Writer: America “Less Prepared for Another 9/11” Under Trump


President Donald Trump delivered a moving statement commemorating the anniversary of 9/11 on Monday, reassuring the country that we have in place (finally) a strong leader who takes seriously the threat coming from Islamic terrorism. In his speech, Trump said that “the living, breathing soul of America wept with grief” over the many lives lost on that fateful day sixteen years ago. At the Pentagon, President Trump sent a message to the terrorists who still populate the world: “America cannot be intimidated.”

Anyone with any objectivity would listen to those words – and their inner voice of common sense – and conclude that this country is far better off today than we were the last time this anniversary rolled around. Trump is the anti-Obama when it comes to matters of national security; his administration can’t stop every conceivable terrorist attack that might hit our shores, but we have a lot more faith in our collective ability to stop an attack than we did under the last guy.

Naturally, the liberals at The Atlantic think otherwise. That’s why, on September 11, writer Conor Friedersdorf published a fact-free essay warning readers that “Donald Trump has left America less prepared for another 9/11.”

Now, what might you expect from an article with that headline? Some information to back up the argument, right? Well, you’ll get no such satisfaction from this bit of fluff. In Friedersdorf’s desperation to write something grossly partisan on the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in American history, he ignores the inconvenient problem of…you know…not having an argument to make.

So he talks about Trump’s lack of governing experience. He talks about his bankruptcies. He talks about his “moral compass” and the reservations he has about his “character.” He talks about these things because, clearly, he realized only after his editors assigned him the piece that he had nothing of substance to say about how, EXACTLY, America was now less prepared to deal with 9/11. Which, in itself, is another way of saying that America is somehow more susceptible to another 9/11 thanks to Donald J. Trump.

When Friedersdorf finally does get down to making a substantive argument, the points he makes are, at best, embarrassing.

“The White House is in constant disarray as key personnel are hired and fired at an unprecedented rate,” he writes, although we doubt he would argue for bringing back Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon.

“Huge numbers of important State Department positions are still unfilled,” he writes, as though the next major terrorist attack will come about as a failure of diplomacy.

“The United States is as divided as it has been at any time in my life,” he writes, plainly stretching to fill a word count.

“Those are just a few of the factors that have rendered Trump’s America less prepared to meet major challenges than it was during the administration of any other president in the postwar era,” he concludes – a lazy high schooler strangely certain that by simply blathering on for a few pages in an essay, he has come anywhere close to proving his thesis.

But hey, it’s September, things in America are looking up, and liberal writers are getting desperate to find novel ways in which to attack President Trump. It’s probably only going to get worse from here.



  1. David C. Lannan says

    Sounds like the liberal writer needs to go back to his safe space …

    1. ward says

      Leaving the U.S.A. would be the safest for the U.S. & taking muslims with him is prepping !

    2. John Meadows says

      He needs to live in lran

      1. Lisa Meyer says

        Good idea. Let’s see how long he would live writing crap like that against the Ayatollah.

    3. Lisa Meyer says

      He is the result of four years (or maybe it took him longer) of Liberal Arts indoctrination.

  2. whoselineisitanyway says


  3. Sgt. York says

    Was Pres Bush prepaired for the 9/11 hit and was the Gov.? Of course not or we would not let it of happened. This fruitcup is just another in a longline of Trunp haters with access to the media. He should be booted out of what ever position he holds and made to rewright a piece of apology for his ratty little Whiney trashcan Thing called,his thoughts on America’s not being prepaired for another 9/11. We never saw coming the first time. He is an afterthought crybaby on the liberal left.

    1. ward says

      The writer is a #1 example of the dem’s logo of an ass & a #1 enemy against U.S. Patriots !

    2. ufoboatman says

      was bush who brought them down

    3. America1st says

      Who is this writer and which Jr. High School does he attend? Is this his second or third year in the 7th grade?

      1. pudge1 says

        His name is Conor Fruitcakeand probably queer as a $3 bill. Really don’t care about that but he’s trying to distort what happened. Actually Bush had only been Pres for nine months. Clinton for 8 years and passed at least twice on killing Bin Laden before this happened.

        1. Dave Nettles says

          My only fault with Bush was that he didn’t use the “Nuclear Option”. Too much of a “Globalist” I suspect. Right after 9/11 Bush should have quietly began building a single purpose Nuke, a low yield, neutron devise, and sent it calling to Bin-Laden’s front door via cruise missile, If he’d have done this, most of the “STUFF” that’s went on since, wouldn’t have.

          1. Kurt Hanssen says

            Osama had nothing to do with 9/11, and NObummer did not kill him, or had him Killed, All hi-jackers was Saudis, (they are all still alive) so why attack Iraq.? On 9/13. Bush had dinner with Osamas 2. brothers that lives and got there offices in DC.? Osama died 6. mo. prior to the seal-team 6. attack, from Kidney feliur according to his doctor that got eliminated by the CIA. he knew to much. Seal-team 6. had to be eliminated as well, they knew to much. They used a dead Muslim to be dumped in the ocean, so nobody was able to do any ID on the corps. The Israeli Mosad did the controlled demolition an all 3 WTC. buildings. They was all arrested by NYPD. Netenyaho (a very close friend of Silverstin, the WTC. owner) came over, they was pardon by Bush,and return to Israel. Red Flag

          2. Ezra says

            Stupid idiot

          3. ernldo says

            Two things, use spell check, and STOP smoking crack….

          4. ernldo says

            What we should be doing is, every time we identify a terrorist, we kill his entire family, all his friends….the sh!thole village he came from….Eliminate his DNA forever! When they commit a cowardly act let them know standing next to the seventy two virgins will be his sisters, mother, nephews and nieces, etc….

        2. ernldo says

          The writer is without question a peterPuffer….

        3. Mark Anthony Jones says

          Exactly how does queer fit into this? He’s an idiot. His sexual orientation isn’t an issue and your bringing that in, just shows your own ignorance and is an affront to the thousands of LGBT folks that joined the several Gays for Trump organizations around the country to help elect Trump. Do you want us to vote with you or not? If you do, learn to keep your insults to yourself and work with people you may disagree with on smaller issues to advance conservatism and Make America Great Again by pulling your own weight and working for America First candidates ONLY in 2018. Pay attention people! Stop insulting people, some of whom are WITH you in fighting globalism in the REPUBLICAN Party.

    4. Fedup says

      The writer also failed to mention that 8 years of 0bozo left this country more vulnerable than when 9/11 occurred. Trump is slowly rebuilding our strength and will have us stronger than the day he took office. We always unite in a crisis and that has never been as evident as it was in Houston and now Florida.

      1. Angee says

        The writer is your typical Democrat. They seem to have their share of the loonie tunes, low IQ, like California Maxine Waters, Texas Representative Al Green, Senile Nancy Pelosi, and fake Indian Elizabeth Warren. Plus so many more we don’t have enough space to list them. All they’ve ever done is break the USA financially, morally and intellectually. The party is a loser. They know it and are trying every trick in the world to take President Trump out. But they are only showing their colors to the rest of the intelligent people. The morons they have created are on their side, but they’re the minority.

        1. A_Nobody says

          Yep…a typical Democrat….all mouth and no brains.

          1. Kurt Hanssen says

            Mad Maxine the big mouth fly-snapper.

          2. ernldo says

            Maxipad would require “micro-brain surgery”, or a simple implant. An avocado pit would double her IQ alone….

          3. John Meadows says


    5. Angee says

      Every idiot thinks they can categorize President Trump to a lower level. How stupid can they be? They think like all the Democrat minions. The more they criticize the President, the more they lose face. Obozo the clown President got away with the murders in Benghazi, and with millions, if not billions in benefits for him, his husband and adopted daughters. Nobody ever said anything unkind of him, why? Because he’s a black man and “goodness!” we wouldn’t want to be racists! It’s okay to be racist with President Trump, because White people don’t complaint about being called names??? It’s so disgusting to see the morons criticize this great man who became President just to save our country. He doesn’t take a salary, and he puts long hours of work, all for the love of our USA! Stop the hateful blabbering and get on the Trump work train to “make America Great again”instead of fighting him every bit of the way!

    6. SD of AZ says

      And one writer who fails to understand Bozo opened up our borders and undeniably made this country more vulnerable than ever before to another attack. So place the blame where it belongs on the liberal dem wits and Bozo! Trump is shoring the borders up with utterly no help from rinos or dem wits. Shame on their hypocrisy! And we will hold them accountable for every breach that happens. They are the enemy within, not Trump!

  4. Moejj says

    just another libTURD dumbass writing more hate BS against OUR President.

  5. ward says

    POTUS Trump is rebuilding the military while bo destroyed it and U.S. National Security with abuse of power E.O’s that let every illegal foreigner & muslim enemy into the U.S for 8 years of bo’s wannabe dictator conspiracy from hell .. ! bo fueled another muslim attack so why is this libtard writer ass saying uU.S. is less prepared ? Appears as fake news & conspiracy against POTUS Trump !

  6. Greg Hernandez says

    I’m surprised that the writer forgot to add that Melania is probably wearing the wrong shoes to fit the situation. Can’t these insane freaks leave the president alone for one stinking day ? If we are unprepared it most likely would be because ozero left us unprepared.The unliberal, regressive left thinks that only they have brains , only they are intelligent and only they know how to govern the country . In truth they are mentally unstable , incapable of governing a girl scout troop and in matters of importance have no intelligence at all. The only thing they excel at is Politics but have no sense of what to do with that power.
    They gave us Barack, who had no governing experience , no business experience and no work ethic. They gave us Hillary , no work ethics , no ethics period , a thief and liar with no governing or business experience. John Kerry who was the ONLY self-admitted war criminal of the Vietnam War who’s best experience was being a gigolo , JFK , a lousy PT boat captain who was going to be brought before a court martial and daddy bribed him clear , Ted Kennedy , the drunk driving secretary killer and a whole list of Charlatans to fill other offices.
    They are losing state offices , representative elections, senatorial elections and their minds. Let’s keep voting them out of every position that comes before us in the voting booth , then see what these clowns write. We can vote the Atlantic out too by not buying their garbage.

    1. Jim Tuggle says

      I question your statement about JFK. His PT boat was lost along with 10 or more others in a God-Awful fight in the Pala Pass during WW2. Now if you wish to damn a Navy man take a run at John McCain, aka songbird to the men he was imprisoned with at Hoa Loa prison. He was for the most part kept separate from the other prisoners, got better food, medical care etc., for ratting out other men to the NVA. Were it not for his Father and Grandfather [both 4 star admirals] and a secretly bestowed pardon from Richard Nixon, Johnny boy would have been courts martial for treason and a number of other crimes.

      1. glock 19 fan says

        More about JFK’s PT-109: two crewmen were lost but the rest were rescued. When I was in boot camp one of the instructors stated that the Japanese destroyers could run down a PT boat; well, mybe so, maybe no. PT-109 had the engines shut down because they were watching and listening for Japanese activity. One thing that we were not told was that the hard chine hull design , while very fast in protected water, required slowing down in rough water such as open sea to avoid pounding the crew badly. A round bottom hull like the German E boats would have been better. I hadn’t heard about a proposed court martial for JFK but if it was about the collision it would have been unwarranted. After all, he was doing the job he was sent to do.

      2. Greg Hernandez says

        Jim , I stand completely with my statement on JFK. He was out of position because he disobeyed orders and he was not supposed to let a slower Jap destroyer run over his much faster PT Boat. The Navy started plans for a courts martial and daddy Kennedy the Whiskey Runner heard about it , he started laying all kinds of money out to Democrats to stop it. He even bribed a couple admirals. The reason he got away was , Daddy had wanted his first son Joseph to be president but he was killed in combat , so he immediately started to enshrine his next son John to be groomed for Public office.

        When JFK got elected President after a spectacularly uneventful term in the Senate , he and Bobby used to swim in the Roosevelt pool in the basement of the White House and they would invite the secretaries in for their little ” Naked ” swims. One of the secret service agents told about it and how they kept Jackie away. As a side note , did you know that it was Jackie’s wish to be buried with the man she shared true love with ? Ari Onassis , yet she is buried in Arlington next to the adulterer she was first married to ONLY because of Kennedy and Demorat influence.

        I am no fan of John McCain either. Another one who survived a terrible career in the military only because his father had influence. He wasn’t a great pilot and he wasn’t real good about obeying orders either. He should have been brought up on charges too. I just wish neither of these two were ever allowed to hold public office.

        1. John Meadows says


        2. Angee says

          And he’s a lousy Senator, the only ones who praise him are their beer clients. His wife owns the wine and beer distributor in Phoenix, AZ. Beer can buy many votes. Plus the millions Soros gave him to stay out of Hillary’s way. These corrupt politicians should be thrown out of office ASAP.

          1. Greg Hernandez says

            Angee , I agree with you 100%

        3. Dave Nettles says

          You’ll get no argument about McCain from me. Most Vets have got no use for him because he spilled his guts to the “Cong.

          1. Kurt Hanssen says

            Reason he got the name Song bird McCain. He Killed 134. young Navy man on the hangar-ship he was station. His admiral father was a good friend of Nixon, and Nixon pardon McCain, and he complain about TRUMP pardon Joe Arpaio.? He dident Kill anybody.!!

      3. Dave Nettles says

        Yes, I agree, if ever there was a Democrat who was a real hero, JFK was the man. Do you know what he did 2 weeks before he was murdered? He wrote an executive order ordering the FED to quite printing US money, and returning that job to the treasury Dept.
        After JFK was murdered, LBJ’s first order of business was to rescind that order.

        1. Kurt Hanssen says

          Strange, but Bush was also involved with the killing of JFK. and Hinkley, the guy that shot Regan a very close friend of the Bushes.

    2. Michael Paul says

      No need to bring JFK into this expose that you have laid out perfectly. I was 14 when I shook hands with JFK on the campaign trail and with all his flaws, he did a lot for America. But the rest of your comment is right on the money. I served in Viet Nam about the time that the moron John Kerry served and he was certainly an embarassment to those of us who served.

    3. John Meadows says

      Great job Greg you covered
      very well

  7. Justin Seine says

    Conor Friedersdorf is either brain dead or he wants anyone with a room temperature IQ or above to believe that he is brain dead!

  8. Bob Pante says

    Another 9/11 is less likely to happen under Trump although Liberal judges are doing everything to help the Terrorists.

  9. buster says

    What say, we give this Trump administration a chance, not keep bashing it at every turn. We all live in this country and if you don’t like the government for the next 3 and 1/2 half years then keep quiet , or maybe; just maybe. help the government, instead of bashing every thing that comes out of Washington. Just don’t be a duffus,,,,

  10. Walter Flatt says




  11. watchman48 says

    And I suppose this writer would have been satisfied with one that couldn’t even supply adequate security for our embassy in Benghazi…

  12. patd says

    So the ignorant writer is privy to the classified operations of the government? Why is it that all of the ignorant libturd journalist think they know more than the actual people doing the real work of this nation??? Can’t fix STUPID with libturds but they love their liars and criminals! And Trump has been fought on everything he has attempted to do since winning. This government is still embedded with the ubumer idiot failures throughout!!!!

    1. Sammy says

      Exactly, patd, that is precisely the stated plan of the DNC, to make our nation “ungovernable.”
      Apparently the liberal dream is to live in a nation crippled by hate, violence and destruction.
      And they are doing a good job of realizing that dream!

  13. corniche says

    Islam/muslims are the greatest threat to peace the WORLD has ever known….period…..islamophobia is a good thing…it will save your life one day.

  14. Linda Christensen says

    If the media would back out and let him do his job instead of swatting at flies he might be more able to do what is important.

  15. NovelDog says

    The conclusion I came to about the article by Conor. You don’t need facts, or intelligence, to write an article, just the audacity to write, and then expect someone to believe you.

    1. Lisa Meyer says

      You forgot, unrestrained arrogance and narcissism.

  16. Gammi2Anna says

    Then why doesn’t this well informed author enlist in our military and do what our real brave men and women do every day in keeping us safe from those that want to kill us, even to the extent of giving up their own security by putting their lives in harms way? If Conor Friedersdorf is so concerned that OUR President Donald J. Trump is less prepared for another 9/11 attack, why just write an attack piece of garbage with no facts to support his claim? An actual concerned American citizen would have been anxious to inform and aid the President of what might cause concern if we should be attacked again. I have every confidence that OUR President has all the knowledge he needs which can and will be reinforced by the very well informed, experienced and honorable cabinet that serves this President and the American people. Many were at ground zero on that horrible day or in the military doing their job to ensure that those responsible paid with their own lives for the attack on America. But, as we have come to realize, the empty shirt cowards can do only what they know how best to do, spout off their mouth with no facts or substance to poison they spew. What part of America did Conor Friedersdorf come from anyway?

  17. ufoboatman says

    wONT BE another 911 inside hit job under TRUMP MAGA

  18. ufoboatman says

    What kind of shoes was bushes wife Barbara wearing to install the implements that brought down the towers ??

  19. A. Jay says

    I guess this genius thinks the almighty Ovomit would be prepared to lead us out of a national emergency while playing golf or splashing in the hot tub with Al Sharpless!

  20. Barbara Johnson says

    Trump is trying in every way possible to ferret out groups of dissidents that their only aim is to kill as many Americans as possible. Even with every precaution in place America is a very large country and things like this may slip through these precautions put into place to safe guard the people in America. At least Trump is trying his level best to prevent these from happening and if you were a real American you would finally come to realize this also. Put politics aside in matters like this and get those cherry red glasses off and finally see for your selves that America is under attack from with out and within in the boarders of our country. Always be vigilant as it could save not only your life but the lives of many more Americans.

  21. Larry Good says

    Father Trump needs to send this clown to Gitmo !

  22. William McNamara says

    The insane democrats have no other tactic than “attack, attack, attack, impune, attack, attack, lie, attack, attack, lie more, etc….” You see, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” only has one tactic: attack. Kinda sad, really. The perfect example of insanity: doing something over and over again expecting a different result. Pity the fools on the left. They live in a fantasy world of hatred and vileness.

    1. Valor says

      yeah, and when their fantasy world comes crashing down on their pointed heads they won’t know what hit them.

      1. rocky says

        And NO… they won’t have my pity !!!

  23. TPS12 says

    I guess the writer should recheck and ask why are the dem/libs and rino’s the ones fighting President Trump every step on stopping illegals from coming into our country or putting a ban on people we can’t properly vet. One thing he’s right about it’s harder for the President when idiot dem/libs/rino’s keep bring the problem to our country with their PC BS statements and ideas. Build the wall enforce a ban and will all be better off crybaby.

    1. America1st says

      Sanctuary Cities hide and protect dangerous criminals making America less safe.

  24. Larry Brule says


  25. Valor says

    Friedersdorf is proof positive you can not fix stupid!

  26. Tiger says

    Our Founding Fathers did not want career politicians and lawyers to be our governing body but they are and we see what has become of us. Trump is a billionaire. He has businesses all over the world, he employs people, understands what it is to organize and run companies, he has played the political game and he has used the people he needed to, he knows leaders all over the world, he went to a marvelous college and his grades are known and they were outstanding, his abilities to govern and to make decisions far outweigh the skinny, scrawny, Muslim loving twit Obama. Trump understands leadership, he uses what we are taught in Officer Basic in the military, you put the best people for the job in place and you let them do their jobs. Obama and his WH, single highhandedly micro managed the wars downrange. Trump listens to those on the ground, he listened to his generals and he made the changes necessary for a winning strategy.

    Everyday, in every way, we as a Nation are growing further apart. The Left will never come back from their running full speed into the One World Order and their Communist methods and the Right won’t budge from our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. Oil and water don’t mix and crap and cleanliness have nothing in common.

    We have lots of crap and it needs flushing it is smelling up the country.

    1. nocbsfan says

      LOL Tiger,There is no way to argue with anything you said, because it is all true, Our country is becoming a pile because we are allowing it to.The news media and soros spent over a billion dollars on Hillary’s campaign.They lost. They weren’t supposed to lose now Soros wants what he paid for and the Media is responsible. Main Stream Media must not let up on their crucifixion of our President. If the News Media isn’t stopped from their insipid march to satisfy the anger of Soros over losing the election Tiger is a genus with her explanation.

      1. Tiger says

        We must change our congress from stem to stern.

        1. nocbsfan says

          LOL 🙂 sure looks that way The leadership in congress for sure, McConnell and Ryan for certain. 2018 can’t get here fast enough,Ryan gone, 2020, McConnell gone. Now the country will be on its way to recovery, and do away with muslim factor left by the demo’s fake president. and female runner up

          1. Tiger says

            Trump is slowly in front of our eyes back to his old ways and surrounding himself with Democrats.

          2. nocbsfan says

            Oh me! I hope this is one of those one million to one you are wrong, but it sure is looking like that is exactly what he is doing. (sigh)

          3. Tiger says

            He always was a moderate. He swung in every direction. Can’t say I blame his for that our country has gone through so many twists and turns one is wondering what to say you are. He meant it when he said he was the president for everyone in America, I don’t mind that just when so many against you difficult to tell who is worth being part of America. I see a force of evil throughout. Not getting any better.

            Keep your enemies close but not in your skivvies.

          4. nocbsfan says

            LOL 😉 Oh these things you come up with HaHa thats cute the way the media has hung him out to dry, its no wonder he doesn’t know which way to turn. And now there is more and more people wondering the same thing. The way our country is going now Yeah I would say you are right there is for sure an evil force flying about You told me once you were modest, so don’t let those skivvies get to far away.

          5. Tiger says

            No I don’t wear skivvies, but yes I did wear skivvies, men’s under my BDU more comfortable but I wear Sexy Knickers.

          6. nocbsfan says

            Well don’t think I will comment to much with this one but I will think about it 😉
            Yep I will think about it..

          7. Paula Cohen says

            Tiger, considering that the Republicans have done diddly-squat shit since Trump took office, he’s got to get something done by someone in Congress, or get nothing done at all! And since the only other people there are are Dems, he’s stuck with using them. As you said, Trump knows how to use people. If the Republicans would only get their thumbs out of their asses, he might go back to dealing with them, but when you look at the results of their endless talking about Obamacare, which led nowhere…what do you expect the man to do?

          8. Tiger says

            Paula I understand your point, if I had not been making a list of all he is doing bad and it just grows and grows, I would be 100% with you. But part of his dealing to get funding for hurricane victims was to fund PP. That is bad.

            He is now saying how much he loves the DACA people. He is now considering giving them amnesty or tacking to citizenship.

            He doesn’t call the enemy Radical Islam anymore, he condemned Obama for that.

            He is now looking to sign a Bill passed by both houses related to Hate Speech. It is all about White Supremacists, Nazi and KKK but not a word about BLM, Antifa, etc and all the groups out there promoting overtaking our government and perpetrating violence.

            Kurschner went to Israel and talked with Abass, agreed to all Abass’s demands for peace and said he would have a deal to him in 45 days. The WH denied this, but the Israeli news confirms it.

            Tillerson is now demanding millions back from Israel we gave them for weapons etc.

            Kelly allowed an O left over to stay in a high position on the border and this man is keeping Catch and Release continue and keeps 40 miles open and won’t let guards got there. They told us this.

            McMasters fired K.T. McFarland and put Dinh Powell in her place, a Muslim Brotherhood lover.

            Mathis wanted to put a Muslim Brotherhood loving woman who was an ambassador to Egypt and tried to stop them from taking Morsi out, in the 4th highest position in the Pentagon. Trump stopped that.

            His generals are all Muslim lovers and don’t want the term radical Islam used.

            Trump allowed his DOJ to let Lois Lerner off the hook.

            On and on it is becoming a daily thing and I am keeping track. What kind of deals will he make with these bastards from the loins of Satan, they are not the moderate Democrats, worries me.

  27. Joseph R. Davis says

    Oh, Dear Lord, the bull-(expletive deleted) that’s being posted about Donald Trump being everything but the Messiah, is almost unbelievable. One wonders if Trump REALLY CAN walk on water.

  28. PBHayes says

    The Clinton Administration ignored all the warnings from the FBI, CIA and every other security agency regarding the threat from Bin Laden and Islamic terror. Our borders were wide open and our visa program was a joke. Had we simply been showing common sense with respect to whom we allowed into our country and how we dealt with those already here 9/11 would never have happened. It certainly didn’t help that the Bush family had and still has very close ties with the Saudi royal family who were responsible for financing and helping in the planning of 9/11. Without Saudi assistance and our government’s refusal to take Islamic terror seriously this horrific world changing event never would have occurred.

    1. StopTheJews says




      Ex-FBI agent, daughter sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing son … – Fox News
      Fox News › 2017/08/10 › ex-

      AMP – 12 hours ago – A former FBI agentremained emotionless and his daughter burst into tears when a North Carolina judge sentenced both of them to prison on Wednesday for murdering the woman’s husband. … Martens and Corbett, a former model, were sentenced to 20 to 25 years in prison, though both …
      http://nypost.com/2017/08/10/ex-fbi-agent-model-daughter-found-guilty-in-husbands-slaying/amp/ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1fc32dae914fcbd143034ded1173014c4715f4f732088f9bec198a6317b8203b.jpg

      1. PBHayes says

        Normally I don’t make a post personal or insult people but my God you are ignorant.

        1. StopTheJews says

          I know the truth is hard to swallow. You have no idea what the real truth is . It’s hard to explain to people the truth when they do not know what we lost and the danger we are in . I would think most educated people like myself would see a huge red flag when it comes to a 17 YEAR USELESS EXPENSIVE WAR that cost over 800 BILLION DOLLARS SO FAR. Or how about the over 20 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT. How about the millions of skilled jobs undermine in America our children will not have the opertunity to get. SHOULD I KEEP GOING?

          https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/25650e5db7db3435c4de90ef50f3500f544876bd57b70ed8452e7630d999e1b1.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2800f810c831a232a06f45088494b1f06694d0cc7280a6eecdbfc2e5ae9b17d6.jpg

          1. PBHayes says

            The truth is our government is both incompetent and corrupt and has been so for longer than I’ve been alive. I served in the military and did 25 years in the FBI so I do know the truth about of the issues facing our nation. I know who was behind 9/11, who planned it and who financed it. I can name individual Senators and Congressmen who are on the take and I can personally attest to the process whereby Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq against the advice given him by myself and many others. I agree the way President Bush and Obama ran the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was a huge waste of blood and treasure and the world’d Islamic problem has only worsened since 9/11 because of Muslim immigration. We still have tens of millions of illegals inside our country and the vast majority of them are never going to be deported. Back in the 90’s many of my colleagues believed our nation was finished and it was only a matter of time before our decline was felt by everyone. That time has come so now the only question is what does the average American do now?

          2. StopTheJews says

            My wife and I recently took a 2000 mile trip by car. This is how you see the crumbling infastructure poverty and destruction of our cities. Some areas look like worn torn neighborhoods. It is pathetic. Our own country being deliberately destroy. It’s hard to squeeze seven decades into one posting but it is clear we are in serious trouble and our children will be in danger.

            The roads and bridges are in trouble everywhere we went. Businesses that were open a year or so are closed and the buildings abandon and run down.

            Our education has been deliberately damaged. Immigration has cost us billions of dollars. They pay these people to come here. Many foreigners come here and get free college education while our children struggle to stay a float. Many come out of college in debt.

            Good question what does the average American do now? And who are the devils behind America’s destruction? You know Russia predicted this back in the 60s.

            Please do not leave out Jews like Walt Disney Co who really do hate America.

          3. niknar says

            I suggest it’s the corporatists that control both parties & have taken over all facets of government, media, economy & society that are to blame. Multinational corporations, corporate executives, corporatists within the Republican & Democratic Parties, corporate “think tanks”, & the corporation owned media have all conspired against the vast majority of American people in order to keep & make most of us poor while they gain virtually all the wealth & power, including extracting whatever they can from our natural resources until there’s nothing left for future generations (expect to have to pay dearly for fresh water in the not so distant future), while all our mounting crises from the economy to the environment to education to health to terrorism to nuclear proliferation continue to be neglected & get ever more insurmountable.

          4. StopTheJews says

            I see everything you are saying and maybe more. It’s very sad to see the destruction of America. When I found out about the billions of dollars invested in Mexico awhile back I knew something is wrong. When I seen manufacturing plants closing in America this was a big red flag. The wars debt immigration education and a criminal healthcare system is killing America.

            Our present government are truely our enemy. SO NOW WHAT? CIVIL WAR ?
            China is robbing the hell out of America.
            Canada and Israel have many of our jobs.

          5. niknar says

            Civil war? It seems we’re headed that way unless we can once again find common ground as Americans, & fight against what is truly keeping us down & apart.

          6. StopTheJews says

            War no good . We need military to move in and clean house. War only means innocent people die and the enemies survive. The enemies need to face a firing squad .

          7. StopTheJews says

            Multiculture not good. The media are forcing a dead issue. Blacks and Hispanics people do not like each other and both do not like white Americans.

            Like Disney buddy Chris Rock said “BLACK PEOPLE HATE WHITE PEOPLE BUT BLACK PEOPLE LIKE JEWS”? He was right.

            In Florida it was very clear these people where in America to organize and take over. My neighborhood was all white Americans . Hispanics came in and would damage you proper and more making you move. Today the neighborhood is all grease balls.

            Went back to my hometown recently and blacks and Hispanics destroy the LITTLE ITALY AREA. It looks like a storm hit the homes.

          8. Lisa Meyer says

            Please do not engage with this bigot. Block and flag it’s comments.

          9. Paula Cohen says

            You are so stupid that it’s laughable. Trump wants to stop money flowing to Mexico and Canada, which is why he’s against NAFTA, and you’re too moronic to realize that he’s saying exactly what you are. Israel is a country of 8,323,248 people — the population of New York City is 8,550,405 — so how the hell many of our jobs can it possibly have? Trump is dedicated to bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States. Do you have any idea how idiotic your statements actually are?

          10. StopTheJews says

            I do not have time to educate you . Hey you old bag your life was wasted when you were born . Now today you are a fat washed up Jew who is mad at the world because no man or lesbian would want anything to do with you.


            Today, Israel lives up to her name as an international hub of prostitution and white slavery in the Mideast.
            Amnesty International, in its 2005 Report on Discrimination Against Women in Israel says:
            Trafficking of women for forced prostitution has occurred over a number of years but appears to have been compounded in the past 15 years by several factors, including increased links between traffickers in Israel and former Soviet republics, in the wake of the large wave of immigration of citizens of these countries to Israel…
            …Many women are lured to work in Israel under false pretense and are then forced into the sex industry. While many are reportedly aware that they will be working as sex workers, they are not aware they will be subject to violent and exploitative environments, working seven days a week and up to 18 hours a day for extremely low salaries or no salaries at all. Many are subjected to other serious human rights violations, including rape, deprivation of their liberty, and debt-bondage. Women forced to work as sex workers are reportedly also frequently subjected to threats of abuse and even murder. Half the women interviewed by the Hotline for Migrant Workers were effectively incarcerated by their “pimps” and, according to a 2003 survey, almost half of all women “sold” to pimps reported that policemen were among their clients.
            According to a report by the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry on the Trafficking in Women (Summary Report) issued in early 2005, some 3,000 to 5,000 women are brought annually into Israel and forced to work as sex workers and some 10,000 were estimated to be currently in the country…


          11. nocbsfan says

            Well Paula, looks like you know an imbecile when you see one. 😉

          12. Lisa Meyer says

            Bigoted azzes like stopthejews, and the other moron who posts about killing Isrealis (maybe the same fool?) should be blocked by the moderators simply because of their usernames. Isn’t that enough of a clue that they are nothing but haters?

          13. nocbsfan says

            Can’t argue with that. I never could understand what makes people hate Jewish people. Started with Egyptians ,but then it was understandable, they were slaves it was just natural to hate slaves because they were socially beneath them. But mostly they were God’s people! The Jewish nation are no longer God’s people so what is the problem. Never has Jewish people done anything to me. I guess some people just have to have something to hate.

          14. Lisa Meyer says

            Never has your last sentence been more true than now. I have never in my life seen so much hate because a favored Pres. candidate lost. What gets me is that most of the haters don’t even know WHY they hate! To hate a person just because of their name, race, background, or other things that they had no choice in is just stupid.

          15. nocbsfan says

            Well there is a reason, but you have to be a believer to understand. People who insist that the only reason that anything exist is that it evolved from nothing. Going there will prevent people from understanding why all this is going on. I don’t know if this is something you want to talk about. I hope you do, and hope that i would be the one to explain it to you.

          16. nocbsfan says

            Hi Lisa . The fires sure are getting close to your house could you write a little line or two and tell me you are safe, I think I need to know, and I am really nosy

          17. Lisa Meyer says

            Well hello there! Long time no speaky! ha.
            As for the fires, put your mind at rest. The closest one to me is abut 70 miles away, and it is one of the smaller fires that they have actually gained some containment on. I was actually supposed to take my mom to see her eye Dr. in LA today.I called her yesterday and said NOPE! We would have had to drive right through TWO of the fire zones, and they have been closing the freeways intermittently and without warning due to blowing smoke, and in some cases, flames right at the freeway’s edge.
            This is such madness! Our fire season is over, and yet here we are, in the midst of an inferno that is out of control, with no end in sight. The Santa Ana winds blowing thru the entire fire zone are not helping a thing, and the are expected to reach category 1 hurricane force (80 mph +) through Saturday. The terrain is dangerous too. We’re talking brush-choked steep, craggy canyons and hillsides. The pictures you see on the news dont do the geography justice. Most of these fires can’t be attacked from the ground, so air attack and perimeter/structure protection is what they are using right now. Although with the winds, even air attack is limited.
            I have a sneaky suspicion that some of these fires are being set, and I hope and pray that if they are, that the culprit or culprits are caught soon, and that the winds will STOP, and hopefully we will get some rain to help put these fires out!
            Thanks for your concern!

          18. nocbsfan says

            Hey , thanks for writing back have been missing you , but all those fires really had me worried. 70 miles isn’t that far if it start blowing 80 mph I only have an idea where you live and don’t know if you are in a high brush area or not but when it started in central southern Cal OMGosh that getting close to Lisa . Really glad t hear it not messing with you at the present anyway. Are you still going to Idaho in Jan. Hope you will still be around on the Web Hate to think I wouldn’t get to talked to you anymore Take care Lisa I guess those fires are keeping Cal warm. Wish you would write ever now and then I just like to know you are all right, Don’t know very many female carpenters

          19. Lisa Meyer says

            Block the jerk, Paula, and flag his comments so FTN can remove him from the site.

          20. Paula Cohen says

            Nazi moron…learn to spell and get some education before you start talking about the people who have won more Nobel prizes than any other people in the world, and who continue to create more medical and technological break-throughs — which they even share with their enemies — than any other country, including the U.S.!

          21. StopTheJews says

            No Mrs Jew you have it all wrong. I am talking about people who are evil and dangerous that are robbing and destroying America and our children’s future. I am talking about Jews destroying our society with their FILTH DRUG VIOLENCE AND SO MUCH MORE BAD. I am talking about Jews who murder and wounded 208 American Sailors when they delibrately attack the USS LIBERTY.


            Disney and the Jews: Eisner and His Kind Must Stop Harming Our Children | National Vanguard
            nationalvanguard.org › 2016/08 › disney…
            Aug 28, 2016 – Very recently a major rearrangement in the media world took place when the Walt Disney company paid $19 billion to take control of Capital Cities/ABC, the company that owns the ABC television …

            Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World’s Media – True Democracy
            http://www.truedemocracy.net › …
            Facts of Jewish Media Control. Electronic News & Entertainment Media. The largest media conglomerate today is Walt Disney Company, whose chairman and CEO, Michael Eisner, is a Jew. The Disney Empire …




            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/68a536d8a4fa0641d22e7037f74c4f1b59e0d1975e2426941f249b5f54619851.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/62ca29271674f0e62f28de1f2d50967de1a04f1e54ed58f8c8b984b7dc529447.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a219aded80e285cc13b032a3dfc860f19092d7c05b26f48ac8630f3e48beae25.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/747b9c4ecf7f6d86ba0f0a7b01bd11bfd6d329a70216c36d513c6d1bf06913de.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/74f46eae28672c673c00351f2cb30665411da9c1f0fc3f381ae53522812383de.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/46493e3cb853d8ebe209110064dafea3d830406578f0566c22b0d6773c73e4d5.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bb20014cddc4aed317559783b18abd2f61366b8061fb9add738b29e879bf23e6.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0c73049ea088d9a1ac5a24bc64d6171f63506410e1503c6f8596b8c4261a2345.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e69a3f33ee17e7407aaa55386de886d9e522930ad6f8cb6a92f706e6aaf87f7f.jpg

          22. StopTheJews says

            The Military should step in and take over the government . And they need to pull Trumps balls out of the swamp because they are plugging up the drain.

          23. niknar says

            Please tell more. Who are those senators & congressmen?

          24. Greg Hernandez says

            PB Hayes , Thank you for your service to the country. I used to have some contacts and I agree with what you posted. People wonder why congress does nothing but spend and the Senate allowed ozero to write illegal executive orders.Heck, of course a bunch of them are on the take. That’s how they control what gets done and what gets filed in the circular file.
            I know that is part of the reason they are so insane about trying to destroy president Trump. He doesn’t quite play their game the way they want it played.

    2. Dave Nettles says

      One other thing about Bin Laden. From what I found, he had a hand in the OKC bombing. I believe his chief bomb maker designed the OKC bomb for 2 reasons
      #1: It was identical to the Cobol Towers bomb, which Ramzi Yousef built.
      #2: I discovered from a Philippines newspaper that Ramzi Yousef met with Terry Nickols 2 weeks before the OKC bombing.

      1. niknar says

        Very interesting… do you happen to remember what the name of that Philippine newspaper is & have a link to it? There is a Philippine newspaper from which I frequently get information that I have found to be very competent.

  29. tony says


  30. Dave says

    I do understand why we are less prepaired for another 9/11. I read and read all of the low life animals that put in papers and the net bad mouthing our president. WHY, he is our president elected by the voters of this great country. Even after the election many low class people still bad mouthing our elected president! We need to give our elected president all the support he deserves so he can make our country great again after coming out of 8 years of illegal president Obummer! Just look at all the problems Obummer gave to our new elected president!

  31. StopTheJews says


    The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty — Paul Craig Roberts

    Tattered flags show ferocity of the attacks

    The Israelis claim the Liberty flew no flag, but two US flags full of holes from the attack exist. When the first flag was shot down, crewmen replaced it with a flag 7 feet by 13 feet. This flag with its battle scars is on display at NSA headquarters at Ft. Mead, Maryland.

    Admiral John S. McCain Jr., the father of the current US senator, ordered Admiral Isaac C. Kidd and Captain Ward Boston to hold a court of inquiry and to complete the investigation in only one week. In a signed affidavit Captain Boston said President Johnson ordered a cover-up and that he and Admiral Kidd were prevented from doing a real investigation.

    Liberty survivors were ordered never to speak to anyone about the event. Their silence was finally broken 12 years later when Lt. Commander James M. Ennes published his book, Assault on the Liberty.

    It is now established fact that the attack on the Liberty was intentional and was covered up by President Johnson and every administration since. There has never been a congressional investigation, nor has the testimony of the majority of survivors ever been officially taken. Moreover, testimony that conflicted with the cover-up was deleted from the official record.

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/03b2c3d0efdd93e635df1249215a0add6f84027899ef361aff2c89734475cf0d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/747b9c4ecf7f6d86ba0f0a7b01bd11bfd6d329a70216c36d513c6d1bf06913de.jpg

  32. Joe Pewter says

    Bush blew up NY…Trump aint skull and bones run around in woods naked.. sick.. MFer

  33. markypolo says

    And Obama “was” prepared? What a fukk-ing moron! Democrat POS.

  34. jerry says

    After 8 years of Obama destroying our country, we probably are more susceptible to this kind of attack. But President Trump is working toward getting us back up to speed! Thank God Hillary crashed and burned.

    1. StopTheJews says

      Trump is a big mouth liar. We were told who cause 9/11 but never knew why? THE UNITED STATES GOV IS CROOKED AND DANGEROUS.

  35. tomtillapaugh says

    Today, the left would make excuses for any bombers and Antifa would help them.

  36. Ray Eldridge says

    So what do you expect? Now that King George II’s Home-Land-Insecurity Gestapo’s are in Power???

    1. StopTheJews says


  37. StopTheJews says

    Trump sold out the American
    people tonite. His balls are clogging the drain in the swamp. You can see even Donald’s wife is sick of his lies. I supported Trump but like all the rest he has turn into a coward and a traitor. HE IS A BIG MOUTH PIECE OF CRAP!


  38. Sherry Pennington says

    Friedersdorf is a fool and anyone who believes him is too.

    1. StopTheJews says


  39. George Adornato says


  40. kfir says

    You forgot to mention how clueless the black usurper was

  41. anibanib says

    Yup.16 years ago this week, and since then and to today, have there been anymore serious terrorist attacks on US homeland soil…….so……….if we turn the picture, how many attacks have the USA done on other sovereign countries in the same 16 years………….dozens and dozens and murdered 100s of thousands of civilians

    1992-94 – US-led occupation of Somalia during civil war
    Death toll: 50,000 in combat, 300,000 by starvation

    2001+ – US Occupies Afghanistan
    Death toll: 120,000 including civilians and combatants and resulting Opium Wars

    2003+ – Iraqi War
    Death toll: 665,000 also by starvation, displacement

    ….and these are just the publicised wars that we all know about,……..the CIA is a dab hand at secretly waring in dozens of countries that few people know about

  42. A_Nobody says

    Let’s see…his buddy Clinton set the whole 9/11 thing up by not doing HIS job and Bush, was only a few months in office, yet it was Bush’s fault and now after 8 years of Obozo the pig, Trump, in a few months is supposed to be responsible when the Dems and RINOs fight him tooth and nail over every little detail. IF we really want to make America safe again we should jail ALL Democrats and RINOs.

  43. Garys_opinion says

    Those on the left don’t read past the headlines anyway, so having an argument is a moot point!

  44. KKmoderate says

    When I read the headline I had to read to see the substance of the claim. My conclusion is that IF we are less prepared now than at any time the cause would be the Obama administration for 8 years of defunding and renouncing our military. At no moment can this ridiculous accusation be on Trump’s doorstep after 8 months of his presidency during which he has had to fight unprecedented opposition from both parties and from within the government itself! MAGA😊

  45. tony says


  46. R. T. says

    Trump has been in office 9 months Obummer was in office 8 years 7 of those with open borders not knowing who is coming here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How many middle easterner”s were caught by border patrol and Obummer brought here ?????
    So much for Homeland Security !!

  47. jaybird says

    Only the Democrat Communist Party is divided and confused!

  48. niknar says

    The jury is still out on Trump. After all, he’s only 8 months into his presidency. There are mixed signs about our preparedness. However, I don’t see how anybody paying attention could fault Obama for keeping us relatively terrorism free over his 8 years. There were a few incidents, but considering the strong incentive for Islamic terrorists to strike at the US, we did quite well under Obama, significantly better than other parts of the world during this time, & nothing remotely like what happened under Bush.

    1. nocbsfan says

      Yeah Obama kept us terrorism free. Obama gave them a nice home YOURS !

  49. Phyllis Schultz says

    All I can say is the man is an idiot. Of course he has several positions unfilled. The liberals, rinos and news media have done everything in their power to cause him to fail, and still he has accomplished more since taking office than Obama did in 8 years. We wouldn’t be nearly as unprepared if Obama hadn’t attempted to destroy our military and law enforcement. We would be better prepared if Obama hadn’t allowed illegals and Muslims free rein in the US. Even with all that we are better off than we were during the last administration.

    1. Paula Cohen says

      Totally right, Phyllis Schultz!

  50. Dick says

    IF America is less prepared for attack in 2017, is it the fault of President Trump who has been in office for 8 MONTHS ? Or is it the fault of Obama who was in office for the preceding 8 YEARS?

  51. DUTCHIET says

    The writer is already making excuses for Trump’s lack of leadership. Just read the following from the above: Trump is the anti-Obama when it comes to matters of national security; his administration can’t stop every conceivable terrorist attack that might hit our shores, but we have a lot more faith in our collective ability to stop an attack than we did under the last guy.

    The only thing we can take away for those word are no faith in Trump. The write does tell us that Obama kept us from have any attach from foreign terrorist for eight years, but doesn’t expect Trump to do the same thing. ( of course, he won’t be there for eight years, maybe not even four). If he was so sure Trump is doing a better job of keeping us safe, why the disclaimer? He knows Trump’s leader skills are lacking and he concludes we should all be prepared for the worst.

  52. Paula Cohen says

    Ummmm…let’s look at two of these moronic arguments:

    “Huge numbers of important State Department positions are still unfilled.” And you know WHY they’re still unfulfilled? Because the Democrats are slow-walking any nominations that Trump makes. The fact that he’s been as successful as he has been — and his millions of supporters are quite willing to applaud his successes! — even without so many State Department positions being filled is proof that the Democrats/Progressives are unable to put a check on Trump’s ability to get his policies enacted despite their unwavering determination to see him fail.

    “The United States is as divided as it has been at any time in my life.” No shit! But it’s only divided because the assholes on the left refuse to admit that Trump actually won the election. Stupid sore-losers that they are, they cannot accept the fact the worst Democratic candidate in a generation (not including Barak Obama, of course) lost the election because much of the country hated — and still hates — her guts, and even many “blue” states voted for Trump. But the Dems/Progressives are nothing if not morons who cannot face reality when it stares them in the face.

    May they all choke on their own bile.

    1. StopTheJews says



      The cover-up of the USS Liberty | Juneau Empire – Alaska’s Capital City Online Newspaper
      Juneau Empire › opinion › cover-uss-lib…
      Jun 5, 2017 – “I am compelled to speak out about one of U.S. history’s most shocking cover-ups. On June 8, 1967, Israel attacked our proud naval ship — the USS Liberty — killing 34


  53. MajorPain says

    The only ones that have left America unprepared for another 911 are Barack Vile name Obama and his followers in congress I’m not choosing which side of the isle because there seems to be a lot on both sides.

  54. Henry Gregg Nash says

    No one is ever prepared. You never know when the next incident might happen! If this writer thinks so, I’d love to see his “Crystal ball”! Dimwit!

  55. OldHighlandGuyOne says

    So, Mr. Conor Friedersdorf, tell us how to get prepared. What are your solutions to this impending attack(s) on our nation. I want to see a plan so that I will know what I can do to stop any further attacks on my country.
    Mr. Friedersdorf, I’ll await your response and your plan.

    1. ABO says

      Please OldHighlandGuyOne, don’t hold your breath waiting for any plans or solutions from the brainless idiot Friedersdorf.

      1. Lisa Meyer says

        The only plan Freakydork has is where to get his next beer.

        1. ABO says

          Acually Lisa, I think his plan would have to include his pacifier and his blankey.

          1. Lisa Meyer says

            Hookah bars became a big thing for awhile. I wonder if BLANKEY BARS would be a money-maker. There definitely seems to be a real need for them.

          2. ABO says

            Ain’t that the truth, Lisa.

  56. Rummy C says

    “novel ways on which to attack Trump”?? – – this is just more of the same old, tired, no fact based crap. Nothing novel and new here. Trump is winning the war against these twerps. It is making them crazy.


  57. Jons_On says

    Typical left wing drabble. No facts just a bunch of anti-Trump BS. This guy should be fired. If for no other reason being a lying a$$ hole. Obozo left this country far worse off than it’s been in years. Obama has weakened the military to disgustingly low levels. Only someone who doesn’t love this country would do the things B.O. has done. The man should be in prison along with Connor Friedersdork and all the other left wing lunatics. The left are mentally ill. Anyone who wants to control another person is sick. There is something wrong with them. B.O.s initials are so fitting as he will go down in history as the smelliest president in history.

  58. Kurt Hanssen says

    The Bushes was involved in 9/11. TRUMP will newer start and get involved in anything like it.

  59. Ezra says

    This writer must be in junior high school? I could write better in 6th grade.

  60. Ezra says

    Yes, obama had to give cover to his fellow muzz travelers.

  61. Lisa Meyer says

    Well, of course the idiot writer is correct that Trump can’t stop another 9/11 type attack! According to some other morons in the press, he can’t even stop Hurricanes Harvey and Irma! What the heck is Trump doing in the White House if he can’t foretell the future and stop Mother Nature from having a hiss-fit? Every President since Washington has had that ability haven’t they?

  62. ernldo says

    Well, bathhouse hussein spent eight years prepping for another 9-11, and the demotards and rinos in congress have given Trump NOTHING. So hack media traitors, what do YOU suggest?

  63. laulau says

    Who is this writer that thinks he knows all that Trump has done to keep us safe? He is spreading, or trying to spread a rumor.

  64. donl says

    Sorry Pal, other countries now Fear us with Trump in charge.

  65. Robert A Oziomek says

    Blame Obummer for that. How many high ranking military were forced to retire under his time in office? Quite a few. Military funding was also reduced.

  66. Sgm Devito says

    The reason Dems are less prepared against Jihadist Muslim Terrorist is because eight years of obama turned their focus towards rights for illegals, rights for alternative lifestyles, rights of the poor to be supported by the wealthy and the rights of the ‘sleeper cells’ that infiltrated through his open borders and open refugee programs.
    The Dems can call themselves ‘progressives’; as I progress to build my bunker, collect supplies and buy MORE AMMO! The Patriots are prepared.

  67. Joseph R. Davis says

    A strong leader in place? A whack-job who can’t control his own mouth. The question is, will he be impeached BEFORE or AFTER he starts World War Three?

  68. Joseph R. Davis says

    Blame Obama. Blame Clinton. Blame the Communists. Blame the Socialists. Blame the poor, for being poor. Blame the working-poor, for not working harder. Blame the immigrants, for being immigrants. Blame the people who need health-care so badly, for being sick. Blame Big Bird. Blame Big Foot. Blame Dear Leader for not being Big Leader, and seeing things OUR way.

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