change a country,
        send them back to their countries and let them change their
        countries. If they continue to attack non Muslims, we need to
        kill these pigs.

        1. johnob1 says

          My “Motto” is kill or be killed by a deranged Islamic Muslim. Do you know why they wear those rags to cover their faces? They are ashamed of their Islamic Muslim religion and don’t want to be recognized before the civilized world for the crimes they commit under Muhammad’s Qur’an.

          USAF (RET)

      4. Matooz says

        No allowance for Sharia law within our borders. Islam is a theocracy in direct opposition to the type of government that the U.S. was created to promote and protect by the adoption of the Constitution as the law of the land.

        1. michaelcain says

          Then by the constitution we are required to defend this country and it people.So Lock and load Strike at the muslim training camps and shoot all that cross our borders Illegally. may God rest their souls..

      5. patriotdaddy says

        to educate those that do not know islam you old fool…..stop bringing your negativity to a conversation of hope!!! what a jackass!!

        1. unique201 says

          You my friend are the JACKASS !!!!!!!

      6. Connie Alsip says

        Not a problem. They are all morons.

      7. Peatro Giorgio says

        No give them two choices #1 leave or die. It’s that simple.

      8. Mary Ann says

        No. They’re already morons.

      9. michaelcain says

        NO send them back to their maker as defective and demand a refund

        1. CATMAN says

          Good idea !!!

      10. Lizfan says

        I was under the impression that Muslims are already morons.

      11. Yadja says

        My solution is common sense. Oh by the way Muslims are already intrenched in moron…..ism.
        (1.) If you are from a country that hates us you can not immigrate here.
        (2.) Close down the Muslim Madrassas and deport those teachers who are teaching Jihad.
        (3.) Close down the Training sites we say are in America and documentaries have been done about and deport those involved.
        (4.) Shut down all organizations like CAIR proven to have ties to terrorism.
        (4.) Close down the mosques that have been radicalized and deport the Imams and their members. Monitor those remaining.
        (.5.) We say we know the Cells in America go get the people and deport them.
        (.6.) Stop the flow of college applicants from those countries that hate us.
        (7.) Profile everywhere.
        (8.) Take every single Muslim who is entrenched in our infrastructure and investigate them if a question deport them.
        (9.) No more Political Correctness, allow preachers to teach about Muhammad and the Qur’an, no more Qur’an in our schools, no more foot baths and prayer rooms in colleges and companies where they work. Mesh or leave.
        (10.) Clean out Michigan and everywhere that Muslims are taking over and deport them by the truck loads.
        (11.) No more burqas, head scarfs you mesh or you leave.

        This is America and immigrants of old meshed, did not demand, did not interfere in our laws, did not kill 3000 of us in less than one hour.

        I suggest that this country get tough or get trouble like in France. Only difference Alexander Seredin is we as citizens are armed so any masked Jihad loon planning to kill us in our malls, schools, restaurants or local stores will find a bullet between their eyes. Try walking down the street dressed like that where I live and your dead. In Florida if we think your out to hurt us we shoot first.

    4. Jarhead says

      We don’t learn from History……. i.e., 9/11 and Hitler.
      PC & Affirmative Action will kill us all.

    5. fred says

      I wish i could say i thought you were wrong o n this one, Yadja. They are organized to do their best to make us miserable, and our “leaders” are sitting on their hands, time to get PRO-active with these criminals, not help them…send them all off to prison camps, won’t hurt my feelings at all!

      1. michaelcain says

        Prison camps are very costly just shoot them and feed the to the pigs

        1. CATMAN says

          What are you trying to do, contaminate our pork supply ???

          1. 094870 says

            Maybe let them be the first to land on Mars colony.

      2. Yadja says

        The latest brazen O fiasco is that not one single person of import was at the Paris five million man/woman march with over 40 leaders marching with arms together against Islamic Jihad. This is a slap in the face of France and it is a bold statement by O that he is not agreeing with them on Islam and he won’t join them in any attempt to stop it or call it Islamic.

        This is going to get him in hot water and hopefully this worm will squirm and boil and it will overflow into the hugest scandal yet because it is and I already called every representative saying they best get on that floor and make O out to be the Traitor that he is.

        If ever a president shamed, defamed and put America in the toilet it is this miserable Muslim and I pray seriously he will get what is due him.

      3. 094870 says

        We need to do like they did in Paris.

    6. Bill says

      Colonel West exposes what islam is really about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkGQmCZjJ0k

      1. hankthetank says

        He would make us a great leader!!

      2. Yadja says

        Exactly and Churchill, Jefferson and many more have said the same thing. There is only one Qur’an according to scholars and it is unchanged and they pride themselves on it.

        I have read the Qur’an, Hadith and studied Muhammad. He is right on but the American people are kept in the dark due to PC. As horrendous as the Paris attacks were they have brought about, at least for a few days, honest talk and discussion on the Qur’an and the enemy.

        When I saw all those leaders marching arm in arm and nobody representing America in yesterdays show of Solidarity. Five million people and nobody representing America. He once again showed he will “Stand with Islam when the political winds of change turn in an ugly direction.”

        We have a Muslim in the WH.

    7. Barack'sGotYourBack says

      It seems to me that Europeans will bend over but in contrast to that, Americans will shoot back.

      We might have to rescue France again….

      1. Yadja says

        What I was thinking when I looked at that crowd of what they say was 5 million, is that 6 million Jews were killed in WWII and America drug her feet until shamed into getting into the fray and France led her Revolution and helped us with ours. She also went and fought without asking anyone to help to protect her interests recently.

        WWI started with Europe as did WWII and perhaps WWIII will start with Europe. It sickens me that we have in our midst a Terrorist in the WH and I don’t see how anyone can say otherwise after this display of total Kiss my backside by the Muslim O. It also sickens me that a Socialist like the FOP in France has more gumption, although he best because his ratings are not just in the toilet they are in the incinerator has more guts than O.

        American people, individuals will shoot back but O won’t do anything. He drug his feet on the Red Line, he drug his feet on the Surge, he kills terrorists with drones because he hasn’t the guts to bring them in and question them, it would put him in the position to use unusual force. He had bin laden slaughtered but Bush gave Hussein to the people. O is safe, I believe firmly he is one of them, no doubt in my mind, but we are basically on our own.

        1. Barack'sGotYourBack says

          Agreed. You might have noted Frances’ Prime Minister Manuel Valls reference to their ‘War on radical islam’. That was amazing, even though it is off of the logical mark. Once he recognizes that “radical islam” is just islam, he could get more on track with reality.


          1. Yadja says

            Took me forever to sign in today thought I had been banned but guess I am safe for now.

            You hit the nail on the head and it will take many countries getting hit on the head or loosing their head to Islam before they understand that this religion is violent. It’s prophet was violent. He started the Crusades and if people will just read the Hadith that is written by those who were with him it will be crystal clear.

            Now for those Muslims who say that they are peaceful I have to ask what Qur’an they are reading because even the one handed out free by CAIR has all the violent verses in them. I would wager that those who are screaming about Islam being peaceful and chiding those of us who are saying they are as full of malarkey as a politician on the campaign trail have not read the Qur’an, the Hadith or know anything about Muhammad.

            My word even Muhammad’s Uncle who took him in after his parents died would not accept his so-called religion.

          2. Barack'sGotYourBack says

            Please check my recent replies to Esma… just in case I left out anything!

          3. Yadja says

            Will do. “)

          4. infadelicious says

            I don’t believe Esma is a woman but either way she/he is begging for Yadja to dish out a verbal beatdown or violent torpedo of truth…. LOL

          5. Yadja says

            I thought I had been banned. I have been on the computer with the disqus team for most of the morning.

            Esma will get her can of WA soon as I get straightened out here. “)

          6. infadelicious says

            😉 I knew we could count on you…. Have a great day Yadja.

          7. Yadja says

            Finally got things straightened out, put my combat boots on and went for the throat to fight the good fight against a really bad Muslim.

          8. infadelicious says

            Excellent!! 😉

          9. Yadja says

            Youse guys did a pretty good job of softening her up for me I was late to the party. LOLOLOLOL

            Her attitudes and denials are beyond the pale. This is Islam.

          10. infadelicious says

            yes… relentless propaganda. How brain dead do you have to be at this point to believe her, or to trust the traitors in the people’s house to protect us?

          11. Yadja says

            I suppose if that is all you are fed from birth it seeps in and you believe it.

            There are loons in every religion we have many who call themselves Christians, but this extensive following is almost beyond comprehension.

          12. infadelicious says

            The difference with muslims is, you would think when they get here and see how peaceful things are, how different people get along, that we welcome them and let them practice any faith they wish are generous to a fault with them , they would change their minds , but nope! their minds are twisted clusterf**ks of hate and they can’t wait to taste our blood. It numbs the skull.

          13. Yadja says

            There ya have it.

          14. Jed says

            That tends to be a reasonable observation, and I don’t understand it myself, but it can go very deep. I had a Muslim student years ago who was very intelligent, personable and a really good student with perfect English. He seemed to be nothing but reasonable and peaceful. The semester after he was out of those classes, the Danish cartoon episode occurred, and he was one of those interviewed for a reaction by the student newspaper in a “man-on-the-street” format. His response really surprised me. He said: “If you insult my religion I will kill you.”

          15. infadelicious says

            I know I shouldn’t expect logic. I guess when religion is your “drug” instead of your faith, all common sense, logical thinking and sanity fly right out the tent door.

          16. Barack'sGotYourBack says

            They are programmed from a very young age.

            Have you seen any of the Al-Jazeera film clips of islamist parents teaching their very young children to hate Jews?

          17. Jed says

            I recall seeing a “Micky Mouse” type character doing the same thing.

          18. Barack'sGotYourBack says

            I hope that your combat boots do a good job of doubling as waders because the BS is getting pretty deep already.

          19. Yadja says

            LOLOLOLOLOLOL rolling over here.

            I think all soldiers who served in any of these wars has a built in Mussie BS detector. Comes with the job.

        2. John Gillis says

          Wow. This is a very informed and astute post. It does sound like Obama has something to hide in all of this, a proverbial “skeleton in the closet”. Not just the fact he IS a Muslim, but all the Muslim unrest has his fingerprints on it.

          1. Yadja says

            I have had horrible problems getting on here today thought I had been banned.

            Thank you for the compliment. Already I am hearing on the news people back peddling on having a real and honest discussion on Islam. We have to understand the enemy. We have to know why they are doing what they are doing. We as a people must understand that these people are taught via their Qur’an to do the things they are doing. Otherwise why would they be doing it?

            I have read the Qur’an and studied the life of Muhammad. O’s fathers were Muslim. His people in Africa are Muslims. His cousin O’dinga burned Christian alive in their churches and went to prison for it. He continues to this day to project his violence in Africa. Jihad is not a Spiritual journey it is a fact that claims all Muslims must fight. O went to Madrassa in Indonesia for 4 years, he went to mosque 5 times a day and raised his backside in the air, he knows the Qur’an inside out and he is doing what he said in his book Audacity of Hope, he is standing with Islam.

            Here is a good site please pass it on it is simple and to the point to show the differences between Islam and Christianity, Jesus and Muhammad.


    8. John Gillis says

      Unfortunately, in this era, Evil is perceived as ‘cool’ and fashionable. And the pathology that affects the ‘herd’ is as long as a bully has one target, the rest of the herd will join the bully in the persecution of the one target. A meaningful retaliation will only occur after the bully starts taking on other targets in the herd, which is what appears to be happnening, but I fear such a response may be too late.

      1. Yadja says

        I have been having serious problems logging in today. I don’t want to believe that Evil is perceived as “cool and fashionable”. What is going to have to happen is a “Real and Honest” discussion on Islam. The bottom line is that Islam’s book the Qur’an is the crux of the problem. All one has to do is read it and see the verses there. All you have to do is read the Hadith written by those who were with Muhammad to see what he was.

        Something has to give and soon.

  2. abc__jps says

    yes I am afraid you are right. I am a senior person I fear for my great grandchildren and the life they will have all because American is complicity. No one seems to remember Dec. 7, and how fast they can come and get us…Be afraid very afraid but do something….

    1. James Maxwell says

      When, not IF, we are attacked it will be from within due to the cowardliness of our elected
      leaders and their failure to follow their oath of office. Our nation will be in disarray and
      people will die. There will be those who foresaw this coming and they will rise to the
      challenge and repel the enemy but how many lives will be lost before that happens or they
      are able to get organized. I am not sure how our military will react with its Political Correct
      leaders brains being filled with mush and the Utopian liberals ideals. We have seen many
      good leaders being forced to retire from the military under the current occupier of the
      White House. It is not secret that he is a muzzie and hates our nation, he has stated
      this numerous time but the utopians in the liberal press refuse to admit it or publish the
      news without their distorted views and twist of facts to suit their desires.

      1. Cold War Gunner says

        How many lives will be sacrificed at the alter of P.C. ?? I would say several million, at the very minimum..

        1. azsequaya says

          The Georgia Guide Stones ,,say 6.5 BILLION.. info found on YouTube

        2. CATMAN says

          All the more reason to keep them clean, locked and loaded………….and very handy!!!

      2. Connie Alsip says

        The military cannot abide that muslim POS masquerading as POTUS. He is trash, his wife is ridiculous, and his regime is the most corrupt in history. (AP, Benghazi, IRS, etc, etc.) Hoping that the Sargent of the House of Representatives arrests his traitorous ass, and Joe Biden is next. We are NOT Muslims. Their theology is hateful and ugly. The religion of PEACE?? More like the religion of pieces of people spread over the world. They need extermination, just like a plague of rats.

        1. James Maxwell says

          AMEN Connie and all of our bomb and weapons need to be lubed with pig
          grease to insure they will burn hotter when they enter Hades.

  3. gutz22 says

    Real simple fix make shariah law illegal & deport ,& or imprison those that practice.

    1. 0331Tap says


    2. gmhunt4 says

      It is practiced here in America already…..our judges have considered it our courtrooms in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We have Congressman that were sworn in with Koran.

      1. abc__jps says

        why was it allowed Americans complacency in America allowed it…Shame on us.

      2. 7loubro_4 says

        I really believe that is why Obama swore the oath twice, remember when he and Roberts went into a room later and re-swore because Obie “goofed” on the first one? Was that a Christian Bible, or a Koran, and is the cameraman dead? Who knows what made Roberts bow to Obie, but if he had not, the Obamacare would never have passed. We are just about skr**ed by our own lack of knowledge about what “He” is up to….and I don’t want to die under Islam….or you, or my children and grandchildren. I want America back!

        1. larry says

          Hello 7loubro_4: Very well said!! I would add that taking our country back is not racial; instead, we want our country to be constitutional again!! back No more law of man (Obama) but the rule of law (OUR Constitution)!!

          1. Bizman1233 says

            I’d like to add that we shouldn’t be distracted between selecting a Democrat or a Republican or a Tea Party candidate. We need to make a choice between the socialist or a constitutionalist. We need more constitutionalists in our elected offices.

          2. azsequaya says

            YES !!! The Muslim Jihadists have been on OUR American soil for 35 years now,,, Preparing for American`s SLAUGHTER !!!! They have training camps in over 30 states now.. Just go to YouTube & search “Homegrown Jihadist`s”

          3. michaelcain says

            locate and publisize their location for all to be able to attack them once and for all

          4. azsequaya says

            Go to YouTube,,, It`s all there…There are two here in AZ,,& 7 F.E.M.A. Concentration Camps..

          5. Rboo says

            There are a couple here in Texas too.

          6. azsequaya says

            YEP !!!! There are 35+ now & Sheik Gilani from N.Y. since last April has bought 9 more properties. They ALL,, average from 25-300 acres

          7. Alexander Seredin says

            I cannot stop laughing at your bigoted stupidity.

          8. Robert Young says

            Go take your meds troll.

          9. azsequaya says

            With 28 people agreeing with my post,,, I`d say you`re the one with bigoted STUPIDITY !!!!

          10. Bob Sims says

            And we can’t stop from laughing at you, Alex, you ignorant fucking troll.

          11. Conservative says

            It’s really frustrating to read comments from people who won’t bother to educate themselves. Perhaps this is just another fallacy of education in the U.S. today.

          12. michaelcain says

            It would appear on what you call education that can be referenced here

          13. azsequaya says

            yes,,, IS`NT IT ??? GO EDUCATE your self !!!

          14. azsequaya says

            I`ve been educating my self for over 8 years by digging into what`s REALLY going on in this world !!! IF,, YOU ,, don`t like what I`ve found out,,, DON`T READ IT ,, TOO many Americans don`t have a CLUE what`s “REALLY GOING ON”,, America hasn`t been a Country for a little over 100 years now !! Woodrow Wilson made sure of that when he gave OUR Gold backed Monetary system to the global bankers in exchange for a WORTHLESS Paper credit system !!!! It only took them 20 years to Bankrupt their NEW ” CORPORATION”,, & they`ve been PILING on more & MORE debt ever since !!! America is just about to go UNDER,,,, THEN???,, They`ll control the WHOLE WORLD… PULL your head out ,,Chicky !!!!

          15. Bob Sims says

            Education has long been replaced by indocrination.

          16. Bob Sims says


          17. brian James says

            there locations are on line on Google,

          18. MrSwingGuitar says

            Isn’t it interesting that the same folks who insist that the only true Americans are those who speak only English can’t actually use the language correctly? “There” indicates a place or direction. “Their” is the possessive you needed to use.

          19. Bob Sims says

            This isn’t an English class. Anything you want to add to the discussion itself, though?

          20. MrSwingGuitar says

            I’ve used actual arguments on here, which no one has responded to rationally. Someone like you who says “Islam is a cancer that must be wiped out” certainly isn’t going to be the one to engage in actual discourse. You’re clearly insane on this subject.

          21. brian James says

            thank you Mister Perfect, your response is helpful.

          22. Beverly Miller says

            why do we sell land to people that are not sworn in citizens?

          23. Rick Rogers says

            I don’t know Beverly why did the Congress Give away Apache Tribal Land last month to a Foreign Mining company?

          24. Alexander Seredin says

            …because likes of you slaughtered Apaches first and took their land

          25. Rick Rogers says

            Wrong Genius.. I have Cherokee blood so try again.

          26. michaelcain says

            Well Sir, that is all and good I am a mix of two Cherokee tribes and one Yakama tribe and one part Austrian But in all I am an AMERICAN by birth and by GOD
            and there in lies my prides. to be protected

          27. Rick Rogers says

            Then you should be asking the same Questions.. How is it ok for the Congress to give away Apache Land to a Foreign Mining Company?

          28. 2Shadow2 says

            It is not ok. Where is the protest and law suit?

          29. Rick Rogers says

            Its coming and you can make Vegas Book on it.

          30. Jarhead says

            HOW ? Maybe it was polluted with empty wine bottles? The cause of roof failures in downtown Farmington, NM (adjacent to Navajo Land).

          31. bpr1122 says

            Although the Cherokees are from Southeastern US and the Apaches are from Southwestern US, some Cherokees migrated to OK; therefore, it is quite possible that some Cherokees killed some Apaches.

          32. Rick Rogers says

            Not sure I would call the “trail of Tears” a migration. more like a forced Relocation.

          33. bpr1122 says

            What? What does your comment have to do with Cherokees being in proximity to Apaches; thereby, raising the possibility that some Cherokees might have killed some Apaches. My initial comment was to show how inane your comment “Wrong Genius.. I have Cherokee blood so try again” is. Do you really believe there has never been an Indian from one tribe that killed an Indian from another tribe? Also since your comment implies you are not 100% Indian, you could have some European blood that is know for killing Indians such as Spanish blood.

            I guess you are not even smart enough to know that I was making fun of your comment, “Wrong Genius.. I have Cherokee blood so try again.”

          34. Rick Rogers says

            And your Hypothetical comment about some Cherokees might have killed apaches and nothing to do with the Congress giving away Apache Land to a foreign mining company in the DOD appropriations. So who strayed from the point first?

          35. bpr1122 says

            I noticed that Alexander wrote, “.because likes of you slaughtered Apaches first and took their land.”

            I noticed your response to Alexander was, “Wrong Genius.. I have Cherokee blood so try again.”

            My response was to your response. Therefore, you obviously strayed from the point first.

            The title of this article is, “Why Islam Is Going to Take Over the World,” which has nothing to do with Apaches. How the conversation went from Islam to Apache, I do not know and I do not care.

          36. Rick Rogers says

            Not hard.. Beverly ask why we sold Land to “those People” Talking about lslam. I ask her why did congress sell Apache land to a Foreign mining company..

          37. David Fitzgibbon says

            I remember starting school in 1945; Casa Grande Arizona.The kid next to me was an Apache, and very well civilized and good student. The reservation was adjacent to the town. Congress did not take it away, there would have been a war for sure!

          38. michaelcain says

            The story tellers and the movie makers have made pagans to say of all our native people.that sir is no godly thing. so now you expect us to accept another takeover by the border jumpers and the killers of the world.perhaps we will have a big POW WOW and decide what is going to be allowed to happen

          39. MrSwingGuitar says

            Could you possibly translate your last statement into English? Whatever language that was only makes any sense to you.

          40. Rick Rogers says

            Congress GAVE Away Scared Apache Land in the Defense Spending bill. It was one of the first things the New Congress did and they did it in the Middle of the night. That part should not surprise me most thieves Do their work at night.

          41. Alexander Seredin says

            Such a “kind” Congress! I wish they did not slaughter 100 million Indians and scalp them as well.Plus steal Arizona from Mexico

          42. Bob Sims says

            You are really pathetic, or didn’t you already know that, you miserable fucking retard.

          43. michaelcain says

            The fate of the American Indian is a lot less than that of the Islamic move will bring

          44. Angry American says

            Back to the Indians again, don’t you libs ever tire of that old stuff? You people keep bringing up stuff that happened hundreds of years ago when times were quite different & even before they had any sort of immigration laws. Damned I get tired of this shit

          45. Bob Sims says

            Too fucking bad they didn’t slaughter your ancestors first so you wouldn’t be here today. Think retroactive birth control.

          46. Conservative says

            Amazing that the liberals concern themselves with ‘political correctness’ by attacking the name of a football team; Red Skins and flippantly steal more land from the only true Americans to give to foreigners. The Indians would have done much more to ensure freedom for people and the land!

          47. michaelcain says

            Perhaps we will again .. How many native Americans ARE there ?? Try To Find Out

          48. Jarhead says

            Never were any….all immigrated to this continent.

          49. MrSwingGuitar says

            So, what you’re saying is that we’re all Africans…fair enough.

          50. Jarhead says

            You must be wearing that guitar out earning your Crack money. One final time: there were no people here at first. then some came (i.e. they are called immigrants). Have someone with an IQ higher than the room temperature explain it to you. Seek help. Good Bye.

          51. MrSwingGuitar says

            Listen moron….if Native Americans are immigrants because many thousands of years ago they crossed a land bridge from Asia, then we’re all immigrants from Africa, as that’s where humanity originated, and later spread to Europe, Asia, etc. If you don’t understand this concept, it’s not my fault that your cognition is severely impaired.

          52. Jarhead says

            Pope John Paul called us “all Jewish under the skin” …. first time I was ever called a “nigga”. Keep on beating your ge tar.

          53. MrSwingGuitar says

            Actually, I was calling you human. I see I overestimated you.

          54. brian James says

            point, our senators and congressmen are as corrupt as the rest of the government but that is the fault of the people for letting these senators and congressmen who care only about filling there pockets with money than protecting the nation and its people.

          55. spyderdalton says

            The same reason we allow them to control the White House and Pentagon. Complacentcy kills.

          56. MrSwingGuitar says

            Learn to spell.

          57. Jarhead says

            Why does the FED/GOV want you to be able to borrow $300,000.00 on a home only worth $200,000.00? Heck why do none citizens get a Driver’s License, free food, health care, housing, clothing, cell phones??

          58. MrSwingGuitar says

            Learn to spell, please.

          59. Jarhead says

            Swinger: as requested: P L E A S E
            See I done good!

          60. MrSwingGuitar says

            Great; now learn English grammar. See: comma, uses of.

          61. Robert Bolino says

            You’ll fine The FBI protecting them! They are there now waiting for US to do something against them!
            Carry everyday and wait for them to come out of their camps and Mosques. Then send them to their Prophet and goat virgins!
            I believe thats how this war will be waged at first!

          62. MrSwingGuitar says

            Geez…the third in a row: learn to spell.

          63. Conservative says

            Why don’t you make the effort to research it yourself.

          64. Bizman1233 says

            How about letting us know where in what 30 states.

          65. azsequaya says

            Where to find them is addressed in my former reply to you,,, that you just replied to, !!!!

          66. mohammedwasafaggot says

            beforeitsnews.com/…/explosive-documentary-islamic-terrorist-camps-insi freethoughtnation.com/us-government-report-on-35-muslim-terrorist-tra… pamelageller.com/…/fbi-docs-jihad-terror-training-compou

          67. Roger_T73 says

            Not really, he was as a pedophile and Islam is a Cult of Violence, not a real religion

          68. boone1 says

            You are so right on that Islam is a Cult of Violence and not a religion.I don’t know of any other religion that would cut a woman clit off of her like Islam does so that she cannot enjoy sex and like you say the men are pedophiles.

          69. Albert Nygren says

            The4 cult of Islam reminds me of the religion of the old Vikings. If they died with a sword in their hands they were supposed to go directly to Valhalla which is a similar concept as the Muslim idea of Heaven which if you die in a Jihad (To the Koran, all wars Islam fights are Jihads.). In Valhalla y7ou spent all of your time; drinking alcohol, eating tasty food, and having sex. In the Muslim concept of Heaven you get 82 virgins to have sex with. The Muslim Religion is a Warrior religion just as the Vikings religion. This is quite different that the Christian idea of what heaven is.

          70. Uzoozy says

            The4 cult of Christ reminds me of the religion of the old Vikings. If they died with a sword in their hands they were supposed to go directly to Valhalla which is a similar concept as the Christian idea of Heaven which if you die. all wars Christians fights are holy wars In Valhalla y7ou spent all of your time; drinking alcohol, eating tasty food, and having sex.
            Good luck

          71. Albert Nygren says

            Not so. It was the medieval idea that if a Christian died as a Martyr in the arena that they would go directly to Heaven but that is not in the Bible. Your statement about the Christian concept of Heaven is in error in everything you say. Why do you lie about this?

          72. Rick Rogers says

            OK next your going to tell me the Southern Baptist Religion most of the KKK membership follows IS a REAL Religion

          73. Rboo says

            You’re an idiot. I would compare the KKK to the muslims before I would compare them to Southern Baptist. You’re a muslim aren’t you?

          74. MrSwingGuitar says

            As you’re clearly not smart enough to understand what Rick Rogers is saying, let me try to help you get it: The overwhelming preponderance of KKK members swear that they are good Christians, just as those in ISIS and other such cults insist they are ideal Muslims. A huge majority of adherents to either religion views these groups as insane, violent zealots, who completely misconstrue the message of the religions involved. The fact that you simply cannot understand the equivalency notwithstanding, it’s very much there. Both are comprised of violent bigots whose main tenet is lack of tolerance for anyone who sees anything differently than they do. You see much of that same attitude expressed on this page. I pity such people who can’t see out of their tiny self-constructed boxes.

          75. Rick Rogers says

            Actually sir.. I am afraid your mistaken a few years ago there was a Survey that Ask KKK members to state the Church they followed.. Majority said Southern Baptist. Which should not be a surprise to you since that is the Major domination in the South were most of the KKK draws its membership.

          76. Rboo says

            Just because they follow a Southern Baptist church doesn’t mean that church wants them. I know Southern Baptist can be a little in-your-face but they are not like muslims in any way. I am not a Southern Baptist. I have no interest where the KKK get there membership. Not a sir.

          77. Rick Rogers says

            Rboo then your much different then the Muslims I know in Turkey. They have no interest in taking part in any Jihad. They want to live their life, Raise their children and pray to their God. Which is also the God of the Jews. The Difference is that in some of those countries their version of the Klan, the Radical Jihadist will kick in their door in the middle of the night and shoot everyone In the house if they speak out. Remember the little girl that just wanted to go to school and spoke out against it. The Taliban shot her in the head.

          78. Rboo says

            I am a Christian and you know it because that’s what my very first post was about. The God of the Jews is my God. Don’t even pretend that muslims believe the God of the Jews is their God or they wouldn’t be over there suicide bombing Israel or killing the Jewish people. They would go away and leave them alone on the land that God gave the Jews. Now get a life or find someone else to pester.

          79. Rick Rogers says

            Ok So you don’t take my word for it .. Is the Vatican enough of a Religious authority for you and I am not talking about the Current Vatican.. Muslims worship the God of Abraham. The exact same Abraham in the old Testament. So if The Abraham in the old testament is worshiping the same god of the JEWS? then case closed. By the way the Vatican has said over and over that Jews, Muslims and Christians are all “children of the Book” the book being the old Testament. but like I said don’t believe me go research it yourself.

          80. Rick Rogers says

            Rboo you seem like a reasonable person. I have a request because one of the things that keeps people apart is the unknown.. When I was told I was going to be stationed in a Muslim Country in the 1980’s I knew nothing about it. That’s were I learned about the “God of Abraham” and how they believe in the Old Testament. The truly sad thing is that extremist of changed the way the world views Islam. AND NO for about the 20th time I am not a Muslim. I like my BBQ Pork ribs to much to convert 🙂

            So here are some names you might want to look into you might find something interesting there. Me telling you is going to be a case of if you believe me or not. but if you find it yourself then there is no pressure to challenge it and maybe you might find something you did not know.

            Here are some Prophets listed in Quran

            Isa Ibn Maryam also know as Eesa , Moosa, Nuh, Sulaiman, and Dawud there are others but just give these a glance.

          81. Rboo says

            I have read my Old Testament. I know about Abraham’s bastard son Ishmael he had with Sara’s handmade Hagar. Sara had Abraham send Ishmael and Hagar away after she had Isaac. Isaac Is the one God commanded Abraham to sacrifice. Muslims believe it was Ishmael, but he was already gone. You are like Obama you can not separate the extremist from regular muslims, their claiming to fight for Islam. They can’t separate themselves.

          82. Kenyan Mocker says

            Islam is political, not a religion.

          83. michaelcain says

            MOHAMAD was a baby raper and a killer and a thief he was expelled by GOD and so he made up his own system . and it takes a defective mind to follow him

          84. Rick Rogers says

            How about coming up with less of a Conspiracy theorist Source.

          85. boone1 says

            the guy just told you dude.

          86. hiway280z says

            Google it. It is out there

          87. brian James says

            they need to be destroyed with out mercy.

          88. Rick Rogers says

            RIght because that’s what Christians do.. Destroy people with out mercy

          89. Rboo says

            That is not what Christians do, that is what they are doing. But do you expect Christians to sit on their hands and let themselves be be-headed, let the women and children be raped or try to force us to believe in their religion. I would rather die a Christian fighting for my life than then be judgmental and become their slave.

          90. Rick Rogers says

            Matthews 5:39 You have heard that it was said, ‘AN EYE FOR AN EYE, AND A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH.’ But I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also.
            So show of hands how many of you have Said you want this Country to follow Biblical Law.. That sounds like a pretty strong one since the Speaker Is Jesus..

          91. Conservative says

            Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone followed ALL the teaching of CHRIST and quit picking and choosing whatever tickles our ears.

          92. Rick Rogers says

            Conservative that is the exact point I am trying to make. You know its sort of funny have you ever looked up to see what the Word Sharia Really means? I think it would shock a lot of people.

          93. Conservative says

            I know Sharia is a religious code and in that code is ‘retribution’. Retribution is Sharia Law and Sharia Law is cruel and condones maiming and killing.

          94. donsteiny says

            ??? where do you get that? There is this WONDERFUL new invention called “the Internet.” You may not believe this, but you are using it right now! Besides a bunch of rural white men bitching about Muslims, there are WHOLE LIBRARIES of information. There is this cool place called “Google” where you can look up any topic and get information about it. You have to be careful, some of the information is by weird people that just put it there, like Alex Jones; and some is by universities and other places whose whole job is to be accurate.

            “Sharia” means “path to the water hole.” “The way that is most beneficial to follow.” The Koran is a tiny book and most of life is not mentioned in it. In a way, Muhammad was like the tribal lord. After he died the question arose “who is running things now?” His followers did not all agree on the linage. Since the Koran was incomplete for most purposes the interpretations of the decedents of Mohammad are important. Thus as the linage split into to main parts the interpretations began to diverge as well and part of that divergence is the Sunni/Shia conflict. They do not agree on what the Koran means, what it says or how life should be lived.

            I am not for the death penalty but if it is to be administered then it should be as humane as possible. There have been several executions in the US in the last few years that have taken more than 1/2 and hour. In Texas they execute hundreds of people a year. If, in the Mid East, they chop of people’s heads and kill them in a few seconds but here we strap them to a table and torture them for an hour. Whose the bad guy? But, the point is, our law condones killing as well.

          95. brian James says

            how about we air drop you in Afghanistan, I am sure the Muslim brotherhood will welcome you with open arms.stop smoking your crack pipe. where and what have you done for this nation besides hide behind the ones who defend it.

          96. Alexander Seredin says

            You defend it by starting 47 wars all over the world. Is that it?

          97. Robert Baird says

            If I hated this country as much as you, Alex, I would have left a long time ago -!!!!!

          98. donsteiny says

            I looked at this baffling non-sequitur and wondered “does thing guy have something wrong with him?” And, I wonder, are you OK? What does Afghanistan have to do with it? It seems almost as if you are saying that because there are political extremists in Afghanistan that are using Islam as an excuse for their bad behavior that you can generalize from that to Islam, in general. But that would be so mind bogglingly stupid that I can’t believe you would think that. I live in the best educated city in the country (Palo Alto) and I don’t run into anyone that would think something like that. I have read about primitive societies in anthropology books but I don’t meet them in real life. It would be as if I were to blame all Christians for the murders and displacements taking place in the Central African Republic. I would say something like “yeah, just go to the Central African Republic” and see what happens to you. Well, if I were a Christian, not much but if I were a Muslim I would be hacked to death with a machete.

            Muslims are .6% of the people in the US (point 6). That is about 1 out of 200. Do you realize how ridiculous it seems for anyone to be arming themselves in terror from a group that is outnumbered 200 to 1? Out of those, how many are not super nice, productive members of society? All the Muslims I work with and meet each day are stellar people.

            You live on, as Jon Stewart says, Bullshit Mountian.

            BTW, Disqus, the tool you are using to spread the word about how evil liberals are, is made by queers and liberal elites in San Francisco, CA. If you have any real ethics you will stop supporting it and STFU. You can’t use Facebook either. They have explicit programs to overcome bias against LGBT people and Muslims, and are right here in Silicon Valley. Likewise, LinkedIn. Your data is stored on systems developed here. I work at a company and for sure, some of your data is stored on our systems. I work with gays, transsexuals, Muslims, almost everyone is “liberal” and there are tons of immigrants. If you were honest you would stop using 21st Century technology because you are putting money into the pockets of the people you hate.

            If you had your revolution and holed up with your guns in your survivalist paradise you would be back in the stone age.

          99. brian James says

            it only takes a few of any group to kill thousands and for me to try to talk to someone who has I bet really has done nothing but insults the ones who have and still do protect your freedoms and liberties from groups that you speak so highly of then good luck in the up coming bad times. two weeks ago the FBI said that there are 22 Jihad training camps here in the US, they are not here to have picnics with Americans. good luck.

          100. Mary Taylor says

            I got one question. Are you a Muslim?

          101. Rick Rogers says

            Nope Not Muslim, Not Jews, Not Catholic, and not Baptist. I just don’t judge peple about what building they walk into on their Sabbath . I follow the church that Jesus was talking about . You know the quote right. The part about Praying in Private.

          102. doomsdae says

            You are a hypocrite! You judge Christians and since when do you think you are so righteous? You are a HYPOCRITE & JUDGEMENTAL when it comes to Christians but not when it comes to the so called religion of Peace (what a joke!) that you defend. You are a Muslim and also look like one

          103. Rick Rogers says

            So your not above judging people how they look huh. I think there a word in the dictionary for that.. I think it goes something like BIGOT.. not sure would have to check it.. But Just to set you straight.. Part of my family was here LONG before any of your ancestors came to these shores. And the other Part of my family that did make the Trip here did it long before there were Colonial States and they came here because they were told that their Christian religion was heresy I have had ancestors take part in every major conflict fought before and After the founding of this country and had family members ON Both Sides during the Civil War. So don’t wave the your no American Your not Christian flag in front if me because anyone that thinks like you appear to do insults the word Christian. by the way I check the word Hypocrite in the dictionary.. That was a good picture of you in there. So one last Question since the quote is Judge not less ye be judge who are YOU to judge anyone of any Faith. You can be a idiot I am not judging you for it.

          104. Bob Sims says

            Who gives a fuck when your dead ancestors came here? You are a lying hypocrite, because you are definately passing judgement. So, back to praying in private, shut your fucking mouth in public here. Islam is a cancer that must be wiped out, but you just don’t get it.

          105. brian James says

            thank you Sir: is this Zombie smoking crack or what, the Jihad’s would cut his head off and piss on it but he thinks because he was station in Turkey he knows Muslims. the whole objective of Islam is to rule the world and to get rid of anyone who is not Muslim. Semper Fi

          106. Rick Rogers says

            This is what I get Bob Sims.. You and people who think like you are the Cancer. So look Your Klan Meeting is suppose to start tonight at 7:00pm so why don’t you just get a early start and had down to the Gas station so you have enough gas for the burning Crosses you have planned later tonight. You are a perfect example while brothers and sisters should not breed.

          107. Bob Sims says

            Rick: But it’s OK for you to have sex with your mother? Yeah, right.

          108. Rick Rogers says

            Please Bob don’t trying and push your sexual history off on the rest of us. I can imagine how it must feel to be inbreed like you.

          109. Bob Sims says

            Please do the rest of us here a big favor and go back to Turkey with your Muslim friends. Why do you want to hang around where no one here wants anything to do with you? You must be a severe masochist.

          110. Rick Rogers says

            Better to light a single Candle then Curse the Darkness.. And believe me this website has a hell of a lot of darkness

          111. Rick Rogers says

            IF my exercising my free speech offends you Bob Sims.. only thing I can say is too bad.. I am not going anywhere. But then if you were the Marine you say you were then You must understand that. You served this country to defend that Right just as I served to defend Yours.

          112. Rick Rogers says

            I was just going to give you that short Answer but decided you deserved more since you were polite. No Mary Taylor I am not a Muslim. I spent a Year at an Air Force Base In Turkey by the name of INCIRLICK. It is a Turkish AIR FORCE BASE that we have Basing Rights for US Fighters and Spy Planes. That’s no Secret since Gary Powers Flew out of there in the 1950’s before he was shot down. The Commanding office of my Detachment had all of us go into a program on how NOT to insult the citizens of our host country. Part of that program were that Our Turkish Counter Parts all would invite us to have dinner with them so we could as questions and the two Families I got to know where both Muslim and both them told me that No question I could ask would be offensive if I did not know the answer. These people were kind, generous and I still exchange Email with a couple of them to this day. I have seen the Normal Muslim family and its NOT ISIS and its NOT the Mullahs out of Iran. They said their before Dinner Prayer in English so I would understand it and it did not call for my death because I was not a Muslim. It ask Allah to grant me good health. So here is the question how many of you that want to condemn all of them have actually meet a Muslim and sat down to have a conversation with one. Or have broken Bread with one.. I have and I am Insulted that most of you lump all of them into one Group? It makes us all look stupid. Doing that is no more right then me saying all Southern Baptist are Klan members because the majority of Klansmen say they go to Southern Baptist Churches.

          113. hankthetank says

            You miss the whole point,Yes i had a neighbor who was from Palestine ,had two kids & wife,we had dinner with them & went to there kids birthday party, but when it comes to their religion,I draw the line! If they believe in the Qumran, no one can

            be trusted!! Remember what Nidal Hasan, did at Fort Hood, & he was a Cronell in the US Army ! ( they play good cop, bad cop, all their life !! )

          114. Rick Rogers says

            Acutally Hank.. he was a Major.. not a CORNELL

          115. MrSwingGuitar says

            Hasan was nuts….so was the guy in Norway who killed over seventy teenagers in the name of Jesus. How is it that people in this country dismiss the idea that mass murderers who call themselves Christians only kill people because they’re sick, but if a Muslim does the same thing, it’s because of their murderous religion? I’ll tell you why: because you guys are bigots.

          116. Jonathan Brooks says

            Mrswingguitar, the relationship with Jesus does not lead you to kill teenagers ever, but a devout learning of Islam can, because genocide of infidels is called for in the religion. So yes, I can call the so called Norway killer nuts to say he killed for Jesus, because I know what the faith teaches.

          117. MrSwingGuitar says

            Genocide of infidels is right in the Bible in the Old Testament. If you claim that anything Jesus didn’t actually personally endorse has no place in Christianity, then you’d have to rethink opposition to homosexuality and many other narrow minded viewpoints that most of those who consider themselves fundamentalist Christians endorse. Do I think Jesus was in favor of slaughtering innocent teenagers? Of course not. Any sane person, of whatever religion realizes that is evil. This includes adherents to Islam. If people on here bring up Major Hasan as proof that Islam endorses random killing, then alleged Christians who are mass murderers prove just as fully that the Bible does the same.

          118. brian James says

            put down your crack pipe

          119. MrSwingGuitar says

            It’s intriguing to me how little the paranoid right seems to have in terms of actual reasoning ability, as least as demonstrated on pages like this. “put down your crack pipe” isn’t actually a logical argument, it merely demonstrates the lack of brainpower of the person making the statement.Try again, Brian James, show me that you at least understood what I was saying, and counter it with facts and logic. Otherwise, keep on playing with yourself.

          120. Bob Sims says

            I think he was right about the crack pipe, idiot.

          121. brian James says

            it is always a joke to read something from someone who has done nothing for a country that allows him or her to bad mouth the freedom that others provide. as far as the gay life style that is there business but to say that they should have special rights or privileges because they are gay, no I will not accept that and that goes for allowing Muslims to set up Shariah Law here in the US. I will not get in a spitting match with a person who wants to tell me to keep playing with myself when I bet your a coward who lets others provide the freedom that you enjoy here in the US. have a wonderful time in your world till it ends.

          122. MrSwingGuitar says

            Ah…so, you saying “put down your crack pipe” (I see you made the same remark to someone else as well) is rational discussion, while my suggesting you keep playing with yourself is not. Interesting universe you inhabit. No one with any brains wants special rights for either homosexuals or Muslims, merely the same rights as everyone else enjoys. If you want to actually discuss ideas and use facts to support your position, feel free. If all you want to do is spew hatred, well…keep playing with yourself.

          123. brian James says

            you have to be a little girl, I live in Indianapolis. let’s meet face to face and then you talk your keeping playing with yourself bullshit. you still did not answer my one question. what have you done for a country that lets you talk your bullshit. if you think that I show hatred in my words then show how much of a tough ass you are and let me know where to meet you.again when 45 years ago when I served in the Marine Corps. I dealt with cowards like you who did not have the naiads to served there nation but took advantage of the freedom that others provided for them, I’ll be more than happy to show you what I did overseas in a country that has not freedoms for cowards. you to me is just a little bug on the ground and if you think that your little insults bother me you are a bigger crack head than what I thought coward. so BITCH GIRL where do we meet. I have I know 40 years on you so it should not be to hard to take a old guy like me so why hide behind a computer little girl. quite talking shit and back it up with your presents. if not then talk to yourself in the mirror I do not have time for a little coward who hides behind a computer and talks shit.

          124. MrSwingGuitar says

            You’re a goddam lunatic. I frankly don’t have the slightest interest in your idiotic desire to beat someone up. Do you really need that kind of crap to feel like you’re a real man? Guess what? Real men don’t have to shoot people or threaten to beat the crap out of them. Little boys do, even when they’re in old bodies. Grow up.

          125. brian James says

            you little limp dick little, I bet when you piss you squat like a bitch and wipe your little tinkle and giggle, you still avoid the question I have been asking you. what have you ever done for this nation beside cry like a little bitch and let others defend your freedom. I bet you don’t have the slightest interest because your just a little BITCH. I’am done responding to a little coward BITCH who can not tell me what you have ever done for this nation beside whine about what you don’t have the courage to defend ass wipe your freedom and liberties that others fight and die for everyday. have fun talking to yourself BITCH BOY.

          126. brian James says

            one more thing, real men. I bet you bend over for your kind of real men ferry boy.

          127. Jacob Parks says

            No sir. Not a lunatic. A fucking loved by god feared by satan. Bullet eating freedom fighting for pukes like u mother fucking UNITED STATES MARINE. that wont give two buckets of piss when ur belived myskims hack u and ur loved ones to pieces. Hy5

          128. MrSwingGuitar says

            You know, oddly enough the jerks who kill people in the name of Allah describe themselves in much the same way as you describe US Marines. But of course, YOUR God must be the good one, and theirs the bad, because their God encourages violence. Now, the fact that you clearly view you going and killing other humans as YOUR God-given right and responsibility couldn’t possibly put the lie to what you’re saying, right? If the US were attacked (the way we invaded both Vietnam and Iraq, and countless other nations), I and other freedom loving citizens would leap to the defense of our country. The idea that invading Iraq somehow helped defend the US is patently absurd. All we did there was make Baby Bush feel like a real man, kill hundreds of thousands of civilians and clear the field for ISIS, who actually COULD be a threat to us. Shooting first and thinking later doesn’t have a great track record for this country. I respect the patriotism of those who believe that their service to this country was in defense of freedom. I question their understanding of wold politics, however. As for you, it just sounds like you enjoy bloodshed.

          129. Jacob Parks says

            si d ones r I a gree with you to some extent. Did we need to be in Iraq No. I also agree that the reasons we were there probably are not the reasons we were told we were there. However where you seem to miss judge meis when you talk about a law and my God and which one is better no sir it is not my God given right to go and kill someone in Iraq but if I am there it is my God given duty to protect the innoceNtt oneshey can’t protect themselve. it is when people like you go and hide behind the shroud of blinders and judge the military men and women over there and cast judgement and condemn them from the comfort of your couch cuz you never had the balls to join the military or do anything other than sit there and judge do I think my god is better No do i thinkmy god wont send me to heaven for murdering someone whommakes fun of him or doesnt believe like allah no. You can say what u want but in the end i didnt kill anyone cus i liked it. I killed someone that i saw was going to murder a woman or child for reasons for ignorant than u. I applaud u for saying u will stand up for america if it was invaded. Because of the real men like me the people who sit in the rear and enjoy the freedoms while condenmning those who fiught fornthem throughout history. Because of those men and women u wont have to stand up cus we prevent the invasion. So piss off man. Im good with what ive done cus it saved people. What have u done to save the defenseless other than talking out ur ass on a message board. I didnt think so stfu

          130. MrSwingGuitar says

            Here’s a question for you, Mr. Parks: Did our incursion into Iraq improve matters there? We deposed a bloody dictator, it’s true. We replaced him with a government that oppressed a different part of their society to the extent that they have made an unlikely alliance with the ISIS fanatics. In doing so, we ended up causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians, some of whom were non-combatants, others of whom I’m certain felt they were defending THEIR country from foreign invasion. Whatever you think of Saddam Hussein (and he was certainly no prize) his government was secular and very much opposed to Sharia and all that nonsense. He also provided a buffer to Iran, which the current Iraqi government courts as an ally. I’m not trying to hold you responsible for the idiotic policies of our government that caused the war. If you served there, you’re a victim the same as the Iraqis. If you want to explain how invading Iraq made it less likely that the US would be invaded itself, I’m happy to listen. What I’m NOT happy to do is “stfu” because I’m saying stuff you don’t want to hear.

          131. Jacob Parks says

            Quite the contrary. I love listening to people who have no idea what really goes on over there spout out bullshit they get from news coverage and cspan. You say im the blind one being lied to yet your facts and every argument is based on shit you see on tv or read on the internet. Take it from someone who was actually there that yes things did start to get somewhat better, there were elections being held families were coming out of their homes people weren’t scared to walk the streets more people Iraqi came to say thank you to the American troops then did to condemn us or fight against us. But you don’t know that because that’s not what your new station is going to broadcast it’s not going to show you the good that was done there the families in the lives that were saved the thankful people of Iraq thanking the soldiers because their children are safe from Muslim extremist and Saddam Hussein’s gas attacks. You won’t know anything about that because you weren’t there. Did being in Iraq mean that the US was safe from in Iraq invasion, No. But it’s certainly ensure that the terrorists knew that we will not put up with their bullshit I will not let American lives be lost or buildings be bombed or planes be crashed or lives be taken in the name of Allah no matter what nationali no matter what country. So yes being there did make Iraq a little bit better leaving there we had to write back over the ices and they took over again and now the Christians that everyone hates or everyone loves to talk trash about her being persecuted murdered and raped mutilated and killed for believing in God rather than a law the same thing that was happening before America got there. Yet I say again you know nothing of that and never will cuz every fact that you have every argument that you make every point you trying to prove is all based off of being a couch commando in front of a TV watching news broadcast reading Infowars and prowling the internet for stories of prejudice against Muslims. Every single person like you every single one of them if you were to walk in the shoes of any military man in Iraq any civilian in Iraq or any of these people you claim that America ruined their country walk a mile in their shoes and see the horrible things that we saw that they saw the downright atrocious acts of savagery towards Christians non-muslims women children anyone tortured over there you would be singing a different tune but none of you ever will because C SPAN is good enough for you

          132. MrSwingGuitar says

            Sorry, my friend, but during Saddam’s reign, Christians weren’t particularly persecuted in Iraq (though Kurds were, and Shiite Muslims to a certain degree). If you were indeed there at the end of the US incursion, you certainly weren’t there at the beginning, so it’s not like you have first hand experience of that any more than I do. So, what Iraqi terrorists are you speaking of? There was ONE Iraqi who participated in the first attack on the WTC back in the early 1990s. Saddam Hussein put him in prison. The attackers on 9/11 were Saudis. The government in Saudi Arabia DOES believe in Sharia law (Saddam did not)
            , and is just as repressive as Saddam was, but do you see us doing anything against them? Before we invaded, Iraq had a functioning society, and (unless you were one of the persecuted ones) a pretty safe one. Now there are literally millions of Iraqi refugees in neighboring countries, with civilian casualties from the war numbering somewhere around 150,000, the civilization is in ruins, the infrastructure is gone and the government isn’t any better than it was before. Here are civilian deaths for the last couple of DAYS for which there are records:

            Sunday 25 January: 25 killed

            Baghdad: 16 by IEDs, gunfire; 1 body.

            Tikrit: 1 executed.

            Al-Dour: 3 executed.

            Falluja: 2 by shelling.

            Kirkuk: 1 child by gunfire.

            Taji: 1 by gunfire.

            Saturday 24 January: 36 killed.

            Baghdad: 12 killed by IEDs, gunfire; 2 bodies.

            Shirqat: 6 bodies.

            Falluja: 4 by shelling.

            Tuz: 4 by gunfire.

            Baquba: 3 bodies.

            Mosul: 3 by rockets.

            Amara: 1 body.

            Balad Ruz: 1 by car bomb.

          133. Jacob Parks says

            n o n eed to apologize but once again wrong. I was there in the beginning I listen to George Bush declare war on Iraq in a tent in Kuwait just miles from the border.so my firsthand experience is 10 fold what you have ever experienced. The sand under my fingernails has seen more shit and death than you ever will. I know all those numbers too they were in all our briefs there are in all our classes and where did you get those. Oh that’s right just like I said your news and Internet. We interviewed and got first hand accounts from surrendering Republican Guards that drop their weapons the second they saw the Marines coming an abandoned Saddam Hussein. My first hand account is the first hand account that wash it take place while flying over Iraq walking through the towns and talking with the families. I didn’t say some of the same was just attacking Christians I said the people that I killed the extremist that I shot the ones that were killing Christians while Saddam Hussein was in power and after He wasare the ones that I took part of stopping.I speak of the terrace that word Harbor d and given shelter and Iraq that were already there before any of the war ever started. So throw out all the numbers you want I’ve already seen them Iraq is not the Disneyland you picture it to be before America showed up. The things I said were happening under Saddam’s reign after his reign to Christians Muslims Kurds and shiite. yet again you spit out and vomit numbers you got from your C SPAN and news and internet articles yet just like I said no nothing absolutely nothing of the real real real tragedies that were taking place. Again I am NOT trying to justify the ignorant dumb call and lies that let us there, but while there it was our human responsibility to take care of the defenseless that couldn’t take care of yourselves. But I say again you would not know anything about that, while we were doing that and in an unneeded war protecting civilian citizens that needed us you are home jerking off a guitar playing circle jerk around a TV using news reports as a Ammunitionfor your anti war I hate bush let’s blow Obama gangbang of lies. While it has been fun listening or reading all your statements I applaud your opinion respecT itand hold no hard feelings towards you for what you believe in or have convinced yourself of. I leave you with a good day sir a god bless and a thank you for sharing in this conversation with me. You are very intellectual person with very strong opinions believes and even good points. I must go get back to work now and leave you with a respectful goodbye sir have a good day

          134. MrSwingGuitar says

            Naturally, neither I nor anyone else personally could say from their own experience, say, what the total number of civilian casualties was in Iraq. The best you can do is compare a number of sources and make an educated guess. Being there on the ground wouldn’t actually allow you to know that particular thing any better than I, though you certainly WOULD have a hell of a lot more experience with the day to day reality there. I respectfully disagree that there were Islamic terrorists harbored in Iraq. Saddam Hussein had good reason to fear and loath them…they were mostly Shiite, while he was a secular Sunni, they were devoted to Sharia law, while he encouraged a cult of personality where he was essentially taking the place of God or Allah or whatever you’d like to call the supreme being. Once in the war, American soldiers were in a very tough situation. Their mission was to depose Saddam and secure the country, then provide protection for a new government. What we hadn’t done was figure out how to create this new government so that it wouldn’t be just as corrupt as the old one. I’m certain that most of our troops there went in with the hope of making Iraq a better country. What I’m saying is that the generals and the politicians here had no clue how to accomplish that. So, we end up with thousands of Americans dead, an immense number of Iraqi non-combatants dead, the civilization almost demolished and a new haven for Islamic terrorists. If we want to look even further back, at Vietnam, we could have made peace there with Ho Chi Minh before there were any combat troops committed. He was a practical politician, and was perfectly happy to accept help from anyone who would go along with his vision of an independent united country. Instead, the idiots in DC decided that they would continue the fight that France lost…once again, resulting in the deaths of both Americans and Vietnamese with no good done for anyone. Thank you for talking with me, and thanks for your service.

          135. Rick Rogers says

            Brian James.. I honor anyone that served this country no matter what their views. I am just not going to condemn every member of a Religion because of a group of nutjob extremist. One of the most truthful statements ever made was “You fear what you don’t understand” That is what lead me to start learning about the beliefs of the people in the country I was going to be station in. So I hit the base library and read up on the Islamic Prophets. They go by the names Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa, Dawud, Sulaiman, Yunus, and Issa.. there are others but these are the ones most relevant. IF you have a spare moment you might want to web search some of these names.

          136. Jacob Parks says

            And u shouldnt. Thsnk u sir. When most talk about muslims we are talking about thebextremists. The blanket covering of all muslims is nkt accurate but more of them are turning bad by the day.

          137. Bob Sims says

            You just get dumber and dumber.

          138. Bob Sims says

            You couldn’t be more ignorant if you tried.

          139. hankthetank says

            You might have served in a military ,But not for the USA !!

          140. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry but the Document on the wall says Honorable Discharge US AIR FORCE.

          141. Bob Sims says

            They sure did a number on your brain, didn’t they? And you bought their bullshit hook, line and sinker, sucker. You are really dumber than I thought to fall for that shit.

          142. brian James says

            thank you for saying that to a Zombie, he was in the Air Force. he sure saw a lot being in Turkey. why is it that Zombies think that freedom comes without a price tag. thanks again Semper Fi.

          143. Rick Rogers says

            Yes Brian I did see quite a Lot .. During that time There were both Communist Terror cells and Muslim Terror cells not to forget the Pierre Gulumian Commando Group from ASALA and the PKK group of Kurds. 1st attack was on the six pack truck we were riding up the mountain to the Communcations Outpost. Two “shepherds” on both sides of the Road picked up AK -47’s and shot out every window in the truck in the Crossfire.. 2nd was during an ORI when I was pulling supplemental Duty as a Fence Guard. Out across a field an “local” started Firing into the base with another AK. His mistake was doing it during an Readiness inspection when all of us were armed with Live ammo and we had guards in areas would normally only have been patrol by a couple of guys in a truck. The last one was the August 7 1982 attack at Esenboga Airport in Ankara. We were in unform to transit out of country when a couple set off a bomb and then started spraying Machine gun fire in our direction. The Turkish Askair’s with us returned fire with their old Thompson Submachine guns. So yes there was a lot going on in Turkey. So much that the Military declared martial Law to try and crack down on all the groups and a number of times we were confined to the base because of Threats. There were times we were told to not wear a uniforms in public and to not take the same route to work everyday for those that lived off base. So Brian I don’t insult your service or ask you how many meals you served in the Chow line to the “real marines” so don’t insult mine ok.

          144. MrSwingGuitar says

            You folks are so blinded by ignorant hate, you can’t hear the truth in what Rick Rogers is saying. I pity you, and hope you grow enough to actually embrace Jesus’ teaching.

          145. hershefrog says

            Spent 15 years with them and the unfortunate part is they, the good ones are irrelevant. They don’t stop the crazies and to some extent support them by their inaction. !5 to 25 percent of that belief are the nuts and that is a lot of nuts..

          146. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry but I can’t fault the Silent Majority over there. They know if they do speak up they are going to have someone kick in their door in the middle of the night.

          147. hershefrog says

            Come on Rick, we didn’t win our freedom from England by setting on our hands and we were not the majority. 6% of our forefathers whip the bastrads who were kicking in our doors at night. Your answer just wont fly or hold water with this retired military man.

          148. Alexander Seredin says

            Great answer, I met some of your people from Incirlik when I stayed in Pamukkale, all of them have similar opinion of muslims you do. Thanks.

          149. Rick Rogers says

            Thank you Alexander. At the time it was the first time I had ever been in a foreign country and we were getting all kinds of warnings about paying attention to our surroundings because Turkey was under Martial Law at the time. If you ask me then what I thought of it I hated it. but now 32 years later I have to say it was actually a great year. I saw things and learn things did not even considered. I have stood in the oldest Christian Church in the world. You had to walk down almost steps cut in the side of a ravine down into a Cave where the Church was build just inside the entrance. The Guide said it was called Heaven and Hell. because at the top of the Ravine about 50 yards away was what was basically a hole in the ground with a huge drop to the bottom. I stood on the side of the road and looked at the Bridge where Marc Anthony Meet Cleopatra. Turkey is a beautiful country but at the time it was a dangerous place to be wearing a US uniform of any type. Most of the people wanted to ask you about America and what things were like and I worked side by side with a number of them while I was waiting for my Clearance to do my real job.

          150. Robert Baird says

            I don’t find a whole lot wrong with what you’re saying Rick but in today’s world I don’t believe I would want to be the one to try to figure out who is the good guy and who is the bad. I would leave that for God to sort out!

          151. Rboo says

            He is. No matter what he tells you. He has been bothering me for 2 days, read the stuff he’s saying to everyone.

          152. Alexander Seredin says

            Kiss his arse if he is, kiss his arse if he is not.

          153. wac4761 says

            need you ask?

          154. Alexander Seredin says


            “Shock” For your info Sharia really is a standard applied to Inheritance law, marriage and similar issues. It has nothing absolutely nothing to do with idiots like you

          155. Rick Rogers says

            Forgive me if I take the definition and translate of the word from someone that speaks more languages then I do. The Word it self means “The Path”.

            The Term itself is defined as follows sharia (/ʃɑːˈriːɑː/;[1] also shariah, shari’a, sharīʿah; Arabic: شريعة‎ šarīʿah, IPA: [ʃaˈriːʕa], “legislation”) means the moral code and religious law of a prophetic religion

            ^ “shariʿah”. Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary.

            Jump up ^ Ritter, R.M. (editor) (2005). New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors – The Essential A-Z Guide to the Written Word. Oxford: Oxford University Press. p. 349.

          156. Alexander Seredin says

            SHARIA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH NON MUSLIMS AT ALL. Million Jews have been saved from Isabella’s wrath, hundreds of thousands still live in Morocco and Iran, none have ever been subjected to SHARIA

          157. doomsdae says

            What’s even more shocking is that this “religion (cult) of peace you defend, beheads, rapes, sodomizes, stabs to death, burns to death, hangs peoples heads on poles to display them after they behead them, dismembers, enslaves young girls, and beheads children and much more. You ought to move to the Middle East because you don’t appreciate the freedom you have here!

          158. Rick Rogers says

            And that’s different how from the Rectal Feeding, Water boarding and other “ENHANCED Interrogation techniques listed in the Senate Report.. Oh and those actions were done by us not be some Muslim.

          159. Bob Sims says

            Rick: I could care less what happened to those Muslims we locked up. They should have all been killed, not released. At least they would have their promised virgins in Muslim hell.

          160. Rick Rogers says

            Very Christian Attitude there Bob.

          161. Jarhead says

            They have a name “Cafeteria Christians”. To them THE TEN COMMANDMENTS are merely suggestions.

          162. Alexander Seredin says

            Which Christ? There are 267 factions of Christianity

          163. Bob Sims says

            Which one are you a part of?

          164. MacAngheirr says

            the troll is a muslim ….

          165. joevet says

            Pick one. Like you care, anyway, you sarcastic cretin.

          166. Rboo says

            He’s a muslim. He’s being sarcastic to me because of a post I made higher up and he’s been stalking me ever since. Can’t deal with a woman speaking up. Especially a Christian woman.

          167. Rick Rogers says

            Rboo I am not picking on you. But there are a lot of misconceptions being spread on here and some of the things being said are just wrong. I am only going to ask one thing of you please. Go to a search engine I don’t care which one and Type in one of the following name Isa Ibn Maryam. Then tell me what you think. I am truly interested in what you have to say.

          168. joevet says

            Here’s an idea. Why don’t you “moderate” Muslims reign in the assholes who are giving you ALL a bad name? Let’s start THERE, where it makes most sense.

          169. Rick Rogers says

            1. I am not Muslim but I support Freedom of religion and if knowing something about Religion is a crime then you need to Lock up half the people in Divinity Colleges because most teach classes on other Religious beliefs to promote understanding.

            2. You know what happens when a Moderate Muslims stands up and Speaks out. Ever hear the name Malala Yousafzai. She was the 14 year old that just wanted to go to school and the Taliban Shot her in the head.

          170. Laddyboy says

            There is a time for peace, and there is a time for war. Those that have no weapon, go and buy one. I, for ONE, will not start the war. BUT, I for ONE, will not go silently into the night.

          171. Proudvietvet58 says

            Go set up your pulpit elsewhere Mr. Rogers. If you get YOUR head cut off, what will you turn to them then? An Arm?, Your ass? Leg?

            God loves fools and Children and you look to be fully grown.

            Go away FOOL!

          172. Rick Rogers says

            So how about you explain what your Screen name means. Not sure if it saying your 58 and a Vet or if you were in Country in 58?

          173. hankthetank says

            If you seaved in the Air Force ,you would know what it Means !! but you did not serve in the US military !!

          174. Rick Rogers says

            Not going to argue my time in service with someone that can’t even spell the word Colonel.. By the way not being about to spell that says a lot about your Military Service.

          175. doomsdae says

            I would like to see you not defend your children, wife or family if the Islamists you defend, were to come knocking on your door. I would find it hard to believe you would not fight back. Why are you even quoting the bible? You aren’t a Christian but a Muslim

          176. Rick Rogers says

            Wow .. I quote one of the very Basic of Beliefs of the Christian Faith and you call me a Muslim. Thank you for displaying your lack of tolerance for all of us to see.

          177. Bob Sims says

            You are a fucking communist, by you own admission.

          178. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry braniac your not going to be able to show that Supposed Admission to anyone because it does not exist.

          179. brian James says

            Rick, without saying any more insults about you or your view about Islam, this is about survival of America and the freedom that everyone has had the pleasure of enjoying for the last few hundred years. I worked for many years with a guy which I thought was a friend at GM but when we talked one day about how he would want every American to fall under the Shariah Law and be a Muslim and if not then he or she along with there family would be executed. Now that Sir open my eyes to the views of how the Quran views other faiths, without mercy. Islam has there agenda for world rule and if you are not a Muslim then you are history. why is it that you feel that these Jihads are your friend when they would kill you in a minute if you did not convert to Islam. you quoke the Bible so read Luke and see what Jesus says. I would have to say that the Lord does not want anyone to be slaughtered like a sheep lead to slaughter. if that was the case then Christians would b of been slaughtered hundreds of years ago. Look at what happens to the world trade buildings and who destroyed them. it was not Christians but Jihads who were willing to die for Allah and had to punish the American way for being a free nation of many faiths. under Christian faith which that was the majority of our forefathers there can be many other religions in America but when you have a religion that says you either convert or die then that is a major problem and I for one will die on my feet as a free man than convert to a faith that condones murder and genocide for not converting. I have no problem with everyone and there own views but to back a people who want world rule or die then I have to say they better kill me first or I will terminate them without mercy. look at the Crusades and what happen to any other faith that got in the way of Islam then, they were butchered without mercy. this is abut survival not about religion. Semper Fi

          180. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry Brian I spent a year working along said Muslims at Incirlick AFB in turkey. And those Muslims are nothing like the picture your drawing. The ones knew I was away from everyone I cared about for the first time in a country at the time I could not speak the language and they were nothing but kind. So you can believe what you want. I go with what I have seen and experienced. I l believe you catch more Flies with honey.

          181. brian James says

            like you say everyone has there own views, but in the news just last weeks the FBI said that there are at least 22 Jihads training camps here in the US. so when the car bombs begin and the suicide bombers start there wave of killing I hope you catch more with honey that shrapnel.

          182. Rick Rogers says

            ok Brian James where is this FBI Statement. I just used this search “FBI says there are 22 jihadist training camps in US” on 4 different Search engines and look at 20 different pages on all of the Search engines. And every single one of this is quoting the same Right wing conspiracy Theory postings almost word for word. So where is this FBI statement I would like to read it.

          183. doomsdae says

            But why do you quote anything Christian if you are not a Christian? You lefties are all alike, quote the bible only when it suits you. Did you know that Islam’s goal is to “conquer the world?” Yes, I have heard it right from the mouth of a Muslim in Granada Spain almost ten year’s ago. His first comment to us was; “We (Islam) are going to take back Spain (several of us were of Spanish descent). I said, “Spain was never your country!” You conquered it for about 400yrs!! He then stared at us w/a piercing look (since he knew we were U.S. Citizens) and stated; “and, we are going to CONQUER your country! I then asked dumbfounded, “just how do you plan on doing that??” He stated; “We are already coming in through CANADA & MEXICO…. This was almost ten yrs. ago. Rick Rogers, you are as gullible as they come and stupid! Read the history of Islam and how they have been killing and conquering w/the sword for the past 15 centuries.

          184. Rick Rogers says

            your claim that I am not Christian does not bother me. I know who I am and what I believe and to be honest could care less what you think. Do on to others as you would have them do on to your.. That is my golden rule. Unlike Most of the GOP whos commandment is “he who has the gold makes the rules.”

          185. GENE CELLA says

            Rick….Most all of the below and above comments should tell you that Americans, (those that support America first), are sick and tired of our present Government and the Socialistic “Leader” who would be King…is doing to US. (Yes, us and the US).
            With what is going on here and the world, it is very OBVIOUS there is a plan to take over our Government and rule by rules so very unAmerican.
            You speak exactly like “they” are taught….it is OK to Lie….to deceive….etc…in order to accomplish their goals.
            I do not know you or your True Beliefs; only what you would want us to believe and it appears most do not believe you.

          186. Rick Rogers says

            Gene Cella it appears that a number of the Lights of the Tea Party were shown the Curb in the last few years.. Allen West, Joe Walsh, Eric Cantor. The agenda of ” everyone for themselves” is not one I want either my country or my children to follow. Make no mistake that is the Agenda being preached by the Paul Ryans the world and anyone that believes that Charlatan Ayn Rand. No one form of government is perfect and if you can’t see that with the quagmire we currently have I can’t help you. We have had Socialist programs in this country for the Last 100 years or so and we have been no worst the wear. The public School system that educated so many of us is a Socialist Program there is nothing Capitalist about it. Social Security to make sure the elderly did not fall into Poverty is a socialist program but one that everyone with a job pays into. As to your obvious Plan.. The majority of Americans Don’t see this so called obvious plan. Majority of us believe that we as a country do things better together then we do them Separately.
            One of the biggest issues being pounded right now it the ACA.. So let me tell you a personal story. About a year and half a go I got in an accident that broke all the bones in my elbow. It required two surgeries to replace it with an Artificial one. After all the Hospital bills and Surgeon bills for a procedure that I was not even keep over night for the total was 160,000 dollars. That’s 2 out patient Surgeries. I have a 2nd cousin that is a hospital Admin in Canada. I got the entire bill from the hospital for every item charged. I sent the bill to him and ask him what it would cost me in Canada. He took about a week and came back and said that everything that was listed would have run me about 50,000 in the Canadian Healthcare system. And before you say US care is better… My surgeon the one that operated on me is Canadian. His wife is a US Citizen working for a Major US BANK.

            I don’t want the government in everything but there are some things that the purchasing power and resources of the Federal Government can do that a private company whose main goal is turning a profit can do. It turns my stomach to see people like Paul Ryan calling the Pensions earned by Military personal who give a portion of their lives to this country called entitlements. The Social Security that people paid into all their working lives Called entitlements. Those same “Entitlements” that paid for Paul Ryan’s College education. Sorry but your premise of a secret agenda is just not something that is logical. There are to many facts against it. Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

          187. Jersey Guy Gene says

            Rick…are you located in Southern California? You appear intelligent; at least; educated enough that I would want an in-person talk. I am in Orange County, Calif.

          188. Rick Rogers says

            No sorry Jersey guy Gene.. Have only been to California twice never lived there. All my time except for the time in Service was spent on the East Coast.

          189. Jersey Guy Gene says

            OK Rick….we go on as ususal then. Still not certain where you are coming from but I will stay in touch.

          190. Rick Rogers says

            Well Jersey Guy Gene.. it appears as of this morning after the Lastest Job approval poll that 50% of the country agrees with me. Now what do you think that number is going to be after tonights State of the union.. 51, 52, 53?? More..

          191. charles says

            i think most people won’t listen to the same old regurgitated lies from all his other speeches. i think you and obama are the only ones left that believe what he says.

          192. Rick Rogers says

            again.. 50% of the country approves of the job he is doing. And have not seen the number after the State of the Union but looking forward to them. Why is it that when his numbers are down all The GOP and Tea party people are so quick to point out the numbers by when they go up they blow them off as not important. I think there is a word in the dictionary for that but its slipping my mind.. oh wait yes.. HYPOCRITE that’s the word I was looking for.

          193. Rboo says

            Wrong! The Gallop Poll has his approval rating at 42.6% on Jan, 21st.

          194. Rick Rogers says

            50% approval Rasmussen Daily Tracking poll


            And your information is wrong that number is 6 year average

            Please Note the percentage of 18 to 29 year olds. The ones that will be doing the Voting in the Future..

          195. hankthetank says

            I never give anyone that wants to hurt me a second chance to harm me!!!

          196. brian James says

            you have nailed it, this is about survival not religion. you can not give a cobra a second chance or it will kill you on the second strike.

          197. azsequaya says

            And Jesus also said in Nehemiah 4:14 ,, Be not Ye afraid of them: remember the Lord , which is great & terrible, and fight for your brethren, your sons, and your daughters, your wives, and your houses

          198. Orley says

            Maybe you need to check that out study the whole chapter, was it Nehemiah or Jesus, Jesus didn’t make His earthly appearance until the new testament.
            I must get out of here it is becoming a mud slinging debate.

          199. azsequaya says

            After I typed that in & posted it,,, I realized I was mistaken,,,, & if you think it was becoming mud slinging contest,,, WHY did you sling some too??

          200. Orley says

            Did Jesus say this or did Nehemiah? Reread the chapter, maybe get a commentary

          201. Orley says

            that shows how little you know about the Bible and if we followed Biblical teachings this word woudl be a better place. And there is a big attach on Christian beliefs in this country. Bibles are outlawed in public schools but the koran is being taught in some schools now. Jesus also said as long as you live in this world you will have troubles but take courage I have overcome the world. True Christianity is not a religion it is a live style.. I see the world getting worse anyway. The Bible tells us that It even says there will be blood running in the streets

          202. Rick Rogers says

            actually I know a good bit about it but all I really need to know is this

            Matthew 22:36-40King James Version (KJV)

            36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

            37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

            38 This is the first and great commandment.

            39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

            40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

          203. Bob Sims says

            Fuck you, asshole. If you have roaches in your home, kill them all, period.

          204. brian James says

            read Luke and see what he says, I can tell you hide and let other people fight for your freedom and rights that you have and enjoy everyday as a free American. do you think that freedom comes without a price idiot.

          205. Rick Rogers says

            Don’t know about you brian but I have been under fire in the service of my country. I have had people I served with PAY that price in Bush’s Illegal War in Iraq. So don’t presume to tell me about a price I know all too well.

          206. brian James says

            I was with the 3rd Marines Delta Group in 72 in the parts of the world that Nixon said we were not there. started out with 1300 Marines and when we got back to Okinawa there were around 860 or so, you said that you were in I thought you words were the Air Force so where were you under fire at. when Islam starts here I’ll wonder what you will be doing, hiding or just running for cover and letting others defend your freedom and liberty.

          207. Rick Rogers says

            August 7 1982: Esenboga Airport Attack Ankara Turkey. We were in Transit from Athens to Adana with a change of planes in Ankara when the gunman hit. We were target because of our uniforms but we had Turkish Military Police with us. They return fire and the gunman withdrew to a different part of the Terminal.

          208. doomsdae says

            So RR, you like to use religion “only when it suits you.”

          209. Rick Rogers says

            Any one that USES religion is not religious.. If you think quoting from the bible is using a religion then every TV Preacher in the Country is guilty of that.

          210. Jonathan Brooks says

            Sorry, Rick, but that dog does not hunt. Jesus was clear that soldiers working for the State were not at odds with Jesus teaching, and he gave the highest praise to a Roman Centurion for his faith. In fact, one of the first gentile converts was a Centurion. It is also clear to anyone who is not a pacifist extremist that protecting your family and self defense was allowable, or Jesus would not have had a sword with him when he was betrayed by Judas. Maybe you think letting a Muslim loon rape a child or your wife in front of you is cool, but the turn the cheeck comment was directed at believers in their treatment of others and regular people, not murdering loons.

          211. Rick Rogers says

            So Jonathan And Alexander Seredin have you ever hear of a Muslim prophet by the name of Isa Ibn Maryam also know as Eesa..

          212. Bob Sims says

            And I say, whoever slaps you, knock the fucking piss out of them. Unless she is your wife.

          213. Rboo says

            Jesus says to his followers “Who will die for me?” When there is an outside attack coming in trying to make God’s children believe what they believe (and don’t say peacefully, because there is nothing peaceful about trying to take over all these countries) you either die for Jesus or fight for God. Either way you stand for Christ.

          214. Rick Rogers says

            Hmm interesting and this makes you different from the Muslims who say they are willing to die for their GOD exactly how? Which by the way if you did not get it is the exact same God your talking about?

          215. Rboo says

            My point was I would believe it was the same God, however I do not go out and kill innocent people. I do not hang around men that rape women and children and goats. When I say I would die for my God, I mean rather than be forced into slavery by Islamic extremist. I am different from Muslims I’m not terrorizing people and trying to take land away from people, especially Israel which was given to the Jews by God. None of the Muslims believe that again another reason you can not separate them. Now I am tired of you bothering me, I think this has been quite enough.

          216. Rboo says

            Islamic’s kill for their God. I said I would die for mine. That’s the difference.

          217. Rick Rogers says

            well I had hope you would be interested in reasoned discussion but I can see your just a fundamental Christian extremist.. Buy hey at least you have that in common with ISIS

          218. Rboo says

            I am not a fundamental Christian extremist. I am just a Christian who would like to live in peace. I have said nothing in no way that makes me like ISIS, don’t try to bait me.

          219. donsteiny says

            Jesus was a foreigner that didn’t even speak English! In fact, he was from the Mid-East, probably part of ISIS.

          220. Gess says

            Well, I’ve not seen any other hands, bust still I have no problem raising mine. I try to live by the word of God around the clock. I’d hate to loose our country, but when it comes to it or my eternity, I’ll choose God, his word, and an eternity in heaven. To die from turning the other cheek, I’m not afraid of. To “””‘:00

          221. EDWARD MIKAN says

            Rboo ,” YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT!!!!” “RIGHT ON!!!!”

          222. Bob Sims says

            Don’t sugar coat it like that. lol

          223. Alexander Seredin says

            How about kissing Muslims arse, you bigotted swine?

          224. Mark Wilson says

            Wow you are some kind of messed up piece of crap, for sure! You say that you served in the military, but if so Im betting from your comments it was under duress! I was in the Air Force and like MOST people who volunteer, I am a conservative Christian who LOVES this country! My best guess from reading your communist obamascum-loving crap is that you are some kind of ATHEIST leftist scumbag that hates our country and feels the need to apologize to the third world that we haven’t disarmed our military yet or redistributed our wealth across the world….

          225. Robert Baird says

            You’re doing a good enough job on your own Alex. Edward doesn’t need to help you!

          226. MacAngheirr says

            Islam to a man is like rabies to a dog you fool …
            got rabies much fool?

          227. Alexander Seredin says

            Wow, you sure talk like a Christian, Hagee Christian that is

          228. Robert Baird says

            Edward. …..have you gone soft on us? haha!

          229. Alexander Seredin says

            Do not lie.. There is no threat from Muslims for any of your lies

          230. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

            What mercy do you think they’ll show us not a damn bit of mercy.

          231. Rick Rogers says

            Matthew 5:39 can you look it up or do you need me to quote it?

          232. Bob Sims says

            It seems you would be more comfortable quoting from the Koran.

          233. Rick Rogers says

            Bob Sims I will grant you credit for having the guts to use your name on your post. To many cowards on here hide behind Screen names. As to what I am Comfortable I quoting I am comfortable quote from a number of sources. No one group has EVERYTHING Right.. Let me show you this.. This is a list of Commandments from a religion. Want to guess which Religion it is.

          234. Bob Sims says

            I don’t play guessing games. If you have something to say, then say it without the games.

          235. Rick Rogers says

            Nope don’t have a thing to say to you. Not worth the effort to depress a key on a keyboard or dictate a reply on my voice software.

          236. spyderdalton says

            Mercy does not come to those that sever the heads of children.

          237. Jarhead says

            OR sever the spinal column of a tiny, innocent baby with scissors during a live abortion.

          238. Lougjr1 says

            You are talking about two different problems and all Christians do not believe in abortions. Dumb Butt !

          239. Bob Sims says

            Jar head’s stage name certainly fits his mentality.

          240. Bob Sims says

            Where the fuck are you from, dumb ass? Someone cut your nuts off? We can only hope.

          241. Vernon Cunningham says

            not a good idea to mess with someone you don’t know. I would lie to know why you think I am a dumb ass. Oh, am from Illinois, southern Illinois. A marine corps vetean. conservative, and retired.

          242. Alexander Seredin says

            Wow! What credentials!

          243. Vernon Cunningham says

            LOOL, Just a citizen with a history.

          244. Bob Sims says

            Credentials–do you have any?

          245. Alexander Seredin says

            I rely on good deed, not on credentials

          246. Bob Sims says

            Care to comment on those “good deeds”?

          247. Alexander Seredin says

            I clean the snow from my neighbors sidewalk
            I donate to the soup kitchen and sometimes work there
            I put few coins in the bucket for Salvation Army
            I helped an old lady across the road

          248. Vernon Cunningham says

            It is good to volunteer. I have joined the Marine Corps league, the American legion, and a military museum. My groups do various things like the Toys for Tots campaign., We served over 6000 kids this last year in one region alone. We attend military funerals and stand watch over the dead marines for the family which we honor also. And we do a lot for the wounded warrior projecrts by standing out for hours collecting donations to the fund, and we keep none of that collection. Plus there are city evnts that we are asked to attend. anyone volunteer.

          249. Bob Sims says

            I never made a comment either to you, or about you. I did call jar head a dumb ass. Apology accepted.

          250. Vernon Cunningham says

            OOps. I have the jarhead moniker on another site. My error, so I do apologise.

          251. Alexander Seredin says

            How many heads of children had US severed using drones? at least couple of thousand, methinks.

          252. Alexander Seredin says

            US marines and their drones chop the heads of children all the time

          253. Robert Young says

            No Rick, that’s what Muslims do as ordered by the Koran, Infidels must be converted or killed. Christians must defend themselves or die.

          254. Rick Rogers says

            You know just once.. Just Once I would like someone that makes these claims to back them up with The Exact Quotes they insist are there.

          255. doomsdae says

            First of all, America was not founded by a brown skinned Jewish guy (if you are referring to Jesus Christ). He also preached that we should first; 1. Love God with all your heart, soul and mind. He also preached that we “all” should help the less fortunate (not the Government!) And, when He defended the woman caught in adultery, He also stated to her; Go and SIN no more. She shed her old life and followed Him the rest of her life. You “Hypocrites” love to only practice what you want to hear.

          256. Rick Rogers says

            Sarcasm: The use of irony to mock or convey contempt: Also see Satire.. There thought I give you your word of the day there Doomsdae

          257. Bob Sims says

            And once, just once, we would like to see you get the fuck out of here with your total bullshit.

          258. Rick Rogers says

            awww.. Didn’t your mother/aunt ever tell you that your big enough that your wishes don’t matter.. Maybe if you pray to that completely Made up version of Republican Jesus he will answer you. I sort of doubt it because you don’t sound like your one of the 1%

          259. Bob Sims says

            Republican? Did I say that? As usual, you presume too much. BTW, which book(s) of Ayn Rand did you read?

          260. Rick Rogers says

            They were required reading in English class when I was a junior. To my great Distaste. They were garbage then and they are Garbage now.

          261. Rick Rogers says

            ok this one pretty much says it all

          262. Orley says

            This has to be a hoax.

          263. brian James says

            thank you for hitting the nail on the head, survival is what this is all about not religion.

          264. Proudvietvet58 says

            Wow, you really DON’T look like such a dumb ASS…….. Looks can be deceiving…….. Another new first folks!! A decent looking dolt!!!

          265. Rick Rogers says

            Matthew 5:39 Buy a clue

          266. doomsdae says

            It’s obvious that you are either a Muslim, an Atheist or someone who hates America. If that’s the case, go move to the Middle East where you will lose your head and they will then put it on a pole for all to see

          267. Rick Rogers says

            Doomsdae that that you deserve an answer but the answer to your question is Neither. I don’t think any “organize religion” has gotten it right. There are some good ideas in all but none are perfect. Yes there is a God, Yes I believe in Jesus but I don’t believe in the Words so many people try to say are his. Every Jackleg snakeskin salesman of a TV Preach trys to sell the bill of goods that will make them the most money. So no I don’t put a lot of faith in most of what I hear out of MAN’S Voice. There might be an except to the Rule but he has only been Pope for a short time but he sounds more Pious and Christian them all the others combine.

          268. hankthetank says

            He is a communist!!

          269. Bob Sims says

            Fuck the self-righteous Pope and the horse he rode in on.

          270. Rick Rogers says

            Wow Bob.. did not know you were going to share your sexual preferences on line here.. Have you and intercourse with many Horses?

          271. Harold Sammons says

            You might just go pound sand in your ass

          272. Rick Rogers says

            Really not interested in what you, Bubba and the boys do for fun on Friday Night but hey knock youself out. I am sorry to hear your sheep died but to be honest There was a rumor going around that she was doing the ram next door because of your lack of endowment

          273. hankthetank says

            ASS HOLE !!!!!

          274. Rick Rogers says

            Hankthetank Thank you for demonstrating the extent of your Vocabulary you added so much to the discussion.

          275. Bob Sims says

            And what, exactly, have you added to this discussion?

          276. Orley says

            Are you that ignorant Christians send millions of dollars to help the needy and the less fortunate. It is a beleaf of love and forgiveness not of war, hatered and chopping off heads if you don’t agree with them. Lets look at the facts.

          277. Lougjr1 says

            You, you Idiot are the problem and not the solution ! Go back home to the middle east with all your Muslim compatriots where shariah law is your bible.

          278. Rick Rogers says

            Lougjr1 thank you for proving once again that the phrase Religious Tolerance and Freedom of Religion don’t have any meaning to you. Hearing so many of you its not hard to figure out how Hitler was able to convince his people about how evil the Jews were. Something that is complete untrue. Just like your guesses that I am muslim.

          279. Bob Sims says

            Right, you are not a Muslim, and neither is Obuma Scuma, right? Religious Tolerence is one thing, but Islam is a cult religion which does not qualify. And, you think the Jews are not evil? Not even the Zionists?

          280. Bob Sims says

            I would kill those sorry bastards in an instant, dumb ass sorry mother fucker.

          281. brian James says

            this is about survival of our nation and our freedom, have you ever fought in a war and see what a nation looks like afterwards and its people. how about you put your neck in the middle of this and let the Jihads do what they do best. this is not about hiding in the sand and hope things go away it is about survival.

          282. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry not going to give into the Paranoia of that sort of think.. Yes I have been under fire and yes As part of my duties I returned fire and the person shooting at me was Muslim. But that’s not going to cause to me condemn anyone that Worships “the god of Abraham” Which is both Muslim and Jews just because one Terrorist wanted to put a notch on his AK-47. Your never going to kill all the Muslims that are Jihadist. Never. There will always be someone that has a Family blood debt to pay back. So how about instead of a causing blood debts we try a different path.. Conquering their countries does not work. So why not attempt a different path.

          283. brian James says

            so with you being in the Air Force where were you under fire at, as far as killing the Jihads I’ll do my best at it if they begin here and that will happen. wonder what you will do run and hide and let others defend you like a liberal does.

          284. Bob Sims says

            The god of Abraham? You are brainwashed. At least you didn’t dignify it by capitalizIng “god.”

          285. Rick Rogers says

            No Bob you are just stupid. But then you seem to think you have all the answers and your narrow view covers all Religious history of man. I know enough that if I don’t know something at least I make an effort to find it out. Not sure why I bother but those Prophets of Islam I am talking about are Men straight out of the old Testament and a few out of the new one. But since you don’t bother to read anything that does not fit into your “ideals” you don’t have a clue. ITs been will known by anyone with a brain for over 1000 years that Muslims, Jews, and Christians all have beliefs based in the Old Testament. That’s what is so tragic about Religious wars. Here are some of the Prophets that are listed in the Quran

            Adam was Adam

            Nuh is Noah of the Ark Same story

            Ibrahim is Abraham Allah is the God of Abraham Sorry that their translation of the Word God upsets you so much

            Musa is Moses who lead his people out of Egypt.

            Dawud is David

            Sulaiman is Solomon

            Yunus is Jonah

            Yahya is John

            Lut is Lot

            Isa Ibn Maryam is Jesus son of Mary. He was pure and Free of Sin. Mary was a virgin and Miraculously Conceived Jesus. Jesus performed a number of miracles in the name of God. Jesus was Crucified but Muslims hold God Took him up to Himself before he died on the Cross.
            I know you are not going to even attempt to check this but what the heck. Maybe someone out there will try to understand that most religions are more alike then Not. But if you want to demonize a whole people then go for it. .You seem to have more in common with the 1930’s /1940’s German fascist then you do Americans. SO go head. Preach your sermon of hate. Its not much different that the Script Hitler used.
            The Jihadist Terrorist are NOT following anything but the words of evil Fanatics that try to bend a Religion to fit their desires. You know Like Hitler did when he declared Nazi German was a Christian Nation. That was evil. and the Right Wing Christian are following in his Foot steps. Your own words are proof of it.
            I am not a Right wing Christian and will never be that because they are NOT Christians. Anyone claiming to be Christian but preaching hate of their Fellow man is dragging the word Christian through the mud. God Gave man Free will. He also gave man the ability to THINK. To me if you follow the Golden Rule of doing on to others as you would have them do on to you Is the Best a human can do. Not everyone follows that. But I tire of this back and forth with you so instead of an insult to sign off just a wish that you find a place within yourself that you will try to understand others and I wish you well.

          286. skai says

            Rick Rodgers ” Right because that’s what Christians do. Destroy people with out mercy ” Just like this http://www.compassdirect.org and see how Muslims are so peaceful http://www.thereligionofpeace.com

          287. Rick Rogers says

            Pretty clear you don’t have understanding of Sarcasm. Clown said he was a Christian then talked bout destroying people without Mercy.. And that’s when I said yes because that’s what Christians do..

          288. doomsdae says

            That’s why this Muslim president in our White House wants to take the weapons away from the American people, so we can be slaughtered much easier

          289. Alexander Seredin says

            How many weapons did he take? Where does he keep them?

          290. Bob Sims says

            Are you just totally stupid like you sound? Try to make sense next time, and quit putting words where no such words were used. What an asshole you are.

          291. Vernon Cunningham says

            he just signed a UN resolution to restict sales of some popular and cheap weapons from russia. One step at a time/.

          292. Alexander Seredin says

            Why? Did you want to arm yourself with an AK-47?

          293. Vernon Cunningham says

            I have 3 ak47 ‘s. two rifles, and the draco pisto;l model. plenty of ammo. Also 4 mosin rifles, one is a sniper. 2 mausers, one a sniper, an ar15, and a few others. So I am already armed. I beat Obama to the punch. They are all for my entertainment, and I display weapons for a military museum. CAP and ROTC kids like to handle them, and older veterans. Also have an M1, an M1 carbine, etc. I feel we citizens of america have the righ to indulge our fantasies.

          294. Alexander Seredin says

            Woow!You sure are ready to go to war or join ISIS

          295. Vernon Cunningham says

            LOL. I am a marine veteran. My oath is still valid, and should I be called I would fight for america and our republic. I am 73 but in good shape. I doubt I would last long, but I would leave an impression. And I take my friends and family to the range to familiarize them with weapons and shooting. We either stand for freedom, or will live and die in slavery.

          296. Alexander Seredin says

            I also am an ex military of number of years of service. After seeing what our demoncracy has done to people of Vietnam and northern Cambodia where I was, I would never give time of day to any military. So far as “freedom” is concerned, I hope you keep yours in the basement with other junk.

          297. Vernon Cunningham says

            sorry, but I am more invoved with the freedom of our county than otherwise. I have seen what has become of our country under socialists. It has to change. I will agree that we can’t change a culture that has thousands of years being what they are. But blame the leaders, not the men and women that serve.

          298. Alexander Seredin says

            “Freedom” what? People are being jailed and Wellstonized for saying few words against Israel. Recently a CNN reporter was kicked out after 34 years just for breathing against Israel. Another young movie maker and his family were suicided for making a movie. You live in a dreamworld, pal.

          299. Vernon Cunningham says

            shit happens. That doesn’t deter from my belefs.

          300. Alexander Seredin says

            You mentioned “freedom” not me

          301. Vernon Cunningham says

            I believe in freedom of the individual. What have you got againsty a country where a mans freedom and rights are the rule? I served to help maintain rights like yours. I won’t walk back from my belief that freedom is necessary in an orderly society. Your examples do not give details as to why these things happen.

          302. Alexander Seredin says

            You brag about freedom, but never stop deriding Muslims for being Muslims.

          303. Vernon Cunningham says

            I am not against all muslims. I have an uncle and cousins that are muslims. But they don’t cut off heads, or murder people because of their beliefs. . have you read the Qua’ran? I have the unabridged copy translated by usama dakdoc who is egyptian by birth. I speak as one who studies and analyzes data. There is nothing peacful in that belief system. There is no freedom as we know it in Islam, nor peace except for the dead. I can condem any system that calls for my destruction

          304. Alexander Seredin says

            There is only one Islam, and only one Quran. Christians have cut off far more heads than Muslims have ever done. What is more they continue to cut off heads of women and children using drones every single day. If you read any Bible you can find hundreds of passages which can be taken out of context to be pretty abhorrent, indeed.

          305. Jacob Parks says

            U are so damn stupid. Drones. Are u serious. The ones used to kill the assholes murdering raping and killing women and children. Yeah a bomb is big and maybe there are casualties of war and that horrible but u are so ignorant to what goes on there for someone that claims to be in the vietnam era conflicts. I bet ur another stolen valor act at its best. U know nothing of the horrible things that take place over there yet defend them like we are wrong for bombing isis. Piss off asshole. They woukdnt blink and eye tonrape unand ur loved ones before killing u. U could have the quran memorized and be a muslim supoirter all u want theybwoukd still hack u to pieces u shitbag

          306. grama18 says

            I THINK I am in love.. HOORAY for a true American. ALL others Please don’t let the door hit you in the A$$ on the way out..

          307. Jacob Parks says

            Thank u. At least some agree this should still be america

          308. Alexander Seredin says

            What is the difference between blowing up a houseful of kids and chopping the heads of a dozen people?

          309. David Kledzik says

            Read your post, LOVED IT!!!! You go big guy, we cant help that alexander ate paint chips as a child. They hide under the very blanket of freedom for which their provided then want to bitch about how its acheived,, a quote from General Douglas McCarther, this Marine isnt
            backing down, not even having left my right leg in Iraq in 03′, they dont understand freedom isnt free….
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          310. joevet says

            Alex, you are a jerk and I doubt you served. You sound too naive and more like a Liberal parrot than a veteran. I guess if you are a vet, it MUST have been from Vietnam. where the draft was used and many naive Leftist morons served. Face it, you are one of those trying to give Muslims a free pass in spite of the fact that they are far from getting their own house in order. I may be younger than you, but have apparently served in many, many more countries than you have and I will tell you this: YOU have NO CLUE how much you take for granted. This freedom will not maintain itself. It is being eroded by the likes of you, to whom it is more important to be “politically correct” than to preserve freedoms. It’s been pointed out to you numerous times, on this thread alone, that our freedoms are being taken one by one. You are among those willfully paralyzed from the neck up, who are willing to sit on your lazy hindparts and let it happen. A word to the wise: Don’t stand in our way.

          311. Gess says

            You’re wrong. Christians have not done these things you speak of. I’ve no doubt they have been done, but not by Christians. Just because someone says they’re a Christian does not make it so. Anyone doing the things you listed cannot be a Christian. It is not possible because to do them makes one not a Christian. To be a Christian one has Christ in them and Christ is not in someone that commits murder of any kind.

          312. Alexander Seredin says

            Yeah sure 7 million Vietnamese heads just fell off all by themselves

          313. Jacob Parks says

            Are u blaming 7 million vietnamese deaths on christians or the military. And in that are u comparing vietnamese to muslim extremists. Yeah vietnam was definitely somewhere ee might not have needed to be but take it from someone who was in iraq. I never cut any heads off. I just shot horrible men who would mutilate women and little children for being christians. I would kill the man that was taking machetes to entire famikies for not believing what he did. U are the biggest idiot i have ever met and not one of ur arguments or examples has made an ounce of sense. You are ignorant and blind to every truth of the horrors of the middle east and are a disgrace to any uniform u claim to have worn even though i doubt a shitbag like u was ever in the military. God bless those who fight against the evils of this world and god save the casualties of it. Fuck u asshole. Ur the biggest douchebag i have ever had the misfortune of encountering cus meeting u is something i dont want to do without it ending in u getting the biggest aBITCH slap of ur life

          314. Gess says

            Read the statement. Your reply doesn’t correlatewith anything I stated. I don’t know how many Vietnamese died, or were killed. It’s a terrible thing that so many wish death upon anyone. That still does not change the fact that it was not Christians that killed them. It is not possible to want to kill, intentionally kill, and/or continue killing and be a Christian at the same time. Some of those doing the killings may have been Christians before doing so. Some may be now. But while they were killing or even wanting to do so, they were not. It is not possible to willfully continue committing a sin and be a Christian at the same time. Killing is a sin. Therefore to willfully do it and continue doing it or trying to is to continue in a sin. You just cannot do both. Matt_6:14-24.

          315. Alexander Seredin says

            I guess US troops were not Christians,or were they? 7 million dead some are still dying from Agent orange. massacre of My lai is good example of your “Christian values”. Google it up

          316. Gess says

            Really? Can you not read, or just not comprehend “not possible”? I don’t know how to make this statement any more simple: “That still does not change the fact that it was not Christians that killed them. It is not possible to want to kill, intentionally kill, and/or continue killing and be a Christian at the same time.”

            Yes, you are correct in your guess. They were not Christians. I understand that it can be difficult for such to sink in and for others to accept. Difficult or not, that is the way it is. I don’t expect anyone to take my word for it though. As I stated previously: read Matt_6:14-24.

            Let’s look at it this way. You come up with an unheard of description of something. It’s unheard of, so it doesn’t have a word to go with it, to use in place of the new description. You come up with that word also. Now that description and the word used in place of it are both yours. You came up with them. You developed them. They are yours. Whatever that word is, it’s yours to say and it’s yours to say what it means. The description going with that word is yours to determine.

            Fast Forward 2000yrs. Now people are still using that word, but they’re using it to label something different than what you originally used it for. They’ve even added to and rearranged some of the original description to make it so they can included a broader range of things to fit in the description.

            Does this change the fact that the word was not intended for such; that the word and description are still yours; and that this is not what the true meaning of the word is? Of course it doesn’t. The word still means exactly what you originally designed or labeled it to mean, 2000yrs ago. People are the ones that are misusing it, or defining it wrong. The word has not messed up or changed.

            So is true with many situations involving man, such as with the word Christian. Christian, being derived out of a need to be used in place of “of Christ”, was first used roughly 2000yrs ago.

            Act_11:26 And when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people. And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.

            I’ll not go through listing all of the scriptures relating to the requirements of being a Christian, but will provide to any that desire to know of them. Just remember the word Christian and it’s meaning were designed, developed, and belong to God. The description or requirements, God put on the word Christian, are the same today as they were then. Those requirements include conditions not met by most, and definitely not met by those killing others.

            A Christian cannot go about killing people. God’s description of his word “Christian” forbids it, and it is his word and description. Whether murder as defined in many people’s eyes or as a soldier in a war makes no difference. Killing is killing and God makes no distinction between any means of it, but rather tells us not to do it.

            Someone that continues committing any particular sin, has not repented. If he has not repented he can’t be a Christian. To repent one not only is sorrowful for past sins, but also stops living that way and starts living in a godly manner. Someone that desires to kill and continues to do so, or one that kills and continues to do so or try to do so, has not repented of the sin of killing or wanting to kill. As such he cannot be a Christian.

            So, again, no. The US troops were not Christian, nor was or is any now that desire to kill, kill, or seek to kill, harm, injure, or discomfort.

            My lai has nothing to do with Christians. Christians had nothing to do with it. An atrocity no doubt. Committed by those not Christian is even with more support. Therefore My lai is irrelevant to this conversation. Bible it up.

          317. Alexander Seredin says

            You are crazy as a bat. Last I heard from creeps like you US was a Christian country

          318. Gess says

            Well then perhaps you should stop taking what you hear as truth and do a little research. If you can deny anything I’ve said, using the bible as a source to do so, I’ll go w/me being looney. You can’t do it though so I’ve nothing to worry about. I’ll not call you looney though, but rather sadly confused.

          319. Alexander Seredin says

            Yeah sure 7 million Vietnamese couple of million Iraqis, just fell over a rock and died. Bloody idiot.

          320. Gess says

            Oh, and you have never heard that from creeps like me because of a few reasons. One I’m not a creep, nor do I come near to matching the definition of a creep. Another reason is because those such as myself, also known as Christians,don’t make such remarks. I won’t say never because all have sinned but as a general rule that statement is not something a Christian will say. To do so is to lie. The US may have been based on some Christian values, and for that I’m grateful, but it is far from being a Christian nation. It never has been a Christian nation. There are way to many laws and ideologies that go completely against anything relating to Christianity for it to be a Christian nation.

          321. Alexander Seredin says

            Suure Christians slaughtered many millions since and during Crusades, and you are trying to say that “Christian values” are worth murdering for

          322. Gess says

            Wrong again you are. There’s no values worth killing for. I’m not “trying” to say anything. What I said I said. I meant what I said and said what I meant. There was and is no trying. I said maybe you should stop believing everything you hear and instead research it to find out if it is actually true or not. I encourage you to do the same w/what I’ve said. There’s nothing to be read into my statements nor is there any deception in them. They’re good at face value for even you to understand.

          323. Brent says

            Christians might have cut more heads off, maybe. But um we quit doing that 100s of years ago. Muslims apparently never did quit. So my question is this. Are you saying it’s ok for Muslims to chop heads off because Christians did 100 years ago? If you are you don’t speak with logic

          324. Brent says

            Oh Christians aren’t killing people with drones. Oduma is. He is not a Christian.

          325. grama18 says

            THE rest of us have peaceful religions .. BUT!! THe Muslims don’t !

          326. Alexander Seredin says

            Tell that to thousands of Somalis, Yemenis, Vietnamese, Koreans etc.

          327. Robert Baird says

            You go tell them, Alex…….they would welcome you with open arms. ….bwahahaha

          328. Robert Baird says

            You need to go live with those muslims you seem to think so much of Alex……you sure don’t sound like a happy man living in a free country! Those ‘peace loving muslims’ might treat you to the same loving atmosphere that they just shared with the Japanese prisoner for not gluing his lips to mohammed’s rear end! You sound just like all the other far left apologists I hear complaining about this country, but just like them, it would take a 100 ton earthmover to drag your sorry butt from this hallowed ground.

          329. David Kledzik says

            Were you ever over there, I was and they are not peaceful, they kill their own kind if they dont accept islam or sharia law. Bombings mass shootings, beheadings by the thousands, men women children and the elderly. I refuse to believe in a pagan god that promotes this much death and destruction on his own race, PERIOD!!!!!!! Ididnt capitalize islam and sharia on purpose cause they dont deserve to ne capitalized, ,,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          330. Alexander Seredin says

            You are an umitigated LIAR! How many people have knocked on your door to try and convert you to Islam? Well I get at least one a month knocking on my door trying to convert to your cult. You can believe whatever you want, but DO NOT LIE

          331. David Kledzik says

            Maybe you are muslim or a fu@#%(# athiest, doesnt matter, you have no moral compass, and have no honor,and are a closet communist, not to mention unamerican piece of filth, dont come up on me and call me a liar, islam is trash, PERIOD!!!!! You may be pissed at the military, but it gives you no right to basically, turn your back on this country, if you hate it so much get out, your not wanted anyway. And by the looks of your picture, you’d better hurry you dont have alot of time left. Unless you were over there like so many of us were shutyour mouth, because the way you talk people are wondering if you even served, Doubtful,,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          332. Roy Smart says

            Your right at home lying !! The TRUTH IS THE VERY OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU SAY! JUST LIKE YOUR BEST FRIEND obomber!!!!

          333. Alexander Seredin says

            There are no missionaries in Islam Smart ass, and nobody is ever encouraged to convert to Islam except by Christian preachers themselves

          334. Roy Smart says

            They are just like you! They can’t be helped!

          335. togetherwestand says

            Dont bother wasting time on these types of people. People like this Alexander NEED to have people telling them what to do and how they can do it. They havn’t the ability to think for themselves nor survive on their own. They mock and laugh at our constitution while looking like fools to anyone with a brain. They will be the first to come crying when they need your help. Don’t worry, the day will come when we need not speak of this anymore because it will be slapping us all in the face. The time for talk will soon come to an end and people like this claiming to be patriots and veterans will still be talking only nobody will listen. I support you 100%. I also am a veteran and enjoy my freedom, whats left of it. I also love God, America and what this nation stood for. People like Alex love nothing but themselves. Muslims are a serious problem that will be delt with, uninformed people like alex are a problem as well and need educated. Problem is people like alex dont want to be educated because it would force them to change their ways. God bless you sir and maybe we’ll meet someday.

          336. Vernon Cunningham says

            I believe you are right. People like him don’t understand that the world is changing. we are in danger of losing what we have in america. Muslims have the same rights here that we do. If they are citizens then they can influence elections, run forffice, and change the constitution hrough the governmental processes that give them the same guarantees we all have. Or create enclaves and institute their laws in those areas. Some judges have allowed this.

          337. donsteiny says

            Muslims are .6% of the people in this country. That is about 1 in 200. You do not sound so tough when you whine about how scared you are of them. You sound like a cowardly bully.

          338. Vernon Cunningham says

            believe what you want. it is a fact that small numbers of people can cause great havoc. Look at what the militant Islamists have done.We are basically still fighting a small number in the middle east. (In america that small percent is millions in numbers compared to the population. They have areas that they claim for their own and demand their barbaric laws be used instead of american constitutional law. The protections we have are for everyone. That is why the Muslims can have training camps in america and we have to allow that. They have enough influence that many are in political offices and influence things like our leader Obama. Scared is hardly a word I would use. prepared is the true example of who I am. Not just against muslims, but against any group that would defy american value and laws. An that would destroy our people and posessions. I have great grandkids to be concerned about, and don’t want to leave a world that they won’t have what I have in freedom and rights. I am a trained soldier. Tht is what you hear from me.

          339. donsteiny says

            This talk will come to an end because you and your other gum flapping old friends will die of old age.

          340. togetherwestand says

            I usually don’t waste time replying to you people but today I feel like you should hear this. Sorry to inform you that there are a LOT of young soldiers serving right now today who share the same exact feelings and beliefs that I do about our great country. If you knew anything about patriotism you would not make such comments. You have obviously never served anyone but yourself for yourself. I can see you are your biggest fan. Also, If I die because of old age GOD has blessed me. I will also die knowing that I didn’t give in to people like you and people like me will continue to fight and stand for what is right.
            Not that I would expect you to understand but just wait and you will be wishing there were a lot more of us fighting for freedom. The day can’t come soon enough for your kind to eat their words. I hope for your sake you wake up and join the fight in preserving what America stands for. Todays politicians know very little about the importance of freedom! You seem to be one of them. Oh and sorry for the delay, I have to actually work for a living so I don’t get to set behind my safe little computer all day writing crap like you.

          341. Jacob Parks says

            That stuff doesnt happen in america. Maybe firing someone over talking about israel because its now islamerica but u sir are the worst kind off douchebag. The only thing that shoukd be in a basement is u damn coward. We deride muslims for being the murderous savages that the EXTREMISTS have proven to be we dont condemn all muslims. Just the ones that woukd murder u in a heart beat just for being american no matter how much u claim to like or support them. They dont care. U r dead to them. Like i said. Everything wrong with whats going on is cus of blind idiots like u

          342. grama18 says

            AND pray tell how do you tell the difference !! THE muslims do not police themselves. IT seems they just allow the a$$-wipes to continue.

          343. Alexander Seredin says

            Ask Vietnamese, Koreans, Somalis and yemenis who murderous savages are

          344. MacAngheirr says

            You are one stupid liberal troll ….

          345. MrSwingGuitar says

            Actually, if you read all the comments on here, there are a number of folks who insist that the right thing to do is to kill ALL Muslims. To kill over one billion people because of the actions of thousands? If we did accomplish that, we would then bear the title of the worst mass murderers of all time. I am totally in agreement that we can’t let terrorism go unpunished. The difficulty is to avoid becoming terrorists ourselves while doing so. If you truly believe that Muslims are taking over American society, I’d submit that you’re deceived. There are more Muslims in the US than there were 50 years ago. My Jewish ancestors were part of the wave of eastern Europeans who came to the US around 1900. The folks who were here before them gave lengthy speeches about how these swarthy foreigners with strange rituals were going to take over the US. Well, we didn’t…we became part of America. This has been true of every wave of immigrants that came here. I’m happy to stand with anyone who wants to keep our government free of religious interference from any group. I won’t stand still and let bigots try to define people they don’t know.

          346. wac4761 says

            sounds to me like you are the one not willing to stand up for freedom a-hole!!

          347. Alexander Seredin says

            What ?freedom” a-hole? freedom robbed by local cops? or freedom to be robbed by your government? Maybe it is the “freedom” to be brainwashed by your school that it is OK to finance evil Israel

          348. wac4761 says

            you have the freedom to move your dog smelling monkey ass to Iraq where they will cut your Muslim lovin head of dipstick so get going mussie lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          349. Alexander Seredin says

            Do not worry about me shitbag, I am not Iraqi. You

            better be learning Russian, a-hole

          350. wac4761 says

            your the communistic cum suckin queer bait mother fucking mussie lover son of a bitch punk that think he a bad ass behind a key board bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!asshole motherfucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          351. David Kledzik says

            I know you have suffered because of Vietnam, as did my
            Dad and my two uncles, and have had to deal with it for decades since, and for that I myself am truly sorry, because I saw what it did to them. But the U.S. didnt do anything to these people, our leaders who ran our country are where your beef is, not with former or current military members, they carry on their oath to protect and defend this country. I was proud to serve in the Corps for twenty one years, three tours in Beirut, and
            Iraq, where I lost my right leg to and R.P.G., but I dont hold anyone responsible for that, was the cost we pay for freedom,,,,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          352. hankthetank says

            you are a communist,& have never been in the military!!

          353. grama18 says

            Slavery NO !! WAY !! I will find a cave !! FIRST !!

          354. Vernon Cunningham says

            We may have to fight for our future. There are ways to contribute.

          355. Mark Clemens says

            I like your attitude.
            Keep in mind if revulsion comes in your lifetime. A bullet from a 73 year old, is just as effective as a bullet from a 37 year old…….
            Thank you for your service!

          356. Vernon Cunningham says

            Thank you Mark. I have taken my family members to the range and taught them to use the AK47, M1, M1 carbine, And several other rifles and pistols. Most now own weapons of their own and have prepared for emergencies. The family that fights together stays together.

          357. David Kledzik says

            SEMPER FI Devil Dog, dont worry about your age, 73 shoots as good as a twenty year old, with a hell of a lot more experience. I will fight next to you any day and twice on Sunday. Three tours over in that rat hole they call the middle east, we sure as hell dont want it over here, people who claim they are peaceful just have the wool pulled over their eyes, and are in denial,,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          358. Vernon Cunningham says

            I would be pleased to serve with you. We are in a time of change and I doubt we will see a peaceful transition.

          359. David Kledzik says

            I doubt we will, but we can hope just in case keep the powder dry,,,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          360. usms85 says

            I really was starting to think I was alone. Lately I’ve been called an islamaphobe and a bigot just for saying the truth about Islam. I also keep my weapons at the ready. And always will. I want ,and I pray daily for peace in this country. But like you,Mr.Cunningham, I doubt it will be a peaceful transition. Mr Kledzik, you honor our beloved Corps.

          361. Vernon Cunningham says

            I am beginning to see more patriots here. That is a good sign. together we make a formidable force. I deal with many idiots. But I never lower myself to their level. Glad to have you aboard.

          362. usms85 says

            Both of you give me hope for this country. And it would be my privilege and an honor to fight beside both of you leathernecks. Semper Fi 1985-2005

          363. David Kledzik says

            Any time any place any my Marine Brother, lets kick some muslim ass, SEMPER FI,,, we are always faithful,,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          364. usms85 says

            It would be my honor. I just am amazed at the lack of outrage over what’s being done to Christian women and children because they refuse to deny Christ:beheadings,rape and crucifixion. Or I should say ,what’s not being done. I am a christian although I can’t claim to be a good one but when I see these atrocities and absolutely nothing even attempted to stop it, i am outraged to say the least.

          365. David Kledzik says

            Once a Marine, always a Marine,,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          366. Vernon Cunningham says

            I served 1960 to 1964. I would have been career if not for the politics of the times.

          367. donsteiny says

            Sounds like you will die of old age long before you have to fight any Muslims. But, hey two weeks is not that long.

          368. usms85 says

            Semper Fi, you are a credit to the Corps and good patriot.

          369. Jacob Parks says

            Alex is a dumbass. He is doin what every dumbass like him and twist and turn words and situations to make it seem like the people that want america back are racist and crazy for buying guns. Failing to see his president has released known extremists and helped aid in the undoing of the very fabric of our united states. But we are racist and crazy. When all hell breaks lose or he is being robbed and his family in danger he will be begging god for someone with a gun to save his pathetic ass but will condemn them thensecond they shoot the person to save him. People like him are why this place is falling tobshit.

          370. Alexander Seredin says

            To even suggest that your pistola is going to defendf you “when the hell breaks loose” Having lived through that kind of period I can tell you that the possession of a gun is certain to kill you, and the only thing that will save your arse is the community itself.

          371. Robert Baird says

            Why you devil you………you’re actually Hildebeast Clinton and just too ashamed to admit it. ….. right?

          372. Jacob Parks says

            Wrong again. So so wrong. U can play circle jerk all u want with ur community. Me and my firearms will kepp me and my family safe. U can continue on with ur bs

          373. Brent says

            A know many people have a collection of firearms. That doesn’t mean they are ready for a fight. For most, including myself it means we are ready to go to the range and shoot paper targets.

          374. Alexander Seredin says

            The first thing any dictator will do is order surrender of all arms, and possessing them wikll be execution .

          375. Brent says

            I agree that is what a dictator would do. With just a small start. I would never surrender mine. Ya know the cold dead hands thing.

          376. headonstraight says

            And I bet a delightful tingle runs up and down your leg every time you fondle one of those wonderful items in your arsenal.

          377. hankthetank says

            Because we want to! #2 because we NEED too!!!

          378. michaelcain says

            He has signed the treaty that includes the citizens arms of the U S Vernon had better read it then try to buy a B B gun

          379. David Kledzik says

            Kerry signed it on his behalf, he wasnt even present as usual, besides in no way are we obligated because it was not ratified by the senate. It went into effect December 24th, for the ratified countries, and the U.S. isnt one of them, and the senate said they wouldnt ratify it,,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          380. hankthetank says

            He also want let the 30 cal.M1 come back to the USA, he gives them to other country’s,!

          381. Vernon Cunningham says

            That is a shame. But luckily I have all the rifles I need. And there are plenty on the market that he can’t get. Just gets more expensive to buy.

          382. michaelcain says

            Just check out your local police station for consficated weapons list

          383. hankthetank says

            Here’s another one!Haven’t you heard of police buying guns from the people, that’s to get them out of your hands! that’s one way to get your gun!they are afraid you are so dumb, you will shoot yourself !!Don’t you know they are trying to out law gun’s?

          384. Alexander Seredin says

            First thing a dictator will do is outlaw guns, and execute those that have them. I have been through that during Nazi occupation, where even one bullet earned execution. Think something better than guns.

          385. hankthetank says

            You have everything backwards ( It’s the dictator not the bullet )

          386. brian James says

            I agree, but how do you convince the zombies who think he is still the best President ever and that he is the nations dooms day.

          387. donsteiny says

            For one thing, it would be help if he actually did any of the things you accuse him of. I have been hearing about how he is going to take away your weapons for 6 years and he hasn’t done anything close to that. Rednecks are killing their families, friends and neighbors at a record pace and no one is doing a thing to stop it.

          388. brian James says

            how about bankrupting the nation, spending billions on each of his vacation, opening our borders to illegals and to terrorists, and the list goes on and on. but to try to explain t o a Zombie liberal that is a waste of time.

          389. headonstraight says

            “Billions” on vacations? The inanity, insanity, and just plain nonsensensicality of that absurd ASSertion simply destroys your credibility!

          390. brian James says

            check the stats liberal, when this nation falls to Jihads and others terrorists groups you’ll be one of the first to cry for help. he has done nothing but bankrupt this nation and open our borders to all and that includes the Jihads terrorists who by the way have 22 training camps here now according to the FBI two weeks ago. I am not trying to convince you or any other liberal about the Muslim in the white house he will do that himself and when you finally realize that it will be to late for you. credibility that has already been proven by his actions and his lies. people like you only make themselves feel good by insulting the truth. who cares what you think but when its starts you run and hide and let others fight for your freedoms and liberties. no more said

          391. headonstraight says

            Having uttered all that purulent drivel, brian, it is of some limited benefit to this forum that you have reached the point of “no more said.”

          392. brian James says

            why do cowards like you hide behind some bull shit rag tag headonstraight name, liberals your just like a bad case of diarrhea. Google it

          393. brian James says

            shit for brains, you are not even worth the time to try to hold a conversation with little girl. you are to arrogant and to self righteous like the little girl you are . your just a waste of good air. later little girl

          394. headonstraight says

            Your supply of smoke seems inexhaustible, brian.
            With each post, your utter failure to produce anything of any polemical worth whatsoever becomes ever more apparent. You are to be pitied.

          395. brian James says

            pity is for cowards like you who hide behind a computer and talk a lot of dung and then retreat again and hide like the little bitch girl you are. look in the mirror when you talk your pity dung. I know when you piss you squat don’t you.

          396. Jade Louise says

            Lol I can’t help but notice you keep mentioning ‘Little Girl’?Hmmmm you’re quite an Odd type..you have a thing for little girls because you like to use the phrase Little Girl on each comment….might I just start Refering you as the little boy that most probably had family issues growing up and I bet your mother was a right fucking Bitch and your dad was an Ignorant bully that liked to use the word BITCH quite frequently? ?Hmmm One does wonder..sorry if I was wrong

          397. headonstraight says

            SHOW ME the “stats,” on those billion-dollar vacations, brian. YOU are the one
            who made that outrageous claim. Now–either put up or shut up!

            It is oh-so-easy to SAY “check the stats.” It is quite another thing to PRODUCE the stats.

          398. brian James says

            its all over the net liberal zombie so use your pea brain an Google it

          399. headonstraight says

            What actually IS on the net is a powerful refutation of your claim:


            Total White House expenses were $1.4 billion. The absurdity of your silly claim of “spending billions on each of his vacation[sic]” is obvious. Note also the analysis of the Bush Administration’s White House costs in excess of those of the Obamas.

            Facts matter, brian. You could not find any to back up your claim, so you blew smoke instead, ASSerting that “its[sic] all over the net,” when it obviously is NOT! Truly pitiful and truly feckless blithering on your part.

            By comparison, I am providing FACTS to back up my part of this discussion.

          400. Karan patel says

            Get the fuck of our countries and Africa piece of shit Muslims. And if you did believe in your Allah than you wouldn’t do that . We believe in our religion not yours so try to rule over others country. Guys please don’t convert to muslim believe in your religion not others.

          401. brian James says

            why do little girls like you talk so tough over the net and then in a face to face your just a little girl.

          402. brian James says

            telling someone to shut up over the net is so easy for a little girl like you, but a face to face I’d just bitch slap and then you would wet your panties and cry like a little girl you are

          403. headonstraight says

            That witless nonsense shows just how desperate you are in trying to prevail in a discussion that you are clearly incompetent to pursue in a rational manner. The choice I gave you was “put up or shut up.” It is patently obvious that you have absolutely NOTHING of any relevance to put up.

          404. Jade Louise says

            But you would be just as much as a bitch she is surely?Hmmmm what kind of BITCH man slaps women anyway…you piece of Scum

          405. Jade Louise says

            And if You was actually talking to me face to face I’d deal with you so stop talking about females being or acting tough over the net because I guarantee she will turn out to be Tougher than you . hahahaha You little worm

          406. Sgm Devito says

            brian James was close. Checking the facts on POTUS vacations, including family, friends and golf outings; Judicial Watch FOIA results show that only 998 million dollars have been spent during the first six years in office by this administration.
            Although, this did not include expenses incurred while traveling on government aircraft for fund-raising events, speaking engagements and appearances on late night talk shows.

          407. headonstraight says

            Brian James used precisely THIS terminology: “spending billions on each of his vacation, “! Do you understand the meaning of “each”?
            Your analysis fails!

          408. brian James says

            credibility to a liberal, who cares what you think. little girls like you always lets some else fight there battles. I bet Moore is your hero

          409. Vernon Cunningham says

            Donsteiny, have you bought a gun in recent times? And the fed is trying to put further restrictions on us. It won’t be a single event, but many small steps that will endanger our rights.

          410. usathoughts says

            In Texas, gun trading, & selling goes on all the time. Sure do not go to a store. Thats like shouting out to everyone exactly how to come at you.

            I keep a Cross Bow in the barn and one in the house in addition to standard weapons. I also keep a Target up that can be seen from the road. Have a lot of illegals come through here. Thinking of putting another sign up – pointing to the closets Democrat house – why not, let them go for the easy target.

            Get the picture, I have had it.

          411. Vernon Cunningham says

            It pays to be prepared. I kep laede pisttol in each room, and My ak47’s are always ready. But I don’t expect get hit.

          412. usathoughts says

            I should hope to shout! But then you never know. Sometimes they just come for the weapons.

            I do not like the idea of Socialism but then again don’t want millions to come pouring out of cities looking for food & shelter. Got to be a better way!

          413. Vernon Cunningham says

            I was concerned about a breakdown in the food supply and seeing a large movement by minorities away from the cities and into the farmlands, or smaller cities. First the bigger cities would fall then the small. other groups would take aninterest in anarchy.

          414. usathoughts says

            I have been waiting for the truckers to wake up to the power they have.

            A three day strike in any city would scare the h–l out of the politicians.

            In Texas a trucker gets a ticket he is also fined, and his insurance goes up. Three tickets and will lose the commerical license. In LA, for awhile it would cost a logging trucker about $12k a year even if just parked on the front lawn.

          415. Vernon Cunningham says

            true. it is bad enough when a truck shipment is delayed by a day or two. Thing what 2 weeks would cause.

          416. headonstraight says

            Yep, a “laede pisttol” is a good thing to have around. Be sure you “kep” one handy.

            And while you are tending to that, you can be checking out a good dictionary.

          417. Vernon Cunningham says

            you know what I meant. I didn’t proof read well enough. My computer is messing up. so be less juvanile and more understanding. I keep loaded guns. I conceal carry. I am trained to kill. And I am a solid american patriot. There is crime in my city. Mostly older persons and I qualify as that. Also I travel to different places that I am not familiar with. I am not goin to be mugged by some punk as I have seen in the news.

          418. headonstraight says

            IO am not so “juvanile” (better check THAT spelling) that I blame obvious and glaring spelling errors on my inanimate computer.
            Also, as a respectful American, I capitalize the word “American.”

          419. gene1357 says

            hair splitting blowhard

          420. Vernon Cunningham says

            people don’t caitalize on devices. Too often the capital button gets turned on and it looks like we are “yelling”.

          421. headonstraight says

            “caitalize”!!! You are S-O-O-O-O sloppy! Even when addressing the error in your previous post, you–in the space of one and one half lines–commit a glaring spelling error. Have you tried proofreading the junk you post before hitting the “Post” button? And what is this “People don’t caitalize [sic] on devices”
            nonsense? There is proper capitalization on many, many of the posts in this string. Tell the participants who posted all those correctly capitalized words that they should not respect the basic rules of English grammar.

          422. Vernon Cunningham says

            If you don’t approve of what I submit, or have anyting better to do than rant about a spelling error then don’t read what I type. Which is more important, data, or puncuation? I don’t give a shit.

          423. David Kledzik says

            You dont have to proofread anthing there Marine, just keep that trigger finger loose, only fools mess with Marines, its not like we havent been shot at before right,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          424. Vernon Cunningham says

            My buddie just got an ar15 which we have to build. I already have mine. So we will be going to the range soon. I have a line on some less expensive .223 and 5.56 rounds, so there will be a lot of shooting. Also My aK47’s are primed. We will shoot straight. (I need a new scope. )

          425. gene1357 says

            headstraightup ass

          426. Vernon Cunningham says

            So the word is “loaded”. I have 45acp, 9mm,. 8mm, 30.06, 223, 5.56, 30 cal , 32 cal, 38 cal, 22 cal, .410, and 12 guage. and many thousand rounds of 7.62X39, and 7.62X 54r. That is what I call loaded. I don’t need a dictionary, just a better keyboad.

          427. grunion says

            Oh, I thought he meant a lady’s pistol. You know, a small concealable .380 or something.

          428. Vernon Cunningham says

            shoot a hefty person with a .380 and they may not know they were shot. I have one, and it is not my CCW choice. I do have a derringer in a 45 cal. That would be better.But I plan on a 1911 45acp in a shoulder holster. Sorry about the typo’s. Proofreading doesn’t always reveal the error to me. I am 73 after all.

          429. Bob Clarkson says

            Verne, we’re of an age – you and I. When the American Military went to the NATO standard I thought they had lost all their common sense. I made sure I had a trustworthy, one shot knockdown handgun and I also have a scoped M-14 to go along with my other handy persuaders.

            At our age, we would be legally justified if anyone younger threatened us for any reason.

            I may not be able to take down some young stud in a hand to hand, but I’m smarter. I know there is no such thing as a “fair fight”.

          430. Vernon Cunningham says

            Bob, you are right about the Justification part. I have spoken to several cops about CCW and they all indicate a trust in what we do as right for us. They know we aren’t about to go nuts and shoot randomly. For me I see only a few instances where I would need to carry a weapon. But when I do, I want it to be effective.For the most part, I scare the local bad guys anyway.

          431. grunion says

            Go urinate on yourself. You are and contribute nothing.

          432. Bob Clarkson says

            Lead is NOT an appropriate use of a diphthong.

          433. David Kledzik says

            Not if their smart Vernon. And if they are double tap,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          434. David Fitzgibbon says

            It would require a constitutional convention to alter our bill of rights, and our “right to bear arms” And an armed populace makes politicians think a bit deeper about some of the stupid laws they want to stick us with.

          435. Itellthe truth says

            Better check your facts, are the so called rednecks really the ones doing the killing? The facts don’t support what you say. Check out the real numbers which show that young black males are killing one another at the highest percentage of any one group.

          436. john Wilson says

            The truth shall set you free!

          437. ongelofelijk says

            Always, and this is “foreign” to our current leadership !

          438. wac4761 says

            they would not know the truth if it bit them in the ass!

          439. hankthetank says

            I sure hope so!!

          440. Wes Tipton says

            People like steiny are still listening to msdnc and drinking the marxist kool-aid, so ignore him. Liberals of his ilk are becoming fewer every day thank God, but there are still way too many of them out there.
            6 years of continued effort by the right has stopped these marxists from taking our weapons, but they will not stop trying. obuma’s talks with the UN proceed as we speak, and they involve an “international gun treaty” which would disarm every nation, but naturally steiny and crew would not be aware of that little plot. Sad.

          441. David Kledzik says

            I assume your talking about the small arms trade treaty, because it never got ratified by our Senate. Plus then theres the house of representatives that wont fund it and the sheriffs organizations that wont enforce it, neat little piece on you tube called the Oath Keepers, made up of all kinds of influential people, saying they wont enforce unconstitutional laws, plus that pesky N.R.A….. Thank god for true American Patriots,,,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          442. ongelofelijk says

            I doubt very much whether donsteiney knows what a redneck is, let alone define and what most of them stand for… Donsteiney probably a typical city boy who has never seen or been in touch with a redneck will change his mind quickly when they are the ones that come to rescue him and/or save his life when the barbarians show up at his doorstep ! But than again he probably is a blatant liberal, like our “elite” secretary of State, John Kerry who travels the globe making statements on behalf of the United States that Islam is a peace loving religion!

          443. Bob Clarkson says

            John Kerry has been lying since at least the 1960’s that I am sure about. He is the only known officer to violate the Geneva Convention and write himself up for a commendation.

          444. wac4761 says

            AND a lot of those are Muslim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          445. Shaeri says

            And largely in the city with some of the toughest gun control laws.

          446. grunion says

            ALWAYS in the cities with the strictest gun controls.

          447. brian James says

            how true you are, also check the facts about blacks killing whites verses whites killing blacks but the media does not report those facts either. whites are being slaughtered every day but the media says nothing. one fact is that the race baiters like big Al and Jesse Jackoff get richer and the average black American gets screwed because of these criminals who become rich off of the hate they spread.

          448. Jade Louise says

            The whites had there fun killing blacks let’s not go there …a lot of white police men are killing black folk…innocent black people…some not so innocent but it’s all wrong…it works both ways ..yes blacks kill whites innocent or none innocent..its always been this way..why are you even talking about it..sad thing is Racism still lives on..so sad

          449. Brent says

            ok let’s fact check…..most of the mass shootings have been in states in the north by democrats. Now I know alot of “rednecks” and not one of them would hurt a fly, well except for maybe a drunken fist fight lol.

          450. Harold Sammons says

            Fighting is just a sporting event in most cases!

          451. Brent says

            True lol

          452. Vernon Cunningham says

            I don’t understand your response. From my perspective, it is a battle of preserving my life against the soldier of another nation who is ordered to kill me. Soldiers are not the bad guys, and I respect an enemy normally. This middle east thing doesn’t qualify because the Islamists are butchers, not soldiers. So where is the sport in this?

          453. Arnold Young says

            NO?? How about Operation Chokepoint? You sound like a bho plant!

          454. Robert Baird says

            150 million legal gun owners in the USA and not a single one of them killed anybody yesterday! The same cannot be said for illegal immigrants, illegal gun owners, terrorists, etc. We have a marxist administration that should stand the hair up on the necks of all freedom loving Americans, but we have become so dumbed down as a society, we don’t see, understand or seemingly care what is happening to our country! Really sad to watch!

          455. Randall Razz Taylor says

            Robert, absolutely.correc

          456. Randall Razz Taylor says

            Robert, absolutely correct. Have you read PLUNDERED how progressive ideology is destroying America by Michael Coffman P.H.D.?
            He totally outlines everything that’s has happened and is happening. A total and thorough expose’.
            The best way to win any battle is to know your enemy!!
            GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

          457. hankthetank says

            You don’t have to read anything,they need to open their eyes and mind to know what is going on!!! BUT to others, they need to read & see something !!

          458. Robert Baird says

            Randall…..I know of the book PLUNDERED but have not read it YET!!!! I will, though!!!

          459. brian James says

            happy to read your words, God Bless this great nation and the people who believe in freedom and liberty. Semper Fi

          460. phil62 says

            Oh, don’t kid yourself Robert, we are primed, ready, and just waiting for the right time. I just hope that the Mooslems start out with the gays first and then go for the rest of the retarded, anti-gun liberals.

          461. grunion says

            That would be the easy way.

          462. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Crooked Evil Lying Hillary wants your Guns!!

          463. headonstraight says

            “150 million legal gun owners in the USA and not a single one of them killed anybody yesterday!”

            Oh?And just HOW do you know that to be a fact?

            The truth is that YOU DO NOT KNOW that all-subsuming statement to be true. You just blithered it out, probably thinking it would not be challenged.

            You blew that one!

          464. gene1357 says


          465. grunion says

            Prove him wrong! 150 million citizen gun owners to be counted only. Not career criminals (Which gets Congress off the hook) or immigrants, legal or not or people with severe emotional issues. It’s available, I have seen the report. Do your DD before trotting out your bankrupt, progressive liberal clap trap. Perhaps you and that tunnel vision afflicted Donsteiny idiot should get married, as abomination seems to be in vogue with your dying liberal agenda.

          466. headonstraight says

            Prove him RIGHT or tell him to do so. It is he who made an unsupported claim. Let HIM put up the goods to sustain it.If he can’t, then you help him out.

            You are supporting his claim without submitting any proof whatsoever. If the “report” is available, either provide a link or citation. Otherwise I will have to conclude that you are just blowing smoke.

            So a whole day went by without even one of those 150,000,000 armed citizens
            needing to use lethal force to repel some vile criminal ? That sort of puts the lie to the gun-nut ASSertion of a critical need for going armed to protect oneself from the multitudes of evil gunsels that prowl our streets and want to invade our homes!

          467. Bob Clarkson says

            What a total diphthong (I’m using that word in place of another, just so you know).

            If a legal gun owner has to use a weapon to legally protect him/herself, there is no way that can be called an armed criminal action. Not to say liberals will do everything they can to make up some cock-a-mammy story to get it to look that way.

          468. headonstraight says

            You are not paying attention. The post to which I replied made no distinction between self defense or other uses of guns. It said merely THIS: “150 million legal gun owners in the USA and not a single one of them killed anybody yesterday.” I responded to precisely what was written. Read for comprehension, Bobby, not just to feed your preconceptions.

          469. Bob Clarkson says

            We know it’s true because of libtards like you. If it were incorrect, the liberal media would be having a cow blowing that storey up into a big time blizzard.

            I must compliment your on your strict adherence to the principle’s of arguing with us conservatives as written by Saul Alinsky.

            Since Conservatives have now started using it as a weapon, liberals are all screeching, “That’s not fair! Those are OUR tactics. Oh, boo hoo hoo”.