De Blasio’s New Ban: Your “Only Choice” Will Be Renewable Energy

Not dissuaded by studies showing that New York City’s move toward green energy will cost taxpayers a fortune, drive companies out of the Big Apple, and wreak havoc on the economy, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday that he will ban all natural has hookups in new buildings by the year 2030. In his “State of the City” address, de Blasio said he remains completely committed to his green agenda.

“We need to make clear that New York City will renounce fossil fuels fully. Therefore, we need to ban fossil fuel connections in the city by the end of this decade, literally ensuring that our only choice is renewable energy,” de Blasio said.

The mayor said that his other goals include putting the entirety of New York City’s government on “renewable energy in the next four years.” To accomplish this feat, the mayor will make use of Canadian hydropower. As of June of this year, all new construction in the city must outfit buildings with electricity instead of gas for cooking, heating, and air conditioning.

De Blasio, not content with just “going green” in the city, also wants to make sure that New York isn’t inadvertently helping fossil fuel companies with investments. He’s committed to having the city’s pension funds divest from old energy solutions.

“We started by taking the billions of dollars in New York City pension fund investments and taking them away from fossil fuel companies that were poisoning the earth, putting that money into renewable energy development,” de Blasio said. “And now, we resolve to deepen this effort by making a commitment to a $50 billion investment of our pension resources in renewable energy over the next 15 years. We will take all of our pension fund dollars away from any element of the fossil fuel supply chain and make sure those dollars are helping us create a greener future.”

Of course, you don’t have to be a genius or an energy expert to see the flaw in de Blasio’s plan of getting rid of gas hookups. Where does the electricity come from, Bill? Sure, sure, the Canadian hydropower, but is that really enough to offset the effects? It seems to us that you’re setting up a situation where New Yorkers will be using badly inefficient methods to procure their heating and cooling. And why? To save the planet? Hmm. Or is it to secure some kind of hidden kickback from the deals you made with the green energy sector?

Both de Blasio and President Biden are going full steam ahead on their climate agenda. Do either of them really have a clue what they’re actually doing?

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