Without California, Trump Wins Popular Vote by 1.4 Million


With the final election results coming in now, it looks like Hillary Clinton will end up winning the popular vote by some 2.8 million votes. And, just like Al Gore, Clinton will go on to be seen by millions of disgruntled liberals as the “true” president because of this seeming disparity.

But it’s just talk. Liberals can worship Clinton, disparage the Electoral College, and criticize Donald Trump all they want and it won’t change the fact that they lost. They lost, despite having the entirety of the “system” behind their candidate. They lost, despite having nearly every newspaper in the country endorsing Hillary. They lost, despite having every advantage in the book.

But what about this popular vote business? Does it even hold any water rhetorically? Certainly, it’s meaningless as far as the actual election goes; this was always a race to 270 electoral votes and never a race for the popular vote victory. As Trump himself has said numerous times, he would have run a very different campaign if the goal was to win the popular vote. Furthermore, people would vote very differently. As it stands now, Republicans in California have little motivation to vote in a presidential election because the outcome is essentially predetermined. If this was an all-out, nationwide campaign for every vote, that wouldn’t be the case.

Speaking of California, it’s worth pointing out that it is wholly responsible for Hillary’s popular vote lead. If you were to subtract the state, Trump would have bested her by 1.4 million votes. This is exactly why we don’t use the popular vote as the determining factor in our elections. All of a sudden, you hand an extraordinary amount of power and influence to a handful of densely-populated, coastal enclaves that have very little in common with the rest of the country. This is how you wind up with a system of liberal tyranny.

Abolishing the Electoral College would put us on the road to the death of the Republic. Eventually, we would no longer be a collection of unionized states; we would simply be one enormous country. Power would flow to the federal government even more quickly than it does now, and we would cease to look anything like the U.S. envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

But that’s exactly what the left wants. They are tired of all those “backwards” red states and their conservatism. Fairness? They couldn’t care less. They just want to win.

When they don’t, they whine about it.

But while they’re whining, our side is running the country. We’ll take that arrangement any day.

  1. GODBlessRealAmerica says

    Cry baby Liberals a new song for ya liberal thugs!’


    1. Marty Charleville says

      Love it!

    2. Deborah G says

      OMG was THAT EVER perfect LOL

    1. jgfsmf says

      And you ought to go right along with her. She’s as cold blooded as you are.

      1. gotabgood says

        130 years the statue stood in the harbor as a sign of peace and a place to stay for the homeless… and at a flick of the switch… you say begone….
        You are just as much of a patriot as you are a supporter of the troops….. ZERO!
        you friend have no heart.. you have a pump…. you are soulless…. speaking of cold… you would make an iceberg shiver.

        1. jgfsmf says

          I am a member of the American Legion Auxiliary and Legion Riders and support our troops and veterans way more that you could know, and I’m sure way more than you. You’re the one who posted the picture, you’re the one who wants her to leave. You are not an American. Thank God America will be great again now, whether you like it or not.

          1. gotabgood says

            What you say you are, may or may not be the truth… you people lie about anything from the time you get up till you go to bed is continuous lies. as for you telling me what I do or don’t do.. is typical… you cover your own crap by the works of others.
            No,,, I do not want the Statue to leave.. I still believe what the plaque says… I think people who have a problem with what is said on the plaque should leave… for openers it is plain Trump doesn’t believe it… so I think the trump voters don’t believe either.

            And the next 4 years… is anybodies guessing game… he was given a correct title… I think by one of your own…. A Loose Canon.

          2. jgfsmf says

            Do you think I care whether or not you believe me? Bhahahahaha. If you think that, you think a little too highly of yourself. The next four years are finally going to fix the crap that’s happened for the last eight years. What a relief.

          3. gotabgood says

            So according to you, what Obama done was bad for this country… Where we were when he took over is you idea of a great America… the place where Trump will take us??????

            Let’s review

            Obama and 8 years later

            People either have a very short memory, no memory at all, or
            are in denial.

            The day Obama was sworn in, a few memorable things
            happened. First Obama became president!
            Second McConnell called a special meeting of his own and swore to obstruct all
            of Obama’s bills/plans. Third, that
            month we lost 800,000 jobs! What a
            day. First day in office and already a
            conspiracy group set out to destroy him and news of 800,000 jobs just

            Stock market was 14,000 and fell 50% to 7000 in 2009

            Unemployment was a low at 5% and rose sharply to 10% in 2009

            From come one, come all buy a home to the crash in 2009

            Nearly 4 million manufacturing jobs have

            Medicare Part D added $47.4 billion to the cost
            of Medicare in 2006

            3 Trillion dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan

            Tax cuts are estimated to have totaled $2.8 trillion

            All of the above was unfunded, put on a credit card for the next guy to

            Plus 12 billion in cash was lost in Iraq. 2.3 trillion was misplaced by

            Now Obama. Just because he was sworn in doesn’t stop the out flow of
            jobs and doesn’t stop the flooding of jobs lost.

            He suggested a stimulus and true to his promise McConnell and the rest
            of his gang in the house put up a fight.

            You voted against 8 Vet job bills

            American Jobs Act

            In the history of USA there has been a total 168 nominees
            have been filibustered… Obama received 82 0f them! Not counting the last nominee for the SCOTUS.

            With 3 years left in the presidents second term, Obama has
            had a total of 307 filibusters/clotures.


            Stock market at record high of around 19000

            Unemployment 4.8% (Same way of calculation Reagan used)

            18 million private sector jobs

            Housing market back, still has a way to go

            Auto industry back

            Renewable energy is cheaper and more productive

            Wall Street is back to its crooked ways

            20 million people who never had insurance, now have it.

            So, where do you get your information that Obama
            has been so terrible????????????

          4. jgfsmf says

            Yes. Obama has done bad for this country. How many people are on welfare compared to before? All those so called jobs he “made happen”, how many are full time jobs? How many jobs were cut back to part time because of obamacare? How many who were looking for jobs and can’t get one have fallen out of even looking? Don’t even show up as unemployed?

            Let’s look at something different…..50,000 jobs along with 50 billion dollars coming in from an Asian company, 10,000 possible jobs back in the steel industry, Ford staying in the United State, 1000 jobs staying for Carrier, and yes, I know that some are still going to Mexico. Trump isn’t even president yet and there’s a possibility of 61,000 jobs.

            Don’t even bother with a come back. I won’t read it because it’ll sound like whining.

          5. gotabgood says

            14 Facts About Obama’s
            Presidency Most People Don’t Know

            1. We’ve now had 78 straight months of economic expansion.

            2. We are currently enjoying the longest period of private
            sector job creation in American history.

            3. Unemployment has dropped from 10.1% in October of 2009 to
            4.9% by early 2016

            4. The stock market continues to set new record highs since
            President Obama took office.

            5. The Federal budget deficit is shrinking. It’s been reduced
            by two-thirds since 2009.

            6. Under President Obama, government spending has increased
            only 3.3% annually, the lowest rate since Eisenhower was president.

            7. For 95% of American taxpayers, income taxes are as low or
            lower than they were at almost any point in the last 50 years.

            8. Dependence on foreign oil has shrunk due to record
            domestic oil production and improved fuel efficiency standards.

            9. At least 18 million more Americans now have health
            insurance than before.

            10. The Affordable Care Act has added years to the life of

            11. Since passage of the Affordable Care Act, we are seeing
            the slowest rate of increase in healthcare costs since 1960.

            12. We currently have fewer soldiers, sailors, and airmen in
            war zones than we did at any time in the last 12 years.

            13. There have been zero successful attacks by al Qaeda on US
            soil since Obama became president.

            14. We now successfully catch and deport more illegal
            immigrants than ever before.


          6. jgfsmf says

            1. Yeah, that’s why my company closed it’s doors after 35 years because there was no work.
            2. How long is that? Two months since Trump got elected.
            3. Go back in and count how many people have been searching for a job for so long they are now off the market. Go back in and count how many of these jobs are part time.
            4. The stock market broke a few record in Obama’s time but only really broke the records when Trump got elected.
            5. The deficit is the highest is ever been with Obama and is still gong to increase in the next 16 days.
            6. Back to #5.
            7. Oh, is that why 99% of the people still complain about taxes.
            8. How can there be less dependence on foreign oil when we are not allowed to drill here in the states?
            9. True, and they are paying out of the wazoo for it.
            10. True, and they are paying out of the wazoo for it.
            11. Not even close. Americans are paying out of the wazoo for the insurance. Kind ruins the less cost of health care.
            12. And we are not safer for it.
            13. Al Qaeda is old news. You seem to not remember ISIS and the radical islamists who are attacking people here in the states.
            14. That’s because there are millions more illegal immigrants coming into the states than before.

          7. gotabgood says

            I will do you the same honors as you do to me…. BS!

          8. Ironmike4610 says

            Isn’t Obama also responsible for doubling the National Debt?

          9. gotabgood says

            Picture a brand new car, fresh out of the showroom… you take it out and drive it into ditch. How much did the actual “drive into a ditch cost you”? Zero, you could have done the same thing with engine off coasting downhill in neutral. Now how much does it cost for a tow truck to drive it to the repair shop and once there, fix the damage… once fixed, will it ever be the same again? That is what lil’ bush did to this country, he drove us into a ditch.. Obama had to pull us out and then repair it, but also we had some sabotaging going on… Obama fixes one side and the “party of no” puts dents in the other side.. that went on for 8 years. so thanks to lil bush and the party of no. it cost more than it should have.

          10. GODBlessRealAmerica says

            Can you say PRESIDENT Trump get over it you lost stop crying, whing, protesting you deluSional ASS O

    2. Wethepeople Freedomnow says

      Theses an old saying President Teddy Roosevelt would use…American Love It or LEAVE IT, ON MY DIME -or- YOURS!

      1. gotabgood says

        I am quite satisfied the way America has been… starting to go down a bad path, but could be corrected easy enough….. but now you and your group want to change it completely like what they are doing in NC… like Kansas and Michigan is just short of becoming a dictator state…. so I say to you….. leave as it is…. or you leave…. don’t change it into something we will all regret..

        1. Wethepeople Freedomnow says

          gotabgood…Are you saying you concur with the path America has been taking for past 8 years by this corrupt-greedy-deceitful DC DINO-RINO establishment house of cards, lead by this inept president…failed obamanomics voodoo keynesian redistribution of wealth-failed obamacare-21 trillion debt-a military at pre WWII levels placing Citizens National Security IN HARMSWAY, those in government who followed/participated/ignored should be impeached- held for treason, removed from citizenship and shot for dereliction of their sworn Constitutional oath and duties…roughly 3,084 or 98% US Counties, 304 Electoral Votes and roughly 61.5 million American Citizens or 54.3%…gotabgood were you one of US Citizens who said ENOUGH?

          1. gotabgood says

            What policies did he change that warrants him the title of Obamanomics? Are you trying to do an unsuccessful job of shifting the lime light away from Reaganomics?
            the rest is just figures you dug out of somewhere… no references……. I would say the brown stains on your figures should give us a clue where you dug them out of…

          2. Wethepeople Freedomnow says

            Facts are facts we can’t hid from them. Obamanomics…keynesian voodoo marxist distribution of wealth economics, never worked in theory or at play…What USA has had to deal with past 8 years by this present inept president…wake up and smell the TEALEAVES, better day are coming.

          3. gotabgood says
          4. Wethepeople Freedomnow says

            Friend wake up and get a job!

    1. fozia says

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      1. Justin Seine says

        You could probably do $20k per month if you learned how to spell!

    2. ceholley01 says

      I believe in freedom, I believe in liberty, life, and the US Constitution. I have fought for it, I have defended your right to criticize. I work hard, pay my taxes and want to be left alone. I have ben out of work, been poor, been spit on, So what are you trying to imply? None of this is germane to the discussion or the facts. So what is wrong with that?

      1. Cheryl Detar says

        Thank you, for your service.

      2. gotabgood says

        I believe in freedom, I believe in liberty, life, and the US
        Constitution. I have fought for it, I have defended your right to

        If you believe all that… what is your beef??
        And I got that poster from this website only the last photo was of an apes head with the name Liberal…. I just copied the photo and changed it a little.
        As far as your photo in uniform and you telling me you fought for my rights is a touching story… but I have my own story and don’t need yours… I also was in the service, but don’t wear it as a badge and tell everyone they owe me because I fought for your rights… be humble and I also thank you for your service…. now you want to man-up… thank me for my service protecting you while you were yet in your diapers or maybe just a gleam in your fathers eyes.

      3. Marty Charleville says

        Thank you for your service.

        1. ceholley01 says

          thank you, some of it was great, other parts id rather forget. but for me, it was time well spent, Semper Fidelis

  2. Ronnie Allen says

    This vote total should be shown all day today. Trump wins popular vote by 1.4 million votes minus California vote total.

    The day we elect DONALD J. TRUMP PRESIDENT.

    1. Diaphays says

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    2. susmart3 says

      Why not just run an article on “If only me and people who vote like me voted, then Trump would have won in a landslide!”

      1. Ronnie Allen says

        Who won the vote totals in the states that he won which gave him 306 electoral votes.

        1. susmart3 says

          What I’m saying is the totals don’t matter. Not if you’re going to say “We would have won something we didn’t. If you exclude those people who *didn’t* vote for our candidate.”

  3. Tiger says

    Main Media won’t report this, it has never reported the Truth since day one with O in office and I tell you folks the one’s who know it is Europe. They got all the Wikileaks and they have been there with us all the way. They are for Trump and when O took his last tour recently he was met with riots everywhere he went.

    Every recount showed rigging alright, by Democrats. In fact in Wisconsin they found that there were more ballots than voters and the boxes holding the ballots were tampered with. Judges now refusing any recounts. Our problem now is the Electorate. They are being threatened across this country with their lives and that of their families.

    When all against you then you are doing something right, Trump isn’t a Globalist, Bilderberg nor a member of Skull and Bones or the Masons all our presidents were members of one or another of these Secret Societies including George Washington. He is the man and the One World Order and Bilderberg and UN Plan 21 are falling apart if he is in office.

    1. Marty Charleville says

      It’s not that the Mainstream Media (MSM) didn’t report the truth, it is that the MSM has for years been a biased LIEberal fabricator. The credibility of the MSM is in the toilet.

      1. Tiger says

        Marty I think that is kinda the same thing we are in full agreement. But not only have they flushed themselves in America but Europe also. Speaking of which we were listening to the FOX news report on the German Christmas Market attack and they were pussy footing around not saying terrorist attack so I got on the computer, went straight to German news and European news and there it was, all of it. The guy stole the truck from a construction site in Poland, killed the driver a Pole put him in the drivers seat then did the dirty deed and we watched the cell phone pictures of the incident, read the posts by the people there, knew the guy ran and some ran after him and that he plowed into all of them at a high speed and there were people all up under the truck when it stopped. Merkel has blood on her hands again and she is up for re-election, she like O has the same policy of loading millions of refugees unvetted into the country and she like O won’t call it terrorism.

        She wants re-electing so she is now talking about banning burkas and she is calling this terrorism, most likely and someone they gave asylum to but she is done. This corked it. So no news in America is news anymore all play the game or lose the license plus Prince Alaweed, who paid billions for ME studies in all our universities owns the Main Media and a huge part of FOX.

        1. Marty Charleville says

          Absolutely. I agree

      2. Tiger says


        Here is an article about the Christmas market the truth is all over the European news.

    2. Chuck Lynch says

      Globalism is being rejected all over the planet.
      Why do you think there are revolts and revolutions going on all over the place with the U.S. military vainly trying to tamp them down??
      Wake up folks, the U.S. military has been used as the enforcer for this new global corporatist order! Let’s put a stop to it!!

      1. Tiger says

        Haven’t seen our military trying to stamp out the movements in Europe. Nor in America. But yes it is getting defeated.

  4. Rick Rogers says

    I am a MAN, Trump is NOT!
    I am a Veteran, Trump is NOT
    I have a Heart, Trump does NOT
    I have Compassion for people, Trump does NOT
    I earn Respect, Trump does NOT
    I Work for My Money, Trump does NOT
    I Pay My Taxes, Trump does NOT
    I embrace and learn from others, Trump does NOT
    I admit My Mistakes, Trump does NOT
    I Worship God, Trump does NOT
    I believe in Not Spoiling My Children, Trump does NOT
    I have Empathy and Respect for the Disabled, Trump does NOT
    I have Family Values, Trump does NOT
    I hold Myself to a Higher Standard, Trump does NOT
    I can laugh at myself, Trump does NOT
    I recognize the ENEMY, Trump does NOT
    I feel Guilty when I tell a lie, Trump does NOT
    I Respect Women, Trump does NOT
    I know what makes for a GREAT President, Trump does NOT
    Other Presidents have Earned My Respect, Trump does NOT!
    Tell me again, what there is to Like and Respect?

    1. ceholley01 says

      i have no idea what you are trying to say….if Obama has your respect, then there is the problem.

    2. Jack says

      You need help and Trump Dose not

      1. Marty Charleville says

        LOL Good one.

    3. pateboo says

      I could refute your statements, but talking to a Liberal is like hitting your head against a wall, both will give you a headache. And Tylenol will only make one of you go away.

      1. Marty Charleville says

        Talking to someone with a LIEberal mindset is like trying to teach calculus to a drunk chimpanzee.

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          I love debating with liberal loonies – helps me shit every day!! ????

          1. Marty Charleville says

            LOL It is easy to see why a jackass wearing blinders is the Dem-uh-crooks mascot, eh?

      2. crazyfreddie says


      3. Deborah G says

        Love it!

    4. tundrafox says

      No, you got it all mixed up, this is a typical socialist liberal communist democrap. it goes like this, the correct way;
      obama married a man named michael, Trump did not.
      hillary killed our men in Benghazi, Trump did not.
      hillary used funds from another country in her bid for presidency, “illegal”, Trump did not.
      hillary conspired with soros to over throw the US, treason. Trump did not.
      hillary lied about the emails she hid, Trump did not.
      hillary practices satanism with those haitians, Trump is not.
      hillary used the Lolitas that jeffery epstein provided at least 6 times, Trump did not.
      WJC raped 26 Lolitas ages 5 y/o to 14 y/o and they are videoed, Trump did not.
      hillary and WJC partake of pizza at those 3 special pizza parlors, Trump does not.
      hillary and obama are shoving “One World Government” down our throats, Trump is not.
      hillary and the DNC committed voter fraud, Trump did not.
      hillary and obama conspired this Russian vote tampering, Trump did not.
      hillary and obama speak with forked tongue, they want to tear up the Constitution, Trump does not.
      hillary and obama never have helped the disabled vets, Trumps says he will.

      as far as the things you spurt out your arss about Trump not doing, maybe that is because he has not been inaugurated yet and cannot, but you sure don’t see obama doing any of those hell no, he is off on another vacation spending the tax payer’s money like it was all is own. I think you should go back to Iran where you would fit in just fine and take the socialist liberal communist democrap party with you. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/31aca5e2d07694bcd5f8d6d9be04ac7e1acebe7a991538d6edb91aadf5e36069.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8c60640ef9471f5d93efab06811d510b977ab86241525dca89afaaea74afde2f.jpg

      1. Rob Anthonisen says

        1 thing you forgot…………..all the murders!

      2. Marty Charleville says

        Excellent! Well said. It’s just that LIEberals have had their heads so far up their arses for sol long smelling the fumes that they are brain dead. I know, I know, calling a LIEberal brain dead is redundant.

        1. tundrafox says
          1. Marty Charleville says

            LOL Oh, that is funny!

      3. crazyfreddie says


        1. gotabgood says

          Trump voters do not know what the word “COMPREHEND” means.

          1. crazyfreddie says


          2. gotabgood says

            That was a compliment?
            was there a wink that was suppose to be added?
            Or maybe the word (satire)
            Or (sarcasm)
            Sorry I just missed it completely..

          3. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Why yes, it was a compliment. crazyfreddie could have said you lib-progs are dumber than a bag of dung, but he took the high road!

          4. gotabgood says

            Kids say the darn-est things… like you.. that was so cute..now your reward is you can play in your back yard pool… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7563b95706ea18eb937c803662c5c54a5b360666db6ad20ce10333a0c3889f49.gif

      4. gotabgood says

        the big difference between your rhetoric and what Rick listed is…. yours is made up and full of BS… Rick’s most of what he listed Trump had said earlier in his life

        1. tundrafox says

          Someday some one is going to dig up your grave and this is what they are going to fine, your skeleton and they will find that you died with your head up your arss. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/62e6bbfb496e23f3dcc99324c363060bc321e6af754c9b697c30c5cfb4cf74cc.jpg

          1. ABO says

            As he lived, so did he die.

          2. gotabgood says

            hahahaha that is a good one..
            it would probably be from a rightwing mortician… getting in his last evil deed

    5. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says

      Congratulations…You are the perfect delusional, looney Libtard. Your photo should be in the description…You should also be on that plane that takes those Hollyweirdo’s to hell out of here. Your family probably wouldn’t even miss you, snowflake.

      1. Marty Charleville says

        Well said.

    6. Norman says

      Did you plagiarize, Ricky? I saw something like that about obama a few years ago.

    7. Rob Anthonisen says

      I do not know about you….but you are 100% wrong about President Trump. You are definiteley a sore loser. See how you feel in a year when he has done more for people and the country than Obama did in 8 years.

      1. Marty Charleville says


    8. crazyfreddie says


    9. underthewire says

      Ricky………………get help while you still have half a brain.

    10. mtman2 says

      Your very skewed and highly twisted opinion is exactly that.
      Be interesting to see what potus have- “Earned My Respect”.
      Then I’d be happy to point out the unvarnished truth on them.
      No man is perfect- only Christ attained that in this world ~!

      1. gotabgood says

        all of that talk…. and you cannot answer the simplest of question…

        Where was Rick wrong?
        Lets start there.. that is how we come together to discuss the points not agreed on..

        1. mtman2 says

          I go to the zoo to see the monkeys not talk monkey talk.
          As for as human discourse I ask the appropriate question ~!

          1. gotabgood says
    11. Mike Albertone says

      There are a number of things that are untrue in what you say:
      1. You are a MAN, Trump is NOT! Of course Trump is a man. Assuming you are talking figuratively, though, I will give you that one even though I disagree – it would just be your opinion.
      2. I have a Heart, Trump does NOT and I have Compassion for people, Trump does NOT – what a crock of b—sh-t!! People who know Trump rave about how much he cares and gives – this is not only untruthful, it is slanderous!
      3. I Pay My Taxes, Trump does NOT – Again, utter nonsense. Trump paid exactly how much he owed, which happened to be nothing. If you were able to deduct things on your taxes that allowed you to pay nothing, I would assume you would take those deductions too.
      4. I embrace and learn from others, Trump does NOT. Those who work with Trump talk about how he hates “Yes” men and always listens to them.
      I could go on, but I have a job to attend to. You are entitled to things that are you opinion, but when you utter non-truths about somebody, you are bearing false witness.

      1. gotabgood says

        Most of the things Rick said… at one time Trump had said them.. of course later contradict what he had said earlier…. good example…. Trump… I was not for the war in Iraq…. ON TAPE he said he thought the war was ok. His life is full of contradictions…. on all issues…..

      2. mtman2 says

        As far as taxes generated Mike- just imagine the multiple millions per year of income taxes paid by the tens of thousands of his employees along with the many suppliers, caterers, shipping+delivery, equipment, construction and all of their employees.
        Also the multiple millions in property, school and local taxes.
        Not to forget fees for variance’s, permits, architects+surveyors.
        Those total well over $200-million per year.
        I never hear this mentioned ~!

    12. gotabgood says

      Well said….

    13. Deborah G says

      His great family,his Patriotism, his success,his strength.His smarts, You have wonderful attributes. He is a leader. GOD bless you both

    14. GODBlessRealAmerica says

      You Rick Rogers are not a man but a Liberal moron!
      You have no hear Rick but Hate!
      You pay nothing Rick
      TRUMP Was elected Crooked hillary lost sit down Rick! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5eace11c3b7640ab623380aafc4c3c92438a5fbf8d69dbb95a6ae15f3488ea14.jpg

    15. JYuma says

      You forgot one of your”I”‘s.
      You forgot;
      “I am Full of SHIT.”

  5. Murphmeister says

    But the California vote included the Baja

  6. Gustavo DiGiovanni says

    Without illegals Trump wins.

  7. outlawdealer says

    The illegals got to vote there that is why she won.

    1. 4freedom says

      Yup invited by our dear leader.

      1. PatriotGal says

        Blessed by Gov Moonbeam who has granted ILLEGALS driver licenses so that can use that to vote in CA, even allowing ILLEGALS to hold public office in CA.

        1. Chuck Lynch says

          Governor moonbeam, please meet President Patriot January 20, 2017!!
          Your day of reckoning is right around the corner!!

        2. Joe R says

          Yes, and our wonderful state government will make sure their names are sent to the right people to make sure the illegal vote is counted even if the illegals themselves don’t go to the polls.

    2. furiousvet says

      Democrat dead people voted too !

      1. AlanWH says

        Dead or Alive, Demon-crats are the Walking, Talking Brain Dead!

        1. Jim Norris says


      2. Jim Norris says


        1. furiousvet says

          FURIOUS VET

  8. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

    Why fo you think Kalifornia is called Granola land? Its full of fruits, nuts, and flakes!

    1. Combatvet52 says

      And Pelosi at the top of the list…..

      1. draftinging says

        Don’t forget Barbara Boxer, and Jerry Brown they need to be on that list.

        1. Combatvet52 says

          Absolutely the list would be very long.

      2. Chuck Lynch says

        The low-IQ Pelosi doesn’t know what century we’re in, let alone know who the President-Elect is!!

      3. Jim Norris says


        1. Combatvet52 says

          Pray Jim

      4. Joe R says

        I saw Pelosi’s daughter on Fox News and she is her mother’s daughter.

        1. Combatvet52 says

          I did too

    2. jack says


  9. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says

    Nice explanation of why we use the electoral college for those who don’t really understand it. It’s the only way to go or the California Looney Tunes and Hollyweirdos would run our Country. God Bless America, God Bless our Founding Fathers and The Electoral System, and God Bless Donald J. Trump…….What a very nice Christmas present this is for all of us………..MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!

    1. David AndKim Lipsius says

      Well said.

    2. SouthernPatriot says

      Campaign only in California. Spend all your campaign budget there. Never visit Idaho, North Dakota, Mississippi….all of the “flyover country” you can forget. They never need to see you. Win the vote in California and forget the other states….well you could make a few appearances in NY. But, the rest you can avoid. A pure democracy is what our founders called “mob rule.” The mobs in California–illegal felon invaders, Governor Moonbeam, the sanctuary cities, all the granola people–fruit, flakes, and nuts would elect every president.

      A Blessed & Merry Christmas to all! And a Prosperous and Peaceful New Year!

      1. Deborah G says

        The LAST place I want determining my future is California. They now say our Children are NOT our kids they belong to the collective state of California. Run! it isn’t the Russians are coming it is the loony left

        1. ward says

          CA is a proven failure of libtards & illegals while gov brown trades the accountable working U.S. Citizens for criminals, illegal foreigners & lawless trash, while CA sinks 3 miles below whale shit with a demise created by their bureaus of libtards !

          1. Deborah G says

            Now they have banned more guns. California will chase away ANY business that actually protects citizens.This place is like another Planet

          2. astrc says

            There is a “Constitutional” law that, “Forbids”, Federal, State or Local Governments from making any , “Ex-post facto” Law.. Which, “Simply means that a law cannot be imposed “retroactively”, (Hopt v. Utah, 110 US 574 – 1883) , & further states,
            that, “The prohibition against “ex-post facto” laws is limited to those which pertain to “substantive criminal law”, & :”which by “retroactive application increase PUNISHMENT for a crime”, or “Detrimentally change essential application of crimes already proscribed”, (Which I understand there is NONE at this time), Therefore it is a “New Retroactive Law”, which I understand would be a violation of your Constitutional Rights. as “Retired” Law Enforcement Officer, (Alaska State Trooper), would apply to their recent state laws to Ban & make it a “crime” if you DO NOT, (turn in your rifle magazines that allow more than 10 rounds- which you have purchased “LEGALLY”, before this law is put into effect), “READ IT.. ” & check with your NRA Attorney or an “Honest” Constitutional Attorney. Which we now know that OBAMA “is not” one as he profess to be…

          3. AKLady says

            You did fine, right up until you insulted the Presaident.
            Please say you are no longer an Alaska resident.

          4. glorybe2 says

            As a tactic to drive CHUMP out of office I am quite certain that the left will wage every kind of verbal war to push Chump out of office. Just as CHUMP ranted for seven years about Obama not being born in America. A very big boomerang is about smack the right wing into oblivion.

          5. joe says

            Can you say PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! I knew you could the Donald is your president and you WILL treat him with respect, do you understand little fella.

          6. glorybe2 says

            CHUMP will never be my president. He is a vile, criminal, creep. The movement to get him out of office will overwhelm him. He is already breaking the constitution by accepting gifts and failing to put his assets into a blind trust. The very reason he refuses to release his income tax returns is that it would enable proof of criminal activities on his part and he knows it full well. That is why he, and only he, refuses to reveal his returns.

          7. David Stewart says

            We could ask your idol Obongo for his returns, but I don’t think he ever had a job, just inner city welfare.

          8. Janet Julien says

            The CHUMP is the one we have squatting in the White House RIGHT NOW, along with MOOchelle, NOT the REAL President that is moving in on the 20th of January,2017

          9. AKLady says

            He wil be impeached before his term is up.
            Having looked at his past. he may even be in prison before the end of his first year.

          10. mac12sam12 says

            So the republican house will impeach Trump? LOL! Have another glass of whine.

          11. AKLady says

            You should pay closer attention to what he Trump says.

            If he commits a felony, he can either be impached
            or charged, tried and sent to prison.

            Trump has a very long history of law violations.
            There are two recent one: 1) Money Lundering and
            2) Operating an unlicensed school.

            Maybe you should actually check his legal record/history. It begins with United States v. Trump, 1973, New York

            Can you name another President that has such a legal history?

          12. mac12sam12 says

            Guess you don’t know much about politics. We have a republican majority in both houses. He hasn’t taken office and you want him impeached? LoL, embrace the suck. They couldn’t drag the old hag across the finish line!! snort..

          13. AKLady says

            I’m imptessed, but not in the manner you desire.
            Name calling is quite childish.

          14. glorybe2 says

            Wait for the end of the movie. CHUMP jumps off the bridge.

          15. Janet Julien says

            then Ovomit better hurry up and do it

          16. glorybe2 says

            Calls for impeachment have already started. CHUMP is making it easy by failure to divest his investments within a blind trust. That is why he refuses to show his tax returns. It would enable knowledge of the bribes he is already taking. He will be hounded pillar to post and you can bet that just enough republicans will join in to impeach him. I doubt that you could find any psychiatrist that would label CHUMP as fit to lead a nation. CHUMP is a nut.

          17. mac12sam12 says

            President Trump has a majority in both houses and won’t be impeached. Get over yourself, Snowflake.

          18. AKLady says

            Yes, Trump is totally unfit for the Presidency, but I would not call him a foolish or easily deceived. He wants to be King of America. He thinks he can dictate to the Nation in the same way he ran his companies

            He is a liar. He is a legally documented racist. His New Jersey casinos had mob connections

            He is a habitual law breaker. Just this year, New York State charged him with money laundering and operating a school without a license.

          19. Daniel Brofford says

            The left has already been Smacked back 100 years LOL and you retarted people have not learned anything of course with your low IQ’s it’s not surprising. Anyway keep believing what you believe and doing what your doing and after the 2018 election we will see if you have learned anything after you lose another big round. Keep up the good work ?. Like the article said you keep whining and we will keep running the country and we are perfectly cool with that.

          20. joe says

            wow sweety I thought you had died in the nursing home by now, oh well that is only a matter of time but I am sure your doctors have already told you that. They must have had you under much more voltage in the last few sessions because I have not seen you around, is the higher voltage helping , sure does not seem like it to me because you are still here. I think we need to crank up the amperage as well I will talk to your doctor.

          21. AKLady says

            You need new material. Boring, childish …

          22. astrc says

            Not sure what you are referring to? What “Presaident” did I “Insulted”? If you mean that idiot OBAMA, sorry but he is not “OUR” President , “NO” AMERICAN PRESIDENT , has ever committed so many violations of his “Oath of Office” & “OUR” Constitution. He is a “wolf in sheep clothing”. WAKE UP, Tell me what “you think:” his obsession, reasons, & purposes are for, “Releasing those, “Radical IsIs”, “Murdering terrorists”, from the Military Prison @ GITMO???

          23. AKLady says

            There have been no violations of the Oath of Office by Obama

            There have been no Constitutional violations by Obama
            You cannot name a single fact — not one.

            Do you know why Bush kept those men imprisoned in Cuba?

            #1. If bought into the U.S., they would have been protected by the 5th Amendment.

            #2. If imprisoned in one of our Allies’ countries, they would have been protected by the Geneva Convention.

            #3 If imprisoned in the U.S. or an Allied country, the International Red Cross would have had access to the prisoners.

            #4 If imprisoned in one of our Allies’ countries, Bush would have been charged with war crimes under the Geneva Convention.
            Now you know why the prisoners were released by Obama.

          24. astrc says

            REALLY? “NO” VIOLATIONS, of his “Oath of Office?, I see that you are one of those, “Bleeding Hearts”, Poor, “Radical Islamic Murdering Terrorist” , They are, “WAR Criminals” – & Yes OBAMA, would have liked to bring them to “OUR” homeland so he could provide them another place to “spread their B.S. murdering terrorist religious beliefs & “recruit MORE , HOME GROWN” terrorists like himself.
            WAKE UP. (5TH Amendment?)… They should have been tried as WAR CRIMINALS in the International Court, and sentenced to DEATH). REALLY
            “you” think that it was OK, for them to, “Cut off the heads of those, NON-BELIEVERS, in their B.S. “Religious beliefs in “Public.” Where is you head?
            ENOUGH is ENOUGH, I guess you haven’t had your eyes & ears open to see where these “Poor War Criminals”, he has released have gone back to the “battle field”, to continue their TERRORIST acts>

          25. AKLady says

            Not one valid fact.
            Many assuptions, insults and other items bordering on lies.
            I’m not in thr least bit impressed.

          26. R DoCdoWedo! says

            Hell No you are probably one of them You sure talk like one of them and you lie like one of them And i not one least bit Impressed by your shit.

          27. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          28. glorybe2 says

            Obama committed zero violations of the constitution. If any of tat sewage was real the impeachment would have taken place immediately. Only a very twisted view of the constitution would cause anyone to say such things.

          29. astrc says

            REALLY!, Are you a (Harvard Graduated – “Constitutional Attorney” ) as OBAMA claim’s to be? Do you REALLY, think for a minute that his, Czars he appointed as head of the Justice Dept. (Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, CIA, FBI, DEA, etc.and his, corrupt Cronies, within the, current CONGRESS-(Senate & House members), (H. Clinton, H. Reid, N. Pelosi, J. Kerry, & all the other, (Demo Losers), Would, “IMPEACH” , THEIR MAN??? Have you even READ, & Understand the, CONSTITUTION & the FEDERAL laws, regarding the numerous Violations of, not only his OATH OF OFFICE”, and the LAWS regarding his , “Executive Powers”, & criminal laws that, if any citizen violated, they would be charged.. And the latest, TURN-COAT “TREASON” act, he committed @ the U.N. ? WAKE UP. As for a “twisted view”, you must have been “looking in the mirror” at the time you came up with that statement>

          30. astrc says

            Are “You” an ALASKA RESIDENT”.. ?, Well you did ask, “Please”, so I can “Say that I am no longer an Alaska Resident, I hope that, “Makes your day”, “MERRY XMAS”.

          31. AKLady says

            I am an Alaska resident.

          32. astrc says

            You, sure don’t sound or act like any I have known, how old are you & what “Part of Alaska” do you live in?

          33. AKLady says

            Mat Valley.
            Old enough to know better.

          34. astrc says

            Ha!, I think that “If you do” live in Alaska, it must be North of the “Artic Circle”, & are “snow bound”, alone & have, a serious case of “Cabin Fever”, as your “comments”, made “NO” sense, what-so-ever. And just “need” so one to “talk to”?,,
            “MERRY XMAS”- Nope you are able to “Thaw out”, BY SPRING. It’s been “interesting” communicating with you.

          35. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          36. astrc says

            Thank You , (I think), & a MERRY XMAS to you also.

          37. glorybe2 says

            You are misreading Ex Post Facto. It does not prevent new laws from being passed. It simply means that you must be charged for a crime according to the available penalties at the time the crime occurred. For example your neighborhood may have turned from rural to suburban. When it was rural you could keep pigs in your front yard. The county passes a law saying that you can no longer keep pigs in your front yard. What was once legal is now made illegal and that does not violate Ex Post Facto. Imagine 1920 when young boys openly carried rifles on the subways and buses to go to the shooting galleries. I mean rifle right in hand, not in a case or covered. Nobody thought a thing about it. It was normal back then. Now they would throw you under the jail for the same actions. The law simply changed. What they can not do is drag you out of a jail cell and say your crime carried a five year sentence when you were convicted but the new law says 20 years and that is what you now will get.

          38. astrc says

            I understand what you are saying however, you missed my point, reference, “Retroactively”, making a law. I didn’t say that they could not make a “New” from that day on “would be a violation of it”. Are we on the same track?

          39. glorybe2 says

            I’m not certain if we are on the same track. For example 20 years ago it might have been perfectly legal in a few states for an old man to have sex with a 13 year old girl. Now a law could be passed but it could only apply to a man doing that after the law was passed making it illegal. But the other half of Ex Post Facto is a ban on increasing the punishments of a person already convicted and sentenced. This has been quite an issue for our courts. One remote relative of the Kennedy family was accused of the murder of a girl while he was still a minor. It took many years before they felt enough evidence was at hand to put him on trial. The argument was did Ex Post facto req

          40. astrc says

            I agree, there are always “two (2) sides to any, Issues, Argument, (For or Against), depending “what side you are on”. I guess that’s why we, (Courts, Attorneys, & Jurors ), As for that Kennedy case, it should have been, “Handled” back then. “Politics”, & rich people do have some advantage , or the, “Working Class Citizens. (The same as the, “Ted Kennedy” – drowning case. & the (O.J. murder case, etc)

          41. glorybe2 says

            The OJ case may be a classic. There was simply no proof that OJ did the crime. But what we do know as a fact is that one detective was a severe race hater and lies were told and supposed evidence was manipulated. OJ’s lead attorney made an interesting statement before he passed on and that was that there was serious evidence that at least two people were involved as the murderers. Whether OJ was one of the two we will never know.

          42. astrc says

            Can’t argue that as “I was not there” , I have not seen ‘”ALL” , the evidence or read “ALL”, the investigation, “Case files”. I assume you have not either?, So I/we can only give “our opinion” based on what we have seen on the T.V. trial coverage, “RIGHT”, unless you have some other, “Documented Evidence” , other than some of those, “Rag Magazine” articles… B.S. or “RERUNs” , such as are “going on at this time”. NEW, “Opinions”… I agree “We” may NEVER KNOWN the WHOLE truth>>. “Cover-ups within a Police Dept. or Government is not “Something New”. (I’ve been there and not only witnessed it, but “fought it” for years”). What’s your, (knowledge & experience?) MERRY XMAS…

          43. Brendatwatkins says

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          44. Deborah G says

            Well someone needs to curtail OBAMA using a law to protect Walrus breeding grounds in 1953 to stop any drilling in the North. Reality is it would be very hard to clean up a spill in that climate. I am not against sensible care of the environment but to BAN forever? I don’t think one man should have that power. You never know what technology will be around in 10 years.Maybe they will come up with a very safe method.

          45. astrc says

            I agree, the Alaska pipeline has been a “good example” of how TECNOLOGY can work, The “EXON VALDEZ”, oil spill, was an accident, “that should not had happen”, – and the “Captain of the ship” – accepted the responsibility, EVEN though it “was not of his doing” – (I was there, during the “Clean up”, & within the enter circle of the, “Investigation” – “Information). But there was Hi-level “Cover-up”, going on.. And the “Gulf” Oil Rig, “Blowup”, was another, Man made error.
            We can prevent it ‘”ALL”, but we can & should learn from those types of situations.
            However, we like to be able to, “Turn on our lights”, “turn up the heat”, put gas in our vehicle, & be able to, “drive to work”, or just, “around”. EVEN those, Environmentalists, do. There has to be a balance, However I disagree with act that some of those, Tree huggers, and/or, “Stop the water to those Calif. farmers to save a, “Small fish”, from extinction.. “COME ON” .. what happen to mother natural & evolution? Species have come & gone, over the years. Can’t save ever species of animals or insects, or mankind. “MERRY XMAS”

          46. Deborah G says

            That;s what tey have zoos for and breeding programs. There is ZERO to say a desert insect or newt couldn’t be relocated to a National park.

          47. Saltporkdoc says

            “…I don’t think one man should have that power….” Neither did the founding fathers. That’s why they established the separation of powers with the Constitution.

          48. Deborah G says

            Yes but Obama seems to think he should and can. Effectively stopping us from ever drilling there. I gues that one needs the Supremes to take a look., Obviously an obscure law from 1953 had a different “intent”

          49. Daniel Brofford says

            That’s right, I’m with you Deborah, no one man and I don’t say this just because it’s someone I can’t stand ( Obama ) I would not care had it been Reagan or if it was Trump should have that much power. I still cannot understand how a president can sign an Executive order that says he can become the dictator of our country just by declaring ML because he wants too. I think the only thing that keeps him from doing so is 300 million guns in the homes of citizens.

          50. Deborah G says

            Not here anyway. We should never and I mean never allow our Republic to lose the makings of our country by very genius men.75 years ago there was no cure for Polio. 75 years from now there could be a breakthrough in getting oil safely. Never say never BUT that being said with current technology I can fully understand the danger with spills. Black ice and killed off animals serves our planet no good. But that is now. In 75 years it may be necessary for survival.

          51. Saltporkdoc says

            14 yrs LEO in Ohio, & I couldn’t agree more with the above assessment. In fact, I have posted nearly the same verbatum myself!

          52. astrc says

            GREAT, Another, “common Sense” LEO, I know that there are MILLIONS more, hard working true AMERICAN citizens out there, that can “See the truth” of what is going on within the OBAMA”S, corrupt Administration, I hope, under the TRUMP Administration & his Transition Team, can “turn it around in time”. God Bless you & MERRY XMAS…

          53. Ed Shick says

            California is another state that needs some big changes in Voting laws , It is only American Citizens that should be voting a drivers license allows you to Drive , Not Vote! freedom Is Not Free!!!

        2. SouthernPatriot says

          I am glad I have my grandchildren about as far away from California as we can get. We took a vacation trip to California some years ago and even at that time, we really did not enjoy it. Law enforcement shootouts with illegal felon invaders robbing drug stores and any other kind of store. Schools and hospitals overwhelmed by the huge number of illegal invader’s children. A drought and protection of a snail stopping the irrigation of the fertile valley and putting most farmers out of business, and the chaos of leftism was everywhere.

          1. astrc says

            I was trying to “Recall”, that “STUPID” EPA, incident, where they, (?) “shut the water off”, for those FARMERS, for the “Protection” of some (“Small fish”), so it was for a, “Snail”? – I hope, TRUMP’S appointment for the head of the EPA

          2. Daniel Brofford says

            Those liers were never going to leave anyway but where they go. Most countries that would take them they don’t want to go and the places they might go they are not wanted lol.

          3. astrc says

            They can’t “deal with the TRUTH”, most are “Closed minded people”, who only want to hear what they say.. MERRY XMAS,

          4. glorybe2 says

            The vital need to preserve nature obviously has not revealed itself to you. You will suffer and are already suffering from th effects of global warming and rising seas. Priced beef lately? Nasty weather disrupts crops which feed cattle. Floods disrupt ranches. So a pound of decent hamburger reaches $6.50. I recall when people complained that hamburger reached 38 cents a pound. But preserving nature isn’t important to you. Our military leaders see global warming as the greatest threat to national security that exists. I guess our general, admirals, etc. are all dumb guys who don’t agree with you.

        3. Larry Velasco says

          PERFECT. RIGHT ON, JUST WONDERFUL. You are right. California has a bunch of IDIOTS living there. I live there but will not claim IDIOT. I would move in a heartbeat but I am too old to make that kind of move. Wish I could. It has been ruined by ILLEGALS, Drug addicts and just plain WHITE TRASH. PERIOD. Jerry Brown is a FAGGOT and is so far out of touch, you can’t imagine. He’s been there too long.

        4. AKLady says

          More like the looney right.

          1. joe says

            time to take your meds dear be sure to lift your tongue like the nice nurse always asks you to. We don’t want to have to put the restraints back on now do we.

          2. AKLady says

            One can always count on joe for an insult. It is all he has to offer.
            You need new material. Boring, childish …

        5. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          I emigrated from “The People’s Republik of Kalifornia” and never looked back. Lot’s of nice normal people, welfare leeches of all ethnicities and loaded with fruits, nuts and other low life forms of liberalism. Great place to be FROM!

      2. OopsyDaisy3 says

        I am a Southerner so i join you wholeheartedly Southern Patriot. I just hope all the felons that Obamanot is pardoning will run walk fly or drive to California the minute they are
        released. Most are drug offenders.

        1. Gold Stars says

          Probably they are some of his past clients, from when he was selling drugs!
          Would make sense he would spring his old buddies. LOL
          O boy is such a piece of work!!

          1. astrc says

            The TRUTH be known… More to the REAL reason that he is “Releasing”, more of his, “Muslim “Brotherhood” “buddies” from GITMO, so that they can continue his support of their, “Terrorist movement”, against “OUR” Country & others around the world who do not support him & their so-called Religious “Bull Shit” beliefs…

          2. Deborah G says

            I think they should get food sick the day they are supossed to leave.

          3. astrc says

            Deborah G. “Really” do you think that “We” could prepare their, “Last meal” for them ?
            ‘MERRY XMASS”, as TRUMP would say, we can NOW. say.

          4. Deborah G says

            God Bless YOU and Merry Blessed CHRISTmas. as for your question they are Rats aren’t they? Cookies for Santa for THAT gift

          5. AKLady says

            A murderer, sentenced to life, has an opportunity for patole after 20 years. The third-strike conviction does not, no matter how minor the felony.

          6. AKLady says

            The third conviction, automatic life sentence law was repealed.
            Incarceration costs money.
            Money you are no willing to pay.

          7. astrc says

            You got that “Right”, Keeping those, “Murdering TERRORIST” around is not my Idea of Justice. As the bible say, “An eye for an eye”.. (if you murder someone in premeditated “cold blood”, You know, Like “Chopping their heads off in public”, “Driving a Truck into a crowd of innocent Xmas shoppers, setting off a bomb in a public place, or shooting “innocent” citizens in a church or night club, etc. ) isn’t reasons enough to, “give them the “death penalty”, and DO IT. (without the years of it being “dragged out by those “bleeding heart” attorneys,) who take the cases for the “money”. NO, I as many other “legal, American citizens believe in our Country and what it stands for, but there is a limit, WAR is WAR, and people die. That’s a fact. How would you deal with it, “If these, “Murdering Muslim Terrorist”, killed “:one of your” while, “Out shopping, or attending “your church”? Would, “YOU”, want to “pay for them, “LIVING OUT THEIR LIFE IN PRISON”????

          8. AKLady says

            I think you should visit The Innocence Project
            Juries make mistakes.
            America is the only modern, industrialed, nonCommunist country to still have the death penalty in place. I don’t want someone to be sentenced to life for something that is the equivalent of stealing a candybar.

          9. mrpoohead says

            Facts please; not hyperbole and BS like normal!

          10. Gold Stars says

            When I have posted facts for you to look at, you have just ignored them, or are too stupid to understand them, your choice. 🙂
            You also might want to address the slaughter of 77 in Norway, extremely tough gun control there. http://www.aol.com/article/2016/04/20/a-mass-murderer-responsible-for-killing-77-people-in-norway-just/21347311/

          11. mrpoohead says

            “Crime research……….” Hardly reputable, funded by gun companies and NRA. Does, however wonderfully prove my point that America is at the bottom of the “modern” world in homicide rate, who surely are the ones we ought to be comparing ourselves too – we’re listed at past 100. Great room for improvement.

            Homicide is homicide; whether it be with a gun, knife, wet fish or handbag. We still have a rate five to ten times that of W Europe et al. Where’s the toilet – USA!!!!!

            Norway; despite that event Norway’s homicide rate that year was still a quarter of ours, as opposed to the usual tenth. Gun controls are not extremely tough in Norway – in some areas you are obligated to have one by virtue of removing reindeer. Yes, if you live in some rural areas you have to get rid of so many per year to stop their population exploding – reindeer meatballs, very nice!

            That was Norway’s only mass shooting – ever. We averaged one per day last year – great room for improvement. UK has had one in ten years, Australia one in twenty, Switzerland has had two in the lifetime of the gun.

            Your facts are cherry-picked rubbish as is your other Austrian link. Get a life!

          12. Gold Stars says

            So you are just a troll. Not that anyone had any doubt. 🙂
            You whine about facts, then when you are confronted with facts, and not facts supplied by the right that you are so fearful of, you do what all troll leftist do, you refuse to read them.
            Well what else can one expect from one like yourself?! After all, mommy probably took you off the teat before you were 20 and you just cannot bring yourself to forgive her! 🙂
            So here is a suggestion, get your facts straight, read what is really happening around the world and realize, not one living person cares what you write about in your own little deluded world!
            Bye, bye 🙂

          13. mrpoohead says

            No whining, more laughing at the interpretation. Facts are facts but how you present them can change a story. The “alt-right” are very good at feeding the ignorant and retarded.

            Example: if I believed the “alt-right” then Europe has now been over-run by Muslim hordes. Reality – Syrian Refugee Crisis has given us 2 million refugees in Turkey, one million in the Lebanon and Jordan’s population has grown by 25%. Europe has 10,000’s amongst a population of 750 million – not even 0.1%. If the Crisis continues then the people will be assessed and spread around the world like the East European diaspora was after WWII. America will get some and it will seem like they have the most by country. However; per capita we are the poorest helpers. We will create a new enclave thus alienating others in the area, elsewhere they will be spread more thinly so that by the third generation most will have married outside of that group. In Australia I have a Muslim friend married to an atheist. One family I know there has European and Asian parents, their daughter has married an aboriginal. They have done more for acceptance and integration in two generations than America has done in 200+ years.

            I suspect I know considerably more about the world and have seen more of the world than you ever have or ever will. Thus, my world is considerably larger. Only reading the idiocies of the right is only going to exaggerate your paranoia.

          14. Gold Stars says

            Kind of interesting to see just how hungry for weapons they are in Europe, don’t you think!!! 🙂
            Seems that many would disagree with your idiotic claims. 🙂

          15. AKLady says

            Wha do you gain with this lie?
            Does it make you feel important?

        2. AKLady says

          Yes, they were — a drug that is now legal in many states.
          America cannot afford its prisons. You don’t want to pay for them.

        3. mrpoohead says

          Think you’ll find that the Justice Department recommends the “pardons” – not a political appointment either. Would hope that the President is busy doing other stuff.

          God, you folk are stupid and where’s your sense of “Christianity” – forgiveness?

          The President administrates, not legislates – which’ll be why Trump is already back-tracking on his “wall”, ban on Muslims and mass deportation of “illegals” – he doesn’t have the authority to do it. Funny as!

          1. Deborah G says

            That didn’t stop Obama . He had zero authority to do many of the things he did that were clearly unconstitutional. The fact is Trump will appoint a good SC justice. Let’s see who he chooses. I am not against Cruz because he is tough and won’t take it from those two choices of Obama’s.
            As for the pardons, I’d have to see what their charges are. Pot for 20 years time? I would forgive that. Killing a cop? Never

          2. mrpoohead says

            Really? The closest thing Obama came to breaching the rules was to steer the Immigration Department to focus on serious criminals and terrorists, ignoring the pool cleaner and barkeep. Well in the current climate only a fruit loop would have a problem with that. If you’ve got anything else please let me know.

            “Cruz won’t take it……….” he is there to administrate not legislate.

            Pardons are Justice Department recommendations – Obama just signs a paper. That is what being President is.

      3. jeannemartin says

        It amazes me how intelligent and all knowing our Forefathers were and how they were able to anticipate and foresee legitimate issues which they then addressed so cleverly!
        And all this being accomplished so many, many years ago!

        1. will says

          yes they must have been freak genius IQ’s – there sense of fairness and justice is mind boggling

        2. SouthernPatriot says

          God surely blessed us with courageous, bold, and most highly intelligent and wise forefathers! Everything we have inherited have come from their genius and the protection of American heroes, like my father and his brother, and my son and so many others who gave their health, and the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms.

          1. Deborah G says

            God Bless you and yours and know that we appreciate them more than the libs would ever do

        3. Deborah G says

          Their wisdom truly is astounding.

      4. AKLady says

        Does insulting others make you feel superior?

        1. joe says

          Honey it takes very little for people to feel superior to you because you set the bar so low.

          1. AKLady says

            One can always count on joe for an insult. It is all he has to offer.

          2. Deborah G says

            Love it. It doesn’t take much to jump over a toothpick.

      5. Victoria J. Kidd-Cromis says

        Well, I live in one of those Fly-Over states and I am deeply thankful that Trump won! The Left Elite do NOT care about the real parts of this country. As they see it, the only places that matter are Boston, New York, Philly, and DC, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and California from Hollywood up to San Francisco, and the coastal areas of Oregon and Washington. The rest of the country is useless to them and the way she ran for office proved that to me.

      6. JYuma says

        If you and others allow the Democrats , some Republicans and Idiots to Remove the Electoral College from the way we vote. You will have just that.

    3. ward says

      YES ; total exile for any libtard type bo supporters at the least but treason indictments and prosecution would eliminate any stench of a crony administration of the wannabe dictators’ whims & ways from a murdering muslim, Marxist, commie created hell … !

    4. Deborah G says

      GOD bless and Merry Christmas. Now let’s go and get to work

    5. Victoria Smith says

      Amen. Pray for the protection of this new administration and that they would indeed seek God’s wisdom as they come into office….legitimately!!!

      1. will says

        Yes and we should also pray for his health and divine guidance

        1. Deborah G says

          I think that is a fine idea. Those poor libs who have no idea of what blessing could be theirs.

      2. SouthernPatriot says

        Amen. Started over a year ago and are now praying daily. There are sure alot of enemies who have willingly identified themselves, but perhaps even more who are hiding for now.

    6. draftinging says

      Agree, nice job, this tell us just bad our education in this county really is, in the good old days, this was taught in the junior year of high school. Today they don’t teach Government. Thanks to the liberals, progressive, and the communist.

      1. astrc says

        Especially “U.S. History”, and How & Why our Forefathers fought & died to give us these , Freedoms, Under our Democratic-Constitution way of “life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness” including, “Equal Protection under the law” in the, “Bill of Rights” of all “Legal America citizens, (born in the U.S. of A or through the “Legal Immigration process, as “Million of refugees from other country around the world who, “Flocked to America”, to find & pursue their “Dreams of a better life”. These (“Radical Islamic Terrorist groups”, within the “Muslim brotherhood”,) are miss-using there, so-called “Religious Beliefs” to spread their “terrorist movement”, by, “threats, intimidation, & outright, “Murdering, of innocent citizens around the world who do not believe in their, “Religious bull-shit”. And they have infiltrated not only their schools, but our and are, “brain washing”, their & our children from the day they are born, for the past 50 plus years. OPEN your eyes to this FACT & the TRUTH.. “MERRY CHIRSTMAS”, & “GOD BLESS” you & America, for what we stand for.

    7. jack says


    8. Chuck Lynch says

      Ahhh, come on, it’s all a right winggggg conspiracy. Votes are still coming in from Mexico City and Guatemala.
      Hillary’s folks claim that if the election was fair they would allow these late voters to be tallied and counted!!
      Within 1 month the beast will have amounted a 5 million vote margin!!

      1. Joe R says

        She could use the surplus from Al Franken.

      2. ward says

        You forgot the bo muslims that hide under bo’s cloak of deceitful protection … !

        1. will says

          Yes we should demand a recount from the 25 enclaves. They various names – Islamaberg – Islamaville – Jihadville – Killinfidel Junction – Isistown – Isslimebourogh all the rest in “bad”

    9. jimmy midnight says

      More than 10% of all Americans are also Californians. Is their human worth, less than folks’ in Idaho and Indiana? Honestly suspect that many of those posting on sites like this would love 2 C Cali fall into the Pacific, killing everybody.

      When the Constitution was being developed, everyone understood that the burgeoning economic development of the time was based on slavery, and that it therefore had 2 B favored. The three-fifths rule was part of that. Electoral College is a relic of that.

      1. Gold Stars says

        You seriously need some real history, instead of the crap you have been fed by the left!!

        1. jimmy midnight says

          That’s what U think. You’re entitled 2 your opinion. Problems arise when U believe you’re also entitled 2 make up your own facts. and then force them on the rest of us.

          As an alternative, may I suggest STFU.

          1. Gold Stars says

            Why, not able to post actual facts and as all of the left it just pisses you off????
            Well go find a safety pin and snowflake away!
            The only one interested in forcing is the snowflake left!!!

          2. mrpoohead says

            Pot, kettle – bit tarnished!

          3. joe says

            you would not know a fact if your boyfriend jammed it up your ass with no lube.

        2. mrpoohead says

          Yes, suggest you start with “Facts 101”!

        3. mrpoohead says

          Pot, kettle – little tarnished by the alt-right?

          1. Gold Stars says

            Yep, no reason to think we are civilized, after all only a civilized society uses car bombs!
            But I am sure because it is being reported on a right wing site, it will be false in your mind!
            How does it feel to have your delusions???? Been having them long, or just since you lost your basement room at mommies????

          2. mrpoohead says

            And reality – https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2016/dec/21/australia-christian-lobby-van-crash-gas-cylinders-canberra

            Australian homicide rate still a fifth of America’s. Still a doofus! Sorry, Mr Doofus! You stick with your paranoia and I’ll happily go along with my greater knowledge of the world.

      2. Joe R says

        Actually Jimmy, it has nothing to do with that. I’m a Californian and a conservative. Does my worth count? There is not one state elected office, other than the legislature, which has a republican who was elected to be there. This country isn’t run my mob rule. That is why democracy always fails. The republic would also fail if the leeches outnumber the givers. Fortunately the electoral college helps prevent that. Read the Constitution, you have no right to vote for the president.

      3. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says

        That is exactly what was figured in by your forefathers that wrote the law…Call it what you want Jimmy Libtard…It’s genius, it works as it was designed, and it’s going Nowhere. It was proven in this election and worked perfectly…It kept this country’s largest nest of delusional, democrook Libtards from taking control of the election process and the country…As it says…It would be the end of the Republic and the government would take full control . That would be the end of this country and our free society as we know it….God Bless America, God Bless Donald J. Trump…and Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

        1. jimmy midnight says

          Yeah, it does work as designed, and intended, 2 keep slavery-favorables in power!

          1. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says

            I would expect nothing more from a bag of hammers

          2. gerald Hughes says

            Yeah,. yeah, yeah, liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical scum bag.
            Don’t like the conititution, change it, till then STFU a-hole

          3. jimmy midnight says

            Thanks 4 admitting you’re pro-slavery. But I already knew, that about U, Gerald, dude w/armed insurrection fantasy.

            I am involved in efforts 2 change the Constitution by abolishing the Electoral College, and won’t shut up about it anytime soon.

          4. gerald Hughes says

            Pro slavery?????
            Scum bag, kill yourself, you are breathing air and occupying space that a human being could be using.

          5. joe says

            HA HA HA HA HA HA you are funny, you are also a joke no one will pay any attention to you little fella and you WILL SHUT UP ABOUT IT because I order you to, do you understand little guy

          6. TPM says

            It’s the democrats who are pro slavery. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, in 1863. Lyndon Johnson & his democrats enslaved them again, with their Great Society program.
            Pre-Johnson, only 20% of blacks were born into single parent households.
            Today, that number is 73%, with the majority on the dole. Slaves again.

          7. Barbedwire says

            Too bad you have no idea how ignorant your comment is; about anyone, especially a conservative or GOP like Lincoln; WHO IS FAVORABLE OF SLAVERY!! If you really believe you can “label” some millions of voters with a particular hatred, do you also label all blacks as thugs??? All women as brainless and emotional?? All German Americans in this nation as NAZI’S???

            People like you ARE A HUGE PART OF THE PROBLEM we are trying to solve, since Obama (biracial) has basically invented BLM and attacks on police.

          8. joe says

            with every word you post I feel the brain cells of everyone that has to read them slowly drain away

      4. joe says

        UMM yes without a doubt they are worth less, far less in fact they are too stupid to allow them to vote in the first place I will even say they should be forced to leave the USA since they all hate it so much, lets start with the braindead actors

        1. jimmy midnight says

          Wow, joe. take it easy. With that much hate in your heart, U could die of apoplexy at just about any moment, which would B tragic.

      5. joe says

        You know you have about as much value as a bucket of vaginal secretions , has anyone ever told you that before, well I am telling you now.

    10. Ed Levy says

      Agreed, jand……….. Interesting fact of what is happening here in North Carolina. One of the most powereful “nes” outfits WRAL.com, is SO biased that they have no story on the results of the Electoral College. They have been in the Hildabeast from day one or earlier.. They allow comments on all news stories, but are very selective on what the wilL accept. They suspended my RIGHT(FOREVER) ON ANY STORY. We see anti-American, foul comments,etc from many others. About a year ago they were bought out by CBS. I sent an appeal letter to void the suspension, stating that I only comment on human interest stories, NO Politics. The refused to lift the suspension. Well another case of Freedom of the Press(media) in the toilet

      1. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says

        Ed… What we have here is not Freedom of the Press…but rather, Freedom of the Biased Press, as in Commie Broadcast Systems and Clinton News Network, which should be a crime. What you have there in N.C. is a Libtard Nest. We have one here in Texas too…We refer to it as the blueberry in a bowl of tomato soup. The only ones that whine and cry about the Electoral College… are the Looooooosers…. and it brings me much pleasure…………Merry Christmas !!!!!!

        1. Ed Levy says

          OUR REPLY IS RIGHT ON THE MONEY! Even our favorite channel FOX news has deep hate for Trump,Kelly, Hemmer, Rivera and a little of Brair. Kelly who is in to herself asking and will be getting $20,million a year, got fame right after the debate. New hair stly, new sexy clothes etc. Hes ghost written book is selling like crazy. I can wait for the swamp to be drained, especially of the Czars that ObUMA APPOINTED WITHOUT APPROVl from Congress, His Executive orders wiped out, ObUmacare repealed and replaced, etc Holiday greetigs

          1. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says

            Fox needs to drain the swamp and should start with…Kelly, hemmer, Rivera, and Sheperd Smith. They are all closet Libtards and deserve no better than to be sent packing to CNN…Kelly will never get $20 mil…. I’ve switched to Lou Dobbs

    11. Junior1950 says

      Indeed. I went to bed early on election night with the thought that things weren’t looking very good for our new President Elect Donald J. Trump—that we would be saddled with a Hillary “Rotten” Clinton presidency. What a wonderful surprise was in store the next morning when I learned that Donald J. Trump would be our next President. Christmas came very early this year!! Merry Christmas!!!!

    12. AKLady says

      Germany elected Hitler. They thought it was great. Then the world turned up-side-down.
      Have upi actually listened to what Trump has promised?

      1. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says

        When we woke up on November 9, 2016 and heard the great news, TRUMP WINS…It was like Christmas morning when we were kids…There was that much joy in the news and it continues today. We don’t need anything else for Christmas…We got the best present EVER…….Now go crawl back under your rock…Dimwit Libtard Troll..God Bless America, God Bless Donald J.Trump and MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!

        1. AKLady says

          The Fourth Reich begins Jan. 20, 2017.
          You will live long enough to regret your actions.

          1. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says

            Since your inability to deal with or comprehend your huge landslide loss, your ability to function in society has left you… All your whining and crying has taken its toll on your simple mind. You’re weak… and in need of psychiatric help before you physically hurt yourself…or someone else. Mr Trump is your President… The only answer for you is to Suck it up…or get the hell out !!!!!

          2. AKLady says

            Save your childish insults for someone you can impress.

          3. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says

            You are unable to distinguish between insult and fact. You are a Troll.

          4. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Hillary lost dingbat, so much for your Fourth Reich.
            We know you’re “old enough to know better”, your words. So it begs the question, why in hell don’t you?

          5. AKLady says

            Name calling is something most people give up in elementary school.
            Either you are very young, senile, ignorant, or simply rude.

        2. JYuma says

          Akladdy, mrpoophead , glorybe2 and jimmy midnight are all sub intelligent, snow flakes. They should be Blocked whenever they appear. They add nothing to a conversation or debate, or there than aggravation, which is their goal..

          1. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says

            They are All the same Troll

          2. JYuma says

            I believe that you are correct.

          3. JYuma says

            He has always been a man of Surefire Intelligence.

            Tomas Sowell, that is.

    13. jdelcjr says

      Yes, this was a very good explanation, but they forgot to mention that Clinton also outspent Trump my many millions of dollars. Another great explanation that I heard was comparing it to the World Series. The winner is the ream that wins the most GAMES out of 7. NOT the team with the most RUNS our of 7 games.

      1. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says

        jd… you are right…Libtards don’t care who it is. They don’t even like Clinton. They are just so delusional they want a Libtard in there, any Libtard will do… even one that is a proven lying, corrupt criminal that should be in prison. It’s a disease. They are so delusional they thought it was in the bag. Then November 9 came and Trump smashed them in a landslide…It was a slap in the face so devastating to them that they need therapy and have been whining and crying ever since…then they begin more criminal activity, the bogus recount scam…where they pocketed $millions…then on to try and use the electoral college to rob Trump of his big victory…Not a Chance. Killary lost votes there too. They are the sorest of looooosers. All they do is keep losing, losing , losing and more losing… and This makes me very happy…Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Roswell Evans says

      The young don’t and it sounds like some Democrats don’t realize why the Founding Fathers did it this way. But this proves the Why and it’s still in effect today.

      1. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says

        That’s right Roswell. It was proven here to work perfectly. Just as the founding fathers predicted it would. They would be so proud… as am I. The Electoral College is going nowhere…It’s here to stay… Merry Christmas !!!!!

    15. Victoria J. Kidd-Cromis says

      I agree with you. This is a good explanation of WHY the electoral College is necessary.

    16. AL says

      Now we must build a WALL AROUND CALIFORNIA as well as Mexico

      1. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says

        Maybe they will secede from the union as promised…break off, slide away, and become their own Island Nest of Looney Democrooks , illegals, and Libtards..We can only hope.
        Merry Christmas !!!

    17. astrc says

      HOW Stupid do those, HOLLYWOOD, idiots think the, “Average hard working ‘HONEST & “LEGAL” AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE?. Crying about losing the Election, because of “California’s “ILLEGAL” , & CRIMINAL voters “Popular Vote”.. Can’t wait for the “Next” BIG Earthquake… To resolve that “Problem”. ‘MERRY XMAS”

    18. Daniel Brofford says

      It was a wonderful explanation wasn’t it ?. Although I knew that without the electoral college just a handful of states would pick the president but the was this was written it was a beautiful way to explanin to people who didn’t or don’t understand it at all as to why it is a Brilliant way to keep things in balance. Have a Merry Christmas.

  10. Deplorable Lanie says

    The Electoral College is there to protect us. To get rid of it, would be crazy. It works, just because the dems don’t like it only means they lost. And losing is no fun! But that is no reason to get rid of the EC.

    1. James Langham says

      Unfortunately it failed in carrying out its purpose, protecting us from a demagoguery and a despot. We now have a monarchy, the House of Drumpf, with his family and court of grifters in charge. Long live the king.

      1. Joe R says

        No, actually it worked. Now we have a chance to keep the USA from being another CA.

    2. Jim Norris says



  11. John says

    Democrats would love to get rid of the electoral college and go with the popular vote. Since we now have a welfare system in this country that our founding fathers did not have, the results for the libs will be easy. Demand that women bearing illegitimate children be rewarded with a $1500/month welfare check for each child, with no limits to the amount of children. Train them to be total idiots, untrainable for any type of legal job. Then get all of them to be as irresponsible as their parents, and reproduce like rabbits. In a few generations, the new democrats can vote and outnumber hard working Americans that have been burdened by these illegitimates, making it impossible for them to reproduce educated people that will follow their desireable behaviors. Follow the liberals plan, and this country will be dead within 40 years. These people need to be hung out to dry!

    1. gotcha1 says

      Well said!

  12. Linda Phillips says

    And those of us from California who are not members of the radical left are GRATEFUL to the rest of you throughout the United States! Thank you for voting to keep us from being completely swallowed up by Hollywood and the rest of the liberal elitists. This was the best Christmas gift to us–thank you!!

    1. PatriotGal says

      Linda, thanks for voting…help all others who want to vote anti demonazis NOT to listen to the pollsters, GO VOTE!!! Maybe if more like you had gone to vote and not stayed home saying it’s hopeless, the demonazis are going to win anyhow in CA, there would not have been a 1.48 million vote difference in CA. Keep fighting the righteous fight, Linda.

      1. Linda Phillips says

        Thanks! I know the fight is definitely not over for any of us. The left isn’t going to go softly into the night. They are fighting for every off-the-wall thing they believe in.

        1. Barbedwire says

          It’s either the far left ignorance or arrogance: THEY JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND, how THEIR perfect candidate could’ve lost!!! It was everyone’s fault, except a single candidate (who cheated the one other candidate), and spent a lot of time hiding out, lying, and lying. Anyone else, who mishandled top secret fed. gov’t info. and lied and lied about it; would’ve been shut out by their own party!!

    2. freedomcreator says

      so glad to oblige – keep the faith -I lived in Calif once years ago before they were totally radicalized and it was lovely, but i’d be thinking where to move if I were still there now- too many nutcases and illegals and there is talk about them seceding which would be ok otherwise their
      unwise decisions will end up with us being asked to bail them out which I would not be in favor of.

      1. Linda Phillips says

        Could that be their next failed plan, having failed at every other attempt to overturn Trump’s presidency? This story is getting more and more bizarre and would be frightening if it wasn’t just a bit of fun to watch them fail over and over again.

    3. David AndKim Lipsius says

      We know there are good Californians. You just get smothered. Good luck out there, and yes, it will be a Merry Christmas.

      1. Chuck Lynch says

        Lots of great patriotic God fearing Californians out in the valley.
        They need to break away and go their own way!!

      2. Linda Phillips says

        Yes, woohoo!

      3. Linda Phillips says

        I can barely keep from smiling. It feels like a sequel to The Grinch That Stole Christmas. Maybe Hollywood might be interested?

        1. Barbedwire says

          All of their other movies, except those directed by Mr. Eastwood; are just reruns of previous successes. I just saw another “Magnificent Seven”??King Kong again? As they charge an exorbitant amount to see a movie on a small screen with rude people; that was done better, previously. They’re really hurting… and they shouldn’t be insulting PAYING VIEWERS!!! NOT TOO SMART.

    4. Deborah G says

      I live in NY same here. However I DI believe a recount here would show ONLY NYC voted for Hillary the rest of this beautiful state was Trump.

      1. Chuck Lynch says

        The illegals in NYC loved Hillary sooooo much that they voted, in some cases, over a dozen times for her!!

      2. Linda Phillips says

        Congratulations! I strongly suspect the California government of not only failing to enforce the laws regarding illegal immigrants, but intentionally looking the other way to enable illegals to vote. These elitists have no genuine compassion for the illegals, but simply use them as pawns to stack the deck in their favor.

        1. Barbedwire says

          As with the poor communities of minorities/blacks in our large cities, that are dem. run for decades… the numbers living in poverty has increased. As the people protest about THEIR POVERTY!!! They elect the same that promote their victimization…. which keeps those elitest in power, those poor NEVER IMPROVE THEIR LIVES to the point where THEY CHALLENGE these dems. FOR LEADERSHIP.

      3. Barbedwire says

        Here in MN, Minneapolis under fricken Franken, and our large population of Somalis…. I can’t wait to leave this crazy state. They won’t realize anything, until the danger, etc. causes them to lose tourist MONEY.

    5. Bob Marcum says

      You’re certainly welcome, of course. However; there is still plenty of time, for you and other
      patriots, in California ( assuming, you’re not the only one there ), to assist in the cleanup efforts, for President Trump. He’ll need more conservative republicans, from California, in the house and senate. His 1st 2 years will be a big start, for him; but, he’ll need more help, from congress, to
      clean upthe mass of corruption, that represents California. It’ll be a bigger challenge, than any
      of the other states. Count on and commit, to voting in Nov., midterms, after speaking up, between now and then. Give him as much support, as you possibly can, in his quest to rid California of the
      garbage, that’s spilled in from South America, during the past decade-or-so.
      We all Thank You, for your attitude, And wish you a very, MERRY CHRISTMAS.

      1. Linda Phillips says

        Interesting response. I volunteered on the phones for the Trump-Pence campaign, but (and this is embarrassing) kept it on the way low, because of a genuine concern for retaliation. I saw not even one Trump-Pence lawn sign during the entire election period, because that would have been an open invitation to vandalism! I don’t want to gloat about the win, but the time could not be better for conservatives to stand up and stop allowing ourselves to be villainized by leftist elitist extremism. And I suspect our school system would be a good place to start.

        1. Barbedwire says

          Yes, absolutely. Many of us, were not out-spoken about following Trump. I had small conversations, didn’t brag about him; but he was the better of the two EASILY. As we see, these far lefts are NUTS, they are either uninformed and love their stupidity; or agree with the dishonesty/corruption and lies; that type of person scares me.

      2. Barbedwire says

        I wouldn’t mind if CA keeps their threat and leaves the UNION!! I would love to watch them try to secure THEIR BORDER!!!

    6. Jim Norris says


    7. TPM says

      I wonder how many conservatives, in California, did not vote, because they knew it was a lost case in their state?

      1. Linda Phillips says

        I like to think the number would be at zero because conservatives are so smart!

      2. Linda Phillips says

        For those who didn’t? It would be hard to respect their position.

  13. george briar says

    they screwed with the bull and got the horns.

  14. george briar says

    And Hillary’s voters will soon be going back where they belong.

    1. Marty Charleville says

      Yeah, back to their playpens to wear their diaper pins, suck on their pacifiers play with their dollies and draw pictures with their crayons.

    2. Kitty says

      Would that be under a rock?

      1. ganderdavis says

        Oh you all know Bill says it was the Angry White Man that got Trump elected.So by that assumption Bill must have voted for Trump too…lol Because he always looks pissed around Hillary !!

        1. Deborah G says

          They forget that a lot of the Angry White men are the union guys they have been exploiting

    3. Combatvet52 says

      In the pig pen.

    4. john says

      And where do they belong? Disneyland

    5. Deborah G says

      Where is THAT? I sure don’t want them bear me LOL

  15. james gould says

    Good piece, declares truth

  16. crazyfreddie says


    1. Chuck Lynch says

      My friend, before we can do that Soros needs to be brought to justice and hung as a traitor and for sedition!!
      He is the one who finances all the BS going on!!
      The Russians have an international warrant issued for his arrest.
      Do you think Trump and Putin could work something out, in other words negotiate something??

  17. Combatvet52 says

    Hey Liberal Democrats when Ovomit took office you told us to accept the fact that he is your president….
    well guess what we didn’t carry on and call for all kinds of nonsense to overturn the votes so now you lost we won accept that Trump is your new PRESIDENT.

  18. ARETHEYNUTS says

    The national popular vote is/should not be included, you should thank the MSM for that. People need to understand it’s not a national election it is a 50 state election. Each state votes for who they want and the electoral count is all that matters. The Elitist West and coast would wipe out most of the votes from other states that why California gets 55 electoral votes only

  19. Conservative says

    Go figure, in California the only thing one needs to vote is a Drivers License and they hand those out like candy.

  20. JC says

    Just subtract the illegal immigrant votes from California’s total and Trump wins the popular vote

  21. HopeandChange2016 says

    The California vote should not count in national elections until each vote is scrutinized for eligibility to vote.
    It would be interesting to know the percentage of illegal, non-Americans voting in that state.

    Since the democrat party is now the Godless party, it is not a sin for a demo to lie, cheat or steel an election.

  22. underthewire says

    I just hope Trump fences in CA as well. Give it back to Mexico and let them deal with the misfits.

  23. Wethepeople Freedomnow says

    What American Citizens in California and across our Constitutional Republic should be asking is…How many of the roughly 6.5 million illegal aliens residing in and around the 48 unconstitutional-illegal sanctuary cities voted using fictitious and dead citizens names, a felony for residing on American soil and a felony for voting illegally and how many mayors and our governor as well as attorney general, and state and federal senators and representative either look the other way and/or participated in these illegal processes, also criminal felony conspirators, subject to impeachment, jail time, possibly loos of citizenship. California has not only raised this from a state problem, but also a national problem the state is bankrupted, cannot support its citizen population roughly 39 million sufficient water, small business and citizens leaving their state by the thousands…there are 58 counties in California, Clinton won 27, Trump won 31, in California Clinton stats say she won the popular vote by roughly 1.4 million and looks like she will win in aggregate by roughly 2.8 million…It should be noted that roughly 18 million fictitious and deceased citizens names registered to vote, all democrat, most illegal aliens. In actuality of the 3,141 counties Trump won 3,084, Clinton 57 less than 2%…Trump Electoral Votes [EV] 304, Clinton 232 EV’s…and Popular Vote Trump roughly 61.5 million actual valid votes or 58% and Clinton 62.8 votes to 44.8 million actual valid votes or 42%! Every state as well as the federal government and its agencies, like ICE, FBI, DOJ, bound by Constitutional law, forget about the present inept felon commander in chief, to secure the addresses of those felons [illegal aliens] who registered illegally and return them to their country of origin…Illegal aliens cost citizens taxpayers roughly $2.7 Trillion a year, a slight detail this president and this congress neglects to advise its citizenry, their bosses WE THE CITIZENS.

  24. jimbo124816 says

    It doesn’t matter if Hillary got ALL the votes in California, because she still gets a certain number of Electoral votes for winning California, all of them.

    Our founders were such smart people they anticipated that a political party would someday try to steal an election by campaigning only in states and cities with a large population. Without the Electoral College, Hillary would have spent all her time campaigning in LA, San Francisco, and then in New York, and possibly Florida. Come to think about it, she did just that, and ignored the rest of the country. Can you imagine what would have happened if she hadn’t ignored Michigan, or Ohio, or Pennsylvania. Every time she could have visited some state that was on the fence, she “got sick again”. I think she was afraid they might ask some questions that she didn’t want to answer.

  25. elmcqueen3 says

    Hillary won 1 state out of 50 to win the popular vote…that’s nothing to be proud of…with numbers like that she should go into hiding and quit her whining and complaining as if she had won the presidency based solely on popularity…The truth of the matter is that the people of the other 49 states did not want her as their next president.

  26. zrevtom says

    I went back to 1996 and added the votes for the Dem candidate in NY and Calif
    and those two states gave the Dems a 5 million vote lead in the popular vote.
    That is what the Dems want, it is bad enough that they get those 55 Electoral
    votes in Calif and 29 in Ny, that is 84 votes to ovrcome

  27. Allan Scott says

    California allowed illegals to vote. No ID required!

  28. furiousvet says

    Hollywood is upset because they dumped a lot of $25,000 a plate dinners on Hillary and she lost !

  29. Adam Keller says

    Well, so without California Trump wins the popular vote. Well? Last I heard, the people in California are American citizens like everybody else. Or do you want California to leave the Union and go away ? California is certainly big enough to go it alone, it is bigger than many European states, And it California goes, likely the Pacific Northwest would follow, And then New York and New England go their merry way too. 1861 all over again, but no Abraham Lincoln this time. If that’s what you really want, try hard enough and you will get it.

    1. pappy450 says

      Moonbeam Brown and Deblasio ALLOWED and encouraged all the ILLEGALS in MEXIFORNIA and N.Y. City to VOTE. Take away all those ILLEGALS and the number Hitlery “won” the popular vote by would be substantially LESS. AND lets not forget the “dead people” “multiple voters” bused around county to county,Thanks to SOROS DOLLARS, PROVEN VOTER FRAUD (more votes than resident voters in Michigan) and convicted felons that were “allowed” to vote.
      So get real “they” tried to RIG, “We the People” came out in DROVES and overcame the cheating.

      1. J.B.Jacobs says

        California is not going to do anything. If they did leave the union, they would lose all the federal funding they are now getting. How would they live? The people who work would be paying 3 times the taxes they are now and get half the benefits. 3/4 of Mexico would be in California in 6 months looking for handouts. The border wall would then run along the east side of California so they couldn’t come into the USA because they would be illegals. This is some more garbage like all the Hollywood bunch leaving the country. Forget it, neither is going to happen. Ignore these idiots.

  30. Larry Good says

    Get that disease ridden Illegal vermin OUT of the country and the anchor babies also they are not citizens.

  31. Tiger says

    I am happy to see our system did work, regardless of all the rigging found during the recounts, all in Democrat polling places and that the Electorate did their job despite the threats to them and their families. I am pleased to see with every single plan for taking Trump down they backfire and Hillary is put down another notch. They have been given the rope and they are using it and hanging their party out. Then again there was no Democrat Party, O a Progressive as is Hillary.

    It sure appears that Trump is surrounded and protected by the constant prayers for him. Keep praying they have another Plan only way to end this is to prosecute Soros, Michael Moore, Hillary and Obama for charges of inciting riots, which is against our laws, or Treason which O and H have both done by giving aid and comfort to our enemies and many other charges.

    I say let the DOJ and the AG of Trump’s administration get the trials rolling along with the prosecutions. If these people remain free this will never end, throw in Posesta and a few others also.

    1. Chuck Lynch says

      Great comment.
      Please check out Alex jones at Infowars.com and Michael Rivero at whatreallyhappened.com

      1. Tiger says

        Surely will thank you.

      2. Tiger says

        I have Infowars news but will apply for this other site. Love the dogs under the tree LMAO too funny and good article saving all of it for later and going to share with my contacts.

  32. randy jackson says

    “Fly Over” Americans hope Cali secedes.
    Cali could become a satellite state of Germany.
    Change the name “Disneyland” to “Liberal Land”

  33. Howard A Milor Jr. says

    I would like to see the vote recounted in California? I wonder if all the votes are vetted that majority would go away!! Something needs to be done about that state and its open borders sanctuary cities especially their Wacko Govenor!!

  34. ward says

    CA”s population is 50% illegal foreigner so the votes are @ least 80 % illegal with the rest being libtard.. ! The real truth is Trump won both popular & electorial that is proven when libtard stein insisted to have a recount in just 3 states & found mega-fraud votes for hilary… ! The other 47 states had soros machines so the odds are substantial that more fraud existed & the bought off libtard media that will not expose Truth.. !

  35. susmart3 says

    “All of a sudden, you hand an extraordinary amount of power and influence to a handful of densely-populated, coastal enclaves that have very little in common with the rest of the country.”

    And if we didn’t count TEXAS as part of the vote, that would have favored Clinton.

  36. Valor says

    Surprise, surprise! You can bet a large number of those votes in CA were by illegals.

  37. draftinging says

    What does that say of California and most of all the people of California. There plan to use tax payer money for the defense of illegals says tons. President Troup should (include Chicago and any other city or state) have every dollar of Federal money for any thing shut off. If they have money for illegals,they have money to pay there bills.

  38. susanwho says

    When California quits importing millions of illegals here for the free goodies, and encourages them to vote, then I will accept that she won the popular vote. We dodged a bullet America. Keep it coming….the left never sleeps. George Soros’ $$ will be back for another attempt to steal America!

    1. Airborne869 says

      Soros the Pharisee

    2. Norman says

      Unless 2016 election vote fraud is investigated and prosecuted by the DOJ under the new Attorney General and voter ID laws are passed in more states, the radicals will intensify their vote fraud in 2020 to steal the election.

      obama used the DOJ to sue states that passed voter ID laws. Let’s hope the DOJ sues states for NOT passing voter ID laws.

  39. Arnie says

    That’s a great argument, delete the California vote. How willing is anyone here to have their vote deleted? Hay, without the swing states EC votes, Clinton would have won the election! How’s that for an argument. Just as screwy.

    Most of the population lives in the coastal areas which is true of every country. If the country is inland, then the population centers will be next to major rivers. California is a very big state with a very big and diverse population. Some of the most politicly conservative cities and towns in America are in that state as well as progressive (liberal) ones. Calling all the citizens there names is disrespectful at best and is not what anyone here wants to have happen to them. Those are still American voters as you and I and the idea that any of them should be discounted is un-American.

    The idea behind the Electoral Collage is to prevent a tryanny of the majority. Check out this link: http://www.factcheck.org/2008/02/the-reason-for-the-electoral-college/ The EC is a complex issue and over time, how it works, has changed. A fix needs to be found to get back to it’s original intent. Loyalty to a political party was never the intention of the founders. Crossing party lines after careful deliberations was what the founders intended from all the citizens. We lost that. We have become the “Them” and “us”. That notion has ended many great civilizations across human history. This campaign only made it worse. The winner has to work to fix that. That IS Mr. Trumps job now.

  40. Airborne869 says

    Mex-i-cans FLEE countries that have
    despot Socialistic Dictatorships and poverty.
    They come to America / California / Oregon / Washington State / Nevada
    in droves and then VOTE for Marxist Socialist DEMOCRATS so they
    can have more of the same…!
    Go figure ! And as Catholics they vote for Democrat Approved ABORTIONS.

    1. Chuck Lynch says

      Forget about all the ideology and personal principals.
      These illegal campesinos live day to day, hand to mouth.
      The Dems promise to put food in their bellies and a few dollars in their pockets and for the bribe money they are willing to sell their own principals down the drain.
      As for the Hispanics that have been here for many, many generations to think of them any differently than Italians, Irish, Jews, Germans, Poles or any other ethnic group is ludicrous. They love our individual freedoms and liberty as much as anyone else and are as patriotic and law abiding as anyone.
      Just look at the per capita service medals handed out during World War II by ethnic groups and you’ll see that the Hispanics were number 2, only to be edged out by the Asian Americans primarily because of the 442nd unit, perhaps the greatest U.S. military unit of all time!!

      1. Airborne869 says

        and their bravery and service medals hey Chuckie ?

    2. Norman says

      The illegal Mexican aliens came to the U.S. to vote FOR the CRIME and CORRUPTION they FLED in Mexico.

  41. WhiteFalcon says

    I expect that were it not for the illegal vote in Kalifornya, Trump would have won there as well. These liberals are so stupid. When you look at the map of all the districts that Trump won as opposed to those that Hillary won, you find out that Trump won about 95% of all the districts in the U.S., and these liberal morons think Hillary should have won. What idiots they are.

  42. Gerry Costa says

    It is immaterial now but it would be interesting to know how many of the votes in cali-gay-fornia were from illegals, deceased and people who voted multiple times. My guess is that Trump probably won that state also after throwing out the illegal votes.

  43. junkmailbin says

    if you add johnsons vote to trump and steins voptes to hilary, you come out with Trump vinning the popular voet also plus picking up a few more states which equal a complete beat down of Hilary and the liberal agenda

  44. Rich says

    Take out the illegals and he would have won California to. The whole socialist plan is to change out the population to be able to control it better.

  45. Michael Dennewitz says

    The ONLY ones to actually hate Mr Trump are all the freebie lovers – the lazy asses collecting handouts and sitting on their fat asses and laughing! I rented a room to one such person! When I saw her throw a half can of soup away, I went ballistic. Her comment was, “The state takes care of my fat ass, why worry about it?” She has since died from drugs!! Wonder if she was getting that shit free too!?

  46. bygonemel says

    I voted for Trump, and everyone I know voted for Trump, so where the hell did our votes go. California DIDN”T want Hillary.. Shes too slimmy…..

    1. Airborne869 says


  47. Jim Norris says







    ********************************BUILD THE WALL, DAMIT, BUILD THE WALL**********************************

    1. Airborne869 says

      U certainly GOT it RIGHT

    2. Airborne869 says

      If it weren’t for the Mexican Vote in Calif. / Oregon / Washington State
      Hillary would NOT have won the popular vote…

  48. Dennis says

    OK, I live in Mexifornia! And, Mexifornia is a “sanctuary state” for ILLEGAL ALIENS! The population of Mexifornia is well over 30 Million!! Do some math here!!!! Thanks to Monty Burns, (AKA Jerry Brown) and all the Mexicans and LIBTARDS running the state government, it became law in January 2016 that illegal aliens are allowed to have a Mexifornia driver license AND WHEN YOU GET YOUR MEXIFORNIA DRIVER LICENSE YOU AUTOMATICALLY GET REGISTERED TO VOTE!!! Now, all the government a$$jacks said they were not allowed to vote in federal elections (only state elections). HaHa, how is that controlled? Every Mexican I saw voting on 06 Nov 2016 got the same ballot I got!!!! Who’s shitting who with this “Hillary won the popular vote”? REALLY?? They should do a recount here in Mexifornia to see how many MILLION illegal aliens voted! The glory of it is that ole Monty Burns, Nancy Pelosi, Gloria Frankinstein and all the entire corrupt government of California could not engineer the election in favor of the wicked witch Hillary Clinton! Hopefully, these illegal sons a bitches will get an eviction notice and will cease and desist from electing those that enable them!

  49. soldier for liberty says

    Civil war is the only answer to restore the republic! We have only won the battle the war goes on time to settle things while we the constitution faithful have the upper hand.

  50. Meyer Drinkcheese says

    I am a undocumented transgender activist of color who lives in Berkeley. It is unfortunate that only in California can you find people who are intelligent and enlightened enough to not vote for Trump. Clinton was clearly the best choice. I am lobbying that presidential elections be decided only by undocumented transgender activists of color living in California. It is quite clear that Americans are not qualified to decide for themselves. Let the person who can’t decide his/her/zer own gender decide for you.

    1. Airborne869 says

      Meyer Dickcheese…
      U are NUTS…

  51. soldier for liberty says

    Wake up America Thank God for Trump but he is just a reprieve we must end the socialist movement at any cost.

  52. Jim Norris says


  53. Airborne869 says

    AND NOW we have many BLACKS
    who wanted inclusion / integration / and affricative action rights in the WHITE community and government
    NOW wanting exclusion from the White communities / governments…
    They are wanting a SEPARATE NATION in AMERICA like the INDIANS have…
    HATE whites like THE OBAMA does…
    GOD must have separated all the RACES for a reason ? ? ? humm

  54. Christian Gains says

    This is, OBVIOUSLY, an EXTREMELY simplified explanation, but, (as SEALs are wont say: “K.I.S.S. — Keep It Simple Stupid!”…The least complicated the plan, the more chance of success!

    AND! The hypocrisy of Clinton simply magnifies the COMMON SENSE REASONING of why NOT to elect Liberals…

    AND! Why the G.P. can be soooooo easily hoodwinked BY THOSE LIBTARDS! The LIBS LOVE CHEATING! They excel at every form of dishonesty & corruption, and therefore, destruction of ANY thing they touch, eventually!!! Just go through the History of predominately DEMOnrat Cities, (Detroit; Chicago, NYC, D.C., etc.)….

    WELL DONE!!!

  55. bill14729 . says

    I wonder just how many illegals are in California and how many Voted. Time for Trump to Clean House

  56. RsGoat says

    The panic this caused among voter’s at the very least forces many of us to learn more about our government! Even those of us who thought we were up on this stuff learned more because of the discussion and arguments, I can’t see how it would be a bad thing to understand your system of government better. I know the high school students picked up a lot out of this one too, more then if it was just being lectured!

  57. R. T. says

    I use to be for popular vote until obuma told ILLEGALS to vote and nothing will happen !!
    Now I can see why our forefathers wanted a fairer way !

  58. TAM44 says

    Give California to Mexico they already run the place thanks to jerry brown .

  59. GuardianFlame says

    California has lost the battle with the radical, immoral Left that has this state by its throat. It used to be a wonderful place to raise your kids, not so any more unless you can send them to a Christian school. The public schools are full of Gay teachers trying to brainwash our very young children into thinking homosexuality is ‘normal”…it is far from normal and totally immoral along with the transgender phase of this freak state.

    If all these govt idiots in CA want to allow the freakatoids to roam CA’s lands, perhaps they should invite each of them into their own neighborhoods, to live next door and indoctrinate their own kids and grandkids!

    I was born in CA when it was a good place to live BEFORE all the illegals were sneaking over the borders. Life was sane, rules were followed and “queers” were still hiding in their closets! Who let these freaks out?

    We moved to AZ for 10 years and recently returned to live by friends – which turned out to be a farce because our supposed friend was an extreme pot head and a drunk — a result of living in a totally screwed up existence in CA. We are moving back to AZ in Spring of 2018 after we sell our small ranch.

    CA is NOT THE PARADISE for normal sane moral people; however the illegals and gays and transgenders think it’s their haven because Gov pothead caters to those people not anyone else. Soon everything normal will leave CA and only the bizarre AND DRUG CARTEL LEADERS will remain. At that point, hopefully the San Andreas Fault will shift and Arizona will have beach front property! Perhaps that “piece” of floating California can be a haven for the weird like Dr. MOREAU’S ISLAND…

  60. Evan says

    If they would discount the 5 million illegal votes,
    Trump would win the popular vote also!

  61. Swampfox1965 says

    This alone is a strong argument for GIVING California (the state in which I was born) back to the Mexicans.

  62. astrc says

    The MOST liberal “Anti-American” CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATING” IDIOTS” in America. Who have NO idea what “OUR” Constitution really means to our “Rights” to LIFE,LIBERTY, & FREEDOM, as clearly stated in the, Declaration of Independence & “OUR” Constitution which included the, “Bill of Rights” to be enforced “EQUALLY” “under the law”.. Which we know and have seen these past eight (8) years means nothing to those under the so-called “Political Correct” Bull Shit put out by Him & his “Kiss ass” Administration cronies. And “you”, Hollywood Idiots like, (“Whoopee” , and the rest of those who, made the STUPID statement that, “they would LEAVE, “America” and move to Canada”, if TRUMP was elected. WHAT HAPPEN?, WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE”? Didn’t want to “give up the good life” , that the America Constitution -provided for you?, Or you “just like to hear yourself “Mouth off”.

  63. Allen says

    Why would we believe that a state that produces people like Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer, Maxine Waters and has “stars” like Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, Whoopi Goldberg and (now) Alec Baldwin would have many intelligent people. Obviously more than 4 million are really, really screwed up and deserve to be living there.

  64. will says

    Proof that the electoral college WORKS, and is necessary to prevent a insane, drug addict, power hungry, money grabbing and probably a murderer demagogue from getting into office

    She used – Guns – phobia’s – bigotry and gender to reach a extreme pill popping left. = demagogue

  65. TPM says

    I wonder what the vote totals would have been, if California didn’t allow illegals to vote?

  66. real talk 1 says

    California most of the country wish you weren’t around nobody gives a damned about California but the Clowns in California and most states don’t mind your visit just don’t stay take your Sickos back home to Hollywood the land of make believe ???!!!

  67. R. T. says

    If obuma did not tell Illegals they could vote with out any thing happening Trump would have won that to !
    Clean up voter registration and have photo voter card to vote !

    1. Norman says

      Here is a video of the VOTE FRAUD MASTER himself, obama, referring to illegal aliens as “citizens” and encouraging them to vote illegally because he personally assures them they will NOT be caught:


      1. will says

        That treasonous bastard should be impeached. I hope a muslim kills him

  68. Buckeye conservative says

    Let’s let them secede if they want. We’ll be better off

  69. Barbedwire says

    And there IS MORE than one reason that CA made the difference in the popular vote: 1. the stupidity and totally entrenched of Hollywood, etc. who also support people like Pelosi, Feinstein, and Killary. 2. As CA admitted they were allowing illegals to vote!!!

    Just proves what we all know: libs/dems./Obama are/have destroyed their own party, the strength of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and as Obama promised leadership of “hope and change”??? We all know if his mouth is moving, he’s lying. NOW!!! Mr. Trump is already showing that he TRULY IS THE POTUS of “hope and change”. I foresee his strength and intelligence has given many hope, and the MORE middle ground he is (let’s get real), the more success he will have. The majority voiced their opinion of not approving of the direction of the nation. Trump solves all these problems, and as our founders intended: he is a private citizen, elected for his special abilities during this time of particular problems. They did not intend these elitest, political families and lifetime POLITICIANS managing our Fed.Gov’t. I am hopeful already, at his actions, and he’s not in office yet!!

  70. Libertarian Soldier says

    That’s why there’s no such thing as a national election. It’s 52 separate elections complete with 52 distinct sets of rules. It was made to be stupid proof. It didn’t work because if both stupid parties nominate two stupid crooks, you still get a crook. That’s also why there’s a separate election in the Electoral College. Again, not stupid proof but had clinton won, then been indicted, buyer’s remorse still attaches and those that don’t just wear the party jersey might exercise their conscience, something that is as American as anything. If the electoral college had a conscience, the decision would have ended up in the House.

    Have to keep the college, otherwise we could end up with another barack hussein-obama, a John McCain, another clinton White House or a royal trump White House. America is too stupid to leave it entirely up to the popular vote. Too bad we don’t have intelligence and education tests to be able to vote!

  71. AKLady says

    The hate and bigotry expressed on this board is amazing.
    This country was founded upon religious freedom.
    My ancestors fought and died for religious freedom.
    The first casualty in the American Revolution was Crispus Attucks – a Muslim.
    The first country to recognize our nation was Muslim – Morocco.
    America’s longest ally, 225 years, is a Muslim country — Morocco.

    These American allies are Muslim countries: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Myanmar, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Tajikistan, Rwanda, Cambodia, Honduras, Uganda, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

  72. glorybe2 says

    California is the leading economy of all states. Californians tend to be more aware, better educated and they are exposed to numerous cultures. It makes great sense that they did not select CHUMP as their president.

  73. DD788Snipe says

    Yes and I’m still wondering how many illegal aliens voted for Hildabeast. Man would I love to see a recount but it will never happen. I only knew a few people that voted for her here in Commiefornia. I think the the state election was rigged. Please President Trump, turn off the federal money spicket to Commiefornia. I wanna see Moonbeam squirm and Pelosi have a melt down.
    Commiefornia deplorable here!!!

  74. Gary Von Neida says

    Take away all the FRAUD votes and what do You have? Donald Trump should “jump down Jerry (moon beam) Brown’s throat and vet all the votes. Jail time for all the paid workers involved in FRAUD Voting should be #1, any illegal that voted should FOREVER be banned from legal citizenship#2. I have more. G

  75. donS2 says

    So how many illegals voted in CA where they issue drivers licenses to illegals.

  76. Ginger says

    Since Obama is moving out to California after his daughter graduates from high school, and since California is the outlier in the election, and so favored Hillary over Trump that they are threatening to secede from the union, I say let them secede and have Hillary and Obama and let the rest of the country continue on without them. Thank God we don’t go by popular vote. Most of the states in the nation want nothing to do with California, and their need to analyze cow farts to determine whether they are producing too much methane resulting in global warming. Right. Get over yourselves. There is a reason we have the electoral college, and each state receives 2 senators, regardless of size. Each state has its own needs, and we are not one homogeneous group. It’s funny how the left likes to talk about “diversity” until it comes to whatever they want, then everyone is suppose to want the same thing. Which, of course, is whatever it is they want. What a nightmare. I’ll stick with the system we have. God Bless America, and God Bless President Elect Trump!

    1. OopsyDaisy3 says

      Well stated Ginger, but i had not heard Bama wants to move to California once the
      younger daughter is out of high school. How lucky for California just their type.

  77. Brendatwatkins says

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  78. Bob Stewart says

    Great! Maybe Trump will attack CA. At least build a wall along the CA border and extend to Canada. That would be wonderful for the rest of America.

  79. Ken says says

    California?? Isn’t that Moonbeams Mecca? The desert on the Western edge of the Continental USA.
    The land of earthquakes, wildfires and no water except salt water.

  80. Tinman Jones says

    I cannot think of a better indicator than this of what a pathetic globalist state full of liberal fruits and nuts California has become. California is chock full of people who call themselves “victim”, and those are the ones that an equally pathetic candidate like Hillary appeals to. Secession cannot come fast enough for the rainbow-flag, let-anyone-in-from-Tijuana-or across-the-Pacific (but stay outta my gated community in the hills with 30-foot walls), Pelosi-loving, San Andreas-fearing (or not), raise-my-minimum-wage-to-$15-while-I-show-up-HIGH-for-work-and-cuss-out the-boss-who-got-fired-for-yelling-at-employees-in-front-of-customers-and-for-being-HIGH-too, I-work-for-tech-company-in-Cupertino-who-has-all-of-its-products-made-in-China, I-have-no-pride-in-America-whatsoever, birthplace-of-all-things-of-rogue-American-culture, we-don’t-even-have-water-to-drink state. Before secession, though, all the sane ones who don’t fit any of the above–the God-fearing faithful who are trying to live the American dream the right way–need an opportunity to relocate to another state. Of course, all those relocations would be paid for by taxpayer money. What a sad, progressive irony California has become. As someone once said, “With every bit of progress, something else must die.” A lot of things “die” in California. Romans 12:12 because it matters!

  81. Meyer Drinkcheese says

    I am an undocumented transgender activist of color. Hillary will be President whether you want her or not. At the last second, right before Trump is inaugurated, Hillary is going to slam her hand on the Bible so she gets inaugurated instead of Trump. Then she will be President and take power and eliminate all people in America who didn’t vote for her. Then she will install cameras in every home so she can personally monitor people for hate speech or thoughtcrimes. As a supporter of Hillary, I hope this happens.

  82. Al Wunsch says

    Wonder how many illegal votes are in the CA total?

  83. elmcqueen3 says

    In my younger days I was a believer in the Democratic party as were my parents they being staunch Democrats…At that time I was puzzled why we had an electoral college vote and not a popular vote system like so many other countries in the world…After some studies I was made aware of why we have the electoral system…It is the only system that would be fair to the states and to the people…After JFK the Democratic party was hijacked by all the radical elements of our society…for this reason I have chosen to become a Republican…they being the much lesser of two evils…I find no favor in the populist vote theory as supported by many Democrats…of which my parents have since disengaged themselves…Since the 1960’s hippy revelation or revolution…my parents have switched political party’s and are now Republicans…Such was life amongst what once was a fair and just Democratic party…It is now the party of radicals and connivers…whiners and complainers…and those who engage in dirty politics…and or those who have learned to speak the George Orwellian political correct language of this newly askewered century…Most of us have had enough of the radical Democrats and their political shenanigans…that’s why we now have Donald Trump as President elect…he being more trustworthy than Hillary Clinton or any other radicalized Democrat to include our current “bathroom” gender President.

  84. tCotUS says

    Haven’t we sold California to Mexico yet?

  85. Jons_On says

    Also California now lets illegal aliens vote. So it’s votes shouldn’t even be counted as many people who are not eligible to vote are now voting. The best thing that could happen to this country is that California quits ti union and becomes their own little communist enclave. Having lived in that state most of my life I can say that it has gone from a decent place to live to a complete toilet.

  86. joe says

    These libs are a bunch of cupcakes if they don’t get their way they whine and scream like children thank god Trump won so we do not have a bunch of spineless jellyfish like creatures in charge of this country. We just need to figure out a way to get rid of them now maybe all expense paid trips to Mexico, one way trips.

  87. desert fox says

    And if you took away the more than 3,000,000 illegal votes that have already been discovered (and that’s only from several states) President TRUMP won the popular vote by a much greater margin…..will someone tell her she lost the presidency, she lost the recount, and she lost the electoral vote. Three times you’re a loser–go crawl back in your hole.

  88. John Phillips says

    Trump won 25 counties in CA. He would have carried 41 counties. The last 17 counties gave Hillary 55 EV.
    Without Los Angeles, Alameda, Santa Clara, San Francisco and Contra Costa (5 of 58 counties) Hillary would have lost the popular vote. Hillary won the popular vote by 5 California counties.

  89. melmack 1 says

    LOL, and how many mexifornia voters should really be voting only in Mexico and who the ell is checking the polls or absentee ballots ?? Guess it must be Jerry…moonbeam…brown !!

  90. JYuma says

    After Trump is in office. I wonder what would the count be if the Federal Government went into California, then recounted all the ballots. Throwing out the Fraudulent ones. The ones from the Illegals, Felons that voted illegally.

  91. kassa1 says

    And that’s after all the dead and Illigals in thev49 states have voted and don’t forget Calic is a free for all vote state not gov bybthe fed as long aaa itvpromotes whatever agenda their promoting!

  92. MILES E DRAKE says

    The Electoral College is all that stands between us and “The Hunger Games”. Without the necessity of appealing to a cross section of regions, interests and classes in order to win the presidency, we would become a continental dictatorship in which an oligarchy of decadent sophisticates rule in perpetuity over an increasingly impoverished populace. Every election would be attended by fraud and followed by violence, like those in the continent that gave us our soon-to-be-former illegal alien-in-chief. A one-party regime supported by a non-American un-American and anti-American lumpenproletariat would sooner rather than later make revolution necessary. Like Scrooge on Christmas Eve, the United States has been given one last chance and hope, a chance and hope procured not by Jacob Marley (who in this campaign wore an orange pantsuit and was carried around and held up between binges and seizures by handlers from Soros and the Muslim Brotherhood) but by Donald J, Trump.

    1. JYuma says

      I had not thought of that Fact. Well stated and thought.

  93. Garry A DeManty says

    One of these days our people in California will get their head out of their backside get tired of paying all the taxes that other states don’t have to pay and become a two party state again.The left here is ripping the good and honest people off right and left and they don’t see it till its two late.

  94. TeaPartyPatriot says

    RE:Without California, Trump Wins Popular Vote by 1.4 Million

    The headline should read: Without the illegal alien vote in California, Trump Wins Popular Vote by 1.4 Million +

  95. John Phillips says

    Trump won 25 of 58 counties in CA.
    He would have carried the state if 17 counties were not part of CA.
    He would have carried the US popular vote if 5 CA counties were eliminated.
    Without the EC any 1 of 5 CA counties would have made the difference and elected Hillary.
    9 states have 51% of the population. They could control the country
    EC give the small states a little more representation on the other hand if CA is close a few votes one way or an other could swing 55 EC votes.

  96. Roger Morais says

    Who really cares if Shilliary won the popular vote ? Who’s in the White House is all that matters and she and Bill are gone 4ever.

  97. desert fox says

    California, the liberal demoncratic suck hole with Governor Moonbeam at the head of the State, is filled with crazy liberals who are just giving away our tax dollars and they can’t afford toilet paper to wipe their arses. Ms. Brown has given drivers’ licenses to illegals which make our licenses invalid as legal ID’s in other States. In the few states outside of California they have already found over 3,000,000 illegal votes for killary. If they did the complete check of California voters (with over 15,000,000 illegals in the State) Trump would have won the popular vote by a landslide. But let the demoncrats claim what the want for the lying crooked nominee they put up for president. Just think she is a three time loser–lost the election, lost the recount, lost the electoral vote. Hey, killary, you are a loser, and I hope you and slick willie look good in orange.

  98. TOM P O'DONNELL says


  99. astrc says

    TALK -TALK-TALK, (Muslims this, Muslims that-) “Illegal Immigrants”, “Radical Islamic “ISIS” Brotherhood Terrorist being “Brought to our Homeland, by OBAMA, & his “RELEASING those
    Murdering bastards”, from GITMO ? WHAT is the rest of “OUR”, Elected Officials, (The Senate & House) DOING ABOUT IT, I haven’t hear ONE OF THEM , “Stand up & tell him, ‘ENOUGH of your using & violating your “Executive powers” Someone PLEASE tell me WHY they Don’t or Can’t, take some “Common Sense”, Emergancy Action, like, (Cutting his misuse of Taxpayers funds to , “Pay for them to come & relocate in America.?/)

  100. Saltporkdoc says

    Guessing that’s why it was/is so important to progressive/Marxists to have illegals & aliens vote. Wonder what would have happened in Michigan if the 37 Detroit precincts had NOT had more than 100% registered voters ballots cast?

  101. Robert Tolces says

    Thank God for the Electoral college or we would need to dump California into the Ocean

  102. Avatar says

    Hey, hold on ! I am a Californian and am not moving, regardless of some negative rhetoric. There are those who I would encourage to ‘move on’ because of “low life” that is bound to appear in such a large state; however, popular vote (30%) would have doubled if voters hadn’t given up because of it being a
    Blue state. There has to be some compromise that gives ALL voters the privilege without worrying about a state already spoken for…..I agree with Larry and wish more would move out of CA to improve our traffic and parking challenges, find welfare elsewhere, ane let us enjoy our Golden State and vote as we choose!

  103. OldHighlandGuyOne says

    I am a native Californian, born in Los Angeles, still live here in California and I believe that California should lose the right to vote, to vote on ANYTHING that affects the U. S. A.
    California should have no representation in congress.
    This once beautiful state is corrupt and filled with useless troglodytes, they are called liberals and actors. One day, maybe, the people of California will awaken and take back this state from the useless liberals but I’ll be gone before that ever happens.
    I weep for my home state.

    1. JYuma says

      You will have to take it back from the Illegals FIRST.

  104. Don says

    just remove all the dead and Illegal votes and he win’s and by more states than he did already!!!!

    1. JYuma says

      Howsoever it is California that put her ahead in the popular votes. Remove the Felons, the Illegals , then he wood win by about 2 Million.

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica says

        At least you have some common sense here! lol

        1. JYuma says

          No, I’m just smarter than the Average BEAR. you don’t have to have common sense to figure a democrat out.

  105. Larry Good says

    The reason Trump needs to get the disease ridden Illegal vermin out of the country how many ISIS soldiers did the Valerie Jarrett roach bring In last 8 years ?

    1. JYuma says

      The Government knows of 2 ISIS cells in Tucson , Az., 1 in Phoenix, Az..
      They also know that there are at least 4 Alkata (?) cells in Tucson, with 4 or 5 in Phoenix. They are watching them. Closely.

  106. CHEYENNE says

    It’s didn’t matter where the circus went , We didn’t want those clowns in our house !

  107. Bob Stewart says

    Why doesn’t the congress vote to expel CA from the union? How great would that be? Also, if refugees need to be settled somewhere, how about CA?

    1. JYuma says

      Nope, nix, nien, no way. they would be to close to me. I don’t have enough ammo to expel the Criminals from south of the Border. Having more targets wood be to Great for me to Enjoy.

  108. AL says

    We need to build a WALL around California and keep the libs and queers out of this great NATION

  109. Sandy0 says

    What animosity toward poor California; why single it or any state out? No reason whatsoever.

    Besides, EVENWITHOUT CA, trump would have Lost the popular vote by NEARLY 2 milliion voters!

    No sour grapes allowed .

    Is it Really True that some trump voters Still do not know their mistake?….or are they just mad enough to defend their obvious mistake from the get-go when he dissed Mexicans and Muslims and women? A lot of people cannot recant mistakes, pathetically.

    1. JYuma says

      ShadyO, Your account of weather trump would have lost the Popular vote with out California is about 140 million off. All of heller’s votes to give her the popular vote CAME from California. The reason Pa. called off their recount was, they found that many Precincts in PA. had more votes for hellery than they had registered Voters. they also found that Trumps Votes rose, That also happen in Wi. And Michigan.
      He did not diss al Mexicans, He stated that he would deport all Mexican Criminals. Even those that o’bozo has turned loose in this country ,as he just tired loose 178 of them, many of, that were Murders, and drug runners.
      As for Muslims, there is a 1952 Immigration Law that forbids Muslims from entering this country for the purpose of emigration.
      The People in this country are feed up with beings such as you. Go crawl back under your Rock. Merry ChristMass.

  110. Janet Julien says

    Subject: We must pull out!

    I have been a supporter for a long time. But I believe that it is time to re-evaluate U.S. involvement. I’m sorry that a lot of my friends are going to disagree with me, but this is the way I see it now.

    Every day there are news reports of more deaths.

    Why are we still there?

    We see images of death and destruction on TV every night.

    Why are we still there?

    We took this land by force. We occupied it. It causes us nothing but trouble.

    Why are we still there?

    Many of our children go there but never come back.

    Why are we still there?

    Murderers, Rapists, Pedophiles and Thugs enjoy celebrity status.

    Why are we still there?

    Their government is unstable.

    Why are we still there?

    Many of their people are uncivilized.

    Why are we still there?

    Their land is subject to natural disasters and we are obliged to come to their aid.

    Why are we still there?

    They have more than 1000 religious sects, which we do not understand.

    Why are we still there?

    Their cultures, foods and diverse ways of life are unfathomable to most ordinary Americans.

    Why are we still there?

    They cannot secure their borders.

    Why are we still there?

    They are billions of dollars in debt and it will cost billions more to rebuild.

    Why are we still there?

    It is now quite clear!


  111. disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says

    California needs to fall of the face of the earth, or let say the liberals and the Looney Tunes dem o rats

  112. Tinman Jones says

    If Cali is really considering secession, they need to hurry up! The sooner, the better. I don’t get how they feel like their votes should speak for all of America. Most of those voting speak English as a second language, so Cali doesn’t fit the mold of American voter. Romans 12:12 to all freedom lovers!

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