Will Democrats Forgive Bernie Sanders?


Just imagine if this kind of skeleton was found in a Republican’s closet!

It has surfaced that liberal favorite Bernie Sanders may have a little bit of trouble joining Democrats in the “War on Women” strategy as he makes his longshot bid for the White House. The self-described socialist has hit a nerve with hippies and young liberals alike, but an essay he wrote in 1972 might be enough to ruin his already meager chances of starting a movement.

Writing in the Vermont Freeman, the future career Senator penned an essay called “Man and Woman” that displayed Sanders’ affinity for the theories of Sigmund Freud. Within the text, Sanders had this to say about the female sexual experience: “A woman enjoys intercourse with her man, as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously.”


Can you really hurt a candidate who is trailing this far behind the Democratic frontrunner? Perhaps not. But it will be telling in the coming days to watch the liberal media – to say nothing of Sanders’ actual supporters – try to defend this indefensible essay. We will hear all of the excuses. We will hear that his voting record has always reflected women’s liberation. We will hear that it was a long time ago and that he has since changed his mind on female sexuality. We will read stories dredging up dirt on Republican candidates in an attempt to make a moral equivalence. What we will not hear are calls for Sanders to get out of the race and retire.

Because when a liberal favorite messes up – even with something this nasty – the left circles the wagons. When a conservative messes up, they draw out the heavy artillery. They make sure that they can draw lines from the conservative’s error and the entire Republican Party. Is there any chance that someone in the liberal media is going to write a think piece that says that Democrats have a women problem? Of course not. This is Sanders’ gaffe and his alone. And even he will probably escape unscathed.

Unfortunately, even if this doesn’t just blow over, it will only strengthen Hillary Clinton’s position in the race. Even with a strong Sanders, she is basically just running against herself. She has no legitimate competition for the nomination. The only thing that can derail Clinton is Clinton, and it appears that she is immune to scandal. At least with Sanders in the race, Clinton would be forced to acknowledge that she is not as liberal as she is trying to make herself seem. She might get hit with a few piercing attacks. She might not get the entirety of the liberal vote. If Sanders is disqualified from the race by this essay, she is once again free to pursue the nomination without fear of attacks from the left.

But that probably won’t be a matter worth worrying about. Sanders won’t be crucified for this essay. The left will keep on keeping on, pretending as though Republicans are the ones with an anti-woman agenda. Blissful hypocrisy, it’s the Democrat way.

  1. George Cahonna says

    Democrats do not seek forgiveness for what they do. They offer forgiveness for getting caught.

    1. petemobtv says

      I have to borrow this from you. THanks.

      1. George Cahonna says

        With my Blessing.

      2. Bunny says


    2. Jarhead says

      Only when their drug addled mind forgets to say: “It is Bush’s fault”.
      Plan B remains: “I grew up in poverty created by the FOX NEWS”.
      Plan C also remains: “The tooth fairy made me do it”.

    3. Bunny says

      I think both sides do that.

      1. George Cahonna says

        Yes that is correct,. Why is it we try picking the lesser of the two evils. The DEMs have had about eight years to prove themselves & it has gotten worse. But, we must remind ourselves how they got in power in the first place. Both sides are rotten, we need term limits, & a third party. Both extreme Left & Right have out-lived they’re usefulness.

        1. Bunny says

          Also, yes both sides have out lived THEIR usefulness, or lack of. :/

  2. Arcturus6 says

    Oh I don’t know, seems like Sanders fits right in with the the Democrats’ hypocrisy, degeneracy, perversion, and marxist ideology. Maybe if Hillary should get the nomination, he could be her running mate. A Clinton-Sanders ticket would certainly show the Democrats for what they are…..political prostitutes (aka whores) and socialists with the morals of a “ambulance chasing” shyster.

    1. Krazeehors says

      I fantasize throwing Democraps and Socialists out of D.C.

      1. don76550 says

        Don’t fantasize. Go to the polls and do it. We have done a pretty good job in Texas getting ride of lying communist anti American democrats.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          What about your mayor of Houston?

        2. Krazeehors says

          I plan to. And, I plan to campaign HARD for the GOP nominee.
          The Killdabeast is running on the fact that she MIGHT have a vagina, just like more than half of the women in America have.
          That isn’t good enough.

          1. Nastasyana says

            Hey, but it’s better than not having one and thinking that vaginal ultra-sounds are “cool” when you’ve never had one, or that having a baby by your rapist is a “Blessing” when you’ve never been raped or all the other ridiculous statements that conservative legislators have made.

          2. Krazeehors says

            NO, it is NOT better. And I STRONGLY SUGGEST

          3. Nastasyana says

            I am really sorry for the trauma that you have survived in civilian life and in the armed forces. I am happy for you that you have found solace in your religion.

            I do not agree with you about conservatives. They are forcing women to have unwanted children. Neither is fair- forcing abortion or forcing delivery. That is the idea behind “choice”.. Hillary does have her faults, however, i do believe that her concerns relate to my interests. Obviously, you don’t and that’s the wonderful thing about “choice”.

          4. Krazeehors says

            A leopard never shows his spots.

          5. Terry Hamblin says

            What are your interests? A welfare state, lying, cheating, and murder? If the truth was known about Hillary, she would not be running for President, she would be in jail!

          6. Nastasyana says

            What are your interests? And are you saying you know “the truth” about Hillary? How?

          7. Terry Hamblin says

            Research, you must always do research on those you suspect are your enemies. Wouldn’t it be a shame to have Obama as the first black President and right on his heels Hillary as the first woman President? Two legacy seekers in a row!

          8. Nastasyana says

            So what research have you done to come to this conclusion? What was your hypothesis?

          9. Terry Hamblin says

            Dick Morris

          10. Nastasyana says

            What is confirmed is that Dick Morris said those things…not that they are true. All are questionable. And reading Dick Morris is not research.

          11. Terry Hamblin says

            Dick Morris worked in the Clinton camp for years and then became a Republican to fight against morons like Bill and Hillary, let’s throw in Obama too!

          12. Nastasyana says

            , “Over the course of the first nine months of 1995, no single person had more power over the president.”Morris went on to become campaign manager of Bill Clinton’s successful 1996 bid for re-election to the office of President. His tenure on that campaign was cut short two months before the election, when it was revealed that he had allowed a prostitute to listen in on conversations with the President.

            Really! Dick Morris is a credible expert on the Clintons?

          13. Terry Hamblin says

            Does this mean that he doesn’t know the Clintons??

          14. Nastasyana says

            Not what I said. Perhaps he is lying out of spite. He did not say any of this while they were paying him. Do you believe everything people say just because they know someone.

          15. Terry Hamblin says

            Bet he knows a lot more about them than you do Ms. uninformed.

          16. OSAMA OBAMA says

            And you are an expert on anything?

          17. OSAMA OBAMA says

            One of 57!!!!

          18. Bunny says

            Obama’s not in jail yet. Scum.

          19. Terry Hamblin says

            I am with you Krazeehors, Hillary would be nothing more than extension of Bill and Obama, both of whom are lying narcissistic criminals and were totally incapable of leading this country.
            Your life was a horror story and I am glad that you were strong enough to get away. Any time I hear the word “Counseling” it makes my hair stand on end, since after a DUI I went through mandatory “counseling” aimed at rehabbing alcoholics which I am not and never have been. They even threw in a full day of drug rehab which consisted of the “Counselor ” recounting how much fun it was for him to get high!
            So I found out that all of those things are simply punishment carried out by incompetent boobs trying to make one feel stupid!

          20. Krazeehors says

            Yep. Could not have said it better myself. Thanks.

          21. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Hey look! It’s the leftist, offended maggot!

        3. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Except for the cankled slut in Houston.

  3. Beeotchstewie says

    Like Democrats have a conscience. All they care about is staying in office, and they don’t care what laws they break and who they stomp on to do it.

  4. Reuben Hart says

    Forgive Bernie for what? Being a communist. Most of them are; the decent Roosevelt Democrats went the way of the dinosaurs long ago. He’s Jewish, which makes him unelectable as President anyway. So what’s all the getimmel about?

  5. pupster40 says

    Can anyone point out a Democrat swimming among these progressive communists? I doubt it very much.
    These jerks seem to have talking out of both sides of their mouth simultaneously down pat.

    1. GrizzMann says

      Kennedy was a forgiven swimmer.

      1. mac12sam12 says

        He should have given Mary Jo a few lessons!

  6. GrizzMann says

    Forgive? Of course, he is not a Republican. Further proof of the Democrat War On Women.

  7. Plainlogic says

    As long as the money RULES, things will never change. If people continue to re-elect the debauchers, defrauders, the immoralists that continue to pervade the ranks of Washingtons elite in the White House and the capitol buildings, it will remain status quo as usual.

  8. adrianvance says

    Bernie Sanders is a joke and everyone knows it. The only people that vote for him are the people who still believe in Santa Claus and think the Kardashians are interesting.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

    1. George Block says

      You just described Democrats to a ‘T’.

  9. Goodforall says

    This buffoon is the equivalent to Al (I have no clue) Sharpton. That about sums it up.

  10. don76550 says

    War on women? What crap from lying democrats. The only document kill in this bogus war on women is when Teddy Kennedy killed Mary Jo in his car.

    1. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Or Jack and Bobby who had Marilyn killed, or that cigar wielding “Bent Willy” CLITon!

  11. Ken Trefaller says

    Bernie is living proof liberalism is a mental illness. He is for positions that all have been tried and failed yet he is hoping for a diifferant result. That equals insanity.

  12. richardcancemi says

    Bernie Sanders speaks volumes about the voters of Vermont.

  13. Archie Cogollos says

    hahahahahah…another member of the broken..I know better than you what’s good for you…Hillary and Bernie…oh then the governor of Maryland….such options!!!!!!!!!… we have better people up for Oscars than politicians…….

  14. James in Texas says

    If we are really lucky, the Lib’s will declare him guilty and sentence him to a “Death by Circle Firing Squad”, and Bill & Hillary will be “Squad members”!

    1. Kent2012 says

      that could devolve into a circle jer…

      1. James in Texas says

        Our Federal government has been so for almost a Half of a Century. The government of “What’s in It for Me”!!!!!!

  15. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

    From the many prophesies of George Orwell comes “Animal Farm,” a tale of the Democratic party of the United States in the post Reagan years…

  16. Alleged Comment says

    So, Hillary runs an illegal server out of her home as a government official, Bernie Sanders thinks women like multiple rapes.

    Does this sound like a mental asylum resume to meet the patient you will be sponsering?

  17. Jonathan Brooks says

    The discussion by Bernie about what men fantasize about was just as troubling as his discussion of women fantasies. He said that men fantacize about tying women up, abusing them, and forcing them on their knees. Sorry Bernie, but that is just you. I fantasize about having no gut, but six pack abs, and all my hair when approaching a woman I am attracted to. Or eating at a nice place, and being able to cover the tab. Fifty shades of Perv is not my cup of tea.

  18. blackhawk132 says

    WHY is this fool still in Congress ? He belongs in Russia under Stalin.Is this the best that liberals have to offer ? We will be in deep doodoo if either he or Hillary is elected to continue the Obama agenda.We need new blood and brains to lead us out of this travesty. Please vote with your brain and love for our country or we will dig ourselves into a place no one should want.

  19. Kent2012 says

    the only time that the no information voters will not forgive one of their own socialist/communist/rags is when they find out that their hero has voted with the GOP….

  20. Nastasyana says

    Lets’ see that’s about 45 years ago when he would have been twenty something and perhaps had just taken a Freudian psychology course or fitted in with the prevailing beliefs about women’s fantasy expressed by Masters and Johnson. One would hope that in 45 years, ideas and knowledge and information would change. That’s the problem with conservatism. You are stuck back in the dark ages and you change your ideas so slowly that you are probably at least 50 years behind progressives. You always fall back in the FF stuff not understanding that while their goal was to create a republic, they were also bound by the traditions of their times, slavery, women’s place, etc. LEARN< GROW< CHANGE

  21. 4Bill_O_Rights says

    Sanders will be forgiven, liberals will fight to the death to protect civil rights…
    unless the victim in question is someone they don’t agree with (like Bruce Jenner).

  22. lilylongflower1 says

    badly written propaganda meant to allay the fears of old white conservatives and to distract them from the sexual predators, pedophiles and anti intellectuals occupying republican leadership positions…..as well as deflect attention from republican support for evangelical serial molestors like Josh Duggar. the fear and desperation republicans feel this election cycle is justified, they are not gonna see the inside of the oval office for a minimum of 8 more years during which time they will become increasingly irrelevant.

  23. MAHB001 says

    Democrat transgressions are ignored by the media…
    Republican transgressions face the public electric chair.
    It is a hypocrisy the left has been working on for years.

  24. Rob Ca says

    The Dems had to been aware that Sanders is even too far left for at least most Dems and so is unelectable….
    So Sanders most likely entered the race to deflect scrutiny and criticism away from Hillary.
    Likely there will be a milk toast effort to make Sanders appear viable clear into the Dem Primary to draw the attention and at least some of the ire of Fox news and RW talk radio…..
    Because as the Fix This Nation article demonstrates that Sanders got the attention of the RW media.

  25. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Col. Sanders can do no wrong! This glaringly exposes the left’s hypocrisy!! Just went to the libTURD mis-information site,”snopes” and came up empty handed. Ergo, IT’S THE TRUTH.

  26. keepyourpower says

    I believe the only reason Sanders wrote that is because he is so ugly, inside, and out, he could not find a decent woman! As a woman, I can tell you I have NEVER fantasized about be raped by 3 men, while enjoying fantastic sex!

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