Survey Says: Most College Students Want to Suppress Free Speech


A new survey from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education shows that students on college campuses around the country are increasingly willing to censor themselves when talking about controversial topics. The survey also showed that they are growing more comfortable with the suppression of free speech when that speech could prove hurtful to certain minority groups. The FIRE survey asked more than 1,000 college students about their rights, claiming it to be “the most comprehensive survey on students’ attitudes about free speech to date.”

While the results are shocking from a certain perspective, they are not particularly surprising to anyone who has closely followed the decline of liberty on the American college campus. For several years now, the left has abandoned anything that could be referred to as “liberal” values in favor of a species of fascism that dismisses any controversial viewpoint as racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, and the list goes on. Open rebellion against the faculty at Yale, the University of Missouri, and Los Angeles’ Claremont Colleges have provided some of the most newsworthy spectacles, but this survey proves that the anti-freedom mentality goes well beyond those isolated incidents.

According to the survey, a majority of students have censored themselves in classroom discussions. 56% believe that schools should have the right to ban controversial speakers from campus. Left-leaning students, in particular, believe that conservative speakers should be barred from campus speaking engagements. 60% of students said it was more important for the college to maintain an “inclusive” atmosphere than to keep the door open to offensive viewpoints. 48% believe that the First Amendment should not be used to protect “hate speech.” And while the number isn’t huge (yet), it’s still troubling to see that 13% of students now believe that there is no meaningful difference between hateful speech and physical violence.

The decline of free speech will be indistinguishable from the decline of the United States. The left likes to talk about how America’s strength is its diversity? Well, that’s true in a sense: It’s strength is in its diversity of ideas. At the core, that’s what the free market is all about. It’s at work in the economy and it is at work in the marketplace of ideas. That is, essentially, what democracy is. When we start picking and choosing which kinds of ideas must be suppressed from the start, we lose the very thing that has made this country exceptional.

The threat of totalitarianism has always loomed like a dark shadow over basic human principles like freedom. We just never thought we’d get to the day where we’d see young Americans willing to trade those principles – not for national security, but for the imaginary “safety” of never having to defend one’s viewpoint.

  1. gotabgood says

    Trump Is an Eerily Perfect Match With a Famous 14-Point Guide to Identify Fascist Leaders

    1. Deby says

      Haha, yeah right. Try this one-CLINTON, or maybe OBAMA

      1. Retired says

        He just might be OBAMA .

        1. MAHB001 says

          I now use the zero to spell 0bama…
          The true benefit to this is that it gives homage to 0zero’s accomplishments and I don’t have to waste time and energy hitting the shift key.

    2. Retired says

      Cut and paste Troll strikes again with BS and lies ,Satan’s right hand man !!!

      1. gotabgood says

        Cut and paste? It is not cut and paste.. well for you maybe, it is Copy and Paste
        That is bad? You should try it! Less personal opinions and more news outlets.
        National Enquirer doesn’t count as a news source.

        1. Retired says

          Your sources are just as bed as NE !!! Have not read one or paid for one in many decades and it only took one look to tell it was trash .

          1. gotabgood says

            I am sure… you just read them while inline to get your home-brew at your favorite store…


          2. Retired says

            Nope would not soil my hands with the trash .

        2. Mathew Molk says

          There it is folks, Proof positive…..The Leftests are incapable of original thinking. They think “copy” and paste is a good thing. – No need to either learn anything or even formulate your own opinion.

          Just Copy things from your commissar and spout them. Saves a lot of energy by never having to think for yourself.

        3. April Stoner says

          Nor does the MSM

          1. gotabgood says

            367 comments… I swear 300 of them have been to me..
            So, either you kinda like me..
            or you are out just cruising for a fight.
            I haven’t seen one (1) original post from you… it’s all in response to someone else’s thoughts…. no brain…. no imagination….. no research..

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          A woman went to her doctor for advice. She told the physician that her husband had developed a penchant for anal sex, and she was not sure that it was such a good idea. The doctor asked, “Do you enjoy it?” She said that she did. He asked, “Does it hurt you?” She said that it didn’t. The doctor then told her, “Well, then, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t practice anal sex, if that’s what you like, so long as you take care not to get pregnant.” The woman was mystified. She asked “You can get pregnant from anal sex?” The doctor replied, “Of course. Where do you think democRAT-ICKs like the Clintons, Obama’s, Schumer, Weiner and Pelosi come from?”

    3. April Stoner says

      Another ignorant uneducated lefty, doesn’t know what fascist means!

      1. gotabgood says

        That is why I gave you a reference.. so you could learn for yourself that you are wrong about most things you say on here..
        Oh… I am sorry… I took it for granted that you knew how to open the reference address I gave.. just align your curser under the address… curser is the little hand/pointer that you use to open a webpage or in this case an address.. just left click on it. I like to right click and open in new tab.. STUDY

  2. Natalie says

    You would think at least some of these people would see this for what it is. The supposedly
    tolerant, compassionate, open minded and inclusive using shame, intimidation, coercion and screeching rage to get their way in display after display of exactly what they claim to be against.
    It’s stupifying. No platform for fascism, says the lunatics using exactly the tactics of fascism to shut down anyone who disagrees with them. The worst part is that those who control the narrative also control the information. These poor kids don’t realize their advocating what their protesting because the dumbing down of America by liberal ‘education’ means they’ve only been exposed to a very narrow, twisted version of history. They see imaginary Nazi’s everywhere, when the real Nazi stares back at them from the mirror each morning as they set out to fight manufactured hate with the real thing.

    1. Bill O'Neil says

      Hate merchants are plentiful, such as Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump to name a few.

      1. MAHB001 says

        They speak the truth, just because you don’t like what they say doesn’t mean that it is false or hate speech

        1. gotabgood says

          And just because you like what they say, doesn’t make it the truth either..

          1. MAHB001 says

            So very true. But unlike you, I am free to make up my own mind as to what is propaganda and what isn’t.
            As we have discussed before, you no longer have the ability to accept anything that goes against your religion, oops ideology.

          2. gotabgood says

            I am not the type of guy that will believe anything that comes around the corner. And it can come around the corner 10 times and without proof, it can come around 10 more times. So I answer each of you and then get accused of repeating myself.
            It seems the people on the right, do not believe in references, and therefore never give them. This will not contain references because it is personal opinions. But normally when I write something that happened it will have a reference.

          3. MAHB001 says

            You are ideologically demoralized and unable to see things the way normal people see them. You currently throw out anything that comes from a conservative point of view without giving it any thought or value. You need to check your references and question those that feed you your thoughts.

            Given that you only see half the data, you are only half informed.

            I say that only in the hopes that it will help you.

            I am sure you have seen the ideological subversion video clips that describe the process. Review it again. Essentially, I think the brainwashing makes people think like communists/socialists instead of capitalists. In fact Ideological demoralization forces its victims to hate all things about capitalism.

            Socialism/Communism creates Nations like Venezuella, Cuba, the Russia of old, North Korea, China. These are societies that are not free. Dissidents have been purged.

          4. Rich Girod says

            I guess you would say “yuri tells us this” He is another compromised individual….
            Arch life long conservative george Will-

            read the words of arch conservative -George Will-


          5. MAHB001 says

            “Compromised individual” I’ll bet anybody that does not believe exactly what you think is labeled “Compromised.”

            And once you deem them “compromised” you no longer consider what they are saying.

            To all those reading, free to think for themselves. This shows how the ideologically subverted are controlled.

            It seems George Will is a bitter neverTrumper. I still do not understand the neverTrumpers.

          6. Deb says

            I do not like Trump and never did. My husband loves him. I asked my sons to vote for him for this country and what he promised he would do. So far he has not let me and mine down. I do respect him as my President. When that one that I won’t name keeps blaming everybody and everything for her loss. I just mute. I am WOMAN and I was never going to vote for her way before all the bs.

          7. MAHB001 says

            Trump was not my first choice either. It was Trumps inaugural speech that won me over.

            If Trump follows through on his inaugural speech he will be the greatest “Peoples” president since the Founding Fathers…

          8. Teresa Barrett says

            I think when all this playing fast and loose with the Constitution and federal law, Obama and his minions will be fleeing to Cuba to seek asylum! The crap is starting rise to the surface, and soon the swamp will be covered with leftist turds begging to be rescued! Lmao!

          9. MAHB001 says

            Or Iran….

          10. GrizzMann says

            That would be an Aconservative

          11. bobails says

            George Will is as conservative as David Brooks! You know a phony Rino when they start going on NPR, PBS and start bashing true conservatism.

          12. Jules Falcone says

            Great comments…..Kudos MAHB001.

          13. GrizzMann says

            It is what happens in the Democrat world of make believe.

          14. MAHB001 says

            Yes, the 0bamas and Hillary’s of the Democrat party would purge all dissidents from our society if they had the power.

            If we had given up our guns, this war would look completely different.

          15. crusader2010 says

            Not going to happen!

          16. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            The reason they are so married to Follywood is that Suspension of Disbelief has to be encoded in their DNA for them to “swallow” their ideology.

          17. MAHB001 says

            Molon Labe

          18. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            hehehe….All yours…I insist…..

          19. MAHB001 says

            I stand with you Live free or die….

          20. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            Victory thus assured, what part of Hollywood Blvd do you want to BLOW the fuck up?

          21. MAHB001 says

            You know what will hurt hollywood even more? Ignoring them.

          22. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            Right along with the NFL.

          23. ward says

            Turned to fairy hood 8 + years ago to appease bo & his cronies … !

          24. Retired says

            It is always left wing that you post .You would not give a Republican credit even if your life depended on it and you knew that he was right .

          25. chucky001 says

            That’s because so few of them are. McCain, Murkowski and Kasich are the exceptions.

          26. Retired says

            All LOSERS just like you.

          27. April Stoner says

            Really, are you an airhead? Or just indoctrinated into stupid?

          28. gotabgood says

            How much news did you hear over Roger Ailes or Bill O’Really and the latest Eric Bolling…You aren’t going to get the coverage from Fox or any rightwing news outlet, that you would from even an independent
            An example I done a search on Eric Bolling, on the first page NOTHING from the rightwing Media…. I did learn about his son… how very sad…. people don’t realize utill it is too late that your WORDS and ACTION have consequences..

          29. Retired says

            When are you going to post about your friends in the Bilderberg Society and the OWO / NWO ????

          30. ernldo says

            gottabeGay is like a caged chimp, not much mentality….all the fa9 knows is how to copy and paste the same dopey leftist swill ad nauseam. Why not just block the 400lb monkey like tranny?

          31. rockyndallas says

            Done. Thanks for the suggestion.

          32. pineapple says

            I blocked the bastard and don’t regret it.

          33. Ribert Koonce says

            Already did, months ago. In fact, there are more “this user blocked ” lines in this thread than there are posts. Lol
            I’ve blocked most of them.

          34. MissouriMule says

            Oh, please, this idiot WISHES he knew a bilderberg member.

          35. Retired says

            They would not associate with his type ,why out of their league and might throw pennies at him .

          36. ann2609 says

            seriously, all you had to do was pull up yahoo. news, msn, etc. Facebook also had tons of pieces on the people at Fox. Funny enough, they seem to end their pieces with very little on the litigation that is/was going on. Please,oneof my favorite things to do when I first put on my computer is to see just how many negative trump/conservative articles they show. Maybe if you go way way down on the page you’ll something written by Fox news or like media.

          37. safari1024 says

            Your naivete is breathtaking to behold. You provide the first page of a google search page as if that’s supposed to be proof that conservative outlets will not cover this story. Have you ever heard of page two? I have, and at the bottom I found the first recent story listed about Eric Bolling by a “rightwing [sic] media” outlet. The only thing that this proves is that google can’t be trusted to show a complete picture, unless someone has the sense to do some digging. But that’s not how liberals like their news, it has to be spoon fed. People that actually think for themselves do what’s called research. But from the way you slaughter the English language, I doubt that you know what real research entails. And for your edification, you DID a search, not DONE a search. If you want to be taken seriously intellectually, you had better pick up your game a few notches, and open up your mind.

          38. MissouriMule says

            That is absolutely the truth. Google has already been flagged as being biased. Yahoo too.

          39. safari1024 says

            While researching, I saw a liberal site complaining that google was squeezing them out, and was looking for donations to help them out. I had to laugh.

          40. Ribert Koonce says

            They’re all social”ist” media, it’s a wonder a conservative can get a word in edgewise. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we all aren’t on some idiots watch list by now….

          41. bobails says

            that’s the dumbing down of our education system. They don’t know grammar anymore. Heck..I bet this guy can’t write his name in cursive. They don’t teach that either.

          42. safari1024 says

            But they know how to curse. Does that count?

          43. mac12sam12 says

            Ailes, O’Reilly and Bolling, little league. You guys are in the majors with three liberals, Bubba, Weinsein and Weiner. None of the FOX pundits were accused of rape, groping or pedophilia.

          44. pineapple says

            Weiner was kicked from the Hill for acting like Bill.
            This left congress with one weiner leaner.
            Moral: If you tweet your meat, you lose your seat.

          45. gotabgood says

            Weinsein was accepted to run on a Republican ticket in 2020
            Not sure about those at fox.. they were paid off… but your president was accused of all three..
            And you put Ailes in little league…
            I didn’t mention Tim Murphy wanting his lover to get an abortion.. what league you put him in?

          46. mac12sam12 says
          47. April Stoner says

            You done a search? Yep indoctrinated into stupid!

          48. gotabgood says

            How do you think I got all those results on one page?
            Maybe you are smart… maybe….I guess anything above 50 is considered smart in the rightwing….. but your common sense is gone!

          49. MAHB001 says

            Funny thing, you heard enough news about those people to get them fired…

            But when the news is about a Communist like 0bama, it is silenced.


          50. gotabgood says

            If it is silenced……………. where did you get your talking points?
            From a BLOG??
            I am sure they have the access, the time, the money to check out first hand the things to see if there is ANY truth to what they write.
            A blog writing something from another blog doesn’t really prove much.. does it?

          51. MAHB001 says

            “A blog writing something from another blog doesn’t really prove much.. does it?”

            Speaking from experience I see. I would be curious just when that little nugget popped into your cranium?

          52. MAHB001 says

            That is 65 statements made by 0bama that needed to be challenged by the Main Stream Media. Most were broken promises, others were outright lies.

            Because the MEDIA was practicing Bias by Omission, by ignoring anything that might hurt a Liberal, they let most if not all of these statements go by without challenge.

            Our Country has suffered because the MEDIA was not doing their job.

          53. gotabgood says

            Oh, our country has suffered because of the media….. look what’s in the WH..

          54. MAHB001 says

            So how are you suffering because of the Trump admin right now?

            I would say the Communism is taking a huge hit….

          55. Bill O'Neil says

            That is what 2 billion dollars worth of free media coverage will get you.

          56. MissouriMule says

            Personally, I heard a ton of news about Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly from many conservative shows. And all was honest and not at all good.

            You will not like my stance on suicide, but, I’m gonna say it anyway. I don’t feel much sympathy for people that commit suicide, because, obviously, that was their wish. I do feel somewhat sorry for their family sometimes. But, if you are so mentally weak that you think suicide is the only way you can see out of a situation, then, so be it. Go for it.

          57. gotabgood says

            I said in total about his son….. ” I did learn about his son… how very sad…. people don’t realize util it is too late that your WORDS and ACTION have consequences..”
            And you came away with I condone suicide?? The people that commit suicide, don’t know and don’t care about your thoughts. On the other hand, their families might think you’re compassion less bastard.
            And about my statement your words and actions have consequences.. Trump is a prime example..

          58. TheHolyCrow says

            @gotsbgood…when I was young and the world was more sane than when you Marxist snakes slithered into existence, we used to have a saying that we all sang as kids..”Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. That’s the way it was until you pussy ass thin skinned crybaby libtard girly-boy Marxist sh*t heads came on the scene. You all need a good spanking and sent off to bed.

          59. gotabgood says

            So you are defending the pussy-grabbers of the rightwing…. but shame on Bill for getting a BJ!! ?
            And with your childhood (you reach puberty yet) saying, you just could refrain from spewing out a list names from your very narrow and very short vocabulary.

          60. mac12sam12 says

            There was a lot more to Bubba besides BJs. He’s been accused or rapes and gropings his whole life.

          61. GrizzMann says

            So what about the Trump, Russian collusion and not that Trump uses Russian dressing on his salads?

          62. gotabgood says

            I am assuming you are trying to tell a joke…?
            Doesn’t the rightwing media keep you informed about anything concerning Trump and family?
            More “evidence ” pours in on almost a daily bases.
            We did have to take time to report on the 4 hurricanes that hit USA this year and the very poor job Trump did in helping people out of their disaster.. and then on the opposite side of the country, they are on fire…. but of course that doesn’t strike a cord of concern with the right.. 4 hurricanes in one year.. we can handle it….. when was the last time that occurred?
            The worst wildfire in California’s history brings the death total to 40 with many more missing and thousands of homes destroyed


          63. Mathew Molk says

            What Right Wing Media? The only way to see what the President is by personal observation out in the real world. Your MSM lives in a alternate universe where the laws of Physics and reality do not apply.

          64. gotabgood says

            I like that… so I copied it to paste it later.. thanks

          65. mac12sam12 says

            So far Trump ahas received a thumbs up for his successful. The cartoon network, CNN interviews one mayor who had complaints while the governor of Puerto Rico was pleased with the effort. You only get liberal viewpoints, hence, your stupidity.

          66. MissouriMule says

            Maria Cruz also praised Trump, in the beginning, for the response of the US. Until, Luis Gutierrez (D) Chicago, arrived there and told her that she would have a good shot of parlaying this disaster into a bid for Governor. All she had to do was start complaining about Trump and his response. He brought her those stupid t-shirts she was wearing.

            Puerto Rico’s government is completely corrupt and has been for many years. That’s why their infrastructure was in a terrible state of disrepair BEFORE the hurricane. That’s why they are $70 billion dollars in debt and their infrastructure has never been repaired!

            The corruption continues to this day. The DOJ is now investigating statements made by citizens that FEMA convoys have brought supplies to outlying villages and given to the local dignitaries and they never reach the people that need them the most. The supplies are being divided up between the dignitaries, their friends and family members.

            Funny that you aren’t hearing any of THAT on the communist MSM that hate Trump and would never report a narrative that didn’t do him damage.

          67. Retired says

            Just like Chicago Ill.

          68. mac12sam12 says

            He wants more help but didn’t criticize Trump. Politico? Trump even sent two nuclear subs there so the island can have electricity. PR has a very old and out of date grid, that’s not Trump’s fault.

          69. April Stoner says

            This has got to be the most ignorant person to try to defend MSM fake news! Try watching Judicial Watch, that’s where you might something about truth, and American laws, you support the most corrupt politicians to ever be exposed, maybe you should practice doing research, I mean an educated unbiased open minded research like
            real educated people do, then think about what you find without your dictated beliefs
            Your forced to believe, then you might have something of substance to say, but as it is, we have already heard the same ignorant script from all your dumbed down buddies,
            you guys just sound like a broken record!

          70. MissouriMule says

            Judicial Watch is AWESOME!

          71. gotabgood says

            So far, the only thing that has separated you from your dumbed down buddies is, you haven’t brought up Hillary, other than that.. you read from the same script, from your highly successful life that you earned by scrubbing floors, to your higher than the clouds, education which is the greatest… you get that script from Trump?
            You even went so far as to correct my spelling which was satire, but that went over your head… and then you write this to me..
            “Try watching Judicial Watch, that’s where you might something about truth,”
            Seems like something is missing in that statement…I guess I just needed more learnin..

          72. bobails says

            2004 dingbat!

          73. gotabgood says

            California’s out-of-control wildfires are officially the worst in state history. Heartbreaking images are pouring in from wine country, north of San Francisco, where fires continue to rage. At least 21 36 people have died in the blazes so far, and in one county alone, 670 people are listed as missing.

          74. Lord-Pi-314 says

            @gotabgood…So you blame the storms and fires on Trump ? As if it is his fault ? What kind of stupid do they call that ? You should maybe go play with your toys instead of trying to post on the adult boards.

          75. gotabgood says

            No I don’t blame the storms on Trump!! And you should try to comprehend the English language.
            I do blame the pisspoor response to the victims of the storm entirely on him!
            Also I blame future storms on him, for he pulled out of an agreement to do what we can to stop the global warming.
            If you had 97 out of a hundred doctors telling you that you have 1 year to live, unless you drink a gallon elephant urine naturally your wanting a second opinion.. got 3 more and they said you will live long an prosperous. Who will you believe?
            After one month, things got worse, and you went back to see all 100 doctors with same results. Next month you got worse, but you still hang on to your false hope and believe the 3%. Next month you got worse… how many months have to pass until you accept the 97% and drink the gallon of elephant urine? Realistically, that means shutting down ALL coal burners, tax/fine all gas guzzlers, carbon tax, develop green energy. New technology for construction, stop cutting our oxygen makers down…. TREES!
            Storms are bigger, Ask Harvey and Maria. More frequent, Ask Harvey, Maria, Irma and Nate. 4 hurricanes hit the US this year!!
            Record heat ask 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 is on track.
            Forest fires are bigger and last longer and more frequent, Ask Napa Valley, CA.

          76. Ribert Koonce says

            What these idiots don’t or can’t comprehend, is easy to see. They refuse to talk about God. But if we stop for just a second, and remove him the conversation and talk in their evolutionist language, they’re just as lost.
            Natural selection doesn’t leave any place for gays, trannies, or snowflakes. That refers back to jungle kaw, survival of the fittest.our solution should be simple, give them their little safe space, California and New York, make illegal for anyone straight to enter, or for them to leave once they get there,and in one generation, they’re all gone.

          77. Mathew Molk says

            That’s the only reason I haven;t blocked you, although your references are mostly from comic books and tabloids,,,but you do try to make a point with some semblance of credibility.

          78. lha says

            The only thing that you believe is that your Mommie’s basement is great,and free.

          79. April Stoner says

            And obviously your not the kind of guy that knows how to research information for yourself.

          80. gotabgood says

            Do you comprehend English??
            I wrote.
            ” But normally when I write something that happened, it will have a reference.”
            I should have said I will leave a reference..

          81. bobails says

            not when you idiots use SNOPES, Fact, politifact ad nauseum to back your propaganda. All radical lefty looney sites.

          82. gotabgood says

            Those are ‘almost’ as bad as National Enquire, Breitbart, Drudge Report.
            Now, if you use another source… please share with me, so I can become as well informed as you are..

          83. mac12sam12 says

            If you want to be more informed, try watching and reading outlets that have a left and right wing opinion. You’re indoctrinated and you don’t even know it.

          84. Charlie says

            References = another persons opinion the agrees with your opinion.

          85. Greg Hernandez says

            Why do you need references ? Go find them yourself and do some real
            research . Key words work and so does names and places. We do not need to do your research because you are too lazy to go beyond so-called liberal outlets and only see one side. Most real people look at both sides then make a decision which seems to be way beyond your capacity to think for yourself like real humans do..

          86. Retired says

            That is what these TROLLs do NOT understand . Just another Muslim ,that’s why the all black picture . AK started out with all Black also .

          87. MAHB001 says

            The all black in gotabots picture is probably an association to ANTIFA. No doubt in my mind that TokyoAK works with antifa.

          88. ernldo says

            “Works” is a bit of a stretch, but the slobs you mention are definitely leftist goobers….They should be blocked, simply.

          89. AKLady says

            Name calling is nursery school behavior.

          90. Charles Girard says

            Shut you wheelchair phony.

          91. AKLady says

            Name calling is nursery school behavior.

          92. Steve Kish says

            Like me calling you a stupid bitch?

          93. AKLady says

            .Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting
            gotabgood and encouraged others to do so.

          94. Charles Girard says

            I point a finger down at everything you say and a finger up at who you are.

          95. AKLady says

            Is that childishness supposed to be an insult?

          96. Greg Hernandez says

            It is hiding behind the phony Guy Fawkes mask from probably the worst movie ever made, ” V ” for Vendetta . Just like many of the punk fascists of anti-fa who hide their faces because the really are punks. They think it gives them protection from being found out.

            BTW the one you call Tokyo AK and I call AK Zygote is just the same. Another phony with phony credentials who thinks it is smarter than everyone else only proving the fact that both of these phonies are dumber than snake poop.

          97. mlstephens says


          98. Greg Hernandez says

            I blocked that phony 3 months ago. I got tired of the demorat talking points and the lies it was posting constantly.

          99. mlstephens says


          100. Greg Hernandez says

            Guy Fawkes plotted to blow up parliament. Isn’t it funny how the British celebrate it instead of trying to destroy all mention of it .

          101. MAHB001 says

            Thank you…. So odds are the troll has zero allegiance to America.

          102. mlstephens says

            YOU GOT THAT RIGHT !

          103. ARTPSYCH says

            The AK troll is dead!

          104. Sylvia Avila says

            Good! She was just always talking trash!

          105. ARTPSYCH says

            I blocked AK the wobbly wheeled moronic troll!

          106. Sylvia Avila says

            Amen to that! God bless!

          107. ARTPSYCH says

            she’s still menacing others on here so I tell them to “block ” her.

          108. ernldo says

            Oppressed nigros….who have made ZERO effort at any time in their pathetic lives. We should be tired of feeding the chimps….

          109. Guess who says

            Your a racist country bumpkin. Go suck YOUR Presidents cock

          110. Mathew Molk says

            Love to meet you some time and see if you have the chomes to stand in front of my toes and run your NWO snowflake useful idiot mouth.

          111. lha says

            These morons are more than likely the same type as the liberal moron that hit the Trump supporter with a bicycle lock while hiding behind a girl[?] Antifa Commie. Now awaiting trial on 5 or 6 felonies.

          112. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            His name was Eric Clayton, an alleged – get this – 28 year old “professor”
            (HAH!) of (choking on phlegm) “Philosophy” at DIABLO College (only in Commiefornia would you find a “college” with that name. Wonder if they have pedophile sacrifices there?) His little mother-knit antifa ski mask came off during his little violent fiasco (the person whose skull he fractured he hit from behind, btw). After his mask fell of someone got a cell phone photo of him, which I posted via 2Facedbook to CNN, MSNBC, MSLSD (yes – they have [or had] such a page) Breitbart and a few others. He was arrested in Oakland about 6 weeks later.

          113. AKLady says

            Some people graduate from high-school at age 12 and 13.
            What is your point?
            Balamurali Krishna Ambati became the world’s youngest doctor at age 17.

          114. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            He’s as much a “full professor” as you are a Trump supporter.

          115. jackcandobutwont says

            And he was a college professor…teaching those young minds of mush!

          116. ch says

            He was a professor at Diablo College. This is what is teaching these college kids to become full fledged idiots.

          117. mlstephens says


          118. susmart3 says


          119. AKLady says

            Adolescent male threat.
            So impressive …

          120. AKLady says

            Macho, macho male…
            Also immature and illiterate.

          121. David in MA says

            Frank B., is this you?

          122. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            I think it’s either Soros, Hillary or Dickhead, or maybe on of the (ahem) “Obama kids” earning their allowance.

          123. ernldo says

            Oh, no! Racist? Pull uncle hussein’s kock out of your vagina and wake up. Blacks are the biggest racist a$$wipes on the planet. Yes, your former gay chimp in chief was the one that sucked, you’re typically too STOOPIT to see it.

          124. protn7 says

            I’m analysing what you said about obama. That fucker must’ve been both ways.

          125. underthewire says

            Typical ignorant snowflake language.

          126. pineapple says



            prison population would go down by 37%
            There would be 50% less gang members,
            rape would almost disappear
            Obesity percentage would drop 10%
            Average IQ
            would go up 7 points, putting us 3rd in the world, tied with Japan
            scores would go up 100 pts
            ACT scores would go up 5.5 pts
            AIDS and HIV
            would go down over 67%
            Chlamydia cases would go down 50%
            Gonorrhea would
            go down 69%
            Syphilis would go down 58%
            The average income for Americans
            would go up over $20,000 a year
            Amount of people in poverty would drop
            Homelessness would go down 57%
            Welfare recipients would go down by

            (anyone can provide info to WIKI)

            And many appointed criminal defense attorneys would have to find another line of

          127. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            don’t forget social workers…..and welfare staffers……all out of work.

          128. protn7 says

            No keep them all and give quicker service to people in need.

          129. mlstephens says

            CRACK DEALERS TOO !

          130. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            As long as there are liberals…..there will be crack (and other drug) dealers…they need them to adjust to their reality.

          131. Tamara says

            Love it great list…. LOL

          132. protn7 says

            Why couldnt we keep the same number of public defenders and criminal defence lawyers and speed up justice for all the people?

          133. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            Would have to be cleaner than feasting on your petri dish.

          134. jackcandobutwont says

            why all the anger?? off your meds or panties in a wad??

          135. AKLady says

            Sewer language is offensive.

          136. Charlie says

            No more offensive than your pathetic presence here on planet earth.

          137. Charlie says

            I think he’s bust servicing your mama right now.

          138. HolyRoller2012 says

            What would your mother think of what you posted? Shame

          139. AKLady says

            Sewer language is impressive, just not the impression most want to make.
            It screams immaturity and ilk literacy.

          140. mlstephens says


          141. AKLady says

            Your racism is an insult to America and everything she holds dear.

          142. Steve Kish says

            Your labeling everyone a racist who is tired of the same old crap? Ernldo is correct. A black man who has worked to build himself a good life will tell you the same thing. Dumb bitch

          143. ARTPSYCH says

            there is a case in court where a person handed out the US constitution and he was arrested for several hours by the campus..yet in it- as i recall we have 1’st amendment rights but not on campus! ha what effing joke!

          144. Bill O'Neil says

            Spoken like a good little klan member.

          145. protn7 says

            you dont know if that’s true. i dont think you know gottabgood. You are making blanket statement about all liberals.

          146. MAHB001 says

            You are wrong, I have been dealing with gottabot for a long time.

            I recognize that liberals are different than Leftists. Unfortunately many liberals identify as Leftists.

          147. AKLady says

            Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting
            gotabgood and encouraged others to do so.

          148. MAHB001 says

            TokyoAK, Targeted propaganda — posted harassing comments with the intent to disrupt conversations and impede the spread of the truth…..

            There you go projecting again…

          149. AKLady says

            You just proved my statement.
            Thank you.

          150. Retired says

            They are more honest than what you follow , the left wing fake news . Just look at all the garbage that has come out about the Vagas shooting from them and it is no different about Politics .

          151. Retired says

            They all cater to the viewing public , they go by the rating system as to what they preach to the public . Just look at the Vegas reporting circus .

          152. GrizzMann says


          153. gotabgood says

            exactly… rightwing skoolin…

          154. GrizzMann says

            You must have been a student of Winston Smith.

          155. gotabgood says

            As you must have been a student of Trump University.

          156. April Stoner says

            That would be “right wing schooling”, boy you will never be a self sufficient, self made
            “man”, go ahead and follow the only ignorance your capable of parroting, understanding both sides, is out of the question for our indoctrinated puppets!

          157. gotabgood says

            You are pathetic ….. funny… but pathetic
            What is absolutely hilarious is the math problem GrizzMann worked out for “you”… 2+2=5.. and that was acceptable to you.
            Like I said, that is the results you get from rightwing skoolin..

          158. mac12sam12 says

            It’s the democrats that run the school system along with the crooked unions. We are near the bottom of the pile in science and math. Get rid of the unions and have teacher pay based on performance and not seniority. I went to private schools and you have common core math.

          159. Mathew Molk says

            Right out of the MSM alternate universe.

          160. gotabgood says

            uh huh… alternative facts belongs to you people… in your lie lie land… more precisely Kellyanne Conway


          161. mac12sam12 says

            Is that from the cartoon network, CNN? Kellyanne Conway was the first women to run a successful presidential campaign and she was up against the $1.5 billion Clinton money machine, and lets face it, Conway kicked ass.

          162. Greg Hernandez says

            You really should not have shown us where you find all your BS. You haven’t made much sense and now we all know why. Too bad you can’t even present your garbage with a sense of humor. just BS and a stupid mask.

          163. April Stoner says

            Yes, she is over your head also, most American educated common sense people are
            Beyond your ability to understand!

          164. GrizzMann says

            The MSM use the novel 1984as a guide book, instead of a warning. BTW, Orwell supported democratic socialism.

          165. safari1024 says

            No matter how 1984 was meant, it is a stark warning which only the truly ignorant(Socialist’s ruling class and useful idiots alike) will intentionally emulate or ignore. For another great read see Animal Farm. It is not a stretch to see the elites/media/globalists as the pigs. Control the narrative, and then you control the people.

          166. GrizzMann says

            I never did feel more equal than others.

          167. safari1024 says

            Personally, I don’t even understand how that concept is supposed to work. But hardcore liberals are so equal it means they are superior?

          168. Garys_opinion says

            Well, find out what they have to say, investigate it from truthful sources, then make up your mind.
            Just spewing forth uninformed negative comments doesn’t mean a thing.

          169. lha says

            Grow up!!!

          170. lufkincy says

            But, unlike you, I’m not so mentally challenged that I can’t make up my own mind.

          171. Ribert Koonce says

            The indictrinated no longer have minds, they traded them for tape decks. So they don’t have to expend the energy to think. Just replay the same old crap.

          172. gotabgood says

            and where in your far, far away in that itty bitty mind did you come up with that conclusion?

          173. April Stoner says

            How the F would you know, you wanna-be commie’s don’t know fact from fiction.

          174. gotabgood says

            Didn’t take long for the true ‘stoner’ to show up..
            Go puff on some ones magic dragon..

          175. bobails says

            point out a Fox lie then…just one, any one..there must be many..go for it.

          176. gotabgood says
          177. Greg Hernandez says

            Ah the masked wonder rides again. Same to you . Just because you don’t like it does not make it untrue. Get out from behind your phony Guy Fawkes mask and try to pretend you are almost human. You may be surprised.

            BTW , I don’t HATE you , I just see the waste of a human life and a brain running at almost zero capacity just like your former leader, The Zero Guy.

          178. tom amann says

            but it is none the less. Truth speaks for itself and anyone under 50 yrs would have a problem seeing it if they relied on public education .I’m 61 and half of my teachers at the college level were liberal 25 percent progrssive .

          179. mlstephens says


          180. gotabgood says

            I don’t have to worry about the truth coming from the rightwing…. they have alternative facts..

          181. mlstephens says

            GOTTA BE BLOCKED!!!!

        2. Bill O'Neil says

          They do not speak the truth. Don’t take my word for it, take a look at the fact checkers, which are plentiful. Try something other than Fox News and you can see proof of Trump’s lies. Much of it is on video.

          1. MAHB001 says

            I have found the fact checkers wrong on many key things. So I no longer trust them, they too are ideologically driven.

            Are you one of those hypocrites that thinks that 0bama was always wrong and Trump always lies?

            Do you know the difference between being wrong and lying??? All those BS about Trump lying is mostly about Trump bragging about something stupid, being called a lie.

          2. Retired says

            Yes , trump goes overboard about gloating . But he is getting the hang of how to deal with the non cooperating congress .He stuck it to them several times this last week .

          3. MAHB001 says

            Trump almost has to promote himself because he knows the MEDIA will not recognize the good that he is doing.

          4. Mathew Molk says

            Let him gloat. People are working again and nobody is laughing at our country anymore. – The do fear us again. (What happened to all the Columbus Day attacks against us that were scheduled) Even the rocket man has shut his little fat mouth.

          5. Retired says

            Our Columbus statue was damaged , these idiots do NOT realize that they are hurting the Taxpayer .

          6. Bill O'Neil says

            I know you have no appetite for the truth, you probably hate science also. Trump lies daily. It can easily be checked on video. Trump is known as the “liar in chief”. for good reason.

          7. MAHB001 says

            Stop the BS, it is below you. Or maybe it isn’t……

            You know nothing about me.

          8. Bill O'Neil says

            So you are not a Trump supporter?

          9. MAHB001 says

            Trump all the way… You slander without a conscience.

          10. GrizzMann says

            It’s a Democrat trait.

          11. MAHB001 says

            So true, they slander because their thoughts and ideology do not stand on their own.

          12. gotabgood says

            and you support without conscience..

          13. Mathew Molk says

            Spelling error there?

            It’s suppose to read we support the president WITH complete CONFIDENCE.

          14. MAHB001 says

            And you are not qualified to make that judgement.

          15. gotabgood says

            Just as much qualified as you are telling me I haven’t a conscience… Or not me, but Bill O’Neil..

          16. April Stoner says

            In a civilized free country, you can do that, but we got something you don’t, an education!

          17. gotabgood says

            I wouldn’t be bragging about your education.
            This son of an orangutan, got up in front of God, country and TV and lied… and then he lied about his lie, even when it was recorded.
            His products he showed on TV was a TOTAL LIE!! even Glenn Beck pointed it out. He lied to people who wanted to further their “education”, ( that should ring some bells), he cheated his construction workers, He had to go to Russia for financing, banks in America had had it with Trump. Even lawyers refused to represent him, for he was known for not paying up.
            All his day one promises? Repeal ObamaCare, build a wall and Mexico will pay for it, tax reform.
            Only thing… let me repeat that.. THE ONLY THING HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED IS.. making enemies of our allies and praise dictators… and do playground bullying with another playground bully..Kim Jong Un.. First Rocky movie comes to mind.. Kim has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

          18. Mathew Molk says

            Or any hint of truth or reality.

          19. MAHB001 says

            That is for sure.

          20. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is a pattern of pathologically dissociative and psychotic behavior, first observed in the late hours of November 8th 2016, and increasing in severity with passing time. Sufferers of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder often exhibit pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden bouts of rage, uncontrollable crying, suicidal ideation, and extreme butthurt.

            Signs and Symptoms:

            People with Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder are characterized by a persistent unwillingness to accept that Donald Trump is going to Make America Great Again. Individual sufferers often display signs of paranoia and delusion; in acute cases psychotic episodes have been observed. Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is different from being upset about the results of the 2016 presidential election; People with TARD are unwilling or unable to accept reality, despite irrefutable evidence.

            According to the DSM-V, individuals with TARD exhibit most or all of the following symptoms:

            Telling others they are moving to Canada

            Fixated on fantasies about the Electoral College

            Protesting an election no credible source contests the outcome of

            Exclamations that “Someone” should do “Something”

            Sudden weight gain

            Acute change in demeanor from pompous and arrogant to fearful and combative

            Claim that anyone who disagrees with them is some combination of Racist, Sexist, Bigoted, Homophobic, and Actually Hitler

            Causes and Mechanisms:

            Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder was directly caused by the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. For many, both in America and worldwide, this was a shocking and unexpected outcome; their preferred news sources having failed to inform them that the alternative candidate was a criminal parasite in such ill health she got chucked into the back of a van like a kidnap victim.

            Research is ongoing, but TARD appears to correlate closely with the following environmental and behavioral factors:

            Membership in the Democratic party

            Identifying as a Feminist

            Currently enrolled in college, and/or

            Possession of a Liberal Arts college degree


            Living in a densely populated metropolitan area

            Massive student debt

            Spotty or non-existent work history



            Diagnosis of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is straightforward. Ask the patient if Donald Trump is going to be the Next President of the United States of America. Some patients will become agitated, and may attempt to deflect. It’s critical you press them on the issue, even if they start babbling about ‘muh triggers’. A sufferer of TARD will begin to ramble incoherently, often displaying three or more of the symptoms within a short period of time.

            Co- morbidity:

            A diagnosis of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is highly comorbid with Paraphilic Infantilism, Emotional Eating, Bush Derangement Syndrome, and adult bed wetting.


            The only known effective treatment is exposure therapy. The patient must be repeatedly exposed to reality, and should wear a Make America Great Again hat as long as they are able to tolerate it. Each exposure should increase in length, after a week the patient should be encouraged to be seen in public wearing the MAGA hat. Coach the patient to refer to Donald Trump as President-Elect Trump.

            Patients with TARD are very resistant to treatment, and dangerous in large groups. Any possibility of treatment requires that they be separated from their hive-mind support apparatus; they cannot begin the process of accepting reality in the presence of encouragement towards delusion and irrationality. Separation may require the assistance of law enforcement.

            If you have a friend or loved one suffering from TARD, urge them to seek treatment. Together we can beat this scourge, and Make America Great Again!

            Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is a pattern of pathologically dissociate and psychotic behavior, first observed in the late hours of November 8th 2016, and increasing in severity with passing time. Sufferers of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder often exhibit pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden bouts of rage, uncontrollable crying, suicidal ideation, and extreme butthurt.

          21. Ribert Koonce says

            Crack me up, thanks for the gut busting laughs, you made my day!!!!

          22. Bill O'Neil says

            Is that what the Russian Troll Farm gave you to work with? Typical drivel.

          23. Joseph Carrilho says

            We know what you support, Jock Strap…….

          24. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            During a recent Trump campaign stop, a

            heckler from the audience hollered, “Hey Trump, where

            are you hiding your tax returns?

            The Donald politely responded, “I’ve

            found a very secure place that I’m certain they

            won’t be found.

            The insistent heckler, then shouted,

            “And just where is that, dummy”?

            The Donald smiled and said, “They are

            underneath Obama’s birth certificate, college records,

            passport application, immigration status as a student, his

            funding sources to pay for college, his college records, and

            his Selective Service registration.”What’s your next


          25. Joseph Carrilho says

            No. It’s your mother……..

          26. April Stoner says

            no witt either!

          27. bobails says

            Careful now..Michelle Obama has just been been mocked by you a sissy liberal.

          28. mac12sam12 says

            Trump with the Mooch? I doubt he’s into trannies!

          29. Mathew Molk says

            That’s my boy,,,,,

            MAGA or get run over my the Trump Train. – The horse power in this country has our President’s back.

          30. Joseph Carrilho says

            ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
            Today’s best post???

          31. nocbsfan says

            That is a very good, one best of the day, yesterday and tomorrow

          32. Ribert Koonce says

            Ok, That’s just flat out hillarious. Thus thread should be a late night comedy show. Beats the hell out of the crap that’s on tv now .thanks folks. I haven’t laughed this hard in years.

          33. GrizzMann says

            Lies, as in Trump sleeps?

          34. mac12sam12 says

            He’s kept all his promises, how many promises did Hussein Obama keep? None. Pence2024!!

          35. gotabgood says

            He has signed NOTHING into law or a bill…. NOTHING.
            He has kept ZERO promises….
            tell me one!

          36. bobails says

            name one…just one.

          37. Joseph Carrilho says

            Obummer always lies. It is a large part of his make up.

          38. mac12sam12 says

            So far Trump has kept all his promises, tool. The liar in chief is gone. Read the biggest political lies in history from WP,

          39. bobails says

            No I think you have him confused with Soetoro or Obama. Whatever. The unprecedented liar Muslim/Communist in chief.

          40. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Admit it, your parents are siblings.

          41. Joseph Carrilho says

            You need a laxative.

          42. mac12sam12 says

            Look at MSNBC, they have the king of fake news, Brian Williams. Another fake news king was Dan Rather whose career took a dive after lying about Bush. FOX hallways has two viewpoints and you outlet only give you a liberal view. You are just a tool.

          43. Ribert Koonce says

            Yep, the sharpest bowling ball in the rack. Lmao

          44. bobails says

            fact checkers like SNOPES, Politifact, the Saturn group…all run by lefty loonies. Check the Annenberg Society and Soros. Both Commie/Socialists funding your so called fact check sites .

        3. AKLady says

          They speak what you want to hear … echoes of your assumptions and bigotry,

          1. MAHB001 says

            TokyoAK,,,, You are projecting again…. The Left does that almost as if it is in their DNA.

      2. chucky001 says

        Don’t forget all the preachers of those “prosperity gospel” churches and their idiot congregations. And the so called familly “research” council. Don’t forget “liberty” university and Bob Jones university either. And that beeyotch Paula White, Dolt45’s “spiritual” advisor.

        1. Bill O'Neil says

          There is too many to keep track of!

      3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Hitlery Clinton, Nancy Piglosi, Maxine Waters, DeNiro, Kimmel, Colbert, Cummings, Sharpton, etc. The list of haters on your side is legion, moron!

      4. jim mahan says

        you must be a one can be as stupid as you seem to be

      5. GrizzMann says

        Truth is the bane of liberals. Truth is Hate speech in their make believe world.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          Yo Grizz. I have no problem hating my enemy. Makes it easier to defeat them. And all the RINOs, Never Trumpers, NWO Marxists(aka democrats) and their useful idiot snowflakes and Moslems are my mortal enemies.

          It’s us or them and the why we are winning every battle against the scum – It’s not going to be us.

          Words, Ballots, or Bullets. We will defeat them no matter what it takes.

          MAGA or get run over by the Trump Train. We are getting stronger ever day too.

          1. Joseph Carrilho says

            I don’t hate people – I hate what stupidity causes them to do……..

        2. Bill O'Neil says

          You are projecting again!!!

          1. GrizzMann says

            I don’t accuse others of my evil deeds. So, no.

      6. Garys_opinion says

        They are not hate merchants, they are the voice of truth that goes against your uninformed beliefs.
        I’d be willing to bet that you never watch Fox News, listen to Rush Limbaugh, or pay attention to what President Trump. You are like a parrot, just spewing forth nonsense.

        1. Bill O'Neil says

          You are projecting.

      7. will kari says

        You forgot to add Hussein Obama,Soros and a multitude of Demorats ,leftist and Islamic terrorists with there narrow minded wraped fake news on the news media enforcing fake news.

      8. lha says

        The truth IS hateful to an idiot snowflake!!

        1. Bill O'Neil says

          You should try something other than projecting.

      9. will kari says

        Hate merchants are plentiful such as Cnn,NBC,Soros,Hussein Obama stated that he hates white people and especially white Police Officers,Islamic terrorists and the Islamic Sharia law.

      10. Alice House says

        you forgot the clinton’s and obamas–they are the biggest a holes we’ve had in years–and just look at their net worth’s–approaching JFK’s/LBJ’s–the biggest democratic thieves of all–but watch out for hil/billie–they’ll do their best to surpass those 2–and they don’t give a crap anymore!

      11. lufkincy says

        The truth is not hate.

          1. Joseph Carrilho says

            If you value your freedom, thank a vet and a dissenter….. Howard.

      12. Don Taylor says

        what planet are you from

        1. Bill O'Neil says


          1. Don Taylor says

            lieberal brainwashing

      13. donl says

        Sooo, tell me Bill, when did you become a Communist? Before or after Obama?

        1. Bill O'Neil says

          That is so yesterday. Don’t you have anything new?

      14. Larry Brule says


        1. Bill O'Neil says

          Spoken like a real doofus!!!

      15. mac12sam12 says

        The liberal lunatic that was shooting at republican congressmen was an msnbc viewer. FOX is the best. Stay uninformed.

      16. mart says

        That’s really deep man

      17. john says

        O’neil and suck !

      18. underthewire says

        Apparently you are for free speech? Right? Now that’s funny.

      19. Dorothy Foster says

        you are an idiot!!!

      20. Robert Kahlcke says

        Clearly an operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

      21. ward says

        “Hate merchants” ??? What the hell is that or is it another asinine libtard phrase out of the dem indoctrination stench of lies & more collusion to destroy the U.S.A. that libtards do not deserve to be a part of with their cowardly attacks on Patriots that built the U.S.A. Your post identifies you as onetht does not deserve U.S. Freedom so get the hell out & go to your muslim or commie country to meet your own created demise !

        1. Retired says

          You got Bill pegged .

        2. Bill O'Neil says

          I guess they didn’t teach you a lot of English at the Russian Troll Farm.

        3. Bill O'Neil says

          Spoken like a good little neo-Nazi.

          1. ward says

            You must be a dem libtard that creates lies & accusations about Patriots that will eventually prevail over nazi dems & muslim cults from hell ! Are you one ?

          2. Bill O'Neil says

            A moron like you would not know a patriot if you tripped over one. So just keep swirling around in that cesspool you live in.

      22. pineapple says

        You forgot CNN, M.S.N.B.C, NPR, George Soros, and other socialist entities.

      23. Jack the Rooster says

        Why yes, they are. Keep going……The Right doesn’t by any means have a monopoly on hate merchants. I’m a non partisan Independent I HAVE no bias, unlike yourself, TROLL. ANTIFA lately? Hate OLD WHITE MEN like me much, you hypocritical BIGOT?

        1. Bill O'Neil says

          “non partisan Independent”. LOL. That is code for a radical right-wing dirt-bag that is afraid to admit it!!!

      24. jackcandobutwont says

        WOW!! You are one misguided and uninformed idiot!!

        1. Bill O'Neil says

          You should not call yourself names like that.

          1. jackcandobutwont says

            I wasn’t…so along with alll the other issues you have, you can;t read!! wow!

      25. WILL CASEY PURVIS says

        O’Neill you have really lost your mind.
        Will Casey Purvis

      26. old kodger says

        so you liked the USSR

        1. Bill O'Neil says

          You are in the Moscow time zone, right?

      27. AKLady says


      28. Southerngirl says

        You are ONE of those Liberal idiots that don’t even realize what the Democratic Party wants to do to this country. I TRULY pray the LORD comes back before all this starts to happen.

        1. Bill O'Neil says

          Just what is it you see in your crystal ball?

      29. Greg Hernandez says

        You have just proven the premise of this article. I’ve been watching FOX and see some hate on it , yes . But it almost always comes from some phony liberal being interviewed.

        In all the years of listening to Rush , I have never heard him being hateful except to LIARS , Thieves and those who are harming America and even then it is not Hate as you describe.

        Donald J. Trump says and has been saying Make America Great Again . The only ones finding that hateful are again the phony socialist or even fascist extremists of the left which is the domain of the out of control democrat party.

        I’m sorry for you because you are the one sounding hateful and ignorant of facts.

        1. Bill O'Neil says

          Fox has “phony liberals”. I guess you mean they get some right-wing dirt-bag that comes on and pretends to be liberal. That does sound like Fox. As for Trump’s maga, just what time period does he want to go back to that he thinks was so great? Is it pre-civil war when blacks were slaves? Is it back to the Jim Crow days? Is it pre-civil rights days? What? Just so you know, Fascists are right -wing extremists, not left. That would be like calling Trump a flaming leftist.

          1. Greg Hernandez says

            All libs are phony. In reality they are the most unliberal, uninclusive and unAmerican pieces of manure smelling up the airwaves and the atmosphere. If they’d only shut up all the worlds pollution problems would end.

            I think MAGA was the day Before you were born. Just so you know , in today’s world , the new fascists are all on the left and the easiest way to tell is that every left winger is a liar and they call themselves antifa when in reality who is running around in masks , destroying public and private property and trying to change History……??? The idiot left.

            I have heard the term Right Wing Extremists so much from the lying left. Where Are They ? 20 klansman show up somewhere with a legal permit to protest and are attacked by three times as many antifa punks with no permit and they all scream White Supremacists .

            The other thing is you don’t know the history of the US. The party of slavery , the party of the KKK , the party of Jim Crow laws , the party of segregation , the party of KLANSMAN and mentor of Hillasryu Clinton and Barack Hussein ozero wasSen. Robert Byrd DWV of the Demo-RAT party. I lived through the riots of the 50’s and 60’s so don’t even try to tell me it was the right in America unless you admit the right wingers then were DemoRats.

            So stop trying to appear intelligent when you don’t have the intelligence of a dung beetle or the knowledge of a kid in kindergarten.

          2. Bill O'Neil says

            Thru all your drivel, the thing that stands out is that you do a lot of projecting.

          3. Greg Hernandez says

            Guess you just don’t have enough brain power to figure things out. Didn’t project , just the facts chump , just the facts. Too bad you don’t understand English . guess you got hung up on Celtic and hate the English. So just for fun sake consider it American language and go back to first grade and start all over. I’m over with your lack of intelligence and lack of understanding fact from your dreamworld. Have a nice day on whatever asteroid you are living on.

          4. safari1024 says

            The thing through your nonsense, is that you don’t even understand what projection really means. No psychologist would read the above comment and describe it as projection. Nice try.

          5. Bill O'Neil says

            I see you don’t know how to read the last sentence of that previous comment. You should just shut-up until you learn how to read.

          6. safari1024 says

            Are you trying to pretend the last sentence of Mr. Hernandez’s comment was projection and I missed it? Are you trying to throw out clever one-liners? That’s what a tour of your recent posts show. Seemingly clever little snarky rejoinders that add nothing of content or relevance to the discussion. You are a waste of intellectual time and space.

          7. Bill O'Neil says

            If you feel that way, then don’t respond!

          8. safari1024 says

            But you do feel it necessary to try and tell me what to do. That’s not going to work, so if you can’t handle it, then block me. See, two can play that game.

          9. Bill O'Neil says

            I’ve never felt the need to block anyone, other than those work at home for big bucks scam adds.

          10. safari1024 says

            Same here. An area of agreement, it can be done.

          11. Bill O'Neil says

            Indeed, and there could be other areas as well. One never knows!

      30. oldfatguy says

        Don’t forget Hillary Rottencrotch Clinton, Brokeback Obama, Al Shitstain and Jesse Jackass…

      31. mlstephens says


    2. Julie Adams says

      Well said!

    3. susmart3 says

      There are many liberal/progressive sites that have also been decrying this stupidity. Everyone should.

    4. Robert Kahlcke says

      You simply can’t help persons that are inbred. The same as you can’t fix stupid.

    5. pineapple says

      ANTIFA claims to be fighting Fascism, when they are the actual Fascists. Read
      “The Big Lie” by D’Souza.

      1. mlstephens says


        1. Steve Kish says

          That is 100% exactly correct and is exactly what is happening.

    6. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

      Beautifully written. Perfect.

      1. mlstephens says


    7. Tamara says

      Wow Did you ever nail it…. thank you for saying what I was thinking.

    8. AKLady says

      Try loudly mouthing off about the government at you place of work.

  3. MAHB001 says

    “Foundation for Individual Rights in Education”
    Sounds like another Liberal oxymoron.

  4. MAHB001 says

    Time to get your children out of these indoctrination centers… I mean colleges.

  5. Justin Seine says

    Snowflake Factories!

    1. gotabgood says

      I have been thinking about your new nick-name for us Liberals…. since you mostly think, (hahaha) the opposite of us…. How about the term SLUSH for you righties??
      You’re not water,
      You’re not snow,
      You’re not sleet,
      You’re not ice..

      Basically it fits you to a T..

      Your’re not wise
      You’re not capable of thought
      You’re not compassionate
      You’re not capable of running a governemnt

      1. Joseph Carrilho says

        ……..and, you are full if shit – as always here.

  6. gotabgood says


    What the president is doing, it’s violent. His actions are violent. He does violence to what we want to do in health care. He does violence to the national debt by what he is adding to it. He does violence to the world, in terms of nuclear proliferation and the environment and our standing in the world, with his frivolity. What we want him to do is to calm down, get used to the job he has, know that his words weigh a ton, and that he really should know what he’s talking about when he says something.
    For instance, I don’t think that the president or the people around him know that much about health insurance, so he went down the wrong path. The bigger the pool of people buying insurance, the cheaper the premiums are, and the healthier the pool is economically. What he’s doing is dividing the pool so that some people will end up paying much more. He’s going to make it very hard for people to be able to afford insurance if they have a pre-existing medical condition. The American Cancer Society put out a statement after his executive order; he’s really dangerous to people with cancer.
    But he can’t pass the bill to undo the Affordable Care Act, nobody supports Trumpcare and he keeps insisting that he’s going to get it done. I don’t believe that he even knows what the right thing to do is, because he doesn’t know enough about health care reform to make a proper proposal on how to improve it. Instead, the president is engaged in a sabotage effort to undo the Affordable Care Act and doing so, he is doing violence to the good health of the American people.
    “The fact is that, 10 months into his presidency, there’s no jobs bill.” Mary F. Calvert / For NBC News
    I also don’t know that the president fully understands his own tax bill; it is not a tax break for the middle class. It will increase the deficit, and it gives tax breaks to the high earners. It will curb our opportunities to invest in middle class issues, in terms of the education of people’s children, investments in health care to lower costs for consumers, and all the rest.
    And he doesn’t know enough about international relations to know how to avoid provoking the president of North Korea. It’s ridiculous; he’s the president of the United States. He shouldn’t be provoking a punk who is the president of North Korea, but he is. He’s giving him almost equal status on the world stage with the back and forth, which I think is a big mistake.
    Plus, walking away from the Paris Agreement after 194 countries signed on to that? He’s saying, “No, America won’t participate in that,” though it affects the air our children breathe and water they drink.
    Then he’s setting up a situation to leave the Iran Agreement, which is very important to the security of the world. If Iran were to get a nuclear weapon — which they could do if we didn’t have this agreement — then it wouldn’t be long before other countries in the Middle East would have such a weapon. And that type of proliferation would make the world a very dangerous place.
    Absent a violation by the Iranians, the Europeans, the Russians and the Chinese are fortunately sticking with the agreement, whether the U.S. leaves or not. The president has no evidence that they are in violation; he’s refusing to certify just because he feels like it. It’s so irresponsible.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Violence against your enemy is bad? — Ever hear of the American Revaluation? How ’bout WW II?

      And you and the NWO ARE the enemy of the USA!

      1. gotabgood says

        Jesus says to love your enemy… you have a problem with that? Take it up with Him!

  7. gotabgood says

    You don’t believe surveys do you?? If so then you believe that Trump has a 65% disapproval rating!
    Here are some examples of why?


    , … Iran nuclear deal: Global powers stand by pact despite Trump threat

    • 1 Trump Pulls Out Of Paris Agreement News
    • 2 Trump to Pull Out of the UN, Expel It from the US?
    • 3 Donald Trump wants to pull the U.S. out of NATO
    • 4 Trump pulls U.S. out of Pacific trade deal
    • 5 Donald Trump revives threat to pull US out of Nafta

    Who is left that we can slap in the face.. turn our backs on or take on the attitude of you bow before the great and TERRIBLE Trump!?!

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Survey by pollsters that said it was going to be “Hillery by a Landslide”.

      There is the problem. Trump supporters live in the real world where the wolves eat the sheep. NWO Marxist snowflakes live in the alternate fake news universe where even the laws of physics cease to apply.

  8. temporary guest says

    “A new survey from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education shows that students on college campuses around the country are increasingly willing to censor themselves when talking about
    controversial topics. The survey also showed that they are growing more comfortable with the suppression of free speech when that speech could prove hurtful to certain minority groups.”

    In other words, due to the constant hammering and bullying of belligerent malcontents, intellectual and moral cowardice on college campuses is making our universities into social cesspools unfit for educational purposes.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      They have been that for a couple of decades already.

  9. Dennis Durkop says

    This shows how poor the US education system is with so many foreign liberal professors trying to destroy this country from within! Civil war is coming to America again!

  10. ARJAY says

    Let’s restrict free speech for only those that want free speech restricted!

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      I like your idea.

  11. 4freedom says

    An incredibly stupid generation.

  12. SouthernPatriot says

    Are most current college students a product of government schools? If so, that is the explanation.

  13. ernldo says

    Of course, modern day college students are mostly entitled snowflakes, and usually dumber than a doorknob. Civics, history, English, Phys Ed, etc, are some of the subjects that have been dropped in high schools, so what do we expect from those in “higher” education? Worse yet are the perverts and traitors teaching in colleges. Academia is like leftist infested media, hollyweird, judiciary, gubmint and a few other areas that are in serious need of an enema….

  14. ernldo says

    The Cloward-Piven Strategy:
    1. Healthcare– Control healthcare and you control the people.
    2. Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.
    3. Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.
    4. Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state
    5. Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives. (Food, Housing, and Income)
    6. Education – Take control of what people read and listen to us“ take control of what children learn in school.
    7. Religion – Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.
    8. Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

  15. Katia says

    They are in my opinion no better than the Nazi regime.All their way or violence prevails.Who in their right mind could be so gullible and uneducated to believe such vengeful, vile, violent ways of these nut job brainwashing commies? These Colleges, Gov’t liberal wing nuts,and brainwashed trolls in the so called Universities all need to be packed up along with their co conspirators and flown over to the type of country’s they promote..Like Russia, No. Korea, China..where you open you vile mouth and you either get poisoned or tortured..Maybe that’s what they need to wake up and get in the real world and grab a brain that apparently has been lost in some bubble by listening to their wacko’s and not doing any research of their own..Lazy, freeloaders, being paid for violence, no brain cells of their own , druggies? thugs? Losers period that have no place in society or hasn’t been excepted , unless they are out in the streets acting out like gang bangers for the fools they support who are hiding in their mansions laughing at all the fools doing their dirty work.We are born ignorant but it takes hard work to remain stupid as Benjamin Franklin quoted..

  16. Jmanjo says

    You would expect as students gain intelligence they would realize that restricting the rights of others sets themselves up for a fall. They should not believe loony professors or politicians as their ways are folly and lead to you own self destruction! Why would anyone want to pay attention to you if you don’t give that same grace back to others.. Liberalism is a cancer!

  17. Francis VanDevender says

    sorry to say these kid’s have not been taught to think for themselves…All they know is the fake world they think they live in.They don’t know what reality really is..Most have NEVER WORKED a day in their lives so they don’t have a clue what the real world is all about.everyone on the far left is blowing smoke up their asses and they are too dumb to know the difference..It’s time for this something for nothing thoughts need to be changed to what can I do to help myself ,others and support my country..You might not like the president BUT he is the president and all of the congress needs to get their head’s out of their ASSES and get the country moving in the right direction..You have to remember Trump is a business man ,not a politician,Yes he will screw up and say the wrong thing,but if the news people would see what he is doing right then something might get done.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Don’t know about the rest of the world, nut in the Great Lakes area the real world here IS moving in the right direction.

  18. Don Belanger says

    The Fascism that exists on college campuses comes from these neo-Nazi groups anjd speakers that Breitbart supports.

    1. safari1024 says

      Obviously you haven’t spent a minute anywhere near a college campus recently. Otherwise you wouldn’t flaunt your ignorance.

      1. Don Belanger says

        After watching Charlottesville play out, it wouldn’t bother me in the least to see a few neo-Nazi skin heads get cracked over the head by some antifa’s. Who said lefties have to “play nice”. The alt. rights don’t.

        1. safari1024 says

          Obviously you can’t help yourself, and ignorance is where you excel. Why don’t you go referee for your game of idiots vs morons.

      2. Don Belanger says

        Gee if you’re talking about flaunting ignorance and morons then all you have to do is turn on the news everyday and see the Great One, President Blob, do that all the time.
        I nwon’t respond to this anymore because my mommy told me not to argue with idiots in public, after a while people watching might not know the difference.

        1. safari1024 says

          No one would know you from an idiot because you insist on continuously proving it.

          1. Don Belanger says

            If you can ever find two gray cells to rub together you might encounter a thought. Don’t let it scare you.

          2. safari1024 says

            Little Donnie, Mommy’s calling.

    2. Joseph Carrilho says

      My bet is that about 80% of these antifa idiots don’t know what Fascism means……

  19. safari1024 says

    “60% of students said it was more important for the college to maintain
    an “inclusive” atmosphere than to keep the door open to offensive
    viewpoints.” This is the epitome of hypocritical, oxymoron laden, illogical, low intelligence, type thinking. In other words, they have learned their intended lessons perfectly from their reality starved professors.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Like I said. Time to bring back the draft with NO student deferments. Everybody goes. Wounder how they will like the drill Sergent’s offensive speech,,,,you maggot trainee! Gee, I like that kind of talk.

  20. Patriot47 says

    This is PRECISELY why I call it gubmint edumacation.

  21. tCotUS says

    Number 1, whose survey? Really tired of these stupid surveys that can paint any picture it wants. We know their are many whacky “Liberal” college teachers that must go. The ones teaching hate America. But I believe the vast majority of students believe that the Constitution must be preserved complete.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Same people that had the polls saying it would be “Hillery by a landslide”

      Tell me, How did that work out for them.

      1. Joseph Carrilho says

        ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

      2. tCotUS says

        Your right Matt…The very same people..

  22. GrizzMann says

    However they did not want their freedom of expression limited.

  23. Moe says

    Now let me get this straight? They want to suppress speech that offends them, but demand I listen to their bull poop? These students, the media, the newspapers, celebs, and democrats politicians are demanding I accept their bull poop. Their going to force their ideology and untruth bull poop on me. I must obey what they tell me what must be done? All the atrocities of past generations are my fault, my love of country is wrong, I must hate it like them, but they do not want or have to leave it? Now that We should be a non-bias, prejudice, and anti- racist society under their delusional demands. I must turn on the nation I fought for in the military, the flag my family worshiped? They cannot force their will upon a free people.

    1. Valor says

      No, but they can force their will on a people NOT free! That is where America is headed.

  24. Donald Lindsey says

    All this story is BS from the New World Order of Moronic Socialist Liberal Democratic Cry Babies that wants America to be just another Dictatorship third world country not a free nation. We Veterans say this to them If you dislike America that we fraught for then get you lazy Asses out of our Country for you are no more than TRAITORS/TERRORIST and the penalty is DEATH

  25. Michael Dennewitz says

    And there you have it! All that damned money you contributed towards your kid’s education – and what did you get? The commies are teaching them well, eh? Glad as hell that my kids graduated eons ago!

  26. barnjoer says

    I would love to know just what Colleges these students attend.

  27. Mathew Molk says

    Just goes to show you,,,Assholes go to collage and real Americans go out and get jobs in the real world.

    This is the absolute BEST reason I ever heard of to bring back the draft,,,with NO student exemptions and include the feminazi too. – They want to go into the Boy Scouts, let’s see how they like getting beat on by a Drill Sergent.

  28. Daniel Tracy says

    I am 72 years old and through all these years I seen it coming. Kids that don’t mind their parents, kids that need discipline and don’t get it, our teachers teaching the wrong thing. Where in the heck did history go, we have not taught American values in our schools and to our children. so many men died for this freedom and gave their lives for us so we would have freedom. So many young people do not have respect for God and Country for the flag and American values.
    and as I read this article it makes it sound like all young people. Some of these college students when the parents know they are wrong and what they are doing they ought to cut the money off. Thay need to go to school to learn…….. and not try to run our country. God Bless America

  29. Ron Dapo says

    When civics,history,the constitution,declaration of independence,bill of rights patriots are shunned,and are reviled. Then the only conclusion that can be drawn is, they’ve never been Taught.
    Fire our educators!!

  30. Garys_opinion says

    “Left-leaning students, in particular, believe that conservative speakers should be barred from campus speaking engagements.”
    The reason for this is that their arguments cannot withstand historical facts and common sense.
    This is the same thing that was done in Russia, Cuba, China, and other communist nations.
    They will live to rue the day that their viewpoints ever come to pass.
    They are like sheep being led to slaughter and are too dumb to see it happening.

  31. ray2hill says

    What makes you think that conservative speech is free speech? It is not. Conservative speech on college campuses is oppressive propaganda to demean intellectual and academic development and replace it with superstition and lies. So free speech is not being limited, truth and science are being advanced.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      Foundation for Individual Rights in Education………
      Does “individual rights” mean I’m supposed to shut up while you blather on?

  32. William McNamara says

    This is communism 101. To really understand what the communist “professors” at these colleges are doing, read Saul Alinksy’s “Rules for Radicals”. It will tell you all you need to know. What needs to be done is a purge of our education system of anything and everything that is communist or socialist in nature. That would mean discharging and arresting for sedition all communist “professors”, burning all communist propaganda and allowing real, true Americans to teach in our schools and colleges again. End the terror of communism.

  33. will kari says

    Most of the college students are on some kind of Mind warping drugs that prevent them from making a dicision based on facts instead of Dem, leftist,sharia law fake news. The USA is not going to go backwards with freedoms won for the people ,usa citizens tax payers..

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      Drugs? Like fluoride, vaccines, and psych meds??? And don’t forget big media.

  34. Rock J. Dueck says

    Okay, but only if the principle is applied equally. Let’s start by taking freedom of speech from college students. We’ll try that for a decade or two and, if it works well, we could try adding so called “educators”, more accurately “indoctrinate-rs”, for a few years. These college kids might be on to something. Silencing people we don’t agree with might be fun. Unfortunately, it would also make the sacrifices of our ancestors to give us freedom irrelevant and I, for one, am not willing to pay that price for the privilege of shutting people up.

  35. Gregory Sarmas Sr. says

    When you intentionally suppress valuable history lessons and U.S. history as it relates to struggles that
    people in this country and around the world gave their lives for this is the result.Ignorant robots.

  36. henrikovratd says

    Brainwashed bubbleheads, what do they know except they’ve been brainwashed for 8 yrs by lefty loons professors
    Trump needs to get a grasp on this one-sided ideology of fascist behavior in colleges.
    Im. Surprised parents aren’t out there showing their disapproval of this.

  37. Tiger says

    They did not raise themselves. Parents or a parent raised them, these ideas were planted into them from an early age. We have to begin to look into our schools, what they are teaching and since these children grow-up to be the next generations, it concerns ALL Americans, not just their parents or families. We have to be involved in making sure schools all around us are teaching reading, writing and math, along with the real American history and the essentials for growing strong Americans. We ALL need to stop any school that is teaching Socialism and Hatred for America. This is the future of our country, right now with what we see on campus, our future is bleak.

    It is also the responsibility of parents paying huge sums of money for higher education, to make sure they pull their youth from these liberal colleges. Like the NFL is learning you want to act out and be a liberal, you want to spit on this country, then you don’t have a job. Just like Hollywood is learning, you want to continue to rub the decent Americans in this country the wrong way, abuse your powers of the big screen and use your comedians and all to be ambassadors of Hatred for the American people, then suffer the loses. Just like the LGBT community is learning you won’t tell us what to do and you won’t tell us who is going to use our toilets. On and on daily we are winning, we are winning back America.

    This is not just a fight for Trump, my Lord the man fights on so many fronts daily, has done such great things, we have to put our money, time and energy into helping win back our country. Just as California is now not even anything recognizable, neither are our colleges, schools and work places including our military. We ALL have to use our computers to email our representatives, to also attend our commissioners meetings in our towns when they discuss schools etc.

    We are fighting for our very lives here because these youth want ALL of us dead and don’t mind telling us so when given the chance. I can’t tell you how many liberal youth have told me, I will be so glad when you are dead and all like you. Folks that is a Reality we face in our country today.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      America was founded by some extremely wise men that knew history VERY WELL.

      Without a good knowledge of TYRANNY in history,
      America the Beautiful may have never been founded.

      1. Tiger says

        Amen. Obama learned, as did Hillary and all Communists we are still a Christian Nation, you betcha.

    2. nocbsfan says

      Oh Tiger , You have such a brilliant mind. We must take our country back. Thank you for the many ideas

      1. Tiger says

        Takes millions of us and we can help Trump do just that.

        1. nocbsfan says

          We sure do need to persuade a bunch to get on the band wagon. We need to go to DC and protest and outdo these left winged boneheads

          1. Tiger says

            I am all for that and wonder why more haven’t organized it. I can’t on my own.

          2. nocbsfan says

            Lisa thinks its a good idea. We just get on every thread in the number one spot and drum it it up. There is a lot of talk, just takes a little bravery. The more we convince, it starts up like a pyramid , Pretty soon you have a million If all these people are serious Just let me know which board you want to start with and I will get it going

          3. Tiger says
          4. nocbsfan says

            Okay; then are you going to create the petition. We just need to be sure the petition ask for a commitment You seem to have a better feel for legal language than I do. LOL I can’t get over what a smart girl you are.

          5. Tiger says

            I wanted you to give it to Lisa, she is good at this. But in reality, we have to start movements in our own town, in our own communities for involvement by all citizens when there are meetings on schools and what they are teaching. Now a march that calls everyone to come together to stand together, would be wonderful, bringing an awareness of what needs to be done.

            It is a lot of work and requires a lot of time, plus one has to get permits so maybe even if we all got in touch with the TeaParty in our states and told them our idea we could get them to put it all together. That is something we can all do is contact them.


            I am going to get in touch with the Tea Party in my area and you guys do the same. I think that is the way to go. I am going to sign up and see what they think of the idea of a march for involvement in our schools curriculum


          6. nocbsfan says

            Tiger , is Lisa running under two different names, I don’t want to be talking with the wrong one. People think I am nuts anyway

          7. Tiger says

            LOLOL you are not nuts, I gave her the site. My congressman is good here in Florida. He addresses issues important to us. I have worked with others on some military issues. Florida parents pretty up on things. They have stopped many bad books and the infiltration of Islam into our schools. Now for some areas of Florida CAIR rules, it is too bad that Trump won’t get the investigations back on track and take CAIR down.

            I am going to get more involved, now the school in my town is very patriotic, I have many children around me, they were all about Trump, they had a vote in their school and only one girl voted for Hillary, poor thing they really told her off. So I am in good company, except for the University of Florida in Gainesville, my daughter went there, it has Muslim and Liberal problems.

          8. nocbsfan says

            Well, still concerned about which Lisa we are dealing with, They just don’t write the same I have been dealing with Lisa Meyers while you were discussing this with another Lisa and I don’t know if they are the same person. You need to run for the school board, and get a real say so. Hi Tiger

          9. Tiger says

            Well can’t help you there, the Lisa I am talking with been talking with for ages. When I worked in the schools me and the School Board along with the head of the commission locked horns and fought constantly. That is why they don’t allow parents in schools as helpers anymore.

          10. nocbsfan says

            Well I stay in a state of confusion, My Lisa talks about you all the time,Hoping this is the same person although I don’t think so I want to go with your instincts cause I trust you more than anyone else. I myself was an elected school board member. It would be a tough job for somebody with your temper but someone like you is necessary if anything is ever going to work You really should be there. Most people wont stand up to the institution, but you would. School board members are elected just like commissioners , they have to take your anger just like you have to take theirs

          11. Tiger says

            It is the same Lisa, I am very impressed with her, she is dynamite. I have been asked to run for county commissioner. Ours are rotten. I fought them tooth and nail on our Springs and the Canadian that wanted our water. Big shot billionaire, builds all sorts of stuff for the University of Florida in Gainesville, gives millions for favors but gets his pound of flesh.

            I have an X very ill now and my father now in a home, so until my life gets straightened out there I am just happy to call my reps and write them and email them. Thank you for your faith in me.

          12. nocbsfan says

            Honey I am sorry about your Dad and X and when it come to your family you are a very compassionate person which says a lot for you. You know ! you would make a really super commissioner Remember I was born in Florida and lived there the first twenty something years I was involved in politics and know how it works there Thanks for clearing up Lisa, yes she is dynamite next to you I love her most, but you come first. My faith in you is without end. Gosh there just could be an honest person in office

          13. Tiger says

            I wouldn’t last a week, my bombastic temper would tear them a new one. Diplomacy is nothing to me. Even as a child, my teachers told my mother, she knows too much and she is not easily controlled. My mother said good.

          14. nocbsfan says

            I also say good Your temper is what is needed for the job. You are elected they can’t say just leave the room.You represent the people, Just like Trump they need someone to take command. and to not take gruff. LOL you are such a terrific little girl.

          15. Tiger says

            I will think on it.

          16. nocbsfan says

            The State needs you sweetheart Give in to your calling

  38. Alice House says

    Most college graduates are morons studying to become idiots. They couldn’t pour piss out of their own boots unless the instructions were simple and written on the heals!

    1. Frank Andrews says

      The dummies would turn the boots over and pour the piss on their own feet just to read the message.

  39. David in MA says

    I believe this works very well in NK, China, Russia, Cuba, etc.

  40. papa doug says

    We have ourselves to blame for not paying attention to our school districts and colleges hiring of socialist leaning teachers who have brainwashed our kids and warped their minds. Now we will reap the whirlwind!

  41. Ron C says

    If it comes to civil war, it will be easy to spot the enemy, just speak the truth…This is a sad day in our republic when our very children are taught to hate freedom in favor of a socialist dictatorship…damn!

  42. drantigmo says

    Ha ha…. the title of this should be “Most college students want to suppress the far-right hate and racism messages.”
    Which should be illegal anyway.
    But it will be: thanks to your liar-in-chief the left is solidified against the GOP and the 2018 elections will turn this ship to the correct pathway.
    Then we can imprison trump, his kids and a few of his staff as well. I’d pay to go spit on him. I’m sure millions, no hundreds of millions would too.
    That way we can make some money to fix the environment you hillbillies are steady destroying.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      You need an enema.

      1. John Doe says

        I think he should spend a night with Harvey WhineSlime !

  43. BaldwinII says

    Their all inclusive attitude only extends to groups they agree with. All others are welcome to sit down and shut up. They are exclusive in their inclusiveness. They cannot see the irony in their progressive education, which preaches hatred of certain groups, and elevates others to be worshiped. I would never send a child to the modern university system. They teach white students to hate their own.

  44. Jeannie says

    This is what the liberal education has taught our students. It is horrible!! Instead of teaching them our Constitution, they are teaching against our Constitution. It needs to stop!!

  45. Murphmeister says

    They are going to turn into a very dull generation.

  46. Larry Brule says


    1. John Doe says

      I’d agree with that one 1000% ! My son will soon be turning 27, and without admitting he was a liberal, disagreed with lots of common sense etc, he would always complain to me about me getting upset with so many of the idiotic comments and ideologies that liberals come up with when on TV. Now, that his mother isn’t buying him everything he wanted, spoiling him rotten, and he’s got to work for himself, he’s finally turning the corner, thank goodness, and sees just how blind he’s been by the indoctrination he got in public schools.

  47. The Capatin says

    If they won’t support the right to Free Speech, perhaps they should shut their Socialist pie-holes.

  48. Barbara Ervin says

    Wake up people, sometimes the truth just hurts. Sadly there are far too many people in today’s society who speak their own version of the truth. Happiness is not a right it is a pursuit.

  49. Arizona Don says

    What we just went through for eight years under obama is the result of the 60’s & 70’s drug happy hippies. That was bad enough however, it was/is just the beginning it is going to get worse when today’s youth become leaders. How can the youth of today learn from the mistakes of the past when unaltered history is not even taught today. At least the hippies back then did believe in free speech. Today’s youth are growing up in single parent homes in many cases, brain washed by communists who have disguised themselves as progressive democrats and some republicans (called RINO’s in the republican party). Right along with all the indoctrination by colleges and universities of higher learning and media especially TV news stations. The democrats party has been infiltrated the most and nearly all democrats that remain today are either communist supporters or blind to what the party actually stands for today. Sometimes referred to as useful idiots. However, in any case there are “no” democrats today who say ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country! Those days may very well be over forever.

  50. Laurence Almand says

    Censorship of any kind is evil and anti-democratic. Modern college students are being programmed to the Socialist agenda. Leftists are in favor of free speech, so long as it does not affect their own malicious agenda.
    Read the good books BRAINWASHED and LANGAUGE POLICE to find out how modern students are being programmed to the Socialist agenda.

  51. Deb says

    These precious young folks are our future. They are going to be our leaders of tomorrow. Lord help us!

  52. buster says

    Stopping free speech will also stop YOU from expressing your ideas…Snowflakes are UNLEARNED..

  53. alegalcitizen says

    Well let the spoiled little rug rats move to North Korea, their free speech would be suppressed. Or how about Russia, or China??? Ready to man up and MOVE to one of these peachy keen places???

  54. arshloch says

    Not a surprise with the blathering churls who claim to be ‘Professors’ and run a continuous hatred for the real American way or any variation from their ignorant rant. This is the cumulative one hundred year drive, by communist fools, to use the education system to kill the Representative Republic and turn the U.S. into another top down state, where the fools in charge may safely issue orders to all the ‘dunces’ in the masses. Quoting a famous meanie, “BAH HUMBUG”.

  55. Robert Kahlcke says

    This is the teachings of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

  56. Dorothy Foster says

    LIBERAL EDUCATION.. Socialist professors.. This is the results.. pathetic..

  57. Mike Massafra says

    Snow flakes at it again!!! If these kids are our brightest the country is in trouble.

  58. Donno says

    When I was in college I thought I knew everything. When I got out into the real world and had to use my brain instead of my professors point of view, My how things changed. You know the old adage, those who can do, those who can’t, teach. This is another reason you should have to be 21 to vote. The demobrats knew what they were doing when they got this legislation.

  59. Fedup says

    How do you know if a speaker is “offensive” if you won’t take the time to listen to them? Just because they have a viewpoint that is different from yours doesn’t mean they are offensive. Last I knew, a point of view never hurt anyone.

  60. ward says

    The old fact about college educated socialistic idiots still stands with the stupid ones that cannot see the Freedom & Rights our forefathers fought for & documented in the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights ! Any socialistic supporting idiot is creating their own enslavement or demise eventually ruled by a dictator… ! These idiots are cowards in the 1st degree of a dictators whims when they defy the 1st amendment … !

  61. SouthernPatriot says

    Most college students today were “educated” by leftist academicians in secondary and primary schools. Most likely attended government schools, receiving a government “education” of propaganda and revisionist history. I was a college student in the 1960’s that strongly advocated for FREE SPEECH at college and university campuses and my view of free speech remains today stronger than ever.

    I prefer having David Duke spouting his racist pablum and the opportunity to go behind him and refute him and his thoughts, rather than a muted opposition. I do not want to stop leftists from speaking and do not want leftists to stop me either!

    1. Deb says

      Yes and you know most can’t make a debate so they result in nasty remarks and nonsense.

  62. Cynthia Thinker says

    Of course they do. Most institutions today require that students take sociology. This way those professors can brainwash them all into commies! And American history classes are excluding many different facts from different eras.

  63. NashvilleTiger says

    Confucius say: Students today do not know the meaning of “Freedom of Speech.”

  64. bendecido says

    What they want and what they are going to get are two different things. if they want to give up their right of free speech, maybe they won’t mind moving to N.Korea, where they definitely will get their wish. What morons are being raised nowadays is incredible.

  65. game50 says

    I guess then they need to stay quite and get an education….

  66. Jack the Rooster says

    Survey says stop using taxpayer moneys for scholarships, student loans, student grants and also the subsidies and grants given to the colleges and universities themselves. We need institutions that train for vocations, not Liberal Arts Degree factories that are parasites and self polishing turds that turn out sociopathic slackers and ANTIFA goons.

  67. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

    College kids want to suppress free speech? Good – give them what they want. Shut them the fuck up.

  68. Chas says

    This is the result of liberal socialist Dumbascrap Party professors brainwashing our children’s minds and we’re paying them to do it.

  69. sbeer101 says

    is anybody really surprised that a bunch of liberally indoctrinated kids with no actual life experience want to change the rules? Isn’t college a place and time when whiny bitchy teenagers start to grow up and learn about the real world?

  70. jackcandobutwont says

    More proof that the voting age should be raised to 25 or even 30!!

  71. Broadus G Rollins says

    It`s proof that they are brain-washed. I always defend free speech. Even for these retards. I don`t care peoples feelings. If they don`t understand the differece between phyiscal violence and hate speech. I don`t want to be around these idiots. Duh!

  72. DonRS says

    College students are far too uneducated, too propagandized and indoctrinated to have a clue of the results of their mindlessness! Sad, very sad. Their time of reckoning is coming!

  73. just me says


  74. Richard Start says

    Why is this surprising? Their educator’s have defended their positions by accusing anyone who disagrees with them of being racist or having a multitude of other imaginary issues showing the inability to understand other people, get along with them or just out right afraid of change as the reason for not going along with whatever new idea strikes the fancy of a current conversation. Never will these educated people contemplate for a moment their maybe some flaw in the path they want to take?
    What all those brain children fail to realize is with Theory people are not involved leaving them only one way to win the argument which is to silence Free Speech! This way when the practice of their theories prove wrong all we hear is silence proving their theories correct every time! It won’t cause any problems teaching kindergartener’s they can chose what sex they want to be! That is going to blow up in our face one day and the court’s will help with some of those laws. Call me what you want..

  75. johnnywoods says

    These spoiled brats should understand that their ignorant and uninformed opinions don`t really carry any weight.

  76. Joe Sam says

    most collage kids and thats what they are stupid kids that have no sense of reality stupid as a log ,no idea what this country is about .bring back the draft teach them to grow up . OLD VET .

  77. Gerri says


  78. EE says

    If U hate free speech then U R not allowed to communicate anymore!

  79. Ronald Hagler says

    Slowly the socialistic boa encircles it’s prey, all the while beguiling them with kindness, convincing them that they (the prey) want to be consumed by the coils which bind, enslave and neuter them all. Once the true meaning of the snake we call socialism is revealed, there is no turning back. Gone is the 2nd Amendment! Gone is the 1st Amendment! Search and seizer protection? Why? With all freedoms removed because of social stigmas and nothing being legal unless sanctioned by The State, what need would The State have to search and what would they seize?

    Liberalism at it’s BEST! With minds such as this garnering university diplomas, is it any wonder why we are in the state we now find ourselves?


  80. llellc says

    Have any of you tried talking to any of the leftist youngsters? They are so unable to grasp the concept of compassion and “live and let live” that they are impossible to converse with. And, rational behavior is an unknown to most of them. How did we ever come to such a sad place?

  81. protn7 says

    The 13% that cant differentiate between hate speech and real violence are delusional.

  82. Frances Carlson says

    These little snowflakes can’t handle the truth so they don’t want to hear it. I would wager that between 18 and 22 none of them know anything other than what the very liberal higher education schools are spewing, and of course they buy into it. I’m beginning to think the voting age should be raised to at least 30 unless you happen to be in the military. If you’re old enough to be in the military, you should be the only exception to the rule. I’m also an advocate of reinstating the draft for not only young men, but young women as well. Both sexes need some serious discipline and training.

  83. off the hook says

    In that case they can be the first to give up their FREE SPEECH RIGHT !

    1. off the hook says


      1. gotabgood says

        What a mess of Slush… good for nothing…. ugly and dangerous

  84. James Higginbotham says


  85. ARJAY says

    Forbid free speech to those who want free speech forbidden!!

  86. Barney Biggs says

    Part of the problem is that they and many others have redefined the meaning of hate, racism etc.
    Because I do not like a person of a different color, religion etc. does not mean I am a bigot, racist
    and all the other good titles.

    You do not have to look too far to see the world they are going to live in except that in much of the world outside of the western world these definitions do not apply. Going to be interesting.

  87. jim jones says

    Our education system is loaded with anti American, homosexual, racist characters who are brain washing our kids from preschool through college!

  88. tCotUS says

    What these college brats need is a good caning .. They’re teachers are filling their minds with nazi type propaganda…They need to be GONE, one way or another..

  89. Justin Seine says

    I think they meant “No Platform for Learning”! From the words of their mentor comes this:

  90. tom amann says

    The youth are not being educated they are being politicaly indoctrinated. brainwashed. They support the prgressive point even in the face of proof that shows them their stance is dangerous. These ANTIFA people for example are EVERYTHING they claim their against. How do you even deal with someone so out of whack.Movies in alot of cases support the progressive stance 9 out of 10 times. This is the end result of LONG TERM PLANNING on the part of the left. The American conservative thinks in terms of 1to 2 years 5 at the absolute furthest while the left looks 50 to 100 yrs down the pike , And to suggest to the Average conservative American , at least until recently , that such a thing was happening got you labeled a kook. NOW that I beleive that its too late and the true left has shown its face , people , not politicians are listening. politicians are always 5 years behind the people , because they as a rule are affraid to be bold . They like 3 day work weeks and fancy food and drink ! They do not care what happens to the country as long as they have theirs . I am sure of that. And things are on the percipise right now. % more years could be too late.But HOw do we get progressives out of the schools That is the problem that needs to be responded to. peace out

  91. Greg Hernandez says

    Colleges were supposed to help OPEN minds so that Knowledge could be evaluated , and used for the betterment of mankind. Today , the inmates are running the asylum , just like their parents did in the 70’s with the same results.

    People come out of these schools with worthless skills , worthless degrees , all bought with borrowed money they can never ( Or WILL never ) pay back.Their little minds are closed to open , freewheeling thought and they have turned their collective backs on God and Country who gave them their Freedom.

    Teachers hate the Constitution and do not teach it as a needed part of citizenship. But they will teach how to fight it like ozero did. They throw God out of the classroom but admire the pagan moon god ( yes Virginia allah was a stone idol and not Santa Claus who actually existed ) of islam. Yes allah and baal , two of the bloodiest idols and old moe the hammed picked on allah because fewer people were servants of that idol.

    The youths going to these schools think that somehow if they go to class they get a degree for participation and actually learning something isn’t needed. The phony libs teaching this crap are fully to blame for this corruption of education. When they should have been fighting for a stronger more truthful curriculum they were spreading phony liberal bias , racial nonsense, inclusion that does not include anyone who disagrees and un-American attitudes.This garbage is a force in tearing down American values and substituting it with socialist nonsense.

    Thank God more and more people are homeschooling and I hope more freedom loving people will form new places of advanced learning because schools today are regressing into oblivion.

  92. Al Wunsch says

    When the inmates start running the institution, it’s time to close the doors and admit failure. Taxpayers are not going to put up with this misbehavior forever.

  93. Bigmanuger says

    Just what the Progressives(aka Communists) want. Lenin called them USEFULL IDIOTS. . Scarie though because these morons are potentially future leaders.

  94. Joseph Dillon says

    I sure hope those stupid liberal students, self destroy!

  95. kas5221957 says

    When in college I was taught to think in a critical manner by thinking and listening to both sides in a respectful manner. Then making up your mind after hearing both sides. You allow speakers to have the same free speech rights to speak. If you do not it is you who is a racist and idiot.

  96. Larry Cowden says

    There will be no so called “diversity” if those snowflakes continue to persist in an imaginary world they create. For they will destroy it, ban it and in the end, rebel against what they fought to establish!

  97. ernldo says

    They’re like those three monkeys with fingers in their ears, and paws over mouth and eyes. What are the dumbest among us doing in college? Restart the military draft!!!

  98. Katterkat says

    They are too stupid to see that if they drown out one voice they drown out all voices. And yes I said stupid. If I said ignorant that would imply that these Libwits could learn.
    They are brainwashed to believe what a few people believe. No skills in debating. I idea only. Just like they believe one Insurance company is a good thing. Look up what happens at the VA on this will be the norm for everyone seeking medical help. Everyone couped into one box. I don’t fit into a box. I remember when you could go to one Doctor and get your papsmear done along with your allergy shots, blood drawn and asthma prescription. Not to mention your children taken care of and your spouse. At a cost of $45. Now you go to a doctor and they give you a list of doctors to go to. After they receive the results of one they have you come in on an appointment with the one result and charge you $300. A few days later they get one more result and you pay another $300. Until they get every test back. My family doctor sometimes would call me to let me know the results. If it was bad then maybe that’s when I would have to go see them. It’s a racket now with Obamacare. With my allergy shots I didn’t even have to pay back in the ’80’s and ’90’s.

  99. justanagent says

    I’m not worried. It’s clear that a fight is coming but the anti freedom left has made a major miscalculation. They think that everyone will roll over and if they are aggressive enough they can intimidate anyone who opposes them. They will soon cross the line and run into a solid wall of middle Americans who have had enough. They probably think most of the country is like California and New York where they have been allowed to get away with that crap. They are about to find out that there is another culture in this country that is not afraid to pull the trigger on them. Thank God for the second amendment. The radicals are about to find out why the founders made it part of our Constitution.

  100. Richard Start says

    Sleeping on this I’ve come up with a short list of events that may never have happened IF we did not have our freedom of speech
    The Abolition Movement leading to the end of Slavery in our Country
    Women’s Suffrage granting women the vote.
    Civil Rights Bills several times the last in 1964 achieving the best results.
    This is only a short list because without the Right to speak up our Elected officials could run wild in our State and Federal Capitol’s or do nothing at all to fix major issues that bother the public. There are times I ask myself if these institutions of higher learning are actually teaching those young minds they are trusted with or indoctrinating them for the next political demonization of the human race. Will this generation crate the kind of government the signer’s of our Constitution feared?

  101. buster says

    Without free speech there will be NO SPEECH.. Speech is a back forth from folks on both sides of an issue. Give up this and we won’t need a mouth, except for eating. Can;t you so called educated people see that it is FREE speech that keeps this country on the right track. Give up free speech and you guys won’t be able to cry we don’t want free speech. Free speech gives you the right to say no free speech.. you can’t have it both ways…get over your selves. dumb and dumber

  102. zookeeper216 says

    “The FIRE survey asked more than 1,000 college students about their rights, claiming it to be “the most comprehensive survey on students’ attitudes about free speech to date.”

    That’s funny. Totally funny.

  103. Kenneth Fichtl says


  104. robert sanders says

    What the hell do colledge kids know. nothing.

  105. ARTPSYCH says

    We are entering a “closed Society” drones are everywhere and they are usually huddled together in D.C. and in most H.R. company offices. So now the open society is getting curtains drawn because millenial kids are screaming FOUL when there is no foul at all- the U.S. Amendment article 1 is not even talked about in it seems

  106. justanagent says

    In the sixties we saw demonstrations (mostly peaceful) on college campuses demanding free speech. Fifty years later we see riots on campuses to stop it. If there was another country anywhere on earth with a constitution that guarantees me the rights freedoms ours does (and stands behind it) I would probably just move there. Since no such place exists I will join with millions of my freedom loving fellow citizens and fight it out right here. The left will not be satisfied until we are forced to either accept its ideology or rise up and fight. We must therefore be prepared, committed to doing whatever it takes to win and show no mercy once it starts.

    1. ARTPSYCH says

      The leftist snowflake children don’t know how or want to be told they are wrong..their ears are so sensitive they have crayon and clay time in public areas now known as Safe Rooms for the mindless drones they all are. Even grown-ups from the 60’s I know have a closed mind about my thoughts as well so it’s endemic mental illness is in need of medical help for it.

      1. justanagent says

        They wont be satisfied until they get a fight. When they do it will be much more than they bargained for and they will receive no mercy.

      2. AKLady says

        Name calling is nursery school behavior.
        Using public discussion space for advertising is dishonest.

        1. ARTPSYCH says

          Ahhh yes AK and now for my next trick..i got another 900.00 check!

    2. ARTPSYCH says

      The issue is like this: The corrupt thug teenagers who left office are now on patrol to take down Trump, but the adults are now in power and assessing the damage left behind in a teenager 3-way car crash…but the teens all fled the crime scene!

      1. AKLady says

        You are the child throwing rocks.

  107. Justin Seine says

    Not all free speech just everybody’s but theirs!

  108. Warren says

    Of course they do. Free Speech on their part shows the Country what Dumb A$$es they all are.
    If you are a recent College Graduate and looking for a Job Hide your Diploma much better chance of being Hired.

  109. Chris Berg says

    And these students are supposed to be our best and brightest. But in reality, most of the students in colleges and universities today are females whose parents send them to college so that they can either be a doctor or a lawyer, OR meet a marry a rich man, foreign students from countries such as the Middle East and China, or minority quota students, many of whom did NOT properly finish HS, yet are able to get into these institutions on deeply selected affirmative action positions for “diversity”. Since we know that MOST females, minorities and foreigners are already liberal, left wing, and most of the foreigners are also anti American, this is why many of the students think these nasty things, combined with the left wing socialist minded professors spewing forth liberalism and promoting anti American propaganda , minority superiority, and communism.

    1. ARTPSYCH says

      I think you’re absolutely right1 The leftist ass professors have implemented ideologue of their politics over academia!

      1. AKLady says

        Sewer language, so immature.

  110. AL ELLIS says

    Only if its not their own free speech, then anything goes.

  111. mlstephens says


    1. gotabgood says

      Did you attend the Trump university?

      1. mlstephens says


        1. gotabgood says

          Evidently even pointing our your stupidity.. you still missed it.
          All of those letters you claim you have, Did you send away for them on the internet?

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