Cops Kicked Out of Restaurant Because They Carried Guns


Three cops walk into a restaurant. The owners asked them to leave because the firearms they carried might make people uncomfortable. 

This is not a joke, but the restaurant owners wound up as the punchline when their eating establishment was flooded with one-star Yelp reviews once news of the incident broke. 

According to an Instagram post made by the breakfast restaurant, “On Friday, Dec. 3, three armed and uniformed San Francisco police officers came in to dine at Hilda and Jesse [name of the restaurant]. Shortly after seating them, our staff felt uncomfortable with the presence of their multiple weapons. We then politely asked them to leave. At Hilda and Jesse, the restaurant is a safe space. The presence of the officers [sic] weapons in the restaurant made us feel uncomfortable. We respect the San Francisco Police Department and are grateful for the work they do. We welcome them into the restaurant when they are off duty, out of uniform, and without their weapons.”

Restaurant co-owner Rachel Sillcocks wrote on Twitter that Hilda and Jesse was a “safe space – particularly for queer and bipoc individuals.” BIPOC is an acronym for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Sillcocks said that in addition to her staff members, the armed policeman could have made guests uncomfortable as well. 

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No guests present at the restaurant that day wrote about feeling unsafe due to peace officers trying to order coffee, but concerned citizens took to Yelp to support the cops. The overflow of support seems almost too much to hope for in SF, since they’re the most liberal of the libs – except for maybe Portland, but they already did away with their cops and now just have daily loot ‘n burns with a schedule posted on Google calendars. 

But so many one-star reviews were posted that Yelp added a statement to Hilda and Jesse’s page saying it had temporarily stopped accepting reviews since most did not relate to people’s dining experience at the restaurant. 

One review stated, “I would not support or recommend a San Francisco business that discriminates against the SFPD. Shame on you!!!”

Apparently, Sillcocks reads her own reviews. On Sunday evening, she and co-owner Kristina Compton took to Instagram to post an apology.

“We made a mistake and apologize for the unfortunate incident on Friday when we asked members of the San Francisco Police Department to leave our restaurant. We are grateful to all members of the force who work hard to keep us safe, especially during these challenging times. We hope this will be a teachable moment for us as we repair and continue to build bridges with the SFPD. These are stressful times, and we handled this badly.” 

So, the owners were stressed and handled a situation badly. Who hasn’t been there, done that, right? Can’t hold the mistake against them for too long, since they owned up to it. At any rate, it’s encouraging to see public support for our nation’s police officers.

  1. Driller says

    Hilda and Jessie’s restaurant!

    What a snowflake place! God forbid anything to happen to you or your snowflake employees! There will be a day day when you need the police and there will be none for your help! You stupid ignorant people!!!!!

    1. Red says

      And there is NO place that is a “safe place” that just tells the bad guys with guns where to go because they KNOW that no one is armed! How stupid to ever come up with such a thing as a “safe place”! A “safe place” is anything BUT SAFE!

    2. Veteran says

      what a sick place -hope they go out of business very soon.
      Semper fi

  2. ByGeorge says

    Years ago (60’s) when I was a traffic cop in a small California resort town, one bar refused to stop turning drunks out on the streets saying it was their responsibility (the drunks) to be careful or stop drinking. We solved the problem by entering the bar every hour or so politely asking patrons for their ID. Very soon, the bar went out of business because nobody wanted to be harassed by a cop, even politely, asking for ID’s.

    The owner complained to the local sheriff’s station commander, my Patrol Captain, even the Justice court judge all to no avail.

    1. Red says

      Thank you for your service as a peace officer back in the day!
      It is truly a shame that the liberals have turned against the police of today!

  3. Dennisohara says

    What do you expect from A shit STATE!

  4. Dennisohara says


  5. John R. DeJulius says

    You just can’t fix STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who would be the FIRST people they would call if a bunch of THUGS came in to rob or dine and dash ????????????

  6. Lance says

    Never forget…….!! We live in the “Golden Age of Stupidity!”

    The actions of the restaurant owners are a prime example! Morbid stupidity!

  7. Patrick M Anderson says

    But if they’d walked in with their junk hanging out of their zippers, nobody would have said a word. Yes in Sodomfrisco, that’s legal! SF cops should all be issued Nerf guns as service weapons.

  8. Dave says

    You think your restaurant is a safe space? And you think it is less safe with three armed members of the Police department? I sincerely hope your restaurant fails miserably. To describe it as a biotic is racist. I, as a white man, am offended by that. That pretty much tells me that you don’t want whites to visit your racist business. Fine by me. There are plenty of restaurants that would welcome our business. This is about people who won’t be visiting your establishment in the future. Shame on you and you pathetic racist and biased staff.

  9. Human says

    Go woke go broke.
    When did our society become so blatantly idiotic? Not five years ago most businesses created incentives for police to be a visible presence. It is well known that reduces the incentive to commit crimes at a place that police frequent especially on duty and armed police. The stupidity of the leftist ideology continues to manifest itself in practical daily application. We already knew that stopping energy production at home would result in higher fuel prices yet people are surprised when it actually happens? We already knew that laws can’t be enforced without law enforcement and yet once again they are surprised when crime increases? We already knew that men in skirts would have an unfair advantage over women in women’s only sports but surprised when it’s proven? We already knew China Russia and Iran would smell weakness like blood in the water if Biden didn’t show strength and yet here we are again. We already knew an unsecured border would incentivize mass migration from illegals and again surprised? How many more ridiculous foolish policies have to blow up in people’s faces before reality sets in? Dsmn people really are either gullible or just really stupid. Perhaps living long enough to see these foolish concepts fail more than once has given the power of second sight. Or perhaps logic is not as ubiquitous as I once believed. In the end we invariably come back to reality because these ideas are pure folly. It’s time to move forward and learn from our mistakes “AGAIN”. God Bless America

  10. William Milot says

    YOU CAN’T BUY BETTER SECURITY ANYWHERE OR GET A FASTER RESPONSE TIME THAN 3 FULLY ARMED UNIFORMED POLICE OFFICERS ON SITE! Local restaurants should give the Police coffee and lunch as an incentive to get more Cops to come there thus creating the safest place in the city for the locals to come for lunch! Anyone concerned about Police presence because Cops have Guns are the same people that the owners should be extremely worried about, not the Cops!

  11. Dennis Chatham says

    Snowflake liberal idiots! God bless and protect our Police force with uniforms and with guns attached. Sorry but your reputation now will proceed you till you are bankrupt.

  12. Tom Desgustid (sic) says

    For Christmas, I want to wish that ignorant restaurant owner many parking fines and traffic tickets, and a surprise inspection that closes his restaurant for Christmas – and New Years – and MLK’s birthday – and Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day – and – well – you get the idea!

  13. porn says

    Keep this going please, great job!

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