Days Into Shutdown, Democrats Realize They Made a Big Mistake


Only one day after the federal government went into shutdown mode over Congress’s failure to come together on a new spending bill, one of the most pro-immigration Democrats in the party is ready to come back to the table and give President Trump what he wants. In comments to reporters on Saturday, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) said that if it was a wall that Trump wanted, a wall he should get.

“I’ll take a bucket, take bricks, and start building it myself,” Gutierrez said. “We will dirty our hands in order for the Dreamers to have a clean future in America.”

Gutierrez is no more a fan of the border wall today than he was a week ago, so his concession marks a dramatic turn of rhetoric in the Democratic Party. Make no mistake about it, this shutdown – however much Americans may wish it could have been avoided – is going to be a major win for conservatives who want to see a new emphasis on border control. Whether by design or merely by happenstance, the Republicans on Capitol Hill have finally done something right. By “holding the Dreamers hostage” – and sure, we’ll even use the left’s language – they are on the verge of extracting total surrender from the Democrats. Even if this didn’t happen by design, it could have scarcely been constructed any more perfectly.

As The Hill reports, Gutierrez isn’t the only one ready to capitulate. “The concession comes as other Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (NY), have said they could agree to a wall in exchange for protection for the Dreamers, immigrants brought to the country illegally as children.”

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Why are the Democrats suddenly talking about playing ball with the White House?

Well, they may be taking a hard look at two realities. One, they’re beginning to realize that President Trump is perfectly willing to let each and every Dreamer lapse back into unprotected status and that it won’t disturb a minute of his sleep if one or two of them get deported in the meantime. More importantly, they’re looking at new national surveys that show the degree to which voters care about DACA restorations. To put it simply: Not as much as Democrats thought.

“A majority of Americans, 56%, said approving a budget to avoid a government shutdown was more important for Congress to do than passing a bill to maintain the DACA program,” reported CNN on Sunday. “Only one in three Americans, 34%, said they prioritized a DACA fix over avoiding a shutdown.”

Democrats decided to make January 19 their big “Stand Up and Be Counted” moment…and it turns out they backed a losing horse. Even with the entirety of the mainstream media preaching their version of the “truth,” they have lost the confidence of the American people. Their courage is deteriorating, their demands are receding. At long last, they’re beginning to come face to face with the realization that they LOST in 2016 and that, as their erstwhile leader liked to often say, “elections have consequences.”


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