Crazed Leftist Assaults Conservative at UC Berkeley

If ever there was a no-man’s-land for conservatism in the United States, the campus of the University of California at Berkeley would be about as close as you can get. So it is all the more important that the few conservatives who do dare to tread that incubator of communism be given the free speech (and physical) protections necessary for a university to flourish. Sadly, as we’ve seen in recent years, campus officials care not a whit about the rights of conservative students, and they have turned a blind eye as anarchist radicals have done everything in their power – up to and including rioting – to prevent conservative ideas from being spread.

It was within this oppressive environment that conservative activist Hayden Williams was brutally assaulted by a crazed leftist who didn’t appreciate seeing Williams recruit students to join Leadership Institute – a conservative organization that runs Campus Reform and is affiliated with Turning Point USA.

From Fox News:

University of California police want the public’s help tracking down a suspect whose brutal alleged assault of a conservative activist on the Berkeley campus was caught on video.

The campus police website said that two men on Tuesday approached a table where the activist was recruiting members to his group, and an argument ensued. The alleged victim, identified by Turning Point USA as Hayden Williams, held up his cell phone and began filming the two men who were allegedly harassing him. One of the two men knocked over the table, police said, and then punched Williams several times, causing injuries to his face. Much of the incident was captured on a witness’ cellphone, but it was unclear what, if anything, Williams may have said before the attack.

The suspects had left by the time police arrived.

Campus Reform provided additional reporting on the incident. According to witnesses (including Williams himself), the attacker hurled profanities at the activist, called him a racist, and even threatened to shoot him.

In an interview with Fox News, Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA said it was just the latest example of a double standard for conservatives in American academia.

“College campuses have become increasingly unsafe for conservatives,” Kirk said. “Our amazing Turning Point USA team was talking and then confronted by the hateful left which resulted in the assault and punching in the face just because of a difference of opinion. If the attacker was wearing a MAGA hat, this would be classified as a hate crime and all over every news channel.”

Does anyone doubt for a second that Kirk’s last statement is true?  

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