Daily Beast Praises View Host for (Idiotic) Argument on Court Packing

Was there ever a time when The Daily Beast wasn’t an abject embarrassment to news collection? Yes, the site has always worn its liberal bias on its sleeve, but surely it didn’t build its popularity and reputation with articles this awful. Matt Wilstein tarnished whatever reputation the Beast has left on Tuesday when he (unwisely) wrote a piece in praise of “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin. If you’ve ever watched Hostin in action, you know that she’s…well, a wheel or two short of a barrow. And in arguing with Bari Weiss on the legitimacy of packing the Supreme Court, Hostin was clearly out of her intellectual depth.

But somehow, after watching this exchange between a sharp, intelligent thinker and a TV fool, Wilstein determined that Hostin “schooled” Weiss on the subject.

Let’s see if that actually happened.

“We all know the Republican Party has been packing the Supreme Court for decades,” Hostin said. “They’ve been packing the judiciary for decades. Trump has put now three justices on the Supreme Court and just dozens and dozens of judges on the federal judiciary. So I think what we’re going to see is perhaps the Democrats unpacking the Supreme Court so that there’s more of a balance.

“Because right now the Supreme Court does not reflect the values of America,” she continued. “The Supreme Court now reflects the minority of the values of America. That is important because it’s supposed to really reflect what is a balance of American values, with a swing justice deciding what the law is. And that is not what we are seeing now. So this is going to lead, I think, to an unpacking of Court which may lead to 13 justices which would reflect the federal appeals courts around the country.”

Speaking of unpacking, it would take hours to unpack the idiocy Hostin unleashed in these two short paragraphs. Any objective viewer, watching this confused, confusing take on court “packing” would be utterly shocked to learn that Hostin actually has a law degree from the University of Notre Dame. That Weiss even bothered to address this silliness is a testament to her patience.

“I’m confused about what Sunny’s saying about packing and unpacking the Court,” Weiss said. “Packing the Court is about adding more justices to the bench, which is something that people like AOC and Ilhan Omar are advocating for. Packing the court doesn’t mean appointing justices that some people don’t like.”

Weiss took the high road here, noting not that Hostin’s argument was filled with nonsense (the Supreme Court is supposed to represent American “values”?) but that it was entirely off-topic. “Packing the court” has a definition. You can’t just usurp that definition to claim that because Republicans have been in duly-elected power for too long, they had too many bites at the apple.

Hostin returned the volley, however, by doubling down on the same foolishness.

“In order to unpack the Supreme Court, meaning unpack the culture, unpack the values that are on the Supreme Court—in order to do that you would have to add either term limits, age limits, or you would have to add justices, which would then balance the Supreme Court, which would lead to an unpacking,” she said.

To Wilstein’s eye, this was Hostin “schooling” Bari Weiss. To us, it just shows that when liberals are on the “right” page with the narrative, they can say whatever they want – no matter how idiotic and nonsensical – and still receive plaudits from the leftists in the media.

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