David Hogg Clings to Fame with One Last Boycott Attempt

With approximately thirty seconds left on his fifteen minutes of fame, gun control activist David Hogg is exercising his waning power with a new boycott aimed at two mutual fund companies. In a tweet on Tuesday, the Parkland shooting survivor advised his followers to consider moving their investment funds away from two prominent firms.

“@blackrock and @Vanguard_Group are two of the biggest investors in gun manufacturers,” he wrote. “If you use them, feel free to let them know. Thanks.”

If Hogg’s backfiring attempt to destroy Laura Ingraham’s career was egotistical and small-minded, his doomed-to-fail boycott of the nation’s top two investment management companies is just plain dumb.

First, it’s stupid because there is nothing in the world this little fool can say that’s going to cause anyone to pull their money out of BlackRock or Vanguard; he’s talking to serious, prudent investors at this point, not the liberal sheep who follow his feed. They aren’t going to do one damn thing to jeopardize their financial holdings just because this teenager was told to tweet this by his Democrat masters.

Second, it’s stupid because neither BlackRock nor Vanguard are going out of their way to invest in gun manufacturing holdings. As heavy index investors, yes, they have a substantial piece of gun makers like Sturm Ruger, Vista Outdoor, and Smith & Wesson; no, they are not doing any of this out of some stance on the Second Amendment. They are both passive investors and they are pulling in a piece of every stock in their tracked indexes.

What’s unfortunate is that either of these companies would even lower themselves to give a weasel like Hogg the time of day. But right on schedule, Vanguard immediately released a statement assuring the public that it’s as #woke as it needs to be in these trying times.

“Vanguard is taking action, meeting with the leaders of gun manufacturers and distributors. We want to know how they will mitigate the risks that their products pose and how they plan to help prevent such tragedies from happening again,” the company said. “We believe that when a business poses a risk to society, it can also pose a risk to investors. We are expressing this viewpoint directly with company leaders because we believe greater focus and transparency on these issues will ultimately benefit society and investors alike.”

How wonderful.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to set our alarm clocks for thirty seconds and take a nap until such time that we never have to hear this kid’s name again.

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