Your Tired, Your Poor, Your…Sex Offenders?


As if we don’t have enough perverts and predators in the United States as it is, we apparently now have to take Mexico’s. According to the Rio Grande Valley’s KRGV, the U.S. Border Patrol reports that there has been a sudden rise in the number of illegal immigrant sex offenders crossing into the country. Within the last five months, the agency has arrested 144 aliens convicted of sex crimes. These offenders, according to federal agents, try to elude capture by using the South Texas grasslands for cover and by blending in with larger groups of illegal immigrants.

Though the Border Patrol cannot say conclusively why there has been a rise in the number of apprehended sex offenders, these criminals are typically trying to escape legal punishment at home. Unfortunately for them, the Border Patrol employs high-tech security tools to search worldwide criminal databases, allowing them to easily identify those with established criminal records.

Of course, that only works when you catch them. If 144 have been caught in the last five months, how many have managed to assimilate into American life? How many will be arrested for sex crimes in the coming years, their victims now U.S. citizens? How long will it be before they are granted amnesty because it is “too expensive” to round up illegals?

Going Soft on Crime

The federal government may have no explanation for the rise, but maybe it has something to do with the degradation of the American justice system? Could it be that criminals in other countries see the way the U.S. is going soft on crime? The way there is a growing tolerance for sexual deviancy, and a tendency to give minorities the benefit of the doubt in any given situation? Put that together with our increasingly lax attitude toward a secure border, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s happening.

Who knows if the kind of sex crimes these immigrants have been convicted of will even be crimes in another decade. The left’s sexual permissiveness knows no boundaries. Unions once thought reprehensible are now accepted. Celebrated, even. Some are even protected from contrary opinions.

I’m all for letting consenting adults do as they wish behind their bedroom door, but where do you draw the line? At 18? At 17? When does a consenting partner become a victim? If the last fifty years are anything to go by, our common sense, traditional notions of sexual deviancy will be drastically different in another fifty. How far are we from television’s first lovable pedophile?

All that aside, this is what you get when you lighten your stance on illegal immigration. Fine, upstanding citizens with something to offer this country rarely come across the border on a fruit truck. President Obama can cherrypick the exceptions, but maybe he should include a couple of rapists the next time he wants to show Americans what kind of illegals are living among us. But no, we can’t even call them illegals, much less tell the truth about who they are.

  1. Croco Dile says

    “….the degradation of the American justice system?…”

    When the recovering statist watches various political rituals, whether a presidential election, a legislative debate in Congress, or a local zoning board passing some new “ordinance,” he sees it for what it is : the acting out of delusions and hallucinations by people who have been indoctrinated into a completely irrational cult. Any discussions in the media of what “public policy” should be, or which “representatives” should be elected, or what “legislation” should be enacted, appear, to one who has escaped the superstition, as useful and rational as well-dressed, attractive, respectable-looking people seriously discussing how Santa Claus should handle the next Christmas.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      H U H H H H??

      1. Croco Dile says

        Was ?

    2. hangem'high says

      The word definition of cult is a group of people three or more getting together achieve a common goal.
      The community is a cult, each church is a cult, each PTA meeting is a cult, each election possess is a cult each state is a cult! It’s not stateism they’re trying to eliminate, its Americanism!
      Congress state and federal foreign and domestic America, We the People” is the government that the forefathers invasion, “The New World Order” a small government controlled by the people this is why they divided powers into three parts to control the (Hitler syndrome) unlike the progressives version of government, world domination! “The New, New world version” interpretation!
      We the people controlling the laws put on ourselves with a vote. The danger lies when government gets to big they take on the emperor mentality and he see’s the people as subjects telling them how he wants them to live what to eat how many time a day to eat, no need for a peoples vote its now dictated with regulation after regulation suffocating any advancement in the human expansion. No taxation without representation Obamacare and taxation though executive order takes away our representation!
      Americanism is required it’s like being potty trained or learning how to walk trust me government doesn’t have the time and if they did it would take years beyond in what the parents could have achieved. The governments job it to protect us from foreign aggressors this includes illegal immigration with illegal immigration uncheck for the last forty years we the American will lose our culture and heritage, history good and bad any lesson we might have learned from our mistakes.
      The American way should be emulated by South America and any other countries wishing to be great Citizens their government should be ashamed of themselves for their incompetence to their citizens
      Why is its Americas responsibility to do what their government in which they elected failed to do? It’s unethical!
      In order for Obamas fundamental change to take hold he has to change the baby boomers mind set from Americanism to socialism, purge the police force, and the military wake up America the twelfth hour is near!

      1. Croco Dile says

        It seems you did not watch the video…..
        Here is another one for you.
        Maybe you will understand ?

        1. hangem'high says

          I guess not? Science is changing all the time as with the desired outcome of science if the outcome isn’t the desired result why keep with the same formula
          I can create my own conspiracies “being delusional is not delusional unless you are delusional”
          You cannot deceive without a little of the truth, deception cannot exist without truth being weaved within it! Good people can’t do bad stuff and be good it an oxymoron, in other words it can’t happen!
          A nation of laws cannot function without the consent of its people. People form a community’s for protection of family and property.
          The world civilized hardly if you have a dime someone somewhere in the world will want it, could be why everyone wants in, and no one can afford to leave.

          All people treaded underfoot want’s their freedom they just don’t have the means to achieve freedom it’s not because they don’t want it! People have been fighting slavery since the bible no one conforms to slavery without resistance. I do agree with him to point that people remain in poverty because their government enables it!

          Our forefathers put in pace a firewall to handle this hypocrite’s malware it’s called small government. I agree with him on a lot of points but scientology is not one of them! To be an American is to know freedom and the pursuit of happiness, even if it’s just a plot of land and a few humanoids called family and friends. This is the nucleus of a small community eliminate the family unit you destroy the community destroy the community you destroy the state and so forth my point! a lot of people want to live their lives out peaceably and unmolested!

          Thislong short, is along the same lines as Grubber’s, Americans are so stupid they’ll believe anything! Chett, am I the only guy over 13 that still believes in the old guy in the red suit?

  2. setemfree says

    We degraded the country when we elected an illegal pedophile alien Muslim to office.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Exactly. Now. . . . How do we get rid of our trash??

      1. John Driggers says

        Well when i was a kid we had bonfires and we burned our trash that way 🙂

      2. Sgt. York says

        Give the ol American boot in the a@@ by impeachment. He is killing us

        1. al.k says

          You can’t impeach someone who was installed, arrest them for treason, try and execute them, that is only a start, the Bilderbergs control every government in the World, and their medias, get rid of the ones that want to depopulate the world, start with them. The borders need to be Closed, every illegal should be micro-chipped then deported, have snipers stationed and shoot them on sight when returning, but all immigration needs to be abolished, any country that allows abortion should never allow immigration.

          1. Sgt. York says

            Then can I give them the boot in the a@@?

          2. al.k says

            I wouldn’t kick old chief dirty bum from the never wipe tribe, he’s so full of shit, it might all come out at once and you would be in deep shit.

          3. Michael Dennewitz says

            Don’t know where you’ve been, but the presidency is not an “installment!” He/It was voted into office, not “installed!” If that WERE the case, then how have we already impeached a couple of them??

          4. al.k says

            That was all for show, this traitor has committed so many acts of treason, how come he hasn’t been ARRESTED for TREASON, how come that queer still has a free hand to do as he does, how come congress has given him unlimited power to sell us down the tube, they have no power, they sold out, even the new congress has been finely screened before they got in, no one who would really stand up for the people never get elected, even those who would never win, the media makes sure of that, the mainstream media programs the people, Look at Gore, although he won, he still lost, he does a better job screwing the people on his climate change than for president, little dickhead bush was a yes man for the Bilderbergs and the Illuminati, but by the time people awaken to the true facts it will be too late.

          5. Michael Dennewitz says

            You couldn’t have said it any better! This country has no idea of what’s staring them right in the face. GOD HELP AMERICA !;

      3. Angry American says

        Back in the 1950’s under Eisenhower they had a program called “operation wetback” where they made sweeps in the immigrant neighborhoods, once the word spread they ran for the border. Along the border it was heavily patrolled & they set up machineguns to deter crossings it worked until they took them down, then they started sneaking back in, it is really hard to keep that many people there & the Mexicans know it is only a matter of time. Everify needs to be made mandatory & enforced to the max with peoples only job is to go business to business checking new hires & prosecute all that ignore the laws, with some jail time for those that break the laws. It doesn’t have to be for years just a few months will deter most employers

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          Very respectfully, you’re dreaming, right along with the rest of us! I still say that if a hundred thousand bikers converged on the not – so- white house, it could change EVERYTHING!!!

          1. Angry American says

            100,000 any bodies could have some effect but a Million or more would be better & 10 Million would sure get their attention & that may get some policy changes, it’s hard to say with this administration. The last election should have been a no brainer but look how he defined it, he spoke to the Millions that didn’t vote when he said he heard them. So now the P.O.S. is psychic or is that psychotic? I go with the latter & it’s is because I don’t like the liar in chief not one smidgeon

          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            Well sir… I don’t know how many will remember, but about 15 years ago the bikers shut DC down!! Can’t remember what their rally was about, but they literally crippled DC for a period of time. So, what if the military (what’s left of it) did show up. Do they really have that many jail cells in the US?? Notttt!!!

          3. al.k says


          4. al.k says

            You don’t really think that would deter them, they have almost total control, every politician on both sides has been bought over along with the mainstream media, it wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t control the local elections too. they have their chosen puppet in where he can do the most damage, you people that think we the people still have a voice are living in the twilight zone, but don’t wake up out of your fantastic dream, they will never release the files on him, look at the JFK files, they can’t release them, it would reveal just how bad it really is.

        2. al.k says

          There has been bonus offers to business’s that hire illegals, all the new jobs created in the last few yrs has been taken by illegals.

      4. setemfree says

        1 AT A TIME. A journey starts with the first step.

        1. Croco Dile says

          You must start with yourself.
          As everybody should start with himself.

          1. setemfree says

            I am part Irish and ‘American Indian. should I sue the government also I am a minority. Should I get everything for free. WHAT A BUNCH OF SHIT IT ALL IS. Either your an American or your an Illegal alien. Make up your mind or get out of the U.S.A. Your not wanted and for sure not needed. BAN ALL ILLEGALS FROM U.S. SOIL.

          2. Croco Dile says

            Start with yourself !
            Blaming others won’t do any good to you.

          3. Michael Dennewitz says

            Crock O Bile . . BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS, EH BUBBAH??

          4. Croco Dile says

            The idiot is awake again……

          5. Michael Dennewitz says

            Awwww, someone woke your sorry ass up, CrocObile?? Poor thang..

      5. Croco Dile says

        Ignore the trash !
        It’s easy to do !

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          Then you must get shocked each time you look in the mirror CrockObile

    2. setemfree says

      How to get rid of illegals. Start rounding up illegals, give them 3 choices, 1 go back where you came from NOW, 2 go into a FEMA Camp. 3 Become food for those in the FEMA Camps. Also those who hire illegals will also go to jail or FEMA Camp. Plus fine equal to half of his business worth.

      1. jcmoore2010 says

        You would first have to get businesses to comply, have of them wouldn’t comply with the government’s everify program, or they would just hire illegals under the table and pay them without the everify system. Businesses are complicit in the illegal immigration problem as well. If there wasn’t any money here for them when they get here, the illegals would stop coming…i guess you could try what the libtard clinton did by sending jobs to mexico so they would stop coming, but why would we as americans give up our god given rights to the pursuit of happiness a good job and a home to call your own, so the mexicans can have money in their country…

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Bush Sr. Signed us up for NAFTA……..
          Clinton signed us up for UN’s WTO.
          Bush jr. and Obama jr just keep it going.
          If Bush III or Clinton II get the Presidency our service industry will be outscored.
          The only bipartisan game in DC is sending jobs overseas. TPP is next………

          1. Croco Dile says

            That’s because people refuse to learn !


          2. Mark Clemens says

            Naw, it’s old fashioned GREED. The politicians passed laws (Citizens United) that made bribery legal. All 535, or so cant be that stupid. If i can see the trade treatise are killing our Treasury, why can’t one single federal incumbent see it? My guess is they are paid to look the other way.
            Look at our hot domestic political topics of the last week are.
            #1. Hilliary broke the law by not turning over her E-Mails when she stepped down from SECRETARY of STATE office.
            #2. 47 Republican Senators sent the Iranian Government, a letter explaining how congress has a say so in foreign negotiations………..So? At least the lazy bums did something!
            Distractions, Distractions, Distractions
            From our core issue of the past 9 years.
            Where are the jobs?
            Why were they shipped over seas?
            No TV Journalists will ask such a simple question, to any politician.
            I wonder why$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$????

        2. setemfree says

          A few loosing there businesses and going to jail made examples of with lots of news about it would soon get around and if loosing there business wouldn’t be enough, the going to jail for a couple of years would be a great deterrent.

        3. PayTheMan says

          you raise many good points. do you think our nation is ready for 8$ a head lettuce and 4$ a piece tomatoes? if we are willing to hire US workers to do the jobs they currently will not take at the prices offered… the only logical option is to forbid hiring of illegal folks… jack up the salaries to attract citizens and let the consumer pay the difference. personally, i have no problem with that whatsoever… but do you think the nation will tolerate a 500% increase in our food prices?

          1. jcmoore2010 says

            that has been a misnomer. When companies pay a fair and decent wage they have 400 applicants lined up for the job…what nobody wants is a 2 buck an hour job or worse…this is not an excuse for allowing illegals to enter the country and take these jobs. It is the government’s duty to protect it’s citizens and protecting them includes low wage migrant workers coming in from mexico and taking jobs. The mexican’s send all their money back to mexico where 90% of their gdp comes from is America. Think of US citizens making a decent wage, paying taxes, and living the american dream. You might consider what the budget deficit would be then…but thank you for your point of view.

          2. PayTheMan says

            Good points. Would you support a minimum wage for farm workers so that citizens are lined up as you say? That might take care of the problem in one fell swoop. No work up here… And those who migrate for a better living (rather than those who are fleeing persecution etc) would not brave the border. But, as i mentioned, this means expensive produce and food for those of us already legally here.

          3. jcmoore2010 says

            I would if it supported american workers, if it were used to pay illegal immigrants more money, like wal-mart hiring illegals and paying them $15 dollars per hour I would not agree with…

          4. songstress250 says

            Well Said, jc.

      2. Roger says

        Not half, all! Seize the business and sell it to new owners for ten cents on the dollar!

        1. Mark Clemens says

          I like the idea. If a business has just one illegal immigrant worker, it should be confiscated. Just like a drug dealer gets his lawful property taken, for engaging in UNLAWFUL activities. I see no difference both are costing the tax payer. We’ve lost enough jobs to cheap communist Chinese labor wages. We need to safe guard what little jobs we have left in America, for Americans!!!!!

          1. TexasStomp says

            Here’s the problem, Mark. Many guest workers and legal visa holders retire to their native country. They SELL their perfectly legal paperwork. So employers, when they run checks on job applicants can’t tell if they’re NOT the person on the paperwork and legal to hire.

            I’d agree to your punishment if these companies could depend on fair treatment in law…ahahaha…by the feds. You know they can’t. So innocent businesses under such a draconian law would inevitably be destroyed.

            How does that help America or American workers unless we openly discriminate and hire only people who can produce their school report cards complete with class pictures?

          2. says

            Might be a good Idea to let them Cross and plague the Politicians in DC. Maybe if enough Politicians wives and kids become Fodder, the Politicians then might do their Jobs and seal the entire border. .

          3. Michael Dennewitz says

            I tend to favor the “sniper idea” myself! Quick…….and easy…..:-))

          4. says

            Would take to many snipers along that 2400 miles.

          5. Michael Dennewitz says

            You wouldn’t have been able to convince Chris Kyle of that!! :))

          6. Croco Dile says

            Bad idea !
            First educate yourself.


          7. says

            The Invasion is Illegal and we should install a 2400 mile berlin type wall, hire some Russian soldiers to man it and shoot everyone trying to cross at other than check points. The alternative is to build two fences and mine the area between them. You are right about brain power, Illegals have none or they would break the laws in their own Country. REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!!

          8. crhoads62 says

            if you are so brave to not look past the truth then you better look into JESUS.
            JESUS is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. all this guy is saying in a nut shell is
            we can create a better world. that is not going to happen. most people’s perception of who GOD is completely wrong.

          9. Croco Dile says

            Jesus is a fictitious character invented by corrupt priests for the benefit of the Roman Empire.

          10. Angry American says

            When you need workers & all that show up are illegals. Some of them have papers that show they are permitted to be here & some of the forgeries are pretty damned good. When I hired someone I always took copies of their “permission papers” that is only if they looked legitimate the ones that had the answers to the applications so it looked like they understood English. They need to make more than one type of application instead of the standard ones that they can use their “cheat sheets” on. I always managed to walk by them when they were filling them out just to see what they were doing. Then ask a couple of questions that they had to reply to with out saying the word yes. When you have a business it is best to protect what you worked so hard to get

          11. Croco Dile says

            The real problem is in the brains of those who are NOT illegal !


        2. AKLady says

          Right, let’s increase unemployment even more.
          Immigrants, legal and illegal, start businesses — at a significantly higher rate. that Americans of equal economic status.

      3. John Driggers says

        wait wait wait! isnt it illegal to round up illegal immigrants before we give them their free credit cards???

        1. jcmoore2010 says

          laugh out loud…oh but we have to let them live rent free for a year, because they might prepare a unit that’s vacant for rental…pure bs…every excuse in the world, but admit that the fact is america was made up of legal immigrants coming to america for a better life, not jumping the border taking jobs and sending all the money back to mexico…but i think you already understand this…:)

      4. ladyofperpetulmotion . says

        Or feed them to pigs.

        1. setemfree says

          Works for me.

    3. Roger says

      We? I didn’t vote for any idiots!

      1. John Driggers says

        hey lets be fair now, idiots vote for Idiots, and on that note i hadnt voted for a President since Reagan because i hadnt seen one politician that wasnt an idiot since after Reagan, so i stick to local politics….mostly

        1. Croco Dile says

          This is a misconception.

          Learn why :

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            CrocObile, don’t you have some toys to go play with??

        2. hangem'high says

          A vote not casted is a vote for the idiot in charge

          1. songstress250 says


      2. setemfree says

        Neither did I or anyone I have talked to.

      3. Croco Dile says

        If you did never vote in your life – then you did well !

    4. william g munson says

      No we have not but Obama Administration has done it and congress has let him and not got him for high TREASON

      1. Croco Dile says

        If people don’t change, then Washington will never change !

    5. John Driggers says

      ok setemfree, there is no proof that our president is a pedophile

      just sayin

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        “OUR” president??? Begging your pardon sir, the little halfbreed faggot may be YOUR president, but he’s certainly not MY president.. :-))

        1. John Driggers says

          Dont get get so upset Michael, i agree with you 200%, but take note i didnt comment on “Illegal,”Alien”, and Muslim

          1. John Driggers says

            Oh…he’s definately not my President either, i just threw that in there for effect

          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            I understand, but what really boggles my mind (what I have left of it) is the fact that we’ve been scammed from the beginning with the demoncraps, but it also appears that all of the Repooplicans are ingesting the same STUPID PILLS!!

          3. Michael Dennewitz says

            In Chicago, they didn’t call him “Bath House Barry” for no reason!! I rest my case… :-))

          4. John Driggers says

            really? maybe he took alot of showers or it was something he did to relax and get away from things, were you there taking pictures and please dont show them if you did, and if you did why were you there??

          5. Michael Dennewitz says

            HAHAHA.. No. There’s not a queer bone in my body, so sorry, no pictures. Just going by what a lot have told me. Had to drive truck for a good many years and Shitcago was NOT one of my favorite cities to deliver in. Only thought of one thing while there. . . GETTING OUT! lol

      2. setemfree says

        He is a Muslim. That’s all the proof you need.

        1. Croco Dile says

          Who cares what this PUPPET is ?!
          People should care about their own position !

          1. setemfree says

            I am part Irish and ‘American Indian. should I sue the government also I am a minority. Should I get everything for free. WHAT A BUNCH OF SHIT IT ALL IS. Either your an American or your an Illegal alien. Make up your mind or get out of the U.S.A.

          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            Ignorance is bliss, eh CrockObile. That’s been this country’s biggest problem! YOU and assholes just like you, kickin back and saying, “Piss on the rest of this country, I’m only worried about ME !!” Is that what you’re saying??

        2. PayTheMan says

          interesting. if that is ALL the proof we need… WHAT IF that turns out to be incorrect? what if he is NOT a muslim? does that mean the rest of our criticism of obama falls like a house of cards?

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Sorry friend, HE ALREADY ADMITTED that he’s a mooselum!!

          2. PayTheMan says

            i missed the memo but am interested. can you tell me where to find this or some version of it? thanks in advance.

          3. Michael Dennewitz says

            Memo, schemo… Read the book! He readily admits that he’s a mooselum and even said that, if worse came to worse, he’d always stand with the mooselums!!!!

          4. Michael Dennewitz says

            Ummmmm, you haven’t been sleeping since 2008 have you?? Good grief!!

        3. John Driggers says

          No….that is not all the proof you need, if that was true all i can say because your (whatever religion you are) that you are a pediphile and a faggot as well, but to keep everything honest ive never met you, and so i know nothing about you, so i cant

          1. setemfree says


          2. John Driggers says

            Well thats surprising coming from you, i had the impression from the way you talked that you may very well be intelligent, educated, and mature….so how long have you had dreams and wishes of having sex with women you’ve never met in your life, do you have fantasies of having sex with fictional characters like Granny from the “Beverly hillbillies or maybe Wilma and Betty on the “Flintstones?

            just wondering

      3. Angry American says

        If you are talking about bathhouse barry, I would say that being under age does not deter them from doing their thing with them so the proof should be a burden on those that support him instead. So actually there is no proof that he didn’t, maybe they just needed a little coke to entice him

    6. jimdarnall says

      He certainly is adding to the problem. He is now the reason the cancer has spreading. It has been building for some time like a slow growing cancer. Obama has become the catalyst in the rapid growth of this disgusting disease.. It may all lead to the end if some things don’t change.

    7. PayTheMan says

      well… that was not the start of our degradation of the country. Washing had slaves, Jackson spoke matter-of-factly proposing genocide of the native americans etc. And, lest we not forget Obama’s predecessor Bush the younger and dumber… he was a recovering alcoholic, massively entitled, ignorant, spend until you cannot spend any more enemy of capitalism (bailouts, subsidies, massive debt etc.) and democracy (patriot act, attacking countries without due cause or process etc.)

      so, obama may piss a lot of you off… but he didn’t start our degradation. he just put his own color on it (so to speak) and many would say that this “color” was a boost… not a bust.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        Good grief! Are you a demoncrap??

        1. PayTheMan says

          yeah… one of the pesky inconveniences of living in a democracy is that you have to rub elbows with thinking people who disagree with you. its just a big pain in the butt… i know… but… its what freedom is all about… so i guess we’ll all just try to live with it. see you around.

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Yeah, you’re right, but then there’s always that hazard of having to deal with people that refuse to accept anyone else’s opinion because they’re convinced that they are the only ones that are right.. Ahhhhhwelll.

    8. MARYSWEET says

      In one sentence you have stated the whole problem of our country right now. obama has helped spread the word throughout Mexico, south and central america and that is why we are getting so many illegal aliens and their criminal element. Hopefully we will survive obama and elect a conservative President who will close the border and send all the criminals and illegals back where they came from. That will be just the beginning of undoing all the damage obama has done during his time in the WH.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        I’m certainly glad that SOMEONE is catching on here. A lot are acting like liberal trolls and talking out their back sides!! Geeze….

    9. AKLady says

      Why do you believe you should embarrass America before the world?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

  3. Roger says

    Wake up America it is our job to hold the government accountable. So put up or shut up!

    1. John Driggers says

      as we’re marching to the Re-education camp

    2. Sgt. York says


    3. Croco Dile says

      That’s why the people must understand first !
      If they don’t – nothing will change…..

  4. Fred Underwood says

    Oh yes we need all of the dregs of humanity that way it will enable our democrat leaders to speed up the downfall of the U.S. to a third world nation much faster and the scary part is our citizens have been convinced somehow that we should always be on the side of political and social justice desires in stead of what is right or wrong.

    1. John Driggers says

      Now why would they want to turn our country into a third world country?
      Gotta go guys, I gotta continue learning the Quran then start making my Muslim prayer mat

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        Snot funny John……

  5. adrianvance says

    Birds of a feather flock together.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  6. MILES E DRAKE says

    The regime’s plan from the beginning has been a form of biological warfare – the importation of criminals, deviants and unproductive individuals so as to destroy the culture of the country, collapse its economy and permit the imposition of socialism and dictatorship. We have very nearly lost the second Mexican War without realizing it, and the Reconquista is much further along than many people realize. If a constitutional republic within the English-speaking community and part of the European cultural and political traditions is to be preserved, removal of this criminal government from the necks and backs of the people or removal of the people from its control need to be undertaken.

    1. al.k says

      But until they are arrested, tried and executed, all is a waste of time, the illegals that commit crime here need to be executed, the rest sent back, remember old barry wanting to sue Az for their immigration law and allow Mexico to do the same, what else does one need to see a TRAITOR in chief in action, he should of been arrested on the spot and tried and executed!

  7. papa doug says

    Well get ready for more because we will have socialist Hillary Clinton after Obama. Socialists and women will vote for her because they want a woman president and don’t care who it is so we’re screwed! You may as well give your soul to God and kiss your ass good-bye!

    1. John Driggers says

      i wouldnt worry about her, she’s been sabotaging herself without our help……….WAIT! i just remembered how many Lobotomized Liberals that are in the US….GOD! we’re doomed!!!

      1. al.k says

        Been told that jebby boy and Rand Paul are our next chosen ones, remember all the election rhetoric is just that, we spend billions campaigning and it’s just an illusion, they put in who they want, not who the people want, I’m sure the people would of never put in an illegal sodomite and his first man, especially a black no account that had no credibility whatsoever, remember Romney, had to show 20yrs back tax records and the Chicago Gay club member, nothing! He definitely was the best choice, since he had been schooled for the deception roll, even Jimmy Cater let it slip about soon getting a sodomite in the WH! and henry kiss-ass stating this asshole would get the new world order going.

  8. John Driggers says

    You know we have many ways we can handle this, even our fictional movies are giving us wonderful ideas, one in particular i like is the movie “Escape from New York” why cant we relocate everybody living on Manhatten island, build a large wall around it and start putting our worst criminals that wont be rehabilitated on it and just make two rules for them
    1- once you go in you never come out
    2- survive
    And you know its an idea that maybe even the liberals might like….maybe. The is no posiblity of guard abuse, it gives them the opportunity to learn to feed theirselves.
    Or there is the old fashioned way where we can just collect all the proof and once they’re proven guilty just take them in back and waste one bullet in their head.
    I like the first myself because if they want to abuse the rights of someone, they can abuse their owns right all they want with no interference
    Even a liberal can see the common sense and logic in this, unless they’ve been institutionalized and lobotamized

    Just sayin

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      I tend to like the upside down burial in a foxhole with pig’s blood splattered on ’em before they expire. :-))

      1. John Driggers says

        oooooooooo…….can i add that to my list of favorite ideas???? 😀

  9. George Cahonna says

    Obama,s illegal southern children.. Sex offenders, criminals, murderers, drug traffickers, terrorists. As promised, Change to America.

  10. Yadja says

    No Ellis Island here, no accountability, no nothing just come on down. Only don’t come from Europe just Third World Crappers.

    My mother and grandfather came here after WWII and being interred in POW camps for the duration of the war. Took them 8,5 years to get their citizenship and they were monitored monthly. They spoke the language, were educated, never took a penny from the American people and they were the proudest Americans you ever met.

    These guys coming through the fence are giving us the finger. I saw the pictures and everyone of them should have been put in a chopper, carried across that border and dropped with our without a parachute and I prefer the latter.

    1. Angry American says

      I think the reason he wants people from third world countries is because he wants to break the American tax payers by over burdening us with taxes so these people can get more & more benefits & taxes would have to rise to pay for this largess. I don’t see any other reason to import poverty & they all live in poverty since most of them do not have the jobs skills or enough education to live in their own countries let alone ours that demands both skill & education to do jobs that pay more than minimum wage. when you make that little & have families you qualify for many benefits & not enough money to pay for them

      1. Yadja says

        This is what people of note are saying and millions of Americans. No Dictator will tolerate a Middle Class they are always taken out along with Intelligentsia.

        Rome went down very much the same way.

  11. Harold Sammons says

    Want to cure the return; immediate castration on conviction of all, then you won’t have to baby sit them for life

    1. jim marcum says

      i don’t know why we’ve never implemented castration. it is proven that these pedophiles do not change. Rapists only advance to murderers. Castration is the only solution that makes any sense at all. If thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out. Take away the instrument causing the problem.

  12. Francisco Machado says

    The administration argues that it is impossible to deport every undocumented alien (UD) – there are too many, etc. However, every process has a starting point and many do not have to be pursued to the final point to be beneficial. As it stands, we appear not to be deporting UDs apprehended and convicted of crimes, even of felonies. It has been reported that thousands of them have been released here in the United States with no meaningful effort to deport them, indeed with government blocking that process. One of the arguments for some of them is that “their country of origin declines to accept their return.” That, it would appear, is only a bureaucratic problem and not of our making. Our position is only that they are criminals – that WE do not accept them. The other part of the problem should be no more than a minor inconvenience to the deported felon – did they concern themselves about borders when they arrived in the United States? – why should they have any concern for borders when they return to the country of which they are, after all, already citizens? Or did they leave that country because they were already wanted (and are now unwanted) criminals there?

  13. Marilyn Stern says

    Perhaps reporters should search out the many stories in local papers around the country. The one’s that report problems with Muslim soldiers training on our Military bases and young girls, and boys, in surrounding towns. To them, children are fodder.

  14. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Just read where Marxifornia’s voter turn out was 10% of the electorate. That’s why thug, pig democrats are in power. They organize, vote, we sit at home and pick our noses.

    1. al.k says

      You people don’t seem to know that the chosen one always wins, the one chosen by the Rothschild that is, we haven’t elected a president in 50 plus yrs. Jimmy Carter let the cat out of the bag yrs ago stating that we we just about to elect a homosexual president, further it was stated that he would be half black and he was being schooled for the job, henry kissass said he would get the new world order going, they neglected to tell us he would be a moslem and that no bible could be in school but that our kids would be taught moslem, and the country would soon be subject to sharia law that has already taken place in some states, haven’t any of you heard about the restaurants that have to remove the bacon signs and the people that had to take their flags down so they wouldn’t offend a moslem, wake up! this Traitor went to Yellowstone Park when he was in Bozeman, Montana to Bobbie trap the volcano so they can blow it should things go south for them so they can enact martial law and take complete control, no elections NAZI GERMANY all over again, Islam has gained ground in every country in the world and we are no exception. 1Cor: 15-33, be not deceived evil communication CORRUPTS all good manners. Rom: 1-27,28 tells about the Queer in the WH.

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Agreed, 100% but, be careful, the thug pig democrats will have the I.R.S. audit you.

  15. setemfree says

    there is no IF

  16. Chris Robinette says

    Why not, it is the democratic way

  17. Alleged Comment says

    Racism practiced the Demoncrap and lieberal way. Target the no good whites. It’s always the whites that are up to no good. Ever notice that?

    Not murderous Megroes and Moslems nor drunk Mexicans and pedophiles!

  18. Greg137 says

    I got the following options to solve illegal immigration..

    1. Send them back via slow surface transport.. If they cooperate we will stop at the bus staion/ or port(if by sea).. If they don’t bus throws them off at high speeds, and by sea we will drop them off several miles from shore and make them swim it…

    2. send them back via fast airplane drop.. Cooperation yeilds a fuctioning paracute, and if they resist then they can either get a paracute that either doesn’t work or we can give them a paracute filled with gravel or cement…

    3. put them in a concentratiojn camp for 25 years as punbishment for not following immigration laws…

    Reduce waiting times for lawful migration to be at least below 25 years to encourage lawful migration…

    If the illegals are to leave the concentration camp they must on video tape renounce their loyalty to their old homeland or go back with the signing of their own death warrant., so we may kill them if they ever come back…

    4. If worse comes to worse, destroy or conquer Mexico and central America.. Monroe doctrine is already dead, because the Chinese and the Russians arebeing invited over by these south of the border nations furthermore they are helping democrats who are destroying the nation! They are not our ally if they are trying to destroy freedom here!

  19. Porphyry says

    Thank the *political* deviants!

  20. ladyofperpetulmotion . says

    Why not experiment on them instead of animals?

  21. gutz22 says

    Sex crimes???This nation set a new standard of tolerance when Billy Bob Clinton committed a number of rapes & sexual assault with no legal consequences.To this day this sexual predator is jet setting with a billionaire child molester in order to satisfy his sick twisted cravings for under age girls.

  22. George Cahonna says

    ICE letting out an additional 30K criminals??…Its called Open Season….

  23. adrianvance says

    Sex offenders have a 93% rate of recidivism (repeating) sex crimes. They have no place on our streets and should all be put on an island where they practice their hobby on one another.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  24. Sis McCarty says

    There is a difference between, Your and You’re!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Carla Jones says

    Obama is an illegal alien and hasn’t been deported, he’s gay and muslin. He wants total corruption of America. You really thinks he gives a crap about American children ? Americans are being killed,robbed,raped every day by wonderful illegals. Black panthers are pubically stating kill whites and aren’t being punished. Gays are suing Christians. We are not in America anymore thanks to paid politicians. You should have been at your mayor’s,governor’s, judge’s, offices demanding Obama’s arrest and deportation. Naw really keep complaining that’ll work.

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