Conspiracy Theories Run Wild After Epstein’s Stunning Suicide

From MSNBC hosts to President Donald Trump himself, everyone who heard about Jeffrey Epstein’s unimaginable suicide on Saturday had their own conspiracy theories about what had really happened.

Ordinarily, we take a pretty dim view of these theories, most of which disregard readily-available facts in order to push a particular narrative. But in this case, it’s not hard to imagine why they are spreading like wildfire. Epstein’s legal trouble was guaranteed to bring down any number of powerful politicians, actors, heads of state, and financiers. And while his death won’t necessarily give those people a free pass, it will almost certainly prevent investigators from learning all there is to know about the sick pedophile circus that Epstein was running at that depraved private island.

Trump, who is not shy about dipping his toes into conspiratorial waters, drew criticism on Sunday when he retweeted a conservative comedian blaming the Clintons for Epstein’s suicide.

“Died of SUICIDE on 24/7 SUICIDE WATCH ? Yeah right! How does that happen #JefferyEpstein had information on Bill Clinton & now he’s dead,” wrote Terrence K. Williams in the tweet that Trump reposted. “I see #TrumpBodyCount trending but we know who did this! RT if you’re not surprised #EpsteinSuicide #ClintonBodyCount #ClintonCrimeFamily.”

But let’s face it, the president wasn’t the only one. Indeed, many of his critics jumped at the chance to insinuate that Trump himself had something to do with Epstein’s death.

“A guy who had information that would have destroyed rich and powerful men’s lives ends up dead in his jail cell. How predictably…Russian,” wrote MSNBC host Joe Scarborough.

You know, for all the lengths liberals will go through to make you understand that there’s no evidence linking Vince Foster’s death to murder, they certainly seem to have a hard time grasping the fact that there was no collusion. Guess some facts penetrate the liberal mind easier than others.

Or maybe it’s just an MSNBC thing, because frequent contributor Elie Mystal also jumped into the TRUMP DID IT waters: “I wonder if Pelosi thinks killing a man is an impeachable offense.”

Well, maybe Pelosi is just waiting for one shred of evidence to prove that Trump did anything impeachable. Unlike Mystal, who, like his buddy Scarborough, thinks the Democrats should just impeach Trump for being Trump.

And apparently prosecute him for murder at the same time!

This story is bound to get interesting, and we don’t doubt for a moment that there is more to Epstein’s suicide than meets the eye. There are too many powerful people involved, and too many dark secrets to be kept from the light. We suppose it’s possible that this is much simpler than the theorists will make it seem – that Epstein simply found a way to kill himself despite his circumstances – but it’s awfully suspicious.

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