Dead Bodies of nearly 50 Migrants Found in a Texas Tractor-Trailer! 


In what is being described as the deadliest human smuggling incident in U.S. history, at least 42 bodies and perhaps as many as 50, were found inside a tractor-trailer in San Antonio, Texas, on Monday.

At first, authorities could not even tell how many dead and how many survivors were inside the truck, which was literally as hot as an oven. 

CNN is now confirming that the death toll has risen to 50, with 48 bodies found in the truck and two migrants who have since died in the hospital. 

The death toll includes migrants from Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras, according to a local official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Their discovery of the horrific scene comes as U.S. federal authorities have launched an “unprecedented” operation to disrupt human smuggling networks amid an influx of migrants at the US-Mexico border.

During a press conference Monday night, the San Antonio Police Department said that three people were in custody related to the deaths. The bodies were found shortly before 6 p.m. by a worker from a building near where the truck was parked on Interstate 35, officials said.

The worker heard calls for help coming from the truck and opened the rear doors to find the bodies and people inside.

There was no air conditioning or water in the trailer, officials said. The people inside the trailer were hot to the touch and suffering from heat stroke and exhaustion. Temperatures on Monday rose to 100 degrees in San Antonio.

Besides the 50 now confirmed dead, at least 16 others — including four children — were taken to local hospitals due to heat exhaustion and dehydration, San Antonio officials said at the most recent news conference.

In an apparent move to evade authorities, the truck that contained the migrants was “cloned.” Felipe Betancourt Sr. and his son, Felipe Jr., who own a South Texas trucking company, told the San Antonio Express-News that someone labeled the truck containing the migrants with the same color and identifying numbers from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Texas DOT as a truck that their company owns – but they nor their company were in no way involved in the incident.

Nearly 100 people in total were packed inside the trailer of the 18-wheeler.

It is unclear if the driver of the vehicle is among the three people who have been detained in relation to the crime.

Gov. Greg Abbott placed the blame for the incident on President Joe Biden and his border policies in a tweet sent out Monday night.

“At Least 42 People Found Dead Inside Truck Carrying Migrants In Texas. These deaths are on Biden. They are a result of his deadly open border policies. They show the deadly consequences of his refusal to enforce the law,” the governor tweeted.

  1. Dean E Smith says

    Big question, those that survived, are they going to be resettled into America on the taxpayers dime as all the rest usually are? Sound cruel and harsh? Try being a white family needing help or how about our Senior Citizens? After paying taxes all our working life why are we still forced to pay even more in retirement but we have all the funds available for all the illegals coming in and those already here making out like the bandits they are?? The America I grew up believing in has died.

    1. Anonymous says

      Sadly, Dean, You are correct We now have an out-of-control government that does what it wants and NOT for the good of its people The Biden administration has been a joke from day one Pelosi Schiff Schumer, and the rest of the Democratic leadership is corrupt they make Nixon look like a saint. They are worth hundreds of millions and they have been in congress since its creation I am 69 and I have never seen anything quite like this. Americans need to stand up for their country and demand that something be done about it. before it is too late.

  2. John J Romer says

    How anyone can do that to people is beyond imagination Those responsible should receive the adamant penalty. DEATH by lethal injection If I had my way I would look them up in a truck and see how long they last. Damn Joe Biden His open borders policy is responsible He needs to be held accountable and sent to prison for the rest of his days.

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