D.C. MAGA March Was Peaceful (Until the Leftists Showed Up)

Over the last five years, there have been hundreds of Trump rallies and hundreds of right-wing protests/gatherings of various nature, and they all share something in common: Until and unless leftist militants got involved, these events were all completely peaceful. Some of them may have been more unsavory than others (Charlottesville, for instance), but they were uniformly peaceful until the other side started in with their shenanigans. A responsible, fair media would put this message across in their reporting.

But, of course, we have nothing of the kind.

The situation continued this weekend when thousands of Trump supporters came to Washington for a “MAGA March” to support the president. Everything was celebratory, peaceful, and harmonious…right up until the leftists came out of the woodwork to ruin things. Thousands of “right-wingers” were able to conduct themselves with honor for most of the day, but it only took about 300 leftists to incite violence and spoil the night.

“President Trump’s supporters had celebrated for hours on Saturday, waving their MAGA flags and blaring ‘God Bless the U.S.A.’ as they gathered in Washington to falsely claim that the election had been stolen from the man they adore. The crowd had even reveled in a personal visit from Trump, who passed by in his motorcade, smiling and waving,” reports the Washington Post.

Note the paper’s insistence on getting that “falsely” in there. Go back and try to find the paper accusing Ferguson rioters of “falsely” claiming that Michael Brown had his hands up. Good luck.

“When darkness fell, the counterprotesters triggered more mayhem as they harassed Trump’s advocates, stealing red hats and flags and lighting them on fire,” the report continues. “Scuffles continued into the night as the provocateurs overturned the tables of vendors who had been selling pro-Trump gear and set off dozens of fireworks, prompting police to pepper-spray them.”

This sets the stage for a piece that could have easily taken a “why can’t leftists keep their hands to themselves?” narrative, which would have been completely fitting for the facts. Instead, we’re treated to passages like this: “After a week in which more than 750,000 Americans were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, almost none of his backers wore masks. Among their ranks were white nationalists, conspiracy theorists and far-right activists carrying signs demanding action that was already being taken: ‘Count the legal votes.’”

Yes, in an article filled with examples of how leftist, black-clad Antifa protesters hurled rocks at people, started fights, and committed arson, the reporter still feels the need to condemn the Trump supporters for being “white nationalists, conspiracy theorists, far-right activists,” and, just for good measure, virus spreaders.

There’s been a lot of hemming and hawing this week about conservatives leaving Twitter and Facebook for Parler, the danger of echo chambers, etc. But honestly, if this is the type of “news” that conservatives will miss out on by opting out of left-wing media…it’s not much of a loss.

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