Cringe-Worthy Video: Pelosi Struggles Through St. Paddy’s Day Poem About Ukraine


What’s going on with forever-termed Nancy Pelosi? Today she’s in South Florida talking about infrastructure. I’m sure she’s gathering useful idiots to try to resurrect Build Back Better. I’m sure she’s reminding Florida Dems that they are no longer about “defunding the police”. But, in case you missed it, this past week she had a very important message to deliver about Ukraine. It was St. Paddy’s Day, so it was appropriate for her to share something from someone she said is “a very Irish part of our lives”. If this isn’t already getting cringe, wait ’til she says that the person is Bono. Yeah, in the time of crisis, let’s turn to Bono. Ready for more cringe? Struggling through Bono’s message, she gets to a part where Bono compares Zelenskyy to the patron saint of Ireland — the man behind the holiday. Weird times we’re livin’ in . . .

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  1. ONLYJB1 says

    What is wrong with her speech. It sounds like she’s squeezing yogurt between her teeth with her tongue.

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