Will Trump Forge an Alliance With Democrats?


In addition to laying the blame for the failed healthcare bill at the doorstep of the House Freedom Caucus conservatives, the Trump administration is now apparently eyeing an alliance with Democrats to get around the hard-right flank of the Republican Party.

Some of Trump’s top aides said Sunday that the president was willing to reach across the aisle and work with Democrats on a number of upcoming agenda items, including tax reform and the budget. And while Trump has said many times that the Obamacare market will implode if it isn’t repealed, there is now some indication that he may be willing to support fixes to the current law.

“It’s time for the party to start governing,” said White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. “I think it’s time for our folks to come together, and I also think it’s time to potentially get a few moderate Democrats on board as well.”

Asked if Trump would support legislation that would keep Obamacare working, Priebus said, “I don’t think the president is closing the door on anything.”

Priebus insisted that Trump wasn’t necessarily turning his back on the Freedom Caucus, and that he was still fully behind House Speaker Paul Ryan.

“It’s more or less a warning shot that we are willing to talk to anyone. We always have been,” he said. “I think more so now than ever, it’s time for both parties to come together and get to real reforms in this country.”

On another Sunday show, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said that Democrats were still willing to work with President Trump.

“If he changes, he could have a different presidency,” Schumer said. “But he’s going to have to tell the Freedom Caucus and the hard-right special wealthy interests who are dominating his presidency.”

This could be Trump’s way of gaining leverage over conservative Republicans, but it could also mean that Trump is choosing “winning” over losing, and he’s losing certainty in his ability to get the Republican Party behind his agenda.There’s been a lot of talk about the deep split within the GOP, but there’s a significant split within the Democratic Party as well. The problem is that Trump seems to be looking to form an alliance with the establishment leaders of both parties and not the grassroots, anti-establishment wings. The bigger problem is that Trump may be giving the media storyline – that he’s president only because of the Democrat voters he picked up – a little too much credence.

Of course, he could simply be setting up a fault line situation where it’s Trump vs. Both Parties. In which case…we could be in for anything.


  1. Tiger says

    Oil and Water don’t mix. He cannot make alliances with Progressive/Communists but he can make alliances with the Democrats who understand they have lost their party. That could be a great alliance.

    1. Retired says

      Or those up for the 2018 election.

      1. Tiger says

        Amen surely so they will dodge and parry to get re-elected.

        1. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

          Then we can boot them out anyway!

          1. Tiger says

            Smart people will and with the election of Trump it is evident we have millions of smart people here.

      2. ernldo says

        Bingo, it could be a demotard blood bath….(hopefully)

      3. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

        If they want to have a prayer of EVER getting elected again! They’d better come around to our way of thinking, not have Trump come around to theirs!

        1. Retired says

          We have to many bimbos , Male and female in this country that want to be spoon fed by the Gov..

    2. Wayne Smyer says

      BUT TRUMP IS PUTIN’S PUSSY;;;;;;CAT! AND A DIRTY COMMIE PINKO FROG! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1eb859a97e95e677ab7cb5aad74f20d8e900740a7c8f398dd00d4b1483a98fd9.jpg

      1. Wayne Smyer says


        1. Tome says

          Are you as ignorant as you sound!? You even have any idea what Day it is? I know only one guy that matches you! He even voted for Hillary.

        2. Gerry Costa says

          Do you talk to yourself as much as you post to yourself ?????? MORON.

        3. jondarmes says

          Just tell Mommy to bring you some warm milk and take your nappy, you’ll feel better when you wake up. You’ll still be stupid as a cow pie but you’ll feel better. MAGA!!!

        4. SUZANNE M. says

          DAH! WHO ARE YOU?

      2. Wayne Smyer says


      3. Tiger says

        Sine when? No Russian ties have been shown, no evidence of Russian ties, matter of fact only proof of Russian ties is Clinton, Obama and Podesta, now going to be fully investigated.

        Dream on.

        1. SUZANNE M. says


          1. Tiger says

            Indeed she does and she now knows her sorry goose fixing to be cooked. Trump train headed in her direction.

      4. Tiger says

        Remember O’s open mic moment? Surely he kept his promise, did nothing about Syria and wore out his red marker making lines. Then told Ukraine sorry can’t help you, that agreement between you and a past president wasn’t a Treaty. OH MY the SOB knows the difference.


        1. SUZANNE M. says


          1. Tiger says

            They are hoping we forget but like that elephant that represents the Republicans we don’t and like the jackasses that represent them they just make noise to cover the mess.

          2. Arizona Don says

            Well Suzanne I’m certain you know they never admit any wrong doing. The left is totally phony. They lie, cheat and steel but it is the conservatives who are always at fault if something goes wrong for them. For over six years everything obama did wrong was GW Bushes fault. Now I’m not a real big Bush fan but he was not responsible for all obama’s screw ups.

        1. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

          What I can’t believe is after she did that story, evidentially, Megan Kelley came over to Clinton’s side and wanted her to win! Wonder how much Hillary donated to her trust fund?

          1. Tiger says

            Kelly is a traitor and don’t know how she changed her stripes when for so long she sought out and called out those who lied. Don’t understand her.

          2. JYuma says

            No, Tiger. Kelly is a Poser. She posed as a Intelligent, Beautiful woman, whom was a Conservitive.
            She is Non of them!

          3. Tiger says

            I can go with that.

        1. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

          Absolutely RIGHT!! And the poor brain dead left is eating it up like candy!

      5. SUZANNE M. says


        1. ernldo says

          Yeah, it must have been free hour in the loonie bin….

        1. Richard Faith says

          Looks like he’s “going down”!

          1. ernldo says

            He’s reputed to be quite a fruit among the Chicongo bathhouse regulars….

      6. mac12sam12 says

        Turn off CNN, it has obviously lowered your IQ.

      7. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

        YOU ARE WRONG!!! There is NO PROOF of any of that!! It’s just what the communists want you to believe so you will help them get rid of Trump. Well I have news for you, more of us are NOT communists and WE want to keep Trump just like he is with all his warts! We accept him for the good heart we know he has and the fact that he has this countries welfare at heart! He wants us to remain FREE and living by OUR OWN FREE WILL! By ALL the rights and privileges that our forefathers gave us! I feel sorry for all the poor snooks like you who fall for the propaganda that the leftists spoon feed you every time you tune into the MSM!

        1. Arizona Don says

          Keep in mind Marjorie it is impossible to reason with an unreasonable person. Communicate with Wayne Smyer accordingly.

      8. Mary Brumley says

        You are a very silly person!!!!

        1. JYuma says

          No. Mary.
          He is a Very Ignorant person!

          1. Mary Brumley says

            If Wayne is “ignorant,” he is WILLINGLY ignorant! Or PURPOSEFULLY ignorant! He has access to the same truth, and the same lies I do!
            I think many of the Liberals are actually close to being brain dead as far as logic and/or reasoning skills. They don’t even understand future consequences of specific actions.
            They are similar to a person watching a Big Mac truck speeding toward them, yet don’t have the understanding they will be a puddle.
            I am uncomfortable interacting with that kind of brain.

          2. JYuma says

            Than, Block Him!
            I have.

          3. Mary Brumley says

            Yes, I agree. Just block him. It is just that I have already blocked several and it is difficult to really understand the dialogue of the other posters without knowing what the Libs I have blocked said.
            These same Libs come on sites and completely destroy any meaningful and informative conversation. I come on these comment sites to help me discern the truth or lies of both the right and left media. The right don’t seem to lie as much as the left, but often omit info.
            It is surprising how much other posters help me get the truth.
            But, I suppose it is best to block. Then I am not so tempted to join in the fray!!!

          4. JYuma says

            I was hesitant also, at one time. Then I had someone point out that If I had blocked then because ,I did not Like, or enjoy their posts. then why would I care to see, their opinion to someone else.

          5. Mary Brumley says

            Sometimes a new poster that doesn’t know these people are liberal trolls, tries to reason with them. These posters give good info and relevant links. It just takes more time for me to ascertain if the info in the new poster’s comment is relevant to subjects I am researching.
            As it is, I spend TOO much time on my computer. I am also a trivia buff (you know, looking up myriad facts and forgetting those within days!!!). So I am trying to cut down the time I spend on this time-eating monster.

          6. JYuma says

            Try Clicking on their screen names, it will bring up their past posts. By reading them ,one is able to see if that person is, one that one wishes, to talk to.
            Works for me.
            I’ve read yours, you can be a Feisty Lady when you want to be.

          7. Mary Brumley says

            I do sometimes get an attitude, but am not proud of myself later.
            That is a good idea to check folk out by that method! Now, why didn’t I think of that? I could even “follow” the ones that give good info and links!
            Old age creeping up on me! Have a great day! (night)

          8. JYuma says

            You too!

    3. ernldo says

      Those democrats don’t seem to understand they lost their party about seventy years ago…..

      1. Arizona Don says

        I think you are mostly correct. I think they started to lose it right after WWII. However, it did not really start to take hold until after the two Kennedy’s was killed.

        1. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

          Yes, I think Kennedy was a good President. He had many short comings as a person, but as President, he had the good of the country and it’s people at heart, and most of us loved him and his family. I was 14 when he was elected! I even used to like his press conferences. He was funny, and sometimes John John would come out and tug on his sleeve. Can’t believe to this day that someone cut him down, and that it was probably those in our own govt. that did it! Anyway, I think Johnson started this whole mess and it’s been snowballing ever since! Oh how I long for the days when Kennedy was in office.

          1. JYuma says

            Marjorie, Johnson did Both.

      2. Tiger says

        I don’t see that there is much they could do about it. Outnumbered so to speak. Do blame them for not admitting it.

        1. ernldo says

          Admitting one is ill is the first step to recovery…..

          1. Tiger says

            They are in death throws. Should be an awakening.

          2. ernldo says

            Yup, but don’t expect them to go easy. In fact, they’ll destroy the Republic on their way out if given the opportunity…..

          3. Tiger says

            In a heartbeat they will. They have an army of loons that are spread all over this country. Who knows what they are going to do in the end. When the walls falling around them.

      3. Mary Brumley says

        In the late fifties, the fly-over state in which I was reared was primarily Democrat. I had never met a Republican. By the mid sixties, we were changing our party affiliations. The Democratic Party just seemed to morph into something different!

        1. JYuma says

          From, some of the things that I have read. They just hanged Names with the Republicons .

    4. Mathew Molk says

      Guess I’m with ya there. Just I don’t think there are any democrats left. It’s 100% the NWO Marxist Party as far as i can see and there are no more “loyal opposition democrats” left.

      1. Tiger says

        I think from what I get in posts that many Democrats see the mess their party is in, don’t like it and are realizing their reps don’t speak for them. If enough of those people stand together behind the few good Democrats who knows what will happen.

        1. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

          Maybe they can find some good ones to take their place. Or vote for a Republican to take their place. Just make sure they aren’t RINOS!

          1. Tiger says

            I believe they do exist and the Democrat party is not extinct yet.

      2. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

        A bunch of the Republicans seem to be with the NWO too! They have to GO!!

        1. jaybird says

          Who is on your list-just in case I missed one.

    5. Arizona Don says

      You are right again. Seems to me the democratic party has been shanghaied by communists disguised as progressives. There are few if any Kennedy democrats left in this country anymore. They certainly are not liberal or at least the dictionary definition of liberal.

      There are some perhaps 15 or 20% (that could be a little high) that do not even recognize what has happened to the party. Mostly the younger ones. If they start out democrats it is because their parents are/were democrats. Since the progressive communistic so called democrats have taken over the media as well as our public education system the young people are being systematically indoctrinated in the fashion of communists disguised as a progressive democrat. Because communist is still not an accepted word in America. The word communist denotes a socialistic ideology (communal living, which many of the hippies of the 1960’s discovered did not work in actuality). It has been described as the final step in socialism.

      However, there is no way President Trump is going to get those who are the progressive communists posing as democrats on his side they are out to destroy him. Schumer is a perfect example as is Pelosi. They may pretend to come over to his side but the purpose is knavery at best.

      1. Tiger says

        Chicanery the name of the game for sure and of course the One World Order in both parties can’t stand the sight of Trump nor can they stand all the winning things he is doing.

        Finally the old crapper Graham had to admit on TV that Trump doing the right thing in the war against ISIS and now with the Iraqi president so positive about winning over ISIS and our allies with us, there will be perhaps, maybe a stable Iraq someday that all these refugees here can go home to. Imagine the influence a stable Iraq would be in the region. This is what Bush dreamed of and had until O got his hands on it.

        Who knows what else will happen now that our allies taking out Iran from the equation and beating their forces. Possibilities abound.

        1. SUZANNE M. says


          1. Tiger says

            No not a bit of difference. Same crap different day. Love that last sentence and I agree 100%.

          2. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

            Not being a politician was one of the main reasons I voted for him! Please!! Don’t let him change into one!

          3. Rosech Levy says

            Trump won’t change but will have fun with the art of the deal, which is why Ryan needs to be aware that Trump ain’t on his side and that means Ryan’s future is looking mighty empty when he goes back to his home state with failure written large on him.

    6. jaybird says

      Who are the Progressive/Communist??

      1. Tiger says

        Did you not know that Obama a Progressive? That Hilary a Progressive? They told all of us so. Did you not know that the Progressive party is linked to the Socialist/Communist party? Did you not know that the Communist Party endorsed Hillary? Did you not know that 80 members of the Democrat party are Socialist/Communists? Look up on the net number of Socialists in Congress, it lists all of them.

        Did you not know that Hillary and Obama loved Saul Alinsky? You know who Saul Alinsky is?

        1. SUZANNE M. says


          1. ernldo says

            Feed worms?

          2. Tiger says

            Ahhh Suzanne you are so right but it appears that those in power are like those in power have always been, not interested in peace, tranquility and loving one another.

            We have to do what we can, understand what we have time to understand then live our lives. I love politics. I come by it naturally, my family back to the 1300’s in Europe on my mother’s side of the family involved with kings, queens and politics. Fighting lost life, limb, fortune and spent time in Gulags and POW camps.

            I understand what you are saying. When raising my children a single mother, I didn’t have time for this intense involvement. But now, partially retired I do and started full swing after coming home from this last war in 2004.

          3. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

            You need to care! IF you want a country that is worth living in, that is! If we don’t care, and let them take over, do you have any idea what kind of life your grandchildren, and great grandchildren will have? I love my grandchildren and the great grandchild who is coming in Sept., and I don’t want them to have to stand in line for bread like the Russians used to!! I don’t want them to go without medical treatment they need, or get substandard treatment. I don’t want them going hungry! That’s what we’re fighting for! Maybe you don’t have anyone to fight for, but the rest of us do!

        2. jaybird says

          I guess your 2nd sentence threw me. I thought all Democrats were Progressive/Communist.

          1. Tiger says

            Ahhhh OK not a problem I am not always clear, sorry.

        3. Arizona Don says

          Progressivism is communism in disguise.

          1. JYuma says

            Yes it is.

        1. Arizona Don says

          Communism (Marxism) is the final stage in socialism. Those in America who think socialism is great have been indoctrinated by progressive communistic so called democrats in our schools and universities to believe that. Admittedly it looks good on paper however, it “NEVER” works. There are built in misconceptions that keep it from succeeding in any and all circumstances.

          When the pilgrims of Plymouth rock fame first came here they were bound by compact to live communally. Everything was shared. That is why so many died the first winter and nearly wiped them out. If the Indians had not assisted them all may have died. If they had not changed to more of a free enterprise system (not called that at the time) where everyone was given a plot of land (of their own) and allowed to grow all they could manage did they flourish to the point there was even a surplus.

          There is a documentary called “America The Untold Story.” Which explains this whole thing. It also explains how the Christian religion played such an important part in the founding of this nation. So you see it was no accident America later on became a Constitutional Republic, and embraced a free enterprise system, it is called experience. Any form of complete socialism, communism, fascism or a caliphate never works. And it never will. If history is studied the truth about all forms of socialism can be learned and the final analysis is failure. Total and complete failure. The differences are those between bare survival in communism and prospering with individual effort in free enterprise. This free enterprise Constitutional Republic may not be perfect however, there has never, in the history of mankind, ever been a better system of government. In order for mankind to prosper he (meaning both sexes) must be free. That does not include any form of socialism or permanent government handouts.

          1. Tiger says

            I know but too many don’t so keep educating and thank you.

          2. Arizona Don says

            You are welcome!

          3. Tiger says

            You are a really Dynamite person. Hope you go to Town Halls, speak on your local Talk Show and write for your paper. Good stuff.

          4. Arizona Don says

            Thank you for your kind words and yes I do sometimes write for a local conservative newspaper. However, our most popular newspaper is now owned by Gannett (the owners of USA Today) and has become very liberal if that word can still be used to describe progressive communistic so called democrats. When I first got out of the Army I worked for Gannett for a few years. It was not so liberal at the time.

            The dictionary definition of liberal certainly does not describe the progressives of today. Seems to me it is the exact opposite.

          5. JYuma says

            Theres a Consevitieve paper in Arizona?
            Where? I want it!!!!

          6. Arizona Don says

            Yes it is not a daily it is the Sonoran news (Cave Creek). However, the Arizona Republic once was very conservative. I worked for them back in the 60’s. Actually when I first got out of the Army I went to work in up state NY (I had been stationed there for a time and got married to a girl there so when I was separated I stayed for a short time) for Gannett and when I came back to Arizona I went to work for the Gazette. Both were conservative at the time. Both were purchased by USA Today and both are now liberal (if that term is still appropriate to describe democrat influence).

          7. JYuma says

            I will call them. Maybe I will be able to have them mail me their issues.

          8. Tiger says

            Welcome and yes you are right. Liberal doesn’t have anything to do with this bunch of twisted sisters and brothers today.

          9. JYuma says

            Don, you may not know it. The arizona schools have been teaching it for 30 years.
            We,, have raised 4 children, fighting them for that Long, about it!

          10. Arizona Don says

            No I did not know that. My children are even out of college and have been for several years. As a matter of fact my grandchildren are also out of college. I do know both U of A and high school were way to liberal (if liberal is the right word) for me when my grandchildren went.

          11. JYuma says

            You must be from Tucson! Their schools have been that way from the time that I went to Amphi Junior High.
            In the 50’s.

          12. Arizona Don says

            No from far north Scottsdale now. But I lived near Douglas, at McNeil AZ for many years. both grandsons attended U of A. My Children attended NAU. That was not liberal at the time.

          13. JYuma says

            A, Douglas, lived the when they stopped segregating the Schools, Fist and Second grades. My Sister and I went to the Segregated school on 2nd. I think it was in 1952. We were the ONLY whites there.
            Do you know that the movie “Oklahoma” was filmed there?

          14. Arizona Don says

            No I did not.

            We must be close to the same age if you were in school in 50. I was 13 then.

          15. JYuma says

            They did!. Want to find out what I look like. There is a shot of my GrandMother, my sister and I ,in a Buckboard driving by the Camara, in it.
            We were 7 and 6 years old.
            I learned three things then.
            How to throw Rocks,
            How to Fight,
            How to walk around the School blindfolded.

          16. DAlnB41 says

            Nothing works well when it is driven by greed and corruption. That is why the Democratic party is in the mess they are now; a fast growing record of party leaders caught in criminal or near criminal activities and when they are replaced, their replacements are just as bad!
            It is not the Democratic people, it is the democratic party leaders!

          17. Arizona Don says

            If the people support such action they are as much to blame as the perpetrators of the acts you speak of. The question is would they still be driven by greed and corruption if the party members refused to support the party leaders because of that greed and corruption? I rather doubt it! So tell me why you think the rank and file democrat should be blameless.

    7. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

      Now that wouldn’t be so bad, but if he throws in with the likes of Pelosi, Waters, Shumer , etc., they will expect him to change into them, and we can’t let that happen!

      1. Tiger says

        If he did something like that, when Schumer made it clear the only way he would ever agree with Trump is if he came to their side, Trump would suffer a lose of respect by the people. He is not there to pamper and agree he is there to stop the insanity.

  2. Justin Seine says

    It’ll will never happen. Schumer listens with his mouth. How about Pelosi? Now there’s a piece of work that needs to be re-shaped!


    1. Retired says

      Schumer and Pelosi are beyond hope .

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

        amen to that

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        Especially peloosly.. ?

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    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      And they ALL WORK FOR soros!

      1. Progressive Republican says

        Even the guy top center?

        1. Richard Faith says

          Top center guy is a full-time employee of lucifeR, and he has become so arrogant that he probably has delusions of being his employer’s successor.

          1. Progressive Republican says

            Shot right past you, didn’t it.

    3. Richard Faith says

      Doesn’t johN kerrY’s picture belong in that rogues’ gallery?

      1. SDofAZ says

        Absolutely but only the top ones fit for this showing. Kerry song boy is small potatoes compared to the player on that picture!

    4. SUZANNE M. says


    5. will says

      Hey people I need help with a anti-american list please give and add names to this list

      Huma A
      Soros &son

      no celebs just people in media politics or govt office

  3. David Harrington says

    “I did try and f@@k her. She was married.

    I moved on her like a female dog,

    But I couldn’t get there.

    And she was married.

    You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful.

    I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss.

    I don’t even wait.

    You can do anything…

    Grab them by the pu$$y.

    You can do anything.”

    The President of the United States of America Donald J Trump

    1. Vince says

      What does that mean you a&$ wipe david??????

      1. cristoiglesia says

        It means that this far left liberal lifetime Democrat Trump has no respect for women. Those were Trump’s own words.

        1. Vince says

          You are an a$$ too cristosh!t

          1. cristoiglesia says

            Thanks, I bet you say that to all us conservative Republicans.

    2. Jackalyn Morrison says

      All I have to say they were no ladies because he wouldn’t have got to my knee much less to any other part of my body without his face or worse being slapped!!! A man can go as far as a Lady will let him

      1. Vince says

        So correct Jackalyn, that was 30 years ago and he was at a titty bar. With hookers and whores

      2. JYuma says

        Who’s to say that the Lady’s in Question did not Let him, if not Enjoy, his aaah…. hand shake?
        When , did you get to be, the Morales Inspector for all Women?
        Having ones face slapped is a way to find if a Lady is in the Mood. But what of the Ladys, that make a man, Wine her Dine her, Dance her, Then say No Way Jose? Flirting all the while. Leading a man on? Is that Fair ?

        1. Jackalyn Morrison says

          You are absolutely right!!! I was brought up in a different world than we have now because the guys I dated didn’t expect anything in return!!! Because they knew what kind of girl I was!!! Oh by the way I married my childhood sweetheart and we have been married going on 53yrs

          1. JYuma says

            Jackalyn, I was brought up in that Ancient age too.
            I know some LAdy’s such as your self. Didn’t date them more that once. However I did know them. Still Know a Few of them today.
            The permissive back then was not as upfront as it is today.
            It was there. The same techniques of them are still employed today. When Trump did what he did was 20 years ago. I do not Fault the Man for something he did 20, 30 years ago. It is NOT my place. For the Last time I looked into the mirror, I was Not “GOD”
            For it is The Lord Almighty’s purview to Judge on something as this subject.
            Any one that does not have a skeleton in their closet from back then, stay Home all the time, or Priests or Nuns now.
            My Wife and I have been Married for 51 years. However, before I met her. I was Wild.

          2. Jackalyn Morrison says

            I agree with you!! And it was different back then!!! We are so blessed as to not have but one judge and one jury praise the LORD and I also did some things I was ashamed of to but I always knew right from wrong!! I also lived in a small town !!! Meant to say congrats on 51yrs You sound like a good man!!! GOD BLESS

          3. JYuma says

            Shhh, do not tell anyone. It’s a Secret.
            Thank you for that.I can not see the worth of Living without my Wife.
            We all have done things that border on comp;eatery wrong, but have with help stayed from crossing that point.
            Trump is not a perfect person. He has done things most people, Men, would not. He has never Hurt any person deliberately as far as I am able to fine. He has given toad Help many. Without any Fanfare. In my book, and the one you read a good bit, makes him a Good person.
            “God” Bless.

    3. Wes says

      David you’re so pure and sinless, aren’t you. You can cast the first stone. Ya right! Did you quote Bill Clinton’s cigar and pu$$y ranting? I doubt it. You’re probably just another liberal with nothing constructive to say, only criticism and name calling.

      1. Vince says

        Well said Wes

      2. David Harrington says

        In the summer of 2004,Charles Kushner Father of Jared Kushner son in law and adviser of Donald J Trump was fined $508,900 by the Federal Election Commission for contributing to political campaigns in the names of his partnerships when he lacked authorization to do so.[7] In 2005, following an investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey,[8] U.S. Attorney Chris Christie negotiated a plea agreement with Kushner, under which Kushner pleaded guilty to 18 counts of making illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering.[9] The witness-tampering charge arose from Kushner’s act of retaliation against William Schulder, husband of his sister Esther, who was cooperating with federal investigators; Kushner hired a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law, arranged for an encounter between the two to be secretly recorded, and had the tape sent to his sister.[10][11][12][13] Kushner was sentenced to two years in prison[10] and served 14 months at Federal Prison Camp, Montgomery in Alabama[14][15] before being sent to a halfway house in Newark, New Jersey to complete his sentence.[14][15][16] He was released from prison on August 25, 2006.[17]
        As a result of his convictions, Kushner was disbarred from the practice of law in New Jersey,[] New York,[19] and Pennsylvania.[20] Charles Kushner is the Father of Jared Kushner son in law and adviser of Donald J Trump

    4. Michael Dennewitz says


      1. Sherrie Slaboda says

        I’m not familiar with blocking but I want to stop idiots like David Harrington. Tell me how Michael.

        1. Cheryl Detar says

          Go to the right and click on the upside down triangle. Click on, “block user.” All done.

          1. Sherrie Slaboda says

            Oh so easy. That nutcase Harrington just made me angry. Thank you Cheryl.

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          Simple madam.. Tap on their name and it will show them. When you see the 3 or 4 dotted line, tap on it. Bingo, they’re blocked as soon as you tap on “block this person.” ??

      2. David Harrington says

        a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.
        synonyms: yes-man, bootlicker, brown-noser, toady, lickspittle, flatterer, flunky, lackey, spaniel, doormat, stooge, cringer, suck, suck-up
        “I thought you wanted a competent assistant, not a nodding sycophant”

        1. Retired says

          You just described 8 years of Obama and Bill Clinton .

        2. JYuma says

          a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.

          synonyms: yes-man, bootlicker, brown-noser, toady, lickspittle, flatterer, flunky, lackey, spaniel, doormat, stooge, cringer, suck, suck-up

          “I thought you wanted a competent assistant, not a nodding sycophant”

          The First problem with that statement , is at the start of the Last sentence you used the word Thought.
          Something that You are not equipped to do.
          You Really should get out of Mommys Basement more. You are deferent in Vitamin D.

        3. ernldo says

          So you admit to bouncing demotard balls on your chin?

      3. Sherrie Slaboda says

        Thank you Michael. I normally don’t do this but it sure comes in handy when being attacked for nothing. Took me awhile but I finally got rid of the trash.

    5. JYuma says

      Harrington. I will test to you that Grabbing them by the PU$$Y.
      It is Far cheaper, you don’t have to Wine um an Dinnum, Faster, to say nothing of learning, if they are in the MOOD to participate, in a Game of “Hiding the Salami”.
      You either get what you want or Slapped!
      Maybe had you tried that a Time or Two.
      You would not have the Hairy Hand Palm that you have!

      1. David Harrington says

        Nice! Need I say or exemplify how ignorant and base Donald Suckers are? JYuma=Sycophant.

        1. Retired says

          Not as bad as you Obama and Clinton Suckers .

          1. ernldo says

            Correction, Obama and Clinton kok Suckers

          2. Retired says

            Hillary switched to Huma .

        2. JYuma says

          Sycophant? No, practical.
          I did not have to use that method of finding a Partner very often.
          All, I had to do was walk into a,Place. Lick my Eyebrows, a Time or two. No Problem.
          If you do not think, Feel, or Imagine that when a women goes out, that Like as Not SHE is looking for a Romp Also.
          I have meet many men such as you seam to be, Mostly in Mens rest rooms or the Back of Porno Movie house’s. Never cared for them.

        3. JYuma says

          David, To bad that you Do Not have the Balls to do IT.
          You could have had a More interesting Life.
          Other than Living in your Mommys Basement as you do.

        4. ernldo says

          Says the shill for the party of the low, double digit IQ, yes the demotards. Where were you Dave, when Bill Clinton was groping and assaulting those many women, in your safe place?

    6. ernldo says

      “Yeah,” another guy said. “But I’ll tell you what. You won’t moving to no African jungle anytime soon. Or some goddamn desert somewhere sitting on a carpet. With a bunch of Arabs. No sir. You won’t stop me eating no ribs, either. Gotta have them ribs. And pussy too. Don’t Malcolm talk about no pussy. Now you know that ain’t gonna work.”

      Barak Hussein 0bama,
      …people like David are beyond stupid, snowflake….

      1. David Harrington says

        Wow more lies and falsehoods from a real nice Donald SUCKER!

    7. Gerry Costa says

      David — try growing up before posting garbage.

    8. chief1937 says

      Idiot post from satin’s door.

  4. KidCurrie says

    This is feeding the driveby media and some
    Negotiating on his part. He is playing them. When they say no to everything he can blame them again

    1. Mike says

      blame them for what? they are in the minority. the republicans can pass any legislation they want in the house. they just need to be able to work together.

      1. SDofAZ says

        That is the target Trump is messing with but I hope he is not leaning too far into the rino arena. They are snakes and pretend GOP. Their true calling is dem wit and Rat Ryan is a rino beyond a doubt. However, Trump is smart and likely way ahead of this pack as usual.

    2. rfrichey says

      Trump is thinking when these cur dogs are sleeping.

  5. richjack4 says

    Having lived under Schumer’s yolk, his comment that if the president is willing to “change” he will work with him. This is Chuckies noted narcissistic an opportunistic personality traits revealing themselves. I guess everyone must change but old Schuck! Change will only come when Ryan is fired from his position, what should’ve happened after he could not secure the vote on Obamacare. He is not a loyal follower of Trump, and the fact he could not get this measure passed shows he is not as strong as he tries to make others, including the White House, believe he is.

    1. Cheryl Detar says

      Ryan should have been fired on Trumps first day.

      1. Progressive Republican says

        Years earlier.

        1. Brendagwiens says

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        2. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

          If he changes for them, they will have WON! It will be almost like having Hillary in there, and WE DON’T WANT THAT!!!

          1. AKLady says

            She won the popular vote.

          2. skipsart says

            With the dead vote and the illegal alien vote. It’s well documented. TROLL !

          3. Progressive Republican says

            Provide links with credible evidence; not conspiracies.

          4. JYuma says

            Get a little Learning, research it your self. It will keep you dizzy for the next month, with your IQ.

          5. Progressive Republican says

            Not that it wasn’t quite apparent that you’re full of shit, but at least you’ve admitted it.

            You made the accusation, you provide the evidence.

            Or, of course, just shut the fuck up.

          6. JYuma says

            Come make me. All you are , is an Illiterate, uneducated, piece of flotsam that goes through a Sewage Plant.
            A Key Board Warrior!!!
            With your IQ ,it is a wonder that you are able to Feed yourself, Or does your Mommy still do that for you?

          7. Progressive Republican says

            More projection from an idiot and a liar. Sad.

          8. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Oh your getting to the poor baby, lmao

          9. Lycanroc says

            Up yours Skipsfart! It’s a free country and this website is free to all including liberals and moderates. Go troll your ass back to Russia dickwad!

          10. AKLady says

            Sewer language.
            So very impressive, but not in the way you desire.
            You forgot idiots in your list.

          11. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Thats whatvthey say with allvthe voter tampering I really doubt that, they had to cast ballotscextra to get her there, fake news for sure

          12. Progressive Republican says

            Ah, so that’s why she got more votes despite Russian interference.


          13. JYuma says

            Did those more votes make her president?
            Then it’s all Bull droppings. If they do not can not count. What good are they?
            The delusional may think that they have any degree on Reality or worth. Butt, like you They don’t.

          14. Progressive Republican says

            Pretty delusional thinking that you made sense there.

          15. JYuma says

            The only Delusional thinking in this conversation, is you having the Delusion that you have an IQ, over 80!

          16. Progressive Republican says

            And more projection from someone stupid enough to vote GOP.

            I’d have to be as big a liar as you or your latest god to even pretend to be surprised.

          17. JYuma says

            As I wood expect form a Nazi. I have never met one that had a IQ, of 65, or to back up his Mouth , unless he has 20 other Nazi’s backing him up. Then it is one of them that try’s to prove their manhood. The Mouth just Watches from a SAFE distance.
            Your an Cowardly Ass, of a Very Poor Excuse for a MAN.
            Let alone for a Human!!

          18. Progressive Republican says

            You voted for the same guy that Nazis and other bigots supported and I’m the Nazi?

            Talk about yer special kind of stupid.

          19. JYuma says

            Your really, not worth talking to.
            You haven’t the IQ to carry on an Intelligent Conversation.
            It is Sad to see person, that is a Waste of Air as you Are.
            May God Bless you. For no one else will!.

          20. Progressive Republican says

            Insults from a marginally literate Trump supporter.


          21. Barbara Mcmickings says

            You Dam right he’s a SMART TRUMP Supporter look at his words compared to your, says it all

          22. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Tell about yours, oh no wait, your showing yours with every word you speak, heard the term PAPER ASS

          23. Barbara Mcmickings says


          24. Barbara Mcmickings says

            As hoa big words for a little man

          25. Barbara Mcmickings says


          26. Mary Brumley says

            Perhaps you are just being facetious: Don’t know. Sometimes I am a bit slow in detecting humor.
            But no facts have been established to indicate “Russian interference.”

          27. JYuma says

            Mary, Take a good look at his avatar . It will tell you all that you need to know of this Cow Droppings. Maybe that should be Chicken?

          28. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Love it, Show his oxy Moran ass just how SMART a aTrump supporter you really are, just let him make an ass out of his self, and he’s doing a swell job of that

          29. JYuma says

            He, and his Butt buddy Progressive Rip.
            They both are just, insects. Works or leaches. I have not made up my Mind. So I just blocked them.

          30. Progressive Republican says

            Certainly none that FRWNJs will acknowledge.

          31. Mary Brumley says

            Believe me, if “proof” were available, the Progressives would be shouting that from the housetops!
            However, I haven’t a clue as to what, which or whom the grouping of letters “FRWNJs” is referring.

          32. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Excally Mary, He’s an oxy moran

          33. Mary Brumley says

            Yes, his very name certainly fits the definition.

          34. Barbara Mcmickings says

            There was no Russian interference you moran

          35. Progressive Republican says


          36. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Oh girl you are so right , so its helllllllllll no

      2. Charles says

        I thought it was Ryan0, as in RINO PALL RYAN0 (RINO-wi) .

        1. SNOWDIN says

          The correct spelling is RYNO.

          1. Progressive Republican says

            How so?

          2. Mary Brumley says

            The spelling RINO means Republican In Name Only, so I will stick to that one.

          3. Progressive Republican says

            I realize that.

            I was hoping SNOWDIN would explain ‘RYNO’, but I’m not holding my breath anticipating the event.

          4. skipsart says

            Actually, the correct spelling is RINO

        2. Barbara Mcmickings says


      3. jaybird says

        I wish they could but he was elected when we kicked Boehner out.

      4. Dennis Daggett says

        I’ll drink to that!

        1. JYuma says

          I bet, that you will drink to a Worm craving across the floor!

          1. skipsart says

            Do worms crave across the floor? Never heard that before.

          2. JYuma says

            When you are able to Spell. You have my promotion to correct Mine.

      5. JYuma says


      6. sweetolbob says

        Ryan was carrying Schumer’s water all through the Gang Of Eight fiasco

      7. JYuma says


      8. Barbara Mcmickings says

        Boy Ivagree with that 1000%

    2. Retired says

      Schumer is Soros landsman , both families originated from the same area .Throw the two bums out of the US .

      1. CharlesM says

        Yes, they are the decedents of the Bolsheviks that were run out of Europe in the 1930 and came here to spread their message.

        1. Retired says

          Soros came later as he sold out Jews to the German Military for money .

    3. Rosie says

      Schumer is a know it all, thinks he’s more powerful than President Trump, and is green with envy because ​he’ll never be president of anything but his own fan club that has 2 members; him & Pelosi. “If the President is willing to change, he’ll consider working with him!” Who the hell does he think he is! PLEASE don’t do us any favors moron.

      1. Retired says

        Trying to play like Reid , Schumer needs to run into the people that took care of Reid so that he would retire .

        1. DAlnB41 says

          Maybe Schumer needs to run into a Las Vegas tred machine too!

          1. Retired says

            He ran into people that taught him a lesson and convinced him it was time to retire .

          2. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Yes yes, yes

        2. Barbara Mcmickings says

          Right on

      2. chief1937 says

        If he truly wants someone to change maybe he should try looking into a mirror.

        1. SUZANNE M. says

          …..AND RETIRE…..SO STALE.

        2. DAlnB41 says

          His mindset tells him he is the only one that knows the facts and everyone else has to listen to him and do as he says; that is why the head-bobbers behind him never say anything and why nine out of ten times anyone speaking in behalf of the democrats it is Schumer!
          The democrats need to get him out of the way before their party is totally destroyed! It is essential we have two or three parties and the Democrats MUST continue being one of them – – BUT, they need to see they have decent leadership and in the past several years we have seen that fail! I certainly did and I left the Democratic party after being a registered democrat and voting for 50 years; it was becoming more and more obvious the party leaders were pushing in the wrong direction. I think many of us felt things would improve when Harry Reid left but it only got worse!

          1. Mary Brumley says

            I, too, used to be a Democrat and now am a Republican. They don’t impress me much though!

          2. DAlnB41 says

            I do not see much difference between the two parties until it gets into the leadership levels.
            I truly believe most people here are Americans first and they care less who manages our government as long as they do it in the best interests of the people and the nation.
            There will always be indifferences as to what is considered the best but it is obvious those in leadership positions that choose to create hate and discontent by doing nothing productive but rather choose to create more confusion, stir up hate and the only thing we ever see them doing is bad mounting others and stalling any progress from either side – we have no use for loud mouth politicians regardless of party. We MUST INSIST they ALL work together to get things done; show they deserve the position they hold and they earn the money the Tax Payers are paying them.
            FIRST STEP, obviously, would be to throw Schumer out of Washington ! He is not only giving the Democrats a bad reputation he is hurting our entire society!

          3. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Amen on that

        3. Barbara Mcmickings says

          Yea Michael ajackson song should be played over and over, so it will pound into his loser head

      3. skipsart says

        Go Rosie !!!

      4. DAlnB41 says

        Schumer recognizes his predecessors in party leadership failed the party when they were caught and replaced; the party lost credibility and several seats in congress.
        Schumer, instead of working to fix the internal mess of the party has elected instead to try making everyone else and everything anyone else tries doing bad thus bringing everyone down to his level.
        If he was a true leader, if he had Americas best interest in heart and mind, he would grow up, act like an adult, be a leader and start working with both sides of congress to get things done!
        As long as Schumer is a part of their party leadership the democrats and this nation will struggle.

        1. Mary Brumley says

          Schumer’s face and attitude both “smirk.” I think of him as Smirking Schumer. He could have been a strength for the Demo party, but I agree with you that he has chosen not to help heal this nation.

          1. Barbara Mcmickings says

            He’s stil in the obommer mind set, and camp which will help to destroy the Dems for good

          2. Mary Brumley says

            “…destroy the Dems for good.” Now that really sounds GOOD to me!

          3. DAlnB41 says

            I can not agree; “destroy the Democrats for good.” suggest it is the Democrats who are wrong! In reality, the Democrats are similar in most ways to the Republicans and Independents, we all want the best for our country and the Americans people. Because of the fact we are given a right to vote for those we feel will best represent our interest in Washington and properly manage our nations business we accept – some- of the responsibilities for failures in Washington; it makes little difference what party we/you belong too.
            The party leaders are the ones who make ALL THE DECISIONS as to what congress will discuss, what actions they will take, what outcomes they will seek, support or kill – that does not always support ANY constituents expectations or are in the best interest of the nation.
            Democrats are as much at the mercy of their party leaders as are the Republicans. The Democratic party today is being pushed around by a weak, sniveling and corrupt Democratic party leadership. It has shown itself to be so in the past revelations of fraud, corruption, lies and criminal activities.
            Now, the democratic party is doing nothing to help fix our problems; to the contrary – they are doing everything they can to see that nothing gets done!
            We can not blame the democrats for the failure of their party – – unless we just ignore the party leadership failures and allow the democrats to just continue letting their party leaders do as they have been doing, doing what cost them the loss of many of their congressional seats and the White House in the last elections and allowing them to create more hate and discontent throughout the nation – being more the problem than any part of the solution!

          4. Mary Brumley says

            You are correct, of course. Not so much difference between Conservative Democrats and Conservative Republicans. The serious problems are our leaders of both parties.
            There ARE some crazies on the far ends of the spectrum of each party. While not in power, those folk can wreak havoc.
            I like your posts for those are informative and show level-headed thinking.

        2. Barbara Mcmickings says

          Right on

      5. Barbara Mcmickings says

        Screw that ahole, Trump is a smart cookie , he’s not going to give in to Schumer crap

      6. DAlnB41 says

        Schumer was Harry Reid’s shoe boy and carried Old Harry’s papers around for him. He will never be a leader, he is so freakien stupid he falls apart when he gets in front of a crowd.
        The Democratic party will never improve as long as he is seen as a representative of the party!

    4. rev_dave says

      You do mean ‘Ol Shuck and Jive’ Chuck Shroomer, right?

      1. SUZANNE M. says


        1. skipsart says

          Please stop shouting. I agree with you but all caps is difficult to read.

          1. JYuma says

            Not accustomed to seeing Big Things ,HUH?

          2. SUZANNE M. says

            sorry….I’m not shouting…I just like how all caps look.it did get your attention though …is it really that big of a deal all things considered.so many silly rules….so little time.

      2. Rosech Levy says

        Who went in a restaurant and talked to friends but when he found the friend’s wife voted for Trump, he went completely out of his head in the restaurant and then followed them out shouting and excoriating the wife in a very nasty way. Yep, he is as insane as Pelosi and McCain and Graham, all of whom should retire asap.

    5. SUZANNE M. says


      1. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

        The problem with the Obamacare repeal, was that the true conservatives in the house, just didn’t want Obamacare lite, and neither do any of us!

    6. Mike Thomas says

      All Chucky has to do it let his horns come out, we know they are there just by looking at him!
      That goes along with most of the Demon Crats, just look and listen to them, they are scary.

    7. Dennis Daggett says

      Absolutely true.

    8. DAlnB41 says

      Schumer is why Democratic leadership is dragging the party down. He has joined a growing list of corrupt party leaders; they are showing themselves to be a “worst case scenario” of party leaders who are failing their followers thus failing the nation an dour people!

    9. Barbara Mcmickings says

      Amen, well said

    10. DAlnB41 says

      You confused me when you shifted from Schumer to Ryan in the middle of the paragraph.

      In spite of that though – I agree with you on both individuals!

      Schumer is no leader; he has neither the personality, skill or mentality to lead.

      Paul Ryan is not a person to be trusted. He sets things up for himself always putting it ahead of duty to the country or the people; he is another good talker but, behind the scenes he is always working toward his own interests.

      I was backing Romney until he selected Ryan – at that point I dropped Romney; I am sure a lot of Romney backers did the same thing!

    11. borecrazy says

      Many think he should have been gone when he got the position by promising to come up with a budget and didn’t! And we are STILL waiting on that one, and it is supposedly what he does best!

  6. TOM P O'DONNELL says


    1. Glenda Jordan says

      LOL exactly TOM….the D-mented party has been taken over by the prog/commies and ol’ school dems moved to the Republican Party.

  7. Michael Dennewitz says

    I’ve always hoped he’d NEVER trust the dumbasscraps, but…….?

  8. N Ortiz says

    Big red flag coming from President Trump! Reaching across the aisle, only RINOs do that. That’s what we had the last eight years with Obama!!
    Ryancare is the same as Obama care! Why is President Trump supporting this bill? Enough to blame the freedom caucus instead of the RINO Ryan ???? Stay tuned!

  9. defiant1 says

    Trump needs to remain partisan and NOT be involved with any democrats, especially the sleazy, hate-filled Schumer. After all, he made a fool of himself in a NY restaurant going off on a rant to a wealthy Trump voter by calling Trump a liar. The liar is Schumer and Trump NEEDS TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS SLEAZY LOW-LIFE POS!

    1. Richard Faith says

      Better yet, straight-up repeal.

      1. defiant1 says

        I agree, repeal and submit a brand-new Trumpcare bill…..no adjusting Obamacare…..

        1. Richard Faith says

          A big advantage of a straight-up repeal is that it would get “CON”-gress BEGGING to cooperate on a NEW BILL. That’s not to say that I would personally favor it, since I believe that “repeal and NEVER replace” would be the BEST policy; nevertheless, it’s a virtually done deal that SOMETHING is coming, and since it seems unavoidable, at least we ought to approach it with the greatest possible negotiating advantage, which we would actually HAVE if the existing monstrosity were entirely expunged.

  10. J A says

    I don’t think Trump meant it. He most probably said that to scare the RINOs. I doubt that he will.

  11. Paul Anderson says

    I can assure you of one thing: I would not join in an alliance with the enemy. The ideology of a Social Democrat, is in direct opposition, to the ideology of a Constitutional Republic. If you were to trace the lineage of the Social Democrat, it would lead to Marx and Lenin.

  12. Frederick King says

    The extreme on both left and right are out of control. They have been for a very long time, but now it is madness. Both sides must compromise and get things done that are good for America. Both extremes left and right must muzzle themselves. The left, is pushing absolute anarchy. Burn and loot in the name of career criminals, open the flood gate to illegal aliens. Mass migration from the Jihad zones. This is crazy. Have we forgotten 9-11, and the promises of ISIS and such to kill us ? I have not. Health care mus be close to fixed. Everyone is going to have to pay something for it. I sure have. Everyone must pay reasonable and fair shares on taxes. The wealthy and the dead-beats included. Illegal aliens are beyond out of control. We can fix the agricultural worker visa program so it works. We cannot afford to pay for giant families of illegal aliens. We must stop misinterpreting the birth right citizenship part of the constitution. This was to protect ex-slaves and their children, not to give anchor baby status for illegal aliens abusing our welfare safety net. Mexico has been making too much money with their human and drug smuggling industries. Time to crack down big time on these criminals. We need to keep jobs in America. Our middle class is shrinking. We need to learn to pay a bit more for our cheap dodahs that are now made in china.
    Time for compromise and moving forward, with the best interests of AMERICANS.

    1. Jim Miller says

      Jim Miller jmiller848@comcast.net

      Best wording of a plan I have heard. Hopefully our Career Politicians will see this post

  13. jim jones says

    Got news for y’all; if Donald doesn’t change, his one term is going to be a fruitless endeavor! #1 issue is environment, the bastard embarrassed millions of us who supported him when he attacked the EPA.

    1. bttrap says

      ive dealt with these epa morons and they are a bunch of jerks, that think all they have to do is fine factories. he didn’t embarrse me it’s about time someone tells these idiots they are not god you have a job with these morons?

  14. ernldo says

    Meh, demotards need to be defeated, nothing less….

  15. donl says

    Trying to work with a Demo-Commie is like trying to pet a Rattle Snake. Forget it!

  16. Niko says

    Time to settle in,dig in your heels and watch the political run-around end game…
    runaway ryan is a two-faced egomaniac dirtbag: building a wall on the southern border (personally, i think the northern border needs a wall also) but runaway chooses to build a wrought iron fence wall aroumd his own property – he is also fur bringing in more muslime filth and third world fools and have them go to public school,while he sends his kids to the best private schools there are were they would be shielded from these muslimes and 3rd world people. Two faced – YOU BEST BELIEVE THAT.
    Schmuky the jew ,is nothing more than an illiterate,arrogant,low life, lying, ignorant un-American piece of libretarded ,lets make America a third world nation waste bin…
    I am 4th generation from NYC and i want to see that scumbucket hanging from a noose!!!!!.

    1. Gerry Costa says

      Niko — make sure to have 2 nooses — one for deblasio who is trying to turn NYC into a blood bath.

      1. Niko says

        Gerry,thanks for your text. NYC is already a libretarded bloodstained, cesspool of filth. DiBastardo/retardo most certainly deserves a slot on the gallows platform next to schmucky,also obumbo,jarret,brennan,pelosi,warren,
        ellison,harris,all libretarded media pundits and the list goes on and on…

      2. SDofAZ says

        And Hillary thinks she can take that job and be your mayor. Hum? I like NYC and its inhabitants but you all seem to have attracted the worst for your elected officials. is this one of those pick the best one of the two lousy choices?

        1. Gerry Costa says

          The person who gets elected in NY is the person who kisses Wall Sts azz the best.

  17. David Stewart says

    Schumer; new age Harry Reid! No more honest and no more evil; there IS a limit, y’know?

  18. Charles says

    Ds and Rs cannot talk to each other because their Pinocchio noses keep them so far apart they have to yell. Is that not correct???

  19. Thomas Ross says

    This is the wrong question. The question is will the Democrats work with the President? If not they just can set back and cry.

  20. Gerry Costa says

    Why would you form an alliance with people who are more untrustworthy than Putin, Un or the leaders of the middle east countries. Joe Manchin is the only demoTRASH I have seen who has any common sense and any thoughts for this country and it’s citizens. You might better make an alliance with the devil before making one with the likes of schmsh*t, pelosi, cummings, waters or any of the rest of the illegal criminal and radical muslim loving garbage talking pukes. It would be safer making an alliance with rattlesnakes and cobras.

    1. Richard Faith says

      An alliance forged with enemies within is: a FORGERY.

  21. rfrichey says

    Shameless schumer say’s the dimwits are still willing too work with Trump. I’m not aware they have ever tried to work with the present president.

  22. geneww1938 says

    Our President Trump is brilliant. He lets the Obamacare crash to unpin Ryan. Uses his feigned liberal inclusion in knowingly crashed bill to loosen up Democrats to work tax reform while pulling off delayed appointments and unleashing our energy optimization. I now see the Representative Mo Brooks, one-sentence bill to completely repeal Obamacare as the next step.
    The bill, titled the “ObamaCare Repeal Act,” simply reads:
    “Effective as of December 31, 2017, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111–148) is repealed, and the provisions of law amended or repealed by such Act are restored or revived as if such Act had not been enacted.”
    The bill gives those liar until the end of the year to pony up what they have promised for 8 years to be delivered in a month as a replacement to Obamacare. If no replacement is agreed on, it would simply remain repealed, as if it never existed.

  23. supergun says

    President Trump willing to work with the democrats is needed to get things accomplished, but working with schumer is like working with a rattle snake. You take the venom (venom saves lives), but you handle the snake very carefully. It could kill you.

  24. Gary says

    Someone needs to remind Schmuck Schumer that President Trump has no need for such an alliance with him, or his badly beaten party. They are the ENEMY, along with the Fake News MSM. DON’T DO IT, PRESIDENT TRUMP, OR YOU WILL BE A ONE TERMER!

  25. rev_dave says

    I doubt alliances are really necessary. Just let Obamacare rot like the roadkill it is, and there will be plenty of Democrats looking to support something new – not even a ‘fixer upper’ version – in order to save themselves from being covered with the stink when that carcass explodes.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Except the CBO said Obamacare is stable. So stuff it up your ass, butthurt fuckwit.

      1. rev_dave says

        Wow Benny Foo-Foo, do you kiss your boyfriend with that potty mouth? I guess we know where you kiss him, don’t we poopie-breath. (See, I can toss crap-talk too. It’s not a liberal-only skill.)

        So, CBS says it’s stable. Yet 5 states have only one plan on the exchange now. Others are planning to shut down their state exchanges and simply tell everybody to go to the fed exchange. Prices go up year over year, and providers drop out every year. And, we supposedly have 20 million people (out of what we were told was 47 million poor who would be covered) who cannot afford any plan and are going without insurance anyway. And those folks will be fined by the IRS – for being too poor to afford insurance. If that’s what you call stable, then yeah, it’s ‘stable’.

      2. Sandie says

        Not certain why there has to be name calling and less than professional language when writing comments. People get turned off with this kind of language and would not read any more than they have to for certain. Also I think validation of what is being stated is always a good idea. A link to where the “CBO” made that remark gives it credibility. rev_dave simply gave his opinion of where he thinks this is going and how he felt about the present healthcare option. Your last sentence was very unnecessary. Simply putting in your first sentence made the point, and an added link would have validated it.

        1. Ben Totuous says

          How about you motherfuckers document Obamacare is failing when you make the claim? And the worst problem is America-hating Repukes sabotaging Obamacare. Cancelling advertising, frivolous lawsuits, bullshit repeal votes, Right wing cocksucker governors who refused to expand their set up exchanges to utilize it. Everybody who sabotaged Obamacare should be arrested.

          1. JYuma says

            So states a Mother fucker, who is known for Selling his for $1. a throw.
            Stop Sucking on that nob you Suck on for 1 minuet and read some news.
            Until the Governor of my state made a very Lucrative deal [for the insurance company]with a insurance company, in Jan. My country did not have an Insurer. The cost still jumped 116%.
            o’bozocare was written to FAIL. So the the Dems. could force the Government to enact Government insurance.

          2. Sandie says

            We are done. You language is too ridiculous to take anything you say as intelligent. And calling me a name I do not deserve is just ridiculous. You can respond and use your nasty vocabulary but I am done.

      3. bttrap says

        your going to need that obacare to get you foot out of you mouth

      4. mac12sam12 says

        The CBO is full of crap because the ACA is tanking. Why are insurance companies pulling out? Subsidizes are we?

  26. Lew Williams says

    work with democrats? well republicans won’t work with him, so why not?

  27. Murph68 says

    The article references “moderate Democrats”. I don’t believe there is such a thing anymore. Trump is making a mistake if he alienates the Freedom Caucus and throws an olive branch to those who are determined to destroy him.

  28. kassa1 says

    If Trump should strike some kind of an alliance between the parties, we the people better watch out, because something is up, as the communist a.k.a. Democrats house had nothing to do with the Republican Party for a long long time and they are really pissed, that their power Is partially gone and what they’ve destroyed in America is being revived. Watch out America!

    1. David Harrington says

      WATCH OUT AMERICA! In the summer of 2004,Charles Kushner Father of Jared Kushner son in law and adviser of Donald J Trump was fined $508,900 by the Federal Election Commission for contributing to political campaigns in the names of his partnerships when he lacked authorization to do so.[7] In 2005, following an investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey,[8] U.S. Attorney Chris Christie negotiated a plea agreement with Kushner, under which Kushner pleaded guilty to 18 counts of making illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering.[9] The witness-tampering charge arose from Kushner’s act of retaliation against William Schulder, husband of his sister Esther, who was cooperating with federal investigators; Kushner hired a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law, arranged for an encounter between the two to be secretly recorded, and had the tape sent to his sister.[10][11][12][13] Kushner was sentenced to two years in prison[10] and served 14 months at Federal Prison Camp, Montgomery in Alabama[14][15] before being sent to a halfway house in Newark, New Jersey to complete his sentence.[14][15][16] He was released from prison on August 25, 2006.[17]
      As a result of his convictions, Kushner was disbarred from the practice of law in New Jersey,[] New York,[19] and Pennsylvania.[20] Charles Kushner is the Father of Jared Kushner son in law and adviser of

      1. kassa1 says

        What does this have to do with my blog?

        1. David Harrington says

          “I did try and f@@k her. She was married.

          I moved on her like a female dog,

          But I couldn’t get there.

          And she was married.

          You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful.

          I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss.

          I don’t even wait.

          You can do anything…

          Grab them by the pu$$y.

          You can do anything.”

          The President of the United States of America Donald J Trump

          1. bttrap says

            and what did clinton do in the white house?

          2. David Harrington says

            I don’t care they are not there anymore.

          3. bttrap says

            some excuse then I don’t care what trump said

          4. David Harrington says

            It is not an excuse I paid attention when they were there. If you want to be irresponsible and deny the fact that Donald is an A$$hole go ahead.

          5. David Harrington says

            Why? He is the president right now not 16 years ago. Clinton was in office 16 years ago. He is not really relevant to the conversation.

    2. Ben Totuous says

      Jesus fuck, you are a fucking miron.

      1. kassa1 says

        Please learn how to spell moron you useful idiot of the atheist party a.k.a. Democrat party.

        1. Mike W says

          Hillary once said she loves Democrats because “most are not very educated and they are easily manipulated.” Ol’ Ben here is just helping to prove her right.

          1. kassa1 says

            Is that why you are a useful idiot of the Communist AKA democrat party!

  29. Richard Faith says

    IMO Trump underestimates the strength and the loyalty of the voters who DID put him over the top in the election: antiglobalists and advocates for SIMPLE REPEAL of obamA”care”. He needs to know that if he throws said constituencies out with the bath water, he will be neutering himself in the process.

  30. David Stewart says

    Need no Dimwitocrats; we don’t want to be Communists here!

  31. James Maxwell says

    The President of the United States is supposed to represent ALL of the American People, both
    parties included. As President he has the ability to work for all of us to get the job done as
    necessary. If that means bringing both parties to the table and whipping their respective asses
    like spoiled children to get the job done it would be nice. There has to be common ground for
    all to come together for a solution that is equitable for all citizens of our Nation. That means we
    need someone who can bring both parties to the table and, if necessary, kick their asses till the
    come to a consensus that is fair to our Citizens and does not favor one over the other.

  32. SDofAZ says

    Trump needs to remember his backers. The deplorables are conservatives without a doubt. I know the grid lock is what it is and has been in DC during and before he ran. Making deals is fine but the goal is still to drain the swamp. If the deal enables the dems to forward their agenda, then Trump will not satisfy deplorables and we are his backers. And allying with rinos like Rat Ryan is a mistake. Rat Ryan thinks he can sit in the chair Trump occupies today. I sincerely hope that never happens because he will be as bad as the rest of the dem wits and rinos before him. Scarey thought.

  33. Ben Totuous says

    Not a chance in motherfucking hell Democrats become accomplices to that treasonous bastard. He is going to Leavenworth for treason. It will not be long.

    1. Mike W says

      Who Obama?

      1. Ben Totuous says

        Fuck you in the poop chute. You know Trump is guilty.of treason. One of the greatest days in American history will be when he gets locked up.

        1. Mike W says

          You know you have a foul mouth and puny brain. I’d love to be sitting next to you right now. You do not even know who Obama is! I know for you ignorance is bliss but do try to get an education – before someone else knocks you on your can.

          Here’s a hint for you: The guy on the left below is Muhammed Sabuh. He is the founder of a small cult called SUBUH.That picture was taken in the 60’s does he look a little familiar? And you really believed that Obama Sr. was his biological father?


          1. Ben Totuous says

            Trump’s father is satan himself.

          2. Mike W says

            You have nothing to base that on but the evidence against Obama and Michelle/Michael is mounting. Hillary is about to be exposed as a pedophile along with Bill so keep screaming your tantrums are about to get a whole lot worse as the truth comes out.

          3. Ben Totuous says

            Oh fuck, you are another brainless disciple of that lying shitbag Crazy Alex Jomes

          4. Mike W says

            Alex who? I do my own research and to tell the truth I voted for Bill Clinton twice – when I was young and stupid. Since then I have learned a lot about them. They are scum from Arkansas to the present they have been nothing but crooks. Look at that video above if you have the guts to look at something that you might not like. But the truth will come out whether you like it or not!

          5. Mike W says

            Some more education for you. The Democrats screamed about President Trumps tax returns – what did they find? He paid a higher percentage in taxes than any of them – Bernie Sanders said I didn’t pay that much because I’m not as rich as he is – that is B.S. what percentage did you pay Bernie? Rachel Maddow the idiot screamed about it only to find that the company she works for MSNBC paid less of a percentage than President Trump.
            They screamed about where the money from the Trump Foundation went. What did they find? A huge percentage went to healthcare charities, another large percentage went to scholarships and another big percentage to Jewish organizations. They even found that he gave money to people who didn’t like him personally if he thought their cause was good. They looked at the Clinton Foundation too – the 2nd time – what did they find? less than 6% actually made it to a charity of any kind – almost all went into “operating expenses” – fyi that means it went to paying themselves.
            Chelsea Clinton’s husband – Marc Mezvinsky – “operated” a hedge fund – until he “lost” 90% of investors’ money and he “had” to shut it down. Any idea how much he made “operating” that hedge fund? His father Ed Mezvinsky went to prison – for what? Bank fraud after stealing $10,000,000.
            These are not baseless accusations they can easily be looked up. You should really try it sometime.

          6. bttrap says

            now you are old and stupid

          7. Mike W says

            I might be old and stupid but prove one thing I said wrong!

          8. bttrap says

            one thing is your old

          9. Mike W says

            Grow up!

          10. Mike W says

            I know you think that the guy who built a multi billion dollar empire that employs about 34,000 people is an idiot – and the community organizer who was so stupid he wrote a book than included admissions about his drug use – then said he never used drugs on his bar application – so he had to surrender his law license to avoid prosecution for lying on that bar application is a genius.
            President Trump also said he wants to make America great again and put Americans first – you are against that – Why? Aren’t you an American?

          11. bttrap says

            no you are satan

          12. mac12sam12 says

            Wow! Satan? He looked human to me!

        2. bttrap says

          also one of the greatest day is when trump gets the next 4 years and someone sews your mouth shut potty mouth do you eat with that mouth

        3. mac12sam12 says

          Name the treason.

        4. Richard Faith says

          The message of one who advocates buggery is less than persuasive.

    2. bttrap says

      that’s where obimie should be with hitlery

    3. mac12sam12 says

      Just enjoy the next 8 years. Last time I checked you can’t put a president in prison because your old lady lost.

  34. Mike W says

    I don’t understand why people get so mad at the idea of the Republicans and Democrats working together. That’s the way it should be. The last time we had a balanced budget was also the last time they worked together. I guess egos get in the way of progress.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Trump is a traitor. I will be goddamned if Democrats work with such a treasonous shitstain. He belongs in hardtime fucking prison.

      1. Mike W says

        Trump is not a traitor where the hell do you get that? The muslim before him was the traitor. Hillary Clinton sold us out to line her pockets. You really ought to stop listening to Amy Schumer and Samantha Bee.

        1. Ben Totuous says

          Who are they? Listen, you barking shitpipe… Obama was scandal fucking free for 8 years. You nazis were desperate to get him, but NOBODY was even charged, let along got locked up.

          1. Mike W says

            Keep ranting it’s all you have left.

          2. bttrap says

            besides crying over the election GET OVER IT your crying won’t do any good and it won’t change anything if you don’t like it move to middle east and see where your cyring will get you if you still have your head on your shoulders

      2. bttrap says

        and you besides him moron

    2. Richard Hennessy says

      Conservatives have no problem working with anyone who isn’t committed to simply spending more of other people’s money on projects and programs that are merely intended to buy votes for Democrats. When Democrats want to focus the Federal government’s work on matters that are supposed to be the role of the Federal government, conservatives will be happy to work with them. Will that ever happen?

  35. Jean Langford M. says


  36. daveveselenak says

    … the beat goes on, doesn’t matter who is in the WH! The NWO-elitist agenda will go on until the sheeple realize that: REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION – guaranteed; it is that or resign yourselves to a life of misery, squalor and serfdom to the Godless State while these Satan worshipping, power mad ghouls live as the kings and queens that they are already doing on the public dole! Armr===============================? – – – – , we will be needing them!

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Take your meds conspiracy theory buttplug.

      1. daveveselenak says

        Typical response from a Leftist stooge – can’t handle the truth and that is why the Left only knows how to lie – jerk!

  37. Richard Hennessy says

    If Trump gives in to Democrats, his Presidency will be effectively over. His support comes from conservatives, who will quickly abandon him if he rejects conservative policy. Most voted for him only because they had no choice. He will receive no support from liberals, no matter what he does.

  38. Helga miller says

    NO, NO and NO! These Dems should cooperate with President Trump, not the other way around! Don’t you realize who won???

  39. kds says

    Trump needs to stand by his word during the election and tell them to stick it up their DEMOASS’S.

  40. Joann Holmes says

    If Trump ever tries to make things better with the democrats he is likely to lose everything. They are like mad dogs.

    1. rev_dave says

      No kidding. Take a look at the comments of the sewer-mouthed alcoholic hanging out here today. If he was my neighbor I’d have him picked up for observation and detox before he got rabid and had to be shot. For his own good, of course.

    2. Richard Faith says

      The very best of all history’s lessons is that giving money or favors to your enemies will NEVER make them LIKE you.

  41. rick meek says

    Ya know what – I have some changes I want to make to the CONSTITUTION —– Let’s get it out – Dust it off – and put it to the use IT WAS INTENDED…….

  42. rick meek says

    Sure – why not – but trump should expect to get his ass handed to him…..trump ISN’T a politician and they plan to nail him in any way possible —– DC is for elites only so the corruption can continue…and the money flow….

  43. jreg9304 says

    Opinions are like azzholes everyone has one. Nobody knows what kind of drugs the democrats have been using, but they are surely not in their right minds. So, i would say no to any kind of a compromise between trump and these airheads. There is not a senator in Washington that does not carry a booze flask or some kind of drug in their pockets. Proven fact, by how they act. Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, they are really off the wall in more ways than one. Maybe it’s withdrawl, who knows. All that can be said, is that these career morons have to get out of politics and the sooner the better. Out with the old, in with the new and fresh minded. That is what America needs!

  44. lerose55 says

    But will Schumer change, I read he was explosive in a up scale restaurant in NYC, when he spotting to separate men who he knew supported Trump. An he flipped out on them. The other people got up & left & Schumer followed them outside to continue his rant.

    Sore losers these Democrats are. Such violence & hatred. They have become a HATE GROUP. And should be treated as so with our Laws they, think they do not have to follow. Drain the Swamp.

    Schumer thinks his way is the only way. Grow Up.

  45. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

    If Trump wants to keep his voters, he better stay where he was in the first place. We don’t want him to have a different presidency!! We want the President WE elected! The one who stands up for US instead of one who will change for Congress! Work with the true Republicans, Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy, et al, and leave the Democrats and RINOS ALONE!

  46. Guy Smith says

    Obamacare is is hopelessly broken! It cannot be “fixed”. It must be repealed! I am not certain that it must be replaced, though, because a way might be found to extend desired features of Obamacare until reforms like health savings accounts,tort reform, and allowing healthcare policies to be sold across State lines can bring down costs.
    Obamacare was designed to fail. The idea was to be able to say “we tried to use the private sector, but it failed; therefore, we must go to a single payer system.” That is what they really wanted from the beginning. I don’t believe anyone can find a country where a single payer system has worked without producing excessively long waits for medical care.

  47. sarge says

    oh hell no let the libs suffer as that is the way they treated us when they had both houses so to hell with them and they will be on before long

  48. dosadoe says

    An alliance can be forged with the Socialist/Liberal/Democrats if Trump can develop a very thick skin on his back so he wont be severely wounded by the backstabbing Socialist/Liberal/Democrats who want him to fail at every turn!

  49. Dennis Daggett says

    I hope not.

  50. Sung dae Han says

    Well geeeni hole schumers happy lol we want to keep him happy

  51. Sung dae Han says

    Na someone troughing cards in the air to test the will of this that’s all and watch thisnis testing to see who believe it

  52. Ben Totuous says

    Trump dug up his mother’s corpse and fucks it.

    1. JYuma says

      You are a Mental case aren’t you?? Does the Institution know that you have escaped?
      You kiss your Boyfriend with that mouth?

      1. Ben Totuous says

        Do you fuck your momma too, asshole?

  53. Libertarian1911 says

    Why should Trump seek alliances with the Dems when it should be Dems seeking alliances with the party in power. The dems NEVER sought alliances with the Republicans when they were in power. There was no bi-partisanship in the creation of Obamacare, it was crammed down the throats of both houses with Pelosi famously saying and I paraphrase; Don’t bother to read it, we will find out what is in it after we pass it.

    1. JYuma says

      I am wondering if it isn’t that way. He had a Big Dinner last night. A couple of Dems., showed up. Without any announcement that they were coming.

      1. Ben Totuous says

        They should not have came. Trump only wants to fuck people.

  54. Charlie Pastore says

    Chuckie Scumer is nothing but a Stupid Jackass if He thinks our President will change just for Him. He Thinks He is better Than Prsident Trump and wants him to knuckle down to Him. Not Gonna Happen Chuckie.

  55. marinemike says

    Before going to the Democrats he needs to get the Republicans to stop infighting. By controlling both Houses of Congress and the Whitehouse the American people have an opportunity to restore and save the republic.

  56. calhar says

    This question should be the other way around will the Democrats form an alliance with Trump????????

  57. BH says

    Trump needs to forge an alliance with the people who got him there and forget about the Democrats. Trump needs to learn that Democrats define “bipartisanship” as “Republicans doing what Democrats want them to do”. Living in NY, you would think Trump would know you can’t trust Schumer on anything.

  58. My country says

    No there will not be an alliance . But what there will be is a nation who is ashamed by the communist Democratic Party who is forcing its citizens to come out fighting . If this happens there will be no hiding place fior these idiots most of who don’t know what sex they are especially Shumer. If they can’t figure that out how in the world do you think they can think for the rest of us ? It’s only in their minds ! None of which have a full brain cell between them !

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Fuck off. And eat some shit when you finish doing it.

      1. My country says

        My my what a filthy mouth piece of crap you are ! You must be a fairy !

        1. JYuma says

          Block him!

          1. Ben Totuous says

            Go ahead. I can always register again. You fucktards are going to get your noses rubbed in Trump’s shit. Bank on it.

  59. Swampfox1965 says

    Is Trump a DIRC? Democrat in Republican Clothing?

    1. JYuma says

      About as much as you with that 180 IQ of yours.

      1. rev_dave says

        Didn’t you mean “80”?

      2. Swampfox1965 says

        Close, but no cigar JY. It’s only 146.

    2. Ben Totuous says

      Democrats want nothing to do with that necrophiliac Trump.

  60. DAlnB41 says

    The problems is not “the democrats,” the problem is “The Democratic leadership!”
    Most Americans are Americans first and party second; most of us want what Americans’ has always been; a place we can be proud of, a place we can serve and be served with equal support and interest, share the great American values with pride and trust and know when we send a person to Washington to attend to the nations business we will get our moneys worth with honest, hard work with American and the American people the one and only objective. A place where we can wake up in the morning and find another great day in the USA, Not find nothing but political fighting, one person against another person, one party against the other party, one society against the other, arguing, finger pointing, threats, degrading not only the government and the people there but the nation!
    Nothing seems sacred anymore as there is no place you can turn to without arguments, threats, disordered, distrust, name calling; the mental sickness of Washington D.C. has been spread through the nation by the media so we are all being effected!
    Instead of the “I will” promises that never materialize, instead of the -do everything we can to stop any headway,- instead of the wasted time of standing in front of TV cameras and bad mouthing anyone who tries fixing a problem, instead of having to explain to our kids what has happened to our nation and reset the minds that radical teachers and school boards are taking away the right of prayer, the flag, the pledge of allegiance and even the pride of the students.
    Don’t blame the Democrats, they have no control over the absurdities the Democratic party leaders are pushing down everyone’s throat. The Democrats’ did not tap into Bernie Sanders campaign – it was the Democratic leaders (and they got caught)! It is not the Democrats who are creating hate and discontent with a constant challenge of anyone who tries doing anything to fix our problems; it is the democratic leaders.
    The Democrats in America are just as much American as any of us; loyalty to America, proud to be American, respect American values and society; but that seems to be drawing further and further from what we all, Democrats and Republicans want or expect!
    Do not blame “Democrats”, it is their leadership that is creating the problems !

  61. Rosech Levy says

    Trump not turning his back on Ryan? Get real. When Trump says something nice about someone you can be sure they should start running for the hills because you are a goner, and in this case Ryan you need to resign and retire to save face.

    1. JYuma says

      From your Fingers, To “GODS” ear!!!!!

    2. Ben Totuous says

      EVERY one of those feces eating Rupukelickkkins needs to resign and report to prison. Those Fuckers are traitors, thieves and scoundrels.

  62. Warren says

    Pretend they are not there and soon you will be right !! Traitors every Mothers Son !!!

    1. Wayne Smyer says
      1. Wayne Smyer says

        ‘YOU BETCHA’

        1. rev_dave says

          Replying to your own posts? Did you like your own too? pathetic.

  63. Wayne Smyer says

    WHEN TRAITOR TRUMP’S PUTIN CONNECTION IS SHOWN BY FBI, TRUMP IS IMPEACHED! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a11faf3ef1c6efc0a22d69e70da1489b69b49dd6c1b6f443324187b015af3031.jpg

  64. Wayne Smyer says
  65. skipsart says

    Anybody that still has a widow’s peek at his age should learn to grow up or get out

    1. Ben Totuous says

      He will never give up the role that made him famous… Playing Eddie Munster.

    2. JYuma says

      I Hate to tell you THIS. I have one. It is spelled,

      1. JYuma says

        That must have hit a nerve on the Blocked Imbeciles
        That got 6 of them to post, their Bull to me!

  66. Ben Totuous says

    Trump wears Depend diapers. Look at the bunching in that Kentucky-fried fat ass.

  67. Bill Sturdivant says

    The DEFUND Obamacare MANDATE has not changed.
    Democrats continue to act like fools and Republicans will soon be fed up with Schumer and Pelosi’s antics and bring the hammer down utilizing their majority status.
    A few Rhino’s like P. Ryan, McCain and McConnell may have to go in order for business to be taken care of. If so, so be it.
    We need a good bill with across State Line purchases, Drug Price Bidding, no inclusive entitlements, and no insurance co. pandering by paid off congressmen.
    Congress needs to shape up and get it done. No excuses accepted.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Selling insurance across state lines IS LEGAL NOW. Insurance companies don’t WANT to compete, or desire to set up networks in new areas. It is a monopoly, and Repukes in DC are neck deep in it with insurance companies. As long as lobbying is legal, it is corporate America and elected officials against the people. Every politician takes the money, but Repukes are the worst.

      Trump and his 35% support are not going to bounce out what you call RINOs. You righties thought Tea Party could change everything. It didn’t. And now you jokers are onto another idea that will fail.

      1. rev_dave says

        Don’t be an ass, Ben. It costs money to sell products across state lines, and more money to have a separate unit in each state to sell there. Each state has laws the company has to comply with in order to sell. And about half, though the number is dropping, set up their own exchange instead of routing everybody to Obamacare. THAT is more money again because of state regulations about their exchanges. So the bottom line is that if the company anticipates it’s not going to pay off, they’re NOT going to sell across state lines or to expand their business to new lines. And apparently Obamacare doesn’t offer them the opportunity to recoup the expenses it would take to play there, cuz if it did, they would.

        Oh, by the way, yesterday I flagged nearly all your sewer-mouth rants as inappropriate. I frankly think everyone else on this comment board should do the same. We can have a discussion without your foul ranting alcoholic insanity, you know. Well, maybe YOU can’t, but WE can.

  68. Dick says

    Trump should NOT forge any alliances with democrats or rinos. Neither group can be trusted. The democrat history has shown them to be nothing but liars. Any alliance or compromise would not be worth the paper it is written on – much like Obamacare.

  69. Jeff Mack says

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ae1fe342b83a142fbf63b229d16113dd2d5a35e52752a07e0a86bd2798a29135.jpg Paul Ryan doesn’t want Trump to “get along” with democrats. https://www.yahoo.com/news/ryan-doesnt-want-trump-democrats-healthcare-014338563–business.html
    I also believe the democrats are keeping on their cries about a so-called Russian hacker, to keep the spotlight off of what they are really trying to tear up and destroy.

  70. Ricarrdo estavans says

    Schumer is a serpent.

  71. donl says

    NO! The Demo-Commies have proven they are Anti-American.

  72. Libertarian Soldier says

    You can take the democrat out of the party but you can’t take the democrat party heart out of the lifelong, socialistic democrat.

  73. CUZIN ERN says

    POTUS #45 is the power that determines who who is the in charge: not playing as the condemed one!

    1. JYuma says

      He, does? Enlighten me .

    1. Wayne Smyer says
  74. albertbryson says

    I doubt that President Trump would get anything done now. I don’t believe that the Democrats will cooperate with him with all the delaying tactics on his cabinet and the Supreme Court.

    1. JYuma says

      Don’t. For he will.

  75. watchman48 says

    Pres. Trump, Do not make an alliance with the wicked, less you fall prey and be devoured with them.

  76. Indigo Sentia Haiti says

    No Trump will form no alliance with the democrats. We are devoted to taking out the trash. Read that as trump to the curb.

    1. JYuma says

      Read. that as Trump to the curb?
      Always have been an Anti-Trumper, HUH?

  77. rick meek says

    Gotta get the job done – I personally want and desire to get rid of all this trash and start over I’d make changes to the CONSTITUTION THOUGH – I’d get it out – DUST it off – and put it to the use for which it was intended….and any fed judge that opposed it would be impeached…..

    1. JYuma says

      Make changes to the Constitution? How?
      Get it out? It is one exhibit in Washington, D C. Every day.[ well, I believe that the Vault that holds it is in renovation ] but it is out for View, most days.
      Dust it off? It has never had Dust on it.
      I do like your Idea of impeaching the Judges that do not uphold their Sworn duty to uphold the Constitution. Making Congress uphold their Swon Pledge ,to uphold it.
      By not passing any Law that IS NOT Constitutional!

  78. Joe Pewter says

    dems will easily be used by Trump..dems enjoy lime-light over principal..plus dems havent had to produce merit to the brainless left public in 50 yrs

  79. roger dodger says

    When the next election takes place, if the insurance rape has not been repealed, not repaired, not replaced and the wall has not been started, 1/3 of the electorate that handed the republicans their large win will vote against all republicans, if that is what it takes to get rid of the RINO c-suckers.
    We aremn’t doing this any more, the RINO garbage have done this for 20 years. we are done

    1. JYuma says

      Would it not be better for the Electorate. To simply Vote out all the Repubelicans, that voted to Not replace it?
      There by keeping the Congress in the Hands of Repubelicans, that will?
      If all Repubelicans, are Voted out.
      Then the Democrats will be able to continue their quest, to make this country a Communist Country.
      Is that what you WANT?

      1. roger dodger says

        Ryan, McConnell, Graham, they would continue to be elected.
        Time to quit talking, the RINOS can start acting like republicans or dump the whole party.
        We can get from the liberal dem bloodsuckers what we are getting from the fing RINOS

        1. JYuma says

          You may do whatever you wish.
          I, will keep fighting them, here and by sending emails to the President, my Law makers.
          If you “FEEL” that you will be Shafted by the Dems. Better than The Repubelicans.
          Feel Free to do So.

  80. Helen says

    The democrats knowingly allowed a NON Citizen to become our president and strip our Cooountry oa sll its wealth. Obama needs to be imprisoned and eventally hung! The present people in the Dem party also need to be incarcerated and a new party of responsible Americans who are NOT LEFT WING Communists replacd them!!!

  81. Jonathan Brooks says

    Preibus is talking out his rear. The dems have utterly closed ranks to let Trump get nothing done, and if Rense thinks he can sweettalk those fanatics, he does not have enough chapstick and kneepads to get that done.

    Get it in your head Preibus!. The Dems want Trump dead, and the Conservatives do not.

    You did not repeal or replace or even repair Obamacare, but just renamed it, and got caught.

    The freedom Caucus saved Trumps bottom, because he and the Republicans would have been welded to this imploding monster, because it was written to make Dems money and to service the Insurance corporations only.

  82. sweetolbob says

    Remember when Schumer was oily enough to even persuade the NRA to push a measure that would “help veterans actually clear their records of PTS reporting ” ?
    With no lawyers needed ? Just a simple declaration by the vet ? No cost accrued ? So that the vets that were forbidden from buying firearms because they had been adjudged CRAZY by some bureaucrat could get their rights back ?
    Please write the NRA and ask for the number of vets that received relief.
    This is the same thing. Chuckie is LYING AGAIN !

    1. JYuma says

      Any time Chuckies mouth is moving. He’s lying!!!!!

  83. jim jones says

    If Trump doesn’t do some positive changing his one term is going to be a fruitless effort.

    1. JYuma says

      He has. I do not believe that you would give him any credit if he Reversed the $20 Trillion Debt o’bozo ran up.

      1. Richard Faith says

        Is “Jim Jones” the “guy” from Guyana? That could explain his mentality!

        1. JYuma says

          He was from San Fran.

          1. Richard Faith says

            That’s just about equally bad.

    2. JYuma says

      I know you don’t want Trump to succeed. If you did you would be screaming at Congress and ryan.
      There is a lot of difference between , Clean air, water, the EPA was tying to Take every little paddle on a piece of property, or a dry wash that had rain other in it from time to time, from the Land owner.

  84. Jonathan Brooks says

    Trump CANNOT cut a deal with the Democrats, because they make money on Obamacare, and want it totally intact, even if it sinks the economy. They will never touch the mass of taxes that is embedded like ticks in Obamacare, and they hate Trump and want him dead, so thereis no negotiations to be had. They are liars, scum, and are like kissing cobras with tongue, when it comes to deals.

  85. Wayne Smyer says


  86. Wayne Smyer says

    BOTH BILL & HILLARY USED RUSSIAN SALAD DRESSING ON THEIR SALADS! FOR SHAME? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1eb859a97e95e677ab7cb5aad74f20d8e900740a7c8f398dd00d4b1483a98fd9.jpg

    1. Wayne Smyer says


      1. Wayne Smyer says


  87. Wayne Smyer says
    1. Wayne Smyer says


      1. Wayne Smyer says


  88. Ted Crawford says

    Before that is possible, President Trump will need to secure more victories like his Syrian Response. For that to happen, without excessive Executive Orders and/or more unilateral actions, President Trump and Congressional Leadership will need to find some way to neuter the egregious Freedom Caucus! Reasonable , sustainable legislation will need to be created in spite of these self important, petulant idealists!

    1. Richard Hennessy says

      Some idealism is exactly what we need. We need some action based on principle, as opposed to the immorality-based activity of Democrats and Federal judges that we have seen during the past decade.

      1. Ted Crawford says

        I agree, principled actions, NOT petulance idealism! Sadly it’s a profound truth, ‘There Is No Perfect’! The primary goal was to end PPACA. The secondary, but still important goal, to do it the way each feels is best. Speaker Ryan and then President Trump met and negotiated with the quislings of the FC. They each made several concessions to them, still they refused to support the bill. That is NOT principle, it is adolescent idealism!

  89. Nomad says

    He could get a better deal from the devil.

  90. Richard Hennessy says

    If Trump forges an alliance with Democrats, his Presidency is done. Democrats have nothing of value to offer. They only want to water-down or completely defeat all efforts to undue the damage to our Country that they, Obama and Federal judges have done during the last decade or longer.

  91. Libertarian Soldier says

    In a word, “yes”! democrat don never left the democrats. The whole counterfeit republican thing was just a head fake. The rest of the socialist agenda is coming up next, with the continuation of socialist healthcare re-installation efforts, socialist child care, socialist parental time off, socialist student loan forgiveness, socialist spending to prosperity (stimulus), socialist protectionism…

    He’s already there. Luckily, the dems are only slightly more stupid than the gullible dullards of the republican, in name, only party. They don’t remember any better than the other guys that he’s one of them and his kids, who drive the socialist agenda are 3rd generation socialists!

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