Dem Lawmaker: Trump May Be Impeached Against for Roger Stone Tweets

Well, we had the big, fat Russia hoax. That turned out to be nothing. Then Democrats tried the big, fat Ukraine hoax. They managed to put together an actual impeachment over that, even though there was even less “there” there than with the Russia scandal. Now, they’re apparently ready to throw caution to the wind and grasp onto any straw that floats in the wind. Trump had a bacon cheeseburger for dinner? Impeachment! Trump didn’t say “Bless you” when his wife sneezed? Impeachment! Trump’s still president and it’s Wednesday? Impeachment!

That’s just about how ridiculous things have gotten.

This week, in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Rep. Eric Swalwell, fresh off one of the most pathetic presidential campaigns in American history, said that Democrats were not taking impeachment “off the table” in regards to President Trump’s tweets about the sentencing of Roger Stone.

“I’m very concerned that the independence of prosecutors, the ability of judges to just weigh the facts and the evidence is eroding, that the president’s taken a wrecking ball to that,” the California Democrat said. “And he was just impeached for that. We’re not going to stop holding him accountable. We have learned, when you hold him accountable, you can actually stop the corruption, whether he’s removed or not. And, ultimately, it’s going to be for the voters to judge in November.”

“Might you impeach him over this, over Roger Stone and the sentencing?” asked Tapper.

“We’re not going to take our options off table,” Swalwell said. “We don’t wake up in the morning wanting to impeach him. We want to work with him on prescription drugs, background checks and infrastructure. But we’re not going to let him just torch this democracy because he thinks that he’s been let off once and we’re not going to do something about it.”

Right. We don’t wake up in the morning wanting to impeach him might be the most flagrant lie we’ve heard out of a Democrat’s mouth in a year. Think about the ground that covers. We find it pretty hard to imagine that anyone buys that line of bull, including Swalwell’s voters. Democrats have done absolutely nothing for the past three years but obstruct this president. Work with him on prescription drugs? Don’t make us laugh.

At this point, we almost hope that Democrats are stupid enough to try a second impeachment. Yes, it’s annoying. Yes, it’s tiring to watch the media prop up these phony accusations. But we’re fully convinced that every confabulatory attack on Trump only makes him stronger. The president’s re-election is already in the bag, as far as we’re concerned; a second impeachment, however, would almost surely give us back the House as well.

Go for it, Nancy. We dare you.

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