Conservative Superstar Refuses to be Canceled


As a handful of protesters shouted outside an Illinois auditorium Thursday night, Daily Wire host Matt Walsh calmly refuted radical gender theory in a speech to students at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Outside the event, transgender rights activists gathered in the hallway to voice their disapproval and fear of Walsh showing his face on campus. One protestor even claimed Walsh’s presence “is disruptive to my being as a whole.”

Walsh’s speech, organized by the Young America’s Foundation (YAF), centered on his recent documentary “What is a Woman?” and the five lessons he learned from his work on the documentary. One of the lessons Walsh said he learned was that radical gender ideas are only the beginning of further moral collapse.

“The ultimate goal is to undermine, destroy, erase truth itself. Leftism is relativism, and relativism is the belief that there is no objective truth, there is no shared reality, no universal fact that we must conform around or submit ourselves to,” Walsh explained.

But the Daily Wire host said there is some good news. Walsh explained that while interviewing people from around the world and filming his documentary, he learned that “we can win this fight.” Later, Walsh’s optimism was reinforced by a former transgender student who came to the microphone during the Q&A session and thanked Walsh for his work on the issue.

Later during the Q&A session following Walsh’s speech, the bestselling author was asked if he would change his mind about transgender surgeries if data supported the procedures, such as for preventing suicide.

“They’ve tried to come up with the research to prove that it’s long term beneficial to transition people. But then when you look into the research, you find that it’s extremely flimsy,” he responded.

Indeed, many of the studies done on so-called gender-affirming care’s effect on preventing suicide rely on faulty research and fail to take mental health conditions into account, according to the Heritage Foundation. Heritage found that “easing access to cross-sex treatments without parental consent significantly increases suicide rates.”

Update: Walsh has a response for those trying to cancel him–

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  1. Jazrobean says

    mental examinations evidently not required for college entrance

  2. Gerry says

    “Him being here is disruptive to my being as a whole” — what a mouthful of manure !!!!!! I wonder how long it took this village idiot to come up with that !!!! There seems to be a whole lot of so-called universities and a whole lot of so-called students that are absolutely nothing but a waste of time and a total waste of oxygen.

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