Wife-Fight! Cruz and Trump Get Down and Dirty


Well, in an election year where literally nothing is off the table, it shouldn’t be any surprise to see Donald Trump and Ted Cruz exchange barbs about their respective wives. While Republican voters are rolling their eyes about yet another series of attacks that have little to do with the issues and liberals are fretting about Trump’s “woman-problem,” the candidates themselves appear to be enjoying this latest round of off-message excitement.

The trouble started when a super PAC dedicated to stopping Trump issued a tweet that showed Melania Trump in a nearly-nude photo spread from GQ magazine. The tweet asked voters to consider that Melania would be the next first lady…”or,” it said, “you could support Ted Cruz on Tuesday.” The tweet, meant for Utah voters, caused Trump to warn Cruz that he would “spill the beans on Heidi” if his competitor wasn’t careful.

The Cruzes denied having anything to do with the original tweet, and the mini-feud might have ended there. Trump, however, retweeted a follower’s meme comparing Heidi and Melania. “No need to spill the beans,” the picture read. “The images are worth a thousand words.” The picture, which used the most unflattering image possible of Cruz’s wife alongside a perfect one of Melania, was clearly meant to say that Trump had already won this round.

That inspired one of the fiercest versions of Ted Cruz we’ve yet seen. Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Cruz looked straight into a camera and said, “Donald, you’re a sniveling coward. Leave Heidi the hell alone.”

The press has greeted this feud with their usual exuberance, fueling their narrative that Trump has a misogyny problem. The New York Times spoke to Katie Packer, who runs one of the anti-Trump super PACs. “I have some very real concerns should he become the nominee,” Packer said. “Half of the reason why I’m fighting so hard to stop Donald Trump is because I think he’s a walking, talking stereotype of a sexist misogynistic pig.”

Okay, fine. And how do you think the Democrats are going to talk about Cruz if he becomes the nominee? Do you not think that his hardline stance on abortion is going to bring out the exact same criticisms? Furthermore, while you can take issue with Trump’s public persona, do you really believe that there aren’t millions and millions of American men who talk like this all the time? From the way they talk about Trump, you would think he’s out there saying that women should be deported.

But they’re setting up a stage. In all likelihood, Trump will be going up against Hillary Clinton this fall, and you will hear the words “misogyny” and “sexism” until your ears bleed. If you personally have a problem with some of the things Trump has said about women, that’s your right. But don’t forget where all of this is headed.

As for Cruz…the National Enquirer published a story this week alleging that he has had five extramarital affairs. A columnist for the Washington Times released a tweet confirming personal knowledge of two of them. Online Trump fanatics are running with this story. If anything comes of it, this primary is over.

  1. Cotton says

    Here is the tweet Trump made himself.

    And here is Ted Cruz’s response:
    “Donald does seem to have an issue with women. Donald doesn’t like strong women. Strong women scare Donald. He ran away from the last debate that was scheduled because he was scared of Megyn Kelly. You know I have to say, seeing him go deeper and deeper to the gutter– it’s not easy to tick me off. I don’t get angry often. But you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that’ll do it every time. Donald, you’re a sniveling coward and leave Heidi the hell alone.”

    And now there is the mistress deal with Cruz.
    This Republican primary is a mess.

    1. WARGI says

      Cruz could have put a stop to this if he would have just denounced the add when it cam out. but he probably ask for a copy of the photo of Malania to hide under his pillow. It is always someone else’s fault, and you want us to believe he is a good leader.

      1. jug says

        No, its Trump who always blames someone else!
        Like his coming in secons in Iowa!
        His own damned fault, not going to that particular debate, even O’Riely tried to talk him out of not going. But just like obutthole, his ego got the best of him, and second it was.

        Then, of course it was Cruz’s fault, but even that wasnt good enough, he called the Iowa voters “STUPID”!
        Now, that right there goes to show you EXACTLY what he thinks of YOU and the rest of us voters!

        Trump has been smearing Cruz ever since!
        Its Trump doing the lying here, not Cruz!

        1. Debra Shawver says


          1. Lyndau123 says

            You must have an IQ of about minus 2 if you actually believe Trump!

          2. Debra Shawver says

            Really…have news for you honey….post graduate 23 yrs USAF officer, work in medicine…..what I did was vet Cruz and he came up very short..just like king o. We had issues with king o’s BC and eligibiligty..why is it when someone spews the Constitution like Raphael does,(just like king o) then does the dirty tricks like he did in Iowa, Hawaii..and now with Trump….wife works for freakin’ Goldman Sachs and was part of writing the North American Union papers for the CFR….wake up. Trump may be uncouth but he loves America and Americans. Cruz is a snake. And Neil Bush runs his campaign…do not tell me he is anti-establishment. Look up the You Tube video he made as a student at haaaavaaad about what his goal in life is…it will chill your bones.

          3. kbfallon says

            Couldn’t have said it better Debra.

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          Another liberal dumbocrat!!

          1. jug says

            Nope, no commiecrat here!
            Just a plain old, (80), conservative who knows a liberal democrat when he sees one!
            And Trump has been one all his adult life!
            And old leopards DONT change their spots!

            You are being taken again, just as obutthole took all you dummies, 7 years ago!

            A vote for Trump is a vote for HRC!
            CRUZ, the only honest person running!

          2. ELAINE MARZANO says

            That is a bunch of crap. where is it written that if someone is with w party and they change parties they will never really change. I was a democrat all my life until I changed to republican I have been for about 35 years. And Cruz is the only really nasty senator we have. he is not a good person. we let people make a bad judgement last time and it won’t happen again. look at where we are at. they all plus him have been doing nothing for 8 years. in fact they gave him as much money as he wanted even when we asked them not to. and they just signed a bill removing 11.4 Billion dollars from medicare in benefits from the Senior citizens. now you tell me how wonderful he is. none of them are worried about our safety. you can take that man and stick him where the sun don’t shine .politicly he is finished.

        3. ELAINE MARZANO says

          Think again. you Cruz followers all alike. if he is so good why is he pulling all this crap with the election. nasty stuff. lies all the time. he starts trouble then blames everyone else. He would have never win this election if he doesn’t cheat.

        4. ELAINE MARZANO says

          This time you are wrong. if he didn’t think Donald would come back after what he did. he should have known better. you play the game be prepared to lose. then he had the nerve to tell Donald off. it was his doing that caused the whole problem. OH ,but it is ok for him to do something so pathetic , when he was attacked back it was not right for Donald to do that. this guy is a joke. I sat make a clean sweep . and start over.

        5. ELAINE MARZANO says

          ok , idiot you have not seen the latest video that has come out . let me tell you where to look for it. it is on my page in FB and it was brought to my attention by a person I would trust my life with. if you want to be knocked out of the game you continue to believe in Ted and his cheating friends. no wonder he was so sure he would be president. he had it all set up.
          HE is the worst person that we could want in the
          White House . you all voted in the last election and look what you did to America. never again we are fighting for our lives. and we won’t stop until we have won the battle.

      2. Cotton says

        I want you believe he is a good leader? No, I just posted the facts in higher detail than the article did.

      3. ELAINE MARZANO says

        no I would not even suggest that to my worst enemy. but it drives me crazy that he said all this crap and did all that stuff he did to Ben Carson . and he is still in office. and still not doing a stinking bit work. He hasn’t done anything at all for 3 years and now he wants another debate. he is chomping at the bit and drooling and he makes me sick. he wants Donald to get in their in a one on one so he will say nasty things and make him angry. I think maybe if I was Donald I might say ok and when I am up their contribute my time to him each time and let him say whatever he wants and do not answer. I bet he will get so angry we will blow up and if he gets to bad I would just quietly get up and walk away. leave him to say what he wants .just have someone recording his remarks after you are gone. then watch and see what happens you have all the time to tell the people what you decide to do when you are president. you will see an empty room if you get up and leave, do not ridicule him do not even mention his name. he loves doing this to you . if you let him you can kiss your presidency good by. And the people of America will suffer. I think if you do it that way you will earn a lot of respect. this way he can not say to the people he will not talk to you. he did not want to come here. then he will lose the respect that they have for him. if I were you I would line up as many republicans that will show up and leave when you do. but very quietly. I would love to see the publicity you would get for that one.

    2. ELAINE MARZANO says

      is that why he produced a picture of Trumps wife , and when Donald said enough is enough and brought one out with Teds wife teddy went crazy . How could you do this to my family he said to Donald you are horrible that Is my wife. Did he forget what he did to donalds wife first.
      So it is ok for him to say and do nasty things but not Donald. That tells me he does not play fair. I am sorry but I would never vote for ted. And one more time what was he doing for 8 years. the same thing the rest of them were doing. playing into the hands of the president.

      1. Cotton says

        My favorite thing about the GOP primaries is how much drama there has been.

        1. ELAINE MARZANO says

          That is where we are different. I hate when they act like idiots. They do an say things that aren’t necessary. they are so busy calling each other names that no one is watching the White House. or caring what is going on anywhere. that is enough to make any one angry. YA think?

          1. Deepthink says

            Elaine, I agree with you! Why can’t the candidates talk about the issues of our Country? They should be debating those issues and forming/promoting/explaining their positions about the issues.

          2. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I can answer that one. The Senate does not want him in their private club. They would like to keep anybody out that would make them stand up and be counted . NO more cushy job. they have done nothing in 8 years and we have been paying them for it . 3 of the 8 were spent campaigning
            now that makes me mad. I do not understand what is wrong with the people. Why are they letting them get away with this crap .
            good lord you better wake up . or we will have Obama for a third term.

          3. kbfallon says

            That – and a lot of people in govt. now are going to hear those famous Trump words….YOU’RE FIRED !! He will CLEAN HOUSE !

          4. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I hope so, I would love to see him do that . we really need to clean out our government . And as quickly as possible. He has this idea he is pulling a fast one on us by working it out that he gets a third term. that sounds so good .if we could get him in their sooner that would be great. OB is always smiling now days, that makes me think he thinks he will still be president.

          5. ELAINE MARZANO says

            First they had to knock out the competition. And they went after Dr. Ben, and said nasty things. because he was so popular. then they started on each other, and that was alike watching a bunch of kids bully I person in the school yard. and that was disgusting. they were so stupid, Who was yelling I am a good guy , I don’t say anything about anybody, I am not sure about that all I got was look what I have done for my state. And he is the biggest whiner. Don’t brag we know what you did you did the job you we hired to do. And you got paid to do it. no more no less. and he is still in the race not because we like him but to help take votes away from Donald and give them to Cruz. you could be an idiot and still figure that one out let me say if their is any underhanded crap going on we will know about it. And the People of America will not let you make an ass out of us ever gain.

          6. Toni Jackson says

            Hi Deepthink, perchance, do the politicians not want to discuss the 1WrldGov to prevent, what they can not stop, if they do talk about it…until president?

  2. FredSlice says

    Trump and Cruz are Nazis.

    1. john says

      Hahahahaha!!!! I know you got to be the redman or Fred Savage from the wonder years…hahahaha TRUMP and CRUZ Nazis…

      1. FredSlice says

        You support Nazis and you share their fate, you scumbag Nazi Swastika sucking puke of a worm.

        1. DrHarley says

          You complete lack of intellect is showing.

          1. FredSlice says

            Your lack of intellect shows in your Trump sucking, you vile Nazi.

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          You need to stop snorting that shit bubbah!!

    2. Ace Dragon says


      1. Bill Petro says

        What did you expect from a Liberal?

      2. FredSlice says

        I’m a conservative you Nazi scum.

    3. VanceJ says

      What happened Fred ? someone SLICE your brain out ?

      1. FredSlice says

        Trump is Nazi. You suck Trump.

        1. DrHarley says

          Vulgarity is the crutch of the uneducated and show poor upbringing. You are the poster child for the uneducated.

          1. FredSlice says

            You are the poster child of Nazi Swastika Suckers.

    4. P Banks says

      Really, i do believe the first thing the Nazis’s did was take away everyone’s guns.
      Ring a bell? Obama, Clinton and the rest of the Democrats. But then they don’t need guns, they have Secret Service protection “or” plenty of dirty money to hire Armed guards.

      1. FredSlice says

        If you support either Trump or Cruz, your a Nazi.

        1. DrHarley says

          I support one of them you ignorant troll. You don’t know what a Nazi is without looking it up. Why don’t you just slither under you rock and leave this discussion to people that have a least a 6th grade education which you lack.

          1. FredSlice says

            You’re a low life Nazi puke.

    5. DrHarley says

      Anyone who would compare an American politician to a Nazi doesn’t even deserve to live in this country. The NAZI were responsible for the death of millions of people. You are obviously bereft of any knowledge of the atrocities these heathen committed.

      1. FredSlice says

        Trump has murdered millions, you stupid moron. He hates Jews, Blacks, Asians, Women and Christians.

  3. Name says

    These two knuckle heads need to stop and grow up and act their ages. They keep this up and they will give the election to Hillary.

    1. Richard Hennessy says

      Trump is the only knucklehead in this campaign. He’s the one who has been calling others names. Cruz has been discussing issues. He has pointed out Trump’s “New York” values, which is true and apparent.

      1. dawntoo says

        Those NY values will assure Trump lots of delegates from NY and get Trump close to the goal- unless Ted’s adultery makes him drop out early.

        1. Richard Hennessy says

          I don’t know about Cruz’s sex life (do you?), but I suggest you not invite a comparison of the two candidates’ morals. Trump’s have been on display publicly throughout the campaign through his language. Trump will get a lot of RINO delegates from New York, ;but he won’t get any general election votes. He would be another Romney (Remember “anyone but Romney”, whose negatives weren’t as high as Trump’s), who can’t carry his own state in the general election.

        2. Lyndau123 says

          Since Cruz has has NO adultery he has nothing to fear! Quit watching Rag Enquirer news for a change! So SiCK of Trump’s LIES!

          1. Debra Shawver says

            I could care less what goes on in Cruz’s bedrooms…watch the video by hangem high above and open your eyes….

      2. E KETCHUM says

        I don’t recall Cruz discussing issues – he mostly states someone in his team does all these things – he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on.

        1. Lyndau123 says

          If you do not recall, obviously, you have not seen one debate, one interview, or even one town hall meeting with CRUZ as you have ZERO knowledge of him! He is the ONLY candidate that IS talking real substance, policies and strategies and what he will do to to mitigate all the damage that Obama has done to our nation – and the entire World! A huge job right there! Get some facts before you totally convince us all how ignorant you really are!

          1. Patriot says

            Cruz is a Duplicitous Liar!

            Cruz’s Repetitive LIES ARE NAUSEATING.



          2. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Did I forget to tell you that you are great.

          3. ELAINE MARZANO says

            hI, are you here this evening? I am trying to clear my emails. it is takng so long.
            I still have 97 more to go.

          4. Patriot says

            Busy commenting!

          5. ELAINE MARZANO says

            good for you. how are you doing? lots of crazies out their tonight.why are you up so late? I don’t want to hold you up. get back when you can.

          6. E KETCHUM says


          7. ELAINE MARZANO says

            so you are good to.. I hope you guys have enough pull. so we can push.

          8. ELAINE MARZANO says

            If Mr. Cruz was s worried about our country why did he wait so long to speak up. I think he is a real joke. he has 8 years to stop Obama but that wasn’t enough . He helped him get more money. who is he kidding. he has been with the president more times than you can count. and I would not be surprised if he Is hoping for Marshal law. so he can kiss more but. And the more they keep us fighting with each other the better the better chance they will have controlling us. we ae so stupid we fall for all their crap and play right into their hands. you all better wake up to the fact that they do not like America nd this is how they will take us out. and so far they are doing a good job.so the question is so do you all want to live in the country that was given to us to honor and protect which we have not done. or do you want to live like the rest of the people that have been suffering all these years, You understand it just does not mean our country if we let them take us over they will continue to get the rest of the world. then we might as well be dead. the time for pretending is over . it will soon be a reality. then I want to see who you will blame . think about it before you decide I am crazy. God be with you.

          9. macushlah says

            Really, I have watched every debate and have met and talked to Cruz and his father. Sir, there is something in his eyes that scare the bejusus out of me. All his talk is hype as it will take a leader to accomplish those feats. Mr. Cruz is no leader as evidenced by how much he has accomplished in the Senate

  4. patriot2015 says

    It’s to bad at some jackals started this bull cap, why don’t Donald and Ted get together and put an end to this stupid Ness.Before they totally give this election to the Democrats. Did the Democrats plan these stories or sure s p under like it came right out of there bag of dirty tricks.

    1. bonni says

      Well if neither is posting the pictures or articles then what would that accomplish.. ?

      1. Arbie Viau says

        bonni, Chaos! The GOP is behind all of it. Cruz is the GOP’s selection for POTUS whether it’s right or wrong, they do not want Trump as POTUS because he will destroy the corruption in our government and they are Hell bent on keeping the status quo. They love the paybacks and perks of their office, they are not the servants of the people as the Constitution upholds, and are fighting against the Constitution. The GOP has openly stated that “they” will select the POTUS, not the people.

        1. ELAINE MARZANO says

          you ae right . and the only way is to start at the top and do the process of illumination. if any body has definite proof of anything that can be used in court it would be good for starters.

    2. Arbie Viau says

      Patriot2015, I believe Cruz is behind most of his hits on Trump, but don’t you realize the GOP is so scared of him that they may be paying Cruz and others to spew out hateful, disgusting, and totally anything goes to discredit Trump? Cruz will never end his ignorance, because he wants to win, and each time people are getting wise and switch to Trump. If you will google and/or YouTube Cruz and wife Heidi, you can find out why Cruz is so adamant about being POTUS.

      1. Blackjack6 says

        SuperPacs, such as the one that posted the photos, can not have any contact with the candidate. When TC says he had nothing to do with the post, it is because he is obeying the law. Whether good or bad advertisements, the candidate, any candidate, can not even be in the room when the add is discussed or made. Trump’s response is his direct involvement.

        1. WARGI says

          He could have publicly denounced what they did and he didn’t. He doesn’t have the fortitude do do it, and never will. At least Trump says he won’t apologize. Cruz claims he never knows about anything and blames it on someone else.

          1. Arbie Viau says

            WARGI, boy you got that right!!!! Just so others understand more, Cruz is NOT eligible for POTUS under the Constitution. He was born in Canada, his father was Cuban, mother was USA citizen, but the father is the deciding factor of “natural born citizen”, and didn’t try to cancel his Canadian citizenship until 2014 which it is undecided whether Canada will/has accept it.

        2. Arbie Viau says

          You’re right Cruz just says he obeys the law, he doesn’t, he skirts his way around it like all sleazy lawyers. I assume you mean Trump’s response is “Cruz’s” direct involvement, right?

      2. RM Russell says

        Yes,and then there is the little matter of Cruz paying Carly$500,000 to join him.One of the “mistresses “,according to the Nat’l Enq., was on Carly’s team. The plot sickens…

        1. Arbie Viau says

          Well now, I didn’t know this! What in the Hell is Carly so special, pay her to join Cruz? I believe it, I am a Hewlett Packard retiree, there’s no limit to what that woman would do to have ‘POWER” she just about ruined HP and many, many employees lost their jobs under her direction. Leadership? No, hostel take-over is her mode of operation. Thanks for your input.

        2. kbfallon says

          The plot thickens ? or…..the truth comes out !

    3. ELAINE MARZANO says

      You are so right . if you have listened to Hilary lately she Is going downhill fast somehow I am sure she will try and get the bottom to stop drooping out for her. but their is to much going on with her and it is all bad . She treats her opponent like he is dirt . I don’t think he is the greatest person . but she has no morals or respect. and they are just disgusting. they lie every day.. I tell you if it was my choice I would rid this country of the mess in the government. And start with clean slate.

  5. bonni says

    the problem with being in the lime light.. everything shows…

    If you can’t handle it Cruz – drop out..

    1. Anthony says

      Cruz can not drop off, this is the most exciting moment of his life why would he want to stop? watching the Girly Magazine now is secondary.

      1. Misty Guglielmo says

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    2. Croco Dile says

      …….gullible statists are writing their childish opinions all over this place.

      Those who gave you this site are rolling on the floor !

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        And missy croco shit just had to troll this site also. Hey bitch, take your meds and go lay down!!

  6. zeeking1@aol.com says

    This may be the first time in over 8 decades that I will not be able to vote. I am appalled by both of them!!!!

    1. AKLady says

      If you do not vote, you actually vote for the winnner.
      Try to pick the better of the two evils.

    2. DrHarley says

      Not voting if you dislike Clinton is like voting for her.

  7. RM Russell says

    Ted never seems to know what goes on with his campaign–you remember,he had no clue the word had been spread by his team that “Ben Carson has dropped out of the race”.Now he is claiming he had nothing to do with Melania’s photo appearing everywhere. Are you so out of touch with your team,Ted? A President of the United States has to keep tabs on his team. You started the “wife fight”,Ted whether you admit it or not. Bottom line,it’s YOUR campaign!

    1. Larry342516 says

      And you Mr. Russell talk to be talking, and know nothing about what you are saying. You are brainwashed by a arrogant Billionaire, and think he will take care of this Nation. Trump will make it only worse, and it will not take long for people like yourself to find it out. Problem is it will be to late. A billionaire who really cares about the little people. What a joke if you believe Trump cares.

      1. RM Russell says

        Only going by what Ted himself has said(and I saw and heard him) on the air about the Carson and wife issues,pal. And you’ll correct me if I’m wrong,I am sure, I think we both are on this site to be TALKING.Isn’t that what Disqus is all about? You sound tired and edgy….

      2. bhudda says

        Ted Cruz doesn’t yet know which side of the issues he is on and sure as hell admits it doesn’t matter because he’ll switch sides if it makes you happy . He hasn’t got a platform and has run on Trumps for most of the primaries , now he has to pick his own and can’t find one that isn’t taken .

        1. ThenStand says

          You have just described Trump. It’s a big reason why Trump doesn’t want to debate Cruz. It’s down to the wire and Trump would have to stop the ‘smoke and mirrors’ campaign long enough to answer…or at least be asked…some straight questions and to answer for his progressive liberal involvement.

          1. pmbalele says

            Every sane American should be baffled what FoxNews, Repub and TP elites are doing to Trump. For the last 7 years TPs and Repubs wanted a secure the border with electric wall; wanted to ship all illegals back to Mexico; hated that we have Muslims here. Now they got Trump who wants to implement their Memo-of-understanding. The same people are now cursing Trump for the same policies they wanted for 7 years Obama to implement. I have come to a conclusion that TPs and Repubs are not only primitive but also hypocrites; corrupt; liars and dumb to think we do not know what they asked for and what they are doing now to Trump. Now they are fighting for Cruz, a foreigner from Canada whose uncle is Cuban Castro. Thank God we have Hillary to continue the legacy of President Obama. I cannot wait to see Hillary sworn in as next President. Let Repubs and TPs go back to their mothers to be re-weaned.

          2. hangem'high says

            Killary’s future for America,


          3. pmbalele says

            Did you hear what Repubs and TPs are complaining about. Trump wants to put all women who abort in prisons. Is that not what TPs and Repubs wanted for the last 8 years. Now ask them about abortion – they do not know what to say. They have their candidate who is telling the truth – the same people are howling – Trump is not right. Ask them “Is it not what you have been telling the public for the last 8 years?” They have no answer. Cruz, Kask and all Repubs and TPs are hypocrites and liars.

          4. hangem'high says

            Yeah I heard, I don’t know why anyone would want to hold woman accountable for their actions, I guess the feminist want a double standard when being held equal to the man?

          5. Jorge Molina says

            Pm balele MORON!! NO…IDIOT HE NEVER SAID THAT.
            Chis Mathewso must be your source.
            I pity the fool. Get a clue and don’t spew lies
            Go cuddle with Obama and Hillary and have a treesome.

          6. pmbalele says

            Do you think people cannot reason? You Repubs and TPs want abortions outlaws. You have been bombing abortion clinics during the last 20 years. You want criminalize abortions. There is something wrong with you and repubs. Think what you wrote.

          7. Patriot says

            Hillary belongs in PRISON.
            HILLARY RESPONSIBLE FOR MANY DEATHS because of her Actions or INACTIONS.




          8. pmbalele says

            Are not ashamed to be in the Republican Party. Did you listen what Republicans and TPs are talking about Trump? Is that not what GOP wanted about women to have abortion? Yes. All the last 7 years Repubs and TPs have been telling us they hate women who have abortions.

          9. Patriot says

            Get Real!

          10. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I believe we are not. I will never say that abortion is right. It is murder. I don’t care what you think. and if women doesn’t care about their body enough to make sure they use protection . then they are missing the whole point. first of all we should not have to be responsible for their one night stands. why do we have to pay for their pleasure. They don’t care about their body enough to make sure they don’t end up pregnant. but they hate us for saying no more babies will be killed. now would it be better if you made sure you were covered.? and you have no choice if you choose not to protect your self. Now you are carrying a human being. but if you do not want a baby then it was your fault. but why should that baby pay the price for your negligence. especially when it means being put to death for a crime they did not commit. and that is what it is weather you like it or not. And someone has to put a stop to it . that baby has no voice in this matter So someone with authority has to speak for them. and we will find someone to do that.

          11. pmbalele says

            Please little girl Elaine -Sex is very important to people including me. I am not sure about you. So when both man and woman need it -they sometimes forget using sinful contraceptives. At that time, they may not be ready for a baby. That is why they must make their own decision – they can live with. This is “Land of the Free.” Second, you are missing to know what constitutes abortion. If you use contraceptives you’re actually committing abortion. You’re killing the egg and sperm which are kids. My family had 17 kids and all of us healthy. We never heard our parents talking about preventing other kids from coming to this earth by using contraceptives. So leave it to a woman if along or to man and woman to decide about abortion. using contraceptives is the same as killing babies through abortion. Got it Little Girl

          12. ELAINE MARZANO says

            oh, brother you are from another planet. little girl I am not. a man that said that sex Is very important to him. but he is not sure about me. Now back to the real world there Is no baby involved when you are using protection. who would claim that is a little boy that doesn’t understand about the birds and the bees. the only thing he understands is he needs sex, and he does not care about killing real babies. because the people that are having sex don’t give a dam. and I suggest you check out what you just said about the protection causing the death of a baby. it is not a baby until the sperm meets the egg and make physical contact. then it becomes a baby .Got it little boy.

          13. pmbalele says

            You’re lost and I will pray for you before going to bed. Do you know just coveting to have sex with woman or men other than your spouse is a sin? Look, you have not had sex with that person; still is a sin to think. That applies to abortion and with preventing sperm and egg contact. So if you have been lying yourself that using contraceptive is not abortion, please go and say ten Hail Maries. Otherwise you’re going to purgatory before admitted into heaven. We should sue you and those using contraceptives for they are equally aborting babies.

          14. ELAINE MARZANO says

            listen you are rambling, you have no idea what you are talking about. first i am catholic and I went to a catholic school. so don’t tell me about what I don’t know. I think you are off the deep end. I was divorced after 24 years. you are a sick person how do you live with yourself. you are playing God . An don’t hand me the crap that I am going to purgatory. you are the sick one. And by the way my x husband died. and I di not recall telling you I was craving sex. but I know that you did. So pray for yourself. leave me out of it. I don’t want to confuse my god.

          15. pmbalele says

            What – you divorced your husband after 24 years and you’re claiming to be Catholic? I am sorry he died. Well, you can marry now. You cannot divorce as Catholic. Your husband or wife is forever. Please go before a priest and tell him you’re repenting for divorcing your husband – even if he cheated. So take my word – using contraceptive or abstaining from sex when married to avoid having kids is a sin or you’re committing abortion. It guess I am older than you by 20 years. Therefore, take my word for I have more experience of life than you. That is why I am this website to tell young people to obey me because most of you are still living by trial and error. But if you listen to me your life will not make errors and your life will be smooth. Vote for Hillary in November.

          16. ELAINE MARZANO says

            listen, what business is it of your’s what I do in my private life. so but out.
            you are not to judge anyone.
            if you don’t mind. unless I ask for your opinion keep it to your self.

          17. pmbalele says

            I am on this site because many people on this site are against progress. In fact, most are Repubs and TPs who were badly raised to deride Blacks and you women. TPs and Repubs think you’re intellectually inferior to them TPs or Repubs males. Please read what they write. They are always against the present Federal Administration. They are now attacking Hillary. But at the same time I am surprised they hate Trump, a true American kid. So they are voting for Cruz a Canadian. They are telling us they would vote for anybody except Trump. Ask these TPS and Repubs why they hate Trump. They do not have reasons.

          18. ELAINE MARZANO says

            you are a sick person and his is my site. I think you are a person that thinks only you know what is going on in this world. I think you are confused. It doesn’t matter to you who is saying what you have a one track mind. I am concerned for you. Hiliary brought all this on by telling lies all her life. she is not a ruler nor will she make a good president and that is why she kept bill
            under her control. I think you need to re-evaluate your ideas. Sir , I think that you have overstepped your bounds. I think you are the one with a problem. By the way what is it you think you would accomplish by coming on this site. what you said nothing makes sense.

          19. pmbalele says

            Little Elaine, I am on this site to counsel Repubs, TPs and so called conservatives that the time to hate one another based on races is over. Repubs, TPs and maybe you are still dreaming the 50s and 60s back to bully Blacks. No-more. We will legitimately compete in classes and jobs. I believe you read about my issue with government people in Wisconsin. I took state exam and scored highest. These morons sued why I ranked highest. The state court judge told them off and warned them of such frivolous and stupid lawsuit. These morons had been raised to believe Blacks were intellectually inferior to them as Whites. I have also filed a disciplinary action against a local federal district judge. She was surprised a Black male to beat Whites on exam. Is that not dumb. Even those who are supposed to upheld the law are still racists until removed from office. I will update you on those issues.

          20. ELAINE MARZANO says

            iwill vote for Donald Trump. talking about husbands . they deserve each other.

          21. Jorge Molina says

            You want lying murderous Hitlary.I hope you reserve your cell next to her. Liberal Idiot!!

          22. pmbalele says

            You’re a hypocrite. You call Hillary a murderer because she is going to allow women to dictate for their body including having abortion. Does your brain work the normal way? I doubt.

          23. Jorge Molina says

            It’s not my brain in question but your total lack of understanding. She was responsible for the lives of four people and chose to let them die, and yes abortion is murder..Mr politically correct Socialist and she is all for it, because she has no conscience the hag.
            Just in case you don’t know what I am talking about
            Its Bengasi.

          24. pmbalele says

            Poor Jorge, you were raised with a silver spoon! You remember that! Now did you hear FBI and CIA have abandoned probe in Hillary e-mail. They are saying all this hoopla was politically geared to derail Hillary presidency. Please go and jump in the lake. We will pull you out before you waterboard yourself. Last, please read what you posted.

          25. Jorge Molina says

            I guess your common core un- education is showing you are not even on point. I mention Bengasi, you talk about emails.do us all a favor and hang yourself so there’s one less Socialist undermining the US Idiot.

          26. pmbalele says

            I forgot to mention Benghazi issue that is has been dropped by FBI and CIA. So Hillary is now free from those issues. But I knew all the time those so called scandals were politically geared to derail Hillary presidency. You morons have failed now. However, I invite you and Dr. Carson to join our Big Tent -Demos.

          27. Jorge Molina says

            The Benghazi issue won’t get addressed as long as Obama and all his minions like Loretta who is Socialist and Muslim and just sweep it under the rug, and don’t want to prosecute hitlary.

          28. pmbalele says

            I told you FBI and CIA looked at the e-mails and Benghazi issues and found nothing new. So if you have a beef with that, please jump in the lake-we will pull you out before you waterboard yourself.

          29. Jorge Molina says

            You are an annoying repetitive commi; I would jump in the lake but only to land on you and shut your trap. Oh! So sorry I’m not been politically correct. And by the way you are a good candidate for an abortion, I’m baffled it didn’t happen.

          30. pmbalele says

            Thanks. But at least we agree on one issue. Hillary will be the next President whether you or l like it or not. She actually looks presidential right now. Forget about Ted Cruz whose finger points at you all the time he talks. Cruz is supposed be in prison for lying he is from Delaware.

          31. Patriot says

            Troll LIES AGAIN.

          32. macushlah says

            Did you watch the townhall the other night? If you noticed that Cruz never did answer a direct question. All he would do it twist Trumps statements or beat around the bush. He never did come out with a direct answer

          33. ThenStand says

            No, it’s in the news, but many feel this is the reason Trump is avoiding a debate with Cruz:

            3 Reasons Trump Won’t Debate Ted Cruz Anymore
            March 16, 2016
            So here are three brief reasons why Trump is skipping any debate with Cruz:

            1. He’d get creamed. As Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post pointed out, when Trump is answering questions, he “tends to avoid any policy details and has, on occasion, shown a remarkable lack of knowledge on issues.”

          34. Patriot says

            HOW Could ANYONE actually believe RUBISH?

          35. ELAINE MARZANO says

            HMMMMM let me see, maybe, they are all cray thinking that they will own America. and trump is really not a yes man. maybe he doen’t need to have his thoughts spread out so everyone knows his next move. Then Stand Sir is this your reasons or just what you think. in other words this is not been asked of Mr. trump it is your opinion.

          36. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I would not debate Cruz either , he just wants too get Donald out their to make him as angry as he can and he will stop at nothing to do it. I think it would end up in a schoolyard brawl , with them yelling and hollering. And the moderators can never get them to stop . I am not interested in what Cruz has to say. we have heard them 6 times . if that wasn’t enough for cruz to make a point . that is to bad. If he didn’t have a real reason for wanting to debate him, he would have said he wanted everyone to give the other remaining candidates a chance. he has evil wishes. I am ready to get you kind. it isn’t fair to every body else. we have a whole summer to go thru and try to continue a normal life. away from them . and just maybe they will get some work done since they have done very little so far.

          37. hangem'high says

            When have they ever asked him a straight up question without following it up with a trap Question?

            The Five news groups are after ratings, beside they get a bounty on him if the trip him up, or bring him down!

          38. ThenStand says

            It’s the same for Cruz and even worse, since he’s not a progressive.

            Trump has gotten a whole lot more free publicity than Cruz in the media, both good and bad, but this is good for him, because it gets his name out there. Trump is a progressive, so, although the media may not want him to be president, they think he would be a better pick…if they don’t destroy him when he runs against the Dem candidate.

          39. macushlah says

            That is Cruz’s fault. He has been invited on the shows but has declined. The debates are a bunch of crap. We got a bunch more information when they had the townhall format

          40. hangem'high says

            The media doesn’t want him as America’s candidate. It’s the American citizen that’s peeling back the facade off this Onion exposing Media’s connection to their Bias, as it will also do with Cruz.

          41. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I am going to disagree with you. I think he knows what Cruz will do, he will turn it into a circus act once more .being the school yard bully that he loves to be he will lie his way thru. I personally don’t need another ugly messy debate to look at. I don’t believe the other ones solved anything. They were all terrible. no one really said how they were going to do anything , especially to protect us when we are attacked.
            And now because Mr. cruz thinks he is hiding his bad side , I would say forget it. Who is he to say what he wants anyway. we have been asking him to help for 8 years and he has not made any attempt to remove the Potus from office. actually the last 3 years have been spent looking to be the president. and collecting a paycheck but not working for it. in the meantime they are asking for us to pay their expenses to acquire this position. he has more money than he knows what to do with it. and yet he won’t use it to help him win this election. Well he is dead wrong. game over and we win. you can no longer use us to play with . We have found out the truth and you can no longer will cheat us of our heritage , or make fun of us for being so stupid about all you have done to us. you fooled us long enough. We are true Americans we will not let you use us ever again. I am proud to say America has woken up. and they realize what is going on. And we do have a great army . every brand of service . plus our Veterans, that went to war to keep us safe. And Thank you Jesus for keeping an eye on us.

        2. Jeffrey L. Mcdonald says

          How true, everything Trump has done a few days later Cruz does the same. He’s done that in the senate, when the media was on Sen. McConnell for caving to obama her comes Cruz to jump on the bandwagon and berate him on the floor of the house. You think that made obama smile with Republicans at each others throats well of course it did.

        3. Bob Marcum says

          That’s one way to put it. I certainly can’t disagree. There are many issus involved and that’s one of the appropriate ones.

        4. Patriot says

          Cruz is a piece of molten plastic and CRUZ WILL MORPH into any Form that he believes will work to get what HE WANTS.

          REMEMBER this IMAGE:

          LYING CRUZ…a BIBLE in One Hand, and The Constitution in the Other…WITH CRUMBLING CLAY FEET!

          1. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Beautifully said. now what do we do to stop the nonsense. ??? I think I would like to take a poll of just disqus today. very simple no politically right or wrong. I will ask what you expect from your president . and see what I get for an answer. tell me what you think.

          2. Patriot says

            For a Start:
            Put HILARY CLINTON in JAIL
            Term limits
            Weed out all Traitors from our Government AND HOLD ACCOUNTABLE
            Honor Veterans and Care for them
            Enforce Rule of Law
            Build up MILITARY, CHANGE rules of Engagement
            Honor and adhere to our Constitution.
            RETURN Poperty taken/Stolen by the Government through Open Space, Historic Preservation and National MONUMENTS Designation by Obama to the appropriate States.
            Attend to North Korea, CHINA development in South Seas, problems with Russia and Nuclear ARMS Augmentation Armaments.
            Stop Destruction of Dams and Re-routing Water.
            DEEP SIX TRANS- Pacific Partnership
            Fair Trade bi- Lateral Trade Agreements that Put American Workers FIRST.
            Bring Manufacturing and Jobs back to U.S.
            Defund United Nations and make them relocate outsidetheU.S.
            Get rid of The Executive Orders of Obama’s and his Oppressive Regulation.
            Close and Enforce Borders. BUILD WALL…MILITARIZE BORDER.
            NO SANCTUARY cities
            Stop ALL IMMIGRATION. After sorted out and corrected. Only allow people to enter U.S. Who wil be a benefit to our society AND WHO SHARE OUR IDEOLOGY…No welfare or other Benefits…self- Sufficient. Deport those here Illegally. Without LAWS…WE HAVE no Country.
            Enforce I.D. Verify Citizenship
            ABOLISH Obamacare
            Rid country of Common Core
            Defund Planned Parenthood….taxes should Not fund Abortion wth Tax dollars.
            Stop ALL IMPLEMENTATION OF AGENDA 21/ 20-30.
            Audit FED, stop Waste in Government,
            Lower TAX STRUCTURE FOR public and make Corporate tax competitive.

          3. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Wow that was great. you are right about abortions, I have been fighting that fro 2 years And we thought that they would pass the bill that said no abortions but what they did was a temporary fix. and they said it would be taken care of after elections. well the only thing I hate about that is in the meantime they are still killing babies and that Is murder . but I guess not important enough to keep them from losing votes.. but thank you for your input. that was beautiful I could sit here all day and not think of all that need s to be done. I will keep that in my file.

          4. Debra Shawver says

            Great list!!!

          5. Jorge Molina says

            Agree 100%. I would add that no person who tries to undermine our Constitution should ever hold any office of government, specially the POTUS. We all know how Obama is doing everything in his power to turn the US into another Socialist nation; Also all important posts in his administration are held by Muslims, how do we expect them to look out for the American interests when they Love and obey Allah, and we are all infidels!

          6. Patriot says

            Absolutely CORRECT!


            The BIGGEST TERRORIST at the HELM is OBAMA!

          7. kbfallon says

            Not to mention Jorge…..they are learning all of the inside information on how and why our highest political office works and can use it against us going forward…all our enemies will have this to use.

          8. Jorge Molina says

            That was the change that Obama had in mind for our nation. He’s been destroying our way of life,with Muslims running all departments, dummyingredients down the education with common core and having communist so called professors like the weather underground Bill ayers and lunatic,and race batters like AL Sharpton and black Lives Matter and he we comes the Muslim Brotherhood like they are dignitaries and not the violent terrorist group which they are.

          9. ELAINE MARZANO says

            thank you for caring.

          10. ELAINE MARZANO says

            thank you , for your response. it is good to know how many care.

          11. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Thank you. Wow , that is perfect. I can not believe everything is in their that I would think should be done.

      3. Michael Dennewitz says

        Awwwshitttt! Another kool-aid drinking troll!!

      4. Michael Dennewitz says

        Oh nooo. Another freebie loving TROLL!! I can understand tho, it will all be over soon there, chump liberal. . Now go back to playing with yourself and yer barbie dolls!

      5. hangem'high says

        Open your damn eyes the evidence is all around you, don’t be a sheeple, be a Trumple!


      6. Patriot says


        VOTE TRUMP!

        Don’t accept The Lies being Spewed by TALKING HEADS AGAINST Trump.


      7. ELAINE MARZANO says

        if we believe in trump I think most of us are using the brain were born with. I am sure Mr. Trump would not take the chance of losing every thing he worked so hard to get in his lifetime to gain nothing. if he screws this up he stands to lose more then we could even think about losing. I think you are a little bit off base in your way of thinking. Mr. Cruz has nothing to lose except his job. If Trump was a politician I would not like him . but that is a plus for us. And he is not a lawyer either. another plus. you are so consumed with hatred because he dared to work al his life. instead of life off of the American people. how can you blame someone that has shared his wealth with less fortunate people. Because you and the rest of the people that feel the same way would like to see him fall flat on his face. well I don’t think that will happen. and maybe you voted for the present administration. If you did we do not think we should listen to you.

      8. ELAINE MARZANO says

        where is all your proof .

    2. GrumpyOleMan says

      He’s getting prepared to replace OBozo. “Plausible deniability” is the secret to success as he continues to clone himself to match Obama.

      1. Deepthink says

        Good point! I think he {Ted Cruz} is a shifty-eyed Republican RHINO!!

        1. kbfallon says

          He looks like someone you would not want standing near you at a urinal in the mens room.

          1. Lyndau123 says

            YOU likely would not know what a REAL MAN even looks like, MORON!

          2. macushlah says

            Have you ever met and talked to Cruz personally?

          3. kbfallon says

            I imagine your dog and kids are cowering under the table at your anger–pitiful.

          4. kbfallon says

            NO? But I stayed in a Holiday Inn express last night…..

          5. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Wow, did you do that all by yourself.? She is about AS DISGUSTING as the
            goofball that won’t leave me alone. i swear they are driving me nits. they come up with this garbage about my personal life. they don’t know me show would they know what I do!!.

          6. kbfallon says

            Elaine–some of these people are pretty ignorant as you have found by their actions. Ignore the ones who are here to change your thinking.

          7. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Hi, thank you for your support. They will never change my thinking. I hope. I just can’t believe the things she is saying like I am her charge. I have no idea what in gods name she or he is saying. it wants me to tell my priest I am sorry fro divorcing my x husband that was 40 years ago and he is dead now. besides that he remarried 6 months later. I tod it I did not know what business it is of it’s to butt into my private life. Gees I am sorry I did not mean to lose it.

          8. ELAINE MARZANO says

            sorry I have no response for that one. I can not give a yes or no answer. I am not familiar with what happens in the men’s room. Unless you want to explain.?
            although I would love to take part in this.

          9. kbfallon says

            Well –how to word this to a woman……he would be the creepy-shifty eyed one who would be trying to get a look at your….junk!– if he was near you . You have to picture the row of urinals and most men facing forward…….

          10. ELAINE MARZANO says

            OK, thank you . I think I got it now.
            wow that whole thing Is ugly . I hope they don’t forget to wash their hands.
            thank you for that explanation.if you will excuse me I think I will go up chuck.

        2. Lyndau123 says

          The ONLY Senator who has stood on the Floor of Congress to stand up to the RINOs and D.C. “establishment” and you have the GAUL to LIE about him like that? Talk about disgustingly IGNORANT! You know NOTHING about Cruz except MSNBC and The Enquirer Rag sheets! Both Liars in every article they produce!

          1. Patriot says


          2. ELAINE MARZANO says

            why are you till talking to this women? so far the only thing she said about him is her direct statement. he is the only won that stood up .to the Rino’s and DC Eatablishment. but she evidently does not know why. and I am so tired I can not think of the rest. but she repeats it every time . like she never said it before. oh my goodness I am getting sleepy . Maybe cause I went to bed at 5 am this morning. I had breakfast and that was all I ate so far. if I fall asleep. do not disturb. LOL

          3. kbfallon says

            Yes-and look what that did for the party and the money lost from the shut-down. “Lyin’ Ted” will stick with him forever as it should.

          4. ELAINE MARZANO says

            my goodness I am so sick of hearing that one thing he did , do us all a favor and find something else to praise him for. you are not helping him by telling us the same thing at least 50 times.

        3. Patriot says

          You got THAT RIGHT!

    3. Jeffrey L. Mcdonald says

      That’s exactly right, it’s his campaign and he’s responsible for what his campaign puts out. It was Carly Fiorina who purchased the photos of Trumps wife Melania. So by having her throw those pictures out to the media and not admitting to it was terrible.
      Any husband would defend his wife and that’s what
      Trump did.

      1. Lyndau123 says

        And tell us exactly how and WHY you are so certain that Carly purchased those photos? I want PROOF, documentation (not MSNBC sound bites and someone said that on the internet!) What a Lying Libturd MORON you are! Cruz also defended his wife as well he should have -especially regarding TRUMP’s LIES!

        1. hangem'high says

          Chett! Trump is actually being kind to Cruz which I don’t understand at all, because Heidi has a hell of a lot of baggage on globalism and big money which also connects Cruz to NAFTA, TPP, The AMERICAN UNION, CFR, just for starters!


          1. Debra Shawver says

            Larry below and Lyndau above need to see this and open their eyes.

          2. Jeffrey L. Mcdonald says

            If you notice these Cruz backers do not read or follow the news articles or news programs.

          3. Patriot says

            That is because THEY ARE PHONY CRUZ TROLLS.

        2. Patriot says


          1. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Thank god you got that off your chest. I don’t know about you but I feel better.

          2. Patriot says

            See how Great you feel when you come EYE TO EYE with a Machete armed Savage that DOES NOT like the way you Feel.
            Take a Deep Breath…..your final One….because YOU BACKED THE WRONG “HORSE”.

          3. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I ma sorry , but I do not understand your answer. I think you read it wrong. I was telling you I was thinking how good it was that someone spoke up for us. don’t tell me about what is going to happen to me . That is terrible but I should be forgiving because you jumped to a conclusion without taking the minute to see who I was and who I wanted for president. and your final words were wrong I backed the wrong horse. . oh well I guess you might say you are sorry.

          4. Patriot says

            Sorry….my mistake!
            My comments were not meant for you, but for Lyndau123

            You, are a Kindred Spirit!

            VOTE TRUMP!

          5. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Ok, thank you, for your apology. and your kind words.

          6. Patriot says

            This comment WAS MEANT FOR YOU…Lyndau123!

            I am SOOOOOO HAPPY THAT YOU AGREE and UPVOTED my comment about YOU!

        3. Jeffrey L. Mcdonald says

          Should I return a message calling you names because you don’t believe that Fiorina purchased those pictures of Trumps wife. It was reported on Fox News that Fiorina puruched the photos. Look it up for yourself if you know how to do that.

          1. ringostarr1 says

            None of you Einsteins seem to know or care that Donald Trump’s wife voluntary dropped her duds for cash. Donald Trump is incapable of both shame and outrage, otherwise he would have never hired the woman who became his 3rd wife to take-it-off the camera.

          2. ELAINE MARZANO says

            and you borrowed a name that is not yours. what the hell business is it of yours what she did. this was done way before he was thinking of running. and before they were married. some ass hole comes along and decides he is going to expose her. and it backfired. And Mr Ted shouted , not fair look what you did to my wife. but you started this whole mess Sir.if I was your wife I would be ticked off at you.

        4. kbfallon says

          The facts are the facts -she has been exposed once again as a PHONY.

          1. Lyndau123 says

            I STILL have seen ZERO PROOF that she has the same address. And We ALL know how to photoshop -don’t we Clintonites! STFU if you have ZERO Proof. You afe LYING as far as I am concerned. Evil witches -go live in North Korea where you belong!

          2. kbfallon says

            No-one—especially me, cares what you think. But-everyone is allowed to think as they wish..now go on…..GIT!

          3. ELAINE MARZANO says

            good for you . I love the last word. that is so cool.

          4. Patriot says

            Who cares about an INSIGNIFICANT CRUZ TROLL?

            NO ONE!

        5. macushlah says

          Try that the PAC responsible and Florina have the same address

          1. ELAINE MARZANO says

            It still doe not make it right that he brought that to the attention of the people. then he blame someone else and to make it look better he apologizes. if you want to play the game you better get ready to lose the prize

        6. WriterMelle says

          So…you want a receipt? Jeff Roe, Cruz campaign strategist greenlighted picture from GQ magazine. This was before trump said a GD thing about Heidi. Cruz had nothing to defend his wife against when campaign skeezed against trump.

          1. Lyndau123 says

            Enquirer News, right?

        7. ELAINE MARZANO says

          .really then why did he apologize to him for doing what he did. he started that whole mess then when Mr. trump said enough is enough. he started whining . Look what he did to my wife. paybacks are hell Mr . Cruz. and sometimes our little tricks backfire. if he did not want hIs family involved why did he involve trumps wife. he STARTED THIS MESS LIKE HE DOES EVERY THING ELSE AND WHO THE HECK ARE YOU THAT YOU DEMAND PROOF OF ANYTHING.

          1. Patriot says


          2. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Yes you are right. as usual. you are smarter than me. I believe you. and I still. think you are great.

          3. Patriot says

            :-)… You are too kind.

          4. ELAINE MARZANO says

            ok, you want me to be unkind .???? I can not do that. lol

      2. Patriot says


        500,000 dollars GIVEN to FIORINA by The Cruz Campaign FOR WHAT EXACTLY?

        1. kbfallon says

          Yes-exactly true. She has a hard time gulping down the fact that the voters can’t stand her-her mouth-her morals and surely the face that makes the dog cringe. She fits right in with the sneaky- conniving Cruz . She got what she deserved from the VOTERS……NOTHING !

          1. Patriot says

            Carly is a Phony PRE- Packaged GLOBALIST……SAME AS THE TRAITOROUS DECEIVING CRUZ’s.

        2. ELAINE MARZANO says

          I hear you, and I believe you , maybe someone should ask her why… He was emailing me at least 15 times asking me for big donations. I deleated every one. especially when he told me how much I should give him. I laughed and said “you know what I would like to know Is why you let Obama take away 11.4 billion dollars from Medicare benefits” That is besides the money he took from us that was ours to begin with. Not his money. it was money we put away. and we were told he invested it and lost it. right I think he used it for his people that he is now claiming he is a part of.

          1. Lyndau123 says

            It seems you forget that CRUZ is the ONLY senator who actually stood up to those RINOS!. My! Our mind gets weak when one gets older, right Methusalah?

          2. ELAINE MARZANO says

            if that is what you want to believe . good for you. but what did he do the whole 8 years he was getting paid to do. come on think about it. 8 years of doing nothing and still doing nothing but calling other people names and smirking because he thinks he is so great. Is he worried about our protection and safety . No he is not and neither are you. The only thing he is worried about is who else he can throw under the bus to make it easy for him to win. if God answers our prayers we won’t have to worry about him or anyone else. by the way he taught you well . You are no better than him . did you run out of people to call names. at least I know who is good and who is bad. that is something someone with a brain should not find it hard to figure out . specially if they are being a nasty person.

          3. ELAINE MARZANO says

            If yo weren’t such s loser I would be offended by your comment. And yes I am older than you , but I thank God he gave me the brain I got instead of what he gave you. right idiot.

        3. macushlah says

          Part of it may be because the PAC that did Trumps wife is connected to Carley as they share the same address

        4. hangem'high says

          To post the picture of Trumps wife nude in Utah before the elections. A woman scorned! Fiorina’s biggest accomplishment is shipping thousands of jobs out of country and companies!

          1. ringostarr1 says

            While Donald Trump’s biggest accomplishment is importing thousands of workers to steal the food out of the very mouths of hungry American children. In fact Donald Trump is such a SOB to work for that he couldn’t find a woman in all of the United States of America who would marry his sorry ass.

          2. hangem'high says

            U need to get real and go back to Bernie, or killary!


            Trump is Americas only Hope, America needs this SOB!

          3. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Boy, you got that right I think you are great. You make such great sense. I am not sure if I told you guys yet about the videos I got from a friend that I would trust with my life. he sent me the original and the rest I sent from the internet. I do not know how to transfer them to Disqus. they will make you so happy to know what is going on . I was so happy for the first time in 8 years. I posted them all on facebook. if you want to come on for just that reason I will do a friend request if you ask me. I think you will be surprise and may want to use a few of your choice words.

          4. macushlah says

            Why has he never had an employee come forward badmouthing him? There has been nothing but praise

          5. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I think you are jealous of him. can you prove in writing how he did what you claim he did. I think you better look a little harder and see what he did to save a lot of Americans. I really don’t care what you think . take god look around you with your eyes open and if you think there is anyone in DC that gives a rats rear end what happens to America. I think not they have been so busy campaigning for the last three years they have done nothing else and you and I and the rest of America have been giving them a paycheck for that. how do you like that idea.? now that ticks me off. and why is it you were not complaining about them for 8 years when they did not do anything but help him spend our money. you better wake up before it is too late Sir. And what d
            id you do to feed the hungry children ?. You kind of make me ill with all the crap you are selling. When his sorry ass makes our country not ashamed of itself anymore let me see where you will be living.

      3. kbfallon says

        It would have been nice if Donald could have slapped Lyin’ Ted right up-side the head…and told him to be careful who he pizzez off. Now..that would have given the sleavy media something to run their mouths about.

        1. ringostarr1 says

          Ted Cruz can’t stand up for his own wife if she was naked.

          1. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Ted Cruz knew what would happen if he attacked any of trumps family. why do you think he pulled this stupid trick. He is looking to anger Trump. except this time it backfired. and he did not expect the Trump to come up with a another picture he thought was not out their. That is like calling the kettle black. and besides we have more important things to worry about.

      4. ELAINE MARZANO says

        Thank you for being honest. I feel the same way.

      5. ThenStand says

        Please know that that is false information. The super PAC that plastered the public
        photo of Trump’s nearly naked wife is not affiliated with Cruz. Trump
        shouldn’t blame Cruz about the ad, he needs to take it up with Mair who
        is with the anti-Trump super PAC Make America Awesome. They are not
        affiliated with Cruz.

        Ted Cruz had denounced the ad against Trump’s wife:

        Look at the timeline. Right after Cruz’s first tweet, Trump immediately abuses Ted’s wife.

        Trump showed bad form!

        I don’t want a president who will move on emotion over sound reason.

        1. ELAINE MARZANO says

          no you want to play the game then be ready to lose. it is not all right for Mr. Cruz to expose a picture that Mr Trump has no control over. he wasn’t married to her a the time the picture was taken. you know what why ma I explaining this to you. he did what he thought he had to do to protect his wife. And if my husband did not come to my rescue I would think he did not care.

        2. Jeffrey L. Mcdonald says

          You forgot the $500,000 the Cruz campaign loaned to Fiorina. She had the photos purchased so they couldn’t trace it to Cruz. But the media did find the money given to Fiorina to purchase those photos. Why else would the Cruz campaign give her money & weeks later she is part of Cruz’s campaign.

        3. Jeffrey L. Mcdonald says

          No it came from Fiorina which got the money from the Cruz campaign. And poof Fiorina is now on Cruz’s campaign

        4. ELAINE MARZANO says

          And what did Cruz show you putting the picture out their and gloating about it in the first place. God you people are so off balance it is scary. you don’t realize what you are talking about. at least he is defending his wife from people that don’t care what they do or how they do it. I think you are all wet. and maybe you better rethink what you said. And why did you not say anything about Cruz. he started the whole thing . should he not been told he was wrong. of course not . He did the same thing to Dr. Ben. he is a cruel person and does not care who he hurts or what he says. The only thing that matters to him is climbing the ladder to success. which he never will do.

        5. ELAINE MARZANO says

          Stop the BS. I f that was your wife you would be like a maniac. I know you are not a trump fan but to criticize a man for defending his wife from some one that had an ulterior motive is not right in my book. if you want to hurt someone’s career then don’t use their family as a big fat lie that you did not know .about the picture, if not why would you even attempt to cover up that lie. I am sorry but all you did was make the Republican party look like the liars and cheaters that they have been for the last 8 years maybe more. I am not sure what will happen If we win. I think the Donald will have to take the time to clear out the garbage. with
          our help. I just had a phone call from’ citizens united asking me to get the people together to stop the president from appointing the person he picked to take Scalia’s place. I said I would tell everyone I know , but I asked him why Is that man still in office? he said he did not know . I said he has done so many bad things he should not be here. he agreed so I said if you want my help then you do me favor and work on getting him out.

      6. ringostarr1 says

        The beauty of a brokered convention is that we can leave both Edward (Ted) Cruz as well as Donald (The Donald) Trump resting on the trash pile of history and still beat Hillary (The Prevaricator in Chief) Clinton.

      7. ELAINE MARZANO says

        it still does not excuse Mr. Cruz, for bringing them out to the light . I guess he did not expect MR. Trump to get on his bulldozer and fight back for his wife.

      8. ELAINE MARZANO says

        Oh, yes he was drooling he could not wait to get that photo out to show what a nasty man trump was. but it backfired and when trump declared war on him he started his whining look what you did to my wife. how dare you attack my family. How dare you play the dirty politic’s game. Mr. Cruz . really dirty politics . you are the worst person and the last one that should be our President. And you know why . we are sick and tired of your political games. we know you did not win Wisconsin by a real vote. we know all about how the voting machines were made to change the votes. I think the day’s of cheating thru the machines is over. I hope to god that we can adjust to the idea that we have been played by dirty politics. for a lot of years, and we have to now take charge of our country to clean house. you are the only ones that can do this. our elected officials. are all involved in this mess. maybe you don’t want to hear this but it is true weather you chose not to believe this it is up to you. but those of us that realize what has been going on will still try and make our country our Beautiful America our home of the free and the land of the brave. What ever you chose to believe I hope it will be good for you. And we will defend Mr. Trump all the way to the white house. because we know he is real. Good luck to all of us . we will need it.

    4. rex ames says

      Very true, you have to take some ownership of your team who is working on your behalf. You may not be directly responsible, but you need to own it.

      Much like when Trump was confronted about hiring illegals for construction projects that appear to have good papers but were in fact fake.
      Trumps response was , every large company and corporation has a Human resource department screening people to hire. Of course when they make a mistake I have to take ownership and pay the fine for the mistake. ” It happens” My companies are large and I have allot of people working for me that I count on.The people that made the mistake will pay the price for that like any other company. I take ownership,and so I will hold my people accountable.

      One problem people have with Trump is when he tells the truth they don’t know how to respond because politicans always expect you to lie !

      I think Ted Cruz knows much more about what go’s on, he was caught red handed with the Carson deal in Iowa. As Trump said, lying Ted.

      1. kbfallon says

        UPDATE! Its now Lyin’ F-in Ted…caught once again…Karma is coming to his door soon.

        1. rex ames says

          Yeah your right.

      2. ELAINE MARZANO says

        I felt so bad about Dr. Ben. that had to be the dirtiest trick that you could pull on anyone. and why he did not get punished for that is beyond me. He should have been thrown out for that. And he expects to vote for him. I wish they would do a recount in wisconisn I know he would have won that state..
        hey should have had a heads up knowing he was counting on winning that state and the little remarks. there should have been an alarm going off.
        that is why I am telling all of you that are interested in the videos should see what they have discovered. about the voting machines.

    5. worn out 123 says

      Why didn’t T.C. just say, “If it came from my campaign I’ll apologize.” Looks to me like T.C. thinks he needs to appear more macho in his campaign by acting like he has the propensity of a 14 year old BOY on steroids.

      1. kbfallon says

        Cruz is a limp wristed scumbag who hasn’t had two friends at once in his entire life….and a piss poor excuse for a man. What goes around–comes around…he’s due!

        1. worn out 123 says


    6. Patriot says

      Cruz CONVENIENTLY FORGOT To LIST several MILLION DOLLARS LOANS FROM GOLDMAN SACHS ETC on His Campaign Financial Statement. Cruz is an Artful Lawyer who Skillfully edicts the TRUTH out of STATEMENTS TRUMP has made in order to give a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and INCORRECT MEANING to them TO DECEIVE THE PUBLIC and STEAL VOTES.

      DO NOT BE TAKEN IN by Untrustworthy Cruz.

      CRUZ HAS Alligned Himself with ENEMIES OF THE UNITED STATES to CURRY THEIR FAVOR…..CRUZ’s ANTE IS THE SOVEREIGNTY of Our NATION to The GLOBALISTS for formation of The New World Order.


      CRUZ HAS COVERED MANY of his TRACKS……BUT NOW CRUZ IS OUT of his Disguise for All to SEE……CRUZ IS ONE ON THEM…..voted for TPA, in favor of TPP, 500,000 more H1B visas, illegal citizenship, etc.


      1. RM Russell says

        I agree with all you say. People just keep up the old mantra “he’s the only true conservative…”I’ll take Trump’s instincts ,brains,talents ,and eclectic knowledge,thank you very much. Trump 2016!

        1. Patriot says

          Keep sharing THE TRUTH with EVERYONE YOU CAN!

          Vote TRUMP TO SAVE OUR Beloved Country!

          1. ELAINE MARZANO says

            He has my vote. we just have to keep the push going. do you think we can do it.

          2. Patriot says

            Absolutely…Never say Die!

      2. kbfallon says

        You forgot one thing my friend……He’s a SCUMBAG.

        1. Patriot says

          I was Trying to be….Polite 🙂

          1. ELAINE MARZANO says

            see what a nice person you are . I am so blessed to have all of you on my site. I thank you.

      3. Jeffrey L. Mcdonald says

        Cruz followers don’t read or watch news clippings to find the facts. They’re in a trance as to what Cruz tells them. The guy was for TOP & TPA. Then Fiorina joins his team & the campaign gave a $500,000 payment to a undisclosed person to purchase photos of Trumps wife. It was Carly Fiorina who purchased the photos of Melania Trump.

      4. ricktenny says

        Man you just about covered it on this guy. That makes me so damn mad when he hi-jacks Trumps comments and meanings. It’s becoming obvious why he is disliked by fellow Senators.

        1. WriterMelle says

          Well, he forgot the part about Cruz being a Bush Insider masquerading as a washington outsider….

        2. Lyndau123 says

          And you actually BELIEVE this list of Blatant Lies and Crap put out by Killery the lying murderess? You DESERVE a Commie DICTATOR! Please go to Venezuela and see how wonderful it is! We don’t want your kind of ignorance in our country any longer! Obama, the Clintons and Bern can go with you!

          1. ricktenny says

            you need to get some sleep and then reread what I commented on. I live in Senator Cruz’s State and know he is owned by a major special interest. How my comment makes me a democrat is beyond me.

          2. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Boy you hate everybody, who do you really want . No wait I know Teddy bear Cruz. I don’t think that will happen. sorry .I guess maybe he and Hilary and Bernie will make a group of why people. they can sit around and say why us. and all be friends in jail.

      5. Debra Shawver says

        I agree with you…wake up folks in Wisconsin. We only have a couple of days left.

      6. ELAINE MARZANO says

        Oh boy that is it. now you really are awesome. I think youre greater than I said before. I am so proud of all of you . You did a great job today . you told the truth and it showed .

      7. ELAINE MARZANO says

        Hi, I have some great things I know you will love. I can not send them to you if you can come on fb I will friend you just so you can see the video’s. I think everybody should see this. I hope they don’t wipe them out. before everybody can see them. they are about voting and a lot of other things. when I saw it I was so happy.

        1. Patriot says


          1. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Ok I will see what I can do.

          2. ELAINE MARZANO says

            ok I will see what I can do.

        2. Patriot says

          Put up the links to any appropriate material in the comments.

          1. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I am sorry but I don’t understand what you want me to do. I have been on FB most of the day. it is 10:12 right now and my though process ahs shut down for the night.

          2. Patriot says

            Sleep well, and don’t worry about putting up the links…just continue to do what you have been doing…..everything …….and EVERY EFFORT helps to reach PEOPLE WHO ARE UNAWARE and TO EDUCATE THEM so THEY ARE INFORMED and PREPARED!

          3. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Thank you. I got you. I will try do my best. you are still smarter then me

    7. ricktenny says

      When we were younger my wife was a pretty hot lookin woman. Anything like that happened to her I would have decked the sob that did it. I can’t help but think had Trump found the little bastard at one of his speech’s and knocked him off his feet wouldn’t have ended the primary in Trump’s favor right there.

    8. cal3301 says

      It was CNN that stated Carson was quitting, long before Cruz’s team stated anything. Cruz apologized to Carson, who did not accept it.

    9. ELAINE MARZANO says

      thank you , for your response. he does not fit the image of a president. he reminds me of a schoolyard bully.

    10. ThenStand says

      That is FALSE information. The super PAC that plastered the PUBLIC photo of Trump’s nearly naked wife is not affiliated with Cruz. Trump shouldn’t blame Cruz about the ad, he needs to take it up with Mair who is with the anti-Trump super PAC Make America Awesome. They are not affiliated with Cruz.

      Ted Cruz had denounced the ad against Trump’s wife:

      Look at the timeline. Right after Cruz’s first tweet, Trump immediately abuses Ted’s wife.

      Trump showed bad form!

      I don’t want a president who will move on emotion over sound reason.

    11. ELAINE MARZANO says

      wasn’t he the one that showed it and talked about it.? So how could he be so stupid. If you are denying that the pictures came from you. Why would you post them. you were as much to blame as whoever got them for you.

  8. Norma Brown says

    This is all embarrassing and ridiculous. Now it is open season on wives, and Trump’s big mouth just makes it that much uglier. I’m a conservative, never voted for anybody but a Republican, but I won’t vote for Trump period. He thinks the US political system is just another reality show.

    1. AKLady says

      No it is open season on a man who trades women in like they are used cars.

      1. RM Russell says

        He/she who is without sin…..

        1. AKLady says

          Sin? No!

          The ability to cooperate with and respect others.

          The difference between a totalitarian and a President.

    2. DrHarley says

      Don’t vote for Trump and if Clinton wins you can take credit for helping her. There is absolutely nobody the Republicans could run that I wouldn’t vote for against Clinton

    3. RM Russell says

      Norma,Trump DID NOT start the wife battle! Cruz did. And it’s the GOP establishment who thinks the US political system is theirs to change at will,if they don’t like the direct ion events are going. Not Trump.And don’t forget,Trump signed a pledge to vote for the eventual nominee,and I believe the other two are now waffling. So much for giving one’s word.

    4. hangem'high says

      Where have you been the last thirty years?

  9. Margaret Thomason says



    1. P Banks says

      Let’s just hope Head of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, Marine Corps General Dunford remembers the part of the oath he took. To defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    2. jug says

      So, you fell for Trump’s lies and scams!

    3. jug says

      Trump IS the scum bag who is smearing Cruz!

      1. kbfallon says

        Right….Cruz is a shitter and Trump is wiping him off his shoes…Sleazy-Cruz leaked the pics with Carly Purina face–get your facts straight.

  10. MarcJ says

    That sexist psychopath Trump is really getting on my nerves.

    1. louise says

      Take another look it was Cruz who baited him and sat back like he did with his other victims.

      1. jug says

        You got that backwards sonny!
        Trump has been smearing Cruz since day one!
        And Cruz is exactly right, the better Cruz does, the more “flightly”Trump becomes!

        What is he going to do when Putin gives him a rough time?
        Especially with Trump’s heavy investments in Russia?
        He is actually a security risk there,
        And has a conflict of interest, just like Hellary!

        1. WARGI says

          Do you have any idea on how to connect your rational? You need to change you ID to Jug Head and then it would explain your nonsense.

        2. hangem'high says

          Globalist Cruz and Kasich has already lost the Election, their sole purpose now is to keep Trump from getting the delegates for their puppet Masters. And I’m sure they’ll be awarded handsomely for it! Another stolen election and the people will be no wiser for it!

          1. jug says

            Not “another stolen election”, Trump cant be elected even if he does make the nomination!
            A vote for Trump IS a vote for Hillary, sorry to say!
            65% of the overall electorate cant stand Trump, just for the start!
            And over 70% of women wont vote for him!
            You could/should call him “natural born” loser in the national election!

            Kasich accepted $700,000 from George Sorros, the non citizen behind “move on”, etc.
            That should preclude his EVER holding another public office!

            But Cruz has fought tooth and nail, against obutthole care, illegal imigration, and for individual rights including the Second Amendment!

            Slimy Trump has smeared him at every turn!

          2. hangem'high says

            Do u ever find it interesting that the person that starts the fight always blames the other one when he strikes back typical liberal victimhood


      2. Debra Shawver says

        You do realize that it was Rubio’s campaign that started the Cruz hoo-ha…..and an anti-Trump PAC that “exposed” Mrs Trump……and Cruz sat back and let it happen…no denouncement….Trump had a right to be angry…..open your eyes to Cruz. How can we Americans have an eligibility issue with king o and not with Cruz…..and now Cruz has sealed his records…so what does that tell you????? GO TRUMP

    2. AKLady says

      He is on wife #4.
      He trades women in like they were cars.

  11. J J says

    I am not impressed with Trump and his ‘non-Presidential’ behavior!! He is acting like a bully, a spoiled child in an elementary school playground brawl! I can’t believe that he will change his attitude or his behavior when he is elected President. And I am already completely embarrassed by and ashamed of our current President!! I am so afraid that Trump will be worse than Obama!! Trump is currently giving Hillary so much ammunition for the general election; he is proving that he can’t handle, with dignity, any situation that comes his way. I am very afraid, scared, frustrated that Trump is getting so many votes. Trump supporters seem much like Obama supporters – they are blind to the real man and the real agenda!! Very scary stuff!!!

    All of the candidates need to stop their ridiculous name calling, mud slinging, nasty rhetoric and talk about the issues!! I am so tired of this negative crap!! Our political process is such that we have to put up with this for at least 18 months to 2 years….it seems endless!!! Can’t the process be shortened? Isn’t there a better way?? Why is it that the voters in certain states get to have more voice in choosing the candidate than other states?? And those voters who choose to be independent, not affiliating with any party, don’t get a say at all!!! And the electoral vs. popular vote is a ridiculous process!! It all needs to be changed – along with a lot of other processes and policies and agencies!!!

  12. kcwas says


    1. AKLady says

      Trump worships the God Profit wirh Greed.

      1. kbfallon says

        Its known as the almighty dollar! We all need it to live. If he was so greedy-he would keep running his businesses and not be running for office.

        1. AKLady says

          What has a living wage have to do with a pile of money that a family could not spend in 100 years?

          Trump does not “run” any business. He jires people to do it for him.

  13. disqus_Patriot says

    Cruz is just jealous cuz Heidi is a pig.

  14. louise says

    Cruz should have addressed this immediately ,but as usual he sat back and tried to blame his victim for responding. Down and dirty Ted.

    1. Lyndau123 says

      Cruz is trying to stay above the TRASH LYING of Trump is what I see! Cruz is being presidential. Trump is being himself – a lying, misogynistic buffoon. HE is Lyin’ TRUMP! Wake the Hell up, Folks!

      1. Debra Shawver says


      2. Jorge Molina says

        Go drink your kool-aid and smoke your mari-Jane, maybe you will make sense.

  15. Anthony says

    Ted never did know what anything is all about, stays home from the office lets the others do the thinking for him, and it is probably a good thing because to think you need to have brains, but that now have this big problem with Trump I say it’s about time they stop the kid fight and get into serious business, saying that Cruz wife was ugly it was not nice, because Mrs. Cruz use to be beautiful, Here’s an hold saying “what comes around goes around” now I have only one thing to say, ” Ted, pay back is a BITCH “

  16. Ron says

    Both of these guys need to get their “eyes on the prize” and knock this garbage off NOW. The REAL focus needs to be be on defeating HRC and countering her spew and that of BHO. This internecine warfare is allowing the enemy a free ride!

    1. AKLady says

      How about eyes on We the People?

  17. Richard Hennessy says

    Cruz hasn’t said or done anything negative toward Trump’s wife. Only Trump has gone negative toward Cruz’s wife. Regarding the photo of Trump’s wife, that was in a public magazine, and it wasn’t anyone affiliated with the Cruz campaign. The law prohibits Cruz from controlling independent PACs.

    1. RM Russell says

      Even Greta Van Sustern asked Cruz,”Aren’t you responsible for your own campaign?” He knew what that PAC was doing .

      1. Richard Hennessy says

        Cruz may have known what the PAC was doing, but he can’t legally become involved, either in support or against. Are you willing to have Trump responsible for everything his supporters are doing or have done?

        1. RM Russell says

          He could have made a generic statement about the efficacy of attacking an opponent’s wife!

          1. hangem'high says

            Or called up Trump and apologized for the PAC, but Too late another one bites the dust, I hope!

  18. bhudda says

    It is always amazing to see how dumb some people are , if Heidi Cruz thought entering in would end the feud then she missed the point between Trump and Megan that erupted . Same Donald Trump . Deflect it off your shoulder and go on , you’ll never win and it will just make you mad .

  19. Jjb54 says

    The sad thing is —> Cruz could have 100% had this “go away”, had he just stood up and stated clearly that he was NOT happy nor supported the PAC Add that use Trump’s wife.

    It would have NEVER gone this far. All he had to do was speak out against it and stated what he did from the beginning – LEAVE WIFE AND KIDS OUT OF IT!

    But notice, very strange indeed —> HE DID NOT. Cruz did NOT do the RIGHT THING!!

    Please ponder that for 30 seconds .. if it takes longer … well that does not speak well of ‘you’.

    Now Cruz is “angry” … actually read FEARFUL, because he is more then aware of the NO small skeletons in his closet … AND … the double standards of his wife’s “business life”. It has also come and been verified that Cruz has $$ ties to George Soros and that SHOULD be very concerning, to say the least, to Cruz supporters.

    BTW – Remember all the denial that went on about John Edward’s “Non-affair” … N.E. was “lying” and such. Remember that??? And just how did that turn out???

    N.E. was spot on and 100% telling the truth. Strange how that happened, huh???

    Again, Cruz could have avoided this whole mess – and this speaks LOUD of his lack of character.

    Now we have to wonder just how many more lies are we going to find Cruz is involved in???

    If he cannot be trusted to stand up and do the right thing now, …. how on earth are we to trust him … when it REALLY MATTERS!!????

    Who the hell is pulling his strings?? Who is it that owns him in no small way???

    1. Debra Shawver says

      Look at his donor list and you will know…..all the one worlders…..

      1. Deepthink says

        And remember, his wife was a participating member of the North American Union which is promoting the One World Order! The only reason she is not active with this group now is because they decided it wouldn’t be good for Cruz’s campaign, if people knew she was an active participant in the NAU, and of course Ted must approve of her participation. That may be one of the, or the major, reason he wants to become the President,…..if he is President of The United States, he would carry a great deal of influence in the NAU, and so would Heidi, his wife. She was also (and now only on leave) a high level employee of Goldman Sacs…big banking!!! and also a member of the CFR. Do some research and look up the group…One World Order. You will realize then why Ted Cruz SHOULD NOT become President of The United States.

        1. Patriot says

          Absolutely True…..We DO NOT WANT the CRUZ’s In Our WHITE HOUSE……THEIR “PERFORMANCE” IS OVER!

    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      Who???? geo soros, OF COURSE!!

    3. Patriot says

      Cruz needed a “Hook” for Attention and HE LIED and TRIED TO CAPITALIZE on those LIES.

  20. Debra Shawver says

    Well…it has been shown that Trump had nothing to do with the current hoo-ha….it was a member of Rubio’s campaign…so lyin’Ted owes Mr Trump an apology……..also lyin’Ted needs to come clean with his citizenship, his wife’s involvement with the North American Union and CFR and Goldman Sachs….Trump has much to expose on Cruz…so Cruz had better be careful. All Americans are not stupid Ted

    1. AKLady says

      However, they are “stupid” enought to believe that they actually elect a President.

      These men were not winners of the popular vote:John Quincy Adams,Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush.

      We the People do not elect a President. We nevere have. We cannot elect a President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        Will somebody please flush the toilet? The shit is really starting to smell in here! !!

        1. AKLady says

          On 8 Jun 15 Kirkland M9chael Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, was arrested on a fourth degree felony charge of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. Through investigation, Deputies and Detectives learned that Mr. Dennewitz engaged in sexual acts with a thirteen year old Lower Salem resident once on 5 Jun and once on 6 Jun. Mr. Dennewitz admitted engaging in sexual acts with the victim and stated he believed she was fourteen or fifteen years old. He also said he knew it was wrong to have sexual relations with the child due to her age.When is your hearing?
          Washington County (OH) Sheriff’s Office

        2. AKLady says

          Kirkland Michael Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Dennewitz turned himself in to Corrections Officers and was processed into the Washington County Jail on 23 Jul 15 at 9:24 pm.

          Washington County (OH) Sheriff’s Office

      2. hangem'high says

        You might have actually got this one right!


        It’s good to know all that elbow rubbing with Soros’s finally paid off!

  21. daveveselenak says

    Dracula Cruz – all he needs are the fangs and cape – is one of the establishment and he must be taken down and put back into his coffin not to see the light of day!

    1. hangem'high says

      Eddie Munster grown up!

  22. SouthernGal58 says

    For those that think Cruz is an outsider! What a flipping joke! Aside from the fact he cheats on his wife and his children are repulsed by him. Lookup the videos for proof. Mr. Holier Than Though ain’t so Holy IMO.

  23. armydadtexas says

    Excuse me! I believe this is OLD news now.
    But due to its 24/7 exposure, we have discovered that according to Donald Trump “Well, He Started It”. Very 5 year old type mentality. Poor Donald

  24. GrumpyOleMan says

    Ah, the PC dweebs and idiots. “If we don’t hear it, no one is thinking it, hence it doesn’t exist.” Could voters get any more stupid? Yeah, unfortunately, I’m sure they can with the liberal medias help.

  25. Michael Dennewitz says

    I’ve always said, if you want the truth/cold hard facts turned into sheer bullshit, hand it over to ANYONE in the media!! And this proves it. With geo soros literally controlling the media AND the dumbocrats , what the he’ll would anyone expect???

  26. ThenStand says

    The super PAC that shared the public photo of Trump’s nearly naked wife with voters is not affiliated with Cruz. Trump shouldn’t blame Cruz for the ad…he needs to take it up with Mair who is with the anti-Trump super PAC Make America Awesome. They are not affiliated with Cruz.

    Ted Cruz had denounced the ad against Trump’s wife:

    Look at the timeline. Right after Cruz’s first tweet, Trump immediately abuses Ted’s wife.

    Trump showed bad form!

    I don’t want a president who will move on emotion over sound reason.

    1. ELAINE MARZANO says

      OK , I don’t want a president that is not going to do anything about someone deliberately did what he did . I think he is a trouble maker. I have been in politics all my adult life . and I know what they are like . very vicious an uncaring. I am +sick of hearing that Donald should not have said anything. Don’t tell me you would not have stuck up for your wife. He likes dropping his little bombs and then making it look like it was someone elses doing .he knows it will take a while before people will stop talking about it.

      1. ThenStand says

        First of all, the photo of Trump’s wife is not private…it is public domain in a GQ magazine.

        Ted Cruz’s campaign did NOT put the photo in an ad, and he disagreed with it being done. Yet, it seems to serve Trump’s purpose better to blame him, rather than an organization that did it.

        If someone blamed you for something you didn’t do, and then attacked your spouse or other family member, what would you do? Cruz responded respectfully regarding Trump’s wife, but let Trump know his own wife is the love of his life.

        There are many super PACs out there, and there are some that are anti-Cruz as well as anti-Trump. There is no way a candidate can know them all or know what they’re all doing, especially if they’re not affiliated with his campaign.

        Trump has made this election into a circus with all his rabid, flying accusations against all the candidates. Yet, he whines and strikes back dirty….

        1. ELAINE MARZANO says

          My point is if he did not know where it came from he still used it to make Donalds wife look bad and he knew trump would be angry, so why do you suppose he lied about not knowing. And aren’t you sick of the way they are acting. they are attacking a man because he has money and they know they going to live a different life if he is president. no more screwing around and lying to the American people. they were with Obama that whole time. God knows how he got crap on them. but he must have something. someday it will come out. I say clean house and start off fresh and hand pick the nominees. we should be able to pick them not anybody else. And if they are thinking of stealing the presidency I would say good luck . because the American people are not going to be happy about that. if I were them it would not be worth my while to do such a dastardly deed . I would be afraid I would start a revolt. OH my God that is what their plan is. To get us angry enough to start a rucus and then he can use those final words like nailing the last nail to our coffin. We can not let him do that nor should we let Cruz pull his garbage and throw it at us. you see their God is looking out for us. in his own way. he does not want us to suffer.

    2. hangem'high says

      I guessing your hopping the elite put Mitt back in the running?

      1. ThenStand says

        No! Absolutely not!
        I don’t trust Trump. He is a progressive who has not been answering specifics in the debates and media. I’d like to see a true debate between him and Cruz, where we the voters can see the truth.
        Trump has been supporting progressives in both parties for over 40 years.
        Trump has uses eminent domain in a round about way to advantage his business against the little guy. He presents it to the government as an advantage to the public (one example was a parking lot for his casino).
        Trump is against failed progressive moves like Obamacare, but is for progressive moves like government-owned healthcare if he’s in charge, because he says he can market it better and the website would work better.

        There are more reasons I don’t trust Trump, but it is enough that he is crass, rude and impulsive without concern for others.

        1. macushlah says

          And Cruz has? If he has, he is BSing you as he is supposed to work with Congress. Oh, I forgot he does not work with Congress. For him to accomplish anything, he will have to do it by executive order

        2. ELAINE MARZANO says

          you are a person no one wants to talk to because you have no depth in your thinking. how long have you known Donald personally??? I think before you can speak up you should tell us. do you think Cruz wants the truth ? he should know better than that. no politician wants to say what the will do because they should know that they can not talk about it because when you get into the office you know that their are going to be so many problems that you have to deal with and you should not make that statement. but beside that I am speaking from experience I was a candidate for mayor. and I learned that you don’t say what you will do because you don’t know what problems you will have greet you when you are elected. unlike like Hilary who is spouting off about everything she will do for us. and she will pull the I am sorry act that she had no idea what a mess things were. Don’t you know that Donald realizes that is a strong possibility. The congress and house have let him have his way for 8 years and we see part of what went on they know what they are in for they will lie to you because that is what they have done for 8 years . I think we should have got to them a long time ago. now they are all lazy and love doing nothing but taking vacations. and campaigning is this what you call a good Senate and congress. then I will only say keep quiet you are embarrassing yourself. why do you think Donald has picked his cabinet already . He is not stupid. he is very smart or he would not have the money he has. If that bothers you then you are in trouble. it is a fact of life God made you and how you proceed in life is your problem. he chose to work very hard and make money you can not fault him for that. how he chose to lead his life is his business. no one really cares how many wives he has or who they are. that Is non of our business. except the one that Is trying to prove he is not a nice guy. .

        3. hangem'high says

          The first question Americans must ask one’s self is? What’s the difference between a Globalist and a Communist, if both require us to give up our sovereignty for safety under a UN type force?

          As far as eminent domain it has been used since the colonials first stepped on the continent which I’m sure the Communist and Globalist will use too their advantage against the citizen

          In some circles we call it being honest!

    3. macushlah says

      The reasoning was just right. You screw with my wife, I’ll screw with yours. Remember, Trump stated that he will not start any BS but he will reply.

  27. ART L LINDMAN says


    1. peeweetanner@yahoo.com says

      The trouble is TRUMP started it all and hiis supporters dont care TRUMP will do anything to get elected POLITICS ARE VERY DIRTY BY BOTH PARTIES so dont just blame one person

  28. loran says

    Whether one likes Trump or Cruz is not the real story here. I believe that these news cites are trying real hard to keep this ridiculous cat fight going. It’s already over. Let it go away and quit acting like the leftists.

    1. ELAINE MARZANO says

      Thank you. I know you are right. I think I am tired of these lying politicians. I have had it with the debates . what a waste of my time they were crazy and embarrassing. and I hope they are thru with them. we need a rest from them , and they better get back to work that is what we pay them for. come to think of it I will call my congressman and tell him I want a time of attendance record for all members of the house and congress and what they voted on. I believe they owe us some money.

      1. loran says

        Elaine, my sympathies to you. You are correct, but I doubt you will get the response you would hope for from your Representative. As a student of American History and Western Civilization, I can tell you that NOTHING has changed in politics for 240 years. If one would study our history and especially read plenty of books on that subject, one would find that the very same arguments and histrionics which prevail today, prevailed in the 1700’s as well. There were vicious squabbles and war of words between Jefferson, Adams, Monroe, Madison and Hamilton over a whole range of ideas and people, including Washington. There’s even a hint of a drama where Jefferson allegedly desired to have President Washington impeached. The crazy thing is that all these men had the same goals in mind concerning the establishment of our nation under the very best Constitution ever written to this very day. They just were blinded by their own ambitions.

  29. Tired... says

    This is all a bunch of crap. Both sides need to grow up and move on, as do their supporters.

  30. worn out 123 says

    No Katie. That’s me. OINK!

  31. TAM44 says

    I personally cannot stand ted cruz, have never like him and now that he’s running for the top job i dislike him that much more. cruz is a DC insider and holds a bible in one hand and lies out of his bought and paid for mouth.

  32. snowyriver says

    Meanwhile Edward Cruz skates on thru lying to the people that he is eligible for the office of president. He is NOT eligible. READ your Constitution.

    1. peeweetanner@yahoo.com says

      WHO do you think started this BS. When TRUMP got into the race he had everything planned to make the other canidates look stupid but to hide his stupidity he use his voters ih believing his BS AND THEY FELL FOR IT JUST LIKE THEY DID WHEN OBAMA WAS REELECTED IN HOPE AND CHANGE now you know what happen after that. OUR COUNTRY IS FALLING APART

      1. snowyriver says

        You don’t have to plan a thing when your opponents are NOT natural born citizens of the United States, and thus not eligible for the presidency. To elect Cruz is to follow the path of obama voters. Complete destruction of our sacred Constitution.

        1. peeweetanner@yahoo.com says

          You really dont understand i dont feel sorry for you because when a person gets brainwash then tthey believe anything another person says weither its true or not

          1. macushlah says

            The same to you

          2. snowyriver says

            If Ted gets the nomination, in the next election Osama Bin Laden jr. will be running for president.. I mean they both have the same qualifications.. Both have an American mother. Both were born out of the States. Both had a non citizen of America father at birth..

          3. peeweetanner@yahoo.com says

            dont forget TRUMPS father was GERMAN AND HIS MOTHER was from SCOTLAND

          4. snowyriver says

            Get your head out of that place where the sun never shines and post facts, not rumors.. BOTH of Trumps parents were citizens of the USA when he was born

          5. peeweetanner@yahoo.com says

            you idoit they were not born in the USA JUST naturalized

    2. AKLady2015 says

      You are mistaken

      Cruz is a natural born citizen.


      1. snowyriver says

        By your standards, Osama Bin Laden jr. could run for president of the United States..

        1. AKLady2015 says

          There is law and there is opinion.
          Learn the difference.
          I stated law.
          I gave the link to the U.S. Government’s web site.

          1. snowyriver says

            You stated law.. I stated the Constitution.. show me an amendment to our sacred Constitution that makes your law real.

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Again, I refer you to the U.S. Government web site: https://www.uscis.gov/us-citizenship/citizenship-through-parents

          3. hangem'high says

            He’s a felon president!


          4. AKLady2015 says

            Maybe you should depend upon official data sources.
            Your post is a Photoshop creation.

          5. hangem'high says

            Kenyan has his real birth certificate, as for his Hawaiian photo shopped birth certificate has his residence setting in the middle of the highway!


          6. AKLady says

            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          7. hangem'high says

            Because the truth will set you free!


            That is if you’re not totally injudicious

          8. AKLady says

            Truth on Youtube?
            You are joking, Right?
            You can’t be that ignorant, can you?

            Individuals who run for office are vetted long before elections take place.

          9. hangem'high says

            YES, NO, but u are, RIGHT!

          10. AKLady2015 says

            It is no wonder you are seriously lacking in valid fact.

          11. hangem'high says

            It would help if you’d give something?

          12. AKLady2015 says

            noun: felon; plural noun: felons
            a person who has been convicted of a felony.

          13. hangem'high says

            O.k then, how about a present felon?


          14. AKLady says

            Why do you feel the need to lie?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          15. macushlah says

            Thats where you are wrong. Going to the government for anything is iffy. If you want to know the founders thoughts at the time of the writing, you need to go to what the founders used. “The Law of Nations” by Vattell

          16. AKLady2015 says

            In a Courtroom, Vattell is opinion.
            Before a Judge, Vattell is opinion.
            You would be foolish to rely upon opinion.
            Our government has three branches.
            The Legislature writes law.
            The Judicial interprets how it is applied.
            The Constitution is a living document.
            As written, in many ways, it is not applicable to modern society.
            The right to bear arms is a prime example. Do you really think the Founders would approve of the common man possessing machine guns and/or atomic bombs?

          17. Patriot says

            Absolutely Correct!

      2. snowyriver says

        I just googled “natural born citizen” the phrase and came up with this which I copied and pasted here…”natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights.”
        Cruz fails on two counts.. bother someone else please.

  33. headonstraight says

    Two dingbats–a phony conservative and a theocratic weasel–duking it out over wives! Keep it up, fellows; the electorate is watching your silly-ass antics!

  34. AKLady2015 says

    Trump’s misogyny is simply a part of his Narcisstic Personality Disorder

  35. laulau says

    How can Cruz run a country if he can’t even keep track of what his campaign is doing. People that saw the ad said that “Cruz approved of this message”. Dirty low down trick to show a modeling picture of nude Melania meant for a mans magazine to the women and children of Utah. Who will he attack next…Trumps children? Low life scum, lying Cruz. I hope he enjoyed the win in Utah. That’s the only way he wins….dirty.

  36. Mary says

    There’s a DC lawyer who was an attorney of a famous madam who hung herself. He has her black book and wants to go public with her clientele. There are 815 names on the list of which consist many DC elites. The attorney has to get a court order to announce the names. Many believe Cruz may be on the list. The attorney claims the individuals on the list would directly impact the 2016 elections and the attorney claims if the court doesn’t give him permission he’ll out the individuals anyways.
    The attorney’s name is: Montgomery Blair Sibley.

  37. Isabella says

    I can’t believe, how this scums can survive..He use nasty words toward Trump but the real guilty Lucifer, start the :WIFE FIGHT”, If he wins, America will have the FIRST PRESIDENT OF THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION. Better, those who choose to vote for Cruz, first, find out who the real Cruz family represent and stand for, They both deserve disdain and no cheer.

    1. hangem'high says


      Trump 2016!


  38. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    I am disappointed in both of them acting so childish. I will vote for either if nominated, but they should be pounding the Hell out of the two old dried up Communists and the RAT party instead of each other,i

  39. macushlah says

    If Trump gets to the convention and has the majority of the votes and delegates and they screw him out of the nomination, everyone needs to write in his name in November. That may not help either with SOROS counting the votes

  40. DogWithoutSlippers says

    Diamond & Silk and others claim Cruz flew out Lollipop from TX to D.C……if so,
    Cruz is guilty of ‘human trafficking’…………….if the SHTF the Cruz is over!~

  41. Susan young says

    Ted cheating on his wife he don’t want to minute he lies about everything else and Actor Scott Baio think you for standing up !! he’s right all the way listen to his comment on Sunday morning future about our republican and Democrats Dean us down for the past seven years

  42. ringostarr1 says

    Russell, give the readers of Fix this Nation a freaking break.
    Melanija Knavs, A. K. A. Melania Krauss, A. K. A. Melania Trump was paid handsomely for ever square inch of skin that she eagerly exposed to the camera. In fact if it wasn’t for Malania’s frontal exposure on the cover of QG Donald Trump would never have fallen madly in love with his third wife when he first saw her on the cover of GQ while the Donald sat on his golden commode with his Jockey Shorts down around his ankles. This photo of Trump’s 3rd [?] wife that was re-released by who ever, is perhaps the most modest picture of the former Miss Knavs in circulation. On good thing is that none of the Donald’s political enemies like Hillary or Bernie can accuse Miss Malanija Knavis of trying to hide anything although Hillary is still hiding the truth from us.

  43. ringostarr1 says

    People remember that it was Donald Trump himself who first purchased an over-exposed picture of his future wife. Donald Trump fell in love with his 3rd wife while sitting on his Golden Toilet with his underwear around his ankles and an over exposed picture of wife # 3 in one hand. I’ll leave it up to the good men and women of America to decide what the Donald was holding in his other “small” hand.

    1. Patriot says

      You are a real PERVERTED SICKO!

    2. ELAINE MARZANO says

      You Sir are an idiot and yes a perverted one . first of all let me start by saying your mouth needs to get a better attitude. you are a pork mouth. I will not allow anyone with the filth you are suggesting. evidently you were in the wrong line when they were passing out brains. you got the word wrong. God knows what you thought you were getting , but it doesn’t work for you. And you talk about Donald at least he Is not afraid to tell his real name. you have to steal someone else’s. now if you continue this kind of disgusting attitude you will no longer be on Disqus. I tried to tell you this the last time you made a statement with filth in it . but you chose to ignore me. this is your last chance to make it right . and I will go one further you will please apologize to any one you might have offended on this site. if you chose not to then you are out of here.

  44. ringostarr1 says

    Everyone is wondering who a President Donald Trump would appoint to his cabinet. Let me answer that for you. Trump will nominate cabinet members who you can trust. People like Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Hulk Hogan.


  45. jug says

    Pathetic, the people that believe Cruz is the bad guy here!
    Trump is a very practiced liar/salesman and has you all fooled!
    Its 8 years ago, again, but with a different bunch of fools this time!

    Trump has smeared and goaded Cruz this whole time, unmercifly, yet Cruz gets blamed!

    1. Patriot says

      You are a JUGHEAD!

    2. ELAINE MARZANO says

      boy are you an idiot. where have you been for the last 8 years , while your president was tearing apart your world. you really make me sick . what makes you think you know Mr.Trump that well to criticize him like that. Mr.Cruz Is not the angel he is trying to portray. He has a lot of doing nothing in his time with the Senate. He has been silent for 8 years just like the rest of the Senate .
      they allowed him to take the money from the Senior ‘s form SS . and we know where that went he said he invested it and lost it. right . that was a big lie. now they allowed him to take another 11.4 billion in benefits from them. they all signed for it. plus we have no idea how much more he has taken out. And now they know that we are not going to take their crap any more. and he is doing the sugar routine. I am such a good person. Instead of worrying about yuor safety he is appearing on anything and everything to show us how wrong we are about him. And their you are believing everything he is saying. And don’t tell me about the smear campaign because their was none . he was answered for everything he said bad first. he just made it look like It was trumps fault. AND JUST TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT . HE DID THAT TO MORE THAN JUST TRUMP HE DID IT TO DR. BEN . AND THAT WAS A TERRIBLE THING HE DID . TO GET HIM OUT OF THE RACE. HE TOLD EVERYONE THAT HE WAS NOT IN THE RACE ANYMORE. and he took all the votes. I am not sure if he keep them. That is not all the crappy things he did. He should have been removed from office, bu he was not . so Don’t tell me about mr wonderful.

      1. jug says

        Elaine, what you just posted is either the biggest lie, or you are the most uninformed voter out there! Cruz is a freshman Senator, he hasnt been in the Senate 8 years!

        But he has spent the last 8 years in Texas and before the Supream Court, fighting for our rights, in particular the 2nd amendment.

        People like you absolutely shouldnt be calling other people idiots!
        You even make “real idiots”, look smart!

        1. ELAINE MARZANO says

          I am sorry I was just generlalizing. but he has been around enough to know what is going on. and the last 3 years has been spent on campaigning . and what has he done. he got paid to do a job no matter if he did it good or bad. he is collecting a paycheck now and for the last 3 years and what has he been doing to justify that. I say do your job that is expected of you. and don’t expect a pat on the back or anything like a medal of honor. you are paid to do a job then do it. I don’t know of any one that works that expects to have their butt kissed for doing the job they are paid to do. who was he with in Texas. what was his title?

        2. ELAINE MARZANO says

          I replied to you one already and I won’t do it again .if you can not see the problem then that is your problem not mine. I said I made a mistake. about the time , but that doesn’t excuse him fro being the jerk he is. he caused a man to drop out of a race for president by being a real creep and telling the biggest lie of all. and you are telling me I am a liar. then he put a picture of another candidate wife, and when he was so angry he found a picture of his wife and put it out their like he did. he started screaming foul play.. And he wanted Trump to look like a bad person. so what you are saying is he had a right to be angry. but Trump did not. you can call me anything you want. I won’t care because I know I am right. He is a cheating liar and a rat and we are trying to remove one just like him why would we puts another one in their .

    3. Patriot says

      Cruz is The Bad GUY!

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