Will Trump Throw Bannon Overboard for Jared Kushner?


According to reports in Axios, the New York Post, and elsewhere, the infighting within the West Wing is growing so intolerable that President Trump may be ready to choose sides and dispense with the losing faction. And if you can gleam any clues from Trump’s public comments, the losing faction in this case could include White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon.

The signs of Bannon’s waning influence aren’t hard to find; though the administration has downplayed Bannon’s removal from the National Security Council, you can’t see that move as anything other than a demotion. It also signals a power shift in the White House – away from Bannon and towards Jared Kushner and his group, which the former Breitbart CEO refers to as “the Democrats.” That power shift is likely also exemplified by the recent news that Ivanka Trump is now keeping an office in the West Wing, despite not being an official government employee.

In an interview with the New York Post, Trump mused that no one in his administration was irreplaceable. Of his chief strategist, he said that Bannon was a “good guy,” but that didn’t make him invincible. He told the Post that he’d instructed the warring factions to get on the same page.

“I told them to straighten it out or I will,” Trump said.

In the same interview, Trump downplayed Bannon’s role in his 2016 victory.

“I like Steve, but you have to remember he was not involved in my campaign until very late,” Trump said. “I had already beaten all the senators and all the governors, and I didn’t know Steve. I’m my own strategist and it wasn’t like I was going to change strategies because I was facing crooked Hillary.”

Taken on its own, we could just chalk this up to Trump’s brash management style and an unwillingness to share the core credit for his astonishing political rise. But if we take those comments in the context of Bannon’s removal from the NSC, the controversial Syria strike – which Bannon is said to have opposed – and Trump’s obvious and understandable allegiance to his own family, they don’t feel like a great omen for Bannon’s future in the White House.

Now, the fate of the country obviously doesn’t rest on the career prospects of Steve Bannon, but if Bannon’s demotion heralds an uptick of influence for Ivanka, Jared, McMaster, Cohn, and the like, it could spell doom for Trump’s agenda. How much of it do these players really support? Nevermind if they are as conservative as the Bannon wing of the Republican Party; are they even as conservative as the Republican establishment? Are they, in fact, conservatives at all, in any sense of the word?

Maybe it doesn’t matter. After all, Trump was Trump before Bannon ever came on board; like the president said, he’d already dispensed with the entire GOP field by the time he hired the man behind Breitbart News. And it’s possible that these inner-sanctum conflicts are being blown out of proportion.

Still, if you’re looking for a reason to get nervous…

  1. Justin Seine says

    It looks to me that he already “Went to Jared”.

  2. cristoiglesia says

    Trump will be in deep trouble from Soros if his man Soros is removed and replaced by this leftist Democrat Kushner. It would be a very foolish move by Trump.

    1. AntiGOP says

      Don’t worry…Trump is sending him to a place where he will have close contact…Siberia.!!

      And then the Alt-Right is truly FUCKED by Trump.!!!

      Now go look for emails shitheads…

      1. mac12sam12 says

        It’s going to be a long 8 years for you!! 😀

        1. AntiGOP says

          8 year ain’t never going to happen…

          1. mac12sam12 says

            The economy will get Trump 8 years and then another 8 years of the first woman president, Ivanka Trump.

          2. AntiGOP says

            And god is your other dream…

            TRUMPS are DONER

          3. mac12sam12 says

            I’m not a Christian but I do believe in 1st amendment rights. How is Trump done? He’s kicking butt! Try weaning yourself off of fake news.

    2. Mary Cosmah-Johnson says

      Yes it would. We need to somehow get that across to our President Trump.
      Tweet him. As I am sure he never see these comments.
      How did he not know the daughter he loves so much let her self be swayed from his beliefs, hubby must be very persuasive.
      She even wants planned parenthood to be funded.I pray he sticks with his friends, most times they have got your back better than family.

      1. cristoiglesia says

        She has not swayed from the leftist beliefs which they share as a family. Without exception the Trumps are all far left liberal ideologues. All liberals like the Trumps are for the public funding of Planned Parenthood. Are you not aware that the judge that Trump just got confirmed is pro-abortion and for the redefining of “marriage” to include same sex couples. Trump betrayed his promise of nominating a conservative to the court but instead confirmed a far left liberal judge.

        Trump is still deeply indebted to Soros whom he has never paid back the more than 300 million (the full amount is not known as may be much more) in loan forgiveness when Trump went bankrupt in Chicago. Obviously this indebtedness has allowed Soros a great level of control over Trump such as cabinet appointments. What we find is that almost all of Trump’s cabinet are former Soros executives. The quid pro quo is quite apparent of Soros influence in the Trump administration. To many of us it is apparent that Soros is the true POTUS and Trump is just his puppet. Bannon is the direct connection between Trump and Soros. Bannon is not going anywhere because if he does Trump will be exposed as the fraud he is by Soros.


  3. barbarakelly says

    Something about Kushner I don’t trust. I get a different feeling about Bannon. When Kushner went on mnsbc that put up red flags. Why didn’t he go on Foxnews. We again don’t know that much about Kushner and that I don’t like. It was the same feeling I got with obama. If Kushner is a DEM –then what the hell is he on our team. — No way. Remove him. We don’t need him blabbing to the wrong media.!!!!!!

    1. Tiger says

      Your feelings are correct. He leaked to MSNBC. He is a lifelong Democrat and a spoiled, obnoxious brat from what college mates tell. He is not military man or strategist yet he went with Chief of Staff to Iraq. Ivanka met with CEO of PP after her father elected and believes in Global Warming.

      Trump has changed and I don’t like it, where are his old team? He best get back on his own train and fast. Family and the WH, especially Liberals don’t mix we didn’t vote for that.

      1. Elizabeth Valentino says


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          1. Germansmith says

            Probably the smartest post I have read here today
            You have the perfect audience…..these idiots will swallow anything

        2. Mary Muennig says

          the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.
          synonyms: favoritism, preferential treatment, the old boy network, looking after one’s own, bias, partiality, partisanship
          “hiring my daughter was not nepotism—it was just good business”

          1. Elizabeth Valentino says


          2. Mary Muennig says

            There is entirely too much nepotism. I think President Trump is doing a very good job in every way except with this nepotism thing going on. Mr. Bannon is VERY important too. If Mr. President gets rid of Mr. Bannon (on account of Mr. Disrespectful) I’m going to be pulling for Sen. Ted Cruz next election. And that’s all that I want to say about that.

        3. Tiger says

          True that and we will wait this one out, his good is far outweighing any bad right now. Can’t complain too much just don’t like this son-in-law and no fan of Ivanka.

        4. Mark Owen says

          Someone explain to me just what the hell Bannon did to get shut out like that. I thought he was a wise adviser, He is also a military veteran. What’s up with that? Trump is starting to slip away to the opposite side. Better wake up or he’ll be out next election!!!

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        Mr Trump needs to march a troop down the road and confiscate the mansion that the little faggot bought with OUR MONEY! Anyone knows that he’s using it as his mooseslime headquarters and he isn’t giving up on his quest to be a dicktaster, I mean dictator!!7

        1. Tiger says

          I believe the Muslim dick…………tater is out using his talents on errr with 51 other men in Tahiti for a month but whoever is minding his store needs an ass kicking.

      3. glorybe2 says

        Trump never changed. He is the same psycho idiot that he always was.

        1. bttrap says

          better him than hitlery

        2. Tiger says

          He is no idiot and far from psycho you don’t see any of his family or friends, acquaintances or followers crying and raising violent Hell. He just has to remember to keep family and the WH separate. All decisions so far are good ones.

      4. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

        I see you have your claws OUT. Go get him Tiger. I don’t like son in law getting to the Presidents ear either. Problem is he is married to Trumps daughter and I am not sure if what was said on MSNBC was to stir things up and see how it flies?? I do not think TRUMP would go this route and hope I am right.

        1. Tiger says

          I have not lost faith in Trump, his decisions are absolutely on the money and he is now bringing America back up to snuff, he is his own man and hopefully he will see the light. The son-in-law not very accomplished in the things of National Security and far as I know never has been.

          1. Germansmith says

            And Trump had extensive experience in National Security?

            Maybe he got some lessons from the FSB

          2. Tiger says

            What Trump has is great counsel and allowing those who are EXPERIENCED in National Security do their jobs, that is what great leaders since time began have done. Surrounded themselves with great advisors and taken that advice.

            No man is an island. No president is all knowing but must depend on being educated by the best about all matters.

            Maybe O got some lessons from the Muslim Brotherhood. We have a president now not a Muslim in the WH.

    2. Mary Cosmah-Johnson says

      That’s the word, I don’t trust him either sneaky maybe

    3. krell51 says

      The fact that he is a globalist Demacrat kinda gives him a bad smell doesn’t it!

    4. cristoiglesia says

      Trump and his whole family have a lifetime history of being Democrats from the radical left. None of them have any history of being conservative or Republican including the Donald himself. This is a Democrat administration pretending to be Republican and being a bad caricature of conservatives and Republicans.

  4. Banknote says

    .Steve Bannon is irracible, a necessary advisor to the Trump administration. I wondered at the strange turn of attitude toward NATO this past week but kept my words to myself until I could see what was going on. Not good, Mr. Trump. Does this have anything to do with the power of Senator Charles Schumer? That is what it looks like.

    1. Nancyrshires says

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    2. Mary Cosmah-Johnson says

      Steve Bannon, is truthful, loyal, and a true conservative. I do hope that our President will do the right think. I watch him speak with Reince, and I believe he is a rreal, true blue friend.
      Obama’s hubby seems a bit withdrawn when around his father in law. With Steve you get what you see, with kushner I see a man for himself, maybe thinks he has privileges with papa bear.
      Not so with Steve. Praying President Trump will see and understand, his son in law is putting a wedge between him and the people that helped him win the white house.

      1. Shelly Shannon says

        I don’t know. I think Trump has proved he is much more independan’t than that. There would be no way Trump would put all his eggs in Kuschners basket. We have no idea if Trumps advise is coming straight from Kuschner. I think it is much more likely that Trump is listening to the experts in his inner circle. He knows Kuschner is not an expert in anything military or anything governmental for that matter. We have seen Bannon in front of a camera maybe twice during all of this. Actually, I don’t ever see him jumping to the defence of our President in anything that has gone on. I see more of that happening with people that no longer work for him. Why isn’t Bannon defending him pubically. He never has, and that gives me a far worse feeling than someone as non-important as Kuschner.

  5. Tiger says

    Kushy baby is a dyed in the wool lifelong Democrat. He has NO PLACE as top advisor to Trump. He went with Chief of Staff to Iraq why? He isn’t a strategist or a military man. He is nothing that needed to be there. Ivanka had a meeting with the CEO of PP after her father elected and believes in Global Warming. Trump needs to clean his ears out and get family out of the WH before the people complain more than I and others already doing. Family Democrat liberals and the man chosen to lead us have nothing in common, NOTHING and he is getting bad counsel.

    Get back on your own Trump Train Mr. President.

    1. Elizabeth Valentino says


      1. Tiger says

        I can guarantee you this much, Elizabeth, with all the good Trump is doing and going to do it sure as Hell won’t be any Progressive/Liberal.

        1. Germansmith says

          what is Trump doing?….with the exception of allowing coal companies to dump waste in our rivers, executive approval of the pipeline nobody really needs and sold your privacy to ISPs, nothing he tried has brought any positive results.

          BTW….$50 millions in Tomahawks to attack a foreign country mostly empty airbase without a declaration of war OR seeking advice and consent from Congress DOES NOT make his Presidential….makes him Toho…remember Pearl Harbor?

          1. Tiger says

            There has been no Declaration of War none.

            Withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
            Directing the elimination of regulations that undermine U.S. manufacturing
            Calling for expedited approval of permits needed for American infrastructure
            Imposing a hiring freeze on nonessential federal employees
            Imposing a temporary moratorium on new federal regulations
            Issuing a new rule that for every new regulation, two old regulations need to be eliminated
            Standing up for the men and women of law enforcement
            Creating a task force for reducing violence and crime in America
            Ordering the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice to coordinate with each other to destroy drug cartels
            Beginning to build a “promised” wall along the country’s southern border with Mexico
            Given Sovereignty back to the states and the transgender bathroom nonsense over.
            Due to our immigration laws back on the books there is a 70% drop in illegal border crossings.
            4,000 illegal Somali are going to be deported, 90 already deported and 300 more going.
            Took money Obama had put aside for illegals and started a program for victims of illegals criminal acts.
            Forced NATO to start a counter terrorist part of it’s duties before agreeing to give them money. Not Russians now threatening Europe, as we see with the attacks but Muslim Terrorists.
            Brought businesses back to America and millions of jobs along with money.
            Did not sign the Paris Accord on Climate Change meaning we won’t help in the redistribution of wealth.
            Has brought pride back to America and a respect for the American President throughout the world.

            The list is endless and is added to daily things the news none of them tell anyone about and one has to search the net for the accomplishments.

          2. PatriotGal says

            Tiger, great job compiling this list. I wish the media would do so, too. Oh, wait, the media lies about OUR PRESIDENT…no wonder they haven’t done it.

          3. Tiger says

            Thank you I am pleased with so much but unhappy with the continuing to come 900 a day refugees. He has to get his ban to the Supreme Court and stop the refugee program.

          4. cristoiglesia says

            Are you aware that it takes at least 10 years to get a close family member to the US and tens of thousands of dollars. That is a lot of vetting. I am a NBC and I am still trying to get my son here from the Philippines. Refugees are different and I would assume much harder to get to the US.

          5. Tiger says

            My mother and grandfather came here after WWII and being POW for the duration. They were registered, monitored and it took them 8.5 years to become citizens. These are not refugees. Most that came in under that guise were men from no war torn countries. Very few Syrians have come under this program.

            You are aware of the danger they pose? You do understand our FBI and General Kelly have made it clear that ISIS here all across our country due to this program? That there are 1000 open cases now on ISIS across our country? That Southern Command says there are 30,000 potential terrorists across America? That congress was told by all agencies that they were coming in with the refugees?

            So I am not concerned with your son coming here, but I am concerned with stopping the Refugee Program and banning anyone from this country who is associated with terrorist countries and banning all from coming here from terrorist countries.

          6. dux nobis28 says

            This is what happens when you have Jewish advisors Wats next a few billion dollars in aid for Israel get rid of Kurchner !

          7. Tiger says

            You have a problem with Israel? Why would that be? They are the only Democracy in the ME and our allies. Money needs to be completely stopped to all terrorist countries, the UN and to refugees and illegal immigrants.

            Israel bought 35 planes from us at 110 million a piece, they contribute to the world of technology and medicine and have pages of Noble Prize winners. In fact the Israeli bandage invented by an Israeli corpsman, saves lives daily downrange. They in fact save lives daily and do good all over the world they don’t even announce.

            You are barking up the wrong tree even though I am not a fan of having family up your backside telling you what to do and don’t like this man or Ivanka in the WH.

          8. dux nobis28 says

            Israel has bought nothing from us Israel since. It’s inception has received one trillion that’s trillion with a t ! The second largest recipient of us aid is Egypt essentially a bribe not to attack Israel the third largest Jordan care to guess the reason why? Additionally the billions of dollars and thousands of US lives wasted in proxy wars on Israel’s behalf our reward Pollard with allies like Israel who needs enemies . Israel is entitled to defend itself but with its own lives and money !

          9. Tiger says

            Look at the price tag they paid. Jew hater.

          10. M Walden says

            Trump simply acted on Obama’s red line that was crossed by Assad and ignored by Obama. Innocent civilians were deliberately targeted by Assad and seran gas was used on them. This was an inhumane act on the Syrian people that needed to be addressed and stopped. There is nothing comparable about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and this attack on Assad for his use of chemical weapons on his own people.

          11. Donqixote says

            If you don’t know by now that the sarin gas attack was a false flag and fake news event then you’re clueless. Try researching and reading alternative news outlets before commenting.

          12. M Walden says

            I am sure you feel the FIRST gas attack was a false also. Clueless, I am far from that; however, I don’t drink the Kool Aid that your group does. Perhaps you need to expand your news sources and open your mind to the truth. There are none so blind as those who will not see, which includes you. Get over it- you folks lost the election.

          13. Donqixote says

            Pardon me but I voted for Trump and what he stood for. The non-politician outsider who’ll drain the swamp in Washington. It looks however that he’s either slacking or those around him are sabotaging him. The fact that Bannon is on the outs and Trump fell for the left’s trickery and bombed Assad frightens me that he is over credulous like you seem to be.

          14. M Walden says

            Judge not, less ye be judged. We will agree to disagree on certain issues. Only time and history will prove which of us is correct. In fact, being correct is not even of consequence. The main objective should be to put America back on course to being a great nation and off the road to becoming another banana republic.

          15. Donqixote says

            Agreed! Putting America back on course however does not involve throwing bombs around on a whim. What is Trump trying to prove, that he can? What happened to America First? What happened to the strategy of consolidating Americans into a sovereignty where there are no hyphenated persons.

          16. dux nobis28 says

            Agreed the Syrian mess was Hillarys present to Israel allowing them to annex the Golan heights while the world was distracted no foreign aid or state building should be America’s policy let’s see what happens with the infiltration of neo con liberal Jew in the strip administration!

          17. cristoiglesia says

            When judging someone for a political office one needs to study their past. Trump’s history is of being a lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue. He is the one in the Democrat party that gave America Barack Obama with his influence in the Democrat Party and money. If he did anything different it would be against his character and leftist ideology. Trump should be the one taking all the blame and not his fellow leftists surrounding him. The bombing was just Saber rattling and did nothing to punish the Assad. The runway was not even touched by the attack and the hangers still stand. The attack was nearby and not really on the airfield.

          18. A_Nobody says

            Oh, waa, waa, waa….more lib BS.

          19. cristoiglesia says

            ROFLOL! nd it did not even damage the functionality of the Airbase. The runways remained untouched. That was military incompetence at it’s highest.

          20. M Walden says

            It did demolish 20 of Assad’s planes, and put Assad on notice that there will be consequences if further chemical attacks are made on the Syrian people. It was not intended to start WW3, just a heads up that Assad no longer had carte blanche to do whatever he wanted. Obama let Assad cross that “red line”, and Trump told Assad that it will not be tolerated anymore.

        2. cristoiglesia says

          That is what I said after Obama and then we elect the very same man who got Obama elected with his influence as a Democrat insider and kingmaker in the party. After doing so he went around bragging of his accomplishments calling Obama a “great President”. Real Republicans and Conservatives would disagree with Trump about Obama.

          1. Tiger says

            There are protocols for the incoming president not to bash the outgoing president. His compliments were shallow and his actions speaking much louder than his words, in that daily he is undoing every EO that took us into rack and ruin that Obama wrote.

    2. jimmy midnight says

      The Trumps R Romanov’s. Bannon is Rasputin. The Kushner’s R Anasatia, and her brother, the Crown Prince.

      But us later-day Mensheviks and Bolsheviks, being war resisters, don’t want no revolution, just a re-distributive Jubilee, from which everything else we want will predictably evolve.

      1. Tiger says

        Trump is doing great things daily, plus he is donating his salary to charity and my guess is won’t take all the benefits that come after he leaves.

        For his flaw where his family is concerned it is a pimple on an elephants ass compared to the boil on the nat that was O and Clinton.

        1. will says

          I know but he has stopped saying RADICAL ISLAM and he shelved the brotherhood ban – McMaster is pro islam Bannon is anti islam. Surely Betsy has informed him of ACCESS ISLAM a illegal indoctrination program funded by the DOE. But we heard nothing 0 zero

          1. Tiger says

            When did he stop using Radical Islam? Really? The Muslim Brotherhood ban Bill is up right now Cruz part of it. Better pass.

            Interesting I will look into it.

          2. will says

            Trump backtracks – Backpedals on Muslim Brotherhood.
            Even Egypt – Google

            Also if you you tube his speech with the King of Jordan you will see he states “terrorist extremist or radical but never radical islam. You will also notice that the king of Jordan emphasizes that terrorist have nothing to do with religion. When you protect islam which is the religion of the koran and shiria law then you are in denial of the true enemy. Its not christians that control nearly 50%of three middle eastern countries and have killed nearly 500,000 people in 6 years. You can never beat a enemy you refuse to identify.

            McMaster is pro islam and owned by the military infrastructure which wants perpetual war. They have grossed well over 7 trillion since 9/11. Bannon is anti islam. Kushner is a jew who knows that chaos in the middle east benefits israel

          3. will says

            There is also new reports just today ISIS is using chemical weapons. I believe Trump has been duped. They will not show us the evidence that ASSAD used gas.

          4. Tiger says

            Don’t agree with last statement. Chaos in the ME doesn’t benefit Israel who had 50% of it’s country burned to ashes recently til Russia sent huge firefighting planes to stop it and Israel suffers attacks almost daily form Muslims. By the way Israel bought 35 planes from America at a huge cost they also are our eyes and ears in the Me. they blew up Hussein nuke sites near Baghdad along with Syria’s chemical factories, killed many of Iran’s scientists and invented the bug that took down Iran’s nuclear progress for sometime. So they say don’t badmouth Israel.

            As to the rest Trump can’t tell the King of Jordan that all Muslims radical when Jordan and our allies in the ME are Muslim countries. So that goes to reason. Sisi has tried and is trying to take out Radical Islam in his own country, and has said it will take generations before it is wiped out. He and all our allies in the ME have named Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and stopped them from forming in their countries. Sisi also has told Radical Islam you can’t kill all the people in the world and fight the whole world and is trying to protect the Coptic but as we see all our allies in the ME are having Radical Muslim problems.

            I do agree on the rest. Islam must go and now.

          5. will says

            I have watched Israel since 73 while put on alert to back the Israeli’s, and again 74. My Mother a brit and WWII vet who understood the ME very well. I dated a Israeli exchange student for two years. We broke up when she went home to serve. When israels enemies fight each other it serves them, weakens them. The Israelis supply ISIS, as did Obama. We can not follow just one side the story. In order to understand we must sift through both sides. Then we can get a better idea of the truth

          6. Tiger says

            Obama hated Israel and Israel is part of the ME Coalition formed to fight ISIS without telling Obama when they formed or when they would strike.

            I have followed Israel for years also. I believe the allies in the ME.

          7. will says

            Oh my goodness tiger – You do need to research a bit more. So the US tax payer gave IIRC nearly 4 billion in aid to Israel and they sent a check to Lockheed for 50 million. Thats not a good trade Tiger. I am sure Lockheed loves it. I remember some years we sent aid to Israel and they lent it back to us at 4%. Think about that for a minute. We do not make money off the jews its the other way around.

          8. Tiger says

            Sorry I am not an Israel hater. Any money given them is well spent. They are the size of New Jersey and they have more Nobel Prizes in Technology and Medicine than any country in the world.

            I think we need to stop any funds to any country anywhere in this world that harbors terrorism, with Israel we have an alli in the middle of everything who by the way, took out Hussein nuke sites near Baghdad and Syria’s chemical plants that benefited everyone. They also killed how many Iranian nuclear scientists and invented the bug that put the Iranian nuke plants down and out and back.

            Sorry doesn’t fly with me.

          9. Tiger says

            By the way the planes were bought for 110 million a piece.


            Johnson–Lindenstrauss lemma,
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            Proof of Szemerédi’s theorem solved by Hillel Furstenberg

            Expansion of axiomatic set theory and the ZF set theory by Abraham Fraenkel.

            Development of the area of automorphic forms and L-functions by Ilya Piatetski-Shapiro.[3][4]

            Development of Sauer–Shelah lemma and Shelah cardinal.

            Development of the first proof of the alternating sign matrix conjecture.

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            See also: Category:Jewish physicists

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            Line free single power bicentric prismatic spectacle lens for correction of anisometropia. Sydney J. Bush UK patent no. 1539381.


            Pillcam endoscopic capsule developed by Given Imaging

            Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation – a notation system for recording movement on paper that has been used in many fields, including dance, physical therapy, animal behavior and early diagnosis of autism.[16]

            Development of Azilect, a drug for Parkinson’s disease, by Moussa Youdim and John Finberg from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and commercialized by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

            Development of the Copaxone immunomodulator drug for treating multiple sclerosis. It was developed in the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel by Michael Sela, Ruth Arnon and Deborah Teitelbaum.[17][18]

            Development of the Interferon proteins by Michel Revel from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.[19]

            Development of taliglucerase alfa (Elelyso), a recombinant glucocerebrosidase enzyme produced from transgenic carrot cell cultures.[20] Taliglucerase alfa won approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May 2012 as an orphan drug for the treatment of Type 1 Gaucher’s disease.[21]


            Work of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem explaining irrational human economic choices.[22] The work led Daniel to receive the Nobel Prize in Economics.[23]

            Developments in Game theory. Israel Aumann of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem received the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work in this field.[24]

            The Rubinstein bargaining model, one of the most influential findings in game theory, refers to a class of bargaining games that feature alternating offers through an infinite time horizon. The proof is from Ariel Rubinstein 1982.[25]


            See also: List of Jewish American biologists and physicians

            Nanowire – a conductive wire made of a string of tiny particles of silver, a thousand times thinner than a human hair. Developed by Uri Sivan, Erez Braun and Yoav Eichen from the Technion.[26]

            World’s smallest DNA computing machine system – “the smallest biological computing device” ever constructed, according to Guinness Book of Records,
            which is composed of enzymes and DNA molecules capable of performing
            simple mathematical calculations and which uses its input DNA molecule
            as its sole source of energy. Developed in 2003 in the Weizmann Institute of Science by professor Ehud Shapiro and his team.[27][28]

            Theoretical computer science

            The concept of nondeterministic finite automatons, introduced by Michael O. Rabin[29]

            Amir Pnueli introduced temporal logic into computing science

            Lempel–Ziv–Welch algorithm, a universal lossless data compression algorithm created by Abraham Lempel and Jacob Ziv of the Technion institute, together with the American Information theorist, Terry Welch.[30]

            RSA public key encryption, introduced by Adi Shamir with Ron Rivest, and Leonard Adleman[31]

            Differential cryptanalysis, co-invented by Adi Shamir[citation needed]

            Shamir’s Secret Sharing, invented by Adi Shamir[citation needed]


            Computer hardware

            USB flash drive, originally marketed as the DiskOnKey

            USB flash drive – a flash memory data storage device integrated with a USB interface. The Israeli company M-Systems (in partnership with IBM) developed and manufactured the first USB flash drives available in North America.[32] This claim is challenged by multiple companies in the following four countries who also independently developed USB technology: Singapore (Trek Technology), Malaysia and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) (Netac Technology) and the Republic of China (Taiwan). See USB Flash drive § Patent controversy.

            The Intel 8088 – the first PC CPU from IBM that was designed in Israel, at Intel’s Haifa laboratory.

            Quicktionary Electronic dictionary
            – a pen-sized scanner able to scan words or phrases and immediately
            translate them into other languages, or keep them in memory in order to
            transfer them to the PC. Developed by the company Wizcom Technologies Ltd.[33]

            Laser Keyboard
            – virtual keyboard is projected onto a wall or table top and allows to
            type handheld computers and cell phones. Developed simultaneously by the
            Israeli company Lumio and Silicon Valley startup company Canesta.[34][35][36][37] The company subsequently licensed the technology to Celluon of Korea.[38]

            Computer and mobile software

            Babylon, a single-click computer translation, dictionary and information source utility program, developed by Amnon Ovadia.[39]

            Umoove, a high-tech startup company that invented a software only solution for face and eye tracking is located in Israel.[40]

            ICQ, an Instant Messaging software developed initially in 1996 by the Israeli company Mirabilis[41] and later procured by AOL.

            Viber, a proprietary cross-platform instant messaging voice-over-Internet Protocol application for smartphones.[42] Developed by American-Israeli entrepreneur Talmon Marco, Viber reached 200 million users in May 2013.

            GetTaxi, an application that connects between customers and taxi
            drivers using the its proprietary GPS system, enabling users to order a
            cab either with their smartphone or through the company’s website. It
            was founded by Israeli entrepreneurs Shahar Waiser and Roi More.[43]

            Waze, a GPS-based
            geographical navigation application program for smartphones with GPS
            support and display screens, which provides turn-by-turn information and
            user-submitted travel times and route details, downloading
            location-dependent information over the mobile telephone network.[44]
            Waze Ltd., which was founded in 2008 in Israel by Uri Levine, software
            engineer Ehud Shabtai and Amir Shinar, and is now available in over 100
            countries, was acquired by Google for a reported $1.1 billion.[citation needed]



            IMI Tavor TAR-21

            IMI Tavor TAR-21 is an Israeli bullpup assault rifle.

            The Uzi submachine gun was developed by Maj. Uziel Gal in the 1950s.

            Python an Short-range air-to-air missile.

            Desert Eagle a short range pistol.

            Protector USV is an unmanned surface vehicle, developed by the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. It is the first of its kind to be used in combat.[45]

            Iron Dome – a mobile air defense system in development by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aircraft Industries designed to intercept short-range rockets and artillery shells. On April 7, 2011, the system successfully intercepted a Grad rocket launched from Gaza, marking the first time in history a short-range rocket was ever intercepted.[46]
            The Iron Dome was later utilized more fully in the Israeli-Gaza
            conflict of 2012, where it displayed a very high rate of efficiency
            (95%-99%) in intercepting enemy projectiles. Further production of the
            Iron Dome system will be financed and supported by the United States

            MUSIC (Multi Spectral Infrared Countermeasure) – a system that counter surface-to-air heat-seeking missiles. It is manufactured by Elbit Systems.[48]

            MagnoShocker – combines a metal detector and a taser to immediately
            neutralize a dangerous person, developed by the mathematician Amit
            Weissman and his colleagues Adir Kahn and Zvi Jordan.[49]

            Wall radar – a unique radar utilizing Ultra Wide Band (UWB) to allow
            users to see through walls. Developed by the Israeli company Camro.[50]

            Injured Personnel Carrier on YouTube
            A unique evacuation method developed by Israeli company Agilite Gear,
            comprises a strap allowing you to carry the wounded person on your back.

            The Emergency Bandage is a first field dressing which can be applied
            and secured with one hand to prevent bleeding from battlefield

            Agriculture and breeding

            Golden hamster – first domesticated for pet use by a Hebrew University of Jerusalem zoologist in 1930

            Hybrid cucumber seeds – In the 1950s, Prof. Esra Galun of the Weizmann Institute
            developed hybrid seed production of cucumbers and melons,
            disease-resistant cucumbers and cucumbers suitable for mechanical
            harvesting. Galun and his colleagues invented a technique for producing
            hybrid cucumber seeds without hand pollination.[52]

            Grain cocoons – invented by international food technology consultant
            Professor Shlomo Navarro, the GrainPro Cocoons provide a simple and
            cheap way for African and Asian farmers to keep their grain
            market-fresh, as huge bags keep both water and air out, making sure the
            harvest is clean and protected even in extreme heat and humidity.[53]

            Biological pest control – invented in Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu by a company called Bio-Bee, it breeds beneficial insects
            and mites for biological pest control and bumblebees for natural
            pollination in greenhouses and open fields. The company’s top seller
            worldwide and especially in the U.S. is a two-millimeter-long, pear-shaped orange spider that is a highly efficient enemy of the spider mite, a devastating agricultural pest.[53]

            AKOL – a Kibbutz-based company which gives low-income farmers the
            ability to get top-level information from professional sources.[53]

            Reusable plastic trays – a Tal-Ya Water Technologies invention used
            to collect dew from the air, reducing the need to water crops by up to
            50 percent.[53]

            “Zero-discharge” system – an invention of the Israeli GFA company
            which allows fish to be raised virtually anywhere by eliminating the
            environmental problems in conventional fish farming, without being dependent on electricity or proximity to a body of water.[53]

            TraitUP – a new technology that enables the introduction of genetic
            materials into seeds without modifying their DNA, immediately and
            efficiently improving plants before they’re even sowed. It was developed
            by Hebrew University agricultural scientists Ilan Sela and Haim D.

            Judean date palm – oldest seed ever to be revived, restoring an extinct cultivar

            The Tomaccio cherry tomato was developed by several Israeli laboratories, the dominant ones being those led by Professor Nahum Keidar and Professor Chaim Rabinovitch from the Agriculture Faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rehovot Campus.[54][55]


            Super iron battery
            – A new class of a rechargeable electric battery based on a special
            kind of iron. More environment friendly because the super-iron
            eventually rusts, it was developed by Stuart Licht.[56] of the University of Massachusetts.[57]

            Consumer goods and appliances


            (originally “Epilady”) – an electrical device used to remove hair by
            mechanically grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them
            out. It was developed and originally manufactured at Kibbutz HaGoshrim.[58][59]

            Wonder Pot – a pot developed for baking on the stovetop rather than in an oven.[60]

            Micronized coating instant hot water pipes developed by A.C.T.[61]



            Rummikub – a tile-based game for two to four players invented by Ephraim Hertzano.[62][63]

            Hidato – a logic puzzle game invented by mathematician Gyora Benedek.[64]

            Taki – an Israeli card game invented by Haim Shafir.[65][66]

            Mastermind – an Israeli board game invented by Mordecai Meirowitz.

            Guess Who? – a two-player guessing game invented by Theo & Ora Coster (aka: Theora Design).


            Ptitim, also called Israeli couscous worldwide, is a wheat-based baked pasta. It was initially invented during the austerity period in Israel when Rice and Semolina were scarce.

            Safed cheese or Tzfat cheese is a semi-hard, salty cheese produced in Israel from sheep’s milk. It was first produced by the Hameiri dairy in Safed in 1840 and is still produced there by descendants of the original cheese makers.

            Jerusalem mixed grill
            is a grilled meat dish considered a specialty of Jerusalem. It consists
            of chicken hearts, spleens and liver mixed with bits of lamb cooked on a
            flat grill, seasoned with onion, garlic, juniper berries, black pepper,
            cumin, turmeric and coriander

            is a sandwich, consisting of pita stuffed with fried eggplant and hard
            boiled eggs. Local consumption is said to have stemmed from a tradition
            among Mizrahi Jews, who ate it on Shabbat morning.

            Karat Caviar
            is a Russian Osetra caviar brand farmed in the Golan and has won
            several international awards. The Russian Osetra fingerlings were
            imported from the Caspian Sea.[67][68]

            Limonana is a lemonade enriched with mint

            Bamba (snack) is a peanut butter-flavored snack manufactured by the Osem corporation in Holon, Israel.[69]

            Physical exercise

            Aviva method


            Krav Maga

          10. Tiger says

            Just a few of Israel’s accomplishments look it up.

          11. Tiger says

            Oh if only the rest of the world were as productive as this tiny nation. But no what have the Muslims given us? ISIS, Hamas, Taliban, al Shabaab, al Qaeda and 9/11 along with all the problems we have had in threats since. Israel doesn’t even kill it’s enemies it gives Muslims living there the same rights as it’s people.

            Anyway I am pro Israel and they deserve our help.

          12. PatriotGal says

            Tiger, I totally agree with all you have posted. You do great research and am proud you stand TALL for OUR PRESIDENT and your beliefs.

          13. Tiger says

            Thank you same to you.

          14. Tiger says

            O and Will it is just fine if we disagree on Israel, I still think you are a good poster with good ideas.

        2. Uzoozy says

          He is making all the money for the next 10 generations. Tomohok 7 million, stocks went up.
          millions charged for Diplomatic guests at Make it Logo.
          What a way to go, plenty of it where that comes from.
          3.6 Million for his golf outings every 4 days etc

          1. Tiger says

            Go on and keep carrying on did you get this upset with O and his paybacks to failing companies that he was behind? I think not me thinks you protest too much.

            Withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
            Directing the elimination of regulations that undermine U.S. manufacturing
            Calling for expedited approval of permits needed for American infrastructure
            Imposing a hiring freeze on nonessential federal employees
            Imposing a temporary moratorium on new federal regulations
            Issuing a new rule that for every new regulation, two old regulations need to be eliminated
            Standing up for the men and women of law enforcement
            Creating a task force for reducing violence and crime in America
            Ordering the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice to coordinate with each other to destroy drug cartels
            Beginning to build a “promised” wall along the country’s southern border with Mexico
            Given Sovereignty back to the states and the transgender bathroom nonsense over.
            Due to our immigration laws back on the books there is a 70% drop in illegal border crossings.
            4,000 illegal Somali are going to be deported, 90 already deported and 300 more going.
            Took money Obama had put aside for illegals and started a program for victims of illegals criminal acts.
            NATO to start a counter terrorist part of it’s duties before agreeing
            to give them money. Not Russians now threatening Europe, as we see with
            the attacks but Muslim Terrorists.
            Brought businesses back to America and millions of jobs along with money.
            Did not sign the Paris Accord on Climate Change meaning we won’t help in the redistribution of wealth.
            Has brought pride back to America and a respect for the American President throughout the world.

            list is endless and is added to daily things the news none of them tell
            anyone about and one has to search the net for the accomplishments.

          2. PatriotGal says

            Uzoozy, you’re using faulty figures for the trips to Mar-a-Lago. The figure you cite of $3.6 million was the one used to calculate OWEbama’s trip to FL – that figure included side campaign trips to there states and fundraiser trips before reaching FL; thus the 3.6 figure. The actual figure for one trip from DC to Mar-a-Lago for OUR POTUS is $1 million.

          3. Uzoozy says

            TRUMP has been on vacation for half of his presidency ( 90 DAYS)playing golf and billing the Feds for all the expenses at Mar DE crook.
            Good way of making money ,while the hotel are also billed.
            Good way to make millions every weekend.
            IS THIS THE American way????

        3. cristoiglesia says

          He spends more than his salary in a year on just two of his weekly golf trips. He has it rigged so that his whole family has Secret Service escorts on their constant travel. He is the most expensive POTUS in history.

    3. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

      Hi Tiger. Happy Easter to you. I see we still think alike. I like your post and hope you like mine.

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you Frederic and Happy Easter to you also. I like always your posts. I am concerned for Trump but I am over happy with all the good he is doing daily. His family might be a fatal flaw and appears other and stronger minds than mine saying the same.

    4. pmbalele says

      Tiger, I guess you did not read my latest posting. I said people are wrong to say the “White House is divided into two “camps,” one led by Trump Chief of Staff Priebus and Bannon, and the other by Trump son-in-law Jared, the husband of Ivanka Trump! Believe it or not the WH is actually now divided into two factions-One lead by Ivanka and the other Priebus and Bannon. But this was till last Thursday. I told Bannon “you mess with Jared, you mess Ivanka and President Trump. Blood is thicker than water. Ivanka has put her desk near to President Trump. Bannon, Priebus and other agency heads have to clear with Ivanka before talking to President Trump. Bannon and Priebus should have known Ivanka is the closest person to Trump than any other relative or official now working for Trump. Bannon job is now hanging in the air. He is out. Priebus should behave before Jared. Otherwise Priebus is also out. “All in the Family.

      1. cristoiglesia says

        Trump must be very careful in not following Soros who got him elected. Bannon is the direct connection between Trump and Soros who is the puppeteer of the trump Presidency. Almost all of Trump’s cabinet are former Soros executives. Let’s see…Soros bails Trump out of personal bankruptcy by forgiving more than 312 million (no one knows the true figure of the bailout by Soros but it is speculated to be much higher and is the second bailout by Soros of Trump) of Trump’s debt. The quid pro quo is apparent in Soros buying the Presidency with Trump as his puppet.

        1. pmbalele says

          What-almost all of Trump’s cabinets are former Soros’ executives? You’re kidding. Then Trump is a Democrat. That is why Repubs and TPs such as Paul Ryan, McConnell, Cruz, Gov. Walker and many others hate Trump. That is why Bush III was really mad with Trump claiming to be a Republican. Now how did he trick them to believe he was a Repub? It was interesting show during the debate. But that is why Trump wants to insure every American regardless of race, income and Christian faith. I am asking Trump to expand Obamacare as he promised. I hope Trump has read my recommendations.

          1. cristoiglesia says

            Trump has no history of being a Republican before this election cycle. Instead his lifetime has been of being a far left liberal Democrat ideologue. It was Trump that gave us the Obama nomination with his influence within the Democrat party as an insider and kingmaker and then funded his Presidency with money I just found out that came from George Soros just like his own campaign funding. Trump does not attempt to “trick” people he just gives them money. I still remember the day that Hannity and Rush did their flop from being anti-Trump to his greatest supporters. It was a complete 180 degree change in less than 24 hours. Remember the same thing happened with the NRA. Money talks.

          2. PatriotGal says

            Not true, cristoiglesia. Look at the public voting record and for the past nine years PRESIDENT Trump has been a registered Republican. Many of us change parties often – I changed this year just to vote for Trump the candidate in the closed primary in our state. It means my values are higher than the RINOs in Congress.

          3. cristoiglesia says

            Nonsense, he became a Republican in 2012.


            I have been a conservative and a Republican for almost 50 years.

            Obviously you have no core values.

          4. cristoiglesia says

            Nonsense, Trump registered for the first time as a Republican in 2012. His children did not register as Republicans until 2016 and could not vote for their father in the primary. There is a stark difference in the ideologies of Republicans and Democrats which would make it rare for people to change parties. I have always been a conservative and a Republican since my high school days of leading the young Republicans at my high school. I stood against the leftist hippies while in college during the sixties. Trump may have changed parties for personal gain but never because he had changed his leftist views and actually became conservative.

    5. Thinkingman2025 says

      Would you turn your back on your own children? I think not, so don’t expect Pres. Trump to do so. They will not convince him to turn into a libertard, but they will give him a balance of opinion. That is a good thing, not a weakness.

      1. Tiger says

        In a heartbeat if I were in charge of the country and they were flaming liberals. They would have no place in my government and they would understand why.

        There is no balance of opinion with Liberals if he wants balance he can go to Democrats like Jim Webb and others.

      2. cristoiglesia says

        Huh? Do you really not know about the Donald’s history. His history consists entirely of being a far left liberal Democrat ideologue. He changed his political affiliation from Democrat to Republican to make it certain that regardless of who won in this last election it would be a far left liberal Democrat as were both candidates. They were even best friends which I see irony in that reality. I do not know if you are serious because I cannot believe that someone is so uninformed about Trump to think that he has ever, or will ever future, past of present, be a conservative. Please spend some time to educate yourself on Trump’s history as a leftist.

        1. Starman535 says

          Big hairy deal! I was a democrat until 2009, and I didn’t change my preferences at all. The demon-rats moved so far away from where the Democrats used to be that I changed party affiliation. Going to hold that against me? If so, tough – I don’t care a whit what you think about it. As pmbalele below said, “Blood it thicker than water”. Pres. Trump probably went through something similar, and he, like me prefers free-markets to Government control of everything.

          1. cristoiglesia says

            Actually it was 2012 when he changed party affiliation just in time to run as a Republican for POTUS. Actually Trump is all about government control as long as he is POTUS. He has no history of being a free market person which belies your speculation. Like most leftists Trump IS about control and making everyone subservient to the political left and especially now with him as POTUS.

          2. Starman535 says

            Wait & see what he does. Trump is 70 yrs old, and his experiences as a real estate developer means he has probably paid politicians of all stripes to get his projects approved. That does not mean he is anti-free market or a crony capitalist.

          3. cristoiglesia says

            You want me to wait and see if he changes from his far left liberal past or decides to be honest about his view of America. I do not think that the leftist zebra Trump will suddenly change his stripes and become a conservative.

            Trump cannot be trusted by those of us on the political right. He promised us to nominate a conservative to the Supreme Court and on his first opportunity did the exact opposite of what he promised nominating a leftist pro-abortion judge and and one who believes that the defining of marriage should include same sex unions. I have seen enough to know that Trump cannot be trusted carrying the flame of conservatism. Having been a far left liberal Democrat his whole life he does not know what a conservative is and what we desire which is freedom from the oppressive government that he adores and strives to attain.

    6. Optimista says

      My take on it is that with all the bs rhetoric surrounding him, he needed to send someone he trusted to bring back the straight unvarnished truth about what is going on in Baghdad. This was not a political or diplomatic mission.
      Don’t make the mistake of taking Trump for a fool. He did make it on his own and holding on just fine in-spite of all the political world pushing back at him.

      1. HadEnough says

        Optimista — Thank you for the confidence in President Trump. – It seems like others on this site are (Benedict Arnolds) – and are (bad-mouthing) Trump) – THAT is Exactly what the (Democrats want to happen), and they are playing right into their hands when they (bad-mouth him) – Well, I for one will be sticking (with him 100%.) He supports (us) 100% – and (we should support him 100%) – It’s not just the political world that’s pushing back at him, It’s also some (supposedly) (supporters) that are (FICKLE) – You (Know Who You Are) – (Disgusting)

        1. Optimista says

          Unfortunately the general public has become so jaded with politics and politicians that they are easily fooled by our enemies stealth propaganda. All these negative posts are by anti Trump operatives. Anyone believing in Trump would not turn on him. The man has become successful because he keeps his word. He will have to make adjustments based on current events however he will be steadily pushing towards the goals he committed himself to. We can count on it.

          1. cristoiglesia says

            “he keeps his word”…Well, this is the first time and probably the last that Trump will be accused of keeping his word.

        2. cristoiglesia says

          WE conservative Republicans do not have the same trust in this lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue that you seem to have. We see him as a Trojan Horse candidate who is still the same far left liberal Democrat ideologue he has always been. He may have changed parties to run for POTUS as a
          republican but ideologically he is still the same far left liberal that he has historically been. I have never supported or voted for a leftist in my life and Trump epitomizes my reasons why I have not.

          1. PatriotGal says

            Totally disagree with you, cristooglesia. I believe OUR PRESIDENT is doing a great job. He has accomplished more in his 89 days in office than most others have in their entire terms, despite having OBSTRUCTIONIST devilrats, RINOs, the media, and folks like you opposing him. I Believe OUR PRESIDENT shall fulfill his campaign promises and is doing so. He is no trojan horse – that particular animal left the WH on 1/20/2017 at 11:59 AM. We proudly voted for Trump the candidate in the primary and Trump the nominee in the election because he is a successful businessman who will stand for life by defunding Planned Parenthood; secure our border and BUILD THE WALL; extremely vet all travelers from terrorist-tied countries; care for our vets; rebuild our military; repeal and replace OWEbamaTAX; restructure our taxes; CREATE a BUSINESS FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT so jobs for our citizens, even those who didn’t vote for him like you will be created by businesses not the government. God bless PRESIDENT Trump ~ TRUMP 2020!

          2. cristoiglesia says

            As a lifetime conservative Republican I do not share your delusions. First of all I have never voted for a far left liberal lifetime Democrat ideologue in my entire life and I do not see any reason to switch my ideology to those who I believe have caused great harm to this country like Barack Obama whom Trump got nominated and elected with his money and influence when he was a Democrat insider. He bragged about his efforts and called Obama a “great President”. As a leftist I am sure you agree but as a conservative myself I think that Obama was a disaster for this country and that disaster was caused directly by Trump in his support of Obama. Yes I hold a grudge and do not trust those who change their parties by sticking their finger in the air and seeing which way the wind is blowing. Then they go into action to deceive the gullible like yourself into thinking they have changed and become the opposite of what they were yesterday. Sorry, but my trust for such a charlatan is quite lacking and I think that those who would trust this consummate liar are at best vacuous and at worst mentally ill. BTW, Trump could be the poster boy for a RINO. He has never had a conservative or Republican thought. Now, just a thought, you do not come across as totally ignorant like most Trump supporters and I think that you may not even be a far left lifetime Democrat ideologue like your Svengali Trump. So, if my instincts are correct why are you supporting this leftist that makes Hillary and Obama look like conservatives?

            I do not see anything that Trump has done except try to start wars with the Russians and the North Koreans. He needs to quit poking the sleeping Russian bear and annoying the idiot round boy in North Korea. Ignoring them is best as long as they are not really threatening us. Of course, Russia is doing so now and the Koreans would like to but do not have the means.

            Actually Obama never tried to deceive anyone on his ideology or his intents and ruled to the left as he promised. Everyone knew that he was a leftist because of his history and the history of Trump who was his greatest supporter.

            Actually on “Planned Parenthood” he came out in for of both sides of that issue which is typical of leftist politicians like Trump trying to deceive the electorate. Early in the campaign Trump sang the praises of “Planned Parenthood” and even tried to get the Republican Platform committee to include abortion on demand as part of the Platform but the committee thankfully refused. He sang the praises of this evil organization that exists to murder babies. He even promised to increase government funding to them. Those things alone are enough for me to oppose him but unfortunately there is much more such as a nationally registration of gun owners that Trump campaigned for which will surely result in the confiscation of guns from lawful citizens. And then the icing on the evil leftist cake is Trump campaigning for universal free healthcare based on the Canadian system. He also continues to threaten American citizens with building a wall around our country to incarcerate our citizenry and insists that we will pay the costs through taxation. Then as you say he wants to extremely vet visitors to this country. This sounds very much like isolationism that he is proposing under the guise that this is for our own good. It will be no different from the communists who closed travel and have separated families for decades. But then what leftist like Trump does not admire that kind of power regardless of whom it harms. This man is woefully insane in an almost criminal way. If he dose not stop his Saber rattling he will destroy our military before it can be rebuilt. If the Russians or the Koreans or other despot led countries decide to attack us the war will quickly turn thermonuclear and I would not be surprised if this loose canon Trump would be the first to use this weapon. MAD would follow as predicted.
            The successful business man has filed bankruptcy more than any business man that I have ever known. Bankruptcy is not the mark of a successful business man. Getting bailed our by George Soros for at least 31 million dollars was the price of buying our Presidency. The quid pro quo is that almost all of Trump’s cabinet are former Soros executives. Trump is the puppet and Soros is the puppet-master. Of course Trump did the same to fund Obama’s Presidency with loans from Soros that were never repaid.
            This far left liberal Democrat Trump will be like all leftists and expand government at the cost of business. Thank you for your commentary as I was enamored by the complete naivete of your commentary which proves that the dumbing down of America is complete by the left. May God have mercy on the leftist America created by Trump.

          3. Mary Brumley says

            What do you mean by saying, “May God have mercy on the leftist America created by Trump”? He has only been in office for a few months!
            Perhaps you are a “Conservative” politically, but you are in La La Land otherwise.

          4. cristoiglesia says

            Being a leftist I would expect you to like the leftist direction of the country under this charlatan nd Trojan Horse POTUS Trump. Yes, indeed we conservative Republicans oppose this leftist Democrat Trump and will continue to do so with this liar and pretender.
            One thing about Obama, he never pretended to be ideologically different than he was like Trump is doing. If only Trump had the honesty of Obama but then he would not have been elected without his lies and posing as a Republican and a conservative. You are truly delusional and I feel very sorry that you have allowed yourself to be so woefully deceived by this Trojan Horse.

          5. Mary Brumley says

            Please speak for yourself only, Cristoiglesia, not for “WE conservative Republicans”!

          6. cristoiglesia says

            Conservatives do not support leftists like Trump. In the Republican Party we have an acronym “RINO” which means Republican In Name Only which describes the supporters of Trump. I am in “La La Land”? You pretend to be a conservative and support the most far left lifetime liberal Democrat ideologue to ever get elected as POTUS. I had no intentions of including leftist like you in “WE” conservative Republicans. Leftists like you need not apply. La La Land is your home of choice.

          7. Mary Brumley says

            I think it might be interesting if you would care to give a definition of your much-used phrase “far left lifetime liberal Democrat ideologue.”

          8. cristoiglesia says

            I am pleased to do so…”Far left” refers to the extreme of liberalism in its purist form.
            Lifetime means that he has never deviated from his liberal Democrat ideology and is consistently a leftist.
            “Liberal”: Liberals believe in government action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all. It is the duty of the government to alleviate social ills and to protect civil liberties and individual and human rights. Believe the role of the government should be to guarantee that no one is in need. Liberal policies generally emphasize the need for the government to solve problems. It assumes tht one cannot rise above their station in life on their own merits and hard work but because the government is the instrument of prosperity and hope and not a persons will or effort.

            Democrat vs Republican ideologically: http://www.diffen.com/difference/Democrat_vs_Republican


          9. Mary Brumley says

            Thank you. I appreciate that.
            Perhaps we could make your phrase a bit more meaningful by writing it like this, “…a lifelong far-left liberal Democratic ideologue….” This helps your modifiers for the word “ideologue” be more grammatical, thus more easily understood.
            And, while I am a registered Republican, I don’t vote the “party.” I vote for the best male or female candidate available. D. Trump was the best choice by far.

          10. cristoiglesia says

            I do not vote for “lifelong far-left liberal Democratic ideologues”. This is not a dog show where you have to make a choice between two creatures who are both dogs. In this past election, the choice was between two best friends who shared the same leftist ideology. There was no “best” in this election. As a lifetime conservative I could not vote for either of these leftists.

        3. Mary Brumley says

          HadEnough, why can’t you just disagree with other’s opinions straightforwardly? Why pussyfoot around with your name calling, allusions and criticisms in brackets?
          It would be much better to call out by name those with whom you are in disagreement.

        4. cristoiglesia says

          Trump is a lifelong Democrat pretending to be a Republican. He is a Trojan Horse POTUS and conservatives like I need to be vigilant to keep him from his leftist agenda for America.

      2. Tiger says

        I am well aware Trump no fool, have not given up on him but do not and will not accept Kushner. Long liberal Democrat Jewish history and the Jews in America have certainly not done themselves any favors with what they have elected in the past.

        As to Baghdad he could have sent Bolton, Guilliani or a number of others.

        1. Optimista says

          What you accept or not maters very little.
          When it comes to decision making at this level under the current political atmosphere surrounding Trump I would never second guess the man.
          I find it down right comical reading the daily ceaseless barrage of criticism and advise given by every imaginable pundit, commentator, self appointed experts and the media at large without knowing one whit what is really going behind the scenes.
          Not one of them had the cahonies nor the wherewithal to throw their hat in the ring much less win when it really mattered. Bunch of pinheads and empty suits.

          1. Tiger says

            Trump won on listening to the people, taking our government back, putting it in the hands of the people. I reserve the right to criticize him any damned time I feel like it and he reads the net, he keeps up with the news on TV and if and when he stops listening then we will stop telling him anything and use the ballot box if he strays.

            Now can’t see anyone having a rats chance on a sinking ship against him with all he is doing that is good but when your forget who you work for the people won’t let you forget.

          2. A_Nobody says

            AND we have the right to question everything done by the elected.

          3. Tiger says

            Thank you very much. Atta Boys he is deserving of but there are some things he needs to be reminded of that he promised to do. Heavy is the head that wears the crown but heavier is the responsibility and bigger the headaches of the man who wears the wrath of the people he represents.

          4. cristoiglesia says

            He is no King, we stopped being ruled by a king more than 200 years ago. His promises and the deceit of claiming to have seen the light and suddenly becoming a conservative after a lifetime as a far left kingmaker in the Democrat party are proving to be false.

        2. cristoiglesia says

          Kushner’s Democrat history is certainly not nearly as long as his father-in-laws long atheist history.

          1. Tiger says

            Well you know this? You have personal experience with Trump and his beliefs? BS

          2. cristoiglesia says

            Sure, I believe what he claims. He said that he had no need for Christ’s forgiveness and that ipso facto makes him an atheist. You would have some credibility if you believed what he says. Would you even accept a conservative in the White House?

          3. Tiger says

            I have credibility with what I say because I am not into what he believes but what he is doing for this country daily and if you good Christians were more into that than to persecution of him you would be better off and have more credibility.

          4. cristoiglesia says

            Really, so having a godly leader is not important? He just got a SCOTUS judge confirmed that is pro-abortion and for the redefining marriage to include homosexual unions. What he is doing for this country daily from a Christian perspective is frightening. He is chipping away at the Christian foundation of this country. From a political perspective he is turning the country to the political left.

          5. Tiger says

            Did St Paul kill Christians?
            Did David kill his lovers husband?
            Did Moses kill?
            Do you think they were important leaders? Do you accept them as such?

            Prove what you say about Gorsuch. Show me the court cases cause that is not what I have read concerning him.

            You are the Devil’s Advocate and he is doing just the opposite of what you are saying and that is truth, your a liar and I pity that you use the term Christian when you speak.

          6. cristoiglesia says

            Yes they did, and because of their faith they recognized their sin and sought God’s forgiveness. They never thought that they were not in need of God. They were important leaders and they understood that there success was because of their faith in God.

            Trump attributes his success to his wiles and lack of a moral foundation which helps him to be objectively evil without remorse. He repeatedly does what he wants without moral implications or sound judgement. He has no problem doing very differently from his promises. His word is worthless and that is not good for a person that is POTUS of the most powerful and influential country in the world. In short nothing he says or does can be trusted by anyone.

            I will have to refer you to what Gorsuch himself says:

            On “abortion” he says that it is settled law and cannot be legally opposed.
            On “marriage” he says it is settled law and can be defined loosely to include same sex marriages or who knows from these leftists…possibly-inter species marriage TIC. I would remind you that these two issues are extremely important to Christians and all people of faith. Gorsuch attends a extremely liberal Episcopalian church that encourages people of the same sex to marry and confirms their illicit unions in opposition to God’s will. They are also adamantly pro-abortion or let me call it what it is instead of the PC way infanticide or murder.


            There are no court cases as of yet as he just joined SCOTUS. But, he has stated that abortion is settled law and tht a judge has no authority to to question the ideological precedent no matter how immoral or damaging to the social fabric of our American society.

            I have lied about nothing and to attack a person without cause and accuse them of lies where none exist is the trademark of a leftist like yourself and Trump. Of course, when the truth is told the liberals like yourself and your Svengali Trump cry foul and attack with vitriolic lies and innuendo.

          7. Tiger says

            Gorsuch was right to say that in case you don’t understand Wade vs Roe is a done deal , regardless of your thoughts.

            You are a liar and you are the leftist and no Christian I know. You are not right in the head and need to look at yourself.

            You are no Christian you have completely distorted facts, like I said Gorsuch is right Wade vs Roe is not going anywhere and the best Christians can do is raise Christian daughters and sons.

          8. cristoiglesia says

            Just more illogical nonsense which I have become accustomed to in your posts. Thank God you are not a conservative Republican. Have a leftist day.

          9. Tiger says

            No I am an Independent and a Patriot and a Combat Support nurse since 1988 who served in two wars, and a real Christian, thank God for people like me have a great hypocritical day.

            I proved you a liar.

          10. cristoiglesia says

            ROFLOL! so you run away and declare victory. I am not a liar but then you cannot ever recognize the lies by your Svengali Trump which makes you a leftist. Just keep heaping the praise on you little leftist head. You remind me of the depravity of leftists.

          11. Tiger says

            You are a disgusting and deranged. ROFLOL

          12. cristoiglesia says

            You need to stop talking when peering into mirrors.

          13. Tiger says

            You have now lost it completely and shown how immature and totally absurd and deranged you are.

          14. Tiger says

            I don’t waste that much time on people like you when you have totally exposed your complete and absolute idiocy.

          15. cristoiglesia says

            Leftists like you resort to personal insults when they paint themselves into corners and are trapped. I figured you did not know any Christians. Thanks for the confirmation.

          16. Tiger says

            What did Obama the Muslim do? Were you this vociferous then?

          17. cristoiglesia says

            I expect leftist Democrats to be against conservative ideology but not so much those claiming to be conservative. Of course you claim not to have any ideology or core beliefs.

          18. Tiger says

            I have had enough of your nonsense. I will waste no more time on you, no more of this.

          19. cristoiglesia says

            We Christians do not persecute and with Trump when it comes to faith he condemns himself with his lack of belief. He says he is in no need of God’s redemptive grace. Translation…he is not a Christian as the need for God’s grace is the fundamental basis of Christianity. He is simply pretending to be Christian but the nomination of the leftist Neil Gorsuch is illustrative of Trumps lack of moral and ideological foundation necessary to be a conservative.

          20. Tiger says

            You don’t speak for all Christians, you don’t even speak for most Christians, you don’t even speak like a Christian. ” He who is without sin cast the first stone.”

            St Paul killed Christians.
            King David killed his lovers husband.
            Moses killed.
            So they are not men that you accept? Are you pretending to be a Christian? Do you have proof he is lying? He has been going to the same Catholic Church for years and by the way Franklin Graham and others who do practice Christianity believe in him.

            Neil Gorsuch a leftie? If that were so then why all the commotion from the Left to his nomination? I am not a Conservative per se. I am part of the entire picture, an old time Democrat, an old time Liberal and Flower child, an old time Republican, conservative on many things and moderate on others.

          21. cristoiglesia says

            We pity people like you and Trump. What Trump is doing is dividing the country along ideological lines further than any other POTUS in history. His practice of divide and conquer, of which you are one of his leftist soldiers, is not the mark of a leader who unites the people instead. These are the most evil of times in my lifetime. Presidents of the past have never tried to deceive the electorate but instead have tried to bring the country closer together ideologically. Trump is doing the polar opposite and believes that his strength is in division. At some point the celebrity envy of yours and others is going to succumb to reality and you will realize that you have been duped by this leftist Trump. That is if you have any conservative beliefs at all which your posts show no evidence. You do not care that on his first appointment to the SCOTUS he has betrayed conservatives and his own word. For me the two issues of abortion and the redefining of marriage by his appointment of Gorsuch are sufficient to oppose Trump with every cell in my body. I am already weary of this deceiver and chief and even more so of his apologists like yourself.

          22. Tiger says

            Wow you are really something. Trump didn’t divide this country it was already divided. What he has done by the millions, upon millions of votes he received from all parties is bring the real Americans together and he has given pride back to America, jobs back to America, laws back to America and shut the mouths of BLM and others and the police killings down, the border crossings down.

            Surely you jest, Obama was the great Divider and remains thus along with the Left. You are insane. You are dangerous. I proved you a liar about Gorsuch, I showed you his decisions and thoughts on the things you accused him of or are you too hard headed to read truth.

            LOLOL celebrity envy????? Good grief you are off the reservation now where in any post did I ever show any of that stupidity nowhere. You must be projecting.

            I think you need a shrink and a reality check. There is noway that dupes and people like you could be more weary of me than I of you. FAKE Christians.

          23. cristoiglesia says

            Polarized may have been a more apt description than “divide”. However he continues to separate Americans into two opposing camps instead of trying to unify the country after the election. Again, the nomination of Gorsuch is a prime example which was a direct assault at conservatives and a sure message tht Trump cannot be trusted by conservatives. Of course, you are not a conservative by your own admission.
            When I said you were suffering from celebrity envy I was trying to be kind and not telling what is more obvious which is that the dumbing down of America by the left is complete. Otherwise there would be no Trump supporters.
            You claim to have no ideological center yet you proclaim with every post that you are a far left liberal ideologue without any subjectivity. I find you to be a pathetic human being resorting to personal attacks rather than being able to discuss the issues reasonably and intelligently.

          24. Tiger says

            I find you resorting to personal attacks the minute someone challenges you and puts up proof you are wrong.

            I find you disgusting, absurd, pathetic, a liar and completely off the cart.

            You have no clue what intelligence is being as your brain is reeking with nonsense and hate.

            Have a good one kiddo and good luck.

          25. cristoiglesia says

            Perhaps if he ever shows any regard for conservative values and beliefs I will come to believe him. I have yet to see him governing as a conservative or sharing any of my conservative values and that invokes me to not trust him.

          26. Tiger says

            Then you have obviously not kept up with all he has done.

          27. cristoiglesia says

            I just follow what he has said about his beliefs which is that he has no need for a Savior because he is without sin. The Bible teaches that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

          28. Tiger says

            When did he say this? He has been going to the Catholic church in Florida for years.

          29. cristoiglesia says

            Actually as a Catholic priest I can assure you that he does not go to a Catholic Church and never has. He could never receive communion at a Catholic Church. He claims to be a Presbyterian who went to a Church where Norman Vincent Peale was the pastor. Here is what he says in confirming my claim: https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?

          30. Tiger says

            Wasn’t a Catholic church in Florida mistake on my part but the bottom line is that you are the one who is not a Christian, you are nothing more than a liar.


          31. cristoiglesia says


          32. cristoiglesia says

            He is still the idiot that he has always been. He is such an embarrassment to his fathers legacy.

          33. Tiger says

            Withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
            Directing the elimination of regulations that undermine U.S. manufacturing
            Calling for expedited approval of permits needed for American infrastructure
            Imposing a hiring freeze on nonessential federal employees
            Imposing a temporary moratorium on new federal regulations
            Issuing a new rule that for every new regulation, two old regulations need to be eliminated
            Standing up for the men and women of law enforcement
            Creating a task force for reducing violence and crime in America
            Ordering the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice to coordinate with each other to destroy drug cartels
            Beginning to build a “promised” wall along the country’s southern border with Mexico
            Given Sovereignty back to the states and the transgender bathroom nonsense over.
            Due to our immigration laws back on the books there is a 70% drop in illegal border crossings.
            4,000 illegal Somali are going to be deported, 90 already deported and 300 more going.
            Took money Obama had put aside for illegals and started a program for victims of illegals criminal acts.
            NATO to start a counter terrorist part of it’s duties before agreeing
            to give them money. Not Russians now threatening Europe, as we see with
            the attacks but Muslim Terrorists.
            Brought businesses back to America and millions of jobs along with money.
            Did not sign the Paris Accord on Climate Change meaning we won’t help in the redistribution of wealth.
            Has brought pride back to America and a respect for the American President throughout the world.

            list is endless and is added to daily things the news none of them tell
            anyone about and one has to search the net for the accomplishments.

          34. Tiger says

            The Bible also talks about redemption and hope for all sinners. I watched as Trump crossed America, touching the people of America, of all incomes and backgrounds, I saw him changing, I saw his face changing and his children said they saw a change in him. You can’t rub up against so much misery that is in the lives and faces of the American people, jobless, lost homes, lost family to illegal killers, military men without legs, all this without it touching you.

            I believe he is now more in touch with what his responsibility is to his grandchildren, children and the American people than any president in our history ever has been. Daily he is pulling us out of the pit of darkness that Obama tried to bury us in.

            Keep the faith and pray for him and our country, the battle has just begun.

          35. cristoiglesia says

            What were you doing traveling with Trump? Does his current wife know? He is to the left of Hillary and of Obama ideologically.

          36. Tiger says

            Don’t be more stupid than you already are every single rally he had was up on youtube as it happened.

          37. Tiger says

            Oh by the way anything but another damned stinking Muslim in the WH.

          38. dux nobis28 says

            I would prefer no Semites Moslem or Jewish different sides of the same coin!

          39. Tiger says

            Interesting this because the Jewish blood is pretty much all over the world, I don’t mean in pools of blood I mean in gene pools so you going to have to dig for a pure anyone.

          40. Tiger says

            “The US-Israeli alliance now contributes more than ever to American security”

            – Michael Eisenstadt and David Pollock, The Washington Institute

            Obama Doctrine on foreign affairs is not only to nurture a new
            relationship with Iran, but also to find opportunities to weaken the
            longstanding bonds between America and Israel.

            Be the first to know – Join our Facebook page.

            For years, Israeli and American interests were virtually
            identical: stopping the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in
            the Muslim world, fighting Iranian hegemonic ambitions and opposing
            state sponsorship of terror. The president’s new vision for an
            Iranian-dominated Middle East certainly will come at Israel’s expense.

            While Israel stays the course, the Obama administration has turned American foreign policy on its head.

            Obama Doctrine of engaging our enemies and distancing ourselves from
            reliable allies may defy logic, but does fit with the president’s
            progressive worldview of an America that has done more harm than good
            in the world. President Obama offers carefully chosen words of support
            to those who care about the US-Israel relationship, but his words are
            constantly betrayed by his policies and actions regarding the Jewish

            As Sohrab Ahmari, editorial-page writer for The Wall Street Journal
            in London, opined in Commentary, “The worse the White House’s treatment
            of Jerusalem gets, the more ardent its pro-Israel rhetoric
            becomes…The Jewish state now faces a White House that is oblivious to
            regional realities, is disdainful of the Israeli body politic, and is
            flirting with the lexicon and tactics of delegitimization…To
            radically alter the US-Israel relationship, the White House also needed
            the backing of a domestic lobby (J Street) to counterbalance the
            pro-Israel establishment…The administration’s bet all along has been
            that it can degrade the alliance from within while maintaining an
            outward narrative of stalwart support for Israel.”

            The president
            and his advisers have repeatedly acted as if Israel were the main
            obstacle to regional stability and American interests. His plan since
            taking office has been to realign the Middle East with the
            anti-American Islamic Republic, while treating Israel as a liability,
            not a strategic security asset.

            So the question Americans should
            ask is, “Is Israel an indispensable national security asset that the
            president is abandoning, or is it a dispensable ally?”

            start with intelligence sharing. Many American analysts believe that
            Israel provides significant and vital information to our country, often
            more than our NATO allies. Turkey is a perfect example. They are the
            eastern flank of NATO, but are an untrustworthy partner aligned with
            the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, a State Department-designated
            terrorist organization. In an article titled, “Turkey Breaks From the
            West on Defense,” the Wall Street Journal last week reported that
            Ankara chose a Chinese missile defense system which “threatens
            intelligence cooperation” among the NATO allies.

            So who is the
            reliable intelligence ally, Israel or Turkey? Intelligence is a
            difficult game. With the American withdrawal from many theaters of
            operation in the Middle East, Israel’s vital strategic location and
            human intelligence have become indispensable for our security. We can
            use all the help we can get.

            Our own CIA and National
            Intelligence Estimates are often flawed or politically manipulated. One
            only has to look at the CIA’s 1978 analysis before the overthrow of the
            Shah that stated, “Iran is not in a…pre-revolutionary situation,” or
            in October 2002 when the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE)
            concluded that Iraq “could make a nuclear weapon,” or the 2007 NIE
            report, which falsely claimed that Iran had stopped its nuclear
            weaponization program.

            According to the Washington Free Beacon,
            Israel “is providing significant intelligence support in the US-led
            campaign against…ISIS [Islamic State]. Israeli satellites overfly the
            battle area at angles and frequencies unavailable to American

            If Israel did not exist, America would have to
            create it. That would be nearly impossible; creating a liberal
            democracy that serves as a fail-safe ally in the region is nearly
            impossible today. Our history of alignment with Middle Eastern
            authoritarian regimes, who do not share our values and whose indigenous
            populations are decidedly anti-American, has at best a checkered
            history.Israel is a nation surrounded on all sides by enemies who want
            to annihilate it.

            Because of the repeated wars of self-defense,
            Israel has unfortunately become a test tract for American munitions,
            and treatment of those wounded in combat. American’s armed services
            have utilized this live battlefield experience that has saved our
            soldiers lives, while increasing the chance of success of future
            American military missions. American anti-missile defense is greatly
            enhanced by the Israeli experience, and the forward positioning of
            American arms in a stable nation is vital to American military

            According to the Washington Institute, “Israel’s
            military research and development complex has pioneered many
            cutting-edge technologies that are transforming the face of modern war,
            including cyber weapons, unmanned vehicles (land robots and aerial
            drones, sensors and electronic warfare systems), and advanced defenses
            for military vehicles.”

            The morality and professionalism of the
            Israel Defense Forces are unique in the Middle East, and are closely
            aligned with our national values. America has learned from the Israeli
            military experience how to fight an ethical war against non-state actors
            that use human shields in urban areas. At home, our homeland security
            and counter-terrorism efforts would be dramatically weaker in strategy
            and effectiveness if we did not have the Israeli experience and

            The chaos of today’s Middle East and the threats to
            American interests would be exponentially greater if Israel hadn’t
            destroyed the Iraqi and Syrian nuclear reactors. Imagine Islamic State
            today with captured nuclear material. My meetings with top Israeli
            defense and political leadership unanimously show a profound
            appreciation of America’s generosity in supplying military aid. But it
            is not a one-way street. Most of the military aid allocated to Israel is
            spent in the United States, creating nearly 70,000 jobs in America.

            Americans are overwhelmingly sympathetic to Israel because of our shared values and Western outlook.

            know instinctively who our friends are, and whom we should not trust.
            They know that President Barack Obama’s realignment with the worlds’
            leading state sponsor of terrorism at Israel’s expense is against
            American interests. Just look at the polls.

            Americans do not want
            their country to legitimize a nation (Iran) that a hangs homosexuals
            and imprisons American journalists and priests. Americans want our
            country to support Israel, as clearly evidenced by Congress’ bipartisan
            support for the Jewish state and its people.

            Finally, there are
            the Israeli medical, scientific and innovative breakthroughs that have
            enriched all of our lives. From voicemail to the USB, American
            computer and tech companies gravitate to Israel for its research and
            development. In medicine, from developing devices that enable the
            paralyzed to walk, to cures for previously untreatable diseases, to
            cutting edge scientific breakthroughs, Americans are happier and
            healthier because of Israel. Israel needs America for its friendship,
            diplomatic protection, shared military development and foreign aid. But
            America also needs a strong Israel for our own national security

          41. dux nobis28 says

            Not to mention his criminal history!

        3. dux nobis28 says

          Jews likevPollard and Kurchner always but Israels interest first above Americas Ivanka needs to get out of the White House and become a daughter first and Kurshners wife second!

          1. Tiger says

            I don’t mind supporting Israel but I do mind supporting Terrorist nations and those out to kill us.

    7. Germansmith says

      Bannon picture in the cover of Time magazine was the beginning of the end
      The Donald do not share the spotlight with anybody, his ego would not allow it

      Is OK Tiger, Bannon will be back in fashion near the next election as Trump will need his white paranoid nationalists to win again.

      I hate to tell you this (not really) BUT I told you so. Most of what Trump sold you is NOT executable or a terrible idea

      1. Tiger says

        By the way just listed the accomplishments of Trump in the short time in office, hate to tell you so (not really) that no Progressive/Communist/Socialist or anyone else will take back the WH in 2020.

        We told ya what Trump would do didn’t we. Oh and by the way Ivanka loved Global Warming but Trump refused to sign the Paris Accord on Climate Change saying we ain’t buying it or paying anything for it.

        1. cristoiglesia says

          But…you support them…Some people are just logically challenged.

          1. Tiger says

            I support what Trump is doing daily and anyone who isn’t mentally challenged or logically should. So your problem is?

      2. Tiger says


        Withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
        Directing the elimination of regulations that undermine U.S. manufacturing
        Calling for expedited approval of permits needed for American infrastructure
        Imposing a hiring freeze on nonessential federal employees
        Imposing a temporary moratorium on new federal regulations
        Issuing a new rule that for every new regulation, two old regulations need to be eliminated
        Standing up for the men and women of law enforcement
        Creating a task force for reducing violence and crime in America
        Ordering the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice to coordinate with each other to destroy drug cartels
        Beginning to build a “promised” wall along the country’s southern border with Mexico
        Given Sovereignty back to the states and the transgender bathroom nonsense over.
        Due to our immigration laws back on the books there is a 70% drop in illegal border crossings.
        4,000 illegal Somali are going to be deported, 90 already deported and 300 more going.
        Took money Obama had put aside for illegals and started a program for victims of illegals criminal acts.
        NATO to start a counter terrorist part of it’s duties before agreeing
        to give them money. Not Russians now threatening Europe, as we see with
        the attacks but Muslim Terrorists.
        Brought businesses back to America and millions of jobs along with money.
        Did not sign the Paris Accord on Climate Change meaning we won’t help in the redistribution of wealth.
        Has brought pride back to America and a respect for the American President throughout the world.

        list is endless and is added to daily things the news none of them tell
        anyone about and one has to search the net for the accomplishments.

        1. cristoiglesia says

          I think you should have said that your delusions are endless. What flavor of leftist Kool -Aid did this Trump provide.

          1. Tiger says

            Are you denying that these accomplishments have transpired? Who is delusional? You people need to understand you lost, Hillary is gone, Obama is gone, the Democrat party is dead and in it’s place the Progressive/Communist/Socialist party lives and that really is going to take all of you totally out of the WH forever and ever, Amen.

          2. cristoiglesia says

            I think you made a gross error as is common when leftists like yourself and Trump pretend to be conservatives and Republicans.

            I am very different from leftists like you and your Svengali Trump. I have never capitulated to the ideological left as have some Republicans like Cruz and possibly yourself although nothing you write makes me think that you are anything but a leftist like Trump. Instead you pretend to be a leftist caricature of a Republican. That points to you being a deceitful troll and paid apologist for the leftist Trump.

            You are not making any points or showing more veracity by attacking lifetime conservative Republicans like myself who refuse to support the lifetime far left liberal ideologue Trump as POTUS. I am about the same age of Trump, survived the sixties as a conservative Republican and have never changed ideologically. Trump has not changed either and is still the far left liberal Democrat ideologue of the entirety of his past. To become a Republican and a conservative for a leftist like Trump requires a change of heart and not just a change in party affiliation. Don’t you ever feel slimy for attacking conservative Republicans for not capitulating to the ideological left to support Trump? Have you no conscience? I think you are a leftist Democrat pretending to be a Republican and an ideological conservative.

          3. Tiger says

            I think you are full of shit. As to Gorsuch this proves my point. And by the way same sex marriage is also a done deal and not due to anything Gorsuch did.


          4. cristoiglesia says

            You totally missed the point and that is that Gorsuch’s views on the law puts him on the ideological left. Which is proof that Trump betrayed those that elected him whom thought he was a conservative and a Republican when Trump is neither but instead a lifetime far left liberal ideologue.

          5. Tiger says

            You missed the point, I gave you Gorsuch views on what you accused him of and it proved you to lie.

          6. cristoiglesia says

            LOL! Nonsense!

          7. Tiger says

            LOLOLOL truth

          8. Tiger says

            From the article showing what a liar you are.

            Supreme Court Pick Neil Gorsuch Opposed Same-Sex Marriage in Dissertation

            Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch’s
            confirmation hearings begin this week amid mounting evidence that he
            would not uphold marriage equality.

            By Tracy E. Gilchrist

            March 19 2017 2:25 PM EDT


            Donald Trump’s pick for the United States Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch,
            could prove detrimental to the future of marriage equality, considering
            the views he expressed in a 2004 Oxford University dissertation.
            Gorsuch, whose confirmation hearings begin Monday, was obtaining a Ph.D.
            at the time of his dissertation, which suggested that he did not
            believe the Constitution protected the right to same-sex marriage,
            according to Corey Brettschneider, a political science professor at
            Brown University who wrote about Gorsuch for Time.
            In the piece, Brettschneider asserts that Gorsuch is critical of the doctrine set forth in Griswold v. Connecticut (1965),
            which is the doctrine (sometimes referred to as the right to privacy or
            autonomy) that recognizes couples have the right to make choices in
            intimate matters relating to contraception, procreation, child-rearing,
            and marriage.

          9. Tiger says

            Don’t you ever feel slimy for saying you are a Christian when in fact you are anything but?

          10. cristoiglesia says

            Nonsense! Do you never say anything that isn’t hate filled.

          11. Tiger says

            Do you? You need to read what you have posted.

          12. Tiger says

            I never said Trump conservative you made a gross mistake. I never said I was a conservative you made another gross mistake. I said I was an Independent with the old time and true liberal, Republican and Democrat leanings.

            And you are a pathetic troll disguising themselves as a Christian when real Christians like Franklin Graham and others back Trump and put you to shame.

            Well l have changed, change is good. I am not the same person I was first time in college, or second time in college or second time going to war, the world changes I see things as they are and what I see is that idiots and fools like you would prefer who instead of Trump? All there was is Hillary the Progressive/Communist/Socialist and if you know anything about those doctrines they sure don’t promote Christianity.

            I think you are disgusting and a fool and the problem.

          13. cristoiglesia says

            Praise God you are not a conservative and that explains why you are an apologist for the leftist Trump. No, I am no troll disguised as a Christian but the real deal. I am a North Carolinian and knew his father and in Franklin’s case he has fallen far from his patristic tree. Here is a link to my blog that will help you to decide if I am a Christian or not:


            BTW- I was reared as a Moravian in Winston-Salem, NC All of my education was in NC and I received my Mdiv from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and my PhD in Religious Studies at Duke Divinity. My first job was being a Bible translator for Wycliffe. I taught in a Jesuit Seminary in the Philippines teaching Early Church History, Patristics. Latin and Old Testament Studies.

            Unlike you I have not changed very much ideologically and remain a lifetime far right conservative. If anything I am further to the right politically than ever thanks to the threats of the Clinton’s, Obama’s and now the Trump’s.

            What war were you involved in and at what status. I am a Vietnam Vet of the 3rd Marines and fought at a place called Khe Sahn where I was wounded twice in the same brutal night. I received a concussion injury from an explosion that took most of my hearing and was stabbed in the kidney by a bayonet. I admit I am somewhat prejudiced against Trump for being a draft dodger when others sacrificed so much for cowards like himself. If he had some experience he would not be so quick to commit our military to his frivolous whims to build up the perception of courage on the backs of those that are truly brave and Patriots to their country.

            As for Hillary and other leftists like her and Trump I have very little regard but you seem to be enamored by these leftists. I guess that is the result of your ideological dyslexia.

          14. Tiger says

            Wow you are off the wall and proving with every post how crazy you really are.

            Some people can study theology and they can work in the field and they can preach, go and do whatever but they still have nothing to offer the world of Christianity. You are one.

            I told you I am an Army Combat Support nurse who took care of the wounded in two wars. I am not impressed with your injuries, you are among thousands who did their duty and all the same. We all do our jobs for the good of our country and we don’t expect kudos or rewards it is what we do. Our military today a volunteer one so unlike your generation we did what you did without being forced and for that you should be proud of all of us. As we are proud of you.

            You are a really nasty character, the likes of which I haven’t come across in sometime. You do know you mean nothing to me, that I am not impressed with you or your life and that I will never allow myself and what I know to be true to be interfered with by the insults of the likes of you.

            Hysteria is the name of your game.

          15. cristoiglesia says

            I know that one of my faults is not having patience with clueless leftists like you.

          16. cristoiglesia says

            Again, you share your attitude towards veterans with your Svengali Trump who was a draft dodger and has no respect for those of us who served. My mother was a nurse and when she came to my graduation at Duke she said to me…”someday I will be a doctor too”. I did not take her seriously at the time because she did not even graduate from high school and got married at 16. She went back to school and got her diploma then she became an LPN, Then she became a Registered nurse then her MNA in nursing and lastly she got her Phd in nursing administration. She ended up managing the nursing staff at one of the largest hospitals in the nation. I have a great respect for nurses but with your hatred you would be frightening with a needle in your hand.

          17. cristoiglesia says

            I feel the same way about your pathetic leftist self.

          18. Tiger says

            And you are not a Christian you are nothing more than a hateful person who disgraces Christianity.

          19. Tiger says

            OK I had better arguments in grade school than with you this is Pee Wee Herman’s I know you are but what am I.

            May the bird of paradise fly up your nose.

          20. cristoiglesia says

            You are a clueless vacuous human being incapable of logic.

          21. Tiger says

            You wouldn’t know logic or critical thinking if it slapped you up aside your hateful, water logged head. Go away kid ya bother me.

    8. David in MA says

      Tiger, your wisdom is invigorating.

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you not what many say. But feels good to have someone say it.

    9. dux nobis28 says

      Dump Kiurshner keep Bannon!

      1. Tiger says

        Amen. At least don’t put this young man in a high position and make sure you continue to listen to wise counsel.

      2. MARYANN33 says

        Absolutely….Keep son in law at a distance while in office. You have two smart son’s you can listen to and Keep Bannon above all else…Kushner is wet behind his ears. No real wisdom at that age. Bannon is old enough for wisdom..Listen to him and Newt.

        1. cristoiglesia says

          Trump is not likely to listen to a conservative as he has no respect or affinity for our ideology.

          1. MARYANN33 says

            Trump is a baby Christian and is growing in Christ. What you say is not true. Why he listens to his heathen daughter and son in law is a mystery. He needs to listen to the evengelicals that elected him and to Bannon, who is very wise.

          2. cristoiglesia says

            Every time he is asked about his faith his answers deny that he is a Christian. He has said that he is not in need of God’s forgiveness and grace which means he is not a Christian in belief at all.

    10. Katie Jones says

      They have done nothing so far so if it becomes a problem then say something otherwise there is nothing to say – now is there for your viewpoint is what you perceive to be a problem. Donald Trump is neither Democrat or Republican however he leans more Republican however he is really a populist or people based and really wants to return the government back to the people but now is not a good time for it. You are a perfect example of it – you are a divider.

      1. Tiger says

        Katie I am not a fool and I don’t follow blindly and I have the right to speak up and out because I stay informed. I and others were on his mailing list of how is he doing. He listened to us once. You keep your rotten opinions concerning me to yourself or suffer the abuse I will gladly heap upon you.

        Giving the government back into the hands of people like me, an Army nurse who served in two wars is the very thing to do, you see Katie people like me and the millions of vets home from these war know what we are talking about. We have been up close and personal with what and who our enemies are. Of which at this point in time I am seeing it also includes people like you.

        We are not divided due to people like me but due to fools like you, who can’t see the forest for the trees, afraid to face truth and waiting around for directions. Trump ran on a Conservative and Republican ticket and a family held hostage by a burglar cannot compromise or deal with him in any way but strength and overcoming him. This country is divided because fools believe that Progressive/Communist/Socialists can be added to the mix in a Republic. That is not possible, oil and water don’t mix.

        Katie you sicken me and everyone with a backbone.

        1. Mary Brumley says

          Tiger, I have never been on a comment site quite like this one!
          Usually, it is the Libs chiming in with nonsense. On this site, the Conservatives themselves seem to want to eat their own fellow Conservatives!
          I do appreciate your standing up to them when they attack you. I always enjoy your comments, and the research you have done to dig out the Truth!

          1. Tiger says

            Thank you and I am very pleased with Trump’s progress. His accomplishments are many for the good of all of us including his family and grands. But I will hold his feet to the fire over the refugee program which he promised to stop and has not and is not saying very much about anymore nor the ban.

            I will continue to be an informed voter who he said he was giving the country back to. I accept it and the responsibility to stay vigilant.

    11. cristoiglesia says

      All of the Trump’s are lifelong Democrats. Do you not remember that they could not vote for Trump in the primaries because they were all registered Democrats? The Donald’s entire lifetime history is of being a leftist Democrat until very recently.

      1. Tiger says

        I heard his video speaking on Oprah he said the same things then he said during his run for president. He is my man all the way around, I am an Independent with some Republican, Democrat and Liberal the old timey ones mixed together. Nothing wrong with that.

        However there is no Democrat party anymore they are Progressive/communist/Socialists, that I don’t like.

    12. MARYANN33 says

      Get Trump’s kids out of the White House, except for visits…Not acceptable to be there. We want God in our White House. These two Jews do not know our God.

      1. cristoiglesia says

        Indeed, but remember that Trump is an atheist and has stated recently that he has no need for Christ’s redeeming Grace.

      2. Tiger says

        Agreed with you up until the last statement. It is true they are American Jews, for some reason they don’t have anything in common with Israeli Jews. If Jesus Divine, and I believe he was he is not a Jew or a Gentile, he couldn’t be, Mary’s womb was just the vessel he was placed in to be born through, but MaryAnn a Jewish woman was chosen because they were the first to believe in and accept Yaweh.

    13. cristoiglesia says

      So is the Donald, he has been a Republican since 2012. Previously his history was being a lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue. His previous history was of being a kingmaker in the Democrat Party. A good example is of Trump getting Obama nominated by his party for POTUS. Afterwards he bragged of his accomplishment calling Obama a “great President”.



      Trump has never been on the same train as his deceived followers.

    14. cristoiglesia says

      Trump has never been on the same train as his followers. Most of those on the Trump train were deceived into believing that Trump was a recently converted Republican and conservative. But Trump remains the far left liberal Democrat he has always been.

      1. Tiger says

        I researched Trump. I certainly did not want a RINO in office and for sure no more Progressive/Communist/Socialists and although Trump by no means a Conservative in the way Mark Levin and other’s know a Conservative to be he was the best candidate.

        I am not a strict anything. A tree that cannot bend in the wind is knocked over and dies. Since George Washington became president he had liberals, monarchists, conservatives to contend with. The perfect balance is that Law and Order prevail and that the documents this nation founded on prevail. No one side can have full control or there is what we saw under Obama and would have been worse under Hillary, “Soft Tyranny” which eventually would have led to complete Tyranny. As Madison said if angels ruled we would have no worried but it is man that rules so we have to worry.

        I am not a hard liner I am for our Laws our Constitution and it is a document that was meant to stand the ages. FDR was the first real usurper of it and when the Supreme Court called him on it he got rid of them, intimidated and staked the courts. We have serious problems that must be attended to post haste and Trump is doing just that.

        He is what was needed. He loves America, he prefers Christianity to Islam, he supports our laws and Constitution, he is the man needed.

  6. Judith Sommer says

    I hope Donald Trump doesn’t make some serious mistakes now. There is too much in the balance. If he has an employee that he knows is loyal to him, he should hang onto them as if his life depends on it, because it probably does, and all of our lives too.

    1. Elizabeth Valentino says


    2. crosxb says

      The one thing we do know is that Bannon is LOYAL to Trump!! Why else would he hang out when he’s being treated so poorly? He is Trump’s only connection to the future we hoped for, which we voted for, which is America First! If Bannon goes, then Trump will have only Globalists to advise him. And that is NOT America First! It’s Globalism First, the rest of us last! Shocking how easily they enacted this coup!

  7. david goodman says

    kusner is a demonic-rat that is intent on destroying America.his eyes have evil in them.i have more jew than he does.he’s playing the role but not jew catnut

  8. JMICHAEL270 says

    Ivanka and Jared need to be out of the scene with their demoncratic tendencies and ideology.

    1. Mary Muennig says

      I think they’re important, one reason is because they do make good helpers to assist the president regarding getting along with/flowing with the democrats too–taking into consideration all of the riots and trouble they’ve caused. However, if Pres. Trump still wants to be taking seriously a Republican leader, and be voted in again like that, he needs to listen to people like Mr. Bannon too.

      1. JMICHAEL270 says

        In a perfect world your reasoning may be plausible, but there is no reasoning with a liberal demoncrat in the present time as can be seen with Schumer, Pelosi, Reed, Durbin, Waters, Warren, Boxer, etc,etc, etc. As long as you agree with these people you are accepted, but once you deviate from their ideology there is hell to pay. We see this daily with the sheeple and snowflakes that are fine with free speech as long as it does not contradict their message.

  9. Ron says

    Nice headline trying to cause as much chaos as possible. Still won’t give-in..desperation…Trump won!

    1. Mary Muennig says

      Please read Mr. John Brown’s comment–the one that is right above yours.

      1. bttrap says

        i don’t see it

  10. John Brown says

    If Trump puts a Liberal Democrat ( Kushner ) or Ivanka to be a leading force in the Republican party then Trump is doomed in 2020 , No Conservative will VOTE for him again…It will be NO Longer the Republican party but a twisted DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN PARTY…

    1. Mary Muennig says

      Yeh really. Thank you; I appreciate you.

    2. Mary Muennig says

      Personally, I think if Pres. Trump keeps going in that direction too much he would be giving Sen. Cruz a really good chance for the presidency next time.

      1. cristoiglesia says

        Cruz has no chance in Republican politics in Texas. When he capitulated to the left to support Trump he abandoned his base of supporters of which I was one of his most ardent supporters and contributors. He lost us when he failed to support his wife and father against the ridiculous and hate filled accusations by Trump. As a result of his support for the far left lifetime liberal Democrat Trump Cruz has no future in politics in Texas as a Republican as he has betrayed us all along with his family. Most of us conservative Republicans will not be satisfied until Cruz is chasing ambulances for a living or licking Trumps feet for his pay. Cruz cannot be rusted as a Republican.

        1. Mary Muennig says

          Huh! That is very interesting; thank you for that information but I don’t think you’re right about that. I hope you have a better day.

          1. cristoiglesia says

            I wish that I were not right as well but sadly I am. I do not see a better day until America is freed by the leftist yoke of Trump.

    3. Elizabeth Valentino says


      1. Maxine Smith says

        Cruz is a lying Rhino. Will not vote for him. He showed his true colors in Iowa when he cheated knowing full well Carson wasn’t dropping out. When the news lied he jumped right in there and scooped up Carson’s votes. I am tired of all thes traitors and the bs patrols out there. Boy you can surely jump ship fast. You all know that the liberals and MSM are working so hard to deceive us and to weaken Trump with their lies and obstruction tactics and you all just lap it up. Disgusting. Each time they do their bs it always comes out that it was false but you jump just like the liberals know you will. Such gulliable people.

        1. Elizabeth Valentino says


          1. Elizabeth Valentino says


        2. 71911E says

          Maxine, yesterday you up voted me several times so I checked out your account. If you’d like, I’d suggest you consider removing your positive assessment of me as I’ve determined by reading your posts that you are a typical Trumpkin apologist. This comment in particular displays your twisted vision of reality. Trump is a lifelong Democrat who changed his party affiliation two years before he decided to run for president as a Republican in a hostile takeover of the party. He’s contributed primarily to Democrats throughout his adulthood, only making exceptions when it suited his business aspirations. I voted for him only because he ran against someone who is actually worse than he is, not because of who he is. I will defend him when he does good things or if media sycophants deride him unfairly. I’ll also continue to call him out for his insanity and lies, which comprise far too much of his persona. You need to do a little introspection before making the claims you do about Cruz. I’ve voted for him twice in primaries (in the general and the runoff), once for his senate race, and once in last year’s presidential primary. He’s no RINO (you should know that the term isn’t “Rhino,” but again, I expect nothing less from a Trumpkin), he’s a true conservative in the best sense of attempting to uphold The Constitution, which he’s proved throughout his tenure in Congress. Unlike Trump, he hasn’t lied, and didn’t lie about the Iowa caucus votes. In Trumpkin terms, you appear to be butt-hurt about Cruz’s win in Iowa. So again, thanks for your up votes. You decide how you want to handle this.

          1. Maxine Smith says

            Do you really think I care what you think about what I have to say? I live in America and I have the same Constitutional rights that you do so I will add my comments and I do not need you or anyone else to tell me what to think. I am a college graduate in nursing and in business and I have a lot of common sense. I also do my own research and make up my own mind. I dislike bully’s that try to intimidate people. Your comment was a waste of your time and at this moment a waste of mine. So don’t bother replying to anymore of my comments.

          2. 71911E says

            Well, in response to your first question (I didn’t read the rest), the fact that you replied to my comments illustrates that you are either a troll, or actually did have some emotional response to what I wrote. Carry on Trumpkin!

          3. Maxine Smith says

            Yes I a Trumpkin and am proud of it!!

        3. cristoiglesia says

          Cruz a RINO? Now that is really funny. No he was the real deal and a conservative but allowed his political ambitions to overcome his reason when he supported Trump. As a result Cruz is done in conservative politics by capitulating to this leftist Trump. Goodbye Cruz, with more political courage you promised to be another Reagan but your actions proved that it was just a thin facade.

    4. cristoiglesia says

      It is interesting that you say that Trump may go home to his leftist roots and the Democrat party. He really is doing poorly trying to pretend to be a conservative or a Republican. Instead he poses as a leftist caricature of a Republican.

  11. Charles says

    Trumpm has lost? his judgment. Letting Cohn and Kushner [Globalists??] slip to the front is like handing the USA over the the Israeli government / International bankers. Jews / Israelis will always put the interest of Israel / International banks ahead of the interests of the USA.

    This is not an anti-Semitic screed. I am a strong proponent of the Country of Israel and the Jewish / Israeli people. I am also a contributing member of the International Fellowship of Christians & Jews. And besides that, my DNA is 7% Ashkenic, how’d that happen with my ancestry strongly Scots-Irish Alleheny mountains.. I heartily approve of the presidents support for Israel. One must face reality however. American Nationalists and not Globalists must rule the USA.

  12. Michael Dennewitz says

    If he’s going to do it right, he should fire them both/all.. He actually shouldn’t have ANY family working with/for hom!! ??

  13. Ron Everett says

    I think that Jared Kushner may be the anti-Christ. He is starting to appear as the Bible says the anti-Christ will appear.
    My loyalty will go with Bannon. I was with Trump before Bannon, but was saying all the right things back then. Trump acts like he has switched camps. Not good for anybody but the globalists. Not good…

  14. Elizabeth Valentino says


  15. krell51 says

    Sorry Mr. President, I know you have a sense of loyalty to your son-in-law but the absolute last thing this country needs in another Globalist Demacrat with influence in the White House! This country is as close to open civil war as it has been since 1860 and we have external enimies in every direction, now is not the time to backslide into socialism!

    1. cristoiglesia says

      We backslid into socialism when the lifetime leftist Trump was elected. Trump has absolutely no conservative history. Look at one of his most recent acts when he betrayed his promise to conservatives on nominating only conservatives to the Supreme Court. Instead he nominated and got confirmed the most far left liberal to serve on the court in my long lifetime who is pro-abortion and believes in the redefining of marriage to include same sex unions.

  16. Shelly Shannon says

    I read an article where Bannon came out and admitted that he was only in his previous position to expose certain people for Trump. He also stated that his job as chief strategest was complete and it was time for him to step aside from the position and move into a different one. He stated it was the primary reason for him to be in that position, and he had completed his mission. I don’t think this has as much to do with Kuschner as everyone thinks. Trump knows Kuschner is not an expert, and apparently if Bannon opposed his decision to launch missles against Alassad then Bannon is the one who is not putting his trust in the military and apparently had no great reason to oppose it. I get a far greater creapy feeling about Bannon. After all, even if Kuschner did stand behind Trump for his military decisions, so did many democrats. I think Kuschner is mainly there for feeling important. . We all know how Trump feels about his military and giving them the authorization to do their job. Apparently Bannon opposed that. Trumps administration and anyone who is not there to support his agenda would be dismissed, we all know that. I thinkTrump is right here. I also think Trump has a very, very good reason for this, and it isn’t Jerred Kuschner.

    1. cristoiglesia says

      ROFLOL! Yes Trump cares so much about our military that he decided to be a draft dodger. He is your draft dodger and chief and not mine.

  17. Robert Dahl says

    Jared Kushner’s marriage into the Trump dynasty forecasts a mutation of the “America-First” pledge—now to be replaced with “We all love Israel”? As all may have suspected, like Kushner, Trump seems a “closet-globalist”, continually flip-flopping, as seen in his contradictions on global-NATO, and in his lobbing 59 super-bombs into the Syrian “civil war”. Thus, Trump is in perfect cahoots with son-in-law Jared Kushner, of Jewish heritage, with its Zionist objectives. “America First”?—first after “Israel-First”? With Kushner now given de facto access to the White House throne room—it’s time for Steve Bannon to flee-on-foot from the scene (but first get fired, so as to qualify for Unemployment Insurance benefits)?

    1. bttrap says

      it did kill 26 or more issi that we won’t see murdering inocent people here

  18. glorybe2 says

    I am just loving it ! first remember that Trump was a democrat who supposedly converted to the right wing. The truth is he could not make it in the democratic party as we could see through his act. So what does he do? he courts the right wing and the dummies elect him. So now we have a democratic reject who has done two things that the right wing can not tolerate. he has placed Jared as the real president. Jared is not only a democrat he is also a Jew. If there are two targets in this world who the right wing hates it is democrats and Jews. Next he installs Ivanka to back Jared up. She is also a democrat and a Jew. Between Jared and Ivanka they will run the government. And here is the killer part. The right wing would not impeach Trump no matter how many crimes he committed. But now as they become aware that the real president is Jared the only way out is to impeach Trump in order to get Jared and Ivanka out of the White House. The left wants Trump out and now the right wing will come after Trump with a vengence. Let the chaos begin. By the way right wing loonies, be careful who you vote for. You never really know where the real conspiracies were.

    1. Mary Muennig says

      Ok, I have a terrific idea, how about let’s elect Sen. Cruz next time.

      1. bttrap says

        no way

      2. cristoiglesia says

        Cruz was the only conservative Republican choice running in the election. But, remember that it became apparent tht Cruz’ conservatism proved to be only skin deep. After Trump attacked Cruz’s family, wife and father in a most egregious way Cruz still capitulated to the left and supported Trump. I live and vote in Texas and Texan’s are appalled by Cruz’s actions or inaction in not supporting his wife and father in these brutal attacks. Cruz now has no chance in Texas as a politician and could not get elected as “dog catcher”. We conservative Republicans, which represent the great majority of Texas Republicans, will not be happy until Cruz is chasing ambulances for a living. I agree that we should elect someone that is like Ted Cruz pretended to be but then proved that he was NOT the man we thought he was. Cruz definitely had me fooled just as Trump has deceived so many Republicans and conservatives in general. I do not see any conservative politician who can replace whom we thought Cruz was as a conservative politician. I went from being a Cruz supporter to a Never Trump person when Cruz did his adoring capitulation to this lifetime leftist Democrat Trump.

        1. Mary Muennig says

          Please excuse me for disagreeing with you, but I think you’re wrong. I think Sen. Cruz is very, very, very, very, intelligent and remarkably able to be anything he really wants to be. Like so many people, myself included, he is not perfect (and, by the way, neither are you) and he has made some mistakes, but I think he would also make a very good president. If President Trump can’t discontinue the nepotism thing he’s doing, I’m going support someone else and Sen. Cruz is one person that comes to my mind (just off the top of my head so to speak). And that’s all I want to say about that.

    2. bttrap says

      trump won the election hitlery lost the election now get over it and support the presidet of the U.S. or we all are going to speak russian or arab

  19. Rodzzz says

    Throw away the baby.

    1. Mary Muennig says

      No way.

  20. littlesmoke says

    I voted for him because of what he said he would do for the country. If he waters that down unreasonably then I will take another look in 3+ years.

    1. AntiGOP says

      I voted for him because of what he said he would do for the country. If he waters that down unreasonably then I will take another look in 3+ years

      You have to wait 3+ years…long time to sit on a fence.!!

    2. cristoiglesia says

      You need to stop paying attention to what leftist politicians like Trump say and look at their history. Anyone knowing Trump’s history as a lifetime far left Democrat ideologue would have expected him to govern like a leftist. You can dye a zebra totally black and it is still a zebra. That is what happened to the lifetime leftist Democrat Trump.

  21. Ah nutz says

    family REALLY-YOU’RE ALLOWING THIS??????????…. plz. stop.

  22. Ken Maure says

    Why is Trump still in the presidents seat. He is going to take the US to war are the military going to fight for Trump or the US. Trumps children have NO right to be in the WH no rights to say Daddy do this, this way. Lord help the US. It is to bad the republicans are so afraid of Trump.

  23. Emmanuel Tolentino says

    Donald lessen the swagger..Hillary kicked your behind in the popular vote by 3-4 milion votes and the typical Donald he threw another lie when he said that those 3-4 million votes..as always the Donald threw something up and with no facts back him..those 3-4 million votes were not were qualified to vote Donald proof-none and shut up your lies are getting stale you are the President please do not use your office and bully people with your lies, innuendos, and insults and please do tweet Obama for leaving a mess,,,from the record of Obama..he wis not a tough to follow….refrain from telling lies and insulting people please just concentrate on being a president..and you are off to very good start..to you and yours Happy Easter..

  24. tony says


  25. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

    TRUMP best NOT put his son in law ahead of Bannon. Bannon is a GREAT man and has earned his position. His so in law is a DEMOCRAT and should not be part of the TRUMP team. Since when did Jared become our President’s advisor?? I think TRUMP must have jumped the tracks and needs to get his train back on the RIGHT tracks.

    I am wondering if this is not some BS (fake news) and that our President has not lost it and is not allowing family to come between him and us. I give him more credit and that is why I voted for him. I pray I was not wrong. Donald PLEASE show us we did not make the wrong move and that you ARE on our side.

  26. BD says

    President Trump, a wise move on your part, and as much as you love your Daughter and Son-in-law, they have NO PLACE in your decision making and don’t compare to Bannon by any stretch. Family is Family and important in your life, but you are President of the United States with a very grave and critical responsibility. As one of your most ardent supporters from the “Get Go” That’s my opinion.

  27. ZACAL says

    All of you small insecure journalists/reporters what ever you claim to be, need to refrain yourselves from thinking up stories then writing about them as if it’s news. That’s just as “fake” as some of the crap we see on the internet.

  28. will says

    Join ACT for America and get involved. Currently we are going after Betsy
    Devos and the Dept of Ed funded ACCESS ISLAM a indoctrination of our
    children through our public schools. Sign the petition at CHANGEdotORG
    to demand it is stopped NOW!. If the DOE does not stop it within 30 days
    a lawsuit will filed in federal court. We have 11,000 signatures and
    need 4000 more. Please sign only takes a minute. Educate family and
    friends that the 3rd jihad is real. Knowledge is power – get involved

  29. jaybird says

    Trump needs to demote Kushner. his is too young and a Liberal. Climate is a hoax just to control the people and get money from the US. Do your research President Trump!

    1. cristoiglesia says

      Trump is a leftist even though he is a recent Republican. In his heart he is still the liberal Democrat that he has been historically. I am quite bemused by him acting like a Democrat caricature of a Republican.

      1. jaybird says

        He is certainly doing a lot of things that the Democrats are against!! He needs to get back to listening to his voter base and then he will do more things that the Demorats are against!

        1. cristoiglesia says

          Not really, Trump has never listened to anyone and especially not to his conscience if he has one. He remains the lifetime far left liberal ideologue he has always been.

  30. tushambi says

    Trump is no fool. He didn’t get to be a multi-billionaire by making the wrong decisions. Jared and Ivanka are super smart also, as is Bannon. For months lots of so called experts said Trump couldn’t win ,he was tied in with Putin, he had no political experience and all kinds of nonsense. However, they forgot that he and his family have the experience of running a multi-billion dollar business very successfully and that they are honest and can’t be bought with chump change like most elected officials. Trump is keeping his campaign promises and has shown he isn’t afraid of getting tough with Americas enemies like some former losers we have had running the country. Trump has done more good for America in the short time he has been in office than any president in recent years.

    1. AntiGOP says

      >>>>He didn’t get to be a multi-billionaire by making the wrong decisions.

      Yup…he made his billions in the laundromat business in Russia.!

    2. cristoiglesia says

      Actually he did and is very poor at making decisions historically. Trump has always been able to get business men like his father and after his father died George Soros to bail him out of his common bad business decisions. He cost his father millions and George Soros has given him more than 312+ million to keep him out of personal bankruptcy when he was totally broke. Bannon is the leader Soros’ men in the Trump cabinet and if he goes away there will be hell to pay for Trump. Notice the quid pro quo.

  31. James Langham says

    Not only should he get rid of Herr Bannon, hopefully Drumpf and the rest of his Grifter family will decide to vacate the premises too. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  32. RsGoat says

    Who dose not get the idea that Diplomat’s are suppose to cozy up to people in power or even those coming into power? It is their job. The fact that recordings exist of conversations mean nothing. Who instigated, what were they about, were promises made? Those things could matter but the contact is to be expected! I will bet that every Presidential campaign team was approached by Diplomats since time began working to know them before they were in office and behind closed doors! This is a no brainer! I will also bet this is why Obama knew to set those listening posts up so he could catch a few and twist this to his Party’s advantage! It was Susan Rice who had the names unmasked and that was not protocol! Someone knew what was going to be found and in turn created an international incident with Russia. We have spent far too much time accusing them of nothing. Wiki Leaks got their information from Gucifer a man from Romania far outside Russia’s boarder who hacked past John Podesta’s “Password”, which Julian Assange told us was his pass word. Why would Assange not want to see Hilary as President? She is part of the group that chased him to where he is now, why not get some pay back and earn some points with the next President. Who knows maybe enough water will travel under that bridge he can go some place else. He didn’t have to make the deal just throw the dice. What did he have to lose? Obama Keeping power In his team’s court I wonder what that does for him? Time will tell if we just let things play out and this President settle in.

  33. Elizabeth Valentino says


    1. cristoiglesia says

      You could have avoided the disappointment if you had studied Trump’s political history which is and was entirely as a leftist Democrat. He even ran to the left of Hillary in the campaign and still got elected. Just because someone says they are a Republican and change their party affiliation does not mean that they really have had a change of heart. Trump is proving to be the same far left liberal Democrat that he has always been. People have very short memories and they quickly forgot that it was Trump that gave us Barack Obama when Trump was a insider in the Democrat Party and kingmaker. He got Obama nominated and elected with his influence in the Democrat party and his money. HE then went on a bragging tour spouting that Obama is a “great President”.

      1. Elizabeth Valentino says


  34. R Monty says


    1. cristoiglesia says

      You voted for a lifelong Democrat in this election in Trump who has been a Republican only long enough to qualify as a candidate. His children could not even vote for him in the primaries because they were registered Democrats. You have been duped because of your abdication of doing your due diligence and believing Trump when he said that he is now a Republican after a lifetime as a far left liberal Democrat. Trump has no Republican or conservative history.

  35. Pyara Chauhan says

    Such a public display of this fiasco is not good. I agree with all that Tiger says. Whether Trump can stay true to his professed conservatism is now in question. Blantant public humiliation of Bannon should, and could, have been avoided. The imposition of family members like Ivanka and Kushner on America, no matter how well and highly regarded, smells of nepotism. And we don’t need even the appearance of liberalism creeping into this White House. So far, I have been the most ardent supporter of Trump.

    1. cristoiglesia says

      Having never been a conservative Trump’s is having great difficulty even pretending to be conservative. Trump’s entire campaign smelled of liberalism which has been Trump’s lifetime ideology. Trump has never been a conservative nor has he ever associated with conservatives so he is really clueless on what conservatives believe or practice.

  36. David in MA says

    Give Jared Kushner an ambassadorship is some place like Nepal.
    Bannon may be brash but he is more experienced in life, if nothing else, than Kushner.

    1. cristoiglesia says

      Bannon is the link between Soros and Trump and as a result he is not going anywhere or Trump will have hell to pay. Soros spent more than 300 million dollars to get Trump elected so that he could have control of the Presidency. Look at the quid pro quo involved here with Trump choosing a cabinet that are almost all former Soros executives.

  37. dux nobis28 says

    What Trump needs to do he dump the Jew Kirshner and return his relationship with Ivanka back to a father daughter relationship Bannon is invaluable ! Kurvner jest another pro Israel leftist Jew the kind that gave us OBozo.

  38. Katie Jones says

    Why is this so important to the news media. I could care less who he picks for he wants a different point of view and a mix is a good balanced decision on what do decide after some thought on the matter. I don’t mind this so quit reporting on it. So far they are both there so live with it!!!!

  39. irene says


    1. cristoiglesia says

      They are all Democrats including their leader Trump. Remember thaT Trump ran to the left of Hillary in the election and if nothing else that should have clued you in to the fact that he is a leftist even if you did no research on his leftist past..

      1. irene says


        1. cristoiglesia says

          I was not arguing with you. But, if you desire to argue I will make my case convincingly. Google Trump’s history and you will find that he has a lifetime history of being a far left liberal Democrat ideologue. He did indeed run to the left of Hillary on abortion, the funding of Planned Parenthood, gun control and Healthcare.

          In reality Trump cannot choose Kushner over Bannon without the wrath of George Soros who is the financial backer of Trump. Soros gave Trump over 312 million dollars in loan forgiveness to make it possible for Trump to run for POTUS. As a result most of Trump’s cabinet are former Soros executives illustrating the quid pro quo of Soros buying the Presidency. Trump is simply a puppet of Soros.

        2. cristoiglesia says

          Hey dog, wrong tree. I have never been a leftist or a Democrat but instead I am a conservative and lifelong Republican who has never voted for a leftist or a Democrat in my life.

        3. cristoiglesia says

          I guess it is time for a reality check for you…it is you that is supporting a far left liberal ideologue and not I. I have never supported a leftist. You are the leftist by your support of a leftist like Trump. It appears that you are what you accuse other people of being.

        4. cristoiglesia says

          Whose arguing? I am just presenting the facts. Your logic is extremely flawed. You are the one supporting the far left lifetime liberal ideologue and not I. That makes you the consummate “left wing nut job”, clueless and last but not least of all brainless. People like you that support leftists are very likely leftists themselves. Trump has no history of being on the right of the political spectrum.

  40. irene says


    1. cristoiglesia says

      Unless you are a leftist you should not have put faith in him in the first place.

  41. Kenny Albert says

    Get rid of the son in law.

  42. Emmanuel Tolentino says

    What a good problem to have, you are surrounded by good people…the Donald has seen this before in different scenarios..no more lies Donald and cut down the insults..did you notice people gave a hard time to your nominees these people can not get to you but they got to you in the backdoor..does it hurt Donald and Hillary beat you in the popular vote Hillary beat by abour 3-4 million votes..despite what they say Hillary had more voters that you in the popular vote..but the Donald won the College Electoral votes that is why he is president…mandate?..nope..you should win both to have popular and college electoral votes,,,The Donald with lesser votes is our President…

    1. cristoiglesia says

      Well, that is our system but in this election it made very little difference since both of the candidates were far left liberal Democrat ideologues. Both were deplorable candidates and we elected the worse of the two ideologically.

  43. richjack4 says

    The president has gotten this far by sticking to what works. His son-in-law is one of the elitists that we so wanted to rid ourselves of. He certainly does not have near the credentials to be in the position he currently occupies. Nepotism is never the answer.

  44. Jane says

    If President Trump continues to keep his daughter and son-in-law in office he will never win in 2020. We didn’t vote for 2 DEMOCRATS in his family to help him run this country. I campaigned my butt off for President Trump… a REPUBLICAN… not knowing our country would eventually have 2 family DEMOCRATS making the decisions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. cristoiglesia says

      Trump became a Republican to insure that a leftist Democrat would be POTUS. In this election both Presidential candidates were lifetime ideological Democrats. There was no choice in this election but a leftist Democrat and America chose the one furthest to the left.

  45. JC says

    Trump will lose many many core voters and you can kiss his agenda goodby by listening to Kushner—i for one do not trust him–he is a life long democrat

    1. cristoiglesia says

      Of course Trump is a lifelong Democrat as well. Trump’s entire family are lifetime Democrats.

  46. randy jackson says

    This is old NEWS

  47. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

    Donald get Bannon to where he is supposed to be and stand by his side. Your son-in-law should NOT be part of this picture. He might be married to your daughter but that is as far as it should go. You need t oget your train back on the ‘RIGHT ‘ tracks for you seemed to have jumped the tracks.

  48. richjack4 says

    Although an avid supporter of the President, the nepotistic placement of his closet Liberal son-in-law is a mistake that will have large ramifications down the line. He is well overmatched in the position he has been given and he should be weaned of power, not given more. Same goes for his daughter. We did not elect either to be policymakers.

  49. Gerri says

    One can only hope President Trump has more brains than that. I will loose my confidence in him if he makes that move. He was elected by the the Republican ideology, Mr. Kushner is not exactly what we want but thanks anyway!!!!!!

  50. david goodman says

    kushner is a sleeper cell for demon–crats(call them what they are).he’s evil.look at eyes and you’ll see.demand president trump oust him and daughter.they don’t run America. boycott amazon and twitter.they both against free speech by Americans.protecting radical muslims.spitting on God and Constitution

  51. randy jackson says


  52. happygranny says

    The family needs to go! Bannon is a good and smart guy who needs to stay. it is all well to love your kids but the White House is not the place to have them giving you advice!

    1. cristoiglesia says

      Indeed, but his family in the administration are the only ones that share his leftist views and I am sure that at times pretending to be a conservative is difficult and having fellow leftists to talk to, especially if they are family, helps him to continue his ruse of being a Republican and conservative.

  53. MARYANN33 says

    Kushner needs to go along with Ivanka. They are not Christian and cannot give the right advice to the Donald. He needs to hear from the God that got him elected. Get the daughter and husband out and quit making your real son’s jealous…Family memebers have no place. Do not be stupid and remove Bannon. He is the best you have. Wake up President Trump…Two jews do not one Christian make.

  54. dux nobis28 says

    Dump the Jew Kurchner and all Jews in the White House time for Ivanka to become a daughter again!

  55. glorybe2 says

    Trump actually threw Trump over for Jared. Even before he was elected he asked people to be willing to let him be a master of ceremonies type rather than one who actually made decisions for the government as he knew he was not fit for the position. So now he has dumped it all on Jared who Trump will probably betray when it hits the fan. After all Jared is a democrat and a jew which will make his an easy scapegoat for Trump’s dismal failures.

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