Your Tax Dollars are Subsidizing Sex Changes – The Left Celebrates


Ah, the Daily Beast. If Joseph Stalin were alive today, he would probably disregard the site as too socialist for his tastes. Nevertheless, the writers there seem to know how to attract an audience with their left-wing pandering and Salon-lite reporting. Yesterday, they decided it was time to have a moment of tearful praise for Obamacare, without which transgender people might not be able to afford the surgeries and hormones required to make their sex changes a success.

“Among the less-talked-about implications of the Affordable Care Act,” the writer muses, “is the relief it is providing to many transgender people, many of whom are low-income and who have struggled to obtain health coverage.”

Hmm, could there be a reason not many people are talking about such a “benefit”? Could it be because the total number of transgender people in America amounts to less than 0.223% of the population? Hell, more illegal immigrants come across the border in any given year than there are transgenders.

Another reason – just tossing ideas out there, mind you – could be because most Americans don’t like the idea of their tax dollars going to pay for such nonsense. This probably doesn’t mean much to liberal commentators who grew up to waste their parents’ money on Gender Studies degrees, but people who work hard for every dollar tend to get a little peeved when they see their money wasted on frivolities.

Look, have a sex change if that’s what makes you happy. Turn yourself into a man, turn yourself into a woman, turn yourself into a kangaroo. It really isn’t going to make a difference in how any of us go through our own lives, particularly when you remember what a small percentage of the population we’re talking about.

But when you act like paying for sex change surgery is an obligation that rests on the rest of the taxpayers, you’ve really lost me. To pretend like such a surgery is in any way medically necessary is not only a joke from a healthcare standpoint but an affront to common sense. Debate still rages in the psychiatric community over whether or not to classify gender identity disorder as a mental illness, but that’s neither here nor there. I would have no problem with providing mental health treatment for people who are plagued with demons.

Providing taxpayer-sponsored surgeries and hormones for transgender individuals, though, is a step beyond the pale. It would be like asking taxpayers to fund elective breast implants for porn stars, steroids for bodybuilders, and caffeine pills for anorexics. I’m not going to stand in the way of anyone who wants to have a surgeon take a knife to their genitals, but don’t ask me to pay for it. And please don’t try to use this as some weak defense of Obamacare’s glory. If anything, it’s just one more reason to toss this whole healthcare plan into the sewer from which it was birthed.


  1. Christine Cuneo says

    People can’t get eye glasses or get there teeth fixed but they can have the bodies mutilated. Go figure.

    1. Dealerdeb1 says

      Because the people that need those things are not important to the corrupt and morally wasted Demcocrat vote machine. They only want the dregs of society because they will sell themselves for whatever free stuff they can get. The democrats are TAx and spend so they just take from producers and give it toi the slackers. Want to stop it? VOTE out every last Demoicrat off the planet

      1. Christine Cuneo says

        I plan to cast my votes AGAINST every democrat.

        1. fog donkey says

          Same here Christine

          1. Dealerdeb1 says

            me too every Republican whether I am in love with them or not is going to get my vote

          2. taliesin319 says

            right. Get them out no matter how and tell the repubs they too can be sent packing and they do not have the protection Obama had . Boehner the crybaby
            better be the first to be ushered out. Lets give someone like Trey Gowdy that spot.

          3. Cranky Steven says

            Right on.

        2. phil112 says

          That’s it. I haven’t voted for someone in years. I pretty much just vote against people anymore.

          1. RobertNorwood says

            Too bad cats can’t run for office. Kind of hit me while looking at your avatar. I mean how much worse could a cat do? You might have to set up some decision enabling tools. Cat lays on a Bill – boom, sign it, takes a dump – well that explains itself.
            Cats can make choices, decisions. I went to a pound to get a cat and while I was walking along the cages checking them out I get this tug – it’s a cat with an arm all reached out to me, it knows why I am there. “I’ll take this one”.

        3. Cranky Steven says

          And every rino. Remember in November and remember Benghazi!

          1. David Fowler says

            What do you when your only choice is a RINO or a Democrat? I’ll still take the RINO over the Democrat although there isn’t all that much difference.

          2. Cranky Steven says

            Gotta disagree, Dave. Same dance, different partners.

          3. David Fowler says

            Well, what would you do? Not vote at all? Vote for yourself? The choices are rather limited here.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            Vote the incumbents out regardless of party. They are the ones who F%(?@! Us in the first place. If you keep letting incumbents get re-elected they will think their doing a good job.

          5. David Fowler says

            The last time that McCain ran here in AZ it was either vote for him or vote for a democrat who would have been worse. I won’t cut off my nose to spite my face. I used to think a lot of McCain, but no longer. Voting for someone that has no chance of winning is the same as voting for the person that you least want to win since you could have voted for someone that might be slightly better. There doesn’t seem be be a good option in this situation. The only hope is that some of these RINOs get primaried out.

          6. Cranky Steven says

            Vote TP choices or independents. Even write in a candidate.
            When all else fails, I would go your route while holding my nose.

    2. Mary Ann says

      Yeah, when I had braces put on my teeth is cost me over $4000! Sure, but it’s okay if someone who is not happy with themselves can’t stand the way they are gender wise can get a sex-change operation on the backs of American taxpayers. How gross!

      1. Cranky Steven says

        Hey, Mary Ann, if you pulled all the teeth out of the mens’ mouths, they wouldn’t need a sex change! lol… no, seriously.

        1. Mary Ann says

          I really don’t think some people care what “it” is. A hole’s a hole. Lol

          1. Cranky Steven says

            Yup. True story: on “Emergency ER” I saw a man being treated when his penis got stuck in a Coleman camping stove! I didn’t even know that the stoves had orifices. Even stranger, his GIRLFRIEND put him up to it! Luckilyl it wasn’t lit or they would have had a real weenie roast!

          2. Mary Ann says

            I saw that episode! What man with an IQ above 40 is going to put his penis in a camping stove even if his girlfriend/wife wanted it? And not to put the blame solely on the guy, where were her brains either? I guess the poor dolt won’t ever put his hotdog where it doesn’t belong again (let’s hope anyway).

          3. Cranky Steven says

            Mary Ann, do you suppose they got the stove back afterwards? That they continued to cook on it? Cook what? Dolt dogs with relish? Wheee!
            It seems to me that if a woman REALLY didn’t want to do the Wild Monkey dance with me and told me to stuff “Big Ed” into the Coleman stove I might suspect her of sarcasm. But the woman in the episode looked deadly serious and like she was enjoying the whole thing.
            Who can blame her? Now the whole world knows she is just as sexually attractive as a Coleman stove. What a coup.

          4. Mary Ann says

            I don’t know if they got the stove back or not. I’ll bet you $100 that those two did cook on it again if they did get it back. It really makes me wonder what the total IQ of those two is together? Not very high I bet. Lol.

          5. Cranky Steven says

            About the same level as turnips. Or algae.

          6. Mary Ann says

            I bet you’re right! Hope they don’t try anything that stupid again. Lol

          7. Cranky Steven says

            I suggest they try raping their microwave! lol

          8. Mary Ann says

            Well at least a microwave is big enough he won’t get it stuck on his pecker. Let’s hope it’s not turned on. Considering who we’re talking about I don’t hold out much hope! lol

          9. Cranky Steven says

            I hope it is set on high for 3 hours! Stick his gf’s head in there too. Her head is usually near that part anyway. Well, that’s what I read somewhere. Super glue them in there.

  2. James Autrey says

    Yet another reason why the ACA is an illegal and immoral law.

    1. believe says

      Now here is where Obama feels comfortable discussing.But Obama is an IMMORAL.
      In 6 years he and THIS whole regime has turned OUR HOUSE in DC, into a SODOM AND GOMORRAH.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      Exactly who wrote this ACA law?
      Were do they find these people?

      1. HUGO says

        Mark, they find them outside the poll-ing places, all across this country, having recently crawled from garbage heaps & cess-pools, giddily “glad-handing” – with $hit-eating grins plastered oll over their doltified faces – the voters who willingly and repeatedly continue to ‘plant’ their dumb asses in Congress, etc. Look no further than at Bush, junior (twice)… Obama, (twice)…! For Christ-sake! Both of those clowns showed their ‘cards’ during the first four years of their presidency; and the dumb-assed American voters declared: “well, yeah… I really ‘like’ having my moral sensibilities, not to mention, my ‘pockets’, raped and plundered… can I please have some more?” Americans had better “wake up”… and be damn quick about it… and start electing smart, sensible, honest, accountable, morality-minded & practiced, people into office! We don’t have any more time to waste on these sorts of a-holes. All of you Democrats… “GO HOME!”, if they’ll have you back. All of you… hide yourselves in the tall grass, and God forbid, here’s hoping nobody shows up with a damn sickle!

      2. Cranky Steven says

        No one knows who wrote it but it was more than one person and they found them in mental and criminal institutions.

  3. Mark Clemens says

    Sad, Sad, Sad……..
    Is this the Boy George clause of the AHCA?
    If your not happy w/your gender, have your PARENTS PAY for your SEX CHANGE, after all it’s their fault you were born the wrong gender, not mine. Why is the government sticking me w/the bill? I think if I don’t get a sex change, Transgender people should pay me for not changing my gender (my parents got my gender right). If you can’t afford a sex change, get a better job, or are you to mentally unstable to keep a 6 digit job? This is past sick!!!!

    1. FireUrEngine says

      I know a lot of straight people whose children were born with gender issues. It starts at a young age, like 2 or 3 years old. It has nothing to do with religion or politics, it is also nothing to do with psychology. As a conservative I agree that we should not support or subsidize sex operations, only God has the authority. Your comments were insensetive I hope your children or grandchildren aren’t born with gender issues or with a tumor or cleft mouth or with OI brittle bone disease because that will be your or your wife’s fault.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        God bless you! Thank you for wishing tumors, bone diseases, and other ailments upon my decedents. That must be good old fashioned Islamic Charity. Allah Akbar to you & yours…..

        1. FireUrEngine says

          My point is that no one controls how your children will be born, how their DNA or soul will evolve in the womb. No one is born perfect or kids grow up to be pyscho killers.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            There is a big difference between having a tumor than having gender issues.
            The tumor just happens for various biological reasons.
            Gender confusion, homosexuality are NOT biological issues. They are habits, self perception one has achieved over their years. I don’t mind helping somebody to over come a tumor, or anything like that. Paying for somebody who dont like their gender, is paaaast absurd. Should we pay for penis enlargements for men who think their penis is to small?

          2. CE Vaughn says

            Can I get in on that say about nine inches (lol)

          3. RobertNorwood says

            Me too, I’d like to be a full one footer. Hey, “five dollars foot long”. The five bucks, that’s the co-pay.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            Just don’t put Grandpa’s in the middle! !

          5. 2Smart4U says

            Gender confusion IS a biological issue (see my above post). And indeed, one can have ENORMOUS control over the development of one’s in-utero offspring. It takes EFFORT, EDUCATION and SACRIFICE to ensure a healthy baby, but I can readily assure you, that’s the way it’s been done for many, MANY years.

          6. LastGasp says

            It’s an environmental issue. Environmental variables affect everyone differently.

          7. Mark Clemens says

            IDK about all of that…….
            Even if its true, why should the tax payers get stuck w/the bill?

          8. HUGO says

            Well, by golly… that seems to me to be the crux of the ‘problem’; don’t it? “Somebody” needs to get in there, by gosh, and start “controlling” how these little rat-bastards will be born… I mean, what with all the DNA & souls & ‘evolving wombs’, etc.! By golly… why not make it the ‘life’s work’, ‘the monumental achievement’, if you will, of the intellectually impoverished author of “Obama-care”? A prime example of a “perfectly-born” psycho, if ever there was one, by golly!

          9. FireUrEngine says

            I am not defending Obamacare, and justice John Roberts did a dishonest motion granting Affordable Health Care Act a commerce tax! My only criticism is that you should not judge how ones kids are born . It’s close minded religious freaks and libtards that are going to end humanity. What goess around comes around as it is written in old Sumerian texts.

          10. Mark Clemens says

            Quit believing Government Science…..
            Nobody is born Straight, Gay, Transgender. It’s all learned behavior…….

          11. Cranky Steven says

            There is a huge divide between being physically disabled and being a whack job.

          12. catman says


          13. Cranky Steven says


      2. Shanidar says

        If you know a lot of people who fall into the .233% mentioned in this article, you are seeking them out. No one knows a lot of people who compose 1/5 of one percent of the population, except for healthcare practitioners

        1. FireUrEngine says

          What’s your point?

          1. RobertNorwood says

            Try reading it again. Any problems let me know and I’ll explain it to you.

          2. Kent2012 says

            he would but he is not sure of where the starting point…..

          3. Shanidar says

            Here, I’ll try again. If you know a lot of these people, then you are seeking them out. Therefore, it is not a valid sampling, as it not a sample at all.

            Therefore trying to act as though it is common is insincere and/or unethical at best.

      3. RobertNorwood says

        “tumor or cleft mouth or with OI brittle bone disease” ain’t like waking up and screaming “I’m a woman in a man’s body”. These are real physical illnesses that children every where combat every day. If a kid somehow begins playing with dolls, gets fascinated with dresses and his parents encourage it don’t expect me to thrown in for a dress. An operation is out of the question. Many of us out here are pretty savvy, we’ve worked in various professions like the medical profession and are not isolated, insulated, or ignorant. Wander around Boston and get a load of the “pre-ops” and transgenders wafting in and out of Faneuil Hall. They’re an embarrassment and boy don’t they want you to know they are there. An STD is a badge of honour to them – seriously.
        These folks can tell you how many times they’ve had a venereal disease.- an impressive accomplishment when it’s a regularly occurring thing.
        But look, I’m not opposed to giving them some medical help with their issues – like shock therapy. They really are sick and that’s that.

        1. Cranky Steven says

          Loan them a pair of surgical scalpels and let them cure themselves.

          1. IHateLibs says

            DAYUM Dude . I like the way you think . So what about the Girls , or She/hes . A Roto Rooter ??

          2. Cranky Steven says

            Surgical thread and knitting needles. Nice and thick. If they want fake sausage, then get them take-out Wienerschnitzel. No fries though. Gotta draw the line somewhere.

          3. Mary Ann says

            That’s funny!

          4. Cranky Steven says

            Aw, shucks, thanks, ma’am. Just suggestions since they don’t allow cons blow torches.

          5. Mary Ann says

            Maybe if a lot of these men who want to be women would get together they could have a “Lets Cut Off Each Other Man Parts Party”. Save the taxpayers a lot of money. Lol.

          6. Cranky Steven says

            Lol, hey, I’ll cough up for a couple of bandaides. Or shoelaces.

        2. IHateLibs says

          Or a Box of Tampons or Kotex when they get older either

          1. RobertNorwood says

            Can they do that…you know, I mean it’s all fake, the plumbing and stuff…

          2. Mary Ann says

            No. I think that would be impossible.

        3. 2Smart4U says

          Gender “confusion” is due, in large part, to the constant and growing chemical contamination of our environment. Phthalates and other endocrine disrupters are nicknamed “gender-benders” because they appear to be causing the males in many species to become feminized. Phthalates have adverse hormonal effects because they reduce testosterone synthesis by interfering with an enzyme needed to produce the male hormone. (This hormone disruption affects females as well.) Last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report that suggested banning endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) may actually be needed to protect the health of future generations.
          I am not advocating that we contribute financially to someone’s gender reassigment surgery (etc.) any more than I’m keen to pay for other’s birth control, plastic surgery or anything else. But surely we can manage a modicum of compassion for those who struggle with this disorder.

          1. RobertNorwood says

            Interesting, really.

            As for compassion I’ll give in a little and contribute some old family dresses, I’m sure my sisters can be talked out of a few.
            I know, I probably suck but if I do it’s for all the right reasons.

      4. taliesin319 says

        It would seem that excessive sensitivity has placed us all in situations wheren telling what amounts to plain truth is a crime worthy of the hangman’s noose. It might be that one’s child has gender issues because his parents from day one foster gender confusion by going along with magical thinking. ” Mummy, I’m a girl. ” No, Dave, you are not. Take off the fairy tights and return them to Mary’s room. It isn’t nice to take what isn’t yours.
        Magical thinking is to be expected but parents bring their kids back to reality and do not
        reinforce delusions.

      5. eddyjames says

        Ha ha gender issues my @$$. Just sick perverted parents confusing the poor kids.just look at the 2 California mommies giving their 7 year old boy hormone treatments to keep him from developing “Until he can decide ” what sex he wants to be. They should be beaten and thrown in prison for child abuse for the rest of their miserable lives.

        1. Mary Ann says

          Are you serious? What sick bitches. The boy’s probably gonna grow up to have “gender identity disorder” which means the taxpayers will pay to have his dick lopped off! His 2 mommies are vile pieces of vomit that should be taken out and shot at sunrise. Sorry for the rant.

    2. RobertNorwood says

      Oh jeez, Boy George…say no more.

    3. ringostarr1 says

      Human nature being what it is, the number of sex change operations will continue to increase in direct proportion to the total number of Dollars available for sex change operations. A sex change operation is nothing more or nothing less than abortion before the fact.

  4. Gary Layton says

    This is what qualifies as common sense to Progressives.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      How would a progressive know common sense? That’s like asking someone if they know Grzptl Alsmyti from the planet Ergzxstl in the Oofglabbon Galaxy.

      “Two heads, green, right? Yeah I know him”. Uh uh….

  5. Mike Laborde says

    The government helping to make confusion and mental disease the norm.

    1. believe says


      1. CE Vaughn says

        The reason that is in the ACA law is because Michelle needs to complete her gender change

        1. Mark Clemens says

          ………Shave off half her ass

  6. Combatvet52 says

    SICK SICK people

  7. william g munson says


    1. believe says


  8. Tammy says

    I don’t get this. There are people that live their whole lives with bad teeth, ears that stick out, being overweight (even if eating right), etc, that were maybe teased growing up and have insecurities, and are not financially able to correct these things in their lives, and insurance doesn’t cover these things, and never has. A lot of these people hold these things in secretly and would love to have funds made available to them to cover procedures or other help needed to deal with these things….it’s not right…really messed up!

    1. RobertNorwood says

      It works like this… form a group, bitch and complain about something like bags under the eyes. Complain that you are discriminated against, contemplating suicide, depressed – I’m a young person in an old person’s body…ahhhh…. and sooner later Blepharoplasty will become a “right”.

    2. Mary Ann says

      Tammy, I’ve had weight issues my whole life. Ever since I was a child I’ve been teased and made fun of by kids and adults. The way you are made to feel about yourself is just made worse by these people’s ignorance and is just horrible. All of my life I’ve wondered is there something out there that can help me? So I look into it and I find out that insurances don’t cover the treatment that I would need. You are 100% right when you say that people hold it in and hope beyond hope that insurances will help with the cost of these procedures. Great post. Very understanding. Thank you.

  9. believe says

    Does this mean we have to pay for the OBAMA’S Changes on top of all the money (4Million) for there undeserving VACATIONS??? those 2 are are a total mess.

  10. Landshark says

    If you need hormone “therapy” to complete your “sexual reassignment”. You are NUTS! If you want to alter your genitals, I”ll loan you a knife to slice it off and for you sickos who want a penis in place of the vagina God gave you, I”ll loan you a needle and thread to sew on the one of the NUTCASE who cut his off onto yourself. Stay out of my pocket. REPEAL OBAMASCARE!

  11. gmhunt4 says

    The only surgery these people need is “brain” surgery for mental disorder……………

  12. WiSe GuY says

    How many women are going to get an addadicktome surgery?

    1. taliesin319 says

      Since phalloplasty is surgery with very poor outcomes both cosmetically and in a functional sense
      can’t imagine all that many. There is a fair amount of suicide following sex changes among both
      types. If you remove something and then wish you hadn’t and you were unstable enough to believe you needed it in the first place, buyers remorse takes on a whole new meaning. I guess suicide is the next stop on the streetcar named ” I wanna .” Before such a person kills himself it might be a swell idea if he took out the Psych man that told him he needed it and the Plastic surgeon that made this dream come true then if he offed himself at least he would have dried up the source a bit.

  13. RMorrow says

    Let’s see, Satan owns and is the author of confusion. So, now our taxdollars are now being wasted in promoting more CONFUSION?? That is about as Satanic as it gets. But, we have a Satanic President, which is also known as the anti-Chirst. Can Liberals get anymore stupid than they already are? Of course they can.

    1. yachty says

      Satanic? You actually believe in that rubbish!

      1. RMorrow says

        I would say yes, since I have been face to face with SATAN. What planet do you live on? Do you know that Liberals are filling up the graveyards all around us? Living away from the ways of God is not a good or safe place to live. Do you know that homosexuals and transexuals have thee highest suicide rate in the world? Satan owns suicide. When you walk with SATAN, you will not live very long.

  14. sturgis says

    liberals, a mental disorder

  15. yachty says

    I would rather we pay for a sex change of a US citizen then support all the damn illegals! There are several states that pay for illegals to attend college! Just think about that! If you cannot afford to send Johnny to college, you are still paying for Jose to attend!

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Why give any of these so-called people anything except a boot up their @ss?

      1. HUGO says

        Bob “gets it!” What the hell is wrong with Obama, et al?

        1. RobertNorwood says

          Oh yeah Hugo, a lot of us get it, eh…that’s why we are conservative and – SANE!

    2. HUGO says

      Damn straight! “Illegal”… still means, Illegal, at least in “MY” America!

  16. Debbie Pineau says

    I remember years ago, I read information on this so I would know more about it and the patient had to go through years of counselling and they had to save and pay for their own operation. No one paid for it but themselves.

    1. HUGO says

      Why can’t they just ‘put them to sleep’ while they’re on the couch? Who’d be the wiser? I wouldn’t squeal.

  17. RobertNorwood says

    Yeah, what an effing joke. Transgenders are the worst joke of all. Massachusetts had that years back under Dukakis until we voted it and him out. Sex change operations for people who are really in need of mental some health; ever met any? Really effed up… I mean you know normal when you are around it and they are not normal. But as they say “what’s normal”. Goes to figure…
    Yeah let’s focus money on their nonsense while children struggle against real illnesses.

    1. Mary Ann says

      You’re right Robert what an effing joke. I agree with you. These people really need some heavy-duty mental health help. I guess the taxpayers will pay for that too! Like I said in a previous post I could have died waiting for help while some poor little whiner who couldn’t stand himself got help because he wanted to be a girl? I really do pity the children who are fighting illnesses and struggling hard to survive. Pisses you off, doesn’t it? Great post!

      1. RobertNorwood says

        And you know first hand, how wrong was that… It’s a huge shame and a farce by the liberals; a crime really. Institutions like Saint Jude’s and Wounded Warriors depend on contributions from ordinary, normal, every day folks like us and these messed up transgender folks get help stolen from unwilling tax payers.
        I love telling liberals who think they are so socially aware and good that it’s people like me who donate my own money to help others while liberals donate other people’s money. And usually to effed up causes.
        Gets me going – can you tell?

        1. Mary Ann says

          You know Robert it really does get my blood boiling about this! I believe like yourself that if a person wants to donate his/her money to a charity or some other cause that is dear to them that is their choice. But to have money taken out to help a person who is clearly screwed in the head just is not right. If the liberals want this soooo bad why don’t they pay to help these obviously messed up people get what they want themselves? These people have more money than brains (obviously). Thanks for the great reply. Nice to know there is someone other than me who feels this way.

          1. RobertNorwood says

            You would be amazed at how selfish and cheap liberals are when it comes to real charity. Oh, they donate to progressive causes alright, they’ll donate to save a seal before a child and some to the United Way so they don’t look bad at work but other than that – cheap selfish self righteous b@stards.

          2. Mary Ann says

            I remember my mother telling me a story about United Way. She told me that she and her sisters went to them for help with their mother. The sob’s refused to help them! My aunt said that she would never give one more penny to these people because after all the money she gave to them and when they needed their help they said NO! I wonder how many genuine charities there really is anymore. You’re 100% right that the liberals just give enough to make themselves look nice but behind the scenes they are just self-righeous pricks.

          3. RobertNorwood says

            I’ve heard stuff like that. Actually I don’t give to them, the Red Cross and other huge charities with way too many high paid CEOs. To me they’re just a business making money on other folk’s problems. And besides, I mainly help my fellow veterans, animals – the kind people abuse and abandon, kids, my church, and conservative causes. Spread it around to the right folks and keep it local when possible – our local sports teams and scouts always need help.

  18. Mary Ann says

    I remember seeing a program a long time ago where a young boy was not happy with the way he was (gender wise). So they put him on disability so he could get a sex change. I was so angry because I had to wait many years to get on disability because of a severe spinal deformity that could have killed me. It took many years and I suffered a lot with pain and breathing difficulties. This is really sickening. No wonder this country is going to hell in a handbasket.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      But think how your suffering helped a girl trapped in a boy’s body. I mean, shouldn’t that make one feel good about themselves?

  19. Finkster says

    Sinfulness is rampant within the Progressive Liberal Religion. The Apostate Religion of the Politico Left that is pushing our Religious Heritage out of the Public Square and ushering in all and anything that goes against it.
    Transgender manipulation is against the Natural world that we live in. It is not a natural condition that people are born with. It is a Choice.
    All the pseudo science in the world is not going to change that reality. If you have a child that is having psychological issues with gender, Train up the child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it. What we have today are Sinful people letting sin run rampant and Pseudo Science trying to tell us that it is a disorder. HOGWASH.!!!!!

  20. taliesin319 says

    Obama has told immigration that people in need of sex surgery can be put on the fast list for, are you ready for this, Asylum secondary to being told no paid sex change in their own cesspool. Yeah, you guessed it they are all from muslim countries. He is ready to kll anyone over 65 who needs surgery but will insist the dregs of every muslim cesspoolor rainbow ridge get every possible perc. We are praying for everything including divine help to get this wretch removed from office cause 2 more years of his crap we simply can’t sustain as a nation.

  21. Kent2012 says

    Amazing that veterans have difficulties with having wounds and post injury decline treated after making a sacrifice for the good of others, yet here we have the “progressive” overhaul of how health care is delivered and paid for in the USA….let us see now: if you are 50 or 60 years old and a male and your wonderful policy with drug benefits does not have full coverage for maternity and has not had inclusions for care for cancer of the Uterus your policy does not meet the kenyan boy unaffordable healthcare destruction act’s definition of minimum levels of coverage…and it has been canceled….your new policy will help you in the event you get pregnant….and it will cost about three times as much…on the other hand if you are on welfare or a member of our great countries elite group of incarcerated “innocents” you will be able to get that tired, worn out hot dog traded in for a beautiful new taco….oh and contraceptives will be free, courtesy of the few remaining Real American taxpayers…..

  22. IHateLibs says

    Heres an idea . Im thinkin , they don’t really know , What Sex they want to be . SO . Take them ALL and make them a , NO SEX person , IT , THING , Whatever . Problem solved . Live with what you are . Choose once . That is your one and only shot at happiness . 🙂 Deal with it

  23. Dale_G1 says

    If my tax dollars were going to the PSYCHIATRY these people really need, then I may not have a problem with that. While there a few valid explanations for why some people “FEEL” like they were “born in the wrong body”, most of the cases now are nothing more than politically correct ( NOT mentally correct ) hogwash. It’s very simple. Do a chromosomal test. Find out if they were sexually molested at a young age by a same sex pervert. Then heal them MENTALLY. Psychological as well as spiritual therapy can go a LOT further in treating these people if our PC culture didn’t have its collective head up it a$$.

  24. Sammi De La Cruz says

    I cannot get surgery on my bad foot and ankle because it is elective surgery and because I can still walk on it even with the pain. Threw the years it has gotten worst with my knee and hip now also hurting and getting harder to walk on it. But guess what it is still elective surgery. By the time they let me get it fixed they will need to get more then just the foot and ankle fixed, cost more too. But transgenders can get surgery to change their genders for nothing or next to nothing. Go figure! Do not get me wrong I do understand why they want to get it but I do not see why we all have to pay for it when I have something wrong but can’t get it fixed.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      You are being discriminated against. Physical pain is no more acceptable than the so-called mental anguish of these misfits. The case for these folks hinges on a hugely convoluted and subjective argument; there’s no solid and provable science to it other than “opinions”. When was the last time the FDA approved a drug based on opinions and not data? The data for transgenders is, again, subjective and anecdotal. You are being discriminated against.

      1. Mary Ann says

        Absolutely, Robert! I’m one of these people who want hard, scientific evidence to tell me that this “condition” is an actual medical condition. I just looked in my Stedman’s Medical Dictionary and there is no mention of transgenderism or anything related to it. This book is extremely reliable because it is used by nurses and other medical professionals. My best hypothesis is that these people need hard psychiatric care. Though they supposedly go through all kinds of psychological bull before the surgery.

  25. eddyjames says

    Sex change? Hard to even say that with a straight face. Harder yet to think some people actually believe it can happen. But I though I saw a flying pig last week.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Actually very few go all the way – they kind of like having it “both ways”. Where I come from a “tranny” was in a car, connected to an engine. Schit, things have changed and not for the better.
      Effing trannies, and most are drug users and male prostitutes and unfortunately we have very expensive drugs – which they get for free, so we don’t even have AIDS to cure the problem.

  26. zookeeper216 says

    Gotta get every little vote they can, anyway they can. Democrats su#k.

  27. Jim says

    There are many governmental expenditures which people do not agree with. Your opinion is simply your opinion. It changes nothing. You presented no evidence of any professional medical license but use “common sense” as your basis. Do you think being gay is a choice? Or does common sense tell you different?

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Common sense is our natural innate gift, it is meant to help us survive by making good decisions. You should try it. The facts are these – genetically these people are what they are, if they are messed up in the head fine, let them save their pennies and fix it. Don’t you find it odd that most of these folks are guys wanting to be girls? Consider this, they have to take a whole host of things all their lives to maintain the disguise, they will always have the pubic arch, hands, shoulders, etc. of a male because they are in fact “male”. Let’s say several years into their “transformation” the funds to maintain the illusion run out – they will revert to what they actually are. Wow, I’d hate to be nearby when that happens because there will be a lot of screaming going on. So it goes back to their little fantasies and whether we should pay for them and common sense dictates they need to be on their own with this. We have bigger problems to solve.

      1. Mary Ann says

        Hey, I’m a natural female and let me tell you being a woman sucks sometimes. Though all in all being female is a great gift. I have a beautiful 24 year old daughter whom I love dearly and I have a man in my life whom I love and he loves me. I can’t figure out why a man would want to be female. Oh well, to each his own. But if you wan’t the surgery pay for it yourself. Don’t ask me to pay for your charade.

    2. Frick says

      Yes it is a choice. It is a choice like drugs, alcohol, etc. God would not make people gay, when that is a sin. We have a lot of choices in this world and being gay is one of them!

      1. Jim says

        Your interpretation of the Bible which is counter to most of the Christian denominations which do not consider being gay to be a sin. Please see the Roman Catholic Pope’s comments on the matter.

        1. Frick says

          Sorry Jim, my Christian denomination does not say such a thing, and neither does my Bible. Yesterday, the news was that polygamy laws were unconstituional. i figured that those kind of things would start being unconstitutional when they declared same sex marriage legal, next we will be able to sleep with our Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Sisters with no problem! We are definitely on the down hill side of morals now. Morals like common sense are not so common anymore!

          1. Jim says

            Obviously polygamy is in the Bible. I have no idea what your denomination is, but it is in the minority and getting to be a smaller part of the whole.

          2. Frick says

            Yes, obama and the democrats are seeing to that!

  28. RobertNorwood says

    Give all the liberals an operation and let them go to work in the porn industry or work the streets as most of them do. So far, narcotics are not on the freebie list and no one in their right mind hires one these basket cases.

  29. Savior says

    Whoever came up with Taxpayers paying for a sex change should have one of “those parts” transplanted onto the middle of their forehead.

  30. adrianvance says

    My God! I thought I would never see this day. We have lost….

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” When you speak they will listen.

  31. Bob Barton says

    Thumbs up to this author.

  32. Mary Ann says

    I was just thinking about something. If the Left is celebrating the taxpayers funding sex-change operations for trans-gender persons I’m just wondering how many of them have had one? Lol!

  33. 4Bill_O_Rights says

    How can someone else’s reproductive system simultaneously be 0% my business and 100% my financial responsibility?

    You pay for two, I pay for none. Then we share what we have. Really it’s pretty simple.
    America sold her soul for $9.00 worth of contraceptives.
    Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms.

    Socialism: Ideas so good they have to be mandatory
    Obamacare: Healthcare so good it has to be mandatory
    Common Core: Education so good it has to be mandatory

    Government does not solve problems: it subsidizes them.

    Do not forget that the VA is a perfect example of the very best healthcare government can provide.

  34. eddyjames says

    If Obama has a sex change maybe he will finally grow a set of balls.

  35. DustyFae says

    Lefties must need some balls

  36. adrianvance says

    Sick, sick, sick!” And we pay for it?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative.” When you speak they will listen.

  37. Phillip Marsh says

    You already fund “medication” for old codgers to get an erection … or special devices such as the pump or even the radical surgeries implanting balloons in the penis. This is not doing the population any good but you do fund it with your tax dollars and insurance premiums.

    BTW, according to the ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) site about 30,000 people have the disease at any time. The population of the USA is 350,000,000. Only 0.0086% of the USA population have this disease. Why bother with treatment according to the philosophy of this article? It is only 8/1000ths of 1%.

    Gender identity and reassignment is more of an issue than ALS but no one had problems with huge sums of money going to that disease or ice bucket challenges wasting water.

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