DACA Debate Shows the Unbelievable Arrogance of Democrats

There was, for a moment, a spark of hope.

When we saw the headline in the Opinion section of the New York Times, we thought there were at least a few people on the left with a couple of brain cells still firing synapses at this late stage. “Democrats, Make a Deal With Trump to Protect Dreamers,” the headline read. The op-ed, written by Will Wilkinson of the Niskanen Center, seemed designed to slap Democrats off their collective high horse and make them see reason. Hey, turkeys, it would surely shout, you lost an election. Trump supporters don’t want amnesty. If you want to “save” your precious DACA recipients, you’re going to have to give them what they want. And you’d better hurry, because time’s running out.

Alas, as we so often are when we get our hopes up about the drivel written in The New York Times, we were quickly dismayed. Wilkinson did encourage the Democrats to compromise, but his version of “compromise” isn’t the kind we need. And if Democrats think that this is all they have to do to get amnesty for Dreamers, they have another think coming.

“A deal that includes money for the wall ought to be a no-brainer for Democrats,” he wrote, using the same bait-and-switch writing style that characterized the headline. “The wall Mr. Trump promised isn’t going to materialize, and he’s not going to insist on it. Of course, Mr. Trump will say that new border security enhancements constitute a wall. But Democrats can vote for them without following suit.

So Wilkinson’s big idea is that Democrats should vote for these “border enhancements,” let Trump crow about it being the promised wall (even though it isn’t), and everything will be good. This is liberal elitism at its worst, appearing to suggest that Trump’s voters are so stupid that they don’t know the difference between a wall and a drone. Or a wall and a camera. It assumes that Democrats and the Trump administration are on such uneven playing grounds of intelligence that the left can get away with virtually anything as long as they say the right things. It’s actually astounding that this was deemed publishable in one of the nation’s top papers, but it shows you what the New York Times really thinks about this president and his supporters.

Here’s our favorite part, though: “But Democrats should reject a DACA compromise that would reduce the overall level of immigration. Immigrants yet to arrive matter too. Consistent worst-case-scenario thinking means assuming new legislation will set immigration policy for the foreseeable future. A DACA fix that cuts legal immigration could eventually deprive at least as many people as are currently covered by DACA from ever having a shot at the American dream.”

If the first paragraph shows the left’s contempt for Trump’s intelligence, the second gives you a clear window into how they think about this country’s responsibilities. To them, it is some sort of universal human right to come and live in America. Where they caught this idea or why they believe it is a mystery. But you can’t help but want to sit down with Wilkinson and ask him: “If we let in every yahoo from every misbegotten country on the planet, what will be left of the American dream in twenty years’ time?”

And if you don’t like the term “misbegotten country,” there are other phrases you can use.

If this is the sort of “compromise” Democrats are willing to make, then we hope with all our hearts that DACA is finished. These idiots still seem to believe they won the election. It’s time to make them understand otherwise.

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