COVID Checks: Phil Robertson and Alyssa Milano…On The Same Side?

You know that Washington has really bungled something when Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson and Alyssa Milano are essentially on the same side! But after Congress came up with their massive $900 billion coronavirus stimulus package that somehow found plenty of money for foreign governments and not a whole lot of money for American citizens, both Robertson and Milano slammed the legislation on their respective social media accounts.

“Politicians put people out of work, killed small businesses, and said it was to protect us. And now Congress wants to send Americans $600 for their troubles?” Robertson said on Instagram. “Here’s what I know after more than 7 decades on this earth: One kingdom-minded redneck can help a down-and-out redneck better than the government ever could. If we turn that responsibility over to the government and let ungodly legislators determine how to help us and how to spend our money, there’s no doubt our money will be used for ungodly ends.”

In her own post, Milano argued that Congress should have done more…though it didn’t take long before she turned her criticism into another excuse to attack Republicans and the president.

“I would have so much more respect for members of Congress if instead of tweeting their contentment with this ‘relief’ bill they said, ‘It’s not good, we know, but we had to get something passed. Biden will be here soon and we can get some real relief to the American people,'” Milano tweeted.

“Between 30 and 40 million families are at risk of eviction, but Congress can only afford $600 per person. I’m sure the $500 MILLION in arms and military aid to Israel and the $2 BILLION for Air Force missiles will help keep them warm when they are on the streets,” she said in a follow-up post.

First of all, we notice that Milano didn’t mention that Trump offered a no-strings $1,200 stimulus check to every American in October – an offer that Nancy Pelosi hardly acknowledged. Nor did she mention reports that Trump wanted the new legislation to include a $2,000 check for every American.

And while Milano has plenty to say about military aid to Israel and billions in domestic military spending, she failed to mention the $25 million for “gender programs” that’s going to Pakistan, the $250 million in aid we’re sending to the Palestinians, the $700 million the bill promises to Sudan, or the $1.4 billion that’s been earmarked for something called the “Asia Reassurance Initiative Act.”

Make no mistake, this travesty of a bill (that lawmakers were given approximately six hours to read) is a classic presentation of the Uniparty. Trump isn’t even gone yet, and the Establishment is already getting back to the worst of their swampish ways.

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